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Ultrasmurfs still suck edition

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>FAQs and Errata, GW up to 1.3, FW up to 1.2:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

Tyranid Codex epub (Expires 18/Nov)

Tyranid Codex PDF (Expires 18-Nov)

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First for hookers and blow

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my dudes > your dudes

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Best god comin' thru, space elves get fucked

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>codex in epub and pdf
finally someone fixed OP

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If chaos marines are stuck with pre-heresy stuff, then how do they have the predator annihilator?

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>not DFC
false god.

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If I'm using a Stormraven as an assault boat what should I stick in it? I've got a captain, Lieutenant, Company Champion, 3 company vets, but that's only 6. A vanguard squad after that? It's going to carry an Ironclad dreadnought.
How should I outfit the raven? I was thinking heavy bolters, hurricane bolters, and plasma cannons

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Because GW doesn't give a shit about logic.

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xth for lightning armor

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Ship from M41 with 10 000 Predators Annihilators was lost in the warp and materialised during the scouring near Eye of Terror.

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They pulled a Blood Raven

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Gay mind powers and thicc bois. I'm ready

Vanguard Detachment
Primaris Psyker x2 - 80
5 Bullgryn, Slabshield, Maul x6 - 1260

Vanguard Detachment
Primaris Psyker x2 - 80
Ogryn Bodyguard, Bullgryn Plate, Slabshield, Maul x6 - 402

Supreme Command Detachment
Primaris Psyker x4 - 160
Astropath - 15

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I would just say you could do that with an ordinary human crew as well. Space Marines seem like an absurd waste of resources if you're doing almost all the work from orbit, because Scions exist and they're cheaper.
For serious things that need crippling you'd want an entire chapter of Terminators and other teleport-capables, in a special medium-sized ship with a zillion teleportariums. Not the combined-arms "actually bothered to bring mediocre tanks" stuff with only a few DeepStrikers that Marines do now, and certainly not with a massive Chapter battlefleet rather than just spending that on the aforementioned million Termie suits/Teleship and the regular Navy. You're attaching the Marines to a massive fleet of Guard and Navy to do anything serious anyway, they don't need their own battlegroup that has to stick with them all the time and split Marines into little parcels when they can travel on other ships that have a teleporter.

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It was a battle field improvisation to begin with.

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post battle buddies

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These klawz were made for krumpin'.
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these klawz are gonna krump you into goo.

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Slaanesh can be whatever you want, anon, because whatever Slaanesh is, you want it.

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>Space Marines seem like an absurd waste of resources

Do you have anything to prove that?
The cost to effect ratio? I don't think you do.

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First for Tau are best boys

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Posting again (sort of)

Would you willingly play a pick up gane against a fully converted "Corsairs" counts-as aeldari soup army?

Troupes + Troupe Master = Malevolents and Baron
Scourges = Balestrike Band
Autarch with Wings = Prince
Swooping Hawks and Corsair Skyreavers = Corsairs
Wasps, Warp Hunters, and Hornets = themselves
Warp Spiders = OCDONUTSTEAL Corsairs

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On my phone right now, so didn't read the nids codex yet. How do you rate them?

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You like claws? We like claws too

>> No.56366703


Playable, better than the index. Not the game breaking shit that the playtesters promised (although horde nids could be corsairs mk 2)

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Nobody fucking cares, and you didn't even get quints.

>> No.56366709

Well, you can see my ideas for how to make them better right there and in >>56365448.

Asking me to find a canon source for resource effectiveness in 40k of all settings is obviously not going to happen, but I will say that Space Marines are not set up in the way that would make the most sense to me if their fans want to justify all the offscreen writer nonsense with "precision strikes". That, or Guilliman never bothered to make any significant reform to chapter equipment and grand strategic objectives when he wrote the Codex, and just did the best he could with Legion leftovers.

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Corsairs = conscripts hurrr


Which head is that? Is it from the FW Chaplain guy or 3rd party?

>> No.56366749

Looks third party. Maximini or kromlech.

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>tfw you will never have a harem of petite daemonettes that you fuck so much so often that they've lost all intent to kill or corrupt.

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Best book we've had in a long time but thats not a high standard to pass. I feel like there's no outright bad units, just some underwhelming ones that if you particularly like them you won't regret taking them but there are more efficiant choices around.

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Thanks anon

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They're insatiable though. No matter how much stamina you think you have, they'll fuck you straight into your grave if they decide you're boring. Besides,
>implying their plan all along wasn't making sure you never got hard for anything above an A-cup

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>I will say that Space Marines are not set up in the way that would make the most sense to me

Fuck off retard. In what world is 40k equipment sensical anyway? Why place this burden on space marines an no one else?

They have big tanks and shit because it's cool, in fluff they are able to use them in quick precision strikes.

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>never got hard for anything above an A-cup
While the loss of diversity from larger cup sizes would be a tragedy.

Being surrounded by A-Cups is a tragedy I could live with.

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>I feel like there's no outright bad units

Lictors are outright bad. Zoanthropes are still outright bad. Pyrovores are outright bad.

>> No.56366890

On that note, I don't feel like orks' technology being consistent across the galaxy despite no communication is realistic.
How do you explain that, athiestcucks? Checkmate.

>> No.56366898

More like Lictors, Maleceptors, and Haruspex. Pyro's are just decidedly meh.

>> No.56366902

They don't innovate or invent. Their technology is genetically encoded.

>> No.56366912

then explain feral orks

>> No.56366914

I put the burden on Space Marines because they're the only faction I can think of at this second that gets the same level of writer wank and offscreen bullshit other than maybe Chaos. If Marines didn't wind up in a straight fight nearly every time we see them and if there wasn't such a massive dissonance between what they can accomplish onscreen and offscreen I'd be less against them. There's rule of cool, which is that Iron Snakes novel and general Protagonist Powers and then there's making all your enemies behave like utter idiots purely so they can accomplish nonsensical feats. It's the difference between not RKKVing planets and having glorious pitched battles for cinematic reasons and
>teleports behind you.

Realism isn't the problem, or I wouldn't be a fan of this universe in the first place.

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This is the best legion ever.

>> No.56366933

Piercings are not nice

>> No.56366935

>This pic
I like to imagine that Slaanesh's greatest artificers of pleasure are Oglaf's dwarves.

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So ur saying that God exists
Checkmate again

>> No.56366966

they are if you have a vagina or like cracked and broken teeth.

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>I put the burden on Space Marines because they're the only faction I can think of at this second that gets the same level of writer wank

So you're just a jealous little bitch boy.

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They were made by a race called the old ones, who also made the Eldar. A race who evolved before many others in the galaxy. God's exist in this universe as the culmination of certain emotions within the warp. Learn some lore before you argue again baiter.

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So I want to run a melee Leviathan dread together with a couple of melee Helbrutes, how do I get them safely into charge range? What should I get to support them with?

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Lictors have uses, they just won't be sweeping units alone.

>> No.56367029 [SPOILER] 

All hail the prince of pleasure

>> No.56367055

Not "genes" for mekboyz

>> No.56367065

Their genes don't include technology beyond primitive shit

>> No.56367144

Dear anons. Thanks for the tips last night for rebuilding my CSM army. i took first.

damn those lascanons tearing the fuck out of everyone firing twice a turn. i took pictures of the first two battles but i din't in the finals (wich i should of but i forgot to. damn close match vs admech)

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>/pol/ soon, stalker

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What are cheap and high quality alt sellers for conversions/replacements

>> No.56367183

I like Anvil Industries but it's a little expensive. I've also used Kromlech before and had good results.

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>> No.56367200

Catachans based till the very end

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>> No.56367236

It would be really nice if they would introduced a standardized unit based on the Parasite, like the Neurothrope and the Mawloc

>> No.56367258

>Primarch was a whiny bitch, is dead
>Massive cowards, run away screaming the moment anything goes wrong
>Job to anyone above rookie PDF tier
>Dying out

>> No.56367275

>Nurgle's crest is a fidget spinner
Befitting of autists.

>> No.56367290

Can't unsee

>> No.56367303

Well they made it's implant attack a stratagem so there is room for it. I am hoping for it to be like the Neurothrope to Zoanthropes, like you are saying. Cheap flying synapse HQ, hell during the week I, with some help did some homebrew on it, though I need to update it now that the codex is out.

>> No.56367316


Whelp, i compiled a list of melee output for tyranids.

numbers are basically wounds caused divided by pts spent.

download the document to see all the color filters, google docs only shows some of them.

>> No.56367337

so what does all this nerd shit mean

>> No.56367354

One of the things that I hate about the direction they're going with Tyranid releases is just that. Instead of making new units, they just make large versions of medium bugs. We don't need a bigger pyrovore, or a mid-sized gargoyle. We need some wild shit, like a bug that sprouts poisonous fortifications from the ground.

>> No.56367356

I'd take a haruspex over a maleceptor or toxicrene any day.

>> No.56367367

>Massive cowards, run away screaming the moment anything goes wrong
Dying a pointless death is for retards like the WE and SW, real Astartes retreat so that they may fight once more

>> No.56367368

carnifex and jeanstealers good at smash smash

>> No.56367387

Npcs confirmed for unable to read

>> No.56367394

>"I've never read Night Lord fluff! They suck guis!"

>> No.56367395

>real Astartes
let me just say, that as a rubric marine, this kind of insensitivity is super double triggering to me

>> No.56367406

>carnifex and jeanstealers good at smash smash
oh ok neat

>> No.56367427

Its not consistent and they do communicate. There are literally mekboy worlds which are the ork version of a forgeworld.

>> No.56367438


>> No.56367450

Why are lictors and zoanathropes bad.
Well I guess I can see how lictors fail at their job of character hunting but what about zoanathropes?

Why is a huruspex considered bad, they can get up to 24 attacks when rolling perfectly.

>> No.56367455

>"Waaah daddy won't let me build towers out of dead babies!"
>"Better kill myself, that'll show him."

>> No.56367461

>I don't feel like orks' technology being consistent across the galaxy despite no communication is realistic.
ork kultur is rooted in their very being, they almost act like a hive mind

>> No.56367465

>seeing your own death, accepting it, and clearing the way for your assassin to put you down for your crimes
>being a bitch

you may choose only one of dese tings

>> No.56367466

>*This triggers the Night Cuck*

>> No.56367470

Then you're dumb. The maleceptor is slightly better at the haruspex's job of killing infantry than the haruspex is and the toxicrene is much better at it. The haruspex is easily the worst unit in the codex.

>> No.56367479

Lictors are good for picking off characters, Haruspex is still useless garbage and with Jormungandr or a Pod Pyrovores can be useful for their 114pts especially since they have 10" Heavy Flamers and can benefit from Single Minded Annihilation.

>> No.56367480

In your opinion, who makes the best 3rd party turrets for razorbacks. All mine are equipped with lascannons.

>> No.56367487

>>Job to anyone above rookie PDF tier

In "Pharos" some of them are ambushed and killed by the actual rookie PDF.

>> No.56367488

>yfw no callidus gf

>> No.56367492

Why not 5 devastators with just plasma guns? Cheap and reliable.

>> No.56367497

Lictors are just not able to assassinate and blender characters like they should for their price. Also you lose that bonus to their armor save if they advance, so they kind of fold easily. Plus flesh hooks don't pull targets like they used to.

Zoanthropes are actually not that bad imo.

Haruspex I just feel isn't that great, it has too few attacks, if it just base had a shit ton of attacks it would be better so you could destroy a vehicle with claws, or murder infantry with the maw.

>> No.56367506

>Notice your Legion is filling up with criminals and rapists because that's apparently all that's on Nostramo
>Literally too retarded to just recruit somewhere else
>Angst about it
>Not a bitch

>> No.56367521

8th edition rule book lists looted forgeworlds for one and just plain ork factory worlds in the Octarius section. I've forgotten where other details about mekboys grouping together is from.

>> No.56367534

Thanks Ill check those two.

>> No.56367553

Planned 1k list for new bug army.
Give me all your critique!


Neurothrope (70)

Broodlord (162)

X27 Termagaunts (216)
X27 Devourers

X16 Genestealers (192)

X16 Genestealers (192)

Trygon (168)

>> No.56367559

So are stormravens objectively better than land raiders now?

>> No.56367562

But for each attack you make with the maw you roll d3 attacks giving it between 4-12 attacks and then for every model it kills it gets even more bonus attacks with its claws giving it a potential of 24 attacks.

Good at smashing hordes and elite infantry, in paper.

>> No.56367569

Would be better to take flesh borer gaunts instead of devourers.

>> No.56367584

On average it sucks.

>> No.56367597

4 attacks becomes 8 on average. Half will hit, then 3+ to wound against MEQ, 2+ against GEQ. From that you go from 4 hits to 3 wounds with the maw.

>> No.56367607


Don't fucking lie, borer Gaunts are worthless except as wound sponges for Devourer Gaunts.

If you're gonna not take devourers, just fucking take Hormas instead.

>> No.56367609

Is the tyranid pdf out yet?

>> No.56367630

I'd take 3 flesh borer gaunts over 1 devoured gaunts. Any day

>> No.56367638


Was planning to pop them up with the Trygon, then use the stratagem for 162 shots.

>> No.56367641

it's in OP.

>> No.56367643

Do we have sauce for the full picture? That has to be just a crop, right?


>> No.56367649


>> No.56367677

A guy brought this to a 1250 game and of course I got shitstomped. How gay is he?

>> No.56367683

great against huge models, not so great against anything else.

>> No.56367702

Perfect rolls does not account for probability.

What you get is 4D3 S7 AP-1 D3 damage attacks. The average of this is 8 attacks. Of these 50% will hit. Giving you 4 hits. Of these hits against marine equivalents 2.6 will wound, we will call that 3. Of these wounds 50% will be saved, giving you 1.3 wounds, we will call that 2. On average you will kill 2 space marines.

Then you get to make 2 shovelling claw attacks. Of these 50% will hit. This hit will wound 83% of the time, we will assume it wounds. The space marine will fail its save only 16.7% of the time, so we will assume the wound is not saved. You kill one space marine.

On average (being generous, actually) that haruspex will kill 3 space marines in a turn of close combat.

Total potential is completely irrelevant without factoring in probability. You get better point for point wound dealing ability out of basically any other unit in the codex.

>> No.56367713

>What is bubble wrap?

>> No.56367727

Are you genuinely retarded?

>> No.56367749

Why are Space and Chaos Marines so boring?

>> No.56367759


And you can get 2 borer Gaunts for one Devourer gaunt.


>What is bubble wrap?


>But I want to maximise my numbers regardless of actual abilities!

Look, if you have two large horma units you don't fucking need more bubble wrap.

>> No.56367784

Lazy Biologist! Break out them tools and make your own!

>> No.56367804

Good point, I was fielding 3 hellbrutes and he only popped one a turn, rest was a bunch of sword n board dudes. If we had time for a full game I might have been able to clean up the rest and take cover with my last units to avoid a tabling.

>> No.56367835

Because marines are literally the vanilla army, csm being chocolate but neither are bubble gum, moon mist or raspberry cheesecake

>> No.56367860

T. Badbug

>> No.56367870

yeah. it also can't move and get auto-hit in melee. It's biggest weakness is that it's part of a necron army, desu

>> No.56367892

By that logic, IG is M&Ms.

>> No.56367898

Is anyone running a mass Horma/Termagaunt list? Like having 200+ models on the table?

>> No.56367903

Borer gaunt and dev gaunts are for different things stop being retarded

>> No.56367907

Ah, thats a pretty good use then.

what hive fleet? kraken?

>> No.56367923

For reference this is worse than a single 90 point carnifex. You can get double the performance and more than double the total wounds by taking two carnifexes for less than the cost of one haruspex.

>> No.56367927

I actually don't know what bored gaunts are for.

>> No.56367934


For the 'stealers, yes.

>> No.56367944

Has necromunda's .pdf leaked?

>> No.56367945

being bodies that your opponent has to desperately remove from the table.

Of if you are behemoth as 5 mortal wound rape batteries.

>> No.56367950

>tfw no greenstuff skills

I just want to make banners for my DE made out of Guardian and Infantry Squad bits with their guts ripped out and torn into gory banners fluttering from the backs of my vehicles. Is that so much to ask?

>> No.56367966

how does under-strength units work in 8 edition? 8ed has fucked my nid collection hard with most mid-sized bugs going to 3+ from 1+

>> No.56367972

Git gud.
Chaos has a guardsman head on a rhino.
Guts pouring out of a cadain's torso couldn't be too hard, Just roll greenstuff real small, and coil it.

>> No.56367983

Why are you sending your giant super strong monster to kill plebby little marines?

Also, I don't really care about average damage outputs and shit. I've seen plenty units with math in their favor underpreform. Anyone who plays actual games and not just constantly theoryhammer things knows its bullshit.

>> No.56368014

you lose a cp and a detachment.

>> No.56368020

>dice and probability are wrong
really dinks ur dink

>> No.56368029 [SPOILER] 

>Also, I don't really care about average damage outputs and shit.

>> No.56368034

So i'm basically fucked if i don't go buy more models? fuck

>> No.56368047

Unless you want to bubble wrap Exocrines and Biovores behind the front lines.

>> No.56368051

I'm sorry, I didn't realise number in a vacumn accounted for the multitude of other factors involved in 40k.

Go back to humping your calculator faggot.

>> No.56368052

well if they are zoans, you can count them as the new HQ zoanathrope.

>> No.56368054

does anyone have the epub for Salvation or Status Deadzone?

I'm also looking for the graphic novels Kal Jerico: Underhive Bounty Hunter and Redeemer.

>> No.56368061

I know your pain, fellow corsair
Would you be willing to share pictures of your conversions ?

>> No.56368065

Do you deny that the stuff Marines accomplish offscreen is ludicrously implausible?

>> No.56368069

>multitude of other factors
Like vehicle fac-
Like cover s-
like templat-
hmmm anon

>> No.56368071

That's my problem. i built one of the zoans as neurothrope so now i only have 2 of them

same with my hive guard as i built one of them as a tyrant guard

>> No.56368072

because that's your opinion and it's wrong

you're just contrarian and mad that power armour makes up 2/3rds of armies according to tournament attendance

>> No.56368086


Okay, so now you're dedicating artillery, a blob to keep the artillery from being charged, and synapse to keep the blob from being moraled out.

All of which is in a babysitting role with only really the artillery itself directly contributing.

>> No.56368091

That's the job of spore mines.

>> No.56368094

you can buy singles on ebay for not too much above what it would cost to buy a box when you divide it for the single.

>> No.56368102

>waiting for some sort of model release related to 40k that isn't Necromunda

Jesus, christ, just give me something. Fuck.

>> No.56368105

Sure, why not? So long as everything is distinguishable, sounds like a cool army to play against.

>> No.56368112

spore mines are terrible bubble wrap. you need to play them aggressively or they will just be killed by spare bolter shots.

>> No.56368116

>Nid codex finally in PDF form
The Hive Mind delivers at last! I plan on buying it for myself soon anyway, but its just so nice to have it in pdf form as well.

On that note, can my fellow nidbro's help me out with a rules question?
If I use Hive Fleet Jormundandr, I lost the cover bonus if I charge or advance.
Do I get to keep the cover bonus if I fail said charge? I'm assuming that I lose it, but it would be nice to know.
For example, Stealers pop out of a tunnel with a Trygon. The Stealers try to charge, but fail to do so. Do they get cover in this instance or not?

>> No.56368117

Are assault Marines useful for blood angels?

Captian in grav armor?

Inb4 wait for codex

>> No.56368122

>Why are you sending your giant super strong monster to kill plebby little marines?
That's what it is for. It is a unit that makes a fairly large number of low strength attacks and when those low strength attacks kill models (and yes it actually has to kill them) it generates more attacks with a more powerful weapon. The alternative is to completely ignore its main ability and main weapon and to just use it's shovelling claws, which are still outperformed by a charging carnifex with scything talons against heavy infantry and by a charging carnifex with crushing claws against anything else.

a single carnifex that is less than half the cost is better than a haruspex at anything you could potentially use a haruspex to do

>> No.56368126

>Do I get to keep the cover bonus if I fail said charge

you lose it

>> No.56368128

You can run all three as Neuro's and the one with the big spine is the warlord.

>> No.56368129

They're fine for backline stuff which isn't going to be in bolter range.

>> No.56368152

If they aren't going to be in bolter range, then why do you need to use them as bubble wrap?

>> No.56368153


I'm a huge faggot (ie. phoneposting) but I'll post them in a 40kg thread when I get the chance!


I was worried about people being dicks but now that I think about it it'll depend on the local meta anyway. I've never played a pickup game before but I'm going to have to start soon because most of my group are busy as of late

>> No.56368156

>every close combat that you will experience in the game is a 1vs1 honarabu duel with no other factors such as rerolls or stratagems involved and assumes that no wounding shots were fired on the approach by either army and every combat is totally optimised for both sides and the sole reason for combat in the first place is just to kill the opponent

>> No.56368160

I wish the Haruspex was better at swarms, make carnifexes be good at crushing vehicles and dreadnaughts. Same with Trygons and what not.

>> No.56368162

To stop stuff from dropping in next to your artillery.

>> No.56368168

Can someone tell me what's in the Christmas Battleforce for GSC, please? I'm looking to get started with them.

>> No.56368178


For comparison, a termagant is point for point better at shooting infantry than a Haruspex can eat them.

>> No.56368179

Tau jew is new

>> No.56368198

>Lictors are just not able to assassinate and blender characters like they should for their price
Lictors are like ~50 points. You're beyond delusional if you think something that cheap should be popping up and ripping characters apart.

>> No.56368199

Not until all of the models that you have are painted, young man.

>> No.56368201

>Play Hive Guards, Biovores and Exocrine that shit out firepower
>Babysitter is a lone Neurothrope that cost 70 points for 2d3 mortal wounds per turn through smite and screw whatever linebreaker unit your opponent sends to your side of the map
>Gaunts can be spammed as cheap, small screens to get more CP in Detatchements, control large areas of the board and contes objectives

Rippers are de facto the best screening unit, though.
>decent move speed
>flexibility thanks to deepstrike
>multiwound can be very annoying to remove
I personally use gaunts though because I only have a single ripper base.

>> No.56368204

They are still gonna drop near the spore mines, even if they need to deepstrike a little further away, they are still going for the artillery.

>> No.56368206

I had more success with a haruspex than with carnifexen prior to the codex. That is my actual game experience, not maths.

Maybe that'll change now with the +1 to hit on the charge.

>> No.56368212

It would be nice if a Lictor could pop up and reliably murder a commissar or company commander. You know, make up it's points cost.

>> No.56368213

Okay but have y'all considered it doesn't matter how weak the haruspex is whilst it's mouth is such a cluttered mess nobody would build one in the first place?

>> No.56368215

And now there's a bunch of mortal wounds in the way.

>> No.56368218

Right on. It really does depend on the individuals at your local store, but 95% of the pick up games I've played have been super fun. Just make sure that you know your army rules well enough to answer your opponent's questions and that everything in your army is visually identifiable (WYSIWYG is best, but usually not necessary) and you shouldn't have any problems.

>> No.56368222

>Rippers are de facto the best screening unit, though.

No. They are terrible in melee and low model count. for just 7 point more you get a string of 10 model instead of 3.

which will die to their ranged weapons.

>> No.56368225


>> No.56368228

Zoanthropes are a unit that's made to spam Smite, in fluff and crunch. They're 40ppm and min squad size is 3, so you get one Smite per 120 points. You can upgrade to a 4 bug unit for 2 Smites for 160 points, or 6 for 2 1/2 Smites for 240 points.

Compare to Spiritseers, which get you a Smite for 45 points (and the awesome RoB), Primaris Psykers, that give you a Smite for 40 points, or Malefic Lords, at 30. It's no contest.

>> No.56368229

You lose it https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/743559.page

>> No.56368231

That is also it's stomach. It eats like a starfish, vomiting it's stomach at things. Still cluttered, but it's not just it's mouth.

>> No.56368232

Thanks, I assumed so.
So in that case, if I run 20 Stealers in a Trygon bomb and give them hardened carapaces, does it make sense to just let them sit there for a turn to guarantee the 3+ save, or risk losing it for a less than 50% chance of getting into CC immediatly?

>> No.56368242

Honestly i like to go behemoth and take adrenal gland hormagants with my trygon.

66% chance to turn 1 charge from the hole!

>> No.56368244


Point is, the mass of eating parts are too cluttered to make sense of what you're looking at, making it entirely the wrong type of ugly.

>> No.56368246

Depends on what's dropping in. Termagaunts won't last any longer with no synapse either.

>> No.56368251

Day 1: Hour 4. 33 storm bolter armed grey knight terminators have been de mold lined, and had their double barrels drilled. 27 terminators, and 20 strike squad bros remain. I fear I may go mad.

>> No.56368254

Yeah Rippers aren't a screening unit, they are more for suddenly popping up and grabbing an objective and being so short to be a dick to hide behind shit and hold things when the enemy can't react.

>> No.56368262

Carnifexes are really not good at killing blob infantry in close combat. They're good at killing multi-wound infantry because scything talons do 3 damage at -3, but their attacks are pretty low numbers. They're not as good as they should be against vehicles because monstrous crushing claws are -1 to hit, which essentially makes them a never-take, GW fucked up on them to be honest.

The haruspex can't hit the broad side of a barn in close combat and its maw attacks are pathetically weak. I'd have given it WS 3+ and re-roll failed wound rolls vs infantry or something.

>> No.56368266

Very few melee units will make their point cost back in a single round.

>> No.56368270


That's encouraging, thanks anon. I think I might just make a few posts on local FLGS and GW Facebook pages to see if I can find someone that way. Most of my models are WYSIWYG and the ones that aren't aren't really WYSIWYG counts-as (eg. The whole squad have the same wrong weapon that sort of vaguely resembles what it's supposed to) so I don't think that will be too much of a problem for most people

>> No.56368272

The entire setting is ludicrously impossible and targeting specifically marines just means you're a butthurt babby faggot.

>> No.56368279

Joke's on you, fucker! You'll have to FIND a commissar first!

>> No.56368287

Aren't are*

What a confusing sentence. My bad.

>> No.56368290

Why have none of you autistic faggots cracked battlescribe yet?

>> No.56368296

>Compare to Spiritseers, which get you a Smite for 45 points (and the awesome RoB), Primaris Psykers, that give you a Smite for 40 points, or Malefic Lords, at 30. It's no contest.
Wow, you mean Zoanthropes aren't as good as three of the most broken units in the game; units that are in all likelihood about to fuck over Grey Knights and Thousand Sons come Chapter Approved.

>> No.56368297


Carnifexes are cheap, Spammable dreadnought equivalents. Their only build that might wow you with a single model is the dakkafex, but a pack of the fuckers lead by ooe will wreck face.

>> No.56368299

For what purpose?

>> No.56368306

"Premium" features

>> No.56368307

because battlescribe is worse than just using excel

>> No.56368309

because it's shit and since 8th dropped I've just been using paper and pencil

>> No.56368314 [SPOILER] 

Stay strong, brother. You do the Emperors work.
Just think of all the glorious defeats you will accomplish with your Knights.

>50 Terminators
What the hell kind of game are you trying to play, anon? Thats like 2500 points of just Terminators?

>> No.56368315

>Zoanthropes aren't as good as three of the most broken units in the game
>Zoanthropes aren't as good
>Zoanthropes aren't good


>> No.56368327


>> No.56368330

to add to this, you'd be better off buying neurothropes than buying units of zoans.

but don't even they are over priced.

>> No.56368335

Why use a Zoanthrope though, when I can use a Neurothrope instead?

>> No.56368341

They're okay. Reasonably durable (120 points for 3 T4 3W 3++ models is alright), decent psykery, and Synapse.

>> No.56368344

>Cheap as fuck gants
Trivial. You'd want the synapse anyway to keep the artillery from suffering instinctive behavior.

>> No.56368345



>> No.56368363

Blood Coven, Goliath, Two Neophytes squads one in miner and one in IG flavor, and a squad of Acolytes.

>> No.56368381

>comparing Zoanthropes to HQ choices instead of to Warlock Conclaves

More fair to do Neurothropes vs Spiritseers, which yeah Spiritseers are 45 vs the 70, but, Neurthropes can self heal and re-roll their 1's as well as better stats. I'd bet on the Neurothrope over a Spiritseer in a fight thanks to Shadow of the Warp and the Neurothropes rules and stats.

>> No.56368415

Thank you to the glorious anon that uploaded and shared the Tyranids PDF!

>> No.56368418

Thanks Anon.

>> No.56368426


Okay, feel free to fritter away 190 points here, another 190 there...

And your artillery only need to be within 24 of synapse by the way.

(Hint: A sensible person would position them to be bubble wrapped in the early game, but have the wrap move forwards to actually contribute to the battle later)

>What if my opponent keeps deep strike reserves for turn 3?

Then you have a massive alpha strike advantage due to the shit he isn't fielding right away.

>> No.56368432

>35 points more
yeah it probably should be better than a Spiritseer if it's more expensive
What's a good psyker at roughly 70 points we can compare a Neurothrope to?

>> No.56368436


>> No.56368455

Bonesinger gives you smite and repair vehicles/wraiths for 70.

>> No.56368475

>tfw battlebuddy's death is nearly a year ago now
>tfw you dedicated one of your Knights shoulderplates to her in her memory
>tfw it hurts to field him because I put it on the back shoulderplate, so I see it as the Knight walks up the board

>> No.56368483

I know, I ran 4 in a game today. I think they're fine as they are with the exception of crushing claws, which makes that weapon option basically useless. I did not mean the unit itself is bad.

>> No.56368487

An Inquisitor.

>> No.56368488

Compare them then.
Comparing models with different points values is downright retarded, "oh wow this 45 point model isn't as strong as this 70 point model I wonder why?" isn't exactly a good argument for anything at all.
I've heard Bonesinger isn't great though but I don't play Eldar and didn't look at Bonesinger stats but the Eldar player I know didn't seem happy with it's stats for some reason.

>> No.56368495

>More fair to do Neurothropes vs Spiritseers

I'm compariing Zoanthropes Vs Neurothropes Vs Spiritseers. with detachments slot rarity has gone out the window.

zoans are worse than neurothropes which are in turn worse than spirtseers

>> No.56368507

I remember someone got a tuft of fur and put it in a tiny bottle and sealed it inside one of their Space Wolf Dreads.

>> No.56368513

>"oh wow this 45 point model isn't as strong as this 70 point model I wonder why?" i

anon, you misunderstand.

THE 45 pt model is BETTER THAN the 70pt model.

>> No.56368537

>that filename and accurate calendar date
I'm crying.

>> No.56368555

Eh, Spiritseer is good, but, it's entire utility is smite spam, otherwise you take a warlock to use runes, because you can only cast one psychic power with a Spiritseer. While the Neurothrope can can do two Smites in one turn due to Psychic Scream is effectively another Smite.

>> No.56368559

thank the skull throne im not the only one

>> No.56368565

I just jumped into the discussion to provide a unit that is a psyker at 70. I play Eldar and I like it, but we tend to just use power to make our games quicker and easier to get started. At 4 power in the elites slot he's perfect.

>> No.56368589

Only one can use psychic scream so you hit DR pretty fast.

Not to mention all but 2 of tyranid HQs are psykers and nids have fewer useful universal spells.

>> No.56368600

Oh wow.
But the Neurothrope self heals, shadow in the warp fucks over the Spiritseer and it has better stats, that was the argument I saw anyway.
He heals wraithbone constructs right? I know a player who wants to go full wraithbone Eldar, nothing but Wraithguards, Wraithlords, and a Wraithknight with some mandatory HQ tax. Along with a wraithship or two I think.

>> No.56368613

Nigga what? The only thing they might do something against is horde guard or infantry heavy admech. Other than that they're bubble wrap or cheap objective grabbers, which are much better served by twice the bodies than additional firepower.

>> No.56368626

My biggest dissapointment with zoanthropes is no access to a normal damage power, just improved smite.

They used to be able to blow holes in infantry and tanks as psychic artillery, now they just do small numbers of wounds with great certainty... And anyone who's actually played against smite spam should know how hilariously overrated it is.

>> No.56368633

Hey man don't diss the humble termagant. It'll fuck you up if you under estimate it.

>> No.56368641

I want my biovores as far as possible from synapse. -2 to hit lets me LITTER THE WHOLE DAMN BOARD with Spore Mines

>> No.56368658

biovores are terrible, mathematically speaking.

>> No.56368659


I'm saying Hormas are better for that role. Because, y'know, they're faster and better at tarpitting.

Termas are just a blank blob of [THIS SPACE OCCUPIED], Hormas can do that nearly as well and are a lot better at clogging, the true strength of a synapse backed horde.

>> No.56368662


Don’t talk shit about Termagaunts morherfucker.

>> No.56368668

What >>56368633
Seriously, Devourers can be fucking nasty. I oneshotted a goddamn maulerfiend with a brood of Devilgaunts buffed by a Tervigon once, poor fucker didnt even know what happened. Felt really bad for the chaos player too, I mean, it hurts to have your badass demon engine BTFO by a couple freaking termnagaunts.

>> No.56368676

Not when I shit out 20 spore mines a turn, making the enemy army impossible to move.

>> No.56368686

What the fuck are the pleasure bumps on pic related?
You dont see the full getup most of the time but lots of marines have a shoulder pad or greaves with them
I always imagined they have something to do with electricity

>> No.56368697

eh, you can speed bump a small portion of the army with 20 spore mines. they just move about an inch away and shoot them with their bolters or move around them.

it takes 2 BS3+ bolter shots to kill a spore mine on average.

>> No.56368698

Are they not for deflecting stuff?

>> No.56368707

Smitespam on its own tends to be underwhelming, since it's so easily foiled by a single Culexus or screening units or playing keep away. Smite-spam shines when you're adding ten Smites for 300 points to 1700 points of Daemon Primarchs and Horrors or eight Smites for 320 to 1680 points of Imperial Soup.

>> No.56368709

I always assumed it was
>for decoration
>for smashing your shoulderpad into your opponent during a melee brawl
>a artificer shield generator or something

>> No.56368713

Bonding studs for extra armor.

>> No.56368722

Here is what I have been doing. Opponents have been fudging we a few power while I adjust to the new codex. It's awful, but it's kind of fun too.

Iyanden (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) 6 CP (102 p)

Vanguard Detachment +1 CP (Iyanden) (62 p)

Warlock (2 p)

Wraithguard x5 (11 p)

Wraithguard x5 (11 p)

Wraithguard x5 (11 p)

Wave Serpent (9 p)

Wave Serpent (9 p)

Wave Serpent (9 p)

Vanguard Detachment +1 CP (Iyanden) (14 p)

Warlock (2 p)

Bonesinger (4 p)

Bonesinger (4 p)

Bonesinger (4 p)

Detachment +1 CP (Iyanden) (26 p)

Warlock (2 p)

Wraithlord (8 p)

Wraithlord (8 p)

Wraithlord (8 p)

>> No.56368726

This might not be overly optimal since Neurothropes might be a better HQ now, but FW Nids still have a lower synapse range, which is what I want.
Plan is to lock down the enemy with spore mines, making them unable to move up the board as well as wounding everything on a 2+

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Tyranids) [61 PL, 1064pts] ++

+ HQ +

Malanthropes [5 PL, 90pts]: Malanthrope

Malanthropes [5 PL, 90pts]: Malanthrope

+ Troops +

Termagants [9 PL, 160pts]
. 10x Termagant (Devourer): 10x Devourer
. 20x Termagant (Fleshborer)

Termagants [9 PL, 160pts]
. 10x Termagant (Devourer): 10x Devourer
. 20x Termagant (Fleshborer)

Termagants [9 PL, 160pts]
. 10x Termagant (Devourer): 10x Devourer
. 20x Termagant (Fleshborer)

Termagants [6 PL, 80pts]: 20x Termagant (Fleshborer)

+ Heavy Support +

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Tyranids) [29 PL, 522pts] ++

+ HQ +

Malanthropes [5 PL, 90pts]: Malanthrope

+ Heavy Support +

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Tyranids) [23 PL, 414pts] ++

+ HQ +

Malanthropes [5 PL, 90pts]: Malanthrope

+ Heavy Support +

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

Biovores [6 PL, 108pts]
. 3x Biovore: 3x Spore Mine Launcher

++ Total: [113 PL, 2000pts] ++

>> No.56368739


>> No.56368744

Yeah, and then Turn 2 i shit out another 20, meaning they move maybe 3" a turn, since they can't shoot to clear them before moving.

>> No.56368745

Hemlock! That was the ship he used against me, damn psychic ship won him the game, I didn't bring enough anti-air.

>> No.56368751

>letting you take a few extra power points when you could easily cut a Warlock and shuffle your detachments around

>> No.56368763

God I want a unit of 3 Biovores and a shit ton of spore mine models but they cost a foot.

>> No.56368764

Hemlocks are notoriously undercosted and overpowered

>> No.56368770

the gimmik folds to gunline armies like guard and eldar.

>> No.56368778

I could, but I would lose CPs and until I had the codex most of my opponents had a clear advantage. Now I'm just working on some new stuff to fill in the cracks.

>> No.56368781

You could replace some of those biovores with sporocysts.

They poop out three spore mines nearby in the movememt phase AND shoot them at enemies placing 3 if they miss. They also deep strike.

>> No.56368784

That's what China, Z or learning to recast your own minis is for.

See attached PDF

>> No.56368791

Death guard nids upstaging Nurgle yet again. Begs the question of why the Tyranids don’t just use this strategy all the time

>> No.56368800

Did they fix sporocysts in the codex? Because they have a 9" range on their spore mines.

>> No.56368801

I only played against it once, it fucked me over big time though, my Daemon Prince died before getting into melee which is bad because usually Daemon Prince with Wings IS my anti-air.
We did find out that he'd been using the wrong psychic power table on it but still.

>> No.56368811

What should I work on /40kg/, I have some custodes, SoS, Orks & a ton of fantasy stuff primed & ready
I wont even bother thinking of the unassembled shit in my closet(s), there's too much of it

>> No.56368845

>every situation where all that would apply would still have cernifexes perform better than the haruspex

>> No.56368846

Still 9" but as I said it poops three mines in the movement phase.

>> No.56368856

Rivets normaly used for bonding on tank armor.
Its literally just patch work with whatever haley had on hand

>> No.56368864

>if Eldar aren't wildly OP, then they beg their opponents to let them have extra power points
Maximum kek.

>> No.56368870


>> No.56368873

Not bad for objectives but it's likely to just die without a more pressing threat.

>> No.56368882 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56368894

Count as imperial fists

>> No.56368897

This guy has the right of it >>56368713. They were used, especially in the Great Crusade/Heresy Era, to reinforce armor without adding a ton of weight, or to better hold together poorly made armor (i.e. the MkV Heresy armor as shown)

They're kinda rare in 40k, but you'll still see 'em here and there.

>> No.56368904

>have horde of gants
>they manage to tie up enemy units allowing my big bugs to cross the field undamaged
>the big bugs can't do anything because the fucking gants are in the way
how to stop this from happening?

>> No.56368921

run the bugs around your enemy

>> No.56368922

How the fuck do you keep your bugs in combat? Are your opponents just retarded and not falling back?

>> No.56368923

More importantly, why does the guy in this picture have the primaris helmet?

>> No.56368930

Be kraken and fall back and charge back in after the big monsters get in.

>> No.56368931


>> No.56368938

Biovores are Finecast, right? Would it be "provable" to tell if self cast ones were fake without literally sawing into the model?

>> No.56368952

These are dark times

>> No.56368972


>> No.56368994

You could try moving them to clear a path. Retard.

>> No.56369033

No, that's the whole thing.

Did you try using GIS first before you asked?

>> No.56369041

If you fight for decades, if you excel in combat, if you show outstanding ability and strength, you just might get the opportunity to become your captain's meatshield

>> No.56369072


That's fucking cool.

>> No.56369093

Best familiar?

>> No.56369110

Book with legs, klansman, scarecrow.

>> No.56369113

Rejoice in the coming oblivion! It is a GOOD pain!

>> No.56369120

The legged book followed by the mini knight

>> No.56369125

That sassy boi with the big sword

>> No.56369129

Honestly it's a wonder no one has ever conquered that continent. Those monkies wouldn't be able to put up even the most basic defense.

>> No.56369132

Tiny wizard is best wizard

>> No.56369133

Lil wizard and judgy knight for sure.

>> No.56369137

Greatsword midget>Candlestick skeleton>Walking book>Imp girl>Shortsword midget>KKK scribe>Scarecrow>Black Mage>Club dummy>Dragon

>> No.56369138

Blood Angels Player here. Falling to Khorne is probably going to be the best thing ill ever do. You know other than the fact that Khorne Daemons suck.

>> No.56369148

>scarcrow that low
Shit taste.

>> No.56369150

Considered top of the line armor just before the Horus Heresy, MkIV is the inspiration for the MkX suits used by Primaris marines. Some people don't like that it's a pretty close rip, but I personally like the MkIV.

>> No.56369159

Is the GK relic 'Fury of Deimos' worth slapping on my Chaplain or Brother-captain? In that same vein, what about the Cuirass of Sacrifice? 5+++ is hard to ignore.

It's a shame I'm taking Crowe for fluff reasons or else a Brotherhood Champion could do a hell of a lot of work with either one of those.

>> No.56369169

Captain has B2+ while the Chaplain has 3+, correct?

>> No.56369174

Spend Cheese Pizza on moar relics

>> No.56369189

>I can only account for one parameter at a time when doing math and double digits numbers confuse me

>> No.56369192

Nah both have 2+

>> No.56369197

60 is a good cost for a Smite, as Weirdboys can attest to. 120 isn't.

>> No.56369211

What is his endgame?

>> No.56369220

Weirdboys, at 60 IIRC. Neurothropes edge it out with 2 casts and its other special rules, though the Weirdboy's bonuses to cast are pretty funny.

>> No.56369225

It ejaculates when you turn the pages.

>> No.56369226

At like 7:27 the guy manifest conceal and hides everything in 3 inches. But I thought it was target 18 inches away. Do you get to choose?

>> No.56369238

conceal used to be like that and until they changed it for the codex

>> No.56369239

I don't know what the weirdboys bonuses are, our local Ork player has been playing Death Guard and Fantasy Ogres lately.

>> No.56369257

>army has a weakness
>the squad that specializes in that weakness is the worst compared to any other army

Like if tau had some melee unit, they would be the absolute worst.

Any reason to ever use something like that?

>> No.56369272

Weirdboys don't make all nearby orks immune to morale.

Heralds of Tzeentch clock in at 78. Cast one, know two. They can regain hitpoints from melee kills (lol), and they have a +1 S aura for Tzeentch daemons (lol). Neurothrope is way better.

>> No.56369273

Huh, that old version almost seems better.

>> No.56369288

to slow down something like melee heavy armies so that things like my beserkers have to stop and kill them
or for just general tarpit purposes

>> No.56369295

Sure, using the Tau example, the unit should still be able to outperform low-end melee units from other factions (Assault Marines for example). It should be against the higher end melee units that it should be BTFO.

>> No.56369302

3" aura was pretty damn good, too good in fact.

>> No.56369309

Any glaring oversights in this list?

Total: 1967
CP: 12

brigade Detachment: Kraken
HQ: Broodlord [CATALYST] (Warlord) (Ymgarl artifact) (warlord trait?) - 162
HQ: Neurothrope [?] - 70
HQ: Old One Eye - 200

Troops: 20x Genestealers w/5x power swords - 240
Troops: 3x Tyranid Warriors w/ scything talons and Boneswords -66
Troops: 3x Tyranid Warriors w/ scything talons and Boneswords -66
Troops: 20x Hormagaunts - 100
Troops: 3x Ripper Swarm - 33
Troops: 3x Ripper Swarm - 33

Elites: 3x Hive guard w/Shockcannon - 117
Elites: 3x Hive guard w/Shockcannon - 117
Elites: 3x Hive guard w/Shockcannon - 117

Fast Attack: 1x Fat Spore mine - 20pts
Fast Attack: 1x Fat Spore mine - 20pts
Fast Attack: 1x Fat Spore mine - 20pts

Heavy Support: Carnifex w/scything talons pair, tusks, and bone mace - 92
Heavy Support: Carnifex w/scything talons pair, tusks, and bone mace - 92
Heavy Support: Carnifex w/scything talons pair, tusks, and bone mace - 92

Patrol Detachment: Behemoth
HQ: Neurothrope [?] - 70

Troops: 30x Termagant w/fleshborer - 120
Troops: 30x Termagant w/fleshborer - 120

>> No.56369310

No, Orks do that by themselves

They get +1 to cast/deny for every 10 Orks nearby. Park them next to a blob of Boyz and watch them out-Smite Ahriman. Mind you, rolls at and over 12 insta-Perils, but they can take it.

I dream that the Ork codex will bring a Mind War/Purge Soul cloned power. Holla at Ld30 Weirdboys one-shotting Knights.

>> No.56369316

That's rad as hell.
A dude at my store did something similar with a picture of his grandpa in a contemptor.

>> No.56369317

Do I need to get a fourth predator?

It seems like its far too easy to lose my killshot stratagem if I bring the base 3, when they can just focus fire one pred with onagers or melta infiltrators or whatever and kill it before I can really start destroying things.

>tfw games workshop makes it so space marines have to go full treadhead to get the most out of their main battle tanks while IG and Eldar still get their best abilities with just a couple

>> No.56369327


>> No.56369334

This is literally what conscripts, guants, and grots are for.

They melt like butter, they miss 66% of the time, and they rarely do anything from a points perspective. BUT, they cover so much of the board and advance so quickly you MUST deal with them or you'll be hemmed in, tied up, or otherwise distracted from the important things in the game like objectives, heavy support, or characters.

>> No.56369336

>regain wounds from melee kills
>check index
>ritual dagger
I never noticed this before. I only play Slaanesh Daemons.
Herald of Slaanesh is 66 points and has rending in melee and a +1S aura for Slaanesh Daemons which actually does help them.
>+1 to cast for every 10 Orks nearby
>roll 1 and 2, still get 11 thanks to being surrounded by Orks
that's honestly hilarious

>> No.56369348

Naked catboy skeleton obviously.

>> No.56369353

it was good, but required you to cluster things in a way that was actually super annoying to play. Or just be broken on a hemlock.

The new RoB play way better. There is a good reason to run multiple warlocks, they can do cool things, you don't need to clump your army, and the hemlock can't get the stupid -2 to hit.

>> No.56369357

So if chaos daemons are just parts of their god, what exactly are furies?

>> No.56369374

Well they also made it impossible for hemlock to buff themselves, or buff in general.

>> No.56369383

Minor warp entities just like other non-god specific daemons. Such as the Overlords

>> No.56369385


>> No.56369403


>> No.56369404

"People" with fetishes for anthropomorphic animals.

>> No.56369410

shit on the bottom of your shoe

>> No.56369411

they also explode if they roll more than 13.

>> No.56369412

A bunch of weird sexual deviants.

>> No.56369419

So they are just personifications of the warp itself not the gods?

>> No.56369422

Man, Old One Eye got pretty fucked in the new dex. Yeah he got the W drop that made him safe from shooting (and stopped his statline from degrading) and he got +1 WS on the charge, but his bonus attacks went from being on hit to on a 6, which is a huge downgrade. And for this he got a 60 point INCREASE.

>> No.56369433

Define explode.

>> No.56369434

yeah, even with the point reduction, the hemlock overall got worse. Especially as the crimson hunter is so much better now.
Fun weird upgrade is vypers now being bikers, so they can be targeted with everything.

>> No.56369436

I thought that was nurglings.

>> No.56369438

If I wanted to make a Rip and Tear CSM army with a nice Khorne flavor to it how'd I go about it? Obviously berserkers and LC Termies, but what else?

>> No.56369440

In my experience Cuirass is a godsend. Nothing like a Brotherhood Champion that refuses to fucking die.

>> No.56369451

perils of the warp

>> No.56369456

>Fun weird upgrade is vypers now being bikers, so they can be targeted with everything.

>> No.56369459

no, nurglings are lovable snots; literally.

>> No.56369466

Kharn and go full world eaters take bloodletters for swarms of death

>> No.56369468

Essentially, but the warp is super weird and there are a lot of ways to view it. Like I believe that the warp is made up of tons of minor chaos gods and they just happen to makeup the big four.

>> No.56369470

that's all you need

>> No.56369474

Well that's unlikely to happen, you would have probably perils unless you ha e a huge huge tide he's standing near.

>> No.56369477

they gained the keyword 'biker'.
So they can be targeted by psykic powers and strats that are only for bikers. Plus the Saim-hein trait.

>> No.56369479

Do exploding dice abilities stack?

For example, if I have a striking scorpion exarch within 6" of Karandras, and he rolls a 6 to hit, does he get two extra attacks, or just one?

>> No.56369481

Hey. I take being a meatshield very seriously. Don't try to demean my position as ablative wounds to ensure my captain earns extra glory

>> No.56369492

how often do you die?

>> No.56369498

Yes, as long as they are different abilities.

>> No.56369501

Wait the sam trait existed before bikers were bikers?
Why even.

>> No.56369510

He still rapes, like 9 damage on a russ per phase and turns the humble 92pt carnifex into a rape machine (5.7 wounds vs 3.5 wounds against a leman).

>> No.56369521

Holy crap really.

If you buff with a warlock and throw them in cover they would reroll on 4s. Got damn

>> No.56369522

Surprisingly little, as my captain leads from the front. On the flip side, it's pretty easy to get promotions in my company

>> No.56369540

Take warp talons. Rip and tear with speed.

>> No.56369541


>> No.56369566

Are Tyrannocysts or Sporocysts useful in any sense?

>> No.56369585

so can i get a quick rundown what's good and what sucks and what is fucking broken baller mode in the new nid codex. TLDNR version pls

>> No.56369586

Anything else? Are Bikers any good? Any Daemons worth using?

>> No.56369594

Carnifexes and genestealers.

>> No.56369617

thanks. i was looking at buying this army cheap off someone and was wondering if i should pull the trigger. the price is right. and probably is made up of alot of chinacast but i don't give a fuck due to it being cheap.

Start Collecting Box - Brand New
Warriors Box - Brand New
Tervigon - Well painted and magnetized
3 Biovores- 1 unpainted, 2 New in box
4 Carnifex
57 Genestealers- 35 unpainted, 22 on sprue or partially assembled
25 Hormagants - 15 assembled, 10 on sprue or partially assembled
32 Termagants - 8 assembled, 24 on sprue or partially assembled
5 Raveners - metal, assembled
13 Warriors- some assembled with wings. Assembled, 5 in need of repair
Winged Hive Tyrant - needs reassembled, still has some paint
3 Zoanthropes- 2 metal 1 resin assembled, 1 metal new in box
2 Hive Guard - assembled
1 Genestealer Patriarch - assembled, not based
2 large boxes of biomorphs and bits

kind of tempted.

>> No.56369628

>mixing sub-faction bonuses

>> No.56369630

but aren't they the same ability? otherwise that is pretty good

>> No.56369633

Helbrutes, helbrutes, helbrutes.
Bikers aren't good for combat and bloodletters are the only CSM one you shpuld look at at.
If you want me to walk you through list building i can (five year WE veteran)

>> No.56369635

I gave up on playing my melee armies (black templars, orks and Daemons) against GSC, is it worth playing against them again or will I just lose to objectively better units turn 1 again.
I just want my black templars to crump some bugs

>> No.56369638

So will Ynnead help Isha or is he only concerned about Slaanesh?

>> No.56369642

Hive Fleet Chimera


>> No.56369643

daemons are good i like mauler fiends for popping heavies. if you do berserkers take some bubble wrap for them like a rhino or a laid raider for some heavy support as well

>> No.56369644

I'd value all that at around $400

>> No.56369646

Fuck off xenos fag. Chaos wins.

>> No.56369652

Sustained attack and death by a thousand sting are not the same ability.

>> No.56369658

>bubble wrap for them like a rhino or a laid raider
Tranports are not bubblewrap retard.

Chaos cultists, gaunts, nurgling, kroot, conscripts, etc are example of bubblewrap.

>> No.56369660

is kraken any good? is old oneye restricted to a specific hive fleet?

>> No.56369683

ADB please.

>> No.56369685

Kraken is pretty great for a carnifex, it allows you to fall back and re-charge for the +1 to hit, mortal wound, and +1 attack from tusks

as well as let you move your guys up the board quickly with the 3d6 pick highest run role.

also no, old one eye isn't restricted to a specific hive fleet

>> No.56369689

All nid characters are open to every hive fleet. Kraken is pretty strong, but, if you are taking big guys, Behemoth is kind of better due to doing mortal wounds after charging with monsters via a stratagem, plus re-rolling failed charges. Kraken is good though.

>> No.56369693


I haven't seen anything bad outside the usual Pyrovore joke unit. Zoanthropes are kinda lame though, since they are still smite spammers rather than proper tank melters. The Mawloc isn't the squad-deleting nightmare that it was in 7th either.

What is definitely ridiculously powerful though?
Carnifex(though they have so many customization options now it is theoretically possible to design a failfex)

Also all of the Hive Fleet Adaptations are good except maybe the ones for Leviathan and Hydra. Kraken, Kronos and Jormungandr have some serious memeworthy powers.

>> No.56369694

k still new to terms so ive heard people refer to transports as bubble wrap chill tho

>> No.56369707

Fuck you setting ruiner. Setting would be better off without you. Would rather have all Xenos/Imperium than you Chaos mongs.

>> No.56369724

>Like I believe that the warp is made up of tons of minor chaos gods and they just happen to makeup the big four.
I think this is essentially canon. Sure, everything daemonic in the warp comes from one of the four, but that doesn't mean they constantly scream their patrons name or that it's immediately apparent from looking at them who they're a part of. The demon in the first HH novel, Samus, behaves pretty off-type for a Khorne daemon, but he's still Khornate.

I think the way the rules have to be codified for a wargame make daemons seem a lot blander and standardized than they are/should be. Tyranid and Daemon codexes should be written exclusively from third party perspectives, relating anecdotes and conjecture to paint a picture of the faction.

>> No.56369728

i mean they have the same ruling but hey exploding dice giving up 2 hits is damn good. Karandras seems okay for his points. 8th has some weird interactions with rules

>> No.56369731

>if you are taking big guys, Behemoth is kind of better due to doing mortal wounds after charging with monsters via a stratagem

Actually its better with large units as a 30 man gaunt unit will hand out 5 mortal wounds if they all get in.

behemoth is also good for turn 1 charges with deepstrike and adrenal glands giving you 66% chance.

>> No.56369732

anyone have a pic of all the hive fleet perks?

>> No.56369736

>Fuck you setting ruiner.

LOL just a heads up but you do realize that the warhammer 40k universe key thing is the whole chaos vs imperium and the others are just npcs that make for window dressing.

But you knew that, right?

>> No.56369741

>If you want me to walk you through list building i can (five year WE veteran)
If you're willing then sure. Nothing too involved I don't want to take up to much of your time. I've just been inspired by some Khorne related stuff I've seen around lately, but an assault heavy army scares me as a relatively new player.

>> No.56369744

download link is in the OP

>> No.56369745

Transports fulfill very similar functions and can be used as screening units. Don't be a faggot.

That guy's just a faggot, don't worry.

>> No.56369747

Karandras Scorpions + Warlock + Stratagem seems legit then. Each scorp gets 2 extra attacks for each 4+ to hit, the Exach gets 3(!)

>> No.56369756

>LOL just a heads up but you do realize that the warhammer 40k universe key thing is the whole chaos vs imperium and the others are just npcs that make for window dressing.
Then why are nids the biggest threat to the imperium right now?

>> No.56369765


Assault heavy? I just played a Space Wolf list today with nothing but Skyclaws, Wolf Guard with jump packs and Wulfen. Everything moves ~12 a turn and re-rolls failed charges, and there's like 50 of them. And the Wulfen have 2 wounds each, spammed frost weapons, storm shields and FnP.

>> No.56369771

The best part is that they're immediate hits.

>> No.56369779

true, 30 6+'s you should get 5 mortal wounds which is pretty good. It is why Behemoth is on my short list of Fleets I'm considering, with Kraken. As fluffy as Jorm is for a Ravener/Trygon heavy list (well not that heavy, just they are a central part, an 1-2 units of rippers for nabbing objectives or eating overwatch).

>> No.56369780

>Then why are nids the biggest threat to the imperium right now?

because gw wanted to cash in on the whole Aliens / starship troopers bug hunt cash cow.

meanwhile they've been depreciated into window dressing npcs in the story. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed playing them back in 3rd (you know when chaos basically sucked and was made into window dressing npcs for the other armies. back then)

times change and the focus of the story is back on man vs chaos.

get rekt

>> No.56369797

Then why is Chaos the universe's biggest jobber?

>> No.56369799

No they're not, are they?

You get to make an immediate additional attack, but it doesn't auto-hit, does it?

>> No.56369802

Only in the last year or so. Probably due to dipping sales. Chaos is just there to appeal to retards who haven't outgrown teenage rebellion (and actual children too, I suppose) who's aesthetic preferences boil down to "This guy is hard-CORE! He does what he wants and gives no fucks! He's just like me....if I weren't a total failure."

Chaos is for children.

>> No.56369811

what are some good replacement models for cultists, I don't want a horde of clones

>> No.56369816

Isha will never leave Nurgle
Because its the fantasy of every fa/tg/uy to have a submissive skinny goddess permanently stuck in a relationship with them

>> No.56369822

Oh you're right they wouldn't say the generate rule then.

>> No.56369828

>Chaos' big bad leader is a 20+ year old squat, ugly manlet made of finecrap
>Even the least favored of Xenos get shiny plastic
>Xenos are NPCs

>> No.56369832

Alright my friend WE veteran here. A selection of units you need to think about:
>Khorne Berzerkers are your go to all round killers
>Dark Apostles to keep your cultists around and buff you zerkers
>Cultists to keep your CP high
>Helbrutes with fist+scourge to do you actual hard hitting
>Havocs w/ HB? Yes I know, but I always bring a unit or two for backfield objectives and ranged support.
I play two lists 1500 and 2000, would you like me to post them? Or do you already have a rough idea.

>> No.56369845

get used to seeing those 7th edition OP armies being relegated to npc status for the next few edition cycles.

chaos got to be massively op in 3.5 (i think it was 3.5) and they got relegated to shitcan npcs due to the assbalsted bitching.

7th saw a few armies just as powerfull. and they'll get the same treatment. ti's a cycle gw goes through because gw sucks at balacing.

till then haters gonna hate

>> No.56369857

Who tries to cheat at your stores anons, with what army, and how do you handle it? Some faggot tried to cheat me today in a fun scenario some friends and I wrote, the worst part? I played the army he brought so I called his ass out the whole time, and just quit when he kept trying to argue after showing him he was making shit up

>> No.56369861

So the moral is only the Imperium is not npc's no matter how overpowered.

>> No.56369872

details please, anon.

>> No.56369873

>Angry stabby cultists

>> No.56369881

But all three of the top armies in 7th are still good (Eldar, Tzeentch Soup, Space Marines).

>> No.56369882

I had some guy cheat while trying to show me how to play. I didn't want to call it out much because he was helping me but id just ask him how that worked.

>> No.56369888

>So the moral is only the Imperium is not npc's no matter how overpowered.
depends. not imperium 100%

the op will shift in different lists for the imperium. look at guard now vs 7th and 6th. look at where space wolves were in 7th vs now.

it's going to swing but they try keep something in imperium good and will shift it arround. it may stay good for 1 or 2 editions more then they will shift it arround to force people to build the new army. and if there is enough bitching about how op they'll keep ti nerfed a bit longer.

>> No.56369891

Flip flopping undivided Chaos worshippers in life, cursed to never know peace.

>> No.56369906

Yes. Tyrannocytes are what the swarmlord rides in on and sporocysts can now spawn spore mines and also shoot spore mines in the same phase to just throw spore mines everywhere.

>> No.56369908

Not anymore

>> No.56369912

One of our good friends is a little slow(A year younger than us and has 2 accidental kids). We were playing a match with him and he was using the Forgeworld Graia trait, well none of us didn't think to check his codex and he was thinking that the "unit doesn't die and stays at 1 wound" thing happened on a 4+. We checked after the match and saw the truth of it being a 6+. We gave him so much shit for not having basic reading comprehension.

>> No.56369915

Thanks alot anon! Helps me get a clearer idea of what my final comp will look like.
>1500 and 2000, would you like me to post them?
Naw it's getting late and I'm probably about to hit the hay. Quick question though. What are you're thoughts on Maulerfiends and Lords on a Juggernaut?

>> No.56369920

A mistake.

>> No.56369929

>tfw now there's nothing undivided except Be'lakor, and not even the word undivided can count as undivided

>> No.56369931

This. Chaos is the most boring part of the setting, and all the roles they play could easily be done by the Xenos. I wish they didn’t have the big 4 chaos gods and instead focused more on the various alien races throughout the setting. The chaos gods are bland as fuck and their “we already win lol” shit sucks. We have the entire Horus heresy for Imperium vs chaos, make 40k more Imperium vs Xenos and Xenos vs Xenos. One of the best wars in the setting is the octarius war, no humans involved. We could use more like that.

>> No.56369933

>it's a this specialist unit is shit at it's one and only job episode
>there are genralist units within the army that do it's one job better for less points

>> No.56369937

Even Cuckden admits that Chaos Undivided is still a thing (after all the Word Bearers are still running around), they just downplayed it because people were too stupid to realize that just meant worshiping all four.

>> No.56369946

Okay, well I am not intending to run swarmy, so sporecyst sounds solid fun when paired with some biovores. Plus it helps set up a Synapse network.

>> No.56369948

Oh and I'm guessing the Berserkers go in transports or else they get shot off the board?

>> No.56369955

You thought he got 4+++ as his Forgeworld trait? Your whole group is a little slow.

>> No.56369958

>One of the best wars in the setting is the octarius war

Explain how it's good.

>> No.56369960

>cadia destroyed
>eye of terror split wide open
>mortarion and magnus returned

>nids the biggest threat to the imperium

>> No.56369964

>One of the best wars in the setting is the octarius war, no humans involved.
Can you ignorant, anti-Chaos shitposters just fuck off? Humans have been involved with Octarius since the beginning.

>> No.56369967

It was our first match against the new Admech.

>> No.56369975

WE Vet here.
I don't bring many maulers because the brutes\ do more damage. But they are tougher though so that is something to consider.
I have a black mace juggerlord but I only use him to flavor. Lord wise I bring either Kharne or deep striking terminator lord with murder sword. The termie is able to pump out an average of 6 mortal wounds against an important character and an additional d3 if you use daemon bolter round.

>> No.56369978

>wrote a mission packet themed on tank battles for the store's thanksgiving party
>bunch of fun missions, advertise it as a campaign and not a tourney
>only restrictions are 1k points and a single patrol detachment
>asked for lists night before so we don't have to deal with cheaters
>barely anyone showed up so when guy shows up wanting to play I tell him to write a GSC list
>he writes it on BS and then shows it to me
>lots of errors, didn't pay for heavy weapons, stuck 3 HQs and 3 HS in his list
>tell him its illegal and write it again
>finally get playing
>he sticks 10 genestealers in his "rockgrinder"
>skips the leadership check when trying to mind control my flyer
>doesn't announce where his CC attacks are going before he attacks and I end up just saying fuck it and pulling my terminators out when he announced he had 80 attacks
>"okay my turn to hit now I guess"
>"no I have like 30 more left"

I fucking hate playing in GW, too many actual fucking tryhards. Had someone actually admit to netlisting last time we tried to play in one of their fun campaigns.

Our group has a buddy like this, he'll only read about half of his special rules and then try to say they do something else, so we always have to fact check him or make him read them out loud

>> No.56369981

It's not fnp if it's revive on death

>> No.56369985

I call them out immediately if I catch them and if I don't know they are cheating and I find out later I confront them later and tell them they were cheating. There are a lot of guys who know the rules so I always have someone to back me up or I show them the rules.

>> No.56369986

>a fun scenario some friends and I wrote
>I played the army he brought

Sounds like you were houseruling pretty hard, and you accuse HIM of cheating when you created the scenario?

Be honest with us. You were salty about something. Did he call your scenario stupid? Is that why you're butthurt?

>> No.56369991

Actually i take this back >>56369422

You need to bring 4 carnifexes with tusk and bone maces to make him worth his point cost.

>> No.56370002

OOE also now gains +1 to hit when charging and has an innate +1 to hit. So all his to-hit rolls of 5 are actually sixes and 4s when charging are actually sixes. So unless he's taking a penalty to to-hit rolls he's either getting additional attacks on 4s or 5s.

This also means he now hits on 2+ with his crushing claws when charging rather than 3+..

Considering he no longer has a degrading profile and is also not targetable unless he is the closest enemy model it's still a net gain.

>> No.56370011

Rhinos are expensive this edition so I always give them an additional combi-bolter plus havoc launcher. What this does is give it worthwhile shooting. This however makes them 85! points.
Because of this it is hit or miss whether I bring them or increase the KB unit size.

>> No.56370031

I did this the whole time, probably wont play the faggot again. I've never played him before but apparently he plays in tourneys and shit, but every time I called him out he acted like he didn't fucking know.

>> No.56370042

Sorry about that dude, honestly it sounds like the fucker doesnt even know how to play.

>> No.56370051

Am i retarded that i always get so excited that i finished my marines and then realize that I have to paint and put on the pauldrons?

>> No.56370052


He definitely knows how to play, he just feigns ignorance when I kept telling him thats not how his shit worked.

>> No.56370054

>Magnus loses to yiffs (again)
>Morty is Draigo's bitch, doesn't even show up for Konor
>Guilliman crosses the Great Rift at will

>> No.56370058

So from what I gather 1 cp point is worth one d3 mortal wound.
If the ability guarantees more than that it's good, if it guarantees less than that it's bad.

And rerolls are the best because you just reroll your d6 wound hits.

>> No.56370062

Consider that at normal cast, you have a 1 in 18 chance of Perils (11 and 66). With the Orky +1 that Perils on 13+ (other cast bonuses don't), now you Peril on 11, 66, 65 and 56. That's a 100% increase in Perils chance, with an accompanying doubled chance at supercharged Smite. And so on.

>> No.56370067

sorry wait no i made a mistake here >>56369991 and forgot to add the +1 to hit from him charging and generating extra attacks.

He's a fucking rape machine and has equal damage to the best carnifex by itself and buffs them on top of himself.

>> No.56370076

You don't peril on 56 or 65 that would be 12 not 13.
Unless it buffs both dice.

>> No.56370078

The best Strategems aren't the direct affect ones (re-roll, daemon bolt etc) but rather special rules (fury of khorne, fire and fade etc).

>> No.56370087

How obnoxious. Then they get annoyed that you keep calling them out. Well then stop fucking up on purpose!

>> No.56370097

>implying isha wants or needs help

>> No.56370103

Fire and fade can easilly be attributed to wound rolls.

>> No.56370113

Reroll is the best strat though

>> No.56370117


Daemon Bolt is handy for when you just plain need something to die and have already fired all your big guns. It's actually a good stratagem since anyone can use it, you can just have a throwaway legionnaire do it with his bolt pistol.

>> No.56370118

>cadia destroyed
And nothing has been accomplished since.
>eye of terror split wide open
And that has had no effect on anything.
>mortarion and magnus returned
One hets BTFO'd by wolves the other shows up late to his own invasion and get told off by his subordinate..

>> No.56370122

But anon i am into Femdom

>> No.56370126

You know it. Imperium versus Chaos is the most boring part of the fluff to base the central conflict around. Everything unique or interesting in 40k is in either the classic Imperial subfactions (think less umptillionth Marine chapter and more Inquisition/AdMech/Titan Legions and such) or xenos.

>> No.56370127

What team best embodies the relentless defense and merciless process of Nick Saban coached alabama?

>> No.56370130

Not to mention, DG lost the who Konor thing too.

>> No.56370131

That's the point. They do more. though
I agree with sentence 1. Sentence 2 is false.

>> No.56370134

Rip that animu girls back. that posture is fucking terrible.

>> No.56370141

She's not allowed in the warhammer room but she's still my battle bud.

>> No.56370146

And you thought "everything has a 50% chance to not die" seemed reasonable? At what point would you call bullshit on something?

>> No.56370153


That's a funny way of spelling "killshot"

>> No.56370154

and what have nids done?

Absolutely nothing. They've been "at the door" to the imperium for 2 decades now and have made zero progress.

>> No.56370162

They really need to expand the view of chaos a bit and have them focus more on everyone not just the Imperium.

>> No.56370177

So does GW now acknowledge FW units exist or do they still exist in a weird separation?

>> No.56370181

Nids ate the squats

How many factions has Chaos killed?

>> No.56370183 [SPOILER] 

implying any here has good posture
also tfw no anime modeler gf

>> No.56370187

>Chapter approved contains point costs for FW units.
Take a guess.

>> No.56370188

>tfw out of 7 Neutron Laser shots all hit but only 2 wound
I don't think I've ever rolled as many 2s as I did today.

>> No.56370190

>Not to mention, DG lost the who Konor thing too.
konor was fixed from the start. i mean yea let's give a bunch of points out for parinting and putting together the most popular/populated army in the game's playerbase (sm). What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.56370191

Blood Angels player here. You are full of shit. They devoured the entire Cryptus system and then ate like 80% of the Blood Angels including Successors.
>Inb4 "Who cares about the Blood Angels"

>> No.56370199

Was stupid how the two acted like separate companies

>> No.56370200

>Nids ate the squats

Oh fuck

>> No.56370201

Half of the imperium?

>> No.56370213

>like separate companies
That's because they were until recently.

>> No.56370214

Is maiming the emperor of man important?

>> No.56370217

Yeah, Weirdboys get Perils on either a double 6 or a 12+ after buffs. So rolling a 10 with a +2 gets you Perils.

>> No.56370220

Exactly. An Imperium beset on all sides by Xenos and could at any moment be brought down by in-fighting. Like a wounded warrior surrounded by pack animals who smell a vulnerability. A powerful entity but should they muster their strength to strike at any one threat the rest would take advantage of the opening and rip him to shreds, so he must bide his time and position himself well and fend them off with his weapon. Meanwhile, making sure his own body doesn't malfunction and result in a crippling injury that would spell his doom.

>> No.56370224

Fucking Perturabo when !? I want to use these guy for my 40k game


>> No.56370231

>system and then ate like 80% of the Blood Angels including Successors.
and then khorne had to send a greater deamon (or was it a deamonprince?) to save the blood angels so they could fall to khorne.

>> No.56370232

Chaos deserves to lose, so I have no problem with it.

>> No.56370235

>If your Chapter or Legion name has "Iron" in it, you and your primarch are 100% likelier to job

>> No.56370240

Literally never. No one cares about the NPCs of Chaos.

>> No.56370245

assblasted npc xenos player detected

>> No.56370253


Why is Death Guard the only chaos legion with long-range artillery and cataphractii armor in 40k right now? GW needs to fix Iron Warriors, I don't even play them but I know a neglected faction when I see it.

>> No.56370259

take a second detachment of khorne daemons with skarbrand because his buff is hilarious, thematic and very strong

>> No.56370269

when sisters get plastics

>> No.56370270

Kind of sad that spores have to charge to go off if they fail to land when shot. Wish they had rules more along the lines of cyclops demolition vehicles where you can detonate them in the shooting phase instead of having to charge them in (and eat overwatch with a toughness of 1 and Save of 7+). But, eh, as it is, they are fun enough.

>> No.56370277

This, in fact I don't really need Perturabo. He can fuck off right back to the warp for all I care, I just want those sexy Tyrant Siege.

>> No.56370286

Its not just a Greater Daemons
It was the only Greater Daemon that had any importance to the Blood Angels. He sorta exacerbated the red thirst. and nearly killed Sanguinius.

>> No.56370306

>cadia destroyed
>And nothing has been accomplished since
Chaos besieged just about every world, craftworld and hive fleet in existence. They swallowed up several hive fleets and defeated the legest single nid army ever. Magnus conquered a whole sector and forced the Mordians to evacuate their planet. Even though they lost in many of the battles they were in, the damage they caused is irreparable.

>>eye of terror split wide open
>And that has had no effect on anything.
Cut off half the Imperium from the astronomicon. Guillimans crusade was one of the rare examples of a force successfully crossing over. Most of the crossing points are held by chaos and prey on imperial fleets trying to get in

>>mortarion and magnus returned
>One hets BTFO'd by wolves the other shows up late to his own invasion and get told off by his subordinate..
Mortarion was on the verge of winning in ultramar and only withdrew because the war in the rift called him back. He BTFO kapandaman and Perturabo, conquered several systems and maintains one of the single most cohesive chaos armies in the galaxy.

Magnus has conquered a sector and accomplished summoning prospero into realspace

It a chaosfag but you can’t claim chaos did nothing since the fall of Cadia

>> No.56370327

Any campaign where the majority of the playerbase is all fighting on one side is going to be a lop-sided shitshow.

>> No.56370330

What are you, one of those Chaos morons who thinks you're the protagonists or something? Get over yourself.

>> No.56370346

this is how mad you are

>> No.56370356

Why are the Thousand Sons the only chaos legion with Tartaros Armor in 40k right now? Why did they put slow dust golems into the go-fast armor (negating both the benefits of the armor AND the Tzeentch invuln)?

>> No.56370388

What's the optimum setup for a Nemesis Dreadknight? Hammer or Sword?

>> No.56370410


>> No.56370411

Which flying Nid beasty is better? Crone or Harpy?

>> No.56370417

Is the Stormtalon and Stormhawk OOP?

I can't find it on the GW site.

>> No.56370428

Yeah yeah it looks like shit, thanks for reminding me. I still need it if I want to be even remotely competitive though.

>> No.56370431

Anyone have ideas on how to do alpha legion in a cool way?

Right now I'm considering buying the chadmarines and Fielding them as alpha legion, and potentially doing them with s 'decloaking' effect, to look as though they are disguised as ultrasmurfs or something, but are actually alphas.

Another idea is to do chaos Marine models, but make them look like toned down a bit, more like normal marines to blend in, removing some of the excess spikes and skulls etc.

>> No.56370432

try the search box.

>> No.56370438

they're both bad

>> No.56370441


>> No.56370442

It can't use the hammer so I'm going to have to go with sword.

>> No.56370450


>> No.56370453

??? Dreadknights can take hammers.
Sx2 Ap-4 Dd6 subtract 1 from hit rolls.

>> No.56370455

You can't tone down the chaos models, they're built off the iconography as details. Probably go with chad marines and kit bash some older armour patterns into them

>> No.56370457

>Grey Knights
Join your babby carrier in the trash

>> No.56370474


New Thread

>> No.56370480

>wanting to win every once in a while makes me trash
It's not even like I'm taking NDKGM spam or something, it's just 1 DK that I plan to use as a distraction carnifex.

>> No.56370486

I'm literally planning on painting spikey marines as badly painted ultramarines personally, just ordered an ultramarine upgrade sprue
so just my regular quality of painting :'^)

>> No.56370498

I have always had the (Probably) Unoriginal idea of making each one of my squads a differen't chapter or legion with subtle Alpha Legion iconography on them. It would be a hassle to play with i am sure but i think it would look awesome.

>> No.56370499

the real question is why would anyone use the dreadfist when the greathammer is both cheaper and has better stats.

>> No.56370502

No I'm telling you that running Grey Knights means you won't be able to compete with competitive armies you mong.
Grey Knights are underpowered and the babby carrier doesn't save them.

>> No.56370520

Nah, the Dreadfist is cheaper by 5 points. You still have to pay for 1 of them whether or not you take the sword or hammer
I can still try though can't I?

>> No.56370524

Use HH models for your marines

Use lots of cultists, deepstrike as often as possible, abuse that -1 to hit at range with your Havocs

>> No.56370577

> Uh-oh, this guy has my number, better call him mad, that will prove me right

>> No.56370604

not if you take a hammer and a sword. 10pts cheaper

>> No.56370625

I don't think you can take both. Says pretty clearly that you can only replace 1 fist.

>> No.56370776

FW isn't giving heresy models 40k rules so you can't use those guys ever

>> No.56370817

like they were never going to give baneblades to GW proper, or release primarchs?

>> No.56370876

Don't Space Marines already have FW units that started out as HH units?

>> No.56370983


>> No.56370986


>Honestly it's a wonder no one has ever conquered that continent. Those monkies wouldn't be able to put up even the most basic defense.

Que ?

>> No.56371277

yep it's how I get my mechwarrior fix in 40k

>> No.56371335

That's the didgeridoo pattern nought, right? looks kinda funny in a dakka dakka dakka way

>> No.56371915


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