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"multiple upgraded Blooded Saek is strongest character" edition

New warbands out this friday midnight

Shadespire rumours on upcoming warbands

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My warband in various stages of WIP. Looking to get them finished before friday so I can start my Skellies.

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My painting got super rusty so I will start with Skillies and then Orks. Shadespire is the best thing that came out of GW from the times of original Necromunda!

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Holy fuck I want to play this game. Please convince me this is a bad idea.

So far the only reason I have not to pick it up is that I would have to buy literally every single new release/box to make my dude and the deck the best it can be.

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So, whats this game about?
AoS version of Mordheim with cards on top of it?

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It's a boardgame with fixed warbands and no campaign play.

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Now im interested even more

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You construct a deck, choose a warband, and rely on a combination of strategic movements and the heart of the cards to win.

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Welp, im sold. Its even cheaper than i though it would be

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Its also rediculusly fun. and has a kinda one more game feeling to it. and your opponent will oblige, because since you both shuffle your cards, it will be quite different.

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Get it, play it and love it.

In essence it's an Arena game with fixed and very well balanced Warbands. You can construct decks in a balanced way (max 12 Objectives and always equal ammount of Ploy and Upgrades).

It's one of the best games Ive every played that comes from GW. It's very much like what you expect from FFG for example.

Scans on demand.

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Got my Reavers painted yesterday and ready to bloody up some nerds.

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How long does the game take? Also are the cards unique to the factions? If I buy skellies from OPs post do I get all the cards I need or do I want to buy for example khornate guys to get something out of them?

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There are both faction-specific and neutral cards.

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You will need the base game for the board, and there are some cards in there which aren't in the skeleton box.

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Games are pretty quick, 10 to 15 minutes normally. It's designed to be played multiple games in a set.

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So...has someone scanned the rulebook?

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>Also are the cards unique to the factions? If I buy skellies from OPs post do I get all the cards I need or do I want to buy for example khornate guys to get something out of them?
If you want to actually have a competitive deck, you will have to buy all of the boxes and new releases. There is a rule that only allows you to use only 1 of each card, but many of the cards have similar effects so you are allowed to min/max your deck that way.
I'm not a complete poorfag, but the fact that you will have to buy everything for the cards even if you don't want that army is still holding me back.

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Not yet, heres some pics I took day before release

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Reposting from the last thread from some anon


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Why are you guys not talking about shadespire in AoS general threads? I mean I'm okay with separate threads but why?

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Cuz it's a separate game.

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Slav anon a shit, better not to give him more ideas for shitposting

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Highlights are supposed to be lighter, not just desaturated. It's kind amazing really how exactly you managed to match the lightness of the base skin tone with those "greylights", flip to greyscale and they're just gone.

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Models are usable in both systems (warscrolls), they are sharing the lore and every next warband will be based on existing aos unit
Oh. You have a point desu. He is banned right now but he will be back one day, sadly

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Thin your paints

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Doesn't look like you love your work anon

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who is slav anon?

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FAQ out nigga.


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A huge troll on /tg/. Baits and shitposts a ton.

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Get the miniatures, play Mordeheim

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I honestly see this game as a bonus for getting miniatures for RPGS. The skeletons are very good, and even the stupid stormcasts are ok paladin/knight minis

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