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Welcome to the D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Xanathar's Guide Table of Contents

>Forge Cleric - Xanathar's Guide

>Unearthed Arcana: Fiendish Options




Previously, on /5eg/...

Thoughts on Xanathar's Guide to Everything?

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I'm pretty out of the loop, when is all of the XGE stuff going to be on 5etools?

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No UA today then?

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>Wake up.
>SOME leaks.
>Still no Samurai.

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I posted it last thread, are you blind?

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Why use Goliaths when they could be a race of attractive, fun-loving oni instead?

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Does anyone have a collection of leaks from today? Sorry I was at training all day and really don't want to comb through last few threads.

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>weeb shit
no thanks

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Is there anything an oni does that the goliath stat block doesn't cover?

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>Thoughts on Xanathar's Guide to Everything?
Subclasses I want to play:
College of Swords
Grave Domain
Shadow Sorcerer

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Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the revelries!

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>tfw DAM cancelled all sessions indefinitely
>tfw no one cares enough to organize a new game except for me and everyone just ignores me because they don't want to do anything but play video games and shit
>tfw I'll probably never play DnD again in the foreseeable future

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I want to give my players an airship

is this a good/bad idea?

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Be cute.


When you have multiple oni in your party, it becomes a party party! Drinks, hugs, and kanabo for everyone!

Which oni qt is your favorite oni qt?

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>the phone keeps autocorrecting DM to DAM

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Looks pretty cool.
Rangers should have gotten more cool exclusive spells, Tenser's Transformation should give an extra attack like Haste instead of just 2 attacks per round, Steelwind Strike should do weapon damage, War Wizard's fake-shield seems a bit OP, but overall I'm pretty pumped especially for the subclasses and new feats.

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No, it's going to be the second Monday of every month from now on. They had an article about it a few weeks ago.

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>keeping autocorrecting on
it's your fault

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And it autocorrected tfw to the.

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Oh ok, thanks. I was getting very upset

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I had combed through to two threads back to find it just as you post it.
Nice anyway. The Fighting Spirit nerf is a shame but not too unexpected, the level 10 skill being completely fucking butchered is the real travesty.
I can only hope they slightly buffed the level 7 skill, though it being cut-off will leave it as a mystery for now.

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Still no Shadow Sorcerer leaks?

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Conquest paladin leaks?

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Look, big, muscular red women who enjoy drinking and fighting are nice, but do they really need to be represented in 5e?

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You know the drill, lads

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Post characters you want to play and what class/background/archetype you envision for them.

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no :/

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Can pretty much just play an Orc and reskin it as an Oni

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Triton Samurai

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This is not a PDF copy of the book. It's just the cover, and then the same home brew shit (D&D 5e cat girls) spammed as pages repeatedly over and over again.

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>Nerf the duration+damage resist.
>Ok fine.
>Nerf it to long rest.
Why the FUCK.
Superiority Die are short rest, and Battlemaster continues to dominate Fighter.

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would it be OP to let Warlocks change their invocations after a long rest? Kinda like how divine casters can swap their spells known?

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Why use either when you could use AD&D Firbolgs?

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Aasimar Favored Soul Sorcerer/Acolyte

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>Battlemaster continues to dominate Fighter
Cavalier is better and Arcane Archer is not far behind BM even after the nerfs

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what's wrong with her face

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>samurai nerfed to shit
>both it and cavalier use their bonus action a lot
Well I guess there goes my kensei/samurai multiclass

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I personally don't think so, because I've played a Warlock from level 5 all the way to 17 and believe me - they need all the help they can get.

That said, I wouldn't allow for a swap after a long rest. I'd allow for a swap after an extended period of "downtime" for all the characters.

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I heard the Hound of Ill Omen ability was printed as it was in the UA

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I think it is cool, actually.
It will probably shift the game somewhat - for example now they can travel safely (unless, of course, you have airship pirates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZrh6eooyrg ) and have base of operations.

It depends also on whether they want to have some bond (for airship will presumably require some attention) in or prefer to be fully pledged orphaned murderhobos who cares about noone.

I think Storm Kinds Thunder module does it, too, so it is not terrible idea. I think it

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fuck, didn't notice until you said something.

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>Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Wanna play kensei, hexblade, college of blades, shadow sorcerer, horizon walker

>> No.56280118

Oh, glad to hear it.

What are your thoughts on the ability and the class in general? Im debating using it in my next game.

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str mod/long rest is not a lot

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Once you get to level 10 it becomes alright being once per fight at the very least, nothing amazing but it becomes equal tier to them then at least. The level 7 might also be really good.

Knight looks awesome though, two abilities keyed off different sources and a bunch of extra shit? Seems mad for a Sword and Board.

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Did they at least give the arcane shots (number known/number of uses) more scaling?

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Well, my players fell for my master plan.
They outright slew a charlatan posing as a necromancer in the employ of one of the leaders of the town they are in, and now are neck deep in my political plot.
I wager I managed to envelop them properly, they are invested in the town and it's structure, and feel guilt over killing a teenager.
>hurr all political games are dumb!
Do it right, shitlords.

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That's what really strikes me as bizzare. I mean, a fucking Warlock can get 5 temporary hitpoints twice a short rest from level 1 if they waste all their time on Armor of Agathys. It's not like advantage for a single turn is even that crazy when you can easily just do a battlemaster trip attack at that.

I really don't get why they changed it. If anything, the UA version felt a little weak in some spots.

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I like the flavor

Being harder to kill is nice
Hound is pretty strong
Shadowform is edgy but cool

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Dex based Cavalier fighter, Soldier background, archery focus. Gonna play me a Mongol horse archer.

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still hunting for inquisitive rogue leaks

>> No.56280157

I want to implement leveled combat hirelings in a West Marches style campaign and I'm not sure what restrictions I should place on it.

>> No.56280160

Tiefling Warlock (hexblade: hand crossbow)

>> No.56280166

Anon, I...

>> No.56280167

My only guess is that the way they're balancing classes is not just judging the class all by itself, and how it stacks up versus other classes - but they also take into consideration would would happen if the new classes is multi-classed with other things.

>> No.56280169

Sorry dude, Cavaliers abilities now specifically work Strength times per rest and they need a Shield to use their other abilities.

>> No.56280175

I'm not holding out hope for the level 7 being great after they nerfed both the level 3 and 10 skills. Especially since it at least originally was just "You can add Wis to Cha checks when talking to nobles. Also gain one History/Insight/Persuasion prof or a language."

Genuinely a bit baffled by their decision, but I'll live with it.

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The annoying part for Knight is that for some reason the Mark punishment is Strength times per long rest. 5 fucking times per day at best in most cases. Even if it's with advantage and deals extra damage, that's still pretty limiting for something that's supposed to be a punishment for ignoring you.

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You near central Virginia/Hampton Roads by any chance, anon?

>> No.56280180

Looks pretty good! Loads of fluff which makes me happy and a lot of the classes look great!

With the loss of the Stone Sorcerer, but gain of Absorb Elements, I'm trying to figure out a way to get Thunderous Smite on my Draconic Sorcerer/Hexblade Bladelock now.

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>Xanathar's Guide to Everything

This is the first time 5e's had me hyped in a while.

On that note, do you have any homebrew rules in common between your games? Do you consider any homebrew out there "essential"?

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>Be cute.
How do you want to see an oni's cuteness be represented mechanically?

>> No.56280213

Oni at least need resistance to poisoning (alcohol). Also they have varying sorts of magic in their myths.

>> No.56280216


>[...]if you are wielding a ??? or a shield

>> No.56280221

For what purpose

>> No.56280224

A cold, stiff, stern, and even harsh and callous character accustomed (though not outright enjoying) of getting their hands dirty for the sake of family/the party and nevertheless gives faith to [insert god of rebirth/renewal/something in that ballpark that I haven't picked out yet] that hails from a similarly cold and harsh land .

Sea Sorcerer, Noble background.

>> No.56280233

It deals a lot of damage and you also get the 7th level feature

>> No.56280237

Samurai might have been a little front-loaded, but I don't think the answer to that was to gimp it to the degree that it'd almost always be worse than a 3 level dip in battlemaster. Besides, it's not even like you can abuse it that much, since it's specifically weapon attack rolls and only for one round. It's a weaker option than something like Barbarogue that can get advantage more consistently even if it were 3 times per short rest, and a rogue who doesn't have the stats and wanted to go fighter could just as easily use two weapons and trip attack to not only give themselves advantage more frequently, but also give it to their allies to a degree while also letting them hamper foes.

I see absolutely no reason to take Samurai as a multiclass. About the only things it has going for it are the fact that it recovers the uses of it more frequently by level 10 compared to a battlemaster. It would have felt a lot better if it just started as once per short rest and then scaled up to 3 per short rest by level 10, since that would probably give a similar result.

>> No.56280239

Something weapon?

Maybe Light weapon? Though it looks like it says mount weapon but that's not a thing.

>> No.56280241

See, I felt that way too, but now it's taken so long that I've just lost interest again.

>> No.56280252

It's less then it was before, but now you have much, much better abilities later on which is nice. Besides it's finally a Fighter where a Mountain Dwarf for 20 STR and CON at level 8 is amazing.

>> No.56280257

Really hoping it's Reach Weapon but I'll take Heavy weapon, too.

>> No.56280259


To help them carry more loot. Fill in roles that the current party might not have. To give Charisma a purpose. Something to spend money on because gold in 5e has almost no purpose.

>> No.56280265

> Play Tomb of Annihilation with friends
> Do a side quest in such a way that the ramifications of my actions seemingly pop up every session
> The group constantly points out how X is all my fault because of it

>> No.56280269

Ah yes, the level 7 feature which is Con times per day for something the Protection fighting style almost does for free. Making you more MAD on top of all of your daily abilities.

I don't know. It just feels like it takes too much time to really become good at what it wants to be doing.

>> No.56280271

I think a widely accepted houserule are:
Drinking potions as bonus actions.
Shorter short rests (5-10 minutes) Technically this is a DMG optional rule, but people don't change Long Rest's duration

>Do you consider any homebrew out there "essential"?
Some love Matt Mercer's resurrection rules as they make resurrections possible, but no trivial as in some people's games.

Also, stay the fuck away from DMG's Flanking rules and Spell Points, those are awful.

>> No.56280274

Need that PDF in the next 24 hours, got a level up before next session. Come on peeps, need some new sorc spells

>> No.56280276

Oh it probably is Reach, because Lances have Reach. Heavy could make sense as well though.

>> No.56280278


Is it feasible to still do this in another archetype like battlemaster or champion?

>> No.56280285

also its entirely about hitting things with a melee weapon, so ranged is out of the question altogether

>> No.56280288

I like that it's THP, it should just be stronger.

>> No.56280290

I'm pretty sure it's "melee weapon"

>> No.56280292 [SPOILER] 

What class is he

>> No.56280294

What are Mercer's resurrection rules?

>> No.56280306

Also, yes, of course, ice-themed.

>> No.56280311

>but no trivial as in some people's games
They sure seem trivial in his

>> No.56280315

Fagotron 9000

>> No.56280320

>samurai x
>what class is he

>> No.56280322

Cavalier was always knight-based and keyed off melee weapons so it was a dumb idea anyway. Yes, go battlemaster or arcane archer.

>> No.56280328

melee weapon.
There's no way it's "heavy" or "reach" as the first/last letter doesn't looks like a h.

>> No.56280329

>Shorter short rests (5-10 minutes)
How would the spell Catnap work then? Apparently, its a 3rd level spell that makes it so 3 creatures can take a short rest in 10 minutes.

>> No.56280333

>Matt Mercer's resurrection rules
Could you sum it up for me?

>> No.56280341

Yeah, I actually do feel like THP fit better than resistance, and it's actually a bit nicer in some ways since it'll potentially linger for longer. I just feel like it's a really low amount overall. Maybe that's because you'll basically have them for every fight by level 10? Still seems like it'll feel really bad in the preceding levels.

>> No.56280343


>> No.56280349

More trivial than if they were automatic successes or unlimited?

But yeah I hope he takes the kid gloves off and we see a main pc fall in the next campaign

>> No.56280350

How do you build him?

>> No.56280351

The deeper darkness was neat. Apparently it makes you very hard to counterspell and its very flavorful for a villain/antihero

>> No.56280354

I don't know the character, but he looks like monk, way of the faggot.

>> No.56280357

>Something the Protection style almost does for free
The opportunity cost is that you can't take a much better fighting style if you take Protection, so it's nice to get both
>A fighter with high CON is MAD
Anon, come on now.

>> No.56280359

Stop whining, Cavalier is pretty strong as it is

The bonus action attack is in addition to the mark (that works all the time)

>Protection fighting style almost does for free
And Champions only get the second fighting style at level 10, and you get a better version of on at 7. You also already give the enemy disadvantage on the roll because of the mark, and the ability can subtract the roll, stacking with disadvantage and making it very hard for the enemy to hit you allies. You can't even waste the feature, as it gives resistance to the attack if it hits.

>Making you more MAD
What? Fighters only need Strength and everyone needs Constitution, and the class gets more ASI than anyone else.

>> No.56280362

when characters are dead and being resurrected, the DM rulls a flat d20 to see if their soul can be brought back. the other party members can do a 4e-style skill challenge however. each success lowers the DC, each failure raises it.

>> No.56280364

I agree about flanking, but spell points are amazing for sorcerers. It's the system they should have used at the start.

Personally I think the spellcasters should have used different casting systems. Points for sorcerers; as-is for bards, druids, paladins, and clerics; prepared instead of known spells for rangers; and true Vancian magic for wizards.

That might just be because I like the idea of a wizard copying out 99% of tomorrow's spells before they sleep, and the copied page of their spellbook gets consumed like a scroll when they cast the next day. But that's just a setting thing, not something I'll ever introduce ingame.

>> No.56280366

He exceeds class, anon.

>> No.56280371


With love, anon.

>> No.56280372

post moar inquisitive rogue leaks

>> No.56280381

Ancestral Guardian/Shepard Druid.or just Circle of the Shepard Druid reflavor all of your summons as demons and fey.

>> No.56280393

It's kinda easy on a high-high-magic setting, but is RAW better, though?
I doubt it would be trivial at earlier levels

>> No.56280401

5 is fucking nothing. That's one hit from a goblin.

>> No.56280410

fiend chainlock

>> No.56280417

You ignore the spell exists.

>> No.56280431

Is catnap on the warlock's list?

>> No.56280438

Forest Gnome Eldritch Knight, Clan Crafter.

>> No.56280466

No. It's a Sorcerer, Wizard, and Bard spell.

>> No.56280472

In the base rules resurrection is too easy. The cost sounds big at first, but realistically by the time you have access to a 3rd level spell slot, you'll be swimming in money. Bear in mind it's DiamondS worth 300 gp, not a diamond worth 300 gp, so you can just pool together a shitload of diamonds. Whenever you're in a city, look around for diamonds of any value and buy them up. There's not much use for money in 5e anyways

Congratulations, you've now eliminated the threat of death in game. By 5th level. Revivify was a mistake

>> No.56280481

The only upside is that you can stack it in a single fight if need be. That + Second Wind gives the Samurai a lot of ways to keep themselves trucking.

>> No.56280482

where the fuck are my college of whispers leaks

>> No.56280488

God bless you, kind Anon.

I like the idea of roll, so that not every resurrection is automatic.

But if feels somewhat clunky and messy - though i bet it looks much better in practice, especially when you have players willing to RP the contribution rolls and similar.

>> No.56280499

>The opportunity cost is that you can't take a much better fighting style if you take Protection, so it's nice to get both

Yeah, but if the feature said 'you can do 4 extra points of damage 5 times a day', that'd feel pretty lackluster when you can take Dueling and get that much damage by standing there.

And while most fighters take Con, having to max it out more puts them in a tougher spot. It becomes more of a choice if you want to pick up combat feats or get more uses of one of your class features, independent of another of your class features.

I just feel like having it be a couple times per short rest rather than tied to a stat would have fit the class better and would have made it less crucial to max out those ability scores. It's going to leave Cavaliers feeling very inflexible with what sorts of characters you can make using the class when you need all of your points towards Strength and Constitution.

>> No.56280522

>would have made it less crucial to max out those ability scores. It's going to leave Cavaliers feeling very inflexible with what sorts of characters you can make using the class when you need all of your points towards Strength and Constitution.
I bet this was a design decision, and it's great to see incentives to take ASI instead of feats

>> No.56280551

>feel pretty lackluster when you can take Dueling and get that much damage by standing there
That's just it though, one reason that Protection is the worst fighting style is that the others are always-on, whereas Protection is an opportunistic thing that isn't likely to come into play every turn. That's why it's fine to mimic with this feature.

>> No.56280562

>A level 6 Conjure Woodland Beings gets 4 Dryads
>They all can cast 3 Goodberry a day
>10 goodberries a cast
>120 health recovered total (and a lot of eating)

Is there anything that matches this efficiency?

>> No.56280566

What's his story?

>> No.56280577

And for Warlocks?

>> No.56280578


I think the DMG takes it too far, but I do like the idea of having a bonus when flanking. Encourages a little more thought in combat without going full numbercrunchslog.

>> No.56280580


Protection's requirement to have them be right next to you (And only helping vs AC attacks) really doesn't help it. If you could grant advantage to saves as well as forcing disadvantage on attacks it might be worth it. As it is, it just promotes 'Stand in a formation that makes you easy picking for AOE spells'

>> No.56280582

I just noticed kiss of Mephistopheles is gone. That's unfortunate I kinda liked that feature.

>> No.56280585

>Dryads take turns entangling the party while force-feeding goodberry while the Druid just watches from the corner

my fetish

>> No.56280589

That's nice except the DM chooses the exact creatures, you only choose from the CR available

>> No.56280597

Oh, forgot about them.

Honestly, I like them as they are, I just think blade pact should give shield+medium armor proficiency and eldritch blast should be less objectively good.

>> No.56280603

there's only one set of CR 1 Fey available in the MM- Dryad

>> No.56280616

Having people willing to RP is pretty essential to this optional rule. Otherwise it's just 4 rolls with no real meaning to it.

That said, it's a great rule in practice. After a whlie with a decent cleric, death is meaningless. But with this rule it makes nothing certain. so you never want to die because you don't want to risk that bad roll.

>> No.56280623

What's the /tg/erdict?


>> No.56280624

Huh, I wasn't aware of that. I forgot how bare bones the 5e MM is

>> No.56280626

>but spell points are amazing for sorcerers.
Of course they feel amazing, they make sorcerer, the hardest caster, into the easiest caster.
You simply ignore resource management:
>At 5th level you can either cast a total of 13 1st level spell, 9 2nd level spells, or 5 3rd level spells.
>RAW: A 20th level Sorcerer that takes 2 short rests (28 sorcery points) and never uses metamagics can craft 14/8/5 spell slots as the same above (or 10/6/4 without short rests).
It's obviously fun, but it's obviously OP.

>> No.56280657

I find you get Revivify and Remove Curse way too early in the game.
There's no point in giving cursed stuff if they can resolve it in a long rest with a cleric/paladin.

>> No.56280673

Is there any particular reason you can't use reflavor/reskin Goliaths as oni? I mean, it's not like Ogre and Ogre Mage (aka, "Oni with Proprietary Naming") weren't PC options in AD&D.

I made my own oni racial profile, but that's because I view a proper oni as having some magic to go with the might.

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Strength, +1 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Vision: Darkvision 60 feet
Powerful Build: You are considered to be one size larger for determining your carrying, dragging, lifting, pushing, pulling and dragging capacity.
Illusory Veil: You have Proficiency in Deception.
Windstrider: At 7th level, you gain a Fly speed of 30 feet.
Oni Tricks: You can cast the True Strike cantrip. At 3rd level, you can cast Fog Cloud as a 1st level spell with this trait. At 5th level, you can cast Suggestion as a 2nd level spell with this trait. Once you have cast either Fog Cloud or Suggestion with this trait, you must complete a long rest before you can use them again. Spells cast with this trait use Charisma as their spellcasting ability score.

>> No.56280680

There's also only one CR 6 beast that moon druids can turn into.

>> No.56280690


Rogue (Assassin) 3/ Kensai Monk 17... I don't even see how this is hard to figure out.

>> No.56280694

Left behind by his parents with a roaming guild traveler, he was brought back to the dwarven clan who took him in and raised him.

He's basically been raised as a dwarf all his life to the extent that whenever he showed any signs of stereotypical gnomish traits, they'd squash it.

He tried to learn magic, squashed and given a sword and board. Tried to tinker, given a hammer and told to smith. Became a prankster, timed out and heavily scolded.

In his mid 40s, he smuggled himself out in a crate bound to to outside the guild with enough food/water because he legitimately believed he wouldn't be allowed to leave if he tried.

Now he's basically trying to find any signs of Forest Gnomes and his parents, find out why he was abandoned and learn how to be a gnome after decades of being raised as a dwarf.

Leave it vague enough that it doesn't overtake the plot and allows me to do many things with the character.

>> No.56280700

If you want to make it a little easier on your players like I did I allow Enhance ability to work with Revivify making it much easier to bring them back with it.

>> No.56280704

THP doesn't stack.

>> No.56280716

I've been away from /5eg/ for the weekend due to illness, if there's been spoiled leaks of Divine Soul Sorcerer and the section about Adamantine Equipment, if someone would please link me to it (or post the images here) I would greatly appreciate it.

>> No.56280727

>"The berry provides enough nourishment to sustain a creature for one day."
Reccomended intake for a human is around 2000 calories a day.
2000*120 berries=240,000 calories
Hope you have a fat fetish

>> No.56280733

God fucking damnit.
Ok I can give myself a MASSIVE buffer of 5 hp 3 times in a fight, effectively increasing my HP by 15 if I'm willing to sacrifice my bonus actions 3 times.

>> No.56280743

It's nice, but needs balancing, so you can't simply apply it to a game.
Personally, it adds way too much book keeping and stuff to remember.

>> No.56280750

just add a +1 or 2 maximum to attacks made w/ flanking.

>> No.56280770

For once, pick Heavy Armor Master feat, so you get way more mileage out of it.

>> No.56280787

What this anon said is the best compromise >>56280750

>> No.56280792

But I'm going Dex Samurai like a dumb fucking shit.

>> No.56280796

Is it being a cunt to make an archer character whose race is Winged Tiefling?

>> No.56280802

Yep. Or you could play a battlemaster and spam Parry and give yourself a similar buffer or better 3 times per rest, and only give up your reaction to do so. Assuming you didn't want to also be able to use Tripping attack to imitate the advantage-granting aspects of it.

>> No.56280836

So, I know elves have their own shitty deities and shit, but would it be possible for an elf to worship, like, a NORMAL god?

Helm specifically. I'm doing a "Javert and Jean Valjean" thing wherein a human illusionist conman is being pursued by an elf paladin. The illusionist gives up his evil ways as he gets older, only to run into the paladin again when he is in his 80s. The elf, of course, has barely aged and is still vindictive. Antics ensue.

>> No.56280845

So, can anyone give me a rundown on what the new Sorcerer and Warlock subclasses actually do?

Is the Warmage any more interesting now, or is it still as bland as it was in UA?

Play a setting where races don't have whole unique pantheons to themselves.

>> No.56280847

>would it be possible for an elf to worship a NORMAL god?
Sure there's no reason why he can't

>> No.56280860

It's not like the no fun allowed autists only brigade is going to show up at your door and screech for you to stop. It's your game, do what's fun for you and isn't disruptive to the game.

>> No.56280885

So this is a reflavored Ancestral Guardian with Lightning powers right? Nothing closer than that?

>> No.56280892

Rock and roll, sounds good to me. Thanks for the advice!

>> No.56280896

Yeah, but you're choosing "CR 1 or less". "or less" is important. Your DM is entirely welcome to dick you over by choosing, like, Sprites, instead, if you try to break the game.

>> No.56280900


Yes, of course. The concept of race specific deities is more for the idea of someone who grew up in Evermeet or the Great Rift or other places that are wholly non-human. Otherwise odds are you know a mix of deities.

>> No.56280902

I love this.

>> No.56280906


>> No.56280911

Adamantine weapons cost 500gp more than normal, and do automatic critical hits to objects, that's it.

>> No.56280913


No, that's a siscon.

>> No.56280920

Aw, I was worried the catgirlposting had stopped!
Clearly the catgirl guy and the oni guy should kiss.

>> No.56280929


I think the closest thing is a dragon Sorcerer with a good dex score, a finesse longsword (ask your DM nicely) and one of the dragon types that specializes you into lightning.

Because you need Lightning Bolt to do this.

>> No.56280962

Celestial lets you drop some heals, Hexblade makes you able to be actually good at melee and curse people.
Probably pretty close to their respective UAs
>War Wizard
Their fake shield is stronger (adds to all saves, not just Concentration), you eventually get +AC and +to Concentration saves just for concentrating on a spell, neither of those are more exciting despite being strong.
You get to deal extra Force damage when you use your not!shield at higher levels though which is cool, and your Power Surge abilities are recharged when you Counterspell or Dispel Magic, not just "X per short rest" which makes them more fun and dynamic.

>> No.56280968


>> No.56280994

On the topic on Finesse Longswords, how do people feel about them? Should you just refluff a Rapier into whatever you want, keeping it at 1d8?
Does it depend on how your players intend to use it?

>> No.56281001

As long as they don't get Versatile, it's OK by me.

>> No.56281014

So, a refluffed Rapier.

>> No.56281023


You can let it be versatile, just make it 1d6 and 1d8.

>> No.56281028

Speaking of this, does anyone have a "skill challenge for dummies" rundown?

>> No.56281042

Personally I don't see an issue with finesse longswords, even with versatile. It's not like people ever actually use a two-handed longsword in the first place

>> No.56281051

Take normal adventure situation that isn't combat, turn it into a rigid, initiative-and-number-of-successes system that will, at best, speed up an adventure without making it at all enjoyable, while not solving any of the supposed problems people say it solves because they don't actually use skill challenges at all as they're described in 4e.

>> No.56281058

Why not? The Sun Blade exist, why not just make a Finessable, versatile Longsword that's not magic.

>> No.56281064

Really? That's pretty shitty, all things considered.

>> No.56281071


> because they don't actually use skill challenges at all as they're described in 4e.

That was one of my biggest annoyances with how some GMs handled skill challenges. They are not there for the GM to go 'Skill challenge now'. They are rules to help the GM run the backend of a situation without it all turning on a single d20 roll.

>> No.56281091

Skill challenges are just an extended sequence of skill rolls strung together with an overarching narrative. Trekking through the jungle could be one. Etc. Think of it like a combat encounter, where the enemy's HP is worn down by successful skill rolls, and failures chip away at the player's "HP." After x amount of successful rolls by the party, the challenge "dies" and the players succeed; they make it out of the crumbling tower, they manage to steer the ship through the storm, they get through the high politik diplomatic dinner without fucking up, etc. On the flip side, after x amount of failures, the challenge isn't overcome, and the players fail at whatever they were trying to do. The higher the number of successes needed (or the lower number of failures that count toward a loss), the more difficult the challenge is. This in addition to the DC of each skill roll individually.

>> No.56281093

So did we end up getting any cool races out of the Leaks?

>> No.56281103

Except 4e describes them as "skill challenge starts now" with initiative being rolled and everything. Seriously, once you actually read the 4e DMG on the subject, you realize that skill challenges are fucking nonsense.

>> No.56281104

My DM is allowing me to have a Dex Longsword, no magic +1 or anything. It's counting as my "magical" item for starting at level 5.

>> No.56281113

Just the plumbers.

>> No.56281119

Finesse, I think, describes a weapon that is elegant and flow-like, hence the ability to use Dex as the modifier. I'm not a /k/ person but a longsword doesn't sound like that.

I think a reclassed Rapier, like a saber, is better.

>> No.56281142

That's part of why the Sunblade is a good and rare item, besides just the +2.
This is fine though >>56281023

>> No.56281144

>I think a reclassed Rapier, like a saber, is better.
This works as well.

>> No.56281163

A Houserule we use is that so long as you're proficient with a weapon, you can use either Strength or Dex but you can't flip flop once you pick. You pick which stat you're gonna use for your weapons and that's that.

>> No.56281168

>I'm not a /k/ person but a longsword doesn't sound like that.
You can do some pretty neat stuff with a longsword. Granted this is all unarmored stuff which works much differently than armored fighting, but d&d isn't supposed to really be realistic in fighting anyways

>> No.56281179

>Dex Greataxe.

>> No.56281187


What's this from? It looks like wakfu but I don't remember yuri in wakfu.

>> No.56281190

We tweak quite a bit in our games. We overhauled the skills and feats.

>> No.56281195

>lets make dex even better
>only new benefit is you can use strength bows and crossbows.

>> No.56281196

Mind expounding on that?

>> No.56281221

Factorial d6 fall damage per 10 feet.

>> No.56281224

I've been running a solo game for a friend in Pathfinder, but I fucking hate pathfinder. The only redeeming feature is the characters are so overpowered if built well they can solo challenges made for a party. I desperately want to switch but it's difficult to find systems that can accommodate one person. Is it possible to run small group games in 5e? I especially like using published adventures as it cuts down massively on prep work, but I figure those are all made for 3~4 people.

>> No.56281250


>> No.56281260

Dofus, or more specifically, Dofus: The Treasure of Kerub.

>> No.56281288

Falling damage doesn't cap at 20d6, instead is capped at 150d6
>My games
While not homebrew, I use the optional rule of slower healing because it lets me space out an adventuring day's worth of encounters across more than a single day

>> No.56281307

healing potions always do max healing at the lowest level they can be cast at (so a cure light wounds in pf would do 9 healing, or one in 5e would just do 8). And you can drink as little or as much of it as you want at a time.

You can also combine it together with others to make casks and wineskins of potion that you can take with you. Because of the utility of this, most people rarely make healing potions above the base level, and there is a market for healing potions like there is for wines and liquor.

>> No.56281317

That may be because strength character that use longswords generally use shields. Elven mages and rogues and similar don't have proficiency with shields.

>> No.56281326

You could get yourself some Adventurer's League pre-mades, many of those are short and would be really easy to scale down for one person.
It is possible to run, and quite a few classes are balanced well enough to pull it off. Clerics (esp. War), Fighters (esp. EK), Rogues, Monks, Paladins.

>> No.56281333

Sure and dex wise you're probably better off dual-wielding than two handing the longsword anyways

>> No.56281336

We've worked around that a bit in that your Strength Modifier gets added to Acrobatics, Intimidation, Persuasion and Animal Handling along with their natural modifiers to try and make it an actual choice

>> No.56281354

We have a critical velocity rule where every 10 feet past when they get to 20d6 just maximizes one die. So at 400 feet the damage caps at 120. However, you would also take the damage you would if you landed on something (1d6 for every 200 lbs).

While it makes falling less fatal, it allows for way more epic moments at higher levels where the fighter just jumps off of the building and slows his fall by digging his weapon into the stonework, etc.

>> No.56281362

Did they at least give us the conjour arrows ability back for people playing in games that tracks that.

>> No.56281376

training what?

>> No.56281377

The thing is that if you are a strength character willing to use a sword in two hands you might as well be using a greatsword, since none of the actual benefits of using a longsword are reflected in the game mechanics.

>> No.56281385

>Ring of Spell Storing
>Ioun Stone of Reserve
>Multiclass 2 levels into Paladin
>Beg DM to replace Hexblade's Shield spell with Thunderous Smite in the Expanded Spell list.

>> No.56281394

Honestly I don't think I've ever gone into a situation where someone's falling more than maybe 20 or 30 feet. I doubt I'd even ever get to the RAW cap of fall damage. However by announcing that change early on, I don't have people getting mad at me for killing off the idiot who decided to jump off a 1500 foot cliff.

>> No.56281404

>Making strength worthless

>> No.56281431

Is there any good way to play an unarmed barbarian yet?
I just wanna play a warforged and crush fuckers to death.

>> No.56281438

One of our players makes it a point to encourage (taunt) us to jump off of tall things instead of wasting time with climb checks. It is great fun and usually our DMs will add 'lava' or 'vats of acid' or make the pits/falls bottomless if they want to denote a fatal fall.

Its worked out well for us the few times its become an issue.

>> No.56281445

Reminder that variant encumberance > base encumberance

>> No.56281447

will XGE change some rules?

>> No.56281468

I feel either:
>You run skill challenge, counting number of successes and failures
>You make your PCs come up with plan, that may solve situation with little to none rolling.

I feel that the later makes more sense to me - at least when playing DnD. I feel the should be "objective" reality in mind of DM and if PC get to found clever way around the obstacle in it, let them do it.

If the DM bends reality and circumstances depending on what PCs roll, i feel it interferes with my suspension of disbelief.

Aren't sabers basically just curved longswords?

>> No.56281469

Ask your DM if there is any way to enchant your Warforged's hands at some point so they count as magic weapons/get magic gauntlets. Pick up Tavern Brawler feat and ask if you could pick up the Brawny Feat from UA. Done.

Otherwise STR Monk, or homebrew.

>> No.56281480

What's variant encumbrance?

Also it's really hard to do any worse than tracking weights, so basically anything would be an improvement.

>> No.56281481

Scimitar is probably the closer choice, I believe either the DMG or the PHB even lists them as a common choice to reskin the weapon.

>> No.56281490


Eh, I like a mixture of the two (And to be honest, that's why the DMG2 had an entire section on 'Stuff other than skills in skill challenges'.) Skill challenges give a lot of framework to go 'I don't want this diplomatic talks to be entirely on a single pass or fail skill roll but freeform is also shit for people who invested in the skills'

>> No.56281504

The latter doesn't engage with the mechanics of the game however. It's all fine and dandy if you and your friends want to sit around and play imagination together but don't call it dnd.

>> No.56281505

Instead of strength x15 it's strength x5/x10/x15 for varying levels of encumberance. Everyone who complains about how strength is useless or intelligence is useless also seem to be the types to just say "oh that's not fun" and just make everything based on the already overloaded abilities

Seriously when was the last time you heard someone say "roll an investigation check."

>> No.56281515


Take my homebrew! Please!

>> No.56281528

Gay. Not to mention why would anybody "flip flop".
>I pumped Str and Dex...

>> No.56281539

>Not AC
>Not the incredibly common save
>Dex 2H weapons
Anon it's a bad decision

>> No.56281556

Looks pretty goddamn unwieldy, probably heavier than an actual two-handed axe. You'd probably have to be pretty strong.

>> No.56281572

Training to be a Ranger for the local counsel. It's pretty cool. I don't get martial weapon proficiency though.

>> No.56281576

> fundamentally misunderstanding the base mechanics, foundational assumptions, and implied fiction of the rules THIS BADLY

>> No.56281583

>"roll an investigation check"
Comes up all the time. So do Arcana and Nature, Religion is a bit rarer, History is fairly uncommon.

>> No.56281585


Something something use the momentum of the blade and just gently direct it where you want it to go something something

>> No.56281609

>Seriously when was the last time you heard someone say "roll an investigation check."

literally every session

You have a point about encumberance though

>> No.56281638

But that ISN'T fun. And I'm playing a 19 strength character.

>> No.56281667

>coming up with cunning plan to overcome obstacle that doesn't require roll is not DnD
I humbly disagree.

>> No.56281670

We also use 5" Tile representing 30 foot areas.

>> No.56281673

>Seriously when was the last time you heard someone say "roll an investigation check."
Constantly. Any time its even vaguely applicable.

>> No.56281707

We never invoke encumbrance rules unless someone tries to carry a load of stuff or something really heavy - usually when wizard tries to carry away unconscious party member.

>> No.56281709

For this edition at least, it's not. For something like Moldvay/Basic? Hell yeah. But if you're going to ignore an entire swath of the game, you might as well remove it altogether and do away with it. Otherwise you're just punishing players who DO invest into skills like Investigation, or Persuasion, or spells & class features along those lines.

>> No.56281713

A messer (or lange messer particularly) is closer to being a curved longsword. They're basically European katanas.

>> No.56281716

Hexblade leak when?

>> No.56281726

Is your name starting with R?

>> No.56281733


>> No.56281745

>they're basically European katanas
Literally the only similarity is that they're curved swords

>> No.56281750

With the new Eldritch Invocations shown and updated Hexblade do any of these homebrew Pacts of the Blade specific Invocations seem overpowered or at risk of breaking something with these changes?

>> No.56281760

>Otherwise you're just punishing players who DO invest into skills
I prefer to think of it as rewarding players who comes with cunning plan. Should i force roll when i feel none is necessary?

>> No.56281761

Anyone who's actually shot a bow knows that low strength characters ought to be garbage archers.

>> No.56281766

Holy shit blast wave is ridiculous

>> No.56281773

How so?

>> No.56281785

Yeah but low-strength characters should also be garbage with a maul, polearm, or greataxe.
It is shit that there's no real Str ranged options (yeah yeah javelins, whatever).

>> No.56281790

>walk into a fight
>eldritch blast everything at once every single turn
Why should I swing a sword when I can hit everyone with a blast

>> No.56281800

Most of the new character archetypes in the book ARE UA stuff. Dunno how much rebalancing they did, but I think a good chunk of the book is republished UA.

>> No.56281803

>Is there any particular reason you can't use reflavor/reskin Goliaths as oni
Personally I'd give tieflings powerful build instead of reskinning goliaths.

>> No.56281805

inquisitive when?

>> No.56281815

It can't crit, has a chance at doing nothing to the targets, and only hits them with one beam. But I do see what you mean with the effective AOE on it. It should probably have a short rest limitation, I'll bring it up to the dev.

>> No.56281819

Do the rules call for a roll in the given situation? If so, yes.

If you want to play something that involves & rewards cunning plans, play something else. 5e is -NOT- that game.

>> No.56281820

Anyone know what the damages to hexblade are?

Is Cursebringer's weird smiting stuff still a thing?

>> No.56281827

I'm playing a Half-Orc, who has an Oni soul inside him. He's lawful friendly... Does that count?

>> No.56281838

There aren't a lot of curved two-handed swords out there, and most of them are Japanese. Some lange messers have very similar (albeit slighter larger) blades to katana. Close enough to warrant the same stats in D&D, IMO. Definitely closer to each other than to scimitars.

>> No.56281846

Are you fucking retarded?
You're getting 3 invocations at 5th, say you focused on eldritch blast for 2 of them, you took agonizing and repelling blast.
You're dealing your Cha mod in damage to targets in a 30 foot radius and pushing them back 10 feet.

>> No.56281871

They dropped Cursebringer a while back for Eldritch Smite.

>> No.56281881


Are Bladelocks going to be the new meta?

Must say I'm excited.

>> No.56281882

>Hexblade tiefling

>> No.56281883

Also note that skill checks can determine more than binary success or failure.
It's not uncommon for my group to search a room, and name a few specific things they are looking for, and possibly where. In such a circumstance, an investigation roll determines how long it may take them, if they uncover additional clues, if they find unrelated valuables or information, or how much attention they attract.

>> No.56281885

Thank you.

>> No.56281886

A polearm weighs far less than the draw weight of a bow. They aren't as well balanced as a sword, but you still get both hands sharing all of the weight.

And since we're talking about how weapons work in real life, mauls and great axes (at least how they're portrayed in fantasy art) are clown weapons.

>> No.56281888

I've seen no less than three tieflings for character class art. Xanathar's Guide to Tieflings, more like.

>> No.56281896

Who are the others

>> No.56281898

Flagrantly shit homebrew doesn't make the bladelock anything.
The bladelock has always been fun.

>> No.56281899

As far as features go this is what I was able to see overall.

The Bladelock Invocations shown in that post are Homebrew.

>> No.56281908

Yes, this all true. But that's a long ways away from
>You make your PCs come up with plan, that may solve situation with little to none rolling.

>> No.56281909

>maul and greataxes
Oh sure, even if you don't look at the pics they're listed as 10lb which is pretty absurd.
And yes you do definitely need good lats as an archer.

>> No.56281912

What are you talking about? Not every 5e session is a series of prompts to roll a skill check on. And discouraging players from planning is bizarre.

>> No.56281919

Drunken Master monk and the shadow sorc.

>> No.56281926

So looking at it Hexblade is still better as an EB turret eh?

>> No.56281934

>Be Draconic Sorcerer
>Can't case Illusory Dragon

Why must they buttfuck us every time

>> No.56281945

>Hexblades STILL can't use Blackrazor

Jesus Christ.

>> No.56281964

Again, engage with the mechanics of the game. If the player says "I search the room for hidden clues," that's a skill check, not a prompt for you to just tell them what they want to know.

>> No.56281966

Bladelock no, Blastlock that uses Hexblade patron yes. They did nothing to dissuade it despite large feedback that it should be altered.

I'm not saying don't do it, just saying prepare for literally every Warlock that hits your table being a ranged Hexblade.

>> No.56281973

You can use it with your hex warrior feature if you wanted. Still can't make it a Pact Weapon though.

>> No.56281974


Swiss saber is what you're looking for, messers don't handle at all the same.

>> No.56281987

Which is retarded and will be home brewed into literally every game. Fuck them for not allowing that.

>> No.56281990

I am wondering I can ask the spectre question about his life before I kill him?

>> No.56282031


heck, i'll probably do it myself.

assuming there's some reason for it to be more mechanically flavorful than playing a sorcerer, which i doubt.

>> No.56282053

Its two handed, so no, you can't use it. The admittedly Elric inspired class can't use the admittedly Stormbringer inspired artifact sword. Sad!

>> No.56282061

Well mechanically it's flat out one of the strongest subclasses in the game. Hex being a Champion fighter feature, free medium armor proficiency on a full caster, one of the strongest single target defensive abilities in the game, a summon and the ability later to hex everything you want. Along with some great dpr invocations and all the regular Warlock strength is absolutely insane.

I honestly cannot fucking believe they didn't Hardline some melee only riders to these features.

>> No.56282073

Oh yeah, your right and because you can't make it a Pact weapon you can't bypass the two-handed restriction. That's really dumb.

>> No.56282077

To be fair though, if I was uber powerful mega weapon capable of giving someone level 20 class levels I probably wouldn't let the fucker manhandle me like a toy.

I kind of like the idea of the actual patron only appearing physically in the Warlocks hand once or twice, as a real "Oh shit this is serious, time to go mega mode" thing.

>> No.56282085

Officially hyped for my pact of tome hexblade warlock that stacks Hexblade's Curse with Hex for a 1d10+5+1d6 with a doubled critical range at first level and still being able to get the ritual utility at 3rd. It's good to be a warlock.

>> No.56282088

Printed Hexblade isn't a pact with an artifact anymore, or so I've heard.

>> No.56282090

>Do the rules call for a roll in the given situation? If so, yes.
The DM determines if a situation calls for a roll.

>> No.56282095

Oh really? Now I'm interested. Would like to see if they maybe took 4e Hexblade fluff for it (though I can't remember that shit at all).

>> No.56282104


Did they attach it to the Raven?

>> No.56282106

Have we got Zealot Barb, Scout Rogue, any Monk or any Sorcerer leaks yet? All I really care about.

>> No.56282107

This is incorrect. Hexblades which go Bladepact ignore that aspect of the Hexblade and are allowed to use CHA on any weapon.

>> No.56282118

>the dm can make up the rolls on the fly
This is what you sound like.

>> No.56282119

Can't make sentient weapons your pact weapon though.

>> No.56282126

The oath of redemption still does the lightly armoured ac?

>> No.56282127

>If you get the Pact of the Blade featrue, this benefit extends to any PACT WEAPON you conjure with that feature no matter the weapon's type.

Sentient Magic Items cannot be pact weapons.

>> No.56282128

It's still a pact with an entity of the shadowfell tied to weapons forged from the stuff of shadows. There's some flavor text implying that most hexblades serve the Raven Queen indirectly since she forged so many of these weapons.

>> No.56282134

If you want to play something fueled by 100% dm bullshit, go play vampire.

>> No.56282142

No, people are pissed about it but there was pretty major balance issues considering no other Oath got level 3 abilities.

They should've just made Mage Armour an oath spell though.

>> No.56282160

On one hand cool, they printed an actual good thing for Warlocks. On the other multiclassing and Warlocks in general just got very Hexblade-y. Told my roommate about the shit actually hitting print as it was, first thing out of his mouth was this is all we're going to see anymore.

>> No.56282180

Any sort of optimized 4-person party will be 3 hexblades and one full caster (probably cleric or wizard) now. You still need someone to be able to get above 5th level spells.

>> No.56282182

Honestly, this is the first thing that I can see is actual mechanical power creep. I'm honestly thinking of this being the one printed thing I'd nerf or ban because it's just making a fullcaster really fucking good at melee and ranged as well.

Also am I the only one annoyed they keep adding ways for people to use different mods for attack and damage? I feel like how MAD gishes are and shit is one of the best balancing factors.

>> No.56282193

Did they get to keep shield at least?

>> No.56282207

Multiclassing is still up to the DM's discretion though.

>> No.56282218

Any issues with the Eldritch Empowerment feature? The first thing that came to mind is that this is basically a free Thunderous Smite.

>> No.56282234

>Mearls pet archetype doesn't get any nerfs even though people said it needed tweaks
>It's level 6 is replaced with something slightly stronger
Wellllllll, who saw this coming. Might ban multiclassing now honestly, there's enough character options that people won't get bored too quickly without it and I don't think it'll lead to very diverse or fun characters.

>> No.56282240

>College of Swords v2 (UA): Blade Flourish

>At 3rd level, you learn to conduct impressive displays of skill with your weapons. As a standard action, you can make a standard melee attack and increase your walking speed by 10 feet until the end of the current turn. Whenever you use this option, you can also use one of the following Blade Flourish options with it.

>Defensive Flourish. You spin your weapon around you in swift circles, creating a hypnotic display. You can expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration, rolling a Bardic Inspiration die and applying the number rolled as a bonus to your AC until the start of your next turn.

>Slashing Flourish. If the attack hits its target, you can expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration to cause the weapon to damage each creature of your choice, other than the target, that you can see within 5 feet of you. The damage equals the number you roll on the Bardic Inspiration die.

>Mobile Flourish. If the attack hits its target, you can expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration to push the target up to 5 feet away from you, plus a number of feet equal to the number you roll on the Bardic Inspiration die. You can then immediately use your reaction to move up to your speed to an unoccupied space within 5 feet of the target.

Considering the interview on how the guy said he hated that the Bard was using bonus actions for flourishes, I'm guessing this is probably going to be the Sword Bard in Xanathar?

What do you guys think? It honestly seems very unimpressive to me. Defensive Floruish is nice... But the other two are eh. Slashing Floruish does jack shit damage, Mobile Flourish seems nice if you can toss someone off or trying to save a party member.

The biggest drawback being you have to use your damn bardic inspirations which are highly limited. College of Swords just seems like a really shitty Battle Master if it stays the UA rules.

>> No.56282243

just ban hexblade, its garbage

>> No.56282246

>standard action

>> No.56282250

Is it out yet

>> No.56282264

Who would have thought, hilarious how badly they fucked up too. I can see it now, every Hexblade starting off in melee...then realizing all their features work better at range.

As for multiclassing? That shit hit prohibitive within the first year of 5e for my group. Flavor and fun make it an exception, but the instant it hits mechanical advantage it gets a hard no.

>> No.56282266

what are the complete subclasses leaks do we have now

>> No.56282269

Please read the rules on ability checks before arguing about them.

>> No.56282283


>Mearls pet archetype doesn't get any nerfs even though people said it needed tweaks

The smite mechanic got heavy duty nerfs, on the other hand.

>> No.56282292

Changes they made
>Blade Flourish activates on an attack action meaning dual wielding works.
>Your Flourish features do the same thing except just like the Combat Maneuvers for the BM they add the Inspiration die to damage as well as their secondary effects.
>They got extra attack.

>> No.56282296

Your face, it's garbage.

>> No.56282320

So it is garbage and vengeance and ancients are leagues better.

>> No.56282322

Nah I don't like banning character options outright, besides in a vacuum it's strong but not too bad. Most issues I see is Sorcerer/Paladin/Warlock builds now shit on fucking everything at everything aside from high level and utility casting.

True. Actually yeah I might just do that unless a reason occurred in game then you aren't multiclassing.

If your Fighter was exposed to magic boom and you ask about Sorcerer levels sure why not. If your Wizard uses tries to summon a Devil and wants to make a deal then yeah Warlock levels are appropriate and etc.

Probably the best way to deal with it.

I didn't even think the Smite was good so I dunno why they nerfed it. As a full caster with 2 4th level spells per short rest there's 100 things I'd rather do with one then 8d6 damage against one creature.

Like you know, cast a damage spell for the same amount in an area to a lot of creatures? Unless your DM throws a ton of single enemies I guess.

>> No.56282323

I'm sad they glossed over the equally bullshit abilities that made Hex Warrior an amazing EB spammer. There was just as much conversation about that but they ignored it. I'd say between the two, this. The current bullshit was worse than the smites ever were.

>> No.56282326

I like how you guys are arguing and screeching about blurry text and already deciding on whether a class is shit before actually testing the new mechanics in play.

>> No.56282336

We did test it in play for half a year. It's the exact same fucking thing except now it summons ghosts as well.

>> No.56282337

What did you expect would happen?
People love to complain.

>> No.56282352

Ijust wanna see the xanananahththtahahaha contnet already!~!!

>> No.56282355

Every class had subtle or larger changes. You haven't played with all of the final fucking changes in play.

The amount of screeching is fucking annoying.

>> No.56282365

I am allowed to screech, they nerfed muh Samurai hard.

>> No.56282386

Goddamn fucking autists.

>> No.56282387

I guess that's better. Still very troubling because you need a long rest to recover Bardic Inspiration, but the added dice damage makes it much more worthwhile to use Flourishes than just supporting yourself or another DPS with Bardic Inspiration.

What do you mean by extra attack? That they get extra attacks like College of Valor at certain levels?

>> No.56282396

Font of Inspiration

Beginning when you reach 5th level, you regain all of your expended uses of Bardic Inspiration when you finish a short or Long Rest.

>> No.56282403

The only change is they now summon a ghost that's better than the old dog. The EB complaints are valid as all fuck.

>> No.56282404

>What do you mean by extra attack? That they get extra attacks like College of Valor at certain levels?
Yes level 6 I think, you can still only use one Flourish feature per turn though. Also Bards get Bardic Inspirations back on short rest at level 5.

>> No.56282406

> besides in a vacuum it's strong but not too bad

You don't see a problem with a character class that can do both melee and ranged weapon attacks, and cast spells, all with the same stat, while also can very easily get up to 19 AC at 1st level? Its literally Mearls DMPC as a character class.

>> No.56282408

I don't know why they changed cloak of flies to be once per day with no duration on it instead of a toggle. People will leave it on all the time and the rest of the party just stands a bit further from the warlock

>> No.56282414

The ability is literally e x a c t l y the fucking same except they can now summon ghosts and use two-handed weapons. So it got nothing but buffs.

>> No.56282417

While this discussion on Eldritch Blast is happening, these are a few more homebrew Invocations from a certain compendium that I won't post. Too strong? Not worth using?

>> No.56282422

Are all of the abilities e x a c t l y the fucking same?

>> No.56282444

Yes. Exactly aside from the buffs and the fact non-bladelocks can only use Charisma for 1 weapon each day. Which is about the same level of nerf as saying Monks take 5 damage if they wear heavy armour in moonlight.

>> No.56282446


>> No.56282456

That's only a problem when the GM goes "Hey, guys! A skill challenge!" and then just has the PCs rolling dice, rather than just keeping it behind the GM screen and using it as a framework to adjudicate the success of the PC's actions.

>> No.56282460

Yes. This is one of those times /5eg/ isn't just having a bitch fit and it's actually bullshit.

>> No.56282485

Charisma bonus?

>> No.56282486

No, it's not balanced, it's as shit as every other piece of home-brew shit.

>> No.56282494

The hex warrior feature is already subtly different, you disingenuous shits.

As is the hexblade's curse.

>> No.56282507


Now you can use GWM with them, and their curse ends early if you die? Fuck those nerfs are bad.

>> No.56282508

>ability is strictly better

>> No.56282509

What are folks thoughts on quests/objectives with time limits?

I run a pretty open world game but my group have been going down the 'plague' quest path I've designed and they've reached a point in it where they know roughly the location and source of the plague and want to travel and stop it. ( Plague is caused by a pissed of Aboleth for various reasons) If they don't it will spread and kill a large portion of the island they're exploring and might infect them as well.

I've given them 3 months to defeat the source , there's also a few ways they can extend this deadline by destroying spawning pools etc.

One player absolutely hates as she in her words likes just fucking around in games. The other players seem fine with it. But I still feel like I've put the players in a railroad situation where they follow the quest or everything dies which gives me an uneasy feeling at least. Hence why I ask peoples thoughts on the concept?

>> No.56282524

Hexblade gifted swords/axes/knives by an entity that is the metaphysical embodiment of Edge.

>> No.56282527

Whoa, stop being disingenuous. And you are still whining. Can nothing please your autism?

>> No.56282536

That looks atrocious. I would never even give that a try, Jesus Christ.

>> No.56282569

>railroad scenario
>giving them an objective without dictating how

How is that railroading exactly?

>> No.56282588

>What are folks thoughts on quests/objectives with time limits?
As a GM, there is always a time constraint on any quest. In exchange, they get a lot of downtime in between their bigger quests, and has a few side plots they can follow with no real time limit.

The main point of doing it, is to prevent asshat wizards from having 2 hour days. I have had too many fat mouthbreathing autists try to demand they go back to rest every single fucking time they have been in even a single combat, culminating in a sad event where they just woke up outside a dungeon, went in, fought a beholder guarding the entrance, and then went back out, sat there for the entire day doing nothing, went to bed, and then continued the following morning.

Strict time limits either makes them stop that shit immediately, or it punishes them HARD when trying to do it.

>> No.56282608

Yeah you've a point it's not when I think about it. One player just thinks anything with a time limit is railroading as you 'have' to do it. And I think the other players if anything want more tracks as the quest being open ended in how to stop it is making them nervous as they don't know how long it might take, if they'll succeed, how exactly to go about it , what they might find etc.

>> No.56282609

>What are folks thoughts on quests/objectives with time limits?
I like them. They add an extra bit of tension to the campaign because the PCs can't just spend time planning and preparing, or resting.
>But I still feel like I've put the players in a railroad situation where they follow the quest or everything dies which gives me an uneasy feeling at least
This is the only downside. It is pretty railroady, in that the players basically have to do the plot or everyone on the island dies, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. In my opinion, railroading is only really bad when the DM is a dick about it.
However, if one of your players doesn't like this kind of campaign, that's something that should definitely be discussed with your group, or at least the player in question.
>Hence why I ask peoples thoughts on the concept?
The concept seems fine, to me.

>> No.56282653

Aye good points,

I suppose my conundrum is whether to scrap the time limit entirely or just stick to my guns with it.

I have discussed it with the player and as a result added ways to extend the time limit but I don't want to scrap the whole thing because as raised it does create a source of tension, a goal, stakes and stops long rest spamming if nothing else. But likewise I don't want to force the players into any one scenario or path.

There will of course be extensive downtime after this should they manage to stop the source.

>> No.56282655

My players just finished a large campaign break point. We are taking a break until the new year, and the idea is to give them a huge reward in terms of baseline feature upgrades.

None of my players have multiclassed, but I am considering giving them 3 levels of a class of their choice, with all the benefits of doing so, almost.

Character levels, including any spell level progression shenanigans will not be applied. A Sorcerer MCing wizard will get additional spell slots a level 3 wizard would get, but won't effect anything else.

They are currently level 12. Would this be a good reward? Should I let them choose, or should I make part of the decision for them, like the class, but leave subclass up to them? I have a pretty good idea of what a suitable class would be (based on their playstyle), but I am kind of worried they might try to abuse some MC shenanigans.

No UA allowed.

>> No.56282656


>> No.56282672

I mean it seem fine, cause it give a sense of urgency and weight to what happen. I mean they can run away since it is a open world.
>>56282569 is also right

Railroading is forcing player to do X regardless of their choice

>> No.56282677

>One player just thinks anything with a time limit is railroading as you 'have' to do it.
No you dont.

If some damsel has been kidnapped by a group of Orcs, you can just ignore it. Let someone else deal with it. Yeah, if you want to help, you are on the clock, with no time to do anything else. But you always have thr option of just saying "we dont have time for this, I am sorry." No matter what you think your imaginary alignment might be.

This is speaking as a GM.

>> No.56282681

Can you give me more detail as to why it's atrocious? I could relay that information to the creator of the brew and tell them why it's atrocious and what they need to fix it.

>> No.56282692

>one player just thinks anything with a time limit is railroading as you 'have' to do it
Tl;dr that player's a dummy.

Long version is two-fold. One, assuming you talked with your players before the game, they should have known something along these lines might happen in the general pitch for the story. Two is that the problem player is more than free to not accomplish the goal assuming they can convince the rest of the party. Once the doomsday clock ticks by, then you go full Midnight. If they continue to complain, tell them that the world's as much their playbox that a coming plague doesn't sit behind every door, in every npc's knowledge, or mysteriously leading them down every road; you can go drinking on the night of the apocalypse until a virulent disease shows up and kills their character.

So politely tell them to fuck off.

>> No.56282707

time limit is important is make player think hard about their choice

e.g. go to witness to a case involving a evil noble nercomancer or travel for a 2 weeks to remove the curse given by said noble

>> No.56282722

All those different shapes of EB is fucking terrible. Huge AoE with a cantrip is dumb, which it will be. The "add additional effects based on half the beams" is a stupid mechanic, and the shaping invocation is nothing but a direct buff to reduce the amount of invocations spent on EB.

The only thing that could be fine, is having am invocation turn EB into a save spell instead of an attack spell. But that is it - just a straight "replace attack roll with a save DC instead" if you prefer that. No other changes in damage or mechanics.

>> No.56282776

No. It uses the Specter stat block from the MM, and that says this:
>Languages: understands all languages it knew in life but can't speak

>> No.56282781

>write it down ghosty spirit

>> No.56282789

Not part of this discussion (I frankly dont give a shit about homebrew), but I've been curious for a while...

What is actually better? Attack roll or save DC? Just using EB as an example, assuming all things equal (+5 Charisma bonus, +5 proficiency bonus, 4 beams) which would actually be better?

I assume it depend on the monster, yes? Some things have a high AC, others a good save.

Since I assume there is a large difference between attributes, let us assume Dex for simplicitys sake

>> No.56282805

It seems like ignoring DM's plot hooks might be That Guy thing to do.

>> No.56282807

attack, cause you have a higher chance to roll high to beat AC than GM rolling low to lose DC

>> No.56282812

Mathematically, it depends on the target, but as a generalization, it's usually better to put the rolls in the players hands.
Very few things manipulate saving throw modifiers, and PCs have far greater access to ways of increasing their own attack roll likelihood of success.
It's usually good to have access to both though, since you may have situations in which you would otherwise have disadvantage, or the inability to overcome a high AC easily.

>> No.56282839

Not necessarily.

I am mostly a GM. About 90% of the time. I put out enough plothooks that I fully expect a lot of them to be ignored. In fact, they HAVE TO. The world is a living place, shit happens everywhere, and the players are only the centre of their story, not the entire world. Things happen without their interference. Id someone asks thrm to help them with a goblin problem, and they put it on their list to do in 1 month, they should not be surprised to find that someone else already took care of it. Or that the problem have evolved to be much worse than it originally was.

If a group of PCs try to solve all the world's problems, they will quickly find that they simply don't have time for it.

>> No.56282840

>What is actually better? Attack roll or save DC?
It is easier to get advantage on attack roll than force disadvantage on saving throw. On the other hand, it is easier to get disadvantage on attack roll.

If it is main thing you can do (martials, warlock) it is roughly equal, but if you have other option present, i'd say attack roll is better, since you can exploit advantages and circumvent disadvantages.

>> No.56282862

I can see how it might easily work for you, but i have my doubts, whether it could work just as well for different games.

I guess it is about communication, as usual.

>> No.56282865


I didn't consider the advantage/disadvantage aspect. I guess this explains why our Cleric loves Sacred Flame so much on his Human, who often fights in darkness when we are dungeon crawling.

>> No.56282877

So just to make sure I understand this you would prefer Eldrtich Shaping to just make it so each beam is a DEX save versus an attack roll for that casting? Something like this

>Eldrtich Shaping
>When you cast eldritch blast instead of making a spell attack roll for the beams you can instead choose to make each target make a Dexterity saving throw equal to your warlock spell save DC on a failed save they take damage as if they were hit by a single beam of your eldritch blast spell.

>> No.56282881

>but i have my doubts, whether it could work just as well for different games.
If you give your players an opportunity to fix everything, and never let an outside force solve/worsen problems while they attend other matters, you may be better suited for a MMORPG quest writer, than a PnP GM.

>> No.56282882

Sacred Flame is also, literally, the only damaging Cleric cantrip. Toll the Dead will add one in XGtE, but that's still a saving throw.

>> No.56282885


>> No.56282891

>Cleric loves Sacred Flame
It's not like clerics have much choice until XGE comes out

>> No.56282897

So, what do you guys think would be better for a Variant Human Hexblade to start off with: War Caster for advantage on Concentration saves, Booming Blade opportunity attacks for extra stickiness, and the ability to sword-and-board prior to level 3, or Magic Initiate to get some more SCAG cantrips + Find Familiar to get advantage on all your attacks?

>> No.56282898

>Implying XGE gives even less choice since there's no point in having any of the weaker shit anymore

>> No.56282903

Gotcha. I will send that to the brewer.

War Caster.

>> No.56282904

Also attacks can crit

>> No.56282908

Sorry, 'not implying' I mean.

>> No.56282927

Assuming you actually are going melee get a familiar and make it an owl for flyby. Advantage on all attacks, free super vision and night vision if human along with it being immune to AoO. But you absolutely want Scag cantrips. Warcaster can wait, most of your slots will be used on shit like mirror image, AoA and the like.

>> No.56282928

Sacred flame is nice for when some has high wis or you know they have low dex. Word of radiance can be good when you are strolling in trying to hit people with spirit guardians

>> No.56282953

>Sacred flame
It's not worth taking a second offensive cantrip for the occasions you work out that someone's more likely to fail a dex save, especially since it might be doing less damage anyway.
>Strolling in trying to hit people with spirit guardians
You should be using the 'dodge' action instead, probably.

>> No.56282984

Building a level 4 Storm Sorcerer and fuck this is hard. Can anyone help with good and thematic spells?

>> No.56282989

I'm not sure about the damage values, and I don't like the idea of adding more eldritch blast invocations, instead of you know, interesting invocations.

However, these seem okay with tweaks. I don't think I'd take one on my warlock,

Eldritch shield is crap though.

>> No.56282991

1. 'Polymorph self in to wizard'

>> No.56282999

I don't like presenting my players with much plothooks they won't take, because i feel it dilutes the main story.

But i am, admittedly, bad DM.

>> No.56283022

Do you happen to have the info on master's flourish?

>> No.56283025

Not him, but as someone playing a Warlock, I like making tweaks to EB.

I really dont like the proposed ones, but things like Eldritch Spear, push/pull, Frost Lance, etc, are just incredibly fun to mess around with. Just making that EB both flavourful and with solid crunch to back it up.

There is something oddly satisfying about imagining my Warlock manifest an Eldritch Spear in his hand, and then lobbing it 600ft at a fleeing enemy.

>> No.56283068

Me again, but if there is one thing that would be cool, it would be a cleave mechanic to EB. Like
>Piercing Bolt
>EB can pierce through an enemy it kills. Immediately after making a killing blow on an enemy, jump to a target directly behind the slain enemy. Make an attack roll against the new target.

Or another one that would be fun as well,

>Mind Break
>Instead of killing enemies, any enemy taken out by EB is rendered unconscious/incapacitated for at least a full hour. Against targets immune to these conditions, it will still kill the target creature as normal. In all other cases, EB can never kill a target.

>> No.56283080

>>Mind Break
>>Instead of killing enemies, any enemy taken out by EB is rendered unconscious/incapacitated for at least a full hour. Against targets immune to these conditions, it will still kill the target creature as normal. In all other cases, EB can never kill a target.
Name is shit, but holy fuck I would instantly spend an invocation on this for my Neutral Good GOOWarlock.

>> No.56283141

You can reword that second one into saying something like "you can treat Eldritch Blast as a melee spell attack for purposes of dealing someone unconscious"

>> No.56283174

Half-Elf (Elvan Accuracy) sword bard with Greater Invisibility going to be great.

>> No.56283207

>warlocks finally get demon summoning spells

Does anyone have the text of the spells? How long do the summonings last? Can they be made permanent?

>> No.56283219

So Mantle of Majesty under College of Glamour was given Concentration. That's a fair nerf.

>> No.56283262

So at Level 15 Cavalier can knock a Tarrasque prone?

>> No.56283285

Last an hour, a few more minutes of you loose concentration, and longer if you planar bind them

>> No.56283292

Has anyone got the good on the Druid Grove spell?
I'm trying to create a Druid specific magic item from a Vineyard Gem in CoS and I was thinking it casting Plant Growth / Awaken / Druid Grove might be suitable

>> No.56283338

Wizard wants to multi class into Warlock. We are in Barovia.

How would you say they came in contact with their patron? What options can I suggest for Fey/Fiend/Old?

>> No.56283342

What are some good ways to nerf the help action? Currently basically every skill in the game can be done with advantage which is silly.

I've been doing it so you have to roll a 10 to succeed on the help which at least makes players stop and think before they do it. I also make it so that players can only help in skills they have proficiency in. Is this enough? Too much?

>> No.56283346



>hit AC 25
>Force Strength save vs Tarrasque with 30 Strength
>Tarrasque can ignore with Legendary Resistance anyways

Go for it.

>> No.56283360

If they can't help in a reasonable way then there's no help? I mean if they're trying to climb something tricky then that's okay, but party members with piss poor INT and Arcana can't help the Wizard remember spells.

If they can physically help in a meaningful way then it's fine.

>> No.56283362

Oh screw your sarcasm. Don Quixote wouldn't give up and neither will I!

>> No.56283363

You can go for any of the options.

Strahd and Exethentar make for great Undying Warlock patrons. The abbot is good for a Celestial, and the sunblade works for Hexblade
Many of the Amber Temple vestiges will work for Great Old One and both the old Bonegrinder and Baba Lysaga will have suitable features for an Archfey patron.
Finally, the Arcanaloth can be an interesting Fiend patron

>> No.56283364

Make them describe exactly how they're helping. Based off of how practically the assistance would actually help raise the DC.

>> No.56283382

>Someone implied cavalier runs off of strength
>When the bonus action attack feature would only rarely be used anyway
>Not just taking 15 or 16 strength for heavy armour and using the feature 2 or 3 times a day and being done with it
>Not maxing dex still
>You're trying to tank so you're going to be using a shield anyway
>One-handed weapons favour dex, you can use either a whip or a rapier and it's just as good as using a longsword and there's no strength version of the whip
>Not being an annoying loli dominatrix whipping enemies and insulting them to mark them

>> No.56283384

>but party members with piss poor INT and Arcana can't help the Wizard remember spells.

By RAW they can which is the issue.

>You can lend your aid to another creature in the completion of a task. When you take the Help action, the creature you aid gains advantage on the next ability check it makes to perform the task you are helping with, provided that it makes the check before the start of your next turn.

>> No.56283398

>you can treat Eldritch Blast as a melee spell attack for purposes of dealing someone unconscious
Literally worse wording than before.

I also assume he wants EB to stop be ranged.

>> No.56283405


Are people actually trying that though? It seems like horrible roleplaying if the party Barbarian offers to check the notes of the Wizard.

>> No.56283410

I think there's mention that in the DMG or somewhere that you should only allow those proficient in the skill to help.
Also, as other anon said, they have to describe how they're helping and if they can't come up with a valid way then it's too bad.

>> No.56283411

You know how by RAW the DM adjudicate when the Hide action is at all feasible, causing a roll of 30 Stealth to be irrelevant in the middle of a white empty room?

Same deal

>> No.56283419

You can already knock people unconscious with spell attack rolls, they just have to be melee

You want to knock bitches out with EB? All that's stopping you is that "melee" factor

>> No.56283421

It don't really see it necessity of nerfing it.
Some things cannot be helped with, though.

>> No.56283427

>A character can only provide help if the task is one that he or she could attempt alone
>a character can help only when two or more individuals working together would actually be productive.
>Some tasks, such as threading a needle. are no easier with help.
Read the gosh hecking rules. Unless a character can help in a meaningful way the DM agrees with, they can't help. It's Page 175 which I bet you never read.

>> No.56283434

Or you could just use a whip with strength?

>> No.56283452

is it out yet

>> No.56283455

Yes, check the trove

>> No.56283462

Speaking of EB invocations

Any good ideas for making EB melee and channeled through a weapon? How does
this sound:
>Eldritch Empowerment
>Requires Blade Pact
>When casting EB, you can instead make a melee attack using strength or dexterity, adding your melee 1 handed weapon attacks damage to the attack. You make an amount of attacks equal to your EB rays, as described in the spell.

Forcing to use Dex or Str helps avoid Hexblade cheese, but still makes it have far better potential than a standard EB, but requiring your squishy Warlock ass to be in melee. It also makes them scale with EB, instead of letting it just run away with far better damage as the game progresses.

Maybe even restrict it to only the dice damage from the weapon? (IE no strength or Dex mod to damage, which might even make it okay to let Charisma use it for that max of d8 additional damage on each strike)

>> No.56283464

You can use whip or rapier with STR

>> No.56283484

>they just have to be melee
That seems arbitrary. Why not allow it to work from range with an invocation?

I kinda want it to be an always on "You you are never doing lethal damage with EB" invocation. Regardless of range, and only exception being against targets straight up immune to these effects.

>> No.56283487

I know it's bullshit, but made me check anyway.

>> No.56283492

>using dex to attack when you could just use strength, since you're already using heavy armour
>but also having 16 strength
>when you'll also need decent con since you're a melee fighter
Boy I love being MAD.

>> No.56283499

Any leaks on the Drunken Master? I ctrl+F "monk" and "drunken" in the previous threads to no avail.

>> No.56283510

No, no fucking no. How fucking hard is it to learn basic balance?

Warlocks deal 1d10+CHA damage with multiple blasts

The average bladelock does 1d8+DEX damage with their attacks and normally will have buffs up as well.

Now here comes the real simple fucking balance issue. You're effectively adding those together to make a nearly twice as powerful blaster on a character who's already a good blaster.

Warlock doesn't need a fucking damage buff, neither does Bladelock. They deal perfectly good damage, this is making them fucking insane.

I swear to fuck if you're the same guy posting these shitty Warlock homebrew then stop, play the game some more, read the math more and then come back to making homebrew.

Sadly not, I'm waiting for it as well. Plus Scout.

>> No.56283520

Why would you use an inferior stat unless you're really into grappling and shoving enemies, too? It may somewhat work with shield master, but shield master also benefits from high dex to have a higher chance of using the dex save reaction negation.

Once you hit max dex, you can wear light armour with the same AC as half-plate without stealth disadvantage, you get good initiative, stealth and dex saves. You can also use ranged weapons for the many occasions you can't attack in melee.

No less MAD than any normal strength fighter as any decent fighter should be expected not to dump dex. You 'can' dump dex, but it's suboptimal.

>> No.56283521

Dumb the way you did it.

>While wielding your pact weapon you may choose to cast Eldritch blast as a melee spell attack instead of a ranged spell attack. If you do, your pact weapon takes the place of any spell casting components for Eldritch blast.

>> No.56283535

AFAIK Xanathar’s comes out on the 21st, right?

When do you think we will get a pdf scan? Is there an early distribution date?

>> No.56283546

His proposed feature doesn't allow you to get both eb and attacks.

Bladelock does need a damage buff, or a survivability buff. It's a trap option right now.

>> No.56283549

Actually, I forgot to mention that mage armour can be given by wizards at the cost of a level 1 spell slot with no real difficulty, so that puts you on plate armour level if you have a wizard without stealth disadvantage, so you can go sneeki breeki everything up.

>> No.56283550

Learn the system before you homebrew. Your EB additions have been pretty terrible.

>> No.56283572

>Bladelock needs a damage or survivability buff
The problem is
A) giving the survivability and/or damage buff without benefitting EBers
B) the fact that doesn't really make bladelock appealing enough to play it instead of, say, a paladin. It needs something to make it stand out, such as being able to sacrifice survivability for damage. I kind of like the idea of bladelock being the glass cannon + spellcsater gish.

>> No.56283579

Those rules are incredibly vague though and totally up to interpretation. Classic cheap 'mother may I' design. 5E designers were incredibly lazy and basically just say 'lol we can't be bothered so you make up the rules, $50 per book plz"

Honestly I'm starting to miss 3.5, at least that was crystal clear about how every rule worked to the point it was basically a physics / virtual reality system.

>> No.56283593

One way I've thought would be hypothetically best would be to make reforming your pact weapon into a bonus action (it might already be, can't remember off the top of my head without the PDF), and make weapons actually have meaningful differences in utilities.

That and a better martial die system.

>> No.56283602

Yeah. If weapons were more meaningful beyond 'slashing/piercing/bludgeoning' which rarely comes up anyway, that would make it actually pretty decent.
War pick to damage stone golems and that sort of thing.

>> No.56283604

>Once you hit max dex, you can wear light armour with the same AC as half-plate without stealth disadvantage
So you don't play the game and know the actual armour stats, wonderful. First of all Cavalier as written is going to want Strength for using their level 3 per day, Con for their level 7 and Str once again for their level 11.

What you are suggesting is making a character with at least 16 in all physical stats so you can play a Dex build. This means all your mental stats are 8. The advantages you get compared to having 12 Dex and just using Strength for damage are as these.

Stealth, 2 meh skills, +4 intiative, +4 in a good save and the ability to use a crap option for you the one time it comes up.

Compared to Athletics (same tier as stealth easy), at least a +1 to +2 boost to over 14 mental skills, +2 in a bad save, +1-+2 in three saves, +1 AC, more diverse weapon access, PAM, GWM and being able to carry shit. Also you get to use your main ability 66% more often.

>> No.56283614

>Using your entire action to only give someone else advantage.
>This needs a nerf.
How about no.

>> No.56283621

I have surprise rounds instead of the surprised condition. I find it makes more sense to me to have sneaky characters and monsters get an advantage for being sneaky without their allies getting one too. If one person notices them, surely they'd announce it and others wouldn't be surprised? Whereas if none of them notice the sneaky breekis, the sneaks should get a shot in before anyone else.

>> No.56283642

>Don't play the game and know the actual armour stats
Half-plate gives up to 17 AC and stealth disadvantage
Studded leather gives up to 17 AC and no stealth disadvantage
breastplate gives up to 16 AC and no stealth disadvantage
Plate armour gives up to 18 AC and stealth disadvantage
Mage armour gives up to 18 AC and no stealth disadvantage
I don't see the error here?

>Cavalier is goign to want strength for their level 3 per day
An ability with extremely limited conditions is not going to be used 5 times a day. You'll be lucky to use it once a day at all.
>Con for their level 7
That's fine, you don't have to sacrifice strength or dex to have decent con.
>Str again for their level 11
I didn't actually see the level 11 feature, though there's always the 'most of the time you'll be between levels 7 and 10' deal.
>At least 16 in all physical stats
Strength only really needs to be 14 if you're going to hit max dex, 15 otherwise, though 16 is nice if using shield master.
>All your mental stats are 8
Not too big a deal, really, since you're the fighter. You can probably afford a single point to wisdom and then use resilient(wis) if you have some spare ASI and are real desperate.
>Stealth and 2 meh skills, +4 initiative, +4 to a good save and the ability to use a crap option for the one time it come sup
If you're implying ranged combat never comes up, you've never played an actual game before. Then all the other bonuses are pretty good. Initiative is seriously underrated.

>> No.56283649

Unless you play the entire game in initiative order with the players in near constant combats then using up an action is pretty meaningless as you weren't doing anything else anyway.

>> No.56283668

Take a read through Curse of Strahd. The distance of everything and the ability to go places where you're in over your head gives you a structured sandboxy feel that can act as a tutorial for what that other anon was saying. You'll be throwing out multiple hooks and you can expect your party to follow a majority of them, but the order in which they do so will result in different developments- people killed, areas destroyed, stronk enemies appearing, etc.

>> No.56283682

If someone uses sending but the receiver chooses not to respond, does the sender know the message worked?
My party assume my character is dead, and may try using sending just on the tiny chance he isn't. If he chose to not respond, would they know the message made it to a live person anyway?

>> No.56283685

I'm not saying DEX isn't good, but quite simply you're trying very hard to add "oh I'll take these feats, never need a mental skill, have a mage waste a 1st level spell and ignore all my subclass abilities."

When quite simply a STR build with Heavy Armour and PAM will out fighter you everywhere but ranged combat and also be better all around mentally.

More importantly, why would you be a DEX Cavalier and claim all it's abilities don't need to be used much just because they require STR? An Archer Battlemaster is better ofc but DEX is quite simply fucking awful in melee combat because of a lack of feat support.

>> No.56283694

I think it is intentional. It is better to let the DM make ruling instead of searching through book to find the official rule. It also gives DM more freedom to judge the situation.

I believe 3e simulationism is exactly what they were trying to avoid.

>> No.56283697

You want to go back to Locate City Holocaust Edition?

>> No.56283732

>Unless you play the entire game in initiative order with the players in near constant combats
Help is a combat action. If you're selectively applying partial combat rules to out of combat situations as if you're forced to follow them to the letter then you've already gone full retard.

>> No.56283734

>Level 7 STR Cav with 1 feat on PAM (Dueling)

>Level 7 DEX Cav with that extra ASI in DEX (Dueling)

Gee, it sure is great your get +4 initiative and can sneak. Oh wait shit, that STR Fighter can give up an ASI for +5 initiative and still do more damage then you. Plus can use all his abilities better and isn't mentally retarded.

DEX Fighters are amazing, they make a piss poor melee option though.

>> No.56283739

Does lifedrinker stack with hex warrior?

>> No.56283775

When will this meme end?

>> No.56283789


>> No.56283794

>Bladelock is fine, doing less damage while also requiring you to be in melee range is perfectly balanced.
You sound retarded. Are you retarded? Maybe get yourself checked just in case.

>> No.56283814

I am asking because I want to make a change that allows melee Bladelock to work. Right now, they clearly dont. You are always better off going ranged EB spammer.

That is why I asked for suggestions. Adding 1d8 per beam doesn't sound too bad, but let's it be an actual upgrade over ranged EB spam.

>> No.56283820

lol are you saying you don't let your players use any skill rolls outside of combat?

>> No.56283824

Through various applications of metamagic feats, the Locate City spell can kill every NPC within a radius of several miles, and if the path to the edge of the spell is unobstructed the damage is measured in the thousands

>> No.56283831

I can admit that PAM beats absolutely everything else when it comes to melee, but if it weren't able to PAM for whatever reason (DM doesn't like PAM or doesn't allow PAM with quarterstaves, I've seen it quite a bit) then dex is the way to go.
Of course, it'll lose out on the few occasions you do actually have something else to do a bonus action, but eh. And archer fighter is the best fighter usually, but they don't get to do the whole cavalier tanking shtick.
When I was thinking about PAM earlier, I was thinking it might even be a better idea to be a wisdom-based fighter instead of a strength-based fighter if you can grab shillelagh somewhere.

>> No.56283839

No? You're effectively fighting a trap when you try to disarm it, that's why rogues have such high initiative to beat them. Are you retarded?

>> No.56283847

Yep, you've gone full retard. Ability checks are not combat actions. Read the "Working Together" section in chapter 7 if you want to know how to "help" people out of combat, and what the actual rules are surrounding it.

>> No.56283869


If youre staring Human Variant, what is your excuse to not just get 15 STR 14 Con and 16 Charisma and be able to use Heavy armor?

14+1 str (feat), 13+1 con 15+1 cha. Suddenly youre actually fucking good. The only spell youre concentrating on anyway is Shadow Blade (if your GM lets you extra attack with it which every reasonable GM will)

>> No.56283879

That was my first one, but alright.

>> No.56283885

Ummm no sweetie, checks such as Athletics are commonly used in combat

>> No.56283893

Ask your DM to use Monk damage progression of unarmed strikes.

>> No.56283894

It isn't reasonable at all

>> No.56283903

ask your dm to have tavern brawler's unarmed damage scale like the Monk?

I don't know why they made these feats to have them not scale at all, lol

>> No.56283920


It isnt reasonable to allow a melee class to be able to use extra- attack just because their version of extra attack was worded improperly? Meanwhile Every other class with the ability to get it (EK, wizard gish etc) can do it.

Are you one of those people who doesnt allow their bladelocks to make artifacts or sentient weapons their pact weapon?

EK and Bladelock both summon Shadowblades > EK uses extra attack
Bladelock cant because of poor wording on the invocation that allows him to do so.

Youre a shit GM.

>> No.56283930

Why the fuck not?

>> No.56283941


>> No.56283943

Warlock is a full caster not a melee class

>> No.56283992

Don't try to be patronizing when you have trouble comprehending the semantics of language. The rules described under "Actions in Combat" are specifically for combat. Skill checks are not defined in this section, ergo they are not combat actions.
The additional fact that skill checks can and are utilized during combat does not contradict, nor counter, this fact; for the rules involving skill checks do not specify them to be for out of combat-- they're general rules.

>> No.56284001


So are Bladesingers.

Again how is it unreasonable to allow Bladelocks to extra attack with Shadow Blade and allow Bladesingers to do it?

Stop being a cuck and answer the question.

>> No.56284014

Sounds fun. Why wouldn't you want stuff like that? Did you not play Morrowind?

>> No.56284016

Tarrasque only has +10 to STR saves
Decent chance it'd fail
Now Tiamat has +19, so she's pretty much immune unless you have some sick giant belts

>> No.56284151

Because it is retarded to make a feat invalidate the point of taking a class?

>> No.56284159

>Warlock is a full caster
No they aren't.

>> No.56284426

That's not the point of taking monk though, the point is stunning strike, high mobility and proficiency in all saves.

>> No.56284442

any inquisitor rogue news

>> No.56285360

It is a shame that in 5e you can't really combine spells to achieve new effects. Can't chain abilities to turn a Magic Jar into a soul bomb or something fun like that.

>> No.56285731

any homebrews that expand weapon/armor rules? I kinda liked how 3.5 worked in this regard, and the way they streamlined it is a bummer.

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