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Darkoath Thiccqueen Edition

Previous Thread: >>56303734


Core rules
General's Handbook 2017

Army and Skirmish Warband builder
City generator
Art Database

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Whoops, last thread is here >>56333194

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Unless magic, chaos mutations or enhancement, All female models should be -1 to wound in melee due to weak.

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Come one slavfag, we saw this one already

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If Elves can have models with a 3+ to wound, anyone can.

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Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire thread: >>56310088

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Tactical rock underfoot?

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So, that's the gear she gets +1A with?

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Wait, where can I find this art? The naked dwarves warband was teased already?

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Everyone should get a -2 to wound debuff against Skaven because they are too cute to kill


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Are SCE as overplayed as they seem?

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I found that art in this promotional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXwE1elTzp0
Skaven and Dwarves will be available in Jan or Feb 2018.

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>Blood Warriors with a flesh hound
Oh boi

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I like the game, but I wish the last two warbands were more different from the first two.

> The Farstriders (Vanguard-Hunters)
> Magore's Fiends (Blood Warriors)

What we need is Aelves and beastsmen.

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How much does that giant metal helmet weight? It doesn't look very practical in battle.

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>It doesn't look very practical in battle
Like most warhammer weapons and armours since the first day of Fantasy

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Can we have a serious conversation about lesser played factions? I've really wanted to talk about my Fyreslayers list for the last few weeks but I can't find more than a single other person that plays them to have a conversation with. I'm sure that other people that play factions like Spiderfang's and Warherds would like to have serious conversations too.

Anyways, rant aside, here's my list for Fyreslayers that I've been trying to fine-tune for the last few weeks. I really want to bring the Vostarg Battalion which costs over 1600 points for the bare minimum units, so I don't have a lot of wiggle room with the remaining >400 points. Still, I wanna get some advice from the people here in what they would advise I should do.

Allegiance: Fyreslayers
Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (260)
Auric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)
- Ancestral War-axe
Auric Runemaster (80)
Battlesmith (80)
Grimwrath Berzerker (80)
Auric Runesmiter (80)
- Runic Iron
20 x Vulkite Berzerkers (240)
- Pairs of Handaxes
10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (120)
- War-Picks & Slingshields
10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (120)
- War-Picks & Slingshields
10 x Auric Hearthguard (200)
5 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (100)
- Poleaxes
5 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (100)
- Poleaxes
Warrior Kinband (90)
Vostarg Lodge (120)
Lords of the Lodge (90)

Total: 2000 / 2000

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Ok, but you have to leave Chaos.

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>chaos ratmen
>leave chaos

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I personally think the model is shit, shit pose, stupid face, and what the fuck is up with her leg/boot thing?
Oh and that fucking ribbed shit on her stomach and her leg? what is this shit, the lamest mutation ever

Chieftain is the shit though, might buy him for conversion

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New setting, new lore, leave Chaos pls

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Who has what artefact? With that build you will have access to 4 different artefacts.

Otherwise, I think it may be dangerously hero heavy.
While Fyreslayers get good mileage out of their heroes, minimum size units can be a bit of a risk for a lot of armies at 2000 points, especially Vulkite Berserkers.

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No one cares about your shit opinion, same as your shit-ass virgin/chad meme about the queen and the chief.

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if only the chiedtain wore a helmet, could have been so cool

but no- we cant have nice things anymore

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Which army plays most like SCE without being SCE?

Because I want to play them but I don't wanna be That Guy.

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any news on aelves?

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Nothing quite yet. There's a death release on the way as far as we know. Not much in terms of speculation past that

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None, only new abilities for Wanderers, Darkling Covens and High Aelves

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You should ask your store, I’m the only one at mine who plays SCE and stuck with the game

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Take max sized units of vulkite berserkers, if you’re taking that many you’re just leaving points on the table by doing MSU

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Considering that they’re a popular tournament choice and well liked in the casual scene, That Guy is the dude who calls them kikes IRL

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do you think we will get new baselines and more deathrattle units?

should I add one of these darkoath guys either the chad or the thicc girl to my new STD army or the chaos exalted hero? I like all of them to paint desu

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why not both? You can buy and paint the chad already and get the thicc lady when she will be released

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Por que no dos?

Dark oath chieftain is just a budget beatstick, we don’t have the rules for the queen yet

They do fit in StD just fine

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I am hoping for a full on Deathrattle Battletome, considering there is no reason they shouldn't have had an Allegiance in the GHB otherwise.

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battletome sure but any new models?

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Where do I go to look up the fluff/lore for AoS?

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> Where do I go to look up the fluff/lore for AoS?
trashbin 1d4chan

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We know for sure this guy is coming

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There is no real AoS wiki. Some people are doing their best but you basically have to read novels and stuff. Download the skirmish ruleset from OP and AoS primer from pastebin

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>Tfw this will be the only new Death stuff in years because WE GOTTA RELEASE MORE STORMCAST


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No it won't. Don't think like a Slav.

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there was the skeletons in shadespire.
and they are the shit

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No he's right it is among the only thing death fags have gotten since it was fucking still end times no?
That and the shadespire shit.

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what about the exalthed chad of chaos?

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They are great but their rules are shit and are unable to compete with Stormcast.

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Don't think like a Slav.
Use the brain he doesn't have.
Next year a new big event is going to revolve around Death. There will be new models.

Only an unwashed, stinky Eastern European subhuman obsessed by codpieces and Elves would think otherwise.

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If you are lucky and charge with them they can wreck infantry.

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go to total war forums and look out for the aos lore thread. The grammar is atrocious but good Shinros does his darned best.

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is he a slav or dutchman??

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Does it matter? They are all non-catholic heretics that should convert to the Faith of Spain.

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Age of Sigmar in general have a bad lore. First all novels in AoS hammered us with a fact that new EoT is upon us, godness of life confirmed that realm of life is done for (I assume that she should know better), then Archaon got his hands on continent sized dragon, then one of the seven remaining slanns died for good... and then it turned out that season of war was won by the order and according to the novel "Spear of Shadow" already a hundred years passed since season of war. Wat? How? Why? What kind of writing is this? It's even worse than EoT in WFB! How could you end season of war with Chaos steamrolling everyone and then declare that faction of Order won? This is what happens when writers wank Chaos too much and there are no one to keep them in check or at least tell them the plans for future.

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Is this a new meme?

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Have you even read about what you are mumbling here?

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>How could you end season of war with Chaos steamrolling everyone

That never happened.
Chaos was firm second, but order won in all theatres.

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R8. I'm worried about not enough bodies desu

Allegiance: Destruction

Gitmob Grot Shaman (80)
- General
Gitmob Grot Shaman (80)

40 x Gitmob Grots (200)
- Bows & Slashas
40 x Gitmob Grots (200)
- Spears & Shields
40 x Gitmob Grots (200)
- Spears & Shields

War Machines
Doom Diver Catapult (120)
Doom Diver Catapult (120)

Total: 1000 / 1000

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That seems like something easy enough to fix on your own.

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At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Doom divers do low damage and are fairly unreliable. Best used as hero hunters. Spear chuckas always get me mileage when hunting Hero's.

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>Games workshop cans beloved lore and unplaced game system
>people get mad
>some like it, they participate in discussion about it.
>someone makes it their actual hobby to systematically monster these threads in order to shitpost about this game constantly.
>Does so for 3 years of his life almost without break
>people repeatedly buy into his bait.
>goes on without end in sight.
>I go through the effort of thinking about it and actually making this post.
I can't tell if that makes me part of it. But this is too much guys. Is there anywhere to discuss this game other than here?

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convince me NOT to get sylvaneth and to get STD instead.

>> No.56360859

Reddit and I'm not even joking

>> No.56360884

tga community?

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>should I add one of these darkoath guys either the chad or the thicc girl to my new STD army or the chaos exalted hero?
I traded my Stormcast half of shadespire for more Khorne, so I made a Darkoath conversion out of the extra Garrek. Maybe ill use him as an exalted hero as well.
The other one is my unit command for my StoD Chosen

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Well, you'd get more pleasure from fucking a female/male than screwing with... whatever can cause you to get this "sylvaneth" you're talking about.

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Believe it or not, there is more people besides just Slavposter that hates Stormcast. I can't fucking stand SCE.

>> No.56360914

StD are literally five armies in one. You can ally them with daemons for extra fluff, play as undivided etc. Also with GHB17 they have nice allegiance abilities

>> No.56360940

Well good job doing nothing but talking about that in here. You're really doing meaningful stuff.

>> No.56360968

It moves a little slow for me discussion wise. But I'll give it a go.

>> No.56360971

Not this anon but it's not about hating SCE. I don't care if you don't like them or not but posting over 50 shitposts every thread with shitty memes and useless spam is an obsession. Newbies can't even ask about new armies because slavfag will reply to their posts with some SCE-falseflags. Hell, you can't even ask about your army because the very first post will be "drop them and play SCE". Personally, I dropped /aosg/ 2 months ago and I'm coming back just to look at the mega links. I'm still playing but now I don't have to dig through dozens of shitposts to talk about something

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The angry trees can't be 5 fucking different armies, they don't have metal plate clad vikings, immortal Chaos Warriors nor equally immortal but moving 10 inches and dealing 2 damage on the charge Knights. They don't have the Thiccqueen (Though they have Alarielle) nor the Chadtain. And they don't get the sheer amount of allies and possible combos that marks allow.

>> No.56361015

What's new in the Skaven paper factory?

>> No.56361016

>They don't have the Thiccqueen (Though they have Alarielle)
She is the original thicc queen you pleb. Praise thighs

>> No.56361026

Some of the workers are talking about diversificating into cardboard. The last meeting was very heated and literally heads flew around.

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I dont like that sylvaneth has her in this form. why would an army of fucking trees that hate civilization have a humanoid looking deity. should have looked something like drycha

>> No.56361135

Where can I find arabian-themed minis relatively cheap? I hoped that mantic have ones but found nothing

>> No.56361174

Why the mortal embodiment of Isha, Mother-Goddess of the Elven race looks humanoid? Boy, I wish to know

>> No.56361211

I need someone to draw some Chaos Warriors with ties drinking skaven coffe.
I realized that while writing it, but whatever, at least she's not a tree hugger aelf god.

>> No.56361310

So, I'm not the only one.
I asked the same thing last thread.

>> No.56361347

Huh, good to know. I was away for two weeks (work work work) and I came up with an idea of arabian Slaanesh or Tzeentch mortals for skirmish/low point games

>> No.56361378

Are Nurgle Daemons good for AoS?

I'm playing 40k atm and I think they'd do well to complement my Death Guard but they also work in AoS, but are they any good? From the limited knowledge I've gained via osmosis, they seem quite shit. I looked at their warscrolls too and they seem pretty bad.

>> No.56361386

Currently on strike due to the Cardboard Uprising.

Some Chaos lords are secretly buying Duardin paper on the cheap from Kharadron smugglers, and they don't know how the Skaven union will react if they find out, so they are trying to keep it hush, since the last thing they need is the Kitchen staff to join in the strike.

>> No.56361412

They are very durable and idiotproof. You won't hit very hard but you can take a few punches on faces and don't die. Very forgiving army and cheap to collect.

>> No.56361452

>an idea of arabian Slaanesh
Literally my same idea. Post if you find something, I shall do the same.

>> No.56361876

Try searching Lawrence of Arabia themed miniatures

>> No.56361981

40 men for £22 seems to be a reasonable price but God help me - I'm so used to GW models quality that I won't touch these things desu

>> No.56362024

She isn't an aspect of Isha anymore. She doesn't have any connection to Isha anymore, as Isha has completely ceased to exist, now she is a god herself, and has control over her own form.

So, she just kinda chosen to look sort of like how she did before.

>> No.56362071

>why would an army of fucking trees that hate civilization have a humanoid looking deity
>So, she just kinda chosen to look sort of like how she did before.
You literally solved your own riddle

>> No.56362176

>muh realism in a high fantasy game
take your autism somewhere else

>> No.56362203

>You literally solved your own riddle
I don' know how to break this to you anon, but there are more than 2 people here.

I'm not the one who asked the question.

>> No.56362225

Then you solved his riddle I guess

>> No.56362762

>Next year a new big event is going to revolve around Death.
There will be new models, yes.
doesn't mean we cannot be ass rattled that the only new models for death in close to 2-3 years are a ghost and a guys for another game entirely.

>> No.56362940

>Dat Throt
They really do like to recycle.

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>> No.56363054


We are sorry you're unable to behave and have this much rampant autism that you need to be kicked to the literall ass-crack of the internet. And you fucking deserved the ban.

>> No.56363085

Whats wrong with that? Do you think people complaining day in and day out about Stormcast will foster a good community or make for interesting discussion?

>> No.56363095

>projecting this hard

jeez man, I just saved the pic from a few threads ago cause I thought it was funny.

>> No.56363109

My friends and I just watched this series and really enjoyed it, so we thought about making rules for them in AoS

They'd be a mercenary group able to play within any grand alliance but chaos.

We have the idea of theyr abilities quite defined:


Could still magic items from enemies, but very limited. Actually decent in melee.


One use only spell that leaves Seraphon to shame. Would have a table for random effects, for shits and jiggles and looking back to Fantasy's 7th edition.


Nearly unable to deal damage, but tanky as fuck. Could use a taunt ability once per battle, forcing every unit withing 12 inches to try to charge her.


Has the old fantasy "Stupid" rule, also strong anti-demon and undead spells and healing.

Could revive with d6 wounds a dead ally.

>> No.56363334

Yeah better reply to every non-SCE discussion with SCE false flags to make it into a SCE discussion

>> No.56363520

Go back to Pathfinder General weeb.

>> No.56363731

>someone makes it their actual hobby to systematically monster these threads in order to shitpost about this game constantly

>thinking its one person

>being surprised about people complaining about things on the internet

are you 12 or something?

>> No.56363831

What are you, ten?

>> No.56363898

It’s 1-2 guys per timezone that try and derail literally any thread topic towards SCE, every thread. It’s not complaining at this point, it’s genuine obsession.

Please talk about anything but SCE, I will happily join you.

At this point we need our own edit of that comic:
>hey guys want to talk about AoS-

>> No.56364133

What >>56361412 said.
To deal damage you will need to rely heavily on sinergy. Glottkin costs a lot but can do wonders for your army. Add Epidemius into the mix if you have enough points and enjoy your unkillable plaguebearers.

Mind tho that pure demon <mixed Nurgle.
Nurgle demons works GREAT when paired with mortal nurgle unit, so my suggestion is to start with demons and expand from there. Blightwars is a great starting point, pair it with a start collecting and you have a fully functional army.

>> No.56364352

I haven't decided what artifacts for each hero yet. However, I have been considering setting up my runeson as a mobile sniping platform by taking meteoric axe and the monster javelins. Otherwise, I might take Obsidian Coronet for the runefather to increase his aura to 26 inches. No idea what I'm gonna do for the other two yet.

The reason I'm so hero heavy is because I want to take Volstag Lodge and that requires a minimum of 4 heroes (Runemaster, Runefather, Runeson, and Battlesmith). I could potentially cut the grimwrath berzerker and runesmiter but I can't perfectly round out 2k points without them.

Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (260)
- General
- Trait: Iron of the Guardian
- Artefact: Obsidian Coronet
Auric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)
- Ancestral War-axe
- Artefact: Meteoric Axe
Auric Runemaster (80)
- Artefact: Ash-plume Sigil
Battlesmith (80)
- Artefact: Igneous Plate
10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (120)
- Pairs of Handaxes
10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (120)
- War-Picks & Slingshields
10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (120)
- War-Picks & Slingshields
5 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (100)
- Poleaxes
5 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (100)
- Poleaxes
Lords of the Lodge (90)
Warrior Kinband (90)
Vostarg Lodge (120)

Total: 1520 / 2000

This is essentially the bare minimum of the Vostarg Lodge battalion. Note, I need to take an extra unit of hearthguard berzerkers so I can't just combine each unit of five into one unit of ten. I want to be able to have some longer range shooting so I wanted to take ten Auric Hearthguards.

Obviously the vulkites get better when they're in groups of 20-30 but I have to take at least three different groups of ten for the battalion. If I want to bump those groups up I'm not going to end up close to two thousand points. The best that I'm thinking of doing is maybe dropping five of the Auric's and bumping the unit of 20 up to 30.

Honestly, I'm a little lost. I know that the list is a little hero heavy but I don't have a lot of options.

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>> No.56364538

>tfw love SCE gameplay and models
>tfw their fluff inspires absolutely nothing

They're my perfect army if I wasn't so interested in fluff. They just don't hook me in at all, despite being a lot of fun to play and the models being great.

>> No.56364561

Did you read like anything about them beside /tg/ shitposting?

>> No.56364682

I wanna play cool small skirmish melee, and this is the most popular, and I enjoy the rules. I hate the new WoW style aethestic though and prefer the old style one on the older kits. I like models and factions that have a lot of character and arent overly edgy or evil for no reason, that are fun to paint, look at, and play.
What army would be good for me?
Also, is there a variant of this game thats like mordheim with small scale skrimishes that are super in depth with injuries and such

>> No.56364735

Stormcast lore for your-dudes is even less strict than space marine lore, just make your stormcast whatever you think is cool.

>> No.56364806

>I have never read anything about stormcast outside if memes.

>> No.56364844

>SCE Gameplay

I am honestly interested in what people think of as "SCE gameplay" that sets them apart from other races. They're the most bland and "good at everything, great at nothing" factions around.

>> No.56364877


>The greatest warriors of all time reincarnated as the avenging angels of the god of thunder "inspires absolutely nothing"

>> No.56364903

Precisely that and deepstriking.

>> No.56364926

I would encourage you to look at their stuff that isn’t in the starter box as you’ll find some of the largest skews in AoS

>> No.56364934

They are a 'jack of all trades' army done right, because they really can adapt to any role.

>> No.56364951


Tough, mobile and versatile. Easy to paint to a high standard too, if that's your thing.

>> No.56365363


More progress on my doomwheel. Still need to do a second coat on the outer blade things to clear up the black smudgy bits... my paint was a bit too watery. Lots of second coats all around needed but the driver is coming together. The sycorax bronze didnt turn out at all like I was hoping and I'm really not happy with it so I'm going to use it ultra sparingly.

I'm also hoping my agrax wash really brings all the colors together once I get to that step.

>> No.56365710

You probably know this already, but the Meteoric Axe only buffs his throwing axes and not the javalins.
Still, I do love the idea of the Javalins.

>> No.56366238

looking good anon. i always love doomwheels

some questions for you /aosgen
>what are you working on tonight?
>where do you get the stamina to finish painting an army
>what's your opinion on mixed editions armies?

-i scupted the last hoof on my wargoat and just put on white primer. the peg in his nose wil be cut to length whe i attache the reins

-i'm strugling thats why i ask. i painted nothing but single models and a few warbands since 6th. painting so much of the same is kind of a grind and i want to build/paint other things. on the other hand, my army is starting to look like an actual army by now and i imagine how more cool it will be with more dudes. the 20 strong gor horde from next answer is soaking in thinner right now and i have collected enough new style shields to tie them in with te rest of the army

-i think it's cool to have models spanning the entire catalog citadel ever did, it brings variation and army's that don't all look the same with just a diverent paintjob. but some guy at a local gw i someties visit was talking bs about my 90's metal beastmen being obsollete and that it should be forbidden to play these old pieces of junk. the manager is total cool with it, he's a younger guy (30 something i think) and he is always interested about old gw shit both mini's and old rulebooks

>> No.56366253

Anyone got hammerhal or Overlords of the Irondragon's epub posted on the resources?

>> No.56366294

Yeah, the idea is that he would stand 12 inches back and blow fire and javelins on everything while the runefather is up front fucking them up in melee.

Honestly one of my favorite buffs to FS with the new allegiances is their axe throwing rune. For one turn it turns every single FS unit into a long range shooting monster. Combined with the warrior kinband it's a machine gun waiting to happen.

>> No.56366433

Do you think we'll see a full Darkoath release?

I want my barbarian army damnit

>> No.56366617


>Being so fucking autistic you're scared by the idea of women in your tabletop wargame.

>> No.56366891

I just find the throwing axes in general pretty funny.

You go in expecting to fight a full melee army with shitty defence, and then you find out literally every model in their army has a ranged attack, and despite being naked, for some reason half of them are stupid hard to actually kill.

>> No.56367106

not really why would she still appear in humanoid form for her sylvaneth followers? they are not elves. she should look something like a treelord sized angry dryad with a bit of more elvish features. kind of like a big branchwraith. not like an egyptian queen on a beetle.

>> No.56367130

just listen to lordi - hard rock hallelujah when you are painting them it fits 100%

>> No.56367665

I don’t know if we’ll see that but I didn’t now know how much I wanted that until you said it

>> No.56367788

>helm and shield (pls don't hit me!)

I only have one question for people who actually think this: WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?

>> No.56367852

I intend to replace the lady part of my Alarielle model with a tree.

>> No.56367856

It seems you're starting from t0 with "I'd like to play with Vostarg Lodge" - and so I'm sure you're sick of hearing how you should stop juggling 3 battalions, pick one, and run only massive regiments of vulkites with rainbow heroes.

Pointing out a Vostarg Lodge at 2k is an exercise in frustration, as any of its logical combinations all end up at like 2010 or 2020, or hanging at 1930 with everything costing 80. Even at those awkward points you have to give up something preposterous like having no runesmiter to deepstrike or being way too low on vulkites/bodies.

I guess I recommend:

Bare Minimum+
2nd Magsmiter
2nd Magson
and be like a fyreslayers monster mash that runs magbombs into the enemy and piles everything in when it dies, re-rolling wounds basically every hero phase all game, and half your 40-odd troops babysit objectives.


Bare Minimum+
+20 to the one vulkite unit
+10 to the other vulkite unit
and just be a 1-drop 1930 army that always chooses who goes first and always gets its triumph roll.

>> No.56367871


what is the model on the left?

I want to make an army of nothing but women warriors... mostly because I want to paint lots of tits

>> No.56367919

There's plenty of catholic slavs.

>> No.56367971


>> No.56368371

Goblins or dwarves for cool, fun to paint models and good choice of units

>> No.56368804

Darkoath Warqueen.
She's a model that's going to be released next year for the "Malign Portents" event, where Nagash acts on the stuff that's been teased in novels. New Black Pyramid, woo!

Anyway, every Grand Alliance gets a model as their Herald, and the Warqueen is Chaos's herald. The Knight of Shrouds >>56360012 is the herald for Death. We've yet to see the heralds for Order and Destruction.

Additionally, the OP image is a futa porn of her.

>> No.56368914

shieldwolf recently released plastic cheesecake barbarians

>> No.56369176



I kinda want a Darkoath chieftain, if for no other reason than he'd be fucking hella to paint. Could use him as a general on foot for my Free Peoples and as DOC when using Chaos.

>> No.56369552

Do you guys think I should paint this part of the buttocks black too?
I can't tell if it's supposed to be leather or armor.

>> No.56369564


ratskin flesh

>> No.56369580

I got 20 metal white lions, how could i make a decent 1000 point list with this?

>> No.56369659

>the Warqueen is Chaos's herald.

Really? Well that's weak.

>> No.56369691

Does this mean that dead WHFB characters might be among them?

>> No.56369705


>> No.56369739

Nah, they're from the Realms. They were taken while still alive, during the Age of Chaos, after the end of the Age of Myth, which lasted for a few thousand years after the End Times, when the core of the Old World is a floating mass of barren space rock in Azyr, so there's not much chance of anyone from the Old World being a Stormcast.

>> No.56369746

MAYBE. It's entierly unclear who Celestant prime is. And given what we know about him it's possible that it could be Settra or Louen. Can't be Franz though, since he was never a king

>> No.56369758

>given what we know about him it's possible that it could be Settra or Louen.

No. The Celestant Prime was a king in the mortal realms, not the world that was.

>> No.56369835

That’s literally 280 points of a standard AoS “elite” (2x3+/3+/-1/1) unit.

>> No.56369886

the chieftain was actually designed by JB

the warqueen is a shitty gender-bent spin off

>> No.56370174

Thank you for the in-depth response. I've been trying to talk to someone about this for a few weeks now to no avail.

What would you think about dropping the Magmasmiter all together, taking a 2nd Runefather and pumping one unit of vulkites to 30? I understand the loss of the deepstrike would hurt but I think that the movement rune could help with crossing the board quickly. With the warrior kinband you would get one turn of 115 axes flying down the board with re-rolling 1's to hit.

Essentially you're going into the game with the plan to:
1) force them to go first and move towards you or they risk getting out maneuvered for objectives
2) pop the movement runes, run up the board as quickly as possible, having a 50% chance to get a double turn (RIP lords of the lodge)
3) pop the axe runes and bombard his infantry with mass axes so that they're softened up for the inevitable...
4) CHARGE! Use either the rend rune (To clean up big monsters and heroes) or the hits rune (to clear out more infantry in close combat) and try to snowball the game from there.

Obviously, this is the optimal outcome for the game, but I don't think it's that unobtainable. You're a little more weak to massed shooting but I think that this is always going to be a weakness for Fyreslayers.

>> No.56370262

if I want some gender bent seraphon to fill my ranks with, any one have some suggestions for good models to use as a conversion base?

>> No.56370323

If it helps fyre-bro, I would be 100% willing to help you if I knew the first thing about post GHB2017 fyreslayers

>> No.56370364

It's okay non-fyrebro, I don't think many people know much about Fyreslayers. It sucks because I think they have potential to be a top tier army with their recent buffs. If they got a single new unit that was a different price that 4/5's of their shit right now then I think they would be top tier.

>> No.56370401


I kinda want to play dwarves but I'll probably just go disposessed. Classic dwarves are cool

>> No.56370415

you doing the lvo team tourney, mate?

>> No.56370671

I have a friend that plays classic dispossessed. They're an army that requires a shitton of models to be used effectively. I would definitely try to base them using squares w/trays to cart them around.

>> No.56370757

while I don't play slayers I've played against them a bunch at local shop with bcr.

Let me fuck around with aos app after work and see if I can make anything interesting while still keeping vostarg. must we keep vostarg? I get how lords is undercosted and fun atm, but vostarg is ehh

>> No.56371087

Vostard is really good IMO. The extra boosts to each of the runes turns them into super legit bonuses, especially the extra hits and extra rend ones.

I don't think that lords is good at all really. You can't use half of the effects of the battalion with the new rule of one that effects turn order.

Honestly, feel free to come up with a list that losses Vostarg. I think that one of the reasons I want to bring it is that I don't really wanna paint another 40 vulkites for a full-on Warrior Kin battalion axe fucking. If money/time was no issue for me I would probably keep that as my main FS force. As it is right now I have most of the pieces for Vostarg already made up and I kind of want to stick to that.

If GW sticks to it's Shadespire pricing of the units that you can bring in AOS then their FS unit might fit better into the Vostarg line up.

Honestly, it's just refreshing to talk lists about my favorite faction. I've loved the look of slayers ever since Fantasy and when they were released as an entire army in AoS I was ecstatic.

>> No.56371145

>Being so fucking autistic you forget all of the other female models in the range that aren't shit models so that you can pretend your shit thicc waifu sculpt is well designed and disregard people who don't share you tastes as autistic "afraid of women"
also her face reminds me too much of sly marbo but smoother

>> No.56371264

are they even going to touch or rehash empire at all apart from stormcasts? I just want cool armored empire units like the total war game. fuck

>> No.56371364

Besides kinbad and vulkites just being better, lords within a vostag shell has to basically stay minimum, which doesn't let it flourish. It wants to deepstrike ridiculously expensive units of double pile-in mw fishers, but maybe I'm just leftover liking it from when your runefather could steal init like a boss.

What about this:
Runefather on foot
Runesmiter, master, and smith
Runeson on Mag
30vulk, 30vulk, 20vulk
5ber, 5ber
All 3 battalions 1960pts

For reference what i play against (we talk shop and brews after games)

Runeson on Mag general
2x Runesmiter on Mag (abilities are sick)
Runesmiter, Battlesmith
10 ark company ally to zoom over to objectives and triple light skyhook motherfuckers

>> No.56371388

>every thread another gorgeous khorne to std conversion
>painted well on top of that
>while mine are still not finished after a full year of working on them and look like piss anyway
>and my painting skills are terrible
I should just give up

>> No.56371435

You should practice with diligence and patience anon! Try new techniques and watch guides, and dont be afraid of messing up, i re-did my ogor skin for probably 7 hours on my test model before i was ready to move on to assembly line the mournfang.

>> No.56371461

I would convert my VC to AoS if they didn't suck complete balls. Everything I've seen makes most of my VC army worthless, especially since I have to pay the points for the models I'll rez during a fight. I already paid the points in the characters and the models themselves, wtf.

>> No.56371480


Seeing those side by side makes me feel sick.

>> No.56371483

Summoning costs points
If a model allows you to replace or add to itself or another unit, that's free, but you can't go above the starting value
Zombies can blob together for free

>> No.56371504


Warlord games.

>> No.56371529


related, reinforcement seems like such a waaste.

why would I spend points to summon skeletons later when i could just drop them on the field or add them as a bigger skele unit

>> No.56371533


Say whatever you want. You're afraid of women in the hobby.

>> No.56371541

Where's the source on this pic?

>> No.56371552

This anon is correct. It'd be pretty silly if the main mechanic of flesh eater courts or skelebros cost extra points to fill out your units to replace the dead.
Now setting up a new unit, that'll cost ya.

>> No.56371562

Usually you wouldn't, but sometimes a little summoning is nice utility.

>> No.56371578


Wow so cold out they froze to death.

>> No.56371591

>lizardmen come from spawning pools
>what is female

>> No.56371597

It's partly a momentum problem. I often get really busy and tired through work and other things that I end up not painting enough, but once I start it is easier to keep at it.

Really what I need to do is just practice with my airbrush more and then hammer these guys out. I know people often look down on airbrushes, but I find them fun to use and my 1000 point list has 93 models so an airbrush has a certain appeal at that volume.

Currently stuck on greenstuff to reconstruct some shoulders and fill gaps. I find sculpting really exhausting and it it has turned out really poorly every time I've done it. I've considered just buying some bulk kneadatite/avies and copper wire for armatures and just pure sculpting as practice, but sculpting is like a special level of hard for me.

When I was a child I was tested and it was found the nerves in my hands were severely underdeveloped, just above the level of cerebral palsy. I don't really know how much of it has lingered on to adulthood, but painting and sculpting for me feels physically more demanding than it seems for most people

>> No.56371622


i aint need it to be canon my dude i just want some sexy lizards with boobs

>> No.56371650

Actually, lizardmen now come from slaan memories

>> No.56371692


it's futa


>> No.56371699

That isnt how scars work

She looks like she's made of bread

>> No.56371701


totally would

>> No.56371711

What would be some good Stormcast to add to my freeguild? I dont care about allegiances I run general order

Ive got

>40 handgunners
>general on horse and griffon
>40 Sword and board guard
>4 cannons
>6 demigryph
>about 12 wizards and a celestial hurricanum and luminark

>> No.56371727

>Which come from lizardmen made in spawning pools

Are the slaan going to remember something that didn't exist?

>> No.56371732

Stop watching porn

>> No.56371909

Got some chaos knights. Should I give them glaives or hand weapons?

>> No.56371957

Think about ignoring stormcast and running freeguild allegiance. You've got the models for it.

>> No.56371988

I can already do that, I just want Stormcast for thematic purposes

>> No.56372085

People are playing this shiet? No one's given money to GW to make a game of this, that should tell you how much of a failure it is!!!

>> No.56372218

*cough*http://cubicle7.co.uk/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-roleplaying-game-announced/ *cough*

>> No.56372228

Wait what are you referring to?

>> No.56372230

I played my first game of AoS using a bunch of old tzeentch daemons I haven't really touched since 5th edition 40k. Am I wrong, or are they pretty fun? I particularly enjoyed how the changling works, and the fate dice feel very fluffy.

>> No.56372244


It doesn't count when GW forces them on the threat of removing the Fantasy IP.

>> No.56372273

licenses i guess


i'm sure you have solid proof of that

>> No.56372284

How do you know they aren't?

>> No.56372388

Got the Warriors of Great Cities: Hammerhal and sold the Stormcasts. How to proceed next, apart from playing and having fun?

Also KARL FRANZ always alive in our hearts.

>> No.56372443

How much you got from stormies? Spend it in buying two boxes of guardsmen and handgunners each if you got around a hundred. Two of guardsmen if you got around 60 and get a few pots of paint.

>> No.56372836

You got your anvil, hammer, ranged power and support already covered very well, I'm honestly not sure you *need* anything SCE can offer.
I guess you could do with some assassins/warmachine hunters, so a few Vanguard-Hunters or -Palladors would work. Or a Knight-Venator, which is never a bad investment to bring.

>> No.56372920

Start stocking up on Handgunners and Guard. You'll want at least two units of 20 Guard (weapons of your choice, though I am partial to spears) and one unit of 30 Handgunners. A second box of Demigryphs wouldn't go amiss, either.
Assemble the chart as a Celestial Hurricanum, the General on foot with the standart and take the leftover models from the Hurricanum to build a Wizard.
Beyond that I'd recommend getting some cannons and a General on Gryphon. Especially that last one is amazing. He's cheap as chips both in cash and points, very flexible and has a brutal statline. Give him the Armor of Meteoric Iron and have him ravage the enemy backline. Just don't use him as your general, that's what the guy on foot is for.

>> No.56372998

Yes? They gave them allegiance abilities, which means they'll get their own book eventually. Hopefuly with a couple of new units.

>> No.56373031

Because you don't pay points to summon skellies, you leave some points to summon whatever unit that suits better at that moment. You could summon a big unit of zombies to pin down a heavy hitter, some ghosts to fuck with some rending units, etc.

>> No.56373138

Yeah, it's to give you situational options. Regarding the ghosts one - say, a Fyreslayers player has your Blood Knights in combat, so he activates his rend runes (in case you don't know how that works, think the AdMech's Canticles of the Omnissiah). If the BKs survive, you can respond by retreating them and summoning some Spirit Hosts or Hexwraiths to block the FS's path.

>> No.56373310

Flankers can be a useful choice. Pistoliers and outriders are pitiful, and plunking a unit of hunters or Palladors behind a key unit or disrupt the ownership of an objective can prove valuable.

>> No.56373455

Hi Slav! Long time no see, finally day off from cleaning german toilets?

>> No.56373903

There is a little bit to much snow on them cannons. Unless they perfected the art of keeping it perfectly stable, most of it would get shaken off.

>> No.56373942

Which list is better? 440 points are lest for the Moungul, but warscroller builder doesn't have it.

Allegiance: Death
Tomb King on Exalted Chariot (460)
- General
- Trait: Ruler of the Night
- Artefact: Cursed Book
Liche Priest (120)
Necromancer (110)
Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)
40 x Skeletal Legionnaires (320)
10 x Skeletal Legionnaires (80)
10 x Skeletal Legionnaires (80)
2 x Morghast Archai (220)
Total: 1510 / 1560


Allegiance: Death
Tomb King (100)
- General
- Monarch's Great Blade
- Trait: Ruler of the Night
- Artefact: Cursed Book
Liche Priest (120)
Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)
Necromancer (110)
40 x Skeletal Legionnaires (320)
20 x Skeletal Legionnaires (160)
2 x Morghast Archai (220)
10 x Skeletal Legionnaires (80)
3 x Necropolis Knights (240)
Total: 1470 / 1560
80 points left to summon in skeletons should I need to.

>> No.56374047

Invest in huge death army constantly get fucked over from GW.
Refuse to buy any GW until new death units/actual battletome....
How long will I wait /aosg/ ??? Should I sell my tomb kings? Before eventual kull?

>> No.56374225

Lots of people are converting the Shadespire skeles into TK (see pic), and you want to sell yours? If you play death, you can be the guy with the unique TK themed army instead of the generic out-of-the-box death player.

GW has said 2018 will be the year of death for AoS, meaning lots of new shit. If you sell now you will regret it later.

Keep your TK you fagget.
You can sell the legacy shit that will never be reused but don't sell your skeles or anything that can count as deathrattle (Skeles, knights, heros).

>> No.56374226

Switching your approach now, are you?

>> No.56374234

Anyone got hammerhal and/or overlords of the irondragon? Can you guys upload it?

>> No.56374251

>sold the Stormcasts
A man after my heart.

>> No.56374286

>GW has said 2018 will be the year of death for AoS
that will fulfill, one way or the other

>> No.56374319

A Keeper of Secrets distorted a Slann's memory by accident and now his Seraphon have boobs.
Bam instant fanfiction.

>> No.56374322

No just set goals and stick to it.
Paint your battleline first until you learn skills from them, then move onto the important units once you have the technique down.
Watch videos and go from there

>> No.56374393

How do I play SCE without being That Guy?

>> No.56374394

>I just want Stormcast for thematic purposes
*Hand rubbing intensifies* Oy vey!

>> No.56374428

headswaps, conversions

Sigmarines are fine if you make them your own, rather than paint by number automatons. Dunc's stormcast are a good example.

>> No.56374451

The ONLY way to play SCE and not be a thatguy is to play Gobbocast Eternals.
2 per base, make them stand on shields like the dwarves

>> No.56374468


>> No.56374502

>falseflagging this much

>> No.56374524

Just play the fucking army. Nobody gives a shit about you playing SCE in the real world.

>> No.56374538

Don't spam the best options and you're good.

>> No.56374568

Didn't even realize this was a headswap at first

>> No.56374782

>Freind has well painted massive empire, brettonians, ogres, lizardmen and skaven.
>Has a few losses - buys into Stormcast - endless new models, battle times and bullshit rules.
>Sells every thing except his new stormcast.
>Fucking have do deal with all his bull shit Stormcast mega rules all the time.
> Have a death army - want to embrace death.
Fuck I hate stormcast

>> No.56374960

From the interview of combat phase with JReynolds.announced there would be a few new novels:

-Black Pyramid, the sequel to Plague Garden, which sees the founding of a city.

-Short stories of Eight Lamentations. A couple, one of then focused in Roggen prior to eight lamentations.

-A companion novel for Nagash: Undying King, apparently. Also, N:UK will have a trade release, from what I understood.

>> No.56375004

I like your idea about keeping the father on foot, that gives way more lee-way when it comes to pointing out the battalion. I think that I will eventually expand my FS and do something similar to this. The one change I would have would be to maybe have the runeson on foot instead of the runefather. Seeing as the RS has a pretty decent ranged setup you could potentially keep him in the back firing while the rest of your dudes tear shit up.

Honestly, I just want to bring more attention to Fyreslayers in general. They have the potential to be so cool. I think I might try to start some more discussion about them in future threads.

>> No.56375215

what army should I build to get a cuck themed force?

>> No.56375254


Yea but I could have done that by just having them on the tabletop standing outside combat. And then I dont have to risk failing a cast roll

>> No.56375314

have someone sculpt a 28mm version of yourself and paste the face all over whichever army you like.

>> No.56375391

Why is that weak?

>> No.56375632

If you are playing just one game and you know what you are playing against, yeah, but in a tournament and the like, where you don¡t know what you will get it is a big advantage as you'll never have useless things.

Imagine you have things that deal mortal wounds and you face a Slaves to Darkness army, those mortal wounds are wasted in them. If instead of having brought whatever is dealing moral wounds, ou could have summoned something with rend. Basically you are exchanging tactical flexibility for the chance of failing the summoning roll.

>> No.56375671

What you are referring to are not stormcasts. They are counts as freeguild

>> No.56375758

It's whichever command ability you like more. I tend to favor the charge helpers because I personally hate getting stranded after a failed charge.

And fyreslayers are awesome. I especially like smiter mags as they're horde killing lava fountains projecting aoe wound rerolls for your 30man units (conga lined out so 2 guys are close enough for the unit to get the buff so the 11 in combat 22" away get the buff).

>> No.56375821

I was concerned about there being too much snow but i love snow and couldn't stop putting it on

>> No.56375928


dont you still designate what the reinforcement points are for? Like, "these 120 points are to these skellingtons that arent being dropped at start" that you then summon those specifically later.

>> No.56375973


>> No.56376095

>Hamfistedly censoring all criticism of a shoehorned space marine army for kiddies will surely make for a great and mature community.

then why is tga shit?

>> No.56376115

>Do Free cities ever battle each other? How would Sigmar's empire respond if two did?

>> No.56376243

People tend to forget that Order is not a club of good friends. IIRC in one novel it's mentioned that Sylvaneth have no friends - just allies. If the Chaos would not be their main enemy they will just fight against their current allies because muh trees

>> No.56376307

>only options are nazi fanboy censorship or memeing "stop having fun" retards

gosh if only there were a middleground

>> No.56376352


>> No.56376495

Wonder if you could do the same concept but with dwarves.

>> No.56376575

>>Say whatever you want. You're afraid of women in the hobby.
>because there are female models
man i love all those elf playing woman in the hobby, who have been here since before we played. man.

>trying to defend shit cheesecake waifu this hard WEW

>> No.56376583


I'd honestly be interested too.

>> No.56376595

Who wins at an eating contest, an ogre or a troll?

>> No.56376721


Ogre. Including eating the troll.

>> No.56376730

Ogre, troll vomits and melts everyone

>> No.56376737


trick question

both are eaten by skaven during the competition

>> No.56377051

In the skaven paper mill there's been complaints about the workforce's dietetical plans. They want a better variety, since they feel that eating each other isn't "varied" enough for them (which is weird because no two skaven are exactly equal!)

>> No.56377084

All of this of course happens before the Crypt Horrors arrive to the feast

>> No.56377185




>> No.56377340

No, you say "I have 500 reserve points" and then you can summon whatever you want within those 500 points.

>> No.56377676


That changes a lot.

Also I was looking at the warscroll for the Screaming Bell, and it lets you roll 2d6 a turn. On a 12 you summon a Verminlord out, but that would mean you needed to have had the couple hundred points of the verminlord in reserve, right? Why then would I not just have him on the tabletop instead of hoping to get a 12

>> No.56377916

what is the consensus here for snow bases? do you use the GW's new snow texture stuff or some other shit?

>> No.56378040

Decided to take a small break from Dwarfs for a moment to paint a skeleton or two. This is fun.

I use it sparingly on top of other base material and it looks really good. I am not sure how well it works if you go full snow though.

>> No.56378044

He's a stormcuck now. Best forget about him and buy his old armies.

Death is fun. Check out this noble knight of the Flesh eaters

>> No.56378113

EVERY girl I have ever met who plays warhams does NOT play because of female models. They play colorful and non-human armies most of the time.

The people who DO play with female models are fatass guys.

>> No.56378198

FEC were the best idea GW has ever come up with in terms of lore and conversion potential.

They're so damn cool. Amazing how they turned the shitty generic ghouls of WHFB into this.

>> No.56378229

I used to much, but this was before the GW texture snow, so it didn't look right.
I think I am going to rebase them to rounds and do a brown ground area with maybe 70% snow coverage, so the dark brown will contrast with the white snow.
The deep snow works too, but you have to have models that contrast well with the white.

>> No.56378303

Oh look it’s prime slavposting hours

>> No.56378379

>everyone I don't like is the same person

>> No.56378384

You ever wonder why these threads go to shit during European prime time and only have any productive discussions during American hours?

It’s because Americans can go 5 minutes without whining about stormcast or trying to derail the thread to be about stormcast bitching.

Please talk about anything you’d like that isn’t stormcast related and I think you’ll be much happier

>> No.56378414

Hi slav

>> No.56378415


Why are you guys scared of girls?

>> No.56378475

I love the image in their book of the sword, but the shadow is a bone. So they see the bone weapon as a shiny golden sword. Delusions are awesome.

Hopefully they get a shadespire release like this conversion

>> No.56378522

You know, I actually like the flavor they gave FEC, seraphon and Sylvaneth. They were neat in WHFB but they have a lot more character in AoS (except lizardmen, lizardmen were always cool)

>> No.56378558

Take a look at the AoS range so far. Almost everything is hyper masculine bodybuilder stuff.

GW knows their customers all too well.

>> No.56378589

The moment the thiccqueen was shown, I realized that kits for an entire army of Schwarzenegger-Conan Chaos worshipers would be enough to get me into AoS. And no, I don't mean that ancient Marauders kit.

>> No.56378601

They took exaggerated generic (which has it's own merits all things considered) and gave them their own character. I honestly think that's something that should be praised.

>> No.56378616

tg did you practice your painting today?

>> No.56378633

I don't like em because what follows is this.
Which turns actual women away from the hobby.

>> No.56378646

Same, old marauders suck but I would be 100% behind an army of pulp-fantasy 80’s barbarians

>> No.56378691

I did but I swore I would finish my 40k stuff before starting on my AOS things

>> No.56378699


My army choice in tabletop games has always been around the visibility of nipples on the model. It's why I always played Slaneesh in 40k tabletop and it's why I play daughters of khaine now

>> No.56378715

If you played Daemons you would have no issue with that.

>> No.56378756


About to. I just finished cleaning up my new workspace and moving all my tools over to it. Got one more Stormfiend to assemble, then I can basecoat all of my acolytes, my ratling guns and the stormfiends in one go.

Then back to work painting the doomwheel

>> No.56379043

where exactly should I put the strap of the shield on Saurus warriors arms, quite a wide berth they give for where it's POSSIBLE to glue, but I'd rather not muck up the models, the instruction also doesn't have the models at angles to tell

>> No.56379244

if you go to the saurus order page on GWs site, you can do a 360 degree rotation and see every angle of the model.

>> No.56379311

Ah sorry it didn't load first time

Best place to get lots of old fantasy slot bases from, as I want to use both fantasy systems

>> No.56379349

You know I actually like Khorne daemons quite a bit

>> No.56379423

>Spray red
>Drybrush orange
>pick out swords and armor parts in black or metal

Wow look you just finished a AoS and 40k army

>> No.56379555

gw's site uninronically

>> No.56379588

They don't seek square slots anymore, just squares and rectangles, so my Saurus will be baseless

>> No.56379605

I started >>56378040
I actually decided to paint him to completion. I am just going to finish the base then I will post a finished picture.

>> No.56379636

Sell not seek

>> No.56379643

You can either -
A) Cut your own slot into the base, or
B) Try to see if you can glue them to a base without a slot.

Option A is probably the one that causes the least amount of headaches.

>> No.56379747

where is this model from

>> No.56379777

>Starting Article: http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Mortal_Realms
>Story so Far(WIP): http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Realmgate_Wars

>> No.56379782

how can I check which year a model was released by games workshop?

>> No.56379797

The Deathrattle Skeleton Warrior kit.
Wanted to practice painting bones on a cheaper model before starting the Shadespire warband.

>> No.56379857

You look into the sprues.

>> No.56379946

>MFW all these new lizard players

>> No.56380028

I can only see a shrugged warrior priest what the fuck.

>> No.56380031

not only do you not have a face

it looks like an engorged penis

>> No.56380155

>tfw no more jungle swarms but skaven still get rat swarms

>> No.56380182

I think the jungles blew up with the rest of the old world. So there is that.

>> No.56380297

I remember a site with every single kit ordered by year.
I was looking for it again a few weeks ago but I wasn't able to find it again.

>> No.56380306

Are you implying that they couldn't be remade by sigmar, seeing how he did visit the southlands

>> No.56380366

Which Gaunt Summoner should I take, the one on the disc or the one on the ground?

>> No.56380376

Can I still use Furious Brayherd?

>> No.56380424

why would he though?
The jungles never were the habitat of man.

>> No.56380543

That's a catalog website
But yeah collecting minis . Com or something

>> No.56380581

Today I built:
A cold one and Saurus warrior
What a productive hour and a half

>> No.56380614

Found these old dudes and I'm gonna paint them up.
Should I put them on 28mm?

>> No.56380629

>he doesn't measure warrior to warrior

>> No.56380903


Yes, daddy. I've been practicing my wetblending on a Gaunt Summoners robes.

Going from a dark purple to a bright pink. I eventually plan on adding little dots of white all over the robs for stars. In the end I want his robes to be reminiscent of the twilight hours.

>> No.56380962

Friend is dipping his toes in and I don't want to scare him off. Currently has just 10 TK Skeleton Warriors, Since he has a background in tabletop RPGs I was looking for a micro-campaign. Would skirmishes of individual 10-20 point models from various armies across a field be a good time?

Couple dryads, one or two Saurus Knights, and maybe a Chaos Champion?

>> No.56380987

If that takes you an hour it might be time to switch hobbies dawg

>> No.56380991


>I don't like this thing, so I'll complain non-stop like an autist until they remove the thing I don't like, even though most other people do like them

>> No.56381013


then you must be retarded, congrats on outting yourself

>> No.56381044


You buy them, paint them, and play them.

The key to not being "thatguy" is to realize that outside of the internet, there is no "thatguy" and nobody will give a single fuck if you play SCE or not.

What's the point of spending hours upon hours to make stormcasts not look like stormcasts just so nobody will care and continue on as usual?

Stop caring about what others think so much you fucking sheep

>> No.56381100

What Slaneesh sloots run well with a giant Khorne Bloodbound army?

>> No.56381156


Get some Seeker Chariots or Exalted Chariots.

>> No.56381170


> puazi image

great one of my triggers. I wasnt planning on jerkin off today but here we are

>> No.56381175


The completed Skeleton Warrior.

>> No.56381204

Whoa spoiler that shit that is way to spooky for a blue board!

>> No.56381205

And the back.
I decided to try out a wet mud looking base. I need to figure out what flock, if any, I could put on it.

I am thinking maybe I can try to use discarded weapons and armour for an "old weathered battlefield" look.

It is going to be a pain to paint a hoard of these guys like this, but for some reason painting skeletons is pretty fun.

>> No.56381222


"Shit I dropped my contact lens"

>> No.56381228

They are outrageously fast, you can use them to threat artillery and archers while your army march.

>> No.56381242

Yeah, play skirmish with him just to show him how rules work. It's a good idea - my gf first game was 5 models vs 5 models and she loved it. She is playing normal games too but still skirmish is her favourite format

>> No.56381259

He looks like an angry man with a mobile phone

>> No.56381302

Not all undead are so happy to answer the Call of Nagash.

>> No.56381362

communist manifesto

why everything cost money

>> No.56381390

Also, I just noticed it looks like he is pumping himself up. If I noticed that sooner, I would have filed away the shield handle and left him like that.

>> No.56381408


>> No.56381523


>> No.56381706

My sides.
Now, what ringtone does Angry Skeltal use?

>> No.56381769


Finally got all 3 of my Stormfiends put together... each of them has magnetic weapons. Weapons are interchangeable between any model

>> No.56381770


Hello this is Elbonio Bonerton speaking

>> No.56381813

yeah but mathematically the flamer is always better than the mortars and the shock gauntlets are always better than the doomflayer gauntlets

the only one maybe worth it is the ratling cannon and the grinder, but the grinder is horrible in warpfire projector squads and still really shit if you have 2x shock gauntlet stormfiends because that 9 inch charge is so rng

also they need to be on 60mm rounds man, what are you doing with these squares :(

>> No.56381937


I'm really new so I'd like to be able to try different things out.

Also, they only came with square so I didnt have any round. Every skaven thing I've bought so far short of the spire of dawn has come with squares. I'll rebase eventually if I feel like it

>> No.56382055

reminder to remove the 'brain rats' from their backs. they are cooler without them

>> No.56382139


Yea I dont like the brain rats at all and dont get it but followed instructions because I'm a lemming :(

I guess I could remove and just greenstuff the little divet they go in

>> No.56382167

brain rats are best rats, and they're super fun to paint

>> No.56382187

Woah woah what're you talking about.

Without the brain rats their just hulking monsters you can't control.

With the rats not only are they strong machines of death, but also the best allegory for Pinky and the Brain I've ever seen.

>> No.56382413

>anon shows a picture of a model he spent time on assembling
>this assholes reply

I am really sick of this fucking faggots in /aosg/ who keeps posting this kind of shit. there was also some guy who keep commenting "find another hobby" for people who were asking budget lists.

really sick of this shit.

>> No.56382434

I don't seem to remember Pinky being a hulking biomechanical horror that Brain rode around on.
Has there been a reboot or something I missed?

>> No.56382463

Dude, do you remember where we are? How is this mild a response getting under your skin?

>> No.56382511

its supposed to be a comfy thread for hobby discussion not for faggots to shitpost to posts that actually contribute something

>> No.56382800

If you think "do you remember where we are" is a valid response, please fuck off back to /b/ where you belong.

>> No.56382882

Hell yeah dude. I more of meant like this is P&B in warhammer, taken to the extreme like everything else.

What >>56382800 said. Getting into the hobby isn't easy nor cheap. This kind of attitude just scares off newbies. You're probably the kind of guy who sends of his Vanguard Chamber to be professionally assembled and painted so you can go pub stop people in open play.

You make me sick

>> No.56382923

Because /aosg/ has always been the bastion of quality discussion, right?
But, sure, be assblasted over some anon's downright gentle ribbing.

>> No.56382933

Mucho serious questions my dudes and dudettes

Are Battalions worth it at all? How does one take them in open play? are they 1 unit if you do? Is running a mega list of all the forces of order even good?

>> No.56382941

Out comes the namefag, riding to the defense of some poor oppressed anon.

>> No.56382986

Is this really where we're at? Some anons can't handle being told that they need to git gud?

>> No.56382995

It is a dumb criticism to begin with. So what it taken him that long to assemble those models. Proper assembly does take a little while, especially older models with horrible mould lines.

I take about half an hour to an hour per model, are you going to call me bad at the hobby and say it isn't for me as well?

>> No.56383054

In general I find most battalions more hassle than they are worth. Some are still exceedingly good, but with the increased cost I feel more justified in not bringing them.
A huge problem with battalions in general is that they are so wildly imbalanced. You get some that offer a shitty reroll to one unbind or others that make a unit vomit mortal wounds everywhere.

>Mucho serious questions my dudes and dudettes

>> No.56383123

I wouldn't, I didn't call him that either, that was another anon, but I hold that on this site of all the fucking places you should be able to take a criticism that amounts to "you need to work faster" without getting your panties in a twist.

>> No.56383140

The lewd edition is over huys

>> No.56384494

What u say?

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