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First for fuck you

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Well played

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I was looking some nearby games workshops on facebook to see peoples armies on parade displays...heres what I found

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Gimme a fluff hook for a BA successor.

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Best fleet scheme coming through

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We've finally got the chance to have Nids on the defensive, with vulnerable points and somewhat limited resources and having to patrol and hold territory and everything! You could do my idea, an insurrection from a GSC who realize that the Nids aren't their True Saviors, an AGP-style strike team gathering data, all kinds of stuff. I now have a new idea for a narrative campaign that would involve the nids in an interesting way.

Admech outposts and assorted muster points on a world claimed by my Takwin Fleet renegade Admech, who are Divisio Genetor. Nids take it, assimilate it into a larder world and leave a fuckton of creatures there for obvious reasons. Battered fleet returns after their trip to Konor expecting a resupply, instead they have to beat back the Nids from their own stuff to resupply before cleansing the Nids from the planet. If they manage to eventually wipe the primary hive and the Hive Tyrants left in charge the planet will no longer be signalling to Kronos and will be safe.

If Nids win, Takwin Fleet has to fall back to their home system in the Ghoul Stars to repair and they start to redesign their Skitarii forces to provide cheaper and more numerous garrisons - I buy a bunch of GSC Neophytes and kitbash them to make pic related as Stygies-tactic Skitarii ground troops, replacing my existing Skittles.

If Admech win then they manage to contain the Nids in biodomes and further develop a lot of the planet for studying the Tyranids, it becomes a very small Forge World and they further their biological constructs and tactics from in-depth vivisection and study of the far less intelligent captive Hive's behavior. I buy myself some Nid kits and start to incorporate their bitz into future kitbashes, maybe some Corpuscarii with more techifyed Termagant guns or something. Sound good?

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Impossible There are no Female marines therefore she cannot possible like them.

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Fail, no /40kg/ in thread, gg no re, only Skree

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First for don't reply to that guy whining about synapse trying to shit up the thread.

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That.....a man?

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So children and trannies play Space Marines. It's what I've been saying for years.

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But anon that's not what a felinid looks like

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I think this guy here won with litteraly just two models on a table

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>Thät face

This little šhït knows exactly that he's won by defaùlt.

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Can't wait for the FAQ to make Synapse a Re-Roll and they have to lose one model for it to work.

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>new woman working at LGS


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I know, I just think she's a qt.

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Just be polite and don't engage it. They get confused when they don't get attention.

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Is she hot?

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Look we both know that’s not going to happen.
Is this about the commissars anon?
It better not be about the commissars anon.

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Good advice.

Meh. She's no hambeast or anything but is just plain and ugly.

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I'm just shit posting cause im bored mostly my dude.

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What would the cat race be like as a 40k army? Basically Harlequins?

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Is Tyhpus worth running in non Poxwalker lists?

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As a full army? You're asking a lot of the mutant population of a single planet.

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Help a newfag out please
The CSM codex says "Each model is
armed with a boltgun, bolt pistol, frag grenades and krak grenades." for normal chaos marines.
Does this mean that they have both a bolt gun and a bolt pistol at the same time, and can fire either one? And a model holding a bolter 2-handed can still use their chainsword?

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They could fire both, technically. In the past this was just to let them trade one out for something else but still be able to shoot, now it's just wacky. You can indeed still use the sword, hands don't need to be tracked

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Thanks dude
I was worrying about what arm pieces to use for nothing.

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I-Its not I swear. Nids just deserve the same rules as everyone else.

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>does this mean that they have both a bolt gun and a bolt pistol at the same time
>and can fire either one
yes, you get to chose
>And a model holding a bolter 2-handed can still use their chainsword
yes, its implied they put their other weapons away for CQC

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dunno, if they're like the Cat they'd be very tall and colourful ratlings

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Wait I lied, you can fire only pistol or non pistol, not both

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I dunno, it was just a thought. Like what would their military force look like with their personality.

But I just got it into my head to head swap a harelquin army with some elf heads as a project.

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How can you fuck up a general? Why didn't you add the general title? How can you believe this stupid?

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Yeah. The idea is that they can swap back and forth. Holsters and all.
Remember that when a model fires, they choose either Pistols or non-Pistols to fire. So no 3-shot cheesing at 12".

Speaking of which: Can a marine unit within 6" fire all bolters AND throw one grenade?

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Court her all the same

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Yes anon, that is a woman.
How about you stop being a fucking dork, for once ?

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Nth for where the hell is this coming from?

>Gorgon attacks a Space Hulk that the Death Guard are occupying. The first wave of Tyranids are repulsed and the Hive Fleet toxins that are pumped into the Hulk do nothing to the Death Guard because they are immune by the blessing of Nurgle. Second wave comes and the Tyranids adpated their toxins. Suddenly, the toxins affect Plague Marines and their flesh fall from their bones.

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Or a Harlequin troupe with the aesthetics of Cats, the broadway musical.

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But she doesn't look like my animes or a McDonald's commercial! She's clearly NOT a woman!

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No. Grenades say they use up your shooting attack. Still no reason not to though. You trade a few Boltgun shots for d6 lasguns or a S6 shot

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Impossible anon, Women dont want to play Space Marines because there is no Female Representation in the army.

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He'd be cucked anyway. She's got a ring on her finger

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Acids, do you even ?

>> No.56238049

.....I want this

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Is the classic lash whip, bone sword and venom cannon tyrant any good?

>> No.56238086

like a like a more brightly coloured sci fi version of this?

>> No.56238088

I think he means where are the fluff pics at

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Who here wouldn't allow a properly modeled Macharius with proper weapons (demolisher cannon, appropriate sponsons) as a stand-in for a Baneblade? It's almost exactly 1" shorter and 1" narrower.

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So, irl thundercats ? This is terryfing.

>> No.56238115

Beautiful Forgeworld Quality

>> No.56238134

Which one do you like most?

>> No.56238147 [SPOILER] 

Right here

>> No.56238162

I now have this stuck in my head

>> No.56238220

Number 3 sounds cozy

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>The Grand Coalition

>An Isolated tendril of Kraken reaches towards the T'au sept world of Dal'yth, a prosperous trading hub frequented by countless aliens races. Water caste make earnest pleas to their trading partners, imploring them to lend their naval strength to a coalition armada that will intercept the Tyranid menace. Their fleet sails forth, and is almost entirely destroyed. Fortunately, the T'au's losses are comparatively minimal, and precious time is bought for Dal'yth to ready its defences.

Not even the might of the Great Devourer can withstand the unity of the Greater Good.

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>implying that's not a recast
>implying that isn't as stupid as holding up a plastic figure full of mold lines and saying "beautiful GW quality"

>> No.56238268

putting the devilish in devilfish

>> No.56238277

Its 100% real forgeworld

And are you implyig that scraping moldlines is the same as completely resculpting a mangled foot

>> No.56238280

Why is this so fucking funny?

>> No.56238288

>Nurgle's Fruit

Sounds tasty.

>> No.56238306

why didn't you sent it back to FW? They'll replace miscasts and such

>> No.56238322

Because he would rather bitch about it than actually do something to fix it.

>> No.56238337

Wait, youre not talking about the fuckhueg flash tab on the coat?

>> No.56238344

because I dont feel like waiting another 2 weeks to start working on something

>> No.56238346

What sort of chapter tactics should the Lamenters get, if any?

>> No.56238351

Why did you paint it so shitty?

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+3" to falling back and not returning phone calls.
In seriousness I'd have to sit down and re-read their fluff.

>> No.56238363

Is she obnoxious? I was worried the girls around here would be, but they aren't at all. Most of them are good shit talkers, especially one of them. First day I met her I overheard her basically calling one of the Marine players gay for playing Marines.

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Blood Angels. Come on man.

>> No.56238368

>random ass, drunk, isolated nid hive fleet stumbles upon tau space
>tau lose their fucking shit and piss their collective pants
>commit communistic genocide by "convincing" aka pheromone brainwashing literally "COUNTLESS" other races into fighting the hive fleet
>are too scared to even engage the fleet themselves
>all the minor races nearly entirely wiped out
>drunk tyranid splinter rambles something about wanting to try some of that exotic sushi and moves on, not even phased by the massive coalition attack
>taufags think this is good for them

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Because its got 3 basecoats on it and nothing else yet?

>> No.56238372

Blood Angels. Do you not read rules?

>> No.56238374

You didn't scrape ANY of the lines.

>> No.56238378

Believe it or not, I've found that recasters have better quality control than FW. The last two orders I've made from FW have had MAJOR slippage and they refused to do anything about it.
I guess that the difference is that the chinamen know that they have competition if they fuck up.

>> No.56238382

>After deploying armies but before the first turn roll a d6 for each <Lamenter> unit. On a 2+ it suffers a mortal wound.

Being a Lamenter is suffering

>> No.56238384

.... you can just send back the defective ones

>> No.56238415

>Still get cucked by Girlyman

>> No.56238423


You mean all the micro mold slips that are invisible until you prime the model?

>> No.56238449

I was referring to the lack of armies on parade she was up against (see other posts). Not my fault everyone is calling her a tranny

>> No.56238454

>NPC gets cucked by MC hero
Much WOW

>> No.56238461

>watching Tabletop Tactics Nid codex report
>As the nid player explains his new rules the opponent dies a little more on the inside
Still watching but it's gonna be good

>> No.56238473

Awww this is adorable. Cant wait to see the lictor shoot back at her

>> No.56238479

Woman (male)

>> No.56238483

Are there chaos assassins?

>> No.56238493

How many Tervigons per 20 gaunts (of any type) should one be taking?

>> No.56238497

jesus crist, death korps models looks like shit at the first stages of painting.

looking forward to see it finished fellow dkkfag

>> No.56238498

>plain and ugly.
It's more polite to say homely.

>> No.56238500

Post your boards


>> No.56238524

I already finished one

>> No.56238539

>and they refused to do anything about it.

As if I didn't already know you were full of shit from the beginning of your post.

>> No.56238562

You're too blind and stupid to be working on resin. Come back when you're less retarded. There's a huge fucking chunk flap that would be clearly visible even before priming.

>> No.56238566

Not him, but almost EVERY FW order I place has some kind of fuck up and needs replacing

I think they believe im just trying to get free stuff and theyve stopped replying to my emails, I have to call them on the phone

>> No.56238567

Why did get GW cheap with the codexes? No more individual pictures and descriptions anymore for units anymore?

>> No.56238603

Uh, put the crack pipe down, they are still in there. You got your fluff for each unit, then the data cards for each unit. Two different segments.

>> No.56238613

>Glued before based
Fucking newfags

>> No.56238637

enjoy having your models pop off the base every time you drop them

>> No.56238656

7th had that too IIRC.
I heard talk of KNJ last thread. I have him on me if somebody wanted a pic. I don't get what the big deal is. He's not even legal anymore since Commanders can no longer take shotguns

>> No.56238668

what >>56238603 said. Also makes it way quicker to find rules during a game.

>> No.56238673

nice stuff, im scared shitless about color schemes without many colors, but yours looks pretty damn good, especially the lasgun.

gonna spam some of my own.

>> No.56238679

Enjoy your oatmeal bath

>> No.56238687

I've always been doing it like this. Fuck off, or go buy a GW buttplug.

>> No.56238700

I use stirland battlemire so it isnt an issue

>> No.56238701

No one thinks your bases are good.

>> No.56238702

Their customer service is some of the worst I've encountered. Even GW has better customer service.

(actually, I've been impressed with GW's customer service. They make the whole process very easy and don't ask for a bunch of dumb shit like receipts and pictures.)

>> No.56238715

ahhh shotguns, truly the meltagun of small arms

>> No.56238718

t. one thin coat studios (tm)

>> No.56238730

>not putting just enough glue so it easily comes out when you have to build the base

>> No.56238752

how did you get on in AoP dude? Remember seeing your board some time back, looked promising

>> No.56238762

Our shop isnt doing it till tomorrow

>> No.56238770

7th had the separate descriptions too, but we lost model pictures for every datasheet.

>> No.56238816

Gun feels too bright to me, some agrax/nuln oil?

>> No.56238823

Ah right good luck then!

>> No.56238876

I like this new meme. Hearty chuckle, my friend.

>> No.56238923

You need to add Farsight and The Eight to the Eversor Survivors group.

They're all chaos assassins. They take drugs to make them revel in bloodlust, so that's at least Khorne and Slaanesh.
Just because they work for the loyalists doesn't make them not agents of Chaos.

>> No.56238975

Adding everyone who killed an Eversor would be lengthy. Starting with Horus and co

>> No.56239089

Chapter isolates itself nearly completely from the rest of the Imperium out of fear of the Black Rage harming Imperial citizens. The only exceptions are the Chaplains and Librarians, who search for recruits with the psychological fortitude to resist the Rage. Because of this, most campaigns are sent against threats where there are no (loyal) human presence in the area.

>> No.56239114


I mean, they kinda are.

>> No.56239145

After eight months of planning, building, and painting, managed to take Best Scenic Board and won by the skin of my teeth in Best Theme. Great fun.
How'd you anons do?

>> No.56239163

What does a meltagun shoot?

>> No.56239184


>> No.56239187


>> No.56239190


>> No.56239213

Think some of the old fluff refers to superheated promethium being fired out in a jet

>> No.56239227

Tanks, mostly.

>> No.56239252

FUUUUUCK pinning every single infantry model to a base. No way am I doing that bullshit.

>> No.56239260

Too bad they dont do much against tanks even in melta range.

>> No.56239261

I like to think of it like a firey jet turbine that melts people and faces

>> No.56239306

some bullshit that is probably hot

>> No.56239316


>> No.56239360

Melta has never fail to kill a tank since 3rd

Sure 8th you can’t insta kill stuff like you did in best edition, but 10 (minimum for any competent army) would do the job

>> No.56239369

Heat basically. It makes the particles of whatever you're shooting it at become incredibly energetic. Similar idea as a microwave oven although not using the same mechanism.

>> No.56239443

Anon i take 2 melta per assault squad. I would have to replace all the special and heavy weapons on my Tac squads with melta to reach that. I run 2 assault squads and 3 Tac squads you see. Which would leave me only with death company and a Baal Predator as my stuff to deal with infantry.

>> No.56239454

In what point limit?

>> No.56239478

it shoots hyper pressurized torque-heated semen

>> No.56239501

Suck it up soldier! The only anti infantry you should need is your trust Lasgun!

>> No.56239519

>Death Company
>Baal Predator

>> No.56239543

Can't be, I thought DA were known for plasma usage and not melta spam?

>> No.56239566

How do I paint this colour of armour, roundabouts?

>> No.56239615

Agrax Earthshade.

>> No.56239638

I unironically want to play Space Hulk: Deathwing with /tg/ once the Enhanced Edition is out

>> No.56239662

What are you working on, /tg/?

>> No.56239681

not really, the best thing about typhus is giving idiots T4 hordes of shit heads to mow through while you do more interesting stuff on flanking sides

that being said, typhus is one of the best HQ units if played correctly

>> No.56239682

I've been waiting for the console version way too long.
Did you know there's actually a half decent L4D2 Space Hulk mod?

>> No.56239698

about to finish my Blood Angels Tactical Squad.

>> No.56239731

Hey, Gue'vesa. Way to be a T'au Ally!

>> No.56239743

All over agrax shade over some GW paint?

>> No.56239776

Any army can run 20 under 1000 points. That is including transport to deliver them withing melta range turn 1

>> No.56239782

I have no idea, I just guessed.

>> No.56239791

They're just cawl-pattern oxygen converters. What do you think I am, a tech-heretic?

>> No.56239795

Ah inferior marine army that explains everything.
Sucks to be the first codex

>> No.56239806

5th Company has
the Weeping Legion which is the paint scheme I went with.
Plus they use Daemon Engines enmasse and I have a bunch of the new ones minus the fucking crawler that they'll never release

>> No.56239834

Yes. Those are clearly Tau backpacks and you're not fooling anyone with your "brilliant" conversion you lazy fuck

>> No.56239865

there's no need to be upset

>> No.56239868

uh huh

>> No.56239871

Come on anon, it's not the worst conversion ever...

>> No.56239893

How do you feel about Chaos Warrior Crusaders?

>> No.56239929

Never seen them before but I doubt they are worse than leather boot zerkers
Got a pic?

>> No.56239943


>> No.56240032

here you go

>> No.56240041

Looks dumb

>> No.56240077

lol yep.

>> No.56240131

I second this for Krieg troops, they might religiously clean an entrenching tool but not a lasgun.

>> No.56240176

I actually do. I don't even remember saving this.

>> No.56240323

What's the force size sweetspot for a 4x4 table

>> No.56240365


>> No.56240577

Tyracuck is a little salty, huh?

>> No.56240590

you know it

>> No.56240829

Brand new in 40k. Just got the start collecting eldar box. How do I equip them? Thanks!

>> No.56241084


>> No.56241227

>I now have this stuck in my head

Yes! Unploog yer hot-wax-strip unsightly hair remoovah!

>> No.56241308

I play Necrons. We cannot get 20 melta weapons under 1000 points.

>> No.56241336

The new one with a farseer, wraithgurads, wraithlord, and a warwalker.

>> No.56242487

Careful, that sushi might make you sick.

>> No.56242531

Played against a Bobby G + Razorback + Killshot list today with my Eldar. Overall it was a really enjoyable game - I'm pleased with the new Eldar codex.

>> No.56242578

Guard with Emperors Children doctrine.

>> No.56242679

>T’au maximum weebwank plot armor

Thank (you) for playing, anyway.

>> No.56242731


>> No.56242748

I just like seeing tau-haters tears

>> No.56242768


>> No.56242823

painfully Converting some crusaders so they don't all look the same.

>> No.56242837

>Farsight capital world completely nommed by splinter fleet
>plot armor disease that will never work again
>Tyranids continue their advance into the galaxy with inconsequential losses

>> No.56242952

>vape gun

>> No.56242969

>sub molecular thermal agitation

You what now?

>> No.56243072

Who's up for some loud?

>> No.56243279

Retributor armor spray. Reikland Fleshshade all over. Drybrush Liberator Gold or Sigmarite. If you want it darker swap Agrax for the Fleshshade.

>> No.56244091

so whats the difference between this shit and plasma guns? dont they both just shoot hot shit at you??

>> No.56244183


Plasma guns shoot heated plasma balls at you while melta guns shoot heated air at you.

>> No.56244295


Melta guns don't "shoot" anything. It's just a fuckheug microwave radiation emitter.

Plasma guns are firing what I assume is hydrogen superheated into a plasma state. Basically the same kind of stuff as the center of a star.

>> No.56244897

Can the Avatar of Khaine take relics?

>> No.56245087

It makes the tiny little bits that make up matter vibrate until it heats up.

>> No.56245148


That's 15 damn gems I counted on just the centre Banshee. Cut back a bit.

>> No.56245149

Yes, though only the Phoenix Gem is applicable considering what it wears (no weapon to replace) and is (not an INFANTRY model).

>> No.56245183


So anything smaller than a molecule, like atoms.

>thermal agitation

Like makes them move, vibrate. Causing them to heat up.

>> No.56245634


>> No.56245677

There is no reason to ever take a LoC over Typhus.

>> No.56245712

Send them an email with pics and the batch code on the bag and they send you a new set, through the fast shipping option, for free.

>> No.56245758

Too clean

>> No.56245808

Nigga u retarded

>> No.56245831

I like it. It's a sterile disease

>> No.56245837

Post your DG then : ^ )

>> No.56245994

is this still going?

>> No.56246008

Sadly yes. With as far as I can tell, no considerable changes outside a PvE horde mode.

>> No.56246017

what a shame

>> No.56246060

I do have an extra steam copy if I trade can be made.

>> No.56246088


I'll give you 4 (you)s for it. best i can do

>> No.56246211

Probably all it's worth. Especially since it's F2P now

>> No.56246296

Not him but to be fair the description of 5th company says they leave foul red-black trails wherever they go, so some grime and oozing would make sense. It's not tough to make marines look dirty with some washes or pigments. Pic is the two I managed before I got bored, similar colour scheme too.

>> No.56246326

>Doesn't clean up his miniature.

>> No.56246357

That scheme is nothing like his. Just stop

>> No.56246516

I see way more, but I may be over counting.
3 on shoulder.
3 on helmet.
1 between tits
1 on weapon arm
2 on glaive.
1 big one on belt.
2 little uns just above near belt buckle.
4 total on tassets.
3 visible on one leg,
2 visible on the other.

So that's 22.
1 more is implied on the second leg.
There's probably 1 more on each tasset.
There's 2 on the abs, but I can't tell if those are gems or like, eldar turn signals or something.
And it looks like at least 5 on the other shoulder, but like the abs, I don't know enough about eldar to make the claim.

>> No.56246603

Pretty sure he meant which models anon, ie how to equip the Wraithlord, how to equip the walker, etcetc.

>> No.56246615

No I meant which SC!
Stop presuming you know everything you presumptuous ass

>> No.56246661

The trim is different but the armour is literally the same colour. Not really relevant to the point that his scheme is too clean anyway. Whatever.

>> No.56246679

Tau was the first army I wanted to start, but even I can admit their fluff is plot armor horseshit.

>> No.56246832

Cry more chaoscuck
You know you're rock bottom when our Guardfags are better than you

>> No.56247736

>DeathGuard so btfo thread drops to page 7

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