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>> No.56233267

First for the paint gods.

>> No.56233268

First for wolves

>> No.56233271

2nd for Cute Tyranids.

>> No.56233273

>not "drink your paint water edition"
come on son

>> No.56233278

Retarded as always yiffers.

>> No.56233290

>The retarded five squigs is still on there
And I thought 40kg couldn't get any more pathetic.

>> No.56233291

None of the Blood Angels stuff needs a point drop. Its all fairly priced for its benefit. Prove me wrong

>> No.56233298

>Kronos make me want to scream

>> No.56233311

I wonder what kissing him would be like haha.

>> No.56233315

Carnac pls go

>> No.56233319

What da fug is this? A LoC?

>> No.56233331

Like salty coins and milk.

>> No.56233338


Armageddon endures.

>> No.56233358

>Hurr Durr retarded yiffer
>Hurr Durr let's do forbidden stuff
>'"Woe betide he who ignores my warning or breaks faith with me. He shall be my enemy, and I will visit such destruction upon him and all his followers that, until the end of all things, he shall rue the day he turned from my light."
>- The Emperor, at Nikaea
>Bawn no fair why are we being pursued only because we broke the only rule that shall never be broken
>You guys are to blame
>Y-y-you are a-a r-retarded y-y-you

>> No.56233378

Only if one of the relics is a Power Staff that does 3damage with a name that makes it obvious it's just an old Entrenching Tool

>> No.56233381

>emperor gives a direct order
>decides to listen to a traitor and his ego over the emperor
>muh most loyal legion

>> No.56233382

*proud Pyro noises*

>> No.56233386

>ignoring the fact you disobeyed your orders from the emperor himself and were led astray by horus
>this quote from nikaea completely justifies everything we did!

>> No.56233398

big Ol' DP>>56233358

>> No.56233403

Looks like he's making the CIA pose.

>> No.56233414


Krieg have always been Pyro in my headcanon


>> No.56233443

we will darken the skies with our new awesome rules and fill the threads with the ovipositor i mean offspring of hive mind.

my playing buddy rather sits at home talking to his waifu with vr set than play.

>> No.56233444

>Ignoring the fact that you sold your souls to the devil rather than accept death
>Ignoring the absolute fact that literally nothing would have happened if Magnus weren't both disobedient and ridiculously retarded

>> No.56233457

>Inquisitor Coteaz, I'm Krieg.
>Tell me about Cawl. Why does he wear the mask ?

>> No.56233467

Yes Magnus gave a fuck about his sons, and hm, seems okay when you break the rules, guess that's different though :^)

>> No.56233476

>Heretic Uprising, I'm DKK.

>> No.56233477

>Kraken Genestealers

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>> No.56233483

Ahriman did nothing wrong.

>> No.56233497

>be daemon
>get shot

>> No.56233507

Is it at all possible to make a combat capable Company Commander? My of one is a guy with a cane yelling orders but that might be a failing of my imagination.

>> No.56233511

>Resisting arrest when the police is given free restrain to use deadly force
>Hurr Durr you're the retards

>> No.56233517

my dudes > your dudes

>> No.56233534

I don't know. He fucked over Astraeos pretty hard.

>> No.56233541

>tfw daemons can’t unto ranged combat

>> No.56233542

>resisting arrest
>no reply and not fighting back is now resisting
confirmed retard

>> No.56233545

>facing Kronos as Tzeentch Daemons

>> No.56233548

>get explicit orders to take him alive
>decide to ignore that because muh legion killer

>> No.56233554

I just finished cleaning up all my bits. There’s got to be a way to recycle all this.

>> No.56233556

How would you equip a 10 man sternguard squad if you plan to deploy it via drop pod for fluff reason s ?
Sergant with combi plasma, 4 man with plasmaguns/combi plasmas and the last 5 man with stormbolters or their special issue bolters ?

>> No.56233561

You're a big guy.

>> No.56233562

They never tried to arrest him dumbfuck

>> No.56233563

your dudes > his dudes

>> No.56233566

Thew Wolves arrived in system and immediately started attacking.

>> No.56233568

turn them into necrons

>> No.56233577

>Breaking the rules
>The Emperor give full liberties to Leman to persecute Magnus and deal with him and his legion as he saw fitting

>> No.56233585

Astraeos literally fucked himself.
>hurrdurr I'm gonna accept this daemon into myself
>hurrdurr what could possibly go wrong?
>oh shit fuck you Ahriman it's your fault!
What a complete fucking retard of a character.

>> No.56233593

His dudes > That guys dudes

>> No.56233600

>be magnus
>know you are gonna die and tell your sons to not fight the wolves
>russ has a murder boner and attacks without provocation

>> No.56233608

Read >>56233511, he was meant to use any means necessary to bring magnus back to the fucking throne.

>> No.56233610


But did you organize your bits into separate bins for what type of model they come from or what purpose they serve?

>> No.56233615

Oh hey there chaosfaggots, what was that about Tyranids not being a threat to daemons?

>> No.56233638

Death Guard are love.

Pt 1.

>> No.56233639

>Facing Daemons as Kronos

>> No.56233648

Those are retards who must not know anything about tyranids
t. CSM player

>> No.56233650

is that guy vaping?

>> No.56233656

Death Guard are love.

Pt 2.

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>> No.56233676

>Recieve new orders to kill him
>Give him a chance to surrender anyway
>He won't so much as wave a white flag
>"Hurr Russ should have known the most trusted man in the Imperium wasn't telling the truth because reasons."

>> No.56233677

>We're just going to pass these retarded bugs and go burn the Imperium down, as always.
It is that simple.

>> No.56233678

Death Guard are love.

Pt 3.

>> No.56233682

Tell me about Hive Fleet Kronos. What did they do to make Carnac so angry?

>> No.56233683

By faction.

>> No.56233692

fuck off nazi FW

>> No.56233694


Well done, my fellow autist. The unsorted should ear the sorted.

>> No.56233696

>someone with a bunch of fleets makes it clear he is going to kill you
>asks if you want to surrender
>you say no
wow what a prick

>> No.56233701

Suddenly Chaos might not be the Number 1 threat to the galaxy any more.

>> No.56233702

At long last I finally see.

>> No.56233707

>Asspull, the Hive Fleet
>Why do they make people angry? XDDDDDDDDDDD

>> No.56233708

>Multiple levels of disgusting degeneracy in one pic
Yep that's Death Guard alright.

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>> No.56233711

Good for you
Confused by the reading from the officiator but youdoyou

>> No.56233714

>get new orders from traitor
>emperors right hand man says to not follow them
>decide to ignore the guys who speak for the emperor

>> No.56233721

You know it.

>> No.56233723

Specifically tailored to wreck chaos with shadow in the warp, superior ranged weaponry and a weapon that ignores invulnerable saves. Fluffed to be the Tyranids answer to stopping the spread of chaos

>> No.56233724

Carnac BEGONE!

>> No.56233737

>The most hyper-adaptive race in existence adapted to combat something
>This is an asspull to the Chaoscuck

>> No.56233738

Wolves are awful even without Prospero baggage

>> No.56233744

How would you rate the new Dex of the Nids?

I'd give it a 7/10, it's a bit better than the Index but in no way competitive.

>> No.56233756

>Just float there and demand Magnus come account for himself
>He literally does nothing
>Follow legitimate commander's orders

>> No.56233758

>tfw chaosfag and carnac, carnaclikes, and falseflaggers are making me look bad

>> No.56233759

>mfw when I bought that hat for the resemblance

>> No.56233768

How would you equip a 10 man sternguard squad if you plan to deploy it via drop pod for fluff reason s ?
Sergant with combi plasma, 4 man with plasmaguns/combi plasmas and the last 5 man with stormbolters or their special issue bolters ?

>> No.56233770

>Not boarding a civilian ship and surrendering yourself to the police
Implying he didn't ignored all communications and only ever faced Leman when he decided he didn't want to die
>Literally lying
No they didn't, in the burning of Prospero book they give the thousand sons time to surrender and Russ tries to communicate to Magnus trough watch he believed was a Hidden one, and Magnus was way too aware anyways but didn't attempted to communicate himself and decided that forcing the wolves to raze Prospero was better idea, so no, it was all Magnus's fault, he could have stopped it and he didn't do it

>> No.56233774

>Tyranids already figured out the strategy to beating chaos in shadowbrink
>new hive fleets showing up all the time, as always
>new hive fleet specifically made to fuck up chaos using the same strategies we saw on shadowbrink
>Carnac ass-fractured worse than biel-tan

>> No.56233780

>Tyranids get attacked by Chaos at Baal
>Hurr why would the Hive Mind create a counterattack

>> No.56233785

>>Follow legitimate commander's orders
despite fellow commander saying not to follow those orders and encountering absolutely no resistance or fight from any one on the planet until attacking them

>> No.56233787

>tfw Guardfag
>tfw the horde of WAACfags that sprang up, tainting my army's good name this edition
It's unfair.

>> No.56233800

>Adapted to Bolts/Bullets btw XDDD
>Adapted to Power weapons btw XDDDD
>Adapted to Fire/Plasma btw XDDDDDDDDDDDD
>Adapted to Necron tech btw XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
You just wait your turn, retards.

>> No.56233812

>Horus given explicit power to speak for the Emperor
>So trusted Big E refuses to believe he could be a traitor
>Valedor is just his guard
>Russ gives Valedor's wishes a chance anyway
>Magnus literally sulks his way into a war because he won't answer a phone

>> No.56233815

They've done that already.

>> No.56233816

Well they're not.

>> No.56233824

And they resisted, thus forcing an all out war, sons clearly didn't listen the edict and continued their studies, even if Magnus had surrender himself all Prospero libraries would have burn anyways, the sons knew this and it's why they resisted

>> No.56233834

Oh, alright. Tyranids win. Everyone go home.

>> No.56233838

That better not be a catgirl.

>> No.56233848

Are you trolling right now? Thousand Sons didn't resist until most of the planet was in ruins.

>> No.56233852

>Saying no when you know full well you and your primarch broke death penalty laws
Yeah those wolves were in the wrong here

>> No.56233853

>spilling the raw matter of Chaos into the material realm in ever-increasing quantities.
>Nids haven't been able to slow the spread of Chaos
>This is a disaster for the Hive Mind who needs the biomass Chaos is taking

Nids confirmed for little dog.

>> No.56233860

>not wearing the regulation greatcoat
>flesh on face and chest exposed, increasingly vulnerability to enemy chemical agent
Soldier what the fuck are you doing

>> No.56233866

Glad you agree.

>> No.56233867

>emperors right hand man says to not follow them

>> No.56233873

>sons clearly didn't listen the edict and continued their studies
So did everyone else that wasn't Death Guard or Imperial Fists. Should Russ have burned Macragge or Chogoris because Guilliman and the Khan ignored it too?

>> No.56233878

>>Asspull, the Hive Fleet

But tyranids had shooting weapons and the shadow in the warp even before, it's not like they pulled out of their ass some sort of deus ex that accidentally whole armies in conflicts they are not even supposed to be in.

>> No.56233884

Ah. Anti-daemon Nids.
There was a mixup.

>> No.56233897

But did the Emperor call for them to die? No, He said to bring Magnus back alive. But suddenly Horus is all like Actually the Emperor wants him dead. And you guys decided not to call up the Emperor to ask him if horus was lying or not.

>> No.56233899

Mortarion and Dorn didn't use forbidden shit to flood Terra with daemons

>> No.56233900

Valdor was right there saying to only follow the emperors orders.

>> No.56233904

>Notice daemons are retarded and cannot into guns
>Notice your power can wither then to nothing
>Take advantage of those things
>"Hurr Bloodblood the Bloody, blood-favored of Khorne, why don't they just play to our strengths like retards."

>> No.56233911

That looks like a Tzeentch Tyranid.

>> No.56233922

>We've already adapted, bro. You're fucked. Just pack it up.
How is that not fucked up?

>> No.56233926

>Hurr Durr I don't like it ergo nobody does
The absolute state of this general

>> No.56233929


>> No.56233930

>daemons are using metamagic or something to shitpost in our reality about how they're losing

>> No.56233932

>This could a problem
>Solves the problem

>> No.56233935

>Nids to pussy to fight in melee
>Make up excuses
>Still not the greatest threat

>> No.56233946

How is that any different than Chaos and its bullshit?
"everyone already lost 10,000 years ago lmao nothing even matters"

>> No.56233949

But they didn't solve the problem, they tried too but it's not working.

>> No.56233952

Do you even TANK TRAPS, good sir ?!

>> No.56233956

aw, cute

>> No.56233963

"I'm so retarded I can't think up of a way to win that's not swinging my sword at my enemy. Clearly this is everyone else's fault."
Shit dude, even the Imperium isn't that retarded.

>> No.56233975

Nids don’t have emotions you cretin.

>> No.56233979

Any screen caps to back up that claim?

>> No.56233982

Is there an army you actually hate?

Not like a "Haha I hate them" type thing but an army you actually LOATHE.

>> No.56233988

Thousand Sons or Death Guard?

I like the psychic phase and shooty armies. Thousand Sons probably fit better in terms of playstyle and lore, but Death Guard look cooler and seem to be better supported.

>> No.56233995

>executioner is coming to kill you
>"better tell nothing about it to my sons and block all the communications!"

Magnus is a fucking moron

>> No.56234004

>it's not working

>> No.56234005


>> No.56234009

>Can't win in melee despite being a monster bug
>Bitch out and run away

The Hive Mind does.

>> No.56234010


And not for any lore reason or game reason, i just can't seem to like the little blue cucks

>> No.56234012

>mfw BAs get chapter tactics, stratagems, relics and cost reduction for our unique units

>> No.56234017

Death guard, sons are shit without Magnus, DG can work on their own

>> No.56234027

anon, im stealing this idea.

>> No.56234028

The Rift keeps expanding.
Warp shit is flooding into the galaxy in ever-increasing quantities.

>> No.56234031

Alpha Legion.
I hate their fluff, and I hate their crunch twice as much.

>> No.56234043

Cute. They fail at nurgle, tho.

>> No.56234044

>tfw Taufag
>everyone hates us anyway so I'm just enjoying the shitflinging

it's a larf

>> No.56234048

Eldar, SoB and Imperial Guard. Can't stand the models or their players.

>> No.56234053

I hope we get more melee Primaris.

>> No.56234060

>Can't win in melee, switch to a superior tactic
>Start winning again, while your enemy can only cry on Cambodian Roof Thatching forums
The absolute state of Carnac right now

>> No.56234064

Ultramarines. Even before big Bobbby G came trouncing back around.

>> No.56234073

Hey My Librarian named Bloodson McBloodborne the Bloodyblood of the third blood in no way worships Khorne.

>> No.56234077

Preach. Ahriman is #1.

>> No.56234078

Check out this cool infilitrators anon ! They can't actually infiltrate, though, just deepstrike. But they're just like the cool guys in your cowadooty games !

>> No.56234082

Mine is the Space Wolves. Every player I've run into who plays them is an ass, and the lore/gameplay for them is complete garbage.

>> No.56234088

Dude, they're using actual adaptation and tactics that work against Chaos and make sense. If it was the other way around you know Chaos would just get a magic spell or daemon invasion out of nowhere that would simply kill the Tyranids without breaking a sweat.

>> No.56234095

I hope they give us assault marine for troops again.

>> No.56234098

Black Legion.
Everything about them sucks dick, and Lorgar should have killed Top-Knot and taken over as the great unifier of the legions.

>> No.56234099

>Muh honorabu melee
>Charge n sheeeit
>*blasted to ribbons on the way in*
>One Bloodletter reaches the line, stabs a Termagant
>Acid blood

>> No.56234112

>Can't win in melee
>Try shooting
>Chaos still winning

Must be terrible to be a Virginid

>> No.56234117

That would actually be neat.

>> No.56234118

Hold the phone here. Are they trying to copy the Night Lords with the spooky skeleton deal?

>> No.56234119

But that would be okay though because Chaos already won so anything that challenges that narrative needs to be removed

>> No.56234121

>carnac can't into pluridimensional power levels

it's really true then, you're the ultimate autist here

>> No.56234123

The quote about the Rift expanding is talking about before Kronos. It's referring to the time period of the last hundred years between when the Rift happened at the end of GS and now.

Current timeline, Kronos is eating the Rift.

>> No.56234135

I never said no one liked it retard. I said that they were awful. Which is self demonstrated by your inability to read a single line of text.

>> No.56234143

So Knights count?

They feel fundamentally broken from a game perspective to me. Either they're shit useless or only tailored lists deal with them.

I like all comers lists, I think it's fun, fluffy and how the game should be played. Knights are against all that. And their lore is lame.

That's a bit odd cuz I like Mortarion more as a model. Magnus either has boring chest or nipple horns. I hate both.

>> No.56234144

I think you mean Death Guard. No one hates Papa Nurgle. NO ONE.

>> No.56234147

I now realise why people hate you Carnac.

>> No.56234152

>Can't even defeat a horde of retarded bugs that are shooting at them
>Still has nothing to back on his "chaos is winning" horseshit
Why do you even come here when all you do is embarrass yourself and your faction?

>> No.56234160

>Chaos still wining

>> No.56234171

Space Wolves.
Bad models, worse fans.

>> No.56234173

ikr? Its one of the reasons i started them back in 5th. A whole army of jump packed noble angry space vampires just sounds awesome

>> No.56234182

I haven't seen Carnac like this in ages.

>> No.56234183

>Sanguinary guard swords become ap-4 and they're base A4 at 20 ppm fully equipped

>> No.56234191

>Charge a Lord of Contagion and his Blightlords with my Redemptor Dreadnought
>All attacks directed at his warlord
>Inflict a grand total of 1 wound
>The Redemptor then gets properly scrapped by the termies

>> No.56234193

>The quote about the Rift expanding is talking about before Kronos.

Nope, it's a current event.

Chaos is winning though, the Rift is growing.

>> No.56234201

just all storm bolters, combi plas is over costed

>> No.56234202

Don't forget to burn your army, and post the video on youtube.

>> No.56234208

I hope Chaos gets squatted and the Horus Heresy completely rewritten to be genestealer corruption instead.

>> No.56234218

Carnac doesn't even play the game, all he does is read the shitty books and try to speak as some sort of authority because of it.

>> No.56234246

I'll make sure to burn my Tyranids that are winning and are the greatest threat to the galaxy :^)

>> No.56234250

Their special bolters are fine/good.

>> No.56234258

Anon you hope to much. You know we arent going to get shit. Just some stratagems and maybe a point drop to Inferno Pistols.
Anon i think they would be too strong at 20ppm with full equip. i mean the swords right now cost 13 ppm and 9ppm for the guns i dont know how you would make that manage.

>> No.56234259

>Nope, it's a current event.
Nope, it's literally the lead-up talking about how the Tyranids adapted after that. Try again, honey.

>> No.56234261

I would be happy if they killed off Downton Abbey, like he adds nothing to the plot and just comes off as "Generic badguy #4"

>> No.56234265

I really wish we could come up with more than that, because I already have plenty of Hedgehogs and a lot more sprue.

>> No.56234266


Tau and Space Wolves. The awfulness of their fans is only beaten by how terrible their lore is.

>> No.56234268

Infiltration and -1 to shoot at them would have been fitting but they're just slower worse assault marines without options to improve them

>> No.56234270

Why would BA get chapter tactics? Don't all of its successor chapters use the same tactics?

>> No.56234276


>> No.56234285

Every army in the game gets CAs

>> No.56234289


Yup. the corruption is addressed as ongoing.
I'm sorry, but the Hive Mind has failed, it's up to a non NPC race like Humans or Aeldari to stop the Rift.

>> No.56234304


>> No.56234313

>Night Lords

>> No.56234314


Well done, Anon.
Care to post your board?

>> No.56234315

Pretty sure it does, but I want to make sure. Does Pic related come with all the wargear that the separate boxes do? Like to I get my heavy weapons for my Acolytes and whatnot?
Good job anon

>> No.56234321

>basing this entire thing off the one lore blurb at the very beginning
>hasn't read the rest of the codex

Carnac in the denial stage of grief right now.

>> No.56234322

And the attempts at making him relevant just turn him into an obnoxious mary sue because GW can't write compellingly flawed characters.

>> No.56234333


DE players who know how to actually use their army since I usually just run in and make up my plan on the fly and just use speed and a fuck ton of firepower to save my ass.

>> No.56234340

Nice. My painting isn't even worth the time it takes to inspect the models. But I hope to get something out of next year through shear kitbashing and creativity.

>> No.56234344

They used to be able to, but it's hard to write someone nuanced with the writers they have on hand these days.

>> No.56234346

Post thine fellows!

>> No.56234352

>Even Nid fluff says Chaos is the big dog
>B-but it doesn't count

Don't worry, maybe Guilliman can help save the Nids too.

>> No.56234365

It will be funny to watch when Ynnead squats Slaanesh, that much I will admit. Your screams of autism will rival Khorne's after Terra.

>> No.56234366

How did no one ever think that maybe the sinister glowing Sauron eyes all over Horus were a bad sign?

>> No.56234376

If Tyranids have teach us something is that you have to shoot them into oblivion not engage them in combat

>> No.56234380

>literally not what it says
>carnac resorts to telling lies because the new fluff BTFO all his old arguments
The absolute state of (You) hahahaha

>> No.56234389

>Chaos could be a problem
>Hive Mind has already adapted and deployed the solution
>"B-But muh Chaos is unstoppable."

>> No.56234392


>> No.56234395

>i dont know how you would make that manage.
Everyone else will have to learn to suck it up

>> No.56234397

Facebook quality I'm afraid.
Was a tough competition but even harder for AoS side which had more entries (guess everyone still painting their 40k stuff this year).
I'll put some closeups in /wip/ tomorrow when the light returns

>> No.56234398

Chaos gun get squatted

>> No.56234401

I can dream anon. Long as its not as much of a let down as the Admech codex was. They couldn't even fix the typo on the onager's wound chart.

>> No.56234412

Sanguinius had them too so probably not.

>> No.56234417

>>literally not what it says

It's exactly what it says though.

They've deployed their solution and it hasn't worked. The corruption of the galaxy is ongoing, so they've been unable to stop it.

>> No.56234425


Board is a little bare, but models are great.

>> No.56234428

>> No.56234430

No anon you're the one that sucks and should be hated

>> No.56234432

And thus the Tau are vindicated as the smartest guys, yet again.

>> No.56234438

>Carnac is so retarded he literally doesn't understand the concept of before and after
>so delusional he manages to read "Chaos rifts were growing, then Tyranids adapted and countered it" as being good for Chaos

>> No.56234446

that sounds like a plan, 40 bolter shots at someones face usualy hurt

>> No.56234456

Dppthrr puvhll, mm sehaieh

>> No.56234464

But i mean with a 12" movement at 20ppm fully geared i think we would have literally the best assault army in the game. Actually you know what fuck everyone else i want this

>> No.56234467

Do I need more close combat for this army?

Lord stays with the shooty NM squads for aura, cultists screen/hump back objective.

LR holds the melee NM + Lucy/Exalted Champ. If I see a girlyman, I'll spend a CP to give the murdersword to the champ.

Terminator sorc is my "stand in" for a DP that I do not have, the elixir + diabolic strength should make for some nastiness.

JP sorc puts DA on the land raider to keep it alive.

>> No.56234473

Wrong, T'au can't adapt to be good at melee against ranged opponents.

>> No.56234478

>Anon can't decipher English

The corruption is ongoing. The Hive Mind has deployed it's new strategies and it's still ongoing.

>> No.56234488

Tyranids still can beat the shit out of most races and can hold themselves in cc, tau just fell apart if someone touch them

>> No.56234503

Why does he have the top knot?

>> No.56234506

The new strategies and their effects in detail are described long after that little bit of background fluff at the beginning which is just to catch you up on the last 100 years of timeline between 7th and 8th. Try to keep up carnac, I know reading is difficult for you.

>> No.56234515

That’s an odd way of saying all

>> No.56234517

>tfw really like the deathwatch models
>tfw want an army of them
>tfw can't paint black armour
>tfw know you wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone having individual wargear in a game

>> No.56234524


>> No.56234532

Now you see my point, it's only fair, it's right for the blood to reign supreme in close combat now, OURS IS THE FURY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!!

>> No.56234543

Hey /40kg/, I'm starting Tyranids and I want to do a swarm list.
I've decided to start with a 1000 points list as a single battalion detachment.
So far I've decided to play <KRAKEN> and to get 4 units of 30 Hormagaunts and a brood of Venomthropes.
What 2 HQs should I get to compliment a swarm list?

>> No.56234545

Because he misunderstood what "Take the knot" meant.

Anyone finish updating this yet?

>> No.56234550

>The new strategies and their effects in detail are described long after that little bit of background fluff

Nope, see the ongoing corruption is in present tense. That means it happens at the same time as all the other present tense, because the present is being talked about.

The Hive Mind has deployed its Rift countermeasures, yet the corruption continues.

You dumb asshole.

>> No.56234559

A better question is how does he tie it without any arms

>> No.56234564

>he's this fucking mad
Just wait til the book is out, get your rope ready!

>> No.56234566

Just wait for new orkz

>> No.56234568

>Friend plays Tyranid swarm army with nothing but gaunts and warriors
>I play guard with nothing but infantry squads(no conscripts)

>> No.56234569

>When Genestealers are better in every single way
I'm not even going to bother discussing why Venomthropes are garbage. Go back to the drawing board.

>> No.56234580

>600 points of tarpit
You can't kill anything with that. Cut about half the hormagaunts and replace them with genestealers. Take a Broodlord and a Neurothrope for HQs.

>> No.56234589

Yet another thread ruined by nid shitposting.

>> No.56234592

I am a little mad that you don't understand how tense works.

>> No.56234597

Get yourself a Flyrant and a Swarmlord and ditch the rest of the list.

>> No.56234603

>Yet another thread ruined by carnac shitposting.
Nice try faggot

>> No.56234607

Just started painting Rubric Marines following the Duncan guide which involves spraying in Retributor Armour first, then shading in Reikland.

How much reworking is it going to require if I accidentally hit some of that shaded gold with Thousand Sons Blue? Seems you've got to be pretty confident you aren't going to fuck it up that way around

>> No.56234614

Tyranids and orks is a quasi eternal stalemate but if tyranids win, they win a lot more than the orks do.

>> No.56234616

You are both just aweful.

>> No.56234626

>Leviathan vs Khorne Daemons(maybe even Baal).

>> No.56234628

Ever hear of KingNiggerJew?

>> No.56234637


>> No.56234638

Those are blood drops.

>> No.56234640

nid faggots have been ruining threads all week, you nerds intentionally bait other rando nidfags into pretending to be him for your retarded circle jerk, quit ruining threads.

>> No.56234641


>> No.56234643

>running Swarmlord
It's a waste, just take a Flyrant instead for 2/3rds of the points, the same durability, and more options for load-out + access to Relics.

>> No.56234646

Daily reiminder that everyone who
>is chaosfag
>is nidfag
is Carnac.(he's pretending to like nids)

>> No.56234649

I'm thinking of starting Nids, would a good start to my army be the old Start Collecting box plus the new one? How many points would that be? Would they synergise together at all?

>> No.56234655

It takes two to tango.
Nidfags have proven just as autistic as carnac.

>> No.56234660

Soup armies, because they are shitting on the game.

What now one top tier army isnt top tier enough for you cocks? You gotta spam the best unit from not one but 3 different sources to buttfuck anyone stupid enough to play for fun?

>> No.56234671

>nid faggots have been ruining threads all week
Nah, crybaby Guardfaggots mad that synapse didn't get nerfed after Commissars have been ruining threads all week.

>you nerds intentionally bait other rando nidfags into pretending to be him for your retarded circle jerk
Literally no one else who posts here is nuclear levels of autistic enough to emulate Carnac, you newfag.

>> No.56234675

Hydra is the swarm fleet, Anon. But get a Tervigon and a Hive Tyrant.

>> No.56234677


>> No.56234678

Kill yourself, anon.

>> No.56234682

Tyranids. Every other army actually has weaknesses in the lore while they just handwave everything. It makes for a shitty story when one side can ignore every loss.

>> No.56234686

>Hydra is the unplayably garbage fleet, Anon.

>> No.56234687

I forgot to save the image about this exact scenario, does anyone else have it?

>> No.56234700

>No stealers, screamer killers or tyrants
Get those.
also 120 hormagaunts wont do shit

>> No.56234702

>tfw i've been working on building a whiskey outpost for a narrative HoR campaign
>tfw i've actually got arachnid models from the SST game

>> No.56234704

>Literally no one else who posts here is nuclear levels of autistic enough to emulate Carnac, you newfag.
within the first ten post every general theres some cuck riding his nuts begging him to show up, you kids are pathetic.

>> No.56234710

Like orks?

>> No.56234712

>all these tyranid players complaining why people think their base is obnoxious and disliked
>the last three threads are them bragging about chaos adaptation and poking Carnac/chaosfags with a stick
>and also loudly asserting how much better than other armies/lore they are and how they already won
Non-humans (loyalist) were a mistake

>> No.56234714

Wow. I was giving an example of a CC kitted out for combat. Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities.

>> No.56234718

Anon obviously doesn't give a fuck about competitiveness.

>> No.56234719

It's hilarious and sad how often this is applicable lately.

>> No.56234721

They also recycled the nazi joke

>> No.56234724

Any massive gunline army that just hides in a corner and never moves. It's just never find to play against.

>> No.56234729

Then he's wrong

>> No.56234747

But in this case it's face value is totally correct.
What is it that makes the nidfags the better of the two in this situation? Nothing.

>> No.56234755

t. WAACfag

>> No.56234761

>Implying competitive 40 isn't cancer

>> No.56234765

Some run them through a old hand winched meat grinder for inorganic flock substitute.

>> No.56234772

You did not.
Post profile, or kill yourself instead of acting all offended yourself.

>> No.56234783

The fact that they're just talking about army builds and fun shit they can do with the new codex while carnac comes in here spouting a bunch of bullshit about new fluff and then merely gets corrected by nidfags sick of his shit?

>> No.56234790

>the last three threads are them bragging about chaos adaptation and poking Carnac/chaosfags with a stick
>the last three threads are them bragging
>the last three threads
You mean all last week threads don't you?

>> No.56234799

How fucked am I if I want an all-primaris army?

>> No.56234816

Can't you guys just get along and boil peanuts?

>> No.56234817

All last week threads have been Imperiumfags going "b-b-b-b-b-but it's not FAAIR nids can have the morale immunity they've always had for 30 years as their core army mechanic while we get stuck with conscripts that are MERELY as resistant to morale as space marines as a side-mechanic while still getting orders on everything that are the best they've been in any edition!!!"

>> No.56234819

>The fact that they're just talking about army builds

No, no, no. Fuck you. That's not what they're doing, they're having an ongoing battle with Carnac. Two sides dedicated to flinging inane shit at each other.

>> No.56234823

But you know it will never happen. We will always play second fiddle to Vanilla and Space Wolves surprisingly.

>> No.56234824

Very fucked.
But I like your style, so there's that.

>> No.56234831

You just have no taste.

>> No.56234848

so what do you call this random b8 posting faggot


>> No.56234853

Orks can't handwave all of their losses, and actually suffer consequences.

>> No.56234863

All week we have nids autism and sometimes carnac autism.
I'm even starting to thing that nidfags are worse than carnac.

>> No.56234867

>everyone that doesn't immediately side with nidnog bullshit is Le Carnac boogeyman
Fuck dog, I play Eldar, I'm tired of you all too. No shit everyone hates carnac, even chaos hates Carnac, but that doesn't give tyranids free reign to say whatever the fuck they want about their army. Like shit dog part of the fun is that 40k is a race between the races, a desperate battle for survival. Nids are cool as the devoured in the dark, like a sort of anti-chaos (oldschool necrons kinda thing), but not this "huehuehuehue we have Galaxy of bio-mass can killz emparuhr and Kay-oss whenever we want also adhapt to ween every fight evar huehuehue" bullshit. Like fuck, it's an actual fight in the lore for supremacy, but the Nids recently are getting pretty damn uppity about how OP and bestest their faction that loses virtually every time is. Just let each faction have its place as contender for the galaxy, and don't throw one universally hated shitposter as evidence you can say whatever you want. So it's the inverse of that pic- we all know Carnac is bad, so please just don't stoop to his dick-sucking 'we already won' doublethink bullcrap-spewing level.

Regards from the one race that won't win 40k

>> No.56234872

Non nid players who want to bait Carnac.

>> No.56234874

It's called bait you fucking tard, don't respond to it and it goes away. Half of it's probably not even nid players, just anyone in general who hates carnac and wants to rustle his jimmies.

>> No.56234881


>> No.56234883

Fair point lol. Just the ones over the last day or so have been extra heated, I just want us all to get along

>> No.56234885

>All last week threads have been Imperiumfags going "b-b-b-b-b-but it's not FAAIR nids can have the morale immunity

That happened once in a dying thread. And it nly happned after days of relentless Nidautisim.

>> No.56234893

See >>56234719

>> No.56234911

It happened like 4 fucking times, dude.

>> No.56234915

>It's the not Nidfags, we swear!

>> No.56234919

>Not wanting to play the best, most powerful, most adaptable army that is also the biggest threat to the galaxy.

pic related is my and my bitch

>> No.56234927

I thought Biovores were unchanged.

>> No.56234932

I'll call you an idiot for being so oversensitive about them.

>> No.56234934

Fuck off Carnac.

>> No.56234935

Link the threads.

>> No.56234936

>carnac got so btfo about the lore argument he's resorted to pretending to be bystander anons to claim nidfags are worse than him for simply correcting him on his bullshit

>> No.56234939

Battlesuit Tau and wraithspam Eldar.
I actually really like the "conventional" Tau and range from toleration to appreciation of the Eldar when they aren't being powerful tanks of OP destruction.

>> No.56234946

>Carnac in full damage control mode

>> No.56234948


>> No.56234952

Launcher is 0, the points value was upped on base to 36. Total price is the same.

>> No.56234958

If you're going to falseflag be a little more subtle. Also:

>filename says zoanthrope
>is a venomthrope
Unless leaving that in intentionally was the joke and you're satirizing the false flaggers.

>> No.56234963 [SPOILER] 

This made me laugh harder than it should.
In any case, Nids and Chaosfags are the greatest faggots in the fandom and they deserve each other. I greatly enjoy the break from being shitposted at constantly

>> No.56234969

Alright anons, what point costs do you expect for Guilliman, Celestine, Yarrick, Cawl, Changeling and Magnus?

>> No.56234971

>if we blame carnac we can keep doing anything because nobody other than him could hate us

>> No.56234972


Wasent there an all primaris army focused on hellblasters and their super shooty bolter/missile guys that did really well in the GW GT? Anyone know what I am talking about have that list?

>> No.56234975

I have no desire to dig through the archives to prove this dumb shit, anon, if you want to believe I'm lying so you can feel good about yourself for "winning" an argument on the internet go right ahead.

>> No.56234978

Not quite. It's funny and fitting considering the factions they belong to, but it goes like this; Carnac is one grand lord of autism that can literally derail entire threads with a single post. His power comes from the hatred and emotion people have regarding him at this point, as any sane person would simply see his recognizable format, easily counterable remarks, and straw man-tier comments and simply decide to do something else and not reply

Nids on the other hand, are a congregational hive mind that have all been sucking off their lore for so long the flood gates open at any point. Each poster has little ability to comment, but damn if they don't swarm. The annoyance doesn't come from how thick one damn moron can be, but rather how fucking annoying so many posters spamming a fringe opinion as fact can be. If you pause to think I've noticed a lot of posters really resemble their playerbases too much

>> No.56234979

>most powerfull
Wait for Chaos Gods to do something, Slaanesh bitchslaped hivemind with no effort just to eat some eldar.
Or wait for something new from Guilliman, some new Primaris™ shit.
I'm curious how do your precious nids adapt to gauss and phase weapons.

>> No.56234981

>Only Carnac could be fed up with Nidfaggots spilling their autisim everywhere for a week

>> No.56234983

It's okay to admit you didn't understand what he meant, anon.

>I want a tough character for 7th
>"Heard of Smashfucker?"
>wow kys

>> No.56234992

I always found it weird that Space Wolves got all this cool melee units last edition during the Warzone. But Blood Angels had an entire campaign come out and all we got was a Terminator Captain and some special units that did fuck all.

>> No.56234996

So you have no proof as I thought.

>> No.56234998

>Autistic screech war between daemons and nids
How bad is it going to be when the daemon codex comes out at the end of the year

>> No.56234999

Fuck of Carnac.

>> No.56235009

DESU as a third party I just find posts like that funny. It's not assmad shitflinging, just funny bantz.

t. taufag who's gotten used to this kinda stuff

>> No.56235012

Girlyman will get a cost reduction by at least a third, no one is using him and they need to give him and space marines a nice shot in the arm.

>> No.56235017

How dare they talk about nids suddenly, it’s not like their codex is being released and that’s a major talking point alongside lots of new tyranid lore

>> No.56235018 [SPOILER] 

I may or may not have falseflagged as a nidfag at times to rile up both sides even further

>> No.56235021


>> No.56235029

>just ignore it durr
>defending b8 spamming
neck yourself

>> No.56235031

got it in one my pansy friend

>everyone in my faction who acts like a moron is not actually of my faction
I thought you were nidfags, not guardfags

>> No.56235036

This honestly. The only thing that genuinely annoys me in this is the way Nids keep circle jerking and call anyone who disagrees Carnac
Like fuck I'm shifting on Nids cause of you guys getting triggered not cause they're adapting to best chaos or something

>> No.56235038

For 2x20 Termagaunts (both groups with 10 devourers and 10 fleshborers) and 1x20 Hormagaunts with Toxin sacs should I go with 2 Tervigons or 1? I think 2 would be best as I can keep both Termagaunt groups full strength and throw psychic powers around on the Hormagaunts as needed.

Full List:
Tervigon 1 bare bones
Tervigon 1 bare bones
Termagaunts 20 w/10 Devourers w/10 fleshborers
Termagaunts 21 w/10 Devourers w/11 fleshborers
Hormagaunts 21 Toxin Sacs
Raveners 6 W/6xSpine Fists
Raveners 6 W/6xSpine Fists
The Red Terror 1
Biovore 3
Trygon Prime 1 Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands
Tyrannofex 1 with Rupture Cannon.
Harpy 1 w/2xStranglethrone
With leaked point list comes out to 2000 points.

>> No.56235039

Didn't see Eldarfags or Guardfag running around baiting carnac all day and then playing the victim when they are called out on it.

>> No.56235041

This image >>56234428 but every thread for a month.

The worst though, will be when the Tau Codex comes out. We should have a bunker planned for that event.

>> No.56235050


which is the least faggoty fanbase?

>> No.56235051

>How dare they talk about nids suddenly

But they're not talking about nids, they're in a shitposting war with Carnac. Fuck off and stop pretending it's not happening.

>> No.56235054

do me next, i play crons.

>> No.56235055

But no one's getting triggered besides Carnac.

>> No.56235057


Get ready to feel the ovipositor of your superior race overlords!

>> No.56235059

>tfw I've never assembled anything made out of resin
>tfw I've ordered a big fat Krieg box anyway
Wish me luck, anons.

>> No.56235062

I cant wait for them to nerf Daemons even more because they have a top meta army.

>> No.56235071

That's because carnac doesn't have an autistic insecurity complex about Eldar or Guard being better bad guys than his precious Kayoss.

>> No.56235072

Depends. GW has proven that they're quite likely to kneejerk overnerf shit that's out of line, but they're also GW, so they'll keep their big centerpiece models viable. Changeling and Celestine probably too much, I didn't know anyone had a problem with Yarrick, Cawl could go either way but I'm leaning on too much, Guilliman and Magnus will get a slap on the wrist of like 20-30 points.

>> No.56235073

Macha a cute. A CUTE !

>> No.56235074

Well you've got on one extreme the Flesh Tearers and then on the other the likes of the Lamenters which might as well be from the main codex.

Deathwatch can be run effectively with a relatively compact list of wargear, and apart from the price they can be tooled as good units for basic infantry-to-infantry combat.
>squad with shotguns and chainswords for close-range rekkage
>squad with infernus heavy bolters and stalker bolters for ranged combat
Ideally when they get a new codex they'll have a lot of the restrictions lifted on their stuff, and though it's out of GW's character, they could allow for new units without requiring totally new models:
>apothecaries (terminator variety too)

>> No.56235075

Carnac isn’t even here.
It’s just nidfags shitposting with people pretending to be Carnac.

>> No.56235083

>Chainswords are free this edition
>We'll get counter attack which will allow us to ASF
>We'll get buffs and strategems
>Buffed psyker powers
>Frost weapons will cause mortal wounds instead of their normal D values on a roll of 6
Wolf time motherfuckers

>> No.56235092

Magnus is interesting case, as he is likely to get better with Chaos Daemons codex after his price fix but before his codex.

>> No.56235096

Impressive but looks like a lot of work.

>Every other army actually has weaknesses in the lore while they just handwave everything
The tyranids lack industry, that's their biggest weakness. Everything they use in battle has to be replaced with the fruits of victory.

>> No.56235099

Bad. Why the hell don't we spend releases talking about math anymore? I'm starting to suspect y'all really don't play the game. Like when CSM, Admech, and even sorta Eldar came out, people just talked math and how thing change in-game. But Guard, Nids and Marines (though more cause konor I guess) just spend time falling over themselves for love of their faction and lore.

What the hell happened, /tg/ used to be the board that got stuff done. I'm starting to believe this endless summer joke...

>> No.56235105

Also because apparently their fans are not as autistic as nidfags.

>> No.56235108

He was here, but the conversation has long since moved on from people responding to carnac autism to people complaining about people responding to carnac autism to people complaining about people complaining about... etc. Now these fags just won't let it go and actually talk about something else. By the time they do carnac will come back and start the fucking cycle all over, but better bitch about nid false flaggers some more!

>> No.56235109

tzeentch pls go

Eldarfags were pretty chill, but guardfags were fucking cancer, just in a different way.

I'm stockpiling obnoxious memes for that moment. It will be hilarious for all. Can't wait for the lore blurbs of Tau outsmarting everyone, those are always fun.

>> No.56235115

>chapter master smashfucker
>King NiggerJew
Are you even trying ? Remove yourself.

>> No.56235116

>pretending to be Carnac
Most of people don't even pretend to be Carnac, they just disagree with nidfags and nidfags call name them Carnac.

>> No.56235118

It's out at the start of 2018.

>> No.56235120

I have yet to find a fault with actual AdMech, actual Inquisition or Dark Eldar players. I never hear AdMech or Dark Eldar complain about their power level or be otherwise obnoxious (except for acceptable binary shitposting) and Inquistion players play Soup, but with a focus on fluff and style usually, so their armies are fun to look at and not exceptionally powerful.

>> No.56235122

It would be extremely painful

>> No.56235125

Are you stupid, or have you just missed all the threads where people mathed out the new guns.

>> No.56235136

Here's literally one right now. >>56235018

>> No.56235139

People hate on SWs a lot and I kinda get where they're coming from, but that's one badass pic that sums up what I like about them.

>> No.56235148

To be fair if whatever you're posting is autistic enough to get you confused with carnac, you deserve it.

>> No.56235152

like literally last thread there was math flying around on new nids' guns and shit

fun fact 250 genestealers one round a warlord titan handily

>> No.56235155

>eldar fans aren't autistic

>> No.56235156

What's RexNegrumIudeum's gimmick?

>> No.56235162

So he says, but then I could say I'm a nidfag who's been posting it all.

>> No.56235163

Thats a lot of Genestealers

>> No.56235166

AdMech complain, but they have a right to it.

>> No.56235170

>muh nids are most powerfull and kill chaos.
>no they are not
>shut up Carnac

>> No.56235173

>reference to a specific weird name for a popular character build
>reference to a specific weird name for a popular character build

>> No.56235184

Not from what I've seen, power gamers for sure, but no autism.

>> No.56235185

Space Vikings are rad.

>> No.56235186

Well a Warlord Titan is a big guy.

>> No.56235197

The conversations have literally never started like this

>> No.56235199

>Space Vikings
Anon I have bad news for you.

>> No.56235206


>> No.56235208

Maybe I'm a Chaosfag pretending that I pretended to be a Nidfag in an effort to discredit Nidfags trying to dispute that falseflaggers are among them by making them look paranoid
Maybe I just enjoy autism wars

>> No.56235219

How do you deal with battleship-class threats, anons? Something like a Primarch or a Superheavy that can roll most of an army up given opportunity. Most armies have SOME way to deal with them.

My Electros are good for a sucker punch, but I feel I need to up my Dragoon squads to three or four so I can have options. Since they only cost as much as Kataphrons anyway it seems like padding out the mandatory Brigade FA slots wouldn't actually be an abysmal waste of points. Shame they cost so much actual moneys, they should really be about 30% more and come two per box. Kastelans and Dunecrawlers aren't good for much against heavy invulnerable saves, I'm not playing Mars. One of the reasons my wish-list includes a generic Archmagos is so I can get some decent rerolls for all my retard-bots without having to run Named Characters.

Since 8e rolled around and monsters/vehicles/major characters became essentially the same thing my group's started using Uber faux-naval jargon to refer to dangerous things. Destroyers are a step up from your average single Dread or tonk, so something like a Land Raider or Bloodthirster, Cruisers are huge smashy things like Leviathan Dreads, Swarmlord or Knights and Battleships are the huge bastards like Primarchs and Baneblades. Obviously a lot of stuff is borderline, but it's good for roughly gauging power level without outright list tailoring.


Us Admech players do bitch about power level a bit. We're not BAD, just a little boring at the moment, which Chapter Approved may help with and IA14 would def. fix if it was ever actually released.

>> No.56235221

>STILL trying to choose an army
>after literally months of trying to decide

>> No.56235224

>thread went from arguing about lore to arguing about who is and is not Carnac and whether or not nidfags are the most obnoxious fan base.
Man i preferred the lore arguments at least those were fun

>> No.56235235

I barely ever hear them though. It's mostly grumbling about how Guard got all the love and how muh Cawl goes in every list. It's not constant like with Orks or used to be with Nids, or with Sisters miniatures.
Also, Necrons seem pretty chill, but they might all be in hybernation by now.

>> No.56235236

>that flying jaw
Would not work like that if it was a punch but that's a gore-shot that's underused desu

>> No.56235240

In the grim darkness of /40kg/ there is only autism.

>> No.56235245

They already seem pretty good just hard to assemble an optimized army. Strong Discipline, Dreads cheaper w/GWC, SS Venerable, BJorn's a badass, great auras on Lukas and Arjac, no restrictions on bikes/termies, Longfangs get baseline rr1. Cut some points on TWolf Cav and Wulfen, add strategems and they should be competitive.

>> No.56235249

I'd love to, I find it fascinating

>necrons sit silently by, not commenting from a "racial" perspective unless it's literally connected to them. Furthermore when they do it's with a lot of posters with solid, supported arguments and good evidence
>orks hivemind up and, despite making weird claims,
>Admech (the funniest one imo) stay on the sidelines unless something touches them, and when it does it's either a quinceniera for whatever tiny nugget they got or a week of autistic screeching about how something isn't exactly how it should arbitrarily be
>dark angels are fairly quiet about stuff but get uncomfortably defensive if someone questions/mocks their faction
>blood angels dindu nuffin but still somehow end up getting assfucked by everything around them
>marines are generally the 'basic' poster attitude but can get lost in the strange web of how their playerbases is supposed to act and represent itself
>sisters are so dedicated to their army (a faith of its own) it's genuinely offputting even when they might be an interesting and worthwhile addition to the situation
>Guard seem like a cool thing at a baseline level, but much like their soldiers and officers bought a little too much into how superior and badass each and every one of them are, resulting in wildly unorganized and annoying to work alongside posters who spam endlessly how great 'they' are
>chaos is a soup of disaster, everything from Carnac looking to BURNMAIMKILL threads to losers getting off on any bit of anything, to sad pathetic posters worshipping the entropy part of the hobby, and fags thinking they're smarter than they are (specially in terms of faction support
There's something there for all of them, think on it and it's true

>> No.56235253

So true. I have argued with Carnac a few times in the past since it's kinda fun to poke him and see what mess of contradictory slime comes out, but this is just BORING.

>> No.56235255

Let us instead debate the merits of KingNiggerJew

>> No.56235259

I'm just thankful we finally live in an era where people can be referred to as "AdMech players" and they actually have a Codex and unique models.

I remember years and years and years of people wondering if they would ever actually be a thing, and the excitement when Skitarii finally came out and was super fucking flavorful and awesome and had a totally new model aesthetic that worked perfectly.

I wonder whatever happened to the Codex writer for the Skitarii book? Cuz he sure as fuck didn't do the Cult Mechanicus book, the AdMech index or the current Codex.

>> No.56235264

>Man i preferred the lore arguments at least those were fun

Nidfag detected.
Kill yourself.

>> No.56235267

Isn't Lahmian Medium supposed to matte shit down after a layer of Ardcoat? It made it shinier for me

>> No.56235279

Well i play Blood Angels, Nids and now Khorne Daemons. So you arent wrong my dude

>> No.56235280

Literally the first time that I'm earing of your kiddies first edgy special snowflake. Kys.

The absolute state of nu/tg/...

>> No.56235296

I'm too lazy to dig through the reviews to run the math before I have the codex.

>> No.56235298

Simple solution, buy them all.

>> No.56235307


I am but a poor boy.

>> No.56235311

What about chaos players that focus on more renegade factions like Red Corsairs and don't really follow the gods?

>> No.56235312

>>Admech (the funniest one imo) stay on the sidelines unless something touches them, and when it does it's either a quinceniera for whatever tiny nugget they got or a week of autistic screeching about how something isn't exactly how it should arbitrarily be
Ahahah, this is fitting.

>dark angels are fairly quiet about stuff but get uncomfortably defensive if someone questions/mocks their faction
Holy shit this is so true, who remembers DAfag

>> No.56235318

It's time for your Ovipositor injection, fellow denizens of the Galaxy! We will teach you to adapt like good little cucks. :3

>> No.56235320

Daddy please tell me about the Good old days of /tg/, please?

>> No.56235333

Our dudes > Their dudes

>> No.56235334

What is the actual build again?

Then stop being new, faggot, I'm not even the guy you've been arguing with but I remember the thread where the name became a thing, it was a dubs get.

>> No.56235335

Check out the genestealer cults
and these digits too

>> No.56235337

Heard some AdMech guys swearing by 3xPhosphor Kastelans on double shot configuration with Wrath of Mars and Mars trait + Cawl. I guess drowning the opponent in saves and getting MWs is the intent? You get 3 MWs average per robot with that setup before Canticles.

>> No.56235338

>Hurr Durr let wolf meme

>> No.56235341

>cucks faction
>calling others cucks

>> No.56235342

>>blood angels dindu nuffin but still somehow end up getting assfucked by everything around them
Its because since our primarch made a noble sacrifice to save the rest of galaxy we must all follow suit and just die left and right for humanity.

>> No.56235349

>tfw AdMech talking about "Fires of Cyraxus someday for sure!" is just like in-setting "someday we'll find that functional STC cache for sure!"

>> No.56235350

Play space wolves

>> No.56235367

>What is the actual build again?
That's what I want to find out, I knew about 7e smashfucker but never heard of KNJ. Didn't occur to me to look for a replacement in 8e.

>> No.56235370

>posters whose whole shtick is how cool and above it all but in conversation just come across as the little brother everyone forget was still alive
I mean you know it's true

Well I guess that's one way of interpreting the dindu aspect in poster form, you mongoloid

>> No.56235373

We had quest threads, Moot still had a girlfriend, and everything was fine in the best of all boards.
But nuff said. Go to bed, and don't forget to drink your kool aid.

>> No.56235374

>Guard seem like a cool thing at a baseline level, but much like their soldiers and officers bought a little too much into how superior and badass each and every one of them are, resulting in wildly unorganized and annoying to work alongside posters who spam endlessly how great 'they' are
Oh God you are so right.

Now do Tau.

>> No.56235375

If you havent been able to pick an army for months you're probably just braindamaged and should give up.

>> No.56235388

I gotta say, the AdMech aesthetic is one of the best in 40k. Raygun gothic with a dash of grimdark and a nice color palette.

>> No.56235390


When you're right you're right.

>> No.56235392

Can't hear you over being the biggest threat in the galaxy!
Now open wide.

O w O

>> No.56235399

>calling others edgy
>telling them to kill themselves

there's no need to be mean, friend

>> No.56235400

As an undivided renegade warband player you summed it up pretty well.

>> No.56235405

>Admech (the funniest one imo) stay on the sidelines unless something touches them, and when it does it's either a quinceniera for whatever tiny nugget they got or a week of autistic screeching about how something isn't exactly how it should arbitrarily be

That describes us perfectly, I might steal that. We have so few units, books and lore despite how vast the faction is that all the autism and enthusiasm of our decently sized playerbase gets concentrated into the same small space.


I joined the game about two weeks after the Cult Mech book came out, so I couldn't remember any of that. Admech are my first and only army, they really grabbed me after a few weeks of wondering what to play. Got a bit of everything and now I'm padding out my collection and starting to convert stuff to replace/expand my Cult Mech. Once that's all done and I have a filled-out Brigade on standby I think I'll start converting stuff from other factions to ally in for more unit choice without breaking the sweet bloop aesthetics.


Yeah, that's the god setup for Mars lists. Personally I prefer the variety that Stygies provides, but I am sometimes rather jealous of the fact they can just point-and-click stuff to death while I'm maneuvering skirmishers around my blocks of heavy melee infantry like it's 500BC.

>> No.56235409

You are Daemon of which God?

>> No.56235422

SW are pretty attractive because they have more options than vanilla marines. You get all their units plus the SW units and their Wolfguard/Terminators/Bikers can take pretty much anything and you can stick termies in your troop squads.

>> No.56235423

So much chaos and tyranid fighting, but why tho

We already decided slaanesh genestealer cults were the best and they can work together

>> No.56235424


>> No.56235433

did you wait for it to dry ?

>> No.56235437

Send Nudes

>> No.56235443

>slaanesh bitchslapped the hive mind with no effort

It’s amazing how many times you pull that fluff out of context. You act like slannesh actually went up against the hive mind entity and won something, when really it was slaanesh pushing through the shadow in the warp influence around a single planet to get at an eldar souls. Not truly impressive considering a chaos god had to personally intervene to do that, and wouldn’t hey be strong enough to pull it off?

>> No.56235447

Fuck off carnac

>> No.56235448

Like I've said, think about it. Especially with more niche factions it's hilariously accurate. I guess reading and focusing on an organization for years may lead you to share something with them

Tau are tough to articulate but are a lot like Guard
>filtered through a million layers of double-think and misquoting, all that's known for certain is that A) they think they're better than everyone, and B) they're actually not, and are just propaganda-loving morons

>> No.56235449

How long does it take? It looks dry but it's extremely shiny.

>> No.56235453

Imagine if wolves had centurions and other vanilla stuff back then? Or get it now!!

>> No.56235467

Hello there, sweetheart! I have a large ovipositor with your name on it.

>> No.56235469

Thats because most of us just bitch about old cron v new cron shit. For the most part we've always been good. Not good enough to win every game but good enough to piss off the majority of opponents to play against us.

>> No.56235475

well not longer than 10 minutes that's for sure
it is supposed to make things matte so if it's still shiny maybe your bristles had ardcoat mixed in , or your lahmian medium is broke/dirty

>> No.56235489

Are Tyranids still bad?
I love them so much..

>> No.56235492

>necrons are more involved with their own issue rather than others
Checks out.

>> No.56235499

Lictors don't have ovipositors.

>> No.56235514

They are less bad. But the units that were bad are still bad.

>> No.56235517

Tyranids are only the best, most powerful faction and biggest threat to the galaxy. You'd be a fool not to hop on the hype train.

>> No.56235520

gw killed him because he actually was good at his job.

>> No.56235531

what's going on in this thread?

>> No.56235534

I grew one just for you.


>> No.56235541 [SPOILER] 

>mfw playing nids
>mfw Carnac and the trolls hunting it made a literal shitzone out of 40kg
>mfw I'll make a Kronos army, probably

>> No.56235543

The units nid players think are bad are good compared to actual bad units in other armies.

>> No.56235550

Well GSCB showed up so now the thread is going to devolve into much more chaos. so not much to be honest.

>> No.56235552

7th edition Eldar. I just really hate broken OP armies. Not strong armies, ones which absolutely dominate the meta and have no counters.

Thematically, I don't hate any army. They all have their pros and cons.

>> No.56235553

Nidfags are shitposting

>> No.56235555

pls go the thread had almost stabilized

>> No.56235571

Fuck you I'm trying to save it talk about how posters are like their fanbase

You especially, fuck off posting b8 like that, you limp-dicked pillowloving faggot

>> No.56235574

das the good shit

>> No.56235579

Explain how a tyranid prime is good.

>> No.56235582

New breed

>> No.56235583

Pretty good. 7/10.

>> No.56235590

>are pretty attractive because they have more options than vanilla marines
I wish they would flesh out the other chapters more. Imperial Fists have awesome lore and looks, but their rules are so shit what's the point? They're basically just 'generic SM #3' while Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and Ultras get all the goodies. (And then there's Iron Hands, but who the fuck plays Iron Hands?)

I would love it if they were ever to release Dorn, to make it so the last wall protocol was enacted so players could pick from any Imperial Fists successor to pair them all together. It would be fluffy, allow more customization, and look amazing.

>> No.56235594

it's actually guardfags and chaosfags false flagging.

>> No.56235612

He is a character

>> No.56235617

And I'm Carnac

>> No.56235620

I want to play marines, but it just feels like I'm doing the same thing everyone else does.

How can I spice up a marine army?

>> No.56235623

Nobody believes you carnac

>> No.56235673

buffs warriors who are only "bad" because GS are broken tier.

>> No.56235688

It would also put them nearly on par with the snowflake chapters, but they'd still be massively lacking in special characters and such.

I'm not sure what they could do with the Iron Hands. Maybe allow them to work with a new sub-chapter made of the zombies from after Istvaan?

>> No.56235896

Maybe I'm a Chaosfag pretending that I pretended to be a Nidfag in an effort to discredit Nidfags trying to dispute that falseflaggers are among them by making them look paranoid
Maybe I just enjoy autism wars

>> No.56235918

How do you go against Alphastrike lists as Tyranid?

>> No.56235939

Don't jsut make differently coloured Ultramarines. Do one of the more divergant successor chapters liie Black Dragons or pick a theme and go completely into it with conversions and self limited unit choices. Like do some Roman marines or Hussar Marines.

>> No.56236286

Gaunt screens.

>> No.56236319


>> No.56236490

Does anyone have the lists from the GW GT played in october? I want to see lists other than the 6 razorback list that won it.

>> No.56236492


>> No.56236558


>> No.56236739


>> No.56236763

I'm thinking of running a Spearhead Detatchment for orks.

One Big Mek, both flavors of Orkanaut, and one Battlewagon core. Think this shit will work?

>> No.56237149

6s to hit in shooting, dude.

>> No.56237847

Just do what the guy at SoCal did

3 Grandmaster Dreadknights and a Termie Librarian
Brigade's worth of Mortar Guard with Scions

It's more than 50% GK so it's a GK list!

>> No.56238133

Blood Angels have won no tournaments

Blood Angels unique units are not desired by any other army

Blood Angels are strictly inferior to C:SM currently

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