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Nice, the codex mega now keeps all the shitty epubs from the glorious PDF master race.

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who /poorwargamer/ here?

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Daily Reminder that your brain tells you that it is the most important organ of the human body

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fuck off yiffer

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College student here, so I guess similar.

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what's with this fish faggotry?

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yiff in hell

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I'm on euro-welfare, does that count?

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Go back to Syria.

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Nth for Lorgar and Perturarbo were undivided daemon princes.

Abbadon is an external placeholder bitch to the primarchs.

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You mean playing with paper cutouts, or?

Why are you triggered by a Saharduin that has scavenged a set of Sororitas power armor?

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All of the Traitor legions are bros and you are a faggot for trying antagonize them.

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Never been south of Germany, beside they'd be are onImmigration benefits, or for refugees on Emergency rovisions benefits which means 4 times the paper-work and prohibited from doing anything useful.

I've been in the system so long I know it better than most case-workers.

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Miniwargaming is a private company, right? Do they have to publish any annual reports?

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Are Thousand Sons the biggest cucks in the universe? I seriously can't think of a more retarded group of people.

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I believe that is a shark...so...swim in hell?

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A wave of technological and tactical superiority.

They have two main strategies: Kauyon, the patient hunter, and Mont'ka, the killing blow. On the surface, they seem a little different, but they are vague enough to basically boil down to Mork and/or Gork.

CQC fluff, Kroot are master ambushers and hunters. Crunch they are barely better at CQC than actual tau. CQC fluff, Farsight is supreme enough to beat assassins in combat. Crunch, he's OK but has zero support.

They just got shotguns, which have been fun as hell to play because require 5in range, but they are only available in the troop or HUGE STOMPY variety, and they still aren't useful in combat.

Tau have no psychic phase at all, and can't deny.
Tau have no threatening fight phase.
Tau have an average shooting phase.

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That's excellent except that it still hasn't updated Astra Militarum, Xenos 2, or IA: Xenos with the new erratas

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have scratch built 4 armies in 2 years out of donated bits and miliput.
and marines
been playing 40k for 20 years

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Saharduin are fine, fish faggotry isnt

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Don't kid yourself the new Tau doctrine is just big suits, all the time.

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Daemon Prince of Nurgle WIP.

Just two coats of athonian camoshade as his base layer for skin etc.

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>Kauyon, the patient hunter, and Mont'ka, the killing blow. On the surface, they seem a little different, but they are vague enough to basically boil down to Mork and/or Gork.

Tau are just WAAAGH!starved blue mushrooms

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Not bad. You do the belly with greenstuff?

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well done anon, I applaud your effort

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Would it still be fish faggotry if it had no hair?

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How's losing to gloomy old Morty treating you, Pert?

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Yeah, also a few bits on his shoulder and face.

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Not poor but no local store here and i have to buy my stuff from GW with inflated USD prices.

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Jormugandr OOE is gonna be bonkers good!

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>Hive mind: Everyone is insignificant compared to the Tyranids! Our psychic might makes the gods tremble!


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Well he looks fucking disgusting, so you did great.

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>GorknMork smile as finally they haz a good fight to be had!

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Saharduin look like pic related, that's blatantly a fur fag's drawing

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>melee bug
>advancing, charging, or being in melee means he loses Jorm bonus
>can't even be shot at anyways unless he's the closest model
Are you retarded? Jorm is the second most useless trait for him besides Hydra.

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Hi /tg/, I'm getting some Kastellan robots for my mechanicum, but I hate the model. I'm planning to use 30k beep boops instead, should I get Castellax or Domitars to use for them?

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It's still weird to me that they went so hard for one single aspect of combat for the Tau. I mean even Khorne muhreens and daemons have some good ranged options and can deny in addition to their usual BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD schtick.

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>Tau have no psychic phase at all, and can't deny.
>Tau have no threatening fight phase.
>Tau have an average shooting phase.
And this is what happens when the lead playtester literally says he wants Tau squatted.

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We huffed some of that Nurgle's green gas good shit that Morty brought over and it was AWWRIIGHHT. Best bros now again.

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Could Bezerker hordes be good if you toss them all in Rhinos and Land Raider?

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>Iron Warriors
Daily reminder.

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But...they have overwatch! So they have 1 and 1/6 of a shooting phase!

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No way I'm using those old models formy Tau Auxiliary.

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Castellax, it's right in the name. They're based on the same oldschool Castellans as the Kastelans™ except they are 10000% better designed in every possible way.

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Sorry anon, WH40k is a ranged army game. Pick up some guns and you'll be alright.

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According to the book 'Tallarn'. Perturabo belongs to Slaanesh.

Lorgar most likely belongs to Tzeentch. It makes sense.

It doesn't make sense to have undivided Daemon Princes.

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Tau were designed to be counter to most of 40k values. hopeful naive optimists with big guns and no love for cqc. it's so against the type that it's hilarious

those crisis suits are like s5 with 3 attacks and anyone can wiff hard or actually win in combat due to dice.

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That's because the T'au commit the mistake of thinking they're in a logical universe, where melee on an army-wide scale is retarded because you'd get shot to cinders by the insane futuristic guns and artillery before being able to see your opponent's noses. Unfortunately, this is 40k, where green retard fungus with construction equipment hit harder than missile launchers and plucked-off-the-street conscripts can outrun motorbikes by having a dude yell at them really loud.

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What Berzerkers need to be compelling is basically more speed, but not a transport.

Examples of fluff-friendly ways to do this:
Let them ride Juggernauts.
Let them mutate to have wings.
Let them take wounds to go faster, not too differently from Warp Spiders, but with more blood.

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>It's a "biased guardfag writes about his beloved dudes" episode again
No one gives a fuck.

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>Make sense

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So does everyone else, and their unique rule leaves the supporting shooters unable to overwatch again for the rest of the phase. It's a sad state of affairs.
>shooting army

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>Tau have an average shooting phase.
>S5 30" small arms on cheap infantry that can triple tap with a cheap HQ
>4 18" meltaguns on BS 2+ commanders
>4 shot S5 carbines on cheap, tough gun drones
>smart missiles that ignore LoS
>buncha shit that deals mortal wounds
They're good at shooting, don't be a bitch anon. Just because Riptides can't literally erase twice their points in models per turn from the other side of the board while JSJing and being untouchable anymore doesn't make them "average"

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Any consensus on how much to tip GW/FLGS managers?

I currently do a flat $5 but am curious what you guys do?

Maybe it varies in states? I'm in Seattle.

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Also, because in every single battle all the armies start within staring distance of eachother, instead of having miles and miles of dead mans land like in a real global scale war.

I guess the melee does make sense in certain parts though, like when fighting in enclosed spaces like city ruins or fortresses where its not worth bombarding everything due to objecives and other stuff, so you gotta send dudes in to do the dirty work

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It does for Lorgar since he literally worships all four as a pantheon. Pert's a different case and should have never became a daemon at all, but that would have ruined the old narrative of the Primarchs being long-gone and forgotten figures of myth unless GW made him disappear after the Heresy like they did with Russ and Khan or just have him die during the siege of Terra. Now with the new direction they're going for it'd be alright to have Pert never become a daemon and just use Chaos for his own ends like the rest of his legion already does.

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It's not "guard is great", it's "perty and his legion of autists fucking suck".

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DO NOT reply to the Carnac.
Constrict it to deprive it of nutrition and wait for it to die and fall off, like a haemorrhoid.

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>tipping GW managers
what the fuck

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Is the Anti-Invuln gun really that strong?

>> No.56181332

Don't tip. Just buy from their store.

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What's the advantage of taking eviscerators in a space marine assault squad over their other melee options?

>> No.56181336


It makes plenty of sense for Lorgar. He's a priest of all four of the gods. Expecting only a single one of them to want him is silly.

>> No.56181337

Why would you do that? They're paid perfectly reasonable salaries for what they do. If you're feeling impressed with the service from a peon, tipping them would make sense, since they usually make minimum wage.

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Only against like two armies in the game.

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Y-You tip people that arent pizza delivers or Waitresses? What is wrong with you Seattle

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thanks. to be honest I was in the last thread talking about my 7 war walker. got them off ebay. 7 old war walkers for £18. had to make some replacement parts and cast some bits but also made 3 wraithlords from the left overs. funny thing is because they all have different mixes of metal and plastic they all weigh different despite looking the same

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The best tip you can do is to buy from them and play at their store while not being a shithead. More good, friendly people at the LGS = more people willing to go there and buy shit.

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Just tip your fedora on the way out.

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Eviscerators look cool

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Not really. It's -1 AP so it's kinda meh against units with Inv + Armour. It's only really any good against pure inv save units.

>> No.56181359

Really? Do you have the line handy where it claims that about Perturabo? I've never heard of that being a thing.

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>That image
>Flashbacks to when my Chaos Lord on a Juggernaut with Axe of Blind Fury sliced his way through 10 fire warriors, 9 drones to reach a bare bones commander, failed to hit him due to rolling a 1, commander judo chopped him doing 1 wound, i lost combat, i failed morale, he sweeping advanced and killed my lord.


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Dude, War of Dakka was in its first stages a disaster for the T'au because Farsight ignored the T'au methods of dealing with the Orks at range, and went into close combat fights with the Orks. The Ork 4th ED codex calls out Farsight on that.

The T'au ranged mobile warfare frustrates the Orks and sometime forces them to leave in disgust. The same thing happened recently but with the Eldar and Khornates see below.

>The Red Tide

>The sixth wave of the Blood Crusade stabs into the galactic west, its forces materialising upon planets to wreak havoc. On the Imperial planet of Upsilon, one of the outermost bastions of Terra’s defences, the armies of Khorne are fought to a standstill. It is not Mankind’s defensive fortresses or walls that ultimately impede the slaughter, however, but the Wild Riders of Saim-Hann. No less than five entire clans descend into the maelstrom. The streams of jetbikes weave in between the wreckage of broken bunkers and smashed gun towers to pour devastating fire upon the massed Bloodletters before darting away. Baying with rage, the murderous Daemon hosts charge over and over but fail to reach their fleet foes. As the Daemons leave in frustration to find easier prey, the Asuryani too disperse, without a word to the stunned human survivors

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>I didn't read the shit in last thread about how Tau can't be played without Commander Spam and Drone hordes
>So I'll counter the point about Tau being a poor army by talking about how commander spam and drone hordes makes us go from poor to average again!
>Also I'll throw in some shit about mortal wounds like I know what I'm talking about

Look at this faggot
Tau are like second or third to last in sources of mortal wounds.

>> No.56181395

So things like the lowest level daemons.

>> No.56181399

>That's because the T'au commit the mistake of thinking they're in a logical universe, where melee on an army-wide scale is retarded because you'd get shot to cinders by the insane futuristic guns and artillery before being able to see your opponent's noses. Unfortunately, this is 40k, where green retard fungus with construction equipment hit harder than missile launchers
You'd think the blueberries would have figured it ot after they tried to negotiate (read: preach the Greater Good via Water Caste) with the Orks (TWICE) and had their delegations massacred as a result.

I mean, you're first real enemy in the galaxy is the walking embodiment of the 'reject your reality and replace it with my own' Adam Savage quote. It's kind of a BIG hint that the galaxy doesn't operate logically.

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He is making a mistake. He is mistaking a random Iron Warrior with Pert.

>> No.56181405

>1 weapon
>BS 3+ at best, pretty much no access to rerolls (not any that I can think of)
>d6 shots only instead of, say, 6, like the exocrine
>S7 means it wounds typical infantry on 3s, 2s if your lucky, and is pretty useless against tanks
>AP-1 means its pretty worthless against heavily armored stuff that uses invulns like Terminators anyway
>D2 is decent, but wont really dent anthing significantly

No. People are just losing their shit as always.

>> No.56181407

No, some are just butthurt thy can't have magnus immune to all but MW's.

>> No.56181408


And Harlies.

>> No.56181409

7th is Maryrose Kennedy before her lobotomy. 8th is Maryrose Kennedy after.

You know this to be true.

>> No.56181412

It fucks Brimstones especially, which is nice.

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>i failed morale
chaos lords are fearless

>> No.56181415

Let's not be disingenuous here, 40k isn't a vacuum.

>S5 30" small arms on cheap infantry that can triple tap with a cheap HQ

Compare that to Guardsmen, which cost half what they do and can quadruple tap with a cheaper HQ.

>4 18" meltaguns on BS 2+ commanders
>4 shot S5 carbines on cheap, tough gun drones

About the only saving graces currently.

>smart missiles that ignore LoS

On a couple of overcosted units that look at IG artillery and cry bitter communist tears.

>buncha shit that deals mortal wounds

Anon, Tau MW support fucking sucks. 6s to wound on railguns, which are on incredibly suboptimal units, or Skyrays, the most pathetic unit in the game? About the only passable source is seeker missiles on Longstrike, and those are one-use.

The big problems of Tau in 8th is that they neutered Markerlights, which were necessary to make up for the shitty BS4+ across the board, and gave precious little back. Tau's special rules got nerfed, given to everyone or eliminated outright. And on top of that, they made almost the entire army absurdly overcosted -- ever compare a Hammerhead to a Predator? Riptides can't erase twice their points per turn anymore, but they can't erase a fifth either. Gun drones and commanders got past the playtesters somehow, but CA is gonna fix that right up.

>> No.56181417


Highly efficient versus HQ/Elite choices in the dark elder index and highly efficient versus all models in the Harlequin index. Likewise strong against the Ynarri Characters, basically it fucks up everything i own by forcing them to take 6s to save or no save at all.

>> No.56181428

Would I be a waacfag if in apoc games, I come in nothing but drones and suits larger then the XV8 ones and throw around Gundam quotes once in a while?

>> No.56181431


I know, I want to use them real bad but they are just straight up worse than a thunder hammer ><

>> No.56181433

I once had a drone that did 2 wounds to Harpy on the charge and secured an objective because of it.
It was glorious

>> No.56181434

No one knows what the fuck you're talking about.

7th was the worst edition we've ever had, and 8th is the best, as someone who has played every edition since 2nd ed.

>> No.56181440

Castellax is cute CUTEEEEEEEEE

Domitar is cool though, that gangsta pose looks funny

>> No.56181442

Dude, because they met the Orks the T'au successfully negotiated and subjugated a lot of species and races.

For every race that rejects the T'au, dozens have joined up or opened themselves to be preached to. And you are wrong. The first race that the T'au fought were the pancake space polar bears. They swiftly defeated and assimilated them.

>> No.56181445

Rulesfags pls halp
>Defend objective x
>Gain 2 victory points if you control this objective for 2 consecutive turns
An opponent I played earlier today argued that the rule only applies during my own turns, meaning I got fucked over because I controlled it from the beginning of my final turn, but he had the last turn of the match so said I didn’t get the points. I did this because the points were 8-9 (he was ahead) and his models were too far away to deny the objective to me.

In my opinion the wording says just turns ie it doesn’t specify whose turns, so I argued that if I control the objective at the start of my turn and by the end of his turn, I get the VP.

Who is in the right here? I couldn’t find an errata/FAQ.

>> No.56181447

>What is wrong with you Seattle
Seattlite here: he's a weirdo (then again, Seattle's pretty odd itself. See Fremont). This is the first time I've EVER heard of anyone tipping an FLGS manager before.

>> No.56181457

My point exactly.

>> No.56181458

>which cost half what they do and can quadruple tap with a cheaper HQ
With S3 guns at shorter range? While having worse armour? Sure.

>> No.56181460

Castellax look like sad fish.

>> No.56181462

But they look way cooler

>> No.56181464

>apoc games
The whole point of Apoc games is that anything goes. Just have fun with whatever you like.

>> No.56181468

I'm a huge faggot

I have no friends

I have no human interaction besides my mother

The closest I get to talking to people are stupid shit like these desperate bids for attention.

>> No.56181472


This was in 7th, they weren't fearless back then are they? Otherwise i played with a horrific handicap for a year.

>Finally rage quit and sold everything when the same chaos lord managed to roll an extra wound for his boon at the start of the game, then my new friend killed him with a grey knight in 1 shot.

Fuck instant death force weapons.

>> No.56181476

Do people even use the splitting rules?

>> No.56181477

Build and paint them, even field them. 1 assault guy with slightly worse gear isn't going to make the whole game fall apart - I mean, you're already running assault marines.

Plus, there's a chance it may end up being stronk in some other edition down the road.

>> No.56181481

I'm guessing it's because when he pays with a card, it asks if he wants to tip, so he just assumes he's supposed to.

I see this at some places, like me local Panera. It makes sense, it doesn't hurt to ask I guess and it works on knobs who panic in those situations....

>> No.56181492

Nice blog post, but try >>/soc/ for some help.

>> No.56181493

Tipping owners sounds friggen weird to me. Like I mean if you buy stuff from their store from time to time (and if you are going to use their space you buy something, or someone in the group you are playing with does) it is polite but not required. I try to any time I go to an LGS buy something or order something and not window shop even, unless playing in a league, because then I am putting money down so they are getting something out of me.

>> No.56181496

Well fuck you, now I can't unsee it.

>> No.56181500

I don't know why you would, since they amount to an inferior deployment method - you still pay for the models, but can't have them until your first models die. Pretty retarded.

>> No.56181501

They were in fact Fearless, unlike Space Marine Captains.

I miss Disclord, and the Scrolls of Magnus. Last 7e game I got in, he turned into a S9 T9 wrecking disc of destruction.

>> No.56181503

I probably will since I would actually like to see CSM in a light different from just being mindless killing machines
What are some other cute and unlikely friendships in 40k fluff?

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>> No.56181508

I think that was before Farsight got his own supplement and became teh bestest evar. Don't get me wrong, he's my favorite character, but dude's not allowed to lose nowadays.

>> No.56181511

>Sweeping Advance
God fuckign christ dont ever bring that shit up in my safe space ever again

>> No.56181530

Some third party makes alternate robot heads for Castellans that aren't nearly as bad.

>> No.56181532

>they weren't fearless back then are they?
read yo rules, nigger

when they took away the mark of undecided, they gave all chaos lords fearless by default

>> No.56181533

>sweeping advance

>> No.56181534

Remember that the Kronos WT (d3 wounds on failed psychic tests) combined with Shadow in the Warp hard counters Horror smite spam.

>> No.56181553

And with a boatload of extremely varied, potent and cheap-sourced buffs. Tau pay the Markerlight Tax on near every unit, even now that the benefit is paltry.

>> No.56181554

Even his supp features him losing the first stage of that war due to his overconfidence.

>> No.56181558

Psychic Scream would also be amusing, since they'd forget how to Smite.

>> No.56181564


That annoys me so much. That moment is one of the clearest memories i have of 40k, along with playing against my Eldar pal who destroyed my 2 Sicarans with a single squad of fire warriors by hiding behind wreckages of wave serpents.

>> No.56181567

Nope. They cost reinforcement points, and splitting takes place before Battleshock, so you're paying for the privilege to die.

Though it leads to a rather funny case of Warp Math: How many Poxwalkers can you get from a Pink Horror?

Five. A Pink Horror gets bit, and turns into a Poxwalker and two Blue Horrors.
Each Poxwalker is bit, and turns into a pair of Brimstones and a Zombie. Each pair of Brimstones then "fuses" into a Zombie.

The split Horrors cost points. The Zombies are free.

>> No.56181572

Just as bad if not worse than the No Escape rule.

>> No.56181577

Hammer terminators worth their points?

>> No.56181581

Best of luck with that, big suits aren't that great on the whole. As long as you're apoc you can be a true pain in the ass by putting ten billion drones around a Taunar, unlike the Stormsurge they have the BATTLESUIT keyword because FW so you can have Drones tank volcano cannons for them.

>> No.56181594

Not remotely. Do the same thing with Veterans and kick some ass.

>> No.56181615

Why are brainbugs so shit? They're literally made to smite spam, why are they so much worse at it than like three other factions? And it looks like the codex is doing nothing about it :(

>> No.56181617

You'll find out in a year or two, maybe ;)

>> No.56181618

>counters Horror smite spam.
If the Horrors forget Smite and one splits. Does the unit relearn Smite?

>> No.56181619

>The first race that the T'au fought were the pancake space polar bears. They swiftly defeated and assimilated them.
I was under the impression the Nicassar merely joined, they weren't subdued.

But seriously, did no Tau Earth Caste stop and look at an Ork vehicle and go, "BUT IT SHOULDN'T EVEN FUNCTION! THE THING'S HELD TOGETHER BY SPIT, PASTE AND THIS STRANGE STICKY PAPER STUFF!! WTF?!"

>I think that was before Farsight got his own supplement and became teh bestest evar. Don't get me wrong, he's my favorite character, but dude's not allowed to lose nowadays.
Orks want good enemies, and since they believe Farsight is so damn good, Farsight is now damn near unstoppable. Might also explain why he's so old. Orks never really bothered to learn about the average Tau lifespan.
I call it the 'Yarrick effect'.

>> No.56181637


>> No.56181644

But Neurothropes exist now.

>> No.56181646

Maleceptors are having their non-Smite mortal wound output increased, and Neurothropes are becoming functionally cheaper, since they can stop paying a Zoanthrope tax. Either of those do anything for you?

>> No.56181656

How to fix tau.

Let them shoot at full bs in Overwatch when that unit is charged.

Keep their friendly Overwatch at 6+.


>> No.56181660

Farsight is old because the Dawn Blade steals the life from those it kills, not that he knows it.

The other day I saw a pretty cool kitbash of a millennia-old Farsight who outlived his Enclaves wandering the galaxy looking for death. It had a robe over the battlesuit.

>> No.56181683

Autocannon or Lascannon on a Predator?

>> No.56181687

Huh, interesting, unless the codex changes things, Tyranids have very little access to re-roll auras. Tervigons let Termagaunts re-roll 1's for shooting, Primes do the same for warriors/shrikes, Broodlords do it for to hit in the fight phase for stealers, OOE for fex's in the fight phase, Swarmlord and Hive Tyrant don't at all. Curious how that will go in the codex.

>> No.56181688

Zoanthropes aren't getting buffed, but everyone elses Smite spam is getting nerfed in CA. GW doesn't want Smite spam to be a thing, it's toxic.

>> No.56181714

Leaks say Neurothropes are 70 points, which isn't much considering they get Smite and one power, and even if you go Psychic Scream for dakka you can only use it once per turn. Meanwhile Zoans are still 120pts per Smite.

Awful idea. The problem with Tau is that they don't take part in 2/4 phases, and making them be incredibly punishing to charge would make that even worse.

How's this for an idea? New support system, +1 to hit when shooting weapons at under half range. Encourages being up close and at risk of getting charged, helps fix the shit BS4 of the army.

>> No.56181715

How are crusaders in 8e? Looking to add a few melee units to my IG force.

>> No.56181716

First, most obvious way to fix Tau is to make their sniper rifles not shit. It's currently completely absurd that they can't even outsniper the Imperial Guard.

>> No.56181722

Lascannon, mathhammer wise it's better than autocannons.

>> No.56181735

>Primes do the same for warriors/shrikes

>Broodlords do it for to hit in the fight phase for stealers, OOE for fex's in the fight phase
Wrong again.

All of those examples give +1 to hit, not re-rolls, which is often straight up better.

Scything talons give re-rolls to hit in the Fight phase. Hydra and Gorgon adaptations give re-roll all hits if you outnumber, or re-roll wounds of 1. Leviathan's stratagem gives re-rolls of 1 to both hit and wound against any target if you have at least one flying and one non-flying unit attacking it. Voracious appetite re-rolls all wounds for a monster or character for a phase. There are plenty of re-rolls available for Tyranids.

>> No.56181740


Yea, get some different heads and they ain´t to shabby.

>> No.56181746


Honestly, I feel that making Overwatch a "free action" in 6th-7th was a lousy mechanic, but even then it was "use once." Making overwatch infinite-use was just sloppy design for 8th, as it adds die-rolling without decision-making.

40k just needs to be fundamentally restructured, since IGOUGO is increasingly unsuitable for how big the game has become.

>> No.56181747

The predator autocannon is a different beast entirely.

>> No.56181752

>Tau is that they don't take part in 2/4 phases

With the change they switch their melee phase for a second shooting phase.

Now they do things in 2/4 phases, albeit in the opponents melee phase.

>> No.56181760

You think they will ever change it to simultaneous turns?

>> No.56181765

Shrikes are gone, apparently. And Broodlords add 1, which is better. But Tyranids are getting a couple 2CP stratagems that lets a dakkamonster increase its gun damage by 1 (which you will use to go from 1 to 2 if you have a brain) and one that lets your dakka infantry shoot a second time.

That said, I'm not seeing anything that will let them remotely compete with a Primarch.

>> No.56181770

>Nth for Lorgar and Perturarbo were undivided daemon princes.

More like Tzeentch and Nurgle.

>> No.56181771

I'm talking directly about predator auto cannons vs lascannons.

>> No.56181788

Nobody can outsnipe the Imperial Guard. Fucking Vindicares can't.

>> No.56181794


They do have an over the average good weapons profile, combined with lots of special weapons. And support fire with marker drone.
And it isn't the lead playtester that wants them squatted, its the community playing the fuck out of riptides that created this.

>> No.56181802

Kronos Nids will flat out end Magnus now with their tricks. Mortarion's still a tough nut, though.

>> No.56181804

aesthetically the destructor is better

but the quad-las annihilator is sexually stimulating

>> No.56181806

Still, lack of aura re-rolls for the nids, surprised at that desu. A + to hit though is pretty damn good, but, still, you end up mostly having to build around it. Though Fex's can self boost their BS from what I remember which is nice.
Fucking hell that is a monstrous stratagem on a dakka monster, I love it.

>> No.56181807

Didn't know if psychic powers were on a unit / model basis, that if by adding a new Horror model (who knows Smite) the unit would gain Smite (again)

>> No.56181810

I skipped 6th, got back in 7th. What annoyed me about 6e was how "competitive Chaos Marine lists" were shit like "Typhus, Plague Zombies and Heldrakes."

For all the hate on Formations, I was fond of the Chaos Warband because it actually emphasized said Chaos Marines.

And now in 8th, "Chaos Lists" are now your choice of Brimstone or Cultist bubblewrap, a throwaway Alpha Legion Berzerker unit for bubblewrap-busting, Malefic Lord smitespam, and maybe some Slaaneshi Obliterators. You really have no business taking actual Chaos Marines if you want to win.

>> No.56181811

Ignoring points costs (i.e. we're just discussing a good sniper rifle, no matter how expensive), AdMech has a pretty baller one.

>> No.56181824

Greenstuff isn't exactly a kitbash.

>> No.56181825

Also why would Nurgle allow Morty to fight Pert (who you claim should be Nurgle) when he could make them work together and stuff? Are you hecking dumb?

>> No.56181842

You are perfectly right. If two consecutive turns begin and end with you always having that objective you gain the points. All about "your" turns is pure imagination. Nothing suggest that.

>> No.56181843

>Also why would Nurgle allow Morty to fight Pert

Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between boys for the affection of their Papa.

>> No.56181845

I'm so poor that I have to scratch my hive-guards from gaunts and random shit.
Show me your privilege, famalam !

>> No.56181853

Chaos is fickle LOL

>> No.56181856

dumb frogposter

>> No.56181865

This story has been around since 6th edition. You disloyal scum!

>> No.56181867

GW now has a term to differentiate game turns from player turns. Game turns are called "Battle Rounds" in 8th. If the rule just says "two consecutive turns" it means "your turn, then your opponents turn".

>> No.56181869

>I was under the impression the Nicassar merely joined, they weren't subdued.

They were subdued. Source is the Tau BFG book "To unite the Stars".

>> No.56181876

>And it isn't the lead playtester that wants them squatted, its the community playing the fuck out of riptides that created this.
There's ways to balance that aren't "make everything OP shitty and everything shitty OP", you know. Not that Tau deserve to be hung out to dry because of one OP unit either.

>> No.56181878

With the amount of shots nids can put out they don't really need rerolls.

Besides, most of their rerolls comes from melee. Scything talons are on most monsters and broodlords near genestealers all reroll 1s

>> No.56181887

Looks like it yeah, I liked the whole Russian BTR/US Striker kind of dakka. Thanks
Im looking for violence, I don't want it to build it with love and then not do much on the field. I like the look of the long autocannon, too.

>> No.56181889


Had a game way back in 5th when my Dark Eldar opponent crashed his Raider and lost his lords shadow field. Cranky as a kid in a candy store with no money, he descried to footslog the rest of the way to the closest thing possible, one last standing Fire Warrior in a bunker. He charged, the FW got to strike first (this editions cover rule), and killed of a Incubi! He rolled like a bad hairday, and didn't kill the FW! He then proceeded to roll a 11 on the Ld test, and I actually ran his lord and retinue over with one lone FW.... Needless to say, he forfeit after this.

>> No.56181890

>implying Pert likes any dads

>> No.56181902

>Not that Tau deserve to be hung out to dry because of one OP unit either.

Yes, they do. Anybody that tried to play against Tau the last two editions has this precise opinion.

>> No.56181915

I'll be amused if Perturabo ends up with a number of Marks that is neither 0 nor 4, and one of the more amusing possible results is NURGLE and TZEENTCH.

>> No.56181918

Is the Redemptor bad or are Deathshroud good?

Managed to teleport them in, charge and kill a redemptor in 1 go.

>> No.56181925


Typhus zombies and heldrakes was 7th edition anon, at least in my meta

>> No.56181931

LMAO at your life.

>> No.56181940

So I havent played since the start of 7th. I hear my crons are shit this edition. What units should I even bother with right now?

>> No.56181943

I honestly don't know anymore. Call me grumpy but I remember when Leafblower "broke 40k", because Nick Rose went first in all his games. And this was back when going first meant deploying first, and Reserves were not a unit-specific rule.

I prefer "alternating activation" myself. I mean, 40k is already a game where you "activate" each unit up to 4 times per turn anyway (more if it gets extra actions, like Berzerkers or AoF Sisters), so having a unit resolve its actions in one go saves the hassle of leaving markers to track "who moved" for purposes of heavies, who shot (I've had opponents *legitimately* forget and try to shoot a second time with a unit), etc.

The key is making it easy to "interrupt", and to minimize the risk of "too many" activations (extreme MSU), or "powerful" activations. One Acolyte != One Baneblade. But splitting up a Baneblade, and its turrets into separate activations is an idea, and thematically fluffy. They are lumbering landships after all...

>> No.56181951

>and broodlords near genestealers all reroll 1s
No they don't.

>> No.56181957

Destroyers and Immortals.

>> No.56181959

Guess I need to scrutinize their wargear and entries more. Not a nid player but someone who likes their models. Hope Red Terror buffs Raveners to be fun (or are they decent now?) with a back up Trygon Prime. Wanted nids to be fun for ages so I could get into them without feeling grumpy for taking them and then having to put them on my shelf like I did with CSM.

>> No.56181970

>Perturabo ends up with a number of Marks that is neither 0 nor 4, and one of the more amusing possible results is NURGLE and TZEENTCH.

Perty is the Primarch of KHORNE and NURGLE

Lorgar is the Primarch of TZEENTCH and SLAANESH

>> No.56181980

>not painting two red stripes on the drone
>not using that drone for more and more crazy deeds
>not eventually rewarding the drone by taking it off its base stem and inserting it into the cockpit slot of a giant converted Tau mech

Shas'la I...

>> No.56181990

>Yes, they do. Anybody that tried to play against Tau the last two editions has this precise opinion.

>> No.56181991

Deathshroud are way too expensive and slow, which doesn't mean a unit of them can't teleport in and manage to fuck something up in melee, particularly with Warptime to do it reliably. But good luck getting them to do a second thing all game.

>> No.56181992

Perturabo will have 0 marks, Lorgar will have all 4 of them.

>> No.56181993

Anyone here actually consider themselves good at 40K? Anyone who wins 30+ player 5/6 game events?

>> No.56181994

Forget named units, they're just bio-artifacts.

>> No.56182004

The internal balance is actually pretty good outside of vehicle tesla, tomb blades and the monolith/obelisk/Vault.

>> No.56182009


>> No.56182016

So if we were to make turns simultaneous i feel like some parts of turns shouldn't be at the same time. Like Movement makes sense as both sides are advancing on each other. same with shooting and charging as the two armies are exchanging shots and at the same time some parts of one army are moving to engage the other while other parts of the other army are doing the same. The ones i don't think should be simultaneous are psychic and Morale phases. As it makes no sense that both sides would retreat at the same time nor would both sides just trade psychic spells back in forth in the same amount of time.

>> No.56182021

Are Lychguard or any other melee cron worth it at the moment?

>> No.56182025

I was hoping overwatch was going in the opposite direction: " The unit may choose to overwatch, but it's next shooting phase spent out of close combat is spent reloading their guns because they wasted all thier ammo trying to turn back the charging enemy. This applies to supporting fire units as well.

Yes it's a straight nerf but it at least poses the question: " Do I want to unload on him now in the hopes of stopping or blunting the charge, or trust that my dudes can take him in close combat and still shoot next phase?"

>> No.56182029

No, there was a hint that Pert is Tzeentchian in a Legion preview. And IW got wrecked by DG's plagues. And of course the Obliterator virus

>> No.56182036

>Perturabo will have 0 marks,

>Lorgar will have all 4 of them.
And replace Abaddon as Chaos' face? I can get behind that.

>> No.56182037

The issue with simultaneous turns is what % of your army goes at one time?

>> No.56182041

Lychguard and praetorians are ok. Wraiths are still good. Flayed ones are too expensive.

>> No.56182042

>7.5/10 post, made me kek

>> No.56182056

Weird. 7th did nerf the Heldrake due to the turret ruling, but the big thing was the whole "everything scores." That 6e had "only troops not on foot can score" was just idiotic (*sigh* and scenarios like Big Guns). Zombies didn't work so good since Eldar have S6 and all.

So I did Bikes and Termicide. Getting mass disposable Obsec helped. Being able to take you-know-whats helped too, though the Gorepack was also popular. Lots of small units running around fast always did more for me. Call me crazy, but I don't want to play a game where my only goal is to "sit still, don't die."

>> No.56182062

> doesn't understand the rules
> rage quits and sells shit
Chaos players everyone (slow clap)

>> No.56182069

Thanks annon

>> No.56182074

Always read them as a specialized refined strain of an over arching strain of nids. Swarm Lord? Specific strain of Tyrant. One Eye? Specific Fex, Screamer? (fun in bed) Specific Fex, Deathleaper was confirmed to be a specific strain of lictor.

But yeah, I am curious on how the vore machine will do in the new codex. Wish the Mawloc could do the same desu.

>> No.56182079

>And replace Abaddon as Chaos' face? I can get behind that.
Pretty much, the same way Roboute Guilliman replaced Marneus Calgar.

Marinelets get stuck with old models and relegated to occasional lore mentions, we 40k Age of Primarchs now.

>> No.56182090

Hmm that is quite the conundrum what percentage would you recommend?

>> No.56182095

We need nid-marines and Female Primaris Marines.
Give me (you) please, I need them

>> No.56182098

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not a huge faggot, and I have friends, but most of my human interaction is still with my awesome mom and /tg/.

Super normies are weird, how can you possibly be keeping in contact with 500+ Facebook friends and be out and about in town living it up 24/7? 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, if you're using the other 8 hours for all that shit, does that mean you only go home to sleep?

>> No.56182109

>My life for the SWARM!

sure. tyranids can have d6 mortal wound causing self destruction unit.

>> No.56182112


You shouldn't use me as bait for other CSM players, I bought CSM because i was bored of my deldar and hated them from the first game, just persevered for a year with them before that being the last straw.

>> No.56182114


>> No.56182119


>> No.56182131

> Good Players
> 4Chan

Pick one

>> No.56182139

You ARE aware it's a mockery of the faggot who dropped half a dozen Carnac tier shitbaits in the thread written in that exact style.


>> No.56182155

I won one such event with my AdMech in 7th, why?

>> No.56182158

Why not
>Movement phase: one player moves, then the other
>Psychic phase: one player casts (the other may deny), then the other
>Shooting phase: one player shoots, then the other
>Combat phase: players alternate attacking with units in melee

>> No.56182159

Ask in MtG Standard General or maybe 5e General, there might be good 40k players there.

>> No.56182166


>> No.56182178

Did you win 5/6 of those?

>> No.56182182

This is an absolute patrician tier of turn structure and the number one thing GW should have ported from LotR

>> No.56182184

>Pretty much, the same way Roboute Guilliman replaced Marneus Calgar.
I dig it.
>Marinelets get stuck with old models and relegated to occasional lore mentions, we 40k Age of Primarchs now.
This is true, and it sucks. When Marines are getting second fiddle imagine what happens to Xenos.

>> No.56182192

Biggest problem with that is that it fucks melee armies by making it really difficult to move into range.

>> No.56182197

That would be interesting to try, I mean we already have the combat phase one for the most part. It isn't to complete alternating activation's per phase.

>> No.56182215

Cant be him, not double line-spacing, also noe >BL lore and
>All codex are propaganda except the ones that agree with me.

>> No.56182231

I find the hardest part is how do you decided which person starts? Roll off just like for first turn?

>> No.56182236

GW really seems not to understand that "extra rolls" don't equate to more fun unless they actually promote game decisions.

Personally, I like that idea reversed. Just *not* 2nd/SW:A-style since static gunlines are boring.

May forfeit shooting to enter Overwatch. You may Overwatch a unit that attempts to shoot/psyker/charge the Overwatching unit, or a friendly unit within 6" of the Overwatching Unit. Resolve the shot at normal BS (subject to modifiers) after which Overwatch ends.

Or something like that, where you could "overcome" overwatch if you approached it tactically (for example, running from one building to another in a "duck for cover" maneuver does not trigger Overwatch).

>> No.56182247

>Roll off just like for first turn?
Can do that. It's effectively what we do now

>> No.56182264

If it makes you feel any better, I respond to bait even when I know it's bait.

Except I didn't know it was bait.

>> No.56182278

God damn GW over $40 USD for the Red Terror? Fuck it, I'll ebay a metal one later, looks like low to mid $20 range for an old metal one. Though I wonder if I should paint it nice and red like the art or if it should have red body with carapace of my dudes hive fleet that I want to test out.

>> No.56182286


You can currently avoid overwatch if you charge from outside of the targets line of sight.

>> No.56182300

Harlequins or craftworld

>> No.56182308

I wouldn't mind Age of Primarchs if Primarchs weren't so unique and rare.

Like, marines HAVE to use Guilliman. THAT'S IT. Even SW, BA, DA, Age of Primarchs? You're using Guilliman. And even IF, say, all Primarchs came back, what about guys who don't follow their Primarch? Minotaurs, Carcharodons, Deathwatch, all of them have no Primarch figure.

Things like Chapter Masters and Hive Tyrants and Avatars of Khaine should have been Primarch equivalents already. No need for actual Primarchs.

>> No.56182310

/tg/, you wake up in the middle of the night to find yourself laying on a cold stone floor. Arrayed around you in a circle are blazing torches and censers of burning incense. You climb to your feet and before you stands and hunched man in a cloak. He turns and gestures with his staff towards a set of four icons, each representing a Chaos god. "You must choose. You will spend the rest of your days in the forty first millennium."

Which god do you chose? Why?

>> No.56182316

Could a Harlequin Troupe Master from a Spearhead detachment start the game in a dedicated transport from a Battalion detachment?

>> No.56182318

But then i have to do math for moving around terrain and such. I feel like charging a unit in the back should have some kind of morale penalty. Though then we have to decide which part of a unit is the back of the unit

>> No.56182320

What's with the MWG hate?

Video comes out and instantly downvoted on YouTube with shitty complaining in the comments.

>> No.56182321


>> No.56182327

I see one problem with this, namely that the alpha strike is even stronger than before even if you get to cast your defensive psychic powers.
>Lets say we have 2 standard armies, a little shooty, a littly psychic, a little CC
>Start about 24" apart from eachother, which means the only weapons that can shoot well are long range weapons or deepstrikers
>both players move their armies, say for simplicities sake about 6" towards eachother
>player who goes first doesnt only get his entire army in RF range, but can also fire powerful short range guns like meltas, and he doesnt have to pay the points for expensive delivery systems like deepstrikers or mobile units, since your opponent moved his models into range for you
Seriously, first turn would be way more powerful than ever before. I think, at least.

>> No.56182328

I murder the cloaked man, and as his dying breath escapes his shattered form, I look down and whisper, "Malal."

>> No.56182331


Least likely to undergo bodily mutilation of some kind. If I do it''s something fucking sweet like being on fire all the time or metal blood.

>> No.56182334



Craft world units too out of date, phoenix lords older than time itself. Codex is great, can make some good lists.

Harlequins have some of the best looking models in the game in my opinion, make for the best ynarri factions or work really well as pure harlequin. Fluff is the best of all the Eldar (which annoys me as a dedicated deldar player)

>> No.56182336

>have aspect warriors
>have tanks
>have wraiths
>have superheavies and titans
>nice named characters

>1 troop unit
>3 special characters
>2-3 vehicles

Is this even a choice?

>> No.56182338

They're bad at 40k.
Don't enjoy watching bad players play awful lists

>> No.56182341

>But then i have to do math for moving around terrain and such

Your tape measure is flexible.

>> No.56182346

Amateurish rules knowledge. It triggers autists like nothing else.

>> No.56182359

Well guys, mixture of sadness and anger right now, one of our local group just got banned from our LGS for calling a black guy a nigger. He didn't do it maliciously and the guy himself didn't get too annoyed but the staff sperged out massively when it happened and overreacted, it was an off the cuff comment after he failed loads of saves against the guy.

>> No.56182361

Annoying people bad at the game.
I can watch that live with no paywall.

>> No.56182364

Best part is that Swarmlord, Ghaz, Avatar and all of those were roughly balanced around big name Chapter Masters like Dante and Grimnar. Now they stay the same and fail to measure up to Primarchs, who are just better than everything else. Even goes for Abaddon.

>> No.56182384

Fug. Maybe IGOUGO is the way to... go.

Slurs are okay on 4chan. They're not okay in real life.

>> No.56182401

I use a long ruler

>> No.56182404

They're crap at the rules.

Even Your Mom's Basement knows them better.

>> No.56182416


>Aspect warriors
old as fuck models and not all that great aside from Dark Reapers
>Have tanks
He could take some Fire Prisms/Ravagers or even forge world elder tanks if he wanted in a Harlequin army; hell, he could even build it as a Craftworld List just fill it with Harlequins and select few craft world units to get the Stratagems and Warlord traits/relics.
I'll concede this one, though slotting a Wraith Knight into a Harlequin list isn't difficult.
>Super heavy and Titan
Shared with Harlequins already
>Nice Named Characters
Yeah they're nice but their models are old as fuuuuck.

Harlequins are cheap to get into and fun to play, especially if you plan on going Ynarri.

>> No.56182418

I grab his gullet and choke him to death with my bare hands and rightous fury. I then immediatly notify the Inquisition of heretical activity on this planet and prevent a demonic incursion from taking place. Then, after numerous screenings to ensure my faith and loyalty, said Inquisitor takes me in as one of his trusted acolytes, as which I learn the ways of the Inquisition and rise through the ranks due to my strength, cunning and will. Finally, at he age of 235, I retire to a backwater agri world with my beatiful waifu and live a happy and live off my rent for killing countless heretics and xenos during my time in the Inqusition before peacefully passing away in my sleep, leaving behind several children and grandchildren who seek to emulate my success. Meanwhile, my soul shall join the Emperor in glorious epiphany, and await the final day upon which the fallen shall fight along side their master again.


>> No.56182420

Would be great instead of Abaddon garbage and stuff.

>> No.56182421

Lord of Wars could have all been generic, and you can pick wargear and abilities to build your own "primarch" or "swarmlord" or "baneblade". GW could sell generic plastic kits with various armor designs like swapping out leg or chest plates. You would be able to buy different arms and weapons in cheap small GW boxes, or official faction specific upgrade kits to glue icons or armor plates with your Craftworld or legion's icon on them.

It could have been so cool, like WHFB herohammer, but with every model looking different and personalized among all players, like how sports car modders personalize their vehicles.

But instead, we have Galosengenman and his Jersey Shore bling armor.

>> No.56182426

You know how Polygon got flakk for playing Doom poorly and how Dean Takahashi got roasted for not being able to figure out the tutorial of Cuphead?

Well, that's MWG, all the fucking time. Also their retarded mormon morality injection into 40k for some bizarre reason has earned them no love.

>> No.56182429

Bonesword and Lash Whip and Devourer Warriors, yes/no?

>> No.56182431

Get ready for Avatar of Khaine REFORMED, The Hivelord and Super Ghazzy Green once they get plastic boxes. If you think GW will miss out on selling everyone a big-ass plastic character kit, then you should study up on how GW does business.

>> No.56182443

Tzeentch. Fun magic stuff and cool egyptian stuff is fun.

>> No.56182451

>Calls someone a nigger in public and gets banned

Are you retarded? 4chan isn't real life, you can't be a sperglord around regular people.

>> No.56182454

Why would the 2nd player just move forward into range if he knows what would be coming.

>> No.56182459

>Almost all Craftworld's army, couple harlequins units.
>this is my harequins army
Why even do this?

>> No.56182466

>Well, that's MWG, all the fucking time. Also their retarded mormon morality injection into 40k for some bizarre reason has earned them no love.
Their wat?

>> No.56182467

GW should've been smarter and made their big plastic characters more accessible. No one will want Guilliman except WAACfags and Ultra players and their successors.

Every marine player would have wanted a big ass chapter master kit. IIRC one of their most successful kits was the generic Space Marine Commander, and he was literally some dumb generic squatting tactical marine but with a cape and bling and a bunch of Barbie accessories.

>> No.56182475

>calling someone a nigger
>thinks this is ok
Just be glad that no violence befell you and your group.

>> No.56182479

Yes, as long as the keywords match.

>> No.56182482

Is the 7th Ed Astra Militarum Codex still the actual one?

>> No.56182486

Yabbadabbadon will get roided up on all four powers, his sword will be huge and flamey to mirror Guilliman's, he'll be the Everchosen Posterboy for Chaos and you'll fucking like it.

>> No.56182489

Slaanesh, at least I'll have lots of sex.

>> No.56182490

Did he say nigger or nigga.

>> No.56182493

Maybe because he is Nids and wants to charge?

>> No.56182496

They had a video on how DE was bad because they go too far on the evil spectrum.

They are fine with Chaos by the way for some fucking reason

>> No.56182501

>thinking autists have the balls to attack people for racial slurs

>> No.56182506


>> No.56182507

Because we have latex bondage shit in real life but not giant monsters in power armor with pointed stars and horns everywhere.

>> No.56182513

If you are changing the 40k turn mechanic you need to go to unit by unit activations.

>> No.56182514

No. It is completely incompatible with 8th.

>> No.56182519

Why is something like "you're a dick" okay but nigger not?

>> No.56182521

Don't be a shithead who uses casual racism to be edgy and that stuff won't happen to you.

>> No.56182524

Now that IS rich

Because he needs to grab objectives?
Because he needs to secure board control?
Because he wants to screen his CC units with chaff so he can guarantee a first turn charge?
I dunno anon, make something up. Like I said, I dont know if it would brake the game or not, I just fear that going second would automatically put you at a severe disadvantadge, more so than it already does.

>> No.56182534

You're white, aren't you.

>> No.56182537

looking at chapter tactics for renegades for csm which allows you to advance and charge same turn. Does this apply out of deep striking? say for raptors.

>> No.56182545

Severity of the insult and social context

>> No.56182548

If you have to ask that, then you are fucking moron and should not go outside until the heat death of the universe

>ib4 sjw.
It's just a safety thing at the very least.

>> No.56182551

>non whites wargaming

>> No.56182559

Ah, shit. I was about to consult it. Can´t find the platoon size anywhere in the 8th Ed stuff.

>> No.56182560

Because there isn't a long history of of systematic violence and oppression against "dicks."

>> No.56182565

That requires some sort of order or activation system and that's often a shitshow.
Just implant the LotR System, it's great and would improve 40k straight up while fitting seamlessly into it. I do not for the life of me understand why they haven't done this yet.

>> No.56182567

Nigger we're literally talking about something that involved a black wargamer RIGHT NOW

>> No.56182568

Doesn't mean he should be stupid and run into the perfect range of his opponent.

>> No.56182569

Asian here.

>> No.56182570

There are no platoons.

>> No.56182573

You can't advance after deep striking you dolt.

People still don't seem able to grasp the idea that Advancing is no longer a separate thing, but part of a unit's movement.

>> No.56182574

But that also becomes problematic. I play GKs, and I know how strong they'd be then.
>10 Man Paladin Squad gets to move, cast powers, shoot and charge unmolested
>he activates a carnifex
>10 man Strike squad deepstrikes and does the same thing
>he activates a Hive Tyrant

Also, it would make synergies between units like rerolls and stuff start working really wonky, especially since characters are their own units. Additionally, deepstriking/arriving from reserves becomes really wonky as well.

>> No.56182578

Same reason you don't say 'fuck you' to your grandma.

Accepted social norms.

>> No.56182587

Gw's current marketing strategy is flawless for everyone. They will keep releasing stronger and stronger codexes with bigger and bigger chad characters, and the waac fags will keep migrating and spending untill they all rage quit and leave the hobby pure and fluffy for 9th eddition

>> No.56182590


>> No.56182595

You can do that already though.

>> No.56182596 [DELETED] 

Maybe there should be. Starting with the dick that asked such a dumb question.

You should know by now that white devils count Asians as white when it benefits them, but not when the Asian needs it the most. "You don't count as a minority because you're not dark enough and Asians make tons of money" "Ew gross I would never date an Asian lol tiny penis".

>> No.56182600

I´m sorry, what? I knew something was wrong while skimming through it. Why did they get rid of them?

>> No.56182602


>> No.56182609

That guy to the right looks like a typical fat ponyfag-neckbeard

>> No.56182613

That anon means 7th was unstable, schizophrenic and impossible to live with, while 8th is a retarded husk with no spark of vitality, but at least it doesn't actively break stuff.

>> No.56182614

>Same reason you don't say 'fuck you' to your grandma.

.... You don't????

>> No.56182616

I've been working on a system for several months. It's "general purpose" though easy enough to plug into 40k.

It's alternating activation (I activate one unit, you activate one unit) with several twists.
-A unit may take 2 actions per turn, period, an action either being a "full action" or a move+a "rapid action".
-When a unit is activated, it may take up to 2 actions.
-If a player is attacked, the player may Interrupt with a unit (or multiple units, I am testing). A unit that interrupts only takes *one* action.

So by itself, the game is "Activate = 2 actions, Interrupt = 1." But here's the twist: The system uses CP, not for fancy stratagems, but to manipulate the turn structure. CP is based on your army (not detachments), and replenishes from turn-to-turn, and is used to:
-Bring in units from Reserves.
-Activate or Interrupt with a unit that has already taken *one* action that turn.
-Activate consecutive units at once. The cost slowly increases arithmetically (so activating 2 units in a row is 1 CP, 4 in a row is 6 CP)
-Interrupt your opponent's Interrupts. Interrupts are resolved in a LIFO stack.
-Bidding in between turns to see who gets to Activate the first unit for that turn.

So rather than waiting helplessly while you get alphastriked, a game could go like:

"My Tacsquad shoots your Chaos Marines"
"Oh yeah? Well my Heldrake will fry your Tacsquad"
"Oh yeah? (Spend a CP for Interrupting) Well my Hunter will fire an AA missile at your Heldrake."
"Oh yeah? (Spend a CP for Reserves, and a CP for the Interrupt), well my Terminators drop in to hit your Hunter with Combi-Meltas."
"Oh yeah? (Spends 2 CP to interrupt), well my Librarian casts Warp Quake."
"Oh yeah? (Spends 2 CP to interrupt), well I have the Blue Scribes use Syphon Magic!"

...Once a player skips Interrupting, you resolve everything.

I'm still hammering out a lot of details, but find this fun because it eliminates the "wait your turn" downtime while not slowing things down too much.

>> No.56182623

>calling a black guy nigger
Was he also black? Otherwise this is gently accepted to be inappropriate.

>> No.56182626

>tfw hate big models

The largest a model should be is a Carnifex or Leviathan Dreadnought. I want to see more 25mm and 40mm guys beating the shit out of hordes and titans, not this dumb 12 inch tall impossible to transport shit with crazy ass flimsy wings everywhere

Get that dragon shit back to WHFB

>> No.56182629


2 Troupe Masters
1 Shadowseer
15 Troupe
1 Solitaire
3 Starweavers

Thats what i run, its like 1100pts there as a core. i run Ynarri in there too so add the yncarne for 337pts and then you've got space for some craft world heavies, a super heavy, a wraith knight or 3 elder flyers. Hardly "a couple of units"

>> No.56182641

>gently accepted

If by "gently" you mean "beaten to death in an alley by a bunch of large black criminals".

>> No.56182643

Some niggers haven't experienced the volume 20 hallmark channel.

>> No.56182646

Also 8th seems to be set up in such a way that it is actually possible to patch it up. 7th was just a flaming radioactive mess that nobody could get anywhere near.

>> No.56182657

Fuck you nigger, call me a nigger again and see how fast I ban you from my store!

>> No.56182660

>Not a bunch of glorified egoist divas
Anon please

>> No.56182662

So it's the bastard child of 40k, FFG boardgames and MTG.

>> No.56182664

To split up the components into different slots. Don't worry though, you guys are one of the most powerful armies.

>> No.56182665

Twin Bonesword and Devs over sword/lash.

Lash is worthless this edition.

>> No.56182666

Do you consider it fine to be super-competitive, provided you don't cheat or bring a ton of unpainted models to the table?

>> No.56182679

Poor enough that my entire army is built out of paperhamer tanks and third party infantry.

>> No.56182682

We know what the lash does in the codex yet?

>> No.56182685

Not unless your opponent is super competitive too.

>> No.56182686

Ah, thanks. It´s gotta take a while to get over it though. Anyway, have a nice day anon. Thanks for the help.

>> No.56182688

This is the only true answer. There is nothing wrong with the word in of itself but society tells us its wrong so we aren't allowed to use it.

>> No.56182691

I meant 'generally' but autocorrect decided it was time to be funny.

>> No.56182693

>pure and fluffy for 9th eddition
Anon powergaming ride will never end

>> No.56182699

Depends whether I have to face of 12 identical units.

>> No.56182701

Play any fun games lately?

>> No.56182702

>Thats what i run
As an upcoming clown player, how do you normally run them? Assuming a Troupe + Leader/Shadowseer in each transport with the Solitaire hoofing it?

And do you prefer a few Fusion Pistols or going ham with 5?

>> No.56182711

The same thing as the index.

The leaker repeatedly stated anything he hasn't listed by now is pretty much unchanged.

>> No.56182714

>the next thread will be the normal blue unless using custom CSS and stuff

>> No.56182719

So you are not playing Harlequins but Ynnari.

>> No.56182721

GW wants to sell the Dynasty Warriors narrative to us. Single heroes wading through hundreds of cannon fodder.

Why do you think hordes are the other strong option in 8E? You really think it's a coincidence, that the most expensive single models' only alternative is the most expensive army type?

>> No.56182722

Sorry, I should be more clear, I think you get problems with armies that are more focused on mobility having a disadvantadge over static armies, especially when it comes to character support.
>My turn
>want to deepstrike my terminators with character support for buffing
>Deepstrike in Termies alone, meaning buying the character for buffing them was useless all along
>Deepstrike the character in first and watch him get destroyed by a squad of Lascannon devs since he has no protection
It means that static armies that dont need to move their units alot stay in buff coherency much more easily, which gives gunlines a big advantedge.

Also, it woul be an absolute clusterfuck of
>"Wait, did I activate those guys yet?"
>"Oh shit, stop, you already went, its actually my turn"
>"spending hours choosing which unit you're gonna move first"
>"40k becomes DEATHSTARS: THE GAME"

>> No.56182728

This is precisely what I said to him about rounds and turns, but he disagreed and said “but muh youtubers are doing it” and I said that doesn’t mean shit. The match was between friends though so I just let him take the win. I didn’t want to argue.

>> No.56182731

I use Tomorrow theme

>> No.56182751

They want to sell everything they can to us.
$$$ is GW highest lore.

>> No.56182754

First action on all websites is to disable all seasonal options.

>> No.56182766

i mean $$$ is all businesses highest lore

>> No.56182768

Why? Games are played to be won, no?
It goes against my instincts not to play for victory.

>> No.56182770

Because one is a quality of the specific person, and the other is saying they're inferior because of their race, using a slur that's been used by people literally murdering black people for centuries. Holy shit dude, are you for real?

>> No.56182772

>Tyranid special characters can take Relics
Haha, nice.

>> No.56182795

>Do you consider it fine to be super-competitive, provided you don't cheat or bring a ton of unpainted models to the table?
I dont have a problem with my friends doing so, one of them never paints his models, buys second hand ebay stuff and plays WAAC as hell. I still love playing him, because he's a great fun guy to be around and he makes for very exciting and close games.

Pretty much: If you're gonna WAACfag, be friendly as fuck to the guy your playing against. So friendly that he asks if he can kiss your ass and carry your army case for you after you wiped him from the table with your unpainted grey tide.

>> No.56182796

Victory without challenge is pretty meaningless.

>> No.56182801

>the point of buying and painting all these models is to try to win as hard as possible right?

Then maybe you should play a game that doesn't so heavily involve story and painting and modelling.

>> No.56182802

Tomorrow's alright, but I really like the colors and mostly skeletons on this, don't want the skeletons to go as they're always a joy to see. And the custom CSS has some flaws

>> No.56182806

Ill post a few more from that game

Fully painted orks and nids vs marines and eldar

>> No.56182813

No, havent gotten a game in two weeks.
I really want to try out my meme "13 FUCKING GREY KNIGHT CHARACTERS" army.

>> No.56182814

I just turn all websites on what ever is close to dark mode as its easier on the eyes

>> No.56182818

>mixture of sadness and anger right now, one of our local group just got banned from our LGS for calling a black guy a nigger
Stop playing with spergs you wanker

>> No.56182819

The fact that you have to ask this is why I'm telling you it's not okay. I can already tell you're a massive faggot, and being curbstomped by some faggot asshole WAACshit who's not even a cool dude isn't good for anyone. If anything, you're going to weaken the hobby and your local area by driving players away, or otherwise just alienate yourself.

You could be able to get away with it if you're charismatic or a nice guy, but you're obviously not.

>> No.56182820


>> No.56182822


Generally i'll run them 4 Embrace and Fusion, 1 Blade and Shuriken per squad or 3 Caress and Fusion, 2 blade and shuriken.

The blades and Shuriken guys are for when the transport blows up to sacrifice first.

Solitaire on foot as he's so rapid, inbetween the transports and yeah masters and seer in with a troupe each.


That was but one example, if I was playing pure harlequins id take 5 troupe squads and transports, more masters and probably 3 hemlock wraith fighters. Not that that was your original issue, its still a predominantly harlequin list.

>> No.56182823

Man, Ghaz needs a new model pronto.

>> No.56182827

>no more spoopy dancing skeleton gif in the lower right corner

>> No.56182829

A subtle fuck you to SC spam but one that will be blown vastly out of proportion just like the synapse “change”

>> No.56182831

His model is amazing and I don't even play Orks you shut your mouth.

>> No.56182834

Winning is nice, but, there are ways to play and have fun where winning is a cherry on top. It is more fun to have smaller goals within the match so you don't go in just aiming to effectively take a leaf blower to your enemy. It is why my first match of 8th was so fun in Fate of Konor(SP) because I was to hold the line and not let daemons get units through my board edge as well as not kill my vehicles. Was highly entertaining as we aimed to just make it as fun as possible with points as a secondary thing in our mind.

>> No.56182854

Read the rulebook. Specifically the page where it says the most important part about 40k is making sure both players have fun.

Maybe Warmahordes is up your alley. They have a page in their rulebook for assholes like you who don't give a shit about others or anything other than satisfying their own ego and compensating for their tiny dick.

>> No.56182859

>The problem with Tau is that they don't take part in 2/4 phases
This is the bad kind of game balance talking. Not every army needs to be good at everything.
The important thing is that Tau get enough options to make them 1)as strong and 2)as strategically interesting as other armies. Whether this comes from adding assault and psychic abilities or simply increasing the variety of movement and shooting options is irrelevant.

>> No.56182862

Most of them don't work for them anyways because they usually have to replace specific gear which isn't available to those models.

For example Swarmlord can't take any special guns because he doesn't have any guns, I think he might be able to take the Leviathan bonesabres though.

>> No.56182876

I have won 2 24+ man tournaments in 8th with my admech.

>> No.56182878

40k is not for you

>> No.56182880


Nice pic of my Waagh! crashing into the gunline, Ghazzy krumped the gravis captain and proceeded to kill all the smelly elves

>> No.56182882

When in doubt ask them to prove it.
There are 10 pages of rules it shouldn’t be hard

>> No.56182893

Tau's thing is supposed to be being both mobile AND shooty, unlike Guard which are supposed to have to trade one for the other. They kind of step on Eldar's toes in that respect, though.

>> No.56182895

It also goes against your instincts to waste your life painting plastic men instead of passing on your bloodline, yet here you are

>> No.56182897

How many Hemlock Wraithfighters is the appropriate amount of D?

Considering 3-5 in an Air Wing Detachment.

>> No.56182911

I am to lazy to finish building my army so therefore i dont have an army to play with. I keep writing new lists for new armies also but i never actually buy into those armies

>> No.56182914

Relics are only for generic HQs anyway. Calgar can't replace his armor or weapons either.

>> No.56182915

With some Space Hulk (Command Points to assist interrupting) for good measure, yes. The interrupt stack is explictly from Magic, originally to handle weirdness that happens when 40k does "out-of-phase" actions, but more because waiting 20-30 minutes for your turn before getting do do anything besides saving throws is a bore. "several hundred dice later."

There are some little tricks as well. Melee attacks give you a "lunge" move that you can use to get some extra movement that ignores free strikes. If a unit loses the ability to attack its original target (ex. a unit of infantry that interrupts to board a transport, or the unit gets engaged in melee via an interrupt), it may change its target to a unit that prevented being able to attack the original target, which allows for additional Interrupts to be added (provided a player is willing to spend the CP).

I'm also experimenting with certain characters having Hero Points that can either be spent as substitute CP, or used for "Heroic Feats" (more akin to 8e stratagems or LoTR Fight-Fate Points). Additionally, some characters increase your army's CP total, or certain armies "discount" CP as they're spent.

So Loyalist Marines may have a higher "base" CP compared to Chaos Marines, but CSMs get more Hero Points (lots of independent Warbands vs one "heroic" army), Orks may replenish CP as their units make melee attacks (as once the fightin' starts, the Waaagh continues to gather momentum), etc. Of course, that's secondary since I'm focused on the core rules first.

>> No.56182916

Hey, i'll take no sex uggo status over the current stopped by police all the time and shot on sight that's placed on everywhere else.

>> No.56182920


Taking more than 3 leaves a bad taste in my mouth, i don't really like flyers though.

>> No.56182923

His evidence is “youtubers do it” and it’s thus my job to disrepute that they are wrong. The only way I can “win” is to have GW say I’m right. Even though grammatically-speaking the RAW I am in the right. But then again the guy says your and there when he’s supposed to say you’re and they’re/their so I doubt he gives a fuck about grammar.

>> No.56182924

I really like harlequins but they dont feel like an army

>> No.56182930

No I'm saying Tyranids specifically ignore that restriction, unlike all other armies they can put Relics on their named guys. However they don't really have that many options that work for that.

>> No.56182931

It's a good sculpt, but the size creep and detail creep has left him very antiquated.

People use his model as regular warboss model now.

>> No.56182932

Wars are fought to be won
Games are played for fun

>> No.56182947

Tell him to point out the fucking rule in the rule book.
Word of mouth is not facts. People get shit wrong all the time

>> No.56182948

I think if you gave berserkers an extra wound ala primaris, they'd be more effective.

Don't change their speed or price, just an extra wound each.

Now they don't die as easily.

>> No.56182950

He should be dreadnought size

>> No.56182951

What if winning the game is the primary source of fun?

>> No.56182956

Post cool Admech conversions people, I require inspiration and/or ideas for converting some different and better Enginseers. I know my secondary Dominus is just going to be a repair and buffbot, so I was going to reverse the Dominus torso, give him a different head and mount a Dunecrawler servo-arm on him among other things, but I'm out of ideas for the little boys.

Thought about gettting the Solar Auxilia medics from FW, lopping off the aquilas, changing a part here and there and putting them on slightly taller bases to make up for changing from 25mm to 32mm. What have you done for your cogboys, anons?

>> No.56182957

You can easily just use a detachment of then to supplement a CWE or DE army or use them as the core of a Ynnari force. They are quite strong with Strength from Death.

>> No.56182958

I guess it's fluffy since we gave them names when they're really just another bioform for the nids

>> No.56182962

>It goes against my instincts not to play for victory.
Its not a victory if your opponent doesnt have a chance at winning. Curbstomping is the most boring thing ever.

Back in 7th I tried out a new list with my GKs where I spammed lots of small paladin squads with Librarians and apothecaries, turning the entire army invisible. It was designed to counter the White scar gravspam/eldar d-scythe/scatterbike spam my friends were bringing at the time. So, eager to test it out I played a 2k 1v2 game against a SW and a Death guard player, both of which I completely stomped.

It turned out they were both pretty new to the game, and my powergaming WAACfag list, combined with having a good two years of expierience made the whole game very unfun for both sides, it was pretty much me deepstriking in and removing models while they ran away trying to stay alive.

Afterwards, I set them up for a 1v1 and helped them get through tactics and helped them with listbuilding and the like.

Seriously tho bro. Why play WAAC when your opponent is shit? Its the most faggoty thing to do. I know people at my LGS who will bring A-hole tier lists against beginners, but then refuse to play against one of me or my friends competetive lists because they're afraid to lose.

>> No.56182965

Then you should play 4/2 Russian roulette.

>> No.56182970


You're literally on the internet right now, pretty much every website that sells GW stuff does it at a 15% discount. It's not much but it's something.

>> No.56182974

They're a good ally. You can even go majority Harlequin.

>> No.56182975


What do you feel is missing from them?

>> No.56182977

Then you're lying to yourself.

Are you one of those people that thinks Cuphead should have a 'skip level' function?

>> No.56182983


>> No.56182992

Why skip a level when you are capable of beating it?

>> No.56182995

Yeah, I wish I could just make it stay.

>> No.56182997


>> No.56183001

That's why I told you to find other like minded individuals you stupid shit. Ruining others fun so you can have fun is the very definition of being a total asshole.

>> No.56183005

Again exactly what I said; “youtuber isn’t real evidence”. He didn’t really have anything else to support his argument but I could tell he wasn’t prepared to back down so I decided to simply let it go. This is a guy who brings assassins to friendly 1500pt games so he’s “that guy” anyway.

>> No.56183010

Calling it now: Tyranids are going to get nerfed to shit with their codex.

Place your bets.

>> No.56183014

I'll bet you 10 million they don't.

>> No.56183019


>> No.56183020

Bringing assassins doesnt make you that guy.
How many did he bring?

>> No.56183022

My first game of 8e I played vs a swolves player the day the index came out.

I played guard. 50 conscripts and 3 squads of scions deep striking in perfect fuck you position. I didn't know how strong it was.

It was a slaughter. I tabled him on turn 3, and it wasn't fun at all. Roll dice. Remove unit. Roll dice. Remove unit.

No challenge. No interest. Just models on a board.

Never again.

>> No.56183029

So many of us are asking him "why" when the answer is obvious. Just look at those meme images that show symptoms of autism in children.

>> No.56183038

>assassins are waac
Not at 1500 unless you spam them

>> No.56183047

3 culexus

>> No.56183050

Bad at making videos. Bad at editing.
Lighting is awful, camerawork is worse. They are bad at doing their hob.
Bad at fucking speaking. Watch their DG codex review, one of them is constantly swallowing his own snot.

>> No.56183053

They don't have much were always an elite choice until recently. Eh ima go with them first maybe go full ynnari later

>> No.56183056

All of them.

>> No.56183063

15 and Guilliman

>> No.56183064

>he doesn't know
Yeah I bet everything I own that you're wrong.

>> No.56183087

This just seems to escalate exponentially, huh

>> No.56183094

>Tfw the design team blew their wad with the nid codex and the ork one will be bland and phoned in like always

Way to treat the most iconic enemy race in 40k

>> No.56183105

“All of them” was the anon you were originally talking to.

>> No.56183110

>The blades and Shuriken guys are for when the transport blows up to sacrifice first.

Neat. Didn't think of that.

>> No.56183111

I will bet you 10 grand that they don't.

>> No.56183112


For Exceptional Service I always tip 20%, if the service is decent I tip 15%, and if the service is bad or terrible I punish them by only tipping 10%.

Anything less and you are literally a poorfag who has no reason being in my hobby.

>> No.56183117


Sure they're an elite force. What more could you want though really?

>> No.56183128

>going to get nerfed to shit
>synapse: buffed
>SitW: buffed
>IB: buffed
>tyrant toughness, wounds, invuln: buffed
>carnifex: buffed
>hive fleet traits: mostly excellent
>this is only the stuff that is confirmed, not even mentioning the leaks we have that are 97% correct, full of insane stratagems and shit

>> No.56183132

So, how useful is a The Red Terror for character assassination? It seems pretty good at taking out other elites and some HQ's. Throw in some Raveners to strike first or eat over watch, or perhaps a Trygon Prime. God the way it is worded you could technically eat a damaged Imperial knight or Guilliman. Now I want to have a Red Terror vore each Primarch, traitor and loyalist.

>> No.56183143

Isn't 30 Genestealer Meta already DEATHSTAR THE GAME?

>> No.56183148

I'm not saying it's a problem in design terms, but it offers a frustrating experience to play against for a lot of people. Tau aren't hated ONLY because of regurgitated memes.

>> No.56183151

They blew their wad with Guard. Nid Codex is a good improvement over Cruddexes but still lacking.

>> No.56183155

40k has changed. It was a gradual process - basically, the main problem was that as the years went by, the new influx of staff took what had originally been a deliberately silly setting seriously, and shaped it accordingly.

See, to understand 40K, you have to go back to a long-running sci-fi comic called 2000AD, which had an extremely close relationship with the game. 2000AD had a particular voice - equal parts horror, action, and black comedy, usually with a strong and often subversive political message. Typical stories included Judge Dredd, about a vast, weird, and absurdly crime-ridden city ruled by fascist police officers, Strontium Dog, about a mutant bounty hunter making his way in a world where genetic impurity was frowned upon, and Nemesis the Warlock, about an alien revolutionary battling a xenophobic human empire. Warhammer 40,000 was essentially Games Workshop's popular Warhammer Fantasy Battle wargame (which itself owed equal parts to Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Elric of Melniboné) filtered through 2000AD - a lot of the magazine's staff and their friends also worked with GW, so it was equal parts homage and cross-pollination.

Influences from 2000AD can be seen all the way across 40K. The Imperium of Man is heavily inspired by the Termight Empire, the racist, theocratic villains of Nemesis, and were initially about as sympathetic - the intro-text to the game calls them 'the cruellest, most bloody regime imaginable' for a reason. Their police force, the Arbitrators, walked straight out of Judge Dredd. Their armed forces, the downtrodden Imperial Guard and genetically-enhanced Space Marines, owe a surprising amount to a strip called Rogue Trooper, about a super-soldier questing for revenge in an endless, pointless, and profoundly insane war.(cont)

>> No.56183169

Let's see
Really angry all the time, get really stronk, still probably die in first battle. Won't care because too angry. Seems decent but I'm a really calm person, so not my first choice.
Get magic and shit, get mutations, get backstabbed. Seems okay if I want to be lazy but getting backstabbed in 100% inevitable. I'm not one for thinking long-term at all, but maybe that could be my gimmick thus making me unpredictable?
Become really smelly and disgusting, suffer from horrifying diseases and pain but become desensitized to the pain eventually. God actually cares about you.
The horrible space AIDS and pain part really sucks but if I could bear through that I'd be alright I guess. I don't trust myself to enough for that though.
Guess I wouldn't be a virgin on one hand, but on the other there's a very high chance someone makes me an eternally screaming hood ornament for their vehicle. By far the least appealing.

Guess I'd have to go with Tzeentch, dying eventually ain't so bad and I don't think Tzeentch worshipers have to leave the NEET Warp so often.

>> No.56183174


The comedy carried over as well. While the Orks (fantasy orcs, but in space) having their greatest warlord named after Margaret Thatcher is an urban legend, they were (and still are) as charmingly goofy as any secondary 2000AD villain, while the Imperium was every sci-fi villain ever taken to ridiculous, parodic extremes. They had catchphrases like 'ignorance is a virtue' and 'a logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction', they were hair-trigger enough to glass entire planets over the slightest bit of deviant thought, and they were so intellectually decayed that they worshipped their machines as gods, complete with 'rituals of activation' straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Early 40K fiction reflected this as well - the Warhammer Monthly comic anthology was practically a 2000AD spin-off (and shared many of the same writers and artists), with characters like the put-upon, wise-cracking bounty hunter Kal Jerico, the inept Orkish ace pilots of Deff Skwadron, and the fanatical, amusingly awful Redeemer.

The catch was, of course, that comedy was only part of 40K's appeal - some were in it for the over-the-top action, others for the gruesome horror - and as more fans entered the company, it meant that more actual writers were taking the whole ridiculous thing seriously, a process assisted along by some pretty decent genre work by Games Workshop's stable of veteran pulp sci-fi authors like William King and Dan Abnett. This ran into a fairly obvious problem - fiction requires some degree of levity to be palatable, and if you're not going to provide that with comedy, you have to do it with sympathy and humanity. In other words, the ludicrous space fascists who served as the setting's main viewpoint and source of appeal had to be humanised if more serious fiction were to be written about them, and because they were ludicrous space fascists, that meant turning them into likeable fascists.

>> No.56183178

Lictors are super good now.
there are. Human history is rife with castration.
Christianity and Judaism ate responsible for a veritable genocide against dicks.

>> No.56183181

Damn son Shit isn't even being leaked yet and you're ALREADY bitching

>> No.56183195

>Gets an amazing Codex
>Still complains
Nidfags everyone
Hope that the Daemons and Blood Angels Squat you

>> No.56183198

>not the most iconic enemy race in 40k.

>> No.56183200

>Lictors are super good now.
They got basically no changes and their stratagems are mostly worthless, how are they super good?

>> No.56183204

Not where I play, at least. MSU is still pretty good for capturing objectives and stuff like that. Also, it forces your oppponent to often "overkill" things with their deathstar, especially melee ones like Stealers.

>> No.56183207

I know that im going to be so salty when it comes out that Im preemptively bitching

>> No.56183213


I'm already angry, but I don't like that.
I hate mazes, so no Tzeentch
Don't like sticky things so no Nurgle.

I don't like Slannesh, but I don't actively dislike anything on it either.

>> No.56183222

their stratagems are amazing, what are you talking about?

>> No.56183230

Friends, how do we convince GW that female space marines, more minority representation and a squatting of Slaanesh (as offensive to lgbtqia) need to happen?

I have been sitting on the fence for a long time, but I'm ready to fight the good fight now.

>> No.56183231

Tyranids dont even fit the aesthetic of the setting. Theyre even more boring than chaos

>> No.56183235


>> No.56183245

It's not really amazing until they fix the iconic units - Hormagaunts, Warriors, Lictors, Zoanthropes, all the classics from 2e. Also two of our Hive Fleets are utter garbage.

It wouldn't take many fixes to make this amazing, I guess that's why I'm a bit disappointed. Just that little bit of extra care and effort and this could have been THE best Nid Codex ever.

Don't get me wrong though I'm still excited as fuck, and maybe they'll fix things in some future supplements or Chapter Approved or something.

>> No.56183261

The only way to really make a statement is for you to set yourself on fire like Thich Quang Duc

>> No.56183263

It's just Carnac, ignore him.

>t. Carnac

>> No.56183269

how do they not fit the aethetics of the setting? Orks are the most out of place with their genuine happiness. The souless advance of the nids is the most grimderp thing in 40k.

>> No.56183273

Nids are among the whiniest. If it isn't broken it isn't good enough. They and Chaos have a complex about needing to be wanked off as the biggest baddie

>> No.56183277

How are they super good now? Due to if you take the fleet that gives them cover all the time they become good until they are in fighting (where I believe cover stops applying) they go up to a +3 which is dang good, still only a unit of 1 not 1-3.

>> No.56183278

>Tyranids dont even fit the aesthetic of the setting.
Are you fucking retarded they're one of the CORE ELEMENTS of the aesthetic of the setting, they're the fucking Xenomorphs. Half of the tech and aesthetic of the Imperium comes from freaky Giger biotech, just look at AdMech or any of the old art of the Golden Throne, hell look at all the elements Nids share with Eldar who are also a core of the setting with the wraithbone looks and shit.

>> No.56183296

>It's a Carnac tries desperately to pretend people hate Tyranids by shitposting episode
I love this rerun.

>> No.56183305

1 CP to fall back, shoot flesh hooks which can already be fired in CC, and charge again?

1 CP to allow a unit that needs another way to get Deep Strike or come onto the board later to arrive next to the Lictor more than 9" away from an enemy when they almost always already have a way to appear anywhere more than 9" away?

>> No.56183308

Current nids are boring starcraft rip offs

Orks were literally the most iconic enemy since day 1

The cover of rogue trader is Marines fighting Orks for fucks sake

>> No.56183309

pheromone trails lets you do some interesting things with the new reinforcements stratagems. Also they're basically risk free sources of extra command points now.

>> No.56183311

>Also two of our Hive Fleets are utter garbage.
Now compare that to AdMech or CSM where all but two sub-factions are garbage.

>> No.56183313

>This ran into a fairly obvious problem - fiction requires some degree of levity to be palatable, and if you're not going to provide that with comedy, you have to do it with sympathy and humanity. In other words, the ludicrous space fascists who served as the setting's main viewpoint and source of appeal had to be humanised if more serious fiction were to be written about them, and because they were ludicrous space fascists, that meant turning them into likeable fascists.
Keep going, you're saying some smart stuff.

>> No.56183326

You literally just said theyre xenomorph ripoffs yourself

>> No.56183330

Also, tyranids are more important for bringing females into 40k than forced representation/female space marines would ever be.

>> No.56183331


I genuinely like the tyranids

the average tg nidfag on the other hand...

>> No.56183347

Anyone else hate Nids in the setting? They feel like a ticking clock, just giving anxiety.

You can't focus on your story of Chaos usurping the Imperium cuz Space Bugs.

Can't focus on on your Orks defeating the Imperium, cuz Space Bugs are also there.

They detract from each conflict.

>> No.56183350

What are orcs and eldar then? They didn't even bother changing the names kjek.

>> No.56183356

Which is a core aesthetic of the 40k setting, yes. You're somehow saying Xenomorph rip-offs don't fit the setting that is grimy sci-fi rip-off kitchen sink.

>> No.56183359

Out of the loop, what does pheromone trails do or where can I read up on them. Because I love the lore and look of the Lictor and wouldn't mind having a reason to have one or more in my eventual army.

>> No.56183370


>> No.56183372

>They feel like a ticking clock, just giving anxiety.
That's the whole point, welcome to the "grim darkness of the far future where there is only war", they don't detract from anything, they make the universe more whole and immersive.

>> No.56183378

Nidz are the least 40k faction. Theyre the generic alien hivemind faction that was shoehorned because someone liked Aliens

They could be literally cut and pasted into any other sci fi setting

>> No.56183390

Thank you.

>> No.56183392

just because they fit in the setting doesnt mean they add to the setting

>> No.56183394

>posting a link to a sexual predator and scam artist

for shame, anon.

>> No.56183401

every race can
Or did I just eat some spicy pasta

>> No.56183405

Sorry but I play casual Guard. 30 Stealers with Catalyst run over EVERYTHING they touch

>> No.56183406

I think what he means is that it waters down the terrible threat chaos and the warp represent. Despite not thinking tyranids are out of place, I'm inclined to agree with him.

>> No.56183412

So you don't need to support scum, go straight to the source which is far more informed anyway. http://thetyranidhive.proboards.com/thread/53806/all-tyranid-rumour-collections-update

>> No.56183415


>> No.56183432

>You can just cut and past eldar, the imperium or the orks into any universe

But you cant

Eldar, Orks and the imperium all have an intertwined past dating back to the war in heaven and play off each other and deeply affect each others fluff

Where as Nids are totally separate from the story and fluff and just came out of nowhere

>> No.56183437

Wrong, they're also the Lovecraftian horror faction of ancient psychic monstrosities from beyond the darkest furthest reaches of space and time whose vast size brings the existential horror of the insignificance of mankind.

Nothing about them was shoehorned in, they've been a main element since 2nd edition. The Ultramarines and Eldar backstories both greatly involved Tyranids. Genestealer Cults are a primary antagonist of Deathwatch and Inquisition. Nids vs Imperial Guard is an iconic match-up that evokes all the hugely popular sci-fi tropes of Aliens and Starship Troopers which are absolute beloved classics.

You don't seem to understand what 40k is about at all if you don't see how Nids are extremely 40k.

>> No.56183442

I think you are forgetting someone.

>> No.56183453

Excuse me, what? Since when was this dude a bad dude? Like that is a left field for me (to be fair not like I really look into the people running sites that much).

>> No.56183461

40k setting consists of

imperium: space humans
Orks: space orcs
eldar: space elves
chaos: space demons
tau: space communists
tyranids: space dinosaurs
necrons: space skeletons

40k is basically just fantasy in space.

>> No.56183462

But they do add to the setting and always have, you just have shit taste and opinions and would destroy 40k if you were a writer for it.

>> No.56183465

doesn't it say hive tyrants?

>> No.56183466

>Chaos are the least 40k faction. Theyre the generic spiky evil faction that was shoehorned because someone liked Moorcock

>They could be literally cut and pasted into any other sci fi setting

>> No.56183477

Not the first guy, but I agree completely.

40k has matured as a setting. The absurdity will never truly leave, but it's no longer grimdark for grimdarkness' own sake. The taglines remain, there's still spikes on everything, and all that jazz, but now we have heroes like Ciaphas Cain, and characters actively recognize the bleakness of the setting and try to find ways to see their own desires fulfilled in it anyway.

Honestly the reason I play, and the reason I play guard in particular, is because of that story. The ability of men like you or I to put their hands together and make a difference even thirty eight thousand years into the future.

>> No.56183478

Warhammer Fantasy is so much better than 40k. "Less Tolkien more Monty Python" is exactly it.

Magic is real, and inherently dangerous and corrupting, but also it's just FUCKING NUTS. Like, you could just rip a hole in space time that shits fire onto an entire village by casting fireball.

The races are just wonderful. The elves are all isolationist assholes in various degrees, the dwarfs have books of grudges that are holy artifacts and siege weapons where they write said grudges on the ammo, the skaven are great, the lizard people are the ancient not-aztecs that are the only force who can actually stand up to chaos and its force...but are also so ancient and tradition bound they're functionally useless. The humans are even fun. The empire is great, Bretonia is my favorite thing ever, just this shitty middle ages France where everyone is poor and bitter and knights have literal ladies of the lake who guide them on stupid quests while people starve. Also they have truffle hounds that will rip your dick off, this is explicit in one of the RPG books, if they eat a truffle they go so nuts they start attacking all rival males, including humans, right in the hog.

The vampires are even cool because they're just 100% necromancy bullshit. Like they have 'corpse wagons' which are literally huge stagecoaches full of corpses that they throw out to make zombie meat shields. Meanwhile in the desert is SKELETON ARMY which is just ancient egyptian skelengtons who are just as necromantic as the vampires but they're not into flesh so it's just 100% the bone zone.

They put so much more life into the fantasy setting it's not even funny, it's a genuinely fantastic setting and compared to 40k's now incredibly drab world it's even better.

>> No.56183479

>I think what he means is that it waters down the terrible threat chaos and the warp represent.
Having more threats adds to the grimdark and the strangeness of the universe. Everything just being about Chaos and the Warp would be boring as fuck and make the universe feel small and one-note. Tyranids bring elements that Daemons cannot do.

>> No.56183485

genestealer cults are 40k

Tyranids should have just remained a faceless enemy behind the genestealer cults, would have been more interesting that way

>> No.56183495

>Ancient dying race
>warrior race that were granted space travel
>shitty mankind

None of this is unique

>> No.56183499


Basically he scammed a bunch of people by taking money for orders and closed down his retail store without shipping, just to later open up a new store and not fulfill his previous orders or refund the money.

Also some woman accused him of sexual harasment or something on facebook, but meh there was no proof. But is usually tacked on when people talk about him ripping people off.

>> No.56183506

>Tyranids bring elements that Daemons cannot do.

Not really. Everything the Tyranids do, Daemons can do better.

>> No.56183509

But they cant, the warp and chaos corruption are the main feature of the entire setting that all the other races play off of, from the horus heresy to the fall of the eldar to the necron pylons

>> No.56183513

Nope, just needs to be a character (which primes are, as well as others) and have the weapon in question to replace. So some can only go on a tyrant due to no other can take the weapon it has to replace.

>> No.56183514

Depends on what you're having him eat. Obviously if you want to get him to realistically eat Guilliman you'll still need to damage him. He's better off going after Elites slot solos or weaker characters who have about 4 wounds.

>> No.56183518

>Eldar, Orks and the imperium all have an intertwined past dating back to the war in heaven and play off each other and deeply affect each others fluff
>implying Behemoth didn't greatly affect the fluff of the Ultramarines and Imperial Navy
>implying Genestealers don't greatly affect the fluff of the Imperium
>implying Kraken and Naga didn't greatly affect the fluff of Iyanden and the Eldar
>implying Leviathan didn't greatly affect the fluff of the AdMech, Orks and Blood Angels
So you don't even read the fluff?

>> No.56183519

Tyranids aren't particularly Lovecraftian. That's more a daemons angle.

The problem with Tyranids is that they peaked way too early (there will never be a Nod story as good as Behemoth and Macragge) and they're hard to insert into stories without completely taking over.

>> No.56183527

Except have pure lists.

>> No.56183540

Just think, if Creative Assembly had gotten to it just a little bit faster we might still have the setting on the tabletop, though probably not the mechanics.

>> No.56183545

Last I checked daemons don't strip planets of life. They need life to exist.

>> No.56183549

Thats only because Mono-Daemons are melee armies with no delivery systems

>> No.56183550

yeah, not when you boil them down to literally their most simplistic definitions

Tyranids arent bad, they just dont add to the flavor of 40k at all and it was a mistake to set them up as literally having a galaxy's mass of ships for some reason

>> No.56183558

seems like tyranids can deliver things better too then.

>> No.56183573

Leave, you're a disgrace to Orks.

>> No.56183574

I'm a taufag, and this is correct. Tau are absolutely the least 40k faction in 40k. That's the point.

>> No.56183575

Why don't we discuss some of the truly important questions: which 40k faction has the best waifus?

>> No.56183576

>Everything the Tyranids do, Daemons can do better.
No. Daemons have never had the same visceral alien horror as Tyranids because they have egos and communicate, their designs are less interesting visually, and it's possible for humans to ally with them and be rewarded and get more powerful. They also don't really have the feel of escalating danger like Tyranids do, since they've been around for 10,000 years and all the other races have endured, while the Nids are constantly increasing in number and have only just arrived.

>> No.56183582

carnac just go.

>> No.56183583

Anyone that has played against eldar since the dawn of 40k thinks the same but you'd be retarded to actually want it to happen. Do some self reflection and see why you really hate tau

>> No.56183589

>The humans made good cover for her glittering progress, the fate of trillions ground beneath uncaring bureaucracy, milled through the stones of ten thousand wars, the dust of their souls scattered upon the tombs of long-dead heroes. An umbra of remorseless mediocrity shielded her within its bosom, the great wash of unremarked mankind a blackness far denser even than the cursed Shadow in the Warp

Nids confirmed for cucked.

>> No.56183590

You aren't wrong anon. Daemons are pretty shit right now. Hell now they are so scared of nids they are helping the imperium fight them

>> No.56183595

Ah, so he scammed people, well, no more ad revenue for him then. Sad to hear, the sexual harassment thing unless proven in court I try to ignore unless I have personal connection to the situation because it is a dice roll otherwise.

Alright so my idea of hunting Chaplains, Apothecaries, other solo elites is a good plan, run them with other serpentine critters. Hmm, dang now I want to do a full serpentine Tyranid list, damn sexy sneks.

>> No.56183600

>and then tyranids attacked
>and then tyranids attacked
>and then tyranids attacked

What interesting and compelling fluff

Notice how the nids never won any of those battles in spite of having enough spaceships to fill every atom of open space in our galaxy

>> No.56183602

space marines in 2021 after Hillary wins.

>> No.56183606

I'm not saying it's a good thing, mind you. The whitewashing of the Imperium, Marines especially, and the relentless way in which it takes itself seriously give off a real "not in on the joke" vibe for fluff ever since like 5th ed.

>> No.56183608

No, they do not. Chaos is self sustaining

Look up Crusade of Fire. Nurgle turned an entire system into barren wasteland. Also the aftermath of daemonic invasions mostly result in the planets be obliterated or reduced to again a barren wasteland. Chaos's ultimate goal is the annihilation of all life in the galaxy and they will not stop until they achieve this end.

Chaos wants to devour the FLESH, minds, and souls of all sentient life. So what makes the Tyranids goal unique compared to Chaos? Nothing really. It's just a lesser hunger than what Chaos has.

>> No.56183612

Space Marines

>> No.56183614


Stores in EU dont send outside of EU though due to GW forbidding them to do so.
They really want to force the overpriced USD's down our throats.

>> No.56183615


>> No.56183619

>fill every atom of open space in a galaxy
Do you know what atoms are carnac?

>> No.56183623

>don't really have the feel of escalating danger

The have more than the Nids ever have had.

>> No.56183638

This. Daemons and Chaos are us, the dark parts of human psyche given shape.
Tyranids are The Other. The great monsters From Beyond who come to destroy for reasons none can understand, only guess at.

>> No.56183644

Sisters of course.

>> No.56183652

Daemons are essentially spiky people on the whole. Genestealer cults and the Hive Fleets behind them embody the Lovecraftian vibe of an ancient, unknowable entity to who humans are less than vermin far better.

>> No.56183670

>Tyranids aren't particularly Lovecraftian. That's more a daemons angle.
Not at all, Daemons are traditional gothic theological horror relating to themes of sins and punishment. They also act like evil humans, they talk and gloat and get pissy and insecure when they suffer failures and so on, it just robs them of terror.

Tyranids are the very essence of Lovecraft horror - something that's so alien and weird to us it barely even recognizes we exist, like the Great Old Ones it's just this completely incomprehensible force that sweeps through the universe and annihilates what's in its path.

>> No.56183672

>ITT nid cucks believeing their generic starcraft ripoff faction will ever be relevant in Marines vs Chaos: The Setting

>> No.56183674

>Where as Nids are totally separate from the story and fluff and just came out of nowhere
That's because a Wizard spilled Tyranids into the 40K bottle

>> No.56183683

> and then chaos attacked
> and then chaos attacked
> and then chaos attacked
What interesting and compelling fluff.

>> No.56183686

>They also don't really have the feel of escalating danger like Tyranids do, since they've been around for 10,000 years and all the other races have endured

Dude, daemons invasions are ever increasing as daemons spill from the Great Rift in ever greater numbers. The Chaos legions are not only numberless but they are omnipresent.

Daemons for the longest time have been chained behind the walls if reality by the pylons. With the walls of reality crumbling as pylons are hunted down and destroyed the galaxy is now feeling the full might of Chaos and it makes whatever the Tyranids did up until now seem like a joke.

Furthermore, there are mindless and insect like daemons in the Warp. Daemons of all shapes and sizes. Don't look at the daemons of the Four and say that's all is to it.

>> No.56183688

Tyranids are just purely biological alien space monsters that eat you and are done with it. There is plenty of that shit in the 40k universe already and the only thing that makes them dangerous are their numbers.
They aren't scary in the same way as thought-monsters from the beyond that (for the most part) cannot be combated with technology and want to eat your soul.

>> No.56183689

>Sisters:Muscle ladies
>Guard: Fit but the chances of finding 10/10 waifu material is pretty low. If she is that beautiful she wont be in guard.
>Mechanicum: Ehhh there might be problems related to cogwheels and parts sticking in them
>chaos:dont stick it in the crazy
>Eldar: Best waifus

>> No.56183700

It has multiple meanings, it only came into scientific terminology because of its original meaning, that being something that's very small.

>> No.56183702

>10,000 years just to open up a beachhead so they can even start attacking as a real threat from anywhere other than specific zones like the Eye
Wow. Tyranids were already doing that by just showing up.

>> No.56183703

I've been super out of the loop. Did the Tyranids codex help the Genestealer Cults at all? I know you fuckers have it and have dissected it already.

>> No.56183705

>Implying Starcraft came first

>> No.56183710


>> No.56183723

I don't even have a good enough bait image for this lol

>> No.56183724

Nids are awful, the most mary sue expression of an npc enemy. You can't even draw any satisfaction from beating them because they are refined characterless anti drama. Even worse you'll always have armies of derp mongers defending that very aspect of it because they don't understand grim dark.

>> No.56183728

At least chaos has a motivation and character

Theres nothing interesting about space bugs that kill for no reason

>> No.56183732

>MFW idiots thing Starcraft came out before Tyranids or 40k in general.

>> No.56183733

They destroyed thousands of cubic light years almost instantly.
Nothing Nids can do can compete with that.

>> No.56183734

Actually, daemon attacks are preceded by intrigue and plots since daemons have to circumvent what keeps them out of reality.

Tyranids are just smashing through planets.

>> No.56183740

No. The earliest usage of the term was greek philosophy (which you weren't talking about, but let's pretend you were carnac), where it was used to describe the smallest unit of matter. And that has been its consistent use throughout history, until we actually named a unit of matter the atom and then later discovered things smaller than it.

It has never meant empty space.

>> No.56183746

>Implying nids looked like they do now before Zerg

>> No.56183760

I'm assuming you are talking about chaos cultists. What about daemon waifus?

>> No.56183761

You could cut Nidz, Tau, and Necrons entirely from 40k and it would change nothing. They're worthless to the collective narrative.

>> No.56183763

>>and then daemons attacked
>>and then daemons attacked
>>and then daemons attacked

What interesting and compelling fluff

>Notice how the nids never won any of those battles
The important battles that were recorded were the ones where the Nids lost, because those were the exceptions far exceeded in number by the ones where they devoured entire worlds and moved on. The stories the writers spend the most time on are the heroic stands where the good guys actually manage to triumph for once.

>in spite of having enough spaceships to fill every atom of open space in our galaxy
There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin. Have you yet to take a highschool physics class? The Hive Fleets that were defeated were only ever described to number in the thousands of vessels.

>> No.56183770

And genestealer cults influencing and weakening planets prior to Tyranid attacks don't count?

>> No.56183774

Anyone going to the Q&A with Gav Thorpe @ reddit on the 3rd of November at 8pm GMT?

>> No.56183777


>ready to kill filthy xenos with fire (conservative)

>> No.56183789

>What interesting and compelling fluff

Much more interesting than Tyranids, since daemons are actually capable of doing more than just attacking.

>> No.56183790

Beachhead? There is no beachhead. There is no area in the galaxy safe from Chaos.

The Tyranids are mainly in the galactic east while Chaos can attack anywhere at anytime. And the spawning of the Great Rift obliterated hundred of thousands of worlds. More than that. More than the Tyranids ever did in the galaxy and it was in like heartbeat of time.

>> No.56183800


>> No.56183802

I mean you could cut orks also. They dont do much either. Hell everyone but Ynnari, Ultras and Chaos could be cut out and you would only lose some fluff here and their. But you don't cut those things out so that the story can be interesting.

>> No.56183807


>> No.56183811

Falls under Chaos does it better. And daemonic invasion come in more flavours than cult uprisings.

>> No.56183821

Psychic Tyranids eat souls, the Hive Fleets also take victims alive and vivisect them in the Hive Ships in ways just as horrible anything the Dark Eldar can do, they are a lot more terrifying than just "eat you".

>> No.56183835

Most boring of cults.

>> No.56183837

Thousands of cubic lightyears of 99.9999999% empty space.

Tyranids specifically target planets with life on them.

>> No.56183838

Orks can stay in since theyre a looming alien threat, while also being fun and bringing levity to the setting unlike nids

>> No.56183839

>the Hive Fleets also take victims alive and vivisect them in the Hive Ships in ways just as horrible anything the Dark Eldar can do, they are a lot more terrifying than just "eat you".

Source this?

>Psychic Tyranids eat souls

Which are mostly snuffed out and used as fuel. Souls consumed by daemons will know eternal torment.

>> No.56183847

>since daemons are actually capable of doing more than just attacking
>in a wargame where all the fluff just exists as excuses for armies to attack each other on the tabletop
Hahaha, no.

>> No.56183859

>Thousands of cubic lightyears of 99.9999999% empty space.

It's still a huge area, no way could Nids do it.
Scouring some planet is nowhere near as impressive.

>> No.56183864

>I know literally nothing about Tyranid fluff and how they operate

>> No.56183866

>Thousands of cubic lightyears of 99.9999999% empty space.

Nice headcanon you got there.

>> No.56183875

What did souls do in the warp before the chaos gods?

Just float around?

>> No.56183877

Some people like to have narrative to, and Nids have only one.

>> No.56183880

>The Tyranids are mainly in the galactic east while Chaos can attack anywhere at anytime
The fluff for Leviathan is LITERALLY "Tyranids circumvented the galactic plane, unlike before where they were in the East they can now attack anywhere at anytime".

>And the spawning of the Great Rift obliterated hundred of thousands of worlds
Source. Considering most of the Imperiums worlds are in the Segmentum Solar or to the galactic West where the Rift didn't even touch, and it has just over a million worlds, there's no way the Rift obliterated even 10% let alone multiples of 10% lol. You're just making shit up.

>> No.56183881

> argues that Nids are just smashing planets
"Daemons have intrigue!"
> Nids do as well thanks to Genestealers
"T-that doesn't matter! Daemons don't even need intrigue!"
Could you be any more of a backpedaling little faggot?
Holy shit.

>> No.56183884


>> No.56183885

I got an account, but don't know what to ask.

>> No.56183887

You mean just genestealer cults. Which I direct you to >>56183811

>> No.56183892

But anon they dont fit they setting they are just silly aliens that take away from the main threat in the story.

>> No.56183897

Literally more interesting than every Chaos Cult put together, even to people who think Nids themselves are boring.

>> No.56183901

nids canonically have enough mass to destroy the imperium by just sending bodies into the solar system until the combined mass of all the dead bodies collapses into itself in a super massive black hole. There would be nothing the imperium could do to stop it.

>> No.56183908

There was no before, one day they were and then they had always been.

>> No.56183910

More interesting than Khorne or Nurgle cults which are gladatorial arenas and... IDK what with Nurgle, I guess sick people refusing to stay home from work and covering their face when they cough and sneeze.

GSC are flat out Lovecraftian with infecting and infiltrating a society, taking it over like good old Innsmouth, and they don't just walk into the embrace of the hive fleets when they show up, in fact I don't think we have any information about what they do when hive fleets show up. If anything they move ahead of them, constantly, slowly spreading the infection though mind of blood as need be, through word or work. They are up there with Slaanesh and Tzeentch where they will slither into a society through one way or another most easily corrupting one aspect or another.

>> No.56183913

Nigger that's both canon in 40k, factual in real life, and always has been. The Imperium's worlds are dotted extremely thinly across the Galaxy, space is fucking huge and almost all of it is empty.

>> No.56183925

You have to remember there were chaos gods before everything went to shit.

The warp used to be a kindler, gentler place. But as it mirrors our galaxy, when our galaxy went to shit, so to did the warp.

>> No.56183928

You're right.
We should just take everything out but chaos so they just win forever so Carnac can just masturbate to Abaddon and Belacuck in the corner all alone like he really wants.

>> No.56183932

Please provide an example of an interesting Chaos Daemons narrative.

>> No.56183934

Rely on humans to actually be interesting.
Purestrains remain boring as shit.
Only by becoming more human are they actually interesting.

>Literally more interesting than every Chaos Cult put together

No way, genestealer cults follow the same formulaic pattern, while Chaos cults can be anything.

>> No.56183944

>The fluff for Leviathan is LITERALLY "Tyranids circumvented the galactic plane, unlike before where they were in the East they can now attack anywhere at anytime".

I said mainly and Leviathan cannot attack anywhere at anytime or else it would have gone to its target destination from the get go. It has to cross huge area of the galaxy and it cannot attack anywhere unlike Chaos that can pop up anywhere at a drop of hat.

>Source. Considering most of the Imperiums worlds are in the Segmentum Solar or to the galactic West where the Rift didn't even touch, and it has just over a million worlds, there's no way the Rift obliterated even 10% let alone multiples of 10% lol. You're just making shit up.

Look at the map of the Great Rift. All the planets inside the stain are lost. Stop making things up please.

>> No.56183946

How dynamically poseable is the wraith lord kit?

I always see neat jobs people have done with them but the studio ones are very static.

>> No.56183949

Posting my crusaders for the boys in the next time zone.

>> No.56183950

No, the chaos gods were created from the psychic feedback of the emotions of sentient beings like how slaanesh was created. Sentient life came before chaos

>> No.56183953

Wasn't it because the Old Ones weaponized the Warp and didn't give a fuck who they killed as collateral? Or has the War in Heaven changed again.

>> No.56183962

Let's just take Chaos out and make it it's own setting for Carnac to jerk off in, while all the rest of us play 40k.

>> No.56183963

The Horus Heresy.
Even if you don't like it, it's far more interesting and depthful than anything the Tyranids could shit out.

>> No.56183965

There you go anon, You have reached the ultimate form of this argument. X faction is bad because X eventually leads us to "Take everything out because they dont fit"

>> No.56183970

>"T-that doesn't matter! Daemons don't even need intrigue!"

Limited form that is ignored or not mentioned in most Tyranid fiction while intrigue forms the center of Chaos's stories and they do it with more variety.

>> No.56183982 [DELETED] 

And they were they had always been.

>> No.56183991

Why the fuck are you focusing on Imperial worlds, you idiot? I said worlds as in all form of worlds.

>> No.56183998

Nurgle cults are largely about accepting that death is inevitable, but also a great way to end suffering.

That said, none of the 4 gods have cults that make proper "sense" - in all four cases, the cults don't seem to offer anything of value, even to the desperate slaves being worked to death in labor camps that constitute 99% of the galactic human population. I mean, I get preferring death to daily suffering, but all the cults usually have to offer is a death involving more tentacles, and it's a lot of work, what with the candles and the praying and so on. Why bother?

>> No.56184003


Destroyed/"all the planets lost" is a little strong. Besieged, yes. Got a good chunk of the literally who worlds and all the uninhabited rocks, but the Admech codex says the majority of the Forge Worlds are holding out. The tally is 7 destroyed, "several more" out of contact because of warpstorm nonsense out of hundreds or thousands covered. Hive and Agri-worlds are probably in more trouble due to not being as bullet-helly to attack, but that's still a puny tally even compared to the Nids, who have a much higher successful kill rate even if they attack far less Forge Worlds.


Well, everything in the entire universe is 99.99% empty space because particles and charges. Assuming you mean just macroscopic matter and such, yeah, space is really rather empty.

>Plasma with a number density of less than one hydrogen atom per cubic metre and a temperature of millions of kelvins in the space between galaxies accounts for most of the baryonic (ordinary) matter in outer space.

The Imperium has a very small number of the actual planets, too. It's painted rather thinly across the galaxy because it's a lot easier to fuck off to a nearby inhabitable or at least Goldilocks Zone planet than colonizing every barren rock.

>> No.56184004

Only shoulders and hips, you'll be cutting joints and filling in.

>> No.56184016

And then they had always been.

>> No.56184033

>Destroyed/"all the planets lost" is a little strong.

No it's not. There may be some that are miraculously okay, but being in the rift is like being in the Eye of Terror. The rule of Chaos is absolute.

>> No.56184048

All through his life Perturabo was actively hostile to scheming and trickery, starting from his resolute loyalty to the warlord who adopted him. There he rejected not just his personal advancement but strong social traditions of politicking and betrayal.
Even as he hated the duties assigned to his legion, he stolidly completed them, unlike Magnus's secret practice of sorcery or Lorgar's illicit gods.
That lasted right up until the Iron Cage. The reason that trap worked, though, was that Perturabo had always been so upfront before. It made sense to expect a brilliantly designed, reliable, savage defense, not a gimmick.

>> No.56184049

Nurgle's case is hilarious given they generally end up not dead. But point taken.

>> No.56184052

Lol you are literally a joke.

>Look at the map of the Great Rift. All the planets inside the stain are lost.
Yeah I only count a total of 4 named planets inside the stain, and one of those is Agripinaa which is canonically still not lost.

You just BTFO yourself twice in one post, nice work retard.

>> No.56184053

Why are GSC minis so nice looking... I have plenty of Admech to work on but this Neophyte kit looks really rather nice, has decent weapon options and everything. Maybe I could use Skittle arms and heads on Neophyte bodies and make cheap 'n cheerful expendable Skittles? Stripped-down armour would suit sneaky Stygies boys too.

>> No.56184063

Can we take a moment to reflect on the eldar autarch.

i knew it was bad and that they removed alot of options, but the fucker on foot doesn't even have a gun. Oh holy fuck he doesn't even have a model, so you can't even say its because he doesn't come with one.

>> No.56184070

>Destroyed/"all the planets lost" is a little strong.

The planets in the Rift are effectively lost. Inside the Great Rift is a daemon madhouse.

> but the Admech codex says the majority of the Forge Worlds are holding out.

Because they aren't inside the Great Rift. And the rest of the line is missing the point. You are talking about planets that aren't in the Great Rift. Either south or north of it.

>The Imperium

And now you are focusing on just the Imperium and forgetting that there are more factions than the Imperium and their worlds are free game as much as any other world. Tyranids don't just attack Imperial worlds.

>> No.56184077

>Yeah I only count a total of 4 named planets inside the stain

Doesn't matter if planets are named or not.

>> No.56184085

That's not even a word.

Also the interesting parts of the Horus Heresy are the brother turning on brother elements of the space marines and Imperium. The daemons themselves aren't interesting at all, they could have been almost completely excluded and the corruption of Chaos only represented through the turning of the traitors.

>> No.56184100

Pert is the literal opposite of frothing at the mouth khornates.
And he's autistic. And Tzeentchy-boy sure loves his autists.

>> No.56184101

So show me the line of text that says hundreds of thousands of worlds were obliterated, then.

>> No.56184104

>Yeah I only count a total of 4 named planets inside the stain

You really going to argue that the stain doesn't contain countless systems? What an idiot.

Agripinaa isn't inside the Rift. It's surrounded by it on two sides. The Cadian Gate hasn't been totally overtaken by the Eye of Terror.

>> No.56184120

See Magic: the Gatewatching.

>> No.56184121

Imma make some guard with this set.

>> No.56184125

Khorne is my favorite chaos god. Am i a beta bitch?

>> No.56184126

Did you even read the rest of my post? We have proof that the vast majority of Forge Worlds (which are mostly nowhere near as industrialized as Mars or the other Alpha/Beta class worlds, a good few are just one big city + outposts) survived fine.


So the Great Rift proper is so small that it only covered a dozen Forge Worlds tops? They're quite common as far as we've seen, that would only be a few thousand planets total if we discard the random rocks. Pretty pathetic either way, man. Either Chaos has attacked only a few inhabited worlds with the full Rift or it's not done a huge amount of damage.

>> No.56184128

Logic you moron. I want you to look up a galactic map and count the suns that are in that stain.

>> No.56184137

>That's not even a word.

But you understood what it meant, and I'm not the first to use it, so what is a word really?

>Also the interesting parts of the Horus Heresy are the brother turning on brother elements

Because of the subtle manipulation of Chaos. Daemons can do subtle. Tyranids are just zerg rush.

>> No.56184145

This. Everything interesting about the Horus Heresy, and it's been getting more boring by the year, is on the human characters. Daemons are irrelevant.

>> No.56184151

It does mean that without a source he's just pulling shit out of his ass that he made up.

Considering he was already directly 100% contradicted by the screencap of Tyranid fluff I posted, word for word, I'd be inclined to think he's just a lying fucktard even if I didn't already know that was true because it's carnac.

>> No.56184155

That makes a lot of things more impressive in retrospect.

>> No.56184168

>Did you even read the rest of my post?

Yes, it was and is meaningless. But I'll break it down for you.

>We have proof that the vast majority of Forge Worlds (which are mostly nowhere near as industrialized as Mars or the other Alpha/Beta class worlds, a good few are just one big city + outposts) survived fine.

So what? What do forgeworlds surviving have to do with the fact that Chaos ass-raped thousands of cubic light years of space and all the stars and planets therein? The majority of forge worlds obviously did not run along the Great Rift.

>> No.56184169

The only "subtle manipulation of Chaos" is Magnus being a fucking moron. Everything else is entirely on human(-ish, Primarchs are at best a subspecies) hands.

>> No.56184174


ye its really sad m8

>> No.56184175


>> No.56184179

Hell is more comprehensible to the human psyche than nonexistence. It's why the vast majority of all religions ever has the concept. Nonexistence is just so... pointless.

>> No.56184191

Man, I don't like Wraith constructs' look at all. The fluff and concept is cool, but the heads and proportions look so awkward and goofy. Really doesn't do them justice. Look at that thing's thighs and shins, looks like a cartoon character.

>> No.56184192

Sorry Carnac but you need some proofs.
Can't just make shit up and expect others to take it as canon.

>> No.56184198

>So the Great Rift proper is so small that it only covered a dozen Forge Worlds tops?

Look at the Admech Great Rift map and you will see that none of the Forgeworlds inside known Forgeworlds are inside the Great Rift. They are on its bordered or way North or south So your entire post is stupidity itself. You can harping of nonsense.

>that would only be a few thousand planets total

Nah, a stain that big to cut the galaxy in half and take over the center would include a fuck ton of planets.

>> No.56184203

>Logic you moron
Oh, we're actually going by logic now? You usually don't do that, you appeal to the exact opposite.

Wow this new Tyranid codex has got your jimmies in a real rustle, huh carnac? It's not even out yet and you're in maximum damage control mode.

>> No.56184211

The great rift is the asspull of the century anyway. The plot of Fall of Cadia was extra fucking retarded, and while it may be good at proving that chaos is objectively powerful it's narratively trash.

>> No.56184213

They corrupted Lorgar, Magnus, Fulgrim and Horus. From there they wormed into the rest too.

>> No.56184220


>> No.56184222

I didn't make stuff up. I am not stupid enough like you to pretend that there isn't hundreds of thousands of planets in a Rift that cuts the galaxy in half from west to east.

>> No.56184225

I love it when chaoscucks are BTFO

>> No.56184227

>generic starcraft ripoff faction
Being this idiot

>> No.56184233

get out

>> No.56184240


>> No.56184241

> subtle
"Hey Lorgar sorry the Emperor scolded you wanna worship gods of evil and suffering now?"

>> No.56184246

Enjoy your your super saiyan 8th edition fuck festival that passes for lore.

>> No.56184255

for thems what is interested

>> No.56184257

What do the the fact that the galaxy was cut in half by Rift have to do with the Tyranids codex?

A quick google search says that there is like 10 million stars in the center of the galaxy. You do the rest of the math.

>> No.56184261

>and count the suns that are in that stain.
Now realize that the Imperium is the largest galactic empire in the whole galaxy and only 0.001% of planets in the galaxy belong to the Imperium, which means even if you add all the other races you're still just going to be in the thousands of a single percent in terms of populated planets, so divide the number caught in that rift by 100,000 and that's how many actually mattered.

So if the Rift affected hundreds of thousands as you say, it mattered to maybe - a dozen? A few dozen? Let's say a hundred, being generous. Tyranids caused the Imperium to blow up more than that amount of THEIR OWN FUCKING PLANETS just to slow them down, and they did that as a matter of everyday threat, not the biggest accomplishment they ever achieved in 10,000 years like Chaos with the Rift.

>> No.56184270

Lorgar and Horus were corrupted by humans. Magnus is the only one who really was tricked by daemons, and that's on Tzeentch.

>> No.56184279

They were way more subtle than that though, they abducted him as a child and placed him on a planet where he was indoctrinated into a mellow version of their creed, and clung to religion fiercely.
Thus when he got scolded he defaulted back to them and was willing to accept their vision fully, fueled by his own anger and frustration.

Chaos played the galaxy like a fiddle.

>> No.56184285

I will, enjoy re-reading the real lore and arguing pointlessly.

>> No.56184303

Use LoS blocking objects?

>> No.56184304

if chaos only assraped thousands of cubic lightyears of the galaxy, then it is extremely plausible that they only hit a few planets. The galaxy is 100,000 lightyears wide, ish. For a 3 dimensional object to stretch across 100k lightyears and not exceed "thousands" of light years (so between 1 and 9999 ly^3, it would have to be an extremely narrow band, relatively. The average crosssectional area of such a band could only be at maximum .1 ly^2. Assuming that the band roughly approximates a circle, this would mean the average thickness of the band across the galaxy would be .36ly.

Surely I don't need to tell you that the galaxy is mostly empty space. It's entirely possible that chaos didn't hit anything with it's long narrow pencil dick.

>> No.56184321

As a nidfag, in all fairness, the Rift definitely affected some amount of planets.

That number is just thousands of times less than that faggot Carnac thinks it was.

>> No.56184333

I have a dream /40kg/, I have a dream that one day men and women of all colours will be able to buy a chaos predator from GW.

>> No.56184341

For fuck sake you are back at the Imperium again. I said worlds in general and you just keep harping on the Imperium. Chaos just deleted a fuck load of space and everything in it from west to east and try to pretend that the Tyranids did anything similarly impressive? Fuck no.

The Great Awakening that proceeded the Great Rift did more da,age to the Imperium in a blink of time than any Hive Fleet. What other faction is capable of that level of destruction? Only the Necrons at their height.

>> No.56184342


>> No.56184346

>if chaos only assraped thousands of cubic lightyears of the galaxy, then it is extremely plausible that they only hit a few planets.

Not really, it swallowed up many stars, each had its own planets.

>> No.56184351

Because putting extra glowy warp effects in empty space or barren rocks is rather unimpressive? If over 95% of the random factory cities inside that rift survived fine and are in consistent contact with the Imperium proper, which we know is true, it has done far less damage than the "total destruction" you've claimed as well the larger Hive and Agri worlds would be largely intact too as they're stronger than the majority of titchy FWs.


That map comes nowhere close to showing every Forge World, there's at least two gamma+ class FWs per subsector and usually more. You've already said that the fact planets are named is unimportant, now only mapped planets count? You've contradicted yourself twice already just talking to me. If the stain includes a fuckton of planets,it has done very little damage as only around 10 Forge Worlds are KIA or MIA. If it did a lot of damage to worlds inside of it it must therefore be very small for the same reason.
If we assume the giant glowy stain is all Rift then it's rather weak per planet, if the rift is a very tiny band inside the glowy stain it's only hit a few hundred planets to justify the low absolute number of dead worlds. Is this not obvious?

>> No.56184353

>Arguing about what did more damage in a fantasy world, a make believe space anomaly or some scary aliums, when the maker uppers of such a world are completely shit at continuity or making it believable

>> No.56184378

I think you mean that it blocked off many planets. That's probably true. But just running the numbers you supplied carnac, it doesn't have the volume necessary to affect a lot of planets.

>> No.56184386

You didn't read what I wrote, retard. The Imperium is the largest empire in the galaxy. That means if only a tiny, tiny fraction of its own planets were destroyed, then even less were destroyed of all the other "worlds in general". Chaos deleted a fuckload of 99.99999999999% empty space that no one was traveling through because they use Warp Drives when they leave systems anyways.

Literally the biggest effect of the Cicatrix Maledictum was cutting off the dark side of the Imperium from the Astronomicon. Congrats, Chaos finally managed to do something that Nids have always done automatically with the Shadow in the Warp, lol.

>> No.56184392

>You've contradicted yourself twice already just talking to me.

No, I didn't.

>it has done very little damage as only around 10 Forge Worlds are KIA or MIA

Prove that these Forgeworlds are in the Rift.

>If it did a lot of damage to worlds inside of it it must therefore be very small for the same reason.

It's a daemonic hellhole. None survives that.

And the rest is assumption and stupidity.

>> No.56184417

Whatever worlds they did hit were probably uninhabited or nit part of the Imperium in all likelihood.

>> No.56184421

Not even that same anon but Carnac there is literally proof right in this thread that you contradicted yourself which you ran away from and didn't address because you're a little bitch. You got called out for saying one thing when word for word, verbatim, the exact opposite was printed in the Tyranid fluff.

You are a fucking joke, just keep that in mind as you continue to post and embarrass yourself further, I'm loving it.

>> No.56184424

>Because putting extra glowy warp effects in empty space or barren rocks is rather unimpressive?

How is it unimpressive? To create a path of devastation a hundred thousand light years long in the blink of an eye is beyond anything else we've ever seen in the setting.

>If over 95% of the random factory cities inside that rift survived fine and are in consistent contact with the Imperium proper, which we know is true

But we don't know that's true at all, given how other planets do when trapped in the warp I'd say that's very unlikely.

>I think you mean that it blocked off many planets.

It blocked off many more, but it actually engulfed a large amount as well.

>> No.56184426

No, you idiot. Within the Imperial space exists areas where minor space empire and races exist. Uncharted space and junk. You can't claim that Imperial space is sparse and then come say that there is nothing inside those empty places.

Be right back.

>> No.56184430

Come on anon, do you really expect serious discussion in 4chan? We will just endlessly call him a faggot, bitch about codexes and shit......plebdit is a safer space for this activities

>> No.56184444

I wonder how many of these millions of destroyed planets were elder exodite ones.

>> No.56184445

Why don't you prove the rift destroyed hundreds of thousands of Imperial worlds first?

>> No.56184446

Which faction most closely resembles the teachings of Nietzsche?

>> No.56184455

>which you ran away from and didn't address because you're a little bitch.

Notice that you fail fail to point the posts and just go with ad homs. Who is being the coward here?

>> No.56184458

Shut the fuck up
New thread time
Autists fuck off

>> No.56184462

Alright anons which Hive Fleet adaptation are you running and don't fucking say Jormungandr until you've read exactly how it works on GWs site because it has like 5 different fucking caveats.

>> No.56184482 [SPOILER] 

Fuck it, I lie down and go back to sleep.

>> No.56184483

I want to see that video lol

>> No.56184485

Jormugandr or Gorgon best colour schemes.

>> No.56184502

I said worlds. Not only Imperial worlds.

>> No.56184524

At least the tyranids are something new for me to fight. I fought the demon psyker bullshit for 2 editions and the closest thing I've had to a game vs Nids is when a cockroach found its way onto the table.

>> No.56184536

No carnac, it didn't. The volume of the galaxy is about 8 trillion cubic light years. There are about 100 billion systems in our galaxy, according to the most recent estimates. that means there about .0125 systems per cubic lightyear. Assuming that the distribution is even (a fair assumption, since the rift spreads across the galaxy, it should even out), that means you can expect between 12.5 systems or 125 systems destroyed, according to your thousands of light years figure. I would never impugn your honor by suggesting you got any aspect of the canon wrong carnac, so you must realize that the rift only affected so many planets.

>> No.56184539

Carnac unironically kill yourself you ugly, fat, pin dick, unloved faggot

>> No.56184547

It's that time again

>> No.56184582

fuck off carnac with your thread wars false flag.

>> No.56184590

The only sensible option

>> No.56184594

I think the autarch on foot is actually a prince Yiriel model without it being prince Yiriel

>> No.56184595

I am thin, fit, and sexy. And I know you love me.
Google says there are 10 million stars in the galaxy center where the Great Rift is located.

>> No.56184613

not all stars have systems anon. And I think you googled the wrong thing. There are probably tons of stars int he galacic center. But the great rift isn't in the galactic center.

>> No.56184617

B-b-but chaos sucks and I'm not carnac, I'm an Archon anon.

>> No.56184618


Topic of discussion: do you guys think psychic offense should be a viable army build in 8th? Currently, the casting rules for matched play mean that the only power that can be spammed is Smite -- each army can only attempt other powers once per phase, let alone each caster. The only way for a single caster to have any meaningful solo psychic offense is to run Smite and other offensive powers, which are usually a) rare, b) hard to cast and c) worse than Smite. Or you can be Magnus and roll an 8+, but even he, the best caster in the game, does the bulk of his damage in melee.

So currently the only way to deal significant damage with psychic powers is to spam the cheapest psykers with full Smites that you can get. Funnily enough, the various units with gimped Smites (Astropaths, Warlocks, Horrors, GK in general, Aspiring Sorcerers and Wyrdvane Psykers) are all better served spending their time casting other powers if they're able to, which is funny since the various abilities are fluffed as enabling their psychic offense. In other words, the units that are fluffed as contributing by mind-blasting enemies are usually shit at it, and are best used for support powers. Zoanthropes get hit by this pretty bad -- with the upcoming Neurothrope change, there'll be zero incentive to ever run them.

And if the rumored CA changes are implemented (maximum of 3 Smites per turn), then psychic offense will be truly dead. And for armies like Grey Knights or Thousand Sons, which fluffwise should benefit from using psychic powers to blast their enemies, this kinda blows. Then again, any time Smite spam has been abusable (pre nerf Horrors, current Primaris Psykers, Malefic Lords) it has been used heavily in tournaments, as mortal wounds are just that good.

So what do you think? Should there be changes to allow single units to do significant amounts of psychic damage (allow multiple casts of the same power at increasing WC for instance)? Should psychic offense be axed wholesale?

>> No.56184703

It is though. It brushes the galaxy center and heads east.

>> No.56184777

>No carnac, it didn't.

Not Carnac, but it did, see >>56184734

>> No.56184815

Don't talk to me like that, I'm not your grandma.

>> No.56185268

Not always possible on every board.

>> No.56185284

Berzerkers are good if you're Alpha Legion and can infiltrate them and a Warptime Sorceror to get them stuck in combat 1st turn.

But I suppose a bunch of Berzerkers in Rhinos with the Renegade Trait could also have a great chance at making it into combat.

>> No.56185341

Damn, I loved both Nemesis & the old Inquisition fluff but the link never occurred to me. Thanks Anon, learnt something today

>> No.56185452

I hadn't heard of the maximum 3 Smites per turn, but it's the sort of incredibly stupid solution that would not surprise me from GW. A far, far better solution would be to simply fix Smite. Every Discipline that offers additional offensive powers to Smite either gives you something strictly worse than it, or something only situationally better, if you're very, very lucky. That kind of screams out that Smite itself is simply an OP power that needs addressing.

If I were fixing it, I would let any power be repeated, including spam from the same psyker, but I would punish them for spamming by making Perils worse - for example, Perilling on all failures, or on any odd number to cast, or escalating the damage Perils inflicts on the caster.

>> No.56185576

Is Swarmlord's stats and abilities otherwise Primarch level, besides him not having a reroll aura?

Kinda looks it to me.

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