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Tyranid waifu edition

>Sly Marbo and some smug primaris angels.

>Spot where I replace the daily duncan video with some stupid youtube meme xDD.

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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1rd for chaos

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1st for Pls do not lewd the bugs.
Cute is ok tho

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1st for dorn

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The Guard is 1/10th Lefties! Behold some perfectly accurate representation!

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1st for Wych cults

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4th for happy thanksgivings

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All of you suck.

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Sly Marbo?
I thought you were dead!

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The best relationships are one when you and your partner can be in the same room doing different shit and just enjoy company. For me and my partner it is me painting and putting together mini's while he play's games and shitposts.

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I don't think the alien needs any extra stimulating by that point.

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Since Electro-Priests are near mandatory for AdMech lists but are ugly as sin
How rage-inducing would using Ruststalkers as counts-as Electro-Priests be?
I mean, they look great but are useless on the table

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Is GW officially shipping Guilliman and Yvraine now?

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Give them something electricky and it's good in my book. I also dislike how the electro-priests look, but I haven't seen any painted with real skin-tone or heads with less silly coverings.

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convert them to be properly distinguishable from normal ruststalkers and perhaps model in some visible mumbo jumbo to make them look as they actually count as something

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Press F to pay respects to the Visarchs dignity

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I don't like the way eldar look, by all possible interpretations of the sentence

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Give them the Staff or the electo pack and it'd be fine.

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can someone fill me in on why all of a sudden i see so much asspain and salt shitposting on some other sites over chapter approved.

saw one legendary asspain thread that pretty much the guy was going nuts over some girlyman nerf.

the tears were deicoious.

so what's the skinnny? what did i miss?

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>Cute is ok tho


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Literally a Soltaire though, they're supposed to look like soulless creeps.

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funny I was using a third party snake as a stand in for marbo back in the day, I didn't like the old marbo model. Diff gonna pick up the new one though.

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We got confirmation that Chapter Approved is passing out some nerfs, which means the people who were using the nerfed stuff are whining

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I wanted melee shock infantry because beating enemy elites and Primarchs and such to death with random Literally Whos that are spent pretty liberally by their masters is fun and causes salt, bur I didn't like their look.

Didn't bother trying to fix them, just made Combat Servitors out of a £30 box of Kairics and literally all my spare Admech heads and melee weapons, and apparently they look pretty good as well as saving me eighty quid. Starting to paint them now, but like an idiot I decided to do the loincloths before the skin so the Rakarth Flesh is being a little bit of a bugger.

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I actually think a ravager is better than a squad of DL scourges. It can move and still hit on 3s, but when you move, let alone deploy with the scourges, you’re at 4+

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With the Ryza doctrine Ruststalkers perform about as well as the priests and are a lot faster

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How do people read this interaction?

If you have 2 or more Blight Haulers all providing an aura, and a model has some models within the aura of 1 but not the other, does the unit gain a cover save?

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You get 15 minutes with the team who develop your army to ask them any questions, air any grievances and they have to answer or listen, what do you ask?

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its meant to be within the same aura

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anybody else loving these guys? they come off less "primarisy"

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Alright, /tg/, serious talk here: we've seen GW responding to memetic waves by releasing miniatures to cash on them, first a sister of battle, then slambo, then further cheap gender inclusive models and now marbo.

who should we meme next? inquisitor kryptman or obiwan sherlock closseau?

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Post more school girl bugs

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anyone got the last hunt epub?

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Am I reading this right that the relic in pic related can be used on a whole unit of vehicles and not a single one? And if so, with the combination of the extra relic stratagem, can be taken right before the game starts in case the opponent has a bunch of vehicles in a single unit?

Did I finally find an application for my favorite legion's shitty relic?!

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Nothing, it hasn't even been released yet but people are freaking out over

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Firaeveus Carron hands down

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I don't know if that's supposed to be sexual
at least it isn't genestealers

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Make way for some REAL Electropriests!

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I'd say no based on the fact that it says all models need to be within 7" of A blighthaulter which I interpret as ONE blighthauler. The first one would check, see a few aren't inside and not give the benefit. The second would check and not see a full unit either.

That said, fluff wise they should get the benefit. Maybe it'll be faqed?

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>mould line staff

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RAW it matters not if they're all in the same individuals aura, so long as they are all within 7" of a ting then they're fine.

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Trust in your penis. It will show you the truth.

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any leaks or neak peeks other than the mission and soulburst change?

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That dude is the only primaris I've liked

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Using it on a unit wouldn't do anything special, it doesn't deal wounds to each model in the unit. The only time it would matter is if one vehicle had 1 wound remaining because then the MWs would spill over, but that's niche at best.

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My white, heterosexual, cisgendered guys > your guys

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A ravager with three dark lances hitting on threes gets 2 hits.

A scourge squad with four dark lances hitting on fours gets 2 hits.

Which is more expensive?

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>Did I finally find an application for my favorite legion's shitty relic?!
i've always used this to pick off low (1-3hp) vehicles so i don't have to waste lascanon fire.

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Still boring AF. What's the point of stirring up a hornet's nest by introducing new, 'better' space marines and then only releasing really generic poses and sculpts. This guy looks like an overweight version of the most unimaginative build you could manage out of the old DA infantry set. fucking yawn.

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> So much heretek going on in one image I literally can’t even

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3 chicken walkers are in a unit, you still only do D3 damage total. Also that strategm means you can take MORE relics, not the same fucking relic. They are unique.

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Oh Oh! I know this one! It's the ravager by 5 points!

What do I win?

>> No.56571089

An advantage over everyone wasting 5 points on scourges.

Have fun.

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except it says WHOLLY, which according to raw means they are not following raw.

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That is hella cute

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Damn it, you are correct.

Why does it have to be so niche in application? It seems like just taking generic chaos relics is way better.

Good to know about the walkers, but yeah of course I didn't mean taking multiple of it.

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Want to start getting back into 40k, not played in a long time.

What units and options are good in Ad Mech lists?

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Left-handed garbage.

>> No.56571153

>Why does it have to be so niche in application? It seems like just taking generic chaos relics is way better.
it's quite good.

last toureny i gave the black mase a try .. not bad but not as reliable.

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Cool, I hate random damage though so dark lances can fucking do one

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Does /tg/ want snotlings back like I do? How would you use them in game terms. Even if not they would be adorable as decoration just like the nurglings.

True or am I just a stupid nostalgic old man ?

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What are some cool lookin pieces of xeno gear? I am making my Deathwatch captain and I plan on using a xenophase blade, and I might as well use a reavers mask or a wraith blades shield

>> No.56571174

It's also tougher. 30ppm (what you're effectively paying for a squad of DL scourges) just feels a hell of a lot for T3 1W with a 3+ save at best.

>> No.56571180


So how should I run scourges?

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I feel like I'm the only one who loves Primaris exactly BECAUSE they look so bland.

GW models have become so terribly cluttered with details I never asked for (just compare classic chaos warriors to age of smegmar khorne fags or look at the le reddit plauge marines).
Bland models I can use to do whatever the fuck I want them for and add my own touches as I see fit. New nurgle armies have no identity whatsoever anymore, because you can barely tell that there's a power armor hidden between all the dildo horns and meme nurglings.

>> No.56571199

Very carefully

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They perform the exact same in terms of Mortal Wound output in straight combat, actually. The problem is that Rusties are more expensive and Fulgurites have 1/6 of a MW on the charge, superior non-MW damage with S5 -2 Dd3 over S4 AP- and have better defences at worst with 5++ 5+++ saving 55% of wounds as opposed to 4+'s 50%.
Not even got to their possible 3++ yet.

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>> No.56571224

what purpose would they serve that grots don't?

>> No.56571225

But scourges can deepstrike, so really they’re pretty much equal. I run two scourge squads and one ravager, as well as two blasterborn venoms, and a boat of 9 warriors and an archon. Also have the SC reavers.

>> No.56571231

That's a bit much for a deathwatch marine. They may use some weird tech converted and sanctified from xenos origin, but straight up xenotech is pretty heretical. They're still space marines, not radical inquisitors.

>> No.56571232

As far as I understand admittance to the Enochian Guard comes when you slay a Daemon personally
So I made my first company Sternguard dedicated Daemon hunters with eldritch tomes of anti-Daemonica.
Here's the squad

>> No.56571235

This, they get so high on details it ruins the fun of modding

>> No.56571246

Someone gets it
Thank You anon

>> No.56571266

>another stale meme made into reality

Nice job, /tg/.

>> No.56571267

A few people of thedarkcity say they've had good results just using them barebones for cheap poison dakka. The old "too annoying to ignore, but too cheap to direct massed firepower at" problem for your opponent, basically.

>> No.56571276

Hey, it's the Necron version of Scoria. He swings a reverse-engineered Necron deathstick around and deletes Primarchs, these Necrons have decided to see if that Omnissiah thing might have some truth to it after all because Void Dragon.

>> No.56571284

I was kinda going for the borderline heretical vibe

>> No.56571286

They don't have to. But they are cute. Just mix in snots and grots and then the grognards will throw money.

>> No.56571290

I like the new death guard and they allow for a very detailed army without a lot of work on the part of the owner, but there is absolutely merit to a product line that's basically a clean slate. Very fun and easy to add as much or as little detail as you want.

>> No.56571298

anybody else wish gw would have just said that primaris marines were just truescale marines and didnt make some retarded ass fluff about them?
its clear that thats all they really are

>> No.56571309

Also it's possible to paint a nice clean model in less than a week.

>> No.56571320

Right now I'm taking both the Khorne Talisman and Slaanesh Elixir in my list instead of the Eye of Night. Interesting to know that you are having success with it though, I'll try to take it instead or maybe even in addition to those.

>> No.56571323

Can't wait for FoC to release so i can build my Dark Mech army

>> No.56571340

How customizable are the Primaris minis really?

Could I take this belt and sash combo off the BA Lieutenant here and put it on the Gravis armor Captain, for instance/

>> No.56571343


>> No.56571353

I agree. But they knew they would have faced autism.
Also this sells more models to some kind of collector.

>> No.56571355

We know that Tyranids can’t eat daemons or warp corrupted worlds. But can they eat things like Chaos space marines, cultists, Beast men and chaos spawn?

>> No.56571367

I'm going to pick this guy up
I wish the Primaris range really gets going so i can make some fluff for a chapter

>> No.56571368

this one is alright but the bangels one is garbage

>> No.56571369

Not very customizable at all.

>> No.56571372

Looking for 40k podcasts, channels and so on to listen when painting. Got any recommendations ?

>> No.56571387


Thats actually really neat anon.

wait, did you use the gemstone paint for their eyes?

>> No.56571401

I just can't take them seriously. They are too dorky and look like sci-fi American football players with guns. I want to like them and Marines in general, but the lore is too much.

>> No.56571412

i usually give it to a sorcer or some non shooting character.. best part is you just have to have line of sight.

>> No.56571416


warp flesh is toxic to them, they could eat cultists and probably iron warriors too, no advanced corruption though.

>> No.56571434

Sorry, I painted the lens effect manually! :)
I can talk you through how to do it if you'd like

>> No.56571458

I was working on a setting that mixed the concept of marines with Tribes and the clan from battletech. It all came from the amusment of an idea where they had girls in their ranks, while spelling out why that was a bad idea at the same time, satisfying both parties, existing as a seperate society from the imperium equivalent rather then pretending to be staunch allies

>> No.56571462

lol wat?

>> No.56571466

The lore is pretty dumb, yeah. I only use the models, because true scale and the rules, because they are more in line with what I imagine a spess mehreen to be compared to a normal human.

I used to be the guy who played mono-infantry SMs during 5th and shoveling dead tac squads from the table like ork boyz broke my heart. Marine rules always sucked at showing me how tough and awesome they are.

>> No.56571473


nah, its all good. I know the proper way to do eye's like that. I'm just always hoping someone will come up with an easier method to do it at some point.

>> No.56571495

A friend of mine wants to run them in a venom as a gunboat kinda deal

Has he fucked up?

>> No.56571501

People don't seem to notice that the biggest problem with primaris is the same problem regular marines have: out of the box and painted one primary color they look like boring shit.

The promotional material has them all painted as boring ass Ultramarines which doesn't help public perception.

>> No.56571519

That all makes sense. I can get behind that. Plus now with 30 inch guns, 2 wounds and a 2+ save in cover, they are a huge pain in the ass to remove.
Sounds fun enough. Did you run a campaign with that or were you just having fun coming up with ideas for it?

>> No.56571546

Yeah, if you find a shortcut let me know lol
I've done some other 1st company veterans (presumably Enochians) in TDA but didn't give them anything special, I figure if you're in Terminator armor you don't need much else

>> No.56571549

What colors would you do? Im tempted to have them as that revival of the Astral Knights, as it was noted in lore that they are being used to revive dead chapters

>> No.56571575

Planning out a setting working on what to do with it, a game set in is on the table vit starred with me trying to make a war game based on dungeons the dragoning. But then I found myself having more fun after I filed off the cearal numbers and made my own changes

>> No.56571578

That's the stupidest shit I've read all week.

>> No.56571596

Silver then the gemstone paints is okay.

>> No.56571601


I think this is the single worst pose I've ever seen a monopose marine model in.

>> No.56571613

Left-handed nonsense.

>> No.56571621


Wouldn't that go to "Whoops, I tripped over my skulls" here?

>> No.56571623

>they come off less "primarisy"

I really don't see how.

>> No.56571640

Yeah honestly you're right man, my post reads like shit and doesn't get my point across, I shouldn't phonepost while talking to people.

>> No.56571643

Anyone here know if the Green Rod in necron guns can handle being paint stripped? I know it's plastic but will it melt? Will the color last?

>> No.56571661


>> No.56571669

Nah. The problems with Primaris is their only AT infantry lose one model every third shooting phase even with a character supervising them, their only transport is a land raider but MORE expensive so they have to footslog to objectives, they cost so much that a 2000 points army has barely any board control, and finally the homogenious nature of their units makes it impossible to bring chaff troops to protect expensive special weapons.

They're great in small groups with regular marine support, though.

>> No.56571670

Painting sprues: silly or too intelligent?

>> No.56571676

who would you trust?

>> No.56571681

Whats stopping me from giving an Ogryn bodyguard the Dagger of Tu'Sakh relic and deploying him and a unit of Ogryn/Bullgryn inside the enemy deployment zone?.

>> No.56571689


Primaris have 3 distinct markers at a casual glance:

1: Overly lanky looking fuckers
2: Weird torso armour that combos a midriff-bearing breastplate with a belly plate
3: Mark IV helmet on non Mark IV armour

That dark angel's robes help cover up 1 by making him look chubbier, 2 by partially obscuring/drawing the eye away from his belly and gives him a good instead of 3.

So he barely looks like a primaris at all.

>> No.56571699

No to what? No to what????

>> No.56571707


>One head always speaks the truth, the other always lies

>> No.56571708

FAQ'd to be Infantry officer only.

>> No.56571719


>Gives him a -hood-

Goddamn phoneposting

>> No.56571722

>One will protect you, the other one will try to kill you

>> No.56571724


>> No.56571732

Obiwan Sherlock Closseau TO THE MAX

>> No.56571733

They could eat plague marines, and the fluff for Kronos just says the raw stuff of the warp is anathema to them. The actual flesh of anything chaos tainted is probably fine, they just get no sustenance from warp energies

>> No.56571737

>brainlet with two swords vs conjoined psykers
obviously the psyker

>> No.56571738

I love tyranid warriors.
I have 23 of them, plus a Tyranid Prime.
8 of them have Bone Swords and Spine Fists for melee fightan.
3, the Prime's bodyguards, have Boneswords & lash whips and rending claws. The Prime has Bonesword and Lash whip and Deathspitter.
The rest are range focused, with 2 with Venom Cannons and talons, 2 with Barbed Stranglers and talons, and finally 8 with deathspitters and talons.

>> No.56571744

And he doesn't have Talleran keyword so he cant take their relics anyway.

>> No.56571746

"If you loudly, and by and large, autistically scream "METAL BOXES?" when sighting enemy IMPERIUM transports, all transports are instantly removed from the playing field."

>> No.56571747

Still not seeing it, he's got all the identifiers of Primaries armour sans the helmet.

>> No.56571752

Rules question time!

If two players have abilities that let them deploy units "at the beginning of the fist battle round", who deploys first, and is deployment alternated between units, or does each player deploy every affected unit at the same time?
Eg. Alpha Legion using the Forward Operatives stratagem against Craftworlds using the Phantasm stratagem.

>> No.56571754

>They're great in small groups with regular marine support, though.
Literally what GW said they were meant to be used as

>> No.56571755


poison scourges are the best scourges. 15 poison shots on a 4+ 6++ 14" move unit with fly for 80 points isn't bad.

>> No.56571759

>then further cheap gender inclusive models

what did he mean by this?

>> No.56571766

How do you best let someone you don't know very well that they're making rules mistakes?

Had a Tau player assign wounds to his drones after saves, instead of before.

>> No.56571770


>>then further cheap gender inclusive models

>what did he mean by this?

what did xe mean by this?

>> No.56571774

The dagger isn't tallarn only

>> No.56571775


he only looks awful from that angle.

facing fowards, rushing toward you? he looks merely bad.

>> No.56571776

just tell them jfc

>> No.56571777

Lady Stormcasts, mostly.

>> No.56571789

>Hey retard, read the fucking rules.

>> No.56571793

Hes not mistaken, savior protocols says after they've been successfully wounded you can shift it off to a drone

>> No.56571797

Hey anon, could you read me the rules for X? Just want to double check, thanks

>> No.56571806


anyone at games workshop who wants to design a pose for a space marine should first attempt to maintain their own balance in the pose they want, that should stop this nonsense.

>> No.56571814

It changes allocation which occurs before saves.

>> No.56571820

Umm, I'm not sure a office worker has enough co-ordination to do it proper.

>> No.56571838

I'm all down for Obiwan Sherlock Closseau
That man was the swaggest motherfucker

>> No.56571839

>dangel primaris lieutenants can take plasma pistols

>> No.56571846


I want to spend a day in the Warhammer sculpting studio under your management.

Do we know who any of the current sculptors are?

>> No.56571855

Dawn of War 3 on sale for £15, worth it? Only interested in single player really.

>> No.56571862


Why would you want a plasma pistol? Combi-plasma is the superior sergeant weapon in every situation.

>> No.56571869

Here's hoping for Deathwing Lts.

>> No.56571875


I've got Five with rending claws and deathspitters and a prime with two sets of two boneswords for making people blend. they're relics from the time when boneswords where shit with more than one pair so the rabble didn't get any but the prime got two pairs cos I though it would look cool.

It does look cool. I'm thinking of modelling another in a different pose and bringing them both and my 4 Scytal tyrant as HQ's along with like, twenty warriors.

>> No.56571885

If I already have a solitaire, a shadowseer and a death jester I bought for fun because I buy clampacks when I've had a bad day at work, what else would I in theory need to make a 1000 point Harlies list?

>> No.56571889

>> No.56571903

god i fucking hate these models
its so obvious they made one side and copied pasted it to the other
considering how good some old fantasy models are this is a fucking insult

>> No.56571907


>> No.56571911

it literally says after they've been successfully wounded (meaning they failed their save and were dealt a wound) the drone can take the hit

>> No.56571912

>No thinking emoji
They have much to learn

>> No.56571915

>master crafted primaris pattern plasmoid pistola
>standard s7 ap-3 d2
>overcharge s8 ap-3
Is the damage 3 or 4?

>> No.56571919

Since apparently I didn't make the implied request clear enough when I did mine: Post terribly posed models.

>> No.56571922

Successful wounds occur at step 2, you then allocate at step 3. then save at step 4.

>> No.56571924


the rule only applies to space marines and probably guard too now that I think about it. if some rando office worker in an unfashionable T-shirt can't strike that pose comfortably a marine in power armour won't be able to do shit.

and maybe that'll force them to learn how the human form actually works on a mechanical level while they're at it.

besides, it would be amusing.

>> No.56571926

Embarassing fuckin sculpt that, just take a little extra time on that beard ya cunts. Solved, looking less like a mirror image

>> No.56571928

Why has this particular color scheme suddenly popped out of the woodwork? I've seen it everywhere and it honestly isn't even that good

>> No.56571934

>1: Overly lanky looking fuckers
>marinelet players have been so desensitized to the fuckugly stunted proportions of their beta marines they think the excellent proportions of primaris chads are "lanky"

>> No.56571935

If you have a very good, modern PC that can run it on max or very high settings then yeah, get it. If not, then just replay the first, original DoW game. The story in 3 is linear and isn't any more exciting than the first DoW, new one just looks nicer.

>> No.56571948


new hive fleet, hive fleet hydra.

>> No.56571951

What are you thankful for /tg/?

>> No.56571955


>> No.56571961


>Human proportions on a gene-modded slab of muscle

These guys are the only primaris who actually look like a space marine and not a human in power armour.

>> No.56571964

The return of Marbo and cheap Redemptor.

>> No.56571966


It's muh own color scheme, painted it over year ago, way before the new dex.

>> No.56571972


>your cheetah poster evolved into a crocodile poster!
>give nickname to crocodile poster?
>you sent "a faggot" to box 1

>> No.56571985

My life so far, and the chance to make it better or worse.

Also the FW 30k Mech range except the Priests

>> No.56571989

You are right, I miss misinterpreted the sequences. Thanks for the heads up

>> No.56571994

What's the lowest Strength and Toughness in the game? Is it 3?

>> No.56571995


apparently someone at GW really liked it because pic related.

>> No.56572000


>> No.56572004

Fuggin oc stealing faggots, the lot of them.

>> No.56572006

1 for str, 2 for toughness I think.

>> No.56572012

There's no rocket pod on this dread you guys.

>> No.56572016


spore mines are S and T 1


get on my level tzeentch fag

>> No.56572023

Hydra is explicitly different, I've seen this scheme literally everywhere I go that houses my fellow bugfags, hell the taufag I bought some warriors off of had them painted this way

>> No.56572028

My buddy that taught me to play had a similar issue with giving Victory Points for units killed, namely Drones.

We just rolled off for it.
I won, thank the gods, cuz my gunline really depended on those drones last game, but we also toyed with ideas that if we counted that, then we would also be counting Hammerhead/Devilfish drones exploding on a 6, and so on because they use datasheets or whatever, and he thought my drones exploding would be FUN

>> No.56572030

>fire it up!

>> No.56572034

If you could have one weapon from the 40k universe, what would it be?

Rule 1: A generic weapon, not a named relic.
Rule 2: You have to be able to lift it, no Titan weapon.
Rule 3: If you pick a Tyranid weapon it will appear symbiotically bonded to you, so be careful with that.

>> No.56572042

That’s based on the original Genestealer color scheme.

>> No.56572050


Good, shit weapon anyhow. Save the points.

>> No.56572051

Lasgun, boring, but effectively infinite ammo.

>> No.56572052

maalaamaan siitä laiskuri niinkuin olisit jo.
also id like to see army shot with that scheme, i like it.

>> No.56572054

I hate c-beams.

and Antonios

>> No.56572061

Lashwhip, it's not bonded :^)

>> No.56572066

How do these guys hit something with their power fists without snapping the ammo belts attached to the guns on their arms?

>> No.56572067


>pick tau rail rifle.
>give it to the british military. say I won it in a bet with an alien
>die in an interrogation chamber. queen and country profits.

>> No.56572069

So what, I allocate a d6 damage to the drone, not have to take multiple drones down for the wounds after? I've been nerfing the shit out of myself if so

>> No.56572073

why anon?

>> No.56572074

>Vegan main course
The absolute state of the 41st millennium

>> No.56572075

>I'm ready! I'm not ready!

>> No.56572076

They aren't powerfists unless I'm wrong which I probably am

>> No.56572080

I wanna see her condescendingly smug

>> No.56572082

Thunder hammer. Order in the mother fucking court.

>> No.56572086

It turns it into a mortal wound, but yeah a lascannon will only eat a single drone.

>> No.56572089


they're flexible and designed to be easily detached, if they do come off because you punched too hard its easy for someone else to reattach them

>> No.56572096

I dunno how to counter them. I play guard and I'm retarded. My mate's bringing 9 of them and they just seem to do really well against everything.

>> No.56572101

They're not named it but clearly have the same stats.

>> No.56572104


This is canon now.

>> No.56572110


>tfw finally learned to like the Aggressors
>still fucking hate Inceptors

why did they design them so shit?

>> No.56572121

they get stronger at range but they are immobile. how many does your oppent field? what kind of gaurd do you run?

>> No.56572122


2 boxes of troupe and 2 starweavers

>> No.56572126


>> No.56572127


1: Yes it is.
2: Lash whip and bone sword are a paired weapon slot, so you now have no hands that aren't fused to a weapon.


What is this "The government will vanish and torture you if you do something weird" meme that persists everywhere?

>> No.56572131

A primach thanksgiving

Horus makes a cringey speech and makes everyone say what they're thankful for because "it's tradition"

Lion El'Jonson sits on the couch and plays game boy, refusing to talk to anyone and getting mad when the emperor takes it away

Fulgrim dry humps a distant cousin in the bathroom

Perturabo plays violent video games in front of everybody

Jaghatai khan brings a weird Asian dish at nobody eats and he broods in the corner

Leman Russ gets inappropriate with the dog

Curze goes upstairs and won't come down until the emperor forces him to say goodbye to everybody

Dorn never leaves the couch and gets pissy if anyone suggest otherwise

Angron gets way too pissy over the touch football

Mortarion sneezes all over the food

Ferrus manus fights with Guilliman over cutting the turkey

Magnus keeps gloating about how he's gluten free and won't stop playing with the electric carver

Lorgar won't stop talking about politics and makes everyone feel awkward

Sanguinius says grade and makes everyone think he's a kiss ass

Corax keeps sitting under the table

Alpharius and Omegon sit at the kids table and talk to each other in a made up language

The emperor shows up by the time people are eating dessert and leaves after a few awkward hellos

>> No.56572133

Shardcarbine would be fun for massive slaughter
But i would probably have to go for Blaster

>> No.56572138

his fucking hand

>> No.56572152

They're good though.

>> No.56572158

Rakennushommat vielä kesken.
tfw I have only 3 of my nids painted out of the well over hundred tyranids I have.

>> No.56572166

If I wanted cool, I'd probably go for something like a chainsword, or a nemesis force weapon.
Only problem is that I'm probably unable to operate any kind of Space Marines sized weapon effectively, not even speaking of activating the psychic circuits in a force weapon.

So, honestly go with the more intelligent option: the humble lasgun
>can be operated by a normal human effectively
>infinite rechargeable ammo
>ranged weapons>>CC weapons IRL
>ridiculously overpowerd compared to modern day guns

>> No.56572167

He's fielding 3 batteries of 3 each. I usually run a cheap cadian brigade for CP with rolling 5's for CP spent farming, then either a celestine/bullgryn ball and a vindicare/eversor/callidus or pask with a couple tanks, though I've only fielded 3 at a time, maybe I should just get a load more dirt cheap with just heavy bolter sponsons.

Was also thinking a lot of assassins, like 6+.

>> No.56572180

. . . . vulkan?

>> No.56572182


Can I have a Toxicrene's lashes?

>> No.56572191

No they can't handle being stripped? No the color will not last?

>> No.56572193

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen, clearly

>> No.56572198

Is black or red power armour harder to paint?

>> No.56572205

The Obliterator virus

>> No.56572214

Vulkan refused to stand for grace

>> No.56572215

>implying the british goverment is compent enough to be shadey
Reminds me of the corruption scandal a few years back, MPs abusing their position to take money for things they weren't allowed to.

Forign politicans when the full hog, using goveremnt expenses claims to buy houses and cars while british MPs used it to fund... packets of crisps, sweets and bus fares on their days off.

>> No.56572217

> being DA
> debating about secrets and stuff
> strange new guy enters the room
> all brothers: *chirp* *chirp* motherfucker
> new guy leaves. Weirdo.
> back to debating about secrets and stuff

>> No.56572224


Multi-Melta. I mount it on my car and drive around multi-melting anyone who cuts me off in traffic.

>> No.56572227

Sounds like a retard

>> No.56572237

LRAD already scares the shit out of me, the thought of a handheld one powered by demonic energy just smack a big grin on my stupid face

>> No.56572241

Having an understanding wife with a bottomless wallet

>> No.56572247

It helps a lot to get them off the dumb flying stands and onto something more dynamic

>> No.56572253

The only right answer is hothsot volley gun.
>infinte ammo
>greater ap than fucking everything
>rapid fire

Better in every way,
Suck it lasgun gimps.

>> No.56572254

>"wife" that puts up with your hobby and funds it out of her own wallet
May as well just call her 'Mommy' at that point.

>> No.56572255

Are you nega-me? I love the Inceptors but the Aggressors are absolutely retarded with their big gorilla hands. I would love them if they could have normal hands.

>> No.56572257

And a duck-house

>> No.56572266

>Only warriors and tyrants have lashwhips
Is 8th your first edition?

>> No.56572267

Routsi on paska :DDD :-PP

>> No.56572270

How could I forget Vulkan

Vulkan is hugging everyone inappropriately and scaring the children

>> No.56572277

You absolutely right. Totally fucking forgot about the volley guns.

>> No.56572289

>Codex Blood Angels
>Only new model is going to be a Lieutenant

>> No.56572293

the fuck? Pushing their knees down while leaning back the torso and bending the arms forward. Take that posture for a moment, then move... absolutely retarded

>> No.56572296

obviously the pimp cane

>> No.56572300


The correct answer here is "what 40k weapon could be sold as patents for the most profit?"

The correct answer is shokk attack gun, which contains a man portable fucking teleporter.

>> No.56572301

Is this fan art, or some leaked terminator pic?

>> No.56572307

If it makes you feel better, most codices this edition got no new models at all.

>> No.56572313

these are primaris belts, your concern is void.

>> No.56572318

>Is this art a art?

>> No.56572319


>> No.56572322


>Walks into the patent office with a gun made of scrap metal apparently designed to suck up and teleport small children inside people

>> No.56572324

yeah but shokk attack gun is ork tech, so not reverse engineerable, as far as i'm aware.
Somebody more familiar with the lore please correct me.

>> No.56572327

>Codex Grey Knights
>not a single new model
>GW just tells us "Buy more of our ugly, stupid ass Dreadknights, you can make them GM's now!!"
>Get absolutely shafted by codex creep
You dont get to whine yet, boy. Wait till your dex drops, then we'll talk.

>> No.56572333

made me choke, thanks for that anon

>> No.56572336


>> No.56572339

Hey some girls are into that.

>> No.56572354

sticking pubes to the back of a badly painted model doesn't do anything for the sculpt

>> No.56572361

kek, its her way of dealing with the guilt of missing so much time we could be spending together, she hasn't had more than two days off a month in the last 4 years

>> No.56572383

why are assault marine so bad at melee reeeeeee
also, not a question but chosen are super bland, couldn't they give them a special rule like DTTFE but agaisnt every army or something.

>> No.56572394

You don't understand, I'm making an Ultima founding BA successor chapter.

>> No.56572400

meant for >>56570938

>> No.56572415


>why are assault marine so bad at melee reeeeeee

Mm, are they? They're a bit chaffy I guess. At the end of the day though they're basically just a trainee marine with a jump pack and a Chainsword.

>> No.56572429

Better question why are Tactical marines so shit?

>> No.56572432

>Codex Chaos Space Marines
>Only new model is the Exalted Champion that isn't even actually a new model

>> No.56572438

I have 3 Bloat Drones, 3 Crawlers and will get 3 Haulers.

What is the best combination of the 3?

>> No.56572442

We do tend to do that. I was reading the "blackmail list" that was supposedly leaked a while ago and we had such dramatic scandals as "prefers his gay lovers to wear perfume" and "put his hand on some lady's knee".

Somewhere John Profumo is laughing his ass off at the incredibly shitty scandals.

>> No.56572447

are you so fucking eager to rebuy your collection, gimp?

>> No.56572457

if they are running 9, thats alot of dakka and i see your issue.
does he usealy leave them relitivly alone? maybe some deepstriking bussiness from tempestus could help. or if you have a flyer you could drop speacial weapon melta or demo charge teams next to them. but closeing distance is usealy important. what does he usealy shoot them at?
anything thats 48 inches away he should be aiming at armour, but everything closer can still grind your base infantry of T3.
you ever try any stratiges already or no?

>> No.56572463

How’s this look for a 500 point Army?

Forge World: Ryza

Eradication Ray, Macrostubber, Anzion's Pseudogenetor, First-hand Field Testing (Axe)
141 pts

Vanguard x5
Plasma Caliver, Enhanced Data Tether
73 pts

Vanguard x5
Plasma Caliver, Enhanced Data Tether
73 pts

Fast Attack
Sydonian Dragoon
68 pts

Heavy Support
Onager Dunecrawler
Cognis Heavy Stubber, Neutron Laser, Smoke Launchers
143 pts

Total: 498 pts

>> No.56572464

The Bangel one is much better. It isn't completely covered in retarded looking iconography.

>> No.56572470

No, I want a new collection.

>> No.56572471



You know what? No, I won't waste my 15 minutes bitching fan complaints that they'll have already heard. Instead, I'll spend it pitching unit Ideas I want to see. Like a Jump Dreadnought. Updated Necron destroyers with more gun options and a Melee option to bodyguard their Lord. Basically all the cool shit I can think of.

And since they're -expecting- me to come in swinging with criticisms, I'll get a more receptive audience just for having been positive.

I might toss in a "I really do miss putting down flame templates tho" towards the end, I guess.

>> No.56572486

Give IG sgts their lasguns back motherfuckers!

>> No.56572490

He always wraps them so no deepstrike, we've only done one game where he brought them and it was pretty damn brutal. Took pask and tank commander out on turn 1. The valkyrie is a good idea actually. That'd be -1 to hit and I could pop a nightshroud on it, too.

>> No.56572491

Riddle me this anons. Looking from a reasonable point of view, why wouldn't you equip IG with this armor since it can clearly be worn by normal non enhanced humans? Don't give me that ,,it's expensive'' or hard to manufacture''. The empire is in a war of such a big scale that power and survivability should be a priority as opposite to cutting costs.

>> No.56572494

Depends on the rest of the army, but either Drones or Crawlers. I like 3 crawlers with arch contaminator lord or drones supporting princes/deepstrike.

Haulers are actually complete trash. Their only application is supporting an infantry army that is walking across the board and if you are doing that in 8th you are asking to lose.

>> No.56572496

something about terminators needing WS/BS 2+

>> No.56572498

Why aren't sisters plastic?

>> No.56572507

You protect things that are valuable and a Guardsman's life is literally worthless.

>> No.56572508


Tactical marines are a sacred cow. A hold over from rogue trader.

In theory, after serving as a scout, a Devastator and an assault marine, you should be a veteran and go straight into vanguard and Sternguard rather than being shuffled into the worst equipped units in the chapter.

>> No.56572509

To be fair, it does say treat them as a separate unit after they go onto the field. But that'd also fuck up detachment if I suddenly got like, 20 slots of fast attack, wouldn't it? (Sorry, I'm bretty new to the game still, just been painting for a few years. )

>> No.56572511

Where are my skitarii HQs? Why does the enginseer have a laspistol instead of something useful?

>> No.56572514

Survivability only matters if soldiers are a limited resource. And the Imperium has quadrillions of people to draw on.

>> No.56572515

"Multi-part plastic hierodules are an urgently needed addition, also forgeworld stats are bad, here are my suggestions" followed by my suggestion.

>> No.56572516

>power and survivability should be a priority as opposite to cutting costs
this is 40k not sensible land

>> No.56572517


>> No.56572527

There are literally trillions of guardsmen in active duty anon
That would get expensive fast

>> No.56572528

Because cost efficiency. The Imperium is super powerful, but its enemies are legion

>> No.56572529

Chapter war Deathwing vs Primaris you heard it here first

>> No.56572534

Fan art. We've been over this before.


Learn to fucking google.

>> No.56572535


You say that like Death Guard have a lot of S8 shooting.

>> No.56572543

>tfw you collect both

>> No.56572544

beacuse i own a shadow sword im a bit acustemed to deleteing things a turn at a time. you can target the guns, its the crews you cant quite just shoot at you please. lascannons certainly help melting a few guns, you run any forge world models?

>> No.56572545

first and only

>> No.56572546

>Codex Tyranids
>2 new models but it's actually just a carnifex with mandatory modelling
>doesn't matter because carnifexes are dope

>> No.56572549

Because the only IG who need it aren't worthy of it.

>> No.56572551

Fuck yes. I have a few of those gathering dust. Damn it GW, WHY?!

>> No.56572556

That ain't what she's guilty about, cucko.

>> No.56572563

FWIW, Sicarians of both varieties are very cost effective as far as raw mathhammer goes. Infiltrators with Taser Goads in particular are one of the most effective point for point Primarch killers. Then again, I haven't calced but I understand Electropriests are also great at that.

>> No.56572569

I think that's balanced by having access to a beatstick primarch and being able to take detachments of CSM with their tools.

>> No.56572571

I got access to everything (we test shit out in tabletop simulator) but don't really wanna get FW shit as it's A) super expensive to aussies like myself and B) don't really like any of it. Same reason I don't run like celestine and gullymeme, doesn't feel right.
Only FW stuff I'd get would be smaller support units I think, weapons teams, small tanks, maybe a macharius, they're quite good looking.

>> No.56572574

Shes fucking behind your back

>> No.56572578

How much is the new Redemptor going to be?

>> No.56572582

Perfectly good enough, although I'd FHFT the Eradication Ray instead of the axe since he has basically no way to get into melee himself, you'll probably be shooting much more than you're chopping and D3+1 is a pretty shiny damage stat. Perfectly good and fair list, I run something similar except with a Stygies Enginseer and Sniper Rangers over Vanguard in friendly games.

When I really want to be dickish it's:

Stygies FW, Vanguard Detach (4CP)

Enginseer, Rainment OTT, Monitor Malevolus

5 Rangers, 2 Arquebi, Omnispex
Dunecrawler, Neutron and 2 Stubbers

Can also change the Crawler to an Icarus Array and buy two Serpentas for my Dragoons. If I do that I'm tempted to buy another SC Skittles box and turn the Crawler into a specialized carrier variant with five Rangers and the Enginseer transported inside or desanting, with magnets . Extend hull, add some benches, maybe. Have the Arquebus strapped to the side and rearrange the weapons a little so the entire list can be mobile walkers on patrol. I'd use a Goliath deck if it wasn't bigger than the Crawler body.

Obviously if it's an actual game I'd take the models out of the tonk and use my normal Sniper Ranger models, but it sounds kinda fun to have a "Clade Leader Crawler" done up all fancy.

>> No.56572586

Probably the same price as the Nurgle terminators.

>> No.56572588

>why don't loyalist marines get better versions of the Chaos rules

>> No.56572597

That Solitaire knows something you don't. But fuck him, he's gonna die and get his soul eaten by Slaanesh anyway.

The Guilliman nerf is a slap on the wrist to such a degree I actually suspect they're taking the piss. They hiked his cost by 25 fucking points. That's 7%.

>> No.56572598

The purpose of a wife is to replace your mother.

>> No.56572599

It's as if the empire wants to keep these conflicts as drawn out as possible. I wonder why?

>> No.56572621

Tau. What the fuck, dude? That, or beat them over the head with a Riptide.

>> No.56572623

Khornate high lords of terra

>> No.56572625

Since when are chosen loyalist.

>> No.56572626

Because mankind without an enemy naturally turns on itself.

>> No.56572632

Is the weekender's anthology up in the mega, would someone be kind enough to pass me the direct link? Pretty please?

>> No.56572645

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

>> No.56572651

... well I mean I guess it's so GW can sell a cool and diverse range of miniatures >.>

>> No.56572653

Since they were alpha legion.

>> No.56572663

Having evolved from prey we are incapable of beleaving in a world without an enemy

>> No.56572665

>resources and manufacturing capability are infinite and logistics as a concept does not exist

>> No.56572679

Y-you too

>> No.56572684

How bad does he job against Dante in devastation of Baal? Was it a pathetic showing like his second fight against Calgar?

>> No.56572691

Is it really that hard to believe someone can be happy and in a stable relationship? she's a damned saint and she's the one who proposed so I wouldn't be fucking around on her anymore, I still feel like shit when I think about how cruel I was to her in our early years, I dont deserve her kindness

Anyone know when the next codexes drop?

>> No.56572698

Brimstones are S1, spore mines are S/T1.

>> No.56572708

Guess what she gets?

>> No.56572722

Dark/Blood Angels next in december. Then Daemons in January.

>> No.56572731

>the Virgin spore mine
>the chad mucolid spore

>> No.56572734

>be incapable of being defeated by the same thing twice
>every depiction has you defeated by the same exact thing every time
Couple that with Guy Haley having a boner for giving tyranids a personality and I'm sure you could make something up that's STILL less bullshit than whatever he wrote

>> No.56572741

Jokaero digital weapons. Easily concealed (can look as simple as an ornamental ring) but batshit powerful.

>> No.56572752

>Is it really that hard to believe someone can be happy and in a stable relationship?
A 60%, pushing 70%, divorce rate says so.
The only question is if it’s better to have a father who makes you miserable and is angry all the time or no father at all.

>> No.56572760

hmmm. some weapon teams could be usefull for takeing a few out, but if you get into a long range dakka fight with the c-beams your gonna probobly lose that fight.
what else does he usealy run? if you can shut down and murder the most of the stuff thats not the c-beam batteries then they are kinda left with few options. though as gaurd you might have a rought time doing that to csm. (i assume its csm cus the c-beams).

could try some big dick dakka. earth shaker batteries are not a bad idea. jus cheap immobiles basalisks basicly. they are fw but plenty of people make thier own. kind of hard to say if your not a fan of beatstick balls like girllyman or celestine. good wall of russ's in squadrens could be good. jus not having turn 1 agenst 9 c-beams at like, any range is not the best.

>> No.56572774

Lads, I'm scared that my 2000pts Deathwatch army will get an AdMech tier book with barely any changes. Please reassure me

>> No.56572775

>implying divorce rates being the only way to gauge the quality of a relationship

>> No.56572779

That's actually completely wrong. It's closer to 30%.

>> No.56572780

mind you thats the murrican stat and its heavily skewed by those dumbasses who get married and divorced every other month

>> No.56572786

Triple Plagueburst seems to have become a staple, that's a lot of S8. Las/Missile helbrutes are also ok.

>> No.56572789

I ran celestine once and would consider doing it again, but yeah I only really wanna try models I'd actually buy and celestine is like $150 for just her, and she's getting nerfed in CA. Anyway, I've got a few ideas with some infantry rush and the valkyries you mentioned, and Russ's with tank guards could probably blow past him. I'd get, what, 7 for 900 (how much his c-beams cost)?

>> No.56572798

It depends totally on exactly where you are talking about.

>> No.56572807

I'm Deathwatch too brother WE'RE FUCKED
at least we can teleport hellblasters into rapid fire range right?

>> No.56572810

Alpha Legion 1050 points
Pls rape my face
I don't know what to invest last 10 points into.

>> No.56572814


That isn't and hasn't ever been true.

>> No.56572817

hotshot volley gun isn't rapid fire
makes you wonder why don't they just give everyone those things though with how powerful they are, at least they should be better than standard bolters so they should just give every marine one

>> No.56572832

That list is Nair on a spreadsheet because there's no fluff at all.

>> No.56572852

I know it's stricktly speaking 30k but can i have a Pyrithite or Adrasite spear?

>> No.56572855

Why is it everytime i see a unit with plasma, it's given mark of slaanesh as well. What's the reason behind this ? am i missing something ? halp

>> No.56572856

Dante gets fucking wrecked and ends the fight by getting a one in a million shot to swarmlords face with his overloaded melta pistol while impaled through the chest on one of the boneswords.

Before that, the fight actually is pretty well written, with Dante making full use of the closest he was willing to give into the black rage making him immune to pain and most of the psychic attacks. He shoots off one of swarmlords arms and makes good use of his jump pack to get in some hits, but for th most part none of this slows down swarmy at all.

>> No.56572858

>1050 points
What the hell is this

>> No.56572866

Shoot twice strat.

>> No.56572867

Easily a gauss rifle though a hyperphase sword, dispersion shield, or particle caster would be really cool too.
Inferno bolters and warpflamers are cool but seem kinda risky and all, even as their pistol forms.

>> No.56572871

Because they're relatively expensive to make? And the powerpacks even more so

>> No.56572873

Those things can be resolved and it's not really that hard.

>> No.56572874

CSM stratagem lets Slaanesh units shoot twice

>> No.56572881

It's less than that, and skewed because people who got divorces already are far more likely to divorce again. First time marriages have like a 75% success rate.

>> No.56572904

I have the DG side of the starter, EtB plague marines, deathshroud and cultists. What is good to get next? Whats competitive? Dont really want morty

>> No.56572907

Ah that makes sense.
Welp, lucky me being a emp's children player that smacked plasma on everything last edition anyway.

>> No.56572908


You can, though bear in mind a Custodes spear is sized for an 8 foot S/T5 guy in masterwork power armour.

>> No.56572918


>> No.56572931

>tfw S/T 2

>> No.56572947 [SPOILER] 

Why indeed?

>> No.56572952


>> No.56572955

Plagueburst Crawlers with entropy cannons and Bloat-drones with plaguespitters make strong and resilient anti-armor and infantry. Lascannon Predators and Rhinos are good but no different from other armies.

>> No.56572969

>she proposed
Sounds like a fucking trap
not the benis kind

>> No.56572970

Left-handed nonsense.

>> No.56572972

>tfw I am lorgar

>> No.56572973

Not too bothered, it's reverse engineering the tech I'm interested in. Meltaguns have enormous potential for power generation and the matter disruption fields in the power blade have tons of potential aplications

>> No.56573008

Why Daemonettes are always worse than Bloodletters?

>> No.56573009

I am (and was today) Ferrus, lol.

>> No.56573011

I just wish they'd redo some of the characters. Can we get a celestinesque sanguinor for example? Non midget Dante? How about a model for malakim phoros?

>> No.56573031

Because they don't know what to do with slaanesh

>> No.56573047

What are the good Bruva Alfabusa videos? Marbo's one was ok.

>> No.56573048

Khorne is Melee god.
Nurgle is tank god.
Tzeentch is ranged god.
Slaanesh is just shit.

>> No.56573051

because bloodletters are literally made for combat while daemonettes also do crazy sex/torture rituals with cultists

>> No.56573085

Do you need to paint Salamanders with dumb hotwheels flame decals on them for them to be recognisably salamanders? Looks tedious and also not a huge fan of it

>> No.56573087


>> No.56573088

>Swarmy depicted as having measurable tact and not just jobbing to the good guy
Color me shocked

>> No.56573100

it's been almost 10 years, either shes Alpharius playing the long con or she's actually happy

Any bets on the prices of these new lieutenants? maybe they'll release a generic one too

>> No.56573102

If it makes you feel better Bloodletters are still pretty shit.

>> No.56573109

a hellforged rapier battery with three C-beam's is 228 points, makeing 9 what, like 912 points? so. runing 9 is not cheap really but still a good dakka source.

infantry rush, flyer rush, cheapo tanks, all some good options.

some boys in chimeras could put some pressure on the frontlines as your infantry blobs/leman russ/ whatever really.

psykers could be a real help to your cause. get some key units some buffs as well as do some damage to his infantry or deny some casts.

>> No.56573111

No? The right shade of green is enough

>> No.56573130

if you dont want a morty then maybe a typhus.

>> No.56573136

If the rules don't change, then you're stuck with the pod, it's just not on the model.

>> No.56573153

too busy mastering the blade

>> No.56573203

Daemon Prince, Plagueburst Crawlers, Blightlord Terminators, Chaos Lord on foot, Chaos Lord and Sorcerer with jump packs, 30 cultists, Foul Memeflamer.

>> No.56573240


>> No.56573247

Get the pyscher that triggers wounds whenever something is near and he rolls a min of 7 on pyscher.
At least that's what I'm thinking of getting.

>> No.56573248

Go forth in peace
jk tear eachother to bits

>> No.56573258

It also has the Swarmlord literally bodyslamming a wrecked land raider away with the force of its charge, that was cool.

>> No.56573260

seccond the demon prince and foul memeflamer

>> No.56573261

Swarmlord is still one of the most retarded ideas GW ever added to 40k. It goes against everything the Tyranids stand for.

>> No.56573277

gotta roll a eggsact 7 for the malignant plaguecaster to do wounds to people round him.

>> No.56573313

He's really not that good, DG only have one really good power in Miasma, and the obligatory Daemon Prince can cast that just fine.

The Adjective Nouncaster want to be played in a close range infantry force, but that archetype just doesn't work, and even if you try to force it a second Prince would be better in his slot.

>> No.56573444


>> No.56573621


Jokearo digital weapons.

They appear as simple rings/gloves, but can act as multi-laser, lascan, infero pistols, etc...

>> No.56574278

Nigga what?
If anyone is going to ve marching accross the board it's Death Guard. And how is putting a missile launcher and multi-melta on a fast platform that ignores move and fire penalties and takes 10 lascannons to kill without degrading a vad idea? Not to mention they can tarpit like a motherfucker if the need arises.

>> No.56574316


my proof? i main death gaurd.

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