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Best OC Faction edition

>Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: http://www.pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S (embed)
WFRP: http://www.pastebin.comq/0e6RuQux
Novels: https://mega.nz/#F!9Lw1WIRZ!eKxkOlAQwuZO3_8pHOK-EQ

>We're looking for these novels for the archive (not updated)

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
Tomb Kings Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-undying-dynasties-army-release#/
Bretonnia Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-kingdom-of-equitaine-army-release

>The 9th Age

>Warhammer Wikis
warhammerfb.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Wiki (most complete)

>Warhammer Video Games
Total War Warhammer 2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/594570/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II/
Vermintide 2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552500/Warhammer_Vermintide_2/
Mordheim City of the Damned: store.steampowered.com/app/276810/
Bloodbowl 2: store.steampowered.com/app/236690/
Man O' War: http://store.steampowered.com/app/344240/
Age of Reckoning: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/

Previous thread: >>56526037

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First for Malekith being dumb and arrogant enough to forget that Fire is hot was a good idea

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Seconding for Malekith is a shitcunt.

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Fourth for how do you guys set up your sieges on tabletop?

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Anyone been running any RPG campaigns?

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My vampire campaign is coming to an end. Last session is this sat.

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Is this any good?

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but maybe he thought it was spicy hot, not regular hot?

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When creating a list in battlescribe it limits my choosing of empire heroes and lords to one of each, eg: one battle wizard, one warrior priest etc.

I've checked over the WHFB and Empire rule books and I can't see this limitation in a rule anywhere. Am I being an idiot or is this the usual battlescribe fuck up? If I'm wrong could i get a book/page reference if possible.

Me and a friend are getting into fantasy but he has never played TT wargames and I've only got HH experience so are unfamiliar with the ruleset.

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I’ve not been able to get a session in these last two weeks, but next week we’re back at it.
It’ll be more crimes and maybe uncovering a mystery!

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So, what big event would you want to follow on Storm of Chaos? What global campaign would happen? Talk concept or fluff, whatever you feel

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If you can't find it in the rulebook it's usually a battlescribe-error.

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As a WoC-fan I'd love a huge reconquista-style campaign were the gathered armies of order drive back the chaos hordes and other filth. The dwarfs would focus on retaking long lost holds while the Empire, Bretonnia, Kislev and a large expedition of Helves took the fight to the lands of chaos.

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>Saltzpyre distraught over being expelled from the Order
>Sienna comforts him in spite of herself

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Running adventures in Kislev. Party are investigating a series of disappearances that includes a good Samaritan noble.

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Honestly, nothing too soon after SoC. I hate it when there are 2000 years of fucking nothing and then within 30 years, shit goes down constantly. SoC, Albion and Nemesis Crown all happened during Karl Franz, that should be enough for that period.
I'd go to the past and explore there. Lustria or War of Vengeance would be interesting campaigns, although those would preclude Empire from participating. I wouldn't be too mad about that, though, as an Empirefag. Or do something a little less worldthreatening 100 years in the past or future, like a Bretonnian Crusade, an Ogre Migration, some inter-province Squabble or a campaign launched to retake Sylvania.
What's important to aknowledge is that whatever you do, two or three factions will get all the spotlight and two or three will barely even able to participate at all. And that's fine as long as you don't go full retard and make every campaign Imperium vs Chaos like in 40k. Just spread out the love.

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Cheers, I figured that's the case since I've not been able to find the rule anywhere and many guides implied taking more than one hero or lord.

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Straße rebuilding Khemri, Strigoi joining in to get Strygos back.

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Fuck me meant Setra.

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Alternate history Hitler Settra

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> I hate it when there are 2000 years of fucking nothing and then within 30 years, shit goes down constantly.
Shit just seems to be that way because the setting takes place during a particular time. Actually there are loads of stuff that happened before that, it's just that we as outsiders/non-historians know next to nothing about it. The same is true in real life history. The less you know about something the more monotone and happening-less it appears. That's why history seem so dull and uneventful to people who are not into it.

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Sections of walls are treated like buildings (effects like cracks call and the like effect it like normal houses and towers). Gates have T7 (T8 for dwarven holds) and various wounds depending on situation, only destroyed by artillery and monsters. Scaling walls requires two columns, one movement phase to set up, next turn to fit unit's (anything not able to fit on the wall remains at ground level until able to fit). Attackers get more points, determined before game and situational.
We are still working it all out, alot of times just wing it because we care more about a fun game.

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I’ve always thought it’d be cool to do a Vampire War style conflict where a Von Carstein (probably Mannfred) is trying to become Emperor, but perhaps has backing from other Electors.
Maybe the Reikland Elector after Franz/Franz’s descendent is weak and the Von Carstein promises an eternally strong Emperor, throwing some Blood Kisses for Electors into the deal. You could have The Red Duke rise up again to claim the crown of Bretonnia (aided by Von Carstein so they can have an ally in the West), Strigori fighting Orcs in the Badlands so they can have a new Empire, Necrachs stealing warpstone from the Skaven for a Nagadh Curse 2...

Basically Undead Verses Living. You could have fun posters of “Mannfred For Emperor”.

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Battlescribe still has some strange bugs. It still tells me I can't have more then oe unit of clan rats

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That movement tray isn't a bad effort.

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Looks good but to be hones a bit heavy for me for a meta-game.

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Albion campaign. Big battle royal of all the factions fighting for some magic ding-a-ling. Bring in the giants, bring in the Fimir and jobs a good un'.

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so, are skullcrushers actually OP or are my local gaming group just scrubs? because due to popular request (whining) they are now banned from low points games

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Yes Skullcrushers are very good, pretty much an auto include.

I wouldn't ban them though. What a bunch of Doyles.

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it happened after 3 skullcrushers and a exalted champ on demonic steed basically soloed a 1500 point VC army, killed around 1250 points

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Its WHTT with real miniatures its amazing if you can pull it off with a play-group.

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Kek, I hope your squealed and screamed blood for the blood God to really anally annihilate them.

They're good but that disaster sounds like it was more the VC doing.

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he brought black knights, a vamp lord, and some bats first

then corpse cart GG and zombies after

got a flank charge with the black knights, issued challenge and had the lord die to my exalted, then couldnt scratch my duded while losing rez badly

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How many BK did he have? 10+ of those and a blender lord should have been okay against SK.

>> No.56583354

around 7, and it wasnt a full blender lord since he wanted morghasts in his army

the crushers also killed those, or what remained after they fought some warriors

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did you know that a khorne exalted champ with great weapon and demonic steed is really nasty? he might have had something else but he was quite cheap I believe

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Ah you always go full blender. What a wazzock.

>> No.56583445

not sure he could fit it in, a blender lord is quite expensive, and it was a small scale game

also thats why you take lore of death

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Well that's no wonder really. Such a setup is atleast 500 points of supreme khornate blending competence. If people try to tackle them head on in cc they're doing it wrong and will in most cases lose. Instead you handle them by redirectors, frenzy-exploiting and magic. Lore of Metal should melt the fuckers right away.

>> No.56584472

>Lore of Metal

but yes, the issue was that the armies in the group were Ogres, Vc, Greenskins, Beastmen, Dark elves and some really incompetent empire

>> No.56584481

Oh and artillery can be used to great effect against them.

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Ind soon

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Hehe missed that we were talking about VC. In such case a terrorgheist should be able to wreck quite a bit of havoc with one or two successful screams and Lore of Death can be used to snipe off the hero.

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Ind will never happen.
A shame really.

>> No.56584575

>lore of death
both valid answers he should have used (and which I pointed out) but something something "I shouldnt have to list tailor just to beat those fucking things"

but some context:
small scale campaign/tourney thing - 1000 to 1500 points
no changing your army list
no changing lores

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>tfw even if Araby, Ind, Cathay, and Nippon get stuff my sjw friend who's into warhammer will just bitch about it being racist stereotypes

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Sure, just make a Campaign during those times then. A Lustria campaign would be great for Lizards and Skaven, or do a big Malekith vs High Elves one, or whatever. There's a lot of potential if you are fine with shit not being world threatening.

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hey dudes this is my tray. should i drybrush again after the wash or just get on with the grass tufts now?

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Mine starts this sunday. An elf, a dwarf and a halfling will find eachother in Agbeiten, Averland, struggling to wade through guild wars, economic coups and cattle rustlers

>> No.56585825

I want to start with the lore of warhammer does it worth the time?
if the answer is yes, recommend me a reading order please.

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Actually, Stom of Chaos happens after Dark Shadows. Albion has no more giants as the Lizardmen killed everything that wasn't a Lizardman there. It's canon, check the 6th edition Lizardmen armybook.

>> No.56586319

I'd give it another brush

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Alternative slogans
>Takes a licking, keeps on kicking!
>He's not batty!
>For Now, Forever!
>He'll be fang-ful!
>It's in his blood!

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Why isn't he already doing that for warhammer's depiction of germans, french, scandinavians, egyptians, turks canadians and mongols?

>> No.56588435

I like it the way it is.

Read the lore in the rulebook and after that branch out to the lore in the army books that appealed to you.

>> No.56588481

A mercenary party led by a tilean noble that wants to massacre merchants who stole his land is trying to make some money in empire.
10/10 campaign, it feels great to GM. I will expand on this when I return from my sleep

>> No.56588618

what I want to know is if there are essential books to understand the lore/history of warhammer.
I just want to have a general view of the world no matter if that spoils me individual stories of some races in the way.

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you cant be racist again wypipo, because racism is discrimination+power. Also trying to say you don't care about real life politics being shoved into a hobby results in him saying "that's easy for you to say when you're not the one being hurt by these depictions". The guy is like a /pol/ boogeyman come to life.

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What do we know about Ind from the fluff? I know about them having a billion gods of different stuff like mouse and weevils, and tiger-headed beastmen.
Do they have a caste system? What's their government like? What sort of army do you think they'd have?

>> No.56590724

The rulebook gives you the basics of the setting and the armybooks gives you the basics of their 'race'.

>> No.56590922

What sort of retard are you associating with that consider mongols, egyptians (and arguable turks) to be white?
Also, have you tried explaining to him that terms doesn't change definition just because he want them to?

>> No.56590967

>What's their government like?
>What sort of army do you think they'd have?

Ind isn't one state but several of varying size and (sub)culture.

>> No.56591425

People said the same about Fimir.

>> No.56591435

Fimir have supported models.

>> No.56592367

lorenewb here
Can dark elves work with high elves?
Can Wood elves work with high elves?

>> No.56593461

Has GW ever actually made Hobgoblin miniatures?

>> No.56593523

For Warmaster I think.

>> No.56593991

Dark Elves and High Elves? No. Never.
High Elves and Wood Elves? Sure, but unlikely since the high elves abandoned the Old World.

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>> No.56594363

>coin is literally called gold
>made of ivory

>> No.56594402

Playing in a 2e game as a Knight Errant, having a blast even if I'm almost dying every session

>> No.56594450

Can elves grow beards? I want to rp a high elf but I don't know if it would be against canon.

>> No.56594477

Source? Did they do a Vermintide comic?

>> No.56594585

Greasus Goldtooth and a massive army of ogres invading the old world. Make the ogres actually relevant for once. Either that, or have the tomb Kings start launching their wars of reconquest

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>> No.56596349


Fucking bastards, I hate those scaly fucks even more now.

>> No.56596359


You mustn't have got the memo M8, can't be racist against white people apparently.

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can one of you frens please explain how i can calculate warhammer fantasy table top combat


>> No.56596839

Anyone with experience using Flagellants? Sounds like they can dish out some real hurt quick, but with their frailty and habit of killing themselves, seems like you'd have to bring a serious number of them if you want to use them more than once each battle

>> No.56596910

they are the reason why my favorite fantasy race, dragon ogres, were pushed to the edge of extinction

skaven / chaos invasion of lustria best day of my fucking life

>> No.56597187

Running a fairly new 2e game with a group of 4 all playing wood elves. (their decision)
4 games in and they've already survived an ungor ambush by a ragged band of survivors from a recently failed brayherd, discovered the secret fate of a nearby retired Bretonnian Questing Knight and his wife, (his entire village was turned into zombies by his wife, who became a necromancer through a tome she found in a corpse cart. He became a wight) and are in the process of returning to their home with a captured Witch Elf who they believe is the long ago captured daughter of a renowned High Elf envoy and was the sole survivor of a Dark Elf shipwreck.
All of these things happened while they were tracking down a strange green meteor that was believed to have crashed somewhere near the coast, west of the Forest of Arden.

>> No.56597314


They're alright, they'll never run away but Empire special has a lot of stuff in it I'd rather take like a cannon, demi-gryph knights or inner circle knights.

>> No.56597368

Krakanrok awakens

As foretold all the dead dragon ogres rise from the grave

Category 5 happening as the world reacts to the eldest race chimping out.

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>> No.56597655


Beards are a Dwarf thing and for that reason alone they are probably very unfashionable. Maybe if an Elf went rogue or something.

>> No.56597682

google mathhammer

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>> No.56598061

In the Malus Darkblade series, multiple druchii are described as having mustaches - apparently this is a fashion thing.

>> No.56598072


Yeah they were metal, I have two of the old metal bolt throwers.

Russian Alternative sell some with bows that fit the GW aesthetic perfectly if you want some.

>> No.56598151

They also had a Dogs of War regiment. Those sculpts are a bit more recent than the ones linked here

You'll notice they are vaguely mongolian looking.

>> No.56598189

There's also Ghazak Khan and all the pre-4th edition hobgoblins.

>> No.56598375

Except that the Fimir exist within the boundaries of the Old World that have been fleshed out. As there are no playable armies in the Ind region it wouldn't make sense to include it when we still need Chaos Wastes and the Dark Lands which also implies that we'll get a bit of the Steppe to connect the two.

>> No.56598384

Speaking of Hobgobs, does anywhere make GW looking Goblins? The plastic kit looks horrible now and I think it's been discontinued anyway.

>> No.56598434


Oh wait, they still sell the old forest Goblins, under gitmob grots.

>> No.56598470


Reading order frankly doesn't matter, but if you want to approach things like an oldfag, start with Drachenfels - note that this novel is VERY old, and a lot of the lore in it has since been retconned.

A more practical approach would be to start with the Gotrek & Felix series, which tours the old world and its civs. The first two authors are good. Someone mentioned Slayer is also good but I didn't read it.

From there, you can move on to Brunner the Bounty Hunter. Honestly, it also functions as an alternate start, though almost all his stories happen in Tilea and Bretonnia so it's slightly less well rounded than G&F.

If you want something a bit weirder, move on to Malus Darkblade. Yes, it's cheesy as fuck. It will grow on you.

In isolation, I recommend Beasts in Velvet, a much better novel in the setting by the same author as Drachenfels.

Elf ass only tangentially related.

>> No.56598480


Retconning it that they lost and lost so badly they got a Slann killed somehow too. Also Be'lakor got fucked.

>> No.56598501

Those aren't forest goblins, those are common goblins.

>> No.56598528


There's too many fucking Goblins in this game.

>> No.56598598

Do what I did when I got into fabtasy all those years ago:
>big red book for rules has a HUGE amount of lore, probably 60% of the book
>pick an army you think is neat
>read army book
>look in the mega for books on favorite army
>branch out because most of the books have protagonist vs. Antagonist

Example, I really loved headtaker, because I love my skaven army. But after reading the sectons from dwarven perspective, I was really interested in slayer culture and dwarf hierarchy. Got me reading those books, which got me reading war of vengeance which led to dark elves and high elves and ect.
Really it all flows into eachother quite well.

>> No.56598638

Where can I see all of these total war wallpapers?

>> No.56599757

Reading Warpsword (from the Malus Darkblade series) and it describes crows of Khaine called Gorecrows: they are like normal crows, but enjoy violence and blood and can talk (although they seem to only repeat phrases like parrots, with the only difference that instead of repeating what they heard they a praise Khaine). Is there any old fluff about this?

Also, and totally unrelated, if an oponents tells you that Isabella the Accursed should be able to join units even if she is daemonic, because that's a problem they should have fixed in a faq that never came?

>> No.56600211

So, I'm looking for some neat minis I could use as Gorebeast Chariots of Nurgle. Do you guys have any suggestions for models or potential conversions?

>> No.56600257

If you are looking for monsters, which doesn't looks like Warhammer, but probably would fit setting aesthetics check BaneLegions.

>> No.56600316

>Can dark elves work with high elves?
on a large scale faction basis? no

on an individual basis in extreme situations? yes, but even then very tenuously

>> No.56600462

At this point I'm considering pretty much everything allthough I would prefer some sort of chariot attached to a monster.
I've checked out Mierce's stuff but sadly couldn't find anything suitable.

>> No.56600931

>on an individual basis in extreme situations? yes, but even then very tenuously

It depends entirely on personality, yes. And the dedication of said Dark Elf to his or her ostensible ideals. Most druchii are radical supremicists and borderline-psychopathic narcissists, which means they tend not to play well. But they're also often practical and realistic. Many are capable of warm emotions (even if they hide this carefully, fearing exploitation and believing it weak), so it's not beyond reason that the two might come to respect or even love one another. Odds are better with wood elves, since there's no multi-milennia history of miserable war and palm front skirts would distract even a dark elf.

>> No.56601054

I was thinking more along the lines of "a high elf ranger and dark elf corsair are both mercenaries, have to work together on a job" or something

honestly they might dislike the wood elves more, since with high elves theres the "hatefuck" element of rivalry and stuff, while woodelves are just goddamn hippies

>> No.56601208

Wood elves aren't hippies at all, especially not Athel Loren ones. Yeah I could see two mercs working together.

>> No.56601556

I've been working on a unit, but haven't had a chance to play them. Figured I'd drop a Warrior Priest in the unit with them. While they won't need his hatred or Hammer of Sigmar prayer, he should give them a little more suvivabity with the Shield of Faith, the 5++ ward save. Or Flaming Attacks might be good.

>> No.56601626

Fuck that babby shit that is AoS.

Is 9th Age any legit good? I only just found out about it.

>> No.56601895

it removes named characters and most magic items, and rebalances some other stuff

not the biggest fan but its ok

>> No.56602011

Haven't had anyone try it with me yet (I am stuck with 8th ed at the moment), but from what I can see from some Youtube explainations, they changed some names for copyright and alot of the rules seem to be answers to some cheese tactics that 8th had.

>> No.56602531

It's okay, but 6th Edition is better. 9th Age just builds on 8th Edition which is 6th Edition but fucked.

>> No.56603106

9th fell into the 'were pretending to be our own thing' trap. It's pap these days, and the 'team' is too busy arguing over SJW politics to make anything good.

Play 7th core with 6th army books for the more or less ideal experience.

>> No.56603112

I don't get it.

Do peasants in Sylvania just casually live their everyday lives while spooky scary skeletons randomly roam their villages?

>> No.56603139


>> No.56603145

I'd argue 6th with maybe 7th Edition Magic and Step Up, but 7th with 6th Books is fine too.

>> No.56603147

What's so good about 6th edition?

>> No.56603172

The spoopy skellies only show up when a vampire or an approved necromancer is around. These are honestly more reliable than most mortal nobles that have ruled in Sylvania.

>> No.56603177

Pretty much they mostly just pretend everything is normal.

>> No.56603184


>> No.56603235

Sigmar, Aenarion, and Grimnir walk into the Warp.

How fucked are the gods of Chaos?

>> No.56603336

not very

>> No.56603349

That doesn't explain anything.

>> No.56603365

Thats a three on four man, come on. And one's a former mortal and the other was always mortal and only managed to fight of Chaos thanks to Khaine's 'fuck everything' sword.

>> No.56603381

Everyone has an Army Book and they have a lot of fun stuff like Big Names, Bloodlines or Variant Lists. Special Characters are mostly dumb narrative shit with their rules reflecting it. God tier campaign books like Lustria and shit like General's Handbook.
And you can feel the love. You can feel how much the people that made it loved it, it's chock full with great artwork, great fluff, conversions and handmade terrain.

For the rules of the GRB itself: Games are a bit smaller. A full rank was still 4 models not five, so you had smaller units that could maneuver more easily. 7th's and 8th's push to bigger and bigger units practically filled up the board and made the game push forward to win in same cases, at least when you had five hordes on each side facing off.
7th and 8th Edition are just slight iterations of 6th Edition that practically changed a few things at random, some things for better, some things for worse, a lot of things accomplishing nothing. The list of things I'd take from 7th or 8th is pretty short:
>Magic Lores from 7th
>Insane Courage from 7th
>Fleeing from 7th
>Step Up from 8th
>Common Magic Items from 8th
>Stomp/Thunderstomp from 8th
>(Controversial as Fuck) Maybe Hordes from 8th
>(Controversial as Fuck) Steadfast form 8th but units lose steadfast if attacked in the flanks/back

>> No.56603641

i didnt even know sylvania had peasants

>> No.56603942

How much gold crowns can beginner, 0XP PCs can expect to gain for various "adventurous" tasks that can be put in their way? I'm looking at my first WFRP2 game in a bit and I'm probably a little tainted by most other systems expecting you to have some sort of a "wealth by level" thing going on and generally balancing rewards.

>> No.56604087

Enough to buy their next career gear.

>> No.56604304

>He drew his sword and rushed at the army of skeletons to kill himself like a dumbass
why not just run away?

>> No.56604541

The people of Sylvania are cattle, they work the fields and tend to their craft in the daylight but are forced indoors at night so predators don't prey upon them.

Those skellymen were actually hired shepards protecting their stock.

>> No.56604572

I'm starting first session of campaign for a party of completely new players involving a Smuggler, where they will have to figure out a good route through the Reik to get some crates of unmarked fine alcohol to a certain business in the heart of a tightly-knit Human/Dwarven society on the edge of the mountains.

The business owner dies in a horrible fashion and they'll have to find a different buyer for the fine goods they are transporting, but the other problem is that the townsfolk are reporting very strange occurences around town and this is not just one of them.

Businessowner in question was actually once a really old magician who tried to prolong his life by bodysnatching someone young and wealthy. Unfortunately for him, ever since then, a malignant chaos aura followed him everywhere, estranging his daughter and closest business partners, making him live in constant paranoia and fear, leaving him a much smaller and bitter man, and on top of all that, a revenant of the bodysnatched character spawned off of this foul deed and he is the cause of all the strange sightings around town.

Later I plan to have the revenant's appearance gain the attention of some cultists or necromancers and transition into your typical Enemy Within kinda shit.

>> No.56604821

I just eyeball it, and mostly go off of 'common' gear prices rather than weapons and armor. I favor salvage for that stuff.

Don't forget to nickle and dime the fuckers for horse fodder, beds, food, taxes, tolls, and watchmen shake-downs - but leave that to shillings and pennies, mostly.

>> No.56604914

Few fluff questions (for army and rpg)
HElves expidition into Southlands, how fluff-friendly?
Reaper as Eagle claw in Nagarythe army?

>> No.56604964

>HElves expidition into Southlands, how fluff-friendly?
as a national project? only in a campaign

as some prince's fancy? sure- they have colonies there already anyways

>reaper as eagle claw
arent they the same crunch wise? or do you mean visually?

either way sure, although maybe a tad less edgy

>> No.56604972

He's a Bretonnian noble

>> No.56605264

so a dumbass

>> No.56605293

Undead are evil and cowards are worse. Better a dead (but brave) moron than a living coward.

>> No.56605351

Has anyone here played a campaign online? I'm a latecomer to Warhammer and I'd like to try the 2nd edition RPG but there are no active groups where I live.

>> No.56605652

I hope they make them not!Kushan.

>> No.56605684

Kaldor Draigo becomes confused.

>> No.56606044

r8 my dark elves

also suggest magic items

>> No.56606074

Morathi's dildo.

>> No.56606128


>> No.56606178

no but seriously

>> No.56606332

poor little bret boi

>> No.56606351


>> No.56606547

It looked retarded at first but it feels like it could get really annoying after thinking about it for a bit.

>> No.56606578

If they stay inside during the night they probably have a comfier life than most peasants since the undead tend to keep the beastmen and greenskins away

>> No.56607558

>arguing over SJW politics
wat, how, why?

>> No.56607960

How do you like this for a fimir background, guys?

-Fimir are one of the world's true original races, predating the arrival of the Old Ones. They had largely animist faiths and interpreted daemons through this lens. At this time, the gates being sealed meant that their interaction with magic and daemons was rare and minimal.

2.) The Old Ones arrived and decided they didn't care for the fimir, basically ignoring them as they made their various science experiments and fucked about with the polar gates. The fimir didn't like this at all, and waged a losing war against elves and some other troglodyte precursor race. The fimir's sorcerous castes made pacts with the Dark Gods at this point, mostly with Tzeentch, to increase their power.

3.) Gradually, despite enhanced magics, the fimir are pushed back to the most miserable and tractless places in the world. The Polar Gates explode, the fimir aid the Dark Gods against the elves and Old Ones, ultimately the Old Ones puss out and the elves win.

4.) The Dark Gods, incensed at the fimir failing them, abandon their race as a boring, failed toy. Tzeentch curses them all with infertility, forcing them to capture women of other races (not just humans) to rape in order to reproduce.

5.) The betrayed fimir turn on the Dark Gods in turn, but are never fully able to divorce themselves from the daemonic taint they are born with. Fimir clans survive in swamps and beaches and lonely islands, clinging bitterly to hardly-remembered, mutilated myths from before the arrival of the Old Ones, alternately seeking ways to escape their Chaotic taint or to please their former masters and reenter their grace. The gods don't give a shit - humans are a much more interesting toy.

>> No.56608084

>shallow gameplay
>mindless combat
>superficial campaign map gameplay
>a lot of factions not even represented
>questionable unit balancing even by warhammer standards
>gouging dlc prices
>casualized even more than rome and atilla

Why do people like TW:WH again?

>> No.56608331

There's no alternative.

>> No.56608381

It's just the standard /pol/-creep.
What actually happened was something along the line of the people behind 9th Age made a statement in which they said that 9th should be an inclusive game.

>> No.56608402

What >>56608331
said + the fact that it's a simulator of the setting we all love.

>> No.56608410

Mark of Chaos, Geheimnisnacht, Dark Omen.

>> No.56608422

They're even worse.

>> No.56609040

>made a statement in which they said that 9th should be an inclusive game.
What did they actually mean by that (not memeing here).
So now it's just /pol/fags and sjw-lite pissing on eachother?

>> No.56609138

>What did they actually mean by that
Probably that people shouldn't be turned away from playing the game just because they belong to some sort of minority.

>> No.56609292

Honestly, it's one of those things you have to at least have on record. Currently, it's corporate suicide to not at least say it's for everyone.
For a projected funded by hopes and dreams at the moment, a simple sentence is a small price to pay.

>> No.56609618

...Why would they be anyway?

>> No.56609845

Yeah. My own (anecodotal mind) experience is that minorities that get into warhammer don't care about representation. They think it's insulting to think they can't get into something unless it has someone that looks like them. The ones who do seem to have massive chips on their shoulders and can't let people have fun because they aren't putting politics first.

>> No.56610085

please give some feedback

>> No.56610181

>we want everyone to play our game
>"fucking SJWs"

>> No.56610201

I'm also interested in an online campaign.

>> No.56610206



>> No.56610219

I run a WFRP 2e game online. It's currently full, but it definitely works online.

>> No.56611039


Because it's cheaper than buying every army and unit in the tabletop? And this is coming from a guy who is buying every army on the tabletop.

>> No.56611057


You missed off the best one, Shadow of the Horned Rat.

>> No.56611283

So what would you say are the five most influential fantasy worlds? The ones that set standards for how fantasy tropes go.

LotR, D&D, Elder Scrolls, Conan, and Game of Thrones would be my picks. Do you think Warhammer is influential to fantasy makers/consumers or does it borrow too heavily on other worlds?

>> No.56611296

This idea that everything should be for everyone is horseshit.
If people like things, they like them. If they don't, they don't.

The one and only reason to mention inclusivity in a game is to score social brownie points.
Anyone who changes their opinion of a game based on said mention wasn't interested in the game to begin with.

Unrelatedly, the Mordheim box art is a fucking masterpiece. I spent hours as a kid staring at this and finding new surreal details.

>> No.56611496


tell your lgg to get good

>> No.56611510

learn the book.

>> No.56611530


sounds fun

>> No.56611835

Any mods for Mortal Empires that lets you keep Empire province colors after confederation/conquest?

It kinda feels like a shame that an army from Middenland be running around in Altdorf colors.

>> No.56611856

well their background is so (intentionally) vague you can fill the blanks with anything you like. As long as it makes sense internally.

In my headcanon they used to be a major civilisation on the world before the Old Ones arrived, and more or less held communion with the Dark Gods through means that required a lot more effort than in post collapse warhammer world. Meaning they used elaborate rituals and devices to contact the beyond.
When the Old Ones arrived and unleashed their first wave of destroyers (sentient celestial bioweapons of a sort) on the world to clean off all the undesireables, their civilisations collapsed and the survivors were biologically damaged to the point where they became unable to reproduce normally. What survived was their knowledge of rituals and worship, though in a more barbaric and debased form than before, with an inherent hatred towards anything created by the old ones.

The destroyers would later be known as gods like Ellinil who wrought great floods and all kinds of other catastrophes on the world, or Khaine who‘s pure destructive energy slew the primeval greatbeasts of the world. (imagine Jormungandr type creatures)

Primeval Warhammer World is an interesting place because there‘s so much you can interpret into it.

>> No.56611914

Would the gods of Nehekara be similar to the Cadai in that regard?

>> No.56611993

i tried and i couldnt find anything for whfb

>> No.56612008

>as a national project?
Not exactly, investigation of lost trade fleet.
>or do you mean visually?
Yeah I mean "count as"

>> No.56612050

the Cadai would be the Architects of the Old Ones vision, creating and also guiding creation, protecting it. I suppose the gods of Nehekara would have a similar role for the humans in that sense. They are not toothless, but their purpose isn‘t death and destruction.

>> No.56612154

>want to download the Fantasy folder from the mega
>can't do it in absentia because download limit on Mega
>mega downloader doesn't work anymore

So what the fuck do I do now?

>> No.56612190

I like to think the early days of the world were a threeway slugfest between the Old Ones, Gods of Law, and Gods of Chaos, and shortly afterward other gods began running amok too.

>> No.56613246

All horrible. Fuck off.

>> No.56613275

>The fucking History faggots who think this is better then the real thing.
Medieval 2 fans are annoying cunts. They get angry that most people here like TWW, and storm off back to /gsg/ because nobody wants them here or at /twg/

>> No.56613367

im too lazy to read. does BL have any audio books to help me learn about ogre kingdoms and skaven? they are my favorite minis

>> No.56613498

You just have to wait 6 hours for the limit to expire

>> No.56613508

the game mechanics are the same basically. You can use the same formulas for the most part.

>> No.56613524

I made a mod for this.
I hope it suits your purposes. The units are available from the barracks in the provinces.

>> No.56613528

I occasionally see mentioning of halflings in warhammer, are they literally halflings like in LotR? They seem to be non existent in the games.

>> No.56613598

They are fuzzy footed, lazy cretins who do nothing but steal and eat. So yes, they're just hobbits.

>> No.56613756

I like Medieval 2 more than Total Warhammer but I think that the Call of Warhammer mod itself is fucking trash and has a few straight cunts on its development team.

>> No.56613977

>They seem to be non existent in the games
they had mercenary units. Soup catapult and the like.
One of the characters in Warhammer Quest was a halfling too iirc.

>> No.56614000


Peasants are literally treated better in sylvania than in empire or brettonia; skellies kill off all beastmen, orcs and raiders; there's much lower taxes, no military draft to be horribly killed in some war etc.MOST vampires also treat their peasants better than empire/brettonian equivalents, aside from the occasional blood drinking orgy. There's also lore about a vampire lord who died trying to protect his peasants from invading demons

>> No.56614114

literally hobbits in floppy hats.

>> No.56614127

call of warhammer is made by russians who are autistic
border princes cataphracts are pure kino though.
Having persian style cavalry charging goblins is fun.

>> No.56614191

Hello lads im going to be playing my first game of fantasy 8th soon and Id like some feedback on tge list ill ve running. Its 1500 points.

Keeper of Secrets
3xFiends of Slaanesh
Hellflayer Chariot

>> No.56614218


Forgot to mention, the KoS is wizard level 2

>> No.56614237

I don't disagree that life as a vampire peasant isn't always totally bad but to say it's better than your typical empire or bret peasant....

>> No.56614249


> Game of cuck.
> Before Moorcock.


>> No.56614289

>No Moorcock
What heresy is this?

>> No.56614290

Who said anything about representation?

>> No.56614306


>> No.56614310

>The one and only reason to mention inclusivity in a game is to score social brownie points.
Anyone who changes their opinion of a game based on said mention wasn't interested in the game to begin with

Or you know, the producers might not be interested in people spamming their forum with 'nigger' and ((()))-posts.

>> No.56614321


Exactly what a (((nigger))) would say.

>> No.56614323


Am I still a "history faggot" if I only play Third Age?

>> No.56614332


No, you're just a regular faggot.

>> No.56614360


Sad thing is Game of Thrones and Harry Potter would probably be listed as the most influential these days by "I'm such a nerd" types.

>> No.56614367

>Or you know, the producers might not be interested in people spamming their forum with 'nigger' and ((()))-posts.
After seeing a forum I used to frequent, I totally get that.
t. buttmad Shadow of War dev that an autistic german made a far more faithful game than he ever could

>> No.56614380

well depends on how you phrase that question. People might be far more influenced by these settings as their gateways

>> No.56614389

That's the GW I know and love.

>> No.56614398

Warhammer is extremely influential. Without it we wouldn't have Warcraft which in turn is one of the most influential settings current worked on.

>> No.56614415

So anyone that's put together demigryphs have a good tactic for putting the reigns on, I'm near the finishing stages of this guy but the reigns keep ruining my day

>> No.56614416


> Without Warhammer we have no Warcraft.
> Without Warcraft we have no Age of Sigmar.

We need to go back in time and stop Warhammer from marrying it's mother... or something.

>> No.56614441

hey anon who will you be fighting?
a big mean dwarf horde may give you some trouble.

>> No.56614458

You can't put a Warrior Priest in a unit of Flagellants, they are Unbreakable and he is not

>> No.56614460

Ghettohammer beings!

Making a demon army out of cardboard bases, laminated paper 'models' attached via tape and a toothpick!

Now just to convince(coerce) my friends to make an army and play with me!

>> No.56614470



>> No.56615048

the hell is Moorcock?

>> No.56615108

I know next to nothing about DoC but wouldn't it be prudent to give your KoS a blessing or two? You also might want to have some sort of BSB. Oh and you need to mark whether or not the KoS is gonna use lore of shadows or Slaanesh.

>> No.56615120

An idiot who can't grasp the basics of writing but has a hate boner for Tolkien, so all the "I'm so edgy" nerds hoist him onto a pedestal so they can feel like they're unique special snowflakes.

>> No.56615122

I'm not even swarthy.

>> No.56615132

Game of Thrones is fucking great though.

I've never understood the appeal of Harry Potter besides it being a good series for children.

>> No.56615140

>Not wanting Slaanesh to materialise in the real world.
What are you, a witch-hunter?

>> No.56615148

That's neat as fuck.

>> No.56615206

Lets be real, Warhammer isn’t ripe for representation, being Sterotypes: The Wargame. At least with Your Dudes you can paint them whatever colour you want. Plus, Settra canonically conquered all the way to the Black Mountains, so its not a stretch to imagine their being black people in the Empire and it’s surrounding kingdoms, as well as other ethnicities.

>> No.56615219

Yes. Repent now and let Sigma save your soul.

>> No.56615461

No. Repent and get back into the arms of delicious hedonism!

>> No.56615703


I thought you'd retired Christopher?

>> No.56615720

Why is there a giant in the background?

>> No.56615742


Well where do you think bone giants came from?

>> No.56615773

Back then, even the giants were civilised...
I believe it’s a living statue

>> No.56615804

Some Nehekharan cities had engineered Giants/Ggiant Ushabti back when they were still alive. I think it was Lybaras and Mahrak.

>> No.56615874


This is great. Thankyou

>> No.56616265

Is this an edit or did it appear in a later splat? Because it's pretty funny.

>> No.56616311

They're like hobbits, but a less romantic view of them. So they're still rural peasants and petty-gentry, only they're also lazy, sneaky, sex-crazed, and prank-prone.

There aren't too many important halfling heroes in the fluff, but they have an elector and regularly rebuff probes by Sylvania into their lands.

>> No.56616355

Depends on the province and the lord in question. The thing is, besides blood and maybe adoration/worship, humans don't have anything vampires want. Vampires get full off of like a pint of blood each feeding once the early birth hunger pangs fade, and can't feed too often or they tend to lose control of the inner beast and go insane. Most of the von Carsteins (to say nothing of the Lahmians) aren't kill-feeders, and even when they are, the smarter ones target foreigners, travelers, and the condemned. When you have so little, a lord who doesn't even want a food tax from your meagre crops must seem like a saint.

>> No.56616379

The Elric guy. Influential, albeit less so than Tolkien. Chaos in Warhammer originally comes from him (right down to the symbol), though it's been taken in a different direction. Several characters in Warhammer are directly inspired by Elric himself, like Malus Darkblade.

Moorcock himself is a mediocre writer who filled an empty niche in fantasy that hadn't really been fiddled with much since Howard blew his brains out. Personally, he's an unlikable, bitter dude with a deep professional jealousy for Tolkien. Actually, IIRC, his start in fantasy was when he was asked to do a Conan story and his gripe was he found Conan himself boring.

>> No.56616385

Those are some really good skaven.

>> No.56616405


And they're a bit like the Wicker Man, they like to sacrifice outsiders, except instead of burning them they eat them on 'pie day'.

>> No.56616422

That's a rumor that's never been confirmed, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's true nearer to Wissenland, where a remnant of a wicker man cult remains.

In northern Kislev you have human sacrifice too in the Cult of Dazh.

>> No.56616457


Come on, you know those little hairy flat footed bastards are cannibals. Look at their beedy eyes. They crave human flesh.

>> No.56616476

So, I was playing TWW2 for a bit and was wondering: What is the elvish that the Darkelf units shout when they charge? Sounds something like "Ahi Drakira" or something along the lines. Is that just some creative libery or does it have some meaning?

>> No.56616504

I think they're just eying you up to see if you'd fancy a shag, Hans. The worst thing I've seen a halfling eat was a rat.

>> No.56616525


u W0t

>> No.56616554


None of those words appear to be in the Elf dictionary, if you have a video with it on it may help. CA probably just made it up.

>> No.56616598

Don't let it go to yer head, Hans. I'm sure you're a fancy lad and all, but I've seen a halfling fucking a hole in a tree. Poor bastards have a problem.

>> No.56616670

New battle report:


> INB4 minidick cucks.

It's better than nothing.

>> No.56616802

Page 3 of Knights of the Grail!

>> No.56616825

Lads I had a bit of a crisis of conscience today. I thought about re-basing all my stuff to rounds. I think I'll pull through but sometimes the lack of players gets to me a bit. I sometimes just wonder if I should give in and join the dark side.

>> No.56616873

>Not exactly, investigation of lost trade fleet.
then yea, sure

likely a private endeavor but plausible

>counts as
Id let you, I assume so would most others

thats an ass thing to say when you basically cheese people with a deathstar, so I didnt do that

>> No.56616913

Dunno how I missed it, thanks.

>> No.56616993

Playing TWG2 with Krak a drak faction mod. How relevant is this hold in the lore?

>> No.56617012

Other than obviously Naval, are there any instances and exceptions in which black powder weapons in Bretonnia are acceptable?

>> No.56617095

Egyptians weren't black, they were more likely to be Semitic brown people.

>> No.56617113

I like Moorcock's stuff, I just wish he'd stuff if when he talks about politics. His Epic Pooh essay is still one of the most awful fantasy critiques up there, alongside David Brin's Star Wars on Trial.

>> No.56617118

Negroids would be about in Araby, but how would we ever know with TK, everybody skeletons!

>> No.56617140

They mostly stick to themselves because they're surrounded by Chaos-lite at the best of times. They sometimes do trade with the more reasonable Norscans though. One of Thorgrim's big achievements that made him High King was making contact with them after 4000-ish years.

>> No.56617173

Bloody antisocial fool, its not like its really that far up there.
They have much run ins with Hellpit?

>> No.56617185

Pretty much. It's silly to argue what flavor of ice cream living Tomb Kings were when they're all bonewhite now.

>> No.56617289


>> No.56617333

The Norse holds have been cut off from the underway for many centuries, as I recall, and it's only gotten worse. Dwarfs hate traveling overland in Kislev (they suffer more acutely from the sanity-straining effects of the steppe), and the Norse Dwarf holds are not especially wealthy to make up for it.

Still, there must be SOME contact. Kraka Ravnsvake apparently has a tunnel to the sea and some manner of fleet. It trades with Erengrad.

>> No.56617504

Wrong. Peasants in Sylvania are treated better by vampires than they were by previous Sylvanian nobles. The average Bret or Imperial noble isn't batfuck insane like the von Draks or the Countess of Bathory was.

>> No.56617550

Sounds to me like another case of Dwarven prioritising, Id have Grudged the High King for that shit, same as Dawi Za.

Take a normal model of any animal you like and greenstyff some rotting buts. I always loved the models of zombie bears from warcraft.

>> No.56617568

Oh yes, let's try to outrun the tireless automatons of death, I'm sure THAT will work out just great. It's a good thing they can't do anything like send undead wolves or bats to bring me down. Fuck the fact that I've been training since I was fucking six to fight like a motherfucking bastard, I'm going to pussy out on my Errantry like a little peasant bitch!


>> No.56617621

>Fuck the fact that I've been training since I was fucking six to fight like a motherfucking bastard
>still less than 50% to hit

>> No.56617634

still need feedback on this, i dont really know what im doing

>> No.56617759

I wanna impregnate Luvia

>> No.56617782

What mage colleges would Luvia and Rin be part of?

>> No.56617919

Cities like Bordelaux and L'Anguille have managed to get away with cannons in their defenses, one because of an absent lord and the other due to a Black Library shortstory. There is also apparently a lively enough trade in gunpowder among one of the Bretonnian merchant clubs.

Otherwise, anything you would include would be headcanon. Maybe good headcanon, but no lore backs up any official use of gunpowder.

>> No.56617922

Bright College, with as violent as they are.

>> No.56617964

Prisoner scum penal legion style?

>> No.56618093

Don't Knights Errant get like, the highest WS advancement out of any basic career?

>> No.56618164

Yup. They're also one of the few Basic careers to get an attack advance right out of the gate, and the Virtue of Chivalry lets them spend a fortune point before battle to get Impact on their weapon.

Knights Errant with a bit of XP can literally solo encounters that some starting groups have to run away from.

>> No.56618196

They're not the only ones with the nice WS and extra attack, see pic related.

That blessing IS nice, though.

>> No.56618210

They tie with a few careers for that, including Pit Fighter and Estalian Diestro. The second attack plus the high WS advance is a rare thing, though. Diestro has it, but not many others.

They also HAVE to, owing to roleplaying demands that DMs should be leveling on the player for the k-e's social class and cultural context.

>> No.56618242

>They also HAVE to, owing to roleplaying demands that DMs should be leveling on the player for the k-e's social class and cultural context.

100% agree. Nothing pisses me off more than hearing people complain and whine because they think that Wizards or Bretonnian knight careers are OP, only to find out that they're not implementing any of the RP drawbacks that come with that shit.

>> No.56618260


>> No.56618308

What are those RP drawbacks?

>> No.56618354

Nice, where is the Duke?

>> No.56618522

That could make for an interesting headcanon, but I don't see why prisoners would be making use of expensive, foreign-made weapons. Bretonnia also seems loathe to make use of mercenaries, so prisoner conscripts would probably seem less chivalrous than even that.

However, there is very old lore about them making use of brigands - more similar to ronin than criminals, really - so you might manage to use that to justify penal legions.

>> No.56618537

Usually something arbitrary invented by the GM.

>> No.56618540

He's chilling in a castle more inland in L'Anguille, been building it up for some mysterious reason.

>> No.56618594

In the case of a knight-errant, refusing to fight in melee, refusing to use underhanded tactics, being very poor at dealing with the common class (arrogant, presumptuous, etc.).

>> No.56618606

>What are those RP drawbacks?

For Wizards, they're roundly feared and distrusted by the general populace. Up until a couple hundred years ago, all magic users were killed out of hand because of the threat of chaos corruption from untrained magic use. All but the most isolated villages know that now there are Colleges and licensed Magisters who can wield the Winds of Magic safely...but millennia of well-placed superstition doesn't just go away. Combined that with the fact that unlicensed witches are still routinely burned and that Magisters CAN still suffer Perils of the Warp, and you're one dice roll away from facing an angry mob because that "talk-with-dead" spell you cast to unravel the local murder myster also soured all the milk in town at once.

For Bretonnian Knights if you want to advance at all past KE, you've got to swear fealty to someone. Could be as a Lord, could be as a household knight, but either way there is someone who has absolute authority over you and what you do. Not to mention you're held to a rather strict code of conduct by a literal goddess who is the one granting you that oh-so-awesome Blessing.

Of course, if you ignore all that shit and just let your players do whatever with no consequences, that shits seems OP because they're not suffering any of the intended drawbacks that come with their benefits.

>> No.56618624

I guess that could work, I mean what happens to dishonoured knights?

>> No.56618644

Ruddy mysterious!

>> No.56618743

I'm not actually sure. I think most that feel shamed somehow go out Questing, but from what I remember Bretonnian law with nobles can be a little hazy, since in essence a noble can do whatever he wants as long as he's not messing with his feudal lord or fucking things up too badly with Chaos or necromancy. There is no clear line between 'stern warning to cut it out' and 'being declared outlaw and hunted down because you consorted with Slaanesh.'

>> No.56618810

I guess at the end of the day its just "At my Lord's disgression".

Bloody frogs.

>> No.56618935

>I mean what happens to dishonoured knights?

>> No.56618985

Tabletop Simulator

>> No.56619427


Obviously outdated fluff.

>> No.56619548

we wuz kangz n sheit, tho

>> No.56619639

Is having a Lord really that restrictive? Seems like it would be pretty easy for it to just fade into the background.

>> No.56619750

Depends on the lord.

>> No.56619871

Makes sense to me. Ya don't fuck about with the Sea.

>> No.56620049

Drakira is one of their gods, the goddess of vengeance I believe. Presumably they're invoking her as they kill.

>> No.56620084

Yeah, like 170 of them. The rest were serfs or whatever

>> No.56620287

It's pretty much carte blanche for the GM to make the character's life harder.

I mean, a household knight needs his lord's permission to be travelling around to begin with. Maybe he's hitting the tourney circuit to increase his lords fame and standing, and thus the party has a timetable where they need to be in X town in Y days or the Lord is gonna be pissed. Or perhaps there's a dispute the character's Lord is having with the local Lord the party is staying with, and the character either needs to resolve it or keep his affiliation under wraps (not an easy feat).

At it's most basic level, a player's liege is someone who can ask the player to please go off and do this terribly dangerous thing because he said so, and the player's only choices are to go along with it, try and talk him out of it, or suck it up and do it.

>> No.56620301

>only choices are to go be an outlaw, try and talk him out of it, or suck it up and do it.

Herp derp.

>> No.56620395

Why can't I buy Empire Outriders anywhere? I need rough rider horses damn it. Unless anyone knows better alternatives?

>> No.56620665


It's also worth mentioning that the blessing takes TWELVE TURNS of nonstop praying to invoke. It's pretty much only useful when you are expecting trouble and have the time.

>> No.56620729

How long can one prayer be? Considering how it'd usually be said during battle, you'd think it'd be a bit shorter.

>> No.56620786

Two minutes, according to the book. And in fairness, on the tabletop you basically have to automatically give up the first turn to your opponent to get it. It's a pre-battle prayer, not a mid-battle invocation.

>> No.56620803

Seems mostly fair.

>> No.56620908

I really like that picture. it captures the general crowd that a cult could have - the hedonist fuckers, seekers of eternal beauty/youth, wayward scholars, bitter outcasts and people liek that fat dude in the middle

>> No.56620943

Most Chaos cults can be way more complex than most give them credit to be. Tzeentch cults don't always have to be wizards, Nurgle cults can just try to create an atmosphere of despair rather than just being disease spreaders.

>> No.56621119

What can be complex about Khorne cults? At least Khaine has some subtly in it's assassinations.

>> No.56621332

they are invoking one of the cythrai.
Kinda like the high elves talking about senlui when invoking magic.

>> No.56621756

We're on a break. The Watchmen (aka players) have been unfortunately enlightened to the Skaven menace below their Town. One of them was hit by a warpstone weapon, and is being detained for observation by the local magister.

And Geheimnisnacht is coming.

>> No.56622253

I'm thinking about having Ludwig Schwarzhelm make an appearance in my RP game. Should I just base his stats on his tabletop character?

>> No.56622301

Luvia Beast, 100%
Rin maybe Light, baca use she is from a traditional family? Also jewels

>> No.56622592


>he doesn't use all out attack and trust in the Lady to protect him

>> No.56622603

MFW I realise that all those of teenage years I spent moping about with my goth friends we were all just participating in a Nurgle cult.

>> No.56622644

>Khorne isn't just about direct violence, he's also about hatred, especially if that hatred causes violence.

>> No.56622662

Didn't mean to greentext.

>> No.56622816

>My lord, we have found the foul tome the cultists were using!

>> No.56622972

Actually, what IS the education of a young Bretonnian noble like?

I mean, I doubt they get any math or science, and there's all the physical training, of course. But do they get a primer from their dad or uncle or whoever? "This is an orc, they're prone to infighting and will accept challenges. This is a Skaven, they'll try to stab you in the back. This is a beastman..." etc etc etc?

>> No.56623223


>> No.56623474

He wants to live there with his monster waifu ?

>> No.56623518

The Bretonnian call them "Feys"

How much liberty DO damsels hace in Bretonnian society? Specifically in a romantic sense. There seems to be multiple accounts of affairs, but can they marry like other noble women?

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