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Happy Halloween! This is our first release of the Nechronica PDF from the Miraheze translation team. I know it looks rough right now, but we plan to continuously work on it until it's perfect. In the future, we'll also be working hard on translating all available Nechronica supplements. For the time being, though, everything necessary to play is here; rules with errata integrated, character creation, setting information, and even two ready-to-play scenarios fully translated! There's not much more to say, so download it and take a look! Feel free to give any feedback that you have. Also, Nechronica General.

Our translation project's wiki page: https://nechronica.miraheze.org
Updated versions of the PDF will always be posted on our wiki, at the very least. If we deem a release significant enough, we will also make a thread here.

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It's taken a long time, but we finally did it!
I hope everyone enjoys!

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Thank you guys and /or gals, it is appreciated!

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Thank you very much! Your hard work is much appreciated.

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Oh cool, congrats!

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Thank you!

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Nechronica is a beautiful game, and one of the most intense and emotional gaming experiences of my life. It's also fun. I recommend it to everyone.

I salute you all for your hard work in bringing this game to English speakers!

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I'd really like to hear how your game went, when you talk about it like that.

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You did good, you work hard and so am I.

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Well shoot. This is a surprise thanks.

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For those of you that want to know what Nechronica is all about, here's the pitch:

You play as an emotionally vulnerable, mentally unstable girl who is also a mutant zombie cyborg killing machine that's been built solely for the amusement of your creator. You're sent to be torn to shreds, stitch yourself back together, and tear others to shreds in a war that's gone on for centuries. A war whose purpose had been lost long ago. The only kindness in the world will come from your sisters that were created alongside you.

Mechanically, Nechronica is unique amongst its Japanese cohorts. You roll 1d10 + modifiers for most actions, and can risk parts of yourself to have a better chance at success. Yes, parts of yourself. Nechronica has most parts of your body (Eyeballs, Shoulder, Spine to name a few) act as your HP while also giving you maneuvers to use in combat. Combat has an action point system, where every actor on the field of battle has an AP total. Every action you take reduces your AP, and you go when the count reaches your new AP total. There are maneuvers that let you act outside of your count, and many effects that leads to strikingly deep tactical combat with fairly simple rules.

But enough about combat, since Nechronica still has more to offer. Dolls, what PCs are called in Nechronica, have Fetters, Fragments of Memory, and Madness to worry about as well. Fetters are the bonds you have with your sisters, each able to take a certain amount of Madness. You gain Madness either by failing Madness rolls, or by voluntarily taking Madness points for re-rolls. In order to remove Madness, you have to make Conversation checks with your sisters. The amount of Madness you can remove is limited based on how many Memory Fragments you have, which are bits and pieces of your pre-Doll life that you remember.

Tl;DR: You are the little zombie cyborg girl who tears apart the monsters and gets torn apart in return, and you have tea parties to stay sane.

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The campaign is still going. It's about over a year old. I've gotten choked up several times though.

>Meet a horrifying skeleton lich
>Turns out it was once a nurse at the hospital where you died as a human, before the apocalypse
>It gives you an heirloom from your parents, to fulfill a promise to them, from when it failed to save you.
>There's a beautiful poem inside the trinket about love, rebirth, and second chances
>tearful embrace with everyone, including the lich

The hype is real.

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Thank you for the zombie drama generator translation compilation. Your efforts are a worthy sacrifice on this first day of the dead.

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Just in time for Halloween

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disdain for plebs

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Baroque is life. Baroque is love.

Long live the new flesh!

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AP is the true life blood of any zombie.

Admittedly, Baroque gets more than the rest.

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I just love sating my h.r giger biomechanics / weaponized body horror fetish <3

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Clearly you cannot appreciate such fineries as a cyber-bird-zombie-girl who was also, in her past life, basically a Hitler. Because there's nothing like getting almost all your real memories transferred back into you of your time as human-exterminating undead spec-ops to really force character development, of the "oh my god I was the WORST someone please end my unlife" variety. But then, I am a sucker for people who know they're awful and hate themselves for it, even if said cyberzombird is an entirely separate person from hitlerbird.

There's also such fun things as having an underground bunker populated entirely by psychotic cyberbitches, their horrible cyberqueen, and also evil rampaging meat that just hates literally everything. But mostly the cybitches, for they are many and varied and being able to convert them through the power of a nine-year-old tech-wizard poking at their brains with a screwdriver and also pouring vodka in there for some reason means that your own crew of cyborgs in your little corner of the main complex can grow to such numbers that it's basically impossible for all of them to get reasonable amounts of screentime, goddammit, there's too many for me to GM properly at this point and there's no stopping it, oh s h i t.

So cyborgs are pretty great and so have the games I've been it, basically.

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>Long live the new flesh!
No, you fool

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this man gets it

Romanesque is the greatest

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I went Double Romanesque once and it was awful.

Well, no, not really, it's been great, but that was only after I got used to the fact that maybe I shouldn't expect that combination to be good at fighting. The support game, though? Especially with that Blast from the Past homebrew that lets a double Roma upgrade all their Movement maneuvers for a nice 10 favor? Oh. Oho. Ohohohoho. Being able to toss people around the battlemap however I damn well please is magnificent.

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Wire Reel and Boost are two of the most hilarious parts in the game aren't they, just abusing them to chuck around the big melee savant

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It's why God invented parts like immovable, so you can tell the cheeky cunt who keeps doing it to quit it. Before they wire reel all your support away.

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One of my favorite strats on that note is to use
>Extra Arm > any movement part

To "dodge" out of range of a melee attack once it's declared. Not without weaknesses, but fun stuff.

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Ohhhh, baby, yes. Yes, they are. And that's without Dancer adding an extra point to your Moves so Wire Reel and Boost are Move 1~2.

Although, shamefully, I must admit I do not actually have Boost on me, because it's an Armament and my goal with this girl was to never dip into ARM at all for anything. Which, ah, perhaps ties into why she's easily the least combat-capable of the party when all her parts are Enhancements and the occasional Mutation. My attacks when I started out were Pulse Laser (which, even with that +1 To Hit and the Dismember, is too easily negated away by enemy defenses) and Lightsaber, which, uh, has the same problem of no TH bonuses and me being more a danger to myself than my enemies with my rolls. But then, I was our only ranged option! RIP.

And then I gave up and switched my attack parts out for just a Pilebunker, because at least that ignores defends, but more importantly lets me punch anyone away up to two zones for the cost of two whole AP. Even friendlies. Ohh, punching the target of a Devoted fetter in the face so she can fly the two zones needed to get to an annoying baddie and murder the hell out of it? Glorious. And painful for my girl, emotionally! Nechronica!


I actually just picked up Extra Arms as my last purchase before we hit a favor windfall through a special plot milestone (everyone in the party getting their true memories back). You know what's better than just jumping away with an EA by Rapiding a regular move? Extra Armsing a Two to Tango to move yourself and a buddy/enemy but QUICK. Go from Limbo to Tartarus! Run to Eden if you gotta! Pop all the rapids at once and suddenly everyone on your team has moved EVERYWHERE.

I actually just picked up Delight in Corruption, too, thanks to that favor windfall I mentioned, too, so imagine being able to Wire Reel/Hopper two zones twice! It's glorious. I'm basically useless as a fighter, but as movement support? Godhood has been reached.

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Mechronica for life.

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Looks interesting... wonder how crazy stuff like magic would work out... maybe a kind that uses parts as a type of "Ammo", or being able to use scrap as ammo... though I'ld guess using your OWN parts as ammo would be just as destructive.

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There are things like Jet Nozzel that breaks your own part to activate. Electronica (fanmade mod) has a couple extra classes / parts that allows you to go that route though.

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I'm so very, very happy. Massive well done to everyone involved and a happy Halloween too!

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Great going, you glorious assholes. I knew this day would come.

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The Psychedelic class is the closest thing to a mage in the vanilla game.

They have extremely potent reality warping abilities, and unlike other parts/skills, these cash in madness points rather than AP.

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Oh fuck yes. I've been thinking about getting a group together for this, and with a PDF to throw at everybody, that just became doable.

Thank you so much.

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Thanks you so much. You guys rock !

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Beautiful! Now to try and convince my friends to play this again

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U r best.

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Thank you.
I made a translation for my friends years ago, but the level of yours is vast superior~

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Your my heroes!

>> No.56177533

Thanks for the effort regardless. It all adds up!

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Shilling our server if that's allowed. Got about 6 Nech GMs, shouldn't be hard to get into a game if you're patient.

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Released on Halloween and soon it will be the Day of the Dead! Fitting!

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Hopefully, this PDF should only be the beginning. There's also an english homebrew book, a partially translated Japanese homebrew, and a few official books that the team is hoping to get to.

>> No.56179639

It is definitely only the beginning. Currently, we're taking a small breather before tackling more books. Our lead translator's enthusiasm for Nechronica is why he took time away from the main project to translate To Prosperous Electronica, a Japanese homebrew that he had found. I forgive him for that, though, because Lone Worl a cute.

TL;DR this is definitely just the beginning.

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Thank you satan

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>run a nechronica campaign
>one of my player dudes is a youtuber
>he ends up making a short video series about our nechronica game
So who wants to hear about how I based my setting off of Fortress by Dima Fedotov?

>> No.56180097

>male lead
>in nechronicha

>> No.56180127

>we go through the book
>"boy" in the parts section
>doujin cutouts posted all round
He wasn't the lead btw, he was just another player, but he's such a melodramatist that he likes to place himself in the center of attention.

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>Your body is a young girl, but you also have male features. Anyway, a man with rare value is going to be played.
>Anyway, a man with rare value is going to be played.

What does it even mean? Did the translator had a brain aneurysm when writing that , is this even in english?

>> No.56180297


Men are rare and valuable. You ever play Battletanx? The game is basically that but with little girls instead of tanks and king lords instead of queen lords.

>> No.56180299

The consensus among the gang when we red that section was universally (due to certain pictures by Hetza, the main fanartist of that game at that point in time) that it was simply a cock you could staple onto your character to make her a futa, and this would give you a charisma bonus with the other ladies for some reason. We agreed that that was kinda shit, so we changed the part to a voice modulator / pheromone gland and just made sex choice free and without any gameplay-wise changes. You just had to be a shota instead of a loli now, which I find is rather inconsequential.

>> No.56180391


The funnier part is that the person who has the part is the one who gets the +1, so you're getting a bonus to conversation checks because you're just thinking, "Yes, I have the biggest dick here."

>> No.56180406

>Nechronica PDF
>no bookmarks

>> No.56180556


But men are not rare or valuable in a setting where you are undead creatures with no reproduction abilities.

>> No.56180567

That's why I made it a free choice yes.

>> No.56180658

>no reproduction abilities.
Someone hasn't read the example play~

>> No.56180685

Oh yeah, Phonto is actually how I discovered this marvelous game

>> No.56180773

According to ZQ herself, "Boy" can be a masculine feature. If on face, perhaps boyish eyes. If on arms, maybe strong-looking muscles...

...or it could be a dong anyway, to further go with the body horror. A lot of parts are very flexible in how they look fluffwise.

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is this the mythical /tg/ getting shit done i've read about?

it's been getting rarer lately hasnt it?

>> No.56180902

More like "a few weebs get shit done and then post it on /tg/ after to get it spread around"

Although to be fair, that's always been the case hasn't it?

>> No.56180993


Thank you for your work

>> No.56181058


Just a note, this is not the discord that the translation team is using for the game. The one we're using is linked in the PDF and on the wiki.

>> No.56181120

Yes i did.
>Aisha picked up two test tubes.
In one were eggs, and in the other sperm.
After fertilizing the egg, she put it into her Womb.

The egg did not came from her womb, just like sperm would not come from the undead dolls fake dick. Hers is just an artificial womb because it wouldnt make sense for them being undead otherwise.

>> No.56181187

>is this the mythical /tg/ getting shit done i've read about?
No. This is [a/jp] getting shit relevant to /tg/ done.

>> No.56181469

Augh! That somehow slipped us by. Here are your bookmarks. We've also updated the Wiki's PDF, as well. No other changes have been made, so you don't need this if you can live without bookmarks (but why would you want to?).

>> No.56181635

Okay, now I'm not in a position of authority, but I have the book in front of me:
Now that we're on the same page, I'm fairly sure that should be read as 'Your body has the appearance of a young girl, but also has the features of a man.' Japanese like being vague and all, so you can probably decide on your own if that means you're a girlish boy zombie or a girl zombie with some boy part. Also, 'is going to be played' is very understandable if you consider that it's about the conversation… could likely be phrased better, but I'm an ESL speaker anyway.

They can still be rare! And weird, to girls.

>> No.56181711

Danke, makes much quicker to navigate.

>> No.56182833

That's good! The PDF will be under constant review, so you can expect to see revisions as we add in little things and improve parts that feel a bit wonky.

>> No.56183566

It makes sense now. Thanks anon.
Considering it is in the parts section it is probably futa dick.

>> No.56183756

Thank you very much! I'm trying to translate the book into German for my friends and this translation will be a great help.

You're welcome. Though personally, considering 'Adrenalin,' a 'Large Hole' and 'Daruma/Quadruple Amputee' are also in the parts section, I think a complete male body wouldn't be too unusual.

>> No.56184306

You're welcome! A french fan recently got in contact with me expressing their desire to translate it into French, so you're not alone on that front. Good luck!

>> No.56185176

You have a formatting error on one of the tables. Possessive on Pg20 has its e cut off onto a next line. Slightly widening the first column should fix that

>> No.56187753

Eh, I still say doll gender or lack thereof should be arbitrary choice with no mechanical effects and the +1 Conversation mutation should be called Cute

I mean, the way you have it now, two boys have bonuses with each other!

>> No.56188045

Deranged Gears on p.53 is a copy of Dance of Death

>> No.56189721

>> No.56189803

>> No.56189841

I heard somewhere there was a Medabots conversion of this system. Which makes me think... how hard would it be to make an Armored Core conversion? I'm seeing alot of potential with part swap out. Even themes of isolation, and burning sanity (AC would probably use "humanity") to get boosts. Would antibody be interested?

>> No.56190712

>trap on trap is mechanically encouraged
I fail to see how this is a problem.

>> No.56190981

Ack, so it is. Well spotted! A big thanks to everyone who is spotting these mistakes for us.

It exists. A few Nechronica fans are also mecha fans, with how you can go hard with mechanical additions and end up with an almost entirely cybernetic character. The combat is also very mech like, with chunks been blown and torn out of each other until the character finally crumbles.

As for Armoured Core, I'm not entirely familiar with it so I can't really suggest much. At least the fighting system is down if you ever consider it.

>> No.56191152

Wow, this is amazing. I've never seen a game like this!

How do games of this play out?

>> No.56191208

Outside of combat: Simple, elegant, and fast paced. With an emphasis on emotional bonding and character development thanks to the games madness system.

Inside of combat: Complex, deep, and intensely tactical.

Tone will naturally vary from gm to gm, but it can range from a grimdark trek into the abyss, or a nobledark search for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Either way, the emphasis should be on innocence and humanity of the player characters, and their emotional vulnerability (if you want to be a badass sociopathic murderhobo, this is not the game for you)

>> No.56192970

That is one of the big appeals of the setting to me. There are many things out there that look cute or normal but have something evil at the core.

Nechronica flips that entirely around. It wears it's evil on it's sleeve. The entire world is saturated in absolutely insane chaos with savage combat against ungodly horror being the day to day lives of the dolls.

But underneath all this cruelty is not corruption, but purity. The players and other rare beings out there are protecting a little fire of hope and their mere existence, even their human thoughts, arguments, relationships and frailties are proof alone that there is a dream behind the bloodshed.

>> No.56194546


The game's combat is simple to get a hold of but allows for a lot of depth. It's much easier to understand than most systems.

>> No.56194639

Even back when it was barely-translated somehow I got the hang of it after a while.

>> No.56195932

>actual table of contents
I can't believe how helpful this is. Wish other stuff had this I'm looking at you shinobigami and kamigakiri or whatever.

>> No.56196357

Shinobigami is just a backer's draft right now. The finished product will have a ToC.

>> No.56197113

>> No.56197485

Yo. This is dope!

Literally my only grip is that the "Setting Info" at the beginning of the PDF looks like a huge wall of text. Could we get a bit of spaced formatting up in there?

Otherwise, awesome work, guys!

>> No.56197748

>loli zombies the rpg
>getting love

best timeline

>> No.56197872

>> No.56198735


Makes more sense than regular kancolle really

>> No.56199416

Remember, any questions or whatnot, please feel free to ask in the thread or the discord you'll find on the wiki/pdf!


>> No.56199428

Holy shit a new, better translation? Count me in, thank you very much OP and his team. Good work.

>> No.56200276

this part has no effect? I don't think this is intentional, like with entrails

>> No.56200324

I fluffed 2 necromancers (no stats) for a campaign I will never run because my timezone+schedule does not comply with US/EU timezones and my internet connectivity plays like a music box with the handle popping out every quarter turn. And I've never DMed anything.

I'll probably infodump it later when I'm not a lazy.

>> No.56200406

Hinder Move 1, see Wiki.
Also, holy fuck. That flavor text is Google Translate tier.

>> No.56200515

Yeah, going trough the PDF now, it's pretty rough: it just doesn't flow that good.The mechanics parts are all good, tough.

>> No.56200671

yeah some of the descriptions are pretty rough

chances are someone will go over them in another release

>> No.56200834

When we first started translating there was a lot of debate over if they should be a literal translation and the entire layout of the site/pdf a mirror of the book, or rework the entire thing to be more friendly and sensical to an english audience. We eventually opted for the latter and made damn sure that the mechanic translation was absolutely spot on, since the smallest mistake there can drastically change how the game works (TL wiki translation had things like Meat Shield stopping all damage dead, Crab Legs being Gauntlet for the Legs, etc) Future releases will be better, promise!

>> No.56200884

Out of curiosity, is it just a discord for Nechronica, or is it a general Japanese tabletop discussion? I remember there used to be one passed around back when there were JTTRPG generals here, but it up and vanished (either that, or I was booted for lurking too long).

>> No.56201019

On the wiki and in the pdf is a Nechronica general Discord. The JTTRPG discord server still exists.

>> No.56201166

I'm cool so long as you don't chage the opening lede on the Sorority

>> No.56201358

Someone linked the general JTTRPG discord earlier in the thread, which does have Nechronica discussion as well.
But we have a separate discord for Nechronica specifically.

>> No.56201516

Quick question: I can't seem to find the translated example dolls, even though the rulebook goes to some lengths to be clear that you should definitely use them when playing for the first time or with beginners. Will they be translated later or are they hiding really well?

>> No.56201659

You don't need to use them when playing for the first time. They should really be in the book though for people wanting to try the game quickly. That will be another one for the future version.

>> No.56203030

Seriously what happened in Kemono friends? Is it actually interesting or is it just fans making images that make it seem that way? I saw one episode (going to the race track) and honestly it looks like a trash show.

>> No.56203285

It starts like wet shit, but really goes places later

>> No.56203737

Does the game fall apart if we play as little boys?

>> No.56203771

The animation is trash, but it's fun.

>> No.56203819


Not unless your players are fags.

>> No.56205364

So no surprise ending where the cast fights !Moon Presence?

>> No.56205629

There's no surprise upset in that everything feels like it's what should happen.

>> No.56206119

Go for it! Nech was the first game I ever gm'd, after playing a few sessions, and it was amazing fun!

Little boys and teenage boys are all good (I think the age cap of 16-17 in the core-book is reasonable). Just as long as they're not hot-blooded shonen badasses who mow down monsters while making it look cool.

The key is emotion.

>> No.56206776

I'll drop the setting fluffs in the thread later tonight (it's 1250pm right now) after I get some food and rest. Being a lazy bum and browsing archives. (Again, can't DM because of aforementioned problem with problem internet.)

Need to write up the second section with a minor NPC, the setting for the Pacific, mob descriptions (not stats) and the opposing forces in the area. And the general behavior of one of the allied Necromancers for that part of the setting.

>pic not related

>> No.56207683

Is the Psychedelic supposed to only have one reinforcement point? That could probably use an editor's note if so. Also, the line about its class skills being exclusive doesn't seem to be in the PDF.

>> No.56207818

I tried re-balancing Nechronica to have more reasonable damage levels. My GM told me to post it here. It's not playtested or anything, though it is based on play experience.

A Rebalanced Nechronica: https://pastebin.com/stpUAKKe

>> No.56208435

cool desu

>> No.56208510

>Is the Psychedelic supposed to only have one reinforcement point
Yes. In exchange, their Skills can only be purchased by Psychedelics.

>> No.56208621

can't wait to hear stories about this game because I have no one to play with

>> No.56208700

>tfw really like game mechanics
>tfw couldn't care less about whole "innocent lolis in grimdark world" thing

>> No.56208724

>implying anyone have someone to play it with
>"Hey would you like to play this loli guro game"
Only acceptable around Halloween

>> No.56208852

You can ask in the discord to see if there are any games going? There is one in the pdf

>> No.56209274

If we're talking nechronia setting fluff, one idea I'd had is that the way the world ended came about as a combination of near ubiquitous medical nanotech which got fucked up when an early test of a self maintaining adaptive intelligent probe broke a bit and ended up sending bits of itself back.

So earth is fucked, Moon and Mars colonies are shit but still have living humans present, Moon and Earth have plague zones, which is where probe + nanotech has completely taken over and is hostile to everyone. Everywhere else is just ruins from the war where trying to hold back the plague.

Necromancers are the people who survived the plague, often fucking themselves up to do so- One's frozen herself in cryo to stop the spread f her plague infection, and is just an upload of her in various proxy robots in her facility.

One nobody knows what they're like- they're essentially something like one of the massive tunnel boring machines, just slowly, continuously grinding along, eating up anything in their path, with new dolls occasionally being dumped out the back.

Conflicts are necro vs necro, dolls vs plague, and dolls vs remaining pure humans who see them as "holy shit what the fuck"

>> No.56210234

That sounds great! The setting is very flexible, so it allows for a lot of crazy things to be feasible.

>> No.56210805

I'd been thinking that couple of ideas of "nobody is really living" - dolls are scraping by, but held together by the nanotech and need to replenish stocks if they lose some, and its easier to take infused flesh from something else than to fill the gap with regular food.

The necromancers are all just broken humans or posthumans trying to bring back humanity, never moving on.

The plague is just a half-mind following perverted instructions and with a psychotic lust for light and heat and energy.

And the mars / moon human remnants are stuck in kinda shitty habitats, they lost so much in the collapse, barely sustaining, and they're holding out hope that their cobbled together warships, military suits / drones will be enough to take back earth because earth sucks but its their only hope for long term stuff right now as they;re barely scraping by as is.

So none of them are living and they could probably get something better if they worked together but as they are none of them would
And theres a decent range of conflicts and having some normal humans present gives a nice contrast for just how far from human the dolls are now.

"Who would win- a triumph of lunar engineering as part of a final hope to reclaim and purity the earth" "5 ressurected lolis"

>> No.56213425

>> No.56213437

damn those feeeeeels

>> No.56213924

Navka. A character from one of the replays. A Requiem/Baroque I wager?

>> No.56215760

>> No.56218476


>> No.56219623

This game is a breath of fresh air, need me some somber melancholy.
Will probably try to run this with friends sometime thanks for working on this!

>> No.56222498

Why does she wear the mask?

>> No.56224621

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.56226260


>> No.56226289

> unfettered biopunk
Sounds like my wet dream, but why does it have to be little girls?

>> No.56226376

Because girls who are hurt and lost in a terrible, terrible place yank harder on the heartstrings is my guess.

Adults and boys (Although it is still possible to be a boy or to just run the game as older characters) are more or less expected to make do. The Fetters and Memory Fragments in the game are important survival tools too. Without these emotional bonds, characters swiftly end up as insane, broken hearted monsters.

>> No.56226608

You forgot the part where the skeleton lady is forever on fire.

>> No.56226690

>Forever on fire
>tearful hug
Yeah, I'll bet it was tearful.

>> No.56226700

This artist is so edgy, my wrists start bleeding and a crawling in my skin starts every time I look at any of his paintings.

>> No.56226925

To be fair, that's sort of the point of Nechronica. Cutesy things mixed in together with body horror and gritty violence.

>> No.56227090

Good taste. Horribly mutated cannibal loli is best loli.

>> No.56229902


How is a nice little moment between two characters edgy?

>> No.56231518

Emotion is edgy, don't you know? Unless you're playing Jason Statham, Stoic Skullfucker, you're an edgelord.

>> No.56234085

Running my game soon! Hope the others are doing well!

>> No.56236584

I like the idea of having universal skills and stacking +1s can certainly get to be a problem, but to solve that, you've essentially just converted every existing +1 into a Support 2?
Given the hardcap you've set on crits, I'm not sure what the problem is with having +1s stay as-is.

>> No.56237119


Thank you!

>> No.56237460

Crits notwithstanding, stacking +1's is extremely strong because of the accuracy bonus. I personally am not sure I agree with the need to convert everything to support 2 rather than just capping the number of +'s you can get on any single action at +2. I do think that limiting AP is actually a really good idea given how important they are. It would help to make getting a second head not feel like a mandatory goal for long campaigns.

>> No.56237601

- Chain attacks are strong with static accuracy bonuses, whether support crit tactics are used or not. I wanted to reduce their damage per round.
- I wanted Supports so you can turn important misses into hits.
- Supports are more valuable for builds using weapons that have higher AP costs, giving people more incentive to use them, too.

>> No.56239491

Thanatos/Gothic I wager.

>> No.56239836

The AP limitation is probably fine, though I'm someone who never really bothers to go above 12 AP and never wants to take Extra Head.
I do wonder how the AP cap is meant to interact with Limiter, though.

Chain attacks are just plain strong in general. One method I've seen for dealing with that somewhat is to outright chop off the damage bonuses they'd get from things like Gauntlet and Super Strength for hits after the first.
A less extreme variant I've seen is to have damage buffs go down by one per chain until it hits the base attack value. So, say, a Super Strength+Gauntlet Meat Snake would go 4>3>2.

Perhaps this is partially an issue of personal preference, but I feel like another issue with turning so many things into Range: Self Support 2 maneuvers is that it also seems like it would discourage players from building to support allies rather than being primary attackers, as now all the primary attackers probably have like three extra Support 2s to throw onto their attacks. Which also renders most Tier 1/Tier 2 Supports fairly trash by comparison. And all hinders take an indirect nerf too, really.

>> No.56240057

The AdEva thread the other day got me wondering about something. Could Nechronica be hacked into an amazing Evangelion system? We've got the rules for psychologically damaged kids in a post apocalyptic world, we have archetypes for playing various technological / mystic / biopunk horrors that only need to be scaled up in size, we've got a pretty kickass combat engine that looks like it would lend itself to giant robots dismembering each other better then Dark Heresy.

I think we have potential for something cool here.

>> No.56240863

With less static accuracy, I think further supports from allies will still help turn the extra misses into hits. Many of the new supports are mutually exclusive on a given attack type, too, though I am reconsidering the state of Drama of Death, which may be better as Support 1, and also whether Insane Swiftness is really necessary.

In addition, because all characters have a +1 to hit with some kind of attack type, "building to be pure support" is much less necessary. Anyone can pick up a proficient weapon part and be decent with it, with less damage bonuses to worry about not having.

>> No.56240940

Oh, and the AP cap means you have 13 AP even if you would have more otherwise. Limiter does not bypass the cap. However, having redundant AP does mean you can lose some AP parts and still maintain 13 AP (though I do not consider this worthwhile from a building standpoint).

>> No.56242831


>> No.56243989

Pretty cool, wasn't there an older version of this that had an example game of one of the scenarios that the author played with his friends or am I thinking of some other jap rpg?

>> No.56244132

>why does it have to be little girls

You can be a teenager.

But really, it's what makes the game feel so radically unique, and it's well utilized.

It's an emotionally charged bizzaro coming of age story about fragile embodiment of innocence thrust into a world with none, and forced to grow and become lights in the darkness.


Well, she tried to keep her distance, but we gave her all the affection we could!

>> No.56245879

This is the Court/Stacy/Baroque of my group.

>> No.56246403

The example scenario is well known as driving away (western) newcomers with themes that are anything but common in this game. Also, it uses outdated mechanics. I guess those were the reasons why they left it out.

>> No.56246521

Doesn't have to be, the system is trivial to retool.

>> No.56246588

Yes, but you would be missing out on something very special and unique.

>> No.56246704

Pedos. And gurofags, to lesser extent.
It's still a good system, just don't play with creeps.

>> No.56246911

Wa! no way!
Thanks yall are fucking awesome/

>> No.56247324

forgive me if as a 26 year old married man who has grown up I find little interest in roleplaying as a little girl. There is plenty of roleplaying potential in being a frankenstein monster.

>> No.56247413

I think you don't have to go full loli town.

But what works *best* for matching the themes of the game is someone fairly innocent to the word at large, or someone who's just not particularly capable- having someone who was regular competent adult / or the russian spartan fearless eva pilot man or equivalent thereof takes a bit away from the game, as you dont get the contrast and character setup the same way.

Playing a kid- innocent to it all, fits with it
Early teenager say, no more than 16? - They;ve still not figured everything out yet, and now everything's different

Anyone older than that, I'd say no more than early 20s, and they should be someone who isn't a regular person. Neet and hikki, someone who couldnt deal with life and just didnt engage, now being forced into life as everythings fucked. Or just someone who was kinda broken mentally.

The point is that the characters shouldnt be well adjusted adults, because you don't get the same dynamic of everyone changing from being not quite there or being failed adults and actually growing up a bit by helping each other, with the contrast of innocence + undead horror in just the same way.

>> No.56247504

disagree, there's plenty of horror and despair already in a post-apocalyptic biopunk setting. You could be a hardened vet who has lost his mind to shellshock, or a simple family man who has to cope with everyone he knows murdered and being trapped in the body of a kill machine. I like the system, I want to use it or parts of it. But to me the setting is inherently creepy in a bad way, and not because of muh loli. I feel there's something mentally unsettling with wanting to mash childlike coming of age with ultraviolece. I've lived through childhood, I learned my lessons and I don't feel the need to explore it again, I don't see how pretending to be a zombie murdermachine improves any of that.

>> No.56247766

Personally, the appeal is the contrast. Hardened Vet can still fight and kill fairly easily because that's what he was literally trained to do. Simple family man diminishes what the game is aiming for because he's expected to be a somewhat competent adult and take responsibility in dangerous situations, not to mention have a better grasp of the world. Younger characters have no such valuable experience to draw upon.

One of the biggest parts of Nechronica is having absolutely nothing like an adult's experience to back you up. Characters start with a Premonition (An urge of sorts that was the first thing they felt when they snapped back to life after years/centuries/aeons as a corpse or monster). Two Fragments of Memory (Which in all but one example are things like "Shopping" or "Party". Normal, innocent memories.) and a single Treasure that is important to them in some way. (Perhaps something from when they were alive, or a clue to their current situation.)

That's it. They have these simple little human things and are thrust into an unutterable nightmare of a situation with absolutely nobody but each other to rely upon. This to me seems to be the biggest attraction/turn off about the game.

You're not Captain LargeMeats, who is a veteran of 99 wars and can kill tigers with his bare hands and has mastered all forms of military engagements.

You're Shirley. She likes dogs. She did some nice artwork for her friends. She can't remember much else.

Players are encouraged to fill in the vague memories and refluff Parts to suit them and that makes the game even more appealing for how rich it is. They may no longer wear human flesh, but they still carry a human soul.

>> No.56247871

Anon, you do understand that there's a middle ground in life experience and exposure to real shit between 5 year old girl and John Rambo, right?

>> No.56247887

you gotta understand that the peak demographic here is degenerates who get off to anne frank

>> No.56247996

Yes and as I said.
> Simple family man diminishes what the game is aiming for because he's expected to be a somewhat competent adult and take responsibility in dangerous situations, not to mention have a better grasp of the world. Younger characters have no such valuable experience to draw upon.

>> No.56248187


The PDF is for the core rule book and Dance of Distortion. That replay is from neither of them and predates the finalized rules of the game.

>> No.56248347

Ah, I thought he was looking for the replay in the wiki, turn's out it's still in there.

>> No.56248373

Do you happen to know if anyone would be more receptive of a beginner?

Nechronica was the first tg thing I came across years ago, but at the time I don't think anything was translated and noone was playing so I gradually drifted away.
Every dnd group I've tried to get in on dies before it starts or very shortly after so I never really got into any deep games there.

>> No.56248400

Point being though you're lost and looking for people to support you.
Sure there are adults like that, but for the most part an adult will know how to take charge.

The game is about people who are emotionally broken and confused, they have these other undead dolls to look to and emotions toward them. Going insane and being obsessive over the person who was nice to you isn't something that's characteristic of a grown adult.

>> No.56248442

Feel free to pop into the Discord that's mentioned on the wiki and in the pdf!

>> No.56248484

alrighty, will do.

>> No.56248688

>First, add up the Reinforcement Points from your Main Class and Sub Class. Then add a single point to a category of your choice.

Where do I find the reinforcement points for main and sub classes?

>> No.56248729


On the class page right next to their name. The list that has Armament, Mutations, and Enhancements

>> No.56249594


You do realize no one said you can't? They are merely pointing out that you will be missing a part of the intended experience.

You are, supposedly, an adult so you don't need the approval of people here to run Nechronia: All Grown Up. Get a group of people who want to play that and run it.

>> No.56249700

>no replay

What gives, that was what first got me interested in this game. Other than that not bad.

>> No.56249733


It's on the wiki under official files. The PDF is for the rule books, not a replay. Considering what it was, it didn't really make much sense to put it before everything else.

>> No.56249753

Is there a character sheet for this game?

>> No.56249776

I mean, why wouldn't you include an example session if you had one? At least at the back of the book.

>> No.56249799


Under official files on the wiki and at the end of the PDF.

>> No.56249818

In addition, the original Japanese version is over at http://www.nechronica.com/download.html (click on the link with B4 or B5 in the title).

>> No.56249819


Because it's completely wrong in mechanics. It does a poor job of teaching people the game.

>> No.56249832

This isn't gonna turn out like Maid where the guys doing this turned out to be ninnies and left out the 'problematic' bits, is it?

>> No.56249870

Of course not. Trust me. I know.

>> No.56249896

nechronica is pretty straight forward enough. you can't really leave that much else without just completely ditching the game.

at least i'd assume as much

>> No.56249929

Thanks! This looks like a neat game, but the only way I'd be able to play it is online. Having a digital character sheet will make that a lot easier.

>> No.56250167

The main guy behind the translation runs a game where one of the PCs got torn apart by a cult of naked loli cannibals. He's not squeamish at all.

>> No.56250309

The only way to get the game to be not "problematic" is to strip out everything but the rules.

>> No.56250342

Though on a fair note, doing this does work if you're making a spin off game but just want to pull the mechanics from nechronica, since the battle system is applicable to other types of games (machines are a common one for example0

>> No.56250412

how's nechronica 'problematic'?

>> No.56250499

Because people can't control themselves when playing undead yuri lolis

>> No.56250614

Two dolls of mine wound up in a dangerously hostile relationship that turned to self-harm for one and the other couldn't escape a combat situation because she wasn't allowed to be in the same plane as the other girl, who was also trying to flee, and was promptly beaten to death while the other two left.

This game is a hoot.

>> No.56252031

I recall awhile back a few people posted play throughs of their games, anyone happen to have any live links to any of them?

>> No.56252123

Necromancers have stats? Is that in a supplement?

>> No.56252165


The book basically encourages necromancers to be a personalized thing, obviously you give them stats if the players are gonna fight them, but the book encourages you to make them your own.

>> No.56252604

I believe you, but where does it talk about that? The Necromancer's section just say that they rarely reveal themselves and goes on to describe minions.

>> No.56252625

Under Creating Enemies:
"In the campaign's climax there will be a confrontation with the Necromancer. Some Necromancers place themselves in battle, others will be easily defeated if their guardians fall. Here we do not post concrete data of the Necromancer nor do we decide how to create it. However the Necromancer who appears on battle himself should be a formidable foe, full of power and madness. It may be a Horror or a Servant who has a threat level of at least 20. It is completely arbitrary what kind of data it will have. Choose skills and parts that are suitable for fully repaired Dolls to fight against and give them a serious battle."

>> No.56252742

Ah, so it does say that. Thank you~

>> No.56255594


>> No.56256543

Don't die

>> No.56257178

Holy shit I've been waiting years for this. Thank you!

>> No.56257648


>> No.56258622

>> No.56259359

I want to play this, but no one in my regular group would ever want to play it. And if I try discord I get the feeling I'll just end up with green text

>> No.56259672

Several people have put forward interest in running games on the wiki discord. You might even find a listing or two in a game finder thread sometime soon since the PDF dropped.

>> No.56260187


You can't have a coming of age story with someone who's already come of age.

Think of Nechronica as a bizzaro fairy tale.

How old are the protaganist's of most classic fairy tales?

>> No.56260491

You could say that without implying that everyone disagreeing with you are somehow all manchildren.
Tlrdr, it's just part of the theme, you can play older characters if you want to but the author didn't wrote the game that way because he wanted to be the little girl.

>> No.56262323

He's already flaunting his failing marriage with a roastie on an anonymous imageboard, just ignore the shitter.

>> No.56262650

damn, it feels as if it was only a couple of years ago when /tg/ found about this game and the mixed reactions that were posted in that thread.

>> No.56262822

So is this like supposed to be a bit Scarlet Blade / Queen's Blade as an RPG?

>> No.56263946

No, no not at all. How the did you manage to get that impression?

>> No.56265325

Please remember to keep your Meat Snake well fed!

>> No.56265880


>> No.56265921

>I'm lazy, well dump stuff >>56206776



Quetz is basically some Necromancer-god in the middle of Mexico on self-improvement automation and has access to weather-augmenting equipment. HAARP Satellite arrays.

The gimmick of the Quetz and family is laser communication (doublesas weapons), access to weather manipulation methods (favors electrical storms) and tentacles.

A special note on tentacles tips. They are a mix of blood worm... https://imgur.com/gallery/LqdmSgz

And ribbon worm...

Pacific Artificial Continent

This started off as a trash island from human waste. Eventually with rising oceans and natural disasters, more junk has been swept into the ocean to find its way as part of the island due to the flow of water. Eventually the size of the island grew into its own small continent. The continent is composed of two parts:

The outer ring. A desolate wasteland of moss and forests of trees, slime mold, ship wrecks, old homes, a bunch of undead and any other debris that were swept into the sea.

The inner ring. This is more vibrant and colourful. The floor is bright red plates that seem to form fit with each other with puddles of clear salt water. There are bone white trees that rise up into the sky, their pastel-rainbow leaves never touching their neighbors. Hanging from the canopies are hundreds upon hundreds of transparent corpse sacks at different elevations. Like fruit ready to be picked.

In the outer ring, you will find horrors composed of undead aquatic life forms. Just like the rest of the world.

The life in the inner ring is almost manufactured. Clean. Organized. It is unnatural to the world you know. Expect hermit crabs, though loaded down with artificially shaped chitinous shells that hold 4 automatic guns... A strange combination of colourful sea life, bioengineering and strangely crafted guns reminiscent of old land.

>> No.56265983

If you want an explanation as to the Inner Ring: it is the result of the slime mold of corpses melding with corals and began absorbing DNA to use as blueprints. Essentially transforming corals into production facilities made of mutated human-coral flesh.

The Inner Ring is essentially a weapons factory floating in the sea.

As to who may be operating it...

I was thinking of a 3rd Necromancer (or equivalent)... Maybe even a base for living humans.

(has anyone tried statting up humans?)

>> No.56266774

>(has anyone tried statting up humans?)

Our GM had us play out our true memories when our party was getting them back, and for my doll, our flashback party wound up fighting a large number of soldiers that were raiding the facility they grew up in before they got turned undead. It turns out that when you're overpowered Dolls, regular soldiers count as Legions. The Hardshell suits were a bit tougher to crack, in theory, since they had actual hit locations and everything... until their pilots got headshot and died instantly because they're only human.

The real fun was with the Legion soldiers, though, with parts like Hesitation, penalizing them -1 To Hit because they were shooting at little girls, which morphed into Undead Scum the moment they took any damage, granting them +1 To Hit instead... and then there were the joys of Make It Stop, where they roll 1d5, and that's how many of a particular Legion died on the spot, forcing Madness checks for anyone within range and causing the other Legions in the same zone to make a roll too. Failure would result in their own unit Making It Stop too, naturally. You haven't lived until you've Hindered a successful Check to not Make It Stop by telling the legion in question that they really should just hurry up and save themselves from you the only way they could.

That was a fun encounter, suicide cascades and all. All the more so due to how we didn't even take a scratch the entire fight. It really sold just how monstrous the PCs were.

>> No.56268360


There really does need to be some contrast with dolls and normal humans, either by flashback, some normal humans left, or by something like opening the game as normal humans, everyone dying in one hit to something, then refighting it in memory as dolls or so on.

>> No.56268468

>the joys of Make It Stop, where they roll 1d5, and that's how many of a particular Legion died on the spot, forcing Madness checks for anyone within range and causing the other Legions in the same zone to make a roll too. Failure would result in their own unit Making It Stop too, naturally. You haven't lived until you've Hindered a successful Check to not Make It Stop by telling the legion in question that they really should just hurry up and save themselves from you the only way they could.
Stealing this.

>> No.56269105

I don't think the demographic for this game would control themselves when playing undead yuri lolis

>> No.56269591


>(has anyone tried statting up humans?)

Kind of, but it was ultimately unused in-game. Humans count as savants with basics
Torso and Head destruction = Death
Head/Torso damage = roll to not die every round
Limbs mostly worked the same except 2 or more to limbs = Roll to avoid incapacitation (and obviously death soon enough) by shock

Average human jaws and fists would not be capable of doing damage. At best you might get like a master martial artist who would have Waltz, Mad Demon, and Instrument of Evil. Though this was intended for a, thematically lower-powered game that ended up going on from December 2015 to September this year.

>> No.56270979

>That everything.

Fantastic. Coral can look really alien, so I bet it just added to the effect!

Those poor bastards. Dolls are supposed to be absolute terrors in battle. That scene must have highlighted that well.

I would personally fluff humans more akin to horrors, but with things like..
[Expert Dodge]
[Dive for Cover]
[Riot Shield]
[Bulletproof Vest]

..as 'parts' that must be damaged before the human dies. Plot important humans will be treated as Savants, but a single point of damage to any location that isn't armoured can end the fight, since not many humans can battle on if they've just had their leg, guts or eyes ripped off.

>> No.56271425


The intent was to provide a balance between "lolhumansdiefasttoanything" and "sometimes people can survive some shit." Actual soldiers would have armor and things that would make them slightly better at surviving. As was stated before, this was, thematically, a lower powered game due to not really liking how the core book was like "Yeah, dolls can just cleave though 8 normal zombies in one swing no problem." Rather than zombie swarms, legions tended to be things like head-crab sized creatures that would jump onto your head, drill into your skull and force madness checks by repeatedly zapping the brain.

>> No.56272346

I can't really find a way to justify humans being able to actually survive without some outside fluff (somehow got access to a giant death super machine)
just with the overwhelming combat strength of everything else, humans would naturally die regardless of whether their actual body is hit just due to concussive force.

>> No.56272512


>actually survive without some outside fluff (somehow got access to a giant death super machine) just with the overwhelming combat strength of everything else

Well as was said, the setting those rules came from was a different approach where Unarmed 1 is snapping bone, not outright annihilating adult sized walking corpses. Even with those rules, something like shotgun still has a chance of outright killing a person.

>> No.56272572

I'm lazy asshole and can't read, so feed me please.
What is this game mechanically about? i skimmed through pdf and it seems to have a lot of stuff around combat, but it says that you only allowed one combat scene per session. So what are you rewarded for doing outside of combat (what game wants you to do?) and how do you mechanically do it?

>> No.56272653


Roleplaying and exploration are what the game wants outside of combat. You're rewarded with conversation checks for roleplaying (which reduce madness) and things like memory fragments. Getting memory fragments gets you more favor (XP) and also increases the amount of madness you can lose per phase.

>> No.56273082

You don't have to have only one combat per session, mind you. Because of how incomplete the translation was in the past and how the game seems to be "strictly paced" for japanese people who probably don't sit around playing tabletop for more than a few hours this section of rules often goes out the window.

>> No.56273135

The technical rules are made around playing shorter games. Which is beneficial if you're busy and don't have time to play a game for 6 hours.

>> No.56273142

>What is this game mechanically about?

>> No.56273366

Uh oh, thank you guys, totally missed the post about mechanics above. I like how it's touchy-feely by necessity and not just by fluff. And i actually like how it's doing Japanese thing of complete package in one session, works well for online games with strangers.

>> No.56273443

Yeah I'm actually a fan of they way they structure it so that you can fit everything in a quick and easy way.
Though its probably still better to ignore the phase thing just to make things run smoother.

>> No.56274419

>Tl;DR: You are the little zombie cyborg girl who tears apart the monsters and gets torn apart in return, and you have tea parties to stay sane.
That sounds awfully like Magical Burst

>> No.56275188

Magical Burst ripped off some elements of it, along with the battle map.

As is the case with most rip offs vs their progenitors, Nech is the real deal and is actually genuinely emotional and thematically engaging, unlike Magical Burst.

>> No.56275205

>mutant zombie cyborg killing machine that's been built solely for the amusement of your creator. You're sent to be torn to shreds, stitch yourself back together, and tear others to shreds in a war that's gone on for centuries. A war whose purpose had been lost long ago. The only kindness in the world will come from your sisters that were created alongside you.

Oh, cool!

>emotionally vulnerable, mentally unstable loli


>> No.56275239

>emotionally vulnerable, mentally unstable loli

It's fun senpai, trust me

>> No.56275324

These are just regular ugly non dead lolis, delete this shit.

>> No.56275341


Dunno dude, what with stapling cocks to dead lolis I kind of get the feeling that ya'll have ulterior motives to playing this shit.

>> No.56275355

You don't have to be a loli. You can be a teenager. Just be emotionally vulnerable.

>> No.56275386

You're mistaken, vigilant citizen. We don't have ulterior motives is regard to this particular game. We plain ans simple always have ulterior motives.

>> No.56275402

It's the power of friendship! And savage, savage violence

eye carumba, no need to lash out, body horror is fun! Hopefully you see it my way!

>> No.56275449


>> No.56275506

So besides Hetza and Ray-K, who else makes fitting character art?

>> No.56275547

Although not actually made for Nech, I like:


>> No.56277019

MB is just a barebones system with shitty "deep feelings" interlaced with the mechanics to attempt to simulate meguka. Works better if you just strip the forced social mechanics and rewrite/replace/ditch certain tables for a good minimalist system.

Though I haven't played it in a while.

>> No.56279954

So what's some necromancers you've used in your games, if any? In one game we had:
>Psychic moth-themed necromancer that stalked the party for a IRL month.
>A giant frog-fish/Gravemind hybrid
>A gigantic disgusting hedonistic blob with... interesting tastes
>Pretty much decay incarnate
>A mad artist
>A necromancer who ate a shit ton of weak necromancers and styled himself as a god.

>> No.56280050

Help me understand

are hinder and support maneuvers aren't considered attack maneuvers are they?

also you roll for all maneuvers right?

>> No.56280056

Are the psychadelics in this? Iirc nechronica has a decent amount of supplemental material.

>> No.56280075


No, typically attacks are typically the only maneuver that requires rolls.

Dance of Distortion (which is in the PDF) is the only official one with player stuff that isn't like memory fragments.

>> No.56280077

are there other expansions outside DoD?

>> No.56281214

Necromancers are handled as DM as well as Bosses, right? So did you play it that they also had their own squad of dolls or were they just stray bosses?

>> No.56281356

>Gendo Ikarimancer forces dolls to pilot giant monsters made of aggregated corpses to fight off ancient aliens so that nothing can stop him from creating a hypostasis of sentient slime molds that will never experience suffering ever again
Breddy neat campaign

>> No.56281397


This was a long campaign with one group of PCs. The necromancers were NPCs/Bosses though some the players only ever fought the minions of.

>> No.56281608

I wanna play this so bad
I rolled premonition, memories, and treasure and built a character around that

it's really engaging, this system

>> No.56282133

I feel like I'm not good enough of a DM to do this game justice. I'm used to combat driven warriors and selfish shithead rogues. I don't know how to run a game with a theme like this, but I really want to try!

>> No.56282544

Pop in the pdf/wiki discord and give it a whirl!

>> No.56282863

The book suggests a kind of meta link between the role of GM and the in-universe Necromancer, both of whom essentially orchestrate the events of the game in order to generate delicious drama and tears.

That being said, it's not more than a suggestion or idea. The game certainly isn't built around a meta/gm element ala Ryuutama's dragons. So Necromancers need not be anything more than typical tabletop villains or npc's.

>> No.56283638

Yes, 箱庭の物語 (Story of the Miniature Garden) is a supplement that deals specifically with Necromancers. I haven't read mine, but apparently it also helps GMing in general.
(I didn't check if somebody translated it.)

>> No.56283865

We have access to all the official books. "Dance of Distortion", "Story of the miniature garden" and "The great Drama."

We also have a few books by ZQ works. Creations by the same team but not officially released as Incog titles. Also a few fanbooks too.

>> No.56284160

I want a hetza storytime...

>> No.56285213

I wonder what Kifa, Hetza's character was like. Considering how bonkers Hetza himself is, she must have been something.

>> No.56286460

Then just use the mechanics in another setting.
I mean, people have already said that they adapted the mechanics to things like Medabots, so it should be totally doable as long as you take a stab at it.

>> No.56286966

I just tried making a character to get a general feel for the game. Dunno if it's just me being dumb coupled with the fact that english isn't my first language, but I found some parts of the doll creation section a little unclear.
First of all, the pdf says you starts with two memory fragments, tells you to roll for the first but nothing is said about the second one. Do I roll for that too? Or is it the necromancer's role to pick it for me depending on the the story he has in mind? And while we're at it, what's the "No." column in the character sheet for?
In the basic parts section only ten are listed, while it is previously said that "Dolls have three parts in each of their Head, Arms, Torso and Legs - a total of 12". What about the other two?
My last question is about fetters: if I'm not wrong you start with one fetter targeted to your treasure and one fetter for each of your sisters. What are the two other tables used for?

>> No.56287057

Obviously a siscon. Undead imoutos beware.

>> No.56287269


>tells you to roll for the first but nothing is said about the second one.

The necromancer does not pick any of your fragments.

>In the basic parts section only ten are listed, while it is previously said that "Dolls have three parts in each of their Head, Arms, Torso and Legs - a total of 12". What about the other two?

You have two entrails and two bones, so there's only 10 different basic parts.

>What are the two other tables used for?

Savants (an enemy type) and other NPCs, it says right above'em. You don't start with them but you can buy fetters with GM approval.

>> No.56287278

you roll for both memory fragments yes, unless you wish to pick them yourself. the No. column if the number you rolled when rolling for fragments.
you get two Bones and two Entrails parts if i remember correctly, as the Necromancer section, the second PDF Char sheet, and several example sheets ive seen give you two of these, and the Necromancer section specifically mentions they are the only exceptions to having more then one of parts wise.

Fetters wise, as a campaign progresses, its possible to form Fetters towards Savants and Neutral Parties that are introduced, as you can actually talk to Savants, and id assume, other NPC Dolls, or even the Necromancer himself if thats how your GM Necromancer wishes to do things.

the Wiki and PDF are both in the works Translations, so i expect a few things just got lost in said translation.

>> No.56287978

I think this is the biggest and best Nechronica thread I've ever seen on /tg/. Well done everyone!

>> No.56288153

>The necromancer does not pick any of your fragments.
>you roll for both memory fragments
I see.

> the No. column if the number you rolled when rolling for fragments.
I thought it was some kind of mechanic I had missed, I wonder why they felt it was necessary to leave a space in the sheet for that.

>You have two entrails and two bones
>the Necromancer section specifically mentions they are the only exceptions to having more then one of parts wise.
I'd write it in the doll creation section, too.

>You don't start with them but you can buy fetters with GM approval.
>as a campaign progresses, its possible to form Fetters towards Savants and Neutral Parties that are introduced
I think having those tables where they are is kind of confusing, I understood what they are for when I reached the favour section but maybe it would be better to move them there.

>the Wiki and PDF are both in the works Translations, so i expect a few things just got lost in said translation.
I hope my first post didn't sound aggressive, I'd been waiting for someone to translate this game for years and I'm madly grateful towards the translators. I just thought that pointing this kind of things out will help them when editing/formatting the text for future editions.

>> No.56289531

It was such a let down from what I remember.

Seriously, I think I'll actually remember to join the discord when I can finally find the time make a character and hopefully join a game but fuck coworkers.

>> No.56289563

>entrails and bones
I agree, I had the same problem. It's not explicitly stated anywhere that you get two of each, you have to infer it from looking at example characters. It's frustrating if you just wanna jump into making a character.

>> No.56289819

So, reading through the mechanics, psychedelics just seem terrible. Despite giving up an upgrade part for the privilege of being one, very few of their abilities seem that strong relative to the abilities of other classes. Vortex of Destruction in particular doesn't seem worth giving up two upgrade parts for, despite it being cool on paper.

>> No.56289884

also also
beginning a game as one seems like hell, since you're constantly burning through fetters but I guess you can only cure two madness per session???

>> No.56290009

Psychedelic is garbage, yes.

>> No.56290017

I have some character ideas that would go well with being psychedelics.
The fetter system, while it hurts you, isn't too big of a game over and its not like makes the game unplayable because you're constantly going insane over your sisters.

It is shit though, but what type of loser cares about minmaxing in a game about dead loli cyborgs?

>> No.56290023

You can remove madness equal to your fragments in each phase. Each session is supposed to have an adventure phase, a battle phase, and an end phase, so you can potentially remove 6 per session starting out. Realistically, though, it's pretty hard to remove madness during the battle phase since you need generally need special abilities to even have the opportunity to roll conversation checks in battle.

>> No.56290138


I expected the next Nechronica thread to be another "what is this game?" thread with a little bit talk about the system but nothing new.

I even didn't expected any big new translation for a looong time.

Now you just put the whole book, fully translated, in front of my nose?

Wow. You guys are awesome!

>> No.56290448

Would you believe that some people even tried to nerf its abilities?
It looks cool on paper but it is kinda worthless in combat.
Some doll with only a lawnmower in her hand does more pain than psychedelics.

>> No.56290628


The nerf was from when the translation was a lot more incomplete, which left Psychadelics as these horrific combat monsters. The changes don't age well with an actual translation that isn't just flat-out wrong in places.

>> No.56290689

>per phase
shit I thought it was per session. damn that makes the game way more playable

>> No.56290937

I recall awhile back people were complaining that dolls were basically immortal and by end game its basically impossible to stop them without introducing bullshit.

is that still the case with the updated translations?

>> No.56291309

Unless you do a complete party wipe they are basicly immortal.
Even if you destroy all parts of a doll it is kinda meaningless if the combat is won.

The game system is designed for jap perverts who have limited time for rp aspects of the game or a long campaing resource management.
The example paly kinda shows what developer intended as opposed to what is being played by most players outside of japan.

Reworking it so that recovering parts is way harder than usual and a destroyed doll being just that. Destroyed. Would make a long campaing much more exciting.
Instead of video game battles you currently have in nech right now you would have lot more tense and strategic combat to deal with.
Sure you can easily gang up on that group of horrors there that is harrasing that single lonely doll but you may lose some important parts. Do you want to do that ? Is she worth losing parts over? etc.
This would bring some relativly realistic approach to confrontations where you will have something to lose for some gain.

>> No.56291461


You can also add new mechanics to supplement the resource managament.
For example recovering new parts may only be done by removing the parts other dolls already have. Or in specific body part creation facilities,or cryo facilities etc.

If that part is destroyed tough luck, you cant remove and repair yours.

This would add a new challenge to the combat where , for example you want an enemy dolls arm but that arm is holding a ranged weapon.

You can rework the combat mechanics to add this rule : Any doll who loses all the parts in her head is combat ineffective.

Now you have to decide if you really want that arm to risk getting shot while trying to blow her head off.

Also you can just.. gang up on defenseless dolls. But do you really want to do that? Are yo u that cruel?

>> No.56291514


>Those poor bastards. Dolls are supposed to be absolute terrors in battle. That scene must have highlighted that well.

Turns out I got a few little things wrong in the original retelling, but! In return, I bring back logs of that joyous day and also a screencap of the battlemap I saved at the time because I liked the look of things.

To anyone else checking this overly wide image out, behold! Humans in Nechronica! As fought by a bunch of undead teenage girls, at least one of which was a huge chuuni! If you're cringing at them, that's intended.

>> No.56291534

Another problem i have with the setting is the player base.
Granted this is not the problem of the setting itself but problem with the kinds of people that are participating in it.
Most are ultra/a/nime faggots that cant form coherent sentences IRL. That also shows in the types of game they are running. There is no sense of dread,despair or the post apocalyptic enviorement in their games.
Only original content dont steals, DMPC's , slice of life retard adventures.

>> No.56291585

Not that I don't mind where this is going, I kinda feel it loses some of the appeal/setting.
You are a zombie doll that can attach new parts and do bullshit like that.

But this is also a world filled with giant biological and mechanical weapons than can and have fucked up the world. Rather than a doll with a chainsaw being immortal, there should be more threat from outside enemies. Not by their abilities getting removed, but because other enemies are just that strong.

>> No.56291637

>posting discord

Yeah, just fuck no.
Posting discord outside discord is as cancerous as talking about 4chan outside of 4chan.

Also reminder that you shouldnt use discord other than communication with your gaming group. Discord communities are more cancerous than sticking you dick in an x-ray machine for an entire year.

>> No.56291681 [DELETED] 

>shouldn't use discord other than for communication
I'll give some leniency for group finding and workshopping because there's not much of a community for this game, but making social groups on a medium like discord WILL ruin groups.
Every group I've played with that is actively overly social in discord ends in failure because people can't keep their drama out.

>> No.56291683


>posting discord
>not a single thing related to discord in that entire screencap

are you ok, buddy

>> No.56291736

In most settings zombies drop dead when you blow their brains

And i think the current resource system is kinda pointless because you have no shortage of parts, so you dont need to shy away from combat anytime whatsoever.

But than again, i am not going to say to anyone, no the way you are having fun is wrong mein herr. You should have fun this way. This was just a suggestion for any DM's considering running games.

>> No.56291789

Was going to type roll20, dont know why it came out as discord lol.
But than again it holds true for discord also.

>> No.56291816

I agree, actually. The idea that you are immortal zombie death machines that can recover from damn near anything by just slapping on pieces of other corpses is part of the appeal. The big problem is that due to the fact part payouts are based on the threat level, an optimized party or one with some xp under its belt is never really going to lose more parts than they get back. The main ways to raise the difficulty are therefore to either ignore the default rules for part payouts and substitute your own or to design your own enemies such that every encounter is potentially a TPK.

The sanity rules also have this kind of problem in longer campaigns. Once the girls get a lot of memory fragments and fetters, it becomes very hard for them to be threatened by madness unless you substantially ramp up the the SAN damage a lot of shit does.

>> No.56291907


Well, fair enough, I guess. Still, my various groups all get by with Roll20 just fine - but then, we all met outside of the site and just use it as a way to play Nechronica instead of participating in any communities on the site itself. So it's not really an issue for us.

>> No.56291927

>Fran - Court / Stacy
>Veronica - Automaton / Thanatos
>Wolf sister - Holic / Gothic

>> No.56291990

please remember that SAN is your actual health gauge in this game, and your body is only your current means to protect it. Battle wears on your mind, the world is full of horrors, your sisters can be difficult to deal with.

The real threat is all the girls being pushed to madness.

The game is about recovering and preserving your self, not your body.

>> No.56292058

Well I mean I agree that the mechanics are lacking but
1. these aren't normal zombies.
2. the setting only makes sense with the idea of replacing parts and such fairly easily and being basically immortal. by immortal earlier I meant that the game is too easy rather than not dying. a key part of everything is self harm and constant fighting

not that I mind how you make your own world, but I feel like this begins to leave behind what nechronica is supposed to be and is just incorporating zombie lolis with emotions.
which is good on its own.

>> No.56292064


>> No.56292107

>Mahou Shoujo Necronicha Magica?

>> No.56292287

Goddammit Koume, I know we agreed to pander to your weird zombie fetish but this is ridiculous.

>> No.56292873

We only fought two (three?) in the completed campaign I played, with the remainder of the bosslike encounters being weird super-Dolls created by the slowly failing automated facility that managed the animation of basically everything. And a battle that was apparently a Necromancer larva or something? That's why the questionmarked bit above.

>Early on, we ran into the aforementioned Necromancer larva thing. It was a really weird fight where these weird lightning guardians approached the thing, and it ate them if they got close enough. We dropped a giant cooling unit on it and killed it.
>Second, not much further in - I think four sessions later, given I remember the combats in between consisting of some wormbeasts, a super-Doll who told us beforehand that she was just testing us, and the Necromancer's Dolls - was a horrid bird bitch trying to be Quetzacoatl. The fight didn't start off too bad, but then she revived her Dolls ("MY HIGH PRIESTESSES") to join in. And THEN, after we rekt her once, she turned into a vortex of blood and meat and attached herself to her remaining Doll like some kind of fucked-up Stand. We almost got out okay, but our friendly NPC was carrying a singularity warhead which Quetz managed to trigger. Cue a deleted NPC, the Holic lying on the ground sobbing, and my character being basically flayed down to her skeleton by the black hole's pull.
>The third (second?) was MUCH later in. She was the final boss. She was splitting herself like some kind of bacterium, and we got to fight three of her at ONCE. My girl got shredded so hard she was literally just some wires attached to a magical crystal eye, and then she took a risk and flung herself into the facility's weird necromagical core. This actually managed to pan out, but not until after the two surviving necrobodies merged into a giant rampaging monster and almost destroyed the facility. Surviving PCs: one, two if you count mine being forever trapped as the facility's new AI.

>> No.56293292


The changes to psychedelic was from the old, incorrect translation which stated that the psychedelic's damage abilities let the psychedelic break what parts were broken, so a psychedelic could just snipe an enemy's attack parts. When things were corrected, the change ultimately proved to be a buff, with the only touched ability that was nerfed being Pawn's Gambit.

>There is no sense of dread,despair or the post apocalyptic enviorement in their games.
How do you know this?

>> No.56293459

By participating in the said games faggot.

>> No.56293566

Ha, that looked brilliant fun! Great work on the icons too!

>> No.56293583


Sounds like you're the faggot that can't find a good game.

>> No.56293592

I fucking lolve loli zombies, lads, and I hope you all try this game and have fun as well

>> No.56293650

No really. Every blanket assumption he has made has been absolutely false from my experience. It's like he has only looked at the front cover and assumed /a/ and /jp/ wanted to try their hand at a GrimDark tabletop and failed.

Good thing my findings show otherwise.

>> No.56294232

>/a/ and /jp/ wanted to try their hand at a GrimDark tabletop and failed.

You are assuming they even tried their hand at it.
They just took the setting and played it with the worst of the worst anime tropes.

>> No.56294291

>You reach the necromancer and he's stronger than you thought, he's beaten you down to the floor and dismembered your body.
>But as he goes to deal the final blow a flash of light appears and all your characters are healed and powered up.
>As strong as the necromancer was, he wasn't a match for your friendship

>> No.56294306

I mean, if you're participating in games with haremshit and netorare in them, sure.

>> No.56294383

Speaking from personal anecdotes, the ratio of legit campaigns compared to total campaigns is about one in three.

>> No.56294829


I joined one Nech campaign, and only one. GM'd by the head translator of this pdf.

It's been one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life.

>> No.56295697


>> No.56296918

>thinks that never happened

>> No.56297081

But I don't think so.

>> No.56297126

Who are you quoting?

>> No.56297170

You don't think it never happend or you don't think it happened?

>> No.56297454


Presumably the guy who translated it played with someone.

>> No.56297583

Rip best nechronica thread
you were too good for this world

>> No.56297607

Dead lolis, more like dead thread, LOL

>> No.56297611


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