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Extra adorable

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What year is it?

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The year of heresy

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Yup, sounds like 2017

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I miss when /tg still had culture.

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I preferred Xeno.

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>I miss when /tg still had culture.

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Ah, /tg/ culture is "cringe" now. So says the newfag overlords.
Now enjoy 500 shitpost frogs and feelguys freshly imported from exotic lands like /pol/ and reddit.

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goddamnit I forgot that furfag nurse's name.
Humanized version was super hot.

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Found the picture I was looking for
God I love sharp mouth ladies.

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I hear that.

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Cultist-Chan is the hero we need.

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Then draw Xeno

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Cultist-Chan is the hero we deserve

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She needs to bathe more though.

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I wonder what Cultist-Chan would look like if she wasn't a chaos cultist?

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>Literally no new content ever
We post in dark times.

Just remember:
>/d/ threads banned
>Quests banned
>Generals for every game
>Generals for every RPG
>Generals for every conceivable aspect of fantasy roleplaying
>Gamefinding threads banned
>Wizard Guild banned
>Cup threads banned

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Would that be worshipping Slaanesh or blasphemy against Nurgle?

Also how can Cultist-chan be Chaos Undivided when Chaos Undivided is no longer canon?

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>tfw no Cultist-chan mini

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>Wizard Guild banned

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>gamefinding threads banned

Why? It doesn't get anymore related to traditional games then actually looking for a traditional game. On the other hand I don't think I've ever heard of someone finding a game on /tg/ they really liked.

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When did half of those happen

Is it better in double tg?

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Chaos Undivided is still canon in my heart.

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>Double /tg/
>Not slower than /po/ on this very site

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Pretty sure that one's bullshit.

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>wizard guild banned
why in fucks name? it wasn't a quest thread

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Xenu is a retarded mary sue though.

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Well yeah, but that's Scientology in a nutshell.

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It was roleplaying, which makes it a questthread. /tg/ isn't for roleplaying; it's for discussion of roleplaying games and mechanics only.

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Because it was badwrongfun and people got it banned.

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Those "people" were probably not normal anonymous posters, just so you know.

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What I don't get is why it's considered different from CYOAs. Either they should both stay, or they should both go. My preference would be "go".

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Oh, we know. We know very well. but there's nothing that can be done about it but withholding the goods and OC we used to deliver to /tg/.

People like to pretend that content and quality hasn't dropped since the Board Fun Police took over, but it very much has.

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My preference is stay and bring back Quests.

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I was there, I saw it happen. 4 years ago, /tg/ was great. Now? It's stifling.

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You might want to turn down the power on your nostalgia goggles there chief. Much of old /tg/ was no different than current /tg/. We had just as many stupid troll threads and low effort meme threads as we do now. They just were hidden better amongst the other shit threads like Bitches for Thulsa Doom and Current Season's Animu Quest.

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>Cultist chan smut part 1

>Part 2

Enjoy fucklechucks

Just remember that Cultist chan is NOT good waifu material
She is a bloodthirsty backstabbing sense freak with really, really bad hygiene

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I think we both know the answer to that question anon...

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Nah fuck that gay shit /tg/ used to be the only board I ever needed. Not some lame ass daily housewives meeting but with RPG games instead of neighborhood gossip.

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And yet three other threads in similar style are not on /qst/. the Board Fun Police are slacking now that they think they got their way.

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I miss cultist chan.

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>>Gamefinding threads banned

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Bump for cute!

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Sadly Iain M. Banks already died

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If anything we don't have enough meme threads. The board is taken over by shitty generals and shittier 'how do I x' threads that seem to suggest (particularly when any form of GW game is involved, given how braindead most of the questions asked about them are) that /tg/ has one of the lowest average intelligences of any board. Fun and creative threads are incredibly rare and usually get fun-police'd quickly.

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I gotta agree, I'd take almost any of the old memes back over the new imported foreign memes and idiot questions that are there only to post an image and take up space.

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Every single one of those things you listed is preferable to our modern day shitposters.
baracca stop

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>On the other hand I don't think I've ever heard of someone finding a game on /tg/ they really liked.
I actually ran a game for about 2 years that started with a game finder thread.
But to be fair, like 8 people said they wanted to join, 5 actually made it to the first game, 2 of those where still there after a few months and one was with me start to finish. I still play with him.

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>This ones kinda meta, so I’ll explain.

>Back around the halloween of 2008 or possibly 2009, before things kinda took of. Someone came to /tg/ asking for advice on their Cultist chan costume. I assumed it was just someone messing with me but sure enough, they actually did it.

>It was an earlier time in Cultist’s popularity and there wasn’t as many defined aspects to her or reference materials available for people, so a few people were kinda ‘eh’ about her efforts but I was incredibly touched.

>Sure, there have been some amazing Cultist costumes since -and I can NOT stress this enough- it blows my mind to see those. All these fine details, with the teeth and the hair and I saw one that nailed the body language -it’s just crazy. It’s just about the most amazing thing in general.

>But one girl was the first. That’s tricky. Not a lot of time, not a lot of budget not a lot of decent reference material. Just an idea and some heart.

>Cultist would approve.

>So here we have Cultist. Cosplaying as the first Cultist cosplayer.

Love you, Fagot.

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Yeah, there isn't really much /tg/-created characters anymore. Towergirls sort of counts, I suppose, as while originally from /v/ much of it was done on /tg/, and there's the mermaid guy.

Most of the old /tg/ OCs were pretty rubbish anyway, though, and only a few were decent enough to become popular.

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I don't care if your fucking with me or not. I am angery
Nothing pisses me off more then this bullshit. But if I speak out I get a temp ban from "loli waifu bully cyoa" mod

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>Most of the old /tg/ OCs were pretty rubbish anyway, though, and only a few were decent enough to become popular.
what most people doesn't realize is that this is how stuff is created. Yeah 90% of it will be shit but without those failures there can't be anything good. Nobody will shit a diamond out of nowehere

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