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Glory of the Tyranids Edition

>Tyranids Preview, Cruddance on suicide watch

>Daily Duncan Playlist
[YouTube] WHTVTip of the Day - Vindicator Dozer Blade. (embed)

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Craftworld Eldar codex(thank you anon)

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First for best Primarch

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Jormugandr best hive fleet.

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xth for butthurt about synapse doing what it's done since forever

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Posting again because I can't shake the idea.

Thoughts on a Chaos Lord riding a dragon? Do GW even do good dragon minis that I could use as a base? My LGS is pretty autistic about allowing only GW/FW so third part would be off the table.

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Threadly reminder

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Bring a cup to the battlefield is probably a stupid idea.

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Fuck off skelly

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Come on, man, it's our thing. Don't diss the cup.

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Kinda angry that the Talon of Horus doesn't do anything to blood Angels this edition

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We already have a thread up

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Why the fuck wasnt it posted in the last thread then? This is how we get thread wars you cuck

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Is Nid elite-bugs viable this ed?
Cuz I tried in 3-4-5 and mostly I was taking models of the table. I dont want to have buckets of small shits nor 6 minis.

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Don't shoot the messenger.

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In the interest of actual discussion on the new rules, I'm not so ok with the 12" donut of immunity outside of the synapse range, as well as the fact that IB kinda doesn't matter anymore.

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Nidzilla actually looks viable now.

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Outside of synapse they have to take LD tests and most have horrible LD, but I do agree its nowhere near as punishing as it use to be

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> I dont want have 6 minis
> Nidzilla is ok
Not a great reader huh? I was thinking middle of the road actualay, warriors, zoans, lictors, raveners, maybe some genethieves/big bug

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Nidzilla gives you enough models to actually take up a large amount of board space now, and quite a few of them are Elite choices this edition. But hey, your lashing out at someone trying to help you was more important, right?

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new to 40k table top but have followed the lore for a long time. I want to either make a death watch or grey knights army, which one would you guys recommend, and anything thing else i should know.

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I don't think Chaos lords even have mounts that big to make the mounting worth it

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How will black templars ever uncuck themselves?
Why does GW hate them so much?

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>Merciless Logic is now a 6" bubble
is it worth taking now?

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They really should get their vows back, I get that they are mediocre but theyre also the best they've been since 4th ed so Im happy with them currently but I still want vows to come back.

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>Instinctive Behavior: Don't even bother remembering what it does because it will never come up unless you're already getting tabled

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>tfw waiting for 5+ years to play 40k

I g-guess I’ll keep p-painting.

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You mean just like before?

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>Hurr Durr we should totally ignore rules despite being game wreaking and receive preferential treatment despite GW making great efforts to keep the game balanced
The absolute state of Tyranid players

>> No.56151579

>GW making great efforts to keep the game balanced
[Laughs in Primarch]

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Archaon new mount is pretty bitching and even have chaos symbols, just replace the heads with a dragon head, you could also try using the ginger dwarfs giant lizard

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>high priced LoW (that with the exception of Guilliman are properly priced) that you can bank will have a player pass on you for is equal to Eternal Warrior on all units in your army for free by rote

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>Super duper mary Sues of the setting with crazy expensive miniatures are good on the table
Who would have guessed!!

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Guilliman & Magnus are so good they're more or less mandatory for any army of Imperium/Chaos that wants any chance of a serious victory, WTF you smoking?

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I can't wait for the necron codex to come out with some minor buff to reanimation protocols and everyone to lose their shit.

>> No.56151771

>being game wreaking
Do go ahead and show all the tournaments nids and their fearless bubbles have won

>> No.56151783

Predictions for the reworked Tyranid abilities/gear/chapter tactics?

Bonus Question: what's the best Hive Fleet?

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What is the silliest case of rule-lawyering or rules-debates you've ever seen in a game? Pic related.

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That's a damned lie and you know it.
For TS/Tzeentch, yeah, you need Magnus, but that is because TS are pretty average at best.

>> No.56151815

It's pretty nice but I feel like I'd need to do a lot of conversion work to make it stand out. Maybe.

>ginger dwarfs giant lizard
What army is this? I don't keep up with AoS so I don't know what anything's called these days. Fuck these trademarked names.

>> No.56151864

Guiliman is stupidly cost effective, however Celestine and Cawl are worse.

Magnus is good, but not as mandatory as Slannesh Obliterators. Magnus is also costed effectrivly for his statline/abilities.

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behemoth: reroll failed charges

Kraken: can charge after falling back

Gorgon: reroll 1s to hit for fight phase

jormungandr: always have cover bonus

hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase

kronos: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesnt move

Leviathan: You can re-roll a single failed hit roll and a single failed wound roll made for a leviathan unit with this tactic each time it shoots or fights.

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>jormungandr: always have cover bonus

>> No.56151960

Are you insane? Guilliman is a no-brainer in any Imperium list, while Magnus is a key ingredient in any successful Chaos soup recipe

>> No.56151975

I know that, see my post >>56151636 where I outright state that most primarches are properly costed for what they bring to the table save Guilliman.
The amusing part is in a 1v1, Guilliman couldn't reliably win a punch up with the daemon primarches, and is more a support HQ with teeth, rather than a monster on the battlefield like the other primarches are.

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Nothing about synapse has ever been game-wrecking or they would have stopped it being Morale immunity at some point in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or the index. You're just a dumb faggot.

>> No.56151996

Rogal x Perty OTP

>> No.56151997

>Guilliman couldn't reliably win a punch up with the daemon primarches,
Which is what I would expect considering hes half their cost, almost immune to shooting and makes any imperium army twice as effective.

>> No.56152002

Yes, people might actually play IW and IF if that becomes meta.

>> No.56152005

>Guilliman is a no-brainer in any Imperium list
Yes, in a high power tourny grade list, but you do not need Guilliman to throw down and win against most armies. Magnus is damn near necessary in a TS list because TS are mediocre at best.
That said, I don't use tourny grade lists as the bog standard the way some do.

>> No.56152008

As an Ork player I love this artwork

and soon to be Tyranid player, my brother finally gave me control of his models after not playing in 4+ years

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>implying 8E, a complete revamp, is comparable to all those editions that are just continuations of 3E
>implying they didn't change ATSKNF


>> No.56152015

Just shoot the big ones you dunce.

>> No.56152017

why the fuck do wiki readers exist? one mind syndicate for example reads the wikis verbatum. it's pathetic.

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The salt faggots like you keep pumping out will nourish me for weeks to come.
Who thought people were so scared of nids getting gud?

>> No.56152033

>Bonus Question: what's the best Hive Fleet?
Lore: Hydra, because it's a hobbyists Your Dudes fleet that was ascended to canon and he's based.\
Crunch: Remains to be seen, not all of the hive fleet traits work exactly the way they were worded in the leaks. For example I'm hoping there's more to Gorgon otherwise it's redundant with nids most common melee weapon and probably worse than Hydra in most cases.

>> No.56152034

Someone should make a Perty version of this but instead of "world's best" its "better than Dorn's".

>> No.56152037

Does it get views?
That's why. Just imagine getting paid for farming (You)s. That's what they're doing.

>> No.56152054

3e was also a complete revamp, they preserved Synapse from 2e then too.

>> No.56152056

Replace nid with IG, Tau, Eldar, Daemons, or psykers to see why you're a dumb faggot. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to be stupid raging faggots who say dumbass shit.

>> No.56152060

>What army is this? I don't keep up with AoS so I don't know what anything's called these days. Fuck these trademarked names.
They call it magmadroth

>> No.56152072

FYre SlayERERszzTM

>> No.56152076

I want to know more about the fluff for Kronos. The rest of the Fleets are named after the monsters that devour the world. Kronos is the father of Zeus who devoured his own children. And with Kronos going along the Cicatrix Maledictum... Who said Malal Tyranids?

>> No.56152079

Remember when slayers killed dragons instead of riding them?

>> No.56152086

>be a chapter that foams at the mouth at the thought of a psyker
>most recent artwork is them standing around with some eldar being all buddy buddy
i dont think GW knows their own guys anymore

>> No.56152100

>The rest of the Fleets are named after the monsters that devour the world
Nah, just monsters in general. Only some of them are world-eating.

>> No.56152106

We are WAACs now ! Cry me a river.

>> No.56152123

>hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase
Sweet, found a Hive Fleet for my dudes

Nidroit [58 PL, 999pts] Patrol Detachment
Broodlord: Power: Catalyst
Broodlord: Power: The Horror

19x Genestealer: 19x Rending Claws
19x Genestealer: 19x Rending Claws

Heavy Support
Trygon Prime: Adrenal Glands, Bio-electric Pulse with Containment Spines, Biostatic Rattle, 3x Massive Scything Talons

>> No.56152124

Fulgrim put on some weight in this pic.

>> No.56152135

Why are you taking this away from me?

>> No.56152138

Moral works completely differently in 8th. It's supposed to be a check on hordes seeing as light infantry became more durable and ways to kill them became less reliable (rip flamers).

Notice how no one gave two shits about commissars until 8th? Synapse should have been nerfed from "immune to moral" to "use synapse creatures leadership with a re-roll".

>> No.56152144

Say it with me:

>> No.56152151

>IG are still very strong, despite conscript nerfs and Guard players saying the sky is falling
>Eldar are great with their new codex
>Chaos Soup is currently the strongest list you can make
>on top of that, neither Chaos nor Tau even have a codex yet

I mean, I'm still just confused why peeps are so fucking buttblasted by the new synapse rule.

>> No.56152154

They get jack shit views. Not enough to make any appreciable income.

The most popular dude has 120k subs and he's more known for ranting about shitty lore changes, and even those vids get no more than 300k views. And they take fucking ages to get that many.

>> No.56152158

>being salty about trademark names

>> No.56152182

Titans were pretty much comparable to all the other giant monsters. Cronos was a monster.

>> No.56152183

>Chaos doesn't have a codex

I might be used to CSM being called Chaos too much, but Chaos (the allegiance) has a codex. If you mean Daemons, say Daemons.

>> No.56152191

>Notice how no one gave two shits about commissars until 8th
That's because commissars didn't make you completely immune to morale in the past, that was a new thing and it was a mistake.

>Synapse should have been nerfed from "immune to moral" to "use synapse creatures leadership with a re-roll".
No, because Tyranids aren't Guard and Synapse Creatures aren't Commissars.

>> No.56152201

Tau are going to cause a lot of butthurt again when their codex drops.

>> No.56152209


>> No.56152218

How about you stop being an easily triggered little bitch?

>> No.56152229

lmao I too enjoy collecting my certified Games Workshop™ Citadel™ Miniatures range of Adeptus Astartes™ Primaris™ Space Marine Hellblasters™ and Intercessors™. Their Cawl™ pattern Bolt Rifles™ really give me the edge over my friend's Aeldari™ Asuryani™ army.

>> No.56152232

Commissars weren't as noticable in previous editions, since AP 5 ignored 5+ saves, AOEs existed, and casualty allocation was far less forgiving.

But sure, rolling 2d6 rerollable vs Leadership 9 Stubborn (or ignoring Morale altogether if you took a Priest instead) wasn't good enough. Rather than all the other changes from 7th to 8th.

>> No.56152236

Now that the Primarchs are being discussed again, it has gotten me thinking: would you prefer Magnus as it is currently is? Or as a force multiplier like Guilliman? Or something else?

would current magnus survive in a fight against pic related?

>> No.56152238

I already have local people losing their shit over QS. I seriously hope the only buffs Necrons get is interesting Gauss, Crypteks with stuff, and some discounts.

>> No.56152244


>> No.56152245

Gk suffer morale, Servitors, Tau drones, Necrons, Custodes, Kataphrons, Daemons, etc. Tyranids don't because "fluff should always be 100% represented on tabletop". Pretty pathetic desu.

>> No.56152248

which faction is good for a cuck themed army?

>> No.56152251

I remember you faggots, the same fucking faglords gloating right fucking now, moaning and wailing like you were getting thirteen Muslim dicks up your vagina when the mediocre as shit marine codex came out.


>> No.56152253

I think it's just rollover from everything so far. Everybody was sick of Ld doing nothing in 7th, so GW promised it to do stuff in 8th, but now Nids, orks, and Guard- but guard not so much anymore- are pretty much immune.

I think they're all buttblasted that chaff-spamming armies have the "balance" check of morale but then they all just circumvent it, so despite how OP the army is/is not it's just a little bit of sour grapes

>> No.56152262

Tyranids are not as good as guard because guard can spam the fuck out of rerolls for fucking everything they have, and they're able to spam CP that let them spam the fuck out of their spam.

Jesus Christ.

>> No.56152270

They will, although they won't be as OP as 7th.

>> No.56152276


>> No.56152278

Literally GSC

>> No.56152282

Magnus should be 150pts more expensive and exactly what he is now.

>> No.56152293

Nid fags turning into the kind of people they hated for years. Bug surprise.

>> No.56152300

Why does it matter if it wasn't changed for 30 years? Like how is this even an argument. If it's a problem, you change it. Rape and slavery were legal for centuries and defined certain cultures.

>> No.56152318

Maybe they enjoy it ?

>> No.56152320

>a rule in a war game is equal to rape and slavery
What is this equivalency you have created here?

>> No.56152324

>Magnus of semi-importance vs the Avatar of Jobbing
I think he could get away with it

>> No.56152327

>mediocre as shit
Did people really feel that way?
I figured it was about equal to the 5e dex, solid, good units, not busted, would offer a good, clean match.

>> No.56152329

I like Maggie, just a little too powerful against armies that can't spam mortal wounds. As deathwatch and other armies there's nothing I can counter against 3++ rerolling 1's on such a tanky platform, but grey Knights fuckin mince the bitch

>> No.56152332


I'm going to look like a boss this week at our 40k night. I was just saying last week that I bet something will happen that will make IF and IW chapter tactics good.

All we need now is for people to realize how good bunkers are.

>> No.56152340

Space marine players feel the need to be the bestest and greatest all the time. Bare him no mind

Remember the whining during the two weeks before the marine codex was out about the lack of chapter tactics? Yeah

>> No.56152342

>implying I said they were equal
>admits they're just silly game rules yet refuses to allow them to be changed when far more immutable laws have changed

Way to miss the point faggo. Luckily I'm intelligent enough to point out your bullshit to a fucking T.

>> No.56152347

>comparing a rule in a wargame that hasn't even been shown to be broken to fucking rape and chattel slavery
what is wrong with you?

>> No.56152353

Marines outside of UM are only good at killing vehicle heavy list. They have nothing that can efficiently deal with spam.

>> No.56152359

Oi 40kg how do I make a good nidzilla list.

>> No.56152360

>What are Assault cannons.

>> No.56152361

I'm just happy having functional rules for a change. You should stop projecting your salt at us.

>> No.56152362

Except razorback assault cannon spam.

>> No.56152364

Marines that are injured in battle get pulled out by their buddies because they are irreplaceable and rare super-soldiers that can't afford to die unless absolutely necessary. Thus Marines failing Morale is fluffy.

Servitors are stupid but not completely braindead, it's not impossible for them to get scared or confused and run away.

Tau Drones usually come in units of like 2 that wouldn't be affected by Morale anyways, they're also programmed with sentient AIs that have the intelligence of a squirrel. They run away like R2D2 would.

Necrons is weird I'll give you that.

Custodes: see Marines. Also they have such high leadership and low model counts this pretty much never comes into play anyways.

Kataphrons, see servitors.

Daemons morale is representing how they have to deal with warp destabilization in the material universe, and has been a thing for many editions, they didn't suddenly go from "always fearless" to "well now you get scared".

Tyranids have exceptions to all of this and always have for longer than you have been alive.

>> No.56152366

Magnus is going to get totally cucked when the Tsons codex comes out and their psychic powers are shit, as usually happens to Tzeentch.

He's currently benefiting from what I suspect is a rules bug where the CSM psychic powers were designed around not having casting bonuses, but they couldn't deny Tsons access to them without unleashing a butthurt tsunami.

>> No.56152371

In the New White Scar novel a Genestealer Broodfather fuses with a Norm Queen creating a Hybrid creature that controls the Tyranids

In the Ghost Warrior novel A genestealer Broodfather fuses with an Avatar of Khaine creating a Nid-warp abomination.

These novels came one week apart. What's with all the fusing?

>> No.56152379

6 Carnifexes and Old One Eye.

>> No.56152380

>Bug surprise

>> No.56152384

>because it's a hobbyists Your Dudes fleet that was ascended to canon
Can you expand on that?

>> No.56152385

>Hurr Durr guards weren't supposed to do that but my army should flat out invalidate the same thing because fluff despite every bit of fluff about commissars have them keeping grass green boobs in line
Neck yourself

>> No.56152387

Damaged Necron warps back for repairs. Sort of like the old "we'll be back' rule I guess.

>> No.56152389

>If it's a problem, you change it.
It's not and has never been a problem.

Also nice argument, holy shit that's hilarious you think thats in any way applicable.

>> No.56152391

No salt just laughing at you guys. The pitiful sad creatures finally growing a pair.

>> No.56152397

>this dipshit says that in a thread where non-marines are actually doing what he's accusing marinefags of doing
>Bare him
>bestest and greatest at all times
>the SW/BA/DA -1 chapter for decades


>> No.56152405

How are you enjoying the spooking?

>> No.56152413

Rate it boys

Ynarri Supreme Command 1CP

Farseer Skyrunner {Mind War, Executioner}
Spiritseer {Embolden}
Shadowseer {Fog}

Ynarri Battalion 3CP

Troupe Master, embrace, Fusion pistol

5 troupe, 3 embrace, 2 fusion
5 troupe, 3 embrace, 2 fusion
5 rangers


2 Starweaver

Ynarri Spearhead 1CP


4 Dark Reaper
4 Dark Reaper
4 Dark Reaper

1 Hemlock {Ennervate}

Hemlock and Shadowseer reduce wound rolls from 1 unit by -2, whilst shadowseer also makes 1 troupe -1 to hit.
Dark Reapers sit with yvraine popping off shots whilst harlequins rush in to tie up enemies.
Farseer/Spiritseer combo to increase farseer LD to 11, Hemlock reduces local LD by -2, cast Mind War for a load of mortal wounds.

thoughts? apart from that its gay elves

>> No.56152415

don't fish for (you)s in my thread thx

>> No.56152416

For their tabletop depiction Guilliman is fluffy as fuck. He's a micromanaging battle commander, and he's also the first loyal primarch for 10k years so his presence is gonna inspire some bitches.

Magnus is also fluffy as fuck. He's an arrogant fuck that does solo shit in battle because he don't need no support and he spams mind bullets at people and

Mortarion is also fluffy, but not in the way Guilliman and Magnus are. I think Morty should be much tougher than he is now. He's easier to kill than Girlyman for Christ's sake.

I think that Lion (most likely the next primarch) should be way more beastly than Guilliman at both personal combat and force-multiplication (but only for the Dark Angels). Lion would absolutely dick on Girlyman in every regard apart from statesmanship.

>> No.56152417

I am a space marine player, and remember that SM was a shit army for YEARS.
5e was the first time it was better than a gimmick list.
Hordes have been a perennial weakness for SM, along with any other tilted army. It's an issue of the base d6 mechanics and their status as an "elite" army.

>> No.56152418 [SPOILER] 

>Luckily I'm intelligent enough to point out your bullshit to a fucking T.

>> No.56152422

>Nid fags turning into the kind of people they hated for years.
Not even remotely. Nid players saying "yes its not broken that are rule which has never been broken stayed the same instead of being nerfed" is nothing even in the same galaxy as "Riptides are Taus TEQ they're balanced waaah waaah"

>> No.56152424

You know that Necrons and Tyranids are trademark names too, right? Even the Space marines are trademarked

>> No.56152427

>functional rules
>Ignoring one of the most important rules should be casual
>Waaaaah waaaaah nerf guard it's not fair!

>> No.56152431


>> No.56152432

Untrue, without guilly assault cannons are shit. They may wound GEQs on 2+ but without a total rerolling to hit and 1's they're usually hitting on a 4+ and do..... 2 kills. Woo-hoo, your 21-point gun killed 8 points of guardsmen

>> No.56152435

Was that the rule where you got tabled when half your army died?

>> No.56152444

No Tyranid players were bitching about Marines.

>> No.56152449

I think it was like 75 percent, but yeah.

>> No.56152450

I'm immune to morale tests because of fluff

>> No.56152456

Assault cannons actually suck, what you mean is the Twin AC RB which is a conversion model and is mediocre at 24" heavy, 37ppw v meq, and 18ppw v geq.

>> No.56152460

The difference is anon, and this is without anyone in this thread having a good idea of how new nids actually are going to be, is that Tyranids have always functioned with the synapse mechanic. The idea of severing their command structure is built into their army as their gimmick, vs the guard who in addition to having orders, the best tanks in the game, hilarious cheap infantry would ALSO have Tyranid morale immunity.

Now, I can see criticism in the fact that this edition the anti-horde morale system doesn't actually effect most horde armies (Orks, Nids and formerly Guard all had work arounds), but I don't think that it's fair to equate the Tyranid Synapse to Commissars, who actually broke the entire army.

Sniping monstrous creatures is always easier than sniping one small commissar you can hide between 60 bodies on every side.

>> No.56152462

But Gaunts aren't fucking Conscripts bro.
If these rules are so bonkers, then why arent lists spamming gaunts and malanthropes winning all the major tournaments?

Both of these units existed before the codex. The only difference the codex makes is that the Malanthropes now have a 12" ignore morale aura instead of 8", which is irrelevant since Malanthropes need to stick 3" next to the gaunts anyway.

The reason commisars got nerfed was because they made the most cost efficient unit in the game (conscripts) incredibly hard to remove. Gaunts dont even come close to being as offensively or defensively powerful as conscripts

>3 points
>24" range gun
>5+ save

>4 points
>12" range gun
>6+s save
>can get 18" and 3 shots, but costs 8 points
>can get rerolls, but needs a 250 point monster babysitting them

I dont get how people think this is hard to understand.
Conscripts do more damage, are harder to remove and cheaper than gaunts.
The tradeoff is gaunts being immune to morale.

Hasnt happened to me in all my games in all of 8th
I suppose a certain army could spook you, but thats more an exception than the rule
Brainless Automatons that cant even function without a character around. Not unlikely that they get scared or even shut down in a dangerous situation without support
>Tau drones
are programmed with self-survival programs
get warped back to the tomb world after being sufficiently damaged
How the fuck did you make Custards run? Genuinly curious.
are Servitors
are known to "get scared" or dematerialize if things go wrong for them. Compare the old rule "demonic instability" from 7th

>> No.56152465

Nids have always ignored morale. Playing against Nids has always been "shoot the big ones!" because of this.

>> No.56152467

I'm going to find one way to spook you, fugboy.

>> No.56152471

Black Library is retarded

>> No.56152476

And here come the "we're not like those other people!" posts. Just a friendly hint, you are.

>> No.56152481

>what is the model that you love most in the faction you hate most?

>what is the model you hate most in the faction you love most?

>> No.56152489

Don't they shoot the commissar sometimes? Or is that not a thing?

>> No.56152490

Probably a Dragonball fusion arc was airing at the and the writer was constantly jizzing about it.

>> No.56152493


They literally did though. The way they have worked since forever is to kill a guy, and then the unit auto passes morale.

So fuck yourself bugfag

>> No.56152497

Hive Fleet Hydra and Hive Fleet Moloch (which sadly didn't make it into the dex) are both the personal Hive Fleets of nid hobbyists that were really well known for doing lots of great conversions and shit, they would meet the devs at GW events and talk with them, got featured in White Dwarf, even did some playtesting for the 5th ed Codex way back but got pissed when Crud completely ignored their feedback and shit the army up.

Mawlocs were named after Moloch btw.

>> No.56152501

>unironically using these tongue and cheek fansplanations for why table top doesnt reflect fluff as canon.
kys my man.

>> No.56152508

They were in 7E. They even admitted it. Just because you're a newfag doesn't mean shit doesn't exist. Nidshits have a reputation for being whiny crybaby faggots for a reason

>> No.56152524

Nice bait

>> No.56152527

Yes. They do.

>> No.56152533

synapse is one of the defining mechanisms of nids since their inception and has always defined how they play and how you fight them, both in fluff and crunch. If it was just a reroll then it would mean fuck all, especially given nids abysmal leadership.
If people want to complain about something, complain about changes to instinctive behaviors. That's legitimate, but not synapse, since once again, we have yet to see any proof it breaks nids.

>> No.56152534

That's incredibly stupid.

>> No.56152538

No, I think the other guy has a point. If we're handing out free morale tickets, extending it should probably happen. Inquisitors give auto-pass morale, GK only care about killing daemons so auto-pass, servitors LITERALLY only care about their function so auto-pass, Admech in general only live to serve so pass, autarchs rally to defense of craftworlds so aspect auto-pass, etc.

Personally I like the idea of morale simulating a lot of different things, including the hive mind deciding losing half your soldiers on the advance is a good reason to pull some/all back to turn the bio-mass into something else for next time

>> No.56152539

>nid codex hasn't even dropped yet
>retards assuming the morale issue with guard scripts and commissars will make nids broken as fuck and are wailing their heads about it
Why the fuck? Nobody fucking knows how this army plays. It's not the same as guard because:
>Guard Index is amazing, top tier lists in every tourney
>their codex drops and fucking everything has been buffed except scripts but it wasn't even a proper nerf; it did jack shit to their viability
At least wait until the codex hits and then a couple of tourneys after that before you start complaining. Christ alive.

>> No.56152540

Oooh, these are fun questions.

>what is the model that you love most in the faction you hate most?
(Khorne Demons)

>what is the model you hate most in the faction you love most?

>> No.56152543

>SW Ven Dread or maybe the Crisis suit


>> No.56152545

Nids didn't players say shit in 7th, they were as shit as orks but talked less because they had already done the denial -> anger -> bargaining -> depression -> acceptance thing all the way back in 5th Edition ten whole fucking years ago.

>> No.56152549

Shut up, Nixon.

>> No.56152552

I like the T'au™ Ethereals more than any of the mechsuits.

From my own army, I really dislike Flayed Ones, both models and rules. The new models are only slightly better.

>> No.56152554


>razorwing flock

>> No.56152555

Tyranids? Lmao say hello to my dark reapers motherfuckers

>> No.56152561

Fuck you Super Saiyan God Vegito was fucking amazing.

>> No.56152564

More likely a Servitor just trips over and shuts down.

>> No.56152570

I think you're the first person I've seen who likes the new flayed ones over the old.

>> No.56152572

I bet you don't even play the piano.

>> No.56152574

>Nidshits have a reputation for being whiny crybaby faggots for a reason
No, they have a reputation for being justly pissed off that the worst designer in GW took a fun and flavorful army and ripped out all its soul and gutted its options for no reason for 8 years.

It's kind of telling that in the edition where every other army is losing options because they don't have bits in the kits, Tyranids are getting a ton back BECAUSE WE STILL HAD THE PIECES THE WHOLE TIME and that faggot just removed their rules because he couldn't be assed to do his fucking job.

>> No.56152579


>> No.56152581

They just need to make synapse use up CP somehow, maybe have synapse creatures provide +1CP as well or something.

>> No.56152592

Wraithknights look pretty bitchin'.

The sentinel is a blatant and uninspired ripoff of Star Wars' AT-ST.

>> No.56152597

I don't like tau models.

Can;t choose favorite faction, so i choose model I don't like most Abaddon or Phoenix Lords(old and ugly)

>> No.56152598


FWIW I fucking hate Tyranid players and have enjoyed them having a bad book. I'm a bad person and have no problems admitting it - nothing made me happier than watching bug players swirl deeper and deeper into despair.

>> No.56152599

>what is the model that you love most in the faction you hate most?

Stonecrusher Carnifex. But only because of the current shitposting fad.

>> No.56152603

It's just salty WAACfags mad that we get something they lose even though we had it first since the game came out decades ago and it was never, ever broken or OP for us.

>> No.56152608

Or you just fucking shoot the synapse monsters like people have been doing for 25 years.

>> No.56152613

I wish Haruspex didn't look so dumb. I hate its big stupid overly cluttered mouth. It would be better if it was like a squid's beak or something.

>> No.56152621

>Nids have always ignored morale
>Marines did
>Guard to some extent
>Daemons did
>Basically most armies at some point making fear obsolete
>But we should totally keep doing that despite most armies having to deal with it now some way or another and effectively throwing away the game balance
Nice argument for a WAAC player

>> No.56152622

I enjoy these questions too:
Favorite model for my least favorite? Falcon Grav Tanks, sleek and deadly.

Least favorite? Mutilators. What a fugly excuse for Finecast.

>> No.56152626

Hammerheads are badass and everything I like about the Tau.

The Sentinels just don't mesh well with the rest of the Guard's wheeled and tracked vehicles, and unlike the Tourox you can't just kitbash some wheels on it and call it a day.

>> No.56152627

You're not very good at false-flagging, nigger.

>> No.56152629

I agree with this, Synapse granting morale immunity isn't a big deal, just shoot the big bugs, Synapse isn't a big deal.
What is a big deal is that Instinctive Behaviour is barely even a debuff or punishment anymore, you have to shoot or charge the nearest enemy unit, but you can move however you fucking want before that.

>> No.56152631

>Synapse should reflect fluff, but not anything else, like Commissars, or marine strength, or ork waaagh danger, or greater daemon power

>> No.56152635

Yes your right people have no reason to be wary of an entirely unnecessary buff to an ignore morale mechanic as the first reveal of the new codex for a strong horde faction after a ignore morale on a horde army was breaking the game and the last two codexes were full of creep.

>> No.56152639


GW Great Unclean One

>> No.56152642

>what is the model that you love most in the faction you hate most?
>what is the model you hate most in the faction you love most?
Piranha. This model is a horror to assemble and glue

>> No.56152644

Only if you play catachans

>> No.56152646


Legit. I hate Tyranid players, never met one that wasn't a huge piece of shit.

>> No.56152649

Nid players arent even shitposting, all the shitposting is coming from faggots like >>56152598
salty that Nids have decent rules for once.

>> No.56152665

Tyranids are massively popular with women so that should tell you something. What kind of man chooses the army that appeals to soul-less she-harpies?

>> No.56152668


They still won't be good. They just won't be as bad as they've been for the past wonderful decade.

>> No.56152669

Marines were right behind Daemons and about as stupid as Eldar in 7e. No shit they were complaining, everyone complained about 7e marines.

>> No.56152671

>entirely unnecessary buff to an ignore morale mechanic
All they did was give it back the range it always had before.

>> No.56152673

Nice bait, virgin. Someone might bite.

>> No.56152677

I don't really like either much.

>> No.56152679

>chaos space marines
>Dino Walker


>> No.56152684

>Yes your right people have no reason to be wary of an entirely unnecessary buff to an ignore morale mechanic
4 more inches. yes, such a major buff

>> No.56152685

We want rules that are balanced, and rules that are fluff-consistent, and rules that "make sense", and rules that are simple.

GW has difficulty doing even one at a time (See: "How many Poxwalker Zombies can a Pink Horror make?")

>> No.56152693

Nice anecdote. I've never met a Chaos player that wasn't an underage lisping acne-ridden edgy highschool faggot, but I don't hate all Chaos players on principle.

>> No.56152694

>7E Daemons codex won't be OP
>just wait till the codex hits
>7E Tau codex won't be OP
>just wait till the codex hits
>7E Eldar codex won't be OP how could they possibly buff the strongest 6E codex
>just wait till the codex hits
>IG codex won't be OP
>just wait till the codex hits
>Eldar codex won't be OP
>just wait till the codex hits

>> No.56152695

Plus even when IB could be a problem, a single synapse creature half a table away still prevents it. A 24" bubble is fucking massive.

>> No.56152701

> tfw everyone is a bunch of wailing children over the fact that Nids finally have a good codex after however many years
Guardfag Forgeworld playing double fag here, I'm happy for you, bug boys.
May you feast well this edition.

>> No.56152703

so you've

Assumed Direct Control

>> No.56152708

Sisters of Battle rhinos look bitching

>> No.56152711

>the virgin shitposters, are vainly trying to phase Tyranid players in their illuminated bliss
>Le Chad Tyranid Player, in Nirvana, rises eternally above the cackling hordes of virgin loosers jealousing him

>> No.56152714

Let me explain something to you:
You can target the synapse creatures.
You cannot make your blob nids reroll everything.
You cannot make your blob nids roll their shooting twice.
You cannot make your blob nids back out of combat and shoot anyway.
You cannot make your blob nids shoot in the combat phase.
Nids play this way right now and are not top tier. Guard played that way and were top tier, then they got even more buffs.

>> No.56152715

My local experiences mean Tyranid players are average, though there are only 2.

One guy used to own an LGS. He was a piece of shit that cried about "cheese" and tried to rules-lawyer without actually understanding the rules.

The other guy is an awesome dude. He ran Nidzilla all through 7ed and had fun with every game, even the ones he got curbstomped in.

>> No.56152717

>Nids didn't players say shit in 7th,

What part of "They even admitted it. Just because you're a newfag doesn't mean shit doesn't exist" faggot? Don't make me dig that shit up in the archive juts to prove you wrong. Tired of you dumb newfags wasting my time then just go silent after I fucking anally wreck you with a screencap

>> No.56152721

>>what is the model that you love most in the faction you hate most?

>>what is the model you hate most in the faction you love most?

>> No.56152722


Poor decision your part then.

>> No.56152723

>holocaust denying WAACfag supports Nid buffs

>> No.56152732

Poor joke

>> No.56152735

>What is a big deal is that Instinctive Behaviour is barely even a debuff or punishment anymore, you have to shoot or charge the nearest enemy unit, but you can move however you fucking want before that.
yeah, definitely. I'm not sure why they changed it, it wasn't that bad before. I think the debuffs to IB AND the increased range of what keeps you in control of your bugs was too much. One or the other would have been fine

>> No.56152743

So what would synapse be replaced with? Given that we’re talking about ripping out somethimg that has been a core mechanic of the tyranids since the dawn of 40k I think tyranid players would deserve some really good compensation for chucking it.

>> No.56152757

It might just be a few weapons instead of a Legion trait for me but since it's usually more than half my non-pistol guns I'm still heartily amused, that plus there actually being an IF player at my LGS means I don't think I'll be seeing jormungandr at my local meta. Which is actually a shame, I like the name.
local nid player already decided their hive fleet is behemoth before all these spoilers though and isn't the type to switch hive fleet for rules bonuses

>> No.56152758

Halve the cost of all models.

>> No.56152761

It literally didn't happen though.

>> No.56152763


They don't deserve anything of than their army no longer being produced.

>> No.56152769

>mfw mindless little gun/scythe faggots have more coordination and brains with their heads chopped off than my armies do

I always thought the "must move/consolidate towards nearest enemy unit" was a very fluffy rule even if it was super crippling.

>> No.56152775

>Someone said something so it was all nids players opinion
I bet you think that every 40k player is a cheetahfag

>> No.56152781


>> No.56152782

>new codex is announced
>tg loses its shit

cant wait to see this repeated in every codex.

>> No.56152783

>50% increase

>> No.56152787

Put up or shut up; thanks.

>> No.56152788


>> No.56152791

Probably same reason failing morale changed. It feel super bad not to have control of your models.

>> No.56152797

can't wait for the Tau release then

>> No.56152798

Just reminding

>You cannot engage these monsters as you would a conventional xenos threat. They are unlike any other enemy this damnable galaxy has to throw at us. They fight not as a gathering of sentient warriors, but as the billion-strong extensions of a single mind. They are the ultimate predator. But gentlemen, having said all that… how many predators have we hunted, trapped and killed on Myralis when we were last on leave? I assure you, this one will be no different.

– Admiral Golkin Vatt, Imperial Navy battlefleet 472-Pacificus, to his assembled deck officers prior to his victory over the Great Devourer at the battle of High Anchorage, 997.M41

>> No.56152799

MFW Tyranid codex has week 1 FAQ like the guard one, which changes synapse to a reroll.

>> No.56152804

People have already forgotten about Eldar.

>> No.56152811


until its the meme favourite army, orks. Then everyone will be speaking ork and getting along and i won't be here.

>> No.56152812

/tg/ loses its shit literally every time a new book comes out, whether it's too good, too bad, or blandly balanced. Why does this surprise you?

>> No.56152828

nah, it's a 50% increase in radius, that's ~125% increase in area covered.

>> No.56152840

This would be preferable desu

Or limit losses from morale to d3 models

>> No.56152843

>The Virgin Hivemind
>- Such a fraidy cat he needs synapse to ignore morale
>- Too awkward to do anything solo so surrounds himself with mindless peons
>- Plays a fetish army consisting 99-100% of females, like SoB
>- Army gets called "cute" by women

>The Chad Guardsman
>- Holds the line, even with shit leadership value.
>- Likes a good fight so much, he starts shooting his own men.
>- Takes a titanic superheavy MBT and turns it into a fucking transport to hold more men.
>- So powerful he has to handicap himself by taking Commissars.
>- Others are jealous of his codex and FW models.

>> No.56152844

>>7E Daemons codex won't be OP
Nobody said this.
>>7E Tau codex won't be OP
Nobody said this.
>>7E Eldar codex won't be OP how could they possibly buff the strongest 6E codex
Nobody said this.
>>IG codex won't be OP
This is 8th Ed and GW have been more open with the community, which causes some people to have expectations. GW made several references to conscripts getting a "hit" so people expected them to get an actual "hit", not some retarded sidestep that did fuck all to their power. Then GW realized their monumental fuck-up (or they had already printed all the codices so couldn't change it without great cost and delay) and gave an actual nerf.
>>Eldar codex won't be OP
Eldar Index was average. You can't compare the expecations of the Eldar codex to the expectations of the Guard codex, because no Eldar list has been abso-fucking-lutely dominating the metagame. Same fucking goes with the nid dex: average army at the moment that need some love to get them equal to others.

>> No.56152846

When the DE codex reveals that they always go first.

>> No.56152847

Would have been the case awhile back but now there are too many newfags, false flaggers, and straight autists here for us to have a comfy Ork, or Xenos, release

>> No.56152849

>Shoot the big ones to break the horde's morale
>But not that Malanthrope, he's a 9 wound character, can't shoot him

Well that tactic fell apart fast.

>> No.56152852

So does this mean I should have hope for other sub-par armies getting a nice codex, like daemons ?

>> No.56152861

> Everyone happy and agreeing
> Everyone getting into character
Ugh. That sounds like hell.
Not on my /tg/

>> No.56152864

If I may offer the toppest of tips for dealing with units that don't worry about morale kills?

Just kill the whole fucking unit.

>> No.56152872

Orks will still be a bad codex

>> No.56152873

Morale doesn't really matter anyway. Gaunts are piss easy to kill regardless.

>> No.56152877

can't shoot the neurotrope either, plus he has a 3++ so I can't even easily snipe him with my wraithseer sniper

>> No.56152881

Can one of the saltfags in this thread explain to me why exactly the new synapse rules are so "bonkers OP broken leik OMG".

Index rule:
> <Hive Fleet> units automatically pass morale tests if they are within 8" of a friendly <Hive Fleet> unit with this rule

Codex Rule
> <Hive Fleet> units automatically pass morale tests if they are within 12" of a friendly <Hive Fleet> unit with this rule

So tell me saltfags.
Why exactly is the new rule broken? The new Instinctive Behaviour pretty much only affects single model units, since if the gaunts are outside of 12" of the synapse creature, they have to take morale tests
I've been reading alot of shit like
>gauntspam will be too strong
>muh malanthrope

If the new synapse were as broken as you make it out to be, then why weren't gaunt/malanthrope spam lists dominating tournaments?
Thats right.
Because Gaunts are worse than Consripts in both damage output, durability, buffability and COST MORE POINTS.

>50% increase is important
Bruh the "OP Malanthrope" people have been complaining about needs to be within 3" to deliver its -1 to hit aura.
The Malanthrope will be within those 3" of the gaunts no matter how long you make the synapse range.

>> No.56152887

What was ATSKNF replaced with?

>> No.56152888

post your current project

>> No.56152891

Motherfucker, were you even around for 7th? I wanted to gouge my fucking eyes out playing against them. And I was playing fucking Grey Knights.

>> No.56152896

Does the malanthrope make the termagants shoot twice with rerolling misses?

>> No.56152901

Hit modifiers have left a bunch of units impossible to balance.

>> No.56152904

I'm well aware my Orks will get the shaft again anon. I just hope it has a tenth of the soul the 4th edition codex had in it

>> No.56152914

Please have a " Amin, wutz dat? " rule that lets orks ignore hit penalties.

>> No.56152916

Soul in 8th ed,.. I think you'll have a hard time with your codex anon

>> No.56152918

I think the SM / DG releases were the only ones that people didn't freak out over.

>> No.56152919

That shitstorm is so guaranteed I’m not even going to waste time defending it even if its absolute shit. The fluff section alone is going to provide so many salty tears we can make our own dead sea.

>> No.56152924

havn't done any more since yesterday, lack of motivation at the moment

>> No.56152928

Bomb Squig

>Thousand Sons
Normie Sorcerer

>> No.56152935

>Tyranid codex will hit
>it will be OP
>someone will bring this up again
>your dumbass will say "Nobody said this" once again

Screencap this.

Your dumbass is too newfag to remember all the morons saying Riptides were overpriced when leaked in 6E. Same with Stormsurges. And Imperial Knights. And original WKs.

>> No.56152936

Oh shit the range is even more than I thought, yeah that is massive.
I get Nids being immune to morale but we really need a way to punish them for being mindless beasts more. At the moment they're having their cake and eating it too.
Instinctive Behaviour needs to be more of a nerf, but it honestly wouldn't matter at my store if they did; by the time I kill all my opponents synapse creatures I've killed almost the entirety of their list.
I need more anti-tank stuff really, I should really get to work on those Obliterators I wanted..
It was, at least most of their synapse creatures aren't characters with under 10 wounds though. Missing out on snipers hurts me bad enough as it is.

>> No.56152939

>not having a cute army liked by women

>> No.56152941


It's trash and so are you.

>> No.56152944


>> No.56152958

>waaaah I'm not as OP as IG

Lol seriously? This is literally what Tau did when accused, they just pointed fingers at Eldar or even C:SM. And you claim you're not a faggot like them?

>> No.56152962

HA no, tg still cried that both of them were OP until they had the codex in hand and compared to the other codexes.

>> No.56152973

>were you even around for 7th
haha, listen here kiddo

No, actually. Local scene died years before 7th. I heard they were only "okay", though.

>> No.56152976

Say what you will about the 7th edition ork rules, the codex still had character and the background writing was basically the best stuff they have done in ages. I am confident that any ork book they publish will have soul.

>> No.56152980

They'd pretty much have to. 50% hit reduction isn't something you can account for without throwing balance out of whack.

Hit modifiers were a mistake.

>> No.56152981

If you edgy cunts get a better hit first rule than Slaaneshi Daemons or Emperor's Children I will actually lose my shit and send a strongly worded email to Games Workshop then I will proceed to drink heavily and loudly shitpost at your entire faction.

>> No.56152983

Fuck you I'm going to shoot a different target with every squad in my army and complain about it!

>> No.56152989

>Can one of the saltfags in this thread explain to me why
No, no they can't.

>> No.56152994

>Nids are OP
Oh fuck a legit insiderbro! Tell me your secrets. Are Fex lists viable? How do I get muh cp with a force of them?

>> No.56153003


>> No.56153011

Oh I didn't mean in the fight phase. I meant they get first turn, as Dark Eldar should always be attacking unless they fucked up. So, seize the initiatives.

>> No.56153015

>Most hated faction
Space Wolves
>Best model
Stormfang Gunship is ballin' and is infinitely better than the stormraven

>Most loved faction
Blood Angels
>Most hated model
Stormraven Gunship

>> No.56153017

>Daemons ever getting anything good enough to build an army on that isn't based around Tzeentch breaking the Invul Save mechanic
>In an edition where there is ONE (1) invul save better than a 3++, and it's a 3++ rerolling 1s, on a single model, that is temporarily borrowing a psychic power from another codex
>And Mortal Wounds exist

Nah, prepare for sadness. I'll settle for the greater daemons being buffed up to playable so at least we have worthwhile allies beyond Brimstones, Nurglings, or a 1-off Herald in specific builds.

>> No.56153021

Is there a summary anywhere of the fluff progression since the start of 8th edition? Seems like there have been a lot of books, but I don't remember much original background material.

>> No.56153022

I fucking hope so.
They're currently worse than subpar.
In 7th they were awesome. Psykers everywhere, psychic powers, the ability for said psykers to summon more daemons.
A Daemon Player tended to be able to win purely by the opponent failing to kill your psykers and those psykers summoning more daemons.

>> No.56153023

>best fluff
In b4 "Vandermeist Theorem"

>> No.56153025

Imagine Kairos, Lords of Change,Daemon Princes all flying around invisible with 2/3++ rerollables.

>> No.56153029

I agree. A couple units having them is fair enough, but the blanket chapter or forgeword tactics is where it gets moronic.

>> No.56153033

And that wasn't even the good Daemon list. Flying Circus was like the 3rd best one, maybe 2nd.

>> No.56153040

Show me models from this edition.

>> No.56153045

Bolters always ignored guants armour. Guess that's how I'll play it!

>> No.56153046

Or at the very least allow Orks to hit on a 6 regardless of modifiers.

>> No.56153047

What's the best combi weapon to put on a chaos LR?

I'm delivering a payload of 7 posessed if that matters at all.

>> No.56153053

That's even worse, but if you mean that you must just be baiting, carry on.

>> No.56153059

Even that wouldn't be enough. It's too hard to compensate for a 50% reduction in firepower against some armies compared to others.

>> No.56153062

Blood Angels getting special character models that aren't 1995 sculpts WHEN

>> No.56153065

At least the Stormraven shares a passing resemblance to an actual plane, unlike the flying boat.

>> No.56153066

>he forgot about the chitin biomorph for +1 Sv

>> No.56153070

Hey, I wanted to come up with somthing that would make people cry. And its got history in regards to the faction too. It could actually happen.

>> No.56153080

Rate my list guys? Sorry if its obnoxious

Ulthwé Battallion 2000pts

>Eldrad Ulthran, 150pts
>Farseer w/ Singing Spear - 1050ts
>Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance and a Twin Shuriken catapult - 108pts

>x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser HWP - 95pts
>x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser HWP - 95pts
>x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser HWP, 95pts

>Wraithguard w/D-Scythes - 225pts
>Wraithguard w/D-Scythes - 225pts

>Wave Serpents w/ 3 Shuriken Cannons, Crystal Targeting Matrix and Vectored Engines - 152pts
>Wave Serpent w/ 3 Shuriken Cannons, Crystal Targeting Matrix and Vectored Engines - 152pts
(Serpents are carrying wraithguard)

Fast Attack
>Warp Spiders x5 w/Death spinners with the Exarch having 2 Death Spinners and powerblades - 102pts

Heavy Support
>Dark Reapers x5 w/5 Reaper Launchers - 135pts
>Dark Reapers x5 w/5 Reaper Launchers - 135pts

>Hemlock Wraithfighter - 200pts

Any tips to make it better and more fluffy is highly appreciated

>> No.56153082

Hit modifiers would be OK if they weren't tied to specific forces (causing a rock-paper-scissors type system) and there were a decent number of ways to get a bonus instead of just penalties.

>> No.56153085

>6+ save goes down to 5+
>still ignored by bolters

>> No.56153107

>tfw you post two well explained arguments on why nids ignoring synapse isnt "FUCKING BROKEN MAN, GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER"
>tfw none of the faggots even try to respond

Do I rest my case?

>> No.56153113

>3++ rerolling 1's
go first, he isnt nativly 3++

>> No.56153118

I was about to say that the stormfang still looks fucking terrible, but then I remembered literally every other SW model.

>> No.56153120

Get some Warlocks or Spiritseers in there m'nigga, the former are fluffy and both are excellent support units.

>> No.56153129

In that case Tyranids, Daemons, and Orks should get it too.
It has no history, no one would believe it, there's no way it would happen, maybe one of the subfaction doctrine things will have a stratagem that lets you fuck with the first turn roll. Like; 2CP +1 to first turn roll, this stacks with finishing deployment first for a +2 to the roll. but then your opponent might still steal the initiative anyway.

>> No.56153133

What's their carapace/skin color scheme? I can't tell from your picture.

>> No.56153139

Sometimes I think hit modifiers should work like in flames of war. Give you a negative to hit something in cover, or at long range. But it wouldn't really work in 40K.

>> No.56153141

overcosted farseer/10

>> No.56153146

Yeah I don't quite see the problem either.

>> No.56153148

Im tight for HQ slots. Would putting then in another detachment work?

>> No.56153154

>what is the model that you love most in the faction you hate most?
Striking Scorpions
>what is the model you hate most in the faction you love most?
Thunderwolves, I'm thinking of making some heavygear like conversion to the space marines centurions with treads for feet and add some jump packs to make them go fast


>> No.56153157

But anon, thats Leviathan.

>> No.56153159

You need more homogeneous hit values for it to work.

>> No.56153165

Shit, he was meant to be 105pts lol my bad

>> No.56153168

2++ in general is just shitty design, as is creating "Mortal Wounds" as a "It's not D" workaround.

Isn't it funny how Guard are now the main army to get a whole unit of 2++ (Crusaders with the +1 Save Power)?

Personally, I'm a fan of the houserule that "An Invulnerable Save that is not explicitly 2++ may not be *improved* to more than a 3++". So much simpler than the whole "Reroll cannot be better than 4++" wonkery Nova tried.

>> No.56153171

Shift one of your HQs into a Supreme Command Detachment and give him two Warlock groupies. fluffy psychic support and +1 CP for your trouble.

>> No.56153173

No seriously, it does. At the very least some HQ's let you seize on 3 or 4. Furthermore, its not because Dark Eldar are aggressive. Its because they're screaming out of the webway suddenly and have unprecedented mobility.

>> No.56153174


>> No.56153176

That picture ain't them anyway anon.

>> No.56153194

Exactly. It works in Flames because hitting something is based off what your shooting, not how good your model is at shooting.

>> No.56153196

Awesome. What unit should I remove to make room? Hemlock Wraithfighter?

>> No.56153206

>tfw your luck is so insane both you and your opponent are surprised if you roll below average
>tfw your well known strategy is to stack buffs on top of a lot of guys, like Prescience and Veterans of the Long War
>tfw no one at my store takes the -1 to hit faction rules
Stacking buffs seems like an Emperor's Children strategy though, efficiency in warfare and all that. I burn through CP like a motherfucker though.

>> No.56153207


>> No.56153215

I'd rather have something that looked cool and unrealistic than something that looked like a toaster that's pretending like it isn't absurd because it has some tiny wings

>> No.56153217

MFW GW realise that ork shooting is basically worthless and give us infinite dakka for free to make up for it.

>> No.56153229

Are you telling me a unit that has a special ability to do more hits with its gun against large blobs only doing 1.62 wounds on average is bad?

>> No.56153236

and Daemon Invasions involve daemons screaming out of the warp and Slaanesh Daemons have unprecedented mobility.
Sorry but any abilities you get to fuck with first turn will probably be shit like a Warlord Trait that can give +1 to seize, a stratagem to fuck with the roll modifiers, a relic that gives an opponent a -1 penalty to seize.

>> No.56153245

Alright /tg/ I got a question from my friend who is an Ork-aboo who wants to write Krork fanfiction

Is it possible that any Old One Orks survived through the warp to the present, or that if there's any Old One Tech out there that survived to present that someone could "discover" and create their own breed of Orks in modern 40k.

Every time I tell him it's unlikely he gets pissed off so I need an official explanation

He says his theory is back up by recent canon and by Dark Age stuff showing up from the Warp so that "KRORKS HAVE TO BE OUT THERE AND THEYLL COME BACK FRON THE WARP"

>> No.56153253

Where did I say or imply that and which unit/gun are you talking about?

>> No.56153275

>> No.56153285

He's talking about the skullcannon and being sarcastic.

>> No.56153289

And I'd take that warlord trait every single time, finally my archon is useful. With how Lethal this edition is anything that adds a chance to go first is big. Daemons already have summoning and don't have jet powered vehicles anyway.

>> No.56153291

Skull cannons, They have an ability where the main gun goes from heavy d3 to heavy d6 if its shooting at a group of 10 or more models. and on average against its more preferred target, Light infantry blobs, it only does about 1.62 wounds. I was just trying to build off your Daemons are less than Subpar comment

>> No.56153302


>> No.56153305

Anything is possible, just let him write his fiction

>> No.56153327

Aren't the krork just orkz anyway?

>> No.56153341

Oh that, yeah the only non-Soul Grinder gun and it's on Khorne. That actually helps Khorne make up for his lack of psykers more than anything.
I didn't think of the Skull Cannon because I play Slaanesh Daemons.
Outside of spamming Horrors and Bloodthirsters being good beatsticks Daemons don't have a lot going for us. Skull Cannon doesn't look bad but it's just not enough to make up for everything else.

>> No.56153353

It's trying to be an anti vehicle gun, it just sucks at it.

>> No.56153357


>> No.56153361

There is no argument of logic which says random old one tech existing for millions of years is crazier that things which are official GW fluff.

The only real argument against it is one of taste; having your fanfic make up really significant setting elements rather than fleshing out the parts of the setting which are left open is just bad writing.

>> No.56153364

Have I gone too far?

Supreme Command Detachment
>Spiritseer - 45pts
>Spiritseer - 45pts
>Spiritseer - 45pts
>Spiritseer - 45pts
>Spiritseer - 45pts

>Eldrad Ulthran, 150pts
>Farseer w/ Singing Spear - 1050ts
>Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance and a Twin Shuriken catapult - 108pts

>x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser HWP - 95pts
>x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser HWP - 95pts
>x10 Guardians, Scatter Laser HWP, 95pts

>Wraithguard w/D-Scythes - 225pts
>Wraithguard w/D-Scythes - 225pts

>Wave Serpents w/ 3 Shuriken Cannons, Crystal Targeting Matrix and Vectored Engines - 152pts
>Wave Serpent w/ 3 Shuriken Cannons, Crystal Targeting Matrix and Vectored Engines - 152pts
(Serpents are carrying wraithguard)

Fast Attack
>Warp Spiders x5 w/Death spinners with the Exarch having 2 Death Spinners and powerblades - 102pts

Heavy Support
>Dark Reapers x5 w/5 Reaper Launchers - 135pts
>Dark Reapers x5 w/5 Reaper Launchers - 135pts

1999pts in total

>> No.56153367

>Daemons already have summoning
Summoning is shit, I want Deep Strike back on my Daemons. You could give us both and no one would notice because of how shit summoning is.

>> No.56153384


>> No.56153385

anyone ever purchased from angelina bonnie on aliexpress?

>> No.56153392


Why not just play malefic lord spam if that's the route you wanna go?

>> No.56153404

I hope I get retrofire jets back again so I can deep strike all my Raiders, Ravagers and Venoms. Or just let me do it innately like in 7th, hahah.

>> No.56153405

>Any Old Ones Survived
Sure it's plausible, especially out on the fringes of the galaxy, or in the Halo stars.

I'm of the opinion that 'nids were created by surviving Old Ones that fled the galaxy as a reset button, so Old Ones creating more Orks is just as possible.

>Old One Tech
Possible but a lot more unlikely. Most of it has probably been collected by the Eldar, Dark Eldar or Necrons at this point, and even if it was found, it would be unlikely that anyone that wasn't an Old One or Eldar would be able to use it.

>Krorks coming back from the warp
Krorks basically predated the warp as we know it, and were mostly wiped out by the Enslaved Plague. It's not really the same circumstances as DAoT stuff.

They didn't disappear into the warp, they either got mindfucked and eaten by Enslavers, died of old age with no Old Ones to breed replacements, or were killed in one war or another.

Orks like the Beast and Ghaz are likely to be close to what Krorks were, and can crop up to genetic flukes though.

>> No.56153407


>> No.56153413

>female marines

>> No.56153416

A-Are you me?

>> No.56153418

So, given how autistic GW have been recently about only showing stuff they make in their art, what are the odds that is an actual ork terrain kit?

>> No.56153419

I don't think you need that many Spiritseers, ma boy

and you still posted the 1050 point Farseer

>> No.56153426


>> No.56153428

Meh, I like Eldar. Im not actually gonna spam spiritseers. Ill replace them with Warlocks and probably Maugan Ra to support my dark reapers

>> No.56153438

8 Carnifexes and Old One Eye in a 1000 points list, yay/nay?

>> No.56153451


>> No.56153459

Honestly, if they give you an innate deep strike after taking it away from Daemons they'll just look like assholes.

>> No.56153467

>Surviving old ones made Tyranids
I love this.

>> No.56153468

>Battlewagons can now take as many Big Shootas as you can physically fit onto the model

>> No.56153479

It fits their MO so perfectly

>> No.56153486

Alright maybe not anything.

>> No.56153491


Left is getting refurbished, Right is a WIP.

>> No.56153492

>"Yes intensifies"

>> No.56153502


>> No.56153525

Yeah just checked, it was a 5 point upgrade back in the glory days. I guess if Phill in involved anything could happen haha. And now seeing all the nid options come back I have high hopes about our vehicle upgrades. All that stuff was in the kit!

Besides, it makes sense that a flying ship would be able to deepstrike whlist some deamons have to be summoned in before Daddy shows them how its done.

>> No.56153527

I cant see this at all. It barely even pierces most higher toughness and even then they will probably save against it.
It just has no practical purpose at all. It doesn't do enough wounds to make up its points in the game with the gun. Sure you will be able to charge it into things but then you might aswell take a group of bloodcrushers. So hopefully it gets a points drop or something in CA

>> No.56153533


>> No.56153554

If you're fucking around, totally. If not, it might be worth cutting 1 or 2 for some rippers and/or the new neurothrope hq

>> No.56153571

No, Chaos vehicles lost almost every single upgrade and no vehicle upgrades have been seen so far, it looks like vehicle upgrades are gone for now. Outside of guns of course.
>Daemons make sense to have to be summoned in
Nah get fucked, Daemons have always been able to launch attacks from the Warp itself, now we're fucked this edition.

>> No.56153577


>> No.56153592

Daemons need a codex, we're without a doubt the weakest index faction. Some of our only good options being abused in Chaos soup does not make us worthwhile.

>> No.56153599

>Daemons need a codex, we're without a doubt the weakest index faction.

>> No.56153603

Was that all in the box though? Eldar still have a nice list of Vehicle Equipment and true kin have a few options currently.

>> No.56153609

Poor necrons

>> No.56153617

Blood angels unplayable? They feel weak without a codex

>> No.56153624

They are playable if you take a small patrol and then ally in Guilliman with some tacticals in Lazbacks

>> No.56153640

I wish daemons were as solid as necrons.

>> No.56153644

Yes, my personal favourite chaos rhino/land raider upgrade, the dirge caster is gone, I got almost no use out of it last edition but I still loved it. The Dirge Caster bit was in the Chaos Rhino kit.

>> No.56153655

>Lion would absolutely dick on Girlyman in every regard apart from statesmanship.


>> No.56153659

Blessings upon thee

>> No.56153666

Based akko poster BTFOing whiners
But really, why the fuck is anyone complaining about synapse and not the changes to IB?

>> No.56153672

You have reanimation protocols and guns, get fucked if you actually think you're weaker than Daemons. If Daemons got to keep half as much stuff as Necrons got to keep we'd be maybe more than psychic/melee support for Chaos Marines, and we don't even really do that as well as we should.

>> No.56153675

Maybe in the emperors children book.

>> No.56153677

I'm not sure what exactly you feel is solid about necrons, anon. Wraiths?

>> No.56153695

>You have reanimation protocols

>> No.56153706

>I'm of the opinion that 'nids were created by surviving Old Ones that fled the galaxy as a reset button
why would the old ones make a reset button for this galaxy that goes and eats 12 other galaxies before this one?

>> No.56153714

Buff all synapse creatures to Ld10, let units in range use their leadership and re-roll moral. There, best moral in the game without being completely immune.

>> No.56153717

>Emperor's Children getting a book
Not anytime soon, as someone pointed out most of the factions and subfactions getting codices were given a section in the main Rulebook and Emperor's Children, unlike Death Guard and Thousand Sons, did not.
So while I benefit from all the good Slaanesh stuff in CSM my Legion of choice is staying where it is for now.
I do wish we'd get our own Codex, maybe next time.

>> No.56153730

Not the best morale, 'Crons are naturally LD10 across the board.

>> No.56153744

You do, it's not even a single roll per slain model either anymore, as long as the unit lives you have a chance to come back. Just because it's easier to negate by focus firing on the unit itself doesn't make it not there.

>> No.56153752

we aren't limited by 10 anymore.
most can be LD 10. tyrants LD12 and swarmlord himself can be LD 15.
synapse gets better with more powerful minds.

>> No.56153765

I have the impression world eaters and Emperors children will get one, but later in this edition. It'll just obsolete their entries in the CSM book. Just means they won't go without any new rules until they actually get their Detahguard/T-son style updates. I mean you know much GW loves khorne in Sigmar right? Your kidding your self if you think he isn't coming in 40K soon.

>> No.56153768

What kind of unique new units would you like to see in a Ynnari army?

>> No.56153771

I have a question:
Why will slightly wider AOE morale immunity make Nids broken as fuck?

>> No.56153787

It won't, Guard players are just butt hurt. Synapse has always been priced into every nid unit despite its drawback.

>> No.56153789

Don't think anything new is really coming until after the year of Sigmar happens (except maybe in October-November when GW realizes they have to give us something, just like they did for Sigmar and Shadespire).

>> No.56153791

nothing. Just update aspect warrior models and give deldar a dex

>> No.56153793

it won't. people IGfags are just looking for something to bitch about.

>> No.56153794

Any suggestions for playing fully mechanized Eldar? 3 Fire Prisms feels like most of the anti-armor I need at 2000 points, maybe a team of Shining Spears

I'd prefer to avoid Serpents when possible - what's good cargo for Falcons?

>> No.56153795


Because (and to be clear I don't necessarily agree with this) the way you are supposed to be able to deal with hordes is through morale. When you can't do that it eliminates the primary means you were sold to defeat a horde.

>> No.56153815

Don't get me wrong, I want my faction to get a codex, my hopes just aren't high for it to happen anytime in the next few years.
I wonder about this new pythosian psyker that Abaddon gave Fulgrim though, it's supposed to be a vessel for Slaanesh, could be interesting. It's rumored to be Epimetheus too.

>> No.56153819

homie if you wanna avoid serpents you shouldn't be playing fully mechanized eldar

>> No.56153823

5 spiritseers to come out and smite everyone

>> No.56153825

>as long as the unit lives
unless you're playing a small ass game then that unit isn't gonna live (barring crazy luck)
the old reanimation protocol was infinitely better. The only reason I got to roll reanimation the last game I played was because my opponent decided to skip multiple of their phases in favor of moving around moratarion.

>> No.56153840

It has high str and multiple damage. Like I said it wants to be an anti armor weapon, it's just really bad.

>> No.56153848

It won't
It's just IG players who are butt hurt as all hell that commies got the nerf they needed, and thus they're going after the one part of the nid rules that are similar to commissar ones, despite those being the rules that were changed the least.

>> No.56153856

Is there going to be a year of Sigmar? I was expecting things to be more balanced next year. The specialist games are really forgeworld and they've done stuff for 40K and sigmar equally there. So not quite much bone throwing.

>> No.56153863

To build it up to sufficient size, perhaps?

Besides, isn't that mostly just speculation? We don't know how many galaxies the 'Nids have eaten before

>> No.56153870

Are swooping hawks still the worst, most pointless unit ever in the new eldar dex?

>> No.56153876

Average game size at my LGS is 1250 which I've heard is small for this edition.
I'm trying to push for bigger games.
Seriously dude you were unkillable terminators last edition and now that you're slightly easier to kill you lose your shit? You still have guns and you're still not easy to kill, you are not the weakest Index faction, Daemons are.
If you lost even half as many things as Daemons lost from last edition you wouldn't even be playable.

>> No.56153878

What about bikes, though? Those more or less count

Saim-Hann seems to really only benefit Shining Spears (Shurikcannons are only like 10% or so worse than Scatter Lasers and there's way more useful heavy weapon platforms than Vypers)

Could Windriders in 8e be good objective grabbers and horde mulchers now that theyre 23-28ppm? While 70 point double-cannon Vypers can be fire support platforms

>> No.56153886

I dunno, at this rate it seems possible. It was only like 8 months in between new death guard and t-sons? I mean model wise at least, no idea when the T-son book is coming. May still have to wait 16 months for Empes childerns, so close enough to years I suppose.

>> No.56153887

because of butthurt Guardfags

>> No.56153905

They're marginally improved, but still one of (if not the) worst units in the game

>> No.56153910

I've heard it floating around that to make up for 40k getting so much this year AoS is getting a bunch of love next year while 40k basically gets patches (FAQ's). Though desu it seams GW is more interested in doing small boxes like shadespire things for AoS while doing Codexs and start collecting for 40k. So who knows, bet whoever planted that seed in my head about year of sigmar was wrong thinking about it now.

>> No.56153919

>slightly easier to kill
No, they're insanely easy to kill. 20 warriors are paper thin against AP, S5, or anything that can spam tons of attacks. The whole army is really easy to kill
>still have guns
Not good ones
>not the weakest faction, daemons are
No, tzeentch is insanely OP, changeling, horrors, etc. are stupid powerful in a soup list. But yes mono-daemons aren't insane, necrons are still worse. No mortal wounds, terrible anti-tank, easy to kill, etc.

>> No.56153921

about your points level is where necrons are actually playable

once you get into the realm of 2k (normal games) necrons drop off so hard you sit there wondering what the fuck just happened.

it's not "slightly easier to kill" its "we still have no anti tank and no, -1 ap does not make up for it". we also got our move reduced to boot and some nasty point increases. (50% increase on both destroyer versions).

necrons scale horribly, starting off from mid-tier and dropping down to shit-tier

>> No.56153931

Yep, not that Emperor's Children are in a terrible spot at the moment though, our Legion trait is useless more than half the time but we have Noise Marines as troops, our stratagem is decent, and we get all the Slaanesh stuff which is awesome in the codex. Delightful Agonies, Endless Cacophony and Intoxicating Elixir are awesome. Stimulated by Pain, Excess of Violence and Blissgiver are alright. So we aren't in a bad spot.

>> No.56153936


Chaos Terminators

Regular Terminators

>> No.56153950

I mean i dont think they would leave like half the armies in the game without a codex for a year

>> No.56153962


>> No.56153972

Then how do you deal with hordes.

>> No.56153981


>> No.56153987

T'au, Dark Eldar, Orks, Genestealer Cult, Inquisition, Imperial Knights, Sisters of Battle would be the only ones left. I can honestly only see them pushing out T'au and GSC next year.

>> No.56153990


Personally? I just pick a unit and annihilate it.

>> No.56153997

All these nid faggots trying to deflect onto Guard faggots. "No it's just upset guard fags". Uh huh sure it is. Nice try nid faggots. No one believes you.

>> No.56153999

I still love the fact that nobody has even tried to argue against.

However, I do agree that the new IB rules might be a tad too strong. It does seem kinda situatinal, though.
You will never put your swarms outside of synapse range anyway, since they'll start running at the slightest sneeze without synapse support.
I also doubt the -1 to hit/-2 to charge will come into play often either, as its probably more effective most of the time to just move closer to the unit you want to kill.
Which brings us the main part of why instinctive behaviour isnt actually bad anymore, namely the index rule that also stated you could move freely.
It seems the new IBs main purpose is to be able to spread your large monsters around a bit more.
Perhaps it might cause nid gunlines to get better, since you can now send synapse to the midfield and save points on units you would have left in the back to babysit your exocrine/biovores/hive guards?

>> No.56154008

Necron destroyer
Primaris hellblaster

>> No.56154009

Gaunts you can just shoot or chop. They're nowhere near as good as boyz or guard infantry are.

>> No.56154022

You're harder to kill than Daemons.
You have guns, full stop.
I already said, Tzeentch daemons being picked up by Chaos soup lists does not make Daemons good.
I'm trying to get a 2k game at my store, everyone is more interested in 1250, 1500 was the biggest game I've had.
I wouldn't want to take my Daemons to 2k points though, we're bad enough at 1250, I'd hate to see how we fare against even more enemies, no matter how cheap they made our troops. Outside of literally flooding the board and paying for those overpriced Daemonic Icons.

>> No.56154027

>completely skipped Blood Angels Death Watch Space Wolves and Dark Angels

>> No.56154034

>Perhaps it might cause nid gunlines to get better, since you can now send synapse to the midfield and save points on units you would have left in the back to babysit your exocrine/biovores/hive guards?
Yeah but if they wanted to do that then why not just buff warriors? I don't get why they both made IB less effective and increased the range which your safe from it. One or the other would have been fine

>> No.56154041

Oh you mean irrelevant things?

>> No.56154046

Why do people overlook spiritseers? They are stupidy good at 45pts for a full smite and 4 wounds with a 4++. People dont see the spamming potential of spiritseers In fact, running a full wraith army with them will put out some serious DPS. People are so butt hurt about nids when they need to be butt hurt about spiritseers

>> No.56154047

He also forgot Harlequin

>> No.56154058

We've already talked about spiritseers.

>> No.56154059

I play Emperor's Children, we are the anti-horde option in CSM; even I think we need to be able to use Battleshock more.

>> No.56154062

t. guardfag
they increased the range of synapse by 4 inches. That's it. not like nids were topping any tournies already, but some how that extra 4 inches is what will put us on top? Give me a fucking break

>> No.56154065

eh seems overly time consuming to have happened in only 60 million years.
they're not even good at clearing out necrons, the big enemy of the old ones.

we've got certainty of the 12 galaxies figure. It was given from an all knowing narrators perspective in the 5e rulebook.

>> No.56154067

id pick allaitoc because -1 to hit is nutters, -2 to hit is even more nutters. Vipers still seem meh to me, windriders seem to have gotten worse to me with the conceal nerf.

You sound like you just wanna play cool saim hann stuff (windriders, shining spears, vipers), to which i say go for it dude, I'm sure it'll play well enough in pickup games

>> No.56154072

when are we getting new eldar models?

>> No.56154079

What was the verdict?

>> No.56154083

We've already had to deal with Smite-spam since 8E hit. These nids look they're going to be a whole new kind of cheese.

>> No.56154092


Not for quite a while.

>> No.56154099

After around 675 imperial releases

Who gives a fuck about nid hordes when you can smite them to death then shuriken your way through them?

>> No.56154104

That they're same shit we already had with malefic and primaris psykers. Nerfs are heavily expected to smite spam at some point.

>> No.56154113

>These nids look they're going to be a whole new kind of cheese
>smite spam isn't an issue because it's been that way all edition
>nids got an extra 4 inches to the rule they had all edition
>somehow this is a big deal

>> No.56154114

And Instinctive Behavior got pushed out an additional 12" (Christ, a 24" radius is practically half the board). And Instinctive Behavior got severely nerfed (down from "must charge/shoot closest" to "take a slight penalty if not shooting/charging the closest." And Shadows in the Warp more than doubled in range.

>> No.56154123

Do you add +1 to a model's str before or after doing the x2 calculation for a power fist?

I think you do it after, which raises the question is having the extra +1 str worth it to get str 9?

>> No.56154127

As someone who's fleet entire fluff is screw the monsters and the Gribblies, it works pretty well and Jorumgandr is a pretty huge buff for that kind of play style.

>> No.56154132


I mean are you playing actual proper anti-horde EC or are you playing EC and just relying on your natural proclivity to generate shots?

My friend plays a 45 NM army and never has issues with hordes.

>> No.56154136

Probably when the Ynnari get a codex.
I can't imagine they'll keep them as just a mash up faction.

>> No.56154137

out of curiousity, what's your normal list look like?

>> No.56154141

Hordes are the counter to Smite spam, and Shuriken fire happens after Smiting.

Can't wait for them to decide Smite is also affected by Psychic Focus. Sucks to be a Grey Knight/Tzeentch player.

>> No.56154143

Yet that's not what people are bitching about. Heck, even the nidfags ITT have admitted that the changes to IB were too much. Yet everyone is bitching about synapse, which only got an extra 4 inches. It's literally the least changed rule and yet the one that's garnering the most attention.

>> No.56154146

Iirc you multiply then add

>> No.56154148


>> No.56154152

Shut up waacfag.

>> No.56154162

I also forgot Yanari

Honestly the Space Marine Codex should have been just one fat brick and I keep forgetting it is instead a lump of salt due to it doesn't have BA, DW, SW, or DA. Harlequins I keep forgetting aren't part of CW:E anymore.

Still I don't think space marine codex's are coming until their primarch is showing up. If it does show up, oh boy, no primarch for 5 years. Maybe GW will do 1 Codex every other month next year, might work out with whatever else they have going and ease up on their systems. But T'au are high on that list, Thousand Sons, IDK, probably due to there isn't any new models (new to produce) so that isn't hard to put out from a writing perspective.

Jan: Sig
Feb: T'Au
March: Specialist
May: 1ksons
November:Space Marine of Some Flavor (Death Watch is my bet).
December: Chapter Approved 2

>> No.56154163

>made IB less effective
Huh? What do you mean? IB only got buffed, or did I misread something?

As for warrior buffs, we can only hope. The main problem with index nids is that the only synapse options worth taking are broodlords, malanthropes and sometimes the swarmlord.
Now with the new Neurothrope HQ coming, I'm still pretty sure warriors will be crap.
Maybe if you could equip them with 3 biocannons or give them some sort of ignore cover/ingore LOS biomorph they might be worth taking over a malanthrope, but even then...

>> No.56154166

Thought so.

I'm trying to decide on putting intoxicating elixir on a terminator lord with either a PF/combimelta, or two LCs.

Unless someone can sell me on S9 being usefull i think the S5 +2 attacks is better

>> No.56154167

its worth it if are hunting t8. useless otherwise

>> No.56154168

They are seeing how 3 times works. That will probably be the limit.

>> No.56154175

I dont really need to care about hordes tho. I have d-scythes for that. Besides, Tyranids have been fucked in the ass for the last 3 editions. Can people not let them have this one thing? I want to see a challenge from the great devourers!

>> No.56154190

Pretending to play Eldar. Nice try Nid shitter.

>> No.56154193

>What do you mean?
less effective at punishing nids. Could have worded that better
>Maybe if you could equip them with 3 biocannons or give them some sort of ignore cover/ingore LOS biomorph they might be worth taking over a malanthrope, but even then...
Just up their BS and make them S5 and T5 with points changes accordingly

>> No.56154200

>Tyranids have been fucked in the ass for the last 3 editions. Can people not let them have this one thing?
Flawed logic. An army's standing in previous editions shouldn't reflect how good or how badly they're treated in the current edition. See Tau.

>> No.56154205

Natural proclivity more than anything honestly.
I never have too much issue with hordes, but seriously GW lied about morale being a mechanic that matters and that's kind of annoying.

>> No.56154207

fuck tau doe

>> No.56154208

Tyranids are the good guys of the setting. Prove me wrong

>> No.56154213

Nope. I play Ulthwé Eldar. Stop trying to be an asshole man.

>> No.56154221


Now that I agree with - they sold it as the primary counter and that is not true.

>> No.56154222

they're not guys

>> No.56154225

Yeah fuck then. Literally the most boring army to play against.

>> No.56154226

>Morale doesn't really matter anyway. Conscripts are piss easy to kill regardless.

>> No.56154232

NPCs can't be good guys.

>> No.56154235

Conscripts are way tougher than gaunts are.

>> No.56154236

i fucked up

>> No.56154239

>GW lied about morale being a mechanic that matters
it hurts guard and cultists and makes 10 man marine units a liability.

>> No.56154241

For my Daemons?
Generally a Daemon Prince, a Herald, Masque, 30 Daemonettes, Soul Grinder, Seeker Chariot.

>> No.56154243

>He doesnt use two Heat Ray Triarch Stalkers against Armor heavy armies.

>> No.56154246

Trannynids are irrelevant.

>> No.56154248

>people are scared of 4 extra inches
You sound like virgin teen girls

>> No.56154260

Way to miss the mark trannynid. No one cares about your 4 inches.

>> No.56154265

Triarch stalkers die so fast it's not even funny.

>> No.56154268


This man is correct

>> No.56154270

You laugh at your witty analogy but twelve inches can fuck you up n-not that I speak from experience or anything

>> No.56154279

>proper anti-horde

Oh, you mean we have to tailor as hard as we can specifically for your bullshit then auto-lose to everyone else. That's what I thought you meant, good to know you admitted you're a retarded sack of shit.

>> No.56154287

your moms a hoe

>> No.56154289

you are correct

I doubt anyone wants the gross details though

>> No.56154294

it hurts guard NOW yeah.
Cultists are kind of awful in general.

>> No.56154300

>up their BS, S and T
Still not good enough IMO.
Maybe if you were to run them barebones melee.
The main problem is that the stupid ass malanthrope needs a goddamn nerf, either by increasing its points, or changing its wounds, preferably a combination ofnthe two.
The problem lies with the malanthrope imo.

>> No.56154304

What is Quantum Shielding?

And barring that, a single Doom Scythe can analize armor with potential 3d6 damage

>> No.56154311

That would still fuck over GK pretty hard, and Thousand Sons would still probably be shafted unless they get CWE amounts of powers.

>> No.56154318

show me your acolytes. ive got a scion box, GSC neophyte box, cadian command box and a skiitari box coming and i need 12 acolytes. i might have to buy a few weapons like combi ones off of bits sites, but im hoping to make some cool looking dudes. anyone have any cool kitbashs for inspiration?

>> No.56154325

Fellow hedonist here, noob though.

What kind of army composition do you run?

I've had luck with a squad of obliterators, a 10 man plasma terminator squad, and the rest noise marines and HQ

>> No.56154328


Let me be very clear - I don't play anything approaching a horde army. I play Eldar.

Also I'd like to add that 45 NM supported by a good cast is a good general army. All that said - go fuck yourself, I was simply asking how the man played his EC.

>> No.56154329

Quantum shielding won't save you if your opponent shoots it with the right guns. Both of those options also get fucked by the heavy weapon penalty.

>> No.56154333

I just used the cultists from Dark Vengeance for mine.

>> No.56154338

Because you have to always pigeon toe yourself to into fighting the one bogeyman list out there even when not going to places that frequently makes use of it. Sure hordes are common now due to the rules favor them, but, only WAACFAG's use it and hump those lists all the way into a LGS instead of going to a tourny like they should and then getting arrested for indecent exposure for public masturbation.

>> No.56154343

>45 NM supported by a good cast
Not the person you are replying to, but can you elaborate on what you would think a good cast is?

I ask because I run this >>56154325

>> No.56154346

Really gets my noggin joggin anon

>> No.56154349

What's the best weapon choice for Primaris Hellblasters? Someone's selling me the Primaris half of the Dark Imperium box for relatively cheap and I'm curious how to kit them.

Also, is Dark Imperium monopose like other starter sets?

>> No.56154356

It's a good thing all 40k armies are controlled by human players then.

>> No.56154362


>> No.56154364

I used skitarri guys with the hoods and Catachan arms and storm bolters I bought from eBay. I wanted them to have buff arms sort of like the mortal Kombat movie minions. Those Catachan arms are really good for holding random guns.

>> No.56154368

The rapid fire standard ones are best for closer engagements oddly enough.

The assault variants are better for long range.

Heavy versions are trash

>> No.56154380

>tfw play admech, a now bottom tier army
Hold me anons...

>> No.56154389

>Stormfang Gunship
The only thing I would wish they could do too is carrying a single Dreadnought

>> No.56154395


>Getting into an army because it's powerful

You played yourself, anon.

>> No.56154398

>Tyranid players

>> No.56154403

Admech aka "oh did I just delete 3 of your tanks turn 1 I didn't notice" are not bottom tier.

>> No.56154404

>tfw GK
Fuck off.

>> No.56154412

Your composition sounds good to me, I still need Obliterators and more Terminators myself though.

>> No.56154418

>tfw Guard

>> No.56154419


My buddy is a big time EC fan. His current list (and I'm shooting from memory here):

3x 11x Noise Marines - sonic blasters
1x 12x Noise Marines - sonic blasters
3x Obliterators
Demon Prince
Chaos Lord
Chaos Sorcerer
3x Heldrakes

>> No.56154425

Just ally with some IH marines or something to patch up the holes in your game plan.

>> No.56154428

I had to convert the obliterators myself because the kits are so damn ugly.

Pic related.

The only other part of the army of note is I run a squad of melee NM with lucy in a rhino.

>> No.56154430

How long does it take for made to order shit to ship out from GW? Ordered through my LGS to skip on having to pay shipping and I want to know how long until my 'limited edition' eldar booty is on it's way.

>> No.56154431

Hey the Storm raven was our special Gunship for a long while. But then they decided to give it to everyone and take away one of the more special aspects of Blood Angels which was that we were really good flyers.

>> No.56154438

But with the Triarch Stalker, even if it misses, it gives everything else reroll 1s against that. So even if it doesnt kill what it hits, it makes it a lot easier to do otherwise.

I have honestly never lost a match where the objective was "Kill all the enemies" at points higher than 2k. My only issues are with "Pick up and run away with the objective" or a "come and push me off the Objective. Throughout this entire edition.

Mostly because whenever I play a mission like that, the objective is randomly located and they pick the farthest place away from me. My 10 Lychguard are such a terror in my area, they have achieved such notoriety that people try to focus them down and never can, letting everything else I have get the most out of what they can do.

The thing I lament the most is that our Monoliths dont have Quantum Shielding.

>> No.56154439

Weird, it didn't select the pic

>> No.56154440

Admech are gud tho bruh
>best tankhunter in the game
>cheap troops and HQs lets them spam Brigades for CPs like guard
>Dragoons can kill girlyman on the charge
>electropriests are mortal wound machines
>Stygies exists

>> No.56154443

sounds like you dont have enough kastalan robots

>> No.56154446

I want to buy some new brushes as my current ones are quite old and shit. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather not buy Citadel as they seem kinda overpriced for the quality.

>> No.56154453

Who the fuck plays an army just to lose all the time? I want balance. I wanna win because I was tactically better than my opponent, not because of some cheesy game mechanic.

>> No.56154460

i think I am going to paint the white "collar bone" panels a different color, they don't look great to me as is.

I am thinking silver? Maybe gold.

>> No.56154461

I would expect to get it about a month from now, give or take a week or so.

>> No.56154475

You might be in the wrong game my friend

>> No.56154478

Depends, I believe most stores get a shipment in once a week with all their GW product.

>> No.56154479

I have no problem with the rules for it, I just hate how it looks, so many of the conversions before the model came out were so much better

>> No.56154481

New thread:

>> No.56154483

The website said something about it taking about 35 days or so.

>> No.56154484

Alright, I'll just make a note to keep back a bit extra then for when it comes in. Thanks.

>> No.56154491

Right? The fuck are admech whiny fags on about. They shoot everything off the table in our store then have surprising melee.

>> No.56154492

No one here is scared of lychguard, seeing as they're just assault terminators.

>> No.56154502

Man I fucking love this art, which is why I'm saddened Maleceptors are still mediocre.
>I just wanted a carnifex with cast 2/deny 3 and +1 to psychic rolls, is that so bad?

>> No.56154510

Wish they had put up an article when they pulled it down saying "hey, here is the ETA for when we are sending stuff out, check for emails around then." Would alleviate things imo since the models aren't on the site anymore.

>> No.56154524

Oh that conversion, planning that myself.
I'd go with gold myself, it's an old EC colour.

>> No.56154532

>What's the best weapon choice for Primaris Hellblasters? Someone's selling me the Primaris half of the Dark Imperium box for relatively cheap and I'm curious how to kit them.
>Also, is Dark Imperium monopose like other starter sets?

DI Hellblasters only have standard Plasma. And yes they're the simpler "Easy to Build" kits. Not the full multi-part version available in the separate box.

>> No.56154538


>> No.56154545

Mine seem to survive the stupidest shit. The last time they were killed it took the combined might of a Warhound Titan, a squad of Skitarii rangers, and that Tempest of Destruction or whatever psychic power from Draigo.

They spend their free time chopping Knights to death and advancing 1 inch.

>> No.56154564

Mine just get kited all game until they're about the only thing left or just get dropped by mortal wound spam.

>> No.56154619

A MWBD on top of advance usually helps me. and if that is the case, use them to herd dangerous stuff into the line of fire of a ton of other shit. Post a picture of yours please, I would like to compare your color scheme to mine.

>> No.56154627

What is an Assault Cannon?

Stalkers are good, but they either need to be cheaper, to be able to move and shoot without penalty, or to get a buff to targeting relay.

>> No.56154667

Oh hey dickarms anon is back.

>> No.56154678

What's the likelihood of getting a 9'' charge off w/ and w/o a CP reroll?

>> No.56154691

>Gaunts are way tougher than conscripts are

>> No.56154698

I did my best to make my 'ard as nails samurai elves

Ulthwe Craftworld for all detachments

Battalion Detachment
>Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance [Warlord, Fate Reader trait, Blazing Star of Vaul] - 108pts
>Spiritseer [Enhance] - 45pts

>x5 Rangers - 60pts
>x5 Rangers - 60pts
>x5 Rangers - 60pts

>x10 Howling Banshees w/Executioner - 133

Outrider Detachment
>Spiritseer [Quicken] - 45 pts
>Spiritseer [Empower] - 45 pts
Fast Attack
>x9 Shining Spears w/Star Lance - 281 pts
>x9 Windriders w/Twin Shuriken Catapults - 207pts
>x3 Vypers w/2 Shuriken Cannons - 210pts

Vanguard Detachment
>Spiritseer [Protect] - 45pts
>Spiritseer [Conceal] - 45pts
Heavy Support
>Fire Prism w/Crystal Targeting Matrix and Twin Shuriken Catapult - 165pts
>Fire Prism w/Crystal Targeting Matrix and Twin Shuriken Catapult - 165pts
>Fire Prism w/Crystal Targeting Matrix and Twin Shuriken Catapult - 165pts
>Falcon w/Crystal Targeting Matrix, Shuriken Cannon, and Bright Lance - 160pts


I'd like to tweak it to be as SAMURAI as possible, which I guess would probably mean dropping the prisms, but I'm not sure what to add. The Banshees seem pretty good for webway strike, since Acrobatic pretty much makes them a sure chance to hit melee, and eithout buffs they can eat a small Devastator squad, with buffs they can chew up larger threats and clear out hordes?

I plan to throw away my CP early and often on things like Supreme Disdain, Lightning-Fast Reactions, and Linked Fire, so the Autarch is to try and mitigate that, with Rangers (guardians would work better aesthetically, maybe? Eldar dont seem big on long-ranged infantry) as a nobunaga riflemen sort of deal to get me a Battalion. I'd like more Banshees or Storm Guardians, but Storm Guardians seem like theyre the opposite of 'ard as nails samurai

>> No.56154700

Don't have a pic, but I use a white and black marble scheme.

>> No.56154708

Make it +1 Ld per synapse creature in range. Make Warriors worth it again.

>> No.56154746

Literally no one overlooked Spiritseers, what are you talking about.

>> No.56154943

We all do and you know it

>> No.56154953

do there need to be any? I guess aspect warriors are all Khaine-based units? So you could have an aspect of Ynnead aspect warrior? Sort of?

All the roles are kind of filled. Eldar necromancy is already a thing and it's wraith stuff with spirit seers.

>> No.56155072

fuck of skelly

>> No.56155081

Quick! Tell me all the things that are bad about 40k. I need to be motivated to not buy anything just found out my wife is pregnant so I need to save all the money I can.

>> No.56155091

Ynnead aspect would be weird, since ynnari aren't attached to the path. honestly I'd just prefer if ynnari stayed a mixing pot (with stratagems etc) rather then a proper standalone codex

>> No.56155144

The balance of power is all over the place and nobody really knows what will be competitive in six months' time. If you play for that kind of stuff at all then it wouldn't be a bad idea to sit and save while you watch the pieces fall where they may.

Also congrats feggit

>> No.56155448

Shuriken cannons are assault, don't need the crystal targeting matrices

>> No.56155464

>I don't play Admech and have never fought it: the post

>> No.56155894

I'd settle for some more Crone swords and some Ynnari special rules for Yriel.

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