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Fabulous Orks Edition

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>Beastman model thing coming soon

[YouTube] WHTV Tip of the Day - Celestial Battlemage's Orb. (embed) [Embed]

>FAQs and Errata, GW up to 1.3, FW up to 1.2:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Tyranid Codex (Expires 18/Nov)

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What has /tg/ finished recently? I just finished these squigs, love me some squigs. 1/2

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Got your back, battle brother!
Mon-keigh have nothing on us

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This is my OOE

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>terminus ultra
>Why the heck is this thing chapter restricted anyway?
It's in the name

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Would you care if I ran a Terminus Ultra painted in Dark Angel colors? Why is it chapter restricted anyway?

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JoJo Orks everywhere.

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Really good, I’m pleasantly surprised how not covered in the little flaky resin bits it is. Sensible connections, tons of poses, it’s a damn fine kit

Only thing I don’t like is how it always comes with a shield on the arm, looks a little silly imo

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>Craftworld Cousins

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Based Wraithlord

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Love him, neat that you went with the front Claws and back-end smaller talons (are those claws the extra big ones from the Tervigon kit btw? They look good) Also the cool little bullet scar you put in his dorsal plate is a nice touch.

8/10 anon

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Haven't actually run into any before this, or maybe I have but just haven't noticed or paid attention

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Nth for Tzaangors

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If you could bring one model over from AoS to 40k what would it be?

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Honestly way more stuff should be Chapter restricted so all the various Marine chapters are more distinct than just being boring fucking recolors of each other.

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Tzaangor Shaman. Cheap psyker for Tsons. Buffs friendly Tzaangors.

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I just finished my first Dragoon, and almost finished my converted Techpriest.

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Anyone want to hear a battle report BA vs Necrons?

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Not if its Primaris BA vs Warrior Spam Necrons

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Tervigon claws and mawloc talons. I got him second hand fully (extremely badly) assembled and have to do what seemed like everything to get him to not totally suck. Now he's like a rescue dog to me.

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There's absolutely nothing in AoS that would work with any of my armies, so idgaf.

But if they brought over the entire Kharadron Overlords army as Squats, that would be chill with me.

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Just replace balloons with thrusters.

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He just wants to smash

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Probably all the Squig and gretchin (goblin) units they have.

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>fanatics in 40k
Please no

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Jesus no wonder FW prices are expensive. Look at all that excess resin they're wasting.

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I like your dudes Anon

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Any of you germs familiar with milliput? How's the white compared to yellow? Or green stuff even? Fresh outta GS and looking for something new for fillers and minor press casting

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>the swarmlord is to a hive tyrant what a hive tyrant is to a Termagant
>the pinnacle of Tyranid evolution
>literally just a slightly buffed hive tyrant in fluff and crunch with better boneswords and more autonomous and intelligent
>doesn’t even have a ranged weapon
>doesn’t even have sick biomorph upgrades
>dies in single combat to space marine characters

How do we fix this shit? How would the swarmlord truly represent the pinnacle of the Tyranid bioform in both fluff and crunch? How would you make him really seem to a tyrant what a tyrant is to a gaunt?

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Thanks, I finished my Cawl just the other day too. I missed one camera lens in this pic but I fixed it.

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>charge a unit
>get hit with gobbos swinging bomb squigs around

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I just realized something, we have Gargoyles which are locked into Fleshborers, why the hell did they not think to just slap Hormagaunt DNA and Gargoyle DNA together. 12" movement with scything talons, throw on adrenal glands for that bonus charge advance, 6" pile in, and with Fly terrain isn't an issue. And it isn't hard to do given the arm sockets already take Hormagaunt scything talons.

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What techpriest model is that?

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"Battle Report"

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...and suddenly orks are interesting again.

i'm ok with this.jpg

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Jobberlord is fine. NPCs really shouldn't be a match for the heroes.

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As someone who's built a lot of Contemptors, they're a very nice kit. Forge World has a few shitty kits, especially those where the resin is too thin and fragile or you get way too much flash, but Contemptors are great.

There is one major thing to watch out for though: In a plastic kit you can assemble a flexible set of legs easily by prepping all the parts then assembling it rapidly so you can tweak the pose whilst the glue is still drying. With a resin kit with a lot of parts to the legs, you gotta constantly re-dryfit things and very carefully assemble one joint at a time.

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We Pitch Black now
Jesus christ that movie is 17 years old

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>How do we fix this shit?
Delete him and retcon his existence, he's a retarded concept that rapes Tyranid fluff and has never made sense.

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From aos? Nothing, that shit's garbage with the smegmar finecast and whatever
From fantasy, squigs & trolls probably. Anything to save the ork roster

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Why are the Eight Legion the best legion?

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Fuck, now I feel old.

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>why the hell did they not think to just slap Hormagaunt DNA and Gargoyle DNA together.
They did, they're called Nightgaunts and you used to be able to play them.

Modern GW is shit when it comes to nids.

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Why can't gargoyles take different weapons, anyway?

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So clean, how do he do dat

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It's a datasmith model that I converted with some bits from infiltrators and actual Techpriest bits leftover from another conversion.

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The resin blocks? That's part of the molding process and resin as a material is cheap asf.

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Neat, I like it.

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Because their kit doesn't come with any.

That's it. That's the whole reason.

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The whiter it is the more fine it is I believe.

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Double fuck, hope FW resurrects them with more nid options. God 8th options suck atm. I mean it was needed to make things work out of the box, but, for "the most adaptable race ever" they are rather not adaptable.

because their sprues don't have other weapons with them, and as GW has said, if it ain't in the box (unless we really like them) you don't get those options anymore.

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Balance reasons, probably. If they have access to everything they just become way better than other gaunts. Fluffwise, assume that Devourers are too heavy for them, since they're Warrior-sized guns. Termagants can carry them because they're stable with 4 limbs touching the ground, but flight with big guns is too ungainly.

I would like Nightgaunts back though.

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The main issue i hope they address in the ork codex is that kommandos, boyz, and stormboyz are all basically the same unit

Give stormboyz and kommandos some unique rules and weapons

>> No.56423864

FW isn't going to do a fucking thing.

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Will Chapter Approved give Iron Warriors back their Basilisks?
>Tfw FW won't fucking give us Legion Basilisk from HH


>> No.56423874

Because GW thinks having to convert things scars little timmy and his parent's money away.

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Just take a R&H detachment you retard.

>> No.56423897



Its also the reason primaris captains only have one loadout, because taking a thunderhammer and gluing it on a captain is too hard for new players

>> No.56423909

non-legion tank =/= legion tank.

>> No.56423912

Only used one unit of I tercessor because I did t have enough tac marines for a battalion

Opponent had 25 warriors total

>> No.56423914

Anyone have the screenshot of their Facebook page saying converting things was to hard?

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I was in here last week asking about ways to turn 40k into a roleplaying game with a GM and each player controlling a single model to make up the party and shit. A bunch of anons were helpful in pointing me in the right directions and I've spent the last few days converting heralds of ruin kill team into just that so cheers lads, it's turning out less shit that expected. I'm making it for a campaign with friends but i could post it when it's done if anyone's interested.

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8th confirmed as potato edition. For potatos by potatos.

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>Tyranid players are expected to weapon swap to give hive tyrants devourers and deathspitters
>Expected to figure out ways to put 2 pairs of guns or melee weapons on flyrants
>Expected to somehow pull monstrous rending claws out of their asses

>> No.56423960

I think this is it?

>> No.56423976

Yea thats it. Such silly things the facebook team says.

>> No.56423984

The old screamerkiller and the dark vengeance helbrute have the same crotch plate...

>> No.56423993

Simple answer is the Fleshborer hive arms from the Tyrannofex, counts easily as Monsterous Rending Claws + whatever ranged weapon all in one arm slot.

>> No.56423995

What the fuck is the difference, it's a Basilisk.

The Legions aren't a thing anymore, they've splintered and fractured and been reorganized and mutated and scattered over TEN THOUSAND fucking years and you need to get over it. This isn't 30k.

>> No.56424009

The point is that tyranid players are already expected to do conversions and kitbashes.

>> No.56424016

That's because if GW fucked with Flyrants after they were the only model anyone could run for the last two editions and every nid player already owned 5 of them for that reason, there would be riots.

>> No.56424020

Because a lot of chaos players believe, for whatever reason, that the legions are super bro tier and unified still
Even though they’ll backstab anyone and everyone from the same legion for anything

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>Autistic Screeching Intensifies.

>> No.56424029

Fair enough.

>> No.56424042

Because fluff does my equal crunch. In fluff Gargoyles could have acid maws and bio plasma. If we went by lore almost any Tyranid organism should be able to take just about any weapon.

>> No.56424047

fuck, I am legitimately butthurt over this now

We are the "Siege Lords" FFS, why can only Death Guard get an artillery tank?

>> No.56424049

I'm not the autist screeching REEEE FUCK FORGE WORLD because they won't put a 30k unit into a wholly different 40k army.

Sick of these HH humping retards who don't understand 40k is a completely different age and things have changed drastically for Chaos especially over the last 10k years.

>> No.56424050

3+ accuracy basilisks are pretty different than 4-5+ accuracy basilisks

>> No.56424060

My bud is doing a narrative campaign that's very barebones DnD-esque. Essentially nothing but DC check rolling. We have our characters, in my case, one of my Archons, go through a bit of RP that impacts how hard the actual 40k part of the encounter will be. So last week my Archon accompanied by another player's Shadowseer found a group of marooned poachers on a Maiden World. The poachers trusted the Shadowseer, but wanted a promise that my Dark Eldar wouldn't harm them because they were shot down by other Dark Eldar. My Archon being the arrogant ass she is, said "Whoever shot you down has decent aim." as sarcastically as possible and I rolled low on our d20. This triggered him and we then proceeded to play the 40k part. His army was represented by Renegades and Heretics.

>> No.56424062

This makes me so unbelievably sick

Tell me this isnt real

>> No.56424077

Crisp as fuck! I love it!

>> No.56424082

IW had were allowed to take basilisks in mainline 40k up until 4e and the great army diversity genocide.

>> No.56424095

I'm pretty sure it got deleted rather quickly, but yeah, it's real.

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Hey /tg/, i've been following 40k for the last few months (pretty much since 8th came out)

I wanted to start a Harlequins army, but being new to painting has made me apprehensive about the whole thing. I've heard from a lot of sources that they're a bitch to paint.

Basically I'm looking for advice on a good army to start with. Something rules light that I can use in 1500-2000 point games, and won't be too much of a pain to paint and/or will help me improve as a painter.

The only other thing I can say for my own preferences are that I would like an army of dudes that aren't super-reliant on vehicles.

>> No.56424115

>what are hellforged typhons, hellforged achilles, hellforged scorpius, chaos vindicators, etc

>> No.56424127

I mean Marines are probably the easiest and best army to start with. You could also go with orks but you might burn out since you have to paint a fuck ton of shit.

>> No.56424134

Has anyone figured out why lascannon/missile dreadnoughts are 145 and lascannon/missile centurions are 155 per model

>> No.56424136

Marines, Grey Knights especially can be played with only a few dudes and are easy as shit to paint

>> No.56424142

Most thing I finished recently was my Lord of Contagion

>> No.56424148

>The Legions aren't a thing anymore,
You better tell that to GW, because they're giving us rules for them.

>> No.56424149

Because Dreadnoughts don't benefit from INFANTRY bonuses.

But mainly because GW can't into balance.

>> No.56424160

Are the dark vengeance cultist available outside of it like some of the sculpts?

>> No.56424170


Harlequins are a glass army that can quite easily get shot off the table.
Eldar aren't crazy hard to paint, can take a beating while fighting back and can allow you to field Harlequins later on as fluffy allies.

>> No.56424183

>I wanted to start a Harlequins army, but being new to painting has made me apprehensive about the whole thing. I've heard from a lot of sources that they're a bitch to paint.
They're not that hard. If you wanted to paint them up with diamonds and shit like their store page then sure it'd be hard, but if you paint them like I did it's easy. Just make them colorful, or not it's up to you. Pretty sure one of the official color schemes for them is just black with white boots and gloves.

>> No.56424184

Nice squigs

>> No.56424187


I think I just gained a new fetish from this conversion.

>> No.56424202

Nope, Dark Vengeance was kind of fucky because all the sculpts were mishmashed on the sprues so the DA and Chaos stuff were all mixed up. The only thing separate was the aspiring champion because he was his own sprue.

>> No.56424205

Probably the same reason that Assault cannons cost 21 points and a twin assault cannon cost 35 while a lascannon cost 25 and a twin lascannon cost 50.

>> No.56424210


Yes, but no champs or heavy weapons.

>> No.56424223

Yeah I figured I was hopping for the champ and heavy weapons, they were one of the best parts.

>> No.56424246

No, they gave you rules for Warbands that splintered off of those Legions. They aren't the same forces they were in 30k, they're just descended from them. 10k years of attrition, loss of equipment or the means to produce that equipment, insanity, mutation, betrayal, schisms and internecine warfare, development of new traditions and cultures, recruitment of new Marines using other Primarchs corrupted geneseed, and a thousand other factors, means that the Chaos forces now that claim to be the Legions of the Great Crusade are barely anything like what those once were. It's like if 4chan changes owners 4 dozen times, got complete website wide format overhauls, flooded with a ton of newfags and normies, and most of the old guard left or died out, and then got a ton of viruses and corrupted data, and you come back to it decades later and expect it to be the same thing you remember.

>> No.56424275

Found it. Masque of the Frozen Stars. Seems easy enough, though I do hate painting solid white.

>> No.56424280


But anon, Tyranids are just NPCs unless they have recognizable personalities and persistent armies!

By the way, have you checked out the sick fluff behind the new and upcoming 'Nid hotness that is the Court of the Nephilim King? These guys have wizards and knights and a feudal structure, in NID FORM!

>> No.56424282

Thats more Solid light grey with White scar Highlights.

>> No.56424299

Thanks lol

>> No.56424300

This brings up an interesting point actually - shouldn't the Chaos Space Marines speak a completely different language from the Imperium? How the hell are they understanding each other? If you spoke to someone who was isolated for 10k years there's no fucking way you would be speaking the same language even if they didn't come from some freakish daemon dimension where they were learning forbidden black tongues of space hell madness.

>> No.56424316

It's been 10k years outside the warp but inside the warp maybe only a few hundred, time is weird

>> No.56424317

this is very much what i am aiming for, i wanted the non combat encounters to take a bit of a back seat though. so skill checks are mostly absent but roleplay is still encouraged and handled however the GM wants really. the real meat and potatoes is the tactical freedom with base building and character combat progression. Oh and rogue trader tongue and cheek approach to faction relations. our first party is shaping up to be a commissar, an ork, a tau commander, dark eldar and a khorne biker.

they eventually want space travel shenanigans but I've no idea how I'll fit it into the points, base camp and roster system.

how many models do you control in combat? how many in your party?

>> No.56424328

>By the way, have you checked out the sick fluff behind the new and upcoming 'Nid hotness that is the Court of the Nephilim King? These guys have wizards and knights and a feudal structure, in NID FORM!
That's Imperial Knights putting their own perspective and naming conventions on the Hive Fleet, it has absolutely nothing to do with how it actually is. Completely different from the shitty Swarmlord fluff.

>> No.56424337

Does anyone happen to have the Shroud of Night epub? It's not in any of the megas.

>> No.56424339

Honestly, to be the pinnacle of Tyranid evolution (disregarding the bit of hyperbole about termagaunts) he'd need to be a bit killier, a better psyker, better at buffing and having some shooting. But he's on the right track.

Just sick of them making him job desu. Happened even in the enw codex.

>> No.56424345

Those do look pretty good. I'm pretty sure I have all the paints I would need as well. I have a list for 1000 points of Harlequins anyway, and I've already bought some of the models, so I'll definitely finish it. If I'm happy with the paint job I'll expand it from there. I find it pretty hard to find pictures for different paint schemes to get an idea of what i'd like to do, so this really helps.

>> No.56424346

Even a few hundred should make them extraordinarily difficult to understand at best. If you met a foreigner from a weird distant daemonic culture you'd have trouble understanding their speaking conventions even if they weren't talking like a dude from a shakespeare play.

This is a serious missed opportunity for worldbuilding on GWs part.

>> No.56424348

This looks decent, except his left-shoulderpad looks really odd.

>> No.56424351

QUICK! I need some one to show me how ridiculous a manlet jump pack looks on a chad marine! I'm thinking about using one for my CSM warlord.

>> No.56424354

No, it's GW testing the waters.

>> No.56424356

>space marines

>> No.56424363

But either way that would mean the languages would be different, even if Chaos has only seen a couple hundred years of linguistic drift, the Imperium has seen 10,000 no matter which way you spin it.

>> No.56424367

Depends on the part of the story. So for that part I described above I believe it was a 250 pt list. So I brought my Archon, 5 Kabalites, and a squad of blaster scourges. This week is 750 because there's some Khorne raiders attacking a small craftworld we're on.

>> No.56424369

High Gothic has seen 0 linguistic drift. Low gothic probably is unintelligible to them

>> No.56424380

It helps that most of them are nearly immortal super humans and your leaders most likely were around all those years ago and still remember everything about it.

>> No.56424390

Nigga every character who can be defeated without being permakilled jobs. Avatar of Khaine, Celestine, Magnus, Morty, skarbrand, kapandaman, and literally every named daemon character has been defeated by a space marine or eldar character before

>> No.56424404

You have to stop thinking of the swarmlord as a unique personality. He is just another biomorph that the nids can throw at their prey, a stress response to too much resistance on a planet

>> No.56424405

Tsons are all the same dudes.

When they die they are brought back.

>> No.56424413

why would you do this?

>> No.56424414

You're fucking retarded. We don't get Tyranid fluff from the Tyranid perspective. They don't name their own Hive Fleets or monsters, they don't even have names or the concepts of such.

Some backwards-ass retarded Knight going "Hark! This Gret Beast that leadeth the foe is a Kingly Syrpynt of a hideous Court of Monsters! I dub this Fiend the Nephilim King, mine Nemesis I do swear!" - that doesn't mean jack shit to the nids themselves.

>> No.56424417

Two conversions on the Hive Tyrant I have seen that I like I am thinking of mixing. First is the Mantis arms of the Fleshborer Hives (fitting since I am between 2xDeath Spitters or 2xDevourers with Monsterous Rending Claws) and then instead of the normal tail using the Trygon one and slapping wings on it. Or would that be overkill.

>> No.56424428

He's the pinnacle of the Hive Tyrant breed. That's it. Codex says so.

>> No.56424429

>High Gothic has seen 0 linguistic drift
Across a scattered and distant empire of 1 million worlds over a longer time period than the entirety of human civilization on a single world as we know it today? That shit is literally impossible.

>> No.56424431

Isn't also lore that states that they can also make rubrics along with bringing dead ones back? Also they are still splintered any sorcerer that has any ambition(which is all of them) tend to take their rubrics with them to do what they want, how loyal they stay to Magnus depends on the sorcerer.

>> No.56424433


>it has absolutely nothing to do with how it actually is

Except the splinter fleet is named for the Hive Tyrant that continually appears leading it, which they gave the name the Nephilim King. Now you could argue that the other individual bugs that the Knight Houses are claiming are also continually reappearing are just a quirk of the fleet's particular formations it likes to use, but its doubtful they'd make the same mistake about what they think is the head of the entire fleet - a single Hive Tyrant with a consciousness and memories that are shared across each of its spawnings. Sound familiar? Because GW is testing the waters, like >>56424354 says.

>> No.56424435

Harlequins have some really great fluff and models. They don't have that many though. However they make a great spring board into any Eldar force. Let me go look and see if I can nab my old Harlequin codex. It should have more color schemes.

>> No.56424438

This would make sense if it weren't limited to only one and if he wasn't given some retarded-ass backstory that makes him a "recurring" character.

>> No.56424439

It's to stop the hormagants tripping over.

>> No.56424441

Hive Crone vs Harpy

Is the kit easy to magnetize so you could both either one?

If you could only build one, which would you pick?

>> No.56424445

High Gothic is based entirely on terra, it is a holy language and linguistic drift on the part of the other worlds wouldn't be acceptable.

How much linguistic drift is church latin going through right now

>> No.56424448

There is probably an ordo or inquisitors making sure every planet has no lingual drift or else.

>> No.56424451

It literally is possible because 10,000 year old traitor marines can consistently converse with modern Imperials just fine.

>> No.56424452

What's the issue? This looks great, very Harbinger-esque.

>> No.56424463

neither but the harpy if pushed and no it's not very easy to magnetize but it can be done

harpy weapons are easy to make interchangeable

>> No.56424464

>superior hive tyrant
Nah, that would be the Iyanden tyrant who was smart enough to just stampede his opponent with 12 carnifexes instead of retardedly dueling them. Let’s see Calgar or Dante come back from getting gang raped by a pack of maleceptors

>> No.56424466

Every fucking Hive Tyrant is like that. How else would they learn from experiences? Swarmlord was just the first, and best, hive tyrant. Same as Red Terror was the first Ravener.

>> No.56424472

This dude spends every second of his free time trying to keep up with low gothic to recruit new members. It must ne maddening.

>> No.56424479

I think compared to dealing with daemons some hive trash dialects are probably a cake walk.

>> No.56424480

tiny little waist gonna snap

>> No.56424481

Higher cognitive functions cost a lot of "energy" to create. Its not efficient to spawn them, otherwise they would be in mass production.

Tyranids are about efficiency. If the planet is a net loss in biomass in the campaign then it's not worth pursuing.

>> No.56424484

Harpy, though I am still uncertain if Venom Cannons or Stranglethorn. Leaning more towards Venom Cannons. Tentaclids are nice against vehicles since they are mortal wounds, but, spore mines are the same way against everything.

>> No.56424486


>First is the Mantis arms of the Fleshborer Hives

I've seen it done a number of times and I advise against it. They look absurd, they're the length of his entire body nearly and put together they're the width of it.

>and then instead of the normal tail using the Trygon one and slapping wings on it.

This would also look oversized and ridiculous. MAYBE you could get away with swapping the Tyrant torso out for a Carnifex torso and still using the Tyrant head, his head would look pretty undersized compared to the rest of him, but it would stop the transition of lower body > chest > head from looking as awkward as if you kept the Tyrant torso.

>> No.56424488

This is how I play in real life. Opponent has fancy character? Apply carnifex.

>> No.56424498

>they can create new rubrics
IDK about that

>plenty of scattered warbands
Yes, but the Tsons will band up when they need to get shit done. Hell, even Ahriman and Magnus teamed up to screw with the furries.

>> No.56424499

The second one is shiny because it hasn't been matt varnished yet.

>> No.56424500

What shoulder symbol do Space Marine officers get on their right pauldron instead of a squad marking?

>> No.56424505

Well, I guess that makes sense if they are actively making efforts to maintain the language.

That's the exact kind of grimdark satire of bureaucracy I expect from the Imperium, come to think of it. Arbites punishing Planetary Governors for not enforcing proper education of High Gothic in the court systems and so on.

But again even if that stayed the same, the CSM wouldn't.

We're discussing how that's a dumb plothole.

>> No.56424507

Don't body shame tyranids. That's racist.

>> No.56424512


>How else would they learn from experiences?



>> No.56424517

This Xenos Stasis Chamber

>> No.56424519

Unsure if sarcasm

>> No.56424524

>Same as Red Terror was the first Ravener.
He wasn't, he was just some mutant.

Tyranids don't make one "first" of anything, they spawn organisms in the billions. Test broods would be in the tens of thousands at minimum, probably. This is exactly why the Swarmlord fluff is retarded, even accounting for the fact that highly psychic advanced synapse bioforms would be in much lower numbers than normal strains.

>> No.56424531

I remember reading something about using micro versions of the rubric but I am not sure. And yeah from the lore examples of non loyal sorcerers it would seem like most keep good faith with Magnus, Ahriman is protected by Tzeentch so he gets some free reign to do more shit.

>> No.56424537

Modern-day linguistic drift happens over generations

CSM are effectively immortal and ageless, those rules don't work on them.

>> No.56424538

Can't seem to find my book anywhere, but the OP has it in: https://mega.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ
It has a couple of scheme's that you should look at and figure out what you like best. You can always just make your own.

>> No.56424542

r8 my color scheme plz


>> No.56424544

I'd think 100 years of immortal life wouldn't change your dialect much. Recruiting new members might but they'll probably just default to veteran speak after a time.

>> No.56424552

There are very, very few CSM that are still around from the Great Crusade, most of them died out and were replaced by newbloods.

>> No.56424555

Thanks for the advice, might do the second half then and use the spine salvo on the carnifex carapace to serve as the guns while maintaining the the normal rending claws and wings. I'll have to mock things up once I have some slush funds to throw at excess bitz. Shame the mantis arms looks so bad, neat ascetic, but if they are that big, woof, that is a bit silly to do. Wonder should magnetize the arms on so I can maybe sculpt my own later that aren't fuck huge. Or pay someone to.

>> No.56424564

Saints row

>> No.56424566


Immolator for my girls with FW plates, because I am a bottomless pit of despair.

>> No.56424567

Yeah, i'll take a look through the old codexes. I would come up with my own scheme, but I'd rather have something I can follow for my first few attempts

>> No.56424574


There's definitely recruiting but there's plenty of veterans of the crusade around. Time works different in the warp.

>> No.56424575

That reminds me I had a scheme of my friends he wanted feedback on too.

>> No.56424591

Yeah. IIRC they all generally are cool hanging out with each other on the planet of sorcerers.

>Ahriman protected by Tzeentch
I wish this was true for my Ahriman. Last game I played he rolled 3 snake eyes perils in a row.

>> No.56424593


>> No.56424602

>space marines

no thanks

>> No.56424607

>I wish this was true for my Ahriman. Last game I played he rolled 3 snake eyes perils in a row.
Tzeentch works in mysterious ways.

>> No.56424615

is enough to eat he brain of someone that speaks it I guess. Even loyalists can pull it off

>> No.56424617

What the fuck is up with the state of Tyranid stock?

Why are so many things permanently backordered?

>> No.56424630

Because GW's machines fucking broke and all of the nid stuff sold like hot cakes once the Codex stuff came out because "oh hey, they don't fucking suck".

>> No.56424634

Its sorta the way with everything i think. They are having problem with stocking because power or something.

>> No.56424642

Army that's sucked for 20 years is suddenly a high tier army and stock was never adjusted to coincide with that, what a surprise

>> No.56424647

Consequence of GW getting more girls into the hobby

>> No.56424660

Check the warhammerwiki or download the 7th Ed Harlequins book to see less-complex color schemes. Quite a few Masques use simple, solid-color outfits.

>> No.56424662

Am I the only one who thinks it would be way cooler actually if GW had Chaos Marines speaking some archaic, poetic language that made them come across like the ancient and unrelatable villains they're supposed to be? Something about them spitting curses in forgotten primitive techno-barbarian tongues left over from the Age of Strife is just way more intimidating than them speaking in normal 40k High Gothic going KILL MAIM BURN KILL MAIM BURN HURRRRRRRRR

>> No.56424674

>girls like bugs

yeah okay buddy

>> No.56424681

Swarmlord vs a Primarch.

Who wins?

>> No.56424693

primarch because mary sue plot armour

>> No.56424699

If I remember correctly all Tson Warbands use the Planet of Sorcerers as a home base. All are welcomed to Magnus' home. Can't remember if Ahriman and Magnus have made up yet or not.

>> No.56424700

How new are you that you don't know Tyranids are one of, if not THE most, popular army with girls?

>> No.56424715


Primarch because there are no consequences for an unnamed bug getting killed off.

>> No.56424717

Because in 40k's retarded timeline scale, the Horus Heresy is like the American Revolution in terms of historical distance

10,000 years is nothing

>> No.56424720


Girls only play tyranids or eldar, this is a known fact.

>> No.56424725

>Thousand Sons got new Rubrics and tzaangors
>Death Guard got a completely new range
>Khorne got fantasy minis that are literally a backpack and a gun away from being World Eaters
When is Slaanesh gonna get sweet new plastics that show them with a more sleek and graceful aesthetic, instead of just "spikes, but pink"?

>Because GW's machines fucking broke
What happened? Did they drop the mold?

>> No.56424733

Nids literally have the highest ratio of female players

>> No.56424734

I admit I'm pretty new but I find that VERY hard to believe. From the few 40k unicorns I've seen its usually been Eldar or SM.

>> No.56424736

As a Tyranid player I would honestly hope the Primarch wins because Nids victory isn't about one super-powered special snowflake mary sue character, it's about outthinking and out-adapting the opponent's entire force on a massive planetary scale.

Even if a Primarch never loses a fight 1v1 he can't be everywhere on a planet and cannot hope to defeat an enemy that is everywhere and all one super-intelligent mind. They'll just slaughter all his forces that are outside of his reach until most of the planet is overrun and he's forced to retreat or die against literally infinite waves of monsters wearing him down. That's how Nid fluff is supposed to work. This Swarmlord shit Crud started in 5th is where it went downhill.

>> No.56424737

Magnus has no plot armour though.

>> No.56424747

>When is Slaanesh gonna get sweet new plastics that show them with a more sleek and graceful aesthetic, instead of just "spikes, but pink"?
Probably late 2018 or early 2019.

>> No.56424755

Soon anon, 2018 should be the year of Slaanesh if past releases show anything.

>> No.56424757

That's not how time works, buddy.

The problem is the new writers cannot into scale.

>> No.56424761

Some of that shit has been out of stock since the index came out. I have been trying to order hive guard for 3 months.

>> No.56424762

I saw one play necrons once, but it was her husbands army. They share and swap around between armies.

>> No.56424765

Tyranids are one of the few armies that looks quite good in pastel pink

>> No.56424766

>That's not how time works, buddy.
That's how time works in the warp.

>> No.56424771

The Imperium isn't in the Warp.

>> No.56424773

FW user spotted

>> No.56424776


No they do not

>> No.56424778

I really hope this is legit. My body is ready.

>The Imperium isn't in the Warp yet.

>> No.56424783


>> No.56424786

Its not out yet

>> No.56424795

>I really hope this is legit. My body is ready.
I hope it's the case too, I don't even play EC I just really like Noise Marines.

>> No.56424801

It's a subconscious breeding thing. I knew three that collected Skaven as well.

>> No.56424805

<citation needed>

>> No.56424813

>>The Imperium isn't in the Warp yet.
>implying the Rift isn't getting sealed up by based Kronos
Chaoscucks on suicide watch desu

>> No.56424824

>The oldest marine anyone knows about showed up in the first Salamanders Novel. The main characters find a Salamanders Strike cruiser that had crashed a long time ago on the world of Scoria. When they board it they find half a company's worth of brand new Mk IV armour being watched over by a Salamander who had fought in the Dropsite Massacre. He was decrepit to the point that he was not even able to move in his armour anymore, and had basically fused into his command throne over the centuries.

>So even abandoned in a derelict and non-functioning strike cruiser a marine can live for upwards of 10,000 years. Though that seems to put them very close to the end of their natural life span.

The only thing stopping a Marine from living almost forever is death in battle or accident and a bit of help from Chaos can solve that last problem.

>> No.56424827


>> No.56424840

Dumbass, What Kronos is doing is pitifully trying to limit the growth of the Great Rift by attacking anything that attempts to weaken the walls of reality alongside the borders of the Rift. It's not working.

Only the Necron Pylons have the power to push back the Great Rift.

>> No.56424850

Lifespan doesn't have dick to do with it, the Chaos Legions are suffering constant attrition and having to replace their numbers, even when not invading realspace they're fucking themselves over on a regular basis in internal warfare.

>> No.56424861

>get a load of this guy

>> No.56424865

>Dumbass, What Kronos is doing is pitifully trying to limit the growth of the Great Rift by attacking anything that attempts to weaken the walls of reality alongside the borders of the Rift. It's not working.
Literally the opposite of what the Codex says, but nice headcanon carnac. I love how quickly you get triggered by bugs beating your precious edgelord army men.

>> No.56424885


>> No.56424886

There will always be just enough of them to be a threat, b/c GW writing is meme tier.

>> No.56424895


>> No.56424902

>nidfags say something
>chaosfags say something else
>nidfags call the chaos fags carnac
And the great cycle continues.

>> No.56424912


>Out of 104 lists at the event 37 of them were playing Chaos.
>Over the various lists Magnus was taken 12 times, Mortarion 13 times and old Bobby G a mere 9 times. That’s 36 Primarchs! And here I though there were only 18. Its fun to note that 7 out of the 9 Space Marine lists took Bobby G, while some Chaos lists took both Primarchs.

What changes would you make to "fix" competitive 40k?

>> No.56424913

H-Hey Daemons aren't edgy. My blood guys are cool.

>> No.56424915

Lets see what the codex says?

>ive Fleet Kronos appears to be the Hive Mind’s first solution. This new terror is tracing a coreward path along the line of the Great Rift. Tendrils of Leviathan have diverted from their original course, leaving behind defenceless worlds for Kronos to consume. It uses such offerings well. The nascent hive fleet appears to be zeroing in on areas of intense psychic activity that threaten to tear the breach between realities wider. Scores of planets conquered by Chaos-worshipping cultists and warp-spawned abominations have fallen in its path, and Kronos has obliterated them all, like a maggot eating the corruption from an infected wound

Exactly what I am saying.

And we know that it's not working because the Great Rift and other Warpsrorms are continuously growing and threatening to collapse reality all together. For 110 years since Girlyman awakened, the Rift just grew and grew.

>> No.56424917

Son that was an undeniable carnac post.

>> No.56424920

They both suck.
I'm sorry nids, I can't stay mad at you.

>> No.56424926

>everyone I disagree with is Carnac

It doesn't help that you are also wrong.

>> No.56424935

primarchs may only constitute 25% or less of your points total

Only one primarch per army total

>> No.56424939


>What changes would you make to "fix" competitive 40k?
Criminalize competitive play.

>> No.56424943

>Hurr durr the Iron Warriors can't have BASILISKS because it's been 10,000 years and they aren't the same!
>never mind that fluff wise they are the legion most obsessed with maintaining their equipment to perfection and also had the largest amount of marines due to the success rate of their geneseed
>also ignore that they all follow orders and everyone is expendable making for an extremely effective legion that is just as powerful post Heresy as pre Heresy

Anon you are the retard

>> No.56424952

One PRIMARCH model per army.

A PRIMARCH can only be included if the entire army shares the same <CHAPTER> or <LEGION> keyword.

If your opponent slays a PRIMARCH they earn 3 additional Victory Points.

>> No.56424956

So I want to run a silly GK list in an upcoming 1850 point tournament. Unfortunatley no special characters are allowed. How many paladins is too many? I have like 40, thought if I could field 25-30 it could be fun, if super uncompetative.

>> No.56424959

No I've seen carnac at work and he has been gone for a bit he came back briefly when the early codex leaks started and ever since any time a chaosfag says anything against nidfags it's carnac this and carnac that, doesn't help that all nidfags do is bait the chaosfags.

>> No.56424965

Imperium, Chaos, Xenos is the way the game is split up

Out of 104 lists roughly 1/3 were Chaos


>> No.56424967

I like this

>> No.56424969

I don't really like Magnus' model all that much, but that pale Magnus is stellar.

>> No.56424970

I want to say "hike the price of Primarchs and Alphabet Chicken and nerf Smite" but truthfully, the detachment system is broken in and of itself. It needs to be far more restrictive. I would start by making any sort of alliances void subfaction traits, for one. Big penalties for not going mono-army.

>> No.56424978


>> No.56424981

/40kg/ convince me that inquisitors aren't better than commissars (and lord commies) in every possible way.

>gets to deny the witch and gets to cast smite
>Ld 9 bubble
>can make a unit completely immune to moral
>only 55 points

Take Coteaz
>Ld 10 bubble
>cast smite and make a unit immune to moral
>gets a free thunder hammer that hits on 3+
>2+ save
>only 100 points

>> No.56424986

Nah, his posting style is very distinct.

That's a fairly arbitrary distinction that doesn't add up in reality (though in fairness so is categorizing "Eldar" as a unit).

>> No.56424995

Inquisitors invalidate your regiment rules.

>> No.56424999

FAQ removed the complete immunity to moral, so, yeah.

>> No.56425001

>And here I though there were only 18.
There were 20 primarchs.

>> No.56425003

>that all nidfags do is bait the chaosfags.

And they usually do that by posting false information and exaggeration like "KRONOS IS SEALING THE RIFT DURRR". Idiots.

What Kronos is now doing is what the Eldar, Grey Knights, and Necrons are doing and what they have done before for thousands of years. Responding to areas of psychic and daemonic unrest to prevent it from breaching the walls of reality.

>> No.56425005

They have three machines they can't run because the local power grid can't handle it. Nothing broke. If they ran them, it would cause brown/blackouts locally. They are currently upgrading the local grid to be able to handle it, but it's not expected to be done until some time next year.

>> No.56425006

When does the Dank Angel's codex release?

I used to play Dark Angel's in 4th or 5th edition when I was but a wee lad. I'm just getting into tabletop again, but I went with CSM and my dudes aren't feeling like my dudes anymore :'(

>> No.56425011

Lords of War may only be fielded in Matched Play games of 2,001 points or more.

>> No.56425015

I mean two were purged from the history books. So for all intents and purposes there's only ever been 18

>> No.56425017

Like late November, early December.

>> No.56425022

same time as BA, both angels are preorders at december 2nd

>> No.56425023

>Dark Angel
>became CSM


>> No.56425029

Except Imperium is half the Factions in the game and Xenos combined way outnumbers Chaos.

When more Chaos Codexes come out, like Emp's Children, World Eaters, maybe Chaos Eldar, and when Xenos get expanded a bit more, then we might see a 3-way even split which is actually fair.

>> No.56425030

>Names aren't listed, so they didn't exist

>> No.56425031

Cawl still has their Geneseed. Don't count them out yet.

>> No.56425034

How do we fix the detachment system? I would say You dont get stratagems unless your army is all of that chapter or faction or something like that.

>> No.56425035

>Nah, his posting style is very distinct.

So is yours. You post like a bitch and argue like one too. You mysterious went quiet when you were confronted with what the codex really says.

Not using a bitch as a sexist insult.
It just happens that anon fits the descriptors linked with the word.

>> No.56425041

Woof, glad I am not trying to play my new nids army any time soon and just slowly gathering them like a stranded hive fleet on a planet.

I'll just stick to my already done IG for now. Can't wait for 2018 and 19 when model production picks up again.

>> No.56425048

What if they're female-only geneseed and that's why Cawl hasn't done anything with it yet?

>> No.56425049

kys you faggot bitch

>> No.56425050

That's already how it is. It's called being Battleforged.

>> No.56425051

How did Cawl get the geneseed of two legions who were supposedly wiped out?

>> No.56425058

I'm looking at the FAQ, it doesn't say a single thing about changing inquisition psychic powers

the only advantage that a commissar has, but then again you can just chuck an inquisitor in with the auxillary support very easily

>> No.56425062


Just no (they've been called brothers multiple times)

>> No.56425068

Ad Mech still kept their Geneseed. And some of them may have joined other legions, so they can see the difference there.

>> No.56425077

How did cawl do anything? He's a fucking mary sue that's how

>> No.56425080

Commissar's lost the whole moral immunity bubble in the AM FAQ due to Commissar-Conscript abuse. Now it is a re-roll after murdering someone.

>> No.56425083

Nerfing Smite spam is a top priority. There are a few solutions. Not doing Mortal Wounds. Putting it down to 3 times per Psychic Phase. Doing only 1 Mortal Wound. Making it cast on a higher value. Every time you cast it you take a wound no matter what.

No Invulnerable saves below 3++ would also be good and no Invulnerable save below 4++ on Primarchs.

Melee needs a buff.

>> No.56425093

I highly doubt they will do anything with that plot thread.
Because Cawl just seems to have unrestricted accesses to anything and everything. I also doubt the Emperor just dumped all the genetic material relating to those two anyway. Seems like a waste.

>> No.56425099

>Nerfing Smite spam
Now do it while not literally gutting Grey Knights even harder than they already are.

>> No.56425103

>I used to play [Games Workshop's chapter] but then I had the opportunity to make [OC chaos warband] and my dudes aren't feeling like my dudes anymore [sadface]

>> No.56425106

>No Invulnerable saves below 3++ would also be good

That would really hurt crusaders who have an inv save better than their armour save and are otherwise really fragile.

>> No.56425112

Detachments would be a much better limiter on soup and spam if you had to fit your entire list in one instead of three.

>> No.56425114

Get rid of Malefic lords.

>> No.56425123


Give grey knights a spammable non-mortal wound psyker attack?

>> No.56425131

The same way he improved upon The Emperor's works with his blasphemous primaris.

>> No.56425139

I've been using Inquisitors all of 8th and I've loved them every time.

>Deepstrike Terminator Inquisitor with Terrify and a Combi-Melta alongside Scions, outflanking Conscripts and Assassins
>Have a normal Inquisitor in my ranks to buff Leadership and use Psychic powers

Feels good. My only issue is that I want to take like 3 Inquisitors and from a fluff standpoint that seems wrong.

>> No.56425140

Then it just turns to primaris psyker spam

>> No.56425141

Gloppy paint, bro

>> No.56425142


Oh yeah, that soon eh?

I want to just rush in and get an army built to play at my LGS but damnit, I might have to restart with a DA army.

I don't suppose it's possible to know this yet, but do you reckon I could take some ravenwing bikers, some deathwing terminators, and battle company DA in the same detachment?

If they really segregate them into their own detachments/keywords I'd be totally put-off playing them and annoyed.

>> No.56425146

mass sterilisation and deportation

>> No.56425149

I'm talking about the inquisitor you dingbat.
They have a psychic power that makes a unit automatically pass morale tests

>> No.56425151

No more than 50% of your army's points value may be CHARACTERS (including their wargear).

No more than 50% of your army's points value may be Lords of War (including their wargear).

At least 25% of your army's points value MUST be Troops (including their wargear). These compulsory Troops must share ALL of the same Faction Keywords as your army's Warlord.

You cannot include more than 1 copy of the same Datasheet in the Supreme Command Detachment.

>> No.56425157

How about just nothing below 70pts is allowed to have full smite. If you're below that threshold then you get baby smite.Or if that's not enough for you just make it so that every smite after the third cast of smite is considered a regular wound that can only be invuln'd through.

>> No.56425160

Be careful inquisitor you don't want to piss off the furries again.

>> No.56425181

I just really love the colour green, and the hooded robe aesthetic makes me horny.

>> No.56425184


Stop pretending you're a faction and not just the Ordo Malleus's back pocket tools.

>> No.56425186

I think 3 times a phase is the best, a higher cast value to boot is decent. Taking a wound for casting it makes it a no go, making it do 1 wound is pretty bad, making it not do mortal wounds makes it lose a lot of utility so iffy on that, but, it is a way for low strength armies (or low shot armies) to sneak kills in

Max 3 Smites per Psychic Phase > Higher Casting Value. My 2 cents. Though rumors are saying Max of 3 Smites per phase which should help a lot, I haven't had to deal with smite spam but I can see it being annoying as hell.

>> No.56425193

Night lords are like that Anon! 8th legion best legion.

>> No.56425198

>Dies in single combat to space marine characters
He lost to Calgar once. When Calgar drop-podded his entire honor guard right on top of the Swarmy in a surprise attack, after the Swarmlord turned Papa Smurf into a quadriplegic they last time they fought.
The only other loss the Swarmlord has is to Farsight, which while dumb, is more to Farsight wank than Swarmlord hate.
Other than that, he hasn't been killed, and wrecks shit every time he shows up. That's a pretty good fucking record, I'd say.

>> No.56425201

They've always been able to be fielded together but they gain more bonuses for specialization, dont think its going to change any time soon

>> No.56425202

I agree with everything but the WHF-style compulsory Troops. Assault/Devastator/Veteran companies and Saim-Hann windrider hosts are fluffy and I'm ok with playing against them.

>> No.56425204

the one time the night lords have ever looked cool and not edgy faggots

>> No.56425205

This would be good. If Primaris Psykers could only do Smite with 1 mortal wound or if their Smite was something like D3 S5 -1AP shots, I would like them to be able to cast 2 powers then so they have a use over spamming Astropaths. It would give people a reason to use the death beam power and the 2+,3+,4+ etc mortal wound power.

>> No.56425219

Just fixing the price would do it without a bunch of rule changes. It's not like people are spamming librarians for smite.

>> No.56425220

the first two options are good, they deal with smite spam and the dreaded all knight lists.

the other two are complete garbage though, one just completely guts most armies except for hordes, and the second is annoying for people that have indexes or codexes that don't have a lot of character variety.

The first two I am all aboard with though, and I wouldn't be surprised if tournaments start using something similar to them.

>> No.56425222

I dunno, watch the official community site, they'll start previewing it a week before the preorders, so probably a week or two away.


>> No.56425225

Dante killed him too, it's part of the Baal fight.

>> No.56425228

It's a non-issue outside of tournament waac lists. And it's only done using a specific set of extremely cheap psykers.

The actual logical solution is to increase the cost of those specific units, rather than making a blanket alteration to the entire game.

>> No.56425229

Just have them FAQ stuff like "In a SAIM-HANN Detachment Windriders have the Troops Battlefield Role" like they did with Berserkers and Noise Marines for WE and EC.

>> No.56425235

Imagine telling white scars that 25% of their points have to be tactical marines

>> No.56425240

Well, Inquisition is currently even worse off than us. Not much we can do there.

>> No.56425251

In my stupidity, I built a carnifex a couple months back without magnetizing them. He has everything for a thornback except the carapiece is the smooth one. I know I fucked up, but since I got 2 others still on box, should I try to green stuff quills onto the carapiece?

>> No.56425258


>> No.56425261

True, I mostly see people talking about spamming Spiritseers for spamming smite or Malefic Lords(sp). Hell Neurothropes could be used in the same way, though they are more expensive by 35 points from a Spiritseer. Warlocks as well I believe though they have gimped Smite so not as much of an issue.

>> No.56425262

I like to take just one inquisitor because of that glorious moral, but honestly it's not that weird for inquisitors to be working together (in super important instances only of course).

I think I'll give that deepstriking teminator inquisitor a go though - that seems like a great laugh.

>> No.56425267

Just give them Biker Troops back in an FAQ like >>56425229

>> No.56425277

The spiked carapace is Spine Banks, not chitin thorns. Also thornbacks are total shit.

>> No.56425280

If you're good with green stuff, yeah.

>> No.56425291

Chitin Thorns and Spine Banks are too different biomorphs, anon. Thornbacks come with the first one which can be done with the smooth back carapace by just attaching extra spikes. Spine Banks is the 6" gun that shoots in melee and is totally optional.

>> No.56425315

>mfw Night Lords get to use a Fabius Bile engineered Reiver equivalent

I want this so bad

>> No.56425317


>> No.56425323


>> No.56425336

Should never have been created. Squat it already.

>> No.56425357

Fuck off cornbread

>> No.56425361

sigmar pls go

>> No.56425368

Are you retarded, Slaanesh has been core to Chaos since 2e just like the other 3 gods.

>> No.56425384

yeah but slaanesh is shit and barely makes sense

>> No.56425393

Oh shit that is so much easier, especially since I haven't fucked with greenstuff before. I forgot also I put tusks on him so I'm conflicted if I should just run him as a regular carnifex

>> No.56425395

>1850 pts
Just why

>> No.56425396

Imagine having this shit of an opinion.

>> No.56425404

The fuck are you talking about it makes perfect sense and is intrinsically linked to the Eldar's backstory.

>> No.56425406

An evil god of excess and self-serving hedonism makes way more sense than an evil god of getting the fuckin flu.

>> No.56425408

That morale is pretty great. I haven't really used it since I always use Terrify for my Bullgryn. I've been considering using Greyfax on foot for that sweet deny power and she's a great model, but I don't want to overload my army with special characters. Same with Coteaz.

The Terminator Inquisitor deepstriking is a lot of fun and a lot of points, but he's pretty tanky and can do some good damage with Smite and the Combi-Melta. Rarely has he done anything with the Thunder Hammer, but a few times he's one shot big characters with it with good rolling. Still, the Dagger for the outflanking Conscripts, the Scions, the Inquisitor and the 2 assassins surprise people a lot. Here's a whole lot of army showing up at once.

>> No.56425417

An evil god of pestilence and plague makes way more sense than an evil god of getting fuckin wasted.

>> No.56425420

Nurgle makes perfect sense as an evil god.

The one that's the odd man out which is the hardest to fit thematically into the setting is Tzeentch, although I would still never suggest he should be squatted.

>> No.56425425

>soyboy: the post
Nidfags are an embarrassment to 40&

>> No.56425426

common misconception. Nurgle isn't the god of disease but of despair

>> No.56425427

Slaughterpriests and all the other fancy and god-centric stuff that Chaos gets in Fantasy but not in 40k

>> No.56425430

>hardest to fit thematically into the setting is Tzeentch
That is Tzeentch's theme.

>> No.56425432

What? I'm not sure who you think I am, I haven't really been following the conversation.

>> No.56425433

He's both, idiot.

>> No.56425438

Slaanesh should be the god of love

>> No.56425442

You're both idiots. 19 should be counted because Omegon counts.

>> No.56425451

Not any fuckin' more, the hive mind is the god of disease. Hive fleet gorgon out-diseasing plague marines is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard.

>> No.56425454

no he isn't. the chaos gods are gods of emotion, not of acts

>> No.56425458

He said deal with competitive 40k, not niggers.

>> No.56425462

Slaanesh is the god of love. S/he just also happens to be the god of having way too much of a good thing.

>> No.56425463

Stacking penalty, not only for Smite but for every power. A failed or Denied power cannot be attempted any further in that phase. Opens up strategies where you'd want to use one of the other ones while putting a lid on Smite.

>> No.56425471

Warlocks at least are fielded because eldar have a ton of psychic powers to choose from.

>> No.56425475


>> No.56425479

Shit. Ya got me. I always forget he even exist since he is such a nothing character.

>> No.56425483

I don't like the blue coats

>> No.56425487

Or were there at least 21 primarchs since Big-E made 20, 2 of which we know nothing about, and 1 that turned in to 2. Math is fun, but I swear higher level math has more english than numbers

>> No.56425491

Tyranids are nature incarnate, and diseases are nature. Of course they'll be better at it than some psycho-emotional entity created by sentient races perception of disease. Tyranids are the real deal, actual hard evolution, not some abstract concept given form.

>> No.56425492

>he only other loss the Swarmlord has is to Farsight, which while dumb, is more to Farsight wank than Swarmlord hate.
When did this happen?

>> No.56425496

I like em. Makes them look French, instead of German, but keeps the WW1 look.

>> No.56425503

>Kreig soldiers have sticks up their butts

I'd shade that blue darker with a wash

>> No.56425508

High level math is fun as hell, sadly it hits a point where it just makes my brain hurt. Mainly once you start dealing with imaginary numbers. Outside of that I generally do fine, or infinite sets of different sized infinites that was fun to learn.

>> No.56425510

DKoK are so great looking, but their guns are so shit. They all look like ass desgin wise and then they're all bent and warped and not smooth or properly done. I hate it. Ruins the whole model for me. I like your color scheme a lot. Barring the shit guns which isn't your fault, they look good.

>> No.56425519

Yeah, that's why I said "should never have been created". Even malal with his edgy egoism is a better chaos god

>> No.56425520

They out poison'd them, different thing entirely.

>> No.56425523

Tyranids have always been the maryest of mary sues.

>> No.56425525

Mind you, some tournament Ork lists spam Weirdboys for Smite, but that's more a testament to the state of Ork shooting than anything else.

>> No.56425526

Man Krieg will forever be that army I want to start, but will never do it due to it being way to expensive. If I ever won the lottery though...

>> No.56425527

>Makes them look French

that's the problem

but otherwise, pretty good. I'm jelly you have kriegs

>> No.56425528

Lookin good, really want to make a DkoK army but too poor here.

>> No.56425546

>fails morale check everytime
youve cursed your dice man

>> No.56425548


>> No.56425549

you can get them off yoyhammer relatively cheap. I bought some tyranid and DE units but they ran out DE so they sent me a shit ton of kriegs.

I don't like kriegs.....

>> No.56425561

>Makes them look French
Enjoy watching them fail their morale tests.

>> No.56425562

I just got 3 Krieg heavy weapons teams for my Inquisition list (cause they look so cool), but my wallet is sorry

>> No.56425564

Yes. If you remove Slaanesh, the Eldar BG is shit.

>> No.56425572

>At least 25% of your army's points value MUST be Troops (including their wargear). These compulsory Troops must share ALL of the same Faction Keywords as your army's Warlord.

You're retarded. Most of the detachments don't even require troops. You're not talking about fixing. You're just some butthurt faggot that hates 8th.
kill yourself

>> No.56425575


My tanks also come with french camo and Markings

>> No.56425578

Any idea what the legacy rules for Necromunda are supposed to release? Not really interested in the Goliath/Escher gangs.

>> No.56425584

love the muddy treads

good shit

>> No.56425587

>Arbitrary Troop tax


>> No.56425592

this paint scheme is pure unbridled sex.

>> No.56425597

Jesus you sound butthurt. What faggot army do you play that can't run 500 points of troops?

>> No.56425603

Speaking of yoyhammer. Do you know if any of the casters do Aspect Warriors? I want more reapers and scorpions but I'm not paying $41 for 5/6 infantry.

>> No.56425605

Top 2 are good, bottom 2 are shit. Way to ruin Deathwing and Ravenwing armies.

>> No.56425638

Inquisitors work together in cabals all the time, especially in warzones

The end of every eisenhorn book tends to be 2-3 Inquisitors teaming up to lay down the pain on some heretic

>> No.56425651

>What faggot army do you play that can't run 500 points of troops?
Can't? The fuck is wrong with you? ANY army can run any number of troops. But a lot of armies and factions do not benefit from running a large amount of troops.
What do you play? I'm assuming Guard or 'Nids.

>> No.56425653

>No more than 50% of your army's points value may be CHARACTERS (including their wargear).
>No more than 50% of your army's points value may be Lords of War (including their wargear).
Eh I'd make that 25% with a special exception to pure Knight armies.
>At least 25% of your army's points value MUST be Troops (including their wargear). These compulsory Troops must share ALL of the same Faction Keywords as your army's Warlord.
>You cannot include more than 1 copy of the same Datasheet in the Supreme Command Detachment.
Sounds like a good way to ruin people who enjoy Deathwing/Ravenwing/Spirithost/Dread Mob

>> No.56425656

Sweet. I might as well do it then. Best Friend Inquisitor squad go!

>> No.56425665

Daemon primarch? I’d say swarmlord. Living primarchs? Obviously the primarch, they’ll never actually let a named mortal character meet his end at ole swarmys hands.

I really wish it had been guilliman or the Sanguinor who slayed swarmlord on baal, for several editions they’ve been saying he would come back deadlier than ever after losing to Calgar. Having him lose to Dante was cheap, it should have been Dante getting cut down, and then sanguinor jumping in to save his ass.

They really do need to give the swarmlord a win against at least one of the daemon characters or the avatar of Khaine, he hasn’t had any feats that actually make him seem like a credible threat

>> No.56425670

I consistently run a cabal of 3-5 Inquisitors. It's great.

>> No.56425684

That guy is an idiot that deserves to have his fingers crushed.

Here is all the Swarmlord major fights.

Fight one. The Swarmlord and his tyrant guard corner an isolated Calgar and ravage him.

Fight two. Tyrannic veterans drive the Swarmlord into Calgar. Calgar and Swarmlord have a 1 v 1 where Calgar butchered the Swarmlord. This fight shows how much marines are superior to the nids. Instead of having the veterans to repay the Swarmlord for ganging up on him, Calgar decided to face him alone. Calgar proved himself the better man that day.

Fight three. During the siege of the Prime world of the Enclaves by a splinter fleet of Kraken, the Swarmlord is present. Farsight duels the Swarmlord to a standstill before retreating and leaving the Tyranids to eat the poisoned biomass.

Fight four. Cassius and a squad of marines fight and kill the Swarmlord

Fight five. Dante and the Swarmlord fight. Dante wins.

>> No.56425694

So I've got 15 terminators and some terminator characters that I don't ever use. 5 cataphractii and 10 regular terminators, in Iron Hands colors.

Thinking of having the 3 squads and either a terminator librarian or captain deep strike somewhere for ~800-850 points, using the rest of my list for my Crimson Fists with Pedro and an Lt using lots of long-range firepower to handle stuff while the terminators drop somewhere to brawl. Thinking a devastator squad, some lascannon dreads, intercessors, stuff like that. Pedro's +1A aura means that the dreads and stuff can hold their own pretty well if I get counter-deep striked.

>> No.56425697

You are my spirit animal then. How do you equip them? I have one with a Thunder Hammer and Plasma Pistol and I usually surround her with Acolytes or put her in a transport with Crusaders. The other one I want to use is the Greyfax model as either Greyfax or a normal one with basically no upgrades just to provide leadership and the morale psychic power. Then the last model I use is the Inquisitor in Terminator armor. I've been tempted to try out both Coteaz and Greyfax though because both of their rules are so nice. I love the Thunder Hammer Inquisitor I normally use, and Coteaz is basically a better version in every way.

>> No.56425703

Speaking of Z, since that is the only way to get wings for Nid warriors, how is their quality for nid stuff?

>> No.56425704


>> No.56425721

Pretty sure Z has them

>> No.56425725

Those heads are probablty one of the best things GW has released kitbash wise.

>> No.56425745

I got the wings, pretty fucking good. The interfemoral membrane is a little thin/brittle compared to official GW but barely

>> No.56425757

Nice, sounds worth it to me. I think I'll have to throw some money their way for some OOP stuff then.

>> No.56425760


>No Invulnerable saves below 3++ would also be good and no Invulnerable save below 4++ on Primarchs.

I have always been of the mind that Invulnerable saves lower than 4++ shouldn't exist at all.

>> No.56425775

I'm okay with them on smaller units like Crusaders and Terminators. They aren't gamebreakingly strong because they are melee units and melee is not great.

>> No.56425779

Tell that to melee Terminators

>> No.56425781

From left to right

Ordo Hereticus, with Inferno Pistol and Force Sword: First Inquisitor model I bought, and my favorite. In my first game of 8th edition he shot down a damaged Stormraven with his pistol.
Ordo Xenos: Force sword and bolter. Used to run him with a Conversion Beamer back in 8th.
Ordo Malleus in Terminator Armor: Psycannon and Daemonhammer. Leader of the conclave. Made with the sergeant from Assault On Black Reach
Ordo Malleus: Daemonhammer and Combi Plasma: Made with a Cultist from Dark Vengeance, plus assorted bits.
Ordo Xenos: Force Sword and Bolter. Most proud of him lately.

I've gotta get these guys rebased on dirt instead of snow.

>> No.56425794

Picture didn't attach...

>> No.56425802

Old one eye
The doom of Malan'tai
The parasite of mortex
The red terror
The Swarmlord
The dagon overlord
The Nephilim King

>> No.56425808

>laughing plasma guard.gif

>> No.56425812

Is mathhammer anon around, or anyone else who knows math well?

What's the formula to calculate a models Wounds inflicted per point or whatever?

>> No.56425814

That psycannon is a fucking travesty

>> No.56425818

Very nice. Looks like a fun group.

I have to find me a good model to use as my Terminator Inquisitor. I have my own kitbashed one, but it doesn't look great. The Blood Angels Terminator something or other is a great model for me because it has a Combi-Melta already. There's just too much Blood Angels Iconography on it so I'm not sure what to do about that.

>> No.56425822

So are you, but he didn't say anything.

>> No.56425825

>pure Knight armies
But this is cancer.

>> No.56425843

>no u
The absolute state of /tg/.

>> No.56425849

>Fielding 1/4 of your army with boring units you're forced to take

Yeah, no.

>> No.56425850

>Old one eye
Just a mutant Carnifex, he could have been a member of a whole brood and only he survived.

>The doom of Malan'tai
Zoey that got into the World Circuit and gorged on souls until it mutated.

>The parasite of mortex
No proof there was only one, could have been a Deathleaper situation.

>The red terror
Again no proof this was all one organism.

>The Swarmlord
The only one that sticks out like a sore thumb because of shitty omniscient narrator writing by a newfag.

>The dagon overlord
Dagon isn't canon, it's a fan OC.

>The Nephilim King
No proof this is all one special Tyrant.

>> No.56425857

Fielding un-named Inquisitors in 8th, a bold man indeed

I miss my daemon blade...

>> No.56425859

>implying Troops aren't the most fun and flavorful units in a good army
Your shit army taste is confirmed.

>> No.56425869

Tell me again how fun and flavorful tactical marines are.

>> No.56425876

Is the Sanguniary Ancient good? I feel like the Banner makes it worth it but i am not sure.

>> No.56425879

>Dagon isn't canon, it's a fan OC.

Dagon is mentioned in the "Words of the Silent King" short story as one of the less known hive fleets.

>> No.56425881

It's 67 points for a Ld 9 bubble that can Smite. Not flashy, but it's got good utility.

>> No.56425883

>he plays fucking spess muhreens
Thank you for confirming.

>> No.56425888

When I was new to the game all I wanted to do was convert a special snowflake commander tbqh, it's also the easiest shit imaginable because of how universal all limbs (of single armies) are.
I made my necron overlord almost entirely out of special character parts, it cost me $100 for a single character fucking worth it tho

>> No.56425893

Is it mentioned in any Codex, anywhere?

>> No.56425900

>ignoring the fact that many armies only have 1 troop choice
>typically less flavorful than any other option

Guardfag pls go.

>> No.56425911

Name 1 army that has only 1 Troop choice, and hipster shit like Harlequins or SoS doesn't count.

>> No.56425912

Yeah, but the named Inquisitors are better in every way and they removed all the cool options they used to have.

>> No.56425913

that reminds me
>spend $50ish dollars on Cypher conversion
>He gets a new model immediately afterwards and its actually really awesome

>> No.56425914

Fuckin ace, man. I'd never even thought of using the Blood Bowl players as bodies.
What are the arms, just space marine arms with greenstuff cloth sleeves above the elbow?

>> No.56425921

>Spend $100 on a limited edition model.
>Get stuck behind a car with NO brakelights.
>Model partially breaks after having to slam on the breaks because of the fucktard.

My rage currently knows no bounds.

>> No.56425925

I don't play Guard you dumbass.

>> No.56425931

Doesn't matter.

>> No.56425932

Sisters of battle.
Grey knights have two.
Space marines have two, or 3 if you count chads (I don't)

>> No.56425933

Glue it back together and learn to pack your shit more safely, it's not hard to get some fucking foam.

>> No.56425935

This is a big shame. And really it can be 55 points if you just want utility. I've been tempted to field my Thunder Hammer Inquisitor as Coteaz since I use her as a melee Inquisitor and his rules are basically better for that. Can Smite and do Terrify, Leadership 10, 2+ save, hitting on 3+ with his Hammer. The only thing my unnamed girl has is the Plasma Pistol.

>> No.56425941

Alright, which faction do you play?

I'll bet your troop options are actually good.

>> No.56425942

Sure it doesn't.

BLfags are such cancer lol.

>> No.56425945

Custodes. :c

1 Troop
1 HS
1 Elite

Nothing else, and bad rules.

>> No.56425952

I too want to start a harlequin army, would it ruin it if I painted them purely in aesthetic light pink and light blue for that vaporwave meme

>> No.56425957

It doesn't. Dagon is mentioned in an official source so its canon.

>> No.56425958

GW releases lore in things that aren't codexes too ya know.

>> No.56425959

>Sisters of battle.
What did I say about hipster shit?

>Grey knights have two.
That's not one.

>Space marines have two, or 3 if you count chads (I don't)
That's your problem for not counting options because you're a triggered marinelet playing faggot.

>> No.56425960


People who do conversions are not the customers that GW needs. Little faggots who buy primaris and don't have to think about squad composition and shit are the customers GW needs. They're moving away from any kind of customization because customization leads to complication. They want things real simple so fucking timmy can feel like a big man beating me at the game store with his BULLSHIT PRIMARIS meanwhile my exquisitely converted Sisters get shat on.

Fuck you GW give me back my $15,000

>> No.56425961

>unsecured 100 dollar model
>not having a safe braking distance between other cars
>actually spent 100 on a model

what a retard. I hope you are mad at yourself

>> No.56425970

Yeah, I used to have an inquisitor in power armor with a Daemon Blade and Incinerator.

Now I just run him as Cotaez, which works well. There are also 2 FW inquisitors that are alright.

>> No.56425982

Then show me a supplement, rulebook, campaign expansion or anything of the sort which mentions Dagon.

>> No.56425984

Look here you dumb motherfucker

Marines used to have some cool flavorful shit. When I first started my army, I could give all my iron hands tactical marine sergeants terminator armor instead of fielding terminator squads. That's fun and flavorful. Modern day codex marines are boring as shit and tactical marines are the most boring unit in that codex.

>> No.56425985

Stop tailgating people anon.

>> No.56425990

>old one eye
It’s literally the same carnifex reincarnated with its scars intact, hence old one eye. We do know it’s not the only regenerating alpha carnifex though because one showed up on Tartoros with both eyes and a bio canon

>doom of Malan’tai
It was just the first known neurothrope, regular zoans can’t eat souls

>Nephilim king
Tricky one, there is a Nephilim king that is the main hive tyrant of that splinter fleet, but according to the fluff in the painting guide there were other hive tyrants who also controlled “courts.” So it wasn’t particularly special like the swarmlord, just a hive tyrant the knights gave a name. The fluff outright states that each hive tyrant is a unique organism, they Get reincarnated. They don’t just start off with a new generic hive tyrant every time they invade a new world.

>> No.56425991

>hipster shit
>"this doesn't count because i say so"
Why are people even arguing with this brainlet?

>> No.56425992

Excellent bait post

>> No.56425993

>What did I say about hipster shit?
So you were the one with shit taste all along


>> No.56425997

>Getting shit on
You gotta tell me something more believable than that anon.

>> No.56425998

>being so shitty that a child with primaris marines is an insurmountable obstacle
Find an easier hobby.

>> No.56426001


>> No.56426004

>Just a mutant Carnifex
I find it interesting that rapid regen became a common thing among nids after OOE though

>Zoey that got into the World Circuit and gorged on souls until it mutated
I thought he was a mutant that got to the world circuit and became a psyker

>> No.56426006

Anybody? Mabye what HQ's are worth it that dont have a name? GMDK are what I am leaning toward.

>> No.56426007

>When I first started my army, I could give all my iron hands tactical marine sergeants terminator armor instead of fielding terminator squads. That's fun and flavorful.
That does sound cool, what edition was that and which book can I find those rules?

>> No.56426009

>sisters loosing to primeris

lol wat?

>> No.56426014

Which is better biel tan or ulthwe

>> No.56426018

If you field GMDK you are a massive faggot and should go play imperial guard or something.

>> No.56426028

are venom cannons good yet

>> No.56426029

>it's another SoBstory episode about how X rule that would fix the game format for 90% of people is literally the worst shittiest rule ever because it isn't convenient for the 4 people who play X niche-as-fuck snowflake army
Cry me a river, good lord

>> No.56426030

No, you see, guard get cheaper weapons b/c they're models are cheaper, see?

Makes perfect sense....

>> No.56426035

Its nothing, white dwarf gave instructions on how to convert a GK dreadknight grand master and just before IG came out they were showing all kinds of kitbash and conversions so its clearly still a staple

>> No.56426037

Proof that Nephilim King is a generic but cool name.

Also Court of the Nephilim King a best
Skarok Swarm second best

>> No.56426039

What shoulder pad symbol should my Primaris Lieutenant have?

>> No.56426045

They're decent now.

>> No.56426049

>Dropping bait this stale

I'm surprised you got bites.

>> No.56426052


I have and will continue to.

>> No.56426054

>If you field the only remotely viable non-special character HQ choice you are a massive faggot
Gee, it's like people actually want a even a remote chance to win when they play a game or something.

>> No.56426061

> buys kannon in 5th edition
> only 20 aussiebucks
> buy another kannon to fill out the squad in 7th
> same model
> costs 50
They should really just let people convert models with other stuff and accept that they have no original ideas

>> No.56426070

>anyone who realizes warping the 40k format to cater to a tiny irrelevant subset of the playbase is a retarded idea is baiting
The entitlement of SoBstory faggots is fucking incredible

>> No.56426073

>i'm unable to win games without spamming WAAC units lol
Tard spotted

>> No.56426077

Which is exactly why they priced the weapons individually? A unit that makes better use of one weapon pays more for it than a unit that makes worse use of it.

>> No.56426085

all units pay the same prices for them now you dingus

>> No.56426089

Example: Guardsmen get special weapons cheaper because their models die quickly, so they get less shots out of them per game.

>> No.56426092

Ah, so the Nephilim king was actually a bunch of different hive tyrants who all fit the same description. Something similar happened in shield of Baal with the white whip, originally thought to be a unique hive tyrant on asphodex until the Cadians realized there were dozens of them

>> No.56426096

This is factually untrue for a number of weapons across a multitude of factions

>> No.56426099

White skull with red halo.

>> No.56426101

Silly goy, can't you see that GW prices have remained stable relative to inflation?

Of course, the same can't be said about their prices relative to spending power.

>> No.56426102

How exactly would forcing people to have a quarter of their army as troops fix the game for 90% of people?

>> No.56426104

chinaman sent me the arms for the wrong dreadnought

Do they usually fix such things?

>> No.56426111

Now if only they retconned the Swarmlord fluff to be just like this and say that several instances of him being spotted were in fact different organisms mistaken as the same, it would go a long way towards fixing him.

Then let him take different fucking weapon options.

>> No.56426112

Look up battlecast urgot

>> No.56426113

The court is basically just a standard hive fleet but with the gimmick of using more elite units rather than infantry

>> No.56426115


>> No.56426117

Have you actually looked at the point costs for different armies? Hell even in the guard codex alone there's two different costs for plasma guns.

>> No.56426121

We can't exactly blame a toy company for the widespread problem of rising prices and stagnant wages.


>> No.56426126

So how is Armageddon Part 4 gonna be?

>> No.56426129

Depends on which one. Some of them have decent customer service. Just email them about it and see what happens.

>> No.56426130

Because Troops are the core of fun gameplay and most of the problems with modern 40k are people spamming stupid gimmicky shit like giant Lords of War, untargetable cheesy Characters, deathblobs of heavy weapon bullshit, and so on.

>> No.56426133

Miranda I just emailed

>> No.56426135

Plasma guns are the only example of this in the entire guard codex as far as I'm aware

Otherwise, a guard sgt pays the same points for a power fist as a commissar lord does

>> No.56426138

>The least shitty HQ choice we have that happens to be rather good and on par with other large HQ models is WAAC
I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're trolling and not completely retarded.

>> No.56426140

They can still do that with a 25% troops tax.

>> No.56426145

A giant thinly-veiled advertising campaign for Angron and the new Khorne Berserkers, Orks/Guard get utterly shafted, then the Chads show up and save the day.

>> No.56426159

Not as easily. They'll be forced to adjust their lists while the people who were already writing fun, fluffy lists full of Troops will be totally unaffected.

>> No.56426160

how much under the rrp would you guys sell brand new models still in the box?

>> No.56426163

>Chapter Approve mandates 20% of your points be spent on Troops
>Everyone starts playing 2500 point games instead of 2000

>> No.56426164

>happens to be rather good
Malefic Lords also happen to be rather good amirite?

>> No.56426165

> plays 'for fun'
> won't let people have fun

>> No.56426168

and both pay a different price for a power fist than an AdMech Datasmith.

>> No.56426177

Sounds about right but is it too much to hope for Steel Legion updates?

>> No.56426178

I run my prices based on the most normal priced shit on ebay. That stuff is already usually 20% off

>> No.56426179

Won't happen, the ITC guys wrote the format to be 2k points.

But even if that did happen, it would be superior to the current meta.

>> No.56426183

Unlikely. 2000 point games are already too large for most tournaments.

>> No.56426184

Why the heck can't I have a deff dread warboss HQ
that would be so fucking badass

>> No.56426185

Most are full of horrors anyway.

>> No.56426191

That's probably really wishful thinking.

>> No.56426202

A squad of Brimstones is 30 points. I don't think I've ever seen a tournament list with 100+ Brimstone horrors.

>> No.56426204

Oh it is seeing as Steel Legion is not marines but I can still dream.

>> No.56426205

Forcing the armies to have some semi-common baseline might definitely go a long way towards balance.

But not all troops are even close to equal, not enough to make the above condition possible.

You're just a fucking idiot who thinks your fun = everyone's fun.

>> No.56426206

>shitting on them on the internet is stopping them from having fun
Ouchie ow meanie words

>> No.56426209

Didn't they literally do that in this codex by saying thay you can take any named "character" including swarmy in any hive fleet because they're just a unique strain rather than a specific characyer?

>> No.56426212

Agree 100% with this, especially the different weapons and biomorphs part.

I mean, what if Kronos is facing khorne daemons again and they need the swarmlord, is he just supposed to sit back there and never touch anything with his sword while the rest of the fleet is shooting the fuck out of the daemons? Or what if he’s needed as part of an all airborne force, or a subterranean assault? Swarmlord being a single hive tyrant with the 4 bomeswords always is retarded. If anything, swarmlords should just be much more autonomous and advanced hive tyrants, or the very oldest and most experienced hive tyrants. The 4 boneswords thing should just be a psychological tactic used on enemies they know Put a face and a name to everything they fight

>> No.56426227

Space marines 4th ed codex.

Iron hands had Scions of Mars, Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients, and Eye to Eye

Scions of Mars meant that you could give a techmarine +1 wound for 15 points and can field them as an HQ but can't field a Captain or Chapter Master. In addition, any model with access to the armory can take terminator armor. Normally only multiwound models could be given terminator armor, but this opens it up for veteran sergeants.

Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients: Moved regular dreadnoughts to Heavy Support slot, elite dreadnoughts had to be Venerable

Eye to Eye:Can only select 0-1 units from the following list: Land speeders, bikes, attack bikes

>> No.56426242

I mean that's all you'd see as a change.

>> No.56426244

because they're not

>> No.56426247

>>shitting on them on is stopping them from having fun

>> No.56426250


I'm seriously concerned about what the Ork codex will look like unless we're one of the few factions to get a major set of kit releases for 8th.

We'll probably lose bike options for every HQ that can take them, weapon options on HQs, we basically have nothing without new kits that introduce these options to adhere to GW's new policy on models and rules.

>> No.56426253

Why the fuck didn't GW bring that kind of stuff back with the Chapter Tactics rules in the new Codexes?

>> No.56426263

An example court from the Invasion Swarms book. That I’m basing my list off of and is certainly not a copy that adds things to bring it up to 2k because apparently that’s the standard for 8e?

Hey anons, I have 244 points left in my list, should I add in a Carnifex or something?

List so far:
Court of the Nephilim King
Tyranid Battalion Detachment

•Hive Tyrant with Stranglethorn Cannon, Scythes of Tyran, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs, 192

•Tervigon with Monstrous Scything Talons, 243

•Termagants with Fleshborers (30), 120

•Termagants with Fleshborers (30), 120

•Rippers with Spinemaws (9), 117

•Maleceptor, 172

•Haruspex, 198

•Tyrant Guard with Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands, and Toxin Sacs (6), 306

•Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons (3), 144

•Hive Guard with Impale Cannons (3), 144

Total: 1756

>> No.56426267

I have a feeling Orks will be one of the few Codexes to get new models, that's why you guys are pushed back to next year.

>> No.56426270

If you let le internet stranger dictate your actions irl you should end yourself right now.

>> No.56426272


>> No.56426282


I feel like CotNK armies would feature more Warriors.

>> No.56426285

The idea of swarmy being part of any hive fleet is because he's a unique entity within the hive mind that simply possesses a new body each time
honestly gw should go for one extreme or the other, either he's an old fuck sitting in the back telling other nids what to do or he's the adaptable super soldier disembodies space marines

>> No.56426289

Then don't let WAAC oriented anons dictate your butthurt

>> No.56426297

The other named characters are implied to just be advanced bio forms that can be called upon by the hive fleets, The swarmlord is specifically mentioned to be a unique mind whose connection to the hive mind is not bound by physical limitations of thenhive fleets. So the Behemoth swarmlord that defeated Calgar is the exact same Kraken swarmlord that lost to Calgar and the same one in leviathan that beat Dante. But the old one eye on Calth is probably not the same entity as the alpha carnifex that was in shield of Baal.

Here’s what they said about the red terror, it’s most likely not a unique character, just a particularly advanced strain of ravener that rarely appears

>> No.56426299

>shitting on people means you're butthurt
Where do you think we are?

>> No.56426307

Premium bait

>> No.56426317

get some warriors to keep with a group of hive guard

>> No.56426321

Good point. I just put in a 30 gant squad for the Tervigon to do something with and another because that’d give me 6 more rippers. Hmmm, could probably remove the Rippers altogether and the other gant squad for Warriors. Though, I heard Warriors weren’t all that good? I dunno. They would definitely make better use of Behemoth’s tactic though.

>> No.56426323

>>shitting on people means you're butthurt
>Where do you think we are?

>> No.56426324

Orks probably will see a new slough of models. They haven't been updated in ages and some of them (looking at you boyz) suck shit through a straw. Based off their releases this year and their plans for next year it's very likely that they have a series of releases planned for about every other codex next year with 1 or 2 big drops lile how they did with DG. All the armies they did this year already had plenty of shit and didnt need new models. I'd expect DE and Orks to be the releases that come with models, orks in the first or second quarter and DE in the 4th, though DE is likely to be only new character options, maybe bringing Vect back, and probably Leman Russ coming out when Space Yiffs get a dex between Orks and DE.

>> No.56426328

>>>shitting on people means you're butthurt
>>Where do you think we are?

>> No.56426333

Khorne Daemonkin Codex when?

>> No.56426349

I can't decide how I want to play my eldar

>> No.56426350



>> No.56426360

Because GW wants 40k to be as simple as possible right now. Armies must be as homologous as possible so little Timmy can't possibly be confused by anything.

>> No.56426369

Does fuck all to Bobby G and turns Morty into unplayable garbage.

>> No.56426404


Going back to take a look, here's what we'd be stuck with for HQs if GW went strictly "If we currently don't sell it, it's not an option.":

- Warboss with a Big Choppa
- Warboss with an Attack Squig and Power Klaw (Grukk)
- Big Mek with SAG
- Big Mek in Mega Armor (option of KFF)
- Weirdboy
- Painboy (does he have a killsaw? Or is that a power klaw? They'll probably just make up a new weapon for him)
- Special Characters (Grotsnik, Badrukk, Zagstrukk, hey anyone notice that Ghazzy's not on the site anymore?)

>> No.56426482

It keeps Bobby G from being used in Imperial Soup, since Guardsmen don't have <ULTRAMARINE>

It's still a dumb idea though.

>> No.56426486

For other chapters:

Imperial Fists tactical and devastator squads could pay for Tank Hunters, but the opposing player at the end of the game can request an extra turn be played on a 4+

Raven Guard:
Could take assault marines as Elites with the Furious Charge skill (+1 I and S on the charge like orks used to get). Essentially Vanguard before Vanguard existed, and can also pay to give it to tactical squads. But they can only take 1 tank other than rhinos and razorbacks, and rhinos and razorbacks took up fast attack slots.

Salamanders could do the request an extra turn thing on a 4+, and their tactical squads could take 2 special weapons instead of a special and a heavy. Same drawback as the iron hands.

White Scars infantry squads could take True Grit and Counter-Attack. If they take True Grit they got a free close combat weapon, and treated their bolter as a bolt pistol in close combat giving them +1 attack. Counter-attack I don't remember how that worked but let you make some kind of extra charge move after being charged. They also could take bike squads as elites or troops in addition to FA. If elites they had to either take Furious Charge or Tank Hunters. If troops they had to at least have 5 models, and any bike squad could take Skilled Rider to reroll dangerous terrain tests. Their drawback was the same as Raven Guard.

Blood Ravens get the same shit as white scars but replace the biker stuff with letting tactical and devastator squads infiltrate

Crimson Fists always hit orks on a 3+ in close combat, but have 1 less elite, fast attack, and heavy support slot

There's a lot more traits and drawbacks to choose from so you can make your own custom chapters, like "Take the fight to them" which replaces all tactical marine bolters with pistol and chainsword.

>> No.56426552

Here's my take on the whole Faction Keyword issue.

Add a new category: Superfaction Keywords. IMPERIUM, CHAOS, AELDARI, and HIVE MIND.

Entire armies must consist of the same Superfaction Keyword(or the entire army must have none at all) but Superfaction Keywords may not be the only shared keyword for individual detachments.

This means Soup lists have to either build coherent detachments, or at least spend command points on Auxiliary Support Detachments to cherrypick from across the whole superfaction.

>> No.56426687


And then you have sister of battles that can :

-Take combi weapons
-Seraphim with inferno pistols
-Sister superior with inferno pistols
-Canoness with plasma pistol
-Canoness with eviscerator
-Take power axe
-Take Condemnor Boltgun
-Priest with comby weapon
-Priest with infero/plasma pistol

And the whole fucking range is made of pewter with very bulky, compact poses and hence is a bitch to convert.

>> No.56426694

ulthwe is a free fnp on your entire.
Leadership rerolls from bieltan are kind of worthless but the shurriken 1 rerolls are nice but not all that effective. Like every 7 you get an additional shot I think. But it's an offensive ability which is usually more useful than defensive.

Also bieltan has the warlord trait to reroll any failed roll on a picked unit within 3 inches.

Also the bieltan get a nice pyscher helmet relic that can reroll failed pyschic rolls but miss the rest if you fail.

It's really up to your army.
Don't know much about ulthwe but I think bieltan is a bit meh.

>> No.56426705


Imperial guard is not even that Waac anymore. Too many models to paint.

The current meta WAAC is :
-Brimstome horror
-The bird
-Prince demon with wings
-Malefic Lord

>> No.56427047

So in a Matched game, since they standardized the points cost of wargear, do you subtract the cost of the original wargear when taking options?

Like, say I've got a Termie Chaos Lord. Comes with a power sword and combi bolter at 105pts. If I want to replace the power sword (-4) with a power axe (+5), would it then be 106? Or do I only add the cost of the new gear without subtracting what it's replacing?

>> No.56427102

You only care about what gear you end up with, so if you replace a weapon you only add the cost of the new weapon.

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