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Skull cannon buff when?

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How different is the Craftworld codex from the Index?

>> No.56157637

my 2000 point Index army was 1500 points in the Codex.

>> No.56157646

Anyone got any pictures of what Hydra's, Gorgon or Kronos or color scheme is?

>> No.56157656

Who cares, just run your own scheme

>> No.56157660

Reminder that all traditionally shit armies will be getting stellar codices except Orks, which will be doa.

>> No.56157663

Yeah, I'm looking through it now and Howling Banshees are less powerful in the codex, then the index by a little bit. I only have Howling Banshees and a Harlequin troop, so those are the ones I'm looking at, haha

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how will dark eldar, the definitive "eh." army, fare then?

>> No.56157674

Everything is cheaper. Some shit was buffed. Conceal works differently. That's basically it aside from new shit like expanded powers and relics.

>nice modelling but that level of shit painting

GK already have a shit codex though.
>inb4 muh 5th edition

>> No.56157676

Yeah probably. Depends on the rolls and what is actually charging them.
You expect players to equip every model with a bolt pistol, chainsword and boltgun in interesting and fluffy ways instead of doing the GW approved building method provided in the little booklet? You monster.
I completely agree, I'd be happy if each of those three weapons was 1 point each so you aren't getting too much of an advantage over Space Marines but still

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I don't even play nids i'm just curious about new(ish) hive fleets

>> No.56157704

Gorgon is green and tan, Hydra is complicated and depends on which of his broods they decided to use as the official one, Kronos was said to be blue and purple.

>> No.56157727

A hive fleet with a static color scheme strikes me as deeply implausible. Tyranids should be better than anyone at customising carapace colors to blend in with each new environment.

>> No.56157736

That's why most Tyranid players just make up their own instead of sticking with """canon""" ones.

>> No.56157741

so i play a death guard army and wanna throw in about 600 points of world eaters bezerkers in a battalion alongside for troop choice and sweet cp. i was gonna run a chaos lord and chaos lord on a bike and convert it from an chaos warrior on a horse from fantasy. is there anything wrong with using fantasy chaos warriors as bezerkers? i kinda wanna say they were renegade marines who started a nurgle cult on a super feudal world. pic related not mine but what i'd do

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Codex Tau no matter what happens is the one that will be the most delightfully entertaining one right?
No matter what happens, someone will be assmad

>> No.56157751

Thinking of doing a custom Farseer, female Wyche head, Harlequin troop torso with long coat, slap on two eldar guardian backpack pillars onto the back, use a skyrunner's singing spear arm for the left arm and right arm also from the Skyrunner, slap the Shuriken pistol on her hip. Uncertain what to do for her legs though.

>> No.56157754

Fuck Nids and Orks

t. Chaos

>> No.56157760

There are the new Khorne models in AoS right? Those would be better than the warriors.

>> No.56157765

Personally I hope it's mad OP so that I can finally sell for a good price the Tau collection my butthurt friends gave me for criminally low prices when 8th dropped

>> No.56157770

Are you going to sell it right back to them? lol

Speaking from experience, never sell anything just because it got nerfed. I've got 6 fully magnetized Carnifexes and 80 Genestealers ready to go with this new book.

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>Riptides go up in price
>Sniper Drones drop to 6+ BS
>Strategem that allows a unit to ignore all negative modifiers for a phase
>Drop 5 markerlights on something for 2 command points

so much potential

>> No.56157778

Started work on my Primaris Storm Wardens proof of concept on a disposable snap fit Primaris. Still very WIP, but how does the silver/blue look?

I know the blue is a bit rough is spots, turns out the ink I'm using isn't very durable when wet, so the several coats needed have to be done more carefully next time.

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>still no how to paint Mortarion video from Duncan

>> No.56157783

Riptides already confirmed getting cheaper.

>> No.56157786

Haha, I was thinking of doing zerkers with DG, too. Small world.

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Nurgle demands it!

>> No.56157794

Either patience or don't be lazy depending on why you want it

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fuck me lads, i cannot write an iron hands list for shit, any suggestions?

>> No.56157807

The metallic blue is a bit gaudy to me, but overall looks pretty good for a very early beginning. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

>> No.56157809

You ain't got no head, Lieutenant Dan.

>> No.56157820

Dude, just basecoat and wash, lol.

Also he's already done a tutorial on Lord of Contagion, just copy the lessons learned there.

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>Are you going to sell it right back to them?
Entirely possible. I'll probably just cave and give them discounts if I do though so I want to Ebay it before they ask.

>never sell anything
This what I told them, never mind anything about nerfs. They're hardcore WAACs though so they're mostly content to play FotM these days. I picked up 150 Conscripts and 3 Commissars recently too

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All Primaris list with 2 + apothecaries.

>> No.56157830

So Asurmen is pretty undeniably melee.

Should Fuegan and his meme team cruise around in a wave serpent on their own, or should all 6 (or 4, since Karandras and Baharroth can run arround like assholes doing their own thing) Phoenix Lords cruise around as a small murder ball and plow their way to objectives?

I havent decided whether to Webway Strike the dragons + fuegan or the banshees + jain zar, but I cant help but think there's actually not that much in the game that survives all 6 phoenix lords crashing into it at once, with full retinue

hell the Dark Reapers can join the party simply because they dont take any movement penalties with their missile launchers

>> No.56157831

Looks good. It's how I would do the with metallic blue that isn't too light. Only reason I didn't is because I didn't want to paint metallic blue and I didn't want to figure out how to put claymores and fur cloaks on everyone

>> No.56157841

Dreads and Techmarines, because they get the FNP roll too.

>> No.56157849

My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same?

>> No.56157857


Blue needs more coverage as you can see a little bit of silver in the thinner spots but otherwise not bad.

>> No.56157865

The Dragons and Reapers are your only AT so you need to keep them safe no matter what. Do whatever you have to. Weigh carefully if Asurmen's invulnerable bubble is worth it for each squad, who should spread out, etc.
Also get Irillyth. Shadow Spectres are both fancy and functional

>> No.56157868

>base coating before basing


>> No.56157874

>basing with the model on the base


>> No.56157875

I love this meme.

>> No.56157884

>gluing models to paint

i hope you don't do this, anon.

>> No.56157895

>painting every model in 20 subassemblies

>> No.56157897

>Play Deathwatch vs Tyranids
>Have 6 HQ’s because My Dudes
>Opponent and I are having lots of fun
>Store Eldar player is chastising our armies for not being competitive
>End game with narrow victory for Deathwatch
>Eldar player goes on mini rant about we need to play better
>Mentions how his win record is really high

Can I just have a game or five where fun is the only objective? It seems like 8th has brought out lots of people who are in it purely to win and gloat versus just having a good time.

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>> No.56157918

>Eldar player
There's your problem

>> No.56157919

>It seems like 8th has brought out lots of people who are in it purely to win
This isn't new in 8th. May perhaps be more prevalent, with newfags and tryhards winning games more easily with their low system mastery not mattering in such a simple ruleset and getting too big for their boots, but it's far from new. Some people are just WAAC and there's never been any helping it. It's best to ignore them.

>> No.56157929


40k draws in alot of autists.

>> No.56157935

No. I watched video tutorials to learn to paint properly.

>> No.56157939

slap that bitch

>> No.56157946

>I don't know how to mask, pin, or scrape away connection points

Bet you're one of those plebs who assembles everything fully then sprays, and doesn't paint hard to reach places because "if the brush can't reach it, you can't see it" which is complete bullshit because there are places your line of sight goes that your brush can't reach.

>> No.56157947

>tfw the new Tyranid codex has peoples asses more fractured than Biel-Tan
Chaosfags and imperialfags BTFO

>> No.56157956

Stop leaking trade secrets MANFRED

>> No.56157960

What now?

>> No.56157962




- Head
- Two shoulders
- Backpack
- Chest
- Legs
- Two arms with weapons
- Base

>> No.56157964

Are you including the aspects with no phoenix? Warp Spiders, Crimson Hunters, and, since he's missing, Shining Spears?

>> No.56157966

And I am just sitting here happy to see more options for other codexes as I finish my guard and prepare to expand into CWE, finally. Though my Dark Eldar want some love too.

>> No.56157969


The Codex Astartes 2.0: Indomitus Edition does not support this action.

>> No.56157979


Learn English, nublet.

>> No.56157980

Zero because I play Sisters

>> No.56157981

>everyone who is not Tyranids and Eldar are Imperial or Chaos

The fuck kind of logic is that you faggot. You act like Tau and Necrons weren't complete whiny bitches even before the Tyranid release, with their "abloobloo Riptides are Tau's TEQ" "abloobloo 8E nerfed Tau so hard" "abloobloo where are all the Necrons" "abloobloo Necrons aren't even good".

>> No.56157986

>what is a proper noun?

>> No.56157992

If I'm committed to not doing Raven Guard, what are some good tactics for a pure Primaris force? At the moment I'm thinking of going Imperial Fists, because stacking all those -1 AP weapons with the ability to ignore cover looks pretty nice.

>> No.56157993

>arms and gun pinned to glue to right spots then removed
>everything else

No sense in doing EVERYTHING separate when you don't have to.

>> No.56157995


- The entire model

>> No.56157996

>Bet you're one of those plebs who assembles everything fully then sprays

of course, how else are you gonna get the correct source lighting if you paint shit in pieces.

>> No.56158006

Codices* sorry I don't give a shit about Latin roots my autistic overlord and spelling Nazi after today.

>> No.56158012

>not holding each limb to the body, squinting at it through one eye with your tongue sticking out of your mouth, tilting it a dozen times, then spraying the zenithal on that one piece alone, only to glue it to the model and find out your lighting direction is totally off on every limb

>> No.56158013

By painting basecoats, then assembling, washing, and highlighting (OSR goes here).

>> No.56158016

I assemble the body and leave off the backpack and gun.

but it ultimately depends on the model. Some i'll paint the head separately.

>> No.56158020

naw, cause that would put me at 2500 points minimum, unless I started shaving down the squads. And Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawks more or less do the exact same job.

Even the Shadow Spectres are proving a pain in the ass to squeeze in.

gf says I should blast the ginyu force them as my phoenix lord deathball rolls around the map

So which should I try harder to bring: Irrilyth and some Shadow Spectres for some FORGE WORLD GOODNESS, an Avatar of Khaine, a Wave Serpent or two, or a Farseer to cast Doom, yknow, JUST IN CASE

Is 3 5-man Avenger teams worth it for a Battalion?

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>> No.56158026

when i'm doing marines
head, shoulders and backpack seperate and primed red
one arm left off so I can reach the chest, rest of the mini is primed black

>> No.56158028

Here's hoping my armies' codices will be the last to arrive so that they'll be the most OP because of GW power creep :^)

>> No.56158031

Thanks for proving how ass-fractured you are you fucking sperg, your salt is delicious

>> No.56158034


Codexes is actually in the dictionary and GW calls codices that for some reason. Might be a British English thing.

>> No.56158035


Waste of time, just airbrush the basecoat and highlight as step 1, then wash. EZPZ

>> No.56158036

GF is right

>> No.56158040

>mfw marinefags that play chapters that have different color for their shoulders/head/etc
>mfw they don't do sub-assemblies

It's like why. Especially that one Mantis Warrior guy who just sprayed everything white, then painted everything green, THEN painted the shoulders yellow. He could have just sprayed the shoulders yellow.

>> No.56158044

"Codexes" is English, "Codices" is Latin.

Interestingly enough, Google Chrome's spellcheck prefers "Codices"

>> No.56158046

Power Creep always, always stalls partway through and then drops back off again. If you're dead last its as bad as being first.

>> No.56158055

Both are english, but only one is latin

>> No.56158056

>say some dumb bullshit
>wtf u retard

Every fucking time, kys faggot

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>> No.56158060

Raven Guard is literally the only good tactic. Marines/Chaos got fucking ROBBED.

Ultramarines is ok, since +1 leadership can save you from losing expensive models to moral. Also best warlord trait, and the only way for a Primaris captain to get a 3++.

Iron Hands maybe? 6+++ is probably going to do more work on 2 wound models.

>> No.56158066

Actual uncultured fucking swine, know your roots

>> No.56158069

Ultramarine have the best flamegressor tho.

>> No.56158071

Thank you for the feedback. Normally i would be using proper metallic blues, but I'm experimenting in candy coat metal techniques.

Ha, yeah. I can't do flesh tones or faces to save my life, so that's going to be the last piece to this mini.

Thank you for the encouragement. I'm not going to go all out on this one, but I plan on getting a claymore and shield for the Primaris Captain, which is one of those limited Plasma/Powerfist ones. I like the stance of it, so I plan on converting it to good ol' sword & board.

>> No.56158077

Salamanders is good. Especially if your army already has a lot of DSers.

>> No.56158078

>tfw orks will probably be smack-dab in the middle

>> No.56158085

Playing against salamanders is fucking obnoxious and i really hope that kind of trait doesnt get passed around too much

>> No.56158089

>And then suddenly I am found to have been using the proper spelling anyways.
>Thus I feel a little confused as to why I questioned myself in the first place.
>Resume working on CW:E
Turns it is Italian, not Latin, so ain't my roots, codexes is proper english even if autospell and Google gets upset about it. So I am not going to get bent out of shape over it anymore.

>> No.56158093

Orks will be last and get a shite codex

>> No.56158095

>DS 9" away from enemy
>Flamers have 8" range
I believe you are lying to me.

>> No.56158096

>2 Shoulders

one sub assembly arms with weapons
one sub assembly legs, chest, head and backpack
one sub assembly shoulder

should've kept the backpack seperate tho, for easier access to the top of the pouches.

>> No.56158099

Eat my dick newtcron

>> No.56158104

I play orks

>> No.56158106

Thanks! I'll definitely be more careful next time. Having the previous dried coat flake under the brush is frustrating and pretty ugly.

Oh I know, I wouldn't be doing it this way for anything serious. If I was serious about it I would have removed the tab and used a regular based prepared separately.

>> No.56158108

Anon, where do you think italian got it from

>> No.56158111

>likely American thinks Latin is his roots
Et collyridam conspersam

>> No.56158119

then YER A GIT for exhibiting such defeatism

>> No.56158121

Then why even bother doing OSR if you just want it quick and easy? OSR is fucking hard and looks like shit if you don't do it carefully in multiple layers.

>> No.56158127

This is linguisitics not anthropology shitstain

>> No.56158129

>sperg out
>get called out for sperging
>make up shit that wasn’t even said or implied anywhere
Every damn time hahaha.
How does it feel to get this mad about a comment by an anonymous nigger on a Mongolian taint shaving forum? Just curious.

>> No.56158131

Orks have been bad for 4 editions now

I dont see how this one will be any different

>> No.56158136

Actual fucking cuck, get outta here and go play infinity or something

>> No.56158141

The lingquistic roots of the English language lie in the Germanic languages, retard.
>muh loanwords and cognates
Doesn't make it Romantic.

>> No.56158142

Not as good on Primaris, since "lol wat r special weapons?"

On a Tac squad it means accurate lascannons and safer plasmaguns. On an Intecessor squad I guess you could use it for the grenade launcher?

>> No.56158145

lol u so mad

>> No.56158148

Yes, I can.

>> No.56158156

Wolves, yeah, I get it, Latin, point is, English allows for you to use codexes as proper English, or codices. Which is actually an interesting find, because before tonight I had only been using codices as I believed that was the only proper way to spell the pluralized form of codex. It is curious that codexes is now one as well.

Scottish and Irish ancestors without a lick of English or continental European. No filthy Roman blood in me.

>> No.56158183

>tell someone they should know their roots
>"lmao likely american =/= latin eggsdee"
>we're talking about language not genetics
>"lmao retard ur not even romantic ahah"
ITT: inbred retard somehow thinks inserting his opinion matters especially when it has nothing to do with the discussion, more at 11.

>> No.56158184


>> No.56158195

>we're talking about language not genetics
>"lmao retard ur not even romantic ahah"
Ah I see, so you were merely pretending to be retarded. Come back when you know anything about actual linguistics.

>> No.56158217

Is that a fucking Duncan bust?

>> No.56158218

I am so mad Hydra has a useless stratagem until they fix reinforcement points. It would probably be my Hive Fleet pick otherwise.

Now I'm torn between Behemoth and Leviathan. I'm kind of hoping there's more to Kraken/Gorgon because the leaks make them appear strictly bad compared to some stuff that's already out there.

>> No.56158221

Custodes are obviously gonna be their own codex but how long will they make us wait

>> No.56158228

They're not, they'll be shoehorned into Imperial Agents, with Assassins, Inquisition, and other misc. Imperium shit.

>> No.56158237

>don't make a claim one way or the other, tell someone they should know their roots in general
>"lol retard ur american"
>how does that have anything to do with this generic comment
>"lmao ur germanic not roman"
>I never claimed to be anything
>"le frog face"
Take a good hard look at what you're doing, friendo.

>> No.56158245


>> No.56158249

Which faction got a big emphasis on how they are marching into the frontlines in all the recent books. A big hoopla on how they are no longer on the sidelines.
Hint, not Imperium miscellaneous like SoBbers.

May take a few months, but we'll see.

>> No.56158254

>army with one single boxed kit
>thinks it'll get a Codex

>> No.56158260

The only way to field custodes is to use the 15 FW units and vehicules they have.

Now go fuck theeself, because no GW codex ever featured FW models

>> No.56158265

Across 4 editions, orks have been bad

I dont get why people think that they will suddenly be good and have a good codex just because the number of the edition is different now

>> No.56158268

>one single boxed kit
For now.
Every FW article is full of people asking for 40k rules for Custodes stuff. Plus, we know GW wants to expand into new factions ala GSC rather than release old things.

>> No.56158269

That is my thought, we will get a Talons of the Emperor book that covers the not Adeptus Ministorum stuff (Sisters of Silence, Custodies, Inquisition, Assassins, ect) while Knights I think might get their own codex again, for loyalist and traitor. I mean It has the perfect name for covering all of them "Talons of the Emperor", love it.
Double Wrong.

>> No.56158271

Imperial knights had a codex and they have essentially 1 model

>> No.56158275

>Every FW article is full of people asking for 40k rules for Custodes stuff.
Yes. But that would be an Imperial Armour book, not a Codex. GW does not put FW minis in their Codexes ever ever.

In an older edition where things worked differently. Knights are now rolled into AdMech.

>> No.56158277

Maybe try reading next time. It seems your comprehension is about as good as your linguistics.

>> No.56158279

>Across 4 editions Guard have been bad. I dont get why people think that they suddenly be good and have a good codex just because the number of the edition is 5th now.

>> No.56158283

>Across 4 editions Nids have been bad. I dont get why people think that they suddenly be good and have a good codex just because the number of the edition is 8th now.

>> No.56158284

Alpha Legion
Night Lords
Iron Warriors
Word Bearers

Which irrelevant warband is the best?

>> No.56158286


>> No.56158287

We're relevant only when we're caught, which is never. We could even be here RIGHT NOW, IN THIS VERY THREAD, and you would be none the wiser.

>> No.56158295

Semper memento, tenuitunicatis tua pingere.

>> No.56158304

I feel like you should be the one to have a read through the replies, dumbass
Never did I say that English is or isn't (X)
Feel free to point out a post of mine that says otherwise. Here's a hint, you fucking can't

>> No.56158307

alpha legion is the reason 40k exists and is currently manipulating GW into releasing a nid codex

>> No.56158326

Alpha Legion WANT you to think they're irrelevant

>> No.56158330

Rumor has it to shore up the 40k Custodes stuff GW is taking rules work duty for some 30k Custodes stuff.
Just a rumor

>> No.56158337

>implies Latin roots
>spergs when his nationality is called out, goes into shitposting mode
>i-i-it's genetics
>gets told English isn't Romantic, which is what he was asserting in the first place
>continues to spout irrelevant nonsense about genetics
Go on, keep telling me how it was just an act.

>> No.56158339

Alpha Legion are irrelevant as anything
There are hardly ever any AL players in irl, seriously doubt there would be any in this thread

>> No.56158341

Rules aren't the issue, the issue is there are no more Custodes models, and they probably won't release any because they wont want to step on the toes of the existing FW line

>> No.56158342

>the nightmarish power of chaos pales in significance in the face of the Tyranids
>even the gods tremble

Carnac absolutely BTFO

>> No.56158343

I'm just waiting for the Tribune kit to be released
Rerolls for custards without having to cheese girlyman, can't wait

>> No.56158350

Wait for the Codex. General gist from the guy who has it already that was posting the leaks - Carnac will literally kill himself when this book comes out.

>> No.56158351

by any chance, are one of you autists, photo-anon.

>> No.56158354

There are
Not that I can meme about it too much since everyone jumped on my faction when it became the clear WAAC choice

>> No.56158361

You misunderstand. FW makes the models, GW will handle their rules
Or so the rumor

>> No.56158365

>try to look at this cool picture
>end up seeing this

>> No.56158366

It's honestly more like 8th let all of the casual players relax, and all of the WAACfags are revealing themselves by throwing tantrums about the competitive mood of 7th lifting for a little while.

>> No.56158372

It's a bullshit rumour from nowhere, I follow all the credible sources.

>> No.56158375

>replace Gary with Alpha
Nothing suspicious here

>> No.56158376

>the mysterious Wraithguard shrine was suppressed from other craftworlds for being too Slaaneshi

>> No.56158381

Does sum up what I think of my warp spider in 8th ed

>> No.56158383


2000 points on the dot

Battalion Detachment, Alaitoc Craftworld

>Asurmen (175)
>Maugan Ra (140)

>Dire Avengers x6 (72)
>Dire Avengers x6 (72)
>Dire Avengers x5 w/ Diresword (64)

>Dark Reapers x10 (270)

Vanguard Detachment, Alaitoc Craftworld

>Baharroth (110)

x10 Howling Banshees w/ Executioner (133)
x10 Fire Dragons w/ Dragon's Breath Flamer (240)
x10 Striking Scorpions w/ Scorpion's Claw (151)

x10 Swooping Hawks w/ Hawk's Talon (133)

Supreme Command Detachment, Craftworld irrelevant

>Jain Zar (140)
>Karandras (150)
>Fuegan (150)

Asurmen with Fate's Messenger as my Warlord

or Maugan Ra with Mark of the Incomparable Hunter if I feel like dumping 8 S6 shots into the character of my choice every turn

I couldnt squeeze in the Forge World or Edgy phoenixes but there's the first pass at the HIGH ELF DREAM TEAM super sentai squad.

>> No.56158386

>Using AL rules for AL
Legatus Hydras, you are truly an embarrassment to Ultramarines. Please exit through the airlock and mark yourself for censure.

>> No.56158392

No warlord trait on phoenix lord

>> No.56158398

>Ultramarines logo made out of hydras

FUCK I thought I was being super clever and unique when I thought of that...

>> No.56158408

Ah, my bad, just saw that.

so no Warlord Trait or Relic unless I chop out some upgrades to slap a magic toy on a Warlock, which doesnt feel worth it. STILL.

>> No.56158410

Salamanders get like 100+ CP worth of rerolls per game

>> No.56158415


>Slow T3 footslogging list
How do you face a not-waac fluffy detachement of 36 mortars team and 9 basilisk without loosing turn 1 ?

I dont mention the other 900 points of the list as he probably wont need it anyway.

>> No.56158422

Keep sperging, spergy.

>> No.56158434

I notice you couldn't directly point out a single post, funny thing that. I'll give this a go anyway though.
>implies latin roots
Telling someone they should know their roots in general =/= implying anything, hombre. This somehow got you to sperg out about americans
>gets told English isn't Romantic, which he was asserting in the first place
Never said or asserted anything of the sort. Keep trying though, maybe if you say it enough times it'll magically become reality.
Again, try and show me where I make these claims that assblasted you so

>> No.56158435

Warlock with Ambush of Blades + Fancy Cape -> Stick him with the scorpion with enhance or jinx.

>> No.56158443

No idea what you're talking about, Legatus.

>> No.56158444

>sub out for a Warlock
>cast Conceal
>Lightning Reflexes on the first thing you shoot
Sorry what firepower?

>> No.56158445

You're both retards. There, can you shut the FUCK up now? Nobody cares about your spergy shitfling.

>> No.56158466

Any fluff leaks yet? And delicious bits about chaos armies getting wrecked by nids?

>> No.56158474

I mean, I dunno. First instinct is to see if I can Webway Strike Feugan and his armored boyband in range of some artillery and delete 2 of them, immediately providing a -2 to-get-shot-at threat in your lines, but if it's IG it's probably well-screened. Maybe Webway Strike the banshees in instead to tie things up in melee, alongside the naturally deep striking Scorpions and Hawks

I'd just kinda see what happens and have a good laugh regardless. I just wanna play this stupid Power Rangers list and see what happens.

now to track down models for the Phoenix Lords in Tabletop Simulator

>> No.56158482

You're half right

>> No.56158484

>Tabletop Simulator
Aww come on Anon I thought you were a cool dude...

>> No.56158500


....This intrigues and SLIGHTLY arouses me? Might try for a Sphiritseer instead so that I dont hand Slay the Warlord to my enemy's front line on a silver platter.

Isnt it kinda dumb to take a Spiritseer with no Wraiths though?

>> No.56158507

True, I cared enough about you fags shitting up the thread to respond.

>> No.56158520

>Isnt it kinda dumb to take a Spiritseer with no Wraiths though?
Not really. They're 10 points over a Warlock and those 10 points buy you more W and full Smite(!). They're worth it even with zero Wraiths, amusingly.

>> No.56158531

They still have Backpacks to glue. So I doubt you so.

>> No.56158532

How are all the wraiththings in the new Eldar codex? I've had a hard-on for Wraithlords since the first Dawn of War

>> No.56158538

>Isnt it kinda dumb to take a Spiritseer with no Wraiths though?

Smite on average puts 2 wounds on a unit/tank. It's worth it to pay the extra 10pts

>> No.56158545

I do, I'm just lazy and can't be fucked to do something so relatively pointless. I'd totally do subassemblies for guns and arms and shit, but not backpacks.

>> No.56158546

wraithguard = pretty good
wraithlord = pretty terrible
wraithknight = alright

>> No.56158563


Battalion Detachment, Alaitoc Craftworld

>Asurmen (175)
>Maugan Ra (140)

>Dire Avengers x5 (60)
>Dire Avengers x5 (60)
>Dire Avengers x5 (60)

>Dark Reapers x10 (270)

Vanguard Detachment, Alaitoc Craftworld

>Baharroth (110)

>x10 Howling Banshees (130)
>x10 Fire Dragons w/ Dragon's Breath Flamer (240)
>x10 Striking Scorpions (140)

>x10 Swooping Hawks (130)

Supreme Command Detachment, Alaitoc Craftworld

>Jain Zar (140)
>Karandras (150)
>Fuegan (150)
>Spiritseer [Protect/Jinx] Warlord w/ Shroud of Alannssair and Ambush of Blades (45)

still 2000 on the dot.

And now I have one (1) Psyker, in exchange for stipping all the Exarch upgrades

>> No.56158583

Thoughts on this 2K list?

Spearhead Detachment
HQ - Warlock (Conceal/Reveal)
Heavy Support - Fire Prismx6

Spearhead Detachment
HQ - Warlock (Protect/Jinx)
Heavy Support - Fire Prism x6

>> No.56158591

What craftworld anon ?

>> No.56158595

>dodge 3% of the firepower on a single unit

Wow bro i surrender.

>> No.56158603

The best Craftworld, Alaitoc.

>> No.56158606

lol nigga what took you
I'm not that guy I just wanted you to respond to that dork

>> No.56158616

can I have a list of all the stratagems that are the same?

>> No.56158625

update fromm weeb gf, generic Spiritseer is a shoujo everygirl protagonist and the Phoenix Lords are the beefcake buffet. Jain Zar is obligatory senpai gay route. Why is my army turning into a reverse harem, anons help.

>> No.56158630

its an auto lost to horde armies, each prism would kill like 3 4pt dudes every turn

>> No.56158642

assuming I dont start in base to base contact in my pile in or consolidate can i move unit in any direction the opposing unit as long as i finish closer?

Also when I'm moving models that are closer together than 1 Inch does it matter how far i move them as long as i finish in base to base?

>> No.56158648

That's 5 on average with one horde unit auto-deleted per turn with Linked Fire.

>> No.56158659

Yes. You just have to end closer, it's that simple.

>> No.56158661

not enough dakka, you'll want to save linked fire for their tanks or TMCs

>> No.56158667

Even without that, it is 36 on average, which is generally an entire unit per round, which next round, with a bit of movement meant blasting a character into oblivion. If all they brought was 4 point guys (so 500 guys) then it is a problem, but, at that point we are beyond realism and into just bullshittiery. But, tis the way of /tg/.

>> No.56158669

There's apparently a Hive Fleet surfing the Great Rift

>> No.56158670

Obviously, you shoot at stuff that matter first. The list will take out everything except small arms fire in 1-2 turns.

>> No.56158676

So it's a good list then? How will you beat it?

>> No.56158678

What about deepstriking TMC and tunnel/pheromone units?

>> No.56158685

Will never capture an objective/10

>> No.56158686

>kill one cheap unit per turn with half his army
>think its good

Bronze league

>> No.56158691

You have 12, you can lose 2 or 3 then kill the deep strikers next turn.

By the time you're shooting at the cheap units, you've eliminated everything else that could harm you.

>> No.56158705

Don't need to cap when you table the enemy :^)

>> No.56158707

>kill the deep strikers next turn.

i don't think you comprehend how many models tyranids can drop 9 inches from your line.

>> No.56158714

They're still not killing more than 3 tanks before they die. You never see Tyranids in GTs anyway.

>> No.56158717

>You never see Tyranids in GTs anyway.

or you.

>> No.56158722

From a scale of 1 to 10
How hilarious would you find GSC Ogryns?
Thinking about converting some just for laffs

>> No.56158723


>> No.56158731

I just don't see you making it out of the bug fight, if all they have to do is kill 12 tanks.

a TMC will most likely kill 1 a turn and having 5 show up within 9 inches of you, is going to cause you some problems.

After the tanks and the bugs start slugging it out, you wont have enough turns to remove 30 strong fearless models off objectives.

>> No.56158733

Preventing enemy from scoring or holding objectives, considering most only take one block of 30 model units. Nids you do generally 20 if doing gaunts of any type, not 17 or so 20-30 model squads with no characters which would get DQ'ed due to it can't deploy in time.

No this list is gimicy and I like it, it's bad, like supreme command Deamon Prince bad, but most factions have squads of 10, you just dump 2 shots into (don't move at all because that sweet double shot ability), link fire on vehicles that can scratch you, max out on the vehicle upgrades, and if anyone gets close advance an with 2d6 then fire full ballistic skill at the nearest target with the prism cannon and laugh it off.

Again, gimicy, not that good, but, for an LGS match? Have fun, local tourny? Go for it. It ain't a WAAC list, it is a fun list.

>> No.56158734

Is it plausible to have an elite Tyranids army, like 5-15 models? I love the idea of having a few big bugs as an army, but can't be assed to paint hundreds of small troops.

>> No.56158739


I'm not really sure that would beat my SOB, let alone a more competitive army unless Fire Prisms have some way to fight groups of people I'm unaware of?

>> No.56158742

when i played the bugs 5 dakka primes 20 ratlings and 70 scions was barely enough

>> No.56158745

no you will get raped by most lists that pack enough AT

>Nids you do generally 20 if doing gaunts

lol, no.

>> No.56158749

They have a D6 S6 AP-3 D1 profile.

>> No.56158753

6 Fire Prisms linked firing ought to do it. Table the rest.

>> No.56158758

you can only link fire one target.

>> No.56158759


>> No.56158760

What's so bad about it?

>> No.56158763

10 with spitters 10 with the crap basic bitch gun to soak wounds. If you are going with melee sure you do mass swarm of 30 but it is better to do smaller units for the sake of not having to multi charge and it costs less points, even if you can't catalyst the whole group.

>> No.56158766


Ah, that's half decent. Still could have a bad day with Dominions (First turn Meltaguns are not a tanks friend) but for some reason I'd thought Fire Prisms were focused anti-tank.

>> No.56158767

rough math is that it takes 2 link firing to kill one and 4 to kill the others more if they are tyrants now that they have 4++

>> No.56158769

There's only one TMC. If there's two, then fire the rest at it normally.

They shoot twice.

>> No.56158776

Gaunts cause more problems if you keep them cheap and in groups of 30. In some games, a person will legitimately come to the point where they CAN NOT get three of them off objectives.

>> No.56158778

Can't wait to see what they do with Hammerheads. Hopefully something interesting

>> No.56158786

What objective is there other than to table the opponent?

>> No.56158789

there are 5 TMC in this scenario.

>> No.56158790


>They shoot twice.

So do Dominions and 'Survivability' isn't really the reason you take them. It's to have meltaguns up in the enemy tank's face first turn.

>> No.56158797

they are one in the same, essentially.

Since you can't score the objective unless you remove the models and you can't table the enemy unless you remove the models.

>> No.56158798

There's near certainly more than 1, Tyranids can run as many TMCs as you have Prisms.

>> No.56158799


Capture points?

The Fire Prisms are incredibly vulnerable to the other player just putting some LOS blocking terrain in front of an objective and calling it a win unless you come to them.

>> No.56158806

Turn after they drop they're down to 2, tops.

You take out one or two, then get tabled.

>> No.56158808

It's the Dickard meme from Reddit.

>> No.56158816

I just find for melee 30 is the break point, beyond that, break into two groups of 20 is better otherwise it is just a pain in the ass. For shooting (if I am taking termagaunts) I'm going to have them respawning via a Tervigon, sure old meta, but, works well for now. I know everyone is riding high on the thought of the Malanthrope but keeping your forces alive is pretty nice too. Though, go Battalion and have two Tervigons for two groups of Termagaunts and a Malathrope protecting them all and that is a mean little castle I guess. Then just fill it out with other stuff for more hate.

>> No.56158817

link fire only puts about 3 damage on a hive tyrant. so you will need to poor 4 to kill one.

After that prisms only put 1 damage on a hive tyrant outside of link.

>> No.56158819

I guess I'll take the one loss from the one Tyanids player, and win the other 5 games.

>> No.56158824


Literally any army can use LOS blocking terrain and there should be some on most maps.

>> No.56158825

4D3 S9 -4 D3 damage shots (from 2 fire prisms) re-rolling to hit and wound puts 3 wounds? What hive tyrant is that?

>> No.56158829

T7 3+/4++ 12W

each linking fire prism will do 3 each.

>> No.56158831

Fire Prisms can still move. By the time it matters, there'd be 1/5 or worse of the enemy army remaining.

>> No.56158832

Yes I know you can also only take 30 Hormagaunts, just if you want to do 2 units, 40 seems better than 50 in a 20:30 split or 25-25 split. 60 with a 30-30 split just feels unwieldy to me. Just too much on the table.

>> No.56158839

Average 7 shots that will almost all hit and wound dealing D3 damage.

>> No.56158841


And even a single model on an objective means you lose.

>> No.56158842

>Just too much on the table.

nah bruh, if there aren't 200 models on the table it aint right

>> No.56158847

What will table better than 12 Fire Prisms in your imaginary scenarios?

>> No.56158851

4 shots, 3.56 hits, 3.16 wounds, 1.58 unsaved, 3.16 damage

and that assuming they didn't take a fancy chapter tactic.

>> No.56158855

Just did the math

2 Linked, Focused Fire Prisms dumping all their firepower into a T7 4++ model will shave 6 wounds off of it. 5 if it's Leviathan. You'd need 4 Fire Prisms to nuke a single Tyrant down in 1 turn.

>> No.56158856

4D3 = average 4 shots? That's not right.

>> No.56158857


Not sure. My point is that 'Table the other guy' is a very all or nothing strategy. As if literally anything survives then you lose and the other guy gets to pick half the terrain too.

>> No.56158861

each prism shoots 2d3 and the average is 4.

you can keep adding linked team on top if you need to, its cleaner math this way.

>> No.56158867

Pick terrain how? Even in ITC you roll for map before picking deployment zone, with terrain set on the table.

>> No.56158875

How many points is a Leviathan?

>> No.56158877

Biel tan or ulthwe

>> No.56158881

Yeah, twice that. 8 shots, 7,1 hits, 6,3 wounds, 3,16 after 4++ and they will multiple into 6,33

>> No.56158885

leviathan is the chapter tactic name for 6+++

>> No.56158887

I like games to play out in less than a 4 hours without my opponent giving up because it takes so long for me to move. Or do you just use one of those old wargame model movers to just push your models forward as a group?

>> No.56158892

So how many points is a hive tyrant and what will kill it faster than fire prisms (consider FPs are 60" range)?

>> No.56158894

fluff or crunch?

crunch, ulthwe. Deceptively 'ard elves


>> No.56158897

Ulthwe might give your grav tank 2 extra wounds, but Alaitoc can save you from D6 damage lascannon shots.

>> No.56158903

No one tell her that they are just suits of armour filled with energy.

>> No.56158907

Deepstrike and 4++

Flytyrants are back on the menu, boyz!

You only have to measure out the front rows most of the time and quickly just pile the remaning uniformed behind it. When you get to melee it becomes kinda of a mess, but you will get quicker at it as you play

its around 165 pts with wings so it can deepstrike and a 12 shot str 6 gun.

>> No.56158908

well Alaitoc wasnt one of the presented FUCKING options now WAS IT, ILLIC


>> No.56158922

How hard do they hit? Sounds like a shit gun.

>> No.56158926

Is it finally my time again /tg/?

>> No.56158927

13 big meks with killsaws and 30 units of 10 grots

Fite me Fire Prism Autist-chan

>> No.56158931

If by time you mean time to post your ugly models every thread, then the answer is no never

>> No.56158937

Seen a lot of talk about the other forgeworld dreads but I've never seen any mention for the siege dreadnought

How is it?

>> No.56158946

Less powerful? How? You can Move 8, advance 6, warlock quicken 8, stratagem 8, shoot your stupid pistols with no minus cos eldar, reroll 1s cos biel tan, charge without being overwatched and fuck the opponent by going first, or make them waste command points to hit you at -1 cos exarch, and then fuck them by going second. How codex is less powerful?

>> No.56158948

The gun is basically a free slot to fill to get some extra dakka, taking it doesn't really harm its melee output.

5 attacks WS2+ STR6 rerolls to wound rend(-6AP + flat 3 DMG ) ap-3 D3 dmg.

>> No.56158960

>no you will get raped by most lists that pack enough AT
On the flipside their AI will be mostly useless

>> No.56158976


>> No.56158979

Proxy crimson hunters with razorwing? Nice, i like that model better too.

>> No.56158984

A pair of hemlocks will kill one in a turn.

>> No.56158994

>Proxy crimson hunters with razorwing?
Yeah, I let my Hemlocks be visual distinct.
Using a nightwing as a crimson hunter exarch as people seem to get confused by forgeworld rules.

>> No.56158995

I think those are properly converted crimson hunters with 2 bright lances and a pulse laser.

>> No.56159013

That's supposed to scare 12 fire prisms?

>> No.56159019

>A pair of hemlocks will kill one in a turn.


for 1 hemlock
4 attacks, 4 hits, 2.667 wound, 1.78
unsaved, 3.56 damage.

unless you are counting the smites, which would require 2 deny the witch rolls from the hive tyrant. which i don't want to do right now.

>> No.56159022

They have roughly the same number of shots and wound on 3+ except Fire Prisms are D3 damage reroll everything

>> No.56159033

Are you mathhammer anon? Will you update the OP chart please?

>> No.56159034

Ah, yea, you are right, i thought its splintercannon at first.

>> No.56159038

Yes, each one will do about 2+1+4 damage to one a turn.

I'd try to take them out if a pair came down with 3 trygons

>> No.56159042

So 4 will really kill 2 tanks before they're shot down. What's the problem?

>> No.56159058

Would running an aspect heavy eldar list be viable

>> No.56159064

Got a fair bit into a 10k point game. Pretty fun.

>> No.56159068

Reecius did it in ITC rules

>> No.56159076

Baneblade, Valkyrie, and Vendetta. Was early FW models that gw have in there codex now

>> No.56159083


>> No.56159092

I know this is bad timing, but i've always loved tyranids, and I just got a job which will have the income necessary to support this crack habit while still saving for retirement

Call me a waacfag or whatever, but what's the best way to start accumulating a nid army?

>> No.56159098

Sisters and Custodes each have their own boxes now. There's also nothing stopping GW from updating their rules properly (instead of removing their rules like in the new 'codex' they released for 8th) or releasing new models.

>> No.56159099

Your gonna run out of shots to be able to clear objectives.

trygons primes will do about 8.6 damage a turn and will take 3.6 dmg for unlinked and 6.3 linked

another thing to keep in mind is that your tanks will have to move to fall back to shoot with a minus 1.

not to mention the strats to fight twice a turn and such.

>> No.56159110

Wait until the codex comes out.

>> No.56159111

Sisters of Silence should replace Sisters of Battle as the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus

More fitting for the mission and SoB's are for the church

>> No.56159112

buy a swarm box

>> No.56159116

I probably will, if only cause my next paycheck doesn't show up until after. But the codex isn't making my decision. I love zerg.

>> No.56159121

Why not just roll them up into one

Give sisters of silence shield of faith and acts of faith and make them a SoB elites choice

Damn sight more tempting than 8e Celestians.

And imagine the greatsword sisters leaping out of a golden Immolator

>> No.56159122

Other side.

>> No.56159128

Maybe Dark Reapers, a unit of 6 does 4 wounds a turn to a hive tyrant with a 4++

>> No.56159129

amazon has this listed at 900 american freedombux. That's going to be a bit out of my price range for at least a year.

>> No.56159131

ouch, its an old box so you might get lucky at a LGS, i know the one nearby sells it for like 180.

>> No.56159134

Celestinians really need something to make them better. Either better special weapon access (but considering how much access the whole army has, how can you do that), or a better special rule.

Give celestians reanimation protocols.

>> No.56159140

This Hive Tyrant is sounding OP. Not gonna survive week 2 nerf.

>> No.56159148

>Grey plastic
>GW store

When did this degeneracy start?

>> No.56159152

Nice, someone saved it, man those transition were a bitch.
Kinda wished I'd matched them up so the backgrounds meshed better though.

>> No.56159157

I wonder how they'll nerf it.

raise it's point costs to index level or change its 4++ back to 5++ like in the index.

>> No.56159166

>instinctive behaviour
>shadow in the warp
Thank you based Kelly, fuck you cruddace

>> No.56159173

He's in charge of 40k in general now.

>> No.56159174

No way would pious daughters of the emperor accept pariahs in their ranks. The Sisters of Silence are viewed with repulsion by everybody except Custodes

>> No.56159175


Celestians are in a weird place that needs support to be any particular thing.

>Hey, lets give them WS 3+, A2 and no fancy melee weapons. That totally makes them real melee troops and doesn't just bloat the points cost for when they are used as shooting like the rest of the force.

So they are kinda overpriced for shooting and well and truly too poor at fighting for melee. They need a cohesive vision.

>> No.56159184

I've heard Matt Ward is writing a lot of the stuff now but GW keeps it hidden because they know how much he's hated

>> No.56159189


Weirdly enough, the SoB/SoS already DO work together. Both of them guard the Black Ships (The SoB novels establish that the SoB are also involved in it)

>> No.56159193

But to put a capstone on this discussion.

I play eldar and tyranids and think fire prisms are pretty good, but not good enough to take more then 2. Hemlocks are better, imo because of smite and if they don't nerf smite in CA i'd recommend a couple. Other than that dark reapers are also pretty good cause they can switch from krak missles to meq killing missiles. Taking them in min squads of 3 will keep the casualties down, since alot of people wont guess the correct number of shots to kill them without spilling over.

>> No.56159194

Bobby G's changing the times. If the son of the emperor himself, ava the emperor's now more extroverted attendants both vouch for the SoS's purity, I don't see why a pious organization willing to openly field and reform sinners wouldn't welcome them.

Suffer not the witch to live, and SoS are really good at that

>> No.56159198

>During the first player turn that player must subtract 1 from all to-hit rolls for shooting attacks and must subtract 2 from all Psychic tests and Charge Rolls

Does this fix the first turn Alpha Strike?

>> No.56159199

No, he's left again. We actually have WD telling us Crud is in charge.

>> No.56159221

Grey Tyranids are from a new player.

Grey Landraider and such are due to not having the time to paint them before game day.

>> No.56159233

Hydra is a pale green

>> No.56159235

how are mawlocs and raveners looking?

>> No.56159256

>subtract 1 from all to-hit rolls for shooting attacks
i love this

>> No.56159262

Canonically this image is of gorgon, even though the scheme looks like kraken. I assumed they were more of a mottled grey with spots, as they are more adaptable.

>> No.56159270

magracce plane is truly one of the best terrain kits because it was basically free

>> No.56159272

I'm thinking of taking a terminator sorcerer as a warlord in my EC detachment, how should I kit him out to be strong in melee on his own?

He'll either have a retinue of obliterators or terminators for the initial DS to bubble him.

Right now I have force axe, combi flamer, intoxicating elixir, warp time, and diabolic strength

>> No.56159279

And kronos is the fun one. Purple skin, blue carapace, and green weapons. Very much rainbow nids, and the colors harp back to the original purple and blue Genestealers, too.

>> No.56159323

Sauce on pic?

>> No.56159326

For marines
Base with marked foot positions, entire body and arms with dryfit bolter hand for positioning, bolter hand separate.

Able to get to the chest and all details, fully base, and get beneath the model, while paiting what needs painted.

>> No.56159336


Who knows mate, Marines hitting my paper ships on 5s would be fun at all but it wouldn't bother me too much as a dark elder player.

>> No.56159350

HERETIC my waifus will not be sullied by soulless filth

>> No.56159351

Man I hope Venom Cannons will be a legit option for Tyrants. Venom Tyrants just looks so good...

>> No.56159355

This pic was colored much later (6th edition) but dates back to 4th edition which originally was black and white. The scheme wasn't added with much thought

>> No.56159359

>d3 S9 Ap2 3 damage

>> No.56159366

ho ho ho

>> No.56159390

Give them storm shields for free and everyone has access to melee weapons, yes even all the versions of the fucking Eviceraror.
There solved

>> No.56159407

>it wouldn't bother me too much as a dark elder player.

>> No.56159426

Wraithblades w/ Ghostaxe vs. SS/TH Termies, who will win?

>> No.56159432

In an argument with my LGS about a thing.
With a specific change from 7th to 8th, which option represented the fluff better, Chaos Marines outfitted with boltguns, pistols and chainswords (CCW) or only being able to replace his boltgun with a chainsword?
He seems to think the fluff has never supported Chaos Marines being able to steal and trade for gear enough to manage the first but I know that Chaos Warbands trade with Dark Mech Hell-Forges for armaments.

>> No.56159433

Are your waifus jealous that the emperor likes his other sisters better?

>> No.56159436

>fucking pink

>> No.56159445

SoS are the Daughters
SoB are the Brides.
But is does not matter because neither will get the Holy D

>> No.56159458

They will get a boning though. Ey? Eeeeey?

>> No.56159466

Iirc, brides is an out of date term originating from a failed rebellion.

Do you have something to say, heretic?

>> No.56159467

Eh, it's not my thing but it's not that bad. It's also not as garish in person.

>> No.56159468


Don't you lose battleforged then?

>> No.56159475


There's a relic venom cannon which is d6 instead of d3, wounds on 2s and autohits when fired from 12".

>> No.56159488

A rebellion that was ended upon seen the Emperor's magesty.

It makes you think how much of a colossal faggots the traitor must be. Seen the Emperor living and still be retards with daddy issues.

>> No.56159491


4s to hit isn't great but its better than 5s, i can still make a decent dent in whatever i focus. If i can't destroy what i want i can still move enough to hide/cap objectives.

>> No.56159496

It isn't, and never has been the case that having CCW+Pistol instead of just a pistols was due to Chaos being better or worse equiped than loyalists, they all have adequete supplies of bolters, pistols and swords in the fluff. It was an entirely mechanical based changed where they wanted to make Chaos more choppy to balance ATSKNF. Fluffwise chapters like Storm Wardens all carry massive claymores so there's clearly no problem carrying all 3 weapons, hence everyone being able to take a chainsword as well as their guns if they want to seems more justified.

>> No.56159503

Daaaaadddd that's gross.

Also proper Chaos SoB when?

>> No.56159535

Acts of faith for slaanesh would be so much fun.

>> No.56159539

9 basilisk that you cannot target.

>> No.56159550

So what's the ruling on Warbands being supplied by Dark Mech Hell-Forges?

>> No.56159555

This is the list I currently have, obviously incomplete.

thinking of putting stimulated by pain on the terminator sorcerer

>> No.56159560

Whatever the plot needs.

>> No.56159585

I need something a little more concrete than that, he's being an insufferable douche.

>> No.56159604

What's the difference between an Earthshaker Battery and an Earthshaker Carriage? The later look cooler, but are pretty much tax and don't boost the cannon.

>> No.56159630

>i can still make a decent dent in whatever i focus
that's ok though. You can't realistically delete a central unit turn 1 anymore, so going first isn't a 100% advantage anymore

>> No.56159664


Sure, thats why I'm saying it wouldn't bother me too much, as in i approve.

>> No.56159691

none of those are warbands though

>> No.56159699

>in irl

>> No.56159707

>There are hardly ever any AL players in irl, seriously doubt there would be any in this thread
Well, you are fucking wrong. I'm right here.

>> No.56159735

>There are hardly ever any AL players in irl
Anon, think about it. It's Alpha Legion. How would you know?

>> No.56159737

The crew.

>> No.56159744


FIT ME !!!

>> No.56159756

i'd replace the combi-flamer with combi-melta, you are wasting that 2+ bs on an autohit weapon
rest is really good on it's own

>> No.56159768

So the nids dex pretty much leaked. Any standouts?

>> No.56159773

-head(if terminator)
-two shoulders(if necessary)

>> No.56159786

Jormungandr has the waacfags pretty angry at nid players.

>> No.56159801

I can't, you'd collapse.

>> No.56159803

I had the flamer because I was thinking about firing both profiles, but you are right the single profile melta would be better

>> No.56159825

Noob here, I have some questions

1) Whats the size of the miniatures bases? 1 inch? 32 mm?

2)I am thinking about playing Eldar or Imperial Fists. Anything I should be aware of?

3)Where are the best places to order minis?

4) What are the most fun armies to play with and/or agaist?

5) What are your favorite creatures from the lore and why?

6)Who are the worst people to play with?

>> No.56159827

The only thing keeping me from fully investing into AL/chaos is their shitty models. You can't really run a chaos army without using their awful models. (You can't do one using 100% HH models.)

>> No.56159848

fuck you, poorfag

>> No.56159851

waac faction

>> No.56159853


>> No.56159854

Where is the Chibi Drawfag?

>> No.56159859

You really can. Either buy fw, or use mk 7 for alpha legion. Primaris make great chosen.

>t. Alpha legion player with no chaos models

>> No.56159861

My girlfriend has just begun to wolf her wolf and is a bit overwhelmed by the gorillion options you get in the wolf pack kit. She's ruled out Wolf Guard as she has no troops yet, but can't decide between Blood Claws and Grey Hunters. Is one objectively better than the other this edition? Or would a min squad of each be more fun?

>> No.56159865

Changes depending on model size.

Eldar have a bit of a stigma, but not as much as T'au.

From your local games shop, GW's online store or a third party website of your choice.

I always have fun playing melee focus armies more so than shooting heavy. So Melee Nids, Khorne CSM, Daemons, that sort of thing.


Win at all costs, rules lawyering assholes. Or maybe any time I play against T'au.

>> No.56159866

Dead hopefully

>> No.56159870

Grey Hunters.

>> No.56159880


Now go home mongo

>> No.56159882

Cyclops Demolition Vehicles are hilariously broken. One did 18 wounds between a Happy and Tyranid Prime (I think that's what it's called.)

>> No.56159898

1) bases are in metric, sizes vary between models. They range from 25mm to 32mm, 40mm, 60mm and beyond
2) dont know, I'm an Ork
3) depends on your area (Yurop or Burger)
4) I have fun against anything with my orks but maybe thats just me
5) Squigs. See top 5 Squigs
6) Whiners and waacfags, but mostly whiners. The kind of people who complain when anything doesnt go their way and they cry about how OP anything they get killed by is. Oh and cheaters

>> No.56159899

Can (you) not?

>> No.56159900

The usseless tax crew nobody wants, the one the Battery version doesn't need? The one that cannot boost the gun through orders. That crew?

>> No.56159907

The fuck'd I do? Who is mongo?

>> No.56159914

What a shit GW store to allow these unpainted messes.

>> No.56159917

That is the difference between the two.

>> No.56159918

>GW's online store
That should be the last resort really

>> No.56159924

Do we have a pdf for the Eldar Codex? Or I’m just blind

>> No.56159927

>Noob here, I have some questions
>1) Whats the size of the miniatures bases? 1 inch? 32 mm?
varies a lot based on miniature size. Most infantry are on 25mm or 32mm, but they can get as big as the knights 160mm oval base.
>2)I am thinking about playing Eldar or Imperial Fists. Anything I should be aware of?
can't help there sorry.
>3)Where are the best places to order minis?
GWs own webstore is alwaya an option. Otherwise which website depends where in the world you are. Your Local gaming store is often the best option.

>4) What are the most fun armies to play with and/or agaist?
To play? depends on your tastes.
Against, mostly depends on the player more than the army. An ass hole isn't fun no matter what army he plays.
>5) What are your favorite creatures from the lore and why?
Hive Tyrants, because Xenomorph-Dragon-Wizards

>6)Who are the worst people to play with?
people who take 40k to seriously. Treating every game like a WAAC competition game.

>> No.56159928


I've started space marines as my new army this year. So, I'm probably doing it wrong.

My sub-assemblies are;

The right arm with the gun.
Both shoulder pads
And then the rest

It works pretty well for the standard of painting I do. Pic related.

>> No.56159932

So, never ever take the carriage?

>> No.56159934

Fuckin' amen. Elementgames is the cheapest one I've found so far for yurop. All my local stores charge fucking GW prices which sucks

>> No.56159940

Those purple marines look nice anon. Well done.

>> No.56159946

Can marinelets accept Primaris legs? Squating legs are meme tier.

>> No.56159948


>> No.56159952


>> No.56159968

>t. Salty cwc drawfag

>> No.56159974

Fuck you I'm the mayor of this town

>> No.56159981

So what's the likely Nid meta? 3 horde units backed by character synapse with less than 9 wounds and a little nidzilla on the side?

>> No.56159986

>in a setting where there are alien swarms that outweigh the galaxy, communist mind control aliens, zombie robot terminator space empires just now waking up, sentient fungi that loves a good fight, evil space elves who cenobite everyone, women soldiers whose faith is so strong it manifest miracles, and actual demons, the most popular faction is just really buff dudes.

Why are space Marine players so fucking gay?

>> No.56160005

Catachans aren't the most popular anon

>> No.56160016

Oh my lord. I just asume it was the Guard codex no idea why

>> No.56160017

Because these unpainted messes make them money, haha.

>> No.56160020


>> No.56160026

god that LR makes me cringe

>> No.56160035

What's wrong with Catachans?

>> No.56160037

Only in your autistic mind my friend :^)

>> No.56160039

What model is the Autarch with star glaive supposed to be?

>> No.56160044

>Alien swarms that outweigh the galaxy
True, I think they are pretty cool. Nice models as well.
>Communist mind control aliens
You make them sound a lot cooler than they are.
>Zombie robot terminator space empires
Again, you're making them sound a lot cooler than they are.
>Sentient fungi that loves a good fight
You aren't making them sound cool enough
>Evil space elves who cenobite everyone
Elves are probably more boring than buff dudes
>Women soldiers whose faith is so strong it manifest miracles
They are awesome, but they're models look shit in comparison to some of the newer stuff.
>Actual demons
People probably don't want to use guns when they play 40k, might be why they skip over chao daemons
>Really buff dudes
I agree with you, but some of the other choices are almost nearly as bland. At the end of the day, it's also a modelling hobby, so people are more likely to go for the newest and nicest models. Power Armour does look pretty cool, but the Marines themselves are uninteresting.

Basically, we need more aliens and human shit.

>> No.56160045

>t. waac whiner sperg with no taste

>> No.56160046

Which one?

>> No.56160062

>Eldar player

Shit these niggers jumped off Guard fast didn't they

>> No.56160087

Would your hive tyrant happen to be named Alpharius?

>> No.56160094 [SPOILER] 


Well of course I fucking spray them after I assemble them retard. Don't get trolled by /tg/ and think you have to pour like a gallon of water into your paints either. I almost fell for that meme once but I buy actual quality Citadel paint from physical GW stores so I know I'm getting the best you possibly can. Why would they sell you paint for you to water it down anyway?

Former Guard, soon possible Tyranid player BTW

>> No.56160100

There any good conversion guides for Vostroyans?

>> No.56160108

What size are chaos spawn? I ordered a box, but they haven't arrived yet so I want to have a stand in.

I have terminators, dreadnoughts, and a hellbrute model to spare

>> No.56160109

Thanks, anons!

>> No.56160114

whats CWC?

>> No.56160121

Are you the guy that gets triggered by those drawings?
You know, the
>we are artists because we paint our armies and shit
or something like that

>> No.56160124

Lurk moar

>> No.56160193

Try to remember basics of CWC.

>> No.56160202

I hate how GW is shitting on the lore right now. I hate the rules for 8th edition.
I hate the new players that are being drawn into the game. All these newfags who never played as sisters of battle and act like if they were cute and shit. They are brave holy warriors of the emperor with psycher powers unleashed by their fate alone, something that not even space marines manage to do.
These guys walk in into our store without showing any respect for their elders-in-game, with poorly painted guys (probably done by some hired pedro) and smelling like they just got off the shower. What the fuck?
Also, how am I supposed to use my Chaos army to its full potential when everyone else is using girlyman? Fuck loyalists and fuck gw for doing such OP shit. Fucking shit is ruining my Chadsona at my LCS.
Bottomline, everything lore and rulewise since 4th has been a mistake. No tactics, just luck and OP buy-2-win tactics.
We are at the end of times, friends.

I wholeheartdly agree, fuck """"""cute"""""" shit.
Give me slanesh-style quality work, if you know what I mean.
Drawfags used to bring in some good shit, but now... I just wish they would all die already.

Heres your yous, pathetic retard.
God help you if you ever set foot at my LGS.

>> No.56160210

>t. cool guy to hang out with

>t. le ebin epic memer Im-such-an-old-fag-am-I-rite-guise basement dweller nobody wants around

>> No.56160219

>Go to store to have a game since friends are all busy
>meet two people who ask me to join their game
>one guy sets up really close to me
>every time I go to target him he begs me to not shoot his guys and tries to give me command points to make a treaty

>> No.56160220

>nobody wants around
Fuck you, eurocuck
I would shoot in the face if I could

>> No.56160233

I'm not even from europe!

>> No.56160235

When making Grey Hunters, if you've given them all a chainsword, do you have to represent both the chainsword and the boltgun on the model? The kit doesn't come with slung boltguns or sheathed chainswords as far as I can see.

>> No.56160241


>these new kids aren't sucking my dick or agreeing with what i tell them about the lore
>they can't paint as well as me, who has painted this shit for years, those useless faggots
>how can i use my op chaos soup when imperial soup is better
>if everyone else stopped being a WAACfag with more money than me i could be a WAACfag more easily
>sky is falling because new people are joining the hobby and they're doing things i don't like
>the only thing worse is when people draw things i don't like at no cost to me and other people DARE fucking like those things despite me disliking them

>chaos player

I mean at least you don't play Tau. I'll give you that one.

>> No.56160268

>every time I go to target him he begs me to not shoot his guys and tries to give me command points to make a treaty

That's pretty fucking great. I'd have taken the CP and then shot him anyway.

>> No.56160273

So, since its already settled in stone that

IMPERIUM = America
Eldar = asia shit, but japan
T'au = Japan
Ork = South America
Tyraninds = SJW
Dark Eldar = Thailand
Khorne = Arabs
Nurgle = South east asia, maybe India too
Tzentch = Russia
Slanesh = Europe, but UK

Whats missing?

>> No.56160288

You seem rather upset anon. CHill the fuck out, it's just a game.

The first and most important rule is for both parties to have fun. Have a little chat before the matches, as two reasonable adults, in order to achive that. Works wonders.

>> No.56160289

You are so wrong.

>> No.56160291

at least now I know what kind of people sperg over that chibi drawfag

>> No.56160300

>Whats missing?
This (You).

>> No.56160301

Imperium=best of humanity
Eldars=japan, for fuck sake they have shurikens and samurai flags
Tau=Soviet Union in Asia
DE=selfish egotistic pricks

I can troll too

>> No.56160303

Getting back into 40k, picking a new army. Whats the general community opinion on Hounds of Abaddon?

>> No.56160307

>The first and most important rule is for both parties to have fun.
Not in 8th.

>> No.56160326

Well shit. I'll still argue that they do say "or the most fun!". I always try to have a good time and for the other player to have fun as well.

>> No.56160347

I mean, that's a bit of a niche stuff. Why not Black Legion as a whole?

>> No.56160351


>> No.56160352

Not him, and he's a cunt, but he does make some points.
>these new kids aren't agreeing with what I tell them about the lore
No, they should know someone who has played longer than them will know the lore better. He shouldn't be a dick about it but neither should they.
>they can't paint as well as me
Fair point, he's being unreasonable expecting new kids to paint as well as him, I'm still trying to get better at painting.
>how can I use my op chaos soup when imperial soup is better?
Not every chaos player plays chaos soup and not every chaos soup is op. My Chaos Soup is underpowered, and I rarely use it, usually just my Chaos marines, but sometimes I want some Daemons on the field, or maybe I want a couple of Snipers from an R&H Marauders detachment to deal with all the Herohammer (tho someone at my LGS pointed out that I'm kind of a Herohammer player with how many characters I own, I never use them all in one list but I kind of want to try it)
>if everyone else stopped being a WAACfag I could be a WAACfag
Now you're just projecting, complaining about WAACfags does not equate to wanting to WAAC
>sky is falling because new people are joining the hobby
agree again, he's overreacting
>the only thing worse is when people draw things I don't like
he's overreacting again but he's free to dislike a drawfags artwork, I wish there were more drawfags, trouble is a lot of them probably lack confidence and we are not a kind audience, so he should tone it down and expect others to do the same for drawfags he likes
but at the same time he's free to openly dislike someones art on an anonymous image board, they want to share it they can catch opinions, I don't like it either, I just don't care

>> No.56160368

The Legion does seem, really cool as a whole, and thats part of the reason I went for HoA, since I can expand into that if I get the funds later. For right now I just like the look of Khorne's Daemons as side units.

>> No.56160372

>In a game as detailed

>> No.56160376

Why does everyone hate the Greater Good? :<

>> No.56160377

>Slaanesh = Europe, but UK
I laughed but it hurt

>> No.56160381

Your tears are sustaining me. Thank you, kind anon !

>> No.56160384

Because communism isn't very Jewish

>> No.56160386

The only point I would argue upon is the lore. I know how some people can be autistic about the lore.

Seeing the original anon rather strict position, I wouldn't be surprised if he's adamant about certain details and gets triggered when someone doesn't accept his opinion as word of law. There are several points in the fluff where different interpretations are possible, notably where old and new fluff clash, the Emperor for example.

Of course we don't know what fluff he was talking about, but that was just my 2 cents.

>> No.56160387

>tfw I never once met anyone who actually owned sisters until 8e

>> No.56160389

It was "have fun" in 4th 5th and less in 6th and 7th.
Now is full WAAC rule.

>> No.56160390

your country = shit

>> No.56160394

Tau has been my second army (Ultramarines third, but may become the first once I buy my Guillyman), so yeah... I would crush you if you werent using any cheap tactics.
Also, its not like that, stop pretending you dont see the wave of darkness that is falling upon our hobby.
I had to literally retire from a match because I had bad rolls and the other guy, some newfag with a manbun for godssake, only got outstanding rolls. Also, the faggots of the store tried to imply that I was cheating because I mistaked the 7th rules, only because it would benefit me. At least the guy said it was ok, although he had this "huurrr durrr no biggie I work out" tone.
If you are pro that, you are con the game.

Although the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is somewhat like the Imperium (power + influence + standind against waves of evil that seek to wipe humanity), the lore is vastly different from the history of the United States.
Also, Japanese culture is wider than T'au culture, read history books about japan to avoid making a fool out of yourself again.

I am upset! I cant stand seeing people ruining my game. I feel like I am wasting my time with it, everythime I see these fuckers chip my joy piece by piece.

Fuck you, you are not better than me.
I fucking dared to expose myself here and show it how it really is. You think you can come up on top with some bullshit line? Is that all you feel? You are clearly worse than m on every single aspect, sperg.
Stay a virgin who hotglues his SoB, faggot.
You lose, dont even try to stay on top without showing any content.
Learn how to draw. Even a child can do that.
I know its you, drawfag. Only you would defend such horrendous shit. You are part of the cancer. If I was a mod I would permaban you so hard, your dick would fall off.
Also, fuck your faction. whatever it is.

>> No.56160397

No he's not.
Overly bureaucratic mess of a system, run mostly by religious nutjobs and money grubbing kikes, has a lot of guns, allies with people it probably shouldn't, involves itself in wars it has no stake in, doesn't even agree with itself half the time, massive military, tends to go over the top in displays of power.
Oh, and all it's fans are fatties and brainwashed children.

>> No.56160402

I thought you were laying in on thick with insulting them for smelling like they actually took a shower that day and talking about your 'chadsona,' but people took the bait, so A++.

>> No.56160406

I liked that post which had each state as a minor faction from the Imperium, although some of them were some serious asspulls just to fill quotas.

>> No.56160414

sometimes mine pulls to the left when im driving

>> No.56160424

>Although the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is somewhat like the Imperium (power + influence + standind against waves of evil that seek to wipe humanity)
>is somewhat like the Imperium (power + influence + standind against waves of evil that seek to wipe humanity)
>is somewhat like the Imperium
>like the Imperium

>> No.56160431

>The Imperium of Man is run by THE JEWS.

Are you high, anon? They worship the God-Emperor, or pretend to, which is almost entirely Catholicism (never mind the Fallen protestants in the corner).

>> No.56160432

Fair enough, I usually tend to er on asking one of two people, checking google, then asking them for clarification.
I did just get in an argument with my LGS owner over whether or not Chaos Warbands are undersupplied and I told him Dark Mech supplies them along with stealing.
Turns out it was a misunderstanding, I thought he meant all Warbands were undersupplied compared to Space Marines and he thought I meant that every Warband is well supplied 100% of the time.
Not sure how he got that idea since I told him Warbands trade slaves and raw materials with Hell-Forge Worlds for weapons, armours and ammo along with the dinobots.

>> No.56160445

>Give me slanesh-style quality work, if you know what I mean.

So... porn? You want porn, right?

>> No.56160448

>Europe was born from Asians raping each other so much
It fits I guess. You're missing Necrons though.

>> No.56160451

70% of Americans are Christian and 20% of that are Catholic

>> No.56160453

>run mostly by religious nutjobs and money grubbing kikes
>They worship the God-Emperor, or pretend to, which is almost entirely Catholicism

So this... is the power... of retardation.

>> No.56160454

2 Damage in my experience is better than D3. Fire Prisms may reroll hits and wounds, but HDscythes autohit and Smite also auto hits and ignore armor/invulns.
Range 16" for the HDscythes keeps you safe from Shadows. So it's a straight cast/deny.

You're also spending CP every turn to link that which is something to be considered.

>> No.56160457

Anon claimed the Imperium was run by "kikes".

>> No.56160462

SoS is the Telepathica chamber militant.
SoB is not the Hereticus chamber militant. There is none.

>> No.56160469

Much like America is.

>> No.56160476

Quasimodo predicted this.

>> No.56160477

Honestly I was just making fun of America and the Imperium.
Bankers and money lenders doesn't sound as good.
Also money grubbing bankers would have been a similar phrase anyway.

>> No.56160499

ITT : trolls and easy preys.

>> No.56160500

Didn't stormtroopers use to be that?

>> No.56160502

I'm slightly amazed we don't have more Jew jokes about the Departmento Munitorum or the Administratum, but they're not the only seat on the Senate, you know.

>> No.56160509

There's also trolls trolling trolls so its a big swirly shitfoon

>> No.56160528

>tfw they were exactly who I was making fun of
Why can't I make Jew jokes in 40k when they apply? I can make them about the store owner and GW itself at my LGS, and I should able to make them about any stereotypically Jewish factions, hell we used to have Jew jokes about Tzeentch Daemons.
Is Social Justice truly infecting this board and I can't make fun of people for reasons that don't matter about things outside their control?

>> No.56160545

>ctrl+f "it's a good day to die"
>no results

For the love of... COME ON ! WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER ?

>> No.56160547

Is the Avatar of Khaine a named character, or can you pick any WL trait for it?

>> No.56160555


Doesn't specify a warlord trait for him so you can choose.

>> No.56160556

What's his name?

>> No.56160557

I never said you couldn't make jew jokes - in fact, I said I was surprised we didn't have more. Are you illiterate? However, my point remains that the Imperium isn't run by Jews.

Also, it's intrinsically disingenuous to claim anon (if that's who you are) was only making jew jokes. "Kike" was deliberately chosen to be as insulting and trolling as possible, as is standard for any racial slur.

Anyway, the Imperium is essentially run like the Catholic church with no Pope, and only the Cardinals getting to decide what happens. The fluff would have been better if it was maximum bureaucracy - with so many deparments with so many interdepartmental memos and responsibilities that no one is actually sitting on top of it - but oh, well.

>> No.56160564

He has the exact same wording on his datasheet as a Phoenix Lord, so I think he is, but it's not clear - GW has not been labeling which datasheets refer to named characters.

>> No.56160574

Eldar codex doesn't specify trait for Eldrad either, just says that you should use the trait associated with the craftworld of the named character. But the Avatar is a unique model, and always "the" Avatar, like "the" Swarmlord. So does it count as named and thus must have the CW trait, or can you pick any?

>> No.56160575


Fuck you i don't play thai boys.

>> No.56160580

>"Kike" was deliberately chosen to be as insulting and trolling as possible,
Are you literally shaking right now?

Guess what? The modern catholic church has been infiltrated by marxists who get their marching orders from... just guess.

And all this business with a "god Emporer" only solidifies the idea that there are a chosen group, of which our modern jews claim to belong in a outright display of cosmic racial supremacy.

>> No.56160582

Ye that's who I am.
My complaint may have been posted at you but the heart of it wasn't directed at you.
Yeah I used kike to be insulting, that was the point, we use niggerfaggot and other terms all the time, nothing wrong with calling someone a kike, faggot.
No it's exactly like America without a president, all the different states, senators and governors arguing with each other and only getting something done when it threatens them all.

>> No.56160592

>Cosmic racial supremacy

Holy shit, I didn't think it was possible to be so deep in the buzzwords that shit like this makes sense to say.

>> No.56160596

Can't you get your shitposting elswhere ? This isn't the right board for this.
Also - (You)

>> No.56160604

New thread, migrate now !!!


>> No.56160607

>Claiming Catholics are Jewish.

>> No.56160609

>discussing 40k isn't discussing 40k
stop being retarded mister

>> No.56160617

SitW is 18" now fucko

>> No.56160621

Built a CSM gunline list using HH models for the most part. Thoughts?

Battalion Detachment
Sorcerer - force axe (106)
Lord - axe of blind fury (79)

cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40
cultists(10) - autoguns - 40

Heavy support:
Hellforged leviathan dreadnought - 2 butcher cannon arrays, 2 hellflamers 369
Hellforged leviathan dreadnought - 2 butcher cannon arrays, 2 hellflamers 369

Sorcerer - force axe -106
quad heavy bolter rapier batter(3)- quad heavy bolter - 246
laser rapier destroyer(3) - 318
laser rapier destroyer(3) - 318


>> No.56160626

>believe your gods chosen and all others are as cattle
>not cosmic racial supremacy
Than what is?

No, I claimed that they're tools.

>> No.56160630

Are there metal versions of the current striking scorpions and ranger models? Hard to tell on eBay if the metal ones are older editions sculpts or not.

>> No.56160653

Do you not take any special weapons for cultists?

>> No.56160679

Never found the stubber or flamer to be worthwhile since cultists die so easily. Will probably spend the remaining points adding a few more cultists just to screen better

>> No.56160692

I'm trying to make them work myself, was curious about how best to use them.

>> No.56160781

Autoguns in squads of 10. They do the same amount of damage in CC with either loadout and the pistol will never hit. At ld 6, they can always lose more models to moral and they will lose models every time they get looked at. Cultists are best used to screen your more fragile units from being charged and sit on objectives cheaply.

>> No.56160950

Are they worth taking an apostle with?

>> No.56161221

I agree with first part, but about the second - fuck you chibi is love chibi is life, man-faced sisters can go to hell.

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