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Stop taking the bait edition

>Tyranids Preview, Cruddance on suicide watch

>Daily Duncan(seig heil)
[YouTube] WHTV Tip of the Day - Ophidian Archway (embed)
>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Craftworld Eldar codex(thank you anon)

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Which is the best Bloodthirster?

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Fix your Duncan, sempai

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Asking the question again.

Can the Avatar select any WL trait or does it count as a named character and thus have to take the Craftworld-specific trait?

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Bloodthirster of Amateur eSports is definitely up there.

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/40kg/ wishlist edition
My DE wishlist.
Plausible - Stratagem to make poison better
Stretch - some sort of jink throwback or reference to dipping in and out of the webway
Never going to happen - Archon on Reaver or Hellion.

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Reposting due to posting after migration. Made a CSM gunline list that's really more of an HH list

Battalion Detachment
Sorcerer - force axe (106)
Lord - axe of blind fury (79)

cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40

Heavy support:
Hellforged leviathan dreadnought - 2 butcher cannon arrays, 2 hellflamers 369
Hellforged leviathan dreadnought - 2 butcher cannon arrays, 2 hellflamers 369

Sorcerer - force axe -106
quad heavy bolter rapier batter(3)- quad heavy bolter - 246
laser rapier destroyer(3) - 318
laser rapier destroyer(3) - 318


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We don't know. I play him as counting as named, since he has the unique rule.

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Fucken that image name

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Avatar isn't a named character, since every craftworld has one.

imo, anyways.

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what legion you running?

And I assume that since the errata/FAQ gives them the HELBRUTE keyword, that leviathans can use Fire Frenzy?

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It's name is Khaine.

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Tyranids are the new taudar confirmed.

How do we stop WAAC nid players from ruining the game ?

I think a good start is to strictly enforce WYSIWYG against nid players. You have fleshborers not devourers? Too bad.

Likewise if their army isn't painted as their correct hive Fleet they don't get to use those hive fleets special rules.

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Are you baiting me, anon?

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Tips for building a Scions army? How should I work with the special weapons? What kinds of transports should I take?

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Sure; my Daemons wishlist.
Plausible - six Disciplines and three Warlord traits per god
Stretch - fluffy and interesting stratagems
Never going to happen - Warp Storm table

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>Tyranids are the new taudar confirmed.
So using their faction rules are akin to nonfluffy ally abuses?

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>You have fleshborers not devourers? Too bad.

Do people actually do this? fuck them

>everything else you posted.

see attached picture.

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Named characters tell you what trait they have. If it doesn't specify, you can take any trait allowable by your faction keywords

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Adepta Sororitas wishlist
New models

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I have 2 Taurox Primes and I'm wondering if one should have the autocannons and mini battle cannon loadout, is it a good idea? Or should both be infantry mulchers?

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>How do we stop WAAC nid players from ruining the game ?

It's simple - JOIN US !!!

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This is false. Eldar codex, page 121, top right hand side, second paragraph from the top.

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Wait for FaQ nerf.

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Not in the eldar codex they don't. It just says that named characters should use the trait that is associated with their CW. Phoenix Lords can never have a WL trait, but the Avatar isn't mentioned.

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Seeg was wrong about OOE and he keeps his "every successful hiy causes another" ruling as-is

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If it says should it's not a rule it's a suggestion.

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It says must, so it's a rule. I was paraphrasing.

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Start collecting sets are the only thing you'll ever need to buy unless you really want air support.
Plasma guns, lots and lots of plasma guns
Taurox primes with gatling cannons and hot shot vollys
Las cannon hellstrike distraxtion valks

>> No.56160775

Okay, my bad.
It's just that such wordings are different and I've actually seen someone think a suggestion was a rule.

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Would you refuse to play against pic related because those claws-things are supposed to be devourers ?

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Dear Santa, for my DE this year i want...

Cheaper Reavers
Cheaper/Useful Heat Lances
Archon giving a useful buff
Interaction between the 3 sub factions
Wych Cults being good
Raiders get splinter racks back (re roll to hit for poison)
Cheaper Talos/better options
PfP tier 4; Aura of negated "Ignore morale" rules OR phantasm grenade launchers force morale checks that can't be ignored, made more expensive.
Succubus better in combat
Haemonculus less killy but grants bonus perks to certain units including none Coven units
Stratagem to increase virulence of poison shots for a unit to 3+ wounds
Stratagem to select 1/3 Flying units to deepstrike
Stratagem to allow 1/2 units to infiltrate
Stratagem to Reroll damage results on one Ravager
Archon more than a glorified Blaster caddy
Drazhar buff changed to +1 to wound rolls
Incubi, not just Klaivex, have mortal wounds on rolls of 6+
Incubi get a 5++ / 6++ to counter the plethora of high AP weapons in the game
Beasts and Masters being useful, quirky units rather than useless (khymera, clawed fiend) and OP when used en mass (Razorwing)
Void raven bomber Bomb needs to be more significant

Thats all that comes to mind right now

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There are only 3 named non-PL characters in the book and are automatically assigned a craftworld.


The avatar is a unique non-named character who doesn't have an automatically assigned craftworld.

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Doing anything for spookday with 40k? Any special games,actual costumes, or maybe some cool conversions? Are you even doing anything for today in general?

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Nah, that gets a pass.

But if we're talking about gaunts, they can go fuck themselves.

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Actually that's pretty unique and interesting...

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Citation needed.

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Alpha probably since the other legion option don't really offer much of a boon. And yes, the errata allows for it to work, nearly dropped magnus with a leviathan dread using fire frenzy the other day

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I like this bait, it is a good bait. Much better flavour than the Guard version

>> No.56160801

Anyone else not give a shit about getting new rules, just new models?

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What was THE bait?

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>Start collecting sets are the only thing you'll ever need to buy unless you really want air support.
Since these guys are meant to be Fallschirmjager in spess I suppose I will be needing air support. Valks and Vults?
>Plasma guns, lots and lots of plasma guns
What about the other weapons? Meltas and Volleys? On the Tempestor Prime and the Lord Commissar, anything of note that I should/shouldn't take?
>Taurox primes with gatling cannons and hot shot vollys
Well I'm not sure if Tauroxes would fit the theme but I'll consider them.
>Las cannon hellstrike distraxtion valks
Right, should these be my primary anti-tank as well? Or are there other units I should bring for anti-tank?

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About what?

>> No.56160820

About Anon's claim that the Avatar is not a named character but Eldrad, Yriel, and Illic are named characters - specifically the former claim, if the citations are separate.

>> No.56160821


They're probably going to prevent the Avatar from being a Warlord in a future FAQ rather than risk making him imbalanced. Until then id say he's fine to be the Warlord, has <Craftworld> tag and thus you can pick whatever Warlord trait you like.

Generally in my group we use the "if it doesn't explicitly say you can't, you can"

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Ooh nice scheme, black jumpsuits and grey armour right?

>> No.56160841

Every craftworld has an avatar, It's basically a giant statue that they feed an elf to turn it on.


is there a broken combo with it?

>> No.56160854

I was gonna paint the armor using Feldgrau and the jumpsuits with the Splittermuster '41 camo pattern.

>> No.56160857

So it's your opinion. Which is fine, so long as you don't pretend it's fact.

>> No.56160859

Are you retarded?

>> No.56160868

Is the spess Fallschirmjäeger theme something you're going for?

>> No.56160871

Oh wwII era, shame

>> No.56160873

>Likewise if their army isn't painted as their correct hive Fleet they don't get to use those hive fleets special rules.

Implying I paint my fucking models like some pleb

>> No.56160875

So, since its already settled in stone that

IMPERIUM = America
Eldar = asia shit, but japan
T'au = Japan
Ork = South America
Tyraninds = SJW
Dark Eldar = Thailand
Khorne = Arabs
Nurgle = South east asia, maybe India too
Tzentch = Russia
Slanesh = Europe, but UK
Necrons = China

Whats missing? How would you deepen this?

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Well if he is a named character, what warlord trait is he automatically assigned?

>> No.56160885

The one of his craftworld, as the rules state.

I am not claiming to know that he is a named character, but it's not like him being one causes a rules paradox.

>> No.56160894

Death Korps, best Korps.

>> No.56160895

> Tyraninds = SJW
Sounds pretty plausible.

>> No.56160899

So which ever one you pick?

That doesn't seem very named character like.

>> No.56160901

If *the* Avatar is a named character, it has the trait of whatever craftworld it belongs to.

But if the Avatar isn't a named character, is the Swarmlord a named character? It reincarnates between hive fleets, but is supposedly the same mind. But the Avatar is a representation of Khaine, so all Avatars should have the same knowledge too.

>> No.56160905

>On /40kg/
>Having a social life

Pick one.

>> No.56160909


Not sure about OP combos but the main one that jumped to mind were;

+1 wound and a 6+++ on top of his 5+++ for an extra durable, still untargetable warlord

Ignore Overwatch Avatar

The sniper warlord trait could be good too; avatar moves up, gets in range of a character to snipe them for re-rollable d6 damage before charging.

>> No.56160917

Sure man, that's just a fleshborer hive. Just a different flavor of dakkagun.

>> No.56160919

Trying to shit on two threads in a row ? You went too far.

>> No.56160925

Wouldn't double grav' bombard be better on those leviathans ? They are cheaper too.

>> No.56160930

Agreed, but he has the unique rule, and neither the unique rule nor picking a <keyword> have been declared by GW to delineate being a named character. The truth is that they fucked up their rules, to no one's surprise, and none of us can honestly claim to know the answer to anon's original question.

My opinion is that he counts as named, because he's unique, but it's just my opinion. Yours is a completely valid interpretation, as well.

>> No.56160931

what's the avatars statline and cost? is he that good?

>> No.56160933

Fair point. I'm just wondering if anyone's doing anything for best holiday

>> No.56160938

Forcing him to take his craftworld's attribute actually nerfs the most powerful Avatar, since it means the Alaitoc one is forced to take a redundant trait that does nothing at all.

>> No.56160948

I really wouldn't consider those game break in need of faq OP.

>But if the Avatar isn't a named character,

i agree

>My opinion is that he counts as named, because he's unique,

nothing in the rules delineates that being unique makes you a named character.

>> No.56160959

Yeah, more or less. It's the main theme of the army.

>> No.56160960

>not playing eldar soup
>nerfs the most powerful Avatar

>> No.56160962

Always liked these diorama pictures, got any more?

>> No.56160964

Best 129pts a Space Marine army can spend.

>> No.56160975

And now I want to field a tyrannofex. Sigh.

>> No.56160976

Nope, I just grabbed this from google.

>> No.56160984

I'm more partial towards flybuns.

>> No.56160987

Fucking hell just check his points, the table is separated, named characters are in different sections.

>> No.56160998


M7 BS2+ WS2+ S6 T6 W8 A5

3+, 5++, 5+++ and allows craftworlders do not take morale checks and re-roll charge distance.

12" Assault 1 s8 -4ap d6dmg melta
Melee Melee s+2 -4ap d6dmg melta

all for 250pts

>> No.56161016

Depends on the target. At units of 15+, vehicles, titanic stuff, and mosters grav can do more damage. But getting within 18" as csm is a bit harder since I have no means to drop it that close and have more of a static gunline due to the rapiers

>> No.56161025

If Im playing Ynarri, can I take an Ynarri legal detachment and a separate eldar soup detachment with units that can't be Ynarri?

i.e could I have a detachment of

Vanguard 1CP
Avatar of Khaine

10 Mandrakes
4 Grotesques
5 Grotesques


Its not part of the Ynarri detachment so I'm not breaking that rule.

>> No.56161027

If he's playing steel legion it's his get go.

>> No.56161029

>all for 250pts

Fuck off GW

>> No.56161039

Makes no sense at all. US w

>> No.56161042

This isn't true, in some codexs they label the table named named charecters, in other they just label it units, and in others they label it named charecters and demons

in codex eldar, they label it units.

GW can not into format consistency.

>> No.56161045

>his Avatar doesn't have 12" movement, Fly, and -2 to-hit

>> No.56161048

I know they are quite shitty right now but what are the best (or let's say the least shit) Necron units to deal with hordes and vehicles ?
For vehicles I'm pretty sure it's the H.Destroyers but to deal with hordes Necrons don't seem to have any substential tool at there disposal. Tesla Tomb Blade spam maybe ? Or a wall of Wraith units ?

>> No.56161049

*US would be chaos. Always corrupting and leading to ruination.

>> No.56161057

You could also make it craftworld detachment and enjoy some fancy bonuses.
A -1 to hit on the avatar could be entertaining. You could also take supreme command and load up on spiritseers or autarchs to boost your Ynnari bullshit,

>> No.56161062

Because it's fun to ask:
>Silliest Rule-Lawyering Debate you've come across (ex: Is your Warlord considered alive "before the battle?" When does a 40k battle start?)

A personal favorite of mine from 5th was: "How do you do TLOS for Tyrant Guard? They have no eyes."

>> No.56161064

Actually double checked some stuff and grav isn't much better than butcher cannons on bigger targets because of invul saves and volume of fire

>> No.56161088

So assuming that EC and We are getting at least the TS if not DG treatment, what new units would they bring in?

Specifically, what new tzaangor/poxwalker style troops would we see, what sort of noise/melee vehicles, etc.

>> No.56161095

*urge to become a poorfag intensifies*

>> No.56161100

Deeper? No no I think you've captured it perfectly. I don't think I've ever seen a more accurate or nuanced appraisle of the 40k universe. Truely Gamesworkshop themselves should be seeking you out to personally manage their entire collection of lore and and grant you full creative control developing the IP

>> No.56161104

I was honestly surprised we didn't get any new Beastmen at all, in addition to Tzaangors. I would have expected especially to find Beastmen under the Word Bearers and World Eaters.

If WE were to get their own codex, I'd pitch hard for Beastmen, if I worked at GW.

>> No.56161110


Imagine an Ignores Overwatch Avatar Warlord being flanked by two Iyanden Wave Serpents filled with Ignores Overwatch Howling Banshees.
Now imagine that each of the Wave Serpents had a Warlock inside with the 10 Banshees, 1 Exarch...

The Warlocks cast Drain and Ennervate on the target; its now most likely wounding the avatar on 6s, hitting it on -1, hitting the banshees on -2 due to the Exarchs.

But ill just stop the wave serpents! I hear you cry. Iyanden keeps them moving at full speed, serpent shield makes them super difficult to destroy.

Whatever you might say, they're only putting out 23 strength 3 attacks per squad per round of fighting, they'll never wound me ! but you forget about the now even cheaper Farseer Skyrunner throwing doom on whatever you absolutely need to die.

>> No.56161112

Lol, my wife just told me RAW the pheonix gem can proc multiple times.

I told her it says right at the beginning "when this model is first slain". To which she points out that the effect of the phoenix gem doesn't prevent you from dying, but prevents you from being slain.

I could only laugh and smile. and call her a WAACfag

I hope you guys find someone to laugh with and love.

>> No.56161117

Watch that 20 min Duncan vid and ask yourself if it's absolutely worf it.

>> No.56161119

>Void raven bomber Bomb needs to be more significant
It's pretty significant. Mortal wounds on a 3+ is no joke.

>> No.56161127


So that brings up my 2nd question;

If i took a supreme command detachment that didn't include either The Yncarne, The Visarch or Yvraine, does that mean i can't opt for it to be Ynarri? Im assuming so

>> No.56161130

I was hoping we'd either get beastmen or those khorne renegade guardsmen with their spiked stahlhelms and toothed gas masks

>> No.56161134


Not 40k but Fantasy for fucking years...

Does Mark of Khorne on Chaos Knights, which gives Frenzy, give your horses the extra Attack?

Jesus that never fucking ended.

>> No.56161136

Remember the old rule that meant things like the wings jutting out on a model didn't count for LOS ?As not to punish conversions etc. A rule frustratingly absent from the rules now.

Someone modelled his Daemon prince so that its wings entirely wrapped around the model and claimed it couldn't therefore be targeted.

This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.56161137

Eh, that's cute.

>> No.56161138

Do people skip the dogfight phase in 8th?
It just gives you an extra flyer-vs flyer shooting phase, with facings, instead a roll-off for reserves, but I've been playing them.

>> No.56161141

desu my faith has been wavering since then, but my hardon for WW1 era trench warfare remains strong.
I'll probably end up going for a DKoK army, something radically different from the Blood Angels I'm currently playing.

>> No.56161144

Honestly, I am annoyed with GW splitting up DG and TS into their own codexes. There are too many Marine codexes as is! Call me crochety, but I wish there was just *one* supercustomizable Loyalist Marine codex, and *one* CSM codex.

Of course, their codex structure is arguably antiquated too, *especially* since they're tying "new rules" to mini releases. Any arguments for Admech being split into Skitarii and CultMech in 7th beyond "separate mini waves" fell apart with 8th properly merging them into one.

>> No.56161148

Isn't that obvious tho ? The horse isn't a different model so it doesn't benefit from frenzy

>> No.56161151

>I'm not in your tank's line of sight because it's facing the other way

>> No.56161164

And what about those Hive Guards ? Would you agree to play against them ? (assuming that they are already finished and painted, of course)

>> No.56161170

That's Green Arrow, goofball.

>> No.56161171

Just imagine the sheer size of the CSM codex if it had all the legion specific units and lore in it. Plus it allows them to introduce new models this way. I like it. I hope TS/EC/WE will get new models when they release

>> No.56161178

That's cute, but incorrect. Since the rule procs on being slain, proccing it twice is explicitly cheating. GW is bad at grammar and accidentally a verb in that sentence, but there's no question the phoenix gem only goes off when the model has been slain, which means it has to be slain twice for the gem to go off twice.

>> No.56161189

>to many power armor books REEEEE
NPC's really are communists.

>> No.56161190

You understand that EC and WE were in the general codex, right? That isn't going to happen in 8th.

>> No.56161206


once per game on a unit you fly over

>> No.56161207

Anyone have any tips and advice on this?

>> No.56161209

We'll get there eventually no doubt.

>> No.56161227

Is he going to be the first named character to undergo the Chad treatment and become a Primaris Marine ?

>> No.56161229

>being this new

>> No.56161235

Why does the Exocrine look like a fleshy mech being piloted by a gaunt?

>> No.56161237

Is there anything in the lore that hint toward that ?

>> No.56161238

yeah. Don't fool yourselves into thinking there's ever going to be a manlet marine release again, not even characters

>> No.56161241

Fucking hope not.

>> No.56161242

From Fantasy 8th, Jeremy Vetock was asked two questions by Kevin Coleman (the guy that wrote the Gnoblar Horde army) related to Grom the Paunch.

Grom is in a chariot, but his sidekick Niblit is also in said Chariot as the army BSB. Since a BSB is destroyed if forced to flee, what happens. Does Grom escape on foot or on chariot, or is he destroyed? (Answer being "on foot")

Also, if Grom was sniped from the Chariot, there was no "fallback" Leadership Value for Niblit and the Chariot. Is it 3 (for the Wolves pulling said Chariot), 5 (since Niblit is a Night Goblin), or 6 (since Niblit is the BSB and probably has better Leadership)?

Vetock's answer to the second one was...amusing.

>> No.56161245

>GW is bad at grammar


>> No.56161253

Did Cawl come up with a way to make the full Primaris treatment work on standard Marines? I thought the one he made from the Emperor's Notes - the gland in the brain - was a supplement to the bone and muscle growth ones, in essence, so it shouldn't do much to an already grown Marine.

>> No.56161256

If he is, I'm going to probably be very upset for a while before I get his model. He's one of my favorite characters in the setting, GW, don't screw him up.

>> No.56161260

honestly i didn't even know that there were dogfighting rules.

If its not in the matched play rules, its generally ignored.

>> No.56161265


>> No.56161276


Are any of these units even remotely good?

>> No.56161285

aggressors can be good depending on your list.

>> No.56161303

It just works.

>> No.56161317

inceptors can be good depending on your list.

>> No.56161318

Aggressors can be really good at clearing chaff and doing decent damage to armor, only downside is a couple spare autocannons or such clear them pretty quick

>> No.56161319

Back in the Pete Haines 3.5 Codex, there weren't Berzerkers, Thousand Sons, Noise Marines, etc. Rather, those were point upgrades you applied as "templates" over existing units. So Slaaneshi Bikers could swap their Bike Combi-Bolters for Sonic Blasters, Tzeentch Chosen could be an entire Psyker unit, etc. And there were some restrictions (ex: No Nurgle Bikes), but ymmv. The internal balance was still off (this *was* the infamous Iron Warrior codex), but it allowed for "Cult specific" units without having to blow up the army list...

>> No.56161325

Ignore and don't play Trannynid players.

>> No.56161327

I prefer GW to kill him(sacrifice etc) than made him Primaris™

>> No.56161333

Oops, meant to reply to >>56161134

>> No.56161339

if Aggressors are not dealt with quickly with the right weapons, they can inflict tremendous damage on the enemy. I've played a game in which my squad of 3 Aggressors killed half a dozen Berzerkers, around 25 Cultists, and took part in destroying a Helldrake, two Hellbrutes and a Daemon Prince.

>> No.56161340

>/40kg/ wishlist edition
>CA gives CT to all models like Guard, Admech, and Eldar already have
>Astreaus is worth its points.
>Fellblade and Falchion redux to make them worth taking over baneblades/2 shadowswords
>The three new sicaran tanks get better so that theyre worth taking over Russ/Preds
Not going to happen
>Corsairs :(

>> No.56161346

Wouldn't that only be true if the words are "the first time a model *would* be slain"?

The effects of the phoenix gem prevent the model from being slain, so if its "slain again" it hasn't been slain for the first time, because the gem prevented it from actually being slain.

Not that I would play it like this

>> No.56161348

Fair enough.

What's really bizarre is that they don't apply his cybertendons and cyberligaments to every Marine, not just the Primaris ones. It's not even a geneseed organ, just an AdMech cyberimplant. You'd think they'd make them standard issue, and produce them in bulk, like they do power armor suits.

>> No.56161353

Your warlord must be The Yncarne, The Visarch or Yvraine to get Ynarri units in your army.

Remember if a detachment contains Ynarri it loses the craftworld bonus.

>> No.56161356

>Not going to happen
>>Corsairs :(

Anon, they allready exist and they suck. Check IA index : Xenos

>> No.56161368

And thats all we'll ever get ever again

>> No.56161372


Supreme Command 1CP Altaioc

Avatar of Khaine 250pts - Warlord Eye on Future
Warlock 35pts - Empower/Enervate
Warlock 35pts - Enhance/Drain

Vanguard Detachment 1CP Altaioc

Farseer Skyrunner 130pts - Doom/Guide

6 Howling Banshees, 1 Exarch with Executioner 94pts
6 Howling Banshees, 1 Exarch with Executioner 94pts
9 Howling Banshees, 1 Exarch With Executioner 133pts

Wave Serpent, Twin Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Crystal Target, Vector Engines, Spirit Stones 159pts
Wave Serpent, Twin Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Crystal Target, Vector Engines, Spirit Stones 159pts

1089pts, Dropping some of the equipment on the wave serpents and the executioners off the banshees would get it close to under 1000pts.

Pretty cool.

>> No.56161374

Probably an oversight. It would make sense that this comes standard with every space marines to Primaris conversion procedure.

>> No.56161377

What alien practices math? Start a war against etiquette

>> No.56161379

No. The rule procs *on being slain*. If the model is not slain, the gem does not trigger, so if the gem is triggered, the model has been slain.

The missing verb is that the gembearer "is not slain" - it would be a clearer, easier read to instead say "changes to not slain" or "reverts to not slain" or "is no longer slain". They used "is" instead, which is a lot harder to understand.

>> No.56161389

I can't wait to play against Nids. Iconic Guard vs Nids games, strong codex vs strong codex, finally an army that will want to melee with me. It will feel glorious.

>> No.56161393

My personal favorite example of "killed vs slain" is a Noise Marine Champion with Combi-Plasma.

Fire that dakka, hope to overheat, you're "slain" triggering Music of Destruction, which lets you immediately fire again, hopefully letting you get "slain" again to trigger Music of Destruction, which hopefully letting you get "slain" again to trigger Music of Destruction...

GW never did quite figure out how to clarify "boxed" vs "disabled" vs"removed from play" like WMH. ("Does Reanimation Protocols work versus Jaws?" "Is an anchored Stormsurge removed by a Tank-Shocking Rhino?", etc).

>> No.56161397

Lads, I am going to use a few chad marines to represent true scale marines in the inquisition war band I'm putting together.

Here's the two chapters I am currently choosing between, and the reasons they would work.

Star Phantoms - White armor scheme I like better, but fluff-wise not as good for travelling with an Inquisitor. Because generally this chapter doesn't get along with the Inquisition. So I figured they could be a small detachment of marines taxed by the Inquisition. Basically the Inquisition says to the Star Phantoms "hey this is a serious amount of collateral damage you fucks, we aren't gonna sanction you but send X number of marines to serve the Inquisition for X years"
So the marines would probably be grumpier than usual, perhaps making for better banter.

Exorcists- For obvious reasons these guys work way better fluff wise. You know the whole "daemonic possession therapy" and chapter mainly created to serve the Inquisition thing. I just can't decide which color scheme I would rather use.

If anyone can help me decide between these two or even make some out of the box suggestions that would be much appreciated.

>> No.56161399

>I prefer GW to kill him(sacrifice etc) than made him Primaris™

Why? I want a huge Dante.

>> No.56161401

>Not going to happen
>>Corsairs :(
Fuck you forgeworld. I spent a lot of money on my converted corsair army.

But anyway, just do what I did and autistically create an entire homebrew codex.

>> No.56161405


Thats fine id be running them as Ynarri, my point is if i took a Supreme Command of;


Could I say it was Ynarri despite not having an Ynarri character present in that detachment if i have an Ynarri Warlord in another Detachment? or are they relegated to their original buffs.

>> No.56161407

Do you get cover saves for helbrutes entirely in cover who are targeted by a wyvern that has zero LoS?

>> No.56161413

Are there metal versions of the current striking scorpions and ranger models? Hard to tell on eBay if the metal ones are older editions sculpts or not.

>> No.56161417


That wouldn't do anything though anon, if your plasma gun overheats you've failed to hit, so you'd just be hoping to fail to hit forever on that model and the game would halt.

>> No.56161421

Plausible: "Houserules" for using templates in 8th. Updated cover rules.
Stretch: Looted Wagons.
Not Happening: "7.1 Psyker Phase".

>> No.56161422

Yes. The ability to assign the Ynnari keyword is based on who your Warlord it, and then you can assign it to any aeldari unit in your army.

Point is that you can take 2 Ynnari detachments and ally in a small detachment - HQs, Fliers, LoWs, and Heavies are the easiest/best - that is Craftworld instead, to maximize synergy.

>> No.56161426

full text of the updated Army of the Reborn is as follows
>If the Warlord of your army is either Yvraine, the Visarch or the Yncarne then – with the exception of <Haemonculus Coven> units, Urien Rakarth, Drazhar, Mandrakes and the Avatar of Khaine – any Aeldari unit can also be Ynnari. Any unit that is gains the Ynnari keyword. These cannot use any of the following abilities, and are not considered to have them: Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo, Power from Pain. Instead, Ynnari Infantry and Ynnari Biker units gain the Strength from Death ability, as described below. If your army is Battle-forged, Ynnari units can only be included in Detachments in which all units have the Ynnari keyword.

(so, yes, they can be ynnari as long as your warlord is ynnari)

>> No.56161427

>Are there metal versions of the current striking scorpions and ranger models?


>Hard to tell on eBay if the metal ones are older editions sculpts or not.

The older ones have face grills.

>> No.56161428


Wondered if id bump into you again anon, interested to see how much you've updated it!

>> No.56161430

I too am salty. I'm going to have to run Ynnari and I dont like it

>> No.56161436

I decided to not be lazy and do a proper fool book, including the out-of-book units, and splitting the HQs into separate units.

>> No.56161447

is this list any good?


>> No.56161448

Yeah I feel you. Playing Ynnari corsairs just doesn't feel right.
Plus none of the auras or transports match up properly

>> No.56161451


Thanks that clarifies it! So if i have an Ynarri Warlord i can choose to grant other detachments the ynarri keyword but that then blacklists certain units, likewise i can take a detachment without any ynarri characters in and fill it with blacklisted units/keep it full craft world for the buffs. Sweet.

>> No.56161453

My office forbids costumes. They say it decreases productivity and causes strife between coworkers.

I'm pretty sure they just hate fun.

>> No.56161454

drop that shit, Spiritseers all the way and a jetbike autarch with the relic lance or the regular lance + phoenix gem

>> No.56161466

The rules for the Plasma Gun are that the model is slain after resolving all hit rolls with the weapon. Music Of Destruction lets you make a shooting attack with a single ranged weapon after being slain. You can use one or both profiles when making a shooting attack with a combi-weapon.

The intent being to keep rolling at least one "1" or "2" with the Plasma part of the combi-weapon while hitting otherwise, in order to keep "exploding" the number of shots fired. Thank goodness the Slaaneshi Stratagem is "shoot twice" instead of "double Rate of Fire", or else you'd have a good shot at theoretically infinite dakka.

>> No.56161468

spiritseers are only better for smite. If you're doing runes of battle powers they're the same as warlocks but more expensive

>> No.56161476


But i like the Avatar anon and this list was a splinter of a discussion about the avatar. Whats the autarch got over the Avatar anyways?

Also the warlocks were taken to keep the list cheap, spiritseers would obviously be preferable.

>> No.56161477

Mechanicum = Germany

>> No.56161479

For Officio Assassinorum:
Plausible: A legal way to field a pure Assassin army (either via taking an in-faction HQ or via a custom detachment).
Stretch: The Vanus and Venenum temples.
Not Going to Happen: The Maerorus temple and the Ordo Sicarius for the Inquisition.

>> No.56161503

NO. Ynnari is a keyword assigned to units, not detachments. Detachments determine their keywords based on what's inside them, not based on what you assign. An important distinction, although you're correct in that deciding you want an ynnari detachment means avoiding certain units. Having an Ynnari detachment is currently of no benefit, however.

>> No.56161505

My GF has never seen the orginal ghost busters, and we have a pumpkin to carve so its going to be a spooooooooky night

>> No.56161514

Muslims and censorship laws?

>> No.56161517 [SPOILER] 


I agree, it's pretty dumb.

>> No.56161518

When making Grey Hunters, if you've given them all a chainsword, do you have to represent both the chainsword and the boltgun on the model? The kit doesn't come with slung boltguns or sheathed chainswords as far as I can see.

>> No.56161521


>plastic sisters
>good looking plastic sisters
Not going to happen
>me from believing every fucking rumour that they're coming even when they're not

>> No.56161523

>Whats the autarch got over the Avatar anyways?
(not that anon, but) the re-roll 1s aura, and the recover command points on a 6+ ability?

>> No.56161524

I want to but there's nothing to do 40k related.

>> No.56161535

read the rules

> If your army is Battle-forged, Ynnari units can only be included in Detachments in which all units have the Ynnari keyword.

>> No.56161543

Fuck ! I like it. Idea stolen for when I'll be rich once again.

>> No.56161544

Why does yours look like it's choking on a hive dick?
Well painted though. The yellows are excellent

>> No.56161548


So the detachment type doesn't matter, but if you put 1 Ynarri unit in the detachment all other units must use the Ynarri keyword.

Thats fantastic because that means I can take a Craftworld detachment, fill it with Ynarri units but still have access to the Relics and Stratagems of the Craftworld Codex as they gain the Ynarri keyword but it doesn't replace any of their other keywords.

Wew lad.

>> No.56161549

Spiritseers are also significantly better in melee, although that's a weird reason to prefer them, and better at ranged (with a shitty shuriken pistol, which is a really fucking terrible reason to prefer them). Note that by better, I mean more wounds per point against every target in the game, *especially* TEQs in melee.

The best reason to take a Spiritseer over a Warlock is the drastically superior Smite output for when you just desperately need mortal wound output, but it's harder to speed them up.

>> No.56161553

Jesus christ how horrifying

its pretty cool

>> No.56161561

>Thats fantastic because that means I can take a Craftworld detachment, fill it with Ynarri units but still have access to the Relics and Stratagems of the Craftworld Codex as they gain the Ynarri keyword but it doesn't replace any of their other keywords.
Sure, they just lose the craftworld bonus.

>> No.56161562

I find when people try smite spam on me it's generally a complete curbstomp in my favour, followed by giving my opponent the advice "You've got way too many characters, it's not leaving much room for other things."

>> No.56161571

Woah there anon. I may have said it looked like a mini mech pilot, but that doesn't mean I think its dumb.

It's super cute and I want to field lots of them, but they cost $100 here in the land down under

>> No.56161575


Should just get some random chainswords and whack them on somewhere but I wouldn't give a shit. Just tell me in advance they have them or something, I don't mind. Most people that aren't fags won't notice/care.

>> No.56161580

Cool story bro

>> No.56161581



>> No.56161586

It only works well for tournament play because everyone there is trying to smite spam too. But when you back up and shoot them to death they pout. Why didn't you come to me so I could mortal wound you to death?

>> No.56161589

No, only stratagems. There's physically no way to build an Ynnari list that can take CWE relics, since you have to have an Ynnari warlord for the first and an Asuryani warlord for the second (and none of the 3 Ynnari warlords have the Asuryani keyword).

That said, allying in a detachment of 3 Alaitoc Hemlocks will let you use CWE stratagems on your Asuryani Ynnari units.

>> No.56161593

GW confirmed for /pol/tards?

>> No.56161599


That's horrifying anon. I love it.

>> No.56161604

Does this line up with the leak-anon?

>> No.56161607

Hydra or Gorgon, it's a tough choice

>> No.56161608


I suppose thats nice, but the Avatar is more killy and can take the Warlord trait to gain a CP on a 6 per turn. The Warlocks also have a +1 to hit spell and +1 to wound spell along with the offensive ones and the farseer can guide a unit.

>> No.56161614


>Why does yours look like it's choking on a hive dick?

Phallic imagery is perfectly at home in a Tyranid army, but if I were to answer your question seriously it just made sense to me that if you needed to have a living, walking artillery cannon on an organism that only needed to live for a couple weeks at best, you might as well grow everything the cannon needs to fire inside the beastie.

And coming back around to the phallic imagery, I imagined this thing wolfs down and horks up the barrel of the cannon, tucking it away inside its organs until it needs it.

>> No.56161622

GW's been secret /pol/tards forever. Once the Brexit goes through they wont even have to hide it anymore.

>> No.56161624

Does anyone else hate that Tyranids were designed with eyes and those bulbous heads? I really feel like the Neurothrope and Hive Guard capture the aesthetic in the most pleasing way.

>> No.56161633

Fair enough, most people I've seen on other forums just mix and match with chainsword guys and bolter guys. They'll most likely only get played between friends anyway, I just wanted to know if there was a common consensus.

Thanks anon!

>> No.56161637

Wait, am I retarded or are gorgon and hydra the same

>> No.56161639


Ah yeah my bad didn't see that it specified "if your army is led by a craft world warlord."

I don't own any craft world units yet unfortunately, just 2000pts of harlequins, the triumvirate and 7000ish pts of Deldar (and a very small, invaluable corsair army).

>> No.56161643

Yeah, isn't it literally the same? WTF?

>> No.56161648

>Archon more than a glorified Blaster caddy
Man, I personally love my Archon. The rules for them lead you to be so arrogant. I run him with two Slyths. Big scary stuff like high AP high D weapons I eat with his 2++, volumes of fire I use his 5+, redirect to a sslyth on 2+, 6+++ on anything left over. I've charged him headlong into dedicated assault Terminators with his bodyguards and kept them tangled up my combat and their combat until the blaster born arrived. Only one sslyth died.
Shit is hilarious.

>> No.56161653

Hi, not relevant but what helmets are those?

>> No.56161655

They definitely fucked up. The text describes a Hive Tyrant benefitting from this trait somehow.

>> No.56161656

one of them has to be a typo.... probably Gorgon is supposed to be reroll wounds

>> No.56161657

I see no difference lmao

>> No.56161661


>There’s nothing worse than getting a key unit, such as a Hive Tyrant, into close combat and then rolling a handful of ones on its wound rolls.
>talking about a trait that only lets you reroll if the unit fighting outnumbers (by model count) the opposing unit.

GW keeps finding new ways to prove they're retarded.

>> No.56161669

Jormungandr bringing back 2+ Carnifexes and Tyrants, baby

>> No.56161672

No. His gorgon was partially wrong and his leviathan was way off

>> No.56161676


suppose I've never used the armour save in lieu of the invul! fair play every day is a school day. I love my sslyth so i might try using them again.

That reminds me, Lhameans need an extra attack or 2.

>> No.56161681

The accompanying text talks about the Gorgon trait helping you not fluff your wound rolls, so they may have fucked up the copy/paste.

>> No.56161684

it's more than liekly supposed to be reroll wounds

>> No.56161696

My IG wishlist
I wish that old characters is back.
>Lukas Bastonne
>Kubrik Chenkov
>Mogul Kamir

>> No.56161697

those are just standard kasrkin models(all metal, heads are attached). Mine are from back in the day but I think you have to find them on ebay.

>> No.56161703

I want to paint one as D.va now.

>> No.56161706


The Leviathan got corrected and right now even GW can't keep their hive traits sorted out.

So far it looks pretty spot on.

>> No.56161707

Any advice to build an army of chaos marines against dark eldar? 1500-2000 points.
I will probably use a sicarian, but any other things I should get? Heldrake seems good.
But would a basic lord be needed for rerolls on the sicaran in the backfield, maybe along AC havocs?

>> No.56161714

So the nid leaker is confirmed to be wrong on at least some info. Weird since he was able to predict the hive fleets and a good portion of their traits.

>> No.56161717

I'm on my phone and don't have access to my index, do Tyranids have access to any reroll aura characters like other armies have?

>> No.56161726

So why would anyone who isn't a complete moron take Hydra over Gorgon?

>> No.56161727


I 2nd this for Deldar, 3 is not enough.

The Duke
The Baron
The Lady
The Decapitator
and of course, the Supreme Lord.

>> No.56161729


Leaker guy looked at the codex then related it from memory, he's exactly as accurate as id expect under those circumstances.

>> No.56161732

Only if you dont play nidzilla

>> No.56161734

They are not a WAACfag.

>> No.56161736

Bring psykers. The helldrake is hilarious to bring against Dark Eldar because they assume it's not a vehicle and revolve their first turn around poisoning it.

>> No.56161738

Fair enough.
Hopefully that means he was wrong about warriors getting nothing

>> No.56161742

In literally every list you can make, Gorgon is Hydra but better. Math it.

>> No.56161746


Some builds would result in only a few characters missing out on Hydra.

That said, I don't think I could bring myself to take a trait that does Jack shit for my 'Fexes and Tyrant.

>> No.56161758

They fixed it.

>> No.56161759

Hordes get absolutely decimated by 20 warrior blobs rapid firing.
>Horde control is easy.

Only problem is relying on the Stalker and H.Dest to kill vehicles as most armies nowadays can deepstrike in their anti-vehicle units and pop all of the above in their first turn.

Warrior spam is good for screening and anti-deepstriking, but are generally only taken for fighting GEQs.

>> No.56161766

Aha, I missed that Hydra is all failures, not just 1s. My bad. Ok, that's a lot less silly.

>> No.56161767

only if you are running nothing but big bugs

>> No.56161769

How do you justify marines fighting marines fluff-wise? 80% of the games at my FLGS are between marines and it's not uncommon to see Guilliman mirror matches.

>> No.56161773

What video can I ask?

>> No.56161776

>2x 3 rippers
>10 x 'fex
>as many hive tyrants as you need to make this legal

you will NEVER outnumber you enamy, so hydra would never kick in
>new fags dont remeber the glory days of 6 fex nidzilla lists

>> No.56161777

Personally, I'd like to see Crons do 3 wounds against vehicles just to bring back their basic weapon vs tank meme

>> No.56161794

One is actually Renegade (but hasn't quite gone far enough to get their spikes on)
Sorcery mind tricks causing brother to fight brother

>> No.56161795

>dosent buff the big buffs
Nope, no thanks

>> No.56161799

He puts together a Spartan. I was glad to see I'm not the only one who get deformed tracks around the sprue mount even after greenstuff.

>> No.56161806


Its not just your FLGS anon, its like that across the globe. Out of the 12 people who play in my group, only 7 play marines, 3 play guard and 2 play xenos.

I guess they just claim its "Wargames".

>> No.56161814

One of the latest ones, called working with resin or something like that.
It basically tells you that you have to wash resin kits before gluing them, and teaches you how to deal with mould lines, how to apply green stuff to fucked up areas, etc.

>> No.56161815

As others have said, rapid fire warriors/immortals works well for hordes, and Tesla with "thy will be done" is even better if you dont miss the -AP

I would only run heavy destroyers in units of regular destroyers at this point. they're far too fragile on their own and get targeted immediately.

>> No.56161822

One is AlphariusOmegron

>> No.56161823

>Leviathan is liturally just a worse version of the iron hands trait, which is meh to begin with
The fuck gee dubs, the fuck.
why would you make your posterboys crap?

>> No.56161825

It's a metaphor fight for Roberto fighting his inner demons. It's just visualised in war form.

>> No.56161828

That explains their fuck-up at Baal.

>> No.56161829

Iron Hands' doesn't go on their tanks though. All the monsters will be benefiting from the 6+++

>> No.56161831


A 6+ wound ignore is so-so on a few marines.

A 6+ wound ignore is pretty great on hundreds of gaunts.

>> No.56161840

Kraken is going to be ungodly on fexes and genestealers

>> No.56161853


Shadowseer off screen using phantasmancy to make them fight each other, stupid monkeigh are so easy to manipulate after all.

>> No.56161856

How do I play WH40k on tabletop sim?
Legit question, I dont know what to do.

>> No.56161862


>> No.56161863


Whats the leviathan trait? i missed it

>> No.56161864

Assault weapons and Pistols can't be fired after advancing/in combat, RaW

>> No.56161867

>All the monsters will be benefiting from the 6+++
SOME of their monsters will be. most big bugs arent synapse, and a 6+++ is not very good to begin with
so for every 6 wounds, i get to keep 1 gaunt. colour ME impressed. If it was 5+++ whislt within 6, it'd be alright, now its shiiiiiiiiiiit

>> No.56161878

Leviathan is a 6+ FNP, but won't stack with Catalyst and only works while within 6" of a Synapse creature.

>> No.56161882

6+++ whilst within 6 of a synapse creature


>> No.56161890

You can select multiple units with drag, you can pick them up, and hold shift to measure movement, you can roll dice. It's not that hard but it does add to the playtime.

>> No.56161893

The non-synapse beasties can get it from another synapse model, just like the gribblies

>> No.56161912

What about terrain and mods?
Any will do?

>> No.56161913

Sure, but its going to be tricky to fit al your monsters, and little guys within 6. conga lines time for the small guys i guess

>> No.56161914

>nah, brah, the sword tip TOTALLY counts for line of sight

>> No.56161923

After seeing the codex release, my fear of bland edition are true

>> No.56161928

Rolling, pls ignore

1 - 3 = Jormungundar
4 - 6 = Hydra
7 - 9 = Kronos
0 = Kraken

>> No.56161931

There's already multiple full tables in the workshop. Some people rip models and maps from DoW for them if you wanted to try for yourself.

>> No.56161932

(not that anon, but) the pistol/assault allowance is given to MODELS carrying those weapons, but the core rules say UNITS cannot be picked to shoot if they advanced/are in combat.

Its a dumb argument, because RAI is obvious in the case, but hes not wrong

>> No.56161934

6" bubbles mean the synapse models can be 12" apart plus whatever the size of the monsters in between

>> No.56161939


bit annoying it doesn't work at the same range as synapse but I'm guessing its units not models? pretty much the ulthwe trait with a further stipulation.

>> No.56161941


>> No.56161946

Are your guys groups really that bad? My Group consists of 2 Tau, Orks, 2 IG, DG, CSM, DA, GK, Necrons, nids, Eldar Daemons, and Admech. We gotta pretty good spread all things considered.

>> No.56161961


Because the rules for shooting tell you that the very first step is to "Select a unit that has not advanced or is within 1" of an enemy unit".

Then, instead of writing something like "A unit that has an Assault weapon may be selected to fire in the shooting phase, but may only fire their Assault weapon" in the rules for Assault weapons, they wrote "A unit with an Assault weapon may fire it in the Shooting phase even if they advanced", which does nothing to open the gate GW put on having a unit shoot in the shooting phase.

RAI is as always crystal clear, but they couldn't have written the rules any worse.

>> No.56161974

GSC Wishlist
Plausible-We get Return to Shadows back
Stretch-Abberants get their own box and maybe a new model
Never Going to happen- Carns with russ turrets mounted on them.

>> No.56161975

After eating food or drinking water/wine/fenrisian beer

Do space marines pee? And do they poo too?

Maybe his body absorbs every nutrient

>> No.56161979

Marine players making at least a quarter of a group is the norm, anon

>> No.56161984

>marine versus marine
Bland as fuck

>> No.56161996

I figure that's normal but some of you guys seem to have 80% marine players and I just can't imagine how much that would blow. We don't even have a vanilla Marine player in our group

>> No.56162005 [SPOILER] 


One side can be trying to cover up bullshit like the Dark Angels killing anyone that finds out the truth about the Lion's autism being almost as severe as Pertardo's.

One side can be going crazy or just be a pack of edgelord faggots like Flesh Tearers/Space Sharks and attacking some innocent dudes in their way. Maybe the other side is just sick of them doing this gay shit and tries to stop them.

One side is doing the right thing and trying to wipe out the Space Yiffs. Space Yiffs attack Grey Knights and others in canon because nothing says "lol don't teamkill faggot" better than teamkilling.

If same faction, they're doing wargames and shit. I mean, it's a shitty rationale but it makes sense. Gotta prepare and shit.

One side is based on a Black Library book and a totally not obvious and NYT best-selling character has turned to Chaos/gone heretic/controlled by xenos/whatever for very sane and internally consistent reasons. The other side is bland, uninteresting and just there to get jobbed and make the BL force look cool.

One side is Alpha Legion, trying to make it look a loyalist force look like it's turning renegade by attacking a loyalist army. The other side is Alpha Legion trying to make a renegade force hide its true colours by pretending to stay loyal and wipe out other renegades. Alpha Legion are very relevant and not retarded at all.

>> No.56162009

Cheaper models

>> No.56162013

Good luck finding a game faggot.

>> No.56162036

Of something that is not marine vs marine?

>> No.56162043

Guys. Guys. I was looking at the trait for Leviathan, and compared it to the Ulthwe trait. The Leviathan trait says "the damage is ignored" and the community site calls it a saving throw. Shouldn't that mean that you roll the dice BEFORE the damage, and only roll a single dice per wound and if it's a 6, ignore ALL damage?

>> No.56162045

No, leaker is right. Gorgon/Hydra has already been fixed.

>> No.56162057

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone.

>> No.56162058

Is GW stupid and bad at math?

>re-roll failed charge move

>one-of-3d6 run AND charge

Who the fuck will select bonus rerol instead of bonus run that gives average +5 to range and STILL able to re-roll charge with strategem. It does not even require big calculations, its so obvious.

>> No.56162062


Also doing a GSC wishlist.

Plausible - Acolyte costing is made reasonable again.
Stretch - GW remembers that Heavy Seismic Cannons are 5 points more than a Missile Launcher for similar performance... at 12" or less. Or just remembers what they did to Seismic Cannons in general and fixes them.
Never Going to Happen - Our HQs get options outside of "Bring a Familiar".

>> No.56162075


Yep its really that bad. Most of the guys have multiple armies but they're all playing marines now.

When we all got into the game we had 2 tau, an eldar, me as deldar, a necron, a nid, an ork, a guard, a space wolf, a grey knight and a vanilla marine.

with the same players its now;
2 Dark angels, 2 Vanilla marines, Space wolves, Blood angels, 2 grey knight, 2 guard players and me as Deldar/Harlequins/Ynarri.

most annoyingly, when we first started (at the end of 6th) i was going to go Eldar but i suggested my friend chose them as i wanted to go dark eldar instead. 7th came and he was unbeaten for the majority of it and spurred the escalation to forge world and cheese almost single handedly, then towards the end he bought Guard because he got bored of being so powerful. Then 8th came out and his previously conscript heavy fluffy list became WAAC tier, thought it wasn't as bad as Eldar. He bought a girlyman to paint up and now he has a full WAAC ultramarines list.

Feel like he's fallen to the WAACside so hard and its my fault.

>> No.56162077

>Crons what?
I'd like their gauss to do something, re-rolling 1's to wound or something.
>Fixed damage 2 against vehicles are also acceptable, 3 is kinda overkill.
Non variable damage against vehicles could also be a nice touch; D3 becomes 2 or 3, D6 becoming 5 or 6.

>> No.56162079

Behemoth is better at deep strike charges
Kraken is better at moving around the board

>> No.56162089

Kraken is improved advancing and lets you charge after falling back, but is only strictly better than Behemoth on Genestealers or anything else that can advance and charge.

GW is awful at math and Kraken is way better, but at least it's not fully redundant.

>> No.56162093

kraken can fall back and charge in the same turn, not advance and charge, unless we are talking specifically about genestealers.

>> No.56162094

>Our HQs get options outside of "Bring a Familiar".

I still feel bad about the techpriest dominus weapon options

>> No.56162104


Return to the shadow is what my GSC mate wants more than anything but its ultimate bullshit. If you get it, it'll be a 2CP stratagem

>> No.56162110

Do you need to leave reinforcement points left over for the Tervigon's spawning ability to work, or can it still spawn stuff in?

>> No.56162113

Missed the thread. What was he predicting?

>> No.56162117

>one-of-3d6 run AND charge
>Who the fuck will select bonus rerol instead of bonus run that gives average +5 to range and STILL able to re-roll charge with strategem
Kraken bonus only works on Advance, not on charge
There are new stratagems in the book and maybe you don't want to waste 1-2 CP on rerolling charges

>> No.56162118

Jesus Christ I couldn't imagine playing in that boring of a group. I'm glad I get some variety. I don't play at a LGS much and the armies I listed earlier are just with my local friend group.

>> No.56162122

Plastic Sisters I think?

>> No.56162125

Wait, so the leaker was wrong, kinda? And wow Leviathan got cucked.

>> No.56162128

If you create a new unit, yes

If you replace models in an existing unit, no

>> No.56162132

Learn how to fucking read

>> No.56162141

I chose 3 to put them on par with previous editions. Now that vehicles have saves it's still a bad option compated to dedicated AT.

>> No.56162149

They do both, and their armors also include systems to recycle wastes if needed.

>> No.56162150

Oh neato, then what I wanna do will still work out. Thanks anon.

>> No.56162159

I just want to know what the Kronos scheme looks like, dammit. C'mon GW, how about some artwork tomorrow?

>> No.56162173

A clashing scheme of bright red and bright blue

>> No.56162175

And this is why I play nids. Better to become the villain that to live in a world full of bored heroes.

>> No.56162176


I tend to play against them on a wednesday night and it is kinda boring but its more to socialise with them than for the variety as i don't get to hang out with the guys these days. I try to get in a PuG on a saturday vs xenos on a friday/saturday which isn't too hard as I live next door to Warhammer World.

But yeah, i wish they'd bring out the old armies.

>> No.56162177

Space Marines like catheters even more than they like chainswords.

>> No.56162192

I really am saddened whenever GW writea rules for "no options" units, like Poxwalkers, the GSC HQs, or the Tau Fireblade. If I wanted nothing but Special Characters and non-customizable stuff, I'd be playing Warmahordes :(

>> No.56162196


Likewise anon, they've tried to turn me off my Deldar when i mentioned the only marines i can stomach are Salamanders, and GW certainly tries their best with the constant new releases of imperial stuff.

>> No.56162201

>better to play as literal NPCs then to fight against the odds

>> No.56162203

It happens all the time in the books. One faction lands on a planet another faction is invading without answering their phones, and boom, they're fighting until someone yells "BROTHER"

>> No.56162212


Chaos is the only real villain.

>> No.56162215

Name 3.

>> No.56162224

>being this jealous to see that my NPC's became the new WAAC

>> No.56162232

>Not NPCs
Fate of Konor would like a word.

>> No.56162244

Still less NPC than nids.

>> No.56162245

I was supposed to have a game against orks with my marines, but dude had to cancel due to work. Testing a homebrew set of rules because our group didn't like 8E and no one wanted to go back to 6/7E either.

>> No.56162247

This is just the guard hype all over again. We freak out for a month and then the new codex falls into mediocrity.

>> No.56162268

You are like baby ivan. Watch is.

>> No.56162272

Black Legion
World Eaters
Emperor's Children
Alpha Legion
Night Lords
Iron Warriors
Word Bearers

Which one is your favorite? Which one should get their own codex just like DG and TS?

>> No.56162273

Losing doesn't make you NPC, being NPC makes you NPC.

>> No.56162274

>fight against the odds
goldenboys that have everything handed to them and take all the glory while the guardsmen die by the billions doing the real work. such adversity.

>> No.56162278

what the fuck is hive fleet kronos now?

>> No.56162279

At the tail-end of 7th, Traitor Legions gave Warlord Trait tables for the assorted Legions, and through some formation shenanigans, I wrote up a comedy list based on having a Warlord Psyker Defiler.

I do miss the idea of a Helpack Alpha. Suppose there was a Stratagem that you could use on a Heretic Astartes Walker, that gave it the Character keyword (thus letting it be an acceptable Warlord option, or able to use the Champion of Chaos stratagem), and a 4++. How many CP would you say this is worth. 1 or 2?

>> No.56162283

Carnac on suicide watch

>> No.56162284

Of course it is. But it is also fun to see people trying to troll nids with WAACfagging accusations.

>> No.56162286

Nids are for players not non players.

>> No.56162288

fuck you on

you know what makes you an npc? getting your ass kicked so bad by the imperialfags that the xenos, who aren't even allowed to play at the board, have to give you wins out of pity so you can even pretend to compete

>> No.56162291

I like Emps Kids the most.
Nothing better than army of drugged sadistic killing machines obsessed with perfection and noise weapon.

>> No.56162302

>Guardsmen literally handed their gear
>Marines need to fight hard to even become Marines in the first place

>> No.56162305


>> No.56162306

had something like this argument in my last tourney
whether or not kurov's aquila allowed me to steal deployment strategems (not even pre battle stuff like reic's or upgrades etc)
ended up agreeing to disagree and rolling a dice for it .

>> No.56162310

Hey, I have been working on my own system too, though not 40k-specific. I am working on an alternative to "die-bag" activations ala Bolt-Action, and think I'm onto something good. Want to trade notes?

>> No.56162312

New fleet. After lewiathan was raped GW need new nid fleet.

>> No.56162319

IW aside from Perty being an austistic jobber.
I play AdMech mainly, but I would love to play an IW/Dark Mech force w/ Daemon Engines and other crazy evil technology.

>> No.56162323

Word Bearers. Will never happen though. Their trait is utter shit and daemon summoning is kinda useless in matched play.

GW will, if at all, release World Eaters. They love khorne and have decided that YOU also have to love khorne. Thats why they are shitting out so much khorne for aos and will do it for 40k too.

>> No.56162325

>you know what makes you an npc?

Having no character and being composed of drones, like Tyranids.

>> No.56162327

they can't
he has to be present in the final battle at the golden throne
unless they whip out the retcon paddle

>> No.56162336

That's just Dante's interpretation of the prophecy.

>> No.56162339

You are a scholar and a gentleman.

>> No.56162344

Please they just need to receive the genseed.
Marines are just a gay joke turn into an army

>> No.56162345

>What is the swarmlord?

>> No.56162351

>Thats why they are shitting out so much khorne for aos

Khorne had one big release, get over it.

>> No.56162352

>After lewiathan was raped
But it's still there

Who's fighting at octarius?

>> No.56162353

Warlords don't have to be characters, dingus

>> No.56162358

It says about golden angel, not about Dante. It can be Sanguinor or new Sanguinius reborn of course BL can say that Sanguinius haven't died on VS and he's alive in M41

>> No.56162363

They must undergo arduous trials.
Guardsmen are just given shit, Marines earn it.

>> No.56162367

>waaah waaah waaah
What is this anon saying, again ?

>> No.56162372

>this is what g*ardfags actually believe

>> No.56162376

They are gona lose octarius(probably will be written in their codex).

>> No.56162379

war games

>> No.56162394

You mean like literally all bombs from fliers? The difference is most if any don't won't wound on a 3+

>> No.56162402

Another characterless drone.

That Tyranids are NPCs.

>> No.56162420

A hive tyrant with four swords.

>> No.56162430

There is only one Tyranid, and its name is the Hive Mind, but it has a personality.

>> No.56162433

so is it just me or is jormungardr really fucking strong against/for shooty armies ?

atleast iron warriors and imperial fists will finally be somewhat relevant

>> No.56162437

Fuck it

>> No.56162443

>implying I’m wrong
Guard are basically either random farm boys handed a gun to profesional soldiers.

Marines are a gay rape joke turn into an army. There is nothing wrong with liking marines, since GW departed from the joke long ago.
Now they are just gay space knight monks

>> No.56162448

Have you ever met That Guy in a 40k game ?

>> No.56162450

And here I was, choosing between Alpha Legion and Emp's Children.

>> No.56162452

>there is only one Tyranid and its name is the Hive Mind
So it is true that Genestealer Cults are muzzies then.

>> No.56162457

Emperor's Children. Got into the game with Noise Marines 10 years ago, still waiting for new plastics.

I believe there is more than enough design space to give tons of sonic dreads and special swordsmen (Palatine Blades, phoenislx terminators, etc.) to make them equivalent to 1ksons and Deathguard. Lucius needs a new sculpt too and Fulgrim as a giant naga daemon would be awesome.

>> No.56162465

>Marines are a gay rape joke turn into an army.

Tell me the joke.

>> No.56162467

The hive mind is not Monolithic. The hive mind for one fleet does not know what is going on in a fleet on the other side of the galaxy.

>> No.56162468

One big release and also are the only ones actually ever written about. I'm surprised as Fuck that Death Guard got love given that it always ALWAYS has to be Khorne

>> No.56162469

What detachments should I organize this into?

The best I can see is a battalion and a supreme command.

Also general critique welcomed.

Transport groups are as follows:

Bill + Mutilators (LGS house rules him to having <LEGION>)
Lucius + Biker Sorc + 6 Melee NM
9 Possessed

>> No.56162471

Jormungandr is AdMech's favorite Canticle always on, but I am skeptical Codex Nids will have the necessary guns to properly exploit it. It'll certainly be best on a big bug heavy army, but I'm just super skeptical Exocrines and the like will be able to make it rock properly.

Of course, the new Nids discipline could change all that completely.

>> No.56162478

Someone, give him a pacifier this instant !

>> No.56162483

I had to turn a rhino into a dark apostle to fit into a supcom detachment, I forgot to save image

>> No.56162492

Oh god plz no. 1cp at most, My dudes don't have the toughness to survive being out in the open.

>> No.56162494

>also are the only ones actually ever written about

Well that's a fucking lie. Nurgle got just as much attention, and Tzeentch has had his fair share too.

>> No.56162495

That's extra heretical, I like it.

>> No.56162497

I dunno man, you sexualizing the whole Geneseed thing sorta comes off as you projecting.

>> No.56162508

You seem upset, but NPCs shouldn't have feelings.

>> No.56162513

>secretive men only
>religious cult seeking young and “strong” boys
>separated from their families
>inserting “genseeds” into teenage boys
>Dark Angel
>gay poet
Long go from those times anon. Calm down

>> No.56162518


I just don't feel it does a great deal anon, id like it to do more considering void ravens have to pay for missiles and don't get the full options.

>> No.56162521

being evil mcevilson is so much better. barely even thousand sons can claim any interesting character.

>> No.56162522

In the same way that your leg doesn't know what's going on in your arm.

Tyranid organisms are the cells that make up the Hive Mind as a whole, and Synapse creatures are the nerves that transmit commands FROM the hive mind and sensory input TO the hive mind. So the Hive Mind knows what's going at every single location containing tyranids, but it hardly has any reason to broadcast that information to all it's cells, organs, and muscles. They just do their jobs.

>> No.56162529 [SPOILER] 

We know that Dark Angels are gay.
But not all Marines are gay. Only Dark Angels and their succesors are.

>> No.56162533

Wouldn't it make more sense for the Succubus to get a jetbike option? Reavers are Wych Cult, after all. Not that either will ever happen, though

>> No.56162538

Orly? Tell me what is your army of choice, and I'll tell you how much of a disgusting WAACfag you are.

>> No.56162544

The shite fucking quality of that gif will never not be funny

>> No.56162547


Return to the Shadows replenishes the squad right?

2CP and reinforcement costs set aside for the squad.

>> No.56162549

Sounds neat, good luck with your project. I'd be more than happy to trade notes, but my notes are mostly a mess for now so I don't know if they'd be worth much.
Overall I've taken the approach to handpick working features and rules from various editions, and editing/adding my own where need be.
So far I have on the boat with me 1x tyranids, 2x orks, 1x necrons, 1x tau in addition to my blood angels. Chaos marines, vanilla marines, guard and sisters are in the line as secondarily played armies.

Out of the traitor legions, I've always had the most interest in World Eaters. I like both of their color schemes, and like the fact they were "competitors" during the crusade with Blood Angels , my first 40k army.

Emperor's Children and World Eaters would deserve their own codices like Thousand Sons and Death Guard got theirs. The rest I think could be rolled into generic CSM codex, analogous with the SM codex, since they're not dedicated to any of the gods. Throw in the Crimson Slaughter too as an example of a recently turned renegade chapter, just to appease the fans if nothing else.

>> No.56162550

Is the Icon of Flame an objectively bad choice, points-wise?

>> No.56162551

all bombers are trash now
fuck look at the marauder from forgeworld
1d6 for each model in a unit up to 12d6 max
or 3d6 for a vehicle or a monster and it deals a mortal wound on a 4+
hardly worth it , even less so considering you're unlikely to actually pass over a unit you'dd want to bomb after turn 1

>> No.56162553


>never thought about a GSC cult being the last group resisting a daemonic incursion
>never known i could want something this much

Why would you do this to me anon...

>> No.56162557

>>secretive men only

So, the military throughout most of history?

>>religious cult seeking young and “strong” boys

A military has standards?

>>separated from their families

A cloistered order is gay?

>>inserting “genseeds” into teenage boys

Genetic and surgical enhancement is gay?

>Dark Angel
>gay poet

Yes, the Dark Angels are a gay joke, but not Marines in general.

>> No.56162558

Every marine started gay
DA kept being gay

>> No.56162565

Pure Primaris Blood Angels, come at me.

>> No.56162578

>be me
>kind of struggling financially but can afford to get some small army
>ask a guy who used to come to my flgs but stopped recently some questions about games
>I like historical, aos, and 40k but cant decide on what I should start building
>guy tells me "dont start aos its shit"
>mfw I love the simple aos rules and I also like the models
>"40k is also shit now that they change the rules dont start it its the worse time"
>mfw I know its the most popular right now at my store and its actually the best time to start
>this guy doesnt even paint his own army and orders it from other painters


>> No.56162581


Agreed. In all honesty, I am being selfish wanting the Void bombers Voidmine to be better. My girlfriend bought it for me for Valentines day and has started to question why i don't use it all that often.

>> No.56162585

It's pretty gay (and bad writing) that the geneseed organs just don't work on women. I guarantee you Deus Ex Cawl could solve the problem if he wanted to.

>> No.56162589


A mistake.

>> No.56162598

He's probably an old salty Taudar player and Fantasy elf player

>> No.56162604 [SPOILER] 


>Dark Angels fall for traps
>Dark Angels are gay

Therefore liking traps is gay. It's science.

>> No.56162614

Do we have any idea what's coming up after Nids?

>> No.56162616

>blood-crying chadmarines
What a disgusting WAACfag you are !

>> No.56162617

>Thinks 8th is worse than 7th
>Doesn't paint his army
Sounds like everything that was wrong with the atmosphere of 7th.

>> No.56162618

>It's pretty gay (and bad writing) that the geneseed organs just don't work on women.

How is that gay or bad writing?
An absence of thots does not make something gay unless it's sex.

>> No.56162620


Only did that with the decurion-esque formation they could take.

>> No.56162623

I'm not saying it's stellar, but as far as bombs go, it's one of the best. Bombs in general need a boost.

That's exactly what I do T1 anyway. I get I fly over something and nuke it. Usually, my friend's 2+ scouts or something, which is even better if I can tag them with a Phantasm.

Yea. The succubus should have the skyboard and bike options because the Archon is supposed to ride in his personal. Venom with his homies Because he's a posh smug fuck. However, I don't see why he can't have Scourge wings also because he's a posh smug fuck.

>> No.56162629

My favourite nid model.
My least favourite part of nid lore.

>> No.56162630

Another broken codex.

>> No.56162634

>but I am skeptical Codex Nids will have the necessary guns to properly exploit it
>hive guard
>new rupture cannon
>new heavy VC
>6 shot brainleech devs
>stratagem to shoot twice
>stratagem to increase dmg stat by 1
>BS 3+ carnifexes
>24" deathspitters/stinger salvoes
>practically every gun dropped in points

>> No.56162643


Derp Angels or Orks is my guess bois.

>> No.56162645

That's not the same at all. Your arms and legs don't have brains. Tyranids gestalt into consciousness and this consciousness has certain patterns but it's not literally the same. If part splits off it's going to change on its own, and act as a seperate consciousness. But if it returns to another portion of Hive the hive minds essentially merge again and becoming a mixture of those different minds. That's the essence of it being a "hive mind." Thinking of it as a single entity and identity is missing the point.

>> No.56162647

Btw, did devourers and deathspitters finally get changed to have more shots again?

>> No.56162649

the point being that the marauder has multiple bombing loads

>> No.56162657


>> No.56162662


Ah, maybe thats not so bad then.

>> No.56162663

I literally just said "6 shot brainleech devs"

Deathspitters never had more shots, they're just stronger now.

>> No.56162664

It's gay because it's bad writing - it's an obvious plot hole, leading to the obvious conclusion it was done just to emphasize masculinity for no plausible reason.

It's bad writing because genetic drift should mean it's harder to make the geneseed work on humans from long-disconnected planets than it is to work on both genders from a single planet, and because none of the organs have any obvious reason why they'd only work on one gender. They should have either had the gene-seeds work on women or given us a *plausible* reason why all Space Marines are male.

>> No.56162667

>this guy doesnt even paint his own army and orders it from other painters
The sign of someone you can't trust.

>> No.56162673

duncan did it

>> No.56162674

Allows you to put them back into reserves if they are not within 6" of the enemy. I think it gained replenish if it was apart of a formation.
I'm sorry

>> No.56162689

No, other than two more codexes before the end of the year. Although the preview of Chapter Approved from August suggests it's not Orks, DE, or Necrons.

>> No.56162690

I'd like their basic guns to do something on a roll of 6. Like, D2 -2AP.

>> No.56162701

>a *plausible* reason why all Space Marines are male.
Geneseed doesn't work on women.

>> No.56162723

Which is implausible without an explanation - why can't the Emperor solve such a seemingly trivial problem, in the face of the fact that geneseed works on male humans across millennia of genetic drift and deliberate tampering?

>> No.56162726

>It's gay because it's bad writing


>it was done just to emphasize masculinity for no plausible reason.

What? Warriors are traditionally masculine, and Space Marines are based on monks and knightly orders, who were also masculine.

>genetic drift should mean it's harder to make the geneseed work on humans from long-disconnected planets than it is to work on both genders from a single planet

Why? For all you know it requires a y-chromosome, which means no women could have it.

>> No.56162736

Why would you put the extra effort into it when you can just make it workable for the gender better suited to being strong and tough?

>> No.56162737

>why can't the Emperor solve such a seemingly trivial problem

Who says it's a problem?
The Emperor only wanted actually good soldiers, so excluded women.

>> No.56162741

God I wanted Marauders to be good. Maybe if a bombingrun hit all models under the beast instead of just one unit I could justify taking it.

>> No.56162750

He intentionally didn't solve it because he didn't want female space marines, how new to the lore are you?

>> No.56162759

>I'll sell OP Codex after OP Codex, so that everyone can have an OP army- EVERYONE will be OP! And when everyone's OP... No one will be.

>> No.56162761

What's the best target to put blissgiver on?

I can't seem to find anything with S5 that can take it.

>> No.56162762

Explain what the problem is exactly

>> No.56162775

Is it even remotely worth it to run a Godzilla Tyranid army anymore? I ran a Behemoth one in 5th edition but haven’t touched them since.

They always seemed fun and the new Codex has intrigued me to them again.

>> No.56162784

I guess so. I remember some people started quite the shit storm when AOS was first released. I dont like the fact that they destroyed the world and lore is shit etc but its obviously is the better ruleset. I can never trust someone who doesnt paint his own dudes. whats the fucking point? play warhammer totalwar instead.

>> No.56162788


In order:
1) I explained how already.
2) Warriors are traditionally masculine because wombs, which the Imperium solved a long time ago.
3) Such an explanation would have to be provided to fill in the plot hole. That's what plot hole means.

4) See 5 for why quantity is good, but to address the core of your question, the geneseed implants overwrite your testosterone with superior growth hormone. A competently made geneseed would work on either gender, and turn you into a big, tough Space Marine regardless.

5) It's a problem because it reduces Space Marine quantity - as it is, it's a serious issue that you can't arbitrarily geneseed anyone you like. The Imperium would be more successful if it could produce more Space Marines.

>> No.56162794

The fluff suggests that the Emperor could have made female Primarchs and thus female Space Marines had he chose to, but he did not. Malcador even suggested he should. So it was not a technical issue for the Emperor, it was a choice. Now it is a technical issue.

>> No.56162798

But all will be able to enjoy themselves. Except for stupid WAACfags, but fuck them anyway.

>> No.56162810

But it is a single entity, anon. With a nervous system scaled up to such an incomprehensible degree that it's analogue to nerve endings are entire brains of their own, in order to fulfill their function. By our own scale, it's several organisms, just like how to a virus, every cell is an independent entity.

The Hive Mind is a single overarching mind for which the tyranid species in it's entirety is the body. It has a singular, incomprehensibly massive soul, which is what casts the shadow in the warp in the first place.

The analogy obviously doesn't work 1:1 just like how my virus/cell one above doesnt, because it's much too radical a difference in scale, but it's the closest available one. The only tyranids that have anything resembling an identity of their own would be genestealers, designed to operate when severed from the Hive Mind's central nervous system, and the Swarmlord, because the Hive Mind needed a pet headmate tactician to bounce ideas off of I guess. The Swarmlord is a neat idea but also super dumb.

>> No.56162816

>gw writers
>We have a swarm of constantly mutating insects so massive it outweighs the galaxy, led by a sinister alien intelligence so vast that it blots out the warp itself
>We have dreams made flesh, joyfully ripping tearing killing in the name of four Gods made of dreamstuff, only evil because there are only nightmares left in the setting we created.
>We have men and women, just regular people barely holding the line as a billion of their comrades die everyday, holding the line in the face of terrors nobody before them has faced, and all because on the other side of that line are their families, friends, and the barrel of their leader's gun.
>We have aliens who have self organized into a caste system, yet seem irrationally happy, all because their leader's can control their every action and emotion.
>We have women fighting for their savior, with glorious symbol laden armor, their faith so strong that it creates miracles regularly
>We have ancient aliens, doomed to damnation and immortality by a Faustian bargain their leader's entered into. Their technology is so advanced it can literally wink suns out, and they're still waking up.
>We have immortal psychic vampires, the Masters of realspace, living in a hollowed out realm of nightmares whose only motivation is to experience all that pain can offer. And they've learned quite a lot from their experience.
>We have an ancient biological weapon, which has developed into terrifying green beasts who passively make reality stupider just by existing. They love a good scrap and they love the galaxy.
>We have all that, what should we do to progress the story?
>Lol just add some super buff super armor dudes to the buff dudes in armor faction.

>> No.56162825


>> No.56162834

>Is it even remotely worth it
It is, as long as you are not obsessed with victory, you dirty WAACfag.

>> No.56162836

I was not aware of that. So this is an example of the Emperor being inexplicably stupid, like the Council of Nikaea?

I guess that's fair, but tends to imply "Lol Tech-Heresy Cawl" would be keen to implement female Marines.

>> No.56162843

So behemoth deepstrikers will succeed their turn 1 charge about 66% of the time.

Pretty nice!

>> No.56162853

He was forced to do Nikea. Otherwise he was facing a civil war.

>> No.56162864

The explanation is that the Emperor, being thousands of years old at the inception of the Marines, is the definition of patriarchal. He doesn't trust women to be warriors, plain and simple, because he's afraid of cooties.

>> No.56162866

Dumb fucking Orks and Nids

Fuck off from my 40k

>> No.56162870

Only 47%

>> No.56162871

>It's a problem because it reduces Space Marine quantity - as it is, it's a serious issue that you can't arbitrarily geneseed anyone you like. The Imperium would be more successful if it could produce more Space Marines.
No, you idiot, recruit availability is not a bottleneck on marine production. Marines make up like 0.0001% of the Imperium, they aren't lacking for marines because they geneseeded all the males and now need to turn to females, jesus fucking christ how new are you.

It's not a serious issue AT ALL that you can't "arbitrarily geneseed anyone you like" because even the most physically fit, perfect specimens don't all survive the geneseed and implants, add more lower-quality people to that pool is just going to get you more wasted geneseed and more dead bodies, and they have to be extremely careful about not letting mutations affect it.

>> No.56162872

You forgot a brand new flavor of space elves, as well as the entire galaxy being ripped a new one, you dishonest man.

>> No.56162875

>1) I explained how already.

You did not.

>2) Warriors are traditionally masculine because wombs, which the Imperium solved a long time ago.

Warriors are traditionally masculine because men are better at fighting. The Imperium still relies on natural births.

>3) Such an explanation would have to be provided to fill in the plot hole. That's what plot hole means.

No, a plot hole is an inconsistency in a story line that goes against the logic established by the plot. Gene-seed not working on women is not an inconsistency, but part of the logic.

>5) It's a problem because it reduces Space Marine quantity

No it doesn't. The Imperium isn't maxed out on Marine production. The only way female Marines would add to the pool was if every avaiable man was put through space marine trials. But almost no one is in the grandscheme, a few hundred boys a year on maybe 1 out 1000 planets in the Imperium.

>> No.56162879

>like the Council of Nikaea

It wasn't stupid though anon.

Cawl is just fucking cancer though so who fucking knows anymore.

>> No.56162881

The physical differences between humans and marines are an order of magnitude greater than those between men and women.

That's good practice.

>> No.56162882

Basically. But remember that if all had gone according to plan the Emperor did not anticipated needing the Space Marines much after the Great Crusade.

>> No.56162886

>So this is an example of the Emperor being inexplicably stupid

Not really. Have you ever seen or noticed even a tiny bit of what goes on between women? There's enough backstabbing going on to make Alpharius look like an amateur. There would have been a Horus Heresy before the incubators would have left Terra.

>> No.56162895


>> No.56162897

>We have aliens who have self organized into a caste system, yet seem irrationally happy, all because their leader's can control their every action and emotion.
That's not an accurate description of the Tau at all.

>> No.56162899

>>mfw I love the simple aos rules and I also like the models

Why give a shit about others oppinion then? Just do what you like, start a small aos army (the start collecting sets offer good value) and have fun.

>> No.56162906

Hahah he's a bitch.

>> No.56162908

The difference would remain between a male marine and female marine. It might even be amplified dependent on whether gene-seed ads strength or multiplies it.

>> No.56162913

Now that it's confirmed that the previous nid "leaks" were incorrect, are there any more accurate sources?

I'm satisfied with Leviathan's (as a Leviathan player). The Salamander-esque trait doesn't really suit itself well for an army that's based on quantity of attacks, but an almost army-wide ^ up FNP seems useful. Boring, maybe, but it will help protect the vulnerable Swarmlords and make gaunt swarms a little tougher.

>> No.56162917

Eh, I'm on my phone and I forgot to preface it's for units with ags. So flyrant and trygons

>> No.56162922


AoS is a lot more value for dosh than 40k.

I just picked up 2000pts of Black Ark Corsairs for half of what 2000pts of 40k would cost after selling the Stormkikes they got packed with.

>> No.56162926

Nid leaks were accurate, the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.56162932

>A fictional scientific process that works like space magic as the plot demands and hasn't happened for girls yet must do x to girls.

>> No.56162936

Daddy Duncan spooking me. Jesus i would have nightmares about not doing sub assemblies personally.

>> No.56162941

>Now that it's confirmed that the previous nid "leaks" were incorrect, are there any more accurate sources?
They were mostly correct, the guy who did them first is just an idiot who can't type for shit and he mixed up IH and Salamanders because apparently he doesnt even know anything about Marines. The second guy with the Codex already addressed most of his mistakes, we knew about Leviathan since last night.

>> No.56162955

Well yes, space marines who were big before becoming space marines remain bigger than their brothers.
Women are naturally smaller and weaker and so would be smaller and weaker space marines.

>> No.56162956

The hive fleet traits weren't, at least according to the ones that were being posted here yesterday. The said Leviathan's trait was like Salamanders, and the other missed very crucial details. They weren't 100% false, but there was enough that was off that makes it call the rest into question

>> No.56162960

>Tfw GSC will never be interesting themeatically, simply because GW plays them as retards who are surprised by being eaten

It'd be awesome if they portrayed them as being aware of about to be devoured to join the whole hive mind in perfect unity. That'd be Fucking awesome

>> No.56162969

i'm in the same boat
you could always take the marauder with autocannons and 8 hellstrikes since that one is still fucking amazing

>> No.56162975

Not the other guy, but doesn't geneseed turn aspirants into mediocre clones of their Primarch? Aren't all space marines equally strong and tough to start?

>> No.56162982


Go play 30k, then, Marinelet.

>> No.56162984


>> No.56162988


Oh, really? I must have been looking at outdated stuff, because I saw people posting the incorrect stuff earlier last night. I also didn't see any mention of Kraken's three dice for advance rolls, or Jormungandr's exceptions.

Again, not saying the guy was full of shit, but that it seemed like enough was off or missing to cause the rest to be questionable.

>> No.56162990

Wishlist: a good orks codex with a new wartrak model and a badmoons rule that makes shooty mobs really slick

>> No.56162996

>Male Space Marines become hyper masculine

So maybe females become hyper feminine?

They're super sexy and worth a dozen regular women when it comes to giving birth. They can pick out the subtlest shade of paint colour and talk for days about nothing.

>> No.56162999

World Eaters

Emperor's Children

>Crunch in a world where fluff = playstyle
Word Bearers

>> No.56163000

One of the leaks was recalling it from memory, his name was seeg. The second was called lord Hikaru and has the codex in his possession.

Seeg pretty much jumbled salamanders and iron hand. The rest are almost spot on and if they weren't have been corrected by hikaru

>> No.56163002


>TFW Orks will never get a rule that simply gives all their units a 5+ to hit regardless of modifiers because they don't really aim beyond pointing their guns in the right direction

>> No.56163004

Then fluff them to know what their ultimate fate is? It's your cult, you decide if they know the truth about what coming or not.

>> No.56163005

No, there still very much is a difference in strength between marines. Depends on the person and how well the geneseed and all that goes.

He's probably just salty about his dead game and dead board, all thanks to the sudden success of 40k (and the colossal incompetence of FW)

>> No.56163010

Space Marines are Sterile from what i remember

>> No.56163012

>Aren't all space marines equally strong and tough to start?

No. They're part primarch, but still part whoever they were before.

>> No.56163013

Building rules are under utilized in my meta so I'm making some to bring to my next gaming night. How did I do?

>> No.56163015

Praise Allah!

>> No.56163017

>tfw have 2 1/2 armies worth of unpainted miniatures
I'm so fucking fucked bls save me /tg/

>> No.56163033

That's their fluff? That they end up being eaten? What's the point of their army again?

>> No.56163034


>> No.56163041

>GW still doesn't allow comments

>> No.56163045

That's not how it works. Space marines kind of get a super 'roids treatment, so if women would be able to get it and survive they'd also become more masculine, meaning they would lose boob volume, get more bodyhair, have to start shaving etc.

>> No.56163048


>> No.56163054

They're going to murder you in your sleep. Gulliver's Travels style.

>> No.56163056

>dumb fucking orks
do you enjoy having piss-poor taste anon

>> No.56163060

They're basically the Vanguard for the Hive Fleets. They set up and cause discord and rebellion on a world to soften it up for the Hive Fleet they're related to. The Patriarch and the Magus act as beacons to tell the Fleet that the world is ready for salvation.

>> No.56163062

Oh, cool. Is it in English/has he posted pictures? I've been playing on and off or 3-4 years now, but I've never been more excited than I am for this.

I haven't heard anything about Zoanthropes yet, aside from the Neurothrope HQ bit (which is amazing). Have zoanthropes changed enough to make them actually useful?

>> No.56163063

Particularly after the new Primaris gland that dials the muscle and bone growth up to 11.

>> No.56163064

Not bad. And you are right, you should always put buildings and terrain on your table. Fuck fighting on plains, that shit is stupid.

>> No.56163065

I don't think it's explicitly stated, but it's a fair assumption.

>> No.56163067

In other words, female marines would look and behave exactly like male ones except for having a vagina.

>> No.56163075

>That's not how it works.

Yes it is, male gene-seed works with male physiology to produce hyper masculinity.
Why would female gene-seed not produce hyper femininity?

>> No.56163078

I’m sorry for telling the truth about gay marines.
I didn’t expect female marine fags and closet homos would get so trigger

>> No.56163080

The core of the army is the Patriarch, and the True-strains who are true Tyranids and not eaten but slip away at the arrival of the hive fleets. All the Acolytes and Neophytes are unwitting pawns.

>> No.56163081

Oh okay, so the Magus and Patriarch know what will happen, but the Neophytes and Hybrids don't really have a clue that they will be eaten too? I'm guessing they sort of assume that they'll go to another world and fuck shit up after the first time they do it.

>> No.56163082

So Behemoth is Black Templars

Kraken is basically White Scars

Leviathan is Iron Hands/Ulthwe

Gorgon is Ryza

Jormungandr and Hydra are actually new

Kronos is Cadia

>> No.56163084

Just the Patriarch actually.

>> No.56163085


They got a strategy like the triple vindicator one, and do more mw with more models, but they are not worth taking.

Neuro is pretty legit as an hq lvl2 psykers for 70pts

>> No.56163100

and then the helmet vox would make their already deepened, thunderous demigod voices utterly indistinguishable from marines that were male when they were human

Imagine any given marine voice from dawn of war or another game declaring itself sister-sergeant victoria, or some shit, visibly just being another suit of bulky eight and a half foot power armor

>> No.56163104

To be fair, 6th or 7th edition codex had a tidbit of fluff about the local inhabitants of some forgotten planet just calmly walking straight into Tyranid digesting pools. It was implied that they were hybrids, I believe.

>> No.56163112

No, it doesn't. Have you read up on ANY of the gene-seed organs?

>> No.56163113

Only the patriarch actually knows, the rest just think it's some sort of Rapture like event.
Which, depending on how you look at it, they're not that far off.

>> No.56163119

That was from 4th

>> No.56163121

>expecting a shitposter to actually know anything about the lore

>> No.56163127

Why would female gene-seed have the same organs? Male gene-seed was created to make hyper masculine men, why would female gene-seed not make hyper feminine females?
What good would a masculine female do?

>> No.56163129

It's some random SJW shitposter, of course it has no idea what it is talking about

>> No.56163136

Which is usually why, preceding the invasion, several genestealers and sometimes the Patriarch get the fuck out of dodge before it arrives.

>> No.56163144

I feel old.

>> No.56163149


Swarmlord implies that "citizens" of the hive mind are immortal, decanted into a grown body as needed. Non-synapse puppets revert to mindless animals out of range.

If we assume that the hive mind downloads the broodmind, it -is- a literal rapture.

>> No.56163151

>Female gene-seed should create sexy birthing machines

>> No.56163157

Because Space Marines are only ever made to murder things as super soldiers.
If there were female marines they'd be no different, and thus they'd be stuffed full of the same shit.

>> No.56163159

Everyone that's in the cult was bred by the genestealers or their infected victims. For the most part they're psychically linked to the Patriarch. They view him as an angel and will do as he commands. When the Hive Fleet comes they see the Nids as angels aswell and fight along side them for salvation. The problem is that after most of the world's defenses are broken the Patriarch goes back to being a normal Genestealer and the mind link is broken. All the more human cultist then get to see what is really happening. They tend to panic when that happens.

>> No.56163163

That's may not be SJW. But it's certainly fucking retarded.

>> No.56163166

Hahaha... fuck (You).

>> No.56163185

So, if any were to survive and escape somehow, would they realize that everything they'd known was a lie, or would they just think something along the lines of "Those weren't REALLY the gods, something must've gone wrong somewhere, we'll just have to try again somewhere else!"

>> No.56163187

>Because Space Marines are only ever made to murder things as super soldiers.

Male space marines sure, that's the hyper masculine thing though.

Female space marines should be hyper feminine and birthing new life is their thing.

How is it retarded? Imagine a women capable of giving birth to a dozen children in the space of time a regular women gives birth to one. That would be very advantageous for the Imperium.

>> No.56163199

There may be minor differences (more emphasis on agility perhaps?) but they'd still ultimately be aiming to add the strength, toughness, and general physical capability to become super-soldiers.

>> No.56163200

Space Marines are in fact designed NOT to ever birth anything, because Emps just wanted them as a temporary galaxy-fucking wave of super soldiers. One-and-done

a female turned into a space marine would have a womb about as functional as a gray knight's weiner, assuming she didnt crap it out in the wonderfully traumatic implantation process everyone gets

>> No.56163216

Oh, we can stop replaying now, it's just the Iron Warriors.

>> No.56163218

Birthrate is not an issue for the Imperium. There a reason life is cheap. It is profoundly stupid and you are a cretin.

>> No.56163219

>wasting resources on that when a good Vitae Womb can do the same thing without having to grow entirely new geneseed from scratch.
You are obviously defective beyond all hope. Report to the firing range at 0700 hours for your execution.

>> No.56163220

You are talking about skaven matriarchs. Wrong game, you dirty furry.

>> No.56163222

>/40kg/ is unironically taking this /b/ tier bait
This general is an embarrassment.

>> No.56163227

New Berzerker and Noise Marines when?

>> No.56163228

I was hoping if i ignored it it would go away

>> No.56163231

>what is krieg
Would explain why they're the melee IG though.

>> No.56163238

There are already plenty of planets in the Imperium where the birth rate is so high they literally run out of space to properly support the population. More humans being born is the last thing the Imperium needs.

>> No.56163246

Years away. After the full round of 8th Ed. Codexes at least. Get you some Forgeworld or convert some Blood Warriors.

>> No.56163250

I am desperate for conversation about lore. The only guy I play with regularly is a WAACfag

>> No.56163256

Did you just made a communist joke?

>> No.56163259

>Krieg are the spawn of female space marines, which is why their WS is a 3+ and they can endure hardship that would break almost any other human being without complaint

>> No.56163267

>How is it retarded? Imagine a women capable of giving birth to a dozen children in the space of time a regular women gives birth to one. That would be very advantageous for the Imperium.

That whole idea is retarded mainly because the Imperium has no problem with population, they have so much of it that hive worlds main export is people, even if the Imperium had a population problem they have several ways of artificial procreation, from Mechanicus Magi altering their own genecode to create a new human being, normal "born in a tube" breeding, the Krieg "forbidden" Vitae Wombs and then there's old fashioned slaves which are fucking countless and will be used as living breeding tubes.

"super-breeders" are useless to the Imperium, so much so they can have billions of women sent to die without breeding and not have an issue with population numbers.

>> No.56163279

>they'd still ultimately be aiming to add the strength, toughness, and general physical capability

Why though? Why do men become hyper masculine, but females would not become hyper feminine?

>Birthrate is not an issue for the Imperium.

Neither is lack of male space marines.

You could replace space marines with machines too, but that technology is pretty forbidden also.

But imagine they were super sexy and not rats. It would be great.

Then have the female space marines colonies new worlds and fill them up quick with their super brithing.

>> No.56163282

Yes, but I didn't actually intend to.

>> No.56163289

It kinda depends. They're not Human at that stage. They may look like it but any children they produce will be a 5th gen Genestealer which is basically a purestrain.

>> No.56163293

Fuck. I'm not going to argue with this shit head again.

>> No.56163314

>Why do men become hyper masculine, but females would not become hyper feminine?
Because doubling down on size and strength is worth the effort, and quadrupling population growth for an empire that isn't exactly suffering from a dearth of human resources is not.

>> No.56163315

Because everything you're throwing out here would be such a massive use of resources to solve the one problem the Imperium can safely not worry about, which is having enough people to man everything.
Creating super breeders would be a waste, the Imperium has no use for them.

>> No.56163316

>That whole idea is retarded mainly because the Imperium has no problem with population

It also doesn't have problems with space marine numbers either, so why turn women into masculine women when they could be hyper feminine instead?

How am I a shit head?
I think you're just sexist.
You place way more value on masculine traits than feminine ones.
The only way a female space marine can be useful in your eyes is if they essentially become men and abandon their femininity.

>> No.56163339

Already did this song and dance over your profoundly twisted views of women re: female guard. No thanks.

>> No.56163341

>why turn women into masculine women when they could be hyper feminine instead?
Why do either?
Why spend the resources and time needed to create new geneseed and organs to permit female applicants when males do just fine and the Imperium has no problems with its manpower as is?
Even Cawl isn't that insane.

>> No.56163356

Why would you want to create women with super uteri that would cry louder and more often.

>> No.56163357

imagine a general that was such shit that it tolerated some dude who keeps trying to pass off his breeder fetish as being genuinely progressive

>> No.56163367


because feminism. didn't you know that women can do everything men can do, plus also give birth with no drawbacks? biological sex is a construct.

>> No.56163371

Literally everyone is shitting on him, you gibbering retard.

>> No.56163377

>It also doesn't have problems with space marine numbers either

They actually do, Marines are barely a million and each loss is crucial to the Imperial war effort and incredible efforts are put in order to replenish numbers or create a new founding. Marines are not endless, they are stupidly finite and its because of their minuscule numbers that they are given free reign to replenish their numbers and why every founding is incredibly important and why every time they take huge losses the Imperium tolls the bell of lost souls, they are literally precious unique snowflakes.

Thats the last (You) for (You).

>> No.56163379

I have a feeling this is just GSCB in disguise

>> No.56163382

That's not an answer.

>> No.56163388

I'd argue that taking him seriously in any regard is tolerating him to a certain extent
i say he should just fuck off to /d/ where he can talk about his fetish in a more appropriate setting

>> No.56163396

>no mentions of eggs being inserted
>no nudes
>no attention whoring
It can't be her.

>> No.56163419


That wasn't REAL Swarmism. I mean sure THAT time and the OTHER time and the OTHER time and the OTHER time and the OTHER time the Hive Fleet descended and ate everyone but don't you think it's kinda unfair that the Governor and his mates get all this cool shit and we don't?

>> No.56163426

But with super breeding they could colonize new worlds faster.

I don't think I've ever talked about female guard before.

>Why do either?

Feminisim demands female space marines, so this is my pitch.

>They actually do

They do not. Space Marine numbers are kept artificially small. From a single set of gene-seed the Imperium can create enough to form an entire chapter in 50 years. The Imperium could take 1000 sets of gene-seed and in fifty years have enough gene-seed to make 1000 new chapters.

Which would double the numbers of all Marines currently available.

>> No.56163457

SO guiz.
Do we have a clear winner on which Hive fleet Trait is the best?

How will we build our armies around the traits we've been given?

What trait will you use for your army?

I'll probably end up going Behemoth, since my scheme unintentionally matches theirs pretty closely.

>> No.56163458


I guarantee you've never touched a woman who wasn't paid to or related to you.

>> No.56163462


>> No.56163467

Hey man, you're forgetting about that one time that Swarmism actually worked on that one tiny backwards feral world. Don't be so anti-tyrannic man, swarmism works, just not the swarmism that consumed Helios XIII

>> No.56163469

I invoke Poe's law.

>> No.56163479

I don't think so. Given the clarification of Jormungandr's drawbacks I don't think there is one that stands out above the rest. Honestly that's great news.

>> No.56163493

>I guarantee you've never touched a woman who wasn't paid to or related to you.

Even if that were true, what effect would it have on my point?
I get you're trying to shame me, but you have to understand that it does not work in this setting.

>> No.56163954

I will be so fucking triggered

Don't fuck with my BA characters gw, unless you've got someone who genuinely cares for them doing the writing. Dante, lemartes and mephiston are some of the coolest characters in the setting

>> No.56164187

That's cool, but it's no longer doing that wonderful B-17 style attack runs; now it's some sort of weird "Strategic Bomber playing the role of a fighter-bomber" thing. Still really good, just not in the way I'm looking for.

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