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Can we make this general a thing? edition

>What is Genesys?
What setting do you want to run Genesys in?

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I'd like to run an A Song of Ice and Fire game with Genesys. The Green Ronin rpg has some good ideas but it's kind of a mess, I plan to rip what's good from it and shove it into Genesys. I actually think it will be a pretty good fit; for example, the Green Ronin house creation system (possibly the most fun part) could work well with Genesys' narrative dice to indicate the shifting fortunes of your house historically.

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>tries shilling a lousy game as a general
>when there's no demand for it (lots of disparate threads about the game)
>before the game is even published

This is pathetic. Fuck off.

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Interested to see if there's any Android crunch in the corebook. Gonna catch a scan before buying.

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My group and I are still waiting for it, not much actual info lately. Though the gen con sheets were kinda cool.

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>Anon is this triggered people are interested in a game he doesn't like.

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>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?
I have a mecha style game I'm thinking about doing for it.

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Some of us anons in the Destiny lore thread are scoping this game as a way to run Destiny TTRPG. We've got a bit of discussion as to how powers and the nebulous "Light" or "Darkness" would be represented in-game.

So, trying to find some ways of building that into this to fit the mystical, mythic kind of narrative feel Destiny has going for it.

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Not until its out in full.

And like >>56440815 I'm not really caring until the Android book is out anyway

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Magic/Spellcasting system seems pretty interesting. Would be fun to see how Mad Scientists Gadgeteering compared to it.

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supply us a pdf faggot. There is no general until there are some rules.

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It isn't out in PDF yet.

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then why make a general when no one knows how to play it yet, and literally no one is playing it.

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I'm also interested in the spellcasting system; the older I get the less satisfied I am with Vancian magic, or really anything even resembling it, but a lot of alternatives I've seen tend to be really kind of overly complex or come with lots of thematic baggage.

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More like the older you get the more broken you want your spellcasting because requiring strategic play is too tiresome. iktf.

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Cant wait to play some Call of Cthulhu with a system that isnt 30 years old

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because in d&d preparing 20 spells in advance without knowing what GM is making your face requires tactics and strategy.

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because in d&d preparing 20 spells in advance without knowing what GM is making your face that day requires tactics and strategy. I'm sorry but I don't see how this shows that Vancian magic is superior.

Best case scenario it is a cold-war between you and your GM. He knows your spell list and you are somehow trying to have an upper hand. But all that goes to shit if GM sends things that can ignore most of your spells.

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>D&D spellcasting
>not already broken
Other than Mage I'm not sure what mainstream game has more broken spellcasting than D&D

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>Can we make this general a thing? edition
Fuck anon. I am running with a monthly until the game drops (check the archive).
/gengen/ is pretty jokes. Might jack it.

Settings Im thinking of:
>Inspired by Ark. Wide open lands, resource gathering, crafting. Riding mythical beasts. Good times.
>Mash up of Feudalism, Titanfall, Halo, Escaflowne. Planetary lords running a isolated star system and the knights who do the dirty work.
>Stargate 1960. Stargate is found in South America. Oh boy...

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Is this the new MYFAROG?

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We can only dream

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At least a few people might actually play Genesys

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Its pretty fun RPG with the skirmish game miniatures that come out last year here. Surprised the Fantasy Flight is getting our release with their dice's system.

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That's not Genesys we are here for. Sorry.

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>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?

A balls to the walls magic setting where everyone does magic instead of technology. Fucking space wizards here I come. Two guys from my Force and Destiny group and me have been wanting to run something like that forever. We have been experimenting with all sorts of magic systems, but never found one we really found satisfying, so we are currently trying to come up with the mechanics our self. I mean, us studying games egineering/game design together must be good for something.

Despite playing Force and Destiny together, I didn't even know Genesys was coming. We had been thinking about using the EotE/AoR/FaD dice system besides even more esoteric mechanics because I think it is well suited to more dynamic magical results without being so loose it devolves into a free form wankfest.

So of course since we found out about this a few days ago one of my mates wants to try porting over our stuff to Genesys and I am happier than I have any right to be because maybe I'll finaly break the forever GM curse and get to play again. It would be the first time in 3 fucking years.

Just hope Genesys doesn't suck

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>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?

A space opera divorced from star wars as much as possible, using the aesthetic of pic related

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Wow, it's almost like people are interested in talking about it. And for that matter, what kind of fag comes into a thread expecting to be spoonfed a pdf? Any general worth their shit would tell you to get off your ass and get it yourself anyways.

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>Any general worth their shit would tell you to get off your ass and get it yourself anyways.

Every single general ever has megas. Hope you're getting paid enough to deal with all these people calling you out.

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>Is this the new MYFAROG?
Can't be, no Papyrus.

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>Any general worth their shit would tell you to get off your ass and get it yourself anyways.

That is the exact opposite of the truth.

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Since one of my players left the country I'm on Roll20. Any game that can't run on Roll20 without hacks or spending a ton of money isn't something I'm interested in.

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>What is Trail of Cthulhu?

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There any good online dice rollers for the Narrative Dice system? Ideally in a way that a group sees the pool/roll, because I'm 100% confident that one of my players would fuck it up on their own nine times outta ten.
I know Roll20's got a sheet with a built-in roller but you have to be a paying member because it uses extended API stuff.

In a preview thing they've basically said it doesn't delve into such specific setting details, and then linking to a general setting guide/artbook for Android ("Worlds of Android," IIRC).
I wouldn't be surprised if Android is namedropped in the cyberpunk section. Expect it to be pretty effortlessly compatible, but still lacking any explicit guidelines catering directly to Android.

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They'll probably release a character sheet for it soon. As for "hacks" you can just run a simple script usually.

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I intend to run a campy swashbuckling fantasy game based on pic related. I had originally planned on using the second edition of Blue Rose, but that system only really works for one thing, and that thing is neither swashbuckling camp nor Blue Rose.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0sbqnkFFhQ is the video that inspired me to do it.

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What's with the influx of folks coming in and calling people shills in a bunch of threads? Not even OP or whoever but damn am I suddenly seeing it everywhere. Is it because christmas is coming and they're paranoid enough to think marketers actually post on one of the most inactive boards?

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Just salt and neck-bearding

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Green Ronin's SIFRP is basically just the d6 system and Genesys is basically just the d6 system with symbols on the dice instead of numbers. The latter should work pretty well for what you want.

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I really want to run something vaguely hellboy-ish with this system, seems like it would work well with it too

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Modern, Fantasy, and throw in some Weird to the mix and you have a rough outline of Hellboy.

Didn't BPRD have a pdf of the Troll Market? Could work as a fun game resource.

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I figured I'd steal a bunch of stuff from the Hellboy gurps book for ideas too

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Nah, they've specifically said 3 things on the matter
> The core book has a sci-fi section as one of its 5 (fantasy, weird war, sci fi, modern day and steampunk)
>Sci-fi is further divided into "more grounded" and" space opera"
>Setting books, for various settings FFG owns or licences (Arkham, Android, Twilight Imperium etc.) are coming down the line

And the android book was mentioned here, confirming it

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An Android splat was explicitly confirmed at Gencon. It's happening.

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>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?
I've got a few in mind: something akin to DUST or Gear Krieg using th basics they supply for Weird War. Maybe stat out Tannhauser stuff.

World of Twilight. Gonna take a while to stat it all out, and figure out the beat way to do it, but I imagine it could be damn fun.

I also have a Pacific Island inspired fantasy setting I'd love to run in it. I statted a bunch of shit out for it for D&D 4e back in the day, but now I think this would work far better for my style of gaming (I.e. more narrative and less just murderhoboing).

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I'm explicitly only referring to what is and is not in the core rules.
Also, here's the relevant bit from the article I was talking about:
>However, as much as we wanted to dive wholly into our own settings, such as Android, Twilight Imperium, and Runebound, we recognized that if we wanted to cover even one of our settings properly, it would take a whole book to do so! (For a great example of this, see our Worlds of Android book.)

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Mobile Suit Gundam. Holding off on doing more of a conversion until the actual rules are out.

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That first link is not informative at all. It really tells me nothing about what kind of system this is, other than that it's... a system.

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I know, pretty shitty way to start a thread. Although given the poster's style it seems like he's a false flagging troll who seems to get off on chasing away new content for /tg/ to explore for reasons unknown.

That said, there's a few more links that are marginally more substantive, but still are very, very sparse on actionable information:

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>Although given the poster's style it seems like he's a false flagging troll
I was actually wondering about that when this thread was first started. When it was just the "I wanna try SoIaF in this system" and ">ALL THREADS ARE SHILL THREADS REEEE" posts there were only two posters. Either OP replied to himself with what he'd like to run (fair enough I guess) or he was the shitposter.
Not really any way of knowing for sure, of course.

Though if it was a bait thread like that I would expect them to make the thread starter more annoying rather than a bit bland.

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There's another Genesys thread up that has all the hallmarks of their troll MO, so it could be they shitposted in this one, then false-flagged with their own to try and drum up more.

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>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?

What about Terminator?

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Wasn't sure which thread was the 'legit' one, so I'll go ahead and post this here too:

I wasn't sure whether or not I was interested until I read how they're doing magic

TL;DR: Default, dinky close-range magic attack is easy. To turn it into, say, a classic Fireball means to add a Fire trait and an area effect trait. But those also make it a lot harder to pull off reliably without a focus designed to cast those sorts of spells.
In another article they mention they have some system for designing items, which means you can have some very rarefied sorts of focuses in your campaign for different schools of magic.
All together it sounds right up my alley.

As for what settings, with the item stuff I'm immediately thinking about how well Dresden Files could work. The series has a substantial emphasis on a wizard's tools of the trade.
Other than that it'd be nice to have a game that can represent the stuff from Phantasy Star IV. It's just such a mix of things that it's hard to match to a system without some big compromise or another. Time will tell how smoothly that would go exactly, but I've got a good feeling about it.

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Been thinking of how to turn that into different Class powers from Destiny as well. Although those powers are pulled off without a hitch, save perhaps accuracy, so I'm wondering how this would work. I'd think a system that requires an expenditure of resources to activate powers might be neat, and spending the metacurrency tokens is a great way to represent Guardians pulling off their Super abilities.

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Heck, you could even just add a "Light" resource, and let them spend Advantage on getting more light for themselves or others.

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Idea in the Destiny thread was to have a "Powers" resource for activating abilities (grenades, jumping, special melee attacks...), and a "Light" resource for doing narrative shit like the Guardians in the grimoires do (turning their Light into objects, using it in weird ways, fucking with it...).

If that's too much bookkeeping, I get it, but we also considered using Light as a revive mechanic, so the more you die the less you have, making you vulnerable and losing what plot power you have. So players have a big resource at their disposal, but they ultimately don't want to fuck with it unless they have to or they'll suffer some hard choices and bad consequences down the line.

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It looks like a good base for a system, but fuck that "we want to do something unique that's never been done before!" drivel.

>> No.56464301

It's just PR spin anon, you probably shouldn't take it too seriously.

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I'm thinking about giving it a shot for Star Trek. I've fucked around with "Edge of the Empire" a bit, and I think the system has promise. I like the use of "range bands" for combat, and I actually found the fiddly dice useful. I could see it working pretty well for TOS's style of pulp-y action stories, broken up by occasionally monologuing about how you shouldn't be a racist.

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To break it down more simply:

Power Energy:
>use grenade
>use "special" punch
>other special attacks abilities

>passive resistance against Darkness effects
>doing narrative stuff

Though just lumping it all into a Light resource is probably best, with regular powers plinking away at it, while other more powerful stuff sucks at your Light pool hard. The idea is less to make the TTRPG off the system less a 1:1 of Destiny the videogame, and more as a system to evoke the feeling of the setting and explore the kinds of stuff Guardians get to do in the lore.

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This does seem premature, but admit I am rather excited to see what Genesys will be able to do.

>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?
My first check is probably going to be Warhammer Fantasy, Conan and general low/dark fantasy stuff. We'll see what it can do though.

I'm a GURPS fan, so it would have to be pretty good to make me want to play it instead, but maybe it will be more popular.

Do we know if we'll be able to play on Roll20? Maybe a Discord bot for the dice (I haven't seen an FFG Star Wars one)

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I think I'd have it just be Light, but also let you spend Light or Strain to do some of those abilities.

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I actually find this style of magic very interesting. Allowing wizard somewhat modifiable spells seems quite interesting.

Their spell list could be 5 spells long but have 25 different sub-spells. Hell, could even just have "elements" (fire, psychic, necrotic, etc.) and then the wizard choose what to do with them.

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Thanks, interesting read.

>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?

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I was thinking of making a Made in Abyss setting. I'd obviously have to tweak it from the original story as that exact setting might not work super well for a game, but I was hoping to keep the theme.

What sort of careers/classes do you think people would have in such a setting?

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Why do they create a own system for legend of the five rings and not use Genesys?

>> No.56467750

Different game designer probably or they had some particular thing they wanted to accomplish with it.

>> No.56467801

It's a mystery. I suspect they wanted to have the L5R system on a far shorter timescale than they could develop, print and make an L5R splatbook for Genesys, so it would coincide (or near as they could) with their L5R LCG launch - hence why it's in beta now

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I'm wanting to run a "pulled into another world" game where the players aren't the only ones from the real world. Over the course of thousands of years people and all sorts of stuff has been pulled through. Time isn't the same across the two, though, so someone from the civil war could show up in their modern time, while someone from today could show up 1000 years ago for them. Planning on making it sort of resemble generic fantasy in some ways, but including lots of anachronistic tech, refences to and people from the real world, and other stuff like that.

I'm thinking I'll use Genesis both because my usual play group loves how EotE plays as well as because it ought to provide stats for all of the anachronistic tech stuff I mentioned.

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>Can we make this general a thing?
Yes, we can, FFG community manager.

>What setting do you want to run Genesys in?
Fantasy would be the first go-to. Maybe Arda.

>> No.56468573

And it will still be better than your Peter Gabriel adapation of it.

For someone who is paid to do some viral marketing on various net sites, it's literally no effort to start a thread on 4chan and make some posts to try to create some buzz ahead of time.

>> No.56468735

More likely is that the game now has a firm release date and people are just wanting to discuss it like any other RPG.

EotE is quite fun in its own way so having other settings use a similar system should be fun. People are interested in that. Of course /tg/ autists see nefarious purposes behind everything.

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Oh man, I just realized what I absolutely HAVE to do with this system. Award boost dice based on meals eaten that day, add challenge for hunger.

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>Of course /tg/ autists see nefarious purposes behind everything.
Also, pretending this is true is fun.

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