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Big Bugs Edition

>Tyranids Preview, Cruddance on suicide watch

>Daily Duncan Playlist
[YouTube] WHTVTip of the Day - Vindicator Dozer Blade. (embed)

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Craftworld Eldar codex(thank you anon)

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Eldar are supreme

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second for btiching about an extra 4 inches

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Smol bugs best bugs

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#th for Necron power creep when codex drops

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Stop comparing yourself to your ex's new BF, anon

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I want to buy some new brushes as my current ones are quite old and shit. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather not buy Citadel as they seem kinda overpriced for the quality.

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I look at you all
See the death there that's creeping
While Maugetar gently reaps
I look at the floor
See the corpses are heaping
Still Maugetar gently reaps

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>SM only because of G-money though

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All bugs are beautiful.

Except the fucking dimachaeron. That abortion needs killed with fire.

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Winsor & Newton series 7.
pricey but worth it

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Alright guys, maybe I was just salty of all the other unique stuff the other codecies got while admech got a copy and paste. So how do I build a tactically sound Admech list?

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Windsor newton.

>> No.56154527

-ly delicious.

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Negative to-hit modifiers are breaking 8th and making Orks real fired up!

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>Being used by anyone

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INBF mob rule and WAAAGH!!! lets orks get bonuses to hit.

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I think in the grand scheme of things guard are still on top over all.

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>That tiny little scythe

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Damn, are lictors bad?

I kinda wanted to make the Nid army my 10 year old self always wanted back in 3rd, so mostly avoiding newer things.

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>tfw play GKs and Nids
>tfw one army at the top and one army at the bottom
I guess it does balance out after all.
Now I wonder where my Bobby-less Marines ft in....

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A good Eldar player losing to a Tyranid player. Topkek.

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Reminder to ignore and avoid playing Trannynid players this edition.

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The cries of your death satiate our thirst to end your filthy race

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>He hasn't read their new strategum

>> No.56154572


It's a gun with an artsy bayonet.

Meanwhile Morty unironically brought farming equipment to a war.

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>Thing to kill tank with
>Thing to kill tank with if first one breaks
>Thing to kill mans with
>Thing to kill mans with if first one breaks
>Thing to buff with
>Thing to buff with if first one breaks

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I have not

>> No.56154593

t. butthurt IGfag

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wow rude

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Personally a fan of the nickname Feminids

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>GK in last
how the mighty have fallen...

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I don't play cringe worthy ww2 autism.

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>1d4chan's first day on /tg/

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>Can't even fuck enough to maintain a population
>Thinks they stand a chance against the endless swarm

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Think Alpha Legion's Forward Operatives.

>> No.56154637

Its bullshit desu. Their psychic should be massively buffed. Regular dudes' smite should be increased in range. I hope TS are not their level of bad...

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haven't played since 5th lmao, just getting back into the hobby

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That sounds like female Nid players which there aren't any. It's just trannies.

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>tfw tyranids have always been the most diverse and inclusive faction

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Any fellow DEldar players hyped to be the hard counter to WAAC 'nid lists?

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>He doesnt even have pointy ears for maximum hearing efficiency
What are you, gay?

>> No.56154672

Turns them into a deathleaper. Beginning of movement, may be placed within 1" of an enemy unit. May fall back, shoot, and charge.

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Shit, didn't mean to reply

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>salty guardfag shitposting about tyranids
Who knew Robin Cruddace was a /40kg/ regular?

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Filthy tyranid hordes cannot stop my concealed alaitoc hemlock wraithfighter

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Can we get loud yet?

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Not until you get a codex and new plastics in 2025.

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>Having vulnerable exterior ears
>Not having ultra-fertile females that birth dozens of offspring hours after copulation multiple time a day
Do you even adapt, bro?

>> No.56154723

Of course I can.
I'll just charge it with my 2+ to hit flyrants

>> No.56154728

Honestly, it's far more doable for Mortarion.
He's taller than everyone so using scythe as if he's harvesting is pretty effective.

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Are you calling traps trannies?

>> No.56154762

Is that a generous estimate?

>> No.56154768

Not really, I am just hyped that the changes to 8th make Deldar actually playable at all.

I am really worried about how <Coven> <Cult> and <Kabal> will work though.

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This saddens me

>> No.56154776

>not having your ears on your neck and gills set into holes on the side of your head

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Traps are wannabe trannies. You ever notice how many traps end up transitioning a couple of years later? Also they love Nids because pregnancy fetish because they can't get preggers themselves.

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Why would that be useful? Didn't they already DS, or is that now removed?

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I am sorry sad anon. I didnt mean to make you cry. Would you like a hug or a tug?

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They better give our units rules to ignore shooting penalties, we are the true gotta go fast eldars, also ap-4 huskblade because we don't have fucking powerfists

>> No.56154821

Can't wait!

>> No.56154823

I did my best to make my 'ard as nails samurai elves

Ulthwe Craftworld for all detachments

Battalion Detachment
>Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance [Warlord, Fate Reader trait, Blazing Star of Vaul] - 108pts
>Spiritseer [Enhance] - 45pts

>x5 Rangers - 60pts
>x5 Rangers - 60pts
>x5 Rangers - 60pts

>x10 Howling Banshees w/Executioner - 133

Outrider Detachment
>Spiritseer [Quicken] - 45 pts
>Spiritseer [Empower] - 45 pts
Fast Attack
>x9 Shining Spears w/Star Lance - 281 pts
>x9 Windriders w/Twin Shuriken Catapults - 207pts
>x3 Vypers w/2 Shuriken Cannons - 210pts

Vanguard Detachment
>Spiritseer [Protect] - 45pts
>Spiritseer [Conceal] - 45pts
Heavy Support
>Fire Prism w/Crystal Targeting Matrix and Twin Shuriken Catapult - 165pts
>Fire Prism w/Crystal Targeting Matrix and Twin Shuriken Catapult - 165pts
>Fire Prism w/Crystal Targeting Matrix and Twin Shuriken Catapult - 165pts
>Falcon w/Crystal Targeting Matrix, Shuriken Cannon, and Bright Lance - 160pts


I'd like to tweak it to be as SAMURAI as possible, which I guess would probably mean dropping the prisms, but I'm not sure what to add. The Banshees seem pretty good for webway strike, since Acrobatic pretty much makes them a sure chance to hit melee, and eithout buffs they can eat a small Devastator squad, with buffs they can chew up larger threats and clear out hordes?

I plan to throw away my CP early and often on things like Supreme Disdain, Lightning-Fast Reactions, and Linked Fire, so the Autarch is to try and mitigate that, with Rangers (guardians would work better aesthetically, maybe? Eldar dont seem big on long-ranged infantry) as a nobunaga riflemen sort of deal to get me a Battalion. I'd like more Banshees or Storm Guardians, but Storm Guardians seem like theyre the opposite of 'ard as nails samurai

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>Implying Tyranids are op
Neck yourself

>> No.56154842

Latest tweak to my NM army, any thoughts?

Have 4th game ever tomorrow.

Game 1, got obliterated by two LRs, so I added meltas/fists to the terminator squad.

Game 2, I alphad a knight warden on my first turn and opponent rage quit. Success?

Game 3, a good game against a tau player, he got completely obliterated because all of my NM units were great against his army of infantry in cover.

>> No.56154848

Are you high? He's implying the opposite.

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>> No.56154855

but i didn't?

>> No.56154863

682 points baby

>> No.56154868

>Pretending Trannynids aren't op so you can still have an excuse for losing

>> No.56154870

>akkoposter is dumb
Never a surprise

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>> No.56154889

Are any of the new bugs (Maleceptor/Toxicrene) worth? I stopped buying Nids after the 7th book and the stuff that was released after that is basically the only stuff I don't have.

>> No.56154894

I would like a fug

>> No.56154908

how do we play blood angels

>> No.56154922

Well, at least you make our waifu proud.

>> No.56154924

Well, he is an akko poster objectively worst girl, best girl is pic related

>> No.56154940

What is this meme anyway?

>> No.56154941

Is one of you from Germany? If so, did you and the other German anon fuck eventually?

>> No.56154961 [SPOILER] 

I prefer Barbara but you have great taste anon

>> No.56154985

Will Lictors be good?

Seriously just stop giving them paper armor and aluminum claws and they'll be worth taking

>> No.56154986 [SPOILER] 

Its no meme.
Its war

>> No.56154999

Would you rather be fucked in the arse with a 1" wide strapon or a 5" wide strapon?

>> No.56155000

/a/ and /pol/ please leave we're trying to have serious discussions about which kind of plastic army men have the best rules in a game about fictional battles that is predicated on the rolling of dice

>> No.56155002

What is the silliest "rule lawyering" argument you have come across? Pic related: The debate was whether an Ultramarine could roll dice to refund CP for the "Chapter Relics" stratagem.

>> No.56155003

F-Five inch

>> No.56155019

>/a/ please go
>He says while posting on an anime imageboard

>> No.56155023

Do we know what Kronus, Jormungandr and Hydra's schemes are yet?

>> No.56155038


>> No.56155041

Hydra is dull gray greens, Jormungandr is BEEEEEEES

>> No.56155044

Ah, my favorite thought experiment: Schrodinger's Space Marine Captain

>> No.56155047 [SPOILER] 

Are you doing anything 40k related for Halloween? Costumes, game modes on the table, or maybe paintings/conversions?

>> No.56155049

Reminds me of the old "is a model in a transport 'on the table' or not," which I believe went back and forth through the editions.

Still, I'll give my vote for either 3e Necron Monolith gaining +1 shot on the Gauss Arc Flux per Weapon Destroyed result, or the 4e model can't fire a pistol and charge, if he's carrying a bolter.

>> No.56155058


>> No.56155061

Read their new strategum you mong.

>> No.56155063

Nah, spent a couple hours hollowing out pumpkins to carve and have to hand out candy tomorrow, so I probably won't have time

>> No.56155082

People still hollow out pumpkins?

>> No.56155094

Daily reminder that 1 Zoanthrope > 1 Craftworld.

>> No.56155121

Ah, hope you have fun with that!

>> No.56155125

>didn't realize we made a new thread
please help >>56155081

>> No.56155129

How else would you carve them and get seeds to bake?

>> No.56155131


Nice Kasrkin, Anon.

>> No.56155153

Thanks anon, I hope you have a great Halloween too

>> No.56155187

That 4e one sounds amusing. My favorite one from 7th is:

"Can Fortifications Scout?" "No."

From 5th, my favorite one was Boss Snikrot's Kommandos sneaking a Warboss on a Bike. Or Njal riding in a Rhino because Runic Terminator Armor was not RAW Terminator Armor.

>> No.56155197

Shoutout to the anon who wanted to use D-scythes as anti horde.

Enjoy your 225 point unit killing 32 points worth of guants. If the game goes 7 turns you might make back your points.

>> No.56155221

>not making pumpkin soup, the best soup as proven by scientific consensus

>> No.56155242

I once had a guy try to argue that he should be able to cast the same psychic power twice in one turn because we were playing for kill points and therefore it wasn't matched play. I let him, but only because it seemed like it would make the game more fun

>> No.56155243

Best soup is chicken and sweet corn you fucking idiot

>> No.56155252

So mixed faction xenos armies are going to be a thing, huh? Wow very fluffy...

>> No.56155257

Is that a thing? I've never heard of pumpkin soup. I'll have to try it out

>> No.56155265

That's a fucking terrible soup you dumb nigger. There's like 10 soups above that.

>> No.56155271

What kind of African shithole do you have to live in to have never heard of pumpkin soup?

>> No.56155275

If you mean different flavored eldar and 'nids+gsc then yes. But those are all fluffy. There is no xenos key word

>> No.56155276

You mean sub-faction? It actually IS fluffy for Orks.

>> No.56155277

Where did you hear that?

>> No.56155281

It's a meme but I had a guy try this on at my LGS once so the memories of everyone laughing him out of town give this one a special place in my heart.

>> No.56155287

For 8th Ed the whole 0" movement thing on Leman Russes was pretty fucking stupid.

>> No.56155289

The midwestern United States. It's already snowing. Please put me out of my misery

>> No.56155291

the only kasrkin I'll ever buy
>single melta/plas models going for +20 dollars on ebay

>> No.56155293

Go big or go home

>> No.56155299

>eating soup

>> No.56155300

Nids with Jormungandr artillery and Behemoth foot soldiers. Eldar with Alaitoc artillery and Biel-tan foot soldiers. So excited for Tau and Necrons!

>> No.56155302

>Thinking you have a valid opinion after you liked Pumpkin Soup

Even though I prefer French Onion, reaction image anon is right, the Chicken Noodle master race has dominated the world. You'd have to be next level ignorant to deny it's the most popular.

>> No.56155309

What are Storm Guardians even FOR?

>> No.56155315

Tau actually makes sense as they're all about the greater good and utilising the best for the job

>> No.56155317

Objectives and Fusion Pistols

>> No.56155324

Jumping from waveserpents and fusion gunning vehicles.

>> No.56155328

Fluff, fusion pistols, suicide, wishing the game had no MEQ's.

>> No.56155335

MEQs are terrible though.

>> No.56155342

I'm pretty sure they're going to have you make a "raiding party" and whoever finances it grants your army their faction bonuses. So if you want to use <cult> your warlord needs to be <cult> and replaces all instances of <kabal> or <coven> in the same detatchment with <cult>, or something similar. In lore we're much more about multiple groups teaming up on raids and following the leader there than any unified subfaction shenanigans.

>> No.56155346


None of the leaked Lictor info looks like it's any good.

>spend 1 CP for a no-penalty fallback. On a 1-3 model unit.
>spend 1 CP to have them once again be a glorified homing beacon
>spend 1 CP when a lictor manages to kill a character (lol) to have a chance to break even on the CP you spent, or at best a net of 2 CP

So one stratagem that really doesn't help Lictors, one stratagem that relegates them to being a cheap advance deployment method in a meta that is already drowning in "deploy your unit 9" away from enemy unit" rules, and one stratagem that is so hilariously circumstantial in its use and still will only accomplish anything 2/3s of the time it actually happens to be used.

>> No.56155347

>implying it's fluffy when humanfags do it
>so here's my fluffy Marines army... The Devs in the back line are RG and all these Vanguards are WS
>lmao Alpha Legion Berzerkers and DP running with Khorne Herald

>> No.56155356

Last night I dreamt that the Alpha Legion had utilised Tau FTL tech to send a colony to the nearest galaxy and colonize it with zealots so they could amass a force that would rid the taint of Chaos.

(Still new to 40k so this might not make sense, though it might depend on how you view Chaos.)

>> No.56155357

Are you lot 'avin a giggle? You 'avin a laugh?

ain't no Fusion Pistols on this datasheet

>> No.56155364

Some Craftworlds actually hate Ynnari, but you can field them together somehow...

>> No.56155370

>That 4e one sounds amusing.

Yes, it was the wording in rapid-fire rules that said that you cannot fire in the shooting phase and assault, if you were carrying a rapid-fire weapon. So Even if you fired a bolt pistol and had a bolter, by RAW you couldn't assault.

>"Can Fortifications Scout?" "No."

Can't remember if it was 4e or 5e where you could deep strike fortifications and artillery batteries, because if a model was Immobile and was put in reserves, it entered the table via deep strike. Shame it's not a thing anymore. I would have loved to pack a Bastion full of guardsmen and deep striked it onto the board like a drop pod.

>> No.56155371

The issue is that Imperial FTL is better than Tau FTL

>> No.56155372

MEQ's are terrible, and yet do well at tournies some how. Can't explain that. Also they aren't terrible, TEQ's are terrible. Terminators are just friggen worthless anymore, standard marines though can get shit done, they just aren't brokenly cheap.

>> No.56155376

Tau FTL is slower than warp travel. And the nearest Galaxy has been eaten by Nids.

>> No.56155381

>chicken noddle
>popular = good
chicken noodle is the most basic bitch soup that exists, that's why it's popular, not because it's good

>> No.56155384

Fusion guns then you fucking autist

>> No.56155392

DG termies are decent

>> No.56155396

SEQ are the best.
All the benefits of a 3+, with BS3+ and cheap enough to spam.

SoB are love.

>> No.56155399

Clam chowder master race coming through

>> No.56155406

Gorgon has been completely annihilated, I thought? How are they still around?

>> No.56155409

>MEQ's are terrible, and yet do well at tournies some how
Primarchs aren't MEQ anon

>> No.56155415

I mean it's a valid contender, but I don't know if I'd put it on top.

>> No.56155431

Cato Sicarius is MIA and yet he's still got rules. 40k lets you do battles from before the setting's "current" if you like.

>> No.56155433

>nids codex incoming
>want to start a new army
>have $1200 GW store credit

What should I get?

>> No.56155435

All of them?

I was thinking more like something that was setup back when Alpharion/Omegon had found out about the Imperium and Chaos (information being his whole thing).

>> No.56155436

nothing but gaunts and the swarmlord

>> No.56155437

Exceedingly small buffs. Still not worth it.

Basically anything that was on the fence about being good or bad in the Index either did not improve or is a lynchpin in a Strategem. So, I guess, spam as many CP as you can?

>> No.56155440

Wait a couple weeks so we can know what's useless

Also buy me something

>> No.56155455

Buy me the start collecting Khorne Daemons please daddy?

>> No.56155458

What are the best airbrush brands out there? Looking to spend around 100 bucks

>> No.56155460

2 old SC
Swarm box
Carnifex broodx2

>> No.56155461

Buy a SC! box and donate it to charity.

>> No.56155463

>All of them?

Yes anon, all of them. The universe is Tyranids and they're all coming to the milky way.

>> No.56155466

They have some kind of "deep strike another unit in with them" stratagem that basically makes 'em 40-some pt. droppods, like Nids had at the end of 7th edition. So, with that stratagem, they've got a role at least.

If you actually want them to contribute or (heaven forbid) act as an assassin/character hunter? Nope! Expect nothing and receive less.

>> No.56155476

>have $1200 GW store credit

What currency?

If burgerbucks, grab a few of both Start Collecting boxes, come carnifexes, some exocrines, and some zoanthropes.

If dollarydoos, a box of guants and a hive tyrant.

>> No.56155477

Carnifexes. You can get 26 of them.

Also get magnets.

>> No.56155494

Big boy Nids with alot of gaunts

>> No.56155503

Every time I load up GW's website it automatically sets me to Aus currency and I about shit my pants till I remember and switch back to burgers.

>> No.56155517

Try clearing your cookies

>> No.56155521

Sorry meant >>56155476

>> No.56155522


>> No.56155542

It only happens on my phone so it's not enough of a thing to bother fixing. I check it like, every blue moon to see that yes, razorwings still aren't in stock yet.

>> No.56155548

I have one I'm looking to sell if you're interested

>> No.56155553

Because imperial navigation is better. The Tau don't have astropath or navigators so they can't dive into the warp, they have to just skim it.

Hence why during the interim after the gathering storm the 4th sphere of expansion fleet disappeared. They dove too deep.

>> No.56155554

>what is inflation

>> No.56155556

Rate my dank eldar stratagem
Virulence - 2cp - until the end of this phase, poisoned weapons are +1 to wound

>> No.56155559

>Plague Marines only have one wound
New to this game, why does that seem so odd to me?

>> No.56155577

Because you're new to the game. It's just like that.

>> No.56155586

Exocrines are good. Tyrannofexes got big buffs. Carnifexes are better than ever. Tyrants got a bit better and Swarm Lord got a couple buffs too. Harpy and Crone improved a bit. Tyrannocytes are always useful, as are Trygons. Mawlocs have uses, but are more specialized.

On the flip side:
Tervigons are pointless vs. any army with cheap Lascanons. Maleceptor is still mechanically short of what he wants to be (a psychic-oriented tank). Haruspex got a price cut, but still pointless against most armies. Toxicrene is still behind the curve on everything- no matter what you want it to do, there's a better option in the codex. Bugs like to specialize, so trying to play catch-all is bound to end in heartbreak.

>> No.56155589

How about
>1 CP
>Choose a <DRUKHARI> Infantry unit. Until the beginning of your next movement phase, that unit's poison weapons may re-roll To Wound rolls.

Boosting the entire army for a turn for only 2CP is kinda crazy. A larger boost to one unit for 1CP is more in line with what they're doing these days.

>> No.56155591

You try shooting and killing one with a marine equivalent. That toughness, save and resilince makes all the difference

>> No.56155602

>Thinking about starting up a new army
>Look through Ebay to find something cheap I can snipe
>Multiple Tau armies with 2+ Riptides completly unpainted
Holy shit the legends are true. Might be a good time to pickup some gundams and wait for the codex that'll hopefully make Tau middle of the pack.
I get random currency every time. The most prevalent counties are Japan and Switzerland.

>> No.56155612

Or just go Yanari due to they can't let go of pretty elven looks and psychic powers, nor letting a homunculus just transition them fully to the point even if you looked at their DNA you couldn't fucking tell.

>> No.56155621

I guess all you can afford is a Deathleaper or some Spore Mine clusters.

>> No.56155632

>Being gay
As a respectable Christian I find this accusations preposterous, take that back you, you double heathen!

>> No.56155640

I would, but I just purchased a bunch of old school ravagers instead. I'll still need the razorwings in the future, but I'm out of dosh atm.

>> No.56155651

Tau don't even have Gellar Fields

>> No.56155658

A truly Bad Feel.

>> No.56155659

I think I like that even better. How about
Webway jink - 1cp - remove a unit from the table and put it within 6" (12"?) of its original location but not within 1" of any enemy models. That unit gets +1 to all saves until your next movement phase.

>> No.56155666

We talking 5 inches from the centre or 5 inches from edge to edge? Because those are two VERY different measurements and both mean width.

>> No.56155668

Anyone have any experience getting this scheme on the sonic weapon?

I'm trying to figure out how to paint it

>> No.56155669

>Maleceptor/Toxicrene still shit
plz no
Do we have their updated profiles yet? I really want them to be good, I love their model.

>> No.56155673

2 effects = 2CP at least

>> No.56155690

>They dove too deep
>Going warp without Gellar field
Is there any fate worst than this in 40k?

>> No.56155691

Yeah sorry mate, I got fed up with waiting on GW to restock. They've been sold out of the thing (except in bloody Australia) since the edition dropped. I think they've restocked sslyth twice but no planes.

>> No.56155697

I haven't played in like 7 years and my friend wants to play tomorrow.

how do I play tg?

>> No.56155698

>a 102 point squad of 12 Storm Guardians can kill 10 Boyz in a single round

hey, that's actually not bad... 60% of your own points value in one turn of combat...

>20 Ork boyz will effortlessly stomp 12 Storm Guardians off the board without any effort whatsoever

Oh. Oh I see.

>> No.56155700

Forgeworld thinks I'm Jap every time.

>> No.56155701

Capture by Dark Eldar and given over to Haemonculi Covens.

>> No.56155704

Waking up as a male Eldar on a Craftworld :^)

Or being a DA, you'd be about as gay

>> No.56155706

The Tyranids are probably the least interesting factor in 40k. It's a problem-solver and an excuse and every writer's afraid to overplay them so we get this constant "oncoming threat".
Which means they don't get much stuff made about them, which means people won't care as much and so on.
Except for the occasional marketing ploy when you want space marines killing giant space bugs.

Even the Necrons and their pseudo-egyptian bullshit end up being more interesting.

>> No.56155714

Pink with rusty black trim?

>> No.56155719

Shove models around towards what you want them to kill, point what they're shooting or charging, try to remember to put important shit in terrain, and roll some dice.

>> No.56155720

Look at necron tutorials. They should probably cover glowing green effects

>> No.56155724

>Webway Strike
Use this stratagem while deploying a unit. You may set that unit up lurking in the webway instead of deploying it on the table. At the end of any of your movement phases, you may deploy that unit anywhere outside 6" of enemy models.

(Basically - Deep Strike a unit that normally can't, plus, 6" from enemy instead of 9" so more likely to get assaults off.)

>Darklight Storm
Use this stratagem while one of your Ravagers is within 6" of two friendly Ravagers. Choose an enemy <VEHICLE> or <MONSTER>. When shooting this turn, Disentegrator Cannons wound that target on a 3+, and Dark Lances on a 2+.

>> No.56155729

If you don't have csm on top you're wrong. And no magnus and a few brims don't make a csm army not csm.

>> No.56155730

Maybe you're right. I'm an awful home brewer.
I also think something like
Inhuman Cruelty. 2cp. Choose a Drukhari unit. Until your next movement phase, casualties caused by that unit count as two for the purposes of morale.

>> No.56155731

As a TS player, Magnus fills me with sadness. He's our alpha and omega and our army will never have anything good because everything will be excused away with "you got magnus"

>No assault troops
>why need assault unit when Magnus exist
>No generic +2 to hit melee fighters
>Why need melee when you got Magnus exist
>No anti tank
>Why need anti tank when Magnus exist

>> No.56155735

is this a good strat for eldar?

>> No.56155738

>When shooting this turn, Disentegrator Cannons wound that target on a 3+, and Dark Lances on a 2+.
>*These Ravagers' Disintegrator Cannons...and their Dark Lances

Otherwise it would be your entire army's. Whoops.

>> No.56155751

Read again nigger. Index cucks and FW nazis need not apply.

>> No.56155753

Maleceptor went down by about 10 pts. It gained 4++ up from 5++. Can cast and deny 2 spells a turn, up from 1 and 1. And it's Psychic Overload power does 3 MW to a unit on a roll of 6 (but still only does 1 MW to a unit on 2-5 and can't cast spells on the turn it overloads)

Toxicrene's melee weapon is now AP -2, up from AP -1. No change to points, damage, Hypertoxic aura, degradation chart, or any of the avenues it needed to make it viable that I know of.

>> No.56155759

>needing 3 Ravagers for a stratagem.
Please no. Maybe make it if you fire two or more weapons with a strength profile of 6 or higher at the same target, reroll 1s?

>> No.56155763

More like
>Darklight Storm
>1 CP
>Use this strategem if one of your ravagers is within 6 inches od at least 2 other ravagers. Tell him to just take a model of your choosing off the fucking table because nothing can survive the wrath of the true kin.

>> No.56155770

Help give me a reason/motivation to finish the meganobz that I have. Why, God, do they have to be so expensive?

>> No.56155776

>Make Ravagers come in squadrons of up to 3, they act independently after deployment like IG vehicle squads.

>> No.56155777

>Wanting an assault unit as a TS player

somewhere you must have misunderstood Thousand Sons. Melee is a barbaric and primitive practice more suited towards less bright individuals, that don't know how to solve problems from a personal space respecting distance, preferably with magic.

We have Tzaangors to keep enemy troops from getting too close now, and they are ideally suited to the task.

>> No.56155778

Even just more variety would be nice.

>the tzaangor disc guys from AoS as fast attack
>generic CSM things (made with captured geneseed, mark of tzeentch)
>heavy support sorcs/disc sorcs with mind bullets for big guns

I don't even need them to be GOOD. I just want stuff.

>> No.56155794

>magnus and a few brims don't make a csm army not csm.
The only thing the stock Chaos Soup list uses from CSM is the Dark Hereticus discipline, which is being used by Magnus.

It's him, Changeling, a bunch of Brims, and two other Chaos superheavies. Maybe a small side of Nurgle Daemons if you're using Morty.

>> No.56155805

It's based on Killshot, the stratagem Codex marines have for Predators, which has that same restriction of 3 of them.

No objections to this.

New idea

>Arise, my Creatures!
>3 CP
Use this stratagem at the end of any of your movement phases. Select two <COVEN> units - for each slain model in the unit, roll a d6, and the model returns to the unit on a 4+. In addition, each model which is missing at least one wound may regenerate D3 wounds, up to its original Wounds value.

>> No.56155808

Better write in to GW's facebook about these. I don't think they've sold more than a dozen of those kits since they were introduced. The things have ALWAYS been overcosted, under powered messes, with too many random special rules that try to do a lot but only manage to fail at 3 things instead of perform adequately at one.

You could drop 'em both by 50 pts each and you'd still never see 'em fielded. Codex was your last chance.

>> No.56155809

Hard counter? You don't have enough guns to kill the horde and your splinter shots bounce off tmc armor.

Dark lances are still spooky though

>> No.56155811

Jedis motherfucker! Let me have a Jedi!

>> No.56155812

I'd jist run 9 ravagers every single game, 3 dissies 6 DL. Super cheap yet survivable platform for the best weapons our army has. Would be a good way to sell shit tons of kits though.

>> No.56155829

It's. More that I don't want such a narrow stratagem clogging up. Our design space. We get like what, 5 unique ones? Wanna shoehorn it that bad?

>> No.56155830

CSM are better than DG. It's too early to tell where Eldar fit in, and if you're running pure codex lists against each other Guilimarines probably beat IG.
You're an idiot. Chaos Soup lists use minimal Codex: Chaos Space Marines if they even use it at all.

>> No.56155833

Thanks, I'll try just that

>> No.56155835

>Soul Trap
>1 CP
Use this stratagem when a <CHARACTER> in your army slays an enemy <CHARACTER>. Your CHARACTER immediately regenerates D3 wounds and doubles its Strength value for the rest of the game.

>> No.56155842

Should only target one unit, needs the wording cleaned up, and needs to specify how many wounds they return to life with.

>> No.56155847

If we get back Night Shields, which either is a perma -1 to hit, or a perma +1 armor save since it gave stealth. Should be fucking hilarious either way.

>> No.56155849

Soul trap should be a relic though

>> No.56155856

2 of the old SC, one of the new SC, a box of genestealers, a swarm box, a carnifex brood, some zoanthropes. That'll give you a versatile basis, and you can build it up as you like from there.

>> No.56155858

You are gonna die soon.

Might as well make something

>> No.56155864

Don't feel bad anon, you'll still outperform marines.

Just like everyone else.

>> No.56155865

>Night Shields
It's a flat out 5+ Inv save now

>> No.56155871

I respect you too much to lie to you, boss. They are cool though and the codex could change anything up. Just bang em out so you're ready for the book. Meanwhile? Style points.

>> No.56155874

Weird since that is what Flickerfields did...

>> No.56155875

Another DE stratagem idea

>Comorrite Trickery
When you use this stratagem, target two Raiders which are both transporting units. You may immediately swap which units are in which Raider. You must swap all units in each Raider.

Isn't that flickerfields?

>> No.56155897

>Star Wars wanker

Opinion discarded

JK, I just don't give a flying fuck about SW and don't understand why so many people like it so much

>> No.56155908

Yeah it confuses the fuck out of me, they literally swapped flickerfields and nightshields. Where Nightshields made people shoot you with nightfighting (so harder to hit, i.e. -1 in 8ed) now they're an jnvul save, and flickerfields were an invuln save and now give -1 to hit. It's fucking infuriating.

>> No.56155915

Whats a cheap but fun army to run at 1000 points? Hardmode: no flavors of space marine.

>> No.56155927

So predictions on what the next codices will be?

>> No.56155929

>Needing more motivation than just Rule of Cool to finish painting models

>> No.56155937

I think you should be able to do any unit of the same size. 5 man kabalite true born in a venom, 5 man plain kabalite in a raider with something else? TRICK. THAT VENOM HAD WARRIORS THE WHOLE TIME

>> No.56155938

IS that a construction sentinel?

>> No.56155939

Tau. You can buy everything you need for a non-WAAC list from Ebay at criminally low prices, and it's all 7th edition's old shit so none of it will be OP.

Oh wait you said fun.

>> No.56155941

How bout some dark mechanicus for fluffy, swell, heavy support robot allies?

Even just some robot stuff in general.

>> No.56155948

Orks, then Necrons

>> No.56155951

No, they're right, index has night shields as 5+ Inv saves, so they forgot that is what fucking flicker fields do. So I really wonder what they are going to do when someone sees that fuck up. Because 5+ Inv was what the Flicker field did before 8th, now it is opposite.
Yeah seeing that now, DESU haven't touched my DE in a while, wth GW. I mean okay I get the idea that a Shield causes an Inv save, and a flickerfield makes it harder to hit, but it is just awkward to suddenly switch them. Maybe now Wyches instead of having Inv's will have -1's to hit? Would be far more thematic IMO, fucking Harlequins will still get Inv's because the laughing god demands it.

>> No.56155953

You wanna see my construction baneblade and chimera :^)?

>> No.56155956

30k beep boops would be nice.

>> No.56155958

Harlequins. 1000 points fill up fast.

>> No.56155969


>> No.56155971

>>Tyranids Preview, Cruddance on suicide watch

I have been wanting to get back into 40k, did Cruddance get shitcanned from the Nid codex?

>> No.56155980

Just a dreadnought that isn't covered in flesh would already be nice

>> No.56155986

You don't have to paint many (relatively speaking) to get almost a full army's worth out of them.

It's the same justification I used to finish painting my warbikes.

>> No.56155992

He was promoted to lead designer of 8th so make of that what you will.

>> No.56155994

Cruddance doesn't hand write shit anymore. There are teams due to the butthurt caused by GW's old method of letting people solo write shit (Ward, Crud) and NuGW realizing this was a bad idea to keep customers coming back.

>> No.56155996

>not wanting flesh on your dreadnought
Why even chaos then?

>> No.56156002

Dark Eldar is pretty good, especially if you like bikes. A SC and a gangs box or two can get you to 1000 for a bit under $200. If you don't care about your army ever being good, you couls also go Crons as they probably have the highest number of reasonably priced, high cost units of the non SM armies.

>> No.56156003


>> No.56156015

tons of lascannon ironstriders and dragoons in units >=3, single units die quickly, big units are very frustrating to kill.
all the vanguards and rangers that you own, power swords for vanguard alphas and as many arc rifles as you own. plasma to taste. arquebuses are great but they can't fire on the move and people will hide their important characters behind terrain. vanguards go in 10 man squads because your dragoons are buffing their Id. rangers go in minimum squads because they're only there to camp home objectives
robots with phosphor blasters
infiltrators with tasers
an Onager or two with icarus arrays
one dominus to tend the backfield, maybe an omniscient mask or graia wl trait dominus to make your vanguard and dragoons super good in cc, and as many enginseers as you need.
monitor malevolent, use the doctrina strategems every turn, scryerskull is good, cognis overwatch will make anyone regret charging your ironstriders
take stygies and graia for a FNP on the infantry and the deny the witch stratagem

avoid kataphrons and cawl, they're not that good. kataphrons in particular are way too expensive. I have no idea why people use them. i have not yet found the use for pic related but he would replace the bots and dragoons.

your goal should be to pop their big guns asap, while keeping control of the midfield with dakkastellans, dragoons to pop transports and fast close range vehicles, and a ton of vanguard for lots of dakka and cc. keep the robots in aegis so your opponent wastes a lot of firepower trying to kill them. you will lose a lot of the vanguard but they can grab objectives and they aren't half bad in cc if you remember their rad saturation debuff and don't charge dedicated cc units. use the infiltrators to melt any big obsec blobs they have or even just tie up the big guns in cc. keep rangers, onagers, and ironstriders far away, camping your home objectives.

>> No.56156016

I've picked up a couple of boxes of aggressors, built one lot with the flamers and i'm trying to decide on how to equip the second squad. Should I go for bolters or just go all in with flamers?

>> No.56156018

>he actually think GW changed
>he doesn't think they just stopped putting individual names on codexes
I bet you actually believe that Assad gases his own people every time he's winning, too.

>> No.56156020

>Dust : the legion
>Having anything fleshy

Do you even A Thousand Dusty Boys?

>> No.56156027

>church on the knight not on the base

>> No.56156035

>he doesn't put churches on his vehicles

>> No.56156039

What chapter are you?

Also, I'm a fan of doubling up on everything if possible.

>> No.56156044

I think I found an exploit with the genestealer cult drills.
Due to bad wording it’s totally possible to do a near infinite amount of mortal wounds with a drill, possibly making a few of them the cheapest reliable way to kill a warlord Titan.

>> No.56156045

>Visits 40k board
>Doesn't cover everything in churches

>> No.56156049

>Go Go, Gadget Arm!

>> No.56156051

It doesn't work with Tsons fluff or aesthetics. They have exactly three model archetypes: Sorcerers, Dusty Bois, and non-Marine auxiliaries like Tzaangors. Fleshy Helbrutes don't fit into any category unless they want to make them all psykers, but that doesn't fix the fact that they stick out like a sore thumb compared to all the actual Tson models.

>> No.56156053

my own custom one, havn't decided on chapter tactics yet but probably going to be using iron hand or raven guard

>> No.56156054

>>"Can Fortifications Scout?" "No."
>Can't remember if it was 4e or 5e where you could deep strike fortifications and artillery batteries, because if a model was Immobile and was put in reserves, it entered the table via deep strike. Shame it's not a thing anymore. I would have loved to pack a Bastion full of guardsmen and deep striked it onto the board like a drop pod.

>> No.56156056

Explica, hombre.

>> No.56156057

The real dark eldar stratagem were missing is
Addict - 2 cp, pay when you deploy a <coven> unit. That unit may take the effects of any other combat drug.

>> No.56156066

well since raven guard are all about showing up outside of 9 inches, and you have flamers, I would go with iron hands.

Anyways, it doesn't matter then, really. IMO double up.

>> No.56156068

>walker church
out of the way pleb, tank church is where it's at!

>> No.56156072

GW brought back Specialist games after canning them because their old CEO hated that they were doing better than their main products. GW's old guard are leaving due to all their decisions that were killing the company are getting reversed and GW is actually financially doing well proving their choices were wrong and they are fucking stupid. Yep GW is doing exactly the same shit it used to do, isn't on a different (all be it still not preferred) trajectory. GW ain't great, but, they aren't as shitty as they once were, at least I don't feel sick like I did when looking at the 7th edition CSM codex compared to the 8th edition one. I can actually see options of how to have fun and not be knee capped.

>> No.56156076

That'd be fine as 1CP

>> No.56156078

wrong lol

>> No.56156079

Another DE anon, I'm trying to come up with a combination of Clone and Shadow Fields for my <Your Dudes> twin Archons. So far I've got this.

>Spectre Field
The Spectre Field projects images of the wearer that at random appear to act on their own or in synchronization with the bearer before disappearing in a puff of black miasma while the bearer himself is periodically rendered invisible in similar dark clouds such as to appear like one of the projections himself.
Should the bearer be wounded, the Spectre Field becomes incapable of rendering the bearer periodically invisible.

The bearer of a Spectre Field has a 2+ Invulnerable save that may not be re-rolled for any reason. The first time this save is failed the bearer's Invulnerable save will be increased to a 4+.

>> No.56156084

I was going to post that one next but anon seems to have gotten the message already.

>> No.56156087

Jormungandr is Phil Kellys Dudes.

>> No.56156090

>because their old CEO hated that they were doing better than their main products
You're beyond reasoning with if you actually believe that. A CEO would be voted out in a heart-beat if he started shit-canning lines because they were selling too well.
>at least I don't feel sick like I did when looking at the 7th edition CSM codex compared to the 8th edition one. I can actually see options of how to have fun and not be knee capped.
What options exactly did the 8E codex add that were missing from 7E?

>> No.56156095

Being able to take +1A on two squads and then +1T on one as well is pretty good
Not only can you take 2 drugs you can circumvent the restriction.

>> No.56156102

shit picture, and some kid broke the crane arm off today so I gotta pin it

>> No.56156108

Have you tried plan FW?

>> No.56156112


>> No.56156115

Well the exact text states “Each time a model suffers damage from this weapon; on a 2+ the model suffers a mortal wound and you can roll another d6. This time, the model suffers a mortal wound on a 3+.” You keep rolling the dice in this way until you can’t anymore, but whoever wrote the text forgot to restrict those mortal wounds from triggering the first line of text again, setting off the cycle endlessly.

>> No.56156116

>tfw getting your dudes published in official first party rules
I'm not sure I would want this.
>tfw they become known for being a WAAC pick
Actually I'm definitely sure I wouldn't. RIP Phil's Nids.

>> No.56156121

Do not underestimate Tom "We're not a game company, we're selling models" Kirby.

>> No.56156122

honestly i hate the look of hellbrutes. i'm thinking of getting contemptor dreadnoughts and loading them out as hellbrutes.

>> No.56156123

How's my FUN list guys? Short on CP but I'll be fine probably. Champ rides with a squad of Termies and the Dread in the Raven and get dropped off ASAP. Everyone else deep strikes where necessary.

(Warlord) Brotherhood Champion - Hammerhand, Cuirass of Sacrifice, Hammer of Righteousness OR First to the Fray (can't decide, cause if he runs off on his own to fuck things up, he wants Hammer, if he doesn't First is better)

Draigo - Gate, Vortex

Apothecary - Sanctuary

Paladin Squad - Falchions, 2x Psilencer, Paragon with Hammer, Hammerhand

(3 squads) Terminator Squad - Psilencer, Falchions, Hammerhand

Doomglaive Dread - Incinerator

Stormraven - Lascannon, Typhoon missiles, Hurricane Bolters

>> No.56156128

So just strictly better than what archons get anyway? Maybe a relic.

>> No.56156133

Don't forget the "To people whose hobby is buying GW products"

>> No.56156134

>Harvest of Pain
>1 CP
Use this stratagem after one of your <DRUKHARI> units wipes out a friendly unit.The unit which dealt the final blow increases its WS and BS values to 2+ and its leadership to 9.

>> No.56156139

That Yellow is going to be a pain in the ass to paint

>> No.56156141

Splinter fleets, bro. Only takes one ship and an undefended jungle planet to make one.

>> No.56156145

you sir are a disingenuous hobgoblin
CSM lost so many options from this edition you liar, the vehicles have been brought down to their bare bones.
CSM got some stuff, don't get me wrong, our artefacts are good, our stratagems are fine, our powers are good, and our warlord traits are neat, plus my Noise Marines can actually be more than just a stationary gunline.
However we did lose all the new psychic powers we only just got, basically every vehicle option besides the guns, and the Sigil of Corruption is built into Chaos Lords and Dark Apostles instead of being an upgrade you purchase for characters which I miss more than anything else we lost.
Don't act like CSM didn't lose things from the edition change, we just haven't complained about it because we got lots of good things too.

>> No.56156150

Hi Trygon.

>> No.56156161

Despite there still being some poorly designed/balanced choices in the Nid codex (Primes being 4x the cost of the thing they're buffing, Lictors being 0-1 instead of 1-3, Raveners having amazing movement and deepstrike but no option for Adrenal Glands, etc) the Index and Codex appear to be shaping up quite well.

There's a lot of stuff that works in a lot of ways, and while some units are stand-outs, it doesn't seem like we're going to run into a mono-list environment. Fluff and crunch agree: Nids are a fun, flavorful army that may not run every major tournament, but should at least give you a good run for your money and keep you guessing about what tricks they might be up to.

This, of course, flys in the face of all the Crudd Nids were shackled with in 5, 6, and 7; and is therefore anathema to the Grand Treadhead.

>> No.56156162

And it's power from pain save to 5+++
There's so many homebrewing DE bros on right now. It's great.

>> No.56156171

They made point values better for CSM, Slaaneshi traits are actually worth it (DP + Elixer + EC trait + EC WLT + Max Malific Talons = blender). Plus the neutering of normal marines so they aren't stupidly better than CSM making it so 10k year old veterans lose to some fucking recruit in hand to hand combat because ATSKNF.

In general most options for CSM are just not as shitty as they were before due to combi weapons (bolters in particular) are on par with stormbolters for the most part, havoc launchers got better. Warp Talons are actually useful now, thank the stars. Heldrakes returned to having 360 noscoping which is hilarious after the salt it produced in previous editions.

These look fucking horrible. It is like they got primed black an then he remembered the 3 color rule, did a weak attempt to throw yellow and blue on. Like wow, That is bad, flip the yellow and black and I wouldn't mind so much.

>> No.56156173

>friendly play
I tell you to stop being a shit
>tournament play
I call a TO and he tells you to stop being a shit

in neither case do you win or make any friends. Don't be that guy.

>> No.56156175

those (along with dark eldar) have been confirmed not happening this year.

>> No.56156178

In correct friendo. The rule states the model suffers a mortal wound, not that the drill deals a mortal wound.

Nice attempt at being a faggot though.

>> No.56156194

I'm looking to jump into Deldar and Clowns, what's good? I saw one anon talking Reavers but they don't seem that good.

Should I wait for the dex?

>> No.56156199

that's the joke

>> No.56156201

It came at a right time.

I do want a magic knight for TS very badly though. I don't even need them to be highflying kung-fu shit, but very methodical golem like fighting force. I wouldn't complain much if every rubric had inferno bolt pistols for free so they can keep on laying down anti marine shots, but they are absolutely garbage in melee.

Even the Scarab Occult are better off being heavy weapon platforms because powerswords on terminators are not ideal loadouts.

>> No.56156202

>These look fucking horrible. It is like they got primed black an then he remembered the 3 color rule, did a weak attempt to throw yellow and blue on. Like wow, That is bad, flip the yellow and black and I wouldn't mind so much.

How can one man be so wrong?

>> No.56156216

Damn, THAT'S Cody Cigar?

>> No.56156217

>animate everything nicely
>leave the shell casing hovering in the air just outside the ejection port

>> No.56156220

>implying you think anyone would actually try this
It says that the effect is triggered when a model suffers damage from the weapon and the weapon is the cause of the damage, therefore it does work.

>> No.56156225

the extra mortal wounds aren't Damage from the weapon.

>> No.56156226


>> No.56156228

Via opinions. Either that scan does no justice, or my sense of style is counter to yours and anyone else who likes black with details of yellow and flesh of blue. They just look like blobs in the photo. This is how you go about that scheme if you really want black carapace.

>> No.56156232

Reavers suck right now only because they're too expensive. Expect them to get a points drop come CA ala Craftworld bikes. Clown bikes ARE good, but also pretty expensive. DE are in a great place because dark lances are one of the best weapons in the edition and the changes to vehicle rules makes ours some of the best in the game. Our big weakness is hordes so most lista run 2 razorwings 1 voidraven as the missiles are great thinners and they are additional sources of darklight weapons. I don't know how people play clowns, only that I really like their bikes because I play almost only bikes DE and may play Ynnari with CE and Quinns if I can ever get rid of my hateboner for ynnari. I woudln't wait for the DE dex as we will probably be close to last.

>> No.56156233

I don't want you to get anything good unless they increase Magnus' points cost. fuck you and especially fuck your primarch.

>> No.56156238

Are those suppose to be civilian vehicles or military engineering ones? Because the hull demolisher cannon on the baneblade would suit such a thing. Could even run it as a Banehammer.

>> No.56156242

Where is the damage coming from then?

>> No.56156243

Weapon damage is seperate from the mortal wounds though.

You are wrong and a faggot.

>> No.56156247

no it doesn't. Damage is a specific thing in the ruleset. It's not just any wound that comes from abilities.

>> No.56156254

Why the fuck are Flesh hounds 20 points a model? Is having the ability to deny one Power a turn really that strong? is it the 2 ws and 2as? The movement?

>> No.56156255

Who will reach Terra first Nids or Abby?

>> No.56156259

civilian and its not glued down so I can change it into a giant stug :^)

>> No.56156260

no where, the victim just suffers it. Also its not Damage its Mortal Wounds.

such is they way of abstraction.

>> No.56156273

isn't there already a genestealer cult there, which would make it nids.

>> No.56156275

All of it together really.

>> No.56156281

I'm not supporting his arguement, but mortal wounds do do damage.

>> No.56156296

I disliked the 7th edition codex so much compared to the old 4th edition one that I started with that I really didn't follow the extra shit we got as campaigns came out and crimson slaughter (which looking back was a damn fine book). I feel now we are at a better baseline than before, a lot of the old psychic powers were traps, the loss of vehicle upgrades (only to have later codexes get them is frustrating) is annoying, but again, I look at this edition and see something more playble. Might just be how I approach my CSM is why 7th's codex turned me off so much (price increases, having to pay out the nose to get back what we once had for free making our stuff cost more than loyalist while still being worse, bad times).

>> No.56156298

Well Abby was there at one point already, but in the current race 'nids are winning.

>> No.56156300

Nids, given that they're apparently the only ones in galactic history to notice that space is 3D and you can just go over or under all those fancy fortress worlds.

>> No.56156317

They are literally Terminators with 1 less Ld and a shittier base save

>> No.56156328

Lot of good it did seeing as the fleet that did that got stopped by one planet thanks to Ka'Bandha.

>> No.56156331

Terminators hit on 3s, have a 5" move, and are 26 points per model base, plus 14 points of mandatory equipment

>> No.56156334

okay i over did my comparison a bit. Sue me

>> No.56156340

Jokes on you, I'm a lawyer. Prepare to get papers fucking served, asshole.

>> No.56156346

I'm a big fan of alien jihads my self.

>> No.56156348

Ka'Bandha was never on Baal Secundus that was the mighty Sanguinor who stacked those skulls.

>> No.56156361

>video on building forgeworld resin comes before finecrap
can't say I'm surprised.

>> No.56156365

Why would Sanguinor stack skulls in a khornate pattern?

>> No.56156368

You're answering your own question.

>> No.56156369

>Come up from under the galactic plane
>Instead of spreading out in every direction and attacking a hundred planets at once, they all go to the most heavily fortified world for light-years around

Listen, nobody ever said that the Hivemind was some kind of Tactical Genius.

>> No.56156373

At this point I think even GW wants to forget finecast exists.

>> No.56156379

To Taunt the foul Chaos beast

>> No.56156384

didn't they release new finecrap just last year though?

>> No.56156388

To taunt the Blood God with another glorius victory for the Imperium! It's comic genius.

>> No.56156398

Part of it did. There are hundreds of tendrils spread throughout the galaxy and the Octarius tendril is still fully operational.

>> No.56156400

Yet they still sell it, as well as some models that are still sold in metal. Imagine being the guy who wants to get some Skryre Acolytes for his Skaven, only to find out that they are sold as single metal models. For almost 10€. And you need at least five of them for a unit.

>> No.56156405

Daemons are one of the weakest factions in the game. Expect massive point cuts in December.

>> No.56156411

>Octarius tendril is still fully operational
How long will that last though?

>> No.56156418

So, admech's codex is worst?

>> No.56156423

It's spelled "Grey Knights"

>> No.56156428

>tfw even tho they cost so much i still am required to bring them to deny the witch

>> No.56156430

>Genestealer cult
Unless you're running only purestrain genies, those neophyte kits start to add up, or is there another way to run them cheap that my brainlet mind hasn't comprehended yet?

>> No.56156438

only if you're a brainlet

>> No.56156446

>neophyte kits start to add up
I feel bad for any Chem Dog players using those conversions.

>> No.56156450

1) Orks smash the hive ships and rout out the cults
2) Nids eat the bosses and leave the planet a lifeless rock that even spores can't grow on
3) Imperium piles up enough Doomsday Weapons to leave the entire sector so much space dust

>> No.56156451

You know they're probably going to give that war to the Nids in the new codex.

>> No.56156453

Do you think the lamenters will make a come back?

>> No.56156456

Nah Grey Knights is weakest, but honestly I'm not sure its a fair comparison. They're a single army without multiple armies within it. They could have done rules for the 7 brotherhoods, though, but I doubt they'd be much different from one another. It's still just one chapter. Maybe something like different tactics depending on which chaos god they're fighting? That might have been nice.

>> No.56156465

>minor points buff
>nurfed beep boop's shield
>not worst

>> No.56156467

Doubtful moving war one way or another would need to be a larger event than a codex.

>> No.56156472

They better not.

>> No.56156476

So do I desu. The problem is the fact that they are actually a good conversion

>> No.56156479

They're an army of nothing but elites and characters. They need access to stuff in the mook and heavy tiers. If GW releases more models for 'em after the codexes are done, maybe they'll be more viable.

>> No.56156487

You'd have thought that about Baal too, wouldn't you? After all the buildup they gave it.

>> No.56156490

Has Guilliman said how he feels about the Bedab war? Because I think his feeling on that would determine if they are coming back or not.

>> No.56156496

If TS doesn't get anything good, You will see more of Magnus. You better want better things for us or otherwise you are gonna be stuck with Index Magnus until the heat death of the universe.

>> No.56156510

Really, codex Inquisition ought to fix that, since no doubt the Knights can just call on Inquisitorial cannon fodder for when they need to overwhelm a position, and not surgical strikes like they're used to.

Putting an actual 'mook' in with them would be fucking retarded though. And they have plenty of heavies. Dreads, Fliers, and Land Raiders are plenty. What would you like them to have predators and vindicators? Grey Knights don't seige shit. They teleport in, kill everything and get the hell out.

>> No.56156516

Asterion you lazy fuck, why havent you purged the Dark Angels yet?

>> No.56156525

Most of the conversions they gave for guard are pretty good, honestly I don't know why they don't just sell mixed kits with the bits they would make a ton.

>> No.56156528

They're nothing like Terminators, what the fuck are you on about?

They're a fairly typical fast attack assault unit that pukes out a ton of mid-quality attacks on the charge.

They're pretty terrible but that's typical of Index Daemons, GW played them ultra conservative.

>> No.56156533

The Daemons codex should be interesting. We already have our sub-factions, but we don't really have any universal faction rule(s). I'm hoping for a return of Daemonic Assault and/or some mechanic for recycling slain units of lessers.

>> No.56156537

How about letting them Soup with Sisters to cover their 'mook' options.

As for heavies, how about some heavies that aren't 300+ pts

>> No.56156550

I don't know why they don't do more upgrade kits. They'd make a killing if they throw together some mixbag shit or extra weapons for factions style spruces.

>> No.56156552

High Lords said no. Now go back and build a fortress or something.

>> No.56156555

>using breachers
yep you're a brainlet.

there's good strategems, dogmas, traits, and relics, and the whole army is pretty damn strong. Ad mech is fine. not great but not bad. I did a little writeup like 100 posts ago if you care to look for it.

>> No.56156557

>Grey Knights working with Sisters
That's kind of insulting. And aren't most SM heavies expensive too? Purgation squads still work wonderfully with either Gate or Astral Aim. Dreadknights are still pretty good. I dunno what you're smoking anon

>> No.56156559

I suddenly find myself in need of Terminator power swords for a squad of 10 chaos termies.
Scarab Termy swords seem to be the most plentiful in that regard. Think they would look alright attached to regular CSM termy arms after all the Tzeentch marks are shaved off?

>> No.56156567

Admech is still really strong.

>> No.56156576

Chaos already reached Terra


>> No.56156579

Exactly for example a lot of those conversions require the cadian command squad legs they could make a killing on that one bit alone

>> No.56156591

I think its purely out of laziness; that or they somehow think people would be tempted enough to buy all the different box sets to actually make them.

I'd probably be one of them If a single unit of guardsmen wasn't worth only 60-ish points

>> No.56156601

No amount of good conversions is worth spending like 5x the amount needed for a normal army.

>> No.56156613

Will they ever explain how the chapter master of the red scorpions ended up a dreadnought?

>> No.56156629

He got hurted real bad

>> No.56156630

I would figure having your chapter master being a Dreadnought would be a major inconvenience, why wouldn't he step down after getting put in there?

>> No.56156634


>> No.56156646

I dunno, it's worked in the past

>> No.56156648


>> No.56156665

WTF is that little speck supposed to be?

>> No.56156670

Hey me and my friends are starting 40k. I'm starting eldar and got the codex and the starter set. I'm having a hard time picking a craftworld tho. Like I like biel tans and Iyandens lore but I cant get into the colors.

>> No.56156674

What the fuck are you doing anon

>> No.56156675

Shame too. If they'd release AdMech Vanguard heads as a bit I'd probably start up an IG faction to go with my GSC.

>> No.56156681

demon engines spam

>> No.56156685


>> No.56156686

Craftworld [Your Dudes]

>> No.56156693

Do "your dudes" and pick the rules of the two fits you better while making your own paint scheme.

>> No.56156694

He's earning his promotion.

>> No.56156696

I'm doing an army of them already but I wanna see what else I can do for cheap

>> No.56156700

Yea, There is a lot they could do to improve the current state of things. I think they played it a little too safe because of the meta from last edition but making summoning cost Reinforcement points was enough i think. I think the rest was over kill. I really liked the way Khorne Daemonkin worked where you got a resource that you got to spend to summon new units. It obviouslly wouldnt work now since they would still cost points but id like to see something like that return in some way

>> No.56156706

<your dudes> mind

>> No.56156707

I feel you anon. Honestly though, if they just made some cool little parts to swap out and shit akin to those black templar and dark angels conversion kits they'd be rolling in the dough.

Even just simple ones to start off with would be nice, like plasma guns for cadian models instead of having to get a command squad or horribly-sculpted single model.

>> No.56156715

Anyone here have any experience with the Eldar FW Super Heavy Grav Tanks, still looking for opinions on them TT wise and model wise, leaning towards the Scorpion over the Cobra due to I am ever the fan of turreted twin barrel tanks.

>> No.56156718

Your Dudes' Aesthetics -> Your Dudes' Cool units -> Your Dudes' rules -> Your Dude's Paint Scheme -> Your Dude's alpha version army list.

>> No.56156720


>> No.56156722

but painting my shits half the fun

>> No.56156726

Well nothing is really cheap in Warh-
Are you sure you have the right game, Anon

>> No.56156727

They're okay. They're perhaps the best pick if you absolutely must take an Eldar superheavy of any kind. They still cost way too much for what they do though.

>> No.56156735

Even worse, they put him a mind grinder machine.

>> No.56156739

>I'm doing an army of them already
Good lad. You could probably do Militarum Tempestus. Two Militarum Tempestus SC! boxes should land you pretty close.
Anon why...

>> No.56156740

I just like painting my dudes my guy :^)

>> No.56156744



I want to walk into a 2000 point game and put EVERY PHOENIX LORD on the table.

Ideally, give them each a full squad of their aspect shrine, too.

Maybe an Avatar of Khaine, why the fuck not.

This is doomed to failure and it will be glorious.

>> No.56156748

Alright, fair enough, hopefully they come down in price, I'm just not a fan of how the other super heavies look for Eldar and like having one per faction I have. Eldar Knights look like ballerinas that will fall over if someone slide kicks them or a rhino charges their leg.

>> No.56156756

Honestly, Nidzilla sounds REALLY fun from what codex leaks I've seen. I'm near tempted to do it myself. You basically take all the big bugs you want, and your list will be under at least 15 models I guarantee it. Especially at 1000pts.

>> No.56156759

I could see a couple ways to handle it. Have units slain refund a portion of their PP; these can be used instead of Reinforcement points for Summoning. Have each unit roll a D6 when slain, on X+ that unit is instead placed into reserves arrives via deep strike on your next turn.

>> No.56156761

So you wanna lose, then

>> No.56156764

It would be fun to do with my genestealers

>> No.56156774

That's a butt hair methinks

>> No.56156777

Just finished up my Paladin Ancient. How's he look? Still needs cleaned up a bit, I know.

>> No.56156787

Thats exactly what my next army will be, some stealers, some mawlocs, a couple of tyrants and carnifexes and then some venomthropes for support.

>> No.56156796

buy chinacast.

>> No.56156797

Fragile as fuck. But nice. The elongated pole really makes the banner.

>> No.56156802

Bless this innocent post!

>> No.56156804

>implying I dont already

>> No.56156811

Have they been buffed or you just like the models?

>> No.56156812

Are you the anon that we suggested to extend the staff? I feel like I remember that model. Looking good my dude!

>> No.56156819

I have a newfound respect for Warlocks since the other thread where they turned out to be better at killing titans than almost anything else.

>> No.56156827

I managed to secure it pretty firmly with a whole rectangle of plastic-plastic in the back so it won't snap easy. I plan on GSing the back connection too.

That's me! It was kinda finicky to get the right arm, and I had to sculpt this dude a new wrist too. I hope it looks alright enough, I'm no expert at conversions by any means.

I just really hated that stock GK termi banner.

>> No.56156830

Any Space Wolves/Blood Angels/Dark Angels predictions ?

>Fallen Angels: You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for any Fallen unit when shooting (including when firing Overwatch)
as long as the unit did not move in its last Movement phase. In addition, Fallen units can never lose more than one
model as the result of any single failed Morale test; any additional casualties beyond the first are ignored.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was going to be the new Grim Resolve.

>> No.56156832

CSM is probably above Death Guard all in all, but it's close. Assuming you're not mixing soup that is, in which case Chaos soup is likely the strongest overall.

>> No.56156833

Surely Spiritseers and Malefic Lords are more efficient. I know that meme involved witchblade spam, but mortal wounds are significant even if the Titan does get a save.

>> No.56156857

Stupid question, but if I want to use the rules of a certain Craftworld, I need my models to be painted in their colours, right?

>> No.56156873

Unless you're scum or it's your own scheme, yes.

>> No.56156874

Sure, why not

>> No.56156879

Come on, don't be pessimistic! There's gotta be a way to make this work!

Aspect Warriors are STRONG! Eldar Stratagems are STRONG!

Let's believe in this elven sentai squad!

>> No.56156880

And here is my Inquisitor conversion. Still needs some more gubbins to make him more Inquisitorial but the sculpting bit is done, thank god. And I don't mind the rough GS. It's gonna be a black cloak anyway.

>> No.56156881

No, you are free to pick anyone you like.

>> No.56156897

Why can Intercessor sergeants carry a Bolt Rifle and Power Sword while Primaris Lieutenants can only carry one or the other

>> No.56156899

That sounds like it would work. But it would have to be a certain amount equal the the costs of PPM since most base things like Daemonettes and horrors are pretty cheap PPM wise.

>> No.56156908

there is not rule for color scheme.

feel free when select sub faction rules

>> No.56156909

That image is terrifying

>> No.56156915

Because they don't sell models for Primaris Lieutenants with Bolt Rifles and Power Swords. Praise Nu GW!

>> No.56156919

cuz no bits no rule.

>> No.56156925

>exodites still not squatted


>> No.56156937

>le squatted buzzword
here's your (You)

>> No.56156939

What units should space marines bring to you get nids and guard? Heavy bolters? Hordes of tac marines?

No guilliman

>> No.56156948

Snipers to kill important dudes

>> No.56156949

Stuff that can wipe out their characters and tanks fairly easily. Infantry is just chaff for the heavy junk.

>> No.56156955

Maximum dakka Centurions. But they cost to much.

Really Marines have no proper answer to a good horde and if you go up against them then you're fucked.
>inb4 spam AssBacks

>> No.56156961

How the fuck do you "your dudes" your tyranids? The mindless horde fluff kind of makes them boring.

>> No.56156973

To some, thats the whole appeal. I assume its mostly a case of 'what does this swarm specialize in, and what units make sense for that' and 'what kind of badass color scheme can i do for these guys' rather than heroes and wars.

>> No.56156976

Vindicare assassins or scout mobs? The math hammer for scouts doesn't seem impressive

I play BA I can't take centurions if I wanted to

I think I have AT covered, I'm bringing 2 predators with 4 lascannons, stormraven gunship and hellblaster squad

I just never seem to have enough dakka

>> No.56156983


>> No.56156997

>I play BA
Then load up on Baal Preds.Go full mech.

>> No.56156998

>caring about fluff
>caring about "your dudes"

what kind of autistic shit are you? Just fucking play the game.

>> No.56157000

>tfw wanting to play steel legion
>or sisters of battle
>or biel-tan CWE

>> No.56157007

Ideally you'd take a Vindicare AND Scout squads. Vindicares aren't great by themselves, but they're amazing when supported so you can focus fire down a character a turn at least.

Literally shred the shit out of their big stuff and the little stuff won't be so bad. A lot of Guard and Nid strength lies not in numbers, but the big dudes behind the numbers. Plus they're worth more victory points than an infantry or gaunt squad.

>> No.56157019

In the trash along with you're waifu

>> No.56157020

>tfw kitbashed 2 Lieutenants with both weapons before finding this out

>> No.56157021

6 Culexis assassins, 3 Eversor assassins, 2 vindicaire assassins and whatever else you want.

>> No.56157035

I joined in 7th so I didn't have anything to spoil me before that.
I played Noise Marines then, they were expensive and static but they weren't awful. I like how they're mobile now. In fact I like many of the new stuff we got this edition.
But don't act like we didn't lose so many other things.
I miss being able to make my Land Raider a Daemon Engine by infecting it with a Daemonic Machine Spirit, I miss Dirge Casters, and I miss vehicle facings and the upgrades that went with it, like the spikes for ramming things, other spikes for going straight fucking through cover, and even searchlights and night fighting.
But above all this I seriously wish I could pay some extra points for a 4++ on my Sorcerer, I would completely and totally be willing to pay 45 extra points for my Sorcerer to not get completely shit on by anti-tank guns without needing to cast one of the defensive spells or put him in Terminator Armor.

>> No.56157038


>> No.56157061

>I joined in 7th so I didn't have anything to spoil me before that.

>> No.56157075

Hey man my Hive Fleet Olgoi-khorkhoi is all about Mawlocks and Trygons

>> No.56157080

Are the Tau the ultimate garbage collectors for Space Marine characters nobody cares about? First Severax, now this. Maybe some White Scar in the mix?

>> No.56157083

Your Sorceror is a character. Wtf are you doing not putting any cheap unit near him?

>> No.56157092

Death Guard squads that through a joint venture with Khorne have been infected with Festering Anger. They paint their armor red and specialize in close combat.

Would this be a totally odd thing to see on the table? They would be a small part of my general vectorum, who are painted in a basic green and brass. I would probably give them normal looking champions to be the direction of the party. Kinda like the wolf guard mentors from SWs.

>> No.56157095

sounds a fun time

>> No.56157099

I miss that list so much.
You aren't wrong, there were some real gems in the CSM codex of 7th, but, it was a let down overall for me. I really had hoped we would get a lot of those options back after going from the index but we didn't. I'm hoping that Chapter Approved might be the route they end up adding more flavor instead of campaign books so we don't end up with "carry 16 books for 1 faction" syndrome and instead it is "faction codex and latest chapter approved".

>> No.56157104

Is the Primaris Repulsor any good? I'm building a Primaris force of Crimson Fists and am considering one.

>> No.56157105


Supposedly can grant buff to MCs with a large enough unit, and have the range on their buff extended at even larger unit sizes.

>> No.56157109

Oh buddy.

A heavy bolter will kill 1 gaunt a turn. At 23 points, a marine with a heavy bolter will make his points back in 6 turns.

A 10-man squad of tactical marines in rapid fire range kills 7 gaunts a turn. This means the 130 point squad will earn back its points in 5 turns of uninterrupted gaunt-slaying.

The mighty assback that everyone thinks is the silver bullet of the SM army kills 6 models a turn. The 100 point tank earns back its points in 5 turns.

The answer, anon, is that you don't kill hordes.

>> No.56157129

You could do that, but don't expect a lot out of melee PM. They need psyker buffs and careful planning to be as useful as their ranged counterparts and I don't even find those to be very cost efficient. Definitely a cool idea though. You could always make them red plague marine models with berzerker stats, and them in a CSM detachment. They would then be good, useable, and cool all at the same time.

>> No.56157141

I assure you, I want all of those, and I couldn't even take some of them last time.
Why are they constantly simplifying the game, I joined 40k because I want complex Wargaming in a fantasy scifi setting, I don't appreciate the setting being dumbed down.
I usually do, recent game had a thing happen where my two characters were a Chaos Lord and a Sorcerer, both on Steeds, Chaos Lord had a combi-melta, Greyfax got in and cast Dominate on the Chaos Lord, then shot at the Sorcerer with the melta, one shotting him with some, I admit, lucky rolls. My turn rolled around and the Chaos Lord moved up and killed Greyfax in a similar way.
It was a one off occasion but it made me appreciate and miss being able to give my Sorcerer Sigil of Corruption.
I kind of liked the supplement books, I enjoyed reading their bits of fluff they released, although I probably hadn't been around long enough to see fluff copy pasted between codices and supplements yet but still.
I can see why you'd want less books though, price and such, but they're making the books cheaper now aren't they?

>> No.56157149

>Daemonic Incursion
>If your army is Battle-forged, all INFANTRY, CAVALRY, BEAST, and CHARIOT units without the CHARACTER keyword in Daemons of Chaos Detachments gain this ability. At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6 for each unit with this ability slain since the end of your last turn, adding 2 for Troop units. On a 6+, set up that unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" from an enemy unit.

>Daemons of Chaos Stratagem- Daemonic Assault (2+ CP)
>Use this stratagem before the battle. When deploying units, up to three units may be placed anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from the enemy deployment zone. For every CP after the first two spent on this Stratagem, up to two additional units may be set up this way. No more than half of the units in your army, rounding up, may be deployed this way.

>> No.56157155

The meta in the LGS is reasonably competitive, and the the only Repulsor I've seen was at somebody's house, badly put together, still missing the base and lying in the same box as the unfinished conversion projects and empty pots of paint.
Maybe that says something about them.

>> No.56157158

What about a tarantula sentry gun?

27 points for 6 heavy bolter shots

37 for 12 asscan shots

I mean they can't move but they seem like good dakka

I just want to choo shit up with my blood angels. But my dedicated melee units suck hot monkey dick in the index

Even fucking death company can't properly shred gaunts

>> No.56157166

Yikes okay

>> No.56157167


>> No.56157175

What's the BS of a tarantula? 4+?

>> No.56157176

Definitely an idea. I was thinking of including a CSM detachment anyways for some sweet Warptime, so I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

>> No.56157180

So long as they put the new rules into Chapter Approved I don't mind, put the new books out as fluff books for mission types and all the new artwork all that stuff, then end of the year GW does a rebalance of everything and puts out a new CA to re-collate everything.

>> No.56157182

>Even fucking death company can't properly shred gaunts

>Marines not working properly once painted black


>> No.56157187

>what are objectives

lol ok

>> No.56157194

As a thought experiment, how do you hard counter this list with any army?

Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
Roboute Guilliman: 18 PL, 360pts
Warlord trait: Tenacious Fighter

Vanguard Detachment
Lord Kaldor Draigo: 12 PL, 240pts
-Psy Power: Smite, Gate of infinity, Hammerhand

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator armor: 7 PL, 105pts
-Psyker, force sword, storm bolter Psy Power: Terrify, smite

Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Callidus Assassin: 5 PL, 80pts

Vanguard Detachment
Celestine: 11PL, 200pts
-1x Geminae Superia

Ultramarine Librarian: 6 PL, 105pts
-Force sword, bolt pistol, Psy Power: Smite, Null Zone, Veil of Time

Eversor Assassin: 4 PL, 70pts
Eversor Assassin: 4 PL, 70pts
Eversor Assassin: 4 PL, 70pts

Vindicare Assassin: 5 PL, 90pts
Vindicare Assassin: 5 PL, 90pts

Retributor Squad: 10 PL, 94pts
– +1 retributor, x4 Heavy bolters

Total: 1999

>The six Culexis bubble wrap everything else. Anything that targets them hits only on a 6+ and they shut down psychic powers.

>> No.56157197

Are Horma/Termaguants getting any buffs in the codex that we know of yet? I like the little shits much more than Genestealers.

>> No.56157207

Sounds like a lot of money, Anon.

>> No.56157212

>how do you hard counter this list with any army?
Using Chapter Approved

>> No.56157213

Is this gonna be the new "Wraith Knights are suppose to be unkillable by anything the same amount of points, because you don't have to kill them to win against Eldar"

>> No.56157216

20 Dark Reapers with bubblewrap and dscythes

>> No.56157220

By politely declining the game.

>> No.56157225

No one would ever field this, and no fool would ever play against it.

>> No.56157231

That might actually work.

>> No.56157243

This is broken as hell

>> No.56157245

>at the end of your turn, give your opponent a free kill point within 9"
how about no
Stratagem is just adding salt to the wound that is losing Deep Strike.

>> No.56157250

Well we'll just have to see if Chapter Approved actually has good things or if it's just shit, I suppose we'll find out next month or something.

>> No.56157252

Haven't the IG and Tyranid players told you that it's okay to be OP, as long as your faction has a history of shitty codexes? Daemons have been ass (Tzeentch summonspam aside) since they were split off from CSM.

>> No.56157256

Basilisk says thanks for the ezwin

>> No.56157262

does anybody pictures of an eldar army thats painted completely like plain wraithbone

>> No.56157264

What is, aesthetically(not rules-based) your favourite, non-FW, baneblade variant?


>> No.56157270

Enjoy hitting on 6s or not at all if I can get Conceal up, nigger. Also there are no Basilisks in that list.

>> No.56157272

I think the first one would be just fine if you took away the Add 2 for troops and made it a bit longer than deepstrike range

>> No.56157274

By playing any artillery IG list and winning turn 3

>> No.56157275

Indeed, a a lot hinges on if CA is handled right or wrong. I hope it is on point, but, well, time will tell, thankfully sooner than later.

>> No.56157281


>> No.56157296


>History of shitty codexes

IG have been one of the most consistent meta definers for the past 4 editions.

>> No.56157311

Given the time-lag between GW noticing a problem and printing fixes, I doubt CA will do much. The only thing I have any faith in is them over-correcting for Smite-spam and fucking over Grey Knights/Tzeentch.

>> No.56157319

I bring 12 dakka Kastelan Robots, 2x30 conscripts to keep them from getting charged, cawl, and a datasmith. That's 108 shots turn 1, rerolling everything, and 216 later in the game. GG.

>> No.56157323

I dunno. Their 6th edition codex up to Damocles in 7th was kinda shit, and they only did well in 6th because of the ridiculousness of their 5th edition codex and the changes to flyers without errata for the Vendetta.

>> No.56157324

They weren't broken sometimes, and the playerbase is numerous. So of course they were shit all the time.

>> No.56157348

>Asurmen gives a 5++ to any Aspect Warrior near him

>every single Phoenix Lord counts as an Aspect Warrior

I gotta do it. I gotta play the Power Rangers.

>> No.56157355

Yeah, probably, that and some experimental rules for custom Land Raider variants. Optimistically expecting nothing other than collation of all FAQ's and some experimental rules and a scan of someone's middle finger.

Shadowsword, delete anything per turn.

>> No.56157359

Does chaos count? If not then standard baneblade.

>> No.56157370

>standard, non-FW
>posts a non-standard, FW tank

>> No.56157382

They've confirmed that at least handful of xenos factions are getting some new rules to tide them over until their codexes drop (IIRC Orks, Dark Eldar, and Necrons). If it does that for every faction, I'll be happy. Otherwise there's no way I'm paying GW for a glorified FAQ that tries and fails to fix shit that should have been caught in play-testing.

>> No.56157384

Just bring power rangers mini, they're better looking than the phoenix lords are ffs

>> No.56157388

I feel like we shouldn't need a Chapter Approved to give us our fucking options though.
Just for CSM alone there is no way they'll fix the Sigil of Corruption or give us actual vehicle options, nor will they give us any of the Daemonic Gear we've always been able to take.
At this point Daemons need a fucking codex before any "fixes" can be done and the way the new edition is I have no idea how Daemons are going to get anything good. For the most part it doesn't look like Daemons will get any guns outside of Soul Grinder and Skull Cannon, we have no Daemonic Gear, we lost Warp Storms, our Psykers got gimped, we lost Deep Strike, we are a melee army with NO transport, the 7" move stat on Daemonettes does not help the lack of transport option, cavalry are overpriced, and the chariots ability to smash into things is so much weaker that my Seeker Chariots are not only no longer awesome lawnmowers of death pulled by titsnakes and more lame regular chariots with no special rules beyond somehow being able to climb walls like all chariots.
But because Tzeentch Daemons keep getting used by Chaos Soup and Khorne Daemons are dangerous when they actually do get into melee, the weakness of Daemons is all but ignored.
My hopes for Chapter Approved are not high, and I don't even feel like I'm allowed to complain because CSM did get some cool stuff, but dear fucking god did we lose so many options to allow for tailoring our lists to our dudes.

>> No.56157402

Hopes for CA otherwise known as ITC houserules : The official book

>> No.56157413

their aura is now 6 inches and large units can also buff Monsters.

>> No.56157415

Call me when you're no longer allowed to use your faction leader and lose all but 3 of your named HQ's.

Dark Eldar

>> No.56157425

And your current non-named HQ's lose even more options. Don't forget that.

>> No.56157431

>waah, my shitty situation is worse than your shitty situation
Piss off. Getting fucked over by GW isn't a zero-sum game. They're more than willing to devise new and elaborate methods to screw with all of us. "What if we made them pay an annual fee for FAQ's?"

>> No.56157435


and our current named HQs are near-worthless

AND we lose even them to the ynnari.


>> No.56157443

Jokes on you, I specifically play Slaanesh Daemons, I only have one named HQ and never had a faction leader.
Also reminder that outside of Khorne and Tzeentch Greater Daemons are trash beatsticks.

>> No.56157446


And it's objectively better to just use Warlocks to pay the HQ tax

>> No.56157450

Any reason not to just take Venomthropes now instead of Malanthropes or am I missing something?

>> No.56157455

All daemons should be able to deepstrike (I mean, ffs terminators can, Daemons just come in through the warp, terminators skip through it to cut through the middle space) which would help on the melee side. Tzeetch should have shooting given flamers, but, being given GW they will give them like d3 8" range because that's fair. There is a reason I moved away from CSM even though I want to go back for Slaaneshi focused ones, to do Noise Marines, Slaaneshi Cultists, Daemonettes, a Slaaneshi Daemon Dragon (Prince). More options are good, but, 8th is a back to basics mode now which sucks in a lot of situations. It ain't good, but, I am hoping it changes.

Good, and hopefully it is a fat book of fixes and new rules. I want a living ruleset so I can have hope things won't just stay static until the new meta bomb codex/campaign comes out.

>> No.56157459

Why did we lose the ability to take Bolt Pistols, Chainswords, and Boltguns on our infantry? Grey Hunters kept them.

>> No.56157461

3+ iirc, t5 with 4 wounds and a 3+sv

Must target closest infantry if heavy bolter or closest unit if asscan

Seem like a reasonable list? The techmarine and preds can be iron hands or whatever, it's just to get me access to space marine stratagems like killshot

Blood Angels, 7 CO, 1999 pts

**++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [31 PL, 683pts] ++**
**+ No Force Org Slot +**
**Select Chapter:** Other
**+ HQ +**


**Techmarine [5 PL, 98pts]:** Combi-plasma, Conversion beamer, Power axe


**+ Heavy Support +**


**Hellblaster Squad [8 PL, 165pts]:** 4x Hellblaster, Plasma incinerator

. Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol


**Predator [9 PL, 210pts]:** Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter, Twin lascannon

. Two lascannons: 2x Lascannon


**Predator [9 PL, 210pts]:** Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter, Twin lascannon

. Two lascannons: 2x Lascannon


**++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [61 PL, 1136pts] ++**


**+ HQ +**


**Librarian in Terminator Armour [9 PL, 163pts]:** Force axe, Sanguinary Discipline, Smite, Storm bolter


**Primaris Librarian [7 PL, 105pts]:** Force sword



Intercessor Squad
Auxiliary grenade launcher, Bolt rifle, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad
Auxiliary grenade launcher, Bolt rifle, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

Scout Squad
4x Scout: Camo cloak, Sniper rifle
Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Camo cloak, Sniper rifle

4x Scout: Camo cloak, Sniper rifle
Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Camo cloak, Sniper rifle

Heavy Support

Baal Predator
Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon
2x Heavy bolter

Stormraven Gunship
2x Stormstrike missile launcher, Twin lascannon, Typhoon missile launcher
2x Hurricane Bolter

Battalion Detachment (Imperium - Officio Assassinorum) [10 PL, 180pts]
2x Vindicare Assasin

>> No.56157464

As of now, Malanthropes are Characters with less than 10 wounds so they can't be picked out except by snipers as long as they have a unit between them and what wants to shoot them.

>> No.56157465

I miss Vect and his boats and hoes party yacht :(

>> No.56157469

Are Khorne Blood warriors around the same size of the Khorne Bezerkers?

>> No.56157481

>Khorne Daemons are dangerous when they actually do get into melee
Less of when and more of If. Your shit is going to get shot off the table rather quickly

>> No.56157489

Yeah, T3 5++ isn't exactly durable, and you've got to hoof it across the table with your M5" dudes.

>> No.56157490

I still use the model as a ravager because it's fucking sick and I refuse to stop.

>> No.56157502

This infuriates me

>> No.56157503

I despise when a game goes to basics.
Slaanesh CSM are pretty good at the moment actually, I'm still fucking mad about losing all my options though.
Daemons on the other hand? Completely fucked over. There's no way for a pure Daemon list to win anything resembling a competitive game and it's even harder on monotheistic Daemon lists.
Because GW hates us, obviously.
Something something "isn't shown on the kit" blah blah "conversions are bad mkay?" drivel drivel GW are being cunts.
I meant across all games, you're bound to fight at least one melee army so it's when if you increase the scale and number of games enough.
In any single game though? Definitely a huge if.

>> No.56157507

If we're going to play it that way I play Kabals, I hate cults and covens. We used to have 3 named HQ's and now have fucking 0.

>> No.56157520


Rosemary & Co. Cheaper. and just as good as WN. Also excellent customer service, had a brush that arrived with a bad tip, emailed them with pictures and they sent me two new ones.

Series 33 are the ones you want.

>> No.56157529

Yea i think against a melee heavy army it would be pretty interesting. At that moment it kinda comes down to who gets the first charge

>> No.56157532

The early Tyranid leaks were wrong on a number of things that are being corrected now.

Leviathan isn't Salamanders, it's FnP 6+ for all units within 6" of a friendly Leviathan Synapse Creature.

Holy fuck.

>> No.56157541

i saw this in the last thread where are these models from

>> No.56157543

Says who?

>> No.56157545

Well fair enough then, Masque is actually the only thing that got a buff this edition in that she can actually hide behind units now. But then she lost like all of her offensive dances and is instead some shitty cookie cutter buff bubble Herald with no psychic powers or any dancing.
Congratulations, we both got shit on by GW.
Actually since Khorne gets their bonuses when they get charged as well, they're pretty good even if they do get charged.
On the flip side most melee armies would probably wipe a squad of 'letters in a single charge.

>> No.56157546

So, Iron Hands.

>> No.56157564

One of the Tyranid Hive leakers with the Codex.

Yeah apparently the retard who leaked first didn't know the difference between Salamanders and Iron Hands, the other guy is straightening out all his mistakes now.

>> No.56157569

Probably not the whole squad but probably a good majority

>> No.56157570

>isnt shown on the kit
The CSM box fucking comes with bolt pistols, Chainswords, and bolters. There is zero fucking reason why we can't have both anymore.

>> No.56157582

>Someone with a brain is confirming leaks
Any confirmation on what Jormungandr actually does?

>> No.56157604


>> No.56157606

Asurmen, Baharroth, Jain Zar, Karandras, Maugan Ra, and Fuegan, with a 10-man squad of each of their Aspect Warriors, with no Exarch upgrades is 1895 points.

Some of the Exarch upgrades are actually probably important, the Fire Dragons would PROBABLY appreciate a Wave Serpent, and I'd like to squeeze an Avatar of Khaine in so that I have someone to wear a Relic (or a Farseer to cast doom on whatever needs to be VIOLENTLY MURDERED by the dream team)

Dire Avengers dont bring much to the table compared to the other, actually specialized shrines, but theyre also the only Aspect Warrior that can get Obsec. Hmmmm

any thoughts on what and where I should cut corners so I can field the elven all-stars?

>> No.56157607


I see you are a man of taste

>> No.56157614

We've had that for awhile:

>A unit with this adaptation (other than units that can Fly) always has the benefit of cover for the purpose of shooting attacks. If the unit advances or charges, however, it loses the benefits of this adaptation until the start of your next movement phase.

>> No.56157617

>missing out on Drazhar
for what purpose?

>> No.56157632


is he Forge World? Is he Shadow Spectres?

sorry I dont actually have any of the FW indexes or anything

>> No.56157645

He's a dark eldar named character, head of the incubi

It's generally agreed, and strongly hinted to, that he's the lost phoenix lord.

>> No.56157648

>literal meme

He's shitposting, but you raise a good point. Why no Irillyth? His model is by far the most aesthetic of the bunch by a wide margin.

>> No.56157658

>thinking the idea drazhar is a phoenix lord is merely a meme

>> No.56157675

It's not a meme you retard. Incubi are an aspect shrine, but one only used by the Dark Kin.

>> No.56157678


That guy 'Artel' on Etsy

I just ordered the 2 inquisitors off of him, actually

>> No.56157682

I was just going off of the Codex

Shadow Spectres are fucking GORGEOUS but I'm hesitant on forge world content, and besides, with just the codex phoenix lords Im already almost at 2000 points.

Any thoughts on the Dire Avengers obsec vs not actually doing much else dilemma?

>> No.56157691


I dunno how fucking sue my backstory is, but basically my fleet got seperated from the main body and have evolved seperately. They have with them an instance of the swarmlord memory and they pop him out often, and he has gathered his own experiences all these yeaes since the seperation, and they are waiting to meet up with the main fleet to offload these experiences back into the main body.

My fleet was painted like bees already (yellow body with black stripes) so i figured id make them an offshoot of jormungandr.

R8 my nid backstory pls

>> No.56157693

What aspect do they embody then, murder?

They're useful screening units with Asurmen nearby but otherwise not good for much. You can probably drop a few.

>> No.56157739

I'm currently thinking of running Imperial Fists chapter tactics on my force of Primaris Marines(gonna paint them as Crimson Fists) because I figure the -1 AP most of their weapons have will stack well with ignoring cover. Am I horribly misinformed or is this a good idea?

>> No.56157761


>Cain and Jurgen

Fucking amazing

>> No.56157774

Which would be a more fun army to build and play.
Tyranids with only Warriors or Orks with only Nobz

>> No.56157806

Warriors due to codex for playing

Nobz for building

>> No.56157850

tyranids with only nobz

>> No.56157869

admech with only ruststalkers

>> No.56157920

Building is no fun with any army ever
Mould lines give me cancer

>> No.56158039

Space wolves: ASF
Frost weapons: replace D with mortal wounds on a 6 to wound
JotWW: draw a 24" line from the psyker, every unit suffer 1d6 mortal wounds, monstrous creatures and gargantuan creatures suffer 3+1d6 wounds

>> No.56158569


>> No.56158619

Fix your formatting holy shit.

>> No.56158780

>open eldar pdf
>Autarch with swooping hawk wings
>power weapon, fusion pistol, plasma grenades
>no options
>Swooping hawks
>no sunrifle

>> No.56158934

Fucking Aang

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