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Thanks for the horcrux answer.

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Here's one thing, man. Mang. m80. Broham.

The thread will say "Yes" to literally anything and everything, even if you're asking them "hey guys, can I offer a genital-smashing for 50 CP?"

Get your own ass in gear and look at how something would fit into your jump before anything else.

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Do we have any other perks/items like Divine Vessel (Dies Irae), Barbadium Body (GoH), and Glittering Gold (Nier Automata)?

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Whew. For a moment there, I almost thought I was on /tg/.

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Hyper Armor from Majikoi?

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Well while I'm avoiding doing this anthro paper answer me this question anons.
What's your spectrum gonna be?

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What kind of combos can we build around a genital-smashing? Power from pain perks are obvious but anyone got something more flash?

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>DBZ Cell Perfect Form

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Personal Shield from NES Pack, Killing General Slaughtering Soldiers from Coiling Dragon, Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig from Fate/ Servant Supplement. Assuming you're looking for "must be this tall to ride" effects.

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>Fear is the best power for Saturday Morning Cartoon Villainy
>But it's yellow and looks stupid

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Out of curiosity, who in Worm would be the absolute worst character to ship with Taylor? to Bar to beat is Emma Barnes.

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Maybe if you slap it enough it will change colors for you?

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Now I agree with you that yellow is usually objectively the worst color, but Yellow Lanterns actually look pretty nifty.

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Yellow really is a horrible color, it only looks good if its halfway towards orange.

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I went Violet in Green Lantern TAS, so probably Blue. Hope and Love are my favoured emotions.

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They all suck except for Green, but I don't like Green Lanterns.

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Sophia Hess or Nilbog

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An Amy who attains the ability to tell if an action is the right thing to do due to a second trigger.

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Being a saiyan and using genital smash ad infinitum for zenkais?

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Both of these are acceptable answers but I was asking what spectrum/core will you create. One scenario in the GL comics jump will allow you to either become a torchbearer for your corps/create a new corps. Another will allow you to be a new life entity for your own Spectrum. So what will you create?

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Yellow + Violet = Yandere Lantern.

If I get Green I can have Mardi Gras colours!

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>Emma Barnes
That's actually a pretty low bar, I could easily see shippers putting them together.
>Two girls, so you've got the yuri audience
>Old friends
>Bullying, so they actually have meaningful interactions to build off of

Someone like Taylor, who's been bullied and could easily be spun as that cute kind of broken by a sufficiently delusional shipper, actually works well with pretty much everyone if you're a decent writer.

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Maybe wait a little bit for it to turn Red?

Sinestro and the other Yellow Lanterns do look decent, I admit, but the colour of their constructs is just not pleasant to look at. Which I guess is the point, fear and all, but still.

This is true.

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Reminder that Shaggy once became a yellow lantern. He presumably abandoned the ring once he achieved ultra instinct.

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Nah, he just subsumed it.

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in the halo covenant jump when we buy the human data item is that just current human halo or all including ancient halo humans

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>when you jump SMT just for the Demi-Fiend's cool ass tattoos and a Pixie waifu

Sorry carefully managed power level, I fail you every time.

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Which Shaggy, Shaggy Verde or Shaggy Rojo?

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Green, because Geoff Johns is a hack and should never have been allowed to work on Green Lantern. Everything he added to the setting is awful.

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Violet is already the Yandere Lantern on its own, no need for Yellow.

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Hi /co/

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I know Val doesn't usually do OC companions, but now I kind of want the Super jump to offer a surprisingly powerful warrior who is often stoned and helps solves mysteries in his free time.

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None. Because I'm not a broken individual who can only feel one emotion at a time.

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So why does NuBee seem so intent on sacrificing the spirit of a jump's setting for no real reason?

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>what spectrum/core will you create.
I thought about maybe creating the grey lantern corps, but realized that doing so would involve effort, so I stopped trying.

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Not how that works.

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Actually, I don't go to that board. Do they hate Geoff Johns, too? Maybe I should start going, then.

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Is what I've been lead to believe, comrade.

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No, if you can buy them with cp thats negative effort. You are making an all powerful being do the work for you.

The apathy involved could power your lanturn for years.

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Just tattle to his girlfriend. She'll change it sooner or later.

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What are some good "overcome differences in powerlevels and broken abilities with pure skill" perks? Not cheating perks or perks for fighting dirty, just being really good.

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God I need this. I need this so much.

Maybe if we ask nicely?

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Such would be ideal, yes. Sadly it's a scenario and not something purchasable, and thus is inherently unaccomplishable, because you'd need to give a fuck to complete a scenario, and giving a fuck in anathema to grey energies.

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Amy. Because I'm sick of that ship. It makes no sense. Even if Taylor was interested in girls, their personalities do not work together, at all.

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Why not just companion Shaggy himself and import him into Dragon Ball?

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Could you foist it off on a companion?

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Son. Shippers do not care about personalities working together.

All ships are garbage.

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Oooooooh. To be honest, my answer wouldn't change. I'll probably become the Torchbearer of Hope? I might just double up and go Love again. TWO RINGS OF LOVE.

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This has potential. The real difficulty would then be getting off your ass long enough to actually order your companion to do it.

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Oh, a corps of our own? Well, in that case, I'd make one revolving around the desire to cause mischief and chaos! Not sure about a color though.

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Nah just like leave a sticky note on the warehouse door

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Jump # 254 Kingdom Hearts
Starting location: Agrabah
Race: Human
Background: local hero
Age: 25
*Tema Del Jumper (0)
*Jrpg Style (0)
*Magical Potential (0)
*Hit it (0)
*the best defense (0)
*Our Hearts are connected (100, Discount)
*My friends are my power (200, Discount)
*Limit break (300, Discount)
*Rememberence (600)
*Trinity (0)
*My friends by my side (300)
*Grinding Loot (+ 200)
*Plot Bound (+ 300)

(So I watched a 20 minute explination of the plot of Kingdom hearts and now feel like I know less than nothing)

So I preface this by saying. I am a genius with an intellect beyond the imagination of most. Most of the time I did not know what in the hell was going on. Usually it was enough just to hit the bad guys.
Things started simple enough I made friends with Sora and some Disney characters. My companions and I helped them go around from world to world to protect the keyholes to protect Kingdom hearts but then things got more complicated and more complicated, apparently the evil guy were were fighting wasn’t really evil but had some other guys heart in him, and that other guy had generated a nobody and a heartless.

We got trapped in a castle and had our minds messed with at one points and forgot almost everything, then Sora got stored away while some girl fixed his memories. However some of Sora’s memories turned in to another girl who was with the heartless and things were complicated… and then there was time travel.

After a while I just went with it. It boiled down to just protect one of the three kingdom hearts from whoever was trying to get at it.

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Not actually possible without cheating.

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You absolute madman.

>> No.56440797

Much as I can't understand it, I do want to include something for all the shaggy stuff.

>> No.56440801

Oh. Then I'm going to make the Anti-Emotion Corps, representing the canceling wavelengths for all the colors of the spectrum except green, which causes the stupid OC fanfiction Lanterns to cease to exist. Though strictly speaking I guess it would actually cause them to all turn into White and Black Lanterns, if we're going with the metaphor of electromagnetic wave interference, which is actually worse since I hate those two Lantern Corps most of all. So, uh, fuck. I don't know, then.

>> No.56440824

Also, you'll still be able to get your book loli, if you like, from DYN Freaks.

>> No.56440828

Maybe this bit from Katanagatari is something like what you're looking for?

Too Cool For Screen Time- 600
So….so cool. You’ve heard it many times before, the dying words of your foes being powerless
exclamations of how amazing and awesome you are. It’s no wonder given that everything you do,
even down to the way you speak, is imbued with an effortless, timeless sense of coolness. Why are
you that cool? Because you’re the perfect swordsman. Literally the perfect swordsman. Every swing
is perfect in arc, accuracy, speed, power, heft and more. An ultra-thin blade of fragile glass becomes
every bit as lethal and sturdy in your hands as if it was made from the strongest of steel. When it
comes to the sword, you cannot lose in skill. The only way for another swordsman to beat you would
be through being just faster or stronger or having special powers, though given your skill each would
need to be quite intense to beat you. If it’s just a contest of sword skill, you’d always win. If you
wish, you can choose another type of weapon, though you’d have to be some sort of barbarian to
not choose the sword.

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/co/ hates everything except waifus, they are bigger waifufags than /jc/ & /a/ and a hateboner as strong as /v/

>> No.56440844

That would be pretty useful in 40k actually.

Damn now I want to make a corps build around the ideal of just Mankind.

Maybe Pride? The emotional wavelength of Pride with the color Gold.

Luvifer, Gilgamesh, whats her face from kill la kill, who else?

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>Nikamoth now posts his jump WIPs only on Spacebattles and not thread

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>> No.56440877

And the IRC and Discord.

>> No.56440905

Pretty much anywhere that shitposters are afraid of going to because they'd lose their protective veil of anonymity, really.

>> No.56440912

The God Emperor? I mean, let's face it, guy had a pretty huge ego, even if his intentions were (mostly) good, and he sure did love gold.

>> No.56440915

There are nicer ways to ask to see my wips.

>> No.56440921

Some ideas: an OC Shaggy companion. A drawback where you have to fight Shaggy Fusion Blanco Completado or something like that. A scenario where you have to take normal Shaggy from the cartoons and train him to be able to participate in and hold his own in the tournament.

Will there be an option for a loyal big tiddy Nyarlathotep companion?

>> No.56440927

Yeah he would be pretty good. Damn we would never get anything done unless someone insulted the gilding on our dining hall.

>> No.56440928

May we see your WIPs, please?

>> No.56440932

There's nothing to understand, it's just memes.
The only reason it's funny is because there's so much content that "lore" is starting to develop.

>> No.56440944

>There are nicer ways to ask to see my "wips".

>> No.56440952

>mfw you faggots have actually gotten me to consider doing this shit

I fucking hate all of you.

>> No.56440954

Torn between a companion option or a drawback for now.

As for big tiddy Nya, sadly no. Nya in DYN never takes on that form, though you can probably talk them into it if you do get them as a companion.

>> No.56440970

Ok what is this Demi-Fiend and why do I see it mentioned so much?

>> No.56440973

So is this like a Demonbane prequel or what?

>> No.56440986

No you didn't. It's "WIPs". The first three letters are an acronym, you have to capitalize them. Silly anon.

>> No.56440987

So I get that green shirt shaggy is like base mode shaggy, and red shirt shaggy is from ghoul school and reluctant werewolf where he becomes a super shaggy 4, but what is blue shaggy from? And how did he fuse his transformations like that? Is he like a frost demon?

>> No.56440995

He's the protagonist of SMT3. When he shows up as a cameo boss in later games, the standard enemy music from his game plays, because all the other protags are random encounter tier in his eyes.

>> No.56441016

It's the exact opposite actually. It's the very latest in the Demonbane series chronology, set as a sequel to Nitroplus Blasterz which is a sequel to a non existent game which is a sequel to Kishin Hishou, the last main DB game.

>> No.56441017

> Companion Shaggy
> Import him through a hundred different jumps
> Shaggy eventually becomes so ridiculously strong that he is no longer cowardly
> But he still eats more than a Saiyan and acts like a perpetual stoner
I would praise the anon that writefagged this transformation.

>> No.56441031

Sure! Here's the Touken Ranbu wip. I was gonna post it in the thread when I deemed it jumpable (Like I do with most jumps, I only post jumpable wips to the thread.) but if someone wants to see it, sure.

It's not jumpable and a lot of the details need elaboration but here it is.

>> No.56441050

Shaggy Rojo is also a Pride Trooper, that's an important detail.

Shaggy Azul is from Mask of the Blue Falcon, he doesn't have as much stuff going for him as the other two.

>> No.56441057

The summary makes me think it is a Otome game.

>> No.56441072

>eventually becomes so ridiculously strong that he is no longer cowardly
Dumb, he's no longer Shaggy if he loses that trait.

>> No.56441074

>set as a sequel
Oh, so Nyarly will even know what form I'm referring to when I companion them. Nifty. Presuming they're offered as a companion, that is.

>> No.56441093

The Demi-Fiend is the protagonist of SMT3 and he's famously one of the most powerful protagonists in video game history. He destroyed billions of universes during one ending and got into a fist fight with the Great Will where it's implied that he either won or stalemated. He shows up later as one of the single most difficult optional bosses in history during another SMT during which the random encounter music from Nocturne plays. Because that's what your party is to him. Even if you beat him it's a hollow victory; what you fought was simply a pale shadow and it's extremely obvious that he wasn't even trying since he was using low to mid tier demons and never used his more bullshit attacks.

>> No.56441098

Cool, thanks.

>> No.56441099

There was a movie with ghost dinosaurs where Shaggy is hypnotized to remove his fear. Apparently Fearless Shaggy becomes an unholy badass that races motorcycles off of canon walls and fights bikers, well.

>> No.56441102

The Demi-Fiend is the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei III. He's a human, infused with power through a demonic symbiote grafted into his brain by Lucifer. As a result, he's incredibly powerful (he's the super-secret bonus boss in some other SMT games, and he will absolutely wipe the floor with anything but an optimized party while using a sub-optimal build of his own), but more importantly to the plot he's also the arbiter of the world's fate. While he's incapable of creating a new path for the universe to be reborn as during the Conception that comes after the apocalypse, he has final say in choosing between the paths created by others. He has a lot of metaphysical weight to his decisions, enough so that he can even decide to not let the universe be reborn, destroy the cycle of death and rebirth, and march on Heaven with an army of demons to fight God. We don't see how that fight actually goes, that ending just follows up to him assembling his army, but the fact that he's considered to at least have the potential to defeat God gives him a lot of credit in the fandom.

>> No.56441116

It's explicitly a genderswapped Kantai Collection made by the same company with the same mechanics but instead of ship girls it's sword boys.

Make of that what you will.

>> No.56441126

Canyon* walls

>> No.56441129

Aww yes, I'm going to fuck so many cute sword boys.

>> No.56441130

What happens if a sword boy fucks a ship girl?

>> No.56441131

Does anyone know does the worm you get in the SMT jump measure up to our boy? I assume it's weaker, but by how much?

>> No.56441144

So does this dude cause havoc when we're not around? Also, it sounds like "summoning" him will make other forms of time-travel impossible. Is it the same Kebiishii every time, or does it create new ones?

>although you still go through your total time spent in the world. If you spend ten years in the past when the jump gives you ten years to be in the world, you'll still leave at the end of those ten years.
Also, does this part apply to Permissions of the Government of Time?

>> No.56441148

This is probably the weirdest criticism you're ever going to get, but I don't think the Super jump should be white text on a black background. I think that style lends a more oppressive atmosphere to a document and, while I think it actually worked well with GT, Super has a more light-hearted feel, in spite of the impending multiversal genocide. I just think that it would clash.

>> No.56441149

hey val do knights get their 100 CP items free?

>> No.56441172

Well, Naoki himself acquires many magatama during the game, so I'd imagine it's not that you've got a weaker one and just that you've only got one to build your stats with.

>> No.56441174

Pretty sure the notes outright say you're way weaker then he is.

>> No.56441184

So what you're saying is it's not ALL memes.

>> No.56441188

Yo I saw this and got curious desu

>> No.56441199

It's worth noting that, according to Apocalypse, he actually died fighting Lucifer and had to be revived by Stephen.

Which is kind of lame, in my opinion, but eh.

>> No.56441201

It does not.

>> No.56441207

No, I get ya. It last came up with Frozen and I agreed there. I'll probably go for a softer and lighter colour for Super. Probably not white but it won't be black either.

Er....knights from Bretonnia? They should.

Yeah, the Relic is only mixed with one of your souls.

>> No.56441212

I actually agree with this. If Val doesn't like black on white, maybe she could find a more fitting color? Cuphead did white on some kind of rouge and it looked pretty fitting.

>> No.56441213


>For unknown reasons, your organization have decided to start changing history.

Leave this, Nika. It's perfect as it is.

Also, rad new jump

>> No.56441214

Ok...he is alot more dangerous then I thought. I only thought he was a crazy guy with tattoos and maybe some dark shadowy powers.

Thanks for the answers everyone.

No idea which demon to grab now.

I am both scared and intrigued.

>> No.56441227

>Er....knights from Bretonnia? They should.

oh val you always know just what I even

>> No.56441242

How do you feel about yanderes Val?

>> No.56441259

Nah, that was an AU Demi-fiend. There are a bunch of multiverses in SMT and you were just helping out a couple that went wrong.

>> No.56441261

Yeah, just checked, all it says is that you're not going to reach that level ever.

It should be noted that the only reason that he did that much damage was because he punched out Kagutsuchi and all the countless versions of him which in turn brought down everything connected to them.

>> No.56441276

Now that Justice League is out the part 1 of the DCEU jump can hopefully begin

>> No.56441285

>A lighter color
A light blue border, maybe with some particles instead of solid color? It'd be fitting.

>> No.56441290

Uh...okie dokie?

They're pretty great. Don't watch too much stuff with them though since things that are enjoyable with them as actual yanderes like Mirai nikki are pretty rare, as opposed to just jokey stuff like Ayase in Oreimo.

>> No.56441298

How was it?

>> No.56441311

>making a DCEU jump at all
Was it any good?

>> No.56441348

>Yeah, just checked, all it says is that you're not going to reach that level ever.
No it doesn't. It says that you don't get the hype power levels of the Demi-Fiend. Which as you yourself just pointed out, were a situational thing based on him striking a point of critical failure instead of him actually being strong enough to destroy multiverses, with the fandom just hyping him up because that's what fans discussing power levels do. I see no reason to assume you couldn't get to Naoki's actual power level.

>> No.56441364

>Mirai Nikki
Have you ever thought about making a jump for that? It looks like it's got a lot of stuff that you usually have in your jumps. Death tournaments, each character with their own gimmick, crazy girls.

>> No.56441367

also another Bretonnia question is if you become a duke do you replace an existing duke or become duke of one of the fallen dukedoms?

>> No.56441370

>The Government of Time will spend all the magic costs for you during the jump (Don’t worry about the logistics behind it). But after you leave this realm you must pay 300 CP to keep it.

What's "it", exactly. I'm guessing that you're referring to the ability to travel back in time with costs paid, but the word "it" presupposes a noun that doesn't seem to be there. Do we keep the legal authorisation? The Government of Time? I can intuit you're going for (I think) but grammatically it's not quite there.

I also wouldn't mind a little bit more explanation of the mechanics. Is it just the same as Rewriting History (short ritual to go back, return instantly and see what you've changed)?

>> No.56441385

I'm sad, what are some jumps that will make me happy?

>> No.56441399

So uh. I still need to properly draft IG and Tau, but as far as the arena of JRPGs go, is there anyone interested in the following:

>Chrono Cross (I'd just be picking it up again)
>Breath of Fire, maybe? Possibly 4 or 2? Or 5?

>> No.56441402

Generic Children's Television.

>> No.56441416

That's what I meant, you're not reaching the hype level. Sorry if that was unclear. But I would point out that you probably won't be reaching his power level anyway, since Naoki was made a Demi-Fiend by Lucifer himself, and was further upgraded later on in the True Demon ending. Not only that, but he also gained access to a lot of powerful Magatama, where as the power the jump gives you only lets you have the one you currently have, it has no mention of you gaining any others.

>> No.56441421

>Rewriting History
>more than half the perk is a mandatory drawback that nerfs your other methods of time-travel and screws with other perks
If the Kebiishii is actually like this in canon, then there should be no need to include a fiat clause that scales it to you. And it's more than a little silly that it takes into account things from other jumps.

>> No.56441457

Generic Children's Television
Generic Sugar Bowl
Sesame Street

>> No.56441459

I haven't actually but it is kinda tempting to do. Hmm. Maybe I'll see what I come up with then, it is a pretty fun series and it shouldn't take me that long to do either. Yeah, I'll give it a shot.

Either works.

>> No.56441470

>So does this dude cause havoc when we're not around? Also, it sounds like "summoning" him will make other forms of time-travel impossible. Is it the same Kebiishii every time, or does it create new ones?

The Kebiishii are actually a collective army (I was going to mention that) that protects time that attacks both the sages and the Historical Revisionists. It typically doesn't wreck havoc on anyone unless they're a time traveller. It can be defeated, hence why the Sages need to do their jobs still and stop the Historical Revionists.

The Kebiishii are limited to the jump only unless you use Rewriting Time. If you use Government of Time after the jump it doesn't show up, but if you use the ritual in the Rewriting History perk it will definably show up (even if you leave the jump). Using any other form of time travel in the jump will still set off the Kebiishii still. The Kebiishii don't make time travel impossible but it does make it difficult.

Also the in-jump Kebiishii doesn't scale with out of jump powerlevels (Rewriting History Kebiishii does however), I'm actually going to make a "Kebiishii scales with your out of jump power level" to be a drawback.

Does that make sense?

>Also, does this part apply to Permissions of the Government of Time?
Yes, I should probably mention that.

I don't want to know, fanwank.

Yes, Rewriting History is just a stronger version of Government Of Time (but sets off the Kebiishii), so you just change history and then return to the future but you need to offset the mana costs (Which are. Massive. Depending on how far you go into the past.)

If you use other methods of time travel after the jump it doesn't set off the Kebiishii. It's only if you use the ritual.

>> No.56441475

I only know CC, no idea about Terra or BoF.

>> No.56441482

I'm interested in anything you want to do Heavens.

>> No.56441508

I would love a jump of Chrono Cross, Breath of Fire 2, or Breath of Fire 4. I can not comment on Terranigma, because all of those Quintet action-RPGs about rebuilding the world piece by piece after the apocalypse kind of blend together and I don't really remember which one Terranigma was. I mean, I certainly wouldn't say no, all of those games were great, but I don't have any particularly strong memories making me want Terranigma as opposed so Soul Blazer or Illusion of Gaia or ActRaiser. Well, that last one has a jump of it already, but you get my point.

>> No.56441522


>> No.56441526

>Chrono Cross drawback where everything you did in Chrono Trigger is undone and you learn everyone you knew there suffered and died

>> No.56441549

So, for the Madoka: Wraith Timeline Jump, can you strictly only recharge off wraith fragments/grief cubes, or can you use out-of-setting abilities to absorb the emotional energy Wraiths make said cubes from to the same effect?

>> No.56441550

There also needs to be a drawback where people keep trying to force an environmental message on you when you've done nothing to harm the environment and they have. Because seriously, fuck those dwarves. And the Dragonians, too, I don't know what they were yelling about.

>> No.56441573

>Does that make sense?
Yes, thanks.

>Yes, I should probably mention that.
I'm not sure that's wise, actually. It'd probably be better just to make it so time spent in the past doesn't count towards your jump time, otherwise it becomes fairly easy to just travel back in time and avoid the plot/danger of most settings.

>> No.56441600

It might be better to just generalize that as "people blame you for stuff you didn't do when they've done far worse," but yeah fuck the dwarves.

Also, something with Holy Dragon Sword, because seriously, even discounting his special circumstances, how the fuck did a fisherman get his hands on that?

>> No.56441604

Hey Val, when you use Making of a Goddess from Witchblade to replicate an artifact, do you come up with your own crafting process or are you gradually uncovering the crafting process of the original?

>> No.56441610

More of a mix of old and new stuff I'd say.

>> No.56441623

Interested in Chrono Cross and the spoiler

>> No.56441626

Sure, don't see why not.
Those are on the to-do list.
Aight, noted. I kinda wanna go back to my roots and make more JRPG/nostalgia jumps. Also because I'm godawfully slow at getting into new IPs. I'll also be looking into updating some of my lazier jumps and possibly doing Saint Seiya Omega or Lost Canvas in the very, very, VERY distant future.

I'm going to be working at a much slower pace than before, but I hope to have at least two of these done before Christmas. It'll be a gift to you, /jc/.

>> No.56441633

...The fuck am I looking at?

Is that a Wraith/Witch hybrid or something?

>> No.56441643

Awesome, thanks.

>> No.56441648

Huh, I gotta ask Heavens did you ever play some of the SaGa Frontier games?

>> No.56441666

Haven't, sadly. Only heard of them.

>> No.56441672

>Rewriting History Kebiishii does however
No. Why is your perk so speshul that not only does it get to ignore its own canon, but also gets to take priority over literally every other perk in the chain? Drawbacks trump perks. Unless you provide a damn compelling reason, your perk shouldn't. Also, it's fucking retardedly easy to exploit, anyway. Unless you add more super speshul snowflake stuff to your perk to make it the moestest dangerous perk evarr, the Kebiishii should be produced by the perk, meaning you can just avoid it completely by toggling it off. Even if it's not, there's no reason other than "muh super speshul perk gets to act as a drawback" that the scaling would continue to be enforced.

>> No.56441673

Hey Val, would it be possible to combine Making of a Goddess and War Time Production to make more powerful mass produced models? Something like a fourth or fifth as powerful instead of an eighth or tenth?

>> No.56441694


>> No.56441695

You should give them a shot if you like your choices changing things. Atleast if I am remembering right they did in those games.

>> No.56441705

>I'm going to be working at a much slower pace than before, but I hope to have at least two of these done before Christmas. It'll be a gift to you, /jc/.
Aw, thanks.

>> No.56441711


>> No.56441732

>Rewriting History
Is this a drawback/scenario or something? I'm not seeing it in the drawback section.

>> No.56441739

Sieg Zeon anon is that you?

>> No.56441753


>> No.56441757

>Yeah, I'll give it a shot.

I'm hyped.

>> No.56441771

>Creation of Long Lost Weapons

Yeah this is definitely something I want now.

>> No.56441776

I'd change the last sentence of Permissions Of The Government Of Time from "But
after you leave this realm you must pay 300 CP to keep it" to something more like "You must pay 300 CP to keep the ability to travel back in time after the jump, though you'll have to pay the cost yourself". Right now I don't think it's completely clear what you're retaining.

>> No.56441777

An MP Big Zam that's twice as powerful as normal still isn't going to be that great.

>> No.56441784

>Sure, don't see why not.
Thank you for confirmation, He Who Dwells Above.

Well, I haven't finished Wraith Arc yet myself...but apparently it's a Wraith trying to digest some of the Law of Cycle's power.

Since apparently Madoka gave Homura some supah magic during the Cosmic Yuri scene. Which she proceeded to loose to a team of the strongest wraiths in the world assembled to eliminate the foreign energy (read, Homu Homu's new magic).

>> No.56441789

>Getting a weird time travel series no one has ever heard of
>STILL no Back to the Future jump

>> No.56441796

>Chronos Cross

Aww yiss.


I will fix this ending somehow. If I have to stake my jumpership on it.

If you've got the time, I'd definitely be behind both of those

>> No.56441802

Back To The Future doesn't have cute traps to husbando.

>> No.56441805

>Rewriting History does, however.
Ugh. How soon until we get a "perk" that causes you to fail your chain as soon as you use it? Seems like people are going out of their way these days to introduce non-canon psuedo-drawbacks into perks, so they can stand out, or something.

>> No.56441816

best jumps for sea shantys?

>> No.56441827

Pirates of the Caribbean?

>> No.56441839


>> No.56441845

No, I just want to mass produce the Big Zam because I'm a mad scientist who digs giant robots and likes destroying things.

But those things were purposely designed to be far less powerful, as well as smaller and less armoured, then the Big Zam, and furthermore they were never even put into production as far as I remember. My own models should be far superior.

>> No.56441858

Turns out the more shit one specific person pushes, the more the other makers tend to push back.

Funny phenomenon, innit.

>> No.56441865

Oh, I am sad now. Atleast improve them to NOT have chicken feet.

>> No.56441866

Futurama has the "Whalers on the Moon" song, and I really don't see why you'd ever need anything else.

>> No.56441904

>implying that removing the chicken feet is an improvement
Next you're going to tell me that AT-STs should be redesigned as well.

>> No.56441916

I cannot tell whether you are joking with me but yes, I do think they should be.

>> No.56441917

So if you import a weapon as a Touken Danshi, does it become an alt-form? Or is your actual alt-form the humanoid form? If so, does it lock the user of that weapon to the alt-form from this jump?

>> No.56441947

I'm joking, yeah. Tried to make it more obvious by naming the AT-ST pic Chicken Walker, but I guess that didn't really work.

>> No.56441950

The sword spirits fight with the swords they originate from in their hands, so the weapon isn't necessarily an altform.

I mean if you want the humanoid form to be an alt form that's fine, though, if you want to have a humanoid alt-form inspired by your weapon.

>> No.56441959

This is dumb. If you're uncomfortable offering a perk without attaching it to a mandatory drawback that follows you even Post-Chain, then don't offer it. Or just limit its functionality until whatever arbitrary post-whatever threshold you want instead of adding literally drawbacks. It's how it's been done, and it's how it should be done. Perks shouldn't by default take into account other perks unless they're from the same jump and intentionally designed. Nothing good will come of jumpmakers saying that their rulings take precedence over all others.

>> No.56441965

Eh, it would still be in the same boat. Like, an MP Big Zam of your own design that still has only a fifth the power of the original would have to ditch the I-Field generator and most of the beam guns. Honestly, you'd probably be better off with economics and efficient engineering perks so that you can just make the original design in large numbers. Maybe upgrade it, even, give it better cooling systems so it can run the I-Field for longer. Really, why use the Big Zam at all, aside from the memeing? Mobile armors from just a few years later, from both Zeon and the Federation, will be far superior in every possible way. Now mass produced TR-6 Inles, that would be awesome.

>> No.56441994

I noticed it but I wasn't completely sure if you were joking or mocking. It is hard to tell here sometimes. Sorry about that then if I came off as rude or anything like it.

>> No.56442006

What sort of power ups would Kiwame Journey give us? And how does the "four days" play out?

>> No.56442027

Except it's already happened. And we've already let it slide.

Now all the other Jumpmakers just want the same treatment, which Anonymous doesn't want to give.

>> No.56442038

Does attaining a Kiwame form change your appearance?
Is it just a stats boost, or do your powers do something new?

>> No.56442053

Right, which is why the Kebiishii have to be dangerous no matter who you are. If we let this jump allow easy time travel when so many other jumps operate under the assumption that time travel is incredibly difficult outside of specific conditions, that would be letting this jump's rulings take precedence over all others.

>> No.56442054

You have a good point. Besides, it's probably better to make my own product anyway instead of just copying someone else's. I'm a mad scientist, why should I waste my time mass producing something that some else invented when I can mass produce my own far superior inventions?

No worries anon, and you didn't come off as rude at all. Yeah, if I had any say in it I'd definitely replace the chicken legs. Not sure how anyone thought that was a good idea in the first place...

>> No.56442075

In the game the sword boys get new armor.

>> No.56442101

>You have a good point. Besides, it's probably better to make my own product anyway instead of just copying someone else's. I'm a mad scientist, why should I waste my time mass producing something that some else invented when I can mass produce my own far superior inventions?
That's the spirit! Take inspiration from other designs, but make them your own. Like, I'm definitely making mobile armors that look like the Inle, because god damn is that thing sexy, but I'm not going to have it be identical and will upgrade all its systems while installing new tech.

>> No.56442102

It lifts your previous limitations and gives you shiny new add-ons to your outfit. Think of it as a seasonal power up in a show. So yeah, it is a stat boost.

The "four days" are when you go on a journey of introspection and learning. Typically in-game the sword goes into the past for four irl days and they send you letters talking about how their character development is going as they interact with their former owners or have other happenings.

>> No.56442132

Uncharted Waters, obviously.

>> No.56442135

>No worries anon, and you didn't come off as rude at all.
That is good then.

>Yeah, if I had any say in it I'd definitely replace the chicken legs. Not sure how anyone thought that was a good idea in the first place.

Maybe it was cheaper that way, to them as long as it worked it was good enough for them most likely.

>> No.56442175

Hey Nika, if I were to make a copy of my weapon I imported into everything then import the original as a Touken and make myself a Touken of the copy. How do you think they would see me? Just something that popped into my head.

>> No.56442183

The last sentence of Impact of a Legend looks like it contradicts itself.

>> No.56442209

The spite corps, which are a vermillion color.

>In ruined day, in spoiled night
>There is no smugness that will escape my sight
>For those who spit on the world's great light
>Then i'll prove you wrong, and make things right

Spite is a very effective power source.

>> No.56442218

You're absolutely right! My creations will be far superior, and with them I will conquer...eh, I'll figure out what exactly I'm conquering later, BUT THERE WILL BE CONQUERING!

And yeah, the Inle really is beautiful, in all of its' forms.

I suppose that makes sense. Still, definitely not having any of that. There will be changes made!

>> No.56442238

Best ways to merge multiple (non-physical) inventory perks?
Like say, lumping your Minecraft, Overlord (LN/M/A), Digimon World 4 and Terraria inventories all together?

>> No.56442241

Jumpers, with multiple perks now that let you repeatedly evolve to new forms or unlock transformation modes, what part of your appearance changes?

>> No.56442252

Nothing. I have perks for that.

>> No.56442264

Transforming is for losers with body image issues.

>> No.56442278

Closest thing I can think of:

>200 CP - Linked stash
>To ease your travels, you gain access to a pocket dimension about the size of a small room where time does not pass. Additionally, this stash is linked with your warehouse (and any other inventory space perks you possess) allowing you to freely manage and move items between them. As a extra bonus, you are able to partition the space provided by this and similar perks into more manageable tabbed sections, so that you can easily organize your storage and retrieve items faster by calling up a section dedicated to potions, weapons, etc instead of searching through your entire stash for the item you want.

It's from Diablo 1+2.

>> No.56442288

My smirk grows bigger and bigger.

>> No.56442291

The fact that there's no inventory perk in WoW's a sign of terrible quality.

>> No.56442294

You an SBer?

>> No.56442324

How dangerous is this setting?

>> No.56442361

Yeah, I can definitely see why you don't consider this one jumpable.

>> No.56442388

>I had this perk all along along but it was buried in my list.

Are you?

>> No.56442399

I get more fox-like and feral-looking and gain more tails the further I transform, as well as having more (and hotter) fire and more electricity flowing around me.

>> No.56442411

Does it also increase the parameters of your powers or just your base stats?

>> No.56442419

Fortunately I haven't become so desperate for jumps. Can you say the same?

>> No.56442422

Anyways, have some builds. And build-up.

Jump 17: Kamen Rider Heisei Part 6 - Kabuto
Origin: Drop-In
Grandmother Once Said...
The Jumper Who Rules Everything [0]

Here I Am - Import Agito Driver[700]
Lord of the Speed [200]

Jump 18: Kamen Rider Heisei Part 7 - Den-O and Kiva
Origin: Prodigal Child
Blood Ties - Fangire
Noble Art - Piano
Break The Chain [900]
The King's Sentence is Given [800]
Shout In the Moonlight [600]
Supernova [300]
Roots of the King [0]
Just Passing Through [0]

Jumper Wars - Combine two previous Drivers, then combine with Kivat [100]
Mashin Mao
Baku Baku [100i]
Castle Jadoran [0i] [300]

Time Trippin' Ride
Walking Disaster [300]
Blessed be the Meek [400]
Did You Say Cry?! [500]

>A Kamen Rider without a name...how troublesome.
>He's killing off the remains of the Fangires and the other monsters of the night without mercy. And then he just vanishes again. Some say he's the strange hobo with the glazed look in his eyes. Others say he's a regular at a nearby coffee shop. Either way, there's no real hint to his true identity...he's good at hiding himself.
>The notes Shocker left behind call him ‘The Avatar of the World Engine’ or ‘The Holder of Heaven’s Key'...but aside from being a vicious and dangerous combatant, I fail to see what's worth sending our personnel in droves to die to him.
>We will file these notes away for a later date, and passively observe this phenomenon for the time being.
>...hm? Someone else is looking for him? Who?

>> No.56442448

How high powered is D.Y.N. Freaks? Apparently this is the sequel(?) of Demonbane where a quadruple beyond beyond omnipotence Demonbane killed Azathoth(!?) and survived despite being part of his dream(!!?) and now wants to kill everything else? But just glancing over the manga it seems more like some urban fantasy thing.

>> No.56442455

Is it wrong that I can't help but see a meme now?
>Who would win?
>A goddess with 14 quadrillion skills
>A rubber band

>> No.56442456

I don't know much about the whole Lantern business, but my Jumper would probably make a Courage Corps. It would be Aqua or Sea-Green, for lack of a more appropriate color. A half-and-half color for sure.

>Chrono Cross
>Breath of Fire 2, 4, or 5
It's like you're asking me to make 3. It's the only one I want and no one outside of that one Anon that was eaten in the attempt has tried. I've already got lots of my plate somehow! Why do you do this to me?

Might do it anyways. Because I'm nuts.

>> No.56442458

>Fortunately I haven't become so desperate for jumps.
A likely story - someone with exactly your name keeps crossposting. Desist, cur.

>> No.56442532

It's both mid powered and absurdly high powered. It does have a large portion of it focus on a urban fantasy part, though it's a bit generous given even that part gets to city destroying levels at one point, but this is mostly because the characters at the time are using tiny fractions of borrowed powers from the just as powerful as ever Demonbane gods and monsters. Many of these characters also have either artefacts that are strong enough to stay competitive with the upper levels or eventually gain access to the full power their stuff gives them. Meaning that it ranges from mid level to around the highest ends DB usually gets to.

That said, the Vortex Blaster (The uber mega super special cool Demonbane that killed Azathoth) does not appear until the last panel as a cliffhanger though you can bet your butt it's going to be an endjump scenario

>> No.56442533

It would be depending on how you characterize the touken of the sword. But off this, if I was writing your sword--

I would probably think that the original has an inferiority issue because you're the jumper and jumpers are more awesome than everyone around them, and you're basically everything the sword is but you've got some stuff they don't have.

Not very dangerous. You could do it as a first jump probably.

Parameters of powers, too.

>> No.56442556

>become a Perfect Lifeform in Jorge Joestar
>copy all her skills

>> No.56442561


>> No.56442588

She has a skill to stop skill copying

>> No.56442601 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56442608

>I would probably think that the original has an inferiority issue because you're the jumper and jumpers are more awesome than everyone around them, and you're basically everything the sword is but you've got some stuff they don't have.
OK. Yeah. Not doing that then. Thanks Nika.

Wait Val...you mean to tell me Demonbane will be in the jump? Will we be able to buy our own Deus Machina? If so I love it already.

>> No.56442611

We have perks for that. Right?

>> No.56442617

If you import a weapon as a Touken Danshi, do you also gain its powers?
If so, do you continue to gain its powers if you upgrade it later?

>> No.56442621

Just to be clear, yes, I'm claiming Breath of Fire 3.

>> No.56442626

I could swear she had a "prevent my skills from being copied" skill, but I may be misremembering.

Really, you should take Medaka Sue as an Ultimate Lifeform, to drive home the perfection. Probably the Flask Plan item too, 'cause I feel like an Ultimate Lifeform would eventually reach the point where they're altering their own biology to create new abilities on the fly.

>> No.56442627

That's Life Zero, and it's an active effect. Medaka herself ended up copying a fraction of her skills.

>> No.56442632

im gonna go with the rubber band.
its just more useful.

>> No.56442643

You will, actually. It'll only be a basic Deus Machina but it's part of one of the item capstones.

>> No.56442645

Good luck Yoro. Shame it was not 2 for Katia. Then again the only thing I know about BoF is pic related is a character in the series.

>> No.56442669

Copy The End before you do anything else.

>> No.56442681

>It'll only be a basic Deus Machina
That is perfectly fine with me. Now I just wish Elsa was there and it would fill the void of regular DB. Thanks Val.

>> No.56442706

>Become Pregnant Skill
>Lay Eggs Skill
>Big Breasts Skill
Oh my~

Don't forget to become a bioandroid. And Legendary Hero, just 'cause.

Legendary Perfect Ultimate Sue.

>> No.56442707

What even are Deus Machina? Like magitech super robots or something?

>> No.56442715

I mean, if you're an Ultimate Lifeform you're already going to have Understanding. The End does sound better, yeah, but it's not the end of the world if you don't have it.

>> No.56442721

Something like that, yeah.

>> No.56442726

Touken Danshi have a variety of personalities, plus they take after the owner and creator in some way. That's just make take on it, but who you are may influence how it actually feels.

Plus there's also bonding time with your Touken as you work through its issues. Character development is a thing that explicitly happens with the swords.

>> No.56442746

Thanks man. I'll try to do it justice. I never really played 2, so I only really know Katia through being a furry. But 3 will have lots of cool stuff in it too if I have anything to say about it. Going to try to keep it from succumbing to OTB syndrome, but the Dragon stuff is going to stand out pretty hard.

>> No.56442747

Imagine mixing this with Skillfull, that Not-Equal skill that already boosts your speed at mastering skills? It may be possible to mix Ultimate Lifeforms Understanding with a "Perfect End" gained through Understanding Medaka's version of it via Jumper System to create some sort of horrifying copy ability that can copy anything its seen or even heard of and boosts the ability far beyond what should even be thought possible. All of a sudden things you copy gain ludicrous effects that make no conceivable sense.

>> No.56442748

Literal God Machines.

>> No.56442757

Patch notes from Siege, maybe.

>> No.56442758

The problem is, you need to see things to copy stuff with Understanding. Even assuming you /could/ get her to demonstrate her Skills, you probably wouldn't have enough time to copy the large majority of them. Being able to copy skills just by hearing them described would speed up the process significantly.

>> No.56442774

>Meeting with Jumpchan for next jump
>"Why am I even bothering to give you perks anymore?"

>> No.56442788

Can the Touken Danshi 100cp aesthetics perk change the material an item is made of?

>> No.56442799

But could she beat Gold Experience Requiem?

>> No.56442803

>Medaka Sue
Would taking this give you the potential to reach Atziluth?

>> No.56442804

If there would be no benefit beyond aesthetics from the material changing, yes.

>> No.56442813

>this not being what jumpchan already thinks daily

>> No.56442820

Cool... If you don't mind me asking, what separates a basic Deus Machina from something like Demonbane or Clockwork Phantom?

>> No.56442830

Golden End would probably be a better name, but yeah.

Actually, why not throw Pulling Powers out of Her Ass in there too to just help make new stuff whenever the mood strikes you? Hell, use the Capstone boosted version to use any energy source, then Heart of Green Fire from Shin Godzilla to have a limitless well to draw from. I mean, those skills probably won't work as well with techniques, but it's still scary.

>> No.56442835

I trust you Yoro, you do good work. Just do your best like always.

>> No.56442864

Well, from what I recall, Demonbane at least is actually a mix of tech and magic, as opposed to the usual pure magic creations. That and the pilots (Kurou/Al) are giga beasts in terms of power, skill and knowledge (Eventually anyway).

Phantom is just bullshit because it's Nya's ride and she's already so strong. I think anyway.

>> No.56442865

If you take MASTER OF THE MIND AND BODY and set your powers to auto-mode, can they be mind-controlled?

>> No.56442876

Would the army summoned by Banner of the Hidden Dead from Tomb Kings include any mages?

>> No.56442902



>> No.56442907

Ravenloft - if you survive then you will be happy.

>> No.56442914

If you were intoxicated, would they behave as such?

>> No.56442928


>> No.56442939

There is no reason why it can't be both. Same with Charlie SSGM Blanco or Trashman Calvo or El Hermano.

>> No.56442941

Wii sports, CATastrophe, Slice of life

>> No.56442964

>Watching Katanagatari because the jump made me curious
>That episode 4 preview
>Dis gon be good
>Actual episode 4
>Da fuq. Where's the Sabi Hakuhei fight?
Soooooooo fucking salty right now.

>> No.56442968

Too lazy to use proper punctuation, huh? No wonder you don't type "CP" after your prices.

>> No.56442979

>Golden End
Nice, together with this, maybe try and go Captsone Boosted Gotta Have Power To Get Power from MB to only further increase how much power you can gain by simply already being powerful.

>> No.56442984

Aria - Maximum Comf

>> No.56442986

Give me the best places to collect fine waifus.

>> No.56442991

>"Because it's the shiny bait to get me into settings I'd never visit otherwise!

>> No.56443003

>"But you don't give a damn about the settings to begin with, no matter what's offered."

>> No.56443010

Goooood, feeeeel that suffering.


>> No.56443017

One Piece has Bink' Brew. This alcohol never causes hangovers, but does cause spontaneous singing of sea shanties from the drinkers.

>> No.56443030

>Jumper tries to copy Jumpchan
>She pulls a Sarda and you only get abilities that hurt you

>> No.56443051

So, I'm a bit late to the talk about Dies Irie, since I wanted to see the VN for myself before spoiling myself on this stuff, but I recently got curious and skimmed the jump anyway, so sorry if this has been asked a billion timed by now.

I don't really get this Atziluth, stuff at all, is the implication that the jumper is not one of the people born with the potential for this stage under any circumstances?

I'm not sure if I should take away from this that it's not available to the jumper at all, and the description was just included for the sake of explaining the setting, or if it's one f those things that just becomes moot outside of the relevant jump.

Mind you, I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now, so it was hardly a thorough read of the jump, it's very possible I just overlooked something, but it's just strange to me that I didn't see any clarification one way or the other in the perk description or the notes section of the jump.

>> No.56443052


Sekirei, DxD, KanColle, Fate, The Idol [email protected] etc.

>> No.56443061

Is there a perk somewhere that lets me turn people into objects? I want to combine it with Touken shenanigans for max absurdity.

>> No.56443062

Not sure, possibly Green though.

>> No.56443065

You don't have the potential to naturally achieve it, this doesn't change outside of the jump. It's not banned from being achieved but it is something you will have to get on your own in some manner.

>> No.56443069

Log Horizon has some pretty okay waifus.
Kancolle has a shitload, so you can probably find one (or more!) that weighs your anchors.

>> No.56443075

Fine ladies you say? Try looking in Generic Yandere. I hear you can get some great ones there that "LOVE" to share.

>> No.56443076

>"Now you're just being silly. If I didn't care I'd just lay around in my Hell like a bum with a throne. I'll admit I don't always spend time with the protags, but I'm always doing something...even if it's just taking the kids on sight-seeing tours. Or blowing up ugly planets."

>> No.56443093

Well, it depends on whether you're creating Golden End by using boosted Jumper Systems on Understanding+The End+Skillful while also having Medaka Sue. Assuming you copy The End instead of buying it, you're already at 2400 CP to get all of that, plus another 100 CP to get NEVER GROW UP, which you really should if you're copying Abnormalities. I guess you could theoretically cut another 400 off if you copy Skillful too, but most of the Not Equal stuff is actually OC. Regardless, another 600 on top of that is a LOT of drawbacks.

>> No.56443099

Honest question, What is up with these battleship girl anime? How is that supposed to be attractive?

>> No.56443101

EVO, Overlord (the vidya).

>> No.56443114

Green or Orange, not sure which. Probably Green due to all the willpower perks but Orange is still tempting. . .

>> No.56443142

>If I didn't care I'd just lay around in my Hell like a bum with a throne

>"But that's exactly what you do. You just use shadow clones to take the kids sight-seeing. Your waifu hasn't seen the real you in days, you've just used clones. Even your planet-nuking hobby is just done through proxies. THERE'S NO PASSION ANYMORE. IN ANY OF THIS."

>> No.56443147

Will we have the potencial (perfección) to reach those same ends? Or at least the ability to run away to a place where we won't get instantly btfo once things escalate?

>> No.56443158

Go away Red

>> No.56443166

Ah, so I guess it was moreso me overthinking things, rather than outright missing something.

>this doesn't change outside of the jump

What doesn't change? I don't get what part of my question you were referring to with this. Is this in reference to not having the potential, or are you saying that the power will function as intended in other world, in the event that a jumper does manage it?

Still, thanks for clearing all that up!

>> No.56443178

*high ends, rather.

>> No.56443180

I don't understand the question. They're cute boats who are also cute girls. What's not to like?

>> No.56443183


Why Jumpchan sounds like an angry wife?

>Pagoda simulator:The sequel.

Fuck anon, I spilled my spaghetti. Good shit.

>> No.56443200

There'll be no need to run. Well, the jump ends before DBVB comes onto the scene and options in the jump will allow you to survive and potentially even fight out against the rest of the story opponents.

Er, you were the one who asked about outside of jump stuff anon. Still, glad we cleared it up.

>> No.56443203

>neither Jumper nor Chan have the energy or care to maintain the relationship

>> No.56443215

>Hitmonchan, Polygon, and Blastoise size up their prey.

>> No.56443216

>That moment when Jumpchan slips up and reveals she actually has multiple Jumpers at once.

>"I-I-I d-didn't know y-you were i-in to that kind of t-thing, Jumpchan."

>> No.56443231

Well, on one hand, being a military otaku is a far more prevalent thing in japan, which evidently goes hand in hand with any other kind of otaku, so that would explain the absurd popularity.

Personally, I think the aesthetic of normal girl with metal bits sticking off is beyond lame, which is why I fucking adore all the abyssal ships, but that's more for the cool factor than any desire to waifu.

>> No.56443232

>Jumper and Jumpchan sitting in the warehouse playing vidya like neets instead of adventures and shit.

>> No.56443243


Shit man, stop making me laugh.

...Nah, pls continue, I'm having fun.

>> No.56443259

What the fuck did I just type
Jump 18: Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1
Origin: Inquisitive
Making an Impression
Let's Start The Lookup [900]
Born From Mother Earth [700]
Knowledge Is Power [400]

Cool Jacket and Shades [100i]
Legend Rider Movie Belt - Combine Lost Driver with other Driver. [0i]
Digging Tools
Infinite Cake Ingredients
Lost Driver [0]

L'etranger [0]

Let's Go Kamen Riders
Unleash the Greeed - Wolf[200]
Rider WTF? [300]

>Someone arrives, holding a paper in her hand. Finally, she's found the place she's looking for. The numbers 1428 on written on the crumpled note. Her poncho sways lazily in the wind as she walks up to the front door.
>Once, she knocks. Twice, she knocks.
>There's no answer.
>She knows this is the right place, and tries again.
Finally, a tired voice answers. “Who is it?”
>"I heard this was your home, so I came to finally see you again!"
A short pause. “...who are you?”
>"Hm? You don't remember me? Well, I guess that's a problem..."
“Whoever you are, go away.”
>"I can't, not ‘til I’ve seen you smile!"
>"I swore I'd find you and I'd make you smile. So I'm not leaving!...also, ah...I kinda don't have money for a hotel and it's really cold outside. So could you please let me in~?"
The gloomy man then locked the door, the latch audible to her ears. Still, her sunny smile didn't fade away.
>"That's okay, I can wait! I came prepared!"
The man peered out the window about an hour later to see a strange dark-haired girl setting up a tent and a small campfire in his front yard. She was humming a song as she roasted some fish over the flame, and had hung up several sets of underwear on sticks to dry. He stared, briefly, in curiosity and bewilderment before retreating back into the inside of his house.

>> No.56443276

“I told you to get lost.”
>Days have passed and she's still waiting outside, and has claimed a section of the yard for herself. There's a flag of underwear up there somewhere, to his disgust and confusion.
>"Not until I see you smile!"
“Who even are you...?! How did you find me?!”
>"I'll tell you if you come outside and let me see your face!"
The man has only known adversity and violence for such a long time that he has no idea how to react to this very determined woman. His first idea is that this was a deception, and she was some sort of spy sent by Shocker or others to try and get to the ‘Key’ he carried. But something about the goofy earnestness she carried made him second-guess that. He decides to be rid of her, and transforms using his Blood Ties. The door unlocks, and he steps outside and lets out a bestial roar, his claws bared in front of the girl as he crouched in an animalistic posture, giving all the body language of a beast about to kill its prey.
>The girl just smiled and poked him where his nose would be. There was no fear in her eyes or her body. “That's cheating, silly.”
The man stared in bewilderment. Then he slammed the door shut again. This continued for weeks.
Tired and without the ability to scare or the will to actually harm the stranger, he finally asks. “Why are you doing this...? Is this some sort of prank?”
>"Mmm...you really don't remember, huh?"
“I've forgotten more than you'll ever know.”
>"Aaaw, that's mean. But...many years ago, someone saved my life. Someone everyone was scared of. I saw his face, and I noticed how sad he looked. I wondered, how could someone who saved lives and protected me look so sad? And I thought...well, maybe that person didn't have anyone to protect them, or someone to look after them when things were bad."

>> No.56443293

>"So, I thought...well, I'm all by myself now. And you're all by yourself too, right? No one else came to visit or say hello. And that's not good. So, um...I wanted to make you smile, you know? Just once. And maybe, if it was alright, I could get to know the person who saved me all those years ago? Life's really short, you know. It's bad to go through all of it without something or someone to be happy about, right?"
>"...ahaha, yeah, it's kinda silly, isn't it?
A little.
The door unlocks.
“You'll catch a cold out there.”
Her eyes lit up and she practically ran inside like a bullet.
...I guess I've made a friend.

>> No.56443332

Is it overkill to take Medaka Sue and Legendary Hero?

>> No.56443346

Okay that's good. Also, more of a curiosity thing, but is Vortex Blaster a powered up version of Elder God Demonbane or some weird bullshit Demonbane that showed up out of nowhere and killed it?

>> No.56443368

Hey DSA, do you post your jumps anywhere?

>> No.56443373

Yes, but you know what they say. "There's no kill like overkill"

>> No.56443374

This is fucking adorable.

>> No.56443382

>That moment when Jumpchan slips up and reveals she actually has multiple Jumpers at once.

I always doubted that I was her only plaything.

>> No.56443397


Awww Isn't friendship great?

I'm shipping them, anyway.

>> No.56443406

Ayy, any chance of you adding an option to give our Ahnenerbe's Spirit CP? Kinda bothers me that we can't have a Relic with Frenchman's End (even though I'm pretty sure Ren can't use Marie's curse directly.)

>> No.56443422

Not if you're planning on funding those purchases with the Medaka/Iihiko/Ajimu fight drawback.

>> No.56443435

It's...unclear, to me at least. It is a version of Demonbane but it's actual origins aren't known because it first appeared in a...not quite existing game that is still canon to the rest of the series.

It's definitely the strongest version of Demonbane yet and I would assume it has the powers of it's other versions because of it. As far as I can gather, based on the situation by DYN Freaks being that DBVB has wiped out everything outside of the last remaining universe, it also managed to kill the Elder Gods, including EGD.

I'd say it's just a weird bullshit thing.


Mm. Maybe. I don't think it'd really work for anything but single spirits, since the option lets you have a bunch of different spirits for group relics.

>> No.56443528

I mean, I'm tempted to just do a simple build of Legendary Hero plus Devil Style. I like how, on paper, it looks like a build meant for killing main characters.

>> No.56443577

Help me /jc/, I've made a horrible mistake.

Adopted the baby Metroid from... well... Metroid. Spent that jump and Starcraft: Terran having a relatively relaxing stay (apart from Zerg). Metroids are parasitic, right? So we all took turns feeding the little tyke some life energy. Well it turns out, it wound up absorbing a bit more than that.

Not an hour from jump end, it goes into a chrysalis.

And not an hour after we started the next world in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, it... err... She pops out looking like a daughteru-fied amalgamation of myself, Eshe, Lucina, Corrin, Mir, Anew, Alduin, and Misato.

Her name is Sarah.

Help me /jc/ I wasn't ready to be a father what do I do what do I do.

>> No.56443581


Hey aussie, can you post medaka box please

>> No.56443593


>> No.56443614

Are you sure that was a Metroid and not Parasite X?

>> No.56443624


I thought you dropped that claim, did you decide to pick it back up?

>> No.56443638

Er, sure?

Different part of the series, doesn't have the issues I had with doing the main portion.

>> No.56443642

>Help me /jc/ I wasn't ready to be a father what do I do what do I do.
Fatherhood is difficult alone so...

Air Force, Ground Forces, or Navy?

>> No.56443650 [SPOILER] 

Dicked a metroid by the sound of it.

>naming your kid-thing Sarah
Absolutely garbage taste DESU

>> No.56443651

>pic related

>> No.56443678

This is the before pic.
If this isn't a Metroid I swear to whichever god's watching me right now I'm going to shoot someone.


Mercenary I... guess?

She chose it herself you mango.

>> No.56443690

That was pretty cute. Gotta say, I'm liking bedtime stories with Heavens.

>> No.56443695


I want to waifu the blonde one.

also what >>56443651 said.

>> No.56443724

Fate's adorable, and also, has a terrible childhood. You should rescue her from her evil mother.

>> No.56443729

Metroids don't evolve based on absorbed energy and data like Parasite X does. Their mature form looks like this. Parasite X is also evil and a plague on the galaxy.

>> No.56443749

Do you think anything related to the Zerg enabled this.
Because there was that incident with a crashed Leviathan.

>> No.56443760

>Insert image of Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Shipgirl here
Imperial Navy.

>> No.56443771

This thread moves at about a hundred posts an hour. It needs to be ticketed for speeding.

>> No.56443783

Fate really needs better parents. The Dursley's would be a major step up.

>> No.56443808

Unlikely. Metroids are notoriously hard to assimilate.

>> No.56443826

You'll never catch us alive, coppers!

>> No.56443838

Question for you guys. I am on a mission of utmost importance.

I am trying to make the fluffiest tails in the world.

Assuming Dog Days, with full drawbacks and Spice and Wolf with full drawbacks and Upgrade. Where can I get more fluffiness

>> No.56443855

But then Nanoha can't do that.

>> No.56443870

Encouraging factionalism because someone was mean in thread is a poor idea either way desu.

>> No.56443875

Take them both as companions matchmake them and insert yourself into love triangle.

>> No.56443880

>Do you post your Jumps anywhere?
...to the thread? Where else would I post them?

>> No.56443890

Are any of the boys in this cute traps? How many?

>> No.56443903

Yes, this is a problem, I agree. The only proper response is clearly to waifu Nanoha as well. Not saving Fate ASAP is not acceptable.

>> No.56443915

I mean she settles down with Fate but the Nanohabowl is way more complicated then a mere triangle.

Could always waifu the Materials, they're pretty great.

>> No.56443925

Thread does enough to encourage factionalism by itself. Just look at how many people claim Valeria can absolutely do no wrong whatsoever.

>> No.56443933


>> No.56443945

Chimera-syndrome Renegades in Double Cross can develop a power called Supreme Fur that makes your fur incredibly comfortable and fluffy and pleasant to touch. If you don't want to both learning to develop that Renegade power, the jump has it rolled together with a bunch of minor aesthetic powers under a purchase option called Physique Maintenance.

>> No.56443949

Hm...in PMMM: Wraith Timeline, how would Homura react to someone who she remembered from a previous timeline who also remembered Madoka?

>> No.56443963

And there are jumps with time travel that don't. Don't play that kind of game with this shit senpai.

>> No.56443976


>> No.56443982

Then it sounds like those jumps shouldn't be giving that option, either. Why aren't you complaining about them trying to overrule other jump-makers' decisions? What are you trying to pull, anon?

>> No.56444030

Always pretty shitty to put you below the protagonists in a setting.

>> No.56444035

*Glances at Marvel Magic*

Yes. Time Travel is totally hard Anon.

It's not like any Skyfather worth their salt can just toss people through time on a whim or anything.

And it's not like the Second True Magic isn't on offer in two different Jumps.

And Arowverse *definitely* doesn't have a time-ship lets you travel to any point in time. That'd be silly.

>> No.56444043

Nigger have you actually read Valeria's jumps. You can put the protagonists six feet under in 90% of them with what she has on offer.

>> No.56444044

I have pics of female metroids, but they're lewd.

>> No.56444055

Depends on the relationship you had with her in the original timeline, I suppose. If she was neutral on you, she'd probably fill you in on what happened and maybe try and talk to you about it occasionally, but you'd have to put in effort to befriend her if that's what you want. If you were an enemy or rival, she'd be concerned by your knowledge and also probably a little bitter/angry that YOU remember and not Madoka's friends or family. I imagine that if you were her friend there, the two of you would probably share a bond over remembering the old timeline and Madoka.

If you went through the time loops with her as her friend, you'd probably be the most important person to her besides or perhaps even equal to Madoka herself. You shared her pain and sorrow and now are the sole person who shares her memories. Expect her to be VERY protective of you.

>> No.56444060



>> No.56444063

And you let those piece of shit jumps overrule other jump-makers' rulings on how time travel works? How could you let this happen? You're really falling asleep at the wheel, anon. I can't believe you let them just up and do it. This is just you trying to cover your sins, isn't it? You asshole, don't try to distract us from your failures by going after NikaMoth.

>> No.56444064

At least the name of the artist who made them.
All we ask of you.

>> No.56444069

Your autistic dedication to hating this thing you spend your life on is noted. Hopefully there's a hell and you're punished accordingly.

>> No.56444082

Do you seriously expect me to comb AN ENTIRE FUCKING WIKI when you can just tell me? I mean, you played the game, didn't you? It should be easy to note "Yeah there's one that looks like a girl" or not. Why are you being so spiteful?

>> No.56444092

Hey Val, if you're still around, how are Monogatari and Re: Creators?

>> No.56444096

Nobody is overruling anything, you stupid shitposter.

>> No.56444097

Fine, then, lazy bones. The answer is "yes, about half of them". I'm definitely going to fuck Toushiro, I can tell you that.

>> No.56444103

Well I have absolutely no idea what the hell happened then, anon.

I know my benefactor's method of world-traversing is... has been described as "messy," but I don't think that'd have anything to do with it- er, Sarah's newfound absorption

>> No.56444110

Cut the shitposting for ten seconds and look at the conversation. We're talking about Dies Irae, not whatever random thing you're pretending you read (you don't read jumps.)

>> No.56444114

Nigger, doing your own fucking research is a rule in JumpChain. Stop expecting the Jumpmaker to help you and give yourself your own fucking handjob once in a while.

>> No.56444115

Fucking hell anon, the list of characters has pictures you lazybones.

>> No.56444120

Then why is that anon complaining about jump rules being overriden? I'm so confused, I was just following the logic he was using.

>> No.56444122

Only high quality ones that aren't DA tier are by Nezumi. If you know that name you know what to expect.

>> No.56444135

Bout the same as before. Monogatari is still ready for fluffing once I'm done with SSEG and Re Creators has gotten a lot more filled out.

>> No.56444137

That still takes forever to comb through. People have things to do, that's why we ask each other for help instead of dedicating ourselves to every point of curiosity.

Well, thanks. Don't know what Nika's problem is.

>> No.56444144

I await them eagerly.

>> No.56444159

Probably because they're assuming the permanent drawback from this perk will apply to all their time travel from there on.

>> No.56444162

...Are all the tantous shotas? Is that an actual Thing or am I just seeing patterns where there are none?

>> No.56444164

That'd do it.

>> No.56444171

>Shorts swords
>Short boys
Checks out.

>> No.56444172

The jumpmaker themselves told you it didn't you moron.

>> No.56444174

No, but there's a lot of shotas because fujos gotta fujo

>> No.56444185

I never asked them about time travel. Welcome to the concept of anonymous.

>> No.56444221

I see.

You have provided an Optimal Route, and for that I offer you my thanks.

>> No.56444267

No problem anon. Feel free to post a build or some writing if you want, it would be interesting to read what exactly you ended up doing.

>> No.56444269

Unfortunately, yes. Tantous manifest as small boys.

>> No.56444272

What I mean is, do you have an archive or document where you post your chain? I want to see Black Frost's adventures.

>> No.56444314


>> No.56444315

Huh. I guess either makes sense, so it doesn't really matter...

I am going to politely, yet firmly, disagree with you.

>> No.56444320

Would Beast of Possibility work on something that requires worship to work? Prevent you from losing power when you don't have worshippers and keep growing anyway?

Like your Cult rating in Exalted, or if you were a D&D god, or that perk in KonoSuba?

>> No.56444321

Posting wikis when people ask about your jump should be a criminal offense.

>> No.56444339

Oh! Well, in that case, no, not really. A lot of it is just kept in my head, and what I did write down I actually wrote down, on paper. I've done a few builds on here, but for side chains, not the Black Frost chain. Sorry, anon.

...then again, I've been thinking about restarting the chain, lately. Kind of wrote myself into a corner, recently, not really sure what I want to do with the character. Maybe I'll type this one down when I get the free time.

>> No.56444358

That'd be cool, it looks like a fun character. Let us know if you end up doing that!

>> No.56444363

>Like your Cult rating in Exalted
That one definitely wouldn't work. Cult doesn't give you any new powers from being worshipped, it just feeds you a supply of energy. You're not developing anything through that energy, you're just getting extra fuel for your powers.

>> No.56444382

What if you're an Infernal speccing into Cecelyne's trees?

>> No.56444414

Prevent you from losing power? Definitely not. Make you able to grow in power without them and then make that power that didn't come from worship not go away? Sure.

>> No.56444423

>But then Nanoha can't do that.

Would waifu Fate derail much?

>> No.56444438

Black Frost is a lot of fun to play around with, and I'm definitely looking forward to starting a new chain with him. I think I got carried away with doing certain things with him, did too many different things and I think a fresh start could be just what I need.

Yeah, I'll let you guys know, could be fun.

>> No.56444472


>> No.56444514

It'd probably mildly screw Nanoha over during seasons 2 and 3, but I doubt it'd be too big a problem.

During A's she gets ambushed by the Wolkenritter, and gets rescued by Yuuno and Fate. Yuuno at least, would probably still show up, and even if he doesn't, the Ritter are willing to leave her alive because Hayate-orders.

In between seasons 2 and 3, she gets surprise-shanked by a robot, and she's probably getting at least some relationship-based inspiration boost to her determination in her physical therapy/getting better, but I doubt it'd be enough to actually turn things around when Nanoha's involved, especially if you waifu her yourself as well, and I think that might have been more Vita at that point, because guilt and stuff.

Season 3 she and Fate adopt Vivio together, but you could let Vivio get adopted by just Nanoha, just Fate (who's adopted a couple other kids on her own), or you and Fate, so no real issue there.

I might be missing something, but the biggest thing you have going for you is that I'm pretty sure that aren't _officially_ together, even though they functionally are, have adopted a kid together, and sleep in the same bed.

>> No.56444523

What about it? You need Cult ratings to use those charms, not learn them. It's just you using your connection to your followers to work wider-scale magic.

>> No.56444535


Well, the blonde is mine then.

Pls post the jump so I can make a build.

>> No.56444539


>> No.56444570

For future reference: It's on the drive as Lyrical Nanoha, under A-M in Complete but Need Image Work

>> No.56444577

On a similar note, if you have A Summer Holiday and gain access to something that only exists in one jump without spending CP on it – say the Force if you didn't buy a Force Sensitive origin or the Power Cosmic in Marvel or a certain type of magic – and you have it for a few years or so, would you continue to have access to it in future jumps?

>> No.56444593

No problem, anon! Have an image of future DeSu typing up the new chain.

>> No.56444617

Good lord, is her neck okay? Is she comfortable in that? She looks so cold.

>> No.56444626

Nah, that's more specific to the powers/jumpchain restrictions. The perk is for stuff based on locations (Being in a fortress where your magic is stronger) or times (Being back during some Age of Gods expy where you were just better).

>> No.56444638

Hm, well before anything I'll need to rewatch the tenth episode so I can get a better grasp on exactly where it'd be best to start.

Regardless, I'll either have to put it in as my third & fourth jumps for this chain, or it'll have to be a part of a different one.

Since I don't think "Oh, yah, I was an Elder God(dess) this whole time and could've solved all our problems with a wave of my hand." would go over well.

Kind of still run into that issue if it's the third, but at least at that point I wouldn't yet have accumulated enough knowledge and experience to solve the root problem.

>> No.56444649

Is it possible to incorporate new objects into your Ahnenerbe, if they fall under the same field as prior objects that you Imported? More specifically, I want to Import as my Ahnenerbe a sort of Backpack with dozens of different attachments. Could I extend the qualities possessed by the Backpack itself to any of the objects I incorporate into it? Rather than being physically attached to it, I have dozens of small trinkets with a uniform shape that can be plugged into the backpack, that then recreate the attachments that are originally stored within the trinkets as data.

>> No.56444663

More of a curiosity and you don't need to answer this but in your opinion do you agree with Queen Mebds statement that the riding skill also includes skill in riding a man?

>> No.56444694

Well, you're not going to just be able to plug'n'play to give the effects to anything you want, no. What you choose as the relic is set and while you can learn to make new things relics or, with the knowledge of how to make relics and practice, combine relics- you won't be able to just have one relic automatically make other relics like that.

I have no problem with that statement. One might even say I have the opposite of a problem with that idea.

>> No.56444742

Would A Summer Holiday work on pride guy's power from 7DS? Basically slowly make it so it's always high noon for you?

>> No.56444751

Not really. You're not going to be able to spend several years at the height of noon without a power that'd make this perk redundant for your goals anyway.

>> No.56444765

Sounds arbitrary of you.

>> No.56444770

For lower case god, are we supposed to be roughly on par with Methuselah? Since apparently those gods gain power over things based on literal mystery ie humans/sentients associating things with the god's chosen concepts, would that change as you went to and lived in different settings or would it stay similar to the way it was in Dies Irae?

>> No.56444779

It's a limit explicitly described in the perk. I can hardly help if you're not willing to read everything.

You're meant to be on par in regards to powers, yeah. It won't change, for better or worse, in other settings.

>> No.56444793

Not an issue of reading, I think it's an arbitrary limitation on your part.

>> No.56444804

So does that mean you're going to get EX Riding when you go to Fate? For NuBee's pleasure, or yours?

>> No.56444821

Why would you ever doubt the cheese dodging turbothot

>> No.56444848

An arbitrary limitation based on what? What do you think makes it arbitrary?

Love is all about sharing the joy.

>> No.56444860

So I'd have to spend several years in my fortress without ever leaving once to gain the effects of always being there?

>> No.56444870

And you'd then keep it forever, yes.

>> No.56444884

Followup question. NuBee is writing a chain with you in it. Theoretically speaking, since you two are a couple but all Jumpers get harems at some point, is it his harem or your harem? Do you populate your harem with traps or thots?

>> No.56444922

Obviously it is both their harems. Harems are about sharing after all.

>> No.56444924

Probably 'ours', since all I'd be gathering up is cute girls too and we'd both be into using them. I've just lost all interest in other guys now that we're together so there'd probably be nothing but girls.

Astolfo being the obvious exception of course. Because you can't not.

>> No.56444935

Well, if Will can be a fucking emotion, so can curiosity.
The Curiosity Corp. The Corp for detectives, scientists, and nosy busybodies alike.
Probably a color between blue and green. Teal, maybe. Or turquoise.
No fucking clue what kind of oath they'd have. Probably something about solving mysteries and fighting ignorance.
Probably wouldn't have a lot of heavy hitters, but I'd gamble that they'd have tons of Lanterns capable of insane construct stunts.

>> No.56444942

Oh. Not really worth it as a capstone then, honestly.

>> No.56444957

A difference of opinion we'll have to live with then.

>> No.56444965

That's somehow kinda romantic.

I'm totally imagining you two wingmanning each other at the same time now.

>> No.56444971

As a man who personally does not like Traps (as Harem partners). I would probably still take Astolfo since his personality is just so interesting and his Evaporation of Sanity skill would mean that i would always see new antics.

>> No.56444997

Aw, thanks anon.

No one can resist the stolf.

>> No.56444999

Does the Nobunaga gained from the FGO event have the full canon extent of Nobunaga's power (Papiyas, better stats) or the nerfed in-game FGO version?

>> No.56445014

She can be whatever you want baby.

Up to you what version and class she is

>> No.56445023

Take Astolfo to Harry Potter for Metamorphmagus

>> No.56445075

Why would you want Astolfo's appearance to change? He's perfect as-is.


>> No.56445093

Metamorphagus in the jump lets you do gender changes.

>> No.56445109

>Implying he's not a perfect butt slut by default

>> No.56445274


>75% of his sex appeal comes from being a trap
>turning him into a real female

>> No.56445326

You can turn him into a herm or make him a reverse-trap.

>> No.56445388

Does Master of Your Craft (The Hunger Games) only apply to one profession when you choose it or is a boost to whatever jobs you choose to do? If only one can you buy it multiple times?

>> No.56445449

>Why would you want Astolfo's appearance to change? He's perfect as-is.
He needs a better hairstyle.

>> No.56445456

His big braid is big great.

>> No.56445547

Yeah, that part's good. It's the disheveled mess he has on the rest of his head that needs changing.

>> No.56445629

>Mirai Nikki
Looking through the archives it seems like someone already claimed it a month ago:

>> No.56445645

Oh? That's a shame. I guess I'll wait a few months and then see if anything comes up about it.

>> No.56445743

ETA on Guilty Gear?

>> No.56445750

Hey Val, could you answer this, >>56432825 ? Thanks.

>> No.56445762

Not for a while yet but it's got a good number of things noted down.

Probably tier 3.

>> No.56445853

Basic Deus Machina are magitech mecha, powered by Grimoire.

Demonbane is different as its Grimoire is the Necronomicon and thus can actually weaponize certain Lesser Gods / Servants and some devices from the Lovecraftian Mythos.

Clockwork Phantom is Nya's personal Deus Machina, but its on another level because its powered Nya herself, aka Nyarlathotep.

Basically, if you want a Demonbane-tier Deus Machina, get yourself some gods/demons/THINGS and weaponize them.

>> No.56445876

If could change the time you have to stay in each world from 10 years to anything you like, how much would you spent in each world?

>> No.56445880

So it escales with you?

>> No.56445898

Whatever time fits the story I'm telling at the time. Some jumps work best with a good few years, some work best with just a few weeks.

>> No.56445920

It scales to what's powering it. If you're powering it, then sure.

>> No.56445928

May I bother you with an Anima question? I have been looking the dragon companion option and I'm confused about it being tied to you and being able to call it to your side at any time. How does this interact with the companion limit?

>> No.56445939

Would you get any boost from it?

>> No.56446045

Probably. I mean, it's still a giant robot packing tons of magitech weapons and equipment in it. You're rarely going to be worse off when riding in a giant robot that can channel your powers than you would be outside said robot.

>> No.56446079

Could I use free climbing with lost levels to reduce someone to level one to now reduce them to level -999?

>> No.56446086

That's not how math works.

>> No.56446262

What are some properties that you want jumps of but they are still ongoing/being translated so you can't/don't want to claim them yourself?

>> No.56446283

If you have the first and third magic could you create magic circuits and transplant them onto someone? (If not is there another way?)

>> No.56446287


>> No.56446319


>> No.56446323

Tongari Boushi no Atorie/Witch Hat Atelier

>> No.56446359

Better yet, cure Precia, revive/resurrect Alicia, then apply therapy to all of them. While you're at it, you might as well introduce yourself to Jail.

>> No.56446401

Cradle. Pretty good xianxia series by a western author. Will Wight, the same guy who did those Traveler's Gate books we've got a jump of. They're great, cut out all the stuff that makes xianxia novels boring. You've got a protagonist whose reason for gaining power is more than just blind ambition so you can actually care about him, world building that doesn't have eternal static cultures, an actual sense of urgency driving the plot instead of the protagonist being able to take a hundred years off to cultivate, a pretty well-constructed system for that cultivation that would be super easy to translate into a jump, and a bunch of really cool character traits and unique powers and equipment that are great fodder for perks and items. But it's only on book four so far (pretty good, kind of dragged in the middle but I liked it all the same), and with the pacing there's going to be at least another two to four before the Dreadgods are put back to sleep and the secondary plot about Eithan's ambitions for Lindon and Yerin becomes the main plot, which would have to take many books on its own.

>> No.56446420

Isn't the "ghostly castle" in the perk description supposed to be Gladsheimr, or is that something else? If it is, then just out of curiosity, would it even be possible to eventually manifest your Briah (if you had a Gladsheimr clone) for that long?

>> No.56446437

It depends on the power source, as >>56445920 mentioned.

However, the stuff built into the Deus Machina can mean all the difference between being a simply powerful mecha to being one that can rival the Great Old Ones. This, mind you, is in concert with the Power Source, such as yourself.

So let's say, as a Jumper you have decided to go full on Xianxia with Chi and Oriental Alchemy, for example, depending on the stuff built in into DM along with how you built it, you could, build a DM that would rival Journey to the West's own Buddha.

Or, another example, you tapped the Kirijo Group's own research and technologies into building your DM while you pilot it as the Wildcard...well, consider that the latest Wildcard straight-up killed the God of Control and Order by summoning a Mecha-sized Demonlord powered by at least Tokyo City's own belief in him...

You should start to get an idea of how bullshit a Deus Machina can grow into if you put in the necessary research and construction into the base mecha to best synergize with its Pilot(s).

>> No.56446442

It is, yeah. Possible? Sure, it'd take a lot of soul strength but eventually you could do it.

>> No.56446478

Interesting, thanks. An idle thought, but what do you suppose would happen if your desire/Briah changed? Would you retain the power increase due to its quirk as a technical "location", or would it leave you as normal?

>> No.56446484

Well, you'd retain any powers that came from just being in there but you'd lose most of it the actual power.

>> No.56446508

Hey Val, is 'energy transmutation' or something like that valid as a magecraft specialization?

>> No.56446509

You could get the Heart and get him/her the Sonnenkind perk

>> No.56446513

Eh, probably.

>> No.56446517

It's pegged as a 13 book series, IIRC. It'll take a while before a jump could be made though, seeing as we don't even know what Underlords do yet.

>> No.56446522

>only able to raise up to one thousand the original number or decrease to one thousandth of the original number.
It seems like it works by dividing or multiplying

>> No.56446527

Alright, thanks. Hmm... I was going to ask you something else, but I forgot what it was. Hate when that happens.

>> No.56446529

Is it just me or is Fate Zero missing from the Drive?

>> No.56446537

It's pretty bad yeah. Just give me a shout if you remember.

Check in the Fate series folder?

>> No.56446578

Oh, I wasn't aware there was a definite number pegged. Nice. And yeah, exactly, we don't even know what Underlord and above cultivation (well, "cycling", because Will is using his own terms for some things) is like, Lindon's still at Lowgold and Yerin at Truegold. We've still got Underlord, Overlord, Archlord, Monarch, and whatever comes above that to go through. Also whatever Sages are, because I've kind of gotten the sense that their cultivation track diverges from the normal system around Truegold, because everyone seems to treat them as being on the level of the Monarchs but something different. Also, the Sage of the Endless Sword was poisoned to death, and we know that people that have passed through the Underlord stage and learned to create soulfire are immune to most poisons, which I'd assume include the stuff that the Sacred Valley with its inferior sacred artists have. But I digress. Point is, we definitely don't know enough for me to make a jump yet, just based on mechanics alone. Factor in plot details and it's way too early to do it.

>> No.56446597

I did. It isn't showing for me at least.

>> No.56446616

Ah, wait, I got it.

Just checked my PC. It's there. I was looking for it on my Phone, where it isn't showing.

Likewise Carnival Phantasm.

>> No.56446619

Should Dog Days and No Game No Life be considered isekai?

>> No.56446631


>> No.56446632

desu, we have a bunch of jumps from stories that are nowhere near finished yet, even Toaru was made before the magic god bullshit happened. I think it's fine, no one really cares.

>> No.56446638

I don't know about Dog Days(beyond the big fat cat tats), but No Game No Life is definitely an Isekai.

>> No.56446639

I thought that was what they were classified as, unless something changed when I wasn't looking.

>> No.56446659

Does anyone have some tips for training perks specifically want to find a way to get all the Hassasins in Fate/Grand Order scenario.

>> No.56446668

The one that comes to mind is in Fairy Tail.

>> No.56446670

Get that 400 and 200 perks for the Drop-In perk tree in Overlord. If you go full Drop-In, taking the Rogue class, I'm sure you could probably easily beat most of the scenario (maybe barring the King Hassan fight).

>> No.56446679

Any that don't involve group import would be ideal considering I plan to get as many servants as i can into the imports

>> No.56446682

Yes. We have jumps for both.

>> No.56446692


Desu I realize that, I just wasn't sure what they actually were.

>> No.56446694


>> No.56446713

>Desu I realize that, I just wasn't sure what they actually were.
I thought you might be asking to use them with Generic Isekai which is why I pointed it out.

>> No.56446716

For training others? Well:
Assassination Classroom - Statistics, Actually Teaching
Fate Zero - Great Teacher Waver
Negima - Talented (Trainer(?)/Teacher(?)), Teacher
MedakaBox (Ver. Tovam) - Maestro
MedakaBox (Ver. Val) - Analysis

These are the ones I know off the top of my head because they're my go-to "teach the dense protag some shit" combo.

>> No.56446718

Still a standard decade, with settings where the plot lasts longer than a decade extending appropriately.

>> No.56446724

That changes from Jump to Jump, some I really wish I could be out in a month tops, others, centuries.

>> No.56446725

>MedakaBox (Ver. Tovam) - Maestro

Why the shit would you use this over the obviously superior Valeria jump.

I sure hope you guys don't do this.

>> No.56446747

Real Eater

>> No.56446761

A perk with no rulings, no concrete definitions, and has caused an excessive amount of shitposting and nasty arguments over how to interpret it.

So of course it's the jump used by shitposters.

>> No.56446772

We do know what Sages are! (sorta) Apparently they're Archlords who've "done something special". Whatever that means. But it's a side thing, not all Monarchs are/were Sages, and not all Sages go on to be Monarchs. And I think it was confirmed that there was something funny going on with the Sword Sage and the Sacred valley that explained why he could be killed by uppity Jades (probably related to the oncoming doom and/or the Labyrinth, if I had to guess).

>> No.56446784

> REEEEE!ing about another's choices, in a single player imagination game
> pic related

Because I want to. Also, using both in concert is possible, Maestro gives the initial 200% boost in a training montage (which was why I took it, to mess with the overly serious protags). Then Analysis gives them a Routine to follow for even more gains.

I also had Maestro before Val's version came out and worked it into my Hero Training Montage v.29.01.923.322 as the maintenance and aftercare of the gains developed.

>> No.56446794

Whatever you say, Timmy. Keeping that outdated sack of shit on the drive is just encouraging your shitposting - which is funny, given literally everything does with you.

>> No.56446818

Jump both.

>> No.56446829

We have over 900 jumps.
You don't need to add trash just to get your content fix.

>> No.56446846

> Jump both
I thought it was obvious that using duplicate jumps to visit the setting twice is against the rules. We aren't supposed to have duplicates in the first place.

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