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First for guardfags are cancer

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Everyone is cancer

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>Two chaos and one loyalist codex left for this year edition
daemons is next year you failure

first post best post

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Nidfags are worse

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>These fucking threads
Stop it.

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*angry Pyro noises*

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For 2x20 Termagaunts (both groups with 10 devourers and 10 fleshborers) and 1x20 Hormagaunts with Toxin sacs should I go with 2 Tervigons or 1? I think 2 would be best as I can keep both Termagaunt groups full strength and throw psychic powers around on the Hormagaunts as needed.

Full List:
Tervigon 1 bare bones
Tervigon 1 bare bones
Termagaunts 20 w/10 Devourers w/10 fleshborers
Termagaunts 21 w/10 Devourers w/11 fleshborers
Hormagaunts 21 Toxin Sacs
Raveners 6 W/6xSpine Fists
Raveners 6 W/6xSpine Fists
The Red Terror 1
Biovore 3
Trygon Prime 1 Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands
Tyrannofex 1 with Rupture Cannon.
Harpy 1 w/2xStranglethrone

With leaked point list comes out to 2000 points.

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But anon January is not in this year.

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Will Necrons ever get Pariahs back?
They were some of my favorite lore pieces.

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Nids codex seems a bit, meh? Or at least, its an upgrade but nothing amazing.

Its still gonna be Genestealers, the army.

Youre mostly gonna stick to 2-3 hive fleets and you're gonna run up the board and stab things.

Nothing amazing eh.

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>tfw 4 defeats in a row
>tfw BA Codex coming out soon
>tfw assembling a Stormraven gunship
>tfw you know there's light at the end of the tunnel

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First for daemons getting btfo by nids.

Also first for Carnac baiting

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Disregard shitposts and talk about something entertaining, I found this funny. Please add the rest of the armies

>necrons sit silently by, not commenting from a "racial" perspective unless it's literally connected to them. Furthermore when they do it's with a lot of posters with solid, supported arguments and good evidence
>orks hivemind up and, despite making weird claims,
>Admech (the funniest one imo) stay on the sidelines unless something touches them, and when it does it's either a quinceniera for whatever tiny nugget they got or a week of autistic screeching about how something isn't exactly how it should arbitrarily be
>dark angels are fairly quiet about stuff but get uncomfortably defensive if someone questions/mocks their faction
>blood angels dindu nuffin but still somehow end up getting assfucked by everything around them
>marines are generally the 'basic' poster attitude but can get lost in the strange web of how their playerbases is supposed to act and represent itself
>sisters are so dedicated to their army (a faith of its own) it's genuinely offputting even when they might be an interesting and worthwhile addition to the situation
>Guard seem like a cool thing at a baseline level, but much like their soldiers and officers bought a little too much into how superior and badass each and every one of them are, resulting in wildly unorganized and annoying to work alongside posters who spam endlessly how great 'they' are
>chaos is a soup of disaster, everything from Carnac looking to BURNMAIMKILL threads to losers getting off on any bit of anything, to sad pathetic posters worshipping the entropy part of the hobby, and fags thinking they're smarter than they are (specially in terms of faction support)
>filtered through a million layers of double-think and misquoting, all that's known for certain is that A) they think they're better than everyone, and B) they're actually not, and are just propaganda-loving morons

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RIP chaos vehicles

>> No.56235644

One fucking hive fleet or you're a WAAC.

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>Not wanting to play the best, most powerful, most adaptable army that is also the biggest threat to the galaxy.
LMAFAO @ UR Sad Pathetic Lives

Now Prepare For Your Daily Ovipositor Injection

Until You Like It

pic related is me and my bitch

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>be nid player posting in 40kg
>say that you want to make a Kronos army
>try to ignore shitposters and Carnac alike

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Anon that light is another vehicle coming head on that is going to destroy us for good.

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>BA player
>is a raging gay

yep, checks out

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It hurts me to see this list.

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Reminder that Tau are going to rise up and be the next major player. The Great crusade was started just with the resources of terra and mars and the tau already have more Than that. All it’s going to take is for them to discover warp travel and for the rift to eventually subside. After that no one force will be able to fully fit to take them on since they’ll be so battered from fighting each other

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How do I spice up a marine army?

I like the idea of playing as them, but I don't wanna go cheese while I'm new to the game, but I don't wanna run just another generic army.

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Guard codex seems a bit, meh? Or at least, its an upgrade but nothing amazing.

Its still gonna be Conscripts, the army.

Youre mostly gonna stick to 2-3 regiments and you're gonna stay in your deployement zone and shoot things.

Nothing amazing eh.

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Kek that looks fake as fuck
>conversions not happening anymore
>poor grammar on wargear
Better luck next time, 6/10 for effort

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Doing anything makes you a WAACfag

>> No.56235680

Are that defeatist BAnon ?
Everything will be fine. We'll have relics, and stratagems, and warlord traits strong enough to bring us on par with the other armies.

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Unofficial houserule sheet.

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Nidfags are worse than Hitler

>> No.56235694

Death Guard question. I want to build a gun-line army. What should it include? There is a Death Guard great company which is said to dig in, and kill its enemy by wearing them down during sieges.

Plagueburst crawlers seem good for this. I'm thinking of running 3. Its an artillery thing, its got a battle cannon, a slightly better heavy bolter and 2 dark lances.

Would it be worth running one of these guys with spitters? In case something gets close to my tanks maybe? It will still have its long range battle cannon and heavy bolters.

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almost there brother

>> No.56235705

For renegade/undivided chaos players.
>posters whose whole shtick is how cool and above it all but in conversation just come across as the little brother everyone forget was still alive

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saving this

>> No.56235708

INBF CA custom land raider pattern example.

>> No.56235709

>Implying Hitler was bad

>> No.56235712

Doing nothing also makes you a WAACfag

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How would I do a nid monster mash army?

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Yes i am a defeatist. I see what has happened to us already. I know that we are going to get nothing and we will still need to ally in a guilliman with Lasback tac squads to be good.

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>Nidfags trying to deflect from their assitude

>> No.56235748

Take one of each monster?

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Inject me!!!

>> No.56235757

>Flamestorm Cannon Profle
>Cannot take a Flamestorm Cannon

My dreams are too good to come true. That's why its so easy to spot.

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How do I Nids on really tight budget? I thought about ~40 stealers buffed by broodlord but a 1000pts army like this costs nearly as much as start collecting + big ass swarm box

>> No.56235763

>He isn't a glorious chad nid player

Just give up and take the ovipositor.

>> No.56235771

Educate yourself first tou, you double heretic!

>> No.56235772

It can replace the heavy flamers with flamestorms.

>> No.56235789

>i am incapable of reading wargear options
Still fake

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Posting again 'cause new bread.

>are pretty attractive because they have more options than vanilla marines
I wish they would flesh out the other chapters more. Imperial Fists have awesome lore and looks, but their rules are so shit what's the point? They're basically just 'generic SM #3' while Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and Ultras get all the goodies. (And then there's Iron Hands, but who the fuck plays Iron Hands?)

I would love it if they were ever to release Dorn, to make it so the last wall protocol was enacted so players could pick from any Imperial Fists successor to pair them all together. It would be fluffy, allow more customization, and look amazing.

It would also put them nearly on par with the snowflake chapters, but they'd still be massively lacking in special characters and such.

I'm not sure what they could do with the Iron Hands. Maybe allow them to work with a new sub-chapter made of the zombies from after Istvaan?

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Naw, just wait daddy is gonna come back eventually and then we won't need gorilla man to save us. Right?

>> No.56235805

Get both the start collectings and work from there

>> No.56235809

Nidzilla with a focus on Tyrants/Flyrants.

>> No.56235811

Okay. I am a Guard/Marine/Tau kind of player who tends to think in terms of modern military units. Explain to me what these weird bugamathingys do and what I should think of them as.

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SM codex seems a bit, meh? Or at least, its an upgrade but nothing amazing.

Its still gonna be Guilliman, the army.

Youre mostly gonna stick to 1 chapter and you're gonna stay in your reroll aura and shoot things.

Nothing amazing eh

>> No.56235814

Gav confirmed that Daddy isnt coming back in his AMA

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>> No.56235822

Just play what you like, faggot.

>> No.56235826

Are there any warhammer-related profiles on twitter, youtube and instagram worth following?

>> No.56235830

They're support fire units or a heavy assault unit.

>> No.56235838

L-lies to make it extra surprising when he comes b-back.

>> No.56235839

WHTV duh

>> No.56235841

But Anon, what Nidzilla is?

>> No.56235842

>using social media

>> No.56235846

Versatile unit that can be kitted out in quite a few ways and provide synapse support for nearby bugs.

>> No.56235847 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56235850


*Tips Carapace*

O w O

>> No.56235853

Think of them as bigger more efficient tactical marines with better wargear at the expense of their slightly weaker armour save (although if you play Jorm they make up for that, Leviathan is great with them too though).

>> No.56235862

Big models for Nids as an army.

>> No.56235864


Fucking normie

>> No.56235865

Yeah, that's obvious - same as Duncan profile on twitter tho

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>> No.56235878

How is my Grey Knight list? I was going for fun and such but trying to at least be semi competitive. I would have liked to slap a hammer in the Purifiers or an Incinerator, but I was short on points.

GK Vanguard
Brotherhood Champion - Warlord, Cuirass of Sacrifice, Hammer of Righteousness, Hammerhand

Brotherhood Ancient - Falchion, Purge Soul

Apothecary - Warding Stave, Sanctuary

Doomglaive Dread - Stormbolter

Grey Knight Purifiers - Falchions, Hammerhand

Vortimer Razorback - Stormbolter

Stormraven - Hurricane Bolters, Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Multimelta

GK Vanguard
Draigo - Vortex, Gate

Grey Knight Paladins - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Grey Knight Paladins - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

Grey Knight Purifiers - Falchions, Hammerhand

Vortimer Razorback - Stormbolter

>> No.56235879

It's good to see it finally get updated rules

>> No.56235885


I'm having fun and you are powerless to stop me. How does this make you feel?

>> No.56235891

>tfw the ovipositor goes in dry

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>> No.56235920

/tg/ - Traditional Games

>> No.56235927

I'm happy for you.

>> No.56235928

Blob of 9 with a prime for 400 points, 30 18" 3+ s5 -1 1 shots, 41 2+ s4 -2 1 melee attacks. 33 wounds, buff them up, shoot stuff, get into melee. Hard to to kill with catalyst, Jormung, and -1 hit aura.

>> No.56235953

Yes. And ?

>> No.56235955

Any predictions on the upcoming Chapter Tactics ?

I'm guessing Blood Angels will get bonuses on charge while Dark Angels will get a copy paste of the ability the Fallen get:

>You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for any Fallen unit when shooting (including when firing Overwatch) as long as the unit did not move in its last Movement phase. In addition, Fallen units can never lose more than one model as the result of any single failed Morale test; any additional casualties beyond the first are ignored.

It's pretty much an updated Grim Resolve.

>> No.56235962

Why can't Guard sergeants take a lasgun?

>> No.56235966

We created an entire system mod for a 40k rpg that was based on an anime we are one of the weebiest.

>> No.56235968

How have Primaris marines affected the lore?

>> No.56235976

Well they replaced the entire Blood Angels Legion.

>> No.56235983

bonus to strength maybe? Thats what the red thirst used to be right?

>> No.56235985

Doesn't matter because Tyranids already adapted to everthing you did or ever wanted to do and won. Check mate Imperialfags!

>> No.56235992


It's basically rendered the triumph of the Emperor's Astartes project obsolete by saying a techpriest can do better.

>> No.56235997

It's cool that it's actually the guy that originally wrote the rules for it made this update.

Chapter Approved is supposed to bring back vehicle creation rules.

>> No.56235999

Damn right

>> No.56236000

Plagueburst Crawlers are pretty good. Don't take plaguespitters. You never want them in range of anything plaguespitters can hit. If you want to protect them from being attacked by some deepstriking units, just keep a few cultists or plague marines near it.

>> No.56236003

BA will probably get jipped out of a good tactic because of blood rage which they have factored into their point cost.

>> No.56236006

I'm just asking about loadouts my dude

>> No.56236014

It took the emperor less than a century to do his work, it took cawl 10000 years I think he still has cawl beat.

>> No.56236015

Rumor for Blood Angels is +1 to charge and advance.

As a BA player, if this is true, I'll want to kill myself.

>> No.56236025

Jokes on you - I play nids already

>> No.56236034

Sell me your army first and for cheap please.

>> No.56236035


Cawl made Astartes, but better, with no flaws. Somehow.

>> No.56236038

It's probably more than just that, wait to see the rest.

>> No.56236052

+1 to charge is quite powerful desu

>> No.56236063

shit load of fw plague marine squads with triple plasma guns, couple blight haulers to protect them, rest crawlers.

>> No.56236071

Wouldn't the blood rage be our tactic then?

>> No.56236091

If most of your army plans on deep striking and charging that 1" can make a world of difference.

>> No.56236093

I think that's how GW will essentially look at it yes.

>> No.56236099

Could I do an army of only hive tyrants or would I get destroyed?

>> No.56236100

I think he meant Black Rage and no thats just a rule we have on some guys so that we can increase them by 4 points ppm

>> No.56236106

So did the emperor they are called Custodes. And 10,000 years of research based on things that already exist. It's basically the equivalent of making space marines out of thunder warriors, it wouldn't be impossible, the emperor probably would have done the same stuff as cawl if he was so inclined and he could have done it in a fraction of the time.

>> No.56236109

Okay, since the official Kronos scheme looks boring, I want to try something more... "warpy" looking. As if watching the models could cause an lsd induced seizure, if you catch my drift.
This looks okay ?

>> No.56236118

well, lets hope its something decent then atleast.

>> No.56236122

Greetings, deviant.
Let us discuss the possibilities of using your body for a good cause.
Next time you're in dire need for a fix of validation, perhaps you could pose with a haul of jeans, as big as you can carry, like so.
Bonus points if those are not your jeans.

>> No.56236131

alleged DA leak.

Preorder on the 2nd of December
Available on the 9th of December

A few changes in a couple of units. Points moving to match the vanilla codex.

No Sammael in Sableclaw in the codex

Black knights and deathwing terminators may now be upgraded to a command squad (1 per army) this basically gives them the bodyguard ability.

Now the juicy stuff


And they shall know no fear

Inner circle
This unit automatically passes morale checks. In addition it may reroll at to hit rolls against Heretic Astartes and all to hit and to wound rolls against Fallen in the fight phase

If this unit moves it gains a 6+ invulnerable save to all shooting attacks. If it advances it gains a 5+ Invulnerable save to all shooting attacks

Grim Resolve
All UNFORGIVEN units may Overwatch on a 5+ and will only lose one model to a failed morale test

Have the same space marine stratagems as vanilla marines with the exception of
Masterful marksmanship
Cluster mines
Tremor shells

>> No.56236132

Fuck mang. Thats shits beautiful.

>> No.56236134

But black rage is worth that extra 4 ppm though. extra attack on the charge and feel no pain are pretty good.

>> No.56236138

Its a bit busy colour scheme maybe remove one of the colours.

>> No.56236143

Lion When???

>> No.56236152

Also access to these unique stratagems

Fury of the First
Use this stratagem in your shooting phase. All plasma weapons may use the supercharge weapon template but ignore any mortal wounds that would be caused by a roll of 1.

Repent for Tomorrow You Die
Unforgiven Stratagem
Use this stratagem before overwatch, the UNFORGIVEN unit may fire overwatch at full BS.

Teleport Homer
Unforgiven Stratagem
Play at the beginning of your turn. Any DEATHWING unit may deepstrike from reserve within 9" of an enemy unit as long as it is within 6" of a RAVENWING UNIT

Deathwing Assault
Unforgiven Stratagem
Play at the beginning of your turn, any DEATHWING unit entering by deepstrike may fire twice or add 3" to a charge roll this turn.

Same standard space marine Warlord Traits as vanilla marines with the following unique ones.

Hold at all costs
Your warlord and UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of your Warlord may roll a D6 for every wound sustained, on a 5+ it is ignored.

Courage of the First Legion
UNFORGIVEN units in your army may use your Warlords Leadership for morale checks.

The Hunt
Any enemy Character that your Warlord slays in the fight phase grants one victory point

Rapid Manoeuvres
Your warlord and any RAVENWING units within 6" of him may add 2" to all move, Advance and charge distances and add +1 to all JINK rolls

>> No.56236157

Here's one more

>> No.56236161

Whenever GW gets him out of the gay bar.

>> No.56236170

How do you guys manage to not get shitfaced during matches?
Maybe I.I'm just an alcoholic.

>> No.56236172

Any on BA?

>> No.56236173



Sacred standard
Only one sacred standard can be taken per army

Standard of Devestation
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard may fire twice in the shooting phase and automatically pass morale checks.

Standard of Retribution
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard may attack twice in the fight phase and automatically pass morale checks.

Standard of Fortitude
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard when suffering an unsaved wound may roll a D6 on a 5+ the wound is ignored and automatically pass morale checks.

Mace of Redemption
S+3 Ap-3 D2
If a unit suffers damage from this weapon reduce WS by 1 until the end of the next fight phase.
Against Heretic Astartes weapon is AP -4

Lion's Roar
When attacking with this weapon, choose one or both of the profiles below. If you choose both, subtract 1 from all hit rolls for this weapon-
Boltgun 24" Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP0 D1
Plasma 24" AssaultD3 S7 AP-3 D1

Foe Smiter
Rapid fire 3 S4 AP-1 D1

Monster Slayer of Caliban
S+2 AP-2 D d3
If this weapon causes at least one unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6 the model is removed from play. Does not effect models with the VEHICLE keyword

Shroud of Heroes
The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save and for each unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6+ the save is ignored

>> No.56236185

>The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save and for each unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6+ the save is ignored
>cover save

>> No.56236187

Most abrupt ending to a character's story arc ever.

It basically felt like BL going :
>We have no idea where to go with this guy.
>Should we try going on?
>Nah, too much effort. Off with his head!

>> No.56236189


Lion El’Jonson
M 8"
WS 2+
BS 2+
S 6
T 6
W 9
A 7
Ld 10
Sv 2+

Hope Melee Melee S+2 AP -3 D 2 If you roll a wound roll of 6+ for this weapon, it inflicts Mortal Wounds instead of its normal damage.

Despair 18” AssaultD3 S8 AP -3 D3 If a unit suffers any damage from this weapon, roll a D6 on a 6 the unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds

And they shall know no fear

Master of the First – If your army is battleforged, you receive an additional 3 CP if Lion El’Jonson is your Warlord.

Armour of the Order – Lion El’Jonson has a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition all UNFORGIVEN units within 8” receive an 5+ Invulnerable save.

Blade Master - For every unsaved wound Lion El'Jonson causes in the fight phase he can immediately make an additional attack. This ability can only be used once per fight phase.

Master Strategist- each time a stratagem is used roll a D6 on a 4+ the CP for that stratagem is not spent

I Primarch – You can re-roll any failed hit and wound rolls for friendly UNFORGIVEN units within 6” of Lion El’Jonson

my source is just someone sharig on facebook, hence the alleged.

>> No.56236192

I want to spend a moment in appreciation of the previously just fluffy subfactions getting expanded, even if just a little, to become part of the family of the playing posterboys.

>tfw the yellow jormungandr joins the fortress race of the yellow-coloured marines with their trenches

>> No.56236199

Yes, moreover Death Company dudes have 3 attacks base. Just have 2 soldiers equipped with Thunder Hammers and have a Chaplain or lemartes accompany the squad, and enjoy the 6 rerollable hammer attacks when you charge.

>> No.56236200

After all, how can you lose if you never play?
Checkmate LAACs.

>> No.56236209

I bet we are gonna get reroll reserves and better deep strike

>> No.56236216

fuck I meant 2 attacks base, 3 when they charge.

>> No.56236218

>rerolls reserves


>> No.56236223

I want all of you faggots remember this week when Tau get updated and directly contrast it. Then we'll finally know which xenos fanbase is, without a doubt, the absolute worst.

>> No.56236237

Well since Reece wants them squatted i bet the codex will be awful

>> No.56236238

Seems quite unwise.
Diversity is strength (tm)

>> No.56236242

>tfw best, strongest, most adaptable
>tfw adapted to trenches
How Can Inferior Races Even Compete?

>> No.56236248

You know, that thing that's like iron but not exactly? I guess you can call it... iron-y

>> No.56236250

how did you get that effect on the carapace? I'd love to try it with more neutral colours

>> No.56236258

Thats fucking rad anon

>> No.56236268

Spent the last few hours having a pretty charged conversation about what kind of person I am, purposes in life and a few revelations about my family that explain a few things (not that other people would much care, but personal etc..)

Come back to /tg/, see this.


Thanks for the laugh, anon. Nice to be brought back to earth for Saturday night.
Someone plz make a cap of this.

>> No.56236277

... wait, people drink alcohol whilst playing 40k?

That would actually explain a lot of the posts on here.

>> No.56236279

>4+ cover save
>Instant Death


>> No.56236282

If any autists from 7th are still here, KingNiggerJew was from 7th so it doesn't really apply here. He was Straken Light with a Power Axe and the Deathmask.

>> No.56236293

Don't joke like that. They might :(

>> No.56236297

Yes but enjoy that squad getting shot to shit since 6+ fnp is shit and they are just normal marines even with it.

>> No.56236300

>b-but t-tau
no longer bleating about carnac buglicker?

>> No.56236308


>> No.56236309

Yes 40k plus alcohol equals more fun

>> No.56236312

Rasta, mon!

>> No.56236313

>black teeth, talons and eyes
>light blue bodies, with yellow up to white edges
>orange tiger designs as desired to attract attention towards heads and limbs
>dark blue/black dots designs as desired to fill in large surfaces

>> No.56236316

What guns on raveners?

Also, is there any point taking claws? Seems like dropping an attack and rerolls for some rend, but costing more to do it.

>> No.56236317


you sicko

>> No.56236321

Does anyone have that picture of the christmas boxes that got leaked earlier?

>> No.56236322

When is it coming back?

>> No.56236323

Posted this last thread but got no responses:

>Thinking of getting into 40k

How could would the old start collecting box plus the new one be as a start to an army, would they synergise well? Roughly how many points would that be?

>> No.56236325

Beer's not alcohol.
... or have I been lied to ?

>> No.56236330

Spine fists

>> No.56236337

>W-we may be less cancerous than taufags!

Doesn't change that you're terminal bugfag.

>> No.56236349


Really? Those are S3.

>> No.56236357

Alcohol is the only way I can overcome my social anxiety. I literally can't play without a drink or two.

>> No.56236359

He was a 00 dubs get though so he had to be named such. So far nobody has gotten PrinceNiggerJew

>> No.56236369

The SC boxes are about 500 points

>> No.56236371

I just read the Devastation of Baal section from the codex.

The Daemons of Chaos led by Ka'pandaman suddenly appeared on Baal Prime and BTFO everyone. Both Tyranids and SPESS were defeated. The Tyranids were wiped out but the Space Marines retreated with the exception of the Knights of Blood who remained behind too lost to the Black Rage.

Dante duels the Swarmlord and defeats him, just as Girlyman and the Primaris arrive mobbing up the remaining Tyranids.

When they look throughout the system, there is no sign of Hive Fleet Leviathan. The only clue as to where the Tyranids went lays on Baal Prime where rests mountainous symbols of Khorne and Ka'pandaman made from the skulls of the Nids.

>> No.56236376

They're Still user arnt they?

>> No.56236381

Who wins?

My money is on Gotou, because he is possibly faster than the broodlord and has ridiculous regeneration. He also shrugs off a grenade by making a shield out of his arm.

Broodlord does have psychic powers on his side though.

>> No.56236383

I'm having a hard time utilizing my Reavers. +1T drug helps a lot, but 30 pts (45 with blaster) for T5, 2W, 4+,6+++ is a hard pill to swallow. Especially because the splinter rifle is so trash.

>> No.56236385

>Dante duels the Swarmlord and defeats him

>> No.56236387


>> No.56236390

No, absolute garbage. The only part worth it about the last box was the Tyrant. The new one is much more viable, focus on those.

>> No.56236391

No, Gorgon will be the poster bugs.

>> No.56236392

>they can’t

>> No.56236400

Wait they got rid of one of the cooler successors? Man that sucks i really liked the Knights of Blood

>> No.56236405

Scans or didn't happen.

>> No.56236410

It came back like a week and a half ago. I got one. Then it sold out again a few days later.

>> No.56236413

The Horror is all he needs to cast and they all break apart and the fight ends like it did in Parasyte.

>> No.56236417

Go instore, my local GW had like 3 on the shelf today

>> No.56236421

Gorgon a coot! Coot!!!

>> No.56236422

I also like those frog looking ones.

>> No.56236424

only good for using their speed to charge vehicles and tie them up.

>> No.56236427

T5 isn't that much better than t4 with the new to wound chart, I think it's better to get the +1 attack and spam their s4 a-1 attacks and save the +1T for some wytches.

>> No.56236438

It would give you a wide variety of units
If you want a range of choices, definitely go for 1 of each

>> No.56236441


So weird to see these posted here, they were painted by a guy who used to work in my local GW.

>> No.56236447

The parasites don't feel fear though. They're almost 100% logical.

>> No.56236455

Oh wait I messed a small paragraph that explains what happened to the Hive Fleet. Suddenly, Warp Rifts appeared in space and from them emerged Warp tentacles that dragged thousands of the Hive Fleet ships into the Warp. All that remained of the Hive Fleet was burning dead ships that were dragged into Baals surface.

Why did Chaos drag the Nids into the Warp, though?

>> No.56236456

You shut your mouth inferior organism! We are strongest, most powerful, most adaptibe life forms and biggest threat to the galaxy!
We've already adapted and there is nothing you can do about it!

>> No.56236460

From the "leaks" a few make sense.

OW on a 5+
Ignore plasma Gets Hot strategem
DW strategem to make them hit harder after DSing

Other than that.
>Jink rolls
something seems fishy but what

>> No.56236461

I run T5 on them because it's so much better against basically every troop except guard. I'm. Running +1A on wyches.

>> No.56236470

So now that old one eye can appear anywhere around the galaxy like Swarmlord, what's with the distinctive wound? Does he just get his bodies grown with it because he likes the look?

>> No.56236478

They have been brought back as Primaris chapter.

>> No.56236482

If the space marines retreated and the nids were wiped out, how was Dante fighting the swarmlord when guilliman showed up, and why were there still nids to mop up? Post scans, you suck ass at telling stories

>> No.56236497

Use their superior speed to hise them behind LoS blockers, they're never going to be anything other than a flanking unit because they're too easy to focus down.

>> No.56236499

That is not any better. They were cool because they were Excommunicated renegades and now they are just accepted back because "Lol Primaris"

>> No.56236502


Who the fuck cares about a pure primaris chapter?

>> No.56236504

OP is referring to Dark Angels
It's a joke.

>> No.56236505

Baal Prime is a MOOON. Gabriel Seth and other successor chapter were defending it while Dante and the rest were defending Baal.

>> No.56236515

Probably something to do with his hyper-regen healing over the wound before he was picked up again by the fleets. Like his genetics rewrote him to only have one eye and be super pissed off all the time.

>> No.56236518

They prioritize their survival heavily. The Horror will present the Broodlord as something they can't hope to fight and live, causing them to all break apart. If that's honestly not enough, Scream would rip them apart anyway.

>> No.56236525

>in a chapter-specific codex
Really anon? Really?

>> No.56236526

So nothing different from the main rule book other than Dante dueling the swarmlord

>> No.56236532


>> No.56236537

Is there anything in the current rules that stop you from putting your whole army in deep striking and dropping it all in turn one ? I feel like I'm missing something because that's a bit broken.

>> No.56236538

Anon i want you to tell me how the dark angels are 2 chaos codexes. Like i can get one chaos codex sure. But 2 implies Daemons are coming this year also.

>> No.56236542


Oh damn, can you get the Thornback page?

>> No.56236547

Tactical reserves matched play rule.

>> No.56236548



It explains what happened to the Hive Fleet. The Warp claimed the Hive Fleet but for some reason did not touch the worlds of the Baal system

Plot hole?

>> No.56236553

At least 50% of your army has to stay on the board turn one, I think.

>> No.56236555

You're a little dense aren't you?

>> No.56236565

>It explains what happened to the Hive Fleet. The Warp claimed the Hive Fleet but for some reason did not touch the worlds of the Baal system
It would have been too easy. Ka'Bandha wants a challenge.

>> No.56236570

Bull shit, put spitters on then and drive full speed into the enemy. When they destroy it use the statagem of peace to guarantee the mortal wounds.

>> No.56236571


>Genetically missing eye

Even in fiction, that isn't how genetics work.

>> No.56236587

Post more fluff blurbs pls? Especially ones where Tyranids arent Deus ex machina out of a win

>> No.56236588

Ah there we go, more clarification on the Baal conflict. Nids got shreked. Hive Mind got upset and started planning retaliation for dealing with Chaos because that shit is bad for them if they want to have dinner. I mean it is like birds swooping in on you and mawling you and stealing your dinner to boot.

>> No.56236589

How long does it take to cast a psychic power? I imagine it's pretty quick, but Gotou might have a chance if he can stop the broodlord casting.

Given the Horror's strength crunchwise, I don't think it would be able to totally stop Gotou. Do we have examples of it being used in the fluff?

>> No.56236591

He adapted to lose the eye permanently because now people are terrified as they know his legacy.

>> No.56236596

>Dark Eldar aren't even a thing.

>> No.56236597



>> No.56236602

Genetical destiny.

>> No.56236604

pottery dictates that every old one eye adaptation gets its head blasted to pieces in the first moments of the battle until only half of its face is regenerated

>> No.56236606



You morons would know this if you didn't try to play your successors as founders to gain access to Primarchs and named characters.

>> No.56236607

Anything about Tyranids going up against one of the daemon primarchs? And what does it say about octarius?

>> No.56236621

Leak anon can you show info about Ouroboros

>> No.56236624

There's a novel coming, the whole thing written out.

>> No.56236634

>more clarification on the Baal conflict.

this adds practically nothing new to what we knew about the fluff shitstorm that is the baal conflict

>> No.56236639

The Regimental Standard
Warhammer 40,000
Forge World
Aaron Dembski-bowden
Art of Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer TV
Bruva Alfabusa
Richard Boylen
40K Theories

I'm not on it so idk

>> No.56236642

>Tired meme
Fucking yawn. Here's a (You), now fuck off.

>> No.56236646

I said I read it and I didn't say I have it.


>> No.56236648

how old are the eldar models?

>> No.56236650

And it doesnt take the sting from the wound that is "Blood Angels Mortal Enemy saves them from the evil hive fleet"

>> No.56236653

Hey man, post any Gorgon fluff.

>> No.56236660


Wasn't he just a Cryptid on one world until now though?

>> No.56236663

Found it, the "no late turn deep strike" part is annoying - you should be able to hold off a fresh unit for the right moment.

>> No.56236665

We know that Dante defeated the Swarmlord in single combat and we have final confirmation about the fate of Leviathan

>> No.56236669

to be fair we've not had a faction chapter specific codex yet, could be that they will still says chapter on the data sheets because of the successor chapters

>> No.56236673

I fucking vomited

>> No.56236682

It's to stop last turn objective grabbing.

>> No.56236685

>we have final confirmation about the fate of Leviathan
inside the warp?
just like before

>> No.56236692


>> No.56236693

Sweet, I actually will pick that one up. Because this is one of those hopefully interestingly written sections of fluff when put in novel form. Plus I have the Blood Angels Omnibus around here somewhere.

>> No.56236701

Dark Angels are GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!

>> No.56236711

>Bruva Alfabusa
>Richard Boylen
>40K Theories

Why are you so shit.

>> No.56236712


Old one eye isn't a synapse creature, the hive mind isn't going to grow him new bodies and redownload him if he's just a dumb animal.

>> No.56236715

Its going to start just like the omnibus with just some random inquisitor on a doomed planet.

>> No.56236717

Quick enough that with his reflexes it wouldn't be able to be stopped by Gotou. And while it wouldn't necessarily stop Gotou, the others would find it far easier to fracture and his fight to maintain control would put him at disadvantage anyway. And as for the fluff, it's been shown to make things that normally don't feel fear to run away because they can't comprehend what they're visualizing.

>> No.56236718

We didn't know for sure though. It was an assumption.

>> No.56236725

Should I switch the tough drug out for move? I do use them as character harassers from time to time because they punish bad positioning

>> No.56236749


>> No.56236762

>Bruva Alfabusa

>> No.56236774

>Deathwing Assault
>Unforgiven Stratagem
>Play at the beginning of your turn, any DEATHWING unit entering by deepstrike may fire twice or add 3" to a charge roll this turn.

That is WAY too strong to be true.

>Hold at all costs
>Your warlord and UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of your Warlord may roll a D6 for every wound sustained, on a 5+ it is ignored.

As is this.

>> No.56236776

>no tyranid skulls
what were they thinking
Also, don't daemons just kinda fizzle away if defeated? What's with the daemon skulls then?

>> No.56236777

>We didn't know

>fleet is the sky
>warp storm happens
>fleet is not in the sky

Do you have autism?

>> No.56236783

So you people saying Lictors are shit know that they can tie up a backline shooty unit right?

>> No.56236796

The Great Rift is nowhere near Baal.

>> No.56236799

GW in charge of their own fluff.
Or warp magic.

>> No.56236801

As are all the banners. 9" Shoot Twice and Fearless bubble? That's stronger than Guilliman, no way that's a fucking relic.

>> No.56236805

>Dante duels the Swarmlord and defeats him

Joblord fails again.
And this is the deadliest Tyranid ever made.

>> No.56236806

It wouldn't be the first time GW fucked an author over.

>> No.56236809

Do you guys want fluff about Kronos and one of its battles or not? Or is it spoilers?

Sometimes daemons leave behind stuff

>> No.56236816

>Do you guys want fluff

>> No.56236821

and what does that have to do with this random warp storm here?

>> No.56236827

Well Dante is no push over. He is literally one of the longest living Blood Angels. Damn Right he should be able to punch out the Swarmlord

>> No.56236829

Give all the fluff. Partial to Kronos, Gorgon, and Red Terror.

>> No.56236838

Is it worth taking tyranid warriors in units of 3 or should you go 6 or a big 9 with them?

>> No.56236842

Maybe we need to made list of people/creatures who killed Swarmlord
>some Wraithguard

>> No.56236846

How do broodlords get defeated in the fluff then? Surely non-psykers have killed them before in single combat? Or has it always been a hail of gunfire?

>> No.56236850

>even better than Guilliman

Keep dreaming Fag Angels

>> No.56236852

but what if they were?
What would happen if GW actually came out and said
>So there's been a lot of speculation of late about the sexuality of the Dark angels and their successors. We'd like to state that for the most part Space Marines are more or less asexual as a result of their psycho indoctrination and lifestyle, however we can confirm that Chief Librarian Ezekiel does indeed enjoy the occasional mouthful of delicious man gravy

I say this as a DA who wouldn't particularly mind

>> No.56236865

I thought the one Yriel killed turned out to just be a normal tyrant.

>> No.56236868

Can we compile a list?

Calgar, Cassius, Dante, Farsight, who else?

>> No.56236871

Gunfire. Single combat against a Broodlord for all but the steeliest of minds is certain death.

>> No.56236877

There are Genestealer Skulls.

>> No.56236880

The ovipositor always goes in dry.

>> No.56236890

RIP Knights of Blood, you glorious bastards. The "renegades" who never turned their back to what they fought for, even when shunned and ostracized by those who they once called their brothers.

>> No.56236897

he isn't just one of he is THE oldest living non dreadnaught space marine. If anyone is skilled enough to kill a swarmlord in combat its probably him.

>> No.56236899

I run 3 lots of 5 with a Prime.

>> No.56236907

Would you buy this chapter being a BA successor?

>> No.56236909

Armies on Parade winner at my FLGS of every category except monsters and machines

>> No.56236926

Wait Farsight??? When?

>> No.56236930

>delicious man gravy
thanks for that

>> No.56236931

Imagine if the Emperor could finally pinch it off and get off of the crapper instead of spending 10k years trying to drop that deuce.

>> No.56236933

which went to Mecha Ghaz

>> No.56236938

I want all the fluff on based Kronos I don’t care about spoilers

>> No.56236942

Kronos fluff please.

>> No.56236945

Needs a 2nd colour to break it up desu

>> No.56236947

Any fluff you can post is welcome

>> No.56236949

>> No.56236954

You know what really sucks? I was going to paint up my last Assault Squad as some Knights of Blood to show that since Blood Angels are so depleted that they are all coming together to support each other.

>> No.56236958

Kronos is designed with one objective. Fight Chaos and prevent it from manifesting.

The Hive Fleet even interpreted a fleet battle between Imperials and Chaos by smashing into the Chaos fleet and ravaging it. The Imperials thanked the Emperor launched their high yield torpedoes and got out of there.

There is another battle. The Great Rift reopened the Gateway on Shadowbrink. Daemons once again, walked on the world. Drawn by the psychic disturbance, Kronos speeds its way towards Shadowbrink.

The Swarms led by the psychic beasts of the Tyranids land of the planet and begin to use their abilities to close the Rifts and drain what's keeping the daemons manifested. The Legions of Khorne charge forward at the Tyranids but the Tyranid refuse to meet them in melee instead massed bio-firepower obliterated the daemons.

Soon enough, Shadowbrink is cleasned of daemons and Kronos leaves.

Now how does Kronos feeds itself when it's fighting daemons and mortals with corrupted biomass things the Hive Fleets cannot harvest? It appears that Leviathan left strings of half digested planets for Kronos to eat in order to replenish its biomass reverse to continue its war vs Chaos.

>> No.56236961

Can you get Gorgon fluff, please?

>> No.56236963

>Farsight??? When?

Farsight supplement. The one where the eight fight against the swarm alone.

>> No.56236965

And how would you rate their performance? Worth the points? Shooty or choppy?

>> No.56236973

>> No.56236976

Anon, I think you mixed up the geneseeds of the two pretty primarchs when choosing their primogenitor.

>> No.56236983


>> No.56236987

Does a chapter have more then one Librarian?

>> No.56236988

>> No.56236989

you got any close ups of those knights?

>> No.56237001

That's clearly an Imperial Fists successor with Dorn's geneseed.

>> No.56237002

They do decently pretty reliably. And I run boneswords+deathspitters on all of them.

>> No.56237006

No, I forgot to take closeups.

>> No.56237008


Beating the Swarmlord in single combat is slightly absurd, between his physicality, his skill and his fairly high end Psyker powers.

I could buy Bjorn pulling it off, but a chapter master should really remember that he's meant to also be a superlative strategist in this type of situation, and maybe wait until he's been whittled down a bit first.

>> No.56237020

ah shame, ty anyway anon

>> No.56237023


>> No.56237025


>> No.56237027

Yes. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Librarium

>> No.56237038

Dante has been chapter master for over 1000 years. It makes sense for him to be able to fight it one in one.

>> No.56237042

How did you find that painting of Duncan?

>> No.56237044

Spinefists and Scything talons, man.

>> No.56237049

Could Sly Marbo a Swarlord?
Also now that the Guard melee list is literally just Swords and Fists is it even worth giving CCs and PCs weapons outside of Catachans?

>> No.56237055

No reason to back down Anon. Show them the respect they deserve, bring the last survivors into fold with their brothers.
Nowhere does it say absolutely no survivors. Right?

>> No.56237062

That's fucking metal.
>It appears that Leviathan left strings of half digested planets for Kronos to eat in order to replenish its biomass reverse to continue its war vs Chaos.
Imagine living there, on one of those nightmarish worlds half covered with digestion pools, capillary towers and tyranid monsters roaming everywhere. Imagine the sheer amount of despair.

>> No.56237065

if the pictures the group took upload to facebook I'll post them

>> No.56237067

Wow painted Tau.

>> No.56237068

Yeah but you get 4 shots and can fire them in combat.

>> No.56237078

Sly Marbo can receive the ovipositor like a good little cuck. That's about all he's good for.

>> No.56237081

Are you sure it was Swarmlord?

>> No.56237090

nice, yours?

>> No.56237099

Neato, it's like biosynthesized chaos immune cell
I kind of want to see the faces of the grey knights when the tyranids come down to steal their jobs

this type of diversified fleets open a lot of opportunities for custom narratives, ot sounds more probable than ever to me to have a hive fleet that splinters itself on purpose to send suicidal bioships to pour highly acidic bioforms to slow or cripple tomb worlds for example.

>> No.56237103

He was hunting Lictors for fun, he should take swarmcuck easly.

>> No.56237109

Man thinking about this is really sad. Dante has been around for almost ever. He has seen many aspirants come and go. He just lost tons of his brothers to the tyranids and even Chaos. Then Guilliman shows up with a bunch of guys who he has never met and looks to replace all the Brothers he just lost. Dante must be grateful but at the same time he has to be a little sad as he has never met these men he now commands.

>> No.56237110

Yes, usually a conclave, progressing between ranks
As well as psyker shit they document the chapter's histories

>> No.56237111

Wait, I'm confused. Aren't Steel legion models metal single piece? What's with the seams between the arms and the bodies?

>> No.56237125

That is actually some nice fluff! I hope its from the book.

>> No.56237128

Sly Marbo uses a Swarmlord he tamed as a guard dog outside his house.

>> No.56237135

It looks like raw you can webway strike 20x Wraithguard, that just seems really broken.

>> No.56237137

Thanks friend, I love warriors but the 60 dollar price tag is scary, glad to hear that

>> No.56237140

The person entering the army was the commission painter

>> No.56237141

I play nids, and even I can't let you say that.

>> No.56237151


>> No.56237152

I guess they wear coats that have the arms stitched onto them

>> No.56237163


Fake as shit. Whomever wrote this wish list should've updated it for the 8th edition before reposting.

>> No.56237170

Mine were the Thousand Sons

>> No.56237172

He'd probably be happy because they're most likely of Baal, which has been pretty depopulated.

>> No.56237177

Assuming his 7th rules hold up though how about then?

>> No.56237183

everything is a swarmlord if it isn't called hive tyrant

>> No.56237197


good job anon

>> No.56237201

That smells like Alpha legion trickery...

>> No.56237203

Which army has maximum "your dudes" potential?

>> No.56237205

>he is a proud cuck
Then you are disgrace of Nid player, you pathetic faggot. Nids are the greatest, most powerful threat to the galaxy so you better act like it fuck to play some sissy faction like Imperial Cucks that is more your style.

>> No.56237206

The Nidfags who said Kronos feeds on Chaos corrupted worlds are complete jackasses. The text says that because Chaos is manifesting everywhere, a lot of the biomass that the Tyranids want is forever ruined and corrupted. It clearly says that the power of Chaos is anathema to the Tyranids and Kronos is the first solution in the Tyranids brainstorming on how to defeat Chaos.

Kronos does not feed on its Chaos prey instead it feeds on the planets that other Hive Fleets leave for it as offerings.

>> No.56237209

I mean Baal doesnt really have a population.

>> No.56237211

Really bare look board, anon. Decent paint jobs though.

Didn't have enough time to finish it properly?

>> No.56237230

Looks ace anon. The plain backdrop detracts a little though.
How'd the judging go?

>> No.56237232

So, do tyrant kits not have monsterous rending claws? Does that mean the codex won’t allow them?

Other than t8 targets, the stranglethorn seems completely superior to the venom cannon but then why not two super deathspitters?

Are wings still free if touring playing power in the codex? Asking for a friend.

>> No.56237236


Deathwatch is a fine way to go, elite army sure but they are the most custom ones in terms of tactics and loadings, complimented well with allies too.

>> No.56237237

I didn't want to do something extravagant

>> No.56237242

You could also try to find Space Hulk Genestealers & set them on bases. They’re in more varied poses & easy to build.

>> No.56237244


Is that warrior doing a jojo pose?

>> No.56237253

Yeah but Marbo. He can't literally become invisible after he strikes.

>> No.56237258

>current year
>caring about the sexuality of fictional characters
Tumblr would celebrate for 5 minutes and then forget about it.

>> No.56237259

Wew lad, trying slightly too hard in here. But eh, at least you are spirited.

>> No.56237261

Hi Carnac

>> No.56237263

Also what’s the point of monsterous boneswords when they’re a downgrade from the base weapons.

>> No.56237274

Renegade Guard probably
Just as much potential as regular guard, but added on top a slider for degree of loyalty/purity

>> No.56237281

What's the point of shotguns in IG. Checkmate bugfuckers.

>> No.56237286

So here is some fluff about Gorgon.

Gorgon attacks a Space Hulk that the Death Guard are occupying. The first wave of Tyranids are repulsed and the Hive Fleet toxins that are pumped into the Hulk do nothing to the Death Guard because they are immune by the blessing of Nurgle. Second wave comes and the Tyranids adpated their toxins. Suddenly, the toxins affect Plague Marines and their flesh fall from their bones.

Justify this shitty fluff.

>> No.56237290

As it is, he finally got off his lazy ass and finished his nap in the Rock and has started doing the 3 S's before getting back into the galaxy to get shit done as of the Rulebook coming out. Which is a step up from just sleeping deep within the rock.

>> No.56237305

No youngblood entires
Best painted, best scenery, best theme, and first place went to the death guard player, monsters and machines went to Mecha Ghaz. I almost got best theme since I was doing a last stand sort of thing

>> No.56237307

XD 1d4chan lmao haha

>> No.56237313

Easy, it's not shit. That is how Tyranids work.

>> No.56237315

Wait, what?

>> No.56237317

Where the fuck are you getting this?

>> No.56237319

They're a unit that doesn't do anything particularly well. They're mediocre at both shooting and combat. All of their weapons are low strength, low AP, 1 damage weapons, so they're only remotely effective against infantry units. Also as low toughness mult-wound models with poor armor saves they're the perfect target for weapons like battlecannons.

Don't expect very much out of them.

>> No.56237323

I started with that and it has devolved into a chaos soup warband because I want models from all chaos lines. It's really annoying because half of the models I own are elite options makes actually building a list difficult.

>> No.56237324

>death guard literally immune to poisons and diseases
>get BTFO by Tyranid toxins
>Nurgle on suicide watch
Remember when something like this happened in the DG codex? Death guard eternally BTFO

>> No.56237329

Supposedly they have the codex, but, they aren't scanning it, instead they are typing it in. I don't trust.

>> No.56237332

>that pic
Remember when Exocrines and Haruspexes were 30 floor building-sized ? Me neither.

>> No.56237335


>> No.56237338

But no, nurgle is literally immune to diseases. Not immune like 'I have a cure' immune, like literally the idea of disease and toxin are fundamentally warped as a good thing for his servants. That's not how chaos works, it's a soupy mess of ideas given material form

>> No.56237345

Either orks or imperial guard
you're not restricted by characters hogging everything, not strict army composition rules, zone of the galaxy to live in or enemies to fight against; you can name possibly every member of the elite squad, create history, heraldry and heavy conversion work to characterise the aesthetic in whatever flavour you want, which could be traditionalist, tongue in cheek or borderline radical.
perhaps the orks are even more so than the guard considering you're easily capable of creating new units, vehicle chassis and wargear options to make houserules for or to proxy as certain choices, but on the other hand the guard has open numerous alliance opportunities, either with the rest of the imperium or with the genestealer cults, giving a lot of room to explore and modify even those armies into your dudes.

>> No.56237348

Jesus. I felt guilty for winning 2, 4 out of 5 is rigged-tier
Bad luck anon, nonetheless great effort desu

>> No.56237349


Monstrous rending claws are free, so save a fair few points on a tyrant with a shooty weapon for the other arms.

You can nab a pair off a broodlord, and convert the broodlord into a lictor using a tyrant's scything talons and a Venomthrope head.

>> No.56237353

WTF, chads GTFO our hobby.

We need fat losers to gatekeep or we end up with tons of women and minorities.

>> No.56237357

This has the mark of Carnac on it.

>> No.56237362

>battle scene
>no board

>> No.56237369

Guard players:
Can a Platoon Commander take Adamantium Tracks?

>> No.56237375


So they use acids and toxins instead, not diseases.

You know a toxin is an accumulation of too much of a material your body can't process, not a disease right?

>> No.56237376


>> No.56237377

>4 out of 5 is rigged-tier
look at that guy's board, anon

>> No.56237380

Anything new about octarius or that khorne blood crusade? And can we get a confirmation that leviathan wasn’t actually wiped out?

>> No.56237382

They give you an extra attack. If you take Claws o a Tyrant you lose an attack from having the second set of claws.

Basically if want rending claws and you'd prefer an extra attack over re-roll 1s you take swords.

>> No.56237383

That's cool as shit. I now have a new idea for a narrative campaign that would involve the nids in an interesting way.

Admech outposts and assorted muster points on a world claimed by my Takwin Fleet renegade Admech, who are Divisio Genetor. Nids take it, assimilate it into a larder world and leave a fuckton of creatures there for obvious reasons. Battered fleet returns after their trip to Konor expecting a resupply, instead they have to beat back the Nids from their own stuff to resupply before cleansing the Nids from the planet. If they manage to eventually wipe the primary hive and the Hive Tyrants left in charge the planet will no longer be signalling to Kronos and will be safe.

If Nids win, Takwin Fleet has to fall back to their home system in the Ghoul Stars to repair and they start to redesign their Skitarii forces to provide cheaper and more numerous garrisons - I buy a bunch of GSC Neophytes and kitbash them to make pic related as Stygies-tactic Skitarii ground troops, replacing my existing Skittles.

If Admech win then they manage to contain the Nids in biodomes and further develop a lot of the planet for studying the Tyranids, it becomes a very small Forge World and they further their biological constructs and tactics from in-depth vivisection and study of the far less intelligent captive Hive's behavior. I buy myself some Nid kits and start to incorporate their bitz into future kitbashes, maybe some Corpuscarii with more techifyed Termagant guns or something.

We've finally got the chance to have Nids on the defensive, with vulnerable points and somewhat limited resources and having to patrol and hold territory and everything! You could do my idea, an insurrection from a GSC who realize that the Nids aren't their True Saviors, an AGP-style strike team gathering data all kinds of stuff.

>> No.56237384

We need more chads to help incentivies people to clean themselves up.

>> No.56237385

When you have Morty as your champion, you've already conceded the high ground.

>> No.56237387

Have you even fooled anyone so far?

>> No.56237388

toxins and diseases are different things though, Sure a plague marine won't be affected by bubonic plague but VX? That's another story

>> No.56237395

Whats the viable way to play Eldar after the codex. Deepstrike and Flyers? Every battle report list I've seen still seems like unoptimized dogshit.

>> No.56237401

This is too meta for me to handle

>> No.56237405

Tyranid diseases are just miniature versions of the Warriors that stab you to death.

>> No.56237413

Kharn was on Octarius, he will kil Swarmlord for sure.

>> No.56237415

Scanning or take a photo. Something beyond typing out stuff without any proof to back it up.

>> No.56237427

But shot guns are unironically good on close combat veterans, they’re S4 at half range so they’re like the meltas of light fire arms world.
Wounding marines on 4s and most vehicles on 5s.

>> No.56237431

That board isnt worth 4/5 prizes though.
Unless every other entry was shit-tier

>> No.56237440

Tyranids confirmed more toxic than the Plague God, Nurgle on suicide watch.

>> No.56237442

>Be guardsman
>Be assigned to protect a planet from a nid invasion
>Company Command has been wiped out by Lictors and Genestealers breaking down the chain of command
>Soon full scale digestion occurs
>Your squad is hiding in a small ruined building in the city
>Suddenly a Carnifex bashes it's was in
>Your weapons are useless
>You mutter a prayer to the Emperor as the beast eyes you up
>It just walks away back into the city

>> No.56237446

Bacteria are of Nurgle, but 3rd edition fluff strongly implied that viruses are tiny vanguard organisms, infectious strains of DNA sent long in advance of the fleets.

>> No.56237449

I'd rather have fat slobs than blacks and women.

>> No.56237457

Papa does not like phosphex.

>> No.56237463

Mix of DG and nid poisons killed Plague Marines and nids(Hive Ship included) nothing unusual(beside shitty fluff)

>> No.56237465

>Justify this shitty fluff.
A small consolation prize for ending our big showdown with the BA with [suddenly daemons] and [suddenly Primaris].

>> No.56237468

>Everyone I don't like is Carnac
And I bet you don't play the only faction that matters you pathetic faggots.

>> No.56237473

Basic weapons on a hive tyrant are strength user ap -3 d3 rerolls 1s while boneswords are strength user ap -2 d3 +1 attack

>> No.56237475

The death guards didn't make the recall vax for the next wave

But I agree, gorgon doesn't sound all that interesting in its fluff potential
>get to battle
>pump toxins
>pump more toxins
>battle ends

>> No.56237477


What would happen if Khorne gifted Swarmlord with princehood? We've seen in fluff before that the chaos gods can spontaneously prince someone who isn't their worshippers if they're impressed enough.

>> No.56237483

I want a Ka'Bandha and Sanguinor Model and i want them posed in like the Magnus and Russ Models from FW where it looks like they are about to fight so i can have 2 awesome centerpieces to my armies.

>> No.56237487

Except now we see Hive Fleet Gorgon successfully gassing Plague Marines to death by itself.

>> No.56237488

It's true, though. Everyone he doesn't like IS carnac.

>> No.56237500

All I want to know from Octarius is just how fucking big Ghazzy has gotten.

>> No.56237501

Blood and death.
Daemon Prince swarmlord murder the universe.

>> No.56237508


Wouldn't happen, Swarmy is a Psyker.

I'd love to see a Khornifex though.

>> No.56237515


>> No.56237517

Please, PLEASE explain why you think this.

>> No.56237521


>> No.56237524

Bow down before your Superior Race Overlords and prepare to receive your ovipositor injection.

O w O

>> No.56237533

it really was. The painting was fantastic and the board itself was good. the only thing that came close to it was the ork player

>> No.56237541

>get to battle
>enemy complains about “n-no fair!”

Sounds fine to me. Plus, you’re forgetting everything about gorgon is hyper adaptive, toxins are probably just the easiest to modify and most apparent

>> No.56237544

>Morty is so toxic he’s metaphysically poisoning the death guard with failure
We’re hitting levels of Nurgle that shouldn’t even be possible!

>> No.56237546

I thought the Chaos Gods hated nids because hive mind?

>> No.56237560

>Shotguns are like Meltas
Are you retarded?

>> No.56237568

>He thinks thats Chad tier
Have you even been outside?

>> No.56237574

the ork board had a bunch of funny little jokes

>> No.56237576

...did he rip off his own biologically attached swords arms just to make an anime pose to 'celebrate' defeating a lowly space furry?

>> No.56237578


The Hive Mind is basically a really powerful Warp God, just not one shaped the same way as by races with a history, culture and religion.

Great Devourer just wants to eat.

>> No.56237584

>Therefore Bolters are like Meltas of the small arms world
This is what you sound like

>> No.56237592

Morty's bitterness has reduced the Death Guard to bit players in their own Codex.

>> No.56237604

I think you deposited in that yiffer a little too hard

>> No.56237611

>The Grand Coalition

>An Isolated tendril of Kraken reaches towards the T'au sept world of Dal'yth, a prosperous trading hub frequented by countless aliens races. Water caste make earnest pleas to their trading partners, imploring them to lend their naval strength to a coalition armada that will intercept the Tyranid menace. Their fleet sails forth, and is almost entirely destroyed. Fortunately, the T'au's losses are comparatively minimal, and precious time is bought for Dal'yth ready its defences.

See guys? We can do anything if we work together.

>> No.56237612

Swarmlord wrecks Kharn's shit without stopping to notice.

>> No.56237616


It's a "Go on kid, gimme your best shot." pose.

I guess in theory the symbiotes could unplug their connecting sinews like a biological USB?

>> No.56237628

>not obese
>won 1st place

I'm guessing that's all it takes.

>> No.56237630

.... do bolters do more damage at half range?

>> No.56237648

>Sounds fine to me.
Perhaps, I simply prefer my blurbs of fluff with twists, quirks and exaggerations.
Shows of strength like this I hope are far and few in between just to set standards.

>> No.56237650

Yes. Also to show how much disdain he has for guardsman kun.

>> No.56237654

Don't bring that Avatar shit in here! We do not do happiness!

>> No.56237658


>> No.56237661

How long will nid players get to enjoy their high? One month? The rest of the year?

>> No.56237662

"This model may take a chainsword or an item from the Melee Weapons list."

>> No.56237668

>Teleport Homer
>Unforgiven Stratagem
>Play at the beginning of your turn. Any DEATHWING unit may deepstrike from reserve within 9" of an enemy unit as long as it is within 6" of a RAVENWING UNIT

Seeking confirmation on -within- 9 inches.
Dropping a melee monster right next to something would be massive.

>> No.56237669

They do the same damage as shotguns at 4X the range

>> No.56237679

The only diffrence between impossible and possible is you making it so!

>> No.56237681

This is a case of "How to spot a guy who is a 350lb blob with social anxiety" they thing a normal dude is a chad.

>> No.56237683

Pg 85.

>> No.56237685

>wrecking anyone
Even for Calgar he needed army to tire Smurf.
Swarmlordis even more cuck than Be'Lakor

>> No.56237686

As long as the codex comes out how it’s been leaked it’s fun times for nids.
Especially with the usain bolt swarmlord build.
That’s just fun.

>> No.56237689

BAHAAHAHAHAHA this is the best case of 40kg illiteracy.

>> No.56237696

Took me a second here

>> No.56237698

Not this list ya git, the other one.

>> No.56237703

k but anon was talking about the increased damage at short range

>> No.56237705

wrong list dipshit

>> No.56237718

PLEASE enlighten us where you picture says "melee weapon list"
Fucking Guardfags

>> No.56237720

Ooo that’s some really good advice, il do that.

They give you an extra attack but at ap-2 rather than -3 they’re way worse at getting through armour in exchange for a minuscule increase in average hits.

>> No.56237721

No one seriously thinks this, right?


>> No.56237723

I don't get it.

>> No.56237725

Can't Wait for the FAQ to nerf Synapse to being a Reroll

>> No.56237729

Thanks, senpaitachi. Wish they would just put the options on the unit entry.

>> No.56237737

>a full dakkafex list would average between 100 and 250 wounds before saves per turn depending on what it shot

Carnies are now more efficient than conscripts.

>> No.56237739

It's a really obvious wishlist. Don't take it seriously.

>> No.56237743



Tank commanders can take Chainswords now?

>> No.56237745


>> No.56237746


>> No.56237750

Never gonna happen

>> No.56237755

Oh fuck off.

>> No.56237759

why are we getting new threads so early these days? we're only on page six

>> No.56237772

>Richard Boylen

>> No.56237783

Page Six nigga!
Page Six!

>> No.56237785

It happens shortly after we hit bump limit

>> No.56237790

Do you realize how nonsensical it would be for Plague Marines to be fully immune to any toxin or acid? Warp or not, that's just not how biology or anything works.

>> No.56237796

>12” assault weapons with significant damage bonuses at half range
Gee anon, what do you think?

>> No.56237802

PLEASE enlighten us where YOUR picture says "melee weapon list"

>> No.56237817

>Not using the catalogue
haha get a load of these grots

>> No.56237825

>we are on page 6
>no title
>top 5 squigs
fuck u

>> No.56237846

>significant damage bonuses at half range
Oh man! TWO damage with a low chance to....TWO damage with a low chance!

>> No.56237861

Apparently, Ynnari Wraithguard with Dark Reaper support. That's what the best Eldar lists in my country are according to a major tournament player.

>> No.56237872

>anything i dont like is 1d4chan!

>> No.56237883

ah I guess you're the guy having issues with the melee weapon list. Well have fun being unable to contextualise information

>> No.56237887

If bolters were like shotguns they would be 12” assault 2 and be strength 5 within 6”.

>> No.56237892

On Youtube i'm subscribed to Warhammer TV, Bruva Alfabusa, and Tabletop Tactics.

>> No.56237902

except the entire TTS series is just stale 1d4chan jokes that stopped being funny years ago

>> No.56237908

I agree, not that nid players would ever admit it needs to happen.

>> No.56237927

He's pretty swoll now.

>> No.56237936

Meat shields.

>> No.56237938

You must be fun at parties.

>> No.56237943

>page 6
>no title

>> No.56237957

But Bolters double their damage output at half range while shotguns only gain a strength : ^ p

>> No.56237965


>> No.56237971

Holy shit, Carnac bee tee eff oh

>> No.56237990

I just appreciate stale humor. Theres only so many times shouting "Heresy" can be funny

>> No.56238012

We need more people like the tabletop tactics guys and less like the ponyfag in pic related.

>> No.56238029

.... I think you may be in the wrong place for that. Have you tried Bolter and Chainsword?

>> No.56238056

I've never been to bolter and chainsword. I don't really like websites that aren't anonymous, after spending so much time here anything else is just uncomfortable.

>> No.56238059

Space Marines aren't fucking crocodiles (or Orks), their strength doesn't scale linearly with their age. Dante beating the Swarmlord makes no sense, and it sadly goes to show that just because it got buffs and a new codex it doesn't mean the Swarmlord can escape his fate of jobbing to people he should stomp into the dirt because of the immortality clause.

>> No.56238072

not even close

>> No.56238136

There any good bitz sites where I could get a hold of Harlequin Embraces and Fusion Pistols?

>> No.56238140

Oh, I'm talking crunch. Fluffwise the Swarmlord will job to whoever looks at him funny. The days of him being allowed to beat characters with names and faces is long past.

>> No.56238142

mfw cant decide if I should get the eldar SC or spaces wolves SC. I love both armies equally for their lore.

>bonus question: how would you personalize your spacewolves army?

I have literally never seen anyone painting space wolves differently or in any unique way.

>> No.56238177

how can one man be so wrong

>> No.56238187

if you like them both just flip a coin and plan on buying the other one later on. If you're new you might want to play the marines first since they're easy to paint and build.
>have literally never seen anyone painting space wolves differently or in any unique way.
I dont think there is a way to paint them differently without breaking lore or looking like an edgelord

>> No.56238191

Try Bitzbox.

>> No.56238202

have you guys never read a 1d4chan article before are you really just that delusional?

>> No.56238271

What are you even doing on /tg/ ?!

>> No.56238290

New general

>> No.56238335

Question :

I'm not a good player, so bear with me.

Is it recommended to have always and in every list 2x cheap troops to build a conga line so the enemy can't deepstrike?

I got fucked in my last game because of alpha/deepstrike.

Or in general, how does a good list look?

>> No.56238338

>u dont like what I like
>get out of MY board

>> No.56238369

Yes, get off MY lawn.

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