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2nd for it's ok to be human

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inb4 Malal

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So we know that Craftworlds and Ynnari have a reputation for being competitive but what do you think of Harlequins?

I promise not to spam fusion pistols and embraces

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Dubs anon must paint his Contemptor as a Celebrant

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Its boring of course but i choose Khorne. Also on that Note. If i start a Khorne army am i required to buy Blood for the Blood God Technical paint?

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First for failed charges are still a charge

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so you're promising to be bad?

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The game already has enough alpha strike issues. We don't need Blood Angels to be Codex: Mass Turn 1 Assault.

Just do Furious Charge for everybody and re-roll charges for JUMP units.

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Yes. Of course.

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No. Of course not.

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I'm doing a paladin heavy GK army with a couple dreadnoughts. What kind of Land Raider should I get? Would a Stormraven do me better? I'm leaning towards a Crusader or the FW Vortimer Redeemer with the Psycannons.

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Quite possibly

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if you don't convert your own character models you're a shame

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yes, and skulls for the skull throne texture paint.

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>We don't need Blood Angels to be Codex: Mass Turn 1 Assault.

That's what hive fleet behemonth armies are for. that sweet sweet 66% chance to first turn charge with adrenal gland deepstrikers

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I'm about to convert 15 eldar rangers tomorrow from guardian, kroot, and shadow warrior bits.

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>What kind of Land Raider should I get?
A spartan.
>Would a Stormraven do me better?
Mildly so, but that is because they are fucking baller as hell.

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Don't they're terrible

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GK can't take Spartans, we're really lacking in a lot of FW love. We only have Godhammer, Crusader, Redeemer, and Vortimer. But I think a Land Raider is 10x cooler than a Stormraven. Shame I can't take both.

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>tfw no sister gf

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Why does everyone aside from Tau get to have different army styles.
Why won't GW let me make my Crisis Suits into Laceration Trauma Suits

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They're cheap. I got slots to fill.

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This picture is some serious fucking Heresy

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Can you still give the Crusader psybolts?

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it's only a head/weapon swap but it's a start.

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because it's in their fluff that they only have 1 dude in their entire species that is any good at cc. And that's only by accident because he found a magic sword.

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With the 2CP Stratagem, which gives it +1S -1AP, yes. Otherwise, no.

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I plan on converting this guy eventually. Its going to suck when the codex comes out and i am told that he died in the Siege of Baal.

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nurgle of course.

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Kind of pointless if they removed all the options from all your hqs but whatever.

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Death Company Leviathan Dreadnought

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The voices won't bother you if you're already nuts.
Seems like a good idea

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Seems odd they don't have a xenos ally for melee combat. I'm sure theres big dumb species they've subjugates they could hand a fancy sword to

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Slaanesh. I just want to jam and have fun.

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The glorious Hive Mind.

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Oh ho ho, It is funny because they do have a xeno ally for melee combat but they are just as shit.

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I kinda figured Kroot would take that role but I never see them in any of the Tau forces I fight. Are they just kinda garbage or something?

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I want things to be loud.

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Kroot hounds are pretty good.

skip actual kroot though.

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They won't win against anything actually good at CC, so you might as well just use drones.

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To be fair, he is kind of a badass

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Yep. Simple but effective Brotherhood Champion conversion I made.

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That's kinda sad.

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>spirits seers vs warlock
>for 10 points extra you gain 2 wounds
>+1 to BS and WS
>gain rerolls for all wraith stuff against anything 6 inches from your spirit seer
>Get the ENTIRE smite
>lose access to singing spear (which costs 5 points) but gain access to 2 damage instead of D3 (probability wise is higher, and is just all around more reliable)

whats the downside?
Hell you don't get a ghost helm or fate ruins but its 55 cheaper than a farseer.

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>15 rangers

do you fight 15 character models often?

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How can one race have only have one chad.

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I really REALLY wish I could find room for a Brotherhood Champion in my list. They seem so badass, basically fucking up anything they want for 115pts.

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The Ethereal Virgins have baby chads killed at birth.

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Simple, he killed all the other chads so he could be the sole alpha in the entire species.

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Its always worth it to take him over a warlock on foot.

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warlock is still cheaper if all you want is runes of battle

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Maybe the next Tau release will be a Enclaves model.

Guess there is also Mr. Donkeypunch and Mr. Meltasword

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>just want runes of battle

honestly I just want him for the cheap as hell smite. everything else I said was a bonus.

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piling ten warlocks out of a wave serpent is also funnier than ten spiritseers

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Heresy you say?

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I dunno 1 d6 mortal wound vs 10 d3 mortal wounds is pretty funny

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Your seriously implying that assault marines are scary anon

Tyranids can shove enough genestealers to kill a titan at you turn 1 and your worried about chainswords?

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Just go chaos and spam malefic lords they're leagues better at smite spam than a 45ppm character and have daemon prince statlines in combat.

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Nah, they can still be useful as a screen to deter turn-1 charges from DS units by literally using them as a screen. Can't charge the unit behind the Kroot so have to target Kroot first and all. On your turn( and if they're still alive) just fall back and unload on the enemy unit.

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Why not put the spiritseers into a wave serpent?

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>who is Aun'Shi
>who is Darkstrider
>who is Longstrike

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because it's 10 identical models unless you've done a savvy job

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all beta nu-males soy boys next to Far "fuck melee races in their face" Sight.

Just use warlock models as spiritseers

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>if you don't convert your own character models you're a shame
GLORY, FOR THE EMPEROR AND SANGUINIUS (and the Ecclesiarchy in the case of the Canoness I guess)

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>Just use warlock models as spiritseers
is there honestly anything against this.
when I bought my warlocks they were considered spiritseers at the time. thinking about converting them to spirit seers.

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I personally wouldn't have a huge problem with it, spiritseers are basically super warlocks.

The only difference is their stick is damage 2 while the wraithblade is damage D3 (which is statistically 2)

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Not enough bits floating around for Eldar, which made it a real treat for me when I made a small Marine army.

Sorry for the thicc, i've gotten better since.

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>Just use warlock models as spiritseers
really there's no picture for my disdain

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Speaking of that. What'd be a good way to make my own Ghazzy? Just a MANz with some extra Boss bits?

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I need two

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Where'd you get the head for the Canoness? I was planning to do the same thing, but could only find some heads from an Empire Knights kit.

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Okay, so got my bitz in today, about and smashed together my idea of a custom Red Terror, uncertain if I want to fully trim the spines on the jaw, and if I want to put the spines I trimmed onto the back as well. But, I like it. When I base it though I am going to have to weight it, that mawloc head is heavy, filled with greenstuff to mate it with a warrior head and the jaws.

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Immolator kit. It comes with a single Sabbat-pattern helmet.

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start from a T'au supr'emacy armo'r body

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Basically in third, warlocks and spiritseers shared the same model.

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we aren't in third anymore

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How did this headbutt a man, with the man surviving?

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his head too small for his god damn body

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pretty sure they did that in 4th and 5th too

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The emperor protects. your false gods have no place here

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in 4th they just gave warlocks the spiritseer ability and eldar didn't have a new book in 5th.

6th they finally gave spiritseers its own model and book for some reason.

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just for galaxy wide shit posts.

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His head looks like the only thing LEFT of his body and the Mad Dok just stuck it in a kustom Stompa and called it a day.

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>buying a FW LoW to use for conversion bits

wow, im envious

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On the note of Farsight
My Enclaves Equals, are we expecting to finally have our own models yet or not? So we can model fusion blades onto things

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But anon he said We dont need "anymore" Alpha strikes. Meaning the ones we have are already too much. So no more we just get +1 strength on the charge and re-roll charges on jump units.

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>buy the oop finecast spiritseer, reeeee

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I was watching this and realised that Dan Abnett has tiny hands.

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I figured I'd post my list since I'm sort of in a bind for around 380pts. I'd rather keep the theme of 'super elite' and not use and PAGK, but I suppose if I was going to, I'd probably use Interceptors or Purifiers I guess. I just don't like the models as much.

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Grandmaster Voldus
-- Sanctuary, Gate of Infinity, Vortex of Doom
-- Daemonhammer, Sanctuary
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon - Daemonhammer
-- 3x Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon - Daemonhammer
-- 3x Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon - Daemonhammer
-- 3x Falchions, Hammerhand

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Brother-Captain -WARLORD-
-- Hammerhand, First to the Fray
Brotherhood Ancient
-- Banner of Refining Flame, Falchion, Purge Soul
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon

And I know I'm lacking some hard anti-tank really, which is why I was leaning Land Raider or Stormraven. Just not too sure what to pick. I'd like to slap a Brotherhood Champion in there for funsies but it's not really necessary. I doubt he'd do a lot on the tabletop, as cool as I think he'd be.

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Go for Stormraven then.
Good transport, ded 'ard, and when it's done transporting your murder squad, it shoots shit all day.

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I miss when Stormravens were Blood Angels only.

>> No.56280266

I miss when BAs could deepstrike landraiders.
I watched my mate do that shit, and it was always funny.

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I hate how much terminators cost. If I get blightlord termies would they still be solid with combi bolters, axes and 2 flails? Sits around 230 pts at that poverty level

>> No.56280330

Problem is, ideal Stormraven is like, 326 points with Hurricane, Lascannon, and Multimelta. I can't really think of anything I can do for that extra 50 points. I can grab Incinerators on my Doomglaives, but thats only 24 points. I'm still short like 30, there, and honestly Storm Bolters are probably better. Hmm.

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One of the 2 lost primarchs got some info the Fulgrim book

>Fulgrim describes how 7 of his brothers doubted that the Emperor's Children were worthy due to their handful of legionaries when Fulgrim took over. Named only the "master of the Second," Fulgrim discusses that the "normally contemplative" brother also joined the other 6. Fulgrim also adds that he believed the brother was a hypocrite, quiet, and lacked humor

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Flail is 1 per 5

>> No.56280385

Blood angel assault marines can take three meltas and drop within 9, it’s a pretty nasty way to get rid of characters.

Blood angels are the flamers and meltas faction.

>> No.56280391

Hive mind
>tfw daemons to inteijent to ranged combat

Also, why are Tyranid guns so effective against daemons but human guns aren’t? I read somewhere that Daemons are much easier to kill with melee weapons Because they’re born of a more primaries psyche or some shit, while guns are more of an inconvenience than anything. Yet on shadowbrink they were getting BTFO for days by fleshborer spam and artillery and couldn’t break out

>> No.56280407

Tyranids shoot melee combat.

>> No.56280412

>Blood angels are the flamers and meltas faction.

I think there is a few other people who might all want to claim that. Salamanders and Sisters of Batttle for two.

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He's ok, but has a major downfall. Either you go hammer hand + Sword Strike for a Str 4 +1 +1 to wound (could even give him the one that charge = +1 to wound) or sanc and blade shield for a 2++ save. If he dies (which is fine if you get him killed properly), he gets to attack again, and you can spend 1cp to attack a further time. That's 12 attacks, hitting on 2+, wounding on at least 4+/3+ regardless of toughness and dealing D3 damage per wound.

However, the sticking point is that he needs to be in combat, so either need a transport or gated and pray that you make a ~27% chance charge.

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Tyranid weapons are born of living material, or created from their own flesh, and possess the emotional compenent needed to strike daemons down.

>> No.56280434

A daemons ability to materialise is based on a heir self confidence, it’s why they they used to take instability checks when losing combat.

>> No.56280443

>fire a bug
>bug engages in mele

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More like the ethereals had all the other chads killed or experimented on while he was the only one to get away.
Farsight never forgot that and told Aun’va to fuck off right in front of everyone, causing him to REEE in an important meeting. Anyhow, alpha chad survived 2 assasination attempts while Beta virgin Aun’va died screaming like a bitch while getting his rectum inverted by a culexus

>> No.56280457

Couldn't the eldar just revive anyone they feel like reviving with the phoenix gem?

They could litterally revive the empire if they felt like it.

>> No.56280461

>the flamers and meltas faction

>> No.56280468


Move two palis from one squad to the other, have them pick up two heavy weapons.

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>> No.56280479

Salamanders can’t even take inferno pistols, heavier flamers on tacticals or meltas on assault marines.
In the fluff, sure, but not on the table.

And sisters aren’t even a real faction, they got rolled in to ‘talons if the emperor’.

>> No.56280484

Adepta Sororitas, the true spray n' pray army.

>> No.56280485

Still need to get more primer and do a bit more GSing, but making <your dudes> is better that <overpowered super hero character> any day

>> No.56280502

suicide commanders make tau the melta faction too!

>> No.56280525

Sister's did not you idiot.

>> No.56280529

>Blood angels are the flamers and meltas faction.

>> No.56280531

GK players, I'm looking for some ranged high strength shooting. Thoughts on taking some imperium soup detachment for xiphons(fucking stupid we lost these going into 8th) or deimos vindicator laser destroyer. I know the SR is the general go to but at 326 points it feels like you are paying for the transport capacity.

>> No.56280538

SoS are Talons

I wonder what the fluff will have about Aunva, can't fool everyone with a hologram for a hundred years

>> No.56280539

The same book that explained about daemons needing to be killed by sword or flame, emperors legion, also explained how soulless beings see daemons only as they are physically manifested, none of the scary mind raping shit that mortals see. For example, Daemonettes appear as their targets most desired love, but soulless beings wouldn't be affected by that and would only see gross crab lady monsters. As soulless beings, and with shadow in the warp suppressing a lot of the warp bullshit, Tyranids see daemons only as the physical. Because they have no emotions to feed off of or manipulate, daemons are forced to play by the rules of the material world. Which is why Tyranid guns fuck them up worse than mortals guns. That’s my take on it anyways.

>> No.56280554

Well, all of that sounds really cool to me, you know, a worthy death. Being able to wound just about everything.
That'd be a neat idea if it didn't gut my symmetry. I'd have one squad of 5, one squad of 4, and one squad of 3. Also seems really bizarre tactics wise. At that point I would just do two squads of 5, I guess. Less flexibility, but I can include a Brotherhood Champion at that point! I'd be down two terminators, though. And I already have two of the 4man squads assembled.


>> No.56280559

Which model has that winged pack?

>> No.56280563

Nids guns are no more effective agains daemons than Imperial weapons, nids are just spamming dakka because daemons destroy them in melee.

>> No.56280569

I have so many marine bits that I'm just going to keep buying the 3-pack Primaris box when I want to make Primaris characters

>> No.56280570

>Blood angels are the flamers
Which frankly are rather shitty weapons.
>and meltas faction.
Suprisingly though we dont get any bonuses to melta other than taking a pistol that costs the same as Bare bones Jump pack Death Company

>> No.56280581

>can’t fool everyone with a hologram for 100 years

They can and they will. They’ll probably have an actual ethereal stand in as him, or maybe even take it a step further and upload an AI formed from all the material they have on him into some ethereal. Either way, he’s still going to be around

>> No.56280622

>Gee captain! How come the emperor lets you have TWO helmets?

>> No.56280630

>destroy them in melee
Read the shadowbrink fluff, it says the Tyranids realized they were evenly matched in close combat. But since Tyranids don’t give a shit about “muh honorabu combat” they just use the most efficient strategy they have, which is to shoot the retards who brought swords to a bio-plasma cannon fight

>> No.56280649

They can take 3 melta pistols anon
Which have a 6 inch range and cost more than they guy holding it

>> No.56280656

Don't lie, motherfucker. Daemons utterly demolished the Tyranids in melee in that battle.

Fucking Tyranidfags are lying again.

>> No.56280662

Fighting people who don't care about honorable melee fights are the worst. Boring no fun players who play like faggots instead of fighting. That's why orks, melee Marines, chaos and most nid players are the most fun to play.

>> No.56280663

until december anyway

>> No.56280668

Do you think Blood Angels codex will make primaris suit their tactics? Or will we be stuck using marinelet models? The current rules for Primaris units do nothing to help Blood angels.

>> No.56280676

What does Guilliman think of the Sororitas?
I know he's pissed with the Ecclesiarchy in general but does he have an issue with the Bolter Bitches and Celestine manifesting their Acts Of Faith and shit?

>> No.56280688

That'll be funny. Codex Tau should have some fun fluff to read.
Lot of plot tidbits to follow up on.

Tau were gunning daemons and one daemon whined and called them "gun vermin"
It was funny since it was essentially a salty daemon

>> No.56280691

Who cares

>> No.56280701


>> No.56280707

He thinks they should get plastic models stat.

>> No.56280709


Considering St Celestine's role during the Gathering Storm of 'Babysitter trying to keep everyone from fighting pointlessly' he likely appreciates her ability to be calm and rational.

>> No.56280721

They'll use it as an excuse to release power weapon weilding dedicated CC Chads

>> No.56280724

Sisters can:
>take inferno pistols
>heavy flamer or multimeltas on troops
>take 5man metla/flamer squads with scout move
>take 4man MM/HF squads
>do well in tournaments

>> No.56280728

>The sodden agri-plains around Rossov had been transformed by the Tyranids into a twisted nightmare of fleshy tendrils and sizzling sludge. Now, thundering across this tortured landscape, came a vast herd of Tyranid beasts. Hormagaunts, Termagants and Raveners raced ahead of hulking Carnifexes and Tyranid Warriors. Yet the Tyranid land-offensive met with little more success than had their attack from orbit. As the Tyranids closed upon the Daemons’ vanguard, the roiling clouds above split open with a scream like a billion tortured souls, and a rain of bile and blood began to fall. Greasy, daemonic ichor turned the mud of the plains to dilute muck that bogged down the Tyranid forces. Flaming Daemon chariots swooped down upon their struggling foes. As the Tyranids slithered amid the puddles and pus they were scoured by magical flames, hundreds of warrior organisms dying in minutes as their flesh bubbled and vaporized. Flocks of shrieking Furies harried the Tyranids from above, dodging and weaving around the gobbets of hissing bio-acid. As the Tyranids continued to press forwards in their millions, clambering over their own half-submerged dead amid the worsening deluge, the thrum of foetid wings filled the air. A great swarm of Plague Drones descended upon the struggling Tyranids, stabbing and slashing to tear heads from shoulders and shatter chitinous carapaces. Daemonettes danced feather-light across the surface of the mire, weaving aside from frantically slashing talons as they gloried in the abundance of writhing, desperate flesh. A lumbering wave of Haruspexes pressed into the mayhem. Their serrated gullets spat forth to snare Daemons and drag them whole into their maws, only to find the strange flesh rebelling within them, bursting the biohorrors’ guts open like rotten seed pods.

Here is the result of the Tyranid vs Daemon melee. Utter devastation for the Tyranids. The Daemons owned the sky and close quarters.

>> No.56280730


>> No.56280736

They used to be able to take two melta guns and a conbi-melta, is that no longer true?

>> No.56280745

>Daemons utterly demolished the Tyranids in melee in that battle.
They were described to be "as deadly as the Tyranids themselves in melee".

Most of the melee fighting that occurred in that conflict was Daemons just killing feeder-beasts that were busy eating corpses and completely ignoring them. The Tyranids didn't even register the Daemons as a threat right away.

>> No.56280760

Nope, sarge can take melta bombs or melee weapons. Blood angels let's them take melta pistols and handflamers

>> No.56280781

On average whats the best thing to buff or debuff?
Hits, wounds, or saves?

I would assume hits because you can catch a lot more, and percentages actually matter at that level. but then I'd think saves would be important too because less means probability doesn't really factor in and you need good modifiers to secure safety or destruction.

>> No.56280785

AGAIN WITH THE FUCKING LIES. See here >>56280728

MILLIONS of Hormagaunts, Termagants, Raveners, Carnifexes, and Warriors are feeders? You piece of shit.

It doesn't matter what the Hivemind thinks. We have the result of the melee and it was a one sided slaughterfest.

>> No.56280786

>Tyranids only lost because warp storm turned the battlefield into sludge-mire they couldn't move through
>counting the first wave of conflict between Tyranids and anything as the best the nids can do when their entire thing is throwing a sacrificial first wave in that's not expected to do anything except die to gather info and use up enemy ammo, then adapt and send in a better one and repeat
This doesn't say anything about Daemons demolishing Tyranids in an actual running conflict of melee-only, it's just the first wave.

>> No.56280795

Let's see those WIPs, anons.
Just got the first layer of fleshtones done on these junkies. Gonna try to thin my wash to get a more pale skin tone overall with not as dark recesses.

>> No.56280805

That post you linked was after the slaughter of feeder beasts, retard.

>> No.56280809

What? Assault Squads can still take 2 melta guns.

>> No.56280815

What’s the point of that if they’re not even a real army?

>> No.56280821

Celestine is a rather exceptional case. Still, SoB are a fiercely loyal, well trained, and well armed army of the imperium. I can't see Bobby G hating them.

>> No.56280826

What's the point of shitposting when everyone can tell that you are shit posting?

>> No.56280829

They're better than your "real" army

>> No.56280832

>autistically transcribing sections of fluff

Oh look, Carnacs back.

>> No.56280835

>calls me a liar
>exact quote if you keep reading down the page from that passage is "as deadly as the Tyranids themselves at close quarters"

>> No.56280837


The Tyranids were getting blown out because the daemons called down an ichor storm that turned the plains into dilute mud they struggled to fight through, it had nothing to do with being hopelessly outmatched in close combat

>> No.56280844

>Carnac and Nidfags argue about power levels again
I hate Reruns

>> No.56280846

More lies. See >>56280785

Learn to read, you git. There were no feeders. The Tyranid ground forces smashed into the daemon vanguard and were crushed.

Nope, it was the ground forces of the Tyranid vs only the vanguard of the daemons. "And don't lost only" both sides influence terrain for their advantage. Daemons do it better.

We have more examples of daemons crushing the nids in melee too!

>> No.56280855

Reminder, don't reply to a Carnac post.

>> No.56280856

>We have the result of the melee and it was a one sided slaughterfest.
That was one fight, with creatures adapted to killing Imperials that were thrown in adhoc as the first wave against Daemons after realizing they were a threat. It doesn't say anything about which side is better overall.

The next passage under "The Tide Turns" says they're evenly matched in melee combat.

>> No.56280861

He's so salty that Tyranids are so much more threatening than Chaos.

>> No.56280870

Show me anon

>> No.56280874


Manipulating the battlefield is a valid ability especially for melee heavy army.


Yes, you are a lying son of a bitch.

>> No.56280876

>Learn to read, you git. There were no feeders.
That's because you post shit out of context to warp the argument. You conveniently didn't post the part right before that where the Daemons were only killing feeder-beasts, or the part after that says the daemons were only as good as Tyranids in melee, not better.

Or, I should mention, the whole rest of it where the Hive Fleet utterly fucking facerapes the Daemons once they get serious.

>> No.56280886

It was faqd in for Blood Angels.

>> No.56280890

Carnac there are so many other people here who have the page and can read it to know you're lying, trying to gaslight us is literally impossible. Why are you such a dumb faggot.

>> No.56280898

Adapted my ass. They were still tons of melee monsters thrown at only the DAEMON VANGUARD. As to which side was better and the result is clear.

Actually, no. The Tyranids codex portrays as Chaos as more threatening as anything Chaos claimed, the Tyranids have no hope of harvesting. The Warpstorms that continue to grow are robbing the Tyranids of their bounty.

>> No.56280904

>only the vanguard
And then both sides main forces showed up and the daemons were totally and utterly blown the fuck out, why not post that part for us too? But hey, at least daemonfags get to claim the opening battle where they cut down a bunch of Tyranids stuck in the mud.

>> No.56280914

I almost miss Belakor arguements.
If carnac is truly one man, just how autistic does one have to be to relentlessly argue with people on the internet over entirely arbitrary pieces of fiction?

>> No.56280925

Damn, you're gonna get high blood pressure with all that salt, calm down and accept it. Tyranids outstrip Chaos.

>> No.56280931

It actually kind of works against Carnac since the only way daemons can fight nids is with a major advantage.

>> No.56280932

>the result of one battle in which nids were only using creatures adapted to killing Imperials

>Actually, no. The Tyranids codex portrays as Chaos as more threatening as anything Chaos claimed, the Tyranids have no hope of harvesting. The Warpstorms that continue to grow are robbing the Tyranids of their bounty.
That's not even what it says you retard lol. I take it you haven't read the whole thing yet and are still clinging to little piece out of context, as always?

All you ever post is out-of-context shit, cherrypicking the few lines that make Chaos look good while ignoring everything else, especially the stuff that comes right after and BTFO everything said previously with "and then this is how they countered that and beat them". You're so pathetic.

>> No.56280940

It's /tg/ we always argue about arbitrary pieces of fiction.
He's right though, the Nid codex flat out says Nids can't eat stuff made of the warp, there's nothing for them to get out of it.

>> No.56280941

This is the passage where Tyranids RESPONDED to the daemon invasion. Firstly by throwing spores and THEN sending the ground forces against the daemons. They weren't "feeders". Moron.

Except I have already proven mister FEEDER wrong and showed that the Tyranids were devastated.

>> No.56280947

This. Daemons can't win except when they're fighting Nids leftover forces from a previous invasion that were just picking their teeth on the bones of another army.

>> No.56280948

I've got a fluff question
How much if at all do deamons speak when they're attacking worlds?
I want to make a slaaneshi deamon prince with 66 names/titles that has a herald introduce it in full before it attacks anyone. Is this too silly a concept? also any suggestions for names?

>> No.56280953

It specifically calls out rippers and haruspexes which are feeders.

>> No.56280955

And even that is too much. Reliable turn one assaults should be rare, not something you can do with a multitude of units.

>> No.56280957

Tyranids are even bigger jobbers than Abaddon, they exist to be shit on.

Literal NPCs, that's why there are no books about them.

>> No.56280961

>the Nid codex flat out says Nids can't eat stuff made of the warp, there's nothing for them to get out of it
It says they can't eat Daemons themselves because they're made out of warp.

However it also says they CAN eat chaos-corrupted biomass no problem, and they do, and it cleanses daemonworlds from the Rift and heals realspace.

>> No.56280966

I'm pretty sure Thousand Sons are the biggest jobbers in 40k. How many times have they attacked Fenris and failed to do anything lasting?

>> No.56280969

Ah news to me. Thank you anon

Still, while powerful I'm not wholly convinced of it being alpha strike city. Our whole schtick is jump pack assault, is like us to have rules that reflect that

>> No.56280970

I see no arguments. And there was no cherrypicking. Tyranids lost the melee. That was a proper fight between the Tyranid gound forces and the small ground of daemons.

And saying that the daemons cheated by manipulating reality is like saying that Tyranids cheat when they pump toxins into the battlefield and change the ground and wildlife to suit them.

>> No.56280971

>This is the passage where Tyranids RESPONDED to the daemon invasion.
Yes, which came after the feeders. Stop changing the argument.

Tyranids were never devastated, since they won handily. No matter how many the daemons killed in that first battle while they still had the advantage, they STILL couldn't win with momentum on their side as soon as the Tyranids got serious.

>> No.56280980

You didn't say no undivided.

>> No.56280987

>heals realspace
Truly nids are the saviour this galaxy needs but doesn't deserve

>> No.56280992

Okay guys, assembling Primaris marines. The bolt rifles are attached to the arms so either I paint them separately and then assemble or I just assemble the whole model and then paint.

What did you do with your guys?

>> No.56280993

Oh dont worry anon i would like some Jump pack assault rules also. But i doubt it, Hell just lowering the cost of some of our special units would do a lot to buff us. Also lower the fucking inferno pistol from 20ppm.

>> No.56281000

Yeah but they still can't eat warp stuff, is that not the point? They can reclaim daemonworlds but they can't take anything that's pure warp.
Nids and Daemons are entirely alien to each other, they don't get anything from each other like they do against other races, so most of their fights against each other are territorial more than anything.

>> No.56281002

I didn't buy any fucking primaris marines.

>> No.56281007

Doesn't this piece of fluff end with the Daemons getting bored and going home?

>> No.56281012

>However it also says they CAN eat chaos-corrupted biomass no problem, and they do, and it cleanses daemonworlds from the Rift and heals realspace.

That's an outright lie. They do not eat corrupted Biomss and Kronos doesn't go into the Rift. It sticks to its borders.

Because it cannot feed on the daemons and Chaos forces it lives off the charity of other Hive Fleets.

It doesn't. The haruspexes were mixed among the ground forces. The rippers came later in order to harvest what the daemons didn't corrupt.

>> No.56281015

If we keep going down this road you'll be claiming it was a fight between millioms of tyranids and a a few dozen daemons.

>> No.56281019

Carnac, get a tripcode already.

>> No.56281022

I already chose when I started the game, Slaanesh, never changing my mind.

>> No.56281027

Just get 4chan X and hide one of his posts and it will hide the entire argument. Its pretty useful.

>> No.56281032

Alright I tinkered with my list a bit, I think I figured out how to make it work, but it also require me getting a single extra terminator for my Brother Captain, or somehow convert one from something else.

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Grandmaster Voldus
-- Sanctuary, Gate of Infinity, Vortex of Doom
-- Daemonhammer, Sanctuary
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon - Daemonhammer
-- 4x Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon - Daemonhammer
-- 3x Falchions, Hammerhand
Paladin Squad
-- Paragon - Daemonhammer
-- 3x Falchions, Hammerhand

Grey Knights - Vanguard Detachment
Brother-Captain -WARLORD-
-- Daemonhammer, Hammerhand, First to the Fray
Paladin Ancient
-- Banner of Refining Flame, Falchion, Purge Soul
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon
Doomglaive Dreadnought
-- Stormbolter, Heavy Psycannon
Stormraven - Hurricane Bolters, Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Multi-melta
Please end my suffering. Nah, if someone objects I'll just downgrade my Paladin Ancient to a Brotherhood Ancient.

>> No.56281040

>Yes, which came after the feeders. Stop changing the argument.


Faggot, you said they were feeders only. Turns out it was the ground forces of the nids. Admit your lie now.

>Tyranids were never devastated

They did, in melee. Forcing the Hivemind to adapt.

>> No.56281045

>Up until this point the Hive Mind had utterly ignored the Daemonic forces due to their lack of consumable biomass. However this changed when a massive Impossible Fortress rose from beneath Rossov, holding millions of Daemons. The threat became too great for the Hive Mind to ignore, and combat between the Great Devourer and Ruinous Powers erupted. The Tyranids eventually controlled the plains around Rossov before launching an all-out offensive at the ruins of the city itself. However the Daemons unleashed a storm of bile and blood which turned the ground to muck, bogging down the Tyranids.
>Daemonic chariots swooped in on their trapped foes, as Furies and Plague Drones attacked from above. However the Hive Mind quickly adapted, throwing everything they had to distract the Warpspawn while swarms of Rippers rapidly consumed biomass elsewhere on Shadowbrink. This biomass was used to create swarms of Exocrines and Biovores which were in turn used to unleash devastating volleys of artillery to contain the Daemonic advance. Tervigons and the Termagants they unleashed were then deployed to launch a counter-attack through sheer attrition.
>One Shub'Luth'Gug attempted to break the deadlock and push through, but his psychic abilities were smothered by the Shadow in the Warp. Moments later, the huge Daemon was blown apart by Zoanthropes

>> No.56281046

>Carnac frantically defending daemons in a battle they got completely humiliated in
>b-but at least they won in melee!
>nidfags initially arguing Tyranids are equal to daemons in close combat
>Carnac posts fluff LITERALLY proving nidfags right
The absolute state of Carnac, everybody. How truly pathetic must one be to get this butt-devastated

>> No.56281049

You seem to be over on points.

>> No.56281056

Stop responding to him.

>> No.56281060


>> No.56281063


>> No.56281069

>arguing woth Carnac

I think we all know who to pitty anon

>> No.56281073

The fluff showing that daemons won in melee somehow disproves what I am saying?

I can name three more examples of Tyranids losing in melee combat to daemons in one sided curbstomps.

Saying Tyranids are equal to daemon in melee in demonstrably not true.

>> No.56281080

But its fun.

>> No.56281082

Isn't it that Daemons are more likely killed by things seen to be holy? like a sacrificial dagger is more effective than a boltgun.

>> No.56281094


>> No.56281102

>> No.56281109

>The stolen planet was not the only legacy of Rakarth’s grand ambition. The rending of the veil had left a gaping wound in reality, and a large spar of the webway had been opened to the realm of terrors that mankind calls the Warp. Saim-Hann was reeling in the face of a large-scale daemonic invasion that was spilling through the rift, and the tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan, denied the power of its planetary feast, was being slowly torn apart by the hellspawned host that appeared within its bio-ships.

-Haemonculus Coven Codex



>Led by packs of snarling Warp Talons, the Harvest audaciously tore their way through the Immaterium and straight into the seething innards of a Tyranid hive ship.

>Spilling into the guts of the mega-beast, the Harvest set about slaughtering the writhing creature from the inside out. Though it sent showers of acid and swarms of weapon beasts against them, the hive ship could not purge its tormentors. Carving a path through the fleshy walls and pulsing viscera that confronted them, the Harvest slew the enormous beast in the name of Khorne, before digging in to resist the inevitable counter-attack. Sure enough, Tyranid bio-craft soon latched onto the hide of their shoal-mate, spewing swarm after swarm of horrors into its carcass. Yet the Harvest counter-charged time and again, the body count rising until Daemons tore through the veil to lend their blades to the battle. Finally, the last Tyranid beasts fell, bodies riddled with bolts and brutally sawn apart. Ichor stained and victorious, the last of the Harvest howled Khorne’s praises into the void.

-Daemonkin codex

Add to that a recent Devastation of Baal fluff that has the daemons of Khorne wiping out the largest Tyranid swarm that was located on Baal's moon.

As we know, daemons of Khorne are much much lacking in ranged.

>> No.56281110

>fluff literally says daemons and tyranids are equal in melee

Somehow thinks this means daemons are better.

Is it because you just woke up?

>> No.56281114

How big of a daemon are we talkin?

>> No.56281123

I mean it could literally be any fucking large scaled model.

>> No.56281127

Nids aren't equal to daemons in close combat, that's why they use artillery and gunlines instead, because melee with daemons is fucking horrifying, especially against Khorne daemons who their anti-psyker stuff doesn't work against.
Hive Mind usually shits itself when daemons manage to force them into melee, like when that one Khorne greater daemon killed an entire splinter tendril of a hive fleet pretty recently.

>> No.56281138

Nope, the fluff in the battle and sequential fluff proves otherwise. See >>56281109

>> No.56281139

>Conveniently cuts out the line highlighted here >>56280837
Carnac caught taking shit out of context once again>>56281073
I’m talking about the line that says the daemons were “as deadly in close
Combat in the Tyranids were themselves”
The fluff literally proves you wrong, sorry we brought actual facts

>> No.56281145

>Add to that a recent Devastation of Baal fluff that has the daemons of Khorne wiping out the largest Tyranid swarm that was located on Baal's moon.

>> No.56281146

Spent over 12 hours today finishing these models.

Two on the left should be done and the two on the right are my first two IG. Unfortunately, after taking the picture I realized that I forgot to paint their feet so I'll need to do it tomorrow.

>> No.56281149

Equally likely to be some sort of Aelf dragon thing for AoS

>> No.56281159

>nidfags clinging to that one line like Jack clung to the door

>> No.56281161

nigga I was trying to be brief
the point is that nids adapted a new strategy

>> No.56281162

A Hulk action figure!

>> No.56281164

Hey these are turning out well, specially those guardsmen

>> No.56281178

>if enough imperial soldiers believe a space marine can shoot lasers out of his eyes-

>> No.56281181

Nice flames yo

>> No.56281185

Use 4chan-X, you moron. That was a different anon and I think he siding with you.

And refer to this post. >>56281109

Tyranids are not equal to daemons. Period.

>> No.56281186

Whats a good basing for Khorne Daemons. I was thinking Volcanic bases but i am not sure.

>> No.56281188

>The fluff showing that daemons won in melee somehow disproves what I am saying?
Yes because that same fluff says, and I quote exactly, verbatim, word-for-word, out of the Codex, as printed, in English, unambiguously, beyond any shadow of a reasonable person's doubt confirming that you are a liar, as such: "This new enemy could reshape the rules of reality and were as deadly at close quarters as the Tyranids themselves."
>as deadly at close quarters as the Tyranids themselves
>as deadly
>as deadly
>not more
>not even slightly more
>not even "perhaps deadlier"
>as deadly
Word of God from GW is that daemons can match Tyranids in melee and get utterly buttfuckingly annihilated by them at range. This is inarguable canon.

You can continue to try and wriggle out of this but it just makes you look more pathetic with each additional response, better to just stop posting and hope people forget what an ass you've made of yourself.

>> No.56281197

You should be a lawyer.

>The prosecution is wrong because they cling to evidence and facts

>> No.56281205

does putting a unit inside a tank count as placing a unit at the start of a game?

>> No.56281208

For deployment 50%, yes.

>> No.56281209

>daemons got humiliated against nids with a huge atvantage
>tau wiped out hive fleets several times with their superior adaptability
>dark eldar managed to overcome tau adaptability
>raven guard humiliated several dark eldar forces
>does that mean raven guard are the master race?

>> No.56281212

>50%, yes.


>> No.56281213

>be Tyranids about to overwhelm a few hundred remaining marines
>suddenly get blindsided by literally the largest warp storm ever and massive legions of daemons materializing all around
>hive ships get sucked into warp storm so can’t send in adapted reinforcements

No wonder they lost

>> No.56281215

>nids completely btfo by daemons in melee
"Ah yes, I see that we are equally matched"

>> No.56281216

Sure the facts say even but in practice the daemons always win so evidence favors the daemons case.

>> No.56281223

Except we have consistently shown that daemons have wrecked Tyranids in melee in all most every battle they fought against each other in the fluff to the point that now they refuse to meet daemons in melee.

So consider that line of text an exaggeration because going by case by case, Tyranids are AWFUL at melee compared to daemons. I mean ONE legion of Khorne wiped out the largest of Leviathan's swarms. These guys are like melee only.

>> No.56281225

I need to practice more with the Guardsman since a lot of the highlighting is really thick. I'm not used to edge highlighting since the marines don't use it all that much. I've also got to practice freehanding the regiment standard for them at some point.

Cheers mate

>> No.56281229

>away for thirty minutes
>he's still going

>> No.56281233

It seems to be the bigger the demon, the more holy the weapon needed to drop them. Or just mulch them with regular weapons, but that's harder.
The easiest way is to just fuck up their binding, either the ritual itself or whatever is letting them stay in the materium. Daemons eventually implode back into the warp without special circumstances.

>> No.56281234

Oh fuck I lol'd

>> No.56281235

wait why can't chaos corrupt tyranids?

>> No.56281237

>tau wiped out hive fleets several times with their superior adaptability
They only ever engaged one major Hive Fleet and were losing badly until they teamed up with the Imperium.

They lost dozens of planets forever, which for a small Empire like theirs which only has hundreds at the most, is the biggest blow the T'au have ever suffered. They didn't exactly make the Tyranids look non-threatening.

However that does mean Imperium is still master race, since they were involved in the defeat of every single major Hive Fleet so far except one.

>> No.56281242

Because they just purge any that would be affected.

>> No.56281244

It helps to water the paint down a little more than usual and use a sharp edged brush

>> No.56281246

bumping Q

>> No.56281251

>so you see the daemons are equally matched
>what about all those times that daemons have won in melee
>actual events mean nothing for I said they were equal and if I said it it must be true

>> No.56281261

They got wrecked when the daemons have a massive advantage. Like having to fight an entire space marine chapter at the same time or reality breaking and warping the ground into molten tar.

>> No.56281265

>Tyranid levels of swarming numbers
>be litterally everywhere

is it really impressive that they are involved in everything?

>> No.56281276

One legion of Khorne. It was only Ka'pandaman's legion vs the largest portion of the Tyranid ground forces. IIRC, that was before the warp rifts started sucking in the bioships.

And Tyranid can adapt on a ground level. The Ocatraius war showed us that they can.

>> No.56281277

what if they corrupt the hive leader?

and is it a mental thing? do they just say "welp that thing got corrupted pull the plug remotely"

>> No.56281278

>daemons utterly btfo by Tyranids at range
>I b-bet you faggots couldn’t take us in melee!
>tfw daemons never get to melee

>> No.56281281

>Except we have consistently shown that daemons have wrecked Tyranids in melee in all most every battle they fought against each other in the fluff
You have one example of daemons beating one wave of nids, and two more of them winning by appearing inside hive ships which are full of hibernating Tyranids when not actually engaged in space battles against other ships. That's not exactly a stellar record, in fact that's pretty pathetic. You don't have a single example of Tyranids actually losing to Daemons with an invasion.

You are also directly contradicting the text printed in the Codex, which is that Tyranids and Daemons are equal.

>> No.56281283

Tyranids don't have souls so they can't really be "corrupted".

There's a passage in the DG codex that says a Tyranid ship tried to feed on an infected planet and other ships destroyed it before the disease spread to them.

>> No.56281295

its always preference.

doing seperate is far easier but longer.
for tanks you normally don't bother, for infantry its up to you.

>> No.56281296

It can. Theres some fluff somewhere about a hive ship getting sucked into the warp and coming out corrupted. Might have been a Grey Knight codex.

>> No.56281297

There isn't a hive leader, tyranids are all a single mind.

>> No.56281301

>You don't have a single example of Tyranids actually losing to Daemons with an invasion.
Unless we count Baal.

>> No.56281302

>>what about all those times that daemons have won in melee
One wave that hadn't been adapted for Daemon fighting yet

Two ships full of sleeping nids that got surprise attacked from warp portals


>> No.56281313

>is the biggest blow the T'au have ever suffered. They didn't exactly make the Tyranids look non-threatening.

Actually, the Damocles Crusade is biggest blow that the T'au ever got and it did more damage to the Empire than Gorgon which was stopped at the Kel'shan system.

>> No.56281315

Genestealser cults have fluff of them being corrupted too.

>> No.56281316

Because Tyranids are too alien, they have no emotions for Chaos to feed off of.

>> No.56281331

so if you build a ton of robots to fight chaos its basically a win win?

>> No.56281337

Most of the Nids on Baal were actually on Baal itself, not the moon. They lost to the Indomitus Crusade.

>> No.56281342

>multiple clear-cut examples don't count
>literally beating Tyranids on their home turf doesn't count
>one line of fluff is 100% confirmation

Oh lordy, and we thought Carnac was ignorant.

>> No.56281345

Robots have souls so they can be corrupted.

>> No.56281351

So Heralds of Nurgle have an ability that grants +1 strength for all nearby nurgle demons, and there is nothing in the rule or the FAQ to suggest this doesn't stack. Does this really mean I can bring 2 heralds and buff my DG demon prince to 9 strength?

>> No.56281360

It came out mutated, not corrupted.

Also that's very old fluff, it's since been retconned. The brand new Nid Codex says they are utterly immune to daemonic corrupted and the Warp Gods cannot feed off of them in any way.

Genestealer Cultists are vulnerable because they're mixed breeds, and mostly human. They're a completely different animal from the Hive Fleets.

>> No.56281361

Pretty sure a unit can only be affected by one same-word Aura ability at a time so this shit wouldn't happen.

>> No.56281364

Robots and even vehicles have souls in 40k and are even more easily corrupted than mortal beings. Chaos scrap code is one example

>> No.56281366

Is there any genestealer fluff of them infecting a chaos cult?

>> No.56281368

and why don't tyranid have souls?

>> No.56281370

>and two more of them winning by appearing inside hive ships which are full of hibernating Tyranids

The ships weren't hibernating. The one with the Eldar exodite world was feeding and fighting the Eldar. The other one says nothing about them hibernating. 2 ships were locked in a deadly struggle with Khornates.

The Tyranids had time to awaken and fighttheir invaders. I mean the first example had the daemons slowly tearing the tendril apart. Enough time to spawn and adapt.

Face it, the fluff is not on your side.

>> No.56281373

>One wave that hadn't been adapted for Daemon fighting yet

And rather than adapt the next wave to combat daemons in melee, the nids spammed range.

Because they cannot into the warp.

>> No.56281374

>be hive mind
>fighting the pink aliens
>why the fuck is there so many of them can't they just die?
>suddenly reality falls apart
>whoa what the fuck is go-
>red spikey aliens donkey punch you
>ow what the fuck guy

Yeah. Well done.

>> No.56281382

>Chaos God of unfathomable, alien hunger.

>> No.56281386

So exactly why are other chaosfags arguing so much about daemons when the true fighters of chaos can cover the problem?

>> No.56281393

>multiple examples that aren't clear-cut at all
>long been established that attacking Hive Ships while they're still dormant is one of the few ways to beat them in space combat (until you do it too many times and they adapt and set an ambush)
>one line of completely unambiguous fluff is somehow not confirmation

>> No.56281409

Soulless puppets of the hive mind
that's basically what the hivemind is t b h

>> No.56281411

>Because they cannot into the warp.
Considering their strategy won, I don't think you can say they can't into anything.

They raped the Daemons as soon as they gave a shit.

>> No.56281412

They are large organisms that share one mind thus they all have one powerful soul that they all share this soul is so powerful it casts a shadow in the warp.

>> No.56281413

>chaos can corrupt a lightbulb but can't corrupt tyranid

>> No.56281416

I'm noticing that a lot of these fights where daemons supposedly wrecked nids involve attacking the nids while they're engaged in fighting elsewhere.

>> No.56281417

All this talk of jump pack assault makes me want to run a glorious combat themed list. What do you guys think?

1999/2000 points, 8CP

Battalion detachment

Terminator captain
>combi-plasma, power Sword

Sanguinary Priest
>power axe, combi melta

3x5 tac marines
>stormbolters on sergeants, 1 plasma gun, 3 lascannon

Stormraven Gunship
>2x lascannon, typhoons missiles, stormstrike missiles, 2x hurricane bolter

Dedicated transport
3x Razorback
>twin assault cannon and stormbolter

>jump pack , combi-plasma

Fast attack
3x5 assault squads
>2x lightning claws on each sergeant, 2x bp and chainsword, 4x plasma gun, 2x meltagun

Primaris Librarian
>Force swprd, bolt pistol

Fast attack
3x5 assault squads
>3x chainsword and no, 4x plasma gun, 2x meltagun

One of the assault squads will hitch a ride in the raven while the tac marines ride up in the razorbacks.

Rest of the army jumps down and tries to eliminate key targets (things they can't kill in melee) before charging tying everyone up

>> No.56281425

Where can I find info on this?

>> No.56281427

>Soulless puppets of the hive mind
Can they corrupt that?

I would assume that chaos would REALLY want to corrupt that.

>> No.56281428

That lightbulb has a soul so it's an easier option.

>> No.56281433

>The other one says nothing about them hibernating.
They warped on-board a ship that was in-transit. The Tyranids are always hibernating in this situation.

Your other example you just defeated your own argument by saying the nids were occupied fighting Eldar. Daemons surprise-attacked their ship while they were killing things planetside.

So Daemons cannot into beating Tyranids in a head-on engagement ever. Makes sense.

>> No.56281436

>he brand new Nid Codex says they are utterly immune to daemonic corrupted

Not immune. It's just that daemons cannot feed on them. They can be spawned and physically corrupted.

>> No.56281439

Can chaos corrupt my shoes?

>> No.56281444

No the Hive Mind is really powerful what do you think causes Shadow in the Warp the mind is litterally blocking out the warp with its shier size.

>> No.56281448

found it in the rules errata

>> No.56281452

>Can they corrupt that?
What part of "Tyranids are completely immune to Chaos corruption and don't feed the Chaos gods in any way" is not clear to you.

Tyranids and Daemons are competing super-predators that fight over the galaxy, their hunting grounds, in order to feed on the other races.

As of newest fluff, Tyranids are winning.

>> No.56281454

tfw no story about quadruple agents of the genestealers and chaos cults infiltrating each other and then you find out at the end that loyalist alpha legion was running the whole charade.

>> No.56281455

Are they mechanical in anyway?

>> No.56281462

god damnit now this is the story I want to read

>> No.56281463

>They warped on-board a ship that was in-transit. The Tyranids are always hibernating in this situation.

They had time to wake up aplenty.

>Your other example you just defeated your own argument by saying the nids were occupied fighting Eldar.

The Eldar and planet disappeared. In their place a Warp Rift that spewed daemons. A Hive Fleet tendril vs the daemons of a rift. Who won? Daemons.

>> No.56281464

I wonder what the Daemons codex is going to say about this.

>> No.56281466

If a unit is effected by multiple different auras that let them reroll do they only get one reroll?

>> No.56281470

>As of newest fluff, Tyranids are winning.
Actually I think the Imperium is winning against jobber 1 and jobber 2.

>> No.56281473

I sold my 8k of Tyranids. I'd been playing them since 5th up until mid 7th and I'd had enough.

I still don't regret it as it's still impossible to play an assault horde with them and you just end up as a shitty shooting army.

Fun story of btfo a nidfag tho

>First game of 8th
>Fire my vindicator against a swarmlord with 3 tyrant guard.
>3 hits, 3 wounds , 14 damage, 3 dead tyrant guard and 5 wounds on the swarmlord
>Finish it off with a couple of lascannons from a csm squad who can only see the tip of its sword behind a building but this is 8e so it's enough and he doesn't even get cover.
>Felt amazing

Nids are trash. Cruddace did nothing wrong.

>> No.56281476

.....i kind of want to write it now

>> No.56281477

well when they're powered by my foot they start moving.

>> No.56281478

No matter what it says there will be bitching.

>> No.56281485

>They had time to wake up aplenty.
Nice headcanon.

>The Eldar and planet disappeared.
So all the Tyranids on the planet disappeared and the Daemons killed undefended ships. Nice work.

Probably nothing good for Daemons since GW lurks here and they've grown to hate carnac.

>> No.56281487

>As of newest fluff, Tyranids are winning.

Nope. Not by a long shot. Chaos claimed more ground in the galaxy in moment than the Tyranids have eaten for the hundreds of years of their stay in the galaxy.

And the Great Rift and sister Warpstorms are growing larger each year claiming more worlds. Chaos is winning.

>> No.56281488

That’s exactly what happens, the nids have always been focusing on i other enemy when suddenly they get blitzed by the daemons that they weren’t expecting to show up at all. 2 times were on hive ships where the nids have nowhere near the biomass needed to use their normal strategies, and the other time was when they were focused on a whole chapters worth of marines if not more, when suddenly the largest daemon incursion and warpstorm ever hit them out of nowhere, denied them access to their bioships and slaughtered them before they could adapt. Almost everyone who fights nids BTFOs the first wave, only to get wrecked by the next few. The one time in fluff the Tyranids were actually given a chance to respond, they face rolled the daemons

>> No.56281491

If they are on you body when you get corrupted then they will.

>> No.56281496

Hive ships in transit have the bare minimum of defenders. Anything bigger than gaunts would have needed to be grown anew.

>> No.56281500

That should be the tagline of all 40k fluff. Hell that should be the tagline of literally anything GW produces. I cant wait for either the tears about Blood Angels being too good as an assault army or the tears that they aren't good enough as an assault army.

>> No.56281502

You can only ever re-roll a die once.

>> No.56281506

>Nice headcanon.

Not headcanon, you moron. The Hiveship awakened to its attackers and sent forth its troops. A second ship then came to help its sister ship by latching into it and pouring more troops.

They still lost.

>the Daemons killed undefended ships

Now that's headcanon to say a tendril of thousands of ships cannot defend themselves against daemons.

>> No.56281509

Tyranids are literally sealing up that Rift, which took Chaos 10,000 years to make happen, and which at most would have swallowed about as many inhabited planets as the smallest Nid Hive Fleets eat in just a few years.

>> No.56281510

Is this what passes for shitposting these days?

>> No.56281514

If I take the shoe off is it still corrupted?

is that why chaos units are always naked?
Wheres the army of clothes?

>> No.56281526

Yeah it's an old shitty pasta. Carnac is trying to switch up strategies since he's getting BTFO trying to rag on about this one stupid fluff thing which like 4 people have already proven him wrong about.

>> No.56281529

Bioships can use their biomass stores or recycle their dead. Bioships are deadly in boarding actions, you know.

Again, in both cases the Tyranids had enough time to spawn beasts of all shapes and sizes.

>> No.56281531

You won't be able to remove them without proper help, and there is a 50/50 chance you won't be able to remove them at all as they will fuse with your feet.

>> No.56281533

They attacked ONE hiveship, then sat back and waited for the others to come to them. Daemons are better at defending a hiveship than tyranids are.

>tyranids are the most adaptable species in the universe
>can't adapt an alarm clock


>> No.56281536

>STILL no blight hauler pre-order

>> No.56281541


Codex: Hand me downs of the damned

>> No.56281547

proper help? Im asking if I'm corrupted could I take my shoes and gloves off and have them fight with me.

>> No.56281549

>Tyranids are literally sealing up that Rift,

They aren't. Kronos is just doing what's it can to prevent further psychic activity from expanding it. It's a losing battle meant to buy time.

>which took Chaos 10,000 years to make happen

Thanks to the Necron Pylons that kept Chaos out.

>which at most would have swallowed about as many inhabited planets as the smallest Nid Hive Fleets eat in just a few years.

Don't bullshit.

>> No.56281552

>they raped the Daemons
using artillery to push your enemies temporary forms into the warp is not rape.
Besides silly bugfag, Daemons are the ones who do the raping.

>> No.56281554

>>tyranids are the most adaptable species in the universe
>>can't adapt an alarm clock
Except they did. In the fluff where Dark Eldar raiders kept attacking their ships in transit and running before they woke up from hibernation, they changed tactics and set an ambush where they had creatures waiting for them and slaughtered them all to a man.

>> No.56281559

I like Bullgryn and meleeing with them but they never do as much as I hope. I was thinking of mixing in more shooting while still using them.

I was thinking of instead of 4 Bullgryn per Chimera it would be 2 Chimeras with a Primaris Psyker, Platoon Commander, Command Squad with 4 Melta/Plasma and 2 Ogryn bodyguards equipped for melee. I figured I could smite and shoot to do most of the damage and hopefully have the bodyguards run in and beat up what's left. Not sure if that's too expensive or even worth it.

>> No.56281562

I'm gonna say no they are only powered by you so they need you to stay powered. They will still be corrupted just immobile.

>> No.56281575


now what if I put tiny corrupted shoes on the tyranid?

>> No.56281579

Actually, the T'au are the most adaptive race in the universe. They ran with Gorgon in the adaptation. Gorgon that's the most adaptive Hive Fleet.

>> No.56281580

>They aren't. Kronos is just doing what's it can to prevent further psychic activity from expanding it. It's a losing battle meant to buy time.

>Thanks to the Necron Pylons that kept Chaos out.
Yes, and?

>Don't bullshit.
It was already mathed that about 1 in 100,000 worlds in the rift would have been inhabited, meaning at most only a few dozen of them were meaningful losses.

Most Tyranid Hive Fleets have eaten dozens and most of them have only been around for like 10 years at the most.

>> No.56281587

You will probably get killed in the process but it will just eat them and cleanse them to their basic materials.

>> No.56281590

>daemons better tha nids
>can't even corrupt them
why does carnac keep whipping this dead horse, chaos has always been the bbeg npc that exists to be defeated in carious ways by the other races.

>> No.56281599

>They ran with Gorgon in the adaptation.
That was retconned in the 6th ed Codex. T'au lost every single battle until they had Imperial help, and the Tyranids only lost because they couldn't adapt fast enough to both the T'au and Imperium at the same time.

>> No.56281604

So we know how Daemons fair against nids but how about our boys in power armor?

>> No.56281605

Think only having one wing look odd?

>> No.56281606

nothing you said is true, apologise for making us read your lies

>> No.56281617

the claw thing on the top right balances it out

>> No.56281620

No because of FF7

>> No.56281622


That's not an argument.

>Yes, and?

Few pylons are remaining in the galaxy and Chaos is claiming more ground that the Tyranids are able to eat.

>It was already mathed

Yeah, and it was shown that Chaos claimed millions of systems. It doesn't matter if they inhabited or not. This show of power dwarfs anything the Tyranids are capable of and it's only a taste of what's coming.

>> No.56281628

>edgelord chaosfags are so desperate that they'll cling to beating up a distracted, sleeping or handicapped npc race as a major victor


>> No.56281629

>How do nids fair against a faction they have BTFO on multiple occasions.

>> No.56281631

Thought tyranids couldn't eat corruption

>> No.56281637

>That was retconned in the 6th ed Codex.


> T'au lost every single battle until they had Imperial help

It's the same in 5th ED. It was attributed to Gorgons numbers accompanied by its adaptability.

>> No.56281640

I can't think of one example of a real Hive Fleet losing to CSM except the new Death Guard one, which was a stalemate that ended worse for the DG.

They wiped out Forgefane easily which was one of the largest Iron Warriors fortresses in the galaxy, said to rival Medrengard itself. Behemoth ate a force of CSM that was gathering to attack Ultramar just before the Battle for Macragge.

Outside of that there weren't a lot of conflicts.

>> No.56281646


>> No.56281647

I don't even know at this point, best to assume they can less I be accused of something.

>> No.56281650

if I have two melee weapons one is just straight up better than the other, whats the purpose of the second one?

like say something has 3 attacks you just use those three attacks on the better weapon right?

>> No.56281660


>> No.56281662

BTFO’d the second most fortified iron warrior stronghold in the galaxy in a single week

Caused a sorcerer to REEEE himself to death with shadow in the warp, he. Ate them all

Managed to be the only confirmed race to outtoxic the death guard, twice

Lost to khorne bezerkers several times in extremely retarded fluff that had a bunch of guys with chain axes march around the whole world and kill every Tyranid

>> No.56281675

So like always the only marines that can do anything are the damn loyalists. Why must marine wank be so lopsided, you know the soldiers with only a couple hundred years of experience doing better than the 10,000 year old warriors?

>> No.56281676

>Lost to khorne bezerkers several times in extremely retarded fluff that had a bunch of guys with chain axes march around the whole world and kill every Tyranid
>Its only retarded when my faction loses.

>> No.56281678

Daily reminder that before coming to Octarius, the Blood Crusade was said to have wiped numerous Hive Fleets.

Again, melee daemons vs Tyranids ended with daemons winning. The Tyranids only managed to withstand the Blood Crusade when they paired with the "MELEE RACE".

>> No.56281692

So the same amount of retarded inconsistency that makes both sides look stupid and incompetent. Good to know nothing has changed.

>> No.56281693

The Daemonkin made the Tyranids their bitches many times over.

>> No.56281699

No it's retarded because that's mathematically impossible.

I have no problem with my faction losing when it makes sense, which most of the other armies manage to do.

>> No.56281700

>bunch of guys with chain axes killing billions of organisms, many of them equipped with far more powerful weapons
Yeah, you're right. That makes total sense man, just his clear bias showing through!

>> No.56281712

The Daemonkin got squatted anon.

>> No.56281721

Apparently only when the nids are distracted.

Thats like jumping into a fight after its done, punching a guy and claiming you beat you by yourself.

>> No.56281722


>The Harvest erupt from blood-portals within the fortress monastery of the Black Ravens Space Marines Chapter. Days of fierce fighting follow, during which the Harvest kill every last loyalist within the monastery’s walls and use its defence lasers to blast apart the Ravens’ orbital shipyards. Bloodied and exalting, the Daemonkin drop the fortress’ void shields and prepare for the true battle as a tendril of Hive Fleet Behemoth fills the skies.


>The Brazen Beasts face a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth on Horos. Though all but exterminated, the Daemonkin are victorious, drowning the planet in Tyranid ichor.

Daemonkin warbands have more than berserkers. They have tanks, daemon engines, possessed marines, daemonic aid, etc.

>> No.56281723

>I know he's pissed with the Ecclesiarchy
Actually, by "Dark Imperium" (roughly 100 years after gathing storm) Guilliman has warmed up slightly to the Ecclesiarchy.

He admits that they have ultimatly done more good then harm to the imperium.

>> No.56281729

Based Khorne

>> No.56281732

So lets see
>destroy one of the strongest forts made by guys that make fortresses that the imperium cant crack
A oh no problem

>out toxic the literal god of plagues
Makes perfect sense no broken fluff

>guys with chain axes kill everything on the planet
Too far this is blatant lore rape.

>> No.56281736

RIP Daemokin. You were the only cool reason i could see for taking a mixed CSM and Khorne Daemon army.

>> No.56281739

It’s extremely retarded considering that, even if every Tyranid just stood there and took it and they didn’t reproduce at all despite doing that in every other fluff example, it would take an unfathomably long time for them to march around the world and kill every single Tyranid. It’s one thing to lose, it’s another for an entirely impossible, even going by the settings weird logic, situation being passed off as fluff

>> No.56281741



Where was the distraction?

Not really. Many of the daemon warbands like the Brazen Beasts were named among the Blood Crusade.

>> No.56281744

I think playing with this model at all would look odd anon, and get you odd looks

>> No.56281754

My power armoured boys do pretty good on the tabletop against Nids.
I'm Emperor's Children though so my troops fuck Jormungandr cover saves, my Legion trait is anti melee, my troop champions have sick sonic flamers in the shape of Doom Sirens so charging hurts them, I use like 1 or 2 psykers a game, and my Daemon Prince and an Exalted Champion working together managed to tear a Swarmlord in half but it was a pretty close fight. Oh and Lucius once managed to kill like 24 Genestealers in one round of combat, although I admit the majority of those kills were me making a bullshit amount of saves with his Armour of Shrieking Souls, and getting even more bullshit by rolling so many 4+'s.

>> No.56281755

You guys are forgetting that Tyranids are notoriously bad at melee, and that Khornate forces have historically made short work of nids in melee.

>> No.56281758

>I have no problem with my faction losing when it makes sense
>will claim every loss makes no sense

We know how this works anon

>> No.56281765

>have time to prepare
>in a defencable position
>against a fucking SPLINTER FLEET
>still nearly get wiped out
>this is a big win apparently

Jesus Christ. You're aware that you're making yourself look WORSE right?

>> No.56281767

So, a couple weeks back I was running my Black Templars and a single basic Crusader with a Power Fist ended up making three 6+ saves in a row, then killed a pair of Terminators in melee.

My club is doing a progressive map campaign, so I've decided to promote him to Lieutenant. Assuming he survives, I'll hopefully bump him up to Captain eventually. Gotta get him painted first though.

>> No.56281768

How much do you think they pay duncan to not jump up and scream about how bad Citadel brushes are?

>> No.56281772

>>this is a big win apparently
Who said it was a big win?

>> No.56281776

Example of models with worthless second weapons?

>> No.56281778

>>destroy one of the strongest forts made by guys that make fortresses that the imperium cant crack
>A oh no problem
No problem because Tyranid fluff has all the tools to make this possible, it was given reasonable explanation.

>out toxic the literal god of plagues
>Makes perfect sense no broken fluff
A race that has the DNA of every microbe it's ever consumed from multiple galaxies and is constantly discussed as adapting and developing new strains and immunities, making a stalemate with some other guys who do the same thing but without understanding genetics as well and using some warp-shit instead. Makes sense to me.

>guys with chain axes kill everything on the planet
>Too far this is blatant lore rape.
Yes, because if you math how long it would take for a small band of guys to march around a whole planet alone, and not just in a circle but across every single landmass or ocean floor where something can grow, and then factor in how long it would take them to kill Tyranids on those areas of landmass even if the nids were standing still not fighting back, and then realize that in that time the Nids could regrow entire armies on places the axe guys already were ad infinitum so they would literally never be able to kill them all because that's how big a planet is, and then factor in that the nids would be constantly adapting and throwing different shit at the axe guys, blasting them apart from range, bombing them, hitting them with fliers, drowning them in bodies with acid blood until their axes are wet worthless sludge, literally suffocating them under armies of gaunts, or just throwing genestealers at them which can beat them 1v1, any number of these strategies let alone all of them would have worked. It's impossible.

>> No.56281781

A single Tyranidship contains millions of Tyranids and biotitans. Enough forces to overwhelm a planet.

The Khornate warband couldn't be above 1000+ marines.

Tyranids suck.

>> No.56281786

Who can guess what my tanksgiving army is gonna be :^)

>> No.56281789

Marneus Calgar has a power sword. Not the guy and just off the top of my head.

>> No.56281791

>nidfags still in denial about the hive fleet waking up and attempting to fight off the Daemons but failing to adapt to the melee power of Khorne Daemons

>> No.56281795

striking scorpion exarch that has a scorpion claw equipped.

the chainsword is always useless in comparison,

>> No.56281797

That's the only example in the game I could think of, to be fair.

>> No.56281801

They're still a thing, you can absolutely take Daemons and CSM in the same detachment, they just don't get codex bonuses yet

>> No.56281810

>the chainsword is always useless in comparison,
No, you get to make an extra attack with it.

Note that attack doesn't require you to use any of your base attacks.

>> No.56281811

Daemonkin warbands are called daemonkin because daemons often come to their aid in battle. The more blood they shed, the more daemons manifest. Even their deaths spawn daemons.


>Responding to a daemonic incursion on Hyraq II, a Brotherhood of Grey Knights plunges into battle. Crimson lightning tears the skies as the Grey Knights drive the Daemons back into the Warp, only to face fresh assault by the Bloodgorged. Retreating to a ruined temple, the surviving Grey Knights fight for their lives. In death, every Daemonkin they slay brings forth one of the Daemons the Grey Knights had already banished, until they are overrun by the screaming horde.

In the long run, the forces of Khorne would outnumber the tyranids as the fighting went on.

>> No.56281812

Yes that’s unironically exactly what we’re saying.

Tyranids destroyed forgefane because they’re the only force that can do large scale underground assault, something the Imperium, orks or other chaos war bands could ever hope to achieve. A few thousand iron warriors ain’t shit when billions of Tyranids have suddenly appeared inside their fortifications and avoided all the guns and walls

Tyranids outtoxicing Nurgle makes sense because many of their toxins contain tiny microscopic Tyranids and acids rather than simple diseases and poisons

A bunch of guys marching around the world and killing billions of Tyranids faster than they can reproduce makes no mathematical sense, at all. Even cutting down all the trees on that planet wouldn’t make sense. It’s inconsistent even by 40k shitty standards

>> No.56281816

one additional attack, even when made with a chainsword, is not useless.

>> No.56281823

See >>56281811

>> No.56281824

do you guys mean chainsabre?

and if you're talking about sustained he still gets that with the claw.

>> No.56281834

>there was a time where all the slaanesh models had boobies and nobody gave a shit

>> No.56281839

>A bunch of guys marching around the world and killing billions of Tyranids faster than they can reproduce makes no mathematical sense, at all. Even cutting down all the trees on that planet wouldn’t make sense. It’s inconsistent even by 40k shitty standards
You keep using generalizations such as A bunch or a small band. But exactly how many are we talking? I just want to know to be exact on how many there really were. I have no horse in this race.

>> No.56281845

that models uggo as fuck

>> No.56281852

I play DE exclusively so I don't have a dog in this fight but so far the Tyranids are obviously winning from what's been posted.

>> No.56281855

it's slaanesh, that's kinda the point

>> No.56281858

No X in this Y mind.

>> No.56281859

>and if you're talking about sustained he still gets that with the claw.
Then he gets it with both?

Maybe the weapon works different than how I think it does, but I'm assuming some anon is making the mistake of thinking you need to use a base attack for a weapon that gives extra attacks in the fight phase, when you actually don't.

>> No.56281863

Ah, right, I forgot the thing that happened in this one battle happens in every single battle the daemonkin fought in. Either way, everyone in the war and was wiped out and there’s no mention of daemons overrunning the world, so even if that were true, at some point the daemons started getting killed faster than they could respawn

>> No.56281874

The scorpion chainsword doesn't give an extra attack

>> No.56281880

>wraithknight no longer avaliable from gw
whats goin on friends?

>> No.56281884

Ah, fair enough then.

>> No.56281890


>> No.56281895

Neither are Stormhawk Interceptors. Is it time to panic yet?

>> No.56281897

Stuff often vanishes from the store entirely when it's really just out of stock.
I like to think there's some tard who knows how to remove shit but not post an 'out of stock' status and he's just too timid to ask how.

>> No.56281901

It could have been a million khorne bezerkers, tens of thousands of daemon engines and millions of bloodletters and it still wouldn’t make sense. Do you realize how much area that force could actually cover? Do you realize how long it would take them to march over an entire planet? Tyranids could literally focus all of their efforts in consuming the world while the retards are marching around and ignore the threat altogether. The world would be sucked dry before the war band even cleared an area the size of a small country.

Also, no one in the war and is eating the nids and there aren’t too many weapons destroying biomass since it’s mostly melee, so as soon as the band passes ripper swarms would just eat all the dead nids.

>> No.56281904


>> No.56281906

And you'd win against the 'nids. How does it feel to finally be relevant you wounding on 4+ with poisions you edgy elf fuck

>> No.56281918


>> No.56281920

Some friends and I are setting up a narrative campaign where Imperials have to defend their planet from a Hive Fleet. We've come up with all sorts of interesting characters for the humans, Inquisitors and rogue traders and exiled space marines hunting the tyranids to regain their honor etc.

The tyranids though... story wise what can you even do with them? I'm struggling to come up with interesting memorable characters for a race of numberless, souless space insects. Anyone have any ideas to make them more interesting?

>> No.56281924


Scorpion chainswords confer +1S not +1A.

>> No.56281928

It's only unavailable online.

>> No.56281930

new to the game got the new eldar start collecting, what load out should I give the wraithlord and the war walker. I'm painting my army mymeara but I thinking I should go with the alaitoc rules?

>> No.56281932

It's just showing out of stock for me.

>> No.56281937

They don't need one why the fuck would you?

>> No.56281939

There's quite a lot of things that don't make any sense in 40k. Especially the faction that is literally "Anti-Reality and Order" and can reincarnate/bless it's followers on a whim.

>> No.56281941

Nope, making the iron wolves, and converting my land raider into a poor mans achilles

>> No.56281942

by their very nature you're going to struggle, custom adaptations depending on who they fight most or something.
Also genestealer cults for some added personality

>> No.56281943

So if i were to cover the planet in zerkers and Daemons it still wouldn't matter? This seems to be a stupid argument then if no matter how many numbers i bring of Khorne the Tyranids always win.

>> No.56281944

Don't. Come up with new creatures.

>> No.56281956

>Also, no one in the war and is eating the nids and there aren’t too many weapons destroying biomass since it’s mostly melee, so as soon as the band passes ripper swarms would just eat all the dead nids.
Maybe some wires got crossed and the story was ment to be about crons.

>> No.56281960

It appears that you've mispelt the word 'warriors' as 'wolves' anon - don't be alarmed, quite a few people have made this mistake!

>> No.56281962

With nidzilla being the new flavor of the month at my shop it feels quite good.

>> No.56281968

no see, I am making these to fight my buddies iron warriors :^)

>> No.56281969

Anything except scatter laser is okay.

>> No.56281972

Magnetise as different options are going to be useful in different games , armies and different metas etc so there's no one answer.

Though if I were going to permanently glue them down for some reason I'd give the war walkers shuriken cannons and the wraithlord the sword and two shuriken cannons.

>> No.56281977

Reminder that both Daemons and Tyranids are inferior to the Eldar

>> No.56281979

I went dual shuriken cannons, dual flamers, and ghostglaive on my wraithlord because it allows him to move and shoot with no penalty. He can also advance and keep firing if he really needs to be somewhere.

I'm going with Biel-Tan so he gets a nice reroll too.

Dual flamer overwatch is great against genestealers and gaunts.

What you put on your warwalkers depends on the enemy. Though I would always pick shuriken cannons over scatter lasers due to the chance of AP-3 and they're assault instead of heavy.

>> No.56281981

so many grammar mistakes!
surely you meant to type 'my iron warriors' anon, because you hates traitor iron warriors more than those who remained loyal to the true leader of humanity?

>> No.56281988

That applies to a hell of a lot of things because writers cannot into maths. Everything Space Marines do, for one since you could kill literally all of them in one Somme. They're only impressive because all enemy competence and dangerous weaponry vanishes as soon as they appear, total enemy forces are restricted to one "Important Location" which instantly loses the planet-wode war if destroyed and they're only allowed to use shitty basic troops rather than anything they'd normally have that would beat Marines like Myrmidons or Kataphrons.
The Black Crusade is apparently a force of only "millions" of troops on "thousands" of ships, which should hardly be unstoppable given just how big a galactic navy has to be.

>> No.56281994

y-yes anon I'll be a gud boi and make best legion

>> No.56281995

what about the bright lance

>> No.56282003

*pats you*
good boy, sit on my lap and I'll tell you stories of great grandfather Kyr again!

>> No.56282007

Now you’re just being retarded on purpose. The point of that was to show how fucking insignificant the area of land covered by that kind of force would be, and how they could never hope to kill a rapidly reproducing swarm that outnumbers them hundreds of times over in any reasonable way. If the zerkers could match the nids in number it’s a totally different story. But we know the fluff says warband, and we know a warband isn’t any more than a few thousand zerkers at best.

>> No.56282012

>race of dying out gay elves IN SPEHSS, with the Avatars of their literaly god of war being punching bags for everybody

>> No.56282023

Both have made khaine their bitch so I'm gonna say no.

>> No.56282028

No, daemons and marines have wiped planetsd of life before. And besides, Tyranids suck at attrition.

>> No.56282037

The Avatar of Khaine stop atop a literal mountain of Tyranid corpses in Valdor.

>> No.56282038

>be eldar
>get 4/5 of Iyanden population wiped out
>get avatar of Khaine trampled by carnifexes
>have main hero have to curse himself to defeat hive tyrant
>massive irreplaceable losses to the eldar
>only one hive fleet stopped
>even bigger hive fleet shows up 7 years later

Yeah, those eldar sure are superior

>> No.56282045

Bright lances are great. They'll only wound a tough vehicle on 4+, but they're a solid choice on a warwalker. I wouldn't put them on a wraithlord because wraithlords have great melee potential that you'll be wasting if you have them sit back.

>> No.56282051

>Judging them on how niggers like matt wars wrote them

Ynnead save me

>> No.56282055

do a moby dick, have a tyranid with scars and shit or a white shell tyranid.

have it inspire fear or force characters to charge it when nearby.

>> No.56282056

>exterminatus and massed bombardment of populations
>endless swarms of daemons with warp fuckery corrupting everything
>same as a few thousand guys with melee weapons marching around and wiping out billions of Tyranids

You can’t be serious

>> No.56282057

I'm looking through the GK codex and the FW index and I can't see the restriction on xiphons etc you're referring to, what do you mean?

I'm not _completely_ retarded but I sometimes am

>> No.56282060


>> No.56282064

so old one eye

>> No.56282067

>dieing out
>immortal and can ressurect themselves back into their own bodies or mech suits
>only thing stopping them is muh ancestors

>> No.56282070

>not being thankful to the GW for not letting Goto write them

>> No.56282071

Okay i exaggerated. still it seems that you think that there is no way the nids could loose no matter how strong the chaos force as you implied in your last post. Now with a warband of about a few thousand zerkers i will say that it would be almost impossible to fight and kill all the nids. But i wouldn't its fully impossible and as the other anon said they were shown to be terrible at attrition as they lost to the admech after constantly replacing their own with their own corpses as they expended more than they got when they used their previous biomass to create new nids. So While it would be difficult i think they may be able to pull it off. If i may bother you for the specific passage of fluff that we are referring to.

>> No.56282078

Wtf have you done with that land raider?

>> No.56282089

>not using any of the cool shit they are supposed to be capable of and having their asses handed to them because muh ancestors

>> No.56282102

If I get "extra attack on a 6+ to hit" from 2 different sources (Karandras and Supreme Disdain) do I get 2 extra attacks on each 6+?

>> No.56282109

There's nothing stopping abilities from stacking, so yes.

>> No.56282112

Admech have numerous weapons capable of blasting Tyranids to molecules. Bezerkers do not, they’re walking around with bolt pistols and chain weapons. It’s not even close to the same things

>Tyranids terrible at attrition
That is one of a handful of battles the nids actually lost to attrition, compared to the countless ones where they won. Either way, the admech had a way of denying the nids biomass and wiping out more than they could replace, the khorne forces don’t, unless they were smart enough to burn everything they killed

>> No.56282124

Eldar love superior Imperial tanks!

>> No.56282130

you have no idea how absurd the eldar are.

they can litterally resurrect anyone they want at any time. it doesn't even need to be a wraith construct.

Not only that they can ressurect any other race they want, but don't because they feel like they're inferior.

not only that they partied so hard that slanesh blushed and that they wiped out their entire race. from what I recall only the most absurdly devout eldar survived, (basically the mormons of eldar).

they're like cautionary tale ramped up to 11.
They are the end game of decadance.

>> No.56282132

Admech confirmed the superior faction then?

>> No.56282144

Daemonkin do not have only zerkers.

>> No.56282150

And this seems to be one of the handful of battles where a bunch of Khorne Bezerkers walked around and murdered thousands of tyranids and i remember them not actually using any of those weapons they just kept sending servitors with little flesh on them to fight the nids and they eventually lost because they had not enough bio-mass.

>> No.56282153

>unless they were smart enough to burn everything they killed
Not really out of line with Khorne. And it's SOP against Orks, so they probably figured, may as well.

And, of course, Daemonkin have a mix of Demons, Chaos Marines, Cultists, and the like to draw from, rather than just Zerkers.

>> No.56282159

>thousands of tyranids
Self correcting here
*Billions of Tyranids

>> No.56282166

So is Ynnead killing Slaanesh plausible?

>> No.56282201

>Does GW have the balls to do it
That is yet to be seen

>> No.56282228

Your average Nid casualty against Admech is radioactive mush after a few hours or burned to ash by phosphor and plasma. The only ones I would say they could easily reconstitute are the ones killed in melee without Vanguard around or shot by Rangers/Arquebi/autocannon at range. Also, they did have the number edge from the start and access to cloning vats and a huge mind-controlled menial population to arm up, so they don't exactly mourn for the poor dead Skittle brigades other than the small quantities of flesh sucked out of the crunchy shells by Rippers. Nids couldn't get their dead back to reconstitute for a good while either, assuming the Admech was engaging the bioships with the Baskilion and orbital guns and were contesting any serious Nid landing before it could set up digestion pools.
My headcanon is that Lucius now has lots of Skitarii with unusually high designation numbers, because they're the Xth host for those particular implants and got Edge of Tommorrowed a lot during the Nid invasion, redownloading their previous mission data into the new brain every time.

A Khorne warband of a few tens of thousands of men hasn't really got the capacity to do much of any of that, really.

>> No.56282231

>>Judging them on how niggers like matt wars wrote them
>Matt Ward
>writing OG Iyanden fluff
Nigger are you fucking retarded? How fucking new are you?

>> No.56282232

Simply that we can't take a xiphon as a keyword <GREY KNIGHT> unit. Nothing stopping us from taking it as an Imperial unit, but it would have to be in a different detachment or we would lose our +1 psychic tests. Been trying to math hammer, and unless I am being retarded myself, the Stormhawk Interceptor (even with BS+4 to ground targets) with Lastalon and Typhoon does about the same damage against t8 3+ as the xiphon. Maybe ill just go SR + Stormhawk.

>> No.56282273

No, the nids were fighting servitors.

>> No.56282274

How much is the new Norn Crown? None of the relics seems overly amazing, but it might be worth taking, if it's cheap. It basically means you never have to think about IB again

>> No.56282275

going to convert it to the superior achilles pattern

>> No.56282277

How much what? How fucking new to 8th are you?

>> No.56282287


I didn't know what you meant untill I noticed the hatch

>> No.56282301

Relics don't cost points any more, you get one for free and one or two more by spending CP

>> No.56282302

In 8th Edition, you get one Relic for free, and I think everyone with a codex has a stratagem that lets you spend CP for more Relics.

>> No.56282314

Much the same, then. If the Nids can scrape the mush Torsion Cannon make of them off the ground I guess they can repair that, but Heavy Arc, phosphor, flamers and plasma earn you Crispy Nid flakes.

>> No.56282317

is it still 1 relic per model? and does the model have to have the option of taking the weapon the relic is based off of?

>> No.56282331

The option? It has to HAVE the weapon that gets replaced. If that weapon costs points, you pay those points.

And so far yes every book's relics section has stated 'One per model bitch, burning blade/eternal shield combo is gone'

>> No.56282334

Oh shit, I really love this idea. Thanks anon. Will post pics in the future when I have a concept

>> No.56282335

Yea I can't find the ruling on how it can't be a keyword Grey Knight though, where in which book is that?

>> No.56282349

Like last edition i gave my terminator librarian the Fury of Baal relic which is a plasma pistol. But Terminator Librarians cant take a plasma pistol. So i was wondering if that would still be legal to run on him.

>> No.56282351

>is it still 1 relic per model?

>and does the model have to have the option of taking the weapon the relic is based off of?
Yes. You have to pay points for the weapon that gets replaced, if any. For example, the Gravis Captain is locked into the Power Sword/Boltstorm Gauntlet combo, so you can't give him The Teeth of Terra(replaces chainsword), but you can give him The Burning Blade(replaces power sword)

>> No.56282361

Im talking about how him and countless others use the Avatar of Khaine as a punching bag.

>> No.56282372

What else should I add to his helmet?

>> No.56282373

>implying the Avatar should be able to beat 12 Carnifexes at once

>> No.56282374

It probably won't be. Every Relic weapon now states clearly what it replaces or requires the model to have.

>> No.56282379

Oh, okay, thanks. I only play Nids, so I haven't played an army with a full codex yet. Thanks

>> No.56282380

Well i guess i have to lop his hand off also. Damn a lot of my guys have lost arms or hands recently because of new codex stuff.

>> No.56282418

Us GK players dont get to have nice things.
So no.

>> No.56282426

looks less like a helmet and more like he's just got an insect head

>> No.56282427


circles behind a head do not require stuff to be added.
in fact its even cooler to have no head but a circle behind it.

>> No.56282428

More wings

>> No.56282434

wraithknight feet + supreme disdain
4 attacks -> 12 hit rolls -> ~2 hit rolls of 6 -> 6 more hit rolls

>> No.56282448

Well, he is a Mantis Warrior Captain, so I thought it would be appropriate.
where to put them, tho?

>> No.56282452

remember that +1 to hit rolls basically reduce that 6+ to 5+ anon.

>> No.56282454

twin-lascannon dread or venerable dread?

>> No.56282474

Towards the back of the head, somewhere in the middle

>> No.56282491

Hell yes it should. Its a shard of a god. I hate how the lore makes the Avatar of Khaine out to be puny and "just another bullet sponge".

>> No.56282493

What is the best youtube channel/podcast talking about 40k fluff to listen to while painting?

>> No.56282498


>> No.56282499

>Eldar death god born prematurely
>limited souls powering it
>vs the being that ate more Eldar than exist today and some of their other gods

>> No.56282505

Tips for starting a DeathWatch army?

Would this starter thing from GW for 175 Ameriquan Bucks be a good pick?

>> No.56282526

what else would be something a lot of people want to see but GW would never do.

Rezzing the emperor is one obviously.
but what else.

>> No.56282562

Bruva Alfabusa

>> No.56282595

>step 1: wait for the codex
>step 2: check ebay if someone is still selling half of the death masque cheap
>step 3: base your load out on what the codex changed

>> No.56282600

I am dakka, god of death

>> No.56282611

>Rezzing the emperor
>a lot of people want

oh boy

>> No.56282618

at least 5 people

>> No.56282622

get death masque half of death watch, grab cheap corvus

>> No.56282637

>"Hive tyrants wearing corsets: Fasion statment, or nature going TOO FAR???" (pg5)

>> No.56282645

Any scans of the nid dex?

>> No.56282703

2000 point list for the new codex

Leviathan Batallion
-Neuro (Dominion)
-4x Ripper
-4x Ripper
-4x Ripper
-4x Zoanthrope (Scream, Horror)

Leviathan Spearhead
-Neuro (Onslaught)
-2x Carnifex w/ Talons, Adrenal, and Spores
-2x Carnifex w/ Talons, Adrenal, and Spores
-2x Carnifex w/ Talons, Adrenal, and Spores

Kronos Spearhead
-Neuro w/ Norn Crown (Catalyst) *HQ*
-30x Devilgaunts
-Carnifex w/ dual Devourers, Sense, and Spores
-Carnifex w/ dual Devourers, Sense, and Spores
-Trygon Prime

The idea is to run up with carnifexes, supported by Neuro and Zoanthrope buffs, and spam devilgaunt shots. Deepstrike in the devilgaunts, fire twice with the new stratagem, and hopefully get the unit killed asap. Respawn them with the new stratagem, deepstrike them onto the lictor with the new stratagem, and fire twice, again. This costs a total of 7 command points, leaving 2 for rerolls and Kronos denies.


>> No.56282708



>> No.56282724

Aww cheers m8, now i can use my 200 squig models :^)

>> No.56282729

>Respawn them
You need hydra fleet for that.

>> No.56282794

You have a new Tank for your faction. It has 2 properties out of 4 choices: cheap, tough, accurate and high damage.

>> No.56282810

>Play GKs
>want to go tough and accurate because it fits better thematically
>know that GKs need a tank thats cheap and high damage though

>> No.56282815

The last two are all that matter

>> No.56282828

Cheap and Tough Admech Troop tonk or transport. If it can't do either of those then cheap and high damage because that's the only thing an army packing Admech's buffs will give a fuck about.

>> No.56282830

>mixing your hive fleets
Disdain for WAAC's

>> No.56282831

That's a predator though, bs3 and 4 lascannons.

It sucks.

>> No.56282854

How do you rate the DG Plagueburst Crawler? It's cheap and pretty much as tough as a land raider for less than half its points but it's got bs4, heavy weapons so moving is tricky and crappyish guns?

>> No.56282858

Oh, that's only Hydra? I guess the leak I was using was incomplete. In that case, I would drop the Lictor and 5 gaunts for another dakkafex.

Just theory. I'd probably end up just making it all Leviathan so that it would fit the army's actual paint scheme.

>> No.56282874

I thought about making an army full of squigs using tyranid rules, once...
But then, I realized how pricey it would have been.

>> No.56282895

Should I utilise Wraithguard for a Ynnari list? Would they be important?

>> No.56282905

I can't decide. Should I use Farsight or base T'au Empire for my dude's fluff? I know the crunch distinction will come later, but really it's the story flavor that's concerning me.

At first I was solidly Farsight because I use crisis suits like they're going out of style, like Char, and love the revolutionary angle the Enclaves can have.

But over time, I've come to realize that the T'au Empire fluff not only has better (i.e. any) catchphrases, but more consistently written fluff as baller as O'Shovah is. We have a much better idea of what it's like to live in the T'au Empire than we do in the Enclaves, and I like the wholeness of that kind of world building.

What do you think /40kg/? Inb4 NPC race, nidposting, anti-Tau shit posting, and other master works of comedy.

>> No.56282906

Aun'shi is bretty good at cc

>> No.56282915

Personally I find them a royal pain in the ass since enough Neutron Lasers to kill a Leman Russ only does a bit over five wounds to it, and even Electropriest charges aren't guaranteed to kill one. I imagine people who use less damage-spikey AT have a better time, but I just have to sit there, kill enemy Space Marines and let it hit me, Saul Tarvitz style.

>> No.56282924

>Mixing hive fleets

>> No.56282929

T'au Empire, dude.

>> No.56282954

Choose what you prefer. Personally, I always imagined Tau Empire as being totalitarian neo-communists in space, while Farsight and his merry secessionists are litteraly space Edo-era looking worlds with high-tech elements thrown in for good mesure.

>> No.56282958

Are Kabalite Warriors good with a raider or should I be utilising Venoms?

>> No.56282987

Rate my IG list,
Scions deepstrike to trouble shoot scary units, Tanks grind forward being supported by harker.
Infantry grabs objectives.

+ No Force Org Slot +

Regiment: Catachan

+ HQ +

Primaris Psyker [2 PL, 40pts]: Force Stave

Tank Commander [12 PL, 197pts]: Heavy Bolter
. Command Battle Tank: Battle Cannon

+ Troops +

3x Infantry Squad [3 PL, 48pts]
. 7x Guardsman
. Heavy Weapon Team: Heavy bolter
. Sergeant: Chainsword, Laspistol

+ Elites +

Sergeant Harker [3 PL, 50pts]

+ Fast Attack +

Hellhounds [6 PL, 105pts]
. Bane Wolf: Heavy Flamer, Turret-mounted Chem Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

4x Leman Russ Battle Tanks [10 PL, 152pts]
. Leman Russ Battle Tank: Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolter

+ Dedicated Transport +

3 x Chimera [6 PL, 93pts]: Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [13 PL, 287pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Regiment: Millitarum Tempestus

+ HQ +

2x Tempestor Prime [3 PL, 45pts]: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol

+ Elites +

Astropath [1 PL, 21pts]: 4) Nightshroud, Telepathica Stave

2x Militarum Tempestus Command Squad [3 PL, 88pts]
4 x Tempestus Scion: Plasma gun

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [13 PL, 287pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Regiment: Millitarum Tempestus

+ HQ +

2x Tempestor Prime [3 PL, 45pts]: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol

+ Elites +

Astropath [1 PL, 21pts]: 4) Nightshroud, Telepathica Stave

2x Militarum Tempestus Command Squad [3 PL, 88pts]
4 x Tempestus Scion: Plasma gun

++ Total: [116 PL, 1997pts] ++

>> No.56283036

>Oh, that's only Hydra?
No. Endless Swarm can respawn Gaunts, Horms, and Gargoyles for anyone. Hydra can do any INFANTRY unit.

It costs Reinforcement Points though, so it's worthless.

>> No.56283064

>not mixing Hive Fleets when Tyranids are the faction that it's most fluffy to do so out of any other, and everyone else is already doing it anyways

>> No.56283091

how is he going to draw that sword when its on his right side you fucking idiot
unless that thing is a short sword you fucked up

>> No.56283112

Except for the fact that Hive Fleets don't work together like that. They would immediately fight each other.

>> No.56283138

Duncan stronk!!

>> No.56283156

Except for Leviathan and Kronos. Leviathan feeds Kronos.

>> No.56283161

Aren't they call adaptations?
Hell the only faction that would have problems with mixing colour coded rules might be Necrons.

>> No.56283166

Is it worth kitbashing a Big Mek on warbike at this time?

KFF with a move of 14" is awesome, but there's a 99% chance it won't be in the codex.

>> No.56283169

No they won't. Hive Fleets eating each other only happens when the Hive Mind want to see what organisms are working the best, and keep the strongest strains alive through "natural" selection.

The reason why this is distasteful is because "everyone else is already doing it anyways" is a sad excuse for WAAC's who wants to have all the benefits of multiple Hive Fleets without caring for their fluff in the slightest.

>> No.56283185


those in the know are jumping, something bad's about to happen!

>> No.56283194

>Except for the fact that Hive Fleets don't work together like that.
You're just representing differently adapted broods within your own Hive Fleet which are each grown for a specific purpose.

You know. Exactly how Tyranids canonically operate.

These Exocrines are designed for shooting, so they use Kronos adaptations, while these Genestealers are designed for charging full pelt, so they're Kraken/Behemoth.

They aren't actually a different Hive Fleet, just utilizing different adaptations across subdivisions of the swarm.

>> No.56283210

Or they're selling stock because they're worth more than what they were when they bought them.

Y'know, because that's how stock market works nowadays. No care about what a company does, just how much the stock is worth so you can buy low, sell high.

>> No.56283215

GW capped their production and is going to lose a bit of money on not being able to meet the demand for awhile. Once the factories are upgraded it'll be gravy again.

Or just one person selling shares, and you're being a paranoid idiot.

>> No.56283233

This has to be bait.

>> No.56283238

>I fail at basic economics the post

>> No.56283267

>And sisters aren’t even a real faction
Into the trash/10/10 made me anwser shitposting singularity opinion achieved.

>> No.56283286

>so butthurt at obvious shitposting he gave him two fucking (You)s
Jesus christ fuck off SoBfag

>> No.56283290

If things were looking good for the future, why sell now? She knows something, that's why she's jumping ship.

>> No.56283299


Guys. I can't even tell if this is bait, or this guy really is that stupid.

Please tell me this is some super advanced bait, that we've never seen before....

>> No.56283327

Obscure fluff question about Tyranid DNA:

IRL, every cell in an organism has the complete DNA of the organism, and the differences between cells are the result of different segments of DNA being transcribed. So, do different Tyranid units (e.g. Termagaunts, lictors, zoanthropes, etc.) have different DNA, or do all Tyranid units have a hive fleet's complete genetic code, but they express different sections?

If all Tyranids have a hive fleet's complete DNA, I was just thinking that there could be a hive fleet whose tactic is to abduct other hive fleets' units and decode their unique adaptations for themselves. Nids can do this now by fighting and consuming other fleets, but if a fleet could do this stealthily, without having to commit to a complete fleet vs. fleet war, they could bank other fleets strengths over time and create their own super-force.

>> No.56283334

I do not know the amount of retardation I’ve seen here. Everything is possible

>> No.56283359

>So, do different Tyranid units (e.g. Termagaunts, lictors, zoanthropes, etc.) have different DNA
Yes, they're all completely different organisms.

Furthermore, Tyranid DNA isn't even a consistent thing, it's a complicated chimeric merging of strands that shouldn't even work together as far as the genetors and magos biologis can understand it.

>> No.56283372

People need cash for stuff. It's not that complicated.

3924 * $30.05 = $117,916.20.

That's a down payment for a house, or money that she could put into other investments. Generally, you don't even want to own much of your own company's stock, as your have too much exposure to it as is (being your primary source of income). Unless she thought that GW was the best investment possible (and putting all of your eggs in one basket is fucking stupid), she would want to sell her stock at a reasonable price (like it is now), and then put that money into a better portfolio. There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to sell stock in a fine company at any given time, especially their own. Selling small amounts isn't very indicative. Buying, on the other hand, is fairly indicative, as it's a show that the owner, board member, etc. is willing to take on greater exposure in anticipation for significantly positive results.

Pretty sure this is bait, but I'm just making sure you understand why this is dumb as fuck

>> No.56283381

Have they confirmed that they're working on increasing production? I didn't look too deeply at the last earnings report, but I don't remember that being a significant topic.

>> No.56283395

They have three more machines that they can't use because the local power grid can't handle it. They are upgrading the grid now.

>> No.56283429

8th is very very popular and like >>56283395 says, they can't operate at full capacity yet. So you see shortages. Look at GW's site. Fuckload of out of stock items.

>> No.56283431

Got it. For context, do we know how many machines they have in total/how long it should take to upgrade the grid?

>> No.56283449

Don't quote me on this but I've heard 11 machines and that the grid won't be upgraded until next year.

>> No.56283485

Wow, that's actually a big deal, then. Is there anything they can do in the meantime, like temporarily move production elsewhere? It'd be more than a shame if they missed that much potential business during this comeback.

>> No.56283501

could someone better at math than I am run numbers on the efficiency of the different melee load-outs for Ork Nobz:
Choppa (+1 Attack)(free)
Power Stabba (AP -2)(3 pts)
Big Choppa (+2 Str, AP -1, D 2)(9 pts)
power Klaw (crap)(25 fuckin pts)

>> No.56283513

No idea.

>> No.56283531

Chart-Anon's math should still be good for those, since there's no Ork Codex. I'll get you an elegant and finely crafted link.


Go to the Orks tab and scroll down.

>> No.56283540


>> No.56283619

Not the anon that asked, but curious: So basically Stabbas are better against MEQs and a chunk cheaper, wheras Big Choppas are better against GEQs and TEQs while having a much, much easier time cracking vehicles?
And also Choppas and Klaws are just dumpstertier

>> No.56283631

I need help building a Ynnari list. What troop choice would be the best?

>> No.56283637

The Choppa beats the Stabba for GEQ.

Scroll down to the color coded chart, and find the Nobz. Green is better, red is worse, which correlates with LOW numbers being better, and high numbers worse, because Chart-Anon was using PPW (points per wound). I believe for the Nobz, he always included shooting before charging.

>> No.56283648

Kabalites in a venom/raider

>> No.56283662

Edit to previous reply: I meant the Choppa beats the Big Choppa against GEQ.

>> No.56283669

>implying not a single SOB fag
>implying your post is not shitposting
>implying that I will give you one more (You)
>implying that you should not fuck off yourself
>implying motherfucking implications

>> No.56283681

Should I take a Tyranid Prime with a Lash Whip and Bonesword or two Boneswords?

Which option is better?

>> No.56283684

Sure, but kitting out Nobz to kill guardsmen doesn't seem terribly cost effective to me

>> No.56283687

>Klaws are just dumpstertier

>> No.56283699

It isn't, it's just that Anon had said Big Choppas were better against GEQ, which made me concerned they were having trouble reading the chart.

>> No.56283707

>Not a purple ork
wasted potential

>> No.56283708

Anyone using a Power Klaw when they could be using a Killsaw deserves what they get.

>> No.56283720

I'm phoneposting so I can't properly into the chart right now, but Big Choppas are better against GEQ than Stabbas, but worse than Choppas, right?

>> No.56283721

mfw I can't read the chart

>> No.56283729

not only do killsaws look retarded, but I'm not going to tear the claws off a dozen different models that I've had built and painted since 3ED.

Similarly, my GK are keeping their halberds. I don't give a shit if falchions are better, duel falchions look retarded.

>> No.56283730

How often would you even need a lashwhip?
You're the charging one and it's pretty rare that you die from the first guy you're locked in combat with

>> No.56283736

No. I'll copypasta you the numbers. They all include shooting a pistol, which has no bearing on the *relative* numbers, but is relevant if you try to fact-check the numbers yourself. Lower is better.

GEQ Column:
Choppa: 12.75
Stabba: 13.50
Big Choppa: 16.92

>> No.56283754

Best loadout for wave serpents?

>> No.56283792

Depends on Craftworld, but I'd argue Alaitoc, so you can spike to -2 to being hit, in which case, shuriken is the only real choice, since you'll never agree to do anything but Advance.

>> No.56283818

Rate my stealthy bois. I was originally making a 500 point list but it got out of hand. I planned to raven guard strat infiltrate the hellblasters for max dakka on the first turn. If I didn't get the first turn, I'd either deploy on an objective, or sit in the deployment zone and melt things from far away.

Reivers and Shrike would pop in to say hello as needed.

Shuriken all day long so you can advance and shoot. Put on those engine upgrades so you can boost across the battlefield while being -1 to hit.

>> No.56283821

New thread when

>> No.56283829

when you stop touching yourself.

>> No.56283836

>Not even 600 posts

>> No.56283853

Should I go Ulthwé? I bought Eldrad but now I feel I shouldnt do Ulthwé because better options exist.

>> No.56283857

Make one yourself silly

>> No.56283862

page 10

>> No.56283866

W40K confirmed squatted

>> No.56283904

Anyone got the full page?

>> No.56283916

Sure, why not? Buy him some Wraiths to support.

Alaitoc is better, but you'll almost certainly end up wanting to play Ynnari, anyway.

>> No.56283925

Everyone and their fucking brother does Farsight because MUH BADASS SPESHUL SNOWFLAKES. Do regular Tau.

>> No.56283956

I actually painted my Eldrad in a Ynnari colour scheme but I got a strobg urge to go back to craftworlds for their stratagems and such

>> No.56283965

Wait £100? Are they basically giving for free the infantry and heavy weapons?

>> No.56283967


>> No.56283976

Yeah. I'll put it in the next thread.

Yeah, they do actual good deals. Same with the Start collecting boxes.

>> No.56283982

I fluff my dudes as Farsight mercenaries (which is actually lore friendly) yet I use them with the T'au sept for gamplay. I feel way to restricted with the septs within the empire.

>> No.56283991

Anon is not a good deal. They are just showing how overpriced their crap is.

>> No.56283994

Please don't be bait...

>> No.56284011

It is, don't believe it.

>> No.56284015


>> No.56284024


Is this in the latest White Dwarf? Is there a battleforce for all the armies?

>> No.56284027




>> No.56284104

>Ynnari Eldrad

What for? Three smites per turn? Doom? You can't buff Ynnari with CW psychic powers.

>> No.56284538


He is like that rarest of rare freaks that shouldn't survive his culture like the Canadian who does not ritually say sorry when others bump into them.

>> No.56284574

>his head too small for his god damn body

I think that's the joke though because the hugeass Tau mechs have tiny little heads. Accidentally brilliant if it's not.

>> No.56284580

Maybe he's left-handed.

>> No.56284602

>Named only the "master of the Second," Fulgrim discusses that the "normally contemplative" brother also joined the other 6. Fulgrim also adds that he believed the brother was a hypocrite, quiet, and lacked humor

Oh just fucking great, great...they could do anything at all with the missing primarchs and they made him autistic because there just wasn't enough autism in the rest of the fucking Heresy.

>> No.56284670

>If carnac is truly one man

Not everyone who knows that Chaos is a real threat to the literal fabric of reality is Carnac. Just a bunch of BTFO Nidfags desperately trying to argue that their little dribble in their new codex to make them feel like big super predators can hide the fact they can't eat Chaos so can't ever beat Chaos. Chaos is the big bad of 40k and we all know it. Chaos is the end of all things, not a bunch of stupid Zerg dinosaur shit. I'm not even a Chaos player but even I know it.

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