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newest rumor engine is Fulgrim

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if thats the case then yes do it all my squads take plasma pistols on them as an extra strength 8 shot for 5 points

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my dudes > your dudes

>> No.56173415

DA Codex when.
Every day not having a porta-rack is suffering.

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Current state of Grey Knights on the table represented in one fresh OC edit.

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Are there any models that could make good Sororitas conversions?

>> No.56173431

these could work

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Did you do anything related to 40k for Halloween anons, like a special game or something? Anything for Halloween in general?

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Cataphractii cap, double claws
Chaplain Dread with Inferno cannon and fist with heavy flamer
4 lascannon tac squads with 5 dudes, storm bolter sarges
4 asscan razorbacks with storm bolters
1 unit of honour guard with relic blades
1 unit of 5 company veterans with plasma guns and combi-plas sarge
Stormraven with multi-melta, plasma and hurricane bolters
Relic Sicaran Punisher+Storm Bolter and HB sponsons
have 24 points left over, how do I spend em lads

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is it daemons? if not, you'll probably be shit at fighting it

>> No.56173453

Sisters of Silence

>> No.56173454

This is one of the reasons I quit 40k. The game reminds me of an MMO because it always felt like I was renting my army. I could get all the shiniest new toys, but there's no guarantee whatsoever that my army wouldn't be nerfed into oblivion in a year. After a couple cycles of getting into a new army because I literally could not win a game, only to have this happen again, I just gave up.

C'est la vie.

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Does anyone have any pictures of the new Plague Marines in Black Legion colours? I want to try and incorporate all of the chaos beliefs together.

>> No.56173467

Yeah, once again the specter of Procrastination haunted me and I didn't get shit done hobby-wise So that was pretty spooky.

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>Choose to play army specifically designed to beat one army.
>Get upset when that army isn't good at fighting anything else.


GK players suck. They want all the stuff regular SM get plus cool anti-daemon tech.

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This is why you collect for the hobby aspect and not tbe game aspect. I've been playing DE since 3rd, we were good exactly one time and then got fucked immediately after. I still love painting, modeling, and converting my beautiful space rapists. I also play games with my mates regularly, win some lose some, usually lose some. It's not a big deal when it's just an excuse to see my mates.

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It's crons.

>> No.56173483

Sisters of Silence with third party heads

>> No.56173487

That me gusta face on the end looks prime for some lewd converting.

>> No.56173498

Oh shoot, that's pretty scary. Did you at least do something for best holiday?

>> No.56173506

starting 40k after hiatus, torn between starting harlequins or craftworlds

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I got some take out and watched the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror, that's about it. Not a single trick o' treater came by either which makes me kinda sad because when I was a kid our neighborhood had plenty of people going up and down the street, now they all gather at this one subdivision.

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Yeah I've got something spooky happening, deciding my future
>it's the HSC in Aus right now, I think that's like SAT for america, except if we fail we don't have colleges to buy degrees, it's uni or bust

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Just drew up a quick Scions list
Tempestus Scions 1000pts:
Battalion Detachment:
Tempestor Prime: 44pts
+ Tempestus Command Rod: 0pts
+ Power sword: 4pts
+ The Laurels of Command

Lord Commissar: 59pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Power sword: 4pts

Tempestus Scions: 78pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x2: 2pts
+ Plasma gun x2: 26pts

Tempestus Scions: 78pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x2: 2pts
+ Plasma gun x2: 26pts

Tempestus Scions: 76pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x2: 2pts
+ Meltagun x2: 24pts

Tempestus Scions: 64pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x2: 2pts
+ Hot-shot volley gun x2: 12pts

Tempestus Scions: 64pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x2: 2pts
+ Hot-shot volley gun x2: 12pts

Air Wing Detachment:
Valkyrie: 150pts
+ Lascannon: 20pts
+ Hellstrike missiles: 20pts

Valkyrie: 150pts
+ Lascannon: 20pts
+ Hellstrike missiles: 20pts

Vulture Gunship: 160pts
+ Twin Punisher gatling cannons: 40pts
+ Heavy Bolter: 8pts

Total: 994pts

Plan is to deploy the 2 plasma gunner squads in the Valks accompanied by the Prime + Command Squad in Valk A and Melta squad in Valk B, fly them up the board and shoot down enemy targets. Meanwhile the Volley squads will hide in cover throughout the game and take out advancing enemy infantry with the Vulture. Thoughts?

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Run 10 man units instead for maximum order efficiency

>> No.56173546

>They want all the stuff regular SM get plus cool anti-daemon tech.
Because that's almost word for word exactly what Grey Knights are? They just use different tactics so they naturally wouldn't use many of the normal Space Marine units like bikes/speeders/jump marines/some specialized Rhino chassis tanks. But even what we're supposed to be good at (psyker phase) is arguably worse than other psyker and even non-psyker oriented armies. Only difference is that we get a +1 to our 1 mortal wound(3 to daemons)smite spam.

>> No.56173550

I really hope you're right.

>> No.56173551 [DELETED] 

>They want all the stuff regular SM get plus cool anti-daemon tech.
So exactly what GK are like in lore then.

>> No.56173554

>Because that's almost word for word exactly what Grey Knights are?

No they're not you idiot. Word for word they have their own unique wargear from Saturn and Mars.

>> No.56173559

So combine the two Plasma squads and combine the two Volley squads? Alright.

>> No.56173566

>not a single trick o' treater
Yeah, it seems like these years numbers are dwindling and it really sucks. The few kids in the neighborhood were the only ones that came to my house, really sad to see the night becoming emptier and emptier on Halloween. Even the rich area nearby had barely anyone.

>> No.56173569

Hello friendly 40kg friends How goes your guys night?

>> No.56173576

Why would it be Crons? Since when have they ever had a unit with scales or a snake motif?

>> No.56173590

Shitposting from work so meh. I wish I was home sleeping.

>> No.56173596

Yea kinda sucks that trick or treating is falling outta style. You think its because of paranoia or just disintrest?

>> No.56173608

Not sure, probably a mixture of those sorts of things. Slightly increasing disinterest, worry about crimes happening to little kids, and things like people being sensitive about what you wear for a night probably all contribute to it.

>> No.56173613

Really depends on where you live. My parents in the suburbs get a few dozen kids a year. My grandparents in a small town get over a hundred. My apartment building averages about 0.5 kids a year.

>> No.56173620

Probably should report it if you are constantly seeing half of a kid walking around

>> No.56173629

Don't be a bigot, he's just life non-binary

>> No.56173650

You're not wrong, but... why are you here?

>> No.56173656

You've got more squads then you do things to effectively dish out orders, you mention command squads but that whole thing is nothing but regular Scion squads, slap some rocket pods onto the Valkyries it's just 2pts more you can afford it, keep the plasma pistols in the squads with the plasma guns to maximize plasma and just give bolt pistols to everyone else it's 1pt like the laspistol but you'll actually be shooting it in a game, bulk up the volley gunners to 10 men and make it 4 volley guns for maximum dakka.

So cut to:

2 Primes w. Command Rod
1 Command squad w. 4 plasma
1 Command squad w. 4 melta
1 5man Scion squad w. 2 plasmaguns +1 Plasma pistol
1 5man Scion squad w. 2 melta
1 10man Scion w. 4 volleygun
2 Valkyries w Lascannon/Rocket Pods

You still have space for the flyers and can still do what you were already thinking of but with more orders and more plasma and melta.

>> No.56173657

I got one pair of kids ringing at my door this year but I didn't have anything to give them so I just hid in the bathroom until they left

>> No.56173672

curious why you have the lord commissar

>> No.56173673

Turn you fucking porch light off then you bastard

>> No.56173675

There's a lot of parents that take their kids to those "safe" trick-or-treat events. Though that's just not the same.

>> No.56173694

Theres these things called Trunk-Or-Treats that happen around me but i dont think i would trust those very much. having worked in Retail as a bagger i have seen what kinda shit people keep in their trunk

>> No.56173696

Is a pure Primaris army in any way viable?

What are the essentials?

>> No.56173700

Webway Strike Banshees or regular deep strike Scorpions?

I'm nervous about the Scorpion's charge being unreliable, while the Banshees are basically guaranteed to make theirs.

But Scorps feel like a better target for Ambush of Blades, Jinxing enemies, Guide, etc

>> No.56173733

striking scorpions look way cooler on the table top. and 40k is rule of cool my man.

>> No.56173741


"Trunk or Treats" and similar things seem to be the majority of the reason why where I'm at. I saw a handful of kids in my neighbourhood, but head down a few blocks and there were literally hundreds of people shuffling their kids around a church parking lot to get their candy fix.

>> No.56173744

I am wracking my brain, which 40k piece did the music that appears in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMCTbIH924k come from? Its in the back of my memory and I cant remember where.

I am thinking DoW but I know its not 1 or 3 and I cant really remember it appearing in 2.

>> No.56173761

one of these

>> No.56173768

Considering that GW uses music from Warhammer Online on most of their videos, its probably from that.
The one at the start I know is from Warhammer Online but the one that plays during the rest of it I'm not sure

>> No.56173778

Hmm, might have actually been the case for me too then, since my neighborhood is between a few churches and stuff. Man, I just want to see some cool costumes, hand out some candy to make some people happy, and not feel lonely on my favorite holiday

>> No.56173802

Should probably hand out start collectings for halloween. That would be a good time.

>> No.56173806

damn big money baller

>> No.56173809

Yo what are the odds the howling bitches get a kit update in a year?

Cause I would love to pimp around some stabby shees, but the girls are showing their age.

And aspect warriors in general...

>> No.56173812

I dont believe its from Warhammer Online, but from something 40k, related. Maybe Space Marine or that PSP game?

>> No.56173816

To be fair, if you decide to collect a niche army like grey knights and expect it to perform at a competitive level, you have bigger problems. They were only ever a cynical cash grab.

>> No.56173822

Reivers and gatling redemptor dreadnoughts.
Or wait a year so we get at least 15 new units option just like the stormcast did.

>> No.56173823

Might as well with how few people showed up this year round.

>> No.56173825

Start Collecting! Slannesh would have been perfect for it

>> No.56173830

I thought crons too at first but as soon as I read other people saying Fulgrim I am now 99% sure they're right.

No armies except Marines are going to get new models until GW finishes riding the Primarch hype waves. AdMech didn't, Guard didn't, Eldar didn't, Tyranids didn't, and all of those had either super old sculpts in bad need or replacement (IG/Eldar) or were sorely lacking an option that all other factions have (AdMech transports, Tyranid super-heavy). Necrons have neither of those problems, so they definitely aren't getting shit.

>> No.56173831

I've been playing for 20 years, 40k is basically me eternally rotating between 4 armies based on what i think is fun.

>> No.56173832

I know that feel from playing Talons, but in reality you play a niche army like that because you like them instead of winning, when it happens its nice, but if thats what you care about then a meta/ mainstream army is more your thing

tfw will never get a custodes HQ

>> No.56173834

Smart. I'm picking up the Primaris half of the starter set for cheap, but yeah I'll wait for the rest of the stuff

>> No.56173840

>I also play games with my mates regularly, win some lose some, usually lose some. It's not a big deal when it's just an excuse to see my mates.
You might as well be writing in a different language anon. As far as 40kg is concerned, the only reason to play (Implying anytime in here does something other than theory craft and bitch) is to table your opponent on turn two and then screech in their faces about how bad their faggit army is.

>> No.56173844

I dunno, I think Custodes will get expanded in the near-ish future

>> No.56173854

I'd say the best ones would have been daemons, necrons, and then maybe toss in some of the skeleton things from AoS.
Or maybe just give out a few fully painted, converted halloween themed minis to some of the kids that come.

>> No.56173855

The recent focus in black library books suggests it, would be nice. Until then I will just be happy to get more of the custodes guard and expanding my Inqusition side of my Talons.

Would get sisters if it wasnt for their price.

>> No.56173864

Yeah, but which one would be most entertaining. The one to make someones parents lose their minds.

>The recent focus in black library books suggests it
My thoughts exactly, I don't think they've been hyping up return of the custards for nothing

>> No.56173867

I've seen some sweet conversion of Dreamforge models with female heads that looked pretty good as sisters of battle if you're into a bit thiccer sisters

>> No.56173875

I dont want to table my opponent turn 2 i just want to you know be able to get into combat without having to alpha strike all the time.

>> No.56173884

Yeah, I guess that would be pretty funny. Though the other options and ideas could be better just some cool and/or more thematic gifts. Spooky bonecrons with pumpkin heads, orks with silly ghost costumes, things like that. Maybe I should make this a mini army/killteam for myself next year

>> No.56173924

How likely is it that GW will bring the Bonesingers into the fold properly? While not a great unit, they're the only unit Il-Kaithe specialises in.

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>> No.56173946

How do eldar handle hordes?

They seem like they would struggle with massed light infantry like gaunts - shuriken cannons appear the closest answer, but seem more efficient against medium infantry/MEQ.

>> No.56173953

I'm with you anon

I want cool looking models that I worked hard to paint well in thematic battles, not trying to gimp the rules and have "the best" so you can autowin without effort

>> No.56173968

>chaos gods trembling at the psychic might of the hive mind

Just 11 more days till the codex drops and Carnac dies of a proferated rectum

>> No.56173971

hey guys,
A faced an eldar player on the weekend at a tournament (we weren't using the new codex), and he got my baneblade down to 8 wounds on turn 1 using just 2 hemlocks.

Did he cheat/ did we get something wrong with the rules?

>> No.56173979

Who's Carnac? I keep seeing this meme.

>> No.56173984

Its just newfag creating le boogeyman because they are too Young for most memes.

>> No.56173992

An incredibly autistic chaos shitposter who hates tyranids because the idea that his faction might not be the strongest/bestest bad guy faction ever in a fictional universe sends him into critical shitposting overdrive mode. If the new tyranid codex has a ton of fluff of nid kicking chaos ass, he'll probably explode.

>> No.56173993

Pretty much figured out how I'm going to set up the rest of my all dreadnought list but I'm stuck on two

A contemptor, and a siege dreadnought and how to load them up

The contemptor I'm going gun/melee set up, probably a chainfist but I'm not sure about the ranged weapons, maybe a plasma blastgun in the fist because of the cool factor but I'm not sure

As for the siege dreadnought definetely going with the seismic hammer for that sweet 5 damage but I'm split between the inferno cannon for roasting some infantry or a multi melta for full anti tank
On the same note, whats your favorite dreadnought /tg/?

>> No.56174006

It's on the high side of expected wounds but they can do it.

>> No.56174007


>On the same note, whats your favorite dreadnought /tg/?

At the risk of being crucified, I actually really like the Redemptor.

>> No.56174011

For Primaris it's legitimately a pretty good sculpt.

Redemptor and Intercessors are both excellent, and Aggressors pretty okay. The rest of the new chadmarine stuff, outside of the single characters, is trash.

>> No.56174013

God I hate 40k writing some times. Next it's the Orks that make the gods tremble and Tyranids to piss themselves. Then it's the Necrons that make the gods tremble, Tyranids to piss themselves and Orks run in fear. Then it's the Eldar that make the gods tremble, Tyranids to piss themselves, Orks run in fear and Necrons hide in their tombs. etc...

>> No.56174015

Chaosfag shitposter who, among many other things, refuses to accept that Tyranids Are anywhere close to the chaos gods in significance or threat. Which is why anytime it’s mentioned that Tyranids are a serious threat, or they beat chaos, he spergs out tremendously. Pic related gets his ass more fractured than Biel-Tan

>> No.56174023

Not too keen on command squad spam, although I'll take the advice on the volleyguns and rocket pods.
Cheap HQ to fill up Battalion.

>> No.56174026

>an article unrelated to fluff trying to sell nids hypes up nids


>> No.56174028

>because the idea that his faction might not be the strongest/bestest bad guy faction ever in a fictional universe sends him into critical shitposting overdrive mode.
That's /tg/ in a nutshell though. We almost have threads about it on a daily bases

>> No.56174033

The new Kronos hive fleet is specifically tailored to combating Chaos and the warp so it should have some good victories over Chaos

>> No.56174035

So some of biel tan are with ynnari now or do they call hate them?

>> No.56174044

That is the only level play any internet based discussion of 40k revolves around and I have no idea why.

>> No.56174047

>That's /tg/ in a nutshell though. We almost have threads about it on a daily bases
That's because half of those threads are fucking carnac.

>> No.56174055

Kids would rather watch trick-or-treaters on their smartphone and comment how “lit” it was.

>> No.56174068

>in a few years we'll have Kids react to Trick Or Treating videos

>> No.56174074

>professional sports is the only level play any internet based discussion of football/soccer revolves around and I have on idea why

>> No.56174077

>cheap HQ to fill up Battalion
you realise that lord commie is one of the more expensive options you have

>> No.56174082

I don't want this to happen with best holiday, how do we stop it?

>> No.56174084

Biel-Tan lost half of its population, some from fighting and the rest who went to join the Ynnari. As a craft world they don’t like the ynnari, but a bunch of their citizens and soldiers saw the birth of ynnead firsthand so threw in their lot with yrvainne. Biel-tan loyalists on suicide watch.

>> No.56174085

Should I drop him for a regular commie or is there someone else you'd recommend? Not too keen on taking a second Prime because muh fluff.

>> No.56174088

>What’s all this? People were so weird in the olden days!

>> No.56174105

Didn’t that god need a fuck ton of death to birth? You’d think a bitch saying “we should murder-suicide a new god into existence!” would set alarm bells ringing since the last time the eldar did something like that it wasn’t pretty

>> No.56174108

So I'm looking to ad some variety to my custodes list by mixing some stormcast paladins in.

I think they're the right size but does anyone know for sure?

>> No.56174118

our craftworld was older and more beautiful than your entire race! We will not be broken by a B list warp phenomenon and some shitposting mon-keigh!

>> No.56174125


anyone buy any of this guy's stuff? (Artelw) The pics on his page look amazing, but I can't find many outside of it and the trite 5/5 reviews, anyone got pics of his stuff or comments on the quality?

>> No.56174126

what about the craftworld ulthwe are they loyal to ynnari or do all major craftworlds hate them. While the loyalists have already left

>> No.56174136

Not the same thing.
People don't support tournament players like they do sports teams because literally anyone can buy and army and play. Athletic competition has a barrier of entry of at least being somewhat fit in order to play well. Warhammers only barrier is being able to see and read pretty much so fans of any level are actually able to take part in the game and the casual level is by far the most popular yet least discussed.

>> No.56174173

It wasn't Slannesh getting squatted all long. But Slans agent the Ynnari squating Eldar

>> No.56174184


Well, if a full unit of Guardian defenders can shoot and then charge a unit of gaunts, they'll have killed 23 gaunts by the end of the phase on average, not counting morale.

>> No.56174201


Adding to this, a 20-man guardian blob with guide and doom will average 28 unsaved wounds on gaunts. I'm not sure how well mass foot slogging infantry will do against Eldar. You would definitely need to disrupt their gun line with deep strikers or artillery or something first.

>> No.56174206

They would be about right, but you would need to at least replace the heads and shoulders or it wont look right,

>> No.56174222

redemptor looks great if its posed properly

I don't know why GW has been on this kick of posing things with the legs splayed backwards as if the model is leaning forward like Michael Jackson

It's a shame how it doesn't seem that remarkable crunchwise though I love how it looks

>> No.56174223

What's a good Contemptor dreadnought load out if one of the weapons must be a fist?

>> No.56174229

I don't having any pics but one of the guard players who posts in /wip/ does.
They're quite tall, almost a head taller than most officers, be prepared for that.

>> No.56174234

The Kheres Assault Cannon is always a safe choice.

>> No.56174248

Twin las

>> No.56174278

What said >>56174234. I guess twin lascannon might work, depending on what you intend to use it for. I just went with ACs on mine.

>> No.56174287

Nope. GK are supposed to be a highly specialised force called in to support other imperial forces in very limited numbers when facing severe demonic threats, not spammed all over the galaxy every time somebody sees a nurgling. They only exist as an army because GW saw an opportunity to squeeze more cash out of the user base. Unsurprisingly, they did a poor job in implementing it.

>> No.56174295

You can fit like 25 GKs in a 2000pt game. That's still very small and elite.

>> No.56174300

No love for conversion beam cannon?

>> No.56174301

Except I just correct you and stoke your inferiority complex.

I mean this is a good example of you being a lying bastard by trying to pass this off as a defeat for Chaos.

And here is another example. Nowhere it says the Chaos Gods. You have been told repeadedtly that the Warp contains more gods than the Chaos Gods.

And we have an example of a Chaos God interacting with the Hivemind. You know what happened? Slaanesh casually brushed aside the Hivemind and dissipated the Shadow of Warp to feast on the Eldar souls of Valedor. Was he trembling? No, she was gleefully smiling as she feasted on the sweet meat of Eldar souls.

And here we have an example of an idiot who hasn't read the lore. The stupidity. The lack og honest criticism. This is why GW never takes you guys seriously. You whinge about stuff that they never wrote.

The only thing close to the truth in all what you wrote is the fact that Orks did run in fear from the Necrons in Gorkamorka. Orks by nature are cowards in they are on their own or in small groups. So a small group breaking and running versus a Necron awakening is natural.

>> No.56174310

I take it you have never ever seen a GK list then.

>> No.56174322

it's too fiddly, and not being able to move kills it

>> No.56174331

based on the leaked stratagems and the confirmed traits, hive fleet kraken is the superior option, and will be used in the upcoming cult soup lists for tournaments (IG+NIds+minimal cult detachment to allow it)

>> No.56174332

And another thing. Mighty psychic power? Yriel injured the with his spear. Drained it of its power enough to cause harm. Minor harm but harm nonthefuckingless.

Have you ever heard in 40K of a magical or daemon weapon hurting a Chaos God? Heck, I will settle for ANYTHING written about the Chaos Gods being physically hurt by mortals. There nothing exists in 40K about that. The closet thing is Skarbrand causing a small dent in Khorne's scaled armor with a blow that would have shattered a mountain.

The Chaos Gods as they are portrayed in 40K are the mightiest entities in the Warp and are practically untouchable. Gods among gods. While the Hivemind was shown to be beneath their notice (Slaanesh bitchslap).

Another thing that came to mind is when the Hivemind was hit by the Golden Light of Terra causing it to scream in pain. The Chaos Gods on the other hand keep a constant presence in the Warp around Terra circling it waiting for the Emperor to die to eat his soul. Hivemind just radiates weakness.

>> No.56174334

On on the dread really. Too situational and limiting. On a biker techmarine I like it, but alas, I can go fuck myself, that option is gone.

>> No.56174340

yeah i was planning on swapping out the pauldrons and heads.
though I kinda like the death mask thing the paladins have so i might try use some of those heads with their halo bits cut off.

>> No.56174341

>Fucking ADHD millennials
Not only is there nothing wrong with the current sculpts, the original Jess goodwin ones are still better than half the current range.

>> No.56174342

*Not on the dread

I can't brain today, started drinking too early.

>> No.56174349

Saim-Hann Scorpions re-roll charges.

>> No.56174353

did we ever get a pic of the tripwhore in her costume?

>> No.56174354

So from now until the Tyranid codex hits in every general, I will post this daily to remind everyone of the shittiness of the Tyranids and the inferiority complex of Nidfags.

> Yriel plunged his spear deep into the rearing serpent. It keened terribly, and Yriel salivated as his weapon drank. Since the day he had lost his eye due to the spear feasting on the limitless hive mind, he had managed to control its fell power and its obscene appetites, but at this final pass he no longer had the strength, and the spear’s murderous soul overwhelmed him. He could not stop it feeding, drawing upon the infinity of spirit the Great Devourer possessed. Yriel felt the hive mind, heard it howl. It thrashed about, and Yriel was battered by its anger. Its thoughts were utterly, unimaginably alien. But one thing came through strong and loud. Hatred, hatred for this creature that had for the first time in untold aeons wounded it.
> The spear drank and drank. Yriel’s spirit swelled with stolen soul-stuff, a tsunami of alien experiences drowning his mind. As it engulfed him, so it threatened to subsume him. Here was an ocean, an ocean of thought of a scale that was unimaginable. Only a god could drink an ocean. This ocean was pure poison, and Yriel no god.
> For a moment his spirit flame flickered between two threads – that of Prince Yriel, and the immense cable of fate that was the hive mind, the Spear of Twilight black betwixt them.
> The light of his being glowed low. With one last effort, Yriel plucked at the greedy sentience of the Spear of Twilight and dragged it free of its meal.

>> No.56174377

Fucking millenials am i right damn kids get off my proverbial lawn, everything was better in ye olden days
If I was in charge we'd just play this game with rocks and bones

>> No.56174384

>elf plunges a soul stealing spear into a hive mind
>gets almost immediately blown out as an uncountable number of alien soul dicks begin filling his mind with soul jizz until he's about to pop
>n-n-nids b-b-btfo right guys? they t-totally have an inferiority complex haha

It's a good day to be a nid fag.

>> No.56174396

Damn I had no idea NPCfags were this delusional

>> No.56174400

>Only a god could drink an ocean.

Clearly we need to get that new Eldar god involved.

>> No.56174402

Nidposters are as annoying as Chaos in their we're the bestest and most winning spiels.
Neither makes for compelling narrative

>> No.56174404

And for good measure.

>Mercifully, the ships departed without further loss, their shields and armour weathering the worst the planet had to throw at them. Taec felt the terrible despair of the last few eldar on the world, followed swiftly by their deaths, and the crack of their spirit stones.

>The skein resounded to the triumphant laughter of She Who Thirsts. She was waiting for him now. Her presence pushed aside the limitless mind of the voidspawn. The horrors of the flesh had been displaced by that of the spirit.

>He would die the true death, and know unending torment.

>Still he sang.


>The Godpeak exploded. The Fireheart, its work done, finally succumbed to the fury it had unleashed, and toppled into ruin.

>Taec lived outside the field for less than a second before his body was incinerated. His flesh turned black and then to ash in an eyeblink, his crystallising limbs melting like glass. His death was mercifully short and painless.

>The same could not be said for the aftermath. His waystone glowed, then shattered. He was pulled from this world. Before Slaanesh dragged him to her embrace, he saw the skein as he never had before, free of form’s material trammels. It stretched away in all directions, a multiplicity of universes and futures. There, ahead of him, he saw the future of his race.

>Taec Silvereye’s soul sparkled with joy before She Who Thirsts pulled him into her thrall.

>> No.56174408

>Ynnead squats tyranids instead of slannesh

>> No.56174411


Ynnead is just a slaaneshi trick on the elves.

>> No.56174412

that's kinda hot

>> No.56174419

>Neither makes for compelling narrative
What does?

>> No.56174424

Sorry for my shitty phone, but here you go. That marine is a primaris by the way.

They actually don't look that bad at tabletop height, the main issue is they're standing ramrod straight. Still, they will be a bit taller than your standard guardsman. They'll absolutely tower over manlet Marines with their typical "I need to take a shit and I must scream" pose.

The female commissar carrying the unconscious guardsman looks a lot better sizewise, I have her built but don't have her out at the moment.

Model quality is top notch, it even comes in a small package sealed with wax, I actually felt bad opening it.

Heads up, it takes well over a month to make it to America. Also his 5 star reviews are mostly fake shill accounts if you look at them. Which is odd because the models are great and he really doesn't need to bother. Guess the reviews help generate traffic or something.

Either way would buy again if he had anything else I wanted.

>> No.56174427

You utterly and woefully missed the point. The fact that a mere mortal being with a toothpick of a weapon wounded and enraged the WHOLE HIVEMIND. That spec of long eared creature got aggro of the Hivemind and harmed it shows how smalltime it is.

No mortal can hope to injure a Chaos God like this. And unfortunately for the Hivemind, The Spear of Twilight is one of the five Crone Swords. Each capable of feasting on the Hivemind in theory.

It's Ynnead. The Spear of Twilight is linked to him and the goddess of Fate.

And his Avatar, the Yncarne, have been shown to be able to feast as well on Tyranid essences. She devoured the mini-hivemind of a genestealer cult. Even the purebreed genestealer essences were consumed by her hunger.

>> No.56174432

TL catapults are now assault 4, and billion ways to reroll 1s on hit.

>> No.56174433

>Choose to play army specifically designed to beat one army.
And the kicker? That army is one of the weakest in 40k right now!

Unless it Tzeentch (and of course Tzeentch has always been the WAAC of daemons) they’ve basically based themselves around bullying the Orks of 8th edition.

>> No.56174435


What beautiful sculpts.

>> No.56174441

Looks si retarded. They are ogryn sized

>> No.56174446

Factions that don't win by default. Chaos can be interesting when factions like necrons are a risk to them

>> No.56174451

you gotta pay a lot of points for using half a dread, or one that cant take advantage of the contemptors movement, survivability etc.

>> No.56174460

>hurt something that's part of a hivemind
>surprised that the hivemind gets mad

>> No.56174465

Updated my Scions list according to anons' recommendations, also added in the Command Squad because for some reason I forgot to add that in the previous list I posted.

Tempestus Scions 1000pts:
Battalion Detachment:
Tempestor Prime: 44pts
+ Tempestus Command Rod: 0pts
+ Power sword: 4pts
+ The Laurels of Command

Lord Commissar: 59pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Power sword: 4pts

Tempestus Scions: 152pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x5: 10pts
+ Plasma gun x4: 52pts

Tempestus Scions: 124pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x5: 10pts
+ Hot-shot volley gun x4: 24pts

Tempestus Scions: 76pts
+ Plasma pistol: 5pts
+ Hot-shot lasgun x2: 2pts
+ Meltagun x2: 24pts

Tempestus Scions Command Squad: 72pts
+ Hot-shot Laspistol x3: 3pts
+ Plasma gun: 13pts
+ Medi-pack: 10pts
+ Platoon standard: 5pts
+ Vox-caster: 5pts

Air Wing Detachment:
Valkyrie: 152pts
+ Lascannon: 20pts
+ Multiple rocket pods x2: 22pts

Valkyrie: 152pts
+ Lascannon: 20pts
+ Multiple rocket pods x2: 22pts

Vulture Gunship: 160pts
+ Twin Punisher gatling cannons: 40pts
+ Heavy Bolter: 8pts

Total: 991pts


>> No.56174468

>yfw that’s true and the whole ynnead thing is a giant Tzeentchian plot to set zerself up as the leader of both factions so no matter who wins Slaanesh stays in charge

>> No.56174473

>They are ogryn sized

Not really. Take that cadian on the left. If he stood up straight his eyes would be at about the Valhallan's shoulder, no different than say a 5'10" man standing next to a 6' 8" or something. Ogryn are fucking massive even compared to these slav models.

The big issue is space Marines. Even primaris are a bit smaller than they should be size wise. If you got in close combat or something with a marine player the sounds of his whining about guardsmen being taller than him would be almost unbearable I'd imagine.

>> No.56174488

How popular is Custodes really? Why do they keep getting new shit?

>> No.56174490

Random aside, command squad regimental standard bearers take rifles, not pistols. No idea why, the whole stormtrooper command entry is kind of fucked up considering they can't make up their minds on whether these specialty guys take rifles or pistols.

>> No.56174497

The point that you continuously miss is that the Chaos is the top dog of all the threats in the 40K universe. Nobody is saying that the Tyranids and Necrons don't have a chance at winning.

However, from a meta perspective, both Necrons and Tyranids are just sideshows to the real focus of the setting which is Humanity vs Chaos.

He did more than kill it. The spear latched unto its link with the Hivemind and drained the essence of the Hivemind itself causing it physical harm.

Also killing a daemon doesn't harm a Chaos God. Even if you erase it from existence. Goes to show how the Chaos Gods are in different higher class.

>> No.56174506

Premium Gold Marines+
Sells itself

>> No.56174509

I always thought the Chaos idea of overlapping warp and reality is stupid. They're suppose to need sentient emotions and souls to feed on, destroying that would net them nothing.

Problem with Necrons is that since they removed C'tan (aka. made them into nothing), they're just another alien faction. C'tan had plans for the galaxy, including separating it from the warp. That would have been a goal to oppose Chaos, cutting them off from their source of power while also forcing others to oppose the Necrons, because for example the Eldar can't live without a warp connection.

>> No.56174512

They don't even have 8th ed rules though?

>> No.56174517

? The nature of the hivemind is that it can pay attention to as many things as it has bodies. This isn't some lovecraftian horror that's so huge that it ignores you. This is a lovecraftian horror that's as huge but also capable of noticing you and hating you.

Also, I think you missed the point:

>5 plot coupon swords
>if a mortal uses them they pop from the psychic hatefucking before doing anything meaningful
>need a literal god of death to even conceivably harm the hive mind.

>> No.56174520

>Hopes for the Christmas tourney dwindling
It's not easy being green.

>> No.56174525

But you see the Necrons needed a personality and it was impossible to give the Necrons personlity with the C'tan being the way they were. Also they needed to explain how mighty star killing physical gods can be filled on the table where they can be taken down by lasguns.

>> No.56174526

>Real focus of the setting which is humanity vs chaos.

Ehhhhhhhh man that really isn't true and you know it. Chaos has weaknesses just like everything else.

Tau don't show up in the warp much, nids don't feed it, necrons don't feed it, hell even orks aren't much use to it. If humanity were wiped out chaos would take a massive hit and ultimately be very weak without it's main food source.

And to be fair, nids, orks, and necrons all possible massive threats to human life, not just chaos. The other races are dangerous but they don't hold a candle to the genocidic abilities these main 3 have.

40k has always been about how humanity is fucked from every angle at all times. No one threat can do the Imperium in on it's own. Even chaos could be handled by humanity if that was all they had to deal with. It'd be tough, but really not much different than say if they just needed to deal with orks, nids, or necrons.

>> No.56174527

It's how you can build the kits, even though they put holstered hot-shot lasguns into the kit that you can put on the backpacks. But for example the vox operator I don't think has a left arm that doesn't hold a gun.

>> No.56174529

Oh, this is a carnac thread now, my mistake trying to reason with you.

Instead, have this meme

>with the power to destroy chaos
>tyranids are the greatest threat in the galaxy.

>> No.56174541

>This is a lovecraftian horror that's as huge but also capable of noticing you and hating you.

One of the first Imperial quotes about the Tyranids says that they are incapable of personal human hatred.

>> No.56174547

Shit I didn't know carnac was a britbong.

>> No.56174548

>accurate source of knowledge

>> No.56174561

Chaos is no more threat than others, its just that shitty humans are so weak to it.

>> No.56174565

>But you see the Necrons needed a personality

As much as daemons and Nids.

Also, even the old fluff had Necrons with personalities and implied that higher ranking members had willingly given themselves to the C'tan, earning to keep their personalities. So you could have had lords and crypteks with personalities (like now), but kept all the mooks as zombies (like now).

>Also they needed to explain how mighty star killing physical gods can be filled on the table where they can be taken down by lasguns.

I'm pretty sure the old fluff said once in the Necrodermis, the powers of the gods were more limited, but it gave them better focus. And when you defeat them, you'd not killing the god, you're destroying the Necrodermies, ejecting the god out of it. They're no longer a being on the battlefield, but an energy cloud. It's like someone taking away your tweezers and putting oven mittens on you, then asking you to assemble a Swiss watch.

Even now the C'tan are said to have nigh limitless power, even in their sharded form. So how do you justify killing them now or fielding them on the board? Nothing has changed in that aspect.

>> No.56174580

They only have three units currently, being their 'basic troops' venerable land raider and venerable contemptor dreadnought. As mentioned prior, there are some thoughts of them getting mroe stuff, based on the recent focus on them in the BL books and like GK would be another way for GW to print money

Its for this reason that I believe that the FW units are not getting rules, so that GW can make more overpriced units and not have FW stuff take direct sales.

This is coming from a Talons of the Emperor player

>> No.56174591

>Chaos has weaknesses just like everything else.


>Tau don't show up in the warp much,

Chaos has noticed them and is beginning to attack them. Phil Kelly says that they began their first steps in the road that doomed the Eldar and is dooming mankind.

>nids don't feed it

The wars that the Tyranids cause feed Chaos. Tyranids are also fodder for Chaos to attack and corrupt.

>necrons don't feed it

Same with the Necrons who recently had one of their members possessed by Lucius.

> hell even orks aren't much use to it

Chaos Orks are a thing and their bloodshed and rage feeds into Chaos.

>If humanity were wiped out chaos would take a massive hit and ultimately be very weak without it's main food source.

Chaos wants to destroy all life in the galaxy, humanity included. With all life gone, Chaos would rule supreme over a submerged galaxy.

>And to be fair, nids, orks, and necrons all possible massive threats to human life,

And all of them are often stated to be lesser than Chaos on the totem pole.

>40k has always been about how humanity is fucked from every angle at all times....

Actually, ADB says that Chaos has pretty much ripped the heart out of humanity and has left it dying. After the whole Webway thing, Chaos has basically won. Eventually the rising amount of psykers and the crumbling walls of reality will destroy humanity. It can happen a century from now or 40K years later, it's certain. He even said that the xenos threats without even Chaos being around would be able to topple mankind.

>> No.56174597

yeah they do.
Index Imperium 2.

>> No.56174598

Actually, due to humans feeding it, Chaos is a threat to everything that exists in the galaxy. Did not notice the Great Rift? How many Tomb Worlds, Ork worlds, Eldar maiden worlds, etc were lost forever in its creation? An uncountable amount. And here is the kicker, the galaxy is a few pylons away from having the Great Rift eat everything.

>> No.56174605

Hey carnac buddy, and the rest, look most nid players don't care much about the threat size our faction represents, yes you do and you can go on and do your thing.
Tyranids fluff is simple to grasp and straight forward, there is this organism, a larger-than-thou leviathan that has arrived here and casually and uniterestedly noms for sustain. It doesn't care about what it noms, it doesn't care if it competes with someone else with a hidden agenda, it is a simple organism, it can be hurt, it can probably even be killed with the right tools for all we know.
Alas, we don't care, the hive mind is an intergalactic alien predator, complex and shiet. That's what makes it cool and playable.

If you feel threatened or you feel the need to show you are indeed bigger and meaner, the hive mind doesn't really care, if you can give good noms, then we're talking.

>> No.56174606

I forgot to buy that 1991 Farseer last week, anyone know when GW is next making it available?

>> No.56174619

>the cold pride with Lucius incident
I still fucking hate that, holy cow.

>> No.56174622

>Hivemind doesn't care

Untrue. Read below.

>Something was wrong. A sensation at the back of her mind. The sensation grew teeth, became pain.

>Her soul was gripped by agony.

>Iyanna screamed, falling from the edge of the couch. The pain abated, then squeezed her anew. She vomited.

>The dead were dismayed. The blow against her raced out across her attack group, leaping from mind to mind. Wraithbomber engines guttered out. The Wraithborne’s sleek cruisers turned viciously, wallowing in psychic swell.

>Bright light burned at Iyanna’s soul. A long tunnel telescoped away, encompassing infinite distance. A tube stabbed through the fabric of the world. She felt its ripples in the warp. She felt its ripples in the webway.

>She had the sense of an eye, slave to a great power. An intellect that dwarfed the Great Wheel of the galaxy. She opened her second sense, to find the Dragon looking at her with terrible regard.

>For aeons it seemed it held her in its gaze. And there was fury in that examination.

>The Dragon was angry, and it was angry with her. Not with the galaxy, or this sector, or her species. But with her personally. The promise of endless torment came from it, her very being enslaved to its ends and used against others, her body rebuilt over and again so that it might suffer the Dragon’s revenge.

>Terror of a kind she could not have conceived of flooded her mind. She screamed again, and this time every eldar in the fleet screamed with her.

-From Wraithflight (short story) by Guy Haley

The Hivemind cares about its enemies. It wants them tortured and demeaned.

>> No.56174627

>The wars that the Tyranids cause feed Chaos.
in the short term, long term.the war ends and a bunch of emotion feeling sentients are killed. Net loss of that emotional food which sustains the chaos gods.

>Tyranids are also fodder for Chaos to attack and corrupt
Tyranids can't be corrupted in a way useful to the chaos gods. They can be physically corrupted like a dog or a rock, but you'll never get chaos worshipping tyranids that can feed the chaos gods the emotional energy they need to survive.

>> No.56174629


Never but check ebay, I'm sure plenty of people bought it just to resell it.

>> No.56174630

But at least all galaxy have to fight chaos now so they no faction can concentrate on humanity and wipe it out.

>> No.56174634

continuing this poll

what's your favourite standard, non-FW baneblade variant, based SOLELY on aesthetics?

>> No.56174640

Man, I want a Bane Lord

>> No.56174641

You, I like you. Personally as a Chaos player I find all the cosmic dick measuring kind of silly, I never want the great game to end.
Endless war, matching armies against each other, destroying and creating entire planets and solar systems in our wake. That's what I want out of this hobby.

>> No.56174642

Does Genestealer cults count as Nids because we had a genestealer cult convert to Nurgle?

>> No.56174644


It's like you don't understand these words. I'm severly sleep deprived right now and even I know the difference.

>> No.56174645

>Aaron Daddy issues Bowden

>> No.56174647


>> No.56174649

OG Stormhammer, because tanks need turrets. A lot of turrets.

>> No.56174654

I know difference but I threw those in to trigger somebody which apparently it did.

>> No.56174655

Pretty much. Caring about who's the strongest and shit in the long term fluffwise is stupid, wanting an end times from X race just ends the fun

>> No.56174657

God soviet tanks were ugly

>> No.56174659


>pretending to be retarded

>> No.56174660

maybe, that's probably coming from the human side.

even then the older genecult had them pragmatically join chaos cults and use chaos as a tool for world domination more than truely devout worship.

>> No.56174661

No, the end is only a new beginning.

>> No.56174665

So, basically an eldar farseer taps into the hive mind, sees what the hive mind is all about and screams in fear.

Can't really see your point with that. Have you ever worked with carnivore animals? they don't look particularly happy when they are hungry. Have you ever seen a fungi grow its hyphae? a bacterial colony utterly destroying the everliving shit of a human tissue culture? They look freaking angry from our point of view. Eldar are even worse offenders than humans in that sense, where we are anthropocentric by default, eldar are even more self centered, everything will be analysed through the prism of their perspective and that is it.

Carnac, you tell me an Eldar saw that the hive mind was freaking angry and hungry and promised to devour him and his mates and make infinite biomass to keep devouring and say that it shows that the hive mind cares (a lot?). My opinion is that it doesn't and it is just a standard interpretation of the hive mind massive intelligence (which could be above standard sentience) and its single focused objective.

We both read the same and can interpret separate things, I can see your point and respectfully disagree, I hope you can see mine too even if you don't share it.

>> No.56174672

Nonononono. Things like that are even more of a reason to despise belashit and wanting to bring about an end.

>> No.56174676

Are you sure this is 40k and not Pacific Rim?

>> No.56174678

>seeing reason

The idiot worships the champion jobbers abbadon and be'lakor, and thinks ADB is a good writer.

>> No.56174679

>comparing Epic models to 40k models

I'm also very positive those models are almost equally old.

>> No.56174683

That would be the worst outcome

>> No.56174686

>TFW casually humming Pacific rim tune as I charge my carnifex to the other guy's dreadnaught

>> No.56174696

>it's a carnac thread.
Everyone just post dumb shit, he doesn't respond to reason.

>> No.56174697

>Raven guard codex
>deathguard on there thrice
>2 guard dexs

the fuck would you believe this you nobhead

>> No.56174700

>hell lord
>Fell lord
i mean, they all sound 40k as fuck

>> No.56174702

the classic 40k keeper and changer actually look pretty cool (and had a ton of variant parts), which is why they omitted them for the tiny epic versions

>> No.56174703

I wholly believe that the Chaos gods are terrified of the Hive Mind. Hence why there is fuck all interaction between Chaos and Nids in the fluff.

>> No.56174704

>shadow lord

>> No.56174706

Is it finally happening

Will my EC finally get revenge on all the Mortarions, Magnuses and Guillimans that have shit on me

>> No.56174710

that could very well be a lizardman model

>> No.56174716

Dude, the Hivemind radiates an aura of alien hate and malice across a sector range. It's in the da rules. Iyanna having faced fought the Nids more than once is used to it. What shocked her this time around that the gaze of the Hivemind wasn't directed at a sector, planet, the Eldar forces, but at her directly. And she wasn't the one that started the communion. The Hivemind thrust itself into her mind making its presence and intentions known. This was the horror/shock that Iyanna felt, how something as huge as the Hivemind and seemingly impersonal suddenly acted in a way that's petty and personal.

You can go with the "unreliable Narrator" route and I will say fair enough.

>> No.56174718

Lizardmen have nothing serpentine in their entire line or lore

>> No.56174721 [DELETED] 

Calm your tits, they're not going to release Fagrim anytime soon.

>> No.56174722

>hive mind brainrapes her
>tells her its going to mindbreak her


>> No.56174724

Its a roster of participating armies and weather or not they have codexes dumbass
I know reading comprehension is hard, but for fucks sake

>> No.56174730

They have a whole weapon that spits out sneks. And sneks on their jungle swarms. They can easily get a snake thing. Big jungle python to ride on and strangle people.

>> No.56174732

AoS has a faction called Order Draconis that specializes in breeding serpents and dragonic creatures.

One of the rumor mill pictures way back had a arm where a small serpent dragon was coiled around

>> No.56174734

Lizardmen have tails, and the detailing is similar to that on the underside of the carnosaur rider's tail.

lizardmen in age of sigmar continue to worship sotek and have snake motifs everywhere as well

>> No.56174738


If its some AoS piece of shit ill kill myself no joke

>> No.56174742

Actually there are a lot of interactions.

And do you see Slaanesh being afraid of the icky Hivemind here >>56174404

>> No.56174744

Aren't the current ones Goodwin sculpts too? Or are they Diaz? Anyway, they look much nicer than the Rogue Trader ones.

>> No.56174749

Remember to post pics, else it never happened.

>> No.56174753 [DELETED] 

May as well do it sooner than later and kill yourself now.

>> No.56174756

Do skitarii bits fit on the guardsmen kits?
Asking because the flesh is weak but I still want meatshields.

>> No.56174758

new Sslyth model?

no more finecrap for the drukhari crucial units?

>> No.56174766

I think so.

>> No.56174768

>> No.56174772


>legacy armies
>getting new models ever

Its like you dont understand how GW does business snow

>> No.56174785

>Would get sisters if it wasnt for their price.

Wouldn't we all my nigga..

>> No.56174790 [DELETED] 

If you didn't notice, the rumor has a line down the center of the serpentine bit. Fulgrim doesn't. Thanks for disproving the idea that it's Fulgrim

>> No.56174791

so you think it more likely they'll give support to fucking SLAANESH?

>> No.56174793

>Its a "Carnac pretends to be an Eldarfag to trick people into argueing with him about chaos" episode

>> No.56174796

>Slaanesh squatted
>give Slaanesh new models


>> No.56174797


You know, I wonder how people would handle the Hivemind losing out to something else in a situation? Like say, a SOB Saint pulling a 40k version of the Tarasque myth and calming the warp about her so much that it drowns out the hive mind and causes the invading nids to stand passively as they are killed.

>> No.56174798

It's only space Marines from here on out.

The market has spoken. Fuck interesting and unique factions, we need more boring guys in boring armor making combat boring with zero potential to lose unless they're facing other boring guys in boring armor.

>> No.56174801

vk com/artel_w

>> No.56174802

Everyone already knows its Carnac though.

>> No.56174805

Don't forget, he deliberately got up early for this, perhaps hoping that britbongs wouldn't know about him.

>> No.56174807

>I know reading comprehension is hard, but for fucks sake
>Liturally no indication of this being a list of anything about a competition
>complaining about a lack of green codex before christmas

>> No.56174808

Youre right, just like that asshole trying to pass off those obvious kitbashes as some kind of new space marine

oh wait

>> No.56174810

Hey, they gave Dwarfs new models, didn't they.

>inb4 it doesn't count, because it's a different group
>inb4 they can't make Lazormens of Rustria model range

>> No.56174811

>tfw I have a space marine army
>but it's a flavour of space marine that has cool fluff and still gets shit on in said fluff

>> No.56174813

If you're doing headswaps, you need to trim the neck down a bit to prevent your dudes looking like giraffes but it does fit okay afterwards. Haven't tried any further conversions myself.

>> No.56174814

Im fine with this, Horus heresy was the best thing to come out of 6th and 7th

>> No.56174816

The word "Christmas tourney" should have clued you in.

>> No.56174818

Nids don't use the warp though. They just drown it out. If anything it might make them stronger since the warp is no longer fighting against the hive mind.

>> No.56174819

Isnt carnac confirmed english though?

>> No.56174820


Honestly that would be really cool. Sebastian Thor was famous for his faith making the warp peaceful and calm about him so it would fit pretty well with established fluff.

>> No.56174822 [DELETED] 

>holy shit dude lol i fucking love false equivalencies lol

>> No.56174823

>Kharadron Overlords
>Same thing as Duardin Disposessed

>> No.56174826

It's the law of inverse as applied to 40k.

The more interesting your faction is, the less support it gets, and the worse it does in the fluff.

>> No.56174827

>false equivalencies
Nice SJW buzzword

>> No.56174829

>black orcs
It might just be another stormcast unit, for sure. But unlike the bulk of "legacy" armies, lizards have an army book.

>> No.56174830

speaking of, I'm just finishing the Ahriman omnibus, and I want more good novels. I've heard prospero burns is good...any other good thousand sons-related stuff?

>> No.56174831

Tyranids use Warp and shutting down the Warp shuts down the Hivemind. That's why Nulls and Pylons wreck Tyranids.

>> No.56174832

Eh, depends on the modellers interpretation of the source material. such detail don't rule fulgrim out by a long shot

>> No.56174833

we wouldn't get 2 traitor primarchs in a row.

>> No.56174834

I only just got to the thread a minute or so ago, only read up till>>56174427
I cant believe people actually kept responding after that. I mean seriously, thats was a pretty smart move on Carnac's behalf, baiting people like that.

>> No.56174835

>bought Sisters before they became overpriced
>have shitloads of metal monopose models to paint

Not sure how I feel. My 4 Exorcists look cool all lined up tho.

>> No.56174836


>> No.56174838

Nids don't use the warp though.

>> No.56174843

You had a 99% hit chance on the point, but you decided to play XCom.

>> No.56174844 [DELETED] 

And now you're just baiting. Pretty poorly at it too.
>the absolute state of ECfags

>> No.56174845

Mate just do a tafe course in business. You always have options

>> No.56174846

>pretty smart move on Carnac's behalf, baiting people like that.

Jesus Christ.

>> No.56174849


Yes they do. Have you not seen all the psychic nids?

>> No.56174850

Fair, I still like to see it as the way the narrator (eldar in this case) feels the hive mind, full of hate and aggression. Being a psyker, it could easily notice a powerful psyker as Iyanna and go like, you, I will motherfucking eat you and all your family.

I wonder if there is similar cases with human psykers as some of them are very powerful themselves, then again they are strong psykers through the power of autism so they are experts on ignoring everything except what the see / want to see.

If a Saint (or Magnus?) could bend synapse, wouldn't all the nids just default to instinctive behaviour?

>> No.56174851

>all that wraith shit
>no warlock/seer

>> No.56174852

I am quiet certain how you will feel when plastic sisters arrive.

>> No.56174853

It literally has the word Tourney in the text, sorts armies by order/chaos alignment, has repeats in row making an accident unlikely, lists a army without a seperate codex or rumors there off and a entry that's two seperate armies.

Are you clinicly unable to collate information or just too lazy to do so?

>> No.56174854

>I dont have a counterargument so ill just call it bait

>> No.56174855

Looking at painting Thousand Sons soon. I already own Teclis Blue - is there much point in me getting Thousand Sons blue?

>> No.56174856

They use it through the Hivemind.

>> No.56174858

Just because he wounded the hivemind it doesn't mean that it was at a risk of getting seriously harmed.
People can get pretty fucking irritated over a splinter, but it's not going to significantly impact you once you pull it out.

>> No.56174861


>If a Saint (or Magnus?) could bend synapse, wouldn't all the nids just default to instinctive behaviour?

Eh, I included the passive bit mostly as a callback to the Tarasque myth (Where she pacified the beast and the villagers killed it). Going back to being mindless and getting slaughtered would also work.

>> No.56174862 [DELETED] 

Counterargument to what? I believe the prerequisite for a counterargument is that it has something to counter in the first place.

>> No.56174865

They dont draw upon the warp for power though, they literally just manifest the collective will of the hivemind. No warp shenanigans anywhere. The Hivemind is, in essence, its own localized "Tyranid Warp" that is unaffected by things that would normally affect the warp.

>> No.56174867

Why not?

They dont even have to bullshit a reason for Traitor primarchs to come back, since they never left

They would have to write a whole new series of campaign books for another loyalist primarch to return

>> No.56174869


Yes they do. That's why they use the actual psyker rules in the game and can be stopped by stuff that stops psykers (Like Pylons and Nulls)

>> No.56174870

Ecstatic that I can expand? I'm actually looking forward to it. I might just "your dudettes" the metal ones and add markings to them to show them as veterans.

>> No.56174871

Why have the one vox-caster in the command squad?
A squad can't receive orders from more than 3" away if they don't have a vox caster themselves

>> No.56174873

How viable would Transuranic Arquebus spam be for Mechanicus?

10 MSU of Skitarii Rangers with Omnispex and 2 Arquebus. With Cawl, 3 Neutron Dunecrawlers and 2 Shooty Kastelan Robots as support and an engineseer as HQ Tax.

The plan would be to jam Cawl and the Dunecrawlers in the corner of the board and then fan the rangers out 9" around him for the rerolls. With 20 Transuranic Shots per turn, they shouldnt have a character left by turn 3. Silly idea but id love to try it. What do you guys think?

>> No.56174876

>It's in the da rules.

>> No.56174877

the last couple codexs have explictly said tyranid psykers don't draw on the warp.
The hive mind can apperently just tell physics to fuck off.

>> No.56174880

Effectivness is directly proportional to how mamy characters your opponent has.

>> No.56174883

>Phil Kelly says that they began their first steps in the road that doomed the Eldar and is dooming mankind.

>Phily Kelly

Look I fucking hate Tau players as much as anyone trying to be cool pretends to but come on now. Phil Kelly's take on Tau lore is painfully awful and his books are complete garbage.

I know I shouldn't be triggered this easily as you're not even wrong that Chaos is going to put its dick in the Tau some way or another but just the fact that Phil fucking Kelly said it so it is probably going to happen in a retarded way.

>> No.56174884

The text says that they "don't use the Warp in any fathomable way". Which means that the Tyranids warp usage is incomprehensible to the races of the galaxy.

>> No.56174889

I need some input, I plan on building a Beastman Penal Legion for AM, and want to start at 1,000 pts. This is what I have planned so far, but I feel like it's missing something.

>> No.56174891


>> No.56174893

whats probably going on is that the Hivemind is the actual psyker. and the individual zoanthrope or what ever is just a psychic focus/conduit. Like an organic force weapon for the hivemind.

>> No.56174894

Maybe they shouldn't call every other power "warp X" then?

>> No.56174896


>> No.56174897

I am probably the biggest T'aufag out there, aside from a few fuck ups and stupid stuff like the Vash'ya bullshit, Phil's books are fun reads.

>> No.56174906

What kind of tanks do you recommend?

>> No.56174908

You may as well ditch the Vanguard detachment and run a full brigade.

>> No.56174909

First for the swarm of jormungandr.

>> No.56174910

why not? Human paykers can throw lightning but that doesn't mean they get their power from electricity.

>> No.56174911

Did GSCB deliver in the end?

>> No.56174912

How long does GW webstore orders take to arrive to Europe ?
It has been 7 days and i am kinda excited for it.
Have you ever had a lost order anons?

>> No.56174913

Maybe its unfathomable because they're own experience is that psychic powers only work via the warp and they don't understand how Nids can use psychic powers while eschewing the warp.

They have no context for warpless psychic powers so they assume they're using it by default just in a way they don't understand.

>> No.56174916

>attention whoring /soc/ bitch
Choose one you naive faggot

>> No.56174918

Just a GSC themed t-shirt and some thigh.

>> No.56174920

Whichever ones you like the look of.

>> No.56174922

Tau have no connection to warp, Culexus assassin have no effect on Tau, everyone who think differently can FUCK OFF.

>> No.56174924

Can aspect warriors function in units of 6 on foot? I want to keep my army RT accurate.

>> No.56174925

the Slaaneshi trap did...

>> No.56174929

uh...lizards are snakes with legs

>> No.56174930

To be fair metal models are holding up pretty well for their age. I have a sister superior with chainsword and while she looks just a little bit small due to the scale creep she is still holding up nicely.
Well, i will not talk about those without helmets. They did not age nicely.

>> No.56174931

So what does the "warp" in the name refer to then? What's the "warp" part of a warp field if you exclude the actual warp? What's the "warp" part of a warp lance when there's no warp involved?

>> No.56174933

"Bitch" means female.

>> No.56174934

bleh fair enough

>> No.56174935


And yet it's still shut down by blanks and pylons. It's likely closer to the SOB faith powers where it's not how MOST people interact with the warp but it is warp related. Sorta like how the SOB do warp stuff without being psykers.

>> No.56174936

Depends whether you took regular or express, regular took 5 working days for me

>> No.56174937

T'au have small connections to the Warp.

>> No.56174940

>rules abstraction =/= fluff

Look here:

Normal Psykers:
>Draw on the collective emotional consciousness of the Warp to manipulate reality with psychic powers through strength of will

Nid Psykers
>>Draw on the collective consciousness of the Hive Mind to manipulate reality with psychic powers by literally forcing the will of trillions of beings into reality at the same time

Its the same thing with the shadow in the warp. Its not that the tyranids affect the warp, or "turn it dark" or something like that, its that there's so many tyranids in an area that the warp gets blocked out by the collective psychic screaming of the nids.

I like to imagine it like this:
>be warp
>be nice and chaosy and stuff
>get to eat stupid navigators that dont watch the astronomicon
>feels breddy gud mane
>suddenly, someone punches you in your face and dick, you fall to the ground
>surprise motherfucker, its fucking 80 trillion tyranids
>they start teabagging you while autistically screeching and screaming
>it doesnt actually hurt, its just uncomfortable
>whatever, they'll move on and you can get back to business later

>> No.56174941

Warping reality. Bending forces to your will.

>> No.56174943

I guess these guys just felt like screaming.

>> No.56174944

This, my friends, is bait

>> No.56174947

Updated the list, keeping it at 1,000 pts so I've got room to expand

>> No.56174949

Guys I need help. I want to make my own Ashmantle, but I already have a spare GW plastic Venerable Dread body, so I was thinking about buying only the FW arms. But on the FW site they say they are compatible with Mark IV dreadnoughts, so are they going to be usable on the Venerable GW kit?

>> No.56174951

More like crowd of people who step aside when stinky hobo comes through.

>> No.56174952


Slaneeshi trap whore atleast has some form of decency. While it may seem a misnomer to call him that way he does not derail the threads by attention whoring. He linked to /soc/ when thread was about to be derailed and those who wanted to fap could do it there.

>> No.56174954

Sad thing is that it might not be bait, because /tg/ has been memeing its shitty, half-baked knowledge of the fluff for years now and many, many people only get their knowledge of the fluff from shitposting. So a lot of posters here actually believe that Tau have no ""warp presence""

>> No.56174957

I can't find Grishnak model's website to buy third party plastic sisters. Are they defunct? Was it a scam? Am I old and bad at using Russian Internet?

If Grishnak is nyet horrorshow, what are my other options?

>> No.56174958

Any competitive 2k List for Sorotias boys?

>> No.56174961

Those guys are in a fever dream of a retarded child.

Sword cant cut the air, null cant affect Tau.

>> No.56174965

>So what does the "warp" in the name refer to then? What's the "warp" part of a warp field if you exclude the actual warp? What's the "warp" part of a warp lance when there's no warp involved?
You also gotta realize that all the names of the monsters, creatures, psychic powers, biomorphs, etc arent Tyranid names.

Remember, Nids are called nids because the first planet they attacked was called Tyran.
So, the Imperium gives them names according to what they know/seems similiar.

So, if they see a big brain bug shooting lightning, the imperial researcher/inquisitor/magos/whatever thinks
>"huh, that kinda looks like the kind of lighting that psykers shoot, might as well call it warp lance"

>> No.56174966

No. Buy Ashmantle or GTFO you lazy poorfag nigger.

>> No.56174967

Could be a serpentine creature, a horn-like structure or a shell (snail-beasts of nurgle).

>> No.56174968

Reddemers and massed Meltas
Literallly all you need to do.

>> No.56174969

>Its the same thing with the shadow in the warp. Its not that the tyranids affect the warp, or "turn it dark" or something like that, its that there's so many tyranids in an area that the warp gets blocked out by the collective psychic screaming of the nids.

No, the Tyranid Hivemind can be seen in the Warp and Gods have interacted with it.

And you dismissed the fact that weapons meant to shutdown the Warp shutdown the Hivemind as well.

>> No.56174973

>mfw Slaanesh literally has the best whores

>> No.56174975

That works pretty well too.

>> No.56174979

Regular free shipping because gw prices are already steep and express price is outrageous.

Asking an extra 12 usd for tracked shipping is just so bad. I wish they had a carried by mule but has tracking number option with cheap shipping. 18 usd for a not tracked package is so bad .

>> No.56174984

The 7e codex description for the Warp blast says it unleashes a "blast of pure Warp energy".

>> No.56174985

Oops wrong reply, meant>>56174936

>> No.56174989

>And you dismissed the fact that weapons meant to shutdown the Warp shutdown the Hivemind as well.
Where does stuff like that happen? I'm genuinly curious, I havent ever read anything like that.

>> No.56174991

>Not Eldar that dedicated themselves to the Path of the Whore and follow it to its utmost perfection
Nigga please, Slaanesh is just a pale imitation of its creators.

>> No.56174995


The lawyers. They came from the sky. There was so much blood.

>> No.56174997

Then why aren't, say, C'tan powers attributed to the Warp? They bend the reality and all that.

>> No.56175006

>cutedar posters
>actually fuckable
How is that better?

>> No.56175013

As far as I know because the necron codex is mainly told from the point of view of the crons? Who know what their stuff is and what it actually does.

Whereas the nid codex is mainly a retelling of nid encounters with the Imperium from the Imperiums side of things.

>> No.56175014

>Psky Out Grenades:For most victims caught in the cloud collapse of these particles, all conscious thought is driven from their minds.

>> No.56175017

The 5th ED Necron codexes says that the Null matrices of the tomb worlds screws with the Hivemind and is synapses creatures. Also the soullessness of the Necrons creeps the Tyranids.

Pariahs in numerous novels like the Cain series have shown to cut the synapses of the Tyranids.

>> No.56175021

shoot meant for >>56174997

>> No.56175023

Make her smile.

>> No.56175024

>main guy feels nothing
>subordinates are losing their shit

Shouldn't it be the other way around for blanks?

>> No.56175025

>As far as I know because the necron codex is mainly told from the point of view of the crons?


And Null matrices strengths the walls of reality and lowers or cuts warp access.

>> No.56175034


>> No.56175037

>Never will be finished

>> No.56175045


>> No.56175052

I thought the way it works is

Psychic power isn’t the warp.
The warp is the psychic domain of the dark gods.
The dark gods have taken over practically all psychic space so all psychic space/power is the warp.
The hive mind is the psychic collective of all tyranids.
It’s such a powerful entity it doesn’t need to draw power from the warp and runs purely under its own power.
Therefore tyranids don’t use psychic power in a way any other race can understand.

Sorta like Orks and waaagh energy.

>> No.56175055

I'm trying to convert my breachers into vespids but I have no fucking clue what to use as wings, I saw some bits online that work wonders but I'd rather not fuck my limited budget on them just yet. Anyone have any ideas?

>> No.56175061

Never forgetti Anon’s spaghetti.

>> No.56175062

He ends up running away in a panic so maybe he's just good at hiding it.

>> No.56175068

Hasslefree has pic related.

>> No.56175071

My crusaders are nearly done. Just need to touch up the paint work in some places.

>> No.56175075

I don't follow

>> No.56175088

Anon thinks <pic related> is coming in January

>> No.56175089

>most victims
>top hunters - aka Tau master race
choose one

>> No.56175095

>sister players still unironically think they’re getting an update
>a-any day now

>> No.56175096

What are they made from? Ive been looking for minis to make crusaders. My best idea so far was the 1450 perry knights

>> No.56175101

Oh. Well thats a bit hasty I guess
Next 2-3 years maybe, who knows, but not that soon
Well, GW did say they want to do them but they aren't being pushed out as we speak either

>> No.56175104

those look like chaos warriors with skitarii vanguard heads to me.... and sanded down sheilds

>> No.56175108

How could you not recognize chaos warriors

>> No.56175112

plastic sisters never

>> No.56175113

New SoB players maybe, I’m entirely jaded against sisters ever getting a plastic range and I started collecting them 4 years ago.

>> No.56175131

Are you the same guy who thinks orks cant get good roles because they didnt have them before

>> No.56175140

Rules, even

>> No.56175142

Are Shining Spears ridiculously good or what? They shoot their shuriken, then their S6 -4 2 damage lances, then charge with said lances. That's a shit ton of damage for 26ppm.

>> No.56175144

AoS is only pushing Sigmarines and the roidrage Khornates, how WOULD a new player recognize them?

>> No.56175151


Not the same guy, no.

>> No.56175161

Tyranids filling every gaping hole in the heretics defensive fortifications with their reaching, swarming tentacles before exploding due to a righteous exterminatus on the lost planet.

>> No.56175179

Did GW ever change a model from webstore-exclusive to available on third party websites?
Because carnifexes are too expensive

>> No.56175185

Oh dang I got shot / someone else charged me and im ded whaddya know

>> No.56175189

Shhh, dont tell anyone.
Also autarch with spear to reroll 1s in shooting and CC.

>> No.56175194

GW's pricing schemes really justify chinaman for me. If you're "Rest of the world" prices went up for no reason this year.

>> No.56175196

If they get re-boxed, not otherwise afaik

>> No.56175209

Whats the point of crusaders
3++ bubblewrap for characters? Are they cheap enough for that?

>> No.56175215

You could make a miniature version of the battlesuit thrusters from plasticard sheet and squard tube. Then maybe cast that if you don't wantnto make each ine from scratch.

>> No.56175222

2++ with a psychic power iirc.

>> No.56175225


>> No.56175228

>get something to stand in for wings
>make a mould of them with blue stuff or something similar
>cast as many wings as you like from milliput or green stuff
Simple as that, really

>> No.56175229

People keep forgetting that you can now just leisurlely saunter out of combat and so they seem like an amazing tarpit.

>> No.56175231

Shields are a bit monotone, try some basic patterns on them to make them stand out from the armor.
Otherwise pretty good.
And to be honest there are only 2 official crusader models, it would look bad if people spammed the same two.

>> No.56175235

>Whats the point of crusaders
They're a whole unit of guys with powerswords and stormshields so they can live long enough to shank something.

>> No.56175238


>> No.56175239

Chaos warriors, skitarii vanguard heads, shields had details cut off and sanded down with 800 grit sand paper, bits from the grey knight sprues have been glued on to the shields. There are also some random bits from my bits box (from space marine and imperial guard sets I believe, I was given a bits box by a guy giving up the hobby).

I also made a couple swords using the skitarii power swords and cutting off the axe hafts and heads that the warriors originally had.

The chain is from an old metal bloodcrusher.

>> No.56175242

Did this guy ever draw that sister being cutesy at a custard?

>> No.56175250

I was tempted to put text on them like "Purge the Unclean" or "Horus was a Bitch".

>> No.56175256

So which primarch got the closest to fulfilling what the emperor intended?

>> No.56175258

Stop posting that shitty lazy shit on my board.
Learn how to anathomy. Her head looks unfuckable and too big. Also no feet.


>> No.56175259

yes, the one on the far right looks perfect for a sister

>> No.56175260

They aren't very good at shanking though. Or, at least, not at inflicting wounds.
I fucking miss power mauls.

>> No.56175270

Maybe, he posted a lot of , what he said were, requests last week, but some anons started sperging about it.

>> No.56175284

Yasss, do it.

>> No.56175303

Footfags need to be gassed

>> No.56175310

and GW wonder why people are chinamaning the fuck out of their figures

>> No.56175318


Pertardo, seeing as how they were clearly meant to be malfunctioning autists.

>> No.56175320

For a Talons army, which is relitively slow, they can be a fast moving unit, thanks to an act of faith, that can tarpit enemies, run to objectives etc and can be very hard to kill with the possible 4+/2++ save

>> No.56175321


>> No.56175324

How's nids looking with the codex practically out on dakka?

>> No.56175336

now that the dust has settled, how good is the nid codex?

>> No.56175339

what the fuck is wrong with 'her' arm?

>> No.56175343


I just think he leaked what's going to happen in their codex. It's not gonna be pretty.

>> No.56175344

Thanks guys, I was/am just about to have them riding fucking hover drones like an ethereal kek

>> No.56175346

Some kind of malfunction with the catsuit

>> No.56175349

I wast talking about something like this.
More regular stipes, heraldry etc.

>> No.56175355


>> No.56175358

not sure where you're looking, he is wearing a body stocking thing though

>> No.56175364

I wasn't aware it was a stocking, but the left arm has streaks of red and looks purple on the underside.

>> No.56175366

I've used them most games in 8th and they are great every time. They aren't super great at killing things, even though sometimes you roll fire and they murder something horribly, but they are fast with the Faith move and they are incredibly durable. I usually use a squad of 10 and a squad of 4 Bullgryn both in transports attacking. The Bullgryn always get nuked, so I'm thinking of going for the 4++ save and Take Cover to make them 3++ because people pour -3AP and -4AP D6 damage weapons into them like no one's business every game. Crusaders on the other hand, they think, oh T3, I can just vomit shots at them and beat out their save. That has never worked for anyone in my games, and it works even less now with the 2++ Guard Crusaders. The only way people have ever effectively gotten rid of my Crusader unit is with Smite spam. Every other time they live till the end of the game harassing, interrupting and sometimes butchering things.

>> No.56175373

Nids vs Guard is the most entertaining matchup 40k has to offer.

>> No.56175375

Is it possible to make a viable assault marine-focused army? I want to field Blood Angels but I don't care what rules they use as long as they have a fighting chance.

>> No.56175377

Dust hasn't settled yet, we don't know points costs.

But somfsr things are looking good so far.

>> No.56175378

oh right, that'll just be the material reflecting the light strangely, probably polyester

>> No.56175402

Only good bug is a dead bug.
What are some of the most effective nid hunting tactics for the guard?
I am assuming hellhounds are no brainers

>> No.56175403

Literally anything, you're 8th ed guard

>> No.56175411

Conscript spam

>> No.56175412

Mortars and battlecannons, flamers too
Catachans really.

>> No.56175417

Nids and Orks are my favorite armies to fight.

>tfw running Catachan doctrine with Bullgryn, Crusaders, Conscript blobs, Straken, Infantry Squads with Flamers and Power Swords, Rough Riders, Death Cult Assassins, Celestine and Repentia
>tfw Nids and Orks come to your lines with massive numbers and huge things with huge guts
>tfw Nids and Orks both get turn 1 charges off and smash into your Conscripts setting you up for the counter charge
>Turn 1-7 melee fighting with massive amounts of dice being thrown around

Best feeling in the world for me.

>> No.56175427

> Have an opportunity to buy a recast Fellblade for $80

Where would I go about getting alternate weapon options for this thing?

>> No.56175435

Dis lad 'ere know wuts wut.

>> No.56175436

Not no more, Anon.

>> No.56175454

I keep seeing people run Chimeras with a heavy bolter and twin heavy bolter, but I don't see that option in the codex. Is this some kind of forgeworld upgrade?

>> No.56175455

Hey, are you the same guy who did the other CWC shit?
if so, then you have gotten a lot better. continue imporving, and you will be less cancerous!

>> No.56175459

>Is this some kind of forgeworld upgrade?


>> No.56175462

you can get the baneblade sponsons and accessories separately on the GW site.

>> No.56175463


Infantry squad firing line.
Use consolidate squads to maximise order efficiency.
Use company commanders to double fire output.
Give your warlord who should be a company commander Laurels of command.

>> No.56175473

I have a LR I am trying to run 10 possessed in, but also have a rhino they could fit in.

Is it worth putting chaos terminators in an LR? Deep strike seems so much more reliable

>> No.56175506


Actually, I just checked the Fellblade datasheet and it looks like the only thing that is really replaceable is the two Quad Lascannons with a single Laser Destroyer.

But why the fuck would I want a Laser Destroyer when I could have eight Lascannons?

>> No.56175518

Yes, Gryphonne pattern. The other Forgeworld only pattern is a *downgrade*, to have an autocannon turret, so I doubt you'll see anyone but a LAACfag running it. The primary downside to the Gryphonne is it can't have track guards.

>> No.56175520 [DELETED] 

Why do you need codexes if you can already use any unit with the basic rulebook?

>> No.56175530

Because the codexes at a ton more options than bare bones books.

>> No.56175532 [DELETED] 

Isnt wh40k cancerous as it is tho?

>> No.56175536

>what are datasheets?

>> No.56175540

No, it's syphilitic. Biiiiig difference.

>> No.56175547 [DELETED] 

He said he was the same anon a few threads back.

not enough cancer if you ask me.
Cancer faction when?

>> No.56175553 [DELETED] 

>t. nurgle player

>> No.56175560

Best looking HQ in 40k.

>> No.56175561

I just want a story where Fabius Bile is played by Hugh Laurie, and spends the entire time misdiagnosing Nurgle's latest plague.

>> No.56175566 [DELETED] 

Personally, I like his nonWH stuff better

>> No.56175568


>> No.56175576


> Assuming you're new

The basic rules for playing the game are included in the rulebook, but the codexes have the rules, abilities, and stats for individual models for a specific army.

In order to play a game of 40K you'll need a rulebook, as well as a Codex for your Army (or Index for your army if its Codex isn't available yet). The 40K 8th Edition Starter Set comes with mini codexes for the two armies in the box though. They are currently outdated because there were updates in the Space Marine and Nurgle codexes, but they are still usable to get you up and running with a game.

As a side note, Codexes also have a shit ton of faction-specific lore in them.

>> No.56175577

start of my small chaos cult

>> No.56175581 [DELETED] 

nothing wrong with being redpilled, my degenerate friend.

>> No.56175582

Or he's a legacy player from the 3 editions it was the best

>> No.56175586


> When Nurgle gets to your laptop's keyboard

>> No.56175588

>Krieg was not a mistake.

>> No.56175589 [DELETED] 

it still sucks and he should cut his hands off and slit his own throat.
Sorry, but not sorry. I have standards.

>> No.56175597 [DELETED] 

>there are still people on this board that refuse to acknoledge that IMPERIUM = AMERICA

>> No.56175605

lol its just a keyboard protector

>> No.56175607 [DELETED] 

whats the difference?

maybe you will get a TTS version of that, if you are lucky.

>> No.56175608

Then he deserves to be lightly but incessantly pelted with magnets until he learns. That's an important life lesson.

>> No.56175616

Personally anyone who isn't running double Heavy Flamer Chimeras is a LAACfag.

>> No.56175618

Poor standards by the look of it.

Chibi > Not Chibi.

>> No.56175631

The difference, ultimately, is that stage 3 syphilis gets you crazy writers, like C.S. Goto, whereas cancer makes your writer decide "fuck it", like Hunter S. Thompson, which would be a huge improvement.

>> No.56175636

I will never magnetize resin, ever!
Fuck that garbage.

>> No.56175639

Triple Heavy Bolter Chimeras are far superior under Tallarn, sir.

>> No.56175649

It's cause it's FW nobface, nowt to ideology
natsocs worshipping a jew fucking hilarious

>> No.56175670

>He took the bait

>> No.56175677

True. I will make an amendment to my statement. Anyone who isn't using double Heavy Flamer Chimeras is a LAACfag, unless they are running Tallarn Chimeras. If you're using a Chimera as a static gunboat, you're a failure, and if you're moving around with a Chimera without Heavy Flamers, you're hitting on 5+, which makes you a failure. Tallarn Heavy Bolter Chimeras are the only exception.

>> No.56175679

>i cant work with resin!
Babby detected. Come back when you're more riddled with cancer than Alan Bligh, child.

>> No.56175687

bumpin for advice on LR terminators

>> No.56175689

My eight chimeras all have multilasers because they're the old kit :(

>> No.56175700

The only way you can get cancer with resin is if you do a daily line of resin every day for a decade.

>> No.56175714

cripplechan is thataway

>> No.56175720

Look man, i gotta cut my coke somehow, and theres no better way than resin crack. Now if you'll excuse me, i need to render down a thunderhawk

>> No.56175722

Yeah that stuff in dangerous that's why I stick to good old paint water.

>> No.56175724

The good news is the Heavy Flamers from the Leman Russ kits fit perfectly into the turret hole. I had the old Multi-Laser kits too, so I just popped them out and put the Heavy Flamers in. They stick out a little, so I cut them down a bit. Best decision of my life. Hellhounds are better for a similar cost, but if you put something useful in that Chimera, you will have amazing results.

>> No.56175736 [DELETED] 

Long time Chaos/T'au player here.
I don't get the nerve of the newplayers coming to my LGS with poorly painted, or not painted minis, wanting to play with me.
I get to spend most of my free time at my LGS, so I get to see a lot of shit. A lot of shit.
The most cringeworthy thing I hav seen this semester was a manbun hipster faggot who played primaris marines. Shit was so bad, he didnt even had proper lore development for his guys. Also, it was heavily implyed he hired some pedro to do the painting for him. Loser.
Some fake geek girls have also started to show up. I see some pink marines coming our way, or some kawaii nids (short for tyranids). Good, I will show no mercy while stomping them.
I hope GW doesnt try to bring those authistic sisters back, that would be one of the many nails in the coffing that the 8th edition has been so far. SoB are just for meme players who dont take the hobby seriously.
Speaking of which, its pretty much all the newplayers. They have almost 0 knoledge about the lore, show no respect towards their elder players (at my LGS I even made some nicknames for players and store employes according to their history and personality), and come with super strong smell of shampoo or some shit. What the fuck?
I recently got so mad with the absolute state of things that I ruined my ultramarines, which sucks because I really want to get Guillyman now. I didnt get to lose to a newfag, but had to retire early in a game of ultramarines vs. virginPrimaris marines, because I only got unlucky rolls, while the other manbun """player"""got outstanding rolls. Probably a cheater too. Got so mad that I kicked and punched the trashcans outside my LGS. My hands got so shaky, that I couldnt paint for almost 3 days. Thats the size of the bullshit I had to go though.
I hope Chaos gets a broken ass primarch as strong as guilliman soon. Soon is not soon enough, my friends. Magus looks good, but doesnt work, if you know what I am saying
Gotta keep my chadsona

>> No.56175741

this isn't actually true, but you'd just have to be so insanely (un)lucky to huff one little scratch of resin dust and get cancer from it.

>> No.56175749

>natsocs worshipping a jew fucking hilarious

>> No.56175756

>6/10 pasta
No (you) for you

>> No.56175760

I haven't played since mid 7th and don't know any of the new rules
Is the new edition fun?
Are Orks or Tyranids good this edition?
I quit because I got tired of losing and having to take flyrants.

>> No.56175763

I'm starting to love this pasta.

>> No.56175765


>> No.56175766 [DELETED] 

this looks familiar

>> No.56175771 [DELETED] 

Sup, Virt

>> No.56175772

Wow you posted a disease that isn't cancer, which is what was being discussed.

>> No.56175773 [DELETED] 

Holy shit I love big black cock

>> No.56175776

Tyranids are literally being updated as we speak, codex in less than two weeks


>> No.56175780


No (Likely change to yes once Codex releases)

>> No.56175783 [DELETED] 

Found the drawfag.
kill youserself.

>> No.56175784

Orks and Nids are not good, but Nids have a new Codex about to drop, which should make them at worst mediocre, since most factions don't have a Codex, and every Codex so far has been a huge power leap for the faction in question.

I'd lay good odds right now the Nids codex will leap them to being better than CSM, and possibly even AdMech, but they won't be as good as Codex Marines, Imperial Guard, or Eldar. Probably right around as good as Death Guard.

>> No.56175786

So if I decide to buy Primaris Marines as someone who has been a Dark Angels player for years, is it worth it? I dont get any chapter tactics or anything untill the codex drops. I figure if they do release Lion El Johnson and any new DA releases will probably just be Primaris shit

>> No.56175789 [DELETED] 

Hey man can you please send me your best cuckold porn pics? Preferably from BLACKED.com? Thanks.

>> No.56175793

Yes, yes, Orks are much better than they used to be, they'll likely get better with their codex. Nids are looking great.

>> No.56175797 [DELETED] 

>I hope GW doesnt try to bring those authistic sisters back, that would be one of the many nails in the coffing that the 8th edition has been so far. SoB are just for meme players who dont take the hobby seriously.

I nonironically agree

>> No.56175798

This bait is starting to stink.

>> No.56175808

I wasn't impressed with the Screamer-Killers leak, but I am honestly expecting some good things from the Neurothrope HQ.

>> No.56175812

Indeed even in cities so polluted that the air is like doing daily lines of resin, people do not get cancer from it. In fact their are more likely to die from obesity or a random dude shooting them than cancer.

In other words Dark Angels are gay

>> No.56175813 [DELETED] 

Not as much as my dildo does after stuffing it up my ass though, UNNNFFFF

>> No.56175816 [DELETED] 

So, PixelChaos is a hivemind or what?

>> No.56175818

New edition is not fun unless you are retarded kindergarden child, it have as much rules as towers of hanoi.

>> No.56175820

The new instinctive behaviour looks pretty awesome! That's a great buff.

>screamer-killers leak
Do you have a link?
Also, Neurothtopes are HQ now?

>> No.56175824 [DELETED] 

No man I'm just sharing my love of cuckold interracial sissy pegging porn with /tg/.

>> No.56175826 [DELETED] 

Mr.Chaos, sir...you are making a scene.

>> No.56175829

SoS with Stausque heads (be warn they have 25mm and heroic) or puppets of war.

Or just do the classic dream forge one.

>> No.56175833

I wish i could draw like that.

If you dont like those drawings then you are on previous step of evolution.

>> No.56175834


I think it's safe to say that regular marine releases are over and done with, and that any new kits that come out of GW will be Primaris only.

Which sucks, because I'm sure GW is planning on continuing their "Re-release all of the old Marine models in Primaris versions to make everyone buy everything all over again" schtick that they've been doing. I am unironically excited at the prospect of a Primaris Techmarine though, moral compass be damned.

>> No.56175835


Yea, now hurry up and jam my abbadon model up my ass

>> No.56175841

Yes, Neurothropes got sectioned out to an HQ choice, and aren't part of a Zoanthropes unit any more.

>> No.56175843

Would you let this slide for a Celestine proxy? I need to justify buying this

>> No.56175846 [DELETED] 

Well, which one is it?

>> No.56175847

Nothing else she could realistically be other than a Daemonhost.

>> No.56175851 [DELETED] 

Shutup and fuck my tight sissyboi asshole already

>> No.56175852 [DELETED] 

That looks amazing.
Is it really 100% compatible modelwise?

>> No.56175853

>implying Celestine is not a daemonhost

You poor, naive lorefag.

>> No.56175859

Man, I don't know what more you wanted out of that, it looks great.

>> No.56175860 [DELETED] 

ugh.... fine then!

>> No.56175861

You know what I meant you small gay.

>> No.56175868

I really love that figurine but honestly no idea how I'd use it. The swords kinda work for her coming back to life thing if you have a more tragic reinterpretation of her than vanilla glorious living saint

>> No.56175869 [DELETED] 


>> No.56175875

Looks like something they took off penitent engine after a battle.

Would work for celestine or "your custom" living saint IMHO.

>> No.56175885 [DELETED] 

Does the swords count as line of sight, tho?

>> No.56175892

>mortal wounds
>no price on wargear
>static WS
Wait what?
Are we /Age of Sigmar/ now?

>> No.56175896 [DELETED] 

>implying /tg/ is good in bed
Nice try, PixelChaos! Now I know you are faking it!

>> No.56175897

I'm pretty new to 40k but always told myself I'd play sisters when I didn't care about the game despite them being less than stellar. Now that I actually like the game and setting I was considering using the Dreamforged Eisenkern models to make sisters out of since that example on 1d4chan looked pretty nice but wanted to do something unique for my Celestine

Do Sisters still suck or are they tolerable now?

>> No.56175898

That site has so many models I want, but no idea on what to use them.
The latex battle nuns are a must

>> No.56175904

So either jump ship or join the Primaris club? Well I guess I do have the bonus from work coming and I have a need for plastic crack.

>> No.56175912 [DELETED] 


>> No.56175922

With Dominions and BSS melts spam in Immolator they are good.
Melta dominions in Repressors are broken op.

36"+2D6" melta turn one is disgust in specially with 20 of those under 1000 points. By the way the Repressor is excellent against infantry. So they are an all rounder combo.

>> No.56175923 [DELETED] 


I am not gay! I am an alpha chad, even for chad standards! I will not stay idle while some anon tries to taint my name, which is already widely respected and feared at my LGS.
Fuck you guys! I hope I can meet you in the game so I can crush you and your poorfag knockoff chinasian armies.

>> No.56175927

I'm basically just not impressed with how it can't commit to ranged or melee, like a Defiler. I'll give it a chance to grow on me, but I'm expecting the Scream to consistently disappoint me, in practice. Maybe paired with some kind of accuracy buff, I'll like it.

>> No.56175931 [DELETED] 

dont /pol/, pixelchaos

>> No.56175932

Planning to use them as death cult assassins. Standard trips are a bit too dissimilar for me to take as trips though

>> No.56175933

Is the webstore's bestseller section for real? There's no way Sector Imperialis Objectives and Aggressors/Reivers are outselling everything else...

>> No.56175934

>warp bast was the only power with the word warp in it
>its not even a power anymore

>> No.56175941 [DELETED] 


>> No.56175943 [DELETED] 

this kinda turns me on.

But seriously, whats the model size? Does it come with a base?

>> No.56175944

Wargear price are in the back of the book, as is the unit cost. Otherwise, yes. With some differences.

>> No.56175946

Your have to take it up with your opponent. Most people that aren't dicks would probably say no

>> No.56175953 [DELETED] 

I was just joking, anon

>> No.56175957

25mm base, 30mm scale

>> No.56175958

>implying Trump isn't the Chaos Candidate
Loyalists listened to Jeb!

>> No.56175959

Neat. I'll have to download the new rulebook.

>> No.56175964 [DELETED] 

>eyes are covered
>0 line of sight
its shit

>> No.56175965

All the bits producers and no one makes a female head with bob haircut. Are sisters models doomed to be ugly?

>> No.56175968

Gentle reminder that Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

>> No.56175972 [DELETED] 

Thanks anon!

>> No.56175985 [DELETED] 

this thread will be over soon

>> No.56175986

Well don't i feel foolish -///-

>> No.56175987

GW makes female heads with a bob haircut.

>> No.56175989


1) Mortal Wounds ignore armor and invuln saves (cover saves no longer exist, but cover improves armor against ranged). They also spill over - if you inflict 2 damage to a 1 wound model, the second damage is wasted, but if you inflict 2 mortal wounds, the second hits another model in the same unit.

2) GW hates you, so wargear costs are always on a separate page. They have a made-up reason about how doing so makes errata easier.

3) Static WS is some sort of retarded attempt to reconcile WS and BS, when the opposite should have been done, and BS should have been made a contested roll against visibility as a function of range and cover. Examples of why this is retarded include Culexus Assassins being just as hard to hit with conscripts and commissars, and how weapons that ignore cover nonetheless don't ignore it if you have an ability that makes you harder to hit in cover.

What they should have done is picked 1 mechanic that satisfied them - could have been the strange new strength table, which is admittedly easy to memorize - and used it for Strength vs Toughness, Weapon Skill vs Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill vs Range/Cover/Etc, Penetration vs Armor, and Damage vs Feel No Pain.

>> No.56175990

Cant help you here, i dont play 8th.

>> No.56175998

I said female heads

>> No.56176002

>only power with the word warp

Warp field, Warp lance...

>> No.56176010

>TFW the infamous WAACfags from the next town over signed up for the casual tourney
>Day after a 6 point epanded event FAQ lands
>4/6 target AM exclusively.

Day suddenly got a lot better.

>> No.56176014 [DELETED] 

You have no idea what board or thread you're in, do you?

>> No.56176020

How do I filter tripfags?

>> No.56176027

don't need to faggot just go banned

>> No.56176030

Would it be too jewy to promote some RH models i am selling for cheap on ebay here?

>> No.56176031 [DELETED] 

But instead Donald Trump is drowning.

He's in over his head, and somewhere in the dim recesses of his addled mind, he knows it. He thought being President would be just as easy as being CEO, which for him means someone else would do the hard work, and he'd slap his name on the end result.

He really doesn’t know what goes into the empires that he's run. He doesn‘t know how to build buildings. He doesn't know how to get permits. He doesn't know how to hire contractors.

He's a name. A name and a suit and a hairpiece. His only advantages in life are his family fortune and the fact that a lot of Americans currently find blowhard assholes entertaining. If he had to work for a living, he would be fucked.

Trump doesn't know how to be President, either. He doesn't know how the government works. He presented Angela Merkel an invoice for NATO costs, too stupid to realize this won't work.

So he's scared and lonely and angry, and he reacts to that the way any manchild would. He meshes his red button, summoning a manservant with an icy cold soda pop, and then he sulks off to the living room to play video games. It's just that for Trump. the "living room" is a million dollar resort, and “video games' are "golf and classified discussions held in public settings.“

He will forever be associated with racism, sexism, xenophobia, lslamophobia and failure.

He and his supporters are losing so damn hard, and they known it.

Rejoice in their failure.

We are winning.

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

>> No.56176040

How cheap bro. Post that shit

>> No.56176042

It's a checkable box in 4chan x's UI
Alternatively gk under the filter, select trip/name field and put a wildcard effect in.

>> No.56176049

Oh man, it IS literally Age of Sigmar. Wow.

>> No.56176054

Underrated post right here

>> No.56176055

>Dammit wrong image

>> No.56176056

It's a specific loadout loke a russ variant, not all fexes brah.

>> No.56176063

Age of Sigmar didn't have points costs anywhere, last I heard, not even on another page at the end of the book. I don't think it even has points costs as a concept.

>> No.56176068


>> No.56176070

Seperate book, Generals Handbook for points.

>> No.56176078

I know, I was explaining why specifically the Screamer-Killers didn't impress me. Not all carnifexen. Carnifices?

>> No.56176080

The screamer-killer is committed ro melee, it's plasma scream is just something to shoot as you're running towards the enemy.

>> No.56176085


About this cheap
htt ps://w ww.ebay.com/itm/Kristina-Karlstein-Raging-Heroes-Iron-Empire/122782449825?hash=item1c966780a1:g:oMEAAOSwyXNZ90ju (fill in the blanks)

Got those at the RH kickstarter but i dont need them anymore. Aside from the ones available on ebay for now, i have all the freebies and lots of other Iron Empire stuff also that i will sell.

>> No.56176086

Well, its technically a buff in all matters.
>Screamerfex is supposedly cheaper than index "screamerfex" loadout
>scream does d6 instead of d3
>18" instead of 9"
>AP-4 instead of -3
>5 attacks instead of 4, since the index carnifex has to use a tail
>WS3+ on the charge instead of 4+
>modifies opponents morale tests
>can get a -1 to hit option

>> No.56176087


>> No.56176096

Does anyone have any Necromunda rules leaks yet?

>> No.56176110

there was a scan of the quick reference sheet knocking about recently but not a full leak that I've seen

>> No.56176117

How about this one?

>> No.56176118

Do you see 12 dunderheads spamming links to it?
Thats your answer.

>> No.56176127

>20 bucks for a model I actually wanted
>could actually be used as a Canoness

Ive already invested a tiny bit into my Raven Guard chapter, please stop tempting me to jump ship to Sisters

They're gonna get hit hard by the nerfhammer aren't they?

>> No.56176128

>replying to stale pasta

>> No.56176139

Every unit has a points cost for matched play.
You are totally misinformed

>> No.56176141

>replying to a stale pasta reply of a stale pasta

>> No.56176149

Had to check, why the fuck do Guard codex crusaders have acts of faith, they're not sisters

>> No.56176150

>replying to a stale pasta reply of a stale pasta reply of a stale pasta

>> No.56176152

Definitely this one.

>> No.56176158

>etc. etc.

>> No.56176160

>You thought having point cost on separate page is inconvenient? Hahahahaha, take this, suckers.

>> No.56176162


Each additional mini has 3.5 bucks for shipping.
God, i feel so filthy for shameless self promotion.

>> No.56176174

They are a part of the adaptus ministorum and in the index were not a part of the guard. For some reason GW has decided to cut up the old witchseekers, daemonhunters and sisters stuff, mix it together and sprinkle it throughout the current armies.

>> No.56176175

I can see that. Even though I play Guard, I find playing against other Guard players boring and annoying. All sorts of fun ways to play them with melee and mobility and they choose to sit fucking still in a corner like they always have.

>> No.56176185

>ad finitum

>> No.56176186

Lemme stew on it for the night and think about which army I even want to go forward with. I'd hate to drop so much money into Sisters only for the incoming codex to make them near worthless again. I don't even care if they're op right now, I just want to finally use Sisters and know I'm not going to automatically lose

I'd say I could blend them but it wouldn't work fluff wise so I'm kinda fucked and just gotta pick one

>> No.56176187

It's a specific kind of Carnifex. The regular Carnifex can do whatever.

>> No.56176221

Seeing as all the other rules are free, generals handbook is basically a combined rulebook and codex for the majority of armies.

>> No.56176233

Unless you want lore, then get the battletomes.

>> No.56176238

So are Tyranids getting any new models?

>> No.56176247

No, stop expecting new models with codexes. Only expect new models when they say so.

>> No.56176257

anyone remember when power swords and storm shields were so rare they would only be provided to elite space marines, officers and a select few chosen by the inquisition and ministorum?

Now we can have whole squads of crusaders wandering about with guard and sisters detachments where I rather feel they could be put to better use in the hands of astartes

>> No.56176266


>Now we can have whole squads of crusaders wandering about with guard and sisters detachments where I rather feel they could be put to better use in the hands of astartes

And you are aware that the true power of the Ecclessiarchy is 'Richest guys in the Imperium'? It's how they get an entire army of people in power armour.

>> No.56176268

Eh? Why wouldn't they release models with a codex?

>> No.56176292

Because they're not Marines.

>> No.56176296

It predates indexes

>> No.56176300

Because G&W is shitting out codices like they have a bad case of diarrhea.

>> No.56176309

I wanted to get back to 40k, brushed my models, but when i started to read the new rules i begun to puke uncontrolably because of how bad and lame they are, so i threw the accursed book into a fire because i dont want this herecy in my house.

>> No.56176313

Force axe or force stave on termy-sorc w/ intoxicating elixir?

>> No.56176315


>> No.56176320


>> No.56176322

Do you remember when powerswords actually ignored armour and not this shitty -3 -4 -2 -whatever crap?

>> No.56176326

Because that's not how GW do it anymore. They release things at a slower, more spread out pace so there is always something for people to buy instead of waiting weeks or months between codex releases for new stuff. That and they are putting out codexes at a huge rate, and they couldn't possibly keep up production if every new codex had new models.

>> No.56176327

The indexes were a placeholder for codexes which are a placeholder for faction and event codexes. GW are currently rushing out the placeholder dexes so they can start with faction codexes that tie with events. The first of which is likely to be Ynnari vs Slaanesh and the EC.

>> No.56176334

Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

>> No.56176338

Power swords have never been that rare, every sgt pleb of cannon-fodder regiment #57464897489 has been able to get them since 2ed.

>> No.56176341

I get that they're wealthy and powerful, it just seems a bit jarring to this edition suddenly have this elite close combat unit with rare and powerful kit.
a confessor or inquisitor with a couple of supremely well equipped paladins as body guards is cool and fluffy, having squads of them knocking around cheapens them

Even if not the marines, why the fuck don't they give them to the seraphim? They'd make far better use of them surely

yes and I remember when they gave you S5 -4 save and d6 damage too

>> No.56176342

That was cancer.

>> No.56176343

Just the answers tldr: no your cadians can't be tallarns, no you can't mix and natch doctrines, no you cant use chimeras as tauroxes, no your elysians don't get to choose doctrines for units they borrow from the main dex.

Of course No FAQ is exempt from the: no your blue ultramarine models do not count as IF sucessors and no your boxdreads are not contemptors/primaris dakkadreds

>> No.56176353

Crusaders were not introduced this edition.

>> No.56176365

Yes and it was gay as fuck.

>> No.56176368

They practically do even now. Most thing with a 2+ save have some sort of invulnerable save so armour practically disappears against power swords.

>> No.56176369

Yeah. Those days were fucking awful.

>> No.56176377


>I get that they're wealthy and powerful, it just seems a bit jarring to this edition suddenly have this elite close combat unit with rare and powerful kit.

Crusaders have been about since the Witch Hunters Codex.

>Even if not the marines, why the fuck don't they give them to the seraphim? They'd make far better use of them surely

That, however, is a fair thing. SOB (Actual SOB) are kinda short on options due to metal models and really need more.

>> No.56176378

crusader squads were though

yes but most have chainswords, only those with really really good contacts could get hold of a powersword from a fluff standpoint

>> No.56176381

I think with Crusaders they are just extra faithful so they count as a Storm Shield. It's listed as an ability for them, not wargear, which is weird. So my guess is that it's a normal shield infused with faith, but I could be wrong.

It is a little funny though that Guard and the Church have better melee than Marines though. Bullgryn, Crusaders, Death Cult Assassins and Arcos are all insane melee units. Every time I run them I make everyone extra salty because they say humans shouldn't be that good at melee. You don't even need that many of them. I used to run 10 Death Cult Assassins, but it was such over kill I started to run 6 in an Immolator and that yielded better results because of the Immolator Flamer being almost as good as a Hellhound that can transport a human blender unit. Makes me wonder how they will be nerfed when the codex comes out.

What's weird to me is that Inquisitors of all people are lacking defensive options. Offensively they have options to tons of weapons. You don't see it often that you can just take a Melta Gun on a leader. Usually it's a Combi-Weapon, but in the Inquisitors case, it can be either. Meanwhile they don't even get Invulnerable saves outside of Terminator armor. Platoon Commanders have a 5++ save, yet normal Inquisitors only have a 4+ save.

>> No.56176387

That sounds pretty gay
They have different model teams from writing teams, they could release at the least a new kit with each codex.

>event codexes
What the fuck is this shit?

>> No.56176389

And when you consider the number of Crusaders across the Imperium, they might as not exist. Even a million such soldiers would be a drop in the bucket across the Imperium. One crusader per Imperial world. Imagine you had one person on Earth who had something, and only he. Would that not be unique?

>they could be put to better use in the hands of astartes

Then maybe the Astartes can build their own? They got the forges. Or you want to "redistribute storm shields," comrade Sanders? Is the top tenth of the 1% having too many storm shields for your liking?

>> No.56176396

Their "extra faith" is having the Sisters' 6+ standard invuln, numbnuts
Its literally just a normal storm shield they're holding

>> No.56176398


Fucking heathen heretic fucks get outta my lawn.

>> No.56176406

No they were a thing in 7th. You could make a formation in 7th that was essentially a massive 40 man blob of arcos death cults Crusaders acolytes an Inquisitor a priest an Astropath and a demonhost.

>> No.56176411 [DELETED] 

this anon gets me

>> No.56176414

I think it's you who is the heretic
Now go find your complimentary bonfire and sticking-stick

>> No.56176424

Still listed as an ability not wargear.

>> No.56176430

But it hurts when i stick it into bonfire :(

>> No.56176438

t. newfag who joined in 5th and thinks he's old because he joined in a time when melee weapons had no AP

>> No.56176445

Remember when you had to guess the distance between your artillery and the enemy you had to hit?

Shit was interesting.

>> No.56176450

The Golden Age.

>> No.56176451

>rule give the same ability as stormshields
>model clearly hold a stormshield
>it's been called a stormshield since conception
>nah, it's faith

>> No.56176462

Only pedantically, previously you could make an inquisition warband and fill it full of crusaders if you wanted, no-one did because their job was to be a 3++ ablative wound in front of the death cults and priest in a melee warband, but it was an option.

>> No.56176464

What gets me is that Inquisitors can have terminator armor (but only ordo Mallus ones) or Carapace armor, no power armor unless they are a named character and I believe most of the have artificer armor with exception to Greyfax

The old Inquisitor models even had power armor, but they were phased out.

>> No.56176466

inquisitors absolutely should have access to pretty much every thing as personal gear, I'd argue for refractor feld being basic kit and the option to take a conversion field or swap a weapon for a storm shield

it's crusader squads I have a problem with, a couple of crusaders functioning like the SM lieutenants would be awesome, fluffy and not so jarring

>> No.56176471

If they intended for it to mean anything else than the fact that they are holding a literal storm shield, they would give it a different name
The effect of a storm shield is listed the same way in the abilities section on every datasheet of a unit that can get one, you retarded nigger

>> No.56176473

Hi /tg/ I have a tournament soon. It's 1000 pts only, no more than one named character, less than 50% vehicles.

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Aeldari - Ynnari) [51 PL, 999pts] ++

+ HQ +

Troupe Master [4 PL, 73pts]: Harlequin's Kiss, Shuriken Pistol

Yvraine [7 PL, 132pts]: Gaze of Ynnead, Word of the Phoenix

+ Troops +

Kabalite Warriors [3 PL, 50pts]
. 3x Kabalite Warrior
. Kabalite Warrior with special weapon: Blaster
. Sybarite: Splinter Rifle

Kabalite Warriors [5 PL, 90pts]
. 8x Kabalite Warrior
. Kabalite warrior with Heavy Weapon: Dark Lance
. Sybarite: Splinter Rifle

Troupe [7 PL, 156pts]
. Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Caress
. Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Caress
. Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace
. Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace
. Player: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Embrace

+ Elites +

Solitaire [6 PL, 117pts]: Harlequin's Caress, Harlequin's Kiss

+ Heavy Support +

War Walkers [5 PL, 101pts]
. War Walker: Bright Lance, Bright Lance

War Walkers [5 PL, 101pts]
. War Walker: Bright Lance, Bright Lance

+ Dedicated Transport +

Starweaver [5 PL, 99pts]: 2x Shuriken Cannon

Venom [4 PL, 80pts]: Splinter Cannon, Twin splinter rifle

++ Total: [51 PL, 999pts] ++

What do you think and against whom should I be careful?

>> No.56176486

>it's crusader squads I have a problem with, a couple of crusaders functioning like the SM lieutenants would be awesome, fluffy and not so jarring

That would make them pretty bad as they don't have the stats to back that up, being human-scale. Marines don't have to have the most access to everything. Other imperial factions can get shiny things too.

>> No.56176489

We already have an issue with some of the baneblade variants being redundant. How many more could we do that would have unique mechanics?

Maybe the Hellsword is a giant flamer
The Doomlord a giant Chem Cannon
The Helllord some kind of AA platform capable of nuking Mantas and Thunderhawks?

>> No.56176491

Prices are listed on a separate page, ostensibly so its easier to changed them as needed for balance tweaks.

WS now works like BS did

Less AoS now, more a return to 2e+new stuff.

>> No.56176492

Work on your list formatting.

>> No.56176494

It's too big to be called just faith
Too big, heavy, and far too rough

>> No.56176499

>mfw wtf, I like a namefag now
Thank you for triggering dumb /pol/tists.
Can we go back to discussing our lovely overpriced toys, now ?

>> No.56176505


Fluff vs gameplay issue here.
In a regular battlefield of 41st millenium you dont see death cult assassins running around . Or to be fair you dont see so many specialised wargear in regular armies. Having a hydra flak tank, a basilisk, a leman russ, some chimeras throw in between while a valkyrie flies overhead already breaches the fluff.
I think gameplay should stay more in line with the fluff but gw wants to sell bigger and shinier models all the time so they probably wont balance it that way.

>> No.56176508

We are but you are trying to stop us from doing so

>> No.56176510

Spammers gonna spam, what do you expect. Remember when GK lists were monkeys and purifiers?

>> No.56176522

>In a regular battlefield of 41st millenium you dont see death cult assassins running around .

You also don't see Marines running about most battlefields.

>> No.56176525

>do the, how you say, "funky monkey"

>> No.56176529

Well, just deal with it.

>> No.56176542

Well that is kinda open to abuse really.
When you know the exact dimensions of various objects of the gameboard guessing the distance correctly is not that much of an issue. On the other hand a player who does not have that knowledge will be at a huge disadvantage.

>> No.56176551

Those are literally changes from AoS, don't kid yourself

>> No.56176564

>Having a hydra flak tank, a basilisk, a leman russ, some chimeras throw in between while a valkyrie flies overhead already breaches the fluff.
All that's broken there is the basilisk being in the front line. The rest is a standard mechanised infantry company that's called in air-support from somewhere. The valk being full of paratroopers is a little harder to justify, but that's what happens when GW decided the gunboat and transport helicopter should be the same thing (to be fair, the Soviets also thought that though).

>> No.56176566

>Fucking heathen heretic fucks get outta my lawn

>> No.56176574

I think mixing and matching doctrines is shit yes, but Cadian models not being able to use Tallarn Doctrines is shit. Guard only have 2 plastic kits. If you make your Cadians all brown and shit and say they are Tallarn, no mixing bullshit, I think that's fine.

>> No.56176575

well not at the moment, but give them 2 or 3 wounds 3 attacks and you're golden. Let priest give guardsmen an extra attack and crusaders give them something like re-roll 1s to wound or something

true enough but making it 1 or two crusaders per elite slot means they'll have to pay the tax

>> No.56176584

I wonder why GW hasn't bothered with LED light kits yet. Seems like an easy way for them to make an extra buck.

For example, a generic kit could be as simple as:
- 2 red leds
- 2 yellow leds
- some module with coin cell battery, small and lasts hours when powering only leds.
- switch
- some wires to connect the whole bunch
- leaflet explaining stuff (and how a citadel drill is very handy to drill out spots for the lights, drive up sales on other tools at the same time)

I guess GW don't see themselves fit in selling electronics while they're about models that are meant to be painted.

>> No.56176589


>well not at the moment, but give them 2 or 3 wounds 3 attacks and you're golden. Let priest give guardsmen an extra attack and crusaders give them something like re-roll 1s to wound or something

At which point they've really moved away from their supposed role of 'Bodyguards for priests'. I don't really see why it's important to not have them be as they've been for multiple editions now.

>> No.56176594

>Remember when you had to guess the distance between your artillery and the enemy you had to hit?
>Shit was interesting.
Let me measure my arm /hand and use sneak measurements

Let me shoot this Lascannon first and measure to "confirm" and sneak measure the rest of my weapons.

It was 4/10. Okay.

>> No.56176600

>you can't target this guy 40" away for some power or wargear or whatever this turn
>okay, I target the unit behind him and I guess its 40" away

>> No.56176603

Lights? No thanks, give me more marine models.

>> No.56176608

Because the kiddie audience can't do all that shi...

>- leaflet explaining stuff (and how a citadel drill is very handy to drill out spots for the lights, drive up sales on other tools at the same time)

Give him a medal.

>> No.56176611

I think them as Characters would be pretty neat. I like that more. As they are now, I like them a lot and no one really spams them because shooting is still better and Conscript screens are still useful for much cheaper. Crusaders are only really a problem fluff wise. Gameplay wise they are tough to kill but don't do much damage.

>> No.56176615

Because then they would have to make all their kits compatible with their LED kits, and that's a lot of work.

>> No.56176623

Shortened it a bit too much.
No your green cadians with not as much as a converted mask or saber aren't tallarns.
Literally just Tallarns to take maximum advantage of the army comp limitations.

>> No.56176639

Haha, remember when you could only shoot closest unit? That was shit tho.

>> No.56176646

Then again, who's gonna buy T3 infantry units consisting of 1-2 models.

If they were like 1 squad per Priest (they're bodyguards, after all), then that'd be a much better alternative.

>> No.56176659

Remember when GW made TV commercials?

>> No.56176663

Only closest unless you passed Ld Brah

>> No.56176666

On the one hand, I dont mind people color-coding their>>56176575
cadians, on the other, I want to see these old guard models on the table. I'm sick of looking at cadians.

>> No.56176668

What's the most efficient heavy support unit for CSM?

I am trying to make a brigade and need 2 more heavy support units, I already have an obliterator squad.

I am thinking HB havocs?

>> No.56176669

Dat Space Hulk ad

>> No.56176670

Mortal wounds and fixed to hit are literally the only things from AoS. The majority of changes are from 2e or just new.

>> No.56176682

Wow. You know, I've been criticized for sometimes taking the Imperial Cult too seriously as a terrible joke, but this is beyond Psychological bull shit from what ive already seen from this guy.

What type of man do you have to be that because of your useless devotion to a faction being the best that if you were to probably switch 40k armies you'd end up having an identity crisis?

>> No.56176683

If a Necron Overlord uses My Will Be Done on a unit of Immortals, do theirs shots triplicate on a 5+ instead of a 6+.

>> No.56176689

What do you want it to do?

>> No.56176695

Quadguns or leviathans

>> No.56176699

Or some Tau crap i think.

>> No.56176700

Don't forget the stratagem that lets a unit shoot at a deep striking unit when it arrives. Do this with war walkers and you can nuke most things for free

>> No.56176701

cant use FW

>> No.56176706

fine fine okay what if they intercepted attacks directed at nearby characters, even if it was by a sniper of similar unit that normally allows you to target chacters

you can have up to 2 per priest or similar unit and they don't take up org slots

>> No.56176713


Led lights dont look good on small scale models.
They look like cheap rc toys.

>> No.56176724

So you're saying that clever/abusive/experienced players knew how to better circumvent rules and restrictions than newfags/retards? Holy shit guys! This place is a font of knowledge.

>> No.56176727

You know what you must do

>> No.56176729

I once saw a wraithknight that had some nifty led work on it but thats about it
I dont think leds would work on anything smaller than a knight

>> No.56176738

Honestly, I hate that they were put in the Church area. Death Cult Assassins, Arcos and Crusaders should have been Acolyte bodyguard upgrades for the Inquisition. Like, 1-6 Acolytes and 0-2 Crusaders, 0-2 Death Cult Assassins and 0-3 Arcos per unit.

Though that probably would be OP. Pick any transport you want, take max Crusaders, Death cult assassins and Arcos and then take 3 special weapon Acolytes in a Taurox Primes. Highly spammable, strong in melee. Yeah nevermind, dumb idea, but something like that, but less dumb.

>> No.56176739

It was retarded and I'm glad it's gone. God forbid someone wants to limit their chances just to dice and not include arbitrary guessing in their game.

>> No.56176746

>Move statistic
>a fixed save statistic modified by cover
lol, it's just AoS with Strength and Toughness.

>> No.56176753

Well I'm sorry that you're retarded but your dad can't un-drop you anymore at this point

>> No.56176754

Yay my drawing.

>> No.56176756


>> No.56176762


It doesn't really seem to add much. Celestians can already intercept units for nearby characters.


But Arcos are made BY the Church and the Crusaders are...Crusaders. They are trained to be Ecclessiarchy bodyguards. That's like saying Penitent Engines should be Inquisition.

>> No.56176767

It was an artificial handicap to punish new players.

Overall stupid.

>> No.56176768

Everything is abritrary when you don't like it.

>> No.56176773

Why aren't you busy with drawing mad qts yo

>> No.56176774

Rule of One/Psychic Focus", Reinforcement Points, "Three Ways to Play," Keywords instead of USRs...

>> No.56176783

Oh look, the next HH book is another fucking anthology.

>> No.56176792

Yes. Roll modifiers do actually modify die rolls. It works the other way around. Do note although a natural 1 always fails, a natural 6 doesn't autosucceed.

>> No.56176795

I haven't drawn in a while, but I should again.

>> No.56176796

>implying anyone cares about HH

>> No.56176799


I can see why, I did already prep my land raider for it though so no way back.

>> No.56176804

Anthologies are the best HH books though.

>> No.56176809

Aye! Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted.

I also did notice the shill accounts, which is what made me so suspicious and reluctant to put my faith in it to begin with.

So glad to see the models look ace in consumer hands and not just in store photoshoots. The size is a bit bothersome so I'm glad you warned me about that, but not overly so. I think you sold me on getting some stuff from him in the near future. After cain and jurgen the female commissar would probably be the model I'm most interested in too, since every other female commissar I've seen looks like they're about to go to a dominatrix meet up.

>> No.56176816

If they were a bit dimmer I'd like it

>> No.56176818

Lascannon Havoks.

>> No.56176828

Just started listening to book 1 myself. They're all on Audible now.

I assume the rest are very hit or miss.

>> No.56176834

anti tank would be good but the 180 per squad is too much to fit atm.

I have obliterators and plasma terminators for tanks atm

>> No.56176839

Yeah you should

>> No.56176853

>> No.56176856

>I hate that they were put in the Church area.

They were always Ecclesiarchy units. Just like Arcos, etc. Inquisition merely adopted them, just like Marines, Stormies, etc.

>> No.56176868

Who is that huge dreadnought?

>> No.56176869

only does that for friendly <Order> Characters though, let the crusaders <ministorum> Characters and again keep them limited to one or two per character

>> No.56176874

Is this what happens when a sicaran lands ontop of a ceastus while dropping from orbit?

>> No.56176884


They are fairly dim; exposure was really high otherwise it'd be too dark to see inside (notice how the background is very white). The front lights are bright enough to show but not to illuminate stuff.

I was actually planning to put in brighter leds for the interior because it's a bit too dark to notice details (and having a red glow when the door is open is kinda neat). I can still switch colors and brightness around as none of the parts are glued yet.

>> No.56176891


I still don't see why this is a meaningful change beyond invalidating anyone who's actually bought several crusaders.

>> No.56176901

Cuz he dun liek it >:^(

>> No.56176905

>neither of which are powers anymore
>warp lance
>literally just another part of warp blast
>which no longer exists

>> No.56176924

>beyond invalidating anyone who's actually bought several crusaders
Well it's gotten ride of the absurdity of crusader squads and made them function in in crunch more similarly to their role in fluff. it's also provided your buffing characters with an ablative shield

>> No.56176936

And relative hit chance

>> No.56176940

>Well it's gotten ride of the absurdity of crusader squads

What's absurd about them? We have entire squads of terminators and they are much, much rarer than crusaders.

>> No.56176952

>bring up past rules
>complains when proven wrong about past rules

Come now...

>literally just another part of warp blast

Maybe in the codex you're thinking of, but go back a little more, and it's a separate power.

>> No.56176965

terminators aren't fluffed as personal bodyguards

>> No.56176979


And bodyguards can come in more than 1-2. Have you never seen the Secret Service?

>> No.56176987

Nothing works like the fluff (thank god)

>> No.56177002

What should I take out to fit another elite in here?

I feel like 2 LC havoc squads are too expensive

>> No.56177006

dammit I left that on, sec I'll post better one

>> No.56177013

I save the profile images so I can take it on my phone and not carry the codex around.

>> No.56177017

oh yeah I forget about that every regimental chaplain has 40 secret service members following them about

>> No.56177023

Do you mainly play all three wings or green wing ? Then yes.
Do you mainly play Deathwing and/or Ravenwing ? Then no.

>> No.56177035

Off-topic, but one thing that annoys me about 8th is how Keywords are only used at "unit-level." Like how GW had to FAQ Wolf Guard Terminators in Grey Hunter Squads to "be treated as if it had the <Terminator> keyword" (since the alternative would be for *all* the Power Armor Wolfs to have the Terminator Keyword). You know, scoping variables and all.

Remember in 7th how a Baleflamer was not a Flamer? Or how it was ambiguous whether or not a Pulse Rifle was a plasma weapon? For 8th, GW has committed the clbuttic (cl ass ic -> cl butt ic, see also the "Buttbuttination of Abraham Lincoln") mistake of using "character sequences" to determine if certain traits or stratagems apply, inviting the Scunthorpe Problem out to play. Flamecraft gives +1 to wound for any weapon with "Flame" in it as an example. So then one asks, Bray'arth Ashmantle has Burning Wrath, which clearly is fluffed as a Hand Flamer, but doesn't have "Flame" in its name. Does this count? RAW, nope.

>> No.56177045

I'll grant you keywords, but thats a genuinely good thing.

The others are from 2e, AoS grabbed a decent buit from 2e as well.

>> No.56177051

They made it a piece of equipment in the faq.

>> No.56177070

That guy was already btfo and now this guy kicks him while he's down

>> No.56177071

the priests that minister to the guard are not presidents.

>> No.56177077

Warp lance started as the anti tank profile option for Warp blast.

>> No.56177084

You're seriously grasping at straws here

>> No.56177085

Cull the weak anon.

>> No.56177096

the Chaplain's body guard IS the regiment doofus, if anything there should be 1500-200 crusaders to each priest

>> No.56177101

>secret service only watch the prez
Ishiggydiggy digeridoo

>> No.56177126

Should have quit while you had the chance.

>> No.56177129

>220 britabongs

Will muhreen players actually pay for this halo crap?

>> No.56177138

You know they will, the nazis

>> No.56177148

okay, how many close protection officers do you get as a member of the senate?

>> No.56177160

Depends how many you piss off enough to write threats.

>> No.56177173

As many as the event warrants. Usually at least ten.

Seriously, just admit you're mad because someone dropped crusaders out of a valkyrie and blew you the fuck out, and we can move on.

>> No.56177176


Depends how many people are actively trying to shoot at you. Any member of the senate heading to an active warzone has a stupid amount of guards about him.

>> No.56177180

It's weird GW axed USRs when it would have been a great way to fix this by having them as Keywords for weapons. You could put "Flamer" keyword on all the flamer weapons, regardless of type, and have rules that affect all weapons with the Flamer keyword (such as hitting automatically).

>> No.56177192

That would have fixed so many things, but, GW got to GW. Learn by iteration.

>> No.56177199

First guy gets BTFO on the board, and now he gets BTFO on a.. board

>> No.56177213

Gun keywords is a thing I hope we can pressure GW into.
Bolt/Flamer/Plasma/Melta/Shuriken/Lance/Pulse at least.

>> No.56177215

LEDs look bad on everything

>> No.56177230

in an active war-zone your security detail is provided by the unit you're attached the SS just manage the hand over

>> No.56177231

>Seriously, just admit you're mad because someone dropped crusaders out of a valkyrie and blew you the fuck out, and we can move on.

Not who you are talking to be man, it does make me sad that Crusaders are so much worse in a full Ecclessiarchy army than they are in Imperial Guard. I've got a heap of them for my SOB force but I'd really need to pick up guard stuff to make them good this edition.

>> No.56177239

Confirmed 4th reich

>> No.56177246

Please help me

>> No.56177247

I really wish they had a version that wasn't pregnant

>> No.56177256

Wait for codex, nonny.

>> No.56177258

SOB advance up the field so fast, what is the opponent doing shooting crusaders?

>> No.56177260

The Schutzstaffel did what now?

>> No.56177261

I've not played against any crusaders yet, it's the fluff breach that annoys me, every chaplain gets his own platoon of power sword stormshield bodyguards, it's just silly

>> No.56177266

Maybe, just maybe on a Titan.
But if i got one i wouldnt do it.

>> No.56177269

Not really.

>> No.56177273

Very much so

>> No.56177275


>> No.56177282

But also not really.

>> No.56177284

>I've not played against any crusaders yet, it's the fluff breach that annoys me

...they've been like that for multiple editions. That IS the fluff.

>> No.56177289

>it's just silly
Well yes, thats why its really really fluffy.
The echlesiarchy is all about silly and grandiose excessive-ness

>> No.56177299

Nah. Just a straight up "yes"

>> No.56177312

They really didn't need to be put in the Guard codex when Bullgryn exist. Or they should have not gotten acts of faith in the Guard codex.

>> No.56177317

Regimental chaplains and Ministorum priests are not the same thing.

A chaplain is a soldier who knows the rites and serves as a moral servant for the platoon.

A priest is an actual member of the Eclessiarchy who felt his presence was needed on the battlefield. The Crusaders are subordinate to him, NOT the presiding officer. This is why they dont have a Regiment.

The only reason they have the AM keyword is because the situation is common enough that 'priest takes to war, takes bodyguards with him' needed representation on the tabletop.

>> No.56177322

All this Crusader hate disgusts me.

>> No.56177324

Why aren't you using the sonic dread?

>> No.56177327

Yes as in you agree with me that not really. I'm glad it's finally settled. This will be the final post on the matter and nothing you say after carries any weight, as usual.

>> No.56177328


You think that's silly, you should look at the army of power armoured women with bolters the Ecclessiarchy has. They should drop to 1-2 per priest too.

>> No.56177333

How do you like getting cucked by NO TYRANIDS PREVIEW?

>> No.56177342

The sweet taste of your denial shall sustain me well

>> No.56177345

I am sure there is a market for 28mm preggo fetishists.

>> No.56177347

>MFW I ordered 10 of the GW model because robes and plate are my jam
>MFW they still haven't arrived

>> No.56177349

It's funny because people still don't really use them or care about them. I've used them since 2003 and all of 8th edition and people don't really care. They are a mild annoyance and at best they kill a small squad or two.

>> No.56177351

Meh, I dont usually pay attention to NPC races.

>> No.56177355

>Or they should have not gotten acts of faith in the Guard codex.
...then they could just take the index version, anon, it's the same fucking datasheet.

>> No.56177361

They've been late every time so far, wait for another hour before shitposting

>> No.56177363


I wonder what would have happened if they'd added everything Ecclessiarchy as something you could take in a guard army.

Dropping SOB out of Valkyries would be pretty awesome.

>> No.56177371

I am, it's the same point value but dont know how to add it to the app

>> No.56177381

I'm still waiting on my order too

>> No.56177383

Right, that's the point. Taking Crusaders in the Guard army means you have access to Guard Psychic Powers and Guard transports. Taking the index version would mean you have access to Acts of Faith and Sororitas transports. Right now taking Index Crusaders is a straight downgrade.

>> No.56177386

Sisters flyers fucking when?

>> No.56177388

>taking the index sheet for a unit that got codex rules
I'm still not 100% on that. I mean I'd LIKE to be able to use special weapons squads but that also allows the use of Index Commissars and Conscripts. 50-man morale immune carpets.

And they always take orders. And you can use a Sabre Spotlight to have them hit on 4s.

Haw can chaos even compete.

>> No.56177404

I'm imagining a Valkyrie but with shit tons of multimelta's (one on either side of the cockpit), heavy flamers (and heavy flamer sponsons), and more missile options on the wings, it is glorious.

>> No.56177407


We USED to have one. Sorta. Not so much now.

>> No.56177411

Special Weapons Squads are in the Codex, anon.

>> No.56177412

With AoF sisters are literally in yoir face turn one right now.

>> No.56177422

I think thats the point

>> No.56177423

What do you mean?

>> No.56177428

Aquila storngpoint-chan please arrive soon !
Wait intensifies

>> No.56177430

I beg you please taskete

>> No.56177440

Still upset that I finally finished my triple Demo Charge Special weapon squads a week before the codex drop and then they no longer have that option.

>> No.56177443

I thought Anon was saying he needed the Index to take Special Weapons Squads, but I'm not aware of any reason to do so, unlike with Commissars.

>> No.56177444


>> No.56177461

I want to play marines but I don't want to add to the horrible situation in my meta where there are robotits mirror matches every week. But I don't want to go BA or SW and lose 80% of the time. Which chapter should I pick?

>> No.56177463

Here, I can make one on my phone right now.

>> No.56177466

I mean, you can explicitly field that from the Index, as GW has made quite clear, but I'm not sure why you'd want to.

>> No.56177470

I think I figured it out, how does this look?

>> No.56177471


>> No.56177485

>asking on page 10
Doing it right.

>> No.56177494

Old venerable dread, newfriend

>> No.56177499

wut? That's fine, the ecclesiarchy is allowed a body of women under arms and it has the resources, it was the notion that personal bodyguards with some pretty difficult to obtain gear come in multiple units of 10 that annoys me

yes you're right but it doesn't make it any less bloody stupid, last edition johnny rando priest could indeed lead 100 crusaders or death cult assassins into battle if they wanted

anyway I concede defeat, I'll just put this in a box with grey knights using power armour and jet fighters

>> No.56177500

Demo charges aren't in the codex. You need to use index SWS's to use them.

>> No.56177502

Thanks a lot

>> No.56177505

Should i get some hellbrutes for anti tank as DG?

>> No.56177512

>grey knights using power armour
It's aegis armour.

>> No.56177527

No, get the new tank. Or use vidicators with their rules.

>> No.56177531

What are the chances your faction is getting a battleforce?

>> No.56177536

Play orks

>> No.56177549

Why the fuck would you want that?

>> No.56177552

coming in flavours other than terminator, dreadnought, librarian and transport if you prefer

>> No.56177558

Wait, Crusaders can ride Valkyries?

>> No.56177574

Does the Krieg Infantry Platoon count?

>> No.56177581

Does the murder sword need to roll to wound against its named target?

The rule says this "Each attack made with the Murder Sword that hits the selected
character automatically inflicts a mortal wound upon that character instead of
the normal damage."

>> No.56177587

Now they can with the codex update yes. I was already doing Bullgryn Valkyrie drops, but now Crusaders with a Priest and Primaris Psyker/Astropath flying across the sky, getting a 2++ save and interrupting all kinds of units.

>> No.56177592

Nope, just hits.

>> No.56177596

You just answered your own question

>> No.56177598

No, only hit.

>> No.56177611

The hell is a battleforce?

>> No.56177617

why are we so fucking infested with rude newfags lately

>> No.56177624

Dats ded Orky! dem Jolly 'ats iz ratha Digga like.

>> No.56177627

That's bonkers

>> No.56177632

A big start collecting box, pretty much. They go for about $160

>> No.56177640


> Admech

No idea, they could resell the one of last year, or they don't because other armies get a chance this year (or we get way more armies with one this year)

If they get last years one, I'll probably get it. I didn't want to buy more models, but I want everything in the box and it saves tons of money compared to buying seperately.

> GK

No chance

>> No.56177643

Bigass $170 box of stuff that usually gives nice savings thatg come out around christmas

>> No.56177644

It really just scares away any character you would use it on.

>> No.56177646

Reminds me of a more thoughtfully designed Half Life 2 rebar crossbow.

>> No.56177660

that's how mortal wounds work. it does only work against that one named character though, so it'll scare the pants of that one but it's pretty meh against every one else

>> No.56177671

A GSC battleforce would be the tits. It'd be a decent opportunity for them to get the aberrant models out there outside of the Overkill box, along with a couple HQs, hybrids and maybe a goliath or something.

I still doubt they'd do it, though.

>> No.56177673

That's a wolf in sheep's wool if I ever saw one. They lure you in with promises of savings, snag you with the sunk cost fallacy, and kill you with an influx of models you'll inevitably burn on painting.

>> No.56177688

Yes it does. Nat 6 always hits and wounds, regardless of modifiers.

>> No.56177694

looks neat but does suffer the usual GW gripe of having no breech or barrel to speak of

>> No.56177698


>> No.56177703

Show me where it says that faggot

>> No.56177705

Wrong, only wounds work that way.

>> No.56177712

You can add a detachment inside the main one, it'd look better and won't fuck up your validation and CPs. Just have the main detach highlighted when you create the second one.
Battlescribe is really fucked up, that web-based one is dead and GW haven't made one yet for some reason.

>> No.56177713

This is not true.

>> No.56177716

Every one except maybe the beastclaw raiders AOS battleforce came with around 300 dollars worth of stuff that wasnt complete trash

>> No.56177722

Wounds don't work that way, either.

>> No.56177742

It's a supersized rivet gun.
It's designed for point blank use.

>> No.56177745

Well a six does always wound now regardless of Toughness, but yeah you're correct I guess, if you have an actual penalty to the wound rolls in the form of a -1 or something you can auto-fail, I just haven't seen many things that do that.

>> No.56177746

https://hq-builder.com/ is missing a lot (like all of Forgeworld), but I find it often convenient for playing around. Has some incorrect costs and such in it, as you'd expect, but way less bad than Battlescribe.

>> No.56177751

Eldar gets a battleforce every year right?

>> No.56177752

Yeah, if you actually want the stuff in the box they tend to be good deals.

Last year's admech one was really good iirc, aside from the fact that no one wanted the electropriests because they were trash in 7th.

>> No.56177763

Warlocks and Spiritseers and Hemlocks have a -1 to wound malediction power now, for example.

>> No.56177773

>suffer the usual GW gripe of having no breech or barrel to speak of

>> No.56177774

Honestly, I was always pro-USR. Just making sure they weren't extraneous (like Soul Blaze), or were "similar names, different things" (Crusader vs Zealot, Hatred vs Preferred Enemy, etc) and were more atomic.

I mean hell, rather than "Slow and Purposeful", you could have just had Relentless and Cannot(Run, Overwatch, Sweep) or so. But GW gonna GW.

>> No.56177778

Any tyranid news today?

>> No.56177780

Which faction do you literally never see?

>> No.56177791


>> No.56177803

Tau Auxiliaries. Not really a faction, but I've never seen any IRL

>> No.56177806


>> No.56177809

tell you what, if it has a range of less than 6" then you're right and if it's more than 6" I'm right

>> No.56177810

how would 40kg feel about universal warlord traits for anyone who doesnt have a codex like an extra attack or some shit like that

>> No.56177812

So Eldar has several well-known sub-factions, but get only 5 Craftworld traits while they made new hive fleets for Tyranids? Wtf?

>> No.56177814

Ive seen pretty much every army at my lgs other than slaaneshi demons

>> No.56177817


>> No.56177828

>Tyranids characters, however, do not represent storied or singular heroes from history but particularly distinct bio-organisms employed in every hive fleet. As such, if you’re looking to add the Swarmlord, Red Terror, Deathleaper or Old One Eye to your army, you won’t be restricted by which hive fleet you choose!
Wait, so does that mean swarmy is now just a form of hive tyrant now, since he's mentioned here?

>> No.56177830

Can they win 70% of the time in casual play? With what build?

>> No.56177831


>> No.56177833

To be fair, Slow and Purposeful used to be very different and a lot of codexes still used it, so getting rid of it and replacing it with another rules, and then putting out an FAQ changing all the models that had S&P, etc. would have been a lot to do.

But I'm just talking about USR in the terms of weapon keywords, like Melta, Flamer, Plasma, etc. Some don't even have to do anything, just identify the type of weapon for rules. Some can have rules associated to them, like all Flamer weapons hit automatically.

>> No.56177837


>> No.56177847

The fuck are you on about?

>> No.56177848

that name though

>> No.56177850

Yes. And that's good.

>> No.56177859

Yes. Finally.

>> No.56177865

I'd expect it to have a "accurate" 6" range and a longer one with extra range penalty

>> No.56177872

Death to malefics

>> No.56177876

Fug. That's it, I'm gonna field a Kronos Dakkafex now.

>> No.56177883

How the hell are they going to justify being limited to 1 Swarmlord per army if he's not unique across Fleets? I guess this begs the same question about their Relics - why the hell can't your Fleet simply spawn a second copy?

>> No.56177889

I play auxiliaries.

I just rarely win with them

>> No.56177891

All I'm reading is that they're not limited to a specific <HIVE FLEET> and can be taken by all.

>> No.56177900

Can a Slaanesh deamonhost be competitive at the FLGS?

>> No.56177903

Swarmlord has always been a form of uber hive tyrant.
Last codex had him with hivefleet behemoth invading maccragge and then also with hivefleet leviathan killing orks.

>> No.56177904

What? Tyranids already have special characters with special abilities, why can't they have special weapons? I mean, they're still just creatures.

>> No.56177907

>-1 ld from shadow of the warp
>-1 ld from the horror
>kronos stratagem that forces the use of only one dice
I'm going to have fun with this little bugger, nuking psykers just by existing.

>> No.56177910

How the fuck would i know? My post clearly said ive never seen em. L2read mongo

>> No.56177911

What's your list look like usually?

I've got a good amount of kroot/ox/hounds/knarlocs I intend to paint one of these days, and run with FWs and an ethereal for dat fluff.

>> No.56177915

Eh, meant Dakkarant. You got it anyway.

>> No.56177916

Too independent thinking or takes up much of the hive mind bandwith in the sector.

>> No.56177917

>Tyranids characters, however, do not represent storied or singular heroes from history
This means that the swarmlord is NOT a "singular hero" but just a breed of tyrant.
Which is good, very good. Now if only deathleaper replaced the normal lictor, since that's what is should be anyways

>> No.56177922

They only made one new Hive Fleet for nids and honestly they could have just used an existing one (Naga) in it's place, but narratively they wanted a new one as part of the new era of the Rift.

>> No.56177923

Probably a 'one riot, one ranger' approach - only one is needed. Or perhaps the Swarmlord has some individuality to it, which is part of what makes it so dangerous.

Also makes it so that two Swarmlords in the same theatre will inevitably try to kill each other, due to clone blues.

>> No.56177925

The new psychic scream is nice as fuck.
Literally just a smite that also fucks over psykers.

>> No.56177926

They're especially resource intensive so they don't get spammed because that would be inefficient.

>> No.56177931

They can - the name is silly, that's all. How can tyranids have "artefacts" ? It's specialized and homegrown equipment.

>> No.56177940

>This means that the swarmlord is NOT a "singular hero" but just a breed of tyrant.

Haven't they always? I seem to recall even the old creatures like Old One Eye being said to appear on many worlds, giving the impression that he's not one individual creature.

>> No.56177946

ld doesn't do anything to casting anymore

>> No.56177948

The genome for it can be the artifact.

>> No.56177958

>Make sure to come back tomorrow, when we’ll be looking at some of our favourite Stratagems from the new codex – including one that lets you slurp Command Points directly from the brains of your hapless foes!

Leaker was right again.

>> No.56177960

No he had personality and when killed Hive Mind was putting his consciousness in new body.

>> No.56177961

The miasma cannon makes me happy, sure low number of attacks but finally oh boy, sure fire 3 damage S9 -2AP 3 damage Assault d3 is nice. No losing bs from moving, flat damage rate, always wounds non-vehicles on a 2+. Though the dakka slimer infestation is probably better end of the day.

>> No.56177965

That should mean they're just ruinously expensive.

I mean, they could play that straight, right? Make the Tyranids stratagem for multiple relics allow you to duplicate relics when you do so, and give them one for duplicating named beasts, too. But I can't see either happening.

>> No.56177967

Because it's resource intensive or something of the sort. Plus if you require more than one swarmlord, then it's probably a waste of time to fight anyways.
The better question is why are units like deathleaper or the red terror limited to just one? especially since it's long been implied the former was just a whole bunch of special lictors that imperials thought was a single lictor

>> No.56177968

Yeah, ha was just part of a old vanguard strain, good for orobing tendrils but not resource effective once a full fleets lands.

>> No.56177975

He is pretty much the Tyranids Avatar.

>> No.56177977

Some kroot and Cadians converted to FW
Vespid squads covering broadside/hammerhead
Kroot Hounds w/ a shaper nearby
Large kroot blobs to deny deep strike
2 ethereal
A metric shit ton of fire warriors and

>> No.56177980

I always liked the look of the fleshborer hive for a dakkarant more than those diddy little guns.

>> No.56177985

>especially since it's long been implied the former was just a whole bunch of special lictors that imperials thought was a single lictor
Not even implied, it was outright stated factually in the Medusa V campaign where the Deathleaper strain first appeared.

>> No.56177996

time for a new thread

>> No.56178008

Damn that looks sexy.

>> No.56178010

Also if you ever need to get rid of knarlocs.. they are one of the models I started Tau for, just to find out they stopped making them. I'll paint em up pretty

>> No.56178014

Preferred Enemy had different rules in 4th (hit on a 3+ in melee regardless of WS), 5th (reroll to hit in melee), and 6th (reroll 1s to hit and wound). 5e SNP was "move as in Difficult Terrain" (but you could still run), and 6e made it "cannot run, or overwatch."

There were large changes via FAQs in the 5th to 6th transition too. For example, at the start of 6th, *all* Nobz becane Characters (since Character didn't exist as a subtype). Since all Characters innately had Precision Shot, this had the amusing side effect of making Nob Bikers into a surprisingly effective sniper unit, until they were FAQed so only one Nob in Nob Mobz was a character.

Having "atomic" rules like "Cannot X" also means its less need to artificially inflate the BRB or codexes. Like, how Cult Mech had "Heavy Battle Servitor", which was "Cannot run, may fire 2 weapons". Or "SNP, except the unit can Overwatch and Sweep."

Likewise, the * on certain USRs led to codex rules that were copypastes of certain USRs. Like "A unit composed entirely of models with White Scars Chapter Tactics is treated as though it has the Hit&Run USR".

Having a USR like "Granted[X]" could solve this. So Dante would have Granted[Hit&Run], but White Scars have Hit&Run, etc.

And of course, there was my favorite RAW conflict:
An Independent Character joins a Skitarii unit. The Skitarii have Scout but cannot Outflank as a result of this Scout. However, Scout was a * rule, meaning that any attached Characters did get it, even if from another Detachment. Such characters did not have a restriction on then gaining Outflank, which was also a *. So, say you put a Runepriest in a unit of Skitarii Rangers from a Maniple. Can they Outflank?

>> No.56178024

No, swarmlord was the exception to the rule, a "beast as old as the tyranids themselves" and their was only one who was made any time the nids needed him.
OOE is both. Their is a singular OOE that was trapped in the ice on calth during the first tyranic war which was notable for it's regeneration. It may or may not have been killed by tellion when it was unfrozen by smugglers and rampaged around calth.
But their are other fexes which have the same ability as OOE but are from different hive fleets, implying that OOE was the first of a special breed of carnifex leader organisms.

>> No.56178025

Once I would gladly do new thread but, but with all this shitpost level it's not worth it.

>> No.56178045

Can we talk about the fact that they actually made a weapon that ignores ++ saves?
>Lets make weapons.
>Lets make armor that shield against weapons.
>Lets make weapons that pierces armor!
>Lets make armor that is immune to armor-piercing!
>Lets make weapons that pierces armor-piercing-immunity armor!

Why do games always do this? What is the next step?
>Let's make super armor that can't be pierced by magical weapons that pierces armor-piercing-immunity armor?

Can we expect the trend to continue with say Orks, crons, harlies and DA running around with weapons that ignore ++ saves?

>> No.56178056

>What is the next step?
>>Let's make super armor that can't be pierced by magical weapons that pierces armor-piercing-immunity armor?
You just described Feel No Pain.

>> No.56178065

Sounds like a fun list

I bought some recasts from a ruskie. I really dont know why FW stopped making them, riders especially. They have such a great injun vibe to them.

>> No.56178074

Doesnt the vindicares exodus rifle do the same thing? They exist solely to snipe oit tough as nails 2++ and 3++, at least the balethorn is only one per army

>> No.56178092

Sauce? All I can find is that he's been reported killed dozens of times and still reports emerge of him rampaging in various parts of the galaxy.

>> No.56178107

I guess I did.
Do we have any options that shuts down Feel no Pain?

>> No.56178113

>4++ Tyrant
Feels so unreal. Last book was so shit...

>> No.56178117

Its only AP1. Most units that have invuln saves usually have a better regular save to begin with, only relying on the invuln against high AP weapons.

So think of this more like an anti-demon gun, since they are one of the few units with better invulns than regular saves.

>> No.56178121

I out-meleed a huge squad of Berserkers with a squad of Stealthsuits that had Kroot Hounds around the corner, then fell back and let rail rifle pathfinders and my commander+friends mop up.

Also I might have to get a couple of those if I can ever find a cast/get the money. Got old metal Broadside rail rifles I've been saving for Knarlocs, or converting a Sentinel into a Gue'vesa Crisis suit or something

>> No.56178122

Tyranid codex part about Swarmlord.

>> No.56178134


>> No.56178156

>"rumours persist that creatures matching Old One Eye’s description have been seen plaguing planets across Ultramar and beyond."

>> No.56178157

I guess you do have a point.
But I am still worried about the trend.
>You know there will be that one character that gets to be super-special awsome with his S7, -3, d6 weapon that ignores ++ and +++ saves.

>> No.56178181

well I mean mortal wounds ignore invulnerable saves too

>> No.56178188

Thought you meant the Old One Eye.

>> No.56178213

Not yet.

>> No.56178413

>The special characters of most armies are tied to specific Regiments, Chapters, or Legions. Tyranids characters, however, do not represent storied or singular heroes from history but particularly distinct bio-organisms employed in every hive fleet.

Looks like they're appeasing the "Tyranids should have no special characters" crowd. It's fair enough. Maybe we can pretend the Swarmlord that BTFO'd Calgar and the one that got rekt in return were two different ones.

>> No.56178426

Looks like Neurothropes and Zoanthropes still suck at mind bullets. Fuck.

>> No.56178442

It's oneupsmanship. Fortunately each iteration is increasingly rare.

Also can you flip that image horizontally? Makes for a better reaction image that way.

>> No.56178475

Technically? Yes.
Mentally? No, they are the same.

>> No.56178483

those are already a thing, but you know that

>> No.56178527

At least Neurothropes can deal 2D3 MWs per turn now. It's something.

>> No.56178559

Instakill abilities like 'Eadbanger.

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