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>Warhammer Community news

>Done Canned Peaches

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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The Khorne Picture makes no sense with this attributes. They don't use Psychic powers.

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Post troopers.

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>Advance stops there

I don't think it means what you think it means.

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Finally, Now can the Sisterfags fuck off?

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>tfw all the new nids adopt big titties

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2/10 nice try

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>post yfw Chaos BTFO's the nids

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Really stupid but hopefully easy question.
Lets say i want to play tyranids. What "books" do i need nowadays to play? Is only the tyranid codex required?

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It's only a matter of time until the GW Facebook team starts responding to requests for plastic Sisters with cheeky replies like this one

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>obligatory rocks

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I'd welcome it.

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>same Hive Fleet that wiped out around 50,000 Blood Angels
>being stopped by jobsters after already fucking the bitches raw in the Shield of Baal campaign

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Codex, main rulebook for matched play, and MAYBE the forgeworld index if you want to run malanthropes or biotitans

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hey to people who've already painted a bunch and aren't dogshit

did painting something this small look daunting to you when you first started? it seems to me like the smaller the mini, the harder it is to paint it well

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I have no face for that because nids are BTFOing Chaos super hard right now

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Yes, the index is dead to you

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Fuck off Sister Shitters. Seriously, I'm so angry.

Sisters were never relevant or interesting, the only people who want them back are SJWs who don't play the game or trolling retards who post that they want them ironically, of course real retards think they're in good company and think that people actually want such a terrible faction re released.

GW should spend its time designing stuff with new Guard models, new Tau models or new Chaos models... guys who need it much more than shitty sisters.

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You also need a copy of the rules, which in their base form are available in pdf on the website.

The rulebook also contain mission and advanced rules but those are probably being contained also in Chapter Approved, that come out next week with all the updates to those.

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Hive Fleets split up, and the Hive Mind accidentally got raped to death by Chaos anyway.

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*breathes in*

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I actually preferred it, its harder to see imperfections when theyre the size of pencil lead, meanwhile brush strokes on a land raider are ugly as fuck

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>wiped out 50,000 Blood Angels

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Yes, unless you want FW or Shrikes.

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>someone customized a land raider with head lights, workable hatch and interior lighting


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Thanks guys. Really appreciated. And i assume its the 8th edition codex, except i can't find any sources beyond 6th online. Really confused about it.

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Successor Chapters.

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>nids are BTFOing Chaos super hard
>literally screaming

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>tfw will have some Tau and Thousand Sons stuff for christmas while I finish painting my Renegade CSM.
Feels comfy, lads.

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Well the confirmed destroyed 8 chapters and pretty much wiped out a majority of the other Blood Angels.

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i want an arbites/witch hunter party van model

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>obligatory belecuck jobbing to imperial fists

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Dante said come help us. Every successor besides the Lamenters showed up. Even the Knights of Blood.

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No, because washes are your friend and this was before nuln oil and agrax earthshade.

Big flat shit was always my nightmare because I don't have an airbrush

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>designing stuff that actually sells

Good idea.

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Holy shit throwback, reminds me of this brilliant rendition from 7th


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Are the The Horusian Wars series set post gathering storm?

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Query: You are allowed one relic per detachment, correct?

If your army is a soup list, say Death Guard detachment and chaos detachment, can the DG detachment take a DGt relic and the chaos one take one from their Dex?

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If I saw that shit on the field I'd light it up too, with missiles. Looks like some Tau tech-heresy to me.

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You just got eaten by a buncha bugs!
Oh Ophelia!
Emperor help our power-armored weifu loves!

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>Query: You are allowed one relic per detachment, correct?
Not correct, read the Codex faggot.

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>Hey bro! Wanna play Apoc? It'll be fun!

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It seems like it'll be really hard at first, but it really isn't. It just comes down to being patient, applying paints in thin coats, and then using washes+highlights. Sure, small things can be tricky (I still have some difficulty with faces+eyes), but as long as you're patient and steady you can do it.

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As far as I know, only the detachment that holds your warlord can be given relics. So if you have a DG detachment and a CSM one and Typhus is your Warlord, you can only take DG relics in that detachment.

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>Hive Mind jobbing to Ka'bandha.

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>try to enjoy game
>play what I like
>get destroyed every time
>dont want to spend money on things I don't like
>more importantly I don't want to spend time on things I don't like
>cant find bring myself to buy, paint, and use models/units I don't like
>slowly start to dislike the game because the shit I like inevitably garbage and games are nothing but boring shitfests of -1 hit, superheroes, and spam
>come here for last ditch motivation
>endless shitposting from all sides
>dont know what I expected
I really enjoyed the game when 8th dropped, but something happened along the way.

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So is Pilgrym canon?

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This is literal autism, right?

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If you have to ask then no.

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Go make friends with a noose, shitheel.


Thanks for clarifying.

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>when Dante arrives in heaven, it'll be in a fucking wheelchair

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If anybody has Devastation of Baal book, pls gib

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I've seen versions of this done for many, many things, but that specific video is probably the best one I've seen by far.

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Make non shit friends to play with, play your units in proportions that work.
Learn better tactics for your units.

If that doesn't work try playing more random game types.

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You can use the 1-3cp stratagem that every faction has to bring additional relics, provided you've got a pure <Faction Keyword> detachment, which is required to access <Faction Keyword> strats.

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>gives answer
>calls him shitheel
Stay in school

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This works even if you do not have a <Faction Keyword> Warlord, IIRC.

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I'm on mobile and didn't change the filename but this is probably it

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The strat is specific to the faction.

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Realistically, if Emps finally kicks it, what happens to the Imperium? No astronomicon, no warp travel?

>> No.56523178

If he kicks it, another eye or terror opens up and fucks up even more shit, then every human bursts into a daemon.

>> No.56523180

yes, but you get the strats whether or not your warlord is from said faction

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The warp bursts free and Chaos consumes the entire galaxy.

>> No.56523191


well he could ascend to true godhood and actually amplify all of his warp powers, no?

>> No.56523193

What's a solemnus aggressor?

From CA promo on GW normiebook.

>> No.56523195

If your warlord isn't from that faction the strat isn't much use as it only lets you take extra relics from that faction.

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Consider for a moment how absolutely vital warp travel is to the Imperium. If the Astronomican dies the death toll will be in the trillions from starvation alone - hive worlds don't make their own food, they import from agri-worlds. The Imperium would have no way to enforce their law and order, chaos would literally run rampant amid hunger strikes and revolutions as each sector will fight for control of their own little slices of the galaxy.

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Anime becomes real.

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A land raider variant.

>> No.56523212

What's the best loadout for Assault Termies now? x3 THSS X2 LC or x2 THSS and x3 LC? Should the sarge have the LCs or the Thunderhammer now?

>> No.56523213

Not sure on the Astro, didn't it exist before he sat on the throne?

And iirc warp travel is possible but dangerous and shorter range without the navigation aide.

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>friend plays marines
>gets me into 40k
>crushes me 9 times in a row
>our 10th game we go even but he wins because first blood, throws a hiss how Alphas are unbalanced
>start regularly winning with him and he keeps complaining about diffrent units
I never complained about dice rolls or rules, even when he insisted to play codex when I had only access to index rules. Why is he such a sore loser?

I didn't play with anyone else in the store yet, is it common?

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Anyone have the greater evil and willing to share?
If so please give

>> No.56523234

Well the Dark Imperium is doing okay (Read: Fucked, but still exists somehow)

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don't think about that one too hard anon

>> No.56523245

Fucking hell, forgot what thread I was in for a second.

Personally, I'd throw the hammer and shield on the Sarge as he gets an extra attack anyway

>> No.56523252

Sounds like your friend's a fucking pussy. Try playing with some other people when you get the chance.

>> No.56523255

Muh dick

>> No.56523258

Takes time to take that many worlds even if they have no co-ordinated defenses.

>> No.56523294

So how do you want to deck out your Land Raider?

>> No.56523311

>Hurricane bolters, full of berserkers.
>Blastmasters, doom sirens, overcharged engines

>> No.56523317

Dreadnought close combat weapons instead of sponsor.

>> No.56523326

With a Predator chassis with Hurricane Bolter Sponsons and whatever as a top turret.

>> No.56523342

I want cannons...

...That fire more Land Raiders...

>> No.56523343

>There are lot of 40k fans that actually prefer the SWs, BAs, IFs, SMs, and RGs characters because their genetically corrupt, prone to gene-seed defects, and somehow these flaws make them more appealing despite being a clear sign of degeneracy, and thus these Chapters are themselves full of degenerates.
>To the point that they abstain from other chapters that are pure, stable, and free from mutations because they are not flawed

You know what? Fuck you, fags. I'm glad Cawl cured all the gene-seed mutations and streamlined everything so all the new SM replacements are effectively the same. Fuck you, fuck your dudes, and fuck their special snowflake syndrome that you people have a Stockholm obsession over with. I'm glad all the new Special Super Space Marines will be Ultramarine-lite with different colors.

>> No.56523352

Onager crab legs and 3 twinlinked Neutron lazers.

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>> No.56523366

I don't, anyone who ever suggests it is going off of poorly remembered or second or third hand starchild fluff knowledge.

>> No.56523375

A big 4-way 2000 point fight is coming up, and 3 other people are bringing land raiders.
What do I bring as CSM? I was thinking a Renegade Knight.

>> No.56523377

How are Castigator Knights in 8th? I need to repair him and the strip his paint, but It got me thinking on if I should use him or not. I'd be bringing him along with my Feudal World IG.

>> No.56523378

guns which fire black slaves

>> No.56523379

This anon gets it

>> No.56523388

Pic related.

>> No.56523392

>I just want to play my Nuke using Imperial Fists Offshoots in Mk III armor.

Anon please, they can have fun with their dudes as they want.

>> No.56523394

which feminazi wrote this movie

>> No.56523395


It's like a metaphor for transgender communities; degenerates who won't hear a word against their deviancy and demand recognition.

>> No.56523410

>A big 4-way 2000 point fight is coming up, and 3 other people are bringing land raiders.
>What do I bring as CSM?
A god damn Land Raider so very side has a Land Raider. Use yours to hunt the others and offer their smoking ruins as a gift to the Dark Gods

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>> No.56523424

>Make non shit friends to play with
They're cool dudes and good people just playing the game. Can they really be considered shit friends for playing the game?
>play your units in proportions that work.
>Learn better tactics for your units.
>If that doesn't work try playing more random game types.
Literally none of that applies to my shit because wyches, Reavers, and hellions are fucked without a fundamental overhaul, especially in the current state of 8th edition.

>> No.56523425

They're the best knight. Good shooting and good melee with a chance to do mortal wounds on a tough platform

>> No.56523430


>overheating those sponsons destroys the tank

>> No.56523440

God this would be so sweet to field

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>> No.56523455

Havocs with fucking lascannons.

>> No.56523458

It's not Plasma. It's Hurricane Plasma. Which has no actual rules.

>> No.56523483

>Every successor besides the Lamenters showed up.
What are the Lamenters doing these days? Are they wiped out yet?

>> No.56523496

They're probably an all primarus army now...

>> No.56523503

Okay, Guess I'll give him ago in a match. He seems fast as fuck.
Pretty sure the only known Lamenter left is the dread in DeathWatch.

>> No.56523506

They've got about 10 dudes left and are still on their pennance crusade

>> No.56523518

>On hit rolls of 1 every unit every unit within 6" suffers d3 mortal wounds, including the transport. Units inside the transport suffers D6 mortal wounds. The opposing player also receives a victory point because fuck plasma.

>> No.56523524

Wychs are useful, but need help.
Same with reavers.
Hellions you have a point.

So I'll add the last bit of advice, don't restricted yourself to only a tiny number of units.
If you only like 3-5 units at all, this is not a good game for you.
Not many high model count games are.

>> No.56523525


Hanging in there like fucking ballers. If they receive Primarine reinforcements, they might prove indomitable.

>> No.56523533

Try get people to play narrative games?
Or Set up a store campaign

>> No.56523543

>quad twin inferno cannon sponsons
>all facing backwards
>assault ramp replaced with Knight fist
>pintle mounted Evicerator
>Sister-Fister Mkii is born
>now with rocket propulsion

>> No.56523556

Ok anons, I'm retooling my list a bit as I've finally learned that doing Vanilla Marines is about Aura Stacking and was wondering how it looks.

Its not going to be a tourney winner, I know, but I wanted to see if there were any glaring holes.

Melee seems to be the big one I can see but I think that the Iron Clads cover it.

List is 2k even.

Captain (Power Axe, MC Boltgun) 82pts
Lieutenants (Power Axe, MC Boltgun x 2) 136pts

5x Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles 75pts
2x 10 man Tac Squads (Bolt Gun/Thunder Hammer/Melta Bombs on Sergeants, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Bolter) 174 pts each (348 total)

Elites: 2x Ironclad (Chain Fist, Hurricane Bolter, Assault Launchers, 2x HK Missiles) 164 each (328pts)

Spearhead 1
HQ: Tech Marine (Power Sword, Bolt Pistol) 61pts

Heavy Support:
3x Predators (Storm Bolters, Twin Lascannon, Las Sponsons)192 each (576 total)

Spearhead 2
Techmarine (Same as above) 61pts

Heavy Support:
3x Whirlwinds (Storm Bolter, Vengeance Launcher) 111 pts each (333 total)

Any thoughts or critiques?

>> No.56523564


Ships need to be modified to fire this masterpiece into the planets surface at strategic locations.

>> No.56523579

have we ever seen GSCBs feet? Asking for a friend

>> No.56523605

I would, but only LR I have is a crusader. I'd rather not proxy.
But Mechanized WE sound promising. LR, a couple of Rhinos, Maulerfiend, Decimator, a couple of Helbrutes. Yeah, I could see it.

>> No.56523607

Which one would look better? Fiend with pink flesh parts like pic related or Fiend with more "fleshy" looking flesh parts. Having trouble deciding. The armor is already going to be purple / pink with gold trim

>> No.56523614

Swap out the whirlwinds for Assault Termies with Lightning Claws. They'll shred twice as much infantry and you need some deep striking pressure.

>> No.56523622

Pale fleshy flesh, dark red armor with either black or gold highlights.

>> No.56523634

Man, these leaks better be false.
>Thousand Sons
>Warlord Trait- re-roll deny witch tests
>Relic- rolling doubles for psychic tests means the opponent may not resist with deny the witch or negate it by any means.
>Psychic Power- warp charge of 7. >Select an enemy unit within 18" and roll 9 dice. The unit suffers mortal wounds on each roll of a 6
>1CP If within 6" of at least 2 other friendly TS psykers, you can add 2 to your psychic test
Shit, the Stratagem is the only thing there that isn't garbage, and even it's pretty lackluster.

>> No.56523642

Whirlwinds firing assault terminators with lightning claws?

>> No.56523657

Nafka was right about the transport capacity bit in CA build land raiders

>> No.56523660

>did painting something this small look daunting to you when you first started?
Not really. And I started with moria goblin back in 2001.

There is really not that much "talent" necessary for it.

It all boils down to applying the proper amount of the right paint, with the right textire in the right place.

Thin your paint doesn't mean only "dump water in your paint until you have a cholera diarrhea consistency". It mean only put little paint in your brush hairs. Don't lose control of it.

Back then, we did not have all this nice oil, base and layer awesome painting range. Only thing that was better was maybe that Mithril Silver > Runefang Steel.

Open up some duncan tutorial (see OP's playlist) and follow the directions given.

pic related. My progression over the years, from "enthusiast" kid to more patient and methodical young adult. There is also a 5year gap between the gob and the right and the sister of battle (university and not having a stable home got in the way).

>> No.56523666

look up post >>51377466 in archive of choice

>> No.56523669

My cock can only get so erect.

>> No.56523674

>Psychic Power- warp charge of 7. >Select an enemy unit within 18" and roll 9 dice. The unit suffers mortal wounds on each roll of a 6

Do GW write this shit and think "9!!! This fluffy ppl are gonna love this" fuck off

>> No.56523677

yeah but what's the source

>> No.56523679

I don't only take those units. My lists usually have trueborn, raiders, venom, voidraven, Archon, succubus, wyches, hellions, and Reavers to some degree. However, the weight of those bad units is almost tangible, especially with the advent of the codexes. It wasn't as noticeable when we were all playing with indexes. I could at least pretend they were hot garbage, but it was obvious they weren't pulling their own weight. Now, a few raiders and a couple trueborn don't exactly cut it. I have very little expectations from chapter approved because they need an overhaul, not a strategem and a points tweek.

>> No.56523684

This only a flesh-wound!

>> No.56523694

Can someone smart help?

Which one does more damage on average, 3 dark lances without rerollable wounds or 3 disintegrators with rerollable wounds?

9 shots at s5 doing 2 damage or 3 shots at s8 doing d6 damage?

>> No.56523699


Leak sauce ?

>> No.56523700

Drop all three or just two of them?
The lack of need for line of sight is pretty nice, as is the two D

>> No.56523704

Oh man I remember first starting on Moria Goblins.
The "Battle Games in Middle Earth" magazine was my gateway into miniature gaming.

That shit was awesome

>> No.56523713

On what targets?

>> No.56523714

Literally an AoS power

>> No.56523722

Looks like shit.

I 100% believe this.

>> No.56523723


My bad let's say t6

>> No.56523727

Being able to roll any doubles (and at least the casting value) and have 0% chance of them denying, the mechanic that shuts down your strongest potential...

Re-roll deny the witch tests, probably on Magnus or Ahriman, no need to spend command points to stop those smite spam armies...

I'll take it if you don't want it

>> No.56523728

It's not a doujin, that's a single image.

>> No.56523729

t. R. Guilliman

>> No.56523730


>> No.56523732


Shit, RIP IG too then.

>> No.56523737

One just started. I was annihilated in my first game, and lost the will to continue. Anything can be made narrative or fluffy.

>> No.56523753

yeah but from what

>> No.56523758


>> No.56523772

she's Nagato from Kantai collection

>> No.56523779

Depends. What do you want the whirlwind to do? Besides line of sight, they haven't got much going for them.

>> No.56523783

Hell painting anything to me is still daunting. I can paint pretty decently but like every time i start a new project i am afraid on how thicc i will put on the base coat. Like i cant seem to get the same consistency with my paints every single time. I am really shit at measuring it seems.

>> No.56523786


Wrong pic.

Agaisnt what target ?

>> No.56523789

>Re-roll deny the witch tests, probably on Magnus or Ahriman, no need to spend command points to stop those smite spam armies...
It's a hit or miss. Sure Rerolling DTW on MAGNUS, protecting you from a Death Hex or Smite. But for a non Magnus.. mehh

>> No.56523800

They don't have anyone on the team who plays or cares about TSons, so they have to just fall back on fluff.

>> No.56523806

thanks satan!
that looks suspiciously like a boi desu

>> No.56523811

Then have your friends tool down their lists to account.
If they are good players they know how, if they are good guys they will.

They'll get to play with some of their weirder units or setups they don't normally use, and have fun with that.

That was the 'get not shit friends' bit was.

>> No.56523814

pic related. Not sure what to call it though, maybe land raider perditor?

>> No.56523815

who the fuck is kantai

>> No.56523832


>> No.56523835

What's a good tutorial for how to magnetize?

>> No.56523838


That's what I thought. Thanks, I've been rolling shit for my damage on dark lances recently (like majority 1s or 2s even with CP rerolls) and wanted a bit of clarity on whether a straight 2 damage was better even if it needed support.

>> No.56523853

Strength 7 lets them do some light vehicle hunting and the 2 wound -1 ap lets them start knocking out terminators and the equivalents fairly nice.

Part of it may also be that I've grown attached to them.
I'd be more likely to Replace the Ironclads for equivalent points in terminators.

>> No.56523860


The dark Eldar ones are boring as fuck also.

>> No.56523880

Twin Assault cannon sponsons, predator autocannon hull turret, missile launcher penicle guns, and heavy bolters for secondary sponsons. That or swap the Predator Autocannon and Assault Cannons. Would be hilarious as shit.

>> No.56523894

Check the links in the WIP thread...

>> No.56523900

Rolling doubles is so rare that it's not worth an relic slot that wouldn't be better spent on an inevitable weapon or armor relic. This also means you can't bait out denies by casting less important spells first if you roll double.

>> No.56523902

>tfw i have a meltagunner sister in that exact same pose with almost identical piece of sprue she's tepping on

>> No.56523917

Are we getting any more Primaris Marine minis or is this it? Feels like we've gotten a bunch already.

>> No.56523923

>Being able to roll any doubles (and at least the casting value) and have 0% chance of them denying, the mechanic that shuts down your strongest potential...
We're talking like a 10% chance of kicking in. If you're lucky it will proc once or twice a game.

Reroll Deny doesn't do shit against Smite-spam (wow, you stopped 3/10, have fun with the others), and does nothing in a lot of match-ups.

>> No.56523934

that's the best part

>> No.56523944

If I'm the minority, why should I tell them not to play what they want to play? Also, I don't want special treatment because the units I enjoy are garbage.

>> No.56523947

It's not a piece of sprue, it's her model. They are monobloc metal with arms held tightly to the body : uncustomizable as fuck.

>> No.56523955

Dreadnoughts are one of the best units in the game, leave them be.

If the last whirlwind is fluffy and meaningful to you, then by all means, you do you my dude, but crunchwise they don't do anything predators and devastators can't do.

I'd rather swap the last one out for lascannon devastators for cover camping and greater tank and termie hunting, but it's your call man.

Good luck.

>> No.56523957

Why the fuck do kroot come in 16 per box? i would take fucking 15 but 16 seems like a random number with the numbers. Especially since you are meant to use them in squads of 10-20. Like if i want to run 40 of them i will have 8 left over pieces of shit to do nothing with.

>> No.56523958

I feel like we're going to get some more Primaris chapter-specific upgrade sprues when the Blood Angel and Dark Angel codexes drop.
Past that, there's also the snap-fit Redemptor and Aggressors coming up.

>> No.56523961

Yeah but Dark Eldar gimmick isn't entirely based on one thing and that thing being worse than normal options in addition to getting non-support

>> No.56523978

lol. i bought it used so i thought it was glued like that

>> No.56523986


>> No.56523989

That sounds more like a Khornefiend than a Slaaneshfiend

>> No.56523992

sprue. gaunts come in sprues of 4 too

>> No.56523994

Interesting, seems quite simple but I'm still a bit scared.

What would you recommend for a dremel/drill? Is the GW ok?

What magnet size should I go for if I wanna do something like a terminator? What about a dreadnaught?

>> No.56524012

there's a bunch easy builds about to be released, I doubt there will be any more units until all the codices have been released other than maybe FW doing the overlord

would still do filthy things to/with though >.> never did deliver on the halloween pics ;_; I just wanted to see the costume

>> No.56524014

Thank you for the feed back.

I may just have to grit my teeth and 'toss' them for a while to see how some termies and a Las Dev squad does.

>> No.56524056

I think it's a holdover from a bygone edition.

>> No.56524058

Wow, a woman grappling a man makes it feminazi.

>> No.56524072

>compelling narrative
>soul of mankind
yeah seeing brainwashed transhuman child soldiers led by giant homunculi beat up spiky brainwashed transhuman child soldiers led by daemons really gets the ole brain juices flowing

at least put some actual humans in there

>> No.56524074


I guess, they're just not great thought.

A healing pistol relic, a webway stratagem in an army that doesn't want to deepstrike any of its infantry really, a warlord trait to give succubus more attacks on 6s (she naturally has less attacks than the other hqs) is pretty shit shit for her weapon options that give -1 to your rolls. The haemonculus healing one isn't ground breaking either and the reroll 1s to hit and wound for a generic is meh at best since all of them use blast weapons or poisoned 4+ weapons. It's shit all around.

>> No.56524084

4 per sprue, and GW is too much of a cheapskate to make it 20 per box

>> No.56524104

You know the Shaper model is actually rather cheap when it comes to the cost of single character models. Also just looked and saw the fucking Kroot hounds are still in finecast. God dammit.

>> No.56524106

It was a parody post.
To be honest, I had another tab with triggered people opened and I mixed up

>> No.56524111

It's bollocks to only get 8 genestealers per box

>> No.56524113

Really, it's only 9 pages of rules or so. It's not "officially" called 8th edition, maybe that's why you're having trouble? It's moot anyway, all the books are in the OP in the mega, you can download them as PDF or EPUB as you like.


That there's the link.

>> No.56524125

you get ripper bases, don't worry

>> No.56524127

On what turn did the SoBfag table you?

>> No.56524130

GW tools are good. If you use electric drills, be careful.

You get magnets everywhere, look on eBay or Google them. For bigger parts, use bigger magnets. Hard to give a clear advice, that shit differs in it´s magnetizing powers. But you can use a few small ones too, instead of one big one.

Trial and error.

Learning by doing.

>> No.56524146

Not quite xD
Two solitary, lonely rippers, a swarm, do not make

>> No.56524147

8th is Cruddacehammer. A giant pile of bland, which swapped one set of balance issues for another. Is it shocking that Guard are still supreme?

>> No.56524160


>> No.56524161

>bitching this much about plasma when its one of the best weapons in 8th

>> No.56524164

Thanks mate. Figured it out, its kinda hard to wrap your head around all the new stuff coming back 10 years later.

>> No.56524173

>GW tools are good.
though largely overpriced

>> No.56524178


At least the nodes make for cool scatter terrain ;)

>> No.56524181

Y'know, I'd never thought about it that way, but you have a point. Primaris-enforced homogeneization could be the final straw that breaks the illusions the snowflakes have that they're anything but the most boring vanilla army in the game with different coats of paint, and we'll get some focus on the actually interesting factions.

Won't happen, but a man can dream.

>> No.56524207

FLYING DEVOURER RIPPERS, still only 11 points base, 15 per base, still only hits on a 5+ because no parasite to buff them
>continues to miss the Parasite of Mortrex, is glad that the codex talks about it a fair number of times so it isn't dead in lore, so not fully squatted.
>prays for tyranid DLC pack like last edition.

>> No.56524208

I don't play boring factions Space Marines.

>> No.56524222

Eh I get your complaint but rerolling ones and hitting a 6 is much more relevant than getting doubles on a dice + meeting the target number to cast in first place.

In your case it's more of not needing it. In ours, it's more of taking it actually makes it worse/not fixing the problem.

It's basically 4th edition all over again. Boring dex, others get better power.

>> No.56524233

You're in luck, GW already said after the Codexes are all released there will be "DLC" shit for every army in 8th edition

>> No.56524237

I wonder why they're so afraid of making a good offensive psychic power. They can gate them by high casting value, faction restriction and one-cast-per-turn, so why is every offensive power a sidegrade of Smite at best and fucking useless at worst?

>> No.56524246

let's wait a year or two first

>> No.56524249


Well I hope they shape up for the codex, don't know how they're gonna interact the Cults Kabals and Covens.

>> No.56524256

What faction do you play then anon?

>> No.56524259

what's with the stupid trackguards anon? are you going to put assault grenade launchers on them?

>> No.56524271

Probably all Smite spams fault making offensive psychic powers already feel unfun. If the Smite nerf in Chapter Approved is real TS are basically dead as a faction this edition. RIP.

>> No.56524272

Why the motherfuck do I hear retarded americans call Custodes 'Cuss-toads' in battle reports? Is it that hard to not be retarded?

>> No.56524275

Against T6, the first choice is 3 wounds 6 damage and the second is 2 wounds 7 damage. Which one gets rerollable wounds?

>> No.56524283

I don't think it will take that long for the first ones to start showing up, Codexes should all be out by the anniversary of 8th editions launch next year, after that it'll be campaign supplements galore.

>> No.56524290

>video batreps
so sorry

>> No.56524291


>> No.56524293

Parasite of Mortrex, Shrikes, Skyslashers, Night-terrors may return, that would be great. Likely brand new shit instead of plastic warrior wings and returning Shrikes to not index only, giving Gargoyles options + making flying Hormagaunts again, and bringing Skyslashers back into the codex.

>> No.56524303

Considering double 1s will fail the cast, that's a 5 in 36 chance of no denies. Or 13.8%.

>> No.56524305


Dark Eldar definitely need rerolls m80, we get 3 sources of rerolls i can think of in the entire index.

Archons letting court units reroll all hits (but they sit in a fucking transport so don't get the reroll)
Succubus rerolling 1s to hit in combat aura for <cult> units, too bad all cult units are trash
Cronos reroll 1s to wound in the fight phase aura, can't even begin to think how you would get them there.

>> No.56524306

Hope is first step on road to disappointment.

>> No.56524309

anon stop making fun of our accent

>> No.56524316

>succubus gets +3A on 6+ to hit
>unchangeable stock weapon grants -1Hit because fucking reasons
>literally incapable of using WL trait

>> No.56524317

>Watching battle reports
>Calls others retarded

>> No.56524326

Anon Plasma is really easy to come buy in Tau tho.

>> No.56524328

Is Thomas D. Emperor you filthy Xenos

>> No.56524333


what is it then? Cuss-Toad-ees?

>> No.56524336

> 'Ar-bites'
> 'Skit-aree-eye'
> Cuss-toe-dees

>> No.56524340


The rerollable wounds is from a Doom Farseer. So technically they both can get them but the disintegrators are 30pts more.

>> No.56524343 [DELETED] 

Even GW agrees

>> No.56524344

>literally any time anyone tries to pronounce Roboute Guilliman

>> No.56524348

Most of the awful ones can hit characters is why.

>> No.56524354

Retards gonna retard, anon. It ain't exactly limited to one nationality.

That said, American's aren't exactly too familiar with Latin pronunciations as the only major exposure most Americans have to Romance languages are Spanish-speaking Mexicans and "French-speaking" Quebecois. And hell, neither of those really gives much insight into classical Latin pronunciation.

>> No.56524355


>> No.56524356

Don't worry, we're getting a relic that will let a generic Sorcerer cast an un-Deniable smite 11% of the time. Thousand Sons are totally fine and you should go buy more minis to praise GW.
They don't do math to figure out how useful things really are, they don't play test anywhere near enough, and they just don't care about a lot of factions. Somebody likes Eldar, so they got two of the best Witchfire type powers in the game on top of generic casters with the special rule load-outs of other faction's characters.

>> No.56524362


+1 to hit drugs and turn 3 +1 to hit, but yeah it's a 5+ at best unless you use the Agoniser.

>> No.56524376


They are twice as expensive as good deals you would find elsewhere. Is the fact that knowing that your tool is good worth double the price ?

I'd say for stuff like drills, cutter, etc, yeah. Those last years.

For paint brush though, buy artmaster from amazon.

>> No.56524380

Holy shit wait, really?

That's HILARIOUS that's exactly the kind of dumbass shit GW would do

How do these fucking retard designers not catch this stuff??

>> No.56524382

Yeah but man, Smite is strong because it can be spammed en masse with Primaris Psykers or Malefic Lords, not because 2MWs is gamebreaking. Being able to do 4-5 MWs per turn on the strongest psykers like Ahriman or Eldrad would hardly crack the game in half. Well, I guess the latter has Executioner, but you get my point.

>> No.56524392

How many spells are succeeding on a pair of twos? It's a relic, so no +1 or 2 for Ahriman or Magnus.

>> No.56524394

>he genuinely thinks GW proofreads
Also I start to genuinely think that a good 50% of the designers is not aware that
I - the "-1 to hit" stack
II - the "natural 6" does not exist
III - the -1 has an effect on plasma.
Otherwise they wouldn't keep shitting rules that clearly don't consider this, especially II.
Is the same shit of Power Fist and DttFE for CSM.

>> No.56524400

Tau Plasma sucks taint.

>> No.56524407

Speaking of Golden Bananas, will Custodes get their deep strike back in CA or shoot I just fucking kill myself?

>> No.56524417




Anon is being dramatic and ignoring external buffs.

>> No.56524428

>Somebody likes Eldar, so they got two of the best Witchfire type powers in the game
Executioner is one of the few good ones, but Mind War is just praying to the dice gods really. Unless you fully commit to the gimmick and try and pull off a Ld bomb.

>> No.56524429


>> No.56524431

> anyone pronouncing the G in waaagh making it Warg

>> No.56524437

Who cares, stop playing shit gimmick factions with 1 unit that were made to sell a boxed game and will never be supported again

>> No.56524445

Unless she loses the character keyword you can take a warlord trait. So I am laughing at this part of it. -1 to hit makes sense, that is what they are known for, should be a -1 to hit instead of an inv save because how good they are at dodging shit in the arena. Having it locked to her weapons it stupid though but whatever. +3 attacks on a 6+ is an interesting thing, but, eh, fitting, again, means you got to roll 3 extra times to wound, but not to hit is the usual scheme.

>> No.56524446

You right, didn't consider that the ones who can use it don't get casting bonuses. I don't think any power in 8th has WC4.

>> No.56524456


Lays cannon, what?!

Row boot Gilly mun

>> No.56524459

Is "Arbites", "Skitarii" and "Custodes".
But then again, I am Italian.

>> No.56524461

I don't think any power casts on a 4 either

>> No.56524470


Raw Bootay Gilly Man

>> No.56524471

Dude there are some things you just do not bring up.

>> No.56524483

Yeh, pronounced in a way to grate my ears

>> No.56524489



>> No.56524495

Just like how a FAQ was needed for Yarrick.
>Gets Warlord Trait letting him issue an extra order to his <REGIMENT>
>Yarrick is a Commissar and thus has no <REGIMENT>


>> No.56524516

Why do you hate Primaris marines?

You wanted true scale and you finally got them.

>> No.56524518

Here's the thing.

As much as we meme about it, it really IS the most playtested edition, at least in quite awhile if not ever.

The last few were just that. Fucking. Bad.

>> No.56524524

After collecting a Xenos army (Orks), a Chaos army (DG), I may be starting an Imperium army soon. Although I thought of doing something a bit different and getting all sorts of Imperial factions GK, guard, etc. all tied together by an Inquisition theme. What would you guys think about facing an Imperium army with many detachments for different army with Inquisitors leading them? Also is there any Inquisiton transfers?

>> No.56524532

Some of them look shitty.

The lore was an asspull.

I personally don't hate them but I understand why they are unpopular with others. They could have been done a lot better.

>> No.56524537

Too clean, not gothic enough. Plus with old marines clearly in line for no future support.

>> No.56524538

It makes me laugh at how utterly cucked the ITC is. They get to pretend they play-test for GW, but on the flip-side they aren't allowed to really do anything FAQ-wise on their end. The end result being Reece whining on streams about how people are totally playing X wrong, they just have to take his word for it.

>> No.56524544


Historically, when GW writers created the Ultramarine, they copied the Color Scheme of the french king dynasty of the House of Valois (Hundred years war). Their original fluff (replacing an original legion) even reflect that.

Robute Guilliman is based on how a britbong from Nottingham would pronounce the French names Robert Guillaume.

>> No.56524545


My favourite was forgetting to prevent deldar transports from carrying beasts, scourges and hellions for a few months. They still haven't updated the rule for the Tantalus either so sticking 3 ×4 squads of dark lance scourges in it is legal.

>> No.56524547

It's Raw Boot, anon. That's how people pronounce it in French, and Roboute is clearly made to sound French, even though it's a made up name.

>> No.56524548

I never wanted truescale, but I'm glad the truescale autists are collectively suiciding now that their butchared models are unusable.

I dislike them because their fluff is awful. If GW wanted to make a new faction, they failed, because they are the WiiU to the manlets' Wii, and thus forever in their shadow. If they just wanted truescale Marines, they still failed, by making Primaris their own faction.

>> No.56524549

enjoy losing your faction trait rules or paying for a shitton of hqs

>> No.56524562

I'm guessin in Italian it would be

>> No.56524563

>Too clean, not gothic enough.

They're busier than regular marines.

>> No.56524564

It's fun, looks cool, and fluffy so I don't care really if I get some dumb rules or not.

>> No.56524567

>wanted true scale
>get retarded models


>> No.56524581

Source on this because as a britbong I think that reason is full of shit.

>> No.56524582

This man gets it, same pronunciation as Astartes

>> No.56524584

I still didn't see that. got a link?

>> No.56524588

I don't

>> No.56524593

No, they're plain as fuck.

We need more Blanche style models. Skitarii are god-tier.

>> No.56524594

I-It isn't that bad.

>> No.56524603

>Why do you hate Primaris marines?
Because my Flesh Tearers now play like ULTRAMARINES IN RED ARMOR.
Though I guess this is more a problem with index rules and a lack of a codex than anything else. 8e ruleset doesn't exactly help it either.

Seriously though, I just don't like Primaris units on the tabletop. They feel very boring, even with the 10 billion guns half of them seem to come strapped with. Plus a lot of their (and by extension, their weapon's) names are fucking AoS-tier bad all for the sake of copyright.
Lorewise they also feel like bad fanfic but so does everything else new that comes out so no real point either way there.

>> No.56524611


>> No.56524613

then you don't need many detachments like you said

>> No.56524620

I think the standard bolter primaris look decent. i've enjoyed painting the couple i have, and i like the little armor plate flaps on their thighs, and they're a bit easier to paint. other than that, I plan of getting a squad of aggressors for a meme probably noone in my flgs will get, and maybe a squad of reivers for shenanigans and a squad of hellblasters to make sure those damn terminators and crisis suits stay dead. for the most part though, my guys are gonna stay largely manlets

>> No.56524621

>No, they're plain as fuck.

They're really not. Compare them to a tactical marine and they're covered in extra bits.

>> No.56524627

Honestly, I find it easier to patch 7th and iteratively scale it back, while adding "meta-USRs" to eliminate redundancy. Stuff like "Duellist[Preferred Enemy]" instead of "Has Preferred Enemy while in a Challenge," etc. Maybe add the 5e stipulations on vehicle movement so there no longer is a Tokyo Drift.

8th is the equivalent of covering bullet wounds with a bandaid, with one kludge hotfix after another, while actual playability remains a distant dream, and the tournament meta boils down to "bubblewrap, and some alphastrike," Magnus is more likely to chill with Mortarion, Chapters and Craftworlds have rules that encourage going *against* their fluff (Ex: Iyanden works "best" as spamming large blobs of Guardians), etc.

>> No.56524632

>inquisition-flavored imperium soup
You might get shit for it, but this was one of my favorite armies to run in 7e. Hell, it's not even that great in 8e so you probably won't have your ass rode to hell and back for "being a WACCfag" either.

>> No.56524637

How should I play krieg infantry ? Is sending them charging forward, armed with flamers and with their officers and regimental standards for the +1A, the way to go ?

>> No.56524638

Excuse me lads and (lad)ies, which loadout is best on blightlard termis:
> full melta
> 4 melta, flail
> all plasma
> bareboners, kept cheap

>> No.56524641

I never want true scale because I dont fucking care
The lore its shit, boring and gay
The models are ugly as fuck, except the interceptors

>> No.56524642

>wasting drug slot for +1 hit on a 2+ hit model that eventually gets +1 to hit anyway
Besides the fact that there are some serious oversights with combat drugs that is another rant entirely, she shouldn't have the -1 to hit in the first place. There's 0 fucking reason why the glaive is -1 to hit, especially since it wasn't Unweildly last edition.

Did you have a stroke or something? Pic related is a Succubus.

>> No.56524646

Lore is stupid, most of the designs are dumb, Marines didn't need yet more focus and new minis.

>> No.56524648

you mean the ass-tarts

>> No.56524655

imperium soup can be easily absolute garbage

>> No.56524657

Just got my box of necron immortals box in the mail. Gonna build them as deathmarks and got another box of warriors to use the immortal bits. What purchases have you guys made recently?

>> No.56524660

That's the designation given to the Dark Angels Anon...get it right

>> No.56524661

RF1 S6 AP-3 D1? There's better AND more cost efficient options against basically every target possible.

Flail for swagger factor

>> No.56524663

>Plus a lot of their (and by extension, their weapon's) names are fucking AoS-tier bad all for the sake of copyright.
A lot of their names aren't bad actually. I like the name Gravis armour even though it unfortunately looks like shit. Intercessor is excellent, Aggressor is acceptable, Redemptor Dreadnought fits the same pattern as existing ones. Reiver is okay. Absolver Bolt Pistol is cool.

Repulsor is boring as fuck, and "boltstorm"/"fragstorm" this and that is kind of dumb. Hellblaster is the worst offender.

The Death Guard got really fucked on the names though. The only good one is Biologus Putrifier, everything else is fucking retarded.

>> No.56524669


Gun-line lasguns.
Melee guard sucks when you're wounding on 5s, your opponent has a 3+ save AND you have to make it into combat.

>> No.56524689


>> No.56524690

Slowly putting together a GSC army. Wanting to get a truck, but looking at it an ork trukk is a fair deal cheaper. Thoughts on using a trukk with GSC?

I would make it looks less orky btw.

>> No.56524705

7th was perma-busted and there was no way to fix it, stop with that fucking meme. If you wanted to fix that core, you go back to 3rd and work up from there. But 40k didn't need that. Even the designer's who made 3rd have commented in recent years about how that shit is way out of date now and if they were still working for GW they would do some things drastically differently, starting with getting rid of IGOUGO turn order that needs to die in a fire before the game can ever be decent.

>> No.56524707

Deldar still have no way to transport their HQs without ruining another squad's strength, which means you're either sticking them in a venom to die, or you're sticking them in a raider with a 5man squad of something worthless.

>> No.56524714

I just want primaries techmarines. It's already been established they're a unit

>> No.56524722

>Reiver is okay
Is this nigga serious?

Yeah how does this provide insight on the origin of Guilliman's name, or for that matter proofs that the Ultramarines share anything more than a palette here? Sources? References?

>> No.56524729


>> No.56524739

So long as you aren't trying to use them for melee they are decent. Look at them as scout marines instead of assault marines.

>> No.56524740

If you can do this, then go for it. Unlooted trukks look awesome

>> No.56524751


Jeez anon I know that, it makes me so sad.

>> No.56524758

Have a (You) for making me smile like an idiot :)

>> No.56524766

>>Reiver is okay
>Is this nigga serious?
It's an archaic term for raiders, it's perfectly fitting. It's not some fucking "Adjective Verber" shit. Seriously it could have been so much worse. The naming convention for MOST of the Primaris stuff is one of the few things they got right.

>> No.56524768

Monopose creep, as well as their extreme "no model no rules" as well as some balance choices that are blatant moneygrabs (cannot ride in a Land Raider but an l $80 grav-rhino with a million guns and no armor is AOK). Plus little annoyances like a Primaris Captain only having access to a Power *Sword* since it's the only available model on the kit.

It's very post-Chapterhouse "not your dudes."

>> No.56524769

Is there any more pic of her?

>> No.56524770

(You) should really read reply chains before posting.

>> No.56524771

I just started using them recently but I tried plasma spam with a chaos lord and desu it was really expensive and not that impressive. I started having them focus on melee while using the combibolters (and maybe 1 blight launcher) to plink weaker units while they move in on bigger prey.

>> No.56524785

>have 15-20 models for Troops
>3 Troop units required for a Battalion
>have to go 3x5 instead of 2x10 if I want the Command Points
>play MT so can't fill it out with anything else if I want regiment bonus

Why live.

>> No.56524800

Honestly I look at them and see Primarus Scout Marines, and they fit that niche. Like they honestly look that way and work that way so long as you don't put the retard half helmet on because you like having your skull cap blown off but your face protected like some punk ass brat.

>> No.56524802


What else you gonna give +1 to hit to than a unit that may proc on 6+ soon? Every other unit gets 2+ turn 3 so you wouldn't waste it on them.

>> No.56524804

Buy more faggot.

>> No.56524807

anybody tried out the primaris chaplain?

Wanna pick one up but no idea where to run em

>> No.56524811

>no model no rules
To be fair, while indicitive of Primaris as a whole, this was also a major problem with the Deathwatch codex as well. The rules for what HQ can take a Bike, Jump Pack, or Terminator armor were wholly dependent on whether a plastic model for it existed.

>> No.56524821

Can you really gunline efficiently with Kriegers ? They don't have FRFSRF, which means at long range, they only have half the firepower of ordinary Guards, and no rerolling 1s for standing still like Cadians.

However, they hit on 3s in melee, don't flee from enemy fire, have orders which make them fire while advancing and have flags which make them choppier. I'm planning on having 6 infantry squads for my 1500 pts army, 2 with plasma rifle, 4 with flamers.

>> No.56524825

What's the most __fun__ unit IG has?

>> No.56524827

S-Shut up. Its good enough.Please end me.

>> No.56524833

I'll be honest, before I just googled it now I didn't know that spelling was legit, I just thought it was some copyright bullshit. I hate it less now although their aesthetic is still retarded as fuck.

I was willing to forgive (You) for jumping in that first time but now (You) have gone too far.

>> No.56524851


No more than rhino being an M113, Dark Templars being Knight of the malta order or space marine models names reference to public personas of the time.

It's just a legion of space marine with the same uniform as a french king dynasty that is basically how french king are represented in british iconography with the 100 years war being basically how engfland was created made by wargame and history fans with a Primarch name sounding EXACTLY how some french king name are being pronounced, including fucking William the conqueror.

>> No.56524855


Honestly I'd just drop the krieger rules at that point and use the Valhallan Doctrine instead.

>> No.56524862

Ka'Bandha needed a win. I doubt he'll get any real push from GW.

>> No.56524864

Yes but they become increasingly unable to be posted here

>> No.56524871

Is that actually GSCB, though?

>> No.56524875

>I have no proofs
Well why didn't you just say so from the start?

>> No.56524878

Deathstrikes or Rough Riders?

>> No.56524880

Anyone else think it would be cooler if Admech, Guard and Sisters were the primary factions of the Imperium, while Space Marines were more of a Chaos thing?

Kinda like in WHFB, where it was the regular humans of the Empire vs the Giant Warriors of the North?

>> No.56524885

If I don't use the krieg rules, I can't play with the unique krieg units, which means no Death Riders. I want Death Riders.

>> No.56524891

not at all

>> No.56524894


House rule them.

>> No.56524896

The underwear seems to match.

>> No.56524899

>I hate it less now although their aesthetic is still retarded as fuck.
I agree with the visual aesthetic. The powersneakers and cheesy looking skull masks are fucking terrible. They aren't too far off from being great looking which is why it's even more of a shame they turned out shit.

Also their rules are so boring.

>> No.56524915

I wish I could buy some different models at least.
>no MT Scout Squad
>no MT Heavy Weapons Squad
>no MT Melee Scions
>no MT Bikers

Give me some cool shit. There's literally 5 units in MT, three of which are nearly identical and two of which are vehicles.

>> No.56524920


>> No.56524922


I mean if you have spare autocannons lying around you can make it work, I'm sure.

The goliath is a nice kit though.

>> No.56524923

Honestly? If I'm going to give her +1 hit, I'm not even going to waste my time with the glaive and just use the Impailer. That way, I get an average of 10 D2 attacks hitting on 2s rerolling 1s starting on T3

>> No.56524925


>> No.56524926


>> No.56524929

>They aren't too far off from being great looking which is why it's even more of a shame they turned out shit
Primaris in a nutshell honestly.

Get converting nigga.

>> No.56524930

Match what exactly?

>> No.56524931

Why? It worked well enough in WHFB, and with the current state of loyalist marines, it make sense that they'd rarer and more of a compliment to the Imperiuns forces.

>> No.56524933

Anyone tried putting Broodlord monsterous rending claw arms onto a hive tyrant, the look about the right size for it.

>> No.56524938

I'm well aware about the whole IGOUGO bit. Been working on a system for that (since I have issues with "random turn order" ala Bolt Action).

I still find scrapping USRs (even if they were used haphazardly and idiotically) an inexplicable choice.

>> No.56524944

I know this feel anon. I honestly use them more with my Inquisiton models than anything else. They suffer the least when losing their doctrine

>> No.56524949

I dont think it is

>> No.56524958


GSCB pic

>> No.56524971

Will the Kriegers ever get warlord traits, relics and stratagems from FW ?

>> No.56524987

>(since I have issues with "random turn order" ala Bolt Action).
Honestly that one seems to be one of the most fair to me and properly encapsulates the chaos and uncertainty of battle

Dropfleet Commander has a great system though

>> No.56524993

Which one? The one with tripcode has gray underwear.

>> No.56525006


That's a pickle alright.. you could put them in a minimum sized patrol detachment with a commissar and a single infantry squad.
Meanwhile your main force could be in a Valhallan battalion detachment to get that sweet FRFSRF and other stratagems.

>> No.56525014

Were they not in the Index?

>> No.56525016

Yeah and look at the state WHFB is in now.

>> No.56525018


The guy is right though. A lot of the time it's pretty clear where GW get their inspiration from. This was before the internet. Heck, bretonian cities are literally major IRL French cities with british sillyness "le" added on top of it. Saying original ultramarine are french is not more of a stretch than saying white scars are mongolians.

Ultramarine were originally a chapter among others in rogue trader -not even a legion-, but due to how good the color scheme was they became the poster boys over the Crimson Fists, and hence got huge parts of their fluff retconned.

>> No.56525019

Archive link?

>> No.56525029

I could do that if it were for a tournament, but I'm too much of a LAACfag to do that in normal games.

>> No.56525030

They point of scrapping USR was so that you had all the relevant rules you needed right on the unit profile, which also has the added benefit of being able to tweak them on a per unit basis. This is one change I actually agree with, especially with how 8th has shaped up to be.
>ok, so my unit is in this Codex with this index wargear, using this updated faq, and these point values from chapter approved, and these special rules from the core book

>> No.56525033

This was particularly retarded for deathwatch, since they literally sell upgrade kits so you can deathwatchify any regular SM unit. I think GW need to use human reasoning when applying their "no model, no rules" ethos so that it actually makes sense.

>> No.56525039

That's the one I have. Grey undies isn't uncommon

>> No.56525040


I have yet to encounter someone who refused balanced house rule in a friendly game. Hell, this is basically how GW staff play all the time, and the houserule that reach more consensus simply get published.

>> No.56525042

>Ultramarine were originally a chapter among others in rogue trader -not even a legion-

There was no such things as Legions.

>> No.56525043

Isn't this scratchbuilt out of plasticard?

>> No.56525044

I miss have space-latinos with hearts of gold as the poster boys

>> No.56525046

Ditto with Razorbacks (no Lasplas option) or Dreadnoughts (no Rifleman option). It was very horrid overall, and the sad thing was folks would defend it as "balance."

>> No.56525064

Sounds like you need more Catachans with Straken and a Ministorum Priest in your life. Sadly, the wording on Straken's aura means that you only get his +1A bonus in the Fight phase meaning not with Fix Bayonets, but that's still 5 S4 attacks per Guardsman.

>> No.56525070


In fluff they are. Back in 5th ed they sued to justify it with "decisive battle" and stuff : Where space marine are engaged is where the stuff tyhat matters happen, and hence your 50 dude engagement actually impact directly the results of dozen of millions souls battlefronts.

>> No.56525073

>Having warlord traits, stratagems and relics

Nope. Kriegers have access to all the generic IG stuff from their Astra Militarum keyword. Their warlords can be master strategists, they can wield the blade of conquest and can use Vengeance for Cadia. But there's no such thing as a Krieg-only relic, warlord trait or stratagem. We have to wait for FW to go from "Index" format to "Codex" format, maybe with new IA books.

>> No.56525074

>see how easy it is to convert into a grandmaster DK? Have fun grey knights!
>what? No fuck off chaos, you can't put a chaos star on a drop pod.
>huh? God, fuck off already Deathwatch.
>christ, no, sisters. You can't put that Seraphim pack on your canoness.
>dont even open your mouth, orks

>> No.56525076

At the time when they were the posterboys they didn't have hearts of gold, though. They were grimdark assholes.

>> No.56525078

Anon, what about Wolfenstein-style army? but not kriegers

>> No.56525093

If they'd be D2 they'd have a great niche as TEQ killers, but alas, Tau got dicked repeatedly in 8th.

>> No.56525104

The reference earlier in the thread is to another image. With another underwear.

>> No.56525105

I'll chop-chop up some scouts or some shit myself.


>> No.56525108

>you can't put a chaos star on a drop pod
Funny about how all the Chaosfag autism and cries of muh fluff suddenly tried up when drop pods became shit.

So just a literal Nazi army? Yeah anything from FW will do you nicely.

>> No.56525110

You might go for the FW hostile environment Cadian upgrades.

>> No.56525113

I mean they slightly deserved some of it. But the fact that their only access to melta cost 21 points is really annoying.

>> No.56525117

>Tau got dicked repeatedly in 8th.
As much fun as it was making fun of the WAACfags the night the index leaks went live and there was a great gnashing of teeth and wailing that GW had given them PTSD, now that the dust has settled I honestly feel bad for Tau players.

I hope they end up with a good, fun, balanced Codex.

>> No.56525123

They've already stated that's not going to happen.

>> No.56525128

>all this talk about memewatch these last few weeks
I caved and bought a start collecting box today and I have another one and a corvus on their way. Any Deathwatch players here mind posting their lists/strats? I'm looking for some inspiration before I go full retard

>> No.56525165

It's honestly sad how hard and transparently GW was pushing Deathwatch when they came out as a fucking moneygrab only to turn around and completely abandon them as soon as they had other shit to do.

>> No.56525166


That's cool, I understand where you're coming from.
Just wanted to help make your doods fluffy while also being stronger.

>> No.56525168

I didn't know about that.
Well, a death rider squadron leader with the blade of conquest and a macharius vulcan using vengeance for cadia are more than enough.

>> No.56525176

It's also an extremely exploitable system and would require a lot of kajiggering to get to work properly in 40k. Otherwise, you'd see gamey shit like taking a bunch of solo 8-point acolytes (or Astropaths more realistically) to buffer your diebag so you can ensure your Baneblades go off (or you can more-or-less skip by using "empty" activations).

I personally like Activation as a resource mechanic. Spend CP (or the equivalent) for consecutive activations, with the cost incrementing until you yield the initiative to your foe (to prevent *extreme* alphastrikes). You may skip if you have less unactivated units than your foe, to penalize "empty activations."

>> No.56525180

>Funny about how all the Chaosfag autism and cries of muh fluff suddenly tried up when drop pods became shit.

>> No.56525182

Isn't the point of Deathwatch to make your own strats through kill teams?

>> No.56525190


They were.

Page 153, 1987 rogue trader : Legiones Astartes.

>> No.56525193

I'm actually looking at both, and she had the same bracelet on. I'm willing to believe that it is actually her

>> No.56525199

Just because people are too polite to call out cheating doesn't make it any less of cheating.

>> No.56525205


Not me, man. I ain't no fucking fair weather autist. I still want my fucking drop pods for my shitty fucking night lords.

>> No.56525210


Works out at like 3 wounding rolls against a t4 marine, and they'd save half on average so you'd kill 1 primaris marine with your 10 attacks, 2 with +1 strength drugs. Awesome.

>> No.56525211

I've played a couple games with them and honestly i think they did best with 4 combi bolter and a flail

>> No.56525215

>macharius vulcan
Don't fucking remind me.

>> No.56525223

USRs also mean you have to FAQ everything twice, and don't have rule of precedent in many cases.

What was also odd IMO was how they used keywords for units, but not weapons, instead going for regex matching. match(.*flame.*) and all that, aka the Scunthorpe problem.

And as folks may remember, a Baleflamer is not a flamer.

>> No.56525232

lol well yeah but I was just looking for some educated opinions before I modeled my dudes fully

>> No.56525233

Are you American? I heard American playtesters outright ignored rules. Seems to be a trend in most games.

>> No.56525235

I still want it if alpha legion didn't exist

>> No.56525239

That was just what they were called in the way they are now referred to as the Adeptus Astartes.
They were not Legions, but Chapters.

>> No.56525240

>I personally like Activation as a resource mechanic. Spend CP (or the equivalent) for consecutive activations, with the cost incrementing until you yield the initiative to your foe (to prevent *extreme* alphastrikes). You may skip if you have less unactivated units than your foe, to penalize "empty activations."
CP is not a granular enough system for this, though.

You can fix the MSU shit by just having mechanics that punish MSU and reward larger units.

>> No.56525244

Now that's more plausible evidence.

>> No.56525248

There's nothing more American than playing by your own rules.

>> No.56525251

They are pretty much the right size, particularly for the lower arms, the patriarch arms also work.

>> No.56525253

Meanwhile, the glaive would do 1.78 wounds.

>> No.56525259

My friend brings a gulliman list with a patrol detachment of 2 30 man conscript squads. So I've decided to embrace my white heritage by purchasing a dual grav leviathan dread to deal with this.
He usually uses a stratagem to merge them into a 60 man.

Im gonna use the poxwalker stratagem that gives them a new zombie for every killed within 7" and get the dread to turn those conscripts to red mist with 26d3 shots.

Fuck that motherfucker

>> No.56525263


They were more like punk super soldier jerks.

>> No.56525273

>He usually uses a stratagem to merge them into a 60 man.
That stratagem can't be used on Conscripts, tell him to read the fucking rules.

>> No.56525279

can't merge conscripts. tell him to kill himself

>> No.56525295

Shit. Thanks, I fuckin will

>> No.56525304


Y'all niggas playing like everyone ever played was 2K tournaments mùatched played gamles. For friendly PL quick game, It's completely fine to add a bike for your model for the price of 1/2 PL.

>> No.56525320

They're shitposting man, don't worry about it.

>> No.56525330


WAAC : Play them in PL and abuse the cannons.

Non WAAC : Do whatever. Just specialize them for one role.

>> No.56525335

>sisters squatted
More like the nids slammed into the planet like a car hitting a brick wall. This time its a wall of flamers and meltas.

>> No.56525339

What about playing by rules you're contractually obliged to follow under risk of heavy fines that were incorporated into seemingly simple contract in small print you didn't read thoroughly? Isn't that the most American thing there can be?

>> No.56525343 [SPOILER] 

Yea. I think, so. Admittedly, I've only see those two pics of her.

>> No.56525346

Man, I was reading through the ooold Chapter Approved for old times sake with the new one coming up and all and there's this article about special rules for the Last Chancers where the designer talks about how it was hard to find players who would allow you to use special characters in games.

How fucking far we have fallen from those golden glorious days. Special characters are such fucking cancer and what's even more cancer is this nufag culture of cucks that grew up with Jew W and will actually defend this shit.

>> No.56525359

>This time its a wall of flamers and meltas.

in my experience tyranids usually don't give a fuck against meltas and flamers.

>> No.56525361

>beating Nids in fluff
>literally ever

>> No.56525364

taking away options from all the hqs and reducing armories doesn't help

>> No.56525371

gross, i thought she'd be hot.

>> No.56525386 [SPOILER] 

you can make it three - though this one is in poor resolution, there seem to be the same bracelet

>> No.56525388


Literally pic related.

>> No.56525394

Why are SoB players so cringy?

>> No.56525399

more like party waac

>> No.56525401

It's insane how much the whole game would improve by deleting all those assnuggets yeah

>> No.56525403

>implying nids stand a chance against the flamers and meltagun faction

>> No.56525415

She is hot/

>> No.56525423

when it's flavorful, nobody can complain it's also strong

>> No.56525428

I would love some repressors for my sisters, why did they kill off the damn production!? They're so cool looking!

>> No.56525429

Look, if all of you openly cheat, more power to you. Just don't be a lying cunt to my face and tell me that you aren't cheating

>> No.56525431

Pre-GS 7th had the right idea. Making special characters flavorful but inflexible, and 9 times out of 10 ultimately inferior to a specialized unnamed HQ. Made them worth taking only for fluff or a specific gimmick.

But is it really surprising that everyone takes snowflakes in 8th when the vast majority of them follow the template of "[specific unnamed HQ]+1"? Not to mention shit like Magnus and Guilliman. Primarchs were a mistake.

>> No.56525437

you mean thot?

>> No.56525446

>the army that fluffwise is basically fucking fireproof and that's before factoring in how easily they adapt to someone spamming the same weapons over and over
>the army that had rules in past editions where they could keep attacking you with no ill effects while set on fire when other armies would run around screaming and suffer penalties
Why do so many people fall for the retarded "nids are bugs so don't like fire" meme

>> No.56525449


Because they RP a faction that is literally about murderkilling everyone in the name of faith without ever any kind of self-reflection.

>> No.56525451

she looks like cosmo

>> No.56525452

>Can't fill out a detachment with scions

Try playing grey knights, faggot.

>> No.56525454


I find that if I post an image in the new bread notification post, people loiter less frequently.

>> No.56525457

because flamers are effective agains them in fluff.

>> No.56525463


>> No.56525466

>past editions

>> No.56525467

ha ha ha

>> No.56525469

Maybe, but i don't find black templar as cringy. When they basically have the same shtick

>> No.56525475

And Valedor is now in Sol

>> No.56525477


So we're agreed that the dedicated close combat hq choice of the dark Eldar sucks dick even with this new warlord trait. Good good.

>> No.56525485

No, they're shit against them. They have skin honeycombed with fire-retardant slime gel and they don't feel pain or fear so they charge straight through the flames and then start ripping you apart only now you're also burning alive from your own flame weapons while they eat you.

>> No.56525510

>caring about fluff
All of you, just fucking stop

>> No.56525511

Prove me wrong, faggot. Say what you like about the edition but it handled special characters quite well in terms of power.

>> No.56525513


>Primarchs were a mistake.

Primarch are not more expensive to produce than a box of orc boys but sell for 140$ a piece.

>> No.56525527

Because nids are and have always been cucked by fire?

>> No.56525535


>> No.56525550

I don't think you really appreciate what a "flamethrower" is.

>> No.56525551

>being this new

>> No.56525553

meh different strokes for different folks

>> No.56525565

I don't think you fucking read tyranid fluff, retard

>> No.56525574

>Being this much of a faggot

Buggaboos confirmed for literally worse than movie marine fags.

>> No.56525584

Nice. It's also 2 bracelets, which you can see in the one with her face, too.
Is there an uncensored version? Post number and board?

>> No.56525589

>T3 with 5+ armor and 1 wound

Stay mad; stay wrong.

>> No.56525593


Just to let you know, in most legal systems . In contracts that were written en masse with the intention of binding various parties of whose identity aside from their capacities to form contracts is unimportant. Small prints that are not discussed explicitly and that are either unrelated to the main clauses of the contract or creating important and often one sided burdens on the opposite parties are ignored.

>> No.56525604

not to my knowledge

>> No.56525618

it's almost as if every tyranids organism is perfect and it's not like the hive mind doesn't require biomass to produce its dudes, limiting how perfect they can be or what numbers certain strains can be fielded in....

>> No.56525637

I never argued against it, man. I'm living the nightmare every time I play, and its making me want to quit 40k. The hope that 8th would be the <Cult> savior has died.

>> No.56525678


Makes me sick our only decent HQ choice is the Haemonculus.

>> No.56525734

But her face looks nothing like that.

>> No.56525764

The worst part is that I genuinely dislike Covens, and am just autistic enough to not want to take a Haemmy without Covens

>> No.56525778

That def matches the other picture. Hell, I could probably put together a full body shot at this point.

>> No.56525786

.... hang on I don't have that one

>> No.56525815

>make 3d model in one of those make-your-own-waifu sim games that /h/ likes
>set it up for some cheesy fun
I'm sure she would approve as long as there's tentacles involved.

>> No.56525824

nobody does...
for all we know that's her posting without tripcode

>> No.56525853

>anon's making a collage of another anon


>> No.56525874

seems the same

>> No.56525882

Why do you still like your tiny marines when their proportions are all fucked up?

>> No.56525884


>> No.56525891

I'm not that skilled
But I'd like it too...

She's done it before

>> No.56525915

She looks like a tranny.

>> No.56525946

if a grill looks like a qt trap does she look like a grill or a tranny?

>> No.56525970

>QT trap

pic one and only one

>> No.56525988

I pick qt trap >>56525734

>> No.56526015

then you might be better off looking for someone other then GSCB

>> No.56526071

oh crikey I hope not, I wonder how she'd feel know that someone was touching themselves to pictures of her

>> No.56526084


>> No.56526124

somewhere between amused, aroused, and flattered, I imagine

>> No.56526142


>> No.56526153

Look up a tuck guide.

>> No.56526184

Added waifufag factor.

>> No.56526185

It never ceases to amuse me how adamant people on this website are about thinking actual girls are traps. Good lord, man.

>> No.56526202

Beats dealing with thirsty beta orbiters.

take this shit to >>>/soc/

>> No.56526249

you're posting a dead thread, it hit its bump limit ages ago. You are literally choosing to to deal with "thirsty beta orbiters"

>> No.56526250

Recasters have them, mind you they have the fuck up version FW sold. So you’ll need a little work to fix the recast and the FW fuck up.

Or just make your own from GW city building church thingy kit.

>> No.56526257

You sound angry my dear /pol/friend.

>> No.56526288

I'll have to shop around then. I just didn't think recasters were even selling sisters. GW barely even sells sisters...

>> No.56526425

I was tempted to post the full pic for this reason, but meh

>> No.56526430


Executioners: Land Raider Executioner:
2 Plasma Destroyer primary sponsons
2 Multi-Melta secondary sponsons
Multi-Melta top pintle
Twin Multi-Melta front pintle

Word Bearers: Land Raider Vakrah Azagh:

2 Hades Autocannon primary sponsons
2 Heavy Flamer secondary sponsons
Heavy Flamer top pintle
Twin Heavy Flamer front pintle

(though I don't know if I can actually take the stuff in this exact combo, we haven't seen the rules yet)

>> No.56526470

There's a few repressor upgrade parts on various shapeways pages. Hit up the Sororitas page on B&C sometime for further info.

>> No.56526495

welp you've got something to tease us with in the future hey... also those Halloween costume pics

>> No.56526600

I like inceptors.

I like all the primaris models.

>> No.56526606

I teased with the collage, but I haven't seen the Halloween one

>> No.56526646

Supposedly she had some kind of genestealer-related halloween costume or something and was supposed to post pics that night but got really shitfaced at a party and never delivered.

>> No.56526776 [SPOILER] 

Well, it's not like we got nothing at all...

>> No.56526783

Just because a thread hit bump limit doesn't mean it dead. If that was the case 206 posts have been made in a dead thread. Which is roughly 40% of them.

are you fucking new or something?

>> No.56526786



Have faith, sister. :)

>> No.56526845

>$5 per stake bolter

>> No.56526904

>$63 for the full conversion
How about fucking no.

>> No.56527148

you have shit taste, congrats

>> No.56527476

more customizable and they generally fit the game a lot better

>> No.56527525

Because Primaris aren't a proper replacement. That's what annoys me most about them. They're in this limbo where they simultaneously make the oldmarines look bad, while also being shit and not really living up to what the oldmarines could do.

I would have rathered GW just replace the oldmarines entirely with Primaris that can actually take fucking options and make proper tactical/assault/devastator squads with normal transports and shit.

>> No.56527924


The Repulsor can fulfill every tank role in one kit.

Intercessors are better as regular troops.

Hellblasters are better than devastators.

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