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RIP chaos vehicles

>> No.56231104

nth for Blood Angels are going to be shit for three editions in a row now

>> No.56231106

First for things shall get loud.

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So I'm torn. I want to start a new army and I'd want to do a fair amount of conversion work for it. I can't decide between Orks or GSC. Orks are the obvious choice for easy conversions as I can just pick whatever and throw a bits box at it. GSC would require a little more work, but the pay off could be fun Replace Leman Russ Turrets with Exocrine torso/Everyone gets a third army and some wicked mutations.
Thoughts? I'm leaning towards GSC for just being alittle more unique and I like their rules alittle more GSC Powers sound fun as shit

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my dudes > your dudes

>> No.56231119

Post >yfw GW release Space Wolves and Thousand Sons codexes together

>> No.56231122

My wishlist comes with Point drops for Sanguinary Ancients,Point drops for Death Company and Point drops for Inferno Pistols and thats about it.

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If they remove chaos vehicles will I still be able to summon after disembarking?

>> No.56231128

they're probably getting reboxed
my local gw cleared out like half of the boxes they had in the racks
can't wait to read all those tacky one liners at the back of the box desu
>combat medic supreme

>> No.56231136

Orks will be the very last codex

>> No.56231139

The leak was they weren't getting replaced at all.

>> No.56231140

GSC seem fun but they have few units.

You need to delve into Tyranids or Guard and at that stage, I may as well play those armies.

>> No.56231148

Too reasonable. Delete that post and make another complaining you should get everything the base codex gets and your own special stuff on top.

>> No.56231154

>Source: My ass

>> No.56231159

If by leak you mean some random anon whos uncle works at GW.

>> No.56231160

Flesh tearers when

>> No.56231165

I'd be happy with that. I'd also *really* like DC to get their 5+ FnP back.

>> No.56231171

The Nids special edition codex looks like ass.

>> No.56231175

They'd have Last Chance's them. There's no at they would scrap the entire spikey vehicle line with no warning.

>> No.56231180

Tyranid fluff leaks FUCKING WHEN?

>> No.56231182

With Blood Angels.
Same as Lamenters

>> No.56231189

post ur dudes

>> No.56231192

>Mfw no sight of Slaaneshmas

>> No.56231194

Leave Chaos to me!

>> No.56231195


your taste is shit

>> No.56231197

I'm not the leaker, it's what he says and it fits with how GW hasn't and isn't restocking any of the chaos vehicles the guy mentioned. We even have a guy confirming they are removing them off shelves in his local GW.
I thought it was pretty shady at first but things do make sense.

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GSC are a very fun army, I play them myself, but they are quite limited. They have good allies in Tyranids and Guard, but that's it. Their own selection of models is very limited.
That said, Orks are even worse, since they have no allies at all.

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Why are these threads so easy to bait? By the way, plastic Sisters in January, my dad works at GW.

>> No.56231206

Take the amount of time you've asked and multiply it by 10 that is the amount of threads it will take.

>> No.56231208

They are not getting replaced. I couldn't get Sorcerers of any kind that are not Exalted around these parts and they are 100% not getting removed. People just buy out their shit so online stores are empty. Drive around your area and hit up multiple GW shops like I did to find things you need.

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>dark as fuck
>unclear what we're seeing at a glance

I thought it was a daemons codex at first.

>> No.56231216

This is GW we are talking about.

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>the ratty furniture
>the carpet stains
>monitor with no stand, desk, or table
>dart from nerf gun under the chair

It's hard to even quantify how pathetic this picture is

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Any leaks on Kronos fluff yet?

>> No.56231231

Yeah and they would not miss the chance to ring every last cent out of chaos players while they could.

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>> No.56231233

Give me pros and cons of using Lord Commissar as warlord, bros?

>> No.56231240

>Tyrannofex now has heavy 6, 48", Str 10, Ap-3, D6 damage artillery

>> No.56231242

More like leave the leftovers for you.

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Who thought that a sanguinary Guard with a banner should be 105 points? I know he has a couple extra wounds and attacks but still. He does so little compared to a normal Sanguinary Guard and costs 62 more points.

>> No.56231256

Convince me not to buy these tg, please
$13 for a deck full of Blanche art....

>> No.56231257

no bullying

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>> No.56231260

He is not statistically better than a commissar.

>> No.56231270

>kraken genestealers

>> No.56231276

convince me not to poo on you

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>> No.56231285

No reason not to, really, if you play cards with normalfags. Shit is just cool.

>> No.56231289

I wonder if there would be fights.

>> No.56231294

Really? In any way? I don't have my codex on me but I could've sworn he was more 'ard.

>> No.56231299

>There were daemons. They wuz scary yo. Now we shoot them instead of nom. the end. t.darwin

>> No.56231300

Isn't that in-line with other astartes banners?

>> No.56231301


He is less of a waste of points than commissar, though still more of a waste than an inquisitor

Honestly just burn your points and piss on the ashes, that's what you are doing when you take a commissar of any kind now

>> No.56231307

Are you implying marines were not always the most numerous faction in the series?

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>> No.56231313


Yeah, exocrine looks like the clear winner there.

>> No.56231315

I think Kronos is fighting on planets before they are changed into daemon worlds and nids can no longer eat it.
Nids flying in the warp alwayse were a thing, but now they have reason to desperatly lauch themselves into warp rift.

>> No.56231318

Nah. I'm into it. Let's get raunchy and brown together anon

>> No.56231324


>t. the Prince of Pleasures

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Are they air cushioned finish? Because if they aren't they will start sticking together after about 5 games, like all novelty cards, and be total garbage. Bicycle or bust.

>> No.56231346

is it? the only ones i can see are 63 points and 69 points.

>> No.56231347

>Kraken jeanstealers
>1/4 have power weapons
>They can attack first every time
>They can fall back and charge again
>They can piggyback on a Lictor into deepstrike
>They can with a cp move on average 20" in one move
God damnit it's going to be fun

>> No.56231363

>not using card sleeves for any and all of your cards
Absolutely plebeian.

>> No.56231364

>Hive Fleet Kronos has evolved special adaptations to feast specifically on daemon tears, whose high sodium content has proven incredibly nutritious
>After witnessing Be'lakor horrifically ravaged in every orifice by a brood of Venomthropes, Daemon Primarchs Lorgar and Perturabo swore away from Chaos Undivided, hoping that the protection of Tzeentch and Slaanesh, respectively, would save their holes from this grisly fate
>After witnessing the sheer might of Hive Fleet Kronos, against which all his magics and machinations were for naught, Tzeentch was heard to utter "not as planned"
>After attempting to stop the advance of the Tyranids of Kronos on the daemon world of U'vfugh'Kalahgafka, Abaddon the Despoiler faced off against the Kronos Swarmlord, who proceeded to tear off Abaddon's arms and deep-fry them for supper. Drach'nyen's Emperor-destroying power was nowhere to be seen.
>A bunch of Rippers bit Typhus' dick off, but he didn't even notice

>> No.56231367

Average of 20" is probably wrong. More like 18".

>> No.56231381

>He's not into feces rubbed all over his skin

>> No.56231383

I know that a bit of the story is set around the time of the fall, and after in regards to fighting the orks and dealing with eldrad, but does any of jain zar storm of silence take place after gathering storm?

>> No.56231385

How can chaos vehicles compete?

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>> No.56231395

You don't use sleeves for poker cards, you crazy person. Part of the experience of traditional card games is the feel of the paper. Also, can't do sleight of hand tricks with sleeves. Just buy quality paper cards, dammit.

>> No.56231396

Well, that's durned fascinating

>> No.56231406

Fuck off Carnac.

>> No.56231414


>they can deepstrike in and kill some guardsmen
>they can ignore flak saves
>they can fall back from guardsmen and charge some guardsmen again
>they can run really fast and charge some guardsmen

Meh. Just about everything in the game hits me on 3+ and kills me on 3+, it's just more of the same.

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>> No.56231435

>mocks everything Carnac masturbates about
>apparently is Carnac

I knew the guys hated himself, but this is a bit much.

>> No.56231444

How stupid is the idea of a GSC getting caught and isolated and try to use the warp to summon nids?

>> No.56231445


You finks dat's shooty? *laughs in Ork*

>> No.56231447

That's utter bullshit but it wouldn't be the end of the world

>> No.56231450

Carnac is now nidfag.

>> No.56231451

>facing Kronos as Tzeentch Daemons

>> No.56231458

What's your favorite Grand Alliance? Mine is Imperium.

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>> No.56231472

New codex soon brother

>> No.56231478

Smite the big ones.

>> No.56231489

>Countas Twin Big Shoota

>> No.56231490


>> No.56231505

No one is gonna believe that one any longer by now.

>> No.56231512

Did people believes this in the first place?

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>> No.56231517

What are the chances that GW erratas the nid codex to make Zoanthropes less shit? I really like using them, but they're painfully useless right now

>> No.56231519

>bloodthirster about to be tentacle raped by toxicrene
The chaos abuse won’t end!

>> No.56231528

Yes in 4th edition, and newfags.

>> No.56231534

What's the point of the army bundles pre-order? You can buy the items individually right now, for the same price...

>> No.56231537

>t. NPC playing cuck

>> No.56231538

Codex: Grots, when?

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>> No.56231546

A sad SoBfag makes my peepee hard, thank you.

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>> No.56231548

>vs Khorne Daemons
well it's not chaos who will be raped today anon.

>> No.56231550

>he didn't instantly jump ship on to the most broken faction
I know I did with my haul of carnifexes and genestealers!

>> No.56231553

Yeah, and that Sanguinary Guard Ancient gets a Force Sword, an Angelus Boltgun, a 12" move, and a 2+ on top of the regular ancient.

>> No.56231556

I uh need to see the tentacle rape for proof.

>> No.56231566

ded brets it hurts everytime

>> No.56231568

Black Marines.

>> No.56231577

>Implying there is any other grand alliance in 40k

>> No.56231579


>> No.56231587

Yes, what about the Salamanders?

>> No.56231588


>> No.56231596


An anon last night suggested the Brets on foot knight models as conversions for Crusaders, and I gotta say he was onto something. Too bad the models practically don't exist, even on Ebay.

>> No.56231597

im not quite sure you know what black people are

>> No.56231600

What about Salamanders or Black Dragons?

>> No.56231607

Celestial Lions sure do.

>> No.56231611

Why is this for pre-order? You can buy the kits at the same price right now.


>> No.56231613 [DELETED] 


>> No.56231621

That’s literally the BG of one of them, though

>> No.56231625

I agree tbqh.

>> No.56231628


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>> No.56231637 [DELETED] 

The day I see a black in my lgs is the day I find a new one or just stop the hobby, fuck that.

>> No.56231642

It saves you a couple clicks, anon. Time is money, friend!

>> No.56231643

But that's wrong you mathlet. He's got better combat stats, leadership and armor save. Plus a free power weapon

>> No.56231657

>Playing Kronos vs. Daemons

>> No.56231664

Anon, it's 2017. Any option that isn't wildly superior to its soup analogues is worthless and an insult.

>> No.56231669

Fuck I laughed way too hard at this.

Guess I'm going to hell anyway.

>> No.56231674

I dunno. Funny part is they have some of these army deals up but they are outta stock on preorder.
>That’s literally the BG of one of them, though

>> No.56231678

No Anon those aren't real black people. They don't have the correct skull structure.

>> No.56231681

...soup analougues?

>> No.56231683

>Horrors kill themselves in droves trying to Smite a Kronos Warlord
really hives my mind

>> No.56231689

Yeah, I'm not really looking forward to every Nid player switching to Kronos as soon as he sees Grey Knights/Daemons/Thousand Sons/Eldar.

>> No.56231702

>tfw you traveled to the future and saw the shitty daemon codex

>> No.56231704

thats racist !

>> No.56231711

It's been tasked with fighting along the edge of the Great Rift, trying to keep it from expanding.
They;re mostly adapted to shooting because CQC ends poorly for them.

>> No.56231713

>tfw your order didn't ship today so it will arrive on Wednesday at the earliest


>> No.56231714

Equivalent units from other faction's within the IMPERIUM/CHAOS/ELDAR keyword. Like how the stock response to Commissar (Lords) is "just play a soup list with an Inquisitor."

>> No.56231717

Zilch. They hate Smite spam and are nerfing it in CA. Which means that the one unit that's literally made to Smite spam in both fluff and crunch is getting left in the dumpster. Psychic Barrage is a joke.

On the bright side, 2d3 MW Smite is gonna go up in value once you'll be limited to 3 a turn, so there's that. Only question remaining being why the fuck aren't you just using Biovores.

>> No.56231725

>Implying Nids can take Daemons in melee

Leviathan RIP.

>> No.56231730

But then you lose Regiments and Grand Strategist. What's wrong with people?

>> No.56231735

If Smite really is getting capped at 3/turn, I'd be surprised/enraged if there isn't an exception for units with variant Smite rules.

>> No.56231744

>Tfw Bloodthirsters go up in points

>> No.56231751

Usually the units gained from soup lists are good enough to warrant the loss, like malific lords(or hell any primarch) for chaos.

>> No.56231753

You just throw the Inquisitors into a Supreme HQ or other detachment.

>> No.56231761

Its equivalent in other armies that share a faction keyword with it so you can soup with them. Like, if if you're running an Imperial faction and there's another Imperial faction with better/more cost effective tanks or troops or whatever there's no reason not to take a detachment of that instead.

>> No.56231762


>Inquisitor from allied detachment
keep regiment

>Inquisitor not warlord
keep strategist

>> No.56231765

>Guard have Orders
>Eldar have psychic spam and battle focus
>Tyranids have synapse
>Chaos in theory has Marks
What exactly is the Space Marine gimmick? It used to be Chapter Tactics, but now everybody gets those.

>> No.56231779

being mediocre at everything and gulliman

>> No.56231780

This picture gets me every time.

Do you have the version with the extra guns?

>> No.56231782

Should be for the mini-Smites like GK and Warlocks and TS Aspiring Sorcerers, I think. No reason to fuck those factions over. I don't think the "improved" Smites like Crowe's, Magnus' and the Zoan's will get the exception, though.

>> No.56231783

Space Marines are the games baseline

>> No.56231787

Elite troops that can be specialized to be more effective against certain enemies.

>> No.56231788


15 point BS/WS 3+ models with 2+ saves in cover, pistols, and both kinds of grenades

>> No.56231789

Being the blandest faction

>> No.56231792

>Tyranids adapt the most effective strategy to fight chaos daemons
>BTFO them with guns because daemons too retarded to ranged combat

>> No.56231795

You deserve it for Magnus & Brimstones alone, anon.

>> No.56231803

"Jacks of all trades", which in a game that punishes generalists and encourages specialists is not a winning recipe. I suppose they have relatively cheap and accessible aura characters in Chapter masters and Chaplains and Lietuenants and whatnot, which all culminate in Guilliman.

>> No.56231807

Combat squads.

>> No.56231810

Guilliman, razorbacks and stormravens. This is all you ever need and I wish my faction had anything like that.

>> No.56231811

Magnus did nothing wrong.

>> No.56231814

But dude wanted to use a LC not an HQ from another faction. Just seems silly.

>> No.56231820

Warlocks, Aspiring Sorcerers, Scarab Occult Sorcerers, and Grey Knights all have shite smite. That's a lot of specific exceptions; I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a blanket "if a model has a variant-type Smite, ignore it for Psychic Focus." It's not like Zoanthrope spam is or will be an issue.

>> No.56231821

why not just make horrors only able to be taken in a list as pinks and then fix the rest of tz cd to not blow

>> No.56231823

Skarbrand and the Swarmlord are pretty much an exact match as far as being the biggest beatstick outside of LOWs, funnily enough.

>> No.56231824

>Be Daemon
>have ranged weapon
>design it to fight tanks
>Tyranids dont have tanks
Well fuck

>> No.56231825


>> No.56231826

>>Tyranids adapt the most effective strategy to fight chaos daemons

But those Nids aren't using it, hence RIP.

>> No.56231836

>Be scary monster bugs
>Get raped in melee

I know this hurts your pride, Nidfags.

>> No.56231839

I want to build a Black Dragons army. 1d4chan told me that they had rules ones upon a time. Do they till have some special stuff (Forgeworld maybe?) or do I have to use standard chapter tactics?

Also, any tips on what I could use for my model conversions?

>> No.56231850

>Tfw they throw in Termagants
>Tfw they used the Acid Blood strategum
RIP daemons

>> No.56231854

Just use some tyranid pillars for conversions

>> No.56231860

Fuck off.

>> No.56231863

But they don't really have a significant extra degree of specialization relative to other factions (Guard, Dark Eldar, CSM, etc).
So their gimmick is being shit.

>> No.56231865

"A variant of Smite" is the kind of vague wording that's begging for abuse and willful misinterpretation, methinks. Easier to rewrite Destructor, Magic Made Manifest and all those rules and add "in Matched Play, this can be cast as many times as the unit is capable of with no restrictions to the total number of Smites that can be cast this phase" or something.

Also Astropaths and Wyrdvane Psykers too.

>> No.56231867

>Feeling weakling emotions
>Caring about muh honorabu melee
Do you even Hive Mind, bro?

>> No.56231868

space marines are 13 pts

>> No.56231885

The saddest part is where that still feels like too much for what they do.

>> No.56231888

If I'm going to get shafted either way, I might as well just take Magnus and Brimtones instead of trying to make a decent non-Magnus list. It's not like a single weapon that ignores his Invuln (and he still has a base 3+) is going to stop Magnus from tearing your Warlord in half turn one.

>> No.56231889

what arm is that holding the sword?

>> No.56231898

how would you beat this?

Tyranids 1997
4CP/10 drops

**Supreme Command** Kraken
(3x)Hive Tyrant-203
-wings, 2 pair devourers w/blw, adrenal glands

(2x)Hive Tyrant-198
-Wings, 2 pairs deathspitters w/ maggots

**Spearhead** Jorgmungandr


**Superheavy detachment** Jorgmungandr
Barbed Heirodule-470

>> No.56231901

They should be 7ppm just like bloodletters

>> No.56231904

>What exactly is the Space Marine gimmick?
Selling well no matter how shitty they are.

>> No.56231912

What will our stratagems be ?

>> No.56231914


>> No.56231922

You know, I was going to try to argue something, but, no. You are completely right.

>> No.56231924

Let hope that our tactic would not shit first,

>> No.56231926

The Hive Mind has displayed tremendous butthurt in the past.
It'll never lived down being bullied by the Alpha Chad Daemons.

>> No.56231928

why would you waste 470 points on pure shit?

>> No.56231933

>1 CP
Be gay!
>2 CP
Be extra gay!
>3 CP
Be so gay, you're fabulous!

>> No.56231934

No swarmlord no life.
And not taking him in kraken is just an insult to my face.

>> No.56231940

3+ to all rolls if you have gay sex at the start of the battle.

>> No.56231944

>2CP This unit may re-roll charges till the end of the turn
>3CP this unit may fight twice in the fight phase

>> No.56231946

marines really arent bad, you just have to use them right.
try and specialize them and their all around-ness diminishes punishment from misplay
salamanders are fucking great
marines snowball either up or down, if you make the right choices T1 then you'll be in good shape in almost every game

just dont play marines like everyone else because everyone builds lists to beat marines

>> No.56231951

Well, you'll have every stratagem that Grey Knights and Codex: Space Marines share, plus any of the really generic ones that Grey Knights lack (like Linebreaker Bombardment and Killshot). You'll probably only get ~5 new Stratagems.
inb4 +1S on charge

>> No.56231960

I really want Primaris Death Company.

>> No.56231973

>inb4 +1S on charge
Well its not bad, but still not quite enough.

>> No.56231974

because its not pure shit? -1 to hit and 2+ armour on T8 22W isn't going down that fast (hopefully)

>I've never used it before actually either, worst comes to worst I'll replace it with HVY venom harpies

>> No.56231977

Holy shit my sides.

>> No.56231993


>> No.56231997

where is this artwork coming from, I want more

>> No.56231999

swarmlord is just a 300 point deliver system for genestealers, which you're gonna take 20 of atleast.
so thats 540 points of melee rape. ehh its easy to counter

>> No.56232012

Tyranid Codex.

>> No.56232015

I'd really want to have a fluffy stratagems that would allow one unit to give in to the Black Rage (+1A when charging, 6+ FNP) for one turn.

>> No.56232017

>Super swole
>Number 1 threat to galaxy

You don't have to like it, but it's true.

>> No.56232040

Is pic related a must have for any SM army if they want to stand up to stronger lists ?

>> No.56232041

Tru dat

>> No.56232042

>using the shitty lash version
>not superior Greataxe version
What a faggot

>> No.56232046

Shoo, Shoo Carnac!

>> No.56232052


>> No.56232054

Solo swarmlord is the best strategy.
Hide him where your opponent can’t see him then abuse a fuck ton of stratagems to make him run 50ish inches across the board and charge.

It’s fun, and if you don’t get onslaught off you can just run back to your hiding spot and do it again next turn.

>> No.56232058

If you have a SM army without these and Razorbacks, you've fucked up.

>> No.56232061

That's Dark Angels.

>> No.56232063

>gains nothing from killing bugs
>has to fight bugs to get to things that do reward them
>if loses gets banished for hundreds of years for failure
>can't do ranged attacks or adapt, just blindly charges

>> No.56232072

Are heldrakes worth a shit?

>> No.56232077

I don't know why you think you'd get much more. Your CT will be in-line with the others. Probably +1 S on Charge, reroll charge for JUMP units, and an "Assault Marines in Outrider Detachments gain ObSec" exception .

>> No.56232080

Dark Angels will have similar ones, but replace GAY keyword with FAGS.

>> No.56232083

>league game
my hierodule sits her ass on skyfire nexus and drops 2 stormravens in one shooting phase.

>> No.56232084

Hell, they’re just good on their own as gun platforms. The ability to transport is icing. I would dare say, unless you’re running a drop-heavy force, that stormravens are auto-includes.

>> No.56232085

Yes they are, as are Maulerfiends. The other two are more subjective.

>> No.56232095

>can get skulls from nids, Khorne loves skulls and have a lot of nids skulls
>time have no meaning for daemons

>> No.56232096

>be daemon
>get shot

>> No.56232108


>> No.56232109

<Laughs in Bio Plasma>

>> No.56232111

>Gains enjoyment of crushing bug shits
>Time doesn't even matter to him
>Doesn't need to to do ranged attacks because he's not a nerd, still number 1 threat to the galaxy

>The Virginid
>The Chados Daemon

>> No.56232112

My plan is to field one (Asscannons, multi-meltas, hurricane boltguns) transporting Lemartes and 10 Death Company dudes.

>> No.56232117

thats such a waste on a gimmick
I know its super cool, but its just not worth it
Flyrants are better and got a 42 point decrease since last edition, and are more easily spammable

use cp for a few important saves, strategems are mostly gimmicks too (except for eldar)

>> No.56232118

bloodthirsters are the manlets of greater daemons

>> No.56232119

>be Tyranids on shadowbrink
>lose opening battle against daemons
>immediately adapt to them
>daemons get surrounded, spend days getting shelled by Tyranid artillery
>GUO tried to summon plague spells to break the siege
>smothered by shadow in the warp and get blasted by zoans
>tzeentch forces literally run away
>slaanesh and khorne try charging into melee
>get blown to smithereens
>ass ravaged daemons sent back to the warp to plot their revenge against bully bugs

>> No.56232120 [DELETED] 

1KS are a nigger faction, why would you support them?

>> No.56232128


What did he mean by this?

>> No.56232131

Why did you post a picture of a brick, anon?

>> No.56232136

Thank you, might pick up a couple of heldrakes

>> No.56232140


>> No.56232144

>Psychotic overlord with delete you out of butthurt for failing to win unwinnable battle
>Based Hive Mind will always reincarnate you because it understands you can adapt and evolve

>> No.56232152

assault cannons

>> No.56232155 [DELETED] 

They act like niggers anon, and they got punished like niggers by norse warriors.

>> No.56232161


>> No.56232167

It only costs 2 cp and by my calculations it gives you a threat radius of 62 inches with the potential to move a total 77 inches in a single turn with 3 cp.

And it’s only 300 points to effectively delete anything on the board, often earning your points back in a single combat.

>> No.56232173

bricksock is the loyalist equivalent of the dreadsock

>> No.56232174

Any idea on how to make a monster party nid list? Just bought a swarmlord

>> No.56232175

>Be nids attacking some maiden worlds
>wow craftworld is here
>Deldar are here
>you almost eat the plenet
>puf maiden world dissapear, WTF? fuck Deldar
>Daemons on hive ships

>> No.56232182

>literally REEEEEs his own dudes to death

Can Khorne be more of an autist?

>> No.56232184

run them w/o the melta, go hvy bolters for full dakka, melta is VERY overpriced
lascannon devestators and preds are the best anti-armour choices

>> No.56232195

That’s almost a 1k point army... of trash!

>> No.56232198


>> No.56232203

I'm making a Kronos fleet period. Stay mad.

>> No.56232204

how do you mean?

>> No.56232216

He haven't killed him. He just got mad enough that Bloodthirsters died.

>> No.56232228

you mean a bunch of bootlickers did them in for because they liked books

>> No.56232238

I thought niggers hated learning

>> No.56232241

>The virgin sons
>The chad yiffer

>> No.56232245


>> No.56232254

again thats cute, and kraken is the best way to run him...
but thats still a bad strategy IMO. nids dont need to delete units like tau, they need to pop a few things and move. pepperspray is how nids have always won games

we have decent/shitty strategems to use and even though melee got vastly better, so did shooting
I think nids are great now, but swarmlord isnt guilliman and never will be

>> No.56232255 [DELETED] 

>extremely uppity all the time
>every one hates them for this
>start doing illegal shit and every one has to tell you to stop
>wewuzdoinnuffin we dindu nuffin stop
>get told to stop
>leader chimps out and fucks up everything for the emperor
>gets punished for it
>makes pacts with complete evil to get out of accepting punishment
>forever going WEDINDUNUFFIN while committing atrocities

if you cant see why they are absolute niggers you are retarded

they weren't really smart though, not even magnus was smart, they were all dumb as fuck

>> No.56232256

Hey guys, what green would you suggest for this?

>> No.56232258

>Doesn't notice the problem with the boots

You are probably as pathetic as she is

>> No.56232263

>get into fights with authorities
Sounds like the Space Wolves are the real niggers.

>> No.56232282


>> No.56232289

dont happen
>>get into fights with authorities
space wolves are the authority you dumb retard, they are called in to deal with chimpouts

>> No.56232294

>send your beloved children off to attack impregnable fortress
>murder them when they lose

>> No.56232298

>I think nids are great now, but swarmlord isnt guilliman and never will be
Good Guilliman is an Overpowered piece of trash that every list has to use to even think of competing in the upper tiers of the meta. He needs to nerfed i would never ask for a unit that is that broken.

>> No.56232305

that fucking face, who's that pedo?

>> No.56232306

>b-but khorne doesn’t care about winning, as long as there was war, blood and skulls he wins!
The absolute state of chaosfags

>> No.56232308


>> No.56232314

literraly ask gw

>> No.56232316

>race as some meta-attribute fetishisation of poststructuralist thought
>wanking over muh norse warrior ubermensch
Yeah /pol/ please go. It was already established several generals ago that you're worse than Carnac

>> No.56232324


>> No.56232328

>act like they are the most loyal
>disobeys a direct order from the emperor even though his right hand man says not to
>almost gets rekt so hard that yoy need the talons to save you
>cause an entire legion that was still loyal to fall because you couldn't follow orders
How does it feel to know that the Emperor being on the thrown is purely your fault yiff.

>> No.56232330 [DELETED] 

You realise that /40kg/ is /pol/? You are not welcome here.

>> No.56232332

oh you're being "ironic"

>> No.56232346

You actually have no idea about space wolves fluff do you?

Or doing a splendid job of pretending to be a colossal retard. In which case, nice bait

>> No.56232349

Are Tyranids still not very competitive with their new codex?

I've seen the reviews, but honestly there is nothing that is really strong in my opinion.

I love Tyranids and will still play them, but I hoped the codex would get better.

They still have no good answer against vehicles and their survivability is lacking whereas their damage output against T7/T8 is almost nonexistent.

>> No.56232350

Do it and Daddy duncan will make us a nice video

>> No.56232357

>time does matter, as daemons can't get back into galaxy nids get to eat more and more of it.
>less populations to feed off of for daemons
>war of resources
>it isn't just about skulls, skulls are nice though, but, those emotions power it all, without emotions the warp has nothing to be reflected off of, calms down, evens out, chaos dies.
>nids eating worlds will limit expansion of daemon worlds to be power plants for chaos.
>nids evolved to destroy chaos and are going to keep working on finding a way to permakill them.
>have evolved an entire hive fleet to explicitly fight daemons and harvest worlds bordering the great rift to slow the expansion of it that has access to gear that makes daemons have to use normal armor saves.

Yeah, Daemons totally superior, completely by a country mile, it isn't two super predators going at it. Nid's probably won't win (because GW is too hard for Chaos) but at least it makes it interesting having two massive infinite forces going at it, and both see the galaxy as food.

>> No.56232359

>the emperor being on the throne is somehow bad


>> No.56232361

>ordo specifically based on dealing with daemon corruption
>bunch of furry viking larpers
I don't really see how they are any authority.

>> No.56232363

Post your face when leman Russ is released, destroys Prospero along the planet of sorcerers and the model deals mortal wounds with his sword and denies the witch bubble of 13" radius on a roll of 2+

>> No.56232364

It’s not competetive but you can’t tell me that the idea of the swarmlord moving faster than a supersonic flyer, cutting shit to tiny pieces and then fucking off 15 inches anywhere you want afterwards isn’t fucking amazing.

>> No.56232367

don't forget that yffs were using psykers in their legion even after Nikea.
And they hate 1k sons for using psykers.

>> No.56232370

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Which Space Marine Legion is the best?

>> No.56232371 [DELETED] 

no it aint, now sod off

>> No.56232373 [DELETED] 

Back to your safe space, Anon.

>> No.56232379

>They still have no good answer against vehicles and their survivability is lacking whereas their damage output against T7/T8 is almost nonexistent.
stop playing on burger tables.
Use dimachaeron/Hierodules

>> No.56232393

>inb4 +1S, +1T and +1" move on charge.

>> No.56232396

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Which Space Marine Legion is the worst?

>> No.56232397

II and XI

>> No.56232399

Not quite
>be Tyranids on shadowbrink
>lose opening battle against daemons
>immediately adapt to them
>daemons get surrounded, spend days getting shelled by Tyranid artillery
>tyranids bring the battle to a statemate and daemons lose their momentum
>daemon forces immediately devolve in to autistic screeching and turn on each other
>infight makes the daemons lose even worse
>Tzeentch and Slaanesh ragequit
>Nurgle goes suicide by cop out of autism
>Khorne goes on one last rampage
I love the shadowbrink lore, the daemons were more powerful but lost due to throwing a tantrum when things didn't go their way.

>> No.56232403

Word Bearers, because no one plays them

>> No.56232404

>the guy who could fix pretty much every problem in the galaxy not being able to do so is good
Are you just retarded?

>> No.56232405 [DELETED] 

Not your safe space, snowflake

>> No.56232407

>Shows Immortals in the picture
>Immortals not mentioned in the description
So did they add them to make it look more impressive?

>> No.56232424

Probably one of the missing ones we know nothing about. All the other ones have been turned into parodies of themselves or thoroughly raped into blandness by BL.

>> No.56232425

Source? If thats the original dialogue that cartoon looks great.

>> No.56232437

Based Games Workshop releasing awesome base kits.

>> No.56232454

They have GREAT allies in IG and Tyranids.
The fuck you mean?

>> No.56232455

just a nice finnish man

>> No.56232456

Over white primer

>> No.56232458

Night Lords.

>Angsty teenagers in power armour
>So inconsequential they're just scavengers barely holding out

>> No.56232469


You know an army is seriously lacking if it HAS to take FW stuff to do something against common threats.

>> No.56232475

Bretonia shall rise again!

>> No.56232476

>>time does matter

It doesn't. Skarbrand gets banished twice during the gathering storm.

>at least it makes it interesting having two massive infinite forces going at it

That isn't interesting. There can be only one big dog.

>> No.56232484

You rolled it.

>> No.56232491

so a finnish pederast, right oh

>> No.56232492

honestly I think Swarmlord should be way killier and more points.
Guilliman should cost alot more, atleast another 100 points for what he does.
I'm not going to say that isnt amazing, but I've honeslty always though a normal flyrant with reaper of obliterax was always cooler.
I kinda always hated the uniqueness of the swarmlord, but they kinda fixed it atleast since you can take him in any <hive fleet>

I still think you should be able to just pay for his ability on a tyrant and get his bonesabers as a relic/upgrade. because a flying swarmlord is literally the coolest thing I can think of

>> No.56232504

how does the Baneblade stack up to the wraithlord or Wraithknight?

>> No.56232514

When will we get loyalist 1KS Primaris marines?

>> No.56232521

>That isn't interesting. There can be only one big dog.
Basically this the two factions can only be interesting fighting something else.

>> No.56232526

>infight makes the daemons lose
chaosfag revisionism is just too good

>> No.56232532

We already have them.

>> No.56232534

Tbh, Scarab Occult and Rubric Smite is shit enough that i wouldn't give a damn if they restricted it.

I'm already unwilling to use it without CP reroll at ready.

>> No.56232545


>> No.56232551

Wraithlord is 1/3 it's price

Vanilla baneblade is better vs nomral targets at range, but it's not going to won a duel and any range vs other LOW's

>> No.56232552

It is eh, Shadowsword rocks though.

>> No.56232555

already here


>> No.56232567

Am I missing out on Thousand Sons lore by not playing the DoW games?

>> No.56232572


>> No.56232574


>> No.56232585

No the Blood Ravens thing is just speculation based on some small passages in the novels.

>> No.56232592

I bought two.

>> No.56232594

No, not at all. And even in the HH series there are only the slightest of hints that it might be the case.

But most likely it is just some barely tolerated OC DOUGHNUTSTEEL like the chapters FW does.

>> No.56232595

>Skarbrand gets banished twice during the gathering storm.
Don't have to wait 1000 years to respawn if the warp can compress 1000 years warptime in to 10 realtime seconds.

>> No.56232598

so this year we got

Nice work GW, obviously it's far more important to update every marine sub-faction than it is to update armies that can't be used with the C:SM codex.

All that power armour and none with boobs either. Fo shame.

>> No.56232599

This kills the Plague Marine.

>> No.56232608

Why can Space Wolves get away with all the shit they've caused?

>> No.56232613

Blood Ravens have a high number of Librarians and they don't know who their primarch is.

That's it.

It's like the most common traits of custom chapters.

>> No.56232614

>Nice work GW, obviously it's far more important to update every marine sub-faction than it is to update armies that can't be used with the C:SM codex.
Lets see how well the other armies sell and then we can make a decision on what was the most important.

>> No.56232620

>It doesn't. Skarbrand gets banished twice during the gathering storm.
And he only shows up the second time in the Maelstrom, aka a big ass Warp storm.

>> No.56232629

Iron Warriors

>> No.56232631

Not to mention similar color scheme and the small details from the novels. It's still rampant speculation but it's not like it really matters in the grand scheme.

>> No.56232646

Aura spam.

>> No.56232647

They are a first founding chapter, if the Imperial Fists did the same shit they would get away with it too but most other first founding chapters have more sense than the space wolves.

>> No.56232666

I can already feel pic related's price dropping.

>> No.56232667

Can someone explain to me why people think Tyranids got competitive?

I see they got better with tactics etc. But I don't see how they got substantially better at a competitive level ?

>> No.56232670

Are there any index armies better than codex armies right now?

>> No.56232677

I think Zoanthropes are kind of cute.

>> No.56232687

Guardfags are just salty about being nerfed so anything that even hints at being good is OP as fuck and will break the game.

>> No.56232688

>kind of

>> No.56232690

Shut your fucking mouth, xenos.

2018 is kicking of with Daemons, then Deathwatch, Thousand Sons, and Space Wolves.

And you'll fucking buy them all and the datacards.

>> No.56232695

The good indexes all got codexes

>> No.56232705

>Lets see how well the other armies sell and then we can make a decision on what was the most important.
Let's put all of our marketing and resources into one army and then act surprised when it outsells armies with 20 metal models you have to dig around an online catalogue to find, and then they're out of stock.
There is cause and effect. Remember canoness veridyan, where GW released her as a standard limited run, before she sold so well and so quickly they put her out as a standard kit? Because it turns out that when you make models for factions and advertise them, people buy them.

>> No.56232715

Daemons doesn't beat any of the codices? Or Ynnari if that even counts?

>> No.56232718

Imperial Shit
Shit Wolves
Shit Angels
Dark Shit
Shit Hands
Raven Shit
White Shit
Sons of Shit
Shit Eaters
Thousand Shits
Shit Guard
Emperor's Shit
Shit Legion
Shit Lords
Iron Warriors
Shit Bearers

>> No.56232721

>Deathwatch, Thousand Sons, and Space Wolves.
Source is your ass

>> No.56232725

>mfw Ork and Tau Codexes next year

>> No.56232730

Part of it is just Mary sueishness, part of it is force of personality and part is down to being a well know and respected 1st founding chapter. If they behaved like iron warriors or something they'd have been purged by now. But they get shit done and unlike most marine chapters for better or worse they seem to possess a conscience

>> No.56232731

Did they got back rending? Or it's just eldar?

>> No.56232744


>> No.56232753

What's the lowest model count you can have for any given Space Marine army? Let's say about 1200-1800pts

>> No.56232762

>Brets on foot knight
they were all metal characters from 5th edition wfb. they never made any plastic foot knights

>> No.56232763

I think you've had enough, Mr. Lahey.

>> No.56232764

I think the zoanthropes are the ones making you think that

>> No.56232765

I like the earlier picture because it's like the guardsman just can't handle how cute its stubby little limbs are.

>> No.56232770

>Death Guard were originally Albanians


>> No.56232773

Super Heavy Detachment with 3+ of those Land Raider Terminuses.
The 8+lascannon thing

>> No.56232780

Assault Cannons are Heavy 6 S6 AP-1, so they're breddy gud against Eldars.

>> No.56232782

in general or one that works?

>> No.56232784

>Chapter Approved gives us a "reroll 1 die per psychic phase per caster" faction bonus plus a six spell Tzeentch discipline in addition to Dark Heretics
Boom, Thousand Sons fixed.

>> No.56232789

>no good answer against vehicles
>their damage output against T7/T8 is almost nonexistent.
>What are tyrannofexes and toxicrenes

>> No.56232791

They dont really need a point drop maybe the weapons but not the models themselves

>> No.56232797

land raider excelsiors are more expensive and you can make one your warlord

>> No.56232798

>you don't even need to change that one to bring the point across

>> No.56232807

This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever read on this general, ever.

>> No.56232813


>> No.56232820

What do you want to happen to your army in Chapter Approved, anons? Personally I'd like a Sicarian points drop and a significant points cut to Breachers. If they were something along the lines of 110 pts for a squad of 3 rather than 141 they'd be decent troops.

>> No.56232822

No Daemons definitely doesnt beat any of the codices.

>> No.56232847

Not sure how reputable but this was posted on the Inner Circle Facebook group. (1/2)

So the Codex is finally announced and a good friend of mine has given me some juicy tidbits.
Preorder on the 2nd of December
Available on the 9th of December
A few changes in a couple of units. Points moving to match the vanilla codex.
No Sammael in Sableclaw in the codex
Black knights and deathwing terminators may now be upgraded to a command squad (1 per army) this basically gives them the bodyguard ability.
Now the juicy stuff
And they shall know no fear
Inner circle
This unit automatically passes morale checks. In addition it may reroll at to hit rolls against Heretic Astartes and all to hit and to wound rolls against Fallen in the fight phase
If this unit moves it gains a 6+ invulnerable save to all shooting attacks. If it advances it gains a 5+ Invulnerable save to all shooting attacks
Grim Resolve
All UNFORGIVEN units may Overwatch on a 5+ and will only lose one model to a failed morale test
Have the same space marine stratagems as vanilla marines with the exception of
Masterful marksmanship
Cluster mines
Tremor shells

Also access to these unique stratagems
Fury of the First
Use this stratagem in your shooting phase. All plasma weapons may use the supercharge weapon template but ignore any mortal wounds that would be caused by a roll of 1.
Repent for Tomorrow You Die
Unforgiven Stratagem
Use this stratagem before overwatch, the UNFORGIVEN unit may fire overwatch at full BS.
Teleport Homer
Unforgiven Stratagem
Play at the beginning of your turn. Any DEATHWING unit may deepstrike from reserve within 9" of an enemy unit as long as it is within 6" of a RAVENWING UNIT
Deathwing Assault
Unforgiven Stratagem
Play at the beginning of your turn, any DEATHWING unit entering by deepstrike may fire twice or add 3" to a charge roll this turn.

>> No.56232853

>Hive Guard
>HVC Tyrants
>Psykers out the ass
>Stonecrusher Canifexes

>> No.56232860

Noone cares.

>> No.56232863

>preorder is already out of stock

>> No.56232867


Same standard space marine Warlord Traits as vanilla marines with the following unique ones.
Hold at all costs
Your warlord and UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of your Warlord may roll a D6 for every wound sustained, on a 5+ it is ignored.
Courage of the First Legion
UNFORGIVEN units in your army may use your Warlords Leadership for morale checks.
The Hunt
Any enemy Character that your Warlord slays in the fight phase grants one victory point
Rapid Manoeuvres
Your warlord and any RAVENWING units within 6" of him may add 2" to all move, Advance and charge distances and add +1 to all JINK rolls
Sacred standard
Only one sacred standard can be taken per army
Standard of Devestation
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard may fire twice in the shooting phase and automatically pass morale checks.
Standard of Retribution
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard may attack twice in the fight phase and automatically pass morale checks.
Standard of Fortitude
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard when suffering an unsaved wound may roll a D6 on a 5+ the wound is ignored and automatically pass morale checks.
Mace of Redemption
S+3 Ap-3 D2
If a unit suffers damage from this weapon reduce WS by 1 until the end of the next fight phase.
Against Heretic Astartes weapon is AP -4
Lion's Roar
When attacking with this weapon, choose one or both of the profiles below. If you choose both, subtract 1 from all hit rolls for this weapon-
Boltgun 24" Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP0 D1
Plasma 24" AssaultD3 S7 AP-3 D1
Foe Smiter
Rapid fire 3 S4 AP-1 D1
Monster Slayer of Caliban
S+2 AP-2 D d3
If this weapon causes at least one unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6 the model is removed from play. Does not effect models with the VEHICLE keyword
Shroud of Heroes
The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save and for each unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6+ the save is ignored

>> No.56232881


And finally the biggest news in my opinion
Lion El’Jonson
M 8"
WS 2+
BS 2+
S 6
T 6
W 9
A 7
Ld 10
Sv 2+
Hope Melee Melee S+2 AP -3 D 2 If you roll a wound roll of 6+ for this weapon, it inflicts Mortal Wounds instead of its normal damage.
Despair 18” AssaultD3 S8 AP -3 D3 If a unit suffers any damage from this weapon, roll a D6 on a 6 the unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds
And they shall know no fear
Master of the First – If your army is battleforged, you receive an additional 3 CP if Lion El’Jonson is your Warlord.
Armour of the Order – Lion El’Jonson has a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition all UNFORGIVEN units within 8” receive an 5+ Invulnerable save.
Blade Master - For every unsaved wound Lion El'Jonson causes in the fight phase he can immediately make an additional attack. This ability can only be used once per fight phase.
Master Strategist- each time a stratagem is used roll a D6 on a 4+ the CP for that stratagem is not spent
I Primarch – You can re-roll any failed hit and wound rolls for friendly UNFORGIVEN units within 6” of Lion El’Jonson

>> No.56232884

>HQs that take Discs can still benefit from their auras
>Heavy Warpflamer getting buffed into usefulness
>general point reduction
>Scarab Occult being able to swap Power Swords for Inferno Combi's

>> No.56232906

>daemons started infighting
Literally never happens faggot, unless the new Tyranid codex changed it
>slaanesh and tzeentch ragequit
Only tzeentch, slaanesh was with khorne during that last mad charge

>chaosfags saying anything in an attempt to make themselves look better
Don’t come in here spreading lies, I’m looking at the shadowbrink fluff right now and this shit didn’t happen.

>> No.56232911

No you fucking idiot, the Dusk Raiders were from Albion.

Death Guard are some Slavic pieces of shit that decided to annex us when we lost a lot of men in the final Dusk.


>> No.56232917

>What is last wall protocol
>What is dark angels literally killing loyal forces to cover up their fallen agenda?
But really fuck dangles and their team killing shit, they have killed guard, inquisition and other chapters to hide their shit

>> No.56232925


>> No.56232926


all looks within the realms of possibility and is in keeping with previous codices, with the exception of the Lion bit which I think is pretty unlikely

>> No.56232943

This is actually superheavy and a vanguard. 17 models.

>> No.56232949

They should at least make them ap-2

>> No.56232963

No, they were from Albia.

Future Albania.

>> No.56232967

>Shroud of Heroes
>The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save and for each unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6+ the save is ignored
>The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save
>4+ cover save

>> No.56232973

Shit, forgot my image

>> No.56232982

there is no way those standard relics are legit

>> No.56232984

The last wall protocol isn't really an issue, and the White Scars show that if the Dark Angels had just admitted what happened and fixed the problem as early as possible they would have been fine now they are just in too deep.

>> No.56232992

You're a fucking idiot.

>> No.56232995


A water pot?


>> No.56232996

I love how this argument is over which ass blasting did the Daemons really receive. Either way they get fucked by the nids but it has to be the right fucking.

>> No.56232997

A slight nerf to Warp Time, point reductions to MEQs, and perhaps some cheaper heavy weapons. I'm also hoping that, in the future, the vehicle builder comes to matched play.

>> No.56233026

a CITADEL water pot, anon.

I use a citadel coffee mug

>> No.56233040

Now you can finally drink your paint water

>> No.56233061

I've been doing that for 5 years I don't need some fancy pot to help me.

>> No.56233062

It has holes for brushes so they don't touch the bottom and don't bend bristles.
I kind of want one along with that vice grip for holding minis by the base for painting.

>> No.56233067

tbqh if citadel released their own warter as a joke I would still buy it

>> No.56233075

Yeah, not the first time they sold this thing. I own 2.

>> No.56233076


>daemons destroy human webway on terra

>> No.56233079

in retrospect I think you're right, I should have read more closely rather than skimming. I might be that the standards if they exist will give you a one use thingy though ie once per games you may unfurl the x standard and effect happens

although usually standards give you plus one attack these days

>> No.56233112

Gravis Librarians when though?

>> No.56233113

what are mortral wounds?

>> No.56233132

>Hold at all costs
>Your warlord and UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of your Warlord may roll a D6 for every wound sustained, on a 5+ it is ignored.
Seemed reasonable until this point.
>Standard of Devestation
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9" of the standard may fire twice in the shooting phase and automatically pass morale checks.
Lol, get real, nigga.

>> No.56233142

Fake and gay.

>> No.56233146

Give me back Return to Shadows and some point reductions. Also maybe do something so that metamorphs could be not the worse thing in our army.

>> No.56233147

what'd he say?

>> No.56233155

no roll to wound and no saving throw allowed. Rules are in the mega up top or the short form pdf on GWs website

>> No.56233156

>> No.56233167

Pretty sure he was making fun of Battlescribes typo.

>> No.56233173


It would be nice if AdMech could have their shitty options buffed to usefulness. They have a few solid options, but most of the units in the codex are underperformers.

Kataphron Servitors of both types are pretty bad right now. Ironstrider Ballistari are pretty overcosted, Sicarian Ruststalkers are overcosted and have no point to existing as other units do what they do but better, or for fewer points. Infiltrators need their 3rd attack back. The basic servitor unit may well be one of the worst, if not THE worst, units in all of 40k.

for a faction with so few units, it sucks that AdMech are mostly garbage held up by a handful of decent choices.

>> No.56233185

Gravis Librarians would be dope as fuck

>> No.56233189

>read the power over load rules in the pdf from the post I replied to.
battle scribe made a typo

>> No.56233197

CA isn't going to fix datasheets. Just updated point costs and a page or two of faction special rules a la General's Handbook.

>> No.56233203

Very nice.

>> No.56233204

>'"Woe betide he who ignores my warning or breaks faith with me. He shall be my enemy, and I will visit such destruction upon him and all his followers that, until the end of all things, he shall rue the day he turned from my light."
>- The Emperor, at Nikaea
You brought this upon yourself
>Captcha: false innocence
Yes captcha, just every day thousand sons fags

>> No.56233207

smelly poo poo legion

>> No.56233215

FW needs to publish some new IA books to supersede their over-errata'd Indexes.
Also, I want Krieg-specific stratagems, relics and warlord traits.

>> No.56233216

ah, sorry habit

>> No.56233241

It's not worth it anon, just forget it

>> No.56233256


new thread

>> No.56233309


It would be cool if there was a reason to take Word Berers- they might be the shittiest CSM Legion ATM. Having 'and they shall know no fear' as your faction rule is like playing an SM army with no chapter tactics. Also Posessed still feel pretty bad, even with the extra wound. They're not reliable enough in melee.

'Death to the False emperor' might also be the worst faction rule- it's useless vs about 1/2 of the factions in the game, and with the factions it works on, it does very little anyways.

>> No.56233339

So, where do Tyranids stand with their new codex?

>> No.56233453

More like some faggot had to come in and smugly “correct” me even though I was already right and his info was actually fake shit

But yes, in the end the daemons were still ass ravaged and that’s what truly matters

>> No.56233486

Is it possible to make a combat capable Company Commander?

>> No.56233531

Screencapping this because it'll 100% happem

>> No.56233532

Is this a decent all commers list? I'm not sure being stuck as Mars is worth it for cawl.

>> No.56233567


Simple answer: No.

Longer answer: it depends what you are fighting. Combat capable against what? Tactical marines? Sure, maybe. Against any other dedicated melee unit? HA, no. The amount of points you would have to sink into him to make him stand a chance against things that just have better baselines would bankrupt you, and his performance would still be mediocre at best. You'd be giving up warlord traits that actually work for ones that kind of work at keeping you alive in melee.

>> No.56233601

>honestly I think Swarmlord should be way killier and more points
Keep some perspective. He's already the killiest single non-LOW model in the game, save perhaps for Skarbrand.

>Guilliman should cost alot more, atleast another 100 points for what he does.

Everyone agrees

Buttfucks them

>> No.56233631

First founding, big ass force behind them, get shit done and generally well-liked.

>> No.56233659


funny joek

>> No.56233698

Hike Gun Drones and Commanders' point costs, drop everything else. Like, halve Riptides'. Give us a ML table that doesn't fucking suck.

>> No.56233863

That last bit is what makes me call this all into question. Guilliman's schtick being the one that hands out all the best buffs compared to Morty and Magnus makes sense, but Lion getting those same buffs plus a bunch of extra special rules doesn't.

>> No.56233933


>let us spam autowin units that never miss.

Tau players, everyone.

>> No.56234086

A Tier with a grossly optimized list.

S Tier is still Guard.

SS Tier won't exist after CA.

>> No.56234106

>Like, halve Riptides'.
>wanting riptide spam again
fucking WAACfag

>> No.56234938

There's no such thing as "temporarily giving in to the Black Rage", Anon. Only one marine has ever emerged out of that state, and he is Mephiston.

>> No.56235386


So.. You being color blind makes it a bad cover? You should go check your eyes dude, its a great cover, and as anon already mentioned, your taste is shit.

>> No.56235438

Cheap to buy, easily used, and is a stepping stone to better things. Just like your mom.

>> No.56235513

Bullshit. That is somebody's fantasy. No way GW makes another character better than Girlyman.

>> No.56235607

Any predictions on the upcoming Chapter Tactics ?

I'm guessing Blood Angels will get bonuses on charge while Dark Angels will get a copy paste of the ability the Fallen get:

>You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for any Fallen unit when shooting (including when firing Overwatch) as long as the unit did not move in its last Movement phase. In addition, Fallen units can never lose more than one model as the result of any single failed Morale test; any additional casualties beyond the first are ignored.

It's pretty much an updated Grim Resolve.

>> No.56236163

Chapter Tactics extending to everything

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