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...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: ********
>>>Enter Passcode: **********
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to McHughes.pub...

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
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>Watch your form
>Back straight
>Conserve hip drive
>And never, ever tell a dragon she looks fat

Everyone needs BOD 4. How do your runners stay healthy?

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Father Gregory's got his own little weights under his abandoned church. He was born a big boy.

The little raven mage working with him just refuses to put some meat on those bones though.

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I actually whipped up a "replacement" for physads in my own setting, since it doesn't have magic but I don't want to stretch into too-rubbery supertech.
Basically, they're users of an athletics/martial arts course (named Reactive Mindfulness) run through either a chip or a headset, which basically runs the user through a grueling athletics and martial arts regimen while keeping them in a state of self-hypnosis. It also has a diet attached, a lifestyle rhythm and is calibrated very specifically for an unaugmented human body, not that you'd be able to adapt the course to all the different cyberware on the market when a little bit of hormone imbalance or extra weight could throw it all off.
It basically allows a normal person to go from ordinary to Bruce Lee in a few months, but the drawbacks are that you basically have to shred yourself psychologically and interpersonally to get there (ten hours of practice a day and extreme exhaustion messes people up, and the whole course depends on your ability to psych yourself up and shut off everything but what you want to hear.
It was originally developed by a touchy-feely bioware megacorp which had taken a blow after their implant donations were destroyed in outrage by the natives who received them, and an extremist anti-augmentation Christian group which is basically Jehovah's Witnesses on steroids chipped in to get a way to outfit their own security against cybered-up maniacs.

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Hey Yekka, there's something screwy with augmentation grades in the latest nightlies. Once you buy it it's random what categories can be changed in grades (cultured is stuck at standard, genetech can be bought used, etc). Messing around causes the character to be unexportable.

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>listening to corpsins because some anon here recommended it
>this goddamn axtechnology VITAS run
Cromwell being a retard caused 3 people to die in comparison to 1. Trolls need to shut up and just hit things instead of make decisions.

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>Everyone needs BOD 4
>Taking even numbers on Bod or Wil

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Is Stats 3 the baseline stats for the average metahuman? Or 2 is and 1s are so severely debilitated in any aspect that its a miracle that person can function.

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Average people will have mostly 3s and a couple of 2s. Maybe a 4. At least thats how I see it.

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1 is peak unaugmented human performance (unless you're a freak), 3 is average, and 1 is "oh hell son, what's wrong with you?"

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Err, make that first 1 a 6. We're not elves.

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1-6 is within the standard range of personal ability. 1 will be fairly poor, but it's more "I can't succeed without working on this" than "I'm physically/mentally retarded".

Which is to say, there's a difference between having a natural 0 dice pool and being completely unable to do something. The former can get more dice. The latter is messed up no matter how many dice you add.

That said, having 1-3 dice in something is still generally a bumbling mess in specific areas without those same bonus dice.

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Do I need to explain the meaning of regarded to you ? It doesn't go from 100 point IQ human straight to vegetable. There is a lot of wiggle room for that word and with a 1 you very well count as impaired.

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That's new and different. I'll take a look.

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>the meaning of regarded
You might need to look it up for yourself.

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Damn auto correct, that's what you get for mobile posting.

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Can't reproduce it. Can you show me a screenshot of what you're seeing?

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The cultured bioware grade dropdown is grayed out as well.

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How do I bond Qi foci in chummer chargen mode?

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>get hired to steal some container off a freight ship in the ADL
>during the run we learn the ship is run by a small family with kids and a high-force but free water spirit
>security detail for the container is independent and sticks to their end of the ship
>the content of said container seems to be very valuable but we're too stupid to know for sure (some paracritter or dragon thingie maybe)
>we decide to steal the container for ourselves (since johnson strongarmed us into it anyway [fuck your railroad with a fork])
>so we need to make it look like we died during the run so we can wait in a bolthole until we can sell
>leave our SINs on ship and go for the good old "everything sploded" in the hopes it will cover our tracks
>kill the security forces, lay down the explosives around the room where the container was
>can trick the water spirit (he doesnt know what those red sticks with a timer on are)
>kid sees us, makes photo of us as we leave the ship with the container
>the Face (me) goes back to intimidate the family into deleting the evidence (too good natured to kill them) and tell them to leave the soon-to-be-exploded ship
>as i want to catch up with the rest of the team to blow up the ship with my detonator in hand the water spirit intercepts me
>he noticed me threatening the family
>he's furious as shit
>i'm in the water
>end of session

Wat do? I doubt i can seriously talk the spirit down. Even as a face that would be unrealistic. Was thinking of using the detonator to threaten to blow up the family, but that seems awfully short-termed.

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>destroy a whole family's livelihood and put a child in danger just to skip out on a job

I hope that water spirit drowns you slowly.

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Oh D*G, was this ship, by chance, coming from south america?

Threatening the ghost with killing the Family seems like a decent enough way out until your Team is close enough to kill him.

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1. Are you the mage too?
2. If no, distract it (presumably with threatening the family) long enough for the mage to try and deal with it/save your dumb ass.
3. If yes, g the tfo as fast as is metahumanly possible.

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You're completely right, although we only learned of the family during the job (bad legwork).
And working for the Johnson (Vory) seems like a horrible way to die sooner or later anyway (remember, he blackmailed us into the job)

I don't think it was from the azzies. At least not yet.

1. No, i'm not, although my team has three mages (two of them very new players unfamilar with their options)
2. That's what i plan to do, yeah.
3. I smell burned edge.

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Also i planned to send them some money once we sold.

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Where do I go to read about Britain and the British military? I know some basic stuff, but is there any book/section of a book really dedicated to it?

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They tried to invaded Tír na nÓg, but the elves did a massive ritual that poisoned every bit of tea on the British Isles. The whole country was wiped out by lunchtime.

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Why are you niggas such babies in need to be spoonfeed and unable to do basic researcb
and then you simply check the bottoms of this links for sources, go to the mega and download what you need

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Because you're not supposed to need academic-level research efforts just to learn about a fictional game setting. That stuff ought to be listed in the game manual which we paid for.

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>which we paid for.

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You're the reason games wither out and die.

Downloading game books is outright stealing money from the developer. Actually no, it's worse because not only are you stealing, but you're spreading the attitude that what you're doing is okay. Imagine soneone taking YOUR work, the work you count on to feed your family, taking that and distributing it freely while you have to take a third mortage just to get by. This is seriously disgusting and hahahaha just kidding, just kidding, Jesus Christ, could you imagine?

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One thing is to want general information about the setting/world
Another is to want information about specific information about a region you whinny bitch
>academic level research
oh no woe is me to type 3 words into google and download the free books with all the info I need

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chummer, we WANT CGL to die and the license to go to someone else
because it's staffed by hacks, retards, assholes, thieves and various combinations of those
even IF you buy any of their books or is questionable whether any of that money teaches the writers

>> No.56177548

*reaches the writers
but teaches is fine too

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you wrote like a faggot so I assumed you're a faggot

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If I was loaded I'd be buying that shit all day every day because I love having books.

But I'm poor as shit the cost of the single book is fucking immense to me when I need to pay for other things.

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I appreciated your post annon
People should really read stuff to the end before throwing bitchfits

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Chummer, you don't need an excuse when it's CGL. Don't bother.

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Do you make a habit of carrying rope? I always always always have some on me in D&D and it tends to come in handy, but I've yet to pull it out of my bag in shadowrun. Was it a waste?

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No. Rope is always useful, but in SR there's always other options as well.

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Aren't those French soldiers?

>> No.56178209

What era are these photos in? The Great War? I've never seen those wooly tunics (jackets?) before until now.

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Imagine what use you would have for this rope
Climbing? Gecko Tape Gloves are supperior
Binding People? Zipties(plastic restrains) are easier to carry around.
Wilderness survival? Sure if you ever go out of town.
I can tell you that I am yet to have needed a rope. Like even once.

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They had the balls to release the 5e core book in the state it's in, after mistreating their writers and filling it with crappy fanfiction.

They need to go out of business so that someone else can pick up SR and treat it right.

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>Do you make a habit of carrying rope
Grapple gun.

If you need more reason than that, then I don't know what to tell you.

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The glorious Anglo-French Union makes no distinction.

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Grapple guns are fucking awesome.
You can't always make your flashy entrance into an elevated room by using a flying carpet.

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Why does the water spirit care about some meatbags?

>> No.56178733

I just try to make an Aware character in the latest Nightly.

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Up to 60% of the human body is water?

>> No.56178788

>the water spirit is actually controlling the family of meat-puppets

Shit, we need to shut this down before CGL get another idea for a Body Snatcher metaplot.

>> No.56178801

I read your post and I agree with this anon here:>>56177631

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Salt Water spirit, and it senses your tears.

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>Climbing? Gecko Tape Gloves are supperior
Because nobody from your team could possibly benefit from a dropped rope after you climb in first.

>> No.56178834

>belly button

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Yep. Most armies were undergoing significant modernization in the years leading up to and into the war. France was upgrading from its more Napoleonic uniforms to something designed to provide better camouflage. They wound up somewhere in the middle, as designs like pic related were outed for being "unpatriotic"

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I'd give her some salty liquid all right, ifyouseewhatimean.
This is why you specialize in Seduce.

>> No.56178977

Well to be fair last time we needed to get the decker to a roof I just put him on my back and gecko taped to the top

>> No.56179186

You could have used rope to tie him to your back for a lesser risk.

>> No.56179381

Could and need are two different things
Wasting time is all that would have been achieved by this
Rope is just so much less useful when you have modern tech and magic in your disposal

>> No.56179475

>Wasting time is all that would have been achieved by this
And higher security. Low cost, high effectiveness.

I still would have climbed solo, because adding ~80kg of weight and then pulling yourself up on a level surface is a tall order. Besides which, it also increases profile in case someone comes by, and takes two people out of commission in case of failure instead of one.

So yes, you don't NEED it, but it can be a useful thing to have. With lucky rolls/babying GM you can get by even with stupid decisions, but that is a poor argument.

Modern tech and magic are not always available or applicable.

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Can you get a mod for things like changing face structure or anything?

Or what about mods for being able to like have cybernetic legs/arm/spine that let you adjust your own height?

I've been wanting to make a "chameleon" type infiltration focused pseudo-face of some sort. Load up on implants like having contacts you can adjust the eye color of, implanted smart wig, those cybernetic breast implants that let the user change size on the fly, those kinds of things, as well as implanted sensors and smartlink and such so she can be a wire wearing spy that can easily change her appearance basically.
What other kinds of mods/items would be good for that character concept?

>> No.56179971

>Can you get a mod for things like changing face structure or anything?
Sure, face sculpt. Fake face chrome is a huge red flag anywhere that you're better off not having any at all.
>Or what about mods for being able to like have cybernetic legs/arm/spine that let you adjust your own height?
Body sculpt. You can even change your gender.

Face sculpt, body sculpt, keratin/melanin/voice control. Enjoy being faceless.

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>That pic
It's not really a proper Shadowrun troll, but I wonder what sex with her would be like. Would I need a mechanical pelvis to satisfy her in bed? Would a normal human dick be big enough? Would french-kissing someone with tusks be feasible? How spooky would it be to get head from one? Could she literally crush my head with her thighs when she orgasms around me? So many questions.

Any SR books that deal or describe this subject matter?

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There's a lot of stuff I'd do with a grappling gun that's not just climbing

The monowire could be used for traps or a makeshift monowhip
Rope dispenser for hogtying, maybe even gecko rope
Trick heads to replace the grappling head, some with matching rope material: datatap, taser, magesight, weighted flail
Ropeless mode to turn it into a makeshift crossbow firing bladed heads or bolas

Shame it ain't RAW

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Let's treat the thigh crush as grappling. RAW, subduing and grappling doesn't deal Physical damage at first, and deals DV equal to the attacker's STR. For any metatype, STR 6 unresisted would take at least 4 turns (about 12 seconds) to send the victim into Dying Overflow (2 turns to wipe out Stun and overflow into Physical, 2 to wipe out Phys)

But could you actually crush a skull? Let's look at the science.

Scientists testing bike helmets on cadaver skulls found that when crushed, unprotected skulls fractured at 190 pounds-force (82 kg) and had "catastrophic" failures beyond, up to 520 lbf (235 kg).

Let's assume that a thigh-crushing test be treated as a Lifting test, implying that the adductors alone can exert the same force as a whole-body lift/carry.

A STR 5 character (the minimum for a Troll) can already exert enough force to "lift" 75 kg without a test. That's almost enough for a skull fracture. With the Troll minimums of BOD 5 + STR 5, she'd get to buy or average 2 hits to make that into 105 kg of force, easily cracking a naked skull but not outright squishing it.

Of course, a troll at peak conditioning (STR 10 = 150 kg) would have no trouble cracking the skull, possibly even crushing it catastrophically. At BOD 10, she could buy or average 5 hits, increasing that force to 225 kg... almost enough to pop that skull like a cherry tomato. Almost.

But get this -- the average weight given for a Troll is 300 kg. She could just facesit you to death without even thinking about it.

So if you ever need to perform quick execution, just ask the Troll to have a seat.

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I'm trying to build up a pile of obnoxious gimmicky goons for a game I'm planning on running. Does anyone know where I can find good gimmick builds for 4E?

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I am equally horrified and aroused, as expected. Bravo.

The thought of my troll-fu forgetting herself in the heat of the moment and suffocating me unconscious under her monstrous physique is giving me a raging boner. Now I HAVE to know if someone wrote about inter-species sex with female trolls somewhere.

>> No.56180950

Isn't the 300kg averages for males only? Women weigh less.

>> No.56180976

>not really a proper Shadowrun troll
Thats because thats literally an Oni.

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>this entire post
I love you /tg/

>> No.56181132

Great, now I'm making an unarmed troll waifu. I hope you're happy.

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I took the statistics from SR420 and it doesn't specify whether those averages are for male or female. Even if female Trolls are lighter on average, they would need to be about 78% the average weight of a male Troll just to average 235 kg. That seems a tad extreme, looking at the modern average of human men (195 lbs) and women (168 lbs) giving a difference of 83%.

Ask your GM first. Death by facesitting does seem a mite cheesy.

I also calculated Breast-only Adiposis, should I repost that?

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Your babes are killing me. I want to find an irl girlfriend like those so bad...
Hum. Yes, please do.

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File: 65 KB, 1147x514, shadowrun breast adiposis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Methonium/synecdoche is amazing, go look them up!

Here's a screencap of the most recent numbers. At that point I'd quadruple-checked them so it should be more or less reliable.

TLDR: basketball boobs that weight 20-30 kg. Imagine carrying a Basset hound with you everywhere.

>> No.56181600

So why do trolls weigh that much in the first place, is it the dermal deposits?

>> No.56181744
File: 351 KB, 899x1400, 9959d9c28ca5391e9c548fe64b89a0ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assume it's a rough estimate of the bone and muscle mass for that height, plus the given minimum STR score.

But I also assume CGL bungled up the math, if they ever touched it.

>> No.56181749

>She could just facesit you to death without even thinking about it
I disagree. Among fat fetishizers being crushed by one in bed is a huge turn on, and I've seen some perform it on video with no injury with women weighing at least that, with much more flabby fat to clog breathing gaps. Sure, if they stayed there for a couple minutes straight the guy would suffocate, but who orgasms for 2 straight minutes? Even then, some gentle slaps to the face and he wakes up with a hard-on.

As for skull-crushing thighs, well, there's that famous gif with the watermelons, too...

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File: 297 KB, 426x426, kortney.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's probably because the weight is distributed and not completely sitting on the head, especially with those rolls going around and a soft mattress underneath. We weren't even factoring in suffocation, though! It's important to note that in those scenarios, the woman doing the sitting doesn't want to actually crush or injure their partner.

The force for crushing a watermelon is given as 320 lb (145 kg), easily attainable.

>> No.56182169

Thank god for bone lacing, spinal realignment, and muscle augmentation.

>> No.56182216

600-700 pounds is around the top end of human fat (barring some insane people). Muscle is a lot heavier than fat, and trolls are 2.5 to 3 times larger than a human and that's a volumetric increase. I'd imagine they'd probably be heavier than 300kg.

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Seeing as we're talking about trolls, can we get an adiposis calculation for troll boobs?

It's very relevant to shadowrun. It's like... for a run. Into......... I'm gonna say a porn studio? Yeah. That.

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Post shit that would be great translated into shadowrun:
>Shiawase director's son is a sadistic lunatic, but so much internal media has focused on raising him into an obvious leader, and he has such support from his father that he is destined for at least regional manager position
>unless a rag tag group of runners led by an ex Shiawase elite assassin can take him out during his tour of Shiawase facilities, where he leaves a trail of hushed-up atrocities in his wake
>climax is a drone factory complex emptied of workers and booby-trapped to shit, slowly grinding down a huge military group assigned to help some field testing with the newest drones, all so the target can look leaderly at the head of a newly powerful Shiawase military

>> No.56182541
File: 705 KB, 888x1600, 51db34761f07850b97904fa8a745ee77.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's actually a bit more math and research than I was initially willing to get into, but here's what we would need to know:

A proper BMI calculation adjusted for Troll physiology. This BMI accounts for the additional bone and muscle mass required to sustain the larger frame of Trolls. I don't know the math for this.

Base Troll muscle mass must be equivalent to a STR 5 human and by default, without conditioning, lift 75 kg (165 lb) of weight.

For comparison:
This chart states that an untrained 100 kg (220 lb) male should be able to deadlift 75 kg (165 lbs). So a Troll of STR 5 would actually be quite wiry for how tall he is.

So all we need is to figure out how much bone and muscle we'd need for a humanoid of that size and strength. I'm sure there's a formula out there...

>> No.56183035
File: 237 KB, 962x1600, 1498520989180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're not keen on the math I'll give it a shot.

I dunno how the BMI works, but They need a BMI of 30 to be clinically obese, AND they need to weight 30% more than they normally would. If we assume 20% of that weight is in the boobs, then we know that a 300kg troll would have at least 60kg of bosom, double a normal human.

Based on what you said (a cubic centimetre of fat weighs .905 grams) there should be 66,298 cubic centimeters of fat in those boobs, or about 33,000 cubic centimeters in each. That means each boob would have 33 liters of fat.

No clue how to calculate the diameter of the boob, but they sound like they'd be fucken hewj.

>> No.56183123
File: 258 KB, 1920x1008, winter-systems-steel-lynx-drone-series-shadowrun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to build a single drone rigger, are there any alternatives to the steel lynx ?

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File: 72 KB, 580x1100, Haven_TrooperMGS4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would the bioware chameleon skin stack with the chameleon processor cyberware?

The chameleon processor lets you change skin color as a free action, and also acts as a rating 4 chameleon suit (Add 2 to your limit when you make Sneaking tests to hide also gives you a +2 dice pool bonus to Sneaking Tests for hiding) while a naked character with chameleon skin increases their limit for stealth by 2 and adds +2 dice pool to stealth tests while stationary.

Could you get cyberlimbs to work with skin bioware somehow? Like would it be possible to have an advanced synthetic cyberlimb that would just be under your actual skin, rather than just encased in a coating that looks (but apparently doesn't feel) like skin?

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If we use all 30% in the bewbs (90 kg of weight) then it becomes 99,447 cc, or 99.5 liters for the whole bust.

50 liters in each boob.

>> No.56183217

Bumblebee is pretty good.

>> No.56183236

>There is a lot of wiggle room for that word and with a 1 you very well count as impaired.
If you take 1s across the board in mental attributes, then you fit the way some people use Logic 1 here, regardless of what you call it.

Logic 1 alone? You're bad at X Mechanic skills, Software, Hardware, Computer, Electronic Warfare, Cybercombat, Hacking, Biotechnology, Medicine, First Aid, Arcana, Armorer, Chemistry, Demolitions, Forgery, Academic Knowledge skills, Professional Knowledge skills, and possibly Memory tests.

Some people will bring up how computers are everywhere and being bad at the Computer skill will ruin you ... no it won't. Basic usage is not covered by rolling dice. That's for stuff that's actually difficult or has a chance of failure. You will be a the equivalent of a modern 'hunt and peck' typist who asks literal (poorly worded and thought out) questions of their search engine, but you aren't cut off from technology entirely. You might even have grown up in Redmond or similar. Or you could be part of the Iconerate generations, and never pulled out of it.

>> No.56183274
File: 1.37 MB, 1600x1201, pasted image 0 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A tricked out NeoNet Juggernaut.

>> No.56183336 [SPOILER] 
File: 268 KB, 571x847, 1509573228013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She could just facesit you to death

>> No.56183348
File: 38 KB, 489x426, space-bag-before-after2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does a product like pic related but in purse/backpack form exist in Shadowrun? I feel like it should, let you carry around a large variable wardrobe in a small space.

>> No.56183368

>Some people will bring up how computers are everywhere and being bad at the Computer skill will ruin you ... no it won't. Basic usage is not covered by rolling dice. That's for stuff that's actually difficult or has a chance of failure. You will be a the equivalent of a modern 'hunt and peck' typist who asks literal (poorly worded and thought out) questions of their search engine, but you aren't cut off from technology entirely. You might even have grown up in Redmond or similar. Or you could be part of the Iconerate generations, and never pulled out of it.
Wrong. The people who 'hunt and peck' type and ask literal (poorly worded and thought out) questions of their search engine still likely have a Log score of 3 (as is average) or at most 2 (literal street scum ganger example in 5e crb). Your unskilled 1log street sam would be even more worthless at it than your grandma with Alzheimer's.

>> No.56183403

Don't they have problems with fitting through doors ?
Ares Paladin seems fun to since mini tank, but it looks like i can't mod it since 5(0)body.

>> No.56183425

Yes they have a problem with smashing through doors too small for them.

Some call it a problem I call it "Integrated Breaching Chassis"

>> No.56183456

Assuming spherical because that's easier, each one would be 40 cm in diameter.

>> No.56183778
File: 35 KB, 800x400, man of culture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe, but natural boobs are slope-ier the bigger they get. If we want spheres we could suggest fake boobs, but if you have those why would you need adiposis?


>> No.56183808

We assume spherical for purposes of measurement, of course the actual shape will vary but do you really want to integrate the curve of a boob

>> No.56183825


>> No.56183853

Fair enough. 40cm is double the radius of a basketball right? So each tit has roughly the same size as 8 basketballs?

>> No.56184079

Assume you drop 10 cm of diameter from the teardrop-ness. That puts you at 30 cm which is about a foot.

>> No.56184262

Probably but I can't recall it being detailed anywhere. like the conspicuously absent cyber-heart.

>> No.56184697
File: 109 KB, 1032x1457, stat this ghost hunter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever the linear dimensions the volume and weight are the same, I don't see why we have to niggle about this

>> No.56184916

If they gave it to the German Publishers they'd probably do a better job even though they're just translators.

And Galdswartzs or whatever that book was might become a reality

>> No.56185541
File: 1.40 MB, 3000x1961, 8033a2f5da55ac6f774b9f638954b955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh! I gotcha, I thought you meant in the purchase screen. Right, I know what that'll be.
Does it crash, can you not see it, do birds suddenly appear..?

>> No.56185587

Hi Yekka!

How does one equip a focus during chargen?

Also, how does one make the Jack of All Trades benefit appear?

>> No.56185621
File: 566 KB, 610x1000, kilart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assume they're redundant and don't stack. The processor is intended to work with your regular skin, but the bioware replaces or subverts your regular skin.

Ask your Gm about the second bit. Personally I would allow a synthetic cyberlimb to mesh with your skin, as the expense and reduced capacity is already a penalty to getting a synthetic cyberlimb. I wouldn't reduce it's concealment past normal for purposes of cyberware detection.

>> No.56185669

He doesnt work out, really, he just fucks a lot

Tends to happen when you are a good looking CHA 8 elf.

>> No.56185722

Foci bonding is done on the Street Gear tab.

JOAT should just work in the background, I'll have a ponder about a way I could implement showing the karma discount you've received from it.

>> No.56185959

Correction, jack of all trades doesn't apply in creation mode. Do you want to see the change in cost while in career mode?

>> No.56186006

Fair enough. Also I looked up some exercise balls and they're the size of ur torso

>> No.56186741

>this quality does not apply during character creation
I skimmed the quality and did not see this.

Nevermind, you did it right before.

>> No.56187586
File: 407 KB, 1158x1416, lucifer301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the conspicuously absent cyber-heart
...Holy shit

>> No.56187721

0 ranks isn't the same as Unaware.

Computer Illiterate is a quality in its own right, too.

>> No.56188083

the chameleon processor cyberware is an addon to the cyberware colour changing skin, you can't have more than one skin upgrade.

>> No.56188367

There's a "Handy sack" in 4e attitude that is basically a purse made up of waves upon waves of folded smart material, so you drop something in it and it slides it away and out of sight, and when you want to take something out, you just think it and it wiggles the item straight to the top. It's difficult for anyone who isn't troded or jacked up and connected to it to get anything, since it's all compressed at the bottom under the many folds. Also won't turn inside out or drop anything if you flip it over.

>> No.56188566

So, if someone was to homebrew additional gear and ware, what do you think is missing in the game /srg/. What gear variant or new item would you like to see as a prototype or newly unveiled technology ?

>> No.56188674

Cyberveins, for use with a cyberheart. They can withstand higher pressures which means they can carry most stuff for your muscles and brain to use.

Requires an incredibly long process with Nanites to install though. Installing both a cyber heart and cyberveins allows cyberlimbs to go beyond the +3 for augmented str/agi and for muscle replacement to go beyond +4.

>> No.56188849

Session zero for my online shadowrun game on friday. Hopefully everyone shows!

>> No.56188872
File: 36 KB, 500x400, tumblr_n1ososaPcM1ql55zvo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Explain to me the purpose of your post omae.

>> No.56188979


I figure a cyberheart would give extra Body to represent cardiovascular improvements, enhanced resiliency, and greater control over one's heartbeat. It also functions as a free biomonitor. A legal add-on allows it to work like a kind of internal autoinjector, pumping medicine (i.e. drugs) right into your heart.

>> No.56189097

Hey, /srg/ I have a pretty dumb question. See, I'm a new gm with new players, and one of them is trying to convince me that with burst fire/full auto/whatever, I should be applying the DV of the weapon per attack not per bullet. I'm re-reading the core book but I can't seem to find a definitive answer, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong section. Help me out?

>> No.56189149

>Hey, /srg/ I have a pretty dumb question.
I always say that there are no dumb questions, only dumb people.

Your player is right, DV is per attack. Burst/auto only reduces target dodge chance, nothing else. Yes, it's retarded, we know.

>> No.56189363

Oh that's a good idea, I'd thought it might be a bit like synthcardium, but it would good to have another source of body augmentation, other than superthyroid glands.

>> No.56189600

So this entire pdf is kinda shit.

>> No.56189661

To be fair though, nerfing their avoidance dice down to nothing does indirectly increase the DV of the weapon by virtue of getting more net successes.

There's basically no way to properly balance 10-shot bursts containing 10 bullets that all do full damage. It might be "realistic," but it's not fun for players to be on either end of that.

>> No.56189687

>>There's basically no way to properly balance 10-shot bursts containing 10 bullets that all do full damage.
Oh yes there is, with most of the rounds missing completely.

>> No.56189755

Except you can't really do that effectively. If you fiat that X (or X%) of the rounds miss, you have a system that isn't really different from how SR works, except it's more cumbersome and requires more rolls.

If you just give a huge miss chance to every round, then every full auto burst is a Hail Mary, which may do absolutely nothing or overkill an enemy by a factor of 20. And this happens EVERY TIME.

>> No.56189766

Nah, just split the dice pool by how many rounds you fire.

>> No.56189794

I use the optional rule that if you reduce someone to less than 0 dice, each additional -1 instead adds a dice to your firing pool. Makes Full Auto ambushes really deadly.

>> No.56189809

>splitting your dice into 10 pools of 1-2 dice each
I expected better from you, /srg/. That is some CGL-level math right there.

>> No.56189812
File: 37 KB, 403x403, no pulling out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56189826

>>splitting your dice into 10 pools of 1-2 dice each
Exactly. The rules already exist for wanting to strike different targets, so you don't even have to homebrew.

>> No.56189927

GURPS does it by using the margin of success to control how many rounds hit, but it's got split damage and hit rolls.

>> No.56189933

Hey, I wanna give my players some sort of shadowlands BBS style thing to read if they feel like it. I don't think they'd have access to Jackpoint, so what would they use instead?

>> No.56189945
File: 19 KB, 400x268, AT-APDS-2 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been trying out this new menuver to circumvent how fucking shit the multiple target system is:

Strafing Fire: As a free action, you can declare a BF or FA action to instead strafe. You can strafe 2 meters in the direction of your choice. The direction must be either above, below, to the left or to the right. Any other target in this 2m strafe must also roll to resist damage. (Think of it like the suppressive fire cone, except it goes in one direction to hit a secondary target). The avoidance penalty of BF or FA is divided in half (Round down).

This maneuver requires that you suffer no Recoil Penalty. This maneuver requires a related firearms skill of 4 or above.

So far it's only really relevant in CQC which honestly is the only time FA should even be relevant.

>> No.56190089
File: 24 KB, 300x284, goldnanotec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably a little far towards the super prototype end, but in a recent run I had my players steal a sample of orichalcum nanoware. Essentially it dissociates the essence from some their body, meaning their body is a lot more accepting a ware. 30% more accepting, specifically. It causes massive but extremely local background count though because of weird astral haze that it produces. It also has some psychological effects, but the players mostly missed the chance to learn about those.

>> No.56190129

Its the /k/ autist going at it again
Just ignore him

>> No.56190232

That's shit. You can already hit any target within two meters for no penalty. In short, fuck you, and fuck your shit.

>> No.56190420

Yea and I think there's "Incompetent" quality.

> "The Incompetent character is treated as having skill level of “unaware” for all skills in the skill group. In some cases, a Success Test may be required for tasks most people take for granted."

Seems like as long as you don't have "unaware" you can turn on a normal computer and use it for basic functions with logic 1 and no skills in computer.
I think there's also an example like this regarding being able to drive no problem as long as there wasn't a car chase going on or something.

>> No.56190972

in the age where almost every vehicle is an automatic, and even more of them have an autopilot capable of navigating heavy traffic and parking within marked areas in the absence of a driver, only a complete buffoon totally unaware of cars would have trouble making a commute or driving on the open road
A time traveling owner of a Model T from 1927 would have a nightmare trying to drive a car in 2070
Everything they learned about driving the Model T would act against them, from spending an age trying to find the crank, slamming on the break every time they want to engage the clutch, and of course, overriding the autopilot because they're trying to control the car themselves
And everything they get wrong is compounded by the vastly superior acceleration and braking of his new car

>> No.56191491

I think the point of contention is your point is that people will kill shadowrun if they don't get it legit, and the other side is saying "Don't buy CGL, because it's a warren of fuck-ups," and hope somebody else buys the IP should CGL sink.

I agree with the point that CGL hasn't been very good custodians of Shadowrun, but it's not guaranteed that it'll be taken up by another company. Especially because it wasn't selling well, because people just weren't buying the books.

>> No.56191535

Were you expecting the elemental to be wearing just a g-string and to come out shaking it's navelless ass in your face?

>> No.56191586
File: 1021 KB, 288x162, Yes M Bison.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She could just facesit you to death without even thinking about it.
>So if you ever need to perform quick execution, just ask the Troll to have a seat.

>> No.56191954

People are buying the games, though

>> No.56191992

you should not buy CGL books. You SHOULD buy Pegasus Spiele books. because they actually give a fuck about quality, balance and testing. And AFAIK they are not at risk to go down anytime soon
In the best case CGL will go down and Topps will sell the english license to Pegasus

>> No.56191994

To be fair, everybody in the hovvy knows about shadowrun here in germany so it's not to far fetched to assume that they might buy it.
And "not a very good custodian" really only scratches the surface of what CGL does/doesn't do.

>> No.56192010

The Pegasus Spiele books are my happy place.
The art is good.
The gear is interesting and not bad or just a gimmick.
The Posters aren't unlikeable snowflakes.

>> No.56192037

They have a book with 3-4 pages of hardware store supplies, some items might seem odd but start making sense once you realise what sort of place the sixth world is.
Like charcoal you can start through wi-fi.

>> No.56192043

You mean I can buy bluetooth enabled firewood?

>> No.56192049

>"not a very good custodian" really only scratches the surface of what CGL does/doesn't do.

More like understatement of the year. CEO uses corporate funds to gild his shit throne. Hack writers using Jackpoint as vehicles for their Mary Stus. And to top off the shit cake they've made, using unpaid interns to write the crunch that result in the glorious fuckfest that is Shadowrun dice systems.

>> No.56192094

I miss Clockwork. Anyone capable of almost selling that netcat bitch to a corp is worth respecting.

>> No.56192127

If I have a cyberarm with 5+ strength, can I use a shield without encumbrance penalty?

>> No.56192209

Nah omae, not RAW, maybe if you talk with your GM.
I'd require you to at least also take cybertorso with strength 5 and one leg.

>> No.56192218


>> No.56192224

In a roundabout way that just adds to the snowflake soap opera. Clockwork was a part of it, too, even if he was blackhat as fuck but without Kane's flag-wrapping. Either way, one less snowflake and that's a net plus.

Encumbrance penalty probably uses your averaged STR. So if the rest of you has enough STR, yes, you just might be able to do it.

>> No.56192294

So /srg/, I want to run Shadowrun for a group but I know for a fact they won't go for the clusterfuck of rules that's 5th edition, and I even see the earlier ones being an issue. They're interested in the setting but not the most crunch focused people.
What's my best bet for a system that's less of a mess?

>> No.56192307
File: 1.99 MB, 400x400, 1499071483035.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56192319

2e if you want old school, 4e with matrix houserules if you want newer SR

>> No.56192378

Le Interface Zero

>> No.56192426
File: 80 KB, 500x557, orc_wageslave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man thats a really specific answer to a question not asked. But yea that reminds me of the stories of people crashing cars after being used to stopping horses by pulling the reins.

How user friendly are computers in shadowrun world? I mean damn with a data jack it seems a dumb orc could just think about pizza and it would order it for them.

>> No.56192434
File: 97 KB, 1226x738, 23000141_928713613942267_872869624050475264_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on how you feel about narrativist games.
Anarchy, Interface Zero, the Blades in the Dark hack for Shadowrun are your best bets.

>> No.56192487

For most legal stuff its easy as fuck. Consider that babies and young children learn how to use tablets extremely easy. Imagine how easy it would be with DNI

>> No.56192609

What's the word on Ex Machina? Just scanning it it looks interesting but so do lots of games that turn out to be shit once you get into it.

>> No.56192672

Tri-stat is an unbalanced dumpster fire.

>> No.56193514


>> No.56194891

>I think there's also an example like this regarding being able to drive no problem as long as there wasn't a car chase going on or something.

Driving isn't a good example though. Computers are fundamental to every aspect of life in the sixth world. Even homeless bums have shitty commlinks that they use. Unless you have literal brain damage, your going to absorb enough skill to be able to look at cats on facebook by osmosis.

That isn't true of driving. Theres tons of public and and private mass transport and every car on the road can take you whoever if you just tell it too. The only people who know how to drive are going to be people who put specific effort into learning how on purpose, and that means skill 1+.

I treat rank 0 drivers as unaware and make them roll for everything.

>> No.56194910

>getting a DNI, ever

Enjoy reciving spam inside your soul.

>> No.56195591

>using matrix, ever
Back to the basics, I say. I write fucking letters.

>> No.56195638

Wow, old bait that had the bait removed and is just a metal hook, and people still bite.

>> No.56195886
File: 386 KB, 667x670, Jimface.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I treat rank 0 drivers as unaware and make them roll for everything.

Cool, so you don't follow the rules as written or as intended, and substitute houserules that you prefer.

>> No.56196013

Manually driving isn't the norm in 6th world.

>> No.56196028

he should make rank 1's roll all the time too, driving takes actual skill and no less than 35% of New Jersey drivers should have their licenses revoked and their cars impounded.

>> No.56196060
File: 1.04 MB, 1600x1063, Car Interior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK. Still not what unaware is, still not how the skill system works, and drastically overestimates how difficult driving is.

Literal children who have never even been in the front row of a car can figure it out based on TV shows.

>> No.56196136

Nice anecdote. I've been playing videogames and watching tv for years so I know exactly what you're talking about. Here's a video of some kid using his grandma's car deftly, no rolls required.


inb4 "WE WUZ"

>> No.56196284


>> No.56196362

Anyone have any experience with the Savage Worlds conversion of Shadowrun?

>> No.56196560

>Hands you a comlink

>> No.56196964

Free Commlinks with every purchase and installation of Used Wired Reflexes 3!

>> No.56197200
File: 203 KB, 700x367, Tank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nice anecdote
Same to you. Here's a kid who drove 800 miles across Australia


And the point is not that either kid is a perfect driver, or the average driver. It's that driving a car is not complicated, and forcing everyone to treat it as Unaware when the rules specifically cite driving under normal conditions as a thing people do automatically without rolling, regardless of ranks in the skill, is retarded and shows a lack of understanding of reality and of how the rules of the game work.

>> No.56197228

Burgerclaps can't drive cars, just humor his disability.

>> No.56197507

Anon, you're confused, they have like +5 to using anything other than walking to move themselves around.

>> No.56197846

No, they just have a -5 penalty on walking checks.

>> No.56197897

that too.
Game balance, man.

>> No.56198107

Enjoy the forgetfulness in your soul as a result of trusting external written characters rather than storing that which should be in your mind WITHIN your mind

>> No.56198644

Props to that kid. I get what you're saying. It makes sense; operating a car at just the mechanical level is simple. Turn a key, push a button, pull a lever, turn a wheel. But would you let either of these kids drive you to work and back? I doubt it. But I see your point.

I agree there should be some difference between [Incompetent], 0, and 1. But it's as simple as treating 0 as untrained. And being untrained in any skill is grounds for your character behaving and performing as if they are untrained.

>> No.56198698

>Turn a key, push a button, pull a lever, turn a wheel
You've never heard of manual transmission?

>> No.56198750
File: 2.44 MB, 1275x506, Pizzaman.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck drives stick? Not even in 2078, I mean in 2017, the only people I see buying manuals are folks who grew up that way, or people who care way too much about their cars.

>> No.56198764

>Who the fuck drives stick?
Everyone I know. Except my parents, because manual costs more than automatic.

>> No.56198923


...yes? That's what I just said. Assuming normal ass people know how to drive is silly and the system shouldn't do it.

>> No.56199176

>Who the fuck drives stick?
the majority of Europe

>> No.56199252
File: 326 KB, 1500x800, SystemCrash_NoirCyberpunkApartment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /srg/,

Working on a run for my players and I'm set on creating an apartment raid run like... well, The Raid, or Dredd. The players are tasked with reaching the top of a gang-riddled apartment building where they need to take a MacGuffin from the gang leader on the top floor. They don't have access to flight or heavy demolitions so fortunately they gotta do things the hard way.

Anyway, just looking for suggestions on adding twists, details, anything to spice up the run, because even though I love the idea I think a bit more flavor to the run would be a good idea. If anyone's run this kind of thing before, pointers would be great as well.

Thanks, chummers.

>> No.56199592
File: 1.17 MB, 1460x816, 356d17d92f3ceb903302a2e8c1f2efa1138bd79d_s2_n1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hope that the players don't have a grapple gun?

Some of the most important things about Raid and Dredd was that they were essentially surrounded by enemies the whole time. Make maneuvering difficult. If they walk down a hallway, make somebody take blind potshots down it with a handgun. Killholes in the ceilings with shotguns aimed downward are extremely lethal. Gas based weapons would spread and linger for nearly ever unless proper ventilation is achieved. Enemies with melee weapons versus players with guns become a viable, lethal enemy due to close quarters. To be fair to your players, I would have an NPC recommend taking a miniwelder, a crowbar, a sledgehammer, or all three to open up doors, walls, etc.

Random stuff, not in any order here, as I'm writing while thinking. Doors wouldn't necessarily lead to independent rooms, because people would break walls down to connect adjoined rooms together. Hasty traps (think molotov wires or a bag of commercial explosives with a remote detonator) would be set up, but only AFTER the players have gone loud and not gotten immediately murdered. There would be civilians, no everywhere, but around - each of them would have their own opinion on the gang(s). Co-ordination with metalinks would be vital to box in invaders and slaughter them with small arms fire.

Also, for brownie points, I'd recommend having one or two characters that are WAY out of the league of everybody else they are working for, so you have a sort of "Badass Lieutenant" role going on. I'd say a Street Samurai with a Code of Honor, a decent decker, and a support Mage would probably make a scare badass encounter, on top of all the 6 armor 3-7 body mooks with handguns, shotguns, and SMGs.

>> No.56199611

go back to the corner where you people belong

>> No.56199629

/tg/ is just the corner for people like us, individuals of good taste.

>> No.56199873


>a shoddy methlab in one of the rooms ready to explode
>a group of mystic cultists are laying low here while the summon something they really shouldn't
>a goddamn tiger
>a couple of thieves with a big pile of paper money that they stole
>a survivalist with an apartment full of expensive weapons
>a crazy mystic-adept who considers themselves a full blown underwear-on-the-outside superhero
>basement full of ghouls
>a giant aquarium the eccentric gang leader had installed on the top floor, which will flood the immediate surroundings and wash everything down the stairwell if it gets shot too much
>a hoarder whose apartment is so full of filth and refuse that the rot has spread into the wood flooring which is now on the point of collapse into the apartment below
>a pirate radio station broadcasts from one of the apartments, raising the noise levels through the roof
>the building isn't remotely up to code and any fire that's started will rapidly spread out of control
>the cops are carrying out an unrelated drug sting in one of the apartments
>someone is running a puppy mill out of their apartment, oh both mundane and magical dogs

>> No.56199944

>How user friendly are computers in shadowrun world?
Friendly enough that it's not uncommon among wageslaves to be raised without actual literacy, just the general understanding of icons, and that learning to read and write was cause to be socially ostracized in schools of the 2040s or so.

>> No.56199950

This is good advice, if you want to kill all your players.

Such a scenario is pretty cathartic for any group of black or pink trenchcoat variety. Some spice for the run? Leave some secondary objectives for the players to find things like medical equipment from a contact, or a weapons cache the Johnson put aside for his plan B team.

Beyond that, I'd prepare some fun shoot-out scenes. Maybe a scene where some innocents are at risk of getting tagged. A sentry gun that shoots napalm down a narrow hallway. Some ganger on a motorcycle with a katana making her rounds..

Do you have any specific questions?

>> No.56200008

>a shoddy methlab in one of the rooms ready to explode
Hey, these internet descriptions are iffy.

>> No.56200092
File: 80 KB, 600x848, 1498076108619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to come up with a map of my character's home. Anyone have any good resources for making maps or a trove of premade maps?

>> No.56200321
File: 500 KB, 1280x753, 6cc3fcd8fbec4090ccddf1a91eb69a33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really like the wall-breaking idea, and I already planned to have hallways be shitty places to fight in. The decker and mage are a good idea but I think the dozens of angry dudes makes up for the Street Sam. And no, none of them have a Grapple Gun, but this might be a good lesson for the future.

I don't know how you came up with these but I really like these ideas. Might roll for a couple of these when the players breach a room or reach a new floor.

Thanks for the advice. The post was mainly just to get some peeps' ideas to make a simplistic concept more memorable.

If I did have one question, though, it would be how my players get down once they kill the leader, get the thing, and are stuck on the top floor. Nothing short of killing every single enemy on the floors below will let them return the way they came, and I'm not sure it's reasonable to the gang to just drop their weapons and give up once their leader's dead. That's mostly a problem for my players to think about, though, but hey, if you guys have another out for them that's mostly fair, I'm all ears.

>> No.56200387

Manual costs more? I figured it costs less since there's a smaller market for manual.

>> No.56200405

High-end cars are designed with automatic, so if you want standard like a sensible person, then it will cost extra.

>> No.56200410

The editor tools with Shadowrun Returns let you smush together a little isometric and it's guaranteed lore friendly

>> No.56200434

A conveniently placed zip line (or a grapple gun)

>> No.56200718

>an off the books 'surgical clinic' full of drugs, coolers full of organs, and a closet with one and a half dangerous cyber zombies locked inside
>some kids have hung a bit of bungee cord in the center of the stairwell as a low budget themepark/very fast way to get to the bottom
>a VR fps gamer who doesnt yet realize his VR is turned off
>a btl den that exploded into a murderous riot due to some bogus chips making everyone violent
>a room full of dozens of people wearing party hats and waiting to jump out and yell "surprise!" as soon as the door opens.
>a door that simply opens into empty air several floors up, where a balcony once was long ago
>a runner-boo teenager who pestered the team for their autographs instead of having the sense to run away. Might recognize them if they have high street cred
>a bar full of soy based moonshine
>a bunch of personafixed prostitutes who solicit the runners with tears running down their faces because the people inside are desperately trying to run away from the chaos and gunfire but the chips won't let them
>If the power is cut, most of the building is still illuminated by an eerie blue-green light from glow in the dark graffiti
>frayed or outright bare cables run everywhere to facilitate the rampant electricity theft, acting as dangerous tripwires to anyone not familiar with the place

>> No.56200730
File: 1.50 MB, 2500x1376, 2522453-cyberpunk-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Proof that I shouldn't overthink things. Will do.

>> No.56200781

Grapple guns are loud, so be prepared for some attention if you end up using one.

>> No.56200799

It depends. If you kill enough people and then kill everybody at the top, I'd say a "cut the head off the snake" situation would happen. After the boss and the LTs and a ton of mooks are dead, the rest of them just let you walk out and fucking leave. But only if you show an extreme amount of violence.

>> No.56200960

>a bar full of soy based moonshine
Okay this one I'd set on fire just on principle

>> No.56201120

Are they really? I always figured they were silent.

>> No.56201160

Depends, smaller ones will most likely use chemical propelant, so they will be pretty loud.

>> No.56201226

Why would they be silent? They're basically a gun that have to propel a grappling hook a distance away, so they pretty much have to be loud to work.

Expansion of compressed air is loud too, and I doubt that they're railguns (which could still be fairly loud, beyond my knowledge). Crossbow could work though I suppose.

>> No.56201591

muh muh batman

>> No.56201622

Yeah, well, silencers don't produce mouse farts either. Welcome to reality, kouhai.

>> No.56201851

At threshold 2, Perception -4(or -5), -1 electronic firing, and another -2 subsonic ammo, most people notice the mouse fart first.

>> No.56201869

To be fair, subsonic in Shadowrun is pretty powerfull, prolly by bad writing science.

>> No.56201945

>Who the fuck drives stick?
I drive a hand-me-down manual car. It's really not that hard once you learn it. Worst case you might stall out for a few seconds if you're panicky, parked on a 90 degree hill, or in intense stop-and-go traffic.

>> No.56202452

So Pax is still alive, right? Where the fuck is she now?

>> No.56202923

No rating is unaware. 0 rating is untrained. Check out pg. 131 in core to find the chart for skills. No rating is a special thing gained through qualities or some specific character background. I can see plenty of confusion that there is both a "No Rating" and "0 Rating." though.

>> No.56202940

But base argument still stnads, having 0 dice in something makes you a huge tosser

>> No.56203021

Super glad I don't play in your fake autistic game.

>> No.56203038

I was talking about real life, dear.

>> No.56203094

SR is not, was not and will never be realistic
deal with it

>> No.56203109

so you want a grapple hook silencer ?

>> No.56203116

SR does not, did not, and will never, have Batman either.

If you butt into a conversation, learn to read the previous replies in a chain, retard.

>> No.56203162

>SR does not, did not, and will never, have Batman either.
And I was responding to that chummer trying to justify his argument with realizm, which in SR is not useful since it was never realistic and didn't try to be realistic

>> No.56203196

Because it's a different IP.
>And I was responding to that chummer trying to justify his argument with realizm, which in SR is not useful since it was never realistic and didn't try to be realistic
And I was pointing out that Hollywood gets a lot of things wrong, including, but not limited to, Batman grapple guns and silencers.

Now stop derailing the thread and sod off.

>> No.56203210

The question aws "Do grappel guns make noise" and the only reference we got for that is real life.
Since you will be hard pressed to accelerate such mass without getting loud.

If your GM decides to ignore it, his game, his rules.

>> No.56203234

Batman exists in SR as a fictional character though. Seems fairly likely to me that in the 100+ years since Batman was created, that some crazy fuckers somewhere have imitated him. Gangs, tridrunners in LA, etc.

>> No.56203260

Non-canonically, maybe. At most as a fictional character and a source of inspiration.

Having the actual character in the IP would bring a lot of assrape from DC legal department.

>> No.56203279

Which Corp owns the Batman IP in the 2070s? have they rebooted him yet? whats the new title?


>> No.56203304

Either Atztec because of their hugefuk pr machine or horizon for all their grubby media hands.

>> No.56203310

I'm torn between ARES, Horizon and Disney
Most likely dozens of times
The new Black (Trenchcoat)

>> No.56203368

A fluffy, meta-justice-warrior iBatman series made by Horizon would split my fucking sides. I actually want to put that in a game somehow now.

Ares might not be so hands-on like that, the studios they own would probably just keep trying new styles every other decade. If Ares did step in though then an America, Fuck Yeah! Batman would be the result.

>> No.56203412
File: 511 KB, 710x1032, katrina_sutherland_by_vintem-daf5ml2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just how many initiations is too many initiations? Pic unrelated.

>> No.56203436

>too many initiations
I don't understand. I recognize all those words, but together they look like gibberish

>> No.56203450

>That pic
Breasts are muscles reeeeeeeee

>> No.56203476

>muh mechanical progress
Bet you get mad if you don't extract maximum karma and nuyen from a run.

>inb4 "I thought everyone did"

>> No.56203528

After you get the necessary metamagics, I'd probably start saving for an increase in Magic stat or new foci. Initiation itself doesn't really do much aside from metamagic. Unless you're an Adept, in which case you milk initiations for PP as long as you're able.

>> No.56203534

Chummer, I honestly don't get what you mean. What is your criterium for when a new initiation would be bad? Why would someone not seek to improve himself/his relation to magic? I honestly can't imagine a person saying "Well, I have already improved myself this much. Any further effort is bad." And this goes for things in RL as well

>> No.56203537

>per RAW you can kill yourself with soykaf addiction

What the hell do they put in it?

>> No.56203540
File: 373 KB, 1920x2711, 1508453180176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, largely, I'm playing a prime runner game and the DM has set up a massive time skip of about 18 months. My adept doesn't really have much to do besides lay low for most of that time skip, so I've been thinking about just meditating/living ascetically for as much of that time period as possible to try and initiate a fuckload.

I'm just wondering if there's a point I should stop. I've already initiated twice over the course of the regular game.

>> No.56203564
File: 604 KB, 1074x1014, waterproof augs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>artists in charge of knowing what the fuck they're doing
This is her in the original comic

Yes, she's the comic author's OC waifu for Adam Jensen

Yes, she has family-friendly metal boobs

>> No.56203567

IIRC they explicitly say that you can't get an Addiction to Nicotine, Caffeine or Alcohol (As in the Quality)

>> No.56203572
File: 2.29 MB, 640x360, GayFrogs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56203582

If a player had high enough Armorer, would you allow them to mount multiple Flashlights onto a shotgun in order to give people they point it at Blinding Glare?

>> No.56203583

It's silly and I don't allow it. Same with cigarettes. They don't qualify for an Addiction quality mechanically for me. You can't be a Burnout on ciggies and coffee.

>> No.56203601

That would require more than just more flashlights, you would need to be able to make brighter flashlights.

>> No.56203606

Which is the sluttiest metatype?

>> No.56203610

You can't take it as a quality for karma, but soykaf still has addiction stats.

>> No.56203612

Do you have all the Metamagics you should get (Masking and a few others depending on playstyle)?
How big is your MAG?

>> No.56203614


>> No.56203616

Halogen flashlights? Seems reasonable in concept, but given the wide availability of Flare Compensation it would probably just illuminate their own position as often as it would blind the enemy. Not something I'd recommend doing.

>> No.56203618

Just mount a flashpak

>> No.56203626 [DELETED] 
File: 211 KB, 1278x1599, J0BJ94I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any rules about putting armor on anthrodrones? Like if I wanted to throw a lined on my Ares Duelist?

>> No.56203634

I don't consider myself a good artist but even then what the fuck, this is basic anatomy.

>> No.56203643
File: 211 KB, 1278x1599, J0BJ94I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any rules about putting armor on anthrodrones? Like if I wanted to throw a lined coat on my Ares Duelist?

>> No.56203648

He gets it.
Underbarrel Flashpak.

>> No.56203699

Or that ballistic shield with flash pack mounted on and a one handed gun.

>> No.56203706

It'll get really retarded really quickly, with people draping armoured jackets over their bikes and cars to get +12 armour.

I might be willing to do something based on the high fashion armour rules. Some of those greatcoats provide a certain amount of armour (let's say 12) on their own, but if worn in combination with a specific set of armour clothing they just add +3 to the clothing's base armour.

>> No.56203738

gotta compensate for those -4 strength.

>> No.56203746

i recall reading that the intention was anthrodrones could wear bodyarmor, but it replaced their natural armor rating instead of stacking

>> No.56203772

The leader had control of the elevators from their office and you can turn them back on to escape before anyone notices.

>> No.56203780

Give me a source or fuck off.

>> No.56203870

>t. player who milks free karma from meaningless '''''''Negative''''''' qualities
Hoho, let's get allergic to peppers!

>> No.56203961

It's not a restriction in 5e. In 4e it says "...nicotine, caffeine, and sugar don't count." in the addiction quality description (SR4 p.93). I don't have earlier editions so I can't check.

>> No.56203984

>It's not a restriction in 5e

Entirely legal. I usually take nuts.

>> No.56203989
File: 277 KB, 540x765, __nina_original_drawn_by_scathegrapes__198cb2fdffae70b54a27dc85116229ee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56204014

That could be actually fun by meeting the Johnson in a high class restaurant, or a corpsec want's to spoil himself and bought some real food.
Also pepper punch. Which sometimes can contain stuff which you find in pepper.
Seriously almost every corp mark i had so far had an pepper punch sprayer, it's amazing for what it costs.

>> No.56204027

i hope your GM sends you on a run to steal a genetically enchanted peanut plant.

>> No.56204044

What are you talking about, I don't have a GM. I am the GM.

I was talking about the characters I design for fun.

>> No.56204048

>waterproof augs
Anybody ever put in non-waterproof ones? Seems like a good candidate for a Used flaw.

>> No.56204049

Be allergic to stuff like silver, pollution or sunlight you leaf.

Also addiction to caffein is babbys first drug abuse, develop a coke habit like a real adult.

>> No.56204067

it is a good candidate.
More so on modular limbs.

>> No.56204074

>develop a coke habit
I prefer energy drinks.

>> No.56204100

And that's why you will never run with some prime runners.

>> No.56204201

This. Why do you think they still run after making zillions of nuyen? To feed all their addictions of course.

>> No.56204340

Betameth for riggers
Kamikaze for sammys
Psych for deckers, mages and techno's

>> No.56204364

And NoPaint is for everybody since it is the smart runners stimpatch.

>> No.56204373

>Dude just do kamikaze, it's great! hurr durr

>> No.56204523

At least it's an quality that effects you in a negative way. Unlike nicotine and caffeine, might as well try to push addiction: Healthy diet as negative quality.

>> No.56204555

You sound like the kind of pleb for whom Leeeeeeroy Jenkins isn't an autopick quality.

>> No.56204613

>Why do you think they still run after making zillions of nuyen?
Thrill? Trying to make a difference? Carving a legacy? Or simply enough money and power to never have to worry about being fucked over by all the people whose cereals they've pissed in?

>> No.56204868

BTL or bust, fucknugget

>> No.56204943

Join the weeners.

>Trying to make a difference?
Pffff hahahahahahahahahaha...

>Carving a legacy?
See above.

>Or simply enough money and power to never have to worry about being fucked over by all the people whose cereals they've pissed in
Alright I'll stop being a dick for this one. The problem here is that to make that extra money you have to piss off even more important people than the ones who are already pissed off at you, and then to be safe from these new enemies you have to make even more money and piss off yet more important people still. Eventually at the end of this road you'll just get eaten by Lofwyr or Thor-shotted, omae.

Fuck, that's probably why prime runners do so much drugs.

>> No.56205005


>not having multiple multiple kamakazie and k-12 cyberglands to dump into your bloodstream simultaneously when death is certain and its time to go out with a bang


>> No.56205027


What a shithole

>> No.56205058

Objectively true

>> No.56205070

Burnout Addiction: 4chan

>> No.56205091

>a point where I should stop initiating
When it's more efficient to increase your magic attribute instead.

>> No.56205184

It's the industrial byproduct of actual soy products. The question is what are they actively keeping out of it.

>> No.56205220

Soykaf is not Caffeine.

>> No.56205274

>Alright I'll stop being a dick for this one. The problem here is that to make that extra money you have to piss off even more important people than the ones who are already pissed off at you, and then to be safe from these new enemies you have to make even more money and piss off yet more important people still. Eventually at the end of this road you'll just get eaten by Lofwyr or Thor-shotted, omae.
Well, it worked for Buttercup.

>> No.56205360

So when it comes to forbidden vehicles do you just get instantly arrested when seen driving one?

>> No.56205386

How obvious is it that it's forbidden?

>> No.56205395

If people can ID it, which they probably can. Imagine cruising round a GTA game in a tank.

>> No.56205420

Its the teut..teu..the german suv in rigger 5 that has flamethrowers for a security system and can seat 7. The fluff says its meant for vip security and shit

>> No.56205429

How easy is it to tell apart from an ordinary SUV?

>> No.56205434

According to the art it looks just like a big suv. I wouldnt give a second glance to it.

>> No.56205453

Then I'd say you're pretty safe. If they're doing a closer inspection of the van, you're fucked anyway, since you'll probably have at least gridlink override which is Really Fucking Illegal. Not to mention all the Ares Alphas and explosives in the boot.

>> No.56205508

Don't vehicles have specific signatures? Just use spoofchips to pass scrutiny.

>> No.56205542

Well of course they do, but I assumed that the rigger would not be driving a car which kept broadcasting "this is a vehicle illegal for civillians to possess" in the matrix. At least not very long.

>> No.56206508
File: 28 KB, 500x384, 1502558133601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I'm making a Wiccan mage and I'm trying to figure out how each spirit appears, what it symbolizes. I am thinking of making three of them the maiden, mother, and crone, and then some kind of two others relating to the Horned God? Is that cool or stupid?

>> No.56207029
File: 255 KB, 495x700, 1509307356933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When was the last time you/your runners entered a nice suburb where they passively scan your broadcast SIN?

>> No.56207142

Well, my runner lives in a nice neighbourhood. So, every day when not on a gig?

>> No.56207285

Alright, guys. It may sound stupid, but hear me out.
All Drone AI runner team.
What happens?

>> No.56207374

Our decker lives in a classic suburban neighborhood with his sister. So you have a thrill seeking, party hard street racer oni, a 2tired4thisshit detective adept, a gremlins suffering mage who draws magical circles in the front yard, a paranoid, twitchy decker who is wiring the entire place with bombs and autoturrets and his relatively normal sister who thinks he works at a call centre all hanging out in stepfordville because they have a pool.

>> No.56207421

It would be cooler if the Sister was actually a runner too, keeping her life secret from her brother.

>bro I won't be coming home tonight, friend is having a sleepover
>>go wreck the newly constructed Azzie facility for Ares instead
>hi bro I'm back, didn't get any sleep because me and my girlfriends chatted all night so I'll just hit the sack now

>> No.56207440

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Its going too well. Either shes going to find out or she's always known and is ratting us out to someone or she's secretly a fucking shedim I just dont know. I'm not looking forward to killing her.

>> No.56207464

Only a complete dickhead of a GM would make a character kill his sister if they're getting along just fine.

Inadvertently reveal the other's secret, sure, but intentionally? No, fuck that, you don't do that shit to family.

>> No.56207477
File: 100 KB, 1080x1080, 18380476_714428932096412_8419619622382206976_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd rule a stock one can be identified by sight but requires passing a knowledge check. Say threshold of 2 or 3 on a ground vehicle- or security-related knowledge skill. Keeps 6-dice rentacops from noticing but it will be fairly obvious to hardened security personnel.

>> No.56207745

>No, fuck that, you don't do that shit to family.
You deserve a free commlink, omae.

>> No.56207762

>brother and sister are hired for opposite sides of a run

>> No.56207778

That would be pretty damn great.

>> No.56207789

TPK by average decker.

>> No.56207867

Yea for anything that requires a roll. Simple functions don't require a roll.

>> No.56207982

But simple functions aren't that simple when you're a huge tosser.

>> No.56208099

First time my street sam had to wear a leash. Last time, they were hauled out in a casket. Mostly cause that's our extraction method.

>> No.56208346
File: 145 KB, 628x1273, Orc_Shaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Rating : Unaware
>"This is something other than having no ranks in a skill this is a special level of ignorance. You haven’t the first clue about this skill. This level can only be achieved through a quality (like the Incompetent negative quality, p. 81), or maybe a character history explaining the deficiency. You can’t default the skill, and it never really occurs to you to even use it to solve your problems."

Rating 0: Untrained
>"The default level of knowledge obtained through interaction with society and the Matrix. Though untrained, you have a general awareness of the skill, and occasionally may even be able to fake it."

A "huge tosser" is somebody with the incompetent quality that gives them unaware. This is below having 0 in a rank and 1 attribute in the related skill. RAW a rating 0 person can start and drive a car in normal conditions without any roll. The rating 0 person is probably going to want to use the AR guidance system and the self aligning gridlink system, but they will have trouble driving offroad, in high traffic, or anything that might require a roll depending on what they want to do. Unaware person can't even figure out the button to unlock the door is. It's fine to homebrew stuff, but I think most people are talking about how the rules are originally.

>> No.56208360

>RAW a rating 0 person can start and drive a car in normal conditions without any roll
Unless he's a huge tosser with 1 LOG.

>> No.56208490

Alright, you clearly have 1 logic, please get back in your retard pen.

>> No.56208522

You mean anywhere that not broadcasting is considered illegal, and the cops can check you in passing? Too long. Not nice suburbs that do the same thing? Not long enough.

Karma or Priority? Either way, probably just going to be quite specialised.

Only if they don't know how free actions work.

>> No.56208531

It's amazing how often they get out. Must be raising Int with the spare points.

>> No.56208761

I fear this thread IS the retard pen. The past two threads heavily involved discussing the mathematics of oversized boobs.

>> No.56208764

If their calculations were on point its not retards, its bored autists. You know, the people that drive 4chan.

>> No.56208846

Hope they're not driving it without any ranks.

>> No.56208851

Naah thats the mods.

>> No.56208863
File: 294 KB, 935x1400, 113002b73e7543c0dd07a3b75627df5b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tits are life, omae

>> No.56209003
File: 226 KB, 626x1000, 1509137596825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And ass is hometown

>> No.56209143

Mathematics of oversized boobs and huge asses.

>> No.56209290
File: 31 KB, 306x306, IMG_3683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>campaign has parkour chase
>it's fucking turn based
>it sucks

How do you make running after someone a little more exciting without bogging down the chase in turns?

>> No.56209319

Just make it work like a D&D 4e skill encounter, everyone rolls a single test of their choice and you move the narrative forward based on that. Just make it a plain skill contest without resorting to opposed tests between all involved parties.

The guy chasing the perp on foot will roll Running or Gymnastics to keep pace. The rigger can make a Pilot test to send a drone through a different route. Someone else can do a Navigation test to guess what route the runner will take and cut them off there. Everyone rolls once and the person with the best hits becomes the new focus for the chase, even catching the target if they beat them.

>> No.56209395

That works for narrativism, but what about maps.

>> No.56209467

Shadowrun wasn't designed with maps and miniatures in mind, and even if you have a grid you should know when to break from it.

>> No.56209543

>Shadowrun wasn't designed with maps in mind
Shotgun spread and blast rules need some kind of scaled map, just to work out how they actually work. No need for a grid, though.

>> No.56209582
File: 388 KB, 798x525, melon3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet another "oopsie" of the system crunch.

>> No.56209602

>implying that's a mistake
There is literally no game on the planet that doesn't benefit from a map.

>> No.56209729
File: 2.66 MB, 1640x1000, tokunaga akimasa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey guys, Shadowrun doesn't exactly need a map
>But these rules and nothing else really need them we forgot to mention, but hey you do you
Even if it's not a mistake, it's grossly inconsistent

>> No.56209775

Well, you don't have to have a map, as long as you can keep all the distances straight in your head.

Working out who has what level of cover from whom is much easier with a map. Same with gas cloud spread and area-effect spells. There's really no good reason not to have at least a rough sketch.

>> No.56209803

But hast it most likely added to it.
After all its coffe ersatz.

>> No.56209956

New thread when?

>> No.56209977
File: 216 KB, 1019x1512, synecdoche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.56209978

Games that use relative range bands instead of objective ranges usually break really badly when you can clearly visualize distances.

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