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Secret crimson slaughter codex release, edition.

Glorious Tyranid News

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAL4WMpBNs0&feature=youtu.be [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Craftworld Eldar codex(thank you anon)

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First for Mork and Gork are the best gods.

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Second for failbaddon is harmless

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How should I start my Tyranid army?

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buy a SC box?

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>This is something so prevalent in the American culture and this is disgusting.
I bet that you are Russian, and also in denial of the fact that this kind of shitty attitude can be found everywhere. "muh evil capitalism" has nothing to do with it.

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By waiting for the Codex to drop before making any purchasing decisions.

Or you can just buy the Swarmlord now. I don't think we're fooling anybody on that front, particularly since he can be taken by any Hive Fleet.

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Ynnari book share anyone??

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I'm finally getting into 40k and scratch building the Sisters I've always wanted to play but I'm worried they'll be nerfed back into uselessness when their Codex hits. Not even looking to be op, just viable. You guys think I should wait or just go for it? Has an army actually gotten worse when their Codex came out?

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Nidzilla. Then fill in with small stuff.

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buy the codex and sleep with it under your pillow for a while

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Wait for the codex and make yourself an army list before starting anything, you madman !

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Guard overall got better, though some choices people were crazy over (Fearless conscripts) got shot in the head.

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Them being retarded is punishment in itself.

Its like if someone gave themself a brain damage on purpose - why feel angry, they can do what they want, but why feel sorry, they knew what they were doing.

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I wasn't really planning on mixing anything with the Sisters unless it fit the theme. Is pure Sisters any good?

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I would correct you and say it's the Emperor's Children, but right now they are the same thing.

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>tfw no power scythe relic for Death Guard

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what army builder program do you use /tg/ ? I have used battlescribe but is still has't benn updated with the new eldar codex and I am looking into alternatives

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The only faction in any way at all nerfed by their Codex has been Imperial Guard, and GW fucked that up by failing to nerf the Index entries, anyway. Everyone else just got buffed less if their Codex was sub-par. You shouldn't have to worry too much.

Might be best to get started with stuff that's Imperial Guard compatible (Uriah, Priests, Crusaders) if you're super nervous about dipping your toe in.

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You can use a piece of paper, with fucking all options removed from most units you dont even need a builder.

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paper ? I remember that, we had it back then when riding dinosaurs was cool

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This is bad advice. He's utterly useless.

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>You dont see anything like it in Europe

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I use the always out of date hq-builder.com for conceptualising, then notepad.

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Pure Sisters is 100% fine. Dominions, Immolators, Celestine...honestly, the 'Stuff that is good in Sisters' hasn't really changed for several editions.

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>a hobby
>an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation
I would say X-wing qualifies

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He's absolutely useless from his rules, but he's a cool model that can be used as a regular priest, and lets anon field his army as a legal Imperial Guard list if anon is super nervous and just getting started.

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>I have used battlescribe but is still has't benn updated with the new eldar codex
Just wait a few days, ffs
It just came out

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>a hobby
>an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation
I guess 40k doesn't for 90% of /tg/oers.

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Ynnari still use Index rules, right?

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It should not be rocket science.

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Who ?

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Just waking up.
First for necrons.

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>Necron players

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You are probably right,it was a mistake continuing the discussion for so long anyways.

Yes, i havent seen anyone calling others '' What a poor person you are, i am richer than you ha,ha '' Maybe in slums, granted. But not in a regular social environment

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Hey guys m, what do you think of setting up 10 Ultramarine hellblasters in an Imperial Bastion, then just using the Scions of Guilliman strat to have them blast away from their T8 W20 tower? I realize this is nearly 600 points. Is this viable?

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>I can't take banter and i am also a huge faggot

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Microsoft excel. First you decide which detachment your shooting for, and put its requirements and options in column 1. Bold or highlight the mandatory slots.?So if I decide I want a Battalion the first column will be:

2nd Column you write your units you want in each slot. Include the number of models in this section, so "Tac Marines x5" or "Tempestus Scions x7"
3rd Column is upgrades and weapons; plasma guns, special wargear, etc.
Fourth and Final column is points cost. Make sure to write out the cost in the cell as an equation so you can check your math. So a Tempestus Scion Squad with two plasma would be "=9*5+1*3+13*2"

Finally, have a cell that is "=sum(D1;D100)" that keeps a tally of the total spent points.

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>using buildings
It's like you want fists and iron warriors to enjoy their traits.

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The 3 special named dudes use their index entry, but the rest of their army uses the codex version. They miss out on traits and strats, unless they take a cwe detachment

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Anglophone Europe doesn't count.

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Well, what "european" country are you even from, oh great operator from the interwebs ?

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This is what I had in mind if you or someone else could take a quick look at it

2k/2k Battalion Detach +9CP
>Canoness, bolter, storm bolter
>Canoness, bolter, storm bolter
>Celestine with Beavis and Butthead
>Sister Squad, x2 Storm Bolters, x3 Bolters
>Sister Squad, x3 Storm Bolters, x2 Bolters
>Sister Squad, x3 Storm Bolters, x2 Bolters
>Sister Squad, x3 Storm Bolters, x2 Bolters
>Sister Squad, x3 Storm Bolters, x2 Bolters
>Sister Squad, x3 Storm Bolters, x2 Bolters
>10 Crusaders
Fast Attack
x5 >Dominion Squad, Combi-flamer, x4 Meltaguns
>x5 Dominion Squad, Combi-flamer, x4 Meltaguns
>x5 Dominion Squad, storm bolter, x4 flamers
>x5 Seraphim Squad, x3 dual bolt pistol, x2 dual inferno pistol
Heavy Supp
>x5 Retributor, storm bolter, x4 heavy bolter
>x5 Retributor, storm bolter, x4 heavy bolter
>x5 Retributor, storm bolter, x4 heavy bolter
>x5 Retributor, storm bolter, x4 heavy flamers
>repressor, dual storm bolters
>repressor, dual storm bolters
>repressor, dual storm bolters

I just tried to fill in a Batallion detachment and sneak in a shield wall of sexy sexy Crusaders but I also consider just cramming in as many Dominions as possible and going fast

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Ynnari are slightly complicated right now. The three Ynnari HQs use Index rules, but Ynnari Asuryani use a combination of the Index and Codex. In particular, you can take 1-2 Ynnari detachments and 1 Craftworlds detachment, and then use the Craftworlds Codex stratagems on Ynnari Asuryani units in your Ynnari detachments.

So far, the best ways I've come up with to do this are either allying in 3 Alaitoc Hemlocks, or an Alaitoc Farseer, 3 Alaitoc Fire Prisms, and 4 Alaitoc Wave Serpents.

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Heyo folks.
Looking to add another unit to my AdMech army. Was looking for some suggestions on what to pick up next.
Ive got:

1x Big Daddy Cawl
3x Tech-Priest Dominus
1x Cybernetica Datasmith
5x Sicarian Infiltrators
2x Kastelan Robots
3x Kataphron Destroyers
40x Skitarii Vanguard
10x Skitarii Rangers
3x Onager Dunecrawler

Plain old mars army but i love these clanky beep boop fuckers.

Ill take Fun over WAAC anyday.

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Have you had any fun games recently?

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I miss picture army builder :(

Fucking norm is ruining shit.

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That doesn’t answer my questions

>> No.56193468

Nope. Stuck playing babysitter and waiting for parts.

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So does anyone have one of those blank templates you colour in to test your colour scheme, just with Dark Angels/Deathwing as the model pictures? I want to see if I can come up with a successor chapter scheme that would look good with all the bling they have, and possibly just recolour the specific Dark Angels wing symbol so I don't have to file them off on every model and hand-paint other stuff.

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When is the Tyranid codex coming out?

>> No.56193480

Nov 11 iirc

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Well suck my baguette then, you dirty poorfag.

>> No.56193483

Had a game last week, Berserkers got out melee by Kroot Hounds and Stealthsuits. I've only played 6 games so far, so third win was nice.

>although I can see why people are shitting on index tau

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How much are Command Points worth, point-wise? As in, how many extra points of units is it worth to take to fill out an extra Detachment for that +1 CP?

>> No.56193490

Is proxying storm bolters with dual-wielding regular bolters an option?

>> No.56193491

probably one of the stinky slav ones

>> No.56193492

The Saturday after next

>> No.56193501

More infiltrators or some dragoons.

>> No.56193503

You want like 4 boxes of Electropriests. Or ironstriders.

>> No.56193508

Depends on the army

Tyranids are insane and can fill slots at roughly 35pts each, 10 for fast attack.

>> No.56193509

Damn, my intent was to use old profiles.

>> No.56193513

If you're asking if a Canoness can wield both then yeah. If you're talking from a modeling perspective I dont see what harm could come of it

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>Just came out
A week ago

>> No.56193523

>ironic shitposting is still shitposting

>> No.56193524

Why would you possibly do that?

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I do find it hilarious that a SOB cannoness these days is best off acting like she's wandered out of Wolfenstien.

>> No.56193537

>Came out
>Same thing, really.

>> No.56193548

>two weeks ago

>> No.56193553

It's not ironic - you ARE a huge faggot. Also probably a poorfag slavshit.

>> No.56193561

>Chapter Master and now Chaos Lord Kranon the Relentless forgot how to re-roll all to hit rolls.

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>> No.56193567

>mixing Ynnari with craftworld bonuses
dishonour on you, dishonour on your family, dishonour on your army, dishonour on your cow

>> No.56193584

>any concept of honour

>> No.56193585

Good man on the Repressors! But I've never been impressed with the Dialogus, or Seraphim for that matter.

>> No.56193611

More Sicarians, perhaps Ruststalkers if you'd like to have a more complete collection of beep boops. Electro priests are good in large units even if the models are funky, but Kataphron Breachers are so painfully bad it puts me off their models.
If you want WAAC you could consider getting a larger unit of Destroyers or Robots. I have no experience with dragoons but from what I've seen of the rules the melee ones are good but sort of different to the rest of the army playstyle, while the ranged ones are less cost efficient rangers. Models are good though.

I wasn't him, I'm not from continental Europe, so I can't say he's right, just that using Bongistan as a standard for a "more enlightened" place compared to the US is naive.

Depends on the army and the stratagem. Generally though you should look at command points as part of your integral army design philosophy. An army that's more about alpha strikes and deathstars will value CP more highly, while a more "robust" army will see them as icing on the cake to occasionally get out of sticky situations. It's a good system that captures what "new GW" is at least trying to do, in that the min-maxers get a new amount of granularity and tactical decision making to make the gameplay of tightly choreographed armies less about smashing deathstars together, while those players who go for more dispersed or even, if you can believe it, casual army builds, can get bonuses without having to build around them.

>> No.56193614

November 2 minus 14 days is now October 21 rather than 23, you heard it here first.

>> No.56193621

What a shame.
Just regular SM then? Is there any particular site for the kind of thing I'm talking about?

>> No.56193624

Dialogus was because I had the points and I really wanted to have a reason to make a standard bearer

Seraphim solely exist to eat hits and bodyblock for Celestine. Any damage they do is just a bonus and I have the option to deep strike them onto or behind something if I really need it

>> No.56193631


I like this list a lot.
Let me know how the Flamer Retributors work out.

>> No.56193633

Eldar are basically space samurai that shoot ninja stars out of the million times folded catapults

>> No.56193640

That's a brigade not a battalion.

>> No.56193646

Seraphim are for spamming melta pistols and hunting big things. With AoF they start turn 1.

>> No.56193649

>no exorcists
It's like you don't even believe in the Emperor's divine luck.

>> No.56193658

They have the flags, they don't have Ken-sama's BUSHIDO.

>> No.56193666

A chicken walker or two would be nice and the models look good. Thanks man

>> No.56193673

The Elf template overrides that though.

>> No.56193679

Bolter & chainsword space marine painter
Drop it in google

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>> No.56193688

Modeling purposes. Having squad leaders and canonesses dual-wield bolters seems just right.

>> No.56193698

Wasn't there a Russian program that had more models than just a tactical marine? What's the name of that again?

>> No.56193699

Why aren't there more painters out there? Seems like there should be plenty of png images for each faction.

>> No.56193702

Stop playing british games at once then, you poorfag slavshit !

>> No.56193709

Anyone knows when the next community post is going to be made?

>> No.56193724

between 10am est and 12 est most likely

>> No.56193725

about one and a half hours

>> No.56193730

Played a game with my ultras vs space wolves. Brought ever cc unit I had (except GUILLIMAN) to prove you don't need to be a furry to be good in cc. We mauled each other's armies and he managed to snag the relic.

>> No.56193733

>Stop playing british games at once then, you poorfag slavshit !
I'd say you're just meming, but I said specifically I was not from the continent.

>> No.56193737


He also doesn't have any of his old wargear that defined him.
> Not even GW cares about renegades

>> No.56193738

Thanks, I jsut threw it together at work and it'll be a while until I actually get to build it but of course I'll post about it


I'm a footslogging fag so if I had to get any kind of vehicle it'd be something I could at least use to help get my flamers in and bodyblock for my Imagifiers

>> No.56193740

Not using glorious Google sheets for cloud coverage and ability to fix on the fly.

Can even make a formula that adds all the costs for you if you don't feel like doing the math and have the points costs in front of you.

>> No.56193741

I wish people like you used trips so that people can filter it out. Because at this point it is apperent that you are just one guy who is shit posting.

>> No.56193746



>> No.56193750

Theyve been doing a first round of useless sjit around 11:00 est, and a tyranids preview around 12:00-12:30 est

>> No.56193763


> Attributed to Field Commander Angela Heldengard, 934th Draconis Chem-Knights
>Quoted in the Tactica Imperialis, Volume 974, “Post Tyrannic War, Revised Edition”

>> No.56193768

How well would one of these proxy as a Knight if I gave it some better arms?

>> No.56193780

Dont reply to bait. Especially very brain dead ones.

>> No.56193782

That looks like shit.

>> No.56193787

How's your Primaris force coming through anons?

>> No.56193791

Anyone know the colour scheme for Hive Fleet Kronos?

>> No.56193792

How tall is it?

>> No.56193798

For Choas? Try to find some spindly shit

>> No.56193803

The hardest thing about building a primaris army is telling your m8s that you are gay.

>> No.56193806

Tau used to be an army fully dependent on combos and synergies. I was doing up 1000 point army lists the other day and I found that every other army I made lists for, functioned much smoother and more efficiently than tau can at all this edition. AdMech and Primaris are now what tau used to be, and tau are like those but worse.
Hopefully the codex will really change things up. Even though they didn't change many of the boring unit statlines and abilities of the admech when that codex dropped, stratagems and chapter tactics make them interesting to play. All we can hope is tau get the same, or better, treatment.

Depends a lot on so many factors.
If you can fill in that troop with a useful unit that will actually do things (skittle vanguard, conscripts, boyz, etc.) You should go for as many CP as possible, as it's not a troop tax if the troops are good. If you can only fill out detachments with cheap units, like grots, fill up your existing detachments, but don't create more, if they're not contributing to gameplan they're usually not worth it.

Now, for Codex armies CP are worth an order of magnitude more than index armies. As mentioned, stratagems can fundamentally change they way you play many armies like admech, but the default stratagems are a bit shit. Always have at least the base 3, never start a game below that, you never know when you'll need that re-roll, but if you're index, they're not the swingy gamechangers like giving a knight a 2+ armour save or 4+ invuln can be.

>> No.56193807

Wasnt it blue and purple?

>> No.56193809

It would look great.

>> No.56193813

Yeah the models for the electropriests always put me off(could model them with sunglasses and glowsticks though), i need an ironstrider or two just for the model alone, plus mobility is nice. Kastalans are very tempting, as they are fun to use

>> No.56193817

Why is Andy Hoare such a huge fucking crybaby faggot?

He answered a question on the Necromunda facebook group and got massively assblasted because somebody screengrabbed it and posted it on the forums.

God this Necromunda is gonna be so fucking shit. That James Hewitt the rules writer is a huge fucking SJW faggot on twitter too.

>> No.56193818

Meant to quote >>56193791

>> No.56193825

>Order a bunch of bases to rebase Nobz
>Box arrives
>Open it to 40 32mm bases
>I didn't realize my mistake until it was literally in my hands

>> No.56193827

What's the screen grab?

>> No.56193829


>> No.56193832

Shut up with the /pol/ lines and stay on topic. What screenie?

>> No.56193834

You know you can't use the index version of a unit that has a codex datasheet, right?

>> No.56193841

>muh SJW boogeyman
Stop being such a cuck.

>> No.56193843

That sounds kind of odd. Does anyone know if there is a hive fleet that is Green and Purple?

>> No.56193847

You don't have to be pol, to hate sjws.

But yea, post the screen shot anon!

>> No.56193850

I don't see the problem here.
Are you implying you have fewer than 40 nobz?
Literally how, you get one in each box of boyz.
You must be an evil sunz flash-faggot you prancing la la eldar boy.

>> No.56193854

>/pol/tard spotted
Opinion invalidated

>> No.56193857


>> No.56193862

Not off the top of my head, but you can just make a splinter fleet and c all them whatever parent fleet you want, especially because literally zero of the tyranid named characters are fleet specific

>> No.56193866

Tell me more.

>> No.56193874

No anon, I wanted 40mm bases... because Nobz are huge....

>> No.56193878

Also exactly zero non-nid players know what colour schemes any hive-fleet is supposed to have anyway.

>> No.56193879

All the benefits of chapter tactics, but with none of the drawbacks!
holy shit this nid 'dex is going to be OP as shit

>> No.56193883

I posted yesterday regarding the "simultaneous turns for 40k" debate. Someone called what I proposed "the bastard child of 40k, Magic:The Gathering, and FFG games."

Anyone interested in helping a homebrew-git test it out? I think I finally lost my patience for IGOUGO.

>> No.56193885


>> No.56193887

You wanted 32 40mm bases and got 40 32mm bases?

>> No.56193894

It only takes them 70pts to fill a brigade, with all slots being useful except for elites.

>> No.56193895


>> No.56193897

Nah, not big enough for 40mm. They look great on 32mm bases, that's what I rebased all mine to. 40mm is needed on flash gitz and meganobz because of all that extra bulk, but the nob box nobz are perfectly proportinaed for 32mm.

Try it out first. If all else fails you can cut up the bases and use them as spikes and armour plates on looted vehicles.

>> No.56193900

So leviathan is best hivefleet rulewise yes?

>> No.56193906

Did you miss a zero?

>> No.56193907

a GW staffer being a massive SJW? Quelle shock!

>> No.56193908


>> No.56193909


Yes. Except the 32mm bases are the same size as the regular 25mm bases so I basically have 40 25mm bases

>> No.56193910

>> No.56193913

Be sure to scour the rules for hidden SJW messages that might corrupt the kiddies with concepts like gender equality, then set any store carrying the game on fire because you decided to investigate and then disagree with the politics of someone you will never meet.

>> No.56193914

It is not really a boogeyman when there are active groups working for their agenda.
Boogeyman is something thats existance is unconfirmed.

>> No.56193915

I unironically love this

>> No.56193916


>> No.56193917

This combined with multiple side support would be awesome

>> No.56193918

I find its usually the opposite

>> No.56193923


>> No.56193924

Old autarch can equip jetbike, spear and another gun so you can annoy people by shoting bunch of guns one by one.

>> No.56193928

Nah, sounds gay

>> No.56193929

>implying the holocaust happened

>> No.56193930

Calm down anon, it's not like we're antifa.

>> No.56193932

sisters have not, and will never be, an army you play for anything other than the novelty of doing a sisters army

>> No.56193933

What is he trying to say with this psychobabble?

Does this have something to do with the newest flavor of shitty television show?

>> No.56193934

If felinids had a set would you buy?

>> No.56193935


>> No.56193937

No idea but i remember the output being tiny like 200/100 pixels

The need the right posture, they must be cleaned up, white the couroured areas and add black borders, link the paint zones, and apply a shadow layer.

>> No.56193939

The faggot infestation of this general is getting worse and worse

>> No.56193940


>> No.56193947

This is so fucking true. Fucking nazis I swear

>> No.56193949


>> No.56193952

So I just got gifted rowaboat from a friend but I don't play a Codex: Space Marine chapter. I was already thinking about buying Primaris Marines to supplement by Dark Angels but now I was thinking of just making a pure Primaris force. Does Gulliman'a Reroll all hits and misses for ultramarines apply to successor chapters as well?

>> No.56193954

depends on the poses

>> No.56193956

Iirc since you can no longer bring the option, you can use the index entry but codex points.

Like when they squatted rifleman dreads and told us to use the index entry even though they had a new one in the codex

>> No.56193962

No, but they'll probably get plastic models before sisters.

>> No.56193963

Are you suprised? 4chan became almost mainstream nowadays. You will find out in other imageboards discussions are not as cancerous as here, albeit threads move at a slower pace

>> No.56193965

Maybe, if they were animu catgirl-ish rather than beast-ish. They should also probably have EC's trait as their doctrine. Abhuman sister's would be stupid though.

>> No.56193966

What? They are bigger. By 7. Aren't they?

>> No.56193973

>ltramarines apply to successor chapters as well?

No, but you normally just take them as ultramarines

>> No.56193975

Basically, it's alternate activation with interrupts. Each unit gets 2 actions per turn max (ala XCOM), interrupting is "take one action."

CP are for reserves, activating consecutive units, or interrupting interrupts. So rather than some situation where you go second, and sit there and take it from mass Stormravens, Elysians, or whatever alphastrike is popular, you can counterplay it.

I like to call it the "Oh yeah?" factor.
"I shoot you."
"Oh yeah well I interrupt with this."
"Oh yeah? (Spend a CP) Well I counter", etc.

Units are still doing the same number of actions per turn, but there's far less downtime for both players.

>> No.56193976

call me soulja boy because YOOOOOOUUUUUUUU

>> No.56193977

lusty submissive poses while still wearing heavy imperial-esque armor

>> No.56193981


>> No.56193982

Ork player cannot into math. More news at eleven.

>> No.56193991

Fuck I just realized, I compared them to the Orruk Savages I have (Slugga Choppa Boyz) and they are all supplied with 32mm bases (which I didnt realize) so I do have 32mm bases, just thought they'd be bigger

I suck dicks and the bases actually are fine

>> No.56193992

make them somewhat catty and I'll at least buy one of each scuplt

>> No.56193995

Are space marine librarians worth it?

They aren't good for melee or shooting, no more durable than any other marine, and provide no generic bump for nearby friends. That only leaves their powers, which I'm not sure are actually worth it; psychic fortress, fury of ancients, and veil of time are basically worthless and might of heroes is only good for like Dreadnoughts. Scourge seems nice for dealing a couple mortal wounds, and null Zone fucks over invuln units, but that's it, aside from smite. So should you take them, or have people had poor luck? Seem cheeky for popping off the protection on fulgurites, crusaders, daemons and the like.

Also, are librarians all blue??? I've heard both yes and no and websites won't tell me

>> No.56194001

Codex librarians are blue, but not everyone follows the codex scheme.

>> No.56194003

We got 4 imps, 2 Chaos, and 2 xenos books.

What's the next book gonna be, boys?

>> No.56194004

Chaining up "intrrupts" sounds fucking terrible for a 40k size game. If you want to change IGOUGO look to something like bolt action where you don't have 5 minutes of shouting "no me" at each other before a unit actually does something.

>> No.56194007

I never see this shit because i dont use social media, have you thought about just not going on twitter famalam?

>> No.56194011

Null zone is powerful, but works better on a Jump or bike libby.

>> No.56194012 [DELETED] 

Big man Sjw gonna teach this liberal society its evil and take it back to elementary to talk down and feel morally superior. Worst breed of people, their idealogy infects everything they touch to force it to be morally sufficient and diverse enough for them, but its never enough. What you do at home and in private wont be intersectional or inclusive enough, its a batshit idealogy. Thats why people hate it, and thats why it should matter if one is now in charge of a game.

Andromeda pt 2, moral injection induced creative atrophy boogaloo.

>> No.56194013

One of the Power Rangers. BA probably.

>> No.56194020

Behold the power of orktism

>> No.56194023

They are not mutually exclusive tho.

>> No.56194025


>> No.56194026

<pic related> it's your booty

>> No.56194027

I mean do people normally have a problem with that? What if I wanted to play Exorcists who get to pick from whatever chapter they want? If I pick ultramarine tactics do they become ultramarines for buff purposes?

>> No.56194030

That's actually kind of cool. I kind of hope it is that now.

>> No.56194031

Everything they touch withers and dies, just look at marvel.
As with all things, the free market will fix it.

>> No.56194035

Ah, ok. Well shit now I can't decide if I want to make my guy blue or not

Makes sense, jump around, deny saves, go somewhere else, repeat. I might try one just to see if it's worth it or not

>> No.56194051

Is ok, my retarded fungoid friendo. Have some inspiration

>> No.56194053

What chapter should I go for if I want an assault-oriented Astartes army that'll win 70% of the time at the FLGS?

>> No.56194058

Wait, are you serious?

I can have banshee mask with codex entry on autard and plasma too?

>> No.56194060

>One of the Power Rangers. BA probably.
Nah. Saving them for a big release.

Probably an army either:
Thousand Sons, Deathwatch, Tau, or Genestealer Cults

>> No.56194072

>big release
And a plastic Thunderhawk full of plastic sisters

>> No.56194073

Got dark imperium at my lgs and heard it's a good place to start.
Though I have a few questions regarding it.
>is the lore worth the read
>how easy are the core rules to understand
>what materials do I need to put the figs together

>> No.56194079

Making librarians blue helps you and your opponent distinguish that model from sergeants and captains. It's up to you if you want to make the game easier on each player.

I play Chaos and it is damn near impossible to distinguish between my sorcerers and my other models. We don't come with color codes or psychic hoods so my opponent has to ask every time I move the model.

>> No.56194087

No, a special character is locked to a certain chapter, to get around this you call your dudes ultra marines.

It's fucking retarded, but that's how they want us to play it.

>> No.56194090

Luck is not divine. You filthy chaos fuck

>> No.56194094

Snowflake chapter who uses templar tactics but no templar specific units.

>> No.56194098

I understand what you're saying. I've done most my testing at "kill team level", where one model = one unit. That said, if anything I've found the potential to speed the game up this way, since these chain interrupts also mean getting rid of "free actions" like Overwatch, Auspex Shots, or whatever else GW might add in the future (hi Flickerjump). Plus as a subtle nerf/sidegrade, you could make Ynnari "regain a CP when a nearby unit is destroyed" rather than how they currently sequence-break 40's phase structure.

I looked at Bolt Action and BGOA. The die-bag system also falls apart IMO due to the whole fact not all activations are equal. A lazy example could be "one acolyte = one draw, one baneblade = one draw." I'm sure you could tweak it by banking on die draws and making superheavies cost more, but this is still eh imo. Plus when you combine stuff like double-activating units and officers, the game can easily degrade to IGOUGO.

>> No.56194099

Well then blue it is, help the game go a little quicker. Thanks

>> No.56194103

Raven Guard :<)

>> No.56194113

Yes but some playtester said they are gonna change this in a faq.

Also, I don't think an autarch can take a plasma type gun

>> No.56194114

>is the lore worth the read
>how easy are the core rules to understand
very easy
>what materials do I need to put the figs together

>> No.56194131

I know "muh Reddits" and whatever, but Gav's doing an AMA tomorrow if anyone's interested

>> No.56194134

Unironically, Robot Gorillaman is the best melee astartes unit and wins games.

>> No.56194135

>Traitor Primarch > Loyal Primarch > Traitor Primarch > Loyal

Face it. The next SMPC codex will have a Primarch. So that's the big release. It's going to be small codex releases for November. Aka NPC-vember

>> No.56194136

Which units though? Assault marines suck, right? And GK apparently suck because I've been seeing vets lose a lot with them.

>> No.56194147

Should ask him if rogaine is worth the price.

>> No.56194148

Loyal will probably be Lion though. No plastic for BA anytime soon.

>> No.56194149

Let’s be fair the only big release is either SoB or another army.

Marines of any kind of just one more wasted release for a quick cash grab.
For GW might be awesome but for the consumer is just another boring release.
Hell random DE models would be more interesting

>> No.56194150

Who dat

>> No.56194151

Company Vets on Bikes are fun.

>> No.56194154

Nah man all good fun, honestly the shit threads of having everyone be all politically polarized is just a good bant.

>> No.56194156

this is the shit I'm talking about!

Replacing all the based writers with these SJW cucks, they're going to force all their true fans away

>> No.56194157

>>is the lore worth the read
A matter kf taste
>>how easy are the core rules to understand
Fairly, with the caveat you READ IT ALL, GW writing tend to spread rekevant info thoughout a entire page.
>>what materials do I need to put the figs together
Ideally: Plastic and super glue, craft knife, flat side snippers and files or those disposable cardboard nail files.

>> No.56194169

Agree with you. That us vs them is just common. You can always exchange money with somethingelse but has the same behaviour.

>> No.56194172

Rate this list.

>> No.56194173


>> No.56194179

>No true scotsman

>> No.56194180

I think he's being ironic,

>> No.56194183

thousand sons are best faction

>> No.56194184

Vanguard vets, vet squards, termies anything that deep strikes and is more choppy than 1A. Scouts to be your half army on board tax, maybe bikes if you want something to joing the melee quickly.

>> No.56194186


>> No.56194187


>> No.56194192

>reading the Tyranid codex previews
Oh my fuck its better than I had hoped.

>> No.56194194

wtf.. why even bother listing pronouns if you use the standard ones? What crowd is he catering to?

>> No.56194196

You look like shit

I'm not quite certain; But heres a similiar conversion for comparison.
Nah, for Admech. I was planning on using a second set of Defiler claws to help give it some bulkier arms.

>> No.56194197

Warriors come out to play/10

>> No.56194199

Definitely some chickenwalkers. Great models, and both kinds are useful on the tabletop.

>> No.56194209

>Marines of any kind of just one more wasted release
>a quick cash grab.

Learn2Business, a release of Boood Angels will introduce MELEE Primaris Inceptors as well as PRIMARIS DEATH Company and the new PRIMARIS Impregnator Armour for Primaris!Terminators as well

All led by Sanguinius Reborn, aka Sanguinius/Mephiston

>> No.56194211

Just read the leaks on the tyranid hive

>> No.56194215

I like Warriors.

>> No.56194218

Is there any way to make assault marines and sanguinary guard good? I liked them in DoW.

>> No.56194219

If you don't believe there's such a thing as a 'standard' or 'normal' or 'usual' identity.

>> No.56194223

Yea, i do look like shit. Doesnt change the fact that thing is poorly proportioned and barely fits the aesthetic as is. If you treat it as a skeleton and heavily convert it, i could maybe see a decent knight come from it

>> No.56194224

It's a shame, that Gw doesnt.

>> No.56194237

>a fucking white male

>> No.56194238

Or if you're taking the piss out of that crowd, but hey, more fun to assume the SJW conspiracy.

>> No.56194241

me too. too bad their meh on the tabletop. wish that the nid prime had gotten a buff, because bs3+ ws2+ warriors would be nice.
Here's to hoping they're at least given T5 in the codex

>> No.56194244

>Secret crimson slaughter codex release, edition.
What the fuck

>> No.56194245


>sanguinius reborn


>> No.56194247

GW writer, been with them since 2nd edition. No longer an employee but still writes for them as a free lancer. Keeper of Eldar lore and I think DA as well, wrote the legacy of Caliban series recently

this is a joke right? You can't seriously be calling yourself a "true fan" and not know who he is

>> No.56194250

And they call Tau players weebs.

>> No.56194256

There any evidence to suggest those are his intentions? I want to believe

>> No.56194258

>crimson slaughter codex release

Uhm wat?
This gives me hope that some day ill see Khorne Daemonkin

>> No.56194260

why do people still complain about warriors, they got tougher in the new edition, T5 and 3 wounds a piece for 24 fucking points would be absurd

>> No.56194269

Is the Christmas catalog a yearly thing? Or does it mean we're not getting battleforces?

>> No.56194271

Fusion Gun, i keep calling it plasma cos i am dumb (and the fluff technology is using plasma). Its metla.

>> No.56194273

You know GW will do it. They can't resist the idea of how much cash it will earn them.

The most depressing part is that they're most likely right to think that...

>> No.56194276

Sanguinor is not Sanguinius.
Sanguinor saved Sanguinius from Black Rage during Ruinstorm and from super OP Daemon on Davin during Heresy.
Now Black Rage was a thing before death of Sanguinius
Yes BL fucked up lore this bad

>> No.56194280


Ugh, please make them stop!

>> No.56194290

Gav has been around for fucking ever.

>> No.56194292

Holy fucking kek.

And I thought BL couldn't sink any lower.

>> No.56194297

>I didn’t read
We all know GW are greedy fucks

>> No.56194306

Reminder of how life was before we drove Guardfags from these lands
>Huh huh huh *snort* huh, what're you talkin' about bro, like *snort* huh huh, we're REAL gamers, us Guardbros, you know what I mean? Huh, huh, check this batrep guys. Double tracked tanks just like my 22" chrome rims, ynaddamean? Huh huh. Post your army fag, I bet you don't even play! How is posting about the game making the board any worse? Huh huh.

>> No.56194311

Looks like a brainlet caricature.

>> No.56194316

What does a competitive admech list look like now? Mars detachment with cawl, robots, infiltrators and then a stygies with dragoons and priests?

>> No.56194317

They are going to recton everything we know about Siege of Terra.
For now we know that Vulkan will reach Terra before siege and the book will be shit because written by Khyme.

>> No.56194327

He doesn't look like he works out at the gym though.

>> No.56194330

Yes sir! I'll even take pictures of the whole thing for one pizza!

>> No.56194334

you could have a look at his blog or twitter feed, that might answer your question

surprise! like the rest of the GW writers he's a massive lefty liberal and probable socialist

>> No.56194338

Just the index, anon.

>> No.56194341

Like why... why they ruin the lore and makign plot hole, what they get from it? Except from some sick schadenfreude satisfaction, i mean.

>> No.56194344


It's just the updated rules from the Dark Vengeance box.

>> No.56194356

Blood Angels ofc!! If you don't mind losing 70%

>> No.56194370

>tmw tweeted: Gav, if I may ask. Would you categorize Sanguinius’ return to 40k as nigh impossible, or impossible is nothing? Asking for a friend…

>Impossible unless the writers wanted to entirely invalidate his sacrifice. The only one, in fact, I would say, except for the Big H himself.

>> No.56194371

So let me get this straight since I'm not a BA guy. BEFORE this retcon, Black Rage was literally just Uchiha Autism? Brain chemicals making them crazy because of inbred sadness?

>> No.56194375

They want to have the Big Four traitor primarchs and their foils/mirrors are Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Blood Angels.

Sanguinius is coming back. Accept it. It's fucking obvious from the retcons and lore hints GW has been forcing of late — they serve no other purpose than to open that avenue to them.

>> No.56194376

They don't even have chapter tactics, do they?

>> No.56194385

Not yet

>> No.56194386

They cry, alot.

>> No.56194390

So Blood angels are Khorne and.... uh....

>> No.56194409

>unless the writers
>wanted to entirely invalidate his sacrifice
Now you don't need dead Sanguinius for Black Rage.
He will come back or he will not die on Vengeful Spirit

And big Angel model will sell very good.

>> No.56194411

What exactly are you trying to communicate?

>> No.56194417

>looted mr. potato head
truly, orks are capable of turning anything into a weapon of destruction

>> No.56194419

Is this true?
This isn't true right?
You are fucking kidding me, right?

>> No.56194420

Are you actually saying that you need to be right wing to be a true fan of a tabletop wargame setting?

>> No.56194423

SW are obviously vs. Tzeentch, and I guess Ultras vs. Nurgle is a thing now. DA vs. Slaanesh just seems like a 40kg gay joke though.

>> No.56194439

What if he killed Horus but was mad as fuck at the Emperor for being such a piece of shit that they fought, but in the aftermath the Emps could not allow history to lnow both of his favored sons to have fallen to Chaos, so he made out that Horus killed him.

>> No.56194440

I've always wanted to make one, but you couldn't get Mr Potato Heads in my country and now you can only get the shitty redesigned one.

>> No.56194441

Not that guy but no, you dont have to be.
Right left has nothing to do with it.
The problem is SJW's shove their own fantasies and agendas on every setting,lore,product forcefully.
This is why you see stuff like token black guy etc.
This devolves into bad writing and reduced quality.

>> No.56194444

>anything right of left wing is right wing

>> No.56194445



Was thinking your list was shit until I read this. Good list but might want to squeeze in some more if you can jangle it somehow. Should be fine though.

>> No.56194448

You say that like the joke's not hilarious.

>> No.56194453

DA vs Slaanesh is gonna happen, anyone who plays dark angels fan knows the truth that their favorite legion/chapter is actually just a nod at the Nottingham LGBT community right down to the rock.

>> No.56194455

The black rage used to be psychically imprinted in the BA geneseed in some way. This was the result of the BA having to suck some corpse juice from Sanguinius in order to create new geneseed because the BA geneseed banks got destroyed during the Siege of Terra.

By the sounds of it it's now just gonna be that other time of the month for BA

>> No.56194458

It's obviously going to be White Scars vs Slaanesh, they are going to get a new sprue and their own book and who the fuck am I kidding, the writers probably don't even know they exist.

>> No.56194461

Yeah, my friend got a start collecting a box of Space Marines and a 10 man inteccessor squad, teamed up with him for his first game with my Ravenwing against some Death Guard, abot 1750 points. Was a bunch of fun.

Mortarion is a fucking hard bastard though, only took him down with hit and run tactics from Sammael and my Black Knights.

>> No.56194469

Implying Horus isn't coming back as well

>> No.56194473


Seen it done a few times and most people are cool with it. I got no problems myself as it's pretty clear what they represent, especially now a storm bolter is literally 2 bolters.

>> No.56194482

I kinda see where this stuff keeps coming from but I seriously don't think SJW's are such a big thing. I mean I'm pretty lefty myself but the thing is, all I'm seeing is people with bad writing skills, not some political hobgoblin bodysnatcher coming to fuck up 40k.

>> No.56194485


It'd work if you gave it some big fuck off arms. Lightning shit on it looks cool too anon.

>> No.56194489

It's the result of Sanguinius' Soul getting psychically exploded by all four Ruinous Powers at the same time. Any other explanation can fuck right off.

>> No.56194490

>love scions but hate taurox model
>love leman russ but hate cadian models
>if i play scions with guard tanks half my army dosent get regiment bonus
what should i do, just bite the expensive bullet and use scions as regular infantry?

>> No.56194500

>White Scars vs Slaanesh, they are going to get a new sprue and their own book and who the fuck am I kidding, the writers probably don't even know they exist.
Khan will be the Wrack Primarch for Dark Eldar. Released to kill the Ynnari so the status quo will return for the Adarki Aeldari

>> No.56194526

>Aykshully, it wasn't the Emperor who killed Horus
>It was Abaddon and his special daemon sword
>Abaddon also killed Sanguinius
>he trapped both their souls in his sword
>then he almost killed the Emperor
>but he didn't actually kill him, because something something TACTICAL GENIUS
Watch it happen.

>> No.56194535


If you don't want to paint your Librarian blue, don't do it. They're your dudes and so long as he's clearly a Librarian, nobody is going to care.

>> No.56194539

What's stopping you from choosing MILITARUM TEMPESTUS as your regiment for Russ? Don't know the codex. Also just run the Russ as Catachan or something. Boohoo you lose occasionally an extra shot but now you get to reroll those fucking battlecannons.

>> No.56194545

Read new HH book Ruinstorm.

>> No.56194556


>> No.56194567

Its up


>> No.56194573

russ's dont have militarum tempestus keyword, so if i have russ's in the army, it has to be a astra militarum regiment army, and the scions dont get any regiment bonus. i really just want a different model for the taurox, but ive never seen anything that could be a proxy for them, god damn they are ugly

>> No.56194574

>Khan will be the Wrack Primarch for Dark Eldar
Fuck no.

>> No.56194590

If ADB ever reads this he'll be jizzing his pants for a week straight

And then write exactly this into the lore

>> No.56194591

Where do people keep hearing from these "playtesters?"

>> No.56194595


>t-they got to gav...

I don't want to believe it.

>> No.56194602

Would it be okay for you if you stuck wheels on it? Because there sure are a million conversions with wheels out there.

>> No.56194609

Detachment not army. Just run your russes in a seperate spearhead and be done with it.

>> No.56194616

The minions of the red king gather their psychic potential to awaken their Primarch.

Any tips on painting this big boy?

>> No.56194623


>> No.56194631

Put the song on loop whilst you're painting

You know the one

>> No.56194637

allahu akbar

>> No.56194638

imma be honest with you anon, i forgot there was a tank commander, so i could have a all russ heavy detachment. i thought i would have to have a lone company commander wandering around. thanks anon

>> No.56194643

Shouldn't have fully built him before painting.
Buy some red paint
Watch Duncan do it as a guideline

>> No.56194646

Wasn't Nids traveling trought the warp like 4th ed lore forgotten hive fleets?
I remember something about hive fleet coming out of eye of terror in M36, Imperial Forces were thinking that it's some new chaos stuff.

Also on Valedor Kraken come out from Warp rift after Iyanden made warp storm to stop them.

>> No.56194650

I'm saying that you can't possibly appreciate 40k properly if you view life from an individualistic or egalitarian standpoint.

You need to be able understand that might really does make right and yes some people are just better than others. If you can't understand that some kinds of people need to be kept away from ideas that might disturb them, then you don't understand 40k

>> No.56194654

It's up laddies!


>> No.56194655

I like this.

>> No.56194656

This. They'll even get ObSec for your trouble

>> No.56194657

Feeder Tendrils makes me hard.

>> No.56194668

Since Genestealer isn't highlighted does that mean Broodlords don't count?

And there's no mention of HIVE FLEET so would Cult Genestealers benefit?

>> No.56194678

>Tyranids stratagem

>> No.56194681

Letting some bigass melee monster kill itself by popping gaunts sounds pretty funny.

>> No.56194697

are the chosen even different or just chosen with a fancy name?

>> No.56194701

the only time you wouldn't use it is when you're completely out of CPs. Killing a character with a genestealer blob is easy, only downside is you can't use it more than once per turn

Broodlord has keyword genstealer anyway

>> No.56194704

Does highlighted acutally refer to keywords?
Broodlord has the Genestealer keyword in the index

>> No.56194706

>Khorne Berzerkers delete themselves

>> No.56194718

I wonder what hive fleet your picture is.

>> No.56194719

But it's not highlighted as a keyword in the stratagem you dumb waacfag

>> No.56194725

>Broodlord has keyword genstealer anyway
But Genestealer wasn't highlighted (like LICTOR) which normally how they've stated Keywords. So since it's LICTORS and not Lictors, Deathleaper also benefits from it.

>> No.56194726


Blues skin on black carapace new colour scheme for Gorgon or Kronos?

>> No.56194732

You need a nid detachment to use nid strats but they apply to any unit with the right keywords in your army. So provided you have a patrol of nids or something your cult genestealers in their detachment can use it.

>> No.56194734

Cult Genestealers could indeed benefit.

>> No.56194756

All genestealer cultists have the TYRANID faction keyword.

>> No.56194769

>kept perpetuating his fluff and ignoring what the rest of the company was doing
>thought it wasn't his job to write rules for you

I'm not surprised in the least, he sounds like one of those shitty devs that thinks they're the shit.

>> No.56194771

GSC have the Tyranid keyword. Still doesn't work though.

Yeah. Not unless they FAQ it. Similarly GSC Stealers don't wotk because they are "Purestrain Genestealers" rather than just "Genestealers."

>> No.56194773

>Finally, Caustic Blood is a great way to give a swarm of Termagants a devastating send-off, making a 40-strong block of these lesser bio-organisms

Did nids get a unit size increase?

>> No.56194788

Interviewer: You’re primarily known for your work in the Warhammer universe, what was the appeal of that world for you and what is it that has kept you writing there for more than a decade?

GT: Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 have evolved with a purpose of inclusion, and are massively broad in scope.

from an interview in 2010

>> No.56194794

Could you give Caustic Blood (>>56194637) to a unit of genestealers that charged a character and get CP back with Feeder Tendrils (>>56194668) if the character dies from Genestealer's caustic blood?

>> No.56194803

One of the undefined ones like Gorgon or the new Kronos I'd say

>> No.56194804

I miss Guardfags. At least they understood their rules.

>> No.56194808

I am watching Duncan, the armour isn't glued on, just placed on. I can get to the rest of the model pretty easily I think. Wings aren't glued on yet either.

Which song?...

>> No.56194812


Me too. They were better than Tau players at least.

>> No.56194820

I do believe so. It's technically the Stratagem that is doing the killing, not the unit.

>> No.56194821

Thematically I could see it as long as there's still Genestealers to suck it's brains out.

>> No.56194834

>they are "Purestrain Genestealers" rather than just "Genestealers
Kk. That's what I was wondering. I didn't know if GSC Genestealers were called anything beside "Genestealers"

>> No.56194838

I think I missed those coloured fellas the most. Red and Gray. They actually made things fun when they posted.
Hans, are we the bad guys?

>> No.56194845

I am just a newfag trying to get a grasp of the whole thing. It'd be quite pointless anyway to spend 2 CP for a gimmick that has a tiny chance of giving 1 CP extra back

>> No.56194856

But it's a great gimmick you git. You can deal mortals to some asshole for half as much as if he actually let you counter-attack.

>> No.56194861

At best, you'd get a full refund, not extra. You have to spend 1cp for feeder tendrils, as well.

>> No.56194887

No they weren't, guardfags are cancerous and the time they were on top was extra cancerous. Tau were abysmal on top and Eldar weren't great, but Nids and Guard are far worse playerbases to have as the OP Codex faction. Chaos too, but at a lesser degree.

Honestly I'd prefer Marines on top (they are but only with that one build) again, they at least weren't rubbing it in every single second and had some fun with the craziness. Guard are just blatant waacfags and Nids are so self-obsessed it's insane. Or we could put me and my dark Eldar buddies on the power ranking, we're fun people aren't we? :(

>> No.56194888

Had a 10,000 point game on Saturday.

We only made it a couple turns in, though.

>> No.56194889

>MFW Grand Strategist gets me all 3CP back for my Preliminary Bombardment

I like this edition

>> No.56194905

Nope. Not while you're being that huge of an asshole.
Hey everybody! DE players are all huge assholes!

>> No.56194907

Could the other player choose not to fight back and just fall back or what not?

Both strategies net 2CP but you can potentially get 3 back though?

>> No.56194911

You say that like its a problem for us :^)

>> No.56194922

this is you

>> No.56194924

fallback is movement, it happens before fight phase
you can't choose not to activate and fight

>> No.56194950

Since Deathstrike doesn't care about moving anymore is there anything stopping me from Outflanking it with Tallarn on Turn 3 and firing the missile on 5+ WITHOIT exposing it to two turns of fire?

>> No.56194952

>he called them on their shit, what an asshole!
Which do you play, Nids or guard?

>> No.56194956

In the stated example the tyranid player charges the character and I was wondering if once all charges are resolved the character can decide not to fight back (for example if it has one or two wounds left and doesn't want to risk killing itself). You have some spit in your beard maybe you should clean that up.


>> No.56194959

Is it just me or is this just way to specific to be that useful? 3x3 Zoanthropes currently cost 360(?) pts and your opponent needs to kill just one model for you to be unable to use this

>> No.56194966

Feeder Tendrils is bleh. Extra CP? Yawn. Now, what would be *fun* (if potentially imba) would be:

When you slay an enemy Character, you may select one of your opponent's Stratagems. Spend X CP (where X is the cost of said Stratagem), and for the remainder of the battle, you may use that Stratagem as if it were your own. Replace any Faction keywords with Tyranid, and any <Faction> keywords with <Hive Fleet>

So say your Lictor kills an Autarch in melee, it could spend 1 CP for your army to learn Fire and Fade. Or slaying a Marine Captain, you could spend 3 CP to learn Honor the Chapter. Etc.

And other armies could have similar "stratagem-subversion" shenanigans. Tzeentch could get "the twisting path" (you "steal" a stratagem and use it instead of your foe if you roll well), Zahndrekh gets Countertactics, etc.

>> No.56194980

It's OP as shit, it needs to have some strict requirements.

>> No.56194981

3 Vindicators are 435 points with the same limitations and drawbacks.

But yes. That's a highly niche power.

>> No.56194985

>extra CP is boring, give me this stupidly OP shit instead
Fucking nidders.

>> No.56194989

It also removes their ability to do their own psi powers for the turn. 3d3 MW on a 3" blast is huge, but you're spending far too much on it, while also being a glass cannon

>> No.56194997

>Eating a Guard officer means nids would learn how to duck and not stand in my lasvolleys like stupid fucking bugs;

>> No.56195007

Well it is boring.
+X is the most boring game mechanic

>> No.56195009

well with the right things standing near them and the right Hive fleet they would be pretty resilient

>> No.56195018

>Eating a Marine Captain means nids would learn how to construct a giant one-use bio-cannon in mere seconds so they can rain down a single orbital attack

>> No.56195025

>Zahndrekh gets Countertactics
>You can treat any unit of your opponent as <Necron> on a 4+ (5+ for Characters) and use your stratagems on them
>one of the stratagems lets Obyron discreetly "escort" rebel <Necron> units

>> No.56195039

Eating a Techpriest means nids would learn how to make their bio-constructs explode on death.

>> No.56195045

Do needs gain the knowledge of what they eat? I thought only Space Marines did that by eating brains.

I'd let you have it if my Kroot could have it, too.

Hell, Farsight should have a Mirrorcodex strategem that triggers whenever Space Marines use a stratagem that counters the strat.

>eating a commissar means the hive tyrant starts shooting his own gants and gaunts in the morale phase

>> No.56195053

Still very gimmicky, and I doubt that, as resilient as you can get them, the enemy will allow them to take more than one shot at that stratagem.

>> No.56195054

it's a mortal wounds aura centered on an arbitrary point on the table. Its potential is only limited by number of units in range of the point. It can snipe characters and hurt units out of sight.

it's highly specific and in most cases you'd be better off just smiting with each unit but it's got some value and 1CP is cheap. After GW sees how rarely it's used they will include a better version in a later codex (Jaws of the World Wolf probably)

>> No.56195056

Its ok, nice ammount of mortal wounds but expensive and frail. If you have a bunch of Zoans then might as well use this once in a while to wreck a particular unit or a couple.

>> No.56195064

I imagine it's more that the Lictor absorbed the launch codes but yeah. It *would* cost 6 CP (3 to absorb, 3 to use) so make it count...

>> No.56195073

>eating a commissar means the hive tyrant starts shooting his own gants and gaunts in the morale phase

>> No.56195079

We're making fun of your stupid ass idea.
>Launch codes

>> No.56195081

Thanks to the folks who suggested stuff for me to buy for my AdMech army.

Just bought 3 Ironstriders, should be arriving by next friday. Most likely going to build them as dragoons, love the lance and couod do with a melee unit.

Anyone pick up anything recently?

>> No.56195085

That is retarded.

>> No.56195086

But Vindicator is a what, T7 W11-13? Zoans are T4 W3 and you only need to kill 1/9

>> No.56195089

>launch code

>> No.56195098

Not all 'nids, but Lictors are explicitly stated to absorb memories, seeing as they are engineered as an assassin unit by the Hive Mind.

>> No.56195103


>> No.56195119

It's hydra.
Kronos are rainbows and Gorgons is green with bone chitin.
At lest they were originally.

>> No.56195125

>launch codes for the space marine's bombardment
>Nids eat a captain
>Nids use Space Marine Orbital Bombardment
>They only had the one bomb, so now Space Marines can't use it

Hive Fleet Dickhemoth.

>> No.56195133

It's from Stranger Things, yeah. He's making an elaborate joke about how much he likes the character of Chief Hopper, who in fairness is a total boss. You know how in horror or suspense movies you want someone to stop being such a fucking idiot and act rationally? He's the guy for you.

>> No.56195134

I can't even

>> No.56195135

And now we are in paradise. I don't see the point of your post

>> No.56195144

citation needed

>> No.56195145

>*space cannon volley

>> No.56195154

>eat launchcodes via brain
>send psychic message into orbit since Lictors don't have a comm-link to the SM fleet
>"I think Captain Sicarius sounds different, usually"

>> No.56195157

>You know how in horror or suspense movies you want someone to stop being such a fucking idiot and act rationally?
I mean, that depends on what movie. If it's a friday the 13th film I'm there to watch jason slaughter some motherfuckers not see them triumph over him. Though I guess jason is more the exception than the rule

>> No.56195163

Exactly. It's stupid, its insane, it probably will only work one out of who knows how many games, since it requires the Marine Warlord to be dead before getting to Bombard, pulling off the assassination, and keeping your *own* Warlord alive, but if you pull it off, you look like a pro, and it's a trolltastic victory.

That's where I'm getting at. Not "spend a CP to get D3 CP back" as that's just lazy design.

>> No.56195164

>veil of time
I bet you don't even charge your marines into glorious melee combat

>> No.56195167

>rooting for jason
What is wrong with you?

>> No.56195173

>tyranid eats chaos character
>learns chaos boon stratagem
>ascends into a daemon prince

>> No.56195175

>not liking Stranger things
its pretty good. Not in a shitty meme way, in an actual 'has good pacing, and well written characters' kind of way

>> No.56195176

If Feeder Tendrils allows Tyranids to gain memories by eating brains will Chapter Approved give Space Marines a similar Stratagem as they can do the same thing?

>> No.56195187

>not rooting for jason
Then what's the fucking point? Why the fuck are you watching a friday the 13th film then?

>> No.56195191

Probably a chaos player.

>> No.56195192

Google hive fleet kronos/gorgon with the time frame 2012-15 youl find the original ones.

>> No.56195201


>> No.56195202

Your idea is poorly thought out and makes no sense. How did you not get this from what everyone has been saying

>> No.56195210

>Azrael eats CSM brain
>learns Chaos Boon, becomes daemon prince

>> No.56195212

>lictor eats my company commander
>Nids gain Vengeance for Cadia
>carnac BTFO

Alternatively, and more likely...
>Nids eat my tank commander
>learn Take Cover
>giant gaunt blobs getting +1 untyped save bonus

>> No.56195217

If you're not watcjing to see dumb fucks bwing murderd for being dum, why bother?

You expecting deep introspective dialogue or awesome kung-fu?

>> No.56195222

Nice horde you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it.

>> No.56195236

>Lictor eat Dark Angel character's brain
>became gay

>> No.56195238

I'd like to convert some ww1 or ww2 era tank into 40k, what companies sell good quality models from those?

>> No.56195244

>Jormgablorga 40 man gaunt blobs with carpace armour
i didnt know how much i wanted this until now

>> No.56195245

>>lictor eats my company commander
>>Nids gain Vengeance for Cadia
>>carnac BTFO
>Great Rift gets filled to the brim with Tyranids dropping into the warp

>> No.56195246

Has anybody checked the pathogenic slime yet?
I mean, for fucks sake, Exocrines can have motherfucker 3 Damage on their plasma now.

>> No.56195249

It's just a friendly 1k game you asshole. Why would you bring a fucking super heavy to just deal with 40 Genestealers and four Broodlords flanked by Venomthrope. Dont be such a WAACfag!

>> No.56195250

>Awesome kung fu
That's Jason STATHAM. Different kinda Jason film.

>> No.56195262

that's <aesthetic> as fuck

>> No.56195272

Turns out I CAN just Outflank a Deathstrike and fire at full bonus!

>> No.56195280

>undivided daemon princes

>> No.56195286

>You know how in horror or suspense movies you want someone to stop being such a fucking idiot and act rationally? He's the guy for you.

>Get mad at yells at the emotionally disturbed psychic
>Goes down into the monster tunnel without telling anyone where he is
>Brings no back up when goes to close the portal

All despite being a police chief.

>> No.56195293

Tyranno fex gets 3 str 10 ap -3 dam D6+1
both weapons beats are fucking nuts with PS

>> No.56195298

You're Tallarn, I presume.

>> No.56195304

That sounds more like a GSC stratagem. Ya know with all the mind control and sabotage they do.

>> No.56195306

you also forgot
>Jumps into tunnle with no rope
>feeds a 13 year old nothing but eggos

>> No.56195321

Space Wolves.

>> No.56195336

He is now, I assume.
Now does coming on the board count as movement for the -1 to hit?

>> No.56195344

>fleet kronos
All I can find are some images from Dakka, which I'm assuming is just someone using it's name and running with it. Still I kinda like the theme. Dynamic Posing Carns are dumb tho.

>> No.56195345

Yes, they count as moving their full distance as of the faq.

>> No.56195346

What about dakkafexes with 24 S6 D2 shots?

>> No.56195354

Man Dark Angels codex when? I really fucking hate playing an index against codex armies.

>> No.56195357

Why would you outflank it? Can't it shoot things not visible to the bearer? At least the Tallern trait is useful.

>> No.56195369

I wish boomfexes will make a comeback

>> No.56195370

Tallern vehicles can move and shoot heavy weapons at no penalty

>> No.56195378

can only shoot once
can't fire til a later turn
often gets killed before firing
so hide it off board where it can't get killed

>> No.56195381

>Best chapter still doesn't have a Codex

>> No.56195389

Only Be'lakor is UNDIVIDED and is most powerful DP, Lorgar iz Tzeentch and Perturabo is Nurgle.

>> No.56195392

The ones from the gorgon search didn't seem 100% reliable either but who knows

>> No.56195393

>He hasn't read All Guardsmen Party

>> No.56195397

>breast chapter

>> No.56195401

You're not the real Carnac

>> No.56195405

Bad effort at being Carnac

>> No.56195410


>> No.56195412

>pretending to be carnac

>> No.56195421

Nothing wrong with having superior a e s t h e t i c s

>> No.56195428

Except for the nipples armor, everything is cool.

>> No.56195430


>> No.56195437

Yes, this is true, don't expect to be believed by the various imbeciles and ne'er-do-wells who resist authentic canon though.

>> No.56195444

This. Now it comes on the board and blows it's load on a 5+ and hits on 4+ with the new Master of Ordinance buff rerolling ones instead of getting shot to shit all game my buddy's plagueburster.

>> No.56195451


>> No.56195460

Why are you so afraid of nipples?
If you're going for muscle cuirass it's b eter to avoid the ken-doll look.

>> No.56195468

Wondering how will Dubs they buff the BA, a little bit would not be enough but too much and they become too OP.

>> No.56195470

We'll get a BA codex before space yiffs and fag angels r-right

>> No.56195474

Best looking army coming through.

>> No.56195482

>not taking the Catachan doctrine to Reroll one of the shot dice
>not using your command reroll to reroll the other one
>not using the Vortex missile stratagem
>not buffing your to-hit even further with a Salamander
>not averaging 11.3 mortal wounds

Fuck your invuln saves, I have a nuke.

>> No.56195488

Ground Marines suck because they all have the same face, and the entire army is a bunch of golden automats.
Sanguinary Guards are awesome, because you're only going to have 5 golden dudes out of your entire army of red and black soldiers. They stand out as an elite unit.

>> No.56195490

BAs outgay DAs, you are gay and should feel gay for liking them.

>> No.56195496

Probably not, they need more build up for Sangunius' return. Russ and Lionel can just show up.

>> No.56195507


>> No.56195518

That's not the alpha legion.

Or is it?

>> No.56195521

>Make a big deal out of it turn one and your opponent fucks it up before it fires.
Enjoying that hits in 6+ now? Oooh nooo 3 mortals is so scary

>> No.56195522

What are the chances that GW moves Nobz from elites into the troops section like they did with Tyranid Warriors a couple editions ago. I feel like Orks need some of their choices shuffled around as the suffer from everything you want being in the same slots.

I've come to the horrifying realization I have over 60 Nobz and want to field an all Nobz force now

>> No.56195525

>BAs outgay DAs

Nah, BAs are the handsome guys who the ugly men desperately want to believe are gay because they know they can't compete on the same playing field.

>> No.56195526

Reminder that genestealers can operate touch panels.
Cheeki Breki, preys :^)

>> No.56195532

As an AoS player, I indeed agree that Stormcast sucks pretty bad.

It's an entire army made up from a single CAD template.

>> No.56195543

>its bad because i chose to paint it in a specific way

u wot m8

>> No.56195549

Hope you have plenty 'Nautz.

>> No.56195557

>reminding me that Tomb Kings and Settra are gone.


>> No.56195562

And then he's thrown a LOT of firepower killing a 163 point tank while my actual shooting force cuts him to ribbons.

It's a distraction that kills you if you don't deal with it.

>> No.56195566

Stormcast armour has variation even if you don't want to admit it.

>> No.56195570


>> No.56195572

Take your shit primarch and faction and get out.

>> No.56195586

t. totally not gay man jerking off to the thought of your "handsome guys"

>> No.56195604

>russ comes back as a giant mutant wolf-man
>corax comes back as a giant mutant crow-man
>khan comes back as a giant mutant centaur
>vulkan comes back as a literal obsidian golem
>dorn comes back as a literal prestressed-concrete golem
>lion comes back as an animate wicker man

>> No.56195607

I love Alpha Legion lore but their armour looks fucking rank mate

>> No.56195617

Oh man I must be out of the game. I didn't know a single Lascannon was so much firepower.
Giving them three turns to cripple a chimera chassis IS certainly a better strategy than giving then ZERO WHEN IT COMES ON THE BOARD TURN 3.
I'm glad I play nids. You fuckers have no sense of strategy and it makes all my wins easy.

>> No.56195621

I'm not the one who jumps to gay thoughts when I see a man's nipple.

>> No.56195631

>>lion comes back as an animate wicker man

>what does he mea- ayyyyyyy

>> No.56195632

None of my posts even talked about nipple armour, interesting your mind went there though.

>> No.56195634

>>dorn comes back as a literal prestressed-concrete golem

>> No.56195636

Naw dawg gimme Odin Russ. The time spent in the warp unlocked his full psyker potential. He's calm but authoritative now. He also gave up an eye for greater knowledge.

>> No.56195656

>Shit taste the post

>> No.56195657

>sperg out about magnus but does the same thing

that would be utter stupidity

>> No.56195660

>None of my posts even talked about nipple armour, interesting your mind went there though.

Well that's the common complaint.
So what does make you think of gay when you think of BA?

>> No.56195661

t. closeted fag who thinks appreciating fine art and taking care of your appearance is gay so sits around covered in grease and cheeto dust listening to metal in his parents basement

>> No.56195662

That was a deal with animal spirits right? Not Daemons?

>> No.56195666

Something seems very ironic if Leman Russ is cast as the Loyalist's Psychic Primarch

>> No.56195683

Does he drink semen out of the dicks of hanged men too?

>> No.56195692

"""""""""""spirit animals"""""""""""

>> No.56195699

>He also gave up an eye for greater knowledge.


>> No.56195707

Everything about them.

>> No.56195711

these are the real questions we should be asking

>> No.56195717

Frontline Gaming, mainly.

>> No.56195725

It was a deal with Big E
Sure man
Which is why I like the idea. Who else would the be Psychic Primarch?
Make him have new understanding about what happened to his Brothers and aims to bring them salvation.

>> No.56195732

So you do think nipples are gay.
But you also think gold, red, black, blood, fire, wings, rage, speed and so on are also gay.

>> No.56195741

I played 2k against Eldar as Guard. It went really poorly. I have to screen my units better. Not used to fighting someone who can move twice and just fly over my units easily.

>> No.56195746

>Who else would the be Psychic Primarch?
Sangy was the best loyalist Psychic Primarch IIRC (and it wasn't retconned)

>> No.56195751

>gold, red, black, blood, fire, wings, rage, speed

Literally just described the average night in a gay club.

>> No.56195759

>Who else would the be Psychic Primarch?

BA's are the most psychic Legion after the 1kSons, and Sangunius himself was pretty psychic.

>> No.56195761

>that spoiler
>leman russ

not a fucking chance, hes way too far up his own ass

>> No.56195769

>Sangunius himself was a*** pretty psychic.

>> No.56195783

I do see you play nids. You're aware of the Distraction Carnifex, right?

The Deathstrike does two things. First, it hits really hard, once. Second, it SCARES the enemy. It can't be a scary distraction if it's not on the board.

You WANT the Distraction to be shot at, so they enemy isn't shooting your most-cost-effective-per-shot-in-the-game heavy weapon teams.

>> No.56195784

Sorry man but I also like SW and I think it would be a bad idea to make him a psyker, he must be a melee powerhouse he is the guard dog after all, he was never meant to think much. Something like Hjalmar an Craite from the witcher 3.

>> No.56195791

Sure but that would mean bringing him back and that'd be awful.
Dude spent the last 10 thousand fucking years in literal hell. I feel like that's a good catalyst for personal change and self reflection.

>> No.56195801


>> No.56195806

"Marinefags were ok"
>The whole fucking Kronos campaign.
If your attitude is any indications of DE, then they are on par with the Eldars.

Ork players are the best.
Emperor's children, Necrons, Admech and pure-demon enthusiasts can come too.

>> No.56195808

>would mean bringing him back and that'd be awful.
He's coming back.
They already retconned the Black Rage. Infact Sangy HIMSELF was suffering from the Black Rage in the new HH books

>> No.56195812

>I feel like that's a good catalyst for personal change and self reflection.

Or it could go the complete opposite direction of causing him to be 10x as bullheaded and stupid

>> No.56195826

This is a nice Color :^)

>> No.56195828

So what is it now instead of the psychic backlash of sangy's painful death?

>> No.56195834

>Sure but that would mean bringing him back and that'd be awful

Nah, now's the time of Primarchs and Sangunius is part of the big 4. as well as the most visually distinctive.

All that remains to be seen is how. I'm betting blood-ghost.

>> No.56195835


Phew, guess I'll put down my 1KS army and pick up my Necron one.

>> No.56195848

You can get them looking pretty sweet if you paint them properly.

If you just copy Duncan's shitty "Outline the armor" method they'll turn our horrible because the blue and green clash.

>> No.56195853

It's Sangunius' butthurt that's building inside him and will be unleashed on his death.

>> No.56195860


He's had 10k years to think about what a bad boy he was, obviously

>Oh yeah I gave up my eye for knowledge
>The knowledge that you're a FUCKING NERD, MAGNUS

>> No.56195867

It actually is if you highlight it.

>> No.56195874

No I want my big death missile to actually shoot. That doesn't happen after a single Biovore volley or some deep striking termies on your backlines. Fucking idiots don't even know what a nuke is for. Go back to 1d4chan and take your carnifex maymays with you

>> No.56195878

>Primarchs and Sangunius is part of the big 4. as well as the most visually distinctive.
Who else is a part of the big four? Also while I agree that Sangy is distinctive I feel like that loses a lot of it's luster when he'll end up being another big red winged psyker that's pretty good at melee.

>> No.56195883

Inb4 fuckin curries dot jaypeg

>> No.56195894

I use mine AS highlight for my P3 grays.

>> No.56195903

Eldar warp fuckery bullshit again I guess... Well, anything goes as long as I have him as centrepiece for my BA army.
Guilliman, Lion, Russ. And he will be a melee monster I bet you that.

>> No.56195911

Ultras, BAs, DAs, SWs.

G-money is already back.

>> No.56195915

I'm sorry, have you actually RUN the damn thing? It's hideously inefficient at what you does, the only advantage of it over it's points in Earthshakers is the mortal wounds factor.

It's not an optimal choice, it's a giant FUCK YOU missile.

>> No.56195924

>utter stupidity
Thus very in-character

>> No.56195926

I've been to many gay clubs and I havent seen a whole lot of blood, fire, wings, or rage; plenty of gold though. Also I'm not the other dude, just saying to clarify.

>> No.56195942

Which suddenly becomes an optimal choice when. You Outflank it turn 3! Holy shit I can't believe you don't drink your paint water.

>> No.56195951

Robo-Guilliman - Morty
Sleeping Lion - Fulgrim
Werewolf Russ - Angryron
Broken Winged Angel Sangy - Magnus

>being another big red winged psyker that's pretty good at melee

Have the fluff that when Sangy appears to fight the World Eaters, Angryron appears and makes a Red Angel comment, and procedes to rip Sangy's wings off.

>> No.56195982

>Implying Sangunius is going to be harmed by Jobgron
>Implying Sangunius is going to lose his most famed trait
>Implying there aren't going to be mutant Primaris with wings

>> No.56196000

Different Anon, now I want to see your list. Even for Guard 3 CP just to fire is a pretty hefty price.

>> No.56196002

>Have the fluff that when Sangy appears to fight the World Eaters, Angryron appears and makes a Red Angel comment, and procedes to rip Sangy's wings off.
> Implying your loser angry primarch ever stood a chance agaisnt our fabulous lord and saviour.

>> No.56196008

>mutant Primaris with wings
Aren't Primaris supposed to be more stable.

Also GW needs to make each Primarch different than their 30K incarnation. So Guilliman, and the Daemon Primarchs were easy.

>> No.56196018

>Implying your loser angry primarch ever stood a chance agaisnt our fabulous lord and saviour.
My loser angry primarch already has wings. And is red. Thank you very much.

>> No.56196023

OUTFLANK turn 3 and you still have to roll that 5+. Even a CRR only makes that barely a 50% chance or something on that level.

That's like saying rough riders will always make the charge. Go back to your space bugs.

>> No.56196027

>Have the fluff that when Sangy appears to fight the World Eaters, Angryron appears and makes a Red Angel comment, and procedes to rip Sangy's wings off.
>"But can you fly?"

>> No.56196029

Well all geneseed started as being very stable.

>> No.56196031

their talking about the new nid dex on warhammer TV. Probably not anything we don't already know, but just FYI

>> No.56196042

https //www.twitch tv/warhammer

In case anyone wants to listen to these guys talk about Tyranids for the next hour

>> No.56196045

If the primarch could not cure their gene-flaws before, I doubt mere Magos could have succeed.

>> No.56196055

I don't have a list I don't play shit ass waacguard. I'm just blown away you can all be this terrible.
>Implying Grand Strategist won't make that Stratagem FREE

>> No.56196063

>Aren't Primaris supposed to be more stable.

They already foreshadowed that that's not the case.

>Also GW needs to make each Primarch different than their 30K incarnation.

Yup, but they're not going to do that by removing their defining features. Magnus didn't grow another eye and Mortarion didn't lose his hood or scythe either.

Sanguinius will probably have some big energy shit like Nagah, the Yncarne or King Sigmarine.

>> No.56196082

>If the primarch could not cure their gene-flaws before, I doubt mere Magos could have succeed.
I don't think any Primarch are more qualified than a Magos who got his PhD in genetics and spent 10,000 years researching genetics.

>> No.56196085

>I havent seen a whole lot of blood, fire, wings, or rage

what kind of pleb places do you go to?

>> No.56196086

reading Cadian Blood and I typically don't read 40k books. is it normal that a handful of cadian guardsmen without heavy weapons can kill several death guard marines, a helbrute, and hundreds of poxwalkers/cultists? is every 40k book just jerking off the imperium?

>> No.56196089

>they at least weren't rubbing it in every single second and had some fun with the craziness
take a second to recall Konor bonanza, all i remember is crying about 3e and boasting

>> No.56196093

>I don't play guard
So what you're actually doing then is complaining about a thing that isn't good that you don't use anyway, thinking its good.

I suppose if you weren't a Nids player you'd be screeching about synapse and how it should be morale Reroll instead of immunity.

>> No.56196100

>Feeder Tendrils
>works with genestealers
Does it work with the broodlord?

>> No.56196114

Says Genestealers not GENESTEALER

Look how they say LICTOR and not Lictors.

So works with Death Leaper, but not Broodlords

>> No.56196116

>> No.56196122

Nice reading comprehension, biomass. I haven't been complaining about it at all. I've been saying it's a good strategy and others have been wanking around contrary because they're jealous of my new codex.

>> No.56196132

>is every 40k book just jerking off the imperium?

if they write bad things about the imperium players throw hissy fits, and imperium players make up the biggest portion of their playerbase, the best you can hope for as a chaos player is to not be utterly wiped out and destroyed as a faction, that's about all you're going to get as a win

t. 1ks player

>> No.56196141

Why does it have a BS?

>> No.56196143

>4++ invuln, 3++ in melee
>18" synapse
>2 powers and can cast em both
>hits on 2s, swings like a krak missile with bonus mortal wounds

>> No.56196150

It's an okay way to get off the missile. But it's a suboptimal use of the tank.

>> No.56196156

>Quel choc !
t. actual frenchfag

...Is it a bad thing? I was planning on doing exactly this but if it's considered unfair or something I might change my plans

Can you now equip it with relics- sorry, bio-artefacts?

>> No.56196158

>> No.56196181

A polished turd is still a turd...

>> No.56196183

Force your opponent to play around edge denial or ignore the Missile coming up their pooper. Still seems like a good way to use it as a distraction without endangering it. Plus you still have two more Outflank drops to use for whatever. Did we agree that units get their dedicated transports or does the new one vehicle only FAQ kill that? Actual guard player btw.

>> No.56196186

Nice. Let's see the stratagems.

>> No.56196192

The only acceptable irony is ironic nazism.

>> No.56196193

>> No.56196199

like I could even get behind a tough fight, but these cadians using lasguns are dropping dozens of 10,000 year old super soldiers. how does that make any sense? their captain even kills a helbrute with a fancy chainsword.

>> No.56196207

Deployment rules state that a vehicle and it's passengers are deployed together. Since ambush talks about deployment that's how it goes.

I'm unaware of any FAQ on that.

And I play Cadian infantry, catachan armor. My missile works best if it was on the board the whole time.

>> No.56196209


>> No.56196216

why not? lots of units that have no shooty weapons still have BS Skull taker and Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage for example. I guess it's so we know that if it did somehow find a weapon to hoot at use, it would be really quite good with it

>> No.56196220

Gender is a spectrum, Gav probably just has they/them friends. It's probably a bit extraneous for him to mention if you have like, a wiki page, but its really not a big deal.

The way you guys sperg out at even the smallest thing like this though shows that 4chan will always be more cringe than even the most Sarkesian 'sjw'

>> No.56196222

The power of the Imperium!!!!!!!

>> No.56196226

Well the FAQ says you can only throw one vehicle unit into AMBUSH now.

>> No.56196233

Holy shit, Kraken Genestealers are amazing

>> No.56196236

wow how did someone get a picture of what it looks like when I try to paint

>> No.56196238

see >>56194156

>> No.56196240

Makes sense, one Stormlord instead of 3. Don't see how that would affect the passengers. The passengers aren't vehicles.

>> No.56196255

>kraken genestealers adavnce 3d6 pick the highest times 2
Holy fucking shit

>> No.56196256

They just said there is a strategm that allows Tyranid infantry units to fire twice

and another one that lets a unit fight twice

and another one called Overrun that allows a unit that killed the unit in the fight phase to Move and Advance as its conslodation but they cant end within 1 inch of another anemy unit

>> No.56196261

40k *is* a gay joke.

>> No.56196269

Was looking through ebay, pro-painted obviously.

>> No.56196278

Nazi Dreadnoughts are nice.

>> No.56196287

My friends like ADB. Why. They also want to throw out Annandale and a George Mann. Has ADB written decent books?

>> No.56196306

>> No.56196308

The Night Lords stuff, Betrayer (I think it was him), one of the first three HH books was him I think, Helsreach was breddy gud too.

>> No.56196320

Those pixels

>> No.56196322

Dude, I get that it's wonky. It's an incredibly "open" rule, as opposed to many closed interactions, with a lot of potential for abuse. However, look at how many responses it got, memetic, critical, or "sure why not?"

Sometimes the most entertaining rules are those that are open-ended/debatably emergent in their nature. Or if nothing else, they make for a good thought experiment, because such rules usually require more in-depth thought about the "what-ifs" compared to more specific powers.

Soulburst alone took 2 pages of FAQs to explain when it came out, due to shitty wording. A single spell, Siphon Magic, didn't even get a FAQ despite wonky RAW that arguably let it store tokens from turn-to-turn...

*Siphon Magic didn't grant you extra Warp Charge. It granted you tokens that the "model could spend as Warp Charge Points." "Tokens" had not been defined as a concept in 40k rules. Some, like "Rage Tokens" for a Helbrute disappeared after a turn, others like "Soul Blaze tokens" could remain. A single power, with wonky RAW since its usage was so specific, the writer probably didn't think it through.

>> No.56196326

>> No.56196328

I like the left one, but the right one looks fucking stupid. Like a fat contemptor.

>> No.56196331

don't you mean "ironic" nazism

>> No.56196337

ADB isn't really as bad as the meme would have you think. He makes some questionable decisions at times, but at least he bothered to give characterization to the Emperor other than just the perfect golden boner man. I like some of his Black Legion stuff, though the reformed Dark Eldar is a bit much for me.

>> No.56196350

So I now want to run a Tyrannofex with fleshborer hive in a Kornus detachment. Spend some cp on him and fire off 80 S5 D2 shots

>> No.56196355

>> No.56196356

>just like Perturabo and Lorgar

>> No.56196365

>but at least he bothered to give characterization to the Emperor other than just the perfect golden boner man.
Socially inept retard who some how conquered the galaxy is not better than perfect golden boner man

>> No.56196367

But does that mean you can take three units with their Chimeras?

>> No.56196387


For what purpose?

>> No.56196396

The anus hole scenery that comes on the Genestealer sprue, they gave it rules

>> No.56196399

I dunno, having the immortal, unapproachable god-king be less concerned with mere mortal concerns in favor of the big picture and only the big picture is probably the most sensible and cool flaw you could give the Emperor.

>> No.56196412

>> No.56196417

I think it's part of the locator pheromone strat.

>> No.56196430

No, because when you deploy a transport and it's passengers you're deploying the vehicle, with the stipulation that the passengers are on it.

Since the stratagem only allows one vehicle it only allows one transport.


>> No.56196434

>> No.56196435

No it's not, because it makes no sense why anyone would follow him. The emperor is a master statesman, he should know how to deal with people, not be the worlds biggest autist.

>> No.56196438

For alpha strike armies, protects your 'Stealers from the drop and let's you counterattack. Saves CP from tunneling units.

>> No.56196449

Because just giving them a 9" deep strike like everyone else isn't fluffy enough.

>> No.56196451


It'd be nice to have an edition where crushing claws aren't a joke.

But, oddly I am kind of excited for the return of the dakkafex.

>> No.56196456

DAs' fortress is literally a gay bar. I think they win.

>> No.56196467

All the BA players I've met have been raging gays, checkmate.

>> No.56196474

>Crushing Claws are still -1 to hit

>> No.56196481

I'm not a big fan of him being golden autismo robot man either. A bit socially inept and removed, because of the way he is? Sure, why not. But not a moron.

>> No.56196488

You're only saying this because the one BA player you know is your boyfriend.

>> No.56196493

They'll start a war
start a nuclear war

>> No.56196495

I think it makes perfect sense, seeing as he's well, a god. I got the impression he knows how to be a statesmen, he knows how to deal with people, engender loyalty, and give speeches...but has almost no concern for individual, social situations because he keeps everyone in line by being perfect and marvelous.

>> No.56196501

So you could DS 4 squads and kill all of their stealers T1 then. Cool rule to replace the outflanking that they used to have

>> No.56196502

Tyrannofex now has 3 shots at Str10 AP-3 and can still fire again if it hasnt moved

>> No.56196504

Who the living fuck close range alpha strikes a Nids army?

Also, seeing as the nodes aren't enemy units, you can just deploy onto it from deepstrike, destroying it instantly, so it's actually useless against a close range alpha strike now that I think of it.

>> No.56196510

>wounds a Russ on 3s with a 6+ save
>3 damage
I dunno, with that 'I fight twice stratagem I can see this ruining face real fast.

>> No.56196522

It's the power fist equiv, they all get -1 to hit, nobody gets away with it, even those that used to.

>> No.56196523

>Carnifexes with BS+3

>> No.56196526

And abbadon will still have a 2nd edition ultra manlet model.

>> No.56196534


Holy shit, hidden power swords on Genestealers. That's fucking dirty.

>> No.56196538

simply ebin

>> No.56196549

>What are Helbrutes and other dread?

>> No.56196563


Yea but all the other units that take power fists have a 3+ WS to start. A Fex gets to enjoy his 50/50 hit rolls with 5 attacks when he charges, then is hitting on 5+ with them after that.

>> No.56196581

I wonder if it's point cost is reasonable

>> No.56196590

Dread CCW and Hellbrutes were vehicles with those same kind of weapons, the butthurt that ensued if they nerfed them would have eclipsed the sun.

>> No.56196597

Is there any point in using Primaris Marines as Dark Angels? Feels like I'm gimping myself.

>> No.56196604

>> No.56196606

I would, my Ulthwe don't give a fuhhh.

>> No.56196610

It's like 120 points though

>> No.56196617

>All other units that take power fists have a 3+ WS to start

>Shouts in binary

>> No.56196622

Warlord Trait- Enemies never gain the benefit of cover when targeted by the Warlord or any units within 3 inches of the Warlord

>> No.56196639


I just don't get why the Carni couldn't keep s9.

They're supposed to be can-openers. Why do they have to choose between actually hitting with more than a wet paper bag's strength or being any more accurate than a grot or a conscript?

>> No.56196652

>mfw drop a leviathan dreadnought with twin grav-bombards from a Stormraven
Hello, my name is RAPE

>> No.56196670

Did they buff the AP on rupture cannon?

>> No.56196675

Run them beside OOE for another plus one.
Also if OOE has the same living battering ram rule and ws3+ as the index version he'll be hitting on 1s the turn he charges.

>> No.56196677

didnt catch it sorry

>> No.56196683

>120 points base
>literally as tough as a tank
>can get up to 10 attacks that hit on 3s and wound GEQ on 2s on the charge

You bring shame to your faction.

>> No.56196686

They're supposed to be battering rams, they hit hard on the charge then absorb damage in future rounds. On the charge it's still hitting at full WS with crushing claws which is going to rightly fuck up a hard target.

>> No.56196690

>Dread CCW and Helbrutes were vehicles with those same kind of weapons
And MC were immune to Unwieldy back in 6th/7th ed when Crushing Claws had it. Carnifexes are Tyranid equivalent of Dreadnoughts and Crushing Claws are their equivalent of Power Fists. I would be fine with the -1 if fexes had +3 WS like the dreads have

>> No.56196692

They mentioned OOE

they said they dropped him to 9 Wounds so he cant be targeted

>> No.56196701

It's just GW giving you permission to buy from China without guilt.

>> No.56196708

>I just don't get why the Carni couldn't keep s9
To be fair, they were S6 back in the 4th ed IIRC

>> No.56196712

did they mention warriors at all?

>> No.56196716

Community site just released the colour schemes

>> No.56196732

>9 wounds OOE

>> No.56196735

>> No.56196740


>> No.56196741

Hey, the mortal wounds are new. And D3 instead of Dd6, which is a slight downgrade.

>> No.56196742

1 is always a fail to hit. I don't think it becomes a thing like armour saves where a 1+ takes -2 AP to degrade. Unless they made it so that bonuses are applied after maluses.

>> No.56196751

Nah from 3e onwards they've been S9, they where S6 or 7 in 2e.

Personally i don't mind it, they've clearly pegged the fex as light versatile dread equivalent and the newer bigger MCs are now the tyranid "tanks". Gives it a place again

>> No.56196753

No they didnt

>> No.56196760


>> No.56196764

Nah mars and cawl are shit. Hordes of graia vanguard/rangers are the way to go.

>> No.56196768

I didn't know Genestealers could infect Space Marines, too.

>> No.56196771


They should have at least been given s7. The fact that they're wounding anything as tough or tougher than a Rhino on 5+ is awful.

>> No.56196773


>> No.56196785

Biggest non-Primarch non-FW dick on the tabletop.

>> No.56196786

Self reflection and personal growth aren't how you survive the Warp without corruption. Fucking shit up without ever stopping to think is how you survive the Warp without corruption.

>> No.56196799

fuck you delete this

>> No.56196831

Hmmmm.....I wonder if you can make an exocrine shoot 4 times with the "single minded annihilation" stratagem....

>> No.56196863

Operating gun emplacements?

>> No.56196877

Used to be in case you found your melee unit manning an emplaced gun.

I don't know if that's still a possible situation in 8th, as I have only played a few games of it.

Still, it's kinda funny trying to think about Swarmlord working the gun controls for an AA battery with his swords not-hands.

>> No.56196885

Considering that the exocrine isn't Infantry, No.

>> No.56196903

He's a powerful psyker, hed just use telekinesis.

>> No.56196908

"Socially inept retard" pretty accurately characterizes his interactions with his sons, the shittiness of which blew up the goddamn galaxy.

>> No.56196924

I'm gonna calc how Swarmlord 2.0 fares against Calgar. I'm guessing it results in smurf pie.

>> No.56196937

Oh shit thx anon, just realized that.

>> No.56197071

It's just the logical conclusion of his character.

>> No.56197121

It's a poor man's Homing Beacon, in that if conditions are right you can deepstrike closer than 9".

Theoretically, they could be set up 3" from a nearby enemy unit, but that seems pretty unlikely.

>> No.56197123

>have to choose between bio plasma and enhanced senses

but why

>> No.56197169

And no more degradation, correct?

>> No.56197204

Because there's only one head "slot"

>> No.56197238

how are there nid players in this thread complaining? what level of bullshit do you need to be happy?

>> No.56197261


>> No.56197625

I swear to god if that pull that garbage with my primarch

I don't want them to make a lodel, I do t even want him in the fluff anymore. They are killing one of my favorite characters, turning him into an edgy mess like the rest of them

You bastards leave Dante mephiston and lemartes alone

>> No.56198357

That's what they all say until they fight an MSU horde.

>> No.56198606

Honestly the justification for why the Emperor didn't announce to his sons why he fucked off is one of the few good things out of the HH series.

>> No.56198666

He should have just listened to Magnus and then gave him a spanking.

>> No.56198778

Have you got the thornback entry?

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