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First for Omnissiah

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second for best chapter

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Third for Tau negotiations

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Third for soyboys

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I hope Chapter Approved gives IW their Basilisks back

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Magpies stole the title edition

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Fourth for the handsomest primarch. Fulgrim can eat a dick

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Ill give you that. Wish they had special rules

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That horrifiy momment when you changed the duncan but forgot to set the subject

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What do we know about Chapter Approved? Release date? Content?
I want to know about the Celestine and Guilliman nerfs as well as the apparent support for armies that aren't getting an codex soon in particular Sisters

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She wants that necron dick

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in december.

leaks have gurillaman going up 50 points

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>ebin maymay duncan video
>no subject
>no wholesome general image
You are scum.

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Why don't you have a seat over there.

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hey at least he got the bcklink

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If we assume codex-compliance, what would Blood Ravens have for their Chapter tactic, warlord trait, and strategy? No memes please.

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I'm creating a backup list for my renegades and heretics because our local autist thinks FW is overpowered and wants to limit it to one unit per army. I'm just looking for a place to put those extra 17 points.

Crybaby backup list (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [102 PL, 1983pts]
>Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum)
>Primaris Psyker
3) Psychic Barrier, 4) Nightshroud, Force Stave
Heavy Support
Basilisk w/Heavy Bolter
2xBasilisk w/Heavy Bolter
3xWyvern w/Heavy Bolter
>Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum)
>Company Commander
Astra Militarum Orders, Boltgun, Chainsword, PIETROV’S MK 45
>Company Commander
Chainsword, KUROV’S AQUILA, Laspistol
Four seperate 30x Conscript squads
>Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum)
>Primaris Psyker
2) Gaze of the Emperor, 3) Psychic Barrier, Force Stave
>Primaris Psyker
3) Psychic Barrier, 6) Psychic Maelstrom, Force Stave
>Primaris Psyker
1) Terrifying Visions, 3) Psychic Barrier, Force Stave
>Tech-Priest Enginseer
Lord of War
Autocannon, Demolisher cannon, Twin heavy bolter
4 Lascannon & Twin Heavy Flamer Sponsons
Dedicated Transport
>Trojan Support Vehicle
Heavy Bolter

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The salamander trait, i here they are good at stealing shit too.

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Only 25 last time I checked.

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hey whoa hwoa hwoa, I don't want to fuck her.

She wants to fuck him

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Didn't mean to reply to the Iron Warriors autist, sorry.

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>autist thinks R&H are overpowered
literally how

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"I swear officer! I didn't record it! I only watched it!"

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it's been 10 fucking years, they're as likely and deserving to get them back as SW are leman russes

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The Forge World tag. I don't even bring maefic lords.

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>le not thousand sons

terrible, terrible chapter made from the worst faction in all of 40k

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Who was in the wrong?

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Why are the Night Lords so much better than other legions? Is it because the don't receive as much wanking as the other legions?

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The green one was assaulted unlawfully. The pink one's life is now entirely up to the green one's feelings.

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But this is wrong. It's a solid chapter but what ruined them are the memes. DoW and BL memes both.

They aren't. Also Night Lords fans are a special kind of cancer.

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You are 6th.

Fulgrim confirmed to be the most handsomest Primarch

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Its their Nihilistic nature combined with the metal paint scheme.

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you are wrong.

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1KS are easily best legion, especially in aesthetic.

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Fuck em. They're assholes with a goal they don't understand.

What happens when Chaos wins? They lose.

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The cool batwings

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>Also Night Lords fans are a special kind of cancer.
Doesn't it apply to all marinefags?

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Because they aren't and you're a spamming fucking faggot.

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>gaudy Egyptian shit
>described as dark skinned in the lore


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>gaudy Egyptian shit
stopped reading there

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Im still waiting for someone to paint thousand sons as KANGZ with pale-skinned cultist slaves.

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They really are

Maybe it's the fact that their primarch is batman?

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Yes but NLfags are a special case. They are as whiny and self-righteous as their legion.

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Speculation on what Tau sept traits will be? I'm convinced they'll use, for the most part, First Sphere septs as they're the most important and prevalent in the fluff with established quirks.

Off the top of my head, maybe they'll give Vior'la +1S or +1WS due to being "highly aggressive and skilled". Fal'shia is known as the centre for technological development, so maybe ... -1AP to all Pulse weaponry? Bork'an may be something with command points or re-rolls since they're the centre of learning and academia.

Ideas? Hopes?

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I'll say it right now, Curze was a baby bitch boy. The Night Haunter is where it's at!

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You would stop there, nigger.

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Reroll 1's to wound in the fight phase
Reroll morale
Ignores cover

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All I hope for is the ability to deepstrike within 9" without becon support.

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First time ive seen us complete a we wuz kangz properly in a long time, good on you anon

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Stuff that's not fucking useless, please.

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T'au sept: rerolls to misses in the fight phase vs buildings after being summoned while disembarking

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Night Lords. The edge is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of corny 80's hair metal most of the referenceswill go over a typical 40k player's head. There’s also an Curze's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into their character- their personal philosophy draws heavily from Batman and Marvel literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the implications of the Night Lords, to realise that they’re not just immoral- they're for edgy losers with no LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Night Lords truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the principled argument of Talos Valcoran's existential catchphrase “JUST,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Fraser's epic Alimony. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those Raven Guard simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Aaron Dembski Bowden's genius wit unfolds itself on their book pages. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have an "Ave dominus nox" tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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I think that'd be far too broken honestly. homing beacons add more tactical options to you. If they just did that trait, they'd be literally useless. They're good, that's why they're 20 points a pop, eh.

>> No.56431439

Alright! Fine! You asked for it!
>reroll 1's to hit if the model didn't move this turn
Happy now!?

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He got fucked in the ass by his sons though.

>> No.56431458

Real talk, the onoy time ive seen the high IQ r&m argument is in ironic memes

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Tau getting the codex as late as possible and filled with shit rules

I had to deal with so many waacfag Tau that every second without your fucking weeaboo race infecting the tables is bliss.

I masturbated watching all those Tau armies being put on the second hand markets at the start of 8th edition.

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Sanguinius got fucked in the face by Horus' mace though.

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>I masturbated watching all those Tau armies being put on the second hand markets at the start of 8th edition.

Good time, that really gave me a good laugh.

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Fake news

>> No.56431509

It's people like you who make me play guard in 8th.

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Absolutely shit thread. Just let this one die until someone with half a brain can make a new one.

>> No.56431512

>tfw you found a good deal on second hand models but they're 1000 miles away

really fucking tempted to go get them, sleep the night off in my car and drive back

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Since my time as a child, I've dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist, and may very well persue that dream in the coming years, but boy
the "Egyptians were black" meme is fucking cancer
It's what showed little me that blacks can be just as fucking dumb as German and Irish mutts that think they were responsible for Rome. I'm just glad academia isn't as buttfuck retarded as some archaeological fields and anything 'KANGZ'-esque published is roundly mocked.

>> No.56431521

fuck off m8, nobody cares

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>> No.56431527

Do it man, maybe grab a friend or a family member and make it a trip worthwhile

>> No.56431539


I apologise on their behalf, I know the fanbase attracts a shitload of toxic faggots but I assure you, some of us just want to play casual fun without big OP shit.

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>> No.56431546

ayo cracka u be finna RAYCISS n shiet muhfukka

we wuz muhfukin KANGZ while u is slaves n shiet muhfukin cumskin ass muhfuka


>> No.56431549

It will be retconned.

>> No.56431566

And it's people like you, the waacfag that always chase the most broken things, that give me constant material to fap on.

All those conscripts on sale. Mmmmh!

Is it so hard to stick and play the factions you love instead of just buying 10 boxes of something the very first second it's OP?

>> No.56431572

It is close to the capital so I guess we could do a detour and see some sights...hmmm

>> No.56431587

>It's what showed little me that blacks can be just as fucking dumb as German and Irish mutts that think they were responsible for Rome.
When have the fucking irish claimed in any large numbers to be responsible for rome? some germanic or nordics revisionists occasionally do, but the irish? From my expeinrce they tend to cling more to there work in preserving classical writings during the early medieval period, which while perhaps a bit overstated is at least actually true

>> No.56431588

Shame the SJWs are trying to retcon our history. I don't see academics holding the line for much longer

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>> No.56431614

Do it man, even if its just a days worth of "adventure" it'll be worth it

>> No.56431626

As a historian, why did early researchers decide that the Egyptians were darker skinned than the Hebrews?

>> No.56431633

Enjoy never being able to discuss Egypt now because of memers.

>> No.56431641

fuck it anon, we're doing it

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>> No.56431643

Alright, my friend helped me edit it, he said that at least 10 Devourers on the gants would be better than the extra 3 warriors since I have a Tervigon in the list. What should I use the last 21 points for?

Court of the Nephilim King
Tyranid Battalion Detachment

•Hive Tyrant with Stranglethorn Cannon, Scythes of Tyran, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs, 192

•Tervigon with Monstrous Scything Talons, 243

•Old One Eye, 200

•Termagants with Fleshborers and 10 Devourers (30), 160

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters (3), 70

•Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords, Deathspitters (3), 70

•Maleceptor, 172

•Tyrant Guard with Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs (6), 306

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

Heavy Support
•Carnifex with Tusks, Bone Mace, Monstrous Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Chitin Thorns, Spore Cysts, and Toxin Sacs (2), 278

Total: 1979

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>Is it so hard to stick and play the factions you love instead of just buying 10 boxes of something the very first second it's OP?
Not him but the problem is, the people who do this with Tau get lumped in.

>tfw started with Thousand Sons back in 5th and when Wrath of Magnus came I got accused of being a FotM player.

>> No.56431660

Cmon, no serious responses? I actually want your opinions.

>> No.56431666

meh, egypt is pretty overrated and overvalued.

>> No.56431667

Is there ever any reason to use Mutilators?

>> No.56431676

I tentatively encourage "WE WUZ KANGZ" because it ridicules the people who genuinely believe it.

Just don't be a nigger about it and start to believe they were actually black. Some people mistake the red hair on mummies that results from the mummification process as natural, but we know that Tutankhamun did actually have natural red hair. It was a mix of Mediterranean, 'Arab', and North African. Only saw nogs in Upper Egypt (the South, don't ask why it's upper) and as slaves.

>> No.56431679

>I apologise on their behalf, I know the fanbase attracts a shitload of toxic faggots but I assure you, some of us just want to play casual fun without big OP shit.
The weird thing is that I actually used to like the Tau, mostly because of the Kroot and Vespids. I never liked the design but the idea of an elite army using auxiliaries from conquered races is awesome.

GW and the waacfags made me hate them, making the auxiliaries irrelevant and giving them the most annoying, mindless and broken mechanics.

I can only hope Tau become the faction it is suppose to be.

>> No.56431682

So I'm gonna buy a DEldar SC as a gift to myself for the holidays. love the aesthetic and lore, and i figure they have a lotta good models to work on edge-highlighting. im thinking about this scheme but what other schemes have you anons seen or use that are cool but not the standard kabalite green?

>> No.56431689

but anon, there were black pharaohs and black egyptians. They just (probably) weren't the majority.

>> No.56431697

I Just want slick mechs drones and a lot of dakka

>> No.56431700

Dont worry to much, anyone with half a brain knows the truth. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b4-qCAbw8sY

>> No.56431703

Western academia is rapidly turning into crap.
Bloody hell when “scientists” are pushing feelings over fact we know we have fuck up hard

When Admech Engeniseer chant their repair and mantainment manuals when doing stuff sound sane by comparisons we have fuck up.

>> No.56431704

>I tentatively encourage "WE WUZ KANGZ" because it ridicules the people who genuinely believe it.
Why encounter WE WUZ xdd shit when people want to talk about things like 1ks though?

>> No.56431709

I would assume shipping would be cheaper.

>> No.56431711

obviously -1 to hit when shot if they are more than 12" away

>> No.56431726

Was thinking of naming my Tau unit; Ferrum Corcillum, Iron heart/courage.

If the Tau's language directly translated to it.

Yay? Or nay?

What's a good ratio/form of suits to infantry? I want to have at least two suits, a squad of Fire Caste Warriors, and a small team of drones.

I'm still learning the rules, so I'm not sure if I'm With in 500 points, which I'm assuming is the budget for a small battle.

>> No.56431739

fuck yeah man, post that haul when you get back. Have fun and be safe m8

>> No.56431742

that's not how craigslist works anon, you can't just ask them to ship it. That's crazy talk!

I'm retarded and never thought of it

>> No.56431743

And the caveat
>the color scheme is hot pink

Seems balanced

>> No.56431767

> Sanguinius foreseen that if he can dodge Horus's mortal blow then he can uses that moment to retaliates and kills Horus.
> Traitor legions will be wipe out by the loyalists.
> All traitor Primarchs will be caught, except for Lorgar being decapitated.
> Be the next Emperor.
> Eventually becomes a monster that even worse then Horus.
> Decided to let Horus's mace fuck him in the face.

>> No.56431777

Bad latin is High Gothic, not Tau.

>> No.56431778

>mfw it will be retconned as both Horus and the Emperor beating Sanguinius together and kick him in the kidneys while he's down.

>> No.56431785

>I can only hope Tau become the faction it is suppose to be.
I know, me too. That's why I'm hopeful our codex makes us good and fluffy but not OP. I was ecstatic at Vespid actually being good now, but still meh that the only kroot worth a damn are MSU hounds to deny deepstrike and die.

FW promised more kroot rules. Here's hoping we get the Big Bad Chicken back.

>> No.56431796

if you get the sc box, youll get a squad of warriors, 3 crisis suits and some drones.
also the sc box should stay pretty closely below 500 if you not take the most expensive option everywhere, and fills a complete army iirc.

>> No.56431799

Depending on where you're living, even a typical hebrew can get dark as fuck

>> No.56431803

Abaddon was a Thousand Son, only reason it's covered up is cuz it's a conspiracy by Space Wolves to keep prosperans down.

Rubric of Ahriman was a false flag, wolf Lords did that to weaken the Thousand Sons.

>> No.56431806

God sangy was so retarded

>> No.56431811

How would they capture Magnus?

>> No.56431814

we wuz livin in da pyramids while da space welves wuz in caves in shiet

>> No.56431819

> Eventually becomes a monster that even worse then Horus
This makes so much sense. Once again, we must applaud BL for their talented authors skill in storytelling

>> No.56431821

yeh, i'd love to see tau finally become melee like they're supposed to be.

>> No.56431831

Is that a new retcon?

>> No.56431835

This story would make for a great 40k movie imo.

>> No.56431841

speaking of, are hellforged scorpius WAAC? They look really good I just don't want to be branded that guy.

>> No.56431842

There were greek "pharaohs" too

>> No.56431844


I chose the Dying Sun colour scheme, which is a deep blue with red highlights.


Looks pretty nice, especially since I use a glaze and a diluted gloss to give the armour a nice other-worldly sheen which I think is appropriate for DE.

Check out the Raiders of Commoragh paint guide as well for two different paint schemes which are good too. White like in your picture can look really nice on DE too, so long as you thin your paints properly and have neat edge highlights.

>> No.56431846

is this just fanfiction by you off the top of your head or what?

>> No.56431851

It's in the Ruinstorm novel.

>> No.56431860

Name: seems fine
Suit/Infantry ratio: whatever the heck you want it to be, note that our infantry is all around better this edition.

oh and you're in luck if you have some dosh around Christmas as theres a new tau set with a commander, a ghostkeel,3 crisis suits and 6 stealthsuits for around 200~ so its a pretty good deal

>> No.56431861

I want to play tau if I can put down a shit ton of drones.

>> No.56431869


>> No.56431872

I heard that there was going to be a massive retcon concerning that fight, but I think it's coming later, in the HH books. Or was that it?

>> No.56431877

Americans. Irish and German, especially mixes of, are very common. I was talking more about Americans with Mediterranean heritage saying "muh ancestors" and shit. Also, there are actually Scots who claim KANGZ, because of that Medieval claim to royal blood. You know, the whole "Egyptian princess that fled to Scotland" story.

I understand your concern, but you're forgetting a lot of Egyptologists are Egyptians. As in Muslims. Maybe in Europe they take advantage of SJWs, but the only deviance from the scientific process the Arabs in Egypt ever make is occasionally twisting Ancient Egypt into something more Muslim (see "Dr Ramses Seleem", pseudonym of Gamal Selim), but that's rare. Western Egyptologists don't usually go full Progressive because Egypt doesn't like that much, and you have to suck up to them to get much done.

Because actual Egyptians are swarthy. Not blacks, but dark skinned in the same sense that Burmese are dark.

I somewhat agree, actually. Egypt's larger influence on the world largely comes from their time as part of Rome, when the Romans were basically a bunch of Egyptaboos that added aspects of Egyptian culture into their own society. The worship of Isis over Roman gods, for example. I wish there was more support for Assyriology and Persiology, and I hope to one day learn Cuneiform properly, but mummies and pyramids sell. At this point, Hollywood and the media and the Exodus myth have done so much to engrave Egypt into the Western zeitgeist that there's really no way around it. But, at the same time, I'm thankful for the attention it receives, because that means we (not really myself included, but I mean Egyptologists as a whole) can more fully devote their time to the study of Egypt because the money is there.

>> No.56431896

I think it would be later.

>> No.56431901

This guy is right
the start collecting box is amazing and fills out a 500 patrol detachment nicely

>> No.56431904

Top-tier BL stuff. Write a book Anon.

>> No.56431915

Is a 30$ battle force a good deal?

>> No.56431920

IT's almost as if Egypt has a long and varied history

>> No.56431921

Alright, will do.
I just didn't want it to look overly stock and make them "my dudes."

>> No.56431929


>> No.56431930

We don't talk about the Nubian dynasty.

But yes. There were Egyptian, Persian, Assyrian and Greek (as mentioned) Pharaohs. Saying there was a black pharaoh is like saying "The Queen is German." You're not wrong but what's your point? Cleopatra was Greek but she was effectively the first Ptolmey to take her job seriously, and is considered to have been wholey Egyptian.

>> No.56431937

I know I should be used to it but this annoys the shit out of me, pharaoh isn't a real word it's a dudes name.
Ancient Egyptian kings were called Horus, that entire passover section was completely mistranslated and got attributed falsely to Egypt for some reason, the older writings don't even mention the fucking pyramids.

>> No.56431938

It fulfills a Patrol but you'll need to get another commander (unless you're a fag who uses 3+ commanders).

Nay. Tau language uses a lot of apostrophes and a mishmash of japanese and other shit. Check out the lexicanum page for an idea on it.

As for a beginner army, the SC box is indeed a good purchase. I'd personally recommend a good infantry base with suits used as special forces with a specific job in mind like anti-tank, anti-melee, an "oh shit!" button to counter a threat you didn't see coming etc. Up to you and your meta as to what those threats might be.

As an example, a buddy uses Wulfen and they tear my hairy ass apart so I generally keep a nice 3-man Crisis bodyguard team with 2 flamers and Advanced Targetting System, each suit has 2 gun drones. I also pack a commander with a drone controller, shield generator, 2 drones and 2 Cyclic Ion Blasters. My stealthsuits lug around homing beacons, I drop when I need them and they're a really effective counter.

>They charge me, 6d6 autohits
>They run away, I advance and still 6d6 autohits
>They shoot me, T5 3W 3+ a piece with 6 extra wounds to throw around

>> No.56431955

The point is not to whitewash history. If it's factually correct then talk about it, don't ignore it just because it hurts your whitepride.

>> No.56431961

>using support systems on suits
My gue'la

>> No.56431983

>Sir, polls indicate that some people haven't yet given up on the HH series in disgust!
>Don't worry, watch this!

>> No.56431986

used I should add

>> No.56431995

That would be awesome.

>> No.56431997

End your life

>> No.56431999

That's why I put Pharaoh under apostrophes

>> No.56432001

why not use the ethereal as hq?
also I agree on your use of crisis, i personally use mine as anti-tank/heavy with double fusion/mt rockets/dc and 6 gundrones

>> No.56432008

That would make for a great scene in a movie.

>> No.56432010

I still have no idea what they did to Lion

>> No.56432022

thank you based trips anon, I'm tired and didn't register what the apostrophes meant

>> No.56432027

"There were some black pharaohs" =/= "WE WUZ KANGZ N SHIET"
Anyway, how is this whitewashing when only the Greeks are considered white? Are Arabs white now? Persians? Modern Egyptians?

>> No.56432030


And yeah, I don't like just going all out on guns. They'll just get focusfired even harder and your investment gets barely any returns. I fucking hate throwing away units on suicide runs, It's un-Tau for one and I want my dudes to actually do shit. I didn't spend all that time, effort and dosh converting/painting/basing just to sweep my shit off the table by the handfuls.

>> No.56432035

They turn him into a neckbeard since he's 3sexy5them.

>> No.56432049


>> No.56432051

Necromunda PDF?

>> No.56432057

Some time ago only germanics were considered white

>> No.56432062

Any sort of mention of Egypt = WE WUZ KANGZ, just look at this thread.

>> No.56432066

That cover looks godawful

>> No.56432069

Race is a social construct. They are white to some and not to others and depends on the time period too.

But I didn't mean it in just a racial way but in the standard definition of "gloss over or cover up" We talk about the Greek kings all the time, why not the African ones? We've had thousands of years of the Greek kings beign overly praised and the african ones being ignored. It's time to turn the spotlight on them for a change.

>> No.56432075

It's not even up for sale yet. Wait two weeks

>> No.56432085

To be fair only Some Africans tribes could be consider another race.
The rest is just how close you are from the ecuator

Now back to 40k

>> No.56432087

>Race is a social construct
Please die

>> No.56432091

your text sounds more like you'd make a good Shas'O

>> No.56432104

You can but the battalion needs 2 HQs. You actually need another troop choice too, as you need 3 Troops for it.

That's a good setup, but mt rockets? You mean 2 of them have a missile pod while the other gets a drone controller as their third hardpoint? I'd personally go with maybe a flamer or a CiB. CiB could add a bit of extra oomph to your anti-heavy when overcharged (be sure to use markerlights to almost negate taking damage) or just add a few more dice against infantry. Flamers could help deter chargers as you have 2 shots per suit, 6s on overwatch. Not good odds.

>> No.56432108

Not really. That's Nazi ideology which wasn't really a thing outside of 1920s-1940s Germany.

>> No.56432118

>Race is a social construct
This triggers the geneticist.

>> No.56432132

Drop the tervigons and buy more gaunts with the points, or tyranid warriors.

Drop the tyrant guard and just buy another hive tyrant. Drop the gun on it and give it wings.

Drop the malreceptor and buy more carnifexes or tyranid warriors.

>> No.56432149

The fuck? Why would he be the next emperor? What happened to emps?
If he knows he will become bad, why not just refuse emperorship, or not become bad?
Are these visions from chaos? If so, why is sangy trusting them? Why is sangy a retard?
Why do I even bother thinking about BL drivel?

>> No.56432150

The end gave me a bit of a giggle the first time I read this in the Cult Mechanicus codex.

>> No.56432151

I meant 2 have 2x fusion blaster+multi tracker, and the shas'vre got 2 rockets+drone controller
and I was talking about a patrol, not a battallion, you are 100% correct thou.

>> No.56432154

Awww fuckin' come on, man..

>> No.56432161 [DELETED] 

Slaanesh soon!

>> No.56432163

Except the NatSocs never believed in that

>> No.56432165

>We talk about the Greek kings all the time, why not the African ones? We've had thousands of years of the Greek kings beign overly praised and the african ones being ignored.
In media. Anyway, it's really just the one, Cleopatra. Because she was the last, and because she was part of a Shakespeare play. It's the same reason we talk about Akhenaten's son more than his father, who few people outside academia could name. Also, "thousands" is way too high. Try the mid 1700's.

The Nubians get plenty of attention in Egyptology, but by in large it wasn't a very interesting dynasty. Nothing to make it stand out among the others, beyond being the Nubian dynasty.

>> No.56432175


>> No.56432176


and you will like it

>> No.56432183

It's 9+ months... but sure.

>> No.56432187

>see image
>"Hey, that's pretty go-"

>> No.56432194

In the way most people think about "race", he's not wrong. There are genetic differences, but white, black, yellow races are a meme with more cultural than genetic basis

>> No.56432201

Deamons are getting a codex in January

>> No.56432204

Stop being ignorant first

>> No.56432218

you already can.

>> No.56432224

I know, it's pretty fluffy, right?

>> No.56432229

Logic is anathema to HH novels as much as books are anathemas to SW.

>> No.56432237

cool thought that playstyle was nerfed into the ground.

>> No.56432247

Well yeah, those are broad groupings. But obviously there are massive differences between ethnicities.

>> No.56432248

Ohhh sweet, ok that makes sense. Multitrackers are nice, they make stuff a lot more markerlight independent I think. Very useful if you get your other sources nuked to shit. That's a pretty well balanced setup though, I like it and may try it out!

>> No.56432258

No, and I will not.

>> No.56432261

>pretty balance setup
yeah, I got it from /wh40kg/ :^)

>> No.56432264

>hurr durr ignorant
You can start arguing anytime bruv.

>> No.56432270

But new Slaaneshi stuff is much later.

It's later than whatever Slaanesh they plan for AoS which we know it's in the summer.

>> No.56432274

you already love it

>> No.56432287

Cant argue with an ignoramus

>> No.56432293

Yes, but we've gone past the realm of no logic, sped through the land of pure retardation and ended up getting off at the kingdom of "are we sure this isn't the product of a monkey flinging shit at typewriter?"

>> No.56432304

If you say so sweetie

>> No.56432309


>> No.56432315

Well that's something alright. But either way it's nice. 2 dedicated ML-independent anti-heavies, 6 buffed burst cannons for anti-infantry and a dude who can bombard anything with 36". Tough enough to not die that fast, also.

>> No.56432318

so the Mali, Songhai, Moors, and Ethiopian kingdoms just get ignored?
I mean they only ever ruled vast areas of Africa, so they don't count I guess? If you can't conquer a significant Europe, you weren't really kings.

>> No.56432333

My list is 1 point over 2000 and I can't make any changes without gutting my list and downgrading Draigo to Voldus instead. What do.

>> No.56432347

Make a new list. A legal one.

>> No.56432351

>i'm unable of presenting my own arguments, i shall simply post someone else's video and copy them instead

>> No.56432362

just stfu you lzy prick

go back to /pol/

>> No.56432365

Make a 3000 point list since you cant possibly change this one.

>> No.56432369

I think they get more attention in Africa.
I mean, most of these kingdoms/empires did not have much influence in Europe or it's colonies in the New World, so there's not much reason for euros or burgers to give attention to them

>> No.56432370

Might be an unpopular thing to say but afaik they never produced the same kind of high culture like Egypt or Babylon.
And written records are pretty important for that stuff too.
Most of the stuff we know about Vikings and the like for example is from second hand accounts from other cultures that wrote about them.

>> No.56432375

Sell your GKs and buy Chaos.

It's the only logical conclusion.

>> No.56432383

You're running a GK that doesn't have a single upgraded melee weapon? Bullshit.

>> No.56432390

>muh pol muh pol

>> No.56432399

Genetics are not really /pol/ related.
It's more /sci/

>> No.56432406

>talking about egypotlogy
>hurr durr why not focus on these medival period kingdoms in this field focused on a civilization primarily existing in antiquity hurr durr

>> No.56432408

>This is bait

>> No.56432415

>why don't Westerners pay as much attention to non-Westerners as they pay to Westerners or people that fucked with Westerners?
Really joggins the noggin.

>> No.56432427

if I had to choose between start collecting or the battle force for tau what would you guys recommend?

>> No.56432432

3000 pts is a dumb value.
should go up to at least 10k instead, just to be safe.

>> No.56432456

What do you mean by battleforce exactly? Cause the SC Box is very good value with potential for conversions.

>> No.56432462

None of those are related to Dynastic, pre-Dynastic, or intermediate period(s) Egypt, which was the subject at hand.

Why does the Kingdom of Poland always get ignored? We never talked about it in school. What about the Kingdom of Sweden? Hungary? Romania? You can do this shit with any place in the world. The media only focuses on the biggest players in the world and on local stuff.

>> No.56432467

The old battleforce is old as balls but better value.
The new battleforce is a larger commitment and maybe not as good a starting army but is still better value.

>> No.56432474

the old battleforce with the hammerhead and kroot.

>> No.56432487

wait so which one is the better value.

>> No.56432493

The moors do get good bit attention, and the ethopians do as well (though less so do to not contributing as much in terms of long lasting cultural achievements, and nobody writing about them, both of which are important for being remembered)
As for the Songhai, it's an empire which lasted a bit over a century and contributed very little, why would anyone talk about them?

>> No.56432499

Go for the start collecting, heck I'd suggest getting a second one after you finish building/painting the first one. The battleforce box is a bit more "themed" but those SC make a very solid back bone

>> No.56432503


Winters first Death Guard army. Review:

Army is quite basic, mainly just 2 boxes of Dark Imperium and some 3 man easy builds. Also had some nurgle daemon additions. Paint job is ehhh, bit too heavy on the 'looking like crap' element, not enough actual paint.

Lots of rules mistakes. Tons of plague weapon rerolls not done. Death to the False Emperor not done. Used +1s/+1t on Bloat Drone which isn't possible. Didn't roll DR on Nurgling initially when he could have. Missed out on a TON of Mortal Wounds which could have changed the game from his Malignant Plaguecasters ability.


>> No.56432505

It's easier both to post a link and for people to ignore it (like you did :^) ) if they aren't involved or interested in the conversation than if someone composes an essay on why race is meaningless. As much as you don't like what you were given, it is an argument, as you can assume it represents their thoughts. Calling it pathetic is just as much a cop-out as being called an idiot.

>> No.56432518

Mali and Songhai were both highly literate empires. As were the later Ethiopian kingdoms.
We have good historical records of them, they just aren't talked about.

And to be honest, the west has a really shitty tradition of ignoring the cultural and scienticfic developments of non-whites or claiming them for whites.
Best example is claiming that crusades simply 'recovered lost Greek knowledge' from the arabs, rather than admitting that the arabs massively developed and expanded on that knowledge during that time.

did miss this, thought it was just the general hating on the thought that there were great African kingdoms, which there certainly were.

ok when we phrase is as 'this is simple the part of history closest to use so we care about it more', not okay when it put as 'this part of history didn't exist, or wasn't important for anyone'. Ie the idea that there were no significant and powerful African kingdoms.
The Mali were a trading empire as strong or stronger than any European empire of their time.

>> No.56432524

They are both arguably better than start collecting even though start collecting is a great deal. As for which one to choose that's down to you. Do you want to grow an army slowly or buy a bunch of suits now and add support later? Choose accordingly.

>> No.56432540

>literal copypasted from older thread out of ten.

>> No.56432549

>finger tapping man is shit at crunch, shaky at painting
In other news the sky is blue, more at 11

>> No.56432550

Rupture Cannon or Acid Spray?

>> No.56432558

I see, in that case I'd probably go with the older one. Kroot are fluffy but sadly rather useless so don't expect to do much with them. Magnetize the Devilfish so you can pop in the Hammerhead turret, shame you don't get more crisis suits but a nice lone Commander is fine too. Steathsuits are a selling point IMO.

Just be aware it's a very old box so not all options will be present.

>> No.56432568

>It's easier both to post a link and for people to ignore it
No one is going to watch your faggy ass "skeptic centrist anti-race realist" video, you faggot. Post a proper argument or GTFO anytime.

>> No.56432570

>As for the Songhai, it's an empire which lasted a bit over a century and contributed very little, why would anyone talk about them?
They were in Civ V.

>claiming them for whites.
You mean like how the Greeks said they did everything ever? Actually I'm not sure how this is a "problem with whites" and not a problem with Greeks, or if you're talking about the era when Europe was Christian, and it was unpalatable for something to be non-Christian in origin.

No one ever contested that there were strong African empires.

>> No.56432572

>est example is claiming that crusades simply 'recovered lost Greek knowledge' from the arabs, rather than admitting that the arabs massively developed and expanded on that knowledge during that time.
I never heard that before. And people have no problem with admitting that our number system is Arabian for example.

>> No.56432576

you mean the one with the devilfish? yeah the new SC is better

>> No.56432582

Depends what you want it for.

>> No.56432583

Well I get the battle force at like quarter price or half price of start collecting. Just was wondering if it was a far better deal because the battle force looks good

>> No.56432587

>Armed with D cannon
>make it warlord
>WLT allows the Warlord to target characters regardless of being closest of not.

I'm very tempted but it just seems unfair.

>> No.56432599

>I didn't watch it and refuse

>> No.56432603

>Mali and Songhai were both highly literate empires. As were the later Ethiopian kingdoms.
Then I'm sure you'd be able to name their great philosophers, their equivalent of Al-Kindi or Moses Narboni or Aquinas? Or their great literary works, their equivalent of the divine comedy or Arabian nights?
Being highly literate does not a legacy make, it's about impact more than anything.
I don't hate the African kingdoms by any means, they're quite under valued IMO, but there is a very clear reason they aren't talked about as much

>> No.56432612

Shit dude you're talking like 30 euros max for a force that would cost you like 100+ retail.

Get that shit nigga.

>> No.56432615

well sheeit, if you can get it that cheap do it man. get the new SC later

>> No.56432617

>They were in Civ V.
So was Boudica, and she did fuck all except get glorified by the Victorians.

>> No.56432618

It looks like the green one is feeding a huge dick from the pink one behind and to the right of him to the one on his left. Even has baby smooth balls.

>> No.56432625

Can anyone with battlefoam tell me if agressors fit well I. Terminator slots? I need a tray for my primaris but it looks like there are only a few space for agressors in there primaris alpha tray

>> No.56432631

How many cp are you running?

>> No.56432650

I'm not here to watch fucking videos. I'm here to read arguments and respond to them. Now give me one or fuck off.
>captcha: Schrittgeschwindigkeit Goethestr

>> No.56432661

do it

>> No.56432665

I think the implication was that sangy could beat Horus if he accepted chaos help and that would damn him

>> No.56432666

Hold on

That sounds like a good idea.

>> No.56432669

>Actually I'm not sure how this is a "problem with whites" and not a problem with Greeks, or if you're talking about the era when Europe was Christian, and it was unpalatable for something to be non-Christian in origin.
That isn't even fair to say. The ethopians were majority christian, and the Europeans acknowledged their existence, it served as the basis for the prestor john legend, they just didn't know much about them and thus didn't record their history because they couldn't.

>> No.56432671

Dubs names my custom AoS to 40k Ork Warboss conversion.

>> No.56432681

To be a colossus that goes "pew pew".

>> No.56432687

Mr. Boneypantz

>> No.56432695

Would be fun not really broken, they can play around it. Would be their fault for running a character in like an idiot and mindwar is a better character nuke.

>> No.56432697

Thiccy NcPaintface

>> No.56432700

lern topaint

>> No.56432702


>> No.56432705

Dakkagit the Thicc

>> No.56432707


>> No.56432709

Mr. Moldline

>> No.56432715

also where did you get that skull from?

>> No.56432716

Oatmeal Boy

>> No.56432717

that sure was quick

>> No.56432720

You got one. If you don't want it, oh well. That's the end of the conversation, isn't it? "Give me an argument." "Have this one." "I don't want put forth the effort to view that one." it can go no farther

>> No.56432725

Bone krakken

>> No.56432727

Ancient bait with thicc paint cover

>> No.56432730


Devils trips confirm

>> No.56432734 [SPOILER] 

Fulgrim model leak?

Or is it more AoS stuff. Hard to make out.

>> No.56432738


>> No.56432739


I personally do a red/bone scheme that people keep telling me looks like British Redcoats.

Iron Thorn is also neat, all metallics and oranges. There's a few purple and blue schemes that look great. Basically, DE look best with a dark base color and stark highlights (advice I wish I had taken earlier), as long as you do that you're golden.

>> No.56432742

>read a video
You can keep insisting that you have me an argument but until i see some fucking text it's not an argument.

>> No.56432746


>> No.56432747

Its a S N E K!!!!!!

>> No.56432748

Manlets, when will they learn?

>> No.56432756


>> No.56432760


>> No.56432769


>> No.56432771

the 'reclaimed greek knowleged'
was after the greeks, it was mainly done by Catholic Europeans.
They didn't mind crediting the Greeks with things, but they weren't greek.

recent efforts have changed this, but it's a big deal in the History of Mathematics to basically point out that most of the books on the history of mathematics pre-1950 maintained that lie.
Properly crediting the development of non-European mathematics has been a significant project in the field for the last half century.

no i'm not, because no one bothered to translate or publish them in Europe until recently.
The story of the Mali kings hajj is apparently a lengthy epic poem. But it's hard to find in western lands.

Just because it's not easy for us to find them in the west doesn't mean they don't exist. It can also mean they were ignored. And the quality of the work is not the sole factor in determining if it see wide distribution.
Evidence, how widely known is 50 Shades of Grey? Do you think it's the best quality work of kinky erotica written in the last 50 years? can you name many other works?

>> No.56432779

You dumbass. That's the new sslyth, for when dark eldar get their codex.

>> No.56432789

please do not bully people on their paint jobs people :(

>> No.56432794

They still look like some small miniature company tried to rip off 40k and starcraft marines at the same time in an attempt to dodge copyright laws.

>> No.56432796

>t. fingerpainter

>> No.56432800

It's just the AoS orruk hero model with a claw and gun added to it

>> No.56432804

>nigger marines

>> No.56432806


>Games Workshop Group PLC (GAW) Insider Sells £89,663.40 in Stock

Looks like the rats are jumping ship.

This insider must know something bad is coming, probably terrible sales and high costs. Has X-Wing Miniatures won?

>> No.56432820

>D3 S12 AP 4 D D6 that ignores LoS and character rules.
Well shit why didnt I think of that. Time to bust out my Wraithseer.

>> No.56432821

Comparing Mali poetry to paperback novels you buy at a trainstation doesn't really work in your favor here. That's a pretty absurd connections to make.
For one 50 Shades of Grey was already written in a language the west can read.

>> No.56432822

You again? Stop trying.

>> No.56432823

People need to learn to get a thicc skin on the internet and how to handle criticism.

>> No.56432828

But thats how people get motivated to be better

>> No.56432844


>> No.56432902

Here, your (You) for trying.

>> No.56432918

Rupture Cannon then. Acid Spray goes SSSSHHHHHPTHH.

>> No.56432927


>> No.56432937


>> No.56432967

It's called profit taking.

>> No.56432968

In at least 150 replies from now, people are going to come into the thread and fall for it, you just watch.
Every time some idiot gets shut down, others show up and reply like retards

>> No.56432974

The concept of race is antiquated, is not supported in legitimate, accredited and peer-reviewed science, and only serves as a broad generalization for ethnicity, which is based off national origin and culture. Any quality found in one "race" of people can be found in another, distinct "race". The species as a whole has barely deviated, never in a significant way.

>> No.56432976

Don't forget 10 wounds

>> No.56432984

>written in a language the west can read.
part of my point.

Aquinas wrote in a language well known in the west, and so was quickly translated.

Part of the reason we don't see many literary works from Mali is that we don't translate them, as there isn't a great effort to translate African works. Compared to latin, or even Arabic works.
Arabic was a commonly spoken language among traders and scholars in the time of the crusades, and translating Arabic texts was a massive project after their scietific writing was looted then. So it's not surprising their literature was translated too.

Claiming that the wasn't great works of African literature because it's not commonly known, rather than seeing that as those works not being translated, shows a reasoning bias.
It's a common one, but one that we need to acknowledge.

>> No.56432986


Haven't seen Tau that torn up since Aun'Va..

>> No.56432995

That's actually usually a good sign. See Bezos selling a bucnh of his amazon stock.

>> No.56433009

Smogmor the Blanched

>> No.56433014

Wrong. Pic related.

>> No.56433015

>Not even a fucking title
Lurk before making threads newfag

>> No.56433018

If you're an insider and selling, then the only way is down.

If the news ahead was good, she'd buy and not sell.

>> No.56433030

>legitimate, accredited and peer-reviewed science

Except you can't actually do any real science into race because if you even try you'd get ostracized so fucking fast.

> quality found in one "race" of people can be found in another, distinct "race"

Yeah and certain "qualities" that are found in one species can be found in another. It's not about one quality it's about a multiple of them coming together to make something distinct.

>The species as a whole has barely deviated,

Humans are one of the most adaptable and widespread species on the planet but they've never deviated? Such bullocks.

>> No.56433038

Weeds out shit posters

>> No.56433055


>> No.56433064

Nids dex is already out anon

>> No.56433075

Who is this melancholic semen daemon?

>> No.56433077


>> No.56433090

>Get new SC! Eldar kit because I could always use more Spirithost
>Looking at the sprue
>Wraithlord kit is 11 years old
What the fuck. Where has all the time gone.

>> No.56433091

Orks are gtay right? there are no females

>> No.56433100

>Just because it's not easy for us to find them in the west doesn't mean they don't exist. It can also mean they were ignored. And the quality of the work is not the sole factor in determining if it see wide distribution.
Didn't claim it was. Impact doesn't mean quality, it means impact. As in, "the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another"
There are many influential works which are shitty. But the fact that they were influential is what matters, because that's what is remembered. there is no truer statement than "history is written by the victors," and this is just proof of that. No matter what, there is no such thing as objective history. Everyone and thing has some form of bias, including what we focus on. And we tend to focus on the things that influenced Europe because the Europeans would come to conquer most of the world. That's not a good or bad thing, it's just a thing.

>> No.56433101

>Not influencing Europe
1/10, see me after class

>> No.56433106

We're getting female orks for the sole purpose of representation

>> No.56433108

Would it be "fluff" to let my AdMech run off some synthwave as 'commands parsed as electric beats/sounds', firing off in canon to some sick beats and just shuffling around while stayin in tune? It would be 'in theme' that certain, more speedy tunes command a rush forward, while slows let them stay in and wait for a commands (drops??)

Damn, I'm bad at fluff. Pic related literally me right now. Recommend me something to read for AdMech Fluff meanwhile.

>> No.56433110

I'll never stop thinking that that Ork is repelled by that Scout's stinking breath.

>> No.56433111

>the evidence is against me
>it's must be a conspiracy to suppress the truth

>> No.56433120

Basically every continent influenced Europe but most of it was barely noticeable. The moors had almost no impact outside of Iberia.

>> No.56433130

>The concept of race is antiquated, is not supported in legitimate, accredited and peer-reviewed science

>Blood that closely matches a patient’s ethnicity is less likely to be rejected by the patient and provides fewer risks for complications. For example, some African American donors have different combinations of antigens in their blood like U-negative or Duff y-negative. Because these antigens are rarely found in other ethnic groups, these patients often depend on African American blood donations.

You're kind of nutty. You look out into the world see the biodiversity that occurs over a distance as small as a few miles, but somehow completely blind to the incredible biodiversity that humans have.

Everything is genetic and everything is a product of its environment. We aren't magical beings with magic souls that are magically copy pasted across the entire planet.

>> No.56433132

Mechanicum and Lords of Mars trilogy are really good. Storm of Iron is also really good though not mechanicum related but one of the characters has an appearance in Lords of Mars which I thought was really cool.

>> No.56433134

It's not a conspiracy, more like self censorship

And that's the thing, all the evidence points to there being biological racial differences but it's ignored because "thats offensive"

>> No.56433139


>> No.56433143

Not him but
>>the evidence is against me
It isn't.
>>it's must be a conspiracy to suppress the truth
Which there is. Have you not seen that one canadian psychologist who attempted to publish his findings on circumcision and got shut the fuck down?

>> No.56433147

>Aquinas wrote in a language well known in the west, and so was quickly translated.
Except that's wrong. He wrote in latin, which was known to around 5% of the population at most.

>> No.56433159

>mfw it still holds up nicely by today's standards
>mfw comparing to manlets and their literally venerable dreadnought kit
Then again I'm biased since I have like 1 plastic lord and the rest are metal, it's still a "new" kit to me

>> No.56433185

Totally would work as your own forgeworld that's focuses on sound waves.

>> No.56433205

Hey guys, I don't post here often but does anyone know what they are doing with smite? My core list is about 15 malefic lords with whatever other units I need to counter the opponent so hopefully this will still be viable after December

>> No.56433223

there are no males either

>> No.56433227

How viable is a Tzeentch army right now? I love building themed armies, but I want to win at least some of the time.

>> No.56433247

Today is heavy bait weather isn't it. Only a matter of time before "You totally can summon after disembarking" shows up now.

>> No.56433248

Already canon.

>> No.56433290

okay I'll agree to that.
What I'm trying to push back against is the tendency to think because we don't focus on them or see them commonly, they don't exist.

It's a cognitive bias that humans have, and we know about, as such we must make effort to resist it least it lead to mistakes.

You clearly get it, but I doubt you'd argue that this aren't people who go so far as to believe, or even argue on the internet, that there were no large African nations with a history of literary works, cultural achievements, etc.

>> No.56433302

Can I get some C&C for my 2000 points Sororitas list?

>> No.56433305

Depends on how much you want to cheese. The only good Tzeentch Daemons in the index are: Heralds, Brimstones w/ 1 blue, Daemon princes, and Exalted Flamers. I run a mix of Tzeentch daemons and Tsons(no Magnus) to mild success.

>> No.56433335

See now this sounds like its going to be interesting. Wonder if the Primaris are going to become Fallen.

>> No.56433339


>> No.56433345

I've seen Flamer spam work fairly well actually. As long as you pair them with Changeling and hide your Exalteds at the back you get a nasty fucking gunline that keeps on advancing up the field.

>> No.56433359

>dark angels confirmed /ourguy/s
>pr*maris shits BTFO

>> No.56433370

huh that actually sounds kind of interesting

>> No.56433386

Yep. I run around 4-6 depending on my list. They'll melt anything and they're scary to charge due to pink flames. Best part is they are super fast characters so it's easy as pie to get them where you need them.

>> No.56433398

but a far larger percentage of the people wealthy enough to buy books.

>> No.56433413

If this is true it would make this slightly more swallowable but i really didn't have a problem with it in the first place. Sanguinius might have been a noble SoB but he did still have the genetic flaw of the red thirst like his sons and it would probably only get worse with time in him.

>> No.56433663


New thread.

Took me ages to find this one due to no 40kg in title.

Gonna help others, even if it means abandoning thread early.

>> No.56433771

They're an egalitarian meritocracy. No kings, queens, nor patriarchy. Just Bosses.

>> No.56435770

ey yo man Magnus did nuffin wrong we wuz sunz n shiet

>> No.56435987

R8 my 1k SM list.

>Conversion Beamer

3x Predator
>3x Twin Lascannon
>2x Lascannon Sponson
>Heavy Bolter Sponson

3x Thunderfire Cannon

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