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Post your characters and I'll do a shitty sketch on my phone.

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A plague doctor with an m-2 flamethrower in his hands and a greatsword strapped to his back

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Blonde curly-haired 20 year old male paladin with warhammer and winning smile

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Human scholar turned war-mage throwing shittons of lightning and cracking holes in the fabric of reality to "solve problems", who wears a nice purple velvet jacket and goggles to protect his eyes from the ludicrous flashing. His naturally curly hair is typically mad-scientist levels of static'd up due to his constant air of electrical bullshit.

Weapons? Oh no, he's gone mad enough that he refuses to carry mundane weapons. The Arcane will solve fuckin' everything.

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A 40ish looking fat German man with a neckbeard. His face is half burned, he walks on a wooden leg, and he's wearing a long hunter's coat. He's also carrying an axe around.

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That is hella sweet.

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Centaur Catholic priest

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Also hella sweet. These are some tasty sketches!

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Half-Orc War Cleric who worships Torm and wields a big ol' warhammer, covered in scars and a black ponytail. He's a total moron as well but not sure how you can put that across.

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20 something female gunslinger with drunken ancap tendencies. Has a smaller pair of extra arms at the bottom of her rib cage

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>Has a smaller pair of extra arms at the bottom of her rib cage
Quaid, start dah reactoh

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You have made me a happy man.

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haha perfecto!

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Hot damn, anonymous artist, you're doing these in hella good time.

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He's amazing ! Thank you kind anon !

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I don't know how to draw horses

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A Babylonian king looking dude who wields a giant longbow.

And has a sword at his side.

Also wears about as much clothing as a pillarman.

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Wow fucking sweet dude - Even got the gauntlet sigil on the hammer!

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middle aged military veteran (cold war era) with a pipe,radio and flare gun.

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Varg Vikernes looking human with one elf ear, splint armor and a clockwork type robotic right arm and leg

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Hermetic mage with distant dwarven blood in his ancestry who specializes in creating enchanted items.

Thank you for your efforts.

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OP here, sorry if I didn't get to yours, I have to get going. I'll be back though!

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I hope the thread wont get archived until then, you are a pretty good drawer

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these are great

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OP, you are a helluvan artist. Like, you have done a whole load of good sketches and I hope they brought you pleasure, because damn they've brought me pleasure.

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I'd like to see you draw something like this.

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He's like Captain Haddock but a Mage the Awakened character. Should have something like a sextant in a hand and doing Evil Eye with the other or something similar. Thanks mate.

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A grizzled mercenary warmage with a wand and a big ol' knife
(Basically Venom Snake)

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Oops, waited too long to post. Cheers OP.

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This is top tier OC, praise and glory to the OP

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Do you call this Alladoni or Onidin?

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Can we get an ETA on that?

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Dark skinned wood-elf, almost white hair, burn scars most noticeably on the left side of her face. Ranger that controls small golems

Thanks! I like your sketches

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A clumsy space janitor with a lasergun, he is young and aspiring to make more money and cleaning the 86th deck of the space station

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Wandering duck tinkerer, skills focus on cunning and stealth, rakish personality and style get him out of more jams than fighting

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black spathi guy from weird alien oriented campaign

has about the same physiology as this guy but he wears an overlay of blue stripes, has a riot shield with some smudged on alien langauge and generally looks a bit pissed at all times. kind of a Goliath for his species too, which really just translates to slightly above average height for, say, an American

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A burly, unhinged space cowboy with a penchant for mad ingenuity, extreme cruelty and massive explosions.

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muscly wild looking barbarian without a weapon wearing bear pelts and shoddy looking excuse for pants

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a minotaur with a big ass halberd and a shield hanging to one of his sides.

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A grizzled old man with a cowboy hat and a suit that hates the new technology of the world and drives a muscle car, he has a beard too

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post apocalyptic german knight, wears powered armor and worships Tyr. Member of a mercenary group, big, strong, friendly. Fighting a losing battle with neo-roman conquering force lead by hyperboreans from the center of the earth.

30 years old, iron cross tattooed on cheek, metal stud implant in skull. Usually wears a parade uniform when not in armor. Goes by StuG.

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he also has some gin in his hand

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Onidin. Alladoni sounds too 1920's mafia

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College-age sci fi noble boy, wearing a fancy school uniform, cape and ornate Venetian style mask.

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Anon, would you like an invite to the drawthread discord server?

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sci-fi gnomish alien who is and looks like a stereotypical mafioso

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An undead Orc Wight King (Warhammer)

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A cute lizard person with a feathercrest.

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High Elf with severe burns up his arms and face
Sometimes wears a mask to cover his upper face
Has long sharp teeth because his people mostly eat other sentient races
His burns are his arcane focus and they still glow and ember

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a ww1 french soldier with a gasmask and a long wrench. muh dieselpunk game

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Can I ask for a picture with multiple people in it?

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