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Welcome to the D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Xanathar's Guide to Everything — Table of Contents

>Xanathar's Guide to Everything — New Player Options and Spells

>Unearthed Arcana: Fiendish Options




Previously, on /5eg/...

Redpill me on standard DnD afterlife. If a creature planeshifts there, can it live there, even if it's not dead? Will it stay alive, or will the plane eventually claim it?

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Only the noble knight background is any fun.

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The lords of those realms know who's dead and essentially belong there and who is visiting.

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I think the plane won't do anything to them, but the locals might object.

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It depends on the setting. For instance, the different afterlife planes in Planescape has varying rules ranging from "devotees only" to welcoming you with open arms and hungry mouths to shit like the beastlands literally turning you into an animal.

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Having your hot dm play 3 npc attend your character is fun.

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Willing to post some stuff from the book via shitty iPhone. Also, willing to try out the new character creation options roll tables.

Also, why are gambeson/aketon superior to leather armor?

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Out of any background, period?
No way man, Sage, Soldier, Pirate, and Folk Hero are all fun (those are the ones I've played, plus Noble knight which was fun as well), but my DM is good at integrating that stuff.

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Why did they nerf thinga that didn't need it? Give wizards way more spells than necessary? Who the fuck hired the editor?

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They really butchered the whole concept of a drunken master. Does meals not watch Kung Fu movies for inspiration?

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>Mind Spike is better at tracking people than Hunter's Mark AND Locate Creature

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>Die heroically while charging into a dragon with my axe
>Valkyries personally come to take me to Valhalla
>I can't wait to drink mead with Odin and meet all those legendary warriors
>Enter the meadhall
>It's full of faggy wizards, none of whom are even fucking dead

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It's better than it was in the UA at least, but I'm disappointed no drinking mechanics. I mean come on.

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Gambeson is basically a k9 unit training suit, quite resistant to piercing and blunt force (leather is bad at these).

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Bravo. Do you want anything from the book, my fellow?

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What's the final verdict on the hexblade warlock, redemption paladin and monster monster ranger?

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They made it all about mobility and greater damage to multiple targets than focusing on a single one, which I think is at least mechanically sound considering how people use stunning fist. It might have felt more thematically appropriate if it was about punishing enemies that try to attack you or something along those lines, but I'm just glad the capstone wasn't breathing fire

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>hexblade warlock
Still not enough to satisfy greedy gishfags
>redemption paladin
Absolute trash. Every good idea about it from Arcana was gutted, and replaced by almost universally despised Tranquility monk features
>monster monster ranger
It's fine, I guess

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>Hot DM
O Im laffin

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AC on a warlock? K thx, don't need the melee with Cha.

Needs AC

>Monster Slayer
It's a ranger.

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They wanted to omit alcohol as a key feature of the class (which makes sense), but nothing says you can't literally pull out a flask and get hammered.

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I was thinking of taking Magic Initiate on my Bard to give them even more free shit. Hex + Eldritch Blast are a given, what other Warlock Cantrip should I take?

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>Drunken master
Inferior mobile feat crutch and shitty 'gotta go fast' flavour
Champion, but for monks
>Sun soul
Does fucking nothing aside from allow you to spend ki to make your bonus action attacks at range
Otherwise just remember that monks can use fucking bows

Why did we get this shit? Why didn't we get tranquility monk?

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Bretty gud. Pact of the blade with them is pretty awesome, but e blast spam still works fine if you want to go tome or chain.


Solid but lags a little bit in the middle levels.

>Monster Hunter

Good, will benefit a lot from a dip into warlock and/or rogue


I get and understand not wanting to include alcohol references, but it would have been easy to reskin as 'ki infused water' or potions, or herbal supplements or whatever.

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>At 11th level, you learn to attack with such unexpected speed that you can turn a miss into
another strike. Once on each of your turns when you miss with a weapon attack, you can make
another weapon attack as part of the same action

Did they just fuck up on the wording or does this mean you can keep whacking away until you hit?

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>Once on each of your turns

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Is it just me or can you not use improvised weapons as monk weapons?
That seems an integral part of the class.

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>Once on each of your turns

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>once on each of your turns
Learn to read, my dude.

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>American education

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How about "this is your life" or at least the origins?

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Custom race for a custom campaign. Mechanical feedback sought, but fluff welcomed as well.

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Can I sew limbs back on my favourite zombie with a leatherworking kit? I want the guy in tip-top combat shape and he's pretty 'armless at the moment

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Are they furfag?

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can someone post feats for xanathars?

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>Mearls actually talking about mechanics
Wow, Reddit must have really got to him.

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Although it's not entirely inappropriate in this case, it'd be nice if not every race had fucking darkvision.

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Just attach a sword or something where his arm used to be.

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The Quentin Wizard in the last thread's inspired me to run a Pulp Fiction themed one shot. Any advice on how to go about this? What class would Zed be? And what race is the gimp?

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They're based off pic related. I'll be sure to include adequate furfaggotry next time into their fluff.

Darkvision master race, etc.

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Ah I see, so my feedback would be to castrate yourself

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Darkvision would be a fantastic racial feature if every other guy didn't have it

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In my ToA campaign, I'm the only character with darkvision. Whoops.

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And like a dummie, I forget the pic.

Thank you; it's not feedback without at least one call for harm.


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You should invest more points in Hot DM next time you look for a game.

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What Odin doesn't advertise: you and your valhallan friends are immortal, the wizards aren't. And wizards make great punching bags.

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>Hat of Wizardry
I can be a less-shitty Presto? Hell yeah.

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I'm not saying I wish harm on you, furry, only that you would improve the world by doing so

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My rogue human is the only one who *doesn't*. Frustrating as hell.

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80% of furfags are hardcore on the "fag" part of that. Castration ain't removing anything from the genepool that would have likely been passed on anyway.

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Maybe they'll feel less horny and won't constantly post their bullshit in my face then.

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Considering you were asking for the furfaggotry, I assumed you were the furry, anon.

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Alright lads, I've got a few newbie questions I need answered since I'm scouring the PHB for an understanding, and I just don't bloody get it. I know these might be "obvious" questions, but I've already looked over the books and just need them answered to get things out of the way.

>How often does a character receive feats?
>How do skill increases work? I know you "select" skills at CharGen, but how do they increase?
>How do I increase my damage output? As far as I can tell, there is no Power Attack

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every 4 levels using ability score improvements
using feats or training yourself to gain proficiency with new skills
by using a better weapon

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>every 4 levels using ability score improvements
Thought so! I wasn't aware you had to choose between the ability score increase or the feat, but that's fair considering how much more powerful feats are in 5e.

>using feats or training yourself to gain proficiency with new skills
Yeah, I was thinking that as soon as I hit Post, there's also Proficiency which increases as you level!

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How would you rate the UA sorcerer origins?

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Some classes get more ASIs like fighter.

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>>How often does a character receive feats?

You can choose a feat instead of an ASI when you would earn one. So every 4 levels or so assuming no multiclassing. Fighters get a little more.

>skill increases

your bonus will go up when either 1) your proficiency bonus increases (listed on the class charts), or 2) the skill associated with it gets a better modifier.

>Damage output

That greatly depends on what class you're playing. Martials have feats (Great Weapon Master, Polearm Master, Sharpshooter) that give them new ways to increase their damage. Rogues get better sneak attacks, casters can upcast/use stronger spells, etc etc.

>> No.56348805

Feats are an optional rule and can be selected in place of an ability score increase when you level up.
Skills do not increase, you either have them or don't. However, those that you have will get better as your proficiency and relevant stats increase.
More attacks mostly, there is a sharpshooter and great weapon mastery feat that are better power attack.

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Usually, every four levels you get an ability score increase, and you can trade those in for feats. Some classes like Fighter get more.

Everyone has a global Proficiency score that goes up every so often. Since skills are just flags for when you get to add your Proficiency bonus, that's when they go up. This does NOT happen as often as it did in 3e.

Get higher level abilities that add to your damage in some way, like bonus damage or extra attacks. Again, this does NOT happen as much as it did in 3e. Number inflation is a lot flatter for everything.

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That's cleared up everything I did not know about the game! Now it's just a matter of figuring out what Backgrounds are and how they work (which is in the book, so I can't get too confused) and I'm ready to build my first character.

>> No.56348873

>(which is in the book, so I can't get too confused)
and yet, all the other questions you asked were ALSO in the book

>> No.56348883


Backgrounds are where your character came from before they became an adventurer. They typically give you some proficiencies (including in skills), along with a minor mechanical benefit and guidance on creating your character's personality.

Good luck with your first character and, I assume, game!

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not bookmarked, but high res and its the full scan

>> No.56348900

Fighters get 7 ASI, Rogues get 6, all else get 5.

>> No.56348955

>Fighter (Folk Hero)

Oh you better believe I'm hyped! He's going to be the local strongman who's seen as the village champion, and destined to do great things! Too bad he's quite lost in the city, and has taken a liking to the more lurid vices found therein.

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There's no way to give a long sword finesse, is there?

>> No.56348994

Kensei Monk

>> No.56348998


Sure there is. Just beg your DM for a sunsword.

>> No.56349003

Maybe talk to your DM about it? It shouldn't be hard to suggest there are long, slender slashing swords built around finesse.

>> No.56349017

There is. You swap it for a rapier. Rapiers are basically just longswords with finesse, the versatile property does fucking nothing.

>> No.56349035

Thirsting Blade vs Booming Blade for a Hexblade Bladelock who uses a Saber/Rapier? If I used a Greatsword what about then?

>> No.56349047

Five gnomes in a gimp suit.

>> No.56349052


Versatile is what I'm looking for. Was thinking of some kind of Samurai/Rogue multiclass and wanted to versatile a "katana" (long sword).


That's what I was thinking as well.


Now this is more like it. How could I forget about the sun sword? That's a fantastic idea.

>> No.56349063

>That's what I was thinking as well.

Send this link to him: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment/weapons/weapon-descriptions/sword-dueling/ and ask if there could be an equivalent in your campaign.

>> No.56349075

Playing a Fighter with a DM that doesn't allow Feats sounds like the worst experience there is.

>> No.56349087

i'm new to the game and want to DM a game for my boys who are (except for one) also beginners.
i personally have lead stories in the past with different games (middle earth rpg and MAGUS) but never dnd
our group has a size of about 5-6 plus DM
is there a pre-made story for rookies you could recommend?

>> No.56349098

Battle Master, Arcane Archer, and Eldritch Knight sound playable with that. It will feel a bit sad without GWM/Sharpshooter/Warcaster/Shield Master but it's doable.

>> No.56349102

So what's a good Warlock patron to pick? I hate the class with a passion but in an attempt to play every class once I've gotta do it. Invocations? Spells? Patron? The only thing I know I'm not touching is Hexblade because it's blatantly better then all other patrons.

>> No.56349119

I would only tolerate it if the DM is godlike and has taken them away because he has expertly balanced the combat encounters. But how often does that happen really?

>> No.56349122

So regarding the Hexblade Hex Warrior feature, it mentions that it can be applied to the pact weapon "no matter the weapon's type"
But it says that you're proficient in your pact weapon regardless, and Hexblade gives you proficiency in martial weapons, but the warrior feature can't be used on weapons with the 2-handed property
So is it redundancy?

>> No.56349131


Get the 5E Starter set. Comes with a pre-made adventure and the rules basics.


Hexblade isn't really that broken or disgustingly good. It's on par with the other best option which is Fiend. And Fiend is arguably better depending on what you want to do.

>> No.56349140

Eldritch Knight and Cavalier would be playable. EK does good damage no matter what melee weapon they're using thanks to the BB/GFB plus Attack. Meanwhile Cavalier seems like it could still be fun marking people and figuring out the best way to position yourself to protect people and get your mega Cavalier attacks.

>> No.56349145


No, because what it's saying is that blade pact Hexblades can use greatswords and still get the benefits of Hex Warrior. It's just oddly written.

>> No.56349190

Ah, that makes sense
Has there been any clarification from the likes of Mearles and such?

>> No.56349195

>Cast-Off Armor
>Armor (light, medium, or heavy), common
>You can doff this armor as an action.

Stripper Armor?

>> No.56349209

You can basically use whatever weapon you want with a Hexblade Pact of the Blade, if you get Improved Pact Weapon you can add Shortbows, Longbows, Light Crossbows, and Heavy Crossbows to the list of things that you can now use your Charisma Mod for.

>> No.56349213

The fact it helps if you get thrown overboard is just a slight benefit.

>> No.56349220

>Ancestral guardian table says spirit shield is d8s
>text says d6

who the fuck proofread this?

>> No.56349224

Tenser's Transformation users can get some use out of this.

>> No.56349253

I just got a 3rd 1st level spell. Can someone sell me on Snare? It seems cool but my save DC is only 12 and a 40% chance to have my spell do nothing seems kinda shitty when I could just take something that always works like detect magic or goodberry.

>> No.56349271

Again, versatile is entirely useless. The only way I can see it being used is if a rogue (with a vesatile+finesse weapon that doesn't exist yet) who doesn't have shield proficiency and who doesn't want to grapple or hold a light or do anything with their other hand and not use a crossbow or have two weapon fighting prepared wants to use it for at most +1 damage/turn over a rapier, which is hardly a big deal.

So solely booming blade focused AT or swashbuckler rogues, I guess.

>> No.56349278

No way, Haunted One is my favourite background!

>> No.56349279


Not yet, book's too fresh.

>> No.56349284

Yeah that was ridiculously noticeable.

>> No.56349289

>Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch
>Wondrous item, common
>This belt pouch appears empty and has 10 charges. While holding the pouch, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges, speak the name of any nonmagical food seasoning (such as salt, pepper, saffron, or cilantro), and remove a pinch of the desired seasoning from the pouch. A pinch is enough to season a single meal. The pouch regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn.

How much nutmeg is lethal? What food seasonings are also poisons/drugs?

>> No.56349308

How do you do mass combat? Specifically for about 4-5 players and about 20-28 NPCs. I've read the rules that you're supposed to roll individually for initiative, but it seems slow if I have to roll for every single character. Would a solution be to let the players roll for their initiative, then let the enemies be on one single roll?

And another question: What do you do to make your combat encounters interesting?

>> No.56349349

>Would a solution be to let the players roll for their initiative, then let the enemies be on one single roll?
That's what I do.

>And another question: What do you do to make your combat encounters interesting?
If you meant during encounters where the PCs are vastly outnumbered, I intentionally make sure the NPCs have a small amount of hit points so they can be killed in only one or two hits. Speeds up combat tremendously, and makes people with AoEs feel godly.

>> No.56349360

I haven't done it before but my gut would have me roll initiative for groups of 5-8. But have them move individually, and minion rules of dying if hit.

>> No.56349375

Was Volo's Guide to Monsters good?

>> No.56349388

It was in fact pretty fucking great.

>> No.56349390

is SKT boring as fuck for other people or do I just have a bad DM

I show up every week, I'm not gonna ditch or fuck around and ruin other peoples' experiences, but this is not nearly as enjoyable as Curse of Strahd was

sure hope Tomb is better

>> No.56349391

Way more than a pinch. I'm talking 20+ of them.

>> No.56349468

Divide the enemies into groups of 4-5, and have every "squad" roll initiative as a group. This allows you to avoid 30+ initiative orders without smooshing the players with 25 consecutive attacks.

Have enemies react the way you would expect them to if the fight were actually real. Examples:
>PC crits an enemy and eviscerates them in a single strike
>maybe 1 or 2 enemies that were close enough recoil in horror, or even attempt to flee the fight entirely
>Mage casts sleep, enemies do not recognize the spell
>Their friends just suddenly collapsed to the ground, they might believe them to be dead

This is another way you can "fudge" combats to give PCs an advantage, while making them feel like they caused it instead of you. If you begin to suspect that the party might become overwhelmed, keep an eye out for opportunities to do stuff like this "believably". Some players are pretty good at spotting this though, so your mileage may vary.

>> No.56349483

A lot of people love SKT. My history with it was sour because it my DM wasn't great.

>> No.56349487


I didn't much care for SKT. Was an awful lot of fuckin' around not accomplishing much, then you hit the meat of the story and we blazed through it in just a couple of sessions. I think it's poorly put together, definitely one of the lesser adventures, I think.

>> No.56349500

If I cast Dragon Breath on a familiar, will it be able to use its action to breathe?

>> No.56349512

As long as it's not 4-5 players against 20-28 NPCs because then it becomes a caster AoE circlejerk and the enemies all shove the players into grapples in the dirt and shank their flanks.

But as everyone else said, group people up. 'Swarms of X' already exist in the monster manual, representing vast numbers of creatures.

>> No.56349513

hmm im surprised to read that considering everyone's been saying it's super great

weird, uh.

>> No.56349521

Opium has been used as a seasoning in the past.

>> No.56349522


a big part of it I think is that I don't care about anything happening

I don't care about the giants, I didn't care when Harshnag died

I especially don't care about these random guilds and organizations that keep showing up that are implied to be important. feels like there are whole swaths of this book written for AL players.

>> No.56349525

Thinking I might play an Aasimar Divine Soul just because mechanically and fluffwise it works. Anyone have recommendations for cool Cleric spells to pick up?

>> No.56349528


>> No.56349537


It's biggest flaw is that there's no hook to get you to really care about the story til you see the Oracle. even then it's kind of meh right up until like, the very end. Needs DM spice to be truly extraordinary, but the encounters themselves are pretty awesome.

>> No.56349539

>It's okay for a Lich to be the edgiest most prepared creature who hides his Phil where nobody could EVER reach it
>But it's bad shounen power fantasy to wanna defeat a Lich


>> No.56349544


>remove a pinch
>a pinch is enough to season a single meal

Ignoring that this is doesn't make any sense, since a pinch is something like 1/8th of a teaspoon according to Wikipedia, even with 10 pinches, you wouldn't get a lethal dose of any common food seasonings.

Your best bet would be something like ghost peppers, which generally have enough capsaicin to give the average Joe a really bad day.

>> No.56349550

>Cast on Owl
>Owl flies 15 feet in air, away from most melee attacks

>> No.56349553

Guiding Bolt, Revivify, Command, Sanctuary, Toll the Dead, Holy Weapon, Shield of Faith, and Death Ward come to mind. I think these are also all Twinnable

>> No.56349559

If your save DC is horrible, you should focus on buffs and utility rather than things that rely on those shitty saves. At least, until you can dump some ASIs into your caster stat.

>> No.56349560

You can certainly do that.

>> No.56349575

It's another power, popular monster that some people will obsess about to the point of worship. Like dragons and vampires. Fans of a monster are insufferable pricks for DMs who put forth the notion that they can be killed to an adventuring party that blunders into them.

>> No.56349576

This is the perfect magical item for my cook!

>> No.56349580

woud you let players use Healing Spirit out of combat /5eg/? it's 10d6 heal

>> No.56349602

*killed by

>> No.56349603

Why wouldn't you? Combat isn't a special thing where the universes rules change. Every round is six seconds, so cast it and sit in there for a minute.

>> No.56349604


>> No.56349613

Of course. This guy >>56349603 has it completely right.

>> No.56349624


Sure. Though it would get weird seeing people play Red Rover so they can all take a turn passing through it (As stopping in it just means you hog the healing)

>> No.56349634

Well, to be fair I think the highest save DC I can possibly have at 3rd level is 13. I have +2 in my caster stat, but the proficiency bonus just isn't there.

I guess I can always swap a spell for snare once I get a better DC.

>> No.56349636

Wait. So Dragon Sorcerers only get to add their CHA modifier to Dragons Breath on the first turn? Fuck that errata that it only applies once per spell, why didn't they do it to Evokers as well?

>> No.56349637

Staff of Flowers can grow poppies, though it says they are harmless and nonmagical.

>> No.56349638

Yeah so is Aura of Vitality.

>> No.56349640

Why not?
Prayer of Healing is up to 2d8+spellmod to 6 creatures.

>> No.56349643

The spirit can be moved through other people's spaces - everyone does not have to take turns walking through it.

>> No.56349646


>> No.56349648

It's more effective to make a disgaea-style creature stack and have the entire party walk through its radius on each individual member's turn. Why have 10d6 healing per person when you can have 10d6 healing per person squared?

>> No.56349653

>why didn't they do it to Evokers as well
We've been over this so many times. WotC hates sorcerers and has a massive raging eternal boner for wizards.

>> No.56349657

Does using the Second Wind optional rule detract from anybody wanting to use a character class who would otherwise be the party's primary source of healing?

>> No.56349659

Prayer of Healing has casting time 10 minutes.
This has casting time one Bonus action.

Prayer of Healing heals everyone 2d8+mod.
This can heal everyone up 10d6.

How is that not broken?

>> No.56349660

10 minutes to cast it tho

>> No.56349668


>> No.56349670

Finally! We have NAMES!

>> No.56349671

Tomb is kinda like Out of The Abyss, if you liked that one.

>> No.56349684

>Does using the Second Wind optional rule detract from anybody wanting to use a character class who would otherwise be the party's primary source of healing?
No because people run out of hit die quickly with that rule.

>> No.56349694

He said out of combat so idk why that matters

>> No.56349696

My games always seem to end around level 3. I think i'm cursed or something.

>> No.56349708

Travelling with a cobbler is the new meta. 6 extra miles a day is huge.

>> No.56349730

Because the DM quits or the players stop showing up? Or both?

>> No.56349733

this is true

>> No.56349738

Start the game at 4th level, guaranteed the curse will be broken.

Because you'll end the game at 4th level instead.

>> No.56349739

Kim Mohan should be fired

>> No.56349804

Players stop showing. I hate this D&D fad. Playing RPG is "cool" now so everyone wants to get in, but most of the normies don't actually stay.

>> No.56349818

>Gloom Stalker
>gets Rope Trick
>doesn't have any class features that recover on short rests

>> No.56349828 [SPOILER] 

>Started at 2nd level
>Play for 6 months
>Level to 3rd after the session ends
>But it was one player's last session before he won't be around to play for 3 months
>But we have a new player joining next session and we all agreed we'll carry on with the other guy's character doing his own thing temporarily

>> No.56349844


>stuck at level two for six months

What a fucking shitbag DM.

>> No.56349859

it took you six MONTHS to reach level three? Do you guys play only twice a year?

>> No.56349864

these notes from xanathar are goddamned dumb. Why couldn't they just write this like a regular splatbook without trying to staple some lame personality into it to be our guide?

But beyond that the persona they're writing here is so goddamned forced and unfunny. its like a forced meme on every page,

>> No.56349866

It's two things: The DM has to be good enough to hook a player's attention and make them want to show up again.

But it's also what I regard as a long-time flaw of D&D in that it will hypothetically take a couple real-life years to make it from level 1 to 20. There is in no way in Hell this will happen in this day and age, because life just gets in the way.

So whenever I DM, I have characters advance at a much faster pace. The way I figure it, even if I were handing the players 1 level on a silver platter every week they showed up, that's still about 5 months of game time. That's about as long as you can ever expect a solid group of players to show up for.

>> No.56349882

I'm in a 3.5 game that has been going on for 6 years.
I am the highest level person in the party, and I'm level 7.
Everyone else except one other guy has died/changed characters and reset to level 1 each time.

>> No.56349896

Is there a speel similar to charm person, but "better". Like one that grants more control and has a longer duration

Need it for a plot, where a non magician relies on smuggled spell scrolls to maintain the favor of the local authorities

>> No.56349900

there is no part of that post that I don't despise.

>> No.56349908

Beholders are psychic manifestations and don't have souls or an afterlife. They're also self-centered narcissists like most gaytheists! That's the joke.

>> No.56349913

Yeah see, that's why you don't do that.

>> No.56349917

Suggestion. Mass suggestion. Geas.

>> No.56349919

My only issues with Volo's are that the Kobolds are trash and most of the "monster" PC races it adds are just Demihumans. Call me when we can play as a Heteromorph.

>> No.56349921

yes. read the book to find out what spell it is.

>> No.56349929

He ripped the special cover the absolute madman.

>> No.56349936

Yeah it's pretty cancer!
One of our guys was playing an elf rogue/ranger that died. So he made another elf rogue/ranger. That one died. Guess what he's playing right now?
I fucking hate 3.5.

>> No.56349938

Yeah... It's pretty bad, I agree. It's bad enough to notice how unintelligent it is... Ugh.

>> No.56349942

If you hate fun, why are you here?

>> No.56349945

Casting time is just iceberg tip, more important thing is it can easily heal more than twice HP (in tenth time). It also scales incredibly well.

>> No.56349950

At least he's not playing a rogue/barbarian/duskblade/insert faggotry

>> No.56349956

Dominate Person? Suggestion? Geas?

>> No.56349959

Be a good rangie and prep the Fighter bull.

>> No.56349961

I guarantee he would if the game weren't core only ;)

>> No.56349962

The old school D&D mentality, ladies and gentlemen.

What surprises me more is it's never occurred to anybody else in the group to DM and try to run things a bit differently.

>> No.56349966

This actually doesn't make sense i mean Xanathar is a high level badass beholder so he probably should be less ignorant about this stuff.

>> No.56349970

Some are entertaining, the Bat Angel was cute. Most are kinda dumb. Too be fair though I'm pretty sure that's what beholders are generally like to some degree. Xanather's just a Beholder with a diary apparently.

>> No.56349971

Once a week, but for the first 3 or 4 months we were only playing like once a month because our 4th and 5th players were flaking pretty frequently.
Eventually we convinced the DM to just carry on with the 3 of us and it's been a blast ever since.

Plus nothing was really happening in the campaign for a long time. We collectively had this AMAZING idea of starting the party split up and we would form the party naturally through play rather than all starting together. It was really fun but it did take way longer than we intended.

It does make 3rd level incredibly exciting though.
>A class feature, an archetype feature, an extra spell slot AND another spell known?!?!?

I don't really mind leveling slowly, but 6 months IS pushing it, even for me. We're all hoping it will speed up going forward.

>mfw I had to turn my character into pic related to propel the campaign in any kind of direction
I did not desire for this to happen, but alas it is the role fate has cast for me.

>> No.56349983

I wouldn't mind notes like these if they weren't painfully unfunny. You can tell how hard they were trying, which makes them missing the mark so badly that much more jarring.

>> No.56349990


>> No.56349992

I mean, i like the idea, but i always though he is smart guy, not some insane weirdo. But i know a little about DnD lore, so i may be wrong. Still weird, though.

>> No.56349998

What seems to be better now, Chromatic Orb or Dragon's Breath?

>> No.56350010

The DM is a good DM, he's just WAY too lenient on the sandbox thing. He has a really good and dynamic world, it's just that he relies on the players to pursue their own objectives and doesn't throw prompts at us. That would be fine... if most of our party weren't TERRIBLE PLAYERS who can't/won't make decisions or that if they do make decisions it's them fixating on something unimportant and stupid like "I MUST ACQUIRE A NORMAL ELVEN THINBLADE EVEN IF I MUST TREK ACROSS THE ENTIRE CONTINENT TO ACQUIRE IT!".

>> No.56350027

I get the feeling they were supposed to be making this beholder this terrifyingly powerful villainous saturday morning cartoon guy but after reading this I can't see him as anything more than a shut-in NEET beholder who's scared of arrows and his own shadow and talks a big game but probably can't do half the shit he threatens to do if that.

he really loves that fish though.

It's not fun if its blatant and forced anon.

>> No.56350028


>> No.56350029

That's some outfit there.

>> No.56350036

I know this is dumb question, but i need someone to make sure i am not missing something.

>"A spell cast with a bonus action is especially swift. You must use a bonus action on your turn to cast the spell, provided that you haven’t already taken a bonus action this turn. You can’t cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time o f 1 action."

That just basically means you can't cast spells for slot as both Action and Bonus Action, but you can cast spell and cantrip (in any combination) or two spells provided you somehow get another regular action (most likely Action Surge). Right?

>> No.56350049

Thanks. I guess suggestion or a watered down dominate person would be the best suited

>> No.56350051

>I get the feeling they were supposed to be making this beholder this terrifyingly powerful villainous saturday morning cartoon guy
That's literally what he is.

>> No.56350056

Dragon's Breath, less damage types sure but holy shit it's basically casting a 2nd level Burning Hands every round. Good against hordes. Also works well with Twinned Spell.

>> No.56350064

Neither? They aren't in direct competition in any way. Different schools, different levels, one's aoe and a save spell, the other is single-target and a ranged attack. There isn't even much point in comparing them.

>> No.56350080

For Sorcerers there's a comparison. They only have so many spells known and they both fill the "Generic spell that can mix up damage types".

>> No.56350084

4+con hitpoints

>> No.56350087

Correct, you cannot have more than 1 bonus action in a round, and you cannot substitute your action for a bonus action, which is stupid because bonus actions are almost invariably weaker or less powerful than actions anyway, but faster, so it stands to reason that if you have time to do an action and a bonus action, you probably have time to do two bonus actions.

It also means you can use cantrips, but NOT(!) bonus action cantrips.

It's stupid, and utterly illogical.

>> No.56350090

>Cast on Pidgeon
>Pidgeon flies 15 feet in air, away from most melee attacks

>> No.56350092

No, look, dude, I'm sorry: Your DM *IS NOT* a good DM because you've demonstrated he is inflexible in how he runs the game.

Don't get me wrong: I understand I don't know the guy and he could be a real sweetheart in personality, can do all the accents like a professional improv actor, sets all the encounters just right to make a challenge, comes up with creative stuff on the fly, etc. etc. etc.

But dude, repeat this to yourself until it sinks in: SIX YEARS. LEVEL SEVEN.

Here let me attack it from another angle: The reason computer RPGs and MMORPGs have rose to prominence is because you hit the "cap" or can finish them in only a few weeks. That's faster gratification, and I know we like to bitch about millennials all the time but I don't think it's too much to ask for more than ABOUT ONE LEVEL PER YEAR.

I understand the rest of your players are idiots but your DM should've adapted to that and been able to plan for a way to make their shenanigans into something more palatable - after all, he's got six or more years of experience. Not to mention, make the adventures more rewarding in spite of all that shit.

I'm sorry, your DM might be a great guy to have a beer with, and an absolute blast to talk with, and will never let you down when you need help or a ride from the airport. But not being able to step back and recognize that in 6 years his campaign is going in circles means he's mediocre at best.

Believe me, there is better than him out there.

>> No.56350103

this + life cleric

>> No.56350108

>Once a week, but for the first 3 or 4 months we were only playing like once a month because our 4th and 5th players were flaking pretty frequently.
>Eventually we convinced the DM to just carry on with the 3 of us and it's been a blast ever since.
>Plus nothing was really happening in the campaign for a long time. We collectively had this AMAZING idea of starting the party split up and we would form the party naturally through play rather than all starting together. It was really fun but it did take way longer than we intended.
You can get from level one to level three by the end of the first session.

>> No.56350109

If the campaign was shit they wouldn't be playing for six years straight. Maybe they feel like they are actually achieving something with the slow progression.

>> No.56350115

Finding a good DM is so fucking difficult. They know they're relatively rare, and they know they can get away with just using players to write their novels and jerk off. If you don't have an established group of friends to play with with at least one person able to handle the job, you might as well save yourself the trouble.

>> No.56350123

Eh, to each their own. I will admit that much.

But I get the feeling that they're not showing up for the game itself.

>Maybe they feel like they are actually achieving something with the slow progression.
To include going back to level 1 on character death? I have a hard time buying that.

>> No.56350140

Honestly you have to luck into it.

>> No.56350141

Is a Divine Patron Warlock just Gandalf?

>> No.56350148

For a sorcerer and their limited spell slots I'd actually say Chromatic Orb is better. It's lower level so they get it earlier, it's better damage and scales better, and reflex saves are super common so it being a ranged attack is generally going to be superior. It's not aoe, but cones are hard to deal with especially since a sorc isn't going to have a familiar to abuse it with unless he took magic initiate. 90ft trumps 15ft cone especially if you don't want to be frying your martials. Dragon's breath is cool, but it takes concentration, so I'd much rather be twinning things that are actually useful. You aren't just comparing dragon's breath's usefulness against chromatic orb's, you're comparing dragon's breath's relative usefulness compared to the sorcerer's 2nd level spell list to chromatic orb's relative usefulness compared to the sorcerer's 1st level spell list.

>> No.56350149

I mean, you could get from level one to level twenty by the end of the first session if that's the type of campaign you want to run. Also:
>leveling in the middle of a session
not for me, personally. I come to the session to play, I can pick spells and archetypes on my own downtime.

Being at 2nd level didn't make the sessions boring, but we are happy to have some shiny new toys to play with.

>> No.56350150

Maybe instant gratification actually makes people uninterested in stuff. I've seen a lot of groups where the DM handles out stuff like candy and they quickly come apart.

>> No.56350156

>It also means you can use cantrips, but NOT(!) bonus action cantrips.
You lost me here a bit.

You mean i cannot cast two Bonus Action cantrips, because i have only one Bonus Action ever, whereas i might occasionally get another Action. Right?

>> No.56350158

>he is inflexible in how he runs the game
He is infinitely flexible - that's the problem. We have 4 party members that just suck both mechanically and at roleplay. They keep making absolutely retarded decisions and dying, which resets them to new characters at level 1, which means the DM can't throw encounters at us that aren't trivial or absolutely deadly for half the party such that they can't engage.

I'll also mention that the game happens with a frequency of about once every two-three months.

I have a whole bunch of complaints, but our DM is actually very good at a whole lot of things that I appreciate. To fix the problems, he'd have to outright tell people they have to stop doing absolutely stupid things to get themselves killed (four character deaths were literally from characters wandering off completely alone into the wilderness without telling anyone they were even going anywhere and eventually running into something that could and would kill them).

>> No.56350166

Nah, Gandalf was useful.

>> No.56350168

Leveling slow is okay as long as the players hit 3rd level quick.

You are literally not your class pre-3rd level. You are a walking autoattack, a walking cantrip.

>> No.56350170

For the sake of argument, I'll roll with that.

I would bet you that I've seen a lot more groups move on to another activity after a month of being stuck at level 1, though.

>> No.56350178

This but 5th level. After that take it nice and slow.

Ideally it's level once per session from 1-3, then once per two 3-5.

>> No.56350181

LOLOL the procreation thing so funny goddamn I slap myself on the knee he's a beholder and he doesn't know what sex is isn't that hilarious guys I'm fucking dying from laughter right now over this completely funny reoccurring joke about not knowing the dick goes in the vag. like how can you not know that dude your a beholder and mortals fucking shouldn't be a mystery to you but it is!

LOL then he finishes with the old "made you look" trick! THIS IS FUNNY WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING?

>> No.56350185

Level 5 Storm Sorcerer, Lightning Bolt or Thunder Step?

100ft. line of 8d6 damage with a DEX save, or 3d10 damage within 10ft. of me with a CON save and a great Teleport for me and an ally?

>> No.56350193

If you cast a bonus action spell with a slot, you can cast a cantrip with your action, because that's the specific exception.

If you cast a bonus action cantrip, your main action that turn cannot be a spell, because the exception is only valid for cantrips with a 1 action casting time, not cantrips with a 1-bonus-action casting time. Bonus action spells, even bonus action cantrips, also lock you out of casting Counterspell/Shield/etc that have 1 reaction casting times. 1 action spells WILL allow you to use 1 reaction spells, though.

It's very arbitrary.

>> No.56350197

>You are literally not your class pre-3rd level. You are a walking autoattack, a walking cantrip.
If you're a warlock, that's all you are for the entire game.

>> No.56350202

Leave him alone

>> No.56350204

Oh, i see it now. Thanks!

>> No.56350205

>I'll also mention that the game happens with a frequency of about once every two-three months.

Well, shit, why didn't you mention that in the first place?

Still, having to restart at level 1 after a charcter dies is still a VERY questionable practice. I know it used to be the typical thing to do back in the day, but there's a reason why most DMs I know will let players rolling up a new character in an ongoing campaign to start at a higher level than 1.

It's that one little detail that just sticks in my craw and I can't believe it's never occurred to your DM that maybe he ought to change that. Or that anybody in your group (*YOU* IN PARTICULAR) has thought to bring that up with him. Even while the DMG has rules just for starting out at a level higher than one.

>> No.56350220

It's because humor appeals to non-autists.

>> No.56350224

Yes. The wording specifically says that you cannot cast another spell, but you can cast a cantrip. BUT it has to be a cantrip that takes an action to cast, not a bonus action to cast, because you can't have 2 bonus actions and you already used one casting your bonus action spell.

So you can cast:
>Bonus Action spell & Action cantrip
but you can't cast:
>Bonus Action spell & Bonus Action cantrip

The rules are pretty stupid and go against how actions, bonus actions and reactions work in every other aspect of the game. All because they couldn't be arsed balancing their spells.

>> No.56350230

>Still, having to restart at level 1 after a charcter dies is still a VERY questionable practice
Yeah it has annoyed me. I realize he's trying to encourage people not not be fucking morons, but these people are morons no matter what their level is.

The last character that swapped he started at level 3. I think he's just getting sick of it.

>> No.56350233

All the facebook tier normieposting that xanathar does is really putting a damper on my scamper.
Also his usage of modern speech patterns and colloquialisms shatters my immersion like nothing else.

>> No.56350234

>Stop having fun!

>> No.56350248

It's a ploy to make Xanathar literally the most hated Beholder in existence. So that when it's announced he's an NPC villain to slay in an upcoming official expansion, that book is going to fly off the shelves and it will literally be the only adventure GM'd for years to come.

>> No.56350251

At the risk of sounding like a Frenchman...

Is it actually humor?

>> No.56350260

That is....actually a pretty good idea.

>> No.56350266

You only speak shakesperian english in your games?

>> No.56350267

Well good. That's a step in the right direction. Took him only 6 years to figure it out.

Anyway, hope things turn out better going forward.

>> No.56350271

Even asking that means you don't know what humor is.

>> No.56350272

Let us talk about leveling up for a second here. There are 2 methods I think are the generally used ones. Exp and Milestone XP. Exp is normally just something you gain from monsters when you kill them, but some DMs like to give it if the "encounter" is completed, so if you avoid it, that counts, if you trick them or in other ways "win" you still get the exp. Some DMs also like to give Exp if a player does something particularly impressive, something akin to what might've given inspiration. Some DMs disregard the Exp amounts listed in the books and only give what they think is appropriate.

On the other hand is Milestone exp. You gain levels at set intervals when the DM thinks you've hit a milestone worth a level. It can be defeating a boss, overcoming a story event, finding the big ass treasure or the Macguffin or whatever. Sometimes, several smaller events stack together to add enough value for a milestone. Some DMs like to hide Milestone levels behind certain events and if the player reaches those, they just gain a level without taking other things into consideration, others like to give it when they feel the party has achived enough or that its a fitting time.

Besides this, there is also the question of how long inbetween levels should there be? Depending on your chosen method, it might be less in your controll because players might know about what amount of exp a certain amount of monsters should give them. What do you prefer? I guess you could even give levels based on how many sessions have been played, but what do you think is best? Slow leveling or faster? How many sessions should add up to certain levels? I guess both methods have the amount of sessions it should take in relative common.

TL;DR What is the best system to gain levels and what pace should it come at? How does your group do it and how do you think is best/wish it was?

>> No.56350273

I half expect him to pull a "*notices bulge* OwO what's this?" in one of these quips.

>> No.56350277

What is Common supposed to sound like, a medieval dialect of whatever language the books are being published in? Why would that make any more sense than it being modern? There's magic in this world, that would throw the alignment of its various progressions in culture out of whack with ours.

>> No.56350278

>I mean, you could get from level one to level twenty by the end of the first session if that's the type of campaign you want to run.
yeah, but in this case, it's only 900 experience. Even if your DM is extra faggy and ONLY rewards XP for monster kills, it should only take 3-4 fights to hit level two, and 3-5 more after that. You had to average less than a fight a session to take that long under those circumstances.

>> No.56350282

>Danse Macarbe
>Threads of dark power leap from your fingers to pierce up to five Small or Medium corpses you can see within range.

>> No.56350286

I'm all about having fun, dude. It's just glacial progression is not a whole lot of people's idea of fun.

If he told me that literally everybody in the group was having fun at such a brutal way of running things, all well and good. But I can tell they aren't, if they only play like once every 2 or 3 months. Probably to humor the DM.

>> No.56350292

Do you not?

>> No.56350298

>Bonus action spells, even bonus action cantrips, also lock you out of casting Counterspell/Shield/etc that have 1 reaction casting times.
Only during your exact turn, though, right? If i trigger readied spell i can't counter it, or shield myself from Opportunity Attack i provoked by moving, but not later in round believe. Am i wrong?

>> No.56350307

The details about tool proficiency in XGtE has got me so hyped. They're like specialized cantrips on par with prestidigitation or thaumaturgy. It's officially become better to take a proficiency than a language with your background.

>> No.56350321

Geez i don't know, maybe it could be because of their busy schedules or something...

>> No.56350323

Yeah it only applies during your own turn. But, for example, if you used a bonus action spell and an enemy archer had readied an action to shoot you if you tried to cast something, you wouldn't be able to shield yourself. But you could still counterspell the enemy caster during his turn that same round.

>> No.56350324

It won't. I'm a druid and know what I'm doing, we have a cleric who knows what he's doing at the same level, and the rest of our party consists of two rogue/rangers who both don't know what they're doing, two MONKS (MONKS) who wouldn't be useful even if they were tactical and roleplay geniuses (they're not), and a level 5 bard who sings.
The entire game is basically "The Cleric, the Druid, and the Druid's buffed summons VS The World (with background music!)"

>> No.56350331

What does this mean for Artificers? Because they've been absolutely ruined in 5e so far.

>> No.56350332

I think milestone is generally more fun.

>> No.56350342

>I realize he's trying to encourage people not not be fucking morons, but these people are morons no matter what their level is.
I can understand the intent, but at the same time being a moron can have much more severe consequences when you're only level 1, compared to level 3, or 7.
Plus, personally, if I had rerolled two or three times in the space of a few sessions, I'd start to care less about what happens to my PCs.

>> No.56350351

Only if your DM actually gives out levels at an appropriate pace. Being stuck fighting goblins and kobolds using 1 or 2 class features for months gets quite old.

>> No.56350355

Milestones, because i dislike addition.

1 level per session until 3, then about 1 level per three sessions.
If you are not player with highest level, you get level after session.

>> No.56350356

>You had to average less than a fight a session to take that long under those circumstances.
I don't want to tell you how many combat encounters we've had in this campaign because i'm afraid if I do something terrible will happen.

My group uses milestone. It can work pretty well but things can get frustrating if the players feel like it's "the right time" for a levelup but the DM doesn't think so. It takes some negotiating but you can work it out.

>Time between levels
Depends on the campaign. Low-power campaign? Start low and level slowly. High-power hero's journey? Start low and level quickly.
You can also base it on how long you expect the campaign to go for. If you intend to play for 12 months but reach epic-tier 6 months in you may start to run into problems. Or you might not, I don't know.

>> No.56350364

I play a 5e Artificer. How've they been ruined?

>> No.56350369

>Plus, personally, if I had rerolled two or three times in the space of a few sessions, I'd start to care less about what happens to my PCs
I would charitably believe of you that you wouldn't be doing the things they have done.

>> No.56350370


It's probably entirely to hide in the pocket dimension and pop out to ambush people.

>> No.56350376

We use EXP, but not for killing creatures. Just for accomplishing tasks, clearing dungeons and finishing quests. So it's basically Milestone but we know roughly how long to the next level.

>> No.56350379

What don't you like about artificer?

>> No.56350384

So I've decided I want to try my hand at DMing for /5eg/. The question is, what kind of campaign to run? I have a hard copy of ToA that I haven't cracked open yet that I'm not opposed to running as the DM. I was also thinking of running the game west marches style to accommodate more people and also so I don't have to get to know some you fucks too well. Thoughts?

>> No.56350393

So all adamantine weapons do is hit inanimate objects critically and that costs 500 gp extra?

Why bother? I mean I can see usage as a siege weapon. imagine a battering ram that can always hit the gate doors critically, but outside that do you really need object destruction that can't be handled by a normal version of the weapon?

>> No.56350399

Artificers on the weak side but mechanically solid as most classes. Alchemist could use an attack roll option and the level 6 should be scrapped, make them a half-caster and add more item choice for their free magic items. Other then that they're fun.

>> No.56350400

CoS is the best adventure released so far. OotA is probably the second best if you run it right.

>> No.56350401

Oh, uh, I was just kind of parroting what I've heard here, apparently they're weak as fuck and have no real purpose? I was discouraged from playing one, I wanted to be a fantasy mad scientist but there apparently isn't much actual mad science you can do with the class, and you have no combat function. Was I misinformed?

>> No.56350404

>What is Common supposed to sound like
Latin or Greek.

>> No.56350409

This is set up to be a disaster. What is your time zone?

>> No.56350411


>> No.56350414

>Chargen with normies
>I'll tell you the options, you pick what sounds cool.
>Chargen done in 1,5 hours for 7 people with one PHB

>Chargen with nerds
>have to read understand and carefully weigh every option before picking.
>Chargen done in 3 hours for 3 people with 3 PHBs

>> No.56350415

It's invaluable for picks and other mining tools. But other than tools and siege/demolition equipment it's very lackluster.

>> No.56350428

They can attune to extra magic items, get magic items for free as they level, have good utility, have a mechanical companion that can be super-busted for many levels after you get it, and can function similarly in combat to a rogue with the gun archetype.

>> No.56350431

I'm well aware. I'm half interested in seeing how fast this turns into a dumpster fire. I'm in CST/-6:00 GMT

>> No.56350437

how is that surprizing

>> No.56350442

Huh, interesting. I remember reading that any mechanical companion that isn't an owl or something is useless after a short amount of time.

>> No.56350444


>no combat function

the alchemist's flasks are like really shitty spells. The Gunsmith's gun is like a rogue with a shortbow that gets sneak attack on every hit no matter what. Gunsmith's damage is fine but you don't get to do much besides shoot shit

>> No.56350448

So there's a binding mark that makes one of the warlock's eyes look their hers or his patron. What would this look like for a warlock with the Hexblade patron? Would it appear as part of the weapon or the eye of the entity that works through the weapon?

>> No.56350450

They aren't mad scientist and if you want that then go play a different game. In combat Gunsmith is equal to a Rogue in nearly every way and Alchemist has plenty of at-will control and AoE attacks, just they suck against bosses.

The real issue is their spellcasting's bland and boring when they should be Half-Casters. Also the mechanical companion is really weird and should just be replaced with Find Familiar and Create Honunculus.

>> No.56350461

Yes and no.

I get away with a lot of mad scientist shenanigans, but only because I have an awesome DM who will accept the excuse "because I'm an artificer" - within reason, of course.

That said, they do get some cool bonuses to tool proficiencies you can dick with and such - again, provided how permissive your DM is, and how often you could actually use tool proficiencies during your campaign.

As for combat, he contributes a steady although admittedly unimpressive amount of damage, or acts as a buff-bot. I'm cool with that.

>> No.56350468

>the eye of the entity that works through the weapon?
This, since the flavor of Hexblade actually reads more like Shadowfell patron that may or may not take the form of a weapon

>> No.56350475

BS. A construct with the polar bear stat block is not useless.

>> No.56350476

A number of monsters have resistance overcome by adamantine. Also, constructs are objects?

>> No.56350482

pretty much this
also that is a painful spell list, I know it isn't made for combat but fuck, nothing besides the gun and the companion ARE made for combat.

>> No.56350498

Their features are just kind of lackluster. Every level advancement is "you do the same thing, but more". More attunement, more damage dice etc. The mechanical companion also feels really out of place for an alchemist.

>> No.56350511

>Also the mechanical companion is really weird and should just be replaced with Find Familiar and Create Honunculus.
I could see this. Add Find Familiar as one of their free rituals except it makes a Construct that has some minor scaling for utility and shit.

>> No.56350517

I can dig the Westmarches idea. We could set up a Discord channel.

>> No.56350535

I've always fluffed the construct as a variant flesh golem

>> No.56350552

If you're going to do it, do it west marches style, because running a continuing narrative across multiple sessions is going to be impossible when your play group changes every session.

>> No.56350554

I've got a pretty cool level 3 Battlemaster going sword-and-board. Since I already have Shield Mastery, are there any other feats I really need or should I start pumping my ASIs at level 4?

>> No.56350565

It just amazes me, they took double the time despite behing able to read everything themselves and two experienced dnd players answering the questions of two people. In the other group I was the only one to have played dnd before and answered the questions of seven and had to tell them their features sequentially because I only had one PHB.

>> No.56350576

Guys how do you make hand crossbows cool? I mean it looks boring when you shoot it...

>> No.56350588

I've never played with anyone who has ever actually used this thing.

>> No.56350594

It depends on what the party's goals are.

The party wants to loot shit? Gold=EXP
The party wants to exterminate monsters? Monsters=EXP
The party doesn't have a clear goal / wants quests / most other things? Milestones.
The party wants to steal artwork? Stolen Artwork=EXP.
Milestones are generally the best to go for if you're not sure. You can't fuck them up, but they don't work as well as if the party had a dedicated goal and you could reward the party for achieving that goal.

You get the idea.
As for the rate of levelling up, I would say that a more roleplay-heavy game would prefer slower levelling up whereas a heavily combat-focused game should level up faster. This occurs somewhat naturally with monsters=EXP I guess.

>> No.56350597

That's definitely why I thought of it for sure, but initially I figured there's actually not that many people in the thread who would want to play so I'd just go first come first serve and run a pre-made module.

Will probably end up doing that, but I'd rather not jump the gun on that before it's necessary since discord channels can go to shit real fast

>> No.56350623

Carry a whole bandolier full of them like pirates of old did with pistols. When you fire one, drop it on the ground and draw the next one. Hire a lackey to pick them up, reload them, and give them back to you. Be prepared to hire additional lackeys as your crossbow-monkeys inevitably get murdered.

>> No.56350636

Strength is an important stat. Max it then consider other things.

>> No.56350642

You want athletics/strength high for shield bashing, when I play with a shield I tend to pick Sentinel as well.

>> No.56350672

Its funny, that it happens to be the best-ranged weapon due to crossbow expert and sharpshooter. Yet I can only think of it looking cool with crossbow expert + dual wielding, which mechanically does not work.

>> No.56350677

If you want to fulfill the role of 'being the one taking the hits' then sentinel should help since otherwise there's not much to stop enemies walking past you other than a weak attack. It also sometimes might provide reaction attacks.

You might as well grab strength though for now unless anything takes your fancy, you don't really need as many feats as more optimized builds.

>> No.56350684

>Carry a whole bandolier full of them like pirates of old did with pistols. When you fire one, drop it on the ground and draw the next one. Hire a lackey to pick them up, reload them, and give them back to you. Be prepared to hire additional lackeys as your crossbow-monkeys inevitably get murdered.

That seems silly not cool.

>> No.56350685

How mandatory are these adventure modules and how hard is it just to run my own campaign?

>> No.56350689

Warlock Binding Mark:

>You display outward symptoms of disease but suffer no ill effects from it.

How can i make the Darkest Dungeon Leper?

>> No.56350690

>I mean it looks boring when you shoot it...

So your DM is actually insisting you load a hand crossbow IRL and fire it at something?

>> No.56350693

What is the party wants to kill monsters, but also get RP exp and hate milestone lvl'ing.

>> No.56350694

oh I guess it doesn't say inanimate.

so if you're going to bully a wizard for his loot bring an adamantine mace to destroy his golems.

>> No.56350697

Both are really good. Thunderstep is new so I say pick that first. But if you're always fighting in corridors/buildings maybe lightning bolt.

>> No.56350698

How else do you determine if the character hits the target? Rolling?

>> No.56350701

>new player in my sessions zero campaign played exceptionally well
>Played a paladin that stuck in character and wasn't annoying even when the rest of the chaotic selfish characters left him for dead
>Rewarding him for his job well done by making his character reincarnated by his god and giving him a young squire to follow him around

There's a few goals I want to accomplish with this dmpc

>Squire must mirror and imitate the paladin without ever showing him up
Rolled up his stats as a fighter at 80% of the potential points. Has a shortsword to the paladins long sword, a sling to the paladins crossbow and ring mail to the paladins scalemail. Has a healerkit with the healer feat to imitate the paladins heals, and will proceed into the home brew crusader to imitate a weaker form of smite

>Make him useful to the rest of the party as well
Giving him some important skills that the rest of the party didn't get like survival and history. Has the protection fighting style to cover the Squishies. Also acts as a pack mule and meatshield

>Make him feel more like a character than a dmpc
Randomized his ideas and flaws to act as a base for his personality.

Planning on playing him very passively . Stating his opinions as the party conscience, siding with the paladin on almost all accounts, staying in the background until told to do otherwise or to assist others .

Advice and stories with dmpc's?

>> No.56350714

Then monsters=EXP and you don't really need to reward RP, but you could give little bonuses and non-EXP bonuses and inspiration.

>> No.56350722

Agreed no one rolls dice anymore. They just shoot their DM with crossbows.

>> No.56350724

>reward player by giving him a DMPC
Yeah, that's not a reward for the player. If you want a reward for the player along these lines, give the player the benefit of the noble (knight) background, not an actual DMPC.

>> No.56350733

I'm sorry that a neverending stream of crossbow bolts perforating your enemies displeases you, anon.

>> No.56350752

>how hard is it just to run my own campaign
Not very if you understand story structure, character, encounter design, terrain design, and the overall rules in general enough to provide structure to what you've pre-built and what your players may improvise.

>> No.56350764

But they want exp from RP'ing tho so that they could "spend a whole session just talking in a campfire."

>> No.56350769


Sentinel's handy for locking enemies down, which is useful for high-defense characters. However, it's not a big priority, you get a lot of benefit from boosting your STR, and you get a bunch of ASIs/feats as a Fighter anyway, so big rush to pick up a second feat.

>> No.56350783

I'm all for rewarding roleplay, but what the fuck is there to reward in that?

>> No.56350788


*no big rush

>> No.56350792

Was Xanathar's worth the hype, lads?

>> No.56350796

if you're a wizard player, yes.

>> No.56350797

For The entire session the player and the rest of the group talked about how he needed his own personal sidekick. He's also excited for it

>> No.56350799

That's just stupid that the party gains combat powers by talking around a campfire. Does everybody level up like that?

You can give the party benefits for doing that but it doesn't have to be strictly XP. It could help them earn XP.

>> No.56350811

Likewise, my DM counterattacks us with baseball bats, kitchen knives and molotov cocktails to emulate weapon, animal, and magical attacks.

Then when the police shows up he declares them an NPC horde we have to neutralize somehow. I still think riot shields and stinking cloud (or riot gas, as the cops call it) are OP.

>> No.56350812

those poor innocent souls, so unaware of the horror you're going to inflict on them.

>> No.56350813

Spells are nice even if they suck wizards' dicks.
Feats are nice.
Tool shit is nice.
Many archetypes are nice.
Traps are nice.
It's a nice book even if I hate wizards.

>> No.56350826

Storm Sorcerer specifically, Thunder Step. Less damage but every target will also trigger your AoE of Half-Sorcerer level damage. Plus before casting you can use your ability to fly 10ft. next to an ally, decimate everyone around you and then teleport you and the ally to safety.

>> No.56350830


It's got some cool options, but it's also got some nerfs I was kind of sad to see. The wizard options seem kind of silly, though-they could probably do with a second review.

>> No.56350832

Honestly the best thing about the whole book is the expanded uses and benefits of tool proficiencies.

Hexblades are nice, too. I think they went a tad overboard on new spells for wizards, though.

>> No.56350833


If you play as a Kobold you deserve to be forcibly relocated to a gulag.

>> No.56350834

It was worth more than I gave it
I gave it
'This is a piece of shit'
and it turned out to be
'This has some okay parts and the rest is utter shit'

>> No.56350860

Then save them and explain to me my follies. Otherwise I'll just call you on your shit posting and continue my "mistakes"

>> No.56350864

I tend to make DMPC's extremly servile. They willl only act upon request of the PCs.
2 good examples in games I DM'd:

>Orc slave that owes his life to the party and acts as the mule. Avoids fighting because that one time they ordered him some loot he carried got stolen. Carries anything the players tell him too (threw the halfling on demand a couple of times too)

>Rogue stalker, Intern for a thieves guild that just follows them around for training. players need to roll perception to find her before asking her to open a locked door or check for traps. But she charges for it. (a lot)

Passive is the way to go. Don't make him more powerful either on your own accord! You Paladin has to train him if he so chooses.

>> No.56350879

So I'm planning to play le good necromancer soon and have a question. What would be an appropriate ability to substitute for the level 6?

Plan to pitch it to my DM that I'm mostly going to be using spells like Negative Energy Flood, Vampiric Touch, Cause Fear, Enervation, Soul Cage and etc. So I'll hopefully never actually use Animate Dead because that's not really my thing.

All the other Necromancer abilities are great for what I want, but I don't know what to ask for instead of improved animate dead.

>> No.56350885

Make a repeating hand crossbow with a reload of 4.

>Repeating Hand Crossbow
>1d6 piercing damage
>Ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading, Reload (4 Shots)

250 GP sound reasonable?

>> No.56350890

My GM just let me use bows as monk weapons and lets ne flurry with bows.

Wat do?

>> No.56350906

Any other DEUS VULT fags in here super excited about Oath of Conquest? No concentration lock down and minor aoe seems soooooo good

>> No.56350912

Play a Kensai.

>> No.56350921

You now have sun soul monk for free
now play any archetype that isn't sun soul and play normally

Only go into melee if you need to distract enemies by dodging or if you need to stun an enemy

>> No.56350934

Uh, anon, Negative Energy Flood also raises undead.

>> No.56350936

>Not having the SWAT team break in and join you on your game.

Why even live?

>> No.56350960

Not really as it kind of sucks compared to the core 3 in the PHB. Honestly can go 'Deus Vult' with Oath of Crown. Honestly why would one even be spouting Latin in dnd?

>> No.56350976

Because they're all equipped with Magic Missiles. One or two mages with that cantrip is fine, but they always come in small armies. That auto-hit is bullshit, I tell you.

>> No.56350977

It's not really the issue with raising undead, so much as the idea of digging up a dead body to do rituals and raise a horde of undead seems inherently evil and hard to justify to my good aligned party with a Paladin, Ranger and Bard.

I still plan to use spells like Danse Macabre, NEF, Finger of Death and the Control Undead ability. Just not raising a horde of them to serve me for a week, only temporarily in the middle of combat. Sort of as a self-defense option rather then flat out preparing zombie armies for combat.

>> No.56351019

They really need to do something about how necromancers that are build around Animate Dead plunge the entire table into monotonous drudgery when they have to maintain and roll for all those skeletons.

>> No.56351022

Open Palm? Those free knockdowns on flurry sounds fun.

>> No.56351030

That with HexBladelock, greatsword, v human. Or Celestial, and go the religious route.

>> No.56351032

Sounds fun, actually. Remember a prone target is harder to hit at distance but you can try to prone them with your last attack anyway.
More importantly, shove enemies away as they attempt to approach.

>> No.56351043

We need to get magic missiles on these guys though they have all this magic gear that makes them immune to it.

Yeah, your right SWAT team is too OP, they need a nerf. Way too strong for a human.

>> No.56351057

technically this is the only way to dual wield them and keep firing

you still need the feat though or you'll only be able to draw one with your free action

>> No.56351063

Wait, I just realised that the extra HP and +Proficiency damage works for all undead I raise, not just Animate Dead. That makes the ability fine for me and Necromancers a lot better then I thought they were.

Also true, I'm happy that Create Undead and Danse Macabre are options for Necromancers so that they can make powerful smaller amounts of creatures rather then the horde bullshit. Personally I'm still waiting for the ability to raise stuff like Ghosts and Specters to help me. Then I can refluff that as my character ancestors who want to help.

>> No.56351081

So just raise your dead enemies.

>> No.56351094

I want my character to have a power-up transformation like Terra. She's an Archfey-pact warlock. Is there a way to do this?

>> No.56351105

Pure monk? Battlemaster fighter sounds hilarious if you put the crowd control manuevers like disarming. You could make them drop their weapon, knock them 15 feet and prone them, or maybe burn all your manuevers and a flurry for a possible 75 feet.

>> No.56351108

>tfw no Artificer in XGE

>> No.56351123

Make her as a Mutants and Masterminds character

>> No.56351132

>These new Wizard spells

I can feel the power and weight of magic

>> No.56351134

>tfw no mystic in XGE to make wizards REEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.56351146

Glamor Bard. Multiclass into Glamor Bard ASAP.

>> No.56351154

Not really worth multiclassing out of monk beyond, say, a level dip for fighter/monk which is only relevant at the low-mid levels anyway and becomes redundant later.

More monk levels for more ki, higher martial die to make bow stronger (Eventually a d8 and then d10) and most importantly more ki for more flurry of blows / stunning strike. And various features.
Thinking about it, battlemaster does sound sort of fun, especially with action surge being there too but I'd probably stick to straight monk.

>> No.56351190

It sounds a little two-trick pony though. Either focus fire on one guy or shoot three/four guys. Maybe Im just a little used to warlocks/bards and the width of shenenigans they can do.

>> No.56351199

Download this >>56348514 if you don't already have the book.

>> No.56351205

>guild artisan
>emphasized paying the 5g per month every month for the party to be aware of
>DM throws us us in jail because railroad
>only took our weapons
>call for a guild lawyer
>every NPC keeps refusing to get my lawyer
>yell the guild will hear about this
>cast sending to a guild representative
>ask for help
>DM pretends NPCs didn't hear it
>keep casting sending asking for the guild lawyer
>DM gets annoyed by my shit and just has the lawyer come by and says they settled out of court
>skipped the courtroom scene
>DM is angry
>party is happy and impressed
>DM made up an excuse for me getting kicked out of the guild

>> No.56351210

Well, universally better than PHB.

>> No.56351211

Im also playing an archfey warlock and actually contemplating on a bard multi. Is glamour more fun than lore?

>> No.56351224

Am I just imagining things or are many of the spells in XGE super strong?

>> No.56351235

Fighter 2 open palm monk rest is pretty funny once you get quivering palm since you can set it, activate it and then reapply in the same turn.

>> No.56351238

The staff at WOTC only wants people to play Wizards.

>> No.56351259

It got numerous transformation feature full of charm based magic and team buffs. At level 6 once per long rest you can transform and cast command infinitely as a bonus action for 1 minute or until your concentration drops.

I don't know if its as powerful as Lore Bard (They are really versatile), but it definitely can fit your flavor of a powered-up transformation and seems like a lot of fun.

But you should read it first.

>> No.56351260

XGE is back to the days where Wizards ruled.

>> No.56351282

Fuck casters, I'm going to run a game with only martials and homebrew them the spells as special abilities.
Battlemaster stomps the ground and creates a fortress, rogues stealing souls and hearts with soul cage and barbarians screaming so hard that heads start to explode.

>> No.56351290

>Being a full War Magic
>Not dipping War Magic as a martial for that juicy +2 AC and +4 to saves on reaction for the cost of not being able to use full spells, which you won't be needing anyway

What's the matter? Not Intelligent enough to multiclass?

>> No.56351293

They knew /tg/ was going to hate the book regardless, so they decided to fuck with you in every way possible.

>> No.56351300

>Fuck casters

So martial/casters are also banned? That fucking sucks.

>> No.56351314

Well that's why I am a fighter. Ain't got time to think, just to swing.

>> No.56351340

EK, AT and rangers are fine obviously. I just hate that the powerlevels of the game follow on the full casters' spell progression.
Hit level 17 and casters become demigods, the others can be their bodyguards if they want to stay relevant.

>> No.56351342

Thirsting Blade, 2 attacks are always better than 1.
Booming Blade will still be good at low levels and as a soft lockdown or high-damage AoO if you take Warcaster though (which you probably will as a melee warlock to keep Hex up or whatever other Concentration spell you like)

>> No.56351354

holy shit even the cantrips are broken as fuck.

"each creature you see", no upper limit, if you go to a town square where someone is giving a speech you could just kill everybody by looking out over the crowd and making all the commoners save or die.

>> No.56351369

>Within range

Good job.

>> No.56351375

I'm sure your players will love this, provided you can find any.

>> No.56351384

Who are within 5 feet of you when you.

It's less powerful than Sword Burst, because if you are blinded or someone is hiding from you while adjacent successfully it won't effect them.

>> No.56351390

>EK + War Wizard
>Arcane Deflection to save up on Shield Spells + Absorb Elements
>Increased Initiative
>Power Surge Booming Blade/Greenflame Blade, Magic Missile
>Durable Magic + Haste

I like this. I like it a lot. Abjuration's counterspell buff might be better still though.

>> No.56351393

Hey, my players are loyal as fuck. Only three canceled sessions in the past 12 months.

>> No.56351396

remind me again, do sorcerers still have that metamagic that lets them increase range? I mean range is such an easy thing to circumvent.

Also within range of what? me? the thing I'm looking at?

>> No.56351416

"pooled" HP can help bring martials up to caster levels in exchanges like this and help auto-inject flavor into strikes. say each mook has 6 HP and a PC hits for 15 or so damage; you can have the overkill damage on the original target get shunted off to another enemy (or enemies) near the original target.

>> No.56351420

is there away to update the spell viewer made by that anon's friend?

i tried to make new spell for xanthar's and it crashed

>> No.56351429

It's always based from you.

>> No.56351430

Of you. Reading the spell, you explode with divine light and everyone immediately next to you gets fucked

>> No.56351435

distant spell read the phb

>> No.56351443

5 feet to 10 feet is not worthy of a sorcery point.

>> No.56351468

I played a human battle master and decided not to take any feats, it was pretty good.

>> No.56351473

wants to build meme build to use cantrip to murder peasants instead of just getting to the point you can cast fire ball

a multiclass sorc cleric isnt worth it for that

>> No.56351480

I'm looking to DM for the first time. I've got a few experienced players interested, but I'd like to start with a module before attempting anything homebrew. Any recommendations?

>> No.56351483

So /tg/ What are you the top 3 most broken spells that have been added in your opinion

>> No.56351505

Tomb of Annihilation.

>> No.56351512

Doesn't reduce the time to don it, though, so they still couldn't wear plate.

>> No.56351513

spell sniper feat could also do it, also can't think of it but I think there's a magic item that does basically the same thing as the feat.

divine soul could do it. it can pick off the cleric spell list.

>> No.56351522

Lost Mine of Phandelver is a great place to start.

>> No.56351537

I wouldn't go with tomb as your first

Lost Mine is a great choice though.

>> No.56351539

Invulnerability, psychic scream, illusory dragon.

>> No.56351572

Evokers can only apply +Int to "one damage roll of the spell" (per errata) so I believe it does apply to them

>> No.56351602

Whatever, Rangers need nice things. Especially until Revised gets released.

>> No.56351606

Is a build centered around disguises, traps, trickery, sneaking, and little gadgets better off going Bard or Rogue? I'd prefer not to multiclass if I don't have to.

>> No.56351633

personally i'd go with something with more surrounding side quests. as much as I had with LMoP, it really does have enough to support roaming players.

>> No.56351650

I'm too dumb to understand how handcrossbow works with Crossbow expert.
Do I still need to reload and use an action to reload? Or do I ignore reloading and handcrossbow practically becomes a bow? Or does this just mean I get an extra attack with a loaded handcrossbow with a bonus action?

>> No.56351653

College of Whisper's Bard was built for this. Minus the whole gadget thing unless you get tinker's tools. Get stealth proficiency and expertise in it as well. Get disguise self.

>> No.56351662

The bard is objectively better at most of those except maybe traps and little gadgets, in which case you want a thief rogue.

>> No.56351673

Are you ok, anon?

>> No.56351675

Oh, damn, you're right, I hadn't finished Xanthar's and was thinking Lore college.

>> No.56351705

Personally I would go warlock since they have that witch sight and disguise self invocations.

>> No.56351711

How do people feel about the Arcane Archer in Xanathars as opposed to Revise UA?

>> No.56351732


As I understand it, reloading becomes an automatic part of any attack you make with a crossbow, so you effectively ignore reloading-additionally, you can make an extra attack with a hand crossbow with your Bonus Action, even if you used the hand crossbow to attack (because you automatically reload as part of the attack).

>> No.56351738

I was considering this, too. I'll give it some serious thought.

>> No.56351751

Hated the 2 use limit in UA, still hate it in XGTE.

>> No.56351759


>> No.56351765

Crossbows lose the loading property, which enables them to make multiple attacks a turn again, but they keep the ammunition property, which means you have to have a hand free to reload them. Reloading them doesn't take an action or anything, it's just part of your normal attack, provided you have a free hand.

>> No.56351782

Agreed. Considering using Int Mod = uses and maybe regain 1 use after crit and/or killshot. Not sure about the changes to Magic Arrow either.

>> No.56351800


>> No.56351813

The loading property on all crossbows makes it so even if you had extra attack there is no possible way for you to attack with it more than 1 time per turn. Crossbow expert removes that restriction, so now all crossbows you are proficient in can be used with extra attack.

It also allows you to use ranged weapons in melee. So have fun being John Wick with a hand crossbow. On top of that yes you do get to make a bonus action attack with a hand crossbow if you attack with a one-handed weapon (like a hand crossbow).

You still need a free hand to reload any crossbow regardless if you have this feat.

>> No.56351816

The only thing that has rustled my jimmies is the Watery Sphere nerf.

>> No.56351827

curse of strahd

>> No.56351831


>> No.56351837


Watery Sphere wasn't all that good to begin with, how did they nerf it?

>> No.56351843

Yeah, that's why Power Surge, Empowered Evocation, and Stone Edge are really good with it.

>> No.56351847


>> No.56351856

>Watery Sphere wasn't all that good to begin with
nigger are you high

>> No.56351867

Exactly. It was a fun, average spell.
10ft radius is now 5ft radius

>> No.56351909

Each dart is a separate damage roll. Magic Missile is the entire reason Empowered Evocation got its errata.

>> No.56351944

They can be from literal medieval europe

>> No.56351945


>> No.56351948

No no anon, each dart deals the same amount of damage as the original dice roll its just 1 roll. The errata made it so Empowered Evocation does not function with Scorching Ray.


>> No.56351958

>Each dart is a separate damage roll

>> No.56351982

Are there any new spells that work with this that's not just magic missile?

>> No.56351985

So as long as I have a freehand, I ignore reloading? This seems fun.

>crossbows get a bigger damage bracket but less range than bow, and you have to reload
Is this really fair?

>> No.56351996


>> No.56351997

Sight of Sigmar

>> No.56352027

We've already gone over this in /5eg/
We decided that it's one roll RAW
We also decide that was stupid and we would ignore that and roll for all three

>> No.56352041

Sweet, I'm going to apply this ruling to all of my weapon attacks too, and also to Eldritch Blast, Hunter's Mark, Hex, Flame Blade, and Shadow Blade! Thanks guys!

>> No.56352042

lmao nah

Really though: it's one roll RAW, but RAI it can be either. It's up to the DM and the player.

>> No.56352047

So, by RAW, arcane archers can't use their level 3 feature until level 7. Lol.

>> No.56352069

RAW = Retards At Wizards

>> No.56352094

>We decided that it's one roll RAW

>> No.56352128

>crossbows get a bigger damage bracket but less range than bow, and you have to reload
>Is this really fair?
Yes, but it is quite powerful if you get sharpshooter. You out damage all the other ranged weapon users due to your numerous attacks.

Nothing at all? So besides magic missile what can I use this with were it can be of some greater use?

What's this?

I follow RAW the point of the spell was to allow you to use Empowered Evocation and other spell enhancement features with it. Therefor I allow it.

This does not apply to any of those because those are separate instances of attacks. The reason this is specific to Magic Missile is because Magic Missile is one single damage roll just like Fireball.

Calm down anon. No need to get upset, RAW: yes it just 1 roll, but tons of DMs do RAI: You and the player decide on how it should be handled.

>> No.56352133

So I'm part of a one-shot, thinking of rolling a Barbarian. I'm using the shitty PHB stat array because my friends are buttmad that I munchkin shit with pointbuy. What do? I like charging at things.

>> No.56352134

Wait so scorching ray is the same? roll 2d6 and each ray does that much damage if it hits?

>> No.56352143

>Hexblade warlock's patron is the force behind empowering a weapon the glows with cold blue flame
>look like Black Rock Shooter when you're using your magic

>> No.56352145

>Rules coming before Fun and Story

>> No.56352147


Half-orc bear totem barbarian. have fun.

>> No.56352148


>> No.56352149

Sight of Sigmar with Empowered Evocation can trivialize a lot of shit for you

>> No.56352154

No, because Scorching Ray is multiple separate damage rolls not just 1 like Fireball or Magic Missile.

>> No.56352158

>Nothing at all?

>Calm down anon



>> No.56352161

Warcaster doesn't allow me to do somatic spells while I'm grappling someone and have the other hand holding a weapon (so no hand free) right?

>> No.56352173

What spell is this, what does it do, and where is it in the book?

It actually does. You can channel all your somatic stuff through your eyes if you wanted too.

>> No.56352174

Right, but you can still use somatic spells if you're grappling your own dick with the other hand holding a weapon

>> No.56352183

It lets you see half an hour into the future, it's on page 197

>> No.56352184

this is a misprint, so says crawford on twitter

>> No.56352197

Guilds aren't unions, bro. They're trade monopolies and price-setting cartels.

>> No.56352200

Why should the separate attack matter, though? Each dart is separate for MM, after all, because you direct them to your choice of targets exactly like Eldritch Blast, the only difference is they hit automatically. Any multitarget ability, including Eldritch Blast or Acid Splash, should do identical damage, then.

Acid Splash isn't an attack, either, so there's literally no reason whatsoever that this ruling shouldn't apply to it. I'm quite sure there are more.

>> No.56352201

What is the most common backstory you’ve seen?

>> No.56352210

It's so late I'm too tired, this got me good
>It actually does. You can channel all your somatic stuff through your eyes if you wanted too.
not sure if serious

>> No.56352212

I've never played d&d because of constant DMs bailing on groups. I'm so tired of searching for games that I've thought about DMing myself. I haven't even started reading the DM Handbook, but after reading >>56352145
Is there a wrong way to DM?

>> No.56352229


I figured, but it's still a serious error to have in the book. No one sensible would have followed that wording but damn.

>> No.56352237

>It actually does. You can channel all your somatic stuff through your eyes if you wanted too.

Actually, wait you might be right it states

>"You can perform the somatic components of spells even when you have weapons or a shield in one or both hands"

Your not wielding a weapon or shield if you grappling a guy so, yeah you might not be able to do that.

>not sure if serious
Completly! Is there a reason you're not casting Eldritch Blast and Scorching Rays through your eyes while you have War Caster?

>> No.56352246

>Is there a wrong way to DM?
When no one is having fun, that means your DM-ing wrong.

>> No.56352250

>Spell Sniper
>When you cast a spell that requires you to make an attack roll, the spell's range is doubled.

While I agree that Word of Radiance is cool and would, in some situations make for a fun Distant Spelling (like as a halfling sorcerer, riding into battle on the shoulders of your goliath fighter friend), it does require a saving throw so it's not changed by Spell Sniper.

>> No.56352254

Grappling only uses up one of your hands, though, not both.

>> No.56352255

So with XGE what Sorc archtype is the best these days
>inb4 wizard

>> No.56352262

7. At the end of the day, you're all just a bunch of people trying to have fun. So you need to find a play style that is fun for everyone

>> No.56352263

seedy dickbag rogue who "can't help" but be a dick

>> No.56352284

>Why should the separate attack matter, though?
Its the way the game was designed why don't you ask Crawford or read page 196 of the PHB.

In the scenario, the anon gave he was grappling two targets. So he would not have a free hand to cast spells with as War Caster makes a distinction between whats in your hands.

>> No.56352286

It seems like there are more and more easy ways to bypass the normal spell focus rules, which to me implies WotC thinks it was a design mistake in the core rules.

>> No.56352290

So... what are you referencing? I take it the spell you speak of must be referencing another system.

>> No.56352303

Addendum to point 3.
Always roll dice behind a screen, so that you can fudge freely. Proper dice fudging is a master skill, though, so be very careful doing it. It's mostly useful when you realize you've put the party up against something way outside their league in combat and don't want to TPK them, you can reduce the monsters' accuracy and damage somewhat.

Also, periodically roll dice behind the screen for no reason whatsoever. This keeps players from knowing when exactly you've rolled against their passive perception or whatnot, and it has an additional psychological component as well. Don't be a dick about it though.

>> No.56352310

Either Shadow or Divine Soul (or Stone from UA)

All are handicapped immensely by the Sorcerer spells known limits

>> No.56352313


Honestly, my players have been pretty varied with their backstories, though they like to do some silly things now and again. The group comprised entirely of peers of the realm who've turned to piracy, for example.

>> No.56352322

>masons tool proficiency doubles weapon damage dealt to brick structures
>Adamantine weapons autocrit objects
>Half orc barbarian
>Great weapon master
>two attacks
>150+ at will damage to brick buildings
We demolition squad now boys.

>> No.56352324

But why is scorching ray multiple separate damage rolls? Why don't the rays at land at the same time?

>> No.56352333

Magical melee attacks or magical ranged attacks aren't weapon attacks, though. Pg. 196 reinforces the idea that each bolt of Eldritch Blast does identical damage, especially when the magic missile ruling is considered.

>> No.56352347

Has anyone posted the tool effects list yet?

>> No.56352364

Because you make 3 separate ranged spell attacks with each one, and each one does its own instance of 2d6 points of fire damage. Magic Missile does not have this distinction, it is one single damage roll and not separate attacks.

>Make a ranged spell attack for each ray. On a hit, the target takes 2d6 fire damage.

See above.

>> No.56352371

Full book is in the trove. Tool effects are looking great.

>> No.56352397

That's irrelevant, though. Simply making an attack roll doesn't change the damage calculation. The spell says to deal 1d10 (EB) or 2d6 damage (SR) or 1d6 damage (AS), so that's how much damage they deal. You only roll separate damage per target if it's a weapon attack.

Further, Pg. 196:
>If a spell or other effect deals damage to more than one target at the same time, roll the damage once for all of them.

There is no reason that this should be considered a Magic Missile-specific ruling.

>> No.56352407

Is there a way to procure some sourcebooks as pdfs? The PHB and DMG in particular.

>> No.56352412

On the flipside, what is the most unique backstory or character you’ve ever played or played with who by rights should’ve been generic?

>> No.56352424

Legally? No.

>> No.56352430

>If a spell or other effect deals damage to more than one target at the same time, roll the damage once for all of them.

>The darts all strike simultaneously and you can direct them to hit one creature or several.

Where does it say in EB or SR that the targets are hit simultaneously?

For Acid Splash yes it does work with that one. Its one single instance of an AOE roll hitting multiple targets at once just like Fireball.

>> No.56352439

Gnome paladin of the Lords of the Golden Hills.

>> No.56352449

Check the trove

>> No.56352453


>Legally? No.

You can buy those from D&D Beyond. Also I assume Anon is talking about pirating.

>> No.56352487

So after seeing the new background tables I decided to roll up for my Human Wizard. This is a rough summery of what I got with my own linking thrown in to make it work.

>Parents abandoned me and siblings at birth, I was put into an asylum where I was raised
>Other children and people thought I was strange, had few friends there
>Eventually apprenticed as a Wizard to an old master
>After finishing my studies I found an old library or ruin where I researched magic
>Had a hostile encounter with a neutral evil human noble
>Revived a future reading that said: A cult will try to sacrifice you but you'll likely escape

Anyone have any ideas to add before I take all these points and write them up into a real background?

>> No.56352493

Building myself a bard for ToA, gonna take the charlatan background. What are some fun ideas for the alternate identity?

>> No.56352497

The damage happens during a single action. EB SR and AS don't have text indicating that they hit simultaneously, but they don't have any text saying they happen separately, either. There's no reason to conclude the ruling applies to only some of them. The fact that all three beams of SR occur during a single action seems pretty fucking simultaneous to me. The fact that Empowered Evocation makes Magic Missile cast with a 1st level slot do more damage than Scorching Ray with a 2nd is galling but ultimately irrelevant from a rules perspective.

Furthermore, you run into a sticky problem where if you target all three MM darts at the same guy, the ruling breaks. Suddenly you aren't hitting multiple creatures simultaneously, you're hitting a SINGLE creature simultaneously.

Long story short, I consider the MM ruling to be an incorrect interpretation of RAW. It has fairly broad implications, and none of those are good.

>> No.56352500

Race size errors.

>> No.56352513

Where does it say in Fireball that all targets are hit simultaneously?

>> No.56352531

Eldritch Blast doesn't hit simultaneously, AoE spells do like Fireball or Thunderwave. So the damage is applied to all creatures. Magic Missile is effectively an AoE spell where you can put all the damage triggers on one target.

Unless something says it hits at the same time, it doesn't. If it does then it's treated as a single damage roll for all creatures it hits, MM is unique in that it can move all those AoE targeting onto one creature to instead add the damage multiple times.

Literally the only thing this feature does is make Evokers good. Without this they're easily the worst Wizard subclass and there's no other printed effect that causes issues with it.

>> No.56352557

>The damage happens during a single action. EB SR and AS don't have text indicating that they hit simultaneously
Unless it says simultaneous or is an AOE it does not constitute as simultaneous. Therefore RAW only one instant of any one of those spells would get the effect of Empowered Evocation. If you don't want to follow the RAW do RAF and do what you want to.

>Long story short, I consider the MM ruling to be an incorrect interpretation of RAW. It has fairly broad implications, and none of those are good.

So you disagree with what the creators of the game (Crawford for example) intended for the spell to do? That's what you are telling me. I am following the game as written, if you want to change the rules to better suit your needs you can do whatever you desire.

>> No.56352559

>People want to remove the one feature that makes Evoker good
I'm pretty sure it was designed specifically for Evokers to throw Magic Missile as their bread and butter.

>> No.56352597

Would an acceptable change to Hunter Ranger to keep up with the free spells given to the new Ranger subclasses to let them pick another Hunter's Prey feature at 5th, another defensive tactic at 9th, and another Superior Hunter's Defense at 17th?

>> No.56352610

Does anyone have the Teehee Macaroni pasta?

>> No.56352613

I'd rather add spells for them honestly, either that or maybe heavy armour and some skill proficiencies do keep their lower magic feel.

>> No.56352621

They'd just be superior at that point.

>> No.56352645

Fireball doesn't say it hits all targets simultaneously, though. In fact, it says that it "spreads around corners," which indicates that it travels from its center out to its edges, rather than hitting all targets at once.

Furthermore, look at Chain Lightning. It hits one target first, then hits three more. Your interpretation would cause you to roll once for the first target, then roll a second time for the secondary targets... or potentially, roll four times because they're struck by individual beams. Chain Lightning isn't a true aoe, and it doesn't specifically state it's simultaneous either.

I agree that Evokers need the help, which is why it's so ridiculous that it applies to Magic Missile but not Scorching Ray. The ruling is shit because it's woefully inconsistent, especially if it's dependent on the spell's description for a specific keyword.

>> No.56352651

I was worried it might be too good, what spells or things would you add at those levels for Hunter

>> No.56352663

Crawford literally states in his ruling that the RAI could go either way. It's not the first time a mistake has been made in a rulebook, just look at Arcane Archer. That's why we have errata in the first place. In this case, perhaps Crawford hated the way Magic Missile had functioned in previous editions, or maybe he just hated Scorching Ray.

>> No.56352667

>Spells such as burning hands and cone of cold cover an area, allowing them to affect multiple creatures at once.
If it covers and area it hits all the creatures at once, if it doesn't cover and area and doesn't say simultaneous then it doesn't.

>> No.56352701

So four separate damage rolls for Chain Lightning, then.
Only one of which can be boosted by Empowered Evocation.
Take that, evokers!

>> No.56352720

>Crawford literally states in his ruling that the RAI could go either way. It's not the first time a mistake has been made in a rulebook

Yes, that's RAI, you can choose what to do, if you prefer not having it so each magic missile deals the same amount of damage you can do that. I am giving the RAW way which states you only roll 1 time and each missile does the same amount of damage. That's all I'm trying to get across.

>> No.56352750

I think I've got the way to word this 1roll magic missile but multiple roll scorching rays rule so that it makes proper sense, but I want to confirm my basis before I do so: Are there any spells with multiple attack rolls that does damage simultaneously? Any at all?

>> No.56352761

You can't even apply the last feature of the "Orcish Fury" feat to a full-blooded Orc PC.
Yet it's called "Orcish Fury".
What even.

>> No.56352773

>make barbarian
>human variant
>magic initiate
>grab friends cantrip
>make everyone buy you a drink at every pub
>never be responsible for starting the fight

>> No.56352774

Or, and hear me out here, the rules in question are poorly worded. The original unerrata'd wording of Empowered Evocation provides benefit to all targets of an evocation spell, while the new errata'd wording applies benefit to only some spells and in a very inconsistent and arbitrary way. So why was the wording changed to make Evokers weaker in some situations but not others, when they're already accepted to be the worst specialist?

>> No.56352782

That's why it's called Orcish Fury, Orcs are furious they can't use it.

>> No.56352784

That's because it doesn't reference any PC races outside of the core books.
Obviously you could take it as an orc pc

>> No.56352791

Is the new Prodigy feat worth it for my V.Human Wizard? +1 skill, +1 language, +1 tool and a skill expertise seems useful. Other option would be the Arcanist or Investigator skill feats.

>> No.56352845

I can live with the way its worded right now, AOE spells and Magic Missiles did not change at all for this feature. It only stopped it from working with a few spells.

>> No.56352850

The language is meh, but the rest is quite nice. The tool proficiency is especially good if your DM hasn't ever given you the opportunity to spend 250g and 250 days (!) learning a new one.

>> No.56352861

Hah, clever. Nice. Got a chuckle out of me, that did.

>That's because it doesn't reference any PC races outside of the core books.
Well yeah, I could tell that from reading all the feats. But having something that could make it work with a full Orc without it being set in stone...
>Obviously you could take it as an orc pc
Orcs as a player race don't get Relentless Endurance, that's the thing... They don't really get any of the cool brutal features of the half-orcs, just "dash as a bonus action", prof in Intimidation and the same "powerful build" feature as Goliaths...

>> No.56352913

The totally arbitrary nature peeves me, though. You're doing more damage with a 1st-level MM slot than a 2nd-level scorching ray slot, plus no rolling to hit, and the margin only gets worse and worse if you upcast. There's plenty of other spells that are shit, like Mordenkainen's Sword, but this disparity only exists for level 10+ evokers. Proper wording and errata should increase consistency not reduce it.

>> No.56352937

How many dicks has Xanathar got

>> No.56352954


>> No.56352970

The races in VGM are extremely hit or miss. On the one hand you've got yuanti purebloods who are basically tieflings but with magic resistance and poison immunity, and on the other you've got kobolds and orcs which are borderline unplayable garbage. And then there's tabaxi and lizardfolk which are fine.

Really though, if your DM is letting you play as a full-blooded orc there's no reason he wouldn't also allow you to take Orcish Fury.

>> No.56353005

I think the catch is that multiple attack roll spells never hit at the same time, much like multiple melee attacks never hit at the same time. A spell with multiple attack rolls like scorching ray is like taking the attack action when extra attacks. You can shoot a ray, move, shoot a ray, non-spell bonus action, shoot a ray. etc.

>> No.56353027

I made a Darkest Dungeon Leper.

A Paladin who wore a golden mask, glimpses of greenish mottled scaled scabs on his arms underneath the bandages.

The twist was he was actually just a Yaun-Ti in disguise.

>> No.56353095

Eldritch Blast Hexblade Warlock with Elven Accuracy is the new meta.

>> No.56353106

Yo, back from the 5th Edition Strahd's Death House session (don't know if anyone saw my post on the last thread)
Got some good advice all around from you guys. Thanks anons.
That was honestly one of the best and most memorable DND experiences I've had in a while. Felt refreshing after a series of headache inducing campaigns.

>> No.56353152

Apparently it doesn't apply to Chain Lightning, either, though. Or any other damage spell that targets multiple people but doesn't specifically mention hitting them simultaneously, like Acid Splash.

There's also weirdness with things like Melf's Minute Meteors, where you can choose multiple separate aoe locations, again, with nothing mentioning them exploding simultaneously. MMM can actually detonate early if they hit an object, so you'd definitely need to roll for each meteor separately.

>> No.56353264

"M'lord the theives are hiding out in that abanondoned mill!"
"Augustus, get my hammer."

>> No.56353278

>Apparently it doesn't apply to Chain Lightning, either, though.
I'm not sure I follow. Chain Lightning doesn't make any attack rolls, let alone multiple, so it would only have 1 damage roll. Acid Splash can target two enemies with only a single attack roll, so it would have 1 damage roll. Melf's Minute Meteors splits up the pewpew of the meteors, such that you can move or do other things between pewpewing meteors, so it would make multiple damage rolls. But if you fire two meteors instead of one meteor when you cast it (or when you BAc pewpew) those two meteors would share one damage roll.

This makes it consistent.

>> No.56353371

They should just call Common Humanish.

>> No.56353414

What's up with only bards getting Power Word Heal?

>> No.56353415

>Be Wizard
>Learn Dragon's Breath
>Subdue Goblin, tie him up
>Strap Goblin to Fighter/Barb/Paladin shoulder
>Train Goblin to use Dragon's breath on a signal given by Fighter/Barb/Paladin's free action
>Enter combat
>Cast Dragon's Breath on Goblin
>Fighter/Paladin/Barb gets extra breath weapon attack each turn, using his "free" action (or would you make the goblin roll its own initiative?)

Does this work? Can I make a Goblinthrower?

>> No.56353427

You mean English

>> No.56353460


>> No.56353468

What's an Engl?

What's a Span?

>> No.56353480

New thread, boiz.

>> No.56353486


>> No.56353487 [SPOILER] 


Engl on the left, Span on the right, anon.

>> No.56353495

You know most humans don't natively speak Common, right?

>> No.56353519

So Humans don't speak anything before they pick up Common? Because every other race has a language in the book.

>> No.56353525

It is Humanish you auslander. I bet you do not know Han.

>> No.56353541

There's no "free action" in 5e. What you do have is the ability to "communicate however you are able, through brief utterances and gestures, as you take your turn."
So you would have to train the Goblin to, on his turn, ready the action to breath attack when the fighter says "Fiyaaaa!". And then when the figher yells that, the Goblin uses his reaction to do the breath attack.

>> No.56353553

Imagine English, but various dialects of each human types having their own style. Or west germanic, north germanic, south germanic etc.f

>> No.56353582

Humans' native language is not included in the languages you can pick up, mechanically speaking. Common is one branch of one language family, of which humans have a little over a dozen.

>> No.56353674

You're over-complicating things.

Just cast it on your familiar. Familiar can't attack, but can use actions. using the Breath itself shouldn't count as an attack

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