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First for summoning after disembarking.

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My imperial knight gains the benefits of a forgeworld when taken in an admech supreme command detachment correct?

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Rise of the Ynnari: Ghost Warrior share anyone?

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For the Imperi-OH SHI-!

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whos that dude on the right?

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Are Redemptors any good?

>> No.56392948

Lost phoenix lord

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Nope. Doesn't have the <Forge World> keyword so all you do is fuck your HQs out of their Canticles and Dogmas.


Ok, that explains that. Different cultures, I guess, although MtG seems like more of a money sink and a bit more dickish judging purely from the LGS players.

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The Cuck King.

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Wrong. On the Knight Datasheet, it has Imperium, Questor Mechanicus, (KNIGHTLY HOUSE). Forge World Doctrines apply only to units with the (FORGE WORLD) Keyword, i.e. skittles, servitors, tech priests.

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>Best Legion
>Dead Primarch
>Outdone by bugs

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Ah, thanks guys.

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Her bodyguard. he also love her and he has been friendzoned/cuckloded

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poor Tyrion :(

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dibs on the remains of pants.

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So I have been away for a trip and unfortunately missed the main bulk of tyranid codex discussion. I haven't had the chance to have a look for myself so what are /tg/s thoughts on it? Also any new cool fluff?

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what do people mean by dickish. In MtG you can get a life long ban from any event for acting the wrong way. The rules and how you can act, are very strickt. And they are even more strickt for tournament orgenisers, who have to do exams to keep their license and have the proper look and proper cloths on durning events. You won't find any t-shirt dread head running a pro tour .

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A lot of the new hive fleets are pretty kewl

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Nids shit pretty hard on Chaos in it. There's even a black hive fleet that gets welfare given to it by the other fleets. Genestealers are pretty strong.

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Guten tag

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Long waited White Dwarf.


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You've either never been to FNM, or you're a cardboard collecting babby cover for the autists you associate with

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oh fucking finally, thank you

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thank you, may your dice roll true

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well few days ago i watched batrep by some dark artisan fella, salamander chad marines vs nids and nids destroyed 3/4 of the chad army with 1st turn charges and new shooting before they even had a change to take their first turn.

cant wait for my first game with these beasties

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Tschuss kleiner Freund.
I have been most weeks for the last 4 or so years, all people seem very respectable and helpful. That is why I am suprised at the supposed dickish behaviour. As said before, I don't know how this works in w40k, but in MtG if you behave bad or cheat, you can end up with a life long ban, and no one wants that.

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He's an exarch who have nothing to do, have accomplish absolutely nothing worthwhile in his life, he got upset because his student didn't want to be his successor and left (yeah wonder why who wouldn't flee from this creep). So he finally found his truly life goal : to creepily stalk his student until the end of time. What a worthless sack of shit.

Why didn't they make this dude a woman, that way it would make him look less creepy and trash.

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Only when you deny the holocaust

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Es wird "Tschüss" geschrieben, Sie Vollpfosten!!!

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What a nasty, vulgar dialect

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What should I accept out of a tournament?

I've never been to one before and this Saturday I'll be at a 10 man 1000 points thing. It's going to be just 3 rounds.

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Dumb phoneposter

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T'au codex when???

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Autism and WAACfags

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is it possible to play dark eldar without being a edgelord

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>wierd boy for da jump
>boy spam
>some gunz

add in a 2nd wierd boy and this list is solid anon, i think the dakka jet isnt needed

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Yes, but for some reason edgelords flock to them and slannesh

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Thanks, can't wait to get my hands on the codex.

Also as a side note it feels only logical and sensible that the hive mind invests a significant amount of resources on the preservation of biomass for later consumption in the face of a real thread which provides no benefit.

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Whats the best loadout for a Walkrant?
And yes, before you say anything, I know perfectly well tha Flyrants, once again "inhales deeply" are superior to them in every way. But seriously, fuck Flyrants. I hate their look, I hate that they're better than my patrician walkrants, and I hate that its been this way since forever.

Ok, rant over.
So, just like last edition, I'm going to field my Walkrant because I think he's awesome. So what kind of shit do I give him?

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made me remember spoonys story about the roleplaying game association (leaping wizards), no fun allowed whatsoever.

i miss spoony

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If you were to believe leakers like a retard, it would have been out in october
Reminder that people who leak dates are always full of shit

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>is it possible to play 40k without being a edgelord

>> No.56393221

No, embrace the edge

One of the funnest guys I play with always comes in wearing fingerless gloves and leather trench coats whenever he plays DE

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Tyrion at least fucked Everqueen and Malekith's mum(best MILF in fantasy)
Visarch is King of Cuckold and Friendzone

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A common problem with Primaris, turns out playing 20-30+ points per wound across the army doesn't work out when you go second.

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RIP Spoony

>> No.56393245

I do too, real shame he went over the cuckoo's nest, I loved counter monkey

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Thank you anon

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It's nice to know my codex came out a month ago. I wonder how tau players are enjoying it.

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i dont want to be an edgelord. i just like their sails and cyberpunk feel.

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I'm actually a dumb computer poster.

Was writing an email to my boss while writing this post and ended up writing a little of what I wanted to write to him here.

I was thinking of getting a second weirdboy for warpath and using that then da jumping them but at the same time using my warboss, he allows me to basically charge turn one sometimes.

The Dakkajet is more there to take out weak units or light vehicles and get that first blood or try to soak up some attacks while my troops move forward.

My second idea is removing the dakkajet and warboss and replacing it with Boss Zug and 15 stormboyz or just adding more mek gunz.

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>the hideous moldline on the shoulder

I dont understand people who convert yet skip the basics.

>> No.56393277

Do it ironically. That's how I play Night Lords.

>> No.56393280

Makes me worry about what you sent your boss in that case
>tfw your idiot employee sends you shitposts by email

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>i dont want to be an edgelord
> i just like their . . . cyberpunk feel.

It's too late for you.

>> No.56393289

Maybe they're like me and utterly blind to moldlines.

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I think Daemons are coming out in January after the two Sperg Angel releases so obviously after that. I'd guess they or Necrons will be next based on nothing other than assuming they will do a xenos codex after doing 1 loyalist and 2 chaos ones like the next 3.

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Grüessech mitenand

>> No.56393300

Thats not an edgelord
Get your buzzwords in order, soldier

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must be nice

>> No.56393305

Embrace the darkness anon

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Would anyone be upset if I played my original© Donut Steel™ marine chapter as BT, even though they're obviously not BT and I don't use any of their characters?
I just want to play melee/short range marines, but don't like angel wings and blood sucking that much

Also, any tip on playing melee Marines? I heard Vanguard Vets are much better than Assault Marines. How to kit them out? 5 men or 10?
How about Crusader squads in Land Raiders?
>inb4 don't, it's shit
I know that and don't really care

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Luckily it looks all right to me at the moment.

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How do you pronounce t'au

>> No.56393341

>not edgy

>> No.56393343

I should wear lip stick and gel my hair when playing eldar.

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nicht mit der keyboard die ich habe Freund.
well at least he is not saxon. brrrr.... the dialect of the devil... where women had pussies aligned sideways beer is warm, and pigfeets are served cold.

maybe he just gay? and in to here in a poliamoric fashion.

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>> No.56393354

with three parenthesis i presume

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>Those wiggly skulls
Man, those guys must have been weeeeeird looking when they were still alive.

>> No.56393364

Literally eveyone will stab you. Actually, just do it.

>> No.56393372

>best legion

>> No.56393385

that or a dress

>> No.56393388

All we need now is some crazy orange man with their sss or ooo, because one S is never enough. Bin ich der einziger der nah an sterben ist in 'nen Zoo in Holland?

>> No.56393395

ˈvī(-ə)l ˈzēˌnäs

>> No.56393397

Space Wolves have a lot of tools to play melee marines.

>> No.56393402

Dress like David Bowie instead.

>> No.56393409

>but for some reason
yeah, I wonder why that is...

>i just like their sails and cyberpunk feel
That word doesn't mean what you think it means.

>all edgy things are edgelords
That's like saying all english people are the King of England.

>> No.56393423

>Dress like David Bowie instead.
I mean, you should probably do that either way.

>> No.56393424

Some people are just tend to miss obvious details.

For instance, you missed the sticky tack holding this figure together. I'm not going to scrape the moldlines off arms I might not use; I'm going to dry-fit the thing, make adjustments, maybe use a different arm if the current ones look wrong, ensure the pose looks natural, and THEN trim the mold lines.

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>Would anyone be upset if I played my original© Donut Steel™ marine chapter as BT?
The marine codex literally says to use whatever tactics best fit your army if you play your own chapter. If anybody complains about something like that, your "Yellow Flag Faggot Incoming" warning should pop up immediatly.

>Also, any tip on playing melee Marines?
If you're gonna play BT tactics, go for lots of deepstriking units. Vanguard Veterans with Jumppacks are good for dishing out the hurt to infantry, while Stormshield/Hammernators are great for tanking and killing monsters and vehicles.

Just realize, though, that marines are, as always "jack of all trades, master of none".
That means in a straight up fight, your melee units will ALWAYS be inferior to pretty much anybody else's units. I'd recommend getting a couple fire support units just to be able to deal with something scary like that.

Also, Ironclad Dreadnoughts. T8 is fucking amazing vs small arms fire in particular, and they clock in at under 150 points, so they're pretty cheap to boot.

>> No.56393447

Crisis averted for now.

>> No.56393457

What is the best cost/benefit box set?

What is the best cost/benefit starter box set?

>> No.56393462

>not spending a few seconds to scrape moldlines on a mini you're showing off
>implying there's not moldlines on the legs and mortar shell, which are glued to the base already

I'm just saiyan

>> No.56393472

They can't take away boobplate if they don't update the models!

>> No.56393474

Its called 40k for a reason , to keep poorfags away.

>> No.56393481

1. nobody with a brain will care (they might thank you for not being RG)
2.Vets with dual chainswords seems to be the go to, keep them in 5 man groups unless you are buffing (less losses to battle shock and more attacks via more sergeants)
3.land raiders are pricey as fuck, you're much better off with rhinos/razorbacks

>> No.56393484

dark eldar is cyberpunk as fuck.

the hellions especially.

>> No.56393490

Found the fag who uses Space Rangers instead of Space Marines.
Get a well paid job already

>> No.56393492

duncan playlist still broken

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>> No.56393501

I mean, he wuz, tho.

>> No.56393503

Normal human beings wouldn't care if you were playing a literal space wolves army painted in salamanders colors as ultramarines so long as the wargear is WYSIWYG.

Non-autistic people don't give a fuck what color your models are so long as they are painted and your list is legal.

>> No.56393513


Well, what faction speaks to you? Having fun playing > winning tourneys. And correct kenof I'm wrong the number of people making a loving off this particular franchise are ones painting models, not winning tourneys.

>> No.56393516

Admech start collecting and Tau start collecting are the best box sets and dark imperium is ridiculous for a starter set

>> No.56393518

>so long as they are painted
Normal people don't even care about that.

>> No.56393528

Normal people do care about that. People who don't are trading card game players.

>> No.56393532

please excuse my autism but I'm not sure how many levels of irony you're on.
I actually never really considered that. I'm not sure how possible it is to play them semi-WYSIWYG while avoiding all the wolf-wolfing though. I'll investigate

>> No.56393536


How? In a good way?

>> No.56393542

>cant ruin the models if they never make any
Wise words.

>> No.56393545

I dunno, about 7 or 8

>> No.56393555

on am not hearing voices, or do you mean like? I like how the Kharadronoverlords look like, also the imperial knights. But the knights cost 500$ with tax. And am assuming that 3 make out the army, and you don't need more.

>> No.56393565

Normal people do care, but only if you have a reason for half your army to be unpainted.

For me, I got a friends skitarii admech army (2000 points) and it was only half pained at the time. I've recently have chipped away at the thing but it's still an undertaking if you got other shit to worry about.

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>> No.56393567

Dark imperium comes with a full rulebook that goes for $60 and over $300 worth of miniatures for 170 bucks

>> No.56393591


Look, Sisters of Battle were mentioned in White Dwarf now. GW is doing enough to keep them relevant and updated, I don't know what more you fags want.

>> No.56393616

Buying all of the minis separate comes to about $120ish. The dunecrawler alone is around $60.

>> No.56393617

Thanks for the advice
>Vanguard Veterans with Jumppacks are good for dishing out the hurt to infantry,
shoukd I just take them with the default chainsword for +1A or are power weapons a must? Is running multiple squads of them with chainswords and the occasional thunderhammer in case of big monster/tank a good idea?
>I'd recommend getting a couple fire support units just to be able to deal with something scary like that.
That was the plan. Any suggestion on the support units?
>Ironclad Dreadnoughts
I considered a Venerable Dread for ranged support but I guess there's no such thing as too much boxnaughts

>> No.56393619

What good is a Hive Crone, looks like 161 points for a sack of flying garbage?

>> No.56393629

it makes a really good sack of flying garbage.

>> No.56393657

Sadly that is true.
I would rather see the entire line shelved rather than them changing the design.
The design makes sense in universe and in practicality.
Boob plate is there to show that they are the daughters of the emperor and the boots dont have the retarded high heels for practical reasons (aside from the veridyan which has the ugly crab heels)

>> No.56393660

>dark eldar is cyberpunk as fuck.
Dark Eldar aesthetic is glam metal mixed with (an ever increasing amount) of Hot Topic goth attire and random BDSM accoutrements. While any of those things might show up in a given piece of cyberpunk fiction, none of them really belongs to that aesthetic.

I mean, there's the cybernetic augmentation aspect, I guess, but almost every 40k faction has a healthy dose of that. If you actually look at well-known cyberpunk works though (neuromancer, blade runner, the matrix, judge dredd, 12 monkeys, ghost in the shell, transmetropolitan, etc) and extrapolate it forward 40k years, you'd expect something a lot closer to admech than DE.

I mean, hell, dark eldar have shiny things. NOTHING in cyberpunk is new enough to be shiny unless it's a neon billboard ad or the latest model of killbot being rolled out by The Corporation.

>> No.56393664

>white woman

>> No.56393666

yes in a good way, im in Canada so my prices are higher but basically the rulebook is $70 and both factions models are around $200ish each if bought separately but the dark imperium set only costs $190 and given the popularity of the included factions you can easily resell or trade one of the factions to get more stuff for the one you plan on keeping

>> No.56393668

Alright, muh Nidbro's. Tell me wheither or not my list is FUN

Hive Fleet Trait: Jormungandr
2000/2000 points; 7 CP

+ Battalion Detatchement +


>Hive Tyrant with Rending Claws, Toxin Sacs, 2 Devourers and the Jormungandr RAAAWWR relic because its fucking cool
>Old One Eye

>20 Genestealers
>10 Termagaunts
>10 Termagaunts

Heavy Support:
>Trygon Prime
>3 (THREE) Screamer Killers with Spore Cysts

+ Spearhead Detatchement +

>Neurothrope with the Jormungandr Warlord Trait (Units within 3" ignore cover

>3 Hive Guards with Impaler Cannons

Heavy Support
>3 Biovores
>Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon

So, explanation:
>Gunline sits in the back and shoots, everything has ignores cover, the Biovores and Hive Guards sit out of LOS, while the Tyrannofex and Exocrine enjoy their magnificent T8 2+ Land Raider level durability.
>Gaunts used for deep strike area denial and just sit on objectives before they get blown to bits (if anybody should even ever consider shooting at the miserable little chaps)
>The Trygon and Stealers are a huge DISTRACTION CARNIFEX that pop up wherever I need them; I dont charge the turn I show up since I want to keep my armor save (on that note, does anybody see 40ish points I can drop to give the Stealers +1 to their saves?)
>The MONSTER MASH WRECKING BALL led by the Tyrant and OOE just smash their way through anything they feel like, I also think T7 Carnifexes with -1 to hit and a 2+ armor save should make them annoying as fuck to remove
>I took Screamer Killers since I cant advance with the Fexes without losing the Jormungandr trait, so I wanted something to shoot with without sacrificing melee power
>FUN SPOOKY SHENANIGANS with the Screamer Killers, my Tyrants Relic and the Horror, giving any unit within 6" a minimum -2 to their morale

And there you have it, guys.
How badly will I lose with this list?

>> No.56393672

>I dunno, about 7 or 8
Wow, by the standards of this board, that's actually really sincere.

>> No.56393684

Thoughts on this guy?

Seems a bit 'ehh'.

>> No.56393697

I was thinking of running a sporocyst in my nids army, but I can't for the life of me figure out its basing.

Does it plop on the group without a base? Do the armour plates sticking out block units from moving through them? If I sit the plates flush against the body and cut the bottoms off so it sits on the ground properly, is this tournament legal?

What parts of its body count for blocking LoS?

I'm so confused by this model.

>> No.56393714

>Multiple Hive Fleets

>> No.56393719

>I mean, hell, dark eldar have shiny things. NOTHING in cyberpunk is new enough to be shiny unless it's a neon billboard ad or the latest model of killbot being rolled out by The Corporation.

thats not even true in fucking neuromancer.

>> No.56393722

Thoughts on this new CSM "soup" flavour?
The idea is to cover the DG crawlers with nurgle AL cultists while DPs rack up a kill count and make the Epidemius buff everything up. Looks pretty strong to me.

>> No.56393723

(fluff talk) Could a Lord Commissar ever hope to defeat pic related one on one with a standard loadout (powersword/fist and a Bolt pistol)?

If not, whats the largest nid a regular human could hope to fight one on one, win, and live to tell the tale? (Once again, in the lore)

>> No.56393729

He's cool. I like him.

>> No.56393731

>Seems a bit 'ehh'.
More like "a bit LMFAO".

I don't know how they do it, but every time I think those boys have released the silliest damn thing imaginable, they manage to break through that ceiling and top it again. Fucking genius.

>> No.56393767

It could happen through a fluke, but never on the Commissars own merits in a one on one. Broodlords/Patriarchs are among the nastiest critters in the galaxy in that size category.

The largest nid a human with military equipment could conceivably take on solo in close combat is a warrior, but that would basically require protagonist power for a normal human.

>> No.56393768

Epidemus only buffs nurgle daemons, anon. ..

>> No.56393771

Is the land raider Achilles Worth it?

430 points for a T8, 19 wound beast with a 2+/4++ and a bunch of melta and that quad launcher seems nice, but on the flip side that’s a hefty chunk of change, and it’s only able to carry six guys. Has anyone used one?

>> No.56393773

I'm only running Jormungandr tho, anon.
Two Jormungandr Detatchements.

Gud meme tho

>> No.56393778

>thats not even true in fucking neuromancer.
I was being a little hyperbolic there, but what are you talking about specifically? Molly's shiny plastic pants in the matrix-ripoffy remake of Johnny Mneumonic that will come out in 2022?

>> No.56393787

Is the Commissar the protagonist of his own BL book? If so, is it part of a series?

>> No.56393797

Power Swords over Chainswords increase their damage by 70% marines and 0% vs Guardsmen. Dual Lightning Claws are a 125% increase vs meq and about 47% increase vs guard.

Each single attack with a Thunder hammer avgs around 1.2 damage vs t7/3+ vehicles withing a chaplains aura. So you need the sergeant and about 3 other guys with one to wreck a vehicle.

Its usually a good idea to stick some Storm Shields in your unit to roll -ap attack against first.

>> No.56393805

Don't know about Power sword/fist/pistol, but Hero of the Imperium, Commissar Cain held his own against one with a chainsword and a laspistol for long enough for a melta to get close.
But then again, Cain killed CSM, Hive Tyrants, Warriors and a Daemon Prince.

>> No.56393810

It will never die. The most durable LR around.
The only difficulty in using it is the points cost and it's £80 from FW.

>> No.56393813

Venom/Miasma Cannon and Rending Claws/Scythes are a ok builds.

>> No.56393820

why's his diaper sagging to his knees?

>> No.56393826

>Epidemus only buffs NURGLE DAEMONS
Yeah and that's what DPs and Crawlers are.

Everything else is essentially support for them.

>> No.56393841

>weird wording on the rules
>no consistent descriptions (add one vs add 1, etc.)
>nothing is organized, alphabetically or otherwise
>more likely to introduce unbalanced units than not
Why does every Forgeworld book seem poorly made?

>> No.56393845

>It will never die. The most durable LR around.
Kinda ironic considering the namesake.

They probably should have made it the only LR with soft rear armor.

>> No.56393848

You guys lied to by saying that T'au cannot into melee.

In the T'au short story that was released today a young Ethereal duel trains with a couple of Kroot warriors and defeats them both.

As the story progresses he ends up fighting genestealer hybrids. Casuall striking them down with his honour blade/staff He even slays a genestealer aberration by lunging and smashing its head with his combat staff.

>> No.56393859

4 bonesabres, becusae thats what the only good walkrant comes with

>> No.56393860

Yeah, fair enough. My thought is load it up with something nasty and charge upfield, stick a techmarine right next to him, and make the tankiest fire magnet in the imperium.

>> No.56393863

Its the same reason the Blitzkrieg ran out of gas.

>> No.56393874

>deepstrike: place a unit 9" from an enemy unit

does that count vertical distance?

>> No.56393875

If you like the list give it a go. I love the idea of a fuckload of daemon princes rampaging across the board. I own an epidemus, and usually I am wary to run him in 3/4 daemon lists.

It's cause if the non-daemon units kill any enemy units , it doesn't contribute towards the buff.

>> No.56393878

The trick is leaving the heel out entirely

>> No.56393879

The crunch for it is within what I'd consider usable. The problem with it is people will tie it up in melee all the time.

>> No.56393891

its 9" sphere. Base to base

>> No.56393894

Wow almost as if some digital short is meant to jerk the pickledick of whatever guy its written about
Really makes me wonder, thinkers working overtime on this one

>> No.56393906

>trains with kroot
>smites some alien abomination based on his own inferior genes
oh wow, impressive.

>> No.56393907

He's a baaaaaaad motherfucker.

>> No.56393912

* golf clap *

>> No.56393919

Ethereals do fight in melee, they have only melee options. Aun'shi is especially good at it. Most T'au aren't.

>> No.56393924

Model to model actually.

>> No.56393928

>its 9" sphere. Base to base

so yesish?


>> No.56393929

>Mfw I have 20 Vic Lamb Beastmen coming in

>> No.56393934

pretty sure you were supposed to answer he was like a little baby

So, I should throw some storm shields in dedicated anti-infantry (cheap chainswords or dual lightning claws) or anti-tank (lots of thunder hammers) squads.
Thanks for the advice.

>> No.56393936

They were human abominations.

And Kroot are lethal in melee even to marines.

>> No.56393944

holy fuck that visor is really cool looking.

>> No.56393954

Good point about what contributes to the buff. I'll make sure to remember that.
This list will be my competitive list after the inevitable Malefic Lord, rumored Smite nerf and it can take advantage of the upcoming Daemons codex also.

>> No.56393973

Ethereals are the only ones with a melee skill above a grot. That has always been the case.

>> No.56393988

What is the rumor about the malefic lord smite nerf? 1d6 to smite?

>> No.56393992

>Why does every Forgeworld book seem poorly made?
>seem poorly made

I have news for you, anon

>> No.56393994

> "Distances in Warhammer
40,000 are measured in
inches (") between the
closest points of the bases
of the models you’re
measuring to and from."

From the main rulebook.

>> No.56393996

That nurgling model is so fucking great.

>> No.56394013

Just a rumor, but it may be capped to 3 per turn which combined with inevitable malefic lord point increase will kill the old chaos soup meta.

>> No.56394021

>smite nerf?
3 smites per psy phase per army, pretty unlikly, no evidence for it

>> No.56394024

LoS problems are fixed now that every model is only 5mm high.

>> No.56394031

|I think that proves that T'au are not inherently bad at melee. Only their lack training really holds them back.

I mean can you tell of a normal unaugmented human who can duel a group of Dark Eldar and their pets to a standstill? You can't. Ergo, T'au are a melee race but is being held back by their civility.

>> No.56394039

So if I put some fly shit ontop of a 9" building next to something it can guarantee a charge?

>> No.56394045

Does gw hate thousand sons /tzeentch this much?

Rule of 1 + potentially capped 3 smites.

Give me a break

>> No.56394055

Into the trash it goes, smite lives on

>> No.56394056

>I mean can you tell of a normal unaugmented human who can duel a group of Dark Eldar and their pets to a standstill? You can't.

>> No.56394059

they're also super weak and have bad reaction time.

>> No.56394064


>> No.56394067

Go read the rules for vertical distance

>> No.56394070

I think tzeentch/TS/GK squads will be able to bypass it somehow if that happens, but probably would still apply to character smite.

>> No.56394082

It was their bad reaction time they prevents them from CC. They have problems with their eyes and rapid tracking. This only applies to the Firecast however. The Ethereal cast probably does not have this problem.

>> No.56394089

He is trying to say that there are no examples of unaugmented humans in 40k showing exceptional dueling skills. And that that means that T''''''''''''''''''''au'''''''''' are inherently better at close combat than humanity.

>> No.56394102

Scythes of Tyran on a Hive Tyrant seems to put Behemoth over the others. Lets you make a HVC + Scythes tyrant that deepstrikes then you can reroll your 8+ charge. 2 shots and 6 attacks at s7 plus you pop Voracious appetite should get you a kill on most stuff. Plus the other Bio-artefacts seems to suck.

>> No.56394104

I hope they will make exception for already nerfed GK smite or they will kill my army with this

>> No.56394105

would be cool to get some auto combat drone or something that helps tau fight. like armor that blocks for them.

god imagine punching a tau though or fighting one. they're probably like fighting a drunk.

>> No.56394108

Your average Krieger hits better than T'''''au commanders.

>> No.56394110

>|I think that proves that T'au are not inherently bad at melee. Only their lack training really holds them back.
Except the different castes are extremely different physically and mentally. That's like arguing because fire warriors are good at shooting, a water caste could out shoot a guardsman
>I mean can you tell of a normal unaugmented human who can duel a group of Dark Eldar and their pets to a standstill?
Who is sly marblo? Or most other catachans? Or feral worlders? Or many gangers? Though that depends entirely on the scenario, a basic kabalite warrior could be taken down by many different groups from humanity

>> No.56394122

>malefic lord
What are malefic lords? Kinda out of the loop

>> No.56394128

You went from retard to b8 & retard real quick there

>> No.56394129


>> No.56394138

The Forge World suits used to come with claymores on their knees.

>> No.56394142

renegades and heretics version of primaris psykers

30 points for a 4 wound t3 4++ psyker, but if it perils and survives it becomes S8 ap-2 2 damage 5 attacks WS2+ aswell

>> No.56394154

Catachans would like to talk with you sir

>> No.56394159

It's just Ethereals, Anon. Fire Warriors are very bad at it, even with training. They are slow and clumsy.

>> No.56394164

30-point psyker with 4++ and 4W. If it gets hit with perils and survives, it turnes into a mini-DP.
Oh, and his wargear is literally a pair fo bare fists, which is amazing.

>> No.56394168

Thanks anon, didn't even know r&h rules existed

>> No.56394169

the sword or the bomb?

but I don't think answering will help clarify.

>> No.56394178

I have a RAW question, in case I come across this.

Since Detachments can unlock Stratagems for other Detachments, this means Ynnari could gain access to Craftworld Stratagems.

One of them, Fire and Fade, is used in the Shooting Phase to let an Eldar unit move after shooting.

Soulburst lets a Ynnari unit take an action. One such action is to Shoot "as though it were the Shooting Phase." One Psychic Power, Word of the Phoenix, lets a Ynnari unit immediately Soulburst.

Could an Eldar Jetbike unit shoot via Word of the Phoenix, Fire and Fade (since the unit shot "as if it was the Shooting Phase"), shoot again in the Shooting Phase, then Fire and Fade a second time?

>> No.56394179

Isn't that what epherala stern did. To a point where Vect though she was a dark elf witch, and was shocked when she took of the wych gimp mask showing a human face.

>> No.56394183

you would think they are in IA: Chaos, but no they are in IA: Astra Militarum

>> No.56394185

that sounds really fun

>> No.56394186

I don't know, which is more related to the pic he posted, you think?

>> No.56394200

Except if you bring even one, you get called a WAACfag. I bring two with three squads of sniper marauders.

>> No.56394218

I didn't say I agree, I just translated the retard-speak into more proper english

>> No.56394220

What's there to miss? He's still THERE he just doesn't DO anything.

>> No.56394232

do they trigger eachother when they aoe?

>> No.56394235

Gee whiz I wonder

>> No.56394236

Honestly I think they'd be fine at 40pts. Considering the way gw is going with psykers balance.

>> No.56394246

>Except if you bring even one, you get called a WAACfag
Yes, because it's under-costed as fuck for what you get.

>> No.56394252

Fun until there's some 13 of them on the board roaming about

>> No.56394282

Nah, they should be 50 points minimum.

>> No.56394292

Play any games recently? How'd they go for you?

My last game was terrible. My Necrons got shot off the board by fucking Tyranids. The new Chronos rules are good, but I think I lost because I forgot to define the terrain and he went and placed his two exocrines on top of what should have been impassable terrain, destroying my LoS blocking deployment. When he couldnt balance his models there, I ended up getting blown away by poker chips.

I dont know what I expected, really. The guy is the most annoying person in the store. I rather play against the kids that wander up and ask us what we're up to.

>> No.56394318

It's not like there's anything left for him to do. His Ultima project probably encompassed the last really big chunk of what he's experienced with. If there was any other youtuber that he hadn't fucked over left they would've invited him to do something. He hasn't even fixed his fucking website issues in two years. It's over.

>> No.56394322

>I rather play against the kids that wander up and ask us what we're up to.
course you would, would be easier

>> No.56394323

I mean they are basically just shitty spiritseers. They normally don't perils, to 9ften.

>> No.56394337


Overpriced shit. I bet he can't even negate enemy cover and takes HQ slot, right?

>> No.56394342

If there was another HQ available for my marauders, I would've taken it. But Coven and Commander both suck dick.

>> No.56394344

Haven't played since 6th and looking to try again. Are normal space marines on bigger bases now? Like, what comes in the tactical marine boxes? Do I need to rebase my old dudes?

>> No.56394355

Easier in the sense that I dont think a kid would even try to place a gigantic oval base on top of a gnarled aquarium branch and call it legit, sure.

>> No.56394358


>> No.56394359


Missing pic

>> No.56394360

32mm and no you dont

>> No.56394362

I have a strict rule for terrain features like that. It goes "no"

I played against index nids last week. Murdered them off the table by turn 3 after some rousing assaults. My big win was annihilating the 30 devil gaunt blob and the plasma bug on turn 1.

Fun game.

>> No.56394367

yep, they are 32mm now

>> No.56394378

not as good, half the cost but no invuln, no hulk mode and only rolls 1d6 for smite

>> No.56394381

No, T'au are said to have similiar strength to humans. It's their eye focus reaction that's slow. It can be beaten by training.

The Fire Caste are said to be the most physically strong caste. Meaning they should be more able than the Ethereals.

>Who is sly marblo? Or most other catachans? Or feral worlders? Or many gangers? Though that depends entirely on the scenario, a basic kabalite warrior could be taken down by many different groups from humanity

None are equal to an Eldar in speed or let alone match a group of them and a gaggle of pets in melee.

The truth is in the putting. T'au are a melee race robbed of its potential.

>> No.56394387

Played a 2v2 game with a bunch of friends, 3000 points.
I played marines, (borrowed pretty much all the models for the game, though since I didnt have enough myself yet). I had a couple characters buffing the fuck out of a tank park of Razorbacks, Predators and Vindicators.
My ally brought 120 ork boys and grot artillery.

We went up against Space Wolves spamming Longfangs, bikes and Thunderwolves, alongside and Imperium soup list that featured 50 consrcripts, 3 Stormravens and a Land Raider.

Game was pretty fun, but we really got fucked over by the mission since it was the "night fighting" one (which completely fucked over my army and my allies artillery).
We lost, but we had a pretty good smash in the middle of the board with all our stuff. Best part was when my lone scout seargent survived a 5-man SW bike bloodclaw squad with chainswords charging him (15 or more attacks I think), and then killed one of them with his combat knife.

>> No.56394391

Speaks to you as in the asthetics are pleasing.
"I wanna play knights".
Well that's a problem isn't it? That would be a centerpiece for my army, the final bit before I say "no more, this is as big as it gets."
Might wanna check eBay or your local equivelant for used ones so you can grab the base model and the grab weapons later.
As it sets in just poking around sites for older necron models myself as I don't like the asthetics of the new canoptek spiders and wraiths. It'll take a while but that's part of the fun.

>> No.56394395

>When he couldnt balance his models there, I ended up getting blown away by poker chips

>> No.56394406

>terrain arguments
Ouch. Yeah, lousy reason to lose.

I had two games yesterday. First game was vs death guard. We tried out the Sudden Death cards in my Only War deck, but he drew a hard one and combined with lousy tactics he got tabled at the bottom of turn 2. He said he had fun, though.

Second game was vs codex nids. Deployment and scenario cards turned the game into the end of Zulu, literally a bastion of friendlies surrounded on all sides by Nids, with the officer ordering Rank Fire over and over to stem the chittering tide.

Nid player demonstrated bad target priority and left my special weapons intact, focusing on my massed infantry. He had to call the game from time just before I blasted his carnifex with five meltaguns.

I was winning by points at the time, so he conceded.

>> No.56394413

>I have a strict rule for terrain features like that. It goes "no"
For some reason I assumed the guy would be a reasonable opponent, but I'll be sure to clarify this in the future when playing random people in our league.

>My big win was annihilating the 30 devil gaunt blob and the plasma bug on turn 1.
Which army?

>> No.56394418

Tabled nids without losing a single model with my Orks, it was a while ago though. Set up a kill zone with lootas and flash gitz, didn't stop firing until bugs took off
I also wanna get more stuff painted up but I really dont like painting and assembling stuff like Lootas because there's so much garbage going on.
I'd much rather work on my Custodes.. actually, I'll just do that instead

>> No.56394434

>I have shitty eyes but if I just train hard enough I won't need to use glasses anymore
Lmaoing @ ur life

>> No.56394455

Reality/lore speaks for itself.

>> No.56394468

>named character wins despite the odds
>news at eleven

>> No.56394475

>Game was pretty fun, but we really got fucked over by the mission since it was the "night fighting" one (which completely fucked over my army and my allies artillery).
I swear I draw this every time we play the open war deck.

Pretty much.

Sounds like a good time, so many nids players getting back into things. I had several other games against Tyranids that were much better for me, but I find it funny that most of the players armies here are freshly scrubbed grey plastic.

>> No.56394476

Keep trying, lil' fella, maybe someone will eventually care

>> No.56394479

It wasn't despite the odds. He was killing Orks casually. Dancing around them and striking them down.

>> No.56394486

Well, which is it?

>> No.56394489

>Fantasy setting that started out as a reference and parody of almost everything

top kek

>> No.56394500

Yep they're on 32mm bases and nah you don't need to change them.

All three response say this, at least in pieces

>> No.56394510

>if eldar trained hard enough they can all be phoenix lords
>if imperium trained hard enough they can all be the emperor
>if orks fight - well maybe that ones true

>> No.56394511

> swear I draw this every time we play the open war deck.
Yeah, its a fucking terrible mission.
We agreed that next time we roll it, we'll either just let it count for the turn 1, OR we just reroll it cause it makes the game so much less fun to play for everybody.

>> No.56394513

>you must use the base the model was supplied with
Good luck with those FW titans!

>> No.56394517

I'd be happier with him if he wasn't such a trash talker.

Okay, I get it. Your codex just came out, get hype. But don't talk like you haven't lost half your army before you get into melee with me, the overconfidence is grating.

Maybe next time I'll bring a Hellhound or two and show you what REAL firepower is.

>> No.56394527

>you must use the base the model was supplied with
Thank you

>> No.56394534

This guy shut down the tau retard at square one
but you spergchieftains couldn't help but go and reply over and over. Get a hold of yourselves

>> No.56394539


looks like ill be going straight into melee with my fire warriors in my first match, since tau are confirmed melee army now :^)

>> No.56394548

>>Maybe next time I'll bring a Hellhound or two and show you what REAL firepower is.

you sound like a kids t.v. show villlain

>> No.56394552


No games recently, but am painting my way through my backlog.
Only a handful more projects to go!

>> No.56394555

Just wait till you see the Farsight Sept!
>inb4 reroll 1's to hit in melee

>> No.56394560

You put minis on the base size they come with
You dont need to take them off of their 25mm bases but if you get new ones they come with 32mm bases.
This isn't rocket science, dumbshit

>> No.56394572

My last game was a 2000pt Three way between death guard and SoB (with black templars) against my world eaters and khorne daemons
dg player used a shit ton of nurglings and basically made it so no one could go anywhere until turn 2 when me and the sisters player tore through them, sister player stay back and shot us both till the end, My 30 man bloodletter horde killed a squad of them kharn fought the emporers champion and High marshal and died along with his beserker buddies, celestine and Mortarian had a fun duel tho
angron when?

>> No.56394586

I would rebase them just to keep things equal. Otherwise you end up with size discrepancies.

>Half your old army is on 25mm
>The new half is on 32mm
>Both are tac-marines
>But one half of the army takes up 3 inches more space than before
>This isn't rocket science
Anon has a point, he should rebase.

>> No.56394592

Used the weekend to learn Tabletop Simulator. Found some guys doing Mordheim, joined the group but didn't get time for a game before the missus wanted to spend more time.

I also used the time to work on my game. I was able to solve some problems that came up with playtesting.

>> No.56394597

i too miss him

>> No.56394598

nono, im not going to farsight, they dont even adore the greater good.
also, where can i get lots of swords/bayonets etc. to glue onto my firewarriors/crisis suits?

>> No.56394603

But he doesn't have to, thats the point
If he wants to he can but it isn't mandatory

>> No.56394617

Let's compare the malefic lord to pink horrors, the literal daemons made of magic. 4 wounds of horrors costs 32 points, compared to the lord's 30. For 2 points less they get
>full smite
>one more toughness
>can't be targeted because character
>1/18th chance to become a mini prince (which given how easily they're spammed, can easily be made to be getting one prince per turn for the low low cost of a mere 540 points.)
all for the weakness of
>can be hurt more by high D weapons
which means fuck all because if he's being shot or charged, then you already fucked up.
So why would a chaos player EVER take a pink horror over a lord when for 10 points more than the min squad's cost you get all that plus 2 more wounds? They wouldn't unless they want to gimp themselves. The lord is objectively the better choice, and that's poor game design. Even a cost of 40 points means that the only real negative they get compared to a min horror squad is 2 less wounds, which means fuck all given the fact that they're characters.

>> No.56394618

>angron when?
Right after the Lion, probably.


>> No.56394626

There's no need, they come with them!

>> No.56394635

Just base your new manlet marines on 25mm and chad marines on 32mm.

>> No.56394638

That's Aun'shi, an Ethereal, which we've already established as good at melee. We're talking about Fire Caste, which are biologically unable to be good at melee.

>> No.56394640

>Orks are low ti-

>> No.56394645

but theres way to few of them in the box :<

>> No.56394649

Orcs are shit m8

>> No.56394653

Ha ha grene

>> No.56394655

>pink horrors
>when pic related exist

Anon, malefic lords are OP, but if you compare get something actualy viable like those little motherfuckers

>> No.56394656

I got tts and started getting resources for 40k, but it seems so damned tedious. Never really occurred to me that you could use it for testing homebrew. That's pretty cool.

>> No.56394658

>Farsight's a fire caste
>WS 2+

>> No.56394662

>It's their eye focus reaction that's slow. It can be beaten by training
>if you train hard enough you'll stop being blind
Didn't know daredevil was a documentary in your world
>None are equal to an Eldar in speed or let alone match a group of them and a gaggle of pets in melee.
Oh fucking really? One human loses to a group of enemies? Who would have fucking thought?
Also, how dare you slander sly marblo by implying he couldn't take on a group of eldar.

>> No.56394667

Hey 40kg, would you let me use these dual-gunslinger style tyrant guards as hive guards in a game? Or is this too much of a stretch?

>> No.56394672


>> No.56394676

haven't used it yet but ive heard a lot of good things about it so maybe try this

>> No.56394680

Oops meant to post this

>> No.56394684

Thin. Your. Paint.

>> No.56394685

Some options are just worse, m8.

Full smite on a lvl1 psykers is valued at 40ish points currently in gw rules and a lvl 2 at 70.

>> No.56394688

Making a Nid list is hard, 400 pts of Tyrant and 3 Neuros, 400 of warriors/gaunts/raveners, 400 for BL and 20 jeans thieves, 3 Fex, Exocrine, and 6 Hive Guard. So I suppose the balance comes from which of these OP units to cut for a Swarmlord and Malanthrope.

>> No.56394689

It looks solid, but I'm concerned you're overcommiting to your gunline there. I mean, do you really need both Hive Guard AND a Tyrannofex AND with a rupture cannon AND Biovores? Unless you know you're going against a monster/vehicle heavy list, maybe drop one of those to give your 'Stealers better armor.

>> No.56394690

I am okay with this.

>> No.56394710

Paint is thinned, its the camera and lighting that makes it look thicc. I dont know why it always looks this thicc on camera.

>> No.56394711

Thank you anon

>> No.56394714


>> No.56394722

desu you should thin them more

>> No.56394725

Even then the comparison still holds true. The lord is only 18 points more for better everything. The lord costs the same a min squad of brims and all it doesn't get is 6 less wounds. Which is made up for the fact that
>it's a character
>it doesn't have to trade a wound to cast a shitty version of smite

>> No.56394728

I think you over did the white on the catapace.

>> No.56394740

>not ignores cover for orks in fortification under 12"

>> No.56394742

I'm mainly playing that many because I have the models and I'd like to use them. Giving the Stealers armor would be really nice though.

I'm thinking I could either drop the Tyrannofex down to Fleshborer hives, or drop the Biovores.

>> No.56394746

>Some options are just worse, m8.
And that is not good. At all
>Full smite on a lvl1 psykers is valued at 40ish points currently in gw rules and a lvl 2 at 70.
And said Lvl 1 psykers are already OP and will be nerfed come CA.

>> No.56394752

Sly Marbo is not a straight up fighter. Stop meming. He is a stealth commando.

False. Farsight is good at melee seeing as he matched the Swarmlord in melee combat. Stop with the memes.

Ethereals have nothing that the Fire Caste don't.


>>if eldar trained hard enough they can all be phoenix lords

Can be true seeing as Wyches gave Jain Zar a good run.

>> No.56394785

Holy shit will you guys stop replying to this autist

>> No.56394786

>Sly Marbo is not a straight up fighter. Stop meming. He is a stealth commando.
So then I guess a navy seal isn't a good fighter because they're stealth commandos?

>> No.56394787

>Can be true seeing as Wyches gave Jain Zar a good run.

but thats like the best tank captain in the world losing to a carnifex in close combat.

basically thats a shit matchup.

>> No.56394801

Agreed, he's one of my older models, and I used to put way to much emphasis on the white.
Pic related is a more recent model.

>> No.56394816

I know. I played against lists full of malefic lords AND brimstone horrors walls. I lost even as dedicated anti-psyker nad deamon GK.

But it's FW. Look at elysians, just look.

>just pay 1 fucking point more per model for deepstrike
>not affected by plasma cost increase in bs3 models, even with FAQ same time with codex FAQ (so i guess will never be adjusted)

FW shouldn't be allowed to touch rules. They just should make alternative models for existing units or cede rules to GW to achieve some kind of internal balance

>> No.56394817

Farsight has absorbed the souls of dozens, maybe hundred of beings. That makes him special

>> No.56394820

He has no feats of melee supremacy. So you have no way to gauge him against Eldar or what have you.

>> No.56394835

The sword expands his lifespan it doesn't give him any boost whatsoever.

>> No.56394839

Is there a group or forum for tts 40k?
I want to test some lists but can't ever find an open game. I made one but then random strangers with no knowledge of the game wander in.

>> No.56394845

He killed a massive scary alien and his bodyguard actually

>> No.56394849

So his reflection in the Warp is so much more bright. Making him vulnerable to Chaos fuckery. Reminds me of Ghost Rider movie.

>> No.56394854

Are you confusing him with his commander Straken?

>> No.56394855

Extending his lifespan is plenty, since it also extends training time. Spending orders of magnitude more time than your opponent practicing and engaging in combat tends to make you better than they are at combat.

>> No.56394858

>Sly Marbo is not a straight up fighter. Stop meming. He is a stealth commando.
A stealth commando who
>is comparable to an ork boy bulk wise
>hunts lictors for sport
>has as many medals as a warmaster
>killed a warboss on his first deployment
>is known as "the one man army"
>known to take on entire enemy forces by himself
>is held in high regard by a race of people already known for their impressive strength and natural skill at combat
>and is not augmented in any way
In short, you're full of shit m8, there are unaugmented humans who could take on a couple dark eldar

>> No.56394860

Theres a discord for it. Look around some

>> No.56394865


>> No.56394870

The Swarmlord is literally millions of years old.

>> No.56394873

but that's wrong, see

>> No.56394880

No, 5th edition IG codex. Sounds like you're opening your lips without having any knowledge of the topic at hand though.

>> No.56394902

i like that carapace.
are you priming black and then doing red over it over and over.

yours. different anon

>> No.56394930

Playing with new nids with gc genestealer (2×20 broodlord + primus). Maelstrom help me win, at the end i had only 6 big gunz and 3 characters.

>> No.56394932

It's a surprisingly handy tool. Still getting the hang of it of course.

You can browse servers "by game" and drop in yourself. I know Reddit has /r/TTSWarhammer40k.

>> No.56394938

Source? I mean, yes, lots of practice is also part of what makes the Swarmlord great, but claiming the Swarmlord is *that* old needs a citation.

>> No.56394939

Wyches are melee duelists, how is that much different from Jain Zar?

>> No.56394942

Iirc he gets go oped everytime they get done with a system and make a new one at the next

>> No.56394948

Thinking of getting back into the game. Are Tzeentch Daemons good?

>> No.56394956

Orkz vs sealers

Did you try bringing more dakka?

>> No.56394963

Jain Zar has a surprisingly good gun, actually, if you look at her statline, and she's definitely not the best Phoenix Lord in a duel, regardless of who it's with.

>> No.56394979

Daemon codex is going to be the first release of 2018, so we'll know then. Currently horrors are a bit cancerous but not quite what they were on launch.

>> No.56394989

>them semi-WYSIWYG while avoiding all the wolf-wolfing though
My friend recently started up a wolf army. He used a bunch of spare HH bits to replaced anything too "wolfy" while keeping any runes. He ended up fluffing them out to be a chapter than was stranded on a shitty death world, but happened to have a cashe of SW gear. Looks nice overall. The Viking aspect comes out more when the most wolfy thing in his army is just fur pelts.

He also used Primaris Reivers for Wulfen. He just gave em Wulfen arms and said they were buff dudes.

>> No.56394996

If you like 200+ brimstones it’s top tier army.

>> No.56394998


Forge World trying to push their special snowflakes instead of releasing something for Ultramarines baka senpai

>> No.56395007

I like Reivers a lot, the Bolt Carbine is baller and the knife runners straight out of CoD seem fun

>> No.56395008

A friend and I are making custom characters for our armies and casual-narrative play. I modeled my commander miniature and now I'm making his rules.

Do you think that is balanced for 60 points?
Any suggestions?
Also, is the wording right?


>> No.56395032

Lol look at those midgets go

>> No.56395033

I remain entertained that any Mordian Platoon Commander with a bolter can out-shoot bolt pistol Space Marines. I really don't think GW paused to think about the ramifications of handing out orders to IG that SMs have *no* access to, since it implies SMs have relatively shitty and inferior training.

>> No.56395037

I don't normally like the "overdesigned" criticism, but this guy is kind of overdesigned. On his chest he's got a chestplate, with tubes and decoration on top, with a bandoleer on top of the decoration, and a holstered pistol on top of the bandoleer. There's just too much stuff there, in a central part of the model.

>I read it in the voice
You motherfucker.

>> No.56395039

She's the 1v1 me faggot duelist by concept. Most of what she has is for getting into melee, she can disarm an enemy, she has a -1 to be hit in melee, and she's the damn howling banshee exarch. The only phoenix lord who can stand up to her in melee is Karandras or maybe a buffed up Fuegan.

>> No.56395041

I didn't know with who I would play, so i had only 6 gunz (lobba). But they killed ~23 genestealers.

>> No.56395058

What the fuck is with the CIA style blackout?

>> No.56395059

Yea, its a harsh match up for orkz.

>> No.56395066

personal names

>> No.56395067

The problem with that train of thought is that IG can't have anything special because you'll always point to SM/Xenos race and say 'hey why can't they do something like that'

>> No.56395072

Fleshborer hives may be wise. Other than the Exocrine, you don't have much ranged anti-infantry. I know that's what your monsters are for, but sometimes you want to soften a target up before eating that overwatch.

When did Farsight fight the Swarmlord? I legitimately cannot find the source of this, and after /tg/ keeps insisting that Yriel slew the SL, even though all the lore for Iyanden states that is was just a slightly stronger than average Hive Tyrant, I'm a bit suspicious of people discussing Swarmy's lore on here.

>> No.56395079

Of what, the fucking model?

>> No.56395100

His name was Seth Rich

>> No.56395103

60 is probably even too high he could be 2+ 2+ 4++, an Eversor Assassin is only 70 afterall.

>> No.56395105

If I were to guess these nerds used their real names for self inserting.

>> No.56395107

Remove pistol, it’s weird when model shots with 2 handed gun and pistol (inq henchmen’s are like this and it’s weird beacause in 8ed you can fire all guns).

>> No.56395112

Commander genrally dont have plasma guns, so i would give it a fancy name like 'Imperitor' or 'Hertics bane' or something. mnake it a relic, rather than a snowflake pattern

>> No.56395117

>Play any games recently? How'd they go for you?

Played a game that was supposed to be Vehicles only for the most part, but so many Tyranid players showed up that it became a 'Tyranids v Everyone else' game.

Turned out pretty horrible. Tyranids got first turn. Tyranids had the complete advantage because they could deep strike, had good shooting, had a psychic please, AND had strong melee. At most we had some meh tanks.

>> No.56395124

You cant fire pistol and non-pistols at the same time though

>> No.56395125

Codex says he's as old as the Tyranid race.

>> No.56395131

>he doesn't fire guns with his feet, tongue and elbows.
You are like little baby

>> No.56395145

>self inserting
I wonder if their models look like them too

>> No.56395150

Like don't get me wrong, it was still fun. Just HORRIBLY unbalanced.

>> No.56395152

Unless you're Elysian, and take an Order to turn ALL your weapons into Assault. Enjoy those Assault Pistols and Assault Grenades.

>> No.56395153

Conceptually, you're 100% right, but mechanically, in 8E, she's wayyyyy better at tanking than she is at dishing out the hurt. Against most opponents, Asurmen is probably the best Phoenix Lord at dishing out melee pain.

>> No.56395171

Pretty sure Fuegan would hand Karandras his own ass 9 times out of 10.

>> No.56395179

Source any melee feat please.

Codex says he is as old as the Tyranid race and that he overseen the consumption of galaxies.

The Farsight supplement. The lore says that Farsight fought a leader beast with many swords. In the end of the book they put the troops of each battle. The leader beast turned out to be the Swarmlord.

>> No.56395184


>> No.56395190

To be fair, any other army would have still kicked your shit in because you play Necrons.

>> No.56395191

>each guardsman rapid fires, shoots his pistol and throws and krak and frag 'nades

Noice, that some fast shooting

>> No.56395201

Who was Andy Chambers again?

>> No.56395213

amazed they let europeans have can openers.

>> No.56395215

>monster mash blaring in the distance

++ Spearhead Detachment ++

**+ HQ +**

**Old One Eye [10 PL, 200pts]:**

**The Swarmlord [15 PL, 300pts]:** Power: Catalyst, Power: Onslaught

+ Heavy Support +

**Carnifexes [12 PL, 222pts]**
2× Carnifex: Monstrous Crushing Claws, Monstrous Scything Talons, Spore Cysts, Tusks

**Carnifexes [12 PL, 222pts]**
2× Carnifex: Monstrous Crushing Claws, Monstrous Scything Talons, Spore Cysts, Tusks

**Screamer-Killers [12 PL, 230pts]**
2× Screamer-Killer: 2x Monstrous Scything Talons, Spore Cysts

++ Spearhead Detachment++

+ HQ +

**Neurothrope [4 PL, 70pts]:** Chameleonic Mutation, Power: The Horror, Warlord Trait: Synaptic Lynchpin

+ Heavy Support +

**Carnifexes [12 PL, 252pts]**
2× Carnifex: Enhanced Senses, Heavy Venom Cannon, Spore Cysts, Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms

**Carnifexes [12 PL, 252pts]**
2× Carnifex: Enhanced Senses, Heavy Venom Cannon, Spore Cysts, Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms

**Carnifexes [12 PL, 252pts]**
2× Carnifex: Enhanced Senses, Heavy Venom Cannon, Spore Cysts, Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms

++ Total: [101 PL, 2000pts] ++

>> No.56395216

Can't rapid fire, the lasguns become assault 1.

>> No.56395221

Some comicbook writer. Probably plays with toys.

>> No.56395228

ahh my mistake. still thats 2+D3 str 3 shots and 1 str 6 shot per man

>> No.56395232

So, the funny thing about 2nd edition, was the way Disarm worked then.

Both players rolled XD6, where X was the number of attacks, took the highest and added WS. The model with the higher number *won* the fight, and the loser took a number of wounds equal to the difference.

Disarm was an Exarch Skill, that stated that rather than the loser taking damage, the Eldar player could choose *any* one weapon the target was carrying, and destroy it.

One player had his Eldar face off against a Titan. His Exarch hitched a ride on a Vyper, leaped off, engaged the Titan in melee, won the roll, and proceeded to disable the Titan's Plasma Blastgun.

Eldar: Dicks since 2nd Edition.

>> No.56395234


>> No.56395239

>engaging a long enough stick to poke me out of my hole

what did he mean by this?

>> No.56395246

I've had good results with running one in my Dreadnought gunline. They hit hard and they clear light to medium infantry and light vehicles like crazy

>> No.56395252

Probably a gay joke. How diverse!

>> No.56395259

.... that's a joke right?

here's some of the stuff he contributed to:

Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Rulebook
Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition Rulebook
Warhammer 40,000 4th Edition Rulebook
Codex Army Lists
Codex Imperialis
Codex: Imperial Guard (2nd Edition)
Codex: Chaos (2nd Edition)
Warhammer 40,000: Wargear
Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)
Codex: Catachans (3rd Edition)
Codex: Space Wolves (3rd Edition)
Codex: Craftworld Eldar (3rd Edition)
Codex: Necrons (3rd Edition)
Codex: Daemonhunters (3rd Edition)
Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)
Codex: Tyranids (4th Edition)

plus a ton of novels. battle-fleet gothic, necromunda epic 40k list goes on

>> No.56395265

Ask him about what he thinks of the Newcrons.

>> No.56395269

Kirby kept him locked in a ouiblette. That was the first sun he'd seen in years

>> No.56395280


Someone ask him if he can come back to save us from the awful writing of nu-40k

>> No.56395291

You need to put Swarmlord in a seperate detachment with those duplicate Carnifexes and Screamer-Killers so you can get 6CP.

>> No.56395304

How many points do you think for this rules?

The model have the plasma gun insted the right arm, so...

Makes sense, ok.

>> No.56395312

So just some guy that has been irrelevant for literally decades. Cool.

>> No.56395315

he's off a 2kAD skirmish game at the right now isn't he?
I wonder if it'll be better than Necromunda

>> No.56395326

he doesn't have access to a computer but he does have access to a very long stick.

might not make many replies.

>> No.56395334

>new guys find our LGS
>pretty cool guys
>love the ITC
>find out a couple of the old players don't like them
>says they're WAAC

Where the hell do good 40k players play at? When can I finally take off the kid gloves and start playing this game?

>> No.56395343

He's basically stock company commander stats with a plasma gun, so you pay 7 for revive, sounds alright.

>> No.56395346

>gee guys, why cant i be more of a WAACfag millenial shitstain?

>> No.56395348

The absolute state of nu/tg/.

>> No.56395353

>Even then the comparison still holds true
Except no one takes Brimstones for their Smite. They take them to bubblewrap their horde of Lords

>> No.56395354

Had a 1500pt game last night as Tsons vs a rather fluffy Steel Legion list. He had a lot of tanks which is something Tsons kinda struggle with, but he ended up never really focusing my Helbrutes and was busy trying to remove my 30 man blob of Tzaangors who I kept casting Weaver of Fates on. All my shit kinda crashed in to him at the same time. I warp timed a helbrute into his one of his russ destroying it, my Rubics with warpflamers and Scarabs annihilated his infantry and the remaining Tzann's krumped Yarrick. He ended up conceding one I blew up half is forces. He seemed to have an aversion to moving for whatever reason, but we're both rather new so we're still learning. Also 4 games under my belt and my aspiring sorcs have yet to nuke themselves. Feels good.

>> No.56395368

There's literally nothing wrong with competition

>> No.56395369

What is plasma for this edition?
Their damage output seem too low to be AT, but do their strength compensates for their cost versus basic shit (compared to simple bolters shots)? Or are they only good against TEQ?
When are the plasma pistols interesting to take on Tactical sarges and/or Vanguard Vets?

>> No.56395372

Tournaments, leagues etc. dunno where you living, in my city there are plenty of them with different formats but you are not ashemed for exploiting anything format allows. Don’t bring ITC lists to regular games it does not make sense.

>> No.56395374

>Mfw a race from a game that everyone is going to forget about in 2 months is going to get rules before my army.

>> No.56395380

You're why we can't have nice things.

>> No.56395382

Check how long ago 4th edition released and you will feel really old.

>> No.56395385


>> No.56395387

you're going to have to be more specific

>> No.56395399

>muh ITC
>muh competition
Pure millennial trash.

>> No.56395405

I've always liked the idea that Sly Marbo is just a Dark Eldar Archon whose decided to pretend to be a human stealth commando for shits and giggles.

>As IIRC Sly and an Archon had effectively similar stats in 5e. Including Sly's unusual Initiative.

>> No.56395408

If you're under 35 you too are a MILLENNIAL!

>> No.56395409

Public Service Announcement:

Chinese Ebay scammers have recently taken to "selling" "full" "Warhammer 40,000" "armies" for around 30$, with free shipping! These auctions have been popping up quite a bit recently, always with a newly minted account with zero transactions or feedback.
I'm assuming no one here is actually dumb enough to fall for something like this, but I find it funny that someone is actually trying this.

Doubly so when the seller just Googles pictures of 40k armies and copy/pastes the descriptions they find.
Either that, or a lot of Golden Daemon/Tournament winners have been moving to China and selling their whole collections for pennies on the dollar.

>> No.56395410


>> No.56395413

anybody play krieggers? I'd like to see some lists, more fluffy than competitive, I'm thinking i want to field the named Marshall for 3 orders per turn

>> No.56395414

>everyone gets a trophy

Pick both bitch tits

>> No.56395417

He also exists to job to Main Characters. Just like Avatars and Greater Daemons.

>> No.56395418

Explain to the new guys that a lot of people are fluff-monkeys and tell them to ask what kind of game (competitive or casual) the opponent wants to play.
Good players in my area just play among themselves as to not aggravate new players and old coots like: >>56395346 .

>> No.56395419

Sorry, my old timey frog is rusty

>> No.56395421

Just die already you old piece of shit.

Make room for the next generation.

>> No.56395425

Anyone have the Horus Rising audiobook?

>> No.56395430

oh my god mine says 1998.
where did all the years go

>> No.56395432

They did same with Orikan transformed stats identical to c’tan so it might be pattern here

>> No.56395433

Don't forget the 3rd edition Orks Codex.

>> No.56395435


>> No.56395446

They're just above r&h for worst regiment.

Take lots of infantry and artillery.

>> No.56395453

What would you guys take/change from this 1000p. list? I usually play against commanders/crisis Tau and mixed Cadia armies. I need to get at least 60 points out.

++Dark angels - Battalion (3CP)++

Company master 1
>chainsword, combimelta

Company master 2
>chainsword, bolter

Tac squad 1
>Sgt. with combimelta, meltagun

Tac squad 2

Tac squad 3

3 Company veterans
>3 meltaguns, 3 storm bolters

>Twin lascannon, two lascannons


Drop pod
>Storm Bolter

>HK missile, 2 Storm Bolters

Plan is to divide army with tac squad 1, veterans and company master 1 in droppod for turn 2 melta spam, if there are survivors then chasing objectives and shooting other things. Other half of the army camps on my half of the board and tries to hold objectives while rhino and tac squad 2 and 3 go take objectives. Captain is there for better Predator and Vindicator shooting.

>> No.56395454

The best thing about 7th was the Eldar Avatar was ironically immune to all of Roboute's attacks in melee because Roboute had Soul Blaze.

>> No.56395457

Ça ne fait rien

>> No.56395458

An overcharged plasma gun in rapid fire averages more damage than a lascannon making them very strong anti vehicle.

Plasma pistols on Vanguards are only more valuable than lightning claws or storm shields if they have a reroll 1 aura or are salamanders.

>> No.56395459

R&H are not a regiment

>> No.56395460

>cry about mile nails and waacfag
>some how thinks he isn't a cry baby.

Really activates those almonds.

>> No.56395465

didn't he have a 40k novel out like last year?

>> No.56395466

>the pizza has pineapple.jpg

>> No.56395476


i see... arty being batteries and thudd guns?

>> No.56395491

I used the organization section on the wiki for my list.

>> No.56395492

Fucking Necromunda is getting spoilers this week apparently.

>> No.56395494

Don't listen to this guy, I just bought some and they look amazing.

>> No.56395496

still a better love-story than twilight

>> No.56395502

You've got to understand that in 7th ed. there was absolutely no balance. People are still adjusting to not having to deliberately handicap their lists.

>> No.56395517

>8th is balanced

>> No.56395532

It is the most play-tested edition after all.

>> No.56395535

Are you denying that it's better than it's been in a long time? At least they're actually trying

>> No.56395537

Balanced like the Treaty of Versailles. Or balanced like a basic bitch off her Lexapro.

>> No.56395540

Compared to 7th it is.

>> No.56395552

Tournament result distribution would argue otherwise. Unless "Imperial Soup" vs "Chaos Soup" is considered balance.

>> No.56395571

>There's literally nothing wrong with competition
While I agree, not every army is capable of being super competitive.

>> No.56395572

>making serious replies to a reaction image with greentext

>> No.56395579

>pineapple on pizza

>> No.56395589

Are you implying Morty, Magnus, and a knight is not fair and balanced?

>> No.56395601

>tournament result distribution

>> No.56395602


There is always a meta and it shifts.

>> No.56395610

>Buying into an obviously too good to be true deal
>On the internet
>On ebay
>From a chinese seller no less

People never cease to amaze me.

>> No.56395616

>Source any melee feat please.
5th edition IG codex, page 61. Slew a warboss on his first deployment single handedly, and is also mentioned to have slain the alien leader and all it's bodyguards by himself on basks world.

>> No.56395618

All bow to our returning Eldar overlords now according to recent tournament results.

>> No.56395622

Fair point. You can counter that with 5 Culexus Assassins, 3 Eversor Assassins, Draigo, Celestine and Gulliman tag-teaming them dead.

>> No.56395629

The main focus of the setting is locked in an eternal struggle and the NPCs are unimportant. Seems balanced to me.

>> No.56395670

nor should they be really. <Imperium> should be on a level with <Chaos> and <Tyranids> and <Aldari> etc... But if you want to hyper specialise by taking a daemon hunter faction then of course you shouldn't be expecting to compete against a more conventional force

>> No.56395672

>implying 7th tournament results weren't just the same 3 armies to a degree that makes every other edition look like god's gift to mankind
And that was with all the nerfs most tournies did to CW:E

>> No.56395677

No it doesnt

>> No.56395704

>Judging by tournaments

>> No.56395710

Not really, no. Overcosted and understrength.

>> No.56395711

>in first place we have eldar scatterbikes
>in second place... ELDAR SCATTER BIKES
>in third place tzeench summon spam

>> No.56395729


new thread

>> No.56395730

Subtle, but good.

>> No.56395731

>pineapple on pizza

>> No.56395734

3rd place at LVO 2016 was Gladius. 1st was the Warp Spider list (Forgeworld of course), 2nd was a Corpsethief Claw.

Eldar didn't make the top 4 at LVO 2017.

>> No.56395739

>Nice Imperial Guard army you've got there.
>Thanks. They're an Astra Militarum army, though

>> No.56395761

>cool, I play AM too!

>> No.56395768

Hey that's not fair anon, don't forget the TAUDAR, imperial superfriends and gladius skyhammer. Truly the most balanced of editions

>> No.56395824

On a more serious note, what *was* the most balanced edition? Because, that is a pretty low bar.

Was it 3rd, with Iron Warrior Basilisks, and Ulthwe Seer Councils of infinite Warlocks?

Was it 4th with Fish of Fury and the Eldar Flying Circus?

5th with Imperialhammer and incredibly durable Metal Bawxes?

Hell, let's make the joke while it lasts:
What is the difference between 7th and 8th?
Tyranids won a tournament in 7th.

>> No.56395834

depends on the target on t8 it doesn't, but bs3 vs t7/3+ a plasma gun is 1.48 and a lascannon is 1.3

>> No.56395842

Honestly? Use Terminators for claws, not Vanguard, and use stormshields and hammers on vanguard vets. This is reverse of what one might think but they actually fit better this way.

You COULD make a really snazzy looking power sword/stormshield vanguard squad but it's not gonna be the best choice.

>> No.56395890

>cool, I play AM too!
>Ah man I love the cyberpunk lool of the AdMech.
>No not that AM...
>Well I do dig the Priests and Battle Nuns of the Adeptus Ministorum
>No not that AM. I meant Astra Militarum.
>Who? Oh, you mean Imperial Guard.

>> No.56395898

Its simple, 6 and 7th were the absolutest turboest of all shits ever know to mankind, everything elsa was nice and 8th is rhe best.

>> No.56396106

> when it comes to tracking bounties...... I"m the G.O.A.T.

>> No.56396111

The most hilarious one I saw was an auction for a 200+ model army... and the seller set it to have 2 available.

>> No.56396144


>> No.56396221

Mind sharing your rough list?

>> No.56396658

Thank God. The rightful king returns

>> No.56396720

Alright, I think I've gone full WAAC with this and intend to use it only in tournaments anyways. Opinions?

Alpha Legion
Battalion Detachment
Sorcerer - force axe, maybe eye of tzeentch (106)
Lord - blade of the hydra or chainsword, bolter(74)

cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40

Heavy support:
hellforged leviathan dreadnought - grav-flux bombard x2, hellflamer x2 339
hellforged leviathan dreadnought - grav-flux bombard x2, hellflamer x2 339

Sorcerer - force axe -106
quad heavy bolter rapier batter(3)- quad heavy bolter - 246
laser rapier destroyer(3) - 318
laser rapier destroyer(3) - 318

Supreme Command Detachment
Malefic Lord (30)
Malefic Lord (30)
Malefic Lord (30)

2000/2000 points

>> No.56397186


Stratagem can only be used once per turn.

>> No.56397566


>> No.56398328


The sheer hypocrisy of you bitching like a 3 year old girl.

Git gud. I don't care if you're too dumb to play the game properly; I'm not and I want a challenge.

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