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New Index to Codex rules clarified edition.

Ynnari pretty much squatted sub-edition.

>Beastman model thing coming soon

>latest Peach/Duncan
[YouTube] WHTV Tip of the Day - Promethium Refinery - Rusty White Panels. (embed) [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs and Errata, GW up to 1.3, FW up to 1.2:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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First for a bloodless transition

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First for codex index transition has been retarded so far

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Oops forgot to put in the link to the latest Peach/Duncan thing.

Its here for those interested:


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haha! epic! well memed le bro! xD

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>So Blood Angels, Blood Ravens and Dark Angels are the same chapter some sort?

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1st for GW having to restate things for autists

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Any way to improve this list cheaply?
inb4 buy 120 painted boyz on ebay - plz no

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (57 PL, 999pts)

Warboss: Attack Squig, Big Choppa, Kombi-Rokkit

- Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Kombi-Skorcha
- 2x Ork Boy W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Big Shoota
- 17x Ork Boy W/ Shoota

- Boss Nob: Ammo Runt, Power Klaw, Slugga
- Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
- 3x Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
Nobz: Cybork Body
- Boss Nob: Ammo Runt, Power Klaw, Slugga
- Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
- 3x Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
Painboy: Power Klaw

Heavy Support
Deff Dread: 4x Dread Klaw
Killa Kans
- 3x Killa Kan: Skorcha

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8th for Genestealer Cults

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Much like the transition from Kirby to Rountree, many things will get better, but they are still spending a fortune on the little things.

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Whats the biggest possible axe i could feasibly convert for my WE chaos lord? I want him to have an outrageously large Axe he can swing at people.

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hear me out guys

You ready for this shit?


okay, so


with polka dots instead of diamond patterns

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And they killed RFK

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Anons help

I thought I had my list finalized but then I started looking at Flesh Hooks and thought they might be a good idea. Should I replace Barbed Stranglers with Flesh Hooks on my Warriors or keep the Barbed Stranglers?

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So Blood Angels, Blood Ravens and Dark Angels are the same chapter some sort? The Blood Angels are not Chaos, the blood ravens are a split group and the Dark Angels are the Chaos version of the blood angles

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Solid clarification. I'm kind of surprised by how straight forward it is

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Preach it brother

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Buy an actual axe

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>I'm kind of surprised by how straight forward it is

It clearly wasn't if we had the TSons issue in the previous thread.

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>Ynnari pretty much squatted

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>Dark Angels are the Chaos version of the blood angles
Fucking confirmed.

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One of the three from the plastic Bloodthirster kit.

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grimgor's model had a fun one

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Wow your models are great!

Mind if I have a look?

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But blood ravens actually exists in the 40k universe beside from the dawn of war series? So i don’t want to play a green army, but maybe another traitor legion maybe?

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Page 76 – Strength from Death
Add the following paragraph:
‘Matched Play: If you are playing a matched play game, a unit
from your army cannot make a Soulburst action if a friendly
unit has already made the same Soulburst action during your
turn. In addition, units from your army cannot perform any
Soulburst actions during your opponent’s turn.’

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>the bait is evolving

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Yes, you may LOOK.

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Oh god i would do this if it wouldnt take for ever for me to convert the fucking Bloodthirster hands off the greataxe

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Spoonfeed me. I dont play ynarri whats that mean.

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Has anyone here had success running a wraith heavy army? Like 2 squads of wraithguard and 2 squads of blades with a lord kitted out as long range support.

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Sorry man, I'm taking the piss out of you. All the chapters you listed are loyalist chapters, there's just an on-running joke that the Dark Angels are heretical because like half their dudes did defect and they kept it a secret. There's plenty of not-green Chaos Marines.
>Word Bearers
>World Eaters
>Iron Warriors
>Thousand Sons
>Night Lords
>Emperor's Children

To name a few.

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It bugs me more than it probably should how they said Space Wolves magic is from some power of Fenris.

I liked the way they mirrored Thousand Sons, ignorant of the source of their power, but thinking themselves masters of it, and they got rid of it for nothing.

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it means Ynarri have taken the nerf crowbar to the teeth

>> No.56454942

It upset furries that they were as bad as the people they forced into becoming traitors.

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>8th is great its so balanced and the bestest!
>oh shit they nerfed my faction fuck this game sux

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Just remove those parts of the haft and enjoy your Dark Souls hueg greataxe.

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>It bugs me more than it probably should how they said Space Wolves magic is from some power of Fenris
Is that what happened? I thought it was just Fenrisian beliefs affecting the Warp around Fenris.

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I'm reposting this themed Tyranid list I came up with. What do you guys think?
It's not meant to be competitive but I think it would be a blast to play,
especially against another fluffy low model count army.

The Warrior King's Court - Hive Fleet Kraken - 2000pts - Battalion and Outrider Detachments.

The King - The Swarmlord (Catalyst, Onslaught) - 300

The King's Adviser - Malanthrope (Chameleonic Mutation) - 90

The King's Champion - Dimachaeron - 200

The Prince - Tyranid Prime (Adrenal Glands, Bone Swords, Death Spitter) - 108

The King's Vanguard - 6 Tyrant guard (Adrenal Glands, Crushing claws, Rending Claws, Toxin Sacs) - 306

The King's Banner-men - 4 x 6 Tyranid Warriors (Adrenal Glands, Flesh Hooks, Bone Swords, Death Spitters, 1 Venom Cannon) - 780

The King's Heralds - 2 x 3 Tyranid Shrikes (Adrenal Glands, Bone Swords, Death Spitter, Flesh Hooks) - 216

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I was really looking forward to 8th edition being full of more durable things so you don't get shot off the table turn one, and things live long enough to fight in melee. Instead it's the same as it ever was and in some cases faster thanks to Smite and infantry guns being able to hurt high toughness targets. Melee still shit and even more shit since people can just walk away. Getting games past turn 3 against good opponents is hard.

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It means "If my units can't activate during your phase then maybe I'll play Tyranids".

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reee why can't I rape people in their own turns

>> No.56454993

Making each action only usable once per turn is something I can see as a reasonable balancing measure.
Making it during your turn only effectively removes the trait completely for any ranged unit, thanks to the 7" restriction.
I bet reecus is to blame for this

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So soulburst is now 'SOB faith powers but worse'?

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>shitty nu-(((Lore))) fluff
>WAACfag list based on strongest hive fleet
>boring named characters

Fuck off.

>> No.56455012

More like "Here's a big reason why I played an army, but now it's gone"

>> No.56455017

I like it. But I wouldn't run it myself since I love my gaunts
Also, post nids. I lost my folder

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So if i buy Burning of Prospero and Betrayal at Calth, I can make a working 40K Space Marine OR traitor marine army out of the boxes?

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You have no idea how happy that makes me. Fuck Ynnari. They were a shitty cash grab at the end of a shitty edition, anyway.

>> No.56455027

Maybe it's because I'm still learning, and I'm not even that guy, but why the fuck are you so butthurt?

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>Q: Can Characters only perform a Heroic Intervention against enemy units that charged this turn, or can they do so against any enemy unit?
>A: They can do so against any enemy unit.

>Note that they can only do so if they end up closer to the nearest enemy model, whether it charged this turn or not.

This basically means any character has a 3"" free charge, thats fucking amazing! Now the BT relic is much better as you can get a free 6" charge as long as they have enemies in range.

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>Court of the Nephilim King naming scheme
Oh you!


>> No.56455044

You can do whatever you put your mind to.

>> No.56455056

Fuck that, I'm happy just using the indices. I don't even plan to buy any new models for a while until I've made progress on plastic-mountain over here, so I don't even need new rules. Every edition should start this way.

Also, [email protected] "carry both the codex and the index around with you, because we left out some options in the later publication".

Say what you will about Mantic, but at least I only need one book to play the game, and me and my opponent can use the same one.

>> No.56455060

Only issue I have is the Chameleonic Mutation being on the Malanthrope which natively you can't shoot as it is a character under 10 wounds. Would put it on something else instead.

Fuck off with your gonard opinion. WAAFag lists for nids is spamming genestealers, learn what is bullshit and what isn't. You sound like someone who ate glue as a child and never stopped.

>> No.56455066

Are you even trying Carnac?

>> No.56455072

You need mobility and/or protection for your Nobz. Give the nobz perhaps a weirdboy with Da Jump, or a vehicle. Preferably a trukk or melee kitted battlewagon, because if your opponent has good deal of autocannon tier weapons with D2 your nobz will melt within seconds. The trukk or battlewagon will take the most beating before your nobz, which is vital considering you want them in melee where they actually do something other than die horribly.

I'd take a weirdboy or two and then just 'port the Nobz to enemy's face.

>> No.56455080

What about spamming gaunts?

>> No.56455089


>> No.56455094

>tfw 3 shooting attacks each turn

>> No.56455096

It wold be a dream to fight your army anon. I run Imperial Guard with tons of Bullgryn and Characters and random Inquisition and Ministorum melee units. It would be a mess of melee that would take like 4-5 hours to play.

>> No.56455109

How did you know?

>> No.56455125

Pretty much.

>> No.56455130

I think they maybe over did by taking out the out the soul burst in the opponents turn but we'll see. Vanilla Eldar are pretty powerful anyway so it might be a good balance

>> No.56455134

>Imperium and Chaos soup dominate the competitive meta with a hilarious lack of any downside or restrictions
>Better kneecap Ynnari!

Maybe the elves should've invested in pauldrons.

>> No.56455154

Does Intervention count as charge?

>> No.56455159

Gaunts are okay but, stealers + broodlord is just face eatingly good. Gaunts just has the issue of they are weak, don't move as far, have worse saves, don't have a model that buffs their melee models passively, and don't have a 5+ inv save. So while Gaunts can choke up a board, for the same points in Stealers you can do more, throw in lictors or go jorm with some raveners and you can pop up anywhere for maximum coverage.

>> No.56455169

we've been doing this dance for how many months now? At this point you should get a tripcode

>> No.56455171

What did they do to ynnari?

>> No.56455172

Nerfing them will come soon enough. Time to play my mixed lists while I can before I can't take all my favorite models at once anymore.

>> No.56455177

>want to run a shooty/anti psyker Kronos fleet
>but also want gotta-go fast genestealers

>> No.56455180

>tyrant guard
>tyranid prime
I fucking wish

>> No.56455184

I guess so yeah. Plenty of marine bodies for Tactical squads or Chaos marines. Maybe even Sternguard/Chosen. Ton of Missile launchers and Heavy Bolters for Dev/Havoc squads. Two different types of terminators, and you can mix and match for Chaos since there's no distinction between marks. Contemptor Dread that works for either. Plenty of stuff to make HQs out of, or just use one of the characters.

>> No.56455201

we don't know a (A)Eldar(i) soup is going to look like yet, but Ynnari definatly need the nerf. If they've gone too far they can always back peddle a little now that we're getting regular updates

>> No.56455219

>chaos soup and Imperium
Well not quite, it’s like 4 units from each army just spammed over and over again. Maggie, mort, Malefic lords and brims (with Knights and changeling of course!) versus guilly, Celestine, a bunch of ASSCAN razorbacks, culexus, and Stormravens.

Ynarri were doing really well though and it’s an easy fix, these on the other hand require a lot of effort and point fixes.

>> No.56455225

The struggle is real. All I could think of for it is using Lictors to deploy Genestealers in close to simulate the gotta-go fast and the rest of the army be purely shooty.

>> No.56455234

Can't activate during your opponent's turn or use the same ability more than once per turn.

>> No.56455265

No. Fuck them. It was always a shitty meme faction that was pure pay 2 win because you needed the HQs and could cherry pick the best of 3 factions.

Or maybe GW is realizing that soup was a mistake.

>> No.56455303

Their special rule, which lets them attack or move outside their normal phases, soulburst, was severely nerfed. They can't use soulburst more than once a turn, and can't use soulburst during the enemy's turn, now.

>> No.56455310

>MFW I have a Ciaphas-Cain-as-Creed imperial guard army

Why is this edition so fluffy

>> No.56455327

>Ciaphas Cain
You better be running half-female Valhallan army.

>> No.56455334

for anon who wanted to know if Haines would do an AMA, the hive mind provides

>> No.56455336

Andy Chambers on Death Guard/Nurgle.


>Yeah it's like they haven't locked onto a decent archetype to make them stick. Possibly I would enhance the 'jolly' side of Nurgle a bit more and route that through the Death Guard, get some Killer clown/Juggaloo imagery going on. Are you horrified yet?

>> No.56455363

If cheese was a big reason for playing an army you should reconsider you reasons.

>> No.56455371

Do Genestealer cults get access to everything in the Imperial Guard codex or is it just troops, chimeras and sentinels?

>> No.56455372

I do indeed have female models but I can't take Jurgen as an actual bodyguard unless Cain is using Creed's rules.

So they're cadians. Cain didn't serve with valhallans for his entire career, after all.

>> No.56455378


imperial soup and chaos soup recieved no changes, hell eldar soup is still more than possible.

it just means the ynnari are squatted until their codex comes out and gives them an actual army instead of just borrowing from three other armies.

>> No.56455380

I just thought it would be fluffy since an advisor wants NOTHING to do with a fight.
I actually came up with this list as a BS multi would model list, then put a theme to it.
Kraken is strongest? Huh, I thought Jormungandir looked the best.
Idk who carnac is but I aint him buddy.

>> No.56455383

Trukk looks great but it will be hard to fit it on this list. I have cut some stuff but still I'm 29pts over the limit. Any idea what should I drop next?

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (1029/1000)

Warboss: Attack Squig, Kombi-Rokkit, Power Klaw

- Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
- 19x Ork Boy W/ Shoota

- Boss Nob: Ammo Runt, Power Klaw, Slugga
- 4x Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
- Boss Nob: Ammo Runt, Power Klaw, Slugga
- 4x Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
Painboy: Power Klaw

Heavy Support
Killa Kans
- 3x Killa Kan: Skorcha
Deff Dread: 4x Dread Klaw

Dedicated Transport
Trukk: Big Shoota

>> No.56455412

Read you guys wrong, thought you where calling me him, nvm

>> No.56455418

They can soulburst more than once per turn but they cannot use the same action more than once. So they can still potentially perform 5 additional actions

>> No.56455419

The have neophyte hybrids which can be armed with las guns, and form a weapon team. They use their own datasheet

Cult sentinels, cult chimera and cult leman russ. Are a unique datasheet tying them to the cult.

>> No.56455434

Be one overkill power axe. After how many victories with the thing do i give him till i turn him into a Daemon Prince with the axe?

>> No.56455450

Oh, I only mean model-wise. Rules can be adjusted no problem.

>> No.56455461

>that list
lol what?

Also, the whole court of the nephilim king is actually a really great addition to the fluff, because it allows you to do your dudes for nids without retarded shit like the swarmlord. Instead, you fluff them based off in universe beliefs of enemies. It actually opens up a lot of different things with nids, without changing the lore at all. It's the same stuff that created deathleaper, the red terror and OOE.

>> No.56455466

That sounds like a blast, yeah. Just a long bloody slog through each others forces.

>> No.56455469

Imperial and Chaos soup don't have any individual rule that binds then together. They need to adjust like dozen different datasheets to fix their soup lists.

>> No.56455472

Fair enough using that logic, I mean it has the -1 to hit due to it's spores which is the same as the mutation, so that would be a -2 to hit if it is out front when it comes to shooting. Not certain what other characters it would be good on, mainly due to don't know off the top of my head of the Dimachaeron is a character (checking, it isn't). So really the only other choice is the Tyranid prime, which given how many models it can buff with all the warriors and shrikes you got around, not half bad to give it to him to keep him safer in case your enemy has a way to snipe him, means also if he is next to the Malanthrope he gets a -2 to be shot. Think of it as t he Malanthrope making certain the lineage is protected.

>> No.56455475


Man, it's going to make me sad when Celestine gets nerfed. As she's literally the single special character we have.

>> No.56455477

Why did they squat Carroburg Crimson?

>> No.56455486

Oh. I misread that. That's not as bad as I thought, but still seems like a kinda harsh nerf to me.

>> No.56455501

She's be easy to nerf just by making acts of faith work only if you actually have a reasonable amount of sisters units.

>> No.56455502

>allows you to do your dudes for nids without retarded shit like the swarmlord. Instead, you fluff them based off in universe beliefs of enemies. It actually opens up a lot of different things with nids, without changing the lore at all
You could always do that. Your just too brain-dead to do it unless GW holds your hand.

>> No.56455505

all the rules say is Astra militarum units, no specific ones.

>> No.56455511


Valhallans are impossible to find stateside.

And all the ones I have found are going to a friend who ACTUALLY runs Valhallans.

>> No.56455515


I'd be 100% ok with that as that's pushing her towards what she should be doing rather than just hitting her raw numbers and making her shit (Which is my worry)

>> No.56455520

You can bring a guard detachment for every GSC detachment you have, iirc.

>> No.56455533

>You could always do that. Your just too brain-dead to do it unless GW holds your hand.
when did I say you couldn't do that before?
All I said was it was good addition to the fluff based on how it was presented, not that it was some new idea. In fact, I said it was the exact opposite, noting that that's how deathleaper, OOE and the red terror all came about

>> No.56455535

Have the axe be the Daemon Prince, anon.

>> No.56455537

That's if you ally them in, they don't become cult units.

>> No.56455542


>a pile of fucking rocks

>> No.56455560

I kinda want to start a gsc based on the nephilem king.
Yep, but it cannot take any regiments or units tied to regiments

>> No.56455567

Screw Make your own Vehicle charts
We need Make your Own Daemon Weapon charts.

>> No.56455577

which sounds good on paper until you realise that several of those units saw little to no changes after the conversion from index into codex and if the rumours are accurate will be seeing little to no change in chapter approved 2017 either.

so we get to wait until chapter approved 2018 to see anything address magnus and mortarion baring a "no more than one primarch per army in matched play" ruling.

>> No.56455578

Anything that is not specific to a regiment.

>> No.56455582

I look at that sword and can only think how badly it must be balanced, and how much of a pain would it be to use it with that grip...

>> No.56455583


would it be fluffy to have this guy as a commissar with the Krieggers as a sort of "observant"? Like he's not from Krieg, but was assigned to them

>> No.56455587

Isn't this like the soul edge from soul calibur?
Also, jesus fucking christ, whagt is up with the soul calibur wikipedia page?

>> No.56455593

I really like that idea, if I ever have the opportunity to play this list (not likely) I'm going to do that. I REALLY wish the Dimachaeron could take artifacts.
I actually read about the Nephilem king thing after making the list, got kinda disappointed when I saw it was already a thing. I'm not that dude who's been posting his WIP army based on it, kinda jealous of him.

>> No.56455602

Fuuaa, yes! I have some unpainted Harlequins that will get the ole' polka dot bandit treatment. Thanks for the inspiration

>> No.56455607

They do. It's called Girlyman

>> No.56455608

>Also, jesus fucking christ, whagt is up with the soul calibur wikipedia page?
What do you mean?

>> No.56455611

>rumours are accurate will be seeing little to no change in chapter approved 2017 either
You mean the fully anonymous faeit "rumors?" Might as well consult a haruspex.

>> No.56455617

You can't take Jurgen, because Kriegers don't get bodyguards, but yes. They do get commissars, after all.

In actual fact because the job of a commissar attached to Krieger regiments is closer to a civilian/navy/everyine-who-isnt-krieg liaison, Cain would be a really good fit for the job.

>> No.56455623

Fuck, game over.


>Games Workshop Group PLC (GAW) Insider Rachel Tongue Sells 3,924 Shares

If she's selling now, she has some insider info that tells her that something bad's coming down the line.

>> No.56455627

I mean this:
>The Soul Calibur storytelling is in many respects related to the Warhammer 40K franchise. First, both Algol and the Emperor are legendary ancient conquerors, reluctantly and remorsefully slayed their beloved sons who betrayed them despite the hopes and faith of their fathers, had their greatest weapons, Soul Edge and the Space Marine Legions respectively, turn into their worst enemies, and were trapped in the realm of chaos for countless centuries between life and death. In addition, Darth Vader denied his mentor and became the most loyal enforcer of an oppressive empire, just like Nathaniel Garro who opposed Mortarion, the Primarch of the Dusk Raiders who turned traitor and became a worshiper of the Chaos God Nurgle and the leader of the Death Guard, founding the Inquisition where its elite apprentices, the Grey Knights, lose the memories of their past just like Galen Marek. Moreover, Heihachi Mishima is gentle and kind and his ruthlessness and cruelty is displayed only in his pursuit of the Devil Gene which he wishes to use for himself after killing his son and grandson bearing it, similarly to the Imperium purging the Daemons of the Immaterium while intending to use it for extended transportation with smuggled alien technology, specifically the Eldar Webway.

>> No.56455645

>Also, Kratos is in pursuit of vengeance from the Olympian deities for the death of his family as a result of being manipulated by them, like the humans hating the Aeldari for usually exploting and deceiving them while they are the most reliable ally against the Forces of Chaos to prevent destruction similar to the end of God of War 3. Last but not least, the greatest enemy of Ezio Auditore are the Templars, who attempt to impose the regime of Warhammer 40K, as they are led by Grand Master like the Dark Angels, and the Black Templars are the exception of the strict rule of only athousand Space Marines allowed to serve in an Adeptus Astartes Chapter at a time. Conclusively, Soul Calibur takes place during the era of the Ottoman Empire, which succeeded the Byzantine Empire, the source of inspiration for Warhammer 40K, which was predominantly Greek exactly as Sophitia, the protagonist of the series

>> No.56455652

Isn't that insider trading?

>> No.56455656

She does way to much for 150, Asurmen is 175 and shes better in every way.

>> No.56455659


>n actual fact because the job of a commissar attached to Krieger regiments is closer to a civilian/navy/everyine-who-isnt-krieg liaison

that's exactly what I was going for, since commissars in Krieg regiments basically serve as advisors to generals to not wastefully spend the lives of their men

>> No.56455660

Commissars are generally from other planets and outsiders to the regiment they are serving with.
That way the risk for an organised rebellion is reduced .

>> No.56455666

>something bad's coming down the line
like what?

>> No.56455674

Try both if you get the chance to run the list more than once. See which works out better for you. I see the Prime as more of a lynchpin than the Malenthrope hence my opinion on who to get the mutation. Other than that, looks like a fun fluffy list. Hope you get it build and can run it.

>> No.56455678

Those are good things. Faster game and overtly durable things aren't just a waste of time.

>> No.56455688

Maybe it was intended to be that, I dunno, but I was under the impression it was actual spirits of Fenris etc instead of Chaos forms.

But with that gone, it makes the wulfen-flesh change thing less meaningful, to me.

>> No.56455697

Special characters were a mistake, and now GW wants games to be about their own super heroes rather than <your dudes>. I am STILL upset that I can't use my jump canoness.

Being undercosted has been her real super power since 5th edition when she cost 125pts and could revive infinitely with a Ld10 leadership test

>> No.56455699

>people say /tg/ doesn't get shit done anymore

>> No.56455701


>That way the risk for an organised rebellion is reduced

hadn't even thought about that

>> No.56455703

Or she could be cashing out because its worth 2,250 and she doesnt think its going to reach any higher.

>> No.56455704

>Reminder that sisters are safe for now.

>> No.56455717

Sounds more like it wasn't paying back fast enough and wanted to invest in something with a faster and more reliable growth than GW has had in the past decade, not a sign of "oh shit" and more of "eh, it's not the best for me".

>> No.56455719

WTF, I wanna play Guard now.

>> No.56455733

the pissant complaining about rachel tongue selling shares has been doing this for a while.

don't give him any more (You)'s

>> No.56455738

.. or she just wanted free up some capital?
She could have made a few extra bucks the share price is up from where she cashed out

>> No.56455743


>> No.56455779


I'm ok with Special character but holy hell, our generic options need to be better. I run my old jump cannoness model as St Celestine because...well, what else am I going to do with a SOB with a jump pack and a 2 handed sword?

>> No.56455783

Something bad? Like what?
Bad models,bad rules? Investors arent keeping track of that nigga, it is too much autism for them to handle.

>> No.56455801

>but I was under the impression it was actual spirits of Fenris etc instead of Chaos forms.
I mean, I don't think they were out and out Chaos entities(obviously not of the Big 4), but I took the interpretation that they're solidly Warp entities, just shaped by millennia of Fenrisians. Though if that's the case, why don't more feral planets generate their own Warp entities? Fenris might have the advantage of actually having a Space Marine chapter present, what with Rune Priests there, but I dunno.

>> No.56455820

It allows you to get the unit into an assault so I think it does though you do it at the end of the opponent's charge phase instead of your own and you need to have a unit thats within 3" of your character.

>> No.56455829

Still a better 40k narrative than the HH series

>> No.56455842

Best part is you can do it to any unit doesnt matter if that unit charged or not.

>> No.56455853

Dunno, the edit was put in by on the three days ago, probably some autist

>> No.56455857

>[Reece whines externally]

>> No.56455884

What bothers me is that special characters offer up a lot of fun options that you can't get with normal HQs. I end up wanting to spam them, but I feel bad, so I only go for 1 or 2 max.

>Want to run Celestine because what other unit can be an angel on wings, the model is great
>Want to run Coteaz because I want a battle Inquisitor in a transport, but normal Inquisitors hit on 4s with Thunder Hammers and have no Invulnerable save and no armor options
>Want beatstick HQs that is both strong and helps my melee Guard, so I want to run Straken and Yarrick

>> No.56455887


Eldar exodite worlds have their own warp entities, they're called "world spirits" and they're the only reason the exodites can live their lives without soulstones or eating peoples misery. when they die the planet absorbs their soul and they form a part of the magical ecosystem.

That's why colonising exodite worlds tends to be a complete crapshoot. when their people die exodite worlds tend to go completely berserk like the one in the konor campaign that the deathguard had conquered, indiscriminately attacking everything foreign and possessed of endless hate for the ones who defiled it

>> No.56455912

>Ynnari nerfed into oblivion
Those WAACfagging cuntbags had it coming.
I cant FUCKING WAIT to play against the Ynnari players at my LGS to inform them politely that their cheese doesnt work anymore.

>> No.56455924

>tfw no Praetorian Guard commissars in safari kit being served tea before going on a hunt.
why even play 40k?

>> No.56455942

Exodites do wear soul stones, the world spirit is just an infinity circuit

>> No.56455959



>> No.56455974

It's not a charge.

>> No.56455992

So then the precedent was already kind of set for something like Fenris?

>> No.56456000

It was even confirmed in the FAQ that that is the way it works. So Reece can blow me and my Blood Angel's large Horse cocks.

>> No.56456009

Any anons have FW freeship voucher that they are not planning to use?

>> No.56456027

If you would start a new army right in that moment - which one whould it be? And which army do u hate the most at the moment and why?

>> No.56456035

I honestly thought he was dead.

>> No.56456051

Someone explain to me how it makes sense to nerf Ynnari into the ground when it's only middle of the road at tournaments, while not touching the OP OU Primarch cancer lists?

>> No.56456055

Tyranid question. Monsters get Deathspitters and Devourers in pairs. The point section says pts/weapon. So if I want to field a Dakkafex with devs, I pay 4 times (7*4=28 pts) right?
I feel embarased asking this, but I want to make sure. Why has the point system become so bloated and user unfriendly?

>> No.56456058

a Heresy painted group of World Eaters or heresy painted Alpha Legion

>> No.56456061

Shut up, you fucking anus. It's a compete mess.

>> No.56456066

One is an easy fix, one is not.

>> No.56456069


>> No.56456080

Raising the points on the primarchs isn't an easy fix?
Ok try again

>> No.56456082

Are there communities that play 40K on TTS that I could get involved with? I'm lucky to get meatspace games on the weekends as is.

>> No.56456090

Did you have trouble with reading comprehension at school?

>> No.56456094

That's not really a fix. Try again. No wait, don't, you're stupid. I don't want to read what you have to say anymore.

>> No.56456119

Yeah, its sounding like me and brother are going to do a proxy model game soon, and he wants to try deathwatch against it, should be fun. You're definantly right about the prince being a lynchpin.

>> No.56456120

Wrath of Magnus make the position of the "wolf spirits" deliberately ambiguous

>> No.56456122

>If you would start a new army right in that moment - which one whould it be?
Probably TSons or some other Tzeentch warband. I was torn pretty hard between them and Khorne Daemonkin and chose Khorne in the end.

>> No.56456127

Andy Chambers in the AMA says that he isn't a fan of the Necrons getting too much humanised. Were the Newcrons a mistake?

>> No.56456143

I'd get some Kabal Dark Eldar. They're the one good subfaction there but they're the coolest one IMO, although I probably will jump on some Haems stuff for Admech conversions.

The army I dislike the most is any one of the"totally worth a codex guys" Marine chapters, since they combine most of the dullness of vanilla marines with a hefty dose of pointlessness. I enjoy slaughtering any kind of Marine because of how hilariously loopsided the resource to effectiveness ratio is and because Marine players seem to produce the most salt when you kill Special Characters.

>> No.56456145

I like that the necrons themselves got more focus, but not so much how they did it.

>> No.56456165

How else to do it though? Even the Nids have unique characters and making both necrons and Nids a mindless force of nature would be samey.

>> No.56456183


I wouldn't say a mistake but going any further would be. They needed some character, as they were very unwieldy before from a storytelling perspective.

>> No.56456188

But Oldcrons had characters like the C'tan and that named lord from the Medusa campaign "Herald of the Storm".

>> No.56456200

They can have personality it just needed to be more alien.

>> No.56456206

Yes. Hopefully the 8th Ed. Codex will fix that. Probably not.

>> No.56456207

How is it not a fix? The most common complaint against the primarchs is that they are undercosted. You're either retarded or play one of these factions and don't want GW to touch your special snowflake characters.

>> No.56456232

And maybe only really being showcased when solely in the company of other Necrons.

Have a personality exhibited around non-Necrons be observers commenting about quirks. Not them being full on "mwuhahahaa puny younglings/get off mah lawn"

>> No.56456255

I think ambiguous is the way to go there. On a related note I played the Deathwatch RPG once as a Space Wolves Rune Priest who kept telling everyone how his powers were completely different from other psykers and not really of the Warp...

>> No.56456260

>those humans get tired from fighting all day?
>how inefficient
>they also have to eat?
>how are they surviving?

>> No.56456266


I liked how they handled it in Hammer and Anvil. The Necrons were an implacable enemy to the SOB but had characterisation with each other.

>> No.56456274

Is that anon who wanted to make more horror-themed Necrons still around? I want to see if he did anything yet.

>> No.56456286

So does this mean I can take an Autarch Skyrunner with a Banshee Mask, Laser Lance and Fusion Gun again?

>> No.56456296


>> No.56456297

No. Special characters shouldn't be the one making the game change for you; those things should be an option available to the army as a whole. Named characters shouldn't be auto-include fucking ever.

Leading me to...

We literally have one non-Celestine HQ who's only saving grace is that she costs 45pts, meanwhile GW confirmed they haven't even started working on new models to no one's surprise. I hate running Celestine because she's a crutch, but when I do, I use my jump canoness as a gemeni.

Again, those options shouldn't be special character only. The characters should have special wagear, not game changing special abilities.

>> No.56456298

That seems to fit.
I don't think I've read anything where they think they're the same as warp fuckery.

>> No.56456306

That's exactly the same as the nids, though.

Except with Nids you have the worry of genestealer infiltration.

>> No.56456315

More bizarre than that in my opinion, they should be weird super science astronomy guys.

>> No.56456334

I wish, with the exception of something like primarchs where we know all of them are there are only 18, every named character had a generic variant.

I don't see why another succubus can't have a cloak of hooks and barbs like Lelith "Druggy" Hesperax, or another commissar couldn't do what Pask does.

>> No.56456340

Does anyone even like Ynarri?
It was literally
>GW: Eldar are super broken this edition, how do we one up it?
>Phil: Hold my tea, I got this

>> No.56456357


>Special characters shouldn't be the one making the game change for you; those things should be an option available to the army as a whole

I'm not 100% sure I agree with that. Some effects, like St Celestine's 'I don't stay dead' should stay with special characters rather than being an 'Everyone can take' thing, especially if they are a notable in-universe thing.

>> No.56456361


I'm retarded and need clarification for everthing; would I pay the Codex points values for everything (including the base model cost) too?

>> No.56456373

DKoK fag back from yesterday requesting list help. Ill stick to the DKoK Regimen so I can keep the Curse of Sacrifice among other things. Ive got all these tanks, so I guess I could repaint them to be more inline. Are orgyn neet? Do sentinels have a place?

>> No.56456375

>tfw Dead Men Walking has Necrons being essentially more human than Kriegers.

>> No.56456377

As an eldar player, I fucking hate Ynnari. The models are shit and I'm glad they got nerfed

>> No.56456390


>> No.56456396

I did it kind of tongue in cheek though(no one else was a psyker so what would they know?) It's purely my own internal head canon, but I think Rune Priests are veterans know it's the same, but it's the tradition they were brought up in and it's just fun fucking with outsiders.

>> No.56456397

You pay the codex points unless the profile doesn't exist in the codex, then you would use the index points and profile.

>> No.56456400


>> No.56456405

Does anyone have all the Nephilim King pictures compiled somewhere? I'd like to know more.

>> No.56456412

I like the Ynnari story, but I never liked the Eldar much to begin with.

>> No.56456413

Yes, you pay codex prices for everything that exists in the codex, then if it doesn't exist in the codex you use the index stuff. Codex rules and values supersedes the index stuff, but, all index options are valid. Just look at the example with the IG Commissar. Pay the cost of the IG Commissar out of the codex, and for his other wargear out of the codex, then since his axe is only in the index, you pay it's points from out of the index and use the rules from the index as it is only in the index.

When possible use the codex rules and points, if not possible use index.

>> No.56456415

Rad. I was a bit salty that the Autarch I'd converted was made illegal, but it looks like flying laser shenanigans are back, and now with bonus Novalance

>> No.56456418

No answer? That's what I thought
fucking snowflake

>> No.56456427

Ogryn are cheap and good, but Bullgryn are a little more expensive for a lot more durability and better melee. The nice thing is that Ogryn got a rend in melee now, which is great. Shame their shooting still has no rend. 3 S5 shots at BS4+ and 12 inches isn't worth it. If you're that close, you might as well try to get into melee range, in which case Bullgryn do that better as they hit like autocannons in close combat.

>> No.56456430


>> No.56456443


Playing Ultramarines, Sgt Chronus is just an auto include. Buff you tank to BS2+ and fill an HQ slot for 35 pts. Not to mention he can repair 1 wound/turn on the tank without disembarking.

That is just so good it's insane not to take him.

In bigger games, Calgar is auto include as well. 200 pts for a skill that costs 3 command points to take otherwise AND younger 2 more free commandpoints for taking him... A 5 command point swingz essentially and he's also a damn good combat character.

>> No.56456452

So are LotR memes but here you are.

>> No.56456457

>on-running joke that the Dark Angels are heretical
also it was ambiguous if the lion or Luther was the loyalist

>> No.56456468

Yes. And I still like them, particularly with regard to fluff. That said, I probably won't be playing them until/unless they get codex level rules now.

>> No.56456475

/40kg/ speak to me of Nidzilla. Is it viable? I was looking at the codex, and with Old One Eye being HQ, you could potentially do an all Carnifex army... Wil it be compedative? Who cares. Will it be fun? Now that's the real question.

>> No.56456481


since i'm already WIP with Ultrasmurfs, Tsons and got krieggers on the way...

i'd probably go for deathwing desu, full termies sounds baller

>> No.56456495

Well he wrote the Oldcrons. So it's not surprising.

>> No.56456501


>> No.56456503

Ogryns seem to be a “horde slayer” kind of unit. Tons of strength 5 attacks and shots while just tough enough to shrug off return fire.

>> No.56456504

>If you would start a new army right in that moment
A Genestealer Cult based on the Court of the Nephilim King sounds kinda fun. Not sure how'd I fluff it or what In particular I'd run, but it's currently the forerunner for top of the priority list.
>which army do u hate the most at the moment and why?
Honestly, none? I find most flavors of marines pretty damn dull though.

>> No.56456560

There are three flavours of carifex, anti-horde, anti-heavy infantry and Swiss Army knife.

Old one eye with one of each is a legal detachment so you could run them as monster power rangers.

>> No.56456563

i think so
before they were inexorable, and ambitiously mindless machines.
horror movie stuff
now they are tombkings in space

>> No.56456574

I think so, I haven't read too deeply into CSM lore but DG make me draw a blank. Nurgle himself has plenty that is interesting and even entertaining but the Death Guard don't have an archetype that distinguishes them in my eyes like the other three of the "big four" do.
World Eaters
>blood for the blood god!
Thousand Sons
>pissed off dust wizards
Emperor's Children
>drugged-up semen demons with bad music
Death Guard
>idk but they look kinda gross
On one hand I recognize where what I see might not matter as much as someone who is really entrenched in the backstory, but on the other if this is what I see then what does someone see who is totally new to the setting or knows less than I do and relies solely upon memes to know what each faction is like? I'm not saying having that backstory is a bad thing, but something to characterize them beyond 'they look nasty' would do them a lot of good. And if anyone has anything I could read that would help me out it would be much appreciated.

>> No.56456578

I think the one problem would be lack of Obsec. Unlike Guard, nid spearheads don't have a special rule saying 'can secure objectives etc etc' so you'd have pretty much no objective holding power.

>> No.56456585

Ynnari aren't getting a codex as confirmed by the announcement of Chapter approved.

Also Ynnari aren't dominating tables like Chaos Soup and Imperial soup are but somehow Ynnari get a random nerf to the face.

GW just hate non-space marine players. As confirmed by yet another 8 more space marine kits leaked to be coming out soon.

>> No.56456590

> Easy build kits
Now with even less options than before!

>> No.56456592

They gotta be trolling.

>> No.56456602

I'm tempted to include some, but then I think "Why not just have a Punisher?"4 Ogryn cost the same as 1 Punisher.

>> No.56456603

It's not like Plague Roomba has any options.

>> No.56456605

>>drugged-up semen demons with bad music
they used to be like between NWBHM and hair metal

>> No.56456606

I feel the point cost dropping from here. Nipple armor has never felt this good.

>> No.56456614

Only if you read Thorpe's shitty fan fiction and take it seriously. In which case, neck yourself.

>> No.56456617

Does it bother anyone else that they've got two different molds for the same units? It's unfair to say the least.

>> No.56456629

Would you allow Death Guard army to wield palanquin sorcerer with all the extra Death Guard rules and using the Death Guard psychic powers for +20 points?

>> No.56456633

I mean they already replaced entire lines of multipart kits in other armies with monopose no-option kits. May as well start doing it to Space marines.

>> No.56456635

>Easy build Redemptor
What would it be like ? Each limb in a single piece ?

>> No.56456645

How do you guys make Tau your guys without going Farsight Enclaves? Vanilla Tau feels very restricted when it comes to the greater good and ethereal control of Tau society.

>> No.56456647

And this is why

>> No.56456650

>implying they aren't going to be squatted entirely and replaced with Primaris versions.
Anon they all died in the Siege of Baal and Dante got put into a dreadnought.

>> No.56456657

I kind of want some Tyranids. Them not being any kind of military kind of frees up what you can do with them paint wise and using inspiration from nature can be really cool. Maybe a leopard style Nid army, maybe a bumblebee, maybe a shark style army and add fins and gills... You can really do a lot of crazy shit. The ranged combat of Tau kind of interests me but pretty much Nids are the only NPC race I'd consider at the moment.

>> No.56456660

Thorpe has been pretty clear that the Lion is loyal too

>> No.56456684

SoB Imagifer be like

>> No.56456686

Like this

>> No.56456695

>Only if you read Thorpe's shitty fan fiction and take it seriously. In which case, neck yourself.
>getting this upset
calm down man
i also don't know which shitty fanfiction you are talking about gav wrote a bunch for DA. he wrote a bunch.
no what i'm referring to it i think a period around the time before the warddex. 3-5e, i can't remember where i got it from though.

>> No.56456702

The only thing Thorpe had made clear is that BL have no fucking standards whatsoever.

>> No.56456703

>Implying implications
Begone, bug.

>> No.56456721

Ill be honest i wonder why the Blood Angels haven't developed a Dreadnought with a jump pack and golden wings.

>> No.56456734

Because 4 ogryn are infantry and you can kick them out of a Valkyrie.

>> No.56456736


>> No.56456737

Everything Thorpe wrote was piss poor quality and he was one of the writers that popularised the hackneyed 'but was Luther really the bad guy ?' Schtick in fallen angels or whatever his early 40k book was called.

>> No.56456759

you talking about Astelan?

>> No.56456764

They always were and we didn't need him to tell us.

>> No.56456772

I have the book what do you want

>> No.56456777

The fluff is kinda cool from a 'moving the setting forwards without really changing much' standpoint, & I really like Yvraine's design up to the top of her head

>> No.56456805

Damn that pic is good

Inspires me to make a my own neo-nazi elf fluff

>> No.56456809

I'm ok with this round of updates to faqs because I don't run death fag elves... I do however run glorious swooping hawks which get a double bubble bird dump jump

>> No.56456810

>implying GW does
now those were travesties

yeah i don't know which one you are referring

>> No.56456817


Are there still secrets for DA to explore? It seems with every DA BL release they still play up the secrets angles but what is there left to explore?

Also doesn't any one else think its funny that the traitors thing for DA is such a big deal when the HH series revealed that pretty much every loyalist legion had traitors? That really takes the wind out of things for the DA

>> No.56456827

Fucking rekt

Good riddance

>> No.56456833

I personally don't care much for named characters. What irritates me with 7th ed Blood Angels and 8th ed SM is not having the Chapter Master unit. I didn't make my own chapter just to not have anything higher than a Captain leading it. Kinda got the short end of the stick against my buddy, Mortarion's alive and well but ol Sanguinius is kill and I have negative zero intention of buying Girlyman. I want to use my Cap in Gravis as My Dude but as much as I love how he looks, I don't care much for his wargear.

>> No.56456842

fucked if i know i don't read DA books generally
i think angel of darkness was it and it was okay

>> No.56456843

She should have been Lady Malys, you'd barely have to change the model and you could have kicked off something interesting with the Kabals getting mixed up in Craftworld affairs and stuff.
She has the wierd sword and razor fan, and a suitably pimped-out dress.

Model is great, storyline is meh at best.

>> No.56456858

So we're a group of 4 guys getting into the hobby. Right now everyone's got about 750 pts with about a third of it being painted. We haven't got any real terrain yet and our battlefield is usually scattered with cardboard boxes and empty beer-cans in different constellations. We're having a great time. But right now we are discussing if we should spend some money (and a lot of time) on terrain or push for 1500 pts each. What do you guys think?

>> No.56456862

So, miniwargaming is retarded af, chaos long haired dude can't put together a decent list for shits sake and the googles guy (matt ?) is a guy i'd never play against for any reason whatsoever.
But what about tabletop tactics ? Been watching one of their recent vids and it looked fucking solid
Sould I watch other dudes ? Im looking for good batreps on youtube but between camerashakers and sperglords I havent found much :/

>> No.56456863


Kombi-Rokkit is useless, only kombi weapon worth using is a Kombi-Skorcha.

Power Klaws in the Nobz squads would probably be your next target to go. Replace with Big Choppas. PKs are just grossly overpriced for what they do, and Big Choppas work out as more cost effective. If you can, find a way to get maximum ammo runts into your Nob squads; they function beautifully as ablative wounds for your Nobz.

Overall however the list will do pretty poorly. Your Walkers will get blasted off the table in short order and you've given your opponent the perfect mix of infantry and heavies; he can use his anti-infantry guns to destroy your small Boyz squad and his heavy guns to smash your Nobz and Walkers. Orks are very much all or nothing; there's no point taking a mix, you go all one way or the other. Of course, if we're talking effectiveness, then nothing beats the following composition at 1k points:

2 Patrol Detachments

Warboss w/Big Choppa, Attack Squig: 55
30 x Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa: 189
30 x Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa: 189
30 x Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa: 189
30 x Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa: 189
3 x Weirdboy: 186

Total: 997

>> No.56456867

I honestly love the fluff of the Dark Imperium for fleshing out a GSC. Mine revolves around a cult that replaced the imperial creed as the ruling power on multiple planets in a system.

They're consolidating power, not realising that the hive fleet tendril that was aimed at them was swallowed by the scar

So they're alone, but building in strength, with a following made up of plenty of uninfected, no -hypnotised people

>> No.56456869

>same points as Veneomthropes
>better in every single regard

Why is Forgeworld unable to release fun rules, and why should I play against FW models if I don't field any?

>> No.56456870

Now prepare for people doing the op option of autarch with reaper launcher and sniper warlord trait.

2+ rerolling to hit, 2 shots. S5 ap-2, D2, can sniper characters.
He also has a buff aura, and can choose to shoot it as a crack missile.

>> No.56456872

Welp, given that Vostroyans are mostly sold out, and only Cadians get put in any boxes with actual savings, what can I do to give them a unique look? I know there's plenty of conversion bits out there, but I want suggestions for overall aesthetics.

>> No.56456881

Oh wait it's a book? I was just looking for more pictures and fluff bits so I can think about making a list based around it. Maybe a GSC to go with it.

>> No.56456888

>if we should spend some money (and a lot of time) on terrain
small point games are comfy. i really suggest making discount terrain pieces and shit

>> No.56456896

WHAT DO YOU mean by safe?

>> No.56456897

It's also really nice to see a new faction that isn't more space marines. Like holy fuck they're actually starting a new faction of Eldar. FW has basically abandoned non-HH armies so actually getting new units let alone a new faction as a xenos is a fucking miracle. The last release eldar got was the 6e codex shit. This was huge. Fucking GW of course ruins it by aborting the line after gathering storm. I did all I fucking could and as usual it wasn't enough.

>> No.56456899

Buy a primarch and a knight

>> No.56456902

Yeah, it’s the Invasion Swarms painting guide.

>> No.56456916

they are gone, locked away dead.

>> No.56456924

Something like that, you have Celestine's thing be that she has a better version of that rule, which could easily be "The first time this model dies, return it to play with 1d3 wounds remaining."

>> No.56456929 [SPOILER] 

>>a big reason why I played my army was to be the only one playing during both player turns

>> No.56456933

Alright, need names for a Neo-Nazi Eldar Craftworld

>> No.56456941

yah the DA really kind of lost their schtick with the whole scouring thing. Really the only difference between them and the other legions is that their traitorous brethren are still around and they never know when or where they'll show up. Well that and the Arrogant fucks hold themselves to a higher standard than every one else so they consider the existence of DA traitors doubly shameful. (interestingly in Will of Iron it states that DA are the only chapter who had member go rogue so it gets more confusing)

>> No.56456942

Hay man, i bought the damn thing back when it was an over priced zoan, i deserve to have fun with it now

>> No.56456947

grab a set of empire great swords if you want that old world feel.
grab some skit for cybernetics
grab some GSC for some void outfits.
and grab some more empire stuff honestly

>> No.56456951

So fucking much this. We didn't get Malys because of this cunt.

>> No.56456955

Stirofoam and cardboard packing material can look like really cool terrain if you use it right.

>> No.56456963

>Invasion Swarms painting guide
Do you know if that's in one of the mega's?

>> No.56456965

Why wouldn't you just make a battalion at that point...

>> No.56456969

I thought Ynnari were a cool idea and while the story out for them at the time I came back to 40k had its problems (particularly with Yvraine) it could be fixed by taking things more slowly after Gathering Storm. Then they decided to release Ghost Warrior which was awful and the most recent rules change doesn't really make it worth giving all your elves the Ynnari tag, they're better off without it (especially Dark Eldar and Harlequins). I think they can still be saved, it will just have to be the fans that do it because I'm not sure GW knows what they want to do with them.

>> No.56456972

Because then no one would play any other chapter but BA. That said, I fucking love that idea.

>> No.56456975

Boo Tliké

>> No.56456982


>> No.56456985

>Orks are very much all or nothing; there's no point taking a mix, you go all one way or the other
Fuck, that's sad. I wanted to go with Orks because I like models and fluff desu - I'm not a competitive player at all. On the other hand I don't like swarm armies other than Nids so maybe I should try my chance with other army. Anyway, thank you for your help

>> No.56456988

Even that is too complicated for the "Too retarded to kit bash" moron that GW envisioned to be their target audience.

>> No.56456999

When the noise marine kits finally arrive.

>> No.56457000

Are Dark Angels germans? Think about it: they constantly seek reppentance for things they didnt do and they are hunting down their own members who did a bad thing.

>> No.56457012

The Ynnari brought Girlyman back to life...

>> No.56457024

At last I truly see.

>> No.56457030


Can't fit all 4 HQs in.


Oh by all means play them the way you want. I've got more than 10,000 points of painted Orks and they're my first and only army, been playing them for 10 years and I love them. But they are in a pretty atrocious place right now; we've basically got a monobuild based around Boyz and smite spam. The only differences you'll see with that are incorporating a Giant Squiggoth from FW, and maybe some Big Trakks with Supa Skorchas. Try and run a balanced list like yours and you'll lose 95% of the time against even Index armies. Against Codex armies it's more or less an auto-lose.

>> No.56457031

>I was always least happy endlessly re-treading codexes on Space Marines. -- Andy Chambers

Man, how much better would 40k be if he'd stayed on board?

>> No.56457039


>> No.56457041


>> No.56457043

im going to hot glue my noise marines when new slaanesh stuff arrives in 2018 in honor of he/she/it.

>> No.56457045 [SPOILER] 

>implying they didn't steal the thunder from a true loyalist

>> No.56457048

That analogy would work if Germans kept rounding up holocaust deniers and putting them into concentration camps.

>> No.56457056

>Eldar almost always broken
>GW h-hates everything n-non marine
that NPC complex

>> No.56457060

i mean the camp's prison right?

>> No.56457064


some fa/tg/uy will touch your minis by accident and get AIDS, please don't

>> No.56457068

Much better. We would have avoided the newcrons, Primarchs would have remained mythological figures. We would have avoided bullshit legalese names like Astra Militarum, and the Gathering Storm would have been written in a much sounder way.

>> No.56457077

>some fa/tg/uy will touch your minis by accident and get AIDS
He said in honer of slaanesh not nurgle.

>> No.56457085

Go Enclaves anyways

>> No.56457088

run multiple detachment, the rules were written this way for a reason.

because GW are basically jews and want you to buy more kits

>> No.56457109

.... yes, angry space Germans

>> No.56457110

Actually why the fuck not? Space Yiffs have their own dreadnought, why the fuck can't Blood Angels have a Sanguinary Dreadnought with some kind of Encarmine greatsword and a jump pack? It'd be glorious

>> No.56457111

It would be glorious, An army of crazy robots flying around on jet packs of fire.

>> No.56457116

and their style is based around Teutonic orders anyway no?

>> No.56457122

>Try and run a balanced list like yours and you'll lose 95% of the time against even Index armies. Against Codex armies it's more or less an auto-lose.
Alright, now I'm sure I should not spend my money on this Stormclaw box I found. I'm not a waacfag but running an auto-tabled list doesn't seem to be fun desu. Shame that we still have no official kill team rules and there is no players in my LGS willing to play Operation Konor with me.

>> No.56457125

We already have those.

>> No.56457128

If you want a flying Dreadnought, just stick pic related in a Stormraven.

>> No.56457131

Getting can't write rules for shit.
But they'll keep putting out 50 flavors of Marines.
So yes, they love Marines and only Marines.

Eldar get broken because they don't pay enough attention to keep their rules under control.

>> No.56457132

don't you guys have at least 2-3 dredd variants anyway

those are foreign legionnaires

>> No.56457142

Were ynnari that good or was it just Harlequins with the ynnari rules that were op ? Could they not have nerfed them instead ?

>> No.56457143

The only disease Slaanesh spreads is the one of ecstasy and pleasure.

>> No.56457146

We took one of them from the Thousand sons.

>> No.56457148

So Tau?

>> No.56457149

They've been heavily encouraging kit bashing in the codexes, though.

I think they just realize ezmode babbys first models are good for getting people past the initial pay/skill wall and into the hobby.

>> No.56457152

In what way or Kriegers foreign legionnaires?

>> No.56457153

including the pleasure and physical experience of feeling a horrible disease

>> No.56457155

I wish they were written just a tad more human than how they currently are.

>> No.56457160

I ran into that problem. Decided to just wing it & type some fluff up ad-lib & see where it went.

It went to Enclaves.

>> No.56457161


this is how you get newcrons anon, don't

>> No.56457176

What has been the most awkward or uncomfortable 40k game you've played? Awkward and uncomfortable LGS/GW stories welcome as well.

>Playing against a guy
>Family consisting of two parents and two boys comes in
>Parents are curious about what it is since their boys like video games
>Manager is explaining to them what the hobby is
>One boy is politely looking at the games going on and asking about the models
>The other one won't stop picking up our models and using them as action figures and then putting them down in random places and on other tables
>Kind of cute, but kind of annoying too
>Tell the boy he should ask before he touches someone's things
>The mom apologizes and basically repeats what I said
>The boy continues to do it
>Takes my opponent's Rockgrinder and rams it into my Rhino chipping the paint a bit and sending the Rhino into other models
>Raise my voice and tell him that was he did was rude
>The mom comes back to apologize again
>He comes back and grabs at the models again
>This time I push away his hands before he can grab them
>He starts whining about how I touched him
>The dad yanks him by the arm and pulls him outside
>You can loudly and clearly hear the dad yelling at the kid
>Uncomfortable shop silence with occasional dice rolling while listening to the yelling
>They come back in and end up doing a demo game and then painting free models
>Can occasionally hear the one kid sniffling and trying not to cry too loudly

>> No.56457180

Fine Angry Space Teutons then

>> No.56457182

Anon we are trying to make Wacky fun Dreadnought ideas.

>> No.56457190

No humanity is the point though, if they had some than they wouldn't be krieg.

>> No.56457198

That's sisters of battle, goofball.

>> No.56457202

Just a bit more standing on the edge, and just a little less automatons cosplaying as space WW1 soldiers would be nice, anon.

>> No.56457208

Germans are gay?

>> No.56457223


>> No.56457227

I gotta say, radical crystal cleric grandpa is a fun character.

>> No.56457230

I know. I love them, I just ordered a whole paltoon of them to start a small army.
I just wish they could be tad more relatable. Actually, that's why I prefer their description in Imperial armour to the stuff written by Lyons. It's more moderate, and more believable.

>> No.56457238

It is not in any of the megas. Fortunately I have found it for you.

Unfortunately trying to post a link gets me an error message saying that 4chan thinks it’s spam. Vk has it though, thank the Russians.

>> No.56457242

surely they're templars?

>> No.56457244


>tfw got 2 firing squads and 1 command squad for 150 bucks off ebay

damn shame the command squad isn't that good, i want the named marshal for fluff

>> No.56457251

What kit is this?

>> No.56457254

Honestly sounds like pretty good parents adapting rapidly and politely to a new environment.

>> No.56457255

Take Imperial armor over anything else it's the closest to a 1st party source. Also remember they are still your dudes so go with which lore for them makes you feel the best.

>> No.56457272

They take points from teutonic knights as well, but I admit it is reaching a bit.

>> No.56457273

Templars are pre-war DA are post-war

>> No.56457274

>In what way or Kriegers foreign legionnaires?
I'm looking at the kit, the plates and helmet are mostly germanic (also the name) but the uniforms are more inline with the franks
they aren't as clear as say the steel legion which is very VERY clearly fallschirmjager down to the webbing.
but there is definitely french in them

>> No.56457290

That honestly sounds like the kid doesnt get out enough and that a social hobby would do wonders for his behaviour.

Also you acted more calm than I would have.

>> No.56457310

Damn, I guess you're right. We do have DC, Libro, and Furioso... Although a Furioso is just a dread with two hands and a DC is just an angry Furioso. My urge to make a dreadnought army is slowly but surely growing.. Only have a Furioso now but I ordered another to make as a Libro and I might as well get a DC to complete the trio. I hope the codex brings good things.

>> No.56457323

>Vk has it though
I have no idea how to navigate this site. Still though, now that I know what it's called maybe I can find it somewhere.

>> No.56457324

but he steel legion wear mustard trenchcoats not camo lederhosen

>> No.56457325

If you have a discord I can just send it to you over through there, https://discord.gg/YwmYRt just say you’re looking for the Toast Man

>> No.56457327

If cash was no object, a Scions army using the Solar Auxillia kits mixed with some drills and cutting gear. Make them look like a boarding team in void gear.
Marines for use in Space, if you will.

>> No.56457330

>implying he didn't have ten thousand years to find a solution beforehand.

>> No.56457349

Have you seen a magos at work if he is given a second project to work on he will work on it as soon as the first was finished, doesn't matter which one will take longer.

>> No.56457354

Hey do you think that the tables at gw stores are raised up slightly higher than flgs average tables might actually be an intentional corporate decision to avoid conflict between customers and unleashed children?

>> No.56457360

Ravenwing Dreadnought, shit rides on a huge ass bike.

>> No.56457385

I never implied any such thing.

I'm talking about the one where they capture a fallen angel and he's all 'let me tell you what really happened'. Unreliable narrator or not, good pathetic attempts to be clever indirectly contributed to the tiresome memes.

>> No.56457387

Thats the right way to look at it, I think.

>> No.56457390

I’m 99% sure that fallen was Cypher or Astelan.

>> No.56457391


Strength From Death was great for certain units but it overwrote a lot of other great mechanics.
Rising Crescendo, Power From Pain and to a lesser extent Battle Focus are all great features that made soulburst not quite a straight upgrade except for in the Waaciest lists.

Now that it's trash the other powers are straight up better which means taking the Yncarne is a penalty so no need to ever use him. You can also now take a craftworld warlord, with relics and traits and still take detachment of your favourite harlequins with Rising Crescendo and Dark Eldar with Power From Pain, without the 500pts of Ynarri tax.

>> No.56457396

Currently using the Victoria Miniatures Custodian heads/greatcoats/flak jackets for a kind of cyberpunk/authoritarian police look. I'm not a brilliant painter but the kits turned out really well. Would recommend.

>> No.56457398

Kudos to the parents actually parenting, I work in the service industry and such a thing is unheard of.

>> No.56457421

Or it's just a coffin controlling a giant motor-murder-cycle that's covered in plasma blasters and has power blade wheels

>> No.56457423

That was Astelan and even Gav is like "why would trust a Fallen?"

>> No.56457436

trench coats are cooler than lederhosen
Okay then, they have the webbing of the FSJ and then they have the heer helmet a great coat from who gives a fuck grenadier
(strike that they might have worn greatcoats in the ardennes offensive

>> No.56457452

The Enclaves was a social movement for the Tau, Farsight isnt the only one who strayed from the T'au but he was the first successful one. I'm sure he would like an ally colony anon

>> No.56457461

how about
>they Kradschützen in tanks!
and have done with it?

>> No.56457467

>I'm talking about the one where they capture a fallen angel and he's all 'let me tell you what really happened'
i mean that sounds like the first portion of maybe angels of darkness god it's bee years.
so i can't help you
>good pathetic attempts to be clever indirectly contributed to the tiresome memes.
this is confusing me greatly.
>tiresome memes
i think it's fine, hell i wonder why there weren't more primarchs were opportunistic during the HH

>> No.56457470

Those are some great parents, honestly. The average parent these days would have ignored your concerns and lost their shit at you for touching their kid while he destroys your shit.

>> No.56457483

Would be pretty rad to see a scout/rifleman light dreadnought in the style of pic related with jump jets and smoke launchers. Support scouts and stuff. Very raven guard

>> No.56457491

slipped my mind.
i always thought about them regarding the webbing anyway.

>> No.56457503

It's the same in retail. The general rule is if the parent acts like a child then you can expect the child to act like the spawn of Satan himself. Sadly I've worked both retail and service and have seen and heard some shit. One particularly haunting story was this one lady who brought her kid in to the shoe store I worked at and just let the shit fucker do whatever he wanted while she tried on shoes. Apparently one of the things said shit licker wanted to do was run down the aisle, both arms extended, knocking down every display in arm's reach.

In service though I guess it's worse since your money depends on their mood. I hate it when a dick licker parent lets their kid run the show and throw a tantrum if they don't like their food. Then they get all angry at you and expect you to do something to appease their child "can't you get him more (costly ingredient)? this (kid's portion) is small for my obviously-not-still-a-child, can we get another one but with some actual food on the plate this time?"

>> No.56457512

not them, but I liked facing and playing ynnari because unlike every single other army you had to think about more than just "what are his deadliest units?" and focus those. You had to consider that they could soulburst off their units dying so mindlessly murdering could backfire. Really the only army in the game that made you think.

>> No.56457524

A giant murdercycle with two power fists on the sides?

>> No.56457529

About the only reason to use them now is a single power unit you can use word of the phoenix on.

>> No.56457530

If I play a Knight in a superheavy detachment, alongside an IG army, can I use the AdMech stratagem allowing me to fight with the Knight using his full health profile ? The fact that this stratagem is marked as being an AdMech/Questor Imperialis stratagem confuses me.

>> No.56457538

I'm so glad I've never had to work service or retail. I've worked in warehouses for years and only have to deal with retarded coworkers and shit managers. I couldn't even imagine dealing with customers and their fucking kids on top of it, although I may have to since I just quit my job yesterday.

>> No.56457545

surely they'd just wire the corpse into a Nephilim?

>> No.56457561

yes so long as the knight is a Questor Mechanicus one

>> No.56457562


>> No.56457566

This is actually an idea id like to see. light vehicles that arent shitty land speeders are really missing in the SM army.

>> No.56457572


This is why I enjoyed playing Ynarri, it added another layer of depth to the game for me other than who had the most rerolls. I'll still be running a soup of dark Eldar and harlequins just now I won't take the Yncarne or Yvraine (like I always wanted).

>> No.56457582

You need a pure Admech detachment to use those stratagems.
Oddly enough I do not recall a detachment that has LoW.
Meaning GW is retarded or you need a Admech Detachment along your auxiliary one for it to work

>> No.56457588

>shitty land speeders

>> No.56457595


Agreed, a small Ynarri detachment with a strong shooter, strong fighter and strong Psyker. Ideas on a postcard.

>> No.56457599

>accidentally a whole legion
It was just a prank bro

>> No.56457601

>good parenting/10
>anon reacted politely and calmly/10
>situation resolved quietly and easily/10
Kudos, anon.

>> No.56457606

Fuck yeah
But then how will he be satisfied in death while mashing enemies to paste with motorcycle fists? An immortal plane is no way to treat honored heroes, that's the filthy xenos way.

>> No.56457624

I like land speeders too, but they're... pretty shitty. Too expensive, too fragile, not enough fire power.

>> No.56457635

I don't particularly want to play Eldar but their flyers are the sex

>> No.56457637

A superheavy auxiliary is a detachment consisting of a single LoW. It doesn't cost or add CPs to your army. So Technically, the Knight would be in a 100% Questor Mechanicus detachment.

I guess all Knights are being played as QM rather than QI as long as there isn't a Codex QI with more unique stratagems and house doctrines.

>> No.56457642


You do know you can upgrade your captain to master with a cp right?

>> No.56457646

Almost none of the MWG staff can remember the rules of a game they play almost every day either. The one fat guy they have who plays DAngels is a pretty decent guy and his batreps are good but the rest of them are meh. Honestly it's hard to find good batreps on youtube, 90% of them have zero production value so you're left with camera shaking and no or bad camera cuts with people who just aren't used to being on camera. MWG actually has the opposite problem - their channel has great production value in comparison to the rest of 40k players on youtube and they're at least used to being on camera, but they suck at the actual fucking game.

>> No.56457649

You need the Admech keyword is I recall correctly and the knight do not have it.

>> No.56457652

God they were great back in 5e when they dropped glancing
and you're likely right for this edition

>> No.56457666

Wherever you end up working just make sure you deal exclusively with adults. I just recently got a 9-5 salary office job and I feel like some kind of third world refugee coming to a first world country. My last job (service) was so mentally and physically exhausting, a fucking 4 hour shift felt like a full 8 hours at other jobs I worked and it's basically nonstop work. This job I get an HOUR lunch break, holidays off, hell the founder and CEO even gives us days off from time to time just because he fucking feels like it and since most of us are salary it's basically paid vacation.

>> No.56457685

So here's the thing:

I play Dangles, but want to have my cake and eat it too when it comes to some of the toys regular SM gets. If I ran a Dangles detachment, for all that stuff, would I be a human piece of shit if I ran a SM detachment for the SM units, but painted them in the same scheme as my Dangles (homebrew successors). I wouldn't use Raven Guard rules, if that makes it better.

>> No.56457688

Every day now, huh? You keep trying to get attention or something with this same horseshit. Fucking kill yourself already and stop posting

>> No.56457691

That's a bit strange, then. There are only two detachments that can have LoWs. One is the superheavy auxiliary detachment, which has 1 LoW, and the other is the superheavy detachment, which has 3-5 LoWs.

That means that, however I deploy the Knights, whatever army they're played with, they'll still be in a detachment where no one has the Admech keyword. However, Machine Spirit resurgent specically says it can be used on Knights. I might be missing something.

>> No.56457695

Go away Akko.

>> No.56457696

................You're bullshittin me

>> No.56457698


I wrote a quick description of every playable faction in the game, doing my best to remain as impartial as I could and avoiding memes.


>> No.56457702

The supreme command has a LoW slot.

>> No.56457706

Only if you are Codex marines as of right now. But yes you can make them Chapter Masters for CP

>> No.56457713

I gave them a good try, but was pretty underwhelmed. Dual heavy flamer speeder could barely kill a catachan command squad of five dudes and can't tank the return fire. The other options are heavy penalty, negating the movement utility, and they're just too pricey to act suicidal. I would only use one for the whirlwind spotter stratagem.

The one useful thing I can say is they actually count as two tactical marines in melee with ws3+ they can be kind of useful to shoot one unit and charge another.

>> No.56457721

>I wrote a quick description of every playable faction in the game, doing my best to remain as impartial as I could
Oh nice

>and avoiding memes.

>> No.56457723

>blood angels
u wot?

>> No.56457730

No idea. But I recall the need of the Admech keyword for the stratagem, knight do not have it.
It could be easier just to read the Admech codex stratagem and the knight datasheet and see.

>> No.56457731

:/ hmmm generally so long as it's obvious what's what I'd let it slide. How are you going to differentiate you're DA from your <chapter> marines?

>> No.56457733

In order to use the strategems you just need an admech detachment.

>> No.56457748

Now that I reread the admech codex, it seems that the stratagem is actually "cast" by the AdMech portion on an army, even though its effects can actually affect a Knight who doesn't have that keyword. It's a really strange stratagem, usually they can only affect units that can "cast" them.

So, strangely enough, a Knight in an IG ary could use the stratagem improving its shields, but not machine spirit resurgent.

>> No.56457749

would you rather I wrote the ork breakdown entirely in orkspeak, necrons and admech in binary, spend the entire dark angels blurb talking about how they're traitors, the space wolves going on about their love of knots, and leave the alpha legion section blank?

>> No.56457750

I am certain they will give us this ability in our codex anon. Just have to be patient.

>> No.56457751

So it's like 7th ed where for absolutely no reason I can't have a Blood Angels chapter master.

>> No.56457758

that's a shame they were always a nice toy to use before the new HW upgrades.
I wanted to go for a flying circus list in HH at some point with javelins, land speeders and shit.
but even then you'd get shot out of the sky

>> No.56457762

That is the part I do not recall.
Could you have a super Imperium Friends?
Like pure Admech detachment, pure SoB and random Knight? And still get the Admech special powers?

>> No.56457767

Is the avatar of khaine worth it?

>> No.56457770

Scratch-build your terrain. Take cardboard, construction paper, scissors, glue, a box cutter, and some paint, and build your own terrain.

While a good board can make games feel cooler, the GW terrain isn't worth the money when you have your own imagination and an internet's worth of tutorials to make authentic-ish terrain out of cardboard and styrofoam.

>> No.56457776

Tyranid players - does anyone actually like the Swarmlord model? It's waay too weeny. Pic related, my conversion standing next to a normal Tyrant. At least now I have a reason to paint him, he's finally good.

>> No.56457777

Is there any way to balance out the disparity between command points faction to faction?

A marine list will struggle to get 6-7 cp in 2000, but a guard list can easily get a brigade's worth or more.

>> No.56457782

the admech detachment needs to be pure admech to get admech stratagems/forge world bonuses.

not so far as I've heard. shitty, old model too.

>> No.56457784

Yes as long as the detachments are pure you get everything.

>> No.56457793

It's fun, but not especially great.

It's not awful though, so you'll be fine using it in casual games. The new stratagem makes it pretty survivable if you can hang onto CP's too

>> No.56457794


>> No.56457800

Fair enough.
Imperium Super Friends is back. Granted not as easy and cool as Castellans of the Imperium, but is something

>> No.56457820

Just standardise the number of CP's everyone gets if it's an issue in your group.

>> No.56457829

Is this a good deal?

>> No.56457830

>no orbital strike
Aww, I loved making my friend sweat buckets potentially erasing a unit at the very start of combat. Haven't really entered the domain of vehicles yet with my friend, as it is I have my Furioso and he has a Predator and a Hellbrute so a Primaris Rhino or w/e isn't in the works yet. I might need to invest in getting us a table since there aren't as many options using his dining room table.

>> No.56457831

What no miscellaneous xenos?

>> No.56457842

dual heavy flamer? Pretty sure that isn't a thing
Also BS4+ isn't that bad for a mobile heavy weapons platform

>> No.56457845

I had enough people bitch that I separated all of them.

>> No.56457846

Blood Angels codex had TWO chapter masters actually.

>> No.56457847

Orbital strike is also a strategem now.

>> No.56457850

Uhh...That's how it's supposed to be. That's how it's intended. You filthy marines can't get fucking everything.

>> No.56457851

Play IG, it’s current year no one should play marines by now

>> No.56457852

I remember having to play on a table like that, but that was many moons ago. Now I have my own table and mat for at home games.

>> No.56457857

I mean a Your Dudes successor chapter chapter master

>> No.56457860

Both Dante and Seth are in the Index.

>> No.56457868

Not my fault Magnus couldn't take a joke.

>> No.56457874

I think that they should kind of equalize Command points to what units you have. Something Like IG has weaker units but can get tons of CP but something like GK should have stronger units but very little CP and strategic use of CP can mean win or lose.

>> No.56457881

That will probably come with the codex.

>> No.56457883

are you the only person who bought FoW great war stuff?

>> No.56457887

>every game has trenches on half the battlefield
I assume you have more tiles you can alternate in?

>> No.56457890

Well the only SM units would be the ones that Dangles can't take period. To be specific, Thunderfire Cannons. If I fielded Devastators, Tactical Marines, or anything the two factions share, they'd be Dark Angels. I also wouldn't use SM units that are similar to Dangles, even if they function differently. For example, no Sterguard Veterans, or Land Raiders that DA doesn't already have. If I use Terminators or Bikers, they'd be Deathwing and Ravening, respectively.

>> No.56457892

It's complaints like this gaining traction that have made it so all the armies are losing their flavor slowly over time. Eventually they'll all be the same and we'll all be playing identical units that all do the same thing.
Space Marines, eventually all we'll be playing is Space Marines.

>> No.56457905

Sounds reasonable.

>> No.56457908

It's slightly cheaper that if you bought all the units separately. It's the closest thing to a deal you can have with the Full jeWs.

>> No.56457911

I don't...what? That's how it is now...
except for the fact that GK aren't strong. Choose a better example.

>> No.56457917

Marines have been the same shit since for ever.
GW and marine players have been playing super pretend about different paint makes a totally different army. To the point we had rules for that now.

>> No.56457924

No it's not, is it?

IG units are great, but they also get a heap of CP easily

>> No.56457930

>faction traits being handed out to everyone, not just marines
>armies are losing their flavoy slowly over time

retard alert

>> No.56457934

I just really like the foorslogging Hive Tyrant model.
As for size, I personally think its pretty perfect
>large enough to make a fantastic centerpiece
>towers over normal HQs like Terminator or SM Captains
>not a XBAWKS huge model like the new "Primarch"-tier things GW has been releasing (mortarion, magnus, new lord of change, all those huge AOS crapshits)
>can actually be transported

>> No.56457936

I'd probably allow it so long as you'd organised them into detachments properly. That said by next Month you may have access to the new kit anyway

>> No.56457943

I really need to start playing the game for real and read up on this shit... Right now I pretty much play a knock-off Purge The Alien where we pick a point limit, set up as we please on opposite sides of the table, and then proceed to murder each other's units until one of us gives up or loses all their models. Not the worst but it basically leaves out 2/3 of the game in regards to victory points and objectives.

>> No.56457944

>color coded rules are “diversity”
Yeah right

>> No.56457956

What did you make the left out of?

>> No.56457959

I meant thats how it should be not how it is.

>> No.56457967

Were the Emperor's Children not good for shit back in the days of the Heresy?

I read they were out brutalizing civilians while the Sons of Horus, Iron Warriors, World Eaters Death Guard and renegade Imperial Army were doing the bulk of the fighting.

And since the Legion broke down, does that mean stealing their stuff if you were a rival legion would have been easy?

Likewise, are there likely still Land Raiders and Astartes vehicles in the old renegade Imperial Army units that followed Horus into treason?

>> No.56457972

Nevermind I'm an idiot.

>> No.56457975


>> No.56457990

wtf, normies out reeeeee

>> No.56457996

>he doesn't know what diversity nor color coded means
holy shit! Were you born this stupid or did it take a lifetime of hard work huffing paint, eating glue, and banging your head against things?

>> No.56457998


The Swarmlord model is great. He's what a hive tyrant SHOULD look like.

>> No.56458001

I for one enjoy being able to play Gunline Guard Cadians and Vostroyans, then switch to Infantry horde Mordians and Valhallans, then try out some mechanized Tallern and Armageddon, before wrapping up my day with Armored Catachans.

IG is great. You can take our conscripts, but you'll never take...OUR FLUFFINESS!

...Until next edition. But let's not talk about that just yet.

>> No.56458004

The comments were a lot better than I thought they'd be at least.

>> No.56458007

It's mostly because while Fulgrim was probably one of the best primarchs to rebel he was doing his own shit and really didn't answer to Horus. Pretty much everyone that rebelled was useless, it's a big problem that the most reliable and trustworthy primarch to Horus was Mortarion.

>> No.56458016

>censored Morty's eyes
Prime kek

>> No.56458029

Well if I didn't put them in separate detachments, that'd be cheating. I just wanted to have a homebrew chapter that has some of the cool SM stuff too. And I'm gonna wait to see what the codex has before I buy any SM stuff anyway.

>> No.56458030

I think it's because even normies know that most people on here are too busy arguing about FW doors to be neo-nazis.

>> No.56458037

so the poster was as unpopular on there as on here then

>> No.56458038

Those squads of guardsmen are kind of a shit show. two forced grenade launchers and two forces flamers, as well as two forced power swords are a bit of a turn off.

On another note, whats the current stance on grenade launchers? They are my favorite shit in about any setting and i love them in 40k, despite finding them under-powering at times.

>> No.56458043

They didn't sensor his eyes; they're covering them up so his fragile young mind isn't corrupted by the stupid.

>> No.56458051


I thought Perturabo was trust worthy, but his Legion's grinding attrition and siege machinery made them ill suited to multiple roles.

> Mortarion.

Speaking of which, what did he look like after Typhus's betrayal of the Legion in the Warp?

I read he tried to recruit the Khan to his cause, but I doubt he'd look all the presentable given I'm guessing he looks like an over sized Plague Marine.

>> No.56458074

Gotta keep his whining a secret, or else Typhus will be pissed, and we know who really is top dog out of the two

>> No.56458087

t. migrant cock lover

>> No.56458096

A missile launcher and heavy bolter is 130 points on a six wound t5 model.

It's not great. You could spend 5 more points and get 4 missile devastators that can make use of cover, benefit from chapter tactics, etc.

>> No.56458098

If Im not mistaken the legion's corruption happens in transit to Terra so all throughout the Heresy DG look normal until they assault Terra and they're all Nurgle'd.

>> No.56458103

In general it's a problem when Pert and Morty are the best guys on your team, a fact that Horus lamented a lot.

>> No.56458112

Isn't that just biel-tan? What a useless shit poster.

>> No.56458117


Word Bearers did a good job stomping on the Ultramarines and splitting the galaxy apart with warp storms, they would have killed Guilliman if it wasn't for the stupidity of one of their commanders.

Iron Warriors and World Eaters contributed a lot to the siege of Terra even if Perturabo and Angron were bargain bin primarchs.

Death Guard certainly were the most reliable traitor legion after the actual Sons of Horus. Emperor's Children and Night Lords were too psychotic, Alpha Legion were xenos sympathizers who kept everything secret even from Horus.

What was the role of the Thousand Sons in the heresy after the fall of Prospero? Was Magnus reluctant to help Horus even after selling his soul?

>> No.56458129

best loadout for chappie dread?

>> No.56458142

>What was the role of the Thousand Sons in the heresy after the fall of Prospero? Was Magnus reluctant to help Horus even after selling his soul?
I think old lore had them helping but I think it's been retconned to them brooding and arguing in the warp after the fall.

>> No.56458149

>Was Magnus reluctant to help Horus even after selling his soul?

Yes, Ahriman and his allies did join Horus and assaulted Terra but I'd wager a large portion of the legion waited the Heresy in their new planet and splinter groups stayed in realspace to fight.

>> No.56458150

They'd be fine if plasma wasn't only 2 points more.

>> No.56458163

So the World Eaters are priming up to assault Terra right? I wonder when the Angron model is coming.

>> No.56458200


Now I always thought Perturabo was one of the better Primarchs given he could effectively devise weapons of untold devastation and turn a can opener into a siege engine.

His temper and tendency to maul subordinates aside, he's also a bit of a better tactician than Angron and Mortarion isn't he?

I remember it being said that he both held and conquered the Emperor's Palace in a simulation.

I mean, if I could pick two Traitor brother Primarchs to have on my side, Perturabo and Magnus would be it given their talents.

>> No.56458201

I just want a new berzerker sculpt.

>> No.56458203

Venomthropes 2.0 and Neurothrope 2.0 would like a word

>> No.56458207

Rocks are not free, citizen!

>> No.56458212

>Was Magnus reluctant to help Horus even after selling his soul?
One of the fragments shows up as an astral projection during a war council in the Aurelian novella, but he doesn't do much other than go "wow Lorgar, you're totally baller now, people should definitely stop making fun of how pathetic you were in the First Heretic."

>> No.56458219

>he's also a bit of a better tactician than Angron and Mortarion isn't he?
I fucking hope he's a better tactician than Angron, the man who uses literally no tactics.

>> No.56458224

>FW models if I don't field any?
Because its still GW and not actually this separate satan worshiping company people like to think it is.

Also you play with tiny plastic and resin toys with other men. Get over yourself.

>> No.56458232

yfw they update everything else but the zerker sculpt.

>> No.56458246

Reminder that even Horus wanted to kill Angron.

>> No.56458254

People in real life view Pert the same way the other primarch viewed him, and that is with contempt because his legion always took the shit jobs.

>> No.56458256


the best load-out is 1 plasma per squad right?

>> No.56458264

I mean it won't effect me too badly since I'm converting AOS blood warriors into berzerkers incredibly slowly, but I'd still like them just to make my squad a bit more visually diverse.

>> No.56458267


I'm surprised they didn't get better about that Post Heresy.

Is Khorne not also the God of stratagem in warfare?

I mean, for a God who promotes close quarters combat and melee, he does seem to focus on some of the other aspects of warfare, as demonstrated by a lot of his Daemon Engines also being artillery and siege engines or having ranged weapons in general.

>> No.56458296

Khorne is about warfare in all its forms, strategy included, it's just the World Eaters aren't and they're the biggest Khorne posterboys in 40k. The Blood Pact do a good job showing Khorne's other aspects like strategy and use of more than just big axes to kill people, but they're not marines and nobody really cares about Chaos guard.

>> No.56458306

>Is Khorne not also the God of stratagem in warfare?

>> No.56458308

So I might be retarded but does that mean I can use the CSM Codex for my rubic? I only ask because the Codex entry is for elites not troops.

>> No.56458321


I kind of viewed him as an Artisan to be honest.

He's foul tempered, cantankerous and eccentric, but there was a point when he did mean well for the Imperium.

To me, it sounds like everyone else was just ungrateful.

I mean, what were the Iron Warrors doing that was really all that bad before the Heresy?

True they took a lot of jobs that were less than glamorous, but they did what needed to be done for the Imperium, and did it remarkably well from what I've read.

Besides, some of his brothers seemed more worthy of contempt than he himself did. I believe I recall it being said that prior to the Heresy, Kurze was known for lunacy and Fulgrim for doing "strange things" to his warriors, as the Khan put it.

>> No.56458327

IG units are great though. Even without Orders or Stratagems, IG units are point-for-point as good as pretty much everybody else's units, if not better.
Rather than tie it to the unit, make it so that the GK stratagems are stronger in that scenario.
>Is there any way to balance out the disparity between command points faction to faction?
Sure. Don't give the army that already has the easiest access to mass CP (Guard) multiple avenues to recoup them mid-game. Give all of the more elite armies ways to recoup them mid-game (GK and CSM lack these, SM only get it for Ultras). Make a middle ground detachment between the Battalion and the Brigade that gives +6 CP.

>> No.56458329

There was a chance for the Chaos Gods to be cool and have some depth. But, GW rather have the depth of English humor and the breath of the English channel while trying to say it is the Pacific Ocean.

>> No.56458338


>but they're not marines and nobody really cares about Chaos guard.

Didn't they make a big uproar about losing the option to have Traitor Guard?

>> No.56458345

Couldn't tell ya, I don't come here every day and these threads are constantly rotating out.

>> No.56458358

You definitely use the Codex point values. It's murky whether you use the Codex data-sheet (only difference is Codex can take 1 Soulreaper at 5 men).

The Index entry is also for Elites, it's the Thousand Sons rules that swap them to Troops.

>> No.56458359

That was all that mattered to most, a lot of the primarchs were huge glory seekers.

>> No.56458365

So...does this mean I can use a Storm Shield on my GK Librarian?

>> No.56458368

Hahaha, that was my post. Why do normies even take my shitposts seriously

>> No.56458375

Points tweaks are a Chapter Approved thing. Also the only one you can really fix that way is Bobby, Magnus has a bigger problem in the context of his interaction with Chaos Soup and increasing his cost enough to balance him around that will make him unplayable garbage in any other list.

>> No.56458377



>> No.56458379

could you in the index? if so, yes

>> No.56458428

the whole point is that the followers project their own philosophies onto their gods and so delude themselves and other into believing they're doing their gods bidding. In part that makes an interesting if somewhat tired statement about religion in general but it also pulls the story away from unknowable gods and back to people who fundamentally are more interesting and relateable anyway

>> No.56458437


>> No.56458480

ah did I trigger the poor snowflake?

>> No.56458481

GK used to take their librarian from SM but they have their own datasheet in the codex.

>> No.56458517

True, which allows for honorable Khorne followers who only kill those who carry a weapon and fight back. Which is neat. Not mindless berserkers slaughtering everything (though that is butchers nails), just people who are fighting back they will honorably fight back against. And those who stoop to cowardly tactics they will have no qualms of out right killing in a onesided fight (foe not friend, it is foolish to kneecap yourself). Then again, Crimson Slaughter is one of the best Chaos Warbands.

>> No.56458613

If I use 2 twin auto cannons on my Grey Knight Ven Dred, does it still get the 1 psychic power or is it stuck as a index one that can only use our gimped smite?

>> No.56458668

Suck a cock the nerf was needed.

>> No.56458675

Use the codex rules, you can take those autocannons since they are in the index, enjoy the psychic power, as the FAQ says.

>> No.56458716

Pretty much, right up until Khorne or one of his daemons takes an interest in you at which point whether you fight "honourably" or not becomes more down to their whims at that moment. What starts as a duelling club between gentlemen, becomes secret gladiator fights against archeo flagellants to "hunts" purging the underhive of undesirables to finally full on insurrection against the local arbite precinct who take a dim view of petty nobles massacring entire hab blocs

>> No.56458782


>> No.56459312


Three ?

Aof + normal = 2.

No unit can be selected twice for AOF.

>> No.56459347



>> No.56459525

Tell me more? My only knowledge of 'fexes come from facing them through 3rd-6th ed.

>> No.56459692

those are islamist neo-nazis

like the greenshirts in Bosnia and later USA

>> No.56459722

Croatia actually

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