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Great fuckin releases, edition.

>Warhammer 40k open day latest, we got plastic Si- gangers.

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGgS8R-kfHw [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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are broadsides good?
I could get a single broadside for my jump from 750pt to 1k, is that just too stupid to work?
whats the advantages/disadvantages of the different weapons on broadsides?
missile drones, yay or nay?
what's broadsides base-size, and how do they look as a long range support system?
apologies for all the questions and thank you to whoever answers them.

also first for dissappointing open day.

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>No CA imgur link
>Not even remotely altered to be 40k image
The fuck, man?

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Are there any DEMONS that don't have the CHAOS keyword?

I'm looking at the Quarry ability. Malleus gets rerolls vs CHAOS units and DEMON units, but Hereticus gets rerolls vs PSYKER units and CHAOS units, so unless there are non-CHAOS DEMONS, Hereticus is strictly better, right?

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a big fuck you to every sisters player who told me "just field repressors lol"

fuck you and fuck your FW garbage!

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The Avatar of Khaine is a Demon and most certainly doesn't have the Chaos keyword

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...so the only situation in which Ordo Mallus is better than Ordo Hereticus is one where it's worse than Ordo Xenos.


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Is that the one with the missile organ?

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Does GW understand what open days are for?

People fucking paid to go to that shit to look at rhino doors. Think about that.

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As far as I know, only the Deamonhost is a non-Chaos Daemon.
There could be a few more.

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CA Imgur link here: https://imgur.com/a/D1Kxa#wIJNCgr

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>open day
>pay to go

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Well, of course. What I mean is there's basically going to be no situation where it's not worth the 1CP to include it in a list after taking another relic anyway. Just slot it into literally every single Tau list with more than one Character, because it's free CP.

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Open Day is closed.
>Reparation Protocols

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Tau should be decent.

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Do these guys look good for Iron Warriors Cultists?

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No, that's the exorcist, which is down to its classic 135pts again. The Repressor was he hilariously undercosted FW model with 6 firing points.

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They pay to look at FW rhino doors.

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Go fuck yourselves, and at this rate, take the IG fags with you. You're both insufferable cunts.

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Only when Tau player will be also decent. Which means never.

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yeah except for their stupid moustaches.

maybe paint some grey skulls onto their faces like tattoos.

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They'll be bigger than your Marines

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How was the swarmlord at octarius during the blood crusade when it was also at Baal for 70 years?

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Yeah, I'm definitely getting them because they look slightly more organized professional over the normal cultist mob. Although I'm not sure is they are obsolete compared to Tzaangors for me.

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gee i wonder

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They're a disappointment to everyone who checked the site today and look suitably retarded.


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One thing I love is that I'd expect IW cultists to look like this. Like, they are literal fucking slaves who mine and work thier lives away, so I imagine they'd be rough and muscled looking with mining equipment and shit. I'll just swap a few heads here and there for more chaos or evil lookin ones.

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Really? What size are they?

>> No.56602078

> bloodgors

get hyped lads.

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Are Codex Approved's changes optional? I don't have to buy the book after all. If they really wanted the adjustments set in stone, they'd update them with erattas.

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Becuse the swarmlord isnt unique anymore. Hes just the apex of what a hive fleet can shit out.

>> No.56602099

There's more than one, swarmlord is just a special breed of hive tyrant

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not him but the goliaths are as tall as normal marines, and the escher are almst as tall because of their stupid high heels.

Orlocks should be fine though.

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Swarmlord is just a response unit when things cant be solved with pure force alone. He is intrinsic to the hicemind as a whole, not one single entity. Birthed with the knowledge and experience of all his past iterations to fight, scheme, lead, learn, and die to be reborn again somewhere else with that new knowledge.

Read the codex.

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Chapter Approved IS an errata. It's as official as you can get.

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>kharn- legend
>Grot hordes- lotz

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get 1 set GSC cultists, 1 set Orlocks.

mix and match and you'll have a bunch of good looking miner cultists.

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>Like, they are literal fucking slaves who mine and work thier lives away, so I imagine they'd be rough and muscled looking with mining equipment and shit.
lol this fag

Enjoy your rough, muscled, biker groupies, homo.

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They are perfect. Just need some more evil looking heads.

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It's optional if your opponent agrees it is.

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Good. The notion that swarmlord was unique was fucking stupid.

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Eratta you have to pay for would be pretty suss. A person can grab the FAQs for free to prove a point, but he's not going to cough up $50 to do so.
I'm not a Guard player, but if GW is deadset on 4 point Conscripts then they can pop it in a PDF.

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IG players have gone full nuclear at my FLGS. one claims he will only play PL now because Conscripts were so needlessly nerfed.
Get wrecked, Waacfag

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Can we stop the CA from coming?

>1 warlord trait that doesn't work, 2 that are "alright" but not worth taking over +1 attack
>shitty pistol relic, pistol relics being the Universal worst relic type
>Deepstrike Stratagem for infantry in an army that lives in transports
>Nerf 1 of our 2 Forgeworld models by 50pts
>Points decreases for character models that cost £10 each, best run in 4s and don't make a meaningful impact on the game

Please help me stop it.

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this is what you signed up for when you decided to play 8th edition

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Consider: The points pages in chapter approved are so minimal they should have been released as a FAQ, and the rest of the book is useless filler.

>> No.56602231

You're god damned right I will.

>> No.56602234

t. non-index player

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GW said that CA will be a bi-annual release to function as an errata, so yes it is official.
That being said; a lot of the info in CA is additional content like missions, ladder tourneys and campaigns.
>Expect to see the official errata in a PDF after the release of the book.

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This repeating digits speak the truth.
yet I know, deep in my heart, that we will just use the pirated pdf.

>> No.56602256

Should have expected they'd do poorly in trying to provide stuff for a dozen armies.

Cool, that's fine as long as they make the changes freely accessible. There's paying for a new Codex and then there's paying for a patch.

>> No.56602267


Nnnnope, I play 8 armies. Plenty of my shit is still in indices, and CA isn't worth it's value as toilet paper to me because it's 8 pages of points, quite a bit copy and pasted marine points across subfactions.

>> No.56602269

They are stupidly expensive, and really dont deliver thanks to BS 4+, even with missiles

>> No.56602271

True, paying for erratas would be dumb. But the CA does have a lot of quality content like the campaigns that I look forward to try.

>> No.56602277

Don't. Those lists also mention Pestigors and guess what the Death Guard DIDN'T get.

>> No.56602279

Ferrus Manus

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>Everyone shits on Age of Sigmar
>while not paying attention to it and seeing that Age of Sigmar is where they do trial runs for 40k

CA is a thing because generals handbook was a success.

>> No.56602311

No. They're official changes.

>> No.56602317


>Should have known

There's no excuse for the following;

Nerfing a hardly used Forgeworld model 50 points when robot girlyfuck only went up 25 and the stormraven only went up 20pts.
Making a warlord trait that doesn't work until turn 3 because of their stupid mechanics.
Not reducing the cost of units that are not being taken at all (Reavers) but going for the cash grab on failcast characters for £10 each that promote taking an inferior HQ choice.

It's like the CA was written by the sales team who are in direct competition with Forgeworld for a Christmas Bonus

>> No.56602328

Yep. And as someone who plays both, I welcome them doing the same to 40k now. Just don't say that too loudly or people will hate on CA for the AoS connection.

>> No.56602337


General's handbook was a sucess because it was to all intents and purposes 2nd edition AoS. It took the 4 pages of crap Kirby shat out in his hubris, and stapled the bare minimum extra on to make it a quasi-functional pickup game.

And then just like chapter approved, most of the book is shit 99% of the player base will never use.

>> No.56602347

I unironically like Sigmarine.

>> No.56602354


Broadsides are currently woefully overcosted. If they were 150pts they'd be in a good place, but there's little reason to take one over a Hammerhead (doubly so if you run Longstrike). Unfortunately, even Hammerheads are near useless; I'd recommend 4x Fusion Rifle Commanders or Ghostkeels instead.

>> No.56602358

To be fair, the pistol could be a lot worse, especially on a character that wants to get into melee. The real problem is the utter incompetence of the succubus as a whole. The archite glaive was never an unweildly weapon, yet still got -1 hit in 8th because reasons. Before, it was no big deal, not really, but now it's actually breaking her rules. If I want to make the best use our or her WL trait, I need to take an Agonizer or Impailer, but that means I can't take a blast pistol or the relic pistol. If I take a pistol, I can't use my WL trait until turn 3 at a lesser value.

>> No.56602360


>the stormraven only went up 20pts.

Considering the changes to hurricane Bolters and assault cannons, it went up a fair bit in practice.

>> No.56602380

Oh, also the Deepstrike is legit if only for Hellions or even blobs of cheap kabalites. I'm sad that its a copy paste and we don't have our bubble back from 5th.

>> No.56602388

I like them for the same reason as I like actual Marines: They're bland as fuck, letting you bling them out in whatever way you like.

>> No.56602397

I like Skydorfs.

>> No.56602403

>Malanthrope gets bumped to 140, but still worth using over Venomthropes
>Barbed Hierodule gets a 2 point increase
>Hierophant is now 2060
Why? Why did this happen? Why make the Hierophant more expensive? Why give our not even worth it KEQ a small price increase instead of a drop? Neither of these impact the meta at all. If it weren't for Celestine being intact for Sisters players still, I'd be so goddamn angry right now.

>> No.56602404

What did he want their daughters for?

>> No.56602420

>tfw kind of want Tau, see Tau battle force bundle, but currently working on Admech.

>> No.56602421

So, why the fuck did the Fire Raptor go down in price?

>> No.56602422

To make his own marines.

>> No.56602423

Wholesome family time

>> No.56602426

The only problem I have with them is that they refuse to release fuck all for any other faction of AoS and it's just SIGMARINE SIGMARINE SIGMARINE. Even facebook normies are sick of it.

>> No.56602430

Never ending tea parties

>> No.56602434

Do you really want to know the answer to that question?

>> No.56602437

>4 fusion commander
I stay as far away from commander spam as I can, since its just cancerous, but ill look into the ghostkeel, thanks

>> No.56602445

>6 boltstorm aggressors using the IF stratagem w/ chapter master buff have 125 bolter hits for 222 points
>that alone can strip 14 wounds off Magnus, or kill any T7/3+ tank in the game, or pop off 56 conscripts
Holy shit guys

>> No.56602447

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. They are the drugs.

>> No.56602451


Preaching to the Choir, as it stands I'm going to take a Haemonculus with Scissorhand/Electro Whip and Relic with the Hatred Warlord Trait for mass killing and an Archon with Blaster for 4 Sslyth. The 52 points I save from the Sslyth will make up the nerf to the Tantalus cost if I want to take it for the Archon and Sslyth then put 2×5 Trueborn/Kabalites in. But Yeah, ignore succubus and her trait.

As for the Webway Strat it looks like I'm gonna use 3CP on 10 Grotesque and the Warlord to get stuck in on turn 2.

>> No.56602461

So did CA jist change the entire meta? Or was my friend talking shit?

>> No.56602472

>there's only one meta

>> No.56602483

Hey i just want to play the game anon.
I am suprised that you got to meet all the tau players in the world and that they were all the same.
Last thread some guy was getting really butthurt that tau players actually want to be able to have a decent army. citing that tau players who are actually decent people are incredibly rare and that the majority of Guard players weren't actually conscripts spammers.

>> No.56602486


How much are the hurricane bolters gone up?

>> No.56602488

Buy the new models anon

>> No.56602495

Only overreactive spergs insist a point here and there is going to spin shit around

>> No.56602497

I like skydorfs, lizards, and skaven, and want all three converted to the greater good.

>> No.56602502

has the Battlescribe been updated yet?

>> No.56602506

I wonder why anyone would be butthurt about Tau?


>> No.56602518

I already have

>> No.56602521

Aren’t the tau already allied with two of those?

>> No.56602529

Also, does the lack of change for the GSC mean new codex soon?

>> No.56602533

No meta shift. You might see extra or missing wargear, but that's it.

>> No.56602535


It won't til the CA is officially released otherwise the rules would be "wrong"

>> No.56602536

They look 100x better than the starting set dudes.

>> No.56602549

It seems Commander Indrick Boreale had "such an inspiring voice."

>> No.56602552

They're gonna be 10 points

>> No.56602564

No i understand the butthurt. Still no reason to want an entire faction to be shit for the rest of the edition.

>> No.56602566

I'd like Aggressors more if they had the option to deep strike or get in a fucking drop pod. 200+pts for a short ranged unit is kind of fucking crap when you have to give them a 300pt transport to get anywhere.

Raven Guard or even Deathwatch Aggressors though might be a cool idea.

>> No.56602570

>Malanthrope gets bumped to 140, but still worth using over Venomthropes
Are they, though? Neurothrope does the whole "single-hideable synapse HQ" thing just as well as a Malanthrope and Venomthropes' shrouding got better.

>> No.56602574

his first voice, yes

>> No.56602578


>> No.56602582

I never really understood how the ordo Malleus works in the fluff. Putting down a daemon invasion with Grey Knights is the obvious but would stopping chaos cults and shit like that be hereticus too? Seems like a bad idea to throw acolytes at bloodletters just to die miserably/become tainted.

>> No.56602594

>Look at 1d4chan article on Iron Warriors months ago
>Average Chaos Space Marines warband
>Look on there recently
>Everything has been updated to reflect conversations about them on /tg/ threads, specifically about how they use Chaos as a weapon, don't worship, and are general pragmatists who hate chaos and imperium both

Whoever updated that page, you did a good job because this is pretty much official canon.

>> No.56602598

You'll see a lot less little headache guys, Guilliman might be mildly inconvenienced and hopefully I stop getting raped by Celestine.

>> No.56602612

>footslog Foul Blightspawn up for 4 turns in Dawn of war deployment to opponents deployment zone
>1 shot a LRBT


>> No.56602618

that bundle is fucking sweet, actually all of the tau bundles have been sweet
>start collecting: ethereal, 3 crisis, 10 firewarriors/breachers
>rapid reconnaissance cadre:1 commander, 1 ghostkeel, 1 devilfish, 1 broadside, 3 stealth suits, 10 pathfinders
>rapid insertion force: 1 commander, 1 ghostkeel, 3 crisis, 6 stealth suits

>> No.56602628

Venomthropes are still too expensive for what they do, targetable and don't provide synapse. Neurothrope is just gravy that people take as a tax filler. Anyone not using Malanthropes for that purpose and is instead using them to babysit their backline will have no problem subbing in Neurothropes for their now surplus Malanthropes.

>> No.56602631

Is that Wendy?

>> No.56602639

A buddy and I are will be doing a campaign soon we each made lists with the main named characters in them for a skirmish game. How does it look?

Your dudes for people who care:
Colonel Lazarus: Former Captain of the 11th Company, Known amongst the regiment to have survived many battles and situations than would have killed any other mortal man, he has earned many medals for his distinguished service to the Imperium of Man. His plasma pistol never leaves his side.
Lord Commissar: Valker Ludd, He has known Colonel Lazarus for many years and is a valued member of his command structure.
Captain of 1st Company: Captain Kilo Vangrik, He is a stern Commander who's morale never faulters in the face of adversity.
1st Company, 1st Platoon Commander Lieutenant Malt Benoit: Freshly Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant he is ready to prove his worth, but has few qualms about taking heavy casualty's to ensure a goal is met.

>> No.56602644


My bad, I meant a Commander with 4 fusion rifles, not 4 Commanders with fusion rifles.

>> No.56602646

Yeah, Tau was on the top of my "want list" along with Admech and nids, but all but one guy in my local meta has a tau army, so I went with admech.

>> No.56602648

acolytes aren't an army or anything and they aren't expendable (to a point)

>> No.56602651


So 29pts if you stick with the assault cannons? That's so considerably, wow. I doubt anyone will consider the storm raven now.

>> No.56602660


>> No.56602661

Wasn't the last thread the one where a Tau player tried to justify being as much asshole as possible because those where the rule so it was perfectly legitimate to abuse them as much as possible?

This is the tipical tau player.

>I am suprised that you got to meet all the tau players in the world and that they were all the same.

I also haven't seen every single knife in the world but I still know that thrusting one on my left testicle woudn't be a pleasant experience. You know that there is a thing called pattern recognition right?

>Every tau player is an asshole both in real life and online
>Every player online also confirm that every tau player they know is an asshole, with just a very few minority saying the opposite
>You can't say that Tau players are in the big majority of cases faggots because you don't know every tau player in the world!

>> No.56602664

I see, but still, I think commanders should be there to command and army, for what I already got my Coldstar

>> No.56602665

Is there a unit more broken than shooty Kastellans?

>> No.56602677

I should note that im playing against Death Guard

>> No.56602681

>looking at 1d4chan at all
Even Lexicanum is more reliable.

>> No.56602695

>Play first game after CA against Blood Angels
>My flying Tyrant charges and kills his Stormraven (with 11 wounds), the 5 terminators, Sanguinary priest and Mephiston that falls out by the end of turn 2.
>Smites and Psychic screams and kills a unit of Sanguinary guards
>Charges and kills a lib Dread by the end of the game
>All while losing only 5 wounds
Sometimes one model carries the rest

>> No.56602699

>tfw Tyranids not for Lewds
Is khorne the only one who gets any enjoyment out of the Tyranids?

>> No.56602704


>> No.56602707

>implying you wouldn't follow your BATTUL BROTHA to the gaping maw of hell and back

>> No.56602718

The still deny Sharks being Terran XIX. Let them be

>> No.56602721


Not whoever you're talking to but in my group we had 3 tau players (emphasis on had, they all took the index hard and became imperial faggots).

Two of them were cool, always played fair and chilled and didn't riptide spam.

One is a complete cunt who jumps from army to army never actually learning the game, his first tau purchases were 2 Yvarahs. But he's a cunt with every army not just tau.

>> No.56602724

i hate tau, but i will defend their desire to have an army that's not necron tier

>> No.56602734

lotta confirmation bias, there. A few threads ago, when people were revealing dark secrets in exchange for leaks, Tau were the only players to do any charity work. One even went to hand out food and cut fallen trees, and tarped rooves in hurricane disaster areas for months at a time.

Atau player is the one who cut together all the faction-leak images we have from CA, too.

>> No.56602744


I get where you're coming from. I usually run 1 or 2 Commanders as Gundam-style beatsticks, with a Fireblade as Warlord (+1 Ld trait - feels fluffy as hell to me and I love it).

>> No.56602749

Also, headbutting xenos is highly effective.

>> No.56602771


>> No.56602773

Sounds great!
I was thinking of getting a fireblade too, but i dont have anymore room in 750pt, and for 2 8man fw squads, it feels like i should get a third one first before going for that second hq.

>> No.56602777

He looks so fucking happy after doing that

>> No.56602786

>That big moldline on his head

>> No.56602795

True, true, but keep in mind aggressors are Nani-tier fast. They can advance and shoot, so what’s generally best is to deploy them frontline, sprint up turn one while firing off a few rounds, and settle down in a piece of cover so you get full advantage of T5/2+. Then just chill and next turn unload, since ~9 inch move up then 18” range gets you to whatever you’re hunting.

But I’m still shocked and amazed, for only 222 points you’re wiping nearly 60 GEQ, 20 Marines, and 13 wounds on T7/3+. That’s godamn amazing

>> No.56602802

This is pretty good

>> No.56602805

Still more useful than 40k general

>> No.56602808


>> No.56602809

I like these Yiff changes. Wulfen in particular seem quite good. 45 PPM with Great Axe, 49 PPM with SS/Hammer. Run and charge, reroll charges, 5+ fnp, attack again on death, buff shit around them, 3 attacks, 2 wounds each.

>> No.56602813

Flamers or boltguns?

>> No.56602835

How big are these pups compared to primaris marines?

>> No.56602841


>> No.56602844

Is there a way to create a mostly melee tau army (using as few kroot and battlesuits as possible) and still occasionally win

>> No.56602846

Boltgun. Standing still for flamer weapon is bad

>> No.56602852

They are as big as normal cataphractii terminators.

>> No.56602853

Someone to teach him how to put on makeup.

>> No.56602860

Yes. Be very lucky on your dice rolls, and have your opponent be unlucky. I'd recommend getting some weighted dice and switching them out for your opponents when they're not looking.

>> No.56602861

fw with lucky dice?
I don't really know, but without kroot and battlesuits there are only piranhas, devilfish, hammerheads and fw left I believe?

>> No.56602873

What's more useful to know the lore:
A: a webpage to collect all the lore
B: an imageboard for autists

Answer is you are gigantic fucking retard.

>> No.56602879

as of now? nope but hopefully they decide to let tau participate in the fight and psykic phase this codex

>> No.56602883

bout three'fiddy

>> No.56602891


Wait for forgeworld to bring up the gnarlock

>> No.56602893

Anon what the guy last thread was trying to say its stupid to bitch about the army being good in the only phase they are designed to compete in.

>> No.56602905

Is the GSC box worth getting? I love the patriarch and acolytes models as well as the mutated guys

>> No.56602907

>the only phase they are designed to compete in
don't be silly anon, we might not have psykers or melee, but we still can move AND shoot

>> No.56602920


>> No.56602929

Dude's about to get turned into a spawn for his blasphemous lack of creativity.

>> No.56602932

Still more useful than 40k general

>> No.56602938


Breachers or Strike Team? I've run both with great success, but I've found Breachers in a Devilfish with Darkstrider really takes most opponents by surprise.

>> No.56602940

This is wrong though, they are Chaos Marines through and through.

>> No.56602947

Will we have anything new tomorow ? They do save the best for the last right ?

>> No.56602956

I got one assembled as a strike team, the others not assembled yet, was thinking of building it as breachers to get a good comparision on how each of them plays.

>> No.56602961

But the new gang is perfect already

>> No.56602976

Honestly, acquire what you think is cool because nothing will stay the same cost when the codex drops. What may be meta now (commanders) could see a point hike while clearly over costed units like the broadside will likely get cheaper.

>> No.56602980

They're little fellas.

>> No.56602994

huh, haven't even thought about that.
Any rough idea when we can expect Tau Codex?

>> No.56602997

> one less Guardfag
And this is bad... How, exactly?

>> No.56603001

Now that these guys have been points reduced I better get them right? 4 sslyth too, it's only £152 plus my pre ordered CA!

>> No.56603007

How are they as an army? I already have some DE

>> No.56603010

Yeah, GW should shove it in their nose and choke on it. Would be even more perfect.

>> No.56603014

God I want to spam shotguns in power armour. Deathwatch seems to be my only option. Stupid overpriced models with special ammo I don't even want.
Playing the Deathwatch rpg with a jump pack and an assault shotgun was so satisfying.

>> No.56603029

I find that opponents prioritize targeting breachers, which means that they are shooting my other units less.

>> No.56603032


Pictorial relations

>> No.56603055

>152 bong bux for 4 models
Anon, are you on drugs?

>> No.56603060

Most are betting that they'll be here by march. Many of those seem to think that they will be late Jan or early Feb.

>> No.56603069

That's...38 pounds for 4 miniatures, so 9,5 per miniature, right? Right?

>> No.56603070

cool, thanks

>> No.56603073 [DELETED] 

Who else is happy shitcrons AkA nu crons AKA REDDIT clowns are about to be thrown into the trashfir thanks to glorious GW cucking and killing all shitty poppy crap crawl """""fluff"""" (more like turdfs lol!!) and shit crunch??

>> No.56603087

Yeah, okay, makes sense.

>> No.56603094


£152 for 16 models anons, 16 mono pose failcast characters. The only models to get a point reduction in Chapter Approved for Dark Eldar.

I wonder why.

>> No.56603095


>> No.56603100

Are you having a stroke? Do you need medical attention?

>> No.56603103

Every day we stray further away from god.

>> No.56603126

> TFW Space Hulk 4th ed is getting rules for GSC in this month's White Dwarf

I just picked the game up a month or so ago, so this is great. I think the next step is going to be to go over all of the old expansions and WD articles from the late 80s/early 90s that added other units and armies to earlier editions of the game and seeing if I can homebrew port them to 4th Edition.

>> No.56603131

Raided some boxes I stashed minis in as a kid and woo boy, what should I strip metal with? Haul includes
4 metal Eldar Rangers, 6 metal Striking Scorpions, metal Avatar of Khaine, metal Farseer & Warlock, a chaplain and 5 metal vanguard vets & some plastic stuff, like Guardians and a full Wave Serpent
Also a random metal GK terminator who I remember was in a solo blister back in the day

>> No.56603137

Yes. They aren't quite THAT far gone yet.

>> No.56603140

What box is this? I need some sslyth or incubi

>> No.56603148


>> No.56603153

>Kill Tanks are 365 points
>150pt increase


>> No.56603156


No box anon, that's my shopping cart.

>> No.56603157


>> No.56603170

You never know.

>> No.56603180


>Buy Vampire Hunter model
>900ish points, can still use
>be quite unique as model is out of production and rare to use
>finish building, paint it, ready to play!

>> No.56603192

Orks OP plz nerf

>> No.56603193

So the Thousand Sons point changes were things that were already changed months ago. At least force weapon costs got some cuts.

>> No.56603211

Is the FW GUO even worth taking now at 777pts?

>> No.56603232

Jesus Christ those prices.
And every single one of those is easily converted too.

>> No.56603234

Nope. 1d4chan is so full of shit it's insane. According to it, ward's ultramarine wank is still the greatest threat to the fluff

>> No.56603250

What are your courts going to look like Archon?

Adjusted points;

4 Lhameans- 64pts
4 Sslyth- 124pts

>> No.56603276

Just play HoR or 8th kill team with them m8, the shotgun bits are cheaper too

>> No.56603279


You know I understand losing JSJ, it was infuriating to play against when played effectively.

I understand losing good markerlights. It was too trivially easy to land 2 per unit you need to shoot at max bs.

I even understand overnerfing suits! It's hard to make a big balance shift go well, even for competent game designers! For GW? It's perfectly understandable they fucked up!

But there is one big, big thing that we need above all else. We're a shooting army that leans more elite than horde, so:


And I get it! In earlier editions we had unfluffy low skill veterans because the Markerlight system made up for it. But we don't use that Markerlight system anymore, and frankly in a way I applaud that because the old one was bullshit! But without it? We fucking need anyone who isn't a drone, striker, breacher or kroot to PULL THEIR DAMN WEIGHT AND SHOOT LIKE A FUCKING VETERAN

>> No.56603280



Ur-Ghul are ghouls from AoS
Lhameans are fancy Wyches
Medusae come with 2 head options so you only need to buy 2 for the 4 and use kabalites

Sslyth are hard, lizardmen with scourge share carbine?

>> No.56603290

Because Andy Chambers left.

>> No.56603319

No, you play the fucker as a normal GUO.

That Force Weapon cost drop is huge, though. Think how many points that saves across the army.

>> No.56603324

Does the reroll 1s to hit and wound make Drazhar a viable pick?

>> No.56603325

I think I saw him at the Blue Oyster once.

>> No.56603327

Necron should be decent.
Tau can go fuck itself though.

>> No.56603342

I see no one's complaining about soulburst nerf anymor. Have all our local deathcult elves killed themselves already?

>> No.56603359

Well it is. Red ultramarines and all

>> No.56603362

SoBs models'n'codex when?

>> No.56603367

They are surprisingly decent.

>> No.56603374

So why don't any units affiliated with Slaanesh get any special rules for fighting Eldar? Isn't drinking space elf tears pretty much their thing?

>> No.56603380

He may need it, but I'd let him die.

>> No.56603390

>But Tau are the best shooting army in the game anon.
I'm just shitposting since I haven't played my first game yet, but I think bs 4+ like most of the tau units have atm feels a little weak whenever I see all these other non "shoot-only" armies run around with the same or even better bs.

>> No.56603391

They either all moved onto just using Craftworld and allying the strong Dark Eldar units or they finally played a game with the new updated rule and realized its no so bad.

>> No.56603399

Models, we might get like a character or something with codex at most
Codex next year

>> No.56603409

91 precent isopropyl alcohol. But really anything strips metal, i still like the alcohol, paint just falls off under hot water after an hour dip.

>> No.56603420

Knowing GW, we'll probably get a response like
>We JUST gave you 2 whole strategems, a relic AND a warlord trait. What else do you want from us?
Then proceed to ignore us and release a primaris accountant model.

>> No.56603422

It cost as much as 5 PB Crawlers now so probably not.

>> No.56603437

Shut up Seth. And even then, ward doesn't even work for GW

>> No.56603438


> models
never ever

> codex
Next year

>> No.56603450

But what about Necron players?

>> No.56603454


Dunno mate, I only played 2 games as Ynarri before they got nerfed but rather than lose my shit I'm just going to use a small Ynarri force with my Dark Eldar or just make a battalion full of units that don't benefit or suffer from SFD like Ravagers. Maybe Yvraine, 5/6 Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent and 10 striking scorpions. Or Dark Reapers, Troupe of Harleys and Yvraine. Just not a full army.

>> No.56603456

Tyranids don’t get terrified, or feel true agony, or despair, or beg for mercy. Slaanesh gets no pleasure out of them the same way she would from humans or eldar. A flesh sculpture made of nids would just try to break out of it and kill their captors

>> No.56603458

I've heard one complaint at the store I play at. I kind of see his point alongside everyone complaining how broken SfD was.

>> No.56603469


GW don't make rules based on fluff, God forbid

>> No.56603471

10? If that. It's not like a normal Thousand Sons army is going to have anything more than 4 psykers on the field because everything else is so expensive.

>> No.56603482


You mean Ravagers and Razorwings?

>> No.56603486


GW will announce plastic sisters the day after you finally crack and spend $300 on an all-metal army.

Alternately they'll announce them when they finally run out of all of the old cases of metal ones they manufactured a decade ago that never sold

Alternately they'll release plastic sisters in a year or two for SJWs so they can shut the fuck up already and move on to trying to ruin another hobby

>> No.56603490

I'm personally glad GW doesn't base game rules on fluff. It would be a marathon of retardation. Can you imagine an edition based on Goto's books? Or, Emperor forbid, some of the idiocy in the HH series?

>> No.56603522


Not books but there should be an element of the core story in the armies. SM and CSM have bonuses against each other, Slaanesh vs Eldar hatred. It opens up other avenues for them to give the armies personality

>> No.56603526

Tau are the best shitposting faction in the game.

>> No.56603530

But where should I get models if i wanna play nuns with guns except for 50 pound metal squads?

>> No.56603532

Khorne gets pleasure out of more material things than the other gods. While Tyranids have no true emotions and the hive mind itself doesnt feed the chaos gods, khornes followers can still feel the joy of battle from slaughtering nids and watching their ichor spill, and Tyranid skulls make great prizes. Khornes followers see Tyranids as worthy foes the same way orks do

Nurgle gets nothing from them because they rapidly adapt to his diseases and don’t feel despair or seek release from their ailments. Infecting nids is no better than infecting buildings or trees. Plus Tyranids can outdo him in the plague department

Slaanesh and tzeentch feed more on emotions and sensations than material gains, and the Tyranids offer them very little. Slaanesh openly hates the Tyranids and her followers have mentioned it several times. The only time we really have tzeentch interacting with nids, his forces ran away.

>> No.56603553

Necrons also shouldn't be current necron-tier.

- salty necron player

>> No.56603554

Shit outta luck, homeslice. If you don't want to cast your own clones or buy chinaman, you'l have to invest in a forklidt lisence and get a second mortgage to afford the models & ferry them around

>> No.56603555

So Grey Knight's are fucked now right?

>> No.56603562

Only because anytime Chaos players post it’s automatically a shitpost.

>> No.56603565

how so?

>> No.56603570

They’ve been fucked since 7th, my dude.

>> No.56603582

>$300 on an all-metal army
Two Squads, a Command Squad and a Retributor Squad are not an army, anon.

>> No.56603596

Tau shitters are the fucking worst, theyre not even the bottom of the barrel and they have the balls to cry about being mediocre, I mean they cried about Firewarriors being "shit" when they were the best troop in the game back in 6th/7th and they all continued to spam suits out the ass because apparently for Tau if a unit isnt deleting another unit per turn its not worth taking.

Tau are not even invalidated the same way they invalidated whole armies for two editions, you can still play, have fun and win some games with your Tau but they all will continue bitching about not being top dog, all this bitching would cease if they realized theyre getting buffs in their codex 6 months from now but it doesnt matter to them. Taufags are the worst shitposters and Im glad their army was severely taken down.

>> No.56603602

Have we found out how much the ez to build Aggressors cost yet?

>> No.56603603

>the absolute state of USA wargaming

>> No.56603605

You say fucked. Most of us say 'Finally brought down to a level that isn't absolute cheese'.

>> No.56603607


Yes. Embrace it as an opportunity to break out of your garbage taste and play a real faction.

>> No.56603615

Speaking of khornates,
[/Spoiler] Why don't we rename /k/omrades to /k/hornates? just for tg? [/Spoiler]

>> No.56603623

If he were about 50 points cheaper, sure. The way he is, no.

>> No.56603628

Don't paint us all with the 'fat, lazy and stupid' brush.

>> No.56603632

Anyone else bothered by the fact the GSC battleforce has both military and miner neophytes. One or the other man not both.

>> No.56603637

I need an airbrush for you lot.

>> No.56603643

Okay, sorry. I still assume that "Thousand Sons Army" means "bunch of Rubrics and Scarabs, three or four ExSorcs, bunch of daemon engines and maybe Magnus in huge games" and not the clusterfuck it currently is.

>> No.56603645

>Plus Tyranids can outdo him in the plague department
Is this what bugfags believe?

>> No.56603662

Anyone else disappointed with Typhus?

Tried him in 3 games, mostly just escorting Poxwalkers.

Could have been due to deployment type, Dawn of War which really fucks with poxwalkers, but still.

Maybe try him in a Terminator bomb?

>> No.56603663

Most of us know they’re fucked because of their bad codex and also that the game heavily favors numbers over quality.

>> No.56603682

Planetary PDF, mate.

>> No.56603691

Are there any Chaos patterns of Power Armor?

Also, is there a chance of Obliterators ever being an HQ choice?

I notice in the case of Idris Kindle and Kreator Rex, they're both high ranking Obliterators in charge of their own forces.

Also, is that Idris the same as the one from the Heresy? I'm surprised Perturabo didn't punch a heart out or knock a lung loose due to how he normally takes failure.

>> No.56603708

>GW hints at Blood Angel Primaris Marines being flawed after all
>"Red Ultramarines" doom prophets utterly and completely B T F O

>> No.56603716

No, because Khorne thinks guns are for faggots.

>> No.56603730

>try him in a Terminator bomb?
He would be worse than a non DG Terminator Sorcerer with them, he doesn't help in any way.

>> No.56603735

>GW hints at Blood Angel Primaris Marines being flawed after all

Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows.

>> No.56603736

I liked that piece of fluff in the DG codex where DG and Nids were continuously one-upping each other in the "saturate the planet with deadly spores" department until the entire planet became one giant pile of goo so caustic that the hive ship that tried to drink it was shot down by the rest of the fleet.

>> No.56603743

I really like the look of them. They look good as gangers, non-insane cultists, guerrilla warriors, mercenaries, Inquisitorial acolytes, the lot.
They might also work as the uninfected human component of genestealer/guard armies.

>> No.56603744

He doesn't help them but maybe for getting into combat and stuff. He's got decent melee, and with death shroud he gets +1 attack.

Maybe buff up the Deathshroud with some nice spells etc.

>> No.56603746


>> No.56603754

Khorne is super fine with guns. It's of mortal design it's fine. Mind bullets are off limits though.

>> No.56603759

>Where ?

I think it was a WD article, saw it in another thread, didn't save it.

>> No.56603762

Your math is off, retard

>> No.56603769

Khorne is fine with anything besides psyker shit. even motherfucking exterminatus.

>> No.56603778

"Nu-GW is dumping Slaanesh", they said...

>> No.56603781

Spamming falchion strikes is strong its just uncommon for a players army to be built that way, only a handful of armies and then a very few builds within those armies are competitive anyway.

>> No.56603794

Even then it's like 20pts saved at most. TS infantry and characters are expensive and redundant

>> No.56603798

They're shit. Expensive as hell, and worse than a Hammerhead which is lackluster to begin with.

>> No.56603804

>eats plague marines
>adapted to plagues as fast as Nurgle could come out with them
>creates plague even they can’t withstand despite near immunity to bioweapons

>> No.56603816

I gotchu senpai.

>> No.56603829

Can a photoshop wizard make a pic of a Emperor's Children marine appearing behind pedobear? because this is what we need now.

>> No.56603830

Fuck, why didn't it post the pic

>> No.56603832

I got a question about GW stores- Can I play using GW models but have non GW bases?

>> No.56603835

>Are there any Chaos patterns of Power Armor?
The CSM kits look like a unique pattern but as far as the so-called "armour autism" in old HHG could decipher, they were actually a variant pattern of Mark IV, so it's okay to say that even loyalists got them back then, just not in as large numbers because of Horus' fuckery with the requisitioning before he kicked off the heresy.

>> No.56603838

Here lads, does anyone know if that tamiya metallic red spray is good for the 30k 1ksons scheme? Dont have or want an airbrush, so wondering if a spray can over gold (?) will suffice.

>> No.56603843

90% of the model have to be gw

>> No.56603849

If I didn't absolute love the tau tears, I might consider agreeing with you, but honestly, fuck every single tau player. All of them. Every single one I've played against in my 10 years of gaming has been a fucking cunt. Some of them seemed cool at first, but as soon as the game started, they would turn into the most cancerous fucking Shitters I've ever had the misfortune of playing against. So no, fuck tau. You did this to yourselves.

>> No.56603860

After the shitstorm AoS kicked up, they're probably realizing they can't change the lore that drastically too suddenly without alienating huge parts of their playerbase. Besides, all three flavors of Eldar would make no sense without Slaanesh.

>> No.56603861

I hear some point costs have been updated. Where can we see the list of updates ?

>> No.56603864

I think you get the neophytes and the hybrids free .
it's a good price
save like 60-100 depending on where you live

>> No.56603872

Wasn't it already confirmed in Dark Imperium that Cawl couldn't entirely remove the flaws of certain chapters without rendering that chapter's geneseed useless?

>> No.56603882

they are guard who can take some of hte best melee in the game what more can you want

>> No.56603885

Is what i posted 90%?

>> No.56603887

In the new Chapter Approved, sold in your local GW store next Saturday.

>> No.56603897

Avatar of Khaine, Yncarne, Daemonhosts. Legion of the Damned and Celestine should too.

>> No.56603906

just google chapter approved points nerd.

>> No.56603909

You mean they're not quite guard but have access to the best melee in the game.
At least until they get their own chapter tactics.

>> No.56603914

>I want to play the game
>Go fuck yourself you insufferable cunt

>> No.56603928

>People are still mad that Guard fags play with fully painted armies

>> No.56603939

>You mean they're not quite guard but have access to the best melee in the game.
i guess so what's the key word and how does it interact with broodbrothers or whatever it is now.
are genesneakers really that good in melee?
how do they stack up to KB or other shit

>> No.56603943

arco-flags are a match for GS in normal guard but good luck getting enough models for some decent units.

>> No.56603946

Anyone got Angels of Caliban pdf/epub, can't find one online

>> No.56603949

>so time will tell if they are truly free of the flaw
It’s been 200+ years. If something was going to go wrong it would have already.

>> No.56603958

Truth is what you speak.

>> No.56603961

Tfw I play necrons main, and just started tau
Tfw I’m hated for stuff in previous editions and the actions of others
Tfw I just want to relive my Dark Crusade days as a kid and play games without insta losing

>> No.56603963

>good luck getting enough models for some decent units.
Start with empire flagellant units, replace their arms with their weapons and then all you need to do is put shit on their faces, boom, squad of 10.

>> No.56603968

Actually quite the opposite. The whole "Slaanesh is Missing" thing in AoS has given him a MASSIVE boost in popularity that she never enjoyed in fantasy before. The mystery is being milked for all it's worth and people love it. It was the best thing they could have done to raise interest.

They were never going to get rid of Slaanesh. Even less so in 40k because they couldn't delete Slaanesh without deleting half the fluff.

>> No.56603973


> Guy on the left is three quarters Chad mixed with some distant Baldwin Brothers DNA, probably plays an all-Primaris Ultramarines army

> Guy on the right looks like he plays Necrons, will go through his entire life having sex 3 times, and has bad breath

What an amazing hobby we all share.

>> No.56603980


he said he could but that he was pretty sure he shouldn't because the emperor probably made them like that for a reason and even after 10,000 years some parts of the geneseed mystify him.

and that if gorrillaman just wanted red ultra's he should have asked for them 10,000 years ago.

...and that guilliman should make him manufactor general of mars, and that he should let him use traitor geneseed and that he's being paranoid and that the cawl inferior is totally not AI.

>> No.56603982

Check the mega link.

>> No.56603986

I swear sisterfags should just unite and raid the gw production site and smash the molds for the metal sisters or pay an Alpha to infiltrate and sabotage them from within

>> No.56603990

What happens to the souls of Chaos Worshippers?

like, do khornates go to some place like Valhalla or Hircine's hunting grounds?

>> No.56603993

They have to replace their faction keyword with brood brothers if you're taking guard as nid allies so you're not allowed chapter tactics for them or any unique relics or orders. You're also not allowed any named characters.

They're reasonably cheap, stupidly fast with an invulnerable save and shitloads of attacks with great ap and rending on 6s.

>> No.56603999

>tfw I started painting my first army ~1 month ago
>tfw I'll likely have my first match at 16.dec
>tfw I get hated on just because I thought Tau models looked cool

>> No.56604000

Yeah but knowing Cawl I wouldn't put it past him to just give the short bus chapters Ultramarine geneseed and pass it off as their own.

>> No.56604001 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56604004

They only have 1 - 34, its 35

>> No.56604007

To squat their faction?

>> No.56604012

>GW increases price on all FW superheavies so much as to make them unusable

>Leaves their own superheavies alone


>> No.56604017

That's funny. The guard fags at my store didn't care. The guard girl said "Oh that's a shame, I guess I'll just convert my Conscripts into infantry squads if they are the same points."

>> No.56604020

>sisterfags do that
>GW makes a new metal mould

>> No.56604022

This + Genestealer Cults Upgrade Frame?

>> No.56604023

Fuck you, metal sisters are amazing sculpts. 20+ years and still better than Orks, Eldar, and IG combined!

>> No.56604027


>> No.56604029

imagine the roflstorm that would happen if sisters get squatted.

>> No.56604031

>what is confirmation bias
>what are online circlejerks

>> No.56604034

>They're reasonably cheap, stupidly fast with an invulnerable save and shitloads of attacks with great ap and rending on 6s.
not much has changed then.
probably the worst thing about the KB is their lack of ap even with chain axes

>> No.56604035

You get no pity. Try all you want, you too will turn into the very thing everyone hates, then you'll come here and bitch some more. If you truly enjoyed your faction, you'd play them no matter how strong they were. Instead, you're already becoming part of the problem.

>> No.56604048

Yeah, the Imperial dogs that worships a dead lighthouse keeper calls them Living Saints.

>> No.56604049


>> No.56604050

Can't. GW already dropped the mold themselves during transportation. They don't make new metals because they physically can't.

>> No.56604052


Then what is this nonsense about the Death Guard and Tyranids turning a world into a toxic nightmare so corrupted that the first Tyranid ship to stick it's tubes into it had them dissolved away, forcing the rest of the fleet to destroy that ship and move on?

>> No.56604057

Hey can somebody that bought the Necromunda box please post pictures comparing the ganger models to guard or space marines? I wanna get an idea for how big they are

>> No.56604062

I dont get it, I always used infantry squads because they seemed way better unless you took 10000000000 conscripts but yeah, guess it sucks for guys who wanted to use them but they can also be used as infantry so it's no loss.
Still mad about the commissar nerfs though...

>> No.56604063

>literally everyone hates taufags except taufags
>m-muh confirmation bias!

>> No.56604078

Have you looked at anything written about Guilliman in 40k? Ultramarine wank is alive and well, it just got concentrated into one turbo-Sue.

>> No.56604082

I'm not complaining about the strength, in fact, I don't even know nor care how strong they are.
I'm complaining about people hating me for stuff that happened when i wasn't even playing.

>> No.56604084

Depends how multi-part they are. Certainly the heads at least should be GS-able.

>> No.56604091

Don't worry about in person, as long you don't spend too long rolling dice for your 80 gun drones real people don't care what army you have. My experience is that people end up liking playing against you if your army is weak since they like winning.

>> No.56604092


Get out, tranny

>> No.56604105

Wulfen were already good, they might be the best assault infantry now. Save perhaps for Genstealers or Berzerkers.

>> No.56604110

Yeah, they're less killy but cheaper and faster so you can take more of them and they dont need a transport.

Beserkers WILL kill what they charge, genestealers will most likely kill what they charge.

>> No.56604112

As you should

Actually fucking read a setting to understand context and verisimilitude you double nigger.

Tau stick out like a sore thumb and deserve hate they get for shitting up the background.

>> No.56604113

Tau and tau players deserve to be hated.

>> No.56604117

fucking kek

>> No.56604136

>80 gun drones
lucky me that I only own 6 right now, no way I could spend to long rolling for them I think

>> No.56604137

the points per wound chart in the OP already had them at very higher efficiency levels before the points drop. I'm very excited.

>> No.56604141

Its not the same flaw kiddo, they're just revving up heresy 2 primaris boogaloo.

>> No.56604142

Well the Guard girl at the store used Conscripts with the Valhallan doctrine. Claimed it was more meat for the grinder and she would send in Conscripts to fight things that were certain death and yell at them for being cowards.

Personally I think Infantry squads are nice, but since Conscripts were cheaper, if you just wanted area denial and your tanks to do all the work, they were better. Now there's absolutely no reason to take Conscripts since infantry just give you more CP and better aim.

>> No.56604143


Oh god I just realised Tau shit up the background less and stick out like a sore thumb less than Primaris

>> No.56604146

Take it, my boy

>> No.56604147

Anon if the guy who gave us the CA leaks is to be believed we get to have the berzerker ability on Death Company.

>> No.56604148

No. Join us, or be purged.

>> No.56604162

Agreed, now Ta'u on the other hand, are pretty cool with their battle suits and alien allies.

>> No.56604182

And you are an insufferable cunt who deserves every ounce of shit your shitty faction gets.

>> No.56604185

what army can most viably field a small (in terms of no. of units) and diverse force?

>> No.56604198


Yes. Malleus is trash. Always go for either xenos or Hereticus. And even against Xenos, hereitcus will do just fine due to the sheer amount of psykers in the game.

RAW you can select your ordo just before deployment.

>> No.56604200

That doesn't mean Tau and those who play them don't still deserve scorn.

...but yea, Primaris and their players need to die in a fire of burning fluff bibles.

>> No.56604204

>probably the worst thing about the KB is their lack of ap even with chain axes
Haven't you heard? beserkers with chain axes are strength 6 ap -1 now.

>> No.56604207

>"Inquisitor, I'm not sure we've been interpreting this Rite of Pure Kinship properly..."
>"Oh no, no, I'm sure this is exactly what the founders of our order intended. Please, do carry on."

>> No.56604214

Small numbers kinda counteracts the whole versatility thing

>> No.56604217

Reminder that Tau and Primaris players are better, smarter and more attractive than you

>> No.56604231


Grey Knight are good at killing demons, not so much at walking the stars, infiltrating nobility looking for potential invasions.

Malleus is specialized in warp fuckery and knowing the weapon of the ennemy; while the hereticus is more of a "purge and burn just in case" kind of approach.

>> No.56604237

What versatility thing?

>> No.56604241

Whats this babyrage about primaris players, now

>> No.56604246

LOL ingest bleach.

>> No.56604252

If you're talking from a modeling aspect, Space Marines or Chaos Renegades. Make a Crusade Army (or Renegade warband) with squads composed of a mix of brothers from different chapters.
If you want your diversity in the terms of different units with different rules, it's pretty much the Craftworld Eldar's gimmick.

>> No.56604253


I went into my local GW recently, got paired up by the staff for a pickup game because I'd been hanging around for a few hours and the primaris player I got put against started bragging about how he'd paid for his whole force to be built for him and commission painted.

>> No.56604257

The "diverse force" portion
Although I guess I should ask, how low in numbers are we trying to get here?

>> No.56604259

ı would be fine with primaris if it was also avalible to heretic astartes.

Plus, something smiliar was done by Corax at the time of hh. Not to mention Space Marines were not perfect and were created with haste.
Why do you think most of the geneseed was flawed?

>> No.56604271

>Haven't you heard? beserkers with chain axes are strength 6 ap -1 now.
which is great but i find they struggle to take down tougher multi wound enemies with good saves (which might be the only thing they struggle to kill.good speed bumps like slabshield orgyn or termies give them a bit of a run for their money
emperor save any thing else.
mind you this is unsupported, with a DA and AC i think it can run through anything

>> No.56604272

>ı would be fine with primaris if it was also avalible to heretic astartes.
This would fuck up the lore, and the meta's not exactly worth it.

>> No.56604276


The only order that should really be considered able to deploy an army under it's direct command is the Ordo Hereticus, trough the Adepta Sororitas.

Other inquisitors can call for help other specific ressources (GK/Deathwatch) that are specialized strike teams, but will have to use Imperial Guards/PDF if a full scale war is hapenning.

Inqusitors are akin to spies and CIA operatives.
They are not Navy Seals, They are not the Army.

>> No.56604278

They should, fluff has them as the unstoppable CC badasses of the imperium and their crunch is 21 ppm for a whole 2 attacks wooo.

SM melee is dogshit in general though. Everything should be at least +1 attack over current.

>> No.56604286

Give the beserker elader a powerfist and chainsword, he gets more attacks with it than a chaos lord.

>> No.56604291

good point.

Still kinda jelly tho.
Thank the gods for the warp and mutations.

>> No.56604301

Yeah arco-flagellants are crazy cost-effective, ran the numbers and it was a shock.

>> No.56604303

Deathwatch, we may not be the best but our options are numerous (and expensive)

>> No.56604321

I like White Scars Aggressors. 7+d6" movement every turn is plenty fast for Bolter Agressors.

>> No.56604322

>Give the beserker elader a powerfist and chainsword
3 attacks base, 4 with the charge (we) and 1 for chain axe and then second phase
i don't know what's up with my fists but they rarely do what i need them to do.
then again i'm hard into WE so that's one of my only sources of AT

>> No.56604334

>Playing at GW
Your first mistake.
>Agreeing to play with Primaris(tm) player.
Your second mistake.
>Believing anything a Primaris(tm) player has to say.
Strike three, report to nearest Commissar for blam-ing.

>> No.56604336

I mean diverse as in varied, like visually different units. and as small as is reasonable. I've never played before and am looking to build an army and I don't want to have 30 identical looking dudes, not to sound to much like a vagina but I want each of my units to have personality

>> No.56604340

>I would be fine with primaris if it was also avalible to heretic astartes.

>Plus, something smiliar was done by Corax at the time of hh
And it ended disastrously for him and his legion, as with literally every other attempt at modifying geneseed, except miraculously, for Rouboute, thus Robby G's overall Mary Sue-ness and his pretty, perfect Primaris marines draw ire. He does what others have tried and failed many times over and suffers none of the typical consequences.

>> No.56604345

If they're WE the champion alone can have 8 attacks with a power fist.

>> No.56604365

>The only order that should really be considered able to deploy an army under it's direct command
Wrong, just wrong. The Ordo Malleus has always had the Grey Knights, from before the inquisition was even split into Ordos, and after the deathwatch were founded the Ordo Xenos got control of them.
Ordo Hereticus do have the ability to command the sisters, but they're by no means exclusive to them. The SoBs belong to the ecclesiarchy.

>> No.56604367

You got it backwards. Lore is irrelevant.

>> No.56604375


> Rowboat Gorrillionaire runs a chapter that has their own de facto multiple planet empire
> Ultramarines in [INSERT COLOR HERE] armor slowly making up more and more of the Astartes
> Radbutt Gillian Anderson intentionally leading a crusade that myyysteriously has lots of standard marine casualties (but they get to placed like Bhaal 'just in time' to make sure that there are insanely high casualties but he can still save the remaining Blood Angels before they are entirely wiped out)
> Using ancient forbidden tech to build the new Primaris superheavy
> Hiding its manufacture from the "prying eyes of Mars" in a clear violation of the Treaty of Olympus

I think you might be right, friendo. I mean, it's not like Guilliman hasn't succeeded from the Imperium before. Pretty sure Heresy 2 is going to be the big 2018/2019 event culminating in the reawakening of the Emperor in the form of a $160 model and the final death of Celestine just to piss off sistersfags

>> No.56604377

between the two phases thats 8 strength 10 powerfist attacks from one guy nigga, how many do you need?!

>> No.56604379

I got a modified version of the chart here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10t6_FO9mTaG8FHY4B7v6hOQgwc3gXxUiIOrMYt16I6M/edit#gid=528950754

I'm gonna add the updated points later. Dis gon b gud

>> No.56604380

While I highly doubt that actually happened, I would love to play against that kind of player and army and stomp it into the ground. That would be hilarious. He'd trash the whole 2000 dollar project and get the army he just lost against.

>> No.56604387

it is you who has it backwards

>> No.56604409

Wow, you must be a real joy to be around, which is why nobody has been around you for months.

>> No.56604411


To be fair the biggest gift was the point reductions that we don't really needed but were nice anyway. Most list can probably shove 50 more points now.

Warlord trait is utterly useless. (Reroll moral test aura in an MSU mechanized army...).
Stratagems are extremely situational (Although it actually found a use for Dialogus now :D).

They are actually better in imperial soup (DStrategems stack with deny) than in sisters only armies.

Relic is good stuff though.


Is the tactica trash ?

>> No.56604413

I'm amazed at the level of cognitive dissonance it takes to start spouting shit and frothing at the mouth at some dude who just bought some Tau minis because he thought they looked cool, and think you're not the one being a cunt.

>> No.56604417

Lore doesn't sell models. Rules do as evidenced by 8th's success over 7th

>> No.56604420

Not quite the same scenario, but I've had a player at my LGS give up his entire SoB army that he spent a fucktonne of money on because he kept losing as them.

>> No.56604423

my dice not to suck
I've never rolled so man 3s before
and i've never had it matter so much
>10 powerfit attacks
3, base +1 for the charge + 3 for next phase
great to be sure but not ten

>> No.56604431

They aren't that expensive. It's like $70 for a squad of 9 with a Priest.

>> No.56604432


>An Army
>The grey knight

The grey knight are a fucking thousand at most. This is not an army. You don't fight a war with this little amount of boots.

>> No.56604438

i mean diverse as in visually, space marines are pretty uniform but some of the chapters seem to field fewer units. also the vehichles are all too boring

>> No.56604446

Rawbooty didn't do shit. It's Cawl you should be blaming, an absolute nobody who suddendly appears and improves the work of a literal god.
>b-b-buh he had 10000 years to do so!
Bullshit. And chaos having them too it's terrible, you already have disgustingly resilent and good saves, which basically is your extra wound this guys have.

>> No.56604448

I have a question regarding the new DEldar Stratagem:
It says you can deepstrike an Infantry, Beast or Biker Unit, but can you deepstrike them inside a dedicated transport or only on foot?

>> No.56604466

Just play a soup list then

>> No.56604468

on foot

>> No.56604470

Then he didn't like SoB enough. I mean, I didn't play my Nids in 6th, but that doesn't mean they lost their prime spot on my shelf while they were shit.

>> No.56604478

They FAQ'd it, it's 3+1 and then 3+1.

>> No.56604485


>> No.56604497

Since the Transports are neither Infantry, Beast nor Bike, no, only the units, not their boats.

>> No.56604506

>Lore doesn't sell models.
It does though.

>Rules do as evidenced by 8th's success over 7th
Do you mean unbalanced 1st-tier armies cause better sales of those armies, or more streamlined, balanced rules selling more armies in general because more armies are viable? I can't tell what you mean.

Space Marine chapters are self-contained armies, the Grey Knights are space marines +1, and the Inquisition isn't generally composed of people who directly lead armies, only tell them where to go. When Inquisitors do raise forces, it's to get specific tasks done, not to fight huge grimdark wars.

>> No.56604508


No plz. Sister are the only Gothic left in Nuhammer. Everything else is star wars with a skin.

>> No.56604509

Deathwatch, CSM, or Primaris Marines.

>> No.56604513



>> No.56604515

best thing i've heard all day

>> No.56604526

It must have been at least $1000 of models that he gave away, including a number of stormtroopers.

It was pretty crazy.

>> No.56604527

>All Csm is Death Guard
Imperium fags everyone

>> No.56604538

>And it ended disastrously for him and his legion, as with literally every other attempt at modifying geneseed

two words

Alpha Legion.

otherwise ı can see a perfect modification before 41th millenium happening at the hands of corax.

>> No.56604540


GW production at WHW are key card and password protected with roller shutter security over security doors.

Source: worked in there a few months ago doing building work, phones were banned and had to be handed in. Escort prevented us going near moulds even though could see them.

>> No.56604543

>Deathguard isn't chaos
>implying I play SM
Chaos Brainlets,everyone

>> No.56604549


Apart from memeing, do you have actually critical things to say about the tactica ? It doesn't seem full of crap to me.

>> No.56604556

The latter which has helped for a better meta.

Lore is relevant only to ravenous fans. Rules are relevant to everyone.

>> No.56604557

Admech, at least some of it. They have quite a few different genres, though.

>> No.56604567


Harlequins, small 5 man squads armed with decent melee weapons and shit loads of attacks and a fusion pistol. Anti tank and anti infantry in 1 neat package.

>> No.56604570

CSM then easily. If you do an Undivided force like Black Legion you can have all your different units look and perform radically different. Not to mention stuff like cultists, Daemons and Daemon Princes, and Dinobots.

>> No.56604581

Turns out what they meant to say is "world eater units get one extra attack (on their attack characteristic)".

>> No.56604584

Then keep your mouth shut, idiot

>> No.56604590

Take with a grain of salt my boy.
Grain of salt.

>> No.56604600

Black Templars are still pretty gothic.

>> No.56604605

Nope. Just petty internet tribalism.
I have roughly 500 or so points of sisters to pick up the shooting slack of my Grey Knights so I can't really say much about army tactics. I do wish Celestians weren't hot garbage and just became the command squads of last edition.

>> No.56604606

harlequins was what I was thinking but it seemed like you still needed a decent amount of troupes even for a 1000pt army

wouldn't that be a lot of units though?

>> No.56604616


Don't get me wrong it is a hilarious website, but it's free to edit shit and almost everyone who edits are mongs touting just incorrect shit.

>> No.56604619

Deathwatch, but be warned they are not very good right now

>> No.56604623


Believe what you like, but I actually did stomp him. With regular marines.

>> No.56604635

Maybe, but I really think cynics overrate the amount of people who have no interest in the lore and just like the game as a mathematical thing (lmao).
And a lot of the army jumpers would like the lore, they would just like every faction enough to buy whatever's hot in gameplay terms at the minute.

>> No.56604636

Actually the Emperor mind-fucked the information required for improved, quicker developed marines into Corax's head. Corax then could only remember key bits at the exact moment it was needed

>> No.56604638

>world eater units get one extra attack (on their attack characteristic)
I also don't know if they count the second phase as the same one you charged

>> No.56604647

I'm kinda glad the Repressors don't vastly out class the Immolators anymore. I like my Immos, and recast Repressor bits tend to be pretty bad these days.

>> No.56604648

Take 1d4chan tacticas with a mountain of salt. I still use them.

>> No.56604659

Hey man it's 40kg what are you expecting reasonable human interaction? If people wanted that y would not be on an anonymous Thai cartoon board.

>> No.56604674

Have stats for Sly been released yet?

>> No.56604679

Well I mean if you only want 3 models play knights. But in general CSM are more expensive than regular Marines. So you aren't going to field all that stuff at once. But you can make sure each unit you do field is radically different from the next.

>> No.56604682

He's out next month and the rules will be on the model only.

>> No.56604686

Rate the shitty list I came up with while drunk.

Do your worst.

>> No.56604687

It's still the Fight phase moron, the +1 applies for both times it fights during that after the charge.

>> No.56604696


>> No.56604707

sauce on this pls reverse search shows nothing

>> No.56604710

You've already beaten us to it

>> No.56604713

>Space Marine chapters are self-contained armies,

No. They are fleets with a few marines to do specops on the ground and boarding operations. The strenght of space mariens come primarily from their fleet and their image as moral booster to the IG and pdfs figting with them.

A single space marine chapter can't take a hive. Only plant a bomb in it and destroy it, not occupy it.

A space marine "army" can't hold the line. Only defend a few strategic assets.

A space marine army can't do strategic pinchers. Only spearhead assault. In older eds, it was specified that yourdudes and the otherguydudes were fighting where the result of the battle would have the most impact in the war, while the heavy lifiting is done by normaldudes all around your two armies.

The current muddiness about this is because :
-Some writers don't have a sense of scale. For them, 10.000 people is a lot for an army.
-IG was specifically created to make space marines look good in comparison.

All Inquisitors can order around planetary governors and space marine chapters, but it will still involve politics.
Greywatch and Deathknights are deployed for specific scalpel and SpecOps operations.
Only the Ordo Hereticus ever have the need to purge an entire Aggri-World without destroying it, hence the need for the Adepta Sororitas to be able to deploy fast numbers of faithful, reliable warriors.


You don't know shit about warfare or the lore.

>> No.56604734

Well, I guess...

>> No.56604737

did we see the warlord trait / stratagem / relic for GSC yet

>> No.56604742


Do you mean Ultramarines in black ?

But agreed. Inqusition, Sister of Battle and Black Templars are still Gothic. Out of them, only Sister of Battle have a non-meme playerbase.

>> No.56604748

I think I'm gonna go either CSM or harlequins

>> No.56604766

You massive faction hipster. I bet you play dark eldar just because no-one else you know does.

>> No.56604774

The initial batch worked marvelously because Big E had given Corax the original primarch geneseed templates for creating marines, as well as the know how from the project on how to do it perfectly. The following group was fucked up beyond reason because Once the Alpha Legion knew exactly what was going on they corrupted the source Corax was using, resulting in all of the following marines being aberrant monstrosities (although still RG enough to fight alongside them when the base was assaulted).

It isn't that the tech isn't possible, it is that the tech and understanding of it was almost completely lost by 40k. Yes, Cawl and almost everything around him was a complete ass-pull, but if anyone would have an understanding of the genetic systems involved it would've been a Great Crusade-era magos. If Corax wandered back into the setting tomorrow, he'd probably be able to tell you 'how' to do it quite easily (as long as he had pure enough genetic material to use).

>> No.56604785

I still can't figure out who does most damage for my Death Guard....

Plague Marine special weapons?




Magic powers?

>> No.56604791

I have found it.
I always wanted something.
But ı did not know what it was.
But now ı know.
[Spoiler] WE NEED PRIMARIS SoB BOYZ! [/Spoiler]

>> No.56604803


And this specific one, is it good or not ? If not, what is wrong ?
All i can read is "Warning" but no specific example in this one. The meme is all about 1d4chans tactica being basically the index reworded, but here actual opinions are provided, along with evidence to support them.

>> No.56604808

Naw, you're all Primaris now. Primaris=/=Gothic

>> No.56604816

They got get used in whatever fashion the God feels like.

>> No.56604820

have found it.
I always wanted something.
But ı did not know what it was.
But now ı know.
[Spoiler]WE NEED PRIMARIS SoB BOYZ![/Spoiler]

>> No.56604830

Impressive skill in using spoiler tags there newfag

>> No.56604831

Why not Eldar heavy on Aspect Warriors if you diverse?

>> No.56604835

At least the chinork is now usable (cost was cut in half, bringing it down to trukk levels), and the squiggoth has been brought down a smidgen to bring it in line with the battle wagon.
So overall, pretty nice changes.

>> No.56604844

They look good

>> No.56604846

god frakking damn it

>> No.56604847

control + s

>> No.56604857

Bless you senpai, you are doing the emperor's work here.

>> No.56604863

my group is fairly new to the 40k system. we are playing rogue trader and need some rules clarification. what is the limit to how many implants a non-explorator can have?

>> No.56604871


>> No.56604873


I hate this meme, while I do understand it its really silly to think Primaris units are any different than generic marine units which have never been an example of "gothic" and personally I prefer generic looking units with upgrade kits because its basically an open space to do as you please with it as opposed being covered in details.

>> No.56604877


The entire meta is a consequence of the rule mechanics, not so much of the armies themselves. Hordes + Heroes + Mortal Wounds.

What CA did change is what army is best at enforcing the meta.

>> No.56604888

>have a non-meme playerbase.
The fuck does that even mean?

>> No.56604889

You want the 40k RPG general friend. This is the one for the tabletop wargame.

>> No.56604898

Wow, I never considered that! I think you should GTFO my Sisterhood you fucking heretic!

>> No.56604903

So many people are butthurt about CA across the Internet

>> No.56604905

mine was mostly a meme
because it's written and edited by hoi polloi there is bound to be faults, failures to translate the FAQs, and entire necessarily anything of intelligence.
i think it's an okay starting point but often you don't find things there that you wouldn't find by just reading your codex/index.
which is why i said take it wit ha grain of salt.
what more is there really to say there?

>> No.56604906

So cigars still exist in 40k as weve seen

Do marines smoke cigars?

Do cigarettes exist?

Do orks grow tobbacco for their cigars or do they smoke some kind of squig

>> No.56604912


>The strenght of space mariens come primarily from their fleet

Then what is it with the lore and having both Loyal and Traitor Space Marines who can level a planet bereft of fleet support on a campaign

> A space marine "army" can't hold the line. Only defend a few strategic assets.

I think it was mentioned they've stopped many an Imperial battleline from breaking.

Most notably I think it was mentioned the Howling Griffons arrived to hold the line against the Plague of Disbelief and Typhus during the 13th Black Crusade, having to take up defense of the now vacant Imperial defences.

>> No.56604923

There is no upgrade kits for Primaris. You aren't putting tabards and chained weapons on Primaris Templars.

Helbrecht should have refused the Primaris.

>> No.56604935

There's a separate general for 40k RPGs over here >>56526108
Might get some answers over there

>> No.56604937

>Do marines smoke cigars?
>Do cigarettes exist?
iohsticks (or however that's spelt)

>Do orks grow tobbacco for their cigars or do they smoke some kind of squig
orks more or less kill the ecosystem of any planet they land on and are in fact their own ecosystem.
they would smock a squig or some sort of spore

>> No.56604938

>as opposed being covered in details.

Gothic is literally "being covered in detail". It started when Middle Age architects were hitposting about this new fad of adding little details everywhere as opposed to Roman SimplicityTM. It was literally Barbaric, Gothic.

>> No.56604942

To be fair, Space Marines always had a special style to them, especially present in their unique stuff.

>> No.56604945

Bitch please

>> No.56604950

>Facts are memes.
Ingest Bleach. Primaris aren't Gothic, they're GI-Joe.

>> No.56604965

Other anon here, are all the aspects generally usable now? Last time I had my Eldar out of storage anything that wasn't a Fire Dragon didn't do too hot at their specialized job.

>> No.56604988

the way eldrad comes off in the novels, he used to be that batty homeless dude always preaching doom and then when it came and your race birthed a god he's certainly a hotshot

>> No.56604997

Nothing you've said contradicted what I said.
But it contradicts what you've said:
>The only order that should really be considered able to deploy an army under it's direct command is the Ordo Hereticus, trough the Adepta Sororitas.
All Inquisitors can seize control or request support from any branch of the Imperium, the only non ad-hoc military forces that are under the Inquisition's command apart from generic stormtroopers (not an army, more like bodyguards and hired muscle), are the Malleus' Grey Knights and the Xenos' Deathwatch. The Sororitas fight for the partisan interests of the Ecclesiarchy. That's the whole rationale for their shtick: the Ecclesiarchy isn't allowed to run "men at arms", so they run smaller forces of women in power armour.

It means they have a meme playerbase.

>> No.56605004


1000pts is something like

Troupe Master
Troupe Master

3×5 Troupes


3 Transports.

>> No.56605020

I just woke up, what did they end up revealing at the Open day

I cant find anything but some necromunda stuff

>> No.56605029


>> No.56605030


Try to find an 8th ed event were players were either maining Inquistion (non GK) or Black Templars.

There is 2 SOB playersat my LGS, no BT/Inqui.

>> No.56605032

The helmets and pads work. And chained weapons are super easy to make with a little bit of brass chain from a craft store. Tabards are tricky though.

>> No.56605033

some necromunda stuff

>> No.56605035

That's literally it

>> No.56605036

30k Space Wolf Praetor

>> No.56605040

Do harlies need a speedboat for every squad with the ds strat?

>> No.56605078

>I cant find anything but some necromunda stuff

Thats it, that was the big reveal. Maybe they were going to reveal Marbo too and that would've made the Open Day whole lot better but leaks got it first.

Very underwhelming all things considered, I was hoping for more info since they revealed a bunch of shit before at a similar event.

>> No.56605116

>Do orks grow tobbacco
Tobacco squigs

>do they smoke some kind of squig
They probably smoke cigar-squigs.

Everything ork is squigs.
Their hair is squigs, their axes are squigs, their grenades are squigs (no fucking joke), their mounts are squigs and their snotlings are probably squigs in disguise.

Space marines at this points is probably just power armor squigs.

>> No.56605121

>It means they have a meme playerbase.
The fuck does that even mean?

Define what a "meme playerbase" is you dumb cunt. Or is it just "I don't like them?"

>> No.56605123

You can't "main" Inquisition, and BT are actually fairly common even if no one you know runs them.
SoB are the meme faction because of the efforts you have to go to to get out of date models or recasts, just for nerd cred or creepy fetishism.

>> No.56605127

>tfw want jump pack marines w/ plasma guns & storm shields.
>only way is through Blood Angel Veterans
Fuck you, Guilliman! Lemme have jump breachers!

>> No.56605128

It's their fault for picking tau. He can like them all he wants, just like I can call him a faggot for picking them all I want. Did he really likes them, nothing I say will change his mind, but no one will enjoy playing with him or talking about his shitty army but him and other taufags. With any luck, they'll increase the price of commanders twofold without making any other changes. Even in their current shitty state, people hate saying against tau because tau are miserable to play against.

>> No.56605129


new thread

>> No.56605143

Dumb cunt

>> No.56605146

So basically it was Fuck Forgeworld: The Book. Preorder now

>> No.56605170


More the fault of the people than the army really.

Can consistently blame GW for things like that more so than the players.

>> No.56605179

Celestians actually haven't changed at all. Command squads became a thing in I think 5th edition when they got rid of the retinue rules. They became great in 7th due to bad copy/pasting of rules, and then we lost them in 8th because of bad copy pasting of rules. The only time celestians were playable was in the switch Hunters Codex because Dominions were overpriced garbage while celestians didn't need to pay for a faithful character.

>> No.56605185


>played Tau in 4th and 5th, they were considered bad (they weren't)
>moved to butfuck nowhere for work and missed them being bullshit
>come back to 8th and it's like nothing has changed only now I have to listen to all these salty faggots cry about how bullshit Tau were in the past or about how now Tau are shit tier unplayable just because they aren't bullshit anymore.

>> No.56605195


>The Sororitas fight for the partisan interests of the Ecclesiarchy. That's the whole rationale for their shtick: the Ecclesiarchy isn't allowed to run "men at arms", so they run smaller forces of women in power armour.

And the Ecclesiarchy have to answer directly to the Ordo hereticus, as a consequence of the Apostasy.

To exercess his command over the various component of the imperium, an inquisitor have to "borrow" the authority of the high lords of Terra, while an Ordo Heretics Inquisitor is the direct hierarchical superior of any Sister of Battle.

Sisters of Battle are by no mean a "small" force, with only the PDF, The Navy and the Imperial Guard fielding more soldiers. A single Preceptory is the size of a space marine chapter, and each order have MANY preceptories.

>> No.56605269

>tfw I started with sisters 10 years ago
>I bought 3 of my immolators off of a GW shelf
>bought several blisters from other stores, too
So glad I did, too.

>> No.56605277


When I said main, I mean more than Greyfax because she was in the box.

I'm talking about stuff like a unit of acolytes and some posessed/jokaero with Coteaz/Unamed inquisitor. Barely anyone does that.

>Define what a "meme playerbase" is you dumb cunt. Or is it just "I don't like them?"


Meme playerbase = very low amount of players. Like playerbase is an overstatement.

SoB have a nearly -but not completely- meme player base.
They are, due to their 1996 models and the only all-transsexual army, definitely a meme faction.

>> No.56605305


Haven't really considered it but there power is their advance and charge so deepstriking them seems a waste in my opinion unless you use 1cp on a large squad and use the stratagem to increase their invul incase the charge fucks up

>> No.56605314


>You can't "main" Inquisition

You can't even add a pure Inquisition detachment to your army and have it be battleforged, which is retarded. You should be able to have a fluffy Space Marines + Inquisition army without having to lose your chapter tactics, lose a bunch of command points, or be forced to throw in one random Imperial HQ for no reason.

See also: Talons of the Emperor, Legion of the Damned, probably others I am forgetting

>> No.56605352

>Acolytes don't have obsec

>> No.56605372

I'm actually thinking about making a full cadre of SoS with an "inquisitor" as a stand in Oblivion Knight because for whatever fucking reason, the FW SoS don't have rules.
>you will never annihilate psykers with 10 grenade launchers launching psykout grenades
It's a sad feeling.

>> No.56605374

>everything in SM should get +1 attack

Fucking no? How could you possibly think this is a good idea?

>> No.56605413

Not before CSM get their fucking Bolter+Pistol+Chainsword back, imperial faggot.

>> No.56605430

>You can't even add a pure Inquisition detachment to your army and have it be battleforged, which is retarded

What are you talking about? Your army is battleforged as long as everything shares a single keyword - and Inquisiton is still Imperium. You just can't have Inquisitors in the same detachment as your Marines.

You can have a Battalion of <Ultramarines> and a Vanguard of <Inquisition> and you won't lose your Chapter Tactics.

>> No.56605463

Stikkbombs are not squigs. And Bomb Squigs are just squigs with explosives strapped to them.

>> No.56605605

Git off your computer squig you grot.
Lest the attack squig eat you while you sleep.

>> No.56605678

Typhus is best in a terminator bomb unless you have poxwalkers expect to be pressured pretty hard thoughout the game. Typhus does some nasty damage and can cast blades + miasma on his blightlards to increase their killpower dramatically.

>> No.56605843

Typhus is not made to pump the zombies 24/7.
Move them. If they are gunned down, more important units of yours were spared.
If they are NOT, teleport him when they are close, buff them even with psypowers, and go to town.
You can increase their survivability a tad bit marching Necrosius with them. Use him if you are building a Cultist/Poxwlaker/PlagueMarines/Characters/Hauler list.

>> No.56606773

Thank you

>> No.56607723

5-7th edition was objectively bad and so were you for enjoying that shit show.

>> No.56607803

Slaanesh is only heterosexual.

Boom now you've offended the SJW transbrigade and brought both the diehard christfags AND the lefties mongol horde both offended they are depicted as depraved monsters and also that their depravity is somehow bad (conflicted as fuck of course).

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