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>> No.56265518

Was there ever an edition where Eldar didn't have holo-fields? Fuck GW.

>> No.56265554

Fuck the Eldar

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>Demon hunting ninja clown space elves
>Posthuman supersoldier bike riding werewolf vikings
>Psychic floating lizard bug zerg aliens
>Crazed Egyptian robotic skeletons wearing flayed skin

What's the weirdest unit in 40k?

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Does anyone have a pdf/scan of the Custodes assembly instructions? Friend gave me a sprue but no instructions, and they look a touch intimidating to tackle without a guide.


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>Calling zoanthropes weird
you're a racist

>> No.56265616

7th for Trypophobia

>> No.56265621

you're a nigger

>> No.56265627

How about the perpetual motion machine they strap a retard to and then let an ye olde knight ride around on?

>> No.56265636

Why are the Night Lords the best legion ever?

>> No.56265640


>Krieg mole-mortar.
Like a normal mortar that's had it's y-axis flipped.

>> No.56265645

Shokk attack gun, desu

>> No.56265669

Still less retarded than nailing a woman wearing only cloth to a power lifter with even the protective harness removed, that they then expect to last more than .0001 seconds in combat against even a simple lasgun.

>> No.56265671

I bloody fucking hate the Death Guard.

Why the fuck do they need to be soo disgusting? They used to be a cool legion in the past

>> No.56265675

do you mean aside from 8th?

>> No.56265703

Should i get these?

>> No.56265713

Great now my shouldercap is itchy.

>> No.56265714

What about the entire legion of marines who dont know who's jewwing who anymore?

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>> No.56265735

Not if the whole point is for her to die so that she may find forgiveness in the eyes of her peers and, most importantly, the Emperor.

>> No.56265751

But that's not the whole point - she's a very expensive use of materiel (they could just use a post in a barn), and she's expected to help victory be achieved before/with her death, instead of simply popping up and instantly dying, which is what would actually happen.

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>tfw actually like Primaris
>tfw trying to make an all-Primaris army
>tfw they're garbage

>> No.56265763

Get kakaphoni from FW, or 3rd party not-noise marine bits.

Or wait like 6 months because I'm pretty sure Emperors Children are next considering Fabius, and Lucius have both got Black Library books in the last few months.

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Should I keep the Purgation Squad or swap it for 5-men Strike Squad? The cost is same tho

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (61 PL, 994pts)

Brotherhood Champion: 2: Hammer of Righteousness, Curiass of Sacrifice, Hammerhand, Storm bolter, Warlord
Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: Dreadfist, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon Greathammer

Paladin Squad
- 2x Paladin (Falchions): 2x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Paladin Squad
- 3x Paladin (Falchions): 3x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Apothecary: Nemesis Falchion

Heavy Support
Purgation Squad
- 4x Purgator (Falchion): 4x Storm Bolter
- Purgator Justicar: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm bolter

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Yes it is you dumb fuck. If they wanted her to survive they'd put armor on the front. Just like the sisters repentia they eschew armor so that they may find a redemptive death. Martyrdom is what they seek and not wearing armor makes it happen faster.

>> No.56265831

Just mix them in. Redemptor is trash, but hellblasters are a godsend of medium AV and intercessors actually do quite well on troop killing and objective grabbing. Aggressors are deceptively good and, while expensive, inceptors do quite well against T4 stuff (TEQs fold quickly in my experience, though plasma is better). Tank is too expensive, but they're decent mixed into a close assault army

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Then why waste the resources on her Engine, you moron? It's a larger waste than issuing carapace armour to a Guardsman, at that point. They could, at a significant savings, strap her to a stick and have a Repentia wave her around like a banner. She'd be equally as durable, and contribute just as much to victory, but cost a *lot* less. And we know money matters, or Guardsmen would get carapace armour.

Penitent Engines are intended to kill more than 0 things before they die, and are designed to guarantee that never happens. It's idiotic.

>> No.56265910

Do the gals actually pilot the things, or are the strapped on like hood ornaments?

By the way you're starting to sound like a lot like a faggot.

>> No.56265911

Waste is the order of the day in the Imperium. There's a shit load of examples of it in the setting. You'd know that if you weren't so ignorant of the lore.

>> No.56265935

No offense but just a bad list. Drop the champion, drop one bunch of Paladins (3 with either all falchions or hammers), grab some flavor of PAGK, possibly a razorback, and go to town. Maybe an ancient as a force multiplier, but that's expensive. GK do poorly in small games tho so be wary

>> No.56265938

what have you done recently?

>> No.56265940

No. Noise Marine kit is an abomination

>> No.56265942


Why would you pick purgation squads if you don't give them heavy weapons? Don't arm the justicar with a demonhammer either, they shouldn't be in close combat. Drop the hammer and given them all psilencers and astral aim.

>> No.56265973

I actually really like that idea. Penitent engines machine spirits are running the show, but each "pilot" linked to it adds their own feelings of guilt, shame, and thirst for redemption. Over hundreds of years the machine is crazy with fragmented memories and junk, but there's always another meatbag to strap on the front and fire it up.

>> No.56265975

>power armored satanic punk guitarists with organ shattering acustics
>an assassin that screams and hacks its way directly to the target
>a chitinous raptor with a hive that shoots worms attached to its arms

In the end, the strangest thing in 40k is the lowly guardsman.

>> No.56265997

you should convert this thing into a daemon prince or a count as helbrute

>> No.56266018

The LGS is selling a Nemesis DK, two boxes of termies and a box of GKs for 50% if I buy all these boxes
>Why would you pick purgation squads if you don't give them heavy weapons?
That's why I asked if a strike squad would be a better pick

>> No.56266031

>le ebin scary man
no thanks

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Shooty Raven Guard Primaris is very good.

>> No.56266057


GK are in a shit spot ATM. Bottom tier shit spot. If you don't care about winning, then go for it. If you want to play tournies, then run away.

As for the Purg/strike problem, if you're just running both bare bones, go strike, since then they get objective secured at least. Otherwise, do as I suggested and build all heavy weapons on a five man squad.

>> No.56266103

Do you think She who thirsts would have been kind to Eldar souls if they ignored all the pain and death her birth caused and loved their god child?

>> No.56266106

I'm not really into tournies - I'm just getting into 40k and there is no 40k competitive scene in my area. Just few people having fun with 40k and AoS while rolling dice and talking about their plastic soldiers. I mean everyone wants to win and be the cool guy but no waacfagging at all

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>> No.56266137

No, get the Forge World Kakaphonoi if you want official models, or just get regular CSM and third-party guitar bits if you want an old-school approach.

>> No.56266147

I'm not convinced GK are as shit as some of their players say. Definitely top 2 weakest codices so far, but external balance in 8th among codices seems a lot better than usual.

>> No.56266166

but cheers, found em.

>> No.56266170

Finished magnetizing all my clowns and their arms. Now getting ready to prime and paint... once I finalize my paint scheme.

>> No.56266177

It does the job. It's not like you're going to go to "Warhammer Instructions" for discussion.

>> No.56266197

>Crazy-ass daemon-robot hybrid
>Made from the bottom-half of a defiler, a daemon-engine designed by Abaddon and constructed in M31
>Somehow also exists in an alternate Renaissance universe with no possible way to construct or even think about any portion of the Defiler
>Nobody in this universe gives a fuck
>Not even the Chaos vikings
>They don't even bat an eye

>> No.56266198

magnetized my warriors, trygon/mawloc and tyranofex/tervigon. About half way done painting the warriors, mostly done with the trygon and just starting the fex.

>> No.56266224


As long as you know it might be tough to win with and enjoy the battle more so than the win, go with it.


Not as shit as people say they are, but top 2 shittest?

Want to beat a GK list?

1. Go shooty with mobility or high toughness/armour.

2. Go melee with high body counts.

Any army can field either of these two options.

>> No.56266259

>build all heavy weapons on a five man squad
It might be a stupid question but am I limited with "For every five models in the unit, two Purifiers may replace their Nemesis force sword and stormbolter with an item from the Special Weapons list" type of rules in point games or can I just pay for 5 psilencers?

>> No.56266267

How good are dreadnoughts? I feel like getting one for my GK (since my stormraven can carry it along) but I feel like dreadknights are the better choice in almost every way except for the damage table.

>> No.56266281

to be fair, soul grinders are not actually made from defilers, they're the results of a daemon surrendering to the forge of souls, and are much older than defilers. More than likely, defilers were inspired by grinders, not the other way around.

>> No.56266302


Purifiers are a different squad type to Purgation squads. Purifiers can do only as quoted, Purgation squads can run 4 heavy weapons per team.

>> No.56266305

Oh shit, I confused purgation with purifier

>> No.56266317

>but external balance in 8th among codices seems a lot better than usual.
this is basically it. There isn't anything like 7th eldar that just can't be beat by others, even the worst armies can still do well against the top ones. Plus GK's have stormravens, which are great.

>> No.56266331

>Kraken is red
>red goes fastah
My mind is blown

>> No.56266344

Found a whole bunch of sisters a few weeks ago, what else am I looking at getting for a good base force?

Got 3 pentinent engines not pictured, and I'm assuming I'll have to run the stormtroopers as scions.

>> No.56266366

I'm a silly bosh

>> No.56266376

Jesus christ, you're supposed to paint them to be disgusting not make them actually disgusting.

Reminds me of the guy who, when painting his death guard, thinned his paints with milk.

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>> No.56266409

Stare intensely at my half painted test model and unsuccessfully will myself to finish it.

>> No.56266420


Nothing compares to pic related with the most retard concept.


>Posthuman supersoldier bike riding werewolf vikings
>supersoldier furry fetishists mating with living and cybernetic dogs

>> No.56266422

Because they understand that marines are supposed to be monsters, not heroes.

Plus, they would usually ran from danger which is a very smart thing to do

>> No.56266423

Redemptors are that bad, or do they not match up to leviathans and contemptors?

>> No.56266429

This December

>> No.56266433


Really depends whether you want a gunline army or a fast, aggressive army.
I'd run the scions with an "Inquisitor" Tempestor prime with a Power fist/sword. to keep their doctrine.

>> No.56266454

Is there anyone that sells decent spaceship interior terrain? I want to try and battlefield that's half ship half open battlefield.

>> No.56266463

What's wrong with Curze's claws? I thought the blades were connected with his fingers, like actual claws and not like Wolverine's blades

>> No.56266465

>Redemptors are that bad, or do they not match up
Basically this.

It tries to do too much with being a big box and only a 3+ to keep it alive.

>> No.56266466

Don't listen to him, anon. Redemptors are good. Run them as dakkanaughts with two gatlings. They do wonders against heavy infantry, and their D6 damage fist is a great counter to enemy monsters.

>> No.56266477

hit my fleshmower bloat with prescience and blades of putrefaction yesterday and I was pretty pleased with the results. I also had a bloat drone make 9 5+ saves in 1 fight phase and fly off with 1 wound after two melee dreads went to town on him. luckly little guy

>> No.56266480

So, can I call it a day?

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (61 PL, 999pts)

Brotherhood Champion: 2: Hammer of Righteousness, Curiass of Sacrifice, Hammerhand, Storm bolter, Warlord
Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: Astral Aim, Dreadfist, Dreadknight teleporter, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon Greathammer

Paladin Squad: Astral Aim
- 2x Paladin (Falchions): 2x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Paladin Squad: Astral Aim
- 3x Paladin (Falchions): 3x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Apothecary: Astral Aim, Nemesis Falchion

Heavy Support
Purgation Squad: Astral Aim
- 4x Purgator (Psilencer): 4x Psilencer
- Purgator Justicar: Storm bolter, Two Nemesis Falchions

>> No.56266484

I like aggression, sisters are mainly mid range right?

Can I take an eversor?

>> No.56266489

Put together and painted a manlet priest.

>> No.56266496

Damn. I hate the space furries.
This chapter/legion had so much potential, but the GW ruined them forever.

There are really that many furries(actual furries) playing 40k that it justify the inclusion of a furry chapter?

>> No.56266498

Lol that fucking chin. Looks like Chip Hazard

>> No.56266513

So, Abbadon > Horus

>> No.56266519

Uh, anon, which is it?
Are they just bad, compared to other dreads, or are they not as good as contemptors and such?
One means they are no good to take in any situation, the other means they are serviceable, but not as powerful as the other high end dreads.

>> No.56266529

When we finally get rules for the Imperial Guard regiment from Carlos McConnell, you're going to be even more upset.

>> No.56266533

Reminder that:
Imperium = Americhads
Chaos = ISIS & terrorist virgins

>> No.56266535

I think I need to wash the contact points around the collar.

>> No.56266537

Knight Warden with Gatling, Chainsword and Stormspear Missiles (511 pts)
Knight Crusader with Gatling and Thermal Cannon (512 pts)

>> No.56266538

lol no.
>inb4 carnac

>> No.56266549

Who is this semen demon?

>> No.56266551

At least Abaddon isn't a low IQ retard that decided to follow Chaos because his father decided to give control over 18 legions.

>> No.56266556

The holes are a bit too clean. Rough up the edges like the ceramite and paint has chipped from the impact, and apply some metallic paint to the affected area, before adding the paint.

>> No.56266562

So, Chaos is a tool of the Imperium?

Really makes me think

>> No.56266565

Dunno, that's just a common picture.

There's also the possibility of taking a Crusader with Stormspear Missiles, but it would bring the cost to 557pts, which is huge.

>> No.56266574

Well Abaddon did kill multiple clones of Horus. Whether this is because Abaddon is powerful or Fabious is a hack is up to the reader.

>> No.56266579

Sorry. Meant to copy, compared to other Dreads

>> No.56266581

Do you think any Chaos marines have ever considered the idea of "farming" Eldar? I imagine the sheer excess of suffering they can inflict and the souls they provide would be immensely pleasing to Slaanesh (resulting in increased favours and rewards, possibly even Daemonhood) and marines can even adopt the Dark Eldar process of gestation to speed up the process/increase the rate of return.

Maybe the direct Slaanesh worshippers like the Emperor's Children are too short sited, self centred and/or impatient due to the time it would take, but I don't think this would stop Undivided types merely looking for favour and power, or even just Independents like Fabius from farming and then selling their "crops" to the highest bidders.

>> No.56266585

Only during the cold war.
But hey, It worked and we fucked the commies!

>> No.56266592


Then you should get 5-6 Immolators/Repressors. Footslogging sisters get butchered.
It's personal taste, but I prefer Immolators.
12" is the magic range for your army to be shooting at.

Dominions are great for blasting vehicles and big 'uns on turn 1-2.
Seraphim w/ Inferno pistols are great for sniping expensive characters but require Celestine and a lot of practice.
Exorcists tend to perform poorly for me, but try it out yourself before you make any judgments.

>> No.56266600

Are there any custodians corrupted by chaos? I get it that since they were staying by the emperors side they were "protected" but now that Guilliman made them free-roaming... so much potential...

>> No.56266601

Love can bloom

>> No.56266603

Gatling and Thermal.

>> No.56266605

>Fabious is a hack is up to the reader.
I mean, Cawl did show that making new marines isn't nearly as hard as it's been for fabius. I think it's clear that fabulous bill isn't as bright as he likes to think

>> No.56266606

Eldar are pretty hard to keep captive, let alone catch in the first place.

>> No.56266612

>Abaddon did kill multiple clones of Horus.
>All the Horus clones were still infants
>It was Abaddon vs. 50 (Horus) Babies

>> No.56266615

ISIS in the cold war?

>> No.56266619

The warp is. And with that comes chaos.

>> No.56266622

that's more like hunting the most dangerous prey than "farming"

>> No.56266623

Cawl also had direct access to the Big E's notes, while Fabius had to trial and error his shit for years.

>> No.56266634

Come to think of it, they were probably not armed either.

>> No.56266636

Terrorists in general.
Im not the anon that posted the Imperium erica btw

>> No.56266648


Drop the Champion.

Get a Gatling Psilencer

Pick up another paladin

(you can only cast astral aim once per turn, useless having it on everyone).

Give one squad of paladins hammerhand, the other Gate

Make the GMNDK the warlord, give him sanctuary for a 3++ save.

Give the apoth sanct or vortex + a demonhammer if you have points

>> No.56266655

*Islamic terrorists in general

>> No.56266660

I've always wondered it.

A powerfull undivided lord could gain insane favours from him/she/it if he managed to capture some eldar.
Perharps it could even be used to bait Slaanesh daemons into attacking other chaos lords

>> No.56266674


Oh, and give first to the fray as the WL trait. Can also give your apoth the cuirass of sacrifice.

>> No.56266677


In case anyone is interested

>> No.56266682

That's fine, neither was Abaddon.

>> No.56266684

Cawl is a retarded nu-lore thing. It's easy for him because GW wanted to sell more models.

Fabius is still a top scientist

>> No.56266691

They're not bad. Even though specialized variants will perform better for their favorite task, Redemptors are good all-rounders. For a bit more than 200pts, you've got a weapon that can bully MEQs at mid-range with 18 S5 AP-1 shots and threaten monstrous creatures and vehicles in close combat with 4 S14 AP-3 D d6 attacks.
If you want a dedicated fire support nought, go for the deredeo, which is around 30pts more expensive, but has a better save, an invul, and is more accurate in the shooting phase. It's shit in melee though.

>> No.56266699

>CawlChad vs. VirginFabius

>> No.56266702

People talk about the doomglaive for good reason. S9 is fine since you'd only be S12 with a fist anyway, AND AP-4 does nice against those 3+ things, what's more d6 damage means you reliably tear through medium AV. Plus a cheap heavy psycannon deals good damage to stuff. Overall it's tough between that or a lascannon venerable, really depends on how much T5/6 and vehicles you face

Plus you can drop them in a Stormraven so that makes for great alpha strike

>> No.56266713


>> No.56266717

yes, but fabius had access to perfect primarch clones, or so he claimed. If that was true, he should have been able to figure out only a couple organs separate marines and primarchs, and then figure out through said trial and error how to replicate and implant them over the next 10,000 years, since it didn't take cawl that long with the notes.
So either fabius didn't make perfect clones, or he's the worst and least observant scientist ever

>> No.56266726

Why is it all unpainted

>> No.56266727

What do you expect from the blood angels codex?

I really want either Dante becoming a beast or getting a huge point drop.

>> No.56266731

>Look, mom ! I wrote "nu", that make my criticism instant top-tier !

>> No.56266739

Not really. The other primarchs were infants because Fabius didn't had sufficient genetic material from them, but the EC manage to capture Horus's corpse and he managed to create a matured Horus.

Saying that, I think that Horus wasn't a his peak considering that his soul was destroyed and he probably did not have the warp-fuckery inherent to all primarchs

>> No.56266748

I doubt they were perfect, unless he learned how to bind warp energy into their bodies.

>> No.56266756

What happens in this "red rape"?

>> No.56266757

Remember in the past weeks when Tyranidfags made a huge fiesta about the codex? Now that we have read the codex suddenly they all went quiet.

Maybe because the codex supports nothing that they said and outright showed them to be liars. I mean the narrative text outside of a view updates is copypasta from the 6th ED codex. It doesn't claim that the Tyranids are the greatest threat. However, it does present Chaos as a serious threat to Tyranids agenda and that generally everything touched/taken by Chaos is off the menu.

>> No.56266763

>Thank God, Burning of Prospero is pretty much finished now that Forge World has completed the TS lines.
>Now they can work on some non BoP stuff!
>Just now realized that they haven't done the space yiffs yet
>Ten years of Space Wolves until we get something from FW that isn't BoP related


>> No.56266783

Or Cawl is a way that GW found to sell more shitty models and they do not really care about the lore or consistency.

>> No.56266791

Just +1 charge is fine, I don't expect much from Dubs anw.

>> No.56266798


Cawl and this fucking new chad marines are the worst idea ever and makes no sense in fluff and looks terrible on tabletop with manlets and big marines.

I am so glad that as GK player my army is untouched by this terrible idea.

>> No.56266823

Abaddon and his crew killed mostly babies. The Perfect clone of Horus, or if you will Horus Reborn, was the only mature clone. Abaddon killed him by a cheap impalement while Horus Reborn stopped when he remembered Abaddon. It's not a good measurement for Abaddon because it wasn't really a fight.

Also Fabius lost nearly all the genetic samples and research when Abaddon and Khayon accidentally Harmony.

>> No.56266837

Yeah, except fabius also believes that women make better soldiers than men and the emperor was an idiot to make astartes all male rather than all female because reasons. Despite this flying in the face of all biology. Fabius is just not particularly bright.

>> No.56266840

For some reason, the Grey Knights are still the utmost superior form of Space Marines so they don't need the Primaris upgrade.

>> No.56266853

>I am so glad that as GK player my army is untouched by this terrible idea.
For now. Soon the Primaris will be everywhere.

I bet Cawl will end making primaris from traitor gene stock and they'll betray the Imperium, gradually substituting normal marines everywhere.

>> No.56266867

We were having a nice thread an you had to come along and try and start shit. How rude

>> No.56266868

To be fair, New-men (humans engineered with a lesser version of the geneseed) females tend to be the alphas of their groups/tribes. It does imply that females are better recipients of the geneseed.

>> No.56266873

+1Str or Attack on the charge would be good, I'm expecting a reroll charges WL trait somewhere, and definitely some bongo strategems. It'd be nice to see Baal predators be worth something too

>> No.56266874

>What do you expect from the blood angels codex
Assaultor Primaris Marines in Gravis Armour and wielding Cawl-patterned Chainblades

Removor Primaris Battle Tank
>Repulsors are Razorbacks, Removors are Predators)

Baal patterned Removor

>> No.56266881

Beacause size does not matter-Manlets with so much hatred about tall marines that they develop their psychic power even more. That makes sense.

>> No.56266887

>tau army

>> No.56266892

I hope we see assault and devastator marines that are not shaped like astronauts with dislocated shoulders.

>> No.56266895

Space Wolves are older than furries as a recognized thing, and they aren't actually furries themselves despite what the retarded memes parroted by everyone will make you think.

>> No.56266920

> they aren't actually furries themselves

>> No.56266931

They became more furry and less viking when furrys became a recognized thing.

>> No.56266940

The Sanguinor living up to the hype. Why is it S/T4 when Mephiston is 5?

>> No.56266956

>Fabius is just not particularly bright.
This, or whatever that wrote this shit was mentally handicapped.

>> No.56266962

Who wrote that novel, anyway? Seems like a hacky attempt to say "look guys, see, Abaddon would totally beat Horus!"

Fuck off, nobody cares.

>> No.56266974

>Who wrote that novel, anyway?
It starts with an A and ends with a B, and what's in the middle is what he gives to 40k lore

>> No.56266975


see >>56266868

Also Fabius's female clone was singularly deadly.

>> No.56266978

Leman Russ next Primarch confirmed.

>> No.56266987

Many thanks anon, that's a lot of transport. Are the scions better in a taurox or sister vehicle? Also are the pentinent engines worth putting together? Will they even get into combat given how slow they seem to be.

>> No.56266988

>spams threads for two weeks
>now they don't care

Laughing my tushie off.

>> No.56267001

Of fucking course it was. Who else is gonna write some retarded contrivance to jerk off Abaddon and pretend he's a threat.

>Also Fabius's female clone was singularly deadly.
That's a magical realm if I ever heard one.

>> No.56267004

The writer's name is Josh Reynolds, you piece of shit. Great writer he is.

>> No.56267007

At least FW recognizes old style Cataphractii plumes.

Other than that, they look just as stupid as I had feared. Who even uses the 30k Wolf Guard? They're terrible for their price. A regular command squad gets you just about everything except the S5 and Hammer of Wrath, and for way less.

>> No.56267016

As I said, it seems like a retarded wrote it

>> No.56267020

Carnac, you can swear here. You just can't post porn.

>> No.56267038

Since BAs love Stormravens, i'd really like it if the new Codex gave us some Stratagem making Stormravens even stronger.

>> No.56267042


> Overall it's tough between that or a lascannon venerable
> that

are you referring to a nemesis dreadknight or normal dreadnought? I got confused because the S9 AP-4 d6 weapon (lascannon?) your comparing to a fist.

>> No.56267048

You missed the point they made where Abaddon was asked if he was a clone of Horus.

He didn't give an answer. Who else besides the Emperor could beat Horus, if not Horus?

>> No.56267049

Yes. Fabius, a supposed scientists, is making assumptions for regular geneseed based off of shitty homemade geneseed. That's idiotic for a scientist to do because of how different things can be with just tiny changes in biology. That's like making assumptions about human biology based off of chimps because we share so much DNA, or treating Influenza A like Influenza B because "hey, there both strains of the flu, right?"
And that's ignoring that men are physically superior to women in most all things.
Fabius is not bright

>> No.56267053

Penitent Engines look like they should have been Repentia units, but aren't. Their lack of keywords or Nouns of Faith makes them pretty disappointing, imho.

>> No.56267055

>Cowardly, weakling edgelords
>Best Legion

>> No.56267058

Actually, Carnac can post porn. Just make sure it's good porn.

>> No.56267063

>talon of horus was written by josh reynolds

>> No.56267068

*Uses the "Grenadiers" Stratagem, allowing his squad to throw 10 krak grenades at you*

>> No.56267071


>better in a taurox or sister vehicle?
Because they can't use Sister vehicles and the Taurox is more of a gun platform these days, I would simply deep strike them.
>are the penitent engines worth putting together?
Yes. For all the pain you will go through assembling them, they wreck house in combat.

>> No.56267078

Men are physically inferior to women, as a rule, when it comes to anything immune system related, which I guarantee you is relevant to gene-seed.

>> No.56267080

I don't give half a shit about nids vs chaos, I'm just tired of threads getting shat up with it.

>> No.56267083

I hear you mate, thanks for your help. I have a one full squad of paladins now so I can give them two special weapons. Should I drop the hammer on apoth to arm two paladins with psilencers?

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (64 PL, 997pts)

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: 4: First to the Fray, Dreadfist, Dreadknight teleporter, Gatling Psilencer, Nemesis Daemon Greathammer, Sanctuary, Warlord

Paladin Squad: Hammerhand
- 3x Paladin (Falchions): 3x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Paladin Squad: Gate of Infinity
- 4x Paladin (Falchions): 4x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Apothecary: Curiass of Sacrifice, Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Sanctuary

Heavy Support
Purgation Squad: Astral Aim
- 4x Purgator (Psilencer): 4x Psilencer
- Purgator Justicar: Storm bolter, Two Nemesis Falchions

>> No.56267096

Really, what possible reason could there be found in female biology that would make them better gene-enhanced warriors than men, who are already the superior warring sex?

>> No.56267119

*wonders why the grenadier strategem even exists them throws both grenades at you*

>> No.56267120


>5 hit
>1.65 wounds
>0.85 unsaved at d3 damage.
It's crap.

>> No.56267121

A stronger immune system would be more likely to result in new organs being rejected, not less, you mong. That's why you have to take immunosuppressants after a transplant, so the immune system doesn't attack the new organ

>> No.56267130

>I guarantee you this fantasy thing works like I say it does
>Men are physically inferior to women, as a rule, when it comes to anything immune system related
Source? Seeing as how is cannon that the emperor's superior GS only works on men, how is this even relevant?

The only aspect in which women are physical superior to men is child-rearing.

>> No.56267146

Don't they use drugs to suppress a person's immune system during organ transplants, so that they wouldn't reject them? So a good immune system would reject gene-seeds even more than normal.

>inb4 immune system is a social construct

>> No.56267165

>a stronger immune system, meaning the body is more likely to attack and reject the transplanted organ, means that women would be better at taking implanted organs
Did you even think before you posted, or were you too busy sucking fabius' cock?

>> No.56267169


Probably, you're packing enough punch melee wise already. Keep in mind, you require 5 man paladin squads to actually gain access to heavy weapons.

>> No.56267175

Penitent Engines have the same issue they had since 3rd
You need to spam them
Before you needed at least 6
Now 4 is enough.
2 will die the way there leaving the other two to actually do their thing

>> No.56267181

>Claiming I claimed that an improved immune system would impact gene-seed compatibility.

Great literacy, bro.

>> No.56267193

That's ok, you'll learn how to read one day. Just keep working at it.

>> No.56267198

So far GK have best one (making all kind of bolters on it +1S ap-1). I wanna see the salt when it will be confirmed that GK have better stormravens.

>> No.56267202

>It does imply that females are better recipients of the geneseed.
>when it comes to anything immune system related, which I guarantee you is relevant to gene-seed.
>but that doesn't mean I was talking about gene-seed compatibility

>> No.56267215

Anyone who has been fondled by Slaanesh isn't going to be the peak of their ability. There will always be something holding them back from perfection or true self improvement. A bit of irony with the excess and pushing limits, you will never peak & only lose yourself only to be dead to the world.

>> No.56267224

Mind the horrible BattleScribe format.
This list is basically “I do not want friends”
Works wonderfully in tournaments

The core is the melta Dominions in Repressors and the Taurox Gunboats

>> No.56267225

>I was only pretending

>> No.56267232

>Keep in mind, you require 5 man paladin squads to actually gain access to heavy weapons
Yeah yeah, I know it and I'm can distinguish between GK units now, yay. I mean, 4x paladin + Paragon is a 5-men unit, right? I get two weapons for every 5 models in the unit, not for every five paladins

>> No.56267238

>I was just pretending to be retarded
Lol, ok bud.

>> No.56267245

Sure, you'll most likely get Stormravens with flamers instead of assault cannons.
Hope you like it, BAanon!

>> No.56267250


Better off using a 10 man squad to DS within rapid fire range and using that strat. 24 shots vs 40. GK are CP starved, 2cp for 24 shots is pathetic. Marines can also use AA on themselves for neg cover.

>> No.56267254

No, the doomglaive dreadnought (FW variant) has a special blade that's S9 AP-4 and Dd6, plus a heavy psycannon gun. It's only like 170 points so a steal, but lascannon and S12 fist are good too.

>> No.56267262

People call them space furries because in one of their codexes the word wolf was used for literally everything in their armory and ranking system.

It's a fucking retarded meme. Space Wolves do not actually fuck dogs they just apparently named everything so that it had the word wolf in it so other chapters would know that it's their stuff.

>> No.56267269

Who has more flamers, Salamanders or Blood Angels?

>> No.56267276

it's fucking magic sci-fi mutation technology anon. it can be whatever you want it to be.

>> No.56267279

I've got 3. Tricky...

>> No.56267284


>> No.56267290

>Crazed Egyptian robotic skeletons wearing flayed skin
Make that crazed Egyption robotic skeletons wearing flayed skin that show up to battles purely for fresh corpses to loot and EAT (despite having no digestive system or even jaw), before hopping off into a pocket dimension & building an extension to their rotting meat palaces

Flayed Ones have gone beyond edgy into the realm of fucking bizarre

>> No.56267296

So I play Adeptus Mechanicus, and I've been feeling the sting of 8th edition pretty hard. One thing that sucks (and sucked even in 7th edition) is having little to no interaction with psykers. Every game I've played has had me up against an opponent with some kind of psyker, and I have to sit on my hands as they smite, buff, and teleport.

I'm considering taking a Culexus Assassin to counteract this bullcrap. I've also thought about an Eversor to just throw at their Psyker, but the Culexus seems a bit better due to being able to pop out and shoot from the get-go, as well as only being hit on a 6+.

>> No.56267299

>1.65 wounds
That's if you're rolling 5+ to wound. Krak grenades are more of an anti-MEQ weapon.

>> No.56267303

That's good, I want it to be based on common sense.

>> No.56267326


My question is, what successes have people had with Officio Assassinorum models?

>> No.56267331

it's amusing as there are no wolves on Fenris.

>> No.56267357

Take a detachment of Greyfax, a cullexus and 2 Astropaths. Then you have a leadership buff, 2 denies at -1, 2 regular denies, and the psyker debuff. You can give the Astropaths offensive powers too. Basically 200 points of fuck Psykers.

>> No.56267362

Pariahs were better

>> No.56267368

>I want 40k to be based on common sense

>> No.56267374

I use them occasionally. Most of the time they just kill a small infantry squad. I have had probably the best luck with the Celuxus however

>> No.56267386

Sorry honey, the idea of competent female warriors is too outlandish even for this setting.

>> No.56267392

No anon, people call them space furries because that's what they are. Yiff yiff.

>> No.56267403


They only deal 1 damage per attack, so multiwound models are a no go, especially vehicles/monsters.

>> No.56267412


>> No.56267417

So how are eldar to play against this edition? Fair? Infuriating? Ive got mixed response from people ive played against but im not sure if its just holdover from 7th as i play iyanden and they dont seem too crazy

>> No.56267434

That's a strange looking possessed marine

>> No.56267440

They work like mini Celestine.
At least the Culexus and Eversors
Area denial with an annoying unit that is a bitch to deal without dedicated firepower

>> No.56267444

>just discovered the world of magic texture paint

>> No.56267449

Holdover, I played Tau the other day and got groaned at.

>> No.56267457

>not making your own texture with sand gravel and PVA

>> No.56267458

Actually, Rogue Trader came out in 1987 and furries were a thing in 1984.

>> No.56267464

Because it was possessed by furry fenris daemon.

>> No.56267472


And don't forget, most of /tg/ is all talk and no walk. Mostly what is discussed here is what some grognard "consider" OP, all calculated from the depth of his moms basement, and thus the brand is forged.
Many here are absolute experts of creating meme armies that we think everybody plays outside the comfort of our own gambling den, but deep down we all know this isn't the case, we just like to think so.

So when a mathhammer, cross-comparison "expert" makes his statement on /tg/ (all labeled as facts of course!), we should all be weary and simply turn to the scene at hand of our own local game shop. Does its playerbase hold even the slightest of resemblance of the autistic fucks of /tg/? The answers in most cases is "probably not", and the poor fucker trying to be like the majority of the posters here is more than often branded as "that guy", and people simply don't enjoy playing him/her.

>> No.56267476

If you're a retard you get bases like RGG. At least texture paint is a sure thing.

>> No.56267483

>poor baby can't handle the slightest hint of reality
female soldiers are for bloated, weak nations in peacetime or for commies who see the decimation of their population as an added perk.

>> No.56267518

>TFWA Your order of MK IV Hbolters got lost in the mail.
>And the canopies for your fliers.

>> No.56267520


The problem here is that the head is the full size of the torso at the moment. Absurdly large, of course we cant ignore the fact that he has a serious case of Hydrocephalus.

>> No.56267522

today I'll remind them

>> No.56267531

Yes, but that wasn't the question

Why did Pariahs even get Squatted? Their lore was compelling & totally compatible with Newcron fluff

>> No.56267548

Fuck that bullshit anime model.

>> No.56267552

>DA Players.

>> No.56267553

No because they were C'tan creation and they were future of galaxy which C'tan wanted.

>> No.56267556

Infuriating and annoying. There's not much you can do. The way the army plays is inherently obnoxious. I have the most trouble with them this edition because they can just do whatever they want and can move anywhere basically.

>> No.56267574

I still miss them and their dope looking models :( Hopefully they will make a comeback down the line for something. (That, or good Flayed Ones again)

>> No.56267580

oh boy

>> No.56267596


I heard GW is coming out with a plastic Thunderhawk as well!

>> No.56267607

At first I was going to replace the old man head with a helmet. The skitarii helmet ended up being too big but I had already chopped off the old man face. The only other heads I had found were from the scout biker sprue. I'd personally like to blame the original priest model for these porportions.

>> No.56267612

If you want to lose, sure.

But the reasons men make better soldiers are:
1) Less risk of losing a womb for making new soldiers.
2) More physical strength and stamina for carrying heavy loads.

Both are not nearly as relevant in a modern fight as numbers. Cutting your army to approximately half size isn't worth the benefits, given how useful it is to have more crew for vehicles, or other positions where the above benefits have minimal to no benefit.

>> No.56267618

Is now a good time to buy Genestealers? I'm not wanting to waacfag but Genestealers are next on my list for grabbing. Also how bad are the older boxes? Are the newest box good minis or are they covered in moldlines and junk?

>> No.56267619

>mfw we'll soon be the best Chapter, as we've always deserved.

>> No.56267622

Hive fleet kraken is the one with whitish yellow and red, right?
Their traits is three dice pick the highest advance and fall back and charge?

That’s good, right?

>> No.56267624

>muh girls are weak !
>muh commies are bad !
>SJW's want to spoil miniature games that I'm not even paying for !
>abloo bloo bloo
Your personal safe space is over here, friendo >>>/pol/

>> No.56267628

But Newcrons still had the Cadian Pylons, right? So the war against the warp is still a thing & Pariahs would still have their place. All they had to do was change their creator from the C'tan to a high-ranking experimental Necron who works with soul transfer; wouldn't even have to make a new character for that

>> No.56267635

>1 year since the last counter monkey

>> No.56267637

WAAC is just a term used by sore losers. Don't buy into it.

>> No.56267638

but girls are weak and commies are bad

>> No.56267640

Ass saved by Khorne Daemosn

>> No.56267644

you really like that pic don't you?

not that I blame you for that, it's a very nice pic

>> No.56267648

r8 my list

battalion detachment
Primaris captain- power sword

Primaris librarian- mantle of the stormseer

intercessror squad- 5 marines with one grenade launcher and a sergeant with a power sword

X2 tactical squads in las cannon razorbacks (one squad has a plasma gun)

Fast attack
X2 Bike squads each with 8 bikers with chainswords one biker has a plasma gun and another a flamer. Srg has a power maul.
one squad has an attack bike with a multimelta

heavy support
X2 whirlwinds with vengeance launcher

totals to around 1500

sorry this list is a bit of a mess. This is the first list ive made for 8th since I haven't played much of the new edition yet. I eventually want to get more heavy infantry which is why I didnt put my HQs on bikes.

>> No.56267656

>Both are not nearly as relevant in a modern fight as numbers.
Yeah, that's why the US has a draft and uses human wave tactics exclusi- OH WAIT.

Literally the only reason the US has women in our volunteer forces is for PR/propaganda, just like every other western nation.

Unit cohesion is far more valuable than the paltry "numbers" proffered by the females who constantly fail to live up to physical standards.

>> No.56267664


>> No.56267665


>> No.56267668

>soul transfer
I thought they literally just stuck a human into pariahs and waited for the meat to fall off.

>> No.56267672

>the hacks over at BL will turn the most interesting legion, caught by tragic pride to cover the sins of the brother with one of the only genuinely cool and 40k baroque/gothic aesthetics, into shitty fanfic pasted over the interesting lore and nuanced characters because all they can write is shitty clickbait novels and hope they won't offend their dark masters
Fuck, why can't they let the gays just have their one bit of coolness? Oh right, because grav doesn't know what 40k actually is about

>> No.56267680

Yes, and I'll post it everyday until the Codex is finally out.

>> No.56267687

It's photoshopped, you mong.

>> No.56267697 [DELETED] 

>muh girls are weak !
>muh commies are bad !
Two objectively true things, try countering with a real argument.

>SJW's want to spoil miniature games that I'm not even paying for !
Something I didnt say. Grasping at straws already?

Listen lady, you're gonna have to accept your limitation some day. Hopefully before your hubris gets you hurt.

>> No.56267707 [DELETED] 

>Literally the only reason the US has women in our volunteer forces is for PR/propaganda
It's funny because that will get turned in its head soon enough when there's a viral video of some sand people raping and executing a female US soldier. Let's see how many women want to join after seeing that.

>> No.56267712

>her last resort in their attempt to deny reality is to throw a childish tantrum

>> No.56267713

You have absolutely no idea how the US military works, do you?

>> No.56267716

Should have added "fight me irl" to the end of it.

>> No.56267718

I can't wait for the shitstorm the release of the Tau Codex will trigger.

>> No.56267723 [DELETED] 

>human wave tactics are the only way to use your numbers
>muh state-backed leftist SJW propaganda
>women must stay in the kitchen because they are too distracting to other soldiers
Please lobotomize yourself, Or, well, what is left of your brain at least.

>> No.56267731

literally every codex except grey knights has triggered a shitstorm. tau wont be anything out of the ordinary

>> No.56267736

>Both are not nearly as relevant in a modern fight as numbers.
As far as "a modern fight" is concerned, raw numbers are the least of anyone's concerns. And that's even if you consider "modern" to be "early-to-mid-1900s"

And having more physical strength/stamina is still, even in the current age, quite important for an army. Picking heavy things up and putting them down again is about 90% of any military job.

>> No.56267740

>farsight enclaves
>reroll 1's to hit in close combat

>> No.56267743

Please learn how to debate before getting in an argument. It's painful to watch.

>> No.56267745

That would be based but Necrons aren't getting any new stuff since long time.

Void Dragon and Mars campaign and some other stuff making necrons relevant again would be nice, but so far we are playing meme army with pokemon master as only relevant player on main plot and losing image of some dangerous force for humanity (chaos, tyranids even fucking Tau is presented as deadlier to humanity, Necrons with tranzyn and Baal stuff are just admech-like ally to imperium). I wish they could make necrons great again.

>> No.56267749

They're probably the best tyranid Troop choice. They're also iconic in the setting so I doubt people will call you a WAAC faggot unless they're loser.

>> No.56267753 [DELETED] 

Enlighten us.

I wont hold my breath.

>human wave tactics are the only way to use your numbers
>muh state-backed leftist SJW propaganda
>women must stay in the kitchen because they are too distracting to other soldiers

Notice how the hobby poison uses 3 strawman arguments I never uttered in their attack on logic and common sense.

They really cant help themselves.

>> No.56267755

Yeah I know, but it's still happening. BL has bungled everything but dark angels most of all, the whole point is they know the daemonic threat and are some of the most dedicated to the emperor and fighting chaos, and as a result-despite their cold exterior- are one of the most effective at keeping the world safe. Like grey Knights but more chaicer instead of donusteel SPESS paladin monks.

But no, the lion is written poorly, and so's everyone else. Their fault is pride, that's the damn point. Maybe the 40k folks can step in and bring him back before they mess thing up more

>> No.56267762

Sounds botched enough to be about right for Szeras

>> No.56267776

My best

>> No.56267781

There's new stuff developing in the lore that could lead to interesting developments.

The feud with admech over resources needed to wrest the warp storms could be a good excuse to whip out new kits for either side.

>> No.56267783

Read the filename, faggot.

>> No.56267784 [DELETED] 

>women must stay in the kitchen because they are too distracting to other soldiers
>muh sexism
I guess his argument went straight over your head didnt it?

>> No.56267792 [DELETED] 

>>muh girls are weak !
>>muh commies are bad !
Both of those are true though.
>>SJW's want to spoil miniature games that I'm not even paying for !
You are litterally the first person to mention SJWs ITT.

>> No.56267800

But you don't need to attack Mars to get Void Dragon, he is ordinary C'tan shard.

>> No.56267821 [DELETED] 

Here's your (You)'s. Don't choke on them, you silly boys !

>> No.56267829

So, I had a random heretical thought.

Genestealer Cults may take one Guard detachment for each GSC detachment they have. However, *all* models in the Guard detachment must replace <Regiment> with Brood Brothers.

So Stormtrooper Brood Brothers, Ogryn Brood Brothers, Crusader Brood Brothers, etc.

Did GW accidentally FAQ in a limited form of Wu'Tang Clan for Guardsmen? You know, letting Crusaders melee twice, and stuff.

>> No.56267832

>Get cucked Carnac
>post proof that Chaos is biggest thread
Are you retarded?

>> No.56267833

what, was there like a furry magna carta?

>> No.56267835

Please stop shitposring for one moment and help me.

I have a funny space Ork picture for you.

>> No.56267842 [DELETED] 

>commie sympathizer
>le /pol/ bogeyman
I would expect nothing else from an anime poster

>> No.56267849

Gimme the Gorgon one, lad.

>> No.56267855

>replace a keyword
>all units now have keyword

Read again.

>> No.56267856

yes, and possibly

it makes things that assault from reserves more consistent, for sure

>> No.56267860

xd rekt haha

>> No.56267862

Auxilla, Prefectus, and Ministorum are not REGIMENT [. ]

>> No.56267875 [DELETED] 

>>women must stay in the kitchen because they are too distracting to other soldiers
Said nobody except you. There is a middle ground between "humans are a sexual dimorphic species where males are physically superior when it comes to combat" and "fucking women get out of my world, men are the only thing who should exist REEEEEEEEE" you know.
Oh who am I kidding, if you could acknowledge alternate points of view besides yours and the strawmen you create, you wouldn't act like you do

>> No.56267881

Fair enough. Tempestus is a regiment however.

>> No.56267900

Just out of curiosity what army do you play? My IG/SoB friend doesnt seem to mind them but my local DA/necron player really hates them.
Im always perplexed when people complain about tau lists that dont spam commanders and drones

>> No.56267902

No, that's just when the term furries was first widely used and accepted as a term. They grew out of the funny animal fandom that had existed for decades.

>> No.56267915

>ITT : real burger hours

>> No.56267924

>itt: another episode of incel/pol/cucks vs leftie faggots

>> No.56267932

>Shows several named fights where chaos gets completely eaten/destroyed by Kronos
>Says that they can process and ingest chaos material regardless of corruption

Nigga what?

>> No.56267934 [DELETED] 

>I was merely pretending
Sorry, no (You) for you comrade, they are being rationed. Perhaps come back when you have some real arguments, da?

>> No.56267939

50 boys
Never again.

Now I just have 10 lootas, 10 Nobs, 10 stormboys, 20 Kommandos and a bunch of vehicles.

>> No.56267940

>waking up before noon

It's not likely.

>> No.56267945


Ah, thank you for clearing that up. Not sure how I feel about using FW stuff though (mostly because the price, and also because it's not in the codex but then again it's kinda bullshit only infantry have GK weaponry).

If I ever buy a dread, I'll try to kitbash the psycannon and glaive.

>> No.56267948

>Tempestus is a regiment however.
it's not a <Regiment>
you can't replace it

that's why stromtroopers can never get non-tempestus regimental bonuses

why the fuck do people still have difficulty with the keywords

>> No.56267966

Any word on the rest of the hive fleet specific relics?.

>> No.56267974 [DELETED] 

>I'm hunting imaginary leftist SJW's on /tg/ of all places
Just stop shitposting here and back to /pol/, you cum drinking triple nigger.

>> No.56267979

>he actually thinks furries didn't exist before the internet

This is why i still come to this shithole lol

>> No.56267982

Speaking of FW, did they ever adjust the points costs on everything?

>> No.56267983

It's essentially a Leviathan but worse. Lower saves, no Invuln, less ballistic skill, less weapon skill. Also the schizophrenic loadout.

It has a strong melee attack, but don't be confused, the D6 melee is actually hella unreliable compared to a Chainfist contemptor or a Leviathan, especially since it isn't as good at hitting in melee as it's older cousins.

It also has strong long-ranged shooting, which indicates that it wants to be a fire-platform like the Deredeo, but at the same time it cannot move and reliably fire, unlike the deredeo(whose BS2+ means it can move/shoot more reliably). The Deredeo can grab a piece of LOS blocking cover, and use that to peel itself to engage only a portion of the enemy's army, and shield itself from returning fire. As a good fire platform should.

So it wants to be melee, but its melee is unreliable. It also wants to be shooty, but it's ballistic skill isn't good enough to move and shoot.

Contemptors fulfill its role vastly better, especially the relic variant who has access to options like the Chainfist+Meltagun combo for fragging tanks like a motherfucker. You haven't lived until you've seen a Contemptor solo-kill a baneblade or a Wraithknight in one round.

>> No.56267988

After the Demons Codex drops, I can't wait to see some games of them vs Kronos

>> No.56267991

>i cant fucking read: the post

Tl;dr of the page is
> "hey we cant eat this chaos shit, so lets just make a hive fleet that can"
>"oh it worked"

>> No.56267994

Tell me anon, what <REGIMENT> is Creed?

>> No.56267995

Chameleonic Mutations
(kraken only)
-1 for range targeting this model

Slayer Sabres
(Leviathan w Monstrous Boneswords)
S User, AP2 3 Damage
+1 attack
if against infantry or biker model suffers dmg from this weapon but not slain at end of fight phase, roll d3. if result is greater than wounds remaining on the model, the model is slain.

Infrasonic Roar
Jorgmungandr Monster only.

Enemy unit within 6 inch of this model must subtract 1 from LD.

I think that's it.

>> No.56268001 [DELETED] 

What are the odds that two seperate retards fucked up quoting posts like this?

Looks like the confused lass is samefagging

>> No.56268002

Unfortunately, all they had was that, Tiamet, and Ouroboros. I can post those though.

>> No.56268004


>> No.56268014

And the other one.

>> No.56268016

>No, you are not getting (You)'s either, faggot

>> No.56268019

Well I can't be a waacfag if I'm collecting ALL the tyranid units and changing them out. I'm more worried that codex drops and I don't see another box for 30 bucks until a nerf hits.

>> No.56268022

>giving (you)s to shitposters

>> No.56268023

>as a recognized thing
I guess it makes sense.
I doubt many American teenagers were jerking off to Japanese porn prior to the internets

>> No.56268032

Thanks lovely anon!.

>> No.56268033

who are you quoting?

>> No.56268034

no you mong, the purpose is to indicate who your replying to without giving them a (You).
The fact that you couldn't figure that out from one of the post's saying "no (You) for you" speaks volumes

>> No.56268036

>so far we are playing meme army with pokemon master as only relevant player
God I hate this. Tranzyn is okay for meming & all but having no other involvement with the main plot just reduces the entire faction to the wacky space Egyptian. Imotekh is generic conqueror who seems to have no significance for other races. Orikan's fluff makes him appear OP as fuck yet his divination/time-fuckery has gone precisely nowhere. Szeras is basically Necron Cawl yet has basically been written off as 'will never amount to anything'. Cadia & it's pylons are gone. Void Dragon will never awaken if it's even a thing any more. Newcrons have next to no direction anymore

>> No.56268041

Are you an idiot? You claimed that Kronos was eating Chaos and that its invading the Great Rift. The text says it doesn't. It's reactionary meantt o contain the spread of Chaos. YOU LIED.

Ergo, you are the faggot.

>> No.56268055

>text says that the Tyranids cannot eat Chaos

Can you not read?

>> No.56268056

I claimed no such thing. This is in response to the notion that Kronos can't fight chaos and isn't exclusively designed to.

>> No.56268066

>favorite paint scheme
>no rules
Does that mean I can pick and choose?

>> No.56268074

>anyone other than you is doing that faggy shit.
I dont think so Tim

>> No.56268085

>"Scores of planets conquered by Chaos worshiping cultists and warp-spawned abominations have fallen in its path, and Kronos has obliterated them all, like a maggot eating the corruption from an infected wound."

I ask again:

Nigga what?

>> No.56268089

Nope, everything is colorcoded now. Can't even have the wrong shade.

>> No.56268099

Let me just note how retarded these Tyranid fucks are. The text here says nothing about Tyranids eating Chaos. The opposite, it says Chaos is the anathema of the Tyranid and they find no fodder from them.

Kronos sustain itself and its war via the the offerings Leviathan left behind for it.

If this isn't the proof once and for all of the stupidity of the Nid fanbase I swear.

>> No.56268100

Tyranids are killing chaos shit.
The fact that you are clinging to "muh tyranids can't EAT chaos !" proves that you are :
A) Carnac, without a doubt
B) a huge fucking autist

Tyranids can destroy all things chaos.
Go fuck yourself.

>> No.56268116

>tfw your order ships

>> No.56268118


>> No.56268123


>> No.56268134

Last week every thread nidfags were equally autistic to Carnac.
I belive we don't need Carnac anymore, we have nidfags

>> No.56268141

1-3 more days...

>> No.56268146

It says nothing about eating them. It's just a metaphor. It destroys these areas to prevent the spread of Chaos and corruption of food.

The very text says that Tyranids find no sustenance from Chaos and Kronos eats the offerings of other fleets to survive.

I claim that I didn't make in this thread or the one after it. The point of this argument is that people claimed that Tyranids are eating Chaos and that they are invading the Great Rift. We have the archives and we can look all for these posts. The short of it, Tyranidfags LIED.

>> No.56268150

Carnac hath spoketh

>> No.56268168

As a Flesh Tearers player I'm hoping for some solid improvements to the generic BA stuff and DC in particular. I hope things aren't quite so special character reliant. I'm also really interested to see if GW think standard Marines need adjustment at all. We're now into Codexes that might have been tuned in response to general release rather than just the playtesters. Eldar saw a lot of points adjustments for example. There's certainly some Primaris stuff I feel could use a points cut.

>> No.56268169

Chaos has mortal followers. Those can be nommed.

>> No.56268175

I'm just sitting her, laughing at the autism showdown of Chaos vs Nids, both of them handily outing themselves as the absolute worst parts of the fandom.

>> No.56268177

Gasp! Not a lie on the internet! Please fuck yourself to fix this situation!

>> No.56268181

Redirect the moron here >>56268146

And they were killing Chaos before the codex. The issue was the whole jumping up and down thinking that Tyranids/Kronos are the end be all of Chaos. It's not. It can't eat Chaos and sticks to the borders of the Great Rift.

>Tyranids can destroy all things chaos.

No, they can't. Whatever in the Warpstorms belong to Chaos forever!

>Tyranids can destroy all things chaos.

>> No.56268182 [SPOILER] 

Look over here

>> No.56268192

Tyranid anti-warp Pylons?

>> No.56268197

Frontline Gaming has a "review" that summarizes them all posted.

>> No.56268200

Necron codex when? Make Deathmarks decent again. And warriors a tiny bit cheaper, maybe. And customisable Overlords/Cryptek pls.

>> No.56268211

Actually, Tyranids generally avoid eating corrupted biomass according to the codex.

I know, right? And Tyranidfags are the worse liars. Truth is on Chaos's side.

>Please fuck yourself


>> No.56268213


>> No.56268223

I'd like to see the basic weapon threaten tanks again. Thats all I'm hoping for.

>> No.56268225

>Whatever in the Warpstorms belong to Chaos forever!
lol at this desperation.
Isnt technology that could calm/cause warp storms on demand just a small part of the Necron arsenal? It was a just a footnote in the Orpheus campaign.

>> No.56268229

He's just going to make it worse!

>> No.56268236

And speaking about Be'lakor. We are proximity 70 days away from the Daemon of Chaos codex which will reconfirm his status as the ONE TRUE UNDIVIDED PRINCE OF CHAOS.

>> No.56268243

>that faggy, condescending tone
>not an obvious samefag
keep trying

>> No.56268252

>Isnt technology that could calm/cause warp storms on demand just a small part of the Necron arsenal? It was a just a footnote in the Orpheus campaign.
Nidfags don't drag us necronfags into this, the answer is no not only is the tech old and basically useless none of the crons actually give enough of a shit to work on more.

>> No.56268255

Please don't drag us robbofags in this. There are only so many Necron players, and Carnacs 'tism is too much.

>> No.56268256

have faith anon

>> No.56268258

oh no

>> No.56268268

Who is the gayest person in 40kg, not 40k but the general? What faction do they play?

>> No.56268276

One of the Slaaneshi traps.

>> No.56268284

Either Genestealer Cults or female space marines.

>> No.56268289


get a load of this guy

>> No.56268293


The entirety of the Necron Empire and I mean all of it have engaged the Anti-Warp protocols. The Necrons are mass awakening and are hunting for deposits of the black stone material used in the creation of the Pylons.

The Cawl/admech also want that resource for the creation of the Imperial pylons. Both sides are warring against each other over the precious resource.

>> No.56268300

>inquistor kryptman messing with a strange hive fleet

>> No.56268303

It's going to be fun.

>> No.56268314

>the answer is no not only is the tech old and basically useless
and yet it was employed in the Orpheus campaign, not that long ago in the scheme of things, and it being used in the first place shows it's not "basically useless" does it not?

Also I'm a necron player, fuck off with your strawman and obvious samefagging >>56268255

>> No.56268334

Fuck. Either GW starts giving a shit about Necrons, or they'll get curbstomped by Chaos.

>> No.56268351

>Orpheus campaign

The Smoking Mirror was just a device that projected a blanket of darkness over a sector. There was no mention of psykers losing their power or a darkness/calm in the Warp.

>> No.56268381

Oh joy, who's ready for more genocide?

>> No.56268396

Technically even the Imperium can shuffle huge Warp Storms around with the Torquora STC. It was an abject faliure when first deployed because it sent the Warp Storm back through the warp-trail of the deployment fleet to their Epsilon-class (AKA smol) Forge World and fucked it, but it reliably works that way. If another was found (since Torquora blew that one up because he thought it too dangerous) it could conceivably drop a bomb or five on the tip of the Crimson Path and stack all that Warp Storm back at the opening of the Eye of Terror, which might be enough storm to hinder even Chaos and is certainly an improvement over the current situation. Not sure what it would do to the Rift, though, since that didn't really come from anywhere and there's warp trails all over it. You'd have to plan that one very carefully like one of those picture puzzles to open new warp routes.

Maybe the Ordo Reductor have one in storage. Would be a badass way to reintroduce them to the setting. Brave pathbeaters of the Adeptus Mechanicus, nomad fleets risking life and mechadendrite to sew together the savaged flesh of the Imperium.

>> No.56268397

Random thought:

6th made "Chariot" a separate unit-type. Before that, Daemon Chariots were just "regular profile with beefy stats" (so kinda like 8th), and Necron Barges were a Dedicated Transport with a lot of special rules.

However, other than Daemons and Necrons, the only other chariot added to 40k was pic related. And that's a damn shame.

Eldar of any stripe are an obvious candidate for getting some sort of "fighting platform." Back in 2nd, a Vyper could replace its turret with a stand for an Eldar character to fight from, and in 5th/7th, an Archon could take a Venom as a personal Dedicated Transport. Orks are another obvious candidate, as what Warboss wouldn't want a proppa Waaagh-rig? Heck, even 2nd ed Space Wolves had "Techmarine Rhinos" that could melee stuff with Servo Arms (admittedly, this was 'experimental' in Citadel Journal).

Anyone else saddened such a concept's creative potential was essentially wasted on this?

>> No.56268408

Just got into 8th after not playing since 4th. Now that i'm comfortable with the rules again I want to run a little campaign for friends but I don't want to run standard 1v1 army vs army type games since I'd quite like to have everyone play at once, like 4 players + me as a GM.

So i'm basically looking to limit people to maybe 1-4 models each for a bit of RPG story telling and maybe allow them to spend points to upgrade or buy extra reinforcements between missions but keep combat rules as close to 8th as possible for ease. I was looking at kill team and deathwatch campaigns on YT and they seem to be a good place to start.

Where can I find 8th edition kill team material?
Is there any homebrew systems close to what i'm describing so I can cut down on the work I have to do?

Big ups lads

>> No.56268412

Tau Codex when?

>> No.56268414

Be'lakor got cucked nothing new.
with rocks

>> No.56268425

Nobody cares

>> No.56268428

Wasn't tiamat the system with several life bearing planets all having hive mind ecosystems? Nice to see them getting shit done.

>> No.56268430

You fuckers are talking like he didn't get the job done

>> No.56268431

More like GPS

>> No.56268434

Try Shadow War.

>> No.56268437

Might be easier to wait for Necromunda to drop and use those rules, since they're intended to operate at the scale you're describing.

>> No.56268439

Based on the amount of replies it seems like a few people care.

>> No.56268441

What is this Primaris Marine from? I've never seen this sprue before.

>> No.56268447

>>muh commies are bad !
And you think they aren't? Cause wew, that's some smug_anime_girl_pic deserving shit right there.

>> No.56268451

>little bit fat

>> No.56268458

>stuffing the galactic creampie back into the galactic butthole
A-anon, I...

>> No.56268470

Its the free model from the GET STARTED WITH 40k booklet

>> No.56268473

Though it was based on 7th, Heralds of Ruin is also an option. SWA is more based off 2nd ed/Necromunda.

>> No.56268479

Ohhh. It's neat. I like the base.

>> No.56268480

It's the EZ build™ Primaris™ Marine from Games Workshop™.

>> No.56268486

>Gauss To Hit Rolls of 6 cause a Mortal Wound on Vehicles
>Laughing in Space Egyptian in the Distance

>> No.56268489

>someone who is not Carnac believes that nidfags are as awful as Carnac
For shame. Just stop listening to trolls trying to pass for tyranid players only to trigger the resident autist.

>> No.56268492

Chariots for Craftworld or Harlequin Eldar make no sense at all, but they do make sense for Exodite and Dark Eldar. They certainly make sense for Orks, but then, so does Cavalry, and we inexplicably still don't have rules for that for them.

However, the concept is incredibly stupid for Logan, and always has been.

>> No.56268493

Killing the people you're trying to save and making orks and nids into even more powerful creatures by making them fight each other is not "getting the job done" kryptman

>> No.56268506

IG could get one too.

>> No.56268513

They are just tired of the endless penis fencing that you autists engage every fucking day

>> No.56268517

The Warhammer World released an unofficial ruleset for KT some time ago

>> No.56268519

>Soisoi, motherfucker

>> No.56268524

They would've died anyway and fed biomass to the fleet. Don't even

>> No.56268527

>the most interesting legion, caught by tragic pride to cover the sins of the brother
Holy shit, there's actually people who find the Dark Angels interesting? The fucking Iron Hands suck less.

>> No.56268534

Relic: Scythes of Tyran, replaces a models Monstrous Scything Talons, +1 strength, AP-3, 3 Damage, +1 attack, 6’s to hit generate additional attacks (behemoth)

Relic: Hyper-Adaptive Biology from the end of a phase in which the Warlord suffers any wounds, add 1 to its Toughness for the rest of the game (Gorgon)

Balethorn Cannon, replaces a Stranglethorn Cannon, same stats, but ignores enemy invulnerable saves.(Kronos)

>> No.56268535

Strange - mine was made with a blue plastic

>> No.56268536

Commies are bad though

>> No.56268549

Nice gif. It makes me hard. Praised be Slaanesh !

>> No.56268552

Their fault is being teamkilling fucktards so paranoid about people finding out they had traitors, like literally every legion, that they murder their own compatriots for finding out. DAs fucking suck.

>> No.56268564

>I saw Carnac's autism many, many times
>I saw nidfags autism every thread since last week.
Autistic nidfags are no better than Carnac

>> No.56268568


>> No.56268570

Still not getting (you)'s

>> No.56268579

I hope you appreciate this pdf because Comcast is fucking my internet connection right now and it's taking me forever to get it uploaded.

>> No.56268581

I think he means the US way of "you don't take a massive shit on anyone who has less than you? REEEEEE COMMIES KILL EM ALL REEEE"

>> No.56268583

What is nidfag autism, exactly ? Please define.

>> No.56268591

I guess it's not so much that it's a "Chariot" (all the general fluff for Eldar refers to "Sky-Chariots" as the term for the ancestor of Vypers/Venoms/Starweavers), so much as its a motorized fighting platform/war rig (technically, Vect's Dais of Destruction could count as a "Chariot"). Of course, GW shoehorned themselves in with "chariot = draft animal" (or Daemon, or pedalling Necron).

>> No.56268594

If you want to put it that way, yes. The warp-pathfinders might legitimately make a good Admech campaign book IMO, but it would cause an intolerable amount of screeching from Carnac. Then again, normally the Admech beat on the Tau, which isn't much better in that regard.

>> No.56268595

Constantly trying to bait carnac and then claiming anyone who opposes them as being carnac.

>> No.56268606

Who the fuck still owns a Wii?

>> No.56268607

>implying commies deserve any less

>> No.56268608

You, you got it. Have a (You). :3

>> No.56268612

Originally DA were the only loyal legion who had traitors, rest was 100% loyal.
Now every legion had its traitors, loyalists and "Fallen muh secret" made no sense.

>> No.56268631

Name an Ultramarine traitor.

>> No.56268632

I will give you guys a sneak peek of what to expect




>> No.56268634


Im going to have to dive in to this one.

No one is denying that there are in fact "Strong" girls, and at the same time, many like to point at those strong girls and compare them to your average Joe and say "She could kick your ass!". The point is spoiled due to stupidity at this point, as any "Strong" girl should really ultimately only be compared to a strong fucking dude. And we all know how the scenario after this would play out, he would beat the living crap out of the "strong" girl.
The same could be said about women who does martial art and so forth, you just love to take one of those karate-kicking bitches and pitch her to fight a regular tabletop nerd and claim your proof that girl indeed are just as strong and lethal as "men". But you take that girl and stick her in a cage with of of those top MMA fighters, and you better bring the stretcher straight of the bat!

Its a sad taboo to play at these games, because deep down we all know men are stronger if the foundation of your examples are set to be "fair" to begin with.

Oh.. And commies are bad. The basic idea behind it might have some strength to it, but it always fucks up due to human factors involved.

And SJW doesn't spoil miniature games, they spoil everything they touch, even society.

>> No.56268636

Oh, ok then.

>> No.56268645

Not going to lie, a 40k Tachanka would be interesting, if only to see how much GW overblings it.

>> No.56268660


why does everyone hate DA[/spoilers]

>> No.56268664

Roboute Guilliman.

>> No.56268666

Tau should find stargates and actually get involved in other parts of the galaxy.

>> No.56268676

they do tho

>> No.56268677

>find stargates, not build them as an actual ingame model

>> No.56268682

>why does everyone hate DA

>> No.56268691

Name one.

>> No.56268694

What about Perturabo and Lorgar?

>> No.56268697

Noone hates them. It's just a 4chan meme like Tau hate in 40k, or Space Wolves hate in 40k, or IG hate in 40k... I gues that /tg/ community is just retarded

>> No.56268700

Carnac, none.

>> No.56268701

I have nothing against them. Just calling them GAY because this triggered some chinese autist, months ago.

>> No.56268703

Constantine the Liberator, though technically he belonged to the Sons of Gulliman successor chapter.

>> No.56268708

the tau should just use their skimmer drives to move across the warp rift like a fun water slide of daemonic spacetime

comprised with Oceanian themed explorator cadres that cover their battlesuits in fancy tribals

>> No.56268709

Oh hai.
>inb4 "but he's not described as a daemon prince"
He's powerful enough that three primarchs attacking him together couldn't banish him. He's at least a daemon prince. Hell, maybe he's something more, don't think Be'lakor would have stood up to that punishment.

>> No.56268711

I hear when they want initiates to disappear they "promote" them and send them out with shoddy plasma. At night

>> No.56268712

Lol, the Tau aren't allowed to create nice things. I'd rather they keep their naivety and find stargates. Maybe on the same planet they found Farsights sword.

>> No.56268714

What does /tg/ think of FLG especially Reecius? If they're so good, why don't they win GTs?

>> No.56268729


I really hope to see a codex that plays on Tau´s strategic aspect, and less of suit spam.
Hope to get lots of strategems that aims to get out of cc, and sticky situations and boost movement, rather than "take this bevy turn and shoot 4 times in one phase".

Well, we can always hope to see more than one list build when the every comes out.

>> No.56268730

That gif is really satisfying to watch

>> No.56268731

> implying crisis suits aren't nice things
but yeah, I'd like it more if they stayed naive, too.

>> No.56268732

Versus Alaitoc too. Got to ensure Marines know not to press the "Explode" button in the dark...

>> No.56268743

>tyranid exocrine
>spend 3 command points
>dont move
>24 S7 ap-3 damage 3 shots
Someone give me the ARRRGGGG picture.

>> No.56268747

Its been many years since I read it but there's an Ultramarines book in which two marines end up getting trapped on a Chaos world and one of them goes rogue by the end of it. Maybe it was in the Ultramarines Omnibus?

>> No.56268748


what's the body from? He'd make a good crusader

>> No.56268750

damn, that would be sweet.

>> No.56268753

Man, I would so pleased with an infantry-heavy army. Fire Warriors are the best T'au models imo

>> No.56268754

Guilliman was brought back by foul xenos sorcery and is clearly in their thrall, as evidenced by poisoning the ranks of the holy Astartes with blasphemous abominations made by a heretek.

>> No.56268759

Daemon Princes of GW don't want to tell
For all the time Be'lakor is "only undivided prince" and Lorgar and Perturabo are just Daemon Princes.

>> No.56268762

Empire Priest

>> No.56268768

That's not an excuse kryptman.
But to be more serious, I'm actually really excited to see him back in the fluff. He's one of my favorite parts of the lore, because he represents the fact that even the IoM, the most brutal empire ever, has limits. He's bassically the IoM's ideology taken to the logical extreme: what he does works, but it's so careless and has such disregard for human life that even the imperium says "dude, what the fuck?"
He's great and I look forward to seeing what, if anything, they do with him

>> No.56268770

Webay. The word you guys are looking for is the webway.

>> No.56268774

yeah baby keep going I'm almost there

>> No.56268775

Age of Sigmar Warrior Priest

>> No.56268776 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

I agree with all of your points.
Also, I do not deny that commies are a litteral plague - I was just mainly mocking /pol/-kun's retarded attitude of seeing dirty leftists hidden everywhere, especially on /tg/.

>> No.56268780

Sigmar priest. I had to file off the giant SIGMAR text from his shoulder. I didnt care about the fireballs.

>> No.56268786

This man needs to be shoot for what he did during the heresy

>> No.56268798

Nah, I want them to deviate from the established dimensions a bit.

>> No.56268799


>> No.56268800

The Fourth Sphere Expansion got lost in the Warp when the Great Rift opened. Dollars to donuts the Tau codex will have them appearing everywhere in the galaxy, maybe even other times.

>tfw ethereals go back in time and create themselves, starting tau society in a stable time loop

>> No.56268803

Carnac, gayest of all gays and gayer than a straight up homosexual. Chaos, I guess ?

>> No.56268814

Suits sell, pleb. People want gundam in space. Not Fire Warriors and alien friends.

>> No.56268816

People sincerely, vehemently do hate the Tau, though. Space Wolves too. Eldar are the ones no one really seriously minds, and IG are quite popular (it's just that there were some mad cancerous guardfags around when the codex dropped).

>> No.56268821

Your dude is cool.

>> No.56268823

Consorts with xenos witches
Summoned the Tyranids
Refused to defend Terra during the Heresy
Plotted to secede from the Imperium

This man's crimes knows no end

>> No.56268824

>People sincerely, vehemently do hate the Tau
Then I was lucky enough to stick with a sane playgroup

>> No.56268826


Yes, and with Suit support... SUPPORT! Not suits supported by 2 min units of necessary infantry, which in turn is only taken because they can use markerlights to further boost the main army i.e the suits!

I want an allround army where just about everything is viable. Tactics that aims to really emphasizes on the whole Sun Tzu style of warfare.

The worst thing for me was when they made the riptide-spam a thing. Because in fluff, these things where so expensive they put the whole empire at risk of just taking to war! And now you see players fielding like, what was it 6-9?!?!? All in the name of profit I take it, and the fact that someone at GW had a hardon for giant robots!

>> No.56268832

I only hate Space Wolves because one of my friends plays them, and is always obnoxiously trying to steer every conversation (40k related or not) towards the fact of how awesome Space Wolfs are. It's tiresome.

>> No.56268837

AbusePuppy does the best "how to win" articles. However he angers 40k fans because he says stuff they don't like to hear ("this is why X sucks") and because he is pro-Tau. Also he played a Taudar army with "Craftworld Equuestria."

Danny Ruiz seems like a friendly enough guy, but the bitch of the group. He was doing a rather in-depth analysis of 7th Tyranids right before everyone else told him "Surprise, 8th is here."

Chandler gives horrid advice, and his "fedora-tipping" avatar is dumb. Don't care too much about PeteyPab or Michael Corr.

Reece is a hack. He's mostly in it to ensure his business sells "the latest rage." He became the butt of 5th ed 40k players when he wrote an article about how his Footdar were "undefeated." Or "pic related."

>> No.56268857

AbusePuppy does some real great articles, far better than Reece's "here's the unit, isn't it cool?". He was also the one to "leak" the 3-Smite nerf upcoming in Chapter Approved.

>> No.56268859


>> No.56268867

"I want to ____ Yvraine's feet !"

>> No.56268870

We're never going to see "rarity" played straight on the tabletop so long as GW points everything with a flat cost; something you have very little of is expensive because every time you use one, you have less remaining. Mechanically, that would mean each additional whatever - unit, wargear, anything that costs points and is coming from the same rarity pool - would need to cost more points than the previous one, in order for actually fielded armies to play like a rare thing is rare.

You actually see this right now, with relics, because that's how they're costed. The first one is 0Cp, the second is 1CP, and the third is 3CP. Presumably, the fourth would be 6CP, the fifth would be 10CP, and so on, if the stratagem in question scaled.

>> No.56268887

How can your friend think they are cool? Please explain.

>> No.56268894

Or go back to back to limitations.
Scaling so it's not 0-1 but rather say 1 per 1000 pts

>> No.56268904

Lots of SW players do. I don't get it either. Same thing with Vikings.

>> No.56268921

They'd get an entire never before mentioned network of portals all to themselves?

Hoo boy, that'll go over well.

>> No.56268938

Why are Dark Eldar better at Chaos than Chaos?

>> No.56268942


Just keep suits good, but make them pay the full price of all those weapons. Already we will see a different trend to the usual playstyle of the Tau, and already you will see the suits take part of the support style they where suppose to play from the beginning.

Same can be applied to the allies of the Tau, make them good at what they should be good at, and you will see them enter the field, its not that hard.

>> No.56268949

This is what happens when someone allows memes to rule their lives.

>> No.56268960


>> No.56268971

I was thinking they could even find a Pharros device.

>> No.56268972

"put shoes on"

>> No.56269251

anyone have this?

>> No.56269692

>AbusePuppy does some real great articles, far better than Reece's "here's the unit, isn't it cool?". He was also the one to "leak" the 3-Smite nerf upcoming in Chapter Approved.

Does this mean you can only cast Smite 3 times in a turn?

>> No.56270344

How do I counter Guard as an Ad Mech player?

>> No.56270388

Whats the catch?

>> No.56270806

Guys, I´m thinking bout goin to the Open Day this month. What I´m in for? Any tips? I´ll go from London.

>> No.56270829

This sack of shit

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