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first for nothing

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Age of Sigmar is an Alright game.

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I can use the same Etherals Element ability every turn right, and multiple Etherals can use the same one?

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Would you all be interested in watching Gav Thorpe, ADB, the guy that does the Emperor Text To Speech series, and some other bloke, play Deathwing? Of course you would. It's surprisingly entertaining.


I like how Gav appears to have no sense of direction or idea where he should be going. There's probably a joke there somewhere.

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im going to buy my friend tempestus scions for christmas

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>Gav Thorpe, ADB, the guy that does the Emperor Text To Speech series, and some other bloke, play Deathwing? Of course you would. It's surprisingly entertaining.
Nope, now fuck off

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my dudes > your dudes

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>Or the models aren't actually as fiddly and weak as they seem like in the pictures.

They're actually surprisingly good that way. I don't have a foam case, but the "cardboard box stuffed with spare plastic bags" thing has worked surprisingly well. Total casualties from 14 months of hobby is one bent Dragoon antenna, a few of those tiny arms on the side of Kataphron Destroyers snapping off and one Crawler weapons pod losing the attachment mechanism, and it's not like antennas on sprinting walkers would be arrow-straight anyway.
Needed to strip that Crawler anyway, so it's going to be stripped, repaired and refitted to make the Neutron Laser/Missile pod combo newb me put on it look less shit, some more Admech icons and tricked out at the cost of the snowshoes, then repainted. Boom, Dunecrawler Phalanx command tank.

Might use the Admech symbol plate that normally goes on the Neutron Laser's side to weld over the hatch on my other Dunecrawlers, so they look even more expendable, then transplant the hatches to my Marauder Destroyer counts-as so I can have Skitarii crew sticking their heads out.

About to start Dark Eldar, too. Thinking I'll actually need proper foam for this one, especially if I get pic related instead of Ravagers as planned.

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My dudes = Your dudes
I think your dudes are pretty swell, anon.

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First for Eschers gangers don't need no fucking excuses to be tall as fuck.

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>The section is for Land Raiders only and creates a Transport Capacity or TC. For your Land Raiders this is determined by the primary weapon choice. For example 2 twin lascannons grant a TC of 10, 2 Hurricane Bolters grants a 16 and two Flamestorm cannons a 12.

>From there you can take secondary weapons including hull mounted weapons. These subtract from your TC, and have options that include Imperium only, Space Wolves only -helfrost cannon- and Chaos only choices. Most of these options reduce the TC by 5 or 0. Most secondary sponson weapons have a -5.

>Wargear is available as well, but does not affect your TC, and whatever is left over is gives you the Transport Capacity for your Land Raider.

>There are also special abilities that are determined whether your Land Raider is imperium or chaos, like daemonic machine spirit or machine spirit.

>There are no point cost values for making your Land Raider, as its for Open Play. A blank datasheet comes with the book.

No points costs doesnt matter much, could easily homebrew it with a flat +Xpts for making your own shit and then use the Codex points for guns and hull. Its sounds fucking amazing.

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S-sugoi !

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who the fuck is adb?

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Reposting because thread died.

Is this list too WAAC? If it is how can I tone it down? I just want to have fun, close games so I don't care about how it stands up to top-tier stuff, just what you'd like to play against.

Dark Angels

++ Spearhead Detachment ++

Company Master [98pts]: Master-crafted boltgun, Relic blade

Devastators [150pts]: 3x Space Marine
. 4x Space Marine (Heavy Bolter): 4x Heavy bolter
. Space Marine Sergeant: Power sword, Storm bolter

Devastators [185pts]: Space Marine
. 2x Space Marine (Lascannon): 2x Lascannon
. 2x Space Marine (Plasma Cannon): 2x Plasma cannon
. Space Marine Sergeant: Chainsword, Combi-plasma

Devastators [185pts]: Space Marine
. 2x Space Marine (Lascannon): 2x Lascannon
. 2x Space Marine (Plasma Cannon): 2x Plasma cannon
. Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Combi-plasma

++ Outrider Detachment ++

Librarian on Bike [8 PL, 135pts]: Bolt pistol, Force stave
. Space Marine bike: Twin boltgun

Ravenwing Bike Squad [264pts]
. 6x Ravenwing Biker: 4x Bolt pistol, 2x Chainswords, 2x Plasmagun
. Ravenwing Sergeant: Chainswords
. Space Marine Bike: Twin boltgun

Ravenwing Black Knights [255pts]: 4x Ravenwing Black Knight
. Ravenwing Huntmaster: Corvus Hammer, Melta bombs
. . Black Knight Bike: Plasma Talon

Ravenwing Darkshroud [149pts]: Assault cannon

++ Vanguard Detachment ++

Company Master [111pts]: Jump Pack, Master-crafted boltgun, Storm shield

Company Veterans [162pts]
. Space Marine Veteran: Combi-plasma, Storm shield
. Space Marine Veteran: Combi-plasma, Storm shield
. Space Marine Veteran: Storm bolter, Storm shield
. Space Marine Veteran: Heavy bolter, Storm shield
. Veteran Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Storm shield

Ravenwing Apothecary [97pts]
. Black Knight Bike: Plasma Talon

Ravenwing Apothecary [97pts]
. Black Knight Bike: Plasma Talon

+ Dedicated Transport +

Razorback [112pts]: Storm bolter
. Lascannon and twin plasma gun: Lascannon, Twin plasma gun

++ Total: [2000pts] ++

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But can I put volcano cannons on it?

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Had to look this up myself, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, guy behind The First Heretic.


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Can I put all the BRRRRT on it?

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Generally know that detachment gets restricted to two.

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Aaron dembski bowden. Some /pol/tard slash /tg/entleman is still mad that he posted on his normie book an anwser to some fuck ("troll") asking why his books featured "so many womens and sandniggers" or something.

tldr : Anyone getting mad at ADB is a big fucking faggot. And not of the nice, fuckable slaaneshi kind.

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Wait, that is why they dislike him? OH that is just precious. Let me just add that salt to my potatoes.

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>just ignore all the hate he gets because of "daddy issues" "chaos is best step dad" "chaos has already won you guyz, everything after the war in the webway doesn't even matter" and him making the emperor into a total retard because he's a massive chaos fanboy, only stormfags hate ADB
yeah, nah, you're a cunt

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Chaos BTFO

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space wolves player?

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I thought it was three, thanks anon.

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No, biggest issue is his butchering of everything loyalist

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>chaos just made galaxy wide warp rift
>nids need to made special fleet to fight chaos because they can't eat chaos corrupted worlds
I think Chaos will be ok

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does one of you guys have the pheromon trail wording for me? pretty please?

>> No.56346155

>Wait, that is why they dislike him?
No, not at all. People don't like him because he butchers the fluff in order to make his favorite faction and characters look better, even if the result is retarded as fuck

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He haven't write anything bad about Blood Angels.

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>newfags out the wazoo this thread
Ishiggy diggy digeridoo famalams

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Check the latest ITC. while I don't think anyone should play 40k competitively it does lay down a nice neutral ground.

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How does it feel that your faction won't be mentioned until next edition? At best you can hope for some mention in Ork's codex, where Ghaz BTFOs bugs on Octarius.

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>the Tyranids avoid areas plagued by warp storms and daemonic activity
>Vital resources are being denied
>looming catastrophe

Nids look fucked tbqh.

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>I can use the same Etherals Element ability every turn right
dont think the same ones stack though

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Reminder if you unironically call someone a newfag you are probably the newfag.

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They see me writin', they hatin' !

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Nidbros, what Hive Fleet are you running?

For fluff or crunch reasons? Or just paint scheme? Are you running multiple hive fleets in separate detachments? If so, why haven't you hung yourself yet?

>> No.56346199

Magnetize the sail helps with transportation a lot. You can use the peg, but it will eventually snap for one reason or another.

>> No.56346201

Tyranids too poor for pixels

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Fuck off aaron, go cry about you're daddy issues

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>it's a chaos v. tyranid thread

>> No.56346219

what if the tc becomes negative, what then?

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Reminder to shut your whore mouth and lurk more, damn newfag.

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Chaos daemons codex will probably have daemons rekting Kronos, and some mention of Baal
And Be'lakor as only undivided prince, because they will never say Lorgar and Perturabo are undivided princes, even if they are, maybe GW will tell us this when they get models

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Though it's superlate, I had a rule question I asked GW about that never got answered (they said they'd have to discuss but never published an answer) prior to 7th ending. I would like your thoughts, just for closure's sake.

In a 7e game, I ran my Chaos Space Marines against a Dark Eldar player. My opponent ran MSU Reavers and Venoms behind a Void Shield. After baiting him out, I cast Sunburst (a Nova Power) and killed several Arena Champions (Cluster Caltrop caddies) in one go.

This is where it got weird. Champion of Chaos means that if I kill an enemy Character by any means (except Sweeping Advance), I roll a D66 to see what Chaos Boon I receive. Since I was using a Chaos Warband, I would roll twice, optionally discarding one result. And since this was simultaneous, it meant I was making 8 simultaneous rolls at once!

The issue was I rolled a "66" for Dark Apotheosis, meaning my Lord would become a Daemon Prince, thus "discarding" other Chaos Boons. However, this roll was simultaneous with 7 other Chaos Boons, and in the case of "simultaneous" immediate effects, the player whose turn it was could choose their order of resolution. So it was unclear whether or not turning into a Prince would stop the other Chaos Boons from applying for an uberprince.

To avoid any arguments, I discarded Dark Apotheosis, but I would like to know your thoughts. Could pulling off a giant Psychic Nova that nukes lots of characters (or nuking a Deathstar with a hi-power attack) result in the Chaos Gods feeling *really* generous?

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Nids will at least be mentioned in Necromunda

>> No.56346241

>using plastic HH models for CSM is p2w

>> No.56346254

No they won't. Genestealer Cults will be. It won't go into details about Hive Fleets or anything like that, instead it will expand on actual cults.

>> No.56346256

I don’t know which one I want to do, still trying to decide. I know the basic composition of my list will be spam Rippers, a couple Haruspex, a couple Mawocs maybe, and Neurothropes for HQs.

>> No.56346260

>gorgon, for the crunch, actually
>my own melee hive fleet in my own paint scheme
>even if I deploy more than one detachment I would never take more than one adaptation

>> No.56346265

This is why 7th edition was garbage, and its only the barely scratching the surface

>> No.56346266

Anons, please feed me more horror stories about the worst that has happened to your models. I'm having a horrifying time. Don't stop now.

>Daemonhunter army annihilated
That's a real bummer. I guess he went too far with the whole fleshgrafting on himself.
That doesn't sound too bad, yeah. I guess the design from GW was competent after all. And it's always nice when you can cover up any damages with an upcoming project you were going to do anyway.
Also, good luck with keeping the Deldar intact.

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Not that blown out. Still can't eat chaos, has to eat the half digested stuff of other nids. More of "Kronos is Blow the fuck out of proportions". It is like those saying the whole Gorgon fight with Death Guard was a draw for, no, it was a loss for Nids. Nids expended resources to take that place, all resources were tainted and couldn't be recouped, and then one of their ships was destroyed while Death Guard gained a method of further fighting them that Nurgle happily will remember.

Nids are on more of a counter strike situation. They were on the backfoot for a bit now they are making probing attacks to try to find a solution to the Warp issues in the galaxy. Hence Kronos hunting all big Psyker areas to try to prevent further tears. They are more triage than curative. Nids are playing catch up, and this is from someone going into playing nids after CSM and IG. I enjoy Nids a fair bit, but, Kronos is just a way to try to halt further tears. Think of it as quarantine while a vaccine is researched.

Now Hive Fleet Tiamat that is interesting. Sadly didn't save their page, but, they are holding a planet instead of eating it and building something akin to the Light House of Pharos. Which given the secondary power of Pharos, could be very interesting.

>> No.56346283

What's the appeal of Gorgon? They are a bit more killy than the others in melee, though Hydra can beat them in situations... but the others are about getting to melee more reliably. So I'm not sold personally.

>> No.56346285

Gorgon, Fluff. Hyperadaptiive and Hypertoxic. I love it.

>> No.56346293

That's pretty cool.

>> No.56346296

>Chaos Daemon codex comes out. New faction AGAINST THE HIVEMIND
>Works like Ynnari, trade your Daemon of X bonus, for new bonus.
>Flat out ignores Shadow of the Warp
>biggest bonus is you may include a TYRANID detachment. Which gains the DAEMON special rule, representing possessed Tyranids

>> No.56346306

>Kill Team rules still not updated
Why? It's a great way to bring more people into hobby. Releasing a 8th edition ruleset would make nice money at a low cost

>> No.56346332

hes disliked as he lets his own daddy issues leak into everything and he seemingly gives every chaos space marine a waifu.

>> No.56346336

Invisibility, D and the Grimoire were the main reasons (and Stomps), alongside "S6 Intensifies." This wasn't any of those reasons. Hell, it was a Lethal Joke CSM army.

>> No.56346348

>Tyranids shit themselves at the thought of Chaos and are rushing to find a solution to the coming calamity
>Chaos still don't give a shit about Tyranids.

>> No.56346349

>It's really strong and makes daemons top meta on their own.
>Rest of the codex is really bad
>people start calling my khorne Daemons List WAAC
I would kms

>> No.56346356

Kill Team is gay.

>> No.56346361

2 Tzeentch start collecting boxes and 2x pic related - is it enough to run a 1000pts non auto-losing army?

>> No.56346367

Not gonna lie if people start call Khorne deamon lists WAAC i would as well. I love my Skarbrand

>> No.56346370


Shit taste

>> No.56346378

Genestealer cults are nids you dingus

>> No.56346379

I like the adaptiv-ness though it doesn't really show in the rules, so it rarely counts.
I like the toxic-theme, which isn't a thing gorgon is known for but DOES show in the rules, so it's a plus
final point is: it's a solid choice to buff melee units, hydra won't do nothing for tyrant, toxicrene, carnifex and small warriors and ravengers
I will run a lot of hormas (I hate genestealers) but I won't take an adaptation just for them

If it really, really, really do not work out I may switch to behemoth but for now I like gorgon for the next couple of games.

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You mother is gay

>> No.56346383 [SPOILER] 

Thou mad, anon. I advise you to fix your own daddy issues before projecting this hard.

>> No.56346395

Thinking Kraken or Jormungandr, both jive well with my desired lists to run.

Kraken hasQuesting Tendrils, let my units within 6" of my WL strike first? Pretty nice.

Jorm lets me get that nice -1 to hit for everything that isn't rushing for CC and also tunnel network which will let me pop up 30 hormagaunts in the back or side via my Raveners or Red Terror. Pretty hilarious. Throw on -1 Leadership + The Horror so it is -2 Leadership and -1 to hit rolls from said unit and just watch them lose units to morale.

Also only max of 2 detatchments ever, never mixing fleets, if I did 3 detatchments it would be to do full Infested Terran style play list of GSC + Nids + IG for apocalypse which would be hilarious.

>> No.56346402

I think you would be good

>> No.56346410

That sounds terrifying.

What are you goi g to use to combat air?

>> No.56346433

Hey so you can use wargear options not included in the Codex that were in an index, right? Cause I modeled 6 honor guard with relic blades and I kinda wanna keep them that way

>> No.56346445

>Now Hive Fleet Tiamat that is interesting. Sadly didn't save their page, but, they are holding a planet instead of eating it and building something akin to the Light House of Pharos. Which given the secondary power of Pharos, could be very interesting.

Woah, now that is interesting. Can you or anybody chime in with more info or the page?Or the Codex?

>> No.56346481

Yes anon, it's all right.

>> No.56346489

Fuck you retarded drumpf poster

>> No.56346497

I had my first game with the new codex today, played Nid V Nid with his dex that just arrived.

Since the store was completely full already, we decided "FUCK IT" and played a 2k game on a 24" x 48" table (so two standard GW plates).
Be both tried running different hive fleets in our detatchements just so we could try out as many things as possible at once. We both ran some Behemoth and Kronos stuff, he ran a couple Jorgamundr fexes and I ran mine as Kraken.

Was fucking hilarious.

My opinion on the hive fleets after this first game is currently as follows:
All or nothing, either completely changes the course of the game on your deepstrike or never affects the game ever
Honestly, probably the strongest trait IMO.
REALLY fucking strong on Exocrines, biovores and hive guard being supported by a Neurothrope with the FUCK U psykers trait. That shit's real good.
Makes your nids slightly faster. Not really that impressed by it otherwise. Its kinda nice on fexes though, since you can trigger their living battering ram ability every turn with it. Gotta watch out for that overwatch, though
Simple Trait. Kinda boring. Still very good though, just makes your whole army way more reliable.
Shit-tier. Do not play
Honestly not buying it. 6+++ FNP armywide would be pretty cool on nids, actually since its both great for big and small bugs, but the fact that you need to spam synapse to get it, and need to be within 6" of said synapse makes it situational IMO
Probably my favourite trait. I'll probably run this. Definently not the strongest, (specially if you got some IW/IF at your LGS), but I like the idea of all my monsters getting a 2+ and my stealers having a 3+ as they move across the board. Great trait if you want more durability on your monsters rather than damage output. Also makes fexes hilariously hard to kill, combined with the -1 to hit wargear.

>> No.56346510

We'll have a better idea in January.

>> No.56346513

Wonrg pic? Also me and my father have and have always had a pretty solid relationship.

And ADB having daddy issues is fact, he had an abusive daddio and now presumably sees them everywhere...but I could forgive all that, the waifuism is a much viler crime.

>> No.56346515

>Repulsors are 300pts

These things are fucking expensive, are they worth it? From the looks of it I think triple lascannon is the better loadout considering Marines dont have issues with infantry units.

>> No.56346524

Sweet. I know it's not very efficient (though with power axes they're pretty solid) but I like them

>> No.56346535

Are you saying that he's a le evil drumpf poster or a trump supporter?I want to ascertain your level of retardation

>> No.56346544

It's the only way to move your big marines.

>> No.56346563

What are the odds that gdubs forgot about renegade knights entirely in chapter approved?

>> No.56346570

>judging people on their political stance on a miniature pushing board
I can ascertain that you are probably a retard, no matter who you are supporting.

>> No.56346580

Codex scan when?

>> No.56346592

Don't know, but this one looks wicked !

>> No.56346594

That chainsword is so unfunctional in a real fight.
Its really triggering me.

>> No.56346597

How many highlights are too many highlights? I feel like after a certain amount it starts to get busy and cartoony looking.

>> No.56346605

You can also play them as regular Marines and have a decent list

>> No.56346625

The same way chaos cultists are daemons.
The same way Brotherhood of the Beast are Nyarlathotep.

>> No.56346626

Only for now. When they squat Manlets the game will get much better. No more Special Snowflake characters. Just a nameless and Faceless army. The way marines were meant to be.

>> No.56346636

I feel like the only one who plays hydra

>> No.56346648


come on, one of you must have the codex?

>> No.56346653

>chaos tears galaxy in two
>Tyranids finally assed to direct their efforts towards chaos
>Kronos literally deletes chaos rifts with the mere presence of maleceptors and zoans
>this is only their first solution to chaos

Mentioned in what? Other codices? They’ve been in every codex released so far. Also funny you bring up octarius, since it was a huge success for leviathan and they’re literally using it as a biomass farm to fuel their new invasions. They have such a surplus they’re able to leave half digested worlds for Kronos to eat

>> No.56346666 [SPOILER] 

>No more Special Snowflake characters.

We have need of only one.

>> No.56346674

Pheromone Trail: 1 CP, allows you to set up a unit of Infantry from your army out of reserves within 6 of the Lictor and more than 9 from enemy units instead of their normal method of deployment.

You could just google, FLG has an article outlining all the HF traits, WL traits, relics, and staratgems. https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2017/11/04/40k-8th-ed-codex-review-tyranids-part-1/

>> No.56346679

>those digits
girlyman confirmed for the ultra devil

>> No.56346681

>implying Primaris won't get replacements for pretty much anything relevant from the regular Marines list
>implying GW will miss the chance to sell Marine players new Primaris Bikers, Primaris Rhinos, Primaris Land Speeders and anything else
>implying Primaris won't get a bunch of new characters after GW is done testing the waters

>> No.56346696

love you, anon

>> No.56346719

>>implying Primaris won't get replacements for pretty much anything relevant from the regular Marines list
>>implying GW will miss the chance to sell Marine players new Primaris Bikers, Primaris Rhinos, Primaris Land Speeders and anything else
None of that was implied.

>> No.56346726

>Complains about what chaos players have had to deal with forever
>Hates on ADB for bringing balance to the force and doing the opposite

>> No.56346729

Im doing Gorgon but I swapped the flesh and carapace colour around as I didnt like it.
I plan on running a Swarmlord and 2 3 man tyranid warrior squads for 500 points. In the future ill probably get 4 carnifexes, old one eye, another warrior squad, and maybe some GSC for something to deal with stuff that camps in buildings such as Devastators,Heavy wep teams, dark reapers etc
Ive wanted to do nids for a while since 7th but the new codex got me going "Eh, fuck it" and starting out.

>> No.56346743

Featuring some retardedly fundamentalist Ecclesiarchy splinter group that calls Guilliman the ultra-devil super-antichrist in the vein of US Protestant do with every single Pope sounds like a fun thing to feature in my Hereticus DH campaign. Shoot up some imperials instead of chaos or weird xenos cultists for once.

>> No.56346748

this is pretty pretty!

>> No.56346756

>/hive fleet gorgon/ general


>> No.56346757

>Kronos literally deletes chaos rifts with the mere presence of maleceptors and zoans
You know this rifts are deleted by grey knights on day basic, also psykers can do it.
most of them will close themselves after some time

>> No.56346764

>Chaos has four (4) utterly immortal-but-mortal champions because lel fuck the police
It has always swung both ways for Chaos.
Huron is best traitor

>> No.56346787

false, named characters for chaos are pretty universally terrible

the best traitors are the nobodies who lead [your] warband

>> No.56346794

I'm doing a color scheme along the same lines, though different color for weapons. It is a dang nice scheme desu.

>> No.56346804

It is max 3 detachment btw, not 2 as other anon said.

>> No.56346806

I dont have a Warband, I have a Blood thirster who leads a cohort. I dont know what to name him tho.

>> No.56346828

here you go

>> No.56346844

Is this list a terrible mistake? I bought my first box of Grey Hunters yesterday, so I'm still very flexible.

>> No.56346848

IDK why desu keeps getting interjected into posts every now and again by 4chan, that is just fucking weird.

That makes a bit more sense to be at 3. Prevents some really insane stuff, lets you do like Guard-SOB-Inquisitor or Guard-SM-Knight, or Knight-Daemons-CSM without issues.

>> No.56346856

>space wolves

yeah it's a terrible mistake

>> No.56346863

t b h is filtered as desu

>> No.56346864

4chan replaces "to be honest" with desu

>> No.56346878

I think years of abuse towards swarm players drove most of your comrades into other playstyles

>> No.56346886


>> No.56346890

Don't do gay ass underaged slangs and you won't get desu'd

>> No.56346891

oh, ffs, that explains it. Well forewarned is forearmed.

>> No.56346901

>>mfw realizing the rumored deathwatch relic in chapter approved turns your hq into a lictor

>> No.56346905

Any other presidential term and you would be correct. Resist and purge.

>> No.56346906

Nah, he's just giving good advice

>> No.56346909

>not liking desu

kys desu senpai

>> No.56346928

Rolled 1 (1d6)

This is a lot of work to name my Blood Thirster

>> No.56346934


>> No.56346948

pls no bully my space vikings

>> No.56346952


>> No.56346954

Its not even out yet. I bet you're the same faggot that's been begging for the Eldar novel pdf

>> No.56346963

desu I'd play you.

>> No.56346968

>It is like those saying the whole Gorgon fight with Death Guard was a draw for, no, it was a loss for Nids. Nids expended resources to take that pla
The fuck are you talking about? The Gorgon vs. DG fight ended with the Nids poisoning the Plague Marines to death.

>> No.56346973

just get physical dice, man

>> No.56346974

Oh new rumors on Faeit
annnnnnnd still nothing on orks or tau

>> No.56346979

I dont have any D10's

>> No.56346998


>> No.56347003

jesus christ man

>> No.56347012

Then I am thinking of a different fight where the Death Guard sacrificed themselves and the hive fleet then went to eat the world to find that instead it was a bad idea and blow up the hive ship that sampled it.

>> No.56347031

Thanks, heretic.

>> No.56347038

So I've been having a doozy of a time getting a good list together using what units I want. I want to win, obviously, but I want to use what I think is cool, too. This is what I have so far. Fyi, I really don't want to run any Dreadknights.

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Grandmaster Voldus
-- Sanctuary, Gate of Infinity, Purge Soul
-- Daemonhammer, Sanctuary
Brotherhood Ancient
-- Banner of Refining Flame, Falchion, Gate of Infinity
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon with Daemonhammer
-- 3x with Falchions, Hammerhand

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Brother-Captain -WARLORD-
-- Daemonhammer, Purge Soul, First to the Fray
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon, Gate of Infinity
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon, Gate of Infinity
Purifier Squad
-- 4x with Falchions, Knight of the Flame with Halberd
Purifier Squad
-- 4x with Falchions, Knight of the Flame with Halberd
-- Hurricane Bolters, Twin-Lascannon, Twin-Multimelta

Now, I'm aware that Purifiers aren't the best, but I don't really mind. I like em too much. The problem I'm running into is that the deployment is:
--Stormraven carrying
----Both Purifiers
----Brotherhood Captain
----Doomglaive #1

While doomglaive 2 sits off to the side? Seems rather crazy if I don't get first turn.

What should I change? The top Vanguard is nearly non-malleable, I already have all those dudes built and ready to go, and I have a doomglaive on order as well. I kinda wanted to include Crowe, but eh.

>> No.56347050

could we have the stratagems, please?

>> No.56347051

Thank you

>> No.56347076

New Guard Models When?

>> No.56347081

I keep freaking out that there aren't any Blood Angels Rules being Leaked from CA but then i remember we are getting a codex before CA and then i feel retarded.

>> No.56347085

https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2017/11/04/40k-8th-ed-codex-review-tyranids-part-1/ they are all here.

>> No.56347089

Yeah the second batch of natfka rumours also look kinda plausible

>TS power having to do with number 9 memes
>TS relic that makes their powers undeniable on certain rolls
>DW looks lame but fluffy

>> No.56347096

Right after Aspect Warriors and Sisters.

>> No.56347140


>> No.56347141

This is one of the most interesting Tyranid developments in recent years. You can see that Andy Chambers wrote this.

>> No.56347165

Let them fight brother, we will have more time to plan and kill whatever comes out.

>> No.56347168

About the same time we finally get this.

>> No.56347170

Found it in the DG book, The Doom of Hesp entry is what I was thinking of, was some jobber fleet Lotan.

>> No.56347179

Tyranids building their own astronomicon? Warp travel soon?
Also, too bad Tiamat gets a whole page but no hive fleet rules to reflect this.

Are there any more pages for the minor hive fleets like this one?

>> No.56347185

>Sacrificed themselves
They refused to back down and kept a poison pissing contest going until they were literally reduced to slurry. The Tyranids lost one ship.

>> No.56347190

Hide the second doomglaive out of LOS on T1.
GOI on him when you move out with the storm raven.

>> No.56347191

I'm almost certain that is a conversion of a Foetid drone body with the Hellbrute weapons

>> No.56347197

>yfw next week BA will bring new Primaris shit

>> No.56347224

That's a very nice conversion

>> No.56347225

Post conversions. I'm sitting here regretting that I didn't think of my Genetor theme before starting my Admech, since I could have replaced the Dragoon gimps with more of my Cyber-Occularis amorphous tentacle creatures and modified my Skitarii and stuff. Having half an army converted and the other half stock Skitarii units feels off to me.

>> No.56347229

It has it's own entry in the DG codex and GW said the kit for it will be out eventually

>> No.56347251

Lost one ship, and all the biomass they put on the surface, they didn't regain any resources expended. For a force that's resource chain is the planets it finds and eats that is rather bad. It means it only lost biomass from that engagement. The Tyranids were routed, it is a Pyrrhic victory at best, but, still, Tyranids can not lay claim to it as a victory imo, they exerted energy and biomass and got nothing out of it. That is a net loss.

>> No.56347253

You would be wrong then, none of the parts match, this varient is the closest to the picture.

>> No.56347256


>> No.56347268

Ah, that's pretty cool then, I like it

>> No.56347276

Unfortunately there's official art and rules for it, so...

>> No.56347280

What went right?

>> No.56347287

How did GW get away with being this racist? Black and rage? Implying black people are filled with rage and want to kill everything? We need to stop these bigots.

>> No.56347296

I think you're thinking of the Tau, not the Death Guard.

>> No.56347297


>> No.56347305

Dude the best part is that the black Rage comes mainly from losing their father.

>> No.56347312

>We have need of only one
we already have 2 other primarchs you dumbass

>> No.56347315


>> No.56347321

Not even worth my (you)

>> No.56347322

top kek

>> No.56347324

GW made them with fun in mind.
>makes plastic toys
>fun is a odd concept for a toy maker

>> No.56347337

Nope, as seen here >>56347170 in the Doom of Hesp entry. T'au did something akin to it though, but, was better done, DG was unwittingly doing it, T'au were actually using their brains instead of just being idiots using poison to fight toxins ignoring as the world melts around them. T'au were clever enough to have delayed release.

>> No.56347342

Nani ?

>> No.56347347

>Marneus Calgar and some peasants killing a thousand Nightlords

No. No it doesn't.

>> No.56347351

>Lord of Change has a name composed of 108 parts.


>> No.56347358

why does his chainsword have tentacles

>> No.56347366

>Hive fleet flying circus

>> No.56347368

When are new SoB models dropping?

>> No.56347372

it is, but compared to others its not the worst. think of the tentacles as a system to grapple onto an enemy and drag them towards the blade/ hold them still so he can saw into them.

not really the most practical or effective thing, but at least theres an argument to be made unlike alot of "looks cool" weaponry.

>> No.56347378

It's called a joke anon, don't get too bent out of shape.

>> No.56347380

every chainsword is, anon. it's a silly concept.

>> No.56347405

>Tau being smarter than the rest of the galaxy and actually using tactics and scientific advancement to win
reeee mary sues reeeee don't fit in 40k reeee weeaboo space communists

>> No.56347407

>a joke
No Anon, that's shitposting

>> No.56347410

>lets attack them when they are eating
just seems smart

>> No.56347413

deathwatch, kryptman and tyranids really are the best recipe for any 40k story

>> No.56347416

Chaos, aint gonna explain shit.

>> No.56347422

How are non-fagnus non-brimstone spam Tzeentch daemons?

>> No.56347427

Dont get me wrong, it the coversion is cool as fuck, and I absolutely love "rule of cool" in 40k.
ffs, my GK Grandmasters hammer is made out of books cause I think it looks cool.
My problem with it is that it makes the chainblade nearly impossible to use, since whenever you want to slice something, those tentacles get in the way.

>> No.56347429

The Death Guard got totally annihilated to deny to Nids one planet with a non-replicable process. There's trillions of bugs and only a few tens of thousands of Plague Marines - not a worthwhile trade in the least.

>> No.56347432

Plastic Familiars when?

>> No.56347438

A joke is supposed to be funny, not barely-coherent nonsense.

>> No.56347440

I posted it and just wanted to have a joke not start any mass shitposting anon.

>> No.56347444


>> No.56347445

Hey, those are actually pretty cool looking....
>see naked furry cat lady

>> No.56347449

yeah id be upset too but they're nightlords aka the worst legion/warband. They are canonically the most tactically incompetent group of space marines in the galaxy

>> No.56347451

Okay i found some dice i picked up in a kit a while ago. Rolled them and got my True name to be comprised of these parts.
Which i rearranged to forge the name Ffak'oerhiin'ndeph.
That was fun

>> No.56347453

they'll release alongside sisters

>> No.56347455

Silver Tower.

>> No.56347459

But it is funny killjoy

>> No.56347461

now do the use-name

>> No.56347472

This Tyranid vs Chaos shit is the most boring and shit thing to happen to /tg/ in a while.

>> No.56347475

Which DG Characters do you like most? Fluff and or crunch.

Foul Blightspawn, makes enemies fight second if they charged in aura, has 1 off grenade which is 2d6 instead of 1d6. Has a super flamer which is 2d6 str, ap-3 and 3 damage. 77 pts

Biologus Putrifier, has a shitty 3" range pistol which does D6 against infantry but 1 against vehicles. Buffs grenades of other guys next to him to do a MW on a 6 and have one more str and 1 more damage (So D6, S4, Ap0, 2d). Great with stratagem to have every plague marine throw a grenade, so you'd get like 10d6. 74 pts

Noxious Blightbringer, makes enemies be -1 Ld and psykers -2 Ld within 7". Makes friendly guys advance on 2 dice, picking highest. Has a plasma pistol and a bell that does 2 damage. 70pts

Surgeon, has +1 to hit and wound vs Space Marine infantry. Has a power sword. Reroll 1s on your disgustingly resilient. 64pts

Tallyman, every time you activate a stratagem, roll 2d6 and on a total of 7 you refund it. Reroll all hits in fight phase within 7" of him for your guys. Has a plasma pistol. 67pts.

>> No.56347481

>no tiny knight
>or tiny wizard
they're shit

>> No.56347482

>yfw chaos familiars get plastic models before SOB
sisterfags will stay eternally cucked

>> No.56347488

Do you think that guardsman skull whispers the truth of the universe into the vox-ear of the knight?

>> No.56347490

>the forsaken shame of the chapter, the Nigger Company, led by Niggeroth the Grimey

>> No.56347498

Thank you anon, loving all this new Tyranid lore

>> No.56347499

/pol/ go and stay go

>> No.56347500

Not really Dawn of War 2 I am pretty certain came out before Farsight Conclaves Codex (which I think is where that fluff first came up in of T'au doing that to nids). And in DoW2 they do the same thing of poisoning the feeding pools one the hive fleet has started feeding.

Hence why at best it's at best a Pyrrhic victory for DG, it is a loss for nids end of story, they can't eat that planet and lost a lot of reserved biomass on their hive ship and all those bugs on the planet. So either loss-loss or Pyrric Victory. Really depends if you take it as Tyranids as a whole vs DG, or that specific Hive Fleet vs DG.

>> No.56347503

Call me when we get a new scarecrow.

>> No.56347515

Book with feet is my little man, you take that back

>> No.56347516

>yfw nids are better at cosplaying batman than nightlords

>> No.56347518

The 80's were a magical time.

>> No.56347522

I want the mini lord of change or the book to be part of my TSons army.

>> No.56347531

Im pretty sure those are from the 90s.

>> No.56347533

>Sneaky jew bird
>Darwin fish

>Not great

>> No.56347535

It has to be a joke.

>> No.56347538

>Planet stripped by Tyranids recolonized with no lasting issues

The fuck?

>> No.56347545

I've never seen these things on the tabletop before. What are they used for? My personal favourite is the little puppet with the club. He looks dope as fuck.

>> No.56347547

Does not change my statement.

>> No.56347549


I have this problem anon, I got good at green stuff and conversions after collecting Deldar after 3 years, now I'm rebuying, converting and carefully painting units and selling off the old ones slowly.

>> No.56347557

If I am right they were originally used to give bonuses to sorcerers but nowadays just decoration.

>> No.56347561

Oi! What's a Fleshborer Hive used for?

>> No.56347571

They are only $15 on the webstore if you are looking to pick them up.

>> No.56347575

Making tyrannofexes go boom

>> No.56347582

Tyranids are cucks and not the greatest threat.

>> No.56347592

Tentacle monsters

>> No.56347594

Using a stratagem for 40 S4 D2 shots a turn.

>> No.56347595

probably used all the dead nids to fix the planet.

>> No.56347596

The Tau plot armor meme exists for a reason, my dude.

>> No.56347598

>Giving glory of killing the enemies of Emperor to some filthy xeno or heretic.

>> No.56347601

any lorefags here?
i need help finding the name of the demon engine thingie that the lion used in one of the dark angels HH books to move his fleet around. i remember vaguely that it was called t'chala or t'chanka or something .

>> No.56347624

Technically it is. The dude that made the DG army was famous for making Dark Mechanicus conversions.
He basically played with already existing sculpts(probably in Zbrush), added a lot of new details and boom, this model.

>> No.56347628

Tuchulcha, http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Tuchulcha

>> No.56347632


>> No.56347638

Damn son, what're you running these as?

>> No.56347643

I got Goredeath LiverFury. Just need to make that sound cool i guess.

>> No.56347656

There is always best familiar.

>> No.56347661


>Barren wastes and volcanic ranges
Doesn't sound like a great place to live. Probably no agriculture or much in the ways of civilians there

>> No.56347664

"Gorefury the Liverdeath" sounds like a euphemism for crippling alcoholism

>> No.56347692

I was thinking of buying the box of skulls set and plopping the familiar I got from the SC box on top of a mound of them as an objective marker since I play Khorne and don't really have a use for him otherwise. Any other good ways to make the little guy useful?

>> No.56347693

So I should totally put four heavy thunder hammers in my deathwatch vanguard squad for a measly 120 points of wargear, right? Give me one good reason not to.

>> No.56347695

Ironically enough my Dark Eldar army is going to be pretty vanilla aside from a converted Malys and the usual messing about with minor bits. I find all the botes, Kabal units, Incubi and planes cool enough already, and I'm not entirely sure what conversions are out there for Deldar.
Post some of yours?

>> No.56347710

What does the new codex say about Octarius? Was that ever resolved or is it still ongoing? And do they mention the blood crusade?

>> No.56347711

Genestealer Cults were a rather well-designed army for 7th overall for several reasons.

They have no Special Characters or GW Sues to dilute their awesome. Their focus is less on "uber-Patriarch X" or "the greatest Primus of his time," but more on the Cults as a whole, be they corrupted Guard regiments, agriworld nutters, or Forgeworld proletariat.

They had a very strong theme, and could either be built as an "ambusher" army, or as a War Rig army.
They had a small selection of units but very little overlap in roles. There was enough of a point for most units in their army, and unlike Harlequins, Skitarii, or Cult Mech, they could easily "cover their bases" and run as a pure army.
Their Ambush rules in many ways were a massive "Fuck you" to Scatpack Eldar.
They didn't have "Huge" minis like Riptides, Wraithknights, Centurions, aircraft, etc.
They had a good combination of buff-characters, which combined with Unquestioning Loyalty made them matter.

It did have assorted annoyances, like the fact that the HQs had fixed wargear (Does *every* Cult Primus have a standard-issue Needle Pistol?) but overall it was a really well-rounded army, that took a classic army, and gave them the tools to deal with most threats while not being OP over the rest.

PS: Were this still 7th, I imagined this sort of list would have been an interesting alternative to the "Subterranean Uprising" builds. It does exploit a loophole and use the Demo Claw in an unintended way, but would have been a surprising spoiler.

>> No.56347721

Oh, it's you again

>> No.56347723

>hits on 4s
>with only 2 attacks
>on a unit that costs nearly 200 points
>with T4 3+ W1
You're one crazy son of a bitch.
Do it for the Emprah

>> No.56347724

only do it if you have some meat shields with storm shields

and baby thunderhammers, of course

>> No.56347725

I just have him follow my sorcerer around and he leaves the field if my sorcerer dies, honestly your idea would be great I might steal it.

>> No.56347727

It's 4th ed

>> No.56347743

go to sleep anti-carnac

>> No.56347750

Show those Dragoons, man!

>> No.56347752

I do wish DW had W2 and a baked in 6++ or something, don't even play them, but, they need some more viability.

>> No.56347768

But why are they so fat and ugly?

>> No.56347773

Thats more Nurgles thing i think.
How bout Fury of Gore the Livery of Death? I know its slightly cheating the system by adding Of but it just sounds better in my head.

>> No.56347774

What's the best chapter rules for a primaris only army?

>> No.56347777

Where can I download 40k audiobooks?

>> No.56347781

Poor nutrition in the underhive.

>> No.56347789

None of them

The internets. Also nice quads

>> No.56347792

Leviathan because I like to roll 6s and ignore wounds

>> No.56347795


>> No.56347815


>> No.56347818

How many Sisters do you need on the field to be viable?

>> No.56347830

I'll probably run kraken/behemoth/Kronos as "my dudes".

>> No.56347843

Horrible recast there.

10 to 20 Melta dominion minimum with their respective 2-4 Repressor. Then add whatever you like.

>> No.56347844

Who needs boring buzzword stuff like "board presence", and "surviving turn one" anyways!
Meat shields?! What do I look like, a guy made out of points??

>> No.56347847

>he uses recast sisters

>> No.56347851

I'm gonna put him on the same base as my (kitbashed) dark apostle

>> No.56347855

I checked http://audiobookbay.me/ but there are still many missing.

>> No.56347862

thanks !

>> No.56347864

Cheap as fuck though.

>10 to 20 Melta dominion
That's a lot of Melta

>He cares

>> No.56347867

Adb is a terrible writer, around fan fiction level, and an obnoxious sjw.

So most of 40kg hates him for the former while 70% of 40kg hate him doubly so for the latter

>> No.56347878


>Orks getting a win

I'm an Ork player and even I think that's wildly improbable.

>> No.56347887

any in particular you are missing?

>> No.56347890

If you think that is a lot of melta then they are not your army.

Meltaguns every day all day. Let your tanks do the horde control

>> No.56347893

This is the first time they’ve been elaborated on this much, hence new fluff. Never said they were a new hive fleet, only that they got new lore

>> No.56347895

>valrak links another one if his videos again
>click on it unwittingly again
>hear his voice, and close video.

Played like a damn fiddle me was.

>> No.56347898

Not as much as

>> No.56347909

>they are not your army.
They aren't, a buddy and I just have some recasts and for fun we're throwing them onto the table with some Marines. Shits and giggles and all that.

Suddenly, the meme makes sense.

>> No.56347914

I can get behind disliking someone for bad writing. Nebulous hate for 'sjw' of just having women and people of color as characters existing that aren't space marines I think is pants on head retarded. But, hey, everyone has their opinion, and like assholes, they get washed once a day when showered, unless they are "that guy".

>> No.56347933

It's been so profitable in terms of biomass the Hive Mind has been using it as a farm.

>> No.56347934

We don' deserve you, anon. You are like cinnamon in this pile of shit. I love you.

>> No.56347945

Hand of Darkness and Eye of Night.

>> No.56347948

You can have poc and women in your writing without being an sjw.

People just hate the virtue signaling most sjw do.

I know I do and I'm a poc.

>> No.56347953

You could get 60 MM in 7th by using every single FoC slot, mind you it was like 4k+ points.

If you are adding SoB it is either for the Retribution Heavy Bolters meme support or for 36"+2D6" turn 1 threat range meltas.

>> No.56347965

Blowing away hordes, in theory.

>> No.56347971

I've got a couple questions from a game last night.

When you use the Command Re-roll Stratagem for a psychic test die, I only re-roll a single doe correct? My opponents and my team-mate were convinced the Errata on re-rolls meant I had to re-roll both.

What is considered hull for measurement? The rules on page 176 tell you to measure to vehicle hulls. Is a gun barrel considered part on the hull? If not, does this mean that you can move within 1" of enemy barrels or that barrels can extend past your deployment zone.

>> No.56347987

Is a Culexus or Eversor Assassin worth an Auxiliary detachment when you only have around 5CP to start with?

>> No.56347992


40k already has good representation, theres no reason to tolerate SJWs infecting the hobby to virtue signal and ruin it for everyone else

>> No.56347994

/pol/-types would have you gassed if they could. Anyone on the side of the anti-SJW is a self-hater.

>> No.56347997

Yeah when the virtue signaling happens it is eye-roll worthy. Thankfully of the main two things I have read there hasn't been any of that. The Caiphas Cain stuff and Blood Angel's Omnibus. That and the HH book on Mars taking place during the battle for Mars that ends with the Void Dragon, that was a cool book.

>> No.56348005

Eldar could do something derperiffic like:

2 Aspect Hosts.
Each with 3 x 10 Fire Dragons, and Exarch.

230 x 3 x 2 = 1380 points, 60 Meltaguns.

Of course, Eldar were about dem Warp Spiders...

>> No.56348013

>plopping the familiar I got from the SC box
Which one?

>> No.56348021

>When you use the Command Re-roll Stratagem for a psychic test die, I only re-roll a single doe correct? My opponents and my team-mate were convinced the Errata on re-rolls meant I had to re-roll both.

The stratagem specifies that its only one die, if an ability says "reroll charge distance" or "reroll whatever" then you reroll ALL dice. So for example if you rolled a 6 and a 1 you can use the stratagem, keep the 6 and reroll the 1 instead of using a buff and rerolling both of them.

>> No.56348026

One die.

"The Hull" ignores turrets, sponsons, etc. Airborne wingtips do count though.

>> No.56348038

Was just thumbing through my codex, if it's a conversion, how come none of the main pieces match to anything we currently have? The entire thing would have to have some serious greenstuff work.

>> No.56348047

They aren't currently converted at all, I was just saying that if I hadn't made them before I came up with my Genetor army theme I would have done them differently.

I think at some point I'll go back and replace all my bog-standard Skitarii with GSC Skittles like pic related, so as to denote sneakiness and give the Genetors a bit of a different look, or if Breachers ever get their well-deserved massive points drop I'll just buy a fuckton of rat-ogres and make enough Breachers to use those as Troops while swarming the enemy with admech cloned cannon fodder Not!Conscripts.

>> No.56348048

I dont get id :DDDDD:D

>> No.56348067

tfw you reroll into double 6's.

>> No.56348071

Keep telling yourself that. Youre deluded and need to learn tolerance.

The only instances of racial violence I've ever encountered was by vapid sjw antifa soyboys.

>> No.56348090

where does that happen?

>> No.56348102


>> No.56348111 [SPOILER] 

I love you too, anon

>> No.56348124

Eldar Ranger, because they've been out of stock for a month

>> No.56348125 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56348127


But if you really want to see them I just got started on painting them properly, in among forty other projects and Uni applications.

>> No.56348132

Are Deathwatch just complete dogshit or could I make an army of them and not get steamrolled every game. Want to have some varying dudes of my own but also do not want to be miserable

>> No.56348134

Great to see the finest sentinel pilots the imperium has to offer. Praise the four armed Emperor

>> No.56348152

Thank you for these. Can we get the page for Hive fleet Hydra too anon? Please

>> No.56348165 [DELETED] 

I'm fine with white pride marches. I'm not fine with upper middle class white trust fund kiddies trying to stab me for wearing a stupid hat.

>> No.56348196

depends on your meta, they are a bottom of the barrel in part because they are super expensive but you can make them work if your meta isnt full on tourney tryhards. A couple of vet squads, some flyers, bikes or something, you can make them work.

>> No.56348214

I present you my 8th SoB meme list.
Taurox are there because are OP guys so more dakka the better.
Also remember the time GW said flamers are super good, here we have a lot of flamers that are super cool.

Might Replace the entire Vanguard Detachment for a Knight, because you got to have a center piece model.

>> No.56348227


Oh god your death guard Swarmlord is in such a stupid pose

>> No.56348238

it'll always be an uphill battle, since they're basically just marines that are twice as expensive

They do fucken great in ZM-style boards, though.

>> No.56348243

Given how fucked up the economics of making a detatchment of SoB is, I am now thinking of a detatchment of AdMech to slap with my IG. I mean I have an old metal celestine (which I should remove from her base and stripe then repaint). AdMech would work better, thinking like 500-1k points as an adjunct to IG to repair and give them some long range fire support against vehicles (because I can always need more S7-S8 shots). Any advice on what to smack together for something like that?

>> No.56348251

How many points does it cost to give the Demon Prince of Nurgle some wings? I can't find the cost.

>> No.56348268

Wings are for queers.

>> No.56348274

It's the white lower classes you need to worry about.

Seriously m8, you ever left the city?

>> No.56348289

It's free in the death guard codex.

>> No.56348301

>Cheap as fuck though

This is why recastfags are morons. Why would you WASTE money on something so bad you SHOULDN'T EVEN BE PAYING FOR IT.

Although with SoB, I can let it slide, because your only alternative is expensive metals that aren't even worth buying either.

>> No.56348304

>white lower class.
You mean poor, the concept of classes has long gone out of the window.

>> No.56348317

>Wings are for queers.


>> No.56348320

It was FAQd.

A DP with wings is 170pts. So with a weapon its 180.

>> No.56348323

The thing is anon recast for the most of part is basically paying someone to recast for you.
You are paying the man hours more than anything.

>> No.56348330

t. man who's never left the city

>> No.56348339

I grew up in rural/suburban areas. Alot more peaceful than cities.

>> No.56348340

Country people are nicer than city people.

>> No.56348352

When are they going to release the full Christmas catalogue? I need to do some planning and see if I want the new battleforce boxes or not.

>> No.56348358

Hmm, so my Vindicator can deploy with the gun beyond my deployment zone? Where is this specified?

>> No.56348360 [DELETED] 

No. Poor black people will rob you because they are poor and the results of generations of dysgenics. Poor (right wing) people will kill you because they hate you for your skin color.

>> No.56348361

The same one from >>56347656 - he comes with the terminator lord sprue for the Start Collecting CSM box.

>> No.56348370

I said that to him in a previous thread when he asked but would he listen? Noooooo.

>> No.56348372

Pls rate my lads, 1500p. I need some improvements.

++Vanguard detachment +1CP++


Venerable dread
>Assault cannon, C&C with storm bolter


Company ancient

Company veterans
>3 with plasma guns, power sword

Company veterans
>3 with plasma guns, power maul

>2 storm bolters

++Spearhead detachment +1CP++

>servoharness, Power axe

>4 with bolter, 4 with lascannon

>4 lascannons

>4 lascannons

>2 storm bolters

>> No.56348375

Of course. Try being just a little bit different. Ain't a lot of tolerance for queers or negroes in the country.

>> No.56348382

Hello 40k general

My friend plays Eldar and he has his codex shenanigans...I play Tau

-1 to hit globally with buffs to make it -3...I like building my lists to be all comers, but holy fuck do I have just have to mass flamers?

>> No.56348384

Its the urban lower classes that are the most dangerous since the larger a city becomes the less humane people are and also the more expensive living it it becomes which further marginalizes the poor in these cities, its why small cities/towns are more candid while there's gun violence and drug trafficking in big city ghettos.

>> No.56348388

>memes are not reality
This is not even stereotypes that have some bases in reality, this is just memes.

>> No.56348391

Stop being a scaredy faggot.

>> No.56348397

The fucking irony of this post is astounding.

>> No.56348407

I'm a poc, things are fine in the country.

>> No.56348416

Huh, I had no idea. Neat

>> No.56348419

Oh BOI you need to go out more.
What next the red are going to launch the nuke next?

>> No.56348421

>t. white city boy

>> No.56348434

Did you actually read what I wrote? It's not a conversion, but he is recycling some of the bigger shapes and silouettes. The magic of 3d modelling.

>> No.56348437

avatar fag get out

>> No.56348443

Yeah Eldar cheese really kills the tau.
You can ask him to tone it down in order to make games fair, we do that sometimes now that my friends play Necrons, Tzeench daemons, Tau, Nids and Orks.
We're usually pretty light on the cheese in order to have more fun.

Alternatively you can punch him in the dick, it's the only way of winning.

>> No.56348450

>Seriously m8, you ever left the city?
Have you?

>> No.56348464



>> No.56348476

Bikes are actually pretty good melee units and their terminators can take meltaguns in addition to their stormbolters so they can counter armor and infantry alike, if you are aiming for a mixed killteam try to have a role in mind for them

>> No.56348479

Youre a stupid pose

>> No.56348480

The irony of having to prove I'm not white to some lefty loon on an anonymous Mongolian jizz flute board.

I had to go to university in the city, worse experience of my life.

Country is hands down better than city.

>> No.56348483

Blacks and homos are more violent.

>> No.56348487

Can a Psker buff itself.

>> No.56348497

Hit mod creep is killing 8th fast, as the solution appears to be "smite, attempt to melee, or go home." Which, if you're Tau or Necrons or some other armies, the first two aren't usually options.

>> No.56348513

Orks and their fluff aren't about winning, they're about having a gud laff and getting into shenanigans

>> No.56348524

So for a small 500 point Ad Mech detatchment to give me some Ad Mech to smack wrenches on my Imperial Guard.

2x Tech-Priest Enginseer
1xSkitarii Rangers, Omnispex, Transuranic Arquebus, Alpha with a Power Sword. Full 10 man.
2xOgnar Dune Crawlers with Neutron Laser + Cognis Heavy Stubber (the combined option, not an additional Heavy Stubber). IDK which FW is best since they are more of a static formation to sit back and support what I already have.

>> No.56348528

>TFW you exclusively built your army as mk3 and mk4 marines cause you wanted to double dip into HH

I'm still cannon mother fuckers.

>> No.56348536

Of course it is real.

Because you're a submissive bitch.

They have the excuse of being disenfranchised. What reason to Nazi cunts have?

>> No.56348562

>a rogue Tumblrite shits up the thread

Time to burn it down and start anew.

>> No.56348570 [DELETED] 

>Because you're a submissive bitch

Like I said, only instances of racism I get is from lefties.

Fuck I even have a white wife and that's never been an issue.

Take a moment to reflect on the irony of this situation.

>> No.56348575

Except they are clearly building up to another party on Armageddon and Ghazz ended up on Octarius. It's pretty clear that he'll clear out the bugs and gather the biggest WAAAGH the Imperium has ever seen.
The Beast-sized Ghaz. Yes.

>> No.56348583

He's probably not even worth bothering with. These people are so entrenched in their mindset that even if you show them hard proof they don't relent. Hopefully he's just trolling, I feel sorry for him.

More importantly, what the fuck are these people doing in 40kg? I know 1d4 was fucked, but now tg itself?

>> No.56348618

>1xSkitarii Rangers, Omnispex, Transuranic Arquebus, Alpha with a Power Sword. Full 10 man.

Ohgodwhy. Cut to 5 mans, take another Arquebus, drop the Power Sword and buy the two extra Stubbers on your Dunecrawlers, since one Arquebus is a bit pathetic and all those other Rangers are doing jack shit.
Otherwise cool. Take Stygies Forge World for -1 To Hit snipers, Mars for generically Better Mech 'cause X2 Canticles are shiny. Mars is probably better since you lack any other buff bubbles aside from the Reroll Ones you can get from Canticles and Shroudpsalm giving your Dunecrawlers 2+ armour 5+ Reroll Ones invuln. Congratulations, your Dunecrawler is now capable of out-tanking Land Raiders if you fix it a couple times.

>> No.56348619

That's what I figure.

Anyways if anyone is interested I ran most of the numbers for tyranid melee last night and I'll throw them up on a Google doc tonight, in like 5 hours

>> No.56348620

/pol/ leaks sometimes and while most people have the good sense to ignore them and not engage SOME liberal faggots take the bait and have to spout off about the shit social media tells them is true.

>> No.56348627

This sort of argument works on twitter or facebook where you can tie what you say to an actual identity, but in 4chan, it's all Anonymous, so why argue based on your identity?

>> No.56348628

>I know 1d4 was fucked

Of course the cancer spread from 1d4chan.
That shit should have died years ago.

>> No.56348631


>> No.56348648

>They have the excuse
Anyways, urban populations are dramatically more violent than rural ones. It's just part of what happens when you start cramming more people into a smaller area.

>> No.56348665

>play SoB for years
>first army back in 4th
>always felt like I have enough bodies
>had plenty of weapons
>suddenly 8th edition
>need to double my special weapons
>not even my 9 immolators can make up the difference
>army is only top tier because repressors are hilariously undercosted
>cant even enjoy a game with them
>first army you loved for years has been sitting in a box for over a month
I can't take it, guys. I feel like crying.

>> No.56348672

Thank you, no experience with Ad Mech, just was reminded that I wanted to have some at some point when remembering what books I had for 40k. So I got the list saved up, should be a fun different thing to build and paint up, and something different to bring to the LGS to spice things up with my IG.

>> No.56348707

Only to whites.

Literally the opposite of what you said is true. Grew up in a major metro area, the white dudes are totally fine, tons of diversity. Go to the military, all racist redneck faggots who never seen anyone other than a mexican or black.

>> No.56348709

This is why you should paint your tau red

>> No.56348711



>> No.56348720

People are free to take my word or disregard.

Readers choice.

>> No.56348742

This is false, country white people have always been nicer to me than city white folk.

>> No.56348743

That's pretty reasonable. The problem is people don't apply this logic to other products, like the resources it takes to hire, design, sculpt, inject, package, store, ship, and sell plastic models that GW does.

>> No.56348747

Just don't use your fucking Repressors then faggot. Nothing is forcing you to use Repressors.

>also SoB player from 4th
>don't own any Repressors
>don't run meltagun spam
>still run 4 flamer dominions in an Immolator from 4th because it was hilaroius
>have fun
>feel good to be playable again

>> No.56348771

People who live in the country or come from an area known for "hospitality" are obviously going to be more polite on the average level, but don't pretend country bumpkins are more "progressive" than urbanites. Why do you think all the neo-Nazis and KKKs are from the country?

Try being Asian in the countryside.

>> No.56348827

Just shut the fuck up, holy shit.

>> No.56348833

>Just don't use your fucking Repressors then faggot. Nothing is forcing you to use Repressors.
I have no repressors. I've already wanted one just to have, but FW stopped carrying them before I could. Now, I'd have to recast and look like a bigger waacfag.

>>also SoB player from 4th
>>don't own any Repressors
>>don't run meltagun spam
>>still run 4 flamer dominions in an Immolator from 4th because it was hilaroius
>>have fun
>>feel good to be playable again
My problem is that I just don't have enough special weapons. I have bolters for days, but I have a mighty need for everything for the first time in what feels like forever.

>> No.56348837

>You can see that Andy Chambers wrote this.
Oh God, he's back? Please tell me he is. He's easily my favorite writer, not to mention an original.

That nigger put his nose to the grindstone for a dark eldar series. The only dark eldar series. And seamlessly bridged the old deldar lore (first books) with the revamp deldar lore (latter books) without missing a beat.

>> No.56348866

>I've never experienced the racism you speak of, therefore it doesn't exist

Holy fucking shit is this cracker serious

>> No.56348871

>don't pretend country bumpkins are more "progressive" than urbanites

That would imply progressives are good people.

>> No.56348887

Deal with it whitey.

>> No.56348890

Unfortunately I think it was just a one-off, so atm he's not back. I don't know what the fuck he is doing at Blizzard though, cuz they're just pumping out complete shit and it's not like him at all

>> No.56348906

No, it would imply progressives are less racist towards non-whites than non-progressives are, which is true, because progressives try way too hard to be progressive and virtue signal.

>> No.56348907

>Try being Asian in the countryside.

Tried it and it's pretty great, m8. White chick's are less controlling than asian ones. Just don't get caught stealing someone's dog.

>> No.56348922

SoB are over priced metal. 10 sisters are like £8 when recast. I buy them at that price and then use my money on buying actual minis. Just had aggressors and a librarian arrive today.
Call it stupid if you want, but at the end of the day I have models that look fine on a table, legit models that I want and money in the bank. Win Win.

>> No.56348945

Well if what you say is true and the country is 100% racism all day everyday. I'd have experienced something.

>Tfw cletus and his brother cousin doesn't show up on your front lawn to get shot

>> No.56348959

There was a guy somewhere who made Repreasors out of Rhinos and the Garden Of Mor scenery thing. He used the mausoleums as the crew compartments. Looked cool.

I don't have a huge number of special weapons either but I get on fine. Celestine is a good way to tie up vehicles and 4 meltas Retributors in an Immolator can delete a tank on turn 1.

>> No.56349016


>> No.56349028

Wuads demand a proper answer. Audiobookbay

>> No.56349040

Fuck sake.

>> No.56349057

>christopher poole

>> No.56349060

lil wizard- 1ksons
book with feet- word bearers
scarecrow - night lords
cat girl - emperors children
skellyman - death guard
lil knights- world eaters
golum - Iron warriors
lil dragon - Alpha Legion

does that sound right?

>> No.56349142

I really hate what Celestine (and all. Super heroes aka named characters) has become. As much fun as 5th edition was, I hated that I was required to use Celestine after the WD because she was cheaper than a canoness, who also couldn't take a jump pack anymore because reasons GW won't say because it was likely an oversight that was carried through the editions via shitty copy+paste.

I still haven't bought the new model yet because the thought of how fucking powerful she was/still is makes me not even want to think about it. When I do use her, it's my old metal one I painted forever ago because GW very clearly did not make her for us SoB players. She was wonder woman to Bobby G's Superman and that was all GW had intended.

>> No.56349715

>Well if what you say is true and the country is 100% racism all day everyday

Good thing nobody said that then dipshit

>> No.56351239

Anyone else miss snotlings? We have cute nurglings we should be able to have snots too.

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