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Next Codexes pretty much confirmed

>Warhammer 40k open day latest, we got plastic Si- gangers.

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J7B3r1ZDvA [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Open]

>Chapter Approved Leaks, the tears lmao

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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Gue'Vesa rules when?

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Second for not your waifu

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>Space marines at this points is probably just power armor squigs.

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Sisters players make Tau players look good.

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First for the endless hunger

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Quit triggering the manchild from last thread

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8th for khorne

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>tfw we will reap all life like in ye olden days

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Coming in the SoB-focused IA.

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You disappointed us, Anon.

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Nth for Tau haters are more obnoxious than actual Taufags at this point.

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Stop provoking that sperg

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nth+x for Tau hater haters are more obnoxious that actual tau haters at this point.

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Do the Sisters of Battle ever believe in conscription? I figure they wouldn't, given there is no shortage or war orphans and what not in the Imperium.

I notice there are few branches of the Imperium where you always have the choice of refusing a call to arms.

Like if they want some rich governor's daughter or some peasant in a Hive somewhere to join the Order or something, is she going to be able to refuse?

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Hey that wasn't me this time.

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>uses meme as a generic adjective
>expects other people to instinctively know what their homo erectus brain thinks it means
>can't even explain it
>calls others a dumb cunt
consider suicide.

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What the fuck is this stupid meme video, fuck you for replacing our holy and most wonderful Duncan.

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Daily reminder that if you feel your army is neglected by GW, atleast youre not firebellies.

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>can't intuit what meme means
wrong site for you

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Nah, fuck him. People who wind themselves up and REFUSE to have fun once they hear a faction are the worst cancers in the fanbase.

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Looking to wade into 40k TTG for the first time. I favor being hard to kill, so Necrons sound like my jam. However, I’m hearing the Space Marines are well-rounded, and that sounds more useful to a newbie (I’d probably make them Blood Angels [spoilers]or Bloody Magpies, if able[/spoilers] ).

What does /tg/ recommend?

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I think they can promised before birth but the Dark Heresy 1e claimed that it was voluntary. If you weren't doing so well in sister school, you could drop out. They don't want to force loosers to join them. They want winners to WANT to serve the Emperor.

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As much as I like ogres, but...wrong thread?

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I'm not saying I agree with him. I just don't to read his 20 posts of sperging.

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Damn, is it ‘spoilers’ or ‘spoiler’? I keep forgetting.

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Go for Death Guard, Anon.

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No, Sisters of Battle are from the Schola Progenium, like the Commisariat and Tempestus Scions. They’re orphans of IG and Nobles who are raised there and depending on their skills, faith, and gender, they are then sent to one of the three branches. So an exceptionally faithful female orphan in a Schola Progenium would be sent to the sororitas after reaching a certain age.

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Hive fleet behemoth

Spearhead detachment
OOE - 200pts
3x Carnifex,Talons, Crab Claws, Spore cysts, Adrenal glands, Bone mace, tusks - 354 pts

Spearhead detachment
Neurothrope, Norncrown - 70pts
3x Carnifex,Talons, Crab Claws, Spore cysts, Adrenal glands, Bone mace, tusks - 354 pts


The question here is not whether or not I will win, but will I have fun

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>tfw a force of attrition

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SoB are Faith based. Can't really have faithful servants with gangpress.

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>hard to kill
Death Guard or Necrons sound right.

spoiler, no caps.

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>want to get a Hellbrute for Death Guard
>Blight Hauler is much tougher, faster and has a similar loadout


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Idk, people usually like it when I pull out my sisters. Can't say I've ever seen anyone excited to see a tau army.

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>skills, faith, and gender

That is WAY too much trust in the competence of the Imperium to do anything right. You know damn well they do something grimderp instead, like drop a frag grenade in the dorm and decide who goes where based on level of injury.

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Based Chinaman

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I wonder if seeing a Penitent Engine or Sister Repentia ever made some recruits have second thoughts.

Or seeing images of what the various enemies of the Imperium look like.

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definitely not Necrons at the moment. they're trash. Maybe after the codex anon

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Can we all sit back and appriciate that the crons got a better damage reduction than Nids?
I mean, one of them is a 14W T7 monster, but that's unfair right?
>muh theoretical vacuum reigns supreme
>all games are constant averages and nothing else.

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Both of those armies are cool.
Don't know much about how Necrons fare, but marines are definitely easy to make work in multiple configurations. Blood Ravens don't *have* to be Blood Angels, but more of the decoration on the models is more likely to be able to be converted (maybe not best for an absolute beginner, but if you familiarise yourself with what is a BA symbol and what works for generic blood ravens, it should be easy enough to learn what to scrape off and how to do it), and the good thing about being a chapter without a primarch is you can make them work in either codex if you wish.

ctrl + s

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>On a mongolian fishing basket usenet group
>Talking about plastic army men
>Complaining about not understanding memes

Lurk Moar.

Pic related.

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If I was playing against a Tau player and they had a detachment of modeled and painted Gue'Vesa I would absolutely play against it as long as they weren't doing cheesy waacfag shit.

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You guys need all the help you can get m8.

The nid one is pretty good on a tyrant. 4++ and 5+++ as well as -1dmg is alright.
I bet yours will be just as neat.

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I always loved this pic because they have looks of sheer Distain. It's perfect.
>sister in the back with a double battled grenade launcher
I don't know that I've wanted anything more than that for my army in a long time.

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This is the type of people that are sharing the /40kg/ with you

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can someone enlighten me about waacfags?

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>all games are constant averages and nothing else.

For accurate costing yeah pretty much.
If you don't want balance stick to Power Level.

Much less salt, and for it's only about 10% off in point values. Which is far better than actual, point-based, balance issues.

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I mean if i could bring an army of Fire Warriors that were backed up by Kroot and Gue'vesa that was also lead by a Cadre Fireblade and an Ethereal. I totally fucking would. Maybe a couple Stealth Suits for anti-tank but thats about it.

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A weapon to surpass metal gear?

>> No.56605438

>tfw just want a nice simple Chaos army with predators, chaos space marines and classic vanilla stuff

I'm tired of the gizmos and doohickeys and tricks and ticks and so on.

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Damn. That was uplifting to read.
I hope your dudes get more love than they need.
>t. great person

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Mont'ka warlord Coldstar can move 40 inches a turn at no shooting penalty whatsoever. Shield gen and ATS makes him pretty baller. Just the weapons kinda suck ass.

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I am more annoyed by the fact taht those guardsman have black templar insignia

>> No.56605454


Blood Angels are getting a codex update soon, you might want to wait and see before you purchase.

Blood Ravens are a solid chapter choice right now because of their (((unknown primogenitor))) they can use anyone's Chapter Tactics depending on the playstyle of the list. Gabriel Angelos is a versatile melee fighter(can choose between power and sweep attack with his thunder hammer, and moves 6 + uses grenades in terminator armor) and gets the Chapter Master re-roll bubble straight-up rather than command points, so he is a decent special character. If you go Salamanders his hammer is strength 10(or 7 if sweeping).

Also relevant to Blood Ravens is Librarians(and their force weapons) getting a serious price drop in Chapter Approved. If you spam Librarians to be a true Blood Ravens list you get to use the Empyric Channeling stratagem for some good Null Zones.

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Fucking Cawl hacked the printers.

>> No.56605460


WAAC = Win at all Cost.

It can either mean two things :

>Actual Cunt that try to win at all cost in a friendly game

>Actual Cunt that complain that their opponent brought a non retarded inefficient list and hence calling them WAAC.

>> No.56605472

>hive tyrant running arounf with 12 wounds, -2 to hit with ranegd weapons, t7, 3+, 4++ and a 5+ FnP
I'm not so sure...

I really feel like my Nids are super overpowered, I've played 5 games with them now the codex is out and I won all 5 really easily.
It's making me feel guilty about it.

>> No.56605475

WAACfag is Win At Any Cost-fag. People who are willing to take whatever cheesy OP build is strongest at the moment, bend the rules, complain endlessly and outright cheat to win. Of course, the term gets extended often to everything from "playing optimally" to "beat me", so YMMV.

>> No.56605476

>contains GW shills

Well duh...

>> No.56605479

Did his war gear change price?

>> No.56605486

another variation of That Guy, then?

>> No.56605489

(including wargear)

>> No.56605493

Or Longstrike for zooming tank

>> No.56605507

Right, my mistake.

>> No.56605510

You don't need half that shit.

>> No.56605511


WAACfag is anti-fun practices in order to win. This is both at list level (SPAM SPAM SPAM) but especially player behavior level Lawyering up about rules, exploiting loopholes, etc...

>> No.56605514

There is a simple explanation
3rd/4th edition.
Neophytes for Black Templars were basically extra wounds.
Having 10 Scout cost way too much.
A box of 20 Guardsmen? Was cheaper than trying to buy 5 metal Scouts. So Guardamen worked as Meat Shields for my BT.

>> No.56605528

What I don't like is Kauyon in general. It's my favourite tactic as it's very stealthy and sniper-like but it practically sucks. This also makes Shadowsun kinda suck too.

>2 Short range anti-tank guns
>Has ability that benefits deployment zone gunlines

What the fuck, man. And all good HQs are BS2+ anyway so with one markerlight you negate kauyon's usefulness entirely.

>> No.56605529

>They lowered the cost of Twin Autocannons but only included it in the FW listing and not for SM because rifle dreads are index only.
reeee how lazy can you get

>> No.56605535

>-2 to hit with ranegd weapons
But that means you need to have a Venomthrope unit babysitting it and no wings.

Is that really optimal for a Kraken tyrant?

>> No.56605543

You will regret not buying them later, seriously. They arent that expensive materials at all.

You will just say, geez it would have been better if i had this. And you will go to your local home depot burning gas and buying overpriced stuff rather than waiting for your shit to arrive by post.
So i n the long run you will be sorry for not buying those.

>> No.56605547


A true WAACfag is That Guy. But just as often (if not more) the one crying out for WAACfaggotry is That Guy himself because the other player actually have a chance to not lose against his Fun and Fluffy conscript spam.

>> No.56605555


You could at least have replaced the lasguns with weapons Scouts can actually take...

>> No.56605559

Manchildren who have way too much disposable income that only play the game to win because they can't into any other game with better balance since losing hurts their crippled ego. To them, losing is an attack on their person, and since they don't actually enjoy the game, if they can actually feel joy at all, they constantly try to break the game and abuse shitty rules to win a game that should never be played at a competitive level.

>> No.56605568

Starting ad mech.

I'm under the impression that Rangers are to be fielded in sniper squads, and given that there is only one of those weapons per Ranger/Vanguard box, I'm assuming it's best to build them half and half? 5 vanguards which can be rolled into whatever unit sizes I want, and 5 rangers for maximum sniping coverage.

>> No.56605570


Fluffy chapter serf.

>> No.56605572

Oh shit nigger, you're an Imperial Fist and you see an ocean of low toughness infantry coming at you!
Now is the time to use your "Extra hit roll for every to hit roll of 6 from a bolt weapon" stratagem.
Do you
A) Take 6 Aggressors to get 72 S4 AP- bolter shots at 18" range for 324 points


B) 6 Devastator Centurions for 36 S4 AP- at 24" and 36 S5 AP-1 shots at 36" (72 S4 shots at 12" range) for 624 points

>> No.56605574

How many of the same unit does it take before it becomes spam?

>> No.56605576

Index only units won't be getting future support. They're trying to convince you to stop using models that they're squatting.

>> No.56605577

Or maybe it's not laziness and they don't want rifle dreads to have a point decrease or something?

>> No.56605585


And they lowered the absurdly high chainfist price, but ONLY for chaos marines


Aren't conscripts trash now since GW inadvertently made them the same price as regular guardsmen?

>> No.56605607

One that didn’t exist but in metal?

>> No.56605610

No wings? Nothing says he cant have wings.

>> No.56605614

I didn't discover greenstuff until after I've played for 10+ years and I still rarely use it.
I have a knife, paints, some brushes, super glue and about 14k points worth of dudes.
You don't need more.

>> No.56605623

The new Tau relic is pretty cool.

>> No.56605626

Yeah cause regular marines don't need the help.

>> No.56605627

a single full-sized unit

>> No.56605642

Post you dudes

>> No.56605649

Then what you effectively meant was -2 to get hit on the first turn, -1 to get hit the following.

>> No.56605658

It's Kriegers, anon.
You'll be part of the first wave in the next bayonet charge.

>> No.56605660

did scouts exist at hh and gc?

>> No.56605675


More than 3.

Why 3 ? because it's what most force org allows as a baseline, meaning you have to truly go fetch them to spam them.

>> No.56605688


>> No.56605699

what was their counterpart?

>> No.56605708

t-that's heretical love.

>> No.56605709

Do we really need him to do that?
Judging by his description i can guarantee you that they will look below average.

>> No.56605724


They could also be a Crusader too couldn't they?

Speaking of which, can a Canoness have Crusaders as her bodyguard or are they reserved for Priests only?

>> No.56605729

twin las with missiles is flat better than the hauler's kit, but you do lose out on buffs

>> No.56605734

Neither, take TacMarines.

>> No.56605740

>Aren't conscripts trash now since GW inadvertently made them the same price as regular guardsmen?

Yes. They still cost the Same PL, so in fun and fluffy friendly games they are still just as good.

But the Imperium is now running out of conscripts and all of those who have survived are now normal guardsmen.

WAACfags deserved it

>> No.56605744

C) You take two Sicaran Punisher Assault tanks for 58 s5 -1 shots at 36" for 370.

>> No.56605759

Recon squads.

>> No.56605762

Are they not doing any slideshows or seminars at this open day? Theres almost always some kind of info from those

>> No.56605764


Here is what you need to "get started" in 40K (assuming you want to play Chadmarines or Nurgle)

Split a Dark Imperium box with someone, let them have the Rulebook
> $70

Buy a spruecutter, hobby knife, and glue from your local FLGS
> $20

Buy a pot of primer and 4-5 paints
> $20

Buy a couple of brushes
> $8

Download rules/codexes/supplements from the Mega and put them on that cheapass tablet you probably already have
> $0

There you go, you can get started in 40K with somewhere around 900 points for less than $120. Bring it up to $150 if you're playing Space Marines and you can something like a Land Speeder, a squad of Reivers, some Scouts, some Masters of the Chapter, a Librarian, a Command Squad, or a Librarian to add some more options to your army.

I don't understand why people think that they need to spend $250+ to get started in 40K, it's not exactly a cheap hobby over time I guess, but $150 isn't exactly a shit ton of money when you compare it to the amount of hours you'll get out of it.

>> No.56605773

I cant get them all in the same shot so here are a few.

>> No.56605777

>mfw infinite boy blob now possible with new stratagem
>mfw can teleport as many boys as I want now behind you with only 1 da jump cast
i think it makes up for the shitty dakka dakka stratagem.

>> No.56605789


Tac marines. Heavy Bolters is for killing Ogryns, not T3.

>> No.56605810

20+ nob squads!
>Orks can now literally take several 10 boy squads to get more SP, which in turn is used to consolidate into a bigger 40/50 man blob across 2 turns.
The orks need it desu.

>> No.56605819

>Next Codexes pretty much confirmed
Where on Warhammer Community?

>> No.56605828

Gay Angels and Chaos Cucks

>> No.56605836

People are presuming since they didn't get much in CA that their codex is soon after since they're saving it.

>> No.56605842

Nowhere, but the CA tweaks were lacklusters for the Dark Crusade factions.

>> No.56605850

>mfw FW changes the point cost of the soldiers in the krieg Command Squad from 7ppm to 7ppm.
Truly, the work of a genius.

>> No.56605864

I assumed Tau and Necrons after the 2 SM Angels codexes because of OP's image.

>> No.56605870


Celestine and her gang stayed the same price overall too.

>> No.56605871

Lol, if you were in the Schola youd probably think being a repentia or a penitent would be a step up.

>> No.56605876


They included any previous FAQ point changes, such as the Razorwing Flock change to 14ppm and 3-12 squad consistency.

>> No.56605880

It helps in melee, too.

>> No.56605894


CA is an FAQ compendium too.

>> No.56605903

anyone with a shitty spam list
just decline the game and find another

>> No.56605905

Yeah, he's most likely going to be in combat by the end of his first turn so you no longer need it.

>> No.56605910

Did anyone took Celestine without at least 1 Cheerleader?

>> No.56605911

Battlewagons,trukks, deff dreads and dread klaws all needed points drops desperately

>> No.56605920

Which is extremely sub-par for Tau anyway so it's still fairly pointless at the best of times unless you want to drop 167 points to give a gunline a mediocre buff for 2 turns when a single markerlight gives you half its effect.

>> No.56605921

The soup shitters who are the reason for any nerfs

>> No.56605927

3 Troop choice is spam?
What about 3 fast?

>> No.56605941

Go with the Hauler.

>> No.56605948

Did Inquisition get a stratagem and relic too?

>> No.56605950

Am I a fucking mad man?

I'm gonna recast five of my own Dark Reaper Launcher from the Made to Order Autarch, use my left over kabalite bits for the bodies and use dark elf executioner heads as a kit bash of Ynarri Dark Reapers. I feel like it needs another element (maybe some Black ark scale cloaks and hoods).

What do ya think?

>> No.56605954

People tried spamming on here that, yes. "Durr no one takes the cheerleaders"
And yet the vast majority of people do

>> No.56605957

Even then taking Celestine alone was asking for a free kill

>> No.56605978

No. However, she was 150+50 per Gem, so people would take her with 1 Gem at 200pts because it was enough ablative wounds to matter. Now, she's 200pts base, and 225 with 1 Gem, but she's still 250 with the full squad. Basically, it was a very well handled points shift.

>> No.56605984

>Stormravens up 20pts

>> No.56605990


Yeah. 150pts for a unit than can move 24" per turn and is quite good in CC was a bit strong, and the germinae add virtually 0 damage output (S3...).
Would you rather take 6 extra hp on your missile
or take an extra unit of cheese for 100pts ?

>> No.56606019

Can someone tell me Celestine's base size? is it 40mm?

>> No.56606021

haha get fucked, non DAfags btfo :'(

>> No.56606040


3 same fast is borderline.

3 same troop is okay.

See :

Look at the force chart. If you have to tailor your list to take "moar" of it, it's spam.

>> No.56606053

Yeah well, I guess those will wait until codex time

>> No.56606059

>FWs LoWs despite being inferior to plastic LoWs go up in price while 'dex LoWs are competitively costed

>> No.56606061

dont be fucking obtuse
you can tell a spam list when you see it

>> No.56606065

>> No.56606081

fuck off avatarfag

>> No.56606089


Yes and no.

New Celestine is 40, Old normal infantry. Both are tournament valid. Neither is really better, as Celestine fly and can get wherever she wants anyway.

Germinae are 32.

>> No.56606091

I bet the Death Company are going to go up in price with the addition of the Zerker ability.

>> No.56606094

>this kills the FW
I personally never had an issue with FW despite not owning any of it. What GW did was basically sending a bag of shit to FW and told them to stop fucking up the balance.

>> No.56606111


If you are tailoring your list to be waac just enough so that you don't get called waac, that is typical waac behavior.

>> No.56606114


>> No.56606117


>> No.56606118

I never understood this whole "flaws been fixed, you guys" angle. All the fluff I've read have said that so far it looks like they're fixed, but it's not known if it's permanent.

>> No.56606139


Good. FW LOWs should be limited to Narrative/Open Play in the first place.

>> No.56606156

>Malcadors aren't getting cheaper despite the massive Lemon Rust buff making them obsolete
>Quad Guns are now 12pts more expensive per gun, even though as a weapon with a random number of shots, BS 4+ and no AP, they weren't good to begin with
>Earthshaker Carriages are now more expensive than Basilisks

At least the Macharius is still cheap, and the FW Russes had their cost aligned with the Codex Russes.

>> No.56606169


What about armies that only have 1 decent choice in each slot? Dark Eldar for example.

Troop: Kabalite
Heavy: Ravager
Fast: Scourges

>> No.56606170

If I give a Hive Tyrant 4 Boneswords does that give them 2 extra attacks?

>> No.56606173

>FW and told them to stop fucking up the balance.
>The entire Guard and Eldar Codex
GW Fucked balance already.

>FW LoWs worse than plastic ones, removed
>GW LoWs are undercosted and over powered, totally fine

>> No.56606174

bunch of people who have read the Devastation of Baal quot where seth whines about the primaris but who haven't read the actual book

>> No.56606184


By tailoring you mean taking any of the sanctioned detachments that aren't a battalion?

>> No.56606199

i prefer my hive tyrants [B]oneless

>> No.56606200

Honestly, I would be fine with this, if it is compensated by price drops for Sanguinary Guards, Death Company Dreadnoughts and named characters.

>> No.56606204


>> No.56606205 [DELETED] 


Pleade sell your Dark Eldar now, before you get hurt.

>> No.56606209


>> No.56606216


>> No.56606220

Anon we arent getting any point drops.

>> No.56606234

yeah CA really pissed me off with the FW demon LoW costs. my nurgle LoW is over 150 pts more iirc when he was not worth his initial cost

>> No.56606239

I don't know

>> No.56606241



I'm having fun with my drukhari friend, nothing really changing with CA is fine by me.

>> No.56606243

>FW didn't fix the Malcador's pricing issues

>> No.56606249

Does or does he not have 2 pairs?
What does the rule say about one pair?

>> No.56606251

can you repeat the question?

>> No.56606265

Nah you're just a cunt.

>> No.56606268


>> No.56606272

Intercessors had point drops. BA units, and BA wargear, is still priced according to the Index era, when a power fist was 20pts. Of course we're getting price drops.

>> No.56606275

I see. I'll go for 40mm. i like the extra basing space. Thank you anon

>> No.56606278

Did most armies get some?

>> No.56606288

All you really need is two squads of 5 rangers with 2 arquebus each. Over all it's the best for character sniping and popping light vehicles.

>> No.56606313

Okay we are getting price drops to bring us in line with codex space marines. But i am sure Powerfists and Inferno pistols will go up in prices because Blood Angels are a melee based army.

>> No.56606345


Primarch are undercosted by 100pts. The bird and other titans are so derp powerful it's impossible to balance them properly and hence should be overcosted just in case.

>> No.56606355

Tzaangors vs cultists?

What's a better fodder infantry?

>> No.56606367

Typhus is not made to pump the zombies 24/7.
Move them. If they are gunned down, more important units of yours were spared.
If they are NOT, teleport him when they are close, buff them even with psypowers, and go to town.
You can increase their survivability a tad bit marching Necrosius with them. Use him if you are building a Cultist/Poxwlaker/PlagueMarines/Characters/Hauler list.

>> No.56606375

Cultist: cheaper, so more spam able.
'gors are better for close range screening and CC

>> No.56606379

The cost is Ok, excluded Great(er) Smurf.
What they need is a "at least 3k" point limit

>> No.56606382


I'm going to run 2 helbrutes and 3 haulers and you should too!

Also, do you guys think FW will make any cool death guard stuff?

>> No.56606385

Tzaangors are cooler and more fitting.

>> No.56606402

Necrons when?

>> No.56606407

You need 2x5 Rangers with 4 Arquebi and 2 Omnispexes, which is a bit of a bastard to line up neatly. How many sets of Skitarii are you starting with?

>> No.56606409

Reminder that Chinorks are now cheaper than trukks

>> No.56606415

The brute has greater range if shoots (one of the hauler weapons is shorter range), has a specific stratagem, and crazed.
Is a case of "not inferior, different"

>> No.56606445

>other titans
What? The Fellblade and Falchion were worse than their points in the banechassis equivalent. Even more now.

>> No.56606447

Finally time to get 5 chinorks and make my sky orks

>> No.56606464

Inquisitor relic demon blade when?

>> No.56606481


They are announced with the release of plastic sisters

>> No.56606484

>at this point
I couldn’t ask for list here help last edition without having to prove I wasn’t one of “those guys” and have them sperg out at me until I did. Every single time.

>> No.56606487



Never really used Trukks anyway.

Always seemed like a liability and largely unneeded.

Especially since the Spearhead Detachment came out.

>> No.56606503

Conscript or novitiate would be more accurate.

But they are chosen for their piety, so devoted self flagellation would probably be viewed with respect.

>> No.56606516

Source for this? I didn't think BA codex was leaked yet.

>> No.56606532

What's it's rules...
I really want to do a 'Nam style air cav army, but catachans only get those gay looking guard planes...
Orks are hugely muscled as well. They could work.

>> No.56606533

Devastation of Baal

>> No.56606542

Excerpt from the next WD

>> No.56606546


Falchion can run twin Volcano Cannons which is fucking ridiculous, but yeah it still sucks.

I literally just got a Fellblade and it's gone up 200 points before I could even get it into a game.

>> No.56606548

Súper cool reveal today!
It is just Necromunda and more marines...

Hell if they announced anything else it would be more interesting

>> No.56606549


>> No.56606552

Where are the new Primarchs /tg/? You said there will be Primarchs.

>> No.56606554


Thanks for the input dudes

> Death Guard?
Read up a bit on them at their mention. They do sound pretty bulky; why play a faction that can come back from the dead when you can play a faction that can’t die in the first place?

I don’t like Nurgle stuff, though. Decay and disease-based stuff is a turnoff.


> Necrons are bad atm

The idea of playing a skele-army hellbent on protecting what is theirs is appealing enough to risk a future with them. I know there are a few Necron leaders who have a more proactive agenda, but AFAIK, they’re the 40k equivalent of a bunch of old guys telling the kids to get off their lawn.

> Blood Angels future uncertain

That’s a good point. How are they faring now, and what is being considered for nerfs/buffs?

>> No.56606562

/tg/ says a lot of things, most of which end up being wrong.

>> No.56606564

Traitor Primarch when? I want the Lion now...

>> No.56606568


Supposedly Marbo was also supposed to be part of the reveal but GW announced him earlier because of leaks.

>> No.56606569

Easy to Build Big Boynought looks easy as balls to pose, only bad thing I can think of is the fingers are fixed but I already have one pointing so I dont really mind.

>> No.56606574


>so devoted self flagellation would probably be viewed with respect

So they could potentially find recruits among pilgrims and the Fraternis Militia?

>> No.56606579

So does anyone have leaks for the stuff that isn't just points costs?

>> No.56606587

I doubt we'll get any more until they're done releasing codices, then it'll probably be Angron or Fulgrim for either Armageddon part 3 or death of Guilliman respectivly

>> No.56606591


>> No.56606602


Well whoop de doo, your high powered quad autocannon dread is 6 points cheaper and you're complaining about the presentation format.

>> No.56606604


>1 decent choice in each slot?

If you spam that decent choice you may or may not be waac depending of the relative strenght of the army.

Like if you army is trash you can't be WAAC : you would be playing something else if you were. Spamming your only decent choice is still spam, but If your army is still "fluffy and balanced" instead of whatever soup cherry picking the best units of each codex, it's all good.

Other example :
SoB are an okay-ish army with a very good HQ and good Fast-Attack slots.

Taking Celestine and a single squad of seraphim in imperial soup is pure waacfaggotry.

Taking an outrider detachement spamming dominions in Repressors and Celestine as HQ with imperial guard battalion ally is still quite WAACy.

Taking pure sister (including the aforementioned Outrider batallion) should be fine with most players (as long as you don't take more than 3 of the same unit/loadout).

>> No.56606613

>Weaponised War Tomb
I... guess that's correct?

>> No.56606614

Shame it has a flamer instead of the mini-gatling.

Also doesn't have the AA pod for some reason.

>> No.56606616

How much is it, as well as the aggressors?

>> No.56606618

Is there something in CA for Renegade Knights? Stratagems, Relics, the chance to take one in a RK household as Warlord, point changes, anything at all?

>> No.56606619

Makes sense for the Black Templars actually
> Show up to a planet with a shitload of guardsmen fighting whatever
> After crusading is done, round up all the guardsmen and kidnap anyone young enough to be gene-seeded
> Spray stencil some BT heraldry on the ones who aren't, tell them to "Try and keep up" with the crusaders.
It's pretty much their modus operandii.

>> No.56606622


Not really, pilot is alive.

>> No.56606627


Being locked in to the Heavy Onslaught/Flamer/Frag loadout sucks, they should have made some concessions for varying weapons.

Has a price leaked yet? If it's not significantly cheaper than what the fuck is even the point? If you're too young or too retarded to be able to put together a normal model than odds are you're not going to be playing the actual game.

>> No.56606629

Why are Penitent Engines and Exorcist so utterly shit.

Even fucking Death Watch can handle PE and Exorcist without a problem

Immolators are Gods by comparison

>> No.56606630


>> No.56606635


"This is the ideal Dreadnought body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like"

>> No.56606660

What are you working on? I'm making some budget terrains with toner cartridges

>> No.56606665

Need help, fellow fa/tg/uys. I have metal weapon set from old leman russ, demolisher cannon + plasma and multi melta sponsons. I want to sell them on ebay, what the optimal price for them.

>> No.56606673


I think they allowed a flight of Imperial fighters or bombers to bear their iconography at one point after a well received event in the lore.

Was one of the more interesting bits of Astartes being impressed or moved by the feats mortals are willing to undertake in the name of the Imperium.

>> No.56606681

Painting an Ironclad Dread and a Rhino.

>> No.56606688

Exorcists should get a buff to their shots, if anything

>> No.56606689

Chinork looks like a fun ride

>> No.56606693

From what I've seen, it's easy enough to replace the flamer muzzle with a minigun barrel, such as one from the Taurox kit. The body of the heavy flamer and gatling cannon are quite similar, one just has pipes while the other one has an ammo chute. On the EtB model the design is even simpler. I don't think you even need to add an ammo chute on it (the ammo is stored inside the fist anyway).

I'm planning on using the frag launchers as the icarus pod and model the frag launchers using Ironclaw assault launchers.

>> No.56606695


Why haven't they made any Ork flyer that can haul cans and dreds around yet?

>> No.56606696


you are like a little baby

>> No.56606697


Penitent engine actually have decent damage output per points. Their main issue is getting into CC. Try running 4+ of them.

>> No.56606702

>anyone that doesnt play like me is a WAACfag.
Fuck off.

>> No.56606705

Finished working on a Tempestus fire team some days ago Satan, i'll probably try to fix their highlights this monday, not happy at all with how they ended up.

>> No.56606708


I'd argue one of the FW ones, but Bjorn uses a Castaferrum so I trust Bjorn and it must be the best.

>> No.56606712

Post datasheet por favor

>> No.56606713

I remember an ork fandex let you put dreads in the back of battlewagons, not sure why you cant do that

>> No.56606717

3-4 melta Dominions are basically Troops for SoB
1-2 Seraphims are the real choice

Fucking thing does like 1 marine kill or 2 wounds to a rhino

SoB have nothing but spam meltas Dominions and melta BSS when you run out of Dominions

>> No.56606720

B-Boxnaughts a best!

>> No.56606722

I agree Exorcists really need something to make them better, less random shit would be nice but I really like my penitent engines. When they actually make it into CC they are beasts!

>> No.56606734


>> No.56606737


As much as the Redemptor sucks before conversion, you can make a decent approximation of a rogue trader dread out of it if you miss out the doubled shoulders and trim the pelvis to narrow it's stance.

>> No.56606743

Those look like Dr Robotnik designed them.

>> No.56606749

I’ve run 6
800~ points for a unit that can’t run and charge or shoot and charge. Even fucking bolt guns are dengerous to them.

The things could have not existed for the good they did. Like the only army that has problem with is Necrons and that is because they fucking suck more than PE

>> No.56606761



>> No.56606764


Well, in the old Apocalypse games, I think it was said that some vehicles, including Super-Heavy ones namely, could haul smaller walkers like Killa Kans and Sentinels around.

So you'd have ludicrous stuff like Sentinels charging out of Stormlords or Killa Kans charging out of Stompas or some madness like that.

>> No.56606771

>no firing points

>> No.56606772


I actually prefer SB Battle Sisters in Immolators to Minidoms.
Cheap, Objective secured, Mobile as Fuark.

Agreed on the 3-4 dominions though. 20 melta is baseline for non-trash sob.

>> No.56606777

>they'll never remake the space crusade/epic Chaos dread

>> No.56606780

Whats the m/t/w/sv of an engine?

>> No.56606781

>Ork shooting
Nothing of value was lost.

>> No.56606784


>> No.56606789

This thing hilarious. Getting 8 instead.

>> No.56606798

But shooty Orks is the least WAACfag way to play 40k

>> No.56606802

Imma buy me some of those for Christmas

>> No.56606805


>> No.56606806

>Fortunate 'Boss playing in the distance

>> No.56606808


So always skorcha and rattler cannons then. Because BS garbage.

>> No.56606809

7" T6 W7 Sv4+

>> No.56606811

This has to be an oversight

it has to be open topped

I mean for fucks sake it doesnt even have SIDES let alone a top

>> No.56606813

Does anyone have old earth yet?

>> No.56606819


Those are Deredeos.

>> No.56606821

Thank god, they look awful. Take off your rose tinted goggles and you'll see the truth.

>> No.56606824

What if I told you they already had

>> No.56606829

Rattler kannons cost points.

>> No.56606832


>> No.56606835

Why is she wearing a Mushroomhead shirt
They have some good tracks but they've only ever been an Okay band

>> No.56606837

Did any of you idiots rly believed, that there would plastic sisters be revealed?

>> No.56606838

Re-roll to hit is nice
But 129 points for this? Not really worth the points
Nothing can buff them. The fucker do not even explode so you can’t Jihad them to death

>> No.56606840

That does seem a bit poor.

>> No.56606841


>> No.56606842

Tell me about your dudes.

>> No.56606844



At that range?

>> No.56606848

I just want to take 8 with an escort of dakka jets and play 'Fortunate Son' at max volume

>> No.56606853

Because mushrooms are Sucy qt's thing

>> No.56606854

No, no one though plastic sisters, you retard. Everyone thought Lion.

>> No.56606863

I just got one I bought from a friend years ago. Been thinking of turning it into a Mortis Dread for my 30k legion. It was a bit broken (the ends of the weapon mounts were snapped off). Just need to put some mounts on the ends of the struts and put new guns on there. Contemptor guns look like the right scale. Maybe a pair of lascannons on each side will do it. Shame about not getting to use the nose bolters, but can't have everything.

>> No.56606865

I bet you think bayonettes are useless because they don't compliment the rifle's range

>> No.56606873

only morons thought that

>> No.56606876

What's the best weapons to put on my Deathwatch killteams that aren't frag cannons?

>> No.56606880

There's nothing really wrong with the profile, aside from having heavy flamers instead of flamers, it just costs too much.

>> No.56606883

No? Why would someone think that?
If anything I was expecting some Ork klan stuff or update for any of the models from 1997 for Eldar or Guard. Anything but marines.

>> No.56606887

>people actually believe this

>> No.56606890

>Anything but marines.

>> No.56606895

Anyone got that juicy Devastation of Baal ePub they wanna share?

>> No.56606897

Poor for the price I meant.
I was aware of the rough cost of the unit, but I never had to actually kill one.

>> No.56606899

>he doesn't know

>> No.56606914


>> No.56606916

Do we have the full pic of the design a land raider pages?

>> No.56606917

Exorcist is AP-3 BattleScribe is wrong here.

>> No.56606918

If only there were a collection of files, perhaps linked in the OP you could check.

>> No.56606921

>rose tinted goggles

You do realize >>56606696 is what Contemptors used to look like, right?

>> No.56606924

what was the "reveal"?

>> No.56606928

Krieg is the comfiest.

>> No.56606935

>Anything but marines
Good one. Now go buy more marines goy.

>> No.56606940

Neither do you.

>> No.56606947

I hate the models for electropriests so goddamn much. anyone have any good reccomendations for replacement models?

>> No.56606958


I checked them and couldn't find it

>> No.56606964


Battlescribe is wrong on a lot of thing for sisters (like cost for priest wargear, which should be from Astra militarum), but the catalog owner of SoB is a lazy drama queen. I might upload an up to date version somewhere.

>> No.56606966

Exorcists are -4.

>> No.56606967

The little part of me that hasn't died yet and is quietly hoping for plastic sisters?
Not really, but would've been a Christmas miracle if they were

>> No.56606971

House Orlock for Necromunda
Learn how to write, triplenigger

>> No.56606972

*laughs in Minotaurs*

>> No.56606973

No need too. I’m sure there was a marine spuer with my Bretonians back in the day.

I do not recall intentionally buying marines but some how end having over a 100 of them. On the good side I have enough bits and models for 6th army due to GW mentality of marine goes in everything!

>> No.56606979

Do the cost updates means FW's towed artillery units are now obsolete ?

>> No.56606986

Orlocks gang for Necromunda

>> No.56606992


If the bayonet could have been two heavy Bolters you're damn right.

>> No.56607003

Really? next codex necrons and tau?

>> No.56607004

Yeah right. Now I remember why it could kill a single marine or do 2 wounds on average to a Rhino

>> No.56607008

But anon, they were obsolete in the 21th century. Let alone the 41st

>> No.56607013

No, no. You need some new AWESOME Prmaris marines.

>> No.56607015


Not exactly: Contemptor was just one of the configurations the ancient egg dreads could be in.

>> No.56607021

it better be.

>> No.56607022

Does anyone know a good place to download 40k audiobooks?

>> No.56607023

DA/ BA then demons. Crons and Tau aren't likely until Feb.

>> No.56607026

No. OP is fucking retarded, is all

>> No.56607033

Are you telling me you didn't want more necromunda models? Dont you like necromunda anon?

>> No.56607035

they're big guys

>> No.56607039

Anyone have experience casting their own bits? Trying to decide how I want to cast my DE extra weapons. Planning to use Mold Star 30 and Smooth Cast 320. I just don't know how I would structure the mold(s).

>> No.56607047


>> No.56607050

>Falchion can run twin Volcano Cannons which is fucking ridiculous, but yeah it still sucks.
Because 2 shadowswords are cheaper and being Valhallan, 2 targets, and 52 wounds between them will outscale the Falchion in damage

Fellblade only went from 717 to 740 didnt it?

>> No.56607051

storm bolters are great, combi-weapon squads can be great, melee builds are back with our stormshields down to pts

>> No.56607057

ah fair enough, I didn't realise that they weren't expected. They look pretty nice desu, depending on what they Cawdor lot look like I might use them as cultists if anywhere does 25% off Necromunda stuff

>> No.56607064

>implying daemons
Chaoscucks really are pathetic for thinking this for even a second

>> No.56607068

I wasn't the guy complaining, I actually like them and was glad to see them

>> No.56607069

But they are shit and look out of place.

If I’m buying useless shit I mighty as well buy Penitente Engines and Exorcist at least those look 40k enough

>> No.56607071

>Easy to build aggressors should be in same vein.
>Same amount of parts minus the bolter and frag bits
y tho

>> No.56607076

Take a box of 20 Kairic Acolytes for about £25, add Kataphron claws and heads, remove Tzeench stuff, greenstuff gaps, make up difference with spare weapons from fucking everywhere like cutting Torsion Cannons down to the front two seconds for power claw type things.

Boom, you can now kill Primarchs using a bunch of massively expendable combat servitors and laugh, and it costs a fifth of the GW stuff anyway as long as you have a decent bitz box stocked. Be warned, it cleaned me out of suitable Servitor heads and melee weapons completely and I had more than a full Warconvo. Eventually I'll make twenty more, but their 20 Corpuscarii friends are probably going to make use of Ranger heads with extended hoods to represent being ranged and to save suitable unhooded heads for later.

>> No.56607090

Towed artillery is still used by modern armies.

>> No.56607091

Poor chinaman gonna go hungry

>> No.56607092

Not exactly a big reveal. That is like death. You expect it to happen.

It would be surprising and a big reveal if they didn’t release more gangs

>> No.56607102

Three Terminator squads (Assault w/ TH/SS, Cataphractii w/fists, Tartaros w/claws) in a list, yes or yes?

>> No.56607103


>> No.56607107

A friend of mine went full buttblasted and won't play with his Necrons until the codex comes out. I would be happy, because he's fun to play except for this very specific event where he doesn't even want to come and watch others play.
Oh. Gotcha.

>> No.56607110

those are pretty nice anon, good work

>> No.56607126

>implying kriegers play for waac

You dont know the krieg way son.

>> No.56607131

Give me one good reason why daemons would be next

>> No.56607147

They announced it right when they announced that BA and DA are the next codexes in december?

>> No.56607155

Gw literally announced them on their community site.

>> No.56607161

I still play my necrons but damn it feels terrible. Building lists is pain.

>> No.56607177

>implying the least played NPC shits are getting a codex

>> No.56607209

Maybe GW want's to make them big?

>> No.56607211


>> No.56607219


The Imperium operates on a budget.

Plus them being towed doesn't really impact their performance as they are mainly siege guns, so they don't need to get anywhere quickly most of the time.

And besides, they're probably less resource intensive than a Basilisk.

>> No.56607226

I’ve gone building canoptek focused lists with my necrons. Sending wasps and wraiths up field with scarabs, burrowing centipedes popping up underneath can make an opponent that doesn’t have good target priority panic a little. Nightbringer is fun too

>> No.56607246

I like lychguard and destroyers :(

>> No.56607273


I hope destroyers get better next codex, because I have 32 total between the three varieties.

>> No.56607274

I also have Destroyer cults. They can be fun too if the enemy isn’t packing too much multi damage weaponry. Destroyer lord killed Celestine (twice) in one of my first games lol

>> No.56607286

>look at post announcing angel codices
>no mention of daemons

>> No.56607294


Both of these Chapters are firm fan favourites in the Warhammer 40,000 community, and their new codexes are packed with all sorts of awesome content designed to bring them up to speed with their brethren who adhere more closely to the Codex Astartes. You’ll find Stratagems, Warlord Traits and updated lore, as well rules for including the arsenal of the Primaris Marines in your Blood Angels and Dark Angels armies.

Not to worry, servants of Chaos; 2018 will be kicking off with a new codex for Chaos Daemons, all the better to slay the servants of the Corpse-Emperor (or just anyone who gets in your way) with.

>> No.56607298

They just added loads of points to superheavies for no real reason. It obviously wasnt for balancing purposes. I dont get it

>> No.56607307

my issue is that they're so god damn expensive, and a lot of lists just wreck em'.

>> No.56607318

>FW will never make Krieg grenadiers again

>> No.56607320


No heavies in tourneys.

>> No.56607330

ask your mom to read you the entire article you illiterate fuck

>> No.56607350

*waddles up behind you*
Pshh, nuthin personal heretic

I’m excited to paint these guys. What are you all up to?

>> No.56607351


I mean, a multi-wound bike with a lascannon that rerolls ones to hit is neat. It just isn't 75 points neat.

Discount them just enough that I can take all 32 (18 regular, 12 heavy, 2 Lord) in a 2000 point list and I'll be fine.

>> No.56607354

If an Inquisitor or group of Inquisitors approved the construction of AI weapons what would happen? Could the AdMech lobby against it, or is the Inquisitors "untouchable"?

>> No.56607366

they look so fucking retarded

>> No.56607369

ah nice to see your progress exorcistsbro
got any units finished already?

>> No.56607375

>chaoscuck this mad that marines are getting two codexes and he isn't getting any

>> No.56607379

>what would happen?
<pic related>

>> No.56607381

you look retarded

>> No.56607383

Also, what is a group of Inquisitors known as? A 'gaggle'? A 'pride'? A 'litter'?

>> No.56607385

That's some heretek, son.

>> No.56607396

What are the goofy warcraft-y skulls on the pads there

>> No.56607398

>Inquisitor: make me an AI killing machine
>magos: lol no

>> No.56607402

ok they look WAY better in red. I might fucking buy them

>> No.56607403


>> No.56607404

40kg is always on the 3-7th page because /tg/ has stupid post limits. angery

>> No.56607409

Inquisitors are De Juro untouchable, but De Facto they have nowhere near that level of clout even if they could gather anything approaching the level of technical expertise they needed from a few renegade Admech dudes. They'd either get smacked down by Forge World authorities who'd petition to either their Synod, the Congresium Inquisition or the Martians and then deal with them conventionally, the Inquisitor would suffer an "accident" or in the most dramatic cases you'd find the Inquisitor with a Malagra blade through his throat.

>> No.56607414


Flame aggressors look better.

>> No.56607415

I'm a DA fag, actually pretty excited to see what we're gonna get

depends on context, Inquisitors gather in conclaves but sometimes work in cliques or coteries

>> No.56607419

Anyone have the AdMech page of CA?

>> No.56607433


They'll make them punchcard robots instead.


>> No.56607436


>> No.56607439

This is why I wish they would sticky popular generals

>> No.56607443

Tfw you are both a Blood Angels and a Khorne Daemons player. I am hyped to see both the armies being updated.

>> No.56607450

that's even worse. give us 700 post limits

>> No.56607457

How are orks with the changes in CA?

>> No.56607461

how is thast owrse?

>> No.56607462

You absolute retard.


>> No.56607463

>Inquisitor: make me an AI killing machine
>Cawl: lol ok

>> No.56607467


Well given the Emperor himself forbade that, I imagine they would have some explaining to do to their contemporaries in the Ordos.

To say nothing of the fact that isn't worth risking the wrath of the Mechanicus, which would likely descend on said Inquisitor and, should they destroy them, suffer hardly any consequences.

Starforts like the Bastion Inviolate (Endevour of Will novel) are about as far as you can go with sanctioned Intelligence that can think for itself.

That being said, I do believe the Death Watch has drone ships that might come close to artificial intelligence, if not crossing the Rubicon into it necessarily.

>> No.56607477

It is literally heresy to make an "Abominable Intelligence" according to the Admech. It would be more of a contest to shoot you first.

>> No.56607479

synths were a mistake

>> No.56607484

that's not how 4chan works. also thousands of posts in a thread is not meant for 4chan

>> No.56607486

Cut content. I'm sure the rules in the box lets you field one without the pod.

>> No.56607493

Oddly I've never seen a tournament list bring a Marauder Destroyer along despite it being a point-and-click deletion of a Razorback or a third of the wounds off a Daemon Primarch along plus versatile anti-infantry weapons to plug into whatever you want.

Even after Chapter Approved it's 549, which isn't Daemon Primarch levels of nonsense but not half bad.

>> No.56607495

I wish they would change the cover art

>> No.56607504

I know right, that’s my favorite part!

Yeah, all the tacs, intercessors, and devs finished, as well as 10 terminators and 10 vanguard nearing completion. After that, I’ll need to finish this sexy Contemptor and the cool (albeit unuseable) tartaros. Then it’s only the aggressors and a pile of unpainted, mostly assembled hellblasters, and part one of the army is done. Then I have to slog through determining which vehicles I want (aside from a leviathan dread of course), and which HQ/characters I’ll get.

Exorcists brah, for when you want to feel like an OC daemonhunter Marine without the Mary Sueness of grey Knights (but or course I play GK too)

Yeah, but I’m just gonna buy& convert 6 of the snapfit ones, and what’s more bolters are better than flamers

>> No.56607506

How good are heavy arc rifle breachers now?

>> No.56607508

why? reddit seems to handle it fine?

>> No.56607516

Not gonna give he baiter any (you)s from me

It’ll be ok... I hope :(
Just gonna maybe play one or two more games before I shelf the necrons until codex, cause clearly CA ain’t doing anything and I don’t want to believe guessers when we have no final word on codex time

>> No.56607517

nah even Cawl isn't that stupid, to the point that he pretends that the IA he created is just a really really clever machine, and totally not an artificial intelligence honest to god guv'na

>> No.56607523

>GW buffs daemons
>proceeds to release a new GK codex

>> No.56607532

Forgot pic, sneaky duelist and all

>> No.56607536

looks like mostly point cost drops on a lot of things except FW kill tanks that went up a fuck ton inexplicably

>> No.56607537

Inquisitors still answer to other inquisitors and you can bet your ass anyone dabbling with forbidden technology is going to get hunted down by their peers and those other inquisitors are going to be getting a lot of support from the Ad Mech.

Failing that, inquisitors do quite often get murdered by other factions in the imperium despite their legal standing and the Ad Mech are pretty much somewhere between Commissars and Kharn the Betrayer when it comes to killing people supposedly on their side...

>> No.56607545

post pics desu
working on my own devastator squad this evening, after this i've got a squad of stormbolter company veteran bikers to start on
Any ideas for a silas alberec conversion? I was thinking of using the primaris captain with the DA absolution mace parts in the near future

>> No.56607549

I love how SM units just all look the same.

>> No.56607571

Well, the Deathwatch drone ships are probably skirting the borders of things the same way the more advanced Legio Cybernetica units do, imprints of organic minds on artificial but technically organic cortexes or something similar.


Still pretty shit at 120 points for 3. Will kill a single Predator or Russ if given literally the entire game to chip it down, although they are much tougher than 10-man Skitarii squads. Given Skittles got a points cut too, leave them at home and bring those instead as per usual. Shame, because I think they're cool as shit.

>> No.56607581

Inquisitor [insert name]
>Guilliman, so technological advances on the table right?
>What do you mean?
>For over 100 years Scions and hereteks have worked on autonomous weapons, androids, and more in a DAoT factory I found and approved use of...
>What! You can't do that!
>So fucking Cawl can make "improvements" on the Emperor's work but I can't use AI?!?

That was my latest daydream/idea as I start to work on my Scions.

>> No.56607583

>release a new GK codex
what is with the stupid bait today

>> No.56607584

Have the points leaked yet?

The only thing I saw so far for orks was one completely useless stratagem. With every army getting new stratagems, etc. I expect most of them to be copy & paste jobs, so penalties to hit with shooting will be even more common, making orks even more one-dimensional than they are now.

>> No.56607591


>> No.56607624

+1 wound and no destroyer cult shenanigans for 50% or more points. I don't get it.

>> No.56607645

Humor mostly, but some IoM guys have to wondering why not, especially if they fight against the Tau a lot.

>> No.56607651


>> No.56607652


>> No.56607670

>Basiliks are now cheaper than towed Earthshakers

>> No.56607674

Not really, given any Inquisitor worth their salt would know his history

>> No.56607675

Sexy, love the darker scheme.

I’ve been toying with using Silas, my only real objection being his rule are pretty meh. But, he’s got cool fluff, and model-wise I’m thinking either use deathwatch legs and cape-back, then whateve chestplate (imo the deathwatch mk7 one looks great for it, it’s the one on the conversion sprue, then either a GK nemesis hammer or heavy thunder hammer from DW kits. For head, something from vanguard, sternguard, or DW Veterans, any of the “angry crew cut man” ones

>> No.56607691


Also other stratagem, useless Warlord trait and sort of meh relic.

>> No.56607693

how much is it?

>> No.56607711

I wish they sold models pre-made

gluing them is the worst part of this hibby

>> No.56607719


And is a cesspool of upvote, passive consumption of content with no actual debates or discussion, no OC ever produced, just whatever is popular with 51% of people and astroturfers.

Reddit system is cancer for Fun, Freedom of speech and creativity.

>> No.56607722


where are these leaks from? are there any more?

>> No.56607727

Refer to >>56607583. God damn, he is right. The bait is prime today and I fell for it.

>> No.56607733

Well, the only reason the Tau haven't had new orifices torn out of that "empire" of theirs is plot fiat, since they have been fighting Chaos. Imperium's tried that a few dozen times at least and it's tended to bite them in the ass, the Admech is entirely justified on coming down on any research like a ton of bricks and heavily shielding the rest with dogma in this case.

>> No.56607736



Chapter approved. That's all the Ork stuff, barring some FW things.

>> No.56607740

>people actually believe this

>> No.56607743

Any Inquisitor would know the history of Mankind and the knowledge that the last time Humanity had true AI it almost got the race extinct. AI is a sin, its as forbidden as contact with Chaos and the moment something like this happens said Inquisitor would get its shit nuked from both the Inquisition AND the AdMech.

>> No.56607750

Pick up Dark Imperium read chapter 12
No you can't have AI

>> No.56607756

GK weapons are looking pretty tasty, i was thinking of using the primaris base since he's described as being huger than a regular SM, was going to explain it as upgraded primaris armour on a regular (hueg) astartes.
nice work on your models, they're looking rad. nice to see another exorcistsfag in the world

>> No.56607767

He'd be closer to Guilliman's size as he is described being "ogryn-like" in stature.

>> No.56607776

Current bump limit on tg is 300, and while that's brisk for 40kg, it can stretch on quite a bit for some other threads. 400 or 500 might be a happier middle ground.

As for page 3-7, who fucking cares? Use the filters in the catalog and quit being a bitch of seeded threading.

>> No.56607785

I bought a lot of bait this black friday. Gotta put it to good use

>> No.56607788

guilliman is like 1.5-2x ogryn size

>> No.56607804


12 point power fist for everyone

i fucking knew it and all the other faggots out there denying it are retarded and deserve lobotomys

>> No.56607814

Too bad the model looks like shit and cost too much from FW.

>> No.56607820

They kill Lamenters.

>> No.56607828


>> No.56607833


>> No.56607846

It is mostly because of the way the content is being ordered.

Reddit give visibility to post that are easy to consume and that people like on a superficial level

It give visibility to what comment is posted early and make consensus/private "joke" for americans.

It promote passive consumption, limiting the interaction of most user to a "I agree" or a "I disagree" button.

Reddit promote the accumulation of virtual egopoint (Karma) on your account, with potential monetary interest (sell the account for native advertising and vote manipulations). Virtually all of 18-30 yo in america browse reddit.

4chan give visibility to what made people react and engage.
There is no "history" of you here, however shitty or brilliant your previous comment was, you always start a new with each new post. It promote OC, creating and failling rather than just going for the lowest hanging fruit.

>> No.56607847


>> No.56607852

>T'au and Necrons only point changes are for FW units

>> No.56607859


>> No.56607869

Still a long way out friend.

>> No.56607876

What is the current rumor about the new Blood Angels chapter tactic?

>> No.56607890

Postan my Moloc because why not

>> No.56607897


None. Due to the massive influx of primaris they are now Codex Astartes compliant.

however, due to the color of their armor, the whole army can now add +1" to their move characteristic.

>> No.56607902

What is their endgame?

>> No.56607905

Ignore cover in the fight phase

>> No.56607914

Sheeeiiit I'm taking mine off then

>> No.56607916

greetings fellow loyalist battle brother. Shall we slay heretics together?

>> No.56607917

Poor lamenters.

>> No.56607924

to become canon

>> No.56607930


>> No.56607935

totally didnt forget pic

>> No.56607939

Derpa derpa The Imperium is badly mismanaged, and that means that the Tau are badly written!

They wouldn't stand a chance if my HFY faction would ignore their long standing lore and HFY a little harder!

But instead the writers only selectively choose which ridiculous hyperbole to Trump the other! Fukken xenos!

>> No.56607961

Maybe wait to see the actual rules before you do that. But seeing that those 3 model Intercessor and Reiver boxes came with rules for 3 man units of Reivers and Intercessors, don't see why these kits would be any different.

>> No.56607970

sex models for heretics

>> No.56607971

You DO have your well equipped loyalist force ready for battle, don't you?

>> No.56607980


that's because when their books come out, the points will change AGAIN

This actually brings an interesting point- It will be a fucking hassle juggling all these point changes and which FAQ superceeds which one
for people seriously in the hobby, its fine, but casuals trying to get into matched way, say in a tourny, will get fucked

>> No.56607986

>kinda wanna do MK III armoured Imperial Fists
>think pic related is the best bolter pattern
>don't want to bother with resin either way
Fug. I know that at the very least I'll make sternguards have MK III stuff on them.
Also are Cataphractii any good? Imho they are the most patrician flavour of terminator

>> No.56607995

where'd you get the shoulder symbol?

>> No.56608011

Did the Men of Iron rebel because of Chaotic corruption or was it the classic AI uprising story? Full disclosure I got into 40k during 7th Edition, and I haven't read any BL books, basically I started at Warhammer 40k wiki and the 7th/8th Ed. Rulebooks. Any good novel suggestions for me to get? Seems like there's a lot of BL haters here.

>> No.56608023

>Though notoriously unreliable, the Exorcist Missile Launcher's volleys are considered by many to be the Adeptus Ministorum's final word in anti-armour firepower.

A single seraphim with inferno pistols average more damage.

>> No.56608029

There's a plastic mk3 kit now

>> No.56608046

When and how did this happen?

>> No.56608050

There is a Mkiii set out there, and bolters are just bolters, even in resin it's just a soak in soapwater and a scrubbing with a toothbrush. Don't let your dreams be dreams, do it FAGGOT!

>> No.56608071


Mostly still crap.

Morkanaut got a points drop but gorkanaut didn't... seems to me that both needed it, but at least the morkanaut is slightly better value now.

Warbuggies, etc. got a decent points drop, might make skorchas actually worth taking. Others still crippled by overpriced weapons and shitty BS.

Squiggoths getting cheaper probably isn't enough to save them.

Warkoptas might be OK now they are cheaper than trukks. Could be fun to make an entirely airborne ork force.

No points drop on the Stompa is outrageous.

Points increase on the kill tanks seems unnecessary; they were one of the better units, but still only barely adequate.

Shocked that the big trakk and garg squiggoth didn't get nerfed. Might have to finish mine now.

Tweaks to ranged weapons are far too little to make up for ork shooting problems. Still massively overpriced. Weird that the only good ranged weapon in the entire army (kustom mega kannon) actually dropped in points, while the rest of the mek gunz still suck.

Killkannon seems like it might be worth taking now. Seems better than a kannon anyway.

Supa Kannon appears in the list of revised points values, but is exactly the same cost as the index version... not sure what happened there.

Cheaper melee weapons are welcome, but not enough to be really competitive and further restrict play-style to assault only.

Most of the really shit units didn't get adjusted at all; flash gitz, lootaz, burnas, battlewagons, any artillery which isn't KMK, burna bommas, grots... all badly needed fixing.

Meanwhile, most other armies are getting a pretty good buff.

Unless there are some incredibly good extra rules for orks, I think they are basically still one of the weakest armies in the game.

On the other hand... MFW they didn't nerf kombi-skorcha nobz.

>> No.56608093


I think it's said that the Men of Iron were also an example of technology gone to far.

I've heard it suggested they had ships that could blow away suns and that the Men of Iron themselves consumed raw spatial data as sustenance.

If that is the case, the stance of the Mechanicus on technology is perhaps understandable.

Destroying yourself with it is just as bad as any other threat the Imperium might face.


It's generally been undisclosed.

>> No.56608191

That's all you get? Two stratagems, one warlord trait and one relic per army? I thought we would be getting clan rules at least.

And all of the ork ones are utter shit. At least Mob Up is a cool throw-back to an old rule and has some tactical value. +1 S on a model which will usually be hitting at S 12 anyway is pathetic. Dakka dakka just doesn't work if you have any penalty to hit. The killchoppa is extremely underpowered compared to marine relic weapons and still not competitive with a power klaw.

>> No.56608214

No clan rules in chapter approved. Codex later.

>> No.56608259

no thats really it. the grinderp comes later.

like for a commisar to pass training he gets ordered to execute one of his friends. If he does it hes in. if he can't he's the next execution test target.

>> No.56608945

Are there actually no modifications for non FW Necron point values in CA?

>> No.56608982

Would people object if I used the Ruststalker heads on Infiltrators? (Weapons would be WYSIWYG)

>> No.56609099

>Aren't conscripts trash now since GW inadvertently made them the same price as regular guardsmen?

>> No.56609397

Does anybody have Chapter Approved pdf yet?

>> No.56609545

I'm 24 and I've never used reddit. Is it really that popular?

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