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>FAQs and Errata, GW up to 1.3, FW up to 1.2:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

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Tyranid Codex epub (Expires 18/Nov)

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Hey kid.

Got any Geneseed?

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1st for a disease-free thread.

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He’s left handed....
The sisters are gonna have something to say about that

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Is this gonna actually lead somewhere or will it be just another plot thread left tangling out there?

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>no top 5 squigs
I'm gonna bully you OP

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We shall see!

On the roll of a 7, this thread becomes Death Guard themed too!

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Hey i am left handed also. Is that a problem.

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Rolled 5, 3 = 8 (2d6)

>forgot to roll

brb committing sudoku

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Can I get any answer to this?

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>Plague Hulk
>Decades after its apparent demise, Gorgon reemerges. It's path converges with the plague hulk Vomnivorax. The Hive Fleet launches boarding tentacles, and swarms of gants pour into the corrupted vessel. Plague Marines of the Mouldering Claw obliterate the initial waves of invaders, their disease-ridden flesh immune to the toxins of the Gorgon. The swarm consumes those few who fall. During the next wave of the invasion, Toxicrenes lace the tunnels of the ship with a refined spore-agent which causes the Plague Marines' rancid flesh to slough from their bones.
Daily reminder that the DG got NIDED

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R8 my goldenboy
Should I keep him a darker coppery color or brighten him back up?
Alpharius for scale btw

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You don't need to do it.

I spray my DG with DG green and the only paint I put over it is for corrections and washes and shit.

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Daily reminder that the codex says that the T'au with their technology can cure Gorgon's poison spores but the cures only last for one or two occasions, forcing the T'au to invent a new cure. It's a race between two factions.

This confirms that the T'au is going be the race that will defeat the Nids.

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>Your very first army
>Your currently most played army
>Your favourite faction
>Your favourite Chaos God or the least shitty in your opinion

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Throw some Fleshshade on there. Gold itself is great.

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LIGHT IT. Your custodes are here to steal the show. Edge highlight the fuck out of every detail.

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>Sister of battle
>Inquisition. Or orks. both are very silly in their own ways.

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>alpharius for scale
Isn't that just a regular marine anon?

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>your first army

>everything else
pic related

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>Your very first army

>Your currently most played army
Death Guard.

>Your favourite faction
Chaos in general. If generic CSM had better models I'd have started with them.

>Your favourite Chaos God

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>First Army
Blood Angels|
>Most played
I uh Havent played a game yet
>Favorite Faction
I dont know
>Favorite Chaos God

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I do this with my tanks and other assorted vehicles.

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Tyranids/Genestealer Cult

Genestealer Cults.

Nurgle, probably.

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Paint a thin layer of your base color over the primer. A primer is a primer, not a basecoat.

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That is an awesome colour on that Alpha boi. What is it?

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Grey Knights
>Current most played
Dark Eldar
>Favorite faction
Dark Eldar
>Favorite/least shitty

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>Your very first army
Dark Eldar
>Your currently most played army
Sisters of Battle
>Your favourite faction
The Ecclesiarchy
>Your favourite Chaos God
I like Nurgle, just an all round chill dude.

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>If I've already painted my model in the color I want, do I have to paint it that color again.
Unless you have a coverage issue, no.
An autist is an autist, not a valuable contributor.

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fuck off with your retarded meme

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First army: Imperial guard
most played: Imperial guard
Favorite faction: Imperium
Favorite chaos god: tzeentch

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>Your very first army
Chaos Space Marines
>Your currently most played army
Imperial Guard (Vosty's rules for my dudes, but not Vosty models)
>Your favourite faction
Toss up between Eldar and Tyranids
>Your favourite Chaos God or the least shitty in your opinion

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Just follow this handy dandy guide
Number of layers and stuff like that will be personal preference
Big pieces of advice is it won't look good at first but once the layers build it will
Also be sure to manage your time and have something else to paint/homework/porn/anime to do while each layer dries since it takes like 45 mins

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>I don't do things properly, it works just fine!
And this is why most people have shit-tier looking models, if they paint them at all.

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>implying most people here even play

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>>Your very first army
>>Your currently most played army
Thousand Sons
>>Your favourite faction
>>Your favourite Chaos God or the least shitty in your opinion

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What's the consensus on Screamer-Killers?

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>>>Your favourite Chaos God or the least shitty in your opinion

Back to your fanfic containment thread faglord.

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>>Your very first army

>>Your currently most played army
Tie between Sisters and Nids

>>Your favourite faction

>>Your favourite Chaos God or the least shitty in your opinion

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Love em fluffwise but if you give a fuck about crunch, regular Carnifexes with the same gear is cheaper.

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>Your very first army
Fantasy Orks. First 40k army was Space Wolves
>Your currently most played army
>implying I actually play games
>Your favourite faction
>Your favourite Chaos God or the least shitty in your opinion

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Who would win in a planet speed eating competetion, nids or pic related?

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He needs to set up a big machine to do it. And that takes days. Nids would have already eaten half the planet by the time he was set up to start.

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This, but with Craftworld Eldar replacing GK

>> No.56363566

Galactus. He just needs to assemble his planet eating device

>> No.56363575

Primer can be basecoat if your lazy but a real basecaot looks better

>> No.56363582

Now I'm imagining galactus clipping his planet eating device off its sprue as he gets ready to start gluing it

>> No.56363585

I'm uncomfortable taking advice from anyone who doesn't drill their barrels. I think I'll go with the autist, just to be on the safe side. It's not much work to give do a thin basing layer.

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Assuming "faction" means "not one you play":
Admech, upgraded custom Admech, Dark Eldar, Nurgle.

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My god why nid codex is so fucking shit.
>Valedor moved from Tempestus(near Gryphonne) to Sol for some reason
>Ghosar Quintus was during Second Tyrranic War.

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>Your very first army
Space Marines
>Your currently most played army
Space Marines
>Your favourite faction
Space Marines
>Your favourite Chaos God
None they're all shit

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I'm going to go ahead and get all the normal shitposts out of the way:
Reminder that:
>be'lakor is the only undived prince
>chaos has already won
>chaos is the greatest threat
>abbadon will win
>pert and lorgar are undivided
>nids BTFO chaos
>chaos can't be eaten by nids
>no, nids can east chaos
>sieg heil here's some /pol/shit
>fuck you you white male, here's anti /pol/shit
>rock's fall be'lacuck dies
>cutedar/cutesisters/cutenids/cute whatever
>[insert censored porn or provocative image that get's people begging for source for a good portion of the thread]
>SoB plastics soon
>traps are gay
>traps aren't gay
>I'm a tranny, would your FLGS accept me
>arguong about trannys
>[insert most recent codex] is OP and this editions tau'dar. refuse to play any [insert insult for this faction] unless they [insert whatever the inane requirement is]
>bitching about something GW did
>[isert faction] is the worst, and all it's players are [WAACfags/children/losers/whatever the insult of your choice is]

Now then, what is everyone working on? Play any games recently? Plan on playing any soon? And what are your hopes for chapter approved? What land raider will you make?

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What is this top five squigs thing anyway? I keep seeing it mentioned but no idea what it is.

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Remember when this girls picture's destroyed an entire thread over the summer until people finally starting doxxing her?

>> No.56363620

It's happening

>> No.56363623

But I'm already here!

>> No.56363632

I mean sure, but you're just gonna end up with thicc paints so, its your dudes.

>> No.56363637

>implying Galactus wouldn't just use his magic TV remote to remove all nids from existence

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>> No.56363640

Yeah, I was the one who actually made this pic. Also it wasn;t really hard to find her - literally paste the pic in google. Iirc she has her name on her tumblr profile

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You good engrish verry good
You verry funny guy

>> No.56363653

If you've already got adequate coverage from the initial spray, throwing another layer on there does nothing. At best it's providing slight protection against wearing down to bare plastic, but that shouldn't be an issue once you varnish.

>> No.56363664

Ah thank you!

>> No.56363665

Any tips to play Death Guard in a semi-competitive environment? I mean, I wanna win, but also have fun, not needing of Morty, or taking allied CSM warp-time-fuckery

>> No.56363669

How can one man have such a high concentration of shit taste? At least tell me there's some conversions in there, even if they're just "I swapped an arm, look at my masterpiece" like everything at my local store.

>> No.56363672

Issac, make us whole.

>> No.56363673

>what is everyone working on?
Grey Hunters.
>Play any games recently?
Not playing until I finish painting everything. Too embarassed to field grey minis.
>Plan on playing any soon?
>And what are your hopes for chapter approved?
Space Wolves rules.
>What land raider will you make?
Something that ejaculates distilled Wolf Guard directly into poor little heretics.

>> No.56363692

it looks interesting but GW's gimp writers will ruin it somehow


>> No.56363703


>This confirms that the T'au is going be the race that will defeat the Nids.
>Galactic map in new book has like less than a square inch of visible space noted as belonging to the T'au Empire
>everything else surrounding that tiny space that would likely be colored to denote T'au space is either crawling with Kraken and Kronos tendrils, or split through by the Cicatrix Maledictum and other warp rifts.

Like I'm not even trying to start a faction debate here, that map is fucking depressing and it's a little confusing how we're supposed to think they hold any kind of a chance with the state of their empire.

>> No.56363704

The extra points are for the morale penalty and the extra 6" range, upgrade to D6 shots and the -1 more AP on the bio-plasma.

They do drop the tail. Not sure how good the Thresher Scythe was to begin with.

>> No.56363705

MSU Plague Marines with Blight Launchers/Plasma Guns. I have 4 squads of 5 which contain a plasma gun and 2 blight launchers in each. Great with the arch-contaminator warlord trait.

Daemon Prince with Wings is great.

Spam one of the daemon vehicles. Hauler, Crawler or Drone. Spam it!

>> No.56363706

EA should write a book on how to kill a well liked franchise since they're so good at it

>> No.56363727

>what is everyone working on?
Kabalites and a Venom
>Play any games recently?
Yeah, beat my Khorne Daemons buddy. Killed his Daemon Prince with two lucky Dark Lance shots
>Plan on playing any soon?
Maybe, I have to work at weird times and when I get to see everyone, I'm usually to tired to play.
>And what are your hopes for chapter approved?
PFP buffs maybe.
>What land raider will you make?

>> No.56363730

Am I the only one who finds the peachy face and way of expressing himself disturbing? Like some kind of pedophile on high desu

>> No.56363732

Is it a Chaos plot? No? Then it will either go nowhere or Chaos will hijack it somehow.

>> No.56363735

> At least tell me there's some conversions in there,
I kitbash all my elite and hq units and sometimes my troops

>> No.56363741

Do chocking spores use the attacks characteristics in addition to their d6 attacks?

For example, using the toxcrenes base 6 attacks and chocking spores, it can do 6d6 attacks a turn.
I don't know if I'm interpreting this correctly

>> No.56363753

Is it worth it though?

>> No.56363754

The T'au empire is secure but surrounded by threats.

>> No.56363757

>Now then, what is everyone working on?
Varnishing Magnus.
> Play any games recently?
Yeah, 2v2 Tzeentch and World Eaters versus Iron Hands and Wolves. Iron Hands and Wolves won.
>And what are your hopes for chapter approved?
Additional spells for Thousand Sons. I really hope we aren't just getting some Warlord Traits and Relics.

>> No.56363758

Primer has a different finish than a basecoat

>> No.56363764

Wait shit it's a shooting attack, nvm

>> No.56363766

Well poison and disease are two different things, so it's not too surprising the god of plagues isn't exactly on he ball when dealing with poisons.

>> No.56363777

Please remember to add the PDF link to the next OP

Tyranid Codex PDF (Expires 18-Nov)

>> No.56363785

Should I paint a figure before or after I glue it to its base?

>> No.56363788

MSU Plague Marines, multiple Daemon Vehicles for fire support, some zombies to screen.

>> No.56363789

Death Guard codex says they are immune to all poisons and toxins.

>> No.56363790

The Mega folder will be updated asap

>> No.56363797


Choking Spores are a weapon to be fired in the Shooting phase. Weapons fired in the Shooting phase have their own number of hits, as noted by their type, independent of the model's Attacks characteristic.

Melee weapons that cause additional hits will describe how many in the Abilities section of their profile (ie "This weapon causes D3 hits for each Attack made").

>> No.56363800

I'm painting my models before basing them but you know - it's all about you

>> No.56363801 [DELETED] 

>be'lakor is the only undived prince
Still insisting that your Fantasy lore has any place in 40K?

>> No.56363808

I personally glue the torso and legs on, paint the arms and head on a painting stick.

>> No.56363824

All British people look like pedos, you'll just have to get used to it

>> No.56363836

What happens if you lobotomize a GS cultist?

>> No.56363842

Had the same idea for a land raider, glad I didn't because I couldn't handle not being a special snowflake

>> No.56363847

The almost a square inch of space in the book is significantly bigger than the small dot they used to have previously though.

Tau expansion a go.

>> No.56363854

>missing the fact that he's posting the shitposts

>> No.56363860

What are some good ideas for models to use for chaos spawn other than the official ones
Going for iron warriors but I'll take any suggestions?

>> No.56363862

>It is not only the blades and bullets of the enemy that the Death Guard scorn. Nurgle has rendered his favored son utterly immune to the contagions, toxins, and poisons of realspace. No warzone is too extreme for them, no atmospheric blight or rampant contagion too deadly. Virus bombs, rad warheads, even the most forbidden of bioweapons can find little purchase in their bloated flesh.
Nurgle sucks at his job.

>> No.56363864

I don't get that vibe.

I get a belligerent chav vibe from him. Only thing missing is the accent.

>> No.56363871

Does anyone know where will GW release the DG kits left? (poxwalkers & blight-hauler, i think)

>> No.56363885

>Carroborg Crimson.
>Actual colour is a purplish pink.
When are we going to get an actually decent red wash?

>> No.56363891

Next year.

>> No.56363893

>Slaanesh, because of LEWD and the ability to encompass a great deal of themes and topics.

>> No.56363895

Official models only? These fellas from Forge World (Daemon Plague Toads)

>> No.56363905

Chaotic Soup with a focus on Birds
Thousand Sons

>> No.56363912

I'm playing my very first game in a few days, trying to make sure I have my army assembled, even got a Land Raider for free

>> No.56363927

>Now then, what is everyone working on?
Painting some Seraphim, only two left then my two squads of them are done!

Also putting two penitent engines together, fuck the modeler who designed this kit. Holy shit I am buying recast next time.

> Play any games recently?
Been two weeks, hoping to get some action in on monday or tuesday though.

>And what are your hopes for chapter approved?
I am hoping for some decent sister stuff, I saw the rumors on their relic, warlord trait and stratagems. Not really plussed by any of them but who knows, finished product might be nice.

Also really hoping flamers get a buff, I have so many of them... hell even just a stratagem that lets us use them in long range Overwatches would be enough.

>> No.56363931

Never. It works dammit. We dont need a better red wash.

>> No.56363939

You get your average Skitarii, for the most part. Even if they did still have the GSC programming and it wasn't spotted during the forging they'd either be unable to do anything about it or be spotted and shot the moment they did. Those dudes in your pic look pretty damn cool, though. I'd make some Skittle versions myself if I didn't already have 40 Skitarii built and no desire to blow another £150 on replacing them with dual kitbashes.

>> No.56363946

A planet sized tyranid eats one of the chaos gods...
In the 9th ed.

>> No.56363956

Damn that is a really nice kitbash, skittles parts work so damn well with that mining gear.

>> No.56363965

what did the other guy say?

>> No.56363972

Finally having gotten to read Hive Fleet Jormungandr's fluff? I love this fleet, it has a ton of character. Of the fleets with traits, it is the one I think I'll run on pure fluff reasons, the +1 AV when not in CC or having advanced is pretty damn good as well. But their tactics in fluff is great, seeding asteroids with bioforms and even hiding their ships in them, clever little bastards.

Still love Tiamet though, but Jorm fits what I was going to do with my nids already.

>> No.56363976

>least shitty: slaneesh cuz fuck elves

>> No.56363980

Literally just spare bits.

Spare cadian heads combined with spare warrior torsos combined with spare venomthrope tentacles and some greenstuff to hold it all together and, BOOM, an unique chaos spawn.

>> No.56363982


>> No.56363987

Well, guess who fell for the plague god's lies? Especially since Dark Eldar splinter weapons work just fine and should have been an obvious hint this was grade A codex bullshiticus.

It's in the name, folks. Plague god, not poison god.

>> No.56363993

Just thin the Bloodletter glaze.

>> No.56363996

I haven't seent he codex yet besides that dude who keeps posting tiamet and oroboris' pages. Do we finally have an official color scheme for Jormugandr?

>> No.56364000

>mfw sobfag thinks they can field enough flamers.

>> No.56364021

Yeah, I got a bit inspired myself; heres a KB of my own

>> No.56364025

>FW is OP WAAC Holocaust Deny

>> No.56364033

Well you''re right on not needing a better red wash. We'd need to have one in the first place for another to be better.

>> No.56364037

Remind me where the rules are for these guys in 40k anon?

>> No.56364038

You wouldn't happen to have source on that image would you? It's not "canon" Meshi so it has to be a doujin.

>> No.56364046

Yes we do, though it is kind of ass, but it is easier than the older renditions.

>> No.56364050

>losing with Magnus

Literally how?

>> No.56364051

Very cool!

>> No.56364066

>>Your very first army
>>Your currently most played army
Raptors Chapter
>>Your favourite faction
Imperial Knights

>> No.56364073

No, unfortunately. I too have wished to see not-miserable Marcille

>> No.56364075

Literraly just use biovore

>> No.56364088

Should have used Phil's.

>> No.56364092

Ok cool. Its similar, but different than Phil Kelly's color scheme.
Still absolute madness mixing yellow and black.

>> No.56364093

>Surprised that Angron's sons fucked up the plan
c'mon anon

>> No.56364098

>destroyed vehicles
Why are you playing 7th?

>> No.56364100

>they chose Warriors as the unit to promote the new Nid Codex with a paint tutorial

>> No.56364106

Thanks! The head and arms were total bitches to get on, as I had to carve out the bottom half of one of the 3rd gen hybrids and glue it to a infilitrator head.

>> No.56364120

But anon they can rip a space marine limb from limb!

>> No.56364180

>what is everyone working on?
Hilights on ripper swarms

>Play any games recently?
Yesterday a farewell game for index nids

>And what are your hopes for chapter approved?
FAQ with pictures

>What land raider will you make?
Crusader for deathwatch

>> No.56364188

He looks really nervous to me, also the lighting might be a bit bright since he needs to squint his eyes

>> No.56364202

Yeah so where the fuck is my Strength 5

>> No.56364204

>Your very first army
Guard mixed with Witch Hunters in 2003
>Your currently most played army
Guard mixed with Inquisition and Ministorum melee units
>Your favourite faction
Inquisition. I love space detectives with best friends who fight things using unconventional and questionable methods.
>Your favourite Chaos God
Khorne, probably, since I play predominantly melee Guard. Move forward, smash and stab, good tactics. My best games have been when both of us are mostly dead and that is something I think pleases Khorne.

>> No.56364208

But Reecius said they were good now.

>> No.56364217

It's not that WEs fuck up the plan, they're just playing a different plan and everyone else is an idiot for thinking they aren't. Fagnus & Sons can't keep up.

>> No.56364238 [DELETED] 

I'm a tranny and my FLGS accepts me. I've already diddled one of the beta Dark Eldar fags.

>> No.56364257

>5 deathmarks and a Annihilation Barge/Catacomb Command Barge

>Yes, 400 pts Orks v Necrons. I barely won by grace of melee combat rolls.

>Yes, i have a escalation league at FLGS.

>make necrons great again

>no land raiders, i don't have any flavor of power armor.

>> No.56364260

Looking good. Although mine would have regular Skitarii weaponry because I don't have GSC those stooped poses and stripped-down armour would be perfect for Stygies Skitarii who have to sneak about a bit, and the Neophyte kit comes with a zillionty cool-looking spares to kitbash other stuff with. Magos Dominus or Datasmith smashing shit up with a mining drill sounds cool to me.

Maybe I'll just make one box of those so I can have my 2x5 Arquebus squads dressed up nicely, although I'd have to buy more elephant guns off eBay.

>> No.56364261

You molested a child?

>> No.56364262

Personally I feel this is better, but, yeah Yellow + Black is just madness.

>> No.56364267

Doesn't matter when Genestealers are better in every respect in the same Battlefield Role for less points.

>> No.56364277

Nah he's 32 and into femdom.

>> No.56364287

>all orks
On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly did you get buttfucked.

>> No.56364294

Oh, diddled means something very different here.

>> No.56364295

I wonder if we'll have half decent HQ options again.

>> No.56364303

We should just put this in the OP pasta permanently.

>> No.56364310

Anyone have any experience spraying their basecoat over their primer? Do you need a special kind of spray paint?

>> No.56364326

First time using him, and it's not like the rest of the list was particularly optimized.
2x12 Pink Horrors
Vindicator with Havoc
Helbrute with TL Las and ML
Lord with Axe of Blind Fury
Exalted Champion with Power Axe (IIRC)
2x9 Berzerkers, all Chainsword and Chainaxe
2x Rhino
1x Land Raider


>Enemy 1
Wolf Lord on Bike- Thunder Hammer
Space Wolf Lieutenant Equivalent on Bike- Storm Shield, Frost Sword
1x4 Thunderwolf Cavalry- 4x Storm Shield, 1 Thunderhammer, 1 Chainsword, 2 Frost Sword
1x4 Cyber Dogs
1x5 Terminators- something like 3 Combi-plasma and some melee weapons
1x6 Skyclaws
>Enemy 2
Captain with Relic Armor
2x10 Devastators- 4x HB and 4x Lascannon
Quad Las Pred
1x10 Tacticals- Plasma Gun, Grav-Cannon
1x Rhino
1x Culexus Assassin

Magnus deleted the Thunderwolves turn one. They shot everything at him on the bottom of turn 1 and charged with a bunch of stuff, leaving him with 1W remaining. Top of turn 2, Magnus flew off and killed half the tacticals with Smite. The Berzerkers hopped out, one squad flubbed their charge, the other, along with the characters, charged the Devastators and the Rhino. Wiped the Devestators. Then the opponent killed pretty much all of the Berzerkers and the Champion on the bottom of turn 2, as well as finishing off Magnus and I think throwing a couple wounds onto the Land Raider. The Chaos Lord ended up wiping out the Terminators, but that was the end of our killing anything. Between the Land Raider, the Helbrute, and the Vindicator we did jack shit.
We had to call due to time on turn four.

>> No.56364328

I actually thought it just meant you fucked someone. I looked it up and I'm using it wrong, whoops.

>> No.56364331

The deleted post pretty much confirms that anti-Be'lakor fags are autistic.

>> No.56364345

I'm proud to have started or helped start many of these

>> No.56364349


The GW colored sprays aren't really primers.

>> No.56364372



Don't you mean maledom, anon?

>> No.56364374

why should i care about belakor

>> No.56364386

Pick one

>> No.56364389

I guess you can use them as IG Special Weapons Squads with flamers.

>> No.56364392


That looks okay but there's no way I'm going to use the real colour scheme. I like the fleets fluff so I'll just say my guys are a splinter fleet that adopted to some random planet over a series of subterranean reinvasion attempts.

Now to find a colour scheme that doesn't look shit but also isn't impossible to paint

>> No.56364393

Don't you mean maleceptors? The tyranid monster that is 40k related and not shitposting?

>> No.56364400

>better in every respect.
>warriors have more wounds per point. 4+ save. are synapse. Have ranged options.
I mean, genestealers are better at charging into the enemy. But how is that 'every respect'?

>> No.56364403

No, it just means that there are people who slip up and misread things sometimes. Belashit is still bad regardless.

>> No.56364418


>> No.56364427

Anyone have any other images for Gorgon?
Is there an official color scheme?

>> No.56364428

The point of putting them all there is so that we don't talk about them again moron.

>> No.56364435

He's into femdom and I'm a good enough substitute. You guys are silly.

>> No.56364436


>> No.56364450

I assume the madness is trying to paint yellow and black, because yellow is the fucking diva bitch of paint colors.
Because it looks pretty cool in the last pic.

>> No.56364452


>> No.56364459

There's a shapeways store that's selling sonic blasters now. Grab 'em before GW tries to sue again

>> No.56364460

Friendly reminder that the NL did nothing wrong

>> No.56364464


Pic related, its me.

>> No.56364470

Page 36 and 79 in the codex

>> No.56364471


>> No.56364484

They killed a lot of innocent people anon

>> No.56364485

No I'm not that pretty.

>> No.56364499

There's no innocents in 40k

>> No.56364500

Well fuck, I didn't even realize that was a kitbash until other people pointed it out. That's some good shit right there.

>> No.56364505

Yeah pretty much what I've done. Fleet uses same tactics, but not using their colors. Old color schemes guide might help.

>> No.56364512

I bought 340£ of Krieg stuff today.
I am now a poor man, yet a happy one.

>> No.56364515

>more wounds per point doesn't apply when they stack wounds per model and therefore get BTFO by multi-damage weapons, which they are the perfect targets for at only T4 with no invuln, meanwhile genestealers actually HAVE an invuln
>genestealers can buy a 4+ save
>synapse is worthless unless on an untargetable character (broodlord/neurothrope.malanthrope) or tough unit that doesn't evaporate when shot at (new hive tyrant)
>ranged options are better on gaunts point for point, so I guess I should have said "combination of genestealers/gaunts is strictly better"

>> No.56364528

What legion/chapter would fit my friend for his new army?
He's ancap

>> No.56364530

For some extra Bio-plasma strength, sure.

The main question is, if losing the Tresher Scythe gimps your ability to deal with hordes or if it even matters.

For CC though, a basic Carnifex with Bio-plasma and Tusks is a bit better. Until maths is done though, can't say for sure.

>> No.56364535

>>Your very first army
Sisters of Battle.
>>Your currently most played army
Sisters overall, but I haven't been playing them as much. Recently, it's been my Night Lords
>>Your favourite faction
Sisters. They're still an army of Joan of Arc that I fell in love with in 4th.
>>Your favouriteChaos God or the least shitty in your opinion
Malice or Tzeentch

>> No.56364542

These klawz were made for krumpin'.
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these klawz are gonna
krump you into goo.

>> No.56364544

alpha legion

>> No.56364551

Play orks.

>> No.56364564


>> No.56364569

marines malevolent

>> No.56364576

Why do newfags cling to ancient memes that lost their appeal sometimes over a decade or more ago? Is it purely the fault of 1d4chan or just autism?

>> No.56364584

I'd buy a pack if I didn't already have 40 of the things from GW. Are those yours?

>> No.56364586

Dark Eldar, probably.

>> No.56364591

You can't take bio-plasma and tusks, they use the same slot.

Thresher scythe doesn't really matter. Kills an extra 0.74 GEQ or 0.66 Ork Boyz a turn average. Takes 2 or 3 turns of combat to even pay for itself.

>> No.56364607

>every respect
Without ranged weapons? Without Synapse? Without Shadow in the Warp?

Do share your definition of 'every respect', it seems to be a new form.

>> No.56364608

>Le Orks are ancaps
So sick of this meme, you pretend the NAP doesn't even exist just because it lets you make you're stupid greenskin joke

>> No.56364610

Only orks I guess

>> No.56364611

Would anyone mind posting a copy of the nids dex on any host other than Sendit? I have never gotten sendit to allow me to actually download anything

>> No.56364614


>> No.56364616

Jormugandr Genestealers with extended carpace for a 3+sv sounds pretty good, you can use the stratagem to put them in assault range so not advancing isnt an issue. Speaking of the stratagem, do you pay 1CP for each unit or 1CP and put as many units in tunnels as you can?

>> No.56364619

Tiamet or Oroboris colored GSC? I've been wanting to paint some GSC up for a while and these two appeal to me the most.

>> No.56364622

because all weapons are multi wound. Of course.
and all weapons that you'd want to shoot at the lower toughness units when the army can have monster too.
And redundency can't be used in place of toughness.

So you like your swarm army, then get surprised when your swarm army doesn't have better targets for the multiwound weapons than the warriors.

>> No.56364634

The didn't do anything right, either.

>> No.56364642

Part 1d4chan, part trying to be relevant, part oldfags hating change and clinging to what they believe were the good old days.

>> No.56364649

>Jormugandr Genestealers with extended carpace for a 3+sv sounds pretty good
Why does everyone fall for this fallacy when you will never ever get the 3+ save on stealers? You lose it when you charge. Jorm is for shooty units ONLY. It is fucking garbage on melee swarms except as a cheap Deep Strike enabler.

>> No.56364652

Doomrider appears, nice

>> No.56364657

So I was putting together the new Raptors kit with some forgeworld shoulder pads, and I kept having to shave down the sides to make them fit. Is GW making their marine shoulders bigger, or does FW just tend to run slightly smaller than average?

Nah, it's the sample photo from the webstore. I'm definitely grabbing a set though. Gonna try casting the heads and shoulders from the aforementioned Raptors to use for them

>> No.56364663

>discover 40k
>discover 1d4chan for them dank maymays
>be newfag at gamestore making "Le METAL BAWKSES" jokes
>after a couple months become jaded towards shitty overdone memes
>new people come in and start making them same jokes, you realize how cringy and overdone it is
Literally a story repeated at every LGS

>> No.56364666

Once you reach melee who cares. 3+ for being shot at as you go to melee.

>> No.56364671

I got 9 earthshaker carriage +crew,
60 Advancing DKOK and 15 Death rider for less than that from chinaman.

Pic related is directly from china.

>> No.56364676

Tiamet if you are going for harder to kill ones (extended carapace + Jorm tunnels to get them into place) or Oroboris for their normal load out.

Yeah people keep screwing that up. However tunnels + Extended Carapace isn't a bad option.

>> No.56364685

You pretend the NAP makes any sense at all in the context of a market economy. Every good that is bought or sold alters the supply of the good, which increases or decrease the price on the margin. This changes the real income of everyone else who sells that good, so you choosing to sell makes everyone else who is selling poorer. The important thing for markets to function efficiently is *not* non-aggression or non-violence, but a strictly demarcated set of rules that define in what ways we are and are not allowed to hurt other people. btw this is also Ludwig Von Mises' argument against natural law.

t. actual economist. fight me.

>> No.56364694

You're going to struggle to find some pacifistic army to play with in 40k.

I suppose if you wanted hordes of desperate workers slaving for monopolies you could just play Admech.

>> No.56364698

Getting triggered over a single word to the extent that you ignore everything else in the post including the first line is autism.

>> No.56364703

>from chinaman

>> No.56364706


Yes. Also I don't think it looks as good en masse as it does on individual big models. It kind of all blends together into a clusterfuck like a swarm of hornets where you can't tell where each begins or ends.

I think I'll just do black and blue or something so it at least kind of looks similar to the main fleet.

>> No.56364725

Pretty sure that makes you a heretic or something.

At the very least you are sinister.

>> No.56364730

Or you can just run Genestealers with untargetable Brood Lords and do better in every game forever.

Warriors needed buffs that weren't just "here are cheaper guns". Some people like melee Warriors. In 4th edition I could run those fuckers as S5 with Leaping for 12" charges and they were immune to instant death. In 2nd edition they were BS 4, S5, T5, and Barbed Stranglers could insta-kill vehicles on a lucky roll.

Now they are just bad, sub-optimal units.

>> No.56364733 [DELETED] 

Looks like garbage famalamadingdong

>> No.56364742

I actually won

>> No.56364748

People wanting the hive fleet sample colors page, here you go.

>> No.56364755

>t.first year unifag from slovenia or south canada


>> No.56364767

It doesn't work on Overwatch, it doesn't work the turn after you charged when your enemy Falls Back and shoots at you, it doesn't work if you Advance so unless you're Deep Striking and instantly charging there is no "as you go into melee", it doesn't work even if you fail the charge so it's not a back-up if that Deep Strike doesn't work out.

What fucking situation are you getting the bonus? It is The Worst adaptation for Genestealers out of every Hive Fleet except Kronos.

>> No.56364770

>spends half as much for half asses models
How does this make you smart again?

>> No.56364773 [DELETED] 

Then you haven't seen forgeworlds sculpts. Their moulds are wearing out or they have zero quality control.

>> No.56364781

The slot thing, I missed. Thresher Scythe makes me feel alright about it.

It's about 10 points in difference or something like that, so it's not a tremendous concern. Not compared to the fact that I'm running 3x6 warriors as my troops and people seem to think warriors are terrible.

Old One Eye being a wound less means I'm gonna have fun circling three Screamer-Killers around him with Spore Cysts so they can murder the fuck out of something.

>> No.56364782 [DELETED] 

Jokes on you this one is from FW :^)

>> No.56364786

>don't blame me I voted for Kronos

>> No.56364801

I literally teach at George Mason. Look us up sometime.

>> No.56364813

Picked up a helbrute for my Death Guard today. I felt like my army needed something that was capable of killing armoured targets and monsters because my army is just two Dark Imperium boxes, a biologus putrifier, and a tallyman.

I've heard that purely ranged helbrutes aren't as good as purely close combat, or mixed weapon, helbrutes. Does Inexorable Advance make ranged helbrutes a better option for Death Guard, or would you still be better off with a CC brute?

>> No.56364816

>the fact that I'm running 3x6 warriors as my troops and people seem to think warriors are terrible
They're not terrible anymore but they're not amazing. If you play in a casual meta you're probably fine.

>> No.56364819 [DELETED] 

Don't even play the game just saw this on the front page and left a comment.

I'm getting quite tired of "I'm le a le quirky le millennial le who le doesn't le spend le money le on le my le hobby le and le buys le bootlegs le from le Chinaman le le le le le le le" infesting every hobby.

>> No.56364824

Flamer command squads

>> No.56364845 [DELETED] 

>doesn't play 40k
>sees everyone as snowflakey millinials
The average /tg/ poster everyone

>> No.56364863

My meta is somewhat casual. I love warriors either way, and being able to use them at all makes me feel good.

I go for fluffy yet fairly strong lists so I feel I'll be alright.

How are Trygons?

>> No.56364872

Jorm is honestly kind of bad, it's main benefit is the Stratagem. I can only think of like 3 or 4 units that will really benefit from it regularly.

>> No.56364873

Holy shit I'm retarded

>> No.56364882 [DELETED] 

Jokes on you I'm also a millennial. I've just always been the first to callout my own generation's bullshit since we were teenagers

>> No.56364885

2 Broodlords, 2x 19 genestealers and a Trygon Prime - which hive fleet and shit should I choose for my bugs?

>> No.56364921

Good for Deep Striking in killy shit, decent against light/mid vehicles that can't really fight back, nothing mindblowing. Their main benefit is being relatively cheap drop pods considering that they are functional as a unit on their own, unlike a Tyrannocyte, so most of the points aren't wasted, but they are under-statted a bit. S7 is mediocre and T6 is a travesty.

>> No.56364924


>> No.56364928

>call out my own generations bullshit
I bet you're a republican because you think all the people around you that are your age are stupid and you want to be different from them

>> No.56364930

It could be use on a ranged list, but even then you're more likely to go for Kronos and its reroll 1's if you don't move.

>> No.56364931

I think the best option is twin lascannon and tentacles.

>> No.56364932

So I played a few games today, as Necrons.

I won easily against GK, and lost horribly against DG and AM.
What do Necrons need to be good?

I think that when Gauss does something we'll be good.

>> No.56364937

Behemoth, Leviathan, or Gorgon.

>> No.56364944 [DELETED] 

>i'm a special snowflake AND EVERYONE ELSE is an idiot

>> No.56364963

What happened in your game against DG? I've never faced necrons. What do DG bring that hurts necrons, what do they have that protects them?

>> No.56364966

>I've just always been the first to callout my own generation's bullshit since we were teenagers
Oh goody, you're one of those snowflaky millenials who think they're cool and special for joining the oldfags in their bitching on the newfags.

>> No.56364973

I want to run a Jormungadr list comprised mainly of ripper swarms, raveners, mawlocs, trygons and dakkafexes. I've never played nids before. How fucked will I be out of 10? Am I missing something that should really go in the tunnels? Will I get raped by literally everything?

>> No.56364974 [DELETED] 

I bet you're retarded and butthurt that someone doesn't like your generation and can easily see through the thin veneer of bullshit.

I look forward to Gen Z taking our place.

t. triggered millennial

>> No.56364991

Oh, I see there are very different views on that

>> No.56364995


One day your grandchildren will look at you the way millennials look at baby boomers.

>> No.56365002

Be honest, do you think that little blurb about 'how to fight tyranids' in the newest White Dwarf actually helps? Do you think GW will make a 'players handbook' on how to beat each faction and what to use?

Even if it's probably wrong most of the time

>> No.56365006 [DELETED] 

>"I'm le a le quirky le millennial le who le doesn't le spend le money le on le my le hobby le and le buys le bootlegs le from le Chinaman le le le le le le le"


>> No.56365009

we need gauss
and for reanimation to not be useless
or to not be horribly overcosted

>> No.56365011

What hive fleet should I run my imperial guard allies as for my GSC/nids/guard army?
I'm thinking running their regiment as <jormangandr> To get that sexy +1 armour on my leman russes, thoughts?

>> No.56365019

Hive Fleet Behemoth. Piss people off by being the Tyranids' Ultramarines

... Come to think of it, wasn't there some anon a while back that made a blue and white "Hive Fleet Ultra" that was basically a mutation spawned from a nonstop diet of smurfs?

>> No.56365027

Mortarion for the most part.

we were playing Open War cards, so we deployed really close. I got the first turn, but couldn't do more than 5 wounds in shooting.
I think I got him down to two W before I conceded.

>> No.56365033

>this triggered
Hit a nerve did I?

>> No.56365037

Have any of you guys ever bought an army from ebay? Is there anywhere else could look to as well?

I wanna move on from Tau get a small to mid size starter army I can test and proxy with

>> No.56365052


If you want a ranged list, Kronos is giving more benefit, and it's not like it's impossible to get shooty bugs into actual cover which would render the Jorm adaptation moot anyways.

Exocrines, Hive Guard, Biovores, and T-fexes really want Kronos more than Jorm. Flyrants, Harpies/Hive Crones, Genestealers, Brood Lords, Hormagaunts, Gargoyles, every form of 'Thrope, Haruspexes, Toxicrenes, want pretty much ANYTHING more than Jorm.

Melee fexes want Kraken. Shooty Warriors could be okay with Jorm but are kind of bad anyways, plus Leviathan gives them a defensive bonus that's very slightly worse but applies against everything including ignores cover, melee and mortal wounds.

The only things that really want Jorm are Mawlocs, shooty Raveners, Tervigons, Termagants and Dakkafexes.

>> No.56365060

I never played during 7th, but I think RP is fine. Maybe loosen the restriction on needing to be within 2" of a model that was already alive.

>> No.56365062

Friendly reminder that people who admit to just coming on this thread to shitposting about something not 40k related should be reported so that they stop shitting up the thread with "Le worst generation" autism

>> No.56365067

If you want to run the stealers into combat you go kraken
if you plan on getting them there with deepstrike then behemoth
If you don't want them to die you go leviathan
Gorgon for the rerolls but since they do not offer any bonuses to getting into combat I wouldn't go for it

>> No.56365071

You're the one who's triggered because someone called out the bullshit of millennials pouring money into worthless bootlegs in every single hobby they get into. Only millennials do this. Even Gen Zers will actually pay to own nice things rather than something made in some Chinese person's garage. You're being outdone by 18-20 year olds champ.

>> No.56365072

Shame. I have an unopened box that I wanted to turn into a trygon. I have a mawloc that I'm not running but I may use the points on another Exocrine if I can fit one in.

>> No.56365074

Stay away from buying whole armies unless it like one unit you can strip. Always buy on sprue.

>> No.56365090

calling out poorfags for buying disgusting chinacasts is not unreleated to this thread

>> No.56365096

if you play at high points you just get wiped unit by unit

>> No.56365098

Like I said Trygons aren't bad if you use them to bring something juicy in for the alpha-strike. They're not a toppest tier unit but they're above average.

>> No.56365102

gys pls stop wit the politc.

I wanna talk toy soldier

>> No.56365112

Whatever you say man, enjoy your dayban

>> No.56365113

All I'd have would be a unit of tyrant guard or one of my warrior blobs and I don't feel they pack a big enough punch to validate it.

>> No.56365125


>> No.56365134

No, I'm just noting you're being an idiot for pretending you're better than them.

You're like a little kid standing between older guys, looking completely out of place but nodding "yeah! That's right!" to whatever they say and deluding yourself that this makes you fit in.

>> No.56365136

>being this obsessed with identity politics
>getting this triggered
Yup definitely hit a nerve

>> No.56365151

This feel like it would be true for any army.
Sure its more essential to focus fire crons, but you can avoid that somewhat with Crypteks, and if they have to focus on you RP units, then they aren't firing at your other stuff.

>> No.56365153

Well then talk about it, what are you working on anon?

>> No.56365159

polite reminder from someone not involved in this shit that announcing a report or insinuating that you've reported someone is also against the rules.

>> No.56365168

Maybe if you make a ranged flynid list?

>> No.56365169

>The Space Marine Codex and BL novels actually claims that a single chapter of Astrates can conquer entire Star Systems
How the hell is that even possible? Even if readers are expected to believe that a singe SM can take on 10,000 ordinary mortal soldiers, there's only still just a 1000 of them, give or take. That means a planet with only 10 million soldiers that can fight or more can still fight off invasion of an entire chapter. A population of less than 100 million can easily afford that.

Exterminatus obviously isn't an option, because those ships capable of exterminatus can be done by regular humans as well, so it's really not a SM feat. Not to mention that it is heavily implied that SMs conquer, not commit genocide, human populations that resist.

>> No.56365180

DEEZ klaws wuz made fer stompin!

>> No.56365188

What order is phil kelly’s tau/farsight series meant to be read in?

>> No.56365196

No what happens is they kill off everything except your giant warrior blocks, and then you have to win a game with a bunch of dudes who move 5" and only really shine at 12", that's if you're lucky and they haven't locked them all up in combat only to fall back and get charged again eternally
>t. Have played necrons about once a week since 8th dropped

>> No.56365198

other armies don't rely on having units partially die for their special rules, though. it's not the same thing. Our artillery pieces are beefy but only do d3 shots. Destroyers have RP so they get focused and die.

>> No.56365213

I'm currently building Necrons.
I think I'm about halfway through this army I think. Probably want sp,e big stuff, monoliths, pylons and the like.

Not sure what I'll do after, maybe try AoS. karadrons look cool.

>> No.56365228

I think it was more advising people on how best to handle the situation, but yeah people should just ignore and report without announcing it, that's just 5chins 101

>> No.56365233

They just blow up vital shit

>> No.56365245

monoliths are cool as fuck but are garbo
its my favorite paintjob but i rarely run it

>> No.56365246

Space Marines have always been Sues that can do the impossible. That's literally the whole point of their existence.

More rational authors patch this up by noting that Space Marines tend to do this while backed up wit plenty of Guard regiments. Space Marines smash the high-risk targets like defensive emplacements or strategic commands, Guard does the actual conquering.

>> No.56365250

Warriors are pretty good as infantry go. 3+ S4 -1 is better stats than most.
You are right though. The loss of Gauss to disable tanks sucks.

>> No.56365274

I love the idea of slingshotting it up the board with a Deceiver, and using it to charge with Lychguard T1.

Probably not good, but nothing is atm so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

>> No.56365276

warriors aren't as good as marines, when you take into account chapter masters and stuff.

>> No.56365285


>> No.56365288

Behemoth. You want to succeed with those charges

>> No.56365300

If they cram those 10 millions soldier into wherever the marines strike, orbital lance, if they spread out they get hit with a concentrate assault.

And as >>56365246
put it, marines are supposed to be spears, guardsmen hammer and assassins scalpels, each has it role and place and don't do one another job very well.

>> No.56365302 [DELETED] 

Either you're baiting.

Or a complete retard who doesn't understand shopping around for the best deal.

>> No.56365303

ive won a game by taking 4 characters and charging 20 flayed ones into a tank while the rest of my army plodded towards objectives. my enemy couldn't shoot anything and was scared of flayed guys

>> No.56365304

>can't read the thread

>> No.56365333

last thread

>> No.56365348

Who would win?

An entire army of dedicated, loyal and well equipped space marines? Or 20 flayed boys dancing around like autists?

>> No.56365367

True, not having an RR to wound hurts, even if you're hitting on 2s.

Maybe making Crypteks interesting again could fix some of these. An option to reroll wounds instead of a chronometron might be nice.

>> No.56365368

>shop filled to the brim with people
>tfw no games
Met a cool guy I've not seen there before though, maybe a game with hinm wednesday.

>> No.56365378

It's jut basing your entire army around 24" rapid fire guys that get easily locked in combat is a bad idea, right now immortals with zappy guns are the best MWBD recipients, really the only good necron warriors are for us never dying

>> No.56365400

Which characters? I'm guessing Imotekh at least.

>> No.56365413

>The GW colored sprays aren't really primers
None of the GW sprays are primers.

>> No.56365420

3+ RR is better than 2+ alone. And SM get a aura of it.

>> No.56365427

if you could bring lovecraft back to life and have him write a short story or book about a faction what would it be and what would the shitty twist ending be?

>> No.56365429

How many dreadnoughts does it take to qualify as a meme list in 2000pts?

>> No.56365431

Very first army, Blood Angels.
Most played army, Blood Angels.
Favorite faction, Orks.
Favorite chaos god, Khorne.

>> No.56365443






After you finished with Phil Kelly books read the Farsight short story in the Shas'O anthology "Fire and Ice

>> No.56365448

Yeah, that's the marinewank at work. Even the most overwanked Space Marines that actually show up in books would never actually accomplish anything like that against any enemy that's worth sending something as expensive as Marines are against.

Against anything that can be surgical struck to death, Scions, Admech teleporting troops or even a hypothetical special operations unit that's got access to Marine toys would probably manage it. Don't need a dozen Termies to teleport into an office and shoot some Planetary Governor. Anything that's going to actually play hardball needs a few million Guardsmen along with a couple chapters of Marines to spearhead things at LEAST. Giving Marines expensive custom superheavy tanks, Land Raiders, generally anything that doesn't fit in a Drop Pod or Teleportarium is quite the waste of resources IMO, since Thunderhawks can be shot down and there goes the 30 Marines that took 450 years to train between them. See: Skitarius and Tech-Priest for examples of pretty much exactly that, or Istvaan V for exactly how little those fancy toys do against Titans and such.

If you want Chapter-sized units to do anything worth a damn they should probably be entirely stuff like Assault Marines, Inceptors, teleporting units, Dreads and pod dudes. You know, stuff that would actually see some use in these supposedly unbeatable "precision strikes".

>> No.56365449

Poor Ork's just trying to take a selfy in peace.

>> No.56365459

Tyranids. They're all hard gay.

>> No.56365469

If you take anything except Dreadnoughts or Papa Smurf it's not a meme list.

>> No.56365470

imotekh zandrekh obyron and deceiver

>> No.56365475

So, Behemoth gives you:
Reliable charge from Deep Strike with the T-Prime and the unit he brings. Also a stratagem to inflict a few mortal Wounds when you really need to finish off a weakened opponent. Useless Relic with that list, though, but Ymgarl Factor would be a nice generic choice. Warlord trait for extra damage.

Reliable rush across the board. Can reposition and charge again every turn. Relic can give the T-Prime -1 to hit for enemy ranged attacks. Warlord trait allows a unit near the WL to always strike first, could be pretty useful in your list.

Leviathan: Everything near the T-Prime and Broodlords has 6+ FnP which is solid defensively. Relic and Stratagem are useless in your list. WL trait is just a few re-rolls, nothing special.

Gorgon: Reliable damage with the re-roll 1s to wound. Stratagem is good if you pay for Toxin Sacs but they're expensive on Genestealers and wasted on 1 Wound targets. WL trait is just straight mortal wounds. Relic is good on the T-Prime.

>> No.56365509

> get books
> put them in the bin
> read anything else

>> No.56365528

Flyers get no benefit from Jorm.

>> No.56365541

it was actually moratarion and Death Guard.

>> No.56365575

Why are the +1s schytes useless?
Can't you give them to the t-prime?

>> No.56365578

Makes sense. Zandrekh seems really good, how often does counter tactics come into play?

Also the 2 named C'tan are really good, I just wish they had either another attack, another wound, or were cheaper.

>> No.56365586

>what is everyone working on?
Gathering resources to help rebuild a friend's ork army that got burnt down alongside his car yesterday. Picked up a bunch of tau and necron bits from another friend.
>Play any games recently?
Last saturday, a few test games with homebrewed rules, marines vs. orks, and later tau.
>Plan on playing any soon?
More test games today, vs. tau and necrons
>And what are your hopes for chapter approved?
Dunno really, I'm just following 8E from the sidelines anyway. Fix stuff.
>What land raider will you make?
I plan on converting either a Helios or Prometheus in future.

>> No.56365589

He has massive scythes, not monstrous ones, so he can't take them. I know it's a fuckin shame, a S8 Trygon with exploding 6's would be great.

>> No.56365596

almost never lol
12" is really short when most people have a 6" aura on units. and if they are within 12" theyll probably charge you and kill you.

I wouldn't say really good- 225 points is a shit ton for what they do- deceiver is just our only real """"transport""""

>> No.56365652

I didn't realize.
that's fucking stupid.

The relic claws then?
Aren't they better than ymgrl?

>> No.56365699

Oh. Well there goes the last possible use then.

>> No.56365716

They don't. Competent writers that are able to do simple math would know that a single chapter of Space Marines would have a difficult time conquering any planet with a Earth-like human population in the billions that has a decent level of military technology that can harm them.

That's why Space Marines are supposed to be Special Elite Forces that allow the Guard forces to do most of the heavy lifting, even if it they're outnumbered by the rebels 10-1, which is far more plausible.

The marines are force multipliers that make it way easier for the guard to conquer territory through infiltration, dispatching the enemy command structure, eliminating vital supply routes, or identifying key targets, structures, objectives.

>> No.56365732

I have an alpha legion list of 2 leviathans, 3 hellbrutes, and 2 contemptors with warpsmiths and cultists as my tax
If you can outmeme that you're good

>> No.56365742

In the grimdark future, there is no time for selfies. There is only war.

>> No.56365783


Relic rending claws? You have to have some sort of rending claw to begin with to take them.

>> No.56365813

I wouldn't have Lovecraft write it, but glorious Admech nonsense could be fun if you want an interesting Tweest in your story. Have some Imperials or Xenos or general "big dangerous fleet" be taking on a Renegade Mech battlefleet that they'd been hearing was Unstoppable (TM) for the first 20% of the book and have a 40k version of this idea happen when they're done tearing the poorly equipped and clumsy fleet a new one. With apologies for the chap I stole this from:

>Strange, it's silent. It doesn't say anything to them in response, it doesn't surrender even after 90+% casualties and those accelerations they pulled were absurd... and they board the wrecks-and there's nobody there. It's all servitorized and automated. And there's another fleet of even more warships coming and it turns out the Darkmech thinks the outdated paradigm is perfectly cost-efficient because that was Battle Fleet's secret. There is no Battle Fleet. It's basically SkyNET.

Have the enemy ships get increasingly more freaky and gigeresque as things go on and the enemy Admech go from "compensating for no manpower" to "what the fuck is this", pushing the Good Guy commanders to ever more extreme lengths.

>> No.56365822

Well he said he had 2 broodlords.

>> No.56365846

In the original lore Space Marines would earmark worlds for later conquering when on their solo patrols and only come back to fight later at the head of a Crusade or something.

>> No.56365848

Daily reminder;
Blood for the blood god.
Skulls for the skull throne.
And Milk for the KHORNE FLAKES!

>> No.56365849

What would the greatest joke army be?

Not the most effective joke army, the army which is the biggest joke.

I'm thinking maybe hundreds of grots, with ghazkull, or all the warlocks you could afford.

>> No.56365863

Good call, he could take Maw-Claws on a Broodlord. Ymgarl is a potentially good option on the T-Prime though.

>> No.56365878

2000 points of identical nurglings. Preferably that stupid one with the helmet.

>> No.56365885

replace orks with guardsmen in this picture

>> No.56365901

As many Fenrisian Wolves as you can fit into a list with a cheap HQ?

>> No.56365904

I'm thinking Tau soldiers who have to use Double A batteries and all their tech is dialup with LAN settings. They have to run Ethernet cables from space to a command post.

>> No.56365905

>"Jesus Christ that is one shiny psathuman" thinks the foolish alpha legionnaire.

>> No.56365917

You might be onto something, Nurglings are the only nurgle units I like, but they are my favourite demon unit.

>> No.56365934

Mate, already devoured all of peter fehervari’s work, best bl author hands down.

>> No.56365937

A sea of brimstone horrors.

>Not Etherealnet
How could you miss that opportunity.

>> No.56365959

Now you make me want to kill myself for missing the joke. :(

>> No.56365960

What even is this art? Why is the khorne dude so happy?

>> No.56365974

anyone uploaded nid codex?

>> No.56365982

>another fag can't read the thread

>> No.56365992

Isn't that a competitive army though?

>> No.56365999

They're going to provide us with a live demonstration & tutorial with the freshly acquired Respawn Entertainment.

>> No.56366001

thats not how you spell tolerates

>> No.56366004

He's about to take a skull clean off its body to present to his mighty god, why wouldn't he be happy?

>> No.56366009

Why wouldn't Khorne dudes be happy when swinging an axe?

>> No.56366033

Also, his body is just a picture of the Lord of Skulls model

>> No.56366035

Space marines.

The twist is that the forces of chaos are actually trying to help humanity by bringing them wholesale into the warp because between necrons and tyranids, realspace is doomed to destruction. Transcendence to warp beings is the only chance humanity has to survive.

>> No.56366043

>Working on
Basecoating my Dark Imperium figures though I still need to go on a supply run for more primer and leadbelcher.
>Play Any Games
Heavens no, I'm not a uncultured swine who plays with unpainted minis. Trying to get everything basecoated before I start playing.
>Playing Plans
I don't know, there's a FLGS like 15 mins from me according to Google but I don't know if its still open or if people play there.
>Chapter Approved
Give the LoC a purpose. Also I want a land raider with just HB Sponsoons and 20 capacity, for my eternal hunt detachment..

>> No.56366055

Are there any good alpha legion novels? On CSM kick after rereading blood gorgons

>> No.56366070

So Necromunda is available for print on demand at Black Library for the next month or so, are they worth it?

>> No.56366073

Don't do it, for the greater good.
No source. But damn, the berzerker is about to fight an ork, a worthy adversary to claim yet another skull for the skull throne.
Yeah. Simple but does the job there.
I guess it could win by simply not dying and flooding over any objectives. But it would still be a complete joke. The movement phase would be utter horror.

>> No.56366077

Does anyone know if any dreadnought kit comes with the option to do lascanon and missile launcher in the kit?

>> No.56366096

Basic dreadnought comes with TL-LC+ML combo option. Iirc venerable didn't have ML.

>> No.56366098

So today, I was GIVEN
3 dreadknights
20 marines, about 10 strike and 10 interceptors, various weapons
and 60 fucking grey knight terminators

aside from the book and cards, and razorbacks I already have, what should I get for my new army?

>> No.56366118

>very first army
>your current most played army
>Your favourite faction
Chaos or skitarii. Maybe militarum tempestus.
>your favourite chaos god
Equal tie between blood, bird, rot and fuck

>> No.56366119

An army that isn't Grey Knights

>> No.56366127

Is there a tournament tracker site for 40k? I try to crawl through frontline gaming but its terribad

>> No.56366128

My meta is extremely demon/chaos heavy. I dont think they will do too badly.

>> No.56366139

Shut the fuck up Logar

>> No.56366140

Can you target a character if all other closest units are in CC?

>> No.56366152

Shroud of Night

>> No.56366160

Painting by the sounds of it,

If you need anything, it'll be more HQs, so maybe a Chaplain?

>> No.56366162

Is there a pdf version of the Nids dex available? The epub in the OP is taking forever to convert and when I tried to view it as an epub on my computer it was barely readable.

>> No.56366167


>> No.56366176

last general

>> No.56366177

RAW, no.

However my local GW manager rules it otherwise so YMMV.

>> No.56366194

>third fag in this thread alone can't be bothered to read

>> No.56366213

Just the basic boxnought?
I'll look into that and see if I can find the kits cheap on eBay, here's some heresy as a thank you

>> No.56366217

Doesn't being engaged in combat invalidate a unit as a shooting target?

>> No.56366219

It's a classic issue with the lore. 1000 marines couldn't even conquer modern earth by simple merit that even if each were totally, unstoppable, they would only be able to conquer 1000 municipalities at any given time. Again, assuming that said marines were literally invincible, their wouldn't bee enough of them to HOLD anything.

I mean, let's say that they send 50 marines, 5% of their total force, to oversee the United States. The Marines split up and each guard a State.

Florida's Marine, being invincible, conquers Miami and tells them to warship the Emperor. He gets on a Rhino to go to Tallahasee. Half the City is warshipping Tzeench on the third day since the Marine left, and by the time the Marine gets back to Miami after visiting Tampa, Tallahasee, Orlando, Palm Beach, Datona, and Jacksonville, there's a goddamn Lord of Change sitting on the sign above the interstate exit near Games Workshop; Miami. And that's just the major Cities. How is he going to control the minor cities, the towns, and the suburbs?

It's just not doable. You NEED more men. The Space Marines have ALWAYS needed more men.

>> No.56366225

If I make an aeldari soup list to represent Corsairs cuz FW are faggots and deleted the list, would that make me a faggot as well? I'd like to represent all the old units plus a few I've made up (counts as warp spider kamikaze Malevolents, who don't give a fuck anymore and use warp jet packs to blast mother fuckers in the face with MONOFILAMENT, BITCHES). I'm worried that if I combine all 3 types of eldar plus some forgeworld shit it'll end up being unintentionally WAACish

>> No.56366234

Yes, but that doesn't mean you can shoot a character if it's not the closest unit. They have to be the closest, not the closest eligible to be fired at.

>> No.56366245

Legion is cummies, but only if you like HH

>> No.56366259

Yup this is law, they even FAQ'd it

>> No.56366278

Time to read all of Goto

>> No.56366284

More into the """hobby""" than the playing or lore.

Explain the reference?

>> No.56366286

Yup, just the basic one. Not sure how it has changed with the 8E, but the missile launcher wasn't all that popular earlier at least, so you should be able to find some pretty easily.
>mfw dat delicious heresy

>> No.56366300

>Marines blow up satellites
>Kill leadership
>Bomb ships
>Burn farmland

People don't last long confused and hungry.

>> No.56366362

>Marines blow up satellites

Congratulations on losing the war shithead.

Your enemy can't lose if he doesn't know he's losing. With no satellites there's no long range communication.

With no long range communication there's no way for Joe Blow Citizen to know the state of the war.

If you want to conquer a planet like earth you have 2 options:

1. Destroy the majority of the planet, killing the majority of it's people, and still have to deal with some low level insurgency forever.

2. Subtly take control of the world leaders and information centers. The planet doesn't know it's been conquered, only that slowly, over time, everyone is singing the same tune ideologically. Once again there will still be insurgency against the party agenda, but human forces thinking that they are protecting the human greater good can put down this insurgency, while the conquering force need only leave a few token representatives behind to ensure compliance.

>> No.56366373


Wouldn't even require that much effort. Orbital bombardment of the UN and all major capitals, terminators telephoto strike nuke silos and as you said target communication satellites, done. We'd capitulate immediately and there wouldn't even be a pitched battle.

>> No.56366384

So Tyranids lost Shrikes with new codex?

>> No.56366394

So, curious, is the Haruspex as nasty a close combat machine as I want it to be? It seems really good at mowing down hordes and elites with the CC weapons it has, am I missing something?

>> No.56366402


>implying marines care about people knowing they lost

Kek once the leaders give it up its over. Besides, they have Vox and can probably figure out how to send TV signals instantly.

There's be cleanup killing Muslims and other third world erst but that doesn't even matter. They could also just nuke them.

>> No.56366405

>With no long range communication there's no way for Joe Blow Citizen to know the state of the war.

He doesn't need to know. He'll fuck things up in his confusion.

>> No.56366406

That's not going to work. Again, ONE. GUY. In a state containing millions of people who don't like him, isn't a recipe for anything short of failure. Oh, sure, they might PRETEND to agree with him. Fall all over themselves to please the mighty marine while he's in the same room. But the minute he leaves the general area his word is moot and his authority is forfeit. As they say downtown: "It's only illegal if you get caught".

>Kills Politicians
>Removes mass communications
>Bombs boats
>Burns Farms

Yes, because nobody's EVER rebelled because they were starving, had no immediate communications with Authorities, and the only people they would willingly listen too were killed by the enemy. Oh no. Such discontent is always quelled by a lack of cable and the death of Senator Hypo Crite.

>> No.56366417

>If you want to conquer a planet like earth you have 2 options:
There's the third option, march into whoever holds the primary seat of power's fortress, kill everyone in there, and then tell everyone their planet's part of the imperium now. If they refuse, or are heretics, bomb the whole thing from orbit.

In lore, space marines are far above the average human. The game's stats are just for balance.

>and still have to deal with some low level insurgency forever.
in 40k that's tuesday

>> No.56366426

>blow up satellites
>take over major centers of government
>no one knows what happened
>keep paying their taxes like normal
>to a new Imperial government
Flawless victory.

>> No.56366431

Shrikes and Skyslashers, both were FW things anyways, still can use the index entries for models without codex entries.

>> No.56366442

>Again, ONE. GUY. In a state containing millions of people who don't like him

He doesn't need to hold the state though. He just needs to bring the people to their knees. Which he and his bros can do by disrupting their supplies and comfy living.

>Yes, because nobody's EVER rebelled because they were starving, had no immediate communications with Authorities, and the only people they would willingly listen too were killed by the enemy.

How are they going to rebel against guys who live in a space ship and only come down to blow them up?

>> No.56366456


New Thread

>> No.56366459

Treacheries of the Space Marines has an Alpha Legion short story (We Are One) that is pretty good. By John French, who's one of the better BL authors.

>> No.56366460


Marines have never been about this, they destroy key elements and let the rest of the Guard crush the disorganized forces that have been weakened by their strikes and in the case of working alone they simply need to have orbital superiority acquired via boarding actions in order to nuke shit from orbit before ever setting foot.

In the case of Earth it would be very easy to simply start nuking large cities, destroying all satellites which would cripple large information sharing or tactical assessments on a large scale, without cities or farmland and deprived of information the United States for example would be crippled as their big cities are increasingly unable to feed themselves and forced to put military personnel on the streets to quell any unrest. Now the Marines are facing several countries trying to make sure their populations dont run amok and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation and being unable to retaliate against a single battle barge, Earth just surrenders because a single fucking ship is buttfucking the planet and the Marines are not even out of their pods yet, nuclear winter and the lack of food would absolutely destroy Earth.

>> No.56366470

If CSM are stuck with pre-heresy stuff, then how do they have the predator annihilator?

>> No.56366479

Is guardsmen at his computer the oldest reaction pic line still in use regularly?

>> No.56366488

That's already true though.

>> No.56366490

>tell everyone
How? Door to door like mormons? You slagged the sats remember.

>> No.56366527


Put your own up.

>> No.56366536

It is utterly shit-reeking garbage, you are very bad at analysing stats if you think it's any good at "mowing down hordes". Haruspex is the new Pyrovore.

>> No.56366596

Yea, I forgot because of the Wing kit they were technically FW. Skylashers aren't in the FW index last I look.

>> No.56366606

Does the Trygon Prime get two extra attacks because it has three sets of scything talons? It says that it has three sets and then that if it has more than one it get's one extra attack...I want to cheese that to mean big bug hits an extra time

>> No.56366621

More than one = 1 extra attack.

Is 3 more than one, Anon?

>> No.56366635

>nuclear winter
Opinion discarded.

>> No.56366719

Those are some nice Heresies. Sauce?

>> No.56366867

Meant it more as they are a FW product first and foremost, GW just put them in the index for some reason. So they are likely to become a FW product only when FW puts out their Tyranid 'codex', which hopefully will re-introduce the Parasite of Mortrex (which was mentioned several times by name and had it's old blurb back in the codex with the section for Rippers). Hopefully the FW book will also have rules and relics for Tiamet and Oruoboris fleets.

>> No.56366931

Oh I also got a librarian, and was going to convert a dreadknight to a grand master.

>> No.56366967

what are some cheap alt sellers for chapter conversions?

>> No.56367156

>GW's way of getting rid of slannesh.

>> No.56367271

I really can't say, comparatively newfag, lurked since circa 2013. But I recall seeing it a long time ago.

>> No.56367636

Jokes on them, Slannesh is totally into vore.

>> No.56367999

So does this mean that classic genestealers are Hydra genestealers?

>> No.56368323

would be funny for GW to have every race just starting initiating anti-slaanesh protocols

>> No.56368342


None of these look good.

>> No.56368411

No, genestealers just naturally turn purple when away from the hive fleets.

>> No.56368657

I can see Jorm as a ranged+deepstrike list.

Take a group of Raveners+the unit that deepstrikes with them. Maybe 2x of that.
Then have tough shooty units. You can also go with the shooty units that might want to move or at least not hate moving. Dakkafexes, dakka tyrants, hiveguard with the haywire gun.

>> No.56368729

You should Play an all Purifier list. Like me.

>> No.56369569

>I'd wish it was Tzeentch but I feel like it'd be Slaanesh.

Hey I made that. Cool that someone posted it.

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