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Sensible female armor thread. No Boob Plates allowed.

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>female anything

shiggy diggy

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So no armor? Nude amazon warriors would be certainly hot.

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I hope battle dresses are allowed.

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> two 2 handed swords

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i think its sad most people cant just throw on a breastplate nope has to be boobplate

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>sensible" armor thread
>fags post over armored or nonsensical armor arrangements just because muh boobplate

You guys are a bad joke, boobplate would be a straight upgrade to most of these

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"Boobplate" is sensible though.

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Because she can.

Also, here's an attempt at sensible boobplate (although I'm pretty sure even quite large boobs could fit in a normal breastplate).

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less of a boobplate and more of a plate with boobs.

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I imagine boobs so big they can't fit into armor on a women that's actually suited for wearing armor on the first place are so rare that there's basically no reason to do it. The only real reason to do such a thing is if you wanted your enemies to think about tits while you're fighting. The bigger problem with boobplate is really when it just outright doesn't cover as much, but it's pretty rare to see it somewhere you don't really expect that sort of shit. It's pretty rare for me to find a fantasy setting that I consider restrained enough to actually give a shit about boobplate in the first place though

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What did he mean by this?

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Love it, would love it more if there were no spikes.

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in case she drops one

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ooof id joust with her any day
[spoiler/]She could conquer me[/spoiler]

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not armor, but sensible

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>No Boobplate

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why's her ankle so fucked up

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Foot fetishists go hard

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thank you for getting us back on track

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I think this is a chick...

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This thread fell apart really fast

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Now you aren’t even trying.

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That's an armored bikini

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>The bigger problem with boobplate is really when it just outright doesn't cover as much
Well that and the whole "instead of deflecting blows, actually channeling them directly into your heart" bit. Armor that actually increases the probability of being stabbed in the heart is somewhat counterproductive.

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>Didn't read the OP

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Would anyone else besides me like to actually contribute?
Cause if not, then this thread deserves to be boob-plated.

>isn't contributing

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>Posted unironically in a thread in which barely any characters have helmets.

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it's basically one guy, seems like

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Sensible female armor would almost always require breastbinding

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Gauntlets of +4 Strength

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>when your literature teacher starts dating your history teacher

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And a helmet.

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By the time a spear tip slides toward your sternum it would have lost most of the initial armor-piercing momentum from the thrust. Your breast would be bruised as fuck but your ribs might only crack a little.

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I on-off date this girl in SCA who uses boob plate armor for her shieldmaiden persona and she always thought that whole point of contention was "just autistic and lonely"

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Is anyone even trying anymore?

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heels not allowed either

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Sensible female wizards

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Why are fapfaggots such cancer? Why are they so easily triggered?

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You could have avoided this by dropping the "No Boobplates Allowed" thing. If you had been on 4chan long enough, you would have known that is the equivalent of saying "please shit up my thread."

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>By the time a spear tip slides toward your sternum it would have lost most of the initial armor-piercing momentum from the thrust.
You're gonna need to show your work on that one... I don't have my reference materials with me or really the inclination to work it out right now, but a quick back-of-the-napkin calc suggests quite the opposite.

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>it's okay to shit up threads
No, this is not how it works.

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>You're gonna need to show your work
>Proceeds to not show work

you're the one whining bitch nigga

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It's only sensible to not send them to the frontlone, so your pic is already a failure

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You are the one actively shitposting.

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You put your throne on the beach and ordered the tide to not come in, and now you're whining about getting wet.

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And yet you're still whining

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Is that picture based on something or from something? I really like it.

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>drow cover their bodies in glitter before going into battle


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>Why am I so easily triggered?

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I love >>56419498 this response, but here's a more grounded answer.
Suppose Johnny, a high school student, wears a Metallica shirt to school. Most likely, Johnny will have either nobody comment on it, or some people say, "awesome man, I love Metallica!"
Suppose James, a high school student, wears a shirt that says, "I only listen to REAL music, like Metallica. Fuck Drake and Kanye!"

What do you think the response to that shirt will be?

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Because it's really obnoxious.

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It's a pointless decoration and not the rule even in the very few historical examples of it happening

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OP just wanted a thread about specific pictures, this is not an excuse for anything. Stop being so easily triggered.

Except that OP never said
>fuck x

I don't understand you guys.

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Even in this twisted little corner of the internet, there is such a thing as etiquette. It's just different than normal.

"I need pictures of women in practical armor," does actually get more on topic results than the guy who posts Frazetta with "No Anime" next to it.

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Get a load of mr fucking literal over here

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Of course, you would be a weeb faggot too. Did you get intolerably triggered by the earlier elf thread when it was comprehensvely pointed out to you that fapbait weeb elves are shite? And you were so triggered by this you had to shit up a totally unrealted thread by an unrelated poster.

Truly weebs are the biggest faggots there are.

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Because it makes militant fapfaggots assblasted? That's still not an excuse.

Stop beign so buttmad that someone doesn't liek the thing you masturbate to.

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Get a load of mr fucking assumptions over here

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>OP just wanted a thread about specific pictures, this is not an excuse for anything. Stop being so easily triggered.

Stop projecting. I just hopped into this thread because I knew it would devolve in cheesecake because OP was dumb enough to try and provoke cheesecake posters. I'm just pointing out that he did something stupid.

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Get a load of mr fucking crybaby over here

>> No.56419685

Your argument against etiquette is that violating it annoys people? Are you a cheeto finger?

>> No.56419687

That is some really aggressive projection over there. I'm just laying it out like it is.

Plus that elf thread was also an example of 'just fuck my shit up'. It's what happens when you lack any sort of direction in your OP. These things, contrary to popular believe, absolutely do matter.

>> No.56419713

Actually, he's referring to a specific series of threads from some months back, where a guy repeatedly started "cheesecake" threads with the tag "no anime garbage" or something like that and got them spammed into oblivion. Funny that, etiquette is useful.

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That is not what projecting is and still not an excuse for shitting up anyones thread.

I'm not even presenting any argument, it's just shit behavior to crap someones else thread up. The only excuse would be if the OP made it really baity or obnoxious about sensible armor. Which he didn't. You need to be really easily triggered to get offended by that OP.

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>That's some projection
>Proceeds to confirm he was in the thread and triggered by it
you keep using that word.jpg

Hahaha, holy shit, weebs are fucking dumb too. There's a reason weeb rhymes with dweeb, dipshit.

Weebs are cancer. Literal human cancer cells in any society. They need to be catURISED OUT before they metstasise and infect other healthy cells.

Remove yourself from this place cancer, and shit up threads no more.

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we already reached the image limit so there's no use replying anymore

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>That is not what projecting is

Wrong. You're butthurt and automatically assume that everyone else must be butthurt, that's projection.

>and still not an excuse for shitting up anyones thread.

You're on a site with one of the most famously petty and unpleasant reputations. While it isn't an excuse, you were still an idiot.

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Get your sensible posts out of this shit hive

>> No.56419880

I'm laying out to you how this board is not nearly as shit as you seem to think it is, and how this particular little bit of shitposting can easily be avoided next time, and you're not only ignoring every word, but have decided to screech cancer without any sense of self-awareness.

Read the room. The room is contrarian and doesn't like being told what to do. Design your threads accordingly.

>> No.56419912

>You're butthurt and automatically assume that everyone else must be butthurt
Jeez anon, stop projecting.
>Although such a simple phenomenon is possible, it's worth mentioning that accusing someone of simply 'projecting' is an all too convenient and overused explanation of why people make incorrect assumptions. People use their own behavior as a basis for guessing others – however it is, ironically, possibly an 'argument by assertion' to presume that the audience knows what is in the supposed projector's head. There is no proof that 'projection' is in fact something the brain does – it's only a theory in psychology, a science in which most theories are impossible to prove. It is however an easy out to defend one's point of view by attacking the integrity of their opponent's position by asserting it is simply an illusion of the opponent's lack of self-awareness – something often assumed by the accuser without cause but their own bias. The net effect is that whether real or imagined, once perceived, the two sides each realize they are in a polarized argument, but blame the other for the lack of relation. This is one example of why internet arguments are often not productive

>You're on a site with one of the most famously petty and unpleasant reputations
And on the board that prides itself in being excellent. Again, no excuse, just shitty behavior.

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No that's just weeb shitposters. Nobody else shits up threads after being asked not too. It's a real sign of the great mental immaturity fucking weebs have.

>> No.56419929

>that butthurt wall of text

Way to prove my point.

>> No.56419963

Y though? it's just boring and without visual diversity
the only reason this exists is that female knights are fapbait for some people

>> No.56419971

Stop projecting anon.
I copy pasted it

>> No.56420009

>posts copypasta
>calls other people cancer

Way to prove your projection.

>> No.56420019

See we can even test the theory by posting a thread asking for no anime posters, and I bet you anything apart from you, that nobody will post non-anime pictures.

In fact I just did and you're already there, shitposting up a storm.

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Are you trying to say pointless decorations didn't happen on armor?Maybe you should go visit a castle anon

>> No.56420047

Get a load of mr fucking everyone I complain about is the same person over here

>> No.56420058

Half of all drawthreads descend into shitting up threads and flagrantly ignoring rules.

Magic the Gathering threads descend into politics on the regular.

Weebs come in flavours both good and bad, anon. Calm down.

>> No.56420063

>tries to masks his projection by projecting
Sure is cancer.

>> No.56420075

>He thinks decorative armors in a castle are actually fit for combat

>> No.56420078

Not to the extent of boobplate being commonplace or normal, no

>> No.56420094

>This logic somehow doesn't apply to women

>> No.56420171

at least sage the thread guys

>> No.56420240

>combat heels
>2 swords

>Combat heels

>Monkey arms

>combat heels

>gay as fuck

>tacticool combat heels

>rounded boobplate

>kombat heelz


>cringe shit

>> No.56420311

So just regular armor?

>> No.56420316

None of them are fighting. People usually remove sight restrictingg headwear when it's not necessary.

>> No.56420386

Therefore the armor is unnecessary.

>> No.56420412

>combat heels
You do know the historical origin of heels, right?

>> No.56420461

You can have armour without a helmet, but requesting pics of armour and then not showing armour is stupid.

>> No.56420524

Calling armor sensible when there's no helmet is more stupid

>> No.56420538

It takes 15 minutes for me to remove my armor, and 2 seconds to remove my helm.

>> No.56420562

Yet the majority of the pictures here have no helmet to be found whatsoever, stupid.

>> No.56420578

This, desu. As stated, you take off sight-restricting headwear when not needed. If you know you'll likely be fighting sometime in the next hour, you suit up, but keep your helmet off until the enemy is sighted so you can scan properly.

>> No.56420632

There is no sensible female armor. Females aren't capable of killing a combat ready man without guns, and once guns enter the fray serviceable soldiers multiply by orders of magnitude and medieval armor is on the way out because the value of a soldier's life is now lower than the cost to produce armor capable of blocking bullets.

>> No.56420654

This isn't your personal blog you cock gobbling fagatron.

>> No.56420705

>aren't capable of killing a combat ready man without guns
I'm pretty sure getting stabbed will kill you regardless of the nature of your assailant. Even under the premise that women are on average less physically capable than men, that doesn't mean women are physically incapable of winning in a fight or aren't useful in a fight. Additionally, all physical traits exist on bell-curves, and there will be a small percentage of females who can outperform some percentage of males given equal training.

There's also the case of relatively small populations trying to defend against a threat. If you're living in a tiny frontier town about to be attacked by a group of monsters, without enough time to call for aid, you're arming everybody capable of holding a weapon. Saving the women only helps if you win the fight. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that.

>> No.56421126

Nipplemancy is the strangest of magical arts that actually may not exist and was invented so she could pick up chicks.

>> No.56421169

>Sensible female armor

>> No.56421368

If you're arming women and children because you don't have time to wait for reinforcements you don't have time to make "sensible armor" for them, you most likely don't have time to give them any armor at all.

>> No.56421434

Isolated mountain town, would take weeks to mobilize kingdom forces. You have five days notice- likely not enough to forge much new stuff, but maybe make some size adjustments and through whatever you've got on whoever is capable of wearing it.

>> No.56421465

Would imply that there's somehow more armor than men in this isolated mountain village.

>> No.56421500

I need more nord art...

>> No.56421535

What if you knew the attack was coming because it wouldn't be the first? Wave one hits, kills a bunch of soldiers, but is driven off. Bodies are collected and armor reclaimed in preparation for wave two.

>> No.56421683

Thank GOD they had the sexy armor show in town just last month. Plenty of boobie plate and scanty scale mail to go around! Still weird so much of it is child sized and sitting in crates marked "For Lord Oswit's Private Showing". Hm. Oh well.

>> No.56421776

What if we stop being retardedly anal for the sake of justifying women in armor?
Elizabeth wore a breastplate because she was mental, Mary wore a brigandine because she wasn't gonna let her cousing out-king her. Joan of Arc may or may not have worn a manlet's repurposed plate.
Two queens and a cheerleader.
Meanwhile most actual warrior women in history were armorless barbarians, or armorless rogues/pirates/bandits/guerrillas. Because what lets women join the battlefield isn't "functional armor" but tactics and guns.

>> No.56421961

Go be retarded faggots somewhere else.

>> No.56422043

>those characters
oh fuck don't remind me about that artist

>> No.56422325

I just saved the pic from one of these threads awhile back, enlighten me.

>> No.56422394

Is this the thread where people post relatively sensible armor then people nitpick the shit out of it to prove how big their e-peen is?

>> No.56422415

It was a while ago, like a couple years. But last I heard the artist was doing a visual novel sorta thing, but went nuclear somewhere down the line and was intent on reworking everything so there'd be no whites, men, or straights in the entire thing.

They also wanted it to be a "traditional medieval" setting.

>> No.56422635

This is also a board about play-pretend. The vast majority of campaigns aren't intended to be historically accurate (see: potatoes). If people want women in armor and the group is down with it, what's the problem?

>> No.56422668

>this level of salt and butthurt
look you fucking incel/pol crossposting fuckwads, if you want to make an anti woman thread on /tg/ you have to bring up -4 str, or -4 int or whatever it is your gripe with us is, this low effort shit is a disgrace

>> No.56422694

Monoboob plate! The most damning boobplate of all!

>> No.56422715

Please go back to r/incel.

>> No.56422755

t. someone that doesn't understand physics.

A shape like that makes it harder to land a straight hit, the blow will get angled away from the center mass. As opposed to titplate where hits on the cleavage have nowhere to deflect kinetic force to but the person wearing the harness.

>> No.56422767

Females of the samurai class had armour and weapons for defending the household from sneak attacks while the men were at war.

>> No.56422780

The Scythian women would like a word with you.

>> No.56422787

The Scythians were literally orcs, though.

>> No.56422798

Which is why you reinforce the harness at the obvious targeted area, and no longer have issues. If anything you have LESS issues.

>> No.56422860

t. someone who still doesn't understand physics
Reinforcing the armor at the point you've turned into a weapon catcher doesn't magically make all the kinetic energy behind a strike vanish. Unless you plan to stuff the tit area with enough padding that you have to be flat to wear the armor, you're gonna bruise the fuck out of some sternums at best.

>> No.56422998

t. someone who can't recognize an obvious joke when it says, "Hey sailer," and gives him a lapdance

It isn't even a good joke, it's actually a pretty skanky joke not worth the two dollars for that lapdance, but it's still a damn obvious one.

>> No.56423159

Hits generally aren't going to be straight on either as youre not going to get hit straight in the tits you'll be hit around the sides or joints.

>> No.56423183

That's no excuse to wear armor that increases your odds of taking a solid blow instead of a glancing one.

>> No.56423237

It's not worth arguing with him. He didn't even realize it was a joke, which is pretty damn dense so I doubt you can get through to him. I mean the whole starting point wasn't about criticizing the armor but claiming that "mono" boobplate is still boobplate and thus verboten to the thread. Because that totally matters at this point, right? Worth a chuckle but he decided to throw down like someone in the club just walked up and slapped his girlfriend on her monoboob plate.

>> No.56423315

If you're defending >>56418509 this seems like a silly way to do it considering if it is meant to turn a "straight hit" into a glancing blow there appears a good chance that the armor shape will deflect a sword into her upper arm which appears to be protected by cloth and a strap. You may be into amputees but it's definitely not my fetish.

>> No.56423363

very nice.

>> No.56423375

Kind of makes you wonder how many psykers they have to sacrifice to her so she keeps looking that good.

>> No.56423414

I would like you to make a diagram of how a deflected blow off her chestplace is supposed to manage to catch her arm at an angle that could realistically cause amputation. Because I'm not coming up with anything that could manage that outside of a home run swing that somehow manages to pivot straight across the center line rather than get deflected up/down away from the exposed arm.

>> No.56423421

got smashed with a hammer and healed funny.

>> No.56423468

..My god!

Get back on topic.

>> No.56423490

Image cap senpai, all that's left is shitposting until we fall off the board.

>> No.56423503

As much as we like to do beautiful and/or rugged women in armor, this is closer to any possible reality of the situation when you get down to it.

>> No.56423510


>> No.56423527

Then you, sir, are as blind as you are a humorless git.

No real shock there.

>> No.56423568

Sadly this argument about monoboobs seems fairly on topic.

>> No.56423584

I love this image, but that helm makes no sense.

>> No.56423589

Cry more fag lord.

>> No.56423598

You seem to be upset

>> No.56423604

Nah, you're just retarded. Any attack that is realistically gonna be able to take an arm off is gonna hit the arm first, not deflect off the center mass into the arm. Unless the fight is going full anime flippyfest in which case any bets based on realism are off, I'm not seeing any way to get an angle off the chest into the arm that wouldn't have had to get past the arms in the first place to achieve the angle.

I mean, if I'm legit blind and overlooking something, you're perfectly welcome to prove me wrong and get your 4chan nerd cred.

>> No.56423629

>Braid tugging intensifies

>> No.56423659

FPBP. A lot of the replies aren't even hiding that they're from reddit. It's fucking disgusting.

>> No.56423668

Or maybe you are

>> No.56423697

Then go back there balls licker.

>> No.56423705

There's a slope, you idiot. A slope that leads directly to the sides of her body where here arms are, and she has some shitty protection for said arms. You don't need a diagram, just two brain cells to rub together for the barest of warmth. You do have that much, don't you?

If you're the anon who claims to know his physics surely you realize the momentum of the attack will merely be redirected, not thwarted. The only thing that will shave off some force from the attack is whatever friction between there is between armor and blade and hopefully it twists the attackers arm, but that's about it.

>> No.56423751

>there's a slope

Now show me the angle you'd need to hit said slope at for the redirection to be able to take an arm off. I can see angles for scraping along the arm, which is gonna be troublesome depending on how tough those sleeves are, but I'm not seeing a 'goodbye arm' out of anything that is reasonably going to happen in live combat.

>> No.56423768

The correct response was challenging him to produce his diagram and then wait for him to return to the thread swearing because he realizes we've long since hit image limit and he can't post it.

>> No.56423787

It's simple, anon. Have you tried not being blind? It's okay, we'll wait.

>> No.56423792

You appear to have vastly misunderstood my post.

>> No.56423801

So you're conceding the point then.

>> No.56423803


this is cancerous posting

>> No.56423842

No need, you just proved your vision problem with that one.

>> No.56423916

>Autistic and lonely
Yeah it about sums up what someone would have to be to post like you. Hwo can you see a thread discussing normal armor on a specific type of person and get offended by its very existence? All I can figure is the most extreme sort of autism.

>> No.56423941

No, we understand your love of sticking things up your butt.

>> No.56423961

It's called a joke you triggered faggot.

>> No.56423970

Is English not your first language dude? Nothing I posted was related to anal faggotry and you are a singular person, not "we"

>> No.56424013

> Suggesting that not being a misogynist means you must post on reddit
> Suggesting that posting reddit is somehow a mark against a person

Friedn, buddy, palarino, dumbass memer without an original thought in your skull.
Where do you think you are?

>> No.56424022

Then I said we I was talking about everyone in the thread as in everyone knows that you like stuff in your butt.

>> No.56424027

So what I'm hearing is that you hate riding a horse in armour.

>> No.56424038

>> Suggesting that posting reddit is somehow a mark against a person
The absolute state of this website.

Your fantasies have nothing to do with reality.

>> No.56424053

Saying a retarded post is a joke does not make the post any less retarded you stupid faggot.

>> No.56424120

>The absolute state of this website.
Sorry not everyone in 4chan is a /pol/ or /r9k/ retard. Also come back when have some idea of reality

>> No.56424122

lol and you think getting salty as fuck isn't retarded?

>> No.56424188

Passport photo?

>> No.56424232

It seems you are the one getting salty retard. Seeing that you went with it was a joke reply when your stupid post got called stupid.

>> No.56424425

saying knock knock whos there, "your face" may also be a joke, but both it and your """joke""" are shit.

>> No.56424732

Reminds me of the Female Knight from Maoyu, but I doubt it's based on that.

>> No.56425069

lol salty little bitch

>> No.56425322



I didn't know there was such a thing as psykers in Nausicaä.

>> No.56426241

Not anymore. She was hungry.

>> No.56427192

posting on reddit is undoubtedly and completely a mark against a person, and since you seem super triggered by casual banter, I suggest you return there.

>> No.56427389

Most arent as weak as you are

>> No.56430550

that bitch'd be freezing her tits off

>> No.56430564

>those uneven knees

>> No.56430588

Just kill this thread already.

>> No.56432801

>OP needs more direction to prevent his thread from getting detailed
>OP asked for specific thing, and not for another thing so he's an autistic retard who deserves to have his thread shitted up for being too specific.

You really are a special kind of blithering idiot.

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