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Can we have a thread about the cool gals in our groups and our stores?

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All these years and I have only one example.

>DH group is one short after That Guy gets the boot
>okay two guys to invite some gal they know
>gal is quiet and shy
>makes pretty interesting character
>specialized but not to a crippling degree
>follows cues and compliments a lot of scenes with her character's presense

>game dies later after some OoC stuff
>she grasps new systems incredibly easy
>always makes unique and fun characters fitting of the story
>the most active of all players without being a drama queen

>disappears one day suddenly
>don't know if she's okay since she never responded to any messages I sent her way
>can't ask people from the group that she was close with since we had an awkward falling out

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I'm currently playing with a table that's 3/4 female, and they're all pretty chill.

>One of them is super new to RPGs but read everything she could before joining so she could come up with a good character. Not a super great roleplayer yet, but she's getting the hang of it really fast.
>Girl #2 is a friend of #1 and came in having played D&D a few times before, but none of them longer than a session or two. Brings table-appropriate munchies. I am convinced she is God's beautiful muffin fallen onto earth because she's the nicest person I've met so far in my entire life.
>Girl #3 is a friend of mine, the gf of another friend of mine who is the only male player. She's super dorky and sometimes borders Chaotic Stupid territory, but overall pretty cool to have around.

I have 3 groups (1 where I'm a player, 2 where I dm, including this one), but this one is the comfiest one overall.

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Currently playing a Vampire game with a ration of 2:1 in favour of the feminine. No one OOC is taking things seriously at all, and our characters are a bunch of dramatic idiots. It's a good time.

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I only have a That Girl senpai.

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What did you do

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relatable, she was one of the worse people i looked up to for me

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Sounds like you need to sex number 2

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I'm unsure of what you mean, anon. Ours isn't that bad, just gets super salty when she loses and can easily be put off games by it.

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It sounds like he already does want that and either knows it won't work, is too scared to try or has already been shot down.

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Had a mental breakdown, cowered in my home, sent on "vacation" to chill down and get a prescription and once back nobody would answer me when the next game is when it was very obvious they were still meeting up. It weirds me out even more, because before that, everyone on the table was super chill and friendly.

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sounds like he is to autistic to succeed.

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You're definitely avoiding saying something here, m8y.

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My guess is simply he tried to ask her out, but is a sperg so it was probably really creepy, and has been overall ostracized. Remember, dudes, don't stare longingly at women. It's not as "romantic" as it seems in movies.

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Autism matters less than having a nice smile and an attractive body.

>t. Super autistic anxiety ridden commander player who can occasionally get laid due to giant height, moderately athletic build, and sexy voice

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Not even close. She was cool, but not my type at all. I prefer them slutty, not nice.

I'm honestly saying all there is.
We were all pallies, having fun around the table, telling jokes in one game, acting super serious on another. Then one day she leaves, doesn't respond to a some of us but the two dudes the knew her say she's okay and will be back when she can. About four months later, I go cuckoo and then everyone avoids me.

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i read it as "That Girl-senpai", my bad

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Yeah, that was just the wordfilter. This is already a weird thread though so share your story, too.

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thanks for the info captain obvious.

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the only girls in my games are other player's wives

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>mfw I DM pathfinder for a group of 4 girls.
>mfw they made a balanced party and roleplay actual characters without being snowflakes.
>mfw I am marrying one of them so don't have to worry about getting hit on/molested anymore.
>mfw they are all chill af and have been friends since fourth grade.

Life is good.

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I've had a few girls across different groups:

>Current Game
Friend who's played D&D once or twice before. She's really good at taking the lead, which is great because the other two guys are pretty chill and/or timid. She's playing a dark elf rogue but it's thematically appropriate, all three players decided together to make edgelord characters and it's been fun.

>Former Game
My then-girlfriend. I'd played with her a bit and she generally liked to play stoic, straightlaced characters. This time she played an ex-carnie monk and was a bit fun with it. Even still, she knows what she wants and will make it very known, which frequently leads to conflict. I don't fault her though, as what she usually wants is to keep the party focussed and on track and to not fuck around.

Roommates then-girlfriend. Had never played before, was only there because she couldn't stand the idea of him doing something without her. Was actually an okay player in terms of understanding mechanics, but never really got into character.

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>>mfw I am marrying one of them so don't have to worry about getting hit on/molested anymore.

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>The Virgin Rapist
>The Chad Molested Child

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are they hot?

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Hey, don't shit-talk spergs because you smell like unwashed asscrack, have a face covered in pubes, and wander around with your coagulated gravy rolls gurgling underneath a stained t-shirt. I bet your double chins are swaying in the breeze like some sort of corpulent fleshy marshmellow kite and you need a q-tip to scrape out the detritus between the folds of your neck-fat, if you were ever motivated enough to shower.

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My group has 2 women and one of them is literally the best player at my table.
>makes delicious snacks
>always has a great grasp on the system, but knows not to rule-lawyer when i go against the rules
>always make setting and tone appropriate characters that are strong, but not op and with enough flaws and quirks to be interesting.
>always invested in the story
>helps to keep everyone else on point and focused
>gives me feedback and constructive criticism. Even helps me with story and other dm-related things sometimes.
This is especially appreciated because everyone else just says, "yeah, it was great"
>brings her 4-month-old son to games, but he's quiet, well behaved, and loved by everyone. Also, he always goes to sleep about halfway through the session.
>browses here, but knows to keep /tg/ away from the table

I really wish every player I had was like her.

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Probably got a crush on her and sperged out

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Aint even mad anon, that shit's hilarious, and probably accurate for half the posters on this board.

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>mfw when I'm a grill
>mfw every day more and more ladies join me in my table having fun just because I invite them and they're curious about the games
Going for that sturdy 50% - 50%, wish me luck

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good luck!

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>Fucking in your game group
Big no no. Most people leave their significant other out of the table here and it does wonders, for man and woman alike

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Have a thorough screening process

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>Know girl in high school
>Popular, smart, attractive, medal-winning swimmer
>Gets hit by a car a month after graduation
>Two years later see her in FLGS as her brother stops in to buy some thing
>Playing Scion with friends
>She says hi and asks to watch
>Had no idea games like it existed
>After sitting in again, she joins the game
>She throws all her energy into hobbies because of a permanent back injury
>Hand-makes her mini, leather-binds her rulebook ect.
>Starts to get into other systems
>Becomes a good friend and member of the group
>Always counteracts drama with others in the store
>Always cool and funny
>A damn good player and pretty great GM

She's now married to our resident forever-GM and they've just had their first kid.

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i loled, thnx anon, for showing me my place.


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Man, can't really start, it ain't much of a story, just, some chick that I met one day, and didn't like a whole lot.

So like, way back, I used to hop around Golden Sun forums, I know, what a hipster I used to be. One day, I meet this chick, name's WitchRolina (we'll call her Role for short). Turned out we both were born on the same day, so I started following her around, because hey, why not.
And boy, was she uh, one helluva radical. Always had some sort of "out there" idea. For the record, we also played D&D 4e together a few times. In addition, most of those times, the campaign blew up, because of either her doing something, or just scheduling hell.
Another thing I'd like to mention is that she INSISTED on doing pure voice campaigns, and I usually prefer voice + text. (This came up when I would later attempt to GM a FE campaign, and it blew up.)

Have I mentioned how shit her taste was in mecha, aside from 00? She unironically used the super and real distinction, and called most mecha "Gundams". What made this more frustrating was that THERE WAS ANOTHER GUNDAMFAG IN THE SAME FORUM.

Anyway, the best shit I ever got from her was ideas for a new Fire Emblem system I'm making, and at this point, I might scrap even those, to purge myself of everything related to her. When I pointed out that traps were gay, she denied it.

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I think that my gf is a cool girl
>loves to bake so she always makes delicious cookies for x-wing games
>plays 40k and AoS only with painted models
>Picks her army only if she likes the lore and fluff so she reads a lot about the game background
>Makes terrains for wargames by herself
>Timmy type of EDH player - playing just for fun with tribal decks

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Well, you know, flirty with attention. I'm not unattractive but getting your bones jumped sucks when you're in a relationship. I've never accepted an offer.

I think they are mostly hot, save one though if she lost some weight she would be insanely cute. Never gotten jumped by her, though she is getting married to an on-again off-again PC in our group.

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Well I was in 8th grade and got a 3.5 group together. One girl was in our group and she was constantly sexually harassed by one dude, treated like an object by another, and later she dated and broke up with the 3rd guy. To this date I'm the only person from that group she's still friends with because I had to good sense to keep my emotions to myself like my dad taught me

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I'm not to keen on hitting on my players. That, and #1 and #2 are friends of my ex, and we broke up very recently.

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This. So much this.
Had a friend who invited over a chick he was into. When he started "making his move" as he put it, she told me she couldn't join anymore. Friend was so heartbroken and took a year long break. Game died.

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>I think they are mostly hot
Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work

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>mfw would like to actually try RPG in my unis now that I'm far away from my buddies from home
>mfw I can genuinely smell the people from 20 meters, outside the room when the RP society meets up

Pretty sure I spotted a few fedoras and a ponytail/trenchcoat combo back in there when I glimpsed as well.
Quite a shame, but fuck me I don't want to fuck years of personal normification for that. Worked too hard to be finally accepted and considered normal.

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Mostly the standard: don't be autistic, be nice to the people on the table, be a responsible player (know your character, prepare for the session, etc)

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If you're decently attractive, you can do it while maintaining normie status. You'll be the "one cool normie" in the RPGshits club.

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Anon make them unintentionally ERP and serve them some aphrodiac fruits.

You'll get a reverse gang bang that way.

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Idiot, you can't sex cinnamon rolls, it's against the natural order of things.

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I'd have to become real good at apnea first.

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there is no such thing.

a relationship is usually the goal here.
if you want to just fuck you're why less of them are around.

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Ive never ever met a good roastie player

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The fuck is wrong with USA? I met very few nerds, even neckbeards, than have sub par higiene (most aren't very pretty to look at but tend to shower daily).

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>tfw you actively exclude women from your hobbies

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>14 years old
>beautiful big fat tits
>played half-orcs
>energetic and excited
She was the first girl I ever DMd for and the first girl I ever dated, so far the undisputed best in both categories.

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I'm actually in the UK.
But the virgin/neckbeard/fedora wearing trope seem to be an anglo saxon thing.

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How old were you?

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lol epik xD

But for real I was 16-17 when we dated

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That Guy brought his fiance and lead to both leaving our group permanently dude to many factors ranging from disinterest, speaking over the DM, poor attendance, and the fiance being a cunt.

Other girl in our group is great, she jumped in session 1 after never playing and is the one in the group who has the most fun, RPs the most, and keeps the group on track. It's a shame she's marrying a good friend of mine.

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Isn't a reverse gang bang masturbation? I mean like the opposite of gang is one person.

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Got some experience with them. Right now there's one real girl in our group which is fine because the internet, really. If you came to know the player because of mutual interests and not being somebody's girlfriend, you're going to be ok playing with them, no worse than an usual new player anyway.

I'd be lying if I said it's not something I think about when GMing my way around the way the players play. From my experiences, girls, at their best, seems really care about the game and get invested, which is great, though it also causes them to often take things that happen to their character personally.

There is also a pretty stark difference between the two basic types of female players i ran into, the girlfriend and the nerd. The girlfriend makes her character as bland as possible and gives you absolutely nothing to work with, but tends to be pretty stable and decently socially competent once her mouth is open, wheras the nerd tries to make something totally outlandish and it will take you a longer time than usual to get her to play the human fighter with actual character. I prefer the nerd, but you can have a good girlfriend player who eventually learns to invest herself into the game at all, seeing it as a shared experience, and you can have the an awful nerd player who can't bear giving up the spotlight.

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Surely that will keep her in your group.

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I came to this thread for more fat nerd tits.
I am disappointed.
Anyway I have never played with a girl who is actually good at TTRPGs.
All of the ones I have played with either slut it up as much as possible in character or sit there confused for the entire game.

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A good sense of humor will get you far longer than a good looking body. Im an average Joe that unfortunately was raised under the idea that only idiots work out unless you had to. Despite this I was a slim guy. But I had humor and social skills to counter my rather lacking physique.
And to be frank, I've had sex with girls way beyond what I thought was "reasonable" for my looks. And on the flipside, one of my more recent friends has always taken care of his body, but he is super shy. He always complains on how he never gets any girls.... Just strange how the world worked if you ask me.

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>Hearing all the good stories here and examples of good female gamers
>tfw I have a "gamer" gf
>tfw she is such an awful player I had to avoid invite her or offer her to play in any game table I play because she will fill everything with needless flirting and drama when things don't go her way
>tfw she is a worse DM and, after having been made to play a solo campaign DMed by her, I can perfectly understand why nobody wants to play with her.

Boring campaign, boring tempo of the adventure, almost no descriptions from her part, making you to specify every little action your character takes until it becomes a slug fest where you just try to word how to even breathe,... And, of course, punishing the player when things don't go her way or when the player defies her headcanon from a setting. Even when she doesn't tell the player about that headcanon.

>tfw she hates Magic: The Gathering and videogames and look me down for playing it. Can 't even talk about MTG or making plans in her presence that involves MTG. Can't even play vydia when she is at home.
>tfw she is constantly spamming me about W:40K and that fucking X-Wing, and normie TV shows. I have to sit down and watch those fucking shows instead of doing something more interesting.

Sometimes I wonder why I am still with her.

Sorry with the negativity in this thread. I... I needed to speak it out loud.

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Sounds like she's a real bitch who is bad at games and attempts to shame you for enjoying your hobbies. Bail while you still have the chance.

>> No.56602301

Best player in my group is a girl. Knows the rules so fucking well everyone consults her for stuff, has vast knowlege of many settings, roleplays like a god and beyond that goes out of her way to ensure that what happens in the game is fun, exciting, memorable and character-driven rather than easy power fantasy.

Honestly, made the campaigns I played with her 10 times better.

>> No.56602314

Sounds like ol' boy needs to tell his missus to get the fuck out. Politely of course, but get the fuck out all the same.

>> No.56602367

She sounds kind of terrible.
How can somebody into Warhammer judge somebody for playing videogames?
It sounds like she forces you into doing stuff she is interested in while completely dismissing your hobbies when they don't overlap with hers.

>> No.56602443

>Homestuck pic
Is your group a remnant?

>> No.56602634

In other aspects of life, she is kinda a sweet woman. But, yes, each day I feel like it is as long as things go her way...

>> No.56602643

Weirdly enough, every girl I've ever played with was at least decent or better. They understand the basics of roleplay and catch on to all the conventions pretty quickly, even if they're not the type of person who you'd think would be into it. Never had a female "That Guy" or anything remotely close.

Anybody else have similar experience?

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Shoutout to Irena from 2nd yr of highschool, chill girl i DMd for and recieved from my first and only blowjob.

>> No.56603050

Girl #3 and the dude I met from a Homestuck group, the rest are friends of my (at the time) gf.

>> No.56603054

tfw no cutie DM

>> No.56603090 [DELETED] 


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This man asks the important questions

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You're correct, definitely not cute

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Any tips, fampai?

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The only regular female in my group is my gf. Needless to say, i think she's pretty cool. She's a bit slow when it comes to memorizing rules, but she's funny, invested in the story, puts care into her characters, and often notices things that the rest of us miss.

She also has a gloriously fat ass,
which is a nice plus

>> No.56604327

If it isn't simple enough to pick up most of the local female population avoids it, my wife included.

Bars here like to do board game nights and it's pretty much just Monopoly and Life with a couple guys playing something else in some far corner.

But eons ago did have one gal in my regular D&D group. Roleplayed really well, didn't try to stir shit for no reason, and even ended up dating her for a few years. But life choices sent us on different paths (She's a chef somewhere in Europe, I'm a mortician in the middle of nowhere Kansas), and I've yet to encounter a woman like that when I make the rounds to the game stores and game nights.

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>be playing female drown rouge, feel like being full edge/keikaku for once
>this girl plays human male sorcerer, was cool before this, but >drow so was in character unpleasant to him
>drow ends up unconscious
>he pours love potion down her throat
>barely follows up on it, starts to mildly avoid my character
>my character becomes mildly more pleasant towards him, starts to interact better with party, starts giving thinly veiled favors and gifts, not knowing why,thinking about planning betrayal but not actually being able to
>try to learn weak points of party anyway
>most of party and myself forget about it
>year out of game passes
>I find a Wish granting ring while on my own, doing rogue things
>get back to party, have slightly loose lips because camaraderie has been formed,
>even more time passes
>want to wait till right moment to use it
>Fighting tough demon
>drown ends up badly wounded
>sorc casts quickened friends and a healing spell, combined with sorcerer charisma and an honestly good speech
>convinces drow/me to abandon House that betrayed me, give him Wish, and sells me on being slightly less edge
>She got what is essentially a loving thrall with no previous ties, a personal assassin, wish, secrets of drow culture/cities, including secrets of lichdrom/potential blackmail on the party, all in one spell and a potion she never gave me a reason to roll to oppose.
She was planning this for over a year, still shocked I never saw it coming. Shame I had to leave that group, interested as to what would happen at the end.

>> No.56604490


she may be cool but since the only way i know of her is through a shallow post on an image board the only thing i can think of is "damn i wanna see those titties"

>> No.56604608

>drown rouge
How do you fuck up both drow and rogue?

>> No.56604645

He's probably phoneposting

>> No.56604646

Autocorrect since I'm forced to be a shitty padposter for now. Fighting this thing consistently.

>> No.56604747

I wrote a custom campaign for warhammer fantasy and told my friends in my uni about it. They suddenly asked me to DM it for them, though I never dmed before. I pretended to be experienced and knowledgeable, wrote my own simple combat system and ran this game. I have 5 players, one of them is literal that guy who wants to become god or betray the party, and I seem to be handling him well. Each player is my friend or at least comrade IRL, and this one girl that plays with us has the most rational and coolheaded character. Also, they are all first time players and got addicted to this shit, can't stop talking about our game (me too)

>> No.56604806


>> No.56604812

Forgot to add, this one guy in my group dated her for like 3 days (they just kissed) when they were both depressed, but now she friendzoned him. And now he does awful shit instead of asking her out or going balls deep, I feel like he might ruin my game with this shit.
Last year, he brought a girl who is like 18 years old and slept with like 100 guys despite us telling him not to, then she did awful shit like discussing which guys on the table she would fuck (wasn't even pleasant to be included in the list), randomly running into the toilet saying SORRY GUYS MY BLOODY TAMPON FELL OUT, or complaining she can't sit because her master gave her 50 whip strikes yesterday.
And now this guy might ruin the atmosphere on my table by orbiting this girl, and I can't do anything to neuter or remove him due to our company specifics

>> No.56605007

You know that it's weird just entering a thread and announcing your name, right?

>> No.56605491

>Game tonight
>GM is girl, husband is a player
>Friend of GM is schoolteacher and plays, her husband also plays
>My gf plays
>Everybody is very chill. Jokes are appreciated. People try to roleplay.
>Lots of encouragement, very little pressure, no "that person"s
>Is a good time.

Bonus points:
>My gf tries to make cookies for our groups on a regular basis.
>gf has in-depth conversations w/ me about the game, about the systems we like to use, game design and balance, storytelling, roleplaying
>gf has that badass punk look while also qtpi

My roleplaying is in a pretty happy place.

>> No.56605563

>Start playing 5e with my younger cousin who's friends with a Japanese girl
>She starts coming to sessions. too
>Typically helps my cousin with set up, but almost never speaks
>Cousin explains to me that D&D is so super niche in Japan that her friend just wants to pick up more English
>One day, I find a ring that grants an extra spell slot
>I'm playing a Warlock, so I take it
>Japanese girl starts sitting next to me after that
>Think nothing of it
>Weeks later, party runs into some cultists
>Don the ring for the first time
>Japanese girl leans over to me and whispers in perfect English
"Roll Wisdom to Stop Me"
>Confused, I roll
>Roll for shit
>"Kill your friends"
>Turns out she's playing as the leader of the cult and left cursed objects to control anyone who picks them up
>This had been their plan so they could pit the party against itself
>My dumb ass was the only one who pick one up
I got played by two 19 year olds.

>> No.56605981

The female players I have run games for have almost universally impressed me by their cooperation while playing, their mutual supportiveness and willingness to share the spotlight, and their ability to problem-solve in group situations without falling into infighting over minor miscommunications. Maybe its because I usually to run games with only female players, I rarely see cause for the kind of complaints that arise here about female players disrupting the game, although I've definitely seen it happen in other groups. In my experience, its my male players who get the biggest kick out of being the center of attention.

>> No.56606043

If you have a sexy voice you're not autistic. Mental retardation causes speech impediments

>> No.56606151

ha ha that's pretty funny.

also my fetish

>> No.56606314

That's pretty solid, anon.

>> No.56606504

>>Japanese girl leans over to me and whispers in perfect English
>"Roll Wisdom to Stop Me"

>> No.56606543

Cuckoo how? Because you may of been weird the whole time and they got scared... believe me I know.

>> No.56606565

Is it possible to have an expression more wooden then that?

>> No.56606730

Ayo hol up. So lemme get this straight.

You play a warlock and you just pick up random shit and even equip it without bothering to check if it's cursed or not.

You a dumbass nigga.

>> No.56606944

I wish I could. I only rarely get female players. I'd love to have a 50/50 table, but most of my friends are guys. Or transitioning towards guy-ness. Seriously, that makes three of them, now.

Though really, it doesn't matter, I've got great players anyway.

>> No.56607267

Went to visit some truly poisonous family members, got my daily dose of psychological torture, reached my boiling point after a full 10 years of that shit, smashed everything in the dining room sans the table itself and then locked myself in my old room for a full day just lying on the bed completely still.

I'm not sure if I was weird the whole time, but now that you ask, I can recall times where I would take many IC actions banter against my character as underhanded attacks against me and would sulk for a long time. So if anything I probably was an unpleasant fuck after I stopped being the one running campaigns.

I'm still angry though. There is this group of friends that I knew for a good amount of years, gathering and having fun almost every week for a sizable period of my life, probably the best gaming group I ever had.
And yet I don't want to make amends with them. I don't even want to know if they are doing okay. I just fucking hate them for ousting me after everybody else I knew tried reaching me to see if I'm doing okay.
And for some reason, that makes me feel bad

>> No.56607525

Sorry that happened to you. Hope you're better now.
Maybe they only had second-hand warped accounts of what happened?

>> No.56607590

go to her

>> No.56607732


>> No.56607794

giv titty metal gf

>> No.56607816

okay, after good couple minutes of observing this image I'm starting to notice that those glasses are kinda ugly

>> No.56607821

Honestly? I really don't care at this point.
They can believe whatever they want to believe.

>> No.56608022

>implying a class that relies on becoming the cocksleaves of feylords, demons, or fucking old ones are intelligent

They use Charisma as their spell modifier for goodness-sake.

>> No.56608058

>seeing male and female

I only see fleshy humans.

>> No.56608061

but did she ever suck your dick?
huh... well hey at least you have a nice friend, sport ;)

>> No.56608086

That’s a really comfy life you have there anon

>> No.56608329

The expression on my penis is pretty wooden.

>> No.56608524

>be the forever DM who always has the flakiest possible groups
>the absolute flakiest
>I mean that in 10 years I never had a campaign that lasted more than 3 sessions
>have gf
>she's wonderful and shares many of my interests
>also quiet and shy
>I once DM'd a campaign in which she was present and she generally enjoyed figuring out buffs and heals as 4e Leader, did not roleplay much
>another flaky thing falls apart
>be completely discouraged from RPGing in general and sometimes talk about how useless it feels
>she is VERY helpful and encouraging
>new group of good online friends want to try this stuff on Discord after I bring it up
>and hey, we might have a group
>I ask her multiple times if she'd like to try it again with them and she's like "Maybe", sounds overall positive to the idea but won't completely go out of her way to do shit
>everyone else is on board so I feel greenlit
>have a happy evening where I write an adventure and help create characters for the other guys
>setting up the time for our first session
>"We're going to play together, yay!", I express something along these lines
>"Ugh, I mean, I guess..." as she made a face

And then it hit me that she doesn't actually want to do it even though we've talked about it many times and she kinda gave me the greenlight and kept encouraging me not to give up on this crap.

And I dunno, I feel just a little bit betrayed especially since we already set the time, so we're going to have that first session, have a very awkward game presumably, and then flake out again, and I just can't take flaking anymore. It's been years, I only know flaking from absolutely everyone.

I love her and I have no idea how she could have taken me hunched over an adventure made for all of us and making characters and asking her if she is absolutely sure she'd enjoy this at all and to make sure she knows that I'm not trying to pressure her (but I also know she hates feeling excluded from social things).

We're both pic related it seems.

>> No.56608658

>wanting a qt chubby nerd girl as a gf
get some fucking taste anon

>> No.56608774

>gamer gf
>doesn't like games
I'm confusion

if you cant sperg about your hobbies to your partner (and they cant sperg about theirs) its a bad relationship in my book

>> No.56608884

Knew a couple when I got back into magic about 4 years ago - it was all run out of a bookstore so not a real fnm thing.

They weren't interesting, attractive or intelligent. They made the games slow (it was like 10 player edh except not with edh decks, yes it was aut as fuck) and frustrating.

Left to a real game store later on and it was much better.

>> No.56608930

what were the circumstances? surely you can ply the pity party pimp pump and dump rite

>> No.56609039

>girlfriend of few years only ever plays vidya with me
>try to get her to play 40k
>loves starcraft and wants to play tyranids because of zerg
>wants to make female broodlord conversion of kerrigan
>spergs out about implantation and corruption fantasies
>accidentally have discovered her magical realm that never came up before
>immediately regret decision and now trying to steer her towards playing a different army

>> No.56609055

You are fucking Chris Metzen in drag.

>> No.56609066

Is this story referencing a sexual desire?

>> No.56609208

Your GF truly is the fem-metzen. Congratulations.

>> No.56609253

>Run a 4-session campaign this semester
>5e with 4 players, 3 friends and one friends girlfriend
>Party is a Human fighter, Dwarf Rogue, Kenku Druid, and Yuan-ti Warlock.
>Warlock is being played by the girlfriend because she loved the idea of being a snake
>Goes GOO-lock for Dendar
>Eventually gets pseudodragon and asks if it can look more snakelike
>Actually fucking roleplays as the other three durdle around with their thumbs up their asses
>I do my best to repay her enthusiasm by giving her a nightmare message from Dendar that was a Shadow puppet play, and then a moment where snakes start appearing out of nowhere and eat a hag that she had to double cross because Dendar said so.
>Druid didn't like that wildshape didn't have infinite uses
>Rogue couldn't successfully do a single character voice
> Fighter was boring as fuck

By far the best player of those four. We're all going to try and homebrew a Naruto system from the Mass Effect d6 game over winter break, and we'll see if that solves some problems with the other 3.

>> No.56609254

>not doing at least a little bit of something to address her kink
>not just incidentally running her through a consensual rape scenario where you tie her up, put her in a blindfold and dp her with your cock and a dildo while the theme is that Kerrigan has reclaimed the old Sunken Colony design for her personal purposes
>not at least having a conversation about her magical realm so you don't have to feel like she's harboring something monstrous and not something innocent you're misreading
>being instantly repulsed and scared by a side of your girlfriend

I mean I'd get it if she'd ask you out of the blue that she wants to fuck other dudes or some other monstrosity, but all I see is potential for thick creampies and an ultimately happier relationship.

>> No.56609294


>> No.56609358

In all my gaming, I've played with... Thinking hard about it... I'd say about 12 girls, probably three times as many guys. I'd say the prevelance of That-ism is about even between them. Maybe 3 That Girls, maybe 8 or 10 That Guys.

Notable This Girls:
Hard butch lesbian, got a head for numbers like nothing you've ever seen
Best girl, great RPer, bit flakey due to uncertain work schedule
DM's wife of 20 years, the two were of one mind when it came to RP and setting detail
Tumblr girl with pronouns and triggers and stuff, but a total bro and pretty sharp with concepts and builds

>> No.56609418

If this is about your acquired woman wanting more sexual advances, then you are indeed stupid for not pursuing it. It is better to implant yourself instead of letting her become seeded with Chaos

>> No.56609425

>Naruo homebrew
>Fixing problem players
Oh wow, man.

>> No.56609513

>implantation and corruption fantasies
>tyranid and zerg
She wants kids, man. It's the biological imperative to breed subconsciously manifesting through the desire to become the ultimate mom-goddess figure with an unending horde of adoring spawn. This is why a lot of girls love tyranids and zerg.

>> No.56609550

Besides the Druid and the Warlock, none of us have watched Naruto, but I hear that Boruto is pretty good. They’re not cringe people in the slightest.

>> No.56609563

>It is better to implant yourself instead of letting her become seeded with Chaos
Oooooh my my! It appears spending time with the Custodes is having an affect on our dear adorable primarch!

>> No.56609580

>will shit everywhere and be loud
>will take up your life savings
>there's a possibility he will find 4chan and become a failure
>if something wrong happens to him its traumatic and fills you with worry
>takes forever to grow up and fuck off

>will be very obedient; cute noises
>extremely cost-effective
>comes with a brother for double the fun
>there's a possibility he will find hidden cheese tech or expansion and become an asset
>entirely expendable
>takes like 40 seconds to hatch and run off

>> No.56609606


I met a girl at my Uni who is super into 5e and very passionate about things in general. She is also very SMOL and huggable.

>> No.56609628

I am indeed adorable. But I do not have any affectations caused by the Custodes. However, they might have had a slight impact on my viewpoints.
Is being "smol" a prerequisite for being huggable?

>> No.56609644

Back in college, I taught my qt3.14 short hourglass-figure girlfriend how to play MtG. She got really good at it too...that fucking Elf-drazi mana ramp deck still haunts my dreams.

As do her amazing tits.Not as amazing as OP's pic though, goddamn.

I miss her.

>> No.56609699

Git on 'er, son. Is she single? Are you able to make competent advances on her without spilling your spaghetti?

>> No.56609710

You know what else gets implanted? Embryos. Time to be a dad.

>> No.56609738

ravioli ravioli,
treat kindly the legal loli

>> No.56609752

Baby rabies removes the ability to mentally perform that pros/cons checklist.

>> No.56609783

Yea... We have like, one guy that definitely looks the neckbeard part at my FLGS, but even he doesn't have a lethal range of 20 meters. Pretty sure despite the greasy hair he has the decency to shower with simple water and pack on the deodorant.

The one time we had a real swamp rat come in, about five minutes later the store owner just pointed him to the personal hygiene sign and told him he was breaking the rules. Got all pissy that he was being shamed for his hobby and how the store was just catering entirely to feminism and everyone was a bunch of tools... And then the cops came and escorted him when he refused to leave. Good fun.

I really am glad that our store really started enforcing standards like that, and kicking out people who were being total spergs. I've met a lot of new people thanks to it, including 'normies' who probably wouldn't have ever consider it if the shop wasn't so pleasant to be in.

I feel bad for the places where those legendary neck beards are tolerated.

I played with a 70 year old computer programmer who wrote code for texture rendering in engines. Probably the most interesting person I ever met, and played a fucking hilarious goblin.

>> No.56609785

But is she dickable?

>> No.56609831

Plus she's really into Starcraft, you can work out some kinky dialogue based on that.
>I'm gonna 1a2a3a into your vajayjay
>I worked all week on my APM, let me show you on your clit
>do you like my timely Injects?
>chrono boost activated. this allows me to fuck you even harder and faster!
>your cooch is imba
>hun you need to work on your simcity because your walls are so deliciously penetrable
>in the rear with the gear

Starcraft is the great sexual equalizer; I recite my best build orders in my head every time I fuck and want to last longer and it honestly works.

>> No.56609850

your hand must look like a raisin

>> No.56609861

Good one

>> No.56610192

Get her preggers

>> No.56610380

I broke up with my ex, and she's feeling like ass. Plus this is super recent (about a week and a half), hitting on her friend now would be considered a tremendous dick move.

>> No.56612070

what happened anon?

>> No.56612218

This. Only drama I ever had in one of my 5e groups was a chick who tagged along with her boyfriend to my 5e group (she rolled up a character and I justified her presence) and then broke up with him for no discernible reason three weeks later, forcing me to cancel the session because one of the other players couldn't make it either. Nobody else in the group dated between each other and we all got along.
Another one was because one dude was making fun of another guy's boyfriend. That game was a dumpster fire on all sides (including mine), though.
The third and biggest fucking drama ever was when one guy in my group catfished another using a fake cousin's account. Holy shit.

>> No.56612371

She started using me as an emotional butler rather than treating me as her significant other, and after a while it became unbearable. I broke up with her mostly as a form of self care. I don't hate her nor blame her for doing the shit she did, but I couldn't go on like that for long. I want to cool down my head for a while, and maybe eventually I'll hit on #2 and see if it leads to a healthier relationship.

>> No.56612678

Do yourself a favor and research codependency. You're welcome.

>> No.56612748

Haha thats cool actually. I'd be proud of them.

>> No.56612751

You done good anon. Relationships aren't about relying on someone to be emotional support, boy am I glad you know this already

>> No.56613561

Most of the women I game with are distinctly creeped out by the usual FLGS crowd, so it's all home games, but my group's got some really good ones. My best friend since college (nine, ten years now?) J is our hostess on game night, deceptively Mediterranean looking East Coast Polish girl of not quite thirty who's into electro-swing, paints character pics in art nouveau style (went to art school), and likes to play Awakened chola gangsters in Shadowrun. She basically jumped into tabletop from an online PbP freeform RP background, and I think that's really given her a leg up on most players in terms of actual roleplaying. A friend's old theater nerd girlfriend who I used to play with was similar in that regard; we annoyed each other a bit as people, but man, as a gamer she had her shit 100% together.

Anyways, back in the current group, J's friend M's also pretty cool, hard-to-read but charming comic book geek and Packer fan; I'm a Lions man so we give each other a lot of crap.

And then there's B. Little older, mid 30s, dark haired ethnic Norwegian, teaches English to new immigrants for a living, very cheerful and into cute things. Haven't known her as long, but I brought her over from another group where I met her playing Ars Magica, since she and her boyfriend were super fun.

Anyways, I occasionally try my luck with a store game and realize how lucky I am to have a mixed gender group of well-adjusted, normal people who aren't all the comic book guy from the Simpsons.

>> No.56614159

>long standing friendship with a qt redheaded milf christmas cake
>Met her back in my city of Heroes RP days
>She put up well with more than ten years of my autism
>Finally I decide to start a group
>She's not really a big fan of RPs that focus too much on mechanics like DnD but is willing to offer herself as a player
>She's also the only one in the group highly RP and lore focused where my other two players are murderhobos.

The weird part is, the halfling fighter's player will even SUGGEST and come up with non-lethal or conflict avoiding solutions but is quick to say "nah, fuck it." *Unsheathes rapier*

Also, about the only thing close to lore infringing she's done so far is that her bard seemed to take the revelation one of the player characters is actually a tiefling a little too calmly for the most part, given the colonists' longstanding fears of fiends due to having fled a continent to escape from armies of them. But, she plays a bard whose all about being the party glue and common sense.

>> No.56614173

Try being less of a retarded faggot

>> No.56614195

t.meatflap mary

>> No.56614220

i DM for my girlfriend, three other girls, and my buddy from high school. they're all great, even if one of them is a little slow mechanics-wise. but they all play goddamn elves or tieflings. everyone wants to be a goddamn caster. none of them had any experience with RPGs before this. thank god for my buddy or they'd be fucked.

>> No.56614264

t. shitforbrains bob

>> No.56614319


I've had a few.
All of my groups have had girls in, but I think only a couple have been 'this' tier.

First one played a bard in a longish running forgotten realms game.
She wrote songs and poems about the group's adventures and about the other characters in particular and would actively perform them during downtime - she had short versions she'd hum during battle.
She was surprisingly entertaining.

The other two are both in the list by virtue of just being really cool doods who make interesting characters.
No particularly amazing stories about how cool they are, just general appreciation for the characters they make and roleplay really damn well.
That said they're both very very good at planning heists. Wonder if there's a connection.

>> No.56614329

The girls in my playgroups have been nice enough, it's just that they upset the dynamic of the group too much. Half of my current group has never even held a girl's hand before, so whenever a girl interacts with them they go full retard, causing the girls to leave.

>> No.56614402

gonna be honest, tough to say "who is in the wrong" exactly. If there is.

I mean, on one hand, you should try to get your guy friends not to sperg so fucking hard, maybe find some players that can handle human social interaction of the opposite sex.

On the otherhand, fi the girls were enjoying themselves enough, they would have been willing to tough it out, if only a little and try to reach out to you for help or been able to keep them rebuffed.

This is truly the tricky part of TTRPGs, honestly. There is no game mechanic that cannot be waived or houseruled around, no setting that cannot be homebrewed into something enjoyable for everyone. But the hardest thing to balance is the people themselves.

And that's just the social animal we are.

>She wrote songs and poems about the group's adventures and about the other characters in particular and would actively perform them during downtime - she had short versions she'd hum during battle.
She was surprisingly entertaining.

This sounds fucking amazing.

Huh, elves or tieflings, huh? not a single Assimar or dragonborn? Weird.

>> No.56614425

It really was.
Halfway through the campaign she picked up a small ocarina off amazon or whatever and started learning it so she could put out a few notes here and there to give us an idea of the music her bard was playing.
Was a lot of short ocarina covers of the choruses of famous songs, but for someone just learning to play it was pretty great honestly.
I wish every player was so invested in their characters

>> No.56614438

I got into roleplaying games because of a woman. The woman chemistry teacher at my high school ran games during lunch, and that’s where I and my friends got into it.

>> No.56614452

Did she have to drop because her character ended absurdedly outleveling the rest of the part from how much massive RP EXP she was getting?

Because it sounds like her character would be getting massive truckloads of RP EXP.

>> No.56614491

It's just the sperging that makes it so much worse. Like when there's a girl at the table and you want her to feel welcome and not be seen as a retard by her, don't make crass edgy OoC jokes about girls all evening and then act surprised when the new girl thinks you're a tool and doesn't want to play anymore. It's not a don't be sexist thing, it's a have some social skills thing and know what things are appropriate when and to what extent.

It's a lack of experience on the guys' part, and expectations on the girl's part being too high.

>> No.56614492

Whether positive or negative, these threads are functionally identical to an anguished scream of 'I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED A WOMAN' from a bedroom window.

>> No.56614513

I did throw her a fair bit, but the others were (almost) all doing a decent job of roleplaying too so they weren't TOO far behind.
The others were all okay with her getting some freebies for her effort, and for her part, she played it well and didn't power game at all.

>> No.56614519

I think you may be confused my friend

>> No.56614541

Sounds like that was a truly amazing game, anon. Perhaps you should storytime it some time.

fair enough. And as GM you only have so much power to reign in either side.

still better than yet another THAT GUY thread.

>> No.56614562

someone post more of this girl in the OP pic

>> No.56614584

ITT filthy lies.

>> No.56614593

The campaign itself was nothing special sadly - I had been out of GMing for years so it was relatively simple.
Since they were all new players they were all perfectly happy just goin along with whatever quest I laid ahead of them and didn't particularly ask around or explore to see any of the side/open world things I'd made.
So it ended up being sort-of half railroaded simply because they were all just enjoying the storyline and disnt even really look into doing anything else - even when I told them there was other stuff around.
Still they all said they had a radical time. We only stopped because the thatgirl rogue made a twat of herself and the bard moved hours away for work. We still hang out and play one shots when the whole team is in town though.

>> No.56614638

>milf christmas cake
One excludes the other, my son.

>> No.56614661


I love how this thread stays up for 19 hours but any discussion about unsleeved gets instantly deleted.

>> No.56614717

Your face are filthy lies.

>> No.56614740

You just have no talent and can't hook up players or manage the game properly, give up.

>> No.56614802

We'll go with just MILF then, it was about 1am when I made that post.

I see, still sounded like a magical time.

Had Thatgirl been a problem throughout though?


>> No.56614950

Yeah, she was pretty obnoxious but generally not too awful.
Just dumb shit like always having to be in the edgiest place possible at any given time, and generally being an edgemaster. Was annoying but not really that bad in the long term.
Also she was dim and never caught on that people were laughing at her edge, not along with her megalomaniac chuckling.

>> No.56615004

Every man vs. woman 'Survivor' season says the opposite but, sure.

>> No.56615435

>The third and biggest fucking drama ever was when one guy in my group catfished another using a fake cousin's account. Holy shit.
this sounds hilarious

>> No.56616151

You are pants on head retarded if you think some reality tv show is reality.

>> No.56616179

And if you populate the woman's side with a bunch of redneck hillbilly girls, you'll see them wipe the floor with the cityborn guys.

It's called cherrypicking, and it doesn't make an argument.

>> No.56616236


>> No.56616243

Boruto is fucking trash and completely abandons the pretense of not being about child prodigies

>> No.56616279

>chola elf
Shit have I found my new fetish? Where’s all the chola porn

>> No.56616305

I’ve played for decades. I’ve never met a female player or DM that was there because they loved the game. They were there because they were romantically involved with a man who did.

>> No.56616495

5e seems to have gotten really popular recently. It's a good, solid system. Our 5e group is 2/6 girls (including me), and might rise to 3/7. Our last group (we played Runequest) was 3/6. We're all friends and would play at my place but the store is more convenient for most of this particular group to access (when I get a little more experienced and start DMing however like I want to, I'm going to host, since I have a dedicated room in my place which I intend to start getting specially fitted out for gaming).

The other 5e groups in the store we play are 5/6, 2/5, and 0/5 on the day we play (like I said, it's gotten really popular lately). I'm including DMs in the count here; none of the DMs in these groups are women but I do know one who is (and is also a published erotic novelist, so, that's a thing).

Board games, roleplaying and tabletop in general seems to be a fairly even split in my personal experience; CCGs and wargaming are the two areas which I've seen are almost always male, but even there there are exceptions (friends with a Swedish girl whose team won a Warhammer tourney recently and is really into her grand strategy games).

I honestly don't really think about it as things stand, but I guess it's pretty cool? Groups seem comfy. If I was like the only girl, and the rest of the group was all male, then that might start getting a little weird but it really depends on the people. I really prefer playing with friends.

>> No.56616583


Yea, its like an optical illusion. You stare long enough on that picture, and eventually all manner of shit appear in the background.

>> No.56616591

You're right.

I cancelled the session and I'm selling all my books and moving on.

>> No.56616623

That's too bad.

I love the game, and I GM all the time. Worlds are fun to build.

>> No.56616714


If your partner being around makes you feel worse than when they are not around you do not have a partner, you have a problem. You don't need to break up yet, but you have to acknowledge that this is usually the best solution for problems this severe.

>> No.56617130

There is a fat girl at the store who is cool. There's also a fat tranny at the store who is cool. Neither one is that great looking, but they are both fun and nice. It's a bit of a tough store environment. Lots of roasting and horrible talk. You would expect girls to be uncomfortable and offput but they both endure well and shit talk back.

>> No.56618033


>> No.56618173

I would comment but as I was finishing the post, I realized that my best example was my favorite ex and things (if properly described) would get very lewd quite quickly. She was by no means the only cool gal I've played with, but...

Anyway, polite bump. It's good to remember the good players instead of just the bad ones.

>> No.56618510

>things (if properly described) would get very lewd quite quickly
You can't just say that and then not start storytime, anon.
Go on, we're waiting.

>> No.56618603

>She wrote songs and poems about the group's adventures and about the other characters in particular and would actively perform them during downtime - she had short versions she'd hum during battle.
>She was surprisingly entertaining.

I had a male player kinda like this once. I had a bunch of new players, and we were having a session 0 where we did chargen. Anyway, we all got really drunk and somehow ended up pretty much bullying one player into playing an escaped elf concubine bard. (Note that I offered to help him make an actual character before that session was over, but he was a good sport and thought it'd be a laugh)

He ended up busting out the keyboard from his room for the session, changing it to harp setting, and playing music whenever he used his bard powers. He'd occasionally ad-lib shitty lyrics about what was happening, but he mostly just covered random music he'd heard that day. The man played a hell of a harp cover for Salil Sawarim (that song in the ISIS videos).

>> No.56619586

Good for you dude!

>> No.56619858

nice that some Stacys are brought low enough for us.
I've become horribly bitter as a wizard.
I'm sorry but I can't stop. kill me.

>> No.56619978


>> No.56620178

Just because a chick is successful in life doesn't mean she's a stacy, in fact, stacys are quite stupid and get through life mostly by looks. She wouldn't be a winning swimmer, she'd be a cheerleader.

The fact that she picked the hobby, if anything, says good things about her and good things about the hobby; that we have allowed it to become this sort of black hole of misery is because we as playerbase abuse it endlessly. It doesn't have to be this way though.

>> No.56620276

>plays 40k and AoS only with painted models

God bless her.

>> No.56620321


>> No.56621769

They're all fat. Desperate western girl rejects who can only get the reject boys.

>> No.56621974


>> No.56622072

So where are the people avoiding you in this story?

I’m a little confused, were the people there to see you destroy a room? Was this an internal family matter that got out?

>> No.56622213

>Only girl ever in my groups was a womanlet with bright pink hair who always played a gnome/halfling and always played cute characters

Honestly? She was pretty refreshing as she usually broke up the more edgy and serious stuff.

No idea why Girls seem to love playing cute shit though. Guess ti's the same as me always playing the "BUTCH HARDCHUNK" Strongman type.

>> No.56622293

Jesus you can play a board game on her tits.

>> No.56622533

I didn't come to /tg/ to fap, yet here we are

>> No.56622558


>> No.56622779

Women are a myth.
Stop spreading these lies.
I have never seen a woman my entire life.

>> No.56622869

this, my LGS is mostly normal looking dudes and never met anyone that smelled. They are mostly average looking dudes. Even at the GPs in my country I didn't encounter many of your typical neckbeards.

>> No.56622901

name pls

>> No.56622924

Reread the response, the smellbeards were in the UK. Not all the assholes are in the US, just a good amount of them. Being a huge douche is international

>> No.56623009

I was playing at a different LGS 10 years ago and it was a typical shithole filled with neckbeards, that I'm hearing about here a lot. But before I noticed people complaining online, I though we sort of moved past it and the community has changed. It seems that I'm just lucky.

>> No.56623017

>Sometimes I wonder why I am still with her.
Dude why ARE you with her? That sounds miserable.
>not "allowed" to play vidya or do anything involving MTG while force feeding you her interests
Pussy isn't worth it man, take responsibility for your own happiness and bail on that shit.

>> No.56623039

I'm the only guy of a group of 8.

>> No.56623098

Sing O Goddess, of the exploits of this unusual anon.

>> No.56623583

I have played PnP with ~8 Girls so far and barring one (who only was there for a few sessions, before it all came to a halt), they have all been pretty meh-tier Players. Not that the males (me included are much better, but still).

Funnily enough, i know many Girls who are GREAT boardgamers or decent to good Magic Gals, but Pen&Paper RPG?
Mostly not really good.

>> No.56627866

>player asks if we can bring a new player to the game, his girlfriend
>players shoot each other the standard look of dread common to when these questions are asked, but tentatively approves
>girlfriend shows up a generic, but acceptable character, says she spent all night reading the PHB
>is creative in combat situations, and an active roleplayer
>clearly knew the rules to the system, and never did the "which die do I roll again?" thing
>became a permanent addition to the group, even after the two of them broke up

>> No.56628405

How did that work?

>> No.56628509

I tried to find it but the only source I could find is on pinterest and I didn't feel like creating a profile. The tits are fat but there are fatter tits that are more easily obtained.

>> No.56628693

I have the opposite kind of story and I really need to vent because right now I'm having a mental fucking breakdown

I'm the chopped liver of a group that I was enjoying. We were playing Pathfinder, doing one of the adventure paths. One player whom I enjoyed playing with says they wanna bring in their buddy one session. I'm "alright". so they do

they bring in their friend and it's alright for a little bit but right around this time of year my mental health starts deteriorating so I take a break from the game to focus on my life

I come back after two months. try and rejoin

>"no anon you can't"
>"you're a cool guy but [new girl] doesn't like you sorry"
so I shut up about it okay fine I have other games

come two more years of every single fucking game I played in falling apart either at the two month mark or the level 3 mark whichever came first

so I go back to this group (since I'm buddies with everyone BUT the girl they brought in) and I hear "oh hey the DM is planning two more games" and its fine yknow I already begged for a fucking solo game just to get something for my sorry ass because I know this GM is great.

I'm not even considered for either one. Not because of the solo game which rarely ever runs but [new girl] has already GOT HER FUCKING FINGERS IN THE PIE. I wasn't even CONSIDERED for them at all what the fuck, even though I expressed interest in both concepts, all because some girl can't accept an apology over some off-color jokes and bad behavior years ago that I've gotten better about and tried to rein in but hey, no, fuck you anon one altercation two years ago you tried to apologize for over months and months and months with no success ruins your chances in the present ain't that a bunch of bullshit

>> No.56629068

I have a couple of girls at my table

One is unable to RP and only pays attention when something directly effects her character. But she takes notes on everything and plans.

The other puts 100% into RP, knows the system well but is also is the saltiest when anything negative happens.

>> No.56629211

Can you tell us more in deep what happened?

>> No.56629258

That sucks dick, anon. I'd stop being friends with any of them. Mostly because none of these people were your friends to begin with, and they were likely wanting to boot you for years but we're too chickenshit to do it. You have my sincere sympathy (no sarcasm, same thing has happened to me on several occasions), but try to look at it like ripping a band-aid off, it stings but the quicker you stop groveling to hang out with these people and move on, the quicker you will recover.

>> No.56629329

I waved my hand in front of my eyes and felt the air shift, but nothing reached my eyes through the darkness. The faint sound of dripping water permeated the air, probably from the bathroom right above the basement. It was the kind of thing you didn't notice until the lights were out.

"So how'd you make them go out like that?" Phillip wondered. I'd almost forgotten he was here.

"The candles?" Britney's voice asked through the darkness. She had insisted she play the role of dungeon master, tonight especially. She said it'd be a night we'd never forget. Truth be told, I'd have done anything for her. "A girl can have her secrets, can't she?" Britney snickered. The candles suddenly flickered back into light, just barely illuminating our four silhouettes and not much more.

Jimmy interrupted, "Did someone leave the water on? I hear the faucet dripping. Gah, whatever. We playing or what? My barbarian heart is ready to slay some monsters. Where did we leave off anyways?"

I caught another glance from Britney and smiled shyly. Her blue eyes appeared almost a hypnotising red in the flickering glimmer of the candles. The slight upward quirk of her lips as she returned my smile set my heart thumping again, as it did every time. We'd been getting together once a week for a month now, but I still couldn't help but wonder how a girl like that got into a game like this. I mean, Britney was one of the most popular girls at school. Everyone loved her. She was what you could honestly call objectively beautiful and for some reason she'd arrived, hovering over our lunch table as we discussed my brilliant strategy to defeat the Lizardman hordes.

"You guys play DnD?" She'd said, as if it was perfectly normal. She hadn't cowered, waiting for a moment when the lunchroom was empty. She'd just gotten up from her table, dropped off her tray, and walked straight up to us as if she wasn't breaking every rule about social interactions on the planet.

I had to elbow Jimmy to get him to speak.

>> No.56629339

>You have my sincere sympathy
That makes one of us. Even in his own words, from his own side of the story
>some off-color jokes and bad behavior
That's the sort of shit that I kick players for, and I already have too many players to be giving out second chances to known shitheads.

>> No.56629347

"Ow, yeah... I mean..." He paused to put on a braver face. "Yeah. Sure. Why?"

"I'd like to host a game. You boys free Saturday?"

And that's when she looked at me, with those warm eyes, and I just knew Britney would never steer us wrong.

Of course Jimmy and Phillip thought it was a trap. Maybe we were going to get mugged by Britney's jock friends. But I was convinced she was sincere. How could someone like her possibly lie? We ended up rolling a D20 at 15 or above to decide, and the die said go.

So for a month we'd traveled through the hills of Zannor, defeated monsters in the marshes of Ulburque, and entered the cave of Sepheria, where we hoped to slay the vile monster.

But this time Britney had lit candles, and done some séance. It had seemed silly. The candles had poofed out when she finished saying the words. Now they were relit in the pitch black basement.

I noticed the weapons first. A huge broadsword sat in front of Jimmy and bow with a quiver of arrows in front of Phillip. For me, there were two sleek daggers, serrated to the tip.

"Holy crap," Jimmy noticed, catching up. "Where'd you get these?"

Britney shrugged. "I had them lying around."

"This is awesome," Phillip said, lifting the bow and tugging at the string, unable to pull it back even an inch.

"So," Britney said, her voice cool and confident, "we were in the cave of the Succubus, Sepheria, last I checked. We best get started." Her voice became lower and smoother as she began telling us where we were. "You're in a massive cavernous space, black surrounding you. Some candles running low stand in the center of the room but the light barely pierces the thick darkness. You hear dripping in the distance--"

"That faucet," Phillip laughed.

"No," Britney replied at once, "the rains seeping into the crevices of the cave. Your weapons are at your feet, and all you see are two glowing, violet eyes as the Succubus emerges from the darkness with a sly smile. What do you do?"

Britney's smile grew wider.

>> No.56629354

As with 99% of relationship issues, it can be solved with communication.

Don't go in with too many assumptions. Tell her you feel confused at her reaction to you setting up this game. Tell her that this hobby is important to you and that you made a commitment that you have to stick to (at least for now).

The problem could be that she isn't really into this and you need to find a hobby that you can get excited about together. Relationships take compromise, so be prepared for some give and take.

Good luck anon

>> No.56629428

If every group you've been in for the last 10 years have fallen apart it might be time to consider why

>> No.56629449

First pathfinder group I was ever in. Great GM, great players. six sessions in, one chick wants to bring in her friend. I say okay go ahead I'm fine with that the more the merrier. five sessions later after some fun sessions and shenanigans involving my barbarian girl accidentally dealing way too much damage I have to leave, as I said, because of my mental health which has never been particularly good in the first place. so around the dozenth session I say "hey I gotta leave because i'm gonna have a mental breakdown any second and I need a month or two to recover"

so I leave. twelve sessions in, no big deal, level 3, whatever. I come back two or three months later and I say "hey GM do you want me to reroll or bring back my first Char I'm feeling great now". I get back "no anon we decided we didn't want you back". I'm shocked but okay whatever i'll go check out other games but I ask why and the why is that "anon you've been disruptive and a bit of a dick" well shit i'll apologize for that, I didn't even realize it, I know I have an abrasive personality that gets out of control sometimes, even at the best of times, no big deal.

so I try and get some answers and say "hey i'm sorry for being such a fuckhead do you forgive me" from one player, they forgive me, that's alright, do the same with the half-elf player that's been really cool, get the same response but come to find out I had been put on the block list of one player (let's call her [new girl]) so can't apologize to them. I go to the other players and say "hey will you tell [new girl] that I want to apologize to her]" and they say sure. But I get no response back from them.

So I do that again and again for a few months, get nothing back. Until one day the DM says "[new girl] wants nothing to do with you" and that breaks my fucking heart


>> No.56629514

If I kicked players for off color jokes I'd have to kick all my players then kick myself. "Bad behavior" is a brand term, it could mean ripping a sour fart and leaving the room or it could mean stealing the dms camera to buy meth (something that happened to me) I'd like to know the details now that I think about it...

>> No.56629520

What exactly did you joke about?

>> No.56629547

You sound like a groveling faggot, who is possibly autistic in a literal sense and not in a meme sense.

>> No.56629575

so whatever, I have other groups, i'll hang with them but none of them ever finish a game because they're all full of flakes, fuck it. maybe the GM will give me a solo game, that works, he can fit that in anywhere, and it works, woohoo.

Solo game goes fine, but then I hear from another player "hey the GM is gonna run a sequel game for the campaign you had to leavel" so hey i'll ask "you can I join"

"no anon you can't"
"[new girl] is in it"

breaks my heart again, then I hear that they're considering another paizo ap hell's whatever it doesn't matter, I get my hopes up.

>yo what's the lineup for the new game
"X, Y, Z, [new girl], sorry anon you can't join"

breaks my heart again, because it was an ap I was wanting to play and I already had a character sheet stashed away just in case, just flip the alignment and it'd all be good.

so that's my deal.

it was an autism joke, apparently. I hit my head pretty hard a few months ago and my memory has been spotty about that ever since.

like I said I have bad mental health issues, i'm terrible about thinking people talk shit about me behind my back, and I get obsessed over small shit, and I know I have a really short fuze which has bit me in the ass. I can't say I'm the most stable of people.

wouldn't be the first time someone has said that to me.

>> No.56629586

It sounds bad enough from his own side of the story, and sure enough he's still skirting around actually providing details. I know plenty of godawful manturds at my local LGS, and I doubt he's much different. Not worth my time to run games for.

>> No.56629628

honestly anon I just needed some place to vent anonymously. not like this shit can be traced back to me.

>> No.56629681

>If I kicked players for off color jokes I'd have to kick all my players then kick myself.
Like my GM used to say, there's two thing you should not tolerate at gaming table - racism and gypsies.

>> No.56629925

>Is being "smol" a prerequisite for being huggable?

No uncle Dor...I mean lord Adorable. But it does add to the huggableness.

She is. We are actually grabbing coffee tomorrow

Yea but I have easily a foot of height on her and I am worried I will break her ;~;

>> No.56629989

as long as you also don't have a foot of length on her, chances are she will manage

>> No.56630073

>chill af chick for 3.5 game, was good at tactics and roleplaying
>developed feelings for me
>start seeing her secretly
>bf finds out, sperges out in his high pitched voice
>never see her again

Fast forward to today.

>moved away 5 years ago
>no gaming stores in town, middle of nowhere
>only group i know that plays tabletop is a bunch of co-workers i absolutely despise
>play online on roll20, with girlfriend constantly asking "Are you winning babe?" (I'm the DM)

Where did it all go so wrong bros...

>> No.56630407

Have you tried running like the West Marches where it's up to the players to pick a time and show up. The onus is on them to make an appointment.

>> No.56630688

I havent shaved, dont cut my hair and rarely, all that matters is u can make her laugj

>t. Some faggot who brags about useless shit go fuck yourself pussy ill fucking burn you house down and feast on your flesh

>> No.56630731

>Girl joined our roleplaying group.
>She slept with one of the guys and they got together.
>The guy turned out to be an obsessive asshole, so she left.
>Another one of the guys "picked her up" not more then 1 week after the breakup but didn't tell anyone.
>Everyone finds out.
>We have slight suspicions they where cheating on Guy #1.
>Guy #1 starts to threaten Guy #2 and they can't play together anymore.
>Guy #2 feels shit about everything, filled with regret.
>Girl decides that love isn't her thing and leaves Guy #2.
>Fucks up months worth of roleplaying.
>The other half of the group just wants to roleplay.
>2 people can't join our group anymore because they hate eachothers.

Bonus round: She wouldn't stop hitting me when she was drunk, I had bruises on my arms after midsummer.
Obviously this is a one time thing and girls aren't like this usually, but damn she ruined a third of the roleplaying group and froze all gaming for half a year.

>> No.56633564


This is a pretty common magical realm for women, seriously.

I'd say a solid 30%.

>> No.56634077


>Playing Vampire with mostly female players

If you're not a faggot I pity you.

>> No.56634281

>Pax Unplugged
>VtM 5e playtest
>expect some cringe
>fat obvious tranny sits down, terrible female voice, shy, busted-up shoulder that she keeps trying to stretch without moving too much
>oh this is gonna be a trainwreck
>she's actually cool, stays in character, asks questions, grasps the rules, starts talking to the group
>only weird thing was when she needed a break to go take some meds?
>don't think it was drugs, she didn't act any different when she came back
>thanks everyone for a fun session
>everything still went better than expected

>> No.56634390

I know nobody manifested interest, so I'm doing in my own behalf. Don't keep me hanging.

>> No.56634582


>not just incidentally running her through a consensual rape scenario where you tie her up, put her in a blindfold and dp her with your cock and a dildo while the theme is that Kerrigan has reclaimed the old Sunken Colony design for her personal purposes

>> No.56634630

I remember the one and only time I ran Vampire for women only. I thought I'd be getting a buffet of goth pussy and instead I had to constantly be the UN representative that actually cares about his job.

God, I was a stupid teenager.

>> No.56634692

Half the people in my group are chicks and its not really any different playing with dudes. GM's a grill too. They're mostly SJWs though so I keep politics out of it and always feel like kinda limited since if I'm too unPC shit might get started. Fortunately I've the least "privilege" so I cant be told to check em

>> No.56634706

>>start seeing her secretly
>>bf finds out, sperges out in his high pitched voice
I think if you can't see where it went wrong you might need your eyes checked.

>> No.56634763

>ponytail/trenchcoat combo
Is it the combo or is each part individually bad? I'm fat and have a pony tail, but i never considered my hair a problem for my appearance.
>mfw I can genuinely smell the people from 20 meters, outside the room when the RP society meets up
But seriously. I fail to shower when i've gone full hermit for a few days but I always have time to shower before i leave for game night. I just don't get how people can not give a shit about what is likely the little human interaction they get.

>> No.56634843


>> No.56634929

>have a gf that's perfect in every way except she isn't into most /tg/ related things
>Please hold me
>Pic related

Why is life so cruel?

>> No.56634942

For what? Playing a goofy game with some of my friends? Project a little less there, mate.

>> No.56635335


You know damn well for what. Try denying a little less there, mate.

>> No.56635409

Haven't played that many tabletop games with girls... But here's one story.
> Party consists of ranger, cleric, rogue, and witch
> We're playing a comedic fantasy
> Some of the things the witch has done
> Stole a chainmail bikini from a local smith using an invisibility spell.
> Failed at it, resulting in a smith running around the town chasing a floating chainmail bikini
> Wore the stolen piece of armor and lured bandits into traps and off cliffs
> Met the doppelgangers of the party while the party met the doppelganger of her
> Convinced the party not to kill the doppelgangers, because they hadn't done any harm to them
> Generally was a party face, a voice of common sense, and the most kind-hearted character in the party.

>> No.56635987

Wish I figured that out before I had a kid with mine.

Shit got worse after I cheated on her (after trying to leave her) with a younger twink. 4 or 5 times. I miss him. I need to slow down with the drinking

>> No.56636387

>>spergs out about implantation and corruption fantasies
>>accidentally have discovered her magical realm that never came up before
you're a faggot. you should have then planned out a whole bunch of senarios to capture and corrupt her, threatening to impregnate her with your spawn and turn her into a broodmother, and then eventually doing so.

you had your girlfriend's magical realm in your hands, and you ran away. Faggot.

>> No.56636535

>girl outs herself on /tg/
>is not buried in a request for pictures of breasts >no creepy neckbeards hitting on her
>no white knights inviting her to their game

This board has truly changed

>> No.56636810

>"Outs" herself as if it's supposed to be some shameful secret
>paying attention to people's gender

This board has not changed and you should stop white knighting it, because you're the kind of people fucking it up.

>> No.56636960

I'd be willing to bet it's people like me who after a while in a thread like this just start skimming and looking for >greentext
i didnt even see that shit

>> No.56637836

>paying attention to people's gender
>in a thread about gender


>> No.56638560


>> No.56638670

My bad anon, I'll get on that.



>> No.56638986

>Tfw you're a girl and it seems that everyone wants to fuck the girls they play with.

Now I'm wondering how the others players see me.

>> No.56639011

I imagine most dudes at least think about fucking the girls they play with. I mean I'm not even attracted to them and I've thought about it a couple of times.

>> No.56639017

Just offer to give your DM a blowjob under the table while he runs the campaign. Then see how the rest of the players respond to that. You'll know.

>> No.56639237

It'll probably fuck up everything like in most of the story about girls sleeping with the GM or the players.

>> No.56639613

You don't know much about men do you?

>> No.56639652

To be honest, the only persons I dated were girls. And even if all my friends are men, I can't think that they're like this. I mean, that they want to hit on me.
Or it's just on /tg/

>> No.56639684

We have a natural inclination to consider whether or not we'd fuck you, and generally speaking we would, in the right circumstances, fuck the ones we like. This isn't explicitly "we like her because she's hot", but generally speaking unless you're a fucking troglodyte, by being a woman who is also someone enjoy as a human being we emphasize your positive traits enough in our heads to find you hot.

I'd like to think most of us are reasonable enough to observe this fact, enjoy the fantasy and not make it awkward/shitty in real life by trying to force it. If the internet is anything to go by, I am deluding myself.

>> No.56639725

Well, I've definitely known lesbians who thought about fucking practically every girl they saw too senpai.

>> No.56639778

It's pretty normal. but, like thoughts of murder, destruction, and mayhem, most don't actually act on it and remain reasonably calm about such thing.


Guilty as charged.

>> No.56639832

Keep in mind, just because someone considers having sex with someone else, that doesn't exactly mean that they want to hit on you.

It's a common mind-state dudes fall into, just casually wondering 'hey, I wonder what it would be like to fuck her'. Throw in some friendship, and a bunch of positive traits that they find in you, and then they tend to figure 'yeah, fucking her would be pretty fun.'

The thing is, though, it's something we all do and think... even if most of the time we'd never make any efforts toward that. It's not as if we're actively trying to get laid, or actively trying to hit on the girl we're considering. It's a curiosity, a mind-game.

As a culture, men are raised to think they always want sex even when they don't. In the same way that women are raised to think that they don't want sex, even when they do. Throw in evolutionary pressures, where men need spend only a little effort to have children while it's a huge investment for women, and it's hard for a dude to 'break' this programming.

I mean, I'm in love with my fiance, and I'd never actually consider cheating on her or fucking another woman, but even I occasionally have 'imagine spots' now and then when I see an attractive woman.

>> No.56639858

You need to be at least 18 years old to use this website

>> No.56639875

I sympathize with you but there really does seem to be information missing. Friends don’t just ghost you when you’re going through shit. Especially not when you’re in the middle of a campaign in my experience. Anyway Gj getting help. It’s hard to recognize when you need it

>> No.56639918

Well. Most of the girls I know are terribly cute, in my opinion, and it's a plus if they like traditional games.
I don't have any games up right now and I'm pretty down about it. Finding other girls willing to play online or irl is pretty difficult somehow. So for now, I don't want to sleep with anyone.

It's understandable, we all have this kind of thoughts. Even me. But I hope all of this is only fantasy and will always remains fantasy. Men aren't as clean as you are Anon.

>> No.56639974

As a fat guy, yeah I'm always a little bit hungry, even just after eating.

And if I see some food then a part of me wonders: how would that taste? Should I eat that?

It doesn't mean I'm going to - I know when food isn't there for me, when asking for it would be rude or seen as disgusting. And some food I don't like at all - I wouldn't eat certain foods unless I was starving, just the thought of them disgusts me, even though others like those foods.

Same with women and sex for me - although I can't speak for anyone except myself. I can want something without actively pursuing it, even without showing any real sign of my desire.

But I still want it, to a greater or lesser extent.

>> No.56640078

> But I hope all of this is only fantasy and will always remains fantasy. Men aren't as clean as you are Anon.

There's almost never a situation where it's not just fantasy. Like >>56639974 said... That analogy is pretty perfect, at least for me.

Though don't discount the possibility that someone has a crush on you. I mean, keep in mind, TRPGs is nowhere near a common hobby, and even with the recent upswing in popularity over the past few years, it's still kind of a 'boys only club', a thing grognards and autistic losers play. There's certain kind of lonely personalities in that 'club' that will fall pretty easily for anyone who's reasonably not-unattractive and is nice to them. Those same personalities tend to lack the kind of social sense to tell if someone's into them or not, or how to confess- it tends to sound like they're just hitting on their interest.

But that's a lot less about fucking, and a lot more about emotions and stuff.

>> No.56640224

>But that's a lot less about fucking, and a lot more about emotions and stuff.
>emotions and stuff.
I had a girl who liked emotions a bit too much a while ago, I even went out with her, every single game, she crushed on a player. Which is perfectly ok in game. Every single time. She'll start talking to [player] outside the game. Which is perfectly ok. But every single time she'll have a crush on [player] irl. Which is fine I guess ? But the thing is that she didn't liked the [player] himself, but the character they played. Herself turned out to be a bitch irl and [player] not as great they were in the game.
Too much emotions.
It happened four times at least.

>> No.56640241

This thread got out of control quickly

>> No.56640268

the poster's gender was actually relevant to the post, the whole "tits or GTFO" was meant to dissuade the "tee-hee I'm a GIRL" posts. If the poster's gender adds to the discussion it shouldn't be stigmatized.

Unless the poster's a tranny. Because fuck trannies.

>> No.56640367

I admit, I just don't understand people sometimes. People make relationships into competitions, they make relationships into bargains and 'if you buy me chocolate I'll give you a BJ' and they'll cause all sorts of drama and bullshit just to make the other party jealous.

I don't understand. Why can't people be mutually supportive? Why make a partnership into a dick-measuring contest instead of talking things out like adults? Why cause drama when you can just relax and tell your partner how you're feeling? Why beat the shit out of them, period? Why making it all about having or avoiding sex when you can just do what makes your partner happy? Why butt heads when you can compromise?

It's about teamwork. About companionship, and support, and trust. To lean on their shoulder when you need help, and be a firm shoulder for them when they need yours. People are bad at caring for themselves, so if you have two people who do their absolute best at selflessly caring for the other, they'll be better off in the long run.

It's not about 'winning' to make yourself feel better.

It's about love.

>> No.56640408

>It's about love.
Am I still on /tg/ ?

>> No.56640450

>Second hand attention whoring

>> No.56641180

>am I on the board where the good guy who does right even when it's inconvenient is an ideal to pursue
Goddamn right, you are.
A little of this. Like the poster above said, you get into thinking of "Would I, probably" situations. My bro's girl games with us. I check her out. My bro knows I do. He also knows that I would never cross that iron line, because I love my bro and he loves me, and that respect comes before all else.
I'd still fuck his girl senseless.

>> No.56641402

Maybe biased but, my gf. She got introduced to the game about a year ago and I've been DM'ing a group with her and my friends. She never asks or gets special treatment for dmgf, is constantly forcing herself out of her comfort zone, and asks questions to get better at the game.

I never understood everyone's problem with women in their games. I hear horror stories of terrible players of both genders.

>> No.56641524

I DM and play with my wife sometimes, she makes our one on one games very lewd and gay

>> No.56641599

Because the autism of 4chan.

>> No.56641824

Lucked out on my girlfriend
>Loves to play DnD
>Is always curious when I paint miniatures, asking me about the process, etc. Helps me assemble, prep and prime without me even asking
>Has spent more than 300€ on /tg/-related gifts for me
>Wants me to teach her how to play Magic
>Just the other day spent almost two comfy hours with me sitting by the fireplace, debating her homebrew setting with me, taking my criticism and changing stuff.
>Is always asking me if she's not taking up too much of my time and if I would prefer playing something

The only thing I regret is that she doesn't like going against people in strategy board games. She was, however, a nice snack chef during our TI3 games, and would always hang around watching carefully and joining in on the fun - we eventually made her into a sort of neutral Arbiter around politics, conflict etc...

>> No.56642157

>Wife is a complete Stacey
>Blonde, blue-eyed, big tiddy was cheerleader in hs
>She has always had 0 interest in D&D and vidja despite my efforts, but have other shit to share

>My old hs/college buddies were in town for thanksgiving
>They stay a few days with us, like old times
>Wife feels weird if everyone's having a good time without her, so she decides to sit in on D&D and give it a shot
>We all roll up characters
>She reads all of the races and classes and after a long time in silence, just reading, sits up and says "I want to be a barbarian."
>That doesn't really seem like her. I imagined her as a bard or a druid or something.
>"Honey, are you sure?"
>I walk her through character creation

>She plays "Sasha, The Barbarian Princess"
>Gets really in-character. Speaks in a gruff voice and ROARS like I've never heard when the party is in a fight
>Is a team player, and comes up with unconventional shit like, "Tear the door off the hinges, so that we have portable cover so that the rogue can get in position."
>The next day, she started legitimately reading through all of the D&D books on her own accord

It took 6 years, but I think we can finally share this hobby together.

>> No.56642215

You're living the dream, anon. Well done.

>> No.56642267

How did you even snag her, anon? Teach us your ways

>> No.56642271


>> No.56642346

good job

>> No.56642410

I don't know how I managed to pull her off the top shelf.

She's always claimed that the things she likes most about me are my sense of humor and how casual I am about everything. She also grew up in a little podunk town where hanging out at the Wal Mart or doing meth were your only options for Friday night.

The first thing I did when I met her was invite her to stay at my apartment in the city "just to hang out". I guess what started as a booty call for a little country girl escalated into finding her life partner.

She's changed a lot since we've been together. She used to be really naive and "country SJW" if that's a thing.

>> No.56642437

My gf is profoundly autistic and she's enjoying D&D now, I'm so proud of her. She can handle complex social situations without help now. I'm going to run some sort of MLP solo campaign for her soon which I expect to produce wacky greentext in about a month.

>> No.56642574


You're living the dream anon

Fuck you

I'm so alone

>> No.56642647

Stop wallowing in self-pity and get out there and get shit done.

>> No.56642718

Shes really a Victorian french man

>> No.56642773

You're probably like 20, dude. I had a two year dry-spell before I met my wife. Literally no romantic contact for over two years, and then suddenly dream woman. But it took a lot of work and putting myself out there. Basically a couple months of going out and getting rejected by other women before I met her.

What was most ridiculous was that during the two months of trying, I just kept getting rejected and pissed off, but then I was all "I'm done trying. Women are stupid." And as soon as I stopped trying, she just "appeared". I met her at the library, added her on facebook, then things just sort've "clicked".

Ya gotta walk miles through hell to get a chance at heaven, I guess.

>> No.56642803

There's a lovely lady who shows up for saturday wargaming at my FLGS with her husband, big into Space Wolves and Sisters and Orks. Not the best converter or painter but definitely the most fun-oriented player. Her husband tries to goad her into borderline WAAC-ery but usually she just does whatever sounds fun and generally brightens the day of other players with infectious enthusiasm. May your saves always be sixes, Armytits.

>> No.56642850

I love you anon :3


>> No.56642856

She bakes us snacks.

>> No.56642888

>>plays 40k and AoS only with painted models

>> No.56642993

That sounds almost exactly like my partner, except she doesn't have kids and she doesn't want them.
It's a special kind of wonderful when your girlfriend is consistently one of the best character creators and roleplayers in your groups, and a fucking great DM on top of that.

>> No.56642994

Not who you replied to, but your post made me sad. I'm two years into time as a wizard. I haven't had a date in two presidential administrations.

>> No.56642999

>completely stop going for two months
>"Why wasn't i considered!?!?!"

>> No.56643081

Who the fuck thought men were “clean” in the first place

>> No.56643111

I've been teaming up with one of our female members to help guide the game in the way the dm wants

>> No.56643271

Nail on the head. Friend of mine is dating hands-down the hottest girl in the group - and not even desert queen syndrome either, a genuine 8/10. But for the same reasons you’ve said, I’d never break that trust.

>> No.56643426

Lucky to have my girlfriend. Been together 9 years and she's my best friend and best roleplayer, AND one of the best DMs in my group.

>met GF at the end of highschool
>extremely shy and embarrassed about interacting with people
>severe anxiety disorder
>open up over the years
>reconnect with friends from highschool, eventually get into WoD and D&D in that order
>GF grows to become open and friendly, and very casual with friends she knows closely
>easily one of the best two roleplayers in the group
>always puts lots of effort into her characters
>also an artist, so always get full party group shots, as well as little chibi versions
>goes to start DMing, puts in just as much, if not more effort than she did with RPing
>PCs, NPCs, maps, buildings, enemies all get little 4" by 1.5" character pictures
>clips them to her DM screen when they show up in scenes, really helps with the flow of remembering who you're talking to/fighting
>consistently puts a crazy amount of detail into her characters, and designs games so we stay in one place and naturally become invested
>literally the best DM we've ever had at this point, including our other DM friend who has been playing D&D for upwards of 10 years
>bakes cookies and stuff to bring to games as well

Genuinely lucky to have her. Downside is that she's NEET due to her SAD, but it's not really anything I worry about. We live together and she cooks and cleans the house entirely. I go to work and don't have to think about anything home-related, which is really nice because I've always been negligent to that sort of stuff.

>> No.56643463

Yfw girls outnumber guys but there all 18-20 while your 29

>> No.56643508

>Currently have 2 DnD newbies in our group
>Girl 1 is my wife
>Created a character completely unrelated to mine.
>Took time to learn the rules and get a backstory and abilities down pat.
>Bases every decision off of in-character motivations.
>Girl 2 knows her character and the basics but not much else.
>Learning slowly but being completely open about the learning curve as it's her first tabletop.
>Created a custom backstory that slotted pretty perfectly in the DM's world.
>Is super rare serious black roleplayer.
>It's the other guys at the table that are creating issues.
>Playing on phones, inside jokes, refusing to learn their classes, etc.

>> No.56643619

I've cut good friends off before, when literally every conversation was a minefield and an exercise in avoiding an argument. I didn't just ghost on them, but let them know why I was peaceing out. And I've had some extreme introvert friends in the 20-23 range who are just dealing with so much stress in addition to pressure from social obligations they shut down. Everyone at the table including anon sounds childish though to be honest.

>> No.56644097

Congratulations on the catch either way. Even more now that another venue for you to share with her has been opened.

>> No.56644968

Technically legal. But going through your 20's is rough, so have fun dealing with maturity issues.

>> No.56645737

Are you me? Because if "in two presidential administrations" means "since the Clinton presidency", you might be me.
Though in my case it's mainly because I didn't want to make anyone deal with military relationship problems while I was in the Navy, and didn't want to make anyone deal with my issues after I got out.

>> No.56645968

>and didn't want to make anyone deal with my issues after I got out.
Not him, but similar situation here.

Personally, I'm working out my issues, and plan to ask the cute Muslim girl I regularly see working at a shop out-- even though I don't particularly like Islam.

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by their smile, and she has one which just radiates kindness. People like that are few and precious, wish me luck /tg/

>> No.56646053

Oh, and some feel-good stories, for your benefit /tg/

If anyone has more stories like this, and the following two, please post them. Reading them always cheers me up.


>> No.56646067


>> No.56646143


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