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Comfy Chaos Planet Edition

>Warhammer 40k open day latest. Blood and Dark Angels get some shitty upgrade kits who fucking cares.

>Daily Duncan

>Chapter Approved Leaks, the tears lmao

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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>thinking we're not loyal

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Thinking about selling my old Alpha Legion. The old models just look really bad compared to the new Death Guard and Thousand Sons I painted. How do you know when it's time to get rid of an army, tg?

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Best regiment reporting in.

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Is there any stories on chaos planets having a "normal" everyday scenarios? Because I doubt its 100% chaos worshiping and sacrificing all the time.

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Friendly reminder that the Night Lords are the best traitor legion.

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Best girls as well.

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First post for the first legion. Good job

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>"Sup faggot?"

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Same boat man. I literally have a regular sized Alpha Legion chaos marine next to my new Death Guard. The scale difference is ridiculous. The old stuff looks so shit in comparison

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There should be no girls in Krieg Regiments.
They're supposed to be a tough regiment, not something that a bunch of fat losers masturbate too

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By chaos world do you mean adaemon world or a chaos controlled non-daemon world.

Because for daemon world's it really is just fucked up shit 24/7. The basic rules of physics and such are out.

Non daemon world's are either in the process of becoming one. War zones. Hellish war factories. Or grinding down to death at various speeds.

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Not even close, Korpsman.

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Fat losers masturbate to the Wehrmacht so that only seems fitting.

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If I want any army that's Toughness Over All, my best bet is Death Guard, right?

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Guilliman agreed to give Cypher an audience with the Emperor.

What prompted Guilliman to go back on his word and have him imprisoned instead?

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Do you think she got excited when she killed Curze? I mean, the man was a primarch and was naked...

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Put them on ebay, so i can buy them plz :3

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I didn't use Conscripts in massed quantities. I used a 50 man squad stretched along a far front line as a screen unit against deep strike alpha cheese. I had better shit to spend my points on.

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>Ancap planet

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he spazzed out and realised "Oh shit this unruly dork angel might not actually be 110% loyal as they normally are, I'd better not let him next to the most vital person in the imperium"

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But their hot women can distract the enemy while the kriegs gun em down.

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the question is do I share this with my as mek friend?

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>mfw all the Macharius variants retain their price

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I agree, nazi women are hot

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Take your shitty 90s metal models and fuck off, you non-cloned faggot

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Did Guilliman not believe the Custodes could do their job?

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such milky white piss jars

evidently not
he realised the plot power cypher had outnumbered the power the custodes had

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What units specifically do I buy for this just to laugh and slurp the tears of the fleshbags?

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There's some things like that in the RPGs.
It's not really that bad.

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Plasma Kataphrons and shooty Kastellans.

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What will it take to make them good?

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using plastic Ikea storage box is really ruining the overall impression of the scene - it should have been either small metal tub or glass aquarium

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>supposed to be efficient, almost suicidally fearless soldiers
>wide hips
>exposed tits, thighs and neck-length hair
>"sexy" uniform that doesn't protect anything
>would probably freeze to death in a trench
It's always the same shit with waifufags. Any female korps member would be androgynous, flat as a board, shaved and more than likely covered in scars, like Ripley in Alien 3. Same thing with female marines, only even bigger and more scarred. 0/10 would not crusade with.

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Guilliman is a liar. He'll break his word whatever he thinks it's better for him.

Saying that, he probably thought that Cypher was going to kill the Emperor.

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about 2 months of waiting for the codex to drop

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un-nerf the flamer pistols, give them three chapter tactics depending on how melee-frenzied they are, and give them what's in the marine codex that wasn't in the old one/index

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>Literally ruled by a god
It's more like a theocracy

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I bet you're fun at parties

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where's that image from anon, I want to know more

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Man, I need to work on the Chaos story I was working on...

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That's a job for prostitutes, not for the glorious Imperial Guard

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If they un-nerf hand flamers then they have to do it game-wide and I doubt anyone wants hordes of bolter bitches sweeping squads or GSC Acolytes getting more shots than a horde of conscripts with FRFSRF

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As a SOB player I very much support buffing flamer pistols.

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> Blood Angels used to be the 9th legion
> Codex Blood Angels 9th codex to be released
> Dark angels keep secrets
> Lion El’Johnson gets secret release

Well played GW

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how did she get hold of all that semen? Do her fans send it to her?

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Not if he looked like >>56624352

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>recruited from tough-as-nails hive gangers
>the best locally produced arms around
>shitloads of light tanks
>/fa/ uniforms
>great at lightning strikes or attrition warfare
>have the personal commendation of Yarrick, the toughest son of a bitch alive outside Catachan
>survive in the wastelands of the hive city for months at a time
>willing to get up close and personal with orks, regularly win
The REAL best regiment.

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Krieg DGAF what sex you are, you are fodder and thats that.

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I especially like the hobo necron in the corner.

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Whoa, what the fuck? Is that REALLY legit art of a Chaos world? Just a bunch of Dark Mechanicus doing a farmer’s market and random titty ladies strolling around? The fuck?

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Chaos planets aren't daemon world
>Chaos planet
>Ruled by whoever is the strongest warlord
>Or by a cabal of sorcerers
>Or by nobody and it's just inhabited by roving chaos warbands

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Man, I need to work more on the Lost and Dammed story I was writing...

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They could just give them a different name. Like burnas were needed but flamers left alone. That way BA could be good but sisters still cucked, which is basically a tradition at this point.

>> No.56624660

Even then Daemon Worlds still have people in them.

Merdengrad has people, Sortarius has lots of beastmen and so on.

Plague Planet has people huddled in tiny areas where its not completely toxic, mirroring what happened to Mortarion.

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That's milk, anon.

>A regiment of thugs
>claiming to be the best

Anon, I...

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>he probably thought that Cypher was going to kill the Emperor.

I mean, he was. But if the star child stuff is to be believed than that's what the Emperor would have wanted.

>> No.56624696

>he wants some bimbo in glorified Imperial Army cosplay instead of a loyal masked androgynous gf or bf not really picky
cmon anon step it the fuck up

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Only they can't cause that would be retarded and the people who do play SOB would be very vocal.

>> No.56624715

What's it about?

>> No.56624730

They still claim the world to their overlords. Still a theocracy of sort

>> No.56624731

If vocal SoB players convinced GW of anything we'd have a very, very different type of game.

>> No.56624740

More likely ruled by some kind of warlord; if it was controlled by a god it'd be a daemon world and there'd be a bunch of daemons about.

>> No.56624742

Is there a better feeling than playing a faction that you 100% know isn't going to be squatted?

>> No.56624748

I'm sure they know. Destroyers still aren't worth it.

>> No.56624749

No wonder you lost so many at Vraks, Schmidt. Can't even match up with some munition world menials and giant retards given autoguns and sharp sticks? You've gone soft.

>> No.56624756

Even a bimbo can fire a gun or hold a sword anon.

>> No.56624760

My fucking lord is it hard to find small lots of basic lego blocks so I can start my recasting endeavors...

>> No.56624769

Wip shot of some heavy weapons teams im making out of a few spares. Im debating not bothering with any crewman on the bases. I cant imagine anyone will be that fussed and I can always just plonk a spare Infantryman on top of each base if its that big a deal to someone.

Two Missle launchers and an autocanon. I have spare pieces for another Autocanon and two Lascanon but unsure how to model them.

>> No.56624776

Probably from one of the RPG books.

>> No.56624783

What should I do if there's an army that has my ideal playstyle, but I don't particularly like their models?

>> No.56624789

Idea for DG List. Looks cool?

>> No.56624790


Reddit please go.

>> No.56624795

Use skydorfs as replacement models.

>> No.56624796

Yes. Playing a faction you actually enjoy playing, where you extensively converted and fully painted your entire army.

>> No.56624810

Black Crusade to be specific. Pretty good stuff, the Screaming Vortex gives a really good insight into just how Chaos controlled worlds operate. Manages to be horrific and violent without reaching outright grimderp.

>> No.56624812

Think of a way to remake them in your own image. What army are you after and what dont you like about current style?

>> No.56624815

But I do all of that with my CSM

>> No.56624817

One with a legitimate Sisters codex and plastic models? Yes I agree that would be quite different.

>> No.56624832


Death Guard. I love the idea of incredibly tough footslogging marines. I even like the idea of Nurgle, but the models are too...whimsical. I don't like the joyous aspect of Nurgle.

>> No.56624837

It's about a chaos army fighting Tau, it'd be more about exploring what its like being a human in an army like that, as well as worshipping the gods and dealing with mutation.

>> No.56624838

found an interview with the artist, it tickeld me
I was struck by the photo of the young girl in her room with nazi signs and her feet dipped in milk, what does it mean?
>Another story I heard from my friend. He retold it in smallest details when his tongue got unlocked by more than normal amount of vodka. I realized what’s happening behind the walls of our apartments. It’s the same also with other pictures from Disturbation series. Maybe it sounds unbelievable but also nazi can love warm cow’s milk, they dont even require it from racially pure tyrol pastures.

>> No.56624851

looks boring

>> No.56624860


I'd love to be able to put some Sisters in as the heavy allied troops in my Guard army. They'd fit the look a lot better than marines.

>> No.56624862

I don't want to be ,,that guy'', but does anyone have recently published books in pdf/ebook form?

>> No.56624867

So I've been thinking about adding Mr Mystery here to either my a less scrupulous Admech, or to my Thousand Sons.

Any experience running him with his boys, or even with these factions?

>> No.56624872

What is fun in your eyes?

>> No.56624880

You mean the kind of guy who doesn't read the OP?

>> No.56624895

we are all that guy here and each of us better than you

>> No.56624904

Sure thing Anons. Look for them tonight or tomorrow evening under the warhammer 40k tags and alpha legion tag.

>> No.56624916

Convert out of blightking kits and other AoS stuff? Hell you could just nurgle up some primaris or even your normal CSM range.

>> No.56624967

Traitor General in the Gaunt's Ghosts series has the Main Characters infiltrating a Chaos held world.

>> No.56624969

If you have the money, you could always try corrupted Iron Hands or some other similarly dour and notoriously tough chapter. Their greater survivability and being slower could be explained by the sheer amount of bionics they have. More rust and crude oil, less tentacles and slime.

>> No.56624986

Real best regiment reporting in blyat.
>Grim and dark with no real need for anything else
>shoot into their own blobs and don't care
>Who needs a commissar when we have a pistol that does the same thing they did pre faq
>comfiest hats

>> No.56624987

Then it's fine. But the way you said it, playing an army you don't enjoy on any level is still great if they're squat-safe.

>> No.56625012

not spamming the same unit for 6/12 choices

>> No.56625040

They're a good and cheap way of moving plasma around but that's about it. It's a shame they lost the infiltrate rules. Chosen with a cheapy lord will do much the same job and can take transports, benefit from stratagems and get legion traits although they are a couple of point more expensive.

>> No.56625046

That's some low effort garbage.

>> No.56625061

no point in deathshroud without morty because of how many points they are
and the plaugeburst crawler sucks, take it from a guy who also has 3 of them

>> No.56625070

>I'll take three of these, three of those, and three of these. Oh, and a special character.
>Alright, that will be 8th Edition , sir.

>> No.56625071

Get Heresy Marines and convert generously.

>> No.56625076

Spare parts man. The fuck else am I gonna do with taurox missle launchers?

>> No.56625087

>no shitty unit spam like "3 times the same troops unit down to the upgrades, 3 times the same tank, 3 times the same other tank"
>if you spam, at least spam correctly and play the Plague Marines in units of 5, those two Bolters benefit nobody.
>some of them Elite characters. Especially in 2000 points there's no reason not to take a Tallyman now that they cost peanuts
>some melee punch outside of your 3 Deathshrouds

>> No.56625093

>> No.56625101

the auto cannon would look good with some dudes, not so keen on the missile launchers. Them might make okay objective markers or something

>> No.56625110

Convert something that doesn't look like lazy cheap trash? Make mission objectives?

>> No.56625127

Lay off the vodka, Jurgen.

>> No.56625140

>fielding multiples of core infantry is now spam

>> No.56625141

Sure, fine, whatever, I bite. Consider me baited.

Yeah, because 7th was so much better? What rock did you crawl out from? Even seen a 7th Ed tourney list? This level of spam is tame.

>> No.56625161

Goddamn Caacfags.

Things are 'spammed' in the lore, in real life.

>> No.56625163

I want to run a tournament without named characters.

Will this break any armies irreparably?

>> No.56625166

Hey look /40kg/, I got a package from Games Workshop (annoying delivered while I was away from my apartment for Thanksgiving.)

I wonder what could be inside?

>> No.56625171

So you admit that it's spam.

>> No.56625173

What I meant by that is that I don't want to repeat this new meme from a few threads ago about asking someone to post a pdf of rise of the ynnari, but at the same time I do in a polite manner.

>> No.56625181

No, fielding copy-paste units is. Plague Marines have a literal A4 page worth of options, but somehow you still end up with 3 times the exact same unit?

>> No.56625190

Primaris Buttplug.

>> No.56625196

trademark GW buttplugs

>> No.56625204

isn't like a real life platoon more or less: spam the same thing three times and add a HQ?

>> No.56625228

qt sisters?

>> No.56625229

>here's a list, tell me what you think
>three people tell you the list is shitty spam
>Goddamn Caacfags.

The absolute state of /40kg/

>> No.56625231

Why look at that, it's my Craftworlds codex and related datacards, ready to serve my 3rd army.

But wait a minute. I ordered these the week they came out, yet only just got them, well after I bought my Tyranid codex despite being released about a month later. What could be the cause of this delay?

>> No.56625232

Why? Plague Marines aren't a power choice, what's your fucking problem?

>> No.56625271


"CAAC" is the worst meme to come from these threads in a long time.

>> No.56625279

>having 3 sets of 7 plague marines and 3 mortar tanks is considered 'boring spam'.

DUDE take units with random weapons and random squad sizes.


>> No.56625282

Depends on the army. Some, like Dark Eldar, are better off not touching the snowflakes, because those are overcosted or terribly armed. Primarines, on the other hand, are OP bullshit with Girlyman and close to trash-tier without him.

>> No.56625301

What the fuck is a caacfag?

>> No.56625305

Given that I'm one of the people criticizing him for his spam, yes I do. I just find it ridiculous to claim that this has anything to do with 8th.

>> No.56625314

yeah, not for 1000/2000 pts, not with identical weapon choices, not with spam units in 2 slots only

>> No.56625334

>No, there is no reason to take those immolators as you can fit the normal sisters inside the repressors with the dominions to let them take advantage of the scout move together.

Read your fucking index. You can only scout in a vehicle if every embarked model has the vanguard rule.

>You'll also have a unit that dish out dakka and melta.

Which one ? The 2 Canoness are obv with the priest and the 7 flagellant in a rhino.

>Also, I am pretty sure the Repressor has to take the first Heavy Flamer, only the second one is optional.

Herp derp. Yes. Only the additional SB is listed, for a total loadout of 1 heavy flamer and 2 storm bolter.

Overall, RTFM, -1/10 advice.

>> No.56625335

Why, it's because I got a made-to-order model as well! The Dawn of War classic builder unit, a Bonesinger, ready to lead (or stand slightly behind in all probability) my Iyanden Wraith units into battle!

Moral of the story: Made-to-Order models take forever.

Well that's the end of this unboxing. Remember to rate, comment, and subscribe for more unboxings in the future!

>> No.56625345

>A new person walks into your store, says they're just getting into the hobby and they're collecting the same army as you.
What three bits of advice would you give them about your faction?

>> No.56625356

Casual and any cost.

People who complain that having 3 copies of something is unfluffy and you should make squads with incoherent and random weapons.

Hmm so I should have 1 squad with 5 bolters, 1 flail and a champion with a plasma pistol.

I should also have 1 squad with 3 axes, 2 plasma guns and a champion with a bolter.

I should also have a unit of 12 poxwalkers, a unit of 18 poxwalkers and a random hellbrute with twin heavy bolters and fist with heavy flamer?

>> No.56625367

why do berzerkers have yaoi hands

>> No.56625368

>make sure every unit has a different loadout, you don't want to be labelled a caacfag do you?

>> No.56625388

well, take what you want desu
but you asked what i thought and I said it was boring to spam the same unit
Not that my recommendations will change your list

>> No.56625391

That there are all these wonderful things to do with them. 5 with 3 Plasma Guns, 5 with 2 Blight Launchers, a melee setup with some of those nice axes and flails, maybe some Gunk Flamers to put in a Rhino, but no, 3 times the same unoptimized nonsense it is. If you want to spam, at least spam units that are effective. Because, again, those 2 additional Bolter dudes benefit nobody.

>> No.56625395

What? Having random unit configerations without any semblance of a goal is caacfag.

>> No.56625439

You may notice that you are replying to yourself. Why could that be? Maybe because nobody gives a rat's ass?

>> No.56625445

yeah I realised my error I intended to write waac but my brain farted. But fuck it may aswell let it stand

>> No.56625467

>Beserkers are only good with no pistols
>you chose the wrong faction
>if you ever feel happy just remember that we get nothing special to make or bois go faster than 6 inches without buying a fucking rhino that will serve no purpose other than to soak up overwatch

>> No.56625472

I care

>> No.56625481

>Tyranid warriors are pretty much just there to be synapse coverage
>Your WAAC options are Genestealers and the Swarmlord. Everything else is pretty fair in casual settings.
>Make sure you own A LOT of pennies to weigh down Hormagaunt bases.

>> No.56625483

I'm the new guy, what advice for a Tyranid army?

>> No.56625484

is that your model anon cause if so i want 20 and if not find me the source my friend

>> No.56625500


Moar Melta, Ebay, Chinaman.

>> No.56625506

Don't gunline, gunlines are boring both to play against and to play with. Yes, I know our army special rule encourages gunlines. Ignore it, you'll have more fun that way. We have one of the more mobile armies in the game, don't waste that.
Stealth Suits are your MVP's. They let you deploy half your army wherever you want rather than where rules dictate you should. Learn to love them.
I don't care what the internet memes tell you, Riptides suck in this edition. Get a Ghostkeel if you want bigger robots.

>> No.56625508

The Hivemind provides.

>> No.56625528


caac ?

>> No.56625535

Not the Original List poster btw

>fielding a fluffy front if infantry is now spam
I don't get your reasoning man.Squad size is obv due to fluff. Turning each squad would make the list neither more nor less effective. Why are you so insistent on being upset by three units of plagues that aren't even MSU?

>> No.56625539

dont be a git

>> No.56625541


>> No.56625549

Ebay is a fucking meme
Anyone selling sisters demands bullshit prices

>> No.56625566

Toys are actually more valid than boys.

>> No.56625569

Imprisoning was his way of granting said audience while maintaining plausible deniability. He knew Cypher would break out the minute they locked the door, and they did.

>> No.56625571

>comfiest hats

>> No.56625573

A price us sister players have to pay. Literally.

>> No.56625580

oh and that too

>> No.56625595

Who was in the wrong here?

>> No.56625605


In the UK it's around 50% gw price for basic sister with bolters. Then you convert them/buy recast for special weapons.

And even special/.heavy weapons are cheaper than GW. Due to being metal, you can strip then clean easily using pure acetone.

For repressor, you HAVE to buyrecast has FW is not selling them anymore.

Immolators are dirt cheap on ebay.

>> No.56625628

>learn to love your relics
>don't be afraid to use cultists
bonus points if you guess the army

>> No.56625629

When you absolutely need to squish that spider, but no one on the craftworld wants to risk it...

>> No.56625638

I have 23 purestrain genestealers at the moment. should i run them as one unit of 20 or two units of 10 and 13?

>> No.56625642

>25 moneys for this
I fucking hate ebay most of the time

>> No.56625657

>best legion
>runs away from bugs

>> No.56625659

They work better as a big blob, so you can hold onto the extra attack for 10 or more models.

>> No.56625665


>> No.56625688


>> No.56625728

Tell me about your Tau /tg/

>> No.56625750

I’ve got a game coming up but I have no idea what to do for it.

Tyranids, guard or chaos marines. Give me something unique.

>> No.56625757

What caac

>> No.56625768


>> No.56625770


>> No.56625780

>Not worth it
They are in friednly games, "here's half of my 2k points in one dominus and plasmaphrons" they become a point and click delete unit. Because fuck your Tfex

>> No.56625781


1. Sicarian Ruststalkers are bad- don't buy any, Servitors are among the worst units in 40k- avoid them at all costs, Kataphron Breachers are pretty lackluster- strongly reconsider using them.

2. Your two heavy support choices (Onager Dunecrawler and Kastelan Robots) are both amazing. Take both whenever you can. Your basic infantry are also very good, but always take more Vanguard than Rangers. Rangers are best taken in units of 5 with 2 sniper rifles.

3. Stygies viii is awesome, only play Mars if you have Cawl, most of the other forge worlds are OK but not great, and Agrippinaa is the only real dumpster fire.

(bonus) 4. That's right, we have zero access to transports and likely never will. If you like tanks or wheeled/tracked vehicles, you chose the wrong faction.

I love AdMech to pieces, but GW doesn't make it easy.

>> No.56625784

I would imagine it's a waacfag deploring someone for being "casual at all cost"

>> No.56625789

>forgetting to mention Russian Sisters

Why do you hate new players anon?

>> No.56625802


>> No.56625815

Respect your basic tactical marines, I still find myself underestimating them and few them as a listbuilding tax
If you wanna field a character make sure to make it count, don't just put 5 characters on the field because you like the model (unless you're playing a super casual just for fun game)
Never play as many terminators as I do, it's just a memestrat

>> No.56625821

Bring more Lootas
Bring more boys
Don't forget your banner

>> No.56625828

Which primarch is worse, Konrad Coldsteel or Pure-Turbo?

>> No.56625829

complain at all costs

>> No.56625837


>> No.56625840

I've got a box of Vanguard and a Dominus. I'm getting a Start Collecting box for a second Dominus, more troops and an Onager.
But what I really want is a bunch of chickenwalkers.

>> No.56625844

Shapeways has some decent not repressors.


>> No.56625859

It's not safe for us right now.

>> No.56625865

Plaguebursts backed by an Arch-Contaminator lord are possibly the most point efficient thing in the army, even before CA made them 10 points cheaper for no reason.

>> No.56625881

Isn't it safer than it was in 7th?

>> No.56625888

>Make sure you own A LOT of pennies to weigh down Hormagaunt bases
I never had the pleasure of playing/building nids
Can you tell me what that weighting down is about?

>> No.56625895

Just Because you can bring a Flamer and Heavy Flamer in every squad doesn't mean you should.
Death Company are great along with Sanguinary Guard and can tear through Infantry squads like no tomorrow.
As an assault heavy army you will probably have plenty sources of Anti-Infantry so try to focus your long range support on dealing with tanks and fliers.

>> No.56625901

I just finished "Old Earth".

The Emperor apparently intended for Vulkan to create a certain device that he wanted to install on the Golden Throne. The device would make the Golden Throne a massive suicide bomb.

If Terra fell, the Emperor would detonate the Golden Throne. This would destroy Terra and the forces of Chaos on it. The mix of the Golden Throne's energies and the Emperor's power would not just banish the daemons but erase them utterly. In this way, the forces of Chaos would be weakened and that would buy humanity some time to rebuild.

Justify this. The Emperor is okay with that cowardly tactic. Also it throws bad implications if Abaddon ever reaches Terra.

>> No.56625909

>posted this in the wrong thread
From the CA leaks so far it seems like most of the forgeworld units are being pushed out of normal games and into ridiculously high point/armageddon ones - are they doing this for balance issues or just because they want to?
>From the top of my head a hellforged mastadon is now 917, warhound is 2000, reaver is 4000, warlord is 6000, all without wargear

>> No.56625918

Chicken walkers are great especially with stygies, turn 1 charge, hitting on 2+ and make the taser pop on a 4+. I run a unit of 4

>> No.56625926

>justify this

It's self-justifying.

>> No.56625927

The model is jumping off the base which makes it super unbalanced and prone to tip over constantly if not weighed down.

>> No.56625930

>there is no perfect army for you

>> No.56625931

> outside catachan

You really answered the question of who's the best regiment while arguing for a subpar regiment

>> No.56625939

Its like we are a secret alliance of people who must hide our real armies from /tg/

>> No.56625944

>are they doing this for balance issues or just because they want to?
If they were doing it for balance issues there'd be no reason to do most of the points increases they did for the superheavies that nobody used anyway. They want those models off the table, presumably to make newbies feel like they don't have to buy FW to play the game properly.

>> No.56625953

Are they easy to wield? I usually play on tables full of terrain.

>> No.56625954

You know what, it is cringey, but, seeing as there are so many sandy cunts crying about "spam:", surprisingly satisfying.
Like this dumb fucking faggot>>56625229

>> No.56625962

You sound like a self hatting emo fuck, so you're in luck.

>> No.56625968


Most GW shops won't allow them. Which is dumb imo as GW shops can't even sell sisters anymore.

>> No.56625969

Since we're doing lists, well not really how's this attempt at bringing a 30k list into 40k?

it's actually just Tactical vets and weapon support teams with some BaC spares

>> No.56625977


Can't paint bone armour or black armour. So nope.

>> No.56625978

Suicide is never justified.

>> No.56625980

>GW shops
What are you, an american or something? Play at FLGS like a normal person.

>> No.56625985


Well that's disappointing, I like collecting FW superheavies because I think they look cool and I rarely get to use them as it is. I wouldn't have thought any newb would feel they needed to get a big resin brick in order to play unless the local That Guy is spamming fellblades in a 1,500 game or something

>> No.56625994


Run nothing but Ratlings.
Snipe every single Guilliman, Celestine, Magnus, Mortarion and other character you encounter in a turn.
You won't win, but it'll be satisfying.

>> No.56626002

Both are easy. Not as easy as lol blue and red, but easier in my opinion than getting a good caliban green.

>> No.56626003 [SPOILER] 

There was this one regiment, throne could I ever remember their name though!

They were all bald, had this crazy tattoo and subdermal implant thingy going on with their forehead.

But man, they fought with ferocity.
Some of the battlefields they were on looked like slaughter houses once they were done. Body parts everywhere, almost like an animal had ripped them limb from limb.

Glad they're on our side, I'd hate for to face anything like them as an enemy of the imperium.

>> No.56626004

>Playing in GW shops

Thank god my LGS is independent. Although most the games I play are at home anyway.

>> No.56626006


You still need the heavy flamer.

>> No.56626009

>Not taking Sonic Dreads

>> No.56626014


If you are open to advice- I run a Dominus and an Enginseer as my 2 compulsory HQ choices. The Dominus is pretty expensive, and an Enginseer will save you over 50 points.

Chickenwalkers are pretty awesome- at least the Dragoons are. I'm not as big a fan of the Ballistari simply because of how much better the Onager Dunecrawler is for a few more points.

>> No.56626021

There's a difference between martyrdom and suicide.

>> No.56626026


>Play at FLGS
Any flgs that sells GW products usually won't let you put 3rd party stuff on their tables.

>> No.56626027

Ratlings got a point increase anon.

>> No.56626029

>Justify this.

Its the Emperor, he cares for Humanity, not humans but the race itself. As long as Mankind lives and is untainted by Chaos the Emperor will deem it acceptable, a being as pragmatic and ruthless as the Emperor is exactly the kind of person that would build a metaphysical weapon of mass destruction as a final fuck you to whoever took Terra as their souls would be destroyed but give Humanity yet another chance at becoming a race of nothing but psychic ubermensch.

Maybe Vulkan didnt put it in the Golden Throne, maybe the Grey Knight Terminus Decree is this bomb.

>> No.56626030

>Can't paint bone armour or black armour. So nope.

>> No.56626045

In my area there are only 2 LGS's. One is ALWAYS super crowded but has no 40k players, and the other is a GW.

>> No.56626050

B8 for the b8 god!

>> No.56626051

Got that covered as well, same with the dozer blade.


>> No.56626056

Well, buying a Start Collecting box saves me money. I can however convert an enginseer out of a Stormcast and some bits and bobs and look what works for me.
And yeah, tazers exploding on 4+ sounds amazing to me.

>> No.56626058

Sacrificing yourself to save others is.
Not like self-serving Chaosshits would understand.

>> No.56626072

They have a 10" move, and the stygies strat is a deepstrike before the game so you still get your move so can run a 1" charge. Couple with the natural -1 to hit on their dust cloud makes them kinda survivable, most people think they're squishy and ignore them until the see the damage output. But even then they're cheap enough that a couple small units can be great harrasment units. Oh and don't forget they even get a 6+ invuln which can come in handy

>> No.56626073



>> No.56626080


I'm looking at it now, it's not even a linear scale.
>warhound goes up by 500 points
>reaver goes up by 1600
>warlord goes up by 2000

How did they come up with that

>> No.56626082

What kind of hellhole do you live in? Do people inspect your FW models to see if they aren't from a chinaman?

>> No.56626109


That's still 285 Ratlings at 2000 points.

>> No.56626113

With the new Dark Eldar stratagem is the only real option max size warrior blobs? Bikers are kind of overcosted at the moment and wychs rely on transports soaking overwatch. Are Wracks durable enough? Does the D2 on Hellions justify the pummeling they’ll take? Especially if they don’t get the charge off? Are Grotesques the answer as a durable meatblob?
It all seems so risky when you can just have risk-free rapid fire from Kabalite blobs.

>> No.56626120

It's mostly to get people to stop whining about FW. I'm sure Dakka must feel very proud of themselves.

>> No.56626133


I'd like to weigh in on this
>local GW has several of my FW models on display in their cabinets for a few years now
>they're from chinaman
>no one can tell, it's a busy store and has had lots of visits from higher up gw boss dudes

Now that's because they look like official stuff, whereas actual 3rd party stuff is not allowed unless it's at least 51% official GW (conversions and the like for example a techmarine thats a normal space marine with a 3rd party robot leg and harness)

>> No.56626139

don't have one :( also I'm using emps children for the ruleset rather than the aesthetic, the sonic weapons are representing Vokite and the noise marines legion tactical veterans

>> No.56626140

>tfw the only store near me is a GW

>> No.56626142

Bullshit, half the LGS I've been to don't even pay attention to what game the players are even playing let alone if they are using 3rd part for a product they don't even fucking sell.

It would be bad business if they did anyway.

>> No.56626144

Maybe that's the rules at your shitty one Hans but most independent stores won't care.

>> No.56626150

That's why I want to recast my own bits. Fuck Ebay sellers. Most of them are scum.

>> No.56626153

I think Big E took a page from Emperor Cartagia about becoming a god.

>> No.56626154

1. Orks have been relatively trashy in each of their dexes for the past 3 or 4 editions, so don't buy models for the sake of winning, buy what looks cool to you instead.

2. Orks are heavily customizable and conversions are actively encouraged. Get plasticard and learn to love it. Along the same vein, don't be afraid to look through dollar stores/other craft stores for cheap vehicle/dinosaur models/toys to make your army.

3. Don't buy units in too large of bulk, ork players are notorious for having massive backlogs, and having a big backlog can kill motivation to paint.

>> No.56626158

>Vulkan wrenched the talisman from his neck and reached out with it towards the Throne. A small circular aperture presented itself and without further hesitation he pressed the talisman into it. In the moment of connection, Vulkan saw a sea of flame rise up to engulf the Tower of Hegemon, to swallow the Tower of Heroes and all the mighty spires of the Palace. It spread, this conflagration within his mind, sweeping across the Panpacific, Ursh, Hy Brasil, Ind and Nordafrik, to every region until nothing remained but ash.

>The talisman would magnify the power of the Throne to unleash cataclysm.

>Vulkan blinked and it was gone, a part of the great mechanism, impossible to remove and forever waiting.

Vulkan installed it. It's part of the Throne and can be activated at any time. This typical bullshit. Nobody gets to win but Imperials or else they blow everything up.

>> No.56626160

Whats better for keeping a Tervigon alive against shooting, Jormungandr (cover save adaptation) or Kraken (-1 hit walord trait) or Leviathan (6+ ignore)

>> No.56626173


If you think about it, Dragoons are tied for the spot as the fastest model in the entire faction.Their large base size can make for some problems with overly crowded boards, but their mobility helps them overcome those problems. Call it a draw. They can also get to S9 in melee thanks to Canticles, or, if you want, can re-roll 1's with one of the other Canticles. Ryza gives them re-rolls of 1's to wound in the fight phase, which can also be useful.

>> No.56626178

How do I do?

>> No.56626179

Could be they're trying to punt the superheavies into Apocalypse, not that it has 8e rules.

>> No.56626184

That's a GW store, they have obey corporate rules.

>> No.56626187

Posting for road trips of death

>> No.56626188


We had one flgs for 10 years run by a bastard that will have no problem kicking people out if you don't buy anything that day.
Eventually we got a tiny flgs which was overrun by MtG players. The building probably still stinks of BO.
Then we got a GW store, which was ok, but small.
And now a new small flgs opened it's doors, which sells comics and GW crap.

>> No.56626191

Eldar special character can fight at an equal level with a Primarch.

Why are Eldar so based?

>> No.56626192

Not taking one in the first place.

>> No.56626196


Yeah this. Chinaman is fine because it look like GW, while obvious license rip-off make them all sweaty.

A chinaman at the end of the day is not costing them more money than an ebay, while if you show up with better stuff from third party (Like Grishnak sisters compared to GW 1996 Jenner's) this may drive people to buy not citadel.

>> No.56626199

Any sane leader should have a contingency plan like that when fighting monsters that want to torture you forever.

>> No.56626231

Just google Grishnak war maidens and email the dude, you have to pay via paypal but it's legit.

>> No.56626232

>spamming so many units


>> No.56626236

>Muh spess elves

It's called plot armor and eldar "balance".

Cf D-Spam or Serpent in previous Eds.
I'm glad they are down from OP to average in 8th ed. Can't stand the fat weeaboos waac playing eldars.

>> No.56626243

>If worst comes to worst the Emperor should just accept the damnation of the human race because reasons
Chaoscucks everyone.

So you're saying if Guilliman cut Abaddon's arms off on the Vengeful Spirit he wouldn't try to blow the ship rather than accept defeat?

>> No.56626250

Admech Bros help me out.

I have Four Onagear Dunecrawlers built, 3 have Neutron Lasers and one has the Icarus Array.

>How should I build the 5th one I recently got my hands on?

>> No.56626262

A guy at my lgs just sold me his NOS Tau Start Collecting Box for $25. I couldn’t resist.

What do I buy next? Also I guess I need a color scheme

>> No.56626264

>not magnetizing

>> No.56626265

2nd Icarus.
Also, c'mon, 5? Do you play lots of Apocalypse games or something?

>> No.56626275

Graciously accepting defeat is a virtue.

>> No.56626282

Lightning claws you go pair or none

>> No.56626295

Get a bunch of commanders with 4 fusion each. Run a supreme command detachment of them and fuck the world

>> No.56626303

2nd for Icarus

>> No.56626305

some petrol and a blowtorch you weeb
but if you really like them do use any colour scheme that isn't white or orange
put him on the table against him
I didn't come up with the text, some other anon made it up btw

>> No.56626309

I'm getting into GSC and bought some Neophyte boxes but don't know whether it's worth it to build them with shotguns or not. Anyone know?

>> No.56626310

Have memes gone too far ?


>> No.56626315

>this may drive people to buy not citadel.

This is literally the opposite of the truth.

A. Sisters are online only, so if your a shop you can't sell them anyway.

B. 3rd party makes people MORE likely to start a sisters army, not less. And they will still need things like Tanks, Characters, Special/Heavy weapons from GW to do so.

Saying "GET OUT REEEE!!" is not only bad business, it makes you look like an asshole to the community.

>> No.56626321


2nd Icarus seems pretty reasonable. Even with the Eradication Beamer dropping by 5 points in Chapter Approved, I don't see it ever being worth it. Neutron Laser for anti-tank, Icarus Array for anti-infantry.

>> No.56626323

Fuck FRFSRF, IG is for bayonet charges.

>> No.56626325

Since when is 3 of the same unit spam? Especially when it's your mandatory troops choice.

>> No.56626333

only if someone actually fields it.

>> No.56626335

She's still wearing clothes, so no.

>> No.56626336

Get the battleforce box they just released. It's a limited time and it'll save you like $90. You can save even more if you get it some places online 15-20% off.

>> No.56626339

>mfw some russian beats GW to plastic sisters
>mfw they're actually better than most GW sculpts

My keks are infinite

>> No.56626343

Accepting the damnation of your race is not.

Also Chaos is the opposite of a graceful loser.

>> No.56626351

No it isn't, especially not when the fate of your whole species is on the line.

>> No.56626352

I wouldn't, the Acolytes are the close range guys, I'd stick to lasguns and grenade launchers.

>> No.56626356

Grishnak are resin.

>> No.56626360

these are really kind tactical termies but I'll keep that in mind

>> No.56626362


>plastic sisters
Try resin.

>> No.56626364

>I'll take three of these, three of those, and three of these. Oh, and a special character.

>> No.56626370

>it'll save you like $90
it'll save $105 if you're counting in burgerdollars.

>> No.56626374

They are not plastic

>> No.56626377

And yet, still.

>> No.56626390

They say they are plastic.

>> No.56626391

The options you have:

Neutron Laser- you already have 3, a 4th is excessive.

Twin Phosphor Blaster- this gun on this vehicle is an enormous waste of potential. I would never take it.

Eradication Beamer- it's a Neutron Laser which gets bonuses when it's close to it's target, which is the last place it ever wants to be.

Icarus Array- A crapton of shots with a drawback that is easily mitigated by your command points, as well as a way to vent our frustration over not having any fliers. A second is not a bad option.

>> No.56626401


>Since when is 3 of the same unit spam?

CAACFAGS said so.

>> No.56626402

But I thought Acolytes were garbage?

>> No.56626406

This one. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Bf-tau-Empire-Rapid-Insertion-Cadre-2017

Just get it from a third party seller for the extra 15-20% off.

>> No.56626408

Let's see your list then.

>> No.56626415

no special characters in my list bub, also as I mentioned before this is a port of a 30k list, plas and sonic weapons are from weapon support teams. Noise marines just seemed a better way of representing tactical vet squads than any other option

>> No.56626419

I know I shouldn't, but I kinda wanna get this now.

>> No.56626420

Where? Also, you speak Russian?

>> No.56626421

The novel addresses this event. If Eldrad didn't fulfil his mission in the HH, then the Khornate horde would have won.

>They came on diaphanous wings or brass-clad steeds, on claws, or stalk-legs, or hoofs, or slimed-feet. They came in hellish abundance, droning and baying and shrieking and cackling. The air grew thick and cloying as foetid putrefaction warred with noisome incense and the heavy stink of animal sweat and wet copper.

>A vanguard of gold raised their spears in defiance of the horror, but it was as rocks trying to hold back the sea. They were swept aside, drowned utterly in the morass.

>Others bravely took their place, protectively encircling the Throne and the wretched, emaciated figure upon it.

>The daemon sea struck a bulwark then, riding up its invisible flank, unable to crest it, instead rolling ever upwards into the benighted Palace vaults. Hope flared momentarily as the weary defenders looked on at the rising tide that had struck their lord’s aegis and been halted.

>The lesser host burned as they touched the aegis, reduced to ash and scattered back to whence they had manifested. A golden light radiated from the Throne, growing brighter with every creature it banished. A ragged cheer rang out from the defenders, a hollow echo within the aegis shell that quickly fell silent at the discordant fanfare of eighty-eight brass horns.

>They heralded death, and the Last War.

>Triumph turned to despair as the Eight trampled through the horde, whips thrashing, axes hewing. The aegis died in the flare of their hot anger, melted away like ice exposed to a furnace with nary a blow struck. It collapsed with a thunderclap that threw down the golden warriors behind it, and spurred the Eight to take leathern wing.

>A bold last stand took moments to dismantle, and with one, world-sundering blow the Exalted of the Eight slew the one upon the Throne and split His seat in twain.

>> No.56626428


They are technically a from a chemical standpoint plastic, but won't melt to "Plastic" glue.

So yeah, resin.

>> No.56626436

Russians always bring their A game when it comes to 40k.
>tfw no sisters battleforce/start collecting set.

>> No.56626443

That's the ebin "balance" 30k's 7e diehards love.
Every WAAC faces an equally equipped waac, and no deathstar-transport can be broken without a waac amount of melta.

>> No.56626444

>>Even those without voice wailed in silent despair as the two halves of the Throne slid apart like offal before the butcher’s knife, its strength finally shattered.

>The portal blew inwards, a plosive roar that tore a wound in the veil and left it gaping and raw.

>The daemon sea swelled in flood, unceasing, unstoppable, consuming the last of the defenders.

>As the two great war gods that stood sentry fell, the daemon sea reached the gate.

>And the gate fell…


>> No.56626465

It says it in fucking English, you fucking mongoloid.
But like >>56626428, technically resin.

>> No.56626466


>No special character
> this is a port of a 30k list


>I'm using a full unconverted countas army but hey, no special characters

>> No.56626469

Is chapter approved going to have updated stats as well as altered points values?

I am very scared that Zarakynel got a 206 point increase for nothing.

>> No.56626471

According to whom, exactly?

>> No.56626474

If ever I get into Death Korps builds I'm using this guy's

>> No.56626503

This is a vision that Eldrad saw in the HH and averted.

>> No.56626504


No. Datasheet stay the same. CA is just points value for matched play.

>> No.56626508

But he only used a triplet twice, once for basic troops and once for chosen. Am I being fucking memed here?

>> No.56626512

Stop fielding Forge World in normal games.

>> No.56626513


I'm not really enough of a conspiracy theorist to work out why, but they seemed to make a very deliberate attempt to overcost forge world superheavies for some reason.

>> No.56626521

>Is chapter approved going to have updated stats
No, just points.

>> No.56626522

is that a problem? It's pretty obvious what everthing is

>> No.56626523


Triple of a unit of any kind is fine. It's when you start taking vanguards and the like to spam EVEN MOAR of those it's waac.

>> No.56626535

Well, what people call "plastic" is really thermoplastic

Resin is not plastic though, but the casting process is undoubtably the same

>> No.56626538

>no shitty unit spam like "3 times the same troops unit, 3 times the same elites with the exact same loadout
>if you spam, at least spam correctly and optimize it fully
>take some elites and fun stuff, its 2000 pts and you just spam shit
>get more melee

>> No.56626541

Just use it as a normal Keeper of Secrets.

>> No.56626548

but there's only one triplet in that list..... the Noise marine squads have different loadouts

>> No.56626551

>b-but khorne doesn’t care about winning as long as there were blood and skulls to be had
>k-khorne can’t lose because he gets power from warfare itself

>> No.56626555

Notice how he attempts to deflect from the actual discussion with something unrelated.

>> No.56626579

Given how clownishly incompetent Eldar seers and Khorne daemons are I'm calling bullshit.

>> No.56626586

No changes to any dataslates. We've already seen a page by page walkthrough of the book. Contents of CA are
>narrative games like planetstrike
>how-to for making campaigns
>apoc "rules" (more like suggestions for how to run a game)
>landraider customization rules (open play only)
>four matched play rules changes
>12 new matched play missions (6 eternal war, 6 maelstrom of war)
>warlord trait, relic and 1 or two stratagems for armies without codexes (excepting chaos, da, and ba)
>new points values for units/weapons

>> No.56626587

I don't think you know what WAAC means

Taking more than 3 Kastellans is WAAC, spaming good units is not (TryToWinSometimes).

WAAC means fielding the most overpowered options you can find, preferably by juming armies.

>> No.56626591

Terra getting rekt would have been gg for Chaos, everything would have been fucked

>> No.56626601


Ah ok, thanks!

>> No.56626602

> Big twists that create more plot-holes than they fix

>> No.56626606

GW releases another lazy update, actively making their game worse

I, for one, am quite surprised.

>> No.56626612

5 of them if I go 3 Neutron lasers and 2 Icarus Arrays is still less then 700 points.

I normally play 2000 point games in my local meta.

>> No.56626613

How is this not related? It's a neat connection.

>> No.56626620

It's what he always does.

>> No.56626635

>>b-but khorne doesn’t care about winning as long as there were blood and skulls to be had

Except the skull that he wanted and glory he desired was denied. Most Khornate wars are just for skull and blood but few wars have certain objectives.

>> No.56626657

Lazy sure, but for the most part I would argue that the game is better, if only marginally. The FW units that got nerfed didn't deserve it, and I'm a bit concerned about the new LoS rule for targeting characters, but on the whole the points changes to GW units were either good or inconsequential. I know people were miffed about Cawl being down points, but really 20 points is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and most of the units that needed and increase got it, even if the increases were not in the amount they should have been.

>> No.56626658


>> No.56626661

There are rules for terrain pieces, right?

>> No.56626667


Do we know if there are point changes to hellforged wargear?
>asking for a friend
>goes by the name of M. Astadon

>> No.56626675

Dear Emperor

Please make Deathwatch good in their codex... I beg of you. Some cool fluffy buffs and points drops are much needed for us.


>> No.56626676

I'm not talking about how expensive they are; I'm talking about allowing your opponent to bring anything and have a fun game.
3 Neutrons+2 Icarus brought to a 2k casual game feels like you'd be totally slamming people's vehicles in a kinda unfun way.
Maybe I'm wrong, and everyone plays pretty competitively, or maybe you're meta is very vehicle heavy, so even if you killed 3 per turn, they'd still have more.
Just saying.

>> No.56626697

I know a couple of people that genuinely have this mindset about chaos
How could anyone be emotionally invested with the idea that no matter what chaos will win?

>> No.56626707

Yes, I remember now that there's stuff on terrain, but I don't think there are rules. Maybe. Listen in to this, it's the full review except GW made him take down the video, so audio only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L32YTGfBcA
check for yourself , I'm lazy. https://imgur.com/a/D1Kxa#wIJNCgr

>> No.56626717


They are all polymers.

For marketing purposes, plastic is often used for thermoplastic polymers :
Acrylic (Aka Plexiglas), ABS, Nylon,PTFE, etc...

GW plastic is more specifically polystyrene, hence why it "melt" to Acetone.

Recaster often use PVC or Urethane.

>> No.56626718

Chaos winning in the long run have always been a core idea of Chaos and the warhammer settings because it's entropy made manifest on a cosmic scale.

>> No.56626722

Are the Skitarii sniper rifles worth their points?

>> No.56626729

>Discussion is about the Emperor being utterly unwilling to concede the damnation of man
>Chaoscuck says this is cowardly and he should just be willing to accept it gracefully because it's a "virtue"
>It is pointed out Chaos is the opposite of a graceful loser
>Hurriedly deflects onto some other thing

>> No.56626735


You are criticizing other lists for using special characters but your list itself would require more "agreement" from your opponent.

>> No.56626740

Where the hell do you put the toxin sac on a Trygon and is there any reason I'd put more than one on?

>> No.56626742

>Grammaticus shook his head, still reeling. ‘And I can turn the tide? We can, Oll and I? What can we do? What use are men against gods?’

>‘Your Emperor was once a man. Of a kind, at least. He had always placed great faith in men. It is fitting then that men should save Him.’

>‘I think your race are over fond of poetry.’

>Eldrad frowned.

What does Eldrad mean by this?

>> No.56626771

Explain why I should care

>> No.56626775

I'm not criticising lists for using special characters, if people want to use them more power to em. Dickface mcgee was saying the list was spam spam spam + special character which it manifestly is not.

>> No.56626780


Deathwatch CAN'T be good unless undercosted. Low model count infantry is bad this edition. It's the rules fault.

>> No.56626781

No, I found a neat connection to what you posted from the novel and posted it.

And if you want examples of Chaos dudes graciously accepting defeat, then you have Ulkair from Dawn of War 2. Also many Khornates accept their deaths and defeats with religious joy.

>> No.56626790

Shh guys, it's very, very important to some people that Khorne be as nuance-free as possible, and that he encompass only the narrowest possible interpretation of his portfolio.

>> No.56626794


Maybe he was talking about the Nurgle List ?

>> No.56626801

Same reason you should care about anything despite the fact that the sun is going explode into a supernova in a million or so years.

The war against Chaos can last an eternity depending on how well the races fight against it.

>> No.56626804

>Doesn't notice a Deathwatch kill team coming for his head
>Gets BTFO by them in his most important scheme ever

>> No.56626805

I think he meant that since The Emperor was once a human just like everyone else then in the Way that one Human can Save Another. So should it be that Humans can save something that used to be human. Or something along those lines.

>> No.56626820

>Mfw I'll be taking Thermodynamics next year for my Petroleum Engineering degree
>Mfw I also play Chaos


>> No.56626822

then maybe he should have replied to that one and not mine

>> No.56626824

>Deathwatch CAN'T be good unless undercosted. Low model count infantry is bad this edition. It's the rules fault.
This is why allowing soup lists was a mistake. As soon as you make an elite army undercosted enough to be viable you make them too good as an allied detachment.

>> No.56626834

>iron Warriors
What did he mean by this?

>> No.56626836


Thank you, seems that is hasnt. So its now 1,060 points instead of 830. Not entirely happy about that

>> No.56626841

Aren't Nurgle zombies undead?

>> No.56626843

Actually, he knew they would come but he saw in the skein that the only way they could defeat him was by manipulating time. Reasoning that humanity is too primitive to manipulate time, he thought there was no way he could be stopped.

By a stroke of bad luck, the Deathwatch team had a stasis bomb.

>> No.56626849

What if Drop Pod Assault allowed Drop Pods to count as one drop/unit regardless of the number of units that it carries? Would that fix it? It certainly would for me, having to take 6 units to be on the table to get 3 drop pods in reserve is a pain in the ass!.

>> No.56626860


Allowing soup list in my opinion is OK. much better than previous allies grid.

The mistake is making Vanguard/Outriders/Spearhead detachement give 1CP. By essence those allows you to bypass taxes, so making them even more attractive was a mistake.

>> No.56626863

Not really since they are animated by parasites and diseases, not by necromancy or death magic.

>> No.56626866

Poxwalkers are not dead, they're taken over by a virus that controls their nervous system, along with causing horrible mutations. Consequently the infected victim is alive and conscious of what's going on around them, but can't do anything about it, because grimdark'n'shit.

>> No.56626879

Chaos Gods don't, and they define what Chaos is. For example Slaanesh lashed out at the Masque purely out of butthurt at getting BTFO elsewhere and turned the daemons who invented his war chariot into stone out of sheer pique.

The Emperor by contrast only ever thought of humanity.

>> No.56626880

That doesn't look like the Praetorians. He probably doesn't even have muttonchops under that mask and his the buttons on his uniform aren't shiny enough.

>> No.56626896

Meh that's the fun of Khorne though isn't it? Khorne is simple he just wants violence, it's the worshippers that come up with the interesting stuff. Codes of honour, warrior lodges, ritual cannibalism anything to delude themselves and their cult into believing they're part of something bigger than themselves and mindless bloody killing

>> No.56626902

So like I said, clownishly incompetent.

>> No.56626925

Sure, but without vanguard detachments giving +1CP you would end up with 0 CP in a fluffy deathwing list. I think you could fix the problem if the rules said "you can only gain CP from detachments that are exclusively formed from units in the codex your warlord is from." Or sometime like that so you could include supplementary units from FW or basic units that are only listed in the SM codex.

>> No.56626936

Actually, in "Pawns of Chaos". Tzeentch praised the boy of betrayed him and ruined his plan because he likes traitors.

>turned the daemons who invented his war chariot into stone out of sheer pique.

They didn't invent it. It was a farming tool in Slaanesh's realm. A pair daemonettes got bored of their farming duty and took it to mortal realm and used it to wreak havoc. Slaanesh was pleased by its performance but he punished the pair of daemonettes for their disobedience.

>> No.56626943

>that Gulliman using faggot and his Magnus/Mortarion fielding friend constantly bitch about me using Castellan robots
>I am not even fielding them with the Mars forge world...

>> No.56626947

This gets me thinking, why are orks the most common reaction image over other races, despite the greater popularity of other armies?

>> No.56626953


>> No.56626958

It's a bit like the Jews building up this whole cultural history and coming up with their 10/613 commandments when all god really wants is some roast lamb on Saturday

>> No.56626963

I use mostly necron ones, except for this one personally

>> No.56626964

The Khorne is nuanced meme has to die. It has no basis in reality. Khorne was envisioned from the start as a blunt and straightforward god.

>> No.56626983

>It was a farming tool in Slaanesh's realm. A pair daemonettes got bored of their farming duty

The gods have farms?
Farmer daemons?
Chaos crops?

>> No.56626998

Orks are made for comedic effect. And unlike pretty much every other faction in the game, you can make any meme Orky and it'd probably still be fitting within the setting.

>> No.56627000

Blunt, barbaric Khorne is better anyway.

>> No.56627003

What’s the current rumor about the new blood angels chapter tactic? Any website links to Codex rumors?

>> No.56627004

Plus modern mechanised infantry tactics supported by plentiful tanks. Best of best.

>> No.56627016


>Sure, but without vanguard detachments giving +1CP you would end up with 0 CP in a fluffy deathwing list.

And ? I fail to see a problem here.

Matched play is not for all fluffy stuff to be performance optimized.

If deatwing really needed CP, maybe give them a special rule of +1 CP¨for fielding a <Deathwing> Detachement.

But as it is, those "tax-free" options are way too good.

>> No.56627023

+1 to advance and charge rolls
+1 str on charge

>> No.56627040

Is this the digital blackface of 40k? Please don't hurt me I'm joking

>> No.56627048

Put a computer thing on.the Base. Done

>> No.56627051

It'd be better than things are now, sure, but I think there's probably a better way if we're willing to accept a little complexity.

>> No.56627063


To have a reaction face, you need :
>A Face
>No Helmet

This leave us with
>Sister of Battle

>> No.56627069

Yes, but blackface is funny, so it's fine with me.

>> No.56627071

the face looks "off" to me. I dont know why but I'm not a fan of it. Everything else is awesome. I'll buy 2.

>> No.56627084


Because it's unpainted, and hence you see the exaggerated facial features.

>> No.56627092

Dicehead in the US has the best discount (20%), that Im aware of. Got a few more hours.>>56626262

>> No.56627093

>implying those are the only factions to not wear helmets

>> No.56627099

>posting this heresy again
girls can't love girls, that's forbidden love

>> No.56627116

>implying art of marines gives us anything other than stern disdain
I like marines, but they're not exactly the first thing I'd go to for a reaction image.

>> No.56627124

How well would these work as feudal worlder infantry? I might get some and paint the cloth black & yellow

>> No.56627126


>> No.56627133

That’s not very good, I’m trying to think about how I can make use of that and it just seems to have very limited tactical applications.

>> No.56627134

Fair. I use necrons whenever i can, cuz i love spookyboys.

>> No.56627142

Sauce ?

>> No.56627144

> buy gants & gaunts secondhand bulk unpainted, batch/factory paint
> there are no more trap units, but Genestealers are stronk
> paint a custom scheme so you can use whichever hive fleet you want

>> No.56627156

Going up against tau as slaaneshi daemons/CSM, what units should I lean havily on?

I usually try possessed + seeker + warp time as my blender, then some noise marines to support

>> No.56627162

>play what I like to play
No thanks.

>> No.56627171

FW solar auxillia

>> No.56627172

In the case of single faction codexes, their bonus tends to be stronger than a single bonus from a multi faction codex, sometimes taking multiple elements.

Look at Death Guard, bigger rapid fire range AND ignore heavy/advance penalties on your troops/hellbrutes.

Any one of those would have worked for an army. Same with GKs, they get a flat +1 to cast/deny. That is very strong on a psychic army.

>> No.56627175

Forge World's Solar Auxilia for HH

>> No.56627180

Well, 2/3 ain't bad.

>> No.56627183


>> No.56627185

Stones. Screaming.

>> No.56627195


>> No.56627230

What`s the most autistic thing you've done in a long time, /tg/?

I just read all of the Bleeding Out series for Warhammer High.

>> No.56627234

My meta is hellah competitive especially when we have an ITC event.

>In my local meta we would all be considered WAACFAGS by TG

>> No.56627235

So the codex is going to give us rules for Knarlocs and Gue'vesa right anons? R-Right?

>> No.56627243

Oh, okay, fair enough, go for it then.

>> No.56627246

Can a commissar become an Inquisitor?

>> No.56627261

>most autistic thing you've done
I read a 900 page history of US tariff policy. It was pretty good.

>> No.56627267

helmets can work

>> No.56627270


>> No.56627272

See, why would you go and read a thing like that.

>> No.56627301

I talked to a girl

>> No.56627316

I'm an economic historian, and it seemed interesting.The autistic part was reading it in one sitting.

>> No.56627319

You can only use one strat per phase?

>> No.56627330


>> No.56627332

Anyone have a good image of "da rulez" with orks in it? I'm making a pamphlet for a progressive game some people are playing (armies move on to later battles with effects and what not) and I want a good cover page.

Also, bumpin >>56627156

>> No.56627337

Oh, you

>> No.56627340

Can't use the same strat more than once per phase, bit different.

>> No.56627347

Well anything a normal human should learn?

>> No.56627350

The reviews are pretty poor.

>> No.56627371


Too much protectionism is bad.

>> No.56627375


where is this page by page you mention?

>> No.56627383

The history of US tariffs can largely be categorized in three eras. In the first, from the founding of the country until the Lincoln administration, tariff were imposed for the purpose of raising revenue for the government, because income taxes were considered unconstitutional. From the Lincoln administration until the second world war, tariffs were imposed for the purpose of protecting American manufacturing interests, generally caving to the will of whatever big business currently had congress' ear. From WWII onwards tariff policy has been focussed upon bilateral or multilateral reductions in trade barriers.

>> No.56627388

It's now unfortunately audio only, because GW are a bunch of cunts.

>> No.56627394

Shit meme tactic is shit

>> No.56627417

Players who bring goblets of blood take the first turn. If two opponents both bring goblets, the first player to finish drinking theirs goes first.

>> No.56627425

Goblets containing blood, or goblets made of blood?

>> No.56627427


Showed a girl my warhammer collection

>> No.56627440

More like shit meme is shit, "arrgagggaghhhghhg" isn't funny.

>> No.56627452

If you have to ask, you aren't a blood angels player.

>> No.56627454

You start with 3 anon.

The only way to get 0 is by taking too many Auxiliary.

>> No.56627459

Amazon only has one review that I can see, and it's complaining about the typeface. Seems fine to me, if a bit small.

>> No.56627470

>preordered the ork kult of speed for my first army

was this a bad idea or..

>> No.56627480

Anyone can, Inquisitors recruit their own and can take just about any human and no one besides other Inquisitors can say shit about it.

>> No.56627487

wtf that was not the picture i selected


>> No.56627494

Ennjoy the ban.

>> No.56627506

I read this post: >>56627301

>> No.56627510

If anything the merge mobs stratagem is better for trukk boyz than footslogging. Though I think now chinorks are now cheaper than trukks, so maybe that's a mistake, depending.

>> No.56627516

What the fuck anon

>> No.56627521

Eavy Metal Nurgle 2018

>> No.56627527

She didn't like it? I've never had a gf that wasn't at the very least impressed with my painting skill.

>> No.56627531


how hard would it be to do a kit bash with an actual Chinook model.

>> No.56627537

>how hard would it be to do a kit bash with an actual Chinook model.
Well it's orks, so not very. The more ramshackle that shit looks, the better, desu.

>> No.56627548


Oh no she loved it. Moreover I collect SoB, which don't look too "edgy" as an army.

>She was a qt azn virgin too

>> No.56627555

Just dont hot glue and your soul will be safe

>> No.56627561

Is it me or is the best way to deal with Plaguecrawlers just to ignore them?

They are stupid tough for their points.

>T8, 12w, 3+ 5++ 5+++.

That's pretty much land raider toughness. They don't do much damage though, just ignore them? What are they gonna do? Shoot me with their BS4 dark lances?

>> No.56627565


Disregard, I miss read that as "showed my girl".
Sorry anon.

>> No.56627568

The still tentatively named sept of A'qua is a sept with primarily aquatic worlds. With many habitats on the worlds either islands or submerged, crisis suits capable of fighting on both terrains are a mainstay of the army, while the infantry focuses on keeping the islands safe. To little surprise, the sept is a favoured home of the water caste who enjoy debating on the many oceanic habitats, both under water and at the beaches. Culturally he worlds in the sept are known for their welcoming people, as even the world's fire caste is known to strike up a pleasant conversation, and shrewd merchants. Those who arrive with money and the intent to make more often find they leave with less than they'd hoped.

>> No.56627571

I'm not sure if I'd rather play against this, or an unpainted army.

Actually, thinking about the owner, probably the unpainted.

>> No.56627590

Had a nice 6k game with a buddy today. My Deathskull Orks vs his Imperial alliance of mostly Elysians but a bit of Inquisition

pic is the start of the game

>> No.56627596

I would either ignore them or multicharge them with a cheapass deepstriking unit to make them back up each turn. Depends upon your army as to what you have available to you.

>> No.56627604

Does anyone prime their minis while they're on the sprue?

>> No.56627619

other angle

>> No.56627621

>You could take one of those armies for every one (1) Warlord Titans your opponent uses
Are they even worth it anymore?

Not without a good reason.

>> No.56627623

So much blue.

>> No.56627629

I make sure each and every guardsman is equipped with backpacks, grenades and equipment

I have almost 300

>> No.56627630

Hmm is the mathHammer site wrong?

It says you need 18 Bs3 Lascannons to kill a Plaguecrawler but only 16 for a Land Raider.

Why? 5+++ translates roughly to 16 wounds and a 2+ with -3 is a 5+, same as its invuln. Surely its the same.

>> No.56627634

Camo paint- -1 to hit when in cover
Primarus upgrade. +1 wound every infantry model

>> No.56627641

I gave my Sept the name of F'talo. Originally before the world was taken for the Greater Good the planet was named Fatalo, Which means Fate, This has lead the people of the Sept too decide that it is their fate to spread the Greater Good to more planets.

>> No.56627647


who won

>> No.56627651

Should be 18 wounds equiv shouldn't it?

>> No.56627658

turn 1 sees some things of note. My mekka dred mega charges us the field and makes it into combat against his shadowsword, I knew how dangerous it would be if I ignored it. 30 storm boys also charged a punisher vulture and choppa'ed it to death by throwing themselves into the engine intakes

>> No.56627659

Because there was no way Primarchs were just going to steamroll the other armies. Both codices and books thrive on big fights between named characters, so a fight between Primarchs and other named characters was pretty much guaranteed to happen and end in a draw.

And it's going to happen even more often now that Primarchs are stepping out of 30K and into 40K.

>> No.56627660

>roughly the same
>wow they aren't equal

>> No.56627667

5+ is 1/3 though.

12 wounds divided by 3= 4. 4+12= 16.

>> No.56627678


>> No.56627679

Not how that math works. if you deal 18 wounds, 1/3rd will be saved which leaves you with 12.

>> No.56627689

he countercharged the storm boys with his dreadknight, they would stay there for the next couple of turns. Tons of drop teams wielding melta and plasma were busy nuking my backfield as well

>> No.56627702

No, you just have to distinguish what the God wants and what his followers do.

>> No.56627706

whoops wrong image, this is the one I meant to post

>> No.56627707

Reroll wounds of 1 against non imperium/chaos/unaligned units
Also spec ammo weapons a separate points cost instead of being retardly applied to units

>> No.56627712

Explain principle behind this pls.


>> No.56627718

Unpainted 100%. Most people have their armies unpainted unfortunately...

>> No.56627728

I dont have fun when I lose, I dont have fun when I win, I dont have fun when I build amd I dont have fun when I play

I guess ill just sell it all and do something different

>> No.56627733

Fuck this thing is ugly. Is there no way to make it look good?

>> No.56627738

They would kinda work, but you are paying a shitload of money for them.
You could get some Fireforge Seargeatns or Warlord Landsknecht plastics and just plopp lasgun arms on them and you'd have a stronger thematic tie in for a lot less money imo.

If you are just looking for a reason to buy the models, there is nothing stopping you from using them in 40k as IG though.

>> No.56627757

2 inquisitors, some grey knight terminators, and a grey knight librarian pile out of their land raider to charge my kill tank. It proves to be too robust however and they are countercharged by 5 warbosses and some nobz

>> No.56627759

Explain what? Saving throws?
Do you not own a rulebook?

>> No.56627774

>To have a reaction face, you need :
>>A Face
>>No Helmet

>> No.56627777

fucking nice anon looks great
how'd it play out

>> No.56627781

>Most people have their armies unpainted
God, sometimes I hate this hobby.

>> No.56627783

It's just X x 2/3 = 12, so 12/(2/3)= X

>> No.56627789


>> No.56627791

Is that you looking so sexy like at the camera?

>> No.56627794

>admech cant even do half the elements of a tourny army
>doomed to shitsville
Fuck you gays whoreshit get jihadi bombed you incompetent britcuckshits

>> No.56627801

What is this from

>> No.56627803

Remove the turret

>> No.56627815

>God, sometimes I hate this hobby.
Agreed. I don't even put something on the table without being 100% painted.

>> No.56627816


game ended on turn 6. 21 to 19 for the Imperials. I ran out of units to capture points towards the end.

Lots of fun. a funny highlight is that his warlord was Solomon Locke. He died when the land raider was destroyed and rolled a 1, then failed the comand point reroll

>> No.56627831

>and they are countercharged by 5 warbosses and some nobz
Talk about having a bad day.

>> No.56627842

When will we see an end to blue on blue violence?

>> No.56627861

Sometimes I use models with unfinished bases.

I hate myself.

>> No.56627891

>compare how many models were on the table at the start of the game to how many were left by the end
Looks like you absolutely decimated one another.

Thanks for sharing. I wished we could have more battle reports with photos. I always enjoy reading/looking at them.

>> No.56627966


>> No.56627968

How do you get them to explode on a 4+?
Excuse my retardation.

>> No.56627978

Hit bonuses.

>> No.56628064


Are those flyers chinaman ?

>> No.56628743

1. Aspect warriors are horribly, horribly fragile and need transports to survive a first turn, so
2. You really do need those Wave serpents and Wraith units to synergize with them, but at the end of the day
3. You shouldn't even think about buying resin

>> No.56628801

What's up fellow, guard tower anon? I think I saw your game, but didn't say hello. I was playing black templars vs. dark angels on the other side of the room

>> No.56629140

>10 mortal wounds + 12 hits per robot
>2.20 mortal wounds + 2.33 hits per servitor
Breddy gud. Even with a minimum squad of each that's 26.6 mortal wounds in one round of shooting.

>> No.56629760

Pray for first cause if not bye bye kataphrons and your whole "strat" goes out the window
Also hopefully you dont get tied up too

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