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Tyranids are OP and that's.... ok? Edition

Balance only matters for other factions sub-edition

Previous >>56143650

>tyranids preview, even more OP than Guard in terms of morale immunity

>Daily Duncan Playlist
[YouTube] WHTVTip of the Day - Vindicator Dozer Blade. (embed)

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Craftworld Eldar codex(thank you anon)

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Eldar and Nid Errata when?

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first for that synapse buff is bonkers

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First for big bugs never tire!

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For you.

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>Eldar and Nid Errata when?
IIRC sources claimed the Guard book was already finished before the first wave of Index FAQs were sent out.

Basically all codices have been on auto run. Await the nerf(s) in an upcoming FAQ

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I hope Trygon primes can take relics!.

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Okay better question, QT nid waifu when?

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Nth for nids can still suffer from morale with their Ld5 and far stretching synapse

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Nth for RIP Duncan.

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Why the hell would nids have relics?
>there is only one of this ancient and hallowed piece of biomass

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>synapse is flat immunity to morale right after GW indicated they're moving away from this
>shadow in the warp hurts psychic armies a lot
>instinctive behavior is so useless it may as well not even exist
>and it's 24", not just out of range
Jesus Christ what are they thinking, the guard nerf had me hopeful things were going the right way

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I'm wondering how hard nids will job in their codex.
They alredy got killed by cold in Guard codex and they gona lose Octarius war.
And lewiathan will get rekt so new fleets will come.

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Swastika freehand tutorial when?

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>QT nid waifu when?
Hopefully never.

You have El Señor de la Horda. He's the only waifu you'll ever need.

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>>synapse is flat immunity to morale right after GW indicated they're moving away from this
>>shadow in the warp hurts psychic armies a lot
>>instinctive behavior is so useless it may as well not even exist
>>and it's 24", not just out of range
>bitching about the nids classic rules doing what they're supposed to
t. guardfag salty his conscripts+commissars are worthless

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Nth for reminder that this guy lied about playing nids while acting increadibly smug and treating anyone that disagreed with him like they were shit, only to admit he doesn't play nids
Now he won't even post a single model to prove he even plays 40k at all :^)

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Who can beat 3++ Swarmlord in CC 1v1?

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>That fucking list of tools you need

Resin was a mistake

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Qt nid waifus (sexless) when?

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for great justice

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>this specific mutation puts a great strain on the organism and is only evolved in specific circumstances on individuals that can use it to its fullest potential

or some shit

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Never forgetti
Press F to pay respects to guard players

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>a knight
>a termie lord with the murder sword
>super chicken
Need I go on?

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Guard may not go down in infamy as the most OP army in 8th now they've been cut down to size and others have stepped up to the plate, but these few weeks sure have been a nice demonstration that the chill guardbro meme is bullshit.

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Anybody got the White Dwarf leaks?

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I know, right? Tyranidfags are pure cancer. Just look how they jump on a throwaway promotional line in the community website and ignore what's in the codexes. Lets see what a recent one says.

>In recent millennia, new foes and old have also emerged. Foremost amongst them are the invasion fleets of the Tyranids; having crossed the interstellar void purely to feed, each craftworld and Exodite planet represents a bounty of biomass that the Hive Mind covets greatly. From the galactic east, the T’au – one of the galaxy’s youngest and, in many ways, most ignorant races – wage an ideological campaign of assimilation and destruction, while on countless tomb worlds the Necrons awake; ancient enemies of the Aeldari since before the Fall, their lords are eager to renew their war against their much diminished rivals.

>Eclipsing all other threats, the Aeldari’s most doom-laden prophecies have been fulfilled by the opening of the Great Rift. In the wake of this lesion in reality, warp storms have broken across the galaxy, and the slaves of the Dark Gods spill out in unprecedented numbers. Amidst the madness and slaughter of these apocalyptic days, a new Aeldari deity has been made manifest, and while many have pledged themselves to the God of the Dead, others question his followers’ methods. Not since the days of the Fall have the Aeldari been so fragmented and assailed, and for those of their race who yet survive, war remains their only hope. While their many foes lack the technology, wisdom and skill of the Children of the Stars, in numbers alone they seem insurmountable. Yet the Aeldari are a proud race, determined that the flame of their people will blaze brightly once more rather than flicker and die out.

More lore saying that Chaos presents the greatest threat. Must burn being inferior.

And another thing, Tyranids being the foremost alien threat to the Eldar while the Necrons are a thing is BS but whatever.

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>tyranids are OP and that's.... ok? Edition

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Eldar traps have been canon for a while dude

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Swarmlord seems to be somewhere between LOW characters and regular HQs in murderiness. I assume Draigo needs that bullshit 2++ stratagem though.

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No I want all horde armies to be hurt by morale, it's literally why it exists! I play grey Knights for god's sake, recent releases are just one kick in the teeth after another; I mean fuck, my strike squad can put out 40 bolter shots. Not bad. This'll kill 15 boyz/gaunts, or 11 GEQ. Fine by me, that's actually a slight bit more damage than I'd do in 7th.

But fuck me, morale should do something, dammit! The weak chaff spammed in by the hundreds shouldn't be MORE immune to fear than my hundreds of year old psychic space Paladins ready and willing to die in service.

Morale is the counter to the huge benefits of massive squad sizes in 8th, and GW has given the three biggest horde armies (nids, orks, guard) East as hell ways around it. At least Guard got a nerf, and orks is somewhat counterable. This nid one is just absurd

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guillman. Though it is an extremely close fight. it take guillman 1.541 turns to kill swarmy and swarmy 1.98 turns to kill bobby. Though this isn't factoring in swarmies degrading stats, whcih would most likely ensure bobby wins a bit easier

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The text under the image says she is a female, you twit.

>Galánta of the House Kre-Swift is an Autarch of Biel-Tan, and leader of the Shadestrike warhost. She is a true master at delivering swift and vicious death to her foes.

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Go away Carnac poser
Your god is dead and is never coming back to 4chan

>> No.56146027

>being this butthurt over nids jumping on chances not to be npcs anymore

>> No.56146030

Perturabo is a daemon prince of chaos undivided.

>> No.56146035

With swarmlord degrading it'll be all about who can swing first

>> No.56146038

Can people give me advice for this list? I'm going into a 1000 pt tournament.

>> No.56146040

I thought we agreed we will wait until the daemon codexe arrives before we jump into any conclusions.

>> No.56146042

If I take an understrength squad of Trueborn in an auxiliary detachment, can I drop the Dracon but maintain the 4 Blaster true born? fed up of my Archons riding around alone.

>> No.56146046

Be'Lakor, Lorgar and Perturabo.

>> No.56146048

Lorgar is an undivided daemon prince

>> No.56146049

>The DM who makes the weird or embarrassing armour have the best stats

>> No.56146061

>threat to the Eldar


>> No.56146066

>tfw I bought a character and he came in as resin.

I don't think I got a model. I think they just gave me a block of resin which I've had to carve for the last 2 hours.

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>No I want all horde armies to be hurt by morale, it's literally why it exists!
a single strike squad can wipe out half a max gaunt squad and that's not good enough for you?
>At least Guard got a nerf, and orks is somewhat counterable. This nid one is just absurd
Are you so retarded you can't follow the age old IG maximum when it comes to nids: kill the big ones? Nids are far an away the one that's the most easily countered, just shoot the fucking synapse creatures and the whole thing falls apart

>> No.56146079

I was getting a bit thirsty, thanks for the tears.

>> No.56146084

>4th sphere of expansion lost in the warp
>suddenly it hits at craftworld
>be greater gud or be killed pointy ears

>> No.56146092

>shooting the big ones
>Not taking it down in glorious CC
What are you, a person who doesn't conform to any gender roles therefore can neither be gay nor straight?

>> No.56146099

He probably has never even played a nid army anon, just leave it he's probably been facing Rawbootys for weeks if he even plays at all.

>> No.56146100

>calling his enemies asexual and or genderless
Jesus man chill

>> No.56146102

>What are you, a person who doesn't conform to any gender roles therefore are a faggot

>> No.56146103


What we discovered from the new White Scar novel "The Last Hunt".

Eldar is an Imperial corruption of the word Aledari.

The remnants of Hive Fleet Leviathan that didn't disappear at Baal are called Hive Fleet Cicatrix.

Also the Khan might have returned somewhere in the galaxy. We only have rumours now.

>> No.56146104

gender and sexual orientation is different, anon!

>> No.56146105


>Just shoot the big ones! Don't worry about the -1 to hit malanthrope ruining your day.

>> No.56146121 [DELETED] 

Well how can you be straight if you dont conform to standard gender roles? You arent a girl or a guy so therefore dating either is neither straight nor gay

>> No.56146128


We already knew that about elder anon.

>> No.56146133

Because you still have a sex.

>> No.56146138

>just shoot the fucking synapse creatures and the whole thing falls apart

>> No.56146143

then fucking charge them, you're playing GK after all. The point is that if you're so retarded you can't follow basic anti-tyranid tactics of "kill the big guys first and the little ones shoudl follow" then the issue is you sucking, not nids retaining their core army rules that characterize their playstyle

>> No.56146144

Level with me anons, is 40kg chill again or do I need to just head to /c/ for the day?

>> No.56146149

Fuck off nigger.

>> No.56146150

>having sex
sure thing. i have so many sex, every week so many.

>> No.56146151


Don't insult me anon, id never play imperial scum.

I play Deldar.

>> No.56146154

wait an hour, see what happens when west coast jumps in and if the shitfest is too intense abort mission.

>> No.56146160

we got a one man autism crew on a crusade to prove someone he is talking to online doesn't own 40k models.

but other than that, its pretty chill/

>> No.56146162


Theres not gonna be any chill until all the codex have been released and the following FAQs, until that day its gonna be massive hype from one side and bitterness on the other.

>> No.56146169

>having problems against nids
>when even your basic weapons wound their toughest units on a 4+
Then what are you complaining about bro?

>> No.56146170

/40kg/ is always /comfy/ for me

>> No.56146178

>bitching about killing nids
Have you considered you might just suck?

>> No.56146180

it's been not completely awful for about an hour or so

>> No.56146196

in my experience against deldar, they have a hard time dealing with hordes of dudes.

>> No.56146201

>not going on /u/ for cute girl stuff
Please leave

>> No.56146202


Post /yourdudes/ for maximum comfiness.
They dont even need to be painted, just show me your awesome models anons.

>> No.56146209

Draigo deals 3.2 wounds to 3++ Swarmy in CC, 4 with Hammerhand (2.13 and 2.66 with Catalyst). Swarmy does 5.23 wounds back without Heed the Prognosticars, 2.615 with. Tossing in some more psychic powers into the mix, both are 2 cast 2 deny but Draigo has the +1 from GK tactics. Each can try to Smite the other, use their second offensive power (Draigo has lower Ld than Swarmy so Purge Soul is a bad idea but Gate of Infinity has a shot, where Swarmy has the new pseudo Smite from the leaks that also makes psykers forget a power), or buff themselves with Hammerhand and Catalyst respectively.

Unless I'm missing something, on pure melee Swarmy winds handily. Progs tips the odds back into Draigo's favor, but till we see the Nids stratagems it's hard to say. They can tie each other up for a bit if they use their defensive abilities, but all in all Swarmy has a slight advantage (and only 25% more expensive).

>> No.56146213

>paint anon still sperging out
>nidfags daring carnac to show up

Dont worry it wont last

>> No.56146220


Wow everyone is so sensitive today!

>> No.56146228

Dont forget that Draigo's +1 to cast is cancelled out by shadow of the warp.

>> No.56146241

>Guardman boogeyman
>It's totally ok for 30 strong Tyranid to walk without literally consequences aided by character monsters
>This also applies to flying gargoyles babysitted by flying character monsters
I see WAAC fags have begun to collect Tyranids

>> No.56146244

Why do GW paint pots suck so much dick?

>> No.56146250

Draigo can't degrade the Swarlord in one turn (on average), though, unless he gets very lucky with his psychic casts. And it looks like the Nid dex will have quite a few ways to cuck that.

>> No.56146256

In my experience with DE, Daemons and Nids are a bye. Nice 250 point MC. Here's a bucket of 3+ to hit 4+ to wound.

>> No.56146266


>> No.56146272

Hey fellow german nid!

>> No.56146277

>a single strike squad (210 points) can wipe out half a max gaunt squad (60 points) and that's not good enough for you
When there's three of the blobs coming up at me and each one costs almost half my unit, yes it's not enough. I'm fine with the amount killed, but at least 3-4 should go down to morale. Like fuck I killed HALF the unit, the should maybe recoil a little bit
>kill the big ones
Oh yeah, when so many units have synapse, of course I should just kill them (not like my army won't take a few turns doing that), and not like they've got some really good and durable synapse units or ones that could hide. And it's not like that leaves me without fire in the actual incoming threat, and all the Fire I just put out still leaves something in synapse either with LoS or just being tough.

Fuck off mate, nids are good as is and I can testify first hand. I've played the ultimate faggot list of 20 'stealers and broodlord backed by Mr. Swarmlord doubletiming straight into my line, only to hit on 2's with their 80 attacks soon as king immunity faggot get in 6". Nids suck to fight as an elite army

>> No.56146287

Killing TMC is easy for deldar via dark lances, most deldar won't have enough shots to kill off 200 small bugs

>> No.56146294

>>It's totally ok for 30 strong Tyranid to walk without literally consequences aided by character monsters
Didn't see you bitching about it for the last 5 editions.

>> No.56146297

That's a female Eldar.

>> No.56146303

I don't even Nid, but holy shit calm yourself before you get hemorrhoids.

>> No.56146304

The DE players I've seen usually spam lances and blisters, they don't really go heavy on splinter weapons other than what the dudes without special weapons in squads have

>> No.56146332

DE are still shit tier even with that

>> No.56146333

In super fast flying boats against a swarm of cc dudes you just run around terrain and make them slog it out.

>> No.56146336

>Nids suck to fight as an elite army
I play both GKs and Nids and can confirm this. But honestly, thats more of a GK weakness than the nids fault. Most armies have some kind of chaff unit or another, and the Stealerbomb becomes pretty shitty when all you manage to charge is some random chaff unit while the expensive targets wipe them off the board next turn.

>> No.56146341

>you can now pay 285 pts and one CP do deepstrike 90 bs4 s4 bullets
>you can spend another cp to make those 90 bullets into 180
what the fuck is going on

>> No.56146346

hello my fellow 1ks players, how are you all?

>> No.56146348

>Chaos is insignificant next to the Tyranids
Carnac eternally BTFO.

>> No.56146350

You still have to find a way to get them off objectives. Only meaningful way to do so is to get into RF range, then you get nommed.

>> No.56146354


>> No.56146372

>+1 to cast smite

>> No.56146386

Can you name a worse HH book?

>> No.56146391

>that thing that nids have always done
If agree to needing the morale bubble back down to 8, but this is par for the course. I've been on nids since 5th, and all anyone has ever had to do was shoot the synapse first. In 8th, most of my synapse still get a shit first aside from malantheopes and primes as they are the only characters under 10 wounds.

Another thing about guard and nids: guard are of 7-8, and nids are 5-6. Synapse creatures are also more expensive than commissars

>> No.56146395


>> No.56146409


Most of the big monsters have decent armour saves so once you factor in the 4s to hit, 4s to wound and whatever save they've got, the average amount of poison in a dark elder list these days doesn't do a great deal to a big beasty.

So then you think, yeah okay ill shoot it with my dark lances. the 4s to hit 3s to wound is better, but you have much fewer of them so you have to get lucky with the d6 damage.

For example, in my last game vs nids my 5 venoms in rapid-fire only managed to pull 4 wounds in a turn against a -1 to hit tervigon.
Likewise, my 3 dark lance ravagers and 2 razor wings managed to land only 4 hits on another Tervigon, amounting to 9 wounds.

Anyway none of this is that important, i'll continue to shoot my Phantasm grenades at enemies who can't be frightened hoping for random 6s to wound and pretend morale doesn't exist in this game.

>> No.56146410

Should I even be surprised?

>> No.56146411

Resin only needs one extra tool compared to a well built plastic model and that's a saw. And only large resin models need one, and you'll need the saw for chopping plastic limbs anyway.

Knife putty files sandpaper glue are all shit you should have for plastic anyway. I suspect you're the kind of guy with mold lines and huge blood letter head gaps on his models

>> No.56146414

>Codexes says Chaos biggest threat ignore ADB in MoM
>WH community is triggering Carnac on purpose
I'm confused about it, I don't like Carnac but I don't like Nids either.
What o do?

>> No.56146415

Battle for the Abyss.

>> No.56146426

Salamander stuff of MoM

>> No.56146429

Outcast Dead

>> No.56146436

for who?
the guy rolling for 5 minutes or the guy taking it up the ass?

>> No.56146447

>mfw "entire universe is Tyranids" is canon

non-tyranids eternally blown the fuck out

>> No.56146451

Master of Mankind

>> No.56146453

For everyone

>> No.56146454


As a DE player I disagree that they're shit tier, id say average tier but extremely boring to play.

>> No.56146482

we're reaching critical levels of smug

>> No.56146504

Show me where he touched your dark Lance, anon.

I think they are fun. It's fun to go fast. Power from Pain is also a cool rule that evolves the army as it goes, so t1 shooting, T2 tarpit charging T3 dedicated cc arrives is fun.

>> No.56146510

Well a species that can travel across galaxies is sure as hell more dangerous than some strange anomaly, specially when said anomaly can be negated galaxy wide by some funny rocks

>> No.56146511

Can someone give me a rundown of why master of mankind is so bad? And should I still read it?

>> No.56146512

Laugh hard. Nids endured years of being shit on in fluff and crunch, they deserve their moment to laugh at Chaoscucks.

>> No.56146527

Aw, those are some nice dudes. The carnifex looks very friendly. Here's a group of my elongated yellow space men.

>> No.56146535

I'm not sure if I just overlooked them but I checked each Mega and couldnt find Gathering Storms, anyone have a link?

>> No.56146545

>Look upon my 10000 layers of paint and be afraid

>> No.56146550

More or less:

>Chaos secretly won everything forever 10,000 years ago (but this totally doesn't make Abaddon an irrelevant tool)
>Horus was nothing, the Chaos Gods didn't care about his rebellion at all, honest
>My daddy never loved me so obviously the Emperor never loved his kids either

>> No.56146568

not him but they look fine

>> No.56146573

Rare material laced carapace/claws, unusual degree of self awareness.

Stuff that's impractical/unavailable/risky in large scale deployment.

>> No.56146574

I tried finishing this for like two years. Fucking yawn. Finally dropped it and read like five other books, even some ADB. Not sure why, but this one was a total drag.

>> No.56146580

Oh dont get me wrong they are amazing looking. But that is a very solid yellow and that is a hard colour to get

>> No.56146581

It's been too rainy here to prime.
Reposting this dude.

Tried to do chrome on his visor. Shit is hard.

>> No.56146596

>. But that is a very solid yellow and that is a hard colour to get

just basecoat in yellow

>> No.56146599

What paint you using for your metallics?

>> No.56146601


>> No.56146618

Check again

>> No.56146623

Need basing

>> No.56146629

My micro sol should show up today - I'm pumped to start slapping transfers everywhere.

>> No.56146633


>> No.56146634

why did they reupload this

>waaah i have to steal checkers from the superior yellow chapter because we have no original ideas for decoration

>> No.56146642

Leadbelcher I think. I dunno it's one of the citadel older lines. I didn't do metallic on the visor, I tried to do an actual reflection. I followed a tutorial and I think the colors are right, but the issue is the reflection shape is wrong.

>> No.56146648

You forgot
>Abaddon's sword almost took Emps 1vs1
>and it killed titans squads of custodes and SoS
>numbered mistakes

>> No.56146716


>> No.56146717

I love collecting marines.

>> No.56146736


>> No.56146738


>> No.56146743

[Spoiler] it's actually not too bad if you stick to a mostly Averland Sunset portfolio. It's when you want to go up to a bright, non orange yellow like yriel that it gets tricky. Two layers of yriel on white isn't bad, but it's very difficult to fix mistakes on cleanly. Tldr base paints=based paints[/spoiler]

>> No.56146762


>> No.56146768

Fuck Orks and Nids

shittiest meme armies of all time.

>> No.56146773

Also tell me about your dudes, anon.

>>56146581 here
My DE are the Maelstrom Ravagers. Their Archon, Balsezath Ezzean runs the show through his Kabal of the Lidless Eye.
I don't have the wych Coven named yet, but how cringey is it to have the succubus be his main slam piece and have the retinue of True born that ride along in his raider be his actual factual kids?

>> No.56146789

Are there any lore examples of Tau GSC?

>> No.56146803

There is one.
Read codex timeline.

>> No.56146806

Do you just do Averland Sunset with some Casandora yellow shade with some highlights? I bought some AdMech off ebay a while back and he was painting them yellow and I don't have the time to strip them.
You know you can add a spoiler tag by hitting ctrl+s right?

>> No.56146810


>> No.56146811

Actually, Chaos exists outside the galaxy as well. A craftworld that left the galaxy was attacked by daemons of Slaanesh and Nurgle.

Laughing at what? The codexes say that the Tyranids are inferior. One throwaway line from community site won't change that.

The retqardation. Let me break this down because this anon is a cunt who didn't read the book.

>Chaos secretly won everything forever 10,000 years ago (but this totally doesn't make Abaddon an irrelevant tool)

Humanity is entering its psychic evolution. The Emperor wanted to prevent that or at least control it. The Webway was the only tool that would have worked to isolate mankind from the Warp/Chaos. With its loss, humanity is doomed to Fall as the Eldar did.

>but this totally doesn't make Abaddon an irrelevant tool

You fucking cancer. The Emperor himself has a line addressing it in the finale. He said even if they won and Horus was defeated, someone else who has learned from his mistakes will emerge. Stronger and more cunning, that new warlord will finish what Horus has started.

Humanity is doomed to fall to Chaos but it can happen a decade from now or 10K years later. In the Time of Ending, Chaos cannot afford to wait because humanity is facing other dooms than might upstage Chaos. Enter Abaddon the one that will deliver the galaxy to Chaos.

>>Horus was nothing, the Chaos Gods didn't care about his rebellion at all, honest

Horus was indeed nothing. He was weakling and a foo. The Chaos Gods first choice was the "Angel" aka as the Blood Angels Primarch. Horus was what they settled with. Source is the latest HH novel. Horus's rebelion was just a distraction to strike at the Emperor and his project.

>>My daddy never loved me so obviously the Emperor never loved his kids either

This is pathetic projection. More than one auhor showed the Emperor as a monstrous cunt. No wonder you relate to him.

>> No.56146816

Why would genestealers steal bad genes?

>> No.56146824

Don't come lamenting to me when hive fleet jormungandr shows up and you need someone to ignore all that cover!

It's so true, though. Trying to come up with heraldry or bits ideas to customize models with is just "nope, this is too exciting looking for my boring boys" repeated ad nauseum.

>> No.56146831

>> No.56146834

>Orange Imperial Fists.

Jesus people fucking suck at painting proper IF.

>> No.56146846

Redoing the cameo cloaks on my old snipers

>> No.56146853

I think the 7th ed had codex mentions them as being a thing, but pretty rare due to the caste system and frequent sterilization practices.

>> No.56146856

But I don't like nids and nidfags.
I like chaos(and most 40k factions) but not in carnac's autistic edition

>> No.56146863

Vallejo game ink yellow on white primer. Two coats. Enjoy your bright yellow sons of dorn

>> No.56146867

>We actually summoned Carnac
That's pretty funny.

>> No.56146868

Hi Carnac

>> No.56146874

They appeared in one of the Ciaphus Cain books

>> No.56146875

Basically the only way to get a nice yellow without TONS of careful work is with an airbrush.

>> No.56146884

It's fucking okay for Antwyr to dominate entire systems of planets with its mind and crush all resistance save for the Grey Knights but it's not okay for Drach'nyen to wreck two/three titans and kill dozens of overrated bodyguards.

And the Emperor is not even that powerful compared to best that the Chaos Undivided can offer. Be'lakor in his prime would have rekt the Emperor.

You are just a hypocrite.

>> No.56146885

Nah. Orks and Nids are literal shitty meme armies who do fucking nothing other than being randumb and blowing themselves up.

>> No.56146886

>Bionicle will never come back

>> No.56146887

Wrong. See

>> No.56146888


That's Fantasy Flight Games fluff.

7e codex just mentions an example where it happened and implying there could be more.

>> No.56146889

They don't actually steal genes, they rewrite the host genetic code with superior dino bug dna. It's probably a vast improvement for the blueberries.
That's not orange. Also you try painting a good bright yellow. It's annoying as fuck and easy to ruin.

>> No.56146898

That bell i gloriously weathered.

>> No.56146902

Witness the Carnac butthurt, children. Witness and laugh.

Chaos pales in significance next to the Tyranids. The gods themselves tremble at their psychic power. Watch him twist himself into a pretzel trying to deny it.

>> No.56146903

>rekting anyone
He got rekt by fucking IF captain.

>> No.56146904

Does anyone here use Eldar FW stuff at all? Is any of it good?

>> No.56146909

Not arguments.

I guess squeaking memes are all you are good at when criticising based ABD's work. You don't find this level of stupidity at Dakka or BnC.

>> No.56146910

I goofed cause I'm phone posting like a turd. But yeah, for all the primaris I switched to the recipe Duncan suggested in his fists video instead of the old one with asian paint woman. So easy, and the cassadora shading instead of recess washing with a brown wash saves so much time it's crazy. Totally recommend.

>> No.56146912

All that converting but no drilling.

>> No.56146928


>> No.56146934

Got outsmarted and humiliated by Ahirimam and straight ran away screaming from an ordinary marine with a power fist. Literally nothing.

>> No.56146937

I never liked the drill holes.

>> No.56146938


>> No.56146944

reeeeeeeeeeeee give me a chaos predator

>> No.56146946

nice bugs

>> No.56146947

when will you idiots learn not to bait this asshole, it just shits up threads

>> No.56146952

It's mostly my super yellow bulb in my desk lamp, but also you're gonna have to fukken deal with it cause fuck yriel I ain't going back to that life.

>> No.56146955

At his prime, not the nerfed state that he is in.

More non-arguments.

>Chaos pales in significance next to the Tyranids.

Not threat level or might. Just means they are most obvious.

>The gods themselves tremble at their psychic power.

The Warp is filled with more gods than the Chaos Gods.

Slaanesh certainly wasn't trembling when she casually slapped the Hivemind aside.

>> No.56146963

>wasn't Be'lacuck, but a generic Daemon Prince using his model.

>> No.56146972

I don't know what is worse Carnac or nidfags trying to be biggest threat.

>> No.56146983

>Horus was indeed nothing. He was weakling and a foo.
We know you're still asshurt Abaddon can't get *out* of one system given 112 years to do so, but Horus would get out in a weak.

>> No.56146984

>frequent sterilization practices.
this is not true and has never been

>> No.56146985

Nope. Be'lakor was laughing at the end of the encounter. It was totally a just as planned.

And how is this relevant to Be'lakor when he was at his prime? At his prime Be'lakor would be much greater than even Drach'nyen the feral daemon that brought the Emperor to his knees.

>> No.56146997

So I have Kharn, a Daemon Prince, 48 Bezerkers, and a Land Raider. What can I add or subtract to make a decent 2000pt World Eaters list?

>> No.56146999

>muh belakor

yeah this is carnac alright

how does it feel knowing that perturabo and lorgar are undivided princes?

>> No.56147004

>Slaanesh certainly wasn't trembling when she casually slapped the Hivemind aside.
Didn't a foolish Eldar warrior, wielding a magic spear, dealt a wound to THE HIVEMIND itself? Is there any other sources of mortals hurting any Chaos God?

>> No.56147015

Actually, the Black Legion are all over the galaxy and have attacked as far as Terra defences.

Abaddon is at the Cadian sector because he is feeding the Eye carnage and death to grow it towards Terra.

>> No.56147016

Carnac. Always Carnac.

>> No.56147017

The Nid players can outnumber us but Carnac can be bullied

>> No.56147018

Wow it actually happened who knew all we needed was nidfag shitposting to draw him out.

>> No.56147024

We have actual stats for it. It markedly inferior to the Emperor's *sword* in ever respect and Guilliman effortlessly grinds Abaddon into the dirt. In other words your overhyped fanfic means nothing, as usual.

>> No.56147031

First set of Chem Dogs, getting the neophyte bodies to stick is a bit of trouble but I really like the end result.

>> No.56147032

How I Made Up a Thing Sixteen Years Ago and Now it has Totally Reshaped the Warhammer 40,000 Cosmos!


>> No.56147045

>All this Carnac talk
newfag here. Who? Is he some tripfag shitposter?

>> No.56147058

Yeah, forgot about that. In the same book, Yriel managed to wound the Hivemind. Literally wound it and cause it pain with his Spear of Twilight.

There is no event in 40K that has anything harming the Chaos Gods directly. Not as far as I know and I know a lot.

We agreed to wait until the daemon codex. Persnally, I say it makes zero sense for either of them to be Undivided Princes.

>> No.56147064


>> No.56147067

Look at those lightbulb-shaped domes!

>> No.56147069

Yes, exactly that. Recognisable for his very specific and rather desperate chaos fanwank.

>> No.56147073

Tripless shitposter/boogyman.

>> No.56147075

Oh, okay. Still, something saying "yeah, sure" is fine with me
I don't know much about tau fluff, my mistake.

>> No.56147079

No, you don't. Drach'nyen power depends on the user and how much he is willing to draw upon its power.

>> No.56147083

The worst. Nah, he's funny in his absolute autism.

>> No.56147086

Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

>> No.56147093

He is a ADB/Chaos fanboy that wanks off chaos so hard that even chaos players hate him

>> No.56147098

I see ADB has some free time to shitpost while his wife is fucking the bull

>> No.56147105

Wasn't that included in the newest codex? Alongside a very strict eugenics program where civilians are taken ala 1984's vaporization to be tested on?

>> No.56147107

>One of the early lessons in background-writing was that a mystery is worth ten facts when it comes to describing the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The lore has always been intended as small spotlights in the darkness, illuminating just a tiny portion of the shadowed whole.

And then fucking HH happened.

>> No.56147110


>> No.56147113

How's this for a list?
Battle notes:
>plan on using special weapon operators for acolytes, since they're basically guardsmen with better statlines
>Inquisitor is a leadership battery, between him and Sgt. Kell's reroll effect the infantry squads will be able to ignore pretty much any casualties
>Creed with Kell + STT + order stratagem should reliably order every squad, rank fire for all
>tank commander screams at his gunner for the whole game while farming CPs
>deathstrike because lol deathstrike
>extra CCs will babysit HWTs for accurate, point efficient fire support
>hellhounds are just great

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Inquisition) [17 PL, 327pts] ++

+ HQ +

Inquisitor [5 PL, 75pts]: Chainsword, Incinerator

+ Elites +

Acolytes [4 PL, 84pts]
.4x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Plasma gun

Acolytes [4 PL, 100pts]
.4x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Meltagun

Acolytes [4 PL, 68pts]
.4x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Flamer

++ Brigade Detachment +9CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [65 PL, 1068pts] ++

Regiment: Cadian

+ HQ +

2x Company Commander [2 PL, 31pts]: Boltgun, Chainsword

Lord Castellan Creed [4 PL, 70pts]

+ Troops +

6x Infantry Squad [3 PL, 45pts]:
. Sergeant: Boltgun, Power sword

+ Elites +

Colour Sergeant Kell [3 PL, 50pts]

Ministorum Priest [2 PL, 35pts]: Chainsword

Ratlings [4 PL, 56pts]
. 8x Ratling: 8x Sniper Rifle

+ Fast Attack +

3x Hellhounds [6 PL, 101pts]
.Heavy Bolter

+ Heavy Support +

2x Heavy Weapons Squad [6 PL, 156pts]
. Heavy Weapon Team: Lascannon

2x Heavy Weapons Squad [6 PL, 66pts]
. Heavy Weapon Team: Mortar

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [35 PL, 604pts] ++

Regiment: Catachan

+ HQ +
Command Battle Tank [12 PL, 225pts]: Heavy Bolters, KUROV’S AQUILA, Lascannon

+ Heavy Support +

2x Basilisk [14 PL, 216pts]
. Basilisk: Heavy Bolter

Deathstrike [9 PL, 163pts]: Heavy Bolter

++ Total: [117 PL, 1999pts] ++

>> No.56147121

>>Orange Imperial Fists.
Anon, I think you may be colorblind.

>> No.56147124


Didn't think Deldar had kids, thought they just cloned them or something. Having kids seems kinda counter intuitive to their culture.

>> No.56147127

Make sure you color coat those catachans differently

>> No.56147140

Fucking no. The last line about anything relating to population comes from the 6th ED codex in which states that the T'au are suffering from manpower issues due to their constant warring and expansion. To fuel their war and economy the Empire desperately is looking planets that are wealthy with alien populations like Hiveworlds.

The T'au as far as we know have conquered two hiveworlds and have funneled their massive populations to the T'au core worlds to act as labour and new recruits.

>> No.56147144

where do you think the name 'trueborn' came from?

>> No.56147150

What's the worst opponent you've ever had? Went to the LGS on Saturday and ran into this twat from 7e again. Complained about him before, he took 2250 of Guard feat. Baneblade and Knight against 1500 of Admech. Just managed to win because he's incompetent and wasted his T1 on two Kastelans, but still.
Now he's busy with his "Totally BS3+" Guardsmen and randomly guessing weapon stats again. I have NO idea how he's gone over a year without learning the very basics of 40k and now he's shitting up the place against newbs.

>> No.56147151

Its an easy fix, all my arty and tanks are in one regiment and all my infantry (cept my hellhounds, natch) are in another.

>> No.56147158

Just finished up, other than a few minor details on the lot. my Battlewagon tank lot

>> No.56147171

>synapse is flat immunity to morale right after GW indicated they're moving away from this
Just like the fluff, Tyranids are the exception to morale. GW is moving away from it for Guard.

>shadow in the warp hurts psychic armies a lot
Just like the fluff.

>instinctive behavior is so useless it may as well not even exist
I agree they went too far on this one. Tyranids outside synapse shouldn't be eating each other like Crud had, that blithering retard, but it should have more effect than this.

>and it's 24", not just out of range
Well, fluffwise 12" did always feel like a bit too short of a leash.

>> No.56147182

My Skitarii

>> No.56147184

>"We have stats."
>"No you don't."
Yes, we do. They're in the Chaos codex. It's a decent sword but effortlessly trounced by the Murder Sword or a Primarch. In other words nothing at all.

>> No.56147189

why play a game against him if he takes 700 more points than his opponents

>> No.56147197

Why would you ever play against someone with more points than you lie that?

>> No.56147204

Waggons really get samey fast.

>> No.56147205

>onager with no base

Anyway just ask o see his list before you play and ask to check the datasheet whenever he does something suspicious. Forcing them to do that is the only way they will learn.

>> No.56147208

>Ynnead was suppose to originally be just a god that appeared after the last eldar died
>Was suppose to kill Slaanesh and save all the Eldar souls but leave the Eldar extinct.
Now that would of been a cool use of a god. Not this shitty Totally-not-Slaanesh-shit.

>> No.56147216

>shadow in the warp hurts psychic armies a lot
>Just like the fluff.
and then bunch of random psykers in Cryptus rekt nids army.

>> No.56147217

yeah I know, it's one of the reasons I want them to stay the fuck away from the remaining loyalist Primarchs. Let us maintain the air of mystery with the odd hint from time to time.

To be fair on Gav though he hasn't been too bad at it

>> No.56147220

Had one guy who vandalized my heldrake the first time I brought models into the shop. I told him he would have to pay for that and he said "lol, dude I'll just superglue it back together!" I asked him if he could superglue his nose back together. He didn't get it at first and then it hit him.

>> No.56147222

No, he's explicitly trying to lead to bulk of his forces out of the somehow still stable Cadian Gate for a direct strike on Terra and floundering as usual.

>> No.56147226

No, we don't have stats for its full power. Don't act stupid on purpose. It bogs down the conversation.

Drach'nyen works in a similar principle as the Slayer of Kings in WHFB/AoS. We have stats for its normal stat but when Archaon in the End Times drew upon its full power, he was exchanging blows with godlike opponents.

>> No.56147228

I like how the onager's the only thing in focus.

>> No.56147237

agreed, basically why i've been throwing different shit in the cupolas, different weapons, and trying to making the rams decorated differently.

Should also help once they're painted

>> No.56147239

They inflicted a minor inconvenience on one wave then immediately got adapted to and eaten. The whole system didn't last a week.

>> No.56147244

Dude, we have the CSM codex which has at least two pages of lore about the Crimson Path. No need to lie to me and the people here.

>> No.56147251


Original babies from before slaaneshs birth. i know your average kabalite is a vat baby.

>> No.56147261

Focus is a weird thing. One time had it where it would focus on the cap of a exacto knife in the back ground even though i had like 4 marines in the foreground.

>> No.56147262

I make a point of swapping lists with my opponent before I play specifically to prevent this. Also shows my opponent what strong stuff I'm running ahead of time and gives him an opportunity to object.

>> No.56147267

Explain what happened at Baal then.

>> No.56147268

Just went into my local GW and bought The Swarm and two Nid Start Collecting kits before they went oop.

What else is a must? I already own a Zoanthrope unit and Old One Eye from before.

>> No.56147269

Yes, we do. There's nothing in the codex at all suggesting Abaddon doesn't draw on it all he can. And it's weak as fuck.

>> No.56147271

I think it was it's secnd profile when you unleash daemon inside it.

>> No.56147288


>> No.56147290

You can hold down the shutter botton to cycle focus.

>> No.56147304

The Lorgar confirmed he joined Tzeench to prevent being converted into chaos spawn after the HH, he's now a many mouthed blind monster that makes everyone around him to plot against one another

>> No.56147306

>and then it hit him

Your fist?

>> No.56147310 [SPOILER] 

Hot off of 1D4chan for ya

>> No.56147315

I know but I guess they wanted to push the story forward. I do quite like the idea that Ulthran decided to nudge things along to birth her before the species dies out. It's the sort of thing he would do. It's just been rather spoilt by the need to sell miniatures really

>> No.56147318

Except we don't. Drawing upon Drach'nyen full power is threatening and it might kill Abaddon as he wrestles with the daemon for control. Using its power is a last ditch effort against power opponents, not an opener

>> No.56147327

>Possession of the Cadian Gate hangs in the balance.
>Should Abaddon triumph, the dark tide of Chaos will pour from the Eye of Terror throughout the length of the Crimson Path to strike at the most prized world of all - Holy Terra itself.

Your dishonesty is both shameless and predictable.

>> No.56147328

Is it necessarily before Slaanesh birth?

>> No.56147329

Upside is that it is easy to plan for in terms of instinctive behavior, -2 on the charge if it isn't the closest target, and -1 to hit if it isn't the closest target. This just means a little bit more planning to make certain you are aiming for what you want. Shoot off the closer enemy you don't want to charge then charge the unit you want to, 0 penalties. So unless you are regularly in the habit of making it harder to get off a charge in the first place the charge one is a non-issue, and the shooting one most of the time is a non-issue as well as you will pop in out of synapse, shoot, then assault said unit that is likely isolated or bubble wrap.

>> No.56147340

>spam nids on cadians
>random imperial psykers rekt entire nid army
>hive mind recalled that it have it's own psyker
>spam psyker beats
If you consider that nids had milions of bio-ships and cadian had only milions troops it's no wonder that Imperium lost when nids spam more carnifexes than guard had bullets.

>> No.56147341

Khorne knows.

>> No.56147359

What do you usually do when some asshole vandalizes your property?

>> No.56147362


Yeah that was pretty shit

>> No.56147364

>abaddon has anime power. So when he's defeated he just says "that was only 5% of my power."

>> No.56147367

It says nothing of what you said and please headover to the Crimson Path page and read how he intends to grow the Eye of Terror. He is not trying to break out, he is harvesting the carnage.

>> No.56147373

its not, if they were that ancient most would be archons instead of the goop inside burned out venoms.

>> No.56147376

Ka'Bandha model when?

>> No.56147384

Drawing on its full power is represented in its rules, it deals mortal wounds if Abby rolls a 1. Pretty weak.

>> No.56147391

Alright, cool. So the Archon's kids are going to ride in the minivan.

>> No.56147398


I mainly play with a group of old school friends, about 10 of us. Anyway, one of them invited a uni friend of theirs to play some games with us. Turns out he's a tourney fag, has absolutely no concept of toning it down for fun and alienated himself from the group back in 7th because it was strictly WAAC or nothing against him.

Anyway, fast forward to 8th and I'm super bitter from how badly he destroyed me before. Im riding high from a string of wins, he's been active playing outside of the group against new players or people who don't know how WAAC he is. I challenge him to a game and bring my strongest list, he does the same as predicted.

I tabled him turn 4, but it took 6 hours to play the game as he questioned absolutely everything and we argued our way through several interactions where he was effectively trying to cheat. He didn't believe me that my Phantasm Grenade Launchers could wound him and lost his shit when i killed off one of his characters with them to humiliate him.

Worst game of 8th even when i won, just made everything awful.

>> No.56147403

Fucking hell this is a blue board, MODS!

>> No.56147438

Rules doesn't match the fluff because at full power Drach'nyen made the Emperor knee. His only recourse was locking the daemon inside something it cannot escape from easily and run outta of the Webway.

So in summation, the Emperor is weak.

>> No.56147441

You fucking monster....


>> No.56147442

What the hell is a phantasm grenade launcher, and let me guess he played Eldar

>> No.56147445

Never. The plastic bloodthirster was already made. Thats your lot for another 20 years.

>> No.56147446


Nah thats just what i thought, since being born naturally takes fucking ages for eldar and i figured that would be real difficult in a place where everyone hates each other and actively tries to fuck people over.

>> No.56147452

So the guy dropped it, wanted to repair it, and then you punched him because you are such an alpha cunt ? All of this inside of some unspecified shop ?
Repeat after me :
>things that never happened

>> No.56147458

It's explicitly said he's trying to break out. You're just making shit up to make him look less horrificly inept. He wants the Cadian Gate and has failed utterly to take it.

>> No.56147467

Because anon is dishonest and won't headover to the pages I tell him.

>As the galaxy has split along its length, with warp storms raging in a hundred locations and more, those Traitor Legions and Renegade Chapters who have sworn allegiance to the Warmaster have formed the vanguard of the invasion. They are a broad-headed spear that has plunged deep into the heart of the Cadian System and emerged from the other side. Abaddon cares little how many casualties are amassed as his great agenda comes to fruition. His only concern is that enough blood be spilled to saturate the battlefields of the Imperium’s defenders, and in doing so summon more daemonic armies to his cause. This is a strategy Abaddon intends to see replicated on world after world as he extends the Crimson Path, each planetary invasion taking the Chaos Space Marines closer to Terra, with the armies of the Daemon lords following in their wake.

>With Cadia reduced to ruin, the Cicatrix Maledictum is being effectively weaponised by Abaddon’s invasion. It spills out behind the Thirteenth Black Crusade, roiling and growing more violent in Abaddon’s wake, agitated by the scale of the Black Legion’s many slaughters. Simultaneously, dozens of Renegade Chapters from the warp anomaly once known as the Maelstrom are pouring out into Segmentum Solar, forcing the Space Marines and their Primaris reinforcements to spread themselves thin as they fight on hundreds of fronts. Abaddon has driven a talon of unreality into Segmentum Solar, its onset heralding the doom of the Imperium. The High Lords of Terra live in constant fear of realspace collapsing entirely, and are sending every military force they can muster to halt Abaddon’s rampage. As the drama plays out to its desperate conclusion, one thing remains certain – unending war.

>> No.56147481

>Muh fanfic overrides codex and rules
Nice try. If the newer codex disagrees, you're wrong.

>> No.56147485

Are people just declaring things OP as a matter of precaution now? At the start of 8th Index Nids were supposedly OP and now I'm reading people think the Imdex Nids are shit?

>> No.56147487


Because I'd never fought Guard before, was still fairly new to the game, and the store is casual mccasualface so no lists were traded. I had a good few Arc weapons in the list anyway so it was a lot less intimidating after the Baneblade blew sky-high on Turn 1. Only noticed when I did the batrep here and some anon with more experience pointed out that he had a suspiciously large number of dudes even for Guard.
I've refused to take unpainted models to a proper game again after seeing his grey Guard with baseless Commissar, so when the glorious Greenmech are done I'll have to kick his ass properly.


I figured if it's good enough for the Defiler it's good enough for those, and gluing them down is a waste of those neat articulated legs that were a pain to put together. I imagine I'll remove the snowshoes and make the base after I've stripped, repaired and repainted it. Going to glue on the rocket pod, Neutron Laser and upper stubber at once, add some snazzy bitz and make it the Crawler Prime for my clade of 3 to cover up my "first tank" mistakes.

>> No.56147492

Dammit I want a Ka'Bandha to fight my Sanguinior

>> No.56147503

6 hours? The fuck?

>> No.56147505

Don't lie. It doesn't say that.
See >>56147467

He already broke out and his reach extends to Segmentum Solar. He needs to extend the Eye towards Terra now.

>> No.56147515

literally all you need for resin is a toothrbsuh, soap and water.

>> No.56147521

>>tyranids preview, even more OP than Guard in terms of morale immunity
tyranids don't get to reroll fucking everything, and roll their shooting twice, or retreat and fire anyway lmao, or shoot in the fight phase lmao, thanks to a cheap as shit hq. nids don't get T8 MBT with 13 wounds that fire twice if they move 6" (1 less than the nid's MBT), with very strong weaponry against all armies, and get near-infinte range s9 ap-3 d3D cheapo artillery that has 2d6-pick-highest shot rolls if you're out of range.

>> No.56147522

Nope. Rules don't match the fluff. I And even if you want to go that route, it just proves that the Emperor is weakling to be wounded by this.

>> No.56147523


I played deldar anon, a phantasm grenade launcher is a d6 shots s1 0ap 1dmg assault weapon that causes -1 to target leadership when it hits.

Its carried by Sybarites, Dracons etc, so in a standard list i'll have around 5-6 of them, which if i roll good is a lot of str 1 shots for a cheeky chance at a wound on a 6.

They only cost 3pts

>> No.56147524

And this is a level beyond Chaos. I call it Super Chaos God! HAAAAAA!!!!!

>> No.56147533

If all vanilla terminators could take assault cannons, would they be good?

>> No.56147543

>Nid apologists out in full force
so this... is the power... of WAACs

>> No.56147548

Then where's all this coming from? Is he citing an old codex or what?

>> No.56147549


Yeah, it was so annoying i wanted to concede but at the same time didn't want to justify his bullshit.

>> No.56147550

Ka'Bandha is a butthurt pussy. He's like a jealous ex at this point, it's ridiculous.

>> No.56147553

>killed by Str1 weapons
Oh god I wish I had seen his face

>> No.56147556

So on other words he's trying to get to Terra by your own passage and has gotten exactly no where. Wow.

>> No.56147572

>codex isn't even out yet and the butthurt is rife
jesus christ anon

>> No.56147573

>Didn't see you bitching about it for the last 5 editions
>Not bitching when we forced guardians a faq down their throats
Better get ready for the nerf faggot, synapse will become LD bouble and morale re-roll
I'm not mad, we're going to force a faq in them anyways.

No one needs to ignore morale so fuck them, Tyranids run all the time in fluff anyways

>Mfw Tyranids believe they'll become true PCs
Better get comfy in your NPC state

>> No.56147579

I am not giving views to wiki-readers. Give me bullet points of what he is saying and I will answer.

>> No.56147594

R8 muh color scheme

>> No.56147605

>Tyranids run all the time in fluff
le citation is le required

>> No.56147612

AFAIK the sterilization meme is from one noncanon ending to DoW. But everyone hates Tau so it got regurgitated by those who desperately need Tau to be morally inferior to the Imperium.

>> No.56147624

He method of reaching Terra happens to be slow and certain. He can take his mortal Crusade and as well as whatever daemonic allies he can summon towards Terra if he wanted. On the way he would suffer great causalities and attrition and even if he reached Terra and took it, he would have no way to keep it with him extending that far away from his home base. This is addressed in the Black Legion novel.

>> No.56147626

too dark/10

would recommend some sort of bright tertiary color

>> No.56147633

B-But hes the ultimate enemy of the Blood Angels he even saved them from those horrible Tyranid NPCs just so he could come back and kill them at a later date. Even tho he totally could of destroyed them while they were getting nommed on by nids but that is not important at all.

>> No.56147636

Do you realize how many powerful codexes have come out since the index?

>> No.56147642

I want them to look dark tho.
I wanna get dem alien vibes.

>> No.56147651

Impotent Guard players should be thankful there is no Virus Outbreak strategy card.

>> No.56147652

Fluff exists to sell the the rules, dumbass.

And once again, your fanfic pales to the actual rules.

>> No.56147653

>I'm fine with the amount killed, but at least 3-4 should go down to morale. Like fuck I killed HALF the unit, the should maybe recoil a little bit
They're fucking TYRANIDS why would they recoil from some gaunts dying? Do you not know literally anything about their fluff?

>> No.56147654

7/10 it is good and technically well done, but not inspiring, could use a brighter color in the recesses to show the details a bit more. The organic textures though are nice and gooy. Maybe add a second color to the plates for a gradient, or just a lighter color for the plates.

>> No.56147657

>Better get ready for the nerf faggot, synapse will become LD bouble and morale re-roll
Yeah, I'm sure they'll change synapse from auto pass morale, what it's been since it first came into existence in 2nd right after they buffed it because they thought it was too weak before because some guardfags are butthurt they no longer get the same rules that nids always have

>> No.56147661

I guess I'll retool my crimson hunter for a hemlock cause I'll need to mind war some fucking characters I feel like. Hemlock mindpods + embolden on the farseer (LOL) nets you like 4.2MW, pretty gud.

>> No.56147664

Going from his portrayal in the WHFB End Times, Ka'pandaman is a strong believer in honour. He spared the life of an elf that fought him well.

>> No.56147671

He was also big part of fantasy End Times.
He is using random bloodthirster model and rules

>> No.56147672

>Better get ready for the nerf faggot, synapse will become LD bouble and morale re-roll
>IGfags legitimately think nid synapse is going to get Errata'd like the Commissar rules

>> No.56147676

maybe a splash of icor green like the Aliens, just in some of the veins or in some wounds or something

>> No.56147678

They need to be able to take miniature grav flux bombards on each model. For 10 points each.

>> No.56147679

>They're fucking COMMISSARS why would guardsmen still recoil when he shoots their friends? Do you not know literally anything about their fluff?
Literally WAAC

>> No.56147681

From a fluff standpoint I can't totally are why things like nids in synapse are fearless

That being said i agree with the anon before saying that morale is completely useless this edition. It might kill 2 marines off a tac squad or it won't do anything to that mob of boyz, it's unfluffy and ineffective

What about having damage spill against units with 20 or more models? Or add another weapon type for "blast" weapons that allows for it? Shooting a horde of gaunts with a volcano cannon should leave a smoldering crater, not kill 3 gaunts (or however many shots volcano cannons have)

>> No.56147686

>Tyranids run all the time in fluff anyways
Literally never ever

>> No.56147688

Im just a big dumb retard, which folder is it in?

>> No.56147696

It did once it can again!
if disney don't have it killed this time

>> No.56147699

Fluff exists to tell the story. Rules exist to simulate these stories/narratives. It doesn't even get to dictate the story, GW with their "FORGE THE NARRATIVE" push told the players to bend the rules in whatever ways they please to write their own personal stories.

Sorry, dude, (not) but the Emperor is weak.

>> No.56147705

That might work, thanks. I don't particularly like the skin tone either, but I also didn't want to make the skin too great of a contrast from the carapace, because I dislike how cartoony it looks.

>> No.56147710

Guardsmen are human, one guy in a shiny hat shooting another of your squad is not enough to stop you fleeing in terror from a 3-story alien/daemon murder machine.

Tyranids walk willingly into acid vats when they're done killing, they are organic murderbots programmed to not feel pain or fear, they're not people.

>> No.56147717

Because guardsmen are human beingd whose fear of the psychopath with a pistol behind them can only eclipse their fear of the gribbling monsters before them for so long. This is not hard.

>> No.56147724

Actually, in the first Octraius fight, the deveasted Tyranids retreated from the Orks and conducted hit and run tactics.

Tyranids have shown to avoid and flee from Warpstorms and Necron held areas.

>> No.56147727

Are Exocrines good? I used to play Nids in 3rd and whilst I loved Biovores they seem kinda Dinky and ancient by modern standards. Exocrines look like a pretty similar artillery beast concept so pretty awesome looking.

>> No.56147729

I don't know how honorable killing hundreds of blood Angels with one raise of your hand is. I am going to say rather low

>> No.56147732

Go brighter on the meat. High contrast basing would help too

>> No.56147735

Gaunts are significantly easier to deal with than conscripts anyways. Weaker save, more points per model.

>> No.56147741

They feel pain and fear, but they are not allowed to care about it. For the good of the Hive you know and stuff

>> No.56147756

Biovores are the best artillery unit for Nids, and Exocrines now can fire their weapon 4 times.

>> No.56147758

That's not running away in fear like Morale represents, that's tactically withdrawing and maneuvering around like Fall Back and the Movement phase represent.

>> No.56147759

Is that a no?

>> No.56147763

Moral was a mistake

>> No.56147769


>> No.56147771

3rd link in other megas

>> No.56147773

Just played a 30 power level game of my Death Guard vs Ulthwe. I had flying DP with talons and 3 squads of 5 Plague Marines with 2 bolters, 2 Blight launchers and 1 plasma in each.

DP had 2+ relic and arch contaminator warlord trait.

Eldar had 2 warlocks, a farseer, a unit of 5 wraithguard and a wraithlord.

I got first turn and destroyed 3 wraithguard and left 1 with 1 wound.

On his turn he did something like 6 damage to my DP, I got very lucky with my DR.

I tabled my opponent at my turn 3 with everything alive, my DP on 1 wound left.

Thoughts: DPs are great. The reroll hits of 1 and wounds for Plague Weapons was disgusting.

Eldar felt weaker than I expected, but I was WAACfagging with my list so, hard to say.

>> No.56147774

Exocrines are amazing and just got even better.

They're not "artillery" though as they need line-of-sight to the target, you can't lob their plasma over walls.

>> No.56147779

Then shouldn't Necrons be fearless, eh?

>> No.56147785

No they don't. Nids are not animals, there is zero reason for them to feel fear, or register pain as anything other than "body damaged, combat capabilities compromised" type of signal that only alters their method of trying to kill the shit out of their prey, instead of pushing them into self preservation mode.

Nid units are organic robots which have been made for the explicit purpose of killing the prey world's defenders.

>> No.56147786

>and Exocrines now can fire their weapon 4 times
I think the way it's worded, with the Stratagem you'll only shoot 3 times. Better to use it on another unit generally, where you'll get more mileage out of getting double shots instead of +50% shots.

>> No.56147790

Threadly reminder.

>> No.56147799

oy vey thank you, found it right away. I was dumb and thought that was just one for rules isnce it was sorted by edition.

>> No.56147801

Even by his own standards his "plan" is retarded, fucking kek.

>> No.56147813

No, they're peasants that got shoved in a metal shell, when they remember their past lives they're basically conscripts but with fancier gear.

>> No.56147814

Tyranids scream and spasm when you injure them.

>> No.56147820

>Willingly used magic on BA
0/10 Khorne disapproves

>> No.56147829

/Mydudes/ dont really have much of a backstory, I just kinda collected them since I liked the armies and their lore.

Were my first army. Painted them Red and Blue because I wanted an aggressive color and a super-dark contrast. The white highlights came randomly when I started experimenting with the highlights.
I'd probably fluff them as Hive Fleet Behemoth survivors/splinter fleet, since they match their colors (unintetntionally, I didnt even know about the hive fleets when I started, thought that there was only Leviathan) and its personally my favorite fleet. Pic related is also what made me choose nids as a first army, so I modeled my Swarmy after it.

>Grey Knights
These dudes dont really have a backstory either, but every one gets a name on his right shoulderpad since "true names" and all that jazz is very GK-like.
Also, all the Terminators get a personalized heraldic shield where I commemorate any great achievements or awesome stuff they do ingame.

>Mantis Warriors
I've always wanted to make a "vanilla" marine army of one sort or another (was thinking about UM, IF, BT, Astral Knights, etc...). I also wanted a new paint scheme that had wildly different colors from my nids or knights. Lo and behold, green and yellow vanilla marines who are also ninja's in space. Sign me right up.

>> No.56147830

Moral tests shouldn't ever apply to necrons. They are unthinking automatons for the most part.

>> No.56147838

>I do not understand fear and pain
Hell I could give you fear, but pain equivalent is something needed for a complex system.

>> No.56147840

Vestigial reflexes from whatever creatures they stole their DNA from. The nids themselves don't care, their body just reacts automatically, like when your knee jerks when the physician taps it with a mallet.

>> No.56147845

No, it's not. The Imperium has no conventional counters for it. The harder they fight against him, the bigger and stronger the Eye of Terror and his armies becomes.

>> No.56147856

>Abloobloo got rekt by a finger out of the grave Sigismund
>Somehow supposed to be anything resembling a thread to a Primarch

>> No.56147857

>costs peanuts
>if it hits you it's an automatic wound, no matter how tough you are
>if it misses it spawns a fucking walking bomb that'll explode in your face and do the above

Fucking biovores

>> No.56147859

>Permission must be granted before couples can have kids
>If a caste population grows too high compared to others, programs are implemented to limit population growth, even temporary sterilization procedures if the difference is too out of control.
>If a caste population is too low, mandatory births are implemented
>Specific gender ratio required for each caste, even changing gender or euthanizing children if the ratio is imbalanced.
>inter-caste breeding is possible, but those kids are hunted and destroyed
>Caste members expected to work their position until otherwise told. Failure means you are exterminated/re-educated
>Ethereals can at any time seize your property and strip you of your rights at anytime if they so choose.
>Those sent to reeducation that fail to be brainwashed will be 'prepared'- have their memories altered with mind altering drugs that
>Those that aren't too valuable and aren't brainwashed in redducation camps will be 'tested' - all records of their existence removed and are sent to labs where experiments are performed(getting shot/stabbed by various implements to test effectiveness of weapons/armor, infected with diseases and parasites to catalog their effects etc)

I thought GW was taking Tau in a darker direction so 40k would be less 'good v evil' and more 'shit I'm willing to put up with'

pic unrelated, don't know how to remove image from post.

>> No.56147868

I like ADB, and your opinion sucks.

>> No.56147869

likely involuntary, not rooted in fear or some social function.

I Tyranid would never saw "ow" for no reason like people do.

>> No.56147882

That's only because they are low-grade NPCs

>> No.56147887

Lol, that's the opposite of true. Lesser reflections of him bend fate by their merest presence. Abaddon freaks out at the merest prospect of one.

>> No.56147896

That is pain, you ignorante twat.
"Pain" is a way to alert the system about something wrong. There are more simplistic and complex way tell one pain from another.

Since English is such a shit language for complex thoughts we end with this kind of discussion

>> No.56147900


>> No.56147905

that picture is tops, where's that from?

>> No.56147907

Pain is necessary for animals trying to survive in an hostile environment that can terminate their existence before they get the change to reproduce.

Nids on the other hand, exist as expendable bio robots whose sole role is to exterminate any would be threat and obstacle to the hive ships seeking to consume the biomass of the world they are attacking. Their sense of pain, would not be anything akin to ours, because at best, it's purpose would be just something to keep the nid warriors from accidentally damaging themselves before combat is joined. Once in combat, there is zero reason for them to feel pain to the extend we can, which can put us completely out of comission. Survival and reproduction are not goals of nid creatures, and our sense of pain is developed to help us survive, thus whatever pain nids would feel, would not be anything akin to our pain.

>> No.56147909

That's it lad, keep up the good work. Once that faggot is lynched, we'll give you proper honors.

>> No.56147927


They revert to animals outside of synapse range dude.

>> No.56147932


>> No.56147939

Biovores are superior. Better price, better defense through numbers and being infantry, and a gimmik in case they miss their shots. The exocrine is still a good anti-armour choice, but it is also a high priority targets with no defensive options beyond the forgeworld Malanthrope.

>> No.56147941

jesus, thin your paints.

>> No.56147952

And that's why Morale casualties work on Nids outside of synapse range.

>> No.56147957

Since we found our Nid Carnac equivalente.

Shall we name him? Carnid sounds good enough

>> No.56147960

>it's purpose would be just something to keep the nid warriors from accidentally damaging themselves before combat is joined
Good point. Pain isnt a sense in itself, it's the overloading of particular senses.

Maybe they have a reverse threshold where they simply dont register pain anymore. They're dulled enough to function and fight.

>> No.56147962

But each Gaunt that doesn't die from morale is worth FAR more than each conscript that doesn't. If a bunch of conscripts reach your line, they are a fucking nuisance. If a bunch of horms reach your line, people are going to fucking die. And now that making conscripts fearless is much harder, gaunts are by far now the greater objective holder once nids gets their inevitable obj sec. Only 2 conscripts have to die before they can start taking morale casualties under a commissar, and they have to be quite close to him. Nids can be pretty far from a synapse provider and some of them also provide additional buffs like a malus to hit. Or have mind bullets. Or go omnomnom.

>> No.56147974

Carnac has been known to jump ship to the faction most reviled by /tg/. It's tough to beat ADB but Nid WAACs might just do it if they stay this way and their codex stays as powerful as it looks.
Carnid might just be the latest evolution of Carnac after all, if you can't beat them, join them

>> No.56147976

Wait fuck, I meant 3 had to die, I'm a stupid.

>> No.56147990

Yes, but only then, and only because it is useful for the Hivemind if a temporary loss of synapse creatures leads to the remaining nid warriors to pursue self preservation and survival, so they can be utilized again when the Hivemind reconnects with them. It is not their natural state they revert to, they just go to a different organic programming that serves the interests of the Hive Mind.

When thinking of the nids, you always have to think from the perspective of the greater superorganism, and it's goals, because every single nid is made to suit those goals.

>> No.56147999

That's their role though. They're just the existential threat. Any time the win it's the most boring outcome of all. So that's why you see so many close calls and Pyrrhic victories for the other side.

>> No.56148007

Has not been around since marines inception, has been changed multiple times and was nerfed at the start of the edition unlike synapse which went unchanged.

>> No.56148010

I am simply talking about basic nid lore. Don't compare me to fucking Carnac, you rude cunt.

>> No.56148023

A second swarm, a couple carnifrx kits, hive guard kits, more warriors to convert to biovores because fuck paying 40 bucks for 1, g e n e s t e a l e r s, trygon, and tervigon are all solid choicez

>> No.56148028

>they just go to a different organic programming that serves the interests of the Hive Mind
>eating their friends is just as planned by the Hive Mind
>abandoning the objective by turning tail and fleeing is just as planned by the Hive Mind
Carnac is that you?

>> No.56148038

>rekt by a finger out of the grave Sigismund
Tbf Sigismund was GOOD. like he could hold his own vs Primarchs good

>> No.56148041

>>Permission must be granted before couples can have kids

There are no couples. The T'au don't even have the concept of a standard family. Individuals from time to time are required to hand over genetic material to the government or to screw selected mates.

There are marriages in the T'au Empire but these are rare and only for exceptional dudes like Shadowsun's father. Basically a retirement things and to preserve a unique bloodline.

>>If a caste population grows too high compared to others, programs are implemented to limit population growth, even temporary sterilization procedures if the difference is too out of control.
>>If a caste population is too low, mandatory births are implemented


>>Specific gender ratio required for each caste, even changing gender or euthanizing children if the ratio is imbalanced.


>>inter-caste breeding is possible, but those kids are hunted and destroyed

There is literally no fluff about this. The only thing similar is a Air Caste guy being attracted to a Water Caste chick in "Fire Warrior".

>>Caste members expected to work their position until otherwise told. Failure means you are exterminated/re-educated

T'au system is a merit based one. If you fail or under preform you stay where you are in the rank pole. Only dismal failure that costs lives or disobeying the Ethereals nets you those punishments.

>>Ethereals can at any time seize your property and strip you of your rights at anytime if they so choose.

Correct but they have to present a case for it or doing it undercover.

Farsight for example was put on trial.

>>Those sent to reeducation that fail to be brainwashed will be 'prepared'- have their memories altered with mind altering drugs that

Where does this come from?

Same goes to the below. This guy is making things up.

>> No.56148052

Sure thing Carnid

>> No.56148059

>loves you
>does everything to protect and uplift you
>endures unspeakable eternal torment to give you a chance to fight for your life and soul
Unironically best dad. Here's your chance to tell Him how much you appreciate Him.

>> No.56148064

Not really. Khayon wasn't afraid of Imperius the avatar of the Golden Light.

Abaddon wasn't afraid of Celestine.

>> No.56148070

We all know that the former instinctive behavior rules that made the nids go derp, time to eat muh buddies, were fucking retarded, and went against tyranid lore.

Nowhere in the nid lore had there been situations where killing the synapse creatures made the nids start killing other nids. In the lore, the loss of synapse creatures usually just led the nids to revert into predatory animal style behavior or hiding.

>> No.56148082

Thanks, Pop

>> No.56148087

Still got stabbed and got his spine cut like a bitch.

Thanks to plot he is fine now :3

>> No.56148092

>muh lore invalidates your crunch
So it is Carnac. What did you buy to start your new Tyranid army?

>> No.56148101

>a marine could hold his own against Primarchs
Have you ever read anything with a Primarch in it? Forget skill, just strength, speed and equipment are so many orders of magnitude above marines, any marine would get pasted with no effort. Also, Sigismund was OLD. Like, ''could turn into dust at any second'' old.

>> No.56148103

>Still got stabbed and got his spine cut like a bitch.
>Thanks to plot he is fine now :3
Being the chosen of 4 dark gods does wonders on keeping you healthy

>> No.56148105

It wouldn't be out of character for the Hive Mind to leave vestigial organic qualities intact so that these creatures can potentially hide and spread if separated from synaptic control.

>> No.56148108

Thanks, but was the chronic pain necessary?

>> No.56148113

What's a good loadout for Vyper squadrons?

>> No.56148117 [SPOILER] 

T-thanks dad, y-y-you too.

>> No.56148129

You playing saim-hann, whatev, otherwise, stick shuriken cannons on it.

>> No.56148133

Daddy Horus died like a bitch
He had the power of the 4 gods too :c

>> No.56148135

You're welcome, son.

>> No.56148139

Minor wound. He was still standing and was leading the charge in another battle.

>> No.56148147

Used my Daemon Prince mainly for the rerolls and the aura today, didn't really feel like I needed fly and 12".

Would you guys say it's worth it? In bigger games maybe?

>> No.56148154

Almos all victories in 40k are Pyrrhic, so nothing new.

>> No.56148181

>Have you ever read anything with a Primarch in it? Forget skill, just strength, speed and equipment are so many orders of magnitude above marines, any marine would get pasted with no effort.

Reminder when a bunch of no name Fisters fought their way straight to Perty and had Perty dead to rights. But then left because they had more important things to do so they left him alive.

>> No.56148183

dead men need to leave this thread

>> No.56148188 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56148189

depends on what you're fighting. It's always a good idea to have a unit with good punch and smite

>> No.56148190

>Nowhere in the nid lore had there been situations where killing the synapse creatures made the nids start killing other nids

I belive you just described Taris-Ultra
Synapse got rekt and nids starrts to kill eachother and run.

>> No.56148192

Funnily enough, based Sigismund's dying words were that Abaddon was going to die being as much of a bitch as Horus. It's written by ADB, so there's probably an undertone of smug irony, but it was a great moment nonetheless.

>> No.56148207

My friend on occasion uses his gives his prince presence and just sits him next to havocs in ruins. It's annoying to deal with desu

>> No.56148210


>> No.56148212

That was Abaddon before he got Drach'nyen and his empowerment by the Chaos Gods.

And the book outright says that Abaddon, at least at the time, wasn't a good duellist. He was a combat brawler more than anything.

>> No.56148213

Pertard is shit and Fists are based and Pert still butchered the ones that got to him. Also, that's hardly 1 v 1.

>> No.56148227


>> No.56148238

neat - who makes this one?

>> No.56148241

What's your thoughts on humans anywhere having behaviours, drrleams or thoughts that don't exactly align to what you deemed was best for them and yourself, Big E?

>> No.56148252

Abaddon chimped out at the mere mention of Guilliman's name.

>> No.56148259

>when he loses it doesn't count
I'm starting to believe Carnac is actually Abbadon come back in time to try to save face.

>> No.56148261

He was in his physical prime with the best equipment (including a fucking Primarch weapon) and Sig was literally turning to dust from age. Also, Abaddon WITH all of that had trouble with Kharn. Aby is all around just a pretty shit fighter with good toys, his strengths lie in his leadership.

>> No.56148285

Anon that brought that up, he didn't actually lose. He killed Sig but almost died from his wounds.

>> No.56148298

>observing all the nid players saying how Nids are soooo immune to morale in lore they should also be in game, despite imbalance
So what's the solution here? Do we make everything just as OP as in lore? Should Draigo, Guilliman, or others guarantee a free victory? Or hike prices to new levels to be fair?

I'm getting suspicious of the growing "b-but my army men would never do (x) thing" that guard, marines, Admech, necrons, and now Nids have been saying in regards to morale. Fluff it however you want, called back to be reconsumed as bio-mass, changing tactics for later, or teleporting home to the tombworld, I think more armies should be affected by morale

>> No.56148300

How deviant are we talking here?

>> No.56148309

I can't wait for the day GW finally gets the rights for Malal/Malice again and Abbadon gets his shit wrecked in the most hilarious way possible. Just about to breach the imperial palace when the Sons of Malice and Malice summoned into Reality land and crush him and ruin the plans of chaos.

>> No.56148322

As long as they don't allow their base urges to completely overtake them, cause harm to their fellow man or sell their souls to emotional/spiritual cancers acting as gods/betray their species to xenos, they're free to do whatever they want with my full love, support and protection.

>> No.56148325

I'm okay with the synapse keeping them in mind control, but the synapse granting creature should suffer in return.

>> No.56148333


>> No.56148343

What was the exact wording on the strat?

>> No.56148356

>Abaddon actually gets his arms cut off by Malal
>Huron comes out of nowhere
>''Hey Zeke, need a hand?''

>> No.56148358

"Hey, maybe I don't wanna be part of a fascist genocidal empire that demands I work myself to death for its benefit on pain of pain".

>> No.56148364

What's the betting that he makes it all the way to the gates to Terra before veing brought low by Guilliman in some kind of heroic sacrifice like scenario

>> No.56148370

I think nids should suffer from morale.
Any nids that fails becomes npcs that attack the closest unit until synapse is restored

>> No.56148372

So it's the same kind of bitchboy victory he had over Cadia. Gee that fucking counts for a bunch.

>I think more armies should be affected by morale
8th had the right idea by making everything affected by morale, the fuckups come from blanket morale immunities. Morale immunity should be incredibly rare such as in a 1/army psychic power or relic, mitigation should be effective but not perfect (Valhalla/Commissars) and cheap, spammable hordes should never get easy access to it. Then we'd be on the right track.

>> No.56148375

Troll Huron is something I didn't know I needed. Shame latest lore has him BTFO by the shittiest Primarch.

>> No.56148390

Because Girlyman return was not foreseen by his seers or the gods he work with. 10K years of planning could all go crumbling down if an unknown factor was introduced.

He didn't lose. Sigismund was said to be not able to beat Abaddon so he went with a murder-suicide move that ended failing.

>He was in his physical prime with the best equipment (including a fucking Primarch weapon)

Again, he wasn't at his powerlvl in 41M. He was just a marine and it's said that he wasn't the best duellist. He regularly lost to Khayon and Lyras. And this is irrelevant. How does this reflect on Warmaster/Chaos Ascendant Abaddon vs Primarch in 41M? Nothing.

>Abaddon WITH all of that had trouble with Kharn

He had no trouble. Abaddon held back with Kharn and was using just blunt force against him. Notice that he balled the Talon of Horus and was punching Kharn with it instead of ripping him to pieces. Heck, Kharn saw that Abaddon punches were faster than his reactions. If Abaddon wanted, he would was ripped Kharn to pieces with casual ease.

And that's the least of it. Abaddon instead of hitting Kharn with Drach'nyen choose to smash him with a pommel, and when he grabbed Kharn's arm with the Talon, he tossed Kharn aside instead of crushing it or ripping it apart. Abaddon aws toying with Kharn.

>> No.56148395

Bugs? How unsanitary. Bobby, son, could you please deal with this?

>> No.56148406

>some random old guy shooting greg should be as effective at restoring morale as a literal omnipresent god figure taking over your very thoughts and replacing them with its own will
The absolute state of guard players

>> No.56148418

Well that's pretty treasonous talk right there. Have you considered reform rather than sedition?

>> No.56148421

Carnac versus Carnid stand off?
Or an entire new level of autistic meltdown?

>> No.56148422

That's too good.
Nah, betting out of nowhere like Dorn will show up and lose his other arm/hand. Or maybe Sanguinius as a fucking Imperial Daemon like Celestine and the Legion of the Damned shows up and there is a huge issue of "oh shit, Emperor is actually a fucking Warp God now because he fucked up and we fucked up. And Logar is having 40k keks for the past 4k years in the warp at Father."

>> No.56148430

I don't even know about that, it just seems like a very clear example of misguided tactics and opportunistic Waac trying to influence things, and I'm tired of it.

If I'm ANY military commander, tyranid, omnissian, necron, or guardsmen alike, and the squad that got sent forward just got 70% of their troops killed in one go, it's generally a smarter move to pull them back. Not even a full-fledged retreat, but redirecting some resources from a clearly failed offensive or having a few troopers pull back wounded squadmates- this all explained morale in a clear and logical way that isn't actual fear and retreat.

Like fuck even DKoK will pull troops out of a bad position, not cause of loss of life but just that it's inefficient to waste bodies like that.

>> No.56148433

Better yet
>wasn't Be'lacuck, but a generic Daemon Prince using his model despite plastic Deamon prince existing back then

>> No.56148448

>Should Guilliman guarantee a free victory?
But the internet told me Guilliman does guarantee a free victory.

>> No.56148451

While I completely support 12" synapse, I'm not so ok with the 12" donut of immunity beyond it, nor the further softening of Instinctive Behavior. As a Nid player, we shouldn't be getting this many concessions.

>> No.56148468

It was a horrible model and Be'lakor model was beautiful and can be used in a promotion piece.

Also you ignored the issue about Be'lakor lore that makes cannot use portals. Also-also, Be'lakor cannot be hurt by physical things as long as he sees them coming because he doesn't have a real body. He is just shadow and smoke.

>> No.56148472


The fuck are you talking about faggot marines got the biggest nerfs to morale, suffer the most from battle shock, and have no way to ignore it like they used to. I love how you faggots always whine about marinefags yet not once during index or codex release for marines was the shitfest as bad as it is now for IG and Tyranids.

>> No.56148492

>Because Girlyman return was not foreseen by his seers or the gods he work with. 10K years of planning could all go crumbling down if an unknown factor was introduce
Exactly as I said, Abaddon is so weak and pathetic ONE Primarch, a lesser reflection of the Emperor, is enough to destroy his pitiful scheme just by existing. Now imagine if that opposing Primarch was Horus. Poor little Abby would already be a head on a pile,

>> No.56148498

Makes sense for Admech, since basic Skitarii are expendable and cheap so their "fall back" imperatives are notably a little shoddy compared to their "fucking nail everything with Agent Zero-grade headshots" imperatives, like how in an RTS you might accidentally leave some random goons somewhere to be killed and barely notice other then "well, oops. Build another squad, Barracks".
In Eye of Medusa some random Vanguard get caught out of position by nids and are noted to be stumbling away as the Skitarii try to shoot and run simultaneously without direct Techpriest oversight. That's the point of the Enhanced Data-Tether, it's better coordination so they switch combat roles smoothly and so they pick up ATSKNF.
For Servitors it's probably something like "Casualties exceed Standard Replacement Limit. Withdraw for resupply" being assigned a higher priority than "Last Stand" for obvious reasons and not being overridden by "I'm surrounded". Not like modern AI is often any better.

>> No.56148499

>based ABD's work.
Did you just compliment yourself Arron? That not very humble of you.

>> No.56148504

Somebody needs to update this shit with the new text

>> No.56148509

I secretly believe carnac is ADB

>> No.56148512

I prefer Nidnac, paddywhack, give a gaunt a bone, old one eye came strolling home.

>> No.56148522

Is reform the name of the labor camp on the nearest barren moon?

>> No.56148538

Both work

>> No.56148584

He doesn't but he may. Girlyman's Imperial Pylons and his plan with the relics of the Gothic war are big threats to the Crimson Path but so far Abaddon remains at large and unstopped as he extends the Eye.

>> No.56148622

Autist nidfag vs Carnac.

>> No.56148624

No it's the name of the valkyrie we throw people like you out of

>> No.56148649

>Tyranids should lose synapse but keep Instinctual Behavior
>Coming Up Next: Necrons should lose Reanimation Protocols, Orks shouldn't WAAAGH, and Tau aren't really all that interested in the Greater Good anymore.

If you keep leaving all this bait lying around, you're going to get ants.

>> No.56148691

Oh I know, marines are ironically one of the chillest playerbases and usually most open to discussion. However during the drop of 8th there were a few people whining about the probability of losing a marine or so if his whole squad dies, so I included it for more references. Nid and Guard playerbases are some of the worst, they just acted like they were "the coolest most dedicated hobbyists and players that've been here the longest" cause nobody felt like calling trash armies on their shit, I guess. I like nid models and 3-4 of the people that post but the other players, like 90% of Guard, are totally cancer

But see that's what I mean- an individual Skitarii may be willing to die, but he sure as hell won't try to be a waste. Unless his Master absolutely needs him to die in a place to hold the line (pass morale for 2CP or other ways to buff it), he won't go out of his way to get killed, and as such may fall back to the Admech camp if they come under heavy fire.

And that RTS thing you mentioned could happen, but it's an exception, not a rule. The omnissiah is jealous with his resources, so don't waste them. Fluff it as the odd unlikely pass to morale, but don't make all cases immunity just cause of one possible situation.

Fuck man I literally play Admech and love them, but I can't think of my tech-priests just shoving bodies into a hole just to die (and thereby waste resources) unless they absolutely need it. And then, I have ways to resemble the priest tactically shifting resources and command ability to make them hold. Otherwise, hell yeah retreat before overwhelming fire

>> No.56148694

Hurt by an ordinary power fist.

>> No.56148706

Nice goalpost shift but nobody is saying this.

>> No.56148713

I don't think anybody says that, but I do agree getting a pass on morale sucks, as do most others (I think)

>> No.56148733

It's the army mechanic. That's always been the army mechanic. It's never going to change.

>> No.56148742

>Where does this come from?
My guess is one of the wikis since the guy basically pulls all his material from lexicanumor or that 40k wiki

>> No.56148754

Yeah resilience in the face of morale has always been the army mechanic. Total immunity however is going too far.

>> No.56148777


>> No.56148779

So here's the problem, empires as a rule tend not to be greatly concerned about the well being of those who live in them until it interferes with the function of said empire. For the most part the Imperium is concerned only with the resources a given planet provides and is not much bothered by the mean by which this occures. So if you want a better life you need to replace the governing system on the world you live and do so without interfering with the tithes

>> No.56148787

>He was just a marine
He was the first captain of the greatest Legion. He may not have been on the level of the likes of Sig, Sevatar or Lucius but, shit, that has too mean something.

>> No.56148790

Lol more than being just hurt, the fists captain beat him shitless and threw his ass into the abyss. Belakor is such trash.

>> No.56148792

>but the other players, like 90% of Guard, are totally cancer

What's that? You want more battle report posting? Sure thing!

If you don't like my boring, ugly army and uninterested games cluttering up your thread, you better shutup about it or post photos of your army, otherwise you're wrong!

*tips double tracks*

>> No.56148801

Now Dark Angel players, they can get in a mood real fast. But yeah, guard players can be real cancerous. Being a mostly guard player anymore (started with CSM) it is just frustrating to see people acting like this. Not sold on the Commissar changes, but, something had to give. Man nids though, loved them forever, they are next on the block once my craft world eldar are done, one of the armies I've wanted to do for the past what 7 years I've been in this hobby (yeah relatively new). Always rotten apples, and I feel Guard having some very powerful deathstars and leafblowers for years left a cesspool in the motorcade that won't ever get cleaned out.

>> No.56148813

Horus and Loken are literally the SoH/LW equivalent of those characters you named.

>> No.56148815

>greatest Legion.
But he wasn't an ultramarie

>> No.56148822

Yeah, we agree there. Only time a Techpriest will just throw bodies at a problem is when they REALLY need to hold something down (Eye of Medusa again, throws out a skirmish force of Ironstriders and Sicarians to hold back the Marine column for a couple hours and wind up killing a couple dozen. Badass.), when they want information (TechPriest, where Omnid Torquora tosses a few thousand Skitarii in to learn about the enemy before landing the armada) or when it's literally down to fists and feet in a last stand, and even then they'll try to do it intelligently.

Then again, sometimes it works. Had one game where a single Vanguard passed a clutch Morale test and proceeded to solo a Librarian. He got promoted.

>> No.56148835

''No problem! Feel free to fall into the hands of any of the several HORRIBLE xeno factions, each one promising a more vile fate then the last! Oh, and your soul becomes a daemon's plaything when you die, if you don't just fade away into the background noise of literal Hell. Have fun!''

>> No.56148853

Cawl did it when he was digging up the artifact to revive Guilliman.

>> No.56148855

What am I, a commie?

For the Greater Good!

>> No.56148860

Different setting. Be'lakor in 40K wasn't cursed by Tzeentch to not have a body.

>> No.56148872

>Your army mechanic has been that, but it shouldn't be that because I don't like it
No one's making you play nids.

>> No.56148885

I was talking about Abaddon when I typed that.

>> No.56148918

Has GW finally gone down the road of "AoS Chaos and 40K Chaos are just identical, alternate versions of each other" instead of "AoS Chaos and 40K Chaos are literally the same"?

>> No.56148935

Were Luna Wolves not the first among The Legions Astartes? And was Abaddon not their First Captain?

>> No.56148939

Dad, there are some weird blue people a couple planets over who keep calling and asking to be friends. Recently they killed off the Eldar raiders that had been pillaging our world and the planetary governor has invited a shuttle over to talk about an alliance. What should I do?

>> No.56148950

They should get a -1 to ap modifiers, 1+ to T so they become more survivable and a rule to retreat and shoot.

>> No.56148965

It's been that way since they squatted Slaanesh.

>> No.56149008

No squatted.

>> No.56149009

Isn't the whole point of tyranids is they gain immunity when in range of synapse but are total shit when out of it?
Like, leadership 2 or 3, only allowed to charge or shoot the nearest target unless in synapse.

>> No.56149033

Aren't they invading out territories? Kill them all. Suffer not the xeno to live, not after what i witnessed during the Age of Strife. NEVER AGAIN.

>> No.56149061 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56149063

Why does GW's website have three different listings for Devastator squads?

>> No.56149078

>If a bunch of horms reach your line, people are going to fucking die.
These aren't 2nd/3rd edition horms, dude. They're WS 4+ and Strength 3 with barely any upgrade capability. If they were still WS 3+ and S4 like they should be you would have a point.

>> No.56149080

Then why is there a rat where Slaanesh used to be?

>> No.56149089

>Nid and Guard playerbases are some of the worst, they just acted like they were "the coolest most dedicated hobbyists and players that've been here the longest" cause nobody felt like calling trash armies on their shit, I guess. I like nid models and 3-4 of the people that post but the other players, like 90% of Guard, are totally cancer
I'll say. At this rate we'll find out Ork players are a bunch of cunts too.

Meanwhile Marine and Tau players don't seem to actually bother anyone.

>> No.56149104

No, Tarsis Ultra they used a super-virus reverse engineered from a Lictor that was injected into a Norn Queen and it caused all the Tyranids to rapidly mutate into a pile of tumours and explode.

>> No.56149120

The Rat would replace Nurgle nor Slaanesh, but, as it is, there are plenty of other minor gods, the Horned Rat is just now a major god and Slaanesh is for story reasons not around due to reasons (elves).

>> No.56149160

Marines and Taus dont have OP rules, they're only in to the army for the hobbying side.

>> No.56149180



>> No.56149191


>> No.56149194

>Yeah resilience in the face of morale has always been the army mechanic. Total immunity however is going too far.
>being this fucking new

No, complete immunity to morale has always been the army mechanic. Always. Literally always.

Be thankful they aren't still completely immune to poison, blind effects, and all kinds of other shit too, which the fluff still says they should be.

>> No.56149203

>WAACposting is now upon nids
I wholeheartedly welcome this if such a thing is the price for a decent codex.

>> No.56149205

What happened to "Chaos is the same across all settings and possible realities because reasons"?

>> No.56149217

Orkfags ARE obnoxious, even if they're not OP they scream WAAAGH autistically, make shitty "conversions" and call themselves "orkbros" as if having even a small semblance of humility and not bragging about yourself as a bro wasn't a requirement of being a "bro".

Taufags were just as bad as the current IGfags and Nidfags, they just all quit the faction at 8th, or started asking questions like "how do I build a bunch of commanders from this crisis box?"

Taufags don't seem to bother anyone? Taufags are the 40k General's TEQ, nigger, it's only fair if you get to bring conscripts they get to bring a Riptidewing.

>> No.56149233

Why? They the same thing.

>> No.56149235

nice post

>> No.56149236

Why would an organic be immune to organic-melting poison?

>> No.56149239

>Tyranids have always been immune to morale because Synapse
>But they shouldn't be
It's statements like these that make me glad Cruddace is nowhere near our codex anymore.

>> No.56149252

>Always. Literally always
Yeah and it's a new edition, retard. A unilaterally """"""""faithful, fluff-accurate"""""""" translation of rules that are far rarer and more powerful in 8th than they were previously is completely nonsensical when literally every other faction that shared that immunity had it taken away.

>> No.56149256

What about them Tau folk? They seem nice.

>> No.56149258

You and me both.
>mfw I can now call myself a WAACfag

>> No.56149266

No other faction has ever had complete immunity to morale.

>> No.56149276

I accept this.

Crud makes great guard rules, but he hates Nids far too much to be allowed near them.

To each his own, I say.

>> No.56149285

>Total immunity however is going too far.
No you fucking new fag. That is ALWAYS what synapse has been. from fucking 2nd edition all the way up to now, synapse has been the same exact thing: All models within range automatically pass morale tests. Please don't talk about things that you clearly have no idea about

>> No.56149288

The text about that says that they might be the same but they reflect differently in universes.

>> No.56149295

>inb4 hurr ATSKNF wasn't immunity
Yeah it was actually circumstantially better than Fearless especially in 5th. And look at it now.

>> No.56149298

Because they adapted immunities to poisons just like some organisms do in real life?

I'm not arguing they should still do that in the crunch, I'm saying they used to, and already had that fluffy rule taken away, so the whiners can fuck off because Tyranids don't need to have literally all their flavour stripped out because non-Tyranid armies have penis envy that they can't function exactly the same as one of the most unique races in the game.

>> No.56149315

His Guard rules weren't even that great, they were just not actively shitty.

The new Guard rules weren't Crud, they were the new guy Gallagher.

>> No.56149326

Oops, wrong pic. This is why you don't give files names that are too similar, else you become a massive fag like me

>> No.56149336

>tfw people at my LGS already say my GKs are OP and whine that I should tone them down
>tfw my nids are gonna get even more rediculous when the codex drops
If this is the price I must pay, so be it.

>> No.56149352

>is completely nonsensical when literally every other faction that shared that immunity had it taken away.
No one else had that immunity as a core defining army-mechanic. They had it taken away because it belongs to Tyranids, not because it belongs to no one.

>> No.56149361

>I have a counterpoint but I will defeat it myself
I'm not even sure what's going on here anymore.

>> No.56149366

Well... daemons, kinda.

>> No.56149367

Was about to mention ATSKNF and how it was flat out better than fearless in 5th (where I started, and the whole reason I stayed the fuck away from nids even though I loved the models). "What's that, I lost combat and should get wiped out? Nope, fuck you!" Friggen goldfish out today trying to undermind nids while ignoring context and history.

>> No.56149370

If the retards you play with think GK are OP there's no reasoning with them, just crush them mercilessly for being that stupid.

>> No.56149389

Ooh, really?

Well props for him! With the exception of Steel Legion pretty much every regiment has something going for it.

I'm especially happy because my HWTs and artillery pieces are quite strong under cadian doctrine. Which coincidentally is my model and paintjob.

>> No.56149399

Sounds like your opponents are bad.

>> No.56149403

It was nerfed just like other former morale immunity rules were. That's what happened to Conshits and that's what should happen to Tyranids, albeit with more buffs so get Nidfags to shut the fuck up about muh core mechanics.

Roll on synapse leadership, reroll morale tests and halved morale casualties would be fine.

>> No.56149411

>"They're the same except when it's inconvenient for my retarded arguments."

>> No.56149421

>>inb4 hurr ATSKNF wasn't immunity
It wasn't. To compare ATSKNF to synapse is fallacious on multiple levels. synapse is something that can be taken away, has always been a core part of nids since they were introduced. And, as you yourself pointed out, ATSKNF was much more powerful than fearless was and ATSKNF could not have stayed the same for the transition from 7th to 8th because it was highly based around things like falling back, whereas synapse was just "if your in range you autopass"

>> No.56149431

>That's what happened to Conshits and that's what should happen to Tyranids
Conshits were dominating tournaments before they even got Codex buffs. Tyranids are not even placing top 16 at most tourneys.

Mark my words, there is no Commissar-like errata coming to synapse. It's not going anywhere and never will. You want Tyranids to fail Morale tests? Literally "Shoot The Big Ones!"

>> No.56149433

Maybe if templates and non retarded AP mechanics existed we would not be discussing moral

>> No.56149456

>Roll on synapse leadership, reroll morale tests and halved morale casualties would be fine.
No, fuck off.

>> No.56149470

>That's what happened to Conshits and that's what should happen to Tyranids, albeit with more buffs so get Nidfags to shut the fuck up about muh core mechanics.
>this thing that has gone unchanged for the entirety of the armies history, including from major changes in the BRB like from 2nd to 3rd o 7th to 8th, and was just buffed despite nobody really crying for it to be, is totally going to get nerfed guys

>> No.56149477

>should be

>> No.56149484

Does anyone remember that 7th ed Mad Max style mission in one of the forge world books with the moving terrain? I want to port it to 8th.

>> No.56149490

>tfw the official rules preview comes out from GW and its even better than the leaks so far
The leakers casually forgot to mention that SITW range is longer and IB is only outside 24"

How many more stealth buffs do you think are hidden in their sloppy infodumps that they just totally fucking missed?

>> No.56149493


>> No.56149495

I'm sensing you've currently got about 10 Commissars on Ebay right now.

>> No.56149500

>>should be
no. Conscripts were helping IG and imperial soup dominate tournaments because of commissars, nids haven't been.

>> No.56149502

Its really strange, none of them can into bubblewrapping or proper positioning.
In all my games I somehow manage to find a nice little place to DS in with 8 or so Paladins, then they go "FULL PANIC MODE" and shoot their whole army at them killing maybe 4-5 Paladins...
Then in the mean time my purgators are completely ignored and usually wipe whatever dangerous targets are there off the field.

The best part is that everybody at my LGS has been TRAUMATIZED by my vortexes of doom. I dont really know if its luck, fate, the Emperors will, good positioning on my part or bad positioning on theirs, but for whatever reason I always manage to get extremely good vortexes off.
Just the other week I got one off that hit killed a centurion, damaged a Stormraven, killed a SW flyer, squished a few marines and nearly killed the character hiding behind the centurions all with just one vortex.
Just take that in for a second.
All of those units were within 3" of the single Centurion model I targeted.

>> No.56149508

What army do you play anon?

>> No.56149517

>How many more stealth buffs do you think are hidden in their sloppy infodumps that they just totally fucking missed?
hopefully something for warriors.

>> No.56149534

>muh Guard boogeyman

GK yes I'm salty about Paladins not getting Fearless but honestly that's beside the point

>> No.56149550

I like those helms on the termies in the back quite a bit. What are they from?

>> No.56149558

That's the spirit ! Let's avenge tyranids for the last 30 years.

>> No.56149565

>I'm upset that I don't get something so no one should have it
This is like something a kindergartener would say.

>> No.56149567

>Taufags don't seem to bother anyone? Taufags are the 40k General's TEQ, nigger, it's only fair if you get to bring conscripts they get to bring a Riptidewing.
I meant they don't seem to go out of their way to be actively obnoxious like some other armies. DESU they probably either left or lurk considering all the shit they get.

>> No.56149580

LOL the time difference since we were last good gets longer every time someone posts it.

I know it feels like 30 years anon but we were doing great until 5th edition.

>> No.56149593

As a Nid player, I'm loving everything about the codex stuff.

As far as Synapse goes, though, I'd be 100% okay with it going back to 8". It's suuuuuuuper easy to get 100% coverage and the penalties for being out of Synapse aren't even that bad.

>> No.56149597

they are from Anvil Industry

>> No.56149599

>yes I'm salty about Paladins not getting Fearless but honestly that's beside the point
>nobody should have this thing
>but I'm mad that I didn't get this thing
Your next post will be something about "muh century old veterans shouldn't be less scared than a random bug"

>> No.56149604

Okay well you have more reason to complain than most (definitely more than anyone else with a Codex) but that doesnt mean other armies should get nerfed down to your level, it means you deserve buffs.

>> No.56149614

Are you telling me i actually need to protect my really good stuff? Thats absurd they should just be able to shoot everything off the table before you get close

>> No.56149620

Synapse being nerfed to 8" in the first place was retarded. Just like TLDs not getting 12 shots per.

>> No.56149623

I'm so glad my WAAC friend sold his tyranid and has no money, phew.

>> No.56149629

/tg/ just loves underdogs. They turn on whichever factions are perceived as powerful.
Guard was tricky because most of /tg/ plays Guard and was in denial, then the Conscript nerf shut down the worst of the WAACs.

Just look at Eldar though. Fine, until they get buffs, and now /40kg/ has an excuse to hate them again. If Tyranids are really this strong and no counters are found, it's only a matter of time before public opinion turns on them, too.

>> No.56149641

I didn't mind the 8" too much in the index since most things generally improved and IB was made not a complete mockery of the army and fluff, but I agree it feels a little too forgiving now. If they dropped the Leadership scores of all the small non-synapse bugs so they suffer more from Morale when outside synapse I wouldn't even complain.

>> No.56149662 [SPOILER] 

>"angry staring intensifies"
I'll cut you for what you did in Badab BITCH

Sweet models tho

>> No.56149665

That is some begging for it level positioning. Good on you, anon.

>> No.56149675

>If Tyranids are really this strong and no counters are found, it's only a matter of time before public opinion turns on them, too.
Yeah, until the next Codex comes out and is just as good. This is looking like the standard power level from here on out.

Eventually all the Eldarfags and Guardfags and Nidfags and everyone getting a later dex will be total bros, and the salty Marine players who came out at the start of the edition will be the only ones bitching anymore.

>> No.56149682

Yep, pretty much, everyone should be a jobber except for whoever they play.

>> No.56149686

At best, a bunch of arrogant, pretentious children that showed up recently and dare judge the survivors of the horrors this galaxy has hosted for millions of years, also incredibly hypocritical. Will get taught a very painful lesson in humility the second any faction takes them seriously. At worst? All of it is a facade hiding something just as vile as any xeno species. Either way, Age of Strife taught us a VERY valuable lesson about xenos and trusting them.

>> No.56149688

So what factions actually do have nice players? Personally I haven't ran into any Dark Eldar players who were irritating at all, or Death Guard.

>> No.56149707

>and the salty Marine players who came out at the start of the edition will be the only ones bitching anymore.
Hey, don't rope us in with retarded GK players. We're fine for the most part, and it's not like we won't get more stuff when the next batch of primaris releases come

>> No.56149709

Drill them barrels anon

>> No.56149710

Okay, I wanna know what's your problem. That's GW talking trying to explain why peasants in WHFB can shoot down Greater Daemons with gunpowder weapons while 40K tanks struggle to take them down.

Have problem? Take it with the company, you cunt.

>> No.56149714

Most Tyranid players are nice, the only reason they're nasty right now is because the salty Chaoscucks like Carnac who hate their guts are going absolutely ballistic that they got good rules for once and are antagonizing them saying shit like "synapse should be removed hurrrrrrr"

>> No.56149722

>Tfw i play a non-codex compliant chapter
Waiting for my dex is annoying sure but itll be worth it im sure.

>> No.56149744

Depends, there are certain things GW just cannot change for later SM Codexes because it has to be consistent with the vanilla dex.

On the other hand, Chapter Approved might be the thing that saves you guys, if it fixes a bunch of vanilla Marine stuff first.

>> No.56149753

But Carnac doesn't play the game though.

>> No.56149769

That won't stop him shitposting out of autistic rage that the army he has a hateboner for is actually good and its players are happy and enjoying themselves.

>> No.56149813

>and call themselves "orkbros" as if having even a small semblance of humility and not bragging about yourself as a bro wasn't a requirement of being a "bro".
I don't think I've ever seen an ork player refer to THEMSELVES as an Orkbro, its the term non-Ork players use to refer to their Ork-playing bros. Also it doesn't and never was meant to imply that ALL Ork players are bros, obviously every army has its shitters and autists, no exceptions.

>> No.56149819

Prolly shouldnt be a traitor huh..?

Id actually love to play a fluffy game against either Mantis Warriors or Lamenters

>> No.56149824

Daemons powered by one world vs daemons empowered galaxy wide.

>> No.56149829

Is Perils of the Warp a roll of 12 or 6's, because I just realized with Shadow of the Warp, technically if it is a roll of 12 you can never Perils on a 12 if that is the case instead of box cars unmodified. Haven't played with psykers this edition and don't have the pdf on me (nor the time to DL it atm).

>> No.56149855

It's fixed to a double 1 or double 6 and isn't affected by modifiers.

>> No.56149863

Actually, the daemons in WHFB have brought low the galactic empire of the Old Ones.

>> No.56149868

Alright then, so they were smart on that one, good.

>> No.56149869

>They're fucking SPACE MARINES why would marines still recoil when xenos shoots their friends? Do you not know literally anything about their fluff?
I wor

>> No.56149874

Doesn't stop him from chomping out every time anyone suggests that Chaos isn't the end all be all, that Abaddon and Be'lakor suck, that daemon Primarchs are much better than either of the two aforementioned, or that Perturabo and Lorgar are Undivided.

>> No.56149879

>Fielding a shit ton of Aggressors

>> No.56149896

Excerpt there's zero proof they ever did that.

>> No.56149903

> they scream WAAAGH autistically
I've only ever seen one fellow Ork player that insisted on shouting WAAAGH. In every other scenario it's my oponent or any spectators that kind of expect and get hyped for me to shout it but I'd rather not do that indoors.... I do however like to mimic the Ork accent but I try not to over do it.

Ok, I got to ask, what's the BRAAAAAP thing?

>> No.56149914

muh century old veterans shouldn't be less scared than a random bu -- NANI?!

>> No.56149956

Specific exceptions exist. Ork Weirdboyz for example peril on 12 and up with their WAAAGH buffs.

>> No.56149970

Yes, they did. The Slaan have travelled the universe for countless aeons and they found no trace of the Old Ones. And the text says that the Old Ones were BTFO.

>This is where it all began, before history was recorded. A forest raised from sacred ground by the gods themselves, seeded by the Great Powers that shaped the world. Beneath jade and golden boughs, the elves were taught how to manipulate the energies that permeated the world and its surrounds: they learned magic.

>A matriarch ruled over them, and in time she became known as the Everqueen, her immortal spirit reborn into her offspring with each passing generation. These were times of accord, of peaceful bliss and innocent harmony.

>Let us be honest and call it what it was: grave naivety.

>There were other powers, far older and greater than the tutors of the elves. They had been wronged, their domains trespassed upon, their authority stolen by upstarts. In their anger they laid low the Old Ones and staked their claim to the world.

>Mighty was their anger and terrible were the hosts they poured forth to conquer the lands crafted by the usurpers. The pure magic of the timeless aeons was broken, split into the Eight Winds, and the gods of the elves were laid low, exposed as powerless figments. One power ruled, and one power alone: Chaos.

>> No.56149979

For supposedly fearless warriors in fluff that are not so in game, I kind of imagine them taking damage as their unit gets shot at/chopped up and the survivors, even if they passed armor saves or the enemy failed to wound, took at least some damage in the exchange, and that the leadership roll is to see if they can still muster the will to fight on.

>> No.56149998

Still though, the Perils rule and the Shadow in the Warp rule don't interact in a funky way, they act how I would hope, making it harder to get the desired warp charge off, roll 3, becomes 2, don't perils because wasn't snake eyes, but, wasn't high enough for that WC5 power.

>> No.56150015

Dubs never lie.

>> No.56150036

>Ok, I got to ask, what's the BRAAAAAP thing?
It's a meme response to people complaining about 8th edition. About as old as cheetahposting.

>> No.56150054

I just got my copy of him a few weeks ago.

Gorgeous model.

>> No.56150062

Fly you fools:

>> No.56150089

And the evidence of a galactic empire defeated by daemons being...

>> No.56150117

Bless thee M'lord, may your might sunders the wicked, may your light guides the faithful, may your blessings be bestowed upon thy servants and may your wrath befall your goes.

>> No.56150196

Delete this, you doof. We already have a thread.

>> No.56150274

No Tyranids should not be immune to morale, they should get a commissar like treatment with morale booster plus re roll morale, the dead ones should be considered victims of psychic backslash of the hive mind literally frying a lesser organism.

>> No.56150316


Looks similar to the armour type in the Bolter & Chainsword's Dornian Heresy alternate reality.

>> No.56150398

>Hurr Durr we should totally ignore rules despite being game wreaking and receive preferential treatment despite GW making great efforts to keep the game balanced
The absolute state of Tyranid players

>> No.56150437

>Does anyone remember that 7th ed Mad Max style mission in one of the forge world books with the moving terrain? I

Didn't Dark Vegeance have a mission like that too?

>> No.56150533

Post it?

>> No.56150664



>> No.56150715



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