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Cheap-Ass Karemma Torpedoes Edition

Previous Thread: >>56408446

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Possible topics include Modiphius' new rpg 'Star Trek Adventures', WizKids miniatures game 'Star Trek: Attack Wing', and Gale Force Nine's board game 'Star Trek: Ascendancy', as well as the previous rpgs produced by FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, the Starfleet Battles Universe, and the Star Trek universe in general.

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First for infinite torpedoes!


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This was at once hilarious and horrifying. Man, the Voyager writers were truly hacks of the highest order. They coulda made using torps a *big* deal but instead they just spent them like candy.

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You could say the same about everything in that show. It's like the writers treated the end of every episode as a reset button.

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I always wondered why it was said that photon torpedoes couldn't be replicated. They're powered by antimatter, which the ship already refills one way or another (or else you have bigger problems than running out of torpedoes) and causes explosions very easily just by breaking containment.
Perhaps the torpedo casing itself requires exotic materials, but the only apparent advantage of a photon torpedo over lower-tech guided missiles with the same antimatter warhead is being usable while at warp speed, which isn't the only circumstance where torpedoes are used.

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Incidentally, STO has given themselves a total/selective reset option with their own Krenim Timeship.
The KIS Annorax sends battlegroup protag back in time to kill the Iconians. This instead results in them saving the Iconians and Sela killing one of them. All this precipitates most of the core events of STO, from the destruction of Romulus to the Vaudwaar.
And that's not to mention all the time war shit that the self same Annorax gets used in later. note how the ship isn't destroyed. if it had been, it would have self-incursioned and erased all of it's effects on the time stream.

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Doesn't have the literal reset button on the side that Voyager crashed into there, only the metaphorical one.

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That’s literally all of them, Minifig. Not even joking.
You know those fetishes he tries and fails to keep low-key in Wheel of Time? Well he doesn’t even bother to try in his Conan stories.

Weirdly, I actually enjoy them better then the WoT series because his fetishes are obvious and blatant and the writing makes no pretenses at being anything other then trashy fantasy fiction, as opposed to WoT’s delusions of grandeur.

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I imagine the most difficult part of constructing photon torpedoes is having an antimatter containment system that small and that resilient to any disruption. Imagine if a torpedo were to suffer a containment failure while still in the armory. The whole ship would likely go up instantly.

>> No.56459247

Not only would the containment system be complicated, but the actual mixing system would be even moreso (otherwise, it would just fizzle, or not give nearly the energy you want). And that also explains the variable warhead thing - we've seen in-show that torps do everything from "bloody nose" to "total annihilation". You can keep the same matter and antimatter, just change the "richness" of the mixture for the explosion.

>> No.56459863

>>56459067, >>56459247
Plus a matter construction system like a replicator might have issues constructing antimatter, seeing as it’s not actually “matter” at all and dramatically explodes upon contact with literally anything at all, including air.

>> No.56460177

The way I figure it, the only part of the torpedo that’s hard to manufacture is the warhead. The rest of it is easily replicateable. We also know, from the not infrequent alterations made to torpedoes that it is possible to fit a non-standard payload into a torpedo casing. So Voyager only needs to buy/salvage compatible warheads. And, seeing as they’re in Mad Max: the Quadrant, I don’t see that being too much of an issue.

>> No.56460239

I agree that it wouldn't be much of an issue but from a storytelling perspective never mentioning torpedo supply problems again is a bad move.

>> No.56460670

>constructing antimatter
Do you mean working with antimatter as a resource, or creating antimatter out of something else? Because the latter wouldn't be necessary, antimatter is already the ship's fuel so there are gallons of it available.

>> No.56460787

>Cheap-Ass Karemma Torpedoes Edition
Maybe they should offer them a refund?

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I'd like to try some Trek-like spaceship gaming. Have any of these been shared?

Engage: Spaceship Combat, by Red Wyvern Games

Colonial Battlefleet, by Steel Dreadnought Games

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book One, Revision Two, Deluxe Edition, by Amarillo Design Bureau


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I have a feeling ACTA: SFB has been shared along with a lot of other SFB stuff but it kept getting taken down and there wasn't enough demand to reupload it..

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What was is a Klingon "Cleave" ship exactly?

I keep hearing it's a cloaked ship made for ramming in Discovery.

>> No.56463325

A cleave ship is a breeding ground to produce more Klingons. Just like how if you're a sanctioned psyker in 40k you only cleave to the Emperor.

>> No.56463468

In battle for the Binary Stars T'kuvma proved to the Klingon houses he had cloaks by ordering a ship to decloak just as it rammed the Europa.

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It’s a stupid idea and a waste of rescources. It was a massive ship, designed for ramming ships. But seeing as starships tend to lose antimatter containment when being destroyed, the ramming ship was destroyed in the resulting explosion. Praise T’Kuvma I guess.

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Yeah, Unfortunately most of the links are daead. If some kindly anon wanted to find us new links so we could build a new link bin, then we could certainly rebuild the OP post.

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What if a cleave ship had a spinning saucer? Then it wouldn't have to ram, but just graze the enemy ship in passing!
I'm telling you, this new spinning saucer feature is a revolution! In the 24th century every ship will have one!

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Meet the Enterprise-F

>> No.56466928


>I want a slice of that ship, and I want it yesterday!
>saucer begins to spin
>rams at full speed
>mushroom teleports behind them at the last moment
>Nothing personal, Klingons

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It's been a long time since I saw Year of Hell, was the starboard nacelle literally held on with duct tape or something?

>> No.56467317

I think it's mentioned that one of the nacelles is basically useless and they're down to a max speed of warp 5 or something.

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T'Kuvma be praised, we have solved the problem of using weapons. Let us now celebrate by eating some dead humans raw.

>> No.56467632


I mean this was also after a prolonged battle with the thing, the pylon could have been hit by a torpedo a minute earlier

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An away team finds these lovely fellows from a long abandoned space-station which circles one of the few worlds mankind managed to travel into. They are unfrozen aboard a federation starship

How do they react ?

>> No.56468118


Begin threatening to take over the Federation with their new Chaos Copters unless the Federation is willing to part with a measly 300 energy credits.

>> No.56468736

I think at least Deirdre, Zakharov and Lal will be able to find something to do in their fields of interest without too much difficulty.
Santiago, Yang and Morgan will have the most difficulty adjusting, and will probably fuck off on their own if they don't end up in space jail for a bit.
Miriam will probably be fine too.

>> No.56470725

So is the Europa like a proto-Miranda then?

>> No.56470950

Check the last thread for the concept art, but I think the Edison is more akin to the Miranda. Seemingly all of Starfleet's ships shown in Discovery so far are saucers without well defined secondary hulls.

>> No.56471555

Nah, it's just another 4 nacelle, no secondary hull design. Nothing in the STD ships really looks like a proto-anything else.

>> No.56472028

Is it just me, or would those klink cruisers look really good flipped backwards and with the pod shaved down? There's tons of dickshaped ships in sci-fi, very few with a trailing tail...

>> No.56472068

You were saying?

>> No.56472332

>Miriam will probably be fine too.

>> No.56472363

I am a king, provide me with context.

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>Earlier psych tests showed suspiciously near perfect normals along all axes. Yang likely used his strong will and extensive knowledge of psychiatric indicators to manipulate test results in his favor.
But Yang is a tricky motherfucker.

>> No.56473289

Watched the latest Orville.
Ok pretty much everything is spoilers so...

That was a very Brannon Braga episode. Especially with the double twist. Had the usual bit of me asking myself 'what the fuck are you up to Brannon?' stuff but honestly I liked the resolution. Probably because he didn't write it so it sort of avoided the nothing-actually-happened shit he pulls. Rather noticeable is that fight choreography is way better than old 'trek stuff but it did feel a lot like padding for the last 10 mins or so because after Gordon was met the big monster it lost all tension and became an exercise in waiting for the episode to tell me what's actually happening because up to that point it was a solid. Overall it felt ok, a bit of a filler material episode because most of the episode didn't really matter except as a vessel in which to watch Alara deal with shit and do more than just be strong.

Bortus still needs more screen time though.

>> No.56473590

I really liked the characterization she got throughout the episode. We learned a lot about her personal drive and how the Union Military was likely a way out of Selayan culture. The fact that she seriously fucked up, but it wasn’t he fault, results in an interesting dynamic for the episode. It’s also telling that Robert Picardo’s cameo was in an episode that echoes “Projections”, a similar Doctor-centric episode.
Evil sexy Doctor Finn was definitely fan-service. I liked it though.

>> No.56473807

It felt like this episode was intended to air during Halloween week. I didn't really like it when it started becoming clear this was a holodeck episode, but the conclusion was better than I expected and I'm not exactly salty about it. I thought it was interesting to see another species that looks down on humanity and the Union. Definitely feels like the opposite of the Federation worship we're used to seeing in Star Trek.

>> No.56473840

Yeah the character development was good, and we did kinda get a little bit for everyone else along the way, and that funeral scene was genuinely great for basically a named extra.

I just wish it was a little less Braga being Braga and maybe got weird at a slower rate or at least had more in the resolution. Maybe more time with the parents would have helped. Problem is that hit about 30 mins in where you suddenly know that it's not going to be real because main character death happened, where as killing off a named extra or two is still entirely plausible that it could have been weird shit. And I like how seriously they treated the clown, I know it wasn't real but I'd fully expect it to work out the same way if it were. You don't take a scary clown appearance in a casual manner. And it was nice that it was Issac to blame for how it played out so there's incidental character development for him there. But that's about it, nice episode, but not great episode.

>> No.56473915

The UFP doesn't forbid any religious practice and since Bajor managed to join it even allows theocracies in. Also Miriam was, for all her faults, genuinely concerned with the well being of her citizens.

And if they are going to allow Prokhor "three ethical violations before breakfast" Zakharov into the UFP they have to let Miriam in.

>> No.56474073

That. Miriam cares, and will most likely be damned happy that humanity managed to get past nuking itself and into a civilisation where individuals are free to live peacefully and freely.

Zakharov will learn and then chafe at the restrictions, especially on human enhancement. So he'll probably end up in jail for illegally modifying humans or since he's smart, he'll go somewhere else to apply his talents. Improbable scenario for a giggle: abducted by Romulans to work for them, happily goes along with it.

Yang is tricky but he's also not had to deal with actual mind readers (by that point) and isn't in a position of authority. I suspect he'd hate how the Federation is doing stuff and either end up dead, in jail or off trying to take over someone/somewhere far less interested in treating people as anything other than an extension of his will. Whilst a fair fit for Cardassia, he ain't getting anywhere as human. Improbable scenario that could be interesting: surgically altered, sneakily integrates himself into Cardassian society and starts working his way up. Obsidian order catches him but adopts him as one of their agents until he gets too power-hungry and is executed.

>> No.56474197

>That’s literally all of them, Minifig.
I know

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>> No.56475479

Alright, /STG/ is propose to you a scenario. You've just been dropped into the 24th century. All of your skill-sets have been updated to contemporary standards (if you were an electrician, you now know how to hook up ODN lines. If you had a driver's license you now know how to pilot a shuttle) however your hobbies and interests remain untouched. You are, more or less, the same person you were. So who do you become in this new world? What course does your life take? Do you join Starfleet? Do you stay on Earth? Who are you (in the future)?
Hardmode: no heroes. Are you hero now? No? then you don't magically turn into one because it's the future. You won't be captain Kirk. You'll just be you. Work with what you got.

>> No.56475506

I write holonovels, some straight of the line dramas, others for "exclusive" clientele if you get my drift.

>> No.56475949

Holodeck addict.

>> No.56475982

Adapt Bloodsouls games to the holodeck and become the most popular human in the Klingon empire.

>> No.56476028

I design wargames possibly using holographic tech or just plain old miniatures still. Will have to see how the tech could aid the gameplay without just turning into a computer game, maybe allowing for more complex mechanics and detailing but still streamlined for the players.

>> No.56476076


Is it lacking any other weapons or did the Klingons just sacrifice it to get rid of what might have been troublesome Federation leadership:?

>> No.56476228

We didn't see it fire anything. It didn't seem to be damaged by the collision either. What got it in the end was the Europa activating self destruct. I don't think the Klingons intended for it to be a sacrifice.

>> No.56476327

Kirk confirmed best captain.

>> No.56476477

>dev/sysadmin/walking techfix
>found catastrophic bugs in several large open source project
>still mostly an introvert
>updated to Star Trek standards
Starfleet engineering officer, more software focused than the laughably primitive computer work we saw in TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT. Probably end up calling some Vulcan superior officer a greenblooded niggerfaggot and get exiled to an Oberth/Nova.

>> No.56476499

>Starship engineer w/military inclination
I get to work on the USS Ben Sisko's Muthafuckin Pimp Hand!
t. aerospace engineer @ defense contractor

>> No.56476646

Double duty as an enlisted rating in engineering (current profession) and Operations (previous jerb). Spend my free time doing old naval sims in the holodeck while also trying to figure out a way to basically jailbreak it.

Yeah, I'd be "that guy" responsible for the malfunctioning holodeck.

>> No.56477029

Lets be honest, if Gene Roddenberry was in the same position as Shatner is now he'd probably just be on /d/ all day, writing fap-fiction.
And Shatner would work this out from recognising the writing and just troll him relentlessly.

And it'd be damned hilarious.

>> No.56477060

We live in the weirdest fucking timeline.

>> No.56477248

Was the Dominion Battleship the pre-eminent warship of the Dominion War?

I don't think I ever recall seeing any destroyed on screen.

>> No.56477325

One got destroyed when Klingon BoP crashed into it. Unless you’re talking about the Dreadnought class, in which case, no, none of them got offed on screen.

>> No.56477423

>Former soldier
>Several (three) black sashes in related disciplines of Kung-Fu.
>Starfleet Security. Or a M.A.C.O. if they still exist.

>> No.56478071


I mean the one that were double the size of a Galaxy class ship, and had three times the fire power of one.

For all purposes, practically invincible.

>> No.56478682

>Captain Kirk may have posted in /wst/

>> No.56478702

What's /wst/?

>> No.56479415

Didn't the cadets on the Valiant destroy one, then got btfo'd by another? Or am I remembering that wrong?

>> No.56479432

They got BTFO'd by one in a rousing pastiche of Star Wars.

>> No.56479800


>> No.56480566

No, all they did was piss it off, then get their asses blown sky high.

>> No.56481067


The Anti-Matter is only added very shortly before launching the torp to minimize the danger.

>> No.56481167

>There is an alligator in the cargo bay
>I successfully crushed it with a chair

>> No.56481334

>newfags don't remember Weekend smut thread

>> No.56481338

I remember it, I just never used to go there. It's been like two years since it died dude.

>> No.56481374

I laughed at that more than I should have.

>> No.56481646


My handwavium is that replicators are kind of sloppy. You can get maybe .5 of a mm tolerances for different chemicals. Which is fine for food, internal organs, clothing, etc...

You try and construct anything more sophisticated than a gravity guided bomb with a chemical explosive with a replicator, best case is you wind up with something that doesn't explode. Worst case scenario is you replicate something that immediately fails deadly.

As for transporters a) either they work differently or b) everyone has just deiced that it's a huge social faux pas to talk about the people who get turned into a horrific pile of scrambled bio-matter when transported, and it happens rarely enough that people don't notice it. Sort of like us with cars.

>> No.56481841

Cardassian food replicators can trivially replicate autonomous phaser turrets, dematerialize them to make coffee, rematerialize them, and continue firing. Federation replicators are at least as good. We see all this on screen in DS9.

>> No.56481972

So what actually happened at Setlik 3?

>> No.56482076

Some spoon heads stray shot smashed O'Brien's bottle of scotch. He killed them, he killed them all with his bare hands. By the end he started getting cruel and rigged a teleporter to rip them in half or teleport one into another causing both to merge into a creature that could know only pain before exploding in a shower of decaying celluar slurry.
By the end, Starfleet was so impressed they tried inducting O'Brien into the Admiral's secret club, but he just wanted a simple assignment, something where he could do as he pleased away from the prying eyes of others.
A transporter chief position on the Flagship was perfect.

>> No.56482212


>> No.56482456


Probably a holonovelist unless the UFP has a cure for asthma, in which case, I probably am a holonovelist who is also a Starfleet washout.

>> No.56482544

I have a boating license, which I’m guessing translates in to some for of starship navigation, so hopefully I’d rate bridge crew as a Navigator. If not for Starfleet then on a civilian cargo ship. Or perhaps the Niberite Alliance, they’re always looking for experienced officers.

>> No.56482578

>Went to Starfleet Academy for computer science and engineering
>Very good at computer assembly and get called a programming prodigy by professors.
>Can only get a job as Comms officer for some fucking reason and routinely get randomly fired and re-hired on different ships on a yearly basis while I watch inept retards populate the Computer departments.
>Oh the whole network is down for the day? I can get it back up in under an hour. Oh now I'm fired for upsetting the IT department and not being positive, thanks you pieces of shit I hope your warp core breaches."

>> No.56482675

A shuttle pilot that's never lost or damaged his shuttle even in some tricky situations, yet isn't on the ships A list because he has trouble making friends, thus the A list pilot is some asshat that's crashed nearly every shuttle he's ever flown but the bridge crew loves his quirky personality and Academy binge drinking stories.

>> No.56482693

I'd be some faceless ensign that gets assigned to some station in assfuck nowhere and work directly under Commander Smalltalk, only to get brutally gunned down by random terrorists so Dr Crusher has something to do in the episode.

>> No.56482751

>Be lab assistant
>Join starfleet
>Get to be an invincible blue shirt
>Laugh at other shirts for not using containment shields on anything out of ordinary

>> No.56483550

>> No.56483719


In the real world, I review income tax objections for a living. Before that I audited sales tax refunds and before that I collected tax arrears. So either my job is entirely obsolete, or its completely unchanged.

If it's obsolete I'm part of some entirely pointless bureaucracy that only exists because it's a post-scarcity society and really, why not let them LARP as if taxes mattered.

Otherwise my job is completely the same.

>> No.56483897

First...Alara is cute. CUTE!

The episode from last week with the rape pheremones was the first episode of Orville that I would actually call "bad", so the fact that this episode was GOOD really helped with matters. Also I appreciate the fact that it's a holodeck episode where the holodeck functions perfectly throughout the whole thing.

Definitely felt like a Halloween episode. I kind of wish the killer clown had stuck around more as well - Isaac morphing into him or the clown otherwise reappearing for the finale with the fiery explosion, for example.

All in all, Orville continues its pattern of being a genuinely good show that is far and away better than Discovery. Hell, even the Rape Pheremones episode from last week wasn't nearly as bad as the worst of Discovery, and it certainly FELT like Star Trek. Flirting with the worst of Star Trek, but Star Trek nonetheless.

Sort of plays into why I rate Voyager higher than Discovery - for all that Voyager is a bad show, it's at least bad in the attempt to be Star Trek. It puts forth the effort...or at least pretends to. STD doesn't even go that far.

>> No.56483911

It was to prove a point (like the Jem'Hadar ramming the Odyssey) and as a demonstration of their cloaking abilities.

>> No.56484023

>You can get maybe .5 of a mm tolerances for different chemicals. Which is fine for food, internal organs, clothing, etc...
In what world is an internal organ fine with .5mm tolerances?

>> No.56484438

OK guys, rate my STA set-up.
Post Voyager, the federation is making headway into Quantum Slipstream research.

The PC's ship is to carry out the first long range test flight by travelling to Bajor from Idran the long way round (i.e. Wormhole out, slipstream back).

[Something fucks with the drive, still working this out, the ship makes the distance in a fraction of the time, but the drive is fucked (I'm thinking the Neural Gel packs used to manage the calculations are kaput)]

Coming out of Slipstram there is no Federation, few familiar spacefaring signatures. Travel to Bajor to find a few lightships on long range sensors.

Quickly becomes obvious that the wormhole was always a parth through time as well as space. In addition to the revelation that the Federation has just been fighting a war with the Dominion of the 14th century. The ship is now stuck in the Alpha Quadrant of that time.

Potential options for stories include:
The Hur'q are currently undergoing their subjugation of the Klingon homeworld.
The Promellians and the Menthars are fighting a vicious war of annihilation.
The Second Hebitian Era on Cardassia is nearing its twilight as a military movement is gaining momentum.
The planet Kataan is dying as its Sun goes nova.
The galaxy spanning Hirogen empire becomes a race obsessed with the hunt.
The Vaadwaur are at their height of manipulative fuckery.

Welcome to the rudimentary fumblings of the Federations first timeship.

>> No.56484564

>Weren’t they based on the Crips and the Bloods originally? S’kinda racist in a way.
>They were supposed to be inner-city gangs, but they cocked up the metaphor by having them be the perpetrators of a pogrom rather than the victims of systemic discrimination.
At least they got the broken culture down right.
>inner city gangs combined with biker gangs is the one explanation that I have heard. And they are not the ones who did the pogrom, they are the ones who go enslaved by people called Trabe, there is an episode of that animosity they have for each other when the Trabe BS Janeway that they want to talk with Kazons to make peace and the whole thing turns out to be Trabe trap to kill the Kazon leadership.

Trabe/Kazon as Rhodesia/Zimbabwe? Makes for an interesting comparison to the Bajorans and Cardassians.

>> No.56484618

What will you do if they start analyzing the wormhole in order to find the temporal pattern or start flying back and forth through the wormhole while at magic warp?

>> No.56484704

>What will you do if they start analyzing the wormhole in order to find the temporal pattern
Be very happy the players are falling into my plans roleplaying the founding moments of temporal exploration. Sure they'll have the data and can maybe make sense of it, but it would be a long time to turn that theory into practice.

>or start flying back and forth through the wormhole while at magic warp?
Magic warp is fucked, Slipstream Drive would be out of comission until they can fix the gel packs/find a workaround to fix the Slipstream, which would take a while. Besides I'm pretty sure FTL straight up can't happen inside the wormhole due to it being a subspace wedgie.

In the meantime they'll have plenty of time to explore the old fashioned way before they get to unfuck their position.

>> No.56484843

T’Kuvma confirmed Founder

>> No.56484986

>Trabe/Kazon as Rhodesia/Zimbabwe? Makes for an interesting comparison to the Bajorans and Cardassians.

Unfortunatly like alot of interesting things in Voyager they didn't do anything else with Trabe or Kazons after that assasination attempt. I think it was done to get rid of the badly received Kazons for good. I mean they toyed with several baddies at the time, but didn't go anywhere with them. And then just started using Borgs as the their main bad guys.

>> No.56485117

What if they go full murderhobo and start invading the past universe?

>> No.56485445

Well, the 14th Century inhabitants aren't too much of a slouch, (Hur'q, Promellians etc.) so there should be some resistance to an propulsion testbed.

Also, a DMPC XO to remind players of the Starfleet way (also help provide exposition).

Worst comes to worst, Captain Braxton and his mates can come and end shit very quick.

It's a good point, that's the main issue I have at the moment (besides coming up with a non-asspull way of breaking the drive). Stranding players is great for removing the security of we can go back to a starbase, but also there's no real consequences in terms of reputation. I am probably just going to do the first few 'seasons' in the past then maybe transition to fledgeling time exploration later on, maybe.

>> No.56485695

In TNG they show that replicators have much better resolution, but still produce errors in genetic material that can be detected. I prefer the idea that they are incredibly power intensive because matter takes incredible amounts of energy to make. Most starships this isn't a problem for because they have 5+ years supply of antimatter aboard and fusion reactors that can propel them to near lightspeed. You can replicate antimatter, but you are basically moving it from one place to another with significant losses.

Transporters seem to basically trick the universe into thinking they can handle the sheer amount of data they process and sort of fudge it into a streaming process that very few people can wrap their head around and it's dangerous and messy to interfere with. By canon sources ToS had most of the kinks worked out re: piles of goo, TNG era transporters have solved the psychosis problem which is implied to be miniscule resolution errors. They don't seem able to do anything a replicator can besides disable or destroy things mid transport by interfering with the data stream.

>> No.56485752

I don't think he meant millimeters, but if he did that's unacceptable even for modern printing standards.

>> No.56486117

Why was Earth so easy to "defeat" in Paradise Lost?

>> No.56486212

Because the Federation is too soft and weak.

>> No.56486390

It was really just one asshole who happened to be in charge of Earth security.

>> No.56486402

Seeing as Galaxy class starships have an emergency matter/antimatter conversion generator on deck 42 in the Whitefire deck plans, or if you prefer the Sternbach plans, the Galaxy class has a straight up antimatter generator on deck 42, then Galaxy class starships at least should not have problems creating new photon torpedoes as long as the fusion reactors are running and the bussard collectors are collecting enough matter to feed the generator. It makes sense as the design for the Galaxy class was supposed to be self-sufficient, operating on a 30 year long mission without any support from starbases or other ships.

>> No.56486480

>They don't seem able to do anything a replicator can

>> No.56486934

Shit like that is why I'd want to change the fuck out of how transporters work in any new star trek show/reboot/whatever.

>> No.56486972

In the Enterprise novel series they find out that Reed and Archer have received a lot some radiation from transporting so much. Reed can't have kids and Archer basically gets parkinsons. So they order the ceasing of it's use outside of emergency situations.

>> No.56486993

>Reed can't have kids and Archer basically gets parkinsons
So a happy ending?

>> No.56487082

He ends up confessing it to his crew when they're all in pretty much the same situation as when the Enterprise took shelter in the nacelles. In one of these.

>> No.56487193

What is really fucked up with that is how simple the cause was. All they did was try to pick him up with two transporters at once. How does that shit not happen all the time?

>> No.56487209

>Archer basically gets parkinsons
How'd they even notice the difference?

>> No.56487348

Daily reminder transporters can be turned into eternal youth rejuvenation machines.

>> No.56487666

>Failed pilot because my eyesight died, taking my career with it.

Georgi La Forge: White and in Flight
I live next to an airport and I want to die.

>> No.56487788

No Federation citizen should want eternal youth. Remember the wise words of Picard, "I
rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because they'll never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we've lived."

Wanting to live forever is a sign of deviancy and evil. Please report to your nearest Federation psychological reassessment and corrections facility.

>> No.56488056

>t. salty changeling

>> No.56488468

>> No.56488795

I really want to like Discovery, but there are a number of things keeping me from really enjoying it. Many small things, mostly, which other Treks haven't fucked up so badly.

For instance:
>Vulcan Hello/Battle of Binary Stars
>Huge ship sends out beacon in the form of fuckhuge "Light of Kahless"
>Burnham calls foster-daddy Sarek for advice
>"I don't suppose this is a coincidence that there's a new star reported in your area"

Seriously. How many light-years away is Sarek? How many minutes have passed? There's no way that anybody in starfleet besides the Shenzou had yet seen the beacon-light, and there's no way they'd mistake it for a star. The only way that any other star systems would have a new star reported is if the Shenzou did, and that's just fucking silly.

Also, everybody physically travels at the speed of plot. There's almost no dialogue about how getting from A to B will take n hours/days/weeks, or when reinforcements can be expected. For the Discovery, fine, spore drive, whatever. But for everyone else, warp seems to function exactly as quickly as it needs to get from A to B in five minutes. Like Battle of Binary stars. "Oh, we'd better call reinforcements as a show of force." Boom, five minutes later a fucking fleet of ships, even though the Shenzou was "the only thing between the Klingons and an Andorian colony".

Am I just an autist who hates fun? Help me, /stg/, are there redeeming qualities for Discovery, or is there more shit that I just haven't noticed?

>> No.56488937

Nah dude, those are fair criticisms. Poor writing shouldn’t be excused just because of decent special effects.

>> No.56488968

I think the legitimate explanation for the Light of Kahless is literally that it's just really really bright and can be seen by everyone else. And if that sounds retarded it's because it is.

>> No.56489019

Try not to get focused on the nitpicks; there's plenty of far more valid things to dislike about it. The weird shit like that is just an extra symptom on top of core problems.

>> No.56489109

Hell, some of the writing and acting is even passable. Just, a lot of it... isn't.

Yeah, unless the Light of Kahless has some subspace bullshittery going on, which is not in any way indicated to the audience, then it being really really bright is really really dumb. It's still capped at C unless stated otherwise.

I used a couple nitpicks because they stood out in my mind and they are easy to communicate as examples. What other core problems do you see with Disco dancin'?

>> No.56489485

>What other core problems do you see with Disco dancin'?

Well, a lot of what's wrong with the show stems from that it's labelled Star Trek. Not everything, but the problem there is you stick that label on a thing, you're gonna have a lot of built-in expectations. I mean, that's the strength of using an established thing. The lack of reboot or alternate universe excuse just hurts it further in terms of meeting said expectations of how things work, how people behave, how characters solve problems and what kind of stories to expect.
Which it doesn't gel with in almost every aspect except certain superficial ones.
Sure, there's reasons both in-story and from a production standpoint but really, a lot of it comes down to a choice to not bother.

But there's just too much to go into without writing an essay complete with references. I'll try and sum it up though:
The main characters (the very few who are actually vaguely consistent characters) are aggravating to watch, not compelling or even likeable. The stories are not very interesting and are communicated badly with a lot of telling rather than showing, with a lot of having to turn your brain off kind of drama because if you think about it you'll just be confused and have to spend ages trying to rationalise what you just saw. If the stories were good maybe the lack of good characters wouldn't be so much of a problem. If the characters were interesting then that could compensate a lot for everything else. But as it is, it's a few gimmicks and a lot of visual flash to pretend there's substance to it, when really it's weak as piss on every level that matters outside of the amount of money dumped into it. Sometimes it manages to latch on to something that works, but the amount of that compared to the sheer volume of crap is tiny.
So to me, it doesn't even justify itself as a good show even ignoring all the star trek baggage that it both tries to use to tug nostalgia strings and simultaneously ignore.

>> No.56489497

>Also, everybody physically travels at the speed of plot. There's almost no dialogue about how getting from A to B will take n hours/days/weeks, or when reinforcements can be expected.

That’s a problem that Discovery inherited from the Abrams films. Space is wildly compressed and everything goes ten times as fast as it should. Nero marooned Spock on some random frozen planet, but it’s close enough to Vulcan to see it in the sky like it’s a moon or something. The trip from Earth to Vulcan seems to take all of five minutes. And it’s not just Star Trek either, since The Force Awakens suffered from this same issue as well. I think it’s just a J J Abrams thing.

>> No.56489558

Just from the intro episodes I'd say the mutiny was the worst thing. We're supposed to believe that the captain is one of Starfleet's finest, that Burnham is her best officer, and that when push comes to shove after 7 years of service together Burnham decided to both attack her captain to take over the ship and start a war AND to then kill T'Kuvma the Forgettable in cold blood AGAINST HER OWN ADVICE. Honestly, the whole sequence is almost as nonsensical as the Klingon motivations for starting the war. It's the equivalent of if Riker joined the Marquis with Ro Lauren at the end of Preemptive Strike. That's how close Burnham and her captain were supposed to be.

>> No.56490912

Good times create weak men

>> No.56491555

That's a pretty good idea. kinda feel like an I dot that I never considered something like it.

>> No.56491763

Morgan runs to the Ferengi and somehow becomes the new Grand Nagus

>> No.56493005

>> No.56493270

>ton of money per episode
>dramatic fight is blurry, glowy mess with ugly ships everywhere to the point they have to put a big red light on the 'klingon' ships in order that you know that one's the badguy

>> No.56494125

How did you post something so large? It always gives me an error when I try to post something larger than 3MB.

In space, no one can hear you shaky cam.

>> No.56494236

I automatically keep squinting to try and focus.

>> No.56494316

I'm sad to hear that fellow pilotbro.

>> No.56494630

What if I am a hero with medals to prove it?

But also Section 31 embedded in Starfleet Intelligence because fml


>> No.56494715

Join the Maquis. The Federation has shown it's perfectly willing to trade away its own citizens to a power that it WON a war against, not much of an incentive to stay with them.

>> No.56494802

>Federation government employees using Federation public resources to perform their Federation public sector job
>get mad when the Federation tell them to do a new job
Maquis are 24th century libertarians, bunch of hypocritical idiots.

>> No.56494833

>that it WON a war against
That agreement was made almost immediately following Wolf 359. The Federation instantly settled all conflicts, even on terms favorable to the enemy, because it needed all resources to deal with the looming Borg threat.
That a wormhole would make this the worst thing they could have done is entirely incidental.
And they didn't trade any citizens, they traded planets. That the citizens on them agreed to become Cardassian citizens in order to stay isn't on the Federation.

>> No.56494878

>That a wormhole would make this the worst thing they could have done
On the contrary, ending the war when they did is what allowed Starfleet to roll into DS9 and help Bajor stake claim to the wormhole without it immediately becoming a war zone.

>> No.56494912

The wormhole wouldn't have ever been discovered had Bajor not won an independence administrated by the Federation.

>> No.56495019



>> No.56495113

Yeah and that wouldn't have happened if the war was still going.

>> No.56495138

Yeah, exactly. No Borg, Cardie war continues, no Maquis, no wormhole, no Dominion war.

>> No.56495197

Oh, you think the wormhole was a bad thing. By getting the war out of the way and especially with its conclusion they planted the seeds for eventual lasting peace with the Dominion. Had that not happened the Federation would've been steamrolled a century later. In short, it was short-term loss for long-term gain.

>> No.56495230

You mean after we steal the Romulans' Borg tech?

>> No.56495610

If a century means the Dominion will expand naturally from the Gamma Quadrant, guaranteed they'd also have expanded into Borg space by then and would load up on their own. That's of course assuming the Borg don't find a way to assimilate changelings, which would be even more disastrous.

>> No.56496874

Fix (or at least improve) "Threshold" with one change.
It's not Infinite Speed, but yet another Gotta Go Fast tech.

>> No.56496918

The Federation has long range FTL sensors. The fact that some other races DON'T is the entire basis of the Picard Maneuver. The Midas Array, or that big sensor doohickey we see in TMP, could easily be monitoring the whole alpha quadrant for stellar scale light spikes.

>> No.56496942

The Doctor manages to catch and revert Tom, Janeway, and their spawn to humanity BEFORE Janeway gives birth. The kids become main cast members, and Janeway has to give up the big chair to Chakotay since a mother with newborns is patently unfit for command.

>> No.56496963

>turns out warp 10 isn't any different than the preceding warp factors after all
>warp 10 is actually only as fast as warp 9.7
>Voyager's new warp 10 engine will actually add time to the trip if used

I don't know that there's a single Drive of the Week episode that wouldn't be improved by having the thing straight up not work.

>> No.56496996

The fun thing in my opinion is that in STO you can strait up hit Warp 12 without Slipstream drive, and about 22-23 with Slipstream.

>> No.56497055

>Tom wakes up at the end
>It was all a dream

>> No.56497064

The Warp Scale has already been redone once between TOS and TNG, there's nothing to say it can't be changed again.

>> No.56497102

Paris does the warp 10

Comes back batshit crazy rather than """ evolving """ .

Lures Janeway onto the shuttle rather than kidnapping her

Set to go to Warp 10 the moment they leave the shuttle bay.

Break through the infinity speed barrier

Everything goes white

fade from white to a service station on a remote and distant road.

Paris is sane again.

"How the hell did you get here?" Turn around to see an annoyed looking Q.

Q magics them and their beat up shuttle back to Voyager shuttle bay minus any memory or record of their Warp 10 experiments. Confused recollections and a hard drive gap of the last few weeks.

Q starts to be seen in background details. Old photos have him in them one scene but not the next, briefly in crowds of people, reflections in windows and the like.

Voyager has come to his attention and that of his kind due to managing to break in to their realm. The Continuum is watching.

>> No.56497115

Eh, the warp scale in STO is also linear. I'd really just ignore it as being a game design choice.

>> No.56497417

>Also, everybody physically travels at the speed of plot
Nice, well put.

I’ve been watching through DS9 and i was musing on the long casual conversation between Sisko and his Academy pal in The Maquis part 1.
OK so it became integral to the plot later but you just don’t get relaxed SciFi anymore.

>> No.56497498

>> No.56497770

Don't they spend like 8 million on each episode? So how the fuck does STD's CG look like shit? Do they spend all the money on Lorca's Tribble or something?

>> No.56497799

My guess is that the Vaseline filter is really expensive to render.
Because all the CGI is blurry as all hell.

>> No.56497887

Presumably he meant nanometers.

>> No.56497980

They should try spinning, I've heard it's a good trick.

>> No.56498440

No lizards. Just crazy levels of exotic radiation. Paris gets ripped from his own timeline and has to figure out how to get back.

>> No.56498860

Instead of turning into creatures, Paris and Janeway temporarily blink out of existance. After they return, it seems they have went "insane"

They return to Voyager and want to desperately to try to try a new kind of propulsion system that they learned in their brief break out of existance. The rest of the crew have to stop them before they damn the entire ship

>> No.56499350

I think he meant millimoles

>> No.56499429


>> No.56500640

Siellä minne menemme ei tarvita silmiä!

>> No.56501908

The tormented souls of redshirts.

They need a ship to get across the Styx.

Yours will do.

>> No.56502509

>> No.56502586

>> No.56502596

Now sure during a power out or fire that will be a better optionover turbolifts and crews cardio will be spectacularly great, but if you want toget anywhere on the ship fast, you better be a sprinter then.

>> No.56502617

The Orville does have turbolifts, and the stairwell is used for some pretty good shots.

>> No.56502637

Oh, okay then.
In that case they just have a decent alternative for a situation where menace of the week sucks out the power from the ship and while starfleet would be stuck to going innatubes, here they can just take the stairs instead.

>> No.56502714

I've never thought about it, but Sickbay has windows. They've never done that in star trek before.

>> No.56502752

And I just noticed the privacy curtains around the beds... again something never done in star trek before.

>> No.56502766

>shuttle bay is on the other side of engineering and opens directly into the back of the engines
Who the fuck designed this shit.

because forcing the sick to look into the void of oblivion is cruel.

>> No.56502847

I think the shuttlebay should actually be further back, that's probably just shuttle storage. Check the full ship layout version on this screen >>56502586

>> No.56502906

>because forcing the sick to look into the void of oblivion is cruel.

If Troi was a doctor.

>> No.56502928

Yes because you don't want to keep your injured in a section of ship that easily can be vented to space if the section is hit.

>> No.56502935

Even still, it opens to the back of the engine. In the most recent episode they have a shot looking out the shuttle bay from inside and there's the band of the engine bisecting the view.

>> No.56502956

It's probably some bullshit material which has exactly the same properties as the rest of the hull, except transparent in the visible spectrum.

>> No.56503077

I'd promply fuck off to Cardassia and survey their ceramics culture. See if I can't popularize a fashion for Detapa Revivalware in the Federation.
Probably just build a kiln somewhere in Alaska & pursue continuing studies with the Daystrom Institute.

>> No.56503139

It's not radiation, it's tiny little defects in how they were re-assembled. The defects are basically meaningless after one, two, ten, even fifty transports, but they do gradually accumulate, and since Reed, Archer, and Trip have transported so often, the three of them were basically well in-line for statistics to work against them. Although they didn't for Trip.

The problem's been fixed by later eras.

>> No.56503184

>Although they didn't for Trip.
Vulcan sex again.

>> No.56503197

That's far too neat, clever, and subtle for Voyager.

>> No.56503206

That still constitutes subspace fuckery which is not signposted clearly to the audience. There's also begging the question, assuming that those sensors even pick up light. If they can detect protons or waves of light, they can definitely detect a mass of hydrogen or helium, and in the absence of a huge mass of starstuff, one would hope that whoever is observing long range FTL sensors is smart enough to know that there isn't a new star.

>> No.56503976

I think the idea is that you'd want sick bay several layers within the ship past crew quarters and other sections, rather than being along the outer hull at all.

>> No.56504017

Maybe Sarek was just trying to make a dad joke about why it was so bright in Burnham's room.

>> No.56504049

would a borg be able to assimilate a changeling?

>> No.56504093

The fact that a bunch of dumb solids were able to create a genocide virus indicates a high likelihood.

>> No.56504105


There's some DS9 beta canon that says "lolno"
Same source also claims there has never been contact between the Borg and the Dominion.

Things might drastically change once Admiral Janeway gets on the case, though.

>> No.56504149

Ha. Suck it Archer. Doing your job better.

>> No.56504183

What gaem is this?

>> No.56504195

That'd be the Star Trek mod for Stallaris.

>> No.56504225

Somebody was saying they’d played multiplayer in it last Thread. Anybody got storytiem?

>> No.56505445

Come one, come all, to see the wonder cure of the 22nd century! Vulcan pussy! When you’re feeling frightful, just get yourself some Vulcan pussy!

>> No.56506004

...Well there's a theme for my next fapfic: Researcher investigates the health benefits of sex with Vulcan women. For Science.

>> No.56506707

I feel that would be hotter if it were a Vulcan woman investigating the benefits of sex with human males

>> No.56507069

Was there ever a novel about the Enterprise-A being haunted by the dead crew of the Yorktown?

>> No.56507804


It is the logical arrangement.

>> No.56508040


US Air Force AMMO Troop.

So, I'd become a Starfleet AMMO troop...

>> No.56508056

>If you had a driver's license you now know how to pilot a shuttle
Fuck yeah! We're going to space!

>> No.56508128


Someone make the AMMO Pisspot insignia integrated into a Starfleet logo, quick.

>> No.56508221

I don't think Starfleet specialises that heavily into munitions handling. You could probably be a standard Security/Tactical Officer pulling main shift in the armoury.

>> No.56508349


It would be Engineering, not Tactical. We do actual maintenance and break-down and build-up conventional bombs, precision guided munitions (JDAMS, AIMs, AGMs), and aircraft chaff/flare/bullets. We don't just babysit or deliver them.

And I find it hard to believe that Starfleet would make engineers all jack-of-all-trade wunderkinds that would be specialists in every ship system.

It makes far more sense than the Engineer that works on the warp core and the Engineer that re-programs the phaser array would stay in their respective lanes and work on their specialization shred. I don't work with an Egress airman to fix a broken ejection seat and he doesn't help me do cager pull inspections on a 9M rolleron even though we're both in Maintenance.

>> No.56508443

Given that maintenance in Trek seems to be a little more like magic and a little less like real engineering, I have this feeling that they don't have the hyper-specialization like we do in real life.

>> No.56508580

Small story time for this week in my STA games.

For the crew of the Ophion, they discovered one, of perhaps many, Tkon solar transporter. The general idea was that the system this massive feat of engineering was found in was designer-made. I.e. Trinary stars and three Class L planets in the same orbit, just at different intervals. The players were able to secure the facility, though they lost a security red shirt in the process.

For the crew of the Arcadia, I ran them through the "Biological Clock" adventure with some tweaks to fit their circumstances. By that I mean Q showed up and gave them shit like any good Q. It went pretty well, though even with me reducing the difficulty of the extended tasks it still kinda felt like a roll of attrition to establish the translator matrix. Modiphius seems to have a hard-on for extended tasks in the printed adventures for whatever reason. I get it's there so the player don't have to always technobabble something convincing, but it does slow everything down.

>> No.56508628

Tactical seems to take care of weapons maintenance and upkeep (Tuvok, Worf and Reed were all either seen inspecting and maintaining ship munitions or talked about it). Engineering have 1001 other things to be taking care of, so keeping the shooty bits at optimum shooty is left to the guys that are only needed elsewhere when the shooting starts.

As to specialisation, Starfleet seems to like people having as many skills as possible, so that they can easily be reassigned as needed. O'Brien was, across his career, a tactical officer, navigation officer, transporter chief and chief of operations. That all points to a very simple, universal guideline for most Starfleet positions. Hence why you can have people just alot into positions in an emergency.

>> No.56509175

Is there a way I could watch the Orville in Europe reliably? I’ve had a hard time getting non-shitty streams online and I was wondering if there was some way I could get proper, release-quality versions of it.

>> No.56509252

Netflix has worldwide distribution rights outside the US and Canada. It should be there, or you can just torrent.

>> No.56509362

You’re thinking of Discovery

Get a VPN and you should be able to watch it free on the Fox website.

>> No.56510728

>> No.56511179

You just know that Starfleet Medical and the Daystrom institute regularly petition the Vulcan Science Academy to allow them to “study” the restorative powers of sex with Vulcan women.

>> No.56511218

>> No.56511289

I've finally worked out that it reminds me of this in style; that combo of best era blue/green interface and slightly more comfy, less military seeming beige.

Not quite as nice but fuck it, it'll do.

>> No.56511333

One thing that always bothered me about VOY:

Why did they leave for the Badlands with so few torpedoes? (The issue of how they "resupplied" them is a whole other issue)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIGxMENwq1k [Embed]
Given they used two for the destruction of the Caretaker Array (with Tricobalt explosives) that means they left with a compliment of 40. Even for so short of a mission, why the seemingly low number of torpedoes?

>> No.56511392

An Intrepid class ship is not designed to be a dedicated tactical ship or a do-everything cruiser. Its assignment was to search and retrieve a specific target, not get into a firefight with a bunch of enemies without backup.

>> No.56511415

According to the tech manual, even the Galaxy only carries 275 torpedoes. Voyager's seems reasonable for a ship its size on a short duration mission.

>> No.56511550

The problem I have with both of these points is that the Enterprise A (in ST:VI) had at least 96 torps, and that was both a similarly sized ship, and was just on an escort mission of peace. I would've expected about 100 for VOY given relative sizes.

>> No.56511598

That's fair.
I dunno, handwave it and say they lost a bunch in the transit?
The torpedo mess was just half an idea badly thought out and quickly forgotten so I wouldn't pay it that much heed.

>> No.56511672

Constitution class ships were meant to be all-purpose cruisers capable of undertaking long-term deep-space exploration missions. Even though they had begun to be phased out in favor of the Excelsiors by that time, a Constitution class ship should be expected to be formidable. And don't fool yourself, there were three very good reasons why the Enterprise specifically was chosen for that mission and not an actual ambassadorial ship.

By comparison, Voyager wasn't expected to stray outside of DS9's support range, let alone be flung to the other side of the galaxy.

>> No.56511914

>Galaxy only carries 275 torpedoes.
Is that all?

Voyager did also seem to have good phasers for a ship its size. That plus a mission only being a couple days from DS9 would seem like a good reason for a smaller torp compliment.

Wasn't the Intrepid more like a Destroyer for its period? Constitution was treated more like a heavy cruiser in its day.

>> No.56512284

More of a light cruiser for Voyager; her intended role is classic light cruiser stuff. Destroyer would be more a Centaur or similar overarmed lighter vessel.

>> No.56512690

>> No.56512707

>> No.56513270

I am definitely not that anon, but I had a fun game yesterday with my friends. Two machine consciousnesses and meatbag against the galaxy.

>Rapidly eat up some space.
>Fucking bigoted radical spiritualist neighbors declare war on me, kick me while I'm down.
>Build up my fleet, wait for the right kind of wars to be going on.
>Vassalize one of them, eventually eat them and turn their flesh into batteries.
>Get in another war with some other bigoted neighbors, and take a bunch of planets, but now everybody who thought I was cool thinks I'm a warmongering threat to the galaxy.
>Literally -400 reputation with all but three other empires
>Fine, whatever, I'll bide my time
>Oh, wait, some assholes decided to research a dangerous psionic tech, and bring the end times down.
>Extradimensional invaders decide that the middle of my empire is a fantastic place to plop their portal.
>Immediately get my shit wrecked, lose all but 4 of my 33 systems.
>Both of my buddies only have 9 systems and comparatively tiny fleets
>Rest of the galaxy shows up way too late

Fucking radical spiritualists always fucking shit up. But, yeah, we ended the game there.

>> No.56513555

>have the portal conveniently placed into your space
>not finishing it off at the beginning when it's relatively easy

>> No.56515646

>> No.56516175

What does /STG/ think of the Lorerunner and his videos?

I find them to be pretty good.

>> No.56516198

Don't get the point, really. You can find all that sort of info on Memory Alpha if you so wish. To each their own, I guess.

>> No.56516293

Some folks like to listen to something while playing.

>> No.56516396

For future reference, try getting a shot of your ships around a planet, with no other planets/objects in frame. Stellaris (and most sci-fi games, to be fair) have terrible perspective, so you can only really afford to include 1 massive object before it looks Abrams-tier from a scale point of view.
That gas giant on the far right, for instance, that would be ideal for a sidelong shot.

>> No.56516486

Fair enough, just ain't my cup of tea, is all.

>> No.56517485

Need good names for an Excelsior class, asap.

>> No.56517522

Hood, Excelsior, Valiant, Defiant, Royal, Nelson, Queen Elizabeth the third, Fish an' chips, Mister Bean, Pub brawl, Tea time, Grenadier, Dreadnought.

>> No.56517556

Dug out my Ship Recognition Manual wrongly thinking they had named for every class. Turns out its just Constitutions but its too late now

>> No.56517567


>> No.56517718

I love them, I'm watching his Code of Honor video as I post

>> No.56517764

Thanks, going with USS Bismark

>> No.56518141

>naming a starship after the hun

>> No.56519245

>> No.56520348

Suppose the Federation wanted to plop down a basic outpost on the edge of a very important, yet previously unclaimed, system. How many ships/convoys would they have to involve, and what would be the estimated time to completion?

>> No.56520389

One ship as a soliton wave receiver.

>> No.56520495

Assuming a colony, probably send a single colony ship to set it up and a second one to ferry any people the first didn't bring with. Time is variable from a few weeks to a few years, depending on how much terraforming needs to be done. Assuming none (you said basic outpost), probably a few weeks.

If you mean a simple listening outpost or something, they send a Galaxy or something and set it up in a few days, leaving behind a small crew and a few shuttles/runabouts/whatever and have a ship check in with them every few weeks to bring them necessary supplies and fresh crew on rotation as necessary.

>> No.56520526

Where is the system relative to the Klinks, Roms, Cardies, etc?

>> No.56520789

Return of the derp!
Is it wrong that I like this one? something about how the curve of the saucer lines up with the leading edge of the D7 speaks to me...

>> No.56520950

Generally, sending a starcruiser and a couple of support ships should do the job. So a Galaxy class and 2 Curries, for instance.
Construction should be fairly quick. Core components (power source, computer core, sensor array) would probably have to manufactured elsewhere and transported to the intended location, however the rest of the station could easily be fabricated by industrial replicator.
outposts don't have huge crews so a small convoy on a weekly basis should keep them fully supplied.

>> No.56520971

>Is it wrong that I like this one?

Those curves don't line up at all. The nacelle placement fucks up what already worked by shoving them too far forwards. The neck is hugely long for the bulk of primary hull it's attached to.

>> No.56520985

It just looks flimsy to me.

>> No.56521446

How about a B'rel with an inverted Oberth saucer? The neck is shorter/sturdier, and the attachment point (where the impulse deck was) is larger...(I have no shoop skills)

>> No.56521580

Thanks for the replies. I think I've got what I need in terms of a convoy of sorts.

It's relatively close to DS9, but does kinda skirt the borders of all three empires

>> No.56522666

>a small convoy on a weekly basis should keep them fully supplied
Honestly, thanks to the magic of replicators, supply ships would likely be even rarer than that. The only things they're needed for is anything you can't easily replicate. Food/drink/small parts/tools, all of that is easily managed with a wall replicator. Only big stuff like building materials or major installations would require a dedicated supply ship. I'd expect one every 2 weeks at best, and that only to make sure everyone's still there and doing fine. If it's in a quiet part of space, more like a month at a time would be reasonable.

>> No.56522928

Officers are generalists, enlisted are specialists.

It's why officers are expendable, my man.

>> No.56523225

O'Brien was enlisted, dude did at least 4 different jobs. Whatever rules apply to a modern day military clearly don't apply to Starfleet.

>> No.56523791

Have we ever seen any member of any crew not know how to work a transporter? In the TNG movies we see Troi, perhaps the least qualified person to ever set foot on a starship bridge, take the helm and even operate the weapons targeting system at the tactical station with her eyes shut! And in DS9 people occupy different stations and roles on the Defiant based on who was on the ship at the time. I think it's pretty clear that interfaces are so intuitive in the 24th century that anyone should be able to operate just about any piece of technology they come across.

>> No.56523827

Instructions unclear. Holodeck safeties are off and the EMH is killing everyone

>> No.56525424

Eh, that sounds like Voyager. They probably all deserved it. Fuck 'em.

>> No.56525483

They have hours and hours of shifts doing pretty much nothing. I would figure they spend a lot of that time switching stations and stuff, learning how to do different things. And I figure it isn't too hard to press the button that means "do thing," and let the computer figure out how to actually do that thing. Sure, a more experienced operator can do it better, by narrowing down for the computer how to do that thing, but any competent person used to things can do the basic functions.
And then there's the fact that these touch screens seem to either be very intuitive, or everybody has universal translators in their eyes/brains for reading alien scripts, because rarely is there very real trouble for any alien operating Starfleet stuff, or Starfleeters operating alien stuff, outside of buttons being in places they aren't used to.

>> No.56525512

>universal translators in their eyes/brains for reading alien scripts
This may actually be the case. The Universal Translator seems to be a piece of hardware that's installed directly into your head (citation: Little Green Men, where we see Nog's translator and its in his ear somewhere). I wouldn't be surprised if it interfaced with your visual cortex and changed alien scripts into ones you could read.

>> No.56527107

Bullshit anon, they had Loknars, Larsons and Reliants. Take a full list.

>> No.56527894

It certainly seems to be intuitive. With effectively 0 training, Jake and Nog were able to at least partially pilot a runabout. That points to a very simplistic user interface.

>> No.56528028

To be fair, Jake was crap at it (remember how they were weaving all over the place?) and they did try the autopilot first. Still, that it was possible at all is pretty impressive. Fed tech must be extremely user-friendly.

>> No.56528052

Not just that, but think of all the times when the crew gives the computer a short request and the computer goes and performs some advanced actions to fulfill it (thinking mainly about holodeck usage here). I'm guessing a lot of Star Trek technology has computer aided usage that limits how much skill is required of the user.

>> No.56528070

The ship computers, even runabout ones, are probably trans-sentient but keep mum about it.

>> No.56528121

Given that the Galaxy's computer became sentient and reproduced that one time, I feel like it's not really a theory and more of a fact.

>> No.56528528


Didn't even know they released a new star trek RPG. Where's PDF so I can read it and judge while smirking.

>> No.56528666

Good luck with that. Modiphus murders uploads pretty religiously. I think there's an anon around who can send it to you via Discord, but that's about the best we can do.

>> No.56528673

Already found it on /tg/.

Thanks for the help though.

>> No.56528720

Shit seriously? We've had a hell of a time with keeping links up. Where'd you find it?

>> No.56528746

The archive has several copies that use proxies to get to them. Just need to look.

>> No.56528760

Huh. Last time I trawled the archive it didn't have it. Thanks for the update.

>> No.56528771

All round good, but a little long.

Share his opinion of the Prime Directive.

Was looking for this, cheers anon.

>> No.56528793

>>Was looking for this, cheers anon.
Note that there is a Loknar class USS Hobbiton, NCC-2794. Have that destroyer fuck up a few Klingons.

>> No.56529068

So if I wanted to play a gene-modded human, what should they have?

>> No.56529571

The skills needed to avoid a medical scan.

>> No.56531167

Crippling autism and a faint octarine glow.

>> No.56532625

An all-consuming, unyielding hatred of some random Starfleet captain.

>> No.56533828

>the Federation would be better off without the Vulcans

>> No.56533852

Logic akbar!

>> No.56533913

A good backstory on how they've been faking test results to avoid the camps and some sort of flaw to offset the brilliance.

>> No.56533914

>If I could feel emotions

Psssh. Someone doesn't know their lore. Should be something like

>Out of all the emotions I must suppress, my love for you is the most difficult

>> No.56534787

Vulcans deny feeling emotion dude.

>> No.56535979

Entirely depends on the writer/show. Spock and Tuvok both denied and admitted feeling emotions on several occasions. I'd say it's more accurate to say they admit to it around people they are close to.

>> No.56536908

Are there any ships designed to attack starbases and orbital fortresses?

I noticed the Klingons and Dominion took hideous losses attacking DS9, leading me to wonder why besieging stations isn't something you might design a ship for.

Also, how is it the Negh'Var was able to hit the stations shield generators? Shouldn't those have been behind the shields? Why didn't they hit those at the start if they were vulnerable?

>> No.56537260

>Are there any ships designed to attack starbases and orbital fortresses?
Depends on canon levels. If games like the Armada series are to be believed, there are in fact ships that are artillery in space.

>Also, how is it the Negh'Var was able to hit the stations shield generators? Shouldn't those have been behind the shields? Why didn't they hit those at the start if they were vulnerable?
It's implied that it was just sufficient firepower to breach the shields in that area, nothing special. Why they didn't intensify forward firepower to begin with, we'll never know (it's actually to provide dramatic tension; it *is* a TV show after all).

>> No.56537661


>artillery in space.

I thought it wasn't really artillery, but the concentration of fire power enough to bring down the shield and then hammer the station behind it into submission.

Something like the Jemhadar battleship or Cardassian Hutet is about the only thing that comes to mind.

>> No.56537754

Nah, just parents that aren't so stupid as to blab about it to a hologram.

>> No.56539143

They'd probably be about the same. The Vulcans don't seem all that fussed about contributing to the Federation as a whole.

>> No.56539420

I don't know about that. I'm sure the Vulcan science academy produces lots of useful knowledge and we've seen Vulcan diplomats provide useful service to the Federation at a species without 'logic' probably wouldn't have been able to provide.

>> No.56539980

next thread ?

>> No.56540019

Next thread should be about how to deal with Q without resorting to Sisko punches.

>> No.56540176

Piss on his shoes.

That'll learn' him.

>> No.56540353


>Studied into literature and different cultures' folk tales while in collage
>Some how became Lead Quality Assurance guy for the small start up tech company
>Have over 6 years of QA work skills under my belt with some leadership skills
>Fuck yeah I get to pilot a shuttle I have a fascination for smaller starships

I apply for starfleet. Get a desk job in the Starfleet's HQ in Sf as some kind of paper pusher QA guy, occasionally traveling to lone starfleet's outposts to check up on things and making sure different races don't kill each other and fixing things I don't have the tools for or the training for. I'm hype as fuck to get to have my own shuttle to use. Maybe work my way up to get to control small scout ships.

>> No.56541171

Probably stay on earth, find somewhere temperate and set up a proper restaurant. I mean, if Sisko’s dad is well over 100 then I want that kind of lifestyle.

>> No.56541215

They have lawyers in Star Trek. I'd probably be one. Starfleet only seems to rarely need them, I'd probably work somewhere else. That being said, I'd love to do something with the trill, help establish a set of common codes that seem to be lacking about legal continuity (or lack thereof) of people as their symbionts move around; that one episode in the 1st season of Ds9 that touches on it seems to imply there's no hard and fast standard for whether or not such a concept exists.

>> No.56541387

Are the Trill actually part of the Federation? I though they were still their own autonomous entity, associated with the UFP, like Bajor.

>> No.56541488

I don't think so. Beverly Crusher's ignorance of Trill anatomy seems to imply that they're not something she's dealt with before, or has information on database, which would be rare if they were actually part of the Federation.

But still, interstellar entities need to have laws or at least agreements in place to deal with shit like that.

>> No.56541499

That episode was more or less retconned by the entirety of DS9, just saying.

>> No.56541511

According to Star Trek: Star Charts (pp. 33 & 44), Trill (Trillius Prime) was a M-class planet. The planet's government was the Trill Symbiosis. It was admitted into the Federation in 2285. The planet's capital was Mak'ala

>> No.56541516

Despite the fact that the Trill and the UFP were close enough that the UFP entrusted important negotiations with the Klingons to Curzon Dax decades before Dr Crusher tried to usurp Troi's job of ships whore.

>> No.56541545

Keep in mind that Ezri's family ran a "for profit" mining company, something that wouldn't be possible in the Federation.

>> No.56541841

Wouldn’t be all that unusual to use a reliable, friendly 3rd party as a mediator in negotiations.

>> No.56542132

>something that wouldn't be possible in the Federation
Headcanon. Earth has no money, all else is speculation.

>> No.56542393

>a world where I could go back to being a NEET
Well, I’d probably try and become an artist or writer or something.

>> No.56542562

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