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my dudes = your dudes

ya'll are alright

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are dakkacents worth taking?

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more like still no plastic sisters edition. hehe....

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First for Nids being OP.

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>not even first
>nids not even close to OP
Did you even try

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The feminist 40k shitheads should choose to die on the hill of plastic sisters rather than female space marines, they's get their diversity and we'd get our waifus. Eeeeveryone's happy.

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>Soon you'll be dead and this shitposting will come to an end

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gw can't even stock their current products.

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>Imperial Fists are pretty cool, they're the sons of Rogal Dorn, a misunderstood primarch, lauded as an expert tactician when it comes to defensive deployment.
>In the lore the Imperial Fists are famed for owning the single strongest space-fort in the imperium. They like to get shit done by the book.

I wish Imperial Fists would get their own book or special units. It seems like if you're a codex-compliant chapter that isn't Ultras, GW doesn't give a flying fuck about you. Both Imperial Fists and Iron Hands have fuck all when it comes to special characters and units.

My hope is that if GW ever releases Dorn, they could activate the Last Wall Protocol in the lore so that you could make armies out of IF and all its sub-chapters. It would look amazing AND be fluffy. It would also help out with GW fucking them over support-wise, for the Crimson Fists special shit and Black Templars could be used.

Lots of layers that if you fuck up in the slightest on can ruin the model. Or you can cheat and use an airbrush.

It also depends on if you want to paint them proper yellow or use the shitty/lazy off-yellow/orange people love to use.

>As a new person looking to get into the game, is starting wtih Tyranids a bad idea?
Not bad at all, but I recommend waiting until the codex releases.

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Nth for pondering familiar.

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Whatre you guys working on

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>female space marine

will it happen?
feels like it could

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So which Space Marine units in the Codex are currently underpowered trash that you never see and require fixing?

Use hard numbers as proof if possible.

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This hobby is like a drug. I cant stop spending my money on models

I need off this ride

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Waiting for the rain to stop so I can paint my fucking Custodes. Literally a week and a half of this shit.

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>will it happen?

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stripping some old models.

speaking of anyone know a good way to take apart super glued stuff without that niggling fear of breaking something.

super clean has wobbled some stuff out but theres stuff like the guns on my tank that I want to take out and put magnets on but won't budge.

Also any good guides/advice for magnetising weapons?
Do I just cut a hole and stick two magnets in?

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But the ride never ends.

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just spray at the edge of your garage?

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So, TH/SS terminator clocks in at 51 points
double LC terminator is 43 points

Company veteran on bike with TH/SS is 55 points

Company vet on bike with power maul/sword + storm shield is 44 points

Company vet on bike with power axe + storm shield is 46 points

They can't deep strike but they're T5 3++ and can move 22" and then assault if white scars.

Honestly they seem pretty good even without the price cut that bikers got in the codex.

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That's definitely the way I plan on looking at it. I won't be able to actually play much, but I really dig their look and the lore.

It probably won't really be much of a wait. I'm looking forward to getting into the game, but I might not really dive in until January or later. Thanks for the heads up. Also, is the codex so important? Should I skip getting the Index?

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Depends on how bad GW wants to appease people who won't ever buy their product. But then again GW and business sense don't tend to go together so honestly, I think it's a toss up at this point.

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I imagine the humidity would effect the garage inside too.

Plastic crack beats street crack!

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>Dark Angels get their Codex before Orks

Next I'm expecting Iron Hands to get a Codex before orks

Fuck maybe even Rak'Gol before Orks

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I've got some krylon plastic bonding white paint.
is that good for priming?

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or Tau before orks

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Centurion Devs, 155 points each with lascannons and missile launcher for a T5 3W M4 model with no invuln.

Whirlwinds are garbage, 100/109 for 3 range 72" boltguns or a twin autocannon.

Normal Terminators are statistically really undergunned. Vanguard Vets are too expensive with wargear and too weak without it.

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So what role is T'au plasma supposed to fill? Weaker and just as reliable as Imperial plasma. Neither range or shots too.
Airbursts too, those always sucked aswell I guess.

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What'd be wrong with that, git

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cause they managed to "balance" tau before orks

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People play terminators because they're cool not because they're good. Bikes do out preform them given you aren't even mentioning they get a stormbolter as well and can take special guns and stormshields.

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>So, TH/SS terminator clocks in at 51 points
31 + 5 + 16 = 52, so you were off by a point
In Chapter Approved, Assault Termies are dropping to 26ppm like standard Terminators according to the rumours, which would put them at 47ppm.

>They can't deep strike but they're T5 3++ and can move 22" and then assault if white scars.
Only one unit can use that strat per turn and the max unit size is 5 models.

So you could have a grand total of 11 attacks turboboosting into combat, hitting on 4s. For 275 points.

Do you not realize how atrociously bad that is?

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No, GW isn't going to torpedo the 40k IP to cater to Marxist ideologues that don't play the game.

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Well i hope that 3 10 man tac squads with flamers and one 15 man Jump pack Death Company Squads with 2 suicide melta assault squads will be enough to tie them up.

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>they focus fire your squishy cannon fodder just so they feel like they killed something this turn

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they thought it was a good idea to make all their stuff unbuyable. Don't even know if they like money.

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Plasma is better than burst cannon+ats vs meq.

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Freezer overnight, then be gentle.

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Who was in the right here?

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does this melt minis?

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>Meanwhile Custodes.

52 points per model BASE, no chapter tactic, only one super expensive transport, and meh stats.

Either FW needs to release the proper 40k rules for the rest of their army or GW needs to give them some buffs. The half-assed 'codex update' they released just nerfed them with the new edition.

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Hellblasters with assault guns any good? not much reason to overcharge....

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What about Marxists who do?

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grab a section of old sprue, give it a blast, see what happens.

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Don't be so sure about that, Kiddo

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>they thought it was a good idea to make all their stuff unbuyable

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Is the vanilla Taurox worth fielding?

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well I mean when you make a unit cost like 80 dollars in your store.

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Hm, points per wound wise?

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yes they're statistically the best of all 3 against all targets outside of 15"

the rapid fire ones beat them when they get within 15"

seems like a case of thunder hammers being shit when spammed desu.

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Rumor has it Custards might be expanded, one of the new armies with codices GW said 8th would have way back. DG being the first of that.

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All of my Tyranids from the lowliest gaunt up to the mightiest Tyrant are female. This is the future liberals want.

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That's not "unbuyable", you fucking poorfag.

Considering everything is constantly going out of stock GW clearly isn't having problems selling their shit because of prices.

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The Primaris Apothecary seems like a mean guy. Hes just standing on the corpse of a dead marine.

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I dont believe so. You dont really want Scions in Transports as it is. Maybe in a Sion theme list?

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>eat nonstop
>ruin everything
>screeching nonstop

Sounds about right

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Finished anons dubs win
Sorry i couldn't do marines malevolent

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If you want to get a cheap ass transport for your guard but don't care about it actually surviving past the first 2 turns, then it's very good. Otherwise a Chimera works better.

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>Deepstriking flyer.

Why is this a thing? I can't see any real reason for it.

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Custodes are 40 base, its like 286 for 5 with shields and a banner. The crunch for what is required to kill them is pretty insane as well.

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Tyrants are male.

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>mfw you can get 7 (new point cost) boltstorm aggressors for 245 and kill 8 marines per turn on average with just their guns rather than the 4.6 of the company vets and thunder hammer termies

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Whoops. Wrong link

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There is nothing substantial to this rumour. It has no verifiable trustworthy source. It's about as legit as the "Sisters in January" rumour.

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Your dudes look into the sky and see this what do they do?

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It's easy to run out of stock when you only make small batches of models and have a shitty distribution chain.

>> No.56299821

do people really buy from games workshop when they basically double the price of everything. I just assumed they never restocked, like I can buy the stuff out of stock on any other site for cheaper.

>> No.56299823

it was supposed to represent a dramatic vertical drop

>> No.56299833

>teleports behind it and leaves

>> No.56299834

Bad news anon

>> No.56299835

Nevermind, I just realised its the Prime which can only transport Tempestus.Its a decent option for Mechanised Infantry.

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260 for 5 base / 5 = 52.

245 /5 49 if you only take them with swords.

>> No.56299840

It is a bit more plausible than that one.
Given the recent BL books had an emphasis on Custodes returning to the front line. That amounting to nothing would be a bit of a letdown

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>GW prices aren't a problem you're just poor

>> No.56299850

Got the rest of my IG squad assembled and primed and the black on my marines is complete.

>> No.56299853

Plasma is only 1 point more than burst. Basically if you take an extra plasma is beats burst+ats on suits.

>> No.56299854

Them being cheap is the main draw. A trio of them happen to slot perfectly into my left over points and would do exactly what I need them to do, namely ferry my Infantry Squads/Company Commanders into pew pew range.

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...yes. Exactly.

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>Using the shitty looking eisenkern models.

Dude, even the regular IG models look better than them.

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>> No.56299883

What about it?

>> No.56299891

Inferior to nazi resin.

>> No.56299898

Thats a fucking amazing model

>> No.56299905

Can't say I agree. The Stormtroopers look pretty good and the generic IG sculpts don't do anything for me.

>> No.56299914

That's not base, its fully equipped. 54 ppm for 3w t5 3++, isn't some obscene point cost.

>> No.56299915

Making all of the models in the UK doesn't help. Costs more and doesn't really provide any benefit.

Then there's the whole "we don't drop prices because we told our investors we wouldn't twelve years ago" thing.

>> No.56299917

Looking over the CA "leaks"
Honestly, the numbers look plausible, what you'd expect, and most importantly nothing crazy. Which makes me think the leak might actually be legit.

>> No.56299927

I doubt it because I don't believe they'd drop Defilers even more.

>> No.56299933

We're close enough to release that it's very likely legit. I agree nothing in there is stupid or crazy.

>> No.56299934

>Making all of the models in the UK doesn't help
How much better would things be if they added an american production branch, honest question?

>> No.56299939

I'm pretty sure they're asexual.

>> No.56299943

Defilers are currently garbage and not selling any models so why wouldn't they drop them?

>> No.56299944

No BA or DA in the leaks makes me think theyre comin first

>> No.56299948

Now this is shitposting.

In unrelated news, templates back when?

>> No.56299950

>Sailor Moon Celestine
>not Sailor Moon Fulgrim

>> No.56299957

Is there such a thing as too much plasma for imperial units?

>> No.56299958

The 3rd edition Codex explicitly states they're the male counterparts to Dominatrixes.

>> No.56299960

54 ppm for 3w WS2+ S5 T5 3++ AP-3 damage D3 is not bad at all

In fact they blatantly beat thunder hammer storm shields terminators against literally anything below T9.

Their only (and major) drawback is the lack of deep strike.

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>> No.56299970

They are, that's already confirmed dumbass.

>> No.56299971

It only reaches the level of "too much plasma" when there's nothing left to shoot at with all the plasma you brought.

>> No.56299975

I honestly wonder at 1d4chan saying to not worry about special weapons on infantry squads when it's 7 point plasma. 7!!!!

>> No.56299977

they straight up said BA and DA are coming out this year, last week.

>> No.56299978

Probably BA end of November, DA early December, followed by CA.
There'd be no sense in including them in CA even if CA came earlier cause why copy in codex changes.

I wonder what other changes we're missing. FW is supposed to be included, dunno what needs to be nerfed other than malefics.

>> No.56299981

Get a job.

>> No.56299983

>be giant ass daemon/hive tyrant
>lose to space marine in single combat
How the fuck does this happen? Even if the space marine was really good at fighting he can only really hit them in the leg or dodge their attacks. And most of these things are really fast and even more skilled at fighting, and in some cases have multiple weapons

>> No.56299987

>Probably BA end of November, DA early December, followed by CA.
They're probably doing BA and DA as a same-day release just like CSM and GK were.

>> No.56299990

Actually with plasma being 13 points and hotshot volley guns going down in price, volley guns are a very legitimate pick over plasma now.

>> No.56299994

Probably much better in both cost to manufacture and capacity. The US is heavily invested into manufacturing and has high-skilled workers.

It would probably still be a lot cheaper to just mass-produce in China, though.

>> No.56299998

>I wonder what other changes we're missing
A lot, the rumours weren't meant to be comprehensive, just a sampling of stuff.

Every army is seeing points adjustments like the ones we saw for Marines and DG.

>> No.56300000

Librarian Dreadnought is so fucking good

>> No.56300006

Because 40k writers are shit.

>> No.56300013

Painting yellow on knees of my space marines is going to make me shoot myself. i am on like 5 coats and it still doesn't look good enough to me. They are really thin coats but still.

>> No.56300016

>tfw FW moves all production to china making all FW models chinacast

>> No.56300017

Digits confirm

>> No.56300019

Sometimes anon, the right man in the wrong place, can make all the difference in the world.

>> No.56300023

Don't prime black.

>> No.56300024

Defilers are balanced, 12 ppm less doesn't make them good via the pleb opinion on why their bad. A double drop makes me think some rando just lazily picked different units to put at rounded off values.

>> No.56300025

Well then it must be true.

>> No.56300032

There should be an ork group made for exploding vehicles.

And I mean triggering explode. Like they just ram a bus into an army and jump out as it explodes.

>> No.56300040

>sticks head down to roar
>gets smacked in the face
>yo wtf

>> No.56300045


What army (or armies) do you have?

>> No.56300046

I primed dark grey. And then painted the space marine Red so i dont exactly have the best base for this.

>> No.56300059

HSV are heavy and normal hotshots can't rapid fire at 9.x" which makes them poor anti infantry off DS. Melta is still 12 points so they just switch and still play the same way.

>> No.56300063


Something something psychic fuckery. Maybe the gets fucked due to the psychic influence of the (grey knight) marine.

For non-psykers it's a bit harder to defend.

>> No.56300066

I mean.

Space Marines were created as a brilliant parody of everything wrong with toxic masculinity. Unfortunately later writers and designers on the game began to take their mythology literally thus missing the point entirely.

Female Space Marines would therefore do away with the original intent of space marines which was to mock milltaristic, ego driven, patriarchal societies. However that fact has been so far lost now that it probably doesn't make any difference at this point. And shit if Cawl can make chads he can make female space marines. The Lore is malleable not sacred.

What we do actually need are plastic sisters, plastic female guards women and wider representation within the model range in general of women already established in the fluff.

>> No.56300080

>Space Marines were created as a brilliant parody of everything wrong with toxic masculinity.
No, they weren't, holy shit go back to tumblr and take your fake theory shit with you.

>> No.56300082

Consider this: the fact that you're in this hobby means that you likely have autism and an addictive personality. Would you rather channel that addiction into (relatively harmless) plastic toys or into something potentially more dangerous like alcohol or substance abuse?

>> No.56300094

Stop taking the obvious bait you tard.

>> No.56300098

Dumb question, but how do I go about removing a gun from a dude so I can paint under him? Just rip it off?
Brand new to this hobby.

>> No.56300099

Is this bait?

Space marines were cool.
It wasn't a parody to have a bald space marine. It was litterally the progenitor of that.

>> No.56300103

Can you mix different units from different detachments in the same transport?

If I’m running a patrol and vanguard detachment for my IG can the hq choices from both be super best friends in the patrol detachments chimera?

And orders work across detachments as well, right?

>> No.56300104

I doubt every army will to be honest.
Marines and DG had early codices so those needed adjustments. Armies with recent or soon codices won't need adjustment either.

>> No.56300109

Yep Just don't break them.

>> No.56300113

Just rip it off man. Use a knife or something to help you if you need it.

>> No.56300114

I would like to know this too, cp points are stupid valuable so I almost think this isn't allowed.

>> No.56300117

>And shit if Cawl can make chads he can make female space marines
>took 10,000 years to make 3 things that were based off existing work(custodes)
>do something that the emperor was incapable of doing
I thing there is a pretty big gap between these two things.

>> No.56300120

Americans in particular took the parody literally which isn't surprising when the parody was about them.

Do some research. The original games workshop designers were a bunch of liberal British anarcho punks in the 80s. Space Marines were not the *good guys.* They're a caricature of everything wrong with toxic masculinity, patriarchy and masculine militaristic , fundamentalist religious societies( sound familiar 'merica?) to the point that their ideology creating one of the worst dystopias imaginable.

>> No.56300122

Yes and yes. What rule would you even think suggests otherwise?

>> No.56300125

heat it up a bit first

>> No.56300134

More worried about if a missed something. Branching into bigger games and just want to make sure my commanders can issue orders across detachment lines (all running as Cadian) or be thrown in the same starting vehicles. Thanks.

>> No.56300138

>Do some research.
This is especially hilarious considering I've been playing since Rogue Trader and have personal contact with two of the old original designers who no longer work there.

You have no idea what you're talking about and are reading way too deep into a setting that was always about pulpy science fantasy kitchen sink battles.

>> No.56300139

Do you mean the fluff, the model or the stats?
Or all three

>> No.56300140

Don't take the bait lads

>> No.56300142

Put it in the fridge

>> No.56300149

Id give her my bait.

>> No.56300150

>HSV are heavy

plasmas still better at anti-MEQ but volleyguns are pretty close even at BS4+ for being literally less than half of the cost of a plasma gun.

It also gives your scions some extra oomph against hordes, which plasma isn't superb at. Granted it requires them to stand still, but a volleygun scion is one of the few models that can almost make its points back per turn in conscripts.

Plasma guns rapid firing over charged will kill 0.93 marines for 13 points

volley gun that moved will kill 0.67 marines for 6 points

volley gun that didn't move will kill 0.89 marines at 24" for 6 points

And of course this is all just excuses for me modeling volleyguns onto my scions because I'm sick of their 1 handed plasma guns.

>> No.56300157

all 3

brought him every game and always tears it up especially when you give em the shield of sanguinius

>> No.56300159

Whoa now this is like way too toxic and male gazey.

>> No.56300182

I'm not seeing anything in the rulebook that says embarked units have to be from the same detachment.
I haven't checked the FAQs yet though

>> No.56300183

As it should be.

>> No.56300187

So I decided to finally bite the bullet and start playing/collecting 40k, thinking about getting my first army soon - a smallish (750-1000 points) Tallarn IG battalion (or a brigade if it's financially feasible).

How important is having Basilisk and other arty (like that rocket arty the name of which I forgot) in the army? Can I get away with 1-2 or none at all?

Also, is it worth taking a tank commander + 1 LR in an otherwise infantry-heavy army.

>> No.56300207

sweet, welcome to the hobby.

>How important is having Basilisk and other arty (like that rocket arty the name of which I forgot) in the army?

Not hugely, especially if you take tanks

>Also, is it worth taking a tank commander + 1 LR in an otherwise infantry-heavy army.
Speak of the devil, yes take leman russes. Commanders are always worth it just for the BS3+ alone, their orders are icing on the cake.

Tallarn in particular can outflank their leman russes which is hilarious

>> No.56300231


>> No.56300233

I hate the one handed plasma guns. Having multiples in a squad just looks flat out dumb. You cant even easily convert because of the positioning of the arm.

>> No.56300241

>Sailor Moon Fulgrim

>> No.56300242

>I was not around for and no next to nothing about rogue trader the post

>> No.56300243

Query: does the colour of lenses matter. Is it "wrong" to have say ultra marines with yellow lenses in their helmets, or any other non normal colour?

>> No.56300245

Unless you have people in China overseeing stuff being made, there is big possibility that the chinese companies making the models would stiff GW big time by making bootlegs or withholding the molds and the models made unless they pay extra to get them back, those things have happened to other gaming companies that have made stuff in China. Also Quality control would be worse, models would have alot of errors in them and the players had to do more work on models just to fix them.

>> No.56300253

For tallarn? not particularly.
Tallarn doctrines are more useful for aggressive advances, which a basilisk will not be doing.
They are very good gunline regiments such as cadians though.

>> No.56300256

This is why the US is better industry is protected out the ass when it comes to bootlegging and quality control would be no issue.

>> No.56300258

Hi /tg/ I'm an unlucky Dark eldar and harlequins player. I regularly roll very bad dices. For example, with 18 poisoned shot I kill at most 1 space marine. How could I counter my bad luck?

>> No.56300261

I genuinely cant think of the last person I played that even painted lenses

so no

>> No.56300266 [SPOILER] 

>you knew it was coming

>> No.56300267

I would personally conspire to kill you with my bare hands internally but that's just me

>> No.56300273

Your dice could be unbalanced, try finding some new ones

>> No.56300274

They somehow learned the Daemon true name and thus losing all the Daemon power juice turning the Daemon warlord into something lesser than a gretchin

>> No.56300275

Thanks anon. I can paint purple lenses better than red, for some reason. So Black Templars with purple lenses it is.

>> No.56300277


>> No.56300282

Purge your dice

>> No.56300286

>So Black Templars with purple lenses it is.
It's funny I found some art of just that earlier.

>> No.56300292


Just spend the money and never look back

>> No.56300318


>> No.56300329

Jesus fucking Christ that's a cringy comic.

>> No.56300334

Yeah and my dad's Rick Priestley. Who according to this board was a member of the alt right.

The delusion holy shit. I can't wait for /pol to die it's eventual death.

>> No.56300341

Why are space wolves and dark angels literally the worst marines?

>> No.56300354

>dark angels
>the worst
Just tell us where the plasma gun touched you already.

>> No.56300356


>> No.56300360


Statistically your 18 poisoned shots kill 2 marines so you're not by your own estimate doing much worse than average., you just need to learn to get better at the game and stop blaming dice for why you lose.

Reminds me of this autist at my club who constantly blames dice and literally builds towers of his 1s as to why he lost because he doesn't understand statistics. Don't be that guy.

>> No.56300368

You gonna buy the metal models or kitbash your own Tallarn?

>> No.56300379

>you should play necrons with all the 6s you get anon

>> No.56300380

What makes these different from everyone else?

Also, GW dice seem to be weighted so that 6's come up more often than they should.

Every Chessex set I've owned comes up with 1's way more often than they should. (Seriously, their d20's NEVER seem to get higher than a 12, and their d6's constantly roll 1's.)

>> No.56300397

A player at my store managed to hit 8 Tesla shots from 4 troops in overwatch.

It was amazing but at the same time I hate Necrons.

>> No.56300398

What exactly would a 1000 point Thousand Sons list look like for a beginner? No Magnus or defiler.

>> No.56300411 [DELETED] 

>Just tell us where the plasma gun touched you already.
Actually, it was all the way around anon

>> No.56300415

I get 1 in 6 6's everyone else anon.

>> No.56300424

I am not sure yet - the idea of making your own Lawrence of Arabia or 7th Panzer dudes is rad af but this is my first proper time doing any of the 40k stuff (did some in high school long ago but that doesn't count - I gave up before finishing a unit) so I expect to be pretty shite at it. Would buying the GW ones make it easier for a paint virgin?

Sweet, would you lads help me hammer together something resembling a list? I will post what I have so far in a few minutes.

>> No.56300428

Thoughts on my WIP Deathwatch Terminator Captain? Looking for some ideas and such.

>> No.56300442

>Just tell us where the plasma gun touched you already.
Actually, it was all the other way around anon

>> No.56300444

Come again?

>> No.56300450

It looked like an utter waste of plastic the first time you posted it and it still does.

>> No.56300454

Literally the first time I posted this, buddy.

>> No.56300458

Depending on the size of your army and whether it has a lot of infantry you'll have a lot of repeating monopose figures due to them only being in metal. Painting them different colors helps, but it still is noticeable if you got a lot of dudes.

>> No.56300459

You've posted this conversion multiple times. This is the first time you're posting it with the greenstuff, to my knowledge.

>> No.56300462

Any one tried Maulerfiends with 3 lashes? Just under 200 points and has 22 attacks +4 to hit, -2 ap, 2 D per hit. With a psyker to give it double movement you're jamming it 20" just of normal movement. Then a CP can give it a shit load of rerolls.

Seems like one hell of a missle that's going to delete units it gets near.

>> No.56300467

>Implying they won't run away and kill imperials somewhere else to hide their back stabbing nature
Good one

>> No.56300468

Is he supposed to be a space wolf?

>> No.56300473

lol no. I literally built this three hours ago.

>> No.56300479

M8 you’re confusing people’s conversions.

>> No.56300488

Eh it dies to lascannons.

>> No.56300504

Somebody else did the same conversion a couple days ago, thats the one you're thinking of.

>> No.56300508

So does everything else in the game.

>> No.56300510

The claim is that they're better balanced than other dice, so each face has a truly equal chance of being rolled.

>> No.56300513

The who did the what now? I can't hear you over the sound of that delicious Heavy D6 S8 AP-3 D3.

>> No.56300514

Someone mixed Voldus and a Terminator Captain? And here I thought I was being original.

>> No.56300534

The hulk with a converted head and a shitton of armour and dakka bolted on

>> No.56300535

Think this cross is too small?

3rd party transfers are hard to size over the internet.

>> No.56300539

Definitely too small

>> No.56300574

So I have gotten a squad of Sisters of Silence, whats the best way to equip them? With flamers or with bolters?

>> No.56300583


>> No.56300595

Are Typhus poxwalker lists a meme or actually good or both?.

>> No.56300643

Funny thing, actually. I think you might even be the third. I vaguely remember somebody asking as what chapter he should paint his "Voldus/Captain" mashup even before the other dude posted his grey conversion.

>> No.56300651

It's kinda small.
Make your own next time t. GK player who can't freehand for shit

>> No.56300662

These were super cheap, so no big loss.

I'd make my own, but my printer is utter shit. I can't trust it to print an army list on normal paper without having fucked-up faded areas. Let alone printing on transfer paper.

>> No.56300673

Try to snipe psykers and make them the nearest unit to nullify smite. At best in cover. Otherwise just die. It's their job.

>> No.56300678

GW Tallarn are metal if I'm not mistaken and metal can be rather annoying to paint if you're used to plastic

>> No.56300681


>> No.56300688

How long does super clean last I redunked a unit hoping to get more paint off but now none of it's coming off as easy as yesterday.

>> No.56300696

Oh yes it will have a lot of men. But I expect there's a limit to creativity even when assembling plastic models, if you have 50+ of them.

And I am back with the structure I have in mind - bear in mind that I have no idea what I am doing and am not accounting for point cost yet.

>Company commander
>Tank commander

>6 guardsmen (probably w/ plasma and bolt pistols)

>Command squad with meltas or plasma
>2 platoon commanders (more if it's really important to have everyone given orders)
>10 Ratlings - for character harassment and flanking shenanigans
>2 special weapons teams

Fast attack
>2 hellhounds - for anti-infantry
>1-2 armored sentinels w/ heavy flamers for point capping

Heavy support
>1-2 LR tank
>2 Heavy weapons teams with anti-tank (lascannons I presume?)

>I have no fucking clue how transport work

Battle plan
>Outflank using Tallarn mobility
>Get tanks really close
>Somehow win

>> No.56300698

2 units of 20 T5 poxwalkers with 5+ FNP is a good tar pit , but entire lists? Fuck them

>> No.56300702


>> No.56300706

Is there a list of CA leaks somewhere? MY google-fu is weak.

>> No.56300711


If they were cheaper and could shoot twice, yes

>> No.56300715

Just got deathwatch boyos. 30 veteran marines, 10 termies, a watch master, watch captain artemis, a venerable dread, a razorback and 5 bikers. What will I need next?

>> No.56300725

>Try to snipe psykers
Is there any psyker in the game that actually fears 5-10 bolter shots? Even Warlocks are likely to survive that.

>> No.56300732

a good codex

>> No.56300738


Is that pertypert?

>> No.56300755

their other unique kit?

>> No.56300757

>t. GK player who can't freehand for shit
I wonder how many of us there are on /tg/

>> No.56300758

corvus or some rhinos/pods

>> No.56300762


>> No.56300763

Emperor willing we will get one. I highly doubt the writers care enough to give us one. However, I love the Deathwatch. I love their lore. To me its the most customisable army in the game and thats what I want. I want them to be my dudes. I dont care how many times I will lose a game. Its all about the fluff of your dudes my good man.

>> No.56300770

It's not necessary to kill them.
Just weaken them. It doesn't matter if you shoot the primaris psyker or the guardsmen. But if I have the special rule that allows me to target the psyker... I'll use it.

I do not speak about Mortarion or other god tier stuff.

>> No.56300779

They need to show something about the next big release soon because the next 2 months look like snoozeville as far as releases go

>> No.56300789

like most ends of the year

>> No.56300795

I see you are also an anon of taste

>> No.56300801

Pretty much everyone who does this cancerous conversion has no taste.

>> No.56300802

he looks like hes wearing a gold toilet seat around his neck

>> No.56300807

It was me

>> No.56300812

They're usually wearing terminator armor and so can jump around like a lictor.

Thanks DoW III

>> No.56300821

Golden throne reference

>> No.56300828

What you after matey? Im not going to scan the whole thing but you can have a few pages.

>> No.56300836

Poxwalkers are T4 with typhus. T3 base. You can cast putrescent vitality to make one squad T5 but can't cast powers more than once.

Granted they're good still. Mine took out a squad of terminators in CC without breaking a sweat.

>> No.56300862

My local manager said some big things are being announced around Black Friday.

>> No.56300871

That is around Warhammer Open Days
Speaking of which I wonder what they'll announce then

>> No.56300876

New campaign with triumvirate boxes ?

>> No.56300877

If leaks are true, 5 man Plague Marines squad with Plasma Gun and 2 Blight Launchers is 118 pts. That's great IMO.

Also if 3 Deathshroud go from 225pts to 180pts they might see more play.

>> No.56300883

>wake up this morning
>get email from GW saying that the chaos predators are back in stock

hmmm, what about them squatting the chaos vehicles?

>> No.56300885

Would /tg/ be fine with this guy as a primaris ancient? I liked the Vexilla bits from [email protected] and what with Primaris being the "new" legions I thought why not

>> No.56300894

>it's already out of stock again

>> No.56300898

I have a feeling that the Necromunda Box is going to be super unbalanced. Like Escher winning 60%+ of the time.

Not sure why, it's just a gut feeling.

>> No.56300908

Silly Anon, we need more Ultramarines special characters.

>> No.56300913

I think it looks neat. Honestly, at least as far as I'm concerned, as long as your mini can reasonably represent what it's supposed to I'm not going to complain.

>> No.56300914

Any feedback lads?

>> No.56300924

Who knows
Early 2018 release announcements at best

>> No.56300933

>Temporarily out of stock Online
Besides, he could always be from a different region from where you are, leading to different availabilities.

>> No.56300941

Just like GS, if they have one in mind then they would want to bump it out before Q1 2018.

>> No.56300942

>GW box games

>> No.56300943

>assault cannon in manned turret
>instead of just the exact same way regular landspeeders have assault canons.
Fuck, we have basically assault cannons on helicopters already IRL

>> No.56300947

Historically, Goliaths were the worst house because they were slow melee units in a game with guns. Let’s see how Necromunda mk II goes.

>> No.56300949

get a better file you're mould lines are pretty bad on the pauldron and the storm bolter.

>> No.56300960

Who else needs a triumvirate though?

>> No.56300973

Chaos tbhfam. I could give less of a shit since I won't buy it anyway but Abby needs a new model badly.
It won't happen though.

>> No.56300974

Is it worth it to add Storm Bolters/Heavy Stubbers to imperial vehicles?

>> No.56300985

Well most of us, but a triumvirate with a Primarch will still sell like hot cakes anyway.

>> No.56300988

It's a nice addon but not mandatory. However since a storm bolter is a paltry 2 points it's hard to say no. They're pretty good for their price.

>> No.56300994

The undivided triumvirate

>> No.56300995

Tau and Necrons?
Not nids

>> No.56300996

I think so. 2 points for a Storm Bolter. If those couple extra shots kill a model, bang, instantly made points back.

>> No.56301003

Abbadon + Lucius + Fabius

Full retard.

>> No.56301004

>putting 2 Undivided Daemon Princes in your triumvirate

>> No.56301028

Needs more Be'lakor

>> No.56301032

Just play the fucking game anon, for fucks sake.

>> No.56301042

Nah, it'd be funnier without Be'lakor.

>> No.56301069

What's the balance supposed to be in Shadespire? Just the basic box Sigmarines vs Bloodbound, LGS owner opened one for the store to get people interested and my friend and I had a game while he taught us the basics.
I ask because I don't feel like I should have won when the three Sigmarines were so heavily outnumbered, but the stats on those Bloodbound were fucking god awful.

>> No.56301070

This is the worst holiday season, Necromunda is so boring

>> No.56301073

Did your dad work at Nintendo too? You're full of shit anon. RT wears its anarcho 80s roots on its sleeves, or more specifically, in its flavor text and art. it was part of the same era and inspiration as 2000AD and judge dredd, or are you going to tell me you personally know John Wagner and Dredd is an unironic pro-fascist symbol?

>> No.56301076

What's going to happen with Belakor in the Daemons codex?

He has the Dark hereticus power set but can't cast half the spells on himself because he doesn't have the heretic astartes keyword.

>> No.56301081

>Also Quality control would be worse,
How tho

>> No.56301096

>Reinforcements have arrived
Thanks I guess

>> No.56301102

He'll probably get his own discipline or they'll fuck about with his keywords.
That or they'll completely fuck over Daemons by giving them a single discipline to grab from with a single power unique to each god.
I hope it's one of the first two. I'd honestly prefer him to be left out of the codex than to suffer the last option.

>> No.56301108

Theyre going to remove him since his fluff no longer falls in line with current chaos lore

>> No.56301113

He might get some cool new abilities or something, and it'll be written in big bold words that Lorgar and Pert are undivided

>> No.56301119

The Stormcast are easy mode, you can get away with playing either defensively or offensively.
The Bloodbound, despite what most people think, play better at grabbing objectives, rather than charging into your opponent.

>> No.56301120

They probably just want to protect the jobs of the people in the UK.

>> No.56301121

Somebody is going to be pissed about that...

>> No.56301129

Are sporocysts any good?
Barbed strangler spam and it’s ability to shit mortal wounds is good. You can drop it on objectives.

But it seems so squishy and its spore node is so short ranged, you drop it 9+ away but it’s range is 9. While it can shoot while in combat it can’t shoot in to combat so you could just charge it from 9.1 inches away and make its spore node completely impotent.

>> No.56301130

Just gonna wishlist for a little bit

Campaign: Ragnarork: War for the Loki Sector

Pedro Kantor
A unique CF Primaris Lieutenant, fluff as inexperienced and eager to learn at Kantor's side
An Imperial Guard commander of some sort, designer's choice

A new Ork Warboss, leading the current waaagh in the Loki sector and a brutally kunnin leader
Kaptin Badrukk
A unique Weirdboy

>> No.56301138

Oh my poor friend was lied to.
Oh actually, is the objective thing based on the decks? Because store owner and his friend who opened the box and played with him a bit modified the decks, he said Stormcast play defensively and Bloodbound play offensively.

>> No.56301156

JP miniatures (twitter and instagram) is an extremely talented guy, worth checking out

>> No.56301167

>Some random mook nobody is gonna care about instead of bringing back Cortez

Shit effort/10

>> No.56301181

The objective is usually based on what you build your deck for. I recommend chucking in a few easy-to-get objective cards (like hold objective X) for the Bloodbound, and some upgrade cards that make your good dudes (Garrek, Saek, and Karsus) more killy. Ploys like Cruel Taunt and Daylight Robbery can really help in games for Bloodbound players.
And as I said before, the Stormcast can play either way, it all depends on what kind of objective cards you use for them.

>> No.56301188


>> No.56301194

Cortez' return is the dramatic twist at the end of the campaign.

But there's some neat stuff to be done with Primaris marines being so inexperienced, and the CFs got one of the largest Primaris drafts of any chapter to make up for their losses.

>> No.56301220

>Blood Angels codex
>Dark Angels codex
>Daemons codex
>Chapter Approved
>Shadespire gangs

Shit bait.

>> No.56301230

Maybe she sits inside like a T'''''a'u suit?

>> No.56301232

Are any guard regiments raised on Holy Terra?

The planet has a huge population, right? It must produce Guardsmen. Or does everything go into a Terra-specific army in case of invasion?

>> No.56301235

>Triumvarate of bugs
>Doom of Malan'tai
>Parasite of Mortex

>> No.56301241

"This" as in..? Putting a helmet on the guy?

>> No.56301244

I'm not in charge of the decks and we only played one game so I don't actually know what their is, there was a power card that got equipped to Garrek that was "whenever Garrek kills something get a bounty token" or whatever they were called.
I kind of killed him the very next activation though.
I didn't lose anyone, he lost 2, he was winning until at the end of turn phase 3 I revealed the Objective card Denial and got 3 tokens because we were all in his side of the field.
This is because I had denial in my opening hand and immediately used my activations to start pressuring his field.
Honestly though aside from seeing the cards we got as we drew them and knowing the basics we didn't really know what we were doing.
It's kind of fun, but none of the factions available at the moment interest me, the Chaos teams are Khorne and Rats, they could at least give me an undivided option so I can build a Slaanesh themed deck. As it is I'm not very interested in playing, it looks like it could be fun if it grabbed my interest better though.

>> No.56301246

Pedro kantor would get primarised tho.

>> No.56301249

>le ebbin "terminator arms go in the middle of the shoulder pad" may-may

>> No.56301250

Please keep your triumvirate cancer out of my tyranids sir.

>> No.56301253

Doesn't seem that good seeing as it's hitting on 5's. If it could shit spore mines from the backfield it'd be good but 9" range makes it way to easy to just walk away from.

>> No.56301264

Yeah I was gonna say, even though her legs would be Ayy length, her arms wouldn't be in there as illustrated in the original post

>> No.56301266

Triumvirate of Heroes
>Ciaphus Cain
>Amberly Veil

>> No.56301267

Aren't G dubs also releasing sweet holiday box bundles that are value for money for once?

>> No.56301271

Building your own decks is half the battle.
And I'm also disappointed at the lack of Chaos. So far, We got Rats, Khorne, and more Khorne. I just want some Nurgle Rotbringers and possibly Daemons

>> No.56301277

>triumvirate cancer
Look at this retard, he doesn't want to get a package of multiple high quality miniatures in a box at a lowered price
Look at him and laugh

>> No.56301280

Do we know what's in the big tau box?

>> No.56301283

You are correct

>> No.56301286

Yeah fuck the jobs of people in the UK right?

>> No.56301288

>Only way to get mortrex and malantai is to buy a dominatrix as big as a harridan.

Fuck you, include Red Terror instead

>> No.56301296

Yeah except they are shit this time around. When will the stop forcing the shitty Tau meme?

>> No.56301297

I want Slaanesh, I don't care if it's warriors or Daemons.
I know it won't happen though because GW seems to have this vendetta against my favourite Chaos God so I'd settle for Undivided Warriors that I could fluff and paint like a Slaanesh warband and build a Slaanesh themed deck with Movement bonuses and glass cannon tactics.
But no, as it is the Shadespire box doesn't interest me. I will keep an eye on the faction releases though because it does seem fun.

>> No.56301299

Someone put the contents in one of the previous threads. I can't remember exactly what it was. But It was a good deal.

>> No.56301300

Sorry you have to buy this $150 baneblade equivalent to get your $30 malantai

>> No.56301301

>South Canada
>high-skilled workers.

>> No.56301306

Suits if I recall correctly

>> No.56301310

>Other boxes are Orks and Guard

Tau are trash, but the others are mint.

>> No.56301334

Honestly I've received worse models from FW than 90% of the chinacasts i've bought.

>> No.56301346

I do, that's why I don't suck at it like you.

275 points for 11 hammer attacks is a terrible investment.

>> No.56301349

Woah woah hold the fuck up friends, where was this leaked? Do we actually know the contents?

>> No.56301350

Are you kidding me a dominatrix would be so fucking good.

>> No.56301351

>Wanting to play the worst character in all 40k lore

>> No.56301353

Lazily chopping up a named character and putting parts on him that don't even match the rest of his look.

>> No.56301355

Any word on what's in the Guard bundle?

>> No.56301358

looks like stealth suits, crisis suits and others i cant name because I don't do tau
Ork box looks like bikes, battlewagon, trukk and.. I think i can make out a loota? And maybe stormboyz
Can't tell what the thing on a bigger round base is, maybe a deff dread but it doesnt look like one

>> No.56301375

Oh nevermind I figured it out, it's an oddly large looking big mek w/ shokk attack gun

>> No.56301379

>RT wears its anarcho 80s roots on its sleeves, or more specifically, in its flavor text and art.
Yeah, and nothing about that was some pseudo-intellectual bullshit about being a parody of "toxic masculinity" or any of that horseshit. It was a black humour grimdark loveletter to pulpy sci-fi, it didn't have any deeper political meanings behind it. Space Marines were never anything parodic. As early as 2nd edition, in '93, written by the same guys who did Rogue Trader, the game setting was already more-or-less serious when it came to space marines.

>> No.56301389

It's a ghostkeel, 6 stealths, 3 crisis and one commander.
Unless, of course, my old man eyes betray me.

>> No.56301392

>or are you going to tell me you personally know John Wagner and Dredd is an unironic pro-fascist symbol?
Nobody said anything about anything being pro-fascist you fucking retard. The whole point is that the 40k setting is not a political statement whatsoever.

>> No.56301402

You guys are still taking the bait?

>> No.56301411


>> No.56301420

It's not bait, these retards reek of "I'm so smart and superior cuz I can repeat a bad analysis of the 40k setting I got from someone else secondhand who also doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about and I myself have never seen the source material but I'll just pretend like I have because I'm assuming no one I'm discussing this with has seen it either".

And then people like me who actually have read Rogue Trader can say no, you're a fucking retard, that's not what it was about.

>> No.56301423

Which is 254 dollarydoos. Meaning you save almost 100 money by buying that.
Seems like a good deal.

>> No.56301425

What are the best catch-all loadouts for leman russ/IG tank commander, assuming I have 2-3 in the force?

>> No.56301432

>feminism is marxist
Man i wish i was as redpilled as you

>> No.56301441

do we have a link for concentrated tyranid leaks?

>> No.56301445


>> No.56301451

Female space marines? No.
Female primaris marines? Sure why not.

>> No.56301453

>literally what is the frankfurt school

>> No.56301458

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I was only considering it because you could place two objectives around the mid field 12” from each other and place the sporocyst 6” away from each, meaning you couldn’t take either objective without getting in its threat range.
It’s actually fairly cheap for what it does and spawns spore mines when it misses, even with the +1 to hit bonus when shooting at horde it’s shooting is inaccurate and it’s weapons are mediocre even if it has a ton of them.

But still, it sounds like a good idea.

>> No.56301460

I wouldn't mind some female cadians, i like the idea of every able bodied person fighting for their survival, it's also lore friendly. I spose I can always greenstuff some boobplate onto the cadians

>> No.56301461

could you share it with me?

>> No.56301471

If you cannot find it on your own you're a weak strain and will die off so your biomass can be recycled in more efficient organisms.

>> No.56301476

Whats the fourth 40k box then?

>> No.56301488

ah, yes. every truther-anti-source-argument ever.

>> No.56301489

>people are actually using the quick crop I did for a reaction image

>> No.56301490

What body is that? Blood Bowl?

>> No.56301496

Best psychic powers for Swarmlord in a drop pod?

>> No.56301511

Oh boy. It's definitely not what you think it is. I spose you'll call me a post-modernist cuck next? You lot are a one note song.

>> No.56301516


>> No.56301521

What the fuck is up with those bases?

>> No.56301525

I'm not even the guy you were responding to.
>I spose you'll call me a post-modernist cuck next?
Not really, no, but if you want it I guess.

>> No.56301528

love you, anon

>> No.56301539

Its retarded.
The dominatrix is twice bigger than a baneblade. No need to inflate its price by adding shitty $30-$50 special character.

Also for people only wanting the smaller small character its sucks cause they would have to buy a $300 box just for a $40 malantai to use in 1k5pts game.

>> No.56301546

>no u

>> No.56301556

Fabulous Bill


Huron Blackheart

There, a realistic triumvirate.

>> No.56301557

And now you're going off onto a tangent that no one understands. I'll leave you here on your own now to bitch about /pol/ or something.

>> No.56301564 [DELETED] 

Here's the leak.

Good luck on making out the contents.

>> No.56301571

That would be amazing, and people would love it

So GW is never going to do it

>> No.56301575

>IG fag can buy 3 baneblade for a big game.
>Tyranid fag need to buy x3 the same charavter just to get 3 dominatrix For only twice as much cash as the ig fag


>> No.56301576

Also GSCs

>> No.56301577

the formula needs a big one

>> No.56301580

Abadon should get as big as Marneus and mortarion

>> No.56301586

Abaddon would be quite big. He's said to be a clone of Horus in many ways.

>> No.56301597

Or they could actually made so he become a Daemon Prince.
That way he would stay relevant even with Daemon Primarchs around.

>> No.56301598

Get Vanguard vets, a normal Captain with a jump pack, Librarian, perhaps some HH Recon Marines for the Stalker Bolter squad and decide what you're missing (Land Speeder, Whirlwind, etc) compared to base marines that you want to field and get a Forge World variant.

>> No.56301605

I'd be pretty much okay with that, I don't play Black Legion but Horus getting an updated model and it being Primarch sized would actually be pretty awesome.
Daemon Primarch might be a bit much though.
Everchosen needs to be mortal.

>> No.56301610

Abaddon' point is that he resists being shackled to the Dark Gods as Horus was.

Him being a Daemon Prince would defeat the purpose of his Character.

>> No.56301630

A dominatrix is the smallest tyranid "titan" sized unit. They're dramatically smaller than Hierophants and significantly smaller than Hierodules. You can very reasonably argue that the scale of Hierodules is out of date due to the age of the model, but realistically a dominatrix made for modern 40k would not really be that big, baneblade/knight kind of scale.

>> No.56301652

>2 Infantry Squads, 1 Command Squad, 3 Ogryns, Sentinel, Russ, Chimera
Meh, it's a good deal but thinking about it there's very little I actually need from that.

>> No.56301656

I wonder if there is more than 4 bundles, why is that one singled out?

>> No.56301658

Fuck I was really hoping for a chaos one.

>> No.56301679

GSC codex announcement for late december/early 2018?

>> No.56301680

Where the did you get that and how much did it cost you? Good haul, all you need is a blackstar or landraider and you're all set

>> No.56301688

What's an everchosen, some shitty AoS thing? I thought it was simply because Abby doesn't want to be controlled by the gods or something, not some weird prophecy sounding garbage.

>> No.56301689 [SPOILER] 

At least the GSC box looks interesting.

Another year and no plastic SoB.

>> No.56301697

>Try to buy a carnifex brood
>Sold out at the flgs
>Sold out online
>Sold out at gw online store
fuck off band wagoners, stay away from my bugs reee

>> No.56301702

>ork box
>mek, 10 lootas, 3 bikes, a trukk and a battlewagon
>130 eurobux
Looks like shit desu, short end of the stick boys.

>> No.56301703

>and no plastic SoB.

Who cares? Why give the most cancerous people more reason to be cancerous?

>> No.56301708

its good for a long time, I'm still using the same jug I bought in February. Try draining it back into the jug with an old cloth as a strainer to remove the paint (Be careful man)

>> No.56301712

>this is what NPCs actually believe
Do you even space marine

>> No.56301729

We were never getting them for 2017, end the bait
-18 -19 at the earliest

>> No.56301736

Fucking new people.
It is like you did not play when DE didn't have shit.

Also >>56301712 is right marines have produced things like Carnac.

>> No.56301737

It's been a thing since oldschool fantasy and was a thing for the first Warhammer Roleplaying Game.
In Fantasy and later Sigmar it's Archaon, in the lore Bel'akor was Everchosen but the gods rescinded it because he was being a daft cunt, so his job became marking the Everchosen, those bits are just Fantasy and not really relevant but I felt like informing you of the origins and about how Bel'akor has always been a failure.
Anyway in Warhammer 40k the Everchosen is like the four Heralds but marked as Chaos Ascendant, favoured of the four. He's like the fifth mortal Herald and as a result their boss, the thing that makes him so important is that he has the favour of all four chaos gods and can't be banished, the Everchosen was going to be Horus but the Emperor ruined that so the gods moved to plan B. The Everchosen is basically the mortal herald of Chaos, Warmaster of their army of darkness, Ascendant of Chaos, and leader of the Black Crusades. It's just a title, but it has a lot of weight.

>> No.56301747

Never going to happen.
We might get omega marines before SoB

>> No.56301758

>GSC codex announcement for late december/early 2018?
We already know those codexes you retard.

There's no reason the battleforce implies the Codex is soon, the other three are Orks, T'au and Guard, one of which already has a book and the other two which aren't getting one any time soon.

The battleforces they release have absolutely nothing to do with planned updates.

>> No.56301767

Do singing spears ignore armor saves?

>> No.56301768

You'd have to be pretty delusional to unironically think so.
GW having said that they want to do it, a growing audience and focus on female models altogether all point towards them doing it in the next few years

>> No.56301779


>> No.56301780

>AP 0

>> No.56301786

So did they get nerfed because I remember these being absurd against tanks.

>> No.56301793

SoBfag here.
I might die of old age and GW won’t release plastic SoB. It is a constant like taxes and death

>> No.56301810

Hardee har
In all seriousness though, GW has been pushing so many stronk womyn models lately that it seems obvious what the next stop ought to be

>> No.56301831

It used to be str 9 against vehicles.

>> No.56301834


What? No... Krylon is some of the best primer out there...

>> No.56301872

But not SoB. The iconic strong women of 40k
That is the entire point. GW have been dodging the army for so long that “we got real life SoB, but not plastic SoB” is a thing now

>> No.56301881


>> No.56301908

But crisis are a shit tho.

>> No.56301921

Leaks say that it now has a rule that allows it to spawn spores even without firing its weapon. It seems it has a 9" range and must be 3" from the enemy, so you can spawn them and charge with them. It makes it much better than before, but I don't know if it makes it good.

>> No.56301922

Stratagems will probably make them better.

>> No.56301924

Plastic SoB might happen one day, like fucking Custodes, AdMech and GSC happened. But don't hold your breath and stop memeing yourself into dates. Saying shit like "2018, 2019 earliest!" memes you into thinking that it might actually happen by 2020. And stop jumping on vague rumors and """"leakers"""". Don't fucking do that, it leads nowhere. Just do something else and be happy if we ever get actual news.

>> No.56301933

>not wanting to spam anime SoB images and say random dates

>> No.56301959

3rd edition calls and wants you back

>> No.56301967

>the purpose of his Character

>> No.56301972

I'm so fucking anxious over the daemons codex, but it's like a calm anxious where I just sit and silently scream, tell me sweet nothings to help me relax.

>> No.56301980

Anon, where i can find some good source of information about economics of Imperium?

>> No.56301996

They probably wont stay shit forever, and you still save money.

>> No.56301998

go be gay somewhere else

>> No.56302002

What was the emperor's tax policy?

>> No.56302004

No big SoB drop yet but they're clearly testing the waters with Celestine, Veridyan, making the immolator a plastic kit and then all the other stuff like Escher for Necromunda, SoS etc. etc.
Never mentioned leakers bub. Just told the guy he was a numbnuts for thinking this would be the year.
Based my year approximate on the way GW design team works and the 3 year cycle it takes them for something to get done. That, in addition to the comments from GW and model releases going on, makes 2019 (if they started the process already) realistic but slightly optimistic. -18 is too early though, yes.
It all depends on whether they started yet or not, but I guess a more thought out approximate is between 2019 and 2022 (if they havent started yet)
Of course they could go "fuck it, SoB never" but that seems to be the least likely option

>> No.56302011

Trap is gay and so are you.

>> No.56302021

Get out, fag

>> No.56302022

For Mortarion and Flails of Corruption, if you make a hit roll of 6 vs Imperium units, do you gain 3/d3 extra attacks or do you get 1?

t. Brainlet

>> No.56302023

I'll be gay everywhere and you can't stop me.
Seriously though I wanna talk about Daemons, I hope we get better, we've been fucked since 8th started.
You're gay.

>> No.56302025

Read Codex Imperialis from 2nd edition.

>> No.56302026

What is this? What parts are used?

>> No.56302036

>For Mortarion and Flails of Corruption, if you make a hit roll of 6 vs Imperium units, do you gain 3/d3 extra attacks

>> No.56302040

They haven't answered this yet unless there was an FAQ I missed

>> No.56302041

Traps are gay if you like them because of the dick.
Traps aren't gay if you like them despite the dick.

>> No.56302047

Testing the water...
Anon just look at the fucking third parties making money with the super niche market.
For fuck GW was confused that Vyridian sold so well.

>> No.56302049

Follow the greatest

>> No.56302050

There's no FAQ required, it's 110% clearcut.

If you make a hit roll of 6+ with DttFE, you make an additional attack with the same weapon.

For each attack made with a Flail, you made D3 hit rolls instead of one.

>> No.56302052

Can Deathwatch take mortis Dreadnoughts? I cant seem to find a consistent answer to this

>> No.56302054

>we've been fucked since 8th started.
Boo fucking hoo
There are armies out there that's been perpetually fucked since their release.
Go be a fag somehwere else

>> No.56302058

I-is that an Empress ?

>> No.56302059

Here's what is going to happen.

>Everything will become cheaper in points
>Everything new is going to be extra bland
>There will be a couple broken combos
>You and I will come back here and complain how boring and bland they made it
>People will call us fag because the faction is actually strong
>But we don't care about that
>We will stuck in a limbo of frustration for a while and we'll both go back to our other faction, because there is no true Daemon player

>> No.56302070

Tabletop Tactics had a game where Nurgle Daemons beat the Heat 1 winning Ultramarine list

Tzeentch Daemons do well too

>> No.56302074

GW doesnt do market research so what do they care about 3rd party sales

>> No.56302082

Have you ever thought that the only reason they're cancerous is because they've been handling metal models for all these years?

Those pewter flakes can cause issues if inhaled. Not to mention back when there was actually lead in them.

>> No.56302083

Liking them despite the dick is what makes it gay you retarded homo

>> No.56302085

I didn't think of it like that, which is pretty sad, just put the people down and out of their misery, it's better that way.

>> No.56302099

>GW doesnt do market research
>people still repeating these memes from Alan Merret's testimony in court
>from 5th edition
>when Merret has been gone for years
>and there's a completely new CEO
>and a social media team that actively engages with the community
>and even besides that we know from stockholder reports they do market research now and have for years
Why are so many faggots so out of date when it comes to knowing shit about GW.

This is just as retarded as the people who still blame Ward for Codexes when he hasn't worked there for years.

>> No.56302104

I don't play those armies and you're just being a cunt for the sake of it.
Have you tried killing yourself? Because you should, right now, go.
That's what I'm worried will happen. I do want to be strong, I don't mind my daemons being fragile and unstable, falling back into the warp randomly during the morale phase and being weak to gunfire.
I just want to have options to force my opponents into melee and actually manipulate the warp because we're fucking made of the stuff.
I had to just google Tabletop Tactics to know what you're talking about, sounds like bullshit. The only way Daemons can win in the competitive scene right now is as an ingredient in Chaos Soup, and that's mostly Tzeentch.

>> No.56302105

>Of course they could go "fuck it, SoB never" but that seems to be the least likely option
About as likely as never updating Aspect Warriors or them updating Phoenix Lords as 35 Buckeroo Clamshell Plastics when they are/were on the monopose character releases trip.
You cannot fathom how their thought process works, it's just as likely that they get supplanted by SoS altogether and I'm not even memeing here.

>> No.56302130

Thank you, Anon.
Your dudes are pretty great as well.

>> No.56302131


>> No.56302158

>all this politics on sacred /tg/
the absolute STATE of this board

>> No.56302174

you count the numbers of members in the unit for initiative (I think) but what if there are two units with the same number?

>> No.56302179

I don't see politics in any of the recent post so dont bother trying to bring it back

>> No.56302188

Anon, no. This is some bizzarro bait I bet, but there is no initiative in the game now

>> No.56302196

okay then I'm severely misinformed because I thought you count the number of members in a unit or something and thats why you don't get small units.

>> No.56302213

Are you thinking of morale for Orks?

>> No.56302224

Yeah I dont know where you got your info but its rank.
The order is: the guys who charged all go first, then you take turns with your opponent choosing units that get to fight, starting with the guy who's turn it is

>> No.56302242

>choosing units

oh fuck okay thats why.
still trying to understand the basics of the fight stuff.

>> No.56302296

The rules are 10 pages long. Not that hard to learn how to read.

>> No.56302333

yeah im bad with reading but my google searches to random forums with different answers from different years do not help.

>> No.56302499

Is there a better shot of the battleforce boxes? I'd kinda like to be sure about what's in the Tau one.

>> No.56302642


>> No.56302680

I'll give you some advice

>learn how to read
>learn how to add "8th" in your google searches
>learn how to use google's tools and only get recent results

>> No.56302786

hahahaha thhose bases hahahaha

>> No.56302932

>That comfy feel when you and six of your friends and other acquaintances have returned to 40k after at 10 year hiatus.

I want it to last forever.

>> No.56302952

orbital (re)entry is a thing

>> No.56303056

Last time I played 40k was 2000 I was an avid player and painter from 1991 to 2000. I’m coming back into the fold.

What’s the best way to pick up some Tyranids? Will there be a Xmas Battleforce box for nids?

>> No.56303073

shitty b8

>> No.56303097


No better shots yet. Should be in December white dwarf

>> No.56303497

What’s it like to know you’ll die an in-kissed virgin?

>> No.56303631

The inquisition. It's always in the right.

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