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First for Korne

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Blood angels are good you dummies

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Are there any good proxies for Steel legion outside yellow Death Korps?

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Reposting cus new thread

Tell me what you guys think of this list, inb4 "FW Nazi" I play 30k

Blood angels 2000/2000 108 PL 7CP

Officio assasinorum detachment
2x vindicare assassin (180 points)

Battalion detachment +3cp
Primaris Librarian (105 points)
Librarian in Terminator Armor (163 points)
>force axe and storm bolter

2x5 intercessor squad (202 points)
>Bolt rifle, grenade launcher

2x5 Scouts (180 points)
>sniper rifle and camo cloak

2x Rapier Carrier (170 points)
>Quad Launcher

1x Relic Leviathan Dreadnought (309 points)
>2x Grav Flux Bombard, 2x heavy flamer

5x Sternguard veterans (165 points)
>4x combi meltal, 1x storm bolter, 1x plasma pistol

Stormraven Gunship (322 points)
>2x Lascannon, Typhoon missile launcher, 2x stormstrike missile, 2x hurricane bolter

Fast attack detachment +1cp

Sanguinary Priest (69 points)
>bolter and chainsword

3x Tarantula Sentry Gun ( 135 points)
>Assault Cannon

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First for Red Terror the Vore Machine.

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So I've been outta the loop for awhile. How is the Nid codex shaping up? Are Dakkafexs and Dakkarants back on the menu? Anything partially spicy that'd work well with GSC?

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This came up in a game today.
What happens if you roll a 1 on the first roll.
Do you continue to roll them all out?
Do you stop if one is Feel No Pained off.
Do you only stop after you roll each of the +1s?
Posting in both to get an answer.

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great, yes, everything

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>oral vore

How pedestrian

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Whats the consensus on using the same strategem multiple times before the game starts?

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>This came up in a game today.
Probably accurate
>What happens if you roll a 1 on the first roll.
You stop rolling
>Do you continue to roll them all out?
You stop rolling
>Do you stop if one is Feel No Pained off.
You stop rolling
>Do you only stop after you roll each of the +1s?
>Posting in both to get an answer.
You already got an answer

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I didn't know pedophilia was an ability in 40k, though, probably pretty weak and just gives re-rolls to hit T'au.

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Unless otherwise specified you can use it as many times as you want.

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Isn't that the mawlock or whatever it's called?

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I was playing Eldar Ulthwe against Death Guard is now mad at me.

>Night fighting by his request for lore reasons.
>His model count is staggeringly low compared to mine so I now feel like a horde as he takes a large group of termies with Typhus and morty among some other things.
>Morty ends up charging a Wave Serpent and due to a combination of my serpent shields and my craftworld trait it only takes 5 wounds.

Even tho I lacked what it took to take down morty he raged quit at that moment and tells me how much he hates fighting Eldar.

He has that fnp save that he was making 3/4ths of the time somehow yet he gets mad at me for finally doing it to him?

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for anon on old thread

>> No.56190189

I'm torn.

On the ine hand, your friend is clearly a whiny cunt.

On the other hand, you play Eldar.

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Say something, preferably nice, about motley elves.

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It's a conversion for the Red Terror based on a Carnifex someone did that is what I am using as a basis for my own atm. Though I am trying to keep mine to a ravener size. I wish the Mawloc had the devour whole ability, because there is no fucking save against it, you just delete a model with d6 or less wounds if 4 scything talons attacks hit (2+ to hit, re-rolling 1's for The Red Terror).

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>yet he gets mad at me for finally doing it to him?

your friend is a WAACfag.

>Morty ends up charging a Wave Serpent and due to a combination of my serpent shields and my craftworld trait it only takes 5 wounds.

wave serpent is about as resiliant as his plagueburst crawler and bloat drones.

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All of your questions are literally answered in the image you posted.
>continue until you fail to cause a mortal wound or the enemy unit is destroyed
If you roll a 1 on the first roll you failed to cause a mortal wound and thus stop. It even addresses if the wound is negated.

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So it's trash?

>> No.56190226

This is why we had to have a FAQ stating that 0 is indeed less than half of 10

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Were the Astral Claws known for any particular tactics before they went renegade, or were they just a vanilla codex chapter?

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It's not amazing but you can reasonably get 2 or three mortal wounds off of it. If you've already cast everything else you could do worse.

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pls tell me how.

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>Play Deathwatch versus Magnus and Friends
>Rapid Fire 20 Hellfire Round filled Bolters and 2 Frag Cannons into Magnus turn 2
>He fucking bites the dust
>I’m somewhat in shock
>My Opponent picks up the rest of his models and forfeits
>Tells me he doesn’t want to play me again

What the fuck? Why is this such a big deal for some players? He could have wrecked half my army next turn.

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Bikes, speeders and tons of guardsmen. They had their own tactics and army list in previous editions.

>> No.56190262


They weren't autistically fixated on any particular thing, but they had a very large fleet and a specialty in void warfare, as well as a penchant for bikes. IIRC they even got bonuses to bikes in 7th ed in the FW rules.

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>Implying that I'm getting more than 1 spell per turn

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He sounds like a fgt. Good job.

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Okay, so, I am confused on how this works, Red Terror has 2 Scything Talons. Scything Talons lets you make +1 attacks with this weapon if you have more than one pair when you fight with this weapon. So does that mean do you go from 4 attacks with them to 6? (2 with one pair 2 with the other, 5th attack has to be the pincer tail, then both pairs generate 1 additional attack?)

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If you're not spamming your comparably cheap psykers, you're doing something wrong.

>> No.56190284

>implying i use spells like some Tzeentchian faggot and dont use glorious melee
Get good

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Why is that Imperial Fist allowing a Genestealer to lick that Redemption cultist?

>> No.56190289

Alrighty, I kinda figured but wasn't sure if I had missed a faq or something. Thanks for the clarification.

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Good on you, man.

I'm sick of these fucking primarchs.

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The part you're missing is "select an enemy unit". Smite might be easier to cast and cause more wounds on average, but it can't be targeted.

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He put too much hope that Magnus would win him the game, but did little to make sure he didn't get shot to shit by bolters.

He's a scrub

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What's a good Russ biased list look like?
Are Infantry Squads with Heavy Weapons good support?

>> No.56190309

My DG absolutely hates my UMs with Guilliman. I can't blame him but if you're taking Mortarion do you really expect me not to take my Primarch?

inb4 waacfag, we're both really competitive against each other but every game we've played he's raged quit by turn 3.

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How do you deal with people openly trading CP at you local gaming store?

>> No.56190319

What? You mean in games with more than 2 players?

>> No.56190325

Call Dateline.

>> No.56190332

How the fuck do you trade CP during a game?

>> No.56190336

Nothing wrong with trading command points if its a friendly game.

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Cheese Pizza yo

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Pretty sure it has 6 attacks total. 5 with the Talons and 1 with it's tail. Pretty sure they FAQd it so that Scything Talons only give a bonus attack once regardless of how many pairs you have. Which makes me wonder what the point of the Trygon having 3 pairs is.

>> No.56190351

Call the police.

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Because it's gotta be equipped with what it's modeled with!

Even if it costs more points.

>> No.56190373

They seem pretty reluctant to give any single model more than 6 attacks for some reason.

>> No.56190384

My question is would it go to 7+ if you got the 6 or would it stay 6

>> No.56190390

You never asked that, but yes it would go to a 7+.

>> No.56190392

How you gonna roll a 7 on a d6 boy?

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More prof that the 40k community needs feminism.

>> No.56190402

There are a few models that hit 6+ but it's usually bigger stuff. I know a daemon prince can hit 7 attacks with two talons and 8 if he takes talons and the Khorne keyword.

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So that would then be base 5 attacks, 1 with the tail, 4 to the talons, then generate +1 attack due to the talons special rule for a total of 6 attacks, 5 with the talons, 1 with the tail. Really stupid that it isn't each pair gives +1 attack, I guess they don't want assault armies to be blenders after planning to add options (post first 3 indexes) to get assault units in real quick. Still 5 dice on a 2+ re-rolling 1's is going to proc Red Terror's ability pretty often, and the +1 to Ravener's to hit rolls in the fight phase is pretty sexy, puts them on a 2+ as well.

>> No.56190434

Any good books about Spess Mehreens tearing shit up inside Space Hulks?

>> No.56190440

3 Bullgyrns best load out for meele?
2 2+ and 1 4+ invul?

>> No.56190441

Actually a DP can get a stupid amount of attacks. Like 10 or more if memory serves.

>> No.56190446

>he doesn't know what happens when space marines board space hulks


>> No.56190450

Don't they usually send Terminators?

>> No.56190452

I think the space hulk game came with a narrative book.

>> No.56190456

So I updated my list that I posted in the previous thread and I think I fixed a couple issues that I had. Now I'm having entirely different issues. I have 16 units. That means I have to have 8 anchors. I can come up with...6. I can drop Draigo and another character on the table, and he can Gate them up there, possibly? I don't see another way. Also, still unsure if I should take the Culexus or the Terminator Inquisitor. If I take the Culexus, I have exactly enough points to add in another Paladin to a squad, though. So there's that.

So basically my list is
IG Battalion - Stormtroopers

Tempestor Prime - Command Rod, Laurels of Command, Grand Strategist
Tempestor Prime - Command Rod
(3 squads) 10x Scions - Vox Caster, 4x Volleyguns, Tempestor with plasma pistol
(2 squads) Tempestus Command Squad - 4x Plasmaguns
3x Taurox Prime - Storm Bolter, Volleyguns and Gatling Gun

GK Vanguard
Draigo - Vortex, Gate
Apothecary - Warding Stave, Sanctuary
Brotherhood Ancient - Purge Soul
(2 squads) Paladin Squad - 3x with Falchions, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand
Culexus Assassin OR Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Daemonhammer, Combi-melta, Terrify

>> No.56190465

Unless they FAQ'ed Maleific talons, you start out with 7 with two sets, then cast Diabolical Strength on yourself, to get to 8, drink Intoxicating Elixir to get to 9, then take 3 wounds to get to 12 with the EC Warlord Trait.

Without that you can just take Exalted Champion and start out with 9 and go up to 10 via Diabolical Strength.

>> No.56190466

Terminators are usually doing key strikes on important locations.

The rest of the hulk is usually assaulted by regular marines.

>> No.56190471

That doesn't stop the genestealers.

>> No.56190474


I've got it, it's pretty good. I was just wondering since there are a shitload of 40k novels and I thought I might check some of them out and was wondering if any of them deal with hulks at all.

I'm assuming the story would be something like "We all went in, 95% of us died, we placed some charges and blew the entire fucking thing up but in the end it was worth it because we found the STC to a toaster dating back to the age of strife" or whatever, but you never know until you ask.

>> No.56190476

Considering MORDIANs units simply gain +1Ld instead of adding 1 to "their Leadership characteristic" like Catachans do...
...can you get to Ld10 with a Lord Commissar?

>> No.56190482

Who says it's full of genestealers?

>> No.56190486

Huh, that seems silly. Normal marines seem like they would die rather easy

>> No.56190490

There's one about the Flesh Tearers and I think the Novamarines going into a hulk and encountering an AI but I can't remember the name at all.

>> No.56190493


Terminator Armor isn't really that great for fighting in cramped corridors, standard marines in power armor would be significantly more maneuverable and are generally more successful when they are used instead.

The problem is that many areas of a Space Hulk tend to be soaked in insane amounts of radiation, so Terminator Armor is required because it's the only thing marines have that can mitigate it. Also, many key areas of a Space Hulk are so buried or completely blocked off from the outside that they require Terminator armor because it's the only armor marines have that can withstand teleportation.

>> No.56190495

What other things usually appear on Space Hulks?

>> No.56190497

No, because you're not modifying the Commissar's Ld., and that's what you're using for the unit.

>> No.56190501

What the FUCK would pulse blasters look like in SWA? How much would they cost?
(Sorry for low quality paint image, literally just threw this together)

>> No.56190506


Chaos Marines and demons sometimes hitch a ride on them, as do Orks.

Also they sometimes have the remnants of whatever automated defense systems existed on the ships/space stations that comprise the Hulk.

>> No.56190507


whats that?

>> No.56190512

>Terminator Armor isn't really that great for fighting in cramped corridors, standard marines in power armor would be significantly more maneuverable and are generally more successful when they are used instead.

What do you benefit from movement when there's no room to move into? TDA and MkIII were specifically built for conditions where you can't duck into cover.

Isn't that what Space Crusade is about, non-Terminators in space hulks? Terminators take the shock missions in the most hostile and cramped locations, regular marines handle the other areas.

No point in sacrificing only your elites. Didn't BA get fucked badly at some space hulk? Surely they didn't put them all into TDA.

>> No.56190513

Well you don't wanna lose ALL of your super rare terminator armor against whatever is inside of the hulk. And it's not always Genestealers, so you don't need to worry about rending claws.

I think they'll last just as long as the terminators while they face down the bulk of the swarm.

>> No.56190515

Shadow War: Armageddon

A ded gaem

>> No.56190519


Shadow War Armageddon. Otherwise known as "We're releasing this game to be the new Necromunda so everyone will go out and buy it and we're not going to support it at all and then we're gonna announce actual Necromunda four months later".

>> No.56190522

Shadow War: Armageddon.

>> No.56190525

>Rapid Fire 20 Hellfire Round filled Bolters and 2 Frag Cannons into Magnus turn 2

How does that even happen?

>> No.56190526

More like "Necromunda with all of the models you bought."

>> No.56190527

Look at 2e stats. That's what SWA is based off of.

>> No.56190529

>Didn't BA get fucked badly at some space hulk? Surely they didn't put them all into TDA
Dont they have like dark angels level of Terminator armour?

>> No.56190531

A game that used to have it's own general so I didn't have to shit up this thread to figure out how to play some warhammer with my poorfag friend

>> No.56190537

Who was in the wrong here?

>> No.56190538

>Proxying shitlegion with GodLy DKOK,


>> No.56190552


Terminators in Space Hulks generally have to plod around in single file and have limited weapon options. There are also a lot of places they can't go due to their size. Meanwhile you could have a hallway being filled with a barrage of fire from 4+ marines instead of a single Storm Bolter.

Also yeah the Blood Angels got fucked and lost like 80+% of their chapter to a single Space Hulk, if I remember right it was the Sin of Damnation from the Space Hulk game, which then fucked off back to the warp. It reappeared 80 years later and they boarded it again and blew it up to regain their lost honor in the Vengeance of the Blood Angels game though.

>> No.56190559

The authors.

>> No.56190561

Looks like the Blasters didn't even exist back in 2e. Thanks for the tip tho

>> No.56190563

Maybe I want a way to be able to run both.

>> No.56190571


Yeah, that makes sense.

The best option for SWA gameplay now is to just use the 8th Edition Killteam Rules from GW for gameplay but with some of SWA's rules for campaign progression.

>> No.56190572

> eighty Blood Angels Terminators slaughtered over 40,000 Genestealers and captured the Hulk.

Well that really is something.

>> No.56190595

So looking at that pic makes me wonder what one land raider could do to a mondern day nation?

>> No.56190608


Entirely dependant upon what it's made out of.

>> No.56190614

One Land Raider filled with Terminators just roaming the middle east and killing anything in their path.

>> No.56190615


I must admit to feeling a bit sorry for those Thousand Sons who got turned back alive for all of 10 seconds before they got banished into the warp.

>> No.56190622

That marine better not be fucking Eight Feet tall, son.

>> No.56190637

Why would that matter? Marines come in all shapes and sizes.

>> No.56190638

>Chaos fags
>Deserving anything but humiliation, sadness and death

>> No.56190643

>you could have a hallway being filled with a barrage of fire from 4+ marines

Can you? Regular Marines are not quarter of the size of a TDA. Also, bottleneck. Number don't mean shit in tight spaces.

>> No.56190645


I would turn it loose in Detroit and give the crew very specific instructions on how to identify a "Genestealer Cultist".

>> No.56190655

Shoulder to shoulder two kneeling two standing would be my guess, with two in front having boarding shields.

>> No.56190657

Imagine how many shopping malls you could Religion Of Peace with one of those bad boys

>> No.56190660

Dropping two squads of Deathwatch in front of Magnus via Corvus Blackstar

>> No.56190678

You think they have basic tactical squad like movement like we do with modern day armies or are they so indestructible that they dont care?

>> No.56190679

>Shoulder to shoulder

Can you fit two marines side by side in the space a terminator takes? Also, if you're kneeling or carrying a big shield, you've eliminated a lot of your mobility.

>> No.56190681

One Landriader with a squad of Terminators against all the "Hitler good guy dindu nuffin wrong" guys, who would win?

>> No.56190688

Crazy thought. If it comes right down to it, you could stand up. Hell, even put the shield down.

>> No.56190693


Oh good

>> No.56190695


They wouldn't fight Nazis, if anything they would fight leftists. The Imperium is pretty much just natsees in futurespace.

>> No.56190701

>you could stand up

Which takes time. When a big fucker is coming at you, that's time you might not have.

>put the shield down

The shield doesn't just disappear into his pocket. You're still carrying a big board with you. You complain about terminators taking up space and not fitting into places, but think a marine with a big shield is magically gonna clip through things?

>> No.56190711

>Marines come in all shapes and sizes, no matter how many legs.
What wicked webs we un-weave.

>> No.56190715

I had this conversation earlier they seem more theological than they seem Nazi

>> No.56190723

>put the shield down
>it doesn't just disappear!
You're 100% right
Also, how long does it take you to get form a kneeling position to standing? Are you like morbidly obese?

>> No.56190730

>>56190125 still not enough dakka

>> No.56190738


If they had to choose between an ideology based upon racial purity/tradition or an ideology based on social degeneracy on the other you bet your ass they would be aiming their bolters at leftists.

>> No.56190747

How long does it take you? In heavy equipment, in a cramped space, with a big shield in one hand and people around you and pointing guns over you. Life isn't a video game where your character jumps up from a kneeling position at the push of a button.

If it takes more time than for a terminator to just turn around and start running, you can't play the "more mobility" card.

>> No.56190748

I doubt any military in 40k is modeled after actual modern military operations. That said, the Codex Astartes does insist on a pretty rigid tactical structure and deployment of marines.

I'd guess so. I mean, Imperial Navy craft are all constructed to accommodate Astartes maneuvering around in the bowels and all the books I've read have marines moving around pretty well inside of ships and space stations.

As for the weight of the shield...Astartes are super strong and rocking power armor. I doubt the weight is an issue really and I personally don't think that the mobility issue is all that important in the interior of a space hulk.

>> No.56190750

Don't think you can have any discussion about SM in real life without Stormniggers screaming about killing all jews, muslims or blacks. It's some kind of pathological necessity.

>> No.56190755

It wouldn't take me long, and fuck, I'm a human being, not a space marine.

>> No.56190757



>> No.56190771


Space Hulks aren't constructed, they're mashed together wrecks of stuff. Also, regular marines take the areas that do have space, as demonstrated in Space Crusade. Terminators handle the more dangerous and cramped places where you don't have room to dodge and weave.

>I doubt the weight is an issue really

No, but you you got a lot of rigid stuff strapped to you and have a big backpack. All that not going to contort into tight spaces as well as your own body would.

>> No.56190784

>Imperium leaves the various religious areas, buildings, and people that follow a form of worship they can understand as being Monotheistic mostly alone, they can easily be converted
>Titanic purge against "new wave" religions, Scientology, athiests, anything wildly considered a "cult"

>> No.56190802

>It wouldn't take me long

Would it take you longer than to just turn around and start running? Get a few buddies, get into a corridor you just fit into a 2x2 formation, kneel down with one buddy holding a big shield that covers you, have the buddies behind you point guns over your heads, then give the order to retreat. Time it to see how long it'll take all of you to get away from the position and move, say, 30 feet down the corridor and get into the same position. Then do it again with just you standing there, retreating 30 feet and taking up position again.

>> No.56190803

Why would the Imperium side with anyone? They’d force their ideology on us and exterminate anyone who rebels, but they wouldn’t give a single fuck about brown people, pot smokers, people who kneel during the burger land anthem or trannies. The “degeneracy” of the left is nothing compared to shit the Imperium lets slide. You worship the emperor, stay away from chaos and genestealers, and pay your tithe, other than that the Imperium wouldn’t care. Besides, no one would actively rebel once they found out that we’re actually part of a massive interstellar empire and that aliens and daemons and a god figure are actually real.

>> No.56190809

Question, for a custom Red Terror, should I paint the not chitin/hooks/weapons red and the rest as my hive fleet colors? Or just stick mostly to the old Terror's colors? Issue is going purple, green, and bone for my colors (well I think I am, threw it on the DoW2 army painter and it looked okay, grabbing a gaunt to sacrifice to see if it is good or not first), so a deep almost coagulated blood red might look off. Specifically Deep Red from Reaper Miniatures paint line next to Loren Forest and Xerxeus Purple.

>> No.56190817

>tfw the Emperor can't even roll on His grave, as He's not allowed to die.

>> No.56190824

Just paint it in your hive colours

>> No.56190825

Depends on your group. If you play with strangers a lot then probably best keep him red.

>> No.56190829

>Why would the Imperium side with anyone?

Because it's easier to conquer a planet when you get the people to conquer it for you?

That's what they do. "Oh, you worship the sun? Well, where we come, we call the sun 'the Emperor'. Would you join us for prayer." Just replace "sun" with "Hitler" or "Marx" and you got yourself a bunch of allies. Send in Salamanders with Tallarn and you got a whole bunch of welcome refugees from the stars.

>> No.56190834

I don't know what to tell you. Marines are the Imperiums go-to for boarding actions. They're frequently deployed in anti-ship actions and void combat and are given boarding shields specifically for that purpose. Space hulks are smashed together superstructures, but they are largely comprised of other ships.

If you're asking me to justify how it works in real terms then I can't do that. Suffice to say that breacher squads figure it out.

>> No.56190842

>khorne sends in WAAC list
>win thousands of battles except 2
>can’t beat the 2 biggest jobbers in the setting
>can’t beat a bunch of eldar on jet bikes
How many times do you think khorne hate-fucked slaanesh’ boipucci to get over these indignities?

>> No.56190851

So if a genestealer landed on earth now how would society deal with the cult exactly? And I know this means the hive mind will kill us all but I just want to know how the cult would fair in modern earth.

>> No.56190864

>thinking these would in any way be identified by imperials as popular and widespread ideologies for them to twist into emperor worship
>not going the easy route and saying Jesus/Yahweh/Allah are just the emperor
One simple thing and you already have over half the worlds population and a massive number of converts on your side. Not everything has to be /pol/shit

>> No.56190865

>Marines are the Imperiums go-to for boarding actions.

Yes. That's what I also said. I'm saying that terminators are used for the more dangerous and cramped locations where numbers and mobility do you no good and extra protection helps. Also the ability to get teleported out, if trapped.

>> No.56190867

>Isn't that what Space Crusade is about, non-Terminators in space hulks? >Terminators take the shock missions in the most hostile and cramped locations, regular marines handle the other areas
Exactly. As another anon said, terminators are mostly used when conditions are too cramped for tactical manoeuvres or too environmentally hazardous even for power armour. Reminder that they actually send scouts into hive ships with the odd power armour squad as backup.

>> No.56190874

>Not everything has to be /pol/shit

It's just an example, snowflake, I didn't start the conversation.

>> No.56190881

Muh freedom of religion leading to world domination by the cult.

>> No.56190882

bloodgors when?

>> No.56190885

With sjw ?
There will be more genestealers than human in 3 years

If it land in South Canada that is.
Only burgers would literraly pay to be fucked by alien.

>> No.56190887

The Blood Crusades were about fighting for the sake of fighting and harvesting blood. Winning or losing didn't matter. The planets they were fighting on didn't matter. They just came to planets and stayed for as long as the Warpstorms allowed which sometimes was just a few hours. Even if the Blood Crusade beat back the Orks and Tyranids and had them dead to rights, they would have left as a soon as the Warpstorms started moving leaving without finishing off the xenos.

So the real question here why do you continuously ignore this fact? Is it because you are a retard? Ah yes.

>> No.56190903

I agree, I didn't start the whole counterargument about Terminators. I only gave my guess as to how four space marines could fit in an interior hallway of a space hulk and still fire their bolters.

>> No.56190909

I think I might just paint it in my colors other than like the front bit of the chitin then. Just to denote it, I mean it's giant fucking maw and how different it looks from anything else will be obvious, but, the red front and maw should help.

>> No.56190939

No meaningful fighting takes place in areas so cramped you have to "contort" your body, not even a grappling match in a trench. The closest we've ever had to that is tunnel fighting in Vietnam.

>> No.56190956

If your objective is located in an area with low mobility, then you must go there, and if the enemy doesn't want you to go there, fighting will ensue.

>> No.56190963

>fucked by alien

You had it all backwards, you silly xenos you.

>> No.56190987

Considering worlds with Adeptus Arbites and extremely strict laws still get overrun, earth wouldn’t stand a chance.

>> No.56190995

Which is best Dinobot?

>> No.56190996

They could fair pretty well. In the developed world they wouldn't even need to pose as a religion. Just forming an exclusive club as a face and settling the hybrids in some backwoods rural community they've taken over would be enough. After that its just a matter of "recruiting" politicians and media bigwigs to maintain control until critical mass is reached.
In the developing world they have they don't have to put as much effort into hiding or can just rely on their orginsational advantage and hybrid troops to just be the most powerful warlord in the region, as long as they avoid major warcrimes the west isn't going to care enough to interfere significantly.

>> No.56190998

Yes but not fighting that takes place in passages thinner than your body.

>> No.56191004

Because fighterjet-dragon.

>> No.56191006

Cite one single piece of fluff where a marine couldn't fit in power armor where he wasn't able to simply bulldozer or explode through with weapons or otherwise circumvent the area. There is no fluff of marines getting stuck in a cave crack, idiot.

>> No.56191009

>as the daemons leave in frustration to find easier prey
>b-but they only left because the warpstorms. T-they weren’t trying to win!

Daemons couldn’t win and left to find easier prey because they’re a bunch of faggots. Can’t wait till the Tyranid codex elaborates on their octarius battle and states the same thing happened there as with the eldar

>> No.56191011

Especially when melta weapons exist, there is no such think as a tight corridor if you have enough melta.

>> No.56191018

I'm not gonna find sources for your strawmen.

>> No.56191027

Don't know if I'd go wildly cutting through stuff in a structurally unsound environment.

It's weird terminators don't get multi-meltas for such work though.

>> No.56191035

Between Mauler and Heldrake. Personally Fuse the Mauler and Heldrake into a god damn Daemon Engine Dragon instead of two legged 'dragon' that is the Heldrake. Bonus points, can be an Iron Warriors Daemon Prince.

>> No.56191037

Come at me, mon-keigh -

1 autarch skyrunner
1 farseer skyrunner
3 farseers
30 dire avengers
3 wave serpents
9 windriders
1 hemlock wraithfighter

Battle-forged Army = 3 Command Points
Battalion Detachment = 3 Command
Supreme Command = 1 Command
total = 7 Command Points


HQ (549 points)
Autarch Skyrunner = 95 points
firesabre = 4 points
peerless agility = 0 points
jetbike = 0 points
twin shuriken catapult = 0 points
total = 99 points

Farseer Skyrunner = 130 points
shuriken pistol = 0 points
singing spear = 5 points
ghost helm = 0 points
rune armor = 0 points
jetbike = 0 points
twin shuriken catapult = 0 points
total = 135 points

Farseer = 100 points
shuriken pistol = 0 points
singing spear = 5 points
ghost helm = 0 points
rune armor = 0 points
total = 105 points

TROOPS (966 points)
Dire Avengers x 10 = 80 points
avenger shuriken catapult x 9 = 36 points
diresword = 4 points
shimmershield = 20 points
plasma grenades x 10 = 0 points
Wave Serpent = 107 points
twin missle launcher = 50 points
shuriken cannon = 10 points
crystal targeting matrix = 5 points
spirit stones = 10 points
total = 322 points

ELITE (000 points)

FAST ATTACK (252 points)
Windrider x 9 = 162 points
shuriken cannon x 9 = 90 points
total = 252 points

HEAVY SUPPORT (000 points)

FLYER (210 points)
Hemlock Wraithfighter = 200 points
heavy d-scythe x 2 = 0 points
spirit stones = 10 points
total = 210 points

>> No.56191045

Heldrake best silhouette
Forgefiend best head
Maulerfiend best ingame

>> No.56191046

>Eldarfag brings his scatbike netlist
>daemons refuse to play

Seems fine to me

>> No.56191048

>It's weird terminators don't get multi-meltas for such work though.
Speak for yourself.

>> No.56191050

This. The whole idea of the new dex is that any hive fleet can adapt a "red terror" the name is from the first one found by the imperium. They're not an identity, they're a particular set of extremely effective biomorphic traits.

>> No.56191054

Five Nights at Reddys

>> No.56191057

What's the minimum point amount a game should be before bringing a Fellblade?

>> No.56191059

>4 Farseers
>At least 2 overlapping powers
But y tho

>> No.56191060

0/10, True Kin are better, wouldn't share drugs with.

>> No.56191062

I'd fap to that

>> No.56191066


>> No.56191068


Fortune, Fortune, Fortune, Fortune.

>> No.56191071

Yes, this, exactly.

>> No.56191080

>bring up 30k special unit for one legion in a 40k thread

Predictable as ever.

>inb4 The Coils of the Hydra

>> No.56191089

>30k Cataphractii bring all kinds of sick looking wombo-combo weapons to the table
>40k Cataphractii have to settle for the absolutely worst heavy weapon option
It's just not fair, /tg/.

>> No.56191100

Why can't my normal terminators take 5 assault cannons and launchers /sarcasm

>> No.56191103

If it helps, I'm not the same guy you were talking to. I just read something about termies with Multi-meltas and went "well, this is what I saved that pic for".
Normal terminators get a whole unit armed with meltaguns tied to bolters, retconned to have enough shots for a whole skirmish.

>> No.56191105

Nothing's fair, existence is pain, and we're all going to die after living completely meaningless lives that we convince ourselves have value.

>> No.56191106

40k Cataphractii have to use the kit they're allotted.

Maybe GW will wise up and put out an extra sprue with more options. Same with Tartaros.

>> No.56191110

>shoulder gap


>> No.56191117

>GW caring about something other than you buying the already-made kits, going so far to remove options that don't have the bits in the kit
Yeah, they're not FW.

>> No.56191119

>Normal terminators get a whole unit armed with meltaguns tied to bolters, retconned to have enough shots for a whole skirmish.

Only CSM.

>> No.56191122

Again, you ignored what you were told. Now lets take it slow. What as the Blood Crusade objective? Harvesting blood and fighting. What were the Aledari doing? Refusing to give the daemons battle. No blood was harvested and no proper battle was joined.

>> No.56191123

>Infiltrate 10 sicarian faggots with flechettes (5 shots each) in front of Magnus turn 1
>Wrath of mars + elimination voley + binharic override my kastelans
>20 MWs on him
>Sicarians just stay there and get raped by his army next turn because I waant counting on 20 Wrath wounds
>Kataphrons obliterate a unit of rubrics with +1 reroll overcharged plasmas
>Icaruscrab blasts a disc sorc who became closest target after the rubrics die

>> No.56191127

It doesn't trigger you the fact that his arms sprout not from the arm socket, but from somewhere near the base of the jaw?

>> No.56191130

>GW caring about something other than you buying the already-made kits, going so far to remove options that don't have the bits in the kit

Which is why I'm hoping for them to print an extra sprue for the Cataphractii and Tarteros. Like they did with Knights and Stormtalons.

>Yeah, they're not FW.

If they were, they'd include FW options but made them inferior to their own.

>> No.56191133

Everything wrong with latter day 40k. If I didn't already know these are chaos release, I honestly would have assumed these were cheap plastic action figures based on a video game.

>> No.56191141

I mean the idea behind them is solid, fusing daemon aesthetics with machine aesthetics to get a uniqie look for csm, the sculpts just suck ass.

>> No.56191144

> Chainfist literally designed for this purpose
You're right though, melta would make sense.

>> No.56191155

The fiends are passable, but the helldrake is just why. Even its fluff makes no sense, apparently all airplanes turn into helldrakes the instant they convert to chaos.

>> No.56191164

You can't cast the same power multiple times in the same phase (p.215 of the rules)
Except if you play 'for the narrative' of course - but in that case, you should just use whatever unit you like instead of asking about your list on a weeaboo imageboard, shouldn't you?

>> No.56191166

Did you forget that this exists? Bar none, the worst design of anything ever. New dinobots are way better in comparison.

>> No.56191174

What's the next codex after Tyranids?

>> No.56191176

Chainfist just puts a bigass chainsaw designed for cutting through bulkheads right underneath the powerfist the Terminator already has. Melta requires you change up the actual gun thus super specializing the Terminator in question. For Space Hulks, a chainfist makes sense as any Terminator can take it and still deal with whatever horrors lurk in the dark corridors of the hulk since a Stormbolter provides a high enough rate of fire that a single Terminator can hold it's own without backup for a while and fits in role that both the Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon fill in dealing with hordes of enemies.

>> No.56191178

Hasn't been announced.

>> No.56191179

T'au or Orks.

>> No.56191192

Aaaaaaah biiiiiitch-dammit

>> No.56191195

Didn't Abaddon design this thing, in-universe?

>> No.56191196


I did the same thing against Index 50 man conscript guards. My swarmlord came up and 1-shotted his baneblade and he surrendered after that. He had 100 men within rapidfire range of me and he surrendered after his baneblade blew up

>> No.56191199


>> No.56191203

>100 guys in rapid fire range
Absolutely disgusting

>> No.56191210

Guard fags are fucking morons aren't they?

>> No.56191213

Double dubs of truth confirm it.

>> No.56191219

He commissioned, like the planet killer.

>> No.56191222

What if 4 different casters are casting it on 4 different units?

>> No.56191223

It's mentioned that he commisioned its initial construction. It's a big ol' ball of fail depending on the edition your playing in, and 8th it's relatively okay. Don't use it for shooting though, it's still pretty terrible at that due to a retard demon controlling it.

>> No.56191230

It doesn't matter how many different units are casting. Once per psychic phase is still once per psychic phase.

>> No.56191239

Nope, can't cast the same power in the same player turn outside of narrative. Except for smite, downgrade those Farseers to Spiritseers and spam smite, keep one Farseer for Fortune.

>> No.56191243

Well, they DID say we'd get a new race near the start of the edition...

>> No.56191244

Read the Rules



>> No.56191252

I feel like even if he read the rules he'd be too stupid to comprehend any of them

>> No.56191253

Not orks deldar or crons
Probably 1 marine recolour.

>> No.56191262

We get them in stacks of 3 retard

>> No.56191266

>yo, I want a walker with more than two legs
>but make sure a retarded daemon sticks out so much that even a grot could snipe it with a lascannon

>> No.56191270

Not falling for that one again

>> No.56191277

Facism can be theological. At it's core facism is about how your kind is the best kind.
This might be because of your race, like the german nazis believed, but the facist regimes of Croatia and Spain from WWII were all about catholocism.
Islamist regimes also bear some similarities to facist regimes

>> No.56191282

>knights and titan are ok
>defiler is not


To be fair, it used to be able to fire indirectly, meaning it's more of a siege engine capable of bombarding the enemy from afar, then move in and tear down fortifications with its claws.

>> No.56191283

>I want the biggest, baddest motherfucking robot with a goddamn demon inside!
>Make it happen, Dark Mechanicus!
>We got you, bro!
No wonder he is so angry all the time.

>> No.56191291

I meant more like...he wants a more stable walker, with more legs so it doesn't just keel over so easy, but then you have a huge daemon stick out anyway.

>> No.56191294

Imagine if the rulebook was 200 pages instead of 10 like in 7th

>> No.56191296


It would blow up a lot of policemen and then get trapped in either mud or some rocky hills.

>> No.56191301

A single defiler can solo craftworlds!


>Ghostcrusher became legend due to the horrific deeds enacted on Craftworld Ila-Manesh. In 326.M33 a huge warband of the Night Lords descended from the darkness of the Warp on a mission of revenge. Their aim was simply to eradicate the world’s spirit stones, many of which had previously been stolen from the crone world of Aesyl-Sar. While delivering justice for this past Eldar sin, the Night Lords unleashed several Defilers. One of these, Ghostcrusher, stood out as a particularly savage machine beast. The Daemon Engine spearheaded a Night Lords assault upon the Shrine of Eldanesh, incinerating ancient tomes, crushing sacred totems, destroying spirit stones and burning the Guardians who attempted to prevent the desecration. So thorough were the Night Lords in their assault on Ila-Manesh that they left the craftworld a tomb, with no artifacts and no living Eldar remaining.

>> No.56191302

New faction, not race, and it’s almost guaranteed to be some gay Scion codex level shit like Arbites with a whopping 6 units and half assed war gear

>> No.56191309

>have a huge daemon stick out anyway

You mean the helmet? That's just a sensor module. There's no daemon sitting inside it, it's bound to the machine like one would bind a daemon to a sword. It's just infernal energy, the rest is cogs and pistons.

>> No.56191311

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the little skull on top isn't literally the space the demon inhabits, but the whole damn vehicle.

>> No.56191317

New Faction was Death Guard, who before weren't a separate faction. Just like Thousand Sons weren't before.

>> No.56191319

>accompanied by a huge warband of Night Lords and several other Defilers

>> No.56191326

Chaosfags are truly the most retarded of all

>> No.56191327

Anon can you read?

>> No.56191329

>huge warband of nightlords
>several defilers
>a single defiler solo a craft world lol

Look who failed middle school reading comprehension

>> No.56191338

They were there as cheerleaders providing moral support.

>> No.56191339

It's what the Night Lords do best.

>> No.56191342

>tearing shit up

>> No.56191343

Can you not into hyperbole, gosh....

>> No.56191354


Chaosfags really wish they could solo a craftworld

>> No.56191358

Wasn't this guy retconned into many bugs instead of one?

>> No.56191362

>I was only pretending to be retarded
Every time

>> No.56191363

Shit, for some reason I thought of the Soulgrinder. My bad.

>> No.56191368

Nah, absorbed into the hivefleet for being so bamf and code spread into more refined versions (Neurothropes) throughout all fleets.

>> No.56191374

This is not how you can into hyperbole

>> No.56191377

Makes no sense why doesn't it do the same to the swarmlord and OOE?

>> No.56191378

It does?

>> No.56191379

Which edition is this from?

>> No.56191380

Who is this cool fucking chapter with the war paint and puffy medieval shirts? The emblem looks like Dark Angels but those dudes are fucking gay.

>> No.56191385

I see no OOE fexes running around.

>> No.56191387

They did with this edition, same with Red Terror and Death Leaper. They are now not unique and found across all hive fleets.

>> No.56191390

No, the fluff is all still there exactly the same. The Neurothropes are the generic version of the Doom, formed after it was so successful. Doom was pretty much a test run of the Neurothropes, and Theoretically any Neurthrope could get as powerful if given unrestricted access to an infinity circuit

>> No.56191394

IIRC OOE is avoided because his regeneration ability is implied to be unstable.

>> No.56191395

>dark angels
Seems about right.

>> No.56191414

There was one in shield of baal that led the Nidzilla assault on one of the planets, except it had venom cannons. OOE is just an alpha carnifex with really good regen, it’s nit that hard to mimic

>> No.56191415

The other day the WH FB page answered me saying "the next codex will be announced soon enough".
I wonder how long soon enough is

>> No.56191418


>> No.56191421

Eldar stuff is out, isn't it?

>> No.56191423

Probably as the nid book comes out.

>> No.56191425

It’s either Tsons, Dark Angels or daemons. Don’t expect another Xenos codex for a while

>> No.56191429

I wouldn't be surprised if it's the weekend after the nid dex. Or even the weekend of.

>> No.56191430

Makes no sense. The Hivemind did not claim the genetic material of the doom. The Craftworld was left a dead hulk floating in space. PLOTHOLE.

>> No.56191441

I hope it's daemons so the Based One's status as the One Undivided Based can be reasserted.

>> No.56191442

the hivemind already had the genetic material of the doom. how did you think it was made in the first place?

>> No.56191445

It vanished and no one knew what happened to it. When the eldar went back to claim soul stones there were a bunch of slaaneshi daemons there, but no sign of the doom. Put 2 and 2 together, it must have found its way back to a hive fleet, hence neurothropes. You not being able to understand implications doesn’t make it a plot hole

>> No.56191446

They won’t do a Dark Angels codex this soon because Lion is coming out early next year. It wouldn’t make sense.

>> No.56191447

Carnac wannabe pls go

>> No.56191455

>belicuck ever being in an official codex
I don’t think you’re going to like what you find...

>> No.56191457

>There was one in shield of baal
Not him, but both Shield of Baal Exterminatus and Shield of Baal Leviathan did not return anything from searching "old one."

Can you source me up?

>> No.56191459

>So if a genestealer landed on earth now how would society deal with the cult exactly?

>> No.56191462

Its just someone pretending to be carnac in order to inckte shitposting

>> No.56191463

He needs some good new lore, that's for sure. Plays pretty well on the table, but not as a Demon Lord should. Much more of a CSM army support character than anything.

>> No.56191467

So, where does Dante fit in there?

>> No.56191469

If codex 9 is by the month's end it needs to be announced real soon.

>> No.56191471

I thought it was a unique mutation?

So the doom just floated in space until it found a hive fleet? No, that's dumb. It would have called the Hive Fleet to the now defenseless craftworld so it can consume the abundant biomass but that didn't happen because although the craftworld was a ghost town it didn't show any signs of Hive Fleet consumption that surely would have left it in ruins.


>> No.56191485

Be'lakor was in the neutral daemon section of the Chaos index. His rules will be present in the daemon codex.

>> No.56191489

Codexes are announced in clusters of 3 now, not 1 at a time dumbass
Next weekend or the one after that we'll get something. If not, then it will be in the next white dwarf that gets leaked

>> No.56191490

>> No.56191493

I don't trust an Ethereal if he's eccentric. Mother fucker is a genestealer.

>> No.56191494

That was the end of M40. Dante is from M41. He's featured on the next page though. Want the whole page or just his bit?

>> No.56191495

I don’t trust an ethereal

>> No.56191496

>I'm gonna feed some retarded namefag attention and mention him every thread
Can you not?

>> No.56191499

Yeah the fact that they mentioned that means he's probably a cultist

>> No.56191500

>I thought it was a unique mutation?
it was a unique prototype being tested.

the test was successful so we get the production version, the neurothtope.

>> No.56191501

>Codexes are announced in clusters of 3
No they aren't. That was a one off announcment for a con panel.

>> No.56191502

They could announce it on the 11th and have it out before the end of the month.

We've never had an instance of them being announced in clusters of 3. Eldar and Nids were announced after the Guard codex was announced.

>> No.56191503

You don't solve a problem by ignoring it

>> No.56191509

You do when the problem is literally caused by paying it your attention.

>> No.56191510

Starving attention whores is exactly how you are supposed to do it.

>> No.56191514

But that will make them go to extreme lengths to get attention.

>> No.56191522

>make them go to extreme lengths to get attention
And get b& for it? Seems good.

>> No.56191523

>dont reply to X, he is just trying to incite shitposting by pretending to be this guy all of 40kg except newfags know to be just a shitposter
>"dun giv atenshun 2 da nemfeg >:^("
That oxygen you're breathing, it could have been used by someone else

>> No.56191524

And you ignore that and they give up. It’s really fucking simple, newfag. We’ve been through this many a time before Carnac. He’s just a new generation of shit but not anything we haven’t dealt with before.

>> No.56191525

>codex nine

>> No.56191526

Would you trust an ethereal who puts his life in danger for your sake?

>> No.56191532

They announced them as a trio once so far

>> No.56191537

Enjoy the show of them tearing themselves apart then.

>> No.56191538

Disregard. For some retarded reason I thought Dante had been Chapter Master for more than a millenium, but him living that long doesn't mean he was in charge since the beginning.
Thanks for answering my dumb question anyway, and for providing sources I now know what to look for on the archive

>> No.56191540

No, fuck that. It's fun engaging him.

>> No.56191544

I’m not naive enough to believe he did it for “my sake”. He’s just preserving an asset.

>> No.56191550

Then go set up a discord or something. Don’t shit where you eat.

>> No.56191552

Would be hilarious if that happened

>> No.56191557

Why you Gue'la think those 2 things are different, again?

>> No.56191563

Fuck off, Carnac! :^)

>> No.56191564

>He’s just preserving an asset

He risked himself for the lives of a few earth caste workers that he didn't know. He could have ran and asked them to sacrifice themselves for his sake. Instead he stood his ground and told them to run as he buys them time.

What a hero.

>> No.56191566

This truggers the cucknac

>> No.56191570

Man, I need to pick up some tau while they are still cheap. Anyone else snag a few things after this "living ruleset" came and has waacs dropping dose like oil princes?

>> No.56191571

Should I get Venomthropes? I don't want to spend the money on a malanthrope.

>> No.56191573

Bit late for that.

>> No.56191579

If this isn’t tacit confirmation that an eventual chaos+everyone-else alliance will take place, I don’t know what is.

>> No.56191581

This triggered. the Nicucks.

>But the tyranid swarm numbers in the trillions, and they are not the only danger to the Chapter’s future. As the galaxy slides toward a terrifying new era, events far away threaten to unleash a greater evil. A further enemy must also be overcome, that of the Black Rage that lurks in the souls of all Sanguinius’s bloodline.

-Devastation of Baal

>> No.56191584

Black rage, no. 1 threat to the galaxy folks

>> No.56191585

Greater evil, yes. Chaos are more evil than the Hive Mind. We're still more dangerous though.

>> No.56191588

>fail moral check within range of commissar
>use reroll strat to reroll the dice
>fail again
What happens now, does the commissar just blam one and the dice stand?

>> No.56191590

>As the galaxy slides toward a terrifying new era, events far away threaten to unleash a greater evil

>> No.56191591

Why don't the Fire Warriors use blades like Aun'shi? If he's able to fight off orks wearing nothing but a loin cloth, then fully armored dudes can do it too.

>> No.56191594

Can't reroll a reroll.

>> No.56191595

Yes. You lose the usual amount+1

>> No.56191603

Nah. Greater in implication and threat.

And don't say "we". That's cringeworthy. You are not a bug.

>> No.56191608

>fail morale check
>comissar blams a guy and you get to reroll
>fail it again
>lose the full amount of guys that the morale check costs you + the guy comissar shot
You really have to be one dumb motherfucker not to understand this shit

>> No.56191609

Might snag a bunch of cheap crisis while they are on the low and neglected side

>> No.56191612

Because they are not trained in melee at all. Zero training.

The Enclave fire warriors are being trained in Aun'shi's style of CQC which makes them perform better in melee.

>> No.56191614

I'd love it. Tzaanuary was great, 2016 was WoM and the digits add up to 9, I want more happy little plans. I also kinda want Space Wolves to get some things too, it'd be very fitting and stuff. They deserve things too, as silly as their fluff can be at times.
I'm still sad my Collector's edition WoM and Magnus primarch book didn't have 9s as the last number or the number the digits added up to.

>> No.56191617

He's asking if someone still dies if he uses the re-roll stratagem to re-roll before the commissar blams someone for a re-roll.

>> No.56191624

Sacred numbers are a thing of the past. Give it up, grandpa!

>> No.56191625

yes. they're not bad already and are getting buffed in the new codex.

>> No.56191631

Its really embarrassing to see the fucking brainlets that are a part of this hobby
It's incredible how stupid people can be, just eyeing through comments GW gets asking dumb questions or seeing retards who MUST have failed 3rd grade reading comprehension ask retarded things on /tg/
Doesn't it just make you want to distance yourself from the hobby as much as you can?

>> No.56191634

Is 0 less than half of a number???

>> No.56191638

Then he's a fucking retard for thinking he gets two rerolls
The fucking dumb shit that goes on here I swear to god

>> No.56191640

Does ADB identify as an Attack Helicopter?

>> No.56191642

>You are not a bug.
Or am I?

>> No.56191645

B-b-b-but it said MOVE less than half, and you can't move zero :^)

>> No.56191646

No because the blam happens before the reroll. Using a reroll strat on a dice you are forced to reroll regardless is retarded anyway.

>> No.56191648

Turkroach hive fleet

>> No.56191649

Naturally, as any Slaanesh follower should.

>> No.56191657

How exactly does Serpent Shield help against a charging morty? Did you cheat anon?

>> No.56191660

See, they aren't stupid. They specifically question obvious shit to try and twist it to an advantage. They are assholes, but not stupid.

>> No.56191665

If you use the re-roll stratagem it doesn't count as a fail until after the re-roll. He's basically inserting a re-roll before the commissar activates by spending 1CP.

>> No.56191666

First for the Death Guard!

>> No.56191667

It does when they ask dumb question thy know the answer to but are trying to argue a stupid position in order to gain an advantage.

The Leman Russ stationary/0" move thing is a good example. Theres a question on Dakka right now asking if tje Jormungandr trait still applies if you fail a charge. Because you didn't actually charge simce you failed.

The answer is obvious but the guy has stated that he thinks they still benefit from the trait if you fail a charge and you can tell he'll argue for days in order to justify a minor advantage.

>> No.56191673

Oh they exist, yes, but the genuine dumbshits are more common

>> No.56191674

No. I'll have as many threes and nines and I want implemented into things like my army, dice, and more and you can't stop me!

>> No.56191675

>Is 339th post
>Gets Slaanesh trips
You utter failure.

>> No.56191676

Wow, so if you reroll and fail again he shoots another guy and you can’t reroll it??

So in the end he shoots two people and they run anyway anyway... no wonder people stopped using them.

>> No.56191678

Like all of the idiots saying "I know the rules say I can do x, but it doesn't say anything about y, can I do y?"

>> No.56191687

>If it's not OP, I won't be using them

>> No.56191688

I swear to fucking god

>> No.56191695

yeah. It's actually worse to have a model with summary execution than it is to have that same model without it. So if you can get the leadership buff some other way (inquisitors, special tanks), then commissars actually make your army worse.

>> No.56191696

You were so close!

>> No.56191697

Summary Execution explicitly states "THE FIRST TIME A UNIT FAILS A MORAL TEST" so no, it wouldn't shoot two guys.

>> No.56191701

No they don't.

>> No.56191706


>> No.56191709

yes, they do. Summary execution will increase morale losses compared to not having it but having the leadership buff anyways. Summary execution is a tax ability now.

I'm talking about the actualy ability, not his misreading of it. Mandatory reroll+model loss on the first failure.

>> No.56191719

Yup they aren't rare either, but a good example of just how dumb these people are is the discussion about comissar rerolls going on right above us

>> No.56191723

They only shoot the guy if you fuck up and only once. If it saves you a few models its hardly a tax. Maybe not efficient, depending on your strat.

>> No.56191725

You explicitly agreed on his claim that comissar blams anlther guy if you fail the strategem reroll and that doesnt happen dumbshit

>> No.56191734

over the course of your battles, it won't save you a few models. It may save you a few in the short term, but on average it makes your morale casualties worse.

No, I agreed with "yeah, no wonder people don't use them".

>> No.56191735

>autistic werhaboo screeching

>> No.56191737

>Doom was a desperate attempt of a dying hive that accidentally grew and devoured a whole craftwold
FIFY. Neurothropes is the result of a copyright law

>> No.56191747

He goes "woah he shoots two guys? No wonder people dont use them"
Then you reply with
And in it, you dont specify shit. You just go "yeah." So you did agree with comissars shooting two people, you dumb faggot. Learn to read

>> No.56191748

why not just buy steel legion?

>> No.56191749

there isn't a stratagem. This is an ability on the commissar unit. Are you even aware of what you're talking about?

>> No.56191757

Probably because they're monopose metal models

>> No.56191763

What's the big difference? They are both some autistic losers in tanks with gas masks.

>> No.56191764

>/tg/ALWAYS takes the bait
>wonders why this is the place everyone casts their line
Got ‘em

>> No.56191768

No, I was explaining why people don't use them and agreeing that people don't. Which you're not even arguing about at this point. That strikes me as odd. Do you not have a counter argument to the math? Despite that, are you so desperate to win an argument that you're zooming in on an irrelevant fight about the subjective meaning of my statements?

If so, you are aware that as the speaker, I'm farm more qualified to inform you about the intent behind the statement than you are?

>> No.56191770

Tyranids don't actually have to absorb their own creations since they fucking MADE them. And Swarmlord is special since it has a soul
It isn't. The regeneration has been integrated into most Carnifex strains.

>> No.56191776

Good job faggot, that’s not my post.
Have considered you’re having so much trouble comprehending these this because you don’t know to read?

>> No.56191786

>Today on /40kg/, "REEEEEEEEEEE"

>> No.56191788

Krieg are the autistic faggots.
Steel legion are mad max gangers forced in to uniforms.

>> No.56191794


>> No.56191798

Swarmy has a soul? this is news to me, how so?

Also I reckon that what >>56191394 means is even greater regeneration than that of standard fexes. You overclock to the max, then dial a notch down but remain overclocked.

>> No.56191799

What the hell am I missing here? If we're talking stratagems, that's 8E, but in 8E, commissars don't grant re-rolls - they just hard-stop battleshock from taking more than 1 guy (implying that the one guy lost was blammed).

>> No.56191802

>Everyday in /40kg/

>> No.56191808

The strategem in question is the die reroll strat
Now read through the replies again

>> No.56191810

Swarmlord has no soul. He's also not unique, there are always more than one if him.

>> No.56191811

This is an interesting take on bait

>> No.56191812

sure but anon wanted a proxy

well is that why or is there a different motive?

>> No.56191813

commissars were erratad. Now summary execution gives you a forced reroll every time a unit in its area fails a morale test for the first time, but it shoots 1 guy from the unit before rerolling. That one extra guy doesn't count for the leadership test.

>> No.56191817

The Swarmlord isn't unique, it's just a Super Tyrant.It gets dissolved and reabsorbed like every other nid at the end of an invasion.

>> No.56191818

Ever fielded a Carnifex with the Regeneration biomorph?
Hive Tyrants make better Malanthropes than the actual FW models because of plastic

>> No.56191819

I'm not that anon, I'm making a educated guess.

>> No.56191820

Just so newfags dont get confused by this bait, read the FAQ

>> No.56191821


>> No.56191837

>commissars were erratad
Well shit. That's a rather big deviation too.


>> No.56191854

Wrong world war. Wrong equipment. Wrong grammar.

>> No.56191855

yeah, it was a shitty balance, since it made commissars not worth using. Instead of the 100 they were at, they went to 0. While GW should have been aiming for 50.

>> No.56191863

It's fine, you're just salty.

>> No.56191869

In addition to the physical, Swarmlord also exists in a metaphysical level. This manifestation that transcends physical space gets absorbed by the Hive Hind upon Swarmlord's death. I don't know what else to call that but a soul. Besides, if Swarmlord was just another strain of Tyrant, why only one exists at a time? If Swarmlord is to a Tyrant what Tyrant is to a Gaunt, wouldn't the extra cost in biomass/what ever be worth it?

>> No.56191874

I'm salty at the prospect of that sort of """balance""" happening to the army I do play. I'm terrified synapse will be errattad to giving +1 to leadership.

>> No.56191893

>waacfag's army gets nerfed
Every time

>> No.56191894

I took a termie squad because of fluff (there are only 2 strike squads in the third brotherhood). I guess I could try to drop the Paladin Ancient for a Brotherhood ancient, anything else?

>> No.56191897

It's more than just a shitty balance - if a unit ever loses 8 models (say combined infantry squads or conscripts), you are guaranteed to fail the roll and re-roll - there isn't even a point to the re-roll besides losing one model more than you would have. If I'm reading this right, you literally lose normal battleshock +1 if the unit is near a commissar, making it worse to have present than not.

I mean heck, you can write that out
>And if the models lost are 8 or more, you can make a single roll and add one additional to the resulting models lost.

There's no upside to having a commissar in an 8+ model situation. It should be a choice, at the very least.

>> No.56191900

Then you're a faggot because without OP abuse going on like with the conscripts shit wont get nerfed
Who cares about NPCs anyway

>> No.56191910

It is a choice.

>> No.56191914

commissar rerolls are not choices.

>> No.56191915

Ooh, poor imperium, killing your own troopers dont actually makes you win the battle, who would of thought.

>> No.56191917

>Who cares about NPCs anyway
Marine players, everyone.

>> No.56191920

What am I missing that makes this a choice?

>> No.56191929

>not playing the best faction, most successfuly faction, Space Marines, in 40k
Look at this faggot an laugh.

>> No.56191935

I'm not following the metaphysical part, is it because it's a psyker?

Also the swarmlord strain is necessary when the hive mind has been investing a lot into a system and results are not coming up quickly, it, a gambit of sorts looking for the edge that will tip the situation in their favour.

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Swarmlord vs Tau action soon. Of course, they'll make tyranids lose because Tau can't afford it / plot armour.

>> No.56191944

More than one exists at a time. Just not in the same warzone. It takes too much for the Hive Mind to make more than one in a single area.

>> No.56191951

It is possible, if you are competent, to nerf a unit without making it so bad it actively hinders your army compared to other options. It's possible to nerf a unit without effectively removing that unit from the codex for all but the most diehard flufffaggots.

I agree that the commissar should have been nerfed. Heavily so. But not as much as GW did.

I don't play guard. I only benefited from the commissar nerfs. But apparently arguing against them still makes me a waacfag. That insult is losing all meaning.

>> No.56191962

Slow and steady and unrelenting is how the Death Guard will win the long war, good on you brother.

>> No.56191969

I just want them to do the same to Celestinefags and then we will have a good, healthy game.

>> No.56191975

That's a good way to represent the fluff. Guardsmen are more afraid of the commissar, until the ennemy is much much more frightening and they think 'screw it, I'd rather try my luck with the bolter pistol than against this shit'
It's also only ever detrimental to conscripts (since a 10-man squad losing 8 men in a single turn is as good as dead anyway), conscripts who were the true target of this nerf

>> No.56191977

Celestine doesn't automatically win you most games just by being there, dumbdumb.

>> No.56191986

Quick question, can you charge a unit from closer than 3"? I remember reading a rule that said you can't make a charge unless you can potentially fail it (rolling snake eyes).

Can't find it though. Any help?

>> No.56191988

>Celestine doesn't automatically win you most games
>this is what Celestinefags believe

>> No.56191991

What good are gargoyles? They seem to be more expensive Fleshborer Gaunts but with the added bonus of being able to outrun most forms of synapse.

Why would I not just take Hormas for my faster gaunt needs?

>> No.56191998

>hahah, everyone should play the same faction of autistic children who were drafted into extreme military service, indoctrinated, put through intense, deadly training and stuffed full of steroids and organs
>I am completely unaware that they were completely made up to be marketable because GW needed figures that would be similar to the easy to paint, heavily armored Chaos Warriors of fantasy

>> No.56192002

It's an Arbites from the Genestealer's Cult, not a Space Marine.

>> No.56192004

Maybe if you actually played against armies with her rather than parroting internet opinions you'd know why people have a problem with her.

>> No.56192005

>I'm not following the metaphysical part
Then you aren't familiar with his fluff.
>It takes too much for the Hive Mind to make more than one in a single area.
Where does it say this? Why does it take so much and what it takes too much? Effort, biomass? Why Tyranids are been written by talentless hacks?

>> No.56192007

>the absolute state of npcs
Just because Jamal beat you it doesnt mean his guys are OP, bait-anon
Here's a (You)

>> No.56192019

Deep striking and ignoring terrain. Also can't be locked in combat because Fly.

>> No.56192023

get him banned from wherever you're playing. that's faggot behaviour.

>> No.56192025

I'm prepared for the inevitable points decrease upon codex release

>> No.56192030

You should be nerfed because Nids are OP shit, only WAACfags would argue otherwise. Synapse is bullshit because it grants them BLANKET immunity to a CORE game mechanic, you should be greatful to even have that +1 leadership.

No other army in the game so far is given such core rule avoidance, funny how so many “old” Nid players are “just dusting off” their armies to take advantage of it.

>> No.56192031

I just think it's silly that rerolling at all can be entirely futile and even detrimental.

For example, in 7E, even in the worst possible scenario your first roll and re-roll could secure you a double 1 which is an auto-pass. Now, if you roll a 1 - the best possible outcome - you can still "fail" and be forced to reroll that to something worse. More than that, the first act of rolling when losing 7 models is entirely futile. You must reroll it no matter its result.

That's what I find silly.

And I understand conscripts were a problem. I still think the rule should have been conscript exclusive and done something like "If the conscript unit fails its moral test near a model with Summary Execution, roll and additional D6. On a 5+, the commissar is overrun. Remove the normal amount of models in addition to the commissar.

>> No.56192032

>M-my OP c-character is f-fine, anon!
>t-this is all we h-have!
>p-please have mercy!
The absolute state of delusional Celestinefags.

>> No.56192034

How can they be OP when the codex isn't even out yet?

>> No.56192039

b8, but gw will believe you when the faq comes out.

>> No.56192050

>mrw the imperium only has 2 slice toasters

>> No.56192055

People have different opinions on this. There is a dude in youtube called mordian glory who claimed gw confirmed that they do stack. So with regimental standard and a lord commissar you should get ld11 if you do the mordian thing. Tbh Im not sure.

>> No.56192058

Hey now, I only said one more. You'll get a tummy ache if you have them all at once so dont beg for any more after this.

>> No.56192060

Commissar should've just made the roll count as a 1 by shooting a guy.

>> No.56192062

FAQ leaks after playtester and community feedback.

Change synapse to read:
Synapse: Units within 24 inches of this unit ignore modifiers to their leadership.

>> No.56192071

What is wrong with Celestine then? Enlighten us.

>> No.56192072

Shit, yeah, that's actually perfect. Quick, get a job at GW.

>> No.56192073

If you're eating so much bread that those arent enough you ought to check yer diet

>> No.56192074 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56192078

If you could hide it until you got near, I would imagine it could kill any national leader on the planet, or blow up a nuclear reaction.

It's biggest weakness would be getting smashed by airpower so you have a certain window to do what you want to do.

>> No.56192080

>No other army in the game so far is given such core rule avoidance
But ATSKNF from previous editions was very good and balanced, right?

>> No.56192084

GW doesn't employ competent people. It's company policy.

>> No.56192089

I guess I can see something along the line of 'keep the best of the 2 rolls' or 'if the application of this rule gives a worse result, ignore the second result'

>> No.56192095


>> No.56192099

You're making a fool of, please stop.

>> No.56192101

>Creatures that have no sense of self or survival instinct should run away from danger

>> No.56192103

Biggest problem is that a reroll only reduces the losses by 1 on average which is canceled by the dude which gets shot.

>> No.56192104

Nice strawman, I’m obviously taking about 8th.

Typical of a WAAC to resort to what-about-isms, keep up the serotype.

>> No.56192114


>> No.56192117

Basically, that's the only reason I can think of, because Swarmlord is just a specific kind of Hive Tyrant and it can show up more than one place at a time. Why else would it be limited to just one per army?

>> No.56192118

Isn't that like 5 wounds. Conscripts are/were good at anything else but damage.

>> No.56192123

I was always annoyed by the way necrons ranaway, so I had a similar idea
>phase out: units with rule ignore all negitive leadership modifiers but should they fail a moral check the whole unit is removed as they are called back to base
>thy sill be done makes them automatically pass moral

>> No.56192124

>he still thinks battleshock is only running away
GW stated already what it means, a mix of running away, psychic backlash from dying allies, and sudden panic caused by mass death. Models removed by battleshock don't generally count as slain but you could still easily fluff a removed model due to battleshock being caused by a body being bodily thrown into another hard enough to break some limbs and pin it down.

>> No.56192133

without the FnP from warlord trait, about 4 wounds

>> No.56192138

That feel when painting a large model with mostly washes after spending 3 days batch painting 13 guys.

>> No.56192139

Orders could push them up where they were doing more damage than they should.

>> No.56192149

Conscripts don’t get orders anymore, read the FAQ.

>> No.56192154


None of those seem all that amazing? Especially as terrain does almost nothing now and you can just use a Trygon prime to deep strike with synapse.

>> No.56192156

I'm aware, hence why I said could. The op was talking about index conscripts.

>> No.56192158

They do get orders, just only on a 4+.

>> No.56192162

>13 guys

>> No.56192173

Which Phoenix Lords have a place in a competitive lists?

>> No.56192174

Why do Breacher teams not have an option to take carbines?

>> No.56192178

Hormies can't charge over buildings or fuck off out of combat, shoot and re-charge.

>> No.56192181

I've seen fuegan but not much else

>> No.56192187

Like all the dudes who lost to that 1st place Celestine Assassin list?

>> No.56192188

Problem with Fuegan and Fire Dragons is they have to wait at least a turn to disembark and melt a tank. Hemlocks/Fire Prisms do anti-tank much better.

>> No.56192191

How the fuck did no-one realise "hey, these are those giant monsters that are annihilating ENTIRE WORLDS, oh also this one TURNS PLANETS INTO GENESTEALER CULTS maybe we should just incinerate it?"

>> No.56192201

Isn't the whole point of breachers the pulse blaster.

>> No.56192202

How come GSC players only use Purestrains? Hybrids look ridiculously good for troops.

>> No.56192206

Because the problem there is Celestine, not assassin spam and Guilliman.
I say, looks like you cracked another case wide open, well done mister Poirot!

>> No.56192217

Because patriarch

>> No.56192223

Hybrids, like all GSC units not lifted directly from the nid index suck ass.

>> No.56192225

They do a lot of damage for the price.

>> No.56192226


Gargoyles can't re-charge either without a chapter tactic.

Given terrain only really matters for giving small units cover now, I don't see many situations where a building in the way is going to stop a charge either.

>> No.56192227

Same reasons why pedo-gangs are allowed to run rampant in Britan

>> No.56192228

Works for me.

>> No.56192229

Serpent Shield lowers the damage of all weapons by 1, to a min of 1.

>> No.56192236


>> No.56192237

You play on burgers don't you? Terrain matters if they block LOS.

>> No.56192240


Because of their wings giving them a huge footprint, gargoyles can hold a shit ton of territory. Pop them in your backfield with a Neurothrope and hold objectives forever.

>> No.56192243

They could have not taken Celestine, yet they did. It's Guilliman, Celestine, and Assassins. You don't make a BLT and claim the B, L, or T aren't important.

>> No.56192247


Terrain matters for blocking line of sight, sure, but that doesn't really effect charges

>> No.56192264

are you saying you can charge something you don't see?

>> No.56192265

Actually, I always have them take off the lettuce and tomato and Subway, so no, the l and t aren't important.

Guillman is the problem, and Celestine+assassin's are fine.

>> No.56192266

You very much can.

>> No.56192276


Either way, gargoyles aren't going to be better at that than Hormas.

>> No.56192277

FAQ says you can

>> No.56192281

>man, this list is real strong and it has celestine in it so that makes her OP
>Guilliman and assasin spam isn't the actual root of the problem, I mean they might be super OP everywhere else too and Celestine might be perfectly balanced in other lists but the fact that she is in here means she is OP!

>> No.56192291

Imperium soop is the problem. GW promised us that there would be bonuses for dedicating your army to a specific faction, but so far that hasn't been the case.

>> No.56192308

Since you can't shoot something you can't see, I guess melee just became even more attractive to me
Also, nice dubs

>> No.56192309

Army=Detachment. They need to make it so that all detachments need to be the same faction for faction bonuses.

>> No.56192315

Sure there are, it's just they're detachment based and you can mix detachments, so soup lists just keep getting stronger as long as the detachments are specialised.

>> No.56192317

Its happening with codexes, numbnuts
Although so far its just on a detachment level, not army

>> No.56192337

What are your thoughts of refluffing an army's loyalties but only in fluff and not for a mechanical advantage? I have a friend who wants to run his new Sisters army as some sort of Slaaneshi cult but mechanically his list is straight regular Sisters. Does that tend to tickle autism? Does anyone even care?

>> No.56192339

But there are fluffy lists like Nurgle Daemons and Death Guard who'd get cucked by this.

>> No.56192343

I'll take 'what are Stratagems and rules specific to a keyword?' for 100, Alex
I agree it's no enough to compensate for having the best units of each codex though

>> No.56192345

Then those aren't bonuses you get for dedicating your army to the faction. Read Anon.

This guy gets it.

If it's only happening with detachments then it isn't happening at all.

>> No.56192351

Did they specifically say "army" and not "detachment" though?

>> No.56192361

Why? Assuming every army gets a faction bonus, it would only dick over stuff like Ork clanz, or Witch Hunters.

Everyone benefits from it.

>> No.56192362

>GW promised us that there would be bonuses for dedicating your army to a specific faction, but so far that hasn't been the case.
Yes it has, getting subfaction bonuses and stratagems requires subfaction only detatchments.

>> No.56192365

Clearly GW just lied then, like when they said morale would be a relevant anti-horde mechanic.

>> No.56192368

fuck him, Sisters a pure, also Rikku a worst

>> No.56192371

That gives you a good reason to summon them !

>> No.56192381

after disembarking?

>> No.56192406

I'm here waiting for the Witch Hunter equivalent codex, knowing full well that is going to suck ass intentionally due to people like you bitching and moaning.

Git Gud.

>> No.56192409

Of course they lied. They just want you to buy their plastic and funcast crack.

>> No.56192416

Summoning is trash
though I admit splitting faction bonuses to army based instead of detachment would make it worth using

>> No.56192428

What is Webway Strike for 2CP, Alex?

>> No.56192435

So how's Craftworld Eldar? Is it a viable alternative, or will Ynnari still reign supreme?

>> No.56192437


>> No.56192438

How about having a primary detachment - the one your warlord comes from for instance - and forcing you to take your stratagems/special rules only from this one?

>> No.56192440

This and this again.

How hard is it for people to use their imagination when playing with their toy soldiers that require imagination.

Even for mortal armies tau/Guard/etc losing a guy could be the act of sending a runner back to HQ.

Not everything is ‘fleeing’

>> No.56192453

For that you will have to build a list around having a decent amount of CP. Much easier and probably better to sit Yvraine with 9 Dark Reapers.

>> No.56192457



Help I'm having deviantart flashbacks

>> No.56192460

Your friend's a faggot.

UNLESS his warlord is Miriael Sabathiel.

>> No.56192461

Don't have my index with me, so quick question:

Do heralds of Daemons give any rerolls or is it just +1s?

>> No.56192464

Moral phase represent honorable Sudoku. We been over this already.

Hence why other armies allow fallback without shooting their asses. HONOR

>> No.56192476

Couldn't care less. Its just a game at that stage using converted models.

>> No.56192477

I could see a failed Nid morale test being that one of the bugs, in response to a large number of their bodies falling, has been commanded to remain behind and absorb the biomass and bring it back for use in a later fight. Not so much fleeing as it is retrieving something.

>> No.56192486

Fucking newfag

It is HONOR, just HONOR.

>> No.56192492

>calls dissenting opinions newfag
>doesn't understand the fluff behind the mechanic
>obsessed with honor
hi newfag

>> No.56192495

Being this new.

>> No.56192515


>> No.56192520

>maybe if I post things that apply to me others might believe me
t. (You)

>> No.56192526

Actual newfag seeking advice here. How do you justify to yourself spending hundreds of dollars just to unlock certain parts of one game? I can't imagine paying $100 just so I can build Siege Tanks in SC2.

>> No.56192532

The consensus seems to be that it's much better than the index without being overpowered

Newfags or not, the both of you should shut up

>> No.56192538

Every WAACfag picks the best subfaction for a specific set if units. Not OP by themselves, but pick the best bonuses for each unit type and you end up OP.

>> No.56192542

Is the Grand Strategist auto-pick for an AM warlord ?

>> No.56192544

It's a hobby as much as it is a game.

>> No.56192558

Craftworld Eldar is in a solid place right now. They are heavily reliant on stratagems though. Don't be surprised to see some lists trying to shove a Brigade at 1500pts or taking Autarchs for CP recycling.

Ulthwe I'm finding now to have a lot of synergy with the Psyker based Stratagem (not surprising). A Jetseer Council with 4 bikes, Eldrad and a random Warlock can get a lot of mileage out of each other with the Seer Council stratagem. +1 to cast for the Farseer (Eldrad) and a Warlock unit (Jetseer Council) plus Eldrad's Spirit link, which is another +1 to cast after a successful prior cast. Then spending another CP on Unparalleled Mastery which let's Eldrad cast another power can be really devastating.

Webway Strike adds a lot of utility to units that wouldn't normally have that kind of mobility without wargear or a Wave Serpent.

I could go on, but their Stratagems are really good. Craftworld traits and the WTs are just icing on the cake really.

>> No.56192561

I mean, realistically you can use bricks as proxies for tanks as long as your store or opponent is ok with it. It's as much the hobby aspect and collecting as it is "unlocking" parts of the game.

>> No.56192577

Example of this brigade? Actually hard to make one within 1500pts that's effective, especially since you have to spam troops.

>> No.56192579

Steel legion ex gang leader is pretty good.

>> No.56192595

So Bolter + Storm Bolter is a legal combo for a Canonness right? Battlescribe keeps telling me I'm doing something wrong but I guess it's just being pissy

Also, what are some good fluffy factions to pair Sisters with? Can Sisters work in melee with Crusaders + Repentia? Are Sisters of Silence any good or do they just general suck nuts?

>> No.56192611

Army. Then the rules were for detachment.

>> No.56192657

Hobby, lad. You spend as much time building and painting as you do playing. More sometimes. You have to treat it as a whole thing, not just a game.

>> No.56192661

I paid 10$ for TTS and unlocked everything i want and more, fuck GW jews for ruining this game.

>> No.56192667

Here we see a pure gamer. Do not be like him.

>> No.56192674

>t. poorfag WAACfag

>> No.56192675

Shouldn't you be building towards max CP anyways.

>> No.56192682

See the top Ynnari lists in Socal. They don't care about max CP.

>> No.56192691

just poorfag

>> No.56192695

Anyone else not feeling blown away by Tyranids?

They seem to be a bit faster, cheaper and tougher but nothing amazing so far.

Some decent anti psyker stuff from Kronos as the most annoying thing I've yet seen.

>> No.56192699

Well, maybe you should get a job instead of sitting around bitching about mean ol GW

>> No.56192704

Building and painting is something I enjoy, and it can keep me busy for hours on end. Also, you can stick to your army for literally decades and still find someone to play against.

>> No.56192711

I hate building and painting, and I'm only getting started.

>> No.56192715


>> No.56192716

If you were expecting any serious upgrades over the index that made them less bland, your heart was in the right place but you were also doomed to disappointment.

I wish the codices lived up to their promise. With that said, codex nids might be the closest to that promise yet.

>> No.56192720

Well you're in the wrong hobby son.

>> No.56192729

I like the game though. It's my first tabletop wargame.

>> No.56192731

Stop right there then, it's not the right hobby for you.
Unless you really REALLY like pushing plastic soldiers against each other

>> No.56192732

It's okay to be Tyranid.

>> No.56192739

Try heroclix. Its lego based, so no need for painting and that

>> No.56192740

I just started playing 40 and I'm in love with SW. Could you recommend me a good 1000-2000 points army for Space Wolves? Also no bully please.

>> No.56192741

r8 my list. Starting 40k with my girlfriend.
Starting at 500 points. So far have 431.
Thinking a 5 man squad of marines could fill the gap well. Any suggestions?

>> No.56192744

Did she pick Tyranids or Eldar?

>> No.56192746

Oh sorry, didn't realize you were mentally handicapped. Carry on. :^)
How are the assets on TTS lately? Last i used it, there were barely any full armies

>> No.56192751

What legion?

>> No.56192754

Wait until Primaris Space Wolves come out.

>> No.56192758

most lists I see have 1 of the flying guy, wulfen, thunderwolves and then just filler infantry and characters

>> No.56192760

Anyone shitting on people by calling them poor are worse than waacfags,carnac and tripfags

>> No.56192768

>t. Verypoorfag
Get a fucking job you leech

>> No.56192771

Rending Claws on Raveners, good/bad? Double Scything Talons instead?

>> No.56192774


the carnifex has plenty of biomorphs, but it has been geedubs modus operanti to refuse to give us rules to things without plastic for a while now.

>> No.56192775

>Playing 40k for the rules

>> No.56192778

Elite Guard

>> No.56192781


go play X-wing, the figures are pre-painted and its cheaper

>> No.56192790

havent decided yet, they all seem kinda "eh" to me.

The fluff on them is a wandering group of marauders, with a heavy cult following theme, taking survivors as prisoners and indoctrinating them.

She picked tyranid. Her second choice was space wolves and third was dark eldar.

>> No.56192797

rending claws are alright but far from mandatory. I prefer to spend points on spinefist biomorphs instead.

>> No.56192800


>> No.56192810

Kys pooro. Use plastic bags, so you dont break the bank performing your civic duty

>> No.56192814


>> No.56192820

>has been commanded to remain behind and absorb the biomass and bring it back for use in a later fight
That's not how nids work

>> No.56192821


>> No.56192832

>She picked tyranid.

>> No.56192835


I work in the ministiry of foreign affairs. I probably make more than your entire family makes in a year in a single month. But i am not acting like a little bitch like you do.

>> No.56192836

Hey /tg/, over the last few months I've spent quite a large amount of money on a Custodes army, but with the new 8th edition rules and army building, I can't seem to find a way to field an actual army.
To my knowledge they only have the normal Guards, some shitty contemptor and a banana Land Raider. I used to ask my opponent if I could use the 30k rules for them and haven't been rejected back in 7th edition.
Anyway, here is my two questions: Is it possible to field a full Custodes army in 8th? And is there any rumours where Forge World will convert their Talons range to work in 8th edition?

>> No.56192869

>I-i'm not poor g-guys, i-i swear!

>> No.56192871

>Is it possible to field a full Custodes army in 8th?
Maybe, they are overcosted as fuck but still quite functioning on their on.
> And is there any rumours where Forge World will convert their Talons range to work in 8th edition?

>> No.56192874

no rumours.
of course its possible but it wouldnt be good, you dont have HQs or anything.
Have them support a different imperium army like imperium soup and you might have something there

>> No.56192892

You think they will have that option in the codex?

>> No.56192894

>work in the public sector
>not poor
Anon please stop.

>> No.56192915

Comparing it to other hobbies, it's cheap as fuck

>> No.56192918

You must be ancient then, it have all the shit xcept Ynnari gay trio and some FW stuff, baka-senpai.

>> No.56192924

>ministiry of foreign affairs
which one?

>> No.56192933


the thorax biomorphs all have models, of course they will.

>> No.56192935

Wut? I guess if you consider card games a hobby well it could be

>> No.56192971

>have 10 time more tactical and strategic depth than 8th edition
>can't be a hobby

>> No.56192989

Anon please that is like saying chess is complex

>> No.56193003


when anon says hobby he probably means all the cool shit you can do with multi part kits if you're good. X-wing is pre-assembled and pre-painted so its pretty shit on that front.

but implying its not a hobby is stupid because thats not what a hobby is, a hobbies something you waste free time doing. fucking bird watching is a hobby so I'm pretty sure X-wing qualifies.

>> No.56193038

X-wing will never be a hobby, anyone that says it is, should go and see a psychiatrist or something

>> No.56193043

>compares x-wing to chess

>> No.56193061

sucks you be you, the person with a wrong opinion

>> No.56193080

I know, it's suffering. I bought just shy of a 3k custodes army as artwork of them is what got me into 40k in the first place, the only thing I was missing was a few squads of aquilon termonators.

But now everyone's abandoned 30k, I lack motivation to paying the jobbers, and can't convince myself go even buy the last of my army. Such is life as a bodyguard

>> No.56193086

Oh, woe is me for not making fucking assembling and painting job for the mongoloids who are supposed to do it. I guess i will have to spend all this free time i got to contemplate my existence.

>> No.56193135

I'm talking about Craftworld, fool.
Fire Dragons
Striking Scorpions
Dire Avengers
Dire Avengers
Dire Avengers
Support weapon with Shadow Weaver or D-Cannon if you can move points around.

Not super effective, but not terrible either.

>> No.56193137


I am at a position that can be called equivalent of foreign service officer of U.S. As you can derive from that comment i am not representing U.S. but due to the obvious reasons i will not be naming the country i am working for. Suffice to say it is a second world country. And as i said before money is not something you will call an issue at this position.

I just hate seeing some brats calling people poor and feeling themselves somewhat superior for it. This is something so prevalent in the American culture and this is disgusting. You dont see anything like it in Europe. This is such a base and uncouth behavior that you would be chastised heavily for it in any civilized country. But wild capitalistic culture that U.S pushes forward both inside its borders and internationally promotes that kind of behavior. And it needs that culture to support its own market. But anyways, that is going off topic. In short you guys are the cancerous products of wild capitalism and are looked down upon outside your borders for your behaviours.

>> No.56193141

Wait, are we getting a new model?

>> No.56193186

no. thats a converison.

>> No.56193188

Oh no. Someone offended on 4Chan.

>> No.56193198


>> No.56193209

Not offended, annoyed.

>> No.56193222


>> No.56193237

Trying to figure out what country you're from; you sound incredibly Russian, but that doesn't jive with the Eurosupremacy. Spain, maybe?

>> No.56193248

Is this a pasta?

>> No.56193408

Eh mine plays Orks and Khorne Daemonkin

>> No.56193414

So necromunda hivers?

>> No.56193535

>pedo gangs
Anon those are genestealers.

>> No.56193814


>> No.56193869

What chapter should I go for if I want an assault-oriented Astartes army that'll win 70% of the time at the FLGS?

>> No.56194118

Maybe greek? It kinda sound like it.

>> No.56194776

You're a fucking autistic cunt.
Like :>>56193003
Bird Watching is a hobby, let people do what they want with their free time. I bet your armies aren't even painted.

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