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1st for Sisters a QT!

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Rise of the Ynnari: Ghost Warrior share anyone?

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xth for Chad Marines reshaping my organs with their primaris cocks

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my dudes > your dudes

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nth for the warmaster and yogurt

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*random Pyro sounds*

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i second that

and that

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Fucking buy it already. Somebody has to if you expect shitty books about your faggy faction to keep being written.

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Daily reminder that your OC sucks and no one cares about your fluff

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>tfw my asshole is already too loose for anyone

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I want all the peter fahahahahaaveri stuff.

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That's the best legion

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Post models that have made you proud through some feat or event.

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Thoughts on a homebrew rule for embarked units getting fucked when their transport dies on them.

When a model is in a transport that is destroyed, roll 1d6 for each model in the transport as per the master rules. Instead of being slain it takes 1 mortal wound on the roll of a 1.

Further rule, if you can not disembark take 1 mortal wound per model that could not disembark and set up where the transport was.

If the model wasn't Infantry, 1d6 mortal wounds instead for failing to disembark (this is to take into account things like a Dreadnaught or drop sentinel).

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Does anyone ever give a DE army a bright paintjob rather than all dark and shadows?

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Isn't that guy locked in a box screaming helplessly into the void?

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So what do you guys think they are going to do with Primaris in Blood Angels Codex? Primaris Death Company? Sanguinary Guard? Do you think that the Sanguinor is going to become a Primarch-lite?

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I had a small 600ish point game with my DG and this guy faced some Eldar. He ran upfront and soaked most fire. I tabled the Eldar without losing a single model, my Prince being alive on 1 wound.

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I've seen some pink ones back in the day.

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I like games without giant vehicles or characters, it makes it more memorable when one guardsmen gets 1 wound on a charging hellbrute killing it before he slams into them

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Not mine, but my buddy had a Tactical Sergeant that was absolutely god awful, but due to positioning was always the last one alive. Basically if he could fuck up he would.

His highlights
>He always failed Morale and fled (for a turn or off the table).
>Lost combat to a Fire Warrior.
>Always miss his single shot Combi-Weapon

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DG demon princes are wrecking balls. I boost mine with a herald of nurgle and a plaguecaster for extra fun

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Yeah, mine are bright purple.

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>get an email from GW that an item is back in stock
>try to order it
>Temporarily out of stock online
Why do they do this to me?

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>when one guardsmen gets 1 wound on a charging hellbrute killing it
Can you imagine how that would look in fluff?

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Sanguinor becomes primarch-lite, new model "soon"
Primaris close combat stuff, like real shit, gravis units for assaults or close combat inceptors
Maybe a new dreadnought variant

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Something like this but without the oiled up men

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All moving

Relic contemptor with double HB/Kheres + plasma blast gun + chainfist shooting and charging marines: 4.848 dead marines

Redemptor Dread with double onslaughts, double storm bolters and icarus rocket pod charging marines: 6.07 dead marines

Storm cannon/grav, double heavy flamer leviathan: 9.08 dead marines, including feet. (6.75 if the heavy flamers dont get to shoot)

Lascannon shots to kill relic contemptor: 13.89

Lascannons to kill redemptor dread: 9.25

lascannons to kill leviathan: 18

Relic Contemptor Cost: 219
Redemptor Dread cost: 202
Leviathan cost: 309

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I just bought $350 worth of DKoK chinese recasts.

Am I bad?

Also: How should I paint them? I was thinking French ww1 army with the officers in red pants and the rest with the traditional light blue. Also want to try my hand with an airbrush

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No they aren't.

>> No.56399417

They aren't faggy you asshole. They're traps fucking pleb

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Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d6)

Don't mind me, I just got within 9" of your favourite model.

Rolling for str.

>> No.56399437


He's dead, son.

>> No.56399442

Rolled 2 (1d6)

Yeesh, that's low.

Rolling for how many autohits I get.

Its Str 5, Ap-3, 3 Damage, rerolling 1s to wound.

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What army has the best pits

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you'll be fine

you've got shooting-morale immune cheap as shit troops, you'll be fine

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How big are House Esher girls?

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you do 1.08 wounds, you nurgling

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So if Sangunior becomes Primarch-lite you think he will be as strong as Guilliman or not?

>> No.56399495

anyone running melta bikers? how have they been treating you?

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some medium highlights does not a bright paint-scheme make.

>> No.56399499

Dark eldar sized. They fit nicely on 25mm bases.

>> No.56399506

Most impressive bluff

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>without the oiled up men
Sounds like your guardsmen are twinks.

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I bought some legit DkoK for the same amount of money recently. I'll probably get half as many soldiers in the end, but at least I'm an honest citizen.

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From left to right all in 7th, unfortunately:
>Killed a Trygon
>Delivered the mercy of the Emperor to a fallen DA captain and his traitor chaos corrupted IG Commander
>Killed two Canoptek Spiders on his own after his unit was butchered by a necron deathstar

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pretty fucking big, about a head taller than a guardsman

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I'll buy the legit models for command squads and heroes and stuff but I just bought some cheap death riders (which are out of stock at FW) and some inf and engineer sqds to test my rusty painting skills on.

I'm also a loyal GW customer for 17 years so I think I can get a pass

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>lumbering machinetard is already down to 1 wound so its hardly even alive
>land a shot just right on its stupid exposed head
>dumb walker is dead
wow that was hard

>> No.56399645

Primaris Eldar hovertank available November 25 apparently

>> No.56399648

Nids a QTer!

>> No.56399659

I would hardly call that bright

>> No.56399662

What’s wrong with the current rules?

>> No.56399674

brighter than most Deldar paint schemes

>> No.56399676

I'm sure everyone that you play is most interested in where you got your guardsmen from, more than anything else

>> No.56399681

My Warboss used to rip through entire Russ squadrons, but now he gets gibbed by space marine sergeants with hammers

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Anon please tell me you shaded those faces slightly because as of now they look silly.

>> No.56399698


I like your yogurt amphora

>> No.56399718

Random thing that annoys me about 8th.

Since Sergeants and Aspiring Champions are not Characters, they're immune to snipers, cannot get Warlord Traits, etc. I actually kind of liked Challenges too.

I do wish 8th had a "heroes" foc for "not quite HQ" characters that could be attached to other units too. Generic "pilots" that could take relics, etc.

I regret not getting to try 2nd.

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my dick cant see a difference so they're both qt to me

>> No.56399742

Yeah, that's a wip picture. I just couldn't be assed to take a picture of the finished product

>> No.56399763

Has any one used the citadel painting tool as a buttplug yet?

>> No.56399764

Eh, point taken

>> No.56399768

Dreadnaught instantly dies from full health, as does a drop sentinel if the ground around where the flier is it and then explodes. So then you have these big models just instantly die instead of maybe make it out of the wreckage to keep fighting, though hurt. Was posed in the last thread with a Stormraven being shot down with a dread on board (and only it) with no place for the dread to get dropped off what would happen to it. Thought the rules were you just disembark after removing the transport, nope, it gets fucked. So with these changes it effectively is the same thing as most models still die just the same, but bigger guys can stay alive to keep fighting instead of instantly removed.

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Its a cup

>> No.56399780


It's a basin you fucking moron

>> No.56399785

What are you talking about, it's clearly a tub

>> No.56399788

I tried it out, the edges hurt a bit and it's thicker than I imagined.

>> No.56399791

Not sure what is a cup?

>> No.56399792

>For morons who don’t know where to get Rippers, or what base they come on

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>> No.56399806


>you have to buy faggaunts to get based rippers
>to get a full 9 base squad of rippers you have to buy 108 gaunts

Fucking GW

>> No.56399812 [SPOILER] 

Are people using their fridge for the lighting in thier pictures? Like, for real?

>> No.56399823

Why not? It works pretty well

>> No.56399827

Challenge made no sense for 40k.

In fantasy all the factions had some arbituary desire for glory, but we have necrons tyranids and Tau who makes no lick of sense for dueling one v one

>> No.56399829

I don't see why people who want to drop dreads right in front of people's faces shouldn't have some serious risk for all of that goodness

>> No.56399865

Would you rather people keep holding up their minatures with one hand with their monitors in the background and their extremely cluttered desk beneath?

>> No.56399869


>one a literal scribble
>the other a well done drawing

shit taste anon

>> No.56399879

I would yes.

>> No.56399891

that anon likes eating shit so you've given them a compliment

>> No.56399896

Slaanesh isnt picky anon

>> No.56399903

Rippers are practically twodimensional. Any non-faggy nid players has been presscasting them for ages.

>> No.56399904

Actually, i'd rather pay more than run the risk of getting assraped by the customs, or having trouble with my local GW staff.

>> No.56399907

First Marines done in 10 years, what do you think?

>> No.56399913

You think anyone would have a problem with me using the little guys for Brimestones and the larger ones as Exalted Flamers?

>> No.56399914

Why wouldn't a dreadnought onboard a hover plane that got shot out of the sky have a high chance of being blown apart as well?

>> No.56399916

The power of cute beats quality, I'm afraid.

>> No.56399937

nice complimentary color but i think yellow and purple are very shitty together

>> No.56399941

Autists who hate proxies and redshirts would.

>> No.56399945

just picked up a third ravager, should I give it dark Lance's or disintegrators?
other 2 have dark lances

>> No.56399951

Eye candies, nice idea with split colour battle brother

>> No.56399953

just shillin the AMA

inb4 "who is he?" if you don't know you should be lurking not posting

>> No.56399954

a chance, yes. Not dying every single time without fail

>> No.56399955

SoB Imagifers be like

>> No.56399956

warburtons toastie bread master race

>> No.56399962

Smaller ones? No. Big ones? Maybe.

>> No.56399968

They don't die every time with out fail. 1/6 seems fair.

>> No.56399971

Why? That's retarded.

>> No.56399976

I buy in such small batches that I doubt I'll ever hear from customs, feels good man
And its not like the staff is going to ask for your receipt

>> No.56399979

Pretty good for the most part. Two things however. One make sure in the future you don't let the shade pool on the bottom of the mini, like on the powerpack of the captian, and two they could use some highlights. The purple side needs it as things like their faceplate are to dark to make out. Otherwise really good, nice solid colors!

>> No.56399982

Why would a tank that doesn't explode kill everyone who can't get out of it? I think fly should factor into it, but, people bitch about complexity and more dice rolls being added into it. I mean the old answer I would have given would have been was the dreadnaught and occupants of a flier take "crash and burn" damage, but, 95% certain that is fucking gone.

The idea is more of so you can't surround a rhino with someone's HQ in it with a bunch of zerkers, chainaxe it up, destroy it, and kill the HQ because you carved holes in the tank. I mean unless the tank exploded or you shoved bombs inside of it, all you did was disable the tank from moving and firing it's weapons.

>> No.56399987

5/6 chance of surviving seems quite a fail to me.

>> No.56399988

So anons, I'm thinking about building a First Company, Cataphractii List for theme/fluff reasons and I have a question about which list I should do.

The first is as follows

Vanguard Detachment 1

HQ: Cataphractii Captain: Relic Blade, CombiMelta

Elites: 3x Squads of 5-Man Cataphractii squads that are 4x Lighting Claw/Combi Bolter Marines with 1 Combi-bolter and Chainfist on the sergeant.

Heavy: 1 Vanilla Land Raider w/ Multi-melta

Vangaurd 2:

HQ: 1 Terminator Chaplain (Storm Bolter/Crozious)

Eliets: 2x Dreadnoughts w/ TL Las-Cannons and Missile Launchers

1x 9 man Cataphractii Squad thats all Dual Lightning Claws but for the Sergeant and a Marine who have Chainfists.

The other list is the same as the above but with the dreadnoughts are dropped for a second Land Raider while the Chaplain and melee focused squad are moved over to the main Detachment (the Melee squad dropping two guys, one of which was the chainfist).

This really isn't going to be a super competitive list but would it be fun to play with and against?

I'm leaning more towards the second list as the first would force me to have one footbound Cataphractii squad in the back so everything can teleport in or a character outside of the teleporting squads.

Also, I'm torn between Black Templar Chapter tactics for better teleport charges or IH for better survivability.

>> No.56399995

A dreadnought on a destroyed stormraven dies 100% of the time without any chance of survival. Thats what this entire convo is about

>> No.56400002

Do you have bread in the fridge like some kind of third worlder?

>> No.56400012


>> No.56400019

Why? I missed something? It should only die on a roll of 1.

>> No.56400021

>tfw you send your warlord and some elite infantry to punch a DG Rhino, and easilyd estroy it.
>"Oh, yeah, I have a Stratagem allowing me to make my Rhino explode automatically."

>> No.56400026


>> No.56400040

Countries that respect IP laws do not care, what makes you think our third world country would care?

>> No.56400050

>that image
full kek

>> No.56400054

Maybe he should have thought twice about punching a metal box full of toxic sludge then.

>> No.56400059

Well the closet store in the area I just moved into isnt a GW store so we'll see. I should probably call them and double check to see if they'd care.
Whats wrong with the little guys?

>> No.56400069

Inversely, you have Chaos, Marines (especially Space Wolves), Eldar of all stripes, and even Necrons. Hell, one notable Necron, Vargard Obyron, is specifically an enforcer/champion that's meant to challenge troublesome foes on behalf of his liege.

>> No.56400070

Fucking glorious oc

>> No.56400078


This is what it is about. There is no place for it to deploy, so it may have a 5/6 chance to survive, but, after that there is no place for you to disembark. So the idea is failing to disembark tough as nails models get a chance to take more damage to survive a the destruction of their transport and keep fighting. So it is less of a gamble to transport models when they might have their transport surrounded and blown up before any chance to make their points back. Hypothetical or not it also gives the awesome imagery of a Dreadnaught clawing it's way out of the wreckage out of a Stormraven to the surprise of those who had been around where it went down (preventing it bailing out 'safely') and getting in a few moments of trying to smash them before probably dying horribly.

>> No.56400084


>> No.56400086

Meant for

>> No.56400088

>tfw the enemy warlord is some gloryhounding faggot
>enters the battle with his elite guards
>send defensless Rhino out full of explosive charges
>mfw he takes the bait

>> No.56400095

Recommend me some Eldar units. I've got some wraithlords, one Hornet, I'm getting at least 3 vypers in a week, and a wave serpent is in the mail now.

>> No.56400102


I haven't played WH is so many years that if I showed up with a new army, nobody would even notice. And seeing as good quality casts are identical to the shitty resin FW stuff, when painted, they would be impossible to spot.

Anything else I should worry about?

>> No.56400104

Why the fuck are you not able to disembark?

>> No.56400107

my goddamn sides

>> No.56400109

But there is though. You just deploy within 3 inchs of the raven like normal. Unless you got swarmed by 30 stormboyz and have no space, but then lets just assume the dread fall down and the boyz tore him apart too.

>> No.56400122

And it still made no sense. Why would any of these fuckers challenge anyone when you got an easy to use gun that could cap people.

Besides chaos vs SM who even cares about the status of the enemy?

>> No.56400143

Nothing wrong with the small guys, they are awesome. But flamers of tzeentch have a distinct look, with those tubes and teeth and things. I'd prefer not to play against normal fire elementals.
I probably wouldn't complain, I have a lot of conversions and alternative models myself.

>> No.56400151


>> No.56400160

I don't know what you smoked, but a Dreadnought it's perfectly able to deploy from a destroyed stormraven, with the exception of some fringe cases in which it was surrounded by gaunts or impassable terrain.

>> No.56400161

Hence the mortal wound option, or option for d6 mortal wounds for it happening to show yeah, it isn't likely they will survive, but, maybe. It is the situation of the Raven is coated in Stormboys or skyslasher swarms and shot down by something thus making the 3" deployment not possible. I feel it would be an optional rule, more than a general rule for now but I just feel it is nice to give the option to allow carting around high value models with less risk. Plus the other major thing is that it is 1 mortal wound if you roll a 1 instead of slay a model. Vastly changes the risk-reward for transporting.

>> No.56400171

>caring about fluff for rules

>> No.56400177

Maybe bases or something, I guess. At least in my experience casters either dont send you bases at all or they send you shitty bendy almost rubberlike ones
I don't imagine the resin is too different from what FW uses, except cheaper and maybe harder? dont really know

>> No.56400197

It's and oldie, but my boys had a good day that day.

>> No.56400206

Why bother with Assault Terminators when regular Terminators get Storm Bolters?

Why bother with Assault Marines when Tacticals get guns?

Why bother with Sluggas when Shootaboyz get guns?

40k is more Dune, less Star Trek. Melee weapons are something with a heavy amount of crunch and backdrop. If you want a game that's all guns and capping fools, there's SGII. Except it has no points so...Infinity? Except it has genetically mutated not-werewolf Caledonians with claymores, Haqqislam blade dancers and other animesque stuff.

>> No.56400216

>the option to allow carting around high value models with less risk

It already exist that option. It's called not being a retard and driving your flying metal box into the middle of an enemy horde.

>> No.56400219

Derp. I'm an idiot and read your post wrong. I just don't like the way Flamers look. I'll keep looking for something I'd prefer.

>> No.56400238

Whatever scrapings are left after they've done their ""legit"" production runs

>> No.56400253

He's talking about honorabruly answering a challenge against factions you don't care about, not about the concept of melee weapons in general.

>> No.56400258


>> No.56400261

Hey, it's always up to you. If you don't like the way original models look and you like the way these do, get them, play them. I, for example, absolutely hate Kastellan Robots and am currently looking for a good replacement. I'm planning to use stormfiends.

>> No.56400264

See in my current list i am deepstriking in 15 JPA DC. But as it stands i dont have anything to really to take the heat off them. I am also bringing in 2 5 man squads of assaut marines with Melta in a drop pod. I feel like i have to hold onto them in reserve until i bring my Marines in Rhinos up the field so they can take the brunt of enemy fire.

>> No.56400265

GW literally makes Warhammer 40k stories where guardswomen get raped by Orks

"Oh yeah!" groaned the happy Ork, he could hardly believe that he was finally raping the gorgeous human guardwoman he'd lusted after so much. Her blowjobs were great, but fucking her was all together even more satisfying.
Once again the guardwoman found herself being enthusiastically hammered from both ends. Skagutz was pummelling at her pussy like a jackhammer, his cock ramming its way deep into her pussy as he clutched at her ass cheeks with both hands. At the same time she was having difficulty breathing as Gorgrime did his best to choke her with his cock, thrusting the thick organ deep across her tongue and into her throat with each lustful lunge of his loins. The Ork's balls slapped her chin rapidly as they swung beneath his humping cock.

"We oughta do dis again tonite," Skagutz said to his new best friend Gorgrime as he face fucked the gorgeous guardswoman.

Evelyn grimaced at the comment as best she could with her mouth stretched around his pumping green Ork cock.

"Definitely!" agreed Gorgrime. "Iz gunna give 'er ass a go," he said, pulling his dick out of her thoroughly fucked pussy. "She owes me some anal afta interrupt'n ma WAAAGH."

Evelyn moaned as she felt the tip of the Ork's penis press against her asshole. Gorgrime grabbed her firm buttocks and pulled them apart as he pushed forward, his hard cock surging up inside her rear passage.
"Dis iz a sweet moment!" breathed Gorgrime as he squeezed his dick up inside the guardswoman's tight ass.

Skagutz had briefly stopped fucking Evelyn's mouth and was watching in awe as Gorgrime buggered the beautiful human woman. The Ork started to hump against Evelyn, driving his cock deep into her rectum with each thrust, his cock practically squeaking; she was so tight.

>> No.56400269

Right now, there is already a 5 in 6 chance that a dreadnought would claw its way out of the wreckage.

>> No.56400273


This missile team walked in off the board edge and triple 6'd an Ork jet out the sky with flakk missiles.

>> No.56400274

Best loadout for reivers?

Feeling like the boltguns and the deep strike use their abilities best

>> No.56400290

Thoughts on this 1250 Highlander list for my sisters? Yes, sisters are allowed to take double troops as long as they're not identical.

++(Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum) [76 PL, 1250pts] ++

+ HQ +

Canoness [60pts, 4 PL]: Chainsword, Combi-plasma

Celestine [200pts, 11 PL]: Celestine, Geminae Superia

+ Troops +

Battle Sister Squad [12 PL, 141pts] x15
2x Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Storm bolter
. Sister Superior: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter

Battle Sister Squad [8 PL, 143pts] x10
2x Battle Sister w/ Melta
. Sister Superior: Combi-melta

+ Elites +

Hospitaller [30pts, 2 PL]

Imagifier [40pts, 2 PL]

+ Fast Attack +

Dominion Squad [10 PL, 147pts] x5
. Dominion Superior: Combi-Melta
4x Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun

Seraphim Squad [158pts, 8 PL] x10
2x Seraphim w/ Special Weapons: Inferno Pistols x2

+ Heavy Support +

Retributor Squad [10 PL, 130pts] x10
4x Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter

+ Dedicated Transport +

Immolator [5 PL, 124pts]: Storm bolter, Twin Multi-Melta

Sororitas Rhino [77pts, 4 PL]: 2x Storm bolter

++ Total: [76 PL, 1250pts] ++

>> No.56400294

b-but someone rapes that poor orcess right? RIGHT!?

>> No.56400297

Both work decently, but deepstriking bolters onto objectives works best, IMO. The melee variant can work, but they really don't put out enough damage to justify their points.

>> No.56400304

well that was certainly.... some words

>> No.56400312

i never played this before because it was too expensive

now i have a fair amount of money.... how much would i need to drop to build a decent army?

>> No.56400313

Did you get aroused? Should GW make more of those stories?

>> No.56400317

seems like theyre best dropped down disabling overwatch and then charging in after the main assaulting unit to clean up the rest

>> No.56400318

Still have no reason for a sm to call out a random ass Eldar for honorable one v one when neither side has zero respect or acknowledge each other

>> No.56400319

Orks have finding big things to krump as part of their established lore. Ditto Eldar of assorted stripes (Archons and Succubi to prove their superiority, Haemonculi to sample particularly choice ingredients, etc).

Hell, even "target the sergeant first" is fluffable, especially since said challenges can be declined.

Of course, Tyranids get less Characters so that means less Challenge vectors overall.

Incidentally...what was the name of the most popular Black Templar vow? Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds. And this was before Challenges were a thing crunchwise.

>> No.56400323


>> No.56400324

You've got that backwards. Deepstriking a bunch of bolters onto objectives won't do shit.

In melee though, they're better than assault marines. And their heavy bolt pistols can lay on a few extra wounds against anything that survives.

>> No.56400326

I'll take that bid. In fact, I raise you.

>> No.56400332

Oh no, I like playing campaigns instead of tournies? Because I like story telling instead of dick measuring contests because winning a match each weak is so awesome, compared to weaving a tale through what happens on the table?

Or maybe I just like it when cool shit happens on the board other than "my dudes wiped out his dudes before he got his second turn."

Given some armies now have the ability to move half the board in a given turn that is far less of an option that you think. Situation, enemy moves up 40 genestealers under your Stormraven on their turn because Hive Fleet Kraken, shooting phase, they fire their tyrannofex and hive crone into your stormraven and kill it, due to all the stealers below there is no place to deploy anything that was in it, even though the wreck would end up either right below where it was or some distance ahead (as per crash and burn rules) and that is where anyone who survived the crash would disembark from if they couldn't bail out when it got shot down.

Given it isn't where the wreck is placed that you deploy it from, it is more of 5/6 chance of bailing out or sticking the landing. It is more complicated with APC's that don't explode, guess it is them taking shots that over penetrate the hull or something before they run out (though then it should be equal to number of shots coming in or something). The rules feel a bit off from fluff and could use a bit of modification is all I feel. At least an optional rule.

>> No.56400337

>absolutely hate Kastellan Robots
That hurts. Looking over it I didn't realize Exalted Flamers looked a little different. They look "fine" I might just roll with it. Still things like pic related look better imo. Either way all of this is a purchase that's is a ways off. Would be stupid to buy a bunch of daemons two months out from their dex.

>> No.56400347

I found Orks having conventional sex organs confusing and too distracting to let me fully enjoy it

>> No.56400351

How many guns do you get in a Termagant box? I was thinking about arming the shooty counterparts to my Kairic Electropriests with fleshy guns because Genetors, so I was going to replace both forearms with Fleshborer barrels or Devourers admeched up a bit to justify Assault 3 S5 Taser and metal carapace. If I buy a box of 12 Gants I should be able to arm 12 Priests with that, right? 12/2=6 fleshborers, a couple Devourers and special weapons should make 10. I'd prefer 20 with all Fleshborers but 40 guns is barely cheaper than 40 gants at bitz seller prices. Maybe I'll ask the local Nid players if they have spare sprues.

>> No.56400355

A friend of mine plays Warhammer 40k and is a regional tournament organizer. 40k has recently released a new edition which has brought a lot of old and new players into the game. With more players comes more drama. He’s been sharing me horror stories from past and present when we’ve been hanging out, and I’ll share a good one that happened recently.

This event happened at a 20 person tournament. A mix of people were there, a few neckbeards, no one was too smelly. Enter Teen-beard. He was probably 16 years old with a scraggly neckbeard, stained shirt, cargo pants, but no fedora, sadly. He was dropped off by his mom, who gave him a stern warning of “behave yourself”.

This warning was not heeded. Teen-beard played Eldar (space elves for the unfamiliar), and his lack of skill, combined with being a very poor sport, did not make for a good combination. Every round, my friend would hear nasally whining from across the room about how unfair the dice were, and how his opponents lists were “overpowered.” For reference, the latest edition of 40k is the most balanced it’s been in many years, AND the Eldar are a very strong faction, so he didn’t have any ground to stand on.

On round 3 of the tournament (and after several players walked up to quietly complain), Teen-beard is matched up with a Space Marine player who brought a powerful list with a lot of Stormravens, which are a heavy gunship that dominated the meta early after the edition came out (they’ve since been nerfed). The opponent is, according to my friend, a good guy and seasoned 40k player who enjoys going all out when it comes to tournaments, and also has a low bullshit tolerance. Teen-beard kept charging his units forward, which led his opponent to strafe his units with his gunships and wreck the Eldar in a powerful alpha-strike. Teen-beard threw a tantrum, whining that his opponent’s list was “broken”, that he should take it easy on him, and so on.


>> No.56400362

Bigger helmets = bigger trophies.

"Git me iz ead for me pointy-stick?"

"Uhh, why u wont iz ead, boss?"

"Cuz me pointy stick would look stoopid with iz foot on it!"

>> No.56400368

You get enough guns to equip every gaunt with every gun.
>12 Fleshborers
>12 Devourers
>12 Spinefists

>> No.56400369

40k Veteran calmly replies that one, it’s a tournament, and Teen-beard has been doing the same bad tactic of charging across an open field each game (terrain and cover is much more important in this edition), not taking into account enemy weapon ranges and so on. Teen-beard just whines and blubbers some more. Teen-beard’s turn comes, and inflicts only a few wounds, since flying units give a penalty to hit. None of the gunships have been shot down. Teen-beard is practically in tears at this point.

Teen-beard: “I just want to win! Is a simple win too much to ask?!”

40k Vet: “Dude, it’s a tournament, people are playing to win. We’re not going to let you win just so you will stop crying.”

Teen-beard (in between sniffles): “I-I’ve been waiting for th-this all month. I’ve worked so h-hard on my models!” (His models were poorly painted)

40k Vet: “I loudly overheard you poking fun at people who go all out painting models. Don’t pull that. Let’s get this game over so I don’t have to deal with you.”

Teen-beard: “Up yours, you grognard.”

40k Vet snorts and starts his turn. By now my friend the tournament organizer is about ready to disqualify Teen-beard, since he’s now throwing insults. 40k Vet, having dealt with much of the Eldar units that could hurt his gunships, now goes in for the kill, targeting the Eldar Farseer (a type of wizard). As 40k Vet starts to place his gunships, Teen-beard actually blocks the model with his hand, shrieking “Don’t kill my Farseer, DON’T KILL MY FARSEER!”

40k Vet: “I…need to… because it’s how I can wrap this game up quickly.”

Teen-beard: “My Farseer hasn’t killed anything yet! I want him to kill something!”

40k Vet: “Well, you should have done that on your previous turn.”


>> No.56400380

So the Trygon kit is too old to have numbers in it, but comes with 5 sets of unlabled scything talons.

>> No.56400382

Thanks, do certain factions cost particularily more or less?

>> No.56400386

Teen-beard continues to try and block, so my friend goes up and warns him that he’s going to get DQ’d if he keeps this up. Teen-beard pouts and removes his hands. 40k Vet has good dice, he rolls to hit, and then rolls to wound. Maximum Damage. The Farseer and other targeted units are obliterated.

Teen-beard just emits a shrieking growl of “UURRRRRRRRRRRRRR” and starts shaking the table, tears starting to flow. My friend finally tells Teen-beard that’s he done, to pack his stuff and leave.
Teen-beard: “Fuck this stupid tournament! You’re all a bunch of cunts!”

40k Vet: “Peace out, neckbeard.”

Teen-beard then smacks one of the gunships, which hits another and sends it off the table, causing it to shatter. 40k Vet looks like his about to strangle the kid.

My friend: “Call your mom.”

Teen-beard: “No!”

My friend: “Either you call your mom, or I call the police.”

Teen-beard goes pale and takes out his phone. After he dials, my friend demands that he speak to her, before Teen-beard can spin the story. After Teen-beard refuses, my friend again threatens to involve the police. He then gets the phone and tells Teen-beard’s mom about his son’s tantrum, while Teen-beard just stares at the floor.

Half an hour later Teen-beard’s mother shows up, and literally grabs him by the collar of his sweat stained shirt, pulling him towards the exit.

Teen-beard: “Wait! Mom, my models!”

Mom: “I don’t care.”

Teen-beard: “My models!”

Mom: “You are DONE with your models.”

Teen-beard: “I want my Warhamm-“

Mom: “I said you’re DONE.” She then yanks him again and Teen-beard follows her, crying. As soon as they are out the door, random players start cheering. 40k vet ended up getting second place, and everyone threw in some money to help cover the cost of a new gunship (two people even offered to paint it). Two people were interested in starting Eldar as a second faction, so they split Teen-beard’s army between themselves.


>> No.56400394

Then write a fucking book and stop cluttering up game with unnecessary baggage. Or better yet, stop being a retard who gets his transport surrounded against a wall or even better yet, not transport a massive pointsink in another pointsink.

>> No.56400400

>terrain and cover is much more important this edition

>> No.56400403

Are Kastellans even good outside of One Turn Mortarion memery?

>> No.56400407

Camera's busted atm, so unfortunately I can't post pictures of my heroes, but going down the line, in order of when it happened.

>Tail end of 5th ed, just started, played eldar.
>Faced off against nids, game was tied for points.
>Flyrant charged my farseer, hoping to kill him in melee, winning the match.
>My overwatch, threw his spear, got a hit, and killed him, winning the match.

Played marines and guard armies in 6th/7th ed.
>Marines against deldar, relic mission
>Tank shocked a rhino at enemy blobbed up in a narrow pass.
>Suffered a single hull point.
>In return, killed an archon, 4 kabalite warriors, and a monster (can't remember if it was a Talos, Chronos, or something else, but it was big, ugly, and really nicely kitbashed.)
>Same match, demolished squad of tac marines and a handful of scouts held up in cover with the relic.
>Dug in, they managed to push back 3 entire turns worth of attempted charges, killing more from overwatch than they did actual shooting.
>Won that game with my captain, 3 scouts, 4 marines, the rhino, and a termi sgt still standing.
>Game also had my termi sgt survive 4 rounds of combat with a talos before beating it in turn 6

Game of guard v chaos marines.

>Chaos termis deepstrike next to platoon command squad full of plasma.
>Kill a termi in shooting phase, drop 2 on overwatch, termis fail their charge, and killed the remainder next shooting phase.

8th ed

Played an small apoc sized game at the start of the edition, guard combined arms. Over the course of the game, a single command squad outfitted with plasma guns and meltas killed a hellbrute, 2 deff dreds, and picked off enough wounds off of an enemy Bobby G for another player's Celestine to kill him in melee. Fireteam Sunfire, said command squad, has done more work in my army than any other single unit, save perhaps my manticore, and they're my pride and joy.

>> No.56400419

What you said is mostly false and only works for Orks and Black Templars.

Archons don't rise to their rank by being honorable, having their challenger incinerated by dark lance fire is a much more appropriate response. Haemonculi create Talos with the explicite reason of collecting samples for them. At best you could have a case for succubi, but again the DE society is too much pragmatic and backstabbing to encourage any signs of honor.

>> No.56400421

I haven't, someone proposed the situation and I am someone who likes finding solutions to problems. Blame it on the curse of being an engineer. Brain is keyed to problem solve.

>> No.56400431

Yes depending on model count. Grey Knights can be run with only a dozen models while IG can stretch high into the double digits

>> No.56400439

Anyone know a good way to do the zerg paint scheme on my nids, like this? I'm thinking brown carapace (maybe a little darker than that), bright purple fleshy-bits, and bone-color talons.

>> No.56400467

Don't have the book on me right now, and I'm arm chairing at work. but the limitations on character targeting are only on shooting, right?

Do the limitations apply for targeting a character for a charge or for attacks in the fight phase?

Likewise, heroic intervention only helps characters aid units, and not vise versa?

Could I declare a charge with a flying unit against a character hiding behind a screen if my charge roll would take the unit behind the screen, remove the character, then pile in/consolidate to lock the screen in from behind while avoiding the screen's overwatch/retaliation fighting?

>> No.56400470

But did you get aroused?

>> No.56400477

Use the biggest ones.>>56400380

>> No.56400491

Then tell the fucker to stop ramming his transport into walls, meat or steel.

Only problem is the retarded player.
>oh noes, game punished me for being a retard
>game needs to change so ramming my cart into a wall over and over again doesn't become stupid

>> No.56400496 [SPOILER] 

Sorry, no.
I'm a nid player, you'll have to do better than that.

>> No.56400506

Shooting only yes. You can charge characters who aren't closest, however you can't make a charge move 'through stuff' unless you can fly, and you still must end up outside 1" of what you didn't charge.

>> No.56400508

I can't think of any way for the skills to be that clean without the helmets getting dirty.

>> No.56400521

You are both so picky.

>> No.56400522

Yes. They are one of our best performers in out codex. Their durable and put out a stupid amount of dakka. They preform extremely well if you can dedicate a Dominus or Cawl to them. Fist bots will also punch a hole through anything.

>> No.56400529

Sisters of Silence >>> Sisters of Battle.

Fite me.

>> No.56400531

Pragmatism and honor are not necessarily the same thing. Pic related, from the 5th Dark Eldar codex.

>> No.56400545

Do swarms benefit from cover

>> No.56400556

Yea the targeting rule for character is only for shooting. You can choose them as a target for charging but as soon as you get in 1' of the bubble wrap your going to be engage in combat with them.

>> No.56400559

>tfw no fics of slaaneshi deamons raping a Sister of Silence just to try and hear her moan

>> No.56400562

>incinerated by dark lance fire is a much more appropriate response
Eh, even then, there are far more enjoyable ways to kill and adversary. He's just as likely to hire someone to bring that person to him, especially if he's a powerful Archon because that means favor and favor means getting to tag along in Realspace raids.

>At best you could have a case for succubi, but again the DE society is too much pragmatic and backstabbing to encourage any signs of honor
Climbing the arena ladder is basically constant murder until you're standing on a mountain of bodies.

>> No.56400575

People at tournaments are cunts though. Nothing is worse than starting a hobby and getting obliterated by a WAAC fag. Especially when you're a kid and you don't know anyone and going to a local tourney is the way you want to make connections with the community. Mocking child's apperance? Mocking child's models? Fuck whoever wrote that.

>> No.56400576

Yesh, you must be fun at parties.

>Oh no a fluffy way to make tough models get a round of fighting in after their craft crashed.
>Shit on it due to it hurdur

I mean just make it so you set up models at the end of the shooting phase who do this so they are immune from being shot, but, can be charged, or at the start of the owner's turn, which ever happens first. Oh fucking no I made a fluffy way to have models survive a crash which happens all the time in fluff making the game closer to the fluff which gets most people into the game, not the autistic number crunching.

>> No.56400587

Spamming dakkabots is basically one of the only ways AdMech is even viable competitively atm.

>> No.56400597

Well yeah. They're gonna start dissipating whenever it gets close

>> No.56400599

>7 loss streak in 8th Edition
>5 are the same Admech player
>Get tabled nearly every game by the bottom of turn 2 as Guard.

I'm either bad, or cursed. Maybe both.

>> No.56400609

Well, they're blanks so that's a hell of a hurdle to pass but if you're confident in your little soldier that could, the more power to you.

>> No.56400610

>touching a blank
>a blank trained to enhance it's blankness

>> No.56400612

Picked up the old SC tyranids box for cheap at my store, what's a good next step? as for hive fleet I'm probably going to be running Kronos

>> No.56400620


If that's real then that kid probably has serious mental/behavioral issues.

>> No.56400623

Yeah, I agree, I also thing there should be a rule for my models not being removed as casualty when they lose their last wound, after all they should get the chance to have a last fight and in the fluff there are tons of cases in which a marine get hit by a bullet but don't die outright.

>> No.56400636

What are you running?

>> No.56400638

look man, your mum said you were done with the hobby. GTFO

>> No.56400641

>Run Kronos
>Buy a box of melee units

>> No.56400642


>> No.56400645

Again, write a fucking book if you want fluff. It's a fucking nonexistent problem, solved by both cp and not being a fucking retard.

>> No.56400671

gargoyles, warriors and tyrants (if we ignore the swarmlord) are melle units now? this games changed a lot since I last played

>> No.56400672

fun greentext, for some odd reason made me want to learn russian and become a businessman

>> No.56400673

This is the kind of people that ruin the hobby.

>> No.56400690

Fuck off with this shit. If you desperately want to read Thorpe's latest atrocity against the 40k universe and the English language, then fucking buy it. Or just wait for it to appear in a mega if you're too poor. Either way, shut the fuck up it and stop shitting up the general, you little prick.

>> No.56400694

The ones that don't tolerate spurgs?

>> No.56400697

Like any pasta, it's probably 10-10% true. Tourney waacfags made a child cry, then took his models.

>> No.56400702

so being an engineer sees problems where there aren't any?
Because you're adding complexity to fix something that's not a problem.
Have you not heard the phrase that starts with "if ain't broke..."

>> No.56400705

What if they tore off the sex organs of humans/etc and attached them to themselves? And because of their excessive healing abilities the organs take root and continue working, melding with the orks body..

Imagine an ork breaking into a hab-unit, and in front of his screaming wife and kids, tearing the dick and balls off the father. Then using his bloody new dick to rape the wife and daughter until the dick literally falls apart from over-use(It's just man-flesh remember, not ork). So the orks just go around wearing out all the dicks of the men they can find raping all the women present, stealing everyon's shiny things/weapons, then leaving.

>> No.56400719

I like the other one where someone is trying to talk to the orks about fucking and they don't have a clue what he's on about.

>> No.56400724

HAHA OH WOW are you the kid?

>> No.56400725

So looking at the lore, Alpharius and Omegon were stated to be shorter than other primarchs, more akin to the size of a large marine. Doesn't this mean they are about the size of a Primaris marine?

>> No.56400727


Official ones can be ordered online I believe. They even have the 'GW' stamp so they would be easy to disguise as legit.


That's what a collectivist mindset infused with communism does. It's a constant rat race where you try to screw someone before they screw you. The casters I ordered from have legit reviews on the yoyhammer sub and they communicate back so I am more faithful in them

>> No.56400730

Welcome to how games felt in 2nd and early 3rd ed.

>> No.56400732

without spergs /tg/s wouldn't exis

>> No.56400734

You're right, they should just let you win so that your feelings don't get hurt.

>> No.56400754


They're literally kings of the manlets

>> No.56400756

Yeah, not the whining, screaming retards that insult people and break models.

>> No.56400762

So, how useful bare immolators with multi-meltas now? I'm having trouble convincing myself that MMs aren't shit, and having 2 of them I feel would make it better.

>> No.56400770

Usually some variation of

Pask Executioner
Company commander x3
Scione Prime
Lord Commissar

Infantry Squad with plas x6


Sentinel Power Lifers x3
Russ Annihilators x2

Scion Squad, with either 4x Plasma or Volley Guns

Macharius Vulcan.

Got Dicked last game by Open War deployment (Containment). forced into the middle of the board.

I've had discussions about dealing with Admech as guard before. I'm mostly just bitching.

>> No.56400771

people like that don't exist

>> No.56400776

Oh my summer child

>> No.56400784

Dark elder shtick is literally "gotta prove i'm a badass so nobody tries to kill me for the next couple hours". And you know what a really good way to prove you're a badass is? Kill the guy who's in charge of the enemy forces in single combat, establishing yourself as the strongest on the battlefield.

>> No.56400790

If you've genuinly not encountered people like that in this hobby then i'm actaully incredibly jellous

>> No.56400796

You say that like its a bad thing.
In all seriousness though, I do wonder what it is with this hobby that seems to attract these folks in relatively high numbers

I won't say I'm a social butterfly but even I know how to handle myself in public.

>> No.56400805

Would it be too snowflaky to put an Autarch trophy on my succubus?

>> No.56400808

I think there are a ton of things that are worse than losing at a wargaming tournament. 16 year old "children" still need to treat others with respect, learn to be good sports and deal with frustration in a developmentally appropriate way, and not get physical or break things.

>> No.56400812

That would be better yeah, you need to get the Orky accent too

>> No.56400816

Dear god someone please help me, I have a love affair with land raiders fuck repulsors and always incorporate them into my lists. In particular I have two lrcs that have always been good to me, and am competing in a semi-fluffy campaign with some friends.
I don't want to be a deadweight, how do I incorporate two lrcs into a 1500pt (we're playing doubles, I usually play 2000pts) list and still maintain some anti-tank and anti-air capabilities.
I think playing at 2k for so long has made me a point glutton and now I can't turn back

>> No.56400817

dont have pics but

first was a CSM aspiring champion with basic things power fist and bolt pistol
>kills 2 chaos spawns single handedly
>stands alone untouched after his squad was wiped out by admech passed morale test
>Took on a wounded deamon prince taking it down to 1 wound before dying
he is now my only regular chaos lord model

Term lord
>takes down 3 squads of terms in one match
>kills celestine
the "i wanna die" on the role of a 1 to bring her back from the SoB player was so glorious
>wounds landraider with a storm bolter

Beserker champion
>wipes out a squad of tech priest and skittarii
i dont know admech names so i hope i spelt that right

>> No.56400821

So real talk, you guys serious or just memeing? Do people really break models or scream at 40k events?

>> No.56400825

One of many clues that none of this actually happened.

>> No.56400827

You know what normal people do? Offer to have a casual game outside the tournament. When the kid mentioned that he worked on his models really hard but they look bad you offer them to use the communal painting table, maybe even show them a few things.
But no, these people just want to feel superior at everything. Mock the kid for being brought by his mom. His looks. His lack of experience. His completely understandable childish reaction to being curbstomped by a faggot with a bunch of stormravens. Who the fuck brings a bunch of stormravens to a local tourney? What kind of meta are these people running? Are they preparing for ETC or something?
Oh, and the fact that someone bothered to write this up as a 'pasta' is really telling.
Oh well, WAACfags be WAACfags. All they want is to feel superior.

>> No.56400836

>I'm stronger than that tank over there because I killed this guy who was yelling into a radio, and was armed only with a pistol

t. deldards

>> No.56400838


Yeah, I had the same idea to make 30k Castellax. Problem in my case is that I've already got Kataphrons made from rat-ogres and doing something similar for Casties would mean my army starts looking like a full Skaven conversion or something if I didn't run my eventual 60 Kairic Electros and converted Magi and stuff at the same time. Shame, since that kit does look cool and if you replace the armour with Admech and Ogryn plate and trade the heads for Ogryn bane masks they'd look sweet, plus 3 per box.


Ok, excellent. That way I can equip the entire squad with two boxes and a little messing about. Just used to Skitarii and Dark Eldar boxes where GW will screw you out of as many special weapons and sometimes options as possible so you have to start carefully planning all your buys. Guess Nids have the opposite problem, or they did until they got proper options back.

>> No.56400839

What are marine bannermen?

>> No.56400848

Yeah, because Vect sure do a lot of killing in first person. And it's not like this >>56400531 clearly establish that Succubi are anomalous between DE for doing that.

>> No.56400864

Except it is true to an extent. LoS blocking terrain is important enough that most TOs have the first level of ruins block line of sight.

>> No.56400874

You have so much sympathy for a guy you never met. How do you do that? How have you not become so jaded that you hate everyone?

>> No.56400879

Adding complexity would be adding a dice roll.
Extra step, place model where transport was, distribute mortal wound to all models that were embarked on transport that couldn't disembark. That really isn't much harder than the current, "roll a die for each model in a transport, on a d6 kill a model, disembark the rest within 3" of the transport, then remove the transport model, any that models that can't be disembarked are slain" Change slay a model to mortal wound, and then put in models that couldn't be disembarked where the transport was and take a mortal wound. Oh no, how much more complex for a layer of sensibility. For most things you can just ignore the changes and play as usual. This is coming off as "change is bad because it just means I have to learn something different". Yeah, I get it, it's an extra step in a supposed unique situation. I mean Primaris Marines get out of a Repulsor that blows up when surrounded by surprise buttsex on turn 1 with a wound left. Things with FNP can shrug off mortal wounds (which could be hilarious of just laughing off the vehicle being destroyed, failing to disembark, and exploding).

But, whatever. Point taken, people dislike switching slain to mortal wounds and then letting you set up models you couldn't disembark in the ruins of the transport for another mortal wound because "it' makes it more complicated and slows things down".

>> No.56400880

But unless you get total LOS on a whole unit, its irrelevant.

>> No.56400882

Every model hobby has broken model story.

>> No.56400885

>you're not allowed to try to win during a tourny
retard alert.

>> No.56400888

Assuming this is real,which i doubt . 40k vet should just have taken an amount of eldar models he deemed necessary to cover the broken models costs.

>> No.56400889


A full block of LoS is useful, but pretty rare. Large units and large models are both tricky to completely conceal even on very dense boards.

>> No.56400892

I'm so upset that spine gaunts are forever trash because they're my favorite and always have been.

>> No.56400893

Well most people have common decency and a bit of social experience to not be like this but hobbies like this can attract the worst.

>> No.56400897

>When the kid mentioned that he worked on his models really hard but they look bad you offer them to use the communal painting table, maybe even show them a few things.

Dude the story clearly says that just before he was poking fun at people that work hard in order to paint well. That's not the behaviour of a guy that really worked hard.

>> No.56400901

People tend to stop being hateful when they grow up.

>> No.56400915


Which is why it is even more important this edition.

>> No.56400920

Hehe nice redeemer rule 63

>> No.56400922

You've never been out in the real world if you believe that drivel.

>> No.56400923


Have you ever met a grown up? They're the most hateful group. Heard of a guy named Hitler? or Stalin? All grown ups. Can you name any child genociders?

>> No.56400938

>People tend to stop being hateful when they grow up.
Do you literally live under a rock or something?

People tend to be MORE hateful as they grow up because they understand life and the world around them. Their hate is conscious intentional hate.

Children at least are somewhat innocent and influenced by their environment. They hate because they're fucking stupid, and/or they've been taught to hate.

>> No.56400939

Haven't got model or pic atm but my IG Sgt, Sgt Solid has quite the reputation in my gaming circles.

His list of achievements is long, however some highlights are extraordinary.
In 7th he rolled insane courage 4 times. He killed a harlequin solitaire in cc. Killed two remaining terminators that killed the rest of his squad (one of the insane courage). Won a relic match by holding relic and his flak vest kept him alive from the survivors trying to put him down.

>> No.56400943

So the kid worked super hard on his models but made fun of people who put effort into painting their models, who acted like a dick from his first game on but everyone else should have gone out of their way for him?

Sorry snowflake, it's your responsibility to behave decently in the first place. No one else owes you anything.

>> No.56400944

>What are marine bannermen?

Yeah but if you make it a general rule it's more fluffy, as you are not forced to have a unit for fluffy heroism to occour.

>> No.56400952

Breaking news local tourny full of WAACfags more at 11.

>> No.56400957

>IG has a Stratagem that is litterally pic related.
My sides.

>> No.56400962

I mean does columbine ring any bells?

>> No.56400976

Important when you deploy but the all or nothing approach means you can easily ignore it outside of turn 1.

>> No.56400978

That's a behavior of a child that's overcompensating. He obviously saw well painted models and tried to play it off. He failed at it, as children tend to do.

>> No.56400984


>> No.56400989

They are a lot more passive-aggressive where I live, but yes, things like this can happen. I have personally seen a guy pull out a knife and repeatedly stab a codex if that counts.

>> No.56400990

entirely faction and goal dependent, which factions do you like and do you consider yourself laidback or competitive?

>> No.56400992

I don't even play deldar. That's just how they think. What army do you play anon? I guarantee I can find a way to very easily justify why they'd honor duel an enemy 1v1

>> No.56400997

Closer to adult than to child and that was a relatively low body count. Mass shootings by adults are way higher than those perpetrated by children

>> No.56401007

I can't look at this and not think that 28mm is the wrong scale for 40k.

>> No.56401009

I wonder though. What made you type up the story and post it here?
>Hey, guys, look how we deal with kids! We're so cool and well behaved!
Gee wiz, what an achievement!

>> No.56401011


>> No.56401013

No, they become better at hiding it. They get less angry and more hateful. A kid throw a tantrum, an adult ruin your life for spite.

>> No.56401014

wtf why?

Maybe I am lucky?

>> No.56401019

fuck me, when will someone put the tyranid codex pdf on the mega?

>> No.56401030

Let me guess. You are younger than 30.

>> No.56401031

You mean to tell me that Vect didn't have to fight and backstab and plot to get where he can now order hundred or thousands of meatshields to 'go run at that tank and get rid of it'?

>> No.56401035

The amount of memeflinging man children that would shake the table or smack models around while I was in California was disgusting. Since moving back to the country everyone's been calm and collected.

>> No.56401043

Apocalypse was a mistake but Epic is never coming back so we have to just make bigger tables.

>> No.56401054

Comprehensible behaviour for a child, not a teen.

>> No.56401055

Seen it at a friendly game at a GW store (guy who did it got banned),that said I don't think it was deliberate so much as rage induces carelessness.

>> No.56401057

>implying you aren't

>> No.56401060

Its suffering my size creep badly. As it is today 15 mm might work better. Apocalypse is just retarded. Hopfully the new epic doesn't just stay set during the horus heresy.

>> No.56401062

It's also the Ork MO (Krump or be Krumped), and some Guard to a lesser extent. "I ate a Miral Land-shark for breakfast" Straken is like this, and half of Yarrick's backdrop is ripping off an Ork Klaw and out-Orking the Orks.

>> No.56401066

Not my story but I've thrown people out of gaming events in several occasions.

Having a tantrum because someone is better at playing a game than you or because they pointed out your cheating will cause this to happen

>> No.56401068


Looks good.
Imagifier & Hospitaller on the Retributor squad?

>> No.56401069

>Sorry snowflake, it's your responsibility to behave decently in the first place. No one else owes you anything.
Seriously this.

I had some cunt at my store that would never bathe and stank literally like shit, not just body oder. I guess he rarely changed his boxers or something I don't know. But he was fucking disgusting, and whenever anyone mentioned to him that he fucking stank, he would just look down and mumble and pretend like you never said anything and go back to what he was doing.

So one day after I told this retard to leave and take a goddamn shower, he pulled his usual pretending he didn't hear me, ignoring me, and continuing to walk to the back to set his case down and wait for a table to open up. Well when he went to the bathroom I grabbed a bottle of black paint, and my testors plastic glue, open them both, tossed them into his case, and shook it a bit.

About 30 minutes later when a table opens up and some poor bastard agrees to play a game with him so he'll get the fuck out, he sets his case on the table and opens it up to stage. The look on his fucking face was priceless. It was like someone ripped his eyelids off. His models were all melded together in splotchy black clumps it was fucking hilarious. He quickly shut his case did his look down and mumble thing, then walked out like nothing happened.

Morale of the story, we're all here to have fun, show some respect to each other and you'll get respected in turn.

>> No.56401070


Only contribution to human progress and understanding leddit has ever done in its existance.

>> No.56401072


>> No.56401099

34, married with 2 kids. Still hate everyone and everything.

>> No.56401104

>pointed out your cheating
That's a totally different story.

>> No.56401106

Are the macharius track links sides as weak as they are said to be?
I want to buy it but i am kinda not sure about it.
It would be incredibly frustrating if after assemby and painting the track links clipped off due to touching some terrain object etc.

>> No.56401111

>what is jailbait
>what is trackers/piracy
>what is crackwatch
>what is repwear
>what is cant post on 4chan

>> No.56401125

I feel genuinely sorry for your children.

>> No.56401130

Getting caught cheating is one thing. Having a tantrum because someone pointed out your cheating is a very different thing.

>> No.56401132

What the fuck is wrong with you. That is no reason to destroy somebodies models. If he is a issue tell the store owner. Fucking autist

>> No.56401134

While I do actually agree that the kid's behavior was kind of understandable, so was the response to that behavior. Someone should have taken the kid aside and explained some things, calmly and nicely, but it's also not necessarily anyone's job to do that and I understand not wanting to take that on.

>> No.56401135

He had to backstab and plot a lot. Fighting people one on one in honour duels? Not so much.

>> No.56401136

>younger than 30
>You're still young, you don't understand what being an adult is, you still hang out with people who haven't matured yet.

>older than 30
>you're just jaded, you were probably a shitty hateful kid.

If you have a point make it. Enough with this cold reading bullshit.

>> No.56401140

Congrats on making yourself infinitely worse than the guy who stank like shit.

>> No.56401157

There is a reason if the old racist old man that hates everything and everyone is a stereotype in the first place dude.

>> No.56401158

They're fat and disgusting.

>> No.56401159

I don't understand non bathers. Showers feel so good and are so quick, how can you not do it?

>> No.56401162

>I just wanted feedback on my Termy list.

Gonna scratch build a Termy Chaplain using Cataphractii bits.

May need to steal a reiver head from somewhere.

>> No.56401166

Exactly. Not to mention most marines (of both flavor) have the whole 'glory, honor, and victory' thing going on. Really, the only 2 factions that I can think of off the top of my head that don't have a good opinion on glorious combat would be nids and tau, and even they have examples.

>> No.56401167

Found the sperg.

>> No.56401173

It's one thing to be an inconsiderate douche it's another to be a malicious cunt that can't handle a situation like an adult. Was simply asking the store owner to do something too hard?

>> No.56401187

Yeah I'm the badguy for solving the problem. Life isn't always rainbows and unicorn farts. Sometimes you have to be the badguy to get shit down and set things right again. We can't all feel good all the time.

>> No.56401188

Admech, maybe. Even the melee dudes like the Malagra have no incentive to do it "properly".

>> No.56401193


I never go to tournies because I have nightmares of this happening.

>> No.56401204

When I was in the Marine Corps I had to yell at a guy because the motherfucker would go weeks without showering and was overall disgusting, and his roommate told me. I was fucking pissed that I had to tell another adult that they had to shower after PT and to clean their self.

>> No.56401205

No idea. I'm not even awake until I've showered. Like if I can't shower/bathe for whatever reason, I'll spend the rest of the day in a stupor like I'm hungover or something.

>> No.56401206

Dont care much about the most of them but the last one is the best one.
Though they do sometimes and have to be warned to go back.

>> No.56401211

I haven't had issues with them, but I'm more careful with my models than some hamhanded players I've seen.

>> No.56401214

Oh you were trolling, well it was a good effort and you got plenty of (you)s.

>> No.56401215

Most likely, though they might also hang out with the blob of 15. I'm also toying with the idea of letting Celestine hang out with the Blob to give them a double move and a 5++ because it totally forgot about that rule.

>> No.56401223

Talking to the store owner for 5 seconds would have had the same effect and would not have made you the bad guy, doing what you did just makes you an asshole who was even worse than the guy who didn't shower.

>> No.56401230

Probably because they cant smell their own filth and dont feel dirty because of that.

>> No.56401231

no, you didn't

>> No.56401238

But which of the players do you fear you would be?

>> No.56401242


It ain't worth it.
It's better utility to have her jumping around and assassinating valuable units.

>> No.56401245

I often tend to procrastinate showering, but after two or three day I always start feeling extremely dirty. I have no idea how people go for more than a week.

>> No.56401247

Eh, I disagree that he was worse. Objectively, the disgusting guy was worse. His problems affected everyone, paint&glueanon only affected stinky. Plus, this probably didn't happen.

>> No.56401248

If I bathe I pretty much itch all over for around 24 hours making it impossible to put on clothes without aggravating the problem and leaving me unable to do anything but scratch constantly desu, it's okay though, I don't leave my house so no one will be exposed to my smell :^).

>> No.56401259

You fucking ruins potentially hundreds of dollars worth of shit dude. If a guy fucking stinks just complain to a manager and avoid him. Hot damn.
When I was younger my skin was over sensitive. Showers were a fucking nightmare of pins and needles. I'm fine now, but I still dislike taking em because of it. Still I'll take a shower whenever I leave my house.

>> No.56401263

whatever helps you sleep at night. you're probably the type of person to just stand there and take it, pretending like you weren't being violated by unwashed taint odors.

>even worse
To who? Not anyone else at the shop. We're all cool. We play, hang out, have a good time. That guy didn't belong because he couldn't show some common human decency and bathe occasionally. No one else in the shop has a problem with me and I don't have a problem with any of them.

>> No.56401266

See >>56401069

>> No.56401269

Heads up anon. The little guys are TEENY. Also, the larger ones are almost IG sized, like a mm shorter, you might have a hard time running those as Exalteds.

>> No.56401271


>> No.56401272

>Plus, this probably didn't happen.
Well yeah but I maintain that damaging someones models is a massive dick move when there are better options everytime.

>> No.56401273

you may want to see a dermatologist m8

that or don't use irish springs/bar soap. shit dries your skin out

>> No.56401275


The one whose trying to win at any cost rather than have a good time.

>> No.56401284

Anyone have the Tyranid painting guide pdf? It’s not in the mega and it has alternative hive fleets in it.

>> No.56401285

>I maintain that damaging someones models is a massive dick move when there are better options everytime.
No argument here.

>> No.56401287

that's fine as long as you keep up a laid back demeanor. Nothing worse than a guy who can't talk because he's taking the game TOO SERIOUSLY

>> No.56401289

Not unless it's not a fair fight to begin with. The point i'm trying to make though, is that for deldar, the only way to stay on the top is to proof that you're the best, and a very good way to do that is to kill or otherwise get rid of the other best guys.

>> No.56401294

>don't use irish springs/bar soap
true story. I love how that soap smells but it's like washing with a brillo pad. Fucks my skin up immediately. Shame too, smells so good...

>> No.56401295

I didn't see one of those in the story. I saw a regular player and an entitled manchild.

>> No.56401296

Probably not, but having the blob move 12" with Celestine backup isn't nothing, especially since at any point she and the seraphim can explode out from behind them 24" and get shit done.

>> No.56401297

Considering the chunk of resin there if you dropped it on the floor floor would probably get dented.

Now that i think about it i will probably stick with the baneblade variants. I dropped one to the floor and only thing that happened was lascannon sponsons top flying off. Luckily a quick magnet conversion solved the issue perfectly.
If i dropped a macharius i would cry.

>> No.56401299

I have problems with being touched and showers feel like a million weird touches all over my back and body and it stresses me the fuck out

>> No.56401313

Fair enough, I forgot about them

>> No.56401315

>I destroyed someones property, this is fine though because a small group of people don't mind
smells like nigger to me

>> No.56401320

Of course. Sometimes we make moral sacrifices and do bad things to accomplish great feats. Just like Alexander or Atila or Genghis.

Let the history be your judge as we look back through the ages at the incredible accomplishment of making a smelly mumbley kid cry.

>> No.56401323

How do you wear clothes? How do you function at all?

>> No.56401328


>> No.56401331

Which is very different from leaving your guards and minion to run against an Ork Warboss with a power claw the size of your body because he's screaming insults.

>> No.56401334

Do they know that you destroyed his property and can and will destroy theirs on a whim? Of course they don't. A rat like you wouldn't tell.

>> No.56401335

Again, I know in the grand scheme of things it's unimportant, but the whole idea of being able to actually model such challenges was one of the few things I felt was properly "narrative" in terms of rules. As opposed to shit like Mysterious Terrain or random objectives or other things that made "hurfdurf forge that Narrative" a meme for shoddy rules.

The fact that Challenges were also "spill out" or allowed piling in if there were no other ongoing combats was also an improvement from the 6e "rerolls for outnumbering your foe, due to le taunting" bit.

>> No.56401341

I mean to be fair that kid may have gone and shot up a school or something because of how ostracized he was due to his smell and anon made him finally face the hard truth and set his life on the right track

we wont ever really know

>> No.56401343

>avoid him
Serious question, have you never been in a room the size of a hobby store with someone that stinks?

No such thing as avoiding them. There is only stinks so bad you want to leave and lose the evening, and stinks so bad you might vomit. There's your 2 options. And I'm not letting some unwashed cunt take my evening from me, someone too stupid/lazy to bathe isn't getting one up on me like that.

I didn't break his models he broke them.

>> No.56401363

>painting black over black


>> No.56401367

I wear an undershirt to avoid the sensation of a shirt rubbing on my body. Pants and sleeves aren't really a problem.

>> No.56401380

I've had mine for a while. No chips personally, but I may have been lucky enough to not have it damaged in transit.

Mine is also Forgeworlds Resin. The Chinese Resin I've used has been much more brittle, so it's possible that has a hand in it.

(Yes I know I need to repaint the thing)

>> No.56401387


its a symptom of autism. the touch thing. light touching sensations like shaking hands or being poked tend to stress out autists wheras a deeper pressure sensation like wearing heavy clothing or being held tend to be a more calming sensation.

at least in most autists, there was a study done on it by some woman who was a high functioning autist herself talking about how much stress other kids used to put on her through incidental contact when she was a child.

of course its no excuse for not bathing, if a shower doesn't work then get in a bath for twenty minutes and scrub yourself.

>> No.56401391

there is a reason I usually only go to a hobby store when I am stuffed up so I can't smell anything if I am going to play a game. Hell, I specifically shower and change into clean cloths before going because I care about others. Then come home and shower and change cloths again and put what I wore into a biohazard bag.

>> No.56401393

If you actually watched the videos he explains. Chaos Black primer and Abaddon Black have different finishes so if you mess up without doing a black over the Chaos and try and clean it up with Abaddon it'll look funky

>> No.56401395

I really want to hug you but you would hate that. How do I sympathize and comfort you god dammit?!?!

>> No.56401401

What is the best loadout for Hellforged Contemptor, Deredeo and Leviathan for a Death Guard Army?
I have scavenged the two types of old FW dreads, one is Las/Melee the other is Las/ML.
I wish to build a Dreadnought DG detachment (DDGD?) but I want to plan the weapons used.

>> No.56401402

>A rat like you
yeah whatever princess. There was a problem. I solved the problem. I never admitted to it, and no one, even the couple people that must have seen me, fingered me for it.

Yeah if I had come out and been magnanimous about it, the manager would have been obligated to ban me. So when he asked I said it wasn't me and we all got back to gaming.

Anyone can break anyones shit at any time. I use a regular case like everyone else. It's not titanium or super padded. If I threw my case I'd have breaks, same with everyone else.

But unless I do something to deserve getting my shit broke, my shit won't get broke. It's that simple.

>> No.56401404

No pics because I lost him but I had a scout with missile launcher up on some battlements with his sniper squad rush to the other side his unit to get LOS on a wave serpent, got his snapshot off, proceeded to get the pen and explosion.

He got promoted to a Dev squad after that.

On the flip side I had a Deathwing Terminator squad die in melee to a 10 man necron warrior unit, felt bad.

>> No.56401405

Not really. You said it yourself, that orc has a weapon as big as I am. Only either an idiot or a supreme bad ass would try to fight him and win, and since I'm still standing, it looks like I'm not an idiot. And since none of the other guys were ballsy enough to try to fight it, looks like I'm better than them, and everyone knows it.

>> No.56401407

>tfw really loved tartaros terminators since forever
>tfw got like 30 of them when everyone was selling them for pennies on the dime after BoP came out
>tfw all delicately painted and worked on
>tfw love the fluff
>tfw they’re so overcosted and useless I can’t even bring myself to take them in hyper-casual games
>tfw that’s the case for most every terminator unit
Why is life suffering?

>> No.56401409

How small we talking? I could take or leave the big guys, but the little baby fire guys seem like a dream way of getting enough Brimestones without breaking the bank.
>Serious question, have you never been in a room the size of a hobby store with someone that stinks?
Honestly? Not particularly. All of the stores I've ever gone to have all been pretty large and open. I also grew up on a farm shoveling shit on a near daily basis so my tolerance for smells are probably higher than average.

>> No.56401410

compliment his models

>> No.56401413


>> No.56401424

Wow you really are a nigger.

>> No.56401425

>Being able to tell what type of Terminator Armour is what


>> No.56401431

Yeah I mean I am a high functioning autistic person
Like I have a job and everything, and I usually shower before work. But I do labor stuff so it isn't all that important usually

>> No.56401434

>what are property rights
>why are laws

>> No.56401435

Exactly. A rat. Go on, skulk into the shadows, little rodent.

>> No.56401441

In my case, it's depression (possibly actual autism and/or schitzoid), though I do try to force myself to shower once a week of I'm going anywhere. However, if I'm in a bad spot and don't go anywhere for awhile, I'll forgo and just kind of stew. Hell, I've skimped out on plans because I didn't feel like showering, especially since I have to plan on it taking at least an hour, and even then I often procrastinate that.

>> No.56401445

really? that's your argument?

>> No.56401451

He's a nigger, what laws are you talking about?

>> No.56401453

>But unless I do something to deserve getting my shit broke, my shit won't get broke. It's that simple.
But you did, and you do.

>> No.56401454

This is the weakest bait ever.

>> No.56401466

laws are for the weak

>> No.56401470

>Being this shit

>> No.56401476

Dude ok. If you want to think that things like that aren't completely retarded for a race that should be of pragmatic motherfuckers good for you. At least marines don't try to justify charging your enemy with swords as the sensible choiche.

>> No.56401479

investors are 110% normies and just need someone to tell them a product is selling well, aka AoS and 8th edition are a godsend

>> No.56401480


You could always buy a Space Hulk boxed set and run your Tartaros Terminators instead of the BA ones. Now you have a reason to use them every week.

Shit you could probably sell the BA termies and make half of your investment back.

>> No.56401482

I mean we are talking about small claims court easily for a destroyed or stolen army. I mean seriously, we aren't in fucking Somalia, unless that anon is, in that case, wow, didn't know 40k was popular in Somalia.

>> No.56401483

fake & gay

>> No.56401491

>chaos black primer

>> No.56401492

anon's clearly a nignog so he might be

>> No.56401493

Fluff wise, would black templars support or reject the whole primaris marine thing?

>> No.56401503

Hugs are okay, tickles and light touches aren't. But you really should compliment my models

>> No.56401505

Yeah let me go ahead and just hire a lawyer to sue someone that I suspect but can't prove damaged some models of mine. Models that cost let's be generous and say $800.

Meanwhile filing a case in small claims is going to be $150, then I have to take a day off. Spend time working on my argument, gathering whatever flimsy """evidence""" I have - read none - and then go to court and hope the other guy fucks up and admits it. But if he doesn't admit it, I'm out the money and now I've been publicly shamed for it. No judge is going to award damages on word alone as long as the other guy isn't a complete mong and is in good behavior.

>> No.56401507

Depression, having anywhere between 4-6 people using the various water based utilities in the house, and not having a job and therefore not a reason to maintain a bare minimum of personal presentation.

>> No.56401516

the judge would laugh both manchildren out of court.

>> No.56401525


>> No.56401530

and if stinky ever comes break and tries to break my shit I'll do what I need to to stop him. I won't cry for help and scream thief. I'll deal with it.

>> No.56401534

He may not be painted well but he once took on 32 ork boyz and killed 16 by himself

>> No.56401536

>mfw already tried exactly this
>and no one wanted to play with me
People just want to play proppa 40k, truly life is suffering

>> No.56401537

Post your models so that I can compliment them

>> No.56401543

>implying a nigger like you even understands the argument
it clearly went over >>56401505 's head

>> No.56401552

Just read SM codex part about BT.

>> No.56401556

2 cute 4 plastic

>> No.56401559

That's a good picture of your keyboard

>> No.56401561

Generally the threat of going to court will get someone to bend over backwards, also destruction of property? Criminal offense, not talking suing. Plus throwing around a metal case is fucking assault with a deadly weapon, lol. Moron just wants to go to jail, don't collect $200.

>> No.56401562

Why is this anon black? How did people figure that out?

>> No.56401571


Plastic Rough Rider kit with multiple accessory sprues for at least three different regiments when?

Plastic Griffin mortar when?

Plastic Salamander when?

Plastic Centaur When?

Plastic Catachan kits that don't look like ass, when?

Plastic Steel legion/Kriegers when?

Plastic Modians when?

Multilaser sponsons, hull mount and heavy weapon teams for Imperial guard, when?

Plastic servitors when?

>> No.56401575

Unless he breaks your shit while you are in the bathroom, like you did.

>> No.56401578

>he doesn't know how court works

Go ahead, try calling the police when you suspect someone broke some trivial(to them) shit. They'll ask the guy if he broke it. He says no, cops will tell you all it's a civil problem and to sort it out in court.

You honestly thought calling 911 and reee-ing about some broken models and the police would come a running to slap handcuffs on the guy?

>> No.56401585

If I saw someone dump a pot of black paint and superglue into a guy's case and shake it they'd be on their ass looking up before they even knew what had happened.

It literally take ten seconds to complain to a store manager, this is the exact reason why literally every FLGS has a personal odor rule. It pains me that I have to share my hobby with people who will willingly destroy other people's models and people that require an FLGS to have to have a personal odor rule, but that's a completely different story.

>> No.56401587

Fuck it and run them anyway faggot. Look at this fucking waacfaggot only running the best shit. Stop whining and use your goddamn plastic army men, faggot.

>> No.56401588


>> No.56401591

Criminal cases have an even higher burden of proof than civil suits, so unless people who saw anon do it are willing to testify, he'd be fine.

>> No.56401594

You missed the end of my post. You can click on the link in my reply, then click on the link in your reply to get to the post where you can re-read it.

>> No.56401595

How do I stop being a faggot and get motivation to paint my models so I can move onto the next step

FLGS terror

>> No.56401599

>continues to demonstrate his illiteracy and inability to understand the line of argumentation

>> No.56401601

I don't understand why people hate on the catachan models so much. I think they look great, just wish they weren't always out of stock.

>> No.56401608

watch tons of painting tutorials

>> No.56401611

I have money GW, but If you don't make it, I don't buy it.

I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun and money making primaris spacemarine stuff as you quietly decommission the old marines but Keep in mind you thought orks couldn't make you money for 20 years until you started making fucking models for them.

>> No.56401612

Buying more models will help your motivation

>> No.56401614


>unless I do something to deserve getting my shit broke, my shit won't get broke

well, thats not exactly true. sometimes a man breaks into your house while your out and smashes the fuck out of your television and windows with a blunt weapon.

he doesn't take anything, he just smashes it.

over here in the UK we've got a real problem with people throwing industrial acid into strangers faces. and we had a pedo sex ring for a while that was buried by police officers for political reasons.

sometimes a man just decides to drive a truck through a festival in nice, or shoot up a country concert in vegas.

some times a guy covers your models in glue and black paint and shakes them.

you can't stop it. you can't prepare for it. you just have to ignore it or learn to live with it.

so yes, its easily conceivable for some random to enter your store and destroy your models for no reason, just like its conceivable for you to get your skull broken and organs harvested by criminals.

you can minimise these risks with a couple of easy measures but you'll never be free of them.

in a kind universe bad things would only happen to cruel people, but we're not in a kind universe, we're in a blind universe.

>> No.56401617

You put me under 125 pounds+shipping with that post.
I had bought a chinacast macharius before(ccon) and it had horrible tracks. When i slighlty pushed at the tracks with my thumb the tracks would just chip immediately. When i asked for a replacement the new tracks had the same problem also.
I just might buy the FW one because i just love that tank. Thanks anon.

>> No.56401621

>not being able to tell

>> No.56401623

Thank you. I needed that laugh today anon.

>> No.56401628

This. I won’t pretend I’m a trained martial artist or navy SEAL or anything like that, but ruining hundreds of dollars and as many hours of work to get it all tabletop ready is not ok. I’m a manlet, but a strong one, and I’m willing to try (and probably fail) at suckerpunching a faggot for being that much of an asshole

>> No.56401632


You need a better camera.

Also any model that performs that well deserves a name.

>> No.56401634


holy shit I've realised what you are

>> No.56401635

It's bait, they're betting that either he's black and will get offended.

is not black and get offended at being called black.

Literally no different than calling someone an autist. They might get mad because they're legit autistic, or because they're not autistic and don't like being called that.

>> No.56401639

>one guy posts a """"""""totally true"""""" story of breaking models
>shits up the entire thread in a quest to farm /you/'s
Fuck you guys I'm headed back to /c/

>> No.56401644

The base unit box is ugly as sin even when it first came out decades ago...the command and heavy weapon teams are more "updated" but the normie Catachan box of thirty still looks like skinny orks without pointy ears.

>> No.56401647

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

>> No.56401650

Oh great genius please sir do edify me with your incredible argument, so that I might bathe in the purifying light of understanding.

>> No.56401651

Seriously, they are all very distinctive.

>> No.56401658

I can't believe all you faggots are standing up for a stinker

I bet all of you are stinkies too

>> No.56401659

Fuck off and stay there manchild.

>> No.56401661


Playing a good game of 40k is the best way I have found to get motivated to paint my models. Stop by /wip/ and read a bit, that usually helps get me in the mood as well.

It helps to have a 40k related podcast (or even just some music to listen to) playing in the background while I am painting.

>> No.56401668

Which codex?

>> No.56401674

>implying that if stinky hadn't met the absolute baseline minimums of human decency I wouldn't have trashed his shit

Keep trying. It was simple cause and effect. Yes people are chaotic sometimes, this wasn't one of those times.

>> No.56401677

Not mine

>> No.56401679

it might help you if you read the words aloud or find an adult person to help you

>> No.56401690

>Misses the point yet again
Really is a nig nog.

>> No.56401693



>> No.56401696

Sure, sure, but they’re just soooo bad. It’s over 200 points for a basic squad and they do so little on the field it’s sad. Terminators are made to deal with a variety of situations, but on the table just can’t decide if they want to fight hordes or kill heavy stuff, and suffer from paying for both and being good at neither.

I’m mostly just miffed I can’t run lightning claw/combi-bolter, that has forever been my favorite look on any variant of terminator armor

>> No.56401701

Huh that was me? I just posed the story, didn't post any of the shower autist stuff.


>> No.56401702

Heck the Cadian are out of scale and are about as tall if not taller than Space marine models...maybe that's why they made primaris spacemarines...naturally 9 foot tall cadians were making space marines look like fat manlets.

>> No.56401703

What's /c/? Cooking? It's not some wierd fetish shit is it?

>> No.56401705

Calling the kettle out bit much, pot?

>> No.56401707

It doesn't say anything about whether they use primaris marines or not??

>> No.56401708

Already got one confirmed stinky in the thread because he "itches", someone needs to just put him down.

>> No.56401715


>tfw spent decades and thousands of dollars collecting and painting warhammer but have still never played one game

>> No.56401718

6th edition space marine. Not doing a single wound with every heavy weapon the entire game will do that to you.

>> No.56401729

I like that scheme. Reminds me of Morrowind

>> No.56401734

I didnt realize it was a shit picture until it was too late

>> No.56401735

That's ck

>> No.56401740

We're watching you...scum.

>> No.56401749

I know it will never happen but I want Nobz to be Troop choices in the new codex to free space in the Elites section and allow fun Bully BOyz lists.... I mean Tyranids have Warriors as troops choices....

>> No.56401751

>not going to /u/ to get your fill of cute girls doing cute things
The weakest race

>> No.56401754


Shit nigga depending on the codex that might be fair tho

>> No.56401764


That's kinda weird, but if just building and painting models makes you happy than that's cool man.

If anything it means that you're immune to the salt and worry that comes with changing rulesets and points costs like the people who actually play the game have to deal with.

>> No.56401765

Oh so you're saying
>have faith in the LAW, the LAW is always right, never wrong, unerring justice the LAW always prevails

So if someone punched you, or foddled your gf/sister/daughter you'd just tell them that you're going to sue/call the police, and run off? You really think clogging the justice system with trivial bullshit is to anyone's benefit (well maybe the judges, they're getting paid to judge)

>> No.56401766

It's honestly so bad it's perfect. Good meme material there.

>> No.56401767

Kinda figured /ck/ was the cuckolding board, I'm surprised we don't have one

>> No.56401771

>2d girls

into the trash it goes

>> No.56401778

Ok, this is hilarious.

>> No.56401788

no, I'm not. That's how we know you're a nigger. You're entirely incapable of understanding the question

>> No.56401799

We do have one, it's /fit/

>> No.56401802

food & cucking

>> No.56401806

>That's kinda weird,

I-is it? AM I really alone :(

and yeah I like building painting but I really want to play, I've tried having solo matches against myself but it's not the same but I can't face strangers at a store. I'm too self-conscious

>> No.56401809

>painting scheme on primaris
>primaris units in crusade organisation
I didn't even read this text
Also read Helbrecht's part

>> No.56401820

still getting my 6k painted to beat up on some 'umies

>> No.56401824

So what's the question. 2nd time now and you continue to avoid answering.

I've now proven it. You don't have a point. You're just meme'ing. Your next reply will be
>I'm not telling XDDDD

>> No.56401831

they should make it a cuck board for april fools

>> No.56401836

Where do you live anon?

>> No.56401837

>he wants to have a loving relationship and sex with women in real life and not idealized underage cartoon girls
What are you gay?

>> No.56401840

If Commander Shadowsun or a stealth suit assault a unit, do they automatically miss overwatch due to the -1 to hit? It doesn't specify a phase.

>> No.56401852

They should change /pol/ to /cuck/ for April fools
You know moot would do it if he was still on this plain of existence

>> No.56401856

Overwatch ignores modifiers.

So it always hits on a 6+

>> No.56401861

So, I want a big old pile of mk IV jump packs, because I'm making a blood angels 30k army and FW assault marines are too expensive for a generally subpar unit, conviniently, sanguinary guard use the same mk IV jump packs. But I doubt buying 2 packs of sanguinary guard for every ten marines is cost effective at all and bits sites are either overpriced to the point where it's more worth it to buy a full box, or they have none in stock.

Anybody know a way I could get a big old pile of sanguinary guard packs?

>> No.56401869

Read the rules and find out

>> No.56401875

what is moot even doing these days? I remember he was shilling for canv.ass for a while, did that fail? I haven't heard of moot or canv.ass ever since, so it's obviously not the next facebook.

>> No.56401876

There is on easy fix.

But things that might help
>keep your workspace clean.
That means no clutter, no half finished projects, no garbage etc. That way you can just sit down and do whatever when you feel like it without the need to clean up again.
Try to adapt best practices. Like packing your projects somewhere neatly organized so you can always put one thing away and start working on something else.
>forming habits
Try to do something, even if it's just putting down some sand on a base every day. Or every weekend. Or whatever schedule works for you.
>5minute rule
Try to make a promise to yourself that when you hit those scheduled times you just sit down and try to do something for 5 minutes. Sitting down is usually the hardest step. Once you start doing something you'll probably feel the motivation coming back.
>stop lurking
I spent a lot of times just staring at what other people do. Sometimes I catch myself and think I could have been working on something on my own the last 2 hours. So try to keep that in the back of your mind.

>> No.56401879

The codex has no fault, it was a terrible string of bad luck I have never seen since. After some games all lost due to extremely poor dice rools and the worst game I have ever seen (literally fifth turn without killing a single unit and only doing some wounds to troops) he failed a 4" charge.

He started stabbing the codex while saying something like
>Why the fuck do I even need a codex if I roll so much shit? Why the fuck rules even exist?

>> No.56401881


>you can take steps to minimise these risks, but you will never be free of them

let go of safety. your never safe. no one is.

not even right now.

some chucklefuck managed to blow up a gas station near where I live. he incinerated himself and the dumbass clerk who should have been watching him.

the explosion levelled everything in the immediate vicinity. including a refurbished corner store that was being used as a small ballet class room for some of the local youths as part of a community outreach program.

on the day of the detonation the class was ended a half hour earlier than normal because of a birthday party for one of the students that the teacher and the kids all went to attend.

ten minutes after they'd left the whole building was blasted to rubble.

after the explosion happened I went down as close as I could get to it through the safety cordon to have a look at the rubble, the building was fucking levelled.

I used to live on a street with a gas station not fifty feet from me when I was a kid. my family lived there for three years.

any one of those nights I could have died in my sleep if that thing went up.

I'm only alive due to pure chance, and so are you.

accept it or deny it.

>> No.56401885

This little shit kept getting upgrades through that chosen of the god stratagem and managed to punch Mortarion to death in one round.

>> No.56401891

You're thinking of /pol/

>> No.56401892

>being in 4chan
>not liking 2d over pigdisgusting 3d

>> No.56401897


>> No.56401905

No, I’d take out my gun and shot them, it’s my right as an American citizen to defend myself and my lifestyle.

Besides, isn’t uses the “women in distress” trope a little sexist? She can defend herself.

>> No.56401910


This. If you live near someone from /40kg/ I'm sure you can find someone who will do a tutorial/learning game with you or introduce you to their meta.

>> No.56401913

What does this have to do with anything? A drifting cloud of ether could hit earth at any moment and poison us all, and there's nothing we can do about it.

If you sit there shivering in fear over what might happen you're a pussy fullstop.

>> No.56401915

Anon, you have 30 Tartaros who can explicitly take a lightning claw and combi bolter.

>> No.56401929

Yeah where you at? If you're near me I'll play.

>> No.56401934

Warbosses aren't the melee powerhouse they used to be, that's for sure. On a side note, cool models.

>> No.56401940

Alpharius and Z both have MKIV packs

>> No.56401942


>> No.56401949

He works for google
Probably developing sleeper memes to help them with world domination

>> No.56401951

Is there a reason to take a chainfist over a power fist?

10 points for 1 extra rend and a certain 2 D doesn't seem all that worth it.

>> No.56401959

for real?
Nobody has a "right" to property, lest of all cunts that reek of shit

>> No.56401962


I've accepted my death.

I also collect cat pictures.

do you have any?

>> No.56401966

C.S. Goto has devolved to literally writing fluff about rape I see

>> No.56401967

Glad to hear it. I'm personally going to order another Vulcan, and an Omega from Z.

Going to attempt the poor choice of a 3Mach List.

>> No.56401971


> Have to be in the special snowflake treehouse to get an email for recasters

Shit is lame.

>> No.56401974

Making a new thread
Someone give me a /comfy/ picture to use as the OC so we can have a /comfy/ thread

>> No.56401976

man he is one creepy fuck, i like him

>> No.56401978

fuck i am retard
Also that whole business of Guilliman guilt tripping helbrecht about Dorn's sword makes no fucking sense, Dorn and Guilliman were almost enemies, and Sigismund would certainly have disagreed with Guilliman's strategies for the most part.

>> No.56401988

>Confirmed as a nigger.

>> No.56401989

>So many people falling for the bait.
There wasnt any newbness like this back in the old tg. God i feel old.

>> No.56401996


>> No.56401998

Remember when the shitposting was on topic?

I miss Carnac. He, in a perverse way, made sure everyone was at least talking about 40k.

>> No.56402006

Why do small claims courts require a fee to bring a suit? Why do most states require plaintiffs to present Pro Se in small claims?

Because despite there being laws against them, some offenses are too trivial to be worth the courts time. So there exists a barrier of entry to even small claims. The filing fee, showing up in court, and proving your case - in most states without a professional arguing your case for you - this is to incentivize people to work out the trivial shit between themselves.

This is trivial shit. If shitstank wants to work it out, he know where I'll be, when, and he can come work it out. If he wants to take his chances with small claims, it is by all means available to him. Just not a very promising route to take.

>> No.56402008


>> No.56402012


>> No.56402020


>> No.56402023


the site turned bitterer. we were always bitter but now we're bitterer.

>> No.56402026

are you seriously trying educate a nigger on the moral foundations of the legal system?

>> No.56402028


cutedar beats them all

>> No.56402036


New thread.

40k Waifu edition.

>> No.56402042

Not sure if I'm understanding the faction rules properly, can I run both codex: tyranids and genestealer cult units in the same detachment since they both have the tyranid faction?

>> No.56402054

thank you.

>> No.56402065

the question is WHY do they exist, for what purpose, to what end?

>> No.56402070

Who is this semen demon, that's not the girl from the original mega milk doujin.

also pic related.

>> No.56402083

Then dig like everyone else?

>> No.56402089

Honestly, he’s well within his rights to take compensation from you by force if you break his property.
It doesn’t matter if he’s a scrawny fuck, if he’s an American citizen he can buy and gun and then what are you going to do?
Get shot or surrender your army like a little bitch?

>> No.56402106

how bout chinaman scamming edition?

>> No.56402112

I touched on it in my post: To facilitate disputes between citizens. That's why it exists.

>> No.56402118


>> No.56402119

I want some Eldar /ss/ now.

>> No.56402135

Yes, but you will lose Cult Ambush and your Hive Fleet bonuses, so don't because that's retarded.

>> No.56402195

wait so you're saying it's perfectly fine to brick in your windows so longs as you don't know who did it?

>> No.56402209

thank you

>> No.56402243


Man that really hurt.

>> No.56402261

If you/stinky knew where I lived and were willing to risk the consequences, there's nothing I could do to stop it. There would be consequences though.

>> No.56402282

yeah yeah you'd chimp him to death or something. Thing is would it be morally okay for him, or indeed anyone to do so?

>> No.56402337

You put a brick through someone window, don't be surprised if you catch an assbeating for it. There's no morality involved. It's simple cause and effect.

>> No.56402351

So it's fine then. So long as someone is able to avoid retribution the action is perfectly acceptable

>> No.56402362

Property is spook

>> No.56402366

>I-is it? AM I really alone
Nah. Plenty of people just collect.
>and yeah I like building painting but I really want to play, I've tried having solo matches against myself but it's not the same but I can't face strangers at a store. I'm too self-conscious
Ah yes. Playing with yourself really isn't the same, is it?
Do you have any friends? Could just invite someone over to try out a game using your stuff.
Maybe you are lucky and you find someone else interested in your social circles.

>> No.56402425

why's that?

>> No.56402454

>perfectly acceptable

There is action, and there is reaction. By carrying out <action> you open yourself up to <reaction>. There is no acceptable or unacceptable. There is only, are you willing to take the risks and can you live with the consequences when they find you?

It's like ghandi said, there is orderliness in the universe. The price you pay for any action are the potential consequences, whatever they may be, for that action.

>> No.56402483


It's basically that Russian propaganda story (which I assume actually happened because spetznas are fucking hardcore) about the guy who got surrounded by ISIS and called an air strike on himself after a speech to command. In fact I bet that was the inspiration.

For those interested

Too lazy to read wiki but the speech is online on all the Ruski propaganda news outlets if it's not on wiki

>> No.56402513

>Prokhorenko had been on a mission to direct some of these Russian airstrikes at ISIS targets, when he was discovered and surrounded by ISIS forces.[3]He was ordered to move to safety before the air strike but told his commander he couldn't escape the area, before adding: "I am surrounded, they are outside, I don’t want them to take me and parade me, conduct the airstrike, they will make a mockery of me and this uniform. I want to die with dignity and take all these bastards with me. Please my last wish, conduct the airstrike, they will kill me either way. This is the end commander, thank you, tell my family and my country I love them. Tell them I was brave and I fought until I could no longer. Please take care of my family, avenge my death, goodbye commander, tell my family I love them".[5][6]


>> No.56402540

I fapped

>> No.56402543

So people have no rights c'ept the ones they can personally enforce?

>> No.56402555

> this is what retards actually believe
Ok dude. File a police report about your broken models. See how far that gets you. I bet the cops laugh in your fucking face.
Jesus this is how you can tell some pieces of shit here know nothing of the real world

>> No.56402564

>I want some Eldar /ss/ now.
you wil never be comforted by a eldar qt3.14

why even live?

>> No.56402565

I mean propaganda or not, he's not wrong. The various terrorist groups over there would have absolutely paraded his corpse around and filmed it.

>> No.56402605

People have no rights except those which ARE enforced.

You're getting hung on before and after, forget it.

>> No.56402641

So it' fine, so long as no one other than you is interested in your property I can violate it at will

>> No.56402708

I've seen a retard kid (~14) become so upset during an Apocalypse game he flung on of his metal Grey Knights across the store so hard the halberd pierced a box on a shelf. The faggot had to buy the box (some warhammer thing he didn't collect)

Many keks were had by everyone else.

>> No.56402778

So basically I should so whatever I want if I believe I can evade punishment?

>> No.56402805

Good job, breaking and remaking retards should be a lot more common.

>> No.56402819

that seems to be paint and glue anon's perspective yes

>> No.56402870

If it was you'd have lost your kneecaps years ago.

>> No.56402955

Teens are just children with way too much hormones that cause them to be even dumber than usual.

>> No.56403041

Go to /d/ instead, it's way more delightful.

>> No.56403173

You can violate it at will regardless. There is nothing stopping you. But there are consequences.

Again you're getting hung up on morality. Discard it, it's an illusion. There is no right or wrong, only do or do not. But remember that whatever happens to you, you brought it onto yourself. No crying.

>> No.56403178


>> No.56403257

Where? I haven’t seen that in an FAQ, unless I’m retarded (so maybe)

>> No.56403307

Any black dude in the hobby behaves better than this. I'm from Chicago. Being an assholes doesn't depend on race.

>> No.56403337

Unlikely, only socially maladjusted autists like you get bullied by people like me :^)

>> No.56403342

Space Muhren question

Can a tactical squad sergeant have both a combi melta and power sword or do I either have to choose a power weapon or special weapon?

>> No.56403489



>> No.56403515

No. Only CSM can do that.

>> No.56403677

Shit. I was looking cataphractii. Sorry. You could always use them as CSM. That's what I do.

>> No.56404207

You are on the wrong board to call anyone a socially maladjusted autist

Scratch that, wrong website entirely

>> No.56404298

you lads think this army is worth it for 650 CAD?

-Custom Display Block (you can just change the name!)
-Massive Bitz Box with Infantry, forge world, catachan, and other bitz
-Vehicle Bitz Box
-5x Custom “riot police” guardsmen conversions
-6x special weapons team (3x sniper)
-3x autocannon teams
-3x mortar teams
-20 OOP Kasrkin Storm Trooper (2x SGT with Power swords, 3x grenade launcher, 1x flamer, 2x meltagun
-1x chimera
-1x Leman russ (magnetized turret for demolisher included)
-20x UNPAINTED Infantry (2x sgt, 2x vox caster, 1x sniper, 1x heavy bolter team, 1x grenade launcher)
-Converted Platoon Command squad (uses FW bitz)
-Partially Painted Platoon HQ (2x palsma gun, medic, vox, powerfist)
-Command Squad (powerfist, missile launcher, vox caster)
-Command Squad (Painted - 2x sniper, 1x autocannon)
-Command Squad (Painted - Banner, vox, flamer, medic, power sword)
-Platoon Command Squad (plasma pistol & Power sword, 2x grenade launcher, vox)
-3x objective markers, Rambo Coversion (can also be used as priest), psyker, 5x ratlings, Master of Fleet)
-2x Infantry Squad (Painted - 1xplasma, 1x grenade launcher, 2x vox, 1x missile launcher, 2x SGT)

>> No.56404525

i bought a physical copy because fuck you, sadly the jokes on me because its awful

>> No.56404610

Go for it. Your money anyways.

>> No.56404680

any juicy shit in there

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