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>Be an adventuring party
>Hear children are disappearing from Sweet creek village
>Travel to Sweet creek
>Run-down hovels, drunk miners, knife fights, rampaging diesease of ... carnal origins, whores, beggars and slightly deranged town fools
>very few children
>Find Mayor, sleeziest fuck around. Surrounded by not-mafia
>He cries and bawls over "lost children"
>Go and explore
>A few days and a few homicides in self-defence in town later
>Come upon a hermit in High peaks, a few days walk from Sweet creek
>Nice guy, kind
>Our nosy Rogue finds some of the kids hiding in a barn
>Turns out pretty much all kids are here
>He took them
>He is a hermit, because he is infected by incurable lycantropy
>He is lonely
>Villagers treated kids like shit (kids admit to this, no one wants to leave "Home")
>Hermit departs a few days before each Moon in order to take wereform somewhere far, not harming anyone
>He is well stocked, having a few thousand goldipeces left from adventuring days. He can raise the kids
>Kids seem really happy

Wat do?

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>>He is well stocked, having a few thousand goldipeces left from adventuring days. He can raise the kids

So he has enough money to purchase everything in the country? Good, then have him found an order or his own kingdom and get some sweet rewards from him!

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Slay the lycanthrope and become the new babysitter obvi

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Isn't the value of gold super-low in DnD? (OP did not specify, but it sounds kinda DnD-ish)

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OP here.

Not really. But he could buy a nice looking house in a town if he wanted.

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Call the DM a fag for making such a contrived situation.

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Depends on the game. I play AD&D and the only thing higher then gold is platinum pieces, and there's copper, sliver, and electrum behind gold. A thousand gold pieces should easily get you a small castle and maybe a couple of houses for your new serfs.

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Yeah, but I always enjoy joking about how stupid it is. The average Barony back in the day was lucky to produce 24 gold coins from the entire output of both the nobility and serfs combined.

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Find a means of treating his lycanthropy.

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Nope, it's fairly valuable but that goes out the window when magic is involved. Magic is expensive

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House nothing. He could get a hundred head of cattle and still have money left over.

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>Wat do?

Sounds like the problem solved itself out, though I can guarantee all those children are going to be turned into werewolves eventually.
Not because I don't think the hermit will have a mean streak or some desire to corrupt those around him, but children will be children: they'll look up to him, grow to admire his qualities, and they'll eventually want to be "just like dad" whether they admit to it or not.

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OP here.

We finished the session in about half an hour of bickering over Kill the werewolf/You'll go straight CE if you do.

Thatswhy I'm asking.

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Let them do what they'll do and let the consequences be what they are.

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This. That would be a fantastic adventure.

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Infect the children with his Lycanthropy, then geas the lot of them to be good doggos.

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Take out the not-mafia, take out the not-crimeboss mayor, and make the hermit the new town's mayor.

Convince hermit to use his money to help clean up the town, with the adventurers providing the initial muscle to take care of any remaining shitheads.

Use new town as base of operations, quest for not-shit people to hire as town guards, explore the cave system/crypt/dungeon discovered when the new town well is dug, et cetera et cetera.

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What do you expect a werewolf to come up with when adventurers kick the door in on him and his corrupted child harem?

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Killing a werewolf is not chaotic evil, even if he's a nice man you massive faggot. The wolf in him is a psychotic monster that will kill without remorse. If he just fucks off to the hills every month he will almost certainly kill a hunter or charcoal burner or curious child who is wondering where he's going.

There's better alternatives than killing him, but it's not some idiotic thing to do when he poses a serious risk to the wellbeing of others. More so when he can give them lycanthropy.

Besides that point, anyone actually mentioning alignments out of character (or worse in character) during a morality debate needs to fucking off themselves.

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Go on a quest to cure his lycanthropy so he can really become a full time guardian for the kids.

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Encourage the werewolf to kill every sinner in town.

Everybody wins.

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>Wat do?
Dump DnD amd start playing Pathfinder.

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Killing someone who provides shelter to the innocent is definitely chaotic evil though. Second, alignment is a literal, tangible, measurable concept in the D&D universe. In fact, the earlier books outright say that discerning or asking someone's alignment is often considered extremely offensive or an act of hostility.

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cast detect evil
if he pings, smite him

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Kill the werewolf because he's too dangerous to be kept alive, then flay the not!Mafia and the mayor and expose their bodies in public. Claim that this will happen to anyone that break the law.

Things are going to get back into normal after a while

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He fucks off to the hills on his man legs, he's claiming to you that he can hike out and it isn't much, much easier for the wolf to travel the same way back. And he has to be a hermit with reassuringly nothing to do with the town where he knew about and was able to collect these kids. There isn't one part of this that sounds right, I'm starting to think the not-mafia was founded to collect tribute for him.

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if he leaves a few days before the moon like he says, he can get pretty far away, especially if his house is far enough away from the town and he hikes even farther away. If it's standard lycanthrope where he only turns 1 night out of the month, then even better

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>Go back to town
>Slaughter all townsfolk
>Burn town to the ground

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>Things are going to get back into normal after a while
For how long? Few weeks? Months? Year? Once the party leaves the village everything will return to "normal". Fear isn't efficient in long run.

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That's how things work irl. If there weren't a penal system, humans would be killing and raping each other every day

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It's medieval setting just purge the entire village and place children in the care of church/orphanage/abbacy (werebro is rich, right?)

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We actually had something similar in a game awhile back.
Our party alchemist and telepathic psion provided the solution. The alchemist created something to let him control the change and the psion turned the beast from CE to CG and helped merge the two personalities into one.

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It's kidnapping. The bonus Stockholm syndrome doesn't phase me. Return the children voluntarily, for we'll say where they are anyway and get a "found them" reward, or attempt to fight here and now.
Try to get guardianship through a justice system or kill the townsfucks and take their children by force.

This kinda shit is above us, we're just dungeon junkies, fuck you and your contrived situation.

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This is one I'm comfortable passing on. No dirty money for 'rescuing' the children, no blood on my hands, no moral judgments. Just gonna find a new adventure.

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in most iterations of dnd there are none, short of wish/miracle spells or treating it very shortly after it applied.

Treating a disease with no outward symptoms prior to the next full moon can be difficult though.

Cure disease spell as above, prior to the first full moon.

That said as a werewolf he's probably fucked some people up even if he doesnt remember it.

Hes a danger around the kids, and someone, almost assuredly them will get hurt eventually.

Arrange for an orphanage in the city to take care of them, far away from bum fuck no where. If cleric, convince some to join your church as acolytes, if fighter take one as a squire, if spell caster have them tested by your respective tradition for talent, if any of them suss out get them tutelage at that academy, etcetera etcetera.

Expensive sure, not very exciting but it beats rending the faces of children.

If he believes he can do this without someone getting hurt, than he is deluded. You would not give care of children to a man or woman who, once a month went into a berserk rage and cannibalized any nearby people, would you?

"But its very well managed and I've never eaten anyone I care about!"

Tough titties. The kids have to go somewhere safe. Sorry old timer, but I wont have their blood on my conscience.

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Wow, one murder and straight to chaotic evil? Thats some railroaded shit right there.

Yeah, not this. Definitely not this.

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OK but what if there was and there is a cool adventure to find it, instead of just going by the book

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what is the conflict here. Cause it seems to me like all of this adds up to "Well that was a colossal waist of time and energy cause it looks like we can do nothing and just move on."
I mean does the wolfman what you to depose the corrupt mayor? Is there a reward for finding the children? What's the catch?

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t. faggot

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Kill everyone except the children. Use whatever contacts the party has to get the kids "adopted." If the wizard went to some sort of wizard school, send some of the kids there. If the cleric or paladin has some kind of holy order, they get some of them. If anyone's a noble, his household now gets a few new housekeepers. If the warlock has a demon patron, he gets a few sacrifices.

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You can't just go straight to Chaotic Evil with one murder. If you're intentions for the killing are for the greater good and you're following a law of people, gods, or the natural order, it can be a Lawful Good decision

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Let him keep the kids. Chances are that if you take them back they'll end up growing up into the exact kind of scum that are plaguing the city now, at least those that don't die from beatings, illness, or starvation that is. If you kill him then it'll be all the worse since there's a good chance some of the kids may grow up to become adventurers determined to seek revenge on his behalf. If you really want to do right by everyone then help the guy set up a proper home out of the way of prying eyes that the kids can grow and flourish in. Maybe convince him to use money not spent on a good home go towards books so they can get some proper learning outside of whatever woodsy survival things he teaches them. Doing this ensures that, A: The hermit and kids are happy, B: you get a nice little sideplot going, and C: you have some potential PCs/NPCs for future campaigns.

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>OP says the lycanthropy is incurable
>Durr I find a way to cure him
Reading comprehension is key.

>> No.56513240

>HIV is incurable
>All those drugs must be a scam

>> No.56513261

Now I haven't really kept up with the status of HIV research so my info may be dated but most drugs that treat HIV don't cure you of the disease they just keep the symptoms in check.

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>reaching this hard
Nigger the guy turns into a fucking wolf monster that requires he make a mulitday long trip each month to avoid hurting people. Exactly what part of that is even remotely comparable to an immunodeficiency virus?

>> No.56513274

>Exactly what part of that is even remotely comparable to an immunodeficiency virus?
His understanding of either of them?

>> No.56513377

Only doing it a single time isn't enough. The party would need to stay there.

>> No.56513433

I just finished my first sesion of DnD two days ago.

Is this the proper way to play paladin?

>> No.56513480

"Treating" and "curing" are not the same thing.

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>You would not give care of children to a man or woman who, once a month went into a berserk rage
>woman who, once a month went into a berserk rage

anon we need to have a talk about what you know about wimmins.

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Yes and no. They balanced prices around what the players would reasonably be using. So you end up in a situation where basic stuff non-adventurers care about is dirt cheap, but a single +1 sword is thousands of gold. Which can feed a ridiculous amount of people because a cow costs, like, a dollar

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To leave the children to their own devices for a day or more is to put them in danger. Since you are using alignment, a goodish party should negotiate with him to bring the children to a safe haven. Attacking the werewolf might be necessary if negotiations fail, but a kind person could be made to understand the dangers and you have to question his motives if he does not want to negotiate.

>> No.56514277

>muh moral relativism

Here is what you do, you roll for initiative while everyone is bickering and smite that faggot dogbeast abomination with righteous fire.

>b..but he is a good guy
He is a cursed abomination who is a danger to the entire area.

>b...but the children like it there
Who gives a fuck, children are not arbiters of their own fate, they belong with their parents. Just because some kidnapper in the forest gives them sweet treats does not mean that is the best place for them, nor is the entire fucking town logically bad.

>b...but the entire town is corrupt
good, after you kill the fucking beast, go cleanse the town of its filth in righteous holy fire.

>muh moral relativism
Fuck off, it's only relativistic if you are of a WEAK mind and soul.

>> No.56514776

why not return the children, claim the reward and then offer to shepherd kids who want to leave back

>> No.56515005

It's really not that contrived. You can boil it down to

>village is niggers
>the one good person in the village is a retired adventurer who takes care of kids that ran away
>he's uh, also a werewolf
>but he's responsible about it
>do you turn him in?

>> No.56515179

>it's possible to be a warewolf "responsibly"

He can responsibly kill himself. That's about it. Being that he has failed to, he can responsibly take my fucking long sword through the gut.

>> No.56515242

Shoo shoo edgemaster

>> No.56515349

not the guy you responded too but saying hes edgy implies hes trying to hard but in all honesty killing the werewolf, no matter his character, is a valid argument. and if we let kids decide where they get to live im sure many would rather chose the well off old man who doesnt make them work rather than the family with which they have basic responsibilities. you know, because they are short-sighted children.

>> No.56515560

>I'm an edgemaster because I refuse to let a werewolf live much less leave him with a gaggle of FUCKING CHILDREN

No, you lack the convictions to do what's right, to do the hard things needing doing. You disgrace your ancestors.

>> No.56515647

Or he bites your head off.

Guess we'll never know huh.

>> No.56515661

If threat or damage causes him to change then he is even more of a threat to the kids.

A risk any goodly charicter would take.

>> No.56515700

Not the guy you're talking to but yeah, because kids are just known for their habit of randomly stabbing people with swords.

I'd say if he hasn't killed anyone in the past (Do your fuckin' research into this) and the kids have been there more than one moon without being turned into delicious kibble munchies then you spend a moonlit night out at his cabin and see how he controls himself/stops himself from hurting the kids or help him build a buttsex dungeon for himself where he can be chained like a furry gimp on the weekends.

Then leave the kids with him and go unfuck Sweet Creek by the sword so the kids and him can go live there themselves once you're in charge (Or he's in charge, whichever works for you)
Basically if he's legit never harmed anyone and the towns folk tried to murder you, it's pretty clear who is less of a threat because he's handling his shit and they're not.

>> No.56515725

Retreating from charted territory to never see another living soul again would at least be responsibility-adjacent for a coward. Instead there's this imbecile weak enough to delude himself that it's under control and always will be so he's cool to stay on the outskirt and surround himself with tots.

>> No.56515793

I'm callimg you an edgelord for going all "FUCK that faggot werewolf and FUCK you fotlr having the slightest sliver of feelings and imma purge the town LOL now no one takes care of the kids", not the action of killing the werewolf

>> No.56515827

>thinking the kids are the problem

A wandering...ANYTHING...can cause him to change. Fuck, he is in the wilds a God damn bear can cause him to change. Then bye bye kiddos and oh, I'm sure he will feel so sorry and you will double think that you truly dindunuffin.

Then, you can go find the kids parents and say, yeah, I left them with the fucking werewolf who changed when a dire chinchilla wandered into his cave and hung your kids entrails from the fucking stalagmites. Lel, nothin personnel I'm still a goodly man!

No. You are a mental coward unwilling to face true evil.

>> No.56515862

Oh I'm sorry, am I to have feelings that's the gelatinous cube has to eat to survive so Gee I just better let it live! How noble! It doesn't matter what kind of damage it causes! How just! It's just doing what it does from no fault of its own! How kind! Oh, Mr cube, of course an orphanage will be a perfect place for you! How MAGNANIMOUS.

You are the GOOD GUY. You CARE!

>> No.56515896

i never said shit about killing the town you brain-dead ape. and NOW im saying youre a toddler if you think
1. kids know whats best for themselves
2. that as this guy gets older he wont become a threat due to inability to leave or a addled mind(for fucks sake hes stealing kids)

>> No.56515917

I dont have the slightest sliver of feelings for werewolves.

I do, however, have the slightest silver of feelings, bitch.

>> No.56515933

>A wandering...ANYTHING
You mean that shit you just pulled right out of your undersized urethra and that hasn't been established as fact?
In fact the fucker hasn't even said he's playing D&D, so we don't know the rules.
All we know so far is that they change with the moon.
For all we know OPs werewuffs are of the 'savage but not evil by nature' sort.
He hasn't given us enough fucking details.

>You are a mental coward unwilling to face true evil.
Maybe you're a mental coward unwilling to face nuance and the fact that people can be more complicated than
>One of the above, fuck you, muh moral relativism is shit
Let me put it this way anon.
You would be one of the first to sign up as a guard at a gulag, by your own logic I would be morally decent to remove you before you can do so.

>> No.56515953

Even if they ONLY change on a full moon guess what? Still a evil fucker for bringing kids into the mix.

Yes, let's put a bomb in nurserys! Don't worry, you only have to put in the deactivation code the day before a full moon! This is LOGICAL.

A true beacon of light over here. A real fucking man of goodness.

>> No.56516064

I can't be fucked deciding on a post to respond to but anti-werewolf fag here has autism.

It's like he's fucking roleplaying a really angry dude whose whole family was murdered by werewolves. Except there's no irony or fun here. He just sounds really upset over a hypothetical.

Like this is fucking /tg/ and all so there ain't nothing wrong with doing the faggot ass rp shit but you're doing it in the middle of an argument. Or whatever the fuck this is.

You have the wrong kind of autism. Reading this conversation made my head hurt. Fuck you and I hope you trip down a flight of stairs.

>> No.56516085

I'm sorry I didn't fall for your low brow moral bait. It's simple. Kill the rabid dog and go on with your life, if your good.

>> No.56516164

but the dog hater has a point, though its presented in an annoying fashion. like the werewolf is stealing children, as in multiple. we change the scenario to being just a plain old dude who's stealing kids cause hes lonely and we start to see how simple the solution is. and him being a werewolf just sorta adds on to the reasons we shouldnt leave the kids with him, let alone leave him alive. who knows what he actually does when hes turned, whos to say he doesnt one day infect or kill someone. there is no way to make sure any place is completely secluded from anybody, things can always go wrong. like what if in his old age he forgets to leave, or he is sick in his human form/broke a leg and cant leave. then what happens?

>> No.56516395

I don't hate them, I feel absolutely nothing for them. Do you hate the wasp as you destory it's home? No. The wasp is just doing what wasps do.

>> No.56516410

The guy I called an edgelord wanted to "cleanse the town in fire", but okay buddy

"Durr ur toddler let me tell u why ur wrong"
I never argued killing the werewolf wasn't the right thing to do, asswipe

>> No.56516429

>anon can't tell different posters apart

>> No.56516430

Evil party: kill the werewolf
Good party: find a cure for the hermit's lycanthropy. If he's as good as you say, he'll want to be cured too

>> No.56516442

This, I hope the DM wanted to turn this into the focus of his campaign

>> No.56516499

Pretty much anything that the party does will not have much relevance in the long time.

>> No.56516544

that what did i say to even have you respond to me? because if what you said is true then you have no problem with what i said and just replied to me to try (and fail) at calling out dog hater for being a samefag.

>> No.56516553

Why would your party even want to kill the hermit/werewolf guy, though? Do you have any obligation to do so? Why is being a werewolf something so inherently evil?
It's like saying you have to kill a person with flu just because it can maybe spread to someone else and get that person to die.

Also, killing a completely sane and kind human will be a very morally reprehensible act no matter what.
Besides, if it really is DnD, all indicates that he's an afflicted lycanthrope rather than a natural one. Probably got bitten back when he was an adventurer.
Just grab a remove curse scroll, keep the guy in a cage and cast it at him during the full moon. That's how you cure that by raw.

>> No.56516558

>find a cure for the hermit's lycanthropy.
OP specified to that it was incurable.

>> No.56516559

Cure the lycanthropy from the hermit and then go to the village and whip some sense into the inhabitants pointing out that a fucking werewolf did a better job at raising their children than they did.
And when i say whip i mean literally

>> No.56516572

Then move children and hermit to a place where he can be looked after without endangering other people so the children can be fostered to normal families since the wilderness is no place to grow a child. If he's really good he'll understand

Or find something that gives you a Wish spell and use it to cure the guy's lycanthropy

>> No.56516580

Does he think it is incurable or does he know?
Because chasing a legend to find a possible cure sounds like a heck of a campaign

>> No.56516623

>trivial for adventurers to cure
>ex-adventurer with a fortune hasn't cured it
So trustworthy!

>> No.56516712

>Be a party
>Town full of thieves and murderers.
>Tons of whorehouses.
>Whores have been disappearing from town.
>Find all the whores living at a farm down the road to nobody's knowledge.
>Owner is nice, but a massive weeaboo.
>Once a year he turns into a tentacle rape monster.
>But it's cool, during the transformation he just stays locked in the basement and masturbates to furry porn.

That's the story you just told us.

>Implying something can't go wrong.

>> No.56516775

Hey, if he's just bullshitting them, that's all the more reason for them to cure him. Werewolves are at their most dangerous when they *can* become ravenous beasts.

And you can't do that ritual yourself, because the lycanthrope must be under a moon-induced transformation when the spell is cast. Granted, he could have paid someone to do that.
But I suspect the DM just homebrewed some special lycanthropy that can only be cured with the holy ashes of a cremated saint or something.

>> No.56516784

I'm using that for Shadowrun, thanks.

>> No.56516860

How did you know my secret?

>> No.56516886


>> No.56516923

I was going to suggest something along those lines. I think one of the darklords or antagonists in the Ravenloft setting had a ring or amulet that allowed him to do that.

>> No.56516985

Pay a vampire to infect the kids. Then release them in town and watch hilarity ensue. Hermit goes mad seeing his precious kids turned into monsters. The wolf takes over permanently. Everybody wins.

>> No.56517619




>> No.56517667


Forgotten realms was butchered in 4th and was casualized to the bones in 5th, don't expect much.

>> No.56517714

fake and gay because a player actually remembered the name of a town

>> No.56518677

and promote sexual tourism

>> No.56519146

let me invoke rule of cool
this shit is perfect
i just want a martial arts school's werewolf grandmaster right now

>> No.56519216

Oh no it's the dreaded /tg/ crusader fag tough guy.

>> No.56519405

>kids go missing
>they're literally just up the road
Ok, how hard did everybody look?

>> No.56519460

In most game with alignment, werewolves are Chaotic Evil. Kill the edgy fucker, and get the kids to a temple of Pelor/Sarenrae/setting-appropriate god(ess).

>> No.56519516

Pat the hermit on the head and scratch his ears while saying, "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? You are! Yes you are."

I promise to return to cure his lycanthropy when I am capable. Then we take the children away, buy a big house for the kind shepherdess we rescued earlier, and give her a fat stack of gold and a magic wand to defend herself with. I tell the shepherdess I'll return to check in and give more gold, and tell her to take care of the kids while I'm gone.

Then I return to Sweet Creek, kill the mayor and not-mafia, string up their bodies, and split their assets with the party. After that, we continue our adventures as usual, keeping an eye out for a cure and sending money to the shepherdess from time to time. Once the hermit is cured and I'm tired of adventuring, I'll return to the shepherdess, put a bun in her oven, and spend the rest of my days raising kids. The hermit can come live with us too, I'm sure the kids will be happy to see him.

>> No.56519901

Here's the Paladin way of doing this

Step 1, remove wolf. Dont kill him, but it's monestary time.

2- go to town. Gather everyone. Tell them its about their kids. Note, you will need to be decently leveled, like 7.

3- Zone of truth. You do it, or a cleric, or a scroll.

4- go through EVERYONE, have them confess their crimes. Start with mayor and guards

5- Capital crimes get capital punishment on the spot, seeing as law has failed here

6- clean up, and find a church or abbey for the kids orphaned by your blade

You now are left with a town of just men and women, the wolf is in peaceful safe isolation, and the children are with good company.

>> No.56520270

No chaotic is killing some one because you want to or you get your kicks from it killing someone because they are a possible threat isn't you can find other alternatives for these kids hell personally I would feel bad killing the guy considering he's a good person but a WEREWOLF IS A WEREWOLF he changes and people die

>> No.56520362

Well, you've got to pretend that taking a course about medieval economics wasn't just a waste of your dad's money somehow; establishing your superiority through 'well actually'-ing on a Lithuanian bocci enthusiast board when nobody was actually trying to emulate actual medieval economics counts, I guess.

>> No.56520371

>in charge of lolis and shotas

I leave him be, no matter what he probably has honest and good goals. He probably puts those sweet-creek scum in their place, too.

>> No.56520416

Mother fucker HIV/AIDS isn't curable it's treatable you still have it just doesn't kill you or hurt you as much

>> No.56520453

>Here's the Paladin way of doing this

>Step 1, remove wolf. Dont kill him,


You confused paladin with cleric

>> No.56520588

Paladin me: 1) Try to cure Lycanthrope. If unable, make sure kids know the danger (shit happens, kiddos, watch out for the wolfman).
2) YOU MOTHAFUCKAS NEED PELOR/ABDAR/TYR! Reform town by kicking out the mayor, start imposing reforms.
3) Bring the children back or take the children in and make followers.

>> No.56520754

character knowledge=/=true statement
Like in goddam TES where it is stated that vampirism is incurable but in every game there is an quest to cure it.

Anyway many curable illness were incurable until some smart fucker said that he will cure this shit and got it done.
And coincidentally typical adventuring have a wizard and cleric so both branches of magic can work on the cure.

At least party wizard can get him enchanted silver chain that will tie around him on full moon and release him when he transforms back.

Unless he needs to kill on every fool moon then kill the fucker. If he was really brave and good he would jump on his sword long ago.

>> No.56521211

And than what about the children?
>They were too weak to survive without our help! PURGE!

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>> No.56524017


>> No.56525151

Cure his lycanthropy by turning him into a lich. Kids love skeletons.

>> No.56525228

How could a sword feed anyone? You can't milk it or eat it.

>> No.56525712


>> No.56525743

Thousands of gold can feed people, dumbass.

Not even the guy you're replying to

>> No.56525776

>children taken away by parents
>taken by someone evil by nature
>children are deluded.

Kill the werewolf, for he is unholy. Return the children. Scan them for evil first. Kill any that he has tainted.

>> No.56526000

Well fucking duh it isn't curable, nobody's found the cure yet, you colossal pussy. People saying that something is impossible should make you want to prove them wrong, what kind of adventurer are you?

>> No.56526571

>Dump DnD and start playing DnD.
What did he mean by this?

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