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>There's No Terran Way Of Knowing Which Way The Warp Is Flowing edition

>2hour Nid YouTube review, but if you cared you'd have the sheets from places already.

>Daily Duncan

>Other 40k animations and repository of shitty meemes from bad OPs.

>GW FAQ (1.2):

>FW FAQ (1.2):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

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First for this woman model is the Emperors boss.

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fuck space elves and people who defend titties on models in my christian war game

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which woman model?

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>wanted to collect csm
>now dg
>now I would rather wait for the Chaos Daemons codex

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Uriah go away.

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You will survive two months man

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*repost to new thread before i log off*

If any nidfags are still around i ran the math of the new exocrine vs the new tyrano fex.

target - (exo/tfex) wounds caused divided by points [higher is better]

t8/3+ (.031/.032) *+1 damage strat*
t8/3+ (.020/.025)
t7/3+ (.031/.025)
t6/3+ (.041/.025)
Meq (.020/.009)
Geq (.031/.011)

Exocrine > CannonTfex

atleast for me, still.

although i forgot to add stinger salvo, i'll do it in the morning.

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Shut up Matt

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No Rise of the Ynnari Ghost warrior novel yet?

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>wasting the +1 dmg strat on an exo when you could put it on a dakkaflyrant

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Stop fucking posting this in every thread

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No one cares.

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go away Lorgar

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Doesn't matter, really. I'm not gonna start getting hyped over a rumor. I've been burned too many times before, even by official sources (fuck you Fires of Cyraxus).

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>You don't shoot a Rupture cannon at fucking MEQs or T6/7 targets.

There are plenty of T6/7 targets you want to take out early. Preds, assbacks, and turox being among them

as for meq its just a standard test of efficiency, but you might run out of targets eventually or be forced to take them out. .020 rating is pretty good for a second purpose after tanks are gone.

Have you ran the numbers of dakkaflyrants? Its not really that great, ill post numbers in the more morning

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I'll stop when somebody share this damn novel.

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Shit's on the shelf of my GW.

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go buy it then you lazy fuckin nigger

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Support fucking BL? No way man.

>> No.56225578

Go to GW on saturday and read it in the store. Or go to a fucking barnes and noble, or whatever bookstores haven't gone out of business.

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Read hardback books in 2k17? You gotta be kidding me.

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Stop being a lazy, poor fucking shit who can't buy anything, read an actual book, or have any fucking patience.

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I bet you roll your dice with a dice app you disgusting barbarian.

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what color scheme do you like more ulthwe or mymeara help

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where are the rules for renegade knights located? are they in the codex?

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are warlock conclaves characters?
if not, is there any point to have a warlock conclave over just a bunch of warlocks?
if not, if I put them all inside a falcon doesn't that negate the placement rule?

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So I used to play Dark Angels when I was but a wee lad, and I totally would have started them again, but I got really offput with the primaris marine designs, and the possibility of manlet marines getting squatted.

I just bough a few Chaos Marine squads, but now with a Dark Angels book coming out I feel like just dropping my entire Chaos Army I had planned out.

Should I just put everything on freeze until this book comes out now? Do I need Primaris shits in my army? Are marines more fun than CSM?

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Index Chaos.

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Neither Conclave has the <Character> keyword. Conclaves can be more fluffy, and if you have over 7 models in one, you have a Smite that does d6 Mortal Wounds no matter what. To what placement rule are you referring to? Because they don't have one.

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Anyone got Christmas Set spoilers?

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If you have say 4 seperate warlocks and you put them all inside a tank that counts as one placement at the beginning of the game.

meaning i have less units to place at the start meaning its easier for me to go first (that was the only downside i could think of not turning them into a warlock conclave)

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biel tan

>> No.56225670

you damned me

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Will we get new plastics with the new codex?

>> No.56225677

I prefer Ulthwe; the contrast looks better to me than a blend.

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He bet on Custodes range becoming GW by Christmas initially. That's the biggest one to take in.
Then he said custodes january guiz

>> No.56225692

I have ulthwe but I think its the worst color scheme of the major 4.

still like it more than mymeara

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Man I really want this to be true, they've got fucking cool models but I am not shelling out that amount for jetbikes or terminators.

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if i take my muhreens as a secondary detatchment can i put all of them in drop pods?
Primary army is Astra Militarum if that matters at all.

>> No.56225754

Half of your army has to start the game on the table.

>> No.56225779

They're shit

>> No.56225790

why are there like only 12 pages of rules in 8th edition.

>> No.56225792

>Will we get removed with the new codex?
FTFY, also yes they'll get axed

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What happened to the guys that didn't joined TOTALLYNOTSLANEESH!

>> No.56225803

i mean under the force org and stuff.
They would only make up a tiny part - two tac squads in pods and an hq in a pod if that's a thing.

>> No.56225812

Force org is irrelevant in this case. It's just half your entire army has to start on the table. There are no "primary or secondary" detachments.

>> No.56225818

i can just take whatever units i want?

>> No.56225832

As long as they share a keyword. So you can take a detachment of Space Marines and a detachment of Guard because they both share the IMPERIAL keyword. You can even have them in the same detachment if you want but they lose out on chapter tactics/regimental doctrines.

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sweet, thats what i wanted to hear!

>> No.56225846

and you can take a dedicated transport per choice, so yeah, 3 choice -> 3 drop pod in the detachment.

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Ulthwe is going to be a bitch to paint, and Mymerea looks the best anyways. Duncan has a tutorial on how to easily paint them by just doing blue and then glazing their legs green.

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I feel like such a old fag for asking, but does anyone happen to have a link to the old White Dwarfs(U.K. 371,372,373/ U.S. 370,371,372) dealing with the "new" dark eldar, pic related.

Played Farsight Enclave for years, before they got their own Codex supplement. I want to get back in, and was always bummed that everyone and their mothers, both on the net, and real life swore the Dark Eldar were being squatted. Well surprise surprise, less then a year after getting my Enclave army, the Dark Eldar got a update.

So yeah, if I'm getting back in I might as well go for the true army I wanted back then(08).

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I want dat galatus
Warhammer world is this month

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For some reason GW only makes plastics for brand new units and space marines.

>> No.56225910

And monopose HQs with no optional wargear. And limited edition models they never make again.


>> No.56225987

>For some reason GW only makes plastics for brand new units and space marines.
Anon why did you say space marines twice?

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Not him, but it looks like the Sigmar community is imploding over this lady viking being someone's boss.

>> No.56226056

How many flamers in a 10 man Rubric squad?

>> No.56226065

Do you mean vacuum cleaners?

>> No.56226090

I don't get it, I'll be honest

>> No.56226103

Because TS are made of dust

>> No.56226104

Rubrics are dust

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Okay /40kg/, lets make a comprehensive list of petty things resident autistic neckbeards don't like and relentlessly shitpost about.

So far I have:
>all BL lore that is not about "heroic guardmen"
>all BL authors and their writing that doesn't align with their headcanon and/or political views (in or out of universe)
>"new models" that were released or redesigned
>not having new models that are released or redesigned
>having models in anything but plastic
>new GW lore after 3rd edition
>any alteration to the "established" lore (even if said lore stems from WH:FB which is a defunct setting)
>reading and keeping up with GW-approved lore in Codex/BL books
>making informed opinions and being able to see through faction-specific propaganda because of the above
>mentions or models of women and people with different skin tones (even if it makes sense in the setting)
>named characters
>not following the trendy memes based on personal preference/headcanon
>third-party model conversions
>arguing semantics such as "who is the biggest threat" or "which faction has the most autistic fanbase"
>constantly mentioning and spoonfeeding trip/namefags to the point of determining their post structure and style
>mythical WAACfags that are out to violate their army and/or mother
>trying to figure out what to do with their own hobby and needing to be told exactly what to do and/or buy
>supporting the company whose game they play but wanting to play and have a place to do so

Please feel free to add to it so all posters know exactly how to post and behave in /40kg/.

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Who can take a relic?

>> No.56226122

>people making slow footslogging armylist
>peolle that makes lists of retarded things

>> No.56226128

>someone actually took the time to write this faggotry

>> No.56226138

Characters. It tells you on every relic page.

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Take it, my boy

P.S. Posting from your ISP, IP range, or country has been blocked due to abuse.

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I don't have any relics in my indexes friend. Can't check for myself.

>> No.56226155

Guess you're not banned anymore, carnac

>> No.56226171

How is this bait? All of this goes on and on in literally every /40kg/ thread.

>> No.56226267

Man, that looks like it's a poster of an inuniverse movie. Do they even have movies in the grim darkness of the 42nd millennium?

>> No.56226283

>Do they even have movies in the grim darkness of the 42nd millennium?
I imagine somewhere in the aristocracy of wealthy Hive Cities they probably have the spare cash and leisure time to produce entertainment shit like that.

>> No.56226306

>27w, 2+, T9
>8 las cannons plus a gun that can delete anything

FW balance, boys.

>> No.56226310

One week till Carnac shits himself

>> No.56226322

Can I get some feedback on what your guys think is better in death guard, blight launchers or plasma guns? Both are really good but I can't decide which one I think is better..

Blight launcher: 24" / assault 2 / s6 / ap-2 / d3 dmg / re-roll 1 to wound.

>> No.56226325


Epub for jain zar storm of silnce, not sure if people have it. Does anyone know if the book is a post gathering storm novel?

>> No.56226327


It used to not even be 40k legal in 7E.

>> No.56226329

>Tyranids adapt to Chaos
What's next? Fucking Orks, Tau and Necrons adapt to Chaos as well?

>> No.56226350

Even after all these years, /tg/ still pulls through. Thanks man, may Hashut bless you in the fantasy realms, and the Dark Muses protect you in the future realm.

>> No.56226364

Orks have entered the warp multiple times and even taken a planet or two
Tau are somewhat immune to the effects of chaos
Necrons are somewhat immune to the effects of chaos and ctan shards are almost completely immune to chaos

>> No.56226385

>>Tyranids adapt to x
That's their entire 'thing'.

>> No.56226391

>implying Tyranids adapting to everything isn't their whole schtick

>> No.56226399

How about those Nids adapt to THIS
*unzips dick*

>> No.56226410

Stop fucking posting this every thread. In the amount of time you've spent typing that post out, you could have earned enough minimum wage hours to just buy the damn thing.

Fucking ynnari fags. They take being annoying pricks to the level of a job. Fuck you.

>> No.56226411

I know that Tyranids adapt extremely well, but chaos? I mean literal chaos. Really makes me think

>> No.56226412

>640+80+80+17 = 720


>> No.56226435

The Norn Queen weaves a strand into the next batch of gaunts that creates special magnification lenses in their visual organs.

>> No.56226437

>getting mad that tue faction whose whole shtick is adapting to overcome their prey adapted to chaos
>pretending like this wasn’t already in the lore

Looks like someone forgot about shadowbrink. Tyranids are perfect for fighting chaos, now there’s an entire hive fleet dedicated to BTFOing chaos shits with ranged weapons and powerful shadow in the warp

>> No.56226465

Fucking burn

>> No.56226477

>chaosfags this salty already

>> No.56226478

>shadow in the warp deletes and weakens daemons and makes it hard to summon more
>no souls, can’t be spiritually corrupted
>not scared of chaos
>can spam guns because daemons too retarded to ranged combat
>can adapt to Nurgle diseases
>don’t give a shit about honor duals
Nah, Tyranids are the best at fighting chaos

>> No.56226493

I am going to make a Salamander Dreadnought army. I just bought Ashamantle and I already have 2 Ironclad and 1 Venerable with a second one coming soon. Someone has any suggestions about it? From what I have seen my worst problem is going to be mobility, so I was thinking about alliying some furioso. What else could I do to compensate for it?

>> No.56226499



>> No.56226506

I was going from memory bud. It's still dumb as shit, especially since you can run it with Red and Morty efficiently.

>> No.56226507

This. Hive fleet Kronos is basically Shadowbrink brought to the level of a Hive Fleet. It matches the tactics used perfectly.

>> No.56226514

The Codex isn't even THAT good.

>> No.56226515

Is Sanguinius just perfect in every way and almost everyone likes him and he has no faults? Are there any books which actually makes him sound remotely likeable character rather than someone's poorly made DnD character?

>> No.56226516

I can't help if it I like the model and that it's barely functional in 30k.

>> No.56226518

at least in the DG fluff, tyranids can't adapt to nurgle diseases. They get into an escalating poison war with them, to the point that anything on the planet being fought over metls into slag. after the death guard abandoned the planet, the hive fleet sent a ship down to eat it, and then instantly destroyed the ship based on how toxic it was.

It seems like a MAD thing with nurgle.

>> No.56226530

>someone's poorly made DnD character?
That's half the characters in 40k though.

>> No.56226549

>after the death guard abandoned the planet
They didn't abandon it, they all died. The Tyranids abandoned it.

>> No.56226550

See >>56226364. Basically every race with the exception of Eldar and Humans is extremely good against Chaos. For being "The Ultimate Enemy" it sure get countered by a lot of things.

>> No.56226566

>death guard abandoned the planet
No they didn’t, they melted along with the Tyranids due to the mix of toxins in the air. Which is a far worse showing for the nurglites Tyranids have been wiped out by diseases and chemnweapons before, whole the DG codex straight up states they are flat out immune to any poisons or diseases. yet the Tyranids were able to create something that, when mixed with the shit they’re supposed to be immune to, turned them into soup

>> No.56226579

Fear to tread from HH series, but Primarchs and the Emperor are written to be mostly unrelatable on purpose.

>> No.56226585

Both necrons and orks have been thoroughly abused by chaos in 8th edition fluff, especially in the DG codex.

>> No.56226597

To be honest DG suffer a lot of the effects of toxin and diseases, they simply aren't killed or impaired by it.

So on that planet there could be a DG contingent made of sludge but still conscious and "alive"

>> No.56226604

No they are completely wiped out.

>> No.56226609

Synapse should be a re-roll.

>> No.56226618

Rate my beep boop squad. What would you take to counter it?

>> No.56226623

He is mopey and has filthy mutant wings. He's basically X-Men's Archangel.

>> No.56226627


>> No.56226630

>Codex have wins for its factions in it.
Color me surprised.

>> No.56226641

The same could be said for nids seeing as they are top jobers,

>> No.56226644

fuck off. Not every faction needs to be the same. Your attitude and beliefs would result in every faction having everything unique about them sanded down, one nerf at a time, until everything was exactly the same.

>> No.56226648

It would be a surprise if you play nids.

>> No.56226652

>top jobbers
>almost every time their Hive Fleets have been stopped it required a greater sacrifice of resources from more races than pretty much any other faction in 40k ever needs to be defeated

>> No.56226658

You just wait for the FAQ, commissars got nerfed for a reason and I expect nids to follow.

No faction should just have blanket immunity to a core game mechanic.

>> No.56226669


>> No.56226676

>commissars got nerfed for a reason
Yeah, that reason being conscripts were OP and kept topping tournaments repeatedly.

How many tournaments have tyranids won?

Even top tabled? Top 4'd?

It's not changing. Literally never ever.

>> No.56226679

Underrated post

>> No.56226685

>what would you take to counter it
Pic related.

>> No.56226689

if GW does that, I'm out until 9th.

>> No.56226691

>Even top tabled? Top 4'd?

They have a top 4 GT.

>> No.56226699

Maybe if enough Chaosbabbies whine about it, that might happen.

>> No.56226711

>nid codex comes out
>start seeing nids top tourneys
>FAQ nerfs then to hell after a month
It will be like poetry.

>> No.56226714

Orks have been resistant to Chaos since before Ultramarines were a first founding chapter. GW forgetting about Khornate Stormboyz only emphasized that.

>> No.56226726

They won't, lol. The commissar change was because IG was horrendously OP in the INDEX before even getting their Codex buffs, and it would have been included in the Codex except the thing was already printed months ago before they realized the balance issue.

Notice how synapse got BETTER in the Codex? Because it was noted as a balance issue that it was too weak. Nids didn't suddenly start crushing tourneys with index rules since that time. It's not getting FAQ'd in a million years.

If anything, expect them to get still more buffs in Chapter Approved, several creatures are still overcosted in terms of points.

>> No.56226734

He was supposed to be a mythic figure of ancient legend, not a character. The HH series was a mistake.

>> No.56226738

You can expect that to change after this codex and very swiftly. Reading this codex and not expecting it to be nerfed in upcoming FAQ is wishful thinking at best.

>> No.56226743

Considering they're at best only the 3rd best Codex so far, it's not gonna happen.

>> No.56226751

That's carnac anon, he have already been cucked into despair thanks to Tyranids might

>> No.56226759

Why the uncreator gauntlet? Also why Lucius? If you teleport the bots in you can't change their protocols for a turn.

>> No.56226760

At most they'll give a slight increase in points to Flying Hive Tyrants to make up for gaining Deep Strike, and maybe add a cost to Acid Maw on stealers. There's nothing in the book remotely OP enough compared to Guard or Eldar to justify any hard nerfs. It's middling level at best.

>> No.56226764

>only 3rd best faction in the game

Do you even hear yourself

>> No.56226768

>even after all of this, it did very little to dent the Tyranid numbers and more hive fleets showed up immediately after

>> No.56226771

AP -1 becomes AP 0. Uncreator gauntlet in case a vehicle gets too close. Probably best to swap out for the repair buff relic.

>> No.56226772

spoilers from the nid FAQ that GW is testing out after massive community outrage

Synapse: Extended to 24 inches, but no longer blanket morale immunity. Instead whenever a unit fails a morale test within synapse, you lose a model and reroll it. must be repeated until you pass.

Instinctive Behavior: bringing back the old instinctive behavior roll tables, since a lot of nid players complained that they were missing, and that the new instinctive behavior was too good.

>> No.56226780

Rumours are already that some of the big bugs get more buffs in CA, because the playtesters were talking about how they got "vastly improved" and nothing in the Codex changed, so it's possible the playtesters are thinking of changes implemented in a different future release (since they're way ahead of us in terms of rules they probably don't know which buffs are coming out when, they've already been playing with them for months).

>> No.56226782

>Maybe if enough Chaosbabbies whine about it, that might happen.
Chaos babies always whine though, might as well assume they'll get surely nerfed

>> No.56226783

>Synapse: Extended to 24 inches, but no longer blanket morale immunity. Instead whenever a unit fails a morale test within synapse, you lose a model and reroll it. must be repeated until you pass.

Enemy keks inbound.

>> No.56226793

There is no point arguing about relative power level until we see tournament results with the codex tyranids, but I disagree wit what you're saying. If someone went and minmaxed a list with all of the new options it would be extremely powerful to the point of being problematic for a large number of armies.

>> No.56226795

I can't wait for the nid FAQ to come out and buff 5 different things for all the salt from these horrendous faggots.

>> No.56226806

>middling at best
>a carnifex that can put out 96 wounds for ~110 points and 3/4CP is middling

>> No.56226807

>If someone went and minmaxed a list with all of the new options it would be extremely powerful to the point of being problematic for a large number of armies.
Pretty much only Hive Tyrant spam is an issue here. Everything else that got buffed just got better at the job it already did well, or went from being unplayable bad to casually playable. Nothing had a critical weakness removed that will suddenly set it loose on a hapless meta.

>> No.56226811

>eldar codex mostly leaks
>guard players whine about how OP eldar are now, demand nerfs in a FAQ
>tyranid codex mostly leaks
>guard players whine about how OP tyranids are now, demand nerfs in a FAQ
Are guard players going to do this for every single codex that comes after theirs?

>> No.56226813

Literally not possible, maybe read the actual new rules before spouting bullshit.

>> No.56226818

Or worst
>Guard FAQ 1.2
>Remove the commissars nerf and let the age of mass infantry begins

>> No.56226822

People whined about guard rightly being OP and got them nerfed so now guard and just going to do the same for every one else because they're upset.

>> No.56226825

So is the MEGA with Al the novels been updated?
Im looking for the new farsight novel.
Also just finished red tithe, was fucking awesome

>> No.56226834

GW is not just going to revert a nerf completely like that.

I wouldn't be surprised if Commissars get a slight buff to make up for it though, like making the execution optional. But I doubt GW will bother.

>> No.56226835

Who is the most hard hit faction so far in 8th edition and why is it TSons?

>> No.56226836

The AP -1 becoming AP -0 isn't really that great, not terrible but not great. The Skitarii will still get spammed down with enough shots and the bots have their invlun already plus a high enough toughness that most ap-1 weapons aren't that threatening plus you can generally just repair any damage, espeically with the repair relic and the necromechanic trait. Stygies -1 to hit is a lot better. The main reason for taking Lucius is the deepstrike Stratagem.

The extra mortal wound from the UCG isn't really that great considering the datasmith already has a powerfist and vehicles generally have quite a few wounds.

>> No.56226837

Depends on why kind of DA force you want, I doubt Primaris will become mandatory any time soon if for no other reason than that the Primaris rules aren't particularly compelling at the moment

>> No.56226844

Except Guard are just being salty faggots because no one else is as OP as they were and the playtesters know it.

>> No.56226846

>the absolute state of the new Tyranids SC!

>> No.56226855

Considering that barely anyone plays Chaos except tournament players that don't complain but just jump ship on to the most broken thing, it will be butthurt IG players that are still sore about their """undeserved nerfs"""" that will cry to GW.

>> No.56226860


I face a lot of AP-1 (deathspitters, rending claws, venom cannons) so it seemed quite nice.

Stygies will become very important against the new shooty nid armies.

>> No.56226863

>Pretty much only Hive Tyrant spam is an issue here

We 7E now

>> No.56226865

So what these releases has shown us is that:

>IG and Tyranid players are faggots
>Eldar, surprisingly enough, are not

Really makes you think.

>> No.56226867

So Leman Russ tanks can shoot their turrets twice per turn? That seems really broken.

>> No.56226876

Has the Duncan hype gone too far? He now is pretty much *the* face of GW PR with his painting videos, yet he could not keep up with demand (like painting mortarion vid) and wants more money for each vid.
To compensate GW had to release fewer models at once. CSM, Guard, Eldar, all had no new models. Why? Because Duncan could not be bothered to paint more. Thanks Duncan.

>> No.56226878

>Stygies will become very important against the new shooty nid armies.
Until you get played and the opponent shows up with an all-melee force that ignores your dogma completely and just eats you.

>> No.56226884

It's not that bad on most Russ variants. Most of their cannons were dogshit before.

>> No.56226887

I´m just salty about platoons being removed. Nothing more.

>> No.56226893

>new GW lore after 2nd edition

>> No.56226899

I'm still a fan of Graia personally. But then again I usually run like 40-50 skitarii in a match so refusal to yield actually comes in to play on occasion. Also the warlord trait is fun when you get a chance to use it.

>> No.56226900

No, it shows that
>Guard players are faggots
>People who hate Tyranids and try to act like their first decent codex in forever is somehow OP just because they're used to Tyranids sucking, are faggots
>Eldar have learned how to be smart and lowkey about their power level after being refused games for so many editions, also without Forge World they're really not that broken right now, just really good
>Marine players are the biggest faggots of all, except BA who will probably kill themselves when they get another bad codex

>> No.56226907

>>Marine players are the biggest faggots of all

Don't even know how you got that other than

>the faggots who constantly whine about marines for no reason, at any chance possible are the hugest faggots of all

>> No.56226909

>spamming malefic lords
>not even a codex unit
>playing chaos

chaos marines are as fucked as in the last editions.

>> No.56226910 [SPOILER] 

>muh SJW vaginas infiltrating my hobby

>> No.56226912

Graia feels good because you get back your old FnP from 7th, but better.

AdMechs biggest issue right now is they need more special characters who aren't Cawl so you aren't automatically pidgeonholed into playing Mars or Stygies. A Graia Lachrymallus (did I spell that shit right?) who gives bonuses to Troops would be god-tier.

>> No.56226920

>except BA who will probably kill themselves when they get another bad codex

>> No.56226924

>Synapse: Extended to 24 inches, but no longer blanket morale immunity. Instead whenever a unit fails a morale test within synapse, you lose a model and reroll it. must be repeated until you pass.
If I can kill 15 models in a turn then I dont care how many time they reroll. They all fucked.

>> No.56226935

If you chaos fags want to shitpost nids just post that shit about how some khornefag Baal ended. You can shitpost Blood Angels at the same time.

>> No.56226936

I'd infiltrate that vagina ifyouknowwhatimean

>> No.56226940

Because 90% of the whining the past couple weeks about all the new codexes are about how its unfair Eldar and Nids and Guard can do this and that when "Tac Marines suck" and "Vindicators are just trash now compared to Russes" and "Bolters are literally the worst gun in the game" and "how come I don't get Raven Guard tactics on Stormravens" and "what the fuck do you mean Swarmlord can be Guilliman that should be impossibru!!1!" and "why do you get immunity to morale I LITERALLY don't even have ATSKNF anymore" and on and on and on.

>> No.56226947

We have a lot of fluffy traits and shit but no reason to use most of it because there's just objectively better choices.

For instance I've kept dunecrawlers alive for several turns even with them getting down to 2 wounds every turn with the Autocaduceus + tech adept. Most other relics can't even hope to be that useful.

>> No.56226954

Yeah it really is baffling that when thinking about current Chaos army lists it is all:
>malefic lords and other R&H FW stuff
>tzeentch demons
>supplement codex Primarchs
>maybe 1 or 2 actual CSM units that are usually just cult troops and not true CSM squads

>> No.56226959

Do guardsmen play Mutant Chronicles in their spare time`?

>> No.56226960


>> No.56226965

Yeah it's a damn shame.

>> No.56226974

GSCB is not an SJW....

>> No.56226980

*wink wink nudge nudge*

>> No.56226983

Fun fact: After 8th came out facebook trading groups were flooded with Marine armies consisting of three droppods, grav centurions and Librarians. It was ridiculous.

>> No.56226988

I'm sorry anon - it would seem that you are not a retarded /pol/hack.

>> No.56227007

Fucking lol

I'm so glad all those grav-spamming faggots and scatbike faggots and riptide faggots got what was coming to them when the indexes dropped, it was a glorious day.

>> No.56227020

>always playing only the last new meta because you are such a disgusting WAACfag
Why would you even do that ?!

>> No.56227021

Has she been around since all the genestealer buffs got leaked?

I want to see her leak over them if you know what I mean.

>> No.56227025

Your complaint would hold a lot more substance if you didn't post it in a thread filled with none of that stuff and a whole bunch of that other "10%".

>> No.56227031


>> No.56227033

and it should cost you a model, right?

>> No.56227042

You're right, but the people who have been around in the threads know what I'm talking about, or they're marinefags in denial.

And I'm not even denying Marines outside of UltraGuilliman lists need some buffs, but the saltiness has been just absolutely beyond reason.

>> No.56227045

And Chaos demon units should simply go "pouf" when you roll 4+.

>> No.56227065

That would be a lot fluffier than synapse being a re-roll desu.

>> No.56227091

Our Codex will be great.

>> No.56227098

Chaos units in general should have randomly determined stats. d3, d6, or 2d6, depending on how good the stat should be. Roll when the stat needs to be determined and remember it for the rest of the game. Model by model basis.

If you ever roll a 3 or a 6 on any of the die though, the model takes d3 mortal wounds. Which count for the same rule, so the dice explodes.

That would be fluffy.

>> No.56227108

Generally speaking 3rd and 4th were both inoffensive. Many of the good BL novels were written during 3rd and 4th barely did anything at all, except for starting the Horus Heresy. But back then everyone still thought it would be a 10-something book series and was hyped because the first three books weren't terrible.

>> No.56227112


Hey I'd be happy if they just put out a plastic Warboss with a power klaw. Right now we're on track to lose that in the Ork codex going by the Autarch example. Unless the Battle for Vedros warboss counts.

>> No.56227121

what can you do to counter a deathball clump of enemies?

>> No.56227125

3rd and 4th were probably the best age of fluff overall, with 2nd just behind that.

5th was where it all went horribly wrong and quality dropped like a brick shithouse over a sinkhole.

>> No.56227129

You're going to have to be way more specific anon. What kind of enemies and what army are you playing?

>> No.56227130

1. convince everyone in your store that deathballs are poor sportsmanship so that most won't do it.

2. complain enough across multiple forums to meme antideathball sentiment into existence and get GW to change the rules to discourage it.

>> No.56227133

Space Marines without a primarch propping them up will, by definition, not be great in this edition.
Unless they do some dumb shit like heaping on incredible special rules, better stats and better weapons while dropping points costs. But that's reserved for Space Wolves and everyone knows it. So fucking pray that you are far enough out for a big-ass plastic kit to be released.

>> No.56227138

>far enough out
>codex is next month at the latest

>> No.56227140

I'm playing eldar and i'm playing against an imperial player that has his entire army touching butts together.

I got lucky and got one of his tanks out in the open and he conceded after that.
but now I'm worried hes going to hunker down SUPER hard now.

>> No.56227146


They weren't bad except for Grey knights for the most part the thing that irks me is from 3rd ed all lore became subjective rather than just the flavor text.

>> No.56227147

Named characters should have just fucking cost CP to take if they prop up an army so that at least you wouldn't have to feel like a complete fucking retarded for not bringing Guilliman or Cawl to every fight in the ass end of nowhere.

>> No.56227154

>Space Marines without a primarch propping them up
>Blood Angels
oh anon

>> No.56227155

Haven't played since 3rd ed with nids.

A-are tyranids good again?

>> No.56227157

Do we know that? In that case you are fucked.

>> No.56227158

Do the same, but with dark reaper or warp spiders in ynnari list.
or figure out a better plan on your own you pathetic fag

>> No.56227160

I just had a hilarious game with my admech.

My dominus managed to kill two tyranid warriors in close combat, shoot another, and finish off a broodlord with his volkite blaster.

>> No.56227161


>> No.56227170

Apparently yes

>> No.56227181

Grey Knights in 3rd were pretty cool though. Specialized seekrit psyker marines that fight demons was a cool idea and their rules reflected it. They were ludicriously fucking expensive, even compared to the overpriced regular Marines. They also did cool shit like giving your opponent free points for Demons, cementing their status as the absolute bottom of the barrel.
You could be sure that any Grey Knights player from 3rd/4th edition was an absolute bro with a fully painted army. They played an utter shit tier army knowingly and didn't complain about it, they just wanted to field halberd wielding space knights.
Then 5th Edition basically gassed them all...
I miss you, GKbros

>> No.56227191

we're more adaptable and swarmy's basically become guilliman

>> No.56227195


>> No.56227196

My god the Imperialfags and anti-Abaddonfags are pure cancer that I hope die violent deaths.

They really think that the Imperium is stronger than it was before the Great Rift despite half of it being isolated by the Rift and it losing tons of territory to Chaos and xenos who are carving the Imperium into their own empires. Girlyman's Crusade and Primaris is just said to have bought some time, the End Times are still underway and there is little that Girlyman can do to prevent it.

Abaddon has won 110 years ago. The Great Rift will have the galaxy and there is nothing you guys can do about it!

>> No.56227203

>Release next month
>And a double relase at that
Good lord, you are fucked. But what's even funnier is that DA will still be lackluster even when they are released after Vanilla. They just can't escape the touch of Jervis.

As if that'd stop GW. They'd resurrect Sangy in a heartbeat and you know it.

>> No.56227206

Death Korps, best Korps.

>> No.56227210

I actually did use dark reapers to break his army apart, but I was wondering if there was any really good way to punish deathballing. Especially now that stuff like templates are gone

>> No.56227211

The nids are literally sealing the Rift right now. They have a new fleet adapted specifically to buttfucking Chaos and it's eating worlds in the Rift that are the sources of psychic emanations which keep it open.

>> No.56227212

Why is there a vocal group of people that suddenly hates my nids? where is this coming from? I have never had a problem before.

Also, should I pull the trigger for the gaming collection? is it good value?

>> No.56227217


>> No.56227221

I mean, you don't really need to punish it, it kind of punishes itself. Having everything packed together in a ball is just bad.

>> No.56227222

8th edition Codex Tyranids; Review
>no new models
<nothing really changed
>some points values gone down, lots have gone up

So basically you're going to have tons of options but very few points to spend on them.

>> No.56227224

I meant the collector's gaming

>> No.56227227

Thing is anyone with a biased opinion towards his own faction is pure cancer.
I fucking love Chaos Undivided and Abaddon, but it is pointless shitting on everyone with a differing, subjective opinion when it is all a matter of taste and perspective.

>> No.56227233

Nobody got new models outside of the starter set armies you retard.

>> No.56227238

>Be Hivemind
>Some retard finally goes and does it and breaks reality apart
>Guess I have to save the galaxy before I can eat the galaxy
>Get off my lazy ass and adapt to the Warp because it wasn't necessary before
>Lol just cover it in gaunts or something idk

>> No.56227243

Don't be a dumbass. Khornate and Nurglite Orks appear in recent fluff.

Basically, from what I read, this Hive Fleet just "adapted" to fighting daemons by shooting them from afar and dialing up the Shadow in the Warp by focusing it in areas where daemons are concentrated. You call that adaptation? I don't think so.

Daemons can bring in their hellcannons or allied mortals for the range. As for the Shadow in the Warp it can be countered with the rage of allied mortals and the Warp Rifts.
>Tau are somewhat immune to the effects of chaos

Resistant because they suppress their emotions. They are not immune.

>Necrons are somewhat immune to the effects of chaos and ctan shards are almost completely immune to chaos

Nothing is immune to Chaos.

>> No.56227244

BL are cool, but the low strength can limit its AV capabilities. Really comes down to if you expect to face 7t units with them very often

>> No.56227252

It's exactly the same price as buying both separately. Just get it if you want them.

>> No.56227253

>As if that'd stop GW. They'd resurrect Sangy in a heartbeat and you know it.
that's what I was implying

>> No.56227256

>yfw this is literally what they're doing and it's working
>daemons attack nids
>lol just shoot them
>literally just waves upon waves upon waves of shooty gaunts and warriors hosing down endless streams of daemons with barely any casualties while the shadow in the warp makes the daemon psykers implode
>leafblower like this across the whole planet until daemons give up and go home
>eat planet and move on
>rift starts shrinking bit by bit

>> No.56227266

>Resistant because they suppress their emotions
No they fucking do not. They have weak, small souls so are much harder to detect in the warp and are much less tempting to daemons. Not that it doesn't happen, of course.

>> No.56227272

>The nids are literally sealing the Rift right now

Source this or GTFO. The Tyranids from what I read are staying on the edge of Rift.

>it's eating worlds in the Rift that are the sources of psychic emanations which keep it open.


Motherfucker, there is nothing subjective about what I said. The Imperium is at its lowest point since a long time. Claiming that it's stronger now than before the Great Rift is stupidity that Imperial players are known for.

>> No.56227273

how so exactly?

I haven't played much, and I've seen people turtle a ton to counter basically everything. Do I just back off and cut off his long range shit?

>> No.56227275

>Expecting Carnac to know the fluff
Don't argue with Carnac. Do not give Carnac your (You)s. Learn to identify Carnac posts and just mentally block them.

>> No.56227298

Dude, don't try argue fluff with you. You suck at it.

The Daemon Lord in "Fire Warrior" said that, more than their lack of psychic abilities, the Tau suppression of their emotions is what makes them from Chaos.

Kais's self hatred and angst over his father is what made him shine like a beacon for the Daemon Lord among the thousands of Tau. It is what opened him for corruption.

>> No.56227302

>Source this or GTFO. The Tyranids from what I read are staying on the edge of Rift.
Nope, Kronos is moving IN the Rift, actively targeting the areas with the most Warp activity that are threatening to expand, and removing the corruption quote "like a maggot eating the corruption from an infected wound". They're literally devouring daemon worlds.

>> No.56227306

I just saw, shit that happens when you wake up, cheers m8

>> No.56227308

>teenage angst made daemons flock to him


>> No.56227311



This is what I expect from cancerous scum like you. You are failures at the fluff and attempt to drag the whole conversation at your casual level.

The gall you have to pretend to be knowledgeable about the fluff when you are but a /v/ casual. You are disgusting!

>> No.56227315

The Imperium is supposed to be at the lowest point, but it gets saved by Deus Ex Machina as always so it doesn't really matter. The status quo must continue or the setting and GWs profits will be dismantled.

>> No.56227316

>When the Tyranid hive fleets clash with the Daemons of Chaos, neither race is granted succour. The inconstant warp-stuff from which Daemons are made others the Tyranids no sustenance, while the unknowable entity of the Hive Mind is immune to terror and daemonic corruption. Thus, these two super predators instead battle for the right to consume or despoil the galaxy’s vast stocks of mortal fesh, tearing each other apart in a frenzy of unsurpassed slaughter from which only one can emerge victorious.

From new codex about daemon vs nid fight

>> No.56227317

I just ordered pic related from FW.
I am now a poor man, and yet a happy man.

>> No.56227322

>Hive tyrant is made to order
>dispatch with 35! days
Fucks sake

>> No.56227324

Hides them from*

Don't say "nope" and fail to deliver a source. I am prepared to source everything I say. Why can't you do the same. Forward the conversation.

>> No.56227335

You get what you deserve, bandwagoning faggot.

>> No.56227338

The new Tyranid Codex. You'll see when the scans go up soon.

>> No.56227339

congrats you just wasted a fuck load of money on something which you could have gotten for much cheaper off a chinese caster and the chances are it would have been better than FW

>> No.56227345


>> No.56227346

Now only three or four more of these and you have an army!

>> No.56227350

>others the Tyranids no sustenance

I highly doubt that a codex will have this typo.

>> No.56227356

lol, WRONG

Space marines got primaris
Grey knight got masters in dreadknights
Guard got ogryn bodyguards
Nids got nothing

get fucked.

>> No.56227357

>Using fucking Fire Warrior
>As your source of fluff

>> No.56227360

fukc it's

>> No.56227363

Nids got Screamer-killers and Thornbacks, in that case.

>> No.56227367

The rest of the army is going to be tanks, artillery, and cavalry. Maybe just one or two more infantry squads.

>> No.56227368

The novel, not the vidya game.

>> No.56227374

I want my nigga telemon but we all know that only FW is allowed to make the cool big models

>> No.56227377

It's still fucking awful, Anon. What next, a C.S Goto book?

>> No.56227382

>using BL as a source
BL isn't canon Anon

>> No.56227391

>Using only 50 guardsmen
>In 8th Edition
Anon, I...

>> No.56227392

It's canon.

No, it's not. It's voted as one of the best novels out of BL once.

But out of curiosity, what part of it you didn't like?

>> No.56227395

>muh headcanon is better and matter more than GW-approved lore
How can you fucks be so biased, delusional and retarded?

>> No.56227397

>Space marines got primaris
>"outside of the starter set armies"
Good job being retarded and unable to read.

>Grey knight got masters in dreadknights
>Guard got ogryn bodyguards
These aren't new models you stupid fuck, they're new units made with existing models, of which tyranids also got not one but three.

>> No.56227398

>When the Tyranid hive fleets clash with the Daemons of Chaos, neither race is granted succour. The inconstant warp-stuff from which Daemons are made offers the Tyranids no sustenance, while the unknowable entity of the Hive Mind is immune to terror and daemonic corruption. Thus, these two super-predators instead battle for the right to consume or despoil the galaxy’s vast stocks of mortal flesh, tearing each other apart in a frenzy of unsurpassed slaughter from which only one can emerge victorious.

Nids vs Daemons
Like many threads ago I said, nids vs daemons is no gain battle.

>> No.56227411

Every single thread has people complaining about the lore to this series like the minutia matter at all. It is sad really. Every single good thing your faction does is just to make them more enticing as a product, and every single time one of your big guys is jobbing for another faction it is because that will improve that faction's status as a product.

>> No.56227414

That's a fine number for 1500 pts games.

>> No.56227419

>Daemons utterly wreck Tyranids in melee
>picture has Tyranids engaging Daemons in melee

Adapted you said.

>> No.56227435

>>Daemons utterly wreck Tyranids in melee
They don't. They just lose even harder at range because they have no range.

Also are you retarded the big front and center eye-grabbing piece of that art is a Warrior blasting a Bloodletter straight back to hell with his big dick chief gun while FMCs rain firepower down on a Bloodthirster.

>> No.56227437

I actually enjoyed it. A hell of allot better then /tg/ claimed it was. Only weird part was the end with a greater daemon switching pantheons at will.

>> No.56227440

enjoy paying for resin conscripts

>> No.56227441

Oh yeah, I forgot about them.

>> No.56227447

>not already a few hundred cadians built or otherwise
I don't even play IG and I somehow have Cadians on my desk

>> No.56227455

Also Neurothropes became a separate unit instead of a squad sergeant for Zoeys.

>> No.56227456

hi guys any news on chaos vehicles getting restocked?

>> No.56227464

It's okay, the nids have more mass than the galaxy. They can win a war of attrition.

>> No.56227467

demons look fun

>> No.56227471

>They don't. They just lose even harder at range because they have no range.

We read Shadowbrink. The melee between daemons and Tyranids ended with the Tyranids being curbstomped. So the Nids switched to ranged instead.

This is what this new Hive Fleet is doing.

>> No.56227473

>This ongoing corruption of the galaxy spells potential disaster for the Hive Mind. Tyranid hive fleets require vast stockpiles of organic matter to power their galactic assaults. The mutable, inconstant stuff of Chaos provides none of this vital sustenance. With every passing season, more planets and systems are swallowed up by the roiling tide of empyric madness, denying the Tyranids the precious biomass that sustains them.

Nids cannot into eating chaos

>> No.56227474

Basically this, but it can be summed up as "faction-specific propaganda".

>> No.56227483

They don't even need that, they're winning because every time they drive back the Daemons and claim a world they devour everything on it that the Daemons wanted to corrupt, and Chaos loses a foothold in the Materium and the Rift shrinks, while Nids grow stronger.

Keep reading lol. Kronos was the response to that and it's working.

>> No.56227487

no, as anon here >>56227146 said
> 3rd ed all lore became subjective rather than just the flavor text

>> No.56227490

this thread is proof that the lore of 40k should never ever change and everything should be kept exactly the same with new fluff just recycling old fluff and changing nothing

>> No.56227491

>conscripts were op on purpose to get rid of stockpiles of old cadians
>loyal IG boys rewarded with new models after the waacfags empty the shelves of the old ones

>> No.56227493

>Every weapon and projectile used by the hive fleets is a living organism, grown from the reconstituted biomatter of previous invasions. The Tyranids have no form of mechanical technology and, instead, harness an advanced form of biotechnology to create organic equivalents of the tools, weaponry and ammunition used by other races. These creatures live in a highly symbiotic fashion, fusing into each other’s flesh so that it is often impossible to say where one Tyranid creature ends, and another begins. In this way, Tyranid warrior-beasts wield living weapons that are literally extensions of their own bodies, each one a killing machine, perfectly adapted to slaughter its victims.

I remember someone argued that nids can throw away their weapon, they can't.

>> No.56227501

>I remember someone argued that nids can throw away their weapon, they can't.
Yeah I don't know why that guy was being such a faggot when he had like 4 different nid players telling him otherwise lol

>> No.56227502

Still a good picture though.

>> No.56227506

Nah, some shitty fanart.

>> No.56227508

where are you getting this from?

>> No.56227511

Nope, as someone who read 3rd ED lore, I disagree.

How about you post it?

>> No.56227520

8th edition codex :).

>> No.56227536

New Nid Organisms, boooois

>> No.56227542

Post great Ork characters.

Hard mode:
no Ghazghkull
no Beast
no Tuska
no Gorgutz
no Bluddflagg/any of his crew

>> No.56227543

none in the leaks though. I feel like that would have been mentioned.

>> No.56227546

Old Zogwort!

>> No.56227549

Gork. Mork is a fag.

>> No.56227551

He's talking about fluff you idiot.

The models won't come til next year when model updates start rolling out for everyone.

>> No.56227553

Anon, can you post anything about Bangels and tyranids from new codex?

>> No.56227555

No new models until next year. Then plastic guard regiments, new nids, Blight Hauler, etc.

>> No.56227559

Blight Hauler will be out sooner than that, they're just having production issues right now.

>> No.56227571

Old Zogwort

>> No.56227574

No. The Necrons have reduced their numbers. All that remains is one final push to end the Tyranid race. See below.

>Long have we known of the Devourer. While the majority of the necron race slept away the aeons, his great majesty Szarekh, the Silent King, journeyed far and wide beyond the borders of this galaxy. Such unspeakable things did he witness as cannot be adequately articulated in our noble language, nor any other.

>The most dire of all these extragalactic enemies were the tyranids.

>For countless cycles he has sought to repel this threat. In his wisdom he has observed them, studied them and committed them to oblivion in all but the final, decisive deed. He has brought them to battle on a hundred worlds, ravaged their slumbering fleets out in the cold, measureless void, and even united the more fractious, warring dynasties so that our mutual interests might be protected.

-(Word of the Silent King)

>> No.56227584

Sounds like he hasn't done anything yet.

>> No.56227586

>can't read: the post

>> No.56227593

This literally says Tyranids are the greatest threat to the galaxy and the Silent King is doing everything he can to stop them, and yet more keep on showing up.

>> No.56227596

>He has brought them to battle on a hundred worlds, ravaged their slumbering fleets out in the cold, measureless void
>For countless cycles he has sought to repel this threat. In his wisdom he has observed them, studied them and committed them to oblivion in all but the final, decisive deed.

The Necrons culled the Tyranids before they even entered the galaxy. It's over they are finished. They don't have the numbers anymore.

>> No.56227599

I belive "new organisms" will be maleceptor and other new from Shield of Baal, because they were not present in previous codex.
Also what's better to fight daemoms than psy-carnifex?

>> No.56227604

Greatest extragalactic threat, not the greatest overall threat.

>> No.56227606

That's literally not what this says at all lmao

The "committed them to oblivion" thing is their whole poetic way of talking about how they're swearing to defeat this enemy, it doesn't mean they've come close to actually doing it.

A hundred battles is nothing to the Tyranids and clearly "ravaging their slumbering fleets" hasn't done much considering they keep having more and more arrive in fluff that takes place long after this.

>> No.56227621

What Hive Fleet fits thematically for a Psyker heavy list? Kronos?

>> No.56227623

Could it be that maybe the threat level depends on whoever is assessing the threat? As in, the Tyranids might not be that much of a threat to Necrons/Chaos, but be a the greatest threat to others?

>> No.56227624

Yes, but really any of them could work. Leviathan would be pretty strong with a Psyker focus.

>> No.56227626


>> No.56227627

Basically all of them, but Kronos also have rules buffing psykers.

>> No.56227632

Thinking more about it I definitely would suggest Leviathan, Kronos is more like the anti-psyker fleet.

>> No.56227641

They have rules that punish enemy psykers, but none that help your own.

Leviathan makes all your Psykers, and everything around them, get a 6+++ aura, which is also defense against Perils.

>> No.56227643

They wont relese new models so soon after relesing a codex you retard, they'd have to give them a second new codex for that.

>> No.56227646

>like a maggot eating the corruption from an infected wound"
You could say: time is on our side

>> No.56227648

>Our cold bodies hold little interest for the Devourer. At best, they might be drawn to the more physical power sources utilised by our technologies, or defend themselves when we strike them. But fodder for their living ships, we are not.

>The hive worlds of the humans shine like beacons in comparison. The tyranids are drawn to such banquets with a singular, predatory hunger.

You said that Tyranids eat metal, then how come they don't give a damn about the stockpiles of Necron metal in front of them?

>> No.56227669

>Szarekh would have it known by every phaeron of every dynasty, that he is a just and noble ruler. Before the Great Sleep, he realised his failings and vowed to atone for them. He is humble enough to learn from his own mistakes. The necrons will rise once more, and he will lead us into a new and glorious age as the preeminent masters of creation. Not because it is his right, but a privilege that he would first re-earn.

>Yet, his benevolence has its limits.

>It is not to say that he harbours the humans any particular malice. Simply, their supposed destiny is incompatible with our own. Perhaps if they had ascended more powerfully in an earlier epoch, then they might have claimed this galaxy out from beneath the slumbering dynasties while the Silent King still dwelt in self-imposed exile.

>And perhaps not. Their propensity for self-destruction is… troubling.

>The tyranids are anathema to all life, and life is what the necrons require for supreme domination. So too, then, is the primal destiny of the Devourer incompatible with our own.

>The humans create.
>The necrons maintain.
>The tyranids consume.

>There can be no lasting symmetry in that triumvirate. One must fall. The great Szarekh has decreed that it shall be the tyranids, and none can refute the word of the Silent King.

It's over. The Tyranids are sentenced to death. So decrees the last of the Silent Kings.

>> No.56227672

Nope. Stop thinking in the old model.

>> No.56227673

What armies are you guys planning on running today? I am doing a nurgle demon themed army with a DG detachment for stratagems.

>> No.56227677

because they're also interested in genetic codes and organic material.

>> No.56227688


>> No.56227689

I'm going to go lay down in bed because I feel tired and sick /40kg/, don't do anything silly while I'm gone okay? Stay safe and don't go crazy.

>> No.56227690

>The Tyranids are sentenced to death. So decrees the last of the Silent Kings.
saying you want to kill them and actually killing them are two different things.

>> No.56227696

>It's over.
For the crons for getting in the Tyranids way, lol.

>> No.56227700

>life is what the necrons require for supreme domination

Fucking BL Necrons goal is to wipe out life.

>> No.56227705

That's not how 8th edition is going to work, anon. Once all the Codexes are out they're just going to start releasing models for everybody in a constant steady stream little bits at a time. The new rules will be in the box or in campaign supplements.

>> No.56227708

What the fuck happened to Necrons?

>> No.56227714

>Can't beat Admech in a war of attrition, think they can beat the Necrons


>> No.56227720

Don't mind if I do!

>> No.56227729

That hasn't been true since newcrons

>> No.56227730

living metal is partly organic though.

>> No.56227743

>a splinter fleet of just a few ships took one of the 7 major Forge Worlds of the galaxy months to defeat

>> No.56227747

pariahs squatted
we tomb kings/game of thrones in space now

>> No.56227750

It's true for my dynasty, wiping out all life is still the goal :^)

>> No.56227759

Calm down, you're getting Pariahs back.

>> No.56227767

based on what?

>> No.56227770

I don't even play Crons but man I hope they get Pariah's back, the setting feels a bit smaller without them and every one of the 7 super-factions, especially the two that have zero Psykers, should have some way to deal with Psykers.

>> No.56227785

Huge upswing in Warp activity and the return of Blanks in a major way with the Sisters of Silence. If Necrons are gonna get anything, it'll be Pariahs.

>> No.56227830

Well, Lucius is still completely fine and the fleet isn't there anymore. That's a loss in anyone's book and they didn't even use anything above the usual ground troops to do it judging from the "swarms of Servitors" thing.

>> No.56227842

Nah the neat thing about the new boxes is they include the datasheet for the unit so each new release is a discrete self contained product Agile like

>> No.56227894

Has anyone dealt with a great unclean one in this edition? I can't tell if he is tanky or squishy, and his point cost seems kind of high

>> No.56227946

>I can't tell if he is tanky or squishy, and his point cost seems kind of high
>Only T7 W12,
>Can be targeted from other side of the field,

>> No.56227949

[citation needed]

>> No.56227975

Yeah he runs my lgs xddddd

>> No.56228061

i think it's hilarious that tyranids have so triggered carnac that he's shilling for any faction he can think of that can beat them.

>> No.56228071

>implying everyone who don't like tyranids is carnac

>> No.56228078

30 year anniversary WD. It says that Necrons are neither organic or mechanical.

>> No.56228082

no, just the people who post exactly like carnac.

>> No.56228093

>muh boogeyman

>> No.56228094

Carnac used to play Necrons before Chaos. Seriously.

>> No.56228100

Honestly I -prefer- the idea of daemons, nids and Necrons being in a three way struggle with humans caught in the middle convinced they're hot shit.

Unfortunately that older, superior lore is incompatible with the Primarch Power Hour.

>> No.56228101

Other marine players finding tacticals are only good for grabbing objectives in this edition?

I'm finding 5 man squads with no upgrades, maybe heavy bolter if I have the extra points is the best configuration.

Chuck 'em in a razorback and literally just use them for maelstrom missions to grab objectives.

Anyone else found a good use for them? Double plasma is just a waste of points.

>> No.56228115

>not organic
>not mechanical
>but they're partly organic

>> No.56228116

I'm starting to think nidfags are even worse than carnac.
Carnac's autism at least was sometimes funny

>> No.56228119

>finding tacticals are only good for grabbing objectives in this edition?
Yes, this is exactly how it feels, but even then a squad of scouts is better and more flexible in a lot of situations.

>> No.56228122

Soon he'll be bringing up that one time the tau out adapted the tyranids, and posting his hyperbole.

What is it about bugs that so triggers him? Is it purely that they could beat chaos? Or is it something pathological, like a phobia of insects?

>> No.56228125

Thats why?

>> No.56228129

Here is why I think it is a toss up. You want to spawn him in unless they are coming straight at you, and he can heal d3 a turn. Plus most big guns would put anyone at 5++ because of their decent ap so he would be in line with any other big character in this regard (the FNP puts him a bit ahead).

>> No.56228133

you'll have a codex soon too sweetie.

>> No.56228136


I like tacticals because I always place my half of the objectives on the flanks and in cover so tacticals can hunker down in then with a 2+ save which is twice as good as the scouts' 3+ in cover.

>> No.56228146

This year I know.

>> No.56228151

wat would be more fun gameplay wise slaanesh demon army or dark eldar wych-cult army?

>> No.56228154

Fellow nidfags

here's point costs for tyranids (missing a few entrys)

>> No.56228168

don't know what will change come january but slaanesh demons seem pretty hard to get a win with atm. I don't play them specifically but I dabble in demons so take that with a grain of salt

>> No.56228175

dark eldar wych cult has transports and a chance to win, so that.

>no lictor change
Oh come on. Still very nice overall. Why did pyrovores go up in cost?

>> No.56228182

They increased base cost but lowered his weapon costs

>> No.56228202

looks like a decent set for 45 eurobucks for someone without a proper table to play on

>> No.56228203

oh, okay, overall a 4 point decrease. I wonder if they'll be worth using with all the deep strike options they have now.

>> No.56228207

Actually, this probably means GW is going to churn out characters that can match Primarchs for the other factions now. Eldar already have their own demigod. Ghazzghkull is set to become the next Beast, Necron have either the C'tan or the Silent King to coble into something deadly which leaves Nids and Tau.

And holy shit, the rage should GW give the Tau something Primarch equivalent is going to make these past few threads look like a hippy peace conference.

>> No.56228208

sadly there is only 1 option for them to DS via spore pods

>> No.56228211

its not the full 180x120 size.

>> No.56228216

You mean even bigger battlesuit?

>> No.56228218

That has never been true. Even oldcrons end goal was to enslave all life so that the C'tan could harvest souls ( or bioenergy or whatever you want) for the rest of eternity.

Hell, the reason they went to sleep in the first place in the old lore was because the enslaver plague was wiping planets clean and they hybernated in order to allow life to flourish again.

>> No.56228219

jormugandr can DS them with the stratagem, unless they lost the infantry tag.

>> No.56228224

ah nice catch!

>> No.56228228


Rules are on the unit data sheets

>> No.56228254

So for 124 points and a CP, you can DS a 3 pyrovore unit next to your tervigon or whatever. 10 inch range on the flamers (unless that changes) means they can instantly fire at the horde. They have a 3+ save thanks to jorm unless you're facing iron warriors (lol). it actually seems kind of good now.

>> No.56228262

Well, my three rat-ogres I was going to make kataphrons out of have arrived and I've popped them off their old bases. One's metal and will need some chopping and changing, but the rest should be OK once I've done a headswap and a little filing to turn the "fur" into tattered cloth or remove it entirely.

What would be a good head to use on a Rataphron? They're the same height if not quite as long as KatDs. One might have a nest of twisted cables leading to a lens of some kind, and for the others I was thinking I'd just use some spare Dominus heads, but they don't seem to fit servitors.

>> No.56228267

Why are 3 Venomthropes 93 points on Battlescribe? Shouldn't it be 75? 25 x 3 and weapons cost 0.

Was there na errata?

>> No.56228270

What is /40kg/s opinion on premade bases like pic related? Thinking about buying some for my Slaanesh army since i suck at handling greenstuff

>> No.56228276


Why would sky slashers be gone? They have a currently sold model.

>> No.56228278

Not bad, you can also use them to fill force org charts for cheap too

>> No.56228282

I don't like elaborate bases because I think they take away attention from the actual model.

>> No.56228286

I doubt you'll miss the few extra inches

>> No.56228288

So do we know what the thornback does yet.

>> No.56228289

They look pretty good, if you think they will fit your army theme and you are willing to pay for them why not?

>> No.56228290

updated the points costs with some of the leaks

The sky slashers are from FW

>> No.56228302

They remove cover saves

>> No.56228308

chance to deal mortal wounds to units in combat with it.

>> No.56228314

every inch matters

>> No.56228320

Aw, Cruddace, it’s not healthy for you to bring your fanfiction to the codex writers’ meetings.

And by “fanfiction,” I mean “fuckawful game design decisions.” You did really well with 8th, Robbo—let’s allow the real faction experts to do the job you couldn’t.

t. A better codex writer than you.

>> No.56228321

Was actually worried about this. Might get some more basic ones for regular troops and reserve the more fancy ones for HQ units.

>> No.56228344


>The sky slashers are from FW

So? Didn't have rules in the FW index.

Let's not pretend poor interdepartmental communication isn't a problem here.

>> No.56228346

>mawlocs still can't charge the turn they come onto the battlefield
>mawlocs still can't deep strike under people.

Kind of disappointed. This ability is so clunky to use as written.

>> No.56228349

FW models are getting the axe from codexs.

thats why shrikes are gone too, despite having a FW model awhile ago.

You can still take the index version, so its not a big deal.

>> No.56228359


Shrikes are OOP, that's different.

>> No.56228363

are you a britbong?

>> No.56228366


>> No.56228368

You mean you might have to make a tactical decision? Oh no.

>> No.56228379


>> No.56228390

Tyranids are not know for being good at any other tactic than spamming.

>> No.56228393

There's nothing tactical about it. I just won't use a mawloc.

>> No.56228398

I've got an autism issue
I'm one of those faggots who paint gloves in their Guardsmen as near fatigue colors. While finally doing my special weapons I realized a few of the hands on them are CLEARLY ungloved. So my question now is wether I eschew safety and have my plasma gunners without hand protection or have them also be faggots with only one gloved hand. Or plan C is go back and repaint every single Guardsmen to have bare hands....
Suck it up?

>> No.56228401

>i want my army to be basically a right click spam

sort yourself out lad

>> No.56228417

just ran the numbers and pyrovores are pretty good at killing MEQ at a .032 efficiency and geq at a .054.

A good rule of thumb is .025 efficiency is good.

>> No.56228433

But that's the most fluffy way to play nids.

>> No.56228445

Then why complain at a unit which doesn't play like that

>> No.56228460

he's complaining that the mawloc is a dumpster fire.

>> No.56228462

Compared to a flying nurgle Daemon prince who is almost as tough but has a fly/faster movement, 3+ save and character targeting restrictions in exchange for 4 less wounds. The prince is also arguably superior in melee.

>> No.56228478

But it clearly isn't. It is cheap for a unit which can deepstrike within close range and cause mortal wounds when it arrives.

>> No.56228514

Its garbage a biovore does what it does but better and for only 36pts, you wouldn't even use it to fill out a FA slot.

t. 20 year long nidfag

post more memes, im building my 40k meme folder

>> No.56228536

>underrated post

>> No.56228551

But it also works as a major distraction and disrupts defensive 8th edition bubble deployments

>> No.56228601


Gonna need sauce on that shirt

>> No.56228691

>> No.56228718

Ork codex when?

>> No.56228751


This is why the in-universe lore writing and presentation that defined 2nd - 4th edition was the pinnacle of fluff for 40k. Anything that didn't feel right to you could be considered a half-truth propagated by the storyteller for their own interests, or simply inaccurate due to a lack of perspective. Then the good writers left GW and the ones that remained got lazy, and the autistic video game secondaries came in demanding hard fax on their favorites that they could carry above their heads to the online battlefields where Star Wars and Star Trek and Doctor Who and all their friends were busy measuring their collective penises, and we were left with cold, 3rd person writing and worst of all...

Timelines. Endless timelines, easily digestible 3-4 sentence blurbs devoid of any flavor or thought stamped by made up meaningless dates to be codified and compared by the numbers hungry fanboys.

>> No.56228902

>gwidf dismisses criticism as moaning

This really ought to be a sticky.
Suitably modified, of course ...

Welcome to /tg/, newfriend! Let's bring you up to speed:

*Any GW lore after 3rd edition is Disney-tier cancer. Ignore it.
*Pretending plastic model toys have "gender" or "race" is reddit. KYS.
*Be advised: Friendless cellar-dwellers will LARP as WAACfags here.
*GW has been a stupid, scummy little company since @Y2k. Defending
their stupid, scummy practices as "just business" is GWIDF shilling.
*All BL lore is overwrought shit. It is NOT okay to like it.
VERY RARELY an author mistakenly writes something not awful.
Then it's okay to make a case explaining how this may be possible.
*All new Citadels are overwrought shit. It is NOT okay to like them.
VERY RARELY a sculptor accidentally produces something not shit.
Then it's okay to make a case explaining how this may be possible.

You are now up to speed. Enjoy your stay.

>> No.56228970

I played on it last night and it great.

scared the shit out of me when I helped put it away, thought I'd snap it in half when folding it.

its nice if you're playing on the floor.

>> No.56229039

Please post Kronos fluff

>> No.56229099

how does the mawlock disrupt anything? Even with it's shortened deep strike range, the player can still screen against it. Just don't leave a gap in your bubble larger than the mawloc base+2 inches. The mawloc will deep strike on the outside of the bubble every time.

I'd rather have a harpy if I wanted to pinpoint strike mortal wounds. It can just move over the unit ever turn (twice as often as the mawloc). And the harpy costs less points.

>> No.56230109


>using standard infantry models for conscripts

disgusting. I bet you use the same models for veterans, too.

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