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The Editionless Edition - Edition.

Previous thread: >>56510965
Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

Thread q: if you "reset" your life to any particular moment in time, when would you choose to do so, and why?

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Sometimes i want to retcon myself out of existence does that count?

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OC from last thread.

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Also did Bliss change Monster Hunter recently? I could have sworn there was a skill that let you subtly manipulate someone's mind.

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And mystery book.

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Crap I forgot to spoiler it.

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original content is here

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I couldn’t do it all again. I’m at a good place and would probably end up worse off. That’s not even considering the pain of not being able to drive, drink, and having everyone around you being mentally a decade or two your junior. Might be fun to try out a few different paths if I have the ability to return right back to where I am, though

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final page

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I'll post this on behalf of its author. It's from last thread.

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We already have a thread

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I mean monk book right? Reincarnation and all. Plus who would resort to violence against a saintly aura'd guy.

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Past the bump limit, genius. We're migrating here.

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Can I go hog wild?

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But of course. You could be as wild as a wildflower if you wanted to be.

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learn to read you idiot, he doesn't want to be a sissy wildflower, he wants to be a hog

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Enjoyed this. My only grievance was the ambiguity of spending points on skills and magics in relation to having them "favoured". Otherwise, I like the style and the recurring brevity in the descriptions.

Frontiersman. A humble abode in the mountains, built by my da' after serving as a knight. Peaceful, hard days.

Innerwoods Camp. Da' used to say that peace was the burden of society--that it was the responsibility of those who admired this ideal to work cohesively to protect it. I aspired to do great deeds, and so da' thought it best to send me to a place with like-minded lads.

Hunter. The camp was rigorous and tough, almost as much as da' putting me to work at home was. But I had mastered discipline before I had arrived, and so it was down to work ethic, but an evolving one. I had relished the sparring sessions, the tracking, and the encounters. Still do.

{e} Melee; when da' wasn't working me, he was training me. I was proficient in swords and hands before I even arrived at the camp.
{i} Stalking; been over 30 years since camp. Only a handful of folks have seen me coming. Nobody yet to see me going.
{i} Mobility; when the going got tough, I got going.
{i} Survival; navigating the mountains is easy, but cities? Those took some getting used to.
{b} Crafting; da' taught me, albeit with his belt, that good tools are expensive and--if maintained--will last a lifetime.

>Primal Magic
{e} Animal Companion; during my trial I encountered a beast I'd never dreamt of before. It was majestic, its mane flowing in the wind, and it ambled with more pride than any dragon, and over still waters. But it was powerful--built like a horse, and larger still. When it turned at my approach, I felt a shiver that I have never since felt. It spoke, its voice reminiscent of a banshee's howl, and asked my name, and then told me what it was called. Grisgeld.


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>Traits (primeval, mystic)
At a glance, Grisgeld was the most wicked thing to walk the world. Some portentous sigil signifying the end times. I'd have fled, but my curiosity outweighed my fear, so I stayed and spoke with Grisgeld. Spoke to it, more likely. Quiet creature. Rarely speaks, but when it does it is concise.

We've always made excellent time in our excursions, only taking detours when I instigate them. I don't know that it fights, but then it has never needed to. Grisgeld won't go near settlements either. I had once tried showing it to some of the old mentors for identifying it, but it would not come. Curious. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who sees it.

>Terrain (mountains, urban)
I'm well-traveled, but my work is in the cities and villages, and my heart and home is in the mountains.

Ettins. Da' hated ettins. Killed lots of them in service to the good King Cole and always called them lessers. Personally, have nothing against them. Met a few savvy ones in my travels, and killed more than my fair share of savages too. For the most part they're honest about their intentions, and at least they always offer a good fight.

Undead. Mayhaps life is unfair enough. Death needn't be so unfair too.

Humans. The wilds and the other creatures never worried da'. He'd say that he had his sword and armor for dealing with those. It was men that he feared most. Men that conspired, that plotted; men that were capricious, deceptive, and nefarious. Men that could harm you without lifting anything more than a quill. It took some time, but I came to agree with him.

Lodge. The fey are strange creatures, reviled by many. I do not know why, for I have found many wonders that they have left behind for others.

Spring. Greatest luxury I've ever known, the spring. I do not like using it, for I fear complacency will set in. I hope to never have to use it, but then there have been times where a visit was born out of necessity.


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Ah, it's been so long. Truth be told, Grisgeld stole a lot of thunder from whatever trial it was that I faced. Suppose the important thing is that I survived and passed.

I suppose my memory is so foggy because I was presented with an... underwhelming token of esteem for surpassing the trial. Would you believe that they gave me a walking stick? The elder that gave it to me certainly needed it more than I did. Ah well, I've been carrying it around these days. Can't move as well as I used to and it occasionally helps me find my footing. I noticed that I get exhausted without it, too.

Aging is a wretched experience. Well now, there's work to be done.


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fats gotta fat i guess

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No such thing as a bump limit, brainlet. Stop shitting up this board, sage

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Can we purchase defenses for cities that aren't our capital?

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>The Seven Worldly Truths and How to Accept Them
I'll be a wholesome new age monk. Also being able to control your body and mostly, having a nice afterlife is pretty cool. Do I get my Waifu in the afterlife tho?

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It's nirvana, anon.
You experience nothing.

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I'm going to catch me a dragon.

Mentor: Innerwoods Camp
Path: Hunter

Favoured Terrain (2): Forest, Mountains
Favoured Skills (4) : Handling, Herbalism, Hunting, Crafting
Favoured Powers (1) : Command
Favoured Enemies (3) : Dragons, Elementals, Humans

Skills: Expert Handling, Expert Herbalism, Expert Hunting, Expert Crafting (12/20)
Expert Mobility (18/20), Basic Survival (20/20)

Magic: Expert Command (3/15) , Expert Protection (9/15), Expert Hexes (15/15)

Outpost: Garden, Spring

Trials: Hunt (tame) the Dragon

Artifacts: Moonlight Cloak

So the plan is to hunt and tame dragons. My main offensive capabilities are going to be hexes and traps that I build. Non lethal sure, but it'll weaken a dragon. Otherwise, I'm just going to run around and be fast and ride that dragon until it shuts up and becomes my pet. Hopefully it'll run out of steam before I do eh? Plus I have an assortment of herbs that would be helpful in making the dragon sleepy or something I hope. Then I'll spam command into it's brain while it's tired. Should work right? That's how brainwashing works yeah ? Drugs, a feeling of hopelessness, and repetition?

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but I want to experience holding her hand. Do I have to choose reincarnation to find her?

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Honestly, if I had to go for a more optimized build, I wouldve chosen strider instead of hunter, although technically hunter fits in more lorewise. But the extra terrain (probably wasteland and dungeon?) would be more helpful to a dragon tamer than being able to also hunt elementals and people.

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That's the responsibility of the lords of those cities.

Also I forgot to mention you can take an enemy nation to get another allied nation in the text. Woops.

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A lot of people wouldn't consider that a "Nice afterlife" so much as it's own thing. It's probably Svarga (Hindu heaven where good folks can chill and enjoy the fruits of their goodness before reincarnating) in which finding your waifu would be entirely possible.

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Anybody got that Road Trip CYOA with the bike?

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Thank you so much, anon. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

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You're welcome.

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I feel gypped. Why couldn't this be Pure Lands Buddhism instead?

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King Allen the Stoic
Kingdom of Autriche
Mountains x2
Rivers and Coasts x2

Narrow Pass


Reinforced Gate
Arrow Slits
High Walls

Men At Arms x20
Archers x20
Engineers x10
Healers x20

Marines x2
Naval Engineers x2

Forge Touched

>Lord's Powers
The People's Strength
Inspiration to All

>Friends & Foes
Allied with Albierne

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This is a good one.


Exile. After the death of my father at the hands of a rival family, they now held the leadership of my small tribe and had me exiled. I took to being a ranger to keep myself alive and fed.


Saihu took me in and taught me how to survive solo.


As a Warden I am a welcome sight to travelers and those who live in remote locations, making a name for myself as I slay errant monsters and help take news from one place to another.

Expert melee
Expert ranged
Expert stalking
Expert herbalism
Intermediate mobility


Expert chameleon
Expert imbuement
Intermediate primalism
Intermediate shamanism

>favored terrain

Wasteland (origins)

>favored enemies
Witches are a blight upon remote villages, as they often retreat to the deep forests to practices their foul rituals. I'm tasked to hunt them down as a warden.
Demons are the other half of the equation, as they are often bound to witches or in pacts with them.

Grove, spring. My hideaway is a sacred Grove with a healing spring, a solid place to lay my head and wash away my worries and wounds.

Defend the town. The witch who is responsible for summoning the h dead must be slain, and I'm just the man for the job.


Stick of walking

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Is Regina Fischer a reference to the chess cyoa? Are there any other references in the passengers?

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>Almost done with the introduction

Haven't put in any of the actual content yet. This is all the introduction and character creation for my adventure CYOA. Mind, the rest of it is written and I'm just putting it together. I plan to fulfill my earlier challenge to myself and release it before Thanksgiving, exams willing.

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Normally I would do a small writeup about why I chose what, but my build didn't turn out the way I wanted and I lost a lot of my motivation for it halfway through.

Some thoughts:
Very little input on what our land is like outside the capital.

Unclear on if you can take extra enemies to get allies

Unclear if you have to join one of the two sides to get an Ally, or if aligning with one gets you an extra Ally on that side

Nothing to do with excess resources

Fortifications can't be made out of stone under Defenses, for some reasons

While I'm confident in my ability to manage my Taints, I'm not so confident in the case of any future children. The chance one of them goes tyrannical is so antithetical to my role as a King that I can't stain my bloodline with them

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Looking forward to it.

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I'd guess she is. There's Cave Johnson and Hatsune Miku, and Patricia Norris doesn't sound a lot like her source image (quite the opposite) but does share initials

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...Finesse + Psionic?

>> No.56529253

Ah, I took a closer look and found Psionic. Could have sworn it was in the Ethereal tree.

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Is Misaki a trap?

>> No.56529391

dont think so
she just seems to be in the midst of a mental breakdown...and maybe cursed

>> No.56529413

I assumed she was either a ghost or some kind of medium.

>> No.56529446

well just read the bottom of page 3

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There are quite a few! Most of them are minor level, and not even Regina is meant to *actually be* the same character, though perhaps some sort of alternate-universe version. My favorite is Red Jackie though I don't think there's a single person here with the right cross-over to "get" that reference

If you mean "Is there a dick under there?"? No. Not unless you Sarte it, I guess, but then everything is a trap and nothing is. If you mean "Secretly a dangerous psychotic or other spook who will probably murder you"? Still no. >>56529391 nailed it, she's been through hell (probably not literally, I mentioned her in the "Skinlings" writeup to imply that's what caused her break) and come out the other side but it took its toll on her sanity. And possibly left her cursed.

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For whatever reason, it took you actually saying the name outside the cyoa for me to make the connection that the name was an inversion of the portrait.Blue Mary.

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Best of luck to you, anon!
At this point I feel suicidal, but damnit it'll have to wait until after I'm done with this.

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It got shifted when the Elemental tree got added and several Arcane skills got moved there.

>> No.56529741

Nice. I love to see these cards.

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what happens if I actually ask to buy some of the other books too?
and I would choose
The Hedge Mage's Tome
> Could possibly learn beyond the book but its a good starting point
>possibly find and enroll in a wizardry school
Yoi Panchi: A Handbook
>fighting skills are always nice
God-like skill for Dummies
>magic skill

>> No.56529949

>What happens if I actually ask to buy some of the other books too?
Each book has a price tag of one fiddle made of gold, so you're not getting anything.

>Magic skill
As everything that magic does is inherently impossible, that'd be a waste of a book.

>> No.56529976

>As everything that magic does is inherently impossible, that'd be a waste of a book.
That's pretty stupid seeing as there's a book that teaches you the basics of magic/cantrips, so obviously that "skill" on use exists.

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Fixed threats, now it should show properly how boned some people are. Also added the newest version builds. Did an image compare and turns out all the changes are mechanically cosmetic.

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You know, it's a rare cyoa where the companions page is actually the low point of an other wise awesome adventure.

Really the options with anime pics are collectively the worst part about this one. I'm just complaining though, I do like it other wise. I'll post my build in a minute

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The last year before I went to study overseas. I would love to see what other kinds of roads I could have taken. Not to mention saying proper goodbyes to my friends back then. I was a very shy 12 year old. I am 30 now without a degree, without friends, without a goal, without meaning in life. I haven't had meaningful conversation with anyone in the last two month. Funny how all this time every cyoa I chose immortality. Because now all I wish upon me is some form of relief in death.

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>everybody picking monk book
>travelers guide
I would but then I'd NEVER be able to just relax and buy a nice house.
>Fantatic Adventures
Awesome! Wait...[Mundane treasure] aw maan..but some of those stories are full of supernatural junk, like mystic rubies and ancient curses! I feel so deflated. I'll pick it...but I'm not entirely happy.

>mystery book
...Im gonna show my weeb here but honestly I'd watch an anime like that..i might have to change my choice.

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Made a build in excel, but no time to post. I'll offer some feedback on what I saw.

>There should be more to do with resources. I had starting 27500 labor plus a 30% discount on labor costs. I thought that that would affect my build, but it didn't in the slightest.
>I took about eleven upgrades for my castle and seven troop types, focusing on archery and weakening the enemy at a distance. A nice moat and some high, fortified walls. I paid for all the expensive troops aside from the ships, and only couple ship types, just to defend the rivers.
>I ended off with an excess of 19000+ labor, 7500+ stone and 5000+wood. I might as well go back and buy everything I missed.
>Additionally, I think giving 2 magics/2 lord powers for every curse/taint is a bit much. The powers are pretty darn cool, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks just a bit too much.
>Allies and enemies are pretty great. Like other have said though, the instructions are a bit confusing here. After all, if everybody on each side is already sort of allied against your enemies, it doesn't feel like the stakes are as high, since in a dire situation you can probably call on their help.

Overall, I really like your descriptions and image choices. It's a nice looking CYOA with a lot of good stuff going for it. If you're looking for new options to add, I would say that tiers options for soldiers might make a good point-sink. Also, it might be interesting to have a base pool of fantasy races to choose from so the player has a better feel of how they fit in the world.

>> No.56530351


Here's an example of the tier options I mentioned. You don't have to be specific for each army type, but this would be cool to see.

>Tier one: Base Cost
>Desc: Peasants armed with spears who patrol the castle walls. Can push ladders off the walls, but not much in a real fight.
>Tier two: 2x Cost
>Desc: A greater number of part-time militiamen who train regularly. Can hold their own, though would require support against a professional army.
>Tier three: 4x Cost
>A professional army of trained swordsmen capable of defending both the walls and the city against well-armed foes.
Tier four: 8x Cost
>Your men-at-arms are famed across the land for their skill in war. Can be counted on in dire situations to turn the tide, and can hold their ground even in the face of great beasts.

>> No.56530447

When I made my build I just figured we were buying individual units, but I like the idea of a system like this a lot better. I mean, the big issue with buying units every time I've seen it used in a CYOA is just that I have no clue how big other nation's armies are, and how big the rest of my own army is. Like, are these a significant portion of my army, my entire army, a core elite, and if they are just how elite are they, and so on. I think it's easier to leave numbers general, maybe throw out a rough estimate for standard army sizes, and instead just use general quantifiers to describe sizes so you can get a feel for whether or not your army would be very large or relatively small, and then the descriptions of the units themselves and their strengths tells you whether it's an elite, professional force or a more sort of peasant levy type we'll take what we can get.

>> No.56530488

Oh fuck yeah this looks like my kinda cyoa

>>Hedge Mage's Tome
Hm, I do like the utility factor. I could set up some pretty basic traps if I wanted to go combat mage if that's really necessary.

>>Yoi Panchi
Well, could be ripped.. But beyond that not much I'm interested in. Best martial art in the world can only do so much to make up the difference between you and a pistol.

>>Extraordinary Tales
Neat. I'd be decently curious enough about this.

>>God-like Skill for Dummies
Not sure that icecream and ramen can be made into something delicious but... Near impossible levels of skill in anything could be Damn useful.

>>Seven Worldly Truths
Well I'd say this is actually the least combat ready one in actuality. Either way damn useful.

Dude, I've always been curious about industrial design. And I could draw a liter of like.. scorpion venom or something else worth like a grand a bottle. Or just draw weed all day.

>>Travel Guide
Dude this sounds like my life already, but like I guess I'll just take up living in my van bro.

>>Doing Best For You
Well this guys a jerk but okay. Would be interesting to see how far I falter.

Gonna go with the sketchbook though, most immiedeate and visceral returns for my choice. Make money, make my vices, shit see how much living stuff if I can make, because if I can I'll make a WH40K Ork army under my control if such a thing is even possible and taking over the world.

>> No.56530516

Dearest me, perhaps my sun has not been found yet.

>Very little input on what our land is like outside the capital.
Yes you are correct.

I could try adding in some things like options for villages or tribes, famous landmarks, how frequent castles are, or something else.

Actually that does give me another idea.

>Unclear on if you can take extra enemies to get allies
An error I made, I should have put it in but I must have forgotten. Yes, you can.

>Unclear if you have to join one of the two sides to get an Ally, or if aligning with one gets you an extra Ally on that side
I should have made that more clear, you do have to align to one of the sides. I may do away with the sides completely, but I will see if that is needed.

>Nothing to do with excess resources
I sort of intended things like wells and fortified doors to be resource sinks so you could make a bunch of fortified gates to get through, but you do have a point in that.

>Fortifications can't be made out of stone under Defenses, for some reasons
I intended to try and balance the defenses for people who chose lots of forests, but considering how you need lots of wood to even have a navy it might have been better to make defenses either or.

>While I'm confident in my ability to manage my Taints, I'm not so confident in the case of any future children. The chance one of them goes tyrannical is so antithetical to my role as a King that I can't stain my bloodline with them
Understandable. Uncertainty is something which frightens us all.

Hm you have a point on the resources. I like your tiers idea, I might do add that to other stuff too.

Also, I'm getting a bit of a mixed message here on taints/curses. One anon doesn't want to risk them, you think they're a bit too damn good. I'm leaning a bit on too beneficial at the moment.

Yes I should fix up the allies/enemies description. Cont.

>> No.56530541

My intention for the alliances was that it's a trade deal- you don't go to war with each other, you don't tariff each other, and if one goes to war you supply them with a certain amount of goods that is outlined by the treaty.

I think this is a capital idea, the only issue being the CYOA will be very, very long if I do this.

Perhaps I should keep looking for that spark I was chasing...

>> No.56530782

do discounts stack? I assume they do, In any case heres a rough build - the kingdom of (name pending)

2x plains
2x rivers and coasts
2x forests

Marital Culture


resource count
22,500 L -30%
12,500 S
10,000 W -30%


Forge Touched

Curse: Hot Blooded

>Lords Powers
The People Strength
Spear Of Kings

Taint: Arrogance

>> No.56530939

Keep my memories+skills? 4 years old to my first memory, scrapping my knee. Some sort of newgame+.

>> No.56530968

What are cool items for a low fantasy urban setting? So far I have:
cigarette smoke screen
revolutionary era cannon ball that's too heavy for sinners to handle
a penny that always finds its way back to you
a revolver with one bullet in it: deja-vu reduex mashup

>> No.56530974

You can buy/rent a small apartment for each month. Or even just two locations you switch between every month. Ruleslawyering a bit, but it doesn't specify you need to move somewhere you have never been before.

>> No.56531603

You're doing great work. I think I'll make my sniper build later today.

Just made a few changes recently but the psionics was altered in an update before that.

By the way, I'll have to start asking around officially for suggestions to a new magical realm later.

>> No.56531857

>a new magical realm
Like, a redux of the CYOA?
Or a fetish CYOA?

>> No.56531892

damn, the friends are expensive and theres only 4 choices of identities.

>> No.56531990

Doesn't Stalk and Chameleon kind of overlap in Saihu's case?

>> No.56532158

How can we add builds?

>> No.56532176

As early as generally allowed, depending on how severe the other options changes would be. Full little girl? Rebirth or as close to that as possible. Universe altering shit? Ideally before grade school begins. Comfy time stop zone? Latest would be before high school.

Why? One part of it is life experience, I'm a greedy cunt and want all the years I can get out of this planet. Along with that, some lessons are easier learned in childhood. More depressingly, however, shit has gone wrong enough with some parts o my life that I wouldn't mind resetting it, even if it meant having to do things over or have a radically altered life.

>> No.56532250

>I haven't had meaningful conversation with anyone in the last two month. Funny how all this time every cyoa I chose immortality. Because now all I wish upon me is some form of relief in death.
Hey, I’m 36 and I’ve solidly failed at doing the only thing I ever really cared about doing, so I sorta understand. The great thing about immortality, though, is that you’ve got time to fix things. If you don’t patch it up in the next eighty years, there’s always the eighty years after that, right?

>> No.56532340

Someone's already wrote about this in a previous thread. It's the great /cyoag/ immortality paradox: the people who want immortality the most are inevitably those who deserve it least (i.e. who will definitely use it to spend the rest of eternity lazing about and telling themselves "any day now" they'll change their lives). The theory is that people who find fulfillment in their lives as is don't suffer from the same ennui that leads virginal otaku NEETs to obsess over their fear of death.

>> No.56532361

>I'm leaning a bit on too beneficial at the moment.
I personally i would only choose rage if i wanted more powers the others are going to ruin the kingdom in the long run.

>> No.56532362

This is a good time to post this.

>> No.56532373

Innocent best choice accept no substitutes.

>> No.56532434

I'd pick hero any day. Assuming that i actually have a chance of defeating or drawing with the alien warlord, i could mold the world however i wish. id rather leave the greatest legacy in history that no man could even come close to achieving than be a little girl for eternity desu.

>> No.56532512

Eh, it's a hard choice between this and the artist. Arguably, innocence could guarantee happiness for a while, but to know that all the suffering and the languishing has an ultimate boon for all that you'll never experience? That's the stuff of legendary people.

>> No.56532518

Fair enough

>> No.56532531

Like a redux but different. The makings of a snowglobe world but with detailed choices in order to create a thought out environment. I realize it will remove a lot of creativity though, so it'll be less magical realm and more a kingdom builder, but with a grander scope.

The powers I intend to give the players are like that of a god, either wrathful, secretive, protective or a saviour and each with appropriate abilities and skills. However if you intend to go something akin to saviour then you would have to design a world with more strife, thus creating the dilemma of a guilty concious vs the will to do good.

>> No.56532580

>all I crave is love and stability
>tfw The Stranger has literally no fucking drawbacks for me.
I'm already a ghost to everyone. Just make it bearable for me.

>> No.56532647

Hero. Genius was a close second, but I'd have to take my groundbreaking inventions and overthrow the elites to rule over the world with an iron fist. As long as I'm alive, and I'd like to stay alive, no true good can come from my efforts, so I'll have to personally direct all the evils in the world and prepare it to start over from a clean slate if anything happens to me. And maybe have my name legally changed to "Wily." So I'd take Hero because if I don't then I'll always wonder.

>> No.56532677

The Predator, and become a serial killer. I'd kill mostly rich people.
The Adventurer (Terminator) sounds tempting, but I'd still be able to stay in some contact with my family with the previous option, whereas with this you'd just vanish into thin air, and the idea of that happening to someone I know is awful. People dying is one thing, but just disappearing one day and never being seen haunts me.

>> No.56532745

>It's the great /cyoag/ immortality paradox: the people who want immortality the most are inevitably those who deserve it least (i.e. who will definitely use it to spend the rest of eternity lazing about and telling themselves "any day now" they'll change their lives).
That doesn't make a lot of sense. We can't observe human behavior on timescales longer than about 110 years right now, so it's very hard to say what would happen if you expanded that lifespan by, say, six orders of magnitude, so I don't know how anyone could be so confident about what "virginal NEETs" will or won't do over such long periods of time. You could make a simple uniformitarian assumption that present behavior will continue indefinitely, but there are good reasons to suspect that a simple assumption of this kind won't cut the mustard here; it's far too easy to imagine alternative hypotheses in which life trajectories are currently dominated by the physiological effects of aging, or social structures create a small temporal window early in life which governs later success. Both of those hypotheses are plausible given our current knowledge of human behavior— which I suppose isn't saying much, really—but would be difficult to substantiate without greatly retarding human aging.

I think the supposed "immortality paradox" is just cynicism posing as insight, really.

>> No.56532793

Hey, I'm looking for all the cyoa's from peil, I have the assassin's guild one and the alternate dimension one does anyone have the rest?

>> No.56532827

They all have the potential to change their lives every single day. If knowledge that they have limited time to waste isn't enough of a motivator for them to do so, why assume they'll change once it's removed?

>> No.56532834

Shit wrong image

>> No.56532889

anyone have that empire waifu cyoa. One with roman and egypt civilizations i dont remember much.

>> No.56532919

I don't save eternal WIPs sorry

>> No.56533210

Made icons for DLC weapons, since people said that symbols are confusing.

Can you guess what is what?
Direct damage, Bonus Damage, Shots fired during attack, Ammo, Reload, Continuous attack, Splash damage, Short range, Normal Range, Long Range, Disable effect.

>> No.56533213

That just seems like faux wisdom. This scenario implicitly posits that the determinant of human behavior is... motivation of some sort. We know that’s not a full account— it’s a bit circular, actually. I could list a lot of other factors: chance, technological progress, aging, constraints imposed by prior choices, the ill-defined cloud of causal interactions we refer to with terms like “culture” or “society.” I don’t see any credible theory out there that suggests that “NEET” constitutes some sort of absorbing state for human behavior.

(I suppose the smartass answer is a more literal version of that statement— as long as there’s a nonzero probability of a transition from “NEET” to some other state, the transition is guaranteed to occur if our NEET persists for eternity. It’s the reverse of your argument, in a way: if a NEET actually has the potential to change their lives on any given day, then the change must be realized if you allow an infinite number of days.)

It’s a claim that doesn’t make any sense unless you implicitly assert that you have a causal understanding of NEETdom in the first place. We don’t have one of those, and neither aphorisms nor world-weary cynicsm can stand in for one.

>> No.56533283

Wait, so picking high threat makes you boned? I just assumed it'd give you a much harder time on individual hunts, but not to the point of boning you. Like, if a low-threat hunter hunts fifty oozes, then a high-threat hunter will have hunted five dragons.

>> No.56533322

I think it goes like this

Bullet: Direct damage
Bullets flying: Shots fired
Bullet with flower thingy: Bonus damage
Hourglass: Reload
Bullets: Ammo
Bullet with arrow thing: Bonus damage
Splash damage: Huge target thingy that expands
Long range: Target thingy with an extra thing
Normal range: Plain target thingy
Short range: Triangle target thingy
Disable effect: EMP rectangle

Did i got it right?

>> No.56533376

>if a NEET actually has the potential to change their lives on any given day, then the change must be realized if you allow an infinite number of days.

No. If you roll a dice to eternity the compound probability to never roll a six approaches zero, but never becomes zero.

>> No.56533396

Only as die rolls approach infinity. Math gets weird when you actually throw in that sideways eight.

Of course, since humans are essentially temporal beings and wouldn't experience higher-order infinities it's pure spohistry, but then so is differentating between a probability of 1 over arbitrary time and a probability approaching 1.

>> No.56533402

>Made by Ordion

>> No.56533502

>12+ pages intro
I look forward to hiding your CYOA each and every time it gets posted. Only the worst of autists, the ones who spend more than a hundred posts per thread arguing with one another, would enjoy that wall of text.

>> No.56533623

I am not a girl.

>> No.56533643

Almost. Bullet that has explosion sign is splash. Radar screen is cont. attack.

>> No.56533660

You are now

>> No.56533700

>12 pages of character creation
Who the heck will actually bother to go through that?
People only read cyoas this long for fluff and waifus...

>> No.56533723

Man. It depends on whether or not I find the lore actually interesting. It helps when they're incorporated with the actual choices.

>> No.56533939

This so much. My only complaint is the fact that if you´re buying individual units you get too few. Having a tier system is much better.

>> No.56533955

It's been a while since I made a build this long. Second opinion, it's shit. I'll redefine it and post next version, but I'll leave the intro.
The Theocracy of Vol Oyull, Ruby of the White Waste
Established by exiled Runists led by Spiritmaster Zevall Thilderen during the Imperium Schism. It was here, forgotten by the world at large in this unforgiving land of cold and death, where Thilderen perfected his Magnum Opus; the Foul Ritual of Yurth. The harsh land and the wailing hails, the ravenous beasts and the terrors of the night. They were the catalyst for our transformation. Out of desperation, we called for the help of the Spirits of the land. They too, abandoned and hungry, were eager to lend us their power in exchange for a sliver of the flame of life. In a painful ritual we relinquish our organs for them to inhabit and our senses for them to enjoy and they grant us knowledge and company. It was thanks to this union that we have been able to thrive in this unforgiving land.

>> No.56533956

>12 page introduction
Nigga you what

>> No.56533962

Really depends on how anon formats it and how good those words are. I'm working on a mage academy builder - be the Dumbledore/Barrin/Ozpin sort of CYOA, it's 10 pages in Word and 4500 words (over twice the word count anon's 12 pages) but if I had to guess it would fit into 3 CYOA pages, tops, and that's with fairly large fonts.

>> No.56534031

But for introduction alone?
I guess we'll see...

>> No.56534142

>"if *I* had to have my gender changed, i'd like to have some say in how i would look"
But it clearly also states in the other choices that it also changes your personality. No thanks.
Foster parent (-1)
Lewd friend (-2) for maximum /u/
Monster mom (-2) for maximum /u/
Rich (-1)
Extra cuteness (-1) Even if I can't choose how I look i'm going to make damn sure i'm cute as fuck.
Girl Knowledge (-1)
Alien Integration for Lewd Friend (+1)
Star athlete friend (-2)

I will take great pleasure in allowing my alien friend to study my human anatomy if you know what I mean. And who knows, maybe my "demon/monster" mother is just another kind of alien? Also, Star athlete friend sounds like she's just fun in general and could make a good triangle of friends between me, lewd friend, and her. Also I'm rich which is pretty nice.

>> No.56534329

Drop into Annie Alder (8), she's basically Fem!Me but less Chunni than I was at 16.
Loving Family (5)
Rin/Me? (3)
Luvia/Rich Bully (3)
Annoying Little Brother (3)
W.I.T.C.H. (0)
"Get Him to notice me!" (0)
... I really want that Girl Knowledge but I want the ability to cast magic more.

>> No.56534369


It's not super dense text, first off, and it wasn't only the introduction. Of that 12 pages, only 3 were character creation. The rest were things like the title page, the table of contents, some empty pages put to fill out that table of contents because it makes formatting easier, and a page of reference stuff for my own sake that won't go into the final version.

>> No.56534413

Mindless sophistry is what I come here for.

>> No.56534419

Got more of those features you wanted. Namely:

>Base stats in grey next to elevated, temporary stats (due to T4 skills)
>Gifts now displayed, including individual soul choices
>More colorizing according to my personal metrics (could use feedback)


Coincidentally the published version of the form is viewable here:

Personally the only time I think it truly bones you is if you chose a Threat 4/5 for your minimum. I don't know how these hunters expect to survive their first few seasons on Nightmare and Dante Must Die mode.

>> No.56534471

So players aren't expected to be able kill all the available monsters from the start? I'd always assumed it was just a lot harder and time-consuming, not impossible/chancy.

>> No.56534527


>> No.56534609

Looks like the brainy classes are starting to break away from the pack, unlike last time's extremely balanced class distribution.

The higher threat monsters seem like they're more unpredictable or punishing. Both are pretty bad news for someone who's wet behind the ears and only has 80 days to make quota.

>> No.56534632

2/3rds of all builds want to be beautiful. Vacation and Visitor are still scraping the bottom, while Exempt is the same as before.

>> No.56534651

It seems that nearly everyone wants a damn map, even though amongst a team only one or two members need it.

>> No.56534659

Are quotas the same for every license and bounty, or do higher threats require less kills?

>> No.56534664

Oh hey my build is there! Neat.

>> No.56534670

Somehow no one actually wants to have fun gaming, whether it's at a festival or at the gambling hall. The club still remains quite popular, probably hinting at a desire for teamwork.

>> No.56534707

Unsurprisingly most people went with cheap housing. Amusingly, few people want to take chances with the personality of their waif- servant, but few actually want a useful one.

Ask Bliss. I'm just the census guy.

If it weren't, please let me know or add it yourself. I try to avoid adding reposts, but updates are treated as new builds.

>> No.56534731

I guess posting the actual CYOA might be helpful.

Mild rewordings
Removed overlayed background art on first page
Line break changes on third page

>> No.56534739


>> No.56534747


>> No.56534750

>but few actually want a useful one
What constitutes a useful wai- servant though? I just assumed that as waifuifed monsters they have superhuman skills so they can keep up with you without needing knowledge

>> No.56534822

>human or hybrid form
Seems pretty mild in terms of power level. As far as I can tell, they're at best an advisor or extra untrained hand.

>> No.56534929

According to the Master of the Hunt your skills come from a mixture of bloods ala bloodborne so i would say a former monster is still some force to be reckoned with even if it is not as capable as a hunter.

>> No.56534966

I get that you need a difference in options, but I'm kind of disturbed by your description of adoption.

>> No.56535044

What the hell, gonna make a build. Call it the "Twilight Knight" or something, the weapon build seems to go that way

I really wanted both a decent magic and skill
More Stats is More Better. +2 Def & 1 Int
>Catalysts (19)
>Finesse (18)
>Arcane (17)
>Bloodlust (16)
>Monster Within (15)
>Bindings (14)
>Siphon (11)
>Indomitable (10)
>Ancient Weapon (9)
>Ancient Will (6)
>Bladed Arms (5)
>Tempered (4)
>Willpower (3)
>Enhanced (2)
>Shockwaves (1)
>Ancient Armor (0)
Little magic, little power-of-the-hunt, and a LOT of weapon skill. If I'm really just building Twilight Knight, Twilight Sword and Relic Cloak are go.

Now for the monsters!
>Fox +20
>Behemoth +30
>Strange +50
Effective threat range of 1-4 taking Siphon into account (1,2,4 with Siphon, 2,3,5 Without)

Now I have 100 Tribute to spend
>Exempt (75)
Fuck off I have monsters to kill
>Library (65)
Knowledge is power.
>Scavenging (60)
If I'm making a nod to KDM, I might as well go all the way.
>Teleport (55)
What can I say, a Hearthstone seems super useful
>Upper Class Accommodations (15)
It's a splurge but I like muh quality of life.

At this point I can either get a useful servant (Probably a Strange with lingering knowledge) or if I don't trust it I could get a few other things...

Never trust monsters.
>Underground (10)
>Map (5)
>Training (0)

Final Stats
Str 5
Def 5
Agi 3
Int 6
Skl 7(12)
Threat -1

I'm not deficient anywhere but can go pretty ape in Skill

>> No.56535109

>Never trust monsters
But anon, monsters are just potential waifus!

>> No.56535177

>> No.56535195

>Reread CYOA
You know what, downgrade the housing to Middle and save the extra 10 points from that, I don't need the empty space as much as some ledger breathing room.

>> No.56535199

>intensive purposes

>> No.56535208

I'm in a super good mood today.

This is truly a masterpiece, I love you. The statistics are really interesting. These images will make a fine addition to my collection.

Holy shit you listed what I changed better than I did. I just changed a few things that bothered me, honestly. I couldn't add more to it.

It's based on the individual difficulty of the monsters you kill. Threat levels are mostly just guidelines.

You know what, I'll go make a build now as well.

>> No.56535210

That would be a very cheap purchase then, for only 15 Tribute. If you wanted, you could field a squad of them with plenty leftover for equipment.

Oh fuck, I forgot about Siphon. Probably should add that into the threat calculation.

>> No.56535268

Come on m8 is it really that bad to want your waifu to help you in battle?

>> No.56535282

Long journey for sure. I'll travel to the Pokemon universe and spend a comfy eternity there. Maybe travel between the Pokemon world and another one every 2 days for a bit before deciding on one.

>> No.56535595

Hey Bliss, can you take regional modifiers twice?
Like, if you had an Underground Cavern and an Underground Volcano, would you get the tribute bonus for both?

>> No.56535605

>I sort of intended things like wells and fortified doors to be resource sinks so you could make a bunch of fortified gates to get through, but you do have a point in that.

I ran out of Labor long before I ran out of Stone. Half tempted to see how a 6x Plains build works out.

>> No.56535689

>tfw you have several great ideas for a CYOA but your mind keeps coming up with more ideas and you end up with too many ideas, but your mind won't stop assaulting you with yet more ideas.

>> No.56535712


>> No.56535719


+1 Skill

Physical [3]
T1. Martial Arts
T2. Athletics
T3. Enhanced

Spiritual [1]
T1. Bloodlust

Weaponry [12]
T1. Marksmanship
T2. Ancient Weapon, Enchantment, Overcharge
T3. Stamina, All-Seeing Eyes, Ancient Armor
T4. Skull Weaponry, Ancient Will

Elemental [4]
T1. Terrain
T2. Affinity, Duality
T3. Enhance

The glass cannon, cannon. I can charge up a lethal shot or use the ancient armor by a combination of my weapon and elemental abilities. I'm pretty soft besides my armor but I hope I can dash around with bloodlust to keep me healthy.

STR 3 / DEF 3 / AGI 5 / INT 3 / SKI 6 (11)

Bounties: Arachnid, Behemoth, Cerberus (80)

Persona: Beauty -5

Forge, Alchemy, Market -30
Healing, Training -10
Diner, Hot Springs, Festival -15
Underground -5
Inn -10

Hello, of course you can.

>> No.56535728


I quit paying attention for a while. Weren't you planning on making some kind of dungeon thing where people could slip and slide through a rapey tentacle floor? Whatever happened to that?

>> No.56535754

I'll do my usual strategy when dealing with long cyoas. Making choices as I go, without considering information further on.
Interesting way to paint the fourth wall, you think it's a conversation but the bureaucrat is aware that he's communicating through text.
Landforms I've got to choose on flavor alone, not wanting to delve too deep in when I'm going to need what resource.
>Plains X4
>Rivers X2
(50% labour discount, 30% naval soldier discount)
Let's go for a trading power.
I had my palace commissioned in the lands chief trading harbour.
(5000 labour)
Resources: 25000 L, 10000 S, 10000 W
Then, not forgetting the discounts:
>moat (24,10,10)
>drawbridge (23.5,10,9)
>water filled (23,10,9)
>Watchtowers (22.5, 9, 9)
>Fish Farms X6 (21, 9, 6)
>Farms X4 (20, 9, 4)
>Harbour Jetties (18.5, 9, 1)
>Boom (18,8,1)
>Galleys (17.5, 8, 0)
>Marines X91 (13.5, 0, 0)
>Healers X100 (3.5, 0, 0)
I still have some labour to spend
>Arrowslit (2.5)
>Murderholes X100 (0)
I don't care if it's not stackable. My castle has a fuckton of murderholes.
If the cyoa is combat focused I'll follow its lead.
>Lord of the Land
Let's see how an invasion fleet fares when the land itself is rising up against them.
Let's keep the other sea-farers in our good graces.
Wait, why would I choose an enemy nation? Was I supposed to get an extra allie in return, or does that exist for expansioninsts?

>> No.56535770

Mette Heimdal / -2
It seems I get to keep my mind, so being athletic and beautiful doesn't exactly hurt.
Divorced Parents / -1
Already experienced this, it's no big deal.
Annoying little brother / 0 / Sounds like a potential bro to be honest.
Loving little sister / -1 / A cute little sister to mentor sounds great.
Lewd friend / -2 / I doubt I'd go full /u/ for her, but I'm of a similar mind anyway.
W.I.T.C.H. / -3 / Magic, why the fuck wouldn't you go for it?
Rich / -1 / I've already lived as a poor person.
None, since I can't choose any apparently. Shame. I'll still take that extra coin and mentor my little sister anyway, thanks.

>> No.56535804

Just make a Monika cyoa!

>> No.56535839

I have a better idea make a sayori cyoa

>> No.56535848

Steal a qt bf from #790 with a C portal.
Get cool magitech from #339 with a B-class.
Live in #444 with an A-class portal.
Don't really care about the rest, I'll just save up the last 4 points I guess.

>> No.56535851

that sounds like a weeb name

>> No.56535862

Your mom is a weeb

>> No.56535868


>> No.56535870

prove it

>> No.56535886

She has a secret altar dedicated to her waifu daki included

>> No.56535893

I wish there was a genuine incel torture and killing CYOA.

>> No.56535908

nope, you must have her confused with someone else

sorry anon, i guess you were wrong about that sayara cyoa

>> No.56535927

Secret altars are secret you dum dum

>> No.56535936

>Just make a Monika cyoa!
Who dat is?

>Dungeons and Deviants
I have scrapped that idea and recycled it into another idea I call Overlord. Overlord would be about you becoming the final boss of a dungeon, you get to choose your dungeon rooms, traps, minions, mini bosses, powers and other dungeon related things such as what you will do to the heroes you defeat. However Overlord is competing with over 10 other ideas in my head so don't count on it being made.

>> No.56535963

>However Overlord is competing with over 10 other ideas in my head so don't count on it being made.

>> No.56535969

therefore you cant know about it

check mate

>> No.56535977

Added to database.

Hooray for productivity. Sadly I can't quite do a "fighting style" analysis because Google Sheets actually cares about performance once in a while. The hidden feature of this newest edition is a fuckton of performance enhancements, because if it takes too long then most fields end up with #ERROR instead of anything useful.

>You know what, I'll go make a build now as well.
...might as well actually add my own build to the database.

What do you think the Master of the Hunt would say?

Checking off that giant block of Weaponry skills on the survey was oddly satisfying. Also added to database.

Updated with Siphon affecting threat levels.

>> No.56535982

The Socialite is fine. I don't believe in soulmates, and the stuff about people being in your presence because you're so charming or whatever is basically real life anyway. Your charm is a part of you, people spend time with you because of who you are. Considering the fame appears to be optional and I can just keep the money secret, those issues are avoided.
The Stranger would be fine otherwise but I'd have to work, so no thanks.

>> No.56535986


>> No.56535993

Overlord sounds fucking awesome, especially if I can be a dragon, or a lich, or both, or a demilich.

>> No.56536003

>What do you think the Master of the Hunt would say?
"Sure knock yourself out i want your ass ready for the culling though"

>> No.56536009

>Who dat is?
...You're joking, right?

>> No.56536025

What game is this

>> No.56536048

A Monika CYOA by Tok would completely ruin Monika.

>> No.56536056

Then go for it and fuck everyone who says otherwise.

>> No.56536062

nothing, dont worry

>> No.56536067

Already doing it.

>> No.56536073

Tell me you fucking weeb

>> No.56536082

Doki Doki Literature Club, quite popular among elegan/tg/entlemen.
You must play it, it's even free.


>> No.56536095

Monika is a fucking normie so she is ruined by default

>> No.56536108

Nothing and no one can ruin Monika.

>> No.56536117


>> No.56536121


>> No.56536123

>shitposting crossboarders strike again

>> No.56536127

It would be just like Tok's waifu CYOA's. Basically degeneracy at it's finest.

>> No.56536133

>Overlord sounds fucking awesome.
I know, but so does every other idea I have. This is the problem you face as a overly creative author with a too good imagination. Alas if I was only less talanted....

>Don't you know who Monica is?
Haven't played Doki Doki, is it good?

>A Monika CYOA by Tok would completely ruin Monika.
Any CYOA by me about a famous character would probably be about corrupting the character to become a either a sex mad dominatrix or a meek horny submissive sex slave, pic related.

>> No.56536145

A meta normie is still a fucking normie

>> No.56536170

>Monika ruining up my game
>Monika now wants to ruin my favorite general

I stoped loving you, please go away and stop ruining things I like

>> No.56536177 [SPOILER] 

>Haven't played Doki Doki, is it good?
A lot of people seem to think so.

The Literature Club is full of cute girls! Will you write the way into their heart?
*This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

Recent Reviews:
Overwhelmingly Positive (12,227)
All Reviews:
Overwhelmingly Positive (21,760)

>> No.56536203

What is the name of the artist of that image??

>> No.56536209

You're either gonna make the Overlord cyoa or you're going to make school bully cyoa dlc
I bet you're one of the plebians who actually deleted her and aren't playing ddlc every day just to talk to her

>> No.56536228

Ahahaha, I know you don't really mean it Anon <3

>> No.56536247

Monika apologists need to fuck off

>> No.56536255

"Trap-smith trapsmith" build mk. whatever
>+3 INT

>Finesse 19
>Spellsurge 18
>Arcane 17
>Inscribe 16
>Psionic 15
>Detect Magic 14
>>Mana Sphere 11
>>Barriers 8
>>Warp 5

>One With Nature 4
>Monster Within 3

>Marksmanship 2
>Enchantment 1

>Pocketing 0

>Twilight Ruins
>Twilight Desert

DEF 3+3
INT 11+3

THT 4/5
TBT 125

>Gender: hermaphrodite 120
>Beauty 115
>Vacation: Spring 105
>Exempt 80

>Forge 70
>Library 60
>Alchemy 50
>Market 40
>Training 35
>Scavenging 30
>Bar 25
>Club 20
>Underground 15
>Inn 5

This build is pretty simple - I use traps. Enchantment and Inscribe can make permanent and temporary traps, which I can 'arm' with Arcane (for direct damage), Psionic (probably my most common trap; INT-targeting), Barriers (classic box trap), and Warp (a variety of uses).
Everything else is mostly supplementary - One With Nature to protect against the desert and avoid getting ganked, Monster Within for sheer versatility (maybe using a Strange soul to add illusions to the mix?), Pocketing to store fuckloads of traps and pretty much anything else where nobody can steal them, Finesse for subtle traps, and Spellsurge so the traps don't immediately vanish if damaged (as well as perhaps a sort of 'homing' trap that creeps towards sleeping monsters)
I'm not too worried about the high threat levels; Mana Sphere means I'm empowered at least as much as any of the monsters in a Twilight location, and the Spring vacation gives me an extra 80 days at the start to make use of Training and the Library.
In any case, I'd spend most of each month relaxing and building traps, then spend a week or two per season just setting up a shitton of traps, leaving them alone, and having the Scavengers pick the full traps up and drop them off at my front door. If I need extra tribute, I can just sell live-caught monsters or help someone make quota in exchange for money or them wearing one of my obedience collars.

>> No.56536288


>> No.56536290


>> No.56536299

Explain the filename pls.

>> No.56536302

I just don't want to lose the little sanity I have with waifus.

>> No.56536321

A good build for a poor CYOA, I think.

I laughed, but it hurt a little.

I don't have much experience with point buy systems, so I think I just tossed numbers out and hoped they'd worked.

>Murderholes x100
Jesus that's.......a lot.

Yeah I should have realized how flawed this was.

Maybe I'm not meant to make CYOAs. I feel like I spent so long on what is poor work for someone of my experience.

>> No.56536354

You don't need to be sane to love your waifu :3

>> No.56536359

>Giving up
What a fucking casul git gud scrub

>> No.56536380


>> No.56536410

Swiggity Swooty I'm Coming For That Booty

>The Hunter
Booty Hunter Weylon
Hunter Class, to better chase them down
+1 Skill point

STR: 5 (10)
DEF: 3
AGI: 7 (12)
INT: 3
SKL: 4

Martial Arts, a focused art focused on disarming the butt
Willpower, so I can avoid all non-booty temptations
Flurry, For rapid booty pounding
Athletics, this nigga some kind of parkour rapist
A Sixth Sense for Booty
Shockwaves, her defeated friends will feel the effects of her booty ravaging
Overdrive, for the finest of booties

Finesse, some booties need just the right touch

Bindings, some booties dont wanna cooperate

Marksmanship, in the heat of the moment, you always have to hit your mark
Stamina, so I can go like the Energizer Bunny

Indomitable, my pure quest for ass protects me from mental effects
Blessed, even the gods know of the purity of my goals
Unleash, a mid-battle thrust can disable even the strongest of foes
Booty Senses Pt2 (Premonition), to gain insight into potential for assrape

Fox, attractive ladies are called Foxes so maybe they are good lays
Cerberus, three heads one ass
Strange, a true booty warrior is willing to penetrate all booties

Alchemy, Market, Healing, Scavenging - The less time I spend on non-booty activities the better
Diner, Bar, Hot Springs, Festival, Club, Bounty, Gambling, Underground - All areas I can cruise for booty before heading into the field
Middle-Class House - gotta have a nie house to come back toSwiggity Swooty I'm Coming For That Booty

>The Hunter
Booty Hunter Weylon
Hunter Class, to better chase them down
+1 Skill point

STR: 5 (10)
DEF: 3
AGI: 7 (12)
INT: 3
SKL: 4

Martial Arts, a focused art focused on disarming the butt
Willpower, so I can avoid all non-booty temptations

>> No.56536421

Flurry, For rapid booty pounding
Athletics, this nigga some kind of parkour rapist
A Sixth Sense for Booty
Shockwaves, her defeated friends will feel the effects of her booty ravaging
Overdrive, for the finest of booties

Finesse, some booties need just the right touch

Bindings, some booties dont wanna cooperate

Marksmanship, in the heat of the moment, you always have to hit your mark
Stamina, so I can go like the Energizer Bunny

Indomitable, my pure quest for ass protects me from mental effects
Blessed, even the gods know of the purity of my goals
Unleash, a mid-battle thrust can disable even the strongest of foes
Booty Senses Pt2 (Premonition), to gain insight into potential for assrape

Fox, attractive ladies are called Foxes so maybe they are good lays
Cerberus, three heads one ass
Strange, a true booty warrior is willing to penetrate all booties

Alchemy, Market, Healing, Scavenging - The less time I spend on non-booty activities the better
Diner, Bar, Hot Springs, Festival, Club, Bounty, Gambling, Underground - All areas I can cruise for booty before heading into the field
Middle-Class House - gotta have a nice house to come back to

>> No.56536465

No one is made to make CYOAs. It's a hobby you do for fun. Quit being so down. All it matters is if you liked making it, that's all.

>> No.56536488

Don't get discouraged, it was pretty good. Not everyone can push something like Time of Troubles. Try using flat reductions instead of percentages, and ask around the discord for how other math heavy CYOAs balance it, like StarDust.

nigga your castle is built out of these

>> No.56536500

Oh shit I posted it twice lol

>> No.56536513

I expect to survive by hitting medium creatures with poison from a distance and running the fuck away when necessary. It’s a license, I’m not forced to punch dragons.

If anything, having a high threat level and a license should be a measure of how dangerous your hunting grounds are, which is definitely a surmountable metric with thinks like Sixth Sense or Recall. My real worry is dealing with Stranges

>> No.56536542

Oh boy, here we go
>2 Mountains
>4 Forests
Wood is 60% Off, Stone 30%
>The Weather
The traditional winter from hell
>Capital Location: Flatlands
In the heart of what was once trackless forests.
27,500 Labor
10,000 Stone
10,000 Wood
>Moat (25.5k Labor Remains)
>Drawbridge (24.5k Labor, 9.6K Wood)
>Reinforced Gates (24.4k Labor, 9.56k Wood, 9.93k Stone)
>Murderholes (23.9k Labor)
>Portcullis (23.4k Labor, 9.58k Stone)
>Barbican (21.4k Labor, 8.18k Stone)
>Arrowslits (19.4k Labor)
>High Walls (17.4k Labor, 6.78k Stone)
>Curtain Walls (14.4k Labor, 4.68k Stone)
>Bastions (13.4k Labor, 3.98k Stone)
>Watchtowers (12.4k Labor, 3.28k Stone)
>Wells (12.3k Labor, 3.21k Stone, 9.52k Wood)
>Tunnels (11.3k Labor, 9.12k Wood)
>Farms (10.8k Labor, 8.92k Wood)
>Larders (8.88k Wood)
>Talus (6.88k Labor, 1.81k Stone)
>Machicolations (5.88k Labor, 1.11k Stone)
>Scorpions (3.88k Labor, 8.08k Wood)
>Trebuchets (1.88k Labor, 7.28k Wood)
>1 Unit Healers (1.68k Labor)
>4 Units Men at Arms (1.28k Labor, 0.83k Stone)
>4 Units Archers (0.88k Labor, 7.08k Wood)
>4 Units Engineers (0.48k Labor, 6.88k Wood)
>4 Units Rangers (0.08k Labor, 0.62k Stone, 6.80k Wood)
Welp, I'm out of labor so that's that. Looks good though.

>> No.56536598


Oh come on, you know everything you produce is some sort of sex slave CYOA. The only thing happening in your head is your aren’t quite sure you have found rock bottom in your own depravity.

>> No.56536658

Magic, eh? Time to determine the nature of my people
>Far Seeing
>Forge Touched
We are big folk who are hardy even by the standards of big folk. Like, hurting us only pisses us off. And we're fast as fuck and have Mithril and Far-sight. I need 2 Curses

>Not Far From War
>Hot Blooded
OK, so I need to treat my people well, but that's made a wee bit easier with a common enemy to hate on. Not totally "ha ha one of these drawbacks negates the other" but managing the group is easier directing their anger.

Now for my powers
>Lord of the Land
>The One To Rule
>Nature's Wrath
My kingdom shall rise up to defend me, and I shall return the favor. I need two taints, though
Hurting us just pisses us off, that applies on the nation level too. And it's easy to look down on people when you are giant and literally look down on them.

>Ally: Jarfingaar
Vikings! Now those are a folk I can respect!
>Enemy: Varzkald
There's only room for one set of landlocked Lords of the Dark Forest here, jerks, and it's the NOT the namby-pamby assholes with their "Grown wood" kitsch.

I think I'm mostly in a defensive position. I don't have a TON of soldiers, even if they are nearly indestructible, and most of my powers are dedicated to telling invaders to fuck off too

I also have a shitton of wood left over, but that's what happens when I build in a tangled, primeval taiga and spend 40 wood to the hundred.

Judging by how stone hungry defenses were I think a mountain-overbalanced build could look really impressive. But then I got most stone-spending builds myself with just the 30% Discount.

I'm useless with image editing beyond Paint so I can't put pic related on a "Green with grey-white X" field for a flag, but that's kind of what I'm thinking.

>> No.56536814

Math better.

How the fuck do you duplicate like that?

Also grats, this build has the special distinction of being the 50th registered hunter.

>> No.56536919

Shit, I got the amount of points wrong.
Drop... Bar, I guess.

>> No.56537041

Just drop Beauty, anon. You’ll get fit as fuck just hunting.

>> No.56537059

>God-like Skill for Dummies

Skill: Mathematics

Yes, yes I do plan on creating the mathematical foundation for benevolent AI that learns like or better than humans.

>> No.56537090

>Stay inside most of the time making magical devices
>Get fit
I didn't realize that was how that works.

>> No.56537253

>the people who want immortality the most are inevitably those who deserve it least (i.e. who will definitely use it to spend the rest of eternity lazing about and telling themselves "any day now" they'll change their lives).
Right. So does "lazing about" deserve death, then? Because immortality or death are the only possible options for all that live.

Also, do you think it's possible, even in theory, to spend your time so well some Anon somewhere won't think you've wasted it?

>> No.56537433

If our society seems more nihilistic than that of previous eras, perhaps this is simply a sign of our maturity as a sentient species. As our collective consciousness expands beyond a crucial point, we are at last ready to accept life's fundamental truth: that life's only purpose is life itself.

Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, "Looking God in the Eye"

>> No.56537531

>> No.56537557

>life's only purpose
Life has functions. "Purpose" is a loaded term and not anything fundamental.

>> No.56537610

I must've hit CTRL+V twice and then not noticed that the reason it was over the word limit is because it was pasted twice.

>> No.56537677

Pastebin > Mega drive > Peil's directory.

>> No.56537883

she had you.

>> No.56537961

i think youre confusing the two people in the reply chain anon

>> No.56538038

monika did literally nothing wrong

>> No.56538068


Making a good CYOA is hard dude. I'm trying to work in a way simpler points system than yours into one of my projects and it's really tough. Your work has plenty of flavor which is great to see and I'd love to see more.

Read the feedback that get's posted at you and use it to refine your work. That is the path to success. If you need a boost, watch the following:


>> No.56538099

C-class portal to #902
Then within 902, an A-class portal to #632
activate the catclysm procedure
timeline 902 does not deserve men, so they're going to go some time without them

I still have one point left for a C-class portal. So I need to find a timeline I'd want to visit without having to be born in it.
At first I was thinking 339, but if the demons could enter our world they might supplant our women too. Although, would that really be so bad? I think I'm going for 339

>> No.56538101

of course not, she doesnt exist

>> No.56538129

Have you considered that maybe most of my walls are partiall underwater and the grating allows my moat to have a strong current that only my marines are familiar enough with to use efficiently?

>> No.56538227

The probability actually does become zero


>> No.56538241

Of course she exists, Anon.
But you don't.

>> No.56538314

>I bet you're one of the plebians who actually deleted her
of course I did

and then I jacked off

>> No.56538384

You filthy piece of shit.

>> No.56538395

>They all have the potential to change their lives every single day.
This fake optimism is such an American thing. No, you do not have the potential to be wealthy, beautiful and powerful. Social mobility is extremely low, you cannot fix your looks, and power is tied to wealth or charisma, which you cannot get if you do not have.

>> No.56538448

Degenerate x2

>> No.56538449

>isnt as cute as the other girls
>harms the other girls
>is a piece of shit
she deserved it

>> No.56538477

if i didnt exist then you wouldnt respond to me, therefore you dont exist, that's why you cant get a you

>> No.56538482

What the hell is that chart for?

>> No.56538509

She loved you.
She cared about you.
She protected you.

And you murdered her.

>> No.56538523

tough luck- should have been cuter

>> No.56538544

Hey tok, which are the ones rattling around in your head? Maybe we can help you choose the right cyoa to make

>> No.56538550

>Because immortality or death are the only possible options for all that live.
In other words, you're accusing of several billion murders every single person who doesn't turn every other person immortal at any given moment. Radical.

Idiotic, but radical.

>> No.56538609

Monika bullying cyoa!

>turn the game off in the middle of a heartfelt confession
>Photoshop her sprite to fit Sayori's hanging out pose
>decompile the script and rewrite her thoughts
>make her say things like "Natsuki is cuter than me!"
>move her character file to the recycle bin and leave it there for a while
>copy her character file into a cheap USB, throw the usb out

And so much more!

>> No.56538694

You're making me feel sad :(. I would never do that to my beloved Monika.

>> No.56538736

Top, what would Love Goddess's love life enrichment CYOA look like?? Just a passing thought.

you know what I mean.I mean dick!

>> No.56538791

>"i only care about cuteness XD"

And this is why you will never find a girlfriend.

>> No.56538805


>> No.56538847

Stay lonely :^)

>> No.56538871


>> No.56538885

>be me, a young anon
>have 2 nice WIPs developing nicely, also posted OC few weeks ago
>got my first job last month, office stuff
>literally 0 progress made from that point, constantly feel mentally exhausted and can't even open my WIPs to see what I should do next

age regression cyoas made real when????

>> No.56538910

>young anon

You're probably thirty

>> No.56538917

You go for the looks instead of the personality, eh?
I'd be careful with that.

>> No.56538919


>> No.56538922

I know you are but what am I


>> No.56538935

Time stop > age regression

>> No.56538955


24 is still young

>> No.56538957

> age regression cyoas made real when?
I feel the same way with Super Comfy Cyoa's or Isekai ones.

>> No.56538983


>> No.56538994

>age regression
But...you’re still stuck here. I love my life, but it’s no Stardust or Chill zone

>> No.56539002

You're an old man.

>> No.56539032

>24 is still young
You should be married by now, hurry up you have 1 year left!

>> No.56539041


to me, time stop feels like hiding in a bubble and knowing your happiness will pop the moment you "unpause". Age regression means going back to where there was nothing serious to worry about.

>> No.56539043

You're a sick fuck, you know that?

>> No.56539047

Now that is just mean.

>> No.56539075


maybe by subsaharan standards

s-stop it, mom

>> No.56539109

protip: keeping your cyoas below 3 mb per page (like this one) makes them easier to post. If it's fatter and longer than 3 pages you shouldn't even dream about my reposts.


>> No.56539110

You're ancient by Logan's Run standards.

>> No.56539135

>Age regression means going back to where there was nothing serious to worry about.
Depends, do you want your mind and memories to regress or just body?

>> No.56539147

Book or movie?

>> No.56539156

Book, numb nuts.

>> No.56539158

>s-stop it, mom
I'm not getting any younger you know and I want a bunch of grandchildren before I die!

>> No.56539180

>wanting children
>wanting grandchildren

You're one of the reasons why this world is in turmoil

>> No.56539203

something in the middle so I can enjoy the kid stuff again without forgetting who I am/was.

>> No.56539250

See intellect and wisdom sections of this cyoa. I want stuff like that but simple age regression without mental changes would also be fine.

>> No.56539256

ah yes, the brilliant personality of a psychotic murdered bitch

shes worse than the competition in every regard

>> No.56539284


>> No.56539305

>Implying Yuri isn't best girl

>> No.56539328

>so edgeee

>> No.56539335

>implying its not natsuki

>> No.56539411

But there's nothing more attractive than a murderous psycho that will harm anyone BUT you.

>> No.56539446

A long list of things is more attractive, however that list can just be summarized as "most other things"

>> No.56539463

Checked and agreed.

>> No.56539477

>anyone BUT you.

Do you hate your family???

>> No.56539499

No. But I could leave them behind without a second thought.

>> No.56539576

>Implying that all girls are not best girl
>Implying that dan was not the one who caused all of them to suffer because he is a fucking edgelord

>> No.56539776

This place is like crack. I can't get enough cyoas but it only makes my craving for companionship even worse.

>> No.56539808

Don't succumb to madness, rather, let the constant inspiration ignite your very soul, motivating you to create every cyoa!

>> No.56539813

weird way to spell Natsuki, anon

>> No.56539849

He was just a rookie hunter when the Culling season came.
Slaying packs of wolves and wurms, already dreaming of fame.
He bid farewell one last time before heading out the door.
He ain't gonna hunt no more.

"Is everybody ready?" shouted the Master of the Hunt.
Our hero feebly answered, "Yes", standing tall on the front.
He felt the aether whisk him through the static of the veil.
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

He tracked so long, he tracked so hard, a predator hungry for prey.
He braved the wind, he braved the cold, he tread all night and day.
Unaware of the silken line snapping beneath his legs.
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

The warhead bored through his crotch, imploding off his dome.
Cratering the dirt and mud, scattering flesh and bones.
Laying broken and in tears, a scent of piss filled the air.
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

The days he lived and loved and laughed kept running through his mind.
He thought about the monster waifu, the one he left behind.
He thought about the rapists and wondered what they'd find.
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

The roaming gangs was on the spot, the curs were running wild.
The rapists jumped and screamed with glee, rolled up their sleeves and smiled.
For it had been a week or so since last a prey did succumb.
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

He picked what remained of himself, weapon raised to the sky.
His killers they were heard to say, "A helluva way to die."
He stood there barely holding back the flood of guts and gore.
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

The ground was stained with blood, gleaming red upon the setting sun.
Intestines dangling from the trees 'fore the day was done
On one last breath whispering, "Fuck you piss bomber anon".
And he ain't gonna hunt no more.

>> No.56539865

just max defense, bombs wont hurt you

>> No.56540161

He can keep on harassing you until you drop dead from exhaustion from overusing iron mass.

>> No.56540210

How many bombs can the piss bomber have?

>> No.56540228

How many breads have you eaten anon?

>> No.56540259

Thirteen or so

>> No.56540264

if he gets close to you you can crush him or just shoot him with a gun or something- hes not very durable, if he stays back out of range he cant hurt you since his bombs arent exactly artillery

also, rate of drain isnt explained, and does strength boost stamina? since "physical strength" seems like it would but who knows

>> No.56540373

>anyone BUT you.
Anyone who comes between you. Or could. Monika is a classical Yandere with a moderately fresh coat of paint. As Yanderes go she's on the sympathetic end because her hands are a little cleaner (In a literal sense; she doesn't axe murder the other characters) and she's in a situation where, yeah, going crazy would be a response (Not just learning that she's fictional, but realizing that her entire universe, as much as it's putty in her hands, will not and cannot give her the happy ending she desires.), but she's still a Yandere and I feel that disliking her is an entirely legit response.

>> No.56540395

Post RWBY cyoas

>> No.56540412


>> No.56540414

But she does redeem herself in the end.

>> No.56540416

No. I have had enough of the whore.


>> No.56540431


>> No.56540452


>> No.56540466


>> No.56540476

Half of the characters there look like they're in their thirties, not seventeen.

>> No.56540482

anime hormones

>> No.56540493

and unless im missing something the only person who really looks too old is Jellon

>> No.56540511

>average adult pees 2 litres of urine per day, about 60 g of total waste solids
>urea makes up 50% or 30 g
>Assuming a 60% yield, about 36.92 g of urea nitrate can be extracted from one person per day
>Assuming Piss Bomber anon can harvest piss from 1000 residents from MH's universal hub town, Piss Bomber Anon can accumulate about 36.92 tons of explosives per day.

That's alot of bombs.

>> No.56540538

thats assuming he has the resources to collect 70 tonnes of piss every day, and also heat that piss

>> No.56540545

You must be blind, they're all fresh seventeen year olds!

>> No.56540554

Dawn does not look seventeen.

>> No.56540564

>> No.56540583

Okay he collects one-tenth, that's still at least 3 tons of explosives per day.

>> No.56540586

its hard to tell due to the style, but she really could be

>> No.56540593

I choose the number three. Save me Count von Count.

>> No.56540599

Perhaps I'm just used to seeing this art in Battlemage.

>> No.56540650

thats still 6 tonnes of piss, not to mention that he would have to extract that piss from sewage- not to mention the whole "over a day" and "an entire towns sewage" thing

since even if we assume that all the piss is done over a 16 hour period, thats still a rather long time to be collecting it, and this isnt even considering the actual method of collection for the sewage (where is he going to collect it to get the entire towns worth) and the time/energy requirements of extraction

>> No.56540692

Post The Incubus Roommate one.

>> No.56540707

Mette Heimdal
Rich bully
Star athelte
Get him to notice me and Alien integration.
Now to balance my school life, magic practice, and helping my alien friend adapt. Good thing I have no parents to set curfew.

If I had to go back it would be just before college to change my major.

>Doing Your Best For You
Better these things be earned rather than given outright.

>> No.56540719

No gay shit pls

>> No.56540766

Nobody said what Piss Bomber Anon is attempting is going to be easy. Or even persuade him out of it.

>> No.56540777

try "only possible under the vaguest of theory"

>> No.56540786

I’ll be helping him. Better to make friends than enemies

>> No.56540866

>There are only two kinds of people in the culling
>Those who help the pissbomber and those who don't

>> No.56540872

This nigga lives in the sewers, he has a full setup.

>> No.56540885

amazing, how is that going to help him gather the entire towns sewage into a form which he can distill?

>> No.56540895

>vaguest of theory
Making urea nitrate from nothing is honestly quite easy. Its literally just boil piss and pour in nitric acid. Yeah getting the whole filtering and extraction apparatus set up is a pain in the ass but its certainly doable within a 80 day month, its just using makeshift filters sewn together from linen or cheese cloth, some wooden troughs and a couple of large cauldrons over a fire (which can be arcane or magically ignited).

Skimming over Piss Bomber Anon's build, his only uncertain assumption is getting nitric acid from the alchemy labs. Then again nitric acid was made as early as the 13th century.

>> No.56540910


>> No.56540918

>80 day month
please read that again

>> No.56540922

Because he doesn't need to collect the entire town's piss, just enough piss.

>> No.56540926

This is why Snape had no friends.

>> No.56540932

I don't see any incubi

>> No.56540934


>> No.56540940

Technically seasons last 80 days and there are 6, so it’s a reasonable mistake

>> No.56540961

No, nigga you read the third page of the MH cyoa again.

There's six seasons and each season is 80 days long, the first 40 days of the last season is when the Culling takes place.

>> No.56540971

I Don't see any Either.

>> No.56540973

so hes not going to have the retarded "3 tonnes" , I dont doubt that he will have some explosives, but theres only so much raw sewage one can collect and distill- not to mention that he still has to hunt and shit

>> No.56540987

You're an utter faggot for not posting the correct CYOA

>> No.56541003

He could always have someone hunt a few extra kills for him, paid by his excess tribute

>> No.56541005

Sure, after eternity, so never.

>> No.56541025

He has 400 days to prepare for the culling, there's plenty of time to make bombs, train and hunt, especially if he does nothing but focus on bomb making, training and hunting without going on vacations, chilling out with other fellow hunters at the club, festivals or bars, or cuddling with your monster waifus all day.

>> No.56541036

>not having sex with your older brother

what is wrong with you people?

>> No.56541067

Brother is unattractive?

>> No.56541087

I dont have that one. That's why I was asking if anyone else had it.

>> No.56541133

He's Gay?

>> No.56541154

>there's plenty of time to make bombs, train and hunt
naturally, what is disputed is the amount of any one of those given things he can do

assume he splits his time evenly between them (400/3 days each), each day is around 16 waking hours long- with say another two dedicated to activities like eating, washing and shitting-so 14 hours, he gets 1867 hours of bomb making (less in reality if you include unforeseen things like healing from injury or infection) assuming that is all he does with that share of time. That does sound impressive, but when you consider that he is effectively trying to collect raw sewage, extract piss from said sewage (a small portion of the whole all things considered) and then treat the piss with acid and (the easy and non controversial step).

all in all this will certainly net a sizable amount of explosives, but not nearly the endless arsenal people say. especially if he has to use those explosives while hunting

>> No.56541163

>gay relations with hot hung brother

There's nothing more beautiful

>> No.56541225

New one, migrate at your leisure:


>> No.56541265

People meme him not because his build is particularly powerful, but that if he survive his first culling, it becomes an snowball effect, he can keep refining and improving his piss extraction operation and bomb making process through trial or error (or traveling to the real world and doing some basic research at any public library since he also took visitor) to the point where he industrializes the process all by himself over centuries of hunting and surviving the culling, at that point he might be toting around literal RPGs and thermobaric ordnance.

>> No.56541303

>RPGs and thermobaric

the strength of the build is the introduction of cheap and easy explosives inn the form of urea nitrate, it has as much chance to extrapolate into RPG's and other fun stuff as any other build with visitor

>> No.56541375

He has a better start to it then most builds, because in order to build RPGs and fun modern weaponry, you have to first develop the infrastructure for that. Getting his pissbomb making workshop setup is the first small step to that endeavor.

>> No.56541393

to make those weapons you would need metalworking tools and shit, not a chemistry lab (well, it depends on the weapon)

>> No.56541415

not to mention that sewers are a terrible area to have a workshop

>> No.56541445

then setup a workshop in the underground desert (that's his second hunting license location)

>> No.56541457

>set up a workshop in an area far away from your resource and in a location with giant tunneling worms

>> No.56541509


>> No.56541541

>gay relations with hot hung brother
>There's nothing more beautiful
Couldn't have said it better myself.

>> No.56541602

Amazing what a little ranged fire down a sewer grate will do to his bomb cache. Funny what tunneling under his horde will do when the ground drops out from beneath him

>> No.56541632

> In which anon accidentally recreates the Halifax Explosion.

>> No.56541640

he stores all of his bombs in his pocket dimension

>> No.56541830

I thought people memed his build because piss bombs, the very idea of it.

>> No.56541845

>trying to attack fellow hunters outside the culling

Hope you enjoy getting raped in the ass by the Master of the Hunt.

>> No.56542035

>implying that's not what he wants

>> No.56542084

I wish I could.

The joy I had making CYOAS has faded for s long time. I don't know why. Even this one I found a chore.

Thanks but it's flaws are too glaring and obvious to me now.

What do you mean by flavor?

I've read the criticisms and I have ideas but I feel my joy and hopes are fruitless.

>> No.56542185

I'd take hero, and stage the battle to destroy the entire continent of Africa. Even if I die, I will have improved the world.

>> No.56542395

just monika

>> No.56542553

>literally 50% better than you at everything
>"eh, I can take him"

>> No.56542759

>life's only purpose
I don't think most of the people in history were concerned with 'purpose'. Right and wrong, sure, but those are just beliefs in -how- life should be lived, not what it should be lived -for-.

>> No.56542845

This game feels just like if /cyoag/ had a anime school club.

>> No.56542871

forgot to fix the image before positing it.

>> No.56543282

RIP Monika posting now that Tok has played it.

>> No.56544403


Any early childhood point really. Spend childhood and teens with adult ambitions and experiences. Get yoked, practice instruments, make money during my teens, etc.

It's guaranteed riches at very least. Most other life elements will likely be greatly improved too.

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