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Age of Fabius edition

>Tyranids Preview, Cruddance on suicide watch

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu-gdWjW7PE&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW [Open]
>IG errata for fluffy commissars
>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Craftworld Eldar codex(thank you anon)

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I live for the swarm

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first for too lewd

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I just realized the only reason Shotguns have a statline is because of Straken. I have four officers that are now illegal in addition to power weapons they can no longer take. What the actual fuck..

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Repostan because thread change.

So do all the weird and wonderful Skitarii from before the Skitarii release still have canon status? The terrifying techno-tribals who took a hundred lasbolts and autogun rounds to kill from Forge of Mars and Titanicus were pretty damned sweet, and the Forge Guard that were basically fancy Scions might make decent allies. Hell, the Titan Guard back then were only a couple stages below Myrmidons, and those can solo small squads of Space Marines.
Do the standard Mars Skitarii get varied up at all on Loyal worlds? Saw an anon doing some sweet GSC/Skittle kitbashes and thought they'd suit sneaky spooky Stygies quite well.

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Ynnari novel share anyone?

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wierd. This is ussually around when things can get bad. Like THAT thread, though I think it was a bit later in the day

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7th for 4000 points of Titans autofail morale against fabulous bill

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Will this thread present me with a real army?
An army that can last to turn 5?

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Yes. a titan MADE of fabulous bills.

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Anon... meltas...

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Wew lads

Shitposting and namefagging doesn't bother us, but HAND HOLDING.


that's when you gotta get out. Thats too much.

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>10 man Paladin Squad with a 3++ in CC
We need ur blood.
Not for lewds tho

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But I like holding hands with my GF

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With the proliferation of -1 to hit, I'm really worried that my 4+ stuff will just never work well.

Just faced Alpha Legion as Death Guard and my Crawler killed a few rubrics, that's it though.

Always missing.

Rito pls

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I was rummaging through my bits box this afternoon and got the inspiration to kitbash a unit of crusaders. Can any of you anons think of models that fit the human in robes theme well enough to be a good starting point for more?

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You do not seem to understand.

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This OP is a gestalt of condensed memes

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FOOL. I, the great fabulous bill, have designed the titan to clone any and all bills which are lost, giving it a 2+ 2++ 2+++ 2++++ 2+++++ all of which are rerollable
Bow down before your new master, for your melta means nothing to me!

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are death company worth it as of the index? I feel like Company vets with storm bolters and chainswords give a similar effect

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Get that perverted shit outta here, this is a virgin thread on a blue board!


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How many meltas?

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You underestimate the power of the melta spam.
So much melta that even the price of the dollar drops

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Sounds like a Vortex Deathstrike is the answer then.

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So I need to buy some new brushes as my current ones have kicked the bucket. Anyone have any recommendations at are not too expensive? Amazon has MyArtscape on sale, but I've never heard of them.

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>cant shoot me if I'm in melee with you
>cant fall back if I surround your unit with 20 Paladins
>cant shoot me if I hide in a building with astral aim
>cant shoot me if I use gate to run from your melta's
Sistah plz
GKs are OP for a reason, you know.

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So what one character should lewding be off limits for in 40k?

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What about 60 Multi-Meltas

>> No.56166334

More melta than you can handle BOI

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Move aside, heretic.
There's an entire Chapter built around the idea of being fabulous.

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Catachan Vortex Deathstrike with command reroll on shot count and a Salamander Command Vehicle can average 11.3 mortal wounds.

Not sure what you'd actually want to reserve 260 points, an army doctrine, and 4 command points to kill, but yeah.

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The Big E

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All blood angels players are secret namefags so be gone

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Lt. Mira

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The Redeemer. He's too pure.

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150 Conscripts/Ork can’t do it. What makes you think 20 marinelets can?

Also GK sadly are trash tier

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moot quit, we Hiroshima now

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>he and she make out regularly, engage in plenty of foreplay and occasionally sex
>might get a chub
>she and she hold hands after several episodes of buildup

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Jeez this thread got lewd fast.

Can't we have some good old fashioned genestealers fucking sisters until they pop or something?

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This always comes off as too try hardy

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40k needs more pure and wholesome yuri

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Nah dude just trying to get my boys on the table with some sort of reasonable win rate

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P l e a s e

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Asking here also
Starting my aop board. Should I go for a space raid theme with only flying units on the board or should I have a board that shows off my entire army?
Still gotta finish scourges so they'll be on also
I got foam for mountains to fill up empty space also

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Fabulous Bill posting is best posting.

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Bills new Titan of course.

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No :3'ing on my blue board

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Dang this isn't my old trip I forget what it was lol

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>Implying the genestealer wouldn't be happy to bottom
How else are they gonna steal all the genes?

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Tyranid named characters are fine as long as they are in the GSC army and legendary humanoid cultists instead of monsters.

Swarmlord, ooe et Al should be refluffed to unique strains.

Then in GSC, introduce creed tier cultists that are all from a different named cult.

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I suck dicks all day long. butter my ass and duffle me up

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Look who's back.
Back again...

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>This always comes off as too try hardy
>implying it isn't the only sane anwser to Ward's Guro fanfiction

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What's up with the naming convention for the Hive Fleets? It's all over the place

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Wait til you guys see my Halloween costume tonight

If I remember to post pics cuz I'll be drunk as ffffuck

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>legendary humanoid cultists instead of monsters.

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I'll take all this happy cancerous thread over yet another sad /pol/bait thread all day, any day !

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>tfw you still havent given your hive fleet a name even though you've been playing since over 2 years
>tfw you unintenionally copied behemoths scheme
>tfw at this point you'll proabably just call them behemoth since you dont really know any "world-eating-dragon" names

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post pics now, get wasted later
then post more pics

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Legendary monsters from across the mythological canon.

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As you said - just take some mythical monster or god's name, and slap that shit onto it !

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Fuck off.
The only thing that stimulates me sexually is pictures of well painted plastic space soldiers

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What is the relationship between SoS and SoB? I had it in my mind that the SoB generally wouldn't like them because they're basically mutants, but then I remembered SoB regularly get stationed on black ships.

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I'd post the first pic you posted, but I'd probably get banned.

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Both are sisters competing for daddies love.

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The citadel butt plug is £5, that's cheaper than I expected.

Don't think I'll get it but still.

>> No.56166578

The problem is that it doesn't match the light playful tone of the original picture. So it comes off as 666XxX_OneWingedDevil_XxX666 nothing personal kid cringy.

>> No.56166585

Wouldn't they all have gotten eaten though?

>> No.56166586

not normally particularly thirsty, but that I want to see

Hive fleet Alduin obviously

That's a pretty loose convention, I'm looking forward Hive fleets Hermes and Kitsune
It's not really even a convention at that point

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Neutral to hostile. The reason why SoS declined and nearly got extinct was because no normal Imperial leader choose to support them because of their nature.

>> No.56166588

It's ok. I still haven't named my Night Lords Warband, yet.

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In an attempt to get this thread back to sanity let's answer some questions to learn a bit more about eachother! Here goes!
>what army do you play?
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
>are traps gay?

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Possessed with Delight Agonies cast on them.
Actually Daemon Engines are legal targets, ever wanted to try out a regenerating Maulerfiend with a 5+FnP?

>> No.56166612

I want to see....

>> No.56166615

So, how far fetched would it be if I fluffed my cannoness to have supported the SoS and regularly run with a cadre?

>> No.56166625

I think you might be feeling threatened in your masculinity. Don't worry, the sister will not make an hat out of you :)

>> No.56166630

Welcome to being an ork

Except now orks hit on 6+

>> No.56166631

T8 and 24 wounds or less are easy

>> No.56166633

It's lewd, but I think technically blue.

>> No.56166635

No. They escape somehow and carry the seeds of the cult with them.

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>> No.56166650

Are you going as a Tyranid cocksleeve?
because that's too hot to be spooky

>> No.56166651

armies on parade is already like half over

>> No.56166656

Do 7th edition tactical objective cards work for 8th edition? I don't want to buy new cards.

>> No.56166657

>T10 30 wound master race reporting
Get fucked siegelets

>> No.56166659

Both are daughters of the Emperor It's far fetched but I think some SoBs can withstand the repulsion and accept that these women were once the chosen servanrs of the Emperor.

>> No.56166664


>> No.56166669

dig through archives for posts with U5AnWgQNsM

It got threads purged before though.

>> No.56166672

some of the fantasy high elves maybe?

>> No.56166674

>alpha legion
>depends on who I'm playing, usually like to be at thier power level while preserving fluff as much as possible
>yes, to satisfy a friends curiousity
>I'd love to see a newer kit for CSM or for berserkers
>nids are cool if done right
>Orks to make my friend happy
>absolutely not

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These threads are truly horrible

>> No.56166680

>fluffy casual. Only competitive against my archnemesis - a space yiffs player
>playing with friends only. Should try tourneys sometimes
>Biovores look like poop
>Sisters of battle
>Sisters of battle
>Duncan is a treasure, course I would
>gay as hell - but I like it

>> No.56166683


I mean it's not like it's an expensive weapons platform, 156 points for a Plague Weapon battle cannon, a 4 shots heavy bolter and 2 Dark Lances on a chassis as tough as a land raider is good, even if you only hit on 4s.

Might make my 1 of my 3 Crawlers take spitters on consideration. If not dealt with, the s7 autohits will wreck. S8 with a herald too.

>> No.56166687

Not when I get a 5+++ on every single damage.
Also 5++ so your Melta shots don't even go straight through.
And when it gets into melee you can't keep shooting. which is when my summoned Fiend of Slaanesh will pin you down for my Maulerfiends idle pleasure

>> No.56166694

I though that the SoS were firm adherents of the Imperial Truth and thought the rest of the Imperium was retarded.

>> No.56166703

The Yncarne is just a little kid. It was only just born!

>> No.56166714

Better than /pol/ b8'ing and autistic arguments a la Carnac
At least everyone's having fun

>> No.56166719

> Admech currently, have thousand sons and Necrons but waiting on the codex, building genestealer cult. Dropped Dark Angels cus of primaris shit

>Fun and balanced. I enjoy changing up missions, but fuck Power level

>no tournaments, not my thing

>who hasn't ;)

> ehhhh they're all in good spots, just want more variety for each

>Orks, although the GF plays them so close enough to owning them

> Thousand sons, as they're in a weird spot with the index and chaos codex

> naturally

> triggered......

>> No.56166720

They look GOOD anon ! Nice use of those bits !

>> No.56166731

>what army do you play?
Imperial Guard, moving to Eldar, undecided if going to mix my existing DE with some Craftworld or go pure Craftworld.
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
Prefer coming up with theme or idea behind what my doods are then making a list based around that then tuning it a bit to be functional. So 40% fluff, 60% functional is what I put it at.
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
I don't do tournies, I do leagues.
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
Rough Riders would be nice to see getting new models, and a kit of special weapon arms for guardsmen and scions so you don't have to spam buying command squads or ebaying (or casting)
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
Tyranids, Raveners have been a long favorite of mine, the Trygon Prime is a big favorite of mine as well.
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
Dark Eldar
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
He gives very useful information, and kisses can be platonic, so yes.
>are traps gay?
>that situation where you are a transfemale with a trap boyfriend so the answer becomes wtf.

>> No.56166734

>Getting a fiend of slaanesh into combat


>> No.56166741

>Slaanesh CSM + Daemons
>Somewhere in between
>just LGS
>Noisi Bois
>toss up between Dark Eldar and Tyranids
>depends on the situation really; trap on girl is straight, mostly traps are bi

>> No.56166743

fedoras are only negative stereotypes because the usual users are ugly neckbeards. doesn't work when the dude is handsome.

>> No.56166749

Biovores so dumpy, it's cute :3

>> No.56166754


>what army do you play?
deldar primarily, harlequins/ynarri secondary and planning to get into Craftworld
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
Competitive while using models i like, in pokemon they call it Karenfagging
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
Not right now but planning to next year once I've finished painting up.
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
Phoenix Lords and Aspect Warriors
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
Well it was Harlequins til 3 weeks ago, now I guess CWE
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
Not too fussed, Deldar i guess if they don't rush/admech it up
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
Nah, id make sure he was comfy and wish him goodnight though like every guest i have.
>are traps gay?
To me yes, finding them attractive is homosexual.

>> No.56166758

The hips anon, THE HIPS!

>> No.56166760

By summoning it and charging the Maulerfiend first.
It's not easy but I like it hard

>> No.56166762

Screamer Killer rules for those who haven't seen them! IIRC it's like 90 points?

>> No.56166773

If you like beta cucks, i guess.

>> No.56166779

>trap on girl is straight
>being attracted to someone because they look like your gender is straight

>> No.56166782

Holy shit thanks anons these names are awesome. Cant believe I never thought of asking about this here before lol

>Obligatory H I P S reeeeeeeee

>what army do you play?
Pic related
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
Depends, really. I love playing cheesey as fuck list with my friends, since we all know that we're gonna go full WAACmode without being fags without it. Also, Its just fun to challenge yourself to beat a triple stormraven list with shit-tier GKs. In pickup games its really gay, since I never know how good the player is.
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
LGS tournies whenever I have time. As far as I know, we're planning on differentiating between "beginner tournies" and "advanced tournies". The owner of the store wants to encourage more newbs to start playing, so thats cool, but wants to make sure they dont get fucked over by competetive shit on day 1.
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
Where the hell do you think we are?
I only fap to pictures of golden demon winning models, you pleb.
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
I'd like a customizable, plastic GK commander option
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
Admech probably. Rangers are dope as fuck
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
...I dont really care since all my armies already have their codex
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
Anything for our lord and saviour.
>are traps gay?
You're gay
but yes

>> No.56166784

>that situation where you are a transfemale with a trap boyfriend so the answer becomes yes

>> No.56166785

Like I just said.

>> No.56166796

It's straight for the trap.

>> No.56166798

Ancalagon the Black is the best sounding dragon in the history of fiction, that's a fact.

>> No.56166819

>Swarmlord, ooe et Al should be refluffed to unique strains.
thats what they already are.

>> No.56166828

My stores on Saturday

>> No.56166831

I need more carnifexes
and old oneeye
And I need GW to release the old Huggerfex Screamerkiller for the codex release

>> No.56166839

>90 points
>6 power
that's quite a large differential

>> No.56166848

>Named my Hive Fleet the moment I got them
>Called them Ziz
>People keep asking me where the name is from
>No one remembers that it's the flying counterpart of Leviathan and Behemoth

>> No.56166850


>> No.56166856

Hey guys, do the 7th edition tactical objective cards work with 8th edition.?

>> No.56166865


Just taking suggestions, but if you get dubs I guess I'll have to

>> No.56166868

Worth buying the FW Imperial Armour Index or potentially wait to see if a new one comes out soon? I've heard it's pretty old at this point

Also, Happy Halloween!

>> No.56166869

It's probably the base cost.

>> No.56166870

6 power roughly translates into 120 pts
so that can roughly equalt 30 points in upgrades.
AG - 10
TS - 10
Spores - 10

seems about right.

>> No.56166883


>> No.56166884

Your own color, so you can play tyranid soup and confuse your opponent.

>> No.56166887

... huh Imma go find my bible now. Book of job right?

>> No.56166891

Why is everyone getting so excited at this gsc breeder trip?

>> No.56166896

Nice name choice ! Educate the plebs, thus is your duty !

>> No.56166897

human flesh tones

>> No.56166901

What about a ‘working on’ check in!?

I posted a few threads ago about my genestealer cultists. Finished up:
- more neophytes
- aberrants
- magus
- primus
- and the patriarch since then.

Still got the acolytes from the deathwatch box, and some old genestealers from ages ago I never painted. Then I’m going to buy a Goliath.

>> No.56166909

hopefully that living battering ram rule change is general to all fexs.

>> No.56166917

It's a girl.
Also she's a whore.
A whore for Tyranid biocannons.

So yeah I'm not sure either, I like her though, gives me a chuckle sometimes.

>> No.56166918

I'd have to check the leaks, but I think it's on that order. Index Carnifexes are 67 ppm, Bio-plasma is 9pts (and the scream is like two of those with better AP), and monstrous scytals are 20 for the two pairs, so an equivalent index loadout would run you 105 points. If Carnifexes got a price drop for the base model then it'd be within the ballpark.

>> No.56166919

It applies to Carnifexes, but Thornbacks get a different one that does D3 mortal wounds to infantry but no hit bonus.

>> No.56166920

How's it hangin' in the land down under?

>> No.56166923

>being THIS new
Welcome on /tg/, enjoy your stay !

>> No.56166934

>As Leviathan is the king of fishes, so the Ziz is appointed to rule over the birds. His name comes from the variety of tastes his flesh has; it tastes like this, zeh, and like that, zeh. The Ziz is as monstrous of size as Leviathan himself. His ankles rest on the earth, and his head reaches to the very sky.
>It once happened that travelers on a vessel noticed a bird. As he stood in the water, it merely covered his feet, and his head knocked against the sky. The onlookers thought the water could not have any depth at that point, and they prepared to take a bath there. A heavenly voice warned them: "Alight not here! Once a carpenter's axe slipped from his hand at this spot, and it took it seven years to touch bottom." The bird the travelers saw was none other than the Ziz. His wings are so huge that unfurled they darken the sun. They protect the earth against the storms of the south; without their aid the earth would not be able to resist the winds blowing thence. Once an egg of the Ziz fell to the ground and broke. The fluid from it flooded sixty cities, and the shock crushed three hundred cedars. Fortunately such accidents do not occur frequently. As a rule the bird lets her eggs slide gently into her nest. This one mishap was because the egg was rotten, and the bird cast it away carelessly.

>The Ziz has another name, Renanin, because he is the celestial singer. On account of his relation to the heavenly regions he is also called Sekwi, the seer, and, besides, he is called "son of the nest," because his fledgling birds break away from the shell without being hatched by the mother bird; they spring directly from the nest, as it were. Like Leviathan, so Ziz is a delicacy to be served to the pious at the end of time, to compensate them for the privations which abstaining from the unclean fowls imposed upon them. The creation of the fifth day, the animal world, rules over the celestial spheres. Witness the Ziz, which can darken the sun with its pinions.

>> No.56166937

This could actually be pretty dope if I do it right, thanks

"oh that unit? They're... Behemoth..."


>> No.56166940

I'm a filthy failing phone poster, my mistake ;)

>> No.56166945

I was thinking the same thing. It's like naming your three most prominent subfactions Land, Sea and Other Sea.

Whichever corresponds to the strongest hive fleet, of course!

Joke's on you they're all varying degrees of good

>> No.56166953

your army better be 75% flying units.

>> No.56166962


Oh, an attractive one at least? haven't bothered with 4chan whores since i got Purpz on snapchat years ago.


Ive been on 4chan for nearly a decade young man, just don't spend a great deal of time on tg.

>> No.56166964

They aren't. Not anymore.

>> No.56166966

What's that from? Prose doesn't sound Biblical.

>> No.56166971

Hive Fleet Renanin actually sounds pretty dope desu

It's a shame the Flying Nid Start Collecting! box isn't still a thing, otherwise I'd love that theme

>> No.56166981

Eh, no idea, could be a butterface.
Not a terrible body though.
Her main claim to fame is that she wants a GSC tattoo on her navel and wants to be breeding bitch for Tyranids. So she has an oviposition fetish or something.

>> No.56166983

Hive fleet Urmom

>> No.56166987

She a great body at the very least... Would inseminate with my alien babys

>> No.56166991

Jewish Aggadot.

>> No.56166992

>Imperial Guard, Catachans
>Somewhere in between, mostly casual fun
>LGS tourneys only
>I fap to Eldar waifus on a regular basis
>Really wish the other regiments besides Cadia and Catachan came in plastic
>Necrons have cool lore and aesthetic
>Tau, I guess
>Who wouldn't?
>Super gay

>> No.56166997

not really, cultist are PL3 and 40 points whithout upgrade, pretty spot on

>> No.56167005


>> No.56167008

Weirdest thing today, had newest White Dwarf cuz subscription and was reading it at my local Gw.

Manager told me to put it away cuz it's not out yet.

So fucking anal lol

>> No.56167011

Swarm/small ground unitss (warriors, zones, ect)
Large ground units (carnifex, haruspex, toxicrene, ect)
fast flying attack force (harpies, shrikes, ect)
Tunnel force (raveners, mawloc and trygon)
Lictors + friends
Living artillery battery (biovore, hiveguard, tyrannofex, ect)

Pick three of these six.

>> No.56167013

Do you remember DLFG? This one is kinda like that except a bit younger and less camera-shy.

Also we got two resident Slaaneshi traps now.

>> No.56167014

>The Black Crusades

>Over long centuries, Abaddon the Despoiler spends the blood of countless followers in battles against the Imperium. Though seemingly unconnected, each crusade is in truth part of a far grander plan that eventually triggers the opening of the Great Rift. During this period, the new Warmaster forges numerous pacts with the greatest Chaos powers, amongst them the Death Guard. Mortarion’s scorn for Abaddon is obvious, but the Daemon Primarch cannot ignore his successes, and so sends warbands of his sons to aid in several of the Despoiler’s campaigns. Typhus aids Abaddon more readily, fighting alongside him more than once, and using his attacks upon the Cadian Gate as an opportunity to spread the seeds of the zombie plague far and wide.

Why does Mortarion hate Abaddon? I thought he liked Horus. Abadadon is sorta like a mini-Horus.

>> No.56167021

>just don't spend a great deal of time on tg.
If you're calling it "tg" instead of /tg/ you've not been here a week, let alone a decade. Quit while you're ahead.

>> No.56167028

Hence why I'm not posting it

>> No.56167030

>Swarm/small ground unitss (warriors, zones, ect)
>Tunnel force (raveners, mawloc and trygon)
>Living artillery battery (biovore, hiveguard, tyrannofex, ect)

>> No.56167034

Lictors and Friends, Tunnel Force and Living Artillery.

>> No.56167035


power is basically calculated with the most expensive upgrades a unit can take.

PL=Max points/20

sometimes its a range from 20 to 25

>> No.56167044

How hard do you guys think it would be to greenstuff the eyes off of all the Tyranid models? I really like them but I just think they'd look better without eyes tbqh

>> No.56167049

I don't believe it was in any passage that mentioned Behemoth or Leviathan in Job, but I know there's mention in Psalms and extra-Biblical texts.

It feels good to see other people actually recognize the often forgotten King of the birds.

I agree that it's dumb that Kraken is there with Leviathan.

A lot of it was Flyrants and Tyrannocytes at one point. I was even considering getting a Harridan and painting it in my colors, but it's so expensive and not worth it.

>> No.56167054

If your best friend and brother was killed by your father would you appreciate his snot nosed son trying to boss you around like he was in charge?

>> No.56167056

Malefic Lords are PL4 and 30points, but FW can't into balance.

>> No.56167060

>large ground units
>living artillery node

Watch your opponents cower in fear and panic as they try to bring down your swarm and your monsters, while in the background your bioartillery pounds them into submission.

>> No.56167062


phone posting and couldn't be bothered to do the / /, but alright m80.

>> No.56167064

>ultramarines and black consuls
>pretty casual at this point, I haven't started playing regularly
>probably my sternguards if any at all
>no idea

>> No.56167066

My army is an offset to the Ardent shroud, so I figured she'd see them as a valuable tool with a long history of loyalty to big E.

>> No.56167072

Where do brainbugs fit in

Cause Abaddon is like a more arrogant, weedier, more entitled Horus

>> No.56167075

Don't go bullying the newfag, he has been polite so far.

>> No.56167092

I play night lord and I want to run the most murderfuckiest lord ever, how does that sound :
>Chaos lord on steed of slaanesh for base 5 attack
>Warlord traits that gives +1 attack, now 6A
>Claws of the black hunt for 7 S5, AP-3, Dam D3 attack that reroll to hit and to wound
Does that sound okay-ish or is it just better to always take black mace or other artefacts?
This cost 127 points in all.

>> No.56167096


>> No.56167100

So Behemoth and Leviathan or Job 40 and 41 respectively. Ziz ain't in there, so I'm guessing the reason it's not mentioned is because Ziz only appears in more esoteric Apocrypha

>> No.56167109

deffo artillary

Zoans are small units, maleceptor large units.

>> No.56167126


For what its worth, my earliest memory of 4chan was every post on /b/ (remembered them this time) being Girugamesh, then that surgeon meme and the original jessie slaughter shit.


>> No.56167132 [SPOILER] 

Can't argue with that.

>> No.56167133

You're missing
>Alpha legion for turn 1 charges.

>> No.56167142


>> No.56167144

I guess everything i do is heresy then

>> No.56167146

Is an extra attack worth losing 1T and, more importantly, access to all stratagems and Legion traits? I'd go with a bike, that would also give you some shooting just in case.
Also, are you fighting loyalists? There is no point to getting a shitton of attacks if you're not fighting loyalists.

>> No.56167153

but then I can't take Claw of black hunt, but I get where you're coming from. Blade of hydra then? less punch but more attack I guess

>> No.56167165

If you're doing Alpha Legion, you should be grabbing Arkos and berserkers, not slaaneshi steedlord

>> No.56167170

I feel old

>> No.56167173


>> No.56167179

>tfw I'm fapping to a tripfag
Feels like heresy.

>> No.56167188

Murder Sword, man. You only get the Blade of Hydra if you're planning to get that 'mortal would on 6's' warlord trait.

>> No.56167190

so is it ordained that sisters need big oppai to serve and all the flat chests become scions or commisars?

>new computer tried to autofill my real full name in the name section
i need to turn that feature off quick

>> No.56167202

someone post the pic of the start collecting box and ovipostor

>> No.56167215

Everyone is going on about jormungandr but kraken has the best adaptation.

>> No.56167223

Not yet, but it can be our little secret canon, if you want... Let's play pretend.

>> No.56167227

>>what army do you play?
Night Lords
>>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
Somewhere in between, but I like to be fluffy. This usually means my NL are shit. Yes, my whole army is unmarked. Even my terminators.
>>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
I used to, but I dislike how the game operates at that level of competition. It triggers the autism.
>>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
Actually, I don't think I have.
>>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
I'm pretty content because I mostly use plastic HH models and a lot of them, so that makes the choice hard. I'd have to go with Chosen, which would hopefully come with combi options, including a standard combi-bolter. It would be cool to see them able to take Volkite or something old since I personally see them as the true veterans of the long war.
>>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
Well, I own NL, Deldar, Tzeentch daemons, and SoB, who were my first, so besides them, I'd have to go with Elysians. Loved them since 5th but could never justify the price. Non-FW, definitely Thousand Sons.
>>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
Since I know Deldar are confirmed next year and SoB are never, I'd like to see Thousand Sons get updated if for nothing else but to see the justified bitchfest when they only get 6 powers.
>>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
>>are traps gay?
If a person with a penis is sexually attracted to another person with a penis, that is by definition, gay.

>> No.56167241

I need this

>> No.56167242

So should i just wait till the next thread?

>> No.56167244

I still don't know which one I'll choose. Need to see those units and price costs first to build a definitive army list, and pick the right one for it.

>> No.56167245

I guess jormungandr is just especially exciting to those hive fleets involved in the invasion of planet bowling ball.

>> No.56167246

And now you're gonna run a fundraiser?
When I wanted to pool money for something everyone could enjoy I didn't get a nickel.

>> No.56167252


Working on converting my new harlequin force (15 troupe, 2 masters, shadowseer, solitaire and 3 star weavers, all for £80!) from Masque of the Frozen Stars into Masque of the Midnight Sorrow to compliment my Dark Eldar. Im about 25% done.

Once thats done I'm going to finish my Kabal of the Black Heart to work with them, not decided on colours for my Coven and Cult yet but doesn't seem fluffy to go Cult of Strife now Lelith has fucked off with Yvraine.

>> No.56167272

If jormungandr gets a tunnel network stratagem like the ravener alpha could deploy in Dow, I'll cream my pants and play it regardless of the worse trait.

>> No.56167275

DLFG used some Bad Dragon goods as Capillary Towers - though the graphical evidence went up in flames with my old hard drive. Maybe another oldfag would serve?

>> No.56167278

depends on what youre waiting to do
im gonna be posting traps in the next thread anyways so i wouldnt wait

>> No.56167282

I checked the archive. That's all GSCB is known for? That's fucking it? You people made it seem like a huge fuckin' deal.

>> No.56167283

No, you don't.

Yes. Or even better, wait for the next year before coming back.

>> No.56167285

>what army do you play
Orks. Considering starting something new, 'nids look exciting
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys
I hardly even play
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
yes to crop a face for a reaction image
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
I own models for everything, but of armies I don't play I'd say Space Wolves
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
I'm just not the loving type
>are traps gay
only if they don't have a feminine penis or are unshaven

>> No.56167291

Psalms 50:11 and Psalms 80:13-14

>> No.56167296

I mean after the last time GSCB showed up i left and didnt come back until like about like 2 months ago

>> No.56167300

Should I paint the treads and wheels separately or is that not necessary to get a good paintjob?

>> No.56167307

>what army do you play?

Dark Eldar.
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?

Fluffy/casual. So far Dark lance spam doesn't seem to be as effective due to the fact I'm usually up against hordes. Now larger point games is where I shine.

>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?

I mainly just play random games. Tourneys aren't my thing.

>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?

I have an entire folders dedicated to SoB and Eldar porn.

>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?

Bring back our special characters or at least big daddy Vect.

>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?

Knights. If I decide to enlist, I might see if it's possible to have enough free time to work on minis and /tg/ shit.

>what codex do you hope to see announced next?

DE of course.

>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?

Definitely. Thanks to him, I got my PF friends into minis and thanks to Total Warhammer, they like Fantasy now.

>are traps gay?

Yes and no. To those whom know not the trap's true gender, he is considered straight until he finds out. If he still likes, even though he knows, he is gay or bi.

>> No.56167308

If you want camwhores, go to your favorite wanking site. This is /tg/, we just like games and having fun.

>> No.56167313



>> No.56167316

>go to a brothel with my former ex arbites inquisitor character while investigating some herasy
>asked to wait outside because i was scaring the customers and the girls with my angry expression

>> No.56167318

remember that you are on a uzbekistani beadcraft image board, and that the inhabitants here tend to not experience women getting lewd for them in every day life, and you shall understand why a tripwhore gets people all hot and bothered.

>> No.56167321

>what army do you play?
DA, CSM insert predicable joke DE
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
I prefer narrative campaigns but don't mind a bit of competition
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
Not for a while
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
.... maybe
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
I'm really excited for new House Cawdor minis to use as cultists but they're probably going to be taller than the marines
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
Imagine if GKs had pre 4th ed lore and organisation but contemporary minis. Also Skitarii
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
if that's what he's in to
>are traps gay?
No they're homosexual

>> No.56167343

Do they know about /soc/?

>> No.56167351

Reportedly it was more... personal experience for chosen few, hence the hype.

>> No.56167358

> Right now Dark Eldar, but orks will always have a place in my heart <3
> I'm somewhere in between, I'll use a unit even if its sub optimal just because I like the models. I like to have a list that functions at the very list.
>I do
>Of course
> Our Special charcters mostly, beasts and grotesques also.
>Deamons of slaneesh probabaly
>They're fun, thats the main thing.

>> No.56167359

Because he's an arrogant punk who thinks he's hot shit when he's absolutely nothing next to a Primarch.

>> No.56167363

40k rpg's are great. I made a Rogue Trader campaign that lasted two years. My players still remind me of it sometimes.

>> No.56167365


>> No.56167366

>are traps gay?

>Yes and no. To those whom know not the trap's true gender, he is considered straight until he finds out. If he still likes, even though he knows, he is gay or bi.

traps are in a quantum state of gay and not gay

>> No.56167370

/soc/ is way too gay for my tastes.

>> No.56167372

We have a Slaanesh trap who sometimes makes a thread for us on /soc/ and flaunts his ass if we pressure him.

>> No.56167388

>We have a Slaanesh trap
two actually

>> No.56167393

judge dredd models fucking when?

>> No.56167394

The only people who get all hot and bothered by tripwhores are actual newfags. For everyone else it's something they've seen happen plenty of times before and just want said tripwhore to fuck off before the thread is ruined again.

>> No.56167407

whoops forgot to link my response lol

>> No.56167412

they existed in Necromunda before - hopefully we get them again in the new version

>> No.56167414

I'm talking about the one with the tramp stamp and a boyfriend who doesn't mind posting his ass on request but apparently doesn't draw attention to himself all the time, could be lurking right now.
would probably notice us talking about him and want attention if he was though
Which one are you talking about?

>> No.56167418


but all she showed was a bit of under boob

>> No.56167421


>> No.56167424

then she's mastered the art of showing just enough.

>> No.56167426

Traps are magical like that.

>> No.56167427

Which is more than what I get from my girlfriend
Flat chests were a mistake.

>> No.56167428

they were the only "gang" that you had to give your dudes days off
the unions on necromunda must have been fucking great

>> No.56167429

She has my fetish though.

>> No.56167438

Gaaaaaaay !

>> No.56167440

>what army do you play?
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
Fluffy/casual. I'm not mono-tzeentch or mixed with marines so it's not like I could even run competitive.
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
>>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
>implying people here haven't

>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
Dunno. We'll never get the Diaz daemonettes back, and I don't trust GW enough to not fuck up or remove/cover titties on the Keeper of Secrets and Fiends. Everything else basically has a new model, and I don't like the new Death Guard so I don't look forward to a new GUO.
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
if I did the mother wouldn't take him back
>are traps gay?
Ask TotalBiscuit.

>> No.56167446

>mfw a Tyranid player tries to use Termagants as Devilgaunts near me

>> No.56167448


Whats that?

>> No.56167451

you should build a giant skull for terrain

>> No.56167453


>> No.56167464

truely DFC fags are the weakest race

>> No.56167466


whats the difference? I'm not clued up on the different kind of gaunts.

>> No.56167468

neither of those look right, I am looking at KJV though is Ziz just used in place of bird or something in other translations?

>> No.56167475

Anon, pls.

>> No.56167480

There are some. I know from experience.

You mean you don't like 15 dick-rate threads?

I actually ran into one trap on /lgbt/ once. That place is like Bizarro 4chan, but they dropped a picture of their Slaanesh tattoo and I was like "I remember this from /40kg/"
Not sure what else you're on about, though. Traps are usually massive fucking nerds regardless.

>> No.56167481


Oh, have you ever actually gotten anyone pregnant? My girlfriend is just going into her 12th week and whilst i want a child with her its drastically cut down on my hobby time. I haven't had a game in over 3 weeks because she's feeling so needy.

>> No.56167486

Is it wrong to want to collect Renegades and Heretics for the simple purpose of gang raping Celestine? asking for a friend.

>> No.56167491

Its only going to get worse annon. Though I guess you might end up painting your kids army, so that could be nice?

>> No.56167499

Big tits are fucking disgusting. Flatchest or go home, faggots.

>> No.56167502

working on the sarge for these guys.
As a sidenote I hate how much of a bitch these guys are to work on seperately and the cables are awful

>> No.56167505

>search archive for that trip
>it's nothing but shitposts

God damn it

>> No.56167509

But all chests are equal in face of the Gods.

>> No.56167510

Yes. Gibe.

>> No.56167512


I spent approximately 20 minutes on /soc/ and ended up getting purpz snapchat a few years ago, got daily tits from her ever since either via snapchat or email. Cant vouch for anyone elses success though.

>> No.56167515

Yes. Underachieving.

>> No.56167518

That's Specimen 2 you're talking about. Australian shitposter, shameless and thicc (for a trap).

Specimen 1 was more bashful only shoved up for a little bit. Might not even be /tg/ regular. Slender. Asukafag.

>> No.56167519

I thought that way until actually dating a flat chested girl.
Sex is way more boring without tits.

>> No.56167521

Too late for your opinion to matter, bro. You're having the child now whether you want it or not.

>> No.56167530

My GF has 2 weeks to go but she's been alright for the most part
still gonna fap to GSCB if the pics are worth it though

>> No.56167534

>you will never have your skull harvested by a flat chested bratty berserker
life is pain

>> No.56167536

Apparently it's lost in translation from hebrew.

>> No.56167541

who the fuck is purpz



>> No.56167548

If a squad of infantry is camping atop a building, and they occupy the whole the the top floor, and the floor beneath them is further than 2" verticle distance away, are they immune to melee? Nothing can get within 1" of them through any means due to the verticality, thanks to there not being enough room up top to join them.

>> No.56167551

>traos are usually massive fucking nerds
Well duh.
>they have specimen numbers
top kek
I wasn't around for specimen one.

>> No.56167554

Hating life

>> No.56167556

This right here is a real nigga

>> No.56167562

painting yellow, and an awful toy robot.
I don't envy you

>> No.56167564

Yes because some idiot forgot to model stairs into the building. Now fluff how the infantry got up there in the first place.

>> No.56167565


probably the most well known big titty australian camwhore on /soc/

>> No.56167567

i feel like playing Daemons is so restricting especially if you go mono daemons. Like i feel like Bloodcrushers are my best unit and they seem like they will die to a stiff breeze

>> No.56167577

it's hit and miss, but mostly miss - I got some great roleplays that escalated OOC through random banter on /tg/ (after tha kind of threads got pushed off board) - can't get a decent game on /soc/ even if I actively try

>> No.56167583

You would not believe the thighs to waist ratio on specimen 2 actually, hard to believe someone with curves like that isn't on hormones or a girl

>> No.56167584

Ladders? A fire escape? An elevator?

>> No.56167585

ten thousand layers of paint

>> No.56167586

>when he's absolutely nothing next to a Primarch

Then how come Typhus tells Morty that he is his equal and that he doesn't fear or respect him? It seems that Typhus who is a normal marine is higher in the totem pole than his Primarch.

>> No.56167595

Great, did your models bring any of those?

>> No.56167609

Mostly monsters from greek mythology, exceptions are Jormugandr which is Norse, Locust and Scarabus (bugs) and Perseus for some reason, at leas tit's greek.

>> No.56167611


>> No.56167619

The things I do for science...

>> No.56167623

sorry bro but its going to get worse.
Young kids take all your spare time.

>> No.56167624

they deployed there via the Webway

>> No.56167629

Reminds me of Farsight's origin story. Stuck on a plateau for days, surounded by tyranids, until the Aetheral's control over him broke.

>> No.56167633

Abaddon is higher up the chaos totem pole than any Primarch, each demon primarch only has one god and is a slave to it while Abby has the favor of all gods and is his own master.

>> No.56167639

and older kids take all your spare income

>> No.56167641

>date girl with DDDs
>super nice
>liked 40k and loved the lore
>turned out to be a closeted sexual deviant and loved all things lewd
>dated DFC girl a few years later
>always talked like she was super slutty and then only liked the most vanilla shit
>told me i laughed too much
>ran over my dog

>> No.56167642


Im currently building myself a hobby room/office, 8ft x 8ft that i can work in so that i don't have to constantly pack my stuff away (Which is the issue at the moment). So it shouldn't be too bad.


But I want a kid anon, we've been trying for 4 months. I just also want to buy warhammer and play with the boys once a week.


Same of course if they're any good, good luck with the birth anon! hoping my girl will chill out once the hormones balance out.

>> No.56167643

Huh. Guess I just don't go to their kind of threads.

Get the candles and chalk, I'm going to need to summon them for evidence.

Daemons in general die to a stiff breeze.

>greek mythology

>> No.56167659

Are you me? Minus the running over the dog part.

>> No.56167663

One of these is not like the other

tittymonster obviously wasn't all that great either since it didn't last

>> No.56167664

That is not Farsight's story.

>> No.56167667

>someone actually took the time to make this
You creepazoids.

>> No.56167672


>> No.56167673

Skin like skin, exoskeleton like fingernails.
Make the penis guns slightly flush with blueish veins, really make the opponent loathe them.

>> No.56167674

Can we please stop talking about /soc/?

>> No.56167676

Wouldnt be so bad, but I got it off ebay and the guy posed it in the worse way possible. fucker is leaning at a 45 degree angle making it all the more frustrating.

>> No.56167685

My models ALWAYS bring rope.

>> No.56167686

that's some good shit right there anon

>> No.56167691

You love us the way we are, don't try to convince anybody otherwise.

>> No.56167704

>didn't even post anything about myself
>people are still derailing thread talking about me
for fucks sake you horny bastards I'm too busy right now to make a /soc/ thread for you but go back to talking about little plastic army men, I feel like I'll get blamed for this
it is kind of flattering and I kind of like the lewd compliments but still, come on guys

>> No.56167711

Because Typhus is Papa Nurgle's favorite and if Morty does anything he'll tell on him.

>> No.56167712

which fag are you?

>> No.56167718


>> No.56167722

I want you to know that i dislike you greatly for destroying my safe space

>> No.56167727

You appeal to my fetishes, it IS your fault.

>> No.56167733

The Chaos Gods are idiots. Huron, Bile, Lorgar, and Perturabo would all make far more competent Favorite Minions.

>> No.56167738

Would it be acceptable to you WAAC purists if I still ran my Cadian sculpt Guardsmen as whatever regiment I wanted to use but had Regiment themed officers and Sgts depending on what I was using? I.e. Infantry are still Cadian sculpt but PC is Tallarn turbanman or BeefMclargeHuge Catachan?

>> No.56167742

I'm going to play in my first local doubles tournament. its a 1000 pts perplayer and the only restrictions is the army must be battleforged. Is it wrong for me to bring shadow sword? super heavies seem really good and can be hard to counter. I don't want to be the receiving end of that should I bring one or just a bunch of lemanrusses?

>> No.56167744

There better be some Halloween costume later!
Or we're putting candle in your pumpkin ourselves.

>> No.56167748

No you buy the right models or you kys

>> No.56167754

Cant argue with that

>> No.56167757

2 1000 point armies are intrinsically weaker than 1 2000 point army, and even at 2000 points, a shadowsword is far from OP, so I guarantee you, in your weaker army, it won't be, either. Go for it.

>> No.56167764

I want to impregnate you with half-breeds.

>> No.56167774

cringiest post of the day award, congratulations.

>> No.56167778

At least you can tell us your W:H ratio.

>> No.56167780

Tell me about the Ogryns. Why are they unsuitable for gene-seed implantation?

>> No.56167785

>teehee stop talking about me silly bois ;)
Fuck off.

>> No.56167787

Go back to /soc/

>> No.56167801

Abhumans. Too different genetically.

>> No.56167804


>> No.56167805 [SPOILER] 

/40kg/ do you
Dig giant robots?

>> No.56167808


>> No.56167809

I'd have no problem with that. The regiments are meant to be archetypes

>> No.56167812

As long as everything is visually easy to follow. Like if your Cadian infantry squads had black armor and blue fatigues and then your Tallarn guys were brown armor and light brown fatigues. Just having different Officers or Sergeants wouldn't be enough.

>> No.56167814

Too genetically different from the Emps.

>> No.56167817

any of you got the new white scars book?

>> No.56167826

Too dumb.
it take years of training just to make them use the gun for shooting rather than clubbing and the impulse never goes away.

>> No.56167829


>> No.56167836

I have a knight for my WitchHunters
No idea how to paint him.

Hell I haven finish painting my army yet, just base colour, minimum for tournaments

>> No.56167840

Ogryns aren't human, first of all. That would mean, first and foremost, giving them gene-seed would be deeply heretical, and secondly, we have no idea how gene-seed compatibility works, but it already has a far less than 100% compatibility rate with pure humans.

Ogryns are simply not large humans - for one thing, they developed on HIGH gravity worlds, where evolution dictates they would become small and fragile, like birds - low gravity is how you get behemoths, which is why blue whale sized animals are only found in the sea. Ogryn have some seriously fucked up biology going on. I believe the Gav fanfic posited they had an organ just for resisting gravity.

>> No.56167842

specimen 2 apparently
I may have proved that one guy right, but still, you guys need to chill
fuck safe spaces not my fault this time
Not my fault you can't control yourself
eh, maybe
don't agree with him
boys can't get pregnant
how about go back to discussing plastic men and I'll make a /soc/ thread when I'm not busy?
In hindsight I should have known telling them to stop wouldn't work, but I honestly do like the attention so I don't actually have an excuse

>> No.56167843

As a chick, I am legally obligated to.

>> No.56167844


Weakling. Shown to be unable to mentally and physically withstand the blessing of the Chaos Gods. He went as far as to cure himself from the marks of Chaos to prevent himself from spawning or ascending to mindless daemonhood. Worse still, he lost to Typhus.

Huron served Chaos for IIRC less than a cenutry and he could not withstand its gifts. Abaddon have endured the attetions and blessings of the Chaos Gods for 10K years.

And finally, Huron has no crusades or conquests in his name.


He is an atheist. Not a commander. Has no interest in campaigning. His experiments and New-men are his goal.


Lorgar is a weak soul. He locked himself in exile and forgot about the Long War.


The guy who spent 10K years building fortifications on a daemon world that nobody cares about. Achieved so little with his daemonhood and in the HH he was a total bitch.

>> No.56167849

Remember the original heroes of 40k.

>> No.56167850

Ah my childhood

>> No.56167856

nobody who is worth playing with anyways gives a shit about (or even knows) the difference between regiment paint schemes. Paint them how you want. Model them how you want. Inform your opponent what rules you're using before hand.

>> No.56167858


>> No.56167880


>> No.56167890

me and titcow remained good friends and have reconnected recently and gotten closer again
fingers crossed some magic will happen soon
hope she doesnt see this since she does occasionally go on /tg/ for RPG and 40k lore stuff

>> No.56167895

Because Typhus is based

>> No.56167899


>> No.56167918

>boys can't get pregnant
Not with that attitude!

>> No.56167929

>boys can't get pregnant
Never stopped me from trying.

>> No.56167934

That explains it. Tell me about the Admech. Why don't they make heavy battle servitors out of Ogryn? If they can bring normal humans to S5T5W3, cyborgified Ogryn should be capable of making Knights nervous.

>> No.56167935

>I mentioned i was here and i love attention
>It's not my fault

>> No.56167949

I like the way you think.
if any god gave mutations like that it would be Slaanesh

>> No.56167954

>boys cant get pregnant
don't tell /d/ this

>> No.56167966

Brushes you want to buy in person to observe and damages

>> No.56167969

There is no interesting pic in archive :(

>> No.56167976

someone should change the /40kg/ chart that has /pol/ and /tg/ in the ven diagram and include /d/ at this point, maybe /soc/ too

>> No.56167979

lots of the big bad beep boops are literally just brains attached to wires that power a robot, and ogryns have shit brains
in 30k the solar auxila had a habit of giving ogryns a bunch of roids and replacing thier arms with giant claws and drills

>> No.56167980

The very short version is "stupidity".

Remember, almost no one is Cawl. Almost no one in the entire Adeptus Mechanicus has any understanding of science or technology - they're an enormous cargo cult that performs engineering by memorized rote, not by understanding what they're doing and innovating.

Servitors are made from implants designed millennia ago for humans, not ogryns or ratlings. It's a god-damned miracle the BONE cyber-implant that makes Ogryns marginally smarter even works - you'd need someone to innovate new STCs for Ogryn implants to make Ogryn servitors, and that's not happening any time soon, as Cawl is busy.

>> No.56167982

Well ideally everyone will be the same paint scheme. They're already red and gray. I just don't want to commit to a regiment till I play around BUT I still want to keep modeling.

>> No.56167985

Can you post archive link?

>> No.56167988

Literally no one cares about Armless and his Nigger Legion, no matter how many times you try to badmouth everyone else. Though the relentless is darkly amusing - you clearly have nothing better to do in your pathetic little life than spend day after day frantically shitposting 40kg.

>> No.56167996

im sad i missed the underboob pic

>> No.56168008

Hormagaunts being able to fall back and charge is really powerful.

They were already swarming over the units they were in, now they can transfer from a combat into tying up an entire army.

>> No.56168034

I am fairly certain the Dark Eldar Haemonculus Covens can help as well.

>> No.56168055

Would Splinters of fleets still have traits of their original? Say could i have my own paint scheme and name but fluffed it as a splinter. Yes i am trying to be fag about traits

>> No.56168061

Death company have the 6+++ for a bit extra survivability, and can get some real nice buffs from a chaplain.
But doesn't that mean that anyone could be a secret namefag? No one can truly tell what armies everyone plays here.

>> No.56168063

If Guard can why can't you?

>> No.56168071

That's totally untrue. The Black Legion series is popular.

And Huron above all else is a total bitch. If you could name any of his conquests or justify how motherfucking weak he is to cure himself of the Marks of Chaos, you would have. But really you can't because at the end of the day you are as much of a bitch as he is so you resolve to ad homs and insults instead of adding anything constructive to the conversation.

And the greatest thing in all of this, Huron bent the knee to Abaddon. He is Abaddon's bitch and by extension you are my bitch.

>> No.56168074

This chart is a travesty - /tg/ has always been /d/lite.

And then, there was /x/... but that's another rabbit hole.

>> No.56168094

>Death company have the 6+++ for a bit extra survivability, and can get some real nice buffs from a chaplain.
Anon for Bullet magnets thats not enough.

>> No.56168100

That is how <your dudes> always worked. You never had to paint shit to go get special rules in a certain way outside of Age of Syphilis where they have weird meta rules, or was that fantasy. Either way, so long as you clearly identify which unit is which hive fleet via it's paint scheme (so if you have two hive fleets in your splinter fleet have two different schemes in your army, or at least paint the base rims differently) it is 100% fine.

>> No.56168104

Just as god intended.

>> No.56168128

>by extension you are my bitch

This is what you sound like

>> No.56168156

I am waiting for Slaanesh to realize that letting Nids have the monopoly on masturbating furiously onto the table mid-battle is highly inappropriate, and supplying us with some sort of Daemonic version of gaunts and tervigons.

>> No.56168165

Shut your trap, bitch, and make me a sandwich.

>> No.56168173

Aaand it soars right over the sad little autistic child's head. As expected, really.

>> No.56168184


Magnus is the best

>> No.56168202

Might be cool.

>> No.56168223


>> No.56168231

That's really rich coming from you who derailed the conversation with autistically throwing insults and raging. In other words, bitched out.

Another tidbit of information, both Lorgar and Pert are riding off Abaddon's successes. Individually both have proven to be worthless in the Long War. Lorgar more so than Pert. I dare you to dispute this.

>> No.56168232

They do. They're called Praetorian Servitors and are usually used for Guard duty due to the whole "can tear a Marine in half but are rather slow" thing. Also some Kataphrons probably did start as Ogryn, but we don't exactly get models for every minor Admech variation.


That's the same level of faction memes as assuming every Guard commander is Chenkov. Ryza innovates, among others, and they understand tech well enough to make new and different variants of ships and Titans and such even if they wrap it up in ritual. There's a reason we never see their superweapons, they have to be fucking careful with the stuff they DON'T understand or they might accidentally the Imperium.

>> No.56168236

Another fun thread of meming ruined by Carnac
Hope you're happy with yourself man

>> No.56168239

Of course.
They are absolutely RADICAL

>> No.56168263


>is his own master.
So he likes to think. Nothing funnier than a puppet who thinks he dances on his own strings.

>> No.56168284

Actually, it was ruined by one anon being a total bitch. He could have a rational conversation but because I pointed out that his characters fluffwise are totally pathetic he got his fefes hurt.

His inability to defend them or justify why they are so shit (Fabius is excluded from this because he i so awesome), made him go full retard with rage.

>> No.56168288

>his own master
Like belakor The best puppets are the ones that think they're free

>> No.56168303

Love the bassinet/skitarii style helmet. Where's it from?

>> No.56168307

I love how the end of Mont'ka is basically the AdMech giving the Imperium the superweapon to deal with the Tau threat and, if I remember right, snickered under their breath as it immolated half the Imperial fleet alongside the pursuing Tau.

>> No.56168309

Carnac and Carnid should fucking die already.

Also everyone responding to this retards should get hit on their foot little finger

>> No.56168312

All you do is ruin threads just to get your bit of autistic attention, don't try and blame it on other people who don't know better

>> No.56168330

Actually, the Black Legion supplement says that Abaddon retains his freewill. The Chaos Gods have no power to move him against his own wishes. They have to threaten, beg, and pressure him to do their bidding. He is not their slave, unlike the traitor primarchs, he is their partner.

>> No.56168340

is there any character in 40k that stands a chance?

>> No.56168347

Yawn. Abaddon is worthless, Primarchs are everything. He will forever remain the squat manlet he is until his model gets ignominiously squatted and your pitiful screeching makes no difference at all.

>> No.56168352

>shitty GSC bait
>stupid slaansh trap attention whoring
>now we're back to Carnac shitposting
For fucks sake 40kg.
Cant we have fun for once? I want back my Fabulous Bill Titan army and my HomebrewGM "I am Alpharius" shitposting.
Or arguing about why 4" more make all the difference.

>> No.56168354

Pretty sure it just comes from the updated Knight kit with the extra configurations, based on one of their old Epic designs.

>> No.56168368

He knew better but he couldn't help himself because it burns him knowing that he powerless to argue against anything I say. He could have stayed quiet and left it at that but he had to try to have the final word and that was just....sad.

>> No.56168375

4" more makes it easier for the Tervigon to birth those new Termagaunts.

>> No.56168376

Cain could probably make friends with him and sneak off and get whatever he needs done while saitama is eating Ramen or reading manga

>> No.56168381

The helmet comes in the new knight kit.
Its the best helmet they have. Looks absolutely B O S S

>> No.56168397

The AdMech showed a rather tame response all things consider.
Can you picture if the FW said fuck it?! Open the vaults!
Abominable Intelligence waiting to kill everything got thrown out into the Tau Empire, hell demonic computer virus or the scrap code.

>> No.56168400

Who ?

>> No.56168406

Which is what Fires of Cyraxus was supposed to be.

>> No.56168409

Nope, the 8th ED resolves around the Great Rift that Abaddon created. Abaddon left a greater mark on the setting and the galaxy than all of the Primarchs combined. And, bitch, the CSM codex says that the traitor primarch got of their asses because of Abaddon's successes. They are riding off his glory and trying to exploit it because they are too weak and scattered brained to achieve what he did.

>> No.56168412

Never gonna happen. :c

>> No.56168416

What are the leaked stratagems?

>> No.56168437

> ITT :

>> No.56168442

Think those were mostly Guardsmen left behind on the ground, but yeah, that was funny. Admech got everything they wanted from that campaign. I never said they were flawless, they're sociopathic factionalistic zealots with very strange priorities, but the cargo-cultism is mostly restricted to the lower ranks aside from the few more hard-line Magi. We see a disproportionate number of those because "Admech starts a research base, come up with new high energy feed for Servitor crew, everything was fine" doesn't need a Marine book to solve and they keep the important and dangerous stuff very secret and very careful. There's good reason for those decades of required STC analysis., because if they don't keep it to the High and Archmagi some newly-converted Enginseer will build a higgs-ground bomb or something and pop goes the galaxy.


Wouldn't even need most of those. A slap from the Heresy virus relic could bring down an entire Tau planet's tech base given how virulent it is.

>> No.56168452

Well now the thread is just Carnac autistically wingeing to anyone that is brain dead enough to respond, it was fun while it lasted
Think I'll go check out what's going on in /c/ or /u/, I'm in the mood for cute girls doing cute stuff, peace fellas, hope whatever hobbying you have on the plate is going well

>> No.56168476

>Seriously thinking the unsold, unloved finecrap old enough to drink matters half as much as supersized CAD models that fly off the shelves
Toppest of keks.

>> No.56168498


>> No.56168503

Seriously, you guys should read the fluff you are talking about.

The crusades objective was to throw the T'au back across the gulf. After that failed (literally stalling and being defeated at the first planet despire having the element of surprise due to LOL Warp travel), the crusade commander was taken away to face a horrible end and while his replacement was told about a contingency plan in case of the failure of the crusade. The Admech deloyed the weapon on the planet which killed off the GROUND forces of the crusade that were left behind which accounted for 50% manpower.

Then the admech used the weapon to set the celestial gases in the gulf ablaze isolating the T'au for like less than a few months before the Great Rift extinquished the space fire and the T'au were free to once again liberate Imperial worlds from tyranny and ignorance.

>> No.56168505


One bit I've always been curious on is that would Mechanicum tech-virus' work on Tau tech? I mean, one can probably assume their computing operates on the same paradigms, but I guess I've never known a precedent for it. I have a feeling its probably not going to have been explained anywhere well enough.

>> No.56168510

I want more tau books to come out so I can hopefully read about one of their worlds being consumed by daemons.

>> No.56168524

After you've been to /c/ and /u/, and chance you're stopping by at /n/ and /t/ too?

:^) Sorry but I had to.

>> No.56168525

>let me ignore all the fluff and focus on my bias.


>> No.56168551

>Wouldn't even need most of those. A slap from the Heresy virus relic could bring down an entire Tau planet's tech base given how virulent it is.

No, it wouldn't. The Tableau Myriad and its constructs were immune to the scrap code. T'au tech is purely machine and have no organic bits like the Myriad and they run of logic.

>> No.56168554

That is the thing. Before the Heresy fuck up things for everyone. Admech had basically found a way to hack the universe for knowledge.
The amount of bullshit the Admech can pull is only second to Carnac’s wankig

>> No.56168555 [SPOILER] 

Do I have to pay the points for any terms that i spawn in with a tervigon?

>> No.56168558

Amy the armless got beaten by a little girl, he couldn’t even take a single planet without crashing his priceless spaceship in to it.

Abbadon status: BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

>> No.56168561

>I don't know what scrap code is or does!

>> No.56168567

Only if you make a new unit.

>> No.56168570

Hey so I wanna hear your thoughts on something not related to traps or Carnac's autism for once. How would you solve the Crisis suit/Commander issue? Currently the former is too weak and the latter is too good, but it's more than just point costs. Commanders cost 80% more and the increase in BS almost pays it off by itself (66% better shooting), never mind the doubled wounds, character status, abilities and extra hardpoint. Crisis aren't really cost efficient versus anything at all, and the main reason is their mediocre BS4+, which on a dedicated shooting unit (and army) is just, pretty shit.

I mean fuck, per the mathhammer sheet Commanders would have to be about 80% more expensive to be as point efficient as the Crisis suits, that's how much BS matters. The new Markerlights mean that the only readily available shooting buff Crisis get, reroll 1s, is only a tiny increase in their effectiveness (1/6), which makes their comparably astronomic body cost (42ppm before any weapons, the cheapest of which is 9pts and you nearly always take 3) even worse comparatively. They pay the same price for the same weapons, but the far better stats mean each of them is that much better on the Commander. For Crisis suits to measure up, you'd have to nearly halve their body cost (42ppm to 22), which is not gonna happen.

So, while we all know GW is to elegant solutions as 8th ed IG is to balance, I think a good first point would be to limit Commanders to 3 weapons + 1 support system rather than 4 of a choice. This'd make the dreaded quadfusion less of a thing, and giving you a reason to run one of the "shoot better" SS (ATS, Target Lock, whatever) instead of a fourth gun. Hike their point costs by 20 or so (up from 76), and drop Crisis' by 10. That's a start.

But really a non-retarded way to increase BS is necessary, because BS4+ for a shooting army is ridiculous.

>> No.56168571

>lets distort the fluff and lie about it

You are pathetic. At least when I bash characters I accurately cite what's in the fluff.

>> No.56168574

No, it's all for free !
... in the index at least. We'll see if this stays the same with the codex.

>> No.56168578

Only during the movement of the Tervigon right after it disembarked. And only works if it payed either 12 or 20 points for the Wu Tang Clan keyword

>> No.56168579

You pay for new units but not for reinforcing existing units.

>> No.56168582

I know what it does. And I know that the Myriad was immune to it. It created a digital wall of logic and mathematical truths that shielded it from scrap code.

>> No.56168588

Does anyone have the leaked white dwarf stuff?

I missed out on it yesterday.

>> No.56168591

Any idea how to tell if the kit is the new or old one? My LGS has a ton of knight kits.

>> No.56168592

Maybe it was this one...

>> No.56168601

Small price hike for commanders. Most codices come with heavy price drops so commanders aren't as OP relative to codices.
Crisis stat buff change.

>> No.56168602

Drop the commander to 3+ BS, there done.

>> No.56168603

Some of those are pretty spicy. If I'm reading the strategem for pheremone trails right, and the guy is writing it correctly, you could use it after using endless swarm to put your fresh horde in the middle of the board.

Also lictors got a lot better with these rules.

>> No.56168606

Depends, are they facing off in OPM or 40k? If the latter anyone up to and including the Chaos gods gets roflstomped because comedy, if the latter he jobs to a Primarch because fucking everything does.

>> No.56168610

Character spam in general needs to be reigned and it can something as simple as an addendum to "Boots on the ground" rule, something like

>Cannot have more <Character> units in your army than non-<Characters>

Done, character spam is lessened and armies can look like actualy armies instead of whatever exploit tourneyfags are abusing and bitching about.

>> No.56168616

New ones should be labelled Knight Warden instead of Paladin/Errant
I suppose they are literally the faction which hordes mcguffins and stores them in big vaults for whenever they're mad enough to use one. I guess that's one of the reasons I like them, because you can go all-out with the nonsense they could have in their army.

>> No.56168624

Well they changed decades of lore from “he needs to conquer Cadia” to “lol he never need too”

>> No.56168626

Gods are immune to gag characters. Dragon Ball Super established this.

>> No.56168628

Post nudes to prove that you are real one.

>> No.56168638

Why is it so hard to remember my trip aaaa

>> No.56168654

>GW make a "How to paint Custodes video."
>Use a model that doesn't actually represent painting the Custodes.
Like, what the fuck? They don't explain how to paint the black cloaks, which colors to paint the inner-armor patterns, or skin.

>> No.56168657

Okay this is the new one and I'll post a pic in a minute as proof but then I gotta go out for a Halloween party

>> No.56168665

Why aren't Salamanders more competitive? A re-roll to hit AND to wound seems really good for an army based around their squads having one heavy and one special weapon.

>> No.56168666

Stop drinking

>> No.56168668

Better yet:
> <Character> units or units in the Lord of War force organization slot cannot make up more than half the total points of your army

Boom, 8th solved.

>> No.56168682

You're not my real dad Satan

>> No.56168683

Dragon Ball Super is what happens when kids who grew up nu-uhing conversations about Goku versus Superman get to write the thing. It's shit.

>> No.56168686

I think they should just add a rule that you can't shoot a character if a non-character unit is closer.

This means that if there is a large bunch of characters, you can pick whichever one you want to shoot. Normal units can still screen for units, but CHARACTER exploiting rules get utterly BTFO, because you can then do the following :

>Ok, so of this unit of 10 Necron warriors, every single one is going to shoot at a separate character.

>> No.56168699

Just make sure to keep it ambiguous and don't accidentally show penis in one of them.

>> No.56168701

Never ran into it in a book, but since all their Infiltrators and stuff work just fine I'd imagine their amazing ECM relics would demolish the Tau.


One, the Tableau was in stasis during the main scrapcode outbreak and was not exposed to the main sledgehammer, just the ambient effects afterwards.
Two, that's a DAoT bullshit AI that is so far beyond Tau tech and anything other than the Necrons it's not even funny. Tau AI is"about as smart as a pterasquirrel" right? That fits with the Cortex robots that went down to scrapcode just fine, and there's no flesh in those.
Three, even modern Admech would have basically ignored the Death of Innocence because the now-standard noosphere stopped it dead. Surprise value counted for a lot.
Four, I'm not talking about that, I'm on about the purely physical Admech electronic warfare like the Contagium Mechanica. No warp nonsense involved, still perfectly capable of frying Custodes tech and pretty much anything else.

>> No.56168710

What color scheme do you use for your minis

>> No.56168712

The Errant and Paladin kits are the old ones, and are slightly cheaper (I think 110 euros)

The new one is called "Warden", but if you order online you can get either the Warden, Crusader or Gallant.

Also buy magnets for your knight, the newest kit comes with every weapon option available so if you magnetize you can use your knight in any loadout you like. Pic related is how I magnetized mine.

>> No.56168724 [SPOILER] 

But sweet little girl, those trips mean that I will be your daddy

>> No.56168733

If I tell you then you might recognized aw me at a game store and that would be awk

>> No.56168734

Any recommendations on where to get magnets and what sizes?

>> No.56168742


>what army do you play?
Imperial Guard
>do you prefer to be super competitive, super fluffy/casual, or somewhere in between?
Fluffy/casual mostly. If my community does a leaderboard I'll play a bit more competitive.
>do you participate in LGS or large tourneys?
>have you ever intentionally looked up 40k R34?
>what unit in your army would you want to see updated models for?
Infantry that aren't Cadian and Catachan.
>what is your favorite faction that you don't own models for?
Errrr Dark Eldar? I have some SoB that I'm working on.
>what codex do you hope to see announced next?
Oh sweet Emperor let there be a physical SoB codex.
>would you tuck Duncan in and give him a kiss goodnight?
With a cup of water by his bedside so he can thin his paints even in his sleep.
>are traps gay?
Eh, technically but I don't mind.

>> No.56168748

YES I remembered my old trip

>> No.56168754

I was going to make a joke at how Infiltrators don't work but then I made myself sad. Its too late to get old Infiltrators back, isn't it? Their lore snipped hypes them up so much for the result to be "-1Ld in melee range"

>> No.56168762

There's enough other distinctive features.
Like haircut.

>> No.56168764

Good for you

>> No.56168767

I just ordered mine from amazon, any magnet should work honestly.
As for the size, I cant really remember, but I just checked them and they seem to be about 4-5 mm in diameter

Also, just fyi, I managed to magnetize the knight without needing a drill.

>> No.56168773


>> No.56168775

>implying people wouldn't recognize you based on any other image you've posted
You don't live in Kentucky anyway.

>> No.56168783

She's back.

>> No.56168789

>you don't live in Kentucky
Lexington representing

>> No.56168790

>GSC is back
Fuck off. Stop fetishizing my glorious space dinosaurs, asshole.

>> No.56168798

of course
Sisters of Battle
see above
of course

>> No.56168801

Damn blue boards ;)

>> No.56168805

If Old Ones didn't want them to be for lewd, they wouldn't have given them all the tentacles.

>> No.56168806

Is this legit? Amazing. Gotta get my gf to do this.

>> No.56168815

gross, you're down south

>> No.56168820

Little witch academia is just a reaction pic generator disguised as a show

>> No.56168822

But the board is purple right now...

>> No.56168826

Pretty good heresy, 9/10 would overthrow the Imperium with.

>> No.56168828

Post the other images good anons.

>> No.56168842

Yeah, that was bullshit. If they'd kept the old "fuck your hordes" aura they'd be properly good now as opposed to "decent, if not instantly obliterated due to being expensive paper tasers" I do want to run a decent number because their lore is properly terrifying, but I have other things to buy and my deepstrike slots are full of Electro-priests.

>> No.56168844

Look into the archive, fartface.

>> No.56168846

Are you near Cincinnati or Louisville? I've been meaning to check out the scene there and didn't know how it was
Also don't knock lexington, we have one of only two female GW managers in the entire country and most of the dudes in our scene are pretty chill

>> No.56168847

A friend of mine has been using the blood for the blood god technical for eyes and ive noticed it has a real natural shine. I want to use it for my Wraithseer's gems and headpiece

Good or bad idea? Are there any other paints with a natural shine like that?

>> No.56168856

Same person?

>> No.56168861

Probably the gemstone technical paints

>> No.56168864

There is only one :(.

>> No.56168866

Hrud = Israel

>They are found all over the galaxy, though never in large numbers. They are considered to be parasites, and when they are referred to it is usually as "infesting" a place. Observing a Hrud is often difficult even within a well-lit room due to a distortion field of unknown origin emanating from the Hrud that prevents the eye from focusing on it.

>> No.56168879

I'll knock Lexington as much as I damn-well please. Anyway, I've literally never been to the Cincinnati store. I've met people that go there but it's a bit of a distance and I'm looking to start up a local scene again soonish. Have had health and money problems that have postponed it.

>> No.56168882

... no bully

>> No.56168888


>> No.56168892


>> No.56168893


>> No.56168902

Disclaimed: This is not the tripfag, it's somebody else from a while ago.

>> No.56168908

>Glorious Space Dinosaur Aesthetic
>Awesome Tentacles as a reference to lovecraftian Cthulu-esque horror monsters that Nids are inspired by
>Equating this to "muh lewd"
It makes me sick to think my poor bugs are subject to being played by people like you.
Just play Slaneesh or something
Pretty much

>> No.56168913


>> No.56168924

Are there any DE kabals which canonically have a working relationship with the Craftworlds or Ynnari?

I've a couple sprues sitting around for the last few years and I'm wondering if there's a kabal to draw inspiration from or I'm just better off sticking to my dudes

>> No.56168933

Nice paintscheme.

>> No.56168934

That's pretty much any moe anime anon, which is all of them these days
Literally went through all of love live and yuruyuri with the screencap app open the whole time

>> No.56168938


>> No.56168943

That's exactly why I saved it back in the day.

>> No.56168946

Couldn't find anything, searched for U5AnWgQNsM and GSC Breeder.

>> No.56168948

It feels so obvious

Thank you anon

>> No.56168950

Yes they're the Kabal of your dudes

>> No.56168954

I've got some ten more Stormboyz to paint then after that it's vanity projects like this extra Painboy, this Deff Dread, and some converted Meganobz.

>> No.56168958

>tfw this image circulated in 40kg threads for a good week until I actually noticed the shit in the back

>> No.56168960

I feel that the whole codex has a few niggling issues here and there that stops the army from being truly stellar. Galvanic Rifles not being AP-1 base, Ballistarius not ignoring move+shoot penalties, Infiltrators losing almost any threat and the continuing lack of a Skitarii HQ or transports (I know the Enginseer sorta alleviates that but its not the same, and FoC never). I know making shit cheaper can ease the pain but that solution is more of a bandaid than a cure. Anyways I'm gonna be buggering off for now, but it was nice actually getting a coherent conversation out here for once.

>> No.56168966

lictors are super good with these stratagems and bonuses. jormungandr lictors >_>

>> No.56168969

Stop begging then.

>> No.56168970

Stormboyz are ugly as fuck
You either deploy way the fuck back or enjoy your turn one charge

>> No.56168986


Guessed as much, well at least I can come up with a scheme which complements the Biel-Tan green

>> No.56168991

Come on anon. don't be like that. Share.

>> No.56168996

You know something don't you?

>> No.56169006

I live in the New Albanian area myself

>> No.56169011


>> No.56169013 [SPOILER] 

No that wasn't me

>> No.56169016

Pleas rembr

>> No.56169019

holy shit
if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have even noticed
I just saw it and thought "But that's notta lava'nids"

>> No.56169030

What if a Weirdboy became a Warboss?

>> No.56169032

I believe in that guy, he is right after all!.

>> No.56169037

It's not in the archive anymore, I swear!

Show us your archive.

>> No.56169040

Then he'd be a Weirdoss.

>> No.56169041

where's the costume tho

>> No.56169043


>> No.56169045

Nice. Though I would prefer seeing you with something teal.

>> No.56169047

Where the hell did you even get that shirt?

>> No.56169049

which army would you describe as being the most uncanny

>> No.56169056

Please leave peacefully. We dont need you and your cuckboys ruining this thread. start another thread i dont mind just not here. M'lady

>> No.56169063

Uncanny orksmen

>> No.56169065

my guess would be underneath

>> No.56169066

My faith is strong

>> No.56169071

what is this regarding?

>> No.56169076

You mean kinda like Old Zogwort?

>> No.56169078

Plastic Sisters of Battle in January.

>> No.56169094

<pic related>

>> No.56169097

Wraithkind Cabal saved Iyanden because they found Craftworlder's necromancy interesting.

Craftworld Il-Kaithe have good relations with Dark Eldars.

>> No.56169111

that's fucking horrifying.

Oh, then he's right, he just didn't specify which january.

January 2021, after Hillary wins

>> No.56169123

Yeah, gimme that shit. Considering Weirdboy are the only Psyekrs available to Orks currently, why not make either a unique character (maybe bring Zogwort back) or generic (Warp'eads I think they were called?) that's bigger and tougher and weirder? Warboss statline, level 2 caster, maybe some sort of FnP or similar rule to help with the WAAAGH induced Perils and we're a go.

>> No.56169135

Who needs cultists when you have


>> No.56169138

>implying Bernie doesn't still have a chance

>> No.56169143

Better yet! Give Orkz a Mind War/Purge Soul clone and enjoy seeing Weirdboys with Mob Rule one shot Knights.

>> No.56169154

Pillarmen theme is great workout music
I imagine that's what plays on loop in the gyms of world eaters ships

>> No.56169162

the dude under the mask is an interesting fella, not seem him around for a whole though

>> No.56169166

I'd like to see generic "priests" of the three Ork deities (Mork, Gork, and Speed), beyond just Thraka as the Prophet of Gork and Mork. There'd be plenty of room for psyker-like shenanigans from that, since Ork Belief is the one of the most powerful forces in the known universe (so powerful, Yarrick has a 3+ to come back to life because the Orks don't believe he can die to anyone but Thraka).

>> No.56169218

There's bit and pieces of fluff out there but I think my dudes will simply have to be a black/amber mercenary kabal brought along for the Biel-Tan wild ride

>> No.56169220

What is the ynnari color scheme?

>> No.56169241

Lots of red.

>> No.56169251

Typically dark red and black, I think

>> No.56169256


>> No.56169257


Does that mean you can stack the Jormungandr trait with shrouding spores? Holy shit, -2 to hit Carnifexes?

>> No.56169258


>> No.56169294

Jormungandr gives cover not -1 to hit.

>> No.56169298

How would you make it look different than saim hann

>> No.56169302

Jormungandr is cover, not -1 to hit

>> No.56169303

red (maroon) with black and bone details

>> No.56169309

+1 armor save -1 to hit. Cover (for some stupid reason) is a +1 to your armor save, not to hit. Because GW is smurt.

>> No.56169312

SH: red, white, and black

YN: red, red, and red

>> No.56169318

and I need to start tearing apart my 14 carnifexes to give them the right biomorphs....

>> No.56169323

Because -1 to hit in cover would've broken the game.

>> No.56169333

Honestly, while its not fluffy and makes flamers kinda weird, its a good thing it is +1 to armor raher than-1 to hit
Could you imagine having to go up against a Ravenguard/Alpha Legion/Stygies/Altaioc gunline that just sits in cover with a -2 to hit rolls? Fuck that noise.

>> No.56169343

They're not the same, but they'll work fine as long as your opponent is okay with it.

>> No.56169345

I've been wanting a weirdboss styled setup for awhile
Azhag and Wurrzag are probably my favorite fantasy dudes, and ghaz doesn't count

>> No.56169348

cause you can shoot through walls?

>> No.56169371

is that maroon or burgundy?

>> No.56169377

I guess i decided my color scheme

>> No.56169378

just wondering but canonically which craftworld makes extensive use of wraith units? as i have the army idea done but im trying to figure out a colour scheme.

>> No.56169388

Not really, plenty of shit already allows you to ignore cover. Plus if they changed it to be how much of the model you can see (or infinity rules for cover where it is a % for base size regardless of the model so you aren't penalized for the model and it's pose) then you just go flank and enjoy. Only pain in the ass is things things like trees (that have no low laying branches) giving cover, hell they could say that it can't stack with other things in a lot of cases and that would solve a lot of things.

>Aim shot
>Shot hits target
>Shot damages target
>Shot actually fails to damage targets due to wall eating energy.

While true, I feel a -1 to hit (due to target obscurement) is more thematic and would allow things like grenades, flamers, former template weapons/pieplate weapons to have more utility in ignoring cover saves or reducing them.

>> No.56169390

Is that a Dire Avenger painted black and maroon?

>> No.56169392


>> No.56169394

I have a nod army with blue grey skin and white carapiece. I have a 60 man swarm of gaunts and 5 carnifexes with tyrants and Tervigon. What should my hive fleet rules be?

>> No.56169401

Iyanden color is yellow and blue i personally dont like it

>> No.56169403

Is that not allowed?
Genuinely do not know Space Elf lore

>> No.56169417

Lots of Ynnari-devoted aspect warriors do this apparently

Fluff is that each aspect has a colour scheme but different shrines have different rules, allowing for your dudes to be whatever

>> No.56169418

Iyanden dumbass.
It's one of major craftworlds it had its own supplement and now it has its own tactics.

>> No.56169423

The problem is that hit penalties affect lower BS armies more than high. It makes balancing much harder.

>> No.56169431

Yes, Ynnari repaint their shit once they join.

>> No.56169433

Nid army
Fucking yuri and his forces aren't here.

>> No.56169441

>swarm of hormagants dies after tying up enemy units for 2 turns
>it's okay, I have a lictor
>deep strike the lictor
>pay 2 CP to bring them back on as reinforcements
>pay 1 CP to activate pheromone trails to deploy those reinforcements within 6 inches of the lictor and 9 inches of the enemy

ohhhhh baby

>> No.56169443

They would make a good Genestealer Cult army though.

>> No.56169449

>he didnt magntize them
Well, neither did I
Thank god I only have 2 atm

On that note, what should I treat myself to, 40kg? My B-day is coming up soonish and I plan on grabbing the SM, GK and Nid codex for my armies, but I want to get myself one box of models so I have something to build and paint.

The options are:

>The old Nid SC! kit so I can convert a Cthulu/Reaping scythe Tyrant, convert the Warriors to "counts as" Hive Guards and add the Gargoyles to my existing 10 so that I actually have a reason to field them

>the new SC! nids box so I can have a second Trygon, split my Stealers into two broods of 15 and a second Broodlord just for fun

>two more carnifexes so I can have 3 screamer killers and old one eye

>a ravenwing bike command squad I can convert for characters/veterans for my SMs on bikes

>> No.56169454

Fuck don't do this to me anon. I'm already erect

>> No.56169456

You would have to pay for those reinforcements.

>> No.56169461

first of all, ouch, secondly I'm new to eldar so how was I know.

>> No.56169467

.... honestly I'm not that good with colours, maroon seems to encompass that kind of red all the way through to a sort of reddish purple

fraid so, some but not all followers of Ynnead full on pallet swap, which if nothing else lets you tie your CWE DE and battle clowns together on the tabletop

>> No.56169471

thats because Cover is normally stuff that gets in the way of or slows down bullets so +1 armour makes enough sense.
"cover" that would be just obscuringsight like a smoke cloud is given the -1 hit.

>> No.56169481

>pay reinforcement points for that unit of hormagaunts
>not just buying two units of gaunts right off the bat
>saving 2 CP that way as well

>> No.56169495

Probably not for 2 weeks, given how GW bungled the same stratagem in the guard codex, and a similar stratagem in chaos not having the payment. Even if you do have to pay, it's far superior to the guard stratagem, since you respawn your dudes right where you want them. It's actually worth reserving points that way for a tarpit that just will not die.

>> No.56169496

I'm not against it, it just confuses me and throws me off.

>> No.56169507

Yeah, I get that but now we have the issue of everyone has a -1 to hit easily accessible (except for orks I believe). Which is indeed problematic with an army that has such a crappy ballistic skill. I mean I am fine with conscripts being unable to hit shit (fine balancing point, conscript abusers are shitty people and deserve to get completely wrecked), but an entire faction? No, fuuuuuck no. There very much needs more things that gives a +1 to hit to counter this (even if to just one unit per turn). I am just glad GW had the foresight to not let Carnifex Spore Clouds stack with other minuses to hit.

>> No.56169513

Were there ever aspect shrine rules?

>> No.56169514


>> No.56169519

Building two more Deathwatch characters for the sake of building stuff. Will clean them later.


>> No.56169522

Still better than green Biel-Tan banshees

The Craftworld Eldar codex some twenty years ago set some standards but obviously they couldn't be held to

>> No.56169536

New general when?

>> No.56169543


>I'm retarded

Less than 30% chance to make the charge from DS.

20 paladins is 1.1k+ points.

40 SB shots at a unit with 3+ save is 6 wounds. 2+ save (SoB in cover) is 3 wounds. Enjoy taking 4 battlerounds to kill a 10 woman squad.

You also can't kill shit if you're outside of their range.


Yep, the trashest of tiers.

>> No.56169546

I think there was something in the 2nd ed dex but don't have it accessible atm, there might be a pdf in the mega. It'll be in the heavy metal section in the middle if it's anywhere

>> No.56169562

>Raises hand
>"In nomine patre, et filii, et spiriti sancti..."
>"I said over THERE, motherfucker. Are you even listening?"

>> No.56169564

Summoning seems fucking useless. I dont understand why i would ever want to summon a unit onto the battlefield on a chance. I could just use that point in my list normally.

>> No.56169569

Very nice, cant wait to see them painted. Which chapters are they from?

>> No.56169576


>> No.56169578

Man, people talk about GK like they were 7th ed Orks tier or something. They aren't great, but they're far from terrible.

>> No.56169591

It was definitely there, but I also remember buying it in my FLGS fifteen years ago just because it was so obsolete even then.

>> No.56169592

versatility, some times you want nurglings some times you need plague bearers

>> No.56169594

>Biel-Tan banshees

>> No.56169613


>> No.56169623

Remains my least favourite possible scheme for Howing Banshees and I *collect* Biel-Tan

>> No.56169632

What the fuck is that pose

>> No.56169643

Blue steel

>> No.56169648

I don't know, it's kinda' neat.

>> No.56169649

>he didnt get that someone posting "20 paladins will surround your unit" was sarcasm
>he didnt get that "GKs are OP for a reason" was sarcasm
But dude, your argument is pretty shit too. If someone were crazy enough to grab 20 paladins, this is how I'd run it:
>10 man blob for buffing with Hammerhand, Sanctuary, Astral Aim and Psybolt ammo (so 4+ armor save for your girls, actually)
>Have Apothecary/Banner/character/whatever in the back with warlord trait to reroll charge distance
>the other 10 paladins are split into squads of 3, 3 and 4 to maximize chances of getting into combat

I mean, sorry if you misunderstood that, it was supposed to be a joke. GKs are nowhere near as good as SOB are.

>> No.56169654

Is it just me, or does the Sporocyst not have Spore Nodes available as wargear?

>> No.56169658

*Le Tigre

>> No.56169665

Thinking Angels of Absolution for the Chaplain and Doom Eagles for the Captain.

>> No.56169669

Is GK still the cheapest way to 2000 points $-wise?

>> No.56169670

>Hating life

If you used black primer on a model you intended to paint yellow, your pain is self-inflicted.

Life is pain. Misery is a choice.

>> No.56169677

I gotchu

>> No.56169678

I feel at least that the different Aspects should be distinctive in some way and to me green + hand weapons and pistols = Striking Scorpions

What would I know, I painted my banshees red and bone colours back in the day and now that means they're Ynnead cultists

>> No.56169694

Typo, they errata'd it.

>> No.56169714

>buy 4 boxes of GK Terminators
>play them as 10-15 Paladins plus Character support
>even play at 2500 point level

>> No.56169723

Always felt that aspect warriors, phoenix lords, and avatars should be painted as GW showed (so characters and their cultists), the rest of eldar? Have fun.

>> No.56169735

it does if you read the errata. But it was released without them. Most playtested edition ever!

>> No.56169740

nevmd I just realized I fucked up my maths real bad.
Its way to late, I should go to bed

>> No.56169744

I don't know about rules but in 7th ed you got some colour schemes for shrines.

>> No.56169751

Super fluffy
All the time, usually go for appearance, theme, or sports awards
Sure, he seems like a cool dude
only if you're a dude

>> No.56169756

Back when Ulthwé were often shown as purple and yellow

>> No.56169763

or does it?

that said, from a lore perspective banshees an Yneed are pretty closely related and Jain Zar was properly into the idea of awakening Yneed early

>> No.56169768

The chaplin looks sick. Other dude is a bit too busy for my tastes.

>> No.56169782

perhaps +1 to hit at half range?

>> No.56169784

El Tigre you filthy gringo

>> No.56169785

black and yellow but yeah, my bfg fleet was painted in the old Ulthwé livery

>> No.56169794

A new comrades join us?

>> No.56169799

Starting eldar should I go for aspect or wraith based army

>> No.56169804

Ok, here's a better list.
>buy 3 GK Termie boxes
>5 Grandmasters
>5 Brother Captains
>5 Apothecaries

Exactly 2000 points. Have fun with the character shenanigans and healing stuff up.

>> No.56169815

I was mostly joking, but seriously I've just resurfaced after a few years and now there's whole new Ynnari thing going on

Honestly I think it works better, you get a little bit more colour and variety in there with the reds and yellows

>> No.56169830


5 hours in the black primer glove

>> No.56169836

Maybe, works with the sheer mass of orks and dakka that they get a bonus to hit the closer they are. Hilarious way to counter it. "TAKE THAT YOU SNEAKY GIT!"

>> No.56169846

So if I want an imperial detatchment thats very hard to kill what's my best choice.
A bunch of tanks? Grey Knight terminators?

>> No.56169858

Ig, with a GSC and nid detachment.

>> No.56169877

I personally prefer Aspects, but which do you like more model/fluff-wise?

>> No.56169881

15 model list? Is this ever gonna win?

>> No.56169882

Swordwind, The Avatar leading the Aspect warriors to war with transports and heavy support

>> No.56169891

If that's your only criterion, Culexus Assassins and your favorite Flyers are probably the most durable list you can make, although Celestine and Guilliman are also a bitch and a half to kill.

>> No.56169902

Only place flat chests belong is on traps.

>> No.56169907

Brother-Captains, at least, have no useful way to stack in that list. You'd be a lot better off with Grandmasters in Nemesis Armor, probably the most efficient thing GK can field.

>> No.56169932

Fanboys send me nice genestealer things<3

>> No.56169937

Aspects, they've got a lot more variety and flavour than Wraiths

>> No.56169962

Have you got this ovipositor dildo?

>> No.56169972


I cannot fathom giving things to a woman that I was not in an emotionally fulfilling relationship of some form with, or actively dicking her.

>> No.56170007

So going with aspects is there any I should avoid?

>> No.56170010

.... is passive dicking a thing?

I think it's something I'd like to try

>> No.56170015

That's pretty normal, even for guys to guys. You don't just give shit away unless it's for charity, it's to reward friendship, or it's to get some fuck.

>> No.56170023

All of them.

>> No.56170025


They also belong in the trash.

>> No.56170031

How would anyone know how to send anything to a tripfag?

>> No.56170033

it is. It's fun when the girl has an oral fixation.

>> No.56170044

Swooping Hawks are pretty garbage, unless you really like the look of them.

Striking Scorpions I want to like, but I'm just not certain about them.

Dire Avengers are honestly pretty mediocre, but they're troops I guess.

On the flip side, Shining Spears and Dark Reapers are fantastic, and the others are all at least decent.

>> No.56170052


>> No.56170053

Like planking, but with penetration. Or cowgirl position.

>> No.56170064

Hawks are legit horde killers now, very meta-dependent though.

>> No.56170069


>> No.56170088

Striking Scorpions are better than Banshees, Banshees only do better in that they don't take over watch fire and their PL trait is nice if you want to dish out for their PL.

Hawks are good for mowing down T3 dudes which are common now, just go full auto after moving in and dumping hopefully a few mortal wounds. Not the most amazing, but, that rate of fire is pretty good for hoovering up a horde.

>> No.56170090

Really? I guess 4 s3 shots is alright, but they're still 13 ppm, and they're pretty useless against anything T4 or more

>> No.56170104

Hence why I do not understand why people send things to someone they can't dick.

>> No.56170112

>Banshees only do better in that they don't take overwatch fire
But that's the whole point of them.
Neither unit does much damage, but Banshees have much better utility imo

>> No.56170117

How's a power sword unit that ignores overwatch worse than Striking Scorpions?

>> No.56170123

Just made a better one. 13 models. All of them are WYSIWYG

>3 Grandmasters with Hammers, one has a psilencer
>3 Brother Captains with Sword//Halberd/Stave
>2 Paladin Banner Ancients, one with Psilencer, one with halberd
>2 Apothecaries, one hammer, one halberd
>one Brotherhood Champion

1999 points
2 HQ detatchements and 1 Vanguard means a total 6 CP.

Fuck man, I'm gonna try this out the next time I go to my LGS, just for shits and giggles.

>> No.56170124

A little amenity can go long way with people - regardless of gender.

or a collection of appropriate toys...

>> No.56170131

They're also cheaper than Scorps, and -1 to hit probably keeps more alive than the +1 armour save

>> No.56170133

the same mental illness that causes people to subscribe to twitch channels.

>> No.56170142

True believers of the voidmother find their way to my hidden church of love, once they have proven their devotion and bear the spiral mark of the Wyrm

>> No.56170143

can somebody run a quick mathhammer of that vs Maximum Conscripts?

>> No.56170148

Is there any other army (apart from Imperial Knights of course) that can get a model count this low at 2000 points?

>> No.56170164

their whole schtic is that each aspect is hyper specialised and will be awesome against it's preferred target and utter horse shit against everything else, often you'll find the reason [x] aspect warrior isn't performing well is because you're using them against the wrong target

so... you know mix em up a bit

>> No.56170166

>find their way to my hidden church of love
It's a Discord thing, right? You androgynous turboslut.

>> No.56170173

TN: she accidentally put out enough information that you can find her, and if you do, she'll send you lewds if you send her stuff.

>> No.56170181

Does this cost money or something? I always see people making a big thing about subscribers and thanking them, but if it's free isn't it just like hitting a like button or subscribing on youtube?

>> No.56170190

$5.00 per month subscribed

>> No.56170195

I could see that but they cant even move in that turn tho. so your going to need to make a 10 inch charge to be able to get into anything if you manage to summon something good.

>> No.56170202

I get it if you really like the person and want to support them, but when it's a chick that just prances about in skimpy outfits... Why? Same with Jessica Niggery. You're paying to be blueballed.

You're not even a real GSCultist if you have hair.

>> No.56170210

I can't think of any 40k twitch streamer, or even any twitch streamer in general, worth paying $5 recurring for.

Maybe a high quality streamer that broadcasts things like EVO or something, sure, then it's like pay per view.

>> No.56170213

i saw these models the other day and i was wondering where the came from

>> No.56170217

Is this a meme list or will it actually win casual games?

>> No.56170221

OK here's the psychic breakdown:

I have exactly 6 slots for casting the 6 GK psychic powers (3 from the GMs, 2 from Voldus and 1 from Draigo). That way, I can cast each power every turn while still letting every model in the army cast smite as well. So, thats about 10-12 mortal wounds a turn before factoring in GK powers, all at 24" range thanks to the Brother Captains


>> No.56170222

There's literally women who are sometimes more attractive, and will actually put out more on their porn webcams, and for free.

>> No.56170235

Avatarfagging is a bannable offense in case you weren't aware.

>> No.56170236

I need to become an Akkoposter

>> No.56170244

It's the hybrids that don't grow hair, silly. Those who were Kissed by the Four-armed Father keep their weak human form on the outside.

>> No.56170250

Akko a ugly bowlcut bang turdshit more people need to post Sucy

>> No.56170257

I didnt know that. Sorry, anon. I just like akko's. She has the best reaction images

>> No.56170258

Eh, I'm sure if you provided your own transportation and wasn't a complete creep-o about the slut would at least consider that.
Besides plenty of people subscribe just for a fapping material - look at any random Patreon.

>> No.56170271

It is, seen people banned for it. Though enforcement is inconsistent.

>> No.56170282

I'll give it a run at my LGS this friday. I can even make a Batrep if you guys like.

>> No.56170283


Global rule 13: Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.

Most of the rules are retarded though, like #3:

>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

>implying anyone follows global rules to begin with

>> No.56170284

>anyone on /40kg/
>Not a total Creep-o

>> No.56170289

I just find that deep striking allows scorpians to get into position faster, plus the scorpian claw is pretty nice (and mandiblasters add a bit more damage output). While power swords are nice, marines aren't that common in the wild anymore, guardsmen are as well as other T3 enemies, most saves are 4+ or 5+ so a -3 is okay. Same number of attacks, sure but scorpion chainsword going to get me wounding T3 on a 3+ due to that +1 S, they get their full save, also get 1/6 chance per model of doing a mortal wound, and 1/6 chance of each attack from the exarch doing another attack. They aren't DE Mandrakes, but, they are more useful, plus the scorpions claw has no downside for that 2x strength -3 AP d3 damage, which is sexy.
I feel banshees, while good, are just slightly less useful in general. They shine if you are fighting enemies with 4+ saves at which point you can just laugh as they have no saves. Otherwise, they just have abilities that are kind of wasted.

>> No.56170293

They only ban for it if you're also a shithead. It's like an excuse for getting rid of obnoxious people, but generally not enough of a reason on it's own.

>> No.56170295

Once you know enough on people there's this neat little feature called blackmail that lets you get things off them for free.

>> No.56170300



>> No.56170309

A likely story.

I'm not a creep-o, anon.

>> No.56170311

He was the defender we needed. He stopped the /soc/

>> No.56170314

I wouldn't chance Mod-Overlord's judgement on who is and isn't shithead.

>> No.56170318


>> No.56170332

I’m new here; are the files in the mega safe?

>> No.56170334

That's exactly what a creep-o would say.

>> No.56170341

reported for ban evading cheetahfag.

>> No.56170343

I remember cheetah anon, whatever happened to him?

>> No.56170346


>> No.56170352


The mega is love.

>> No.56170353

He was a chaos player right?
Are Cheetafag and Carnac the same person?

>> No.56170356

They were last time I checked, although that was a couple of months ago

>> No.56170362

99% of us here are shitheads, you and me included. All you have to do is wait for GW to release a nerf FAQ to see proof.

>> No.56170363

Nothing around here is safe. You're not safe.
Run while you can and don't look back.

>> No.56170386

No, a creep-o would flip his shit and get super sensitive. I am not a creep-o. I have nothing to fear.

>Are Cheetafag and Carnac the same person?
Nah. Carnac doesn't have a sense of humor.

>shit in fear, comrades.

>> No.56170389

None of them are .exe files. You can scan them to be sure if you want. There's really no reason or anything to gain from planting something malicious in an obscure 40k pirate directory that's only posted on 40kg. I doubt any of us are millionaire stock brokers with business data on our 4chan browsing computers.

>> No.56170394

Think of the Mega as a sushi house in a shady part of town

the had a stiffy for khorne, don't think he's carnac though

>> No.56170401

I've been banned for something like "Dubs decides which army I start next," but it was over a year ago and I see tons of similar stuff nowadays.

>> No.56170422

I got banned for "first for [insert general relevant topic here]". Like it wasn't even "first for Chaos" or something like that, I literally posted "first for" and then a long line about the previous topic.

>> No.56170430

mods will only ban if it's reported and people will only report it if it's obnoxious

>> No.56170445

got banned for avatar posting, then banned for ban evasion. probably still posts but without the avatar, could be in this very room right now

>> No.56170447

>not reporting anything you can just to be a dick

>> No.56170465

>Abani Aavatari


>> No.56170469

>being a dick

>> No.56170472



>> No.56170506

I laughed more than I should have done at that, Time for bed

>> No.56171196

There's literally one neckbeard from the age of sigmar general that obsesses over Jews in each and every thread. Probably has a mental illness

>> No.56172337

recipee for the base sand?

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