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First for Lion coming back

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>meh don't care who's better really, I'm just saying that rd green and grey are all sufficiently non codex compliant to get their own book. (although as I stated earlier an angels and angels combined codex would be okay by me)

SWolf, BAngel and DAngel unique units are 90% renamed codex units. Anybody arguing for split codexes is a retard. With like 20 extra pages you could have all three in the main codex.

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He's just a whim away

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Nth for tentacle rape

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Yeah, nah.

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This kills Carnac

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I love how i dont even need to bring the Bait over to a new thread. It just comes over by itself. This is perfect

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>want to make gunline Death Guard army with tanks and tons of rerolls
>want to make poxwalker horde army, focussing on psychic stuff and elite character buffers
>want to make daemons and death guard hybrid to gain benefit from epidimus and shit

Mortarion isn't even in any of the lists I'm working towards. I love this Codex so much. Fluff is a bit weak though.

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I haven't seen one of these in a long time

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Just never take Mortarion and you're fine. Typhus is better anyway.

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Relying on deep strike charges is bad.

I'd rather have gotta go fast nids of Kraken. They're even great with Carnifexes since they can charge after falling back.

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I'd go gay for the Lion

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Ive got Armies on Parade today, wish me luck


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"...to ensure that HUMAN life, not INSECT, dominates this galaxy now and always!"


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So, while I understand the "point" or specific appeal of the Deathwatch army is varied squad loadouts, what's the value of running squads equipped fully or almost fully with:
>heavy thunder hammers
Will they have enough mobility in power armour? I like the models.
>deathwatch shotguns
Will they have enough firepower?
>regular bolters
Same as above? Can the Deathwatch make decent pseudo-tacsquads or are they doomed to be sternguard tier in commonality?
>infernus bolters
Are they good en-masse as aggro units or are they better used as accompaniments to stalker bolter squads for the overwatch potential?

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Typhus is shit for gunline death guard
So is Mortarion for that matter

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His new neck beard really doesn't do it for me. I'd always envisioned him as a kind of like Sean Bean's Sharpe

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>>deathwatch shotguns
They are the Melta of Small arms fire.

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>furries buttmad over the truth

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Deathwatch is only cool because you get to have multiple chapter guys in your squads.

That's it.

Grey Knights are boring and one note too.

Not sure why anyone would play either army desu.

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Making a plan for a hypothetical narrative campaign I came up with last night. If I lose I replace all my 40 Skitarii with Skitarii using GSC bodies, since it looks pretty sweet.
If I win, my army gets access to a world with populations of contained Tyranids for study, so I want to incorporate some Nid bitz into my army.
I was thinking of making some more Kairic Electros, this time Corpuscarii wielding implanted Nid guns with mechanical cables and such added.
What would be a good gun to come reasonably close to Assault 3 12" S5 Taser? I was considering 'Gant Devourers cut down to just the barrels replacing one hand, with some extra mechanical parts, and others with two Fleshborers.

Carapace sections would be painted in metal, fleshy bits in Servitor Flesh like the rest, and I'd add glowy diodes and cables and stuff to blend things in a little more.

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Go for the low hanging fruit of insults eh champ?

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yeah, nah

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Both armies' models are really cool and the fluff is pretty awesome as well.

Deathwatch also get the Blackstar, which is probably the coolest looking flyer GW has put out so far.

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I thought Kraken's trait was just the ability to fall back and charge? it makes Genestealers more mobile?

iirc Tyranid special characters can have <Hive Fleet> traits and Relics, and someone mathed out that Old One Eye with the behemoth relic and warlord trait, using the behemoth stratagem, can just run up and goomba stomp shit more than twice his points cost on the charge, like primarchs and knights

unless that was disproven, I havent had the patience to sift through another blurry youtube video of a codex since the out of focus crooked eldar one

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GKs have the best looking Terminators in the game man, thats reason enough for me.

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> Guard players don't understand that the film was a satire of fascism

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what should I use as a mouldline remover for my models?

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I use a bog standard chaos lord with arch contaminator.
Also a DP with Suppurating Plate

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I'm jelous of his ability to afford all that forgeworld.

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We don't?

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eh, honestly I think they benefited from the less is more approach, they were always better and more interesting as hyper-specialised super-elite allies. trying to make them an army really just dilutes what makes them interesting

well played

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Starship troopers did nothing wrong

Really? That's good to hear. Are they cheap enough with shotties and chainswords to be used as a general-purpose semi-spam unit rather than just the perfect anti-GEQ unit?
Also melta is technically a small arm. The inferno pistol especially so. Speaking of, is adding the inferno pistol to a hammer unit going to be good for LR-busting or is it just going to be a pain?/spoiler]

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Kraken's trait was leaked, but only half of it. They get to fall back and charge but also when they advance, they roll 3 dice and pick the highest. So you're gonna get really consistent results.

Their stratagem allows you to double your advance roll so you'd get 10-12" on your advance quite reliably on an 8" movement unit, which can then charge. Very fast shit.

Also their relic is decent. -1 to hit.

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You can use a sharp knife, or buy the citadel tools if you can afford it. Also sandpaper.

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How extensive and/or expensive are the screens you include in your army? My Admech have 2x10 Vanguard, sometimes with the full Plasma Caliver loadout to stand in front of the artillery, but I'm beginning to think that's a waste and I should just cut them down to 5-man squads and qualify for a cheap Brigade.

My other idea was to come up with an Admech Conscripts conversion and add in a 370-point allied Valhallan Batallion of 2 Lord Coms and 90 Conscripts to screen my army comfortably, as well as changing the Vanguard squads to Breachers or Destroyers for better firepower at range if they get a points cut in Chapter Approved. Expensive, and I'd probably have to drop 20 out of 40 Fulgurites or something, but they should absorb melee very happily.

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>We totally need a codex for our grey tactical squad that can take melee weapons and our Terminator Squads that can take slightly different wargear, otherwise we can't play our faction!!!1!

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I use a standard lord with arch contaminator too. What do you run with him? I've got 8 Blight Launchers and 4 Plasma, so enough for 4, 5 man squads. Might work well with him. Also tanks maybe?

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Why should we stop there? We can probably roll the GK and DW into the main dex just make them a variant of termies and tac squads it would be pretty easy.

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Gee, and here I was thinking the almost exact copies of nazi uniforms were pure coincidence...

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yeah, nah

>> No.56250103

32 Poxwalkers. They are a nice bubble wrap for everything

>> No.56250105

dubs chooses my color scheme

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>I wish my !not-ultramarine chapter was unique enough to warrant their own codex
Pray to the emperor hard enough and maybe it’ll happen, baby

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>Guard players don't understand that the film was a satire of fascism
Satires of fascism don't work because they either make fascism look good or are too direct and preachy to be funny.

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Let's just throw all the npc xenos into one codex, it's not like any of their fluff is worth reading anyway.

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How do you spread them out? What squad sizes?

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White all over with pink groin and butt plates.

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>The inferno pistol especially so
>Paying 20 points for shitty melta
A-Atleast Blood Angels get cool Melta options. Right? R-Right?

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Blue and orange

>> No.56250143

Deathwatch absolutely. Grey Knights actually have some mechanics that are different and share barely any units with codex marines.

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I mean why not? Orks and Nids are pretty similar. Could throw Eldar together into one book also Dark Eldar aren't that different outside of fluff. Just throw the Tau into the Guard Codex as some small Xeno Faction.

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don't forget the scout and dreadnought rules
oh and the flyers
and the characters
and the rules for taking champions in each unit

to be fair the book war sincere, the films were more or less a parody of the books

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R8, h8 or ber8

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>the book was sincere
End your life

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Guess I can call it a day, right?

Battalion Detachment [53 PL, 999pts]

Brotherhood Champion: 2: Hammer of Righteousness, Curiass of Sacrifice, Hammerhand, Storm bolter, Warlord
Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: Dreadfist, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon Greathammer

Strike Squad
- 4x Grey Knight (Falchions): 4x Storm Bolter
- Grey Knight Justicar: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm bolter
2x Terminator Squad
- Grey Knight Terminator Justicar: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm bolter
- 4x Terminator (Falchions): 4x Storm Bolter

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While the movies intent was satire, the novel was not. Robert A. Heinlein intended the novel to be how he thought the world should be ran.

While the movie was slightly campy, its message is the same as the book.

>> No.56250186

Good film.

>> No.56250193

so now that the codex is out can Jain Zar take on Lelith Hesperax and win?

i use guardians in my eldar army, 10 with a gun. they did alright against orks and they allowed me to engage with the shining spears when i wanted. didn't protect the farseer from getting charged but that was a major tactical blunder on my part

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>> No.56250196

My first models from the start collecting box, did I do good?

Ignore the bit on the sword... I fixed that already.

>> No.56250219

>moviefag doesn't realize the book was never satire

>> No.56250223

Is this good?


£32.49 squid for DoW1, DoW2, Space Marine. All DLC, Expansions and so on.

>> No.56250226

I have him babysit my 3 Plagueburst Crawlers with Entropy Cannons. This way they are really fucking deadly and make all the guardfags at my LGS cry. Also I love Plague Marines but they just haven't been cost effective at all so I just run 2x5 of them with plasmas. Also Blightlords are great for both shooty and choppy.

>> No.56250232

Remove moldlines and magnetize your stuff mate. Buy a drill for $2 and 100 magnets for $1 on aliexpress

>> No.56250241

I want to run a Primaris-only army.

How did I do?

Battalion Detachment

Captain in Gravis Armour (Boltstorm Gauntlet, MC Power Sword) - 137
Primaris Lieutenants x2 (MC Auto Bolt Rifle) - 148

Intercessor Squad [5 Man] (Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Power Sword) - 105
Intercessor Squad [5 Man] (Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Power Sword) - 105
Intercessor Squad [5 Man] (Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Power Sword) - 105

Redemptor Dreadnought (Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod, 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Redemptor Fist) - 206

Hellblaster Squad [5 Man] (Plasma Incinerator) - 165

TOTAL: 971/1000

>> No.56250242

>using Terminators over Paladins
You hurt me brother
Why do you do this?
Do you want to autolose every game?
NEVER use terminators. No amount of CP or obsec in the world will ever make them a viable alternative to Paladins.

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>> No.56250244

Good Luck, anon. Also, 2 things?

Is the audio quality that I hear a product of a bad mic on the recording device or limitations of the board itself?

How is the soundboard controlled? Because if your FLGS can't turn off that sound I'd feel real bad for them.

Those are just my legit concerns. I really do wish you lots o luck.

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Man, remember when this use to be good looking?

>> No.56250252

Does he have to hotglue his models?

>> No.56250256

Well in 7e it had the +1A going for it, and now in 8e the change to pistols might make it good for dealing with termies and monsters in melee, and/or good for squads that are going to be charging land raiders to begin with (I don't know, I haven't used them).
That said, the fact that they're more expensive than combi-meltas puts the kibosh on them by default, I'm just considering whether there's any use for them as sub-optimal but not garbage weapons for modelling coolness factor.

>> No.56250257

>He thinks a variant that can literally be represented by a one-line rule on the basic scout/dreadnought sheet warrants a seperate codex
Anon do you have mental damage?

>> No.56250262

Yes BattleScribe format sucks we all know that.
I want the image list builder for easy sharing back

>> No.56250268


which are the smallest magnets sizes that work well?

>> No.56250270

How do you use Blightlords? Do you deepstrike them in? Surely its a bit hard to get that to work if your lord is babysitting tanks? Or do you use the DP to give them reroll 1s?

>> No.56250289

Literally preaches at you. Try again.

>> No.56250294

you can buy 1mm but I'm using 2mm and 3mm for really heavy stuff. 2mm should work fine with warriors

>> No.56250303

So I was looking around for listbuilders, and I came across Battlescribe
I'm sorry but how can something this poorly made be at all popular?

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>> No.56250321

tell me about wolfscouts anon

>> No.56250322

because its the only one out there

RIP picture list builder ;_;7

>> No.56250326

Holy shit is the Malanthrope big. How the fact it's not targetable while he's taller than a Tervigon?

>> No.56250336

That was fast.

>> No.56250340

In general, what models should I magnetize? Should I do it to all my models?

>> No.56250348

Fucking lol.

>> No.56250349

They’re overpriced as fuck for hammer units, and heir guns don’t lend hem selves to the task unless you go pure combi-melta (even then you won’t get melta rule).

They’re better as objective-taking/holding units that can nab you a couple of vp. Just build them barebones.

>> No.56250355

Yes, even the gaunts

>> No.56250358

>Blue and orange
Those are nice colors, actually.

>> No.56250359

He's only doing it for 1000 points but you're absolutely right. For 9pts you get beefier terminators that excel at their job.

>> No.56250367

it used to be better

>> No.56250368

at first glance looked like whole army was unpainted, i was pleasantly surprised.

sneaky colourscheme is sneaky

>> No.56250375

I'm thinking of running them with 3 combi-bolters, 1 reaper autocannon and 1 flail. Pretty cheap and cool IMO.

>> No.56250380

Blood angels assault terminators

Priest needed?
2 claw 3 shield?

>> No.56250382

As a nids player you should magnetize everything. I mean it

>> No.56250385

>mfw my Chaplain cooks a Deamon prince alive in melee using an Inferno Pistol
>mfw same Chaplain survives next turn, moves up to a Chaos Sorcerer, and cooks him too

>> No.56250389

Mm... I 'member.

>> No.56250392

Deepstrike them in, take a second Lord to buff them if you have to. If you've got two other Elites you want to take then you can easily net an extra CP with a vanguard detachment.

>> No.56250395

Whoever made the 8th edition files was retarded

>> No.56250415

How is guilliman not targetable when he's almost twice as tall as a tactical marine?

>> No.56250422

Yeah, this >>56250359
LGS is selling nemesis dreadknight, two boxes of GK terminators and a box of GKs with 50% discount and I want to brew up a casual army

>> No.56250423


He's one of the few at the store who actually is working on his army when he says he's working on his army. Can't wait until his stuff is done, will be a lot of fun to play against.

>> No.56250431

I use them as tanky obj holders. I run them with 3x combi bolters, 1x Flail and 1x Reaper autocannon. The flail really shines when fags charge in so I always take it.

>> No.56250441

Nigger are you me from the future or something?


>> No.56250447

There is a difference between taller than a marine and as tall as the biggest not Titan size monster.

>> No.56250453

What about them? They're literally the scouts entry except for the wolf guard leader, which can trivially be solved with a line stating "Space Wolf Scouts may include a Wolf Guard Pack Leader".

Big. Fucking. Deal.

Too bad only children and literal tards play Space Wolves and would rage about the unit no longer being named Wolf Scouts.

Here's a little anecdote: The last two Space Wolves players in my FLGS were kicked out, one for grabbing people's asses and the other for literally shitting himself twice.

>> No.56250457

plot armour

>> No.56250461

>those old raptor designs
you're tearing me apart anon

>> No.56250474

Anyone know when the new tyranids ST is?

>> No.56250476

Those old jetpacks and the 4 directional feet were the best. I miss them.

>> No.56250491

Combi-plasma my dude, either the full squad or all but one so you can take a flail. You can't afford to spend that much on a squad and not have them kill stuff.

>> No.56250502

they look nice, i havent seen grey used on any nids before.
i bet that guard armys anuses and turrets got egged hard

>> No.56250505


>> No.56250514

I just walked into a "toy city" to look at items for my soon to be nephew and walked out with a five pack of Guardsmen. What is this warp sorcery?

>> No.56250523

All the dawn of war titles and space marines titles are worth it, just for the single player.
It may be hard to find a mp game, these days but if you've never played any of the game it's worth it.
It's also not like games these days with a 4 hour single player campaign either.
You get your money's worth.

>> No.56250538

>All the dawn of war titles and space marines titles are worth it, just for the single player.
What about 3?

>> No.56250542


I am the guard player, and yes, the malanthrope -1 to hit screwed me pretty hard that game

>> No.56250543

Everything dawg. Nids are pretty versatile in what they can use, and you'll regret it later when the next edition starts and you have a bunch of shit that isnt playable anymore.

>> No.56250545

We dont talk about 3

>> No.56250557

I've played through the SM campaign 6 times already. The combat is fucking spot-on.

>> No.56250563

Switching to Paladins is better any time though, even at 1k points.
Let me explain:

5 Terminators (falchions and a hammer): 253 points
>10 wounds
>8 falchion attacks, 3 hammer attacks on a 4+
>5 Storm bolters

4 Paladins (falchions and a hammer): 233 points
>12 wounds (also need to lose 3 wounds instead of 2 before the unit gets "worse")
>9 falchion attacks, 3 hammer attacks on a 3+
>4 storm bolters

Paladins are better at anything Terminators can do EXCEPT having more storm bolters, but funnily enough, even that isnt an issue, since because Paladins are 20 points cheaper you can pretty much grab an extra Strike for your storm bolter needs.
Plus, Paladins have other, more inconspicuous advantadges as well:
>more easily and costeffectively buffed by support characters like ancients and apothecaries
>WAY more resistant to TEQ killer weapons like plasma since most of those kinds of weapons do 2 damage

If you make your list like this:
>Brotherhood Champion
>GM Dreadknight

>5 Strikes with a hammer
>4 Paladins with a hammer
>4 Paladins with a Hammer

You have about 40 or so points left to spend. Drop another Paladin, and you have 90 points to buy an Apothecary, run a Vanguard Detatchement, have 7 Paladins (which is still better than 10 Terminators) and have an apothecary to heal and resurrect your already tough as bricks units.

>> No.56250565

dumb frogposter

>> No.56250570

Yea but is that weapon literally worth the price of a single death Company marine?

>> No.56250574

>Double tracks

>> No.56250578

Someone saved the point costs for nids ?

>> No.56250581

Started work on stripping the paint off my Dunecrawler, 2 Rat-Ogres, 20 Skitarii and assorted Cult Mech stuff that just needs the primer thinned down some so as not to obscure detail.

This'll take a while, since it's dark by the time I get home on weekdays so I can only strip on weekends. Managed to sort out half the Dunecrawler and most of the ogres today.

>> No.56250594


for being t h i c c er, you pleb

>> No.56250598

yeah its awesome, i play nids and my guard enemy likes them just as much as you.
gz for the beautiful army btw

>> No.56250603

How can you just buy five dudes? It's a ten pack. Is this some ghetto shrinkwrap deal or are you a fucking idiot?

>> No.56250604

In my short experience, yes. However, I hope to see it drop slightly. 16pts would be fine. Only use them on HQs, however.

>> No.56250608

>Yvraine making anything in my army shoot twice

Is soulbursting OP?

>> No.56250619

In case one breaks.

If it was a combi-melta he couldn't have done that.

It's grav pistols and worst of all, hand flamers, that are truly terrible. Maybe if a hand flamer was D6 shots it might be worth 8 points.

It is you who is the idiot.

>> No.56250621

The ones that are better get taken down by GW. On 8th's launch we had this great website that worked more or less perfectly and made easy to read lists but GW's lawyers went after it. RIP list builder.

Battlescribe is pretty bad though. Most irritating thing for eldar is that they randomly bump the price of the hemlock and 2/3 of the autarchs up so all your 2k armies featuring those units either error out on the desktop version or are over your limit on the mobile version.

>> No.56250624

Theyre like those things in musical greeting cards, the best I can really do without an actual power source really.

>> No.56250626

will this do

>> No.56250630

Especially if you're the kind of WAACfag who cheats and uses Craftworld Attributes with ynarri

>> No.56250632

>> No.56250653

all hammers, ancient, captain and libby

>> No.56250657


>> No.56250667

I have 2 of them on my Assault Sergeants. It was for the Gunslinger bonus of last edition i swear.

>> No.56250669

It's okay to buy FW

>> No.56250675

You asshole

>> No.56250677

> One thick layer of blue

>> No.56250686

I do not believe you anon

>> No.56250703

>Imperium players unironically think they're the good guys
haven't seen people miss the point of a work of fiction this hard since the steven universe shit

>> No.56250714

But anon, (You) miss the point of a work of fiction this hard: this one.

>> No.56250724


>> No.56250727

The Imperium is preserving human life so they are the good guys from our perspective

>> No.56250730

if you can't stand something telling you fascism is bad without thinking it's preachy that's on you famalam

>> No.56250737

You were beaten to it so it's alright. He got blue and orange.

>> No.56250744

Epic maymays. Next you'll go crying about white genocide like your friend computer ordered you. Good boy.

>> No.56250745

>Being this butthurt that people don't exactly align with your political beliefs

>> No.56250749

The humans in 40k aren’t even us. They’re as genetically different to us as we are to chimps.

>> No.56250762

Had a rough 4th of November?

>> No.56250773

More akin to us vs us before fucking neanderthals out of existence. Unless you are taking Abhumans into the equation, then, yes, you are in fact correct.

>> No.56250789

Depends on what you compare it to. In a vacuum, fuck yes. Next to Imperial or Chaos Soup, it's about on par.

>> No.56250797

That's very far-fetched

>> No.56250799

>5 lasguns
Literally worthless. Why would this even exist? It's the single worst weapon in the game.

>> No.56250814

Oh thank christ

>> No.56250815



>> No.56250825

humans in 40k are not any morally better or more deserving or being rooted for than any other faction just because they're humans. ask yourself, if you gave the imperium race blue skin and horns and called them meerphits, would you still think they're the good guys?

>> No.56250843

>being this butthurt people talk shit about literal nazis
containment board is thataways friendo

>> No.56250854

Thank you pal, that's a great help.

Vanguard Detachment [61 PL, 994pts]

Brotherhood Champion: 2: Hammer of Righteousness, Curiass of Sacrifice, Hammerhand, Storm bolter, Warlord
Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: Dreadfist, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon Greathammer

Strike Squad
- 4x Grey Knight (Falchions): 4x Storm Bolter
- Grey Knight Justicar: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm bolter

Apothecary: Nemesis Falchion
Paladin Squad
- 3x Paladin (Falchions): 3x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter
Paladin Squad
- 2x Paladin (Falchions): 2x Storm Bolter
- Paragon: Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter

Shame I will not use all my models. Also I can't find any apothecary in country online stores but maybe someone on FB groups will sell me one.
Is it worth to drop the Greathammer and Psycannon on GM DK for a Greatsword/Dreadfist and Incinerator?

>> No.56250870

Truths you don't want to acknowledge aren't bait, anon.

>> No.56250877

>every captain can take a relic blade
>except the captain on a bike

>> No.56250886

>Everyone who doesn't agree with me is a nazi
Fuck off cunt

>> No.56250902

> The Bike is the Relic

>> No.56250904


The entire point of 40k is that no faction is moral by our standards. It's a galaxy full of monsters, and all the noble good guys have died out already. It's a setting of grim darkness where there are only shades of evil. The Imperium is a faction of ignorance, hatred, and never ending war...because it has to be to survive. That's what makes 40k different from Star Trek, where all aliens are just different colored humans and they can talk their problems out at the Space UN.

>> No.56250918

>follow reply chain up
>current subject matter of this specific argument is, in fact, actual nazis

not even that guy, but what?

>> No.56250919

>mfw most of my saved me images are from Guardfags
Remember to thank your local Guardanons for providing steady OC and generally friendly vibes!

>> No.56250932

>"dont think. FEEEL"
pure jewish propaganda

I still liked it apart from the speech at the end.

>> No.56250935


You're either baiting or too stupid to be worth writing responses to. If it's the latter, I pity you.

>> No.56250937

Apothecary bits are in the Terminator kit. You just make one of your Terminators an Apothecary.

Incinerators are really a waste on a GMDK, he has BS2+ after all. Stick with Psilencer/Psycannon. Hammer or Sword works though, I personally just use the Sword because the hammer looks like shit.

>> No.56250957

I'm always reading/hearing how great Mortarion is, but if I don't want to run him in a Death Guard army am I making a terrible mistake? Also, what do y'all think looks better on Death Guard, the white armor or the green?

>> No.56250970

Dude. I'm not calling you a nazi because you disagree with me. We are talking about fascism and satires of it, specifically of Nazism.

>> No.56250975

Know what'd be cool?

A list of like, potted plot hooks for space marine chapters. Because I'm having a hell of a time trying to fluff mine out.

>> No.56250976


You will never have to thank us for doing what we love, anon. Glad you enjoy it, though.

>> No.56250981

Very enlightened post m'galaxy brained friend, but the point was that preachiness is not a quality a film should have if it's intending to be satirically humorous, or even just plain entertaining most of the time. Unless you think An Inconvenient Truth is more entertaining than even a mediocre environmentalist-ish film like Avatar.

>the one guy who spergs out at the merest whiff of /pol/-related humour
Clockwork. Did /pol/ run over your dog or something?

>> No.56250993

Probably how they'll end up anyway

>> No.56251003

you should be fine. Drath Guard units are fairly killy an durable on their own, Morty is just a big beatstick centerpiece

compare/contrast thousand sons, who need to be invincible gods of tactics fellating tzeentch himself to win without Magnus

>> No.56251007

no arguments there. i'm simply saying that that makes the imperium as bad as everyone else (roughly speaking, in truth they're better than most except eldar and tau), not the heroes a lot of their fans and a fair chunk of the writers want to make them out to be.

like this fellow, for instance. cannot even make an argument against the imperium not being good guys so he just resorts to screeching.

>> No.56251023

>What's this meme again?

>> No.56251028

>the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: "theres actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron"

>> No.56251030

but that's wrong you retard. It is definitely morally just to ensure the survival of your own species, and the fact that we are humans makes their actions just from our perspective.

>> No.56251031

>why can't someone who's driving a motorcycle use a two-handed sword

>> No.56251033

That just means it's orange and thick layers of blue.

>> No.56251039

anyone got the swarmlord rules page?

>> No.56251042

Let me guess, either:
Hes not your president
You have a big nose?

>> No.56251060

Just tape it to the side, though that would be a power lance/spear.

>> No.56251078

Go with normal Green IMO.

White looks better on cleaner models whereas the new DG ones are quite filled with variations.

>> No.56251080

Marines should just be retconned outta the setting. They make for boring fluff points and Primarchs are making the setting even more boring with them showing up and saving the day all the time.

>> No.56251086

>Apothecary bits are in the Terminator kit. You just make one of your Terminators an Apothecary.
... is it possible to go full poorfag and make a Brotherhood Champion with Terminator kit?
>Stick with Psilencer/Psycannon. Hammer or Sword works though
Alright, so I'm gonna stick with the current build. Now I have to work out which sanctic powers should I use and I'm ready to go

>> No.56251093



I was saying you must be baiting because it seems to me anyone who has been playing this hobby longer than 2 weeks should understand what I said about the setting. I can't really imagine that there are people who legitimately think this is a classic good guy/bad guy universe. It's not a satire (at least not in this incarnation, it kind of was back in the 80s), it's a statement about how sometimes there simply is no "good" as we understand it.

>> No.56251095

40k should be shut down and turned into Star Trek with no humans and less unnecessary sexism

>> No.56251111


This is why I'm making homebrew Asshole Marines.

Because the Imperium should be asshole. I'm sick of Marines being portrayed unironically as heroes. They're Nietzschean ubermensch. They're BARELY human.

>> No.56251123

>he doesn't wield two-handed swords with one hand

>> No.56251128

>it's a statement about how sometimes there simply is no "good" as we understand it.
As you "understand" it.

>> No.56251133

If you're new or want cleaner looking models go green. If you're more experience and are willing to do some weathering effects go white.

>> No.56251134

Those already exist, actually a lot of them exist. The exception is pretty much the Salamanders.

>> No.56251137

I just occurred to me that besides that double tracked faggot, 80% of Guard memes are from PEACH Anon. I miss him

>> No.56251144


Which faction is moral by our modern standards, anon? Humor me.

>> No.56251145

what chapter tactic?

"Shoot into melee like an asshole"
"Sneak around like an asshole"
"Ignore cover like an asshole"
"run away and charge someone else like an asshole"
"ignore wounds like an asshole"
"charge into melee faster like an asshole"

>> No.56251146

>implying my DC don't

>> No.56251154

Look up the fluff for the purge.

>> No.56251161

I don't know why /tg/ sucks off the Lamenters so much, they are boring as shit and basically Salamanders minus the fun part (fire)

>> No.56251162


>> No.56251168


Yeah, but they're rarely the focus. It's usually chapters like Ultramarines and Blood Angels, who are usually portrayed as heroes. And genetically modified living weapons aren't particularly fun heroes.

>> No.56251169

If you wouldn't fight to preserve your species and your way of life, YOU are "not good".

>> No.56251171

My favorite are those Iron Hands successors who go out of their way to fuck with Lorgar. Red Talons?

>> No.56251184

you're not ensuring jackshit anon, you're supporting one faction among many in a fictional universe. you can support the imperium because they're human all you like, that's valid, but it doesn't give them the moral high ground.

ah, my mistake then. i apologize. but i definitely do disagree with you in that people don't consider the imperium to be the good guys, because many most definitely do. the vast majority of official gw lore outside the codices being from the perspective of humanity doesn't help, to be sure.

>> No.56251185

The legions that unironically saw themselves as being above humans all went traitor> Sons of Horus werew the exception, because they were pretty moralfag and deeply loved humanity.

The legions that unironically saw themselves as humans and humanity's protectors all remained loyal. Space Wolves being the exception to this rule because they didn't really give a shit about humanity. It was just a job (and one they enjoyed a lot).

>> No.56251186

Just finished Black Legion. Better than Talon of Horus since the MC is toned down.

The book nearly had a really terrible plot twist but was redeemed in the end as it was misdirection.

One thing I don't get, why are so many people from so many legions willing to unite under the banner of some generic fatty Death Guard Lord? I figured that he'd be leading just Death Guard vs the Black Legion.

>> No.56251187

The average human in 40k is 7 feet tall.
Source is Gaunt's Ghosts.

>> No.56251188

>Shoot into melee like an asshole
Who does that?

>> No.56251192

every faction confirmed good, you heard it here first folks

we noblebright now

>> No.56251195

>playing Blood Angels
Can't Wait till you Special Snowflake Chapter gets squatted.

>> No.56251200

Are riots in the Imperium like this?
>The 1921 Tulsa race riot was the result of economic competition, and white resentment of black successes in Greenwood, which was compared to Wall Street and filled with independent businesses. In the immediate event, black people resisted white people who tried to lynch 19-year-old Dick Rowland, who worked at shoeshines. Thirty-nine people (26 black, 13 white) were confirmed killed. An early 21st century investigation of these events has suggested that the number of casualties could be much higher. White mobs set fire to the black Greenwood district, destroying 1,256 homes and as many as 200 businesses. Fires leveled 35 blocks of residential and commercial neighborhood. Black people were rounded up by the Oklahoma National Guard and put into several internment centers, including a baseball stadium. White rioters in airplanes shot at black refugees and dropped improvised kerosene bombs and dynamite on them.
>Numerous eyewitnesses described airplanes carrying white assailants, who fired rifles and dropped firebombs on buildings, homes, and fleeing families. The planes, possibly including six biplane two-seater trainers left over from World War I as well as other privately-owned aircraft, were dispatched from the nearby Curtiss-Southwest Field outside Tulsa.[1][23] Law enforcement officials later stated that the planes were to provide reconnaissance and protect against a "Negro uprising".[23] Law enforcement personnel were thought to be aboard at least some flights.[1] Eyewitness accounts, such as testimony from the survivors during Commission hearings and a manuscript by eyewitness and attorney Buck Colbert Franklin discovered in 2015, said that on the morning of June 1, men in the planes dropped incendiary bombs and fired rifles at black residents on the ground.

>> No.56251206

harlequins, salamanders (as long as you don't care about bbqing xenos women and children), and farsight enclaves?

>> No.56251211

>If you're more experience and are willing to do some weathering effects go white.
Weathering won't be a problem. I've a large collection of Orks that all needed weathering and rust effects.

>> No.56251212


I've yet to decide! Ignore wounds is a front-runner, just because they SHOULD be the sort of fuckers who don't die. Fighting a marine should be like fighting a fucking terminator. With their redundant organs and shit, you should have to double tap the fuckers just to stop them coming at you.

>> No.56251219

>his chapter doesn't its own dedicated codex
[laughs in nipple-plate]

>> No.56251220

There really should be something to address this
I mean Smashfucker is supposed to have a Lightning Claw and a Thunder Hammer, how does he even steer his fucking bike?

>> No.56251225


>> No.56251226

So I'm back with a new list after hitting up the shops. Let me know how it looks. I'm not sure if I wanna take Purgators or Interceptors, but I want to take 2 squads of one of them. I don't much like sitting back and shooting generally, so I'll probably do Interceptors.

Hot-shot Scions and Interceptors deploy on the board with one of the Tempestors, the other will drop with the plasma Scions probably after turn one. Then the Terminators and such come onto the board and wreck face.

Well aware of lack of anti-tank but not really all that concerned about it. Also I made good progress on my Inquisitor (Voldus) since then.

IG Battalion - Stormtroopers
*WARLORD* Tempestor Prime - Command Rod, Kurov's Aquila, Grand Strategist, Power Maul

Tempestor Prime - Command Rod, Power Maul

10x Scions - 4x Volleyguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol

10x Scions - 4x Volleyguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol

10x Scions - 4x Plasmaguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol

10x Scions - 4x Plasmaguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol

GK Vanguard
Voldus - Gate, Vortex, Sanctuary

Apothecary - Warding Stave, Sanctuary

Paladin Ancient - Purge Soul

Paladin Squad - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Paladin Squad - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Interceptor Squad - 4x with Falchions, Justicar with Hammer, Hammerhand

Interceptor Squad - 4x with Falchions, Justicar with Hammer, Hammerhand

Vortimer Razorback - Twin Psycannon, Stormbolter

Vortimer Razorback - Twin Psycannon, Stormbolter

Brotherhood Champion isn't in Terminator armor, he's in power armor, so no. Just order one of the old metal GKs off ebay, I think they're like 6 bucks or so and stand out well.

>> No.56251228

Reminder that most 40k factions do not fight for survival, but rather for their own ideologies. Only Tyranids and maybe Necrons aim for the complete and utter annihilation of all life.

>> No.56251229

I mean you aren't really wrong.

>> No.56251233

Unlike squats, Blood Angels are pretty good at surviving against Tyranids*.
*Does not apply to Tyranids on Space Hulks

>> No.56251256

Those are not Marines though

>> No.56251258

I used the emperors champion for mine

>> No.56251260

Is your commander going to use smashfucker's build

and just be an unkillable juggernaut

>> No.56251272


I'm going all-Primaris, so no.

>> No.56251278

Eyes are great on that

Silver is a little T H I C C

>> No.56251279

>T H I C C

>> No.56251290

I was shorthanding the Ultramarines' "fall back and shoot"

[laughs in hellblaster] I approve anon

>> No.56251291

>Pretty Good at surviving
>Needed a Daemon and guilliman to save them
Yea sure Pretty good

>> No.56251292

Lost to the Tau playing the Relic today. Was forge world Graia. The 6++ to ignore being slain almost never happens and I don't know why I thought it would be worth it.

>> No.56251304

>that brown crisis suit in the bottom-right having a great day

my sides

>> No.56251307

Ah, the guttural rabbling of an npc race, to be so insecure.

>> No.56251314

then go salamanders, get that T6 gravis armour

>> No.56251316

>all these drones
Sad. T'au deserve to have a good infantry in this edition

>> No.56251317


> i definitely do disagree with you in that people don't consider the imperium to be the good guys, because many most definitely do

The Imperium are about as good as it gets in this setting, anon. That's actually kind of the point, and it's why a lot of guys find this setting so interesting. It's the inverse of the "democratization of space" myth that scifi has been peddling since 1960s Star Trek. Humans in this place commit atrocities, enslave their own kind, brainwash themselves with dogma, and kill everything that doesn't look like they do...and the kicker is, they are CORRECT to do this, because if they didn't they'd be pulled apart by hellish daemonspawn, xenos that are waiting to carve them up, literal extragalactic monsters, and other nightmares. There is no choice but to be a shade darker than we are comfortable with in our wealthy progressive age right now.

So no, people aren't entirely "wrong" when they latch onto the Imperium as protagonists, because in a universe of darkness like this all evil is relative...and relatively speaking, the Imperium is the goddamn holy city compared to what's out there. That doesn't excuse its "evils", but you are wrong to dismiss it as villainous without considering the context in which the Imperium lives.

>> No.56251327

Ultramarines barely survived the first tyrannic war without the entire Ultramarian PDF (which is absolutely fucking hueg), the entire Ultramarian fleet (which is absolutely fucking hueg), and a large consignment of Guard (a fucking hueg one) all chipping in.

>> No.56251337

>you can support the imperium because they're human all you like, that's valid, but it doesn't give them the moral high ground.
Who said anything about the highground? there isn't a God (well, not in the Abrahamic sense) in 40k, which means that absolute morality means fuck all. Saying they're justified is not the same thing as saying they're better or worse, because that implies a whole lot of subjective (at least in the context of 40k's universe) stuff.
And yes, they are ensuring their own survival. to deny that is just retarded

>> No.56251344


Why is number of hands a limiting factor?

>> No.56251358

The Blood Angels lost 5 Chapter masters and pretty much have to bolster their ranks with primaris to even still be a threat.

>> No.56251362

Too bad Marines can't get the amazing tactic of "order a unit if men to engage in melee then order another squad to shoot into it while I use my heirloom Pistol to shoot cowards trying to leave the melee because we're shooting at them".

>> No.56251363

I'm not going to say "this is good in the way modern nu-male anon thinks so".
The Imperium is good, they are not soft and cuddly, that's the whole point. Perhaps an alternate interpretation of the basic gist of the "not the Good Guys cos not nice" shtick, but the only one that completes the picture.

>> No.56251374

I'm interested,
what do the better Nid players think how our competitive lists will look like?

>> No.56251381

Is Rise of the Ynnari: Ghost Warrior available on epub?

>> No.56251387

>I mean Smashfucker is supposed to have a Lightning Claw and a Thunder Hammer
>how does he even steer his fucking bike?
>try to steer bike
>one hand is already holding thunder hammer
>only free hand is lightning claw
>try to use that hand to steer
>lighting short circuits the bike's engines
>guess we're walking now
>get off bike
>enemy approaching your position
>go to two-hand your thunder hammer
>accidentally cut it in half with lighting claw
>hammer head falls on yours
>4 S8 AP-3 D3 attacks straight to the forehead
>enemy arrives to see a dead SM captain with one of his weapons and his bike absolutely destroyed
>head was used to paint the walls, floors, and ceilings around him for at least 10 feet
>no one from the enemy army was supposed to be in the area before that squad arrived
They'd be pretty fucking confused I bet.

>> No.56251402

>our moderns standards
Whose? There is a whole lot of debate over what is moral or not, to act like their is a singular consensus is retarded

>> No.56251407

Luck is a skill, and Blood Angels* are damn skilled.
Lamenters do not count. They don't even wear red.

>> No.56251408

And the Ultramarines lost nearly everyone. It's SSDD, nigger. Everyone's been at "the birnk" at one point or another.

>> No.56251410


Harlequins I don't know much about, so I'll have to give that one to you by default. Salamanders are Imperial, last I checked. Farsight enclaves...sure, given they are rebelling against the Tau, whom you or someone else arguing your point called good guys not 20 minutes ago in this very thread.

These are all minor subfactions that you mentioned, splintered off of larger ones, and none would have survived on its own without being a part of a larger (and darker) civilisation. Farsight enclaves did not invent the technology that it uses to defend itself. Harlequins use Eldar tech and survive by allying with either Craftworld or Dark Eldar as it suits them, or hiding in the webway. Salamanders endure as one piece of an enormous Imperium with over 1000 such marine chapters in it, and you'd better believe it all 1000 of those chapters were as soft as the Salamanders are, there would be no astartes and no Imperium. Everything you mentioned survives because of the endurance of larger factions that have sacrificed their moral compass just to live.

>> No.56251429

I got these bases a long time ago, but I can't remember where from. Can anyone identify them?

>> No.56251430

Is this a meme I'm missing or just grimdark?

>> No.56251446

> Guess we're walking now
Not too bad, he was already wearing Cataphractii Armour

>> No.56251464


see what I wrote >>56251317

since I don't want to type it twice. I think we all agree, jsut with somewhat different words.

>> No.56251485

Yea but they are the best of the best Space Marine faction. Unlike the Blood Angels who don't even have a primarch anymore.

>> No.56251509

Can anyone repost the "new Dark Angels Land Raider Doors have chaos symbols" meme pic?

>> No.56251532

So is that DA leak that says the Lion is coming back have any backing? Not doubting it just curious because I think the Lion coming back would be awesome.

>> No.56251539

Are there any good sites or sources to find a bunch of 'singleplayer' narrative play type scenarios for squad/skirmish scale play? Or like those chess win in x-moves puzzles from a fixed starting position to focus on flanking or particular stuff?

This is something I just set up for a little beginner practice/experiment with enemies only engaging when you enter line of sight or you attack them. Bullets are proxies for ig and autocannon I really new to this, I love the fluff, have for years but got a starter kit only very recently.

I'm probably more into lore and the collecting than legit competitive gameplay and I will paint these guys eventually, but just want some fun little scenarios to play around with for now.

Like some kind of killteam type scenario games?

>> No.56251549

That's because Sanguinius sacrificied himself to allow the Emperor to defeat Horus.
Remind me, where was Guiliman during the Siege of Terra ?

>> No.56251554


Dunno, i just watched 5 minutes of Cancer master Valrak on youtube talk about it

>> No.56251570

So you want a DM controlled scenario basically?

>> No.56251575

Its actually not really thicc at all in real life, though, since I thin my paint alot. I dont know wheither its the lighting or the camera, all my shit looks way thiccer on camera than it is for some reason.

>> No.56251585

i can understand this argument, but there's more than a couple flaws in it. for one, there's the tau and eldar's way of living, which is significantly less fanatical, oppressive and genocidal. granted, those are much, much smaller than the imperium, but that's not exactly a point in its favor -- the imperium's massive size is not a necessity for humanity to exist in the setting, and it results in a lot of strife and suffering due to the bloated bureaucracy that runs most of it.

the problem is that there seem to be two "currents" in general 40k lore with regards to the imperium. one, running closer to the original rogue trader fluff, has it as this comically, ridiculously oppressive and evil regime full of incompetence and dogmatism, that isn't like it is due to necessity but due to sheer inertia. it's satiric, it's bleak and it's darkly humorous in places. it could be better, but it isn't because the sheer size of it and the entrenchedness of its institutions makes change all but impossible, and so we have this giant rotting husk that stomps on a human face, forever.

the other current, which is much more strongly favored by many authors, is as you present it. the galaxy is a relentlessly horrible place, and you have to be equally as horrible to survive. the imperium isn't a shithole because people are too stupid to fix it, it's because they're barely hanging on and every atrocity they commit is the very least bad option. condemning independent thought as heresy is necessary, because else you get forgotten technology fucking shit up and rebellions destroying systems and daemonic incursions and xenos pouncing on weaknesses. this is the direction that the setting has been trending towards for quite some time, because it allows you to write remotely sympathetic protagonists and makes the setting more quote unquote mature for people who want that.

continued, got some thoughts to put out here.

>> No.56251598

>just because they SHOULD be the sort of fuckers who don't die. Fighting a marine should be like fighting a fucking terminator. With their redundant organs and shit, you should have to double tap the fuckers just to stop them coming at you.

First of all, even in the first Terminator the experienced soldier said that he didn't know if they could kill him "with these weapons." The dynamite did a number on that fucking thing.

Second, yes. The Space Marines are so biologically tough that they'd be nearly impossible to kill...By modern standards. But everything in 40k is already on or way past that level of arms escalation. Space Marines may be miracles of combat by our 21st century standards, but they are essentially the baseline for 40k standards. Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids are also biologically engineered in more advanced ways than Space Marines. Tau railguns can punch straight through Space Marine armor and suck the redundant organs of the Space Marine through the hole in the back by force of the vacuum left in the slug's wake.

Third, fuck you. 40k is a game. If both players aren't having fun, then you're a piece of shit.

>> No.56251601

Does 8e have anything resembling Kill-Team rules?

Love me some kill-team

>> No.56251604

>Guard have magic heresy seeking flamers and marines dont

>> No.56251618

Wait, are you that guy who converted the Dreadknight to look a million times better?

>> No.56251623

I saw it on Faeit 212 and all said was it was from the Inner Circle Facebook group and essentially the guy leaking it was saying "mydadworksfornintendo" tier excuse or some shit. GW tends to leak stuff a lot so I wouldn't be surprised if it were real and the leaked stuff looks like rules GW would put out but I'm not 100% convinced of course.

>> No.56251630


>Guard have magic heresy seeking flamers and marines dont
84% of the time, they work EVERY time.

>> No.56251643

Shadow War and Necromunda aren't 8th edition rules persay but they are similar Skirmish-based games in the 40k setting.

>> No.56251650

Not yet, but maybe in Chapter Approved.

>> No.56251652

Nope, thats not me. You can tell pretty easily from the way his sword and eyes are painted, they look airbrushed, where as I use blending. I also dont ever want to field a dreadknight, EVER. I hate those shits.

...that actually looks pretty cool,

>> No.56251654


>Third, fuck you. 40k is a game. If both players aren't having fun, then you're a piece of shit.

Senpai, that was a hell of an escalation. Where did I say I didn't want my opponent having fun? Someone asked me which chapter tactic my custom chapter were going to use, I responded, and justified why I picked that particular chapter tactic.

Woo-sah, my man. Breathe.

>> No.56251657

>If both players aren't having fun, then you're a piece of shit.
I don't disagree, I just wanted an excuse to post this

>> No.56251678

whoops. accidentally posted my one for star citizen

>> No.56251679

anyone got the link to the imgur gallery with the nid rules pages?

>> No.56251684

the problem, the big big proble, is that recent fluff gives the lie to the second part in a way that makes me feel that not only are writers missing the point of the original rogue trader angle, but also the newer vision as exposed above. that is, now guilliman is back, cawl showed up out of fucking nowhere, and they're gonna turn this boat around. they're bringing in new technology, pulling out even better marines out of their ass, deposing corrupt institutions and defeating villains left and right. this completely shits on both views, because for starters it reveals that yes, all along, things could've been better if someone smart enough had just come along to straighten things out. technological advancement was possible and not dangerous, it just needed someone smart enough to do it. it's symptomatic of what's been creeping into 40k ever since horus heresy took off, because people really like their movie superheroes to be the center of the fluff. primarchs enforce this sort of great-man-theory effect on the whole setting, where everything bad is bad because of some dastardly villain or at worst the singular mistakes of one well meaning man, and it takes a hero to fix them.

no nuance, no bleakness, no /yourdudes/. the galaxy is bad because of bad people but don't you worry, good people are here and they're gonna fix it, except they won't because the bad people have as many fans and so we end up with the same stagnation, but instead of being at all meaningful or poignant it's just the stagnancy of a superhero universe where every side has to be appeased and kept buying.

in short, i acknowledge the perspective of the imperium doing what's necessary, but a) it's not the only one and b) it's not consistent with the direction the lore appears to be going forward with.

>> No.56251707

okay, i'm gonna say this slowly. from the perspective of the imperium, they're as justified as anyone else (more or less) in ensuring their continued survival. from out of universe, ie you and me, they don't have anything making them more justified than the eldar or the tau or fuck, the tyranids or orks or whoever.

>> No.56251710


>> No.56251714

Pretty much, but without an 'actual' DM, so I guess more scripted?

Like I don't know if this is actually a 'thing' but like a black crusade crossed with dnd type tabletop?

Also a separate and mildly related question; are there any paint planning resources? Like the army painter in Dow but more representative of the actual tabletop model details so you can basically plan beforehand what you need, what order you want to put it on etc?

>> No.56251716

Yeah I was thinking on it last night since the GMDK is such a good bang for its buck. I just can't be bothered though. Not only does the pilot-part of the DK look atrocious, it's also stupidly tall. I hate that part too.

>> No.56251719

Think it was because like with Khayon, he'd dicked around and stolen/corrupted/etc something of theirs like how he'd bound Gyre, so they were essentially still of free will, but the fat fucker had some way of controlling them and making them subservient, or else death.

Him not killing or directly enslaving Khayon was simply because he was more useful as a foil to Abaddon actually having plans go successfully than as another guy on the team. Plus, he probably had a lot of people following him simply because he was a powerful warlord, and kinda not generically Death Guard since he has a semblance of personality and wasn't just all about corrupting everything with death plague snot slime entrail bullshit.

>> No.56251723

What's the best way to counter Tyranids as chaos? Obliterators are good at hurting big bugs, any other tips?

>> No.56251724


>> No.56251728


>> No.56251743

I'd take it with a mine of salt. Lots of stuff in it sound like pure wishlisting, not the least of which is Lion being almost exactly Guilliman except better.

>> No.56251754

Looking back onii-chan...
Please accept my apple-ohgies.

>> No.56251763

>from out of universe, ie you and me, they don't have anything making them more justified than the eldar or the tau or fuck, the tyranids or orks or whoever.
And i'm going to say this as fast as fuck you bitch ass little nigger, I never said they were more or less justified than anyone, just that they were.
More or less implies some sort of moral absolutes, which are non-existent in 40k
Now fuck off, because you're clearly incapable of basic reading, since I literally just said
>Saying they're justified is not the same thing as saying they're better or worse
and apparently from that you thought I was saying they're better than everyone else

>> No.56251766


>Eldar and Tau

Eldar are willing t otrample over any other life to save their own, human included, because they don't consider any other life as valuable as their own. Hence why they ally with Dark Eldar, their BDSM Hellraiser cousins who make sport of putting hooks into people and torturing them to death.

As for Tau, pic related are my thoughts on them that I wrote up a while ago. They just don't fit well in the universe because of what you are describing.

>Satire current vs modern current

I agree, as I alluded to >>56251093 there, but what I and I'm pretty sure most people in 40k like about 40k is the modern tone, not the vintage one. 40k has matured into something heavier than its original heavy metal album cover Doomrider chainsaw combat stuff, and yeah, I kind of like it that way and while I can only speak for myself I am confident most people like it this way.

>> No.56251776

IS IT TIME FOR ANOTHER UNBOXING?!?!?!? this box is strangely not as beat up as the usual

>> No.56251780

>inb4 chinese

>> No.56251781

Yeah, I was suffering through 7th because I didnt field any Dreadknights, when they were the only viable way to play pure GK lists (which were a bad idea anyway)

Theres honestly just alot of things that are wrong about them:
>Shitty baby carrier look
>no dynamic poses possible unless you're a conversion master
>proportions are WAY off, really long, lanky legs, arms are stubby and the main body looks like a stretched out dreadnought chassis, resulting in it looking like a dude who had his legs stretched and his body squished, and then somebody chopped of his head and gave him a beer belly in the form of a babycarrier terminator
>its honestly kinda cooler to go up against greater demons without a "SUPER DUPER STRONK MECHA", and instead beat the shit out of them with just skill of blade and bolter alone

>> No.56251791


All good, bud.

>> No.56251792

nonsense my man...I don't like china man

>> No.56251800

What could it possibly be?

>> No.56251804

I ll post this question here too: >>56251614
Did it all right to be on Chaos side (and Dark Aeldari) as fuck or I mentally ill? I dream to supporth thos dudes in RL

>> No.56251807


>> No.56251817


>> No.56251819

I can't wait until my package arrives and then I can do an unboxing, I want attention.

>> No.56251825

I posted my list up here, would you mind looking it over, as far as the GK half looks? >>56251226

>> No.56251830

you people make me consider getting a dragon dildo shipped simply for the meme

>> No.56251834

You ain't getting any (You)'s from me, anon.

>> No.56251838

Getting baited by Lorgar lmfao

>> No.56251848


>> No.56251855

>i'm going to say this as fast as fuck you bitch ass little nigger
okay little timmy, i'm sure your friends in sixth grade are very impressed with what a badass you are, but put a lid on it.

now, listen to me, please. i said
>humans in 40k are not any morally better or more deserving or being rooted for than any other faction just because they're humans

you said
>but that's wrong you retard. It is definitely morally just to ensure the survival of your own species, and the fact that we are humans makes their actions just from our perspective.
my point, this whole time, is that every faction is justified from their perspective, and saying "they're humans so we should root for them" is stupid because this is a fictional universe and we have no more links or obligations to them than to any of the gribbly aliens.

got all that?

>> No.56251857

>where was Guiliman during the Siege of Terra ?

Guilliman was holding the traitors at bay so that the Blood Angels could reach Terra.

>> No.56251862

Any hopes for the next BA codex? I wonder if we'll get 6 Chapter Tactics like most of the other books are seeming to get. I do hope that

>you people make me consider getting a dragon dildo shipped simply for the meme
>it just for the meme, i swear!
It's ok anon, we understand. You don't need to hide it.
Speaking of memes
>forge world
Shouldn't you be on /pol/, you nazi!?

>> No.56251867

>As for Tau, pic related are my thoughts on them that I wrote up a while ago.

Very long ago, and you pull it out every excuse you get like a retard with underwear that breathes very poorly.

You also present it as though it represents some sort of group consensus, such as with the filename and usually your accompanying post, despite it simply being strictly your inane rambling, and despite people disagreeing every fucking time you post the dumb shit.

>> No.56251870

bb plz come back
i knew i could be myself around you guys

>> No.56251876

i can understand your point of view, i simply disagree with it as i explained with it up there. regardless, i think i've made my point as thoroughly as i can, so i'm bowing out. legitimately enjoyed talking this out with you, though. kudos for that.

(i believe i've read your opinions on the tau before and also ended up on an agree to disagree sort of conclusion. all good.)

>> No.56251878

>I do hope that
Fuck, I meant "I do hope that pic related gets rules, even though I know it's completely and totally unrealistic".
Always be sure to make sure you finish your posts before hitting submit.


>> No.56251903

>I wonder if we'll get 6 Chapter Tactics like most of the other books are seeming to get. I do hope that
Nah, GK and DG got one tactic. You'll get one for yourself and like it. If it helps, it's likely to be something like the Templars' but better.

>> No.56251904

My fucking sides.

>> No.56251917

Looks like a 30k book, which means you're in the wro-... wait, does the boring version of the setting even have it's own thread?

>> No.56251921

Anon shush you arent allowed to talk about wanting a Blood Angels Codex. If you do you get the people who want to squat us out and about.

>> No.56251924

Who do people think will be the next primarch, if it's not the Lion. Even as a DA player, I dont think he'll be coming out soon( 2019, yay?)

>> No.56251928

>implying I dont paint my armies

>> No.56251929

You don't. You just get rekt and deal with it like a little bitch.

>> No.56251931


>> No.56251962

>Any hopes for the next BA codex?

I want more melee Primaris.
These could take the form of generic ones or BA specific ones like DC or SG.

>> No.56251967

Explain to me how you roll a 1 to hit with a flamer.

>> No.56251980

maybe a clearer pic to help, its 40k for sure

>> No.56252009

>You'll get one for yourself and like it.
>FT get the same Chapter Tactics as BA
I might be okay with this depending on the Chapter Tactic. I'm really feeling the heat due to losing Furious Charge.

>If you do you get the people who want to squat us out and about.
Meh, haters gonna hate. I don't really care what bitter faggots say when they're just jealous our special snowflake faction is getting a codex before their special snowflake faction.
I play multiple armies. While Ad Mech and BA are getting their codexes pretty fast, I get the feeling I'm going to have to wait till the end of the run to get me my SoB and Imperial Allies codexes. So boo hoo, let poor Necron and Tau fags whine that their codex is going to drop in the middle and not first like the spoiled shits they are.

>I want more melee Primaris.
Same. I was pretty disappointed with how Reivers turned out. I feel like they're best with the not!7eStormBolters instead of the knives and magnums.

That seems like a very expensive book for knightly reading.

>> No.56252027 [SPOILER] 

Ok, I looked it over once. IMO, if you're concered with Anti Tank, see if you can fit a couple meltaguns onto your scions.

Voldus is good. Very good. I also like your Voldus counts as looks better than mine, pic related, I personally cant stand the official model.

You said you prefer Interceptors to Purgators, and since Interceptors really arent bad, that part is pretty fine. I personally really prefer Purgators though, especially if you play them in a list like this, since they really start to get good when there are more threatening targets on the field to shoot at (in your case, thats paladins and 4 units of plasma scions). One squad grabs Astral Aim to sit on backfield objectives, the other squad grabs gate and jumps around on midfield stuff while shooting the fuck out of whatever you feel like. Bonus points for managing to gate them within 6" of Voldus so you can mitigate the -1 to hit with the reroll ones aura.

Honestly, the only thing I'd change is dropping the Paladin Ancient, I find them way to expensive for the amount of buffing they do, to the point where its usually better to just get more of what you are buffing instead of the ancient. Also, it makes your army VERY unflexibe (especially if you decide to go with interceptors) since you NEED to get the entire army within 6" of him to justify his cost.

So, I'd drop the Ancient and get something else in its place. What about a single purgation squad? Then you can play Purgators and Interceptors.

Finally, just a little piece of advice from me: Give each Paladin Squad one dude with a Warding Stave so you get a 4++/3++ with sanctuary in combat. It just gives the squad a nice boost in survivability, plus it synergizes with the Apothecary since he can always heal/resurrect the stave paladin.

>> No.56252059

Make a story based on this color scheme.

>> No.56252066

If I have sm models but wanted csm can I just paint the sm like csm? Is that generally considered to be ok?

>> No.56252089

>okay little timmy, i'm sure your friends in sixth grade are very impressed with what a badass you are, but put a lid on it.
How about you go fuck yourself with you're retarded talking down bullshit? Especially since it's painfully clear that you don't even understand my argument
>my point, this whole time, is that every faction is justified from their perspective, and saying "they're humans so we should root for them" is stupid because this is a fictional universe and we have no more links or obligations to them than to any of the gribbly aliens.
Yeah, except I never once said we should root for them. I said their just, as in justified. Which they are. I never said they were more justified than anyone else, in fact I said the exact fucking opposite, nor did I EVER say they were good or that anyone should root for them. Those are all things that you, in your retardation, assumed.
All i ever said was they were just/justified, as in "having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason"
Ensuring one's survival is most assuredly a "good or legitimate reason."
Now fuck off and stop fucking talking down like you're somehow super smart because you figured out that good doesn't exist in 40k.

>> No.56252095

Yeah, just say that they scavenged equipment from loyalists or only recently went renegade/chaos.

>> No.56252098

DW pricing is retarded at the moment, just go with 19 point bolters for the moment and spam hellfire shells and wait for the real codex where they will get enough rules to offset their cost.

>> No.56252102

Adventure Time

>> No.56252103

anon, that isn't the symbol of knights, that's something much bigger

>> No.56252121


>> No.56252140

May the Ommnisiah bless your cogs

>> No.56252144

knights on horses?

>> No.56252172

not quite knightly

this man gets it
there are no blessings here, only heresy

lets give it a hint, any idea what it might be?

>> No.56252173

It has to be the Lion or Dorn.
Preferably Dorn then Lion.
Guilliman needs a challenge to his authority.

>> No.56252178

Yeah I might do a 4x Meltagun Squad instead of one of the Volleygun dudes. And thanks man, it was kind of hell sculpting after not doing it after a long time.

Not wholly decided on Interceptors or Purgators, but I'd have to grab 6 more Psilencers for that. Interceptors I can just use as-is. A minor nitpick lol.

And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep the Ancient in there, maybe slap him down to just a Brotherhood Ancient, and that's mainly because of the model I made for him.

And yeah, a stave might be a good investment in that case, especially since its free.

>> No.56252186


>> No.56252189

>holding traitors at bay

>> No.56252192

Your excessive use of Retard plus the ease at which you anger over the internet make you seem childish. This is why people seem to be patronising (talking down to) you.

>> No.56252194

Then may you find utter oblivion in the defacing of a god machine

>> No.56252198

It could be gay

>> No.56252219

this machine was built to serve a different god
eh anything is possible

>> No.56252227

He'd already finished off at Calth by then.
He basically held the traitors in the space lanes, letting Sanguinius pass.

>> No.56252243

Fuck you I was right. It's eldar, and therefore gay

>> No.56252248

Right actually going to guess properly now
I’m going to say either a reaver or warhound, leaning more towards reaver though

>> No.56252255

>Your excessive use of Retard plus the ease at which you anger over the internet make you seem childish.
I'm far from angry, just a bit annoyed that you feel the need to talk down to me when you also clearly miss my point. That behavior does make you look like a retard, hence why I call you one. If you want a nice space where people don't insult you, reddit may be more your speed

>> No.56252257

>>but that's wrong you retard. It is definitely morally just to ensure the survival of your own species, and the fact that we are humans makes their actions just from our perspective.

don't be disingenuous, anon. this is what you said. you specifically said the imperium were just because we are humans and they are humans, as opposed to the other factions. insult me all you like, you're the one who drew a distinction between humans being justified in ensuring their survival in 40k and every other species apparently not, because of the audience of the game being human.

and if you don't want condescension, maybe try not to lead by calling the other dude a retard. doesn't do wonders for your position.

>> No.56252267


It's a fucking giant pixie machine

>> No.56252270

Likely Lion or Russ. Russ is an opposite to Guillaman's mindset and the Codex Astartes while Lion would make a great ally to Guillaman.

>> No.56252291


Are you blind??

>> No.56252307

>Entire Meta becomes Primarch Tag Team Rumbles ft. Some guys to hold points.
MonPoc died for this

>> No.56252316

that ain't me, anon. i don't particularly care what you call me, but you can hardly try and tell others not to condescend upon you if you lead by insulting them like an angry teenager.

my point all along has been that the imperium is not good guys, but instead are no more or less justified than anybody else. you specifically singled them out for being human and so justified from our point of view. i'm not sure why you're backpedaling from this, but i'm assuming at some point you realized you actually agree with me and are covering it up by tossing insults and hoping something sticks. peace.

>> No.56252358

DING DING DING you are a winrar
keep guessing
this book fucking sucks, its got not many pictures and not very descriptive
but anyways I bought a phantom titan. all my spare time is about to be consumed by cosplaying vaul

>> No.56252371

Lion and Bobby G have some really bad blood between them though. Remember how Bobby snapped Wood Johnnie's sword in half and they generally like to autistically screech at each other?

>> No.56252376

>you specifically said the imperium were just because we are humans and they are humans,
Yes, because that's true. From our perspective, they do seem justified because they are preserving """""our"""""" species.
>as opposed to the other factions.
No, I never said that. I said
>It is definitely morally just to ensure the survival of your own species, and the fact that we are humans makes their actions just from our perspective.
I never even mentioned other factions or if they were justified or not. When I did right here
I said
>Saying they're justified is not the same thing as saying they're better or worse
Which is the exact opposite of saying they're more justified when compared to other factions
YOU assumed that I thought others weren't justified, which was a wrong and very idiotic assumption given the fact I outright said that they were neither better nor worse.
>maybe try not to lead by calling the other dude a retard. doesn't do wonders for your position.
The don't act like a retard

>> No.56252380


>> No.56252386


>twice is "every opportunity"
>presented as group consensus
it's not, you just breath through your mouth

>> No.56252434

Good luck with the assembly, anon.

>> No.56252482

Lol Carnac will be happy.
In codex you have info that hive mind pissed itself when great rift appeared and created new hive fleet to fight chaos because nids can't eat chaos.
tl;dr Chaos is biggest threat.

>> No.56252488

I'm not overall worried about the assembly per say, I'm going to pin the shit out of it, and i have build a revenant titan before, its the painting i worried about.

>> No.56252517

drybrush everything

>> No.56252530

>per say

>> No.56252556

Use this.

>> No.56252569


>> No.56252590

H-how big is this thing ?

>> No.56252613

>OP pic
>psychic stuff
>khorne daemon
Are you even trying?

>> No.56252614

i think i have seen around 23 inches, here is a pic of one on a table with guardians

>> No.56252627

I always wanted to build one of these myself from scratch
It seems like an incredibly fun, if challenging project that might leave me short a few years of my life

>> No.56252628

Aren't the rules for this thing absolute ass too? Fits for Eldar.

>> No.56252631

by the Throne...

>> No.56252633

To be fair the eldar titans look way better than imperial ones

>> No.56252637

That's what I was thinking; recently turned.

>> No.56252660

See its not the assemblying that i am worried about. Its the same problem i have with Bloodthirster. How the fuck am i going to transport that piece of shit.

>> No.56252671

Magnetize it and take it apart. Assemble on the battlefield. Use those really good magnets.

>> No.56252688

It's pretty gay that Eldar titans look like giant Guardians.

>> No.56252698

That jsut seems insanely hard in of itself

>> No.56252717

Asshole just spent a car payment on a titan, I think he'd work to just fucking take care of the thing.

>> No.56252741

I think that's rad. Wraithlords were always my favorite unit of Eldar

>> No.56252764

shit i put up with at a 1000 point tournament that i was told was for beginner.

>> No.56252773

they are kinda meh, the glave seems fucking disgusting if i could get in a battle where i would get in combat to use it cause it would bypass all shields, but i got the model cause i liked how it look and i need something to take up my time.

this guy gets it

lol i have to move in about 2 years with my job and im trying to think of a way to assemble it in a way i cant take apart for transport

i think its fitting of them, what else would they look like? they are supposed to be graceful and fast like guardians so why not model them after that?

>> No.56252776

Wraithlords don't look like giant Guardians

>> No.56252780

Is that your army? or?

>> No.56252784

He's using Kroot, you lay the fuck off of him m8

Also did that guy just glue dice to bases and call it his objectives?

>> No.56252798

The red is nice, but the blue parts are absolutely disgusting.

>> No.56252800

Should i magnetize the weapons on my Bloodthirster?

>> No.56252801

>lol i have to move in about 2 years with my job and im trying to think of a way to assemble it in a way i cant take apart for transport
Magnets will serve

>> No.56252821

>should I use magnets which will give me a ton of utility, options, transportation ease, etc.

>> No.56252822


>> No.56252834

daily reminder that Jain Zar was killed by a retarded emo marine with PTSD

>> No.56252837

No, and by the look of it, neither is the cat

>> No.56252838

I was about to say. Looks pretty goofy.

>> No.56252857

Fellow nidfags

Dakkafexes are garbage

>> No.56252864

Good then i won't, Thanks for the Help anon.
But seriously if i were to magnetize my weapons would i have to magnetize the arms also?

>> No.56252883


>> No.56252895

I was only planning on running a Screamer Killer + Old One Eye wrecking ball anyway

>> No.56252909


>> No.56252917

keep your eyes out in either this general or the next, im running melee options for them next.

>> No.56252948

epic unbox

>> No.56252951

Protect the brush reeeee

>> No.56252956


Quad Devourers appear to be reasonable.

>> No.56252958

If you want. We don't care.

>> No.56253002

10/10 would click on images again.

>> No.56253015

>Having shooty carnies
Disgusting. Bio-plasma is the only shooting option for real men.

>> No.56253025


>> No.56253033


>> No.56253072

hell no. that was my army. i got him with strike from the shadow real good und nearly tabled him but lost in the end because some strange custom scenario.

>> No.56253099

yep that are his objective marker

>> No.56253100

Anon did you take your Ritalin today?

>> No.56253109

Do you feel their point cost drop, anon ?
I sure do.

>> No.56253116

im not fucking autistic you piece of shit
fuck off and die

>> No.56253125

lolol stormcast marines lollol

>> No.56253134

Pic related is the best FW tank.

>> No.56253146


>> No.56253170


>> No.56253173

Unfortunate my man.

>> No.56253177

How much do you think they are going to drop them?

>> No.56253190

Do you feel them, anon ?
Do you feel the price drops ?

>> No.56253198

Hopefully 4 times, from the roof.

>> No.56253199

>so now that the codex is out can Jain Zar take on Lelith Hesperax and win?
Iffy matchup. Jain Zar's baffling lack of an invuln and lowish damage on her weapon works against her, and her attacks aren't anything to write home about either. Lelith Hesperax has a nice 3++ and full rerolls but S3 D1 is pathetic. Lelith deals 2.22 wounds per round with basic loadout and no power from pain or combat drugs, a lot less if she uses the impaler. The only PFP that helps her here is the 6++, which isn't much, but with the +1S drug she does a lot better, upping to exactly 3 wounds per round and allowing her to kill Jain Zar in 2.

On the defense, Jain Zar deals 2.16 wounds (to Lelith's 5 total), meaning it takes her one round longer to kill. Interestingly, since Lelith is technically equipped with 2 different penetrating blades, Jain Zar's disarm can get rid of her AP, just reduce her attacks by 1. This means that if Jain Zar goes first (and she always does unless she got charged) and lands her disarm in the first two rounds (4/9ths chance), she just manages to kill Lelith with the +S drug before being killed back.

>> No.56253204


Speaking of which, would a DC Dread look out of place in a Primaris army?

>> No.56253220

If I wanted to run a nid army with lots of carns and other big boys running into melee what Hive Fleet should I go? Behemoth, Krakan and Jormungandr all seen like viable choices.

>> No.56253228

At first I thought the scultped banners were great because it meant I didn't have to do freehand but I have my GK brotherhood banner guy half painted cause I can't be bothered. Its like a whole different dude because the colors will be totally different.

>> No.56253248

Kraken. I've never failed a charge as nids and Jorm will be useless from turn 2. Your main aim is to cross the board as quickly as possible.

>> No.56253261


>> No.56253265

Just use a Primaris Dread and paint it like a DC dread. Should be just fine.

>> No.56253271

They should go from 45ppm to something around 37ppm, in my opinion, with the Angelus Boltgun dropping to 4pts, and the sword to 10pts to align it with the master-crafter power sword which has the exact same stats.


>> No.56253276

kraken, easily. It nearly guarantees a turn 1 charge with the kraken swarmlord slingshot. And the rest of your army will not be far behind.

>> No.56253304

So you think that the Model itself is priced fairly?

>> No.56253321


>> No.56253344


>> No.56253349

Please !

Are the various versions of Feel No Pain considered a save? i.e. Dark Eldar Power from Pain and the Warlord trait?

If so, does that mean the Eldar power Jinx reduces that save by 1? meaning you can turn off 6+++ feel no pain saves?

>> No.56253360

>not a single battle-report ever fields apothecaries

damn shame, I even like the Primaris model

>> No.56253379

So what do people think is the most cost inefficient army money wise?

My guess is the GSC, or maybe a coven themed DE list.

Not sure, what's your experience?

>> No.56253384

They are not.

>> No.56253390


>> No.56253395

>GSC, or maybe a coven themed DE list.
>The two armies I'm having a hard time deciding between
Fucking neato

>> No.56253396

Are you having trouble with 6+++ Feel no pain?

>> No.56253424


No sir i play Deldar, I just noticed it while reading the elder codex and haven't seen any other -1 to save powers so thought id check.

>> No.56253429

Thinking of finally booting up nids after years of having them on backburner while I collected other armies (IG, DE, CW:E, SM, CSM, SoB). Thinking of running:

Tervigon HQ 1 243
Tervigon HQ 1 243
Termagaunts Troops 20 120 10 fleshborers, 10 devourers
Termagaunts Troops 21 124 11 fleshborers, 10 devourers
Hormagaunts Troops 21 147 Toxin Sacs
Raveners Fast Attack 6 156 6 Spinefists
Raveners Fast Attack 6 156 6 Spinefists
The Red Terror Elite 1 75
Biovore Heavy Support 3 108
Trygon Prime Heavy Support 1 211 Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands
Tyrannofex Heavy Support 1 238 Rupture Cannon
Harpy Flyier 1 179 2 Strangle Throne Cannons

Thinking Gorgon might be best for them, but, I am uncertain. Feedback welcome on list make up and what fleet to take for them.

>> No.56253431

Coven are easy, GSC are the worst because you need so many of them and so many of them are multi-unit kits driving up the price.

That said, Ork big gunz and mek gunz are famous for costing more in pound sterling than they do in points.

>> No.56253446


>> No.56253447

It could be lowered a bit. If a fully equipped Guard was around 35 pts, it would be fair. After all, they don't have invuls. A squad of four guards should be around 140pts, not 180pts like it is right now.

>> No.56253461


>> No.56253468

Why are imperial guard player so pathetic?

>> No.56253479

If im too lazy/incompetent to thin my paints and do detail work can I just say my chaos army is all in fleshmetal or something? Or for deathguard it could work right with their whole bulgy mutated theme? What are the best factions that still kind of look ok with really sloppy paintjobs

>> No.56253481

Don't forget aberrants being locked behind the Overkill box. That's fun, i know they aren't the best, but I love the sculpt.

Although with mek guns, I feel like a good ork player would be able to kitbash together plenty of guns from ork parts, or spare options off other people's kits

>> No.56253489

Ha! Glad to see I'm not the only one who still has DoW2 installed just to fiddle with color schemes
Mek gunz are easy. You can get like three of them outta a trukk box with some creativity.

>> No.56253494

If you're too lazy to paint, just let someone else do it for you, or fucking quit you piece of garbage. You make the hobby look bad.

Three colors. That's all you need.

>> No.56253495

>t. never ridden a motorcycle

>> No.56253499

Depending on how you build your list (i.e. how many times you buy the start collecting box) admech can get pretty pricey. Especially if you have a thing for the chicken walkers.

>> No.56253508

>t. Actually RGG, Actually a little drunk

>> No.56253510

By the way, the DC Drea is massively overcosted. A fully equipped one (blood talons, heavy flamer, meltagun, magna grapple) is a whopping 232 pts. That's around 30 pts more a Redemptor, and the same cost as a Deredeo with autocannons, missiles and twin HBs. It's an understantement to state that these options are clearly superior to the DC dread.

Right price would be around 180pts.

>> No.56253512

I mean i have no problem with how much the model itself cost. 22 points for a 2w 2a 2+ save model that can move 12 inches every turn is pretty reasonable i believe.

>> No.56253521

Fellow nidfags,

I have returned.

Bone Maces & Crushing Claws+ranged weapon all day everyday

>> No.56253529

It is super handy for quickly messing around with color schemes I find before slapping paint on. Though I think the paint app lets you do that, have yet to put it on my phone. Really should though to test it out. But yeah, recently reinstalled it just to do color fiddling.

>> No.56253544

More daemons running around.
And when they are stopped, the whole hive, oftentimes the planet, is nuked, regardless of which chucklefuck started it.

>> No.56253545

I don't have an image to contain my disgust. Just imagine something really big. that thing you imagined is peanuts compared to my disgust.

>> No.56253552

Paint app literally just tells you what the stock photo models are painted with

>> No.56253568

Oh, fuck that noise then.

>> No.56253579

I do......got three, really want more.

>> No.56253590

I never trust those because i swear the pictures have been color corrected in some way.
You can also search by colour and even has specific versions of that colour for lets say Flesh or Armour.

>> No.56253608

Stop making the bugs stronger, anon.

>> No.56253615

Slap a few spikes on them, maybe mix in some CSM models when you eventually get them.
Could look cool

>> No.56253626

I certainly hope to get better over time, but I don't want the early/intermediate stuff to be total garbage that I later strip and redo, I'm asking more about good starters for learning gradually. As in; I'm not going to go and get like 20different paints primers brushes etc... Do dry brushing wet brushing all sorts of stuff at once the first time. I want to maybe go get like 2 brushes, 4 paints, some primer. Do this one squad, and then increase the complexity and materials and quality the next time with a new squad or little set of units or a vehicle or something.

I don't mean I am willfully going to not think my paints because I'm too stubborn to; I meant that more facetiously than anything else. I'm looking for simple things to start on so I can get the basics down before I start going more complex with techniques/steps. I haven't touched a paintbrush to a model in over a decade, and back when I did; that was more plane and tank (ww2) models, not miniatures. I'm not totally inexperienced when it comes to this kind of stuff, but very out of practice.

>> No.56253641

Converting them is cheating tho, it’s like using the production costs of a sprue-cron army to assess how costly necrons are.

>> No.56253644

Plastic Sisters in 2018 !

>> No.56253658

no, they're not a save and jinx doesn't affect them

>> No.56253664

I'm confused. Why do a greater proportion of the crushing claws attacks (-1 to hit) successfully hit than the scything talons (no negative modifier, reroll 1s)?

>> No.56253690

GEC isn't too too bad because a lot of the overkill models can easily be modified after buying 2 or 3 of the normal boxes

>> No.56253707

why are scytal pairs cheaper than single?

>> No.56253708

>4.6 attacks
>less hits than the claws

>> No.56253726

Paint app is literally useless if you don't play space marines.

They don't even have a single space elf in the app.

>> No.56253727

Primaris lt or assault marine squad with jp

>> No.56253740

Yeah actually now thinking about it,moms of the ork line gets shafted, and boring,mid you leave out conversions.

Lootas/burnas: 4 to a box, and a mek
Bikes: only 3
Mek guns: as mentioned
Kommandos/tankbustas: mono pose fine cast.
Dakkajet: price bumped when the Wazbomb was added.

>> No.56253751

Goddamn I need to proofread

>> No.56253752

>They don't even have a single space elf in the app.
Are you sure? It was updated few times since the launch - I'm pretty sure there are both eldar and deldar minis

>> No.56253754

What is the upper limit of percentage of someone's army that can be proxies before they look like a cheapskate?

Like I mean you can't go into an Armageddon game with one actual sm squad and then like several rolls of coins for the rest of infantry and a bunch of cigarette and tissue boxes for all the vehicles. But where exactly does one draw the limit?

>> No.56253766

Sorry, slight error

Bone Maces & Quad Scything Talons all day everyday

because you have an additional arm slot to fill and the cheapest arm slot is 14pts

>> No.56253769

>no warboss model other than a metal one without armour or power claw
Orks have to love conversions, if you don’t then you’re fucked.

>> No.56253774

How are the Crushing Claws hitting nearly as often as Talons? Also what does the (P) stand for?
Wouldnt really put them on the same level considering that Orks are all about putting together ramshackle shit, and using other kits to make similar looking stuff is much more advance than just using spruce. Also if we want to get into the nitty gritty, Orks could be considered even cheaper because of how often you can pick up cheap shit off Ebay.

>> No.56253783

Where it stops being a fun experience,mot if it's clear they aren't ever going to buy the model

>> No.56253787

>Converting them is cheating tho
Converting absolutely everything is the default and only acceptable answer for Orks, everything else should get you laughed out and krumped

>> No.56253798

New thread??

>> No.56253805

sorry about that slight error, its been fixed here >>56253766.

P stands for taking a two slots

>> No.56253831

Oh, no hatred of conversions here friendo. Just looking at the cost:points ratio of armies ;)

The missus plays orks, the things are converted and kitbashed to hell and back

>> No.56253835

I still don’t don’t understand, why are talons making 4.6 attacks rather than 4.
5.8 attacks for the pair rather than 6.

>> No.56253862

Its the fact that .1666 of the rolls they make (1)s will re-rolled and pairs only give you +1 Attack not +2.

>> No.56253875

Fucking guardfags and their cheesy armies.

>> No.56253885



>> No.56253912

Soo Quad Talons best load out? Did your dakkafex chart count the BS3+ Fex?

>> No.56253927

yea, the dakkafex chart includes just BS3+ fexes.

>> No.56254009

Watch the WarhammerTV playlist on Youtube. Duncan Rhodes has helped probably all of us to paint much better than we though we could. You don't really need to do a lot to make a mini look good.

Basically you need two colors per color on your dudes. You'll need a primary, a secondary, boltgun metal, black, and Nuln Oil, basically. And really you only need two brushes. A small layer brush and a small base brush. You can even use cheapo brushes for a while as you practice.

It's gonna look like shit but you need to practice. Get a free mini from a GW and paint, strip, and paint, strip that fucker til you think you can do your dudes.

>> No.56254085

>Guilliman needs a challenge to his authority.
i seem to remember the lion orbital bombarding mcragge just to hunt down cruz

>> No.56254117

ya but they made up after the emperor was interned on the golden throne, and vowed to never fight eachother again because the result of their infighting fucked up the entire galaxy

>> No.56254172

Oh shit!

I was joking about it last week and was planning on deleting it but they've added some in the last few days.

Bout damn time.

Thanks for making me double check

>> No.56254238

>All the DW talk earlier in the thread
How much of a faggot would I be if I ran an all dark angel killteam with my regular dark angels? I've always wanted a shotgun squad and it seems just fluffy enough to work

>> No.56254351

We take drones because anything else means gunlines. And gunlines are boring as fuck.

Drones at least let you hop around.

>> No.56254395

What about this sweet black Templar dreadnought?

>> No.56254603

I'm sorry but the Bolters and helmets look retarded.

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