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Why no tittle?

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First for the Eldar!

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Someone posted this in front of the Imperial Palace today

what do?

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Why is GW so cheap with the codexes? Units don't even have individual pictures and descriptions anymore?

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Nah, that one doesn't have a proper subject.

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Question :

I'm not a good player, so bear with me.

Is it recommended to have always and in every list 2x cheap troops to build a conga line so the enemy can't deepstrike?

I got fucked in my last game because of alpha/deepstrike.

Or in general, what does a good list look like?

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Ignore the faggots who can't think about anything but other guys ducks and conspiacies. Fuck you doubleniggers, the Emperor isn't stuck on his throne for you to be faggots who can't think of anything but huge black dicks. Fuck you /pol/.

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What army do you play ?

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Getting this triggered over 40k memes.

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Hallo! I'm looking for canon Space Marine chapters that use a specific design as their emblem-- namely, the cross in pic related.

I found the following ones on the wikia:

>Fire Angels
>Iron Knights
>Avenging Sons
>Crimson Scions
>Dark Crusaders

but unfortunately the M-Z page is incomplete, so I don't know if I've missed any.

Also, I would prefer one with a ring around the cross if that's possible, but no big deal if it's not.

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I don't get how these FAQs keep reverting to 1.1.
Some of them are 1.2, making 1.2 the most current version. I update it every time I make a general, but somehow some squigfag reverts it the next thread.

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If you're not a good player, chances are you would have gotten fucked anyway, just through another hole in your play. If your army has cheap troops, you generally want some, yes.

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I legit wasn't /pol/ I found it a funny meme based on current events


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No, fuck the stormniggers. They are cancer of the highest order. I'm sure there's a chaosgod of cancer, and it's not Nurgle, but some kind of orangeskinned, potatoshaped hitler. Fuck these assholes for tainting plastic soldiers with their selfinsertious, egoistic shit.

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Imperial Guard and Tyranids

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Chaos Index is actually on 1.3.

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I play tank-heavy IG and Nidzilla, my last game was my TankGuard against some Eldar player who had literally only AT weapons, he had first turn and deepstruck 10 Wraithguards beside my tanks. Fire Dragons did the rest.

I know about target priority, but I think my worst mistake was my deployment there and not knowing he'd exclusively bring AT.

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White Templars and Steel Confessors

cant think of any others off the top of my head

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I play tank-heavy IG and Nidzilla, my last game was my TankGuard against some Eldar player who had literally only AT weapons, he had first turn and deepstruck 10 Wraithguards beside my tanks. Fire Dragons did the rest.

I know about target priority, but I think my worst mistake was my deployment there and not knowing he'd exclusively bring AT.

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Don't use 40k wiki. Lexicanum is far better

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>play a right wing game
>get triggered when right wing people bring their memes

Don't be intolerant

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I need high volume of firepower in my Space Marine army but I dont know what to bring. The Daemon player that I play often with just destroys me with his 10 command points, numerous Nurglings, Daemon Princes and other shittery. What do I do

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r8 my custom chapter, theyre primaris Exorcist successors called the Catechists. They have close ties to the inquisition like the Exorcists, and their main purpose is to cleanse civilians of Chaos' taint after fights with demons.

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I didn't turn up the Lexicanum's visual list the first time round-- and they don't tend to show the insignia separately which is going to make this tricky. But thanks for pointing it out, will look.

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Let the Inquisitor do his work. I seriously doubt you can assist him.

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>40k is an idealised version of Hitler did nothing wrong
How does it feel to be a retard?

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Daily reminder that all loyal servants of the emperor must get /fit/ in his name.

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obvious bait but you actually should look look up the writers and developers, some of them are literal card carrying socialists

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I thought all the stories about fat ass neckbeards getting triggered over shit were just funny stories. Holy shit you're hilarious.

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No, 40k is far worse. You're not at war over oil, land, or vagina. You're at war because it either fight or die. The galaxy of 40k doesn't give a fuck about human rights because taking the time to talk about it means people die or worse.

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wtf is this real?

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With utmost grease

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Blood Angels dont need a buff. They are Space Marines so they are strong as is.

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Unless your bringing scout sentinels, a sizable screen of infantry, or Salamanders you were pretty much fucked from the start. Tankguard and Nidzilla both are notable for their susceptibility to deep strikes (lack of board control) and AT (lack of bodies).

Pic related is my list. It's not competitive, but it is balanced between infantry and armor, so I rarely have the deepstrike issue. I might need to bring more ratlings, though, if the 24" Obliterators start overtaking my local meta.

Speaking of meta, local game flavors that can be very important to your listbuilding strategies. In my case, we're talking a store where people generally bring one centerpiece model in their army. It might be a shadowsword or an imperial knight or a Flyer or even a character, but there is always a centerpiece. That's why my army does not have a centerpiece and indeed uses a cheap old grudges platoon commander of all things: I deploy 5 tanks, all homogeneous, and one or worst case two get nuked by a centerpiece. Then I outflank my platoon commander behind the remaining friendly tanks and blow that thing to shreds with a rerolling number of shots, rerolling to hit, rerolling to wound tank platoon. Even shadowswords with psyker support tend to melt under that kind of firepower. The Assault veterans follow the commander just so I have something to distract any melee units coming towards the remaining vehicles.

So, uh, Yea. Meta context and balancing lists are important.

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Tyranids need a serious buff, this codex doesn't bring it

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Sanguinior and Ka'Bandha duel models when? I want some Duel of the Primarchs Russ vs Magnus shit.

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For a Ynnari list, how much better are Kabalites than Guardian Defenders? Should I put them in venoms?

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When will Necrons be good again?

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Makes sense. If I were famous, or at least internet famous I would do the same thing. You have to cover your bases or you'll be the next one they come for.

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>literal card carrying socialists
Are they so rare in whatever place you're in that you're surprised one's appeared? I know a good few even though I avoid politics when not anonymous , although I doubt they have literal cards.

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Do we have any idea what the next couple coerces are gonna be? How likely are Necrons or Thousand Sons to show up within the next year?

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"Whitecishet"? How do I pronounce that?

White-cis-het? Whitec-is-het? White-ci-shet? Whit-eci-shet?

Fuck this language, Yo voy Espanol!

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At the speed they are going? 100%

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With few exceptions, the U.S. doesn't really have socialists. The DSA has basically no membership, and people who profess to be socialist are usually about as serious as college dropout potheads are about libertarianism. So, yeah, that will surprise people in burgerland.

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Whitec-Shet sounds like a great name for a cron

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Not hard. You got it on the first try.

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How exactly do chaplains guide Death Company units? Do their Litanies just break through the madness or something?

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/pol/ is that way faggot

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White, cis, het. It's a list of three things, shortened into a word portmanteau style.

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It's not a real word, so technically there's no right or wrong way to pronounce it.

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yeah, it will take you literal seconds to go check

I have my little pink card, just saying

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Reposting my list here to see if I can get any suggestions on what to fix, or if its fun enough to set it stone. I'll be ordering the junk this weekend. Should I try and see if I can get a hammer on the purifier justicars?

GK Vanguard
Brotherhood Champion - Warlord, Cuirass of Sacrifice, Hammer of Righteousness, Hammerhand

Brotherhood Ancient - Falchion, Purge Soul

Apothecary - Warding Stave, Sanctuary

Doomglaive Dread - Stormbolter

Grey Knight Purifiers - Falchions, Hammerhand

Vortimer Razorback - Stormbolter

Land Raider Crusader - Multimelta, Stormbolter

GK Vanguard
Draigo - Vortex, Gate

Grey Knight Paladins - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Grey Knight Paladins - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Grey Knight Purifiers - Falchions, Hammerhand

Vortimer Razorback - Stormbolter

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Oh yeah, forgot the political spectrum over there starts at centre-right and runs through to "179 degrees". Always found it strange when I hear "possible socialist sympathies" said like "possible child murderer". Whatever, off topic.

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Xth for three carnifex putting out 72 strength 6 shots at BS3+ for only 300 points

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Back to /pol/, asshole

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given the people he's written for I'm pretty certain it's not "just covering bases". That said he's positively right wing compared to Dan Abnett

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Got a box of assorted old ork stuff at a swap meet. This handsome fella was in it--anyone happen to know what he is?

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>He only has 3 carnifexes

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Wtf is a Whitecishet ?

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gorkamorka gunner

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self Explanatory
Means one is not Transgender I believe
Means the person is a Heterosexual

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Necromunda pre-orders are open this upcoming Saturday. Who's excited?

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it means normal

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Is the Tyranids codex bad?

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Yaaaay !

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Post YFW the New Blood Angels Codex is Awful and we still have to rely on the Space Marine Codex to be good.

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It's okay, we like it that way.

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(X+1)th for six carnifex putting out 144 strength 6 shots at BS3+ for only 600 points

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Having a game against Eldar tomorrow.
its gonna be around 2k points, friendly match.
I field basically every new unit in the codex save for the plaguebuster and poxwalkers(dont like em) and 3x helbrutes.
What am i in for?
Any hints and tips?

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Every time I think Gav Thorpe has hit a new low, something comes out to surprise me.

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Sons of sanguinus out !

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Can you help me make a list regarding the new Tyranids codex?

I have:

-Swarmy or Flyrant (magnetized)
-2x3 Rippers
-30 Termagants
-3 Hive Guards
-Trygon Prime
-2 Carnifexes

I aldo have 10 Gargoyles and 9 Warriors

I'm unsure which Hive Fleet to play and what kind if Hive Tyrant, Carnifex..

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So why did everyone lost it, when they found out Gav Thorpe is just your average guy?

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Jeeeeeesus christ

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Quit being cucks and r8

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Yes, they didn't get much better.

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>utting out 144 strength 6 shots at BS3+ for only 600 points

Why does everyone and their mother own malanthropes? Is it just because it's the most affordable FW nid? Or are the people putting them in their list just those theory faggots who don't actually play?

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How's my 1000pt Primaris Ground Pounder?

Captain in Gravis Armour with The Burning Blade - 137pts
Primaris Lieutenant (default) - 74pts
Primaris Apothecary - 68pts
10 Auto Bolt Rifle Primaris Intercessors - 201pts
Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon and Combi Bolter - 165pts
3 Inceptors with Assault Bolters - 190pts
5 Hellblasters with Plasma Incinerators - 165pts

Total 1000pts

Also seeking advice. After Aggressors, is it better to go for a Repulsor or Redemptor?

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Shut the fuck up. I don't want the good thread squatted because of /pol/.

How many Necron Dynasties, Tau Septs, Knight Households, and Sororitas Orders have official paint schemes?
Do you think that they'll get some bonus <denominations> like the Tyranid Hive Fleets?

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They lost it because the kind of people who announce something like that are usually apologizing for it. It's an indication that he's taken with critical theory or intersectional social theory, which are typically associated with the left wing of the culture war.

>> No.56239720

Super excited. :)

Honestly? They're pretty lame. They look like Dark Angels that want to be "more pure".

>> No.56239721

-1/10, literal garbage

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Sorry anon someone asked a question so i thought i would answer them.

>> No.56239762

this >>56239727, but for the sake of quitting the shit while we're ahead, let's go ahead and answer you:

I think there are several Necron dynasties with official paint schemes, certainly enough to have offical paint schemes for their chapter tactics, whenever they come out. I don't know about the households or septs. I think there are at least 5 or 6 Sororitas Orders, if I remember my Witch Hunters codex correctly.

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He looks like a cream soda. Based on your fluff, you should call them Inquisitorial Brotherhood of Catechists so that you can put IBC on their shoulderpads.

>> No.56239774

Yes, if it had <> then it gets CTs

>> No.56239787

I would like it more if the shield had some color or symbol on it. It'd look great if you could put unique heraldry on each one.

>> No.56239790

Hey, thnx for claryfing! Back to 40k shit now, >>56239717 has a point, too much /pol/ already

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Yes, but how many?

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Unfortunately the tool doesn't really have a way to do that, but I'm still trying to think of a cool symbol to put on their shoulder. I was thinking a goat head or something.

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I like the model and it gives shroud to monsters. I play Nidzilla so it was an obvious choice

Why is everyone getting hyped by Devourer Carnifexes? S6 AP0 is rather lackluster or not?

SM in cover and vehicles don't care about that and Tyranids have a serious AT problem

>> No.56239835

Death Company are woefully overcosted at this stage.

>> No.56239842

I'm not counting them up, there are dozens of schemes ranging from important to whos

>> No.56239844

The off-white is a great canvas to use, but you have to do something with it. It could be chevrons, heraldries, animal heads or whatever, it just needs something.

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I don't think its the S6, it's the number of shots.

Punisher cannon is S4 but everyone knows that Heavy 20 will wreck ya.

>> No.56239873

Like I said, the tool I'm using doesn't have access to custom heraldry, but I'm probably gonna stick the same icon on both shoulders like BT.

>> No.56239875

I mean they are only about 4ppm more than normal Assault squads with jump packs and thats is probably to account for The Black Rage.

>> No.56239906

Punisher is S5 and even with double tapping, Heavy 40 still never does as much as I think. It's underwhelming in most cases.

>> No.56239909

It's boring and bland with white on cream, i'd consider changing the robe colors. You're bad and should feel bad Pabby

>> No.56239934

Not enough Antitank IMO, you will struggle heavily against either shooty gunline vehicle lists or armies that bring lots of transports, since you rely on cracking armor with your CC rather than shooting.

Purifiers are bad. I mean, REALLY bad. You need a Brother Captain just to make them capable of smiting before they charge into combat, and any reasonable opponent will have no problems deleting a couple MEQs of the table before they get into 3" range. Also, they hit in CC like a wad of wet paper and die to the stiff breeze of a dedicated CC unit, so getting close for their smite is usually a really bad idea. Count yourself blessed if you actually manage to survive to smite twice in a game.

I'd definently add some Purgation squads, as they can concievibly fill any role a GK army needs, from anti-infantry, anti-elites or even anti-tank occasionally.

I personally dislike the Support characters like the Apothecary and the Ancient (Apoth seems to fall behind lots of the time, and Ancient is so expensive its usually better to just buy more of what you're buffing instead). Give them a go, though, they can definently be worth it if you play them right.

Cant really comment on the Razorbacks or the Dreadnought, since I dont own/play any Forgeworld models.

What I can tell you is that
A: Razorbacks with Lascannons are fantastic for GKs, they are fast, tough, cheap, keep a squad of squishy PAGK safe and provide GKs with much needed ranged Antitank in the form of a Lascannon.

B: Dreads are good, but I prefer to play 2, since it gives you more redundancy. I play mine with fists, one with a melta the other with a lascannon.
T1 the melta Gates forwards and tries to nuke shit, while the lascannon just advances and shoots. T2 the Lascannon gates forwards as well to pu pressure on the opponent in case he still hasnt killed the first dread.

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Help me out pls bois

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Wearing clothes over power armor is gay.

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>> No.56239998

derp, was thinking of the Taurox Punisher. But otherwise, yes.

Assuming a Tank Commander, for instance, a Punisher at full pelt will deal about 6 unsaved wounds to MEQ. With three heavy bolters (because ofc you'd do that) you get an additional two and with battleshock stand a very solid chance of removing an entire space marine squad in one volley.

I don't call that underwhelming, myself.

>> No.56240004

why has the storm-hawk totally disappeared from the webstore?

>> No.56240017

I rate it God-that-is-a-bright-color-scheme-and-should-not-be-undertaken-by-beginners/10

>> No.56240021


24 shots at BS3 kill 3.5 Marines or does 1.7 wounds ona T7 transport. That's not really overwhelming considering anti-infantry is our last problem

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>> No.56240033

Yeah with math it sounds great on paper. Just never seems to perform like that in any of my games.

>> No.56240036

>Implying I havent painted for 30 years

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>> No.56240052

Space murine lookin like a fukin egg. Humpty Dumpty ass.

>> No.56240053

yeah a tfex double dipping the 20 shot hive gets my pp hard

>> No.56240088

So I played my first game with the new Eldar book today - Shining Spears in 3 man units with a Star Lance are really nice.

>> No.56240094

I thoroughly approve of this new custom Chapter, keep up the good work Anon.

>> No.56240115

Nid pdf when?

>> No.56240117

>24 shots
You're thinking of the Taurox Prime. That math is right, I believe.

I was using a Tank Commander with 3 heavy bolters. That'd make 49 shots, of which 9 have AP-1.

Versus a transport the scions should be using their meltas, anyway.

>> No.56240142

Yeah I'm pretty aware I'm lacking in anti-tank. I've already built my Apoth and my Ancient, so I'm pretty sure I'm taking them regardless.

Are purifiers REALLY that bad? I was planning on throwing them both in the crusader with the Champion. Was kinda hoping for better results really. The purifers were also there to make up elites for the vanguard, technically.

Doomglaive is a cheaper venerable dread with a nemesis weapon thats S3, ap-3, d6 damage, and a heavy psycannon (24, s7, ap-1, d2). The razorbacks just have twin psycannons. I'd like to take two, but list constraints are eating me alive. Hell, I'd rather take two Landraiders too.

Lemme tinker a bit. I only have the Paladins built currently, so I have time to think.

>> No.56240144

>their main purpose is to cleanse civilians of Chaos' taint after fights with demons.
lots of going around burning towns down and putting bolter shells into peoples brains then?

>> No.56240150

Do Hellforged Dorito dreads perform will with the plasma loadout? At half the cost of the butcher cannons it seems tempting.

>> No.56240155


I'm talking about Carnifex with Devourers

>> No.56240162

And working with their big brothers :^)

>> No.56240165

>Right Wing
You do know that a Modest Proposal wasn't actually a recommendation that people eat children?

>> No.56240177



>> No.56240178

>gets annoyed by racists
>uses the term nigger

The state of the left.

>> No.56240187

Would an absolute madman use Purgation squads without a ride? And supposing Psilencers are the best option for them?

>> No.56240190

It’s literally a game about fascism being bad. The closest thing we have to good guys is the commie weeaboo tau. Stop saying retarded things.

>> No.56240196

Okay, yeah, I see. You want MEQ mulching and anti-tank.

IIRC the 'fex is designed to get those in melee, with them mortal-wounds-on-the-charge and crushing claws.

>> No.56240220

>It’s literally a game about fascism being bad.
Anon i dont think you understand. The game is about the eternal human struggle against Alien and Daemonic threats. I have seen little things that specifically talk about "Omg dude facism is bad" While it does reference the Imperium being a stagnent machine and a horrible place to live it is not what the game is about.

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>> No.56240244

How bad is fine cast.
I really hate the old designs and the newer stuff is like 80 dollars vs a 15 dollar fine cast

>> No.56240254

Looking to start getting some deathwatch as allies, hopefully expanding them into a full army to use on their own

For starters I was thinking of a full squad in a Corvus blackstar. How should I equip that squad? Should I take any commanders with them?

>> No.56240255

Left of /pol/ includes most the right.

>> No.56240262

it's pretty awful, in my experience it's more prone to mold slips and tiny air bubbles. it's also a bit more bendy than standard resin and does have issues with holding its shape in high heat.

>> No.56240263

Tyranids are the new WACC

>> No.56240273

fuck off evan

>> No.56240276

Varies a lot, which was the problem. If you're not trying to convert it it's fine sometimes, but often takes middling to major work to make worth using,

>> No.56240297

Oh God that marine just jumping out the back of the Corvus. That is not going to end well i am sure of it.

>> No.56240298

>mold slips
>half a dozen sprue nubs on one model

Pretty bad.

>> No.56240336

So I just suck it up and buy the old models off eBay then?

>> No.56240348

>jumping that close to wraithguard

Well they're boned.

>> No.56240361

How did Carnac react?

>> No.56240369


You wish.

What, exactly, is in the new codex that people think Tyranids got any better?

A few small point reductions and Hive Fleet Adaptions doesn't make them competitive.

>> No.56240377

They're all jumping out of Corvuses though?

>> No.56240379

How bad of an idea would it be to do daemon summoning in what is an already low model count Death Guard army? I'm trying to think out a list, but as someone who normally plays Orks it feels weird when I think about having so few models on the table.

>> No.56240380

There are 6 major Orders Militant of adeptus sororitas, one for each of the six sainted sisters (Alicia Dominica and her 5 bodyguards) who were taken before the golden throne right at the end of the Age of Apostasy.

(basically the Primarchs for the Sisters of Battle)

Each of these Orders is like a space marine legion. They occasionally bud off an Order Minor, which is like a successor chapter.

While there are a good two dozen named Orders Minor in official fluff, the only one I can find with an official paint scheme in a quick search is the Order of the Blue Robe.

I really doubt we'd get army wide tactics for an Order Minor though, so for the SoB 'dex we'd be looking at 6.

Order of the Ebon Chalice (Alicia Dominica)
-The Ultramarines or Black Legion of Orders Major, basically. No deviation from standard.

Order of the Valorous Heart (Sister Lucia)
-Very penitent, have lots of Repentia.

Order of the Argent Shroud (Sister Silvana)
-Stubborn, the Order.

Order of Our Martyred Lady (Katherine Elysius)
(Originally the Order of the Fiery Heart)
-Very faithful, selfless.

Order of the Bloody Rose (Sister Mina)
-Fast striking, good Dominion squads.

Order of the Sacred Rose (Sister Arabella)
-Calm in battle, good Retributor Squads

Most of the Order tactics should be easy to guess. I'd be VERY surprised if GW actually gave us a 'dex with them though.

>> No.56240387


>> No.56240388

BTFO so hard he REEE'd for maybe 3 threads that ignoring invuln saves and basically making all psykers explode didn't constitute 'adaptation to demons'.

>> No.56240395

Your army is very conveniant. Each squad and the dreadnaught when under the charactor's aura kill about 1 squad of guardsmen per turn, and the hellblasters do about 6 wounds on a Russ. That makes my expected casualty calculations during deployment very easy.

Of course, like all footslogging primaris armies, you're going to face an uphill battle against even moderately mechanized forces that can ignore the bolters and dance around the hellblasters.

>> No.56240397

tantrums and shitposting.
So to be honest it's buisness as usual

>> No.56240400

With neither grace nor composure.

>> No.56240406

This piece of art is trying to make the DW look good, so the wraiths will fumble and job hard no matter what

>> No.56240409

idk, just shit posting in the hopes a marine player with Heightened NaCl will tell me how good my lil gaunts are now.

>> No.56240411

Jesus i didnt notice the ones in the back basically falling out of the damn thing. How far can a marine fall anyways?

>> No.56240415

>They have close ties to the inquisition like the Exorcists
It seems to be fashionable thing to do for DIY chapters, but I'd suggest trying to come up with your own thing. If they are just like another Chapter why do they even exist?
>and their main purpose is to cleanse civilians of Chaos' taint after fights with demons.
Killing civilians seems like an utter waste of the most sophisticated killingmachines that the Imperium can produce. Even Arbites or a mob of fanatics could do that job.
Also doesn't really jive with the Inquisition theme. I mean the Inquisition does the investigating and the Inquisitorial seal give an Inquisitor ultimate power. So if he happens to find a chaos cult somewhere he just has to point his finger and literally everything from the Governor, the Imperial Guard, Planetard Defense Forces, Law Enforcement and Ecclesiarchy is gonna do his bidding. He doesn't need a whole Space Marine chapter to go after chaos cults.
Not unless there is a planet wide rebellion going on.

Also the paintscheme could look a little monochromatic from table distance. Mind you, other Chapters have similar schemes.

>> No.56240424

Really? Why were people freaking out about it then?

>> No.56240427

After first turn you kill half their army and then lose one model their turn.

You just have to get over that mental hump.

>> No.56240432

As a Blood Angels Player who is not hopeful for his dex. I hate you okay?

>> No.56240445

Wait they ignore invuln saves?
What the fuck

>> No.56240457

synergy of options in the Codex is worth far more than the individual parts, dipshit

>> No.56240471

Look mother fucker I played Salamanders for fucking years and you know who got heavy flamers on tactical squads, fucking blood angels REEEEEEEEEEEEE.

So now I play nids.

>> No.56240474

one d3 shot relic gun does thats only ap -1. calm the fuck down

>> No.56240477

Psilencers are by far the best weapon, so yes, ALWAYS use psilencers.
>Would an absolute madman use Purgation squads without a ride?
It REALLY depends on your local meta, and what army you go up against. What makes Purgators so great is that they ar cheap AF, and have such a high damage potential (24 shots doing d3 Dmg means a "max" eg you will never roll this well output of 72 damage.
I've tried running them on foot at my LGS, but it never worked out, since a small MEQ squad is such a juicy, easy target for first blood or stuff like plasma deepstrikers. I encourage you to try it out though, the astral aim power can really help keep them alive if you play them like that.

Like I said, it doesnt work at my LGS, so I currently run 2 squads that hide out in a Land Raider on turn 1, and then get out to shoot after they survive any potential alpha strike.
Depending on my opponents list, I might deploy them outside of the Land Raider, though.

>2 Land Raiders
>tfw as a GK player you will never actually have enough room at 2k to play even just two LRs with good units inside them
Being so expensive is suffering, man

The problem with purifiers is that they are costly as fuck, and dont give you any advantadge over a normal strike squad other than a 3" range gimmick. Most of the time, you will struggle to get within 3" of an enemy unit worth smiting, you probably wont ever survive to smite a second time, and even when you do you are extremely dice dependant, as a single bad roll means you could have just left the unit at home all together.

>> No.56240491

Summoning is basically crap, the only use I've found for it in DG is to have an already stationary buffbot Lord summon a Herald who proceeds to spend all game casting heal on Morty or our Daemon Engines. Same principle applies to Epidemius.

>> No.56240492

Thought it was like some hive ability or something jesus.

>> No.56240496

If you like Primaris, you'll love your new Codex.

If you don't, then rejoice in the coming oblivion.

>> No.56240500

Maybe if you guys didnt suck so much we would allow you to borrow the Heavy flamers. But no you have to follow the Codex to a T

>> No.56240509


Tell me about new synergies, then.

The only one I can think of is deepstriking Genestealers via Lictor and you have to pay CP for that.

Also, you could do it with Trygons since the Index.

>> No.56240511

Necron dynasties:


>> No.56240525

Salamanders Follow Codex to the T.... >.< niBBa what.

>> No.56240541

If random guys in another thread can be trusted Hydra out-toxined Plague Marines and killed them all with diseases.

>> No.56240569

Anon i already feel the rage over taking me. Dont make me hulk out and believe i am Sanguinius okay?

>> No.56240588

If I buy new in box could I call gamesworkshop if I have issues?

>> No.56240596


Well, I covered the SoB here (>>56240380), but I know nothing about Necron's or Tau (other than purge the xeno).

Any filthy xeno's care to chime in about your weak and pathetic xeno army groups?

>> No.56240599


>> No.56240604

Fuck, this big red bitch took long to paint

>> No.56240606

From someone else besides the gamesworkdhop store

>> No.56240620

187th for Nurgle

>> No.56240621

>They lost it because the kind of people who announce something like that are usually apologizing for it. It's an indication that he's taken with critical theory or intersectional social theory, which are typically associated with the left wing of the culture war.
Hahaha, wow
Some one's drinking the /pol/ Kool-aid

Back to 40k
Generally, no. Guardians are a bit more expensive for what they do. But they aren't terrible or anything, they just need a bit more babysitting to get them into 12" to be useful. They're fine for camping an objective if they have a warlock or other support, like the celestial shield stratagem, but you won't see many lists centered around them. Warriors get better gun options and let you take Venoms, so if you're looking for the "best" option of the two, go Kabalites IMO.

>> No.56240630

No, it's a relic, but it fucks demons sideways since they're one of the armies that has ONLY invuln saves.

>> No.56240636

>They are Space Marines so they are strong as is

Shhh! Nobody tell Chaos players.

>> No.56240637


Shouldn't have any issues. They may ask for pictures or a batch number but they're pretty easy to work with.

>> No.56240638

Drybrushing got a bit hairy on the wings. Thin yo paints. Making the cloth the same color as the flesh was silly.

>> No.56240662

I'm shit at dry brushing, and fuck painting white

>> No.56240666

I mean am i wrong? If they have any problems they can just Ally in Guilliman with some Tac squads and do just fine.

>> No.56240694

right, becuase d3 shots a turn royally fucks over an army. dumbass

>> No.56240703

>painting white
>not just painting light grey

>> No.56240707

Photography makes what I'm sure is a dedicated and thorough paint job look like hammered ass.

Improve your shooting.

>> No.56240710


Keep an eye on dat wun -
'e looks like a Sneaky Git.

>> No.56240713

Although Deathwatch is emphasizes diverse squads, there should be some specialization involved. Like, run Veterans with combi-weapons for a dedicated range squad, dedicated close combat could use combi-flamers, shotguns, and, of course, melee weapons, as well as a Blackshield.

Beyond Blackshields in melee-focused squads, I don't see much a reason for all the random specialists outside of a Terminator, which has the most well-rounded special rule to add. Plus, they're always good to tank some big hits from the rest of the squad.

>> No.56240723


>> No.56240732


Three devourer carnifex are nearly one-shotting a Leman Russ with average rolls.

>> No.56240741


>> No.56240746

>that camo

Army, unless I miss my guess. You active service?

>> No.56240754


Totally fucked up my math there, ignore sorry.

>> No.56240762

You're wrong though.
The relic is d6 assault shots, S7, -1 with 36" range.

>> No.56240764

Naw, I'm a dweller

>> No.56240768

You wont trick me that easy Ka'Bandha. Dont make me get the Sanguinior to drop you from the Atmosphere again

>> No.56240771

Did something change? I thought deathspitters with slimmer maggots were better than brain leech devourers.
Why does nobody use them?

>> No.56240781

Then why all the camo

>> No.56240788

What should i get to round off my admech? Another SC! Admech or three chikun gimp walkers?

>> No.56240792

I just like camo shit

>> No.56240798

>try to start new army
>what's the point? You already have so many armies
>get sad on work on old army

>> No.56240802

3 of anything could one shot a leman

>> No.56240803

Then join the army

>> No.56240814

So kill it first and your good

>> No.56240823

ok so it kills 6 demons a turn max. big fucking deal

>> No.56240849

With much impotent fury.

>> No.56240850

More like 2-3 on average.

6 if you get perfect rolls

>> No.56240860

Mk, check out this list. I can put the Purgators in the Crusader or drop them off into cover if I can.

GK Vanguard
Brotherhood Champion - Warlord, Cuirass of Sacrifice, Hammer of Righteousness, Hammerhand

Brotherhood Ancient - Falchion, Purge Soul

Apothecary - Warding Stave, Sanctuary

Doomglaive Dread - Stormbolter

Grey Knight Purgators - Psilencers, Astral Aim

Land Raider Crusader - Multimelta, Stormbolter

GK Vanguard
Draigo - Vortex, Gate

Grey Knight Paladins - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Grey Knight Paladins - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Doomglaive Dread - Stormbolter

Grey Knight Purgators - Psilencers, Astral Aim

That's 1919 points and I haven't a clue where to slap 80 points in here.

>> No.56240873

Has anyone actually ha goo luck with Mortarion? Mine should be arriving Monday. So far I have had 8 games with my DG and been fortunate enough to win all of them. I feel like I am in a good place with them, but I still wanted Mortarion...because I have everything else in the codex, so why not.

All of the battle reports I have watched that included Mortarion have either been basically including him in a "normal" DG list (the DG player almost always loses these games), or completely building a list around Mortarion that seems otherwise a bit cheesy (these are usually won by the DG player)

I do not wish to mix my DG with Tzeentch forces...I am fine with being a bit on the cheesy side, I have no problems bringing a small CSM detachment for warptime...but I do not wish to bring Magnus and a bunch of Brimstones.

I had thought about bringing Mortarion, a Vanguard detachment consisting of Chaos Lord in Terminator armor (for rerolls on my blightlords), 2x 5man squads of Blightlord Terminators with 1x squad bringing combi-plasmas and 1x squad bringing combi-meltas, and 3x squad of Deathshroud (being held in reserve coming in where Mortarion should end up after the Warptime)...then bringing an Outrider detachment consisting of a CSM jump Sorcerer with Warptime, a Herald of Nurgle with heals, and 3x Bloat Drones.

this may totally suck...the idea is to move, warptime, charge Mortarion into assault on turn 1. Figure out where he will wind up assaulting and drop the Deathshroud as close as can I can. The Chaos Lord, along with both squads of Blightlords will drop in and try and alpha the targets that pose the biggest danger to Mortarion and/or crack open transports to try and maximize his Host of Plagues ability...if the positioning is good enough, I may even use Nurgles Rot on the following round. The Bloat Drones will zip up the board as quickly as possible and try and cause as much havoc as possible.

I have other ideas as well...will this work?

>> No.56240886

right. thats why i said max

>> No.56240895


Very few things are one-shotting a leman Russ with average rolls, at sub 300 points

>> No.56240897

Necrons are rife with anti-synergy, overcosted models and lack of Any options, leading to monobuilds.

Basic troop is pretty bad. Transport only carries half-sized troops. 1 decent AT vehicle, the decent AT heavy support also has a half unit-size clause. Centerpiece does nothing, have No defenses like ++, +++ or the necron vehicle shield and costs 400 points.

Flyers only have bs4+ on their Main cannon and that is in perfect shape. Their transport flyer is shit at carrying troops, their melee units have nothing supporting charged and the entire faction leans on sheer unit sizes to actually get their trait.

>> No.56240898

not quite true....the Plague Marines decided to flee....

however when more Tyranid Hive ships came back to the planet, one of the ships sent down feeder tendrils to slurp up any remaining biomass....it was poisioned so bad, its feeder tendrils melted away...and then the other Hive ships destryoed the ship that did the feeding...cut it away like cancer to keep it from spreading

>> No.56240916

It's D6 not D3. But yes, it's not really game changing, just kind of good if you happen to be up against daemons.

>> No.56240923

Awww, brother! What about all the good times we had together? Your first Redthirst, all the Tyranid blood and skulls we took...would it hurt so much to acknowledge our connection, Brother?

Would it hurt so much to fall, just a little more?

I'll be there to catch you, Brother. I'm always there.

>> No.56240937


Mortarion in any format that doesn't put him on the table in a Smash Bros set up will fail. Morty on his own is too easy to bring down quickly.

>> No.56240944

Get rid of the dreadnought and add infantry. Only deploying one dread is asking to get it killed early on and waste those points.

>> No.56240949

Turn off your phones flash fucking hell how did you look at this and think "yep this is a good photo" your goddamn right I'm triggered fuck

>> No.56240961


The point, Satan, was that since the 4th ed Gavdex, Chaos Marines stopped being baseline Marines - with some Halloween bits stuck on to bad-guy them up - and became vaguely Marine-shaped objects with no apparent purpose IU or on the tabletop. Writing a CM dex should be so easy, even GW devs can't fuck it up because there's always a Space Marine dex they can C/P and be 50% done in an hour. Yet, here we are with Delusions of Adequacy Book V and blithe 8th ed advice like, "Just ally some real marines."

Not that I'm bitter, or anything ...

>> No.56240963

With 2 other things benefiting it?

>> No.56240983

Sounds like assholtep's alternate name

>> No.56240985

....ok, but what about the fluff?

I stopped paying attention to Necrons when the C'Tan were introduced.

Can you tell us about what dynasties are likely to get army wide rules in your next Codex? ...and what those dynasties are known for?

>> No.56240988

Hardly. If /pol/ is ebil nazis it's centre right.

>> No.56241005


>> No.56241011

what about with Daemon Princes?

I had an idea for another list that was very similiar...Morty plus Deathshroud, 2x squads of Blightlords and a Daemon Prince instead of Terminator Lord....and then a Supreme Command with 3x more Daemon Princes.

Morty, 4x Daemon Princes, Deathshroud, 10x Blightlords?

any better? I REALLY dont want to use Magnus, for one I dont have him yet...but thats a whole road that ends up with me buying an entire separate army....ugh

>> No.56241023


>> No.56241029

Being only -1 AP isn't exactly going to be steller. No invul sure, but when they have 3/4+...

>> No.56241032

>I stopped paying attention to Necrons when the C'Tan were introduced.


>> No.56241038


>> No.56241050

I was talking about Blood Angels specifically. Didnt mean anything against Chaos. Even though they can just Ally in Magnus and Morty and Be all set.

>> No.56241053


not him but
Necron dynasties:
Novokh Peeps with red stuff. Probably something melee related?
Mephrit - My personal favorite. Orange guns. Specialized in destroying stars.
Sautekh - Most numerous guys. Basic necron scheme. the Ultrasmurfs of Necrons.
Nihilakh- Trazyn's peeps.
Charnovokh - not much, but bronze scheme
Thokt - blue guys, good against orks

Maynarkh(fw) - yellow glowy bits with green. Flayed ones. Probably not in the codex.

>> No.56241061


>> No.56241073

I've always wanted to play in a campaign like yours. Maybe I'll try to make it happen at my FLGS.

>> No.56241076

The campaign for the Dovia Sector has begun
Teams are as follows

Yellow: Chaos w/ Ork Freebootas
Red: Imperium 1
Green: Imperium 2
Orange: Chaos
Black: Tyranids
White: Eldar and Tay

Blue flags = supreme command detachments
These maps show Turn 2 - the Tyranids launched an attack on the Green team but the Guard narrowly held the line.

>> No.56241077

...no, just back when their models were metal, and they were the only things the orks in Gorkamorka were ever truly afraid of.

>> No.56241082

A)You're talking about the doom of hesp, in the DG codex. This is apparently new stuff from the nid dex.
B)They DG on Hesp didn't flee, they fucking melted.

>> No.56241085

The Hardest part would probably be the set up around peoples schedules.

>> No.56241091

Movement and variety have always been Necron weaknesses. It just used to be made up for in firepower and unit endurance.

>> No.56241107

post pics from recent games

>> No.56241109

Wow, that is gay.

>> No.56241126

Do you play with yourself?

>> No.56241138

I dont think Ka'Bandha would call Blood Angels Brother.

>> No.56241140

only at night

>> No.56241183

Here's the rules doc we're using - I vetted it by testing something similar with our Bolt Action group.


For schedules, we've decided every Saturday is strategic movement and you get games done during the week. The real thing that makes it work is that players are grouped into teams of 3, so even if two players on a team don't show up, the campaign can continue.

>> No.56241186


>> No.56241188

You mean you play with people other than yourself?

>> No.56241203

Yes, the honey'd words of the demon, the tiny slivers of heretical doubt tugging at your thoughts, the constant lingering threat of corruption and eternal damnation....is gay.

(explains the Dark Angels, at least)

>> No.56241206

My build for Morty is basically thus: CSM sorc for Warptime, 3x Plagueburst with an Arch-Contaminator Lord to buff, Terminator Lord and Plasma Blightlords, 3x min cultists to fill a battallion, Winged Prince with Supperating Plate. After that season to taste.

I've found Deathshroud to be a trap, if you get the turn-1 warptime charge off they'll almost never be close enough to Morty to be relevant, and they're ass for their points in any capacity other than dying for him.

>> No.56241222

Please, Khorne is the bro-est tier of chaos.

>> No.56241229

Dark Angels are Catholic gay, conflicted and ashamed. Blood Angels are European gay where it's acknowledged but not talked about openly.

>> No.56241230

so which septs are you guys expecting for the eventual tau codex/any idea what sort of tactics they'll have

T'au - Ultramarines type tactics
Bork'an- tougher and more effecient vehicles
Vior'la- fire warrior focused, more shots at close range or something
Sa'cea- -1 cover save, reroll vs buildings
Vash'ya- better flyers
Fi'rios- +5 extra save

>> No.56241242

>for every xeno faction release, we get a space fag faction release.
>on top of every other imperial release.

Why does GW focus on the gayest, most boring factions in 40k so much?

>> No.56241245

because they sell better

>> No.56241258

That's not how you spell Nurgle.

>> No.56241259

I mean you aren't wrong. At least they want an Honorable duel in CC. They don't try to Seduce, Trick, or Projectile Vomit you to death.

>> No.56241260

Probably because they make the most money. Space Marines make up a large amount of 40k players.

>> No.56241266

>Am I so out of touch?
>No, it's the kids who are wrong.

>> No.56241269

Cool, thanks man. I'll give it a read.

>> No.56241275


Everyone likes Marines the most

>> No.56241276

>doesn't like stormfront
>but uses the N word
wew lad

>> No.56241283

>2 factions who recently had a gigantic battle get their codex around the same time
Huh its sorta like GW wants to have a Nids vs Blood Angels theme going on.

>> No.56241287

>> No.56241305


>> No.56241310

keep an eye on the nurgle demon index spells because they have some nasty synergy with most of the DG codex. you can heal morty d3 a turn or give him +1 to wound with 7s doubling the damage of his melee strike. very cool stuff and the herald of nurgle is 4pl for easy summons

>> No.56241314

why are the kids so gay and boring?

They could play an army made up of constantly evolving bugs that outnumber the stars.
They could play super advanced terminator robots.
They could play mind control space commies with a caste system
They could play sentient fungus that loves a fight and loves the future.
They could play spirits made of nightmares
They could play cenobites

But nope, they chose the big gay bear men in their big gay armor.

>> No.56241317

you should use this one for reference

>> No.56241327

Someone is bitter.

>> No.56241331

If you're wanting two squads of Terminators and you aren't locked into pure DG then finding a way to get a CSM detachment for a squad of Slaaneshi plasmanators will be worth it 110% of the time, Endless Cacophony is absurdly powerful.

>> No.56241338

One week till Carnac kills himself

>> No.56241348

except the blood angles don't have a codex yet..

>> No.56241352

Anon where did the Dark Angel/Blood Angel touch you?

>> No.56241355

I choose "deus vult" the faction whenever I can in whatever game, black templars happen to fill that role in 40k

>> No.56241366

Nah, I'm a nid fag, I just think it'd be cool if the other xenos factions got their codex, since you know, space fags already have one and are 100% codex playable regardless of what flavor of mary sue you choose.

>inb4 someone demands that their flavor of mary sue get special, poorly balanced rules.

>> No.56241368

>why am I the only one with a refined, elegant taste in little plastic soldier mens?

>> No.56241379

Huh its almost like they are about to get a codex release right after the nids.

>> No.56241382

That's the painful part. They didn't touch him, even after seemingly interminable begging.

>> No.56241390


>> No.56241402

Thats a good idea

>> No.56241420

thanks, saves a fuckload of time, I have yet to have an opponent that minds

>> No.56241428

also, space marines are the cancer killing 40k fluff, since space marine drama is the source of the horus heresy and primarch drama.

>> No.56241435


Pick one.

>> No.56241442

You can be a racist fuck and not be a nazi pal.

>> No.56241444

Khrone used to be known for more than being a bloodstained murderhobo.

>> No.56241452

Only T'au, Sacea, and viorlos will be there

>> No.56241453

Lots of people want to play the "heroes."

>> No.56241460

Nurgle is the fat, smelly uncle who always tried to hug you at family reunions.

Khorne is the cool uncle who lets you try some of his beer and then pulls out a massive knife from behind his back while saying 'wanna learn how to skin something?'.

(and for completeness)

Tzeentch is the nerdy uncle who's really into first generation Apple computers or something, and will show them off but won't let you play Zork or whatever on them.

Finally, Slaneesh.... Slaneesh is the uncle turned aunt that moved to San Francisco, that the family doesn't talk about anymore.

>> No.56241467

can you be a nazi pal without being a racist fuck?

>> No.56241470

They should play guard then, or chaos renegades.

>> No.56241480

They need to stop pussy-footing around with muh agnostic Legions and make th whole codex all Chaos all the time. You want to play without CHAOS, you can pick a loyalist book. More <Mark of Chaos> support, Icons that don't suck ass, full sub-disciplines for each Mark (give Khorne access to a cut-down Blood Tithe from KDK).

They probably should have just cut Legions entirely and had the whole codex use <Mark of Chaos> for their sub-factions.

>> No.56241485

see I had in my theoretical Mortarion lists document I have saved....I also have a list that runs a Spearhead detachment with 3x Plagueburst crawlers, but I was unsure on how to use them.

In my games so far I have had a ton of luck running 3x PBC's with an Arch-Contaminator Lord. But in those games the whole detachment is tightly packed into a ball...i make a triangle with the tanks and put the Lord in the middle. He wont be the closest model to shoot and cannot be charged, until at least one of the tanks is destroyed...then screen it with poxwalkers so they dont break. Makes it difficult to deep strike anywhere near the whole mess. But the point is, in nearly every game, the models never moved...they stayed in the same spot where i deployed them, and literally skipped every single movement phase...and just shot without penalties. I use the entropy cannons and slugger for the options...and they have survived every game, and put in major work. They may have had bad turns, but averaged out over the course of the game, they have done super well.

But in a list with Mortarion in it, I feel like I would need to possibly take Plaguespitters and rothail...and move them very quickly up the board to try and relieve some pressure from Mortarion. Is this how you use them with him? Or do you keep them back and use them as artillery pieces?

>> No.56241488

I will continue patiently waiting.

>> No.56241494

how are striking scorpions 8th edition?

I think they look cool and deepstriking to kill annoying shit and then lock tanks for a while sounds fun..

>> No.56241496

"If your army includes no unpainted models, you receive one additional command point."

Thoughts? My campaign (>>56241076) is using this, but I think it would overall be a good house rule. Not an enormous buff, but a way to encourage people to paint their armies.

>> No.56241502

No, he didn't. Its always been fanon. He'd always been a murderhobo.

>> No.56241506

Probably? I mean at the end of the day Traditional Nazism is all about keeping the races separate but equal. (except Jews lel)

>> No.56241513

>that tzeentch description

>> No.56241518

They're easy. BA and DA are going to be like 90% copy-pastes of Codex: Space Marines.

>> No.56241520

Melee Aspects are bad to mediocre. Generally you're better off with clowns for that sort of thing.

>> No.56241521

So been playing since the start of 7th ed and only really just now bothered to look into some fluff for the game, AKA reading some 1d4chan articles.
Holy shit, this game is fucking awesome.
Like for instance, did you guys know that Commisar Yarrick can shoot lazers out of his eyeballs when fighitng orks because they believe that he can?

>> No.56241528

Low quality bait

>> No.56241531

How will they be any different than tau or space marines?

>> No.56241536

>newfag, the post.

>> No.56241543

>(give Khorne access to a cut-down Blood Tithe from KDK)
The problem with this comes from the fact that it would have to use RP and would be pretty much fucking useless just like all other skills that allowed you to summon new units.

>> No.56241544

>because they believe that he can
That's not how the bale eye works.

>> No.56241552

thanks, I have thought about putting a Herald in a detachment that doesnt use Inexorable Advance just for the Healing. The melee spell is good too, but I dont think I will have enough points for 2x Heralds and I think the Healing might be the safer bet

>> No.56241556

>But in a list with Mortarion in it, I feel like I would need to possibly take Plaguespitters and rothail...and move them very quickly up
Nope, the Entropy/Slugger loadout still works. Mortarion runs forward and forces your opponent to deal with him or lose, which means your Plaguefuck blob can pound away unmolested. I've won multiple games after Morty killed less than his points and died bottom of 2 or top of 3, but his presence fucked the opponent's formation so hard that he ended up with no way to stop the artillery from bombing him to hell.

>> No.56241557

how is it bait?
I'm genuinely amazed at how cool this shit is and I wished I looked into it sooner.

>> No.56241561

At what point is a model unpainted? Is primed okay? How about primed but with details picked out?

>> No.56241572

god damn I just want some melee shit for eldar that let me roll a ton and never die.

>> No.56241573

We're doing three colors as a minimum...

>> No.56241576

Explain, then?

I just thought thats how it worked, thats what I read from his 1d4chan article.

>> No.56241577

I hope Bangles really feel like a strong melee force under the codex. Marines are sorely missing that right now.

>> No.56241580

Their are plenty of Blood Tithe results that don't require summoning, and there's no reason the Blood Tithe couldn't get some exception to RP.

>> No.56241581

The codexes are already 90% copy/pastes of the index though.

>> No.56241587

what if orks don't believe in something thats true?

>> No.56241596

The same way literally every other laser works. With a power source.

>> No.56241602

Anon this isnt a melee edition again you would just be gimping us. Shooting is the only way to play if you arent alpha striking.

>> No.56241611

Bruh, you're just getting a Chapter Tactic. There's nothing they could plausibly give you to make an MEQ army into a CC powerhouse.

>> No.56241634

Blanket -1 to hit against them during the shooting phase.

>> No.56241636

Sure, but BA and DA already have most of their Stratagems done AND point costs updated. Each only needs a couple unique Stratagems, a couple new spells, WP traits, and relics. Compared that to Orks or Necrons where they have to make a bunch of sub-factions, all the Stratagems, etc.

>> No.56241639

I don't entirely believe that. There are strong efficient melee options in the Index armies, and Nids certainly don't seem strong on the basis of their shooting. 8th is "shooty" feels very biased by the codex release schedule and the strength that index guard had.

>> No.56241641

+1A on everything they have.

>> No.56241653

Shorter ranged guns but more damage for said range, just about no psykers though maybe some rune system or some ancestor lord, more hatred and artilery sniping enemy lords, etc.

>> No.56241657

then why the fuck does the 1d4chan article say that he got laser eyes in a fight with orks because they believed he had a gaze of death?

Thats significantly less cool.
As a newb to 40k lore, as I take the Orks warp powers, that WOULD TECHNICALLY work, right?
If enough orks took it as fact, that yes, this dude shoots lazers from his eyeballs, it would manifest?

>> No.56241664

If you can see primer, it's unpainted.
If it doesn't have three colors of paint on it, it's unpainted.
If your think primer is a color of paint, it's unpainted and you're a moron.

>> No.56241681

Go to lexicanum instead of 1d4chan for 40k lore.

>> No.56241682

Neither of those is particularly plausible, nor would either turn the army as a whole into CC monsters.

>> No.56241695

>"If your army includes no unpainted models, you receive one additional command point."
I like this.

>> No.56241698

I mainly just have DG stuff. I have 2 boxes of Blightlords thats why I included them in. I do have some non DG stuff, but not much. I have 5 regular terminators...they are Space Marine terminators, but I have shaved off all Imperial markings, and used Chaos helmets, but they dont have any arms....if I get some bits then that can be an option.

I have seen a buddy use 10x Slaanesh terminators with combi-plasma, a Chaos terminator Sorcerer, and Abbadon....deep strike everything in, cast Prescience.....then proceed to KILL EVERYTHING within 12"....40x plasma shots hitting on 2's rerolling hits and wounding on 2's or 3's against most vehicles (Veterans of the Long War)....fucking disgusting!

>> No.56241706

>If you can see primer, it's unpainted
What if you're using a colored paint as your primer? Even Duncan just jumps straight to spraying the base coat color.

>> No.56241711

The 1/10th of an inch you might accidentally sneak in here and there is worth the sheer amount of time you save.

>> No.56241717

1d4chan is more humor than info.

>> No.56241719

Assault squads would be great. 3 WS3+ S4 attacks for 13 points is pretty good. Especially with 3+ saves.

>> No.56241721

Get off 1d4chan, forget everything you read, and get onto lexicanum instead.

Also, fuck me for falling for this bait.

>> No.56241728

1d4chan finds it funny to give radically untrue descriptions of things based on dank memes.

It's a fine site for certain things, but I would take EVERYTHING on there with a huge ol' grain of salt.

>> No.56241743

What if I'm playing Black Templars and prime in black?

Do I really have to waste entire bottles of black paint on already black armor?

I am doing more than three colors - shoulder pads, shoulder trim, weapons, washes, eyes, etc. But 90% of the model is black armor plate

>> No.56241745

The Bale Eye is part of the wargear of Commissar Sebastian Yarrick. It is an optical implant which also functions as a short-ranged laser, similar in effect to a laspistol at close range.[1][2] It is rumoured within Ork camps that Yarrick could kill with a glance, and the Bale Eye is where this rumour came from.[3]

http://wh40k.lexicanum.com is a better source for fluff. 1d4chan is... well... written by people from 4chan.

>> No.56241746

CT, relics, strats, WTs, and points changes at the very least. Honestly I don't think it would take huge changes to make things work. Making some points/stats changes to DC to turn them into a premier assault unit would go a long way.

My real wishlist is a unique Flesh Tearers CT/Relic.

>> No.56241752

Using the GSC dex to build my small chaos cult. Just saw these sweet conversions and they'd fit in my army. Would they be okay as count as Genestealers? Any ideas?

I know I could use them as rough riders detachment but dont really want 15 of them in my small army

>> No.56241756

Yeah that bugs me as well given I specifically get primer that matches the main base coat of a mini to just ease my workload.

>> No.56241763

If you consider Death Company Strong Efficient Melee options i feel bad for you.

>> No.56241768

I said with changes. Reading Comprehension.

>> No.56241769

awesome! So I think I am gonna try this.

I am gonna have to try out the Deathshroud...I bought them, so I have to at least try them at their job. I dont want to have wasted that much money on three models......

If they dont work, then I will have to figure some other use for them out. Have you had any luck with them?

>> No.56241774


>> No.56241775

Actually, that's a bad example because Chaos Black and Abaddon Black are different shades of Black, so any touch-up you have to do will stick out.

>> No.56241776

New to 40k. Just got the new eldar start collecting box. What s a good way to equip the units?

>> No.56241799

with dildos so they at least have some use when you shove them up your ass you waacfag cunt.

>> No.56241801

Anon, you should be painting Abaddon Black over your Chaos Black primer so your Chaos Black touch-ups don't clash with your primer. They have different hues.

Honestly, this is why I prime black models white. It makes it easier to put on the Abaddon Black without missing anything. It also makes the non-black colors more vibrant which looks great on a mostly black model.

>> No.56241802

I'm priming with Rustoleum-brand flat black spraypaint, anon. I ain't wasting cash on shitty expensive spraypaint.

>> No.56241806

I see nothing in that post that says With Changes you said
>There are strong efficient melee options in the Index armies
I was replying to that specific quote.

>> No.56241808

Clip all the pieces off the sprue and set them back into the box.

Now dump a bunch of plastic cement in there, put the top back on and give her a good shake.

Wait 1 hour then remove your newly equipped miniatures.

>> No.56241827

But what about moldlines.

>> No.56241832

But Anon, I don't want special mary-sue rules. I just want non-index rules for my Dark Angels. If GW included them in the Space Marines Codex, I'd be perfectly happy, but they didn't.

>> No.56241833

Primer black for BT's armor looks lame as fuck. Show some pride in your army FFS.

>> No.56241841

The jetbike and fire prism thing?

just make sure everything has shurriken cannons.

>> No.56241845


>> No.56241857

Best loadout for a non-mortis relic contemptor dread?

Thinking about keeping it simple with double HB, chainfist and plasma blaster. With might of heroes it’s a pretty dangerous beast

>> No.56241860

Ah, alright.
Thanks guys.

Also not bait, im just genuinely super new to anything 40k related that isnt the actual game.

>> No.56241862

Why is it upside down?

>> No.56241867

give the farseer the shining spear.

>> No.56241878

That model is so poorly painted it physically hurts me.

>> No.56241880

The Tau have a number of Sept worlds, their thing is actually mostly about specifc color bands that signify their homeworld. They have certain color schemes that they work with, but my understanding is that as long as they keep the sept color markings they'll chamge their gear's colors depending on tge mission.

The ones we have listed on Lexicanum:
T'au - basic Tau, white markings, brown/yellow armor
Tau'n - grey markings, white/black armor, they are tactical and deploy a variety of battlesuit types to counter any type of enemy
D'yanoi - Light blue markings, brown/white armor, uses lots of Vespids due to proximity to their homeworld
Vior'la - red sept colors, white/greenish grey armor, famed for aggression and utilization of the Mont'ka strategy, relying on single applications of overwhelming force using large numbers of battlesuits and fire warriors
Sa'cea - orange markings, blue/grey armor, puts out the greatest number of fire warriors of any sept world
Ke'lshan (or Kel'shan, depends on the book) - gold markings, grey and black armor, notable for grimdark fire warriors, survivng a number of attacks from other species, and armor suited for shipboard combat
Elsy’eir - purple markings, red and grey armor, famed for being a leisure world that also produces a lot of Riptides
Bork'an- Turquoise, camoflage armor in a variety of colors, major Earth Caste (engineer caste) training area, very hardy
Dal'yth - purple or teal markings (finding some differing sources on this one), famed for trade and lots of xenos, both members and non-members of the Empire
Fal'shia - guys from Soulstorm, look up Or'es'Ka if you want to know about them

And many more, because the Tau have so few holdings its easy to describe all of them in just a few short sentences.

>> No.56241883

This is precisely why I prime my red models khaki

>> No.56241889

You have it half right, I dunno why everyone is jumping down your throat about it.

Like most famous heroes his story gets embellished as it travels until it ends up some William Wallace type thing where he can shoot lightning out his arse. The orks think that he can kill them with a glare alone - this actually comes up in the books too, where a boy has the drop on him but falters when yarrick catches sight of him.

So when Yarrick lost an eye he thought "well shit, better live up to the stories about me" and instead of having it replaced with a standard cybernetic eye he got a laspistol glued in place.

>> No.56241892

thin your paints

>> No.56241916


>> No.56241930

don't fully assemble the vehicle before you paint, makes it a lot easier to paint smaller areas.
go read up on washes, they make a huge difference to how your paint looks.

>> No.56241934


>> No.56241939

Yes, In the Index armies. Plural. Like Ork Boyz or Khorne Berserkers. Index Blood Angels are a bad assault army. I am expressing a hope that they will be changed from a bad assault army to a good one. Death Company are a good candidate for these sorts of changes because they aren't shackled to Codex Space Marines in the same way the standard options like Assault Marines or Vanguard Vets are.

>> No.56241954

Is that Skarbrand? I see that the wings are porous

>> No.56241965

>Vior'la - red sept colors, white/greenish grey armor, famed for aggression and utilization of the Mont'ka strategy, relying on single applications of overwhelming force using large numbers of battlesuits and fire warriors

I wonder how they will distinguish that one from the Enclaves.
Given both seem to overlap in their theme.
>muh monk'pow and suitspam

>> No.56241971

Well what do you want them to change on them? They only cost 4 points more than Normal Assault Marines and that probably makes up for having The Black Rage and being able to equip them all with power weapons.

>> No.56241977

ooooh, that makes the most sense.

Cheers for being a pretty cool guy about it <3

>> No.56242000

Do inquisitors and space marines clash very often?

Inquisitors seem like there would be many who are absolute cunts and look at everyone else as being beneath them.

But if they tried to pull that shit on a space marine, what would happen?

>> No.56242009

Dont listen to these faggots

For a first miniature you did just fine.
I like the mud streaks on the vehicles, and I like that you did your own thing instead of trying to 100% copy just whatevers on the box.

There was genuine advice about thinning your paints with water a bit more, and I would add trying to be a bit neater with where your paint goes but honestly, good job for a first go, and welcome to the hobby.

>> No.56242013

>No, he didn't.
Whoo lad
I came in at the end of 6th edition, and even I know this. Is it summer already?

>> No.56242015

You just tell your friends you primed in grey and overcoated with a colored spray and they honestly won't be able to say you're lying without scratiching your minis with their finger. If they DO try to do that, they're hypocrites of the highest order for demanding you paint and then wrecking your paintjob.

Really, just obey the spirit of the rule and you'll be fine. It's called the "Don't be a fucking douche" rule and it applies to them as much as you. Paint the skins even if you got three colors, agrax it if nothing else, and make sure you have SOMETHING for a base, even if its just some Agrellan Earth.

>> No.56242021

Its almost time for Christmas break.

>> No.56242026

aren't space marines litterally sons of the emperor?

The inquisitor would basically have to kill all witnesses or get killed himself later on i'd say.

>> No.56242027

But Khorne Berzerkers are only good when you can Infiltrate a blob of them right into the enemy's face. They do fuck-all when they're trying to run across the table as 18 PPM MEQ's.

Note that World Eaters got +1A on the charge as their legion trait, and they're more melee-centric than BA. BA aren't going to get some amazing Chapter Tactic that makes even their Assault Marines into a melee threat.

>> No.56242032

So, GENERALLY, Inquisitors are more scientist than soldier, and will work with Space Marines to help them identify targets and such. Only rarely do they come into conflict - usually with some irreconcilable point of doctrine pushes the Inqs into conflict with the Marines. There's a whole organization of Marines, the Deathwatch, who work under Inquisition command

>> No.56242049


>> No.56242052

>aren't space marines litterally sons of the emperor?
>aren't space marines litterally sons of the emperor?
oh boy

>> No.56242059

The Warhammer World army modeling guidlines have pretty good examples. Personally I don't consider a literal "3 colors" mini painted in most circumstances. The level shown as tabletop quality here, i.e. just everything basecoated and appropriate details picked out, is what I consider painted. Using a colored spray or primer as a base coat is fine if it's an even coat and fits the model IMO.

>> No.56242071

Heresy continues to grow in the Imperium of Man

>> No.56242082

whose the father?

>> No.56242084

Farsight is from Vior'la, his colors are an inverse of theirs, basically, and their fighting style is very similar because he was their posterboy before he went rogue. Id imagine Vior'la will get bonuses to shooting and moving or shooting in close range, while the Enclaves would get some kind of bonuses relating to survivng melee or a different type of aggresive playstyle, something that lets them specifically counter the Orks. Maybe one or another will get more close range deepstrike options besides stealth suit homing beacons to make it harder for infantry blobs to do area denial.

>> No.56242097

So brand new to 40k. Wanted to play elves in AOS, but they don't exist yet or something. Thanks though. Happy to be a part of the community!

>> No.56242100


Not even close.

>> No.56242111

Sure but modern 40k ripped off starship trooper heavily and Robert A. Heinlein did actually intend it as a recommendation on how society should be ran after the development of the nukes.

It's basically one of the first "red pills" in modern culture.

>> No.56242115

Sure, whatever you say waacfag. We don't take kindly to people playing good armies around these parts. The current cutoff army is tyranids. Anything better than them is waac. Anything worse than them is okay.

>> No.56242117

If you want to get into 40k, find some buddies to do it with. 40kg is a toxic meme hole and will kill your drive to play if it's your only source of 40k sustenance.

Their dads?

>> No.56242123

He worded it poorly, but they're more about knowing things and rooting out things than they are about actually killing things.

>> No.56242140

fuck, i hate exaggerated line highlight like the ones of the model on the right.

Too fucking cartoony

>> No.56242143

I don't know. I'm not a game designer. I'd just like them to be cheaper/faster/more killy. And making them better than Assault Marines in the short term is fine. Assault Marines are pretty ass right now. I also don't think they should part for the option to have power weapons. That's what the cost of the power weapons is for.

>> No.56242149

Investigators/detectives then.

>> No.56242158

3 colors is what you should shoot for.

>> No.56242163

Is it wrong that at this point i sorta have given up on edge highlights as i cant seem to get them to look good? I just do a colour and a wash then do all the details on the armour?

>> No.56242169

Yeah I don't think it works well on inner edges like in the backpack there. At least not with that level of color change.

>> No.56242174

How do balances changes work in 40k?

just new editions/codexes?

>> No.56242176

Well anon if you dont know exactly what you want then how will you know if you ever get it?

>> No.56242182

How about making all Blood Angel chainswords into a chapter specific version.
They could give +1S as well as the usual attack bonus.
All their power swords weapons could re-roll wounds or hits.

>> No.56242184

Naw, highlights are in practice fairly rare, especially highlights done well.

>> No.56242194

How many characters do you use in your armies

>> No.56242195

For your first painted model, it isn't too bad.

I would suggest cutting your teeth on rank and file troopers first, though.

>> No.56242197

Nurgle is paternal. He want you to be happy and comtent so that you don't aspire to anything and stagnate.

Khorne is your bro in the sense that he'll scream in your face who until you nail your hamster to the wall or he'll smash your kneecap with a hammer.

>> No.56242200

That's fine. You should still consider trying to highlight really prominent edges you can do with the side of your brush though. Also you should still drybrush to highlight your tanks if you have them. It makes a huge difference and is almost foolproof.

>> No.56242207

When I get a warm fuzzy feeling reading the codex.

>> No.56242208

How about you accept that Blood Angels are just a slight variation from standard Codex Space Marines? You aren't going to magically turn into melee power houses nor should you.

>> No.56242229

I mean thats at least sorta thematic to Blood Angels as it focuses on an aspect that you dont see often that being "Blood Angels Are Master craftsmen"

>> No.56242237

captain, 2 lieutenants and an apothecary if I can

>> No.56242240

Used to be that way, but now GW will occasionally patch things via errata, and in December we're getting Chapter Approved which is a (presumably) yearly compilation of points tweaks and supplementary rules.

>> No.56242251

Doesnt help that i am running out of Evil Sunz scarlet. I dont know what one would consider prominent edges. Also i do sorta do Edge highlights on Tabards and purity seals.

>> No.56242254

That seems rather defeatist at this point.

>> No.56242256

pics of the guy right of the guy with the squigs please.

>> No.56242270

Then why have a codex at all if you're not gonna change them?

>> No.56242310

>how many non-characters do you use
Stop being your average neckbeard and up your game to Dynasty Warriors 40k

>> No.56242316

Blood Angels should be Codex Space Marines: Melee edition

>> No.56242343

If you use named characters, you're a waacfag.

Nonnamed characters are fine though.

>> No.56242361

What if i use a unit that is a Non-Named character in rules but is a Named character in fluff?

>> No.56242372

I use named characters as necrons because I have to.
I don't when I play Guard, though.

>> No.56242374

are you using the named character's model?

>> No.56242381

I mean he doesn't have an official model so no.

>> No.56242383

In the days of yore, players were supposed to agree before a game to allow named characters into the game.
This hurt GW'$ profit$, and thus the current situation was born

>> No.56242391

It's just being real. Blood Angels and Dark Angels have always just been "Codex Space Marines with some extra units sprinkled on top." That isn't going to radically change now.

I agree. Blood Angels and Dark Angels should've been rolled into Codex: Space Marines ages ago. Black Templars were significantly more divergent in lore and playstyle.

They are (to a degree), but there's only so far you can push the melee angle while they're still just a variant of Codex: Space Marines. The Blood Angels Chapter Trait will be something in-line with all the other melee focused MEQ sub-factions (re-roll charges, +1 A on the charge, charge after fallback, etc).

>> No.56242402

You're fine then, but I'm watching you.

>> No.56242417

>It's just being real. Blood Angels and Dark Angels have always just been "Codex Space Marines with some extra units sprinkled on top." That isn't going to radically change now.
But Space wolves are so different right? They dont just have Generic squads with little tweaks here and there.

>> No.56242419

20 models also used to be considered a large army, grandpa

>> No.56242433

>literal werewolves and other wolves
>just vanilla marines bro

>> No.56242441

>They are (to a degree), but there's only so far you can push the melee angle while they're still just a variant of Codex: Space Marines. The Blood Angels Chapter Trait will be something in-line with all the other melee focused MEQ sub-factions (re-roll charges, +1 A on the charge, charge after fallback, etc).

Hence my whole point about Death Company. They are one of the the things you Can easily push. Same with Sanguinary Guard and the various melee dreads.

>> No.56242458

>there's only so far you can push the melee angle while they're still just a variant of Codex: Space Marines.

Make them khorne berserkers, 6+++, and deepstrike at 6.0001"

>> No.56242471

They're more divergent than DA or BA, although I agree that more could be done to distinguish them tactically from all the other MEQ armies.

>> No.56242507

>make them better at berzerking than the 10,000 year old dudes empowered by the god of berzerking
Lol, you'll be stuck in the same boat as always (Codex: Space Marines that are marginally better at CC) and you'll like it.
>deepstrike at 6.0001"
Jesus, no. This game already has too many problems with alpha strikes. The last thing we need is an assault army that is pretty much guaranteed to get mass turn 1 charges every game.
Death Company are just berzerking Blood Angels. They should be tougher and stronger than standard BA, but they shouldn't be the top-end of melee infantry.

>> No.56242523

screenscap this :^D

>> No.56242528

>The last thing we need is an assault army that is pretty much guaranteed to get mass turn 1 charges every game.
Nids have that already.

>> No.56242547


>> No.56242555

We'll see how it shakes out, but it'll probably be gay as fuck.

>> No.56242562

Fuck that. If anything, a full out army wide turn one assault would be awesome to see. It would be fluffy as hell.

>> No.56242587 [SPOILER] 

hey man, its only a 66% if they have adrenal glands and from behemoth.

they do

>> No.56242590

this guy?

>> No.56242600

I always assumedit was more sort of herding, carrot and stick that sort of thing.

>> No.56242626

one unit is basically guaranteed in kraken with command points and a trygon and a swarmlord.

Spend the 2Cp on the two movement stratagems on the swarmlord, then have the trygon pop up with the unit you want. The swarmlord should move fast (on average 37 inches), and then lets the unit you want to charge with move in the shooting phase. It can move to >1 inch and then charge.

The only real points of failure are getting amazingly bad luck on the advance rolls.

>> No.56242642

>death company aren't as good as berserkers

You haven't read the fluff have you? Death company marines make space marines uneasy. They aren't just angry, they are cursed to relive a betrayal so great it's left a scar upon their very souls

Death company don't see a tyranid, or a guardsman, or even a daemon. Death company are themselves on terra fighting heretic marines. They see a carnifex as an enemy dreadnought and still kill the fucking thing. They should absolutely be one of the premier melee units

Ffs they killed skarbrand with goddamn chainswords.

>> No.56242647

Honestly it'd just be better taking an HQ detachment and charge with 5 behemoth flyrants.

>> No.56242654

Appreciate the feedback chaps

>> No.56242674

Can you slingshot any model like that, or are you limited to the Trygon?

>> No.56242681

>something that lets them specifically counter the Orks
fuck orks in particular would be a bit dull

>> No.56242691

The the trygon is just the transport for whatever unit you want to bring. You could also use spore pods as the transport. And yeah, you can slingshot any unit that can deep strike or be deep struck that way.

>> No.56242717

Maybe indirectly fuck Orks, like..
>Enemy models within 1" of you roll 1 less attack in the Fight phase
Makes you more survivable against most melee. Seems a bit OP, but it's a start.

>> No.56242719

I am the biggest fucking idiot alive.

>> No.56242857

Yeah, i meant more like >>56242717 ,
Indirectly make them good at countering orks, like making Enclave units not completely fold in melee like other Tau. Maybe buff their overwatch a bit, get to fire into melee if within supporting distance. Would be nice to see Crisis suits get fusion blades back, give them a reason to exist by letting sword suits hunt down artillery pieces and slay them in melee.

>> No.56242897

YES! How was he built?

>> No.56242928

AOBR warboss, daemon prince torso and arms, and various bits and plasticard

>> No.56243186

Look it up. You're flatly wrong all the way back to Realms of Chaos.

>> No.56243200

So you're a newfag who knows nothing about old fluff, got it

>> No.56243212

What? Assault is healthier in 8th than it has in a long time?

>> No.56243286

Well then you shouldn't have any trouble finding all those sources that say Khorne gives two shits about honorabre combat.

2e Epic 40,000 Renegade book, that's the only source you'll find.

>> No.56243846

You could claim that they sell better because GW focuses on them. They've been the most supported army since 40k was a thing.

>> No.56243875

>As a newb to 40k lore, as I take the Orks warp powers, that WOULD TECHNICALLY work, right?
>If enough orks took it as fact, that yes, this dude shoots lazers from his eyeballs, it would manifest?
Nope. Ork powers are just magic WD40, they can't make something magically happen they just can make something more likely to work right and less likely to jam, etc. Ignore the memes, and look at the sources. Old 3e codex is where it's laid out best.

>> No.56243876


>being this mad

>> No.56243883


>and here's another one

>> No.56243896

Anon do you just like replying to dead threads so that no one can respond to you?

>> No.56243916


You did.

>> No.56243925

In Rogue Trader. By 2e armies were over 20 often enough and 3e had units over 20. Whereas some named characters still had that stipulation in 5e, meaning that for more than half the existence of the game (and in the most formative editions) that has held true.

>> No.56243950

You're bad at this. That would effect orks less than most armies as you've written it, since they have more attacks to start with. Secondly, the game has enough shitty skew matchups without adding them to the game deliberately.

>> No.56244120

>In the days of yore, players were supposed to agree before a game to allow named characters into the game.

You have to agree to play with each other anyway, dipshit.

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