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Welcome to the D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Xanathar's Guide Table of Contents

>Forge Cleric - Xanathar's Guide

>Unearthed Arcana: Fiendish Options




Previously, on /5eg/...

What's the best/worse refluff you've ever seen played?

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The best refluff I ever saw in 5e was a Path of the Zealot Barbarian played as a Orlando Furioso knock off, i.e. what happens when a Paladin loses his shit due to a curse but still can gather what remains of his consciousness to fight.

Worst? None so far, most if not all people in our tables are decent players and can design good characters mechanics and roleplay wise. In fact, so far I am the "worst" because I'm a newcomer.

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Wish wizard encourage fighter to continue fighting over long period of time.

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So I just had my first session DMing last week and my second session is coming up. A couple of my players keep joking around about buying an inn, but I am increasingly worried they are completely serious. I'm using the ol' fashioned "an evil force is manipulating a bunch of different actors to destabilize the realm" plot and if my players are busy running an inn.... well my God of Chaos and Destruction is going to have a good time.

Should I just let them? Is there a way to make it difficult to actually run it for in universe reasons as opposed to saying no?

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does someone have to post that gish image every fucking thread?

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How does War Wizard look? Is EK/War Wizard a decent gish?

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If they want to run the inn, let them run the inn and then have BBEG wreck it, making it personal for them.

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Hide gish threads, ignore gish posts, do not reply to gish posters.

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I guess paladin, bladesinger, EK and valor bard aren't really gishy.

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War Wizard is kinda not interesting. Its just not that good at battles and looses all the cool stuff other wizards get.

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you should let them, and have that tie in with the plot. Running an inn would let them get many rumors, offer them reliable NPCs to run it when they're gone. Send enemies after the inn, or unpleasant minions from the BBEG, making it a personal affair.

Gish class? It's called Bard holy shit. If you want to be Gish go Bard or Paladin.

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>>BBEG is a threat to business AND even the inn itself
>>Problem solved

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Curse of Strahd spoiler/advice
When asked about the Mongrelfolk, would the Abbot speak freely of his mistake? I think it'd be in character for him to shamelessly explain what happened, but I'm not sure how badly he'd think he fucked up. 'Cause if I'm reading the story correctly, he did fuck up quite hard.


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Right, like I threatened to do: the dice probabilities for skill checks in 5e.

This might be useful, or might not be. But it's done.

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The ranger is tho

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He 100% believes what he does is correct. A man walking the path of justice has nothing to hide.

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I'm going to be running a game for some close friends at some point and someone has stated their intention to be a were animal. How would one go about balancing something like that for an entire campaign? I'd rather not just say no to the request, but something like that would be game breaking at early levels and useless later on.

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How would you use it?

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They're useful for codifying exactly how hard a DC-whatever check actually is for your party.

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So... How would you use it?

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this seems also useful for AC. As a rough estimate, the enemies have a 50% chance to hit ACs 17-18, righto? Huh, suddenly 20 AC seems a lot more powerful.

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Now that we know most of the subclass abilities...

Xanathar's subclass tier list?

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He doesn't quite get why what he did was wrong
He saw them without souls but he doesn't have one either, he *is one* so all he did was try make the creatures more like himself
You want wings? I got wings, and I'm fine, sure I'll give you some!

His regret is not in the mutation of their flesh but his failure in understanding what is at the heart of them

Conversely it is why Vasilka will never work. She lacks the full measure of a human soul.

When the players gave my abbot this insight he bade them for fetch him a soul. And so they did, from Morgantha bag

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Stuck to DIVINE Magic
Sub optimized. I barely get any magic options.
MAD syndrome, sub optimized
>Valor Bard
Barely any magical options, no freedom, have to sing to properly RP

I just want a warrior who can pick one or two schools of magic and get as far as the Wizards in can in those fields without dealing with CAD.

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Stat me if I'm wrong

Hexblade Warlock, V.Human for Heavy Armour?

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> have to sing to properly RP
Nigga you dun goof'd, also magic secrets for Bards

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mfw I get a free pass to be a murderhobo because Half-Orc
>mfw I’d live in squalor regardless of being in an adventurer group
>mfw I wouldn’t bathe regardless of being an adventurer
>mfw I can let my armor rust and it only makes me look intimidating
>mfw I can freely jump into disgusting substances and grapple gross monsters because that shits my jam
>mfw I can just break shit in an autistic rage instead of dicking around with keys and locks
>mfw the party doesn’t take me along for tedious, queer diplomacy missions and I get into solo shenanigans
>mfw sissy Elves don’t even talk to me because I’m too much for their dainty senses
>mfw I can eat raw meat, drink blood and too much ale, pass out, fart, and burp all night and the party shrugs it off
>mfw I just Intimidate anyone without caring about feelings and social skills
>tfw I can ignore Wis, Int and Cha because people just expect me to be stupid as shit
>tfw I can still randomly roll 20s and grab that barmaid for the night from the Bard for a night of loud, disgustingly sticky Chad sex

Holy shit, bros. When did you realize Half-Orcs are the master race?

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Glamour Bard
Forge Cleric
Storm Herald Barbarian
War Mage

Every one else

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You could endulge them, allowing the Shaper race from Eberron (there's an UA out there for this).
You could also make it a different curse, or a curse so ancient it became something else/genetic. Shiftshaping would be allowed socially in some traditional events, tribal shit, that kind of stuff.
I'd obviously remove the immunity to mundane damage in any case, but you could also just... fluff barbarian rage as some kind of shapeshifting. They'd still get resistance on non-magical damage, which is pretty good - and they'd get the tribal/bestial theme as well if they so choose.

Now that I think on it, Barbarian Rage is probably the closest you can get. You could go Totem, or a mix of Berserker & Battlerager.

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Just shut the fuck up and play a Fighter/Wizard or a Paladin, both are fine for a gish.
>Suboptimized variants
Be more specific (and don't say "casting spells through your weapon" or full caster progression)

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how good is storm herald barbarian in Xanathar's? Might be interested

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It might be useful for a DM when making adventures. However I'll admit I mostly made it in order to win arguments as to whether or not making a check with proficiency is materially better than making a check without it.

(Case and pint, the argument from yesterday as to whether a Rogue with Stealth is better than a wizard with Invisibility)

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So my OoV Paladin has 16 in Con, and i'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to pump it +2 with an ASI or get Resilient (CON) and just leave it odd.

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He means Shifter race.

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Ok, I might subtly drop a hint that the owner of the main inn of the small town they are supposed to pass through is thinking of getting out of the business. And then one day, BOOM!, some minions I haven't thought of yet ransack the place.

While funny, this also scares me.

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What are the rest of your stats like?

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>get as far as the wizards can in those fields
Fuck off, even being limited to two schools you can't expect level 9 spells. Play an EK/Wizard, take High Elf or Magic Initiate if you have to start at level 1 so you can cast right away, and stop being a whiny baby.
I'm an admitted gishfag myself but goddammit the entitlement of people who want a "proper gish class" is nauseating.

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Wouldn't that depend on all kinds of factors though? The wizard can be proficient in stealth, but the rogue can be expertised, but maybe it's a noisy area and no one's going to hear the invisible wizard

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Anyone leaked Shadow Sorc yet?

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Well, what are the other stats...

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I just want clerics to have more high level spell options. Why not?

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Let the inn become their base of operations, and from there you can send them questing around anywhere you like. Let them rest for a bit before giving them plot hooks, give them the chance to invest a bit of gold to pimp their shit, maybe carouse in the inn and as they invest gold in it foreigners, nobles, and even fellow adventurers come visit and have fun with them and share stories and send them to adventure.

16 CON is already pretty good for a Pally, I'd instead boost CHA, STR, or get a feat like Polearm master or GWM for your troubles

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Have them play a totem Barbarian, Refluffing the animal as the appropriate totem (a wereraven for example would be an Eagle path)
You say their limited number of rages stands on for "control over their rage" and they turn into their hybrid form when they do so
From then on, you can use my Schizophrenics System. every time they run out of rages and have to make Wisdom or Constituition saves, you roll a Moon Die. On a 1,they Polymorph into that animal and can't come back until a long rest.
If they somehow get forcefully pushed back into their humanoid shape somehow (0 hit points / moonbeam) the failure is now a 2 or lower

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don't worry, guy's just shitposting

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I don't know about good, but it's metal as hell that's what it is.

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My bad, my dumbass.

We rolled stats: 18, 15, 15, 13, 11, 8

STR got the 18, CHA got one of the 15's, and CON got the last 15. My other stats are set, only option might be to pump CHA to 20, but I feel like 18 would be solid and OoV gets more out of a few feats.

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dude clerics are already monsters and have their domains, don't forget those!

Imo Path of the Zealot is more metal. Reminds me of Orlando Furioso when the Paladin Roland goes batshit insane and still is full of win.

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War Wizard is a bit boring on its own (except that they made Power Surge a little more dynamic and interesting) but its shield ability (which restricts you to only casting cantrips on your next turn) pairs really well with an EK since they can use War Magic.
It looks like it would be strong with EK but I still think Abjuration is a better multiclass school since you can soak damage for your party members with your ward, and upcast Shield to heal your ward up quickly since you have "empty" higher level slots from multiclassing.

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I like the idea of rage for that. I was also thinking about adding a level of exhaustion whenever they left the form and having some kind of social malus for being afflicted with the curse. Other than that I was thinking about having it start off weak but increase in damage and HP every so many levels as with cantrip rules and possibly a feat to prevent unwilling transformations caused by a full moon because I am absolutely intending on having them roll not to attack the party from time to time.

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>The only people who can save the lands are a bunch of peasants in a village somewhere
Some other fuck saves the day while they get their 'Daily Life of an Inn at the End of the World', doing adventures to fund their inn, get new supplies, attract customers and put up more centrepieces around the inn.

>> No.56293208

Can't go wrong with 20 strength.

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So /5eg/, can you enlarge/reduce the earth?

>> No.56293219

>mfw DM tries to punish my fetid lifestyle with diseases, but my CON is too high
>mfw Team needs me around because I’m the best goddamned tank around
>mfw I use my body odor and vomit of rotting meat and blood as weapons
>mfw I tote corpses around to use and blunt weapons and shields for arrows
>mfw I can fall 4 stories and just get up because of my Racial Ability

I’m a curse on my party, but they all love me for some reason

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>and have their domains

Yeah, those domains stop at level 5 spells. Once you get into higher levels. You stop being a cleric of [domain] and start being a generic cleric with only a handful of high level spells to choose from and no flavor beyond holy cleric shit.

If I'm a war cleric I want to get some war-related shit at those levels, same if I'm tempest or nature or whatever the fuck else.

>> No.56293224

Imo boost CHA and CON then, you'd get a lot of mileage out of that, and max out CHA. All the spells, all the power.

>> No.56293243

>He's a walking strength check
Can't wait until the wizard learns bigby's hand and completely replaces you

>> No.56293250

>Domains stop at level 9
>As do all campaigns

Though don't tell that to my Arcana Cleric, who is Symulacrum Contingency Mighty Fortress and Wish

>> No.56293268

You are overcomplicating it. A lot.

Talk with your player about what he actually wants, and provide him with a character that does just that... by fitting in an already existing class/race combo. Refluff what's already there, don't... add unnecessary bullshit.
A Berserker Barbarian is already what you mentioned. Lots of HP/lvl, damage increasing on levels, resistance on damage, exhaustion after rage.

Everything else, I'd be VERY wary including them as a base. You're free to add magic items that allow the guy more control, but I'd advise strongly against this "you attack your party member" kind of shit unless the party (in its entirety) is willing to have that.

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Probably. However it's a frequent complaint I see from 5e detractors; that either having Proficiency makes almost no difference in skill; or that the difference between being Proficient or not Proficient in a skill is essentially nil. For example, I once had to argue with someone as to whether or not an 80% chance of someone passing a DC 10 "Easy" skill check actually meant that the task was "easy".

It's a mathematically ridiculous assertion, of course, but sometimes actually seeing the math can help.

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A'ight now that orcpub has been fucked what's our options for online character editors?

>> No.56293277

Asking again from last thread, what should I do to bring this race into balance? I have removed wisdom from the magic resist.

Ability Score Increase.Your Intelligence score increasesby 2.

Size.Blood elves are between 5 and 6 feet in height. Your size is Medium.

Speed.Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Arcane Acuity.Whenever you roll damage for any spell that deals acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, or thunder damage, you treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2.

Arcane Resistance.You have advantage on all Intelligence and Charisma saving throws against magic.

Mana Shaping.You know one Cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list. Intelligence is your spellcasting abilily for it.

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Make a character the old fashion way, I never used orcpub once

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>Rolling for stats
Anyway, if you're vengeance,
PAM >> Inspiring Leader >> Strength > Sentinel > Charisma >> Resilient(Con or Dex) > Con > Dex > Wis >> Int

>> No.56293309

I still feel like Druid could use another subclass. Moon covers shape-shifting, Dreams covers healing/utility, Shepard covers summoning, and Twilight covers blasting.
We still don't have a druid subclass that benefits battlefield control, plus Land is still bad (possibly even worse now that the Guide is coming out).

>> No.56293316

>it's a frequent complaint I see from 5e detractors; that either having Proficiency makes almost no difference in skill
I've been thinking a lot on this recently, and I can see that early on that's pretty true. +2 is merely a 10% improvement which doesnt feel right. But then it becomes progressively very wrong, in my opinion.

However, I'm trying to go the "you can't use this skill if you have no expertise in it" for SOME tasks, and having lower DC in general for these rolls - or the roll is not just a success/failure kind of deal, but more of a "how well will you do that thing you are an expert at".

It's interesting, design wise if anything.

>> No.56293324

It's literally a better high elf.

>> No.56293332

What in the fuck is this shit?

>> No.56293333

We could have talked about it but then you revealed your tard power levels too soon

>> No.56293340

Haha shut up, wizard nerd

>> No.56293351

I let the background leave the implicit case where non-Belviews became mongrelfolk (as in the Belviews didn’t keep it in the family), and the whole town is reliant on him to keep the mongrelfolk away without killing them. He sees them as his children, and my players found it creepy when I referred to them like a parent and didn’t say anything but explain how their uniqueness made them purposeful and he cared for his children.

>> No.56293364

This is dumb and you are dumb for making it.

>> No.56293369


I think you have a different conception of what a big difference and a small difference are than those people. For instance, on your chart, assuming 20 in a stat, a level 12 character who is proficient has a 75% chance of passing a 'moderate' skill check, and someone who isn't has a 55% chance. The difference between being proficient and not is only a 20% chance to succeed, that seems really small to me. At level 19 the difference is only 30%.

What you're basically saying is that a guy who spent years honing a skill, whose skill is second only to a true expert, only has a 30% higher chance at passing a 'moderate' challenge than a guy who is untrained.

>> No.56293393


Arcana cleric is probably the best counterexample, but the levels from 10 to 16 are still pretty much dead.

>> No.56293401

>GWM on a paladin
It drops off at level 11 and especially if you get any +damage weapons.

Honestly it's not so bad between levels 1 and 10 especially if you can reliably have advantage quite often from something other than just channel divinity, so I'd probably put it in around sentinel's area, but by the time you hit level 11 all the other feats (inspiring leader, sentinel) are way more appealing.

Also it's the easiest feat to fuck over simply by the DM putting in more high AC enemies.

>> No.56293415

Have someone related to the bbeg steal something from the players.

>> No.56293416

You aren't a craftsman, specialist, or lifelong worker, you are an adventurer. I don't know why you think "proficiency" means anything more than able.

>> No.56293429

okay guys, I wanna make a Goliath Barbarian. pls help.

>> No.56293432

I wouldn't take Resilient (Con), since you get +Cha to saves anyway. Pump Str or Cha instead I think.

>> No.56293443

Not having GWM on an OoV Paladin is a complete and utter waste of the Oath. The Vow of Enmity + GWM is a shitload of damage.

Not having that -5 +10 is a waste, i'd argue that GWM is essential to a well built Oath of Vengeance Paladin actually.

>> No.56293466


So suggest they try Beasthide/Razorclaw Shifter Barb?

>> No.56293473

fuck off munchkin

>> No.56293485

The added proficiency would make it nearly impossible for me to lose concentration on shit like Haste, Bless, or even Shield of Faith if I had it up. But the fact that i'm already at 16 is what's souring me off of taking it, it seems like a waste. If I was odd on CON still, it wouldn't even be a question, but that's not the case.

My STR is sitting at 20 right now, and my CHA is at 18, next order of business is GWM (which I feel I should've gotten earlier to be honest) and then I have to decide what to do with that last ASI. It's a ways off to be fair, but I like to plan ahead.

>> No.56293491

In the interest of fairness, however, you're still comparing two people with 20s, just about the peak of human ability (in D&D). The untrained guy may not have any formal skill at, say, Stealth, but they still have incredible innate if largely untapped potential.

Also, consider the respective difficulties of hitting DCs 25. Our untrained level 12 with a +5 only hits DC 25 when he rolls a natural 20. The trained level 12, with a +9, hits it on a roll of 16-20. In other words, he is five times more likely to succeed at the hardest task either of them can attempt.

And the trained character can actually hit DC 30 eventually. The untrained character can't, no matter how much natural talent he has.

>> No.56293494

Which Xanathar's subclasses do you think will actually get played and which will never?

>> No.56293499

Honestly, any barbarian works. Just refluff it as him "shaping" instead of raging.

>> No.56293505

lol k fag

>> No.56293517

At level 11, PAM is far more important. GWM is practically redundant on a level 11 oathbreaker paladin.
GWM works best on an oath of devotion paladin with at least a +3 charisma modifier, given that the flat to-hit increase work alongside advantage. The only issue is that it requires an action to use, which requires either anticipation of a fight starting or a turn before melee engagement. Oath of vengeance comes in at a very close second for wanting GWM if you don't include all that shit UA like 'every feature is just another way to get advantage': the paladin.

Before level 11 on most paladins, I'd say that GWM and PAM have similar worths, perhaps ancients being better suited to PAM. So, I'll say this:
Are you a variant human? If so, you can get both PAM and GWM by level 4. That gives you 7 levels of optimal usage.
Are you not a variant human? If so, you 'could' get both PAM and GWM by level 8, but it's not worth it, for 3 levels of optimal usage, just get PAM alone.

>> No.56293540

So the UAs that deal with battles on a larger scale such as in war seem kinda shitty.

Anyone got any homebrew or recommendations that might help?

>> No.56293546

I've never seen an Oathbreaker that wasn't sword+board, I don't know why.

>> No.56293563

Any news about shadow sorcerer?

Did they nerf the Strength of the Grave

>> No.56293568

Serious question: how would you handle loot for a polearm user? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of magical polearms.

Could you make a Holy Avenger, if they every get to that level, a polearm weapon?

>> No.56293580

By RAW, I want to carry small size wizards and range on my fighter giving them cover, full cover if possible.

>> No.56293604

Well, you could go for a spear of backbiting, it is cursed and all though
A +x will work too

>> No.56293607

I have to agree that clerics are already fucking awesome, but at the same time, they do lack a bit in higher level spells. For example, as of now, the only combat-worthy spell they have at 9th level is Mass Heal. Granted it is literally the be-all-and-end-all healing spell, but it'd be nice to have more options.

>> No.56293618

Well, magic items are the domain of the DM. They do not exist until the DM puts them in, but I think it's lame to rely on DMG resources for magic items considering a lot of the magic items there seem somewhat unfun 'Now you have this you no longer have any reason to use anything else and stick to this one waepon forever' shit. ... But not this is a rant about 5e in general.

Anyway, just think of something yourself, I'd sa. Magic items are one of the easiest things to homebrew.
Polearms should be the most abundant magical weapons, really, considering they're the strongest weapons.

>> No.56293630


yeah but there's still no level of skill at which a trained person with 20 in the stat has a 100% chance to succeed and an untrained person with 10 in a stat has a 0% chance to succeed. Even with expertise.

I mean, there are things I can do reliably with no formal training that other people have barely any chance at succeeding at.

>> No.56293634

if you're not casting spiritual guardians at max lvl you're an idiot anyway

>> No.56293640

I gave my low-level party a +3 Net, the cunts.

>> No.56293649

High Elves get Dex, Darkvision, Wep Proficiency, immunity to sleep conditions, and a resistance to being charmed. The only things the races share are the cantrip feature, size and move speed.

>> No.56293657


I just want to continue to be whatever flavor of cleric I picked past level 10, instead of the default generic holy man. After that point you don't get anything except the most barebones assortment of cliche holy spells imaginable.

>> No.56293663

Need ideas for boss mechanics.

The dungeon idea is: A necromancer raised several undeads to guard its treasure, the place its a old ruin in a desert.

The boss will carry a Greataxe of life stealing and its a undead, I was thinking in a mechanic where he could "eat" the souls of the defeated undeads in the dungeon, so he could real a amount of HP for each creature the adventurers defeated.

They are a party or 7 level 4 adventurers, what do you guys think?

>> No.56293672

The Orcpub subreddit has an archive you can import to fix it up.

>> No.56293678

Now that's something nice.

Shame all attacks with nets have disadvantage unless you abuse netfighting tactics.

>> No.56293680

Out of curiosity, how does rolling a set of dice and discarding the lowest affect the average roll? I'm either being dumb or it requires more than a basic understanding of statistics to figure out.

>> No.56293684

I thought that if wish was around, so would be miracle. Apparently they nerfed clerics a bit for the late game, that sucks yeah. they believe that bullshit that clerics are for healing when clerics are for godly buffs and enemy debuffs and kicking ass like in PF

>> No.56293685


>> No.56293719


>> No.56293726

Maybe. Have it so every time an undead dies, its spirit floats off towards the boss, even through walls. Maybe find some way to hint to the players that these are empowering the boss so they realize that to make the boss easier they have to find a way through while killing as few undead as possible, or set it up so they can immediately kill the spirits after killing the undead.

>> No.56293729

>None of the Sorc options have leaked

What the fuuuuuuck

>> No.56293737

that's stupid and counterintuitive. It wouldn't reward exploration at all.

Rather, make it so that it's a giant sketelal colossus with armor and sword made of bones, and that each skeleton in the dungeon they have forsaken gives it more health and attack because it forms part of its armor.

>> No.56293754

Wow thanks, I must have been googling poorly.

>> No.56293758

Eat feels wrong.
Make it have a shroud of screaming tortured souls that grant him maybe temporary HP.
It is functionally the exact same thing, that the players will feel chip away at the reserve as they attack and it feels clearer to what the point was

>> No.56293775

I took a screenshot off that nerdarchy video but it had nothing of interest so I deleted it.
Go get it if you want

>> No.56293804

They skip straight past everything outside of the fluff for the Sorc pages.

>> No.56293824

If you want to stay strict RAW, a +N polearm is always a good one.

Failing that, switching out the type of weapon to a polearm is USUALLY ok, but you want to take into account Polearm Master.

For example, a Flametongue Sword is powerful in that it deals an extra 2d6 every time it hits, which (except for 11+ fighters), is 4d6/round. As written, Flametongue Spear with PAM gets an extra 2d6 on top of that if the bonus action hits.

So if you do that kind of thing, you can either adjust it (e.g., make it do less damage or only work when you hit with the business end), or account for the extra power in your loot distribution to other players/campaign difficulty.

>> No.56293833

How do you do a battle that the players are supposed to lose/unable to win, without it feeling really shitty for them and actually being fun?

The short version is, they're in a spooky place with a Demon and I'm gonna have them encounter something way stronger than them. How do I naturally convey to them the gravity of the situation so they don't try to fight it but instead get the fuck out of there?

>> No.56293874

so my character will die at the beginning of next session 100%.
what do?

>> No.56293885

Are there any air tight containers that aren't the bag of holding?
I wish to contain phosphorus inside it.

>> No.56293891

What Xanathar's subclass is everyone planning on playing with their next character?

Debating between Cavalier or War Wizard here.

>> No.56293892

Make a new one if it’s 100% chance

>> No.56293899

White phosphorus?

>> No.56293905

> Not just playing a full Orc
What is this, amateur hour?

>> No.56293910

>War wizard
Sounds like shit to me, the features are way less interesting than the 'proper' wizard features.
Do it.

>> No.56293918

Have your boss be some sort of skeletal overlord thing protected by a shroud projected by a big fuck off wraith, the wraith is an amalgamation of the souls of every undead they kill, basically meaning any damage he takes is transferred to the wraith instead until it dies. When they kill an undead in the dungeon make a BIG point of describing how tendrils of energy wind off through the air towards the back of the place and an ominous sense of impending doom intensifies, maybe make it so if the thing is killed via radiant damage it doesn't get this so they have an out if they have a paladin/cleric in the party.

For the fight itself you want the actual boss to be a major threat and the wraith be more of an annoying wall of health with more support focused abilities, maybe have the boss be able to draw life from the wraith to supercharge attacks or something but at the cost of its life, again making sure to put a big emphasis on describing how the wraith dims and becomes more ethereal when he does it to give them a better idea of what's happening, which is to say the wraith becoming weaker to power this guy up.

>> No.56293920

Several ways to approach this one.
- Have them see the demon attacking something else. Meta knowledge of how much damage it's capable of doing is often enough.
- Have an NPC identify it for them, and suggest a course of action ("RUN!").
- Describe it in dramatic and threatening terms. Give the players a chance to recognize it. If necessary, spell it out for them -- but usually "Wizard make an intelligence check to size this guy up". Even if he fails, you give them the "He looks pretty tough, but it's hard to tell just how tough". Unless the players are idiots, they now understand what's up.

>> No.56293928

Why are they there in the first place? Build off of that - do NPCs warn them about the monster, or is the thing they're going to encounter something horribly out of place for the area? Leave environmental cues of how powerful it is - destroyed parts of the place, corpses of previous challengers, whatever takes your fancy. Have one of the PCs recognize what the monster is - and why they shouldn't be fucking with it. Emphasis how ineffective their attacks are.

Even if they're not meant to win the fight, make sure they win some sort of information, an item, a clue on what to do. They don't have to kill something to gain from it. When they gain nothing from an encounter besides potentially dying and wasting resources, THAT is when it feels shitty. Don't be afraid to go 'hey this is something you can't win by pure combat, you can always retreat' if they don't seem to be getting it.

>> No.56293932


>> No.56293944

I think it might be the worst weapon the 5e system could possibly produce.

1.) Deals no damage
2.) It's a thrown weapon that almost always has disadvantage when thrown.
3.) Any + version of it still deals no damage
4.) Escaping the net requires only an average roll
5.) It actively works against having multiple attacks.

>> No.56293961

Mason Jar?

>> No.56293966

Any idea of monsters that could be this wraith?

>> No.56293970

Celestial Warlock

>> No.56293975

How so?

>> No.56293980

Cleric of THE GRAVE

>> No.56293991

I don't know if theres anything like you are looking for, but good luck, work with your DM to come up with something maybe?
I know theres a rune in SKT that keeps you from suffocating so you could put white phosphorus in flasks in a vacuum

>> No.56294000

It takes an entire action to get out of, though. Just because it takes an average roll doesn't mean anything when you can at-will potentially drain an enemy's entire action.

If you're a bard with net proficiency somehow and only one attack, you can either try to do 1d4 damage and give enemy disadvantage on next attack, or you can throw a net and possibly make the enemy waste one or more turns trying to get out again. Better yet, you can use cutting words to help ensure they don't succeed.

>> No.56294010

Make one up anon, I can't really suggest anything beyond that without knowing more about your players, level, classes etc.

>> No.56294053

I thought the first UA was fine

>> No.56294079


Playtested it recently myself, I enjoyed it.

>> No.56294087

>If they want to run the inn, let them run the inn and then have BBEG wreck it, making it personal for them.
You're a shit DM.

>> No.56294089

I think so...

>> No.56294097

Bone Knight from 3.5 through Oathbreaker Paladin. I just want to have a bone to pick with you.

>> No.56294110

Is Kiss of Mephistopheles in Xanathar?

>> No.56294117

Either Cavalier or Grave Cleric

>> No.56294133


>> No.56294157

I mean true a net does give you the ability to at-will possibly succeed in draining an enemy's action, assuming you hit their AC, almost certainly with disadvantage, using what I'm sure is your Bard's miserable Strength mod. You will then have drained an action from them.

Or you could cast Hold Person because you're a fucking Bard.

>> No.56294169

I've been wanting to homebrew a high CR incorporeal undead, like a Wraith Lord or whatever. What level is your party and what CR are you looking for? Assuming they're level 5 or over any boss monster should have a higher CR than their level.

>> No.56294187

You can't cast hold person all day long, though, considering you have only so and so many spell slots.

I think Clerics would benefit the most. They never have extra attack, their at-will attacks aren't massively powerful but they do usually have at least a +2 strength mod with heavy armour and sometimes martial weapon proficiency to go with it. Depends on type of cleric.

>> No.56294190

>elves only need 4 hours for a long rest
broken race

>> No.56294212

>20 hour of ___

>> No.56294219


>> No.56294223

>Either let people pick their archtypes at level 1 so that you aren't ever wasting resources
This is an argument I can actually entertain. I wouldn't mind trying to homebrew a half caster class whose archtypes result in choosing between arcane/divine/???.

>> No.56294228

They're 7 level 4 characters, druid, fighter, barbarian, ranger, cleric, wizard and sorcerer

The boos I'm thinking in use is a Imperial Ghoul or a Deathwisp (but I think this last one would be overkill for them).

Either case the mains boss (not the wrait will have somewhat between 5 and 7 of CR) and it will use a Greataxe of Life Stealing

>> No.56294234


If they wanna buy an inn, let them buy an inn!

The inn can be their headquarters for a good mainly urban game.

Just stick that inn in a city. Now they have a vested interest in keeping an entire city safe. Of course they do - or else who will drink at their inn? If a murderous dragon cult wants to burn down the city block, your inn is a part of that. time to fuck them up.

They dont always have to be running it, but returning to it often to rest, heal wounds and interact with NPCs could be fun and you can intersperse world ending threats with occasional mundanity or social stuff for humour or roleplaying.

Think of it like Geralt's inn with dandelion in Witcher 3. Geralt is still saving the world and that kind of shit, but also sometimes he has to go get some fucking decorators involved or rescue one of his performers from a fucking serial killer.

I'd say having it gives you a lot more to do than not honestly. You can still have all the standard D&D plothooks just by dangling 'imminent doom!' in your players faces, but now you've also got a bunch of additional ones you can use.

A crime group is trying to extort your bartender! A purely social situation about a city official asking for bribes! A fucking vampire has been picking up patrons at your fucking bar!

>> No.56294259


Play 4e :^)

>> No.56294264


wtf is wrong with me today.

>> No.56294268

You can't reuse a net unless you want to go grab it from the guy you used it on. Assuming he didn't do 5 slashing damage, which destroys it outright.

Or you wanna carry like 30 weight of nets on you.

>> No.56294279

>not the wrait will have somewhat between 5 and 7 of CR
Wraiths already have CR5. Just give it more hit points so it can survive for longer, then. 100 HP should do the trick.

>> No.56294284

fuck that, its such a shit errata. elves need 4 hours of *trance* in my games, but a long rest is still eight hours.

>> No.56294288

If you have the 'mending' spell anywhere in the party then you can just pick up your used nets and fix them (if they did hae slashing damage and use that).
Clerics can get the mending cantrip.

>> No.56294295

See the magus from Dmsguild

>> No.56294297

Is there any reason to play a fighter? Barbarians and paladins are just better

Even hexblade is better if you know what you're doing

>> No.56294305

It's really not. You can only get one long rest per 24 hours and a full hour of interruptions is required to stop a long rest. An elf getting a long rest when the rest of the party can't is an extreme edge case.

>> No.56294307


Battlemaster is probably the best martial.

>> No.56294316

>I thought that if wish was around, so would be miracle.
have you even bothered to LOOK at the cleric class? Miracle is baked into the base class.

>> No.56294333

It scales terribly, it might be the best from 3rd to 5th level

>> No.56294411

But like as a cleric, wouldn't just beating the bad guy with a maul be a better use of your time?

>> No.56294428


Best ranged martial, best for abusing feats, benefits more from short rests (especially battlemaster) if your adventuring days actually go as long as intended. Extra Attack is pretty good.

>> No.56294431

Aw, I liked that one. Thank you though.

>> No.56294459

Something like this? Maybe take some Sorcerer levels for Quicken and Twinned Spells or Fighter for Action Surge?

>> No.56294466

Why take feats over ability score increases

>> No.56294505

>Best ranged martial
Revised Ranger is better

>> No.56294530

The reason why Gishfags are so prevalent is the failure on the part of the developers to provide every class the same versatility and option in play style that magic users have.

Too many abilities or options or based around DAMAGE or useless. To slay the Gishfags, they really just need to make every class as variable as the Wizard. You say Subclasses do this, but most of them are just "you do slightly different numbers"

>> No.56294539

Wait, so you called your homebrew race blood elves and didn't specify anywhere that they weren't an elf subrace. You also didn't include sub races for it or another ability score increase just because.

>> No.56294553


You might as well be using a shield (Nets aren't two-handed, are they?) for +2 AC rather than having a shitty melee attack with the martials can easily outdo. Just us a cantrip instead. A maul for +2.5 damage average over a d8 attack is hardly worth it.
And in fact, all that tiny damage is hardly worth it at all. You're much better off removing the enemy's action than maybe doing a tiny bit of damage while your martials are doing about 10x what you would have done.

>> No.56294556

PAM, GWM, Sentinel; grab a magic halberd.

Have fun wrecking shit even if you do have only 16 Str.

>> No.56294578

The magus meme needs to die.

>> No.56294597

I hear people talking already seeing Xanathar's subclasses. Has anyone posted them online yet?

>> No.56294615

After capping out STR/DEX and upping one or two mental stats/CON, you've probably still got one or two ASIs left. A feat is a no-brainer, what with the benefits they grant.

I would take a Longbow BM Fighter over any type of Ranger any day.

>> No.56294617

Every time someone asks this the online posting gets pushed back 36 hours.

>> No.56294624

So, why does the Warlock of the Fiend sheet from Volo's make no sense? It's a 17th level warlock, but his Mystic Arcanum is
>feeblemind, finger of death, plane shift
Two 7th level spells and one 8th level. What?

>> No.56294625

>it's another DM that thinks 4 Hobgoblin captains twice a day for a level 5 party makes for good and balanced combat encounters

5e is literally drowning under the weight of shit-DMs

>> No.56294629

I want to try doing a Lawful Evil Oath of Conquest Pali that the other players think is an Lawful Good Oath of Crowns Pali.

>> No.56294634

>The reason why Gishfags are so prevalent

Is because Gishfags want a class that is as good (or better) at combat than a straight fighter and as good (or better)at magic as a straight magic user. Only willing to give up components of either that they were not going to use anyhow.

>> No.56294635

This magus is nothing like the PF magus if that's what your thinking anon.

>> No.56294645

It's a NPC

>> No.56294652

It's almost as if NPCs don't follow PC rules.

>> No.56294684

I looked up whether it was two-handed, and it isn't. But also, and I didn't realize this before, it's a ranged weapon. So you're ALWAYS at disadvantage when using it.

>> No.56294701

Tell me more.

>> No.56294728

You know after they released the Stone Sorcerer and Hexblade my needs got satiated pretty quickly. And this is coming from someone who came off from Pathfinder's Magus who basically was a combative whatever you wanted it to be type of Spellsword.

The Stone Sorcerer/Hexblade multiclass is pretty much the closet I think we are ever getting to a "Gish" class.

>> No.56294738

No need for specifics but to the leak bros, are the new spells interesting enough for AL? I'm starting AL soon at my local game store and I'm not sure if I want my +1 to be Xanathar or SCAG, since SCAG has some amazing cantrips.

>> No.56294746

My players asked me to run a game "like Slayers" but specified they don't want to be the chosen one or have a nuke spell.

I don't know anime and I don't want to watch it.

Can someone sum up what this means for me real quick?

>> No.56294767

Still better than a normal attack. Just don't bother against high AC enemies.

>> No.56294778

Hexblade is fine, the colleges of blades and valour are good gishes as well, what is the EK and AT?

>> No.56294783

It means they want to play high fantasy D&D with slightly more anime tropes

>> No.56294801

it means they should play 3.5 or Pathfinder after level 10. Martials should play like Warblades, Crusaders, or Swordsages, everyone else should be spellcasters.

It means an octane fueled, high powered awesome game with some silly moments yet also time for character building moments and awesomeness, while facing also tough times. When in doubt, give them the Sun and make them fight for the Moon. Give them what they want, and then make them go through a thousand chinese hells for literally everything else.

>> No.56294802

Nets: they're good when you're 15 or less feet away from a wizard while for some reason completely out of any other options, assuming the wizard didn't cast Mage Armor that morning.

>> No.56294819


Because being grave silent will make it instantly come around by that logic.

It's not like 30-40 people are spamming it, it's maybe at most a handful of people, so it's not too big of a thing to get into a fuss over.

Flat chested sorcerer that has fuckton of maximized enlarged heightened slots bumps into idiotic fighter who go on adventures trying to get rich, bump into the escaping princess of a nation whom is a cleric, and bump into a cursed stoneskinned man whom is essentially the ranger. Both join their party.

Hijinks ensue with some purple wizard fucker tailing them and generally being secretive as fuck. A busty smug purple haired slutty sorcerer harasses the flat chested one often.

Dumb fighter becomes a paladin and finds a sun sword in the broken family sword handle he has.

>> No.56294831

question about CoS

what happens if we take Strahd's invitation? is it a lure to attack us? is it a plan to use us? can we use it to get the dragon bones?

>> No.56294832

Basically anime fantasy tropes and a mostly light comedic tone.

>> No.56294834

>using your action to throw a net
>not just casting sacred flame or swinging your weapon
Why. Your DEX mod is probably shit and you're at disadvantage. A couple d8 of damage is better than nothing.

>> No.56294839

I had an artifact put a vague doom curse upon my group. They consulted a priestess who told them they wouldn't be able to break it with Remove Curse because of the nature of the artifact and set them on the trail of an old druid who would know the solution.

They've finally caught up with this guy as of the end of the last session. Here's my dilemma- this arc of the game has gone on way too fucking long (which is mostly my fault). I want this shit done and over with, but since this has gone on so long, I don't want this arc to end with an anticlimax.

How can I wrap this up in one session and still keep it interesting?

>> No.56294847

>Is because Gishfags want a class that is as good (or better) at combat than a straight fighter and as good (or better)at magic as a straight magic user.
Not true I'm a guy that wants a swordmage class, I would perfectly if it was a half caster with only the ability to wear light or at most medium armor with no shield proficiency.

>> No.56294854

No it's because people who play gishes are normally either spoilt , or quite simply are a bit on the slow side.

If people want more options for martials, then it leads to people talking about Fighter and Barbarian options that add more to the game. Gishes talk about wanting to be able to at least be as good as a Fighter, plus casting. Eldritch Knight is actually really fucking powerful, because there's so many buff spells and their level 7 just flat out makes them the best class at damage for a few levels at-will.

If you make a Fighter, give it half-casting instead and give it the casting with an attack without using bonus actions that also works with extra attack then you've just got overpowered garbage. Ranger and Paladin are both gishes in the core book so there is a class for it.

>inb4 Ranger and Paladin aren't gishes cause no arcane magic
A D&D Gish in most people's eyes is nothing like the original gish anyway so that doesn't matter at this point.

>> No.56294858

Bladesinger is a full caster with everything you just said

>> No.56294861

Are you happy with whats in the game right now? Say like anything on this list? >>56294089

>> No.56294868

I'd say they're good against any opponent that has decent HP and low-ish AC and doesn't have claws. And it's either not strong enough for you to waste spell slots or you're running low on spell slots.
That's a bit niche, but not as niche as you're making it sound.
Of course if your martials are all sword-and-boarders without feats and without even duelling so they do piss fucking nothing for damage I suppose you might as well run around trying to maul things instead.

A low chance of shutting down an enemy for a turn is way better than a medium-high chance of doing shitty damage like that unless it's against a weak opponent.
A couple of d8 really isn't worth anything at all unless you're playing easy mode.

>> No.56294869

Ranger, Paladin, Bard, Bladesinger, Bladelock and etc.

What's the issue? Every class aside from Barbarian has an option to use melee attacks with casting.

>> No.56294880

I would do fucking anything to have Eberron added to the DM’s Guild.

>> No.56294893

PC level? Any details on the nature of this curse?Where are the players currently at/heading?

By what you've said, sounds like the old druid might need a hell of a lot of convincing depending on how much he might care about the plight of some random pcs.

>> No.56294894

Divine Soul Sorcadin (the first kind of Sorcadin that actually makes sense)

>> No.56294909

He has a fix for the curse, but it's temporary. They need to get back to the artifact to destroy it using means the druid provides. It works, but releases a sealed evil being that serves as an out of nowhere big bad. If you can tie other plot lines into it to make it meaningful then great, otherwise it can at least be a big battle. Make sure it summons/creates minions.

>> No.56294914

In order to break the curse, you have to go into a pocket dimension and fight the curse itself.

It manifests as a multi-stage boss (inb4 videogames), and each stage is themed after a minor mishap or rudeness that the party inflicted upon others. They must face their minor demons to break the curse.

So, stuff like a door slamming in their faces if they were rude to a shopkeeper. Just something directly tied to the characters.

>> No.56294917

Meant for >>56294839

>> No.56294928

the main issue is that pure martials are few, far between, and lack support from main material beyond a few paths that admittedly, rock, or in the Monk's case, you are a one man Bruce Lee stunning machine.

However, in the Monk's case, I'd appreciate a few tactical options beyond lol stunning strike, drop enemy prone so party or even you can wail on the enemy's ass.

>> No.56294940

This is the guy who's players want to buy an inn; there's a table that says it costs 5 gold a day to maintain an inn in a decently sized settlement. Does this make sense or should I change things up? There's also a d100 table for how the inn performs but I think that's dumb.

>> No.56294943

I play a hexblade lock at the moment and used to play a pally. Yes there are good replacement options like the valour and blades bards, the AT, EK, hexblade ect. They just don't play like the SwordMage from 4th. Part of a reason I was kinda excited for the Stone Sorc.

>> No.56294950

Draconic Sorcerer/Hexblade Bladelock to get the spellblade feels. While I do miss the Stone Sorcerer there are workarounds.

I'm also thinking about making an Ancestral Guardian as well, seems fun.

>> No.56294951

Play a Longdeath Monk with a feat to gain Athletics Expertise.

Trust me, being able to actually prone, shove, grapple, fear, stun and etc. make playing a monk way more fun.

>> No.56294955

Just take Magic Initiate if you have to start at level 1, or be a high elf/half-high elf to get a cantrip.

>> No.56294984

Need a 3rd party opinion to prevent bias

>My girlfriend who has played lots of D&D (But not recently) fills in for a normal player during a one-shot
>Everyone likes her, a player drops out and my group recommends I let her join
>Tell them I am weary but I will if they promise to call me out if I start showing a bias, they agree
>Group is split 2-2 on this

So she is playing Lawful Good Light Cleric dedicated to Darstar. One of the few homebrew rules I have is that Paladins(obv)/Clerics have to follow their deities morals or risk consequences

To preface, there are no actual problems outside of the game, and I am 100% confident she will take any ruling in stride.
>Last few weeks her character has been increasingly aggressive with NPCs, she neglects to help one that is hurt, is not being a good cleric
>We all notice, the PCs call her out on her shit, she claims she has a lot on her mind
>Last session they ended up fighting some bandits
>They are murderhobos to begin with, but this time they attacked these bandits without any confirmation they were their target (They were but thats beside the point)
>Only two left, party is doing very well
>Cleric casts Toll the Dead on the Bandit (She had Sacred Flame prepared), killing him and yelling out "Be consumed by madness"

My question is, is using Toll the Dead (A Necromantic Cantrip that deals Necrotic damage), in your opinion enough the cause the Light Cleric to have to repent? I am thinking the Cleric's Symbol will crack, and she will lose -2 on all heals cast till she visits a Chapel and repents.

Either way I think she is going to be Neutral Good/Chaotic Good.

In case your curious if you break your oath in my games, you have to pick a Domain opposed to your original and become imprison (or kill if you resist) on sight until you find a way to make ammends. You cannot return to your original domain.

>> No.56294993


Previous editions had building costs, my DM converted them to 5e and has allowed us to use it in our campaign. One of the players had a cleric who built a church for his god.

>> No.56294997

Battlemaster and EK are both strong and fun. BM is probably the best archer in the game and can do great PAM/GWM damage too. EKs can get great defenses, decent AoE and control, and mobility (although Paladins and Barbs can get some of this also, I think they're still competitive).
Champion isn't weak but it's boring.

>> No.56295017

Bladesingers make more sense as sorcs. Given how their casting is an extension of their will and their person, seamless integration of magic and martial shenanigans seems like it'd be their thing.

>> No.56295018

Hey guys, I'm going to be a new GM and I'm going to be running a premade(Storm Kings Thunder) and since its a fair bit deadly I figured that if a player rolls poorly for stats they're kinda fucked. Is there any general opinion on the alternative stats that the PHB provides?

which is 15,14,13,12,10,8

>> No.56295022

Justin ?

>> No.56295071

I always use standard array, but I always run groups to teach new players, it lets them all have the same tools to start off with while customizing their characters. Consider point buy too.

>> No.56295077


>> No.56295093

EK/Abjurer is a decent approximation of Shielding Aegis, just cast a bunch of Misty Steps for Assault Aegis with your million spell slots.

>> No.56295099


>> No.56295104

Can you guys give me some good ideas of spells for a buff/debuff character?

>> No.56295106

Bladesingers and the original Gishes are very studious people. They train in swordplay, learn the theories of magic, study arts and everything.

>> No.56295118

"Like Slayers" usually means "the game world presents the usual cliched fantasy world and the PCs get to abuse genre awareness to mock the cliches and indulge in light metagaming." They're basically asking you to play straight man for them. Comic-serious balance is about like Thor: Ragnarok (to use a current example).

However, I would talk with them to get a clearer idea, especially since you've never seen the series.

>> No.56295134

What class? Sorcerer and Druid are actually really good picks for buff/debuffs. Druid especially.

>> No.56295136

>My question is, is using Toll the Dead (A Necromantic Cantrip that deals Necrotic damage), in your opinion enough the cause the Light Cleric to have to repent?
Is the spell an intrinsically evil act? No, no it is not. Dead is dead whether by fire, or steel, or whatever. The bandit isn't deader because of the spell.

However, given what she said and how she seemed to get a jolly out of it and in light of her recent behavior I think you've got grounds to open a character arc on her.

I'd drop the penalty to -1, but increase it if she continues her behavior and or doesn't repent. Add in some fluff to let her know what's happening and why. Also, changing her alignment based off of that alone is retarded.

>religious casters can't have redemption arcs
You are a tool.

>> No.56295138

I picked Way of the Open Hand because flurry of blows options seemed more fun, and our dm's not the type to let us swap around characters or feats so I think I'm stuck with it, not like it's bad. I still managed to grab Athletics and have a decent STR score, so I can do all that except fear.

But yeah, key word when playing a monk is fun. They aren't necessarily the biggest hitters, but on the other hand I have yet to see one thing they can't do reasonably well at. Respecteable AC, self healing, decent attacking power, good movement, defense against ranged attacks once per round, decent use of action economy.

They're jacks of all trades, which is a good and a bad thing, especially in d&d where specialization is so encouraged.

>> No.56295157

Consider getting the spell Far Step. Or just play a Stone Sorcerer and ask your DM for the spell.

>> No.56295159

>Shielding Aegis

4e Swordmage was soooo fun.

>> No.56295167

Any, its for a npc.

>> No.56295175

Why the hell did you let her pick a cantrip that would instantly make her lose her powers? Why would you propose a home brew change (that's really just common sense, aside for paladins.) and not define it enough for you to not have to ask this question.

>> No.56295176

May as well play Mutants and Masterminds with a fantasy setting

>> No.56295179

I prefer point buy and if someone want to roll, go with 5d6 drop 2 lowest for best stat

>> No.56295180

See >>56294459 or Stone Sorcerer.

>> No.56295183

Thunderbolt Step looks dope too
>3rd level, 60ft teleport
>all creatures within 10' of the point you teleport from take 3d10 Thunder (con save for half)

>> No.56295188

Never seen it but I've always wanted to play a game like that. I'm a OotS fan though so genre awareness is my favorite.

Monk is one of those classes that is as fun as you let it. You're never the most optimal character (until high levels holy fuck) but you can just do 120 cool things which is awesome.

Actually wanted to try that one day.

>> No.56295200

This was meant for you >>56295159

>> No.56295210

>Actually wanted to try that one day.
Mechanically its better suited to high end anime/comic'esq fantasy settings and campaigns than D&D

>> No.56295211

Seems like it was made specifically for Storm Sorcerer. Their AoE hits 10ft. so they do 3d10+Half level, teleport 60ft and then fly 10ft.

>> No.56295217

Should gishes have access to 9th level spells?

>> No.56295219

where are you looking at the new spells

>> No.56295229

Not if they get martial capabilities beyond martial weapons and one extra attack.

>> No.56295234

>should amateurs have access to professional skills?

>> No.56295236

I'm thinking of taking my group back to 4e. I'm kind of burnt out on 5e, and the more complicated combat would be fun.

>> No.56295238

I took out the ability score increase because people said it was unbalanced, I never said they were a subrace, and I didn't include any subraces because there's only one type.

>> No.56295240

Probably not. It's not even like they need it to get the feel of it down

>> No.56295254

Maybe, but it's also just a great melee caster/Swordmagey spell in general.
Fuck off.

>> No.56295266


Stone Sorcerer and Bladesingers are full casters.

>> No.56295271

What the fuck does Gish mean?

>> No.56295277

Try WFRP 2e. It's a genuinely good system with great combat. A bit grittier and low-powered than 4e though, if you're okay with that.

All the books can be found here: khorne.ru/2nd

>> No.56295286

You're still at it? Didn't you listen in the last thread? Your special resist everything, advantage everything, stat bonus everything, hey you get extra magic slots too race is garbage.

>> No.56295295

Stone Sorcerer didn't get printed for a reason, it was really way to strong. Everything about it needed a dial back.

Bladesinger is balanced because while it gets awesome casting, the martial side never beats any other martial. It's just a caster who can go into melee combat rather then use cantrips.

>> No.56295302

Xanathar scans, when?

>> No.56295324


>> No.56295328

36 hours later than we would have had it, thanks to you.

>> No.56295336

So are sword bards and blade pact warlocks not gishes, or are they badly designed gishes?

>> No.56295345

Already there. Party wiped at lv 15 when BBEGs showed up. We decided to take a break from that campiag and do 4ht ed for a bit. Pic is the party dealing with some zombies before getting wrecked by a storm giant.

>> No.56295350

Anyone? Any class

>> No.56295355


It's an old word for an elite Githyanki caste of fighter/mages. Most people these days use it to describe magic/martial hybrids-however, everyone seems to have their own opinion about why certain hybrids are or are not a "gish".

>> No.56295357

are you having fun with it?

>> No.56295363

Level 5, the curse is that they're going to die within the month (there are 14 days left) unless the curse is broken), they're currently heading out of a dwarven city where they caught up to the druid. They're heading for a place that the druid told them he'd meet them. I just came up with a place name on the fly, I haven't told them anything about the place except that there's an inn there where they're going to meet him. It could be anything from a city to a hole in the ground , as long as there's an inn nearby.

>> No.56295379

If I remember a guy posted a while back him and another dude are gonna do the scans around the 22nd.

Swords Bard is really good actually, Blade Pact is great if you build it in specific ways that no one ever builds it.

The trick is to start with a single level of Fighter and pick up PAM and/or GWM. Seriously either of those actually make it pretty good.

>> No.56295385

>Stone Sorcerer didn't get printed for a reason, it was really way to strong. Everything about it needed a dial back.

The issue with Stone Sorcerer was that it came off better as a ranged combatant due to the AC values. I think it could have been fine with some edits.

>> No.56295388

There was never more than two stat bonuses, I removed the spell slot, and therewas never a feature that provided advantage
Why are you acting like such an ass? At this point I'm thinking of just disregarding most of the advice I've gotten, seeing as how no one is constructive. I might even ask reddit for balancing tips.

>> No.56295394

Is EK/War Wizard going to beat out EK/Abjurer?

>> No.56295400

Honestly, as many mechanical advantages as 4th may have on 5th, I miss the simple straight nature of 5th ed. You can run a 5th ed game with like 5 min of prep because alot is left up to the DM. But, yea it's fun, if not a bit more structured.

>> No.56295401

being most optimal is only a concern when you're playing with munchkin size me characters. Actually I'm possibly the dude with the highest stats and the highest HP count in the party next to the Paladin due to very high rolls on my end for HP and poor CON and rolls on theirs, second highest AC due to good stat rolls, and 4 attacks per round is nothing to laugh at with movement and all the fun stuff you can do.

I could have picked another class, like OoV Paladin, but I feel this is for the better as I have already played nova burst damage dealers before, and this is a good change of pace from getting anxious if there is nothing to kill because that's what deep down my character's designed to be, more warfare weapon than man.

Next time I might play a spellcaster like the Cleric, those seem fun too. Thoughts on who are some cool spellcasters, gen/tg/lemen?

>> No.56295402

Which cleric school would be best for a dwarven follower of Moradin?

>> No.56295404

Blade Pact is poorly designed because EB is better than their weapon and they get unlimited uses.
Sword/Valor Bard have quite weak martial sides, other than their Magical Secrets their spells aren't geared for sword-wizardry either but more for support. They're not gishes they're just competent at everything (and extra-competent at casting).

>> No.56295411

Can a brother get a scan of college of whispers?

>> No.56295415

Forge always!

Dwarves have been legendary smiths in all germanic legends, there is nothing more flavorful for a dorf than smithing stuff

>> No.56295424

So I want to intentionally break Bounded Accuracy and reshape the spread of results from a dice roll while maintaining roughly the same percentage of success and failure within similar levels.

Basically, make higher levels harder to beat and lower levels easier to beat while keeping at level encounters much the same. Proficiency isn't that big of an issue to simple double it across the board since everything scales up with it. Instead of +2 to +6 people go +4 to +12, easy. Won't have to change much except some things that add flat values.

My big issue is Ability Scores, I'd like to increase them as well but I simply haven't found a decent way to scale them. I'd like everyone to still start at +3 but be able to get to +10. With the ASI every 4 levels that is frankly impossible. Should I add extra ASIs? Change how frequently people get them?

Anyone else try to expand the numbers in 5e? Not to 3.5/PF levels but a bit more than a mere +11 at level 20.

>> No.56295426


>> No.56295427

is this real? explain

>> No.56295428

I honestly prefer brewer dorfs, desu senpai

>> No.56295430

Actually, one of the reasons I'm interested in 4th again is because I thought my experience with 5e would help me be more improvisational when dming it. The combat is more structured, but I can see a lot of ways now to make the rest of it more freeform while still preserving the mechanically interesting combat.

>> No.56295436

The AC is busted for multiclassing, the Agies being at-will was probably a bad choice and it should've costed 1SP at least, Shield proficiency was kinda eh and the damage ability it got was just fucking retarded and OP when they got it.

Cleric and Druid are amazing, Wizards are good but not as good as people say and Sorcerers are fun if you want to focus on one element or type of spell.

Forge 100%. Your Dwarven Weapon Proficiency is also actually a huge buff for a Forge Cleric.

>> No.56295447

You have to be a REAL REAL motherfucker to actually lose your domain. Like the crack in the symbol is just dipping your toes in. The Cleric is absolutely in zero danger of being kicked out of her order.

It pretty much goes in this order to actually lose your domain for good. Right now she is at "something small happens"

Something small happens > Deity comes to Cleric in their sleep to warn them > Something more major happens (My go-to is Cleric has to roll a Religion check with a DC of 15-Cleric Level or the spell fizzles, no spell slot used) > Avatar of the Diety actually appears to the Cleric to warn them > Temporarily kicked out of their Domain (Needs to do something to be redeemed) > Actually kicked out of their domain

Pretty much if the Cleric atones for whatever they did wrong and doesn't keep doing it they are fine. The only way to skip steps in this is to do something absolutely awful (Mass Killing/Blood Rituals with Intent to Harm Innocents) and the only way to get booted straight out is to do something to with the purpose of harming your deity.

Because there is a time and a place for it. If any of these were true it wouldn't have been an issue
>She knew Sacred Flame/Hand of Radiance wouldn't be effective
>An innocent person/her party was in imminent danger
>The target was more evil than a fucking Bandit
>She didn't take joy in using it

She knew from the start as a Light Cleric she was expected to walk the Path of Light. It makes little sense for a Light Cleric to use Necrotic Damage Past Necromancy (I know Spare the Dying is technically a necromancy but it isn't harmful) when another Cantrip would do

>> No.56295453

Instead of following Crawford's RAF ruling that you know a spell if it's on your spell list, Xanathar introduces that you have to roll an DC 15 + spell level Arcana check.

>> No.56295456

I just use a d100 system

>> No.56295459

Nah, the shield ability is good but you have to give up War Magic to get the retributive damage ability at Wizard level 14. The ward HP, the ease of recharging your ward by upcasting Shield or Counterspell due to your empty high-level multiclass slots, and the fact that you can use the ward to absorb a hit for your party make Abj better I think.
War is #2 though in my opinion, better than EK/Bladesinger.

>> No.56295470

How did you adjust the various modifiers like Ability and Proficiency?

>> No.56295471


Yeah, but as a reaction? How can I counterspell (or shield a magic missile) if I already used my reaction identifying the spell?

>> No.56295489

>Something small happens > Deity comes to Cleric in their sleep to warn them > Something more major happens (My go-to is Cleric has to roll a Religion check with a DC of 15-Cleric Level or the spell fizzles, no spell slot used) > Avatar of the Diety actually appears to the Cleric to warn them > Temporarily kicked out of their Domain (Needs to do something to be redeemed) > Actually kicked out of their domain
That seems a reasonable escalation.

>It makes little sense for a Light Cleric to use Necrotic Damage Past Necromancy (I know Spare the Dying is technically a necromancy but it isn't harmful) when another Cantrip would do
I'm not sold on this though, and I'd be pissed if I wasn't informed ahead of time about which spells / cantrips had moral weight and which didn't.

>> No.56295499

Jesus we just do

>You declare Counterspell as reaction
>If you have seen the spell at least once, or you would have had access to the spell I tell what it is
>If not you make a DC10+Spell Level Arcana check.

>Referencing Critical Role

>> No.56295502

You can't. A second caster in your party could if you identify the spell and tell them to counter it.
It's dumb.

>> No.56295504

You can still counterspell a spell you don't know, it just becomes a guessing game of what slot you use.

If your spell slot is too low, you gotta roll to counterspell it. If your slot is equal to or higher than the spell slot being used, you auto-counterspell it.

>> No.56295505

5th ed experience definitely helps you loosen up. Our first session had the party exhausted from all the shenanigans. For 4th, I always aim for over the top situations. Fight with a dragon? Active volcano. Dinner? Doppelganger assassins. Etc. Pic is the new party at the classic start of a tavern.

>> No.56295511

Does anyone know where one of those "comfy plot hook threads" is archived? There have been at least a dozen this year.

>> No.56295522

They can't destroy it, is protected by a God named Dee Emm because it is key to the plot.

The problem with this is that it would mostly focus on the party face for being an amazingly hilarious greedy Jew stereotype (doubly hilarious because I intentionally gave her race (elves) a list homeland and she is a pretty big whiny liberal)

>> No.56295526

learn to 4plebs

>> No.56295537


>> No.56295544

The d100 system I use is a departure from 5e in that stats are all based on a base stat + two random numbers.

For example, for humans all starting stats are 20+2d10. This makes the average stats across the board 31. Difficulties of tasks give plus or minus 10, 20, or 30 to the given task. So for instance hitting someone with a bow at extreme range would be a -30 to hit, which means they have to roll a 1 or lower on a d100 to hit. However, this is balanced out by their abilities and allies increasing these numbers.

>> No.56295547

>The AC is busted for multiclassing
Lower it down to 11+CON it would be fine.

> The Agies being at-will was probably a bad choice and it should've costed 1SP at least

Agreed, I think the teleport needed a limit of some form (Sorcerery Points or CHA/CON mod limit) and the Agies damage reduction some equal to your proficiency bonus.

>Shield proficiency was kinda eh
I like Shields...

> the damage ability it got was just fucking retarded and OP when they got it.
Quicken Spell Booming Blades or Quicken anything really was really powerful with this and really needed a change.

I think all of this could have been fixed, it was not a lost cause. I still hope we get this one day.

>> No.56295551

I already did that you oxygen thief. I couldn't find one. So I outsourced the labor for a job I couldn't complete.

>> No.56295552

My problem with this, is that as you wrote it, she received no warning that this would happen. And unless I misread is basically being severely punished for her first crime , which constitutes casting a cantrip once.

>> No.56295553

You'd still be able to shield a magic missile since you see its effects pretty clearly as they fly at you and shield is a reaction.

The spell ID rule is mainly for spells that don't have a flashy effect like Dominate Person or something. The Wizard just wiggles his fingers and says some bullshit words and something happens, you don't know what. ID it and bam, you know he just tried to dominate your Fighter and he succeeded.

>> No.56295558

When she was putting together her class I told her that Light Clerics generally frown upon spells/weapons that deal Necrotic Damage while they have a viable alternative.

Im thinking that for now I will have her notice a crack in her symbol as she goes for a rest, and allow her to pray to Darstar (And kind of remind her about the necrotic thing). I'd push it a bit farther and have her do a ritual/visit a place worship but it is her first offense

>> No.56295560

I like mason dwarves

>> No.56295567


yeah that's dumb as fuck though, because if I cast counterspell as a reaction any second caster on the enemy side is instantly going to know what spell I'm casting and not have to guess about whether they should counterspell my counterspell

>> No.56295575

My dwarves are French as fuck

They're racist warriors with really good cooking

>> No.56295585

What are the standout subclasses in Xanathar's that everyone is looking forward to?

>> No.56295587

See this >>56295558, and also other factor is the fact
1. She has been very shitty to multiple PCs, and didn't do her Cleric duty to help people in need
2. Reveled in the fact she killed the Bandit in a terrifying way

There have been other factors that have led to this. This is just the crescendo

>> No.56295592

I am completely okay with this.

>> No.56295628

From a meta perspective yeah, but in universe people don't have reactions and bonus actions and shit. Everything in the round is happening about simultaneously so the enemy caster doesn't "know" you're casting counterspell. A clever guess might do it, but again, they have no idea what level your casting at, even if they ID it. So they now have to make a gamble of how hard YOUR going.

>> No.56295635

That's why you need to work on it: you suck.

>> No.56295643

>Dwarven foie gras
Fuck, that sounds rad.

>> No.56295653

This is the only benefit I see to this feature.

>> No.56295654

She should get lectured very sternly by her god. Perhaps she could meet a hermit when she is alone, and have a choice to aid him, and if she doesn't, get lectured very sternly and lose some powers like you well said until she repents.

If she doesn't help that hermit, she's beyond help desu

>> No.56295658

I feel like that was more important to this discussion. Seems fine to me though.

>> No.56295661

Dwarven coq au vin, mang

>> No.56295676

What I would do in your case, since this is still a first offence, is to just have a crack is her holy symbol. No mechanical penalties. Then if she continues to follow that path it could start to get more serious. But at first, a crack should be enough to let her know her deity is displeased with her actions.

>> No.56295715

It's meant to get rid of casters knowing exactly what spell slot level to use with Counterspell to just shut down the other spell. With the new rule and lack of transparency you've got to decide how much you want to risk it. You still get a roll to counterspell it if your spell slot isn't high enough but that's a risk you can't take some times so you might have to blow a higher level spell slot.

But then they could have been baiting you into doing that by casting a low level spell. Same sort of strategy with Legendary Resistances. You want to use something strong enough where they burn their Legendary Resistance, but not something too powerful because it will get chumped and you might want that higher level spell for later.

>> No.56295757

So anyone else have any suggestions? >>56294839

>> No.56295792


Yeah but if there's two casters and I decide to risk my counterspell not knowing what the spell is, the caster's buddy can counterspell me knowing that I cast counterspell on the first guy

>> No.56295808

You can't just drop a character into a one-on-one with a hermit. They know something's up. There has to be some shit going on in the background amidst an otherwise busy scene with other "more interesting" things to draw the PC's attention.

>> No.56295840

My Dwarves are Mexicans and they build great aqueducts.

>> No.56295939

First off, if it's 2v1 you should be in the disadvantageous position.

Second, meta wise they don't "know" your counterspelling since your action/reaction all happen in the same 6 second time window. This is an issue from a gameplay sense because rounds are ridiculous.

Third, even if they do counterspell they still don't know what spell slot you are using so it's still a gamble, a gamble you can win.

>Enemy 1 begins casting a spell
>You're pretty sure he's got a big spell in his backpocket so you come out the gate with a 7th level spell slot for the Counterspell
>Enemy 2 notices you casting a spell, and guesses any spell your casting is probably bad for them and goes in for the counterspell, but he's not sure how strong to go, he decides 5th level spell slot should do it since he wants his higher level for later in the fight
>His CS isn't high enough to cancel your CS, he rolls a d20 + Int Mod against a DC 17, odds aren't in his favor.
>He flubs it, your CS goes off.
>Enemy 1 was casting a 7th level spell
>You auto-counterspell it, coming out on top

It requires a bit of luck but it's a 2v1 and all of your are casters, you shouldn't be winning that fight without luck.

>> No.56296006

My elves are American, they build walls

>> No.56296023

My dwarves are russian because i can not do a scottish accent.

>> No.56296043


You are now half way there.

>> No.56296081

Wait dwarven accent is based on Scottish? I though dwarves had a Norse accent and dwarves were small underground viking people.

>> No.56296086

>First off, if it's 2v1 you should be in the disadvantageous position.

It doesn't need to be a 2v1. It could be 2v2, I could have an ally caster as well, and I'm still at a disadvantage not knowing what the first spell was.

Or it could be me and 3 martial buddies against 2 casters or something, who knows.

>Second, meta wise they don't "know" your counterspelling since your action/reaction all happen in the same 6 second time window.

Combat is turn-based, everyone reacts as if it's turn based. Meta wise, sure, but that's not how anyone plays it.

>Third, even if they do counterspell they still don't know what spell slot you are using so it's still a gamble

It's a gamble tilted in their favor though, since even if the guy counterspelling me fails, I could fail my counterspell too. Basically, if I fail OR if the guy counterspelling me succeeds, the original guy gets his spell.

>> No.56296087


Never forget.

>> No.56296101

Druid is attacked when they get there with a slow acting magic poison. They need to hunt the would-be assassin down to make an anti-toxin out of the remaining poison.

>> No.56296129

Jesus fuck, I want this shit over with, not to drag it out more

>> No.56296130

Listen to this on repeat for an hour.

>> No.56296143

A woman that lives alone in the bog nearby can fix their situation (or the artifact belongs to her anyway). The woman is actually a Night Hag (not revealed to them), that's why they'll die, it'll suck their souls or something.
When they arrive at her hut, she's nowhere to be seen (probably Ethereal or using a potion of invisibility she brewed), the players can sleep in her hut, if they do, she uses her Nightmare Haunting on one of them (just to guarantee she has an edge in case a fight breaks loose), warn the player he had awful nightmares, couldn't benefit from the rest and lost 1d10 max hp until the next long rest.
When they wake up, she appears shaped like a normal woman, she's interested in having the artifact back without fighting, but can handle herself if otherwise. Make that her Heartstone avoids them losing their souls, but she wants something for it.

>> No.56296156

Bite the bullet, and have the curse cured.

Give them a month of downtime to celebrate.

And deal with the fact that you are an anti-Semitic twat who can't write endings.

>> No.56296176

So, last week I told you guys how a fucking wizard was being obnoxious and doing everything and just begging to be killed. Today he niggered, fucked up an encounter of ours good, acted smug while doing it and so we tied up his downed ass and the lizardfolk just up and ate him. Felt satisfying.

>> No.56296229

Mine are yorkshiremen.

Ah've doohn meh 'omework.

>> No.56296253


Look here cupcake, I have nothing to do with the fact that she decided to haggle over a couple dozen gold every single time someone offers her a reward to do a job.

It's just icing on the cake that she keeps flubbing her persuade rolls.

I can end it just fine, I I just want to get this arc the fuck over with.

But if you're going to be a sissy crybaby maybe you can go fuck off to r/DnD

>> No.56296255

That's just the bias of the counterspell system as a whole, even in the current play.

Even if they gave you the spell they are casting for free, which is how many people run it now, there is absolutely no reason they should be giving the spell level. Most spells can be cast at a different level for enhanced effects, a savvy spellcaster will know this and use this to foil counterspell attempts. There really isn't that much of a difference.

It introduces slightly more risk in the first guess at the spell level but everything from that point on doesn't change. All you don't know is the minimum spell slot you'll need to use, but you'll have to use a 3rd level spell slot at least anyway.

As for the meta component, you are right the reality is people play sequentially, ideally you could use other reaction spells to bait out a counterspell but the only reaction spells in the PHB are in direction reaction (appropriately enough) to a specific thing like Feather Fall is in reaction to someone falling. But you really should be able to cast this when you want.

>> No.56296279

Downtime and magic shopping. Sounds like they want it.

>> No.56296320


Yeah seriously Reddit is that fucking way

>> No.56296329

If only Sorcerer's got this, there would be so much teleporting followed by Quickened Booming Blades.

>> No.56296375

Quick question is there any race similar to Nacatl yet and if not how would you stat them? I am think they get plus 2 to strenght and dex considering that they are ferocious big cat men.

>> No.56296381

Yeah but Norse is scandinavian, so you'd basically be making your dwarves sound like Pewdiepie.

And nobody wants that.

>> No.56296397


>> No.56296405


>> No.56296410

I mean it would be similar to tabaxi but str+2 dex+1 cause how Nacalt are still nimble

>> No.56296416

Has Ceremony been changed in XGE?

Does 5e still not recognize divorces?

>> No.56296464

>Hexblade, Kensei, college of swords bard, the ranger subclasses, the new cleric domains.

>> No.56296471

Considering how close Tabaxi are to Bugbears, just swap the +1 Cha from Tabaxi for +1 Str. Done.

>> No.56296486


>> No.56296494

If you're that buttmad about it you could homebrew a separation ceremony where the participants suffer a penalty of penitence for a week or something for casually dismissing the blessing of the gods, which gives them the ability to benefit from the ceremony boon again

Y'know nothing says you can't PARTICIPATE in the ceremony, just that you won't get the 24 hour boon.

>> No.56296527

>Your party wanders into an ancient cave
>You spy a long abandoned camp surrounded by several skeletons wearing the rotten remains of their leather armors
>On the ground are there discard weapons
>"Oh sweet I need a new sword, I go over and pick them up"
>"Ok, you pick up a mighty bastard sword, however, it is covered in rust and has become practically unusable"
>"wtf stop trying to make the game too real DM"

Tell me, /5eg/ how often do you account for rust in your game?

>> No.56296556

Bastard swords weren't real, you're thinking of longswords.

>> No.56296570

Given that FR lore specifically states that most officiated rich-folk marriages are temporary it'd be ridiculous if they didn't change it.

>> No.56296575

looking for inquisitive rogue changes, anyone got details?

>> No.56296587

How do you guys handle giving mage characters spells as rewards? Since they can sorta just pick what they want is it a good idea to discuss it ahead of time and just say hey, what do you want, it might join the loot pool?

>> No.56296591

>"wtf stop trying to make the game too real DM"
So how long did you wait before they encountered rust monsters in the cave?

>> No.56296630

With the counterspell rules ALL fucked up now, do you think they'll errata it?

I'm thinking the most sensible solution would be "identifying a spell" remains the same of 15+spell level Arcana check, but doesn't require a reaction.

the most fun solution would be to make more spells that counter other spells as reactions. Darkness/Daylight, for example, but also Wall of Force/Disintegrate, and magic missile/shield. if these unique interactions were expanded to other common spells, and counterspell was then not a thing,
people would have the most fun

>> No.56296650

Spell scrolls and spellbooks should come from enemy casters or things that would be considered valuable.

So the enemy spellbook will have spells you think the enemy caster should know, any scrolls will be things that are likely to be used by the enemies or valuable enough that they'd be kept. No one is going to keep a spell scroll to a shitty spell around just because.

>> No.56296652

>Too rusty to use
Anon, if your area has enough moving air and moisture to decay swords to the point of being unusable the bones should have been destroyed far faster than the treated leather.

Why are you so married to unrealistically portraying the world??

>> No.56296674

Cool thanks. I will do that.

>> No.56296675

That's a pretty cool idea, so you could reaction cast any spell in a version deliberately designed to counter another spell. The fluff reason you can do it faster is because it isn't the full spell just the general idea of the spell, so if you chose the wrong spell it wouldn't actualize as the full effect but just some visual effect or something.

>> No.56296687

>DMing a game
>One character has a backstory of being brutally mauled by a displacer beast and surviving.
>Want to make a unique Rakshasa-esque Displacer Beast for a later encounter for him.

Anyone have tips on how to balance it? I'm expecting the crew to meet it at about lvl 9-11

>> No.56296695

>rusty sword
That's not how it works, unless your fucking cave is flooded by the ocean periodically. >>56296652 knows what's up. Why do realismfags always get realism wrong? This is why we can't sleep in armor anymore.

>> No.56296705

actually you shouldn't have to target characters for characters to receive rewards. *wizards* as the class is actually called, can transcribe spells from spell scrolls they find (and there are tons of scrolls to pick up from DMG loot tables), buy (with plenty of supporting work for purchasable scrolls at reasonable cost), and finally the ability to transcribe spell scrolls out of other wizard's spell books (and it's likely that a party will encounter at least a couple of those)

This also works for general magic items. The DMG loot tables actually offers christmas-tree levels of magic items, but you won't break your game by using it because of attunement restrictions and the amount of times you'll end up with +1 darts

>> No.56296707

Reskin a level 10 beast

>> No.56296711

So the best of gnomes mixed with the best of high elves with 8 half feats?

>> No.56296715


Hm? What'd they do to counterspell?

>> No.56296723

What happened to my precious counterspell?
I'm slow please tell me.

>> No.56296749

You now have to burn a reaction to identify what spell is being cast with roll. Otherwise you know they're casting but you don't know what.

This makes counterspell a bit weaker since you don't know the minimum spell level you'll need to counter it, but you still get the d20+Casting Mod to counter it if your counterspell spell level isn't high enough.

>> No.56296762

>and counterspell was then not a thing,
>people would have the most fun

except abjuration wizards

>> No.56296767

I'm gonna guess people interpreting the "Identifying A Spell" rules in XGE to mean you need to succeed on a check before you can Counterspell / ID a spell worth Counterspelling. This is what you faggots get for not having standardized verbal components. Cruath quasith, bitches.
That, or everyone finally caught up to casters being able to duck Counterspell entirely through Readied actions and line-of-sight.

>> No.56296768

>BBEG casts a spell
>Bard identifies it as Teleport
>Wizard Counterspells

Now it is a team activity

>> No.56296784

Or you can still go for broke and throw a high level Counterspell at them, it really doesn't change much.

>> No.56296801

I only said mages because I figured other casters could learn those spells even if they weren't a standard spell for them. Which is why this was in question. So those will not apply to warlocks/sorcs?

>> No.56296802

Oh that? Every game I've played had it like that (You don't know what's being cast unless you ID it which takes your reaction)
Normally I just meta and use the information I have if I wanna CS or not since I don't in game know the spell.
(Context, DM description, how far away the caster is, what save they say to roll/attack rolls, are they using Somatic or Verbal Components, are they already concentrating on something? etc)
Some may see this as bullshit. I say it's a good use of my ' seriously why the fuck did I memorize all this shit?' encyclopedic knowledge of the spell lists

>> No.56296809

>working with others

>> No.56296814

Every time you look at this picture it gets better.

>> No.56296832

DM: "The Sorcerer cackles and makes gesture in your direction to cast a spell!"
Wizard: "What spell?"
DM: You don't know. You'll have to identify it.
Wizard: "Um, okay. How do I do that?"
DM: "You use your reaction, and make an Arcana check"
Wizard: "Ok. I rolled a 24"
DM: "Okay, she's casting disintegrate"
>"Lookout, she's casting disintegrate!" Shouted Bilbalf the Wizard, as he turned into a pile of dust.
Barbarian: Dude, brah, you're dead

game 2

DM: "The LICH cackles and gestures in your direction with the intent to cast a spell!!"
Wizard: "What spell?"
Barbarian: "No, not again!"
Wizard: "Fine, I use my reaction to counterspell"
DM: "The Lich points a finger and his Ray of Frost fizzles. "Eh?" he says with a shrug, and then begins cackling harder than before.

>> No.56296843

>standardized verbal components
>In a world without a monoculture

>> No.56296862

>reddit spacing

>> No.56296880

>playing in a setting where a discrete entity created the interface through which all casters interact with the magical energies of the cosmos and without which magic demonstrably breaks down and explodes everyone
>not having every necessary excuse for standardized verbal components

>> No.56296881

Magick should be it's own universal language. Something as old as magick itself that was chronicled by the creator/founder of Magick

>> No.56296886


I just want Common to mean the common language in the local kingdom/polity. Why is it always a Lingua Franca?

that should be elvish

>> No.56296905

>I think a carriage return is Reddit
Are you a retard or something?

>> No.56296915

so wtf is the point if I'm using my reaction to identify the spell but now I don't have reaction to actually CAST counterspell?

>> No.56296921

Isn't the obvious answer just to get Arcana proficiency on another character with okay Intelligence? Then even if they fail the check you all know what the minimum level of the spell is at least.

>> No.56296948

DM: "The Sorcerer cackles and makes gesture in your direction to cast a spell!"
Wizard: "What colour is it? And is it forming at the finger like a ray?"
DM: Like... Greenish? Yeah I guess?"
Wizard: "Okay, I counterspell. I rolled a 10, with my int mod it's... Shit, 15"
DM: "You're still desintigrated, you metagaming prick."

I don't think this changes much really, just means wizard players need to have even more of their shit really, REALLY memorized

>> No.56296950

>Why is it always a Lingua Franca?
Because it's the human tongue, and every other race gets it by default

>> No.56296959

Separate from any bitching about Reddit, you actually are a total fag if you put an unnecessary break between the quoted text and your reply, and a double fag if you extend that to a break between every fucking sentence.

>no one

wants to

read a post

like this

it's just


>stop wasting my monitor ink


-- anon

>> No.56296965

Is a DM who says "The evil wizard casts a fireball at you" basically just going easy on players? or is it supposed to be


>> No.56296974

It means you have to take a risk guy, and identifying the spell is good for an ally to do or if you want to know what the hell the big bad is doing.

>> No.56296979

I like game 2 more except you don't say its a ray of frost. Just say the spell fades.

>> No.56296984

How does counterspell work? Are you stopping the spell before it leaves the casters hand or is it stopped in flight?

>> No.56296994

Those rules only apply to Wizards. Warlocks who took Pact of the Tome and the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation, can then add spells with the (Ritual) tag only.

That's it. Nobody else gets to learn a spell outside of what they get when they level. You can do whatever you want as a DM, but allowing spellcasters that kind of freedom is going to take the stronger half of the game and make it stronger by DM fiat- it's typically a sour thing to do.

>> No.56297007

Yeah, they're going easy on you. If everyone actually ran the game by the books and didn't give a lot of free stuff to casters it would be a lot harder for them to function.

You are interrupting the spell from every being cast. So all you have to go off of are the verbal and somatic components.

>> No.56297008


Houserule: All spells use the stack.

>> No.56297010

In my games, I do this because my players tell me what spell they are casting so to keep it fair I tell them what they are casting. I won't say levels but I will say spell names.

>> No.56297011

>Bones should have been destroyed

Anon. They are maintained by necromantic life forces.

They are spooky scary skeletons.

>> No.56297017

Kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself holy shit kill yourself

>> No.56297027


>> No.56297035

All hail the stack.

>> No.56297051

I mean, TECHNICALLY, a counterspell must be invoked before the spell actually completes. In the case of Fireball, you're not being surrounded by crackling flames before the fireball appears. The spell description is clear that "a bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of flame". The six seconds before the caster points is just standard hand-waving and magical chanting, and after that's done, the spell is complete and you can't counter it because it's already happened.

A case could be made that certain spell schools would be obviously different from each other (as far as another observing caster goes, or an educated non-caster), but it's probably too much book-keeping and not enough payoff for the DM to say, "The enemy caster, who appears to be an arcane magic user of some stripe, begins casting an Evocation spell with verbal, somatic, and material components, which is not especially swift. Would you like to Counterspell before it completes?"

>> No.56297055

Some sort of flip card with the spell name written on it would be a way to do it. Write down the spell name, say he's casting a spell and see what they do in response. That ways there's no chance of them thinking you're pulling a fast one on them.

>> No.56297059


Why are Light clerics opposed to necrotic damage? They are primarily concerned with repelling darkness. If it was a Life cleric, I'd understand. But necrotic spells don't necessarily have to be evil, and can just be manipulating natural life energy.

>> No.56297085

I just tell them the school of magic

>You recognize it as a transumation spell
>"Oh shit are those bad, do I want to use a counterspell?"

>> No.56297088

Oh okay, I didn't really think of it too far ahead in that
>I let them use this loot spell on a scroll
>they proceed to buy spell scrolls
>wait this isn't what I wanted.
Thanks for the catch

Hmmm okay. I definitely prefer to stay pretty close to core rule mechanics but honestly this is starting to seem like a mess with this. Especially since players (in my experience) always say they are casting "____" and then the gm would have to "roll a reaction for the npc to see if they realize whats going on and if they have a counterspell slot or whatever. Idk i'm really on the fence about it

>> No.56297100

iron and old-world steel degrades faster than bone and treated leather in the presence of water and electrolytes. a lot faster, actually

>> No.56297102

That seems a pretty good freebie if they pull from the same list. Wizards being able to tell the school of Wizards, Sorcerers knowing the schools of sorcerers, etc.

I'd probably let Clerics roll an Intelligence (Religion) roll to identify enemy Cleric spells.

>> No.56297115

People won't always know what spell is coming at them, it's a risk reward situation. If they have counterspell they might just throw it at them.

It's pretty easy to tell your players the new rules and tell them not to announce their spell outright.

>> No.56297139

So we're all agreed that DMs WON'T use the spell identification rules to gimp casters and Counterspell, but WILL use the sleeping in armor rules to gimp martials, right?

>> No.56297158

Never, Fighters are the best class.

>> No.56297161

You know the hilt goes bad on a sword before the blade does, right?

>> No.56297168

>Tell your players these new rules
>First reaction is to say "ok so obviously we no longer need to tell you what spells we are casting, the enemy has to guess"

>> No.56297189

All my martials will purchase studded leather PJs to sleep in, that's for sure

>Encounter in the middle of the night
>Paladin in his holy pajamas with his shield
>Wizard burns one of his last remaining spell slots on the first round of combat on Mage Armor

everything's about the same with a little bit of flavor. What this mostly does is stop dickDMs that overpenalize wearing armor during a rest by granting martials ZERO long rest recovery.

>> No.56297191

Yeah, all those fucking times the DM throws counterspell creatures at the party. Because when you've been waiting two weeks to get four fucking cats together for a few hours to play fantasy elf game, you really want one of them getting salty about you "deliberately targeting my character and making me useless in combat".

>> No.56297193

Yeah the enemy should be guessing if they should counterspell or having other people ID them for them. Turn about is fair play and all that.

All you gotta do is develop a system so both sides are confident the other isn't trying to cheat or avoid the rules and everything is fine.

>> No.56297196

New thread lads:

>> No.56297200

Your parents never wanted you and you've been a disappointment to them ever since. The fact that you exist disproves the existence of a loving God. If you shot yourself in the head it would still be a waste of a bullet that could have been used to kill someone more worth it. Everyone is repulsed by you and no one will ever love you. No one ever truly understands hate until they converse with you for the first time. When you die, no one will mourn and everyone who attends your funeral will simply be confirming you will never taint their enjoyment of life again.

>> No.56297209

Since we're on the subject of clerics and holy symbols, how exactly could cleric replace a symbol that is lost?

Like, say my symbol is engraved on my shield and an enemy manages to steal the shield from me.

>> No.56297244

engrave it on something new, and if it's janky just keep praying until you smooth it all over with the gods

>> No.56297246

For real. This is what 6 centuries lying in the dirt in a forest gets you. A cave would actually be relatively conducive to preserving iron. It might grow a layer of rust but that's why god invented abrasives.

>> No.56297267

Okay guys, I've been hearing there are rules for sleeping in armour. What are they?

>> No.56297287

You can't do it.

>> No.56297301

medium armor you only get 1/3 hit dice from long rest, heavy is 1/4

>> No.56297306

Which is better,heavy crossbow or hand crossbow with crossbow expert? 1d10+dex vs 2d6+dex?

>> No.56297349

hand crossbow with crossbow expert is way the fuck better. Only time it's not is if you need to shoot something super far away. Just have both crossbows on you though, if you're afraid of that happening.

>> No.56297352

>lying in the dirt
ie. where it isn't exposed to the elements and things that make metal corrode

you're also falling into the survivorship bias trap in your selection

I can tell you from real world experience that some salt water will completely rust through a 1/4 inch of room-temperature steel in the span of weeks. If not salt-water, any high mineral content cavewater will rust through

>> No.56297371

mmm as a game master i find it bad to answer you

>> No.56297382

The DM shouldn't tell you the DC, so a fail is, at best, partial information and possibly none. Also, thats pure metagaming.

>> No.56297410

While I dearly love WFRP 2, it tends to become Swift Attack: The Dwarfening with severe rapidity in my experience.

>> No.56297485

Yeah well u have a stinky butt

>> No.56298018

an axe and an unsuspecting victim should do nicely.

>> No.56298209

Sure, is fine. Go ahead.

what kind of fucking piece of shit are you that you would ask this? And on a board where yeah there might be some other people who want to play and don't want their shut spoiled. You really want to know? Read the fucking pdf you colossal shit stain

>> No.56298222


>> No.56298334

Does anyone have the shadow sorcerer from xanathars?

>> No.56298384

No one's really been posting much about Xanathar's in the last few days. Probably gonna have to wait until Friday when they are at gameshops.

>> No.56298407

Dammit, I really want to find out whether it costs 1 or 2 sorcery points for the see through darkness

>> No.56298671

Samurai, despite nerfs.
Holding out hope the level 7 ability is buffed in some way, but will play it regardless.

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